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Write Songs, You Idiot

A podcast where musicians take us on a deep dive into a song they wrote
Write Songs, You Idiot


A podcast where musicians take us on a deep dive into a song they wrote


Episode 62 – Brianna Snyder / Saltlick

Oct 9, 2018


Artist/ Band: Brianna Snyder / Saltlick Song: Mint Green Keep an eye on Brianna. She has an album coming out on 11/10. You can find more of her music at Thanks again for listening!

Episode 61 – Sammy Heck

Aug 14, 2018


Artist: Sammy Heck Song: Just Pretending “This is for r/emo. Fuck you.” Sammy is playing a show on 8/14 @ Grateful Acres Keep up with her music Thanks for listening!

Episode 60 – Lone Thunder

Aug 7, 2018


Band: Lone Thunder Song: Sitting On The Edge Wait until you hear what animal Greg thinks he can beat in a fight. Wow. Keep up with LT on all their social media. Be on the look out for when they start playing shows too. Thanks for listening!

Episode 59 – The Grievance Club

Jul 31, 2018


Artist: The Grievance Club Song: Sculpture “Does Michelle Branch count?” TGC has some shows coming up! 8/12 @ Hive Mind in Akron, OH 8/13 @ The Foundry in CLE, OH w/ Such Gold Thanks for listening!

Episode 58 – Nic Adkins (Returns)

Jul 18, 2018


Artist: Nic Adkins Song: It Should Have Been Me “Chipped ham sandwiches were my pb& j.” Go see Nic play music 7/19 @ Spider House in Pittsburg, PA 7/31 @ Mahalls in Lakewood, OH 8/25 (Los Ojos) @ Mahalls in Lakewood, OH Thanks for listening  🙂

Episode 57 – Rayne Memphis Bug / Honey Club (RETURNS)

Jul 3, 2018


Artist: Honey Club Song: Notes In My Pocket Rayne is back, y’all! This one is definitely one of my favorites. “Bitch, I be acting.” Find her music at, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon. Catch Rayne at a show 7/28 @ Hive Mind in Akron, OH (her band Sap is playing this one) 9/3 @ … Continue reading "Episode 57 – Rayne Memphis Bug / Honey Club (RETURNS)"

Episode 56 – Joyd Parker

Jun 26, 2018


Band: Joyd Parker Song: I Wrote Haikus About Communism In Your Hotel Book “We’re a hentai band.” Catch a Joyd Parker show 6/30 @ Mahalls in Lakewood, OH 7/28 @ Dad Farm in Cleveland, OH Thanks for listening!

Episode 55 – Jenna Fournier / Niights

Jun 19, 2018


I’ve known Jenna for a long time now. This was a fun podcast to record and learn more about my friend and her history with music. Keep up with Niights on their bandcamp Catch them at the House of Blues in Cleveland, OH on 7/6/18 Thanks for listening 🙂

Episode 54 – Zach Butcher / COOP

Jun 5, 2018


Songs: Building Better Worlds / Happy To Disappoint Band: COOP Zach and I got real on this one. It was nice having this talk with him. Keep up with COOP on their bandcamp Catch a COOP show! 6/14 @ Bless This Mess in Akron, OH 6/22 @ The Foundry in Cleveland, OH Thanks for … Continue reading "Episode 54 – Zach Butcher / COOP"

Episode 53 – String Machine

May 22, 2018


Band: String Machine Song: Go To Canada This was a very fun episode. I had a great time meeting and becoming friends with all of them. Sorry it doesn’t sound that great. I had three microphones and eleven people in the room. Listen to String Machine on their bandcamp Thanks for listening!  

Episode 52 – Talor Smith / Biitchseat

May 8, 2018


Yes! Yes! Yes! This episode was a lot of fun. Eric and I had a great talk with Talor. She is a great songwriter! Keep your eye on Biitchseat, y’all. Thanks again, T! Keep up with Biitchseat by going to their shows on 5/11 and 5/18. Both are at Mahalls. Listen to their music by … Continue reading "Episode 52 – Talor Smith / Biitchseat"

Episode 51 – Joshua Jesty

May 1, 2018


Artist: Joshua Jesty Song: Car Crash Waltz I met Josh for the first time this afternoon. We had a great conversation. He is a brilliant musician and a smart songwriter. He brought donuts! Keep up with Josh and his music by going to his website He has shows coming up too: 5/16 @ Happy … Continue reading "Episode 51 – Joshua Jesty"

Episode 50 – Jon Rogers / Host of Write Songs, You Idiot

Apr 24, 2018


Artist: Jon Rogers Song: Punch This one is all about me. You can find Mary’s music at Keep up with Eric’s bands! Heavenly Creatures and Curtail Thanks for listening ❤

Episode 49 – Chris Petri / Witch Church

Apr 17, 2018


Band: Witch Church Song: Cleveland Grey I met Chris on a Wednesday and he came over the following Sunday. It was really nice having him over for a chat. Find more Witch Church music at Thanks again, Chris

Episode 48 – Tyler Brown / Ghost Slime

Apr 10, 2018


This episode is full of conspiracies! Get into the weeds with us, people! Learn the TRUTH. Check out Tyler’s band Ghost Slime Thanks again, Tyler! Love ya!

Speical Announcement

Apr 3, 2018


Episode 47 – Liv Lombardi

Mar 27, 2018


I thought that I was going to be a bit rusty for this one, but nope. Ya boy pulled it off! This episode was a lot of fun. Liv is a great musician! It was so nice having her over. Keep up with all of Liv’s music, tour dates, and social media at Thanks … Continue reading "Episode 47 – Liv Lombardi"

Episode 46 – Adam Grimm / When / Where

Mar 20, 2018


This episode gets heavy, but we turn it around. Thanks again, Adam, for coming over and talking with me. Keep up with Adam’s band When/ Where at Thanks for listening!

Episode 45 – Julia & Wes Crow / The Fifth House

Mar 13, 2018


It was fun having Julia and Wes over to talk about their relationship to music. Listen to us become friends! Keep up with The Fifth House at Thanks for listening!

Episode 44 – Jason Kaminski

Mar 7, 2018


Jason is a great musician. It was great having him over and getting to know him. Keep up with Jason’s music! and Thanks for listening!

Episode 43 – Ben Selvey / Failed Astronauts

Feb 28, 2018


Ben has been my friend for a while now. It’s nice to hear how he has grown out of his party days and now focuses on being a hardworking family man. I’m happy for you, bud 🙂 Keep up with Failed Astronauts. They just put out a new album called Brick Thrower. Thanks for listening!

Episode 42 – Dave Coughlin / Cobbles / The Scuzzballs

Feb 21, 2018


I have a new friend named Dave! He is a good musician and he and I have a lot in common. It was nice getting to know him and his music during our talk. Keep with with Dave’s music on his bandcamp. Thanks for listening!

Episode 41 – Jess and Brandon / Looming

Feb 14, 2018


Natural lulls are a beautiful yet funny thing. Keep track of how many times they occur 😉 This is a great episode! It was so fun and silly and we all laughed so much! Keep up with all things Looming! Thanks for listening 🙂

Episode 40 – Alisha / Punch Drunk Tagalongs

Feb 7, 2018


Alisha was one of the first people to reach out to me when I announced that Write Songs, You Idiot was going to be something. Over a year later, we made it happen. Keep up with Punch Drunk Tagalongs. Please go to their album release show on 4/7/18 at the Grog Shop. Tickets are available! … Continue reading "Episode 40 – Alisha / Punch Drunk Tagalongs"

Episode 39 – Joe Maas / Zander One / ZOD1AC

Jan 31, 2018


Instrumental music is interesting. I’ve never had to talk about how it can make someone feel something. Joe, however, has all kinds of feelings wrapped up in his music. Joe has a lot of music out there. Keep up with it here. Thanks for listening! .

Episode 38 – Julia and Dave / Ratboys

Jan 24, 2018


Handshake deals are a beautiful thing. Something so simple as a handshake can be so important. This podcast was recorded because of a handshake. This episode is great! I’m very happy that it worked out because it almost didn’t. Thanks again Julia and Dave for being true night owls 🙂 Keep up with all things … Continue reading "Episode 38 – Julia and Dave / Ratboys"

Episode 37 – Jimmy Wilkens / Jimmy Lo-Fi

Jan 17, 2018


Take 2! James is here and he’s promoting his solo music Jimmy Lo Fi. It’s really good, you guys! Keep up with Jimmy’s other bands: The Sonder Bombs and The Scuzzballs. Thanks for listening!

Episode 36 – Nez Tha Princegod

Jan 11, 2018


Nez is such a smart song writer. You’ll hear what I’m talking about. This episode was a lot of fun to record. I’m very excited to hear what Nez and the rest of Misfit Life Records comes out with. Listen to Nez’s music here. Don’t sleep on this guy! Thanks for listening!

Episode 35 – Jack Johnson / Backtalk

Jan 3, 2018


I do this podcast to have conversations with my friends and to learn more about their music. Jack and I have a serious, but very silly conversation. I really liked this one. I know I say that a lot, but I always mean it. Keep up with Backtalk’s music on their bandcamp. Thanks for listening! … Continue reading "Episode 35 – Jack Johnson / Backtalk"

Episode 34 – Gage Volbert / Captain Redbeard and the S. S. Friendship

Dec 20, 2017


This episode took a physical and mental toll on me. I get worn down by the end. This one is definitely one of my favorites. Gage is a smart song writer. It was a real benefit having Nick Muffet sit in too. Check out more of Gage’s music here. Thanks for listening!  

Episode 33 – Eddie Gancos / Alomar / City Cop

Dec 13, 2017


It was good getting to sit and just talk with Eddie for an hour. He and I have never had a long conversation before. You get to hear us become actual friends! Please listen to Alomar and City Cop. Thanks again, Eddie.

Episode 32 – Eamon / aol.ghost

Dec 6, 2017


I had a lot of fun recording this one. Eamon is a great musician who is contributing to the scene with synths and drum machines rather than a guitars. It’s a good way of contributing while still standing out and being an individual. Please check out aol.ghost along with all the other projects that were … Continue reading "Episode 32 – Eamon / aol.ghost"

Episode 31 – Ben Hendricks / Annabel / Curtail

Nov 22, 2017


I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now. Ben was one of the first people that I had in mind for this podcast. Thirty-one episodes later, it finally happened. Annabel is an amazing band. They have meant so much to me over the years. Please do yourself a favor and listen to … Continue reading "Episode 31 – Ben Hendricks / Annabel / Curtail"

Episode 30 – Josh Jones / Ghost Slime / Low Men In Yellow Coats

Nov 8, 2017


This episode was a lot of fun! Josh is a smart songwriter. He is a straight up wizard on the guitar too. His song is about old memories, loss of innocence, and realizing what he doesn’t want to be in life. It’s a very good song. Please check out the bands that Josh is in. … Continue reading "Episode 30 – Josh Jones / Ghost Slime / Low Men In Yellow Coats"

Episode 29 – Eric Vaught / Posture

Nov 1, 2017


Eric is very talented songwriter. It was very nice meeting him and then immediately start talking about his music. He has definitely inspired me to start playing music more. You can find Eric’s music on his bandcamp. Thanks for listening!  

Episode 28 – Nick Muffet / Penny Arcade RETURNS

Oct 18, 2017


Nick Muffet is back and better than ever. He is armed with new jams and he’s feeling inspired. He tries out a new tune on Eric and I. He’s just real good at music! Find Nick’s music on his bandcamp and please please please support his label Small Mammal Records. Thanks for listening! 🙂   … Continue reading "Episode 28 – Nick Muffet / Penny Arcade RETURNS"

Episode 27 – Mary Kekic Returns

Oct 11, 2017


MARY IS BACK! This one is silly! It was so nice having Mary back to #friendchat! Find more of her music on her bandcamp! Thanks for listening 🙂 P.S. Sorry for the weird reverb on Mary’s voice near the end. That is a weird Garageband hiccup that I can’t fix.    

Episode 26 – Christian Evans / An Ongoing Story

Oct 4, 2017


Another great #friendchat with my new friend Christian. He’s here to help! His song is very good and I’m excited for you to hear it. Please keep an eye on this guy. He’s got a lot of things planned 😉 Find more of his music on Spotify and on his bandcamp. Thank you for listening! … Continue reading "Episode 26 – Christian Evans / An Ongoing Story"

WSYI Is A Year Old!

Oct 2, 2017


Write Songs, You Idiot is a year old today! Thanks to everyone who has listened or has been a guest or has told me to keep going. It means a lot ❤  

Episode 25 – Nick Wilkinson

Sep 26, 2017


Here it is! This is a fantastic #friendchat with my pal Nick. He’s got a great voice and his music is real nice too. We talk about all kinds of things in this one. He even brings up ASMR and Bowling For Soup! I really liked this one. Keep up with all things Nick by … Continue reading "Episode 25 – Nick Wilkinson"

Episode 24 – Willow Hawks / The Sonder Bombs

Sep 19, 2017


YO! This #friendchat was great! It starts kind of light, gets real heavy, and then get way lighter. Thanks again Willow and Jimmy for coming over and hanging out with me. Please check out The Sonder Bombs on Spotify. Apple Music, and Bandcamp. Find them on all the social media platforms too. Thanks again, Willow!  

Episode 23 – Evan Loritsch / Mother Evergreen

Sep 12, 2017


  NEW THEME SONG! This was a great #friendchat. Evan is a very smart songwriter. He randomly starts talking about a bridge at some point during the interview and magically relates it to his lyrics! Wow. You’ll hear what I’m talking about. The boy is a genius. Please listen to Mother Evergreen! Find them on … Continue reading "Episode 23 – Evan Loritsch / Mother Evergreen"

Episode 22 – Jonathan Cooney / No Stranger 

Sep 5, 2017


Jonathan is straight up one of the best guitar players that I know. He’s got a set of pipes on him too! This guy can PLAY. I was floored by his performance. Hopefully you will be too. Find more of his music on his bandcamp! Good luck recording, Jonathan!  

Episode 21 – Jordan Valentine

Aug 29, 2017


Wow. Two back-to-back laugh fest podcasts in a row. I really like that 🙂 Jordan is one of my oldest friends and I think that shows in the interview. He doesn’t really play music anymore, but he was going to be in town so I forced him to do a podcast. Love you, Jordan ❤ … Continue reading "Episode 21 – Jordan Valentine"

Episode 20 – Josh Voland / The House of Wills

Aug 22, 2017


This might have been the podcast where I laughed the most. Josh is such a good person! They are a fantastic musician and a brilliant songwriter. I was honored that they stopped by to share some music and a chat with me. #friendchat Love you, Josh ❤    

Episode 19 – Jacob Lee / Runaway Brother

Aug 8, 2017


I FINALLY got Jacob over here for a podcast. He is a fantastic musician and a very good songwriter. I have been seeing Runaway Brother for a very long time now. Seeing and hearing this band grow as people and musicians is an incredible thing. They are all so talented! If you’re not hip to … Continue reading "Episode 19 – Jacob Lee / Runaway Brother"

Episode 18 – Amy Shoff / Heavenly Creatures

Aug 1, 2017


I’ve only seen Heavenly Creatures a handful of times, but each time has been great. HC puts on a good show. Amy’s songs are all really good! Based off of the one song we talked about, you can tell that she works really hard on them. I had a lot of fun talking to her! … Continue reading "Episode 18 – Amy Shoff / Heavenly Creatures"

Episode 16 – Cape Farewell 

Jul 7, 2017


Cape Farewell is a trill band. I have known DJ (pictured) and Erich (not pictured) for a long time now. It’s great seeing them and hearing their band get better! DJ is the soft spoken wordsmith of CF. He writes about interesting things and spins it to relate to his life. Imagine that! #duh I … Continue reading "Episode 16 – Cape Farewell "

Episode 15 – Rayne / Human Petting Zoo

Jun 29, 2017


Annnnnnd I’m back with a BRAND NEW episode! Wow! This one was a lot of fun to record. Rayne is a very smart musician. She gets to the point with her songwriting. Her songs are very take it or leave it. …You’re going to want to take them. They are all great songs. #youth You … Continue reading "Episode 15 – Rayne / Human Petting Zoo"

Episode 04 – Kevin Has A Drug Problem / Alex Couts

Jun 20, 2017


Episode 04 is the last of the old YouTube videos. From here on out, it’s all new stuff! It’s my pal Alex from the band Kevin Has A Drug Problem. I’m not sure who Kevin is though. Maybe Kevin doesn’t exist? Who knows? Alex might… You should ask him. I hope you like this episode. … Continue reading "Episode 04 – Kevin Has A Drug Problem / Alex Couts"

Episode 03 – Nic “The Pure Boy” Adkins

Jun 13, 2017


The sweet baby boy has arrived! It’s episode 03 with Nic! His song is called Texting and Driving and it’s about how he doesn’t do that anymore. Good for you, Nic! It IS dangerous. Please go listen to Nic’s music! It would mean a lot to the Pure Boy. Thank you for listening and episode … Continue reading "Episode 03 – Nic “The Pure Boy” Adkins"

Episode 02 – Mary Kekic

Jun 6, 2017


Episode 02 is here! Please listen and let Mary know what you think about her episode. It’s been a real treat watching her grow as a musician. Her songs are already so good and now they’re getting better! I don’t even know what to call that next level. Find more of her music on her … Continue reading "Episode 02 – Mary Kekic"

Episode 01 – Sean Anderson / Lilt & Bloom

May 31, 2017


Yeah, you read that right! THIS is episode 01! That picture is of one of my tallest friends Sean Anderson. He’s fantastic! He is a very good song writer! Please enjoy this episode! It was the first one and I do things differently now. See if you can spot the difference. Thanks for listening. Episode … Continue reading "Episode 01 – Sean Anderson / Lilt & Bloom"

Episode 14 – James Pequignot / The Singular 

May 23, 2017


Wow! THIS one was fun! Not that the others haven’t been, but you get it. I’ve known James for over 10 years now. He’s a beautiful person and a fantastic musician. If you like the song he played or just music in general, please check out his band The Singular  for more awesome songs 🙂 James, … Continue reading "Episode 14 – James Pequignot / The Singular "

Episode 13 – Danny / My Mouth Is The Speaker

May 17, 2017


Watching Danny grow as a song writer and musician over the 8+ years we have been friends has been a dream. He’s a very exciting performer and watching his band play always puts the biggest smile on my face. This episode was special to me. I was excited to have him come over and talk with … Continue reading "Episode 13 – Danny / My Mouth Is The Speaker"

Episode 12 – Jack Smith

May 12, 2017


Jack is off the grid and that is awesome! He’s a free spirit simply living his life in these crazy times. It was nice to hear him play music again. I’ve only gotten the chance to see him play a few times before we did this episode. Thanks again, Jack 🙂  

Episode 11 – Chris / The Superweaks

May 3, 2017


Chris is the Donatello of The Superweaks. The other teenage mutant ninja turtles would be ok without him, but you would definitely 100% miss the cool gadgets and skills that he brings to the table. He is amazing and I love him. Please check out The Superweaks! Did you know that Borat references are STILL cool?! Thanks for … Continue reading "Episode 11 – Chris / The Superweaks"

Episode 10 – Nick / Brave Face

Apr 26, 2017


I had a lot of fun talking to Nick. Philly has something in the water. All of the musicians are on this other level. His riffs are so noodly and tender. Nick episode is 4 of 5 in the Philly Block. Thanks for keeping up with WSYI 💜  More exciting episodes are coming up!  

Episode 09 – Kaytee / No Thank You

Apr 13, 2017


Kaytee performs and talks about her song, Serenity Song. The story behind it will hit you in the feels. PLEASE check out her band: No Thank You. They are very good! Stay tuned! More great episodes are coming up! Thanks for listening ❤

Episode 08 – Evan Bernard / The Superweaks

Mar 31, 2017


  “Better Heavens” The Superweaks It could take all damn day to cheer me up Gear me up for the race and wish good luck Footprints in the snow left by small shoes That was the last I’d see of you Your finger’s on the trigger Won’t you pull it? Everything is bright and sharp … Continue reading "Episode 08 – Evan Bernard / The Superweaks"

Episode 07 – Mike Bell

Mar 18, 2017


-Philadelphia Girls (Winter Edition)- The girls in this town all have the saddest eyes It never gets easier watching so many smiles die Let’s get away for the summer, babe, run as far as we can go Her face crinkles up, “it’s over”, drops away my hand I’m not saying I didn’t see this coming … Continue reading "Episode 07 – Mike Bell"

Episode 05 – Penny Arcade

Feb 12, 2017


Nick Muffet sits down with me and we breakdown his song Sound Asleep. Thanks for the picture, Alisha! Find more of her awesome pictures here.

An Important Announcement…

Feb 5, 2017


There are exciting things happening! Stay tuned.