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X96 Meet the Bands

You wanna know the bands? Well, first you have to meet them. Richie T, Producer and DJ at X96, chats it up with up-and-coming artists that you're just dying to know more about including The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Bastille, Solarsuit, Deap Vally,...
X96 Meet the Bands


You wanna know the bands? Well, first you have to meet them. Richie T, Producer and DJ at X96, chats it up with up-and-coming artists that you're just dying to know more about including The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Bastille, Solarsuit, Deap Vally, Twenty One Pilots, Cage The Elephant, and more. Curious about the origins of band names? How the bands formed? How they feel about cats? Yup. That's all here.





X96 Meet the Bands | The Wallows

Apr 27, 2018 517


X96 Meet the Bands | 311 and The Offspring

Apr 17, 2018 494


X96 Meet the Bands | 30STM America Tour

Apr 9, 2018 363


X96 Meet the Bands | Rise Against

Apr 2, 2018 550


X96 Meet the Bands | Declan Mckenna

Mar 27, 2018 660


X96 Meet the Bands | 30 Seconds to Mars

Mar 19, 2018 367


Excited to come back to Utah Jared Leto loves Muselix. We talk Dangerous Night and pink pajama pants.

X96 Meet the Bands | Fall Out Boy

Mar 16, 2018 722


Pete Wentz takes Fatherhood, activism, their new song "Church" and about Cell phones ruining concerts.

X96 Meet the Bands | The Unlikely Candidates

Feb 22, 2018 719


Visited with Kyle Morris from The Unlikely Candidates

X96 Meet the Bands | Cake – X96

Feb 8, 2018 708


As they approach their twentieth anniversary, CAKE’s adherence to their original guiding principles has only grown stronger. Formed during the nineties as a somewhat antagonistic answer to grunge, CAKE’s democratic processes, defiant self-reliance, and lucid yet ever-inventive music has made them a nation-state unto themselves, with no obvious peers, belonging to no school. In addition to writing, arranging, producing, and performing their own music, they have taught themselves to engineer their recording projects in their own solar-powered studio, which actually generates more power than is needed to run it, causing the building’s electrical meter to run in reverse. CAKE’s most recent album, Showroom of Compassion, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and was touted as “deadpan brilliance” by the New Yorker. The band is currently in the recording studio working on their ninth album due for release in 2017.

X96 Meet the Bands | Car Seat Headrest – X96

Jan 25, 2018 666


Will Toledo always knew he would return to Twin Fantasy. He never did complete the work. Not really. Never could square his grand ambitions against his mechanical limitations. Listen to his first attempt, recorded at nineteen on a cheap laptop, and you’ll hear what Brian Eno fondly calls “the sound of failure” -thrilling, extraordinary, and singularly compelling failure. Will’s first love, rendered in the vivid teenage viscera of stolen gin, bruised shins, and weird sex, was an event too momentous for the medium assigned to record it.

X96 Meet the Bands | AJR – X96

Jan 25, 2018 675


This space doubles as a creative lab for the three brothers of the critically acclaimed three-piece AJR—Adam[bass, vocals], Jack[vocals, guitar], and Ryan[ukulele, piano, vocals]. It’s here that these young men assemble a handcrafted hybrid of sticky pop hooks, cinematic electronic beats, live instrumentation,theatrical panache, nineties nerd rock energy,and cleverly colloquial lyrics. This unpredictable homegrown style defines the trio’s second independent full-length offering,The Click and is especially impressive given that RIAA Gold certified lead single “Weak” has achieved viral success.

X96 Meet the Bands | lovelytheband – X96

Jan 9, 2018 629


New Jersey to New York to L.A. It's lovelytheband in one of their first interviews.

X96 Meet the Bands | Alice Merton

Dec 16, 2017 984


Alice Merton signs with Mom + Pop Music! Her single "No Roots" has already captured an immense amount of attention with millions of global plays on Spotify and YouTube. At the age of five she started taking classical piano lessons, four years later she was introduced to vocal training. After spending many years being classically trained, Alice discovered the art of songwriting through one of her high school courses in Germany. She then went on to study songwriting and pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter.

X96 Meet the Bands | K.Flay – X96

Dec 9, 2017 933


K.Flay has been nominated for two GRAMMY® nominations for Best Rock Song ("Blood In The Cut")and Best Engineered Album.

X96 Meet the Bands | IDKHow – X96

Dec 5, 2017 1477


The first ever Facebook Live/Ask Your Questions Meet The Bands with IDKHow But they Found Me

X96 Meet the Bands | Dashboard Confessional

Nov 18, 2017 998


Dashboard has a new album, Crooked Shadows, and a new single We Fight. Hear all about it.

X96 Meet the Bands | 30 Seconds to Mars

Oct 3, 2017 602


Visiting with Jared Leto on his RV before his show in SLC at USANA

X96 Meet the Bands | 311

Aug 11, 2017 812


X96 Meet the Bands | Blue October

Aug 10, 2017 736


X96 Meet the Bands | Imagine Dragons (Dan Reynolds)

Aug 10, 2017 504


X96 Meet the Bands | The Killers

Jul 21, 2017 548


X96 Meet the Bands | Thirty Seconds to Mars (Jared Leto)

Jul 1, 2017 304


Our friend Jared Leto (actor, director, and Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman) wants to include you in his new project, A Day in the Life of America.

X96 Meet the Bands | MUSE

May 19, 2017 883


Brand New Music from the band MUSE. Richie T got to speak with Chris Wolstenholme about Dig Down and MUSE's up coming tour. It's long awaited and has been kept VERY hush.

X96 Meet the Bands | Bleachers

May 17, 2017 657


Jack Antonoff loves Salt Lake City. He's glad he's not Jack Abramoff. It's time to take him/bleachers serious. See him at the Gallivan Plaza May 24th 2017. Tickets at

X96 Meet the Bands | Dreamers

Apr 20, 2017 842


X96 Meet the Bands | The Maine

Mar 31, 2017 737


Richie T Interviews Members of the Maine!

X96 Meet the Bands | Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds

Feb 10, 2017 924


X96 Meet the Bands | Miike Snow - Pontus Winnberg

Aug 4, 2016 957


Pontus Winnberg from Miike Snow

X96 Meet the Bands | Deftones – Chino Moreno

Jul 23, 2016 800


Richie T was honored to interview the lead vocalist for Deftones, Chino Moreno. Richie begins the interview telling Chino the intense story of his experience with his cousin during Deftones’ visit to SLC in 1998 at the Warp Tour concert. It would be the last day Richie spent with his cousin, who passed away that very night, unexpectedly. Chino was moved and blown away by this story, giving condolences and relating to his pain of having lost someone close. Richie then takes the conversation into a lighter tone, asking Chino if Deftones has a regular process for making music, talks about their 30 years together, as well as gets the juicy details on touring with White Zombie and the legendary Pantera.

X96 Meet the Bands | JR JR – Daniel Zott

May 27, 2016 996


Richie T meets with Daniel Zott (Formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr) and talks about new album, babysitting, and upcoming music.

X96 Meet the Bands | Dashboard Confessional

May 24, 2016 665


Richie T talked with Dashboard Confessional’s lead singer, Chris Carabba, who is currently touring with the 2016 Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour. Richie and Chris discuss the Salt Lake music scene and how the LDS religion influences a love for music. Chris talks about his writing process for new music and record for Dashboard Confessional and talks production rehearsal for the Taste of Chaos tour. Richie teaches Chris about funeral potatoes. Dashboard Confessional will be coming to Salt Lake along with the Taste of Chaos tour July 7th.

X96 Meet the Bands | Nothing But Thieves

May 12, 2016 507


Richie T Steadman was able to keep Connor Mason, lead singer for Nothing But Thieves, awake through an interview! Conner discusses his struggle with insomnia, traveling across the states, as well as his excitement to play in new territory. The Big Ass Show hosted by X96 on May 7th, 2016, was the first time Nothing But Thieves played in Salt Lake City. Conner goes over the festivals he will perform this summer, and talks about the nerve racking but honorable opportunity Nothing But Thieves will get from opening for RadioHead in Japan this year.

X96 Meet the Bands | AWOLNATION - Aaron Bruno

May 7, 2016 1011


Richie T talked with Awolnation’s lead singer, Aaron Bruno, who will perform at this year’s Big Ass Show on Saturday, May 7th, 2016. Richie and Bruno spend some time reminiscing about Richie’s first band interview being with Aaron Bruno 3 years ago, and Bruno taking the time to skateboard the hills of SLC that same day. Bruno also discusses his frustration with going to college, being creative rather promotional, and the purpose of Awolnation’s most recent album "Run", released March 17th, 2015, being an album they created and devoted to the fans.

X96 Meet the Bands | The Strumbellas - Dave Ritter

May 4, 2016 736


Richie T chats with Dave Ritter about the recent success The Strumbellas are experiencing, what it's like being in a "bigger" band, and what people can expect at the 2016 X96 Toyota Big Ass Show

3 Days Grace

Aug 28, 2015 491


Mtn Biking and Pacing yourself. That's how you survive a tour!

Dexter Holland Offspring

Apr 16, 2015 833


Richie T got a little nostalgic interviewing The Offspring’s Dexter Holland! The Offspring was Richie’s last concert before leaving to serve a two-year LDS mission, and Dexter Holland himself was Richie’s very first interview for X-96 all those years ago. Richie and Dexter chatted about The Offspring’s new song, Coming For You, and how iconic the band’s music has been in alternative music and the soundtrack to life experiences for many listeners. They also talked a little about Dexter’s new hot sauce, “Gringo Bandito.” Check it out!

Wolf Alice

Apr 3, 2015 753


The Maine Interview

Mar 4, 2015 991


MTB: Jon Chats with Foo's Nate Mendal

Nov 14, 2014 320


John Smith got all Judy Jetson when Foo Fighter's bassits, Nate Mendal called in to chat about getting on a plane for the first time to play a show in Utah, Foo's new album "Sonic Highways", his favorite city from recording the album and being a sandwich artist.

Bastille #2

Sep 18, 2014 524


Richie T catches up with Dan and Kyle from Bastille about new music, crashing Woody's honeymoon, and coming back to the U.S.

The Eeries

Sep 5, 2014 720


Richie T talked with Isaiah Silva from Big Ass Show 2014 artist The Eeries about their single "Cool Kids", band origins, and growing up in a cult.


Sep 3, 2014 828


Richie T talked with Fieldy from KoЯn about his aversion to heat, being a band for so long, and how the band was almost called Larry.

San Fermin

Aug 30, 2014 644


Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the brain behind San Fermin, sat down with Richie T before their show at Salt Lake's Twilight Concert Series. He explains what San Fermin means, (how to pronounce it), and if Richie can join the band as the 9th member.

The Offspring

Aug 27, 2014 782


Richie T talks with Noodles from The Offspring about his nickname, favorite songs to play live, and what's still on his Bucket list of places to play.

Young Rising Sons

Aug 26, 2014 805


Richie T talked with Andy Tongren of Young Rising Sons about the success of their single "High", achieving the dream of being signed to a record label, and produce inspiring songs.


Aug 22, 2014 927


Richie T talks with Brandon and Kyle from Big Ass Show 2014 artist Priory about their house being condemned, being a horse ferrier, and their star-crossed paths.

Courage My Love

Aug 22, 2014 455


Mercedes of Courage My Love talks to Richie T at Warped Tour about where her band name comes from and what her next daredevil challenge will be.

Captain Capa

Aug 22, 2014 447


Hannes & Maik of German electro-pop group Captain Capa paint a picture of the German music scene for us Americans. Did you know Germany has a killer electro-punk scene? Truth! Get edu-ma-cated.

Lost In Society

Aug 21, 2014 503


Hector and Zach stopped by our Warped Tour tent and told us the story of how Hector ended up moving from Brazil to America...and left his monkey behind. (He really did have a monkey as a pet.)

Divided Heaven

Aug 20, 2014 497


Jeff of Divided Heaven shares how his experiences studying abroad in Berlin helped shape his music, gives tips on how to survive Warped Tour, and admits to fangirling about another Warped Tour band...tune in to find out who!

For All Those Sleeping

Aug 20, 2014 427


David from For All Those Sleeping helps Richie figure out the appropriate amount of chest hair, tells us about doing the Australian Warped Tour, and why you shouldn't get his handwriting tattooed on you.

The Ready Set

Aug 15, 2014 522


Jordan of The Ready Set showed up at our Warped Tour tent in a gentlemanly hat and Jackie O glasses to talk to us about other Warped bands we should know, his upcoming headlining tour, and then Richie turns travel agent to give Jordan tips on how to vacation in Maui.

We Are The In Crowd

Aug 15, 2014 628


Tay from We Are The In Crowd chats with Richie at Warped Tour 2014 about being part of a triplet, their third year at Warped, and going to the Philippines on tour.

Crown The Empire

Aug 15, 2014 679


Bennett & Dave from Crown The Empire talk about how Dave came to be the band barber, what they’re favorite pizza toppings are, how they stay in shape on the tour, and where they’re off to after Warped Tour.

The Maine

Aug 14, 2014 511


Pat and Kennedy from The Maine talk to Richie T at Warped Tour 2014 about how to stay clean and well-showered on Warped Tour, and why their fans are pretty much the best ever.

Bad Suns #2

Aug 14, 2014 924


All four of the guys from L.A. band Bad Suns - Ray, Gavin, Christo, and Miles - met up with Richie T in a claustrophobic back room stacked to the brim with VHS tapes at Kilby Court to update us on their latest tour. They tell us about what they like to do when they get spare time, the Zia symbol that is their band logo, and what part of the body they wash first in the shower...

Real Friends

Aug 12, 2014 518


The endearing Dan Lambton of Real Friends chats with Richie about the South Suburbs of Chicago, the moment he heard his band would go on Warped Tour (in a bathroom), and his favorite Warped Tour memories as a kid.

The Protomen

Aug 12, 2014 573


Richie T talks with The Protomen at Vans Warped tour about wearing full makeup, the band name, and the music scene in Nashville.

Local Natives

Aug 12, 2014 796


Kelcey, Ryan, and Nik sit down on an inflatable couch with Richie before their show at the Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake City. They explain why they were the hardest working band of 2013, how they treat the new guy (Nik), tease us about writing for album 3, and tell us what they're most looking forward to when they finally go home.

Mayday Parade

Aug 8, 2014 490


Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade shows off all his arm bracelets from fans, an upcoming tour, and what it's like being Warped Tour veterans.


Aug 8, 2014 444


Ryan Key of Yellowcard tells all about the next Yellowcard album, Lift A Sail. It'll be a "bona fide rock record", he says.


Aug 6, 2014 679


Richie talks with Shawn from SurviveThis! about being on Warped Tour, Utah, and writing music that helps people.


Aug 6, 2014 485


Joey and Christian of Anberlin explain why they're "calling it quits". Don't worry, they still love each other!

The Story So Far

Aug 6, 2014 445


Kelen Capener of The Story So Far talks with Richie about Warped Tours of the past and the future direction of the Tour.

Less Than Jake

Aug 6, 2014 556


Richie T talked with Roger from Less Than Jake at the Vans Warped Tour about being on Warped Tour again, their new generation of fans, and keeping the shows interesting.


Aug 5, 2014 568


Echosmith sits down with Richie T for their second time at Warped Tour. We catch up with where Echosmith has been over the last year (on Conan!) and what's on the horizon.

Sea Swallowed Us Whole

Aug 5, 2014 551


Provo band, Sea Swallowed Us Whole caught up with Richie T at Warped Tour 2014 to tell us how they won the local competition for Warped Tour, how their set went, and why they picked such a tongue-twister of a band name.

Echosmith @ Warped Tour 2013

Aug 1, 2014 700


In preparation for a string of Warped Tour interviews we'll be doing this weekend, here's a throwback to our interview with the young 'uns from Echosmith at Warped 2013. The family band tells us how they formed, what "Echosmith" means to them, and what it's like balancing music and school - true teen rockstars.

Cage The Elephant

Jul 29, 2014 744


Daniel “Tich”, Brad, Matt, and Lincoln of Cage The Elephant sat down with Richie T in-person last fall and gave us a step-by-step account of their rise to fame from Bowling Green, Kentucky, all the way over the the U.K., then back to the U.S.

Magic Man

Jul 22, 2014 1055


Richie T talks with Sam, Alex, Justine, Joey and Gabe on their first night opening for Panic! At The Disco about their new album, graduating college, and taxidermy foxes.

White Arrows

Jul 18, 2014 747


Mickey Church of White Arrows endures Richie singing "Oh Mickey You're So Fine" and Richie's musing on the possible resurgence of the keytar. Yes the keytar. Regarding information that's actually relevant to the band, Mickey tells us about the first song he ever wrote, and why he wears his "Mickey Minaj" wig on stage.


Jul 15, 2014 1124


Troupe Gammage of SPEAK explains the Pros and Cons of being an Austin-based band, the difficulty in getting the opening synth tone for "Gates", and which band he totally fangirls over.

Radio From Hell July 11, 2014 Pt. 1

Jul 12, 2014 5431


Gina's last sportscast on a "torn anus", "Hello, Yeah, What?", Boner of the Day: ignorant drunk drivers, homophobic politicians, and cocaine hidden in genitals

Judas Priest

Jul 11, 2014 592


Richie talks with Judas Priest about their new album "Redeemer of Souls", "Dragonaut", and what it's like to be in a band for so long.

Red Yeti

Jul 8, 2014 872


Kimball and Coleman of Red Yeti call Richie from their work to tell us about recording their latest EP, how being religious is rock 'n' roll, and where their band name comes from (along with other band names that were in the running).


Jul 4, 2014 913


Richie talks with Emil from Annasaid about their new album "Rite De Passage", putting the band back together, and naming the band after a girl who had no musical talent.

Miniature Tigers

Jul 1, 2014 980


Charlie of Miniature Tigers talks to Richie T about the "blissed out" Jamaican vibes where the band recorded their latest album - Cruel Runnings, boneless chicken pizza, keeping Austin weird, and a reminiscence about things that used to be the s%*#.

The Orwells

Jun 27, 2014 760


Matt O'Keefe of The Orwells takes us behind the scenes on writing "Who Needs You" and "The Righteous One". Plus, he gives us a few tips on other local Chicagoan bands to keep an eye on.

X Ambassadors #3

Jun 24, 2014 809


Sam Harris of X Ambassadors talks to Richie for the third time, and this time, their relationship gets real. Richie tries to break up with him midway through but Sam just won't allow it. But in case your not in it for the romance, they also talk about X Ambassador's smash hit, "Jungle" featuring Jamie N Commons and even Jay-Z.

The Lost Boys

Jun 20, 2014 929


Richie talks with The Lost Boys about their upcoming EP, "Sleepless Nights", going on Warped Tour, and peanut butter.


Jun 17, 2014 828


Bryan Sammis (Olivver) gets real with Richie about splitting from the Neighbourhood, clubbing - Poetry Clubbing that is - and his latest track, "Revvival".

Dinosaur Pile-Up

Jun 12, 2014 1083


Matt Bigland of Dinosaur Pile-Up explains where the (epic) band name comes from, their American influences, and what he's doing on the album cover...

Finish Ticket

Jun 10, 2014 807


Richie talks with Brendan and Michael Hoye about re-releasing their album "Tears You Apart", their writing process and being a "band of brothers".

Panama Wedding

Jun 5, 2014 929


Peter Kirk of Panama Wedding tells Richie about growing up in Oyster Bay, the songwriting process, and what to look forward to from Panama Wedding.

Nick Hexum

Jun 3, 2014 848


Nick Hexum of 311 sets up a dinner date with Richie. Then once that's out of the way, they discuss the new album, Stereolythic, and what Nick would be doing if he wasn't playing music.

Sir Sly

May 30, 2014 788


Landon of Sir Sly talks to Richie about singles "Gold" and "Ghost", how it all began in a church, and the future of the band.

Junior Prom

May 16, 2014 1012


Richie talks with Mark and Erik from Junior Prom about "Sheila Put The Knife Down", OkCupid, an old drunk guy naming their band, and plans for their debut album.


May 5, 2014 925


Caleb and Georgia Nott, the brother-sister duo behind BROODS talk to Richie about their single "Bridges", creepy fans, and how chickens figure in to the band name.


May 2, 2014 694


Jack Antonoff talks about his new band Bleachers, "I Wanna Get Better", and creating a phone hotline in the 21st century.


Apr 28, 2014 1001


Salt Lake high schoolers, Solarsuit, came down to the studio to tell Richie T about how they formed and gave us the scoop on their debut album, Alpha - Omega.

Desert Noises

Apr 25, 2014 861


Kyle Henderson of Utah band Desert Noises woke up just to talk to Richie about touring, old band names, and their singles "Shiver" and "Out of My Head".

Arctic Monkeys

Apr 21, 2014 867


The infamous Alex Turner gives Richie T the Arctic Monkeys basics and the down low on "Do I Wanna Know?"

The Colourist

Apr 18, 2014 839


Richie T talks with Maya Tuttle from The Colourist about their hit "Little Games", high school girl bands, and their love for Morgan Freeman's voice.

Little Daylight

Apr 15, 2014 973


Nikki, Matt, & Eric conference call Richie to talk about their Tunnel Vision EP, high school bands, and the cannibalistic writing process.

The Used

Apr 11, 2014 812


Richie T talks with Quinn from The Used about crossing the boarder to Canada, their writing process, and "Revolution".

Big Data

Apr 8, 2014 1099


Alan Wilkis, the mastermind behind the group Big Data, talks technology, satire, pronunciation, paranoia, and internet devotion with Richie T.

Dan Croll

Apr 4, 2014 815


Dan Croll talks with Richie T about Liverpool, the Beatles, trying out new instruments, his single "From Nowhere", and karaoke!


Apr 1, 2014 783


Richie T sits down with Danny from KONGOS to talk about growing up in South Africa, accordions, and the band name.


Mar 28, 2014 981


Michael Ian Cummings of Manhattan band SKATERS calls Richie from the road to tell us about how the band met, their single "Deadbolt", working as bartenders, and creating an ode to the 9-to-5 Job.

Deap Vally

Mar 24, 2014 1166


Lindsey Troy of Deap Vally dishes about their debut album, Sistrionix, and instructs us on how to roast gummy worms over a campfire.

Blue October

Mar 21, 2014 902


Richie T sits down with Justin from Blue October again to talk about their new single "Sway", and how Justin met his wife.

Against Me!

Mar 17, 2014 803


Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! (note: first band to use punctuation cc: Panic! and fun.) takes the time to tell Richie about starting out in church bands, their singles "Unconditional Love" and "Against Me", and how she reaches out as a transgender role model.

Dirty Heads

Mar 13, 2014 941


Richie T talks to "Dirty J" of Dirty Heads about saving baby sealsin Alaska, a symphony dedicated to weed, and their upcoming album.

Cameron The Public

Mar 11, 2014 786


Richie talks with Cam about their exciting news, moving to LA, and the Haunted Hollywood sign.

Neon Trees

Mar 7, 2014 912


Elaine Bradley, the drummer of Neon Trees, spills the beans on the upcoming album Pop Psychology!

Royal Teeth

Mar 4, 2014 1024


Nora Patterson of New Orleans-based 6-piece, Royal Teeth, calls Richie from the road to endure his awkward advances, talk about their single "Wild" and their The Knives cover "Heartbeats", and to divulge what it's like being in a band of all guys.

The Maine

Feb 28, 2014 766


Richie T talks with John O'Callaghan from The Maine about recording live to tape, their acoustic EP, and band names.

American Authors

Feb 22, 2014 1173


Zach and Dave of American Authors call Richie from the road to talk about their single "Believer", the anti-stigmatization of banjos, tattoos, and Cher.


Feb 7, 2014 898


Richie T sits down with Lucius for this new episode of Meet the Bands.

Bad Things

Feb 5, 2014 646


Shaun White, Olympic Snowboarder, sits down with Richie T to talk about his awesome band "Bad Things"

Kate Tucker

Jan 31, 2014 728


Richie talks with Kate Tucker from Kate Tucker and The Sons of Sweden up at the Sundance Film Festival.

Panic! at the Disco

Jan 29, 2014 810


Richie talks with Brendon and Dallon as they return to Salt Lake City.

Wild Cub

Jan 28, 2014 814


Keegan DeWitt of Wild Cub talks with Richie T about his passion for film, how their single "Thunder Clatter" came about, performing on Jimmy Fallon, and their "absolutely meaningless" band name.


Jan 16, 2014 733


Iain Cook of CHVRCHES calls Richie all the way from Glasgow, Scotland to discuss his accent, switching off lead vocalists, and their singles "The Mother We Share" and "Under The Tide".

Bad Suns

Jan 16, 2014 875


Christo Bowman of Bad Suns bears Richie's awkward questions about things like what he body part he washes first in the shower, and more serious things like the difficulty of naming their band and their singles "Cardiac Arrest" and "Salt".

Nick Hexum Quintet

Jan 15, 2014 743


Richie T sits down with Nick Hexum of 311 for the second time to discuss his upcoming tour in a Quintet.

Bear Hands

Jan 11, 2014 951


Dylan of Bear Hands opens up about the band name, stealing bassists, how the single "Giants" got its title, and why he can't read music.

Nico Vega (#1)

Jan 10, 2014 889


Dan, Aja, and Rich sit down with Richie before an acoustic set to talk about traveling around the world.

Nico Vega (#2)

Jan 10, 2014 1011


Aja calls in and chats to Richie about her baby - Arrow, family traditions, and their upcoming album - Lead To Light. Meantime, Richie falls in love...

X Ambassadors (#2)

Jan 10, 2014 914


Richie talks to Sam Harris for the second time (yeah they're pretty much best friends now) about being The Sax Man, the video for "Unconsolable" and...Christmas sweaters?


Jan 10, 2014 605


Aaron Bruno from Awolnation chats sushi, surfing and suburbs of Hollywood with Richie T

Twenty One Pilots

Jan 10, 2014 1551


Josh Dunn speaks with Richie while walking the streets of Colorado in search of ice cream. Topics include their tour - Trip For Concerts, where the band name came from, and their single "Car Radio".

The 1975 (#2)

Jan 10, 2014 954


Richie meets Matt Healy in-person and takes him "down the rabbit hole" - talking about religion, family life, and their video for "Girls".

The 1975 (#1)

Jan 10, 2014 1046


Matt Healy of The 1975 calls Richie from the Conan O'Brien Show to tell him all about the bands origins, growing up in the small town of Manchester, and their singles "Chocolate" and "Me".

Atlas Genius (#2)

Jan 10, 2014 571


Richie meets with Keith Jeffery for the second time to talk about Lollapalooza and jamming with bands.

Atlas Genius (#1)

Jan 10, 2014 801


Richie sits down with the brothers behind Atlas Genius - Keith & Michael Jeffery - to find out how what the music scene is like in Australia and what it's like playing in a band with your brother.

X Ambassadors

Jan 8, 2014 1269


Sam Harris of X Ambassadors talks to Richie about Beauty and the Beast, his middle school band, and their debut EP - Love Songs Drug Songs - as he walks the streets of New York.


Dec 31, 2013 1118


Richie T talks with Mandy, Will, and Etienne of the NYC band, MisterWives. They chat about the band dynamic (mom? wife? husband?), how they met, and their upcoming debut EP - Reflections.

Panic! At The Disco

Dec 27, 2013 478


Did you know Brendan was raised Mormon? Yeah. True story. Find out more and listen to a moving acapella rendition of "Popcorn Popping on The Apricot Tree" feat. Brendan, Dallon, and Richie.

The Neighourhood

Dec 27, 2013 858


The Neighbourhood sits down with Richie T here in Salt Lake City to talk about their rap influences, their two (count 'em, TWO) videos for "Sweater Weather", and their black & white vision.


Dec 27, 2013 1280


Kyle of Bastille chats with Richie T about being naked with cats, taking inspiration from film, and their Other People's Heartache Parts I and II mixtapes.