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Feisty Debate Turns Sour for Mayor Bloomberg

Feb 21, 2020 2451


Townhall Review – February 22, 2020

Hugh Hewitt talks with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer following the contentious Democratic debate and where the Dems now stand.

Larry Elder looks at the robust economy under President Trump, so robust that former President Obama is trying to claim credit.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about the possible origins of the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, a life-long Democrat, about her viral article, “After Attending a Trump Rally, I Realized Democrats Are Not Ready For 2020.”

Larry Elder and Heather MacDonald, author of the book “War on Cops,” take a look at former New York Mayor and Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s “Stop and Frisk” policy.

Dennis Prager talks with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner about their suit in Connecticut challenging transgender sports competition in girls athletics.

Dennis Prager talks about Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who doesn’t seem to understand the reality of communism in China.

"Superman" on Conservatism and Faith in Hollywood: Sebastian Gorka and Dean Cain

Feb 20, 2020 807


Sebastian Gorka is joined by "Superman" Dean Cain to talk about his satirical play, about disgraced former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. They also talk about what it's like being a conservative and Christian in Hollywood.

United Nations Publishes Anti-Semitic Blacklist: Hugh Hewitt with Dr. Michael Oren

Feb 19, 2020 693


Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Michael Oren talk about the particulars of the Middle East Peace Plan between Israel and Palestine. They also talk about continued Israeli elections is causing election fatigue, as well as blatant anti-semitic moves the UN has made recently.

High-school Athletes File Suit to Protect Fairness in Girls’ Sports: Dennis Prager with ADF’s Kristen Waggoner

Feb 18, 2020 779


Dennis Prager talks with Kristen Waggoner, senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF has just filed a lawsuit on behalf on female high school athletes who have been forced to compete with transgender females. For more information on the case, visit

Biden Takes a Hit in New Hampshire; Leader McConnell Keeps a Keen Eye on the Courts

Feb 14, 2020 2475


Townhall Review – February 15, 2020

Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Barone of the Washington Examiner and fellow with the American Enterprise Institute about the Democratic primaries.

Hugh Hewitt and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talk about Federal judge confirmations.

Kevin McCullough talks with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talk about President Trump’s actions against terrorists and terrorism.

Sebastian Gorka and James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation discuss China’s efforts to combat the Coronavirus.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse about his proposed “Born Alive Protection Act.”

Keven McCullough talks with former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik about the recent attempted assassination of New York City police officers.

Dennis Prager talks with Karen McQuillan about her recent column, “American Greatness.”

Mike Gallagher looks at a recent segment from The View where Meghan McCain asked some hard question of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

The Relationship Between Religion and Politics: Seth Leibsohn and Pete Peterson

Feb 13, 2020 864


Seth Leibsohn and Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, discuss the role of religion in politics and the role of politics in religion. For more information on the conference that took place on February 6, including a link to watch the entire conference, visit Pepperdine.

The McConnell Motto on Judges: “Leave No Vacancy Behind” - Hugh Hewitt with Mitch McConnell

Feb 12, 2020 916


Hugh Hewitt talks with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about judges, vulnerable Senate Republicans, impeachment, and thoughts on media becoming more unbalanced.

President Trump's Best Week in Office: Hugh Hewitt with Dr. Larry Arnn

Feb 10, 2020 2006


Hugh Hewitt talks with Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, about President Trump’s impeachment acquittal, his SOTU address, Coronavirus, and the Iowa caucuses.


Democrats Have Disastrous Week with Iowa Debacle, Pelosi Tear, Trump Acquittal, Booming Economy

Feb 7, 2020 2467


Townhall Review – February 8, 2020

Hugh Hewitt discusses the moment Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union speech and more with Georgia Senator David Perdue.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, about the State of the Union, the Democrat’s nomination race and more.

Dennis Prager and journalist John Fund talk about the latest Gallup poll showing President Trump’s approval rating at an all-time high.

Sebastian Gorka discuss the failed impeachment effort with historian Victor Davis Hanson.

Dennis Prager explains the highly deceptive $11 million Super Bowl ad for presidential candidate  and billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Mike Gallagher and Salem Media Vice President Phil Boyce talk about Rush Limbaugh’s recent announcement that he has advanced lung cancer.

Dennis Prager evaluates the appropriateness of the Super Bowl half time show for young children that were watching

Dems Will Pay the Price for Impeachment: Sebastian Gorka with Victor Davis Hanson

Feb 6, 2020 1418


Sebastian Gorka and Professor Victor Davis Hanson talk about impeachment, the Left's view of regular Americans, and the impact of President Trump on American politics.

Rush Limbaugh Overcoming Adversity: Mike Gallagher with Phil Boyce

Feb 5, 2020 676


Mike Gallagher talks with Phil Boyce, VP of Salem Media Group,  about the devastating news from AM radio legend, Rush Limbaugh, concerning cancer.

Failure of the Democrats' Impeachment: Sebastian Gorka and Conrad Black

Feb 4, 2020 1382


Sebastian Gorka and Conrad Black discuss impeachment, President Trump's effect on the Left and the elite, and more.

Celebrating Britain's Independence from Europe: Sebastian Gorka with James Delingpole

Feb 1, 2020 537


Sebastian Gorka talks with James Delingpole of Breitbart London on Britain officially leaving the European Union as of January 31, 2020.

Impeachment, Coronavirus and a New Road Map for the Middle East

Jan 31, 2020 2453


Townhall Review – February 1, 2020

Hugh Hewitt and Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, part of Trump’s impeachment defense legal team, talk about the possibility of John Bolton being called to testify.

Dennis Prager talks with our ambassador to Israel David Friedman about President Trump’s Middle East peace initiative.

Hugh Hewitt turns to retired U. S. Air Force Colonel Randall Larsen, now the National Security Advisor for the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, for his take on how we’re handling the coronavirus outbreak.

Joe Piscopo talks with former New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind about why we should remember the Holocaust 75 years after Allied Forces liberated the German concentration camp at Auschwitz.

Larry Elder talks with author and investigative journalist Peter Schweizer about the Biden family in his book, “Profiles in Corruption.”

Dennis Prager talks with Christopher Caldwell about his book, “The Age of Entitlement.”

Sebastian Gorka and James Delingpole, of Breitbart London, about Britain officially leaving the European Union.

75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation: Joe Piscopo with Dov Hikind

Jan 30, 2020 736


Joe Piscopo invites Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who lost family members in Auschwitz, about the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation.

The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties - Dennis Prager with Christopher Caldwell

Jan 29, 2020 1391


Dennis Prager talks to Christopher Caldwell, contributing editor at the Claremont Review of Books. His new book is The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties

What Happens When We Abandon Western Civilization? Seth Leibsohn with Pete Peterson

Jan 28, 2020 1165


Seth Leibsohn invites Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, to talk about what happens when we abandon Western Civilization.

Does Schiff Have Any Credibility Left? Hugh Hewitt with Senator Joni Ernst

Jan 27, 2020 772


Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Joni Ernst about the CDC's Public information policy on the coronavirus. They also discuss the impeachment trial and Adam Schiff's credibility.

Democrats Take Show on the Road in Senate Impeachment Trial

Jan 24, 2020 2460


Townhall Review – January 25, 2020

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Mike Braun, Indiana, talk about how the impeachment effort is all about the upcoming election.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise about the President’s impeachment defense team.

Chris Stigall and National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy talk about the history of impeachment.

Hugh Hewitt and retired Admiral James Stavridis about the outbreak of the coronavirus in China and that country’s effort to contain it.

Dennis Prager, cigar aficionado, lauds the Louisiana State football team for celebrating by smoking cigars in the locker room after their victory over Clemson.

Mike Gallagher talks with John Lott, author of “The War on Guns,” about the State of Virginia’s efforts at gun control and the recent pro-gun rally in Richmond.

Dennis Prager talks with Arizona Senator Martha McSally about her encounter with a CNN “liberal hack.”

Dems Have No Case Against the President: Sebastian Gorka with Steve Scalice

Jan 22, 2020 489


Sebastian Gorka is joined by House Minority Whip Steve Scalise to talk about the ongoing impeachment trial.

Will Trump be Impeached Again if Reelected? Hugh Hewitt with Matthew Continetti

Jan 21, 2020 824


Hugh Hewitt talks with Matthew Continetti, founding editor of ”The Washington Free Beacon,” resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute about impeachment and Trump 2020.

China Trade Deal is Big Deal: Hugh Hewitt with Mike Pompeo

Jan 20, 2020 707


Hugh Hewitt talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about a host of subjects, including Lev Parnas, Impeachment, China and Iran.

Dems Debate In Wake of Iranian Aggression

Jan 17, 2020 2474


Hugh Hewitt talks with former NATO Commander Admiral James Stavridis about the Iranian attack on American forces in Iraq.

Hugh Hewitt asks Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney for her perspective on the Democrat candidates' perplexing non-response regarding the Iranian attack on American forces in Iraq.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about the impeachment trial of President Trump now before the Senate.

Mike Gallagher and Cully Stimson, of the Heritage Foundation, talk about Apple Corporation’s refusal to unlock phones for law enforcement.

Dennis Prager talks with Daniel Hannan, European Parliament member, about the January 31st exit by the UK from the EU and the promise that holds.

Dennis Prager and Caroline Glick talk about President Trump’s Middle East Policy and reaction to the death of Iranian General Soleimani.

Larry Elder talks about the media reactions to the news emanating from the Middle East.

Trump Undoes 41 Years of Iranian Fantasy Policy: Dennis Prager with Caroline Glick

Jan 16, 2020 863


Dennis Prager invites Caroline Glick, an accomplished student of world affairs, on how the world ought to understand the implications of the recent death of Commander Soleimani and President Trump's role in undoing Iran policy of past presidents.

Senate Rules to Conduct Fair Impeachment Trial : Hugh Hewitt and Senator Ted Cruz

Jan 15, 2020 785


Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Ted Cruz about the rules of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump.

Trump's Deregulation Boosts Economy: Hugh Hewitt with Gene Scalia

Jan 14, 2020 724


Hugh Hewitt talks with Secretary of Labor Gene Scalia about the incredible economy that has been boosted by deregulation. Gene Scalia and Mick Mulvaney have a key piece in the Wall Street Journal.

20200114 Mohler The Overwhelming Lack of Diversity

Jan 14, 2020 60


Late last year the campus newspaper at Yale—the Yale Daily News—published an article highlighting the astounding lack of worldview diversity on America’s college campuses today.

Under the headline, “Faculty Call For Ideological Diversity” the reporters highlighted four professors who made it clear, Yale stifles political discourse. In other respects, Yale has made a push for demographic diversity—race, gender, sexual orientation and the like. But, when it comes to political diversity, there is virtually none.

The numbers for universities in the Northeast are particularly startling: The ratio of liberal professors to conservatives is 28:1, according to the story.

Perhaps the strangest element in all of this is that conservative and Christian parents continue to fight so hard to get their children into schools where the faculty is determined to undermine everything those parents believed and have even taught their children.

What Is the Enlightenment? Dennis Prager with Yoram Hazony

Jan 10, 2020 841


Dennis Prager talks Yoram Hazony, Founder and Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation. They discuss Yoram's new PragerU video, "What Is the Enlightenment?"

Soleimani, Iran and the Power of Deterrence

Jan 10, 2020 2471


Townhall Review – January 11, 2020

President Trump addresses the nation following the military strike that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobsen talk with Cliff May, President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, about the reaction to the strike.

Hugh Hewitt and retired New York Times London Bureau Chief John Fisher Burns talk about the European reaction.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Tom Cotton on Iran and Impeachment.

Hugh Hewitt and Senator John Cornyn talk about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s delaying tactics on impeachment.

Seth Leibsohn gives his views what he calls a “vanishing frame of reference.”

Dennis Prager and Yoram Hazony, Founder and Chair of the Edmond Burke Society, talk about the Judeo-Christian roof of America.

Sebastian Gorka turns to novelist Andrew Klavan to talks about British comedian Ricky Garvais’ “blistering” of his audience of actors and film executives as he hosted the Golden Globe Awards.

Ricky Gervais Blisters Audience; CNN Surrenders to Covington: Sebastian Gorka with Andrew Klavan

Jan 9, 2020 891


Sebastian Gorka turns to novelist and scriptwriter Andrew Klavan for insight into the state of comedy in light of British comedian Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes. They also discuss the latest with CNN and Covington Catholic High School.

House Dems Realize They Made a Bad Gamble on Impeachment: Hugh Hewitt with Senator John Cornyn

Jan 8, 2020 838


Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator John Cornyn about Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats' impeachment stall tactics.

Dennis Prager Deconstructs the New York Times Profile on PragerU

Jan 7, 2020 2493


Dennis Prager discusses the New York Times profile on PragerU, and while not a hit piece, it does bring even more exposure of PragerU to the Left, who waste no time ripping into Prager in the comment section. The comments about the PragerU profile are most illuminating. The anger, disdain and disgust expressed toward Dennis and PragerU tell a lot about the Left. Not all the comments were negative, though. Some were eloquent in PragerU’s defense.

Trump Catches Iranians Off Guard with Killing of Soleimani: Hugh Hewitt with Dr. Michael Oren

Jan 3, 2020 975


Hugh Hewitt talks with Dr. Michael Oren, Former Deputy Minister of Israel and Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, about the killing of Iran's most powerful military commander, General Qasem Soleimani.

Year Ends with Impeachment Still in Limbo

Jan 3, 2020 2430


Townhall Review – January 4, 2020

Seth Leibsohn looks at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to keep the impeachment chaos alive.

Larry Elder reviews the Hillary Clinton server controversies as well as other Obama-era controversies.

Dennis Prager talks with Daniel Hannan, Brexit proponent and member of the European Parliament, about the recent British election.

Hugh Hewitt talks with author Rebecca Powell about her book, “Awful Beautiful Life, When God Shows Up in the Midst of Tragedy.

Dennis Prager talks with Amity Shlaes about her book, “The Great Society, A New History.”

Larry Elder talks about Joe Biden’s bending of the truth about his involvement in the civil rights movement.

Hugh Hewitt: In Appreciation of the “Trump Judges”

Jan 2, 2020 60


Conservatives—and, in particular, Evangelicals—who minimize the importance of President Trump’s judicial appointments betray a naivete about the growing perils to religious liberty in our country today.

Too many do not grasp the sheer number of cases on the religious clauses of the First Amendment that have reached the high court in recent years.

The Hobby Lobby decision in 2014 and the Masterpiece Cake decision of 2018 are perhaps the highest profile of the enormously important decisions we’ve seen.

And the cases keep coming:

The court has recently agreed to review decisions by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on the ability of two Catholic schools in California to operate out of Christian conviction.

The answer from the court will be crucial to the future of religious education across the country.

For those whose faith is crucial to their lives, the “Trump judges” make all the difference in the world.

America's Revolutionary Mind: Dennis Prager with C. Bradley Thompson

Jan 2, 2020 1671


Dennis Prager talks to C. Bradley Thompson, Professor of Political Philosophy at Clemson University His new book is America's Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It.

Is Britain's Labour Party Broken Beyond Repair? Hugh Hewitt with Dr. Larry Arnn

Jan 1, 2020 1856


Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, discuss Brexit and play audio clips from the Queen of England.

Examining The Root Behind Anti-Semitic Attack In Upstate NY: Kevin McCullough with Dov Hikind

Dec 31, 2019 588


Kevin McCullough and Dov Hikind, a former Democratic New York State Assemblyman, discuss the recent anti-semitic attack in Upstate New York.

A Year In Review

Dec 27, 2019 2431


Townhall Review – December 28, 2019

Hugh Hewitt looks at the year in review and the impeachment of President Trump with Assistance U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy

Hugh also...

Talks with Senator Tom Cotton about the unrest in Hong Kong...

Talks with Michael Oren about the threat Iran presents to the Middle East…

Talks with Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, about the recent British elections…

Talks with Bill Bennett, about China…

Talks with Nikki Haley about the United Nations…

And talks with Georgia Congressman Doug Collins about the impeachment.

A Christmas Story Special

Dec 20, 2019 2421


Townhall Review — December 21, 2019

In this special edition of the Townhall Review, Michael Medved tells the story of Christmas, from the humble beginnings of Jesus Christ’s birth to Saint Nicholas to Santa Clause. Medved shares how Christmas was both frowned upon and celebrated in colonial America and how General George Washington used the holiday to his advantage in the Revolutionary War. Dennis Prager rounds out the show by expressing his gratitude for religion and particularly Christianity in America, even though he is a Jew.

Impeachment and Leaving No Vacancy Behind: Hugh Hewitt with Leader Mitch McConnell

Dec 20, 2019 1123


Hugh Hewitt talks with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about the impeachment fiasco and President Trump's judicial appointments.

We Crushed the Left: Sebastian Gorka and Nigel Farage

Dec 18, 2019 520


Sebastian Gorka speaks with Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, about last week's British elections and what the takeaway is for America.

Slippery Comey Wasn't Vindicated: Kevin McCullough with Mollie Hemingway

Dec 17, 2019 701


Kevin McCullough and The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway reacts to the IG Report and James Comey's response.

Landslide Victory for Conservative Party and Boris Johnson in United Kingdom: Hugh Hewitt with Dr. Larry Arnn

Dec 13, 2019 1983


Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, talk about the landslide election in the United Kingdom. They discuss why Boris Johnson won and why the Labour Party lost.

Democrats Settle on Watered Down Articles of Impeachment

Dec 13, 2019 2458


Townhall Review – December 14, 2019

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Ted Cruz discuss the likely impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with National Review's David Harsanyi and retired Marine Colonel Ollie North about the Inspector General Horowitz report and Impeachment.

Kevin McCullough and Wall Street Journal editorial board member Kimberley Strassel talk about this impeachment controversy

Dennis Prager opines on Time Magazine’s obsession with climate change.

Sebastian Gorka and actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo talk about how their conservatism has affected their Hollywood careers.

Larry Elder rips Congressman Al Green's latest statement on reparations and slavery.

Collapsed House Impeachment is Headed to the Senate: Senator Ted Cruz with Hugh Hewitt

Dec 12, 2019 638


Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Ted Cruz on impeachment coming to the Senate and how it will be treated much differently than it was in the House.

Nobody is Accountable for Americans Being Spied On By Our Own Government: Dan Proft with Lt. Col. Oliver North

Dec 11, 2019 1056


Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Lt. Col. Oliver North about the Inspector General Report, impeachment, and North's new book "The Rifleman."

Now Released IG Report Found Abuse of Power by FBI: Kevin McCullough with Kimberley Strassel

Dec 10, 2019 529


Kevin McCullough and Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member Kimberley Strassel react to the released Inspector General Report.

Democrats Press Toward Party-Line Impeachment

Dec 6, 2019 2472


Townhall Review – December 7, 2019

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley testifies before the House at the request of President Trump.

Hugh Hewitt turns to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton to talk about Senate preparations for a likely impeachment trial.

Mike Gallagher comments on an interview between Georgia Representative Doug Collins, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, and Chris Wallace of Fox News.

Hugh Hewitt talks with retired Admiral James Stavridis about the tension between the United States and China.

Sebastian Gorka and Ilan Berman, Senior Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council, talk about civil unrest in the Middle East, the worst of which is in Iran.

Dennis Prager talks about the terrorist stabbing in London by a known terrorist who was released from prison after only serving 6 of 12 years for a previous terrorist crime.

Sebastian Gorka and James Rosen, investigative reporter for Sinclair Broadcasting, talk about the soon-to-be-released Justice Department report on events that led up to the Russia Collusion investigation.

Larry Elder talks with Heather McDonald, author of “The Diversity Delusion,” who was shouted down during a speech at the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

China's '1984' Control Over Its People Grows Ever Stronger: Hugh Hewitt with Admiral James Stavridis

Dec 5, 2019 763


Hugh Hewitt talks with Admiral James Stavridis (USN, Ret.) discuss a Wall Street Journal article on China threatening retaliation over proposed U.S. sanctions. They also discuss parts of Hewitt's piece in the Washington Post titled "Trump has done the world a favor by highlighting China’s communist regime."



Preparing to Be a Juror in the Impeachment Trial of President Trump: Tom Cotton with Hugh Hewitt

Dec 4, 2019 402


Hugh Hewitt and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas discuss his upcoming role as a juror in the trial of President Trump.

The True Story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

Nov 29, 2019 2435


Townhall Review — November 30, 2019

This special edition of the Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt features Michael Medved telling the compelling true story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving: why they left Europe, how they made their way across the ocean, and how they fought to survive in the New World while preserving their religious devotion to God.

A Day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer: Dennis Prager Monologue

Nov 28, 2019 814


Dennis Prager reads the Thanksgiving Day proclamations of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as well as addressing the question: Is it good for our society that so many major retailers are now open today?

Children Unlearning Thanksgiving and Voting at 16: Dennis Prager Monologue

Nov 26, 2019 1015


Dennis Prager offers his thoughts on the state of the school system that is teaching children an alternate version of Thanksgiving as well as seeking to lower the voting age to 16 in a town in Massachusetts.

The Evidence for Impeachment Isn't There: Hugh Hewitt with Tony Sayegh

Nov 25, 2019 717


Hugh Hewitt talks with Tony Sayegh, new White House Senior Advisor for Strategy, on impeachment, and U.S. China relations.

Impeachment Fizzles on Live Television

Nov 22, 2019 2470


Townhall Review – November 23, 2019

Hugh Hewitt and Brian Hook, special representative to Iran, talks about the sanctions that have been imposed on Iran.

Hugh Hewitt talks with National Review’s Jim Geraghty about Attorney General William Barr who has said the Democrats are trying to sabotage the Trump administration regardless of the consequences.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Andrew McCarthy of the National Review about the impeachment and the whistleblower.

Hugh Hewitt asks Georgia Republican Doug Collins if Congress is getting anything done while preparing for and performing in this impeachment circus.

Dennis Prager offers his opinion on the decision by the CEO of Chick-fil-A to change the company’s charitable direction.

Hugh Hewitt talks with former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley about her book, “With All Due Respect.”

Larry Elder explains why the Democrat-controlled House keeps changing the reasons for impeachment on an almost daily basis.

Pompeo Busts the Occupation Myth: Seth Leibsohn with Eugene Kontorovich

Nov 21, 2019 607


Seth Leibsohn invites Eugene Kontorovich, Professor of Law at George Mason University, to discuss his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, "Pompeo busts the occupation myth."

Chick-fil-A Caves to LGBT Agenda: Dennis Prager Monologue

Nov 20, 2019 968


Dennis Prager laments Chick-fil-A pulling funding from Christian organizations that believe in Biblical marriage.

The Plot Against the President: Dennis Prager with Lee Smith

Nov 19, 2019 704

America is the Greatest Nation in the History of Civilization: Hugh Hewitt with Mike Pompeo

Nov 16, 2019 987


Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about how wherever the United States goes, it is a force for good, including countries like Hong Kong.

An Impeachment, an Election and Secretary Pompeo on Our Dangerous World

Nov 15, 2019 2488


Townhall Review – November 16, 2019

Sebastian Gorka and Ari Fleischer, former Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, talk about the beginning day of the House impeachment hearing.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Tom Cotton about the U.S. Supreme Court's pending decision on the future of DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about Chinese relations and Hong Kong.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Candace Owens about her conversion from liberal to conservative.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley about her book, “With All Due Respect – Defending America with Grit and Grace.”

Mike Gallagher and Ed Morrissey, of, talk about the Northwestern University newspaper’s coverage of a speaking appearance by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the firestorm that followed.

Day 1 of the Impeachment Circus Ends in Disaster: Sebastian Gorka with Ari Fleischer

Nov 14, 2019 597


Sebastian Gorka and former George W. Bush Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, give their thoughts on the much anticipated House Impeachment hearing on Wednesday.

No Safe Spaces: Sebastian Gorka with Dennis Prager

Nov 13, 2019 573


Sebastian Gorka talks with Dennis Prager about his new movie No Safe Spaces and Prager U.

Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize? Dennis Prager with Pete Hegseth

Nov 12, 2019 743


When it comes to preserving freedom and making the world a more peaceful, secure place, this group deserves the bulk of the credit. Who is this group, and how can we ever thank them? Dennis Prager invites Fox and Friends host and US Army Major, Pete Hegseth, to share the answer from his new video from Prager University. See it here and then pass it on to family and friends.

The Way I Heard It: Dennis Prager and Mike Rowe

Nov 8, 2019 1027


Dennis Prager and Mike Rowe, of “Dirty Jobs,” discuss his new book, The Way I Heard It, which delves into understanding whether or not we are on the right road. He also talks about career choices that don’t require a college degree but do require a good work ethic.

Election Reveals Greater Divide Between Red and Blue States

Nov 8, 2019 2436


Townhall Review – November 9, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Marc Lotter, director of strategic communications for Trump/Pence 2020, about election strategy.

Sebastian Gorka and James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, discuss the comments from ABC News anchor Amy Robach about the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Hugh Hewitt and Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, talk about the threats Israel faces.

Sebastian Gorka talks with reporter John Soloman about his claims that former Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to stop an investigation of a company his son was involved with.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with David Hall about his book, “Did America Have a Christian Founding?: Separating Modern Myth from Historical Truth.”

Dennis Prager and Mike Rowe, of “Dirty Jobs,” discuss career choices that don’t require college degrees.

Larry Elder talks with UCLA economics professor Lee Ohanian about the problems associated with a minimum wage.

The War That Looms Between Israel and Iran: Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Michael Oren

Nov 7, 2019 1038


Hugh Hewitt invites Israel's Dr. Michael Oren to discuss the war that looms between Israel and Iran.

Exposing ABC's Coverup of the Jeffrey Epstein Story: with Sebastian Gorka with James O'Keefe

Nov 6, 2019 543


Sebastian Gorka is joined by James O'Keefe of Project Veritas to talk about the group's explosive new video exposing ABC's coverup of the Jeffrey Epstein story.

Reclaiming Common Sense: Finding Truth on a Post-Truth World: Dennis Prager and Robert Curry

Nov 1, 2019 729


Dennis Prager invites Robert Curry to discusses his new book, “Reclaiming Common Sense: Finding Truth on a Post-Truth World,”

Is Common Sense Gone in America?

Nov 1, 2019 2510


Townhall Review – November 2, 2019

Seth Leibsohn talks with U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy about the Democrats’ plan for public hearings on the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Mike Gallagher offers his thoughts on the long-running effort to impeach President Trump.

Kevin McCullough talks with retired four-star general Jack Keane about recent attacks against ISIS leaders overseas.

Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla offer a hilarious take on their new documentary, “No Safe Spaces.”

Seth Leibsohn talks with Dennis Prager about some of the most interesting parts of “No Safe Spaces.”

Larry Elder looks at the latest extreme statement by Beto O’Rourke.

Dennis Prager invites Robert Curry to discusses his new book, “Reclaiming Common Sense: Finding Truth on a Post-Truth World,”

Mike Gallagher discusses the recent quarter-billion-dollar opioid settlement against drug companies.

Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Sebastian Gorka with David Limbaugh

Oct 30, 2019 733


Sebastian Gorka is joined by David Limbaugh to discuss his new Regnery book "Guilty by Reason of Insanity," which delves into how far-gone the Left truly is, and in particular how they have weaponized race relations for Balkanizing America. They also talk about the GOP's failure to adequately fight back against the Left in the Culture War for the longest time.

"No Safe Spaces" Now in Theaters: Dennis Prager with Adam Carolla

Oct 28, 2019 790


Dennis Prager sits down with Adam Carolla to talk about their experiences in making the movie, “No Safe Spaces.”

Democrats Continue the Push for Impeachment

Oct 25, 2019 2493


Townhall Review – October 26, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with David Drucker of the Washington Examiner about potential damage to President Trump from the impeachment inquiry.

Mark Davis talks about a jury decision to allow a 7-year-old to undergo sexual reassignment against his father’s wishes.

Political commentator Nick Adams and CNN commentator Steve Cortes talk about the increasing violence from Mexican drug cartels and the threat to our southern border.

Sebastian Gorka invites Mark Robinson to talk about his candidacy for Lt. Governor of North Carolina.

Hugh Hewitt and Bill Bennett talk about China and other weighty matters.

Seth Leibsohn talks with Michael Barone about his book, “How America’s Political Parties Change (and How They Don’t).

Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine Graduate School of Public Policy, talk about California electrical utilities cutting power to thousands and who is at fault.

Trump Impeachment: An Outcome in Search of a Predicate - Andy McCarthy with John Hinderaker

Oct 24, 2019 1096


John Hinderaker, president of Center of the American Experiment, guest-hosting for Dennis Prager, talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor and editor at National Review. The topic is the origin story of the Russia Hoax… The Dems are all atwitter because they think they have another “smoking gun.” But it’s just more hearsay…

America: The Last Best Hope - Dr. Bill Bennett with Hugh Hewitt

Oct 23, 2019 827


Hugh Hewitt invites Dr. Bill Bennett, former Salem host, former US Secretary of Education, and author of, "America: The Last Best Hope," to discuss Brexit,  China, the opioid crisis, and Trump impeachment.

Veneer Has Been Stripped from Fake News: Fox's Bret Baier with Dan Proft

Oct 20, 2019 997


Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Fox's Bret Baier about more fake news around the Biden/Ukraine call.

Resistance (At All Costs): Dennis Prager with Kimberly Strassel

Oct 18, 2019 1722


Dennis Prager and Kimberly Strassel, Wall Street Journal, talk about her book, “Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America.”

Democratic Debate: Socialist Candidates Message, “Impeach, Impeach, Impeach”

Oct 18, 2019 2434


Townhall Review – October 19, 2019

Dan Proft and co-anchor Amy Jacobson talk with Seth Frantzman, Middle East analyst at The Jerusalem Post, about President Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria.

Sam Malone talks with Robert Maginnis for his analysis of the situation with Turkey and Syria.

Hugh Hewitt and Alex Conant of Firehouse Strategies talk about the Democrat Presidential debate and where the candidates rank.

Sebastian Gorka talks with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas about evidence that the elite media has something of a vendetta against President Trump.

Albert Mohler gives his analysis of a speech on religious liberty given by U.S. Attorney General William Barr at Notre Dame Law School.

Dennis Prager and Kimberly Strassel, Wall Street Journal, talk about her book, “Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America.”

Bob Frantz talks with Dr. Everett Piper, former President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, about individual responsibility and getting your own act together before criticizing someone else.

Trump Prevails at Democrat Debate: Mike Gallagher Monologue

Oct 17, 2019 525


Mike Gallagher plays some of the highlights, if there is such a thing, from the "garbage" Democrat debate on Tuesday.

Democrats Have Jumped the Impeachment Shark: Victor Davis Hanson with Dan Proft

Oct 16, 2019 643


Dan Proft, sitting in for Dennis Prager, talks with historian Victor Davis Hanson, about the ongoing impeachment talks.

The War for America's Soul: Sebastian Gorka and Dennis Prager

Oct 15, 2019 1439

Madness of the Crowds: Douglas Murray with Dan Proft

Oct 11, 2019 781


Dan Proft and Douglas Murray, British author, journalist and social critic discuss his recent book, “The Madness of Crowds.”

Syria, Turkey, the Kurds and the Specter of Impeachment

Oct 11, 2019 2477


Townhall Review – October 12, 2019

Hugh Hewitt and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton discuss Turkey’s intervention in Syria.

Hugh Hewett and Middle East expert and scholar Michael Rubin talk about President Trump’s decision to reduce troop strength in Syria.

Sebastian Gorka and Fox Sports host Clay Travis talk about the NBA controversial support of China.

Hugh Hewitt and Kristen Waggoner, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, discuss landmark cases now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dan Proft talks with Margot Cleveland about a Louisiana pro-life law that is now under review by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Sebastian Gorka talks with New York Congressmen Lee Zeldin about his impatience with Congressional inaction.

Dan Proft and Douglas Murray, British author, journalist and social critic discuss his recent book, “The Madness of Crowds.”

Mike Gallagher talks with Fred Fleitz, CEO of the Center for Security Policy, about his recent lively exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Rebirth of ISIS? Hugh Hewitt with Michael Rubin

Oct 10, 2019 857


Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Rubin, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, about how the pulling of U.S. military out of Northern Syria may spawn the rebirth of ISIS.

Media Ignores Joe Biden Bragging about Twisting Arm of Ukrainian President: Lee Smith and Dennis Prager

Oct 9, 2019 1481


Dennis Prager talks to Lee Smith, investigative journalist at Real Clear Politics, about his article on corruption in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s connection.

Jerry Bowyer: Record Numbers of Americans Are Working

Oct 8, 2019 60


The new jobs report is out, and it looks like workers are winning … bigly.

Unemployment is now at a 50-year low. Black and Latino unemployment numbers have reached all-time lows. The employment rise was okay, a little lower than expected, but to be fair it’s really hard to add a huge number of new jobs when unemployment is this low. And wage increases are beating inflation—so that’s jobs and raises.

The left told us that tax cuts would be great for big business and bad for the workers. The truth is almost the opposite. Business profits are struggling a little, but labor markets have done extremely well.

Yes, there’s are some cautionary signs: We can see some storm clouds on the horizon. In order to keep this going, the president and his team are going to have to resolve this trade war and quickly.

But the good news for today: More of us now have work.

US Supreme Court to Hear Case That Will Clarify Legal Meaning of "Sex" - Hugh Hewitt with Kristen Waggoner

Oct 7, 2019 459


Hugh Hewitt invites Kristen Waggoner, senior vice president of U.S. legal division and communications with Alliance Defending Freedom, to talk about the Harris Funeral Home Supreme Court case that will be brought before the court tomorrow, October 8, 2019.

The Never-Ending Effort to Take Down Donald Trump

Oct 4, 2019 2486


Townhall Review – October 5, 2019

Dennis Prager talks with Kimberly Strassel, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, about the Democrat’s impeachment threat.

Sebastian Gorka and Hugh Hewitt look at the Democrat’s efforts to impeach which began the night of the election.

Hugh Hewitt and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton talk about the collateral damage that could destroy the Democrat’s leading candidate, Joe Biden.

Sebastian Gorka talks with The Federalist's co-founder Sean Davis about “whistleblower” rules.

Mike Gallagher and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich talk about the Democrat effort to discredit the President that started even before his inauguration.

Dennis Prager talks with Howard Husock about his book, “Who Killed Civil Society?: The Rise of Big Government and Decline of Bourgeois Norms.”

Larry Elder talks about another false claim of an alleged racial attack, this time on the playground of a grade school.

Who Killed Civil Society? Howard Husock with Dennis Prager

Oct 3, 2019 856


Dennis Prager invites Howard Husock, vice president for policy research at the Manhattan Institute, to talk about his book “Who Killed Civil Society?: The Rise of Big Government and Decline of Bourgeois Norms.

Who Helped the Whistleblower Compile Their "Dossier" Against Trump? - Senator John Cornyn with Mark Davis

Oct 2, 2019 655


Mark Davis speaks with U.S. Senator John Cornyn on Speaker Pelosi's decision to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. They also discuss  Adam Schiff's role as well as the trouble Joe Biden is in.

The Whistleblower Took a Shot at Trump and Hit the Biden's: Sebastian Gorka with Hugh Hewitt

Oct 1, 2019 440


Sebastian Gorka invites Hugh Hewitt on his show to talk about the whistleblower’s true motives and the Biden-Ukraine scandal.

Climate Change Hysteria and the End of the World: Seth Leibsohn with Marlo Lewis

Sep 27, 2019 808


Seth Leibsohn talks with Marlo Lewis, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, about the recent climate strike demonstrations and the idiocy of climate change hysteria.

Volume on Impeachment Reaches Distortion Level

Sep 27, 2019 2472


Townhall Review – September 28, 2019

Mark Davis talks with Texas Congressman Lance Gooden about the effects the House impeachment efforts might have on international relations.

Mike Gallagher comments on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s move to start impeachment efforts in the House.

Hugh Hewitt and Oklahoma Senator James Lankford talk about the Senate’s role in any impeachment effort.

Seth Leibsohn talks with Marlo Lewis, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, about the recent climate strike demonstrations.

Dennis Prager talks with Travis Barham, Senior Counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom, about its efforts to discourage bullying by governments and colleges.

Hugh Hewitt talks with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch about his book, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.”

Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Public Policy, talk about “Viewpoint Diversity.”

Ukraine Transcript Isn't Impeachable or Criminal: Kevin McCullough with Alan Dershowitz

Sep 26, 2019 610


Kevin McCullough gets the latest from Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on why the Ukraine transcript isn't impeachable or criminal. They also discuss how this will most likely backfire on Democrats.

Speaker Pelosi Initiates Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Mark Davis

Sep 25, 2019 1057


Mark Davis shares the latest on Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing that House Democrats will be taking their first step toward impeachment of President Trump.

Ukraine Leak and the Politicization of U.S. Intelligence Agencies: Dennis Prager with John Solomon

Sep 24, 2019 657


Dennis Prager talks to John Solomon, investigative reporter and columnist for The Hill, about the Ukraine Whistleblower “Scandal.” Does Joe Biden have more to fear than the President on this issue?

Call Sign Chaos – Learning to Lead: Secretary of Defense James Mattis with Hugh Hewitt

Sep 20, 2019 3758


Hugh Hewitt invites former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis to talk about his book, “Call Sign Chaos – Learning to Lead.”

The Attack on Saudi Arabia, Another Attack on Kavanaugh and a First Amendment Victory

Sep 20, 2019 2481


Townhall Review – September 21, 2019

Hugh Hewitt is joined by Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette to discuss the attack on the Saudi oil fields.

Dennis Prager talks with Mollie Hemingway about her book, “Justice on Trial” and the new unsubstantiated charges leveled against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Seth Leibsohn and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jonathan Scruggs talk about a key religious freedom decision by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Colorado Senator Cory Gardner about Democrats threatening U.S. energy independence.

Dennis Prager and Civil War historian Allen Guelzo talk about failed reconstruction following the U.S. Civil War.

Hugh Hewitt invites former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis to talk about his book, “Call Sign Chaos – Learning to Lead.”

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with author and neuroscientist Judith Grisel about the neurological dangers of “vaping.”

Faith in the Halls of Power: Why American Restoration is Possible - Tim Goeglein with Brian Whitman and Jennifer Horn

Sep 19, 2019 578


Brian Whitman and Jennifer Horn invite Tim Goeglein, vice president for External and Government Relations at Focus on the Family, to discuss his new book, American Restoration: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation. Goeglein will be speaking about his book at Pepperdine University on Monday, August 23rd.

For more information on the event, click here. You may also email, or call 310.506.7490.

NYT Tries Again to Destroy Kavanaugh: Mollie Hemingway and Dennis Prager

Sep 19, 2019 818


Dennis Prager talks to Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, about new Justice Brett Kavanaugh “revelations” found by the New York Times.

A Huge Win for Artistic Freedom: Jonathan Scruggs with Seth Leibsohn

Sep 18, 2019 359


Seth Leibsohn with Jonathan Scruggs of Alliance Defending Freedom, on the Brush & Nib victory in the Arizona Supreme Court.

9/11 Remembered, Taliban Dis-Invited and Europe Struggles to Label Hezbollah Terrorists

Sep 13, 2019 2474


Townhall Review – September 14, 2019

Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter remembers 9-11 and comments on how the media seems to want to forget.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Tom Cotton about President Trump’s decision to cancel his meeting with the Taliban.

Sebastian Gorka and Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, talk about Drew Brees, NFL quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, who publicly supported “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and the flak he has received.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Rick Grenell, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, about the “Trump Doctrine.”

Kurt Schlichter talks with American Greatness editor Liz Sheld about the GOP’s narrow victory in a special election in North Carolina.

Phil Cowan, Salem host in Sacramento, CA., talks with Greg Burt, Legislative Director of California Family Council, about the California State Assembly proving itself more radical than hard-left Governor Gavin Newsom.

Mike Gallagher and Michelle Malkin, author of Open Borders, Inc., talks about how illegal alien "sanctuary anarchy" is defiantly spreading across the country.

Dennis Prager looks at a recent CNN town hall for Democrat presidential candidates on the climate debate.

The Current State of Education and the Weaponization of History: Wilfred McClay and Seth Liebsohn

Sep 12, 2019 1334


Seth Leibsohn invites Professor Wilfred McClay, author of The Land Of Hope: An Invitation To The Great American Story, on his history book, and the current state of education.

NFL Quarterback Drew Brees Stands Tall on Bring Your Bible to School Day: Jim Daly with Hugh Hewitt

Sep 11, 2019 971


Hugh Hewitt talks with Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family about the promo video Drew Brees made for "Bring Your Bible to School Day" that that stirred up much controversy in the LGBTQ community. Check out the memo Alliance Defending Freedom made for children to bring with them to school that spells for their teachers the right of each student to bring their Bible to school.

Brexit and the Fissures in the UK Conservative Party: Dr. Larry Arnn and Hugh Hewitt

Sep 10, 2019 1284


Hugh Hewitt talks with Dr. Larry Arnn, Hillsdale College president, about Brexit, fissures in the UK Conservative party, Boris Johnson and parliamentary elections.

Defending Israel: Professor Alan Dershowitz with Dennis Prager

Sep 9, 2019 658


Dennis Prager talks to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz about his new book, "Defending Israel: The Story of My Relationship with My Most Challenging Client."

How Democrats Plan to Change What Makes America Great

Sep 6, 2019 2482


Townhall Review – September 7, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks judges with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Dan Proft and co-host Amy Jacobson talk with Steven Malanga, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute about the decline of major cities under Democrat control.

Seth Leibsohn and Alex Berenson talk about his book, “The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence,” and the recent U.S. Surgeon General’s statement on the dangers of recreational marijuana.

Hugh Hewitt talks with former congressman Jason Chaffetz about his book, “Power Grab: The Liberal Scheme to Undermine Trump, the GOP, and Our Republic.”

Dennis Prager asks Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA, why he thinks a college degree may not be worth what it costs.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jim Campbell about the Gay pride T-shirt case he’ll be taking to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Dennis Prager looks at how far we have fallen in as a religious nation.

Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency: Andrew McCarthy and Hugh Hewitt

Sep 5, 2019 804


Hugh Hewitt invites Andrew McCarthy to discuss his latest book Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency.

President Trump vs. Elites: Victor Davis Hanson with Sebastian Gorka

Sep 4, 2019 1746


Sebastian Gorka invites Victor Davis Hanson to explain the conflict between President Donald Trump and the elite, against which his very election and presidency represent an existential threat.

Commitment to Filling Supreme Court Vacancies Before Election Day: Mitch McConnell with Hugh Hewitt

Sep 3, 2019 813


Hugh Hewitt and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discuss an array of subjects ranging from Supreme Court vacancies, the Green New Deal, gun control, Hong Kong,  to the 2020 Senate elections.

Trump Mounting Heavy Pressure on Iran and China: Secretary Mike Pompeo and Hugh Hewitt

Sep 2, 2019 675


Hugh Hewitt speaks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on a host of issues including a potential war between Israel and Iran, the trade war between the U.S and the People's Republic of China,  and President Trump's trip to Poland.

Protecting Title IX: Connecticut Track Athletes Push Back

Aug 30, 2019 2479


Townhall Review – August 31, 2019

Hugh Hewitt asks retired Admiral James Stavridis about why President Trump is headed to Poland after returning from France and the G-7 conference.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with David Drucker of the Washington Examiner about Chinese economic relations and how it may affect President Trump’s second term quest.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey about his states' “Stop Order” solution to stopping mass shootings.

Jennifer Horn talks with Gregg Jarrett of Fox News about the Obama administration’s attempts to undermine the Trump 2016 campaign and then sink his presidency.

Mike Lindell, sitting in for Sebastian Gorka, invites Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to share about his progress at HUD.

Larry Elder talks with Alliance Defending Freedom counsel Denise Harle about the brave female athletes pushing back against male athletes identifying and competing as females.

Dennis Prager talks with Mary Grabar about her expose’ book, “Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing Fake History that Turned a Generation Against America.”

Mike Gallagher looks at Joe Walsh, Republican, and former Congressman, who just announced that he will challenge President Trump in the upcoming primaries.

Religious Liberty in Kentucky Threatened: ADF's Jim Campbell with Mark Davis

Aug 29, 2019 596


Mark Davis invites Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jim Campbell to share the latest on a case in Kentucky that forced t-shirt print shop owner Blaine Adamson to print shirts that violated his religious beliefs. The case is Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission v. Hands On Originals.

LA Times Accuses PragerU of "Indoctrinating" America's Youth: Dennis Prager

Aug 28, 2019 1221


The Los Angeles Times profiled PragerU on the front page, referring to PragerU as an “Internet sensation.” The article goes on to accuse PragerU of “indoctrinating” America’s youth. Indoctrinate with five-minute videos?

Alaska Allows Gender Confused Man into Women's Shelter: Kate Anderson and Dennis Prager

Aug 27, 2019 426


Dennis Prager talks to Kate Anderson, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, about  The Downtown Soup Kitchen dba Downtown Hope Center v. Municipality of Anchorage, in which Alaska allows a man who calls himself a woman to sleep in a woman’s homeless center.

Not Business as Usual with China: Admiral James Stavridis with Hugh Hewitt

Aug 26, 2019 758


Hugh Hewitt with Admiral James Stavridis on the stand-off between the PRC and its citizens demonstrating in Hong Kong as well as the response from the United States.

Hong Kong Fights for Freedom; U.S. Fights for 355-Ship Navy

Aug 23, 2019 2467


Townhall Review – August 24, 2019

Hugh Hewitt and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton examine the turmoil and tension in Hong Kong.

Sebastian Gorka and Liel Leibovitz, senior writer for Tablet Magazine, discuss the two notorious U.S. House “Squad” members, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Mike Allen of Axios about the negative press coverage of President Trump.

Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher discuss the need for building up our Naval Fleet and the possible Chinese crackdown in Hong Kong.

Brian Whitman and Jennifer Horn from AM870 The Answer, ask Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Public Policy about the California DMV’s bungling of the motor voter program.

Seth Leibsohn talks with Mark Bauerlein, Senior Editor for First Things and consultant to the State of Florida, where he advises on the high school reading curriculum.

Dennis Prager talks with Douglas Carswell, author and former British Member of Parliament about his book, “Progress Vs Parasites: A Brief History of the Conflict that's Shaped our World.”

Sam Malone of Salem’s AM1070 The Answer in Houston talks about Jill Biden, wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, and her work to convince voters that Joe can beat Trump in 2020.

California Leads in Government Incompetence: Pete Peterson with Brian Whitman and Jennifer Horn

Aug 22, 2019 666


Brian Whitman and Jennifer Horn discuss California's “motor-voter” botched roll-out with Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Public Policy.

Israel Supports Netanyahu's Decision to Ban Reps Omar and Tlaib: Dennis Prager with Michael Friedson

Aug 21, 2019 723


Dennis Prager talks to Michael Friedson, co-founder and editor of The Media Line based in Jerusalem, about Israel's support of Bibi Netanyahu’s decision to ban Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting.

The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency: Andrew McCarthy and Dennis Prager

Aug 19, 2019 999


Dennis Prager invites Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, contributing editor at National Review and Fox News legal analyst, to discuss his new book is Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency.

Democrats Feed Racial Tension

Aug 16, 2019 2485


Townhall Review – August 17, 2019

Larry Elder talks with Mercedes Schlapp, former White House Director of Strategic Communications, about how she finds herself in the frustrating role of defending the President against the absurd racism claims.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Mike Rogers, former House Intelligence Chairman and FBI agent about the unusual details surrounding the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

Hugh Hewitt discusses the volatile Hong Kong situation with House member Liz Cheney.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Josh Kraushaar, political editor for National Journal about efforts by Democrats to increase gun control.

Larry Elder and Peter Kirsanow, commissioner of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and member of the National Labor Relations Board, talk about illegal immigration and crime.

Dennis Prager talks with Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center about the absurdity of going vegetarian to fight climate change.

Sebastian Gorka asks Hugh Hewitt about his recent Washington Post article, “The Party of Robert F. Kennedy is Gone.”

Dennis Prager talks about how textbooks, once intended as teaching tools, have become weapons for propaganda.

China is Testing Trump on Hong Kong: Brian Kennedy with Seth Leibsohn

Aug 15, 2019 1107


Seth Leibsohn and Brian Kennedy, Chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China and Board Member of the Claremont Institute, discuss the situation in Hong Kong and how it relates to China's efforts to thwart President Trump's reelection in 2020.

850 Domestic Terrorism FBI Cases: Hugh Hewitt with Del Quentin Wilber

Aug 14, 2019 791


Hugh Hewitt invites Del Quentin Wilber, an investigative reporter for The Los Angeles Times, and author of, “A Good Month for Murder” to talk about the spike in domestic terrorism in the United States.

Will Boris Johnson Deliver Brexit? Sebastian Gorka and James Delingpole

Aug 9, 2019 726


Sebastian Gorka and James Delingpole, Breitbart’s Executive Editor in Britain, talk about Britain's new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Brexit.

A Nation On Edge After Shootings In El Paso and Dayton

Aug 9, 2019 2461


Townhall Review – August 10, 2019

Mark Davis has words of comfort and wisdom following the murderous shooting rampages in El Paso, TX and Dayton, Ohio.

Hugh Hewitt speaks with Dr. Richard Haass, Council on Foreign Relations president and author of, “A World in Disarray,” on the public’s distrust in media and the growing divide between the U.S. and China.

Larry Elder examines the so-called Manifesto written by the El Paso shooter.

Ed Martin and Greg Burt, of the California Family Council, talk about the California State Legislature’s attack on pastors and councilors.

Sebastian Gorka turns to Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations and Research at Judicial Watch, to talk about the efforts to undermine the Trump campaign in 2016.

Sebastian Gorka and James Delingpole, Breitbart’s Executive Editor in Britain, talk about the new British Prime Minister and BREXIT.

Al Mohler examines the ominous clouds gathering over religious liberty in the United States.

Seth Liebsohn and Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko talk about immigration and her several new immigration bills.

The Real Solution to Mass Shootings: Mark Davis Monologue

Aug 8, 2019 695


Salem host Mark Davis shares his thoughts on the real solution to mass shootings and how to bring the country back together.

A Country Divided: Hugh Hewitt with Dr. Richard Haass

Aug 7, 2019 645


Hugh Hewitt speaks with Dr. Richard Haass, Council on Foreign Relations president and author of, “A World in Disarray,” on the public's distrust in media and the growing divide between the U.S. and China.

Mass Shootings and the Drum Beat of Racism: Larry Elder and Ed Martin

Aug 6, 2019 574


Larry Elder joins Ed Martin to talk about the weekend shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH. He also covers many statistics on gun violence that the mainstream media ignores.

08/05/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Aug 5, 2019 504


Hugh and Duane continue to look at the shootings over the weekend, and the narrative the media is using to cover them.

Democratic Debate Slides Leftward

Aug 2, 2019 2485


Townhall Review – August 3, 2019

Mike Gallagher with Eric Trump and Bob Frantz with Michael Johns, former speechwriter for President Bush ’41, all share their impressions on the recent 2nd round of Democrat debates.

Dennis Prager speaks with USA Today columnist Jim Robbins about his devastating column on Baltimore.

Hugh Hewitt turns to Harry Kazianis, Director of Korean Studies at the Center for the National Interest, for the latest on North Korea in light of the missiles fired earlier this week.

Seth Leibsohn invites Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute as well as the author of  “The War on Cops” to give her law and order insight into Joe Biden's "tough on crime" jargon.

Hugh Hewitt invites Kasey Pipes, the former advisor to President George W. Bush, to share about his new book: “After the Fall: The Remarkable Comeback of Richard Nixon.”

Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, tells Mike Gallagher about his big push to help those recovering from addiction.


The Remarkable Comeback of Richard Nixon: Hugh Hewitt with Kasey Pipes

Aug 1, 2019 769


Hugh Hewitt invites Kasey Pipes to share about his new book: “After The Fall: The Remarkable Comeback of Richard Nixon.”

Democrat's 114 Private Jet and 40 Yacht Carbon Emissions: Eric Trump and Mike Gallagher

Aug 1, 2019 539


Mike Gallagher and Eric Trump discuss "free healthcare" as well as the hypocrisy of Democrats when it comes to the environment.

Americans Have Become Spooked by Charges of Racism: Heather Mac Donald with Seth Leibsohn

Jul 30, 2019 1048


Seth Liebsohn speaks with Heather Mac Donald, a Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal, and author of the War on Cops, on the racism defense, and the crime problems in Baltimore.

It's "Racist" to Criticize Any Democrat Policy: Andrew Klavan with Sebastian Gorka

Jul 29, 2019 795


Sebastian Gorka is joined by The Daily Wire's Andrew Klavan to discuss Baltimore, and how it proves that President Trump is winning where the GOP failed. They discuss how the policy and culture of the Left have destroyed the lives of blacks in America.

Mueller Disappoints Impeachment-Minded Democrats

Jul 26, 2019 2477


Townhall Review – July 27, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Tom Cotton about the threats we face from Iran.

Sebastian Gorka and Townhall editor Katie Pavlich discuss “The Squad” and how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finds the group impossible to control.

Hugh Hewitt chats with NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd about the Mueller testimony.

Hugh Hewitt and Representative Debbie Lesko weigh in on the Mueller testimony.

Dennis Prager talks about a beauty queen that lost her title because of her conservative comments.

Mike Gallagher talks about a George state representative's false cries about being the victim of racism.

Dennis Prager weighs in on racism and how it is so often used inappropriately that it is losing its punch.

Special Council Had No Basis in Law or Facts: Andrew McCarthy and Dennis Prager

Jul 25, 2019 1088


Dennis Prager and Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor and senior editor for National Review, discuss the loss of rule of law in NYC concerning the recent water attacks on NYPD. They also discuss the Mueller hearing and its origins dating back to the Obama administration.

Superman Mueller Didn't Show Up: Congressman Andy Biggs with Seth Leibsohn

Jul 25, 2019 673


Seth Leibsohn with Congressman Andy Biggs, representing Arizona's 5th District, on the Mueller testimony.

U of Louisville Professor Loses Job Because of His View on Gender Dysphoria: Allan Josephson and Tyson Langhofer with Dennis Prager

Jul 23, 2019 700


Dennis Prager with Allan Josephson, professor of psychiatry at the University of Louisville and Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom on Professor Josephson losing his job at the University of Louisville because of his view on gender dysphoria.

Secretary Pompeo on Provocations from Iran and Global Threats to Religious Liberty

Jul 19, 2019 2511


Townhall Review – July 20, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher about the Iranian attacks on oil tankers and what the U.S. response might be.

Dennis Prager talks with Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal about Nike’s decision to discontinue the Betsy Ross Flag shoe following complaints from their spokesperson, Colin Kaepernick.

Dennis Prager testifies before a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee about YouTube’s censoring many of PragerU’s videos.

Sebastian Gorka and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about the State Department’s initiative on “inalienable” rights.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Oklahoma Senator James Lankford about his efforts to halt government shutdowns due to budget impasses.

Dennis Prager talks with Brent Bozell, founder and head of the Media Research Center, about his new book, “Unmasked: Big Media’s War Against Trump.”

Hugh Hewitt and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about Iran’s attacks on oil tankers and the State Department's  Second Annual Ministerial on Religious Freedom demonstrating that America still believes religious freedom is worth fighting for.

Mike Gallagher talks about a YouTube executive in San Francisco who is being called racist because he challenged a stranger, who happened to be black, who “tailgated” him into his apartment complex.

'I Feel Like I'm in a Monty Python Skit Here' Dennis Prager at Senate Subcommittee on Google Censorship

Jul 18, 2019 632


Dennis Prager at the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on the Constitution hearing entitled “Google and Censorship through Search Engines” in Washington, D.C. on July 16, 2019.  Dennis also answers speaks with Senator Marsha Blackburn after giving his written statement.

Sec. of State Pompeo with Hugh Hewitt: A Serious Look at Iran’s Provocations and Contemporary Threats to Religious Liberty

Jul 17, 2019 1003


Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discuss the recent provocations by the rogue regime in Iran as well as the currently underway State Department’s Second Annual Ministerial on Religious Freedom.

Epstein Revelations Exposes Darkest Side of Elite

Jul 12, 2019 2499


Townhall Review – July 13, 2019

Dennis Prager talks with reporter Andy Ngo, who was attacked by Antifa protestors in Portland, Oregon, as the police just stood by.

Larry Elder gives his take on the housing mortgage crisis and the tie-in with calls for reparations.

Hugh Hewitt and David Drucker talk about the sex trafficking accusations against financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Joe Piscopo talks with attorney Alan Dershowitz about the Jeffrey Epstein case and how Dershowitz has been falsely tied to Epstein.

Hugh Hewitt talks to Robert Kaplan about China and the dangers we face from the communist regime.

Mike Gallagher sits down with Mollie Hemmingway of The Federalist and Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network to talk about their book, “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court .”

Mike Gallagher talks about comments made by former President Jimmy Carter that suggest the Presidency of Donald Trump might be illegitimate.

Justice on Trial: Molly Hemmingway and Carrie Severino with Dennis Prager

Jul 11, 2019 1777


Dennis Prager speaks with Molly Hemmingway, senior editor at the Federalist and Carrie Severino, senior counsel for the Judicial Crisis Network about their new book, "Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court."

Alan Dershowitz with Joe Piscopo on Epstein Indictment

Jul 10, 2019 736


Joe Piscopo talks with Alan Dershowitz about the Jeffrey Epstein indictment and Epstein's false accusation implicating Dershowitz.

Police Ignore Antifa Brutally Beating Journalist: Andy Ngo with Dennis Prager

Jul 9, 2019 806


Dennis Prager talks to Andy Ngo, editor at Quillette, about his experience being beaten by Antifa, while Portland Police did nothing.

07/08/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Jul 8, 2019 455


Hugh and Duane talk about the comments Hugh gets for his Washington Post columns. Not what the comments say, mind you, just the quantity of them. 

Riots in Hong Kong and End of JCPOA's Illusion: Hugh Hewitt with Richard Haass

Jul 8, 2019 660


Hugh Hewitt and Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, discuss the riots and demonstrations in Hong Kong and the end of illusion about the JCPOA.

Freedom’s Foundations and Freedom’s Future: A Fourth of July Special

Jul 5, 2019 2449


Townhall Review – July 6, 2018

In this special Fourth of July edition, Dennis Prager and British writer Paul Johnson examine George Washington’s role in the founding of our nation. Michael Medved looks at one of the most memorable events at the beginning of America, the Boston Tea Party. Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, talk about the Declaration of Independence. Dennis Prager looks at the Declaration of Independence if it were written today. Michael Medved returns to share about the American Revolution and how Americans were determined to defend what God had given them, freedom.

America's Founding Was Not an Original Sin: Pete Peterson with Seth Leibsohn

Jul 4, 2019 1103


Seth Leibsohn invites Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, to talk about America's founding, and "invitational" conservative and patriotism.

"We're going to sue Andy Ngo's Antifa attackers into oblivion!" Harmeet Dhillon with Sebastian Gorka

Jul 4, 2019 576


Sebastian Gorka invites Andy Ngo's lawyer Harmeet Dhillon to talk about the legal action that the Antifa thugs will face for their crimes.

Racial Hate Crime Hoaxes: Michelle Malkin and Seth Leibsohn

Jul 2, 2019 637

Joe and the Segs: Kevin Williamson and Seth Leibsohn

Jul 1, 2019 526


Seth Leibsohn talks with writer Kevin Williamson concerning his National Review article about former Vice-President Joe Biden titled “Joe and the Segs.”

Whistleblower Exposes Google's Bias Against Conservatives

Jun 28, 2019 2486


Townhall Review – June 29, 2019

Hugh Hewitt turns to Eliana Johnson of Politico to talk about Iran and the President’s last-minute decision not to take military action.

Dennis Prager and James O’Keefe of Project Veritas talk about a Google whistleblower who revealed a Google document that labels Prager and other conservatives as “Nazis.”

Seth Leibsohn talks with writer Kevin Williamson concerning his National Review article about former Vice-President Joe Biden titled “Joe and the Segs.”

Larry Elder explains why he doesn’t believe presidential hopeful and former Vice-President Joe Biden has a chance the nomination.

Hugh Hewitt asks Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, if California Governor Gavin Newsom’s health care proposal for illegal immigrants is a step towards an eventual presidential candidacy.

Mike Gallagher talks about U. S. House Democrats and their attempt to push a “Reparations Bill” through Congress.

Dennis Prager explains why marriage is good for individuals.

Albert Mohler: Supreme Court Signals an End to the “Lemon Test”

Jun 27, 2019 69


This is Albert Mohler for

Among the decisions coming out of the Supreme Court this term was a big case on religious liberty. By a 7-2 margin, the court found that the memorial cross in Bladensburg, Maryland could remain. The 40-foot cross—now on public land—has honored the World War I dead for nearly a hundred years.

It’s an enormous win.

A very key take-away is what the court did with the “Lemon Test”—the test of the constitutionality of government involvement when it comes to religion.

The problem with the Lemon Test—resulting from a 1971 case—is that it has always been subjective and often used in ways that are hostile to religious expression.

In his concurring opinion, Justice Neil Gorsuch declared simply, “Lemon was a misadventure”—and a majority of the justices made clear that “the Lemon Test” is no more.

That’s good news.

And by a convincing 7-2 majority, the Supreme Court of the United States said that the Bladensburg cross, and thus other similar crosses and religious expressions, can stand.

That, too, is very good news.

I’m Albert Mohler.

America Must Prepare: Hugh Hewitt with Robert Kaplan

Jun 26, 2019 644


Hugh Hewitt invites Robert Kaplan, managing director at Eurasia Group, to share details from his article, "America Must Prepare for the Coming Chinese Empire."

President Trump’s Iran Response: Hugh Hewitt and Tom Cotton

Jun 26, 2019 384


Hugh Hewitt invites Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton to share the latest on Iran and an amendment being put forth by Senator Udall that would prevent an unauthorized war with Iran.

Diseases Flowing into America Through Southern Border: Bob Frantz and Daniel Horowitz

Jun 21, 2019 980


Bob Frantz turns to Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review to look at the health crisis at our southern border.

The 2020 Campaign Begins

Jun 21, 2019 2465


Townhall Review – June 22, 2019

The President launches his “Keep America Great” re-election campaign with an Orlando blockbuster.

Hugh Hewitt and Robert Costa of the Washington Post offer their take on the rally.

Mike Gallagher talks with Marc Lotter, Director of Strategic Communications for the Trump campaign, about the enthusiasm generated in preparation for the President’s re-election rally.

Bob Frantz turns to Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review to look at the health crisis at our southern border.

Sebastian Gorka asks Nigel Farage, Brexit Party founder, about the latest on the Brexit movement.

Hugh Hewitt and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham talk about foreign hot spots and the challenges faced by the Trump administration.

Hugh Hewitt is joined by Alan Sears, founder of Alliance Defending Freedom, about his book on the personal faith of President Eisenhower, “The Soul of an American President.”

Hugh Hewitt talks with Dr. Albert Mohler about his book, “The Apostle’s Creed – Discovering Authentic Christianity in an Age of Counterfeits.”

Mark Davis talks with David Davenport, former president of Pepperdine University and Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution about his book, “How Public Policy Became War.”

California Goes Full European: Pete Peterson and Hugh Hewitt

Jun 20, 2019 602


Hugh Hewitt invites Pete Peterson, Dean of School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University, to share his thoughts on a piece by Victor Davis Hanson, "America’s First Third-World State." Hewitt and Peterson also discuss California and its effect on national politics and 2020 presidential platforms.

The Apostles' Creed: Dr. Albert Mohler with Hugh Hewitt

Jun 20, 2019 757

"I will deliver Brexit!" Nigel Farage with Sebastian Gorka

Jun 19, 2019 395


Nigel Farage sits in with Sebastian Gorka to talk about his promise to ensure a successful Brexit.

Trump, Iran, Venezuela, China, #Spygate, and Judges: Senator Lindsey Graham and Hugh Hewitt

Jun 17, 2019 1433


Senator Lindsey Graham sits in with Hugh Hewitt to discuss a smorgasbord of subjects including President Trump, Iran, China, Venezuela, #Spygate, Bill Barr, Joe Biden and judicial appointments.

Trump Gets a Big Win with Mexico

Jun 14, 2019 2474


Townhall Review – June 15, 2019

Hugh Hewitt and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talk about Federal Court appointments.

Sebastian Gorka and Grant Stinchfield of NRA TV examines the issue of gun control.

Hugh Hewitt asks New York Times reporter Michael Shear about his article on the Mexican tariffs and the agreement between Mexico and the U.S.

Larry Elder talks about increasing taxes in California to pay for health care for illegal immigrants.

Seth Leibsohn and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Samuel Green talk about a troubling case in Phoenix against two artists.

Dan Proft and David Harsanyi of the Federalist on climate change and the dire predictions that have not yet panned out.

Mike Gallagher is taken back by some of the crazy things Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand has said.

Staggering Financial Fraud and Elder Abuse: Hugh Hewitt and Antoinette “Toni” Bacon

Jun 12, 2019 633


Hugh Hewitt and Deputy Associate Attorney General Antoinette “Toni” Bacon discuss the staggering statistics of American seniors who become a victim of financial fraud.

If you have been a victim of financial fraud, call 1-800-CALL-FBI.


Trump's Mexico Deal and Dems Embrace of Socialism: Hugh Hewitt and Mitch McConnell

Jun 12, 2019 756


Hugh Hewitt and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discuss the latest on the Mexico immigration deal and Democrats preaching full-scale socialism.

Trump’s Big Win on Mexico Border: Hugh Hewitt with Michael Shear

Jun 11, 2019 756


Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Shear of the New York Times about the deal that President Trump struck with Mexico concerning border security and immigration. Hugh Hewitt also wrote about the deal in the Washington Post.

It is Not Good for Man to be Alone: Dennis Prager

Jun 10, 2019 1170


Dennis Prager talks about an epidemic of loneliness being a result of “kinlessness.”

Remembering D-Day; Remembering Tiananmen

Jun 7, 2019 2458


Townhall Review – June 8, 2019

Seth Leibsohn reflects on the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident in Beijing, China.

Hugh Hewitt asks Congressman Mike Gallagher for his take on containing China’s usurpation of U.S. world leadership.

Sam Malone talks with Steven Bucci, former Special Forces Officer now with the Heritage Foundation, about remembering D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Rick Scott, whose dad was part of the invasion force at Normandy on D-Day.

Ed Martin talks with John Schlafly about the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision on a question about citizenship in the 2020 census.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Anna Timmer, who took Congressman Justin Amash to task for calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

Dennis Prager talks with Professor Robert Epstein, one-time Editor in Chief of Psychology Today about his study that uncovered political bias in such companies as Google and Facebook.

Dennis Prager talks about loneliness being a result of “kinlessness.”

Remembering the Heroes that Saved the Free World: Sam Malone with Steven Bucci

Jun 6, 2019 636


Sam Malone, in for Mike Gallagher, turns to Steven Bucci, former Special Forces Officer, now with Heritage Foundation, to share about his father's experience in WWII.

75th D-Day Anniversary: Hugh Hewitt with Senator Rick Scott

Jun 6, 2019 489


Hugh Hewitt with Florida Senator Rick Scott on the 75th anniversary of D-Day (His father was in the skies and on the ground that morning).

“The Conservative Sensibility” : Hugh Hewitt with George Will

Jun 5, 2019 1674


Hugh Hewitt invites George Will to share from his excellent and just released book, “The Conservative Sensibility.” George Will discusses the checks and balances of government as the Founders intended.

Social Capital on Capitol Hill: Hugh Hewitt with Lanhee Chen

Jun 4, 2019 364


Hugh Hewitt invites Dr. Lanhee Chen, the David and Diane Steffy research fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, to discuss his contributions to the Social Capital Summit put on by the Pepperdine School of Public Policy on June 4th.

Dennis Prager and Robert Epstein on Google's Influence on Elections

Jun 3, 2019 780


Dennis Prager talks to Robert Epstein, former editor in chief of Psychology Today on how Google manipulates its search results to influence elections.

Democrats Eye Impeachment After Mueller Press Conference

May 31, 2019 2460


Townhall Review – June 1, 2019

Dennis Prager talks with Andrew McCarthy of National Review about the recent Mueller statement and what it means for impeachment hungry Democrats.

Kevin McCullough and Kristin Tate of The Hill discuss the Mueller address and the position it puts Nancy Pelosi.

Mike Gallagher talks about the U.S. Supreme Court and what it said about abortion legislation in Indiana.

Mark Davis invites ADF senior counsel Denise Burke to give more details about the Indiana abortion legislation case.

Hugh Hewitt and Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal talk about how the elite media regularly mock and disparage conservatives, but one journalist took it a bit too far.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Nigel Farage about the latest on Brexit.

Dennis Prager explains why he won’t use Gillette products anymore.

Dennis Prager and Andy McCarthy Discuss Mueller's Cowardly Statement

May 29, 2019 638


Dennis Prager and Andy McCarthy discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller's cowardice concerning his statement on the Mueller Report.

Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson Take a Closer Look at the Great American Experiment

May 28, 2019 386


Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson, Dean of the Graduate School Pepperdine School of Public Policy,  take a look at the principles that support American conservatism.

President Trump Presses Back on Impeachment Threats; Iran Presses Ahead With Threatening Provocations

May 24, 2019 2466


Townhall Review – May 25, 2019

Mike Gallagher looks at President Trump’s reaction to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cover-up accusation.

Dennis Prager talks about former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign kickoff speech.

Hugh Hewitt talks with former Israel-U.S. Ambassador Michael Oren about the heightened tension around the Persian Gulf and Iran.

Mike Gallagher and Heather MacDonald, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author, details the problems with the SAT implementing an ‘adversity score’ for students applying to college.

Sebastian Gorka turns to Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute to examine the recent Australian elections.

Sebastian Gorka talks with former House speaker Newt Gingrich about his recent novel, “Collusion.”

Seth Leibsohn and Historian Wilfred McClay discuss  his new history book, “Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American History.”

Larry Elder talks with John Lott, founder and President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, about what Democrats are trying to do to remove all guns from our society.

Hugh Hewitt and Michael Oren on the Dangerous Game Iran is Playing with America

May 23, 2019 376


Hugh Hewitt invites former Israeli-US Ambassador Michael Oren to share about the dangerous game of "chicken" Iran is playing with America.

Dennis Prager and Christopher Caldwell on Hungary and the Future of Europe

May 22, 2019 811


Dennis Prager and Christopher Caldwell, a senior fellow and contributing editor at the Claremont Review of Books, discuss his piece, "Hungary and the Future of Europe" and details surrounding Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, and Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, as it relates to immigration and nationalism.

Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Iran

May 21, 2019 557


Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discuss the latest on Iran and if they are behind the attacks on Gulf shipping and Saudi pipelines.

Hugh Hewitt and CNN's Jim Scuitto on China and Russia Waging War with the West

May 20, 2019 943


Hugh Hewitt speaks with Jim Sciutto, Chief National Security Correspondent for CNN, about his new book, "The Shadow War: Inside Russia's and China's Secret Operations to Defeat America."

Democrats Again on Defensive Over Tlaib Remarks

May 17, 2019 2400


Townhall Review – May 18, 2019

Mike Gallagher looks at the disturbing trend toward anti-Semitism in the U. S. House of Representatives.

Dennis Prager talks to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach who is embroiled in a battle with Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Politico reporter Eliana Johnson about the anti-Semitic comments made by Michigan Representative Rasheed Tlaib.

Hugh Hewitt and Townhall journalist Katie Pavlich talk about her recent trip with U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the impromptu stop in Baghdad.

Mike Gallagher comments on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign promise to repeal President Trump’s tax cut.

Hugh Hewitt talks with CNN's Jim Scuitto about his book, “The Shadow War – Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America.”

Mike Gallagher talks to Dennis Prager about his battle with Google, Facebook, and others over censorship of PragerU.

Dennis Prager comments on an elementary school principal in Pennsylvania who was pressured to stop saying “God Bless America” after the Pledge of Allegiance.

Hugh Hewitt with Ted McAllister on “Coming Home: Reclaiming America’s Conservative Soul”

May 16, 2019 357


Hugh Hewitt with Ted McAllister, Associate Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy, on “Coming Home: Reclaiming America’s Conservative Soul” McAllister emphasizes the importance of Americans understanding their country's history and the institutional changes that have transformed their lives as Americans.

05/15/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

May 15, 2019 453


Hugh and Duane remember the late, great Tim Conway.

Hugh Hewitt with Katie Pavlich on Her Surprise Bagdad Trip with Secretary Pompeo

May 15, 2019 645


Hugh Hewitt with Townhall journalist Katie Pavlich on what it was like to go with a small media pool to Bagdad led by Secretary Mike Pompeo.

The Obama FBI Spied on Trump; Mollie Hemingway Explains the Latest

May 10, 2019 2464


Townhall Review – May 11, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. about the recent Hamas attacks on Israel.

Mike Gallagher examines the latest Gallup Poll that shows President Trump’s approval rating is on the rise.

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Tom Cotton look at the latest status of the Venezuela situation.

Joe Walsh talks about a video posted by the Philadelphia Muslim Center showing Muslim children singing lyrics that are threatening and dark.

Larry Elder takes issue with Democrat Presidential candidates claiming that race relations in America are in terrible shape and getting worse.

Nigel Farage joins Sebastian Gorka for a talk on the latest regarding Brexit.

Dennis Prager and Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor with The Federalist, talk about the New York Times article about the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign.

Hugh Hewitt talks to David Brooks about his book, “The Second Mountain: The Quest for the Moral Life.”

Dennis Prager with Mollie Hemingway on the Multiple Spies on the 2016 Trump Campaign

May 9, 2019 551


Dennis Prager talks with Mollie Hemingway, Sr. Editor with The Federalist, who wrote about the New York Times article that seemed comfortable with the idea that spying on Trump’s campaign happened multiple times under Obama.

Hugh Hewitt and NYT Columnist David Brooks on "The Second Mountain"

May 8, 2019 2356


Hugh Hewitt invites David Brooks, Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, and author of The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life, to share insights from his book. Brooks shares how in our disconnected culture the only way to build authentic relationships is to be vulnerable. In the book, Brooks does just that. He offers a very honest and candid look into his life, his faith, and his family. Setting aside the tribalistic nature of politics, Brooks shares that our life is about our relationships, our character, how well we love, the things we love, and how well we treat our neighbor.

Hugh Hewitt with Dennis Prager on The Rational Bible: Genesis

May 7, 2019 865


Hugh Hewitt with Dennis Prager on his latest book The Rational Bible: Genesis. They discuss some of the controversial verses and subjects in Genesis, with Dennis bringing his unique perspective.

05/06/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

May 6, 2019 537


Hugh and Duane talk about who Eric Swalwell sounds like, and plays Hillary Clinton's sad claim that the 2016 election was stolen from her. 

Socialism on Display: Venezuela Erupts Into Chaos

May 3, 2019 2446


Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt – May 4, 2019

Hugh Hewitt gets the latest perspective from National Security Advisor John Bolton on the turmoil in Venezuela, while Admiral James Stavridis talks about the aid other communist countries are providing the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Sebastian Gorka talks with author David Harsanyi about those who continually try to label President Trump a “Nazi”. He also shares from his book, First Freedom: A Ride Through America's Enduring History with the Gun.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner about a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that will have a profound impact on businesses run by Christians.

Larry Elder talks to Reverend Robert Sirico, president of the ACTON Institute, about efforts to help the homeless get off the streets.

Sebastian Gorka talks with journalist Stephanie Hamill, who was on location at the 2019 National Rifle Association’s convention in Indianapolis.

Dennis Prager and Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, talk about the ramifications of President Trump’s recent executive order protecting freedom of speech on college campuses.

Hugh Hewitt and Kristen Waggoner Discuss Upcoming SCOTUS Civil Rights Cases

May 1, 2019 754


Hugh Hewitt and Kristen Waggoner, senior vice president of U.S. legal division and communications with Alliance Defending Freedom, discuss several court cases that will address whether discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity violates Title VII, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These cases include Altitude Express Inc. v. ZardaBostock v. Clayton County, Georgia and R.G. & G.R. HARRIS FUNERAL HOMES V EEOC & AIMEE STEPHENS

Waggoner also provides an update on the Jack Phillips and Barronelle Stutzman cases.

Hugh Hewitt with Mike Allen on Social Media Encouraging Terrorism

Apr 30, 2019 777


Hugh Hewitt with Mike Allen of Axios on terrorism, as highlighted by the New York Times article "Mass Shootings Have Become a Sickening Meme," which details how social media hatred is manifesting itself in real life.

04/29/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 29, 2019 582


Hugh and Duane talk about what Hugh should have asked but didn't to Brian Lamb of C-SPAN.

Annihilation of Christians in Sri Lanka Church Bombings

Apr 26, 2019 2413


Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt – April 27, 2019

Joe Walsh, of AM560 The Answer in Chicago, talks about the bombings of Christian churches in Sri Lanka on Easter morning.

Hugh Hewitt and former NATO commander Admiral James Stavridis talk about the implications of the bombings of Christian churches in Sri Lanka.

Larry Elder talks about the apparent “blood-lust” from the “impeachment now” side of the aisle in Congress following the release of the Mueller report.

Sebastian Gorka turns to former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova to talk about alleged spying under the Obama administration on the Trump campaign.

Seth Leibsohn talks to Steve Emerson, Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, about Ihlan Omar, freshman Congresswoman and her controversial outburst about America and its ally, Israel.

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Mike Lee talk about his book, “Our Lost Declaration: America's Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State.”

Dennis Prager talks with Richard Karlgaard about his book, “Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement,” about kids who have difficulty with conventional learning and testing.

Mike Gallagher talks with John Smith, who fell through ice on a lake and literally died from drowning, about the movie “Breakthrough” that is based on his story.

Sebastian Gorka with Joe diGenova on Obama Admin Spying on Trump Campaign

Apr 25, 2019 848


Sebastian Gorka turns to Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, to talk about alleged spying under the Obama administration on the Trump campaign.

04/25/19 Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 25, 2019 656


Duane offers some extra analysis of the Joe Biden campaign rollout.

Hugh Hewitt with Senator Mike Lee on "Our Lost Declaration"

Apr 24, 2019 387


Hugh Hewitt talks with Utah Senator Mike Lee, author of, “Our Lost Declaration: America’s Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State.”


Michael Medved: Time to Choose the Green Nuclear Deal

Apr 22, 2019 60


Three liberal academics joined forces in an approach to climate change that conservatives should enthusiastically embrace. Led by best-selling author Steven Pinker of Harvard, the professors declare there’s only one way to free the world from dependence on coal-burning power plants: We need to go nuclear, as quickly as possible.

In doing so, we could follow France and Sweden, which now derive 75 percent of their electricity from nuclear after crash programs that took just 20 years. Despite fantasies of environmental absolutists, wind and solar can never support the world’s energy needs, leaving nuclear as the only clean, safe source of power. Nuclear plants would also drive down energy bills, power more electric vehicles and create literally millions of new jobs.

Instead of the radical and oppressive Green New Deal, Republicans should begin promoting a smart, practical Green Nuclear Deal, and sweep the election on that basis.

The Notre Dame Cathedral - Far More than a Building - Survives Once Again

Apr 19, 2019 2440


Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt – April 20, 2019

David French of the National Review joins Kevin McCullough to discuss his emotional reaction to the devastating fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Dennis Prager and National Review’s Andrew McCarthy talk about what many already know; the Obama Administration spied on the campaign of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Hugh Hewitt is joined by United States Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband to talk about freedom of speech being stifled on college and university campuses.

Dennis Prager asks Daily Wire writer Michael Knowles about conservative speakers being harassed and even physically attacked on college and university campuses.

Hugh Hewitt talks to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, who recently signed into law a bill outlawing abortion in Ohio once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Seth Liebsohn asks Pete Peterson, the Dean of the Graduate School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University, about his article, “Is the Eggshell Culture on Campus Moving into Our Public Square?

Sebastian Gorka talks to Oliver North, current president of the National Rifle Association, about many Democrat efforts to limit or even repeal the Second Amendment.

Hugh Hewitt with Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer on "A Hill To Die On"

Apr 18, 2019 1046


Hugh Hewitt with Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman, “Politico Playbook” writers and authors of, The Hill to Die On: The Battle for Congress and the Future of Trump’s America.

Kevin McCullough and David French on Notre Dame Burns and the Church Weeps

Apr 17, 2019 628


Kevin McCullough invites David French to share insights from his National Review piece "Notre Dame Burns, and the Church Weeps."

Hugh Hewitt and Evan Thomas Discuss the Inspiring Life of Sandra Day O'Connor

Apr 16, 2019 00:32:52


Hugh Hewitt invites Evan Thomas, “Newsweek” editor-at-large to discuss the inspiring life of Sandra Day O'Connor, all of which is detailed in his New York Times best-selling just-released book, First: Sandra Day O’Connor. O'Connor, as the name of the book implies, was the first woman Supreme Court Justice. She was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1981 and served until 2006.

Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro on the "Right Side of History"

Apr 15, 2019 00:17:15

04/15/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 15, 2019 00:05:25


Hugh and Duane give you the behind the scenes details of why today's Post-Game show is so short - Hugh had to go home and watch Game of Thrones.

Elections in Israel; Terrorist Designation for Iran; Pressing for Freedom in Venezuela

Apr 12, 2019 00:40:51


Townhall Review – April 13, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Admiral James Stavridis about the recent Israeli election and its effect on Mideast stability.

Candace Owens, Communications Director of Turning Point USA testified before the House Judiciary Committee and Sebastian Gorka comments.

Mike Gallagher comments on President Trump’s latest poll numbers.

Dennis Prager comments on what the Bible has to say about capital punishment.

Hugh Hewitt talks with National Security Advisor John Bolton, who offers a revealing look at Iran and the future of Venezuela.

Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, editor of the Daily Wire, talk about Shapiro’s new book, The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great.

Ed Martin talks with Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, about the punishment of Christian college students who profess their faith.

Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Michael Oren on the Israeli Elections

Apr 11, 2019 00:06:20


Dr. Michael Oren, outgoing Member of the Knesset and current Deputy Minister of Israel –he did not run this year– and formerly Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, joined Hugh Hewitt to discuss Prime Minister Netanyahu’s sweeping victory.

04/11/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 11, 2019 00:08:52


Hugh and Duane play another cut that didn't make the normal show, but needed to be played.

Hugh Hewitt and National Security Adviser John Bolton on Venezuela and Iran

Apr 10, 2019 00:15:33


Hugh Hewitt and Ambassador John Bolton discussing Iran and their desire to restart the Iran Deal. They also discuss the blackouts in Venezuela caused by the Maduro and Chavez regimes.

04/10/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 10, 2019 00:09:31


It's always a good day when you make the National Security Adviser spontaneously belly laugh and something said by a Democratic presidential candidate.

Hugh Hewitt with Noah Rothman on Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America

Apr 9, 2019 00:12:56


Hugh Hewitt with Noah C. Rothman, Associate Editor at “Commentary,” NBC News contributor, and author of, “Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America,”

04/09/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 9, 2019 00:07:32


Hugh and Duane go over the best video cut of the day that naturally Hugh missed.

04/08/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 8, 2019 00:08:17


Hugh and Duane talk about baseball and show prep, and what will probably lead tomorrow, which is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. 

04/05/19 Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 5, 2019 00:13:37


Duane brings you up to speed on the number of candidates either already in or seriously considering a run for president on the Democratic side. wagering.

Senate Forced to Go Nuclear to Get Vote on Judges

Apr 5, 2019 00:41:02


Townhall Review – April 6, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Ohio Senator Rob Portman on the Senate’s implementation of the “nuclear option” to get President Trump’s nominations moving. Hugh Hewitt and journalist Salena Zito discuss the film “Unplanned” and Hollywood’s resistance to pro-life efforts. Hugh Hewitt talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about State Department efforts to gain the release of those Americans being held by hostile countries. Mike Gallagher examines the troubles faced by Democrat presidential candidate hopeful Joe Biden and the Democrats apparent attempt to derail his candidacy. Larry Elder talks with Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute about the lawsuits triggered by Obamacare. Dennis Prager discusses with documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz efforts by the left to bring back racial separation on college campuses. Mike Gallagher speaks with Florida Senator Marco Rubio about the many issues facing those who monitor our southern border.

04/03/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 3, 2019 00:08:37


Hugh and Duane discuss how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made news, but sadly no one will know, because the Hugh Hewitt website is broken and won't let either of them post anything. 

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Josh Hawley on Pro Constitutional Circuit Court Judges

Apr 3, 2019 00:13:21


Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri on the Senate's pending rule change, circuit court judges eligible for senior status, and the need for a special counsel to look at 2016 perfidy within the government.

04/02/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 2, 2019 00:08:42


Hugh and Duane talk about who's up and who's down in the Democratic presidential primaries.

04/01/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Apr 1, 2019 00:10:17


Hugh and Duane discuss April Fools pranks, Mrs. Hewitt's shoe collection, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' foolish view of history.

03/29/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 29, 2019 00:06:49


Hugh and Duane discuss Hugh's IT prowess, and his lack of ability to pull an early April Fool's Joke on Aftershow subscribers.

Democrats and Media Ponder Life After the Mueller Investigation

Mar 29, 2019 00:40:31


Townhall Review – March 30, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator John Cornyn about the Mueller report and angst the Democrats are now feeling. Larry Elder talks to Professor John Eastman of Chapman University who says there is a Russia story, but it doesn’t involve President Trump. Hugh Hewitt’s guest Mike Allen of Axios is one of the first to admit Trump won the day.  Mike Gallagher looks that those in the media who are reluctant, to say the least, to admit they were wrong about the Mueller investigation. Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., about the recent Hamas attacks on Israeli territory. Ed Martin talks with Dr. Kathi Aultman, an abortion doctor, whose change of heart has her now Pro-Life. Larry Elder opines on the dropping of charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett and the incensed reaction of Chicago’s police chief and Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel.


03/28/19 Duane Patterson and Kurt Schlichter Post-Game

Mar 28, 2019 633


Duane and Kurt speculate wildly about how Trumpy the Trump rally in Michigan will be tonight after the week the President has had.

Mark Davis and Andy McCarthy Discuss Jussie Smollett's Dropped Charges

Mar 27, 2019 1051


Mark Davis and Andy McCarthy discuss why Jussie Smollet's 16 felony charges were dropped and what this means for the Chicago criminal justice system.

03/26/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 26, 2019 169


Hugh and Duane wrap up the show by Hugh doing that rare feat - complimenting his production staff.

03/25/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 25, 2019 391


Hugh and Duane discuss how the media will have to pivot from the Donald Trump collusion nonsense to survive, and why Duane thinks they won't let it go.

The American Navy in the Face of the Threat From China

Mar 21, 2019 00:39:47


Townhall Review – March 23, 2019

Hugh Hewitt discusses the Navy’s proposal to mothball the carrier USS Truman while it still has lot’s of useful service years left.

Mike Gallagher examines one of the Democrat presidential candidates, Beto O’Rourke.

Dennis Prager gives his take on the Democrat’s reparations movement.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Indiana’s Attorney General Curtis Hill about the constitutionality of President Trump’s emergency declaration.

Sebastian Gorka asks Liel Leibovitz,  journalist, author, and media critic about the disturbing growth of anti-Semitism.

Hugh Hewitt talks about his concern that only 7 blacks out of a class total of 895 were admitted to a prestigious New York high school.

Hugh Hewitt talks to Arthur Brooks about his new book, Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from Our Culture of Contempt.

Hugh Hewitt asks Howard Schulz, former Starbucks CEO, about his independent run for U. S. President and his book, From the Ground Up: A Journey to Reimagine the Promise of America.

03/21/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 21, 2019 00:14:16


Hugh and Duane do a little CSI on John Hickenlooper's story that he took his mom to see a porn movie when he was 18, and then they discuss the history and possible future of what Hugh's theme song is going to be after Game of Thrones wraps.

03/20/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 20, 2019 00:07:41


Hugh and Duane argue over the new Mike Trout contract and whether it's good for baseball or not.

Hugh Hewitt and Arthur Brooks Discuss Loving Your Enemies and Saving America from Culture of Contempt

Mar 18, 2019 00:36:19


Hugh Hewitt interviews Arthur C. Brooks, opinion writer for The Washington Post and president of the American Enterprise Institute, about his new book, Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.

03/18/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 18, 2019 00:08:01


Hugh and Duane rethink their professional existence after Hugh interviews Arthur Brooks, author of Love Your Enemies.

Hewitt and Former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz on His Journey to Re-imagine the Promise of America

Mar 15, 2019 00:23:34


Howard Schultz, former Chairman and CEO of Starbucks, and author of, From the Ground Up: A Journey to Reimagine the Promise of America 

03/15/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 15, 2019 00:07:36


Hugh and Duane talk about what didn't actually break in the studio while Hugh was away, much to the surprise of Hugh.

The All-Too-Predictable College Admissions Scandal

Mar 15, 2019 00:41:03


Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt – March 16, 2019

Ed Morrissey, of, talks with Jay Matthews, author of Harvard Schmarvard, about the investigation into college admission bribes and cheating. Larry Elder examines the latest Democrat call for slavery reparations. Mike Gallagher asks former National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jim Hall about the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Dennis Prager looks at those who are now self-identifying as racists. Prager talks with Victor Davis Hanson about his new book, The Case for Trump. Dennis Prager’s guest, Bill Gertz, talks about his critique of the U. S. Counter-intelligence community as well as the tie-in to the Mueller investigation. Sebastian Gorka asks author David Horowitz about his new book, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America. Mike Gallagher examines an insider’s testimony and asks why the media ignored Hillary Clinton’s amazing show of “gross negligence” of classified information.

03/14/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 14, 2019 00:06:20


Hugh returns from his Southeast Asia cruise, and breaks down the interview he conducted today with independent presidential candidate Howard Schultz.

Dennis Prager Responds to the “Tucker Carlson Under Fire” News Stories

Mar 14, 2019 00:24:52


Dennis Prager shares his thoughts on the media's reaction to Tucker Carlson's interview with a shock jock. Dennis later gets into how the Left destroys everything it touches. Case in point: women's athletics.

03/13/19 Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 13, 2019 00:13:47


Duane shares the talk radio angle of the college cheating scandal, and why it's such a great story, in a disgusting, revolting way, and gives an example with another parent indicted after bribing Georgetown and USC to accept her daughter and son as athletic recruits.

03/12/19 Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 12, 2019 00:16:25


Duane analyzes the realities of Meatless Mondays in New York City schools as announced by Bill de Blasio.

The Case Against Masterpiece Cakeshop Crumbles

Mar 8, 2019 00:41:24


Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt – March 9, 2019

Larry Elder, ADF Senior Vice President Kristen Waggoner and Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips talk about Colorado’s decision to stop harassing Jack.

Mark Davis and ADF Senior Counsel Matt Sharp discuss the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.

Mike Gallagher and Kellyanne Conway talk about their concern with the leftward direction of the Democrat party.

Dennis Prager examines what is behind the Left’s latest attack on the concept of “Preserving American Heritage.”

Seth Leibsohn and Arizona congressman Andy Biggs look at the Democrat leadership’s failure to reign in the socialist and anti-Semitic freshmen.

Pawn Stars host Rick Harrison joins Sebastian Gorka to talk about Rick’s comparison of socialism to heroin.

As the far-left, many colleges, the media, and many in government are championing trans-gender males competing as females against female, many female athletes are crying foul! Dennis Prager examines.

Larry Elder and president and CEO at the Pacific Research Institute look at the Democrat’s Medicare-for-All proposal.

03/07/19 Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 7, 2019 00:15:31


Duane brings the latest news of more defense of anti-Semitism by the Democratic Party, this time from James Clyburn, the number three ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.

Dennis Prager Discusses the Sickness of Transgender Athletics

Mar 7, 2019 00:13:19


Dennis Prager shares recent statements from Martina Navratilova and Sharron Davies concerning whether transgender women should be allowed to compete in women races.

03/06/19 Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 6, 2019 00:20:20


Duane and the HHS crew analyze whether the Los Angeles Times got their best and worst french fry list right.

Dennis Prager and Gary Sinise on "Grateful American" Book

Mar 5, 2019 00:24:16


Actor and U.S. Veteran advocate Gary Sinise talks with Dennis Prager about his book, Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service.

03/04/19 Duane Patterson Post-Game

Mar 4, 2019 00:15:28


Duane picks up on where guest host Mark Davis left off on the Hugh Hewitt Show, and offers some insight why the re-election of Donald Trump may no longer be in doubt, and why it might really be even that close.

Senate Fails to Pass “Born Alive” Act

Mar 1, 2019 00:41:02


Townhall Review – March 2, 2019

Mike Gallagher opines on the U. S. Senate defeat of the “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” as well as examines the U. S. House of Representative’s Oversight Committee’s hearing with convicted former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Peter Schweizer, President of the American Accountability Institute, about the widening gap in the Democrat Party in the run-up to the 2020 elections.

Dennis Prager talks with Nancy Rommelmann, whose husband’s coffee business is now under attack following the release of a video she made criticizing the #metoo movement.

Mark Davis asks Wilfred Reilly, professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University, about his recent book, Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War and about the Jussie Smollett case.

Actor and U.S. Veteran advocate Gary Sinise talks with Dennis Prager about his book, Grateful American.

Larry Elder offers up audio of the confrontation between Senator Diane Feinstein and a group of school children over the Green New Deal.

02/28/19 Duane Patterson and Kurt Schlichter Post-Game

Feb 28, 2019 00:13:28


Duane and Kurt cover the other news of the day besides the fact that there was no news out of Vietnam after the summit between Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump.

Duane Patterson and Kurt Schlichter Post-Game

Feb 27, 2019 00:10:53


Duane and Kurt conduct the after action report on the Donald Trump, Jr. interview.

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Lindsey Graham on the Judicial Confirmation Freeze in the New Congress

Feb 26, 2019 00:24:41


Hugh Hewitt speaks with Senator Lindsey Graham, Chair of Senate Judiciary, about the judicial confirmation freeze in the new Congress (And Syria).

02/26/19 Duane Patterson and Kurt Schlichter Post-Game

Feb 26, 2019 00:13:12


Duane and Kurt tie the show together with a cut from the Today Show featuring Gloria Steinem comparing Trump and Republicans to Hitler and the Nazis.

02/25/19 Duane Patterson and Kurt Schlichter Post-Game

Feb 25, 2019 00:11:12


Duane and Kurt give the gold, silver and bronze medals for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez audio this morning.

Dennis Prager on Smollett and the Fraudulent Lying Media

Feb 22, 2019 00:09:44


Dennis Prager  analyzes the downfall of the news media as a profession, using the Jussie Smollett case as an illustration.

02/22/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Feb 22, 2019 00:11:06


Hugh and Duane talk about Hugh's upcoming absence from the air, and what the mice will do while the cat's away.

How Smollett Played the Media

Feb 22, 2019 00:40:34


Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt – February 23, 2019

Dennis Prager examines the unraveling of the Jussie Smollett story as it now appears to be a hoax. Mike Gallagher looks at the sixteen states that have filed suit against President Trump’s national emergency declaration. Hugh Hewitt talks to Joseph Loconte, The King’s College professor, about his recent article detailing the good and bad of the church through history. Sebastian Gorka and Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS News investigative reporter, talk about the many leaks stemming from the Mueller investigation. Kevin McCullough and Townhall editor Katie Pavlich discuss alleged left-wing efforts to evoke the 25th amendment to remove the President from office. Hugh Hewitt talks to Salena Zito, Washington Examiner reporter, about the resurgence of meth coming into the U.S. through our southern border. Larry Elder talks about the Jussie Smollett story and takes a macro look at racism and if it is as big a problem in America as many claim.

02/21/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Feb 21, 2019 00:07:37


Hugh and Duane discuss the news of Mike Pompeo turning down the Senate race in Kansas, and on the fly radio production which seldom has much to do with Hugh.

Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Joseph Loconte on The War over Liberal Democracy

Feb 20, 2019 00:10:42


Hugh Hewitt speaks with Dr. Joseph Loconte, Associate Professor of History at The King’s College in New York City, about an article he wrote entitled "The War over Liberal Democracy."

Dennis Prager and Economics Expert Alex Epstein on the Green New Deal

Feb 19, 2019 00:11:18


Dennis Prager asks an unrivaled expert in industrial economics, Alex Epstein,  the founder and CEO of The Center for Industrial Progress, on why the Green New Deal is dangerous for our economy.

02/19/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Feb 19, 2019 00:07:12


Hugh and Duane discuss the finer art of studio microphone placement in the era of video cameras. 

Hugh Hewitt and David Cortman on WWI Memorial Cross Deserves to Stand

Feb 18, 2019 00:18:35


Hugh Hewitt and ADF Senior Counsel and Vice President of U.S. Litigation David Cortman discuss the supreme court case surrounding the WWI Memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland. The American Humanist Association wants to tear down the memorial because it is in the shape of a cross.

Dennis Prager and Candace Owens on the Left's Fear of Losing the Minority Vote

Feb 15, 2019 00:11:38


Dennis Prager talks to Candace Owens, the Director of Communications at Turning Point USA, was caught up on a controversy about a phony pro-Hitler comment she supposedly made while in England. Find out why.


02/15/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Feb 15, 2019 00:09:57


Hugh and Duane discuss Hugh's crazy ideas on what the American people think is good bumper music.

Democrats Press Green New Deal While Socialism Breaks Venezuela

Feb 15, 2019 00:40:52


Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt – February 16, 2019

Larry Elder looks at the trend toward socialism with a closer look at his home state, California. Sebastian Gorka talks with Lanhee Chen about the Green New Deal. Hugh Hewitt asks Senator Tom Cotton if his Congressional colleagues knew what they were doing when they endorsed the Green New Deal. Hugh Hewitt and retired Admiral James Stavridis, former head of the Southern Command, talk about what’s happening in Venezuela. Mike Gallagher talks with Texas state legislator Tan Parker about his efforts to combat the growing late-term abortion movement. Dennis Prager asks National Review’s Kyle Smith of the alleged attempted lynching of actor Jussie Smollet is real…or a hoax. Dennis Prager and economist Alex Epstein talk industrial progress and how the New Green Deal could reverse the progress. Dennis Prager asks Focus on the Family CEO Jim Daly about their efforts to counter the threat to life in the wake of the pro-abortion avalanche.

02/14/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game Blah Blah Blah

Feb 14, 2019 00:08:18


Hugh and Duane argue about what is the most uplifting song. Joyful Joyful or Hallelujah Chorus? They also discuss Senator Rick Scott, Emo, Beer, and blah blah blah.

Sebastian Gorka and Lanhee Chen on the Green New Deal and Electoral College

Feb 13, 2019 00:12:24


Sebastian Gorka and Lanhee Chen on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Socialist Green New Deal as well as the importance of the electoral college and judicial appointments.

02/13/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Feb 13, 2019 00:09:18


Hugh and Duane analyze Hugh's strange music tastes in bumper music.

Hugh Hewitt with Jim Daly on Times Square "Alive from New York"

Feb 12, 2019 00:10:12


Hugh Hewitt with Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, discuss the Pro-life Declaration and May 4th New York Times Square event called "Alive from New York" featuring a live 4D ultrasound of a pre-born baby.

Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Larry Arnn on AOC's Green New Deal

Feb 11, 2019 00:33:41


Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Larry Arnn on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's  Green New Deal.

02/11/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game

Feb 11, 2019 00:08:08


Hugh and Duane debrief the prototypical anti-Hugh caller.

Hugh Hewitt with Sen. Marco Rubio on Venezuela and BDS

Feb 8, 2019 00:17:15


Hugh Hewitt with Senator Marco Rubio on the difficult situation in Venezuela and Rubio's anti-BDS bill.

02/08/19 Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Post-Game Show

Feb 8, 2019 00:08:22


Hugh and Duane talk about how to properly cover the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal document - open mockery.

Democrats Feel the Heat at the State of the Union

Feb 8, 2019 00:41:12


Townhall Review – February 9, 2019

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Marco Rubio about President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Kevin McCullough speaks with The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel about the Democrat’s reactions during the State of the Union.

Hugh Hewitt talks with John Bolton, National Security Advisor to President Trump, about the situation in Venezuela.

Mike Gallagher talks about a Victor Davis Hanson article titled “The Progressive Race to the Bottom.”

Hugh Hewitt talks with Chris Christie about the 2016 presidential campaign and his book Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics.

Sebastian Gorka discusses the Virginia abortion law with investigative reporter Sara Carter.

02/07/19 Post-Game: Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson

Feb 7, 2019 00:06:09


Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson Talk about What Duane Didn't Give To Hugh For Show Prep

Hugh Hewitt and Generalissimo Duane Patterson Post-Game Show

Feb 6, 2019 00:09:15


Hugh and Duane react to the State of the Union, and the reaction to the State of the Union.

Hugh Hewitt's Fascinating Extended Interview with Chris Christie

Feb 5, 2019 01:11:37


Hugh Hewitt talks with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, for an extended interview about his book, Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics.

Hugh Hewitt and the "Garden Gnome" Post-Game Show on John Bolton's Legal Pad

Feb 1, 2019 00:09:14


Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson aka "Garden Gnome" on John Bolton's legal pad

Dennis Prager and Historian Andrew Roberts on the Fascinating Life of Winston Churchill

Feb 1, 2019 00:32:36


Dennis Prager talks with British historian Andrew Roberts about the fascinating life of Winston Churchill.

Crisis in Venezuela; Maduro’s Days Numbered

Feb 1, 2019 00:41:02


Townhall Review – February 2, 2019

Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher examine the leadership crisis in Venezuela and what the U.S. Military can do.

Dennis Prager and Mary O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal look at the problems facing the Venezuelan military and national guard.

Sebastian Gorka invites Marji Ross, Publisher of Regnery Books, to talk about Karen Pence’s book, Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President, and the controversy over Karen’s decision to go back to teaching, part-time.

Larry Elder looks at institutional racism and how Hollywood is handling it.

Sebastian Gorka asks Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, for his take on the lawsuits facing Pacific Gas & Electric stemming from the devastating California wildfires.

Dennis Prager talks with British historian Andrew Roberts about the fascinating life of Winston Churchill.

Mike Gallagher and actress Shari Rigby talk about her movie portrayal of Gladys Staines, an Australian missionary whose husband and children were murdered by Hindu radicals in India.

Hugh Hewitt and the "Garden Gnome" Post-Game Show on AOC and Venezuela

Jan 31, 2019 00:10:39


Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson aka "Garden Gnome" on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and U.S. involvement in Venezuela.

Dennis Prager and Mary O'Grady on What's Going on in Venezuela

Jan 30, 2019 00:12:51


Dennis Prager talks to Mary O’Grady, columnist for Wall Street Journal who specializes in Central and South America. The topic is what is going on now in Venezuela.

Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson on California's Fatal Math Problem

Jan 29, 2019 00:20:44


Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine Graduate School of Public Policy, discuss a range of topics including: Pacific Gas and Electric filing for bankruptcy, the connection between utility companies and wildfires,  San Diego trying to attract millennials to California, single-payer healthcare, Kamala Harris presidential campaign, California "surplus," CA economy gripped by pensions, charter schools, and fire insurance collapse.

Dennis Prager and Andrew McCarthy on Roger Stone Indictment

Jan 28, 2019 00:18:16


Dennis Prager talks to Andrew McCarthy, senior editor at National Review, legal analyst for Fox News and former federal prosecutor about the Roger Stone indictment.

Covington High Reporting Gives Media a Black Eye

Jan 25, 2019 00:41:18


Townhall Review – January 26, 2019

Dennis Prager and John Zmirak, senior editor of The Stream, comment on the details of the media’s knee-jerk coverage of the Covington Catholic High School story. Mike Gallagher examines the dangers of irresponsible posts on social media and the damage done. Dennis Prager looks at the media’s negative reaction to Karen Pence’s decision to teach, part-time, at the Christian school where she worked before. Hugh Hewitt and David Drucker, senior political correspondent for the Washington Post, discuss the runup to the 2020 elections. Sebastian Gorka talks with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about his take on the current issues facing the White House. Hugh Hewitt talks with Jean Case about her book, Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthrough and Purpose. Hugh Hewitt asks Jake Tapper, Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN, for his opinion about the media’s current tendency to report before getting the facts.

Hugh Hewitt and Jean Case on 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose

Jan 23, 2019 00:25:11


Hugh Hewitt and Jean Case, Chairman of the Board of the National Geographic Society, CEO of the Case Foundation, and author of Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose.

Dennis Prager and Analyst Gregg Jarrett on Government Corruption

Jan 18, 2019 00:21:28


Dennis Prager and Fox News analyst Gregg Jarrett take a look at what Prager says is, “corruption of some of the elite parts of the United States government."

FBI Investigation Grows More Precarious

Jan 18, 2019 00:40:47


Townhall Review – January 19, 2019

Andrew McCarthy, columnist for the National Review, joins Hugh Hewitt to talk about the FBI investigation that asks if President Trump is a Russian “mole.” Dennis Prager and Fox News analyst Gregg Jarrett take a look at what Prager says is, “corruption of some of the elite parts of the United States government." Following Hugh Hewitt's trip with National security adviser John Bolton to the Middle East, they discuss the high tension that exists there. Dennis Prager takes a look at the proposed, and even shocking, health curriculum of the California Department of Education. Dennis Prager talks with Carol Swain, founder and president of Be the People Project, who is conservative, and black, a combination that has some people strangely upset. Hugh Hewitt asks Alex Berenson about his book, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. Sebastian Gorka talks to baseball great Curt Schilling about his relationship with ESPN, a relationship that didn’t last because of his conservative bent.

Dennis Prager and George Friedman on Saudi Crown Prince and Jamal Khashoggi

Jan 11, 2019 00:28:23


Dennis Prager and George Friedman discuss details on the Saudi Crown Prince and the death of Jamal Khashoggi. They also discuss China and Mexico.

The President Takes the Bully Pulpit: An Oval Office Address Amidst the Government Shutdown

Jan 11, 2019 00:40:21


Townhall Review – January 12, 2019

Mark Davis and Texas Senator John Cornyn examine the southern border security problem facing the State of Texas. Mike Gallagher asks Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his take on the government shutdown. Bob Frantz talks with Hugh Hewitt about the proposed U.S. pullout from Syria. Mike Gallagher asks author, columnist, and Hoover Institution Fellow Victor Davis Hansen what’s going on with the so-called Russian collusion investigation. Sebastian Gorka has Charlie Kirk, of Turning Point USA, talk about the culture war on our high school and university campuses. Dennis Prager talks with Abigail Shrier of the Federalist about Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Larry Elder congratulates Ohio State Buckeyes Coach Urban Meyer on their resounding victory in the Rose Bowl and about his coaching Tim Tebow.

Mark Davis and Senator John Cornyn Discuss Budget Deal and Border Wall

Jan 10, 2019 00:08:58


Mark Davis and Senator John Cornyn discuss a budget deal, border wall, and the tactics of Democrats.

Hugh Hewitt and Cong Tim Ryan on Defense Budget

Jan 4, 2019 00:12:16


Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Tim Ryan talk about the defense budget and the cooperation needed from both sides of the aisle.

China’s Provocations and Prospects for an Adequate Defense Budget in 116th Congress

Jan 4, 2019 00:40:37


Townhall Review – January 5, 2019

Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Tim Ryan talk about the defense budget and the cooperation needed from both sides of the aisle. Hugh Hewitt talks with Congressman Mike Gallagher about the threat from a Chinese admiral to test U.S. resolve by sinking two U. S. Navy aircraft carriers. Sebastian Gorka talks with John Batchelor about populism, nationalism, and the rejection of the Elites. Hugh Hewitt asks Congressman Steve Scalise about the events of the day he was shot and the long recovery detailed in his book, Back in the Game. Dennis Prager discusses the left-wing politicizing of national sports with Clay Travis who wrote of this phenomenon in his book, Republicans Buy Sneakers, Too.

Michael Medved and Pete Peterson on Conservative Thought Amidst Pervasive Leftist Academia

Jan 2, 2019 00:05:29


Michael Medved and Pete Peterson, the Dean of the Graduate School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University, on how the 2018 midterm election shows the trend away from conservatism, especially among college graduates, and what can be done to prepare leaders who can speak across the aisle. 

Albert Mohler: 2018: A Whirlwind of a Year

Dec 28, 2018 00:01:00


2018 now enters the history books with more of a bang than a whimper. It was the year Brett Kavanaugh joined the Supreme Court, President Trump restructured his cabinet, Democrats celebrated a “blue wave” in the House, and the partisan divide only deepened.

It was the year that titans in the digital world began to feel the heat of international scrutiny and the stock market scored a big zero. California was threatened by the deadliest wild fires in state history and disasters dotted the globe, but in Thailand, a soccer team including 12 boys and their coach were rescued from a flooded cave as the world watched and prayed.

There was a royal wedding in Britain and the world said goodbye to scientist Stephen Hawking and to both President George H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara. An historic age of world evangelism came to an end with the death of Billy Graham.

It was a year for the ages, and now it is history.

Abraham Lincoln Special

Dec 28, 2018 00:40:45


The Townhall Review -- December 29, 2018

Michael Medved takes us on an appreciative tour of Abraham Lincoln: the wartime president, a phenomenal leader, a man with brilliant rhetorical gifts, and unparalleled political prowess.

A Christmas Story Special

Dec 20, 2018 00:40:20


Townhall Review — December 22, 2018

In this special edition of the Townhall Review, Michael Medved tells the story of Christmas, from the humble beginnings of Jesus Christ’s birth to Saint Nicholas to Santa Clause. Medved shares how Christmas was both frowned upon and celebrated in colonial America and how General George Washington used the holiday to his advantage in the Revolutionary War. Dennis Prager rounds out the show by expressing his gratitude for religion and particularly Christianity in America, even though he is a Jew.

Dan Proft: The Secular Elite’s Discomfort With the Faithful

Dec 17, 2018 00:01:00


Apparently, the path to putting a Democrat in the White House runs through God.


No, that’s not me saying God favors Republicans.


That is, essentially, the argument from foul-mouthed DNC Chairman Tom Perez. He’s uncomfortable with the fact that church-going people disapprove of Democrat candidates motivated in large part by their conviction on issues of life and death … convictions about abortion.


Perez recently complained about clergy who are willing to support Trump motivated in large part on the issue of life. He’s frustrated that “people buy it” from these clergy—and I quote—“because that’s their only source.”


Perez is unnerved by churchgoers who lean on their spiritual leaders, leaders who are working from the Bible rather than relying on today’s secular elites.


The short of it is Tom Perez would like you to stop attending church because it puts a real crimp in the ability of Democrats to make the state supreme.

White House Clash, EPA Water Wars and 17 Years in Afghanistan

Dec 14, 2018 00:41:02


Townhall Review – December 15, 2018

Michael Medved gives his thoughts on the political one-upmanship as demonstrated during the “photo op” meeting President Trump had with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher also give their views on the meeting between the President and the House Speaker and Senate Minority Leader. Dennis Prager turns to Philippe Karsenty, a French media analyst, for a look at the French riots. Hugh Hewitt talks with Acting EPA Director Andrew Wheeler about the EPA’s modifications to the Clean Water Act. Ed Martin talks with economist Jerry Bowyer about signs the economy may be slowing down. Joe Walsh brings Moran Birman on his show to talk about the threat Hamas and Hezbollah are to Israel. Dennis Prager’s guest, retired British Colonel Richard Kemp, talks about the seemingly never-ending war in Afghanistan. Mark Davis talks with Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jeremy Tedesco about a billboard in New York’s Times Square accusing ADF of being anti-gay.


Michael Medved: Caravans and Shutdowns: Both Unpopular

Dec 13, 2018 00:01:00


This is Michael Medved of for Townhall.

Congressional Democrats made a mistake to attack President Trump for his determined opposition to caravans of unauthorized immigrants at our Southern border. Automatic asylum would only encourage new thousands to make a dangerous, illegal trek.

But President Trump also makes a mistake by touting a pointless government shutdown, which might seem bold and decisive but raises the inevitable question, “what next?” The Democrats, with their newly elected House majority, won’t simply surrender and a shutdown hurts the government, the public’s faith in democracy, even our economy.

The only possible outcome is some form of compromise: no, the president won’t get all the money he wants for a wall, but he will get increased funding for enhanced border security. Since it’s obvious that both caravans and shutdowns are deeply unpopular, Congress and the president should drop the games and work out common sense reforms that can help all sides.

Larry Elder with Walter E. Williams

Dec 13, 2018 00:05:43


Larry interviews the Great Walter E. Williams. Williams asks if millennials are Miseducated or Stupid? Due to their widespread support of socialist policies, Williams says that our education system has failed these young people.

Michael Medved: Turning Critics Into Admirers

Dec 12, 2018 00:01:00


The outpouring of admiration for the late President George Herbert Walker Bush largely ignores his troubled history with the press: Like all Republican presidents of the last 50 years, Bush endured carping, contemptuous treatment.

One highly critical reporter, Ann Devroy of the Washington Post, was surprised to receive a handwritten letter after her cancer diagnosis in 1996.  The then-former president candidly acknowledged a “tension that clouded things between us… I was the out of touch President, the wimp; you were the beltway insider…. but strangely, wonderfully, I feel close to you now. I want you to win this battle. I want that same toughness that angered me and frustrated me to a fare-thee-well at times to see you through your fight.”  Sadly, Devroy lost her fight the next year, but Bush’s graceful gesture highlighted his ability to turn critics into admirers. Every American should cherish and develop that precious capacity.

Ed Martin on the Paris Riots

Dec 12, 2018 00:11:09


Ed Martin on Rioting engulfs Paris as anger grows over high taxes. Europe flooded with migrants. Macron rolls back tax on gas. Who will replace Macron, since he won't be reelected? England tabling Brexit.

Albert Mohler: An Alarming New Standard

Dec 12, 2018 00:01:00


Transgender activists are now arguing that that the only prerequisite for surgery ought to be the simple desire of the patient to have the surgery … their wanting it.

The story comes from the New York Times with a headline, “Surgery, hormones but not happiness.” The author is a man who is going to be undergoing what is defined as sex reassignment or gender reassignment surgery.

He writes candidly: “This is what I want. But there is no guarantee it will make me happier. In fact, I don’t expect it to,” he writes. “That shouldn’t disqualify me from getting it.”

So: He’s pursuing surgery even as he acknowledges it might not alleviate pain and that it might even lead to greater pain. He’s arguing for a medical/ethical principle that this kind of surgery and any surgery should be available to an individual simply because the individual wants it.

It’s an alarming and unsustainable new standard.


Dennis Prager Asks Why Women are Waiting Longer to Have Children?

Dec 11, 2018 00:29:15


Dennis Prager asks pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton why people are marrying later, if at all, and having children later, if at all.

Dan Proft: Save Asia Bibi

Dec 10, 2018 00:01:00


The most profound action related to immigration President Trump can take at present has nothing to do with walls, troops or 9th Circuit pronouncements.

It’s to extend religious asylum to a Pakistani woman named Asia Bibi and her family. You may have heard her story: Bibi survived eight years in a Pakistani gulag with the prospect of execution hanging over her head like the Sword of Damocles each day.

Her crime: being a Christian.

The Pakistani Supreme Court acquitted her, and declared her innocent. 

Since being released, she and her family are under constant threat of assassination by the Islamofascists who’ve overrun Pakistan.

In a shameful episode of cowardice, self-declared pluralists in the West have turned a deaf ear to Bibi.

The administration should provide a tutorial for Trump-haters and the DC press corps on the difference between economic migrants and asylum-seekers.

We should provide her—and her family—asylum immediately.

Mr. President, save Asia Bibi.

Hugh Hewitt and Michael Shear on George H.W. Bush Legacy

Dec 7, 2018 00:12:32


Hugh Hewitt is joined by Michael Shear of the New York Times to look at the life and legacy of George H. W. Bush.

Michael Medved: An Occasion That Was Powerfully, Unashamedly Christian

Dec 7, 2018 00:01:00


The National Cathedral funeral service for the late President George Herbert Walker Bush was as noble and remarkable as the good man it honored. Every speaker offered words of wisdom and insight to inspire Americans for generations to come. Former Senator Alan Simpson honored the late president’s love of laughter and noted that “Humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life” while “Hatred corrodes the container it’s carried in.” He also praised his friend’s rare character, observing that “those who travel the high road of humility in Washington, D.C. are not bothered by heavy traffic.”

But beyond the eloquence and pageantry, the occasion conveyed a powerful message: the event was proudly, powerfully, unashamedly  Christian. The hymns and prayers served as a reminder that neither the Bush family nor the nation it served, has ever been secular, or in any way uncomfortable with a deep, abiding faith.

The Nation Honors George H.W. Bush

Dec 7, 2018 00:40:50


Townhall Review – December 8, 2018

Hugh Hewitt is joined by Michael Shear of the New York Times to look at the life and legacy of George H. W. Bush. Michael Medved talks about George H. W. Bush and his election campaigns against Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Dennis Prager and French media analyst Philippe Karsenty discuss the rioting in Paris against the rise in gasoline taxes. Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson, Dean of the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University, talk about the Democrats victories in Orange County California and what that trend might mean. Hugh Hewitt interviews the son of the late columnist Charles Krauthammer, Daniel, about the book, Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors, that was started by Charles and finished by Daniel. Dennis Prager asks pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton why people are marrying later, if at all, and having children later, if at all. Michael Medved asks if political speeches are being “dumbed down” for black audiences.

Lanhee Chen: 2018 Elections and the Legacy of George H.W. Bush

Dec 6, 2018 00:01:00


The 2018 midterm elections were notable not so much for the so-called “Blue Wave” that washed over the House of Representatives, but instead for the way in which the results demonstrated how politically polarized we are becoming as a country.

Liberal areas in the northeast and on the west coast supported Democrats more strongly; and states where President Trump did well in 2016, like Indiana and Missouri, voted more Republican. That’s why the next Congress will give us divided government.

At a time when we mourn the loss of former President George H.W. Bush, we also reflect on the ways in which principles like compromise, bipartisanship, and collegiality have seemingly disappeared from our modern politics. 

It’s too bad, because while we have political disagreements with others, we should always remember that first and foremost—ahead of the partisan labels or political beliefs—we are Americans first.

Reverend Dr Russell Levinson Delivers Final Homily to George HW Bush

Dec 6, 2018 00:13:56


“My hunch is heaven, as perfect as it must be, just got a bit kinder and gentler -- leaving behind that hole for you and me to fill”

Rev. Russell Levenson Jr., rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston

Hugh Hewitt: Climate Tax Lessons From France

Dec 5, 2018 00:01:00


Before he capitulated on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron had declared he would never give in to the demands of the so-called Yellow Vest protestors.

By law in France, all motorists must carry such a yellow vest in case of car trouble, but the car trouble they are rioting about for the past two weekends is not about their vehicles, but about the 5 percent hike in fuel costs that Macron had decreed as a means of combating global warming. The protests had become increasingly violent in a classic countryside versus the Capital confrontation, and had Macron not raised a white flag and rolled back the new tax, another weekend of violence was expected. He did though, and the message is clear.

As the Wall Street Journal put it: “Voters don’t believe that climate change justifies policy that would raise their cost of living and hurt the economy.” Climate change, my friends, is not an excuse to gouge tax hikes out of citizens.

Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson on Why Orange County Flipped Blue

Dec 5, 2018 00:12:01


Hugh Hewitt talks with Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, about a number of topics including George H. W. Bush, Orange County CA flipping from red to blue, Gavin Newsom's 17% income tax, Urban Myers retiring, fires that threatened Pepperdine and how they protected the students.

Albert Mohler: A Man of Modesty

Dec 4, 2018 00:01:00


The message went out late on Friday night: George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, had died.

He came to the presidency, of course, after serving two terms as Vice President under Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps the most illuminating moment of his leadership style came on March 30, 1981, when President Reagan was shot in an attempted assassination.

The Vice President was flying to the Southwest to speak. When he was returning to D.C., it became clear: Reagan was facing mortal danger.

Officials wanted Bush to land by helicopter at the White House, but the image of that, of course, is presidential. Bush refused.

He said: “There is one President of the United States, and he is Ronald Reagan, and he is going to pull through this. I will go by car.” And thus, the Vice President arrived at by car in a motorcade, the way he would have any other day.

That was the sort of man George H. W. Bush was: A man of modesty.

Michael Medved and Global Warming Skeptic Talk Climate Science

Dec 4, 2018 00:10:41


Michael Medved and Denmark’s Bjorn Lomborg, sometimes referred to as one of the “best known global warming skeptics,” examine climate science from a socio-economic perspective.

Hugh Hewitt: George H.W. Bush: 1924 - 2018

Dec 3, 2018 00:01:00


The nation mourns the death of President George Herbert Walker Bush, our 41st President. And what a President. What, in fact, a man.

An honest to God war hero, a congressman, an ambassador to China, a party chair, a CIA Director, a Vice President and a model president, model post president and father to a president.

His greatest achievement was the careful management of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet empire. He won the war against Saddam if not the peace. He put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court - a cornerstone of the originalist renaissance. Bush got crucial amendments to the Clean Air Act through dealing with acid rain and ozone, and he embraced Nelson Mandela on the White House lawn in the first year of that great man's release.

Kind, gentle, far-seeing, tough as the fighters he flew, he was the epitome of leadership.

George H.W. Bush earned a country's love and respect and we shall miss him all, all tens of millions of points of light he inspired.

Albert Mohler: A Clear and Welcome Change to the Contraception Mandate

Nov 30, 2018 00:01:00


You may have missed a very important announcement from the Trump administration on the so-called contraception mandate from the Affordable Care Act.

The administration is now making extremely clear that religious employers and specifically Christian organizations cannot be required to violate conscience in the contraceptive mandate. That mandate from the Obama administration was so draconian that even some Christian ministries were ordered to comply against their own convictions—paying for contraception for all—including forms of contraception that many believe will contribute to, or cause, an abortion.

The government does have so many means at its disposal whereby it could provide this kind of contraception coverage. Requiring it of religious employers was a deliberate slap in the face, a clear violation of religious liberty.

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but the “contraception mandate” is finally gone.

Dennis Prager and Nigel Farage on British Labour Party Takeover

Nov 30, 2018 00:18:59


Dennis Prager is joined by British broadcaster Nigel Farage to talk about Great Britain’s upcoming 2019 elections and the rise of the left-leaning and increasingly socialist Labour Party.

Border Tension, GM Cruzes Overseas and the Rise of Socialism

Nov 30, 2018 00:40:49


Townhall Review – December 1, 2018

Mike Gallagher looks at the media frenzy surrounding the “caravan” and how their take seems to be changing. Larry Elder turns to constitutional expert, Professor John Eastman, to talk about the President’s Executive Order regarding asylum requests. Hugh Hewitt teams up with Congressman Mike Gallagher to talk about Russian aggression in the Kerch Strait. Dennis Prager offers his take on a Meet the Press debate about climate change following the release of the Fed’s publication of the “Fourth National Climate Assessment.” Michael Medved and Denmark’s Bjorn Lomborg examine climate science from a socio-economic perspective. Hugh Hewitt talks with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle about General Motors’ announced factory closures that will put nearly 15,000 GM employees out of work. Dennis Prager is joined by British broadcaster Nigel Farage to talk about Great Britain’s upcoming 2019 elections and the rise of the left-leaning and increasingly socialist Labour Party. The return of red kettles and bell ringers is a sure sign the Christmas season has arrived. Hugh Hewitt talks with Salvation Army Colonel Ward Matthews and their year-round mission.

Michael Medved: Overcoming False Charges of Racism

Nov 29, 2018 00:01:00


In the last Senate contest of this election cycle, Democrats tried—but failed—to destroy an incumbent Republican with unfair charges of racism.

In the runoff campaign of the Mississippi special election, Democrats focused almost exclusively on one foolish, insensitive comment by Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who expressed her admiration for a local leader by saying “if he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” Dems saw a menacing invocation of Mississippi’s brutal history of lynching, and an attack on the black Democratic nominee, Mike Espy, while national media claimed Senator Hyde-Smith’s campaign was collapsing. 

When ballots were counted, however, she won easily—increasing her percentage of the final tally by 12 points over her showing in the non-partisan primary.

While pundits may obsess on silly, off-hand and—yes—regrettable remarks, voters are less willing to enforce political correctness by punishing candidates for making them.

Dennis Prager with Isabella Chow on Her Religious Persecution at Berkeley

Nov 29, 2018 00:14:31


A student senator at the University of California, Berkeley, who was kicked out of her own party and is being pressured to resign or face a recall because of her religious views, says she won’t back down.

Larry Elder with John Eastman on Hot Topics in the News

Nov 28, 2018 00:13:08


Elder with Dr. John Eastman comes on the show to answer all your questions about immigration and asylum, Trump and Comey, Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email to conduct government business. Is this comparable to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

Michael Medved: Does Hostility to Israel Reflect Anti-Semitism?

Nov 27, 2018 00:01:00


In the recent midterms, Democrats elected several new House members who express outspoken hostility to Israel, raising old questions about connections between antagonism to the Jewish state and hatred of the Jewish people—anti-Semitism. 

Criticism of Israeli policies isn’t automatically anti-Semitic; Israel’s vibrant democracy enables loyal citizens to oppose their elected leaders. But if hostility extends to the nation itself and challenges its very existence, that surely amounts to anti-Semitic bigotry.

Jewish claims to nationhood deserve the same respect as those of other peoples. Slovakia first became an independent state in 1993,  and has the same percentage of non-Slovak population—20 percent—as Israel’s percentage of non-Jews. But no one protests Slovakia’s existence, and if you did you’d be guilty of irrational, anti-Slovak prejudice. Obsessive hatred of the nation state of the Jews similarly equates to Jew hatred, an ancient, obvious form of bigotry.

Hugh Hewitt with Angus King on Washington Showdown and Possible Shutdown

Nov 27, 2018 00:17:43


Is a government shutdown inevitable over the disagreements on border security spending?

Michael Medved: A Chance to Win by Fixing Disasters

Nov 26, 2018 00:01:00


Two recent disasters give President Trump a chance to shape bipartisan solutions to Make America Great Again.  First, disputed elections in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere exposed grievous shortcomings in the way we cast and count our votes; in an age of dazzling technology, the current confusion is inexcusable. The President could convene a national commission to address the mess, selecting a prominent Democrat to co-chair that effort. 

One possible candidate: former Senator Joe Lieberman, with a bi-partisan background and personal experience as Vice Presidential nominee during the infamous recount chaos of 2000.

Second, the devastating wild fires in California demand immediate enhancements in forestry management and fire-fighting capacity; any upgrade to infrastructure should begin with new strategies to prevent and contain these nightmarish infernos. By addressing these two issues immediately, the president can challenge the new Democratic House to cooperate, restoring confidence in government’s ability to respond.

Jerry Bowyer: "The Virtue of Nationalism"

Nov 26, 2018 00:01:00


A powerful new book argues that 'nationalism' has origins that are more virtuous than the misleading distortions of the Left.

Dan Proft: A Powerful Argument for School Choice

Nov 23, 2018 00:01:00


Republicans can win elections with school choice.

Albert Mohler: A Thankful People

Nov 22, 2018 00:01:00


A Thanksgiving message from the Salem Media Group.

The True Story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2018 00:40:35


Townhall Review — November 24, 2018

This special edition of the Townhall Review features Michael Medved telling the compelling true story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving: why they left Europe, how they made their way across the ocean, and how they fought to survive in the New World while preserving their religious devotion to God.

Jerry Bowyer: The Colonists’ Early Lesson on Economics

Nov 21, 2018 00:01:00


The origin of Thanksgiving goes back to the Plymouth plantation, founded by the Pilgrims in 1620. You may have learned that in school, but I bet you didn’t learn this in school: the original Thanksgiving came after the settlement abandoned socialism in favor of capitalism.


It appears that the original charter adopted a form of communal ownership and required equality of income. You’re probably not surprised that this led to starvation and, as a consequence, plague. After two years, the colonists did something which few socialists since have done—they learned from their mistake, and instituted private ownership. The starving times ended, the colonists traded their surpluses with the Natives and the new abundance was celebrated with a day of Thanksgiving.


It’s not just about food, it’s about freedom. Socialism is en vogue again today, but maybe this time around we can learn from history before we repeat its errors.

Michael Medved on the Satanic Temple Lawsuit Against Netflix

Nov 20, 2018 00:05:25


The Satanic Temple sues Netflix for $150 million for using a statue of a demon god in 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

Michael Medved: Weak Ticket-Toppers Killed Down-Ballot Republicans

Nov 19, 2018 00:01:00


In the midterms, Democrats captured nearly 40 seats previously held by Republicans, but those losses weren’t spread evenly across the country. California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania each flipped four seats to the Dems, and Virginia delivered three. These results reflected the flawed, flailing candidates at the top of the ticket: gubernatorial nominees in California and Pennsylvania both lost by more than 17 percentage points, the U.S. Senate candidate in Virginia lost by sixteen, and even scandal-tarred Democrat Senator Bob Menendez crushed his New Jersey challenger by 11.

Such non-competitive statewide races discourage loyal Republicans from bothering to vote, dooming down-ballot candidates. To take back the House in 2020, the GOP needs not only a strong race by the President, but credible, energetic nominees for Governor and Senate in every state, to give House candidates a shot at success.

Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Larry Arnn Discuss Winston Churchill and WWI Armistice

Nov 16, 2018 00:31:36


Hugh Hewitt examines the 'War to End All Wars,' WWI, with Winston Churchill expert Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College.

Larry Elder Discusses Forest Mismanagement in the Wake of the California Fires

Nov 16, 2018 00:11:09


Larry Elder examines forest mismanagement after the devastating fires in California with former California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

The 2018 Election — with Florida in Overtime and 2020 Now Looming

Nov 16, 2018 00:40:55


Townhall Review –  November 17, 2018

Hugh Hewitt turns to David Drucker, Washington Examiner’s Senior Political Correspondent, for another look at the 2018 election aftermath. Dennis Prager speaks with Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute about a stronger Republican Senate. Mike Gallagher asks Craig Patrick, political editor for Fox 13 in Tampa, about the disputed vote count in Florida. Larry Elder examines forest mismanagement after the devastating fires in California with former California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore. Michael Medved analyses Ben Shapiro's article in Newsweek looking at why conventional political wisdom is not going to get it done in 2020. Dennis Prager talks with videographer Ami Horowitz about his on-the-scene coverage of the caravan from Central America to the U.S. Hugh Hewitt examines the 'War to End All Wars,' WWI, with Churchill expert Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College. Larry Elder talks with Eric Metaxas about his funny children's book, Donald Drains the Swamp.

Hugh Hewitt with Larry Arnn on 100th Anniversary of WWI

Nov 15, 2018 00:31:28


Churchill on World War I, with Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College.

Michael Medved: The Demographic Division That Matters Most

Nov 14, 2018 00:01:00


The demographic division that counts most in presidential elections has nothing to do with race, gender or income: it involves state boundaries that determine votes in the Electoral College.

By that standard, warning signs from the midterm elections should alarm Republicans looking ahead to 2020. Three states crucial to Trump’s victory in 2016 shifted decisively toward Democrats two years later and Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin combine for 46 electoral votes. Those three states each went GOP by paper-thin margins two years ago, but this time Democratic Senate candidates won easily and Republican gubernatorial nominees also crashed and burned.

Even if Trump holds all the other states he carried last time, he’d fall short without Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Instead of a focus on rallying loyal followers, Trump needs to win independent, suburban votes in these key swing states whose recent desertions could doom GOP prospects. 

Dennis Prager with Victor Davis Hanson on Politics and Culture

Nov 14, 2018 00:11:42


Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution on divides in human nature. Alienation of suburban woman. Colleges change from education to indoctrination.

Michael Medved: Hurting the Press the President and the Country

Nov 12, 2018 00:01:00


Jim Acosta, the aggressively arrogant reporter for CNN, posed a recent question illustrating the biggest problem with the press.

The day after midterm elections, Acosta grilled the president by saying: “I want to challenge you on one of the statements that you made... that this caravan was an ‘invasion’ … As you know, Mr. President, the caravan was not an invasion.”

Now, if Acosta had quoted Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer and then asked the president’s response, it would have been fair and appropriate, but it’s not a reporter’s job to “challenge” an official in his own name and his own voice.

Why not explore disagreements among politicians, without taking sides yourself? The undisguised anti-Trump contempt by leading journalists supports the idea that the nation’s biggest battle isn’t Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s the media vs. Trump: an impression that hurts the press, the president, and the country.

Dennis Prager and John Fund on Democratic Spin on Election

Nov 9, 2018 00:15:03


Dennis Prager looks at the Democratic spin on the election with John Fund, columnist for National Review

Michael Medved: Something for Both Sides to Celebrate

Nov 9, 2018 00:01:00


The mid-term elections provided a rare occasion for conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, to look at the same events and feel a shared sense of satisfaction and encouragement.

Republicans feel good about expanding their Senate majority and holding key governorships in Florida, Ohio, and elsewhere. Democrats take pride in capturing the House and flipping governorships in Illinois, Michigan and more. Republicans won big races in deep blue states like Massachusetts and Vermont; Democrats gained ground in GOP strongholds like Kansas and South Carolina.

Americans know how to split tickets: in Maryland, Republican Governor Larry Hogan and Democratic Senator Ben Cardin both won simultaneous landslides.

The election returns show that Americans still care most about local issues plus the character and competence of their candidates.

Mid-Terms Reveal a Split Decision

Nov 9, 2018 00:40:25


Townhall Review – November 10, 2018

A look at the election with Hugh Hewitt and Robert Costa, National Political Reporter for the Washington PostDennis Prager looks at the Democratic spin on the election with John Fund, columnist for National Review. The gloves are off as the Democrats are again calling for “Impeachment.” Congressman Mike Gallagher talks with Hugh Hewitt. Salem host Mike Gallagher gives his analysis of the vote the day after the midterms. Dennis Prager speaks with Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Kate Anderson about a case in Anchorage, Alaska involving a women's shelter. Hugh Hewitt talks with Tyler Spady, a survivor of the mass shooting at the Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Michael Medved asks why “hate speech” is acceptable on CNN, or anywhere else.

Lanhee Chen: The Big Story Behind the 2018 Election

Nov 8, 2018 00:01:00


Americans turned out on Tuesday in big numbers to vote in a critical and hotly contested midterm election.

While Democrats were able to win control of the House, the big story is that Republicans will add to their majority in the U.S. Senate. 

That’s significant for two reasons:

First, the incoming freshman class of GOP Senators includes an impressive group of leaders like Mitt Romney, Josh Hawley, and Rick Scott who will stand for policies that promote economic growth, provide for a strong national defense, and advance conservative reforms.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, a Republican Senate means that President Trump’s appointees—in particular to the federal courts—will continue to be confirmed.  This is great news for those who value constitutional restraint and the rule of law. 

The 2018 midterm election was consequential indeed.  And its impacts will surely be felt for years to come.

Larry Elder on Republicans Moving to the Left

Nov 7, 2018 00:08:42


Even when they move to the Left on different issues, Republicans are still attacked as a heartless party by the Left. They should just stay on the Right.

Michael Medved: The Kingdom of Kindness

Nov 6, 2018 00:01:00


I first learned about the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting hours after it happened, when I walked to my own synagogue’s Shabbat services near Seattle. Like other Sabbath observers, I was isolated from the news until I saw a good Christian friend who had showed up at our place of worship, standing vigilantly at the back of the sanctuary.

As it turned out, our friend Charlie—a marine officer, an NRA gun instructor and internationally renowned opera singer—heard the news and immediately took it upon himself to come to our synagogue to protect his friends.

His decision, like the other expressions of support for the Jewish community from good people across the country, reminds us how blessed we are as Americans.

Albert Mohler: A Choice of Parties, A Choice of Worldviews

Nov 5, 2018 00:01:00


After all the arguments, all the acrimony and all the issues that have been discussed, today the voters of the nation make their choices.

In contest after contest across the nation, voters face a choice between individual politicians. But it is also a contest between political parties.

But beyond that, it is a contest of ideas… it’s a battle of world views.

It’s an oft-repeated adage, but elections have consequences. Voters who might be disappointed with the outcome of an election have only themselves to blame if they didn’t vote in the election that has disappointed them. Yes, character matters, personality matters, ideas matter, world views matter and elections matter.

Make sure your vote is part of election day 2018 as the nation makes a decision today.

Hugh Hewitt: A Closing Argument Voters Can Feel

Nov 5, 2018 00:01:00


On the Friday before Election Day, the Labor Department issued a blockbuster of a jobs report:

Employers added a full 250,000 jobs to their payrolls; the unemployment held at 3.7 percent—a 49-year low. This comes as year-to-year wages grew 3.1 percent: that’s the biggest gain for hourly wage-earners since 2009.

If President Obama had delivered this sort of jobs report the Friday before the 2010 midterms, every elite outlet would have given it non-stop coverage through Election Day.

But … today … the last thing we’d expect is fair coverage of an economy driven by legislation passed by a GOP Congressional majority and a Trump White House.

If voters needed one more reason to return those GOP majorities to the House and Senate in January, that jobs report ought to be it.

It’s a closing argument, along with Brett Kavanaugh, that voters can feel in their pocketbook and in their hearts.

Today: It’s up you. Get out there and vote. Vote today.

Albert Mohler: Our Obligations to the City of Man

Nov 5, 2018 00:01:00


On the first Tuesday of November every other year, Americans have the opportunity to exercise our voice—and our vote—in the ongoing American experiment of democracy.


Over the course of the last few years we’ve witnessed a heightening of the polarizing trends that have marked our electoral politics for the greater portion of the last two decades. The tone or the tension that marks our political discourse, I’m sure, turns off many voters.


So how should we respond on Election Day 2018?


As a Christian, my convictions are shaped by the great Christian theologian Augustine, who developed thought on our two citizenships—one to the City of God, one to the City of Man.


There is much more that could be said about this, but—given the fact that we live in a democracy—our minimum obligations to the City of Man are that we vote.


Make it a point to vote.


Michael Medved: Vote for Collaboration Over Confrontation

Nov 3, 2018 00:01:00


Americans of every perspective say they’re disgusted by the polarization, pettiness and unbridled anger that have come to characterize our politics.

The great majority of us say we want more cooperation and civility, but there’s only one way to vote for those qualities on Tuesday. If the Democrats win control of the House of Representatives, they’ve promised aggressive new initiatives for impeachment and investigation, and I believe they’d keep those promises—with two more years of determined efforts to destroy the president.

Republicans, on the other hand, may not agree with Trump on everything, but they’re determined to work with him for a program of constructive reform. If we really do want a new era of growth and gains, rather than more grating gridlock, GOP victory is essential. Vote for collaboration over confrontation on November 6th.

Larry Elder with John Eastman on Illegal Immigration and U.S. Citizenship

Nov 2, 2018 00:09:27


Illegal immigration and U.S. citizenship is the topic for Larry Elder and Constitution Law Professor John Eastman.

Heightened Tensions Mark the Nation as Election Approaches

Nov 2, 2018 00:40:49


Townhall Review – November 3, 2018

Michael Medved questions the haste with which the lethal attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue has turned political. Hugh Hewitt talks with Lanhee Chen about the latest trends and predictions on the upcoming election. Mark Davis asks Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine Graduate School of Public Policy, about California’s congressional races. Hugh Hewitt is with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to talk about his recent visit to China in an effort to de-escalate tensions. Illegal immigration and U.S. citizenship is the topic for Larry Elder and Constitution Law Professor John Eastman. Michael Medved talks with Paul Kengor, whose children were a witness to the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Dennis Prager interviews Bradley Birzer about his book, In Defense of Andrew Jackson. Hugh Hewitt talks with Jan Karon about her latest book set in the fictional village of Mitford, Bathed in Prayer.

Jerry Bowyer: Tax Reform 2.0 and the 2018 Election

Nov 1, 2018 00:01:00


Larry Kudlow—the President’s chief economic advisor—is putting his clout into getting Congress to pass Tax Reform 2.0.


And what's tax reform 2.0?


It’s a series of bills proposed by House Republicans which would do three things:


First: Make last year’s tax cuts permanent.


Second: expand savings programs for the middle class, making things live 401(k)s much more affordable for small business owners.


Third: Tax Reform 2.0 would allow small business owners to deduct $20k in start-up costs, much more than the current stingy 5k deduction.


Last year’s tax cut has been great for the economy, but history shows that the growth spurt after tax cuts can kind of peter out after a year or two.


If we want the boom to continue, we need to keep making the tax system pro-growth.


Remember that this November.

David Davenport: Make Congress Great Again

Oct 31, 2018 00:01:00


We have a bad habit of not taking elections like 2018 seriously. We call them by the wrong names:  It’s not just a “midterm” or “off-year” election. This election will decide the membership of the U.S. Congress, and scores of governorships, statehouses, ballot propositions and local officials. 

We also have a bad habit of not turning out to vote in these crucial elections. When a presidential race is on the ballot, the turnout is around 60 personality. With no presidential race, the voter turnout is a pitiful 40 personality.

Finally, the 2018 election should not just be a referendum on the president. We have one more bad habit of thinking the president is our primary political representative, when in fact it should be our own member of Congress. We need to make Congress great again for our democracy to work.

Whatever you do, vote in 2018.

Hugh Hewitt: Key Races in the Battle for the Senate

Oct 31, 2018 00:01:00


Rick Scott has been a great governor for Florida. He will be a great senator for the Sunshine State—and he deserves support over the nearly invisible incumbent Bill Nelson.

Kevin Cramer, Congressman from North Dakota, has been a stalwart for farmers and energy producers—and he deserves support against incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp who’s a sure vote to put Chuck Schumer in charge of the United States Senate with all that that means for the country.

Josh Hawley in Missouri and Patrick Morrisey in West Virginia are also running against Democratic incumbents in Missouri and West Virginia respectively—Claire McCaskill and Joe Manchin. Missouri voters need to put Hawley in D.C. and West Virginia voters ought to send Morrisey to the Capitol. 

Both have been excellent attorney generals of their states. 

To summarize: we need Scott, Cramer, Hawley and Morrisey in the Senate.

Jim Daly: Indifference Is Not a Viable Option

Oct 30, 2018 00:01:00


Would you be surprised if I told you that an election in Kentucky 34 years ago changed the course of American  history? It’s true.

On November 6 1984, a 44-year-old Republican judge defeated Walter D. Huddleston, one of the state’s incumbent senators by just 5,000 votes.

It would have been impossible for those Kentucky voters to have foreseen the impact their vote would have, but without that judge there would be no Justice Gorsuch or Justice Kavanaugh.

That’s right: the judge who won this upset election was Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

It was Plato who said that the penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. We either cast our vote or we lose the right to gripe about our government

So, please: vote on November 6th.

Michael Medved: Beto’s Blunder

Oct 30, 2018 00:01:00


Congressman Beto O’Rourke has broken fund-raising records in his challenge to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but on a CNN townhall this new liberal “Wonder Boy” made comments that should doom his $60 million campaign and terminate his political future.

The Congressman re-affirmed that he’s ready to vote to impeach President Trump for collusion and obstruction, even before Mueller finishes his investigation or produces evidence of guilt. Dozens of other Democrats have taken similar positions, and expressed the even more bizarre hope of impeaching and investigating Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

During the Kavanaugh confirmation process, most Americans felt rightly disgusted by the bitterness, hysteria, wild-charges and character assassination.

Beto’s blunder makes it obvious to all that anyone who votes for Democratic Congressional or Senatorial candidates is voting for more of the same. 

Jennifer Horn: The Left Ought Not Be Rewarded

Oct 29, 2018 00:01:00


The Democrats resorted to extreme measures to defeat Justice Kavanaugh. 

Even though they lost, they apparently have no shame or intention of changing their ugly tactics. 

Republican Senator Susan Collins—was first bribed, then vilified and threatened for supporting him. 

Why the ugliness?

As we look to the election, Democrats are terrified they may lose government support for their ardent supporter, Planned Parenthood.  They justify it as “protecting women’s health” but it’s really about money and power.     

They didn’t mind risking the health of Dr. Christine Ford, their star anti-Kavanaugh witness.

After losing in 2016 and failing to stop the Supreme Court nominee—the behavior of the Left has turned radical and dangerous. 

It ought not be rewarded.

Join me in voting Republican on November 6.

David Davenport: What's at Stake in the 2018 Elections

Oct 28, 2018 00:01:00


435 House and 33 Senate seats.  36 governorships.  6,665 state offices and tens of thousands of local ones.  And you ask what’s at stake in the 2018 elections? 

There’s more: important ballot measures like the gas tax in California, carbon emissions in Washington, Medicaid expansion and voting rights.

Beyond the direct effects of your vote lie other questions.  If we split the House and Senate, will anything be passed in the next two years?  Even though Donald Trump is not on the ballot, this election will largely be a referendum on his performance.

It’s embarrassing but, according to the Pew Research Center, voter turnout in the U.S. is only 26th out of 32 democratic countries. 

Isn’t there enough at stake for you to vote?  Believe me, this is not a year to be disengaged.  Turn out and do your part.

Dennis Prager and John Zmirak Discuss the Caravan Approaching U.S. Border

Oct 26, 2018 00:15:31


Dennis Prager is with John Zmirak, senior editor of The Stream to take a close look at that caravan of migrants heading our way.

Lanhee Chen: We Should Not Send a “Prada Socialist” to the Senate

Oct 26, 2018 00:01:00


Voters in Arizona have a critical choice before them this November when they consider who to send to the United States Senate.

On the one hand, there’s liberal Kyrsten Sinema. For this campaign, she’s pretended to be a moderate who will consider all points of view.  But her record belies the facts. She once proclaimed herself a “Prada Socialist” who supported higher taxes, government-run health care, and lobbied to shut down Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix.

And then there’s Martha McSally. She was the first American woman to fly in combat and has served our country with honor and distinction. She’s been a tireless advocate for Arizona families in Congress, supporting tax cuts, more affordable health care, and a balanced budget.

In Arizona and across the country, voters face important choices that will profoundly impact our future success.  On November 6, don’t forget to make your voice heard.

How a Lack of Civility Leads to Mobs and Bomb Scares

Oct 26, 2018 00:41:06


Townhall Review – October 27, 2018

Dennis Prager is with John Zmirak, senior editor of The Stream to take a close look at that caravan of migrants heading our way. Hugh Hewitt and Senator Ted Cruz talk about the “suspicious packages” that have been sent to Democrats and the Left’s hatred of Donald Trump. Hugh Hewitt and Senator Ben Sasse examine how all the rhetoric is turning dangerous. Is requiring voter ID racist? Larry Elder has a perspective from the side not normally heard from on the issue…the minorities themselves. Hugh Hewitt talks with Eric Metaxas about his latest book, Donald Drains the Swamp. Michael Medved interviews author, reporter, and former marijuana addict Neal Pollack. Dennis Prager opines on the left’s “mob mentality,” and transgender male athletes competing with women athletes.

Dennis Prager: America's Near Transformation

Oct 25, 2018 00:01:00


Conservatives who are disinclined to vote on November 6 should take a brief history tour. 

When Barack Obama was about to become President in 2009 he said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Eight years later, his prediction had nearly been fulfilled:

His vaunted health care proposal had been passed—and was already well on its way towards collapsing America was weaker militarily

Had Hillary Clinton followed in Obama’s wake, who knows what else we’d be facing…

Thanks to the Trump Administration and a Republican Congress, U.S. world leadership is back, the economy is strong; and rogue states are in check. 

But a Democrat-led House promises to undo those accomplishments.

We simply cannot afford a Speaker Pelosi.

Be sure to vote. And vote Republican! 

Larry Elder on Voter IDs

Oct 25, 2018 00:14:30


Exposing the persistent myths on the controversial subject of Voter IDs.

Jerry Bowyer: The American Economy and Election 2018

Oct 24, 2018 00:01:00


You know that recent massive market sell-off?—The one that dropped over 1,000 points from the Dow in just 2 days? I was a reminder that –when it comes to the economy—we’re not out of the woods yet. And if Democrats win the mid-terms, we could get more shocks like we saw in early October.

The polarized politics of our day, the mob tactics, and the attacks on the President and his party have dominated the news.

I fear we’ve lost sight of the economic reasons to vote in November.

The tax cut passed last year and boosted every sector of the economy. Republicans want to pass another one which could extend those gains for years. Democrats want to repeal the last one.

Republicans want to unleash business; Democrats want to tighten the leash.

The election is on us: If you’re interested in a strong economy and a strong stock market, you need to vote for growth policies in November.

Hugh Hewitt with Eric Metaxas on 'Donald Drains the Swamp'

Oct 24, 2018 00:12:22


Hewitt with Eric Metaxas, fellow Salem host and author of, “Donald Drains the Swamp

What happened to the Saudi Journalist?

Oct 23, 2018 00:10:07


Hugh Hewitt and David Kirkpatrick, of the New York Times, examine the disappearance and probable murder of a Saudi dissident journalist.

Lanhee Chen: An Advocate for Religious Liberty for Missouri

Oct 22, 2018 00:01:00


A commentary on the Missouri race.

Hugh Hewitt and Alan Greenspan Talk American Capitalism

Oct 19, 2018 00:28:21


Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, talks with Hugh Hewitt about his book Capitalism in America.

Katie Pavlich: The Big Issues Surrounding the 2018 Election

Oct 19, 2018 00:01:00


The first big electoral test for President Donald Trump will take place on November 6.

A quick look at history would indicate Republicans should lose seats in the House and possibly in the Senate. But—just as President Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office has bucked the status quo—independent and conservative voters must do the same in the 2018-midterm elections.

This election isn’t simply about Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s much bigger than that: It really is about right and wrong. It’s about free markets vs. socialism; due process vs. mob rule; civility vs. violence. 

As election day inches closer, Democrats have proven time and again that their vicious behavior should not be rewarded with power. Not with a single seat.

Independent and conservative voters must hold the line on Election Day in order to ensure a safe and prosperous future.

Countdown to Election Day

Oct 19, 2018 00:40:45


Townhall Review – October 20, 2018

With the midterm elections bearing down on us, Larry Elder and James O’Keefe, look at the Missouri Senate race. Hurricane Michael took a direct hit at Tyndall Air Force Base and damaged many of the Air Force’s elite and expensive F-22 fighter jets. Hugh Hewitt talks with Congressman Mike Gallagher about the impact. Larry Elder looks at the media's tendency to try to paint President Trump as a racist by twisting the President’s comments. Hugh Hewitt and David Kirkpatrick, of the New York Times, examine the disappearance and probable murder of a Saudi dissident journalist. Dennis Prager talks with Lisa Daftari about Rutger’s invitation, then dis-invitation, to speak at her Alma Mater because a handful of students were “uncomfortable.” Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, talks with Hugh Hewitt about his book Capitalism in America. Michael Medved and Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel, David Cortman, look at the ADF’s role in defending fired Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran.

Michael Medved: From Pocahontas to Fauxcahontas

Oct 18, 2018 00:01:00


Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to affirm her Native American identity and to collect a million dollars in the process: President Trump in a rally promised to pay that much if DNA tests could prove that she’s an Indian.

She cites tests indicating her genetic Indian ancestry is as much as 1 in 64, or as little as 1 in 1,024. No: no recognized tribe in America would accept a single great-great-great-great grandfather as proof.

Worst of all, Warren’s insistence on the “one drop of blood” standard is inherently racist; what does DNA mean without history of cultural affinity or communal participation?

President Trump should no longer use the nickname “Pocahontas”; the designation “Faux-cahontas” is far more appropriate—that’s “faux”, as in phony.

Larry Elder on Trump and White Racism

Oct 18, 2018 00:09:54


Larry Elder makes a keen observation on white liberals contradicting themselves on Trump: they have always claimed Trump won by appealing to the "deplorable" racism in many whites. After he met Kanye, liberals like Chris Matthews now say that he is trying to show that he is not a racist because he knows that most whites don't vote for a racist!

Jerry Bowyer: The Kavanaugh Effect on the Upcoming Midterms

Oct 17, 2018 00:01:00


The abusive process that Judge Kavanaugh went through to become Justice Kavanaugh has energized Republicans much more than Democrats.

Mike Gallagher on Elizabeth Warren's DNA Results

Oct 17, 2018 00:07:47


Why this story is very important on the political landscape.

Lanhee Chen: It’s Not Easy Being Mitch McConnell

Oct 17, 2018 00:01:00


The under-appreciated Senate majority leader should be commended for his incredible achievements.

Larry Elder: Incivility and Election 2018

Oct 15, 2018 00:01:00


Don’t let the noise of protesting mobs discourage you from voting this cycle.

-Larry Elder.

Mike Gallagher on Democrat's Plan B: There Isn't One

Oct 13, 2018 00:06:51


Mike Gallagher looks at the effort to intimidate Republicans as described in a piece written by Brian Dean Wright for FoxNews.

Michael Medved: The President Can Act Immediately to Launch a ‘War on Waste’

Oct 12, 2018 00:01:00


In the last weeks before November’s crucial election, President Trump should make bold moves to address a looming crisis that most politicians prefer to ignore: soaring budget deficits and a crushing national debt.

A new group,, calls for a “War on Waste” to curb the outrageous spending, like squandering a million dollars to prepare religions for the discovery of extraterrestrial life, and another million for ex ed for prostitutes in California.

The best way to curb outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars is transparency. Open The Books suggests that President Trump immediately begin posting on-line every cent the White House spends, and order that every other federal department do the same. Then he can command that each federal department cut at least 5%.

These executive actions would provide major steps toward a leaner, more efficient, less costly federal government.


The Rise of the Unhinged Left

Oct 12, 2018 00:40:54


Townhall Review – October 13, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Tom Cotton examine how the Kavanaugh madness will help the GOP come November. Mike Gallagher looks at the effort to intimidate Republicans as described in a piece written by Brian Dean Wright for FoxNews. Larry Elder and Heather Mac Donald examine the cases where rape accusers have been caught lying. Hugh Hewitt and Senator Mike Lee discuss the shocking statement from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Dennis Prager asks Ann McElhinney about her book that was made into a movie about one of the most notorious abortion doctors ever. Michael Medved looks at the story of Neil Pollack and his addiction to the drug that keeps getting worse, marijuana.  Dennis Prager talks about civility and the Democrats lack of it, as illustrated by Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, who implied that it’s okay for mobs to harass and intimidate Republicans with whom they politically disagree.

Michael Medved: No, the Gold Rush Wasn't Racist

Oct 11, 2018 00:01:00


At Cal State Long Beach, a handsome statue known as “Prospector Pete” will be moved and sports teams will drop the “The ‘49ers” mascot” because Gold Rush references now count as racist.

One Native American activist said that “walking by a statue that’s put in a prominent place… that’s another type of trauma that’s being imposed on me.” But if the Gold Rush that began 170 years ago was a calamity then California itself is a calamity. The state exists because of the fastest migration in human history with nearly 300,000 newcomers arriving to seek instant wealth. They included Chinese, Hawaiians, Latin Americans, Australians and even  Native people from outside California.

The gold they drew from the earth built the federal treasury and helped make America an economic superpower for the first time.

Hugh Hewitt with Mike Pence on Current Events in Foreign Affairs

Oct 11, 2018 00:20:47


A wide-ranging discussion with the Vice President on foreign affairs, from Nikki Haley's resignation, to the missing WaPo journalist, and China.

Dennis Prager with Ann McElhinney on New Movie Gosnell

Oct 10, 2018 00:13:09


Prager talks to Ann McElhinney, co-producer of the new movie, Gosnell and author of the book Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer (now out in paperback).

Ed Martin with Adam Andrzejewski Expose Wasteful Government Spending

Oct 9, 2018 00:07:55


Ed Martin talks to Adam Andrzejewski, of Open the Books, about his work showcasing and exposing wasteful government spending at all levels.

Michael Medved: Dems Deeply Damaged Themselves in Kavanaugh Fight

Oct 8, 2018 00:01:00


For three reasons, confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh has been a damaging disaster for Democrats.

First, those Democrats have been indignant in defeat, and America hates sore losers. New talk of impeaching Kavanaugh, or continuing to smear him, only makes the Democrats look extreme and vicious.

Second, the whole Kavanaugh fight united Republicans more than ever before, with even Trump skeptics appreciating his strong defense of a good man and outstanding judge.

Third, the Democrats’ implacable and irrational hysteria toward Kavanaugh shows that Trump’s not the only one to blame for our present polarization.

The president may be rude and crude, but even the most main-stream, polished conservative – like Kavanaugh – will draw the irrational wrath of the apocalyptic left. Republicans learned we can only survive by working together-- and fighting back.

Larry Elder and Economist Stephen Moore Discuss Trump's New Trade Deal

Oct 5, 2018 00:08:01


Larry Elder interviews Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation about the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

Hugh Hewitt: Brett Kavanaugh and the Shifting Calculus for the 2018 Election

Oct 5, 2018 00:01:00


The national scalding of the confirmation proceedings around Judge Brett Kavanaugh has changed the election calculus for many.  We already knew - Democrats told us -that if they took back the House they'd move to impeach President Trump. Now we know courtesy of the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee - New York City's Jerry Nadler - that he intends hearings going after Brett Kavanaugh if he gets the gavel.

Democrats seeking revenge for 2016's still unthinkable-to-them defeat of Hillary Clinton are not hiding their agenda. Vote for a Democrat and you are imperiling the magnificent economic boom, the re-armament of America, and the re-stocking of the federal judiciary with judges who are not political actors.  A vote for any Democrat for any House seat is a vote for Nancy Pelosi.

It's that simple.

The Kavanaugh Nomination and the New Face of McCarthyism

Oct 5, 2018 00:40:47


Townhall Review – October 6, 2018

Dennis Prager takes a close look at life-long liberal Alan Dershowitz’s examination of the Democrat’s conduct during the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Hugh Hewitt talks with Judiciary Committee member John Cornyn about the Kavanaugh FBI investigation. The American Bar Association now says they still support the Kavanaugh nomination regardless of a letter written by ABA President Robert Carlson. Larry Elder comments. Hugh Hewitt asks Senator Joni Ernst if principles, like the presumption of innocence, are now at risk in political discourse. Larry Elder interviews Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation about the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. Ed Martin talks to Adam Andrzejewski about his work showcasing and exposing wasteful government spending at all levels. Mike Gallagher takes issue with Senator Cory Booker’s comment that “it doesn’t matter if Kavanaugh is guilty or innocent.” Joe Walsh talks with Jim Daly of Focus on the Family about Bring Your Bible to School Day.

Michael Medved: The Real Basis for Anti-Kavanaugh Hysteria

Oct 4, 2018 00:01:00


It has nothing to do with the Ford accusations. It's all about Roe.

Joe Walsh with Jim Daily on 'Bring the Bible to School' Day

Oct 3, 2018 00:05:32


October 4th is 'Bring the Bible to School' Day. This is just another effort to promote more awareness to our constitutional right to freedom of religion. 

Hugh Hewitt with Tom Cotton on Character Assassination of Kavanaugh

Oct 3, 2018 00:06:24


Senator Tom Cotton joins Hewitt to discuss the Democrats' intentional character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh.

Michael Medved: A Double Standard on Kavanaugh

Oct 2, 2018 00:01:00


Contrast the Democratic attitude to Kavanaugh's decades' old allegations with recent allegations against Ellison.

Hugh Hewitt and Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran on His Firing

Oct 2, 2018 00:09:45


Hugh Hewitt talks to Alliance Defending Freedom's Senior Counsel David Cortman and former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran who was fired from his job because of his belief in traditional marriage.

Michael Medved and Yale Professor on De-escalating Partisan Madness

Sep 28, 2018 00:08:18


Michael Medved’s guest, Yale professor Akhil Reed Amar, tries to answer the question if there is any hope of de-escalating the madness stemming from the unbelievable level of partisan politics.

Michael Medved: Kavanaugh Fight Shows Liberal Hypocrisy

Sep 28, 2018 00:01:00


The contradictions on the Left.

Kavanaugh Responds As Senate Weighs Vote

Sep 28, 2018 00:40:49


Townhall Review – September 29, 2018

Hugh Hewitt looks at and comments on the Democrat's last-minute desperate attacks aimed at derailing, if not ending, the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the U. S. Supreme Court. Michael Medved’s guest, Yale professor Akhil Reed Amar, tries to answer the question if there is any hope of de-escalating the madness stemming from the unbelievable level of partisan politics. Hugh Hewitt talks to ADF Senior Counsel David Cortman and Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran, who was fired from his job because of his belief in traditional marriage. Larry Elder wonders why golf fans, composed mainly of older white males, are so excited and supportive of Tiger Woods and his recent PGA tournament win, when so many claim that racism is rampant. Dennis Prager comments on left-wing extremist’s harassment of Ted Cruz and his wife while they were dining at a restaurant.

Albert Mohler on Kavanaugh Allegations: When the Truth No Longer Matters

Sep 26, 2018 00:01:00


A number of voices have said—some even explicitly—that Judge Kavanaugh should step aside even if the allegations are not true, if these events just plausibly could have happened...

Mike Gallagher on the Mob Tactics of the Left

Sep 26, 2018 00:08:21


Gallagher discusses the hounding of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife from a restaurant, the treatment of Kavanaugh, and other mob tactics being used by the Left.

Michael Medved and James Robbins on Erasing America

Sep 25, 2018 00:10:40


Michael Medved talks with journalist James Robbins about his new book, Erasing America: Losing our Future by Destroying our Past.

Jerry Bowyer: The Child Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church

Sep 24, 2018 00:01:00


The current crisis in the Catholic church demands a very brief history lesson.

In the ancient world, same-sex relations between men and boys was an accepted norm—among the Greeks and among Roman citizens these relations were, even celebrated. Jesus upended that, threatening child abusers with terrible punishments saying that, “It would be better for those men to have a large stone hung around their necks and to be thrown into the sea.”

Christianity ended the cultural acceptance of pedophilia.

But now, 2 thousand years later, a number of leaders who claim to act serve in Jesus name are in a scandal over exactly this.

It’s time to go back to the words of Jesus, to provide no hindrance for the children as they look to come to Him.

That will take repentance. And—only after that—a restoration of trust.

Hugh Hewitt: The Court, the Culture and the Meaning of "Sex"

Sep 21, 2018 00:01:00


Back in 1964 Congress passed and LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act.

It was landmark legislation, hastening as it did the end of segregation, a dark era in our nation’s history.

Title VII of that Act prohibited employment discrimination on the basis of, “race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.”

In our contemporary politics, there’s an effort to redefine and re-load what that word “sex” means. Is it something objective?—grounded in biological realties? Or is it simply what an individual says it is?

ADF—the Alliance Defending Freedom—is fighting a case in Michigan that could soon be before the nation’s highest court based on exactly this: Can we take away an objective grounds of “sex”—“male” and “female”—without an act of Congress?

The stakes in the law and in the culture could not be higher.

Accusations Against Kavanaugh and Prospects for Confirmation

Sep 21, 2018 00:40:51


Townhall Review – September 22, 2018

As the Democrats launch a last-minute effort to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation, Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Grassley about the possible testimony of Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Ford. Mike Gallagher and Ed Morrissey examine the latest details. Hugh Hewitt solicits the opinion of Congresswoman Martha McSally of Arizona on the hearing and talks about the congresswoman’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. Michael Medved looks at Seattle’s rampant homelessness and the direction Seattle’s government is heading to address the problem. Mike Gallagher looks at job growth among the “underclass” with Alfredo Ortiz, President of the Job Creators Network. Hugh Hewitt talks with Bob Woodward about his new book, Fear on the Trump Administration. Michael Medved talks with journalist James Robbins about his new book, Erasing America: Losing our Future by Destroying our Past. Larry Elder reacts to a leaked video of a Google “all-hands” meeting shortly after President Trump’s election victory.

Michael Medved: Senate Must Resist a Last-Ditch Smear

Sep 20, 2018 00:01:00


In their desperate attempt to smear Judge Brett Kavanaugh, many left-leaning commentators try to connect him to #MeToo malefactors like Harvey Weinstein.

For two reasons, this association is utterly unfair.

First, the #MeToo villains all exploited positions of power; Kavanaugh was a 17-year-old high school junior at the time of his alleged misdeeds. Second, all the #MeToo villains were guilty of mistreating multiple women, sometimes hundreds; in Judge Kavanaugh’s case, he’s accused of mistreating only one woman, on a single occasion.

The timing of the accusations is also highly suspect.

If Senators allow this shady maneuver to succeed, they will shift our politics from merely ugly to outrageously unjust.

Hugh Hewitt with Josh Hawley on His Senate Race Against Claire McCaskill

Sep 20, 2018 00:10:48


Josh Hawley comments on the Kavanaugh case and discusses his electoral strengths against Claire McCaskill in their upcoming Senate race in Missouri.

Michael Medved on Kavanaugh and His Accuser (Ford)

Sep 19, 2018 00:24:54


Analyzing the latest play from Democrats in their desperate efforts to stop Kavanaugh.

Michael Medved: Curled Up In a Ball of White Shame

Sep 18, 2018 00:01:00


A student at an elite university recently wrote to the New York Times: “I’m riddled with shame. White Shame … I feel like my literal existence hurts people, like I’m always taking up space that should belong to someone else … Instead of harnessing my privilege for greater good, I’m curled up in a ball of shame.”

This unfortunate student illustrates the destructive insanity in teaching personal guilt over so-called “white privilege.” In previous generations, the idea that their skin color made them less worthy than others proved devastating to black people; now some young whites are encouraged to “curl up in a ball of shame.”

As Dr. King made clear, in a decent society, individuals must be judged—and must judge themselves—on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Dennis Prager and LA Senator Bill Cassidy Discuss Media Bias Against PragerU

Sep 18, 2018 00:11:55


Google’s CEO snubs the U.S. Senate, ignoring a request to talk about media censorship. Dennis Prager and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy discuss the media bias against Prager University.

Hugh Hewitt: The McConnell Miracle

Sep 14, 2018 00:01:00


How Mitch McConnell has saved the American Constitution.

Assad Threatens Again; Obama Reenters the Stage

Sep 14, 2018 00:41:01


Townhall Review – September 15, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher take a look at the crisis in Syria, with Assad threatening to use chemical weapons. Michael Medved questions the importance of the anonymous New York Times op-ed that Democrats are salivating over. Mark Davis comments on former President Obama breaking past-president protocol, publicly criticizing the current President and the Republican Party. Google’s CEO snubs the U.S. Senate, ignoring a request to talk about media censorship. Dennis Prager and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy discuss the media bias against Prager University. Michael Medved’s guest, John Bozzella, President and CEO of Global Automakers, says recent tariffs imposed by President Trump are causing auto prices to soar. Hugh Hewitt talks with Ken Starr, who’s Special Counsel work lead to President Clinton’s impeachment, about the likelihood of Trump’s impeachment. Dennis Prager and his producer Allen Estrin discuss President Trump’s phone call with Jewish leaders in media and politics.

Lanhee Chen: President Obama’s Revisionist History

Sep 13, 2018 00:01:00


President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail last week, with a strident and wide-ranging rebuke of President Trump and Republicans. He was asking voters to remember “the good old days”—when he was in charge.  

But let’s not forget the fruits of his labor: Here at home, he oversaw anemic economic growth, fought for a costly health care law that has increased insurance premiums and imposed stifling regulations. Abroad, he pursued a foolish nuclear deal with Iran, failed to articulate a comprehensive strategy for eradicating radical Islamic terrorism, and did not deal decisively with Syria—a failing that has resulted in human suffering, to this day. 

During campaign season, it’s natural for politicians to exaggerate a little in making their case.  But we shouldn’t let President Obama get away with complete rewrite of his own history in office.

Hugh Hewitt with Rep. Mike Gallagher on Syria

Sep 13, 2018 00:11:39


A discussion on latest developments with Syria and the president's direct authority to strike enemy forces without congressional permission in emergencies.

Dennis Prager with Heather MacDonald on How the Left is Putting Diversity Above Competence

Sep 12, 2018 00:12:28


Heather MacDonald discusses the latest insanity in the push for diversity over scientific integrity and competence. 

Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen Discuss Bob Woodward’s Book

Sep 11, 2018 00:09:49


Hugh Hewitt discusses Bob Woodward’s book about President Trump’s White House with Mike Allen of Axios.

Dennis Prager on Ron Desantis' 'Monkey This Up' Comment

Sep 7, 2018 00:10:31


Dennis Prager exposes the ridiculous nature of the Left and how they invent a race issue where there wasn't one. 

Democrats Turn Supreme Court Hearings Into Circus

Sep 7, 2018 00:40:46


Townhall Review – September 8, 2018

Senator Ben Sasse comments on the chaotic Supreme Court confirmation hearing with Hugh Hewitt. Larry Elder looks at how Senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to make the Supreme Court confirmation all about abortion. Michael Medved asks why Nike appears to be entering the political arena. Hugh Hewitt discusses Bob Woodward’s book about President Trump’s White House with Mike Allen of Axios. Creating race issues where there are none. Dennis Prager takes on the word “monkey.” Michael Medved is joined by author Heather MacDonald to talk about her book, The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture. California Democrats want everyone to boycott In-N-Out Burger but Californians are double fisting burgers and business is up. Dennis Prager examines.

Michael Medved: A Victory for Respectful Persuasion

Sep 6, 2018 00:01:00


California lawmaker withdraws controversial bill after discussions with religious leaders.

Hugh Hewitt with Ben Sasse on the Dem Circus at Kavanaugh Hearings

Sep 6, 2018 00:12:09


After his memorable Senate speech at the Kavanaugh hearings, Ben Sasse discusses the thrust of his speech and the obstructionist grandstanding by the Democrats, especially those with presidential aspirations.

Michael Medved: A Victory for Respectful Persuasion

Sep 5, 2018 00:01:00


A California lawmaker withdraws a controversial bill after consulting with religious leaders who found it oppressive.

Lanhee Chen: Hysterical Opposition to Kavanaugh

Sep 5, 2018 00:01:00


Some Democrats are hysterical over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, but they couldn’t have picked a more reasonable and thoughtful jurist to get worked up about...

Dennis Prager and Andrew McCarthy Discuss Cohen Case and Its Threat to Trump Presidency

Aug 31, 2018 00:16:45


Dennis Prager and Andrew McCarthy, Senior Editor at National Review, simplify the complex aspects of the Michael Cohen trial and how it will affect the President.

Albert Mohler: It’s Much Bigger Than Jack Phillips

Aug 31, 2018 00:01:00


Earlier this year, the nation's highest court handed down a decision in the case of Jack Phillips, the baker from Colorado who had been found guilty by the state’s Civil Rights Commission of having violated the rights of LGBT persons by refusing to create cakes with certain messages.

The result was a seven-two decision in favor of Jack.

But now Jack—after the US Supreme Court victory—has some of the very same folks coming back for him again.

Alliance Defending Freedom—the group that successfully defended Jack Phillips all the way to the Supreme Court—is representing him again.

What you haven’t seen reported much is that this is—to put it succinctly—a scam. His opponents in Colorado have made a crusade out of pestering him with outrageous cake requests and then complaining to state officials when he refuses.

The issues here are much bigger than just Jack Phillips.

Scandal Rocks the Catholic Church and the Guilty Plea of Michael Cohen

Aug 31, 2018 00:41:40


Townhall Review -- September 1, 2018

Hugh Hewitt speaks with author Rod Dreher about the latest bombshell in the Catholic church; this time from a report written by a high-ranking Church official implicating the Vatican. Mike Gallagher tells the shocking details of a Cardinal downplaying the importance of this disturbing news. Michael Medved remembers former Vietnam war hero and P.O.W, Senator John McCain. Mike Gallagher exposes the media's faulty news coverage of the Michael Cohen case, especially now that Lanny Davis, a former advisor to the Clintons during the 90s, admits that he misled the media. Dennis Prager looks at the Left's desire to replace "toxic masculinity" with "Mr. Sensitive," leaving nobody to fight evil. Hugh Hewitt turns to Chad Pecknold, a theologian and professor at Catholic University in Washington D.C., to discuss the deep corruption inside the Catholic church, and how Pope Francis, who is implicated, has not yet given a public response. Dennis Prager and Andrew McCarthy, Senior Editor at National Review, simplify the complex aspects of the Michael Cohen trial. Larry Elder and Los Angeles attorney Reeve Chudd give tribute to Aretha Franklin and her contribution to music, but also how important it is to have a last will and testament. 

Gallagher on Why Trump Calls CNN 'Fake News,' 'Enemy of the People'

Aug 30, 2018 00:17:26


CNN continues to make it harder and harder for fair-minded people to dismiss Trump's harsh-sounding assessment of their intentions and character.

Michael Medved: The Republican Challenge With Young Voters

Aug 29, 2018 00:01:00


Political analysts give plenty of attention to our partisan divisions according to race or gender, but not enough to the stark differences based on age. The good news for Republicans is that the Democrats are entirely reliant on young voters. Among Americans over 30 in 2016, Trump won the popular vote by a decisive margin, but among the 19 percent of voters below 30 he lost by a crushing landslide of 20 points.

The bad news is nearly all these young people will be voting again. Meanwhile, the over-65 segment—the strongest age group for Trump—gets steadily thinned by the actuarial realities.

Unless we can swing those youthful voters toward conservative ideas, emphasizing better plans for their present and future, the prospects for the Republican party may be grim.

Dennis Prager on CNN's Iran Death to America Piece

Aug 29, 2018 00:13:49


CNN claims that when Iran says "Death to America," it doesn't really mean what it sounds like to Americans. Really?

Hugh Hewitt with Rod Dreher on Latest Bombshell in the Catholic Crisis

Aug 28, 2018 00:11:01


Rod Reher, author The Benedict Option, discusses the implications of a damning statement on the Pope written by a top Catholic official, Carlo Maria Viganò, on Sunday.

Michael Medved: McCain's Memory Should Make G.O.P. Proud

Aug 27, 2018 00:01:00


The passing of Senator John McCain reminded me of why I feel proud to be a Republican. Beginning in 1980, the GOP has fielded nine presidential nominees, each of whom displayed exemplary patriotism and fundamental decency.

Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush both ran for president three times, and Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney campaigned for the White House two times each. Win or lose, these candidates won respect—even affection—from those who opposed as well as from supporters.

Despite many disagreements over policy, the bi-partisan praise for Senator McCain for noble service to his country reflects his noble character.

May the Republican Party continue to exemplify the principled tradition of “character counts.” 

Dennis Prager on Facebook Issuing Apology to PragerU

Aug 27, 2018 00:08:56


Dennis Prager shares the latest involving Facebook banning Prager University videos, then after a massive outcry from the PragerU community, they later apologized.

The Crazy Reactions to Manafort Conviction and Cohen Confession

Aug 24, 2018 00:40:47


Townhall Review -- August 25, 2018

Michael Medved looks at the foolish and embarrassing excuses of what are clearly crimes by Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher also help make sense of the madness. Salem host Mike Gallagher explains why you should not believe all the gloom and doom surrounding the "blue wave." Dennis Prager and Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer for Prager University, explain the latest on Facebook and Google restricting or outright banning many of PragerU's videos. Michael Medved and economist Stephen Moore discuss the latest in economic news, and how the longest bull market in history may not last much longer. Dennis Prager shares how our society is losing the idea of what is expected of a lady and what is expected of a man.

Michael Medved: The Evidence for Faith

Aug 23, 2018 00:01:00


I recently received an e-mail from a thoughtful listener who challenged my commitment to faith and God. “You’re a smart person,” she wrote, “who emphasizes evidence and logic. How then, can you give such importance in your life to something illogical for which there is no evidence.”

My answer described my experience getting involved in traditional observance of my Jewish faith when I was in my early twenties. When I began praying every day, and then observing the sabbath, my life dramatically improved.

That’s the best evidence available, and it’s been demonstrated also by most of the committed Christians that I know who can also testify to the way faith enriches and improves their lives. As CS Lewis famously observed: “I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God. It changes me.”


Hugh Hewitt with Tim Alberta: Cohen's Confessions and Impeachment Questions

Aug 23, 2018 00:06:10


If they get the chance after November, Democrats will proceed with impeachment no matter what the merits and credibility of Cohen's testimony.

Mike Gallagher on ICE arresting the illegal alien murderer

Aug 22, 2018 00:13:05


The media were outraged that ICE arrested this wanted criminal just because of the circumstances in which he was arrested. In their totally twisted reporting, they showed more sympathy for the criminal and his family than for his victims!

Dennis Prager and George Friedman on Shaky Times in Turkey

Aug 21, 2018 00:26:30


Dennis Prager and geopolitical forecaster Dr. George Friedman look at the turmoil in Turkey and total disarray of the Eurasian Peninsula.

Jerry Bowyer: Looking at the New Age of Tech

Aug 20, 2018 00:01:00


George Gilder is the economist and author who holds the distinction of being quoted by Ronald Reagan more than any other living author.

Gilder is out with a new book, and it’s a blockbuster. And what’s being “busted” is the Obama-era business model of centralized control of social media.

“Life After Google” makes the case that the old model is doomed. And it comes at just the right time. Conservatives are fed up with Google delisting conservative voices like Dennis Prager’s, Facebook labeling the Declaration of Independence hate speech and Twitter shadow-banning Republican officials.

According to Gilder, block chain technology, the tech behind the cyber currency Bitcoin, is the stone which will shatter these dominating hierarchies of wealth and power.

That will put the internet back into the hands of the people.

And that is a good thing.

Lanhee Chen: GOP Should Pitch the Economic Argument

Aug 17, 2018 00:01:00


To forestall the so-called "blue wave."

In An Affront to Supreme Court, Colorado Again Goes After Masterpiece Cakeshop

Aug 17, 2018 00:40:49


Townhall Review – August 18, 2018

Hugh Hewitt speaks with Alliance Defending Freedom’s Vice President and Sr. Counsel, Jeremy Tedesco about the Colorado Civil Rights Commission continuing harassment of cake baker Jack Phillips.  Michael Medved consults with retired airline pilot Dale Leidy for some answers about the ill-fated flight of a stolen Alaska Airlines turbojet. Michael Medved turns to former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for his take on a former White House staffer popularly known as “Omarosa.” Dennis Prager and geopolitical forecaster Dr. George Friedman look at the turmoil in Turkey. Salem’s morning man on Denver’s KNUS, Peter Boyles, visited baker Jack Phillips and ADF attorney Jim Campbell about the latest skirmish with the Colorado Civic Right Commission. Hugh Hewitt and author Lawrence Wright reflect on the movie “Three Identical Strangers.” Dennis Prager looks at the controversy surrounding Minnesota State Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison.

Hugh Hewitt: Colorado Missing the Message From the Supreme Court

Aug 16, 2018 00:01:00


Jack Ryan of the Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court case is back in court again, because Colorado apparently did not get the Supreme Court memo!

Hugh Hewitt with Rep. Mike Gallagher on Turkey Situation

Aug 16, 2018 00:12:21


Hewitt with Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher on Tony Evers, midterms, prohibition on selling F-35s to Turkey, Pastor Brunson hostage, hoping Turkey will move in Western direction, moving our nukes out of Turkey, Turkey aligning with Iran.

David Davenport: Back to School Needs Back to Civic Education

Aug 15, 2018 00:01:00


The urgent need for civic education in our schools.

Hugh Hewitt with Byron York on The Other Side of the Russia Story

Aug 15, 2018 00:14:17


A look at Christopher Steele and other matters on the side of the Russia 'collusion' story that the mainstream media has been ignoring.

Michael Medved: The Real Meaning of 'Government of Laws, Not Men'

Aug 14, 2018 00:01:00


In middle school, I first heard the phrase that America had been blessed with “a government of laws and not of men.” That description, originating with John Adams, at first made no sense to me: men make the laws, and change them. Laws don’t draft themselves, or enforce themselves—ultimately, we rely on decent people to give life to the law and to uphold it.

Recently, however, I’ve gained new perspective on Adams’ famous distinction because of the toxic politics of the moment. Media irresponsibly emphasize personalities—and especially the polarizing personality of President Trump. It’s hard to compromise between love or loathing for any individual; and it’s vastly easier to find middle ground on that leader’s policies or programs.

In these polarizing times, all Americans would benefit from greater emphasis on policy, and less focus on personality.

Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen in Tense Talk about Trump and Putin

Aug 14, 2018 00:08:03


Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios, have a contentious conversation about the media misrepresenting President Trump's connection with Vladimir Putin.

Albert Mohler: Religious Liberty Has Real Enemies

Aug 13, 2018 00:01:00


In recent years, Americans have watched as our “first freedom,” religious liberty, is now openly despised by many who push the new sexual revolution.

We’ve seen nuns forced to pay for contraceptives while bakers, wedding photographers and florists faced criminal and civil actions for living out their Christian convictions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced a new “Religious Liberty Task Force” warning that some in our society are now openly targeting religious groups “by labeling them a ‘hate group.’

The outrage from the Left is extremely instructive: The Democratic National Committee charged Sessions of “shamefully doubling down on bigotry.” Planned Parenthood called the task force “another license to discriminate.” One liberal commentator said the DOJ is trying to create “a regressive Christian white ethnostate.”

No kidding.

It’s as if they were trying to make the Attorney General’s case for him.

Michael Medved: A Pointless and Pathetic Confrontation

Aug 11, 2018 00:01:00


On the planned "Unite The Right" rally on Sunday and the equally pathetic "counter-protesters" who plan to confront them.

Michael Medved Examines Chicago's Rampant Gun Violence

Aug 10, 2018 00:15:11


Michael Medved examines Chicago's leadership responsibility following a very deadly weekend of gun violence.

Activists on the Left are Encouraged to Bully Conservatives by a Member of Congress

Aug 10, 2018 00:40:57


Townhall Review – August 11, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of Axios, have a contentious conversation about the media misrepresenting President Trump's connection with Vladimir Putin. Hugh Hewitt is joined by Amie Parnes, White House correspondent for The Hill, who is following the Russia/Trump story. Mike Gallagher looks at the growing trend by left-wing activists to threaten and scream at conservatives who disagree with them. Larry Elder opines about Sarah Jeong’s recent appointment to the editorial board of the New York Times and her “out-of-context” tweets. Michael Medved examines Chicago's leadership responsibility following a very deadly weekend of gun violence. Dennis Prager asks commentator Candace Owens to tell us what it was like to be targeted, in a restaurant, by Antifa activists. Michael Medved looks at a disturbing and bizarre Japanese trend to replace sexual partners with robots.

Dennis Prager with Candace Owens on the Antifa Attack on Her

Aug 9, 2018 00:17:27


The Antifa cowards attacked conservative activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk at a restaurant in Philadephia recently. A dissection of the Left's growing insanity.

Larry Elder on Sarah Jeong's Anti-White Tweets and the Candace Owens Riot

Aug 8, 2018 00:08:39


Insightful commentary on the new board appointee of the New York Times, Sarah Jeong, and her controversial anti-white tweets. Plus the riot against Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk and what it says about the Left.

Michael Medved and Jay Richards on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Aug 7, 2018 00:18:57


Michael Medved and Jay Richards, author of The Human Advantage – The Future of Work in an Age of Smart Machines, look to the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Dennis Prager and Comedian Owen Benjamin on the Strange Death of Comedy

Aug 3, 2018 00:11:19


Dennis Prager asks comedian Owen Benjamin about liberal pressure on stand-up comedians. Thanks to political correctness, and the "I'm offended" culture, clean comedy is having a rough go at it. Be sure to check out Benjamin's Prager U video.

Countdown to Election Day 2018

Aug 3, 2018 00:40:53


Townhall Review – August 4, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Chuck Grassley talk about the push to complete confirmation of judicial nominations.  Hugh Hewitt talks with Congressman Jim Renacci about his re-election race. Michael Medved comments on 3-D printable guns. Dennis Prager asks comedian Owen Benjamin about liberal pressure on stand-up comedians. Larry Elder examines the Atlantic Magazine’s article, “What Putin Really Wants.” Michael Medved and Jay Richards, author of The Human Advantage – The Future of Work in an Age of Smart Machines, look to the future of Artificial Intelligence. Dennis Prager talks with Gregg Jarrett about his book, The Russia Hoax – The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump. Mike Gallagher and Dinesh D’Souza discuss his latest project, the film “Death of a Nation.”

Larry Elder on Russia Instigating Racism in America

Aug 2, 2018 00:07:51


An insight into one of the major things Russians were trying to accomplish with their meddling in American politics. Were they successful?

Michael Medved: "Corruption" in Context

Aug 1, 2018 00:01:00


News media portray today’s politics as incomparably corrupt, focusing on endless scandals to tarnish politicians in general and the Trump administration in particular.

But in historical perspective, corruption is far less rampant than in the past: prominent officials in the Johnson, Nixon and Reagan administrations faced criminal prosecution.

Around the world, top leaders in Brazil, France, Israel, South Africa and many other countries faced criminal charges for abusing public office; in lists of “most corrupt governments,” the US never scores among the worst. But media here love to dwell on scandal because it’s lurid and dramatic, and they also mislead the public with acclaimed entertainment series like “House of Cards,” “Scandal” and “Veep.”

The reality of our politics today is less exciting, but it’s also far less sordid.

Dennis Prager on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Aug 1, 2018 00:06:25


The misguided ideology of the Democrat's rising star, Ocasio-Cortez, and what it reveals about where the Democratic Party is today.

Ed Martin with Larry Elder on Putin, NATO and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jul 31, 2018 00:06:35


Sharp insights from Larry Elder discuss recent developments in American foreign relations, and the reaction of the media to Trump's diplomatic efforts.

Albert Mohler: Abortion, Brett Kavanaugh and the Pause Button

Jul 27, 2018 00:01:00


A group of liberal Christians is calling for a “pause” in the culture wars. This “Call to Pause” is really a demand for evangelical surrender on the issue of abortion—and that’s not going to happen.

Interestingly, it was the left in American politics that politicized the judiciary—going around the legislative process to force vast moral change through the courts. They understand exactly what is at stake as we look at the nomination of a strict constructionist justice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The nomination of Supreme Court justices who are committed to the actual words and text of the Constitution is vital to the survival of America’s grand experiment in constitutional self-government. The protection of human life is an even higher mandate.

This is no time to hit the pause button.

Michael Medved Calls for a Statute of Limitations

Jul 27, 2018 00:16:42


Michael Medved examines the impact foolish social media posts or stupid comments from long ago might cause some good, talented people to not seek public office.

American Foreign Policy After the Iran Deal

Jul 27, 2018 00:40:54


Townhall Review – July 28, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and New York Times columnist, Bret Stephens, talk about Iran’s latest threats to the United States following President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Hugh Hewitt and Rep. Mike Gallagher discuss President Trump’s recent speech on upgrading the U.S. military. Phil Cowan and Jonathan Keller of the California Family Counsel discuss the postponement of California AB2943. Dennis Prager and Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal look at the latest developments in the “Russian Collusion” investigation. Michael Medved looks at how the Democrats’ flirting with Democratic Socialism might affect the Republican chances in the midterm election. Michael Medved examines the impact foolish social media posts or stupid comments from long ago might cause some good, talented people to not seek public office. Mike Gallagher and former press secretary Sean Spicer look back at his career in his new book, The Briefing.

Michael Medved: Best Nominee is Blocked for the Worst Reason

Jul 26, 2018 00:01:00


One of President Trump’s best judicial nominees has been blocked by indignant Democrats because of columns he wrote while a Stanford student 25 years ago. 

In one of these pieces, Ryan Bounds argued that ethnic identity groups promote campus divisions, and in another he demanded proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” before expelling young men accused of sexual assault.  Now these are arguable but mainstream teenage opinions have wrecked the hopes of a Yale Law graduate and a respected federal prosecutor.

If Republicans gain a few Senate seats in November, I hope President Trump will try again to win confirmation for the eminently deserving Ryan Bounds.

Hugh Hewitt with Mike Gallagher on American Military

Jul 26, 2018 00:12:15


A discussion on current developments in building American military might to meet America's present challenges.

Dennis Prager with George Gilder on 'Life After Google.'

Jul 25, 2018 00:22:27


Famous futurist George Gilder shares some deep social insights from his new book Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy

Mike Gallagher with Sean Spicer on Lessons Learned as Press Secretary

Jul 24, 2018 00:17:32


Sean Spicer takes us into his challenging world as Trump's White House secretary, including the moment he regrets the most in that job.

Michael Medved: An Alternative to Trump-Bashing Comedy?

Jul 21, 2018 00:01:00


USA TODAY recently hailed nine TV comedians who specialize in mocking President Trump. Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Michelle Wolf all identify as outspoken liberals.


Alternative programming from conservative comedians could earn great success by capturing just 10% of the late-night comedy audience. The purpose shouldn’t be to defend Trump–defense isn’t funny. Instead, a conservative comedy show could go after laughable libs like Pelosi and Schumer, Bernie and Hillary, while mocking politically correct comics and their predictable mockery of Trump.

If a network embraced the obvious opportunity, they could laugh all the way to the bank.

Hugh Hewitt and Mike Pompeo on International Religious Freedom Summit

Jul 21, 2018 00:07:21


Hugh Hewitt invites Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the show to talk about the July 24-26 State Department event focused on international religious freedom.

The Good and Bad from the Helsinki Summit

Jul 20, 2018 00:40:48


Townhall Review – July 21, 2018

Hugh Hewitt is joined by Dr. Kori Schake, Deputy Director for the International Institute of Strategic Studies, for a discussion on President Trump’s Helsinki press conference comments and the reaction to Trump's retraction. Mike Gallagher talks about Michael Goodwin’s article on President Trump and the Russian meddling investigation. Michael Medved disputes the allegations that President Trump’s comments rise to the level of treason. Hugh Hewitt invites Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on to talk about the July 24-26 State Department event focused on international religious freedom. Hugh Hewitt and ADF counsel Jeremy Tedesco,  discuss another critical case winding its way through the court system. Larry Elder talks about the double standard between celebrity racial comments and Papa John's. Dennis Prager tells us why the Left gets bored so they seek out causes to take on without care of the consequences.

Michael Medved on Ocasio-Cortez and Feinstein

Jul 19, 2018 00:07:48


What's happening in the Democratic Party? Analyzing the rise of Ocasio-Cortez and the Dem rejection of Feinstein.

Hugh Hewitt with Tedesco on the Businessman Who Refused to Print Gay T-Shirts

Jul 18, 2018 00:06:29


Jeremy Tedesco of ADF are defending Blaine Adams' Kentucky Supreme Court case. Blaine Adams refused to print T-shirts with gay messages on this.

David Davenport: Judges Should Respect The Constitution More Than Precedent

Jul 17, 2018 00:01:00


Below the surface of Senate hearings on whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court is a tug of war that should be brought to light.  It is a battle between a judge’s commitment to follow judicial precedents versus faithfulness to the Constitution itself. 

Federal courts tack right and left, as Republican and Democratic presidents appoint their judges.  More liberal judges increase federal power and conservative judges restrain it.  But when liberal courts take the law to the left, they set precedents that conservative judges feel obligated to follow, even when the decisions were not constitutionally sound.

There is value in precedent—without it the legal system would become unpredictable and unstable. But more important is following the Constitution itself. We need judges who will do both. But we don’t want slaves to precedent—whether or not that precedent is faithful to the Constitution.

Mike Gallagher Discusses NATO with Michael Desch

Jul 16, 2018 00:09:29


Mike Gallagher discusses The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, with Michael Desch, Director of the National Security Center at Notre Dame.

A Supreme Court Nominee and the Confirmation Battle that Awaits

Jul 13, 2018 00:40:57


Townhall Review – July 14, 2018

Hugh Hewitt is joined by Leonard Leo, head of the Federalist Society, to look at the confirmation process for the newly-nominated U. S. Supreme Court Justice. Mike Gallagher turns to Wendy Long to examine the vicious partisanship expected during the confirmation process. CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin joins Hugh Hewitt with his analysis of the nominee and the confirmation. Michael Medved speaks with economist Stephen Moore about the latest jobs report. Larry Elder’s guest, Walter Williams, author, columnist, and economics professor at George Mason University, explains why parenting is the number one problem facing education in our African-American urban areas. Mike Gallagher discusses NATO with Michael Desch, Director of the National Security Center at Notre Dame. Dennis Prager asks some questions about the growing “rudeness” phenomenon.

Hugh Hewitt with Salena Zito on the Left's Reaction to Kavanaugh's Nomination

Jul 12, 2018 00:05:25


Salena Zito discusses the over-the-top reaction of the Left to Kavanaugh's nomination annoucement by President Trump.

Hugh Hewitt with Leonard Leo on the Kavanaugh Nomination

Jul 11, 2018 00:10:38


Leonard Leo from The Federalist Society discusses Kavanaugh, and the Left's desperate distractions over his nomination and confirmation process.

Larry Elder with Professor Walter Williams on Why Black Students Perform Poorly

Jul 10, 2018 00:07:45


Professor Williams cuts to the roots of (and solutions to) the black underperformance problem in education that liberal elites want to avoid.

Michael Medved: Political Comeback of the Year

Jul 10, 2018 00:01:00


On the resurgent star of Senator Ted Cruz!

Michael Medved and Arthur Brooks on Displaying Moral Courage Across Political Divides

Jul 7, 2018 00:13:42


Michael Medved and Arthur Brooks explain what happens when we listen to each other across political divides. More from Brooks in his book, The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America.

First Amendment Victories and the High Court After Kennedy

Jul 6, 2018 00:41:15


Townhall Review – July 7, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Tom McCabe, CEO of the Freedom Foundation, discuss the U. S. Supreme Court decision about unions in the public sector. Hugh Hewitt and Politico’s Jake Sherman look at how the Senate vote might decide on the next U. S. Supreme Court justice to fill Justice Kennedy's seat. Michael Medved examines the U. S. Supreme Court’s decision to vacate the lower court’s decision on Arlene’s Flowers. Michael Medved talks about the New York primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Larry Elder talks with Professor John Eastman about congressional filibustering. Michael Medved and Arthur Brooks explain what happens when we listen to each other across political divides. Listen to find out what Larry Elder's epiphany concerning Nancy Pelosi is all about.

Hugh Hewitt: 'An Opportunity For an Originalist Court'

Jul 6, 2018 00:01:00


Any of these nominees would be superb and the court secured in its originalist leanings until the next vacancy...

Lanhee Chen: Senator McConnell Deserves a Very Nice Thank You Note

Jul 5, 2018 00:01:00


McConnell doesn’t often get credit for the hard work he does, but he should. Conservatives are on the precipice of another major victory because of the Senate Majority Leader.

Larry Elder with Prof. John Eastman on the Filibuster Debate

Jul 5, 2018 00:13:47


Professor Eastman discusses why the filibuster rule was introduced, how it was abused and how it ended. They also touch on other current hot debates concerning the Supreme Court.

America: The Best Hope of Mankind

Jul 4, 2018 00:01:00


A happy Fourth of July message. "No, we are not a perfect nation, not even close, but we are the best hope of mankind, exceptional for all of our history and ever more so as the world collapses in so many places into abject barbarianism."

Hugh Hewitt: What a June

Jul 2, 2018 00:01:00


This was the best June in many years for originalists. The Supreme Court rejected a couple of invitations to throw itself into the thicket of redrawing district lines in different states drawn originally as the Constitution provides by state legislatures.

The court upheld the free exercise and free conscience rights of a baker and a florist who had declined to use their art and craft in the celebration of same-sex marriages which they could not endorse on religious grounds.

And of course, the court ended the right of public employee unions to collect tens of millions of dollars in fees from their members for use in political work with which their members disagreed.

It was the best June in years and at the end of it, Justice Anthony Kennedy retired and left President Trump a vacancy to fill this summer.

Freedom’s Foundations and Freedom's Future: A Fourth of July Special

Jun 29, 2018 00:40:50


Townhall Review – June 30, 2018

In this special Fourth of July edition, Dennis Prager and British writer Paul Johnson examine George Washington’s role in the founding of our nation. Michael Medved looks at how the Boston Tea Party came about. Hugh Hewitt and Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, talk about the Declaration of Independence. Dennis Prager looks at the Declaration of Independence if it were written today. Michael Medved sent his son, Danny, out on the streets to see what people know, or don’t know, about the 4th of July.

Bowyer on Justice Kennedy: It's Time to Swap a Pivot for a Cornerstone

Jun 28, 2018 00:01:00


Bowyer explains why Justice Kennedy's retirement is a great opportunity for constitutionalist and originalist conservatives.

Gallagher with Del Cueto from National Border Patrol

Jun 27, 2018 00:10:01


Mike Gallagher visits the Mexican border to understand the border crisis from people working on the frontlines. Art Del Cueto is Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council.

Michael Medved with Barronelle Stutzman and ADF's Jim Campbell on Arlene's Flowers SCOTUS Decision

Jun 27, 2018 00:07:02


Michael Medved talks with Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene's Flower's and Jim Campbell, of ADF who worked on behalf of Stutzman on the Arlene's Flowers lawsuit, which is a group of civil suits that was brought against Arlene's Flowers of Richland, Washington by a gay couple who requested Stutzman to design and create flowers for their same-sex ceremony. Stutzman politely declined, due to her religious convictions. Stutzman was then taken to court, and her case was petitioned by ADF to the U.S Supreme Court, which in June was sent back to the Washington Supreme Court, in light of the recent SCOTUS decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Dennis Prager and Wife of Former Big Leaguer Frank Pastore on "Picking Up My Shattered Pieces"

Jun 26, 2018 00:14:42


Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore was a long-time member of the Salem family. In 2012, 55-year-old Frank Pastore was killed after his motorcycle was struck by a car on the freeway coming home from work. Dennis Prager invites Gina Pastore to share her story from her book, Picking Up My Shattered Pieces: Bouncing Back When Life Throws You a Curve Ball.

Michael Medved: Even When You Disagreed, You Had to Admire Him

Jun 26, 2018 00:01:00


When Charles Krauthammer died last week, tributes poured in from colleagues and fans of very ideological persuasion. It’s hard to think of another contemporary commentator or journalist who inspired such widespread, bi-partisan, affectionate regard.

What earned him this special place in the worlds of media and politics?

First, Krauthammer’s columns unmistakably reflected his character—brilliant, reasonable, witty, warm and utterly sincere.

Second, the public marveled at his heroic personal story: a quadriplegic from age 21, he never allowed his physical limitations to interfere with his positive, passionate life. In today’s world, even when you agree with a politician it’s commonly hard to respect him.

But with Krauthammer, even when you disagreed with him, you had to admire him.

Medved: Video Gaming Addiction is Now Officially a W.H.O. Disorder

Jun 25, 2018 00:12:02


The World Health Organization has added video game addiction to its list of disorders. What should we do about this and other such addictions in society?

Trump Shifts on Border Issue: Uses Executive Order to Keep Families Together

Jun 22, 2018 00:40:51


Townhall Review – June 23, 2018

Hugh Hewitt shares his reaction to the IG report saying the FBI has let us down. Michael Medved and Andrew McCarthy, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney, and long-time friend of James Comey, also discuss the report. Hugh Hewitt and Senator Tom Cotton talk about illegal immigration and the separation of children from their parents. Mike Gallagher and Rich Lowry of the National Review attempt to explain the illegal immigration family separation issue. Larry Elder put together a string of tough talk on immigration from both the Left and the Right that include President Clinton, Senator Harry Reid and President Obama. Dennis Prager and Gina Pastore discuss her book, Picking Up My Shattered PiecesMike Gallagher highlights why certain news stories are deemed “more worthy” of media attention.

Medved with Andy McCarthy on Comey and the IG Report

Jun 21, 2018 00:08:44


Andy McCarthy, who has known James Comey for thirty years, has a unique perspective on the finds of the IG report concerning the conduct of James Comey.

Larry Elder Exposes the Left's Hypocrisy on Separating Illegal Families at the Border

Jun 20, 2018 00:14:04


Elder shows how past presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have made statements on immigration that were as strong as Trump. Also discusses how some Democrats have found a way of turning it into an issue of 'racism' because it's Trump.

Mike Gallagher on Rich Lowry's Article About The Illegal Immigrant Detention Controversy

Jun 19, 2018 00:06:53


Rich Lowry has a fair and balanced look at the detention of families crossing the U.S. border illegally.

Hugh Hewitt On The Damning Revelations of the IG Report

Jun 18, 2018 00:33:03


If this report had come out before the 2016 presidential election, Trump would have had an even bigger electoral college win, and perhaps even the popular vote.

Mark Davis: Why We Need 'Guarded Optimism' on North Korea Summit

Jun 15, 2018 00:01:00


If the smiles and handshakes give way to the usual North Korean lies and delays, it could all amount to nothing. But there’s a sense this time that things are different. The American President is certainly of a different type. 

Summit in Singapore and the North Korean Future

Jun 15, 2018 00:40:45


Townhall Review - June 16, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Phillip Rucker, White House Bureau Chief at the Washington Post, talk about President Trump's press conference following the U.S.- North Korea summit. Hugh Hewitt joins with South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham for the senator's take on the summit. Dennis Prager discusses the possibility of fear playing a role in bringing North Korea to the table. Mike Gallagher talks with South Carolina GOP nominee Katie Arrington about her primary victory. Dennis Prager is joined by California State Senator John Moorlach for a discussion about California AB2943 and where it is headed. Michael Medved explains why women outnumber men in college graduations and then closes out the show by explaining why he thinks the so-called "blue wave" may be wearing out its welcome.

Mike Gallagher invites GOP Primary winner Katie Arrington

Jun 14, 2018 00:13:23


Katie Arrington on her defeat of Mark Sanford. Arrington pledged to fully support President Trump and his agenda, unlike Sanford who has recently gravitated into the 'Never Trump" camp of legislators. What's the lesson here?

Lanhee Chen: North Korean Summit A Significant Step on a Long Road

Jun 12, 2018 00:01:00


President Trump’s historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un was a very significant step as the two leaders seek to bridge the wide chasm that has separated the two nations since the cessation of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula almost 65 years ago.

While the world made much of the handshake and the photo op between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un, our focus should really be on the hard work that comes now … in the wake of their meeting.

North Korea agreed to engage in complete denuclearization, but will we be able to both verify their actions and ensure they cannot restart their nuclear weapons program?

These are important questions that remain to be answered. 

We should all hope and pray for success.  And the recent summit was a huge step forward.  But we should also recognize that a difficult and long road lies ahead.


Dennis Prager On Why Young Evangelicals are Not Supporting Israel

Jun 12, 2018 00:06:45


Dennis Prager explains how young evangelicals are now more influenced by the ideology of the Left than the teachings of the Bible.

Michael Medved: Misleading Headline Displays Bias

Jun 11, 2018 00:01:00


A front-page headline in The New York Times distorted a bold new initiative of the Trump administration and displayed that paper’s long-standing grudge.

Beneath a dramatic photo of a suspect being led away in handcuffs, the headline proclaimed: TRUMP TARGETS FEDERAL WORKERS IN ORDERS CURBING PROTECTIONS. First of all, the photo had nothing to do with persecution of federal workers: it showed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein at his recent arrest. Second, the story didn’t describe “targeting” of government workers: it focused instead on admirable efforts to make it easier to cut unnecessary federal jobs and to terminate incompetent workers.

Recognizing the obvious bias in their original headline, the Times itself changed it in later editions to the far more accurate: TRUMP MOVES TO EASE THE FIRING OF FEDERAL WORKERS.

It was a revealing episode in media bias.

Prager and Andrew McCarthy Discuss The Anti-Trump Origins of FBI investigation into Trump's Campaign

Jun 11, 2018 00:09:44


Dennis Prager invites National Review's Andrew McCarthy to discuss present developments in the Mueller investigation, the current focus on Stormy Daniels, and the anti-Trump origins of the FBI investigation into Trump's campaign.

Medved on Bill Clinton, Woody Allen and the #MeToo Movement

Jun 8, 2018 00:12:20


Michael Medved comments on Clinton's recent puzzling answer to a question on whether he had privately apologized to Monica Lewinsky. Plus other issues in the #MeToo movement.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner Talks Victory at Supreme Court

Jun 8, 2018 00:41:11


Townhall Review — June 09, 2018 

Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved speak with Jack Phillips, owner of The Masterpiece Cake Shop, and ADF lead council, Kristin Waggoner, to recount their six-year battle against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking ruling in favor of religious liberty. Michael Medved discusses the “Me Too” Movement’s next target, Bill Clinton. 98.9 FM The Answer’s Chuck Douglas speaks with Vice President Mike Pence for an insider view into what it’s like to be President Trump’s #2. Dennis Prager discusses the modern evangelicals’ unsettling exodus from the primary shaping force of Christianity, the Bible. Hugh Hewitt presses US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to explain the policy for separating immigrant children from their parents after they cross the border illegally. Mike Gallagher discusses the Democrats’ opposition to the President’s “right to try” law which grants terminally ill patients access to experimental treatments that have not yet been cleared by the FDA.

Michael Medved: An American Victim of Terrorism

Jun 7, 2018 00:01:00


Fifty years ago, supporters of Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign gathered for a victory party after a hard-fought California primary. For those of us who were there at LA’s Ambassador Hotel that fatal night, it became one of the most searing experiences of our lives. In retrospect, it’s surprising that media paid so little attention to the Palestinian identity and terrorist intentions of RFK’s killer—Sirhan Sirhan. Contemporary press accounts often labeled him as Jordanian, not Palestinian, since he had emigrated with his family from Jordanian-occupied Jerusalem in 1956.

He never lived in Palestine since a separate nation of that name never existed. His violence against Kennedy may have been irrational, but its motive is no mystery: an obsessive hatred of the Jewish state and its American supporters.

Medved with Jack Phillips and ADF's Wagoner on Masterpiece SCOTUS ruling.

Jun 7, 2018 00:15:53


Michael Medved talks with the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple and was sued for it. His case was represented all the way to the Supreme Court by the brave lawyers of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Hewitt with ADF on The Masterpiece Cakeshop SCOTUS ruling

Jun 6, 2018 00:05:38


Hewitt hosts ADF's Wagoner and the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop of Colorado, whose case went to the Supreme Court. Masterpiece Cake Shop had refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Larry Elder: George Wallace Was Forgiven, But Not Whites Who Never Did Anything?

Jun 5, 2018 00:08:33


Larry Elder gives a thoughtful commentary on the misplaced focus of the anti-racist movement in America.

Michael Medved: Overruling the Anti-Business Left

Jun 4, 2018 00:01:00


Why would any city punish the biggest companies in town by imposing a tax on every job those businesses create? That’s the question raised by a bi-partisan coalition seeking to overturn the newly imposed “Head Tax” in Seattle. The effort to repeal this obnoxious scheme in a voter referendum has already drawn strong support.

Meanwhile, nearby Tacoma isn’t hesitating with its own effort to lure frustrated Seattle businesses to relocate to a friendlier environment: instead of a new tax of $275 per job, they’d get a $275 tax credit for each new job. While Seattle leftists punish job creators to fund more homeless services, engaged voters and free market incentives can still overrule them.

Mike Gallagher Discusses the Student "Die-In"

Jun 4, 2018 00:13:17


Mike Gallagher discusses the student “die-in” that changed a Florida grocery store chain’s political giving.

An Early Look at the 2018 Election

Jun 1, 2018 00:40:58


Townhall Review -- June 02, 2018

Hugh Hewitt turns to Tim Alberta of Politico for clarity on the upcoming November midterm elections. Mike Gallagher discusses the recent Florida Publix "die-in" initiated by David Hogg has caused Publix to capitulate to Hogg's demands. Hugh Hewitt speaks with Health and Human Services Deputy Secretary Eric Hargon, who signed and a press release explaining a what is really happening to the children at the U.S Mexico Border. Michael Medved discusses the NFL's new less than acceptable policy on the National Anthem. Larry Elder speaks with Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate-Science Coalition on his recent article on global warming. Michael Medved invites Christiana Holcomb of Alliance Defending Freedom to share about her case involving a High School student's right to privacy related to opposite sex bathroom usage. Hugh Hewitt speaks with author and columnist Selina Zito on her latest project called "The Mainstreet Project," in which she invites kids to be immersed in Western PA culture, much of which has been lost.

Michael Medved: Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom From Consequences

May 31, 2018 00:01:00


When ABC canceled its top-rated Roseanne revival, Americans received another reminder that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.

No, the government can’t stop you from saying stupid things but a private business can terminate your employment if your offensive words damage that company’s image or bottom line. Kathy Griffin saw her career go up in flames when she appeared with a bloody replica of President Trump’s severed head, and NFL players will no longer be able to damage their league’s ratings by demonstrating against the national anthem.

Conservatives shouldn’t rush to Roseanne Barr’s defense: she’s a long-time leftist and conspiracy nut, who ran for the Green Party presidential nomination. Her recent embrace of Trump always seemed to be more a commercial strategy than a matter of conviction.


Medved and ADF's Holcomb Discuss a Case of a Male Student Using Female Bathroom at a School

May 31, 2018 00:13:39


Should the rights of female students who need privacy from physiological males entering their bathrooms be protected? 

Hewitt Asks Eric Hargan of HHS to Explain the 'Lost' Migrant Children Report

May 30, 2018 00:16:50


Eric Hargan, Deputy Secretary at HHS, clears the air over the misleading news reports about 'lost' migrant children in the US.

Jerry Bowyer:In the Laboratory of Democracy, New Jersey Is Failing

May 29, 2018 00:01:00


My clients are fleeing New Jersey like it’s on fire,” that’s what a financial consultant to wealthy individuals just told James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal. What is the fire driving them out? It’s the class warfare as expressed in the worst business taxes in America, and a left-wing governor who wants to hike them again. The accelerant is that—under the new Trump tax plan—the rest of us will be doing less of the bailing through the tax code.

My new piece on Townhall Finance shows how New Jersey was already was on shaky grounds in terms of being able to attract enough high earning talent to keep its real estate market intact.

I hate to see these states implode, but that’s how the Founders designed our system of federalism: Each state a laboratory of democracy.

In this lab, some experiments are clearly failing.

Metaxas and Terry Mattingly on Media Bias in Reporting on Religion

May 29, 2018 00:35:23


Mattingly delves deep into the increasingly conspicuous media bias with respect to religion.

Hugh Hewitt and Lindsey Graham Discuss "Spygate" and Trump on North Korea

May 28, 2018 00:14:39


Senator Graham reveals what he believes is the difference between him and the "Never Trumpers."

Michael Medved and the Media's Out of Context Headlines

May 25, 2018 00:12:18


Michael Medved looks at how the media and Nancy Pelosi took President Trump's comments on immigrants out of context and how they are damaging their own credibility.

Dennis Prager Shares His Theory of Why We Have So Many Shootings

May 25, 2018 00:08:49


Dennis Prager's thoughtful analysis of what change in American culture led to the the current levels of shootings. It's not guns or mental illness, he says.

Former Hillary Advisor Calls for End to Mueller Investigation

May 25, 2018 00:41:02


Townhall Review - May 26, 2018

Hugh Hewitt sits down with Mark Peen, pollster and adviser to former President Bill Clinton about his op-ed piece calling for an end to the Mueller investigation. Mike Gallagher speaks with Mercedes Schlapp, White House Director of Strategic Communication, about President Trump's plans to stop funding of abortion via Planned Parenthood. Michael Medved explains how Planned Parenthood has the most to lose. Larry Elder takes a look at the FBI's intrusion into the 2016 Trump campaign by planting a spy within the campaign. Michael Medved looks at how the media and Nancy Pelosi took President Trump's comments on immigrants out of context and how they are damaging their own credibility. Dennis Prager looks at the link between bullying and school shootings.

Michael Medved: Message From the Royal Wedding

May 24, 2018 00:01:00


Media coverage of Britain’s royal wedding focused mostly on breaks with tradition—with a biracial, divorced, American bride and a couple that lived together before marriage. 

But the ceremony itself also sent some more traditional messages: in a nation with church attendance half what it is in America, the Christian themes and references must have puzzled secular Britons, joining husband and wife in the eyes of God, not just through power of government. Eight days after Megan and Harry united their fates, our younger daughter will make a similar commitment when we celebrate her marriage.

We may not provide the lavish trappings of a royal wedding, but bride and groom always reign as queen and king in Jewish tradition.  And may Shayna and Mark always treat one another as royalty!

I’m Michael Medved—proud papa.

Medved: Is a College Degree Really Worth It?

May 24, 2018 00:16:24


Medved comments on a New York Times article by a professor who posed some serious questions on the practical value of a college degree.

Gallagher and VP Mike Pence on Prison Fellowship, Gina Haspel, N Korea

May 23, 2018 00:12:14


Gallagher with VP Mike Pence on Prison Fellowship, Chuck Colson, then gets into employment numbers (more job openings than any point in U.S. history, more than 3 million jobs created since Trump took office), Gina Haspel being sworn in, North Korea talks.

Hugh Hewitt Asks Vicky Toensing To Explain Why the President Cannot Be Indicted

May 22, 2018 00:15:40


Toensing explains why the president cannot be indicted, for constitutional and practical purposes.

Phil Cowen and Jonathan Keller Discuss California AB 2943 Impact on Sexual Orientation Counseling

May 18, 2018 00:23:09


Phil Cowan invites Jonathan Keller, of the California Family Counsel to examine California AB 2943, "Unlawful business practices: Sexual Orientation Change Effort" that would ban the assistance of helping individuals with issues of sexual orientation.

U.S. Fulfills Promise to Israel in Embassy Move to Jerusalem

May 18, 2018 00:40:49


Townhall Review - May 19, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Lanhee Chen, of Stanford Law and the Hoover Institution, sit down to talk about the judicial confirmation process in the U.S. Senate. Phil Cowan invites Jonathan Keller, of the California Family Counsel to examine California AB 2943, "Unlawful business practices: Sexual Orientation Change Effort" that would ban the assistance of helping individuals with issues of sexual orientation. Mike Gallagher and Israeli businessman Mein Weingarten discuss the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Michael Medved speaks with Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador, about the demonstrations in Gaza following the embassy move. Heather MacDonald and Larry Elder hash out the latest regarding the "Me Too" movement. Homelessness is the topic discussed by Michael Meved with academic Sarah Rankin. Dennis Pragerlooks at an NPR who reporter gets tangled up while trying to cover up bias because the subject doesn't cooperate.

Larry Elder with the Fiery Travis Allen, Running for Gov of California

May 17, 2018 00:12:23


Travis Allen believes he can win Governorship of California if he can just bring out Trump's supporters. Trump's votes for president were more than Jerry Brown's votes for governor in California.

Prager Exposes the Left's Dishonest Reporting on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

May 16, 2018 00:11:15


Dennis Prager deftly analyzes NPR's misrepresentation of Palestinian sentiments in their recent tragic clashes with Israeli Defence forces.

Mike Gallagher with Meir Weingarten on Significance of US Embassy Shift to Jerusalem

May 15, 2018 00:08:51


Meir Weingarten: "There are two promise keepers in this story: President Trump... and God."

Michael Medved: Topsy-Turvy Values Behind the Anti-Business “Head Tax”

May 15, 2018 00:01:00


A shockingly stupid proposal has outraged the business community here in Seattle, illustrating the topsy-turvy values of contemporary liberalism.

The City plans to enact a punitive “head tax” on every business with revenues of more than 20 million dollars. These companies would be forced to pay a special tax for each of their full-time employees, with the money providing more services for the homeless.

A decent government ought to encourage beneficial behavior, while discouraging self-destructive and damaging conduct. But here, Seattle leftists mean to reverse the equation: punishing job creation—good behavior that benefits everyone—while rewarding dysfunctional and destructive behavior, like camping out in public parks or under freeways. This folly demonstrates the twisted thinking that characterizes progressive ideology.

Michael Medved Interviews Sara Rankin on Solving Homelessness

May 14, 2018 00:20:31


Medved asks Professor Sara Rankin to explain her organization's proposals to solving the homelessness crisis in America. In this engaging exchange, Medved presses her to defend the long-term practicality of her solutions.

Dennis Prager and the Prom Dress Controversy

May 11, 2018 00:08:37


Dennis Prager offers his take on the prom dress controversy and how the young lady who posted innocent pictures of her dress had no idea the storm it would create.

Iran Deal, Hostage Release and Elections Give Trump a Big Week

May 11, 2018 00:40:31


Townhall Review - May 12, 2018

Congressman Mike Gallagher talks with Hugh Hewitt about President Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal. New York Times columnist Bret Stephens and Hugh Hewitt look at the Iranian reaction. Michael Medved examines former President Obama's reaction complaining that the pullout was a "serious mistake" and accusing Trump of being "so misguided."    As President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un get ready for their upcoming meeting, three hostages held by North Korea were released and Mike Gallagher celebrates that news. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley speaks with Hugh Hewitt about the rapid-fire federal judge confirmations. Michael Medved looks at how the low unemployment has created new employment problems for some cities...not enough workers. Dennis Prager has his take on the prom dress controversy and how the young lady who posted innocent pictures of her dress had no idea the storm it would create. Michael Medved looks at the reworking of school history textbooks to include the historical contributions by the LGBT community.

Michael Medved Interviews CNN's Jake Tapper

May 10, 2018 00:13:42


Medved asks Jake Tapper about Trump's presidency, Washington, DC culture, CNN's coverage of Trump, media bias, Mueller, and other issues.

Hugh Hewitt and Susan Glasser Discuss What Will Happen After Iran Deal

May 9, 2018 00:10:27


Susan Glasser, staff writer at ‘The New Yorker,’ on Iran Deal, imposing new sanctions, burning flag in Iranian parliament, IRGC, Iran strike Israel? etc

Hewitt and Selena Zito Discuss Why Evangelical Support for Trump Doesn't Waver Through the Storms!

May 9, 2018 00:06:26


Hugh Hewitt hosts Selena Zito, author of "The Great Revolt," to discuss why the elite keep misunderstanding the roots of evangelical support for Trump.

Mark Davis Interviews David Cortman of Alliance Defending Freedom

May 8, 2018 00:13:39


Mark Davis interviews David Cortman of ADF about the strategic legal work they've been doing battling the increasingly vicious assault of the Left on free speech and religious freedom.

Michael Medved: Korea as Key to Victory for Trump and GOP

May 4, 2018 00:01:00


Over-confident Democrats take comfort in the history of mid-term elections in a new president’s first term: for nearly two centuries, the party in power almost always loses seats in Congress.

But Republicans should feel encouraged by the only exception to that rule since FDR: in 2002, George W. Bush defied history and Republicans gained strength in both the House and Senate. Low expectations for Bush in foreign policy meant that his strong response to 9/11 looked especially impressive.

If President Trump makes serious progress in upcoming Korea negotiations, he too could beat expectations and powerfully improve GOP prospects. Already, foreign leaders like South Korea’s Moon are promoting Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize and such talk could intensify as the election approaches.

Reduced tensions on the Korean Peninsula would be good for the world, good for America and great for embattled GOP candidates in House and Senate races.

Two Huge Tests for Trump Diplomacy

May 4, 2018 00:40:32


Townhall Review – May 5, 2018

Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss how the possible Iranian duplicity during the brokering of the Iran Nuclear Deal recently uncovered by Israeli intelligence might affect that fragile deal. Michael Medved examines the historic meeting between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Hugh Hewitt and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell look at the Federal judiciary and the pace of judicial appointments and confirmations. Michael Medved looks at the question about the accuracy of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu’s claims regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement. Dennis Prager talks with author and commentator Jonah Goldberg about his new book, “Suicide of the West, How the Rebirth of Nationalism, Populism and Identity Politics is Destroying Democracy.” Andy Puzder, trial lawyer, restauranteur and author discusses his new book, “Capitalist Comeback,” with Larry Elder. Mike Gallagher gives his take on Trump supporter Kanye West and his willingness to attract the scorn of peers, fellow entertainers, and even California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Michael Medved: Impeachment Talk Can Only Damage Dems

May 3, 2018 00:01:00


Recent polls suggest 70 percent of Democrats support impeachment of President Trump—a preference ignoring obvious lessons from the recent past.

Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 during his last months in office and he wasn’t running for re-election. Then with Richard Nixon a century later, momentum against him proved so powerful that he resigned before voters went to the polls for mid-terms.

Only Bill Clinton faced Congressional elections in the midst of an impeachment crisis—and he became the only president since the two-party system began to gain Congressional seats in the middle of his second term. Americans disliked Clinton’s amorous adventures but they hated the idea of impeachment—and still do. If Democrats campaign for Congress promising turmoil, scandal-mongering and gridlock, they will lose—and deserve to lose.


Lanhee Chen: Encouraging Developments on North Korea

May 2, 2018 00:01:00


When it comes to North Korea, the old adage of “Trust, but verify” isn’t nearly enough. We should—absolutely—be skeptical of the rogue regime’s claims. And we should, of course, hold them accountable for whatever promises they might make.

But we should still be encouraged by Kim Jong Un’s recent statements that he wants peace and is committed to stopping his nuclear weapons tests.

A lot of hard work stands between where we are and where we want to go, but the Trump Administration deserves credit for bringing us this far. The key question is whether President Trump can produce a deal that completely ends that country’s nuclear weapons program. 

In his efforts, Trump is assisted by an all-star team of aides: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.  If anyone can get this right, we should have confidence in this team.

Owen Strachan: Let's Treat All Women With Respect

May 1, 2018 00:01:00


Here are the rules today: you must be pro-woman at all times—unless, that is, the woman you’re engaging is conservative or religious.

We saw an example of this cultural double-standard at this past weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. This dinner has a history of friendly banter. But comedian Michelle Wolf crossed the line. Even as she joked about abortion, she attacked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, making fun of her looks, and repeatedly called her a liar.

Whatever our political differences, let’s be clear: this kind of public abuse is reprehensible. It’s especially shocking because supposedly we’re in a tolerant age that prizes diversity.

In practice, it seems, some people deserve respect, fairness and kindness.

And some don’t.

This is the strangest of ages. When a woman is conservative or religious, you can say whatever you want.

I have a better idea: Let’s treat all women with respect.

Albert Mohler: One Family’s Sacrifice for Liberty

Apr 30, 2018 00:01:00


The New York Times recently published a story entitled “Wreck of the Juneau Is Found.” It’s about the discovery of the U.S. Navy cruiser Juneau that was blasted apart by a Japanese torpedo in 1942.

Even in the context of the millions and millions of casualties of World War II on all sides, the story Juneau resonates in a special way in the American memory, a memory of indebtedness to one family. One family that lost not one, not two, not three, not four but five sons on one day on one ship!

75 years later, the Juneau's wreckage has been discovered but the American people’s moral debt remains: a moral debt to all those who have given their lives and have given their family members to the cause of defending liberty.

Albert Mohler: California and the Future of Religious Liberty

Apr 27, 2018 00:01:00


The California Assembly has yet again adopted legislation that makes an undeniable infringement on religious liberty.  Assembly Bill 2943 would make it fraudulent and illegal to offer in any way to have anything to do with a change in sexual orientation, or for that matter, an individual’s sexual identity.

The Alliance Defending Freedom says, “the breadth of this censorship is staggering.” David French at National Review described it as, “extraordinarily radical.”

Part of the radical nature of this legislation is the fact that it now elevates sexual identity to something that is beyond question.  In other words, those who are pushing for the moral revolution, especially on LGBT issues, are setting out to eradicate, even by force of coercive law, anyone who would represent any worldview that would stand in their way.

Michael Medved: Is the New Cuban Government “Notably Diverse” or a Uniform Disaster?

Apr 26, 2018 00:01:00


The left cherishes a peculiar, pernicious concept of “diversity” as the New York Times demonstrated with its reporting on the new president of Cuba. The newspaper’s headline proclaimed “A Transition of Power in Cuba Sends a Signal on Diversity” and a caption to a photo declares “the members of the Council of State are notably diverse.”

Sorry, New York Times, but they aren’t diverse at all: every one of them is a dedicated Communist, with a slavish reverence for the thuggish, murderous Castro regime. The presence of several women and a few dark-skinned Afro-Cuban faces does nothing to alter the total ideological uniformity.

The diversity that matters to liberals is merely racial, while they ignore the more meaningful diversity of ideals and values, scorning conservatives and embracing communist Cuban thugs.

A Look Back and a Look Ahead with Speaker Paul Ryan

Apr 26, 2018 00:40:07


Townhall Review – April 28, 2018

Retiring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joins Hugh Hewitt looking on his accomplishments as Congressman and Speaker of the House. Michael Medved and Daily Beast columnist Gordon Chang discuss the evolving and historic developments between North Korea, the United States and the world. Dennis Prager questions if protests over political disagreements are crossing the line of civility. Michael Medved shares how James Shaw, the hero who stopped the shooter at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, continues to be a hero for the victims. Dennis Prager looks at a bill in the California legislature challenging the ability of religious traditionalists to provide services to those struggling with sexual identity or orientation. Hugh Hewitt asks Jeffrey Goldberg, editor of The Atlantic, about the hiring, then firing, of Kevin Williamson allegedly over a comment he made about abortion years earlier. Mike Gallagher looks at the unusual comments made by Toronto mayor John Tory during a press conference that followed the deadly automobile attack killing 10 and leaving 14 others hurt.

Lanhee Chen: Paul Ryan One of the Conservative Movement’s Most Articulate and Thoughtful Leaders

Apr 25, 2018 00:01:00


Paul Ryan has announced that he won’t be running for reelection again this fall.

He was first elected to Congress in 1998 and during his 20 years there, has served the citizens of the First District of Wisconsin well. Even as he rose to become one of the most powerful elected leaders in the country Paul remained a humble man who is, above all, a devoted husband and father. 

History will remember Paul Ryan for being one of the conservative movement’s most articulate and thoughtful leaders.  He fought for important ideas like a balanced budget, reform of our tax code and entitlement reform.

But I will remember Paul Ryan as so much more.  I had the privilege and honor to work with him when he was the GOP’s nominee for Vice President in 2012.  There is almost no one in public life whom I respect and admire more. 

He will be missed.

David Davenport: The Senate Is Broken

Apr 24, 2018 00:01:00


Former President James Buchanan called the United States Senate “the greatest deliberative body in the world.”  But Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, recently complained that he hasn’t even been able to get a vote on a single legislative amendment in his first 15 months on the job.

The fact is that the U.S. Senate has largely quit deliberating.  The Senate has voted on only 6 non-budgetary amendments so far this year and has taken only 25 roll call votes in the two-year Congress, compared with 154 at this point in the last Congress. 

Bills are held in secret until 51 votes are lined up and then sprung on the Senate.  Largely gone are the committee deliberations, debates and amendments. 

Votes are taken largely to make statements for the next election, not to make great public policy.  It’s high time Congress returned to “regular order.”

Michael Medved: Striking a Blow for Decency

Apr 23, 2018 00:01:00


Carping criticism of the Trump administration’s handling of the targeted, allied air strikes against the Syrian dictator follows a long, sad tradition in debates on US foreign policy. The Nazis were profoundly evil in World War II, while Britain was noble in opposing them, but many Americans wanted our country to take no side in the struggle.

A few years later, the Soviet Union was indeed an “Evil Empire”, while NATO nations represented the best of Civilization, but leftist skeptics claimed a “moral equivalence” between the two sides in the Cold War.

Today, the three allies who collaborated on the Syria strike – America, Britain and France – are among the most decent nations on earth, while Syria, Iran and Russia are among the most vile regimes. Americans should feel proud that our military has, once again, served honorably on the side of decency.

Owen Strachan: California’s Effort to Silence Speech

Apr 20, 2018 00:01:00


The best way to overhaul a culture is to change the way it thinks. Here’s one major way to change cultural thinking: stifle the free exchange of ideas.

This is what’s happening in California right now. Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction” aimed at promoting “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

This pernicious bill is an attempt to silence those who want to help people with unwanted sexual feelings. Many religious and non-religious people agree that we flourish when we honor the basic design of our bodies for both sexual practice and personal identity. This bill is Orwellian: Silencing those who seek to provide help and wholeness to people who are reaching out.

California legislators ought to do what the people have elected them to do: protect free speech and enable people to live a free life.

Remembering a Great First Lady: Barbara Bush, and Comey’s “Revenge Tour”

Apr 19, 2018 00:40:14


Townhall Review -- April 21, 2018

Remembering First Lady Barbara Bush, Bill Bennett, who served Barbara’s husband, George H. W. Bush, shares about her warm personality, as does Hugh Hewitt in his tribute to the late First Lady. Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family in Colorado, and Michael Medved share troubling details concerning California's  Assembly Bill 2943, which will have a chilling effect on conservatives, Christians, and commerce. Mike Gallagher turns to Molly Himingway of the Federalist to discuss former FBI Director James Comey's book "A Higher Loyalty," which has fueled "Revenge Tour," against President Trump. Hugh Hewitt invites retired Admiral James Stavridis to discuss CIA Director Mike Pompeo's secret meeting with North Korea's Kim Jung Un over Easter, then turns to Senator Tom Cotton to shed light on the tensions with Russia since the U.S., British, and French strike on Syria, and if Russian sanctions are to be expected. Jamie Glazov, author editor of Front-page Magazine, shares with Larry Elder some very important questions that were not asked of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbert during his appearance before Congress. London has now passed New York City in per capita murders, and Larry Elder points out the hypocracy of the London mayor's knife ban patrols. 

Hugh Hewitt: Barbara Bush: 1925-2018

Apr 19, 2018 00:01:00


On Tuesday night this week Barbara Bush, the beloved First Lady and wife of our 41st president, George H.W. Bush, and mother to our 43rd president, George W. Bush, died at the age of 92.

And what a wonderful woman she was. What a terrific American. She was admirable as a spouse, a mother, grandmother and of course—I think it’s safe to say— America’s favorite First Lady.

Whether Left or right, young or old, politico or non-politico—it seemed everyone loved Barbara Bush.

She was feisty. She was funny. She was a straight talker.

Barbara Bush will be greatly missed. But her life and her legacy will remain alive in the hearts and minds of Americans.

Michael Medved: Ryan’s Retirement Refocuses the Election

Apr 18, 2018 00:01:00


Paul Ryan, a leader of exceptional decency and diligence, is leaving the House of Representatives, but his departure may help his party by refocusing the election in November. 

With Ryan’s retirement, the vote in November won’t be about his record of triumphs—including tax reform and repeal of Obamacare’s mandate—or about his disappointments, such as the soaring deficits. Instead, the focus falls on the only other figure in the House well-known enough to motivate millions of voters: Nancy Pelosi. And that focus can only help Republicans, because Pelosi has done nothing to earn new support since her landslide defeat in 2010 following her prior four years as Speaker.

The people of America don’t know much about Kevin McCarthy—Ryan’s likely successor as GOP leader—but they know plenty about Pelosi, and dislike almost all of it.

Yes, Republicans can still win.

Albert Mohler: The Moral Vacuity of Our Cultural Elites

Apr 17, 2018 00:01:00


New York Magazine recently published an article entitled “180 Minutes with Desmond is Amazing. He’s a ten year old drag performer and he’s cooler than you.”

This was accompanied by a full page photograph of a ten year old boy dressed out in drag; a photograph that under any other circumstance would likely be identified as skirting right up to the limit of child pornography.

The “cultural elites” behind such messaging are not just trying to change moral beliefs, they are trying to transform moral instincts at an even more basic level.

New York Magazine wants you to know that this ten year old drag entertainer, ‘Desmond is Amazing,’ is cooler than you, but in this context ‘amazing’ and ‘cool’ are two words that show the complete moral insanity of a society.

David Davenport: The Coming War In Data Privacy Is From Europe Not Washington

Apr 16, 2018 00:01:00


While Mark Zuckerberg has been busy defending Facebook over data collection and privacy, a much more ominous threat is quietly coming from Europe.

The European Union is implementing tough new standards on data privacy with stiff fines for violators. What many don’t realize is that these rules do not apply only to European companies, but to anyone who has data from Europeans.

For example, American universities enroll students from abroad and they will now be subject to this law.  Complying will cost millions and those who violate the new law could be subject to fines up to $23 million dollars. 

Europe’s view is that the individual controls his or her data, not companies that collect it.  With an amazing overreach around the world, this now becomes a new global standard.  On top of trade wars, brace yourself for a new—and costly—cold war over privacy and data.

Hugh Hewitt: It’s Time for the GOP to Push Some Nominees

Apr 13, 2018 00:01:00


The United States Senate returns to work this week and it’s time to talk about President Trump’s nominations again—especially those to the federal courts.

With the recent death of “Liberal Lion” Judge Stephen Reinhardt, the U.S. Court of Appeals for 9th Circuit has eight vacancies, but only two nominees. There are more than 150 vacancies across the federal courts as the White House nomination process, the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Democrats as a group have all worked at a snail’s pace.

Where are the nominees? It would take a week to fill out the list and send the names forward—if there was resolve and a sense of urgency.

It’s time for Senate Republicans to work as hard as ordinary Americans, especially when deadlines draw close. It’s time to act as though governing really is as important as senators campaigning for election say it is.

Let’s see some nominees.

Gassing of Civilians Puts Syria in the Crosshairs

Apr 12, 2018 00:40:03


Townhall Review – April 14, 2018

Senator Joni Ernst, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss the United States response to the deadly chemical attack by the Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad on the rebel-held town of Douma, Syria. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced hard questions from Congress on censoring conservative content, like that of Diamond and Silk. Hugh Hewitt and Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council, take on the issue of tariffs and how it appears China has softened their rhetoric. John Fund, national affairs columnist for National Review, and Hugh Hewitt discuss the issue of alleged voter fraud in California. Dennis Prager looks at the emotional damage women may face from the “Hookup Culture." Michael Medved looks at the reality of gun confiscation in one American city, Deerfield, Illinois. Freedom of speech on college and university campuses is under attack and Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, an outspoken proponent of freedom of speech on campus filled in Mike Gallagher to take on that subject.

Michael Medved: "Chappaquiddick": A Powerful Reminder of Arrogance and Corruption

Apr 12, 2018 00:01:00


The new film “Chappaquiddick” depicts a searing scandal that changed the course of political history. As the only surviving brother in a storied dynasty, 37-year-old Senator Ted Kennedy looked like a sure bet for the Presidency in the Summer of 1969. But after leaving a boozy party with a 28-year-old female passenger, he drove his car off a bridge.

Inexplicably, he waited more than 9 hours before notifying local authorities who might have rescued the trapped young woman. The film highlights backstage manipulations, involving some of the nation’s most powerful figures, that rushed the victim’s burial without autopsy and treated Ted’s political survival as their all-important goal.

For those disgusted by today’s tawdry politics, “Chappaquiddick” provides a powerful reminder that corruption and arrogance have long afflicted American public life.

Jerry Bowyer: Trouble for Silicon Valley

Apr 11, 2018 00:01:00


The investor who bet on PayPal, bet on Facebook, and bet on Trump is now betting against Silicon Valley. I’m talking about Peter Thiel and his announcement that he’s leaving the Valley for Los Angeles. For years, Thiel has been ahead of the curve when it comes to investing and culture. And now he’s signaling possible trouble for Silicon Valley.

Thiel’s leaving because, in his words, Silicon Valley has gone from just liberal to a one-party state. They were always left-wing. Now they’re so radical that it’s hurt their ability to produce successful companies.

A city built on the principles of innovation and openness has sheltered itself from dissent. If they’re not open to new ideas, they can’t innovate, and if they can’t innovate, smart investors and entrepreneurs will find the places that can.

Albert Mohler: Bashar al-Assad’s Abhorrent Efforts to Break the Will of His Own People

Apr 10, 2018 00:01:00


On Saturday night, dozens of citizens in Syria choked to death after what’s been reported as a suspected chemical attack by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Assad’s way of breaking the will of this community that still opposes his rule was to use a chemical weapon, which killed not only men and women but also children.

These are the most abhorrent, murderous, and indiscriminate weapons ever invented by human beings.

What we’re seeing here breaks every civilizational rule. It breaks the Geneva Convention. It breaks every principle of the United Nations. It breaks every law of the international system. But you’ll notice that none of those arenas, none of those agencies was able to stop this murderous dictator in Syria from killing his own people.

The headline out of Syria reminds us that there is really no way to overestimate the human capacity for moral evil.

David Davenport: Questions About Walls

Apr 9, 2018 00:01:00


President Trump loves walls—besides a border wall with Mexico, he wants to erect trade walls to protect American steel and aluminum with tariffs of 25 and 10 percent, respectively.

In his famous poem about walls, Robert Frost said, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,” adding that before he built one, “I’d ask to know what I was walling in or walling out, and to whom I was likely to give offence.” Those are good questions for Mr. Trump’s policy.

He wants to wall out foreign products that are cheaper than American products. But this will trouble not only nations that produce them, but also American consumers who like to save money.  

There’s also a question of constitutionality, since the president’s power to do this is based on national security. And the biggest question:  will tariff walls even work in a global economy?

Many important questions about walls.


Albert Mohler: Even More Secular Than We Knew

Apr 6, 2018 00:01:00


One of the most well-documented irrefutable trends of our times is the continued secularization of Western societies. A new study has come out about young people in Europe indicating that the future may be even more secular than we knew.

Commenting on the report, Steven Bullivant of St. Mary’s University in London says,

“With some notable exceptions, young adults increasingly are not identifying with or practicing religion. Christianity as a default, as a norm, is gone and probably gone for good or at least for the next 100 years.”

In the United States, we are ourselves looking at a speeded up velocity of this secularization, due to the political and moral change in the coming generations of the millennials and those identified now as Generation Z.

Violence in the Middle East and 50 Years After the Violent Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Apr 6, 2018 00:40:20


Townhall Review – April 7, 2018

Hugh Hewitt talks with Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S about the upcoming 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence and the bloody Palestinian protest at Israel’s border. Hugh Hewitt and Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief for The Atlantic, discuss Goldberg’s interview with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine Graduate School of Public Policy, sits down with Ed Martin, regarding the electoral process. Oklahoma and Kentucky teachers are making noise, their red state politicians are listening and Michael Medved is talking about it. Larry Elder turns to Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former advisor to the President, for more about the appointment of John Bolton as Director of the NSA. Michael Medved caught up with South Carolina’s Congressman Trey Gowdy and Senator Tim Scott, who have collaborated on a book project. Marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Medved turns to Jason Riley to talk about his latest Wall Street Journal piece about the message of Dr. King that is a challenge to much of what we see from activists today.

Lanhee Chen: The “Liberal Lion” and the Future of the Courts

Apr 5, 2018 00:01:00


Stephen Reinhardt, who was called the “liberal lion” of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, passed away on March 29th in Los Angeles. During his almost 40 years on the appeals court bench, Reinhardt wrote opinions that struck down the constitutionality of the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and overturned Proposition 8, California’s initiative defining marriage as a male-female union.

Reinhardt’s death means that there are now seven vacancies on the notoriously liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. President Trump has an historic opportunity to remake the Ninth Circuit—and the entire federal judiciary. The vast majority of his judicial nominees thus far have been stellar. They will adhere to the rule of law and interpret the Constitution based on the words in it, not the ideas they want to be in it. 

The President should continue his good work in this arena.  Doing so will remake federal jurisprudence for decades to come.

Hugh Hewitt: Gina Haspel Ought to Be Confirmed

Apr 4, 2018 00:01:00


While CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s confirmation as the next secretary of state looks to be a done deal, whether his deputy, Gina Haspel, will be confirmed as the first female director of “the Agency” is less certain.

Haspel has dedicated her adult life to protecting the country, often in far-off, dangerous places, with great distinction. Nevertheless, it seems some on the left want to re-litigate the early years of the post-9/11 world. They want to debate “enhanced interrogation techniques” again, like waterboarding.

Serious people understand that all young intelligence operators will be watching this proceeding, deciding whether the hard choices they are being asked to make right now are going to be subject to show trials years or even decades down the road.

Gina Haspel ought to be confirmed.

David Davenport: Will the U.S. Be Prosecuted in the International Criminal Court?

Apr 3, 2018 00:01:00


As if President Trump did not face enough legal challenges, there are now two threatened prosecutions of Americans at the International Criminal Court.

First, the Palestinian territories have filed a complaint against both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu over relocating Israel’s capital to Jerusalem. While an important matter for Middle Eastern politics, it’s difficult to see how this could be a criminal matter for the court.

Second, the prosecutor is seeking authority to investigate whether the U.S. military is guilty of torture and other war crimes in Afghanistan. Although the U.S. is not a member of the court, Afghanistan, on whose territory the alleged crimes occurred, is. 

If either of these moves ahead, it would be the first time the ICC has sought to prosecute Americans and would set up a major confrontation between the U.S. and the court.

Michael Medved: Over-Heated Gun Rhetoric Works Against Reform

Apr 2, 2018 00:01:00


If pro-life conservatives ever claimed that supporters of Planned Parenthood had “blood on their hands”, the mainstream media would howl in protest.

Why, then, do anti-gun activists who make precisely such claims about supporters of the NRA draw widespread acclaim for their courage and idealism?

The connection between abortion and killing is obvious—even if you deny that the procedure is equivalent to murder. But there’s no connection between backing gun-rights and endorsing killing. Disagreement over specific policy proposals doesn’t mean that those on the other side want to consign our children to early death or to obliterate our Constitutional rights.

Republican leaders in Washington have already moved ahead with common sense enhancements in our gun regulations but hysterical, polarizing rhetoric only makes constructive reform less likely.


Jim Caviezel, Star of "Paul, Apostle of Christ," Issues Challenge to Moviegoers

Mar 30, 2018 00:40:12


Townhall Review – March 31, 2018

Hugh Hewitt talks with Lanhee Chen, policy expert and Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, about President Donald Trump naming former United Nations ambassador John Bolton as his next National Security Advisor, which has been criticized by some left-wing pundits. Michael Medved takes on the media’s coverage of The March for Our Lives that took place in Washington D.C. last week. The movie “Paul, Apostle of Christ” opened in theaters last weekend and the movie’s star, Jim Caviezel, discusses his passion for his faith with Salem host Mike Gallagher. Charlotte Pence, daughter of Vice President Mike Pence, has a newly-released children’s book, “Marlon Bundo: A Day in the Life of the Vice President.” Karen Pence, the Second Lady, wife to Mike Pence, and the illustrator for the book, joins her daughter in a conversation with Larry Elder. Michael Medved takes on former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens’ call to eliminate the Second Amendment. Dennis Prager takes one more look at the March for Our Lives.

Jerry Bowyer: Larry Kudlow the God Question

Mar 29, 2018 00:01:00


Larry Kudlow has been subject to unending attacks from the mainstream media since being announced as Trump’s chief economic advisor.

Kudlow is a devout Catholic who credits God for getting him through his years of substance abuse. On CNBC, Kudlow said that, whatever might happen during his tenure as Trump’s advisor, it would be the will of God. This sentiment isn’t actually controversial, but on their MSNBC show, Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle found it worthy of incredulous laughter and snide sarcasm.

Velshi used to work for Al Jazeera—if someone there had said inshallah (God’s will) no one at MSNBC would have dreamed of treating them with such contempt!

Kudlow is a fine conservative economist and will serve the president well.

And his faith should be off limits.

Albert Mohler: The Promise Of Easter

Mar 29, 2018 00:01:00


This Sunday is Easter, a great celebration day for Christians. The Church bears a mandate to proclaim the truth that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. The resurrected Lord gave the Church a sacred commission to take the gospel—the message of Christ’s victory over sin and death—throughout the world.

So, as the Church gathers to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christians look back in thankfulness to that empty tomb and forward to the fulfillment of Christ’s purposes in us. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the promise of our resurrection from the dead, and of Christ’s total victory over sin and death.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is at the very center of the Christian gospel. The empty tomb is full of power.

Happy Easter to all. May the joy of the resurrection be yours.

Albert Mohler: Social Media and Our Brave New World

Mar 28, 2018 00:00:58


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged that an app was able to gain and then to manipulate the personal data of about 50 million Facebook users for a political purpose. Zuckerberg said, “We will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward.”

Looming over this controversy is the entire world of modern social media.  In a way that even George Orwell and Aldous Huxley could not have foreseen in their worst nightmares, social media has lured millions and millions of us to surrender our own personal, private information to the world.

The most important thing to understand from this story is the two-edged sword of technology. Some technologies can bring about great good. Others bring about evil, but the reality is that even the most benign of technologies is still a technology that can almost always be misused.

Hugh Hewitt: What Bolton Brings to the West Wing

Mar 27, 2018 00:01:00


The Beltway establishment has reacted with horror to President Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as national security adviser. Ambassador Bolton, they claim, is a dangerous warmonger unfit for the office.

That’s wrong. As the president’s top security aide, Bolton will be an honest broker and someone who can drive decisions through molasses-thick resistance. These qualities, plus his top-shelf intellect, make Bolton the best national security player to join Trump’s West Wing team so far.

The bottom line is that Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare just walked into the West Wing. Bolton can outlast and outthink anyone Putin, Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping sends to negotiate quiet deals before the big public ones with the president.

There are rough waters ahead across the globe and the president is to be commended for surrounding himself with strong, competent and very smart foreign policy professionals.

Michael Medved: For Dems, Hunting Is Worse Than Abortion

Mar 26, 2018 00:01:00


A new poll by the Economist/YouGov organization shows glaring contradictions in the way Democrats define morality, with big majorities saying they accept abortion, divorce, gambling, drinking alcohol, gay sex, pre-marital sex and doctor-assisted suicide.

One form of behavior, however, drew overwhelming condemnation: 82 percent found “hunting animals for sport” to be morally wrong!

If this reflects a tender concern for all living things, isn’t it worth asking if a baby in the womb is a living thing? Even if someone don’t consider the baby to be fully human before delivery, surely that unborn child deserves as much respect as, say, a deer.

Yet Democrats find abortion more acceptable than hunting, by a margin of three to one—showing obtuse inconsistency at best, utter derangement at worst.

Michael Medved: Why Democrats Are Suddenly Unforgiving Moralists

Mar 23, 2018 00:01:00


An Economist/YouGov poll asks respondents if they’d back “a presidential candidate who has done immoral acts in private life.”

A full 48 percent of Republicans find it acceptable, but only 19 percent of Democrats agree.  After three-decades of Democratic infatuation with the profoundly imperfect Bill and Hillary, this counts as a shock.

Yes, these attitudes reflect the polarized response to the current incumbent but other factors make the GOP less judgmental than the stereotype. More common identification with religion helps Republicans see “immoral acts in private” as nearly universal, so they pick the most capable sinner.

It’s liberals who view politics as life’s highest calling, while conservatives look askance at politicians in general, while feeling ready to trade a bit of private imperfection for a lot of public competence.

Hugh Hewitt with Jon Erwin on "I Can Only Imagine" Movie

Mar 23, 2018 00:06:08


Hugh Hewitt invites Jon Erwin, producer of "I Can Only Imagine" to share about his experience making the faith-based movie.

A Terrifying Chapter in Austin and a First Amendment Battle at the Supreme Court

Mar 23, 2018 00:40:15


Townhall Review -- March 24, 2018

Mike Gallagher talks about the Austin, TX bombing as well as this week’s shooting incident at a Great Mills, Maryland school that was minimized by a fast-acting, courageous officer. Veteran FBI profiler James Fitzgerald, goes inside the mind of the Austin bomber, just like he did with Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, who he helped stop. Michael Medved invites ADF President Michael Farris to share the latest on an important Supreme Court case with huge First Amendment implications. Julianne Benzel sits in with Dennis Prager to share about how her suggestion of having students protest abortion backfired. Larry Elder turns to Jesse Lee Peterson, a South Los Angeles community leader, author and radio host to talk about Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam and his recent racial taunts against whites and Jews. Hugh Hewitt invites Jon Erwin, producer of "I Can Only Imagine" to share about his experience making the faith-based movie.

Albert Mohler: A Law Compelling Speech

Mar 22, 2018 00:01:00


An important case before the Supreme Court this week points back to 2015, when the legislature in California adopted a law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to articulate an explicitly pro-abortion message right down to how women could contact the state about financial assistance in obtaining an abortion.

In short: It’s a law compelling speech.

Ilya Shapiro, representing the CATO institute, points out that it’s extremely telling that California has no comparable law requiring abortion providers to post advertisements for adoption agencies, or any other alternative to abortion.

We're about to find out in short order if the justices of the United States Supreme Court mean what they say when they pledge to uphold the constitution of the United States—a constitution that includes the right of a citizen not to have a government coerce speech against conviction.

David Davenport: Another Shot Fired in California’s Civil War

Mar 21, 2018 00:01:00


California is stepping closer to a civil war with the federal government over immigration. In the latest round, one day after President Trump visited the state to see prototypes of his border wall, the state senate appointed an illegal immigrant to serve on a state commission, a big step in California’s progressive history.

Lizbeth Mateo, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was appointed to the state’s Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Advisory Committee.  Perhaps, as a lawyer who advocates for immigration rights, she would have a perspective to share as a witness before a state commission, but as a member? There’s no legal basis for that and it is a further effort by California to tweak the Trump administration. 

Unfortunately, the rule of law is rarely raised anymore in debates about immigration policy. Tweaking Trump is just a bad approach to public policy.

Jerry Bowyer: Poland on the Verge of a Big Mistake

Mar 20, 2018 00:01:00


I’m a huge admirer of Poland.

I love the way they have embraced their national identity, including their Christian heritage.

As an investor in Poland, I have admired their embrace of human productivity which helped to make Poland the best performing market in the world last year.

But this wonderful nation may be on the verge of a big mistake. It has passed a law which would illegalize speech about the small role which Polish collaborators played in the holocaust. Israeli leaders have reached out and officials from both nations are meeting in Jerusalem to discuss it, while Poland reconsiders this law.

Pope John Paul II, perhaps Poland's greatest gift to the world, probably did more than any Pope in history to heal the relationship between Catholicism and Judaism. His compatriots should follow his great example.

David Davenport: The Rise of Millennial Voters

Mar 19, 2018 00:01:00


A wave of change is coming in the 2018 and 2020 elections:  the rise of millennial voters.  In those elections, millennials, born between 1980-2000, will finally pass baby boomers as the largest voting generation.

What we know is that millennials hold different political views than their boomer parents.  They are more fearful, saying 4-1 that America is on the wrong track.  They believe less in political institutions such as Congress and the President.  They are more open to socialism, less committed to freedom. Seventy-one percent say we need a new political party. 

What we don’t know is how many millennials will actually show up to vote.  So far, their voting percentage is low:  only half or less of eligible voters in 2016. 

It seems likely that millennial concerns will change the conversation in future elections, but we’ll have to wait and see whether they actually vote and change the outcome.

Michael Medved: Partisanship Trumps Policy in Reacting to North Korea

Mar 16, 2018 00:01:00


Reactions to White House plans to meet with Kim Jong-Un highlight the damaging impact of partisan polarization and obsessive Trump hatred.

Had Barack Obama arranged to negotiate with the brutal North Korean dictator, some of the same Democrats now deriding Trump would have hailed their hero as a bold visionary, deserving of a second Nobel prize.

Some of the voices that blamed Trump for incendiary rhetoric leading toward needless war now attack him for reckless concessions in pursuit of peace. Of course, this new initiative could still collapse in a U.S. setback, but Americans should give the president broad support to strengthen his hand. Yes, Trump true-believers can sometimes embarrass themselves by claiming the president can do no wrong, but his die-hard critics damage our politics by insisting that he can do no right.

Tillerson Out, Pompeo In: The Right Move

Mar 16, 2018 00:40:05


Townhall Review -- March 17, 2018

Mike Gallagher discussed with Byron York, a columnist for the Washington Examiner, Mike Pompeo replacing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Michael Medved looks at the development of the future meeting of President Trump with Kim Jong-Un, the leader of the rogue nation of North Korea. Hugh Hewitt speaks with Attorney General Jeff Sessions about a little known power grab taking place in the court system. Michael Medved interviews self-described feminist Christina Hoff Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute about her speech that was shut down by protestors at Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon. Hugh Hewitt invites Ryan Anderson, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation to talk about his deep understanding of topics in his latest book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment." Wrapping up the show, Dennis Prager looks at the bewildering claims coming from the former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who recently spoke at a conference in Mumbai India.

Hugh Hewitt: Pompeo Nomination is Good News for State Department

Mar 15, 2018 00:01:00


On my first show for MSNBC last June, I sat down with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, now President Trump's nominee for secretary of state. A quick read of the transcript will reassure any fair-minded person that a much-needed infusion of talent and presidential trust is on the way.

First in his class at West Point and an editor of the Harvard Law Review, Pompeo got key experience in the ways of the Washington swamp at the law firm Williams & Connolly before going as far as possible from it to Wichita to launch a successful career in business and then Congress.

Most importantly, Pompeo agrees with Trump's priorities and understands that his job is to serve Trump's agenda, not create one of his own. Like George Shultz with President Reagan and Henry Kissinger with President Nixon, the boss needs a trusted right arm, not a distant figure of uncertain commitment to core presidential goals.

Good news Pompeo at State!

Lanhee Chen: A Potential of Breakthrough on North Korea

Mar 14, 2018 00:01:00


President Trump shocked the world when he agreed to meet with North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un.  While there’s reason to be skeptical of Kim’s motives and tactics, we should all acknowledge that the President has managed to secure a major diplomatic breakthrough in the crisis. 

Now comes the hard work of making the meeting a productive one. North Korea has long dangled the prospect of disarmament in return for various concessions from America and its allies. Never before has the rogue regime been willing to keep to its promises, or to truly negotiate in good faith.  It’s possible the North Koreans are simply using the meeting as a ploy—an opportunity to make “asks” that will be impossible for American negotiators to agree to.

President Trump deserves credit for getting us to this point. But it’s important that he remains vigilant as we approach the murky waters ahead.

Albert Mohler: Turning the Civil Rights Act on Its Head

Mar 13, 2018 00:01:00


Last week, the Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers transgender persons even though they do not appear in the legislation.

The opinion was written by Circuit Judge Karen Nelson Moore who writes—and I quote: “the funeral home fired the employee because she refused to abide by her employer's stereotypical conception of her sex.”

That ruling means that there is now no determinate meaning to sex or gender in the United States of America.

This is a direct threat to religious liberty because the Sixth Circuit said that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has no bearing on this employment question whatsoever.

The moral revolution has but one great barrier to its complete victory: that barrier is religious conviction.

Watch closely.



Hugh Hewitt: What to Hope for From a North Korea Summit

Mar 13, 2018 00:01:00


President Trump has agreed to go to a summit with the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jung Un.  Those who have watched three previous administrations fail to curb the North Korean nuclear program are stunned and wondering outl loud what could possibly come of such a meeting.

  If Donald Trump comes back with any concessions it will be a major win for his foreign policy even as the destruction of the physical caliphate of ISIS achieved under his watch is in sharp contrast to the fecklessness of the Obama years.  We are watching the renewal of a policy of peace through strength, and a key part of that is the massive budget increase passed by Congress earlier this year.  After 8 years of appeasement, American power is back and deployed around the globe.  It may be enough to bring calm to the Korean peninsula, or it may not work.  Either way, it is preferable to the appeasement that marked the Obama years.

Hugh Hewitt: The “Two Rivers” of U.S. Media

Mar 10, 2018 00:01:00


In late 1811 and early 1812, the town of New Madrid in the Missouri territory was hammered by three major earthquakes. “The ground heaved and pitched, hurling furniture, snapping trees and destroying barns and homesteads,” wrote Elizabeth Rusch in Smithsonian Magazine.


Like those earthquakes, the election of 2016 produced two “rivers” in U.S. media. One of those rivers is thoroughly inundated with anti-Trump, #NeverTrump debris and sediment. The other is almost wholly free of those ingredients.


It isn’t just cable news, the “two rivers” effect is mostly the result of the self-selected flows we direct ourselves to via Twitter feeds and chosen for us by Facebook’s and Google’s almighty algorithms.


The rise of partisanship on every issue, unmediated by respect for basic decency, is accelerating. Tapping the brakes, and eventually making a U-turn, is what the media need to do.

Michael Medved: “Lessons Learned” on Oscar Night

Mar 9, 2018 00:01:00


The over-riding message from this year’s Academy Awards? “We’ve Learned Our Lesson!” Responding to the #MeToo movement and reports of erotic exploitation and sexism, presenters and Oscar winners frequently alluded to the scandal and made sanctimonious pledges to crack down on wrong-doers.


After complaints in recent years about scant Oscar attention to people of color, numerous black and Hispanic celebrities appeared on stage and Latinos won some of the most important Oscars—including Best Picture, Best Director, and best Foreign Language Film.


And after last year’s epic snafu with Warren Beatty announcing the wrong Best Picture winner, this year he received the right envelope.


Despite such improvements, a long predictable ceremony, with no blockbusters in serious contention, yielded some of the lowest TV ratings in Academy history.


Have the lessons really been learned?


Time will tell.

The Scourge of Opioids and the Looming Battle Over Trade

Mar 9, 2018 00:39:46


Townhall Review -- March 10, 2018

President Trump cracks down on a growing epidemic, opioids. Andrew Sullivan sits in with Michael Medved to discuss the deadly depths of this powerful and all too available drug.  Hugh Hewitt invites Ohio Senator Rob Portman about the STOP Act, a Congressional effort to address this life-ending menace. Heritage Foundation economist and presidential advisor Stephen Moore sits in with Larry Elder to talk about the dangers of the steel and aluminum tariffs that President Trump wants to implement. Pat Buchanan sits in with Mike Gallagher to share how the tarrifs actually are very pro-American.  Dennis Prager discusses the Antifa demonstrations surrounding Christina Hoff Sommers at Louis and Clark Law School. Hugh Hewitt speaks with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham about tariffs, FISA, and North Korea Denuclearization. Michael Medved shares new research from the Gallup organization on money and happiness.

Lanhee Chen Obamacare in the Courts (Again)

Mar 8, 2018 00:01:00


Over twenty states filed a lawsuit last week targeted squarely at the heart of Obamacare. The battle is being led by the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton. He argues that because Congress—in the tax reform bill passed into law late last year—effectively ended Obamacare’s requirement that people buy health insurance, the rest of the law cannot stand.

The lawsuit poses no immediate threat to Obamacare.  But if it makes its way to the Supreme Court—as four other cases on the law already have—the law could be in jeopardy, especially if one of the liberal justices on the Court steps aside soon and President Trump gets the opportunity to name a replacement.

This all reminds us of just how unpopular Obamacare continues to be. 

If and until the courts step in, it’s still up to Congress and the Trump Administration to deal a decisive blow to Obamacare.

Jerry Bowyer: Fruits of the Protests After Shooting in Florida

Mar 7, 2018 00:01:00


In the wake of the horrific school shooting in Florida, well organized activists have embarked on a strategy of attacks against the NRA. Some have attempted to brand the NRA as a terrorist organization, and companies have been bullied into dropping businesses ties with it. It hasn't worked.


In fact, analysis by Bowyer research published recently on Townhall Finance shows that on-line inquiries about membership in the NRA reached the highest levels ever recorded.


In other words, large numbers of Americans saw these attacks and instead of running away from the NRA, started researching how they can sign up! And those companies which ended business relations with NRA have suffered sharp declines in public favorability.


Apparently Americans like the whole Bill of Rights despite political attacks on parts of it.

Michael Medved: Poll Shows Conservatives Outnumbering Liberals

Mar 6, 2018 00:01:08


A new Gallup Poll offers encouragement and challenges for Republicans. In the national survey, Americans who describe themselves as “conservatives” still outnumber self-defined “liberals” by significant margins—35 percent to 26 percent. What’s more, in 39 of the 50 states, conservatives top the other side decisively. In only nine states—all of them on the coasts—do liberals enjoy an advantage. 

With such lop-sided recent results, it’s hard to imagine that the November elections would even be close, or how Obama, Clinton and other liberals could even come close to the presidency.  The answer is that many Americans who call themselves conservative feel so disgusted by petty squabbles and dubious personalities in our politics that they don’t even bother to vote.

It also explains the Democratic scandal-mania: liberals like concentrating on trashing Trump’s personality rather than responding to conservative policies that remain broadly popular.

Michael Medved: Destroying a Gun Won’t Protect a Child

Mar 3, 2018 00:01:04


When I was a kid, my late mother used to urge her four boys to consume whatever unappetizing vegetables we left on our plates by reminding us that, “There are starving kids in India.”

Well, I recalled those long-ago arguments when watching a well-intentioned but illogical anti-gun video that’s gone viral to millions. In it, New Yorker Scott Pappalardo reacts to Parkland by cutting his AR-15 in half with a power saw. “I’m gonna make sure this gun is never gonna take someone’s life,” he says to the camera.

But destroying weapons owned by sane, responsible citizens does nothing to stop evil maniacs from using their weapons for mayhem.  Dismantling America’s nukes won’t magically solve the threat from North Korea.

With 10 million AR15’s in private hands, destroying a single gun not only provides no solution, but utterly mis-defines the problem—and won’t feed starving kids, either.

Dennis Prager on Mindset of Florida Shooter and the Left [Full Monologue]

Mar 3, 2018 00:06:52


Dennis Prager examines the mindset behind the Florida shooter as well as the Left demanding gun legislation that would have stopped nothing.

Albert Mohler: In Honor of Billy Graham

Mar 2, 2018 00:01:00


As we commemorate the life and ministry of the Reverend Billy Graham today, there is much that can and should be said about his legacy.

But I also have to speak about him in a very personal way. In 1993—when I was elected President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary—he indicated he wanted to do whatever he could to help me in the cause of recovering and reforming SBTS, moving it in a very clearly, confessionally, decidedly conservative direction.

So: I asked him to speak at my inauguration as President of Southern.

And he did. He pointed to the gospel, he pointed to Christ, and he gave an enormous word of affirmation that was invaluable to the great cause of recovering the institution I lead to this day.

The best way to honor Billy Graham—I’m confident he’d say—is to preach the gospel he preached. Starting here. Starting now.

The Tragic Mistakes that Led to the Florida Shooting

Mar 2, 2018 00:40:08


Townhall Review -- March 3, 2018

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Michael Medved shares details on how the failure of Broward County Sherrif's Office, in particular that of their leader, Sherriff Scott Israel, was years in the making. Dennis Prager examines the mindset behind the Left demanding gun legislation that would have stopped nothing. Mike Gallagher turns to National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy to make sense of why Democrates are comparing the Russians meddling in the 2016 election to the invasion of Pearl Harbor and even 9/11. Hugh Hewitt invites Peter Peterson, the dean of Pepperdine University Graduate School of Public Policy, to share about the shocking upset of Dianne Feinstein not being able to garner the support of her own Democratic party in California. Larry Elder exposes the lunacy of banning of semi-automatic rifles and ultimately the repeal of the 2nd amendment. Hugh Hewitt speaks with David Dewhirst, Chief Litigation Counsel for the Freedom Foundation, on the labor union case, Janus v. AFSCME, in the U.S. Supreme Court. Wrapping up the show, Dennis Prager returns to dismantle a piece from Bill Press of The Hill on letting highschool students direct policy on guns.

Michael Medved: Black Panther’s Misleading Utopia

Mar 1, 2018 00:01:16


“Black Panther” has made movie history as the first smash hit about a black superhero. But even as international audiences savor this splashy entertainment, it’s worth noting some necessary reservations.


The dialogue is full of clunky clichés, the plot is convoluted, the lavish sets and costumes look tacky and sometimes tawdry, and the special effects often fail to convince. Despite strong performances from a distinguished cast, the movie creates a totally fictitious African utopia that ignores fundamental truths about civilizations. The story centers on the fantasy kingdom of “Wakanda,” which, in carefully guarded isolation, has developed technological advances that lead the world.


In fact, isolation invariably produces stagnation, not progress. Moreover, Wakanda in the movie is a medieval, tribal society, choosing all-powerful rulers through trial by combat and magical incantations. In the real world, advancement and wellbeing grow reliably from democratic, free market institutions, not from authoritarian societies based on brutality and sorcery echoing Game of Thrones.

Albert Mohler: Chance of Big Change on America’s Political Landscape

Feb 28, 2018 00:01:00


Can Americans be financially coerced to underwrite labor unions when they are opposed to positions taken by unions?


That was the big issue this week before the nation’s highest court—whether workers can be coerced to financially underwrite and undergird labor unions when the positions taken by the union would be opposed to their own convictions.


The case is known as Janus v. AFSCME—the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees—and it challenges Supreme Court precedent that goes back four decades, requiring persons in certain categories of employment to contribute union dues and fees even when they do not want to be members of the union.


Today, with Justice Neil Gorsuch on the court, it is expected that the court will reverse its 40-year-plus precedent.


This may mean a big, big change on America’s political landscape.

Hugh Hewitt with Pete Peterson of Pepperdine on the California Democratic Party and Key Case Before SCOTUS

Feb 27, 2018 00:04:41


Hugh Hewitt interviews Pete Peterson, Dean of the Graduate School of Public Policy at  Pepperdine University, on the California Democratic Party and a key case before the Supreme Court.

Jerry Bowyer: The Key Question on Trump and Russia

Feb 27, 2018 00:01:00


This is Jerry Bowyer of Townhall Finance for

Let’s remember what all the Mueller, memo and FBI hubbub is about—the accusation that Trump colluded with Russia to get himself elected. One of the rules for determining who did something is to ask cui bono? Who benefits from the election of Trump?

Not Russia, that’s for sure.

The Trump trade has been terrible for Russia. We just published analysis at Townhall Finance which shows that Russia was the worst performing of the world’s 40 investible markets during Trumps 1st year in office. Poland—the Russian rival—was one of the best.

Trump policies have been highly detrimental to Putin’s interests. Most notable is Trump’s pro-energy stance, which Putin mouthpieces like cable outlet RT have been denouncing. If Trump really was elected by Russian money, it’s one of the worst investments any nation has ever made in human history.

David Davenport: The Lost Art of Political Compromise

Feb 24, 2018 00:01:00


Among many lost arts in Washington the most problematic is the lost art of compromise.

The dictionary says compromise includes the root word “com” or together with the word promise:  We make promises by coming together.  America learned this early, with the Constitutional Convention full of compromises. 

But now members of Congress vote not to find the best solution for the country but the best platform for their next election.   Democrats threatened to shut the entire government over dreamer immigrants, while Trump was willing to see a shutdown over his wall.  And so it goes, politicians standing firm on one issue or another which they believe will get them reelected, and the whole of the federal government is held hostage. 

We need more politicians like Ronald Reagan, who told House Speaker Tip O’Neill, “I will take half a loaf today, but I will come back for the other half tomorrow.”

Mike Gallagher and Paul McQuillen on 2nd Amendment and NRA [Full Interview]

Feb 24, 2018 00:14:27


Mike Gallagher invites Paul McQuillen onto the show seeking to have a civil discourse on politicians seeking political gain using gun violence studies as a foundation. They discuss the second amendment, the NRA, and more.

America’s Pastor Passes on to His Reward

Feb 23, 2018 00:39:45


Townhall Review -- February 24, 2018

Dr. Albert Mohler,  President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,  remembers America's Pastor, Billy Graham, who went on to be with his Lord this past Wednesday. Larry Elder and Constitutional law professor John Eastman address the latest indictments of 13 Russian nationals for election interference in 2016. Hugh Hewitt comments on Sr. Fellow at the Hudson Institute Lee Smith's article in The Federalist on the disappearing media coverage of the growing Russian collusion scandal. Dennis Prager speaks with economist and gun rights advocate, John Lott, about the gun control debate surrounding the  Parkland, Florida massacre. Mike Gallagher invites Paul McQuillen onto the show seeking to have a civil discourse on politicians seeking political gain using gun violence studies as a foundation. Frank Luntz, a conservative pollster and political adviser, sits in with Michael Medved to discuss his observations of his recent "60 Minutes" interview and an Oprah Winfrey led focus group.  Michael Medved returns to call out his Alma Mater, Yale University, for some academic foolishness.

Albert Mohler: Billy Graham (1918-2018)

Feb 23, 2018 00:01:00


The death of evangelist Billy Graham seems almost unreal.  In our memories, we can still hear his voice, see his smile, and trace his influence. He died on Wednesday—age 99—at his home in North Carolina. From his first crusade to his dying breath he made clear he still believed and always believed what he preached.


Billy Graham was a titanic figure on the world stage. He preached in person to more persons than any other preacher in the history of Christianity.  It all began with a crusade in Los Angeles nearly 70 years ago that changed history, and led to the establishment of a global ministry of evangelism and good will.


I had the honor of knowing Billy Graham, and he was gracious to speak at my inauguration as president of Southern Seminary and give his name to our evangelism school. He was even greater in person than on the television screen or before a crowd. 


He has now gone home to his heavenly reward, to be with the God he loved so much and served so well.

Hugh Hewitt: Agony in the Wake of Florida Shooting

Feb 22, 2018 00:01:00


How can the slaughter of high school students be so polarizing? It is agonizing beyond any writer’s ability to convey, but a political football to begin another round of pro- and anti-Trump throwdowns?


I didn’t see that coming out of the sorrow from the Florida shooting.


It was like an instant replay of reactions that we witnessed after the massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas and every awful massacre since Columbine.


It has left commentary without a purpose. If everyone — always — makes the same demands, nearly instantly; without any room for consideration of the specifics of the murderer’s motivation and history, it’s hard to imagine what “change” will avail.


A place to start for us would be hearings.


I got the idea from my NBC colleague Chuck Todd. I put it to Education Secretary DeVos and Attorney General Sessions. They both agreed.


If hearings occur, we need one more promise: for everyone to actually hear the viewpoints presented.


Let’s stop the outrage and just listen.

Jerry Bowyer: What Should We Expect From the Recent Tax Cuts

Feb 21, 2018 00:01:00


What should we expect from the recent tax cuts? In a word, “growth.” At Townhall Finance, we recently reviewed the historical data around the Kennedy, Reagan and Bush tax cuts.


What we found is that the economy slowed while waiting for the tax cuts to kick in, and then boomed afterwards. So far—true to form—we’ve seen the economy slow down a bit at the end of 2017 and then show real signs of strong growth this year. The Atlanta Fed, hardly Trump’s home team is forecasting greater than 5 percent growth this year. What would that mean for us? About 400 billion dollars of new wealth this year alone.


Let’s say you take your typical tax cut and invest it. Over 30 years it could result in $53k dollar in additional income for your family. We’re talking about real money—the kind of money which can help the Republicans in Congress do much better in the elections than the talking heads are predicting.


Jerry Bowyer: A Message, New Media and a Breakout Moment

Feb 17, 2018 00:01:03


Jordan Peterson is a fascinating case study in a how new media mixed with a needed message can—overnight—create a star. His YouTube videos have gotten far more than 100 million views.


Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto who has s been talking—among other things—about a crisis of masculinity. He’s Moderate in his politics and Bible-friendly.


His breakout moment was when he defeated a hostile feminist BBC interviewer, leaving her literally with nothing to say. It went viral—with over 4 million hits just on the BBC website alone. The interviewer suggested that Peterson was ‘divisive’ simply because most of his YouTube followers are young men.


Maybe that kind of toxic attack on masculinity is the reason young men in particular seem to flock to Peterson’s message: be a man, don’t be a victim, stand with your shoulders back and go out into the world to slay your dragon. 


Michael Medved: A Lesson from Lincoln on President’s Day

Feb 17, 2018 00:01:00


Once again: A school shooting.


Once again: Tragedy stares us in the face.


Once again: We have the report of numerous fatalities and an even larger and expanding number of those who are wounded.


This time, It was a high school in Parkland Florida—and the questions come, the questions that are inevitable in the aftermath of this kind of headline, the questions that vex us, the most difficult of which seem to have no easy solution at all. We’re looking at a reality that is playing out over and over again.


In the coming days, we’ll be seeing heartbreak when the world shouts only



Even as there is an immediate clamor to try to analyze, to explain and to prescribe, what we need to understand is that there are right now very real families, very real relatives, friends, peers. There are very real patients who are wounded. There are very real human beings who are grieving in Parkland, Florida.


As hard as it may be to convince the larger world that this is true, the most important issue here is not headlines but human hearts.

Dennis Prager and Liberal Jimmy Kimmel [Uncut]

Feb 16, 2018 00:08:49


Dennis Prager defends talk radio hosts from the likes of liberal talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, who believes that almost every talk show hosts are liberal because it requires intelligence.

Mike Gallagher and Byron York Discuss FBI Investigation [Full Interview]

Feb 16, 2018 00:12:26


Mike Gallagher invites Byron York, columnist for the Washington Examiner, to share about the ongoing controversy surrounding the Justice Department and Michael Flynn

Albert Mohler: Heartbreak Behind the Headlines

Feb 16, 2018 00:01:00


Once again: A school shooting.

Once again: Tragedy stares us in the face.

Once again: We have the report of numerous fatalities and an even larger number of those who are wounded.

This time, it was a high school in Parkland Florida—and the questions come, the questions that are inevitable in the aftermath of this kind of headline, the questions that vex us, the most difficult of which seem to have no easy solution at all. We’re looking at a reality that is playing out over and over again.

Even as there is an immediate clamor to try to analyze, to explain and to prescribe, what we need to understand is that there are right now very real families, very real relatives, friends, peers, parents. There are very real patients who are wounded. There are very real human beings who are grieving in Parkland, Florida and beyond.

As hard as it may be to convince the larger world that this is true, the most important issue here is not headlines but human hearts.

School Shooting Stuns America, Betsy DeVos Responds

Feb 16, 2018 00:39:45


Townhall Review -- February 15, 2018

Following the Florida school shooting,  U.S Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, sits in with Hugh Hewitt to discuss what can and should not be done about it. Mike Gallagher invites Byron York, columnist for the Washington Examiner, to share about the ongoing controversy surrounding the Justice Department and Michael Flynn. Bill Kristol, the founder of The Weekly Standard, highlights the cascading crises happening in the Middle East, some involving the U.S, and many involving Israel. Larry Elder showcases the propaganda surrounding North Korea involvement in the Olympics. Dennis Prager defends talk radio hosts from the likes of liberal talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, who believes that almost every talk show hosts are liberal because it requires intelligence. Hugh Hewitt invites media and marketing experts Phil Cooke and Jonathan Bock to discuss their book, The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back. Michael Medved discusses how figure skater Adam Rippon rips into VP Pence just before the Winter Olympic ceremonies began.

Lanhee Chen: Swooning Over a Brutal, Murderous Regime

Feb 15, 2018 00:01:00


Liberal media outlets are swooning over North Korea’s “sports diplomacy” at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. They’ve even suggested that somehow the North Koreans have outmaneuvered the Trump Administration in the diplomatic arena.


Such assertions are ridiculous. Vice President Pence, representing our country at the Olympics, did the right thing by continuing to shine a light on the threat that North Korea poses to our allies in Asia and to the United States. We cannot be lulled into a sense of complacency.  The North Korean regime remains committed to developing nuclear weapons that can reach the American homeland; their rhetoric continues to be sharply hostile to America and American interests around the world; and they continue to commit human rights abuses and atrocities against their own citizens.


If the North Koreans are serious about improving relations with South Korea and de-escalating the tensions that have gripped the Korean Peninsula, it will take more than sending a cheerleading squad to the Olympics. 


We should all enjoy the games. But we should not be fooled.

Albert Mohler: A Dark Milestone In the Moral Context of Our Culture

Feb 14, 2018 00:01:00


This is Albert Mohler for

On the issue of pornography, the New York Times has just given us an example of what moral surrender looks like.


The cover story of the magazine is titled, “What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn.”


The main argument is that pornography has become the main vehicle for sex education amongst American teenagers. Access appears to be such a given in terms of the adolescent experience in our nation today that the New York Times Magazine article is mostly important because of its central message: This is simply a reality you're going to have to find a way to deal with it.


In one amazing paragraph, the author—Maggie Jones—actually suggests that the moral issue is not whether or not teenagers are looking at pornography, but what kind of pornography they are viewing and whether or not it brings out a certain form of sexism in them.


It’s as if—as a society—we’re really past the ability to render moral judgment.


It’s another dark milestone in the moral context of our culture.


I’m Albert Mohler.

Lanhee Chen: A Spending Problem

Feb 13, 2018 00:01:00


President Trump earned significant praise for his first State of the Union Address—and for good reason. It presented an affirmative vision for what unified Republican governance can accomplish. It also laid out policy priorities to keep the homeland secure and strengthen our economy.

One thing that was missing, however, was any mention of our growing deficits and national debt. Washington is spending more money than it has and more than it should—and lawmakers from both parties seem perfectly content to continue on the path we’re on. This spending requires us to borrow money from foreign adversaries, hurts our economy’s ability to grow and leaves our kids and grandkids with the bill.

A change in course is desperately needed. Indeed, reining in spending is never politically easy. That’s why it will take a leader willing to buck trends and attack the special interests—and perhaps even some in his own party—to get the job done. 

Here’s to hoping that Donald Trump can be that leader.

Jerry Bowyer: It's the Economy, Stupid!

Feb 13, 2018 00:01:00


In the election of 1992 James Carville and Democrats famously said: “It’s the economy, stupid.” And they kept saying it through the reelection and the impeachment defense. Clinton argued that elites were disconnected from the kitchen table economic concerns of ordinary Americans and caught up in wedge issues and the politics of personal destruction.

Democrats argued against impeaching Clinton—for lying in his testimony about sexual misconduct—because it would threaten record highs in the Dow.

My how times have changed. Now the left plays down the importance of the economy. Newly minted pundit, Jay-Z argues on CNN  that record lows in black unemployment don’t really matter.

Well they matter to the people who are getting out of the unemployment lines. They matter to their spouses and to their children. Low black unemployment matters to neighborhoods and whole communities.

To most of us, it’s still the economy that matters and politicians who ignore that fact are, well like the man said, stupid.

Jittery Markets, the Memo and a Defender of Masculinity

Feb 9, 2018 00:39:44


Townhall Review -- February 10, 2018

Kimberly Strassel, of the Wall Street Journal, speaks with Dennis Prager about why the howling and protests came from Democrat, FBI, and Justice Department members following the release of "the memo."  Mike Gallagher catches up with CNBC's Larry Kudlow for an analysis on the economy, of which the Dow Jones Industrial tanked spectacularly earlier in the week.  Hugh Hewitt speaks with Congressman Mike Gallagher about a notorious figure who may have provided retired British Spy Christopher Steele with information contained in the "dossier." Michael Medved sits in with Dr. Larry Diamond, a Sr. Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, to discuss the demise of democracy, if Putin could have his way. While on with Michael Medved, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, author of “Twelve Rules for your Life,” shares how his masculine ideas are "subversive to identity politics." Ed Martin, the host of Salem's 1380 the Answer in St. Louis, invites Hugh Hewitt on his show to discuss what when wrong with the FISA warrant scandal.  Larry Elder shares about President Trump's "treasonous" comment following the State of the Union address.

Albert Mohler: The Education Bill and the Future of Religious Liberty

Feb 9, 2018 00:01:03


Congress is currently considering the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965. And we should all sit up and take note.

Sometimes legislation that looks almost innocuous is anything but; sometimes legislation that will have historic and long-lasting effect doesn’t go by any name that would get the citizens’ attention; and sometimes it’s almost as if politically it’s moving under the surface without much attention at all.

This reauthorization is an entire clash of worldviews in one piece of legislation. It’s to the credit of the Trump administration that the over-500-page bill is loaded with respect and concern for the future of religious liberty in the United States, and, most specifically, the future of religious liberty on American college and university campuses.

Now, all of this might look routine, but the result can turn out to be anything but routine.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the future of religious liberty will have a great deal to do with the final state of this bill.

Hugh Hewitt: The Key Point on the FISA Memo

Feb 9, 2018 00:01:11


The recent release of the memo from GOP Rep. Devin Nunes revealed one major fact that stands out above all other revelations: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant-or FISA warrant on Carter Page (and the three subsequent renewals of the warrant) omitted a material fact. While the FBI admitted that the information came from a politically motivated source, the bureau did not disclose that the source had been financed by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. That's a damning omission.

The non-disclosure of a material fact in an application for a FISA warrant-its minimization, indeed one could argue its camouflaging-is a very big deal and its provenance should be thoroughly investigated. It threatens to undermine every warrant submitted to a FISA court.

What I've called "Trump torque" is pulling on everyone in the news business-his critics are often overheated and his defenders tend to ignore his errors. This "torque" is twisting every single story in one direction or another.

But: It's not about President Trump. Or at least this one shouldn't be. It's about when American courts approve surveillance of Americans. And that's every American's concern.

Albert Mohler: A Government Ministry of Loneliness

Feb 7, 2018 00:01:00


One of the saddest headlines I’ve seen in a very long time comes to us in the New York Times. The headline article: “U.K. Appoints a Minister for Loneliness.”


A 2017 report indicated that “more than 9 million Britons often or always feel lonely.”


The extremes of age are identified as two very urgent problems: loneliness amongst the young and loneliness amongst the aging.


The breakup of the family, and especially the demise of the extended family, will explain why so many especially amongst the elderly are cut off. And the advent of social media helps to explain the impact of loneliness in epidemic proportion amongst young people.


But the sad reality is that when a government establishes a minister for loneliness it’s an affirmation of a problem; it’s not likely to be a step towards the solution.


To put the matter bluntly, government can’t be our friend. When human connection breaks down at a most fundamental level, no government can solve the problem.

Michael Medved: Marijuana Isn’t Harmless for Moms and Their Kids

Feb 6, 2018 00:01:08


The growing and powerful marijuana industry wants the public to believe that the drug they promote is harmless, or even beneficial for many medical conditions. But a major study of nearly 300,000 pregnant women in JAMA—the Journal of the American Medical Association—shows that getting high is dangerous for expectant mothers. An appalling 19 percent of pregnant California women between 18 and 24 used pot regularly during the first months of pregnancy; among mothers under 18, a full 22 percent indulged.

Despite the belief that weed might help combat morning sickness discomfort, the CDC—the Center for Disease Control and Prevention—shows major perils for the unborn baby, including increased risk of low birth weight and serious developmental problems. Most women know they should avoid alcohol while bearing and then nursing a baby, but medical research shows they haven’t gotten the same important message about marijuana—which, despite its trendy popularity, threatens serious impact on both adults and their offspring.

Optimist Hugh Hewitt Flips to Pessimist Dennis Prager? [Full Interview]

Feb 3, 2018 00:04:53


Hugh Hewitt calls in to Dennis Prager's show, where he admits that he, being an optimist, may have turned into a pessimist after seeing the post State of the Union news coverage.

Albert Mohler: A Very Historic Vote on the Floor of the United States Senate

Feb 3, 2018 00:01:11


On January 29, we witnessed a very historic vote on the floor of the United States Senate.

The vote was for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a bill that would’ve banned abortion after the unborn child had reached 20 weeks of gestation. It failed by a vote of 51-46—reaching a majority but falling short the required 60 votes to move the bill to the floor for a full up or down vote.

But what we saw was courageous—and it was convictional. It was necessary. Remember that it took 15 years in order for the United States Senate to pass what became known as the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act—15 years of bringing bills to a vote again and again and again until finally a sufficient number of senators voted for that bill protecting babies from partial-birth abortion.

And senators are going to have to bring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act back. We have to hope that they will—again and again and again—until we reach the 60 votes necessary to make this act the law of the land.

President Trump Gets High Marks on the State of the Union

Feb 2, 2018 00:39:47


Townhall Review -- February 3, 2018

Hugh Hewitt opens by dissecting President Trump’s first State of the Union address with Lanhee Chen of the Hoover Institute. Dennis Prager tackles the shocking Democratic response to the president’s State of the Union speech. Michael Medved exposes the alarming body of growing misinformation on the controversial subject of immigration. Journalist Howard Kurtz is invited by Mike Gallagher to discuss his new book, “Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War Over the Truth.” Larry Elder then takes up the issue of a newly revealed photo of Barack Obama with Louis Farrakhan that the media kept from the public for 13 years. Dennis Prager returns to explain why the Left-wing media presents a grave danger to Western civilization itself. Finally, Mike Gallagher also returns to discuss a popular Senate bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks that was filibustered by Democrats.

Michael Medved: Democrats Badly Out of the Mainstream on Israel

Feb 2, 2018 00:01:00


A survey of opinion on the Middle East brings good news to Israel and bad news for Democrats. The Pew Center asked the question: “In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, who do you sympathize with?” Among every gender, every racial or religious group, every age or educational level, Americans strongly sided with Israelis.

Only one political group—self-identified Democrats—split nearly evenly between sympathies for Israel and the Palestinians—with 27 percent with the Jewish state, 26 percent for the Palestinians.

By contrast, Republicans backed Israeli by a lopsided ratio of 13 to 1, while Independents favored the Jewish state by nearly 3 to 1. What puts Democrats so badly out of the mainstream?

In part, it’s the moral relativism that’s infected contemporary liberalism, leaving the left reluctant ever to say one side’s right and the other’s wrong. Moreover, Israelis and Americans share a reverence for three institutions many liberals instinctively distrust: the military, business and traditional faith.

Hugh Hewitt: Trump the Builder

Feb 2, 2018 00:01:00


President Trump’s opening words of his State of the Union Address were his entire message, “A clear vision, a righteous mission.” The speech was 100 percent pure Trump, because he was first, and remains primarily, a builder: first of towers, then of a television show, then of the most unorthodox campaign in American history, now of a presidency of concrete achievement. Like any builder, he touches up the obvious cracks, the unnecessary and off-putting cruelty in the harsh attacks, and then he sells the best features. He’s building his record, and he’s patching it up as he goes.

So, in this very big, very crucial speech, the big things were immigrants and building: integration of new communities, the “Dreamers,” intervention in the lives of the addicted, and the infrastructure everywhere.

For everyone: upbeat stuff, big picture stories, wonderful inspiring narratives, good stuff. Keep it up, Mr. President! Put away the division. Keep that building going.

Michael Medved: Not as Fragmented as the Pessimists Presume

Jan 31, 2018 00:01:02


A major study from the Pew Research Center should reassure those of us who worry about the fragmentation of America based on race and ethnicity. Among the 43 million U.S. adults with Hispanic ancestry, a full 5 million don’t identify themselves as “Hispanic” or “Latino” at all.

Moreover, among families who’ve lived in the United States four generations or more—in other words, those with parents and grand-grandparents who are American born—Hispanic identification is only fifty-fifty. This means Latinos follow the familiar pattern of other immigrant groups, like the Irish or Italians, who de-emphasize ethnic identity after several generations in the U.S.

This contrasts with patterns of racial identity, where the great majority of African-Americans still describe themselves as black, even after several centuries in the U.S. Heavy intermarriage plays a big part in the increasingly rapid assimilation of Hispanics: among married third generation Latinos, the big majority—nearly two-thirds, in fact—have a non-Latino spouse.

Perhaps we’re not as fragmented as the pessimists presume.

David Davenport: Power to the States

Jan 30, 2018 00:01:00


One encouraging development is that power is leaving Washington, DC and heading to the states.  Policy wonks call it devolution, I call it progress.


After 15 years of federalizing K-12 education for example, Washington turned its back on No Child Left Behind and passed a bill returning power over schools to the states.  There’s no need for Washington to act, as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says, as a national school board. 


There’s discussion in Congress that the states should not only manage the trees, plants and flowers in their territory, but wildlife as well, including endangered species.


Welfare reform may be the next big issue and any solution is likely to create a larger role for states. Only the marijuana laws are moving the other way, toward Washington.


It’s heartening that Washington may finally be reading the Tenth Amendment—that all powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution belong to the states or the people.  Not everything needs to be a federal case.

David Davenport: What Kind of Country Wants Media Stars for President?

Jan 27, 2018 00:01:00


Social media blew up when it appeared that Oprah Winfrey might run for president.  Think of it:  two billionaire media stars who had never held political office running for president. Only in America.

But the deeper question is why voters are turning in this direction?  Besides their obvious frustration with politicians, voters seem more interested in making statements than actually governing. We don’t know what policies Oprah might follow and, even after a year, Trump’s policy approach is still taking shape.  But they do make a statement.

A related problem is that the presidency is becoming all bully pulpit and no real leadership, all hat and no cattle as they say in Texas.  We want superheroes and action, not mature deliberation.  What passes for action in Washington these days is party-line votes and executive orders, not working through complex issues.

Citizens have duties, too, and we shouldn’t vote just to express frustration, but to guide the policy and governance of the nation.

Shutdown Fizzles -- Dems Blink

Jan 26, 2018 00:39:47


Townhall Review -- January 27, 2018

Kevin McCullough invites Margo Cleveland of the Federalist to share the details concerning why government shutdown fizzles in favor for Republicans. Dennis Prager shares about the drastic differences in goals of the latest Women's Marches across the country. While on with Hugh Hewitt, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford discusses his proposal to reform the rules of the Senate.  Mike Gallagher spoke with author and investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson about the decline in the FBI's reputation, especially after the thousands of text messages have dissapeared. Michael Medved covers the discredited government shutdown strategy against the Whitehouse. Larry Elder looks at why Americans have high healthcare expectations. Hugh Hewitt interviews Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey about the way that Americans have responded to the tax cut. Wrapping up, Hugh Hewitt has Green Beret veterans Mark Nutsch and Bob Pennington detail an incredible mission for which the newly theatical released movie "12 Strong" was based.

Hugh Hewitt: Time to Extend the Reid-Rule Reforms

Jan 26, 2018 00:01:08


Whether the decline began with the sliming of Robert Bork or the segregationist filibusters of civil rights legislation, the modern U.S. Senate has been on a downward spiral for some time.

What the Senate needs now is an overhaul of its rules, one that preserves the rights of the minority in some cases—key legislation, for example, and perhaps appointments to the Supreme Court—while also reflecting the speed at which the world moves today. Simple majorities on appropriations and time limits on debate over minor nominees are two obvious reforms. They could be traded, for example, for agreement on the high court vacancies and how long those debates should last.

The Senate’s dysfunction is astonishing to Americans who have to make things actually run, who have to do their jobs to keep their jobs. Donald Trump has shrewdly taken aim at the Senate’s vulnerability as an issue. It would be best for both parties to head off change imposed from pressure from the outside with change organically orchestrated from within by those with care for the body and its original design.

It is time to extend what I call the “Reid-rule reforms,” and it’s time to do so now.

Michael Medved: Focus on the State of the Union

Jan 25, 2018 00:01:00


This is Michael Medved for, with a message to President Trump: congratulations, Mr. President, on your first year in office.


In the upcoming State of the Union Address you should highlight our strong economy, progress against ISIS, cuts in taxes and regulation, judicial appointments and more. You should paraphrase Ronald Reagan by asking: are you better off than you were one year ago? An overwhelming majority will say yes, we are.


But please, Mr. President, don’t let Democrats change the focus from the state of the union to the state of your mind. Of course, your opponents have been nasty and unfair, but hitting back at them in similarly nasty terms only diminishes your stature. By emphasizing the undeniable progress of everyday Americans, you will build on your first year’s success. And you can overcome the highly personal attacks of your critics more effectively by ignoring them, rather than responding to them.

Albert Mohler: The President and the March for Life

Jan 24, 2018 00:01:00


The president recently made an historic appearance by satellite transmission to the March for Life, becoming the first president of the United States to do so.


President Trump, just a matter of years ago, had described himself as very pro-choice, but now he can only be described in terms of his actions and statements as very pro-life.


I cannot dream of understanding exactly how he came from a pro-choice position to a pro-life position, but I do know this: he put himself very much on the line in that webcast of the March for Life. He has also put himself and his administration on the line for the pro-life position in numerous executive orders and in developments even just the day before.


Whatever happened in the thinking and in the heart and in the policies of Donald Trump over the last several years is exactly what needs to happen amongst millions and millions of our fellow Americans.


That’s what we strive for, that’s what we hope for, that’s what we pray for, and that’s what we work for.

Lanhee Chen: Healthcare and the 2018 Agenda

Jan 23, 2018 00:01:00


As the Republican-led Congress plans the 2018 legislative agenda, healthcare needs to continue to be a top priority.


Health premiums continue are soaring, and millions of people have little or no choice of health insurance. Millions of people who once could afford coverage no longer can, and many find that their health insurance premiums cost more than their mortgage or rent payments.


In a new Associated Press-NORC poll, nearly half of Americans said health care is their primary concern for 2018, topping taxes, immigration, education, and the environment by more than 15 percent.


Obamacare has failed miserably in fulfilling the last administration’s promise to cut health costs. The typical American worker now must devote roughly twice as many work hours to cover health costs as to pay for food.


Individuals need to be empowered with greater flexibility and choice. And states are better equipped than Washington to oversee their health insurance markets. This requires legislative action from Congress for these new and better choices.

David Davenport: Previewing Trump’s First State of the Union Speech

Jan 20, 2018 00:01:00


A president’s first state of the union message is an important occasion. But in our era of political theater, there is some danger that this year the sideshow will overshadow the main attraction.

Several democratic members of Congress say they will boycott the event.  One Congresswoman is encouraging females who do attend to dress in black. 

Despite the political challenges, “it’s the economy, stupid.”  If Trump makes this primarily an economic address, he can succeed.  Think about it:  unemployment is down, jobs are up and the stock market is on fire. His big piece of legislation, the tax bill, is projected to lead to even more economic growth. The president has problems elsewhere, but so far so good on the economy and that should be his message.

The Constitution does not actually require this kind of televised state of the union address, though tradition does.  It’s always possible that a nontraditional president like Trump might surprise us and do something completely different.

Larry Elder with John Lott on AZ Illegal Immigration [Full Interview]

Jan 19, 2018 00:06:04


Larry Elder and John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Center, dig into the data concerning the true record of illegal immigrants in his state, Arizona.

Are Republicans Really in Danger in the 2018 Elections?

Jan 19, 2018 00:39:44


Townhall Review -- January 20, 2018

Hugh Hewitt invites Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte to explain the contentious issues on the DACA impasse in Washington, DC. Larry Elder and John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Center, dig into the data concerning the true record of illegal immigrants in his state, Arizona. Hugh Hewitt allows two journalists to give their opposite prognostications of Republican performance in the upcoming  midterm elections. Mike Allen tells Hewitt why a Democratic takeover the house “now looks likely.” Robert Costa contends that the Republicans still have an upper hand due to a promising economy. Prager follows with the latest news on his battle with Google and their unfair practices against PragerU and other conservative publishers on YouTube. Michael Medved honors the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by correcting the liberal media’s rewriting of King’s ideological history. Finally, Medved inserts himself into the controversy of Trump’s recently reported statements against Haiti, by rejecting the media’s extreme reaction while advising the administration to avoid language that contradicts their own merit-based immigration proposal.

Michael Medved: The Oprah Infatuation: Dems Place Personality Over Policy

Jan 19, 2018 00:01:10


The unbounded enthusiasm for Oprah Winfrey’s prospective presidential run illustrates the Democrats’ tendency to prioritize personality above policy. Nobody knows where Oprah stands on issues of the day, or what style of governance she’d favor, but Democrats know she is a popular personality and that’s enough for them. Barack Obama enjoyed similar popularity among Democrats: his brief pre-White House career displayed few practical achievements or even a coherent philosophy, but inspiring speeches about hope and change gave him an almost magical appeal.

In approaching President Trump, of course, Democrats also prefer to ignore substance and to concentrate on style: they emphasize the president’s volatile personality and dismiss his undeniable record of first year accomplishment. Liberals would rather scold the latest presidential tweet than consider the booming economy or the lowest black unemployment rate ever measured. The GOP shouldn’t help them in this effort, but must focus relentlessly on the nation’s pressing issues rather than the president’s personality.

Lanhee Chen: After Tax Reform: Return to Health Care

Jan 18, 2018 00:01:04


Tax reform legislation signed into law by President Trump in December, which will lower taxes for most Americans this year, unfortunately did nothing to stop billions of dollars in new taxes under Obamacare from hitting millions of Americans in the wallet.

One example is the Obamacare health insurance tax, which is being paid for directly by consumers, in the form of higher premiums. So millions of us will take a direct hit, even though most people who will be paying for the tax increase don’t even realize it.

Over the next 10 years, individual market beneficiaries will pay over $2,000 more in premiums; families getting their coverage through small employers will pay over $6,000 more; and Medicare Advantage members will pay over $3,000 more.

Although Republicans did not create ObamaCare, they are in a golden position to end this tax and help bring down premiums. A failure to do so may hurt congressional Republicans when they come before the voters in this November’s midterm elections.

And that’s a risk they shouldn’t take.


Hugh Hewitt - A DACA Compromise: Do it and Move On

Jan 17, 2018 00:01:00


Just under 800,000 people received permits to stay and work under the DACA program. President Trump has announced the program's end. It now falls to Congress to decide the fate of the "dreamers."


A legislative deal between these competing interests is obvious: regularization of the 700,000 who can show they have not been involved in violence or criminal enterprise; a significant investment in border security, including the 700-plus miles of wall; an explicit rejection of "chain migration" entitlement or preference for the dreamers; and an end to the absurd "diversity visa lottery."


This compromise is not amnesty. A long, strong fence and additional security measures aren't the Berlin Wall, nor are their proponents totalitarians. After all the posturing and the rhetoric is done and said, my take is that a large majority of Americans can agree on this plan. Can Congress get its act together and, in a bipartisan fashion do an obviously good thing? Just do it, and then move on.

What a concept.


Albert Mohler: The Moral Confusion of Our Culture

Jan 16, 2018 00:01:00


The moral confusion of our culture was appallingly illustrated in a recent article in the New York Times: “Is your child lying to you? That’s good.”


The author, Alex Stone, refers to research suggesting that the children who learn how to lie the earliest are the children who turn out to be smarter. It takes a certain amount of intelligence, after all, to learn how to lie.


Your child isn’t lying? Well, don’t worry. The article supplies exercises you can do with your child to speed up the process of learning how to lie.


Stone goes on to suggest that one of the worst things parents can do is to punish a lie. Instead, he encourages parents to pay children to tell the truth.


We really are living in a world turned upside down when parents in a major American newspaper are told to celebrate when their toddlers lie and are offered tactical advice about how to teach them to lie.


It’s a catastrophe. It’s a moral world turned upside down. And that’s no lie.

Albert Mohler: The Handmaid’s Tale and the Threat of Theocracy

Jan 13, 2018 00:01:04


The 75th Annual Golden Globes recently awarded the prize for best drama to “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The show is based on the dystopian novel of the same title, written by Margaret Atwood.

Hollywood would have us believe that Margaret Atwood pointed to what we’re facing now in America with the #MeToo movement. In reality, the novel was first published in 1985.

Back in 1985, Atwood was warning of about the impulse to theocracy in the Reagan administration.

Atwood basically renewed her charges of theocracy every time a Republican was elected as president.

But intellectual honesty compels us to recognize that when Margaret Atwood is talking about theocracy in her vision of dystopia, she's actually talking about any legal mechanism to regulate marriage or sexuality in a way that doesn't meet her feminist expectations.

So throw questions such as assisted reproduction and abortion and others into the mix and you pretty much have the picture of what it takes for Margaret Atwood to declare a theocracy.

The Budget Battle and the Fight to Strengthen our Armed Forces

Jan 12, 2018 00:39:44


Townhall Review -- January 13, 2018

Hugh Hewitt invites Michael Oren to analyze the recent uprising in Iran in the wider context of US foreign policy to Iran. Host Mike Gallagher and Congressman Mike Gallagher delve into the subject of present US military preparedness. Mike Gallagher then asks Rona McDaniel a variety of questions on the current hot issues in Washington, DC. Hugh Hewitt brings James Hohman from the Washington Post to dissect the merits of Michael Wolff’s controversial new book on President Trump. Michael Medved looks at the White House DACA meeting between Republicans and Democrats, chaired by President Trump. Dennis Prager poses insightful historical questions to Victor Sebestyen, author of a new book on Lenin. Finally, Dennis Prager analyzes the potentially explosive tension between California and the rest of America, as the Golden State pursues extremely liberal policies that indirectly punish other states.

Michael Medved: A New Monument to Black Confederates

Jan 11, 2018 00:01:00


Two Republican legislators in South Carolina proposed a new monument on the state Capitol grounds to honor Confederate soldiers—this time commemorating black fighting men who went to battle for the South.

This idea is both ill-considered and offensive. First, the estimated 6,000 African-Americans who did fight for the Confederacy were mostly slaves, and forced to do so—many deserted when the Confiscation Acts and Emancipation Proclamation offered freedom to those who crossed Union lines. Second, black soldiers represented less than 1 percent of the 750,000 white Confederates—and a tiny fraction of the 200,000 blacks who served the Union military.

Finally, it makes no sense to construct new memorials to those who fought against the United States in an effort to destroy our country. Yes, there may be romance and sentiment associated with the South’s “Lost Cause” but conservatives who want support from people of color must unequivocally acknowledge that this Lost Cause deserved to lose.

Hugh Hewitt: The Ongoing Carnival of Venom

Jan 11, 2018 00:01:00


Addiction was the story of 2017.


No: Not addiction to opioids, though of course tens of thousands of families are still mourning the death of a loved one to the scourge coursing through the United States.


No: Not addiction to the toxic combination of