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Episode 46: All In The Head

Apr 1, 2010


Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to the head. Thank you to everyone who joined the Manny Viloria Facebook page. Full Notes: Episode 46 Show Notes (PDF) Head – Ulo my head – ang ulo ko My head hurts. – Masakit ang ulo ko. painful – masakit I’m angry. – Mainit ang ulo ko. (Literally, my head is hot.) hot – mainit I’ve calmed [...]

Episode 45 – Anatomy

Feb 28, 2010


Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to the different parts of the body. Thank you to everyone who has become a Facebook fan. Do you think there are at least 5,000 people who want to learn how to speak Tagalog? Thank you for spreading the word among your friends. :-) Please leave a comment below if you [...]

Episode 44: Basketball

Jan 29, 2010


Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related basketball. [Summary] Steve from Australia asks about Tagalog terms related to basketball. According to Wikipedia, basketball was brought to the Philippines by the YMCA of the United States way back in 1900. No wonder there are no Tagalog phrases for the different terms in basketball. What we have instead, [...]

Episode 43: Twins

Jul 21, 2009


Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to twins, pairs, or partners… Twin – Kambal Your twin – Kambal mo You are twins. – Magkambal kayo. They are twins. – Magkambal sila. Together with you in… or Partnering with you in… or Your partner in… Kakambal mo sa… Growth – Paglaki Growing with you or Your partner in growth Kakambal mo sa paglaki. (identical [...]

Episode 42: Pastors and Christians

Jun 9, 2008


Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related Pastors and Christians… Open your Bibles to… or Turn your Bibles to… Buksan (po) natin ang ating Bibliya sa… Buksan – to open Buksan po natin – let us open (formal/respectful) ang ating – our Bibliya – Bible sa – to Chapter – Capitulo Verse – Bersiculo Where do you go to Church? Saan ka nagsisimba? Saan po kayo nagsisimba? [...]

Episode 41: Well, Well, Well

Mar 3, 2008


Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related health, skill, or recovery… Magaling – well Galing – skillful (stress is on the second syllable: LING) Ang galing mo! – You’re skillful. Gleng-gleng. GA-ling – came from (stress is on the first syllable: GA) Galing sa bahay. – Came from the house. Bahay – house Kamusta ka? – How are you? Galing ako sa ospital. – [...]

Episode 40: Long Time, No See

Jan 14, 2008


Learn these Tagalog words and phrases related to greeting relatives or friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Natutuwa ako – I am happy na makita – to see kayong lahat – all of you muli. – again. ako na makita is shortened to akong makita Natutuwa akong makita kayong lahat muli. – I am happy to see all of [...]

Episode 39: Luggage

Sep 7, 2007


This Tagalog podcast is about luggage and traveling. For example, what happens if you lose your luggage? How do you ask for help? Tagalog Words and Phrases Biyahe – travel Bagahe / Maleta – luggage (singular) Mga bagahe / Mga maleta – luggage (plural) Nawawalang maleta – lost luggage Nawawala ang maleta. – The luggage is missing. Nawawala ang maleta ko. – [...]

Episode 38: Sleepy, Naps, Insomnia

Jul 1, 2007


Here are some Tagalog phrases for those who are feeling sleepy, or the insomniacs who can’t sleep. Inaantok ako. – I feel sleepy. Hikab – yawn Hikab ako nang hikab. – I keep yawning. Nakakabato. – (Something is) boring. Napaidlip ako. – I dozed off. Umidlip ka. – Take a nap. Umidlip ka muna. – Take a nap first. Kahit sandali. – Even [...]

Episode 37: Dizzy

Jun 1, 2007


Here are some Tagalog phrases for those who are feeling a bit nauseated, perhaps due to the heat, hunger or a low blood sugar level… Nahihilo ako. – I feel dizzy. Ang init kasi. – Because it’s so hot. Nagugutom ako. – I feel hungry. Nauuhaw ako. – I feel thirsty. Wala (po / ho) ba kayong… – Don’t [...]

Episode 36: Running Out Of Time

Apr 18, 2007


Here are some Tagalog phrases for those who were not able to finish their projects because there wasn’t enough time… Kapos – not enough Kapos sa oras – not enough time Kinapos sa oras – ran out of time Kinapos kami sa oras – we ran out of time Kulang – not enough Kulang sa oras – not enough time Download Episode [...]

Episode 35: Bahay Kubo (Vegetable Song)

Mar 2, 2007


Here are Tagalog words for various vegetables. Filipino children used to learn this song in pre-school. I wonder why that has changed. bahay – house kubo – hut kahit – even (if) munti – tiny halaman – plants doon – there sari-sari – varied paligid – surroundings puno – full (in this particular context) singkamas – native turnip talong – eggplant sigarilyas – winged seguidillas beans mani – [...]

Episode 34: Weight Loss

Feb 1, 2007


Here are Tagalog words related to dieting and losing weight. Kailangan kong mag-dieta / mag-jeta – I need to diet. Masikip na ang damit ko. – My clothes now feel tight. masikip – tight damit – clothes Kakain na lang ako… – I’ll just eat… …ng Magic Flakes. – some Magic Flakes (crackers). Anlaki na ng braso ko. – My arms are [...]

Episode 33: Happy Birthday

Dec 16, 2006


Here are Tagalog words related to birthdays, plus a contemporary Philippine birthday song. Maligayang kaarawan – Happy Birthday (formal) Maligayang bati – Happy Greetings Hapi bertdey – Happy Birthday (colloquial Tagalog) Sa iyo / Sa ‘yo – From you, to you, assigned to you ang inumin – the drinks ang pulutan – the appetizers or food snacks that go with the [...]

Episode 32: Lost

Nov 30, 2006


Here are Tagalog words you can use when you are lost and are looking for directions. Saan – where Saan po – where (respectful form) ang (daan) papuntang – the way to Paano – how pumunta sa – to go to Mount Sea Resort – (the name of the place) Tanza, Cavite – (the name of the place) Deretso – straight ahead Kaliwa – [...]

Episode 31: House, Pig, Storm (A Game)

Oct 24, 2006


Here are Tagalog words for the group dynamics game called “House, Pig, Storm” house – bahay (two people, arms extended upwards diagonally, representing a roof) pig – baboy (the person in between the two whose arms form the roof) storm or typhoon – bagyo Kaibigan – friend Kaibigan mo – your friend Malalaman mo – you will know kung sino ang kaibigan [...]

Episode 30: Counting 1 to 10

Sep 30, 2006


Here are Tagalog words for the numbers one to ten. 1 – isa 2 – dalawa 3 – tatlo 4 – apat 5 – lima 6 – anim 7 – pito 8 – walo 9 – siyam 10 – sampu 1, 2, 3 – isa, dalawa, tatlo Your bald dad – ang tatay (dad) mong kalbo (bald) If you would like to learn how to count each number, [...]

Episode 29: Color My World

Aug 26, 2006


Here are Tagalog words and phrases related to colors. Red – pula Orange – kahel Yellow – dilaw Green – luntian Blue – bughaw Indigo – indigo Violet – lila Black – itim Brown – kape Gray – abo White – puti Superstitious belief: why you must not point at a rainbow. Download Episode 29 – Color My World Pinoy Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Download audio file (vpp-ep29-colors-128.mp3)

Episode 28: Umbrella Sanctuary

Jul 29, 2006


When it rains, some Filipinos will share an umbrella as a sanctuary from the storm. Ang lakas ng ulan – It’s raining hard. Lakas – strong ulan – rain Pwedeng maki-sukob? – May I share your umbrella? Halika – Come here Sukob na. – Share my umbrella. Sukob – Superstition. Siblings should not get married in the same year. Or, no child [...]

Episode 27: What Time Is It?

Jul 9, 2006


Tagalog Words and Phrases related to Time Anong oras na? – What time is it? Ano(ng) – what oras – time na – now Menos diez para las siete Menos dyis para las siete – 10 minutes before 7:00 Ang oras na ito ay hatid sa inyo ng C2 Green Tea - The time was brought to you by C2 Green Tea. C2 Green [...]

Episode 26: Plane Landing

Jun 29, 2006


We’re now shifting to micro-podcasting, which means each episode will contain only one Tagalog phrase. Lumapag na tayo – We (tayo) have landed (lumapag) sa paliparan – at (sa) the airport (paliparan) ng Ninoy Aquino International Airport – of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Pasay City Ordinance – “Welcome to Pasay City!” instead of “Welcome to Manila!” Download Episode [...]

Episode 25: Oh, Waiter!

May 26, 2006


Here are Tagalog phrases you’ll hear in Philippine restaurants. Filipinos love to eat. Whether it’s in a fine dining restaurant, a fastfood joint, a bistro, or even a streetside carinderia, you’ll find Pinoys talking, drinking, and eating to our hearts’ content. Learn some Tagalog phrases to say in between mouthfuls. Tagalog Words / Phrases ristawran, ristoran – restaurant panciteria [...]

Episode 24: Holy Week

Apr 11, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about Semana Santa or Holy Week. Holy Week is an important part of Philippine culture. It’s a time to pause and reflect on the state of your spiritual development, spend time with your family (particularly with your grandparents), deepen your relationship with God, or quickly recharge your office-fried brain with a quick [...]

Episode 23: Wedded Bliss

Apr 9, 2006


Here are Tagalog phrases about honeymoons and weddings. In the Philippines, weddings are rarely just about two people in love. They’re usually about family. Big families. And their neighbors. And officemates. And yes, even the corner sari-sari store owner. For Filipinos, it’s not a simple “welcome to my family”… it’s more of a “welcome to my [...]

Episode 22: Baby Village

Apr 2, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about phrases Filipinos utter when we’re near pregnant women and children. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a barangay here in the Philippines to raise a child, even if the baby is still in the womb. There’s this familiar sense of community, as if one’s family went [...]

Episode 21: Parental Guidance

Mar 14, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about phrases parents usually tell their children. Filipino parents don’t usually praise children. Instead, we easily jump at the chance to tell someone off, particularly when they mess up. If you want to scold a Filipino, try these Tagalog parental phrases, but deliver them with a smile. This will help get your [...]

Episode 20: Getting Around

Feb 26, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about public transport systems and commuting. Filipinos get from place to place by riding pedicabs, tricycles, taxis, FX vans, buses, or even the Metro Rail Transport (MRT). Tagalog Words / Phrases Magkano hanggang… – How much from here to… (destination) Bayad po. – Here’s my payment. Para. – Stop. Diyan lang sa tabi. – Please stop on [...]

Episode 19: The Way You Look

Feb 13, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about people meeting after a long time and commenting on how each one looks. Filipinos will usually notice something new about you if they haven’t seen you for quite some time. It can be your new hair cut, your added weight, your shed pounds, or how great you look. Tagalog Words / Phrases Uy, [...]

Episode 18: Funeral

Feb 6, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about Funerals. We Filipinos are sometimes at our most vulnerable during funerals. That’s why it means a lot to us if you take the time to visit during the wake, and moreso if you are present during the interment or burial of our departed relatives. Tagalog Words / Phrases Lamay – Funeral wake. Nakikiramay po [...]

Episode 17: Sing of Love

Jan 30, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about love, in preparation for Valentine’s. The Fugitive Mutineer Faeldon Was Arrested last Friday, after more than a month in hiding. He was with his girlfriend who was surveilled by authorities. Yes, love can be costly at times, but that doesn’t stop people from getting smitten. If you’re willing to let yourself go [...]

Episode 16: Boxing Pacquiao

Jan 23, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about boxer Manny Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao KO’d Erik Morales today, and Pinoys are very happy about this. Earlier this morning, there was more than the usual crowd at the 9AM Sunday mass. Perhaps people wanted to settle their religious obligations before the boxing bout began at around 10AM (Manila time). Even the [...]

Episode 15: Eating Food

Jan 16, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about eating and food. Perhaps it has something to do with the Philippines’ agricultural background, but Filipinos place great, if not almost religious, importance on eating. Others may engage in small talk about the weather, but Filipinos will ask each other if he or she has already eaten. Food offers are pretty [...]

Episode 14: Splurge and Conserve

Jan 9, 2006


Here are Tagalog lessons about splurging and conserving. We Filipinos are expected to splurge and share the wealth. Whether you won the lottery, or got a raise, or even if it’s your birthday, you’re expected to give something to others. This can be in the form of money, or even by treating your friends and colleagues [...]

Episode 13: New Year

Dec 30, 2005


Here are Tagalog lessons about the New Year. Filipinos have several beliefs about the coming New Year. For example, some of us believe that wearing clothes with polka dots will usher in a year of prosperity because the dots look like money (coins). The more dots, the more money. We’re also asked to eat twelve round fruits [...]

Episode 12: In The Hospital

Dec 19, 2005


Here are Tagalog lessons about hospitals and hospital visits. saang ospital siya naka-confine? – in which hospital is he confined? napano si Tito? – what happened to Uncle? anong nangyari? – what happened? may lagnat siya – he has fever isang linggo na – it’s been a week anong sabi ng doctor? – what did the doctor say? hanggang kelan siya sa [...]

Episode 11: Waiting at the Airport

Dec 11, 2005


Here are Tagalog lessons and stories about waiting and getting fetched at the airport. Quick review: makulimlim – overcast / hazy takbo – run maputik ang daan – the roads are muddy ubod ng trapik – traffic is terrible sunduin mo ako sa airport – fetch me at the airport umikot ka na lang – just keep going around maghintay ka sa [...]

Episode 10: Philippine Weather

Dec 5, 2005


Here are Tagalog lessons, riddles and trivia about the weather. Kamusta ang panahon? (How’s the weather?) mainit – hot mabanas / ang banas – humid mahangin – it’s windy malamig – it’s cold umaambon – it’s drizzling maulan – rainy bumubuhos ang ulan – it’s raining very hard umaanggi ang ulan – it’s raining sideways umuulan ng yelo – it’s raining ice (ice is falling [...]

Episode 9: Philippine Christmas, Goodbye

Nov 26, 2005


Some of the music (flute and guitar) included in the podcast are from Paskong Pinoy, with Ray Sison on the flute and Lionel Valdellon on guitar. To order the CD, please get in touch with Ms. Melanie Dujunco ( at mobile number +63917-3785261. Or order online at: Tagalog words / phrases paalam – goodbye (formal) hanggang sa muli – [...]

Episode 8: Pilipino English

Nov 7, 2005


Speaking Tagalog is not enough. Sometimes, you need to speak Pilipino English, or English with a Pinoy accent. Example words: journal, country, southern. If you pronounce English correctly, you might not be able to connect with some listeners who might call you “Bostonian”. Tagalog words / phrases magkita tayo sa… – let’s meet in the… mayabang – boastful Ma, [...]