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Powerful Thinking for a Peaceful World

Alternative Tentacles Batcast

An enhanced podcast highlighting the new releases on Jello Biafra's record label, Alternative Tentacles.



Bedtime Report (video)

Right before Jesse Shapiro goes to bed at night . . . he creates the Bedtime Report. Funny observations on news, politics, pop culture, and more . . . you never know what comes from the mind of a man just looking to catch some zzz's

catalyst ..:|:.. hip to be civic ..:|:.. birmingham

The Catalyst mission is to motivate a diverse membership to become educated about issues, find solutions, and work to implement those solutions. Since that first meeting over coffee, Catalyst has grown into a diverse group of around 900 Birmingham area re

Clubside Breakfast Time

Olympia Music and Talk, Recorded Live

Creating Prosperity

Economics for the scientific and technologically informed

CrossLeft Podcast

CrossLeft is a strategic clearing-house and central hub for grassroots activism among progressive Christians. We believe that we have the power to take back the way in which Christianity is perceived and interpreted. Please join us as we reclaim our faith

DeadTroll Dot Com Video PodCast

Dead Troll Dot Com's Official Free Video Comedy Happy Lucky Super Fun Podcast!

Dear George: Letters to the President: Podcast

Open letters written to President George Bush, from the left and the right. What do you have to say?





Freedom to Marry Podcast

Freedom to Marry is the gay and non-gay partnership working to win and defend marriage equality nationwide. Listen to our podcasts covering the latest developments, panels, speeches, debates and discussions concerning marriage for same-sex couples.

Hopper Video

Hopper Video is a vlog that applies a filmmaker's aesthetic to the vlog format. So, you'll get interesting and diverse snippets of factual information, selected slices of real life, and some just plain weird stuff -- all presented in a unique visual style

In The Crows Nest with Th3 Political PIR4T3

Hello Every One Welcome to The Crows Nest My name is TH3 Political PIR4T3 And I am the host of This Podcast where I will try to review a couple of the key issues That effect every AMERICAN citizen .Giving people a new view on whats happen in our Great lan

Inside Minnesota Politics

Minnesota's First Political Podcast Exclusive interviews with political newsmakers, shakers, and grassroots volunteers. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Wendy Wilde.

Jersey Talk

Real Talk about all issues from politics, news articles, space aliens.......... Explicit Talk intended for a mature audience

Joshua Jeremiah Broadcast

The personal audio broadcast of a good-looking Mac nerd.

Latter-day Conservative Podcast

talks on freedom

Mandocasts (Podcasts from Mandorichard)

Short broadcasts from Newport, DE, on a variety of topics, in a variety of formats.

Marie's Diary

Deportation Countdown Podcast - Marie Gonzalez started this podcast with two weeks until her family's deportation to Costa Rica on July 5th. In a surprise turn of events, Marie got to stay and her parents had to take their volutary departure. Stay tuned t

New Day Boy

New songs by New Day Boy

New Latin Groove Podcast

A Latino spin on music, culture and politics by Ed Morales, author of Living in Spanglish and The Latin Beat

No King but Jesus Podcast

Not a TBN type podcast in the least, I am just a guy that discusses life, technology and the Kingdom of God. Mostly recorded outside while I walk in the woods.

Paris Vlog

Paris Vlog, Paris streets

Patriot Radio News Hour

Patriot New Hour with Robby Noel

Pod 102 1/2 dot com

An homage to the days of mid-70's progressive radio, using current podsafe music. We especially honor Quad 102 1/2fm

Rav Kook's Writings

The writings Of Rav Kook taught in english by Rabbi Moshe Kaplan at Machon Meir. Visit http://machonmeir.co.il for videos or to learn with the Rav in Jerusalem

Ronald-san's newscast

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rosedropmedia's Podcast

Rosedrop Media Circus is the first Northwest podcast regularly recorded live in a nightclub with guests and audience each week featuring Portland musicians, writers, actors, commentators, and performing artists. This means that someone can see the show be

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