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This Kid Life

This Kid Life


A brand new podcast for kids produced by the Sydney Opera House. Kids share their ideas on life; with topics from the environment, to creativity, education, music, social media and much more! It's all about kids having their say on topics which they aren't often asked for opinions on.


Episode 5 - Social Media

Mar 27, 2017 16:03


In the final episode of this season, 12 year old Ariel interviews Sydney Opera House Social Media Specialist Claire and we hear from kids helping to build a new App for young people.  We all know Social Media takes up a lot of kids time and energy and comes with some inherent dangers.  Yet all the kids we spoke to were keenly aware of being safe on the internet and pretty savvy about not relying too heavily on 'likes' to boost their self-esteem. 

Episode 4 - Music

Mar 13, 2017 15:29


Lots of kids take music lessons or learn an instrument at some point in their lives. Some kids practice daily and make music a central focus of life. For almost every kid we spoke to music meant something personal to them.  Hear from Sydney Children's choir about why they make music and what it's like to perform on stage of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

Episode 3 - Creativity

Feb 24, 2017 15:53


What is Creativity? Is it more than just music or art? Is it the way you see the world and tackle problems?  Our young thinkers define creativity and what it means to them.  Two young parkour trainees interview Dauntless Movement Crew to find out how to tap into their creativity.

Episode 2 - Education

Feb 10, 2017 16:00


School takes up a big part of kids’ lives and while we may hear lots of complaining, most kids – at least those we talk to – say they like learning, in and outside the classroom. In this episode, we visit circus school and hear what kids really think about their education.


This Kid Life - Episode 1 The Environment

Jan 4, 2017 14:58


This Kid Life is a brand new podcast for kids produced by the Sydney Opera House.  In each episode kids discuss a new topic that affects their lives. 

They start with The Environment.