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David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and kindred spirits talk about music and laugh until they cry.




Word Podcast 294 - David Hepworth & Friends

Nov 10, 2018 01:07:53


In introducing this session, which was inspired by David Hepworth's new book "Nothing Is Real" Mark Ellen said "I've know this man for over forty years and I've never won an argument with him". On this occasion the two of them were joined by old friends, writer Jude Rogers and broadcaster/podcaster Geoff Lloyd, to chew over some of David's theories, such as why the Beatles were underrated and why you should never play pop records at funerals, and to add a few of their own, which cover such topics as the girlfriend who changed the direction of popular music, the redundancy of the live album and the records that you should and shouldn't play at a wedding disco. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Word Podcast 293 - Mark Blake

Nov 9, 2018 00:54:08


Peter Grant was the former all-in wrestler turned manager whose reputation was built on his knack for making sure his bands got paid. In this respect didn't hurt to have the build of a screen heavy and the reputation of a gangster. When Led Zeppelin got paid it was in quantities so large that they had to be taken away from the venues in carrier bags from supermarkets. In "Bring It All Back Home" Pink Floyd and Queen biographer Mark Blake tells the full story of Peter Grant from his time as a wartime tearaway through road managing Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent to his meeting with Jimmy Page, with whom he formed what was probably the key relationship in the Led Zeppelin camp through their rampages across America in the 70s to a very dark period holed up in his moated house in the country taking cocaine in immense quantities and harbouring dark thoughts about the world outside. As we told Mark Blake when he came to the Islington to talk about it, this one really should be a movie.

Word Podcast 292 - Kenneth Womack

Oct 17, 2018 01:03:04


Kenneth Womack, who actually teaches a course in the Beatles at Monmouth University in New Jersey, has just published "Sound Pictures", the second part of his mammoth biography of Beatles producer George Martin, and he came to Word In Your Ear to talk about it. There was plenty to cover: from his childhood in the Depression through a transformation thanks to the Fleet Air Arm and the Guildhall School of Music to an apprenticeship at EMI which led him to produce everyone from Flanders and Swann to Peter Sellers and then confronted him with the challenge of making something of the four boys from Liverpool that the publishing division were keen on signing. He wasn't convinced at first but as soon as they did something he thought was good he was the first to recognise it and he was the only person apart from Brian Epstein who believed they were going to be huge and helped make sure they were. Kenneth provides a gripping account of what was arguably the most productive creative partnership of the 20th century. How does he think they would have fared if they had ended up with some other producer at EMI rather than George Martin? "I think they would have had a few hits and then faded away," he says. "What make it all work was that they came at everything sideways."

Word Podcast 291 - Billy Bragg

Oct 11, 2018 01:08:06


Billy Bragg joins us to talk about Izal medicated toilet paper, the Beatles, Joe Henry, the restorative effects of finishing the evening signing tea towels, Bovingdon tank museum, an old copy of the East London Advertiser, meeting Bob Dylan, watching old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, the importance of accountability, what the Clash could do and what they couldn't do, meeting Ray Galton in the pub, what poems could each of us recite from memory, Lead Belly, the cultural importance of TV cowboys, how many of the Quarrymen are still alive, and much more besides...

Word Podcast 215 - Chas Hodges

Sep 23, 2018 00:52:31


For all the people who have been asking to hear the long version of our chat with Chas Hodges, who was our guest in the podcast on June 1st 2012, here it is. It's all here: growing up in Edmonton, playing in Joe Meek's house band, hearing "Revolver" on acetate, playing with Heads, Hands and Feet, the amazing story of Chas and Dave and much more.

Word Podcast 290 - Mark King

Sep 20, 2018 01:00:02


In the entire firmament of those who busted the charts in the 1980s there was nobody more reliably sane than Mark King of Level 42. Before they start on their 2018 tour he came in to the Islington to entertain an enthralled house with his account of importing the first Mahavishnu Orchestra album into the Isle Of Wight, turning up on Lenny White's doorstep in America at the age of seventeen, treating the bass as a percussion instrument, his ride on the giddy carousel of chart success in the 80s, prodding Sean Penn in the chest at Madonna's party, appearing with Elton John and Eric Clapton at the Prince's Trust and a recent run-in with Ginger Baker. One of the best evenings we've ever had at the Islington.

Word Podcast 289 - Mark Kermode

Sep 18, 2018 00:49:25


Ever since first hearing the siren call of The Rubettes' "Sugar Baby Love", Mark Kermode, TV and Radio's Mr Movie, has been possessed by a determination to find out how it feels to be on stage with a band and to make the noise that bands made. His new book "How Does It Feel?" recounts every step on that journey, from making his own guitar while at school through leading his own bands The Bottlers and The Dodge Brothers and masquerading as the musical director of Danny Baker's late-night chat show to trying to learn the chromatic harmonica on stage in front of a large orchestra and an even larger audience. It has been a life devoted to the noble objective of getting some kind of noise out of just about anything he has been confronted with and being prepared to treat the twin impostors of approval and derision both the same.

Word Podcast 288 - Seymour Stein

Jun 29, 2018 00:47:34


We couldn't get over the fact that Seymour Stein actually met Buddy Holly. It shouldn't surprise us really because after all he is 76 and his first job in the music business was at Billboard when he was a teenager. It's well known that as the boss of the Sire label he signed the Ramones, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, the Undertones and Madonna. What's less well-known is the part played in the Sire story by Focus, the Deviants and the Climax Blues Band. The full story is written in "Siren Song" which he's written with Gareth Murphy. He came to Word In Your Ear to talk about it. We let him get on with it.

Word Podcast 287 - Stuart Baillie

Jun 29, 2018 00:49:25


Stuart Baillie's book, "Trouble Songs" is, as he told us at this Word In Your Ear, his personal story as well as the story of music and the Troubles. Born in Belfast in 1961, Stuart came to London to work on the NME, returning to Belfast in the late 90s to run a music project in the city. His book paints a rich picture of a place with unique virtues as well as unique problems. It's the story of how entertainment has reflected both and how live music re-emerged from behind the ring of steel and came blinking in the daylight following the Good Friday agreement. It's the story of Christy Moore, the Miami Showband, Stiff Little Fingers, Rudi, Van Morrison, the Undertones, Terri Hooley and scores of others, many of whom were interviewed specifically for the book. It's also the story of the part played in the events of the time by outsiders like Lennon and McCartney, U2 and The Clash. It's the story of how music both brings people together and sometimes drives them apart. It's one of the best books we've ever covered in Word In Your Ear.

Word Podcast 286 - Kenney Jones

Jun 12, 2018 01:17:11


Drummer with the Small Faces, the Faces and the Who, supplier of the distinctive drum sound on the Rolling Stones' "It's Only 'N' Roll", guest at Mick Jagger's wedding in 1971, Kenney Jones is one of the few people born in Stepney in 1948 who wound up owning his own polo club. It's all in his newly-published autobiography "Let The Good Times Roll". He came to the Islington to talk to David and Mark about it. The new air conditioning was working and a splendid time was had by all.

Word Podcast 285 - Simon Mayo

Jun 7, 2018 01:07:42


Award-winning broadcaster and podcaster, successful novelist and former Word subscriber Simon Mayo makes his debut on the pod to talk about his ascent of the greasy pole of broadcasting, his experience fronting the Radio One Roadshow in the days when that was a very big deal, his radio husband Mark Kermode, his radio wife Jo Whiley, his first adult novel "Mad Blood Stirring", soon to be a major motion picture, and the real reason why Dave Lee Travis always got the biggest cheer.

Word Podcast 284 - Andrew Collins

Jun 7, 2018 00:50:26


It was a delight to catch up with Andrew Collins on the occasion of the publication of "Still Suitable For Miners", his biography of Billy Bragg which was initially published in 1998 and is now updated with additional material. He talked to David and Mark about the days when a biographer had a carrier bag of clippings instead of the internet, how the self-described big-nosed bastard from Barking managed to turn himself into a national institution and kept his brand burning bright for the best part of forty years and also tells us the one about the stripper and the banana. All this and an education too!

Word Podcast 283 - Neil Innes

May 5, 2018 00:55:45


In the sixties Neil Innes wrote and sang many of the deathless masterpieces of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. In the late 70s he was the leading light of the pre-fab four, The Rutles, still the greatest and most affectionate of Beatles parodies. He lives in France now. On a visit to the UK to take part in a tour marking the 40th anniversary of the Rutles, he dropped in to the Islington to talk to old skool fans Mark and David about wooing women with fruit, meeting the Beatles on the stairs at Abbey Road, doing a weekly children's programme live on TV with the one and only Viv Stanshall, helping George Harrison with his garden and not suing Oasis. A delightful guest.

Word Podcast 282 - Garth Cartwright

May 4, 2018 00:54:21


Virgin, Harlequin, One Stop, Dobells, Rock On, HMV, Cheapo Cheapo, Disci, Andy's, Woolies, Our Price and a million and one places called The Spinning Disc. It doesn't matter where you did your record shopping in the far long-ago, they're all in "Going For A Song", Garth Cartwright's information-packed survey of UK record shops past and present. In this podcast he talks to Mark and David about record retailing in this country from the days of the cylinder through the danceband boom of the thirties and the madness of Beatlemania to the recent rebirth of very specialist indies. It's a road we've all trodden one way or another and it's good to have it recognised.

Word Podcast 281 - Sir Tim Rice

Apr 12, 2018 01:03:01


Tim Rice didn't particularly like musicals. He was a rock and roll fan turned junior exec. In fact when Tim Rice met Andrew Lloyd Webber in the late 60s he had his eyes on a nice job running one of EMI's overseas outposts. But then there was Jesus Christ Superstar which was performed by the Grease Band and recorded at Olympic and sold in quantities nobody knew anything could sell and the next thing he knew he was a giant of the musical theatre and was writing with and for everyone. The perspective he's acquired in the course of a fifty-plus year career is unique and he's already distilled a lot of it into one volume of memoirs. He came along to The Islington so that Mark and David could encourage him to get on with the next volume. It was a delight to talk to him.

Word Podcast 280 - Richard Newman

Apr 11, 2018 00:35:58


It was born in an unpromising flat in Tottenham, came to fruition in an old manor house in Oxfordshire, became, by accident, the soundtrack of a horror film that is still frightening people 45 years later and led, also by accident, to the foundation of one of the few British brands that's still a household name. It changed the lives of everybody who had anything to do with it. Richard Newman is the only person to have spent time talking to all the people who were involved and his book, 'The Making Of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells', has been re-published to mark the forty-fifth anniversary of the record's original release. He came to the Islington to talk to David and Mark about it.

Word Podcast 279 - Ian Anderson

Feb 15, 2018 01:01:04


When Ian Anderson left the family home in Blackpool to make his name in the music business his father flung him hid old overcoat. "It'll be cold out there," he said. That was more than fifty years ago. 2018 sees the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the first Tull album "This Was". This anniversary is being marked by a special tour which begins in April. When Ian was our guest at Word In Your Ear he talked about: going to the police station as a 15-year-old because he wanted to be a copper, how the name of his band was as much a surprise to him as anyone else, what it was like to go on before Hendrix at the Isle of Wight in 1969, how The Who outshone the Rolling Stones during the filming of "The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus", why any idiot can manage his own band and why so few do, the secret of breaking America and why this tour is definitely the last.

Word Podcast 278 - Danny Baker

Dec 14, 2017 01:27:44


In the course of a packed conversation with David Hepworth the Damon Runyon of Bermondsey touches upon Keith Chegwin and the Third Ear Band, carrying a coffin and recovering from cancer, the breathtaking profanity of Hughie Green and the staggering stupidity of certain BBC executives, the difficulty of dealing with 12-year-old TV producers who are labouring under the misapprehension that they understand pop history and what happened when he and Danny Kelly decided it was finally time to try getting stoned. As ever, all human life is there – as it is in his latest autobiographical volume, "Going On The Turn".

Word Podcast 277 - Robert Forster

Nov 24, 2017 00:55:15


Robert Forster's new book 'Grant And I' features strongly in many people's lists of the music book of the year. He came to WIYE to talk to Mark and David about growing up in Brisbane, bonding with Grant McLennan over their shared affection for Ry Cooder, forming a band with like-minded people rather than people who could play, getting near enough to success to be able to taste it and why no band has anything new to say after twenty minutes. Robert's been on the podcast before and remains one of our favourites.

Word Podcast 276 - Armando Iannucci

Nov 18, 2017 00:46:30


Armando Iannucci's Hear Me Out is a collection of pieces about his first love, classical music. He decided early on that the Deep Purple and Lou Reed records favoured by his older brother didn't speak to him in the way that Holsts's Planet Suite did. His book explains why. In this wide ranging chat with Mark and David Armando talks about how it felt to not share the general enthusiasm for the sound of now and what he says to people when they try to get him on the dance floor at parties.

Word Podcast 275 - Dylan Jones

Oct 24, 2017 01:12:46


As a teenager Dylan Jones was one of that generation who saw David Bowie on “Top Of The Pops” in 1972 and felt he was talking directly to them. As an art student he worked as an extra on a Bowie film and even gave him a light for his cigarette. As the editor of such magazines as Arena and GQ he went on to interview Bowie numerous times. Now he’s put together “David Bowie: A Life”, a massive oral history of the man’s life and brilliant career. It draws on the recollections of everyone from old school friends like George Underwood through fellow musicians like Rick Wakeman to the artists, film makers and fashion leaders whose direction he affected. In this special extended chat with Mark Ellen and David Hepworth Dylan talks about everything Bowie, including how small he was in some directions and yet how big in others.

Word Podcast 274 - Chris Difford

Sep 18, 2017 00:50:39


"My Dad said that if I joined a rock band I would be an alcoholic, a drug addict and skint. Turns out he was right." So writes Chris Difford in "Some Fantastic Place", a startlingly candid autobiography. An old friend of the pod he came along to Word In Your Ear to talk to Mark and David about the strange dynamics within bands, the reason musicians don't talk to each other, the attractions of relaxants and stimulants and the challenges of managing Bryan Ferry. Amazing stuff.

Word podcast 273 - with Daniel Rachel

Sep 17, 2017 00:46:04


The guest on our snug Chesterfield was Daniel Rachel, who won the Penderyn Prize for best music book of 2017 for his "Walls Come Tumbling Down", a triumphant oral history of the story of Rock Against Racism, 2-Tone and Red Wedge.

Word podcast 272 - Johnny Rogan and Sid Griffin

Jul 23, 2017 01:13:13


Johnny Rogan almost didn't make it to this Word In Your Ear. He was so absorbed in a discussion about biography with friend of the podcast Mark Lewisohn that he had a small traffic accident that almost sidelined him for the evening. Anyway, he made it and brought along both volumes of his mammoth new account of their complex career. To help tell their story we were also delighted to welcome another friend of the pod Sid Griffin. It's all here: the folk revival, Swinging London, psychedelia, square glasses, country music, personality conflicts and some very sad ends.

Word Podcast 271 - with Sarfraz Manzoor

Jul 19, 2017 00:35:40


Usually our guests are talking about freshly-published books. It's actually ten years since Sarfraz Manzoor put out Greetings From Bury Park, his memoir about growing up in a traditional Pakistani family in Luton with an obsession with Bruce Springsteen. With the prospect of the story being transferred to the screen in the offing, Sarfraz came along to talk to David Hepworth about how he found parallels between Springsteen's songs and the challenges he faced in his life and how his desire to identify with the Boss led him into the odd unfortunate fashion choice. At the same time the two of them talk about Bruce Springsteen's autobiography Born To Run as it comes out in paperback, because, face it, he could use the royalties.

Word Podcast 270 - Uncommon People

Jun 8, 2017 00:34:55


We loved them because they could do things we could never do. We adopted them as our fantasy friends when we were teenagers and were still measuring ourselves against them forty years after. David Hepworth talks about his best-selling book "Uncommon People" which traces the history of the cult of the rock star from Little Richard to Kurt Cobain.

Word Podcast 269 - Thomas Dolby

May 26, 2017 00:57:04


Thomas Dolby’s career has seen him sharing a helicopter with a terrified David Bowie over Wembley Stadium, labouring on the nightshift at a New York studio in search of noises that Foreigner might like and dropping in on Michael Jackson at home in the days before scandal consumed him. All this and a good deal more is in his memoir The Speed Of Sound, which also covers his pop success and his adventures at the heart of the great Internet revolution. He came to Islington to talk to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth all about it.

Word Podcast 268 - John Ingham

May 21, 2017 00:45:37


John Ingham used to sign himself Jonh Ingham when he covered the very early stirrings of punk rock in 1976 for Sounds. Although he was a writer by trade he took along his camera because literally nobody else was taking pictures and he recognised that early punk was above all things colourful. Forty years later he’s got those pictures out from storage and published them in a fabulous new book called Siprit Of 76: London Punk Eyewitness, which has pictures of all the key players - the Sex Pistols, Clash, Siouxsie, Generation X and Subway Sect - in the last days before they were household names. It’s an extraordinary document. The book comes with an introduction from Jon Savage and a commentary from John himself. He came along to the Islington to tell us about the year it all happened.

Word Podcast 267 - Miranda Sawyer and Barry McIlheney

Apr 30, 2017 00:57:31


David Hepworth started at Smash Hits in the late 70s, Mark Ellen joined in the early 80s, Barry McIlheney arrived in the middle of the decade and Miranda Sawyer came along in the late 80s. Therefore they were well placed to talk about such key Smash Hits experiences as being pinned to a door by Jimmy Pursey, taking Bananarama to Burger King, asking U2 to draw a duck and getting a bit tired and going home halfway through a Stone Roses interview. All this and more in this bumper ish.

Word Podcast 266 - Tom Doyle on Elton Hercules John

Apr 30, 2017 00:43:58


“Captain Fantastic” is Tom Doyle’s account of Elton’s most tumultuous decade, the 70s, during which time he assumed every role from bedsitter poet to intercontinental hell raiser, from singing frontiersman to singing hornet, from Pinner to Philly and back. He came along to Word In Your Ear to talk to us about the eternal puzzle that is Elton.

Word Podcast 265 - David “Ram Jam” Rodigan

Apr 7, 2017 00:49:40


There’s a rich British tradition of well brought up young men from the leafier suburbs developing a fixation on music from a very different culture and somehow getting themselves a job playing said music on the radio. Nobody has done it more successfully and more unexpectedly than David Rodigan. For a part of the career he’s run it alongside his work as an actor. No wonder there’s so much interest in turning his book “My Life In Reggae” into a film. It’s a story rich in humour and packed with incident, some of which he recounted to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth.

Word Podcast 264 - Tessa Niles and Gina Foster talking BVs

Mar 29, 2017 00:50:36


We were delighted to be joined by two of the UK’s most respected providers of backing vocals and harmonies, who between them have sung with everybody from David Bowie at Live Aid on down. They showed us aspects of their vocal techniques, instructed us in the diplomatic arts required to rub along on tour when the members of the band aren’t speaking to each other and explain why the wordless refrain has gone the way of the whalebone corset. You can find the full story in Tessa’s book “Backtrack”.

Word Podcast 263 - Jon Savage shortcast

Mar 8, 2017 00:18:00


In this shortcast Jon Savage talks to David Hepworth about his new compilation album, “1967 - The Year Pop Divided”. Forty-eight tracks of psych-flavoured pop, rock and soul from the last year before music went off into its own ghettoes, from the Byrds to Captain Beefheart, from Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers to the Shag, from the Thirteenth Floor Elevators to Gladys Knight and the Pips, from the Monkees to The Mickey Finn. “Do the lyrics have anything in common? Yes. Drugs."

Word Podcast 262 - Tony Fletcher

Feb 20, 2017 01:05:26


In Which Tony Fletcher tells us about Wilson Pickett, who was impossible as a child, inimitable as a singer and incorrigible as a success, and how he came to write “In The Midnight Hour”.

Word Podcast 261 - Barney Hoskyns

Feb 13, 2017 00:55:41


In which Barney Hoskyns talks to us about Woodstock and the part it played in the lives of Dylan, the Band, Albert Grossman and Van Morrison, as related in his book “Small Town Talk”.

Word Podcast 260 - Jeff Evans

Feb 10, 2017 00:53:02


In which Jeff Evans returns from researching the full history of "Rock and Pop On TV" for his new book and talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about not just "Six Five Special" but also "Cool For Cats", not just Legs and Co but also Ruby Flipper, not just "The Tube" but also "The White Room", and wonders whether, now that we have You Tube, we have finally come to the end of music television as a genre.

Word Podcast 259 - with Paul Gambaccini

Jan 30, 2017 01:16:16


In which Paul Gambaccini, that son of New York who became an institution of British broadcasting, talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about how the Beatles changed his life, how he got into broadcasting, what brought him to Britain, his experience of Radio One in the 70s, his recent ordeal at the hands of the Metropolitan police – fully documented in an amazing book "Love, Paul Gambaccini" – and how this experience has changed his view of the BBC and the Labour Party but not the British people. It's an extraordinary listen, one that goes the full distance from hilarity to horror.

Word Podcast 258 - Mick Houghton & Adam White

Dec 12, 2016 01:15:55


In which Mick Houghton, the author of a book about the legendary folk-rock label Elektra, and Adam White, the man behind a huge tome about the history of Motown, talk to David Hepworth about the unique challenges faced by independent labels, the charismatic men who founded them, the occasionally difficult stars they had to deal with and what keeps both Jac Holzman and Berry Gordy going at an age when most people are happy just to look at their great-grandchildren.

Word Podcast 257 - Richard Houghton

Dec 10, 2016 00:29:33


In which Richard Houghton, the author of “I Was There”, a collection of first-hand reminiscences from people who saw the Beatles back in the sixties, from under-attended dance halls in England to over flowing stadia in the United States, talks to David Hepworth about how he wrinkled out their stories.

Word Podcast 256 - Paul Morley on David Bowie

Sep 22, 2016 00:58:07


In which David Hepworth talks to legendary journalist and author Paul Morley about how David Bowie inflamed his young imagination and his new book The Age Of Bowie.

Word Podcast 255 - Hunter Davies

Sep 18, 2016 00:53:20


In which David Hepworth talks to legendary journalist and author Hunter Davies about his time as a fly on the wall with the Beatles in the middle sixties and his newly-published Beatles Book.

Word Podcast 254 - Sylvia Patterson

Jun 27, 2016 01:08:37


In which we talk to the irrepressible Sylvia Patterson on how music provided some much needed structure in her chaotic teenage life and her career as a writer on Smash Hits, NME and beyond. Contains: Manics, Mick Hucknall, Happy Mondays, Blur and many more. Sylvia’s book is “I’m Not With The Band”.

Word Podcast 253 - Derek Ridgers

Jun 26, 2016 00:38:31


In which we talk to Derek Ridgers, who began taking pictures at Eric Clapton’s Rainbow concert and was there to document the brief moment when punk was invented in London. Some of these pictures are collected in his new book “Punk London 1977”.

Word Podcast 252 - David and Caroline Stafford

May 22, 2016 00:55:47


In which we talked to the husband and wife team behind Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong: The Life And Times Of Randy Newman about this uniquely fascinating artist and whether he'll be remembered for"Short People" or "Toy Story".

Word Podcast 251 - Alan Shypton on Harry Nilsson

May 13, 2016 00:54:22


In which Harry Nilsson biographer Alan Shypton reflects on the man with the voice of an angel and the thirst of a medium-sized nation. We're a bit late with this, but Alan's book 'Nilsson: The Life Of A Singer-Songwriter' is such an absorbing account of a life packed with incident that it's better late than never.

Word Podcast 250: 1971 - Never A Dull Moment

Apr 24, 2016 01:06:50


In which David Hepworth instructs Mark Ellen in the theory behind his best-selling book about the the annus mirabilis of the rock album, “1971: Never A Dull Moment”.

Word Podcast 249 - with Zoe Howe

Apr 17, 2016 00:45:51


In which friend of Word In Your Ear and Essex correspondent Zoe Howe talks about the Doctor Feelgood frontman, subject of her new book Lee Brilleaux: Rock’n’Roll Gentleman.

Word Podcast 248 - with Graeme Thompson

Apr 14, 2016 00:53:05


In which Word contributor and biographer of George Harrison Graeme Thomson talks about the short but action-packed passage of the “literally clubbable” Phil Lynott, the subject of his authorised biography “Cowboy Song”.

Word Podcast 247 - with John Savage

Nov 21, 2015 00:40:57


Jon Savage has written celebrated histories of Punk Rock and the Teenager. Now he turns his attention to 1966, the year when pop went fuzzy at the edges, when psychedelic drugs, protest about Vietnam and anxiety about nuclear war helped inspire some of the greatest pop music ever made, by everyone from Bob Dylan to the Stones to Norma Tanega. He talked to David Hepworth about it in front of an audience at The Islington.

Word Podcast 246 - with Howard Sounes

Nov 20, 2015 00:41:19


Howard Sounes has already written revelatory biographies of Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney. Most recently he’s turned his attention to Lou Reed. In Notes from the Velvet Underground he recounts the extraordinary life and career of one of rock’s most memorably irascible characters, someone who occasionally pulled a gun on even close friends and allies.

Word Podcast 245 - Elvis Costello

Nov 1, 2015 00:28:32


Elvis Costello joins us to talk about his blockbusting memoir "Unfaithful Music And Disappearing Ink". The conversation takes in such vital issues as: growing up in a house full of acetates and publishers demos, the reason The Attractions ran on to the stage in 1977, Nick Kent’s tackle on display in the garden of the pub opposite Island Records, playing support to the Natural Acoustic Band in 1971, listening to the radio in the 60s, what he learned from Burt Bacharach and why the White House is the ideal place to play “Penny Lane”. Cheers, Elvis.

Word Podcast 244 - The Skypecast

Oct 23, 2015 00:22:22


David Hepworth and Mark Ellen talk bout Tracey Thorn’s Naked At The Albert Hall: The Inside Story Of Singing and John Seabrook’s The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory via the miracle of Skype.

Word Podcast 243 - The Peelcast

Oct 17, 2015 00:39:32


David Cavanagh, the author of “Good Night and Good Riddance: How Thirty-Five Years Of John Peel Help Shape Modern Britain”, and Trevor Dann, WIYE’s go-to guy on all matters radio, talk about John Peel: his radio style, his complicated personality, his contribution to the national heritage and where he would be broadcasting today if he were still around.

Word Podcast 242 - Chris Salewicz

Oct 17, 2015 00:45:46


Chris Salewicz joined us to talk about “Dead Gods: The 27 Club” which deals with the rock stars who never got past their twenty-seventh birthday. His list includes: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and others. What they all had in common was a family background not as happy as you would like and a sub-conscious fear of dealing with adult life.

Word Podcast 241 - The McCartneycast

Sep 25, 2015 00:59:06


WIYE McCartney Special. Paul Du Noyer, who’s interviewed him more than anyone (much of which is reflected in his new book, “Conversations With McCartney), and Laura Barton, who need her cat after him, discuss a national institution with Mark Ellen and David Hepworth. Best look, best song, best story, it’s all here, including the answer to the perennial question - what was Paul McCartney’s best song for The Beatles?

Word Podcast 240 - with Patrick Woodroffe

Sep 24, 2015 00:43:31


Patrick Woodroffe is the world's foremost live show lighting designer. He's the man the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and many others ask for by name. He's been behind some of the most ambitious and technically demanding stage presentations, from vast crowds on Copacabana Beach to a world TV audience for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. He talked to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about his work in front of an audience at the Islington.

Podcast 239 - with Peter Doggett

Sep 13, 2015 00:49:41


Peter Doggett is one of the most respected authors in the music field, with highly-praised works devoted to David Bowie and the Beatles to his name. Here he talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about his magnum opus “Electric Shock”, a panoramic history of popular music from the gramophone to the iPhone. This was recorded in front of an audience at the Islington.

Word Podcast 238 - Mick Wall

Aug 31, 2015 01:04:29


Mick Wall has been a leading light of rock journalism at the heavier end for over thirty years, playing an important role in the development of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses and many others. Here he talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about his experiences, as recorded in his new book “Getcha Rocks Off”. This was recorded in front of an audience at the Islington.

Word Podcast 237 - Live Aid

Jul 11, 2015 00:52:59


On the 30th anniversary of the day four people who were there — Janice Long, Dylan Jones, Mark Ellen and David Hepworth — talk about what it was like, how it didn't quite happen as planned, how people and press reacted at the time and what it changed about music and media.

Word Podcast 236 - Clare Grogan

Jul 11, 2015 00:32:42


One of our oldest pals talks about Altered Images, Gregory's Girl, the joys of the oldies circuit and how motherhood led her to write Tallulah and the Teen Stars, the latest in a series of Young Adult books about the adventures of thinly-disguised versions of Smash Hits favourites.

Word Podcast 235 - Johnnie Walker

May 25, 2015 00:44:52


In this special Word In Your Era recording the UK's most legendary disc jockey talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about playing records on the radio in the 70s, about sneaking Lou Reed up Auntie's skirt, avoiding the Bay City Rollers and going to an authentic record company sponsored orgy. Happy days.

Podcast 234 - Johnny Rogan

May 9, 2015 00:52:26


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth talk to Johnny Rogan, biographer of Morrissey and Van Morrison, about Ray Davies, the subject of his latest book, “A Complicated Life”. Recorded at the Islington in front of an audience at Word In Your Ear.

Podcast 233: Mick Taylor’s got the shits…

May 1, 2015 01:02:06


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry talk to “Magic” Alex Gold about his playing ukulele in Alaska, schlepping the length and breadth of Britain to play to one man and Fido and learning the entire repertoire of the Rolling Stones in just one day. Plus: Tidal, Rick Buckler, the unquiet life of AC/DC and how to leave your records in your will.

Word Podcast 232 - Rick Buckler

Apr 23, 2015 00:41:21


Rick Buckler was the drummer of The Jam. His book "That's Entertainment" tells the story of how a teenage covers band from Woking became Britain's most popular group of the late 70s and early 80s, how it all came to an end and the likelihood of it being started again. He talked about it to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth at a Word In Your Ear event at the Islington.

Word Podcast 231 - Richard Goldstein

Apr 9, 2015 00:48:50


Richard Goldstein was the world's first rock critic. He wrote the "Popeye" column for the Village Voice during the British invasion of New York, rubbing shoulders with the Stones, Dylan, Janis Joplin and Brian Wilson. His book "Another Little Piece Of My Heart" is a unique record of a tumultuous era seen up-close. He talked about it to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth at Word In Your Ear is Islington.

Word Podcast 230 - Norman Jopling

Apr 9, 2015 00:41:46


Norman Jopling worked for Record Mirror in the 60s. He wrote the first story about the Rolling Stones, he took competition winners to meet the Beatles on the set of Help!, he saw the arrival of a new world at the Isle Of Wight Festival in 1969. His book "Shake It Up Baby!" is a vivid diary of that frenetic decade. He talked about it to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth at Word In Your Ear is Islington.

Word Podcast 229 - Fairport Convention

Mar 13, 2015 01:15:12


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth talk to founder members of Fairport Convention Ashley Hutchings and Simon Nicol about Sandy Denny, the subject of "I've Always Had A Unicorn", a new biography by Mick Houghton. Recorded in front of an audience at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell.

Word Podcast 228 - The Bobcast

Feb 8, 2015 01:37:24


On the day Bob Dylan's album "Shadows In The Night" was released, top Dylan interpreter Barb Jungr and musician and writer Sid Griffin, talked to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about how they first came to Bob Dylan, their favourite Dylan look, their favourite album and song and what it is about his music that keeps them coming back. This was recorded in front of a live audience. You'll just have to imagine the pictures. Next time make sure you're there.

Word Pod 227 - Mark Billingham and Martyn Waites

Jan 4, 2015 00:30:39


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth talk to Mark Billingham and Martyn Waites about Great Lost Albums which celebrates some of the records which you may not have actually heard but surely nonetheless exist in some fold of rock’s rich tapestry. We’re talking of course of David Icke & Tina Turner’s collaboration, the first Velvet Underground and Lulu album and Bob Dylan’s legendary collaboration with Liberace. This was recorded in front of an audience at the Islington in London’s swinging Islington.

Richard Balls and Mark Lewisohn

Jan 4, 2015 01:08:40


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth talk to Richard Balls, the author of Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story about that label’s unique contribution to the iconography, lore and humour of the British record scene. Plus Mark Lewisohn pauses in the middle of the sisyphean task of writing his mammoth history of the Beatles to tell us how he’s getting on. This was recorded in front of an audience at the Islington in London’s swinging Islington.

Word Podcast 225 - Remembering Smash Hits

Dec 8, 2014 01:49:56


Mark Frith and Sylvia Patterson join Mark Ellen and David Hepworth to remember Britain's brightest - includes extremely rare 1982 Christmas flex.

Word Podcast 223 — Danny Baker

Nov 24, 2014 00:32:32


Part of Danny Baker’s epic November performance at The Islington in which he talked about his new book “Going Off Alarming”. Believe it or not, Mark Ellen and David Hepworth are in there as well.

Word Podcast 223

Oct 8, 2014 00:49:59


In which Mark Ellen, Fraser Lewry and David Hepworth consider U2's album, the rum work done in the name of the "rock doc" and the proper duties of a household cat

Word Podcast 222 — Zoe Howe

Sep 29, 2014 00:29:17


Zoe Howe, author of a new book about Stevie Nicks, talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth in front of an audience at the Islington.

Word Podcast 221 — Ben Watt

Sep 25, 2014 01:01:16


In an interview recorded in front of an audience at The Islington, Ben Watt talks to David Hepworth and Mark Ellen about "Romany and Tom", his acclaimed memoir of his parents, and his award winning solo album "Hendra".

Word Podcast 220

Aug 26, 2014 01:06:20


Legendary artist manager, entrepreneur and speaker on all things music business Simon Napier-Bell talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about his new book “Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay” (the dodgy business of popular music) in front of a packed house at The Islington. Includes: Lottie Collins, Wham, Irvin Berlin, The Beatles, Japan, the Yardbirds, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, One Direction, Pet Shop Boys and just about everybody else in the music business.

Word Podcast 219

May 5, 2014 01:05:36


Includes: world debut of enthralling new parlour game Rock Poker; Neil Finn’s Two-Way Family Favourites; the two tribes of Adam Ant Nation; Justin Timberlake’s moveable feast; why long-form TV is a sinister plot to steal our lives; a pathetic attempt to read a whole paragraph of Mark Ellen’s book “Rock Stars Stole My Life” without laughing; plus uncalled for interjections from Fraser Lewry’s amazing wi-fi rabbit and your questions answered.

Word Podcast 218 - Where's The Crisps?

Mar 11, 2014 01:02:23


March 2014: Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry convene over cakes to discuss: why all rock docs are legally bound to feature Bono, the touching story of Harry Nilsson's last marriage, what Jimi Hendrix really got up to in Marrakesh, whether Ginger Baker is in fact a bit of a bore, Fraser's day trip to North Korea and the book what Mark wrote. And Vikings.

Word Podcast 217 - with Bob Harris

Jun 22, 2012 01:02:23


Men kicking stars! Smoking on TV! Having to introduce music you didn't like! Getting picked on in public! All this and more in our Whispering Bobcast in which the great man plays 70s Rock Bingo, recalls cramped sessions with the Wailers in tiny continuity studios, the years when he couldn't go out for fear of being set upon by punk rockers, his memories of eating celery with Van Dyke Parks and making friends with John Lennon, his sacking from Radio One, his re-hiring by Radio Two and the launch of a new compilation of live sessions from Old Grey Whistle Test.

Word Podcast 216

Jun 8, 2012 00:19:34


This week we're joined by Jude Rogers and Eamonn Forde to kick around the following subjects: the stylistic chasm between Grace Jones and Ed Sheeran at the Jubilee concert, the desirability of Macca finishing with Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, whether Madness playing Our House on top of the Palace was the most spectacular bit of staging ever seen at a pop show, what we have learned from Twitter about Nick Heyward, Richard Coles and "the girls side of the playground", the sounds and smells our children will never know and the big question - do records smell?

Word Podcast 215 - with Chas Hodges

Jun 1, 2012 00:20:49


We're joined in the pod by Chas Hodges, who you'll know from such hits as "Gertcha" and "Ain't No Pleasing You". But you ought to also know him from his time in Joe Meek's house band, his stint on tour with the Beatles as a member of Cliff Bennett's Rebel Rousers, his time with pioneering country-rock band Heads, Hands and Feet and his manifold and honourable contributions to sessions galore.

Word Podcast 214 - with Graham Gouldman

May 19, 2012 00:18:15


Graham Gouldman wrote For Your Love for The Yardbirds, Bus Stop for The Hollies, Tallyman for Jeff Beck, No Milk Today for Herman's Hermits and I"m Not In Love and lots of others for 10cc. He has worked with Kirsty MacColl, Kasenetz-Katz, Andrew Gold, Gary Barlow, The Ramones, Mickie Most, John Paul Jones, Neil Sedaka and the Manchester City FA Cup squad of 1972. He's got a new record coming out called Love & Work. You think we ran out of things to talk about?

Word Shortcast - The Blockheads

May 12, 2012 00:23:21


Chaz Jankel - co-author of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Sweet Gene Vincent and Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - looks back at the rollicking rise of the Blockheads, and Derek "The Draw" Hussey contemplates Ian Dury, the man whose shoes he fills in the current Blockheads line-up. Contains their charming performance of A Little Knowledge, the greatest piece of music recording in Word podcast history, we're saying.

Word Podcast 213

May 5, 2012 00:21:42


Kate Mossman, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry go through John Peel's Record Collection and ponder what you can tell about personality type from flicking through anyone's accumulated spines. We also wonder whether Alabama Shakes anxiety indicates the impossibility of trying to like things just because other people do, discuss rock's vanishing instruments, and attempt to come up with preferable alternatives to the big Duran Duran/Stereophonics/Paolo Nutini/Snow Patrol Olympic showdown.

Word Podcast 212

Apr 27, 2012 01:04:28


Over the last week we've welcomed three authors into the pod: Stanley Booth went on the road and down to Muscle Shoals with the Rolling Stones in 1969 and eventually wrote all about it in the ultimate access all areas on tour book, The True Adventures of The Rolling Stones; Paul Charles is one of the UK's leading live music agents and he's also the author of The Last Dance, a new novel set against the background of the Irish showband scene of the 60s; Andrew Martin is a journalist and author who's taken his fascination with railways of all kinds into fiction as well as fact. His new book is Underground Overground, a passenger's history of the tube.

Word Podcast 211 - with Andrew Collins

Apr 21, 2012 00:16:16


This bumper edition covers: the only other person called Levon, why celebrities always feel the need to put one over on interviewers in public forums, who Record Store Day is supposed to be benefiting, the upsides and downsides of travelling in south-east Asia and podcasts about farming and Shakespeare.

Word Podcast 210

Mar 31, 2012 00:16:05


Things we've been talking about this week include the great NME mis-selling scandal of the 90s, the grisly details of MC Hammer's 1998 bankruptcy, and the days when you could see Neil Young and have enough change to buy a bag of chips on the way home. Also: Pugwash drop in to talk about getting fan mail from Jeff Lynne and play a song from their new album, and we discuss an amazing documentary called Dreams Of A Life.

Word Podcast 209 - with Melvin Benn

Mar 22, 2012 00:16:32


Latitude and Reading/Leeds promoter Melvin Benn remembers his first event - an anti-Thatcher gig in ’79 - while elsewhere there’s the unadulterated chaos of Axl Rose and girlfriend at Reading (the festival he helped save from bankruptcy), memories of Nirvana, the time he and Michael Eavis defended Worthy Farm against anarchists with petrol bombs, and the revelation that promoters can “play God” with the weather conditions.

Word Podcast 208

Mar 17, 2012 00:17:39


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry debate whether there really is such a thing as a ropey Beatles record, the best food they've ever had at a gig, and the ethics of flying in samples during live performances. Plus Mike Doughty, talking about his career and his extraordinary memoir The Book Of Drugs.

Word Podcast 207 - with Mark Billingham

Mar 9, 2012 00:18:22


The UK’s premier crime-thriller writer Mark Billingham enters the pod and subjects his obsessions to forensic enquiry - among them The Smiths, Genesis, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. There’s some sound advice – "if you get caught shoplifting, at least nick something fashionable". There’s his four minutes dancing onstage with Elvis Costello and the time Morrissey let him to use some Smiths lyrics in one of his novels. And the fatwa from furious Phil Collins supporters.

Word Podcast 206 - with Scritti Politti

Mar 2, 2012 00:17:21


We talk about great unexpected shows. David Hepworth goes to see Randy Newman and finds himself sitting behind some people who are clinically incapable of resisting the temptation to talk. Plus Green Gartside and Rhodri Marsden of Scritti Politti drop in to sing a couple of songs and talk about buying old Little Feat albums in the 70s.

Word Podcast 205 - with Robin Hitchcock

Feb 26, 2012 00:18:02


The wildly prolific songwriter – and leader of The Soft Boys, Egyptians, Venus 3 and, currently, The Floating Palace collective – tackles life’s big issues. Such as why The Beatles were doomed as solo projects, the magic twin poles of the Syd Barrett lyric method, and the rigours of playing an entire set of David Bowie classics. Plus some riveting stuff on the ‘78 gig circuit and the Battle Of The Somme.

Word Podcast 204

Feb 19, 2012 00:18:40


Nige Tassell comes up from Somerset and (fatally) brings us something to drink. Before it takes effect we cover the following stuff: David Hepworth wonders why the best venues for rock and roll are always the ones built long before rock and roll was ever thought of. We ask when did school choirs start singing Adele songs and is this entirely a good idea? We have a quick chat and a song from Band Of Skulls, and Nige shares some of his most treasured old cassettes with us.

Word Shortcast - Eliza Carthy

Feb 16, 2012 00:12:15


On February 27th Eliza Carthy plays the pub across the road in one of our Word In Your Ear series of live shows. In this special shortcast she tells David Hepworth what kind of music was playing in the house when she was growing up, how she had a thing for Rick Astley and how her boyfriend made her give her Barbies away to the charity shop. Bastard. A few tickets for the show, which features Eliza plus full five piece band, supported by Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo plus Left With Pictures, are still available.

Word Podcast 203

Feb 12, 2012 00:16:44


This podcast has lots in it: Mark Ellen taking a blunt instrument to his phone, the debt Madonna’s half-time Superbowl show owed to Elizabeth Taylor’s quiet entrance into Rome in the movie Cleopatra, the feminizing of pop, the people who’ve made more than one great album, how we know Lady Gaga isn’t a real blonde and the likelihood of a movement like punk getting swallowed up by Facebook. Plus a visit from Dodgy to talk up their new record Stand Upright In A Cool Place, Fraser’s recipe for a warming soup and the cat on the pitch at Anfield. Should be enough to get you home through the snow.

Word Podcast 202 - with Nick Coleman and Phantom Limb

Jan 29, 2012 00:16:59


This podcast features interviews with two fascinating guests: Nick Coleman talks to David Hepworth about his excellent new book The Train in The Night, which touches on all kinds of things: why boys feel the need to define themselves by their tastes, what it’s like listening to a Nazareth album with your dad, how the brain eventually rewires itself to make up for the information it’s missing and the fact that people like us actually have far more records in our heads than even the biggest jukeboxes. We’ve also been visited by Yolanda Quartey, the sensational singer with Bristol’s Phantom Limb, whose new album The Pines is out now and who will be featured in the CD with the next issue. She brought with her a couple of live recordings made especially for the Word podcast.

Word Podcast 201: The Basscast

Jan 18, 2012 00:16:47


In celebration of James Medd’s stupendous piece in Word 108 on the secret world of the bass guitarist, Medd and Mark Ellen present a podcast with session wizard and bon viveur Guy Pratt – who tells tales of working with Pink Floyd, The Smiths, Jimmy Page, the dictatorial Madonna and David Coverdale (who he impersonates immaculately). And explains the correct pronunciation of “Whitesnake” and how he did a Sophie Ellis-Bextor hit in 17 minutes. He also peels off the world’s greatest bottom lines on the office bass guitar. Our story starts on an aeroplane piloted by Floyd drummer Nick Mason experiencing strange and artificial turbulence...

Word Shortcast: Neil Cowley

Jan 14, 2012 00:28:05


Neil Cowley dropped by the office the other day to talk about the Neil Cowley Trio, their new album The Face Of Mount Molehill, his time as a sideman with everyone from The Pasadenas to the Brand New Heavies, his part in the musical career of Sue Perkins and how the best place to learn to play jazz is in your local garden centre. We liked him so much we’ve put it out as a short podcast on its own.

Word Podcast 200

Jan 8, 2012 00:16:23


We celebrate 200 editions of the Word Podcast in the room upstairs in The King and Queen in Foley Street, W1, scene of Bob Dylan's first ever appearance in the UK. Subjects covered included: the on and off wedding arrangements of Sinead O'Connor; Kate Mossman being pursued the house Benny Hill-style by Kevin Ayers and Fraser's legendary misdirection of the Princess Of Wales. The audience lines up to compete in our legendary Rock and Roll Spelling test and plays thirty seconds of a rock classic on an unusual instrument.

Word Podcast 199

Dec 21, 2011 00:19:52


The Word helicopter takes off from just the battlements of Graeme Thomson’s castle in Edinburgh, hugs the coastline on its way south, dropping off at the massive Victorian folly occupied by Mark Hodkinson on the borders or Yorkshire and Lancashire and then makes a detour into Berkshire where it lands on the vast rolling lawns of John Naughton’s massive country seat. Finally it hovers over Cast Iron Studios in Caledonian Road to record two tunes and some chat with The Miserable Rich.

Word Podcast 198

Dec 15, 2011 00:18:37


In a seasonal departure from our usual routine we bring you at this special time the voices of some of our valued contributors from all over the country, picking the books, DVDs and records that they have found most interesting this year. In this first instalment David Hepworth talks to Jim Irvin, Andrew Collins and Jude Rogers. In addition we've got The Rifles in the pod, performing songs from and talking about their new album Long Walk Home.

Word Podcast 197

Dec 3, 2011 00:16:15


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry range across: a star-studded carol service, what Verdi could do that Dylan couldn't, and story of "Wally!" In addition Kate Mossman joins us to talk to folkie Jackie Oates who also plays a couple of songs from her new record "Saturnine".

Word Podcast 196 - with Richard Strange

Nov 26, 2011 00:17:33


This week we welcome to the pod Renaissance Man, art rock avatar, club pioneer, movie actor and very tall man Richard Strange. As Kid Strange he fronted the 70s rock band the Doctors of Madness, who were supported by everyone from the Sex Pistols to Joy Division.

Word Podcast 195

Nov 19, 2011 00:17:53


In this podcast: the legit release of the Rolling Stones’ “Brussels Affair”, the things that Jimmy Savile did and did not do, Paul Du Noyer remembering Jackie Leven, your misinterpreted songs thread, Fraser explaining why he features on a Guns N’Roses b-side, the Black Sabbath reunion(s) and a couple of songs from Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo.

Word Podcast 194 - with Nile Rodgers

Nov 12, 2011 00:17:12


Nile Rodgers enters the pod to talk us through his story: the man who created the only triple platinum single in the history of Atlantic Records, led Chic through the ups and downs of disco and went on to produce Diana Ross, David Bowie, Duran Duran and Madonna.

Word Podcast 193 - the Smilecast

Oct 31, 2011 00:15:30


Andy Gill joins us to recount the full story of The Beach Boys' Smile, recounting Brian Wilson's odd partnership with the ever-voluble Van Dyke Parks, the stubbornness and luxuriant chest hair of Mike Love, the underwater misadventures of Dennis Wilson, the often misrepresented Dr Eugene Landy and the trans-Atlantic battle for supremacy between the former Pendletons and the Beatles.

Word Podcast 192 - with Steve Lillywhite

Oct 26, 2011 00:52:22


Sitting in the home studio where he recorded the vocals for Fairy Tale Of New York, Steve Lillywhite talks about working with Eddie & The Hot Rods, the Pretenders, U2, Simple Minds, Brian Eno and Jared Leto and almost everybody else. He also advances his case as the judge that American Idol really needs.

Word Podcast 191

Oct 8, 2011 00:45:38


David Hepworth and Mark Ellen remember the Tom Hibbert cookery course, talk about what was in the George Harrison film and what should have been in it, what Tony Bennett does that rock bands don't and the correct way to pronounce Yngwie Malmsteen. Plus we're announcing how you'll be able to get the full podcast in future only if you're a subscriber to the magazine.

Word Podcast 190 - the Gastropodcast

Oct 5, 2011 00:37:11


Our own Andrew Harrison and celebrated food photographer Patrice de Villiers join us to talk about Love Music Love Food: The Rock Star Cookbook, a mammoth undertaking published in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. It features the likes of Brett Anderson, Noel Gallagher, Mick Hucknall, Cliff Richard, Tinie Tempah, Paul Weller and many others talking about and being photographed with their favourite food.

Word Podcast 189 - with Jonathan Coe

Sep 27, 2011 00:41:57


We're joined in the pod by author Jonathan Coe, he of The Rotter's Club. We talk prog in riveting detail, look back at his days as a rock hack at The Wire, explain the use of music in Billy Wilder movies, and hear a a newly recorded track from his reformed college loungecore act The Peer Group.

Word Podcast 188 - the Bowiecast

Sep 22, 2011 00:46:20


We're joined in the pod by two card-carrying Bowie experts – Peter Doggett - author of the superb new book "The Man Who Sold The World: David Bowie And The ‘70" and Word’s long-serving associate editor Paul Du Noyer. On the way we learn Bowie’s tortuously complicated childhood, his unproduced rock opera, the lost recordings and the four times Paul got to interview him.

Word Podcast 187 - The 40 Noises That Built Pop

Sep 15, 2011 00:44:49


Rhodri Marsden visits us in the cupboard to talk about his "40 Noises That Built Pop" feature, to reveal how some of the sounds in the list were arrived at and the instruments that gave birth to them. Also up for discussion: Rhodri's first date hell Twitter sensation.

Word Podcast 186 - The Queencast

Sep 10, 2011 00:41:07


Kate Mossman joins us in the pod to talk about being obsessed with Queen when her classmates were into Nirvana, and how you can never assume that young people go along with what their generation appears to be going along with. Plus: is picking the music for your own funeral the poor man's Desert Island Discs?

Word Podcast 185 - with Thomas Dolby

Sep 3, 2011 00:57:45


Thomas Dolby joins us to talk about working with Trevor Horn, David Bowie, Prefab Sprout and Joni Mitchell; operating as musical director of TED, spending an evening at Michael Jackson's, making money through polyphonic ringtones and just generally trying to do things in a different way.

Word Podcast 184 - with David Ford

Aug 18, 2011 00:53:34


David Ford joins us in the podcast to talk about his terrific new book, I Choose This, which proves there's no success like failure, and to reveal how Jeff Buckley's influence on an entire generation of musicians wasn't entirely benign. Also: Kate Mossman introduces Amy LaVere.

Word Podcast 183 - Amy Winehouse, and our boat trip

Jul 26, 2011 00:50:06


Jude Rogers and Kate Mossman join us in the podcast to talk about the short life and sad death of Amy Winehouse. Also in this edition: our Sunday afternoon cruise down the Thames with Neil Finn & C.W. Stoneking.

Word Podcast 182 - The Britpopcast

Jul 19, 2011 00:50:02


Our final Latitude recording: Andrew Harrison is joined by Stuart Maconie and Louise Wener to look back at Britpop: why it happened, what is was like, and where it all went wrong.

Word Podcast 180 - Latitude Day Two, with Robin Ince & TMBG

Jul 19, 2011 00:41:58


Robin Ince joins us in the Word lounge to talk about Mills & Boon and why Robert Smith should never be a crowd marshall, and the chaps from They Might Be Giants talk to David Hepworth and answer audience questions about set lists.

Word Podcast 181 - Latitude Day Three

Jul 18, 2011 00:56:45


In the third of this year's Latitude podcasts, Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd talks David Hepworth and Mark Ellen through the pain of losing his record collection and reveals a genuine piece of backsgage gossip, and we hear from I Am Kloot and C.W. Stoneking.

Word Podcast 179 - Latitude Day One, with Simon Armitage

Jul 17, 2011 00:49:46


In the first of a few podcasts recorded in the Word "Lounge" at Latitude, Britain's premier poet Simon Armitage talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about why Bob Dylan is not actually a poet, and K.T. Tunstall talks about the challenges of playing festivals and her time as Anne Frank.

Word Podcast 178 - with John Hiatt

Jul 13, 2011 00:45:53


The 40 Noises That Made Pop, our upcoming riverboat cruise featuring C.W. Stoneking and his Primitive Horn Orchestra, what's going on in The Word Lounge at this weekend's Latitude Festival, and the great John Hiatt joins David Hepworth to talk and sing songs from his new album.

Word Podcast 177 - The Beatlecast

Jul 5, 2011 01:01:42


We're joined by Peter Doggett, author of "You Never Give Me Your Money" to discuss discuss what the Beatles wanted after the Beatles, why they could never get it, and how the four young men who shook the world turned into four middle-aged men who had to deal with the aftermath.

Word Podcast 176 - with Tony Wadsworth

Jun 22, 2011 00:56:43


In this podcast Tony Wadsworth reviews his career at EMI, from the days when older employees still recalled visits from "Mr Lennon" through the reformation of the Parlophone label and the high noon of Britpop to 360-degree deals with Robbie Williams up to the uncertain future faced by traditional record labels today.

Word Podcast 175 - with Brett Anderson

Jun 18, 2011 00:47:09


Suede's Brett Anderson clambers into the pod with Andrew Harrison and Eamonn Forde to discuss the band's successful return, how rehearsals can be difficult when your drummer lives in Thailand, why locking your 17-year-old guitarist in a room until he comes up with a song is a good idea, and the truth about the small role played by Ricky Gervais.

Word Podcast 174 - with Danny Baker

Jun 15, 2011 00:45:59


Danny Baker returns to the pod – with David Hepworth and Mark Ellen – having just got “the green light” after months of particularly unsavoury hospitalisation. Discover how he celebrated this news, marvel at his rant against the "pinheads, nitwits and souless creeps" at the BBC, and remembers John Mayall’s tight-fitting loin-cloth and his almost-encounter with Bob Dylan.

Word Podcast 173

Jun 4, 2011 00:56:43


Adrift in the pod this week are Mark Ellen, Kate Mossman and Fraser Lewry, who discuss a night out at Desert Island Discs, interviews that went wrong, and take Qs from The Massive about 100 issues of Word.

Word Podcast 172 - The Bobcast

May 24, 2011 01:04:37


Now Bob Dylan's seventy so it seems only decent to dedicate a podcast to him, his enduring fascination and his work. In this we're joined by Andy Gill, our resident Dylan scholar, author of Bob Dylan: Stories Behind The Songs.

Word Podcast 171 - with Van Dyke Parks

May 12, 2011 00:59:09


The magnificent Van Dyke Parks enters the pod to deliver wry and extremely fond and funny memories of working with Grace Kelly, Alec Guinness, Randy Newman, Brian Wilson, Joanna Newsom and his brief membership of Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention.

Word Podcast 170 - with Neil Tennant

May 6, 2011 00:56:54


Neil Tennant joins the Word podcast where he reminisces about the days when he was "Doctor Bitz", talks about the most ridiculous things the Pet Shop Boys have been asked to do, discloses why they're going on tour with Take That, reveals the name of the best song ever written and answers some of your questions.

Word Podcast 169 - with Delta Maid and Daniel Tashian

Apr 22, 2011 01:00:33


This week's 'cast features guest appearance from Delta Maid, who talks to Mark Ellen and Kate Mossman about how you can get the blues in Liverpool, and Daniel Tashian, the leader of The Silver Seas from Nashville, Tennessee, described by Danny Baker this week as "the best band in the world."

Word Podcast 168 - with Nick Lowe

Apr 16, 2011 00:59:48


Nick Lowe on meeting Keith Moon, Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson and recalling – in agonising detail – the moment the fresh-out-of-jail Keith Richards joined Rockpile at New York’s Bottom Line. Includes “World Premiere” performance of a new Nick Lowe tune!

Word Podcast 167: Top Of The Pops Special

Apr 8, 2011 00:47:59


Janice Long, Jude Rogers and Andrew Harrison convene in the pod to discuss Top Of The Pops, that Michael Jackson statue, and the t-shirts of rock.

Word Podcast 166 - with Christian Ward

Mar 26, 2011 00:49:27


Christian Ward joins us this week to discuss what happened to singers who can enunciate, work out what the deuce Elton John is singing about in "Sacrifice", talk about the links between British pop and comedy, remember Pinetop Perkins and Elizabeth Taylor and answer your questions.

Word Podcast 165 - with Ian McMillan

Mar 18, 2011 00:48:05


Ian McMillan joins us in the pod to talk about: playing John Cage’s silence on Desert Island Discs, the only way to be a football supporter and stay sane, the lyrics of Pete Sinfield and the usefulness of being able to make that whistling sound between your teeth.

Word Podcast 164: Precious Memories and Inky Fingers

Mar 12, 2011 00:57:50


Pete Paphides joins David Hepworth and Mark Ellen in the pod with a load of old music papers. It's all here: bad puns, mistaken critical judgements, and momentous news announcements tucked away at the bottom of the page.

Word Podcast 163: cough buttons in Japanese toilets

Feb 26, 2011 00:48:43


Andrew Collins drops in to help kick around a few thoughts about comedians doing karaoke, the new Radiohead album, whether Krautrock would be more popular if it had happened 40 years later, and tips for the Oscars.

Word Podcast 162: From the Brits to Beechams

Feb 18, 2011 00:45:12


Mark Ellen, Fraser Lewry and David Hepworth on the effective apartheid between the r&b and folkie factions currently making up British pop, why British acts can't make speeches, and why people hate Mumford & Sons.

Word Podcast 161: Gary Moore remembered

Feb 11, 2011 00:31:05


Rob Fitzpatrick talks about meeting Elton John in the flesh, Roy Wilkinson describes his father's role in the family business, which is British Sea Power, and we talk to people who worked with Gary Moore, who died last weekend.

Word Podcast 160: what does a Wichita Lineman actually do?

Feb 5, 2011 00:59:38


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry wonder whether anybody is really heartbroken when bands break up, wonder what a Wichita Lineman does and why bands pick such uncommercial names, and answer your questions.

Word Podcast 159: Keith Moon & good spelling

Jan 29, 2011 00:45:33


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry on Iron Maiden: Flight 666, your questions, class and pop, "Seventies" Mike Johnson's fiendishly difficult rock and roll spelling test and the drumming genius of Keith Moon.

Word Podcast 158: Is rock dead?

Jan 15, 2011 00:50:48


In which Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry chew on the big topics de jour: is rock dead? And did the 80s kill proper music? Plus, David Hepworth comes up with a list of great records made in that unjustly maligned decade. Warning: contains an unexpected intrusion and a controversial opinion about Morrissey.

Word Podcast 157: Elton's sunglasses & Richard Thompson's beret

Jan 8, 2011 00:47:31


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Fraser Lewry feature in the first podcast of 2011 which includes: Captain Beefheart remembered and mis-remembered, the likelihood of anyone with four drawers devoted to sunglasses finding room in their lives for a child, the terrible choice between Spandau Ballet versus Duran Duran and why Richard Thompson really should be cast in any remake of "It Ain"t Half Hot Mum".

Word Podcast 156

Dec 4, 2010 00:46:53


This week's guest was snowed in and so David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Fraser Lewry sort out previously unfinished business.

Word Podcast 155 - with Will MacDonald

Nov 17, 2010 00:52:42


This week we're joined by Will "Wiiill" Macdonald, who talksl about his time as the producer of TFI Friday at the height of Britpop.

Word Podcast 154

Nov 10, 2010 00:56:57


In which Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry review last week's brilliant "Word In Your Ear" gig, report back from viewings of Bruce Springsteen's "The Promise" and Rush's "Beyond The Lighted Stage". Plus Matt Priest talks to the Charlatans' Jon Brookes.

Word Podcast 153 - with Darrell Scott

Oct 30, 2010 00:39:37


Joining Kate Mossman and Mark Ellen in the pod is songwriter and session guitarist Darrell Scott, currently touring as a member of Robert Plant's band.

Word Podscast 152 - with Jac Holzman

Oct 22, 2010 00:46:34


David Hepworth talks to Jac Holzman, who signed Judy Collins, Tom Paxton, Love, The Doors, the Incredible String Band, Carly Simon and The Stooges, on the occasion of Elektra's 60th anniversary.

Word Podcast 151 - with Dougie Anderson

Oct 13, 2010 00:53:03


Dougie Anderson joins Mark Ellen and David Hepworth in the pod to mount a stout defence of Belle and Sebastian, Alex Harvey, John Gordon Sinclair and more.

Word Podcast 150 - with Devon Sproule & Paul Curreri

Oct 5, 2010 00:45:56


Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri join Mark Ellen and David Hepworth in the pod, while David talks to the men at De Wolde music about the joys of production music.

Word Podcast 149 - with Sean Wilentz

Sep 24, 2010 00:28:25


David Hepworth speaks to Sean Wilentz on the phone from Los Angeles. Wilentz is professor of history at Princeton University, resident historian on Bob Dylan's website, and the author of 'Bob Dylan in America'.

Word Podcast 148 - with Dom Joly

Sep 17, 2010 00:41:00


Dom Joly joins us in the pod to talk about his new book The Dark Tourist, Kate Mossman describes what it's like to share an ocean liner with a load of people who just want to boogie, and we talk to Andrew Losowsky about "Stranded", the magazine he put together when he was stuck in Ireland because of the Icelandic ash cloud.

Word Podcast 147 - with Phill Jupitus and Trevor Dann

Sep 10, 2010 00:54:06


Two old radio hands join us in the pod this week to talk about what’s been did and what’s been hid in the world of radio.

Word Podcast 146 - a quick chat with Andrew Harrison re: iTunes

Sep 2, 2010 00:10:58


Andrew Harrison reports back from last night's Apple unveiling. What does it all mean?

Word Podcast 145 - with CW Stoneking

Aug 27, 2010 00:52:57


This week's podcast features CW Stoneking, who arrived straight from the airport to play and talk to Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry, plus concert industry watcher James Drury about the likelihood of the UK live business experiencing a meltdown such as has apparently occurred in America this summer.

Word Podcast 144 - with Wilko Johnson

Aug 12, 2010 00:33:26


Wilko Johnson joins Mark Ellen, "Seventies" Mike Johnson and Fraser Lewry in the pod, with tales of the false economy of cheap suits, speed versus alcohol, going round to Strummer's house, seeing The MC5's Wayne Kramer sprayed gold, being left-handed before Hendrix, and the still painful story of his ejection from Dr Feelgood.

Word Podcast 143 - with Robin Ince

Aug 5, 2010 01:03:55


Robin Ince joins Kate Mossman and Mark Ellen to impersonate John Peel, discuss Mills & Boon, crab opera, 1970s stag films, Darwin's Origin Of Species and the Edinburgh Fringe, and eat Victoria sponge cake live.

Latitude Podcast II

Jul 19, 2010 00:56:10


In the second podcast direct from the Latitude site Kate Mossman talks to John Grant and Mark Ellen talks to promoter Melvin Benn. Subjects covered include: the importance of putting your poetry tent in the right place, translating in a New York hospital, Christmas discos in August, presenting a birthday cake on stage and why you can take Tom Jones out of showbiz but you can never take showbiz out of Tom Jones.

The Latitude Podcast

Jul 17, 2010 00:57:55


Our first podcast from the site at Latitude features Rob Young writer of Electric Eden, and Geoff Lloyd, who's here broadcasting from the site for Absolute Radio. Recorded in the luxurious surroundings of our Portkabin audio suite, it covers Vaughan Williams, Mark's posh digs in Worbleswick, the correct response to a fellow camper who sings the blues in the middle of the night, The National, how to distinguish between a real beard and a fashion beard, how Tom Jones lets himself go at Christmas and the dark pact forged between Florence + The Machine and Claire's Accessories.

Word Podcast 140 with Robert Forster

Jul 12, 2010 00:50:45


Former Go-Between Robert Forster joins us in the Word podcast to play a couple of songs and talk about hair care, bridge-opening, the likelihood of Mick Taylor rejoining the Rolling Stones, the statistical jiggery-pokery that meant Spain pinched what should by rights be New Zealand's World Cup and the 48th anniversary of the Rollin' Stones first ever gig.

Word Podcast 139 with Jim White and Mat Priest

Jul 8, 2010 00:39:15


In which we welcome our man Jim White back from the World Cup to deliver a first person account of the cack-handedness of FIFA, the inability of England players to hold instructions in their head for more than two minutes, and the irresistible attraction of 40 blondes in orange mini skirts. We also mark Ringo Starr's 70th birthday today with Mat Priest of Dodgy, a drummer who knows what's involved in being Ringo in a Beatles tribute band. Happy Birthday, Ringo, from all of us.

Word podcast 138 with Laura Barton

Jul 1, 2010 00:55:06


Author and journalist Laura Barton joins us to talk about her novel "Twenty-one Locks" and the huge subject of music at weddings. Plus: Glastonbury, Engerland and London sight-seeing tips.

Word Podcast 137 with Mary Gauthier

Jun 25, 2010 00:20:39


David Hepworth talks to Mary Gauthier about her search for her birth mother and how it led to her new album "The Foundling".

Word Podcast 136

Jun 17, 2010 00:50:55


We're joined by Ian McMillan and James Medd. Features: live vuvuzela performances, actual impressions of Keats, the ethics of Kindie rock, how many free tickets is too many tickets and why we all miss Hovis Presley.

Podcast 135

Jun 11, 2010 00:51:15


The singer and songwriter brings his guitar and uke to talk about writing, co-writing, winning prizes and not winning prizes, getting caught short at a Bob Dylan concert and glancing encounters with superstars.

Word Podcast 134

May 28, 2010 00:49:05


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Fraser Lewry marvel at the myth of Exile On Main Street, and are joined by Kate Mossman for an impromptu review of the new Sex and the City movie.

Word Podcast 133: with Neil Hannon

May 21, 2010 00:44:15


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry are joined in the pod this week by a be-suited Neil Hannon, who popped into Word Towers on his way to the Ivor Novello awards and played us a few songs.

Word Podcast 132

May 14, 2010 00:57:50


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry are joined in the pod by returning guest Andy Murray, where we talk about Andy's time at Stiff Records and look back at the election, while Mark receives some genuine David Gilmour guitar strings and joins Fraser singing a short song about horses.

Word Podcast 131

May 6, 2010 00:48:58


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry play Rock Trumps™ and reveal which music festival does a roaring trade in meat cleavers, discuss what Billy Preston was up to as an 11-year-old, marvel at a bunch of session men playing The Beatles with mind-boggling precision, and recall Louise Wener's days as a singing waitress aboard a floating restaurant in Boston.

Word Podcast 130 - with Eamonn Forde

Apr 10, 2010 00:57:29


Eamonn Forde joins us in the pod to talk about: a childhood without music in the wilds of Norn Iron, the worst jobs we've ever had, how to stop a circus mule, the legacy of Malcolm Maclaren, Lyndon Johnson ringing up to order some trousers, legendary penises in rock and who, if anyone, really killed rock journalism.

Word Podcast 129 - with Andrew Collins

Mar 31, 2010 00:58:20


Andrew Collins joins us in the pod to mark Rolf Harris Day and take part in talks about: Erykah Badu's bottom, International Record Store Day, and the likelihood of the cassette making a return.

Word Podcast 128 - with Jude Rogers

Mar 24, 2010 00:41:19


The do's and don'ts of wedding dances, how to crowd surf and things we don't do anymore.

Word Podcast 126 with Philip Ball

Mar 18, 2010 00:35:50


Philip Ball, author of "The Music Instinct: how music works and why we can't do without it", entertains and instructs Kate Mossman and David Hepworth (with examples at the pianoforte).

Word Podcast 127

Mar 6, 2010 00:52:42


Includes: Mike "Seventies" Johnson's rock spelling test, Rob Fitzpatrick on promo copies, Mark Ellen on medieval pop groups and "Magic" Alex Gold with details of our upcoming A Word In Your Ear gig.

Word Podcast 125

Feb 25, 2010 01:03:03


Mark Hodkinson from Pamona Publishing joins David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry to talk about how bands were formed in the years after punk, the inevitable power struggles that take place within the ranks of those bands, the effect that fame has on personality, what it takes to succeed, and the economics and practicalities of running a small independent publishing house in the era of Amazon.

Word Podcast 124

Feb 13, 2010 00:58:05


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry head to Gold Top studios in north London to talk to Neil Brockbank, producer of Nick Lowe. A believer in recording live with the musicians, he describes the changes that have taken place in the way music is recorded from the Beatles through Frank Sinatra to Ricky Martin and beyond and looks at the implications that has for what we listen to.

Word Podcast 123

Feb 6, 2010 00:51:44


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry enter the pod to examine the new, more-words-than-ever edition of The Word as it arrives - minty fresh - from the presses. They also do their best to answer your questions.

Word Podcast 122 - with Idris Elba

Jan 26, 2010 00:52:59


Fraser Lewry, Andrew Harrison and David Hepworth take the pod to meet the man you know as "The Wire"'s Stringer Bell and may soon know as Driis. Plus a report from last Friday's social, some reflections on the Word's One Hit Wonders Playlist and a discussion of what it's like to be with really, really good-looking people.

Word Podcast 121 - Phil Smee, reissue man

Jan 22, 2010 01:02:19


Reissues consultant and designer Phil Smee joins us to talk about what records are *really* rare.

Word Podcast 120 with Steve Lamacq

Jan 13, 2010 01:04:49


Steve Lamacq joins us in the pod to improvise on a theme of indie. In a wide-ranging conversation we cover what it's like to listen to spend your Sunday afternoon listening to demos, have Richey Manic carve his arm in front of you, "discover" Coldplay, talk to the parents of 17-year-olds with stars in their eyes, hang about backstage and live on a diet of cider and crisps.

Word Podcast 119 - The Christmas Special

Dec 19, 2009 00:51:23


David Hepworth, Andrew Harrison and Fraser Lewry on X Factor, The Thick of It, Porky Peckham, why vinyl should be French and the difference between real Christmas and Christmas according to pop records and TV shows.

Word Podcast 118 - All about swearing

Dec 3, 2009 00:50:03


WARNING! THIS PODCAST CONCERNS SWEARING AND CONTAINS LOTS OF EXAMPLES. AVOID IF LIKELY TO OFFEND. Peter Silverton talks about his book "Filthy English" with Mark Ellen and David Hepworth.

Word Podcast 117 with Mark Hagen

Nov 25, 2009 00:59:43


The man who puts together special music stuff for BBC radio and TV talks about how he gets what he wants and why he can't get all of it. With Mark Ellen and David Hepworth.

Word Podcast 116

Nov 12, 2009 00:45:21


Special guests Thomas Walsh and the guys from Pugwash/Duckworth Lewis Method join Mark Ellen and David Hepworth to talk about: cricket, taping The Move off Whistle Test, how U2 own Dublin and how the average musician has more chance of sleeping with Five Star than travelling five star.

Word Podcast 115 with Danny Baker

Oct 21, 2009 01:07:55


Danny Baker talks about touring with Ian Dury, record shopping with Elton John, when Virgin used to be above a shoe shop, the trick David Bowie uses to avoid answering questions, what happened when a salesman called on Viv Stanshall, the greater glory of King Crimson and the fallacy peddled by punk. Mark Ellen and David Hepworth listen.

Word Podcast 114

Oct 15, 2009 00:47:26


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry discuss Amy Winehouse's bosom problems, Carly Simon's pension and Bob Dylan's winter wonderland. Plus your questions answered.

Word Podcast 113

Oct 8, 2009 00:34:48


Andrew Harrison, Eamonn Forde and Fraser Lewry on Letterman, live albums, death metal, and why Lily Allen wins at the internet.

Word Podcast 112 - the smell of record shops

Sep 17, 2009 01:03:56


David Hepworth, Rob Fitzpatrick and Fraser Lewry on the things they'll miss about record shops and the things they won't.

Word podcast 111 (The Nelson)

Sep 1, 2009 00:42:37


In which Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry talk about: D-Day, the Gallagher family spat and the best place to get a rotary-valve flugelhorn.

The Word Podcast is back from its holidays

Aug 21, 2009 00:47:55


Mark Ellen, Barry McIlheney, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry on Annie Leibowitz's mortgage difficulties, Bob Dylan's wandering around New Jersey and all sorts of other things.

Word Podcast 109

Jul 31, 2009 00:51:18


Andrew Collins joins David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry to discuss our teenage TV crushes, classic cartoon images, what to do with an old VCR and what book not to take on a holiday in North Korea.

Word Podcast 108

Jul 24, 2009 00:47:53


The Mercury Music Prize shortlist: an enticing menu of thrilling new listening or the musical equivalent of geography homework? Eamonn Forde, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry exchange their prejudices about the shortlist, look at the effect that Twitter has had on the opening weekends of movies and wonder how we'd feel if we were confronted by the paparazzi.

Podcast 107: College Ents Special

Jul 15, 2009 01:02:33


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and the real Andy Murray talk about the days when the big bands played colleges, why everybody's so obsessed with 1969 and the sheer strangeness of a 19 year old without a mobile.

Podcast 106: At war with the iPod generation

Jul 13, 2009 00:29:19


David Hepworth talks to Patrick Hennessey, the author of "The Junior Officers Reading Club: Killing Time And Fighting Wars".

Word Podcast 105

Jul 9, 2009 00:36:34


David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry on the distractions of the Great Outdoors, the strange noises made by Australians and the agony of 24/7 sports coverage. Plus Amy Pickard reports from inside Michael Jackson's memorial service.

Podcast 103: Paul Du Noyer on London's music

Jul 1, 2009 00:39:36


To mark the publication of his book "In The City: A Celebration Of London Music" Paul du Noyer talks to David Hepworth about the ties that bind Marie Lloyd and Dizzee Rascal, the blues that came up from Richmond and the line from Gilbert & Sullivan to the Sex Pistols.

The Word's Legendary Glastonburycast

Jun 28, 2009 00:28:35


Mark Ellen, Kate Mossman, Caitlin Moran, Andrew Harrison and Fraser Lewry report direct from Glastonbury 2009.

Word Podcast 102

Jun 17, 2009 00:48:53


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Barry McIlheney and Paul Du Noyer on: Father's Day, what to do if your daughter wants to be a bloke, the disappearance of local papers and that meeting at the BBC.

Word Podcast 101

Jun 12, 2009 00:46:44


David Hepworth, Fraser Lewry, Rob Fitzpatrick and Greg Milner, author of "Perfect Sound Forever", chew over: why Def Leppard records sound the way they do, how popular culture has got too popular, how to get back from Wembley on your bike during a tube strike and the trial and execution of Charles I. Recorded from Skype.

Word Podcast 100

Jun 3, 2009 01:00:50


Live from Abbey Road with Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Andrew Harrison, Kate Mossman and Fraser Lewry.

Word Podcast 99: it's question time

May 29, 2009 00:42:23


We answer your questions (when is Rod Liddle's column starting?) and you answer ours (can any fictional hero talk about a record without sounding like a knob?).

Word Podcast 98: talking Monkey Tennis

May 21, 2009 00:41:08


David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry are joined by Word's TV critic Barry McIlheney and TV producer Aris Roussinos to talk about why popular TV is the way it is. Plus: why albums are so-called, Fraser's sacred harp singing weekend and how *you* can be on our 100th podcast.

Word Podcast 97

May 12, 2009 00:58:18


Andrew Harrison, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry on: the relationship between reggae and specialty meats, the return of Danny Baker to 5Live, the 2008/9 season's best clichés and more bands who were just a laugh; plus a bonus Motown shopcast.

Word Podcast 96

May 5, 2009 00:58:22


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry on: customised gigs, the last music news man and the cost of Brewers Droop in 1975. Plus special preview of the Kinks Shopcast.

Word Podcast 95

Apr 28, 2009 00:57:25


David Hepworth, Jude Rogers, Eamonn Forde and Fraser Lewry take the Bob Dylan argument into extra time.

Word Podcast 94

Apr 21, 2009 00:53:08


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry provide a warm hand on Peter O'Toole's entrance, discuss the challenges of karaoke, the stupid things boys do and whether Morrissey should just get over it.

Word Podcast 93

Apr 9, 2009 00:38:45


David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry run a skeleton service during the holiday period. Includes: your letters, Hair Metal and, girls, what men are really thinking about.

Word Podcast 92: happy birthday, 45

Apr 2, 2009 00:39:35


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Kate Mossman pick at random from a bag o' wax, wonder whether Sting has lost his looks and answer readers tropical fish questions.

Word Podcast 91

Mar 27, 2009 00:43:16


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry on: forming bands in Stoke Newington, the reunion of Spandau Ballet, people who can sing and people who can't plus a plug for Luke Haines' book.

Word Podcast 90 - St Patrick's Day Special

Mar 17, 2009 00:43:03


Barry McIlheney joins Andrew Harrison and David Hepworth to talk about the marketing of irishness, the triumphs and embarrassments of Comic Relief, what we would do with Mick Jones's lock-up and your memorable examples of onstage bad behaviour.

Word Podcast 89

Mar 9, 2009 00:44:08


Kate Mossman, Mark Ellen and David Hepworth on: reviewing albums, what we really think of the BBC, getting obsessed with Bob Dylan and Glenn Campbell, visiting the Decemberists and what not to do in a snowstorm.

Word Podcast 88

Mar 3, 2009 00:56:35


Andrew Collins, Mark Ellen and David Hepworth on: Neil Young's car, U2 getting the BBC into bed, the future of the album review, the only sensible way to set the prices of concert tickets, the most uncalled-for reprises in entertainment history and the sheer pointlessness of roof-top concerts.

Word Podcast 87

Feb 25, 2009 00:46:33


Special podcast in which David Hepworth and Fraser Lewry talk to our music business specialist Eamonn Forde about how 2009's winds of change will affect you, the music fan.

Word Podcast 86

Feb 17, 2009 00:38:20


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth welcome Barry Mcilheney to discuss the largest gathering of men over 35 since the AGM of Fathers For Justice, Van Morrison's spectacular new teeth and lots more.

Word Podcast 85

Feb 10, 2009 00:33:32


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth listen spellbound as Andrew Harrison explains Spotify, Twitter and other contemporary marvels. Plus, instrumental filler tracks padding out albums and what we can all learn from Christian Bale and Pilot Sully.

Word Magazine Podcast 84

Feb 4, 2009 00:35:04


In which Mark Ellen, Matt Hall and David Hepworth revisit the Editor's mauling at the hands of Alvin "Get Some" Stardust, pick over the Radio Two Folk Awards and predict a comeback for the package tour.

Word Podcast 83 - remember Diamond White?

Jan 23, 2009 00:40:20


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on: Diamond White and the other poisons we used to take; Aretha Franklin's unfortunate way of chopping words into syllables; Kenneth Williams lavatory and other important issues.

Word Podcast 82 - Amy loses a contact lens

Jan 16, 2009 00:47:42


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on the history of applause, the lonesome death of William Zantzinger and the remaking of Minder.

Word Podcast 81

Jan 8, 2009 00:43:57


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall treat an enthralled nation to the details of what they did on Christmas Day, how they wish they had a Christmas like Paul Weller's, Gwyneth Paltrow's top diet tips, a key lesson about parenthood, whether we would buy insurance from Iggy Pop and the things that the British are good at apart from soldiering, tailoring and character acting.

The Word's Hidden Track

Dec 31, 2008 00:01:24


Editor Mark Ellen and his ukulele make late bid for Christmas number one.

The Word Christmas Podcast 2008

Dec 23, 2008 00:05:03


This brief 'cast was recorded live at the office Christmas Party and features members of the editorial team revealing what was in Secret Santa's sack. Merry Christmas.

The 80th Birthday of the Word Podcast

Dec 18, 2008 00:39:43


In honour of which David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Matt Hall mislay their glasses, lose their train of thought, repeat themselves and let the irascible side of their natures rip. This podcast is also known as "do you want a biscuit?"

Word Podcast 78

Dec 12, 2008 00:37:07


David Hepworth, Andrew Harrison and Matt Hall on: why Jerry Dammers is not joining the Specials reunion and what you should watch after "The Wire". Plus Arwa Haider on learning about Britain through 70s sitcoms.

Word Podcast 78

Dec 4, 2008 00:39:29


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on: Brian Eno's acapella evenings, the magic of song titles and a solution to the problem of chattering punters.

Word Podcast 77

Nov 27, 2008 00:44:21


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall welcome Jude Rogers to talk about: Michael Jackson's bank account, how monkeys talk, what Bono is buying Brian Eno for Christmas, the startling mediocrity of Simon Cowell and what it's like to share an elevator with Bubbles. This podcast features a cameo appearance from Janet with some toast.

Word Podcast 76

Nov 20, 2008 00:50:09


David Hepworth, Barry Mclheney and Matt Hall on Big Bill Broonzy in Belfast, the year 1972 in gigs, Brian Eno and the Singing Postman, Kanye West versus Leonard Cohen at the O2, your thoughts on Prog, the Enid at the Marquee, Reg Varney's real claim to fame, what Martina Navratilova is doing on "I'm A Celebrity...", the dirty secret of Stephen Fry's cab and finally have a guess how much money big TV stars are getting paid.

Word Podcast 75

Nov 14, 2008 00:45:34


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on listening to Prog Rock in your living room, the late Mitch Mitchell, the people who have strangely not been given a Brit and boiling an egg on the San Andreas fault.

Word Podcast 74

Nov 7, 2008 00:43:26


David Hepworth, Rob Fitzpatrick and Matt Hall on: what's going to happen at Obama's inauguration, what it's like to "jam" with Earl Slick and how to get from 1 to 106 in band names.

Word Podcast 73

Oct 30, 2008 00:40:36


Andrew Collins, Mark Ellen and Matt Hall on Manuelgate, the search for a band whose name contains every number between 1 and 100 and more.

Word Podcast 72

Oct 24, 2008 00:53:34


David Hepworth and Matt Hall with Jonathon Green, the editor of the Chambers Dictionary of Slang. If you think you might be in any way offended by the ripeness of the language used in this podcast, please don't listen.

Word podcast 71

Oct 16, 2008 00:59:25


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on: why Ringo won't sign, how to pass yourself off in the Mob, premiership footballers who look like characters in "The Wire", members of bands who did nothing and Graeme Thomson's book about death in popular song.

Word Podcast 70

Oct 9, 2008 00:47:57


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall read your mail re: quadraphonic, eight-track, Hollywood stars using cheap hair colour and the dumbest things in entertainment. Plus: how Peter Mandelson got out of listening to one of Mark Ellen's stories.

Podcast 69

Oct 2, 2008 00:50:14


David Hepworth, Andrew Harrison and Matt Hall on: sons and daughters of Grantham, the madness of the eight-track tape, great local radio disasters, the joy of hearing unmixed session recordings and the morality of forcing a senior citizen to listen to Ten Years After.

Word Podcast 68

Sep 18, 2008 00:49:22


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on Rick Wright and other musicians who didn't get their fair share of credit, a brilliant TV film about pre-adolescent heavy metal and Mark's early adventures as a pop video extra.

Word Podcast 67

Sep 9, 2008 00:47:59


David Hepworth, Andrew Harrison and Matt Hall attempt to define music, ponder the rights and wrongs of pop music at funerals and wonder whether all fans are nutcases.

Word Podcast 66

Sep 2, 2008 00:52:48


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall report on their holidays, remember the Olympics and wonder about the connections between the Beatles and the Space Race.

Word podcast 65

Aug 1, 2008 00:45:46


In which the "Indie Professor", Dr Wendy Fonarow, talks to David Hepworth and Matt Hall about "audience zones", guest list checking, backstage pass-wearing and many other aspects of the highly ritualised world of indie.

Word Podcast 64

Jul 24, 2008 00:41:32


Martin Fry joins Mark Ellen and David Hepworth to talk about 80s production techniques, the bitter antipathy in the "Top Of The Pops" Green Room back in the day, his new album "Traffic" and who exactly he should expect to meet when his wife takes him to the Cartier Polo this weekend.

Word Podcast 63 - Two Drummers Chatting

Jul 16, 2008 00:44:26


David Hepworth talks to Mathew Priest from Dodgy and Maurice Bacon from the Love Affair about their plans to right ancient wrongs on behalf of the drumming fraternity. Warning: contains paradiddles.

Word Podcast 62

Jul 9, 2008 00:42:43


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on new rules for festivals, the wonders of the Album Cover Atlas, ideas for the Hard Rock Park and the slight return of the HORA

Glastonbury Podcast! with extra crackle!

Jun 29, 2008 00:24:18


Andrew Harrison, Kate Mossman, Mark Ellen and Caitlin Moran report from the site. They're having a good time so listen round the crackle.

Word Podcast 60

Jun 25, 2008 00:44:48


David Hepworth, Matt Hall and Rob Fitzpatrick on what Google has done to our memories, having your picture taken with a rock star, lunchtime showcases in strip clubs, being up to here with Stuff, why we don't want the bonus track and naming streets after rock stars.

Word Podcast 59

Jun 18, 2008 00:33:38


In which Mark Ellen, Andrew Harrison and Matt Hall talk about Chris Martin's interview flounce, how girls can make any instrument attractive, how you can't retire in pop, the disappearance of John Deacon and Dostoevsky in pop.

Word Podcast 58

Jun 11, 2008 00:43:10


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on the smallest groups in rock, musical ringtones, Bob Dylan's paintings and the nightmare of broken broadband.

Word Podcast 57

Jun 4, 2008 00:47:51


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall on how the late, great Bo Diddley invented rock and roll, soul legends living in British provincial towns, Amy Winehouse's embarrassment in Rio and the more controversial lyrics of Rolf Harris.

Word Podcast 56

May 28, 2008 00:58:02


David Hepworth, Paul Du Noyer, Rob Fitzpatrick and Matt Hall on the great Eurovision debate, the inventor of the mobile disco and the great days of Woolworths. Plus Ron and Russell Mael talk to Andrew Harrison about the challenges of doing "a season" of your own work.

Word Podcast 55

May 20, 2008 00:47:22


Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions lets us in on the secrets of the mash-up; Andrew Harrison, Matt Hall and David Hepworth discuss Paul Weller and private education, the Amy Winemouse video and the bizarre things we found on YouTube.

Word Podcast 54

May 15, 2008 00:31:24


Kate Mossman reports back from the N'awlins Jazz and Heritage Festival, Hugh Phillimore of Cornbury explains why you wouldn't want to run your own festival and Mark Ellen is left reeling after a close encounter with Jonathan Richman.

Word Podcast 53

May 7, 2008 00:51:15


In which Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Andrew Harrison and Matt Hall discuss the impossibilty of bad behaviour in the age of the phonecam, truly anal ways of cataloguing your records, the real reason that actors don't come out in Hollywood and Andrew's Radiohead feature.

Word Podcast 52

Apr 29, 2008 00:46:42


Clare Grogan joins David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Matt Hall to talk about: what it's like to be inside a cake on stage at Wembley, the sad loss of Humphrey Lyttelton, what the stagehands thought of Tommy Steele and what to do if your daughter says "Daddy work, Mummy wine".

The Word Podcast 51

Apr 23, 2008 00:46:26


Andrew Collins, David Hepworth, Matt Hall and Fraser Lewry on being a heavy metal teenager, the magic of "Gavin and Stacey", hacking Mark Ellen's Wikipedia entry and how to see 50 species of bird in a day.

Word Podcast number 50!

Apr 16, 2008 00:46:10


In which David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Matt Hall discuss Wikipedia with Steve Bowbrick. Plus rock stars who look like old lesbians, Bjork live and the Chinese representative at the World Music Awards.

Word Podcast 49

Apr 8, 2008 00:47:05


The things Arthur Brown could do with the brazier on his head, the genius of "Gavin & Stacey", the prissiness of indieboys and the sexual discoveries of James Brown - all chewed over by Jude Rogers, Mark Ellen, Matt Hall and David Hepworth.

Word Podcast 48

Apr 2, 2008 00:47:11


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall talks about the ticketing controversy with writer James Medd and Joe Cohen of; the squad system of rock bands; the inaccurate chording of Keith Richards; the God-like genius of Bernard Cribbins; the correct spelling of Shakespear's Sister; and the hunting and gathering role of Digital Dad.

Word Podcast 47

Mar 26, 2008 00:39:13


Danny Goffey and Gaz Coombes of Supergrass talk to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth on the eve of the release of "Diamond Hoo Ha". Includes: the difference between busking and begging, the importance of a right hand man and studios you can only get to by boat.

Word Podcast 46

Mar 19, 2008 00:53:52


In which David Hepworth. Matt Hall and Mark Ellen are joined by Chris Difford to talk about DJ-ing in pubs, tunes on TV ads, songwriting summer schools, the new Word tee shirts and "The Last Temptation Of Chris".

Word Weekly 45

Mar 11, 2008 00:31:16


In which Mark Ellen and Rob Fitzpatrick talk to John Niven about the vicious, mad world of the a&r man as depicted in his new book "Kill Your Friends".

Word Weekly 44

Mar 4, 2008 00:54:25


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Kate Mossman and Matt Hall argue about whether you need to listen to records to review them and tell some brilliant jokes.

Word Podcast 43

Feb 26, 2008 00:52:19


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Matt Hall and Tom Whitwell explore the secrets of the click track, Autotune and Pro Tools to work out why records sound the way they do, talk about the groups they thought would make it but didn't and tell the one about the dead man who helped Madonna write a hit.

Word Podcast 42 (the Brits)

Feb 21, 2008 00:32:53


9.30 the morning after the Brits - Mark Ellen, Andrew Harrison and Rob Fitzpatrick take apart the annual prize giving. Contains strong feelings.

Word podcast 41

Feb 13, 2008 00:49:50


In which Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall invite their country cousin John Naughton to speculate about why people insist on shooting pop records into space, which was the swearingest show in TV history and what it's like to take a rock star out for dinner on Valentine's Day.

Word podcast 40

Feb 7, 2008 00:52:39


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen, Matt Hall and Rob Fitzpatrick on tidy beards in show business, the Great Steve Harley Speech incident, John Martyn's powerful thirst and Phil Collins and the interior decorator.

Word Podcast 39

Jan 31, 2008 00:51:40


Andrew Harrison, Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Matt Hall talk about Morrissey's throat and the death of celebrity, the pioneering days of the UB40 fan club, the irritating sound of Alex James first thing in the morning and why rock stars can't make speeches.

Word Podcast 38

Jan 24, 2008 00:53:31


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Rob Fitzpatrick and Matt Hall discuss the record players their parents had, white men in reggae, old codgers in bands and Wreckless Eric's only item of furniture.

The Word Weekly Podcast 37

Jan 16, 2008 00:48:35


Mark Ellen, Andrew Collins, Matt Hall and David Hepworth talk about the future of EMI, the merchandising of books and disguising yourself as a member of Carter USM in order to gain sexual favours - after necking half a can of an energy drink.

Word Weekly Podcast 36

Jan 9, 2008 00:47:18


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Matt Hall and Trevor Dann on Elvis's birthday, Michael Jackson at Fulham and why radio plays the music it does.

The best of the HORA

Dec 31, 2007 00:35:20


Like everybody else we fill up our New Year's schedules with repeats: here we present a handful of our favourite apocryphal rock anecdotes, featuring Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Elton and more.

Live from the Word office party!

Dec 25, 2007 00:07:56


The only media organisation to podcast on Christmas Day brings you this brief, alcohol-laced missive from the Word Christmas party.

Word Weekly 33

Dec 22, 2007 00:31:02


In which Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Barry McIlheney and Matt Hall prepare for Christmas. What it's like to be on the front row, why short people can't win at gigs and why it's a mistake to dance to a drum solo.

Zepcast (Word Weekly Podcast #32)

Dec 12, 2007 00:39:40


It's the Zepcast! Our man Mark Ellen wetfoots it back from the O2 to deliver every last detail of what was really going on when Led Zeppelin played the most anticipated gig of the year. How they got on stage, what they were wearing, what they played, how they played it, what it all meant, what they're likely to do next and what Liam Gallagher thought of it.

Word Weekly 31

Dec 6, 2007 00:55:26


Mark Ellen, Matt Hall, David Hepworth and special guest Jim White discuss what DVD's the Word reader might like for Christmas, how not to enjoy the hospitality on an Easyjet, and where to go clubbing in Mali.

Word Weekly 30

Nov 28, 2007 00:47:26


From "...Englishmen giggling..." to "...he operated a crow...", encompassing Amy Winehouse, the mysterious ukulele fiends of old London town and a man who took miming to insane lengths. With David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Matt Hall.

Word Weekly 29

Nov 20, 2007 00:44:46


Mark Ellen, Matt Hall, Andrew Harrison and David Hepworth 'fess up about miming to records in their bedrooms, ponder the magical ability of rock stars to regrow their hair, and wonder if gigs should have a 'clapping section'.

Word Weekly 28

Nov 13, 2007 00:47:06


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Matt Hall and Paul Du Noyer talk ukuleles once more, piano players who are only loved by their mothers, and why you should never roadie for Budgie.

Word Weekly 27

Nov 6, 2007 00:43:38


Ukulele action from Ellen, together with loads of stuff from the boards, and memories of seedy rented accommodation in north London sometime in the early seventies. To find out more go to

Word Weekly 26

Oct 31, 2007 00:42:46


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen, Andrew Harrison and Matt Hall on goats for Christmas, why the kids do need an education actually, and is TV the new rock n' roll?

Word Weekly 25

Oct 23, 2007 00:44:37


David, Mark, Rob and Matt discuss Ronnie Wood's autobiography, a rock 'What If?' and why Blind Faith wouldn't be welcome in our brave new world.

Word Weekly 24

Oct 17, 2007 00:54:43


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen, Andrew Collins and Matt Hall discuss Kenny Rogers's effect on the English rugby team, great live introductions and the one about Primal Scream and Luton Airport.

Word Weekly 23

Oct 10, 2007 00:48:24


Brought to you in association with Ikon Films release "Once". Tell us which Irish band the film's star Glen Hansard is associated with and which song you never wish to hear from a busker again and the Gibson Epiphone guitar that Mark Ellen is "playing" can be yours. Answers to - Details at

Word Weekly 22

Oct 2, 2007 00:39:30


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Andrew Harrison on how not to DJ at a party, how much to pay for a Radiohead album and the saddest life in the history of pop.

Word Weekly 21

Sep 26, 2007 00:46:50


In which David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Rob Fitzpatrick talk James Brown's will, Eric Clapton's autobiography and Ozzy Osbourne's chickens.

Word Weekly 20

Sep 20, 2007 00:52:59


In which Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Andrew Harrison read their fanmail and design their ideal record shop.

Word Weekly 19

Sep 12, 2007 00:37:23


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Jude Rogers ask 'what was Britney Spears doing?' at the VMA awards, continue collating the definitive list of records to clear a room, and hear a testimonial from a reader in Scotland explaining how the podcast banishes the worst of heebie jeebies.

Word Weekly 18

Sep 6, 2007 00:49:44


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Matt Hall on unlistenable records, the enduring appeal of bootlegs and why the Rolling Stones should get a MOBO

Wordcast Best Of #1

Aug 27, 2007 00:34:59


Less a repeat, more a chance to meet up with old friends, and hopefully some new ones you missed first time round. Includes evidence of a worrying obsession with Jeremy Clarkeson, instructions on what not to do when swimming with sharks, and Mark Ellen's not very successful dinner date with Chrissie Hynde.

The Word Weekly 17

Aug 22, 2007 00:45:22


In which David Hepworth, Rob Fitzpatrick and Matt Hall discuss the passing of Tony Wilson, the crap groups you like and the good ones you don't.

Word Weekly 16

Aug 7, 2007 00:42:18


David Hepworth and Mark Ellen talk to Jim Irvin, who reports back from what could be the most disastrous live show in the history of pop

Word Weekly 15

Aug 1, 2007 00:45:20


Brought to you in association with the Rolling Stones "Biggest Bang" DVD, Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Paul Du Noyer discuss Charlie Watts's sock drawer, the least promising names for a rock star and the story of Van Morrison and the level crossing.

Word Weekly 14

Jul 17, 2007 00:44:42


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Barry McIlheney on double acts, rock oxymorons and the liberties that TV producers take

Word Weekly 13

Jul 9, 2007 00:41:54


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Rob Fitzpatrick lounge around at Cornbury and raise a cinnamon twist to the memory of George Melly.

Word Weekly 12

Jul 4, 2007 00:46:08


David Hepworth and Mark Ellen are joined by Andrew Collins to talk about the Concert for Diana, Prince's plan to give away his new album and the strange thing about the Spice Girls reunion.

Word Weekly 11

Jun 26, 2007 00:19:19


Glastonbury special with Mark Ellen, Andrew Harrison and Jude Rogers reporting from the site while David Hepworth stays in the dry and wonders about Big Gigs

Word Weekly 10

Jun 18, 2007 00:43:37


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth & Andrew Harrison contemplate George Michael's piano, famous people that we didn't recognise and the one about the rock star and the paté de foie gras.

Word Weekly 9

Jun 13, 2007 00:39:41


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Rob Fitzpatrick talk about the man we call Laughing Len, what makes a great rock and roll venues and one man's terrible Elvis Costello faux pas.

Word Weekly 8

Jun 5, 2007 00:37:44


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Andrew Harrison on Paris Hilton in chokey, DJs who pretend to play records, movie stars who can't sing and rock stars who can't act.

Word Weekly 7

May 31, 2007 00:55:12


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Jude Rogers sing the praises of vinyl, talk about failed comebacks and the etiquette of demo tapes while Nick Lowe is our first guest anecdotist.

Word Weekly 6

May 24, 2007 00:46:31


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Andrew Harrison see if they've got enough dosh to by EMI and contemplate the most expensive gig in the history of the world

Word Weekly 5

May 15, 2007 00:27:27


Mark Ellen and David Hepworth talk to Trevor Dann about what - if anything - is the matter with music radio

Word Weekly 4

May 9, 2007 00:27:07


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth, Rob Fitzpatrick and Kerry Shale on Prince's curious plans for the Millennium Dome, the indecipherable Bob Dylan and the strange things boys do to pay tribute to their favourites.

Word Podcast 3

May 2, 2007 00:30:06


Neil Aspinall's extraordinary life with the Beatles, Rock Stars Kids and the story about Elton and the parachutists

Word Weekly 2

Apr 25, 2007 00:21:01


David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Andrew Harrison on great rock names, the strange tale of Van Morrison's harmonica and why Live Earth will not end global warming

Word Weekly Podcast 1

Apr 19, 2007 00:24:24


In the first weekly podcast from The Word, Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Andrew Harrison discuss summer festivals, the worst rock hacks' clichés and Mark talks about what it's like to deal with Phil Spector.


Mar 8, 2007 00:28:59


Mark Ellen, David Hepworth and Rob Fitzpatrick discuss the best and worst ways to start a show