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Mainstream Democrat is for the average person, you will not hear left wing ideas that can not be achieved. Or right wing ideology that should not be achieved. However you will hear progressive centrist ideas that pertains to the rest of us.
W.H.D. Bro.


I hope to write in the genre of "gonzo journalism" keeping the good doctors style alive. For all the Hunter S. Thompson enthusiast out there, I assure you, I am not trying to emulate his style, but use it to influence my own.



Methods to Train for Mixed Martial Arts

May 21, 2018


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Blended hand to hand fighting is the technique to go on the off chance that you need far superior molding and better combative techniques mastery. Some will contend in MMA occasions albeit other individuals essentially utilize it as just a pastime. Notwithstanding your aspirations, the data contained here will give you rules for coming to your MMA destinations. 
You should get the correct dress and gear on the off chance that you need to be critical of your blended hand to hand fighting direction. 
This means you should have gloves, head gear bjj protects, and agreeable work out garments. While these things won't improve you a far warrior without anyone else's input, having them will empower you to think and experience more expert. Critical contenders could be distinguished most often by the dedication spoke to in their specific garments and instruments. At whatever point you aren't at the wellness focus, it might be helpful to have the best gear at the house; things for example weights, a top rope, or an activity machine. Getting the apparatuses as you can be helpful because of the reality having it'll help you to advance faster in your MMA instructing. Show day blended hand to hand fighting had its beginnings with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and catching techniques are as yet a key segment of it. Regardless of whether you accept of yourself for the most part as a striker, the catching procedures are fundamental for you to have the capacity to adapt to contenders who are gifted in this district. It truly is most exceptional to exercise having a determination of wrestling and jiu jitsu strategies, so you encounter acceptable once you run up against people with various combative techniques foundations. The positive thing about ground strategies is that notwithstanding when it is one of your less intense regions, with some practicing it truly is something you can end up being obviously better at quickly. Considering that striking is dependent upon a lot of imperative qualities, for example, quickness and reflexes, catching more on particular procedures. It is not necessarily the case that you don't should be talented or that anyone could be a remarkable grappler, despite the fact that a larger part of people can at the base end up being mindful of the rudiments very, which is really basic while contending in blended hand to hand fighting
Enhancing your blended hand to hand fighting capacities implies following a typical routine to save focus. You need particular days at whatever point you prepare for cardio, quality training, hooking, striking, and so forth. It may be expected to switch up your schedules or rearrange them around every once in a while just with the goal that you don't lose enthusiasm for them too quickly. It can be a to a great degree critical idea to have a program at whatever point you program to prepare. Most people have occupied calendars so you might want to make the most out of your training time. You'll have the capacity to help your chance administration by knowing exactly what you might want to achieve at whatever point you hit the wellness focus. Your increasing speed rate of capacities will probably be higher having a taught regimen. In outline, in the event that you wish to gain ground in blended hand to hand fighting, you must be prepared to commit a mess of time and push to it. Your exercises should be intense yet be mindful so as not to try too hard and harm your self. These MMA instructing thoughts will help you to as you work to upgrade your capacities.

A scourge on the world!

Jun 7, 2009


A scourge on the world! That’s what Rush, and every other talk radio host is. I had a very good friend who drives a big rig and like many others who do listen to right wing crap. Now the fact I do this for pure entertainment is beside the point. I understand that Rush and the crew are lying just to de-credit Obama by saying things like, "Obama is a Muslim," or "Obama has spent more money in his first hundred days in office," or "that because he is a black president the world will crumble into a race war if he is killed." All of which is bullshit right wing propaganda. These people should be ashamed of themselves but they are not.

If you are a right-winger be honest I will take an honest argument and lose any time, but to bluntly lie to America just is not right. I always wondered who listened to the crap most of these people spewed out of their mouths. Now I know; hard working honest Americans. The sad thing is that they don' t deserve this kind of treatment and dishonest information feed to them.

Where the hell is everyone’s savior Air America? Not on any air way I have ever been around. They are playing to the elitist crowd helping the right build a stereotype. By charging for their pod cast, and only having airtime in large cities in New York. What happened to bringing liberal talk radio to America? Hence the name. I guess they just gave up on that quest. Of course they are having a harder tome than Rush he is on every radio station everywhere.

If you can reach all of America with your message then more people will blindly agree and follow you than if you reach a small number of people in just a couple of cities. The only reason people vote Republican is because they are misinformed, or people who don't want to pay their taxes.

I have been listening to Rush and have not heard the lies regurgitated in quite sometime. To be honest it took me a little off guard. F.D.R. spent more money than an other president in their first hundred days just to let you know. Remember all my blogs and rants about how the last time congress, and the president were Republicans we had a depression. I said we were headed for another; now don't be surprised we have to spend money so America doesn’t fall. Just like Democrats had to do last time. History repeated its self because we did not pay attention.

Where are we at in America.

Jun 7, 2009


So, I haven't posted on here in a while. Our economy is fucked, Clinton is begging the Chinese government to continue and buy into our government. President Obama has passed a stimulus package that will hopefully get our nation back on track. I have been listening to republicans talk about how this is our current presidents fault, and they are assured that the stimulus will fail. Where is their sense of owner ship these are the same people who don't need welfare because, "they work, and are not lazy." You should be ashamed of your self. Rush said he hopes Obama fails, and that means he hopes America fails; this is un-American and anyone who agrees with him should be ashamed of themselves, because they are not a patriot either. In short they are the problem with America.

We bail out huge corporations instead of letting them fail. They should have just failed and went under. I hear people bitching about how we are socialist, or at the very least we are becoming socialist. No, we are not, because if we were I would have health care, and people around me would not feel like they are doomed.

What should we do several things. First legalize Americas number one cash crop, marijuana. Second, give everyone health care so we can be a leader in the world and not lagging behind the rest of the civilized planet. Third, triple the stimulus package. Forth, make companies raise wages while capping prices. Fifth, get the hell out of Iraq, cutting our war prices in half. We need an overhaul.

I don't have all the answers, but those are self explanatory. Obama has the chance to make an difference, just as Bush did after 9/11. I would like to think he will do the right thing, but I don't know. Obama will never read this, and he probably wont do the best thing for America. Most likely there is some lobbyist shaking hands with him now; securing his second term in office. I tell you what, I hope that I am wrong, and I pray America is better off after than before. I thought much worse of Bush, however I still wanted him to succeed, proving me wrong, Instead he ran America into the ground just like every other business he ever owned.


Jun 7, 2009


I am definitely getting my doctorate now. You have to study your self and make shit up only two classes.

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Bail outs, and Obama the same ol thing.

Jun 7, 2009


Corporations being bailed out is a stupid idea. The notion that America cant survive without these corporations is a Republican idiotic idea of the pre-depression era. The main idea is that America is like an Heroin addict who has just been locked up in a basement to feign for the brown stone. At first you feel the want; a want that just wont go away no matter how hard you try, and then the physical pain because you got to have it. They are saying America will want the cars, or banks that disappear and then financially we will implode, because everyone knows the corporations who regularly rape us, the ones who are apparently making no money at all sustain us. This all goes back to the trickle down effect; give these big corporations money and it will trickle down into the American economy. Bullshit, the banks didn't trickle shit down and neither will the car companies. The banks gave C.E.O.'s more money, bought out other banks to expand, and hoarded their money for bad times. We are a capitalist society and if these corporations have been ran into the ground then they should go out of business. Let a small town lumber yard who supports eighty five percent of the town get in trouble and ask for a bail out from congress.

Where is the change Obama touted? Now he is not rolling back the tax break on the top one percent right away. He said he was going to fund most of his change platform thru this roll back. I guess he is not in any hurry. His appointment of all very experienced appointees to his cabinet show no change at all. This is fine by me because I felt he was way to inexperienced,and this shows he thought this too. He claimed Hillary had no foreign policy experience and thus rivaled him in this aspect. Then he appoints her to security of state. He says the war has gone totally wrong and keeps the man who has been running it. I might understand this if the democrats had no one who could rival this man, but we have Wes Clark who has been once again thrown under the bus. He is getting pissed that everyone is holding him to the standards he set for himself. Don't look for him to answer the questions that has inundated him since the election, "will you legalize pot." He has shown the he is a politician not the bringer of change he claimed he was.

If I was an Obama supporter and believed in his change platform; I would feel like George did when he was told to,"turn around and think about the rabbits."

Ben, T.D.; hell family.

Jun 7, 2009


The whole damn thing started with the ride home. How did I get in this state? Pabst Blue Ribbon what a drink. I realized what state I was in while singing Family Tradition with Ben; while being drove home by T.D. Ben being the stand up chap he is didn't hang the phone up like most would have if put in his situation. No he was a stand up man who helped the best he could. To think of it he damn well should have; I got the beer so he would drink too. See, Ben has a permanent tub coming from his navel which, hooks into a small bag containing Pabst, this drains into his small intestine at all times, so he can make it through the day. It only took two, or at least that’s all he got on this night.

We are now in a circumstance that can be handled watching Where the Buffalo Rome. At this point T.D. is in some sort of a whirlwind; this puts him into a degree of thought many might not reach. Now they are looking at one-another trying to figure out what’s going on. T.d. knows that the dog doesn't understand why she wants to be part of the group but is not accepted. "It all ends here if it all stops where doe's that leave us," I tell T.D. We would all like to make it through a night that changes the world, but we are just guys. What can we do?

"Phobie knows everything that’s going on; look at her eyes beading down like an alien; she sits and she stands and I am not even fucked up." She jumps on me like I am going to save her but there's nothing-there man. She knows more than she should know.

Fog, music and games.

Jun 7, 2009


T.D. comes in through the middle of the fog on a Saturdays haze. I am just trying to get through this days haze; they are all laughing, they understand, but don’t think I know, because we are sitting there playing our drinking game with quarters bouncing off the table; like the owls sleeping throughout a bright summers day in South Africa. He falls backwards in a slow motion pace; while James reaches but cant quite grab. As he lays I see him, and I understand where we are at, in this world today. Today is a different day, not a day like every other day, not a day that we might understand.

Fonken strolls in from the fog, he can’t see shit, he can’t see anything at all, he strolls by trying to control himself but can barely fell his legs. It’s ok he’s not going to fall on his face he is a professional! When the going gets weird the wired go pro. And we all understand how that is; some others may not, who are sitting to my left, but we are not going to talk about that at this point in time. As fonken slides down with no falls we sit here playing quarters with wild turkey 101 the best drink in the world for this game. We will come back to this latter, James is a little freaked out at this point, he doesn’t know what to understand about this recording.

At this point in time we have made it to the dinner, and James is putting Bob Marley on the radio. The casino is our next stop, but it is hard to get about at this point in my life; I mean at this moment it is hard to make it through. We came in and talked to the lady putting our order on the table while waiting for it to come around. You put your order on the table in life and wait to see if it comes around. While in this conundrum of circumstances T.D. has something to say, “These mother fuckers behind us I don’t know what they are talking about; I cant understand them.” Hell they have been paying for an hour in our eyes maybe more; they may have some sort of conspiracy against us. T.D. exclaims, “Six A.M. and sausage with biscuits.” He takes a magazine from the sons of bitches behind us; its nothing special just your average freak Arkansas magazine that you would find. It highlights all the freak things going on in North West Arkansas, Eureka this, and they are all on acid that, while doing the same thing.

What happened, and Will Obama save us all.

Jun 7, 2009


At this point we must look at the major fuck ups of our government. The White House is being run by a group of rouge retards, whose major goal while in office is to get richer. At some point after our infrastructure has collapsed we will look back and say our government did that. It started with that swine Bush adverting the war in Afghanistan to Iraq. Their oil will pay for the war. What a fucked up concept and hay guess what it did not. Then small things started happing like major bridges started falling down. The hurricane took out most of our east gulf coast and New Orleans. Most of the damage was an act of god. However, some of the damage was a blatantly caused by our government ignoring facts about the levees breaching. Oh shit, remember 911 its okay if you don't most don't at this point. Yea, some will say they give a shit and want all towel heads dead, but they are just talking out their ass. If we really cared then after Bush said, Bin laden was not important, we would have taken to the streets in anger demanding that our fearless leader string his ass up like Saddam Hussein. We could of at least elected John Kerry a war hero who promised to catch Bin laden, and cut the head off of the terrorist snake he controls. Instead we reelected the stupidest, crookedest, swine in the land. I guess the fag hating, pro-life, evangelical, former coke addict, conservative, war dogging, alcoholic, was our best choice at the time. I mean hell he has bankrupted every organization he ever ran; its not like he could bankrupt America.

Look at our progress, the mission in Iraq is accomplished, we are going to drill for oil off of Florida's coast, our stock market is damn near close to shutting down, we had to pay off a shit tone of banks, the Afghan and Iraq wars are under funded and under staffed, the wars have put us in debt beyond comprehension, our soldiers are thrown under the bus after fighting for our country. Goddamn there is too much to list it all; we are in one of the worst times of our life.

Well I put a thousand on Obama so that should pay off. I am going to demand ones for all transactions from now own so I have plenty of fire paper. I hear rats aren’t bad after three weeks of hunger or so and twenty ones should cook most of the decease out. Maybe, Obama will turn things around after the stand off that will take place in Iran and congress. Iran will want to see how strong he really supports Israel, and congress will freak out because of his super liberal ideas. Will he over come these two hurtles and save us all; Carter couldn't do it.

Smoke, Old Main, and Secret Meetings.

Jun 7, 2009


That damn game kept pulling me back in. Why in the world would beer and ping pong balls go together so well. On this night we were supposed to just relax and chill maybe watch some baseball. Hell, the Rays are going to a world series and there is not a damn thing those Red Sox can do but take their ass spanking like bitches. How the hell did that happen I was trying to tell you about the game and some how that rant slipped out of my head. T.D. was there and he was going to help me relax and have a good night. However he did not. W.H.D. was all I heard that night along with the sinking of balls.

At some god awful hour in the middle of the night we realized what we had to do. Now, most of the time I would have expressed my disagreement and simply went my separate ways. However, I felt complied to tag along and keep the peace between the swine of the world and the young men I was with. Talen was a trooper and not many would have been at four o'clock in the morning.

As we rolled off to Old Main Lawn the car got quiet with anticipation. Everyone who is anyone has done it and now it was our turn. Looking at the clock and smoking was an experience not to be matched by any other. I could fell the spirit of hippies from 1966 in the air who had already started the tradition. Damn you T.D. I just wanted to relax and hit the bead early. Altho the awful waffle was good tho. How did we get to that level, and how can I get back there?

The next morning all I remember was the man who bakes the brownies running out the door late for some event he apparently set up for our secret society. I was soon back to sleep after all the ruckus died down. Oh, shit I exclaimed waking at one in the after noon. T.D. get up we got to go our secret meeting in the caves at Devils Den they have started and we were running late. By the time we had gotten there all the caves had been explored and the Razorbacks were half way through their first win in the S.E.C. this year. We had to relax a couple times hell we even did it with the flag; or did we. I don't know it's all getting mixed up in my head. I'll just let you be judge W.H.D. Bro.

All I got to say is thank god for Carter and Jimmy Johns. My newest tradition on sunday is to wake up T.D., go to Jimmy Johns, exclaim obscenities at the fat elvis with side burns, while eating a sandwich, and running off the families. Hell thats not the kind of people Carter wants in there anyway. Hell, we pretty much have the run of this town.

P.S. You're Red Sox aint shit Robby!

George's, Robert, and Brothers.

Jun 7, 2009


It all started laying in the sun and wondering what was the fastest way to buy the tickets. How could I possibly take the ride without the damn ticket? Well, the simple answer to that is, I could not. While on the phone ordering the damn things I heard a voice exclaim, "W.H.D. Bro." The rallying cry of U of A students today. What'ed Hunter Do! A complex saying that many cannot grasp fully. Before hanging up the phone I checked with everyone to see if anyone else needed tickets, however the answer was no. Maybe the worst decision ever made by some in the crowd. The poor bastards did not even know what was missing in their unfulfilled lives.

The next morning when I woke up, it was raining, but I still made it to my early class. 8:30 most would be just waking up to coffee, and trying to get their day started. Not us we just woke up and plan on a nap for two hours after this hour of blabber. The day really started improving while we were looking for the apartment numbers. She is moving up and I am trying to help. W.H.D. I guess we had to do it just to get the day off to the right track. I mean today is the day it will happen.

As we rode off a car pulled out in front of us. We could have been killed; well I guess we must die some day and a fiery car crash with a true bro. has to rank up in the top ten. The drive was fun and the rain brought excitement to the mission. I ate the pizza and it was fine, I just felt like the world was a little slower at that time and more relaxed. What a rip off though, ten inches sucks for two people.

The brownie was my worst decision of the night. How could I pass up a cold glass of milk, and a delicious brownie? My weight, its my god damn weight, I just should have eaten the fucking thing. What ever the show must go on. I had my fun and then we went to the bar. What a seen a stand up bassist, a drummer, and a guitarist. An odd combination but they made it work. Whipping the crowd into a mad frenzy of acid freaks born in the wrong era. As the night went on the crowd increased and the labored dancing became toxic. I was tapping my foot and dancing around listening Robert Randolph’s blues/funk genera. "Dikes Like Dick Too," did that just happen and why. The gang of ruffians I went with devised an odd but appropriate costume, they dressed as frat boys, except one who showed up in tie-died. You know he ate the damn brownie; that fucker stole my food. Oh well nothing I can do now but drink heavily. Southern Comfort is always good to calm you down in a room full of hippies. The show was good and all the ants danced and singed in unison Robert spread around love, peace, we were all alive, and the whiskey only perked us up. The night was short, but it felt so long.

Clark gets stabbed in the back and Obama laughs.

Jun 7, 2009


The Obama campaign promised to fight back, and not be pushed around. However, they are letting Wes Clark be thrown under the bus for making a statement. When asked by CBS’s Schaeffer, "Can I just interrupt you? I have to say, Barrack Obama hasn’t had any of these experiences either, nor has he ridden in a fighter plane and gotten shot down." Clark replied, "I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president."

Now, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox news are attacking Wes Clark saying he is, "Swift boating" McCain. The leaches of news will latch on to anything that can be misconstrued as negative attacks on the other campaign in hopes of tasting some blood. In a best-case scenario the two candidates will rip one-another’s throat out, and bleed to death right on public television. Shit, I have to stop myself this rant could last forever.

The far leftist Obama fell right into the trap; just as most in his political genera do. Instead of saying, "Fuck you. Clark was right. One must have other qualities besides being a war hero to be our President." He cowered in the corner like a puppy that had just been punted across the room and bounced off the wall with only a few broken ribs.

Quit thinking about Obama and start thinking about others who you will need to surround you. News flash dumb-ass you can’t win the swing states you need with out Hillary, and you need her moderate stance. You will need Wes Clark to win the two wars we are waging, because he has more military experience than any one else in your party. So, wake up Obama and start not only fighting to win the white house, but also support the party leaders you will need because of your lack of experience.

Oh, yea democrats way to fuck your selves by electing the youngest, most unpolished, inexperienced, leftist, stuck up, candidate you could. If you loose this time it will be no surprise why. Shouldn’t electability be considered?

The Big Easy, The Place To Be?

Jun 7, 2009


Shit, I guess it's been awhile. I just got back from the Great American Party, "New Orleans." Don't worry my friend; the party is never ending, even going on at this very second. Get in you're damn car and drive south. How is the city of New Orleans, well most of the city looks like the Civil War recently ended and reconstruction is in process. There are Army troops deployed by the governor to kill any looter on site; jail is not an option because of the many looters who are currently filling the jail. I suspect half of the current locked up looters were just using the animal survival instinct that kicks in when a person is backed into a corner by a wild wolf. You can either fight to live, or just die; because PETA would not like a person to harm an animal. There are brand new houses, apartment complexes, stores, etc. Directly beside houses boarded up, water logged, missing roofs, a dangerous playground for any child. Some residents have moved back to their home city, however many are still gone. Construction crews buzz about rebuilding; any construction professional worth their salt could write their own ticket. Some people are happy to talk about the disaster, others will not even entertain the thought; like a Vet fresh from Iraq to stunned from what they have seen to accept it yet. This mind fuck is called, "post traumatic stress disorder" by the doctors of our time. Some people just take in too much shit and the unconscious refuses to regurgitate it. The roads are run down but that is on par with all of Louisiana.

What can I do, you might ask? Well, visit, stimulate the economy, hell move down, move back, or help a resident move back. If any of you want a project, start a nonprofit organization helping to move back displaced residents. I hope this already happens, and the organization is running strong. Go get drunk in the Big Easy, smoke some pot, and spend too much money. This is what the biggest party in the world needs more partygoers.

Lets get down to the nut-cutting, as I drove into the city I saw a half new, half fucked city. Soon as I entered the French Quarter the party started all bars were open and hopping. The hotel was very nice, and the freaks were out. I felt at home, some were rich, some were middle class, and some poor; but all were happy to be living the life of the city even if for a short time. The food was amazing, serves workers and residents were happy to go that extra step to help the alcoholic public stumble around. Most cites would call the cops if men dressed as women sporting boob jobs were running up to strangers demanding they look and feel their tits. Not in New Orleans, people just debate weather or not its illegal for a man with a boob job walk around with out a shirt on? The shady streetwalkers try to trick people out of their money; some just play music on the street, sell art, imitate human statues, and read your fortune, ect. for tips. The party is in full effect and waiting on you. Hand Grenades aint that good just shoot whisky for best results.

Looking at Gonzo

Jun 7, 2009


Let's take our first look the Gonzo genre of writing. The first thing we need to do is describe, "What is Gonzo?" Gonzo is defined in Merriam-Webster dictionary as idiosyncratically subjective but engaged, bizarre, and freewheeling or unconventional especially to the point of outrageousness.

Gonzo blends facts and fiction to engage the reader. To do this the writer must be sure the fiction is so outlandish it could never be misinterpreted as fact. The fiction must also emphasize an underlying message the writer is trying to get across to the reader.

Gonzo must also be written subjectively; the writer must include ones self as part of the story and write in a first person narrative. In short the writer must be part of the story, and not a reporter looking from the outside in. The writer must also give ones own perspective and not hold back while doing this.

One of the most important aspects of Gonzo is the humor. The writer must use ones imagination bringing a dark humors slant engaging the reader and pulling them into the article not letting them go.

The writer must also make the reader feel as if they are experiencing the action in the story by using powerful language to describe a story.

Punctuation must be used correctly, however the writer must get their point across. If the writer wants the reader to pause then the proper punctuation must be used in a liberal fashion. Although, some would say it is an unpolished style they are wrong it is very polished and very much a "finished," piece of work.

In many ways the writer is writing an editorial article. One must be truthful, and objective while injecting ones own thoughts and opinions into the mix. The writer must also use personal experiences and emotions providing context for the reader to relate in a personal manor.

New Journalism

Jun 7, 2009


New Journalism is a style of news writing, which uses literary techniques. The term gained popularity by Tom Wolf in a collection of his articles published in 1973 under the title The New Journalism.

New Journalism is usually found in magazines where the author has more room to expand their work and can use their creative muse wile writing. New Journalism has four main components that are traditionally used in fiction. First the story telling uses scenes rather than historical narrative. It is imperative the writer witness events first hand then recreate them for the reader. Second the dialogue must be conversational speech; instead of using quotations, or statements. The writer must report dialogue as fully as posable, and not only report words but also define and establish the charter. Third the writer must use a first-person point of view coming from the inside of a charter not an outsider looking in. Instead of just reporting the facts the writer must give the reader a real feeling of the events and people involved in the story. Forth every day details must be recorded showing the status of the charter; specifically what people surround themselves with and why. As Wolf said, "You need a social autopsy," so readers can see the true charters. New Journalism must not be fiction it must use reporting ethics such as a strict adherence to factual accuracy, the reporter must maintain objectivity, and treat all sources with respect. To report on what a source is thinking the reporter must ask that source.

New Journalist include Tom Wolf, Hunter S. Thompson, Norman Mailer, Joan Didion, Darrell Bob Houston, Truman Capote, P. J. O'Rourke, George Plimpton, Terry Southern, Gay Talese, Matt Tibbi, Terry Southern, George Goodman and many others. I advise anyone who wants to write in the Gonzo genre to start here get some of these writers works and read them. Also for a more in-depth look at the history of New Journalism read The Gang That Wouldn't Write Straight by Marc Weingarten.

New Journalism is the sub-genre of Gonzo Journalism so one must understand this first then one can start looking at Gonzo directly.

Taking suggestions, and running with them.

Jun 7, 2009


I'm back! Life has been a roller coaster lately, and I have not had the will or time to blog. However, with that being said I am on track and I plan on staying that way for a wile.

I had a email from a regular reader asking," had I considered lecturing college students about writing in the Gonzo genre." "I have not and do not intend to," I replied. After telling others about the idea it was suggested, “I blog on the subject." I have decided to heed this advice and share my understanding of the subject through my blog.

I want to start off by saying that the Gonzo genre was created by Hunter S. Thompson a superb writer who's powerful writing style nobody will ever be able to emulate. With this being said Hunter did not want Gonzo to die along with him. It was a foundation that Hunter started; to be built upon by up and coming journalist. In the 1978 documentary Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision Hunter said, "not to let the myth die along with him."

If one wants to write in the Gonzo genre one should do so, or at the very least try.

First to write in the Gonzo Style one needs to be able to write well. Hunter did not start off writing in the Gonzo genre. He mastered traditional writing, then journalism, after this he worked as a novelist, and finally he started writing in the Gonzo journalism genre. Reading must also be done while learning to write in any style. First, one must read the founder of Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson, after all his books have been read; start reading other authors who write in this genre like Matt Taibbi. Also, read authors from the New Journalism movement, which Gonzo was born.

I believe writing in the Gonzo genre can be learned; just like writing in any other style. I am going to try and out line this process. One does not need to engulf himself in drugs, or a drinking binge to write in this genre. In fact most cannot and steal be coherent enough to pull off this challenge.

In my next post we will talk about the New Journalism movement.

Bar-B-Q, Coffee, and no Internet.

Jun 7, 2009


Sitting here waiting for the Internet to work I am thinking of how dependent we are in this evil service. Drinking caffeine in excess is no fun especially on the edge of a break down. I just want it to pick me up; not freak me out. I don't understand my physiological problems when it comes to caffeine. However I do love the stuff. Watching the people walk through the doors of this coffee shop, and listing to Bob Delyn, I wonder if they ever have a thought of anyone else besides them selves on a regular bases. Hell I don't think of much besides myself. Why would anyone else?

What a weird place Bar-B-Q, and coffee who ever heard of such a thing. Plenty of beer also my kind of place; you can get freaked out on coffee and drunk all at the same time. I just wanted to do some homework and found a bunch of young hippie types mingling with bikers drinking coffee, beer, and eating Bar-B-Q. This is the best thing ever and now it is beer pong time. Just what the good doctor ordered.

Hold on I will be right back need to check on the Internet and steal a beer. Ask! To hell with that; they might say "no" and I am no mood for that kind of rejection. Damn Internet. I just wanted to do some homework and I can’t even look at a web site. Well I guess this twisted trip to the coffee shop must come to an end. Even though I wish this one could last a while.

You should sit back, observe, and you too could find a drunken coffee shop in the middle of Florida. Now about ten elderly men have shown up. No doubt from the near by community of aged adults. They are approaching the counter two at a time demanding double shots. It's not entirely clear whether they are ordering coffee, or liquor. This crazed mixture of drunks, coffee fends, bikers, elderly, and hippies are sure to keep me entrenched in this cultural experiment called New Harmony Coffee House.

School nazis.

Jun 7, 2009


I told those dam nazis to let me go. However, every time I turn around it's the same thing; do this, do that, The nazis want leave me alone. I won't take it any more this is my life not theirs. What am I doing? The nazis told me to have that home work finished by tomorrow, then I have to do more for the next day. Will this ever end? Yes, you stupid fuck soon as you receive you're doctorate. Then the doctor will be unleashed on the world; to rap and pillage like a viking. Having no regard for anyone by the Doc. and why not I did get raped by the college nazis many long years for this. For now I must pay my dues, lube up, and get back to work. The only thing worse is the editor of a lonely small publication, which all its stories run late because the dead line is a month before publication. That word rape will hurt for a very long time. I will be back as soon as posable with my judgments and twisted stories. Thank you all for reading and hanging in there with me.

Republican bites head off live duck.

Jun 7, 2009


Have you ever been so pissed off you could tear the head off a live duck. Well one man was Twenty six year old Scott D. Clark faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a five thousand dollar fine. Clark chased a tame duck that was swimming in a pond at the embassy Suites Hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota last Saturday. Witnesses told the F.B.I. that he cornered the duck, grabbed it, screamed this ones for my Republican brother Dick Cheney, and tore the head off the duck.

He then turned to on lookers and said what are you looking at; I am hungry and I'm going to eat that duck. Cheney is expected to bail out the republican strategist and put him to work immediately on Fred Thompson's campaign. Watch out Fred might win this one with crazed duck hungry, strange strategist; willing to cheat, lie, steal, and kill to win. They will do any thing to keep the democrats out of office. Hell they might have Fred him self come out on live tv and bite the head off a kitten if they drop low enough in the polls. Whatever happens this presidential run will be one to watch especially for the junkies looking for their fix.

Democrats, and IED's.

Jun 7, 2009


After two days of repeated disquisition on Iraq, Democratic congressional leaders say they are not satisfied with the planned drawdown of 30,000 troops envisioned by Gen. David Petraeus. The Democrats are pledging to fight for a large withdrawal of troops. Finally, they were sent to congress by Americans who wanted change in this war. Democrats have done a good job working to improve the home front. Altho this has been overshadowed by the war, but this is partly the Democrats fault. They were expected to cut off funding to the war, and demand a draw down of troops. When the opportunity presented its self they lost there back bone. On the other hand who wants to be the sleazy son-of-bitch that votes against funding the troops. That looks worse than not supplying them with flack jackets, or the armer for the hummers to stop road side IEDs; which kill more soldiers than anything else. Voting down funding the war would be all over the news headlines like, "Democrats kill our troops." Not so when you send the troops to war, raise money for them, and keep it for yourself funneling it through halliburton. It looks good, but does not do any thing for American soldiers, except get them killed.

Drugs, New College, and Building materials.

Jun 7, 2009


Crazed left wing New College student activists are proving to have all the power. They have demanded new dorms. But the dorms are a bit different. The crazed students demanded in a protest spanning six months of nude dancing and excessive drug use that the new dorms must be eco friendly. So the concrete and carpet were built with a material that cuts electrical costs, and the glass is tinted to block out UV rays. This will be especially nice carpet to watch the shapes rise out of while drinking the mushroom tea. I drank more tea there than most of the students put together, and curently the funniest thing to do is going to Caples Hall climbing on to the roof while howling into the night like a intoxicated wolf hound. The new carpet will add a new dimention to the incredibly long list of tripped out structures at New College.

"Our students want to walk the walk ... talk the talk," Director of Residential Life Donita Pace said. The new dorms costs $27 million, before the new dorms, 430 crazed liberal arts mind expanding students lived on campus. Now there are 633 drug fiend students who call the New College Campus their commune. "Even if they don't do anything else but live there, it will help them be more sustainable just in their lifestyle," Pace said. Hell yes it will because less kids will have to worry about the burden of becoming eneberated and trying to make it home. When I go to party there, I always stay there, usually I just sleep in the grassy noel on the western portion campus; the New College Police are very good about letting you sleep it off.

Administrators at New College want to have 80 percent of the students living on campus; so parents don't have to worry about little Johnny with a head full of LSD 25 running around town. With currently 760 students at New College, they have already met that goal this year. Making Sarasota streets much safer everywhere.

Social Darwinism, Drunk Workers, Presidents, and the Fixer.

Jun 7, 2009


"Give them low wage jobs and sub-prime mortgages, George that is the best way to bring back social Darwinism," said Cheney. What the fuck? That is talk straight from the Gilded age. It all makes perfect sense now. The president can stand tall talking about educating our workers, instead of getting them new jobs. Then after all the education is finished the only place you can work is Mc Donald's or some other low-wage job. Then the lenders come in and you get the the home with a white picket fence; only they jack the rates up so high the mortgage could never be payed, and the house is then foreclosed on. Living on the street you get fired because of lack of sleep. Sleeping on a side walk can be uncomfortable and when that winter night comes in December. Then you " the poor drunk worker" you must get drunk to stay warm, dies. Well you were a weak pussy, and that is social Darwinism in a nut shell.

U.S. Jobs Fall for First Time in Four Years. Because there is no re-election and Bush does not care if a Republican can't win the election. Hell he stole both of his and he figures John Mc Cain will steal his also. Why not? Rove has showed him all his dirty tricks, and introduced him to the fixer as he is called these days. The fixer is a twenty year old autistic who can only type line code and not much else. Tell him to shut down the stock market and it is done, tell him to build doom (where else would it have come from) and it's done, fix this one for Mc Cain and he's the president. That is politics in the new millennium, computerized.

Hopefully Democrats will tire of losing, and change everything back to paper. After I called a key staffer for the Christine Jennings campaign for congress in Sarasota Florida; explaining how this was their big chance to get paper ballots back in florida. I was cussed during the initial conversation. All the overworked staff were insane after the blatant theft of the election. The calls from the Buchanan camp saying, "we rigged it and you cant prove it." The phone calls where brought up in court, but they were thrown out. However the state did decide to do away with voting machines after the court battle; as I predicted. I won a hundred on that bet.

How the hell did we get into that rant? I wanted to tell you that employers sliced payrolls by 4,000 in August, which was the first drop in four years, and that a painful credit crunch has unnerved Wall Street putting a strain on the national economy. The government is going to lower interest rates to simulate our economy many wizards are saying. Not if the national freak power party was in power. Their platform states that lenders who prey on the poor will be strapped to a telephone post, and whipped. It also says that unemployed worker's will be trained and placed in jobs of equal, or higher pay within three months, and all Americans will be provided health care; devised from emulating the Canadian health care system. Just to let you know, Americans cant shop at wall-mart any more, we are in deep shit when the cheapest place on earth to shop is too expensive. "All you poor bastards can just die off; we only want the rich alive. It is more fun that way." says Jeffrey K. Skilling talking to Richard M. Nixon.

Computers v.s. the snipe.

Jun 7, 2009


You would not believe the pain that goes in to wrestling a computer; in more ways than I would like to admit it is like hunting the dreadful snipe. One must have a Gustav M/45 Gun loaded with 9-mm armor piercing bullets; the snipe has a very hard shell. The exterior of the computer has a hard shell also and when you shoot something like that you want it to explode into tiny little pieces. Thinking of it we might want to use nitro tipped 9-mm bullets.

The label on the snipe call says "Easy to use just shake and snipe will come running," Just like that damn software "Easy to use just install and go to work." That will not happen, just like the snipe will not come either, you have to relentlessly hunt them down having no conscience of time or space. Using most software is the same way a sane person will inevitable go crazy cussing and throwing the nearest object at the screen. I can't count the number of LG Electronics M5500C monitors I have gone through. I shot four monitors while building this website. I love explosions in the morning, or afternoon for that matter.

Maybe you are right; maybe it is just me. But somebody has to be honest about this issue. And I love to destroy my computers almost as much as going deep into the forest and wrapping pipe bombs around a tree, blowing it teen feet out of the ground roots and all. Computers will be my demise, and bring our current Rome to the ground like the barbarians coming out of the woods, but computers will bring rome to the woods transforming it into a metropolis.

Bin Laden can go to Hell!

Jun 7, 2009


Bin Laden is slithering around the country side like the serpent he is. A videotape addressed to America; recorded in recent months by Osama bin Laden appeared on the internet. This bastard should have been hunted down and killed slowly by a group of rove army rangers, or at the very least been captured in the hills of Tora Bora. However, our president does not consider him a threat.

It is a shame that the organizer of the 9/11 attacks is running around free. I did not forget, have you? Bush has, and it did not take long for that to happen. Bin Laden said "The US could soon suffer the fate of the Soviet Union." Not us we are in it for the money. Halliburton could not make money fighting in Afghanistan. There was not enough infrastructure to blow up and rebuild, or oil to sell. Bin Laden also said "The White House was not observing the Kyoto accord." Well, you got us there, our president is not trying to to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we emit if our neighbours do likewise. He even criticized Democrats for not stopping the war in Iraq.

Bin Laden you are just lucky John Kerry had the election stolen from him, or half our troops would be out of Iraq and you would either be in jail, or dead. I prefer the latter of the two. Remember Democrats won most of our wars, and were the first to drop the bomb; they are viscous politicians. It saddens me that you are walking the earth able to spew your fanatic horse shit. I hope our president grows some balls, and hunts you down, but he has said you are not that important to him. Hell is waiting for you, and I for one cant wait to see you go.

Children are killing themselves, nobody gets out of here alive.

Jun 7, 2009


How could you do this; sick morbid article? I tell you how because people need to hear it, and nobody is going to say it. As Hunter S. Thompson once proclaimed "I am surprised and embarrassed to be a part of the first American generation to leave the country in far worse shape than it was when we first came into it. Our highway system is crumbling, our police are dishonest, our children are poor, our vaunted Social Security, once the envy of the world, has been looted and neglected and destroyed by the same gang of ignorant greed-crazed bastards who brought us Vietnam, Afghanistan, the disastrous Gaza Strip and ignominious defeat all over the world."

Well Hunter the kids aren't stupid; hell they are killing themselves to get out of this mess. "The suicide rate for children and young adults aged 10 to 24 rose 8% in 2004, marking the largest annual increase in more than 15 years," the government said recently. It is sad that the children are choosing, a twelve gauge shot-gun loaded with double lock buck shot, instead of living in the current American dream. The number of Americans in poverty rose by 1.3 million to 35.9 million, or one in eight people. The number of Americans without health insurance rose by 1.4 million to 45 million, or 15.6% of the population.

I guess when the choice is either suffer to death of not being able to eat, or suffer from leukemia because you can't afford that bone marrow transplant, the prospect of ending it all sounds pretty good, even to a ten year old. The increase in suicide, coincides with a drop in antidepressant use among young people after the Food and Drug Administration in October 2004 said it would require antidepressant makers to place a "black-box" label warning on prescriptions. But, that doesn't matter too much because most could not afford to go to the doctor.

Fred is strolling for president, slow down, relax no need to run.

Jun 7, 2009


Did Fred Thompson wait to long to enter the race for president? Yes, that is why he needs to start attacking right away. Take it from me, Fred this is your only chance; start slinging mud, and deny everything. The first thing you have to do is set up a compound in Iowa, and New Hampshire where everyone else has been for some time. Fighting off the political junkies who are against you is impossible with out a fortified compound fully stocked with 6oz Tear Gas Grenades.

Thompson needs political wizards to raise some real cash. Around thirty million by next filling, or it will be definite doom. Fred can do it if anyone can. Just a couple phone calls from the former puppet senator, and the money should come rolling in. Corporations love Fred.

Why not become president. Just look at Bush and all that vacation time 418 days of his presidency on vacation. During Thompson's time in the Senate, he maintained a less rigorous schedule than his colleagues, and was known to duck out of late-night debates. Of the 90 bills he introduced during his eight years in the Senate, only four became law. "I don't like spending 14 and 16 hour days voting on 'sense of the Senate' resolutions on irrelevant matters," said Fred. I don't blame Fred who wants to try and improve America; when you can just get paid relaxing.

Edwards has come. Will he save us all?

Jun 7, 2009


Yesterday, I said the workers of America should to stand up for themselves. Turns out John Edwards should take the middle class vote. He has the strongest union stance of any presidential candidate out there. "The truth of the matter is that in order to grow and strengthen the middle class in this country, we have to grow and strengthen the organized labor movement," Edwards told the South Central Iowa Federation of Labor's "Solidarity Fest."

If only the big fat-back corporations would agree. Edwards will not be funded by the corporations, and he better watch is back if he wins the primary. Edwards says, "I want to be the candidate who talks about the economic disparity that still exists in America and then I want to be the president that does something about that economic disparity and builds one America where everybody has a real chance." Be careful with that kind of talk.

It is hell when the Wal-Mart private investigator starts to look around in your past. You never thought that, Bangladeshi stripper, would come back to haunt you. But there it is right in front of you in that manila envelope. As you pull out the pics you know they got you. You don't even need to read the note that says, turn on CNN. If you are lucky enough to have never done anything wrong, which 99% of us have. Watch for the employed thug, which will come around with enough sedatives to knock out a horse, drug you, and put you in compromising positions with a White-faced Saki Monkey. That will be nasty headlines the next day: John Edwards breaks into zoo, rapes a White-faced Saki Monkey while on PCP.

Edwards this will be a tough row to hoe. You are slapping the face of Corporate America and that is risky. If the middle class don't finance your campaign, who will? It cost a lot of money these days to run for president. I can see it all so clearly now; you are going to pay for it yourself. In that case tell everyone you are going to legalize drugs. I know the national president of the Freak Power Party. I will call him, and ask him to recruit John Edwards. Lets do it right this time.