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What The Puck: A Washington Capitals Podcast

A podcast about the world of the Washington Capitals
What The Puck: A Washington Capitals Podcast


A Washington Capitals Podcast



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What The Puck Episode 239 – What The Puckies 2019

May 16, 2019 1:30:25


On this week’s episode we welcome Canada’s own Ryan Drury to the show.  We get his take on the past season and discuss what may happen in the near future.  Then we give out our annual end of year What The Puckies awards.

What The Puck Episode 238 – Caps Early Off Season

May 10, 2019 1:02:54


It may have taken us a while, but we finally have a show to share with all the listeners. We discuss the early end of the playoff run and discuss what went wrong. Then we discuss the future and who may or may not be

What The Puck Episode 237 – Caps Canes Game 7

Apr 24, 2019 33:12


On this episode, we try to figure out why this series has gone to Game 7.  Why are there two Capitals teams in this series???

What The Puck Episode 236 – TKOvechkin

Apr 17, 2019 46:39


On this episode of WTP, we discuss the first three games of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Game 3 was a disaster.  What happened??  We also discuss Ovechkin’s fight.  Was it necessary?  Who started the fight?

What The Puck Episode 235 – Battle of the Jerks

Apr 11, 2019 56:08


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  The Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun and the CAPS are up against the Hurricanes!  We discuss the matchup, what to look out for, and more.

What The Puck Episode 234 – Caps Have Clinched

Apr 4, 2019 44:57


On this episode we look forward to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The Caps have clinched and will defend the Stanley Cup in the postseason.  We discuss the loss of Kempny and whether home ice advantage is really an advantage.

What The Puck Episode 233 – Synonyms For Jerk

Mar 28, 2019 50:51


On this episode of WTP we discuss the Michal Kempny injury, Hagelin and Vrana switching spots, and all the words Don Cherry could’ve used instead of calling Kuzy a jerk.

What The Puck Episode 232 – Almost the Post Season

Mar 21, 2019 53:15


On this episode of WTP, the boys discuss the end of the regular season.  Holtby is the number one guy, whats different for him from last year?  Brooks Orpik was a healthy scratch, was that the right move?  Plus we discuss the impact of MLB

What The Puck Episode 231 – Caps Escape From New York

Mar 6, 2019 43:14


On this week’s episode we discuss the bizarre endings to both New York games.  The Caps get 4 points, but they are starting games so slow.  We try to figure out why.

What The Puck Episode 230 – Two New CAPS

Feb 28, 2019 50:08


On this episode we discuss the additions to the teams

What The Puck Episode 229 – DSP on Waivers

Feb 21, 2019 55:44


On this episode, we discuss the upcoming trade.  First we thought it was Jaskin, then we thought it was DSP, now it might be both?!  We try to make sense of this and what the Caps may get back in return.

What The Puck Episode 228 – Caps California Dreaming

Feb 14, 2019 44:50


On this episode we discuss the return of Jay Beagle to Washington.  Plus we look at how the Caps can stay out of the penalty box and improve the defense before heading out to California.

What The Puck Episode 227 – Caps Still Struggling

Feb 5, 2019 1:02:50


On this week’s episode of What The Puck, the boys are in the same place at the same time! This is rare, but it happens. We discuss the last two games, the trade deadline, and what the 3 year deal for Pheonix Copley means.

What The Puck Episode 226 – Coach Dan Returns

Jan 31, 2019 47:32


On this episode, Coach Dan returns to discuss the mess that is the Capitals.  We talk all things Capitals all star break and the losing streak.

What The Puck Episode 225 – All Star Break

Jan 25, 2019 12:23


On this episode, Brandon keeps it short and sweet.  Brandon discusses why last week’s episode was so delayed and what he wants to see the team do during the All Star Break.

What The Puck Episode 223 – Vrana Steps Up

Jan 11, 2019 45:57


On this episode we discuss Tom Wilson’s trouble in St. Louis.  Then we talk about how Jakub Vrana is stepping up in his top 6 role.

What The Puck Episode 222 – First Show of 2019

Jan 4, 2019 38:57


Welcome to 2019 and welcome to the second half of the season.  The Capitals went on a bit of a run and then took New Years Eve off.  The boys discuss the end of 2018 and the return of Brooks Orpik.  This show was recorded

What The Puck Episode 221 – Last Show of 2018

Dec 19, 2018 51:07


On this episode of  WTP, we discuss the potential trade of Andre Burakovsky.  What would the Caps want in return?  Do the Caps need to trade him?  Whats the upside?  We discuss!

What The Puck Episode 220 – TJ Oshie Returns

Dec 13, 2018 46:53


On this episode we discuss the recent return of TJ Oshie.  After being sidelined for a month with a concussion, TJ Oshie returns and does so with a bang.