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Cloudwater Chubbles - North Brewing Triple Fruited Gose ep 298

Apr 2, 2020 26:46


What could be more exciting than a collaboration between Cloudwater and The Veil? The third annual release of Chubbles has come upon us and were lucky to get a can to have on the show. Just the thought of having this beer gave Martin a chubble. If you've been a fan of North Brewering's Triple Fruited Gose, then you'll be very excited about this version with blackberry, blackcurrant, cherry and lingonberry. Yeah, it's a quadrupel berry gose. But they are brewers not mathematicians.

Jemtehed & Brande The Preacher - Eskilstuna Olkultur Eskilstuna XIII - ep 297

Mar 26, 2020 28:12


It's a minute since last did a focus on smaller Swedish brewers. Thankfully Martin has his pulse on the greater Swedish microbrew scene and brought two interesting beers for us to review. First is from Jemtehed & Brande called The Preacher, an imperial stout. we follow that up with a beer from Eskilstuna Olkultur called Eskilstuna XIII, a weizenbock. We also enjoy checking out the more obscure breweries and learning about Swedish geography.


Nerdbrewing - This Hickory Wood Aged - Protected Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout with Roasted Peanuts and Caramel ep 296

Mar 19, 2020 23:07


Nothing makes a beer nerd happier than to get access to beers that no other beer nerd has access to. Imagine our delight when we got two beers from one of our favorite breweries that aren't generally available to the public. Master brewer, Hannes gave us two beers fresh off the Nerdbrewing bottling line. First up is a new version of This, an imperial wheat stout. This version of This is aged on hickory wood chips. That's followed up with Protected, an imperial chocolate milk stout with roasted peanuts and caramel. YUM!

Berghoeve Brouwerij Zwarte Snorre Aberlour & Salama Extravaganza - ep295

Mar 12, 2020 20:01


We have cause for a celebration this episode. It's Martin's 100th episode. We are super excited to celebrate this milestone. It's been great having him on the show for many episodes and we've had some fun adventures over the past couple of years. To celebrate, Stefan brought out a couple of big stouts for reviews. First up is oe from the Berghoeve Brouwerij Zwarte Snorre series. This one has been barrel aged in Aberlour barrels. Next is from a Finnish brewery called Salama. Extravaganza is a barrel aged imperial brown ale.

Electric Nurse Single Barrel Aged Series: Heaven Hill, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam - ep294

Mar 5, 2020 22:42


Electric Nurse is a local Swedish brewery and they had some mixed results. But they are on the rise. A couple of weeks ago, they released three beers. Each beer is a single barrel aged imperial stout. They got a barrel from Heaven Hill, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. Each barrel produced a very different experience. There were only 500 cans of each released so we were lucky to get to try all three.


Other Half Cobbler Jams & Mikkeller Dessert Beer Geek - ep293

Feb 27, 2020 26:55


You would think we would be tired of Mikkeller and sour beers by now but you would be wrong. First up is a peach and raspberry sour IPA from Other Half called Cobbler Jams. It's a fruit cobbler in a can with hints of cinnamon, honey, vanilla and milk sugar. We follow that up with one of the Beer Geek series called Dessert Beer Geek. This roasted, chocolate, vanilla, and caramel bomb compliments the sweet tart goodness.

Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020, Part 2 - ep292

Feb 20, 2020 46:09


Did you enjoy the Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020, Part 1? Well, we have another whole episode of interviews from some really exciting people. This time we're able to talk to the new kids on the block as well as the established guard. Find out how a classic Belgium lambic producer feel about American wild ale (the answer my surprise you).

Libby Crider - 2nd Shift Daniel Peterson - Mikkeller Tom Dobson - Burning Sky Karel Boon - Boon


Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020, Part 1 - ep291

Feb 13, 2020 53:09


Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration 2020 just took place and we hit all three sessions. We got so many amazing interviews we had to spread them over two episodes. If you love sour beers, gueuze and saisons, then this was the beer festival for you. Thirty of the world's best sour beer makers from all over the world brought the most amazing beers to try. This episode we talk to:

Ehren Schmidt - Baghaven Mitchell Ermatinger - Speciation Jay Goodwin - The Rare Barrel Evan Watson - Plan Bee

Bruery Terreux Oude Tart & Untitled Arts Horchata Milk Stout - ep290

Feb 6, 2020 20:06


We're excited about the Baghaven Wild Ale Celebration next week. In order to prepare, we picked a sour beer from Bruery Terreux. Well known for their incredible sour beers the Oude Tart is their take on a Flemmish red. For very ying, there is a yang. We can only have sours so we paired it with the Untitled Arts Horchata Milk Stout, a very different beer but equally impressive with lots of flavor and spice.

Timm Vladimirs Bryghus Deep Deep Space & Evil Twin NYC I Seriously Can't Even Remember the Last Time I Drove a Car - ep289

Jan 30, 2020 27:55


A couple of episodes ago we talked about beer subscription services. Martin grabbed a beer from his Mikkeller Beer Club monthly box and brought for us to share. You might have never heard of Timm Vladimirs Bryghus. Or you might remember BoatLove we reviewed during the Advent calendar. Deep Deep Space is a dipa made especially for the Beer Club. Evil Twin NYC goes crazy again with their names with I Seriously Can't Even Remember the Last Time I Drove a Car. It's a damn near perfect TIPA.

Wander Beyond Brewing Gulp & Weldworks Mexican Achromatic - ep288

Jan 23, 2020 22:04


Wander Beyond Brewing came out of nowhere and has been exciting the European beer market. They have been releasing high avb beers in little cans and high abv beers in big cans, but they've been releasing exciting beers. We got our hands on a little can of Gulp, a 12% abv imperial milkshake ipa. We combine it with a Mexican stout from Weldworks called Mexican Achromatic based on Mexican hot chocolate.

Kihoskh Beer Box: Whiplash Whirlpool of Love & Herslev Bryghus Jubilaeums Rugol 2019 - ep287

Jan 16, 2020 31:18


We've been ordering monthly beer boxes for several months now. We thought it was high time to finally review one. While Martin has been getting the Mikkeller Beer Club "exclusive" box and Stefan has been getting the Mikkeller Beer Mail box, they ended up reviewing neither box. Kihoskh Beer Box started a few months ago and unlike brewery sponsored beer boxes, this one is a real mix pack of beers. We picked Whiplash Whirlpool of Love & Herslev Bryghus Jubilaeums Rugol 2019 to review this episode. Find out what we thought about the beer box, what we thing about monthly subscriptions and what we value in a beer subscription.

3 Fonteinen Brouwerij Loterbol Tuverbol 2018 & Cascade Mikkeller Bean to Barrel Triple - ep286

Jan 9, 2020 20:51


Martin was excited to try these two beers. Of course we love 3 Fonteinen gueuze and lambics, but what about a collab with Brouwerij Loterbol? Does a blend of strong Belgian tripel blond mix well with a lambic? It's interesting to be sure. After that he brings out a collab between US Cascade Brewing and Danish Mikkeller called Bean to Barrel Triple. This is a sour triple ale made by Cascade with chocolate provided by Mikkellers' Bean Geeks Craft Chocolate.

Mikkeller Water Series: Denmark and Burton on Trent - ep285

Jan 2, 2020 18:50


Welcome to 2020 and our first episode of the year. We kick things off right with a fun couple of beers. Mikkeller has done two series before, one with hops and one with yeast. Now they taking on water. There are four beers in the series and we have two to try. Both beers showcase a pilsner style show how much difference water can make to the final result. We were able to get our hands on Denmark and Burton on Trent. One is slightly sweet and rounded while the other is edgy and bitter. There are two more in the series, Pacific and Czech. We need to try both.

2019 Year In Review: pFriem Family Brewers Oud Bruin & Frontaal I've Got Friends in the Music Business - ep284

Dec 26, 2019 56:10


Phew...after 48 episodes we have one more this year. It our traditional 2019 Year In Review episode. We take a look back at the year. Talk about our favorite moments and of course share some beers. First up we have pFriem Family Brewers Oud Bruin. An American take on a traditional Flemish style. It's not as big and bold as a Flemish version but they get really close. Frontaal and The Burery team up for I've Got Friends in the Music Business, is an imperial mexican stout.

Day 24 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Jule Maelk - ep283

Dec 24, 2019 21:50


Day 24 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a classic beer from To Ol. Jule Maelk is a 15% abv big bold imperial stout. They have slowly been ramping up the ABV in the beers the past few days and they hit with a huge beer. This might be one of the highest ABV beers they have ever put in one of their calendars. We had a lot of fun working through this calendar and we take a moment to reflect on Advent calendars and how we feel about brewery created calendars.

Day 24 - Advent Calendar 2019: Olofsson Brewing Repair Bimbo BA and Christmas Stories - ep282

Dec 24, 2019 27:16


Day 24 of the Advent Calendar 2019 is a surprising personal choice. Mathias and Stefan worked together to create a Prairie Bomb clone a couple of years ago. They slowly drank through the supply over the years. They made two versions, a regular one and a version aged on bourbon barrel oak cube. Martin was super excited to try the last known bottle in existence of Olofsson Brewing Repair Bimbo BA. Of course this sparked memories and we have some nice Christmas Stories to share as well. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for listening.

Day 23 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Blizzard (in a Beer Mug) - ep281

Dec 23, 2019 09:49


Day 23 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 is a fun beer we've both been wanting to try. Blizzard (in a Beer Mug) evokes a hazy NE IPA. While this is a cloudy beer, no one would call it hazy. Made with Mosaic and Simcoe hops, this winter wheat IPA is juicy and fruity. Don't know what winter wheat is? Don't worry, we get into the types of wheat made during different times of the year. 

Day 23 - Advent Calendar 2019: Wylam The Economic Growth of the Geek - ep280

Dec 23, 2019 20:33


Day 23 of the Advent Calendar . It's the penultimate episode. Wylam The Economic Growth of the Geek is an IPA in the way that Wylam does best. Rich, fruity and amazingly drinkable, this citra galaxy IPA has tons of tropical fruit. The only downside is that there isn't more. Only one day left. I hope you're as excited as we are to find out what the last beer is.

Day 22 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: 1 Ton of...Rosehip - ep279

Dec 22, 2019 10:32


Day 22 of the To Ol Advent Calendar gives us another ton of fun. First we had a ton of Christmas, then a ton of pomegranate and a ton of rosehips. 1 Ton of...Rosehip has one ton of rosehips per 1000 ml of beer. If you're from Scandinavia then you know all about having rosehip soup after a long cold winter day. This is one fun beer and the best of the "1 ton" series we got to try. This yeasty saison is sparkling and tangy. Oh what fun!

Day 22 - Advent Calendar 2019: Jammerdalen Nameless Mist - ep278

Dec 22, 2019 17:10


Day 22 of the Advent Calendar is from one of the few Swedish breweries we had this month. Jämmerdalen is from Kalix, which is practically Finnish. Nameless Mist is a fruity lemon and orange farmhouse saison. After a string of stouts and barleywines, a zesty hopped mixed culture saison is a nice treat as we enter the final days.

Day 21 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Genau Das! - ep277

Dec 21, 2019 06:53


Day 21 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a German pilsner called Genau Das! It's exactly what you would expect. It's a smooth easy drinking pilsner that goes down quick. 

Day 21 - Advent Calendar 2019: Stone Old Guardian 2014 - ep 276

Dec 21, 2019 18:20


Day 21 of the Advent Calendar is another barleywine. How did that happen? Who cares when it's a 5 year-old barleywine. Old Guardian has mellowed and aged beautifully. This bottle from 2014 came from the depths of Mathias' cellar. It's another cellar surprise to make this one of the best advent calendars of all time. Also, who knew we liked barleywine so much.

Day 20 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Garden of Eden - ep275

Dec 20, 2019 05:39


Day 20 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a fruity IPA filled with lots of tropical fruits: Apricot, Guave, Mango, Passionfruit and Papaya. It's a true garden of flavors. We've enjoyed this beer many times over the years and it's still a fun fruity beer. It's nice to revisit a classic. To Ol is making it harder to live in these cold grey days.

Day 20 - Advent Calendar 2019: Siren Craft Brew Project Barista: Irish - ep274

Dec 20, 2019 13:44


Day 20 of the Advent Calendar is another coffee beer. I know...yet another coffee beer. You don't realize how many coffee beers there are until you put a beer calendar together. Siren Craft Brew is doing a whole series of coffee beers based on different coffee types. The series are pale ales, stouts, ipas, sours and more. Project Barista: Irish is a wee heavy with bourbon barrel-ageing Brazilian coffee beans. It's an interesting take on an Irish coffee.

Day 19 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Gose to Sonderjysk Kaffebord - ep273

Dec 19, 2019 08:22


Day 19 of the To Ol Advent Calendar has us taking a coffee break.  Gose to Sonderjysk Kaffebord is a gose with coffee, vanilla and powdered sugar. It's an interesting mix of flavors that somehow really works. Now a bit about the name. Sonderjysk is Danish for Southern Jutland and Kaffebord is a traditional coffee table set with 21 different cakes and coffee. This beer definitely captures that spirit.

Day 19 - Advent Calendar 2019: Mikkeller Boat Love - ep 272

Dec 19, 2019 08:22


Day 19 of the Advent Calendar is showing some love, some Boat Love. Mikkeller's Boat Love is a fun gose that came out this summer. It's a collaboration with Timm Vladimirs Bryghus. We enjoyed it earlier this year and it's nice to get to revisit this one for the show. This dry-hopped gose has just a hint of coriander.  

Day 18 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: 3xMas - ep 271

Dec 18, 2019 08:24


Day 18 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is another session ale. 3xMas is a triple dry hopped IPA with amarillo, simcoe & Mosaic. This is not the 2019 edition. This is the 4.8% abv edition. The 2019 is 4.7%. It's not a huge difference but it's interesting to note. 

Day 18 - Advent Calendar 2019: Tilquin Oude Mûre Tilquin à l'Ancienne - ep270

Dec 18, 2019 10:37


Day 18 of the Advent Calendar is from Gueuzerie Tilquin. It's another one of our favorite gueuze producers. Oude Mûre Tilquin à l'Ancienne is a lambic using blackberries. This lambic blends 1, 2, and 3 year old gueuze with fresh and frozen blackberries. The result is a funky blackberry sensation. This calendar just keeps getting better and better.

Day 17 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: 1 Ton of...Pomegranate - ep269

Dec 17, 2019 07:05


Day 17 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a heavy beer. To Ol makes a few different series of beers and the 1 Ton of... series is 1 ton of fruit per 1000 ml of beer. This one is 1 Ton of...Pomegranate. It's a weird fruit to do a ton of. While I love pomegranate, I couldn't describe the flavor. How do you translate a somewhat non-descript fruit flavor to a beer? Who knows...but there is a ton of it.

Day 17 - Advent Calendar 2019: Jackie O's Untitled Arts Barleyshake - ep268

Dec 17, 2019 09:58


Day 17 of the Advent Calendar is a fun barleywine collab. Jackie O's and Untitled Arts got together to create an English Barleywine.  Barleyshake is a real treat. We don't review many barleywines on the show and to get two in one month is a great way to end the year.

Day 16 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Gose to Jamrock - ep267

Dec 16, 2019 06:22


Day 16 of the To Ol Advent Calendar takes us back to the Caribbean and dreaming of warmer weather.  It's another in the "Gose to" series. This time it's Gose to Jamrock, a double wheat Gose brewed with Mango, Guava, Cane Sugar and matured with Jamaican Rhum soaked oak chips. Is it too early to wish for the summer to return?

Day 16 - Advent Calendar 2019: Weldwerks Hype-Hop-Anonymous - ep266

Dec 16, 2019 09:01


Day 16 of the Advent Calendar is from Weldwerks. They are from Greenly, CO. If you've never heard of Weldwerks, don't be surprised. They are an award winning brewery in their home state but don't get much traffic outside of Colorado. Martin was able to get his hands on a few cans from then is super excited to share one with us.  Hype-Hop-Anonymous is a melange of their favorite hops from the year:  Citra, Galaxy, Sabro, and Nelson Sauvin.

Day 15 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Fuck Art Winter Is Coming - ep265

Dec 15, 2019 06:56


Day 15 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is a flashback to a previous year. We had this beer two years ago when we did the To Ol vs Brewdog Advent calendars. Fuck Art Winter Is Coming is a reference to Game of Thrones. This Belgian triple is mixed with cardamom, coriander and orange peel. We'll let you find out what we thought.

Day 15 - Advent Calendar 2019: De Moersleutel Three Years Dessert - ep264

Dec 15, 2019 15:02


Day 15 of the Advent Calendar is another ice distilled beer. This time we get an imperial milk stout. As you know we love De Moersleutel on this show. We've had lots of their beers in the past year. You can imagine how excited how we were to try Three Years Dessert. Also, what are the odds of us randomly picking two ice distilled stouts?

Day 14 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Session Raid - ep263

Dec 14, 2019 08:10


Day 14 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 is a classic from the brewery. It's the session of the Raid series simply called Session Raid. It's a standard release from the brewery. If you like a session IPA, you'll enjoy this. Not much more to say.

Day 14 - Advent Calendar 2019: Bierol Koida Kaffee - ep262

Dec 14, 2019 11:34


Day 14 of the Advent Calendar brings us something from a country that we don't see a lot of beer exported from, Austria. We're always excited to try a new brewery especially from a country we don't get beers from often. Bierol made a Baltic porter with vanilla and coffee. Koida Kaffee tastes like a latte with a little kick. Hopefully we'll see more from them in the next year.

Day 13 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Pretzel Und Gretel - ep261

Dec 13, 2019 06:44


Day 13 of the To Ol Advent Calendar takes us back to Germany.  Pretzel Und Gretel is a German festbier with lots of pretzels added to the fermentation. What does it add to the finished product? Who the hell knows. Is it a delicious festbier? Oh yeah! It's a full bodied festbier that will have you saying "prost" all night long.

Day 13 - Advent Calendar 2019: Het Uiltje Staff Sargeant - ep260

Dec 13, 2019 13:59


Day 13 of the Advent Calendar and we are halfway there. We kick off the back half of the calendar with a HUGE beer. We're talking a 18.6% ice distilled imperial stout. Het Uiltje Staff Sargeant doesn't hold back. It's crazy ABV is matched by it's crazy deliciousness. We all felt the holiday spirit by the time we finished it.

Day 12 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Santa Gose Fuck It All - ep259

Dec 12, 2019 04:54


Day 12 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 has Santa Gose Fuck It All. Santa is getting freaky for the holiday season. He's tired of your shit and has retired to the Bahamas for some sun and fun. This salty little number has Passion Fruit, Mango and Guava that makes us all long for the warms days on the beach. We reviewed this in our first To Ol Advent calendar back in 2016. 

Day 12 - Advent Calendar 2019: Bakunin 1703 - ep258

Dec 12, 2019 14:34


Day 12 Advent Calendar 2019 is from a Russian brewery called Bakunin. You might have listened to our incredible interview with Yuri Mitin from Bakunin back in episode 232. The Russian craft beer scene is rapidly developing and this is one brewery to keep an eye on. 1703 is a double ipa collab with Lost + Found in the UK. Made with Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado and Galaxy, it's a fun juicy beer. 1703 is named after the founding year of Saint Petersburg, their hometown.

Day 11 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Durst Fur Gehen - ep257

Dec 11, 2019 05:41


Day 11 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 is something called a German session IPA. We have no idea what that is. Durst Fur Gehen is a dry-hopped Kolsch-style session IPA. That's a weird combination but it's what we expect from To Ol. This blend of styles might feel more like a Halloween creation but the blend of hoppy and citrus notes might just be a new style.

Day 11 - Advent Calendar 2019: Wizard Gramoballoophone - ep256

Dec 11, 2019 10:14


Day 11 of the Advent Calendar 2019 is from one of Sweden's highest rated breweries. Wizard came out of nowhere and blew-up the Swedish beer scene with over the top sour beers. Gramoballoophone is a berliner weisse with raspberry, passion fruit and mango. It's a little bit sour, a little bit sweet, and whole lot of delicious.

Day 10 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Mr Blue 2017 - ep255

Dec 10, 2019 06:42


Day 10 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 is from the Mr series. We were expecting an imperial stout with blackcurrants. What we got is a farmhouse ale. This is the Mr Blue from 2017. It's a saison brewed with wheat, barley, oats and rye with 500 kg or blueberries per liter. Mr Blue has aged beautifully with lots of barnyard funk and blueberry.

Day 10 - Advent Calendar 2019: 2013 Girardin 1882 Black Label Gueuze - ep254

Dec 10, 2019 10:40


Day 10 of the Advent Calendar 2019 is another cellar classic. If you're a gueuze fan then you know these only get better with age.  Girardin 1882 Black Label Gueuze from 2013 is an outstanding beer. It has aged beautifully and has become even more complex. This calendar just keeps getting better and better.

Day 9 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Let Cognac Maelk - ep253

Dec 9, 2019 04:22


Day 9 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 finally isn't a solo project. Martin joins in for the fun. Today To Ol brings us a milk stout. But of course that's not enough for To Ol. They have kick it up a notch. Let Cognac Maelk is a low-ABV milk stout with cognac and oak chips. The results...we'll you have to listen to find out.

Day 9 - Advent Calendar 2019: Nerdbrewing - 2016 Indexoutofbounds Vanilla - ep252

Dec 9, 2019 12:52


Day 9 of the Advent Calendar 2019 made Martin look deep into the dusty recesses of his cellar. He found a stout from 2016 from Nerdbrewing. We were quite surprised that he was able to keep from drinking it for so long. Indexoutofbounds comes in a variety of flavors. This one is oak aged and vanilla imperial stout. It's amazing how all the flavors hold up.

Day 8 - ToOl Advent Calendar 2019: Driving Home from X-mas - ep251

Dec 8, 2019 06:33


On day 8 of the ToOl Advent Calendar 2019 we have a non-alcoholic beer. What are the odds that we would have two non-alcoholic beers on the same day. Driving Home from X-mas is a very different beer from the Omnipollo Konx. But in what way? Is that a bad thing or a good thing? You'll have to listen to find out.

Day 8 - Advent Calendar 2019: Omnipollo Konx - ep250

Dec 8, 2019 12:35


Day 8 of the Advent Calendar 2019 is a fun, fruity no alcohol beer from Omnipollo. Omnipollo Konx tastes like a flader saft drink, but surprisingly has no flader in it. It's a great non-alcohol beer that anyone that is a designated driver could enjoy. Omnipollo has done a lot of big crazy beers lately and it's nice to see that they are putting just as much effort into their non-alcoholic offers as well.

Day 7 - ToOl Advent Calendar 2019: Session Reparationsbajer - ep249

Dec 7, 2019 04:57


Day 7's beer enjoyment will depend on how much you like gluten free beers.  This session version of the classic Reparationsbajer is a fun low abv gluten free beer. While I'm not a huge fan of gluten free beers, this on is a full bodied refreshing slightly bitter enjoyable session ale. 

Day 7: Advent Calendar 2019: Pohjala Other Half Hamarik - ep242

Dec 7, 2019 15:24


Day 7 of the Advent Calendar 2019 is a dark treat from two great breweries. We've had a lot of sad collabs this year so it's nice to one that gets it right. Pohjala and Other Half made a baltic porter with rye malt, Tahitian vanilla and Brazilian coffee. Hamarik is a delicious, flavorful baltic porter. Yum!


Day 6 - ToOl Advent Calendar 2019: Dangerously Close to Stupid - ep248

Dec 6, 2019 06:04


Day 6 of the ToOl Advent Calendar is a dangerous double ipa. How dangerous? Well, Dangerously Close to Stupid! This IIPA is a bitter, refreshing and full of old school fun. It's the base for a line of fruit flavored IIPA. It's a great start and makes you want to try Dangerously Close to Stupid Bananas...or maybe not. The only thing we know is it's stupid good.

Day 6 - Advent Calendar 2019: The Veil Merciless - ep241

Dec 6, 2019 11:42


Day 6 of the Advent Calendar 2019 brings another US beer that you don't see on this side of the pond very often. Thankfully shops like Mikkeller Beer Shop and Himmeriget in Copenhagen import The Veil a few times a year. It's always a treat to get these beers and Merciless doesn't disappoint. It's a full on hazy ipa that shows why the Veil is one of the best US breweries. 

Day 5 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Gose to the Fyrreskov - ep247

Dec 5, 2019 05:32


Day 5 of the To Ol Advent Calendar gives us a rather unusual gose, one with pine shoots and simcoe hops. Gose to the Fyrreskov is dry-hopped with simcoe which gives it a fun hoppy flavor.  It's got a great body and full flavor for a 3.8% beer. This a great beer for people that want something to drink on Christmas eve but aren't looking to get drunk.

Day 5 - Advent Calendar 2019: Bruery Terreux Orchard Wit - ep240

Dec 5, 2019 11:41


Day 5 of the Advent Calendar 2019 brings us a very nice surprise. We love The Bruery Terreux. However, their beers can be freakishly intensely sour. When we unwrapped this one, we all were immediately excited but apprehensive about it. Would it be delightful or would our palates be assaulted with sour overload. We're happy to report that Orchard Wit is a delightfully playful, fun beer. 


Day 4 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Misty Meadow - ep246

Dec 4, 2019 05:31


Day 4 of the To Ol Advent Calendar is an india pale lager with mosiac hops. This is probably one of the best IPL's on the market. It's light, hoppy and extremely drinkable. To Ol has really done great things with lagers in the past and they continue to redefine what a lager can be. Misty Meadow is one to track down.

Day 4 - Advent Calendar 2019: Stigbergets DH DDH West Coast - ep239

Dec 4, 2019 09:52


Day 4  of the Advent Calendar 2019 features Stigbergets DH DDH West Coast. You think you know Stigbergets and then they bust out one of the best double IPAs of the year. The West Coast IPA is a great beer but turned this up to 11 with the Double Headed, Double Dry Hopped West Coast IPA.  I don't think they could have worked more d's or h's into the title. 

Day 3 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Sur Tettnanger - ep245

Dec 3, 2019 05:25


Day 3 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 is a sour beer with raspberries. Sur Tettnanger is described as a berliner wiesse with raspberries. Sadly, it's lacking in sour and raspberries. It's a very mild beer that might be perfect for a hot summer day but is missing quite a bit to make it stand on its own.

Day 3 - Advent Calendar 2019: 2014 Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio - ep238

Dec 3, 2019 12:08


Day 3 of the Advent Calendar 2019 brings us one of our favorite beer styles, gueuze. Cantillon is one of the best gueuze producers working today. We get to try the 2014 Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio. It's aged perfectly and really shows the craft and skills of the brewery. This Christmas keeps getting better and better. 

Day 2 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: 1 Ton Of...Christmas - ep244

Dec 2, 2019 07:07


Day 2 of the To Ol Advent Calendar 2019 give us another hit. To Ol has been doing the 1 Ton of... series for awhile now. So we'er super excited to get our hands of the most festive of the series, 1 Ton Of...Christmas. A sour beer with the essence of Danish Christmas, cherries, red currents and prunes blended to create a beer cocktail of celebration.

Day 2- Advent Calendar 2019: Herslev Bryghus Mjolner Barleywine - ep237

Dec 2, 2019 10:38


Day 2 of the Advent Calendar 2019 brought out the holiday spirit in Mathias. He dug deep into the depths of his cellar and found a 10 year old barleywine. We were pretty excited about the Herslev Bryghus Mjolner Barleywine. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait. 

Day1 - Advent Calendar 2019: The Answer Fresh AF - ep236

Dec 1, 2019 08:50


Day1 of the 2019 Advent Calendar is happening and we kick off this years calendar with a fun beer from the US. The Answer is a small brewpub in Richmond, VA. It's kind of rare to find their beers in Europe but we found one for the calendar.  Fresh AF is an amazing IPA made with amarillo, ella and simcoe hops.

Day 1 - To Ol Advent Calendar 2019: Santas Secret Mochaccino Messiah Triple Shot - ep243

Dec 1, 2019 05:08


We love Christmas and one advent  calendar isn't enough. We needed two! We return our favorite advent calendar. This is our third time to cover the To Ol Advent Calendar. They start it off on a strong foot with Santas Secret Mochaccino Messiah Triple Shot. When the calendar starts like this, it's exciting to see what they will bring to this year.

Systembolaget Christmas Beers - ep235

Nov 28, 2019 36:16


It's Christmas time again and you know what that means...CHRISTMAS BEER! We kick off the this years holiday season with a fun collection of Systembolaget beer. This year there were over 80 beers listed as Christmas beers, we picked four we thought were interesting. We review Brekieret Lusse Lelle, Remmarlov Winter Brew, Wastach Wonderful Winter Ale, Nerdbrewing Xmas Override. Starting December 1st, we'll start our Advent review. This year we did something different. Listen to find out what!

Pickwick: Bron APA & Peaky Blinders Black IPA ep234

Nov 21, 2019 15:38


Before there was craft beer in Malmö. Before there was a craft beer bar in Malmö. If you wanted to get something that wasn't a lager, you didn't have many choices. Thankfully, we had Pickwick. It's setup like a traditional English pub. It's warm, cozy, you can play dart, it's everything you want in a pub. Of course we had to go back to where it all began. This episode we review Äbro Bryggeri Bron APA & Sadler's Ales Peaky Blinders Black IPA.

Savoy: Laugar Brightlight & Frequency Beer Works Smash the Pastryarchy - ep233

Nov 14, 2019 27:58


We have recorded at Bishop Arms Savoy many times since we started. Recently they have undergone a change in management and with it comes a change in style. Martin and Stefan check out what has changed and if they can still recommend it. This episode they review Laugar Brightlight & Frequency Beer Works Smash the Pastryarchy. One is a hazy lager and the other is a non-pastry stout. We'll let you decide which is which.

All In Beer Festival 2019 ep 231

Nov 7, 2019 47:59


We went to All In Beer Festival this year. It was an amazing time. It's not as big as other Swedish beer festivals but don't think it isn't as equally as much fun. There were amazing breweries from Sweden, Denmark, Russia, US, UK and Germany. We tried so many beers. This was also Martin's first time to attend a beer festival as a podcast host instead of a just an attendee. He had a lot of fun. This episode we interviewed Byron Burroughs from Proof Brewing, Fridtjof Stelter from FrauGruber, Yuri Mitin from Bakunin Brewing Co, and Alex Ek from The Attic Meadery.

Swedish Cicerone Malin Derwinger - ep231

Oct 31, 2019 39:08


We were at the Great Swedish Beer Festival and had a chance to sit down with Malin Derwinger a.k.a. Swedish Cicerone. She knows beer! We have a great conversation about beer history, trends, what it takes to be a cicerone and the current beer market. We had a great time and hope she'll be on the show again in the future. The Great Swedish Beer Festival was a great time as well. If you missed it, you missed one of the most relaxing, social beer festivals we've ever been to. Hopefully it will happen again next year.

Hop Hooligans - Dogma Brewing Small Talk Big Brewing & Remmarlov - O/O Dobbelbock Ep230

Oct 24, 2019 29:43


Collaborations can be a weird thing. Quite often breweries will work to create something outside their normal comfort zone. These can be a hit or a miss. Sometimes two breweries work together to create something classic and amazing. We don't get many Romanian beers in Sweden, so we were pretty excited to try a collab between Romania brewery Hop Hooligans and a Serbia brewery called Dogma Brewing. Small Talk Big Brewing is an incredible NEIPA. Next is a dobbelbock from Skåne brewers Remmarlöv and Gothenberg brewers O/O brewing. It's sweet, malty treat that you should grab a few bottles of it.

Northern Monk/Gamma Patrons Project 7.06 & Gamma/Northern Monk Adaptation - ep229

Oct 17, 2019 18:15


It's not often you get to try two collaboration beers from two breweries at the same time. British superstars Northern Monk journeyed over to Denmark and made an IPA with up-and-comers Gamma Brewery. That beer is called Adaptation. It's a fun NEIPA that uses Citra, Mosiac and Galaxy hops. Then Gamma ventures over to Leeds and they create a NEIPA with Mosiac, Citra and Idaho 7 called Humle. How do breweries that create essentially the same beer differ when they cross regions?

3Fonteinen Cuvee Armand & Gaston & Brouwerij Verhaeghe Duchesse Cherry - ep228

Oct 10, 2019 21:40


Martin and Stefan take an imaginary road trip to Belgium with two beers from that region. They didn't get a dubble, triple or trappist ale. No, they went for the champagne of beers, gueuze. Martin brought over a 3Fonteinen Cuvee Armand & Gaston with honey. It's the first 3Fonteinen beer we've done. It won't be the last. Next Stefan brought something new from the classic Flemmish brewery, Brouwerij Verhaeghe. They make the best Flemmish reds and now they have made a special edition called Duchesse Cherry.

3rd Anniversary - Oskar Blues BA Ten Fidy - ep227

Oct 3, 2019 29:19


WOW...we can't believe we are celebrating three years of podcasting. Sadly, Mathias couldn't be here for the blessed event but that doesn't mean that Stefan and Martin don't get crazy. What better way to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary than with an Oskar Blues Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy vertical. That's right, three years of 12.9% Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy stovepipe cans. How will this classic beer change over the years? Listen and find out. Thanks to everyone that has been listening for the past three years. We're just getting started so stay tuned for more fun and excitement.

Oktoberfest - Lowenbrau Oktoberfest, Wieninger Hoglworther Festbier, Remmarlov Oktoberfest Ep226

Sep 26, 2019 28:01


It's Oktoberfest and that means we have to try a selection of Oktoberfest beers. We break out a classic Oktoberfest beer from Lowenbrau so we can establish a baseline. Then we try Wieninger Hoglworther Festbier, a first into the Swedish market. After that we try a Swedish take on an Oktoberfest beer from Remmarlov called The Oktoberfest. We have a great time trying these beers and dream of one day attending!

Mikkeller Gnavne Gamle Men & The Dark Combo - ep225

Sep 19, 2019 21:05


Martin got his hands on a couple of different beers. Mikkeller had planned to include Gnavne Gamle Men in their beer box subscriptions. It's a shame they weren't able to get the bottles approved for shipping in the post because this altbier is an amazing ale. It has a short self life so get a bottle if you can. The second beer is an exclusive in the Mikkeller Beer Club box called The Dark Combo. It's a porter/wine/cider hybrid that get a bit freaky with your taste buds. It's hard to describe what is happening with this beer and we're not sure any of it is good.

Drumbar: Cape Brewing Cape Point & Innis & Gunn Barrel-aged BloodRed Sky - ep224

Sep 12, 2019 12:44


This week we are at Drumbar. It's the place to be if you want to catch a rugby match, hang out at Lilla Torg or relax in the courtyard of a 500 year old building. It's a great location and not as touristy as the other places on Lilla Torg. They don't have the most exciting beer list but it's not just standard beers like the other places. We looked over the menu and found a couple of beers that peaked our interest. Cape Brewing from South Africa has released a lager called Cape Point. Scottish brewers Innis & Gunn gave us a rum Barrel-aged red ale called Blood Red Sky.

Poms Mackor: Alefarm A New You & Dry and Bitter/Secret Sisters Interacting Galaxies ep223

Sep 5, 2019 15:49


We're finally back on the road and in the bars and restaurants around Malmö. This kicks off the first of three episodes where we are out and about. Martin and Stefan stop off at Salluhallen again. It a great space made of different types of restaurants and perfect for stopping off for an afternoon beer. Last time we were there the pickings were slim. Now there are so many options. We stop by Poms Mackor and picke up two IPAs, Alefarm A New You & Dry and Bitter/Secret Sisters Interacting Galaxies.

Brewskival 2019 ep 222

Aug 28, 2019 56:39


Mathias is back on the show to attend Brewskival 2019! It's quite frankly one of the best beer festivals in the world. If you love MBCC, then you have to attend Brewskival. Stefan and Mathias drink the beers you wish you could drink and get great interviews with some amazing brewers.

Justin Clark - Cigar City

Andreas Pedersen - Strange Weather

Jeramy Biggie - Commonweath

Petter Lindholm and Mats Hagerfors - Finn Brygghuset

Thomas Fransson - Malmö Brewery

Oliver Banks - Stigbergets

Lannabruk Hallon and Korsbar - ep221

Aug 22, 2019 16:22


Lannabruk is a new Swedish brewery. They are upcoming with sour beers. There aren't a lot of sour beer breweries in Sweden at the moment so another one is always exciting and welcom. Martin was able to procure two of their beers  on is a raspberry sour called Hällon and the second is a cherry beer called Körsbår. Lets dig in to these beers and find out what's going on with sour beers in Sweden.

Amager Viewpoint and Viewpoint Coco - ep220

Aug 15, 2019 19:20


Yeah, we're trying more Amager beers. Deal with it. This time we're trying to variants of Viewpoint, a collaboration between Amager Bryhus and Brazilian Cervejaria Dadiva. The beers use are use Goiabada, a guava based jelly. Viewpoint is an interesting combination of Amager double imperial stout with Brazilian flair. Viewpoint Coco is the same with added coconut. Both Viewpoints come in at a huge 11% abv. Amager keeps producing fun, original beers and we're glad we are so close to Denmark to try so many.

Arbor C Bomb and Mikkeller San Diego Upstairs Downstairs - ep219

Aug 8, 2019 24:09


We picked a couple of unknown beers to try something different. Neither of us had heard of Arbor Ales before and we got try a C Bomb, an American pale ale brewed with large quantities of citra hops. It comes in much bolder than either of expected. That's follows by one of Martin's least favourite styles, a lager. MIkkeller's Upstairs Downstairs is a larger made with kaffir lime leaves and Indian coriander. It's an interesting exploration into a what you can do with a lager. 

Jammerdalen Gloson and La Sirene - Cuvee de Bois ep218

Aug 1, 2019 21:58


Martin and very special guest Pontus each brought a sour beer to enjoy. Martin brought a sour stout from a young Swedish brewery called Jammerdalen Bryggeri called Gloson. Pontus found an Australian sour saison from La Sirene called Cuvee de Bois. Both are very interesting beers but for very different reasons. It's a fun episode and we get into some great discussions about life, the universe and everything. 

Wizard Brewing - Sky's the Limit and Bats ep. 217

Jul 25, 2019 15:09


Wizard Brewing hasn't been around very long. They only have 8 beers released. They are the number 2 ranked brewery in Sweden. It's been a metoric rise for this young brewery. They have been known mostly for their amazing berliner weisse beers but lately they have been starting to branch out. This episode we have two of their beers. Sky's the limit is has black currant, ginger and lime and Bats has apricot, pineapple, passion fruit and mango. It's delightful fruit bombs.


Amager American Days 2019 ep 216

Jul 18, 2019 33:55


Every 4th of July Amager releases six beers that were done in collaboration with American breweries. The day is called Amarikaner Day. They have live music, classic cars, food and lots of great beers! Sadly, we weren't able to attend this year but we were able to get 4 out of the 6 beers released. The four beers are Peg Puff with Transient Artisan Ales, Ancient Dinosaur with Half Acre Beer Company, Demon Juice with Titletown Brewing Co. and Sarah's Secret with Bearded Iris Brewing.

De la Senne Schieve Saison & Akia Brygghus Pralin - ep 215

Jul 11, 2019 20:42


We dug into our recent beer purchases and found a couple of surprise winners. Brasserie de la Senne collaborated with Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project to create Schieve Saison, one of the best saisons we've had in a long time. We follow that up with a new Swedish brewery called Akia Brygghus Pralin, an imperial milk stout.


To Ol - Yule Maelk & 3x Sort Maelk - ep 214

Jul 4, 2019 17:22


We love To Ol! We have reviewed more of their beers than any other brewery. We can't get enough of them. We haven't had a chance to review many of their stouts but that's about to change. We have two of their amazing stouts that take a base beer and treat it very differently. These are part of their imperial Maelk series. Yule Maelk is an imperial milk stout aged in cognac and sherry barrels.  3x Sort Maelk is an imperial milk stout aged in Scotch oak barrels for three years. Two amazing beers with different results.

Verdant Every Day is a Different Dose & Frau Gruber Flying Monkey ep 213

Jun 27, 2019 18:24


We want to give a big congrats to Mathias on the birth of his baby! Good job mate! While he takes some time off from the podcast to raise his daughter, Martin will take over as permanent co-host. Lots of changes and new things on the horizon. But before we get there, we have two fun beers to talk about. Verdant's Every Day is a Different Dose is an American wheat beer and Frau Gruber's Flying Monkey is a Belgian wit beer. Both bring something very special to the table. You'll have to listen to find out what.

Brewski Pearbear and Way Way Green - ep 212

Jun 20, 2019 16:16


We got lucky and were able to try two beers from one of Sweden's best and most fun breweries. Brewski has been setting trends in the beer market for years and they are pushing the bar forward with these two beers. Pearbear is a delicious pear and passionfruit ipa with an intense color. Way Way Green is exactly what it says it is. When you see it your imagination runs wild with what it will taste it. Martin has a lot of interesting thoughts around this one.

Threes Brewing Edge of Consciousness and Gamma Brewing Trace - ep211

Jun 13, 2019 15:03


Do you remember MBCC? We do and we're sad it's over. Stefan picked up a few beers at MBCC 2019 and of course had to share them on show. Fortunately Martin was around to share with him. First up is a fun dipa from Threes Brewing called Edge of Consciousness. That's followed up by one of Denmark's best up and coming breweries Gamma Brewing called Trace.

Aslin Beer Company Beer Drinking is not a Crime and Malbygg Humar - ep210

Jun 6, 2019 13:05


We've got a couple of double ipas from two world class breweries. Representing the US, Aslin Beer Company with Beer Drinking is not a Crime. Representing Iceland is newcomer Malbygg with Humar. It's very exciting to try these two beers to see how different countries deal with the same style. We're also joined by a very special guest.

Brouwerij de Moersleutel - Double Roast Sidamo and Lintong - ep209

May 30, 2019 25:35


Brouwerij de Moersleutel is one of the Netherlands newest and best breweries. We've tried a few of their beers recently but this might be the first beers we've reviewed for the show. This stout is an excellent showcase to show how coffee can affect a beer. We have two version of the Double Roast, Sidamo and Lintong. Two very similar but completely different beers. 

MBCC19: Bottle Logic Brewing, Sloop Brewing. Cerebral Brewing, Moksa Brewing - ep208

May 23, 2019 53:28


If you loved the interviews from part one of our MBCC coverage, you'll going to love the hell out of this episode. We crisscross the US and cover brewers from east coast to west coast. This was the most fun we've had at MBCC and some of the best interviews so far!

Brandon Buckner from Bottle Logic Brewing

Joe Truco from Sloop Brewing

Sean Buchan from Cerebral Brewing

Derrick Gallanosa from Moksa Brewing

MBCC19: The Rare Barrel, 18th Street Brewery, Foam Brewing, Mikkel Bjergsø - ep207

May 16, 2019 43:28


If you weren't able to attend 2019 Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, then you missed the best beer festival in the world. But don't worry about missing out too much, we were there and talked to lots of brewers. This episode we feature interviews with:

Alex Wallash from The Rare Barrel

Drew Fox from 18th Street Brewery

Scott Keane from Foam Brewing

Mikkel Bjergsø from Mikkeller Brewing and founder of MBCC

BJCP Challenge - IPA - ep 206

May 9, 2019 30:25


Stefan came up with a new challenge for the show. He got five of the most popular ipa's from Systembolaget, wrapped them in paper, and then randomly assigned them a number. Stefan, Martin and Mathias try each beer and rank them according to BJCP standards. When you take the packaging and marketing away and just focus on the beer, it's quite a difference. The end results ratings surprised us all. 


Buxton Ryescrack & FrauGruber Super Soul - ep. 205

May 2, 2019 29:46


This is really nice. Martin brings a can and Stefan brings a can. We have two beers from two of the best breweries in Europe. First is a fun beer from Buxton called Ryescrack. It's a raspberry and rye sour beer. It sounds like a weird combination but it makes for one of the best sour beers we've had in a while. Next is one of the latest from the amazing German brewery FrauGruber. They are pretty new and quickly made a name for themselves with some amazing NEIPA. Super Soul is no exception. It's a hazy, juicy, flavor bomb of delight.


Games of Beers 7 - ep 204

Apr 25, 2019 48:10


Game of Thrones is back! It's only fitting that we have another Game of Beers! This time Mathias and Stefan go head to head. Martin steps in as the show host and creates a truly challenging game. Who will win? The experienced brewer or the beer nerd? Find out in Games of Beers 7.

MMX Beer Club Sour Beer event - Brekeriet, Psychopipes, Jackdaw ep203

Apr 18, 2019 29:02


We are hosted our first live event. The Great Swedish Beer Festival is hosting a series of beer events leading up to the great day! They invited us to be part of the sour beer night and host the event. We got to sit down and talk to Brekeriet, Psychopipes and Jackdaw. These are three of Sweden's best sour brewers. Unfortunately we lost the first half of the evening but don't worry, we'll make it up in a future episode. We had a great time talking to the brewers and drinking some amazing sour beers. Enjoy!

Amager Brygghus Cobras Fumadoras and Cobras Fumantes - ep202

Apr 11, 2019 19:09


We love Amager. They recently opened a taproom in Copenhagen. While we didn't record this episode there, they do sell both of these bottles in the taproom. Martin brought these two interesting barley wines over. Cobras Fumadoras mezcal barrel-aged barley wine brewed with dark agave syrup and cinnamon. Cobras Fumantes is a barley wine aged in mezcal barrels with dark agave syrup, cinnamon and Mexican coffee. Barrel-aged barley wines aren't usual so this was a real treat to try.

OverWorks Cosmic Crush Quince Sour and Electric Blue - Prairie Artisan double dunk - ep201

Apr 4, 2019 27:36


How do you follow up our epic 200th episode? It's not easy but Mathias got his hands on two of Brewdog's new sour beers. OverWorks is their new label to support their sour beers. They are off to a great start. We try Overworks' Cosmic Crush Quince Sour and Electric Blue. Both are incredible sours. After that we try one of the latest beers from Prairie Artisan, a cookie based beer called Double Dunk. The results are very surprising. 

To Ol Mr. Series 2019 - ep. 200

Mar 28, 2019 47:18


We have a special episode. It's out 200th episode. We're super excited about it. To celebrate, we have the entire To Ol Mr. Series from this year. It's a fun collection of non-traditional beers. It runs the gamut of beer styles from gose to farmhouse to ipa to brown ale to stout and more. There are some highs and some lows but it's an incredible lineup of beers. Thanks to everyone for listening for these 200 episodes.

Three stories about beer - ep 199

Mar 21, 2019 30:55


If you've been drinking beer long enough, you have a story about a beer or a moment. Beer is part of our lives and it becomes important to sometimes pivotal moments. Whether it is a celebration, a lazy afternoon, a past event or brewery that puts out your favorite beer, it's good to share those moments with others. Martin, Mathias and Stefan all share a story about a beer that means something special to them.


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De Molen - #3000 White Wine & #3000 Burgundy - ep198

Mar 13, 2019 18:23


De Molen is one of our favorite breweries. They've released so many beers over the years. Somehow we've never reviewed them on show before. Thanks to Martin, we're were able to try 3000 Batch. The beer was released in three versions: barleywine, white wine barrel aged barleywine and burgundy barrel aged barleywine. We have the white wine and burgundy barrel aged versions. It's amazing how this beer changes from one barrel to the next.

Amager - Double Black Mash 2016 & 2017 - ep197

Mar 7, 2019 23:28


Stefan has been sitting on these two beauties for awhile. He was super excited to try them side by side. Good thing Martin is there to help him. It's exciting to see how a beer evolves and changes over time. This is one of Amager's best beers and it ages beautifully. It's just a shame Double Black Mash only comes out once a year and sells out instantly. 

Emmaboda Astrostout and Uppsala Slumberjack - ep196

Feb 28, 2019 18:38


We're coming out of the dark winter nights but that doesn't mean we still don't have plenty of darkness in our cold Swedish souls. These two stouts from two up and coming Swedish microbreweries show that there is great things coming from the darkness. Martin brought over Emmaboda Astrostout and Uppsala Slumberjack. Let's get started!

Great Swedish Beer Festival - ep195

Feb 21, 2019 27:44


We love a good beer festival. There is a new beer festival coming to Malmö with a hundred breweries from all over Sweden. Stefan sits down with Nils and Eric to discuss the Great Swedish Beer Festival, what it takes to put on a festival and how you build a community around an event. It's great insight to learning what it takes to start your own beer festival. It's a one day festival on October 26, 2019. You can find out more at including ticketing and the full lineup.

Mariatorgets Långkök and Kings Brewing Company BA Dia Noche Stout - ep194

Feb 14, 2019 20:23


Martin has been raving about Stockholm brewery Mariatorgets Mikrobryggeri for the past few weeks. He finally got his hands on a bottle from them via Långkök is a deep roasty stout that was reportedly brewed for 50 hours. We debate what that adds to the beer and how that would work exactly. That's followed up with a barrel-aged stout from Kings Brewing Company called Dia Noche Stout.



Firestone Walker Parabola and Nerdbrewing Implements - Cinnamon Licorice edition ep193

Feb 7, 2019 26:56


Deep in the heart of Swedish winter, Stefan and Mathias hunker down and try some dark, heavy, high abv imperial stouts. Stefan once again miss names Firestone Walker, one day he'll learn it. Parabola is a bourbon barrel aged Russian imperial stout with a huge 14.5% abv. It's complex and indulgent. Next up is Sweden's second best brewery Nerdbrewing with their Implements: Cinnamon and Licorice edition. It's a bold, strong licorice kick.

Founders Backwoods Bastard and Amager Patrizio, the Persuasive Peacemaker ep192

Jan 31, 2019 51:23


Stefan has been wanting to do this episode for a while. Martin continues on for this very interesting episode. We've had Founders Backwoods Bastard on the show before but Stefan found another whiskey barrel aged old ale from Amager called Patrizio, The Persuasive Peacemaker. Two beers of the same obscure style from two world class breweries. Are they the same or completely different? Stefan is living his dream and can finally cross another item off his bucket list.

Sori Brewing Parento 2017 Port and Parento 2017 Whiskey ep191

Jan 24, 2019 28:56


Martin stops by and brings in two beers from the great Finnish/Estonian brewery Soir Brewing. It's the same beer but vastly different version. Parento is a wee heavy style; a rich, malty, dextrinous, and usually caramel-sweet beer. Parento comes in two styles, a port barrel aged version and a whiskey barrel aged version. Both give a slightly different complexity to them and a vastly different impression.

Dre Fonteinen Oude Lambiek Doesjel and Evil Twin Westbrook Mexican Biscotti Cake Break ep190

Jan 17, 2019 14:30


We dug deep into our cellars and found a couple of things to share. It's our second annual cellar episode. Mathias brings out a delicious Dre Fonteinen Oude Lambiek Doesjel. We discuss the difference between lambiek and gueuze. Stefan whips out a heavy imperial stout from Evil Twin and Westbrook called Mexican Biscotti Cake Break. How long should you cellar a heavy pastry stout?

Left Handed Giant Strange Country and Midnight Special ep189

Jan 10, 2019 22:15


Martin is back this episode to keep the party going for the new year. We check out a couple of releases from the amazing British brewery Left Handed Giant. We reviewed our first LHG beer back on episode 119, which came out exactly one year ago. This time we have two stouts, Strange Country, a imperial stout brewed with Lervig, and Midnight Special, a coconut, coffee and cardamom milk stout.

Wicked Weed Ferme de Chien and Brewski Eric ep188

Jan 3, 2019 24:52


Happy New Year! It's the new year and that means we take a look back at 2018, talk about the beers that were, highlights from the year and look forward to 2019 (oh we will have a musical episode). Of course we also have beers to review. This episode we have the Wicked Weed Ferme de Chien, a brett sour ale with cherries and Brewski/Cycle Brewing collab simpled titles Eric, a coffee oatmeal imperial stout.

Delirium Christmas - Day 24 - 2018 Advent Calendar - ep187

Dec 24, 2018 26:36


It's the final episode and we're given our final Belgian beer of the box. Delirium Christmas is a traditional Belgian triple. Sweet, rich and boozy, the Delirium Christmas is a fitting end to the big box of Belgian and Belgian inspired beers. We review the box, offer some constructive criticism of the advent calendar and make some suggestions on how it could improve in future years. Thanks to everyone for listening and we have some great plans for next years advent calendar.


St Bernardus Abt12 - Day 23 - 2018 Advent Calendar - ep186

Dec 23, 2018 07:15


We've tried the St. Bernardus Christmas ale, St. Bernardus Wit and now we have the St. Bernardus Abt 12. Widely regarded as the best of the St. Bernardus beers, the Abt 12 is a delicious 10% abv Belgian triple. It's the pentultimate episode of the advent calendar and it looks like things are finally looking up.

Liefmans Goudenband - Day 22 - 2018 Advent Calendar - ep185

Dec 22, 2018 12:40


A sour beer is a nice entry into the calendar. Liefmans Goudenband is a classic beer and kind of a gateway sour. A little bit of Flemish red mixed with something else. We're guessing lots of pennies. This one has a strong metallic smell and flavor, reminiscent of someone having washed change in water.

La Trappe Triple - Day 21 - 2018 Advent Calendar - ep184

Dec 21, 2018 09:56


Martin is back to discuss La Trappe Triple. It's a perfect example of a Belgian style triple.  While both think it's a fine beer, for the price point there are so many other beers that could have just as easily fit this profile. Still, with the crap shoot this advent calendar has been, it's nice to have something dependable to rely on.

Brew Age Bienenstich - Day 20 - 2018 Advent Calendar - ep183

Dec 20, 2018 05:37


According to Brew Age, Bienenstich "reveals a soft and gentle character" with "a generous helping of wild honey from Austrian beekeepers." Martin and I both got a generous helping of earth and dirt with no honey or sweetness. Not sure what happened with this bottle but it was garbage, we're curious how it was stored prior to the calendar.  Day 20 was just wrong.

Rodenbach Grand Cru - Day 19 - 2018 Advent Calendar - ep182

Dec 19, 2018 09:39


Mathias has the flu so Martin joins the podcast again today. We both love Flemish reds and Rodenbach makes the best Flemish reds on the market. Tangy, berries, with a nice funkiness that reminds you of fingernail polish, the Rodenbach Grand Cru makes day 19 a real treat.

Hancock Old Lambrinus Dark - Day 18 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep181

Dec 18, 2018 10:16


How does a Hancock beer end up in an advent calendar? There are so many amazing Danish breweries, To Ol, Mikkeller, Dry & Bitter, Amager, Bad Seed, Beer Here, Ebeltoft, Flying Couch and on and on. There are so many breweries to choose from, why would anyone pick Hancock Old Lambrinus Dark for an advent box. Day 18 was not a happy day.

St Bernardus Wit - Day 17 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep180

Dec 17, 2018 11:06


This is our second offering from the monks at St. Bernardus. Their wit beer is a refreshing, citrusy, welcome entry into the calendar. It's a beautiful example of what a wit beer should be. If you don't like wit beers, you should give this a try. It will change your mind.

ToOl Snowball Saison - Day 16 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep179

Dec 16, 2018 10:43


It wouldn't be an advent calendar if we didn't get a bottle of the To Ol Snowball Saison. This is the third time to try this beer on the show and dare say it's the best it's ever been. Day 16 is a wonderous day of joy and intense saisony goodness. 

Verhaeghe Export Helles - Day 15 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep178

Dec 15, 2018 07:24


What the literal helles...Day 15 give us lump of coal in our stockings with a very pedestrian helles/lager/pilsner. Verhaeghe Export Helles is a very forgettable helles. It's like drinking...wait, what was I talking about?

Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout - Day 14 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep177

Dec 14, 2018 10:50


If you've been following along at home, then you know we've tried one beer from Samuel Smith this calendar. It was a raspberry sugar bomb. We have higher hopes for the Organic Chocolate Stout on Day 14. Rich, chocolatey and loaded with copious amounts of sugar, it feels like the base beer would be amazing if they left out the organic sugar. 

De La Senne Zinnebir - Day 13 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep176

Dec 13, 2018 10:06


We love Brasserie de la Senne. They are a great Belgium brewery and make wonder craft beers. Zinnebir is one of their standard offerings that never fails to please. We've had many enjoyable moments over this beer in the past. It's an easy Belgian blonde ale with fruity hoppiness. 

Boyne Winter Ale - Day 12 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep175

Dec 12, 2018 09:36


From Beligum to Ireland, we get to try Boyne Winter Ale. It is literally like drinking water. Not just one of the worst beers we've had in the calendar, but one of the worst beers we've ever had.

Corsendonk Pater Dubble Ale - Day 11 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep174

Dec 11, 2018 08:01


Whomever put this box together has a major thing for Beligum beers. Out of the 11 beers so far 5 of them have been either Belgium or Belgium inspired beers. I imagine we'll see a few more before this calendar is done. Corsendonk does really good beers and their Pater Dubble Ale is a delicious brown ale and a real treat.

Omnipollo Maz - Day 10 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep173

Dec 10, 2018 06:05


We always welcome a beer from Omnipollo. Day 10 doesn't disappoint. It's a classic Omnipollo pale ale called Maz. It's one of the hightlights of the calendar so far and nice change from the brown and sweet beers which have dominated the box so far. 

Aegir Bryggert Aegirs Jul - Day 9 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep172

Dec 9, 2018 10:42


We continue our exploration of the Scandinavian beer scene with a Norwegian Jul Ol. This is our third Jul Ol and perhaps the most forgettable. It could be best described as brown. If you could drink beige. Day 9 is best left and we move on.

Kloster Bryggeriet Christian 3 - Day 8 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep170

Dec 8, 2018 09:11


Day 8 brings us something from a Danish microbrewery we've never heard of. Kloster Bryggeriet is in Jutland on the grounds where a Danish monastery was based. They specialize in traditional monk abbey beers. Christian 3 is a caramel ale with an addition of humle hops. 

Samuel Smith Organic Raspberry - Day 7 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep171

Dec 7, 2018 10:41


Samuel Smith has been around for forever. When there were no craft beers in the US, there was Samuel Smith. But it was always too expensive to buy compared to other offers. Day 7 is the Samuel Smith Organic Raspberry. It's another strong sugar bomb of a beer. Probably the most candy like drink we've ever had.

Kihoskh Hazy Pale Ale - Day 6 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep169

Dec 6, 2018 07:40


Kihoskh has been partnering with Mikkeller for years producing dozens of beers. This is our second release from Kihoskh and Mikkeller called Hazy Pale Ale. It's a smooth sexy little Christmas number that fills us with holiday cheer. 

St Bernardus Christmas Ale - Day 5 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep168

Dec 5, 2018 08:07


St Bernardus is a legendary trappist brewery. On day 3 we got St. Bernardus Christmas Ale. It's an interesting mix between a jule ol and a bottle conditioned trappist ale. However...there might have been something wrong with our bottle. It had a weird slightly sour taste. It does not bode well for our box of beers.


De Ranke XX Bitter - Day 4 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep167

Dec 4, 2018 11:15


Day 4 give us another Belgian beer. We're starting to see the theme of the box emerging. De Ranke is a great Belgian brewery. XX Bitter is a solid offer from them. It will be interesting to see what the mystery box offers next.

Lindemans Cassis - Day 3 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep166

Dec 3, 2018 07:46


Do you like beer? Do you like sugar? Then day 3 has the beer for you. Lindemans Cassis is a sugar bomb of a drink. It's hard to call it a beer as it tastes like a cup of sugar dissolved in tangy water. It's a diabetic coma in a glass. 

Jopen Hoppenbier - Day 2 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep165

Dec 2, 2018 10:36


Day 2 of the Advent Calendar brings us a classic recipe from Dutch brewers Jopen. Hoppenbier is a classic recipe from the 1800's that was rediscovered. It's a light hoppy golden ale that we wish we could get on a regular basis.

Mikkeller JuleOl - Day 1 - 2018 Advent Calendar ep164

Dec 1, 2018 14:03


We've tried two brewery advent calendars. This year we're going to give a store featured box a try. Kihoskh is a great bottle shop in Copenhagen and we're super excited to see how they craft an advent calendar. Day 1 is a beer from Mikkeller called Jule Ol. Only fitting that the first beer of an advent calendar would be a Christmas beer.

Billdale Vinternatt IPA, Spike Mr, Spike Mrs, Aass Juleol, Mohawk Blizzard ep 163

Nov 29, 2018 31:40


Those Christmas bells mean only one thing, it's time for our third annual Christmas beer episode. Once again we select a fine collection of Christmas beers from Systembolaget. This years collection redefines what a Christmas beer can be. First off is Billdale Brewery Billdale Vinternatt IPA, then we have two selections from Spike Brewery Mr and Mrs, that's followed by Mohawk Blizzard and followed up by Aass Juleol. It's a lot of beers and fine kickoff to the advent calendar that starts on December 1st.

Mikkeller Crooked Moon Hazy IIPA with Raspberry and George ep162

Nov 22, 2018 19:47


Stefan was flying home the other day and decided to stop by the Mikkeller bar in the airport in Copenhagen on the way out. Not only do they have an amazing selection of taps but you can get cans and bottles to take home. He picked up one of the Oregon fruit series called Crooked Moon Hazy IIPA with Raspberry. It's a delicious double ipa with raspberries. That's followed with an amazing stout called George. It's one of the best stouts we've tried in a long time.

To Ol 3x Yeastus Instant Crush Brett Edition, 10 Apple Stout and Troffeler Ep. 161

Nov 15, 2018 29:04


Stefan grabbed a few beers from To Ol's brewpub in Copenhagen called Brus. It's a great must visit beer destination in the city and a place we always love to visit. We start off with a triple dry hopped Farmhouse IPA made with brettanomyces cultivated from a pear tree grown just outside Copenhagen. Next is a collab beer with Pohjala make with 5 varieties of apple from Denmark and 5 varieties of apples Estonia, treated 10 different ways and aged in Calvados barrels. Lastly we try the Troffeler, a barrel-age saison collab with Wild Beer Co made with white spring Tuscany Truffles and sage.  

Wren House Brewing Bolo Tie Rye and ToOl Maelk Shake ep160

Nov 8, 2018 31:17


Finally, it's just us. Stefan and Mathias are out at Mathias' new place enjoying the new recording area. First up we jump into a rye IPA from Phoenix brewery Wren House. It's a wonderful example of the style and reaffirms it as one of our favorite beer styles. That's followed by another entry into ToOl's Maelk series, Maelk Shake. It's an intense imperial milk stout that is flavored with vanilla and matured on rum barrel chips.

Two Metre Tall Soured Wild Plum Ale and Omnipollo Barrel Aged Kokostopp ep159

Nov 1, 2018 20:35


We have a barrel aged double featured. Chantra joins us with a beer a she brought back from the US from Two Metre Tall, a brewery from Tasmania. This is great since we're joined by Winson, our Kiwi buddy from New Zealand. He puts a shrimp on the barbie and tells us about life in Hobbiton. Soured Wild Plum Ale Barrel Aged is a delicious plum sour ale. It's followed up by the All-In Beer festival from Omnipollo, All In Brewing and Poppels Bryggeri called Kokostopp, a bourbon barrel aged toasted coconut, cocoa nibs and vanilla imperial stout. Plus, what beer and musical style would you pick for a beer rock opera?

Game of beers 6 ep 158

Oct 25, 2018 42:38


Stefan steps up to defend the shows honor against the shows reigning champion, Karin. Mathias once again picks the beers making it extra difficult. Will Stefan defend the shows honor or will the champion remain supreme. It's all part of Game of Beers 6!

Klackabacken Twistied 007 Hjortron Berliner and Dugges Banana Toffee Chocolate Imperial Stout ep157

Oct 17, 2018 20:41


Systembolaget had some very interesting releases of late. We couldn't wait to try out the Hjortron Berliner from Klackabacken. We have a lively discussion on the pronunciation of "hjortron" and discuss the meaning (it's a cloudberry not sea buckthorn). Then we dig into the Dugges Banana Toffee Chocolate Imperial Stout. This had the potential to be a huge mess but instead had us all thinking about childhood candies.

Nynäshamns Bötet Barleywine Oloroso and Avery Coconut Porter ep156

Oct 11, 2018 23:05


You remember Mathias? Yeah, me either. But we got Martin and Karin back again so we got something better. This is a lively episode about barleywines, what makes a porter vs a stout and Florida man. Is he a DC or Marvel character? More importantly, we have to beers, Nynäshamns Bötet Barleywine Oloroso and Avery Coconut Porter. The first is a sherry barrel aged barleywine and the second is a chocolate, coconut dream.

Lervig Perler for Svin and Wylam Child in Time ep155

Oct 4, 2018 26:23


We begin season three with an ipa double header, both cloudy but not the so called NEIPA. Martin and Karin join again while Mathias is on a special assignment. We get into some deep conversation about the meaning of critiquing and objectivism. We try Lervig Perler for Svin and Wylam Child in Time. Mysteries abound.

Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin and Samuel Adams Cream Stout ep154

Sep 27, 2018 13:44


It's our second anniversary and we go back to where it all began, Tugg Burger. We talk about the past two years, what we've done and why we keep going. It's a sentimental journey and of course, we try two beers: Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin and Samuel Adams Cream Stout. Thanks for the past two years and here is to many many more! Skål!

Taste Room Osmanthus Wheat Ale and Jing-A Flying Fist IPA ep153

Sep 20, 2018 19:15


Stefan spent sometime in Shanghai so you know what that means...China beer episode! Karin joins in place of Mathias for a threepeat. He's almost done recovering from his surgery just in time for next weeks 3rd anniversary. Stefan and Karin talk about the Chinese beer scene and how it's evolving. The difficulty of bringing IPAs, stouts and sours to a very traditional lager culture. First up is Taste Room Osmanthus Wheat Ale and  it's followed by Jing-A Flying Fist IPA.

Buddlelship/ToOl Man O'Sting and Buddelship Rote Grutze ep152

Sep 13, 2018 13:37


It's the September so that means that Oktoberfest is just around the corner. Stefan visited Germany recently and brought back some beers. Oddly enough, none of them were traditional Oktoberfest beers but a mixture of sour beers. Could sour beers replace the traditional styles? Probably not but it's fun to imagine. Karin joins once again and giver her thoughts to these two beers, Buddelship/ToOl Man O'Sting and Buddelship Rote Grutze. Prost!

To Ol Ms Series

Sep 6, 2018 53:24


To Ol  is back with a new release. Like their Mr. series covering a variety of styles and colors, the Ms series is six beers running the gamut of styles, flavors and colors. This is a global release of six beers. It's audacious and impressive. Mathias wasn't able to join so we welcome back Karin and Martin to the show to provide excellent insight. We were only able to get 5 out of the 6 beers: Ms Teal, Ms Magenta, Ms Scarlet, Ms Violet and Ms Black. Sadly, Ms Grey wasn't able to attend.

Beerbliotek - 2016 Eternal Darkness and 2018 Eternal Darkness ep150

Aug 30, 2018 23:24


Episode 150! As the days are finally starting to cool off, we thought it would be fun to bring out a stout or two. It just so happened that Beerbliotek re-released their classic Eternal Darkness recently. Stefan picked up a can because he had a bottle from 2016 he wanted to compare it against. WOW...what a difference. These two beers couldn't be further apart now. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Wylam Attracting Humans and Garage Brewing/Stigberget Woozy ep149

Aug 23, 2018 28:21


Mathias swung by the ole Systembolaget this week and grabbed a couple of cans off the shelf. Oh what a selection he picked! We're both mad in love with Wylam Brewing. They produce some of the best IPA's on the market. We finally got a release in Sweden from them called Attracting Humans, but it's not an IPA but a double dry-hopped pale ale. WTF? That's followed up with a collaboration between Spanish brewers Garage Brewing and Swedish brewers Stigbergets called Woozy.

Cellar Episode: DeCam Nectarine Lambic and Boulevard Brewing Love Child No- 07 ep148

Aug 16, 2018 33:27


The warm summer days made us reach back into our beer cellars and pull out a couple of sour beers. Since everyone really enjoyed our stout cellar episode, we thought it was time to follow it up with an episode about cellaring sour beers. Mathias uncorks De Cam Nectarine Lambic and Stefan drags out Boulevard Brewing Love Child No 07.

O/O Brewing Mosaic Citra and Citra Ekuanot ep147

Aug 9, 2018 14:04


O/O Brewing has been killing it lately with their IPA releases. It just turned out that Mathias and Stefan had both recently purchased a can each from Each wanted bragging rights on who got the best beer. You know we have to be competitive over everything. Mathias slams his IPA on the table with the Mosaic Citra release. And Stefan returns with his massive Citra Ekuanot release. Oh and Chantra joins to provide crude comments. You've been warned.

Roughtail Brewing Adaptation Ale and Nerdbrewing Override ep146

Aug 2, 2018 20:43


Stefan and Mathias do a battle of the beers with the U.S. vs. Sweden in a head to to head competition. Stefan brings out a hazy IPA from Roughtail Brewing called Adaptation Ale v.8. Mathis counter attacks with the latest release from Nerdbrewing, a chocolate milkshake stout, called Override. Two enter...and really no one loses because we have beer!

Firestone Walker Leo vs Ursus Inferos and Collective Brewing Project Brett Smashy ep145

Jul 26, 2018 18:37


Stefan finally returns from the U.S. and brings a bunch of beer to Sweden. Mathias and Stefan are joined once again by Chantra to try some of the spoils of travel. First up is Firestone Walker's Leo Vs. Ursus Inferos, a rye double IPA. It was one of Stefan's favorite beers he tried in the U.S. That's follow up with a brett IPA from The Collective Brewing Project called Brett Smashy.

Nobel Rey Tropical Combat Fighter and Lone Pint Brewery Yellow Rose ep144

Jul 19, 2018 27:07


Stefan is still in the US and he's still drinking beer with Dustin, Marcus and Javi. This time the crew is going Texas style and Marcus is in a better mood. They try Nobel Rey's Tropical Combat Fighter, a slightly hazy tropical IPA first. Then follow it up with one of Texas highest rated beers, Lone Pint Brewery's Yellow Rose. It does not disappoint. Drink up ya'll!

Brewski Starman and Omnipollo Amurga ep143

Jul 12, 2018 29:10


What's on Tap goes American this week for a special episode. Stefan returns to his first country and brings a couple of beers with him of course. He meets up with former Brew Bloods podcast hosts Dustin and Marcus and frequent contributor Javi. They check out the latest from Brewski called Starman and one of Omnipollo's more controversial releases, Amurga. 

Crazy bottle share ep142

Jun 21, 2018 57:16


After an epic Game of Beers, we hangout for our final episode with Karin and Martin. We do a mini-bottle share. Martin starts us off with a DIPA from Equilibrium's MC2. Mathias jumps in with Firestone Walker's XXI Anniversary Ale. Karin represents with Nerdbrewing's Extends, Vietnemese Coffee Edition. Finally, Stefan rounds it out with Destihl Brewing's Dosvidanya, Rye Barrel Edition. Just to round out the evening, they have Evil Twin's Honey Nut Jeppios, a stout with honey and almonds. It's one crazy bottle share!

Game of beers 5 ep 141

Jun 14, 2018 34:20


Game of beers is back and better than ever. We found a beer nerd couple that is more than up to the challenge. Karin is brewer and Martin is deep beer ticker. Mathias picked the beers this episode and didn't hold back on his selection. He made this the hardest game to date. But these two master drinkers don't back down from the challenge. It's Game of Beers: Couple's Edition! 

Bishops Arms Gustav Torg - Kapusta Brewing Man & Beast series ep. 140

Jun 7, 2018 29:52


This is the first of three episodes with Martin and Karin. We all venture out to Bishops Arms Aldoph Gustav Torg. We've been meaning to get here for a while and we finally did it! Kapusta Brewing has released three sour farmhouse ales. First we try Mirabelle, a wild plum ale, the we give Bramble a try, a wild blackberry ale and finish it off with Sea-Buckthorn, a wild sea-buckthorn ale. It's all part of his Man and Beast series. We get into a lot of things this episode.

MBCC18 interview part 3 - Cloudwater Brewing, Paul Jones, Director Cloudwater Brewing ep139

May 31, 2018 24:30


We finish off the Mikkeller Beer Celebration - Copenhagen with a surprise interview with Paul Jones, founder and director of Cloudwater Brewing. It's a real peek behind the curtain of UK beer scene and how it's developed over the past three years. Cloudwater exploded overnight and hasn't looked back. We really enjoyed this interview. We hope you do too.

MBCC 2018 interviews part 2 - Oxbow Brewing Co, 7venth Sun and Founders Brewing Co. ep 138

May 24, 2018 31:43


Continuing or exclusive coverage of Mikkeller Beer Celebration - Copenhagen, we make a new friend at Maine brewery, Oxbow Brewing Co. Then catch up with some familiar faces from 7venth Sun and Founders Brewing Co. It's a great round of interviews and makes us excited to catch up with them again next year!

MBCC18 interviews part 1: Hoof Hearted, Deya, B. Nectar ep137

May 17, 2018 28:03


The party might be over but that doesn't mean it has to end. We attended Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen again this year. Friday morning yellow session gave us lots of access to lots of great brewers and beers. This is part one of three. We start off with Hoof Hearted brewery (best brewery name ever!), follow it up with Deya and end it with B. Nectar. Enjoy!

Burnt Mill Brewery/Track Brewery Enigmatic Galaxies & Wylam Midnight Train to Byker ep136

May 10, 2018 33:59


Stefan went to London and brought back as many beers as his suitcase could hold. Before the show we tried beers from Wylams, Northern Monk and Verdant. It was a great pre-show sampling. For the episode we decided to try something from an exciting new brewery called Burnt Mill Brewery. They collaborated with Track Brewery to create Engamatic Galaxies. Following it up is probably the best DIPA ever created, Wylams' Midnight Train to Byker. Be jealous you aren't drinking it.

Omnipollo Covered in Puppies and The Kernel London Brick ep135

May 3, 2018 16:11


Chantra joins us again and as always brings a contentious energy. After much debate, she's going to create a chart of Omnipollo releases to Systembolaget. Their latest is another collaboration with Trillium Brewing called Covered in Puppies. Next is a red rye ale from The Kernel called London Brick. Surprisingly we all really like red ales and this rare release from The Kernel to the Swedish monopoly is a welcome treat. 

Alvinne Cuvee d'Erpigny and Brewdog Choco Libre ep134

Apr 26, 2018 18:27


We have a wrap up show with the winner and lose of Game of Beers, Game 4. Tomas opens up his wager beer Alvinne Cuvee d'Erpigny. It's an interesting sour ale aged on sherry barrels. To go with it, we sample a recent Brewdog release, Choco Libre, a mexican hot chocolate imperial stout. It's a favorite style of one of the people on the show. 

Game of beers - Game 4 ep133

Apr 19, 2018 37:42


Show regular Adrian faces off against returning guest Tomas. These two titans of beer sit down to battle out who has the best beer knowledge and palate. This is our hardest game yet, but when you have to very experienced challengers, you can't go easy. 

Stigbergets Sublimo and Dugges Strawberry Sour Ale ep132

Apr 12, 2018 12:24


Gothenburg Beer Week just passed and with it two beers related to the week. First up is the latest release from Stigbergets called Sublimo. The dolphin theme greatly amuses guest reviewer and fan favorite, Chantra. That's followed up by the official beer of GBG week Dugges Strawberry Sour Ale, a sour ale that really captures the elusive flavor of strawberry in the best way.

Himmeriget - Evil Twin IPA Kolada and Pipeworks Mud Monster ep131

Apr 5, 2018 15:20


This took too long to get to. We finally make it back to Copenhagen and go to one of our favorite beer bars, Himmeriget. This is one of those beer mecca bars that you have to visit if you make it Copenhagen. Owned by Evil Twin founder, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, they import an amazing selection of beers every week and help establish drinking trends in the market. Plus they have the best bottle list in Scandinavia. This episode we review Evil Twin (of course) IPA Kolada and Pipeworks Mud Monster.

Jacobsen Frederic Viking interview ep130

Mar 29, 2018 51:48


Outside of Denmark, Jacobsen isn't widely known, which is a shame. Jacobsen is the speciality label of Carlsberg brewing focusing on high end traditional styles. Frederic Viking sits down with us and talks about how does a huge brewery innovate and stay competitive in a very active marketplace. Then we discuss their collaborations with Nordic Food Lab and two very innovative beers. It's a rare glimpse behind the scenes of a macro-brewery.

To Ol Jens Reimer interview ep129

Mar 22, 2018 58:02


We've been enjoying To Ol quite a bit on the show. Two advent calendars and various bottles on the show so far. Now we finally get to sit down To Ol and talk about their history, what's they have been developing and what we can expect next from this amazing brewery. Jens Reimer joins us on the show to give us the skinny on what's been happening. It's an exciting listen with lots of insight into this amazing craft brewery.

Elk Valley Brewing Company Blackberry Bruin and Stone Brewing W00t Stout ep128

Mar 15, 2018 27:57


Thanks to Stefan's brother shipping a big box of beers to Sweden. We dive into that fine selection of craft ales with two interesting selections. We try a little brewery in Oklahoma called Elk Valley Brewing Company. Blackberry Bruin is a jammy blackberry brown ale made in the Flemish oude bruin style. Mathias gets to try one of his most anticipated beers Stone Brewing W00t Stout. It's an interesting collection of beers.

Poppels Brewski Passion DIPA and Remmarlov Malmo Brewing The Collaboration Breakfast Stout ep127

Mar 8, 2018 25:49


We're really lucky to live in the area we live in. We got a great bunch of releases from Systembolaget this episode. When you have one brewery you love, what could be better than when they team up with another brewery? First we have Poppels and Brewski teaming up do to a passionfruit DIPA called Passion DIPA. That's followed by Remmarlöv and Malmö Brewing creating a coffee and cocoa imperial stout called The Collaboration Breakfast Stout.


Old Nation Brewing Boss Tweed and The Alchemist Heady Topper ep126

Mar 1, 2018 23:26


Adrian joins the show while Mathias trims his beard. His loss is our gain. We both happened to be in Copenhagen recently and picked some outstanding beers. Old Nation Brewing exploded on the scene last week with two releases, Boss Tweed and M-43. For the show, we break out the Boss Tweed, a hazy, smooth, balanced dipa. Adrian drops a classic on the show with Heady Topper from The Alchemist. The Alchemist beers show up about once a year and we're always excited to try it out. We reviewed Focal Banger back on episode 36.

Mikkeller Rozpusta and Cloudwater DDH Pale Simcoe Ekuanot ep125

Feb 22, 2018 34:23


I think he's stalking us. Adrian is joining us again for a pre-bottle share episode. We start with Mikkeller Rozpusta, a berliner weiss with white grapes (or green grapes if you're Swedish) and Cloudwater DDH Pale Simcoe Ekuanot, a delicious ipa with lots of fruitiness. We finally answer the question, "Can you cellar age a Ten-Fidy?" Plus, lots of great conversation.

Warpigs Smoldering Holes Rare Eagle Barrel Aged Stout and Smolding Holes Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout ep124

Feb 15, 2018 36:15


Do you have a beer cellar? We do. This episode we talk about cellaring stouts and dark beers. How long do you cellar a stout? What are the best conditions? Do different stouts allow for different cellaring lengths? We all answer all those questions. Plus, we each reach into our cellars and pull our of own bottles of Warpigs Smoldering Holes. Mathias brings out Smoldering Holes Rare Eagle Barrel Aged Stout and Stefan presents Smolding Holes Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout.

Nerdbrewing Hannes Gruber interview ep123

Feb 8, 2018 01:11:34


We've been dying to have him on show for months. It finally happened and we're really excited to have Nerdbrewing's Hannes Gruber on the show. He talks about being highest rated brewery in Sweden, his recent release POJO (available this week in bars all over Malmö), his brewing process and let us try some of his "alpha" beers. We had a fun time talking with Hannes and we're hoping to have him as a future contestant on Game of Beers. 

Evil Twin: I Always Felt Closer to IPAs than to People and Imperial Doughnut Break Ep. 122

Feb 1, 2018 24:25


If you know about Mikkeller then you know about his Evil Twin brother. They rarely appear together. One lives in Denmark, one in New York. imported a lot of Evil Twin beers lately so we jumped on the chance to give them a try. Evil Twin rarely disappoints and this episode they offer two interesting beers. I Always Felt Closer to IPAs than to People, a beautiful hazy IPA and Imperial Doughnut Break, a version of the Imperial Biscotti Break with added doughnuts.

Brekeriet Bridgman Camper and Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn ep121

Jan 25, 2018 27:48


New beer day at Systembolaget brings an interesting collaboration between Brekeriet and Transient Artisan Ales. Ever heard of a style called lichtenhainer? Yeah, neither had we. So we're pretty excited to try a new beer style. We follow it up with a DIPA classic, Piperworks Brewing Co. Ninja vs. Unicorn, that we pickedup from Sadly, Mathias couldn't be here this week so we're joined by our third member Adrian!

Vibrant Forest Brewer Metropolis and Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout ep120

Jan 18, 2018 15:35


Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout has finally come to Sweden. It's doing a roadshow of Bishops Arms pubs before it finally debuts in Systembolaget. We got to Bishops Arm Savoy early to be sure not to miss it. It was servered in a special barrel aged Founders snifter glass. Of course, every episode features two beer reviews so we also grabbed a black IPA from Vibrant Forest Brewery called Metropolis. And it's our first bar episode in a long time. It's all coming together.

Beer Ditch: Left Handed Giant Compulsory Fun and Rocket Brewing Sour Escape ep119

Jan 11, 2018 15:55


Mathias couldn't be here for this episode, which is a shame. Adrian and Stefan step out to Beer Ditch and try what will probably be one of the best IPA's we review this year. It's a collaboration between  Left Handed Giant, Magic Rock and DEYA called Compulsory Fun. We follow that up with Rocket Brewing Sour Escape with buckthorn. We don't know what a buckthorn is or what is should taste like but this is one tasty escape to sour town.

Year in Review: Lervig Supersonic and Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee ep118

Jan 4, 2018 31:19


As we finish our first calendar year, we look back at the best and worst beers of the year, discuss our favorite moments on the show, pick our favorite festival and interviews. Plus we talk about the year ahead and what we look forward to. And, of course, we review two beers, Lervig Supersonic and Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee. All that and more in our Year in Review!

Rodenbach Alexander and Mikkeller Oude Geuze ep117

Dec 28, 2017 28:00


Happy New Year! We celebrate the end of the year by toasting with beers you can enjoy over boring old champagne. We picked two fun bubbly beers that will please your family and friends as you celebrate the end of the year and welcome in the new possiblities of the next year. First is the Rodenbach Alexander, a return of a legendary beer last brewed 20 years ago. That's followe by Mikkeller Oude Geuze, a geuze aged in calvados barrels. 

Thanks to everyone for listening this year. We can't wait for 2018 and all the beery potential it brings.

Don't forget to tag your beer photos with #whatsontapnewyear so we can see what amazing beers you're toasting the new year with.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 24 - ToØl Yeastus Christus and Brewdog Make Earth Great Again ep116

Dec 24, 2017 36:43


This is it. It all leads up to this. Day 24! ToØl ends the calendar on a surprise note with Yeastus Christus, a farmhouse IPA. Yeasty, funky with a hoppy aroma. Brewdog makes a political statement with an imperial saison called Make Earth Great Again. Something about mecha-Trump vs a gigantic polar bear brings out the politics at the table. Plus we wrap up our feelings about the past 24 days and who had the better box.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 23 - ToØl Sweet Chai 'O Mine and Brewdog Abstrakt 20 ep115

Dec 23, 2017 25:40


Day 23 features a return to milk stout country with ToØl Sweet Chai 'O Mine Based on our past experience with chai stouts on the show, we are a little nervous. It's up against the third Abstrkt in the box, Brewdog Abstrakt 20, a rum barrel aged old ale. It's time to board the bus to Flavortown.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 22 - ToØl Sur Tangerine and Brewdog Santa Paws ep114

Dec 22, 2017 16:36


Day 22 gives us a unique chance to compare two low abv beers. ToØl Sur Tangerine is a tangerine kissed sour dream. Brewdog Santa Paws brings the caramel sweetness of a winter ale in a sessionable package.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 21 - ToØl Slap Yourself Silly and Brewdog Dead Pony Club ep113

Dec 21, 2017 13:21


Day 21 is a real suprise. ToØl Slap Yourself Silly is an American wheat IPA. Adrian has really mixed feelings about it. Brewdog Dead Pony Club is a session IPA. The word session is a cuss word around these parts.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 20 - ToØl By Udder Mean and Brewdog Paradox Rye ep112

Dec 20, 2017 16:39


Day 20 brings two very different stouts and shows just how much variety there is to the style. ToØl By Udder Mean is a milk stout coming in at the lower end of the ABV spectre. Brewdog Paradox Rye is a big bold impressive imperial stout aged in rye whisky barrels. 

2017 Advent Calendar Day 19 - ToØl Raid Beer and Brewdog Slot Machine ep111

Dec 19, 2017 12:35


Day 19 brings a classice from ToØl called Raid Beer, an India style lager. Brewdog is betting it can beat the odds with Slot Machine, a rye IPA. Who will win is anyone's guess! Lay you money down now!

2017 Advent Calendar Day 18 - ToØl Nettles in the Kettles and Prototype Vienna Lager ep110

Dec 18, 2017 15:27


Day 18 has us trying to figure out what a nettle is and why you would want to make a beer out of it thanks to ToØl Nettles in the Kettles. Brewdog makes us wonder where Vienna is and what makes their lager so special with the Prototype Vienna Lager.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 17 - ToØl First Frontier and Brewdog Coffee and Cigarettes

Dec 17, 2017 13:35


Day 17 gives us ToØl's flagship IPA, First Frontier, boldly going to new frontiers of hops. Brewdog teams up with Beavertown to create one of the worse named beers ever, Coffee and Cigarettes, a peat smoked imperial stout.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 16 - ToØl Mr. Orange and BrewDog Tangerine Session IPA ep108

Dec 16, 2017 18:32


Day 16...what can we say about this day. I mean, how do two breweries end up having basically the same beer but done in two completely different ways on the same day? ToØl Mr. Orange is an orange extra special bitter, while BrewDog Tangerine Session IPA is a light IPA. How do these two orange beers stack up next to each other with their orangey goodness?

2017 Advent Calendar Day 15 - ToØl Mochaccino Messiah BrewDog Cocoa Psycho ep107

Dec 15, 2017 28:31


Day 15 feels like ToØl and BrewDog synched up a little on their picks. Mochaccino Messiah is a delicious coffee brown ale full of coffee and sweetness. Cocoa Psycho is a chocolatey Russian imperial stout worthy of the Czars. But who will win this epic showdown is anyones guess.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 14 - ToØl LikeWeisse and BrewDog Punk IPA ep106

Dec 14, 2017 18:50


Day 14 brings us two very middle of the road beers. Both worthy in their own right but treading familiar grounds. First up is ToØl LikeWeisse, which is exactly what the name implies and that#s followed by the beer that launched a brewing empire, BrewDog Punk IPA.

2017 Advent Calendar Day 13 - ToØl Bath Malts and Body Salts and BrewDog Hop Shot ep105

Dec 13, 2017 25:13


Day 13 is the wildest day so far. We get a ToØl classic with Bath Malts and Body Salts, a black IPA (or maybe a porter) and BrewDog Hop Shot, a 20% abv shot of pure hoppy madness (think concentrated Jackhammer, an espresso shot of beer). 

2017 Advent Calendar Day 12 - ToØl Hibernate and BrewDog Jet Black Heart ep104

Dec 12, 2017 19:46


Day 12 - Adrian informs us of his true feelsing about wheat ales and session stouts. This episode ToØl Hibernate and BrewDog Jet Black Heart go face-to-face to see which beer is surpeme. 

2017 Advent Calendar Day 11 - ToØl Fuck Art Winter Is Coming and BrewDog Clean Water Lager ep103

Dec 11, 2017 19:58


Day 11 - ToØl Fuck Art Winter Is Coming, Belgian Tripel with cardamom, orange peel and coriander versus BrewDog Clean Water Lager is a great idea with maybe not the best results. It's one of the more controverisal episodes.