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Write You A Song Podcast


You know their words and melodies, but maybe not their names: Write You A Song features country music’s most successful songwriters talking about their craft with host Tom Mailey from Bonneville radio station New Country 105.1 KNCI in Sacramento. Tom is a country radio veteran with over 30 years of experience in Seattle and Sacramento, and has always been a song lyric junkie. He hopes this podcast will shine a spotlight on the talented men and women who, mostly behind the scenes, write the songs that become part of our lives. (Follow Tom on Twitter at @kncitom, Instagram at @tomailey or on Facebook at facebook.com/kncipatandtom)

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Lindsay Ell: Long Road To The Starting Line

Dec 28, 2019 2313


Even though she's only 30 years old, Lindsay Ell has spent most of her life getting to the point she's at right now: poised to take the next step as a singer, songwriter and pretty sick guitar player. Deviating from most previous podcasts, this interview focuses on an artist who only recently had her first #1 single ("What Happens In A Small Town" with Brantley Gilbert) and is unlike any other female artist in country music in that she can not only sing and write, but she's also a legitimately talented guitar player in a genre filled with many legendary male guitarists, but very few women. Over 35 minutes she talks about what it's taken to get here, what she's learned along the way, and why, as good a singer and guitarist as she is, being a skilled songwriter is still of paramount importance to her--even though, as in the case of "Small Town", she's not above recording songs by others. 

Shane McAnally: Authentic and Real

Nov 29, 2019 2894


If country music's songwriting community has one common denominator, it could very likely be Shane McAnally. With over 40 #1 songs since breaking through in 2010 with Kenny Chesney's Somewhere With You (which he co-wrote with JT Harding), McAnally has emerged as gifted a writer and producer as Nashville has ever seen. Seemingly without effort, he navigates between pushing the style of contemporary country music (Sam Hunt), while still giving plenty of attention to country's traditional roots (Midland). He's also comfortable working with artists who aren't so easily labeled (Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark). And he is undeniably country music's most high-profile songwriter: as a coach on NBC's breakout songwriting TV show Songland, McAnally has demonstrated for the rest of America not only his talent for turning a phrase, but his innate ability to work with others to bring out their best.

And while he makes his success look easy, it isn't, nor has it been, and that makes his accomplishments all that more impressive.

BobDipiero: "It's a fine line between stupid and 1/2 million dollars"

Nov 1, 2019 3239


Bob DiPiero is a genuine Nashville songwriting legend, with over 1000 songs recorded, not to mention dozens of top tens and number ones. In this episode of Write You a Song, the Songwriting Hall of Famer shares his journey from Midwest rock n roller to the guy to the guy who wrote some of the most biggest, most iconic country songs of the past 40 years.

Brandy Clark Follows Her Arrow

Sep 28, 2019 2427


Singer/songwriter Brandy Clark has released 2 critically acclaimed albums and scored a handful of hits writing for other artists, including Kacey Musgraves. But she hasn't yet had the widespread commercial success other songwriters have had, and believe it or not, that's just fine with her. 

Country Music Highway: Josh Osborne, A Writer's Drive For Success

Aug 31, 2019 3157


A Grammy, a CMA, an ASCAP and a Music Row Award...plus numerous #1 and top ten hits...those are just at the tip of songwriter Josh Osborne's resume iceberg. One of the most sought-after songwriters in a city full of them, Osborne's road to success wasn't easy or quick. But along the way he learned a lot, and he's never stopped learning. In this podcast, hear how Osborne has managed to establish himself as one of country music's most creative, versatile and prolific writers. 

Episode 11: Kelley Lovelace, Four Bars And The Truth

Aug 1, 2019 2526


Kelley Lovelace is best known as Brad Paisley's longtime songwriting collaborator and yes, they've written a lot of hits together. But Brad is just one of several artists who've benefited from Kelley's skills. Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood and Joe Nichols have all scored #1 songs thanks to Kelley. This month, he shares his journey becoming one of Nashville's most sought-after collaborators, as well as a few stories behind the songs and, you'll hear the first song he and Brad ever wrote together...but which Brad never recorded.

Chris Janson, "Certified Weirdo"

Jun 28, 2019 1881


He calls himself a "certified weirdo", and while, yes, that might be true, Chris Janson is also, without a doubt, a certified musical genius: at age NINE he learned to play music in less than a week... and he's been doing it ever since. He's written some pretty huge songs, too, including "I Love This Life" for Locash and "How I'll Always Be" for Tim McGraw...as well as "Buy Me a Boat" and "Drunk Girl" (among others) for himself. He's one of the youngest members of the Grand Ol' Opry ever...and his career is, really, just getting started. Hear the method to his madness, and the madness to his method, on this month's Write You a Song

Episode 9 JT Harding

May 31, 2019 2483


A famous biological father (whom he'd never met until he was grown) is just one of the many fascinating things about this month's guest, JT Harding. Listen as he talks about that, his many hits (including "Somewhere With You" for Kenny Chesney and "Sangria" for Blake Shelton) and what it was like to be an assistant in his early years to ... Marilyn Manson. 

Episode 8 Lee Thomas Miller

May 1, 2019 2651


Songwriter Lee Thomas Miller shares the stories behind hits like The Impossible, You're Gonna Miss This and what it's like to write with artists such as Brad Paisley and Brothers Osborne. Also, in a special extra episode segment at the end of the main interview, Mr. Miller also discusses the issue of songwriter royalties and copyright laws and the threat currently posed by digital music platforms to working songwriters in all genres of music.

Episode 7 Liz Rose

Mar 31, 2019 2080


From helping a young Taylor Swift find her voice as a songwriter, to soaring success writing songs for Little Big Town, Gary Allan, and others, Liz Rose has one of the most unique songwriter stories you'll ever hear, not the least of which is--she doesn't play music.  

Hear one of the more unlikely Nashville success stories from one of country music's most sought-after collaborators, this month, on Write You a Song.

Girl Going Somewhere: Ashley McBryde

Mar 1, 2019 2331


Eric Church called her a "badass".

Eric Church is right.

Recently nominated for a Grammy and up for two awards at the Academy of Country Music awards next month, Ashley McBryde might be one of the most exciting new country singer/songwriter you haven't yet heard of.

But if you have heard of her, You know what we're talking about.

She's smart, funny, honest and wildly talented and we're stoked to have her as our guest on this month's Write You A Song.

Write You A Song Episode 5 Brett James

Jan 31, 2019 2360


Songwriter Brett James talks about writing hits with Carrie Underwood... and what makes her such a creative songwriter in her own right. He also shares stories behind hits like "Man I Want To Be", "Something in the Water" and how a night out in the Islands with Kenny Chesney led to writing two number one singles, back to back. If you're an aspiring songwriter, or just interested in the craft, Brett's a great and engaging guest!

Write You A Song Episode 4 Brice Long

Jan 1, 2019 1972


With huge hits for artists like Jon Pardi, Randy Hauser and Gary Allan, you might think a songwriter can sit back a little and enjoy their success. Not so, as Brice Long explains in this episode of Write You A Song. Growing up on a farm in Kentucky--plus years of grinding it out by writing album cuts for artists like George Strait and Randy Travis--gave Brice a work ethic he says is every bit as important as finding that creative spark and fanning it into a flame

Write You A Song, Episode 3, Tim Nichols

Dec 3, 2018 2092


So you think songwriting sounds like a pretty great gig, eh? It is, but are you up for the challenges? Songwriter Hall of Famer Tim Nichols (Live Like You Were Dying, Heads Carolina, Tails California, I'm Over You, I Only Want You For Christmas) shares the joys and the challenges of songwriting, and why your previous success does not necessarily guarantee success in the future. 

Write You A Song Episode 2 with guest Jeffrey Steele

Oct 30, 2018 2186


Country Songwriting Hall Of Famer Jeffrey Steele talks about his craft and how some of his biggest hits for artists like Rascal Flatts and Montgomery-Gentry came to be. He also discusses how he really became a songwriter after nearly losing his voice, and shares a few of the things he thinks are important for every aspiring songwriter to know.

Episode1 Brett Warren

Sep 26, 2018 1829


Tom talks with Brett Warren, one half of the hit song writing duo The Warren Brothers, who came to Nashville to be country stars but ended up becoming one of the most successful songwriting teams of the last decade.