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Think Entrepreneurship | Interviews with Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur Tips, Advice, and Inspiration

Think Entrepreneurship | Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur Tips, Advice, and Inspiration
Think Entrepreneurship | Interviews with Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur Tips, Advice, and Inspiration


The Think Entrepreneurship Podcast is a show that interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares their journeys and experiences with you. Guests include Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, NFL great Fran Tarkenton, and many other motivated and well known entrepreneurs. You'll also get valuable entrepreneur tips, advice, and inspiration to help you along your entrepreneurial journey. Check out the ThinkEntrepreneurship blog for more help in starting and growing your own business.


31: How to Start Traveling Internationally with Matt Wilson of

Aug 20, 2014 32:52


Learn how to start traveling internationally and the benefits you'll see from going outside your comfort zone. Matt Wilson is the founder of and In this episode, Matt gives tips on international travel, managing a business from abroad, and prioritizing things in your life. Matt is a very successful entrepreneur who created to help and inspire entrepreneurs to travel around the world. 

30: Finding Manufacturers Overseas and Building Bokos Sandal Company from Scratch

Jun 6, 2014 26:56


Learn how two college students started a sandal company from scratch. Matt McManus and his brother James found a manufacturer in China and launched Bokos in 2013. Learn how they distribute their products nationwide and market creatively by finding PR opportunities in newspapers, magazines, and on blogs. Matt also shares actionable tips to be productive and to help promote your business.

29: How to Eventually Become a Millionaire and How to Take Action with Jaime Tardy of

Apr 6, 2014 28:46


In episode 29 Jaime Tardy of the Eventual Millionaire shares the key points she has learned from interviewing over 130 millionaires. Jaime gives actionable steps to transition out of the corporate world and how to start and build a business. Jaime has written a book named The Eventual Millionaire and is a successful entrepreneur and author.

28: How to Stick to One Thing and Do it Better than Anyone Else - Founder David Ciccarelli

Mar 5, 2014 40:28


David Ciccarelli built his successful niche marketplace by focusing on just one thing and doing it better than anyone else. is a unique business that connects voice artists with businesses, organizations, and podcasters who need top quality voice talent. David shares how to focus, increase productivity, and build a successful business. David will inspire you to take action in this motivating entrepreneur interview.

27: How to Work Smarter and Build a Successful Online Store

Dec 18, 2013 30:09


Learn how entrepreneur Jason Weisenthal started his 7 figure online store out of his basement. He bootstrapped the business ( ) and now has 8 employees and sells decals all over the world! 

26: How to start an online store, pick a niche, dropship, and find success with Andrew Youderian of

Oct 2, 2013 48:59


Find out how to pick a niche, start an online store, and sell your products online 24/7. Andrew explains the advantages and disadvantages of shopping carts like Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento. Andrew Youderian is an expert in eCommerce, drop shipping, and online marketing. Andrew is the founder of,, and 

25: How to FOCUS on the good, FILTER out the bad, and design an organization that doesn't suck! - Josh Allan Dykstra of

Sep 28, 2013 34:03


Josh Allan Dykstra shares how to craft a story for your business, work toward a noble cause, and valuable tips to find and create a business that you'll stay passionate about. Josh Allan Dykstra is the Founder of Strengths Doctors, a consulting firm in California that help small businesses create energizing and positive work environments. 

24: Finding Success in Blogging and Monetization Strategies with Jeff Rose of

Sep 9, 2013 36:54


Jeff Rose is a well known blogger in the financial industry who has been able to monetize and dominate his niche. Jeff tells his entrepreneurial story, how he's grown his blog, published his first book, and monetized his businesses.

23: Legal and Entrepreneurial Advice with Nellie Akalp of

Sep 9, 2013 35:49


Nellie Akalp is a mother of four children, entrepreneur, legal expert, and founder of She talks about the differences between an LLC and S Corporation and covers what documents must be filed when starting a business. Nellie then goes into how to balance work with family life and why it is important to treat your competition with respect.

22: How to Automate, Scale, and Monetize Your Business Online with Antonio Centeno of

Sep 7, 2013 39:49


Antonio Centeno took his passion for helping others and turned it into a six figure online business. Learn how to monetize your business by creating a membership site, selling ads, and creating content on Youtube.  Antonio also teaches how to prioritize tasks, automate, and scale an online business.

21: Delivering Happiness and Creating an Outstanding Company Culture with Jenn Lim

Sep 7, 2013 33:48


Jenn Lim started as a freelancer, went to work at Zappo's early on, and then went on to work on a book with Tony Hsieh, a founder of She then co-founded Delivering Happiness with Tony and helps create happier companies, communities, and cities. Learn all about how to create an outstanding company culture, how to prioritize your day, and achieve entrepreneurial success.

20: How to Overcome Fear, be Persistent, and Grow Your Business

Aug 27, 2013 39:12


Bill Schley examines and explains how to overcome and deal with the emotional mechanics we all face as entrepreneurs. 

Episode 19 - NFL Star Shawne Merriman's transition into becoming an Entrepreneur

Jul 28, 2013 22:21


Shawn Merriman transitioned from a successful career in the NFL to building his own brand named Lights Out. Shawne talks about his entrepreneurial journey and advice from mentors that has helped him launch quickly. 

Episode 18 - How to Start a Software Company with Andy Drish

Jul 17, 2013 30:38


Andy Drish outlines how to start a software business by first finding a pain in the marketplace.  As co-founder of The Foundation, Andy has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start successful software businesses.

Episode 17 - How to Create a Successful Franchise with the Founder of 1-800-Got-Junk? - Brian Scudamore

Jul 10, 2013 38:53


Brian Scudamore shares how he built his company to include 173 franchise partners in 3 countries. He talks about how to franchise a business as well as the benefits of becoming a franchisee. Brian is the founder of 1-800-Got-Junk?, Wow 1 Day Painting, and You Move Me.

Episode 16 - Dominate Facebook and Grow Your Email List with Amy Porterfield

Jun 26, 2013 34:11


Amy Porterfield shares secrets on how to build your Facebook community and tips to convert fans into paying customers. We also chat about building an email list and how to use social media to increase sales. Amy is the expert in the world of social media.

Episode 15 - Legal Advice for Startups and How Political Skills Apply to Business with John Corcoran

Jun 20, 2013 37:23


Small business attorney John Corcoran shares legal advice for startups and how political skills apply to business. Learn about legal entities, going into business with a partner, and how to get a message across in a crowded marketplace. John owns a law firm and runs the Smart Business Revolution Blog and Podcast.

Episode 14 - 1 Billion in Sales with Inventor Debbie Meyer of Debbie Meyer Green bags

Jun 17, 2013 36:27


In this entrepreneur interview Debbie Meyer shares how she invented kitchen products and took them to market. Her products have done well over 1 billion dollars in sales.

Episode 13 - The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle and Creating a Legacy with Matt Wilson of

Jun 7, 2013 37:51


In this entrepreneur interview Matt Wilson of shares his entrepreneurial journey and advice for other entrepreneurs. Matt's business has helped millions and allowed him to travel around the world.

Episode 12 - The Voice Behind Your GPS and Apple's Siri - The GPS Girl Shares How She Has Built Her Brand and How To Create Real Direction For Your Business - Karen Jacobsen

Jun 6, 2013 37:00


Karen Jacobsen is most well known for being the voice behind GPS navigational systems and as Siri's voice for Apple's iPhone. In this episode, Karen shares her story and background on being one of the most well known voices across the world. Additionally, she talks about how to take action and navigate life's roadblocks.

Episode 11 - Mompreneur Builds Multi-Million Dollar Company with Products in Walmart and Babies "R" Us Across the Globe - Sari Davidson |

May 29, 2013 28:13


Sari Davidson, the founder of BooginHead, understands what it means to be a working mom on the go. Created at her kitchen table in 2005, BooginHead was Sari’s answer to life’s frustrating moments with a child.  When sales of products like the SippiGrip and SplatMat reached over a million dollars in 2010, Sari left her full-time position as a Human Resources Manager at Microsoft to devote all of her energy to her family and rapidly growing business.  From 2012 to 2013, BooginHead doubled its employees and launched six successful products with five more set to hit shelves this fall. BooginHead products can be found globally at major retailers like Walmart and Babies”R”Us as well as online and have received many prestigious awards for their innovation and excellence.  Sari’s devotion to making life for parents easier and her conservational approach to design has caught the eye of green celebrities like Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Alicia Keys.  On pace to reach 10 million dollars in projected sales this year, BooginHead and Sari are quickly developing into household names. 

Episode 10 - Goal of $1,000,000 Dollars in 2 Years with Cory Wadden of

May 15, 2013 44:07


Cory Wadden is the founder of the site and documentary named Millionaire by 25. He has a goal to earn 1 million dollars in 2 years to retire his family and find financial freedom. He is doing this by developing apps, writing e-books, and creating various other sources of revenue. Cory talks about goal setting and staying inspired as an entrepreneur.

Episode 9 - Transition from a 9-5 Job to Becoming a Full Time Entrepreneur with Deacon Hayes of

May 10, 2013 25:17


Deacon shares how he transitioned from a 9-5 job to becoming a full time entrepreneur. Deacon and his wife were $52,000 in debt and became debt free in 18 months. He shares how his passion for helping others has turned into a successful business. After being featured on Fox News National Deacon's business has blown up and become his main focus.

Episode 8 - NFL Kicker Becomes an Entrepreneur | Interview with Taylor Mehlhaff

May 9, 2013 28:57


In Episode 8 Pete interviews Taylor Mehlhaff, a star kicker at the University of Wisconsin that was drafted to the NFL and ended up starting a premiere camp for the nations top kicking recruits.

Episode 7 - Pat Flynn shares his entrepreneurial journey and tips for online businesses.

May 8, 2013 40:37


In Episode 7 Pete interviews Pat Flynn, an internet entrepreneur and founder of who is generating over $45,000 per month running his online business. Pat's business helps others create passive income by showing website and online monetization strategies.

Episode 6 - NFL Legend Fran Tarkenton talks about his Entrepreneurial Journey

Apr 29, 2013 33:34


In Episode 6 Pete interviews NFL legend turned entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton. Fran has started 20 successful businesses and now gives back to the entrepreneurial community.

Episode 5 - Interview with Entrepreneur On Fire's John Dumas

Apr 26, 2013 35:05


In Episode 5 Pete interviews John Dumas, the founder of the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast. John shares his entrepreneur story, what's worked for him, and valuable tips on how to grow and monetize a podcast. Entrepreneur On Fire currently has over 200,000 downloads per month. In this episode we also discuss what to expect when you get your podcast ranked toward the top in iTunes.

Episode 4 - Interview with Jeet Banerjee - A 20 year old tech entrepreneur and founder of

Apr 18, 2013 20:47


In Episode 4 Pete interviews Jeet Banerjee. Jeet is a 20 year old serial entrepreneur and founder of and

Episode 3 - Interview with Xero Shoes Founders - Shark Tank Contestant

Apr 17, 2013 27:23


In episode 3 Pete interviews Steve and Lena, founders of Xero Shoes. They turned down a $400,000 investment on ABC's Shark Tank and have been growing exponentially since the exposure. Learn how they got on Shark Tank and how it has changed their lives.

Episode 2 - Kevin Harrington Interview - Shark Tank Investor

Apr 17, 2013 26:47


In Episode 2 Pete interviews Kevin Harrington, an investor on the hit TV show Shark Tank. Kevin owns As Seen on TV, is known as the King of Informercials, and is busy working on his project named Key Person of Influence.

Episode 1 - About our Podcast

Apr 17, 2013 09:42


The Think Entrepreneurship Podcast is a show that interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares their journeys and experiences with you. In episode 1 your host " Pete Sveen " will tell you about the plans for the podcast, his entrepreneurial journey, and what to look forward to in future episodes. Future guests include Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, NFL great Fran Tarkenton, and many other motivated and well known entrepreneurs.