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This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted followers of Christ, looking to God's Word as our only authority, conscience and guide.

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In Your Feelings

May 14, 2019


Feelings don't always tell you what’s true, but they do tell you what's true about you. Being emotionally intelligent will help you in all areas of life - relationships, work, friendships, etc. In this message, we discuss emotions, how to view them, and their purpose in our lives.

Who You’re Becoming

May 7, 2019


You reap what you sow, and the decisions you make today will shape your future. In this message, we look to the Proverbs for wisdom instead of learning things the hard way.

How to Lose Weight

Apr 30, 2019


A lot of us have extra weight we’re carrying around, but it’s not necessarily physical, it’s spiritual. We carry around past hurts, regrets, and hidden sins that can cause anxiety and affect our lives. In this week’s message, we talk about how to lose that “soul weight” and live in freedom.

Romantic Realities

Apr 23, 2019


Love stories are all around us. From romantic comedies, to love songs, and our Instagram feeds, we are told what to look for when it comes to love - but is that realistic? In this message, we look to a true love story that took place in the era of Judges to learn what to look for when it comes to real love.

Exit Signs in Dating

Apr 16, 2019


Often times in dating relationships it’s easy to follow our feelings and ignore red flags. In the book of Judges, the story of Sampson is an example of what happens when we do what FEELS right instead of what IS right. Spoiler alert: it never ends well. In this message, we talk about the warning signs for when you should exit a relationship.

What The Church Can’t Lose

Apr 9, 2019


When Jesus started the church, he had something specific in mind. But if we aren’t careful, we can drift toward something else entirely. In this message, we take on a few things that the church has to keep...at least if it still wants to be the church.

Battling Insecurity

Apr 2, 2019


Being comfortable in your own skin is a nice concept, but most of us either don’t feel that way or are confident for the wrong reasons. Insecurity will rob us from all that God wants us to become and hinder us from living out our purpose. In this message, we see how Gideon fought insecurity and how we can have confidence that comes from God.

Sweet Like Honey, Stings Like a Bee

Mar 26, 2019


In some ways, not much has changed since the days of Judges. When evil is around you, are you ready to speak truth in love and stand up for what is right? In this message, we look to the historical story of Deborah to see an example of what standing for truth in a chaotic culture looks like.

King of Hearts

Mar 19, 2019


Throughout history, governments were put into place to attempt to bring law and order to society. What happens when there is no objective truth and everyone does what seems right to them? In this message, we open up the book of Judges and see what happens when people become the King of their own hearts.

The Drains of Our Lives

Mar 12, 2019


There are so many things fighting for our attention. As we're hustling through life, we can feel drained and in need of self-care, but how do we recharge in a way that actually works? In this message, we talk about the things that drain us and how to overcome them.

Healthy Habits

Mar 5, 2019


Your habits are shaping who you are. What habits are you forming and how do you make sure you’re becoming who you want to be? In this message, we talk about the ways we can care for ourselves through small decisions every day.

Habits That Bring Freedom

Mar 5, 2019


Your habits are shaping who you are. What habits are you forming and how do you make sure you’re becoming who you want to be? In this message, we talk about the ways we can care for ourselves through small decisions every day.

Body Worship

Feb 26, 2019


Our bodies were built for worship, not to be worshiped, so how do we navigate the complexities of stewarding our bodies well without getting caught up in the comparison game? Join us this week as we take a biblical look at Self Care for the body.

The State of Your Faith

Feb 19, 2019


Do you see your faith as a finished product or a work in progress? In this message, we discuss what it looks like to have an active faith that will persevere through life’s ups and downs.

Getting Off The Crazy Train

Feb 12, 2019


Our minds are powerful and we can hop on trains of thought that take us places - for good or for bad. You can’t live a positive life with negative thoughts, so what are you dwelling on? In the message, we talk about how to care for our minds.

Cleaning Out Your Closet

Feb 5, 2019


Sometimes self-care involves detoxing your life – mind, body, and soul. Do you have hurts, habits, or hang-ups that you’ve been carrying into your future that should stay in your past? In this message, we talk about what it looks like to reveal what could be holding you back, release the burdens of your past, and recognize how to move forward and help others do the same.

Your Best Life in 30 Minutes

Jan 29, 2019


The decisions we make today affect our future and can change the trajectory of our lives… no pressure. We’re all becoming our future selves. Are you becoming all that God desires for you to be? In this message, we look at 7 principles informed by The Bible that will help you be the best you.

A Thirsty Woman, Celebs, & Soul Care

Jan 22, 2019


It seems as though there are infinite ways to practice self care, but what is the ultimate way to treat yourself? In this message, we look at John 4 and start with self care 101.

Surviving The Holidays

Nov 27, 2018


Holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but also a time when many will end up taking a holiday from their faith. In this message, we talk through how to avoid the biggest pitfalls that young adults face over the holidays.

Relentless Pursuit

Nov 20, 2018


We all have something in common; the desire to be pursued. We love hearing stories of reckless, illogical, relentless love. What if the very thing you’ve always wanted you already have? In this message, we look to the book of Hosea to see a glimpse of God’s love for us, but specifically for you.

Finding Freedom Anxiety

Nov 13, 2018


Anxiety is a common experience for all of us, but no one wants it. The good news is Jesus offers us a path towards experiencing freedom from anxiety. In this message, we look to Matthew 6:24-34 and the teachings of releasing our anxiety.

Fantasy Marriage

Nov 6, 2018


We all have an idea of what we think marriage will be like, but what if our expectations aren’t exactly realistic? In this message, we look at Ephesians 5 for an accurate depiction of what marriage is for and what it should be like.

Fantasy Guy

Oct 30, 2018


Ladies, do you have a checklist of qualities that you’d like your future husband to have? Often times, even if you have a set standard in mind it’s tempting to follow your heart rather than wait for the right guy. In this message, we look at 1 Timothy 3 as a way to identify the biblical qualities that make a man husband material.

Fantasy Girl

Oct 23, 2018


Guys, when you think of the perfect girl what is she like? Before you go out looking for her you may want make sure the traits and qualities you have in mind are biblical and not just personal preference. What if the girl you’re looking for is just a fantasy that will turn into a nightmare? In this message, we look to Proverbs 31 as a framework for what to look for in a wife.

Fantasy Love

Oct 16, 2018


We all desire real love, but in a world full of unrealistic expectations, social media highlight reels, online dating profiles, and “reality” TV shows, it can be hard to know what real love is. In this message, we look to God’s Word and biblical principles to discover what real love is and how you can find it.

More Money = More Happiness

Oct 9, 2018


This is one of those “lies” we all want to find out for ourselves is actually a lie. Music, movies, and the world tell us that with more money comes more opportunity, more freedom, and more fun, but is that true? In this message, we see what Jesus has to say about money and how to break free from those golden handcuffs.

Women Are Sex Objects

Oct 2, 2018


Have you ever paid attention to what that song with the sickest beat is actually saying about women and sex? It's probably worse than you thought. But it’s just a song, what harm could it really do? In this message, we look at the effects of those songs on the world around us and how we can fight the lies and replace them with truth.

Life is Found In The Party

Sep 25, 2018


Sex, drugs, and rock n roll is supposed to be the epitome of fun, but is that really the case? Does living the rockstar lifestyle mean living your best life? Believe it or not, The Bible speaks specifically to this topic and we look to King Solomon, the wisest rockstar to ever live, for insight.

You’re Perfect Just The Way You Are

Sep 18, 2018


Many songs that are well-known and loved all have a similar message: you’re perfect just the way you are. It’s an encouraging message, but is it true? Are we really perfect? Were we born perfect? Is there anything we should change? In this message, we decipher the truths from the lies and look to God’s Word to see if the lyrics line up with Scripture.

When God Is Late

Sep 11, 2018


Ever had a situation where you really needed God’s help, but it seemed like he no-showed you? In this message, learn what you need to know when you feel like you got ghosted...by God.

How Do You Prepare for What’s Next?

Sep 4, 2018


Young adulthood is hard. It’s a time where some of the most important decisions we will ever make take place. How we spend these years lays the foundation for the rest of our lives. How can we set ourselves up to experience God’s best for us? How are we supposed to prepare for what comes next when we don't know what's coming? In this message, we learn about 10 pieces of wisdom from Proverbs to train us up for what tomorrow may hold.

What Does It Mean to Be a Strong Woman in the Church?

Aug 28, 2018


What is a woman’s role in the church? What about out of the church? Women, has the fear of coming across too strong caused you to hold back your God-given gifts? In this message, Jonathan Pokluda and guest speaker Jennie Allen talk about what it looks like to be a strong woman in the church and how to live out your purpose. Guys, this message isn’t just for the ladies! Listen in to learn more about how you can support and encourage the women around you for the benefit of the Kingdom.

How Can I Know God's Plan for My Life?

Aug 21, 2018


Do you ever wonder what God’s plan is for your life? What’s next? What career path should you take? Who should you date and marry? Should you move cities? In this message, we look at both the revealed and secret will of God and how to navigate the grey areas.

Can Anyone Really Know They’re Going to Heaven?

Aug 14, 2018


On a scale of 1 to 10, how sure are you that you're going to heaven? Can anyone really ever be sure? Don’t all religions lead to God? In this message, we look at John 14 and what The Bible has to say about the path to heaven.

Can We Trust the Bible?

Aug 7, 2018


Has the Bible been changed over time? Is it historically accurate? Are we sure we can trust it? In this message we discuss the validity of The Bible and why it even matters.

Can Someone Be Gay and Be a Christian?

Jul 31, 2018


With so many differing opinions out there, it's hard to know what the Bible actually says about homosexuality. Is it wrong? Isn’t love, love? Is the Church simply behind the times? Judge not, right? In this message, we unpack the truth of Scripture on the matter and how the Church should respond to it.

What Does the Bible Have to Say about Sex Before Marriage?

Jul 24, 2018


When it comes to sex, we have a lot of questions. Does the Bible say sex before marriage is wrong? How far is too far? What do I do if I’ve already gone too far? Let’s talk about sex, baby, and what the Bible has to say about it.

What Do You Do If You’re Pregnant?

Jul 17, 2018


When unexpected events occur the first question is usually, "what are my options?" When it comes to an unplanned pregnancy, the answer can seem a bit more complicated. This week we learn from King David the hard truths of how to keep one mistake from leading to another.

What if Someone Has Doubts?

Jul 10, 2018


As followers of Christ, we are all prone to experience doubts. Does having doubts mean our faith is not real? What should we do with our doubts? Is it possible to conquer our doubts and grow our faith? In this message, we address those questions and look to the three stories of people doubting in the Bible for answers.

What The Remnant Reads

Jul 3, 2018


No book in history has ever been attacked, debated, or banned as much as the Bible…yet it’s still the bestselling book of all time. In this message we look at why the people of God are so devoted to Scripture, no matter how strong the opposition gets.

How The Remnant Resolves Conflict

Jun 26, 2018


Conflict is inevitable and it's part of every healthy relationship. Unfortunately, conflict resolution is not something that is commonly taught and many people do not know how to do it well. For those who make up the people of God, resolving conflict is not an option but it is an opportunity to honor God, strengthen relationships, and grow. In this message, we discuss how The Remnant resolves conflict.

How The Remnant Lives Courageously

Jun 19, 2018


Certain qualities have always marked The Remnant. In this message, we explore the courageous willingness they have to speak when others won’t, fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, stand for truth no matter the cost, and to give their lives for the good of others, our world, and the cause of Christ.

Why The Remnant Prays

Jun 12, 2018


The Remnant has access to communicate with the One true God as their Heavenly Father. As remarkable as that is, we do not pray as if that is reality. Why? What keeps us from praying more? What are we believing or not believing about our Heavenly Father, about ourselves, or about prayer? In this message, we discuss prayer and why it’s so crucial to daily our lives.

Why The Remnant Gives

Jun 5, 2018


Would you consider yourself a generous person? The Remnant has always been generous with not just their resources but their lives. What is it about The Remnant that makes them so generous? In this message, we look at the meaning of true generosity and how we can respond to God’s generosity towards us.

How The Remnant Loves

May 29, 2018


Throughout history, The Remnant has always stood out by the way they love others. Not in a romantic "all the feels" kind of way but in an extraordinary “agapao” kind of way. What does that kind of love look like and how can we live it out? In this week's message, we uncover how The Remnant should love, and it may not be what you expect.

What The Remnant Knows

May 22, 2018


We live in a world where we’re told truth is subjective. It’s widely accepted that each person can define what is true for them and what is right and wrong based on their own standards. God's people have always held to the fact that there is absolute truth defined by God which is laid out in His Word. In this message, we look at John 8:31-45 to see the role truth plays in our lives.

Why The Remnant Matters

May 15, 2018


What would it look like if you removed the Christian presence from history? What does it mean to be Salt & Light? Join us as we dig into Matthew 5:13-16 to discover the answers to those questions and uncover the purpose of the Remnant.

Measuring Your Value

May 8, 2018


Do you ever feel unwanted, unworthy, or wonder if you’re enough? The world tells us to look to job titles, possessions and relationships for our value, but God tells us to look to Him. Check out this week's message as we unpack Ephesians 2:10 to discover that our ultimate value is determined by the Artist… and you are His Masterpiece.

We are God’s Plan A

May 1, 2018


In a world with so many evils, how are people supposed to know that God is good? That's where we come in. In this message, we hear from Gary Haugen about modern-day slavery and how we can seek justice until all are free. It’s very clear throughout the Bible that God is passionate about justice. The question is, are we passionate about what God is passionate about?

Preparing for Paradise

Apr 24, 2018


We all want to prepare for the future, but how far ahead are you thinking? In this message, we take a look at what Jesus has to say about Heaven and how we should prepare for eternity in paradise. Are you storing up your treasures here on earth, or are you investing in forever where the implications and rewards are eternal?

Living for Eternity

Apr 17, 2018


So, you believe the afterlife is real, but now what? This week, we take a look at what King Solomon had to say in Ecclesiastes about living a significant life here on earth. No Regrets. No turning back.

Homesick for Heaven

Apr 10, 2018


In life we often look forward to the next thing and dream of the day we achieve true happiness. We all have things we want, but what if everything we’ve ever longed for was actually a longing for Heaven and to be with God. In this message, we look at Revelation 21 and 22 to see what the apostle John revealed to us about Heaven. What will heaven be like? Better than you can even imagine.

Eternal FOMO

Apr 3, 2018


Is Hell even real? Who goes there? How bad could it be? In this message, we look at Luke 16:19-31 and talk through this place called Hell, what it would be like to spend eternity apart from God, and how you don’t have to.”

Your Results from Running

Mar 27, 2018


When we run from God we become our own worst enemy. In the midst of our rebellion, we can lose sight of God’s goodness and start to think we know better. In chapter 4, the final chapter of Jonah, we see what happens when we follow our rebellious heart and how to course correct back to God’s best for our lives.

Your Story Is Not Over

Mar 20, 2018


We’re not perfect. We’ve all messed up. We’ve all made bad choices. In Jonah chapter 3, we see that God is a God of second chances and your past is no problem for his grace, instead, it's a platform for His purpose.

Your Way Out

Mar 13, 2018


Life is an adventure, but it definitely has its ups and downs. When you’re in those low moments it can feel like you are stuck in a pit or that life just hasn’t gone your way. In this message, we look at Jonah chapter 2 and learn from Jonah’s prayer to God when he was in a pit and a definite low point... like the bottom of the ocean low. The good news: there’s a way out, and the best is yet to come.

You’re A Runaway

Mar 6, 2018


The way we run from God may not look as obvious as the way Jonah ran from God, but make no mistake, we are all Runaways. Whether you are chasing after things the world has to offer or it’s a slow drift one little decision at a time, you’re running. Are you exhausted yet? This week in Jonah 1, we see how far God is willing to go to bring us through our storms and back to Him, no matter what we’ve done.

Drunkenness & Soberness

Feb 27, 2018


Are you living for the weekend? Is a glass of wine or a cold beer your go-to after a rough day? It's time to consider the why behind the drink. This week's message navigates the vice of drunkenness and the freedom found in the virtue of soberness.

Gossip & Restraint

Feb 20, 2018


This just in… gossip destroys relationships. Ok, maybe you already knew that. The problem is, gossip is so common that you may not even notice that you, or people around you, are doing it. Why is it so damaging to yourself and others and what is the solution? We discuss the vice of gossip and the benefits of the virtue of restraint in this week’s message.

Lust & Self-Control

Feb 13, 2018


In today's society, we are told that lust and sex outside of God's design are harmless, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. In this message, we discuss the dire consequences that come with the vice of lust and bring to light the path to freedom gained by the virtue of self-control.

Anger & Forgiveness

Feb 6, 2018


Are you struggling to let go of past hurts? If you think you aren’t, are you sure? Bitterness weighs us down and anger is unproductive. In this message, we discuss the dangers of the vice of anger and how to release it and discover the virtue of forgiveness. Forgiveness could be the bravest thing you do all year.

Greed & Generosity

Jan 30, 2018


We often find ourselves storing up riches here on earth, but at what cost? Greed comes in many forms; many of which we don't expect. In this message, we discuss the vice of greed, how to identify it, overcome it, and change it to the virtue of generosity.

Entitlement & Gratitude

Jan 23, 2018


In our modern-day culture where our preferences are on demand (ie: Uber, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), we can start to think we deserve certain privileges. Comparison and expectations can leave us feeling ripped off. Have we set our expectations socially instead of biblically? In this message, we discuss how to fight the vice of entitlement and live out the virtue of gratitude in our everyday lives.

Laziness & Discipline

Jan 16, 2018


Most of us dream of the day we can sit back, relax, and chill. In the pursuit of that dream, are we missing out on something far greater? In the midst of our business, are we actually being lazy? What if the life we’ve always dreamed of and Christ desires for us requires discipline? Listen and learn about the vice of laziness and virtue of discipline.

Pride & Humility

Nov 28, 2017


We don’t have to consciously try to be prideful, it just naturally occurs. The true test is overcoming this sin. In 1 Peter 5, God reveals to us that the source of anxiety is pride and humility is the solution.

Thou Shall Love & Respect

Nov 21, 2017


In this message, we look at commandments 5-10 and see a common theme: it’s about out relationships to one another. God takes the way we treat each other seriously. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to God.

Thou Shall Stop

Nov 14, 2017


The fourth commandment calls us to remember the Sabbath, and keep it holy. But what does it look like to find rest in a world that pushes us to the edge? The answer lies in trusting God.

Thou Shall = Because I Love You

Nov 7, 2017


God’s commandments are meant to protect you from going down a path that leads to death and destruction. His Word and commandments are the most loving and life-giving wisdom we can receive.

Thou Shall Know Why

Oct 31, 2017


A command is only as good as the context it comes from. When God gave the Ten Commandments, he did it with a good purpose in mind. Because nobody likes rules for no reason...not even God.

Love & Dating (Q&A)

Oct 30, 2017


Summary: Every week at The Porch, we receive questions regarding anything and everything as it pertains to love and dating. Dating was not around when The Bible was written and therefore it’s hard to look to it for practical dating advice. However, there are biblical principles that can be applied to our love life. In this audio podcast, we talk through some of our top frequently asked questions and how it pertains to God’s Word.

The Dating Show

Oct 24, 2017


We’ve been talking about First Comes Love, but what about dating? In a message unlike any other Porch message, we discuss what it looks like to date from the "ask out" to "the altar" in a way that honors God and is consistent with scripture. Listen and learn how to navigate the dating world.

How to Find Love

Oct 17, 2017


Our world is full of examples of love. Every time you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or go to the movies, “love” is on display. Sadly when we follow these examples we end up headed towards the same destination that many of the celebrity and entertainers end up, heartbreak. Listen and learn from God‘s word what it looks like to prepare well for the love life you’ve always wanted.

Love & Sex

Oct 10, 2017


When it comes to sex, we need to get back to the basics and clear up some miscommunications. That all starts with understanding that sex is not the world’s idea, it’s God’s idea. Knowing that, we can trust the Designer and pursue purity with confidence.

What God Wants

Oct 3, 2017


We all have to wait on God sometimes, and if He takes too long it’s easy to wonder what He really wants. Does God want to give us what is good? Does God want to protect us from what is bad? Sometimes if you have to wait long enough, the answer doesn’t always seem so clear.

Don’t Love Her

Sep 26, 2017


The person you marry isn’t going to be the most compatible for you, but you better be on the same page with your faith. In the book of Judges, Samson learns the hard way about pursuing women that aren’t part of God’s people. In his weakness and brokenness, God eventually turns Samson’s romantic tragedy into triumph.

Can He Love Me?

Sep 19, 2017


Dating can be complicated and things aren’t always as they seem. Relationships can go well for a while, but how can you know if his love is real and if it will last? In 1 Corinthians 13, we see what it should look like when a man really loves a woman.

What Love Doesn’t

Sep 12, 2017


As it relates to dating, you can't trust your feelings. In this message, David gives us 5 things that should guide us through relationships over feelings, all of which are based on the principles and truths of God's word.

What Love Does

Sep 5, 2017


Before we get any relationship with a girl/guy right, we must have our relationship with God right. In 1 John 4, the foundation for that relationship is laid out in the simplest way: God loves you. And as much as we say that we know that, sometimes our actions betray what we really believe.

The Good Life Knows God’s People

Sep 4, 2017


Adam Tarnow brings home #Launch17 with the 1 ingredient you need for the good life: Humility. Find out how it's the oil that keeps the good life running as he takes us through Philippians 2.

The Good Life Knows God’s Word

Sep 3, 2017


You won't find the good life unless you learn to love the Bible. Why? It's a love letter from a Father who loves you and wants to lead you to it. Dive in with Todd Wagner as he breaks down why the Bible is vital to our lives.

The Good Life Knows God’s in Control

Sep 3, 2017


When the good life gets out of control, turn to God. David Marvin walks us through Mark 4 showing us how we can be confident in God's care, full of faith not fear, and focus on Christ in the midst of chaos.

The Good Life Knows God’s Love

Sep 2, 2017


What do you think the "good life" is? Jonathan Pokluda starts off #Launch17 with a look at how the Bible defines the good life--and just how good it is when we know who God is, who we are to Him, and all that we have in God.

The Unseen Lies from Sin and Satan

Aug 29, 2017


As we wrap up The Unseen series we explore 7 lies from our enemy and the corresponding truths from our Savior.

The Unseen War

Aug 22, 2017


We may not realize it, but we are in the middle of an unseen war. In Ephesians chapter 6, Paul lays out the types of armor that God has so graciously given us to defeat the enemy that so desperately seeks to destroy us.

The Unseen Realm

Aug 15, 2017


The Bible tells us that there is an unseen spiritual realm impacting this world. Whether or not we realize it, all of us are being impacted by the forces of light and darkness within this unseen spiritual realm. Listen and learn what God’s Word has to say regarding the unseen realm, the reason for evil in our world, and the enemy within each of us.

Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind

Aug 8, 2017


The people we surround ourselves with have a tremendous impact on our lives - for better or for worse. Throughout the Bible, some of the wisest people to ever live talk about the friends we should keep, and the influence they have on us.

Don't Take Your Faith Too Seriously

Aug 1, 2017


In our culture, we take a lot of things seriously: appearances, finances, careers, etc. But when it comes to our faith, it sometimes takes a backseat to everything else. In Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus tells us that we should treasure a relationship with Him above everything else.

There are Many Ways to God

Jul 25, 2017


Our culture preaches that there is no wrong way to go about finding truth, life and ultimately, God. In John 14, Jesus preached an entirely different message that the only way to the Father, was through him.

Don't Impose Your Beliefs on People

Jul 18, 2017


We’ve all heard it; “don’t impose your faith on people”. In this message, we explore why that is such bad advice as we examine Acts 17, where the Apostle Paul speaks at the meeting of the Areopagus in Athens and we get a glimpse into how we should share our faith and why.

Life Begins When You're Married

Jul 11, 2017


Being married is good, but not better than being single. In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul teaches us to use the gift of singleness to spread the gospel, and show the world that Jesus is enough.

Get Rich or Die Tryin

Jun 27, 2017


Pursuing wealth is more natural to us than we think. In 1 Timothy 6, the Apostle Paul cautions us to not fall in love with money, but calls us to fall in love with the One who gives abundantly.

Treat Yo Self in Yo Twenties

Jun 20, 2017


In a world that says it's perfectly acceptable to get all you can, while you can - God's word tells us a different story. Throughout Proverbs, Psalms and Ecclesiastes, it's made clear that we have a very short time to find wisdom, love and life through a relationship with God.

Only God Can Judge Me

Jun 13, 2017


As Christians, if you are unwilling to speak truth or hear truth from other believers, you are not walking in obedience. In 1 Corinthians 5, Paul explains why judging someone is the most loving thing you can do.

Try Before You Buy

Jun 6, 2017


Your body is not yours to give away. And it's for sure not yours to give away before marriage. God has a plan for it. In 1 Corinthians chapter 6, Paul explains to us that our bodies were not meant for sexual immorality but for honoring God, who bought your body for a price.

Good People Go To Heaven

May 30, 2017


There is no universal consensus about what is 'good'. So, how good is good enough to get to Heaven? In Romans Chapter 3, Paul shows us that according to God's standard, there are no good people, and there is only one way to get to heaven.

Follow Your Heart

May 23, 2017


All of us have followed our heart at some time or another. That's very normal nowadays, but scripture tells us something different. In Proverbs Chapter 4, we learn that guarding our heart is crucial to our walk with Christ.


May 16, 2017


As Todd brings 1 Peter to a close, he shares 7 things we need to know about an adversary who seeks to destroy us. This enemy is powerful but greater is He who is in us and gives us the ability to fight sin.


May 9, 2017


What are the essentials to growing in your faith? In the beginning of chapter 5, Peter gives us clear instructions on how spiritual growth is closely tied to trusting God and casting anxieties on Him - all while being plugged into a church.

Bucket List

May 2, 2017


What does it mean to live like time is running out? To the majority of the people, that might look something like a “bucket list”. In 1 Peter Chapter 4, Peter lays out the three things that Christians should do with their short time on this earth.


Apr 25, 2017


Followers of Christ have been invited into a relationship with a God who loves them, died for them, and calls them to follow Him into the abundant life. However, in order for this to happen we must learn to trust God and obey instructions. In this message we discover how we can grow in our obedience to Christ and experience true life.

We Solutions

Apr 18, 2017


We all drift away from God sometimes. It's just part of life. But how do we stop doing it? The author of Hebrews gives a surprising solution.


Apr 18, 2017


What do you hope in? 1 Peter 3:15-22 describes where we find hope in a world that can feel hopelessly broken, in what circumstances our hope is seen most clearly, and who we are to share our hope with.


Apr 11, 2017


God invented marriage to teach us something about Him and the unconditional love He has for us. The beginning of 1 Peter chapter 3 gives men and women a clear picture of what is truly important in choosing a spouse, the roles a husband and wife uniquely play, and what it means to pursue Christ together.


Apr 4, 2017


Life isn't fair. It's just a fact that everyone will eventually come to realize. Peter reminds us of this and a few more unfair facts of life as it pertains to Christians living under authority.


Mar 28, 2017


If you've given your life to Christ, this world is your temporary home. With that truth in mind, Peter gives us the do's and don'ts of living like foreigners in this world as we wage war against sinful desires.


Mar 21, 2017


It would be a huge letdown if we missed out on our purpose. Thankfully for us, Peter shares a few key components to discovering our true purpose in chapter 2. It requires us to mature in our faith, connect with other followers and ultimately proclaim the good news of Christ.


Mar 14, 2017


It's easy to go through this life having a faith that is different than what is revealed in God's Word. Peter describes the qualities of true faith and how we can ultimately strengthen it.