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Thoughts on Leadership - Audio

Paul Bridle gives his thoughts on current leadership each month.
Thoughts on Leadership - Audio


Paul Bridle gives his thoughts on current leadership each month.




People Development

Apr 14, 2015 00:04:38


Do you have a theme for your teams development?

Sounding Board

Dec 24, 2014 00:02:14



Aug 6, 2014 00:04:11


Do you have too much bravado? How does that affect your work/business/life? Lets talk...

Employability in a Disruptive World

Mar 13, 2014 00:03:48


How are you going to be employable?

Language We Use

Jan 28, 2014 00:03:02


Are you using the correct words in your business? Maybe your're using words you no longer need, or have lost their meaning. Checkin with yourself and listen to your words.

Selecting a Coach

Dec 6, 2013 00:03:30


Need a coach? How do you get one? What should I look for?

Who's Killing the Innovation?

Oct 29, 2013 00:03:24


Innovation is thrown around everywhere. Everyone, every business needs to be innovating. But are there people killing the innovation. Could it be you? Do you welcome ideas, or throw them out?

Succession Planning

Sep 27, 2013 00:03:23


Succession planning is critical to a business, but what about you. Are you prepared for the time after you finish or step back?

Dressing the Part

Sep 2, 2013 00:02:55


This month we look at how we look and people see us!

Defensive Posture

Jul 26, 2013 00:02:32


So this months questions are centred around the idea of people with a defensive posture towards change or ideas etc.

Letting Go!

Jun 6, 2013 00:03:26


I revisit this subject to get it clear in your mind.

The Power of Meaning

May 8, 2013 00:04:27


Employees, Co-workers, Colleagues, Managers, in fact everyone needs meaning in what they do. They need to find meaning. Do you provide that?

Challenging - The Way to Move Forward in Business

Mar 29, 2013 00:04:19


How do you view challenges? Issues? Obstacles? Are you a good example to your people?


Feb 28, 2013 00:03:12


Even the best do it!

Encourage Being Knowledgeable

Jan 30, 2013 00:02:47


Knowledge, Focus, Goals? Do you make your people knowledgeable? Are you knowledgeable?


Dec 21, 2012 00:03:32


Do you make mistakes? Do you learn? How do you deal with them?


Dec 1, 2012 00:03:15


Are you connected? With your customers? Clients? Staff?

Building Trust

Dec 1, 2012 00:02:41


Am I worthy of your trust? Are they worthy of yours?

The Strategy is OK, But the Design is Important

Oct 1, 2012 00:03:35


Dedicated to You Craft

Aug 31, 2012 00:03:29


Are you dedicated enough?

Dare to Be Free

Aug 1, 2012 00:04:08


Do you dare?

Pick A Lane

Jul 2, 2012 00:04:38


Do you often change track? Skip from one thing to another? Well maybe its time to focus!

Promise To Yourself

Jun 1, 2012 00:03:53


Do you make promises to others? How about to yourself? Do you keep them? Let's Talk!

Making Assumptions

Apr 26, 2012 00:03:43


Are you projecting your beliefs and assumptions onto others?

Knowing or Willing to Learn

Mar 29, 2012 00:05:11


Are you a person that just knows or are your willing to learn? Are you willing to give that learning to others? Do you hold onto the power?

On Exhibition

Feb 1, 2012 00:03:40


You are always on show with your customers? Are you an example of that? What about your employees?

Xmas TOL Review

Dec 9, 2011 00:05:36


Review of the year


Dec 9, 2011 00:03:39


Are you using it correctly?

Dealing with Difficult People

Oct 26, 2011 00:03:10


Do you find it hard to deal with people? Are they sometimes difficult? Here are some tips!

Learning and Teaching

Sep 27, 2011 00:02:41


Can you teach leadership? Is it an ongoing learning scenario?

Work Out of Your Job

Sep 22, 2011 00:02:52


Are you sticking to it and forgetting to delegate? Give it away you will never lose your job!


Jul 29, 2011 00:03:19


What do you stand for?

Honesty and Integrity

Jun 30, 2011 00:04:45


We talk about integrity and honesty but what does it mean to us? What makes integrity and honesty so important in the work place?

Listen to the Chatter

May 26, 2011 00:03:42


You have to listen to understand.

Confident to Deliver

May 4, 2011 00:05:06


Are you confident to deliver your stuff? Do you inspire others or even allow others to be confident in their delivery of services?

Leading from a Distance

Apr 1, 2011 00:04:54


Do you have a group of people that you need to lead but they may not be in your office? What about several teams? Paul helps with asking you a few questions.

Performance Review

Mar 3, 2011 00:05:47


How often are your performance reviews? Are you still dated by an annual review?

What Character Are You?

Feb 8, 2011 00:04:38


Do you get on with people? Do you try?

Constants, Cycles and Novelties

Dec 23, 2010 00:04:57


Lets explore trends.

Real Friends Don't Let Drunk Friends Drive

Dec 1, 2010 00:05:30


Would you?

Getting the Focus Right

Nov 3, 2010 00:04:29


So which way do you see things? Do you need to be right all the time or do you want to get things right?

Knowing That You Don't Know

Sep 24, 2010 00:04:43


Are you someone who looks to work with others knowledge or do you just think you're right all the time? Do you know how detrimental this could be to your business?

Faulty Reasoning - the Slippery Slope

Sep 1, 2010 00:05:40


Are you justifying your actions? Have you developed behaviours that are not conducive with your business/job? Maybe this months questions will help.

Bad News Better Travel Fast

Jul 26, 2010 00:05:50


Do your employees hold onto bad news until its to late? Do you do it to your boss? The problem is worse than you think!

Recessions Not Over Until the Lessons are Learnt

Jun 24, 2010 00:06:20


We need to learn the lessons of this recession before we move on. Have you?

Reflection of Yourself

May 28, 2010 00:04:47


What do you dislike about others? May be it is you!

Knowledge is Power - A Killer of Your Business

Apr 29, 2010 00:04:20


Keep knowledge is not true power. It only infects your business and rots from the inside. The flow of knowledge is the key.

So you want Change? What are you doing about it?

Mar 25, 2010 00:04:07


Everybody wants change for the better, however, not many want to work for that change. What are you doing?

Are you healthy?

Feb 26, 2010 00:04:15


We all take it for granted but are you healthy? Is your business healthy?

A Reminder to Myself

Feb 4, 2010 00:04:57


We all need a little reminder, once in a while!

A Dog is for Life

Dec 15, 2009 00:02:49


Leadership is long term not for the short term. Be rewarding everyday, not once a year!

Return On Investment

Nov 28, 2009 00:04:27


Has the term become a metonymy? Does it only exist on a financial scale?

Three Fingers Pointing Back

Nov 3, 2009 00:05:21


Point a finger and get three pointing back. Are you becoming what you do not like in others?

Are You Worth Coaching?

Oct 1, 2009 00:07:48


Coaching and Mentoring are big business, we all need one or the other and in some cases both. But are you worth it? Should you be coached? Are you good enough to be a mentee? Lets find out!


Aug 27, 2009 00:06:00


Do you have soul in your business? Do you contribute, bring soul into the business? What is this soul? Lets find out!

A Little Can Go A Long Way

Jul 26, 2009 00:05:47


Leadership is like spice in cooking, a little can go a long way. However, get it wrong you can spoil the whole dish.

Icons Let Us Down

Jun 5, 2009 00:10:23


Sorry for the lateness of this post. So this economy getting you down. Lets take a better look.

Another Conference

Apr 28, 2009 00:08:17


Another Conference, it is needed or structured properly?

Being Connected

Apr 1, 2009 00:08:25


Lets talk networking!

Remaining Focused

Feb 25, 2009 00:07:54


Can you see the horizon? Are you making preparation for the eventual landfall?

TOL Qs - February

Feb 24, 2009 00:03:43


We received some great questions this month. Here are the answers!

Obama on Leadership

Jan 26, 2009 00:08:36


What can we extract from Obama to make us better?

When to Fold 'em

Dec 22, 2008 00:07:57


Do you know when to walk away? Do you challenge for the sake of it or for a good reason?


Dec 1, 2008 00:10:46


To trust or not to trust?

Environmental Awareness

Oct 27, 2008 00:07:00


This is not greenwashing, this is about your responsibility.

Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard

Sep 26, 2008 00:09:10


You need to be accountable. Your people need to respect you. But what motivates you in your job. Money are something higher?

Does Age Matter?

Sep 4, 2008 00:08:39


Are you being biased to a certain age? Or do you think you categories people?

Recognising Uncertainty

Jul 30, 2008 00:07:11


Navigating in an uncertain world

Killing the Energy

Jul 18, 2008 00:07:24


Do you create the energy or kill it? Do others destroy the spirit in the workplace?

Work is Love Made Visible

Jun 5, 2008 00:08:49


Do you bring the love and passion for everyone?

Wishing I Was Lucky?

Apr 30, 2008 00:09:34


Are we lucky or just conditioned?

Who Controls Our Minds?

Apr 21, 2008 00:08:03


Lets talk about controlling your mind.

Are Leaders Born?

Feb 27, 2008 00:13:31


Lets explore the meaning behind the title.

Walk the Talk

Jan 30, 2008 00:07:54


Stop think and realise.

Season Greetings

Dec 20, 2007 00:01:32


Are we being truth about ourselves?

Who Are We Really?

Dec 20, 2007 00:08:44


Are we being truth about ourselves?

Are Leaders Leading or Being Led?

Nov 27, 2007 00:09:28


Thought Leadership

Oct 25, 2007 00:08:14


I decided to look at Thought Leadership

To Know To Understand To Own

Sep 27, 2007 00:13:36


Does everyone know or understand the difference? How does the difference affect your business?

What is Folly?

Sep 4, 2007 00:12:57


Do you make decisions based on the real information? Or do you make decisions based on what if thought to be right? Lets look at folly in your business.

Good Intentions - No Action!!

Aug 8, 2007 00:14:15


Workshops/Conferences we walk away jazzed up and ready to take on the world. We have our top 10 tips or 7 ways to work better. Then we return to work and back into what we always did. Too much to handle those 7-10 tips. Why not try getting one to work!

Authentic Leadership - June 2007

Jul 19, 2007 00:12:17


So e hear a lot about this 'Authentic Leadership', but what does it really mean? Does it take a lot to be authentic? Can we learn it? And in what way does it help business? P.S - Sorry for it being so late!


Jun 8, 2007 00:14:01


How do you want to be motivated? Ask the right question of your people and you may get some startling responses!

What is really important?

Apr 28, 2007 00:12:00


Are you a leader because you want a legacy or are you a leader for the greater good?


Mar 8, 2007 00:18:54


Is trust just for other people? Is it for you internally or externally? Can you build trust frm within?

Middle Management - Are They Keeping Up?

Feb 23, 2007 00:12:27


In a business everyone needs to be moving in the same direction. Are the middle management pulling their weight? How do you see it and fix it? Or if you are middle management how do you get away from it?

Lets Think Different

Jan 27, 2007 00:19:08


This month is about thinking different. Paul interviews Dr. Kenny Doig at his Dental Centre in Boston, UK. The Dental Practice has won awards for best practice in the UK and East Midlands.

A Leader In 2007

Dec 30, 2006 00:07:51


Lets think about your leadership for 2007.

Managing Remotely

Nov 28, 2006 00:13:35


How do you manage your people remotely? What skills do you need to manage these people?

Managing Upwards

Oct 27, 2006 00:11:47


So we have talked about you as the manager or leader, and the downward process of leading people. What can your people do or you can do to manage/lead the people above you.

Holding Up The Mirror

Sep 29, 2006 00:11:34


Do you need a mirror to see what others see?

Recruitment & Selection

Aug 18, 2006 00:11:01


Whos job is it to do the recruitment?

The Power of Questions

Aug 1, 2006 00:13:41


So how can the leader use questions to help others and themself?

"What's Going On?"

Jun 23, 2006 00:11:36


Paul delivers his Thoughts on Leadership for this month he explains "What's Going On?"

Leadership in Customer Service

May 23, 2006 00:14:58


Paul interviews Andrew Green, Senior Sales consultant, at the local Volvo dealer. This month focuses on outstanding customer service, and the leadership involved.


Apr 19, 2006 00:12:10


This month Paul talks about the difference between mentoring and coaching. Hope you enjoy it!

The Leadership Habit - Mar 06

Apr 3, 2006 00:14:51


So the switch did not work. So here is March's podcast. We will continue with this feed from now on. Many Thanks

TOL - Passion

Feb 19, 2006 00:16:47


Paul Bridle gives his thoughts on leadership for another month. This month Paul will talk about passion, and the need to some it.

The Story of the Moving Goalposts

Jan 27, 2006 00:12:06


Pauls Thoughts on Leadership - January 2006

Reflection & Planning

Dec 22, 2005


This is the end of the year podcast.

Being Brave

Nov 13, 2005


Paul gives his thoughts on modern day leadership on a global scale.

What is the Focus?

Oct 27, 2005


Paul sends his Thoughts on Leadership all the way from China this month. His travels around China have sparked of some great idaes and questions for Leaders. If you want to receive this as an email then head on over to and sign up on the left hand side. Please feel free to send us feedback on this podcast to . Please enter 'Podcast' in the subject line.

Thoughts on Leadership - Sept 05 Edition

Sep 17, 2005


Paul gives his thoughts on current leadership issues and styles. This month Paul talks about 'The way we behave or react' and how this affects our environment and leadership style. Visit if you want to sign up to Thoughts on Leadership email course. Also why not try the Leadership Quiz to ascertain your style and things you can do to improve your leadership at .

Feeling Threatened

Aug 23, 2005


This month Paul talks about leadership in a new age. How leaders will have to cope with terrorism.

Bob Geldof

Jul 26, 2005


This edition has Paul talking about the leadership style of Bob Geldof.

Thoughts on Leadership - June 2005

Jun 23, 2005


Visionary Leaders. This month Paul talks about the importance of a visionary leader.

Thoughts on Leadership

Jun 23, 2005


Paul discusses The Pope's leadership style as a way forward.