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When They Was Fab: Electric Arguments About the Beatles

Talk, more talk, chat, more chat - We’re happy to do it for you. (Beatles)
When They Was Fab: Electric Arguments About the Beatles


Talk, more talk, chat, more chat - We're happy to do it for you (Beatles)




2020.13 Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 1) -- Antony Rotunno, Kit O'Toole, The Beatles, Oasis. Joe Orton, John Lennon, Conan O'Brien

Mar 30, 2020 52:19


Part two of the WTWF look at Beatles film projects, both real and imaginary.    Queen of all Beatles media Kit O'Toole and Antony Rotunno return as we travel through "Shades of a Personality", "Up Against It", "Lord of the Rings" and "Herman's Head" (one of these things is not like the others...).     We close with some of our own thoughts what might have made a good third film for the Fab Four given their interests and acting abilities.

2020.12 I Don't Want to Do It (George Harrison) -- Kit O'Toole, Antony Rotunno, The Beatles, Wings, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Mar 23, 2020 53:21


Guest hosts Kit O'Toole and Antony Rotunno.     First of two shows covering A Hard Day's Night and Help in the landscape of their eras, which then moves on to our thoughts on scripts considered for the third Fab feature which did not get the green light.    This week: "A Talent For Loving" and "The Three Musketeers".   More next time!

2020.11 Nowhere Man (Germany) -- The Beatles, Peter and Gordon, Jimmie Nicol

Mar 16, 2020 44:28


Beatles fans know about the Washington Coliseum Show (1964), Shea Stadium (1965) and Budokan (1966), but there are plenty of other live shows with either soundboard audio, professionally shot video or both.    This week, I look at some of those shows - from Liverpool to Paris and the Circus Krone in Germany.   Touring may have frequently been a drag for the Fabs, but given the appropriate opporunity, they were still quite capable of tapping into their energy and love of live performance.

2020.bonus1 Get Back (rooftop) -- Lonnie Pena, The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Wix, Abe, Brian, Rusty.

Mar 13, 2020 26:57


Lonnie Pena pops in for a quick update on how things are going, and we chat about the announcement regarding "The Beatles: Get Back".      Coming September 4, 2020!

2020.10 Snookeroo (Demo) -- Ed Mayberry, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis, Stevie Nicks, Herb Alpert, Harry Nilsson

Mar 9, 2020 50:29


Ringo Starr turns 80 in a few months and will also be celebrating fifty years as a solo artist.    Although Ringo has teased an "Apple Years" box set, it is unlikely we will be seeing it this year.      Texas radio personality Ed Mayberry guest hosts this week as we travel through the decades - preparing a tracklist and filling multiple discs with hits, album tracks, rarities, demos, videos and assorted unreleased goodies.  

2020.09 For Real For Tom -- Tom Brennan, George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, Tom Petty, Ravi Shankar, Splinter, Jiva, Henry McCullough, Attitudes

Mar 2, 2020 51:00


Tom Brennan (Splinter Library, Badfinger Library) joins the show to talk about Dark Horse Records!    George Harrison (and Ringo Starr) considered purchasing Apple Records for the purpose of fostering and promoting new artists, but he ultimately decided to start fresh with Dark Horse Records.    This week we consider the business of the label, the artists and the next chapter as envisioned by Dhani Harrison and BMG.

2020.08 Paperback Writer (Vocal Only) -- Allison Bumsted, The Beatles, Kenneth Campbell, Erin Torkelson Weber, Walter Everett

Feb 24, 2020 47:53


Allison B. once again joins as guest host this week for part two of our look at the Beatles and popular music studies.     Allison continues her research at Liverpool Hope University, currently working on a Doctoral degree in cultural studies.    We discuss the Beatles and academia, including three recent conferences at various Univerties in the United States, and the forthcoming Lisbon "Academic Tribute to the Beatles."

2020.07 Liverpool 8 (Greek Theater) -- Allison B, Bun B, Wings, Joe Flannery

Feb 17, 2020 48:48


Over a decade ago, Liverpool Hope University became home to the first post-graduate degree in Beatles studies ("The Beatles, Popular Music and Society").    This week and next we visit with Texas native and graduate of the program Allison Bumsted on her current challenges while pursuing a Doctorate and what it is like to apply the academic rigor of History and the Social Sciences to Paul McCartney, Wings and the Fab Four.

2020.06 Can't Buy Me Love (Up Close) -- Kit O'Toole, Paul McCartney, Van Scott, Lumpy Trousers, David Frost

Feb 10, 2020 48:08


Kit O'Toole rejoins the show for part Two of our look at the Grandude himself, Sir Paul McCartney and his changing views on life, love, the future and his "ever present past."    We consider Paul's revelations on "New" and "Egypt Station", and look at how both the man and the media have responded to the inevitable passage of time.

2020.05 Little Willow (Video Mix) -- Dr. Kit O'Toole, Paul McCartney, Lumpy Trousers, Katy Perry, Graham Norton.

Feb 3, 2020 48:23


First of two weeks with Queen of All Beatles Media, Dr. Kit O'Toole.    The "Talk More Talk" maven joins the show this week and next as we discuss Paul's "Ever Present Future."    In recent years, he seems to have allowed himself to accept his place among the elder statesmen of Rock and Roll.    Despite the inevitable passage of time (over a decade beyond "When I'm Sixty-Four"), Paul is still demonstrating to all of us the best way to grow older gracefully and to keep doing what you love!

2020.04 HiHiHi (Rockshow) -- Tom Hunyady, Paul McCartney, Walter Cronkite, Wings, Wix, Abe, Brian, Rusty, Jane Curtin

Jan 27, 2020 56:20


Tom Hunyady (Talk More Talk, 2 Legs) joins as this week's guest host!    We talk about Paul McCartney's run-ins with the law over ganja (and its friends).     Paul and Linda ran into trouble in Japan, the United States, Sweden, Barbados and back home as well.     Thankfully, none of those experiences hurt his creativity (or his reputation), and Paul has long since been surpassed as the most prominent advocate of the green.

2020.03 Imitation Song -- Antony Rotunno, Neil Innes, Eric Idle, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Hanks

Jan 20, 2020 53:36


Part two of the Rutles commentary track.     Load up the video on YouTube, slide over to 33:40 and join us as we travel through the world of Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry from the infamous "Bigger than Rod" controversy through the "Let It Rot" film, book, album and lawsuit.    We then close by considering the spinoffs (including Eric Idle's ill-advised sequel) and the legacy of the legend that will last a lunchtime.

2020.02 Goose-Step Mama (Rutlemania) — Antony Rotunno, Neil Innes, The Fab Four -- alt

Jan 13, 2020 49:22


This is identical to the other version of the show but the film soundtrack has been reduced.    Some people have issues with the balance between the film and commentary.

2020.02 Goose-Step Mama (Rutlemania) -- Antony Rotunno, Neil Innes, The Fab Four

Jan 13, 2020 49:22


Antony Rotunno returns this week and next as we dig into "The Rutles" (album, book, film, play and lawsuit) in tribute to Neil Innes.    We start by discussing Rutland Weekend television, the actual musicians behind the "pre-Fab Four", and how Eric Idle came to put the pieces together in a project that has become beloved by the Beatles and Python communities despite not making a dent when originally released.  We then start in on a screen-specific commentary, ending the first part just after the Rutles play Che Stadium.

2020.01 And Your Bird Can Sing (Anthology) -- Dan Miles, The Beatles, John Lennon, Peter Sellers, Kenny Everett, Yoko Ono, Dick Cavett

Jan 6, 2020 55:13


Happy New Year everybody!    Dan Miles of the Friends of Dan Music Podcast (https://www.friendsofdanmusicpodcast.com/) co-hosts the show this week as we take a look at the Beatles and comedy.       John Lennon was not the only Beatle with a sense of humor, and we consider each of their individual comic stylings, and how a sense of humor helped advance their musical careers!

2019.52 This Boy (Washington) -- The Beatles, Muhammad Ali, Buddy Dresner, Vince Calandra, Sid Bernstein, Louise Harrison

Dec 30, 2019 55:57


Apple (and Apple) have released a higher resolution version of the Beatles Washington Coliseum show on iTunes at a very nice price!    Lonnie and I talk about that concert and the rest of February 1964 for the band.    A Fab time for sure, but a very busy one as the band traveled from Paris to London to New York City, Washington DC, Miami and finally back home for TV, radio recording and mixing so they could complete an album in time to start their first feature film!

2019.51 I Can't Write Another Song -- Paul McCartney, Mark Lewisohn, George Harrison, Trish and Darin Murphy

Dec 23, 2019 47:47


2019 was a busy year for the former Beatles.      "Above Us Only Sky" premiered on Netflix in the United States (following a late 2018 UK premiere).   Ringo Starr toured across Japan and North America celebrating thirty years of the All-Starr Band.   He then followed that up with a new studio album, possibly his final full length album.       Paul McCartney released several additional songs from "Egypt Station", put out a children's book (and a book of Linda's polaroids), and also toured the world.      We discuss these milestones, look back on shows from the past year and look forward to what might be coming next.

2019.50 Good Times Coming (rough mix) -- Martin Quibell, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Mark Lewisohn, Eliza Watson.

Dec 16, 2019 48:36


The second transatlantic episode of "When They Was Fab".     Guest Martin Quibell joins me as we discuss Victorian Music Hall, Pantomime,  George Formby and various pre-1950's combinations of music, comedy and stage craft.     George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney each have expressed their appreciation for the form.      Indeed, "Free as a Bird" closes with a music hall character, and the secret backwards message from John Lennon is actually one of George Formby's catchphrases!

2019.49 I Am The Walrus (Extra Measures) -- The Beatles, Blac Rabbit, Peter Asher, The Plastic Ono Band

Dec 9, 2019 49:52


We roll back the clock to an era when CDs were new and magical technology, and the news was the Fab Four in a fantastic new digital format.    "Perfect Sound Forever" they promised.    No guarantees, and despite the promises of "never having to rebuy the catalogue" many of us have continued to do so ... many times over.    Still, it was quite an era, and we travel back to it this week!

2019.48 Ram On (Budokan Soundcheck, 2017) -- Kit O'Toole, Paul McCartney, Abe, Wix, Rusty, Brian

Dec 2, 2019 54:14


The Thanksgiving Weekend has just passed in the United States, but we are extending it just a little bit longer.   The "Queen of all Beatles Media" Dr. Kit O'Toole (Talk More Talk, Songs We Were Singing, Michael Jackson: FAQ) drops in to extend her reign.     We celebrate the holiday by reviewing both sides of Paul McCartney's new "Record Store Day" single, and then travel through the mists of time as we each discuss some of the things about "The Cute Beatle" that we are thankful for!

2019.47 It Don't Come Easy (Demo) -- The Beatles, Mark Lewisohn, Dan Halperin, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Nov 25, 2019 50:17


Mark Lewisohn is finishing up his "Hornsey Road" tour, where he engaged audiences across the English countryside with stories behind the making of Abbey Road.    Despite the fact a United States run is not currently in the cards, a number of items taken from Lewisohn's research (which will eventually appear in Volume 3) have made a splash in the media.    This week we discuss the show, some of the stories, and hypothesize on what a Beatles post-Abbey Road album might have been like.

2019.46 Twist and Shout (Royal Variety) -- The Beatles, Antony Rotunno, Malcolm McDowell, Wilfrid Mellers, Billy Preston

Nov 18, 2019 49:00


"The Compleat Beatles" began life as a promotional film intended as promotion for a two-volume set of Beatles sheet music.     That project eventually became a success in the early home video market (VHS, Beta and Laserdisc), earning a theatrical release in 1984.     Antony Rotunno, host of the "Glass Onion: On John Lennon" podcast joins us again, as we pick up the film in 1962, and continue our review through the end of the Beatles, the early 1980's production of the project, and touch on how it might be changed and improved should Apple ever see fit to let it escape from their archives.

2019.45 From Us To You -- The Beatles, Antony Rotunno, Malcolm McDowell, Kevin Howlett, Mark Lewisohn

Nov 11, 2019 47:21


Antony Rotunno of the Glass Onion: On John Lennon podcast joins us as we go through the book on "The Abbey Road", and start our review of the classic Delilah films documentary "The Compleat Beatles."     Does the film hold up given the onslaught of official, high dollar,  better restored, and indeed more complete projects such as "The Beatles Anthology"?     Tune in and hear our opinions, as we discuss the response both "Now and Then".

2019.44 You Can't Do That (Gary Burr) -- Ringo Starr, Gary Burr, Gary Nicholson, Nathan East, Awkwafina

Nov 4, 2019 55:37


Ringo Starr's new release is his twentieth studio album.     He is joined by Joe Walsh, Paul McCartney, Dave Edmunds, Steve Lukather and many friends, family and collaborators both old and new.     Recorded at Roccabella West (aka: Ringo's home studio),, this collection of ten songs includes new material and covers from the past ("Money" and "Grow Old With Me").     Guitars, synths, backing vocalists and a whole lot of peace and love!

2019.43 Come and Get It (Paul/Badfinger) -- The Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Mark Lewisohn, John Kurlander

Oct 28, 2019 53:15


This week: Disc three from the Abbey Road box set.     "Come Together", "Come and Get It" and more about the medley (aka "The Long One") and its individual components than you can shake a stick at.    Consider the issue of "Mean Mister Mustard".     The article was from "the summer of Love" in 1967, but John wrote the song in India.    How did that end up happening?    Mark Lewisohn offers a suggestion that makes some sense.

2019.42 Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Take 5) -- The Beatles, Giles Martin, George Martin, Himesh Patel

Oct 21, 2019 48:14


Lonnie is back, and we continue our look at the Abbey Road Deluxe Anniversary Edition.    This week, disc two.     Goodbye, The Ballad of John and Yoko, demos, outtakes and works in progress.    A few things that we have heard before, but many more tracks that have never found their way to bootlegs!

2019.41 Here Comes the Sun (Rear Speakers) -- The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Life in Surround.

Oct 14, 2019 41:34


This week - home audio reproduction and The Beatles.       Over the years, The Beatles have given us their music in many different styles.    Without going into the multitudes of physical media we can count: mono, stereo, PCM Stereo, DTS, surround, 5.1, 7.1 and now Dolby Atmos.    What does all this mean?     I take the time out to explain (to the best of my knowledge!) and highlight some of the goodies to be found in "the other speakers" from the ATMOS and Surround mixes of Abbey Road.      The show closes with Ringo's new cover of "Grow Old With Me" and a bit of audio technology from the days of yore.   The Beatles and "Out of Phase Stereo" (OOPS) through the years, and a brand new, tremendous fan-made "Real Love" mix!

2019.40 Something (Take 37) -- The Beatles

Oct 7, 2019 51:54


The Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition was released on September 26, 1969.     This week, we start our review of the box with Disc 1 - the remixed album.      Just how different is this mix from the original?     Is it vastly different like "The White Album" or a bit more conservative like  "Pepper"?     We discuss and play snippets from the remix and an original British needledrop for comprison.

2019.39 Your True Love (GH for Carl) -- Ringer Star, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Stan Perkins, Mark Hudson, Joey Molland

Sep 30, 2019 49:22


Ringer Star (Mike C.) joins us again as we continue our discussion of what it's like to be the world's greatest Ringo Starr Tribute artist.     This week - some of the people he's had a chance to play with (Mark Hudson, Joey Molland, members of Wings, Stan Perkins) and the places his travels have taken him (the Dingle to a session in Abbey Road).   

2019.38 Photograph (Ringer) -- Ringer Star, Ringo's All Star Band, The Beatles, McDonald's Farm

Sep 23, 2019 51:31


The first of two weeks with Mike C., better known as "Ringer Star:  The World's Greatest Ringo Starr Tribute Artist."    Ringer was recently in Houston for a private party including friends of the show Joe Baiardi and the Fab Five.     We caught up with him and arranged for him to be on the podcast.     We talk about his background, playing the drums, portraying Ringo and some of the spots his career has taken him.  

2019.37 Rainclouds -- Mike McGear, Paul and Linda McGear, Paddy Moloney, Viv Stanshall, The Beatles

Sep 16, 2019 51:45


Week two of our look at the McGear box set from Cherry Red Records.     Mike takes us through his memory of his promotional video for "Leave It", and more while sitting in LIPA (formerly the art school and the Liverpool Institute) and the Everyman Theater in Liverpool.   We then discuss the outtakes and other tracks from Mike with and without "our kid".    Of particular note is Paul's final work in Apple studios.    The show closes with a brief visit to London, 1963 to discuss the wonders of spectral editing and the magic in a new, amazing fan-made stereo mix of the "Please Please Me" album.

2019.36 Ten Years on Strawberry Jam -- Mike McGear, The Scaffold, 10CC, Paul and Linda McGear McCartney, Wings

Sep 9, 2019 47:23


In 1974, just after Band on the Run was released, Paul and his brother Michael went into the studio to write and record an album that would rank among the more interesting Wings projects.    This was not merely a novelty like "Thrillington", or an oddball piece like the later "Twin Freaks".   The brothers combined strengths with the core of Wings (Linda, Denny and Jimmy McCulloch) to create a funny, lyrically interesting pop album which has been largely forgotten about until its rerelease this year.    Next week, the video and bonus material on this new deluxe clamshell edition!

2019.35 Any Road (VH1) -- George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Olivia Harrison

Sep 2, 2019 48:58


George Harrison's 2002 release "Brainwashed" took several years to come to fruition.      George recorded lead vocals and guitar for every track while also outlining musical choices and production details in endless pages of text to both Dhani and Jeff Lynne.    Everything eventually came together and the album was released shortly after "The Concert For George".    We look back and discuss in this show!

2019.34 Something (orchestra, vocal only) -- The Beatles, Martin Quibell, Darin P Murphy, Joe Baiardi, Kit O'Toole, Ed Mayberry, Kenneth Womack, Tom Hunyady

Aug 26, 2019 50:12


We get a little self-referential this week.     This is the 200th release from this podcast (combining "Beatling About" and "When They Was Fab").     After a quick update on the Abbey Road box coming in September, Lonnie and I dive back to the past and talk about significant and favorite episodes, guests and the folks that have helped us along the way.  

2019.33 She Loves You (Sullivan) -- The Beatles, Bob Gale, Eddie Deezen, Will Jordan, Ed Sullivan, Murray the K

Aug 19, 2019 45:09


Part two of our look at the "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" film.     What happens to Pam, Grace, Rosie and Janice?     Will Tony find a way to stop the spread of Beatlemania?     If you haven't ever seen it, look for the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray.     Tune in and learn how Beaver Cleaver ties in to the recreation of February 9, 1964.    Can you identify which clips are the real Ed Sullivan, and which are Will Jordan?

2019.32 Roll Over Beethoven (DC) -- Bob Gale, The Beatles, Will Jordan, Murray the K

Aug 12, 2019 47:28


In March of 2019, The Criterion added "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to their list of important classic and contemporary cinema (joining "A Hard Day's Night"), and released a Blu-Ray in the United States.         The film (which had only previously been available on DVD in this country) and its commentary track are joined by new interviews with Gale, Zemeckis, Spielberg and some of the cast.    The first of two shows where we take you back to 1977/78 (and 1964) revealing the story of the film and anecdotes from its making.

2019.31 Goodnight Vienna (John Demo) -- Ken Michaels, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Aug 5, 2019 48:51


Part two of our visit with Ken Michaels (Talk More Talk, Things We Said Today, kenmichaelsradio.com) returns for part two of our look at collaborations between two or more of John, Paul, George and Ringo outside the context of their combo from 1968 to the present.    Live shows, studio recordings and more!

2019.30 It Don't Come Easy (George demo) -- Ken Michaels, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Harry Nilsson, Paul McCartney, John Lennon

Jul 29, 2019 50:19


Ken Michaels (Things We Said Today, Talk More Talk, kenmichaelsradio.com) joins us in our own podcast collaboration.   Ringo's appearance with Paul in Los Angeles was only one of many times where two or more Beatles got together on stage or in the recording studio.      Part one of two where we each discuss some of our favorites, and provide two separate playlists that you can arrange in the order given (or of your choice!) .   

2019.29 Let Em In (Arlington) -- Maricela Villegas, Paul McCartney, IsaBella, Abe, Rusty, Wix, Brian

Jul 22, 2019 45:50


Contest winner and FOURTH generation Beatles Fan Marciela Villegas joins the show this week to discuss her first Paul McCartney show, where a septugenarian finds so much energy and how one discovers and experiences the Beatles as a late- or even post-millenial individual.      Fun for all the family, and (for purely tangential reasons) a pretty nifty Spanish-language cover of Oh! Darling.

2019.28 New York City (Mayor Lindsay demo) -- Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Elephant's Memory

Jul 15, 2019 55:06


"Que Pasa New York!"       Once the band broke up, the four men who were once Beatles scattered to the winds.  Despite this fact, each of the four would choose women with strong ties to the United States, purchase homes there and get their kicks on Route 66 and other highways and byways.    Two of the Fabs would even decide to make their primary residence in the country.   

2019.27 12 Bar Original -- The Beatles, George Harrison, Louise Harrison Caldwell, Paul McCartney

Jul 8, 2019 48:18


We stretch the party in the USA out for an extra week!    Today, part one of our look at Beatle visits to the USA during the Sixties.     George is perhaps the only one who was able to visit as an average person when he visited his sister in Illinois, and went through New York City six months or so before their Ed Sullivan show appearance.    Beyond the expected runs to New York and Los Angeles, Paul went to Denver, and they even considered recording in Memphis after Rubber Soul was completed.    Tune in for more "Beatles in the USA" next week as the story moves to the solo years.

2019.bonus It Don't Come Easy (RRHOF) - Ringo Starr, Paul Shaffer, Joe Walsh

Jul 7, 2019 13:59


If you start this show at exactly 11:50 AM your time, the countdown and message will go off right at noon!   Welcome to our annual show celebrating "What's So Funny 'Bout" Peace, Love and Ringo Starr's Birthday!    We will soon be back with our regularly scheduled episode too...

2019.26 Only A Northern Song (Anthology) -- Himesh Patel, Richard Curtis, Ed Sheeran Lily James, Richard Curtis

Jul 1, 2019 54:33


Mild Spoilers ahead!     The film "Yesterday" opened in the United States on June 28, 2019.     Boy Meets Girl.     World Loses Beatles.    Boy Loses Girl.    Boy Gets Girl back.    Richard Curtis (Love Actually), and Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) have teamed up on a romance comedy that is Beatles adjacent.      We review the film, discuss its predecessors, and avoid too much detail.

2019.25 And I Love Her (Live) -- Dr. Kit O'Toole, Paul McCartney, The Monkees, The Bay City Rollers, Todd Rundgren, The BeeGees, Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, Dick Clark

Jun 24, 2019 59:28


Part two of our look at pop phenomena post-Beatlemania.     In 1966, some teens did not hesitate to let Dick Clark and American Bandstand know that the moustaches and new look of The Beatles "ruin their image."     The girls looking to scream soon found a new pop quartet, and the wheel has continued to turn for over fifty years.     Kit O'Toole joins us for a show that might be called "BTS:    The Mania Strikes Back"

2019.24 She Loves You (Drop In) -- Dr. Kit O'Toole, Roger Daltrey, Ringo Starr, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Howard Stern

Jun 17, 2019 45:47


Kit O'Toole, aka the Queen of all Beatles Media (thanks Howard Stern!) joins us this week and next as we discuss Beatlemania (not the Broadway play), its predecessors and antecedents.   In other words, what do Franz Liszt, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Bay City Rollers and BTS have in common?    They have all been involved in the music industry, but each also spent a period of time surrounded by the adulation and hysteria of their fans.  

2019.23 Highway (Live) -- Paul McCartney, Lumpy Trousers, Abe, Wix, Brian, Rusty

Jun 10, 2019 52:00


Paul McCartney has been a recording artist for six decades!    "My Bonnie" alone would put the sixties at the top of the list!     There might be a bit more debate, but Wings and seventies would place second for the majority.    What about the rest?    When was Paul at his best in the last forty years?     After the dissolution of Wings?    Flowers in the Dirt through Run Devil Run?    Driving Rain through Electric Arguments?     Some folks may even choose the current decade!     Tune in, hear our choices, and offer your own!

2019.22 Frank Sinatra's Party -- Tom Hunyady, Paul McCartney, Abe, Rusty, Brian, Wix

Jun 3, 2019 45:38


Paul Mccartney returns to the United States with the Freshen Up tour, and provides a keepsake in the form of new songs, a suitcase and a second disc expanding Egypt Station.    Such releases are nothing new for Mccartney.    In previous years we have seen 2-disc or extended editions of "New", "Memory Almost Full", "Off the Ground", "Flowers in the Dirt" and more.     Special retailer editions and a rainbow of vinyl colors may be unfortunate side effect of the market looking to pause the end of physical media for those of us "living in the material world" (oops, wrong former Beatle!), but the availability of more music is still a good thing.     Tom Hunyady (2 Legs, Talk More Talk) guest hosts!

2019.21 Blue Jean Bop (Cavern) -- Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Ian Paice, Abe, Brian, Rusty, Wix, Lumpy Trousers, Wings

May 27, 2019 46:06


Paul McCartney's current band is his longest-lasting, but he has had a number of players at his side through the years.   This week, we look at that crew and make some picks (live, studio and "Hall of Fame") a la the NBA or MLB annual all star squads.    Who would you put next to Paul and Linda?      Who is your choice for lead guitarist, drummer and "sidemen" (select 2!)?

2019.20 Cookin' (Lennon Demo) -- John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Nancy Lee Andrews, Delbert McLinton, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire

May 20, 2019 55:30


The year 1976 presented a lot of changes to the former Beatles.    For Ringo Starr, that meant a new record label (Atlantic in the US, Polydor otherwise), a new home (Los Angeles and Monte Carlo), a new producer (Arif Mardin), a new girlfriend (Nancy Lee Andrews) and a record that bid a fond farewell to the past (both in terms of the Apple door, and the "little help from my friends" collection of material).     The charts reveal the commercial success (or lack thereof), but the artistic value is left to the listener.

2019.19 Honey Don't (BBC) -- Darin P. Murphy, The Beatles, Giles Martin, David Rice, Tony Levin

May 13, 2019 47:13


Actor and musician Darin P. Murphy (Skyrocket!, Bottlerocket, Cotton Mather, My Ranger) is back for the second part of our look at John Lennon's rhythm guitar playing, particularly his use of the acoustic Jumbo Gibson J-160e.     John would use a number of different acoustics throughout his career (notably the Martin D-28 and the Ovation) but Lennon had a preference for the Gibson, and he frequently returned to it.

2019.18 Do You Want to Know a Secret (BBC) -- Darin P. Murphy, John Lennon, The Beatles, Giles Martin

May 6, 2019 45:46


When one does a search on John Lennon and his J-160e Gibson guitar, the first several pages of results are all about the "discovery" and subsequent sale of the instrument in 2016.     However, the instrument was worth over $2 million dollars because of the songs John wrote using that guitar, and the records it can be heard on.     Darin P. Murphy concludes his current run with a two part show demonstrating the style, power and grace of Lennon's rhythm playing, and the reason that instrument (and its replacements) would appear throughout the entirety of the Beatle era, and into the solo years.

2019.17 Come and Get It (2011) -- Darin P. Murphy, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Eric Idle, Neil Innes, Peter Sellers

Apr 29, 2019 56:03


Part two of our look at the Fab Four as actors after the Beatles years.    Ringo's career took him to many places in the 70's.   By the end of that decade his acting career was still somewhat on the rise, although his recording career was stagnating.    Ringo took that route to feature films,  network television specials, commercials (both domestic and foreign) and a gig as an 18-inch magical train conductor.    Paul has typically kept his acting roles smaller (e.g. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"), but he too has "Give My Regards to Broad Street" and the recently released Bruce McMouse Show on his resume.

2019.16 All Together Now (London, 2015) -- Darin P. Murphy, The Beatles, Richard Lester, Peter Cook, Laugh-In

Apr 22, 2019 49:04


This week we dive into the television and movie acting work of The Beatles during the sixties.     Two features, a cameo in "Yellow Submarine", "Magical Mystery Tour" and a handful of TV appearances.    ("Let It Be" and "How I Won the War" are also covered).   Next week, the acting of John, Paul, George and Ringo after 1970!    Actor/musician Darin Murphy ("My Ranger", the forthcoming "Empty Nester's Handbook", "Skyrocket") joins the discussion.

2019.15 Mucho Mungo (Lennon) -- Darin Murphy, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Derek Taylor

Apr 15, 2019 59:21


Following response to our previous Harry Nilsson discussion, we do a deeper dive on the relationship between the individual Beatles and Nilsson, centering on the sessions from spring and summer 1974 that eventually became the "Pussy Cats" album.     Austin-based musician Darin Murphy (Skyrocket, Cotton Mather) joins in on the fun.

2019.14 Buddy Holly Medley (Clock) -- John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Roy Buchanan, Klaus Voorman, Julian Lennon

Apr 8, 2019 48:11


Part two of the WTWF review of "Above Us Only Sky".    This week, John and Yoko finish the Imagine album and film, make friends with Tariq Ali and the Red Dwarf crowd, protest and then move to New York City.    Tittenhurst and Ascot are left behind (and sold to a mate), and Julian ponders on his past.      A cameo from Lonnie and Susan Cooke Pena, in anticipation of his return to the show next week.

2019.13 Be My Baby -- John Lennon, Susan Cooke Pena, Klaus Voorman, Dan Richter

Apr 1, 2019 45:34


The WTWF review of "Above Us Only Sky" begins this week.    LennoNYC director and writer Michael Epstein was given the keys to the "Imagine" footage, and he managed to stitch together both a worthwhile documentary, and something new and interesting.   

2019.12 Lay Down Your Arms (Ringo) -- Susan Cooke Pena, Ringo Starr, Stevie Nicks, The Beatles, Harry Nilsson, Cynthia Lennon

Mar 25, 2019 49:04


Professional artist, Realtor, and former wife of Lonnie - Susan Cooke Pena joins us this week.     We manage to find time among the Beatles related familial gossip to discuss her portraiture of the Beatles, the fab family (and others)!   This is followed by her thoughts on how art school training colors her views on the artwork of John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe.


2019.11 All You Need is Love (Japan) -- The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson

Mar 18, 2019 49:41


The Beatles were never an overly self-referential band.  However, there are a few instances:  All You Need is Love,  I Am The Walrus, Glass Onion, perhaps What Goes On.     However, once they were no longer band-mates. each of the four would reference the group, the individual members, and songs from the Fabs (even releasing a sequel or two) on any number of occasions.    This week we look into some of the references, and build a playlist for those of you looking for a deeper dive.

2019.10 Bed In Medley -- John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Derek Taylor, Mary Hopkin, Jackie Lomax

Mar 11, 2019 50:22


Fifty years ago, the winter of discontent had subsided a bit and spring was around the corner.       Both George and Ringo expressed positive vibes to interviewers concerning the future of the band while work on the "Get Back" acetate proceeded.   Meanwhile, greenery was sprouting (and getting some arrested), while  the fancy of two young men in particular turned to love.

2019.09 Here Comes the Sun (SNL) — George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Backbeat Band, Stella McCartney, Himesh Patel

Mar 4, 2019 50:22


Grab Bag show!  What has been in the Beatles bag beyond the new releases?    A fair bit, actually!    This week we give a possible explanation for the George Harrison "birthday controversy" (hint: British "double summer time"), summarize the contents of the "Egypt Station Traveller's Edition Luxury Box Set" (sorry kids, it is now sold out),  and run through some film releases both new and on disc ("Backbeat" [blu-ray], "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" [Criterion], and "Yesterday" [Danny Boyle]).

2019.08 Best Friend (WoE) — Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings, Parkinson, Lumpy Trousers

Feb 25, 2019 47:40


Week 8.   We finish up the Big Barn Box with our look at Wings Wild Life, Disc 3.     We also cover the Wings over Europe book, and the Red Rose Speedway printed material.     Along the way, a stop in Unplugged-land, Paul and Michael Parkinson chat about chips (or as we call them in the States, french fries), and even a look up at the Vanilla Sky.

2019.07 Live and Let Die (Take 10) — Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings

Feb 18, 2019 59:32


Red Rose Speedway disc three and the paper goods from Wings Wild Life.     Singles, demos, rough mixes, "Jazz Street" and three separate versions of "1882."     On the Wings Wild Life front, books, an invitation to "the Ball," and reproductions of both Linda's photos and handwriting.    Coming soon:   Show 8, and the conclusion of the "Big Barn Box" saga!

2019.06 The Mess (Hague) — Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings, Don Bowman, The Fireman

Feb 11, 2019 53:42


More on the Big Barn Box.     This week: A look at Disc 2 from both the Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway discs.     For the former, we get alternate mixes of each of the eight tracks.     For the latter, we get one of the proposed two-disc versions of "Red Rose Speedway" (also available on vinyl as "RRS Reconstructed").       All-in-all a quite different listening experience when compared to the single disc we have been listening to for all these years.

2019.05 Hands of Love (Take 2) — Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings, Liverpool, Casey Kasem

Feb 4, 2019 46:43


Continuing with the "Big Barn Box", this week we travel through "Red Rose Speedway", and discuss the album in both its previous and remastered incarnations.     Along the way we get some vintage audio from Casey and AT40.   Will "My Love" top the charts for a second week in 1973?    Which George Harrison song was nipping at the Wings?   Tune in and find out, and also hear some vintage comments from Denny and Denny talking about Glyn Johns and the making of the album.

2019.04 Dear Friend (Orchestra Up) -- Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings, Mickey and Sylvia

Jan 28, 2019 43:43


More from the Big Barn Box.     This time, Wings Wild Life.     Paul McCartney and his unnamed band started recording in the summer of 1971.   Paul wanted to follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan and quickly record the first record from his new band.    After the birth of Stella, the band was christened Wings, and the album released in December 1971.

2019.03 Mary Had a Little Lamb (Flip Wilson Show) — Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings

Jan 21, 2019 48:19


Mary Had a Little Lamb, whose fleece was white as snow and every time we played this disc, the lamb was sure to show!      Paul McCartney and Wings did four separate videos for this song, and all of them are presented on the "Red Rose Speedway" DVD.    We close out our look at the "Big Barn Box" videos with more real-time discussion of this collection, including our thoughts on the Countryside, Desert, Barn and Psychedelic versions.    Back to a more normal routine next week as we discuss the remaster and two albums proper.

2019.02 Lucille (ICA) — Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings

Jan 14, 2019 41:43


More real-time discussion covering the video DVD in the "Wings Wild Life Archive Collection" box.     Video from the dawn of Wings.   ICA footage, ABC news clips of "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" and Scottish farmhouse footage of Mr. and Mrs. McCartney singing and playing, while Heather, Mary and Martha play nearby.    Fun, laid back and a good companion to the album.

2019.01 I Would Only Smile -- Paul McCartney, Denny Laine, Linda, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough, Wings

Jan 7, 2019 01:02:48


Paul McCartney has long held dreams of classic Disney-style animation.    Years before he managed to lead the Frog Chorus to a number three hit with Rupert the Bear, he imagined the world singing along with Wings and a gang of cartoon mice.      Whatever happened to Bruce, Yvonne, Soily, Swooney and Swat?     We finally find out with the release of "The Bruce McMouse show" in the "Red Rose Speedway Archive Collection", and this week the WTWF guys give it a spin and provide some real-time thoughts and opinions.

2018.53 Helter Skelter (New Year's) -- Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Beatles, The B-52s, The Killers, Darin Murphy, Cotton Mather

Dec 31, 2018 48:51


Another year over.    A new one just begun.      A look back at 2018, the people and things that went before from the perspective of both the Beatle world and the show.          We review our show guests from the past year (missed any?    They are all still available!), the solo and band releases, and other memories both "New" and old.

2018.52 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Outtake) -- Giles Martin, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Marmite!

Dec 24, 2018 48:37


The marmite edition of When They Was Fab?     Who knew that the sticky, dark brown food paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour (produced by Unilever) would be so relevant to the Beatles story?  Surrounding our deep dive into the food product, we continue with disc five and tackle all of disc six, finishing out our look at the Deluxe White Album Box set.



2018.51 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Take 5) -- The Beatles, Giles Martin, Paul McCartney, Steve Miller

Dec 17, 2018 48:45


This week we start our look into the Outtakes discs from the Beatles White Album box set.       Early versions of songs we know and love in styles ranging from quite similar to exceedingly different from the finished products.     Indeed, the diversity mirrors that of the 1968 double album.    Where else could you get Take 1 of "Hey Jude" and Take 1 of "What's the New Mary Jane" on the same official CD?

2018.50 Sour Milk Sea (Outfake) -- Giles Martin, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Eric Clapton

Dec 10, 2018 43:39


Part three of the WTWF look at the White Album Super Deluxe edition.    This week, the Esher Demos and the Blu-Ray.     Although the Esher tapes have been available in one form or another for over 25 years (from both legal and "import" sources), but never in stereo, in this quality or from the original source tape.  Among the goodies on the blu-ray disc, we talk a little bit about the mono, some on the PCM stereo and a fair bit on the surround 5.1 mix.   

2018.49b Helter Skelter (mono/2018) -- Darin Murphy, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Beatles

Dec 5, 2018 45:39


Darin Murphy joins us again as we continue our look at the remixes of sides 3+4 of the White album.    There can be no doubt the new mixes are both cleaner and shinier, but how often do they equal or better the originals?     Perhaps it does not matter, since the new mixes will supplement, not replace the original mono and stereo.

2018.49a Don't Pass Me By (mono/2009/2018) -- Darin Murphy, Paul McCartney, The Beatles,

Dec 3, 2018 46:35


Darin Murphy joins us again as we move onto a track-by-track look at the remix, comparing the mono, stereo and 2018 mixes where appropriate.    Compare our contemporary views with classic clips from Paul McCartney's promotional interview on Radio Luxembourg from November 20, 1968 where he did much the same thing.     Stay tuned, as our look at sides 3+4 will be out sooner than you might think!

2018.48 Revolution 1 (2009/2018) -- Darin Murphy, The Beatles, Sam Okell, Giles Martin

Nov 26, 2018 44:06


The WTWF look at the Giles Martin remix of the White album begins here.     Musician, Producer and Actor Darin Murphy (from Skyrocket!, Cotton Mather and the summer of...) joins us again for a few weeks, as we break down the intricacies of going back to the source material and rebuilding a classic record.   Is it possible to simultaneously honor the original mix, and to freshen the sound for modern ears.    If so, with "The Beatles," has Giles Martin been successful, and to what degree?

2018.47 Goodnight (LReith) -- Tom Hunyady, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Weeklings, The Analogues

Nov 19, 2018 49:42


Tom Hunyady (2Legs, Talk more Talk) guest hosts and we discuss "The White Album: An International Symposium" held at Monmouth University November 8-11.     Dozens of sessions on every aspect of the album, talks from Ken Mansfield, Chris Thomas, Mark Lewisohn, performances by the Weeklings and more Beatles authors, podcasters and scholars than you can shake a stick at!    

2018.46 Oh My Love (Gimme Some Truth) -- John Lennon, Yoko Ono, George Harrison, Dick Cavett,

Nov 12, 2018 59:39


The summary of the various recent Imagine products concludes this week with a bit more of us looking at the book, and a drill down into the blu-ray and DVD release that contains both "Imagine" (the film), "Gimme Some Truth", and bonus tracks.   No current laserdisc, but we do reminisce about the previous US release in that format.

2018.45 Gimme Some Truth (Quad) -- John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Elliot Mintz. Paul McCartney, Wings

Nov 5, 2018 50:25


Week three on the "Imagine: Ultimate Edition" box set.    This week: The audio Blu-Rays.      Finished with the CDs and the included book?    There is still plenty more on the Blu-Rays.    Additional Evolution Documentaries (mono only), Evolution mixes (mono and 5.1), highlights from John's interviews with Elliot Mintz, a new 5.1 mix of the album/extras, and even the original Quad mix.    We also take the opportunity to discuss some of the less commonly available and unreleased 4.0 mixes from "back in the day".

2018.44 Imagine (version2) -- John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Rob Stevens, Plastic Ono Band

Oct 29, 2018 49:55


A look at discs 2, 3 and 4 of the Imagine: Ultimate Collection box set.     Album outtakes, raw studio outtakes, evolution documentaries and singles extras.    That's not all, as even more of these can be found on the two Blu-Ray discs, and will be discussed in next week's show!

2018.43 Gimme Some Truth (vocal_only) -- John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sir Paul McCartney, KXAN news team.

Oct 22, 2018 49:12


Most of this episode is dedicated to the remix of the "Imagine" album (and it's bonus tracks) as found on the 1-disc, 2-disc, digital and Ultimate edition box.      We also spend a little time on the hardback book, talk about what it does and does not replicate from the commercial "coffee table" book, and close the show (by popular request) with a bit of chat about the Austin City Limits Festival and Sir Paul's headlining appearance!

2018.42 Confidante (Staircase) -- Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Stephen Colbert

Oct 15, 2018 56:24


The continuing story of Sir Paul McCartney takes us to an episode covering the media appearances (traditional, social and even dead tree) he has made over the last few months.     After running through the list, there is no doubt he worked quite hard (with the able assistance of his own organization and the good promotional folks at Capitol/Universal) to get Egypt Station to the top of the Billboard album charts.     

2018.35 Ram On (Soundcheck) -- Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Abe, Rusty, Brian Ray, Paul "Wix" Wickens

Oct 8, 2018 46:36


A look at the McCartney soundcheck experience, from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.    I return from a visit to the "Great White North" slightly disappointed (no "Mull of Kintyre"), but only a little bit.     Fortunately, there were plentiful good times, new friends and listeners, and a "virtual soundcheck" including chats with fans that shared time with me over the vegetarian spread at the real one!

2018.40 Rockshow Commentary (pt.1) -- Tom Hunyady, David Gargalino, Paul McCartney, Linda, Denny, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe English and the horns

Oct 1, 2018 01:07:23


A special episode!     This week Lonnie and I are joined by David Gargalino and Tom Hunyady for a commentary track covering the first hour of "Rockshow".     We spend a fair bit of time considering Paul's choices on tracks he has used to open concerts (from 1972 through the present day), and more thoughts on the Wings/McCartney concert experience, but manage to keep our comments relevant to what is on screen!        Tune in to "2 Legs:A Paul McCartney podcast" (also on podbean -  https://2legspodcast.podbean.com/) in a few weeks for more from the four of us (wearing raincoats) as we discuss the back hour of Rockshow.

2018.39 Get Started -- Sir Paul McCartney, Lumpy Trousers, Jarvis Cocker, Wings

Sep 24, 2018 47:25


WTWF travels through the stations on vinyl disc 2 of Egypt Stations and pushes through the two additional stops found on the Target/HMV line.   We talk a bit about instrumentation, the players, make some comparisons to songs Macca recorded in the seventies, eighties, nineties/aughts and close with our grades on this disc.

2018.38 Who Cares -- Sir Paul McCartney, The Rutles, Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern, Ryan Tedder

Sep 17, 2018 47:00


Congratulations to Sir Paul McCartney on the debut of Egypt Station at the top of the Billboard album charts in the United States.     To keep the celebration going, WTWF reviews the first vinyl disc (Opening Station through Hand in Hand.)    Next week: Vinyl disc 2 and the two bonus tracks!

2018.37 Oh Yoko! (1969) — John Lennon, The Beatles, Widespread Panic, Yoko Ono, Verona Boys

Sep 10, 2018 00:52:42


The second part of the WTWF look at John Lennon’s “Imagine” album.     We talk about nine of the songs on the album (check out the previous show for the title track), listen to some demos and covers, then consider both changing the track order, and possibly even trading a tune to another LP!     

2018.36 Baby Please Don’t Go (1972) — John Lennon, George Harrison, King Curtis, Mike Pinder, Nicky Hopkins, Joey Molland, WKRP

Sep 3, 2018 00:47:26


Happy Labor Day to those in the United States!     This week Lonnie and I anticipate the re-release of Imagine by returning to the original package.    Tune in for background on the sessions and players (both known and unknown), and the A-side of the single (also the album’s title track).   Continues in a week, when you can tune in for part two as we cover the other nine tracks and “rate a record!”

2018.35 Kansas City (Montserrat) — Ken Womack, Kit O’Toole, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, George Martin, The BeeGees, Cheap Trick

Aug 27, 2018 00:50:02


Guest host Kit O’Toole and Monmouth University Dean Ken Womack, join WTWF for part two of our visit.   This week, we continue our discussion of his biography of Sir George Martin “Sound Pictures”.    Among the topics discussed: George Martin’s relationship with Paul McCartney and George Harrison post-Beatles, AIR Studios (London, Montserrat and Lyndhurst) and some of the acts GM chose to work with during those years, including his archive releases and swan song disc “In My Life”


2018.34 Revolution (Take 20) — Ken Womack, Kit O’Toole, George Martin, The Beatles, Stackridge, Christopher Eccleston

Aug 20, 2018 00:52:16


Kenneth Womack, Dean of the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences and author of the two volume George Martin biography Maximum Volume and the forthcoming Sound Pictures joins the show (including special guest host Kit O’Toole) for a discussion of George Martin, his work with the Beatles, the studios they worked in and more.  The story continues next week as we take a deeper look at what lay beyond the Beatles years, and how all leads eventually lead back to the Fab Four.

2018.33 Day Tripper (Live) — Joe Baiardi, Jamie Ashby, Paul McCartney, The Beatles

Aug 13, 2018 00:55:26


We continue our look at the bass stylings of Sir Paul McCartney.     Joe Baiardi (The Fab 5) and Jamie Ashby join us with a Hofner and vintage Rickenbacker 4001 to demonstrate bass lines from Rubber Soul through Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road and Let It Be, with a brief stop over in Wings territory.   Ever wanted to know about McCartney’s walking bass lines?    The “Fuzz Bass” on “Think For Yourself”?     Perhaps you would prefer a lengthy discussion and demonstration of the bass line our experts describe as the “best of Paul’s entire career”.    Tune in for all this and more!

2018.32 From Me To You (BBC) — Joe Baiardi, Jamie Ashby, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe

Aug 6, 2018 00:54:08


Part one of the WTWF look at Paul McCartney’s playing, how he came to the role of bass player in the Beatles, and his visit to Hamburg’s Steinway Musichaus in 1961.      Joining us again are Joe Baiardi and Jamie Ashby, long-time skilled practitioners of the McCartney arts.       The pair discuss and demonstrate the nuances of Paul’s bass playing from “Ain’t She Sweet” to “From Me to You” all the way through “Help!”.     Along the way many of the finer points of bass-playing in general, and Paul’s style in particular are touched upon along the way.

2018.31 Bangladesh (CfBD) — Darin Murphy, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Ravi Shankar, Leon Russell, Badfinger

Jul 30, 2018 00:56:47


Forty-seven years ago (August 1, 1971), George Harrison and Ravi Shankar turned the world’s attention to the issues in Bangladesh. The shows were organised to raise international awareness and fund relief efforts for refugees from East Pakistan, following the Bangladesh Liberation War-related genocide.     The concerts spawned a bestselling live album and film that continue to raise funds for children in need to this day.    We discuss the show with our guest Darin Murphy, and how he was involved in recreating the concert live on stage in Austin, Texas for its 35th (and 40th) anniversaries.

2018.30 Sweet Little Sixteen — Darin Murphy, The Beatles, Dr. Feelgood & the Interns, Little Willie John

Jul 23, 2018 00:45:24


The summer of Darin Murphy continues!    The topic this week, the Beatles as a cover band.     Liverpool, Hamburg, the BBC sessions, and even EMI through “Beatles For Sale” were an outlet for the band to perform their favorite songs from others (ranging from fifties roots rock and R&B through to then-current A- and B-sides).      We discuss the songs they chose to cover, and how that material fit with the originals as the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team moved into high gear.

2018.29 Mistress and Maid (Live) — Joe Baiardi, Jamie Ashby, Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, The Brodsky Quartet, The Fab 5, The Fab Faux, Zen Archer, the Texas Medical Center Orchestra

Jul 16, 2018 00:50:31


Joe Baiardi (Paul Mccartney of the Fab 5) returns to the show, and we are also joined by Jamie Ashby (The Chromatics, the McLanahans), of Beatle Jams fame.     In 2017, the Fab 5 in conjunction with the Texas Medical Center Orchestra performed Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for a crowd of thousands at the Miller Outdoor Theater, and Jamie was part of “the White Album for Purple Songs.”    Each discusses the business of planning, prepararing, rehearsing and performing a Beatles album in its entirety.    

2018.28 Get Back (Letterman) — Wally Podrazik, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, David Letterman, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon

Jul 9, 2018 00:56:56


Wally Podrazik returns with part two of our look at the Beatles and Late Night television.      Tom Snyder and Johnny Carson would bring former Beatles solidly into the world of late night.    As the seventies icons gave way to the next generation, Letterman, Leno, Fallon, Conan, Colbert, Corden and Kimmel would find newer and ever more inventive ways to engage and entertain America with interviews, bits and music from McCartney and Starr.

2018.extra Birthday — Ringo Starr, Chris Carter, The Beatles

Jul 7, 2018 00:10:59


 For best effect, start the show at 11:59 AM local time!     Peace and Love, and Happy Birthday to Sir Richard Starkey!      We will be back with our regularly scheduled episode!

2018.27 Two Faced Man — Wally Podrazik, Jack Paar, Dick Cavett, George Harrison, Gary Wright, Wonderwheel, John Lennon, Yoko Ono.

Jul 2, 2018 00:53:26


The viral success of Paul McCartney and James Corden led us to consider the Beatles appearances on American Late Night TV talk shows through the years.    The story starts with Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, the Tonight Show and moves on to Dick Cavett on ABC.   Walter Podrazik (co-author with Harry Castleman) of the classic Beatles books “All Together Now” (+ more) and television reference “Watching TV: Eight Decades of American Television”) joins us this week and next to talk a bit about the shows, the hosts and how the Beatles moved from a punchline to politically savvy young men with something to say.

2018.26 Come On To Me — Tom Hunyady, Paul McCartney, James Corden, Ringo Starr, Klaus Voorman, Abe, Wix, Rusty, Brian

Jun 25, 2018 00:45:59


WTWF joins the fray as we discuss events of recent weeks.    Before “Come On To Me” and “I Don’t Know”, Paul and MPL have been quite busy.     Paul cleared his social media accounts and provided clues leading up to the official announcement.     Many of the mysteries have been answered now that the secret of “Egypt Station” has been revealed, but some still remain.    We also talk about the coverage of Paul’s visit to Liverpool, and the lead-up to “Carpool Karoake.”    Enjoy the new material, and September Ho!     For the remainder of the show, we cover Ringo’s announcement of a new volume from Genesis Publications, and his visit to Hamburg along with the photos and stage appearance from old friend Klaus Voorman.

2018.25 Long Tall Sally — Darin Murphy, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart

Jun 18, 2018 01:04:27


Happy 76th Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney!      A very special episode as we continue our visit with Darin Murphy.    This week, he gets behind the kit and spends an hour demonstrating and discussing the finer points of Ringo’s drumming technique.    Along the way we discuss why Ringo was not just perfect for the band, but essential to Beatlemania and beyond.       Other topics include Pete Best and the “atom beat,” the versatility of Ringo’s snare, cymbals and hi-hat (open/half-open/closed), and finally “the quickest right hand in the West.”

2018.24 I Just Don’t Understand — Darin Murphy, Skyrocket!, The Beatles, NRBQ, Jamie Ashby, Billy Harvey, Ken Scott

Jun 11, 2018 00:43:12


The summer of Darin Murphy continues!      Part two of our discussion goes down Beatles-oriented shows Darin has been involved in around Houston and Austin, and the musicians that helped bring various visions to life.   The show closes with some impression work, and how a bit of fun turned into an some work for record producer Ken Scott (Magical Mystery Tour, the White Album) that got noticed by Apple Corps.     Stick around - Next week, a very special show!

2018.23 Act Naturally — Darin Murphy, The Beatles, Don Scardino, Cotton Mather, Horst Fascher

Jun 4, 2018 00:48:59


Darin Murphy has been studying and recreating the music of the Beatles for over thirty years.  He honed his musical and production skills in a series of “Fab Fourgeries”, playing all the parts, producing, engineering and mastering (without the help of digital manipulation) half a dozen Beatles songs.     Murphy is known for his original music, a popular regional band with his sister, drumming for Robert Harrison-led “Cotton Mather”, musical director and multi-instrumentalist for Texas party powerhouse SKYROCKET!, and a stint (approved by Yoko Ono) as understudy and one of the Lennons in Broadway musical “Lennon.”    Now he joins WTWF for several shows in the following weeks and months in what we are referring to as “The summer of Darin Murphy.”

2018.22 Hope For the Future (Jaded Mix) — Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, George Harrison, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon

May 28, 2018 00:45:30


Part two of the WTWF look at what might come to pass with Apple Corps, The Beatles (R), and the legal management of the Beatle master tapes, likeness rights and more.     We start with an overview of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of messrs Starkey and Harrison, then jump forward to consider how things may stand in 2118, once the existing catalog has slipped into the public domain.    We then return to the present to ruminate on how we might help make that future bloom given the “Things We Said Today.”

2018.21 Only a Northern Song — Paul McCartney, The Beatles, George Harrison, Bruce Spizer, The Crickets, GOASTT

May 21, 2018 00:44:52


Over the years the company Apple Corps has moved beyond ” this thing called ‘Apple’ which is going to be records, films, and electronics”.    Although they no longer service other artists, they are now oversee the likenesses, trademarks, and musical output of the largest modern era global entertainment phenomena.       This week and next, we consider the future of this empire, and the people likely to control it for the forseeable future.     Consider that vinyl, 8-track, reel-to-reel, cassette, VHS, laserdisc and CD have come and (mostly) gone since the release of “Please Please Me”.      As we moved into the future, our current audio and video streaming will look equally quaint.     Therefore, even beyond the point when this material enters the public domain, it seems ownership of the masters will matter and remain profitable.

2018.20 Something — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon.

May 14, 2018 00:52:37


Happy Mother’s Day (US) from WTWF!     This week we consider a tough time in the lives of Paul McCartney and George Harrison.  The Beatles were disintegrating, George had to endure the passing of his mother at age 58, and Paul was looking for comfort in his memory of “Mother Mary”.     Despite these troubles, each managed to turn grief into art, and we look at 6 songs that include some of the best from each that were written post-”The Beatles”, and through the recording for each of their first solo albums.

2018.19 English Garden — Ringo Starr, The Beatles, Motley Crue, John Davidson, Barbara Bach, John Matuszak

May 7, 2018 00:50:18


In 1980, Ringo Starr accepted a role in the movie “Caveman” for United Artists.         The cast included old school comics including Avery Schreiber (best known at the time for game shows and a long running series of Doritos commercials), Jack Gilford (a veteran actor of over 40 years at the time), and relative newcomers including Shelley Long, Dennis Quaid and Oakland Raider John Matuszak.      The thin plot, and lack of dialogue (the script consists of roughly two dozen words for concepts such as fire, love, dinosaur and sexual congress).      The film might lay alongside other Ringo projects, were it not for the fact that it introduced Ringo to Barbara, and resulted in their love affair and marriage less than a year later.

2018.18 LongLongLong — Ken Womack, The Beatles, John Lennon, DangerMouse, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Sir Paul McCartney

Apr 30, 2018 00:46:36


This November, an upcoming seminar “Producing An Enigma for The Ages” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release has been announced by Monmouth University.     Dean Ken Womack of the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences (author of “Maximum Volume” and the forthcoming “Sound Pictures” George Martin biography) joins us to discuss the plans for the Symposium, the Tuesday Night Record club and their other projects entertaining and educating not only their students, but the community at large with the union of recent popular music and scholarly research and study.    In the remaining time, we discuss a couple of White Album topics, including mixes, George Martin and “Happiness is a Warm Gun”.

2018.17 I’m Losing You — John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Larry King, Al Capp, Gloria Emerson, George Harrison

Apr 23, 2018 00:55:10


Part two of our review of 1988’s “Imagine: John Lennon” documentary.     This week, we cover the rest of the film including the remainder of the Ascot footage and “the Yoko Years.”         Remember Al Capp’s invasion at the Bed-In?     Gloria Emerson’s haughty tone?    That and more, then we then give our thoughts on how the documentary played at the time, and how it holds up nearly thirty years later.     

2018.16 Mother (live) — John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Beatles, David Wolper, Andrew Solt, Cynthia Lennon,

Apr 16, 2018 00:52:09


The first of two parts covering the 1988 Imagine: John Lennon documentary.         Despite the release of the Beatles catalog the previous year, all was not well in the land of Lennon.      The Albert Goldman character assasination disguised as biography came out early in 1988, and some fans still held hard feelings over Yoko’s approval of the Nike “Revolution” spot.      The best solution would be to bring John’s two biggest strengths - his life, and his music to the fore.        Both would be serviced by a major motion picture including a peek into the Lennon video archives, new interviews with people close to Lennon (but NOT the other three Beatles), unheard (to that point) Lennon home demos and remixed versions of classic Lennon and Beatles tunes,     This week the first half of the film, covering most of the Beatles years and the Tittenhurst Park footage.       Continued next week!

2018.15 Here Comes the Sun (Fab5) — Danny Kristensen, The Fab 5, The Beatles, Marshall Crenshaw, Almost Endless Summer

Apr 9, 2018 00:44:00


Part two of the WTWF visit with Danny Kristensen, the new “Tribute George Harrison” in the Fab 5.     This week we get into the specifics of portraying a Beatle on stage.     It all starts with the music, but also includes the clothes, the guitars and the fans.    For those interested (particularly Texas and Louisiana), look for the Fab 5 at https://www.thefab5.net/ and learn more about Chuck, Joe, Danny, Rod and Paul Byron, voted by the Houston Press as Houston’s best Tribute Band!

2018.14 Help (Live) — Danny Kristensen, The Beatles, Glen Campbell, Almost Endless Summer, Fever Tree, Private Numbers

Apr 2, 2018 00:45:31


What is it like to become George Harrison in a Beatles tribute band?   Musician Danny Kristensen joins the show this week to tell us about everything that led to his new role: growing up up in the region, seeing the Beatles in concert, recording over three decades, playing the ukelele and his recent move to the world of “The Fab 5″.         Plenty of covers, fun, excitement and even a bit of the actual Beatles and Ringo playing boogie-woogie piano.    Continues next week.

2018.13 Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance — Tom Hunyady, Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Seiwell, Henry McCullough

Mar 26, 2018 01:05:05


On the Night of April 16, 1973 Chevrolet and ABC presented the world premiere of an hour from Paul McCartney that promised “Yesterday”, “Michelle”, “Long Tall Sally”, and a medley of half a dozen Beatles songs.       As we soon come upon the forty-fifth anniversary of that airing, history has not lived up to that initial anticipation.     This week, the WTWF guys along with special guest Tom Hunyady (of the “2Legs” McCartney podcast) let the YouTube warm up and spend the hour commenting and providing facts, sarcasm, humor and select audio from the special (during those times the special held our interest, or we couldn’t think of anything to say!)

2018.12 Bangla Desh (CfBD) — Dr. Kit O’Toole, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, John Fugelsang, Paul McCartney, Ken Thorne, The George Martin Orchestra

Mar 19, 2018 00:59:53


A second visit with fan favorite Dr. Kit O’Toole.      Following on from last week’s “Concert for George” show, the WTWF guys (+ one special guest gal) consider the intertwining relationships between George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Ravi Shankar.       Ultimately, everything we know about the public and private life of “The Quiet Beatle” was influenced by one, the other or both of these two gentlemen.        We then expand the scope and play amateur psychologist, doing a compare and contrast covering George’s friendships with his mentor and his “brother from another mother” to the what we know of his that with the two songwriting Beatles, and even each of his partners in marriage.

2018.11 Cheer Down (live) — Kit O’Toole, George Harrison, Andy Fairweather-Low, Marc Mann, Jim Horn, Tom Scott.

Mar 12, 2018 00:52:15


“The Concert For George” found its way back to theatres, home video, vinyl and CD to celebrate the birthday of a certain famous Pisces.     This week we do the same, with famed Beatles (and more) author Kit O’Toole (who will also be back next week).         We dig a little deeper into the show, and consider the musicians on stage that are not superstars.     Many of them worked with George in the tour of Japan, Dark Horse and NLP shows, but others are on George’s records starting with “All Things Must Pass” and running through “Brainwashed”.    

2018.10 Twist and Shout (FBDO) — Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney, Hugh Padgham, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Mar 5, 2018 00:50:38


Part two of our look back to 1986.     Ringo was finishing up narrating the “Thomas the Tank Engine” stories, Paul recorded tracks with Billy Joel’s band for the unreleased “Return to Pepperland” album, and “Press to Play” hit shops after a bit of a delay.       The Beatles had a hit record (again) as “Twist and Shout” rose the charts, and fans were treated to high-quality releases of both studio sessions (the bootleg/counterfeit of the scrapped “Sessions” album), and a near complete set of BBC recordings.

2018.09 It Won’t Be Long (Julian Lennon) — John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Howard Stern Julian Lennon, David Letterman

Feb 26, 2018 00:46:36


1986 was a year of transition for the former Beatles.         The Lennon estate gave the world two legitimate discs from the archive as an appetizer for years to come.       Julian released his secod disc “The Secret Value of Daydreaming”, and  conined his own world tour.      George Harrison took some steps toward a return to the madness that is the music business.      Some musical work was done for the “Shanghai Surprise” film soundtrack, but for the most part, the big story was tales of fights among Madonna and Sean Penn.


2018.08 Soily — Wings, Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe English

Feb 19, 2018 01:02:34


…and the band begins to play.      The visit to New Orleans was followed by some more recording (”Wings at the Speed of Sound”) and the beginning of the Wings over the World tour.      The newly minted band, and their hot horn section visited the UK, Australia and France.      After a short delay, the band would reach their Zenith as they hit the United States - the set being captured in its entirety on both vinyl and film.        Unfortunately, fame did not sit well with the group, as the Fair Carol and Virgin Islands drove Jimmy and Joe away instead of bringing them closer.    Paul would not be deterred, as he now had a new son, and being reduced to a trio (again!) resulted in the biggest hit of Paul’s solo career everywhere except the United States!



2018.07 Junior’s Farm — Wings, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe English, Tony Dorsey, Howie Casey, Thaddeus Richard, and Steve Howard

Feb 12, 2018 00:47:40


This week, WTWF takes a look at the members of the Jimmy/Joe version of Wings, which lasted from the recording of Paul’s brother’s “McGear” album through the recording of “London Town”.         Where did the individual players come from?  Did Geoff Britton’s references to karate facilitate his exit from the band after only five months?       What about those guys in the horn section?     All this and more in Part One of our look at the longest-lasting iteration of Wings.     

2018.06 Got to Get You Into My Life — The Beatles, Wings, The Supremes, Casey Kasem, Zager and Evans

Feb 5, 2018 00:58:14


Superbowl LII was a barn-burner, but not as much as the Beatles battles on the Billboard singles charts.      With the release of “1″, we all became familiar with the songs that managed to hit the top of the charts, but what about those that ended up just short of that lofty goal?     This week WTWF (with some help from Casey and “AT40″) examine the fourteen Beatles songs that ended up somewhere between numbers 2 and 10 from 1964 to 2000, and the artists and tracks that ended up ahead of those classics.

2018.05 Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him — Ed Mayberry, John Lennon, The Beatles, Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Whitlock

Jan 29, 2018 00:52:06


The third (and final, for now) episode with radio personality Ed Mayberry.     Unfortunately, time and tide wait for no disc jockey, podcast or even rock star.    However, thankfully, fans and listeners have managed to recover some of the “Mayberry archives”, and we present the Beatles-centered clips that are available.     Family friends, and figures from the Quarrymen-era to the present day can be heard in this show.

2018.04 Hope of Deliverance — Ed Mayberry, Sir Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Julian Lennon, Dick Clark, the Pete Best Band, Arsenio Hall

Jan 22, 2018 00:56:23


Part two of the WTWF visit with forty-plus year radio veteran Ed Mayberry.     This week, we start in on the instances where his professional career intersected with Beatles and Beatle people.      Among the highlights are Ringo and the All-Starrs at AquaFest in Austin 1992, Julian Lennon performing “Saltwater” acoustically in the studio, a vegetarian lunch with Paul and Linda McCartney, and hanging with Pete Best.     The series concludes next week with even more Beatle people interviews!

2018.03 For You Blue (Live) — Ed Mayberry, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, 10-4 KRBE, Levi-KLOL, GOASTT

Jan 15, 2018 00:45:57


You may have heard the stories about the early “freeform” days of FM radio, but what was it like to be on the air, playing the songs and entertaining your municipality without a corporate office telling you what to play and when.    This week we go back to the days of “Posters, Incense and Strobe Candles” when it wasn’t unusual to hear James Taylor followed by Willie Nelson, the Plastic Ono Band and the Beatles.    Our guest (week one of three) is radio veteran Ed Mayberry, who we are fortunate to get in just as he announced his retirement after 46+ years in the business.



2018.02 I Should’ve Known Better — Bryce Zabel, The Beatles, Anchor and Bear, Mark Cunningham, Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Paul McCartney

Jan 8, 2018 00:44:36


Part two of the WTWF interview with author and television producer Bryce Zabel.     This week we take a deeper dive into “Once There was a Way: What if the Beatles Stayed Together — Breakpoint Book 2″, but remain careful to keep spoilers to a minimum.      Could George Harrison have possibly brought Steve Jobs into the Beatles Apple in the early seventies, and turned him into a “Real Magic Alex?”       What would classic solo songs such as “Imagine”, “My Sweet Lord”, “Band on the Run” and “Photograph” be like had the Beatles still been around to record them?     Might there possibly be a life for this alternate history beyond the page?     Tune in and find one man’s answers to those questions and many more…     More details on Bryce and the book at http://whatifbeatles.com

2018.01 Dark Sweet Lady — Bryce Zabel, Neil Innes, The MopTops, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, The Beatles,

Jan 3, 2018 00:41:20


We start 2018 with a trip through alternative history.   Anyone who has loved the music of the Beatles may have pondered ways to keep the band together, but few have done anything about it.  We speak with one of them. Part One of our visit with Author Bryce Zabel (who, despite his best efforts is not known as Booth Hill).   He joins the show this week and next to discuss his new novel “Once There Was a Way: What if the Beatles Stayed Together?”     More details on Bryce and the book at http://whatifbeatles.com

2017.53 Thank U Very Much — The Scaffold, The Beatles, The Fab 5, The Weeklings, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Smithereens, Kenneth Womack, Laurence Juber,

Dec 25, 2017 00:46:56


The WTWF guys close out the year of 2017 with a look back at 2017, and just a tiny bit of self-reflection.        How is the podcast doing?    Which shows and guests made a splash for us, and more importantly - you, our listeners!   What were some of the Beatles highlights from the previous year?   Which figures in the Beatles realm did we lose last year?     What are we looking forward to in 2018?    All this, and (thankfully, no WWII) our usual mix of tunes and relevant quotes.      See you in 2018!

2017.52 In My Car — The Beatles, The Fab Four, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Kenneth Womack, Rob Sheffield

Dec 18, 2017 00:44:59


Christmastime is here again, and the WTWF guys wish you an amazing holiday season!     The show talks a bit about the new vinyl releases from the Fabs, and asks the musical question - “Do we really need a 2017 vinyl picture disc version of the remixed Pepper that closely resembles the 1978 version?”     Beyone that, we look back at releases from earlier in the year that you might want to consider as gifts for the fan on your list!

2017.51 Back off Boogaloo — Paul McCartney, Wings, Ringo Starr

Dec 11, 2017 00:46:04


Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have both finished their fall runs through the United States.     Paul moved on to Mexico, and is currently thrilling crowds in Austalia and New Zealand.    Meanwhile, Ringo finished a residency in Las Vegas, and moved across Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and ended in New York/New Jersey.       This show was recorded before Ringo announced his 2018 tour including Colin Hay and Graham Gouldman.

2017.50 Don’t Pass Me By — The Beatles, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, RADD

Dec 4, 2017 00:52:18


This week WTWF looks at the times in their solo careers when solo Beatles dug into the catalog of their former band.      In the early and mid 1970’s, it was more a matter of completing material and releasing it to the general public.      As the years passed, and the spectre of the band receeded a bit, it was no longer blasphemy for Ringo or Paul to consider attempting songs actually released by the Fabs.      Some of these were charity or holiday discs, but the soundtrack to “Give My Regards to Broad Street” (produced by George Martin) is almost half an album loaded with eighties-vintage McCartney covering the Beatles.

2017.49 Michelle — The Beatles, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, Del Shannon, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Glee, Earth Wind & Fire, Underground Sunshine and more.

Nov 27, 2017 00:58:11


When handled properly, covers of Beatles album cuts frequently climbed the charts in the US or UK.     This started with Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas version of “Do You Want to Know a Secret”, based on John Lennon’s demo, climbed the British charts alongside the Beatles single “From Me To You.”      Del Shannon’s cover of “FMTY” then became the first time a Lennon-McCartney song would hit the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, months before the Beatles own version became a hit record.     Such covers have continued to this day when a musical television phenomena such as Glee can “move units” on the download charts.

2017.48 Love Comes to Everyone — George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Leon Russell

Nov 20, 2017 01:05:43


Part two of the WTWF look at the relationship between George Harrison and Eric Clapton after 1970.         Throughout the years, the pair frequently appeared on each other’s records.     Beyond that, they could be found together on television and in the movies.    The highest profile appearance for the pair was the 12-date tour of Japan in 1991, which later appeared on disc (minus Eric’s mid-show 4-song turn up front.)

2017.47 Ski-ing — George Harrison, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, Delaney & Bonnie

Nov 13, 2017 00:48:03


George Harrison and Eric Clapton first became friendly during the Beatlemania era.      The Yardbirds were on the bill of the 1964 Beatles Christmas show.    By 1967, the two became close friends, and Eric was invited to the exalted position of guesting  on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”     They shared many things over the next few years including homes, guitars and an extraordinary woman.     Join us next week as we take their story through the solo years!

2017.46 Can’t Buy Me Love — Jerry Hammack, The Beatles, Tony Sheridan

Nov 6, 2017 00:42:56


Part two of our visit with Jerry Hammack, author of “The Beatles Recording Reference Manual: Volume 1: My Bonnie Through Beatles for Sale (1961-1964)”    This week, we talk about the Tony Sheridan Sessions, Beatles recording outside of London, John Lennon’s amps, the possibility of digital versions of Jerry’s books and what are his current planned release dates.

2017.45 Blue Jay Way — Jerry Hammack, The Beatles, Tony Sheridan

Oct 30, 2017 00:45:02


Author, Recording Engineer and Canada resident Jerry Hammack joins us this week to discuss his most recent book, “The Beatles Recording Reference Manual: Volume 1: My Bonnie Through Beatles For Sale.”      Beyond the opening chord, what is the *other* secret of the song “A Hard Day’s Night?”       The answer is just the start of the fun!

2017.44 Take Good Care of My Baby — The Beatles, David Essex, Ray Connolly, Adam Faith, Jim Maclaine and the Stray Cats.

Oct 23, 2017 00:46:13


October 23.    New Show!     This week, we continue the story of Jim Maclaine with a review of “Stardust”, Ray Connolly’s sequel to “That’ll Be the Day”.         Even though Ringo Starr chose not to return for the second film, Beatles references continue to abound.     See if you can spot the stand-ins for Neil Aspinall, Allan Klein, Mal Evans and other Beatle people, places and things.        The soundtrack includes may songs familiar to Beatle people, including a cover of “Some Other Guy”, a hit for Jim and the Stray Cats in the film’s alternate universe.

2017.43 Teddy Boy — Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, David Essex, Dick Clark, Keith Moon, Ray Connolly

Oct 16, 2017 00:49:38


This week the WTWF guys talk about the highlight of Ringo’s acting career, the 1973 magnum opus “That’ll Be The Day.”      The screenplay for both this project, and the followup, were written by journalist Ray Connolly.    Connolly’s Beatles interviews have been collected, and are available as either a print or e-book from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Ray-Connolly-Beatles-Archive/dp/0956591531/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1508119653&sr=8-2&keywords=ray+connolly).      The story continues next week as we examine the Beatles-filled sequel “Stardust.”

2017.42 I Will — Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Swift

Oct 9, 2017 00:58:53


Happy Birthday John and Sean, Happy Anniversary Paul and Nancy!    We celebrate with the happy couple, looking back at some of the venues, both large and small that Paul has played in the New York City area.       He has hit all of the arenas and stadiums, but also ballrooms, theaters and some venues you might have forgotten.

2017.41 New York Times — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, James McCartney, Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey, Chris Farley

Oct 2, 2017 00:52:20


The frst of two shows examining Paul McCartney’s relationship with New York City.    Linda and Nancy both come from the city, and Paul can frequently be seen around his Hamptons home in Amagansett.    Paul’s friends in the region include Lorne Michaels, Jimmy Fallon and Dana Carvey, which in turn resulted in NYC-centered TV appearances.

2017.40 Revolution — Cotton Mather, Tears for Fears, Billy Joel, Grandaddy, David Letterman

Sep 25, 2017 00:54:43


This week the WTWF guys take a slight detour from the Beatle track.     Everybody loves to tell their friends and family when they hear a track that reminds them of the Beatles.     We take that a step further, each of us presenting two albums that are evocative of some aspect of the Fab Four, while retaining core originality.     These are not albums of covers of Beatles songs, or albums written explicitly to stylistically emulate one or more Beatles albums, but is instead simply another record in the discography of these bands, including one reviewed by the Guardian as “the best album the Beatles never recorded”.

2017.39 Come Together — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, the B-52s

Sep 18, 2017 00:49:02


This week the WTWF guys consider the drastic changes in the concert scene in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s.      The most obvious method they had of winning friends and influencing people was adding Beatles songs in much heavier doses.      We consider tne approaches Paul, George and Ringo took to this new reality, and consider how John might’ve approached it in the “comeback tour” he mentioned in several interviews.

2017.38 The Lovely Linda — Paul McCartney and Wings, Frank Sinatra, Wings, Elizabeth Mitchell, Gary Bakewell

Sep 11, 2017 00:57:11


In May 2000, CBS aired “The Linda McCartney Story”, a made-for-TV film based on the 2000 biography “Linda McCartney: A portrait” by occasional friend Danny Fields.     A solo show, as I give some general impressions on the film, the leads Elizabeth Mitchell (”Frequency”, “Lost”) and Gary Bakewell (”Backbeat”).   Between the commentary, “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”, look there are interview clips comparing and contrasting the real article with these fictional counterparts.

2017.37 Stormy Weather — Laurence Juber, Steve Holley, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Wings, Gilligan’s Island: The Musical

Sep 4, 2017 01:08:51


Part two of our Interview with Laurence Juber of Wings.   We run through his work with Paul and Wings, Back to the Egg, Lympne Castle, “Stop and Smell the Roses”, film soundtrack work on “Shanghai Surprise”, along with his years as a studio musician in Los Angeles (Belinda Carlisle, Dirty Dancing and more).      We then close on his Beatles/Wings guitar albums, and some of the additional projects we can expect from him in the coming years!


2017.36 Getting Closer — Laurence Juber, The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Wings, Duo Caron

Aug 29, 2017 00:43:23


Part One of our Interview with Laurence Juber of Wings.      This week starts with some oddball querstions , and meanders through LJ’s thoughts on John and Paul’s songwriting, and the performance aspects of each of the four.       This is then followed by a discussion of “Drop D”, “DADGAD”, and why he frequently chooses to play in alternate tunings.       The show then ends with an excerpt from a tutorial where he demonstrates his arranging skills, letting us into his head with “Martha My Dear” on guitar.

2017.35 Steel and Glass — Wings, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Beatlemania, Mitch Weissman Allen Klein

Aug 21, 2017 00:47:56


Part two of our look at 1979.     Paul was on a bit of a high in 1979 (no jokes about the jazz cigarettes), receiving an honor from the Guiness Book of World Records, working the latest incarnation of Wings and celebrating “Back to The Egg” and starting a New Tour.    We also have a look at the (first) Broadway closing of Beatlemania, Allen Klein’s jail sentence, and Dick Clark’s “Birth of the Beatles”.     


2017.34 Not Guilty — John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Jackie Stewart

Aug 14, 2017 00:45:36


The year 1979 featured both good and bad for the former Beatles.      John was enjoying his time away from the music industry, a world traveler busking around, writing and playing music on his own schedule.     George was promoting a new record, while also traveling the world with an eye on Formula One.     Ringo, on the other hand suffered through major surgery and a house fire in Los Angeles.     Next week, WTWF presents Paul’s ‘79, and the year for other Beatles-related figures.

2017.33 Stand By Me — John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, BOMF, et cetera,

Aug 7, 2017 00:53:58


The story of Northern Songs did not end with the sale to Sir Lew Grade.      Over the years, it went through the hands of Robert Holmes A Court, Michael Jackson and the conglomerate worth more than two billion dollars now known as Sony/ATV.       How did Michael Jackson get involved, and how did the 1976 change in Copyright Law affect the way John Lennon (and later Yoko Ono and the estate), and now Paul McCartney approach the business of their publishing.    Find out this and more this week!

2017.32 Only a Northern Song — The Beatles, Dick James, Tune In, Allan Klein

Jul 31, 2017 00:43:28


The first part (of two) episodes covering the Beatles publishing.     Starting with “Love Me Do” and Ardmore and Beechwood, the story quickly progresses to Dick James, Northern Songs, the tale of the Lennon/McCartney catalogue going public and finally how the company slipped away under the squabbling of John and Paul and the supervision of Allan Klein, Lee and John Eastman.

2017.31 Scrambled Eggs — Palette Swap Ninja, Big Daddy, Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Fallon, Peter Sellers, Weird Al Yankovic.

Jul 24, 2017 00:51:11


“Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in!”.      One more (mostly) Pepper show because we could not stay away from the epic “viral” parody known as “Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans.”      Combine the Beatles and Star Wars, and you get something much more brilliant than it has any right to be.      Start with an idea, work hard on it for five years and mix.     This leads to discussion of other covers of the entire album (both parody and straightforward), and other (non-Pepper) Beatles covers, including that time Paul sang “the original lyrics” to Yesterday.    Waffle Fries indeed!     Hmmm, here’s a free idea:    The Godfather and Revolver.      Anybody have half a decade to make it work?

2017.30 Soldier of Love — The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Arthur Alexander, Peter Asher, Chris Carter.

Jul 17, 2017 01:01:21


This week we look at all-Beatles radio, yesterday and today.     Over thirty years ago, tiny Texas City AM station KYST changed formats to become the first all-Beatles station in the country.      MAnagement couldn’t have had too much faith in the format, as they never filed the paperwork or paid the fee to officially change their call letters to KBTL.      We compare and contrast that version of the format with the Beatles-backed Sirius XM implementation that launched May 18.

2017.29 ADitL — The Beatles, Billy Joel, Sandy Farina, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Jul 10, 2017 00:50:56


The third and final week of our formal review of the Deluxe Edition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.       We start with the high resolution stereo version available on the DVD and BluRay, follow it up with a look at the Dolby Atmos system, and the special June 1 anniversary theatrical playback at theatres around the country.     Rounding out the show is chat about the various cover/label/disk variations of Pepper the WTWF guys did and do own (stereo, mono, Capitol, Apple, EMI, Picture disc, casetter, 8-track and so forth).

2017.bonus Birthday — Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, David Lynch, Barbara Bach

Jul 7, 2017 00:09:25


Happy 77th Birthday to Ringo!     In lieu of a livecast at noon, we present a bit of chat, a bit of music and (hopefully) a bit of fun.      Peace and Love!

2017.28 Free Now — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Mark Lewisohn, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Jul 3, 2017 00:54:37


The WTWF review of the Super Deluxe edition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band continues.     This week, we look at the new stereo mix of “side two”, a selection of outtakes (as presented across either the two-disc or six-disc versions of the set), and the video presentations repeated across the DVD and Blu-Ray discs.     This leads to a diversion on 4K, and whether the first full resolution commercial release of the “Penny Lane”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, and “A Day in the Life” video will come on a physical disc, or in some future, unknown intangible format.    The epic saga ends next week!

2017.27 We Love You — The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Rolling Stones

Jun 26, 2017 00:52:26


The month of Pepper continues as the WTWF guys start their review of the fiftieth anniversary box set of Sgt. Pepper.    This week we discuss the lenticular cover, interior box, paper goods, posters, the book, the fourth (mono) disc, and we even manage to squeeze in side one of the remix.     Even with all that, there is more to come throughout June!

2017.26 You Gave Me The Answer — Giles Martin, George Martin, Sam Okell, Wings, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Jun 19, 2017 00:54:35


The Beatles-world is fortunate to have a number of Father-son team ups throughout their history.     One of these has been display on late, as Giles Martin was chosen to do the media and be “the face” of the fiftieth anniversary release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.      In this show, the WTWF guys talk a bit about the technology involved in recording (two, four, eight, 16-track, and the virtually limitless possibilities available in the digital realm), how it shaped the Beatles’ music, and how we experienced those sounds through the various reproduction formats in our homes (mono, stereo, quad, 5.1, Dolby Atmos).     We close with thoughts on the making and remaking of Sgt. Pepper, includingthoughts from Sam Okell, highlights from Giles’ recent appearances, and some classic George Martin interviews.

2017.25 Within You Without You — Bruce Spizer, The Beatles, Oasis, Bono, Paul McCartney

Jun 12, 2017 00:44:27


Part two of out visit with author Bruce Spizer.     We talk about his new book, “The Beatles and Sgt. Pepper: A Fans’ Perspective”.     Highlights include Bruce’s memories from June 1967, the release of Pepper in Canada, classic articles from Beatlefan magazine, and over 80 essays from public figures including Billy Joel, Peter Tork, Pat DiNizio, May Pang, Mark Lewisohn and more.      Stick around for “Return to Pepperland”, Paul McCartney’s musical remembrance of the era.

2017.24 A Day in the Life — Bruce Spizer, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles, Giles Martin

Jun 1, 2017 00:49:20


“It Was Fifty Years Ago Today!”     Author and renowned New Orleans tax attorney Bruce Spizer joins the show this week to discuss Sgt. Pepper in the context of its era, how the original stands up today, and the magic Giles Martin accomplished with the fiftieth anniversary remix just recenty released to the world.     Along the way we touch upon the surround sound mixes, the difference between “Love” and “Pepper” in 5.1, and how the album united fans across the globe for at least a couple of weeks.

2017.23 My Brave Face — Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Lumpy Trousers, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

May 29, 2017 00:44:19


A split show.    We finish up our look at the “Flowers in the Dirt” Deluxe Edition, and slide into its spiritual cousin (in terms of contents, if not sound or production), the Fiftieth Anniversary six-disc Deluxe Edition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band.     Stay tuned through June as we ceebrate “the month of Seargent Pepper” with a special guest, plenty of music and chat, our own review of the package, its contents, and some of the special celebrations both local and global!

2017.22 Tommy’s Coming Home — Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Chris Whitten, Linda McCartney, Lumpy Trousers

May 22, 2017 00:46:13


Part two of the WTWF look at the deluxe edition of Flowers in the Dirt.     Remember the mini-controversy over Visa’s exclusive sponsorship (and commercial) covering the 1989-1990 Paul McCartney?    That is touched upon as we consider the DVD included in this package.     Ten videos, three jam-packed featurettes and the full-length “Put It There” documentary can be found on this disc, and we tell you what’s old, new, borrowed and turquoise!

2017.21 How Many People — Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Chris Whitten, Linda McCartney, Lumpy Trousers

May 15, 2017 00:47:57


Part One of the long-promised review of the Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe Edition.      Did the McCartney camp deliver with this in-depth look at what is widely regarded as one of McCartney’s better albums?     How badly is the package hurt by the decision to include B-sides and rarities as download-only instead of a physical disc?     WTWF looks at the remaster, the acoustic “Paul and Elvis” demos, the band demos and touches on the download-only material this week.     Just how many copies of “Ou Est Le Soleil” is too many?

2017.20 Wisteria — James McCartney, Klaatu, David Letterman, Paul McCartney

May 8, 2017 00:51:53


This week we check in with James McCartney and the Marshmallow Maiden tour, which started in March covering 34 dates through the US (closing in Vancouver, BC May 13).         For most of these “shoebox venues”, the worst seat in the house is closer than the best at one of his dad’s shows.     We then turn our attention to a topic suggested on the Facebook group — “What was the deal with the Klaatu Konspiracy?”, and give our own opinions on how such a rumor might begin and be spread in the pre-Internet era.

2017.19 Souvenir — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Mark Hamill, Ron Howard

May 1, 2017 00:41:57


For many people, Beatle wigs, blankets, cake toppers, Hot Wheels and “Flip Your Wig” games are an integral part of the Beatles story.     For others, they are collectibles, a tangible momento of the era when Brian ruled the Beatles roost, and the band might be on the Ed Sullivan show any given Sunday.       This week, the WTWF guys talk about some of the items they have added to their personal collections through the years, and which of the multitudes of modern-day licensees are worth your time and money. 

2017.18 Dear Prudence — Joe Baiardi, Jamie Daruwala, Paul McCartney and Wings, George Harrison, Andy Babiuk

Apr 24, 2017 00:49:25


Part two of our visit with Joe Baiardi of the Fab 5 and Jamie Daruwala.    One of the advantages of professionally playing Beatles songs is a close and intimate knowledge of the nuances in the music, and the guitars, basses and amps that make them.     In short, Hofners, and Rickenbackers and Gretsches (Oh My!).     What is the difference in sound between Paul’s “Cavern Bass” and his later Hofner?     Which guitars show up on “And Your Bird Can Sing” and “The End”?    Which bass is it on “Dear Prudence”?       All this and more this week on WTWF!

2017.17 Come Together — Joe Baiardi, Jamie Daruwala, John Lennon, Marshall Crenshaw, Mitch Weissman (and Beatlemania), Larry David

Apr 17, 2017 00:50:09


Special Guests: Joe Baiardi of “The Fab 5″ and singer/songwriter and friend of the show Jamie Daruwala.  This week we look back at the Broadway musical “Beatlemania”, and its subsequent Beatle Band offspring.    Indeed, just as the Beatles themselves revolutionized rock and roll, the Broadway show created an entire industry that was previously represented  mostly by an Elvis impersonator here or there.    As the years pass, many of these bands have gone where Paul has not.    Want to see Sgt. Pepper done completely live with with orchestration, Indian Musicians and more?     Now you can.    

2017.16 Meat City — John Lennon and the Plastic UFOno Band, Sinead O’Connor, Gloria Estefan, Valerie Bertinelli, Yoko Ono and more

Apr 10, 2017 00:49:59


Part two of our “Mind Games” review.       Can you hear the opening salvos of the “Lost Weekend” between the grooves?     John’s response was to apologize profusely, and consider the lyrics and licks of his Beatle past.      Further, once stripped of the era, the personal and political strife, just how well do the songs hold up as a record?    Over forty years later, is it still worth a spin?     We give our opinions and hope to hear yours!

2017.15 Liberation Boogie — John Lennon and the Plastic UFOno Band, Elephant’s Memory, Jim Keltner, Wings

Apr 3, 2017 00:48:53


Mind Games — in many ways the most forgotten of the mainstream Lennon releases.      The stress of the deportation issues, Richard Nixon’s reelection and the fight for Kyoko were taking their toll in the Lennon household.    John’s response was twofold:   keep apologizing to Yoko (in both word and song), and come up with an LP in the “Imagine” mold to try and win back the affection of the record charts.     Altough neither was immediately successful, time, a pregnancy and an excellent posthumous remix may have resulted in each of those boxes eventually being ticked.

2017.14 Candle Burns — The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Unknown, Kenny O’Dell

Mar 27, 2017 00:45:43


We return this week with part three of our seventies vinyl bootleg series.     We revisit an era where it was possible to sell dscs containing the entire soundtrack of “Help!”, “A Hard Day’s Night” or “Magical Mystery Tour”.     Surprisingly, even in the era of near-perfect digital reporoduction, there remains historical value in these artifacts.     Beyond these archival treasures (and their contemporary online equivalents), the “not the Beatles” story finishes up for now, with Peace of Mind (Candle Burns), a ditty whose origin remain a mystery to this day, and a track which is perhaps more popular as a fake Wings song on a Beatles bootleg than its actual, quite legitimate release.

2017.13 I’m Talkin’ Bout You — Chuck Berry, The Beatles, John Lennon, Ronnie Wood, Mike Douglas

Mar 20, 2017 00:40:59


Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck” Berry passed on Saturday, March 18, 2017.     We interrupt our “Dutch Imports” series (don’t worry, it’ll be back next week) to consider Chuck’s influence on the proto-Beatles (aka Quarrymen) and how that (unlike Elvis), that admiration continued all the way through to the present day.   So, turn your phone, speaker or whatever listening device you are on to eleven, and prepare for guitar wizardry and lyrical excellence from the man and his musical offspring!

2017.12 L.S. Bumble Bee — The Beatles, Ron Nasty, Neil Innes, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, John Lennon

Mar 13, 2017 00:43:59


Part two of our vinyl+ “Dutch Import” series.     This week we look at the Beatles Live underground releases that eventually begat the only legitimate release “The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl” in 1977.    We then follow up with more tracks from the “NOT THE BEATLES” collection, notably the SNL “Cheese and Onions” from “The only Rutle still living in New York City”, and the forgotten February 1967 gem “L.S. Bumble Bee”.     Of the latter, Dudley Moore said  ”Regarding “The L.S. Bumble Bee”, Peter Cook and I recorded that song about the time when there was so much fuss about L.S.D., and when everybody thought that “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” was a reference to drugs. The exciting alternative offered to the world was L.S.B.!, and I wrote the music to, in some ways, satirize the Beach Boys rather than the Beatles. But I’m grateful if some small part of the world thin [...]

2017.11 Have You Heard The Word — The Beatles, The Fut, John Lennon, Maurice Gibb

Mar 6, 2017 00:45:11


This week the WTWF guys look at the various bootleg releases of the Beatles January 1969 “Get Back” sessions.    The earliest Beatles bootlegs came about from leaks of the Glyn Johns acetates that were reviewed in “Rolling Stone” a few months later.       Then throughout the seventies, the Nagra Reels tapes served as the source of some of the more interesting Underground releases.     Finally, through the CD and Internet age, the majority of the tapes (over 100 hours) were collated and made available to those who know where to look.

2017.10 The Man — Dr. Kit O’Toole, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, David Letterman and Steve Lukather

Feb 27, 2017 00:39:30


Part two of the “When They Was Fab” visit with Dr. Kit O’Toole.     We run through the “Thriller” album, Michael’s working relationship with Quincy Jones, George Martin, and of course Paul McCartney.   We consider the three released tracks, the “Say Say Say” video, and some of the photos, video and audio of the duo and ther families socializing.     This naturally leads to a discussion of MJ’s purchase of the ATV catalogue, and how it reflects on the two parties.     The show closes with Sean’s memories of hanging out with MJ, and the “funhouse mirror” reflection seen and heard in the recent song “Bubbles Burst.”

2017.09 Let It Be — Dr. Kit O’Toole, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, The Moptops, George Harrison

Feb 20, 2017 00:48:07


Special guest for this week and next: Dr. Kit O’Toole (http://kitotoole.com/).     Check out her Beatles book (”Songs We Were Singing”), Michael Jackson book (”Michael Jackson FAQ”), and her “Deep Soul” column on “Blinded By Sound”.   Our topic is the Beatles, George Martin, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.    There is more uniting the two acts than Michael’s eventual purchase of the Northern Songs catalog.      This week, we cover the era up through 1980.      ”It’s My Party”, Motown, The Oscars and “Let It Be”, ”Girlriend”, “Countdown”, “The Wiz”, “George Harrison” and more.     

2017.08 I Wanna Be Your Man — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, James McCartney, Julian Lennon

Feb 13, 2017 00:48:10


This week, the WTWF guys discuss “Team Beatles” or “Team Stones”?   To many, this is a question that has lasted for over fifty years, but the answer has been apparent to many others.     The question of live performance is perhaps a draw, but the albums and singles are easier to separate and quantify.    Indeed, the Stones recording career is perhaps more comparable to that of solo McCartney, with sideman constantly changing around a central core.

2017.07 The One After 909 — Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, The Fairfield Four, David Letterman

Feb 6, 2017 00:48:10


While we prepare for the release of Paul McCartney’s deluxe edition of “Flowers in the Dirt”, this week we look at how Paul and Elvis first met, their songwriting collaborations which will soon be coming out, their collective live work and more.      Included is “The One After 909″ from the Royal College of Music benefit, Elvis and the Fairfield four doing a stunning version of “That Day is Done” on the Late Show with David Letterman, EC’s live performance of “Tommy’s Coming Home” from Carnegie Hall in 2014, a bit of commentary from the “Concert for Linda”, and Mrs. McManus (Diana Krall) doing a live version of “If I Take You Home Tonight”.

2017.06 Hey Jude — Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford

Jan 30, 2017 00:47:43


The Beatles have never been the biggest of sports fans, but the paths of the two past tmes have crossed over the years.     We all remember John Lennon’s interview with Howard Cosell, or Paul McCartney’s halftime spectacular at Super Bowl XXXIX, but that is not all.    George loved motor sports throughout his life, Paul was a supporter of both Liverpool and Everton (although he was a bigger fan of the latter), and in recent years has gained an appreciation for the NHL, NBA and major league baseball.    Tune in to discover all this and more, and maybe even learn a bit about Matt Busby or one of the figures on the Sgt. Pepper cover!





2017.05 All Things Must Pass — The Beatles, Henry McCullough, Wings, Carrie Fisher, Allan Williams, Sam Leach

Jan 23, 2017 00:46:18


A look back at those we lost from the Beatles world in 2016.     George Martin stands at the fore, but many more passed, with the last few weeks of the year bringing the end of two figures particularly important to the early days.      We remember many of these figures, and present their stories in their own words from music and interviews.      Remember: “The soul does not love, it is love itself It does not exist, it is existence itself It does not know, it is knowledge itself ‘How to Know God’ Page 130″ — via “Brainwashed” by George Harrison.

2017.04 Here Comes the Sun — Dr. Ken Womack, Dana Carvey, Paul McCartney, Wings, the Beatles, Ron Howard, Mark Lewisohn

Jan 16, 2017 00:48:06


This week brings part three of our visit with Dr. Ken Womack (dean of the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Monmouth University in New Jersey), closing out this series.      The main topic this week is the future of Beatles releases, particularly in comparison to the overwhelming output from “his Bob-ness.”    Why did so many fans have mixed feelings about the “Eight Days a Week” film?    Is there justification for the even larger percentage that are downright hostile toward the “new” edition of “Hollywod Bowl”?    Given those issues, is there a way to satisfy fans of all ages (boomers, GenX and millenials), or will there always be a Generation Gap for Beatles fans.     Tune in and find out our opinion!  

2017.03 Get Back — Dr. Ken Womack, Paul McCartney, Kurt Vonnegut, The Beatles, The Stars on 45 and Derek Taylor

Jan 9, 2017 00:35:00


Part two of our visit with Dean Ken Womack of Monmouth University.    This week, we look into the value of interpreting and analyzing Beatles lyrics as poetry and the thin line between popular culture and “high art” (and whether such differences should exist).    Once that line is established, the Beatles walk all over it with their pantomime version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”     We then discuss how “the brand” plays today, as young people hear the music in a piecemeal fashion, with the chronology we all once though so essential ending up as merely another bit of the story.

2017.02 Every Little Thing — Dr. Ken Womack, Bonnie Jo Mason (Cher), George Martin, the US Library of Congress, Beatling About.

Jan 2, 2017 00:30:48


Welcome to “When They Was Fab” (WTWF), the podcast formerly known as “Beatling About.”    This week, the first part of our interview with Dean Ken Womack of Monmouth University about the commercial rerelease of his “Beatles Encyclopedia”, and his forthcoming two-volume George Martin biography “Maximum Volume”.      Along the way, we touch on George Martin’s 1962 visit to the Cavern, whether “Please Please Me” could have been a live album, that other sixties icon, the Houston Astrodome and whether Sonny and Cher blocked a Beatles appearance in 1964.      From there to here, Happy New Year!


2017.01 Hello, Goodbye — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Linda, Yoko and Pete Shotton

Dec 19, 2016 00:40:58


Yes, 2017 doesn’t start officially for almost two weeks, but we are ending 2016 early.      This week we hear about how John met Paul, Paul met Linda, and John met Yoko.    Meanwhile, y’all - the audience gets to meet the new co-host - Mr. Lonnie Pena.      Stay tuned, as after the holiday break, we will be kicking 2017 off with some additional fireworks you are sure to enjoy!

55. You Can’t Do That — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Spector, Peter Asher

Dec 12, 2016 00:42:21


This week, an appreciation of Malcolm Gladwell and Howard Goodall!    No, not really.    However, watching the second disc for “Eight Days a Week” can sometimes feel as if the filmmakers wanted to ensure every scrap of footage from those two was included in the package.     Once one gets past that perception, it is possible to examine the content of the extras.     On the whole, they are inconsistent but worth watching.     Most probably won’t be revisited, but I would rather have them than not.     In  particular, interviews with crucial Liverpool figures, and the featurette covering the 1966 Japan trip (included in the Japanese edit of the film) do round out the package nicely!

54. Lend Me Your Comb — The Beatles, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, George Harrison, Paul McCartney

Dec 5, 2016 00:36:48


This week, we return to the “Million Dollar Quartet” and take our own deep dive to investigate two figures well-known to the Beatles: Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.     We theorize on the distribution of Sun Records throughout Europe in the fifties, how many times Carl Perkins was in the studio with the Beatles, and solo encounters between one or more of these rock icons.  In one show, we manage to touch down in New Jersey, Hamburg, London, Jamaica, Tennessee before returning home to Houston.     Enjoy the trip!

53. Don’t Let Me Down / I’ve Got a Feeling — The Beatles, Whoopi Goldberg, Sigourney Weaver, Howard Goodall CBE, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr MBE

Nov 28, 2016 00:37:00


We finish our review of Ron Howard’s magnum opus on the Beatles touring years “Eight Days a Week”    Despite the occasional complaints, no discs (or fingers) were burnt during the recording or production of the show.      We hope you will enjoy the show.

52. Long Tall Sally — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Bob Eubanks

Nov 14, 2016 00:36:04


Listeners have asked for it, so while we wait for our early Christmas or Hanukkah present of the DVD and Blu-Ray, here is the first part of our review of “A Ron Howard Film - Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years - The Beatles.”     We mostly dug it, and our favorite snippets are included within.      However, Beatles fans are never completely satisfied, so we also dig into some of the shortcomings, and provide some audio that we think probably should have been included over precious minutes devoted to “A Hard Day’s Night” (not touring, and better covered on that separate release!), or the Kennedy assasination redux.

51. The Midnight Special — Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Wings, The Beatles

Nov 8, 2016 00:46:09


We end this road trip covering the solo Beatles and their trips through the Bayou city through the years.       Considering John Lennon was not given the chance to undertake a tour of the United States, it is fortunate that three Beatles have made live appearances.  Join us as we travel back to the seventies (Dark Horse, Wings Over America), nineties (The New World Tour, RASB), aughts (Driving USA), up through “On the Run” and the current “All Starr Band!”

50. I’m Down — The Beatles, Russ Knight, Alex Bennet, Dan Lovett

Nov 1, 2016 00:47:01


For many, Houston was simply another show on the 1965 North American tour.     However, in many ways it was both a microcosm of that whirlwind month, and a turning point in their touring career.     Years later, George Harrison would recall Houston (and Dallas the prior year) as one of the more frightening bits of “the mania”.    Likely courtesy of the rival “Top 40″ station, the expected crowd swelled by thousands of extra kids, who quickly overwhelmed an underprepared police force, and actually surrounded the airplane.     The Beatles and their entourage had to be removed by a food catering truck, and Brian was to suffer a serious injury to his back courtesy of the unorthodox method of egress.

49. She’s a Woman — The Beatles, Brian Matthew, Sounds Incorporated, Cannibal and the Headhunters

Oct 24, 2016 00:59:02


Shea Stadium was only the beginning of the 1965 tour.   Throughout the month of August, the Beatles plan took them across the United States and Canada from East to West.   The bulk of shows took place over six consecutive days, followed by the relatively relaxed schedule of six shows over nine days in Portland and California.         In this show, we discuss the opening acts, the gear found on the tour, the venues they played and lots of music and interview clips from that very busy road trip!

48. Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby — The Beatles, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Brian Matthew

Oct 17, 2016 00:39:36


The Beatles at Shea Stadium was an event in 1965, a television special a year later, and is now a movie (or at least a second feature).     In this week’s episode, the guys look at each of these iterations, compare and contrast them, and speculate on when (if?) we will see this project coming to home video.     After the cheers die down and the band is safely back in the Warwick, we jump forward 43 years to discover the logistics behind Paul joining Billy Joel for the “Last Play at Shea” on July 18, 2008, an event he describes as “coming full circle.”

47. Child of Nature — John Lennon, The Beatles, Yoko Ono.

Oct 11, 2016 00:44:44


When one thinks of the homes John Lennon occupied, the Dakota building in the middle of New York City is probably the first place most people will consider.     In this episode, the guys examine the reasons John Lennon and Yoko Ono might have chosen such a historic building.   Further, they “dive deep” and speculate a bit on the similarities between not only New York City and Liverpool, but this location and Auntie Mimi’s “Mendips”.

46. That’s All Right — Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis

Oct 3, 2016 00:46:50


On December 4, 1958 four figures influential to John, Paul, George, Stu, Ringo and Pete got together for a jam session at Sun Records in Memphis Tennessee.    However, even without hearing the results of those sessions, the Quarrymen would eventually become the perfect combination of their own talent and contributions of these artists (and many others).    Join us this week as we examine two of them:   Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.

45. All Together Now — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Ron Howard, Donovan, John Lennon

Sep 26, 2016 00:44:52


The story of the Beatles and Civil Rights does not begin or end with Jacksonville Florida and desegregation.      The Liverpool they grew up in divided itself along religious and socioeconomic lines much more than racial ones.   Further, art school and the free-for-all of Hamburg left the band open to alternative lifestyles, and the simple concept that “Give Peace a Chance” applied not only to nations, but individuals as well.

44. It Don’t Come Easy — Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Joe Walsh, Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Dr. John, Clarence Clemons, Nils Lofgren

Sep 19, 2016 00:55:00


In 1989, David Fishof (now better known for Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp) convinced Ringo Starr to go on the road for the first time since the Beatles.      Ringo had considered the idea as early as the mid-1970’s, but circumstances and timing were never correct.    However, 1989 was the right place and the right time, and with the backing of Pepsi, Ringo and pals from the sixties as seventies (along with new friends from the E-Street band) hit the road for nearly forty dates across the US and Canada (July 23 - September 4), and later Japan (October 30 - November 8)

43. Some Other Guy — The Beatles, The Quarrymen, The Big 3, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Paddy Delaney

Sep 12, 2016 00:43:59


The Beatles played the Cavern nearly 300 times in the two years between mid-1961 and mid-1963.      This week we examine those lunchtime sessions, examine how they interacted with their fans, and left an impression as strong as the one that would soon envelop youth across the globe.      The live Cavern recording of What’d I Say by the Big Three (a cover the Beatles also performed frequently through those years) is included complete with the Bob Wooler introduction.     Let’s travel down to the “Best of Cellars” and check things out!

42. What is Life — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Hipgnosis, Tom Wilkes

Sep 6, 2016 00:51:31


The Seventies and eighties were a prime era for album covers and packaging.    The solo Beatles each found ways to take advantage of gatefolds, posters, inner sleeves, record labels, booklets and even managed to occasionally innovate with die cut sleeves and fold-over flaps.    That changed a bit through the CD era as sleeve notes, lyrics and inner photos got reduced beyond the point of illegibility.     Now, as we move beyond physical media, is there any room left for such things?    I guess we will have to stay tuned!

41. The Beatles Movie Medley — The Beatles, John Lennon, Capitol Records

Aug 29, 2016 00:34:24


While the Beatles were squabbling amongst themselves in the seventies, Capitol took the opportunity to put out any number of compilation albums picking apart film music, ballads, rock ‘n roll, nominal rarities and more.     The public would buy anything they put out, so Capitol no longer reached for the highest bar.   This would result in the current state, where the “shareholders” must completely agree — a policy that has greatly improved the product, but also reduced the frequency.

40. Bad Boy — The Beatles, John Lennon, Robert Freeman, Paul McCartney, Rutherford Chang

Aug 22, 2016 00:50:15


Album Covers were a much simpler matter in the early days of rock and roll.     Any old picture of the band or artist smiling and posing would suffice.      The Beatles were different.     From their first legitimate LP release, they revolutionized the value of a cover photo.   Their history as art students, friendship with the German existentialists, and understanding of the zeitgeist produced images that are nearly as iconic as what was in the grooves.     Stay tuned to Beatling About for Parts 2 and 3, the reissues, and solo cover art.

39. Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! — The Beatles, Wings, Paul McCartney, Freda Kelly, Feather Schwartz, George Harrison, Jim Keltner

Aug 15, 2016 00:45:11


The Official Beatles Fan Club played a significant role in interfacing between the Beatles and their fan base all the way from the Cavern days through the final days of the band and (slightly) beyond.    While Freda Kelly played the largest role, there were others involved in both the U.K., the U.S. and other countries.   As the four went their separate ways, Paul and Linda would keep the spark alive with the Wings (later Paul McCartney) Fun Club.    Join us this week, as we look into the history of the clubs and the publications they presented themselves to the world in, The Beatles Book Monthly, and Club Sandwich.

38. Fish on the Sand — George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Eric Clapton

Aug 8, 2016 01:00:25


For those of you old enough to remember “long time ago”, George Harrison returned to the world of popular music with the stellar effort Cloud Nine.     This week we look at what led to George’s hiatus, his subsequent return to the business, the promotion he did for the disc, and his subsequent feelings about the success.    Sit back, and join us for a voyage to an era before iPhones or even iPods, as we look at an album where real guitars and drums took the stage from their synthesized counterparts.

37. Grow Old With Me — The Beatles, John Lennon, George Martin

Aug 1, 2016 01:14:52


George Martin had a considerably rockier relationship with John Lennon than he did with “The cute Beatle”.     This week, we finish our tribute to the work of the Beatles producer, and consider how GM ended up in the ever shifting sands of John Lennon’s thoughts and emotions toward all of his sixties compatriots.

36. This Song — The Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Greg Mayfield, Morris Levy

Jul 26, 2016 00:55:59


“ I’m always taking a little of this and a little of that. It’s called being influenced. It’s either called that or stealing. And what do they say? A good artist borrows; a great artist steals-or something like that. […] We took a lot of stuff, but in blues, anyway, you do: People lift licks. It’s part of the fun of being alive, too. You hear somebody’s incredible riff and you go “Oooh.” You hear a new chord somewhere and you go, “Oh, my God, that’s it!” Yeah, we lifted a lot of stuff from Motown, but quite unashamedly. I’m happy to have done it.” — Paul McCartney, Guitar Player Magazine, 1990.

35. Julia — John Lennon, The Plastic Ono Band, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Julia Baird

Jul 18, 2016 00:37:32


July 15, 1958 was a tragic day for John Lennon.    John was making tentative inroads into becoming serious about music, he had started a partnership with Paul McCartney, and suddenly his estranged mother, Julia was killed by off-duty police Eric Clague.      This week, we look at what came before that day, and the years-long custody tug-of-war between sisters Julia and Mimi, and occasionally father “Alf.”

34. Write One For Me — Ringo Starr, The Beatles, Buck Owens, Willie Nelson

Jul 11, 2016 00:41:56


Much like the Blues Brothers, Ringo Starr understood the value of two types of music - Country and Western.     Of course, to the benefit of the world, Blues, Rock, bluebeat and “The Great American Songbook” would join in that tremendous soup,  resulting in the backbeat that carried the Beatles, solo hits and more.      We look at Ringo’s dips into country with the Beatles, Nashville, the Beaucoups of Blues album, and subsequent work with both Buck Owens and Willie Nelson.

Extra 1 — Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and the All Starrs (2010)

Jul 7, 2016 00:06:45


Peace and Love!     Join us in wishing Ringo Starr a very happy 76th birthday with this “extra” edition of Beatling About!

33. Freedom — Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Kevin Spacey, Gabe Dixon, Rusty Anderson, Abe Laboriel

Jul 3, 2016 00:41:57


July 4 show!     We take this opportunity to look back at Paul McCartney’s involvement in the Concert for New York City and the documentary recording the preparations for the show.     Central to the events was the new song he wrote, the short and long-term perceptions of the tune, and why some people felt overstayed it’s welcome.   We are talking about “Freedom”, everybody.

32. Wanderlust — Beatles, Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Brian Wilson, Greg Mayfield, Phil Spector, Bruce Johnston and the Ronettes

Jun 27, 2016 00:46:15


Chartbusters!  The Big Hits from England & USA.     In 1964, the Beatles were the leaders of the pack in the American charts, but the Beach Boys kept it together with four top ten hits (”Fun,Fun,Fun”, “I Get Around”, “When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)”, and “Dance,Dance Dance”), and still managed to spread some of their California sound to England.    This led to years of competitiveness, as “Rubber Soul” beget “Pet Sounds” beget “Revolver” beget “Good Vibrations” beget “Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane” and “Sgt. Pepper”.      We look at the relationship between the Beatles and the Beach Boys, specifically John, Paul and Brian Wilson in this week’s Beatling About with special guest Greg Mayfield. .

31. A Hard Day’s Night — Sir Paul McCartney, Abe Laboriel, Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson, Paul “Wix” Wickens, The Beatles

Jun 20, 2016 00:48:36


We celebrate Paul’s 74th birthday (+ a day or two) by continuing our look at the One on One tour.    This latest round has taken McCartney and his crew to Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and the Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands.    Even on evenings when “the voice” isn’t in top shape, he is still the reason everyone is coming to the show, and the result is fully entertaining.   The best description came from one reviewer, who called the show “an Instagram filter for three hours of your life.”

30. Hope of Deliverance — Sir Paul McCartney, Abe Laboriel, Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson, Paul “Wix” Wickens

Jun 13, 2016 00:32:28


Paul McCartney returns to the road, both in the United States, Europe and elsewhere.    We take a look at the “One on One Tour” from the inside out.    This week we consider the soundcheck experience, the material Sir Macca chooses to play each day, the vegetarian dinner, and the wonder known as Shelley Lazar.

29. Do You Want to Know a Secret? — The Beatles, John Lennon, David Sheff, Steve Turner, Bruce Spizer

Jun 7, 2016 00:31:50


For over fifty years people have wanted to know all of the Beatles secrets.       That goal has not been accomplished.     However, some of the books stand above the others (and, as with Beatles music, our favorites change regularly).   Why?   It could be a particularly nice set of photographs, the text of a historic interviews, or great research.    All that and more this week.

28. You Really Got a Hold on Me — The Beatles, Mark Lewisohn, Hunter Davies, Pete Shotton, Nicholas Schaffner, Ringo Starr

May 30, 2016 00:33:03


Does your Beatles bookshelf look like this?    Ours certainly does.     With Philip Norman’s high profile biography of Paul McCartney grabbing headlines, we decided to spend this week and next going through some of the Beatles books that have inspired and informed us and made us the sort of guys who would do a show like this one!

27. Coming Up — Paul McCartney, Wings, Brian, Rusty, Abe, Wix, Blair Cunningham, Robbie McIntosh, Hamish Stuart

May 23, 2016 00:47:05


Part 2 of our look at the “Pure McCartney” compilation.     It is Coming Up (dig that Peter Gunn theme!) in a couple of weeks, and we will soon know how well the promotional machine does its job.     Will Stuart Bell have some exciting tidbits about Paul playing the tunes loudly?    Will Nancy admit which is her favorite (beyond “My Valentine”?)     Currently, I guess Only Mama Knows, but soon enough we all will!

26. New — Paul McCartney, Wings, Lumpy Trousers

May 16, 2016 00:37:57


What’s “New” in the world of Paul McCartney?     A compilation from Sir Macca covering his career from 1970 to the present day.    He envisions it as a collection for a long car journey, or for playing at a party.    Do we agree?    This week and next we will discuss that very question.   Download, listen, and repeat!

25. How Do You Do It — The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Barry Mason, The Dave Clark Five

May 9, 2016 00:36:53


Joe Pope, how do you do it?   You got the story correct when both George Martin and Hunter Davies were still telling tales!  ”George Martin wanted the Beatles to release “How Do You Do It” as their first single, but the Beatles chose to go with “Love Me Do” primarily because they wanted to release one of their own compositions.”    The story of this song and record is investigated in this episode!   

24. Hope For the Future — The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Destiny, Education, The Rutles

May 2, 2016 00:29:15


Has that “unknown artist” Sir Paul McCartney been riding on Kanye West and Rihanna’s coat tails by performing that hit song “Four Five Seconds” live?       How many people today even know just what is a Rutle?    We ask the question where the next generation of Beatles fans are coming from, and how the message of “All You Need is Love” stands up in this more cynical era, and find that young people are still listening to the music and becoming fans of the Fab Four.

23. Nowhere Man — The Beatles, Geoff Emerick, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Melvin Records

Apr 25, 2016 00:31:05


I read the news today, have you?     We cover some recent happenings in and around the Beatles world.    Remember “The Beatles vs. Don Ho?”     Who was the man behind that label, what else did he do, and what famous friends did he have?    Second, we take a look at Geoff Emerick’s stage play “The Beatles: Sessions” that debuted at the Albert Hall, and end with several more topics in speed round.

22. I Call Your Name — The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Lonnie Donegan, Doris Troy and a cast of thousands

Apr 18, 2016


Many tunes loom large in the Beatles legend.    However, only a handful of these have been performed in multiple versions by multiple Beatles.    Sometimes they are serious, and sometimes they are taking the mickey out of each other.     We dive through the mists of time and build a DIY playlist for everybody.    A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

21. Kansas City — Beatles, Tony Sheridan, Bert Kaempfert

Apr 11, 2016


In part two of our Hamburg spectacular, we move up the Grosse Freiheit and look at their time in the Top Ten Club, the Star Club, and Gretel and Alfons.    Along the way, speed round returns and we investigate Ted “Kingsize” Taylor, his Grundig recorder, and the drunken Christmas tapes that have become history.

20. Sheila — Beatles, Tony Sheridan, Tommy Roe, Allan Williams, Klaus Voorman

Apr 4, 2016 00:26:17


This week we hop on the minibus with Allan Williams, Beryl Chang, Lord Woodbine and five unknown musicians from Liverpool as they make their way to “that city of sin” Hamburg to learn about music and life.     About the only question that doesn’t get answered is whether Mimi actually did “pay the taxi” after John’s inglorious return home from the first trip.     Continued in part 2.

19. Piggies — Beatles, George Harrison, Jackie Lomax, Mike Love, The Beach Boys.

Mar 28, 2016 00:34:52


The Beatles reconvened at George’s home (Kinfauns) in Esher mid-1968 to demo a bumper bundle of new songs for their next album.     Appropriately enough for Easter, we discuss these colorful tunes, and their bright surroundings.   (There are probably still some eggs hanging about in the corners).     A single disc was never enough to hold all of the ideas bursting forth.

18. My Old Friend — Carl Perkins, Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Martin

Mar 21, 2016 00:41:22


This week we present part of our tribute to Sir George Martin by looking into his personal relationship with Sir Paul McCartney.    From that first session in 1962 through the end of the Beatles, Live and Let Die, Tug of War and the early 80’s collaborations, Montserrat and the benefit concert for the island.     We will be back in a few weeks to look at the more colorful working relationship John Lennon had with his producer.

17. Baby You’re a Rich Man — Brian Epstein, Beatles, John Lennon

Mar 14, 2016 00:27:04


This week, part two of our look into Brian Epstein.   We start by busting some myths common in the Beatles world.  What involvement did Brian have with the trousers (and the rest of the suits?)     We also discuss Seltaeb, Manilla, Robert Stigwood , and the “Our World” broadcast.    A Splendid time is guaranteed for all.

16. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away — Beatles, John Lennon, Brian Epstein.

Mar 7, 2016 00:27:13


Brian Epstein was an impresario in every possible manner.       Largely because of Brian, the term has moved from one who organizes and finances public performances to the organizer.     An impresario in the Epstein model is a connector -  one who recognizes talent, and is willing to go against the grain, and take risk to unite new, exciting and interesting ideas.     It certainly helps to have a talent as large as the Beatles covering your aspirations, but Brian understood, improved and presented the best version of “his boys” to the world, allowing the group to “loom large in his [Brian’s] legend”

15. And Your Bird Can Sing — Beatles, Streaming

Feb 29, 2016 00:29:37


Is It Streaming in London?    This week we examine the 250+ million streams (and that’s only Spotify, so the actual number may be twice that or more!) that the Beatles have had since Christmas 2015.     This is rounded out with the Beatles themselves discussing their favorites over the years.

14. Sexy Sadie — Beatles, John Lennon, India, Meditation.

Feb 22, 2016 00:36:21


This week, the latest and the greatest of them all takes you to India, as we investigate the fascination the Beatles (particularly John and George) had with Transcendental Meditation, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Guru Dev (who is name checked in “Across the Universe”), and then later what happened to cause them to leave the ashram.

13. The Wilbury Twist - The Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan

Feb 15, 2016 00:40:09


The Traveling Wilburys burst onto the scene in 1988, five fresh faced kids with over a century of history in the music business between them.   This week, we look at their collective past, and how a drinking joke (and the addition of Jim “Buster Sideburn” Keltner) became a real band.

12. I Want to Hold Your Hand - Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney. Vinny Appice

Feb 8, 2016 00:33:42


Handclaps, pt. 2 with special guest Jai Young Kim.   Fifty two years ago, the Beatles were storming New York City with their haircuts, trousers and new beat.    We celebrate by continuing to talk about musicians, selling beer, stomping feet, clapping hands and the dangers of playing with a BOMF.   Please leave feedback! 

11. Please Mr. Postman - Beatles, Motown, John Lennon.

Feb 1, 2016 00:26:58


This week Dave and Ed are joined by special guest Jai Young Kim, known to our listeners as our musical director, and the man behind the “Beatling About” theme.     Our topic is the Beatles’ use of handclaps, starting with Please Please Me, through Abbey Road and the solo years., and how it shaped their sound.  Part two will follow next week.   An interesting bit of trivia for those who mentioned it, Frank Sinatra was slightly less than 5-8, so we do know what we are talking about!

10. Thinking of Linking - Beatles, Threetles, Paul, George and Ringo.

Jan 25, 2016 00:41:14


This week we continue the story of Beatles reunions with the Anthology project, the “Threetles”, Free As A Bird, Real Love and the recent updates of both tracks on 1+.

9. All Those Years Ago - Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr.

Jan 18, 2016 00:37:35


Show Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine features the guys discussing the opportunities the Beatles had to reunite, and whether the concerted effort could possibly fulfill everyone’s hopes and dreams, including theirs.     Continued in Pt.2 next week.

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed - Movie, Beatles, John Lennon, fiction

Jan 12, 2016 00:28:36


Living is easy with eyes closed, but going to the cinema is not.    Instead of Gene and Roger, you have us discussing the multiple-Goya award winning film “Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.”    Although fictional, it has a lot to say about Spain in 1966, the changes in the world, and how John Lennon’s visit to film “How I Won the War” changed the lives of individuals

What Goes On - Beatles, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison

Jan 5, 2016 00:34:24


Welcome to 2016 Everybody!    December was a busy month for Beatles people and places, with updates to almost all of our previous shows.     Tune in to find out how Bruce Springsteen, the film Creed, Kenny Aronoff, Andy Peebles and the Roots all entered the Beatles orbit.

No Values - Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Beatles.

Dec 29, 2015 00:39:21


Paul McCartney asks the musical question “No Values?”, while we investigate the world of auctions, museums and Beatles memorabilia.        Had a chance to visit a Beatles exhibit?     Join our Facebook page and tell us what some of your favorite pieces have been!

Happy Michaelmas - Beatles, Fab Four, Beatmas

Dec 22, 2015 00:40:27


Christmas, Part II -  Solo Beatles Christmas spectacular, including a look at how the Four topped the albums and singles charts in Britain for the holiday, and live versions from some Tribute Bands Beatling About the Tree.

Christmastime is Here Again (Beatles/Smithereens/Ringo Starr)

Dec 19, 2015 00:27:28


Christmas, part I - Everywhere It’s Christmas, Everywhere it’s Fun!    London, Paris, Rome and New York.     Houston and Hong Kong!     This week, we slide into the Holidays with a look at how the Beatles introduced the rest of us to pantomime, and just what that meant to their Christmas shows and holiday discs.    Stay tuned to the end for a special “Christmastime is Here Again” medley, our very own terducken fresh out of the oven.

#9 Dream

Dec 14, 2015 00:31:42


May Pang and John Lennon hanging in Los Angeles with two other former Beatles.    The Lost Weekend as metaphor and reality.    Was it just a dream?    If so, who was doing the dreaming?

Liverpool 8.

Dec 8, 2015 00:25:29


Liverpool and New York City - Two cities that greatly inspired the Beatles.    Their hometown, and a place individual members have chosen to live.

Take It Away

Dec 1, 2015 00:26:13


Welcome to the first episode of the “Beatling About” podcast.     Today we introduce ourselves, and discuss how we got into the world of the Fab Four.