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Award winning psychologist, Dr. Jim Maganiello talks with leading experts about the keys to developing and maintaining a sound mind, a healthy body, well being and a life well lived.

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The Deeper Meditation Podcast

ADHD Workshop Podcast

ADHD Workshop

Naked Yoga School

Mindful nude yoga instructional video series for healing, personal growth and conscious living.

"Diet and Fitness Podcasts by"

"The Fitness Whisperer" Podcast

Simplified Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset for an Optimal Life


Experiencing life through the lens of a nerdy gay man from central New Jersey.


Live your healthiest, happiest, most merriest life possible!

'Love Begins With Me' Film

Revealing the Heart of Humanity

'No BS' with Pauline Nordin

-- Easy Weight Loss --

--> Relax! - Podarama Studios

Podarama Studios offers easy ways to relax and enjoy life through yoga meditation.

-Rumor Girls UNCUT (iPod/iPod nano/iPod touch/iPhone audio)

Audio Podcast - Karla Gilbert, Karen Gilbert and Franklin McMahon host an uncut and uncensored after party audio podcast. Special guests stop by and anything goes, if you enjoy the Rumor Girls Video Podcast, check out this audio show where the girls get a

...creating YOUR 7 Big Questions to get YOUR answers that YOU NEED to create the life YOU want.

THE 7 BIG QUESTIONS. It's your choice!

Behind the scenes with the most provacative thinkers in today's world.

1 Meal 1 Workout

Your new approach to food and fitness

1-Union-801 The Webcast

The CoEMS live webcast

10 Minute Fitness Feature

10-Minutes Today

Simple Ideas That Could Change Your Life!

100 Not Out

Mastering the art of ageing well

101 Ways to Lose Weight

101 Ways to Lose Weight

15 min. - Dwóch przedsiębiorców o życiu, biznesie, zdrowiu i technologii.

15 minutowe rozmowy dwóch przedsiębiorców na temat życia, biznesu, zdrowia i technologii.

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