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Welcome to Level Seven - Unofficial Podcast for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Inhumans, Runaways, Defenders, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage, and Iron Fist

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Marvel Cinematic Universe fan podcast
Welcome to Level Seven - Unofficial Podcast for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Inhumans, Runaways, Defenders, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage, and Iron Fist


Dig deep into Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Runaways, Daredevil, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, the Defenders, Inhumans, and the related comics and movies! Ben Avery, Daniel Butcher, and friends discuss each episode, review related movies, and cast more light on the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Welcome to Level Seven is an unofficial podcast and not affiliated with ABC Studios.


CLOAK AND DAGGER 2×06 “B Sides” – WTL7 294

May 9, 2019 52:41


Ben flies solo as he discusses an episode where Tandy realizes that she's NOT alone.

CLOAK AND DAGGER 2×05 “Alignment Chart” – WTL7 293

May 2, 2019 1:00:32


Ben and Samantha jump into this episode, and it's full of surprises! Betrayals that may not be! Lies that sounds true! Truths that sound like lies! And if we know who the Farmer is meant to be . . . who is the Viper??? Next episode: Cloak and Dagger episode 6!


Apr 30, 2019 2:30:12


The biggest movie of all time is here. It's huge. And we talk about it. Because that's what we do. Because we love the MCU. This movie has one job: wrap up a series of movies going back ten years, with 22 installments. Does it succeed? Find out what we think here, and please let […]

CLOAK AND DAGGER 2×04 “Rabbit Hold” – WTL7 291

Apr 24, 2019 1:19:53


Cloak and Dagger continues as we get a glimpse of what's inside the “cloak”! Connors and Mayhem are trapped inside and Tandy is going in to get them, while Tyrone needs help outside when the gang he help bust finds out who he is! Post credit discussion: the book THANOS: TITAN CONSUMED by Barry Lyga, […]

TRACKS: a SUPERSONIC Pod Comics Preview – WTL7 290

Apr 18, 2019 20:19


With the SUPERSONIC Pod Comics Kickstarter in full swing, here's something we hope to be relevant to your interests: a short preview episode written by Ben! This is a story that serves as a kickstart itself — a short story setting up the style of stories that SUPERSONIC Pod Comics will features, while also introducing […]

CLOAK AND DAGGER 2×03 “Shadow Selves” – WTL7 289

Apr 17, 2019 1:18:38


In episode 3, we see what kind of mayhem that Mayhem has been up to in the last eight months. And we also see a LOT of dualities! But we are united on one single idea: we like what we see. Ben's new superhero project still has its Kickstarter going on and it can be […]

CLOAK AND DAGGER 2×01 and 2×02 “Restless Energy” / “White Lines” – WTL7 288

Apr 11, 2019 1:11:35


Cloak and Dagger have returned! And the season is off to a great start! Join Ben and Stewart as they talk through episode 1 together, and then Ben explores episode 2 on his own. Ben's new superhero project can be found here:

RUNAWAYS 2×06 “Bury Another” – WTL7 287

Apr 3, 2019 51:28


They keep burying another . . . truth . . . emotion . . . friend . . . They just can't be open and honest, except Jonah who starts out the episode REALLY open and honest. Ben and Samantha talk about it. Ben also talks about his new project: – a superhero audio […]

RUNAWAYS 2×05 “Rock Bottom” – WTL7 286

Mar 23, 2019 57:55


The new friend the Runaways made has revealed his true colors, and we get to see what's down in the pit at the dig site . . . “rock bottom”, if you would. Next episode: Runaways episode 6!


Mar 16, 2019 1:57:29


Captain Marvel has come to theaters and she brought Nick Fury and Agent Coulson with her! She also brought some controversy, unfortunately. And she brought some 90s style girl power! And Ben, Stewart, and Samantha talk about it!

PUNISHER 1×04 “Resupply” – WTL7284

Mar 11, 2019 1:16:35


The story is moving forward, but before Frank can do anything he needs to resupply! So the search is on for more guns and ammo. There's some cat and mouse and there's a big car chase and, of course, there's some Odd Couple shenanigans! And Ben and Stewart are here to talk about it!

PUNISHER 1×03 “Kandahar” – WTL7283

Mar 2, 2019 1:16:45


Flashbacks! A naked guy tied to an office chair! Philosophies of torture! All this and more in the newest episode of The Odd Couple! Also, we get to see the mission they talked about in Daredevil season 2! And more literature references, this time a poem you possibly studied in high school literature!

RUNAWAYS 2×04 “Old School” – WTL7 282

Feb 15, 2019 48:58


The Runaways need a computer and that MacGuffin gives them just the opportunity to test out their new “friend”, Tophar. And the parents are one step closer to finding the kids! Next episode, Punisher season one, episode three: Kandahar

RUNAWAYS 2×03 “Double Zeroes” – WTL7 281

Feb 7, 2019 1:00:04


Ben and Stewart take a look at an episode that loses a character and gains a character, as mysteries deepen and people lie. Because this is Runaways, and people are going to lie. Also, the team takes on a mission and uses their powers together almost effectively! Finally, don't miss the return of the No-Prize […]

PUNISHER 1×02 “Two Dead Men” – WTL7 280

Jan 29, 2019 1:04:33


Punisher continues as the next chapter in his story begins. We meet a new potential nemesis, Micro, and the supporting cast expands . . . and quickly contracts . . . even as Karen returns from Daredevil.

PUNISHER 1×01 “3 AM” – WTL7 279

Jan 23, 2019 1:18:01


We start a new Netflix series coverage with Punisher, season 1! What's Frank been up to since Daredevil season 2? Who are the new people in his life? And where is this series going to go for him? Also, what does F. Scott Fitzgerald and Herman Melville have to do with it all? Find out […]

RUNAWAYS 2×02 “Radio On” – WTL7 278

Jan 14, 2019 43:13


With the second episode of Runaways, we get a few more questions and a few more rifts and a few more relationships. This episode ramps up the teen romance even as the cracks in both groups — the kids and their parents — widen. Join Ben, Stewart, and Samantha as they discuss it all! Next […]

RUNAWAYS 2×01 “Gimme Shelter” – WTL7 277

Jan 8, 2019 58:23


The crew begins our coverage of Runaways' second season! The group has a new normal, as every finds new shelter: The parents in the PRIDE's headquarters The kids in an underground mansion And Victor Stein in a virtual reality heaven But there's division in the ranks, and both groups are having trouble getting along. The […]


Dec 21, 2018 1:26:56


Ben and returning guest host Chad Bokelman talk through one of the best Marvel movies of the year . . . also one of the best Spider-Man movies yet . . . also one of the most heart felt animated movies . . . you get the idea.

State of the MCU: News, Trailers and More from December 2018 (WTL7275)

Dec 13, 2018 1:36:36


From the news about the Netflix cancelations to the rumors about the Disney+ streaming service's MCU shows to the new trailers for Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame, Ben, Stewart, and Samantha talk about where the MCU is at the end of 2018.

“The Defenders” – The Defenders 1×08 (WTL7274)

Dec 7, 2018 1:18:13


The Defenders comes to an end, and we're here to bring our “Marvel Netflix Phase One” coverage to an end. How did Marvel and Netflix do with this epic series of series? From Daredevil episode 1 until this episode, we've been wondering what this would be since they first announced it. Now we know. Join […]

“Fish in the Jailhouse” – The Defenders 1×07 (WTL7273)

Nov 30, 2018 1:00:39


It's the penultimate episode of The Defenders! The threads are coming together and the series rushes to its climax. Join Stewart and Samantha as the unravel it all!

“Ashes, Ashes” – The Defenders 1×06 (WTL7272)

Oct 27, 2018 1:13:16


Things are getting interesting as Elektra makes a move, Alexandra gets reminded of where her power comes from, Danny gets tied up, and both teams have some infighting. Ben and Stewart also play everyone's favorite game show — “Is ItMCU?” — about Venom!

“Take Shelter” – The Defenders 1×05 (WTL7271)

Oct 4, 2018 1:11:56


Real bridges, metaphorical bridges, and Jeff Bridges come up as we discuss this episode that seems to exist simply to connect the previous episode with the upcoming episode. It also connects the supporting cast members of each show. And we make connections between the FIST and the HAND! And a head gets DISCONNECTED…

“Royal Dragon” – The Defenders 1×04 (WTL7270)

Oct 1, 2018 1:25:42


So they've fought together, so now they must eat together! It's the calm before the storm as the team starts to feel like a team and as they piece together their information. Lots of talking and lots of set up could mean this is a boring episode. Is it? Join Ben and Samantha to find […]

“Worst Behavior” – The Defenders 1×03 (WTL7269)

Sep 27, 2018 1:09:15


It's been called “the greatest Iron Fist episode of all time!” It's . . . the third episode of The Defenders!!! Join Ben and Stewart as they discuss the episode that brings the group together!

“Mean Right Hook” – The Defenders 1×02 (WTL7268)

Sep 11, 2018 51:07


The second episode brings some of our heroes together in the CLASSIC superhero way: CONFLICT! Heroes fighting heroes: the superhero version of “meet cute”! Join Samantha and Stewart as they discuss the episode…

“The ‘H’ Word” – The Defenders 1×01 (WTL7267)

Aug 21, 2018 1:52:12


We FINALLY are covering The Defenders! One year later, in this monster sized episode we talked about the four main characters and the new villain as they share this “pilot” episode which sets up the series . . . but doesn't bring the team together. Yet. It will happen. We hope. Do we like it? […]

“Colony Collapse” (Cloak and Dagger 1×10) – WTL7266

Aug 10, 2018 1:25:12


The season finale of Cloak and Dagger delivers some of the history of the Divine Pairing and the resolution of most of the plot threads in this season, as Tyrone confronts his brother's murderer and Tandy confronts her father's employers and both of them pair up divinely to stop a zombie apocalypse!

“Back Breaker” (Cloak & Dagger 1×09) – WTL7265

Aug 3, 2018 1:21:59


While Father Delgado gives a lecture about the hero's journey, Tyrone, Tandy, and Detective O'Reilly live it! Ben and Stewart explore the actions our “heroes” take and what it means for their future in this, the penultimate episode of season one of Cloak and Dagger!

“Ghost Stories” (Cloak and Dagger 1×08) – WTL7264

Jul 26, 2018 1:30:48


Once more, Cloak and Dagger delivers an extremely well crafted episode with Tyrone and Tandy cutting loose with their powers against people who have affected their lives on that day, eight years ago when Tyrone's brother and Tandy's father died. Post-credit: with Season 2 of Cloak and Dagger being announced this weekend, Marvel has teased […]

“Lotus Eaters” (Cloak and Dagger 1×07) – WTL7263

Jul 20, 2018 1:17:17


Cloak and Dagger wander into a Star Trek episode! They also continue the MCU TV tradition of HALLWAY FIGHT SCENES! It's a perfect storm of superpowers, sci-fi ideas, and budding teen romance!


Jul 16, 2018 1:11:48


And now . . . the sequel to Ant-Man an the follow up to Infinity War has arrived! Ant-Man the Wasp is here!

“Funhouse Mirrors” (Cloak & Dagger 1×06) – WTL7261

Jul 12, 2018 1:30:38


Three concurrent storylines give us multiple distorted views of our three primary characters: we see Tyrone, Tandy, and O'Rielly become someone else. And the people they are deceiving are also reflections of who Tyrone, Tandy, and O'Rielly could have become. Spoiler: it's another fantastic episode of a fantastic MCU show!

“Princeton Offence” (Cloak and Dagger 1×05) – WTL7260

Jul 4, 2018 1:28:13


Three people. Three goals. Three plans. Det. O'Reilly wants Connors. Tyrone wants to win the ball game. Tandy wants to find the mystery man behind Roxxon. When it's all said and done, powers get used and explored and mysteries deepen.

“Call/Response” (Cloak and Dagger 1×04) – WTL7259

Jun 26, 2018 1:00:35


Cloak and Dagger continues this week with a fantastic entry into the MCU canon. Tyrone and Tandy spend an insightful night together in a church that ends explosively — literally and emotionally. But in the fallout, both of them gain insight not just into themselves but into their family. Join Ben and Samantha as the […]

“Stained Glass” (Cloak and Dagger 1×03) – WTL7258

Jun 21, 2018 1:15:58


Episode three of the newest MCU show has hit the airwaves…and the digital platforms! Samantha and Stewart take on Marvel's teen heroes as Marvel's teen heroes take on a New Orleans detective and voodoo priestess!

“First Light” and “Suicide Sprints” (Cloak and Dagger 1×01 and 1×02) – WTL7257

Jun 14, 2018 1:26:58


It's HERE!!! Another new MCU show premieres, featuring two superheroes from the Marvel Universe: the duo of light and darkness, Cloak and Dagger! It's an origin story and an introduction to a new place, new characters, and new mysteries! It all begins here. And while we had to overcome technical, personal, and practical challenges just […]

“The End” (AoS 5×22) – WTL7256

May 23, 2018 2:10:47


This is the end, my only friend, the end . . . of this season, anyway. We say good-bye to a few people, we say see you soon to a few others, and we say “hello” to a new normal.

“The Force of Gravity” (AoS 5×21) – WTL7255

May 16, 2018 1:53:17


The penultimate episode of the season comes with a BIG BAD VILLAIN and some SUPER AWESOME HEROICS and some moral questions and some personal stakes. Also, some BIG BIG NEWS for Agents of SHIELD fans! And NO SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War until post credits! And Ben has a REALLY BAD cuppa tea…

“The One Who Will Save Us All” (AoS 5×20) – WTL7254

May 10, 2018 1:25:48


In this episode: Talbot goes full on General Zod; Simmons has the worst job in the Lighthouse; Deke is not cool; Kansas songs are sung; Star Trek is referenced; and post-credit we discuss more Infinity War. The question is not “can the team stop the world from falling apart?” The question is “can they pull […]

“Option Two” (AoS 5×19) – WTL7253

May 8, 2018 1:30:17


Always read the ENTIRE menu before making your choice! Speaking of menus, in this episode we talk about backyard BBQs with Patrick Warburton and Gary Busey! And we also talk about the invasion of the lighthouse and how it was solved. Also, we do NOT talk about Infinity War until our post-credit discussion.


Apr 30, 2018 2:21:00


Ten years in the making. It's here. HE'S here. Join us as we talk about THANOS: THE MOVIE!!! Oh, and there's some heroes there, too!

“All Roads Lead . . .” (AoS 5×18) – WTL7251

Apr 24, 2018 1:01:43


Love is in the air! How do YOU profess your love? Lemons? Gravity powered sinus pressure massage? People die horribly and revenge motivations are given in this episode of #AgentsofSHIELD. Meanwhile, “all roads lead” to what? When we're on the #roadtoinfinitywar that's about all we can think about!

“The Honeymoon” (AoS 5×17) – WTL7250

Apr 19, 2018 1:12:40


FiitzSimmons and Yo-Yo create a new team and go off on their own, while Ruby and Jr Strucker create a new team and go off on their own. Meanwhile, there are declarations of love and discoveries of weakness!

“Inside Voices” (AoS 5×16) – WTL7249

Apr 12, 2018 1:51:32


It's alive! And it's back! The gravitonium returns and so do some familiar faces. Meanwhile, the team is fracturing and REALLY poor choices are being made…

“Rise and Shine” (AoS 5×15) – WTL7248

Apr 5, 2018 1:51:32


This episode gives us glimpses to Hydra's past 22 years ago; Ruby's past 20 years ago; Talbot's past 6 months ago; and Coulson's past 24 hours ago! Name drops and guest characters from the past abound, making this a treasure trove of Easter eggs!

“The Devil Complex” (AoS 5×14) – WTL7247

Mar 28, 2018 1:15:36


What's Fitz' greatest fear? Is the fear dimension going to use his greatest fear? Or will his greatest fear close the fear dimension? It's Fitz vs. Fitz and Coulson vs. Hale! And Hale's name finally makes sense to the Welcome to Level Seven crew . . .

“Principia” (AoS 5×13) – WTL7246

Mar 24, 2018 1:45:38


Names get dropped as a boat gets dropped! The elusive gravitonium is out there, somewhere, and the team needs it. The team also needs some robot arms. Two birds . . . one stone! It's hammer time!

“The Real Deal” (AoS 5×12) – WTL7245

Mar 14, 2018 1:26:16


This is a massive milestone – EPISODE 100! To celebrate, the Agents of SHIELD face their greatest fears! And some old friends return! And a family dynamic is born (with the promise of some actual births in the future).

“All the Comforts of Home” (AoS 5×11) – WTL7244

Mar 7, 2018 1:43:44


Agents of SHIELD has returned! The team has returned! And the podcast has returned! What will happen in the lead up to next week's episode 100? What's the newest new normal? Find out here!


Feb 24, 2018 1:29:53


Black Panther is finally here! How well does it set up Infinity War? How well does it stand alone? Where does it rank among the other MCU movies?

“Past Life” (AoS 5×10) – WTL7242

Feb 10, 2018 1:08:17


The Agents of SHIELD mid-season finale ends on a cliffhanger, of course. But what a cliffhanger!!! We get battles, prophecies, sacrifices, and deaths, both tragic and surprising. All this and a post-credit review of the BLACK PANTHER PRELUDE comic!

“Best Laid Plans” (AoS 5×09) – WTL7241

Feb 3, 2018 1:05:32


Our heroes move into place as they come closer to their destiny! Coulson and crew try to get the Zephyr running, but are they just making the time loop happen? Mack and Yo-Yo try to keep all the people of the lighthouse safe, but are they just causing more trouble with the Kree? Featuring a […]

“The Last Day” (AoS 5×08) – WTL7240

Jan 25, 2018 1:30:47


This episode of Agents of SHIELD is a twisted time travel knot of chronology! As the Welcome to Level Seven team tries to disentangle the knot, the bigger questions beyond “what are the time travel rules in the MCU?” are “is it fun?” and “is is good?”

“Together or Not at All” (AoS 5×07) – WTL7239

Jan 20, 2018 1:01:46


It's the future! It's space! It's mysterious! It's strange! It's Agents of SHIELD at it's best!

“Hostile” (Runaways 1×10)- WTL7238

Jan 18, 2018 50:29


The final episode of this season of #runaways is here and the title is more appropriate in this episode than it has been yet! The two teams are more united than ever as they all have a common enemy: For the Runaways, it's the evil adults. For PRIDE, it's Jonas. And by the end of the […]

“Fun and Games” (AoS 5×06) – WTL7237

Jan 11, 2018 1:36:31


Clark Gregg steps into the director's chair as Daisy and May step into the arena! People fight! People die! People are separated and people are brought together!

“Doomsday” (Runaways 1×09) – WTL7236

Jan 7, 2018 35:58


The next to last episode of Runaways season one has come, and it brought with it: Some answers about what happened to Molly's parents Some answers about the mysterious dig project A huge betrayal And…the confrontation we've been waiting for! [shownotes-close]

“Rewind” (AoS 5×05) – WTL7235

Jan 3, 2018 1:14:58


What happened to Fitz between the end of season 4 and the Big Reveal of last episode? Find out here! We see: The return of an old friend What Fitz did to get into the future What's the deal with the alien guy from episode 1 of this season? Marvel Mulder and Scully… Season five continues […]

“Tsunami” (Runaways 1×08) – WTL7234

Jan 2, 2018 1:01:40


This episode of Runaways actually have some people running away! Kind of… More of Amy's backstory gets revealed as Molly finds an ancient communication device (VHS tape!) and the parents have conflict over how to save Victor while the teens have conflict over how to deal with their parents. [shownotes-close]

“Refraction” (Runaways 1×07) – WTL7233

Dec 24, 2017 1:25:51


The seventh episode of Runaways sets up relationships and then circumstances knock them down. Victor's time travel machine's “rules” become more clear as a warning comes in . . . that does not get heeded. Leslie warns the others in the Pride that they need to pull their marriages back together. Molly warns the team […]

“A Life Earned” (AoS 5×04) – WTL7232

Dec 20, 2017 1:24:42


Backstories and motivations are revealed in “A Life Earned” from Agents of SHIELD, even if more mysteries are brought to the forefront. Deke reveals some of his past! Kasius reveals some of his reasons for what he's doing! A new Inhuman reveals his powers! (But doesn't reveal his name…?) A Kylo Ren wannabe reveals his […]

“Metamorphosis” (Runaways 1×06) – WTL7231

Dec 18, 2017 1:10:46


The kids storm the castle to hack the servers! And while the data hacking may be successful, so many other things are falling apart: Marriages, as affairs are revealed or about to be Team unity, as the teens are becoming conflicted about their parents and what needs to be done Plans, as the PRIDE has […]

“A Life Spent” (AoS 5×03) – WTL7230

Dec 13, 2017 1:24:22


The future of broken earth is not a bright one, but the future of this season of Agents of SHIELD sure seems to be! Another episode IN SPAAAACE brings Inhumans, new aliens, and a mysterious transmission!

“Kingdom” (Runaways 1×05) – WTL7229

Dec 8, 2017 1:05:57


As the Runaways continues with its twists and turns, including hints at the future and developing family relationships, Ben and Evan are joined by Evan's wife Shawntay. In this episode we: Sort of find out who Facehugger Man/Bad Skin Man is See our first superhero battle Continue getting the point that PRIDE's members really don't […]

“Orientation” (AoS 5×01 and 5×02) – WTL7228

Dec 5, 2017 1:50:13


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is BACK!!! And everything is completely different! We're in space! But where? Who are all these new characters? We're playing “catch up” just like our team, from the cooly strange opening to the crazy mid-episode revelations to the end tag scene. Join Ben, Stew, and Samantha as we explore the new normal!

“Fifteen” (Runaways 1×04) – WTL7227

Dec 3, 2017 1:05:40


Mysteries deepen, as the teens realize that there's much more going on than just a single murder. But the big question on Samantha's mind is: “will any of the main characters actually run away?”

“Destiny” (Runaways 1×03) – WTL7226

Dec 2, 2017 54:34


What happened to Destiny? What are the parents actually up to? And what's the deal with the raptor? And the guy with the bad skin? Some answers are revealed and more mysteries are brought up!

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Trailer Reaction – WTL7225

Nov 30, 2017 39:56


The Infinity War trailer has dropped and we're super excited about what it has shown us! Join Ben and Stewart as they take a look at some of the big news from this week, which includes the Vanity Fair photo spread and interviews about the past and future of the MCU. Of course, the BIG […]

“Rewind” (Runaways 1×02) – WTL7224

Nov 27, 2017 57:38


The second episode of Runaways brings us the same timeframe as the first episode, but this time we spend time with the parents! What makes them tick? Who are these villains of the show?

“Reunion” (Runaways 1×01) – WTL7223

Nov 23, 2017 1:10:04


It's a BRAND NEW SERIES! Not part of the Netflix corner! Not part of the ABC family! Not part of the Big Screen Crew! We have new characters, new situations, and a new distribution source! RUNAWAYS has come to Hulu with three episodes dropped in one day! For this episode, we take a look at […]

“…And Finally: Black Bolt” (Inhumans 1×08) – WTL7222

Nov 15, 2017 1:31:58


The Inhumans has come to an end! Is it satisfying? How does The Inhumans rank in the MCU? And how does this episode of ABC television compare to a big budget superhero movie? Find out here!

“Havoc in the Hidden Land” (Inhumans 1×07) – WTL7221

Nov 11, 2017 1:16:25


The Inhumans are almost at the end of their run, and this episode brings betrayals and secret plans and power plays and parleys. But is it enough? Can the royal family win the hearts of the people? And can The Inhumans win the hearts of the podcasters?


Nov 6, 2017 1:33:46


Time to RAGNAROK AND ROLL!!! It's Thor's third solo movie and he and the Revengers are going to take on Hela and her undead armies in a battle for the ages! Is this just another Guardians of the Galaxy clone? Or does it have something to say about the title character? And how's Hulk these […]

“The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon” (Inhumans 1×06) – WTL7219

Nov 2, 2017 1:10:38


The team comes together so they can split up again and not everyone is going to come out of this episode alive! It's possible the hosts themselves may feel like they aren't going to come out alive, either.

“Something Inhuman This Way Comes” (Inhumans 1×05) – WTL7218

Oct 24, 2017 1:25:43


Karnak takes center stage and works at overcoming the loss of his powers! Also, the team is coming together again! Only three more episodes after this! And in the post-credit segment: Ben reveals he has purchased ANOTHER comic with Deadpool in it. What could cause him to do such a thing? Well, the other character […]

“Make Way for…Medusa!” (Inhumans 1×04) – WTL7217

Oct 17, 2017 1:23:16


It's Medusa and Louise on a cross country trip to find a man and the moon! Meanwhile, Black Bolt has left one prison, but is he in another? And Gorgon, Karnak, and Crystal all get their own subplots, too! What do Ben and Stewart think about it? Well…feelings are mixed. And in the post-credit segment, Stewart […]

“Divide and Conquer” (Inhumans 1×03) – WTL7216

Oct 11, 2017 1:34:47


The Inhumans have been divided…but have they been conquered? Or will they rise above? Ben and Samantha team up to discuss the new Inhuman characters, the plot problems, the flashbacks, the Inhuman society, and the divided “royal family.” And in the post-credit segment, Stewart talks some Trek!

Iron Fist Pt. 4: “Lead Horse Back to Stable” (1×11), “Bar the Big Boss” (1×12), and Dragon Plays with Fire (1×13) – WTL7215

Oct 7, 2017 1:55:36


Iron Fist concludes! Is it a satisfying conclusion? Does the series live up to or fall down under its potential? Featuring: 1×11 Lead Horse Back to Stable 1×12 Bar the Big Boss 1×13 Dragon Plays with Fire

“Behold the Inhumans” and “Those Who Would Destroy Us” (Inhumans 1×01 and 1×02) – WTL7214

Oct 3, 2017 1:51:05


The first two episodes of Inhumans have come, and the sections have been…mixed. Find out what the WTL7 agents think here! You can hear Ben and Evan talk about their IMAX experience here.

Iron Fist Pt. 3: The Blessing of Many Fractures (1×08), The Mistress of All Agonies (1×09), and Black Tiger Steals Heart (1×10) – WTL7213

Oct 1, 2017 1:31:27


Iron Fist continues with lots of revelations: Dead people turn out to be alive! Allies turn out to be enemies! Enemies turn out to be allies . . . and then turn out to be enemies after all! All this and some sort of kung fu action! Featuring: 1×08 The Blessing of Many Fractures 1×09 […]

Iron Fist Pt. 2: “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm” (1×04), “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus” (1×05), “Immortal Emerges from Cave” (1×06), and “Felling Tree With Roots” (1×07) – WTL7212

Sep 23, 2017 1:53:10


The next “pod” of Iron Fist episodes is here, with some of the highlights and lowlights of the series. Join Ben and Stewart as they discuss and dissect these four episodes, and then join them for a post-episode discussion of The Orville. Featuring: Eight Diagram Dragon Palm – 1×04 Under Leaf Pluck Lotus – 1×05 Immortal […]

Iron Fist Pt. 1: “Snow Gives Way” (1×01), “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight” (1×02), and “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch” (1×03) – WTL7211

Sep 22, 2017 1:28:45


We begin our Iron Fist coverage with the first three episodes! It's Danny Rand in all his glory…well, some glory…it's Danny Rand, anyway! This series is one that features a lot of potential, but as a result there's a lot of disappointment. Find out what we liked and what we didn't like here! Featuring: Snow […]

Luke Cage Pt. 4: “Now You’re Mine” (1×11), “Soliloquy of Chaos” (1×12), and “You Know My Steez” (1×13) – WTL7210

Sep 13, 2017 1:16:17


Round four of our Luke Cage coverage takes things to the streets! This episode includes: Now You're Mine – 1×11 Soliloquy of Chaos – 1×12 You Know My Steez – 1×13

Inhumans IMAX Experience – WTL7209

Sep 4, 2017 1:33:03


It's a road trip episode as Ben and Evan journey to the nearest IMAX theater to see the first two episodes of Inhumans in this special theatrical presentation! In this episode: Part 1 — driving to the theater and talking about the Inhumans characters and our expectations for the “movie” Part 2 — a spoiler […]

Luke Cage Pt. 3: “Blowin’ Up the Spot” (1×8), “DWYCK” (1×9), and “Take It Personal” (1×10) – WTL7208

Sep 1, 2017 1:27:08


Round three of our Luke Cage coverage brings us: Blowin' Up the Spot – 1×08 DWYCK – 1×09 Take It Personal – 1×10

Luke Cage Pt. 2: “Step in the Arena” (1×4), “Just to Get a Rep” (1×5), “Suckas need Bodyguards” (1×6), and “Manifest” (1×7) – WTL7207

Aug 28, 2017 1:32:07


Join the WTL7 team as we take on the next four episodes in the Luke Cage series! 1×4 — Step in the Arena 1×5 — Just to Get a Rep 1×6 — Suckas need Bodyguards 1×7 — Manifest

Luke Cage Pt. 1: “Moment of Truth” (1×1), “Code of the Streets” (1×2), and “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight” (1×3) – WTL7206

Aug 15, 2017 1:18:34


Luke Cage gets to shine in his solo series! In these first three episodes of Luke Cage, we get a new location, a new villain, some new allies, but the same Luke Cage! Join Ben, Stewart, and Samantha as the Netflix series take on a slightly different format! Featuring: 1×1 – Moment of Truth 1×2 […]

“A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen” (DD 2×13) – WTL7205

Aug 8, 2017 1:24:11


It's the season finale! All the loose ends are tied up as the status quo gets changed and new loose ends are created!  Join Ben, Samantha, and Stewart as they talk about Elektra's end (?), Punisher's exit, Matt's relationship with everyone, and the new status quo for the main players! Post-credit: a podcast promo for […]

“The Dark at the End of the Tunnel” (DD 2×12) – WTL7204

Jul 22, 2017 1:01:27


In the penultimate episode of season 2, some threads are brought together, an origin is completed, ninja are battled, and father-figure mentor types are confronted! Post credit: a 90's era earworm!

“.380” (DD 2×11) – WTL7203

Jul 16, 2017 1:03:28


In “.380”, everyone's invited! From Stick to Punisher to Elektra to Madame Gao, the supporting cast is here and the plot lines are being dawn together! Post credit: MCU related comic book talk!


Jul 13, 2017 1:34:18


It's the return of Spider-Man! he's back again and he's all new! But is he amazing? Spectacular? Find out in this episode!

“The Man in the Box” (DD 2×10) – WTL7201

Jun 29, 2017 1:19:31


Ninja, and crime lords, and punisher, oh my! Stewart and Samantha discuss “the man in the box”! Post credit: some  Wonder Woman talk!

“Seven Minutes in Heaven” (DD 2×09) – WTL7200

Jun 5, 2017 1:22:00


Things are moving! Kingpin has plans! Matt has problems! Frank has punishment! Karen has a new office! Join Ben and Samantha as they talk through it all! Also: in our post credit sequence, Ben made his choice. Did Coulson make him buy a comic? Or did Deadpool make him leave it on the shelf?

“Guilty as Sin” (DD 2×08) – WTL7199

May 29, 2017 1:22:01


In the latest episode of Daredevil's poor life choices…a trial is missed, a girlfriend discovers creepy and suspicious shenanigans, a witness examination is nailed, and a friend and girlfriend abandon their respective relationships! All in a day's work for Matt Murdock! Join Ben and Samantha as they walk through it. Also: in our post credit […]

“World’s End” (AoS 4×22) – WTL7198

May 18, 2017 2:10:14


A season ends. A world ends. A scientist's life ends. A father/daughter relationship ends. A demon-book-created-artificial life ends. But not a series! Yes, season five is confirmed!

“The Return” (AoS 4×21) – WTL7197

May 15, 2017 1:05:54


In the penultimate episode of the season, everything is coming together and leading up to a grand season finale…but in the podcasting studio, Ben's on vacation, so Stewart and Samantha are running the show!


May 8, 2017 1:50:43


It's time to guard the galaxy…again!!! Join Stewart and Ben to discuss the movie and don't forget to stay until the end to hear some familiar voices and some new voices!

“Farewell, Cruel World!” (AoS 4×20) – WTL7195

May 4, 2017 1:37:03


They have to get out of the Framework and they have to get out NOW!!! Who will make it? Who will not? And what does it mean for the members of our SHIELD team? Also, the trailer for THE DEFENDERS is here:

“All the Madame’s Men” (AoS 4×19) – WTL7194

Apr 27, 2017 1:52:40


In the Framework and out of it, the pieces move into place for the final showdown! Aida's goals are revealed as she pushes her lackeys (Fitz and Ivanov) to do her bidding, while SHIELD gets new leadership and new allies!

“No Regrets” (AOS 4×18) – WTL7193

Apr 20, 2017 1:40:07


Can one moment change a life? Change a person? It seems so, looking at our favorite agents in the Framework! We say hello to an agent and good-bye to another. NEWS: * James Gunn will be directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3. SOURCE: James Gunn's Facebook page * The directing team of Anna Boden and […]

“Identity and Change” (AOS 4×17) – WTL7192

Apr 17, 2017 1:41:48


In the Framework, things are getting real. Death is real. Relationships are real. And consequences are real. Join Ben, Samantha, and Stewart as they explore the changes in identity some of our heroes are experiencing…

“What If…” (AOS 4×16) – WTL7191

Apr 7, 2017 1:44:52


Enter the Framework! Left is right! Up is down! And good guys are bad guys! It's an exciting and interesting episode with some exciting and interesting twists and turns! There's SO much to talk about! What is the nature of the Framework? Why were things created like they were? What is going on with the […]

“Semper Fidelis” (DD 2×07) – WTL7190

Apr 4, 2017 1:13:03


It's the trial of the century! Too bad Matt's going to miss it. Foggy lawyers, Karen cares, Elektra entices, and Daredevil makes poor relationship choices! Join Ben, Samantha, and Stewart as they walk through it.

“Regrets Only” (DD 2×06) – WTL7189

Mar 31, 2017 1:02:44


In “Regrets Only”, Matt and Daredevil find themselves in a tug-of-war, with Matt becoming Frank Castle's legal help and Daredevil becoming Elektra's superhero help. Join Ben, Samantha, and Stewart as they walk through it.

“Kinbaku” (DD 2×05) – WTL7188

Mar 26, 2017 1:01:21


Elektra! Backstory! Awkward dates! All this and more in Kinbaku! And stick around through the end credits as Ben looks at a Marvel movie he hasn't seen before!  

“Penny and Dime” (DD 2×04) – WTL7187

Mar 25, 2017 1:05:13


Is this the finest hour of the MCU? It's certainly one of the best hours of Daredevil, as Daredevil and Frank come to terms and a new character comes to town! Stewart and his friend Casey discuss the episode, while Ben takes care of the housekeeping. Here's the image sent to us by Agent Matthew:

“New York’s Finest” (DD 2×03) – WTL7186

Mar 17, 2017 49:11


Join Stewart and Samantha for a rooftop conversation about vigilantes and justice in “New York's Finest”, the third episode of Daredevil's season 2!

“Dogs to a Gunfight” (DD 2×02) – WTL7185

Mar 11, 2017 1:09:54


It's Punisher vs. Daredevil! Foggy vs. the district attorney! Karen vs. her own inner doubts! And it's explosive! Ben and Stewart talk about it all!

“Bang” (DD 2×01) – WTL7184

Mar 4, 2017 1:14:46


  Daredevil returns! Well, RETURNED. A while ago. But we're finally getting to it! There's a new vigilante in town and we're introduced to a new character in the MCU: Punisher!

“Self Control” (AoS 4×15) – WTL7183

Feb 24, 2017 1:37:16


It's the LMD story arc finale! And there's a new normal! Paranoia runs deep and people confront who could be an LMD . . . and if they themselves could be one! NEWS: Maximus has been cast for Inhumans: AoS on Hiatus until April: The Iron Fist Featurette:  Agents of SHIELD end of season […]

“The Man Behind the Shield” (AoS 4×14) – WTL7182

Feb 16, 2017 1:38:44


It's a battle of wits between The Superior and Coulson! And flashbacks to when Coulson was level 4! And then there's that twist! NEWS: Cloak and Dagger are celebrating Mardi Gras? Filming starts in Louisiana – Runaways cast…. SPIKE!!! – Guardians of the Galaxy Ride opening date – Inhumans besinning to film in Hawaii –

“Boom” (AoS 4×13) – WTL7181

Feb 10, 2017 1:38:08


A new Inhuman appears! A secret about Aida is revealed! A sacrifice is made! BOOM!

“Hot Potato Soup” (AoS 4×12) – WTL7180

Feb 6, 2017 1:42:19


  It's the return of the Koenig's! Billy and Sam are joined by the rest of the family, while Radcliffe and Russians are after the Darkhold! More secrets are revealed, including the mysterious LT Koenig!

“Wake Up” (AoS 4×11) – WTL7179

Jan 27, 2017 1:34:38


The LMD arc and the Watchdog arc connect as a leak is discovered in SHIELD and an agent desperately tries to escape captivity! Plus, so much news:   * Logan's final trailer is out! * Could the Comic mean Logan takes place in the MCU? (Ben says no…) * A new X-Men series […]

“The Patriot” (AoS 4×10) – WTL7178

Jan 20, 2017 1:48:44


And so The Patriot's secrets are finally revealed in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! And the status quo gets shaken up in a few different areas! Some of them for the better! Join Ben, Stewart, and Samantha as they talk about what it all means!

“Broken Promises” (AoS 4×09) – WTL7177

Jan 13, 2017 1:34:40


Promises are made and promises are broken, as part of the team deals with Aida's quest for the Darkhold and part of the team deals with the Watchdog's quest to kill Inhumans! So much news: Season four of Agents of SHIELD will feature three story arcs. SOURCE: Screen Rant ABC feeling good about Agents of […]

“Slingshot” (AoS Digital Series) – WTL7176

Dec 18, 2016 1:25:26


Does MCU stand for Merry Christmas to U? Because while we were surprised a few weeks ago how soon we were getting a “winter finale,” we were ALSO surprised by the announcement of a digital series that would focus on Yo-Yo. This episode examines all six episodes of Slingshot, which can be watched here (along […]

“Laws of Inferno Dynamics” (AoS 4×08) – WTL7175

Dec 10, 2016 1:35:45


It's the mid-season finale of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! The GHOST RIDER story arc comes to a close while pieces move into place for the next story arc…plus, there's some news about a mini-series coming to a small screen near you! Agents Ben, Samantha, and Stewart chime in! NEWS:  

“Deals with Our Devils” (AoS 4×07) – WTL7174

Dec 3, 2016 1:26:38


Who's Ghost Rider? He takes a new form in this episode, while Coulson and Fitz work on some synergy with Doctor Strange in a plot right out of Star Trek! Hosted by: Ben, Stewart, and Samantha! NEWS: Captain America Civil War is coming to Netflix this December! Doctor Strange has outperformed Iron Man in the […]

“AKA Smile” (JJ 1×13) – WTL7173

Nov 29, 2016 1:12:06


In the finale episode of Jessica Jones season 1, Jessica confronts external threats and internal conflicts. Ben is joined this time by Rachel and Leeman Kessler. Rachel and Leeman can be found here: Geekually Yoked — (a podcast featuring both Rachel and Leeman) Rev Rachel Rambles — (Rachel's blog) Ask Lovecraft — (Leeman's video series […]

“AKA I’ve Got the Blues” and “AKA Take a Bloody Number” (JJ 1×11 and 1×12) – WTL7172

Nov 27, 2016 1:18:09


Jessica Jones battles two superpowered individuals in AKA I've Got the Blues and AKA Take a Bloody Number. Our Jessica Jones coverage continues as Stewart joins Ben in our penultimate Jessica Jones season one episode

“AKA Sin Bin” and “AKA 1,000 Cuts” (JJ 1×09 and 1×10) – WTL7171

Nov 24, 2016 1:05:22


We resume our coverage of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones series! For this episode, Ben is joined by Agent Samantha to talk about AKA Sin Bin and AKA 1,000 Cuts.

2017 MCU News and Speculation (Minisode) – WTL7170

Nov 15, 2016 27:27


Marvel's article: ‘Marvel's The Inhumans' Coming to IMAX & ABC in 2017 Hollywood Reporter's article: Marvel, ABC Set “The Inhumans” TV Series” The New York Times article: Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ TV Series Will Arrive via Imax Theaters


Nov 10, 2016 1:20:02


It's here! The year's most anticipated movie about superhero sorcery! Join agents Ben and Stewart as they discuss and dissect this trippy origin story that goes beyond time and space!

“The Good Samaritan” (AoS 4×06) – WTL7168

Nov 3, 2016 1:39:24


Where did Robbie Reyes get his powers? We get some answers! And not everything is what it seems! Ben is joined by Evan David from Ben's other podcast, Strangers and Aliens, to discuss THE GOOD SAMARITAN! And afterward, a discussion about Dr. Strange, the 1978 TV movie with friend of the podcast Hank Harwell! NEWS: 1. Sam Jackson […]

“Lockup” (AoS 4×05) – WTL7167

Oct 27, 2016 1:49:14


Ben is joined by John Wilkerson to discuss LOCKUP, although Ben calls it LOCKOUT the entire episode… Featuring: Ghost Rider, ghosts, prison riots, flaming skulls, and flaming chains! And afterward, a discussion at the animated Halloween feature HULK: WHERE MONSTERS DWELL, with Dr. Strange and the Howling Commandos of SHIELD! John Wilkerson can be found here: […]

“Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” (AoS 4×04) -WTL7166

Oct 20, 2016 1:41:26


Fight fire with fire! The Watchdogs have a new target! Coulson has a new ally! Simmons has a new partner…who's also an old partner! And Lola has a new challenge! News items from this episode: From Dark Horizons: “Thor: Ragnarok” Goes Retro Sci-Fi, Ignores MCU From Variety: Tom Holland Unsure of Appearance in Next Avengers Movie […]

“Uprising” (AoS 4×03) – WTL7165

Oct 13, 2016 1:35:10


Blackouts hit the world's major cities and SHIELD is in the middle of it…leading to ANOTHER new normal for the team and there organization! Also, from the news: Sony planning Spider-Man spinoffs? Blade NOT joining the NMC! Sigourney Weaver is the Defenders' Big Bad!  


Oct 7, 2016 1:28:27


Ben and Ben take a close look at Nicholas Cage's dark superhero duology featuring the motorcycle riding, deal with the devil making, flaming skull headed Ghost Rider! Then, post-credits, they have a short discussion with their initial thoughts on Luke Cage. Two Cages for the price of one!!!    

“Meet the New Boss” (AoS 4×02) – WTL7163

Sep 29, 2016 1:52:49


In a world building new episode, we get a new super powered individual, ghosts, and a hallucinatory invasion of the SHIELD headquarters! Also, from the news: Happy Hogan returns to the MCU again: Jon Favreau Discusses His Return to the MCU Stan Lee: The Man filmed four film cameos in one day Sam Neill joins […]

“The Ghost” (AoS 4×01) – WTL7162

Sep 22, 2016 1:56:32


With a new director for SHIELD, new roles for our original agent team, a new Life Model Decoy built by a new friend, and a new super powered individual on Agents of SHIELD, Welcome to Level Seven welcomes a new host! Ghost Rider joins the show in the form of Robbie Reyes, expanding the Marvel […]

A State of the Podcast Address – WTL7161

Sep 19, 2016 15:07


Season 4 is coming! And Welcome to Level Seven is coming back for it! The summer got a little crazy, but summer is over and Agents of SHIELD is returning and we are here to cover it! BUT…there are going to be some changes. We'll have a new co-host, we're expanding out behind the scenes […]


Jun 1, 2016 1:30:53


  The X-Men are back…and this time, it's the 80s! Ben is joined by guest host Ben Bidwell, who can be found here:

“Absolution/Ascension” Parts 1 and 2 (AOS 3×21 and 3×22) – WTL7159

May 18, 2016 1:34:50


The season finale brings us the answers: Who was on the quintet? What will happen to Hive? What about Fitzsimmons? Who will live…and who will die?

“Emancipation” (AOS 3×20) – WTL7158

May 13, 2016 1:19:14


Who gets set free in the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD? More than one person! And not how we expected! We're racing toward the end of the season!


May 11, 2016 1:14:51


For Captain America's solo movie, Ben does a solo podcast…although Daniel DOES show up in audio form! What did they think? Find out here, along with a number of listener thoughts and opinions! Here's the direct link to Ben and Evan's road trip episode…  

“Failed Experiments” (AOS 3×19) – WTL7156

May 4, 2016 1:13:07


Racing toward the end of the season, the episode before Captain America: Civil War is a HUGE MCU tie-in…with Guardians of the Galaxy!?! Not a great tie-in to the current big movie, but there's some pretty awesome stuff going on!

“The Singularity” (AOS 3×18) – WTL7155

May 2, 2016 1:41:34


The MCU is expanding with humans, Inhumans, and transhumans!   It's an all call-in episode as Ben was recording while at a conference and other people called and wrote in to round out the conversation!

“The Coulson Protocols 3: Free Fall” (AoS comic #3) – WTL7154

Apr 26, 2016 53:40


Daniel returns to talk about comics! The agents talk about their current comic book reading and the STANDOFF crossover the Marvel is running with the Avengers related titles!

“The Team” (AOS 3×17) – WTL7153

Apr 20, 2016 1:28:37


Paranoia runs deep…as Hive may just have brought an agent into his collective! Who is it? Coulson wants to find out! And visions are coming true! Ben is once again joined by Agent Evan!

“Paradise Lost” (AOS 3×16) – WTL7152

Apr 14, 2016 1:35:39


What do we find in Paradise Lost? WE find white rocks, octopus heads, dead moths, flashbacks, back story, and even some scientific explanations! Ben is once again joined by Agent Evan!

“Spacetime” (AOS 3×15) – WTL7151

Apr 7, 2016 1:24:10


Is the future inevitable? We find out here, with a touching episode featuring a new Inhuman! Ben is joined by Agent Evan, filling in Daniel's chair!  

“Watchdogs” (AOS 3×14) – WTL7150

Mar 30, 2016 1:08:45


Who watches the watchers? The watchdogs, of course! In this episode: * A trio of team-ups * Checkov's ceramic collie * A hate group * The return of an old friend filled with hate * AND BATMAN V. SUPERMAN!!!

“Parting Shot” (AOS 3×15) – WTL7149

Mar 25, 2016 1:00:45


The team goes on a mission…but the whole team does not return! Why does Daniel LOVE this episode so much, and why does Ben feel like something was off? Do they even know?

“Inside Man” (AOS 3×14) – WTL7148

Mar 23, 2016 1:21:20


Who is the inside man? It's a Talbot-centric episode featuring the return of a villain from season 2 and some political intrigue for the Inhumans!

Bouncing Back (AoS 3×11) – WTL7147

Mar 15, 2016 1:24:29


The team returns! And new teammates join! An old villain is back! And new villains pop up! The president visits! And a general is brought back into the fray!

“The Coulson Protocols 2: Dangerous Liaisons” (AoS comic #2) – WTL7146

Mar 9, 2016 44:07


  Coulson and his team continue their battle against the evil conspiracy, this time with an uneasy alliance with Lola, the ex-girlfriend that he did NOT name his car after (according to him). Meanwhile, Ben and Daniel have different reactions to the story. All this, and fighty fighty fighting in Howling Commandos of SHIELD!

“Hollywood Ending” (AC 2×10) – WTL7145

Mar 2, 2016 1:45:17


Agent Carter's season 2 draws to a close! Is it a true “Hollywood Ending”? Also, Ben and Daniel talk about Heroes Reborn's finale. NEWS: Hayley Attwell's thoughts on Agent Carter season 3: Hayley Atwell: ‘Agent Carter' Finale Is “Satisfying,” Will Leave Door Open for Season 3, via The Hollywood Reporter Our Agent Carter theme music courtesy […]

“AKA WWJD” (JJ 1×08) – WTL7144

Feb 29, 2016 1:28:52


As Kilgrave makes HIS move, Jessica must decide what HER move can be. And by the end of the episode, she makes it! Clever girl! (And clever writers!)

“The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance” (AC 2×08 and 2×09) – WTL7143

Feb 25, 2016 1:21:17


Two more Agent Carter episodes! Frost's obsession with zero matter escalates, Jarvis makes some poor choices, Ana makes a recovery, Wilkes makes his own poor choices, and Carter gets caught in the middle of it all. Our Agent Carter theme music courtesy of: Little Lily Swing (Tri-Tachyon) / CC BY 4.0

“Life of the Party” and “Monsters” (AC 2×06 and 2×07) – WTL7142

Feb 20, 2016 1:43:07


ABC has loaded up Tuesday evenings with two Agent Carters, and that means double the action@ The stakes are getting higher as Frost explores her power, Wilkes is losing his grip, and Dottie Underwood gets pulled into the mess…making the mess even messier! Plus, Daniel's thoughts on Deadpool… Our Agent Carter theme music courtesy of: […]

“The Coulson Protocols 1: Lola” (AoS comic #1) – WTL7141

Feb 14, 2016 36:53


A new series! A new creative team! A new mission! A new conspiracy! A new team-up! Agent Coulson gets a new #1 issue and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finally gets a comic with a matching title!

The Atomic Job (AC 2×05) – ATL7140

Feb 10, 2016 41:09


Goofiness abounds in Agent Carter's HEIST EPISODE! With atomic bombs as the maguffin and recreating zero matter as the end goal, Carter and Frost meet face to face again! Our Agent Carter theme music courtesy of: Little Lily Swing (Tri-Tachyon) / CC BY 4.0

Smoke and Mirrors (AC 2×04) – ATL7139

Feb 3, 2016 1:17:57


Flashbacks, mysteries, and history abound in Agent Carter's fourth episode, as they try to find the information needed to save Wilkes and to expose the Council of Nine! This episode can be described in one word: Jarvelous! Our Agent Carter theme music courtesy of: Little Lily Swing (Tri-Tachyon) / CC BY 4.0

“Better Angels” (AC 2×03) – WTL7138

Jan 31, 2016 1:03:24


Mysteries deepen for Agent Carter, while revelations are exposed for many of our characters, including the fate of Dr. Wilkes, the conspiracy of the election, and the true identity of a famous actress! Also, the MCU grows as a Marvel western character is revealed to exist in the MCU's history! Our Agent Carter theme music courtesy […]

“Lady in the Lake” and “A View in the Dark” (AC 2×01 and 2×02) – WTL7137

Jan 27, 2016 1:36:03


Agent Carter makes her triumphant return! A new location, and old friends! A new mystery, and old enemies! A new cabal of villains, and old symbols! Our Agent Carter theme music courtesy of: Little Lily Swing (Tri-Tachyon) / CC BY 4.0

AKA Top Shelf Perverts (JJ 1×07) – WTL7136

Jan 20, 2016 1:08:38


Kilgrave is making his move against Jessica, and it's not what anyone would expect him to do, least of all Jessica!

AKA You’re a Winner (JJ 1×06) – WTL7135

Jan 17, 2016 1:29:03


Luke Cage comes to Jessica Jones with a job, and their relationship is changed forever as secrets about their pasts are revealed, culminating in a brutal conclusion!

AKA The Sandwich Saved Me (JJ 1×05) – WTL7134

Jan 13, 2016 59:06


Jessica Jones: superhero? Old memories are revisited, while new friends are recruited. And superhero tropes are exposed!

AKA 99 Friends (JJ 1×04) – WTL7133

Jan 9, 2016 1:02:28


Paranoia runs deep! Everyone Jessica Jones runs into could have been Kilgraved, but while she may be paranoid about him, that doesn't mean there aren't other threats, too…tied into the broader MCU.

AKA It’s Called Whisky (JJ 1×03) – WTL7132

Dec 31, 2015 1:40:23


Jessica Jones saga continues as she seeks to find some surgical anesthetic — which just may be Kilgrave's weakness! But she faces a couple obstacles: first, how to get it; second, what will it take to get close to Kilgrave when he uses innocent people as his henchmen? Also, at 1 hour and 12 minutes […]

AKA Crush Syndrome (JJ 1×02) – WTL7131

Dec 24, 2015 1:02:23


Jessica Jones coverage continues as we take a look at the second episode, AKA Crush Syndrome.

AKA Ladies Night (JJ 1×01) – WTL7130

Dec 16, 2015 1:34:49


Our coverage of Jessica Jones begins! Plus, listener feedback on Agents of SHIELD's midseason finale!

Maveth (AoS 3×10) – WTL7129

Dec 9, 2015 1:34:56


In “Maveth” from Agents of SHIELD, it's the mid-season finale, and we finally DO get some closure… And some cliffhangers!

“Kingslayer” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic #12) – WTL7128

Dec 8, 2015 25:07


In the final issue of S.H.I.E.L.D., we are treated to a world hopping time travel story that takes us into a doomed future for the Marvel Universe's earth that can only be saved by Coulson and his team going into Asgard's past. “Kingslayer” is written by Mark Waid and drawn by Joe Bennett. We also cover […]

“Closure” (AoS 3×09) – WTL7127

Dec 2, 2015 1:26:16


This episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't give us any “Closure” but it DOES give a lot of answers and set up! And how many episodes of this season will be contenders for best episode of the series? And how many shocks can one episode give us?

“Many Heads, One Tale” (AoS 3×08) – WTL7126

Nov 18, 2015 1:44:54


Marvel Universe secrets abound in this episode! We get: Coulson's backstory Hydra's backstory Rosalind's backstory Daisy and Lincoln dealing with a kiss FitzSimmons dealing with a kiss Coulson and Rosalind dealing with a bit more than a kiss Ward being a sadistic murdering murderer who murders

“Fortune’s Favor” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic #11) – WTL7125

Nov 16, 2015 44:23


This month we cover: S.H.I.E.L.D. #11 by Waid and Chaykin Agents of Atlas #1 by Taylor and Pugh Karnak #1 by Ellis and Zaffino Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 by Barbiere and Schoonover

Chaos Theory (AoS 3×07) – WTL7124

Nov 11, 2015 1:42:47


Everyone gets their moment in this episode, but it mostly belongs to Andrew/Lash. From Coulson & Roz to Fitzsimmons to Bobbi & Lance to May & Lash, it feels like a couples skate! But no, it's a plot heavy, flashback driven, character piece! NEWS: Agent Carter casting news: Ken Marino playing a villain Agents of […]

“Among Us Hide…” (AoS 3×06) – WTL7123

Nov 4, 2015 1:45:01


The mystery of Lash is solved! But more questions arise because of it!

4722 Hours (AoS 3×05) – WTL7122

Oct 28, 2015 1:48:38


What happened to Simmons on that barren world? We find out in this episode! NEWS: Kurtwood Smith cast in Agent Carter Jessica Jones trailer released We talk about all this and a Heroes Reborn report!

Devils You Know (AoS 3×04) – WTL7121

Oct 21, 2015 1:46:09


This episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has it all! Inhumans? Check. Melinda May kicking tail? Check. Ward acting like a mirror universe Coulson? Check. Lash lashing out against Inhumans? Check. We talk about all this and a Heroes Reborn report!

“The Duck Called H.O.W.A.R.D.” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic #10) – WTL7120

Oct 18, 2015 48:33


It's comic episode time, and this time the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is joined by one of our favorite talking ducks! And it's not just ONE of him…it's a journey through the multiverse!

“A Wanted (Inhu)man” (AoS 3×03) – WTL7119

Oct 14, 2015 1:45:46


In this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Lincoln is on the run! Hunter and May are on the hunt! An uneasy alliance is made! And another post credit Heroes Reborn Report!

“Purpose in the Machine” (AoS 3×02) – WTL7118

Oct 8, 2015 1:41:09


In this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we get glimpses of: * May's past * Simmons' present * Asgard's prodigal * The monolith's history * Coulson's hand * Ward's plan Our new T-Shirt store can be found here:

“Laws of Nature” (AOS 3×01) – WTL7117

Oct 2, 2015 2:07:47


Season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. kicks off with a bang! We have: "Indiana" Fitz vs. the monolith! Director Coulson vs. Director Rosalind! Lash vs. Daisy, Mack, and Lincoln! Coulson vs. Daisy's new name! The fate of Simmons???

“Daredevil” (DD 1×13) – WTL7116

Sep 24, 2015 2:05:09


It's the end of Daredevil…for now! There's a LOT to talk about…and some disagreements! Next week…

“The Ones We Leave Behind” (DD 1×12) – WTL7115

Sep 16, 2015 1:45:16


Another awesome episode of Daredevil brings us a number of people who were left behind! Wesley leaves Fisk behind . . . Foggy leaves Karen behind . . . Matt leaves Karen behind . . . Fisk leaves his mother behind . . . Ben leaves EVERYONE behind!

“The Man Called D.E.A.T.H.” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic #9) – WTL7114

Sep 9, 2015 53:03


It's comic episode time, and this S.H.I.E.L.D. comic features Stan Lee! Jack Kirby! And Jim Steranko!!! With some deep cuts into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s comic book past and the recent versions of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ancient history!    

“The Path of the Righteous” (DD 1×11) – WTL7113

Sep 3, 2015 1:34:35


In the latest Daredevil episode, EVERYONE'S support system is breaking down! Matt is losing Claire and Foggy! Fisk is losing Wesley! Karen is losing Foggy! Foggy is losing Matt! It's all falling apart! NEWS * Kevin Feige has a new “supervisor”! He reports directly to Disney studio-head…  SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter

“Nelson v. Murdock” (DD 1×10) – WTL7112

Aug 27, 2015 1:27:27


In this episode of Daredevil, it's friend verses friend! It's lies verses truth! It's law verses vigilantism! It's Nelson verses Murdock! NEWS: Vin Diesel returning as Groot. SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly Lash has been cast as an antagonistic Inhuman. SOURCE: Comic Book Movie

“Speak of the Devil” (DD 1×09) – WTL7111

Aug 21, 2015 1:26:52


It's Daredevil vs. a ninja! Matt is working through his feelings about doing “what has to be done”. Foggy has something reveled to him that will change his life. And a ninja! NEWS: Melinda May leaving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? SOURCE: TV Guide Pilot episode for Marvel's Most Wanted ordered. SOURCE: Variety

“No Angel” (S.H.I.E.L.D. Comic #8) – WTL7110

Aug 17, 2015 49:50


The cover to S.H.I.E.L.D. #8 looks like just the kind of fun, adventure romp that we'd crave from a comic book featuring Mockingbird and Melinda May! The inside? Well, we'll see. Also featuring Hail Hydra #1 and (post credit) Secret Wars talk!

“Shadows in the Glass” (DD 1×08) – WTL7109

Aug 12, 2015 1:14:29


In Daredevil's “Shadows in the Glass,” Kingpin's origin is front and center…and so is Wilson Fisk! A companion episode to “Stick”, does it impress? Find out here!


Aug 10, 2015 1:12:16


Fantastic Four is here and so is our review of the movie! After all the kinda hype-like promotion, it's Ben and Daniel verses the Quaint Quartet! What went wrong? What went right? Most importantly: did Ben and Daniel survive???

“Stick” (DD 1×07) – WTL7107

Aug 6, 2015 1:28:49


Our Daredevil coverage continues with Stick, and one of the Agents changes his mind completely about it after a second viewing. NEWS: Constance Zimmer IS coming to AoS. SOURCE: Marvel Blair Underwood IS back in AoS. SOURCE: Variety Channing Tatum IS Gambit. SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter

“Condemned” (DD 1×06) – WTL7106

Jul 30, 2015 1:41:02


It's Daredevil's sixth episode, Condemned, and it takes off where the last episode left off. In this episode: some news, some discussion, some feedback, and after the credits some Ant-Man feedback.


Jul 23, 2015 1:38:38


We've just been out to see Ant-man, and now it's time to explore it and dissect it! It's a divisive episode, with Ant-Man causing the division!

“World on Fire” (DD 1×05) – WTL7104

Jul 16, 2015 1:22:00


Another episode of Daredevil and another explosive ending brought on by Kingpin! It's “AWKWARD DATE NIGHT” for six people from Hell's Kitchen. Which couple will go home with the award for best date? Matt and Claire? Foggy and Karen? Fisk and Vanessa?

“In the Blood” (DD 1×04) – WTL7103

Jul 8, 2015 1:07:10


This is the episode of Daredevil that is a deciding point. After seeing Kingpin in action and watching Daredevil take out bad guys, this is the episode that will either cause you to embrace the show and reject it. What do Ben and Daniel do? Well, it's not hard to figure out…

MCU News and “The Strange Case of Daisy Johnson and Mr. Hyde” (S.H.I.E.L.D. Comic #7) – WTL7102

Jul 2, 2015 1:18:47


Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, and Calvin Zabo, aka Mr. Hyde, star in this issue of Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. — a comic very much written for fans of the TV show! Coulson shows what kind of hero he is, Daniel shows what his taste in S.H.I.E.L.D. comics is, and Ben shows how ignorant about Quake in the […]

“Rabbit in a Snow Storm” (DD 1×03) – WTL7101

Jun 24, 2015 1:19:39


It's the third episode of Daredevil, and this one features Kingpin and courtroom drama! Also, this…                

“Magic Bullets” & “Dark Dimensions” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, #5 & 6) – WTL7100

Jun 10, 2015 1:29:34


This week we take a look at: S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 & 6 — “MAGIC BULLETS”, featuring Scarlet Witch, & “DARK DIMENSIONS”, featuring The Howling Commandos and lots of other heroes OPERATION S.I.N. #5 NIGHT NURSE collected edition AVENGERS: OPERATION HYDRA  

“Cut Man” (DD 1×02) – WTL7099

Jun 4, 2015 1:31:10


Our journey into Hell's Kitchen via Netflix's Daredevil continues with episode two, Cut Man!

“Into the Ring” (DD 1×01) — WTL7098

May 28, 2015 1:30:41


It's the first episode of the Netflix Daredevil series, and the first episode of the Welcome to Level Seven summer!

Listener Feedback Jamboree — WTL7097

May 22, 2015 1:45:56


Some agree, some disagree, ALL are awesome! This episode is PROOF–definitive proof!–that we have some of the best listeners in podcast-dom! From Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Age of Ultron, this episode features interesting thoughts and provoking theories and, of course, spoilers! Nest episode: DAREDEVIL!!!

“S.O.S.” parts 1 & 2 (AOS 2×21 & 2×22) – WTL7096

May 13, 2015 2:06:32


Is it a satisfying season finale? Are the Inhumans worthy opponents?

“Scars” (AOS 2×20) — WTL7095

May 7, 2015 1:40:04


It's the aftermath of Age of Ultron on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Or is it? NEWS * Martin Freeman is joining Captain America: Civil War! SOURCE: Marvel * Bryan Singer announced the release date of X-Men: Days of Future Past — The Rogue Cut FEATURED TOPIC We take a look at Scars, the follow up […]


May 5, 2015 2:34:55


In this special episode, we look at part two of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode The Dirty Half Dozen. Also known as Avengers: Age of Ultron! So much to discuss! How does this rank with the other movies? How does this push forward the stories of the characters? What does it mean for our show? We […]

“The Dirty Half Dozen” (AOS 2×19) — WTL7093

Apr 29, 2015 1:01:30


Grant Ward rejoins Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s core team, as the original group is back together again! Hydra is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s enemy again! And the Age of Ultron is coming! NEWS * Age of Ultron is coming this week! MAIN DISCUSSION It's all connected! And far more than we expected! FEEDBACK As usual, you listeners are awesome! We […]

“The Frenemy of my Enemy” (AOS 2×18) — WTL7092

Apr 22, 2015 1:41:26


In this week's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we find out who the frenemy of our enemy really is, as relationships are put to the test, other relationships become stronger, and other relationships break down even more. NEWS DAREDEVIL — A second season is coming! SOURCE: Marvel NEW SERIES — Director/writer John Ridley is in charge of […]

“Melinda” (AOS 2×17) — WTL7091

Apr 15, 2015 1:25:02


This episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gives us more backstory, this time for both Inhumans and Melinda May! NEWS * Daredevil is here! * A new Ant-Man trailer is here! FEATURED DISCUSSION Melinda May's past! Melinda May's present! Skye's family reunion! We talk about all of it! LISTENER FEEDBACK We have some awesome e-mails!

“Fuel” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, #4) – WTL7090

Apr 14, 2015 53:18


This week we take a look at: S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 — “FUEL”, featuring Invisible Woman ANT-MAN PRELUDE #2 AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON PRELUDE graphic novel OPERATION S.I.N. #3 & 4 Can you see what Daniel means when he says they look like they're doing a kick line? And can you see why the joke completely failed […]

“Afterlife” (AOS 2×16) — WTL7089

Apr 8, 2015 1:52:05


In this episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we get a TON of backstory for the Inhumans, we see the current fates of people abducted by Gordon, and there are two surprise guests! NEWS * No post-credit for Avengers: Age of Ultron? SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly * Daredevil trailers have been posted along with Age of Ultron trailers. […]

“One Door Closes” (AOS 2×15) — WTL7088

Apr 1, 2015 1:55:09


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gives us another glimpse into the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this time from some agents not involved in the main conflicts. NEWS * Could the MCU expand into animation? SOURCE: Newsarama FEATURED DISCUSSION S.H.I.E.L.D. vs S.H.I.E.L.D.! Great episode! LISTENER FEEDBACK * Agent Roxas referenced this interview:

“Love in the Time of Hydra” (AOS 2×14) — WTL7087

Mar 25, 2015 2:12:11


Who will find love . . . in the time of HYDRA? In the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we'll find out! NEWS * The Russo Brothers are set to direct Avengers: Infinity War 1 and 2! SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter * Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude has information about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's background. […]

“One of Us” (AOS 2×13) — WTL7086

Mar 18, 2015 1:39:56


Who is “One of Us”? We discuss the latest Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode in this episode of Welcome to Level Seven to find out! Here's the link to JS Earls Bandcamp site, where you can download his music and support his brother-in-law's kidney transplant: Here's Agent Nathan's S.H.I.E.L.D. jewelry:

“Who You Really Are” (AOS 2×12) – WTL7085

Mar 11, 2015 1:53:25


What shows up in the latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Asgardians! Kree! Inhuman backstories! Super powers! In other words, a lot. NEWS * Netflix has pages for the Marvel series. * The Daredevil trailer is here. MAIN DISCUSSION We talk about the Sif-tastic return of everyone's favorite Lady Asgardian, Lady Sif! LISTENER FEEDBACK As usual: our […]

“Home Invasion” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, #3) – WTL7084

Mar 9, 2015 41:52


It's Coulson and Spider-Man together again for the first time! Also, we discuss the other two most recent MCU related titles: the Ant-Man tie in #2 and Operation S.I.N. #2, featuring the 616 universe version of Peggy Carter! Which of these books caused a spilt in opinion for Ben and Daniel?

“Aftershocks” (AOS 2×11) – WTL7083

Mar 4, 2015 1:47:59


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and so are we! Skye's mystery is explored, Coulson's reaction is revealed, and new characters are brought to light! NEWS * RDJ's Age of Ultron event to support Julia's House. SOURCE: * JS Earls' fundraiser for his brother-in-law who needs a kidney transplant. All funds from his band camp […]

“Valediction” (AC 1×08) – WTL7082

Feb 26, 2015 1:53:00


The season finale of Agent Carter airs, and we get closure. NEWS * Three more added to cast of AKA Jessica Jones. SOURCE: Marvel * Could Carl Creel, the Absorbing Man, be in Daredevil? SOURCE: Daredevil's Twitter * New Avengers: Age of Ultron poster! FEATURED DISCUSSION We talk about the latest Agent Carter episode, “Velediction”. […]

“Snafu” (AC 1×07) – WTL7081

Feb 18, 2015 1:38:14


The penultimate episode of Agent Carter! NEWS * Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Promotes Adrianne Palicki to Series Regular. Source: Yahoo TV * Drea de Matteo Turns Villainous in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Source: * Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer MIGHT premiere during the midseason opener of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. FEATURED DISCUSSION We talk about the […]

“A Sin to Err” (AC 1×06) – WTL7080

Feb 11, 2015 2:05:20


Imagine this: Agent Carter now takes place in a city that, a little more than half a century later, will have a man in a spider-suit swinging through the buildings! Half of this episode gets dedicated to Agent Carter…half of this episode gets dedicated to Spider-Man! He's back in the MCU! NEWS * Spider-Man is […]

“Iron Ceiling” (AC 1X05) – WTL7079

Feb 5, 2015 1:58:41


Agent Carter's latest episode, “Iron Ceiling”, seems to have it all: a connection to the Black Widow program; the Howling Commandos; action; adventure; developing character arcs. Is this the episode that turns Ben's heart? Or does it make for three episdoes in a row that leaves Ben non-plussed? Find out here! NOTE: There is only […]

“The Blitzkrieg Button” (AC 1×04) – WTL7078

Jan 29, 2015 1:45:17


Agent Carter's fourth episode has Nazis, mad science, twists and turns, a cool villain, and of course, Peggy and Howard. The question is: what did Ben and Daniel think? The other and more important question is: what did YOU think? We want to hear from you! NEWS * Is Baron Zemo a villain in Captain […]

“The Animator” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, #2) – WTL7077

Jan 21, 2015 42:42


Coulson and Simmons are back in a “one and done” adventure featuring everyone's favorite fangirl of a superhero, Ms. Marvel! Also, we discuss the other two most recent MCU related titles: Ant-Man #1 and Operation S.I.N. #1, featuring the 616 universe version of Peggy Carter! Do we recommend any of them? All of them? None […]

“Time and Tide” (AC 1×03) – WTL7076

Jan 14, 2015 1:26:40


“Time and Tide” features Agent Carter tracking down the series' MacGuffin: Stark tech. Along the way, she hits a few bumps — like a mysterious past for her companion, Jarvis, and a painful personal development. NEWS Stan Lee is in episode four. There's a new Avengers teaser. You can view it here: MAIN DISCUSSION We […]

“Perfect Bullets” (S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, #1) – WTL7075

Jan 12, 2015 29:55


The first issue of a new comic, as Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comes to the Marvel Comics universe! Agent May, Fitz, Simmons, and Coulson now have comic book versions of the characters to go on comic book missions and adventures! But is it good? Does issue 1 deliver? Ben and Daniel discuss the comic, who it […]

“Pilot” and “Bridge and Tunnel” (AC 1×01) – WTL7074

Jan 7, 2015 2:05:03


It's Marvel's Agent Carter! Finally, the premiere episode is here for the show we all wanted as soon as that Marvel One Shot came our way! And of course, we're here to talk about it! We can't wait to hear what you have to say about it, too!  

“What They Become” (AOS 2×10) – WTL7073

Dec 11, 2014 2:07:24


So, what do they become? We find out in this episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! So much happened so quickly, but what does it all mean? We talk about it in “What They Become”! NEWS * Age of Ultron will tie into Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly * Stan Lee to appear in […]

“Ye Who Enter Here” (AOS 2×09) – WTL7072

Dec 4, 2014 1:40:42


A tense episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week! Daniel was on the edge of his seat, Ben was excited and having feeling about Mack, and BOTH our wives made the same joke about the episode! NEWS ITEM: Vote for us in the Blake and Sal Show awards! NEWS ITEM: James Gunn not including the […]

“The Things We Bury” (AOS 2×08) – WTL7071

Nov 20, 2014 1:47:04


Many, many things are buried in the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we aim to uncover them in this episode of Welcome to Level Seven! NEWS * No episode next week. * Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on Netflix! SOURCE: Screen Rant FEATURED DISCUSSION We talk about Daniel J. Doyle's action packed, information packed, […]

“The Writing on the Wall” (AOS 2×07) – WTL7070

Nov 12, 2014 1:33:48


The writing is on the wall for Agent Coulson and his team…and the writing is on people's skin for some other poor unfortunate souls. We get some answers to some of the series deep mysteries, and even a small amount of closure as this episode pushes things forward while giving us a look back. LINKS […]

Civil War and “Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop” – WTL7069

Nov 5, 2014 1:18:07


“A Fractured House” (AOS 2×06) – WTL7068

Oct 30, 2014 2:06:24


It's the sixth episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., A Fractured House! This was a BIG episode and this was a week of BIG news! NEWS * A list of the upcoming MCU movies: * Here is the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer… * And the Agent Carter teaser… LISTENER FEEDBACK Our listeners are SO awesome. […]

“A Hen in the Wolfhouse” (AOS 2×05) – WTL7067

Oct 23, 2014 1:38:57


This episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. answers the question: who is the hen? And where is the wolfhouse? And this episode of Welcome to Level Seven answers the question: can these two yahoos figure out how to run a simple mixing board?

“Face My Enemy” (AOS 2×04) – WTL7066

Oct 16, 2014 2:04:02


Ben faces his enemy — AT&T and their lack of internet — as he and Daniel talk about the latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode! NEWS LINKS Marvel cancels Fantastic Four comics First footage of the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series — ABC will be airing another hour long Marvel Primetime special — Marvel is […]

“Making Friends and Influencing People” (AOS 2×03) – WTL7065

Oct 9, 2014 1:45:43


Hydra tried to knock us down, but couldn't knock us out! Internet problems have been conquered and here's out new episode! Although, Ben seems to have watched the episode while Daniel was reading a book…and Daniel makes the most amazing episode analysis in the history of Welcome to Level Seven!

“Heavy Is the Head” (AOS 2×02) – WTL7064

Oct 1, 2014 1:26:43


Episode two of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is “Heavy is the Head” and features a lot of changes. Coulson has changed, and not just because he's the director. Skye has changed into a skilled field agent. Fitz's injury has caused changes, and he is facing more changes. But what direction will that lead him? There's new agents […]

“Shadows” (AOS 2×01) – WTL7063

Sep 24, 2014 1:52:49


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns! Episode 1 of season 2 — “Shadows” — is today's topic and we jump right into it! From Agent Carter at the beginning to Crucher Creel at the end, there is so much to talk about!

Thor and Daredevil! (The Incredible Hulk TV movies) – WTL7062

Sep 18, 2014 1:50:16


It's The Incredible Hulk Returns and The Trial of the Incredible Hulk as Ben and Daniel take a trip in some sort of time machine to revisit the time when a cancelled TV series came back for a couple more melancholy walks to the tune of The Lonely Man piano. Should every walk down memory […]

“Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Comic Art”: Interview With Writer Alan Cowsill – WTL7061

Sep 11, 2014 47:01


For a change of pace, we interviewed the author of DK publishing's Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Comic Art. The beautiful art book contains hundreds of pages featuring the iconic art of around 500 Marvel comic covers. We find out how Alan selected the covers, what covers he was not allowed to select, and what Marvel […]

Captain America’s TV Movies! – WTL7060

Sep 5, 2014 1:35:35


In this episode, we explore the TV history of Captain America, with the Reb Brown TV movies Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon. And we have a LOT of fun doing it.

Ask Us Anything – WTL7059

Aug 20, 2014 1:35:20


You the listeners set the topics for this episode! We asked you for questions for us to discuss, and you delivered! From what DC characters would we like to see in the MCU to what was the biggest misstep the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken, we discuss the fun topics you have given us! NEWS […]


Aug 7, 2014 1:47:53


Guardians of the Galaxy made a lot of money in its opening weekend, and some of that money came from us! Was it money worth spending?  We examine the movie and have reports from listeners about their opinions. NOTE: Here is the direct link to our support page, where you an learn more details about […]

The Incredible Hulk TV Series – WTL7057

Jul 25, 2014 1:41:55


We dive back in time and get nostalgic about The Incredible Hulk, ask if it still stands up, and list what the MCU can learn from this classic TV show! Ben also rants about Fantastic Four and gives a report about the Gotham Pilot! Stick around after the credits for a special song: “Purple Stretchy […]

Guardians of the Galaxy: Comic Talk – WTL7056

Jul 12, 2014 1:34:53


Today, Guardians of the Galaxy's comic books and novels are the topic! Ben and Daniel have had some fun reading Guardians materials and in this episode they chat about it, using the conversation about the comics to talk about the characters! NEWS The Coulson/Avengers poll Ben typed in as they were talking. SOURCE: Welcome to […]

TRUST ME (Clark Gregg’s Movie) – WTL7055

Jun 25, 2014 1:29:23


When he's not being awesome acting as Agent Coulson of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Clark Gregg is off proving he's awesome doing everything else. Case in point: "Trust Me", the recently released movie he starred in, directed, and wrote. Also, this episode's topic!

MCU It! – WTL7054

Jun 20, 2014 53:42


What Marvel characters would we like to see integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? How would we do it? Those are some of the questions we explore in the newest episode of Welcome to Level Seven!  

“Podcasters Assemble!” (Roundtable #2) – WTL7053

Jun 4, 2014 1:01:29


This is the second, but not the last, podcasting roundtable, featuring a number of our fellow Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcasters! TOPICS This episode we talk about the season finale, Guardians of the Galaxy, the future of Hydra, and our favorite moments of the season. PANELISTS Rob and Jack, our hosts, from Nuff Said Podcast! Nicki […]


May 29, 2014 1:56:19


For this episode, Ben and Daniel discuss X-Men: Days of Future Past. And yes, it was much more of a discussion than their discussion of Amazing Spider-Man 2! NEWS Edgar Wright leaves Ant-Man. SOURCE: Variety James Gunn's response to Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man. SOURCE: Facebook Joss Whedon's solidarity with Edgar Wright. SOURCE: Twitter Edgar Wright's […]

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and Listener Feedback (mostly listener feedback) – WTL7051

May 24, 2014 2:22:12


It’s a listener feedback extravaganza, taking on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and much, much more! NEWS * Ben and Daniel share their convention stories from the last weekend. * Agent Carter is eight episodes long! Source: * Eden Sher from The Middle had a meeting with Marvel. But what was […]

“Beginning of the End” (AOS 1×22) – WTL7050

May 14, 2014 1:48:25


It's the season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with “Beginning of the End”! The uprising is over, and there is a new status quo! and we're ready to talk about it all! This episode also marks the end of OUR season one! Next week we are starting our season two! Fifty episodes! One year! twenty-two […]

“Ragtag” (AOS 1×21) – WTL7049

May 7, 2014 2:12:26


“Ragtag,” the penultimate episode of the season, has our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. doing some spying and some crying! Another fantastic episode, we're excited for and dreading next week! NEWS * This episode was brought to you by the generous support of Agent Lisa! * The votes have been cast! X-Men: First Class will be our […]

“Nothing Personal” (AOS 1×20) – WTL7048

Apr 30, 2014 2:03:59


In Nothing Personal, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues it's crazy awesome race to the season finale with an episode filled with action and twists and turns. NEWS * You can still vote for what movie Ben and Daniel will record a full length commentary about! Vote here! * Stan Lee in Guardians of the Galaxy! — […]

“The Only Light in the Darkness” (AOS 1×19) – WTL7047

Apr 24, 2014 2:08:05


What is “The Only Light in the Darkness” and how does it affect our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? How does this episode stack up to the others? And how does it lead up to the seasons' conclusion? Ben and Daniel talk about it in this episode! NEWS * The director of Fantastic Four's reboot explains why […]

“Providence” (AOS 1×18) – WTL7046

Apr 17, 2014 2:12:44


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. follows up the fantastic Turn, Turn, Turn with Providence! But is it a worthy follow up? Or is it just setting the stage for what's to come? Also, we announce our next feature commentary BONUS EPISODE! What movie are we going to watch? Well, that's up to the listeners! Got to […]

“Turn, Turn, Turn” – (AOS 1×17) WTL7045

Apr 9, 2014 2:03:01


Was “Turn, Turn, Turn” the best episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ever? Ben and Daniel might think so! NEWS Nathan Fillion implied that he may be in an upcoming Marvel movie. Source: Coming Soon Marvel is becoming part of Disney Infinity. Source: Marvel May 6, 2016 is the official release date of Captain America […]


Apr 4, 2014 1:39:24


In this episode, Ben and Daniel discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1, episode 16.5, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”! How does it stand against the rest of the Marvel movies? Is it a successful sequel? And how does it change things for our favorite agents? Explore The Winter Soldier with us! Reviews of comics that […]

“End of the Beginning” (AOS 1×16) – WTL7043

Apr 2, 2014 2:09:04


It's the “End of the Beginning” and the beginning of the biggest week in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. history! Ben and Daniel discuss the revelations and the relationships in this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is the lead in to Captain America: The Winter Soldier! What's going to happen next? Only the Clairvoyant knows.

Podcasters Assemble! (Roundtable #1) – WTL7042

Mar 26, 2014 1:31:50


It's the first ever (but hopefully not last) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcasting roundtable! The hosts of four podcasts join forces, Avengers style, for a discussion of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe” – WTL7041

Mar 20, 2014 1:37:41


No new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode this week, but Ben and Daniel and the rest of the MCU fans did get some Marvel goodness this week in the form of the hour long Marvel Studios Assembling a Universe special, and we talk about in this episode.

“Yes Men” (AOS 1×15) – WTL7040

Mar 13, 2014 2:08:31


Sif returns in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s newest episode “Yes Men,” a nice follow up to Thor: The Dark World! Also, Ben and Daniel have some exciting news, although if you listen to the opening credits you've heard what we're going to talk about. Today's episode was sponsored by Agent Anonymous. You can help support […]

“T.A.H.I.T.I.” (AOS 1X14) – WTL7039

Mar 6, 2014 1:36:02


After a very intense episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ben and Daniel are ready to discuss T.A.H.I.T.I.! NEWS New network podcast about Resurrection. Resurrection Revealed. Drew Pearce gives first confirmation that the Netflix series are, indeed, MCU. Source: Total Film. Avengers: Age of Ultron to Rearrange Shooting around Scarlett Johansson’s Pregnancy. Source: Collider. New […]

“All Hail the King” and Feedback – WTL7038

Mar 2, 2014 1:49:23


For this episode, while we await the return of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we turn our attention to listener feedback, a couple news items, and a spoiler filled review of the Marel One Shot, All Hail the King. NEWS Marvel themed half marathon at Disney. Source: Run Disney Heroes Reborn — Heroes is returning as […]

Marvel Unlimited and the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer – WTL7037

Feb 24, 2014 1:33:48


With no new episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week, Ben and Daniel still managed to find some NEW Marvel content to talk about (Guardians of the Galaxy) and also NEWS * We're looking for a group term for all of us involved in Welcome to Level Seven! Please, leave a comment below if you […]


Feb 17, 2014 1:14:08


For this episode, we take a break from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (since they're taking a break from us!) and talk about Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog! Ben and Daniel explore the characters, theme, and plot of this musical production that was produced by the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. team! We want to hear from you! Contact […]

“T.R.A.C.K.S.” (AOS 1×13) and “All Hail the King” (Spoiler Free Review) – WTL7035

Feb 5, 2014 2:01:26


A strong, strong episode from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the 13th episode, T.R.A.C.K.S.! We also review All Hail the King (without ANY spoilers) which we purchased from iTunes: Thor: The Dark World early release from iTunes (Purchasing through this affiliate link helps with costs we may have for web hosting and the like.) NEWS “Loser” […]

Deathlok and Sif Come to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Other News and Feedback – WTL7034

Feb 2, 2014 1:55:36


On this episode of Welcome to Level Seven, the unofficial Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel's cinematic universe, we have some news and feedback to discuss. Who is Deathlok, and why would he make a good fit into the Agents of SHIELD universe? And we know Sif is coming from the Thor movies, but who is […]


Jan 25, 2014 1:35:54


On this episode, we take a break from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and take a look at another Joss Whedon/Clark Gregg collaboration — Much Ado About Nothing! NEWS No news this week. Next week? A couple metric tons of it! MAIN DISCUSION * Our first romantic comedy! * William Shakespeare — comic book writer? * The […]

“Seeds” (AOS 1×12) – WTL7032

Jan 16, 2014 1:35:59


On this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Seeds”, we get a mystery to solve, and find out another mystery we already knew about is actually much deeper than expected! NEWS Bill Paxton will be Agent John Garrett, an actual SHIELD agent from the comics! Source: TV Guide Michael Douglas (?) is Hank Pym, Ant-Man? Meaning […]

“It’s a Magical Place” (AOS 1×11) – WTL7031

Jan 9, 2014 2:06:06


It's the return of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “It's a Magical Place”! But is the return of Coulson and co. really magical? NEWS * Star Wars comics are returning to Marvel comics * Edgar Wright's blog post leading to Ant-Man speculation * The THOR: THE DARK WORLD Marvel One-Shot is “All Hail the King,” but […]


Dec 24, 2013 1:29:29


Before there was Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, before there was the Avengers Initiative, before there was a Welcome to Level Seven, there was David Hasselhoff in NICK FURY: AGENT OF SHIELD! Join Ben and Daniel as they discuss this TV movie that is, well, a TV movie! From “one of the writers of Batman Begins!” […]

Defenders Assemble! The Marvel/Netflix Series – WTL7029

Dec 20, 2013 2:30:56


In this episode, Ben and Daniel turn away from the past season of Agents of SHIELD and turn toward the future series coming from Netflix, The Defenders. NEWS We announce the winner of the variant edition of Superior Spider-Man #22. Don Cheadle is most likely going to return as James Rhodes, AKA War Machine, AKA […]

“The Bridge” (AOS 1×10) – WTL7028

Dec 12, 2013 1:39:04


It's the mid-season finale cliffhanger for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, “The Bridge”! Is it a hit or a miss? NEWS * We're having a contest! For listeners! So you have to listen to get details! * Some minor casting notes . . . but not much. EPISODE DISCUSION For this episode of Agents of SHIELD, […]

“Repairs” (AOS 1×09) – WTL7027

Dec 5, 2013 1:59:26


In this episode of the podcast, we find out the backstory for one of our favorite Agents of SHIELD, Melinda May! We also get a lot of discussion about God? And forgiveness? In a superhero action show? Join Ben and Daniel as they talk about: NEWS: * Canadians love Agents of SHIELD! How do we […]

The WTL7 Mini-sode – WTL7026

Nov 27, 2013 32:07


Ben and Daniel record a short episode explaining why their episode about “Repairs” is going to be a bit late, but also tackle feedback about Thor: The Dark World (which they had to keep spoiler free) and The Well, and they have a special awesome surprise at the end! NEWS * Marvel officially announced the […]

“The Well” (AOS 1×08) – WTL7025

Nov 20, 2013 2:28:23


And so this week we were treated to Agents of SHIELD's tie-in to Thor: The Dark World! Was this an episode worthy of the god of thunder? Or did it just plain flounder? And the biggest question: is Agents of SHIELD living up to its cinematic roots? Ben and Daniel talk about this episode and […]


Nov 16, 2013 1:40:39


Welcome to Thor: The Dark World! Ben and Daniel discuss what is truly, in their estimation, the first Phase Two film. This movie actually moves the Marvel Cinematic Universe forward (compared to Iron Man 3), but does it move Ben and Daniel? Find out here!

“The Hub” (AOS 1×07) – WTL7023

Nov 14, 2013 1:58:19


In Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode “The Hub”, we learn a lot about SHIELD and its agents, we meet some new faces like Agent Shaw and Agent Hand, and we get to see a familiar old face in Agent Sitwell. Overall, a strong episode that continues the general upswing of the series! In this episode, […]

“FZZT” (AOS 1×06) – WTL7022

Nov 8, 2013 1:56:35


This week's new Agents of SHIELD episode had a cute, pithy title (F.Z.Z.T.), but also tried to bring the drama and the angst! Did it succeed? For today's episode, Ben and Daniel focused on: NEWS * The biggest news was finding out that Agents of SHIELD was going to tie directly into THOR: THE DARK […]

The Season So Far and Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer – WTL7021

Oct 31, 2013 2:04:19


Ben and Daniel discuss the first five episodes of the season so far, talking about the hits and misses, and also touch on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past trailers. NEWS Ant Man Rumors about Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones Details on the Ben Kingsley Marvel Movie Project The […]

“The Girl in the Flower Dress” (AOS 1×05) – WTL7020

Oct 24, 2013 2:24:19


The latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, The Girl in the Flower Dress, reveals a lot, but did it live up to the potential we saw in Eye Spy? Ben and Daniel discuss that and more in this episode of the podcast. NEWS Thor: The Dark World has two post credit scenes Captain America: The […]

“Eye Spy” (AOS 1×04) – WTL7019

Oct 17, 2013 2:16:16


In the fourth episode of Agents of SHIELD, we learn about Coulson's history in “EYE SPY,” but do we learn much about his mystery? Join Ben and Daniel as they discuss what just may be the best episode of the series yet. (Out of four, but still.) OPENING We talk about The Green Screen Podcast, […]

“The Asset” (AOS 1×03) – WTL7018

Oct 10, 2013 1:48:10


The Marvel universe expands! Coulson's SHIELD team unites! But is Agents of SHIELD living up to its premise and promise? Find out as we discuss the newest episode, The Asset! NEWS: The ratings slipped from episode one to two — but does that mean anything? The episode synopsis for episode five has been released, and […]

“0-8-4” (AOS 1×02) – WTL7017

Oct 3, 2013 2:07:24


What's a 0-8-4 in the Agents of SHIELD universe? We find out in this episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Here's some of the topics we touch on: NEWS: * We've joined the network! Check the other podcasts out at! * Agents of SHIELD's ratings are in and over 20 million people joined […]

“Pilot” (AOS 1×01) – WTL7016

Sep 26, 2013 2:07:58


It's the pilot episode of Agents of SHIELD and it's finally here! In this GIANT-SIZED episode (we're fans of Marvel, we HAD to call it that), Ben and Daniel talk about the new characters and the prospects for future storylines and explore what they liked and did not like about this episode of the series. […]

Season One Preview – WTL7015

Sep 23, 2013 1:09:54


Ben and Daniel talk about their expectations for the Agents of SHIELD TV series in this (ever so slightly) revamped episode format! Topics include: Heroes, Fringe, The X-Files, Underoos, the introduction of the W2L7 No-Prize! They talk about what they are hoping to see . . . and hoping not to see. Plus some talk […]

Comic Book Tie-ins – WTL7014

Sep 19, 2013 47:38


Ben and Daniel discuss the comic books that tell the continuing stories of the characters we've come to love on the screen, including Coulson and the other Avengers. What's good? What's not so good? What do we recommend you read? Do you need to read anything? What if you would like to find the exploits […]

Marvel One Shots – WTL7013

Sep 12, 2013 1:02:46


It's the last of the Marvel movies, so to speak, with the short films that Marvel created to help close some gaps and open the Marvel Cinematic Universe! In this episode, Ben and Daniel crack open the Marvel One Shots! The Consultant, from the Thor Blu-Ray. Our introduction to a couple key SHIELD components! A […]

IRON MAN 3: I Am Iron Man … Three! – WTL7012

Sep 5, 2013 1:43:13


Ben and Daniel nearly finish their look through Agents of SHIELD season zero with their examination of Iron Man 3! And Ben and Daniel's opinions of this movie are wildly different, making for an interesting discussion of this controversial installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, listener feedback! Preorder Iron Man 3 here:

AVENGERS: Avengers Assemble! – WTL7011

Aug 29, 2013 1:50:15


The Avengers, more than any other movie, gives us a great big spotlight on the Agents of SHIELD! In this episode, the second part of our Avengers conversation, we talk about the story of the movie, discuss storytelling theory a little bit, explore the character interactions, and geek out about what makes this a fun […]

The Avengers Take Initiative – WTL7010

Aug 21, 2013 1:32:56


Finally, Ben and Daniel make it to the movie that everyone was anticipating since the post-credits sequence in Iron Man: THE AVENGERS!!! This is the first part of two episodes covering The Avengers. These episodes are two different conversations, not one conversation split in two. In this episode, Ben and Daniel talk about the characters […]

THE WOLVERINE: Mini-Review – WTL7009

Aug 19, 2013 14:23


Ben and Daniel take on the Wolverine. But is he the best at what he does? Or should Wolvie give up movie-making and stick to fighting ninja with his claws?  

CAPTAIN AMERICA: When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield – WTL7008

Aug 7, 2013 1:34:40


Ben and Daniel take on Captain America, in this, the penultimate movie in the Avengers Phase One! How much do Ben and Daniel love this movie? What changes from the source material do they not like? What part of this movie does Ben think is just plain stupid, ridiculous, and doesn't make any sense? (And […]

San Diego Comic-Con – WTL7007

Jul 22, 2013 1:21:50


What happened at San Diego Comic-Con with our favorite movie/TV/comics franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What was revealed in the Agents of SHIELD panel? What announcements about the upcoming Marvel movies fell upon the ears (and Twitter feeds) of rabid fans? Ben and Dan talk about what revelations came our way . . . and […]

THOR – WTL7006

Jul 8, 2013 1:02:38


It's Thor, god of thunder! Or is it Agents of SHIELD the Movie II, following up on Iron Man 2, aka Agents of SHIELD the Movie I? It's a different kind of superhero movie, dropping a superhero into Lord of the Rings! But does it succeed?

IRON MAN 2: I Am Iron Man, Too – WTL7005

Jun 30, 2013 1:28:45


Iron Man 2! Some love it! Some hate it! What do the W2L7 guys think about it? Find out here! And what does Iron Man 2 have to do with Walt Disney? Daniel explains! Plus listener feedback! We want to hear from you! Do you agree with our assessments of Iron Man 2? Do you […]


Jun 22, 2013 1:19:02


Our fourth episode brings us to THE INCREDIBLE HULK, the movie that features the Hulk, reinvents the Hulk, and is the first post-Iron Man Marvel movie. Also, after the episode is over there is a post credits mini-review of Man of Steel. Sure it's DC, but this is the beginning of DC trying to copy […]

IRON MAN: I Am Iron Man – WTL7003

Jun 4, 2013 1:05:17


The Iron Man movie is the one that started it all! Without this movie, this podcast would not exist! So with this episode of the podcast, Ben and Daniel kick off their Avengers Initiative rewatch! Go back in time with us to 2008 as we take a look at the ideas and characters and successes […]

HULK: Marvel Movie Ang-st – WTL7002

May 30, 2013 1:26:46


Ang Lee's Hulk! Reviled by many, hated by others, disliked by more, loved by very few (not even those who like it) . . . forunately, this is not the only movie Ben and Daniel are going to talk about! This episode is a look back at the Marvel movie universes that came before the […]

Teased by a Trailer – WTL7001

May 21, 2013 59:59


“Welcome to Level Seven!” With those words, a TV series is teased, a beloved character returns, and a podcast is born! In this, our first episode, we discuss what the Agents of SHIELD TV series might bring and our hopes and fears for what could be the most awesome TV series of the coming season! […]