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theVAP discusses travel trailer, RV, and motorhome ownership, repair, maintenance, and travel.
theVAP - The Vintage Airstream Podcast


theVAP discusses travel trailer, RV, motor home ownership, repair, maintenance, and travel. We also interview industry professionals and individuals of interest in the world of recreational vehicles.

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Episode 6

Nov 28, 2019 38:19


In A Toaster Moon – Ric Seaberg
Rob’s Sweet Sovereign Blog
Vintage Vagabond Podcast?
Review of Airstream’s book: Wanderlust – Airstream at 75
Colin’s restoration update
Leg-O-Matic chairs
Cooking a five course meal while camping
Is your propane system a pro pain? – Tips on checking out your propane system
How to get those hard to ignite gas appliances lit
Do you have a flair for flare pipe fittings?
Trailer weather tight? Better make sure your propane connections are leak free

Episode 324: Your Favorite Toilet

Nov 15, 2019 53:09


Last call for DVD sales (Ends 12/31)
Colin's favorite toilet?
What's your favorite toilet?
1977 Sovereign - where to get new tanks
Black tank cleaner/sprayer
Failing furnace

Episode 56: Scary Airstreams

Nov 1, 2019 50:34


Museum trailer exhibit (link)
-1934 Thompson House Car
-1949 Hunt House Car
-1935 Bowlus Road Chief
-Scary Flying Cloud recovery mission
-Rob's scary yard
-Snakes in the walls were eating the mice
-Small snakes falling out all sides of the bellypan
-I was sleeping and BAM the whole trailer...
-The whole tank fell on top of me....
-Scary towing story.... black ice
-Scary work by previous owners
-Almost lost the front of the trailer.. that was scary
-The bed liner took flight!
-He towed it with a Suzuki Jeep
-Vintage tow vehicle/trailer insurance is scary
-Scary movie, The HIlls Have Eyes

Episode 323: Too Cold to Camp

Oct 4, 2019 52:34


Too cold to camp!
Facebook Live at Jackson
Tim's new Dometic toilet broke
Painting an Argosy
Leaking through louvers
Turning a fresh water tank to gray
Dumping gray water
How old is too old for an axle?

Episode 322: NorCal Jackson Rally 2019

Oct 4, 2019 40:46


Interviews at the NorCal 2019 Jackson Rally

Episode 321: Detail in Design

Sep 20, 2019 49:50


NorCal Rally coming up
Mocking up a build out
Avalair restoration
LED taillights
Black tank flush not working
Installing a backup camera
Why not jacking up trailer on the axle?

Episode 320: Legacy Airstream

Sep 6, 2019 47:27


Colin at Niagara Falls
Tim's electric gaucho
Should Tim talk about his van build on the show?
Diesel vs Gas
Vin location on a 1965 Overlander
How much trouble to replace a welded on axle?
1st Vintage, keep under 30 feet?
Remodel, rear bedroom, moving baths

Episode 319: Vintage Squared

Aug 9, 2019 57:42


Tim's insurance issue...
Adding a hand sprayer to a toilet
8Track player
Multiplex wiring
1977 axels with disc brakes
Canadian 7 pin wiring
Adding pex to a '75 Overlander
Caulking a vista view

Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music

Episode 153: Rob's Red Argosy

Aug 9, 2019 48:56


Rob and Steve's Throwdown
Rob's trailer video
Turning your frame upside down
Installing a 1960 tub
Weather sealing 70's windows
Like us on Facebook
Review us on iTunes
Deco Liner

Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music

Episode 318: I Weigh Too Much!

Jul 26, 2019 1:02:42


Tim's weigh's his trailer
Try CAT Scale - www.catscale.com
Colin builds a trailer scale
Tim's overheating blunder
Self filling toilet
A 5th Wheel hit me!
Need a title for my 1972
Al's A/C hack
What's an Avalair?

Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music

Episode 317: Odd Design

Jul 12, 2019 1:09:01


Airstream odd design choices
Colin's light mobile glide
Al's '76 Tradewind wants to change floorplan
Design for service
Tim's gaucho from Villa International
John's '02 Classic A/C drain leaking

Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music

Episode 316: Deep Fried Twinkie

Jun 28, 2019 59:10


Summer has begun
Deep fried twinkies
Antenna boosters
Lagun Table Mount(https://www.lagunusa.com)
Colin's Mobile Glide table installation
Shannon's '73 Ambassador
Installing holding tanks

Episode 132: Being Frank Malkovich

Jun 14, 2019 1:07:37


Working upside down
Still no info on Colin's magic polish
Ohio vs California
Door in a door vs non door in a door
Restoring trim
Replacing propane lines
Lighting a 1960 fridge
Leaky A/C on a 69
Vintage awnings
Insulating your trailer

theVAP Episode 315: Alumapalooza X

May 31, 2019 1:10:47


200 Trailers
Antsy McClain
2020 Caravel
Lucious - Interstate Airstream Van
Phil - Mr. Microphone - 34' Airstream
John - 2017 Flying Cloud
Mike - MJ - '64 Airstream
Ron - '61 Ambassador
Robin - '88 Excella
Doug - '70 Sovereign

theVAP Episode 314: Noisy and Ugly

May 17, 2019 1:04:09


Colin's Urban Air
Instant Pot/Induction cooktop
80/20 Inc
Lagun Table Mount System
1948 Spartan Manor plumbing in freezing temps
A/C - Noisy and Ugly!
Truma Saphir comfort RC
Building drains in the c-channel

theVAP Episode 102: The Black Tank Contest

May 3, 2019 1:12:01


-Colin's soon to be new '55 Whale Tail
-Rob's town's airstream drawing
-Colin's first visit to Jackson Center
-Tires - Give us your input
-Pro's black tank stories
-Black tank contest entries
-Black tank winner announced!
-Thanks to Vintage Trailer Supply (link)
-Baker's Acres (link)

theVAP Episode 313: Prepping for Recovery

Apr 4, 2019 57:02


Urban Air
Spotting front end separation
Rolling zolatone?
Temporary lights
Repack bearings
Aluminum tape

theVAP Episode 312: Too Far Gone

Apr 4, 2019 1:00:35


Vista view windows service
Retrofitting a window a/c
Convert a '59 Flying Cloud to tandem axle?
Wally's Gold Trailer
LP gas regulator mounting
Colin's $450 Caravanner
How far is too far?

theVAP Episode 311: Hitch It Up

Mar 22, 2019 47:16


Porta potty vs. black tank
Tim's camper van project concept
James' 66 Safari
Gen-Y Hitch question from Ken
Bellypan issues may indicate bigger problems

Episode 46: John and Rick's Excellent Adventure

Mar 8, 2019 51:44


Listener feedback on Episode 45
Tim WBCCI # 4827
Is Colin as nice as he sounds?
The Ambassador Update
New Contributor Selectabed.com
Tri-Pedic Mattress
Fresh water tank installation
Polishing Polishing Polishing
Over Polishing Disorder
John and Rick on the road to MI
Michigan Pig Farm
Mother Ship stop
Trailer’s looking good
Door and frame damage
Rick’s first impression
The photos don’t convey enough
A great adventure
Listener feedback galvanic corrosion

theVAP Episode 310: TCT 100

Feb 22, 2019 1:07:56


100 year anniversary of the TCT
Micheal Lambert - 05 Safari
Alice - 1948 Liner
MJ & Mike - 64 Overlander
Karen - 66 Overlander
Phylis & Jerry - 62 Avion

theVAP Episode 309: Weakest Link

Feb 8, 2019 1:04:14


TCT Winter Convention coming up
Hepvo trap for the tub
Anderson Hitch
How do you inspect a coupler?
How do you lube hitch components?
Pete's Spartan Manors
Tiny houses

theVAP Episode 308: Plumbing Talk

Jan 25, 2019 1:00:15


Colin's trailer list
Natures Head
Plumbing talk
Airstream appraisal
Call for calls

theVAP Episode 307: Airstream - Trailer vs Motorhome

Jan 11, 2019 55:00


TCT 100th Anniversary soon
Tim needs to use his trailer more
Add a cat heater for winter use
Can I renovate an Airstream Motorhome for $15k
Will my lights work without a battery in my trailer?
Sealing seams on a '63 Overlander
Sealing a '67 Tradewind bumper/end shell

theVAP Episode 8: Talk of the Town

Dec 7, 2018 47:17


Vintage VAP from Christmas 2005. Enjoy!

theVAP Episode 306: Smart Airstreams

Dec 7, 2018 56:08


Merry Christmas!
Adding ceramic tiles to an Airstream
After polish
Flexible solar
Airstream's smart trailer
Lower panel replacement
Window gaskets on a 56 Flying Cloud
Marmoleum click flooring

Episode 6 - Thanksgiving Vintage VAP

Nov 22, 2018 38:19


In A Toaster Moon - Ric Seaberg
Rob's Sweet Sovereign Blog
Vintage Vagabond Podcast?
Review of Airstream's book: Wanderlust - Airstream at 75
Colin's restoration update
Leg-O-Matic chairs
Cooking a five course meal while camping
Is your propane system a pro pain? - Tips on checking out your propane system
How to get those hard to ignite gas appliances lit
Do you have a flair for flare pipe fittings?
Trailer weather tight? Better make sure your propane connections are leak free

theVAP Episode 305: Snake Oil

Nov 9, 2018 43:01


Tim left his a/c on for a month!
Sealing a polished trailer
Colin's snake oil
Installing tanks in a 1948 Liner
Shrinking side trim '76 Sovereign
Removing the strip on an '88

theVAP Episode 304: Don't Be Rigid

Oct 26, 2018 1:00:49


Keyless entry on an Airstream
Halmark 12 gaskets vintagetrailergaskets.com
AC options to keep trailer looking clean
Solar - flexible vs ridged
Wire gauges
Reattaching Airstream emblems
Overlay repair on an Avion truck camper
How cold should a refrigerator get

theVAP Episode 303: Is My Trailer Too Tall?

Oct 5, 2018 51:05


Tim's going to a rally
Photocell rally lights
Excella tail light woes
Airstream insulation a scam?
Picking up a gifted Airstream
What to wash a trailer with
Hehr window work
Is my trailer too tall?

theVAP Episode 302: Best of Show!

Sep 21, 2018 51:37


Colin at TCT Rally
Best of Show!
Awning rail holes
Adding a shear plate
Gray tank issue
30amp to 50amp?
Fiber optic trailer
Colin's '51 Spartan Imperial Mansion

theVAP Episode 301: Airstream Continental

Aug 17, 2018 57:22


Aluminum tire covers
Continental kit
Fixing front end separation
Polishing tips
Does a polished trailer reflect more heat
Sealing windows on a '73 Argosy
'75 Excella control panel/center
'75 Excella Shocks

theVAP Episode 300: The 300th Show!

Jul 27, 2018 1:41:36


Join us for a walk down vintage lane!

theVAP Episode 299: Happy Birthday Wally

Jul 6, 2018 57:23


Wally Byam Birthday!
Born in Baker City, Oregon
Began building masonite trailers in the 1920s
First riveted aluminum trailer in 1934 by Hawley Bowlus
Airstream Trailer company produced the Clipper
Airstream closed its doors during WWII
Reopened in 1948
Airstream Bubble toured Europe in 1955
Are new axles available for my '76?
Spare tire carrier
Repairing a scrape
Leaking plumbing in a '78
Reattaching the frame/subfloor and shell
Zolatoning a bathroom

theVAP Episode 298: Bigger is Better!

Jun 22, 2018 54:11


Tim's camping trip
Colin heading to Niagara Falls
Keeping old appliances or replace
Rebuilding old appliances
1940's Spartan Manor
50's Overlander modernization
Bigger is better

theVAP Episode 297: Alumapalooza 9

Jun 8, 2018 53:25


Colin got soaked!
Sold out this year
170 Airstreams, trailers
Factory producing 100 Airstreams, 10 Basecamps, and 10 Nests per week.
Factory is building a new plant for production
Colin toured a Nest
Nest vs. Basecamp
Brenda's 7th Alumapalooza
Dave - 2005 Classic - 25'
MJ - singer/song writer - '05 Safari 25'
Mike - Restoring a '64
Ann Marie - Airstream festival!
Mike and MJ - "The Great Divide"

theVAP Episode 296: Outrigger Exposed

May 25, 2018 50:39


Alumapalooza next week!
Tim's solar update
What should I replace my univolt with?
Help identify missing wires?
How to fix exposed outrigger?
Fixing my 70's rock guard
Replacing window gaskets on a '72 Overlander
Fixing screens and latches

theVAP Episode 295: California Solar

May 11, 2018 45:58


Go Power Solar
Solar in California
Cracking the dual pane window fog
​Spring loaded glass break
Automatic Center Punch
Alumapalooza 2018
Adding a cabinet to a '75 Safari
Adding a shear plate
Axle install tips and tricks

theVAP Episode 294: One Throat to Choke

Apr 27, 2018 51:54


-Tim's solar panels
-Dragging bellypan
-Restorers in Nashville?
-Vintage Base Camp
-What do you know about Hofmann Architecture?
-OK to have multiple restorers work?
-Are three axles better than two?
-Window dual pane issues
-Cyndi Lauper Airstream

theVAP Episode 293: Big Pane

Apr 13, 2018 40:22


M4LED.com 14" tube lights available
Use discount code VAP5
1975 Excella window panes
Using an Airstream in freezing temps
1955 Flying Cloud wants a quite A/C
Should I replace my original exhaust?

theVAP Episode 292: Swaying Airstreams

Mar 30, 2018 59:10


1940's Airstream Book Mobile
Beefing up an air conditioning mount
Need a tire recommendation
Trailer tires wearing uneven
Axle alignment
Water spots on my polished Airstream!
'59 Tradewind with wood stove
Insulating windows
Swaying issues

theVAP Episode 291: Hanging SOBs

Mar 16, 2018 44:32


TCT Winter Convention recap
SOB hangs 'precariously' on overpass


Using silicone to seal a window
Replacing a 12v with two 6v
Is it ok to run wires in belly pan?
Fixing a bent emblem
Using a gantry system
Fixing a 70's wheel well

theVAP Episode 290: The 99th TCT Winter Convention

Mar 2, 2018 38:23


Life from Florida!
155 Trailers and RVs
Tin Can radiator cap
Alice - 2004 Airstream International
1948 Liner
Rick and Jennifer
Joan - 22' Airstream
Chuck - '66 Overlander
Music with Patsy & Jim

theVAP Episode 289: Airstreams and Avions

Feb 16, 2018 48:59


TCT 99th Winter Convention
Roll on zolatone paint?
Fixing a mini-keeler
Securing an awning bracket
1983 Airstream gotchas
1968 Avion suspension
How fast can I tow?
Running solar cables
Should I replace my olympic rivets?
Should I build a gantry for one trailer?

theVAP Episode 288: How to Vintage

Feb 2, 2018 1:07:25


TCT Winter Convention
Nature's Head toilet
Finding tanks for my '73
Attach a mast to a '75
Decorative molding in bathroom
How to check for gas/LP leaks?
Identify the wood
Bumper trunk water issues
How to get started with an Airstream?

theVAP Episode 287 Polishing Plastic?

Jan 19, 2018 54:42


5 Reasons for Solar
Tim's Go Power solar not charging
Polishing plastic panels?
Replacing taillights with LEDs
When is it too cold for AGM batteries
1957 Flying Cloud bellypan
Installation of a new axle
Broken vent on a '57 FC
Replacing the floor covering vs keeping original
Airstream Registry

theVAP Episode 286: Happy New Year

Jan 5, 2018 59:45


Colin's Giant Tree
Colin's 2004 - 22ft Airstream
Why new axles?
Replacing windows on a '75
Dual pane vs single pane
Western Pacific
New AC/DC distribution
7 Way whips
What converter do we recommend?

Episode 285: It's Just an Arogsy

Nov 10, 2017 53:52


Template for a rotted floor
Reusing a c-channel
Painting the Argosy interior
Replacing a panel on a Spartan Royal Mansion
Rivets vs rivets
Replacing a twin-lead antenna cable with coax
Fixing a tank wash

Episode 284: Halloluminum

Oct 26, 2017 55:57


Antsy's Halloween show
Airstream Name Registry http://name.airstream.com/#register
Scary Airstream story
Installation questions
Colin's awning block and pulley
Do I need to remove Olympic rivets and replace?
Tempered glass or not
Moving and air conditioner

Episode 283: Escape Pod

Oct 13, 2017 1:03:19


CA fires
Jackson Rally
Alternate subfloors
What kind of wires?
Wiring the grounds
Water heaters
'66 Overlander extrusion
Colin's new 'vintage' trailer

theVAP Episode 282: The 12th Anniversary Show!

Sep 15, 2017 1:08:37


The 12th Anniversary Show!

theVAP Episode 281: What to fix first?

Sep 1, 2017 57:30


Removing interior panels
What to fix first?
Steps to restoration
Stiff 1955 Flying Cloud
Parts for a ’63
Old toilets?
Restoring door knobs
Adding a bunk
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