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The Truth About True Crime with Amanda Knox

The Truth About True Crime with Amanda Knox


Vigilantes. They’re our heroes, our dark reflection, our cultural obsession. This season, Amanda Knox explores multiple stories of vigilante justice, starting with the still-unsolved murder of a small town’s tormentor — the story at the heart of the SundanceTV docu-series No One Saw a Thing. From murderous gang hunters and vengeful fathers to real-life avengers and internet cat-fishers, join Knox as she examines justice outside of the law. The views, information or opinions expressed during this podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of AMC Networks and its employees.



SundanceTV at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival

Feb 1, 2020 00:06:13


Looking for more podcasts from SundanceTV? As the official television network of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, SundanceTV has exclusive access to the buzziest celebrities and emerging artists trekking out to Park City, Utah. With a prime location on Main Street during the festival, SundanceTV hosts star-studded panels in front of a live audience, giving festival-goers and fans the opportunity to dig into lively conversations from the likes of Kerry Washington (Scandal), Amy Ryan (The Office), Winston Duke (Us) and more.

This excerpt from the “Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter: Indie Filmmakers“ panel features a candid discussion with Lana Wilson (Miss Americana), Channing Godfrey Peoples (Miss Juneteenth) and Janicza Bravo (Zola). For the full conversation and more panels, go to SundanceTV at the Sundance Film Festival, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

The Preppy Murder: Symbols

Nov 22, 2019 00:44:18


White male privilege, cancel culture and victim-blaming — has society changed at all since the Preppy Murder? In the final episode of the season, host Amanda Knox explores the legacy of the crime and the transformation of Robert Chambers and Jennifer Levin from people to national symbols.

Binge the 5-part docu-series The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park.

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The Preppy Murder: Schisms

Nov 13, 2019 00:55:30


Get to the heart of the crime as host Amanda Knox strips away courtroom stories and tabloid headlines to expose new details about Jennifer Levin and Robert Chambers, interviewing those closest to them at the time of the murder.

Bonus Episode: Amanda and Lorena (Bobbitt) Gallo LIVE

Nov 12, 2019 01:09:47


Amanda Knox takes the stage for an in-depth and personal conversation with Lorena (Bobbitt) Gallo, a woman who survived and transcended an abusive husband, tabloid exploitation and the casual cruelty of an entire nation. Recorded LIVE at the Death Becomes Us true-crime festival, Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C. on November 10, 2019.

The Preppy Murder: Stories

Nov 8, 2019 00:51:56


Twenty dropped charges, two missing earrings, and a "sex diary" leaked to the press. Join host Amanda Knox as she unearths the sensational trial of Robert Chambers, the murder of Jennifer Levin, and the case that put the victim on trial.

New Season Preview: The Preppy Murder

Nov 6, 2019 00:01:15


In 1986, the body of affluent, beautiful, 18-year-old Jennifer Levin was found dead in Central Park. Her killer: Robert Chambers, a tall, handsome prep from the Upper East Side. He claimed she attempted to rape him and her death was an accident. Join host Amanda Knox as she deconstructs the stories behind the victim-blaming, privilege and media sensationalism that surrounded this murder and trial.

Vigilante Justice: Caped Crusaders

Sep 5, 2019 00:59:29


In an emotional interview with host Amanda Knox, former MMA champion Phoenix Jones opens up about his crime-fighting saga as Seattle’s real-life masked adventurer. Plus, Knox looks at the Superhero Foundry in Vegas that trains its students to be vigilantes, complete with knives, guns and stab-resistant costumes.

Vigilante Justice: Mob Justice

Aug 29, 2019 00:47:55


Amanda Knox explores America’s dark and disturbing legacy of vigilante violence, from the racist lynch mobs at its roots to the present-day assaults of black trans women like Muhlaysia Booker.

Vigilante Justice: The E-Vigilante

Aug 22, 2019 00:47:25


From the bizarre case of an animal-abusing teen whose life was destroyed by the hacktivist group “Anonymous” to one man's quest for justice whose organization “Truckers Against Predators” live-streams catfishing stings on pedophiles. Join Amanda Knox as she delves into the digital Wild West where e-vigilantes hunt for wrongdoers via the internet.

Vigilante Justice: Victim-Turned-Vigilante

Aug 15, 2019 00:55:06


From the women of the pink-garbed, stick-wielding Gulabi Gang of Uttar Pradesh, India, to the LGBTQ sawed-off pool cue-swinging Lavender Panthers in San Francisco, to a secret group of Holocaust survivors bent on poisoning 6 million Germans, a nation for a nation, join Amanda Knox as she explores bizarre examples of what can happen when society’s tyrannized rise up and take matters into their own hands.

Vigilante Justice: The Invisible Badge

Aug 8, 2019 00:56:09


Some vigilante groups operate outside the law, some impersonate the law, and others ARE the law. Join host Amanda Knox as she explores the reign of righteous terror perpetrated by a vigilante group of high school elites called “The Legion Of Doom,” the extrajudicial murdering of gang members in El Salvador by “La Sombra Negra,” and the detaining of illegal immigrants on our southern border by private citizens.

Vigilante Justice: Vendettas

Aug 1, 2019 00:55:06


A modern-day citizen turned super-villain creates a machine dubbed "The Killdozer" and vows to destroy a whole town. A father seeks vengeance on the karate teacher who kidnapped and molested his child. Join host Amanda Knox as she explores real life stories of revenge and the fascinating people who decided to take the law into their own hands.

Vigilante Justice: No One Saw a Thing

Jul 26, 2019 00:42:06


In 1981, a local bully was shot dead in front of a dozen witnesses who deny having seen the killer to this very day. What is it about this area in Missouri that seems to breed vigilantism? Host Amanda Knox digs into this story, which is at the heart of the SundanceTV docu-series No One Saw a Thing. And Troy Duffy, director of The Boondock Saints breaks down the media’s obsession with the vigilante from the western up to the modern-day superhero.

New Season Preview: Vigilante Justice

Jul 19, 2019 00:01:22


Vigilantes. They’re our heroes, our dark reflection, our cultural obsession. This season, Amanda Knox explores multiple stories of vigilante justice, starting with the still-unsolved murder of a small town’s tormentor — the story at the heart of the SundanceTV docu-series No One Saw a Thing. From murderous gang hunters and vengeful fathers to real-life avengers and internet cat-fishers, join Knox as she examines justice outside of the law.

Killing for Love: The Cost

Jul 10, 2019 00:44:47


How does a wrongful conviction change a person, a society, a system? When a person is wrongfully convicted, the consequences have life-long effects on everyone involved. In the final episode of the season, Amanda looks back at all of the people fighting for Jens’s freedom and cost each has paid, the cost society has paid, and the cost Jens himself has paid. And she asks the hardest question of all: what does it mean if nothing changes?

Killing For Love: Grinding Gears

Jul 3, 2019 00:35:17


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These inalienable rights are the bedrock of the United States of America, protected by a justice system built and implemented by its citizens; citizens who believe in truth, justice, and the right to a fair trial--but also citizens with flaws, biases, pride, and ego. For a prisoner like Jens Soering, a man wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for decades, what are the political, bureaucratic, and psychological obstacles keeping him from freedom?

Killing for Love: The Black Box

Jun 26, 2019 00:42:01


Enchantress. Manipulator. Psychopath. Elizabeth Haysom has been called many things in the three decades since her parents’ murders, but who is she really? After playing a pivotal role in the conviction of her former lover, Jens Soering, Elizabeth has remained a black box about what truly happened the night of the murders. But, after stripping away the lies, opinions and hyperbole, is she really the monster she’s made out to be?

Killing for Love: Big Crime, Small Town

Jun 19, 2019 00:37:23


Big Crime, Small TownWhen the brutal double homicide of Derek and Nancy Haysom rocked sleepy Bedford County, authorities and investigators felt the pressure to solve the crime as quickly as possible. But, in convicting Jens Soering, did investigators truly follow the evidence in their desperation to close the case? Did the judge and prosecution put justice first? And were the citizens and media of Bedford County willing to give an outsider the chance he deserved?

Killing For Love: The Confession

Jun 12, 2019 00:41:17


Fifteen months after the Haysoms’ murder, Jens Soering found himself in an interrogation room in England, confessing to a crime that many believe he didn’t commit. Looking at Jens as the first suspect of his continued imprisonment, is there more to his confession than the lies he knowingly and willingly gave? What about the investigators? What about his rights? And what is the state of mind of a nineteen-year-old in love?

Killing for Love: Two Crimes

Jun 5, 2019 00:35:12


The killing of Derek and Nancy Haysom was a brutal crime that happened in a single turbulent moment on March 30th, 1985. Ever since then, the pool of evidence has been growing, calling Jens Soering’s murder conviction into question. The newly tested DNA reveals that there's a second crime here beyond the murders of the Haysoms. And this crime hit Amanda even closer to home.

Killing for Love: Martin Sheen - Life Lines

Jun 5, 2019 00:33:08


To date, Jens has exhausted all his appeals, he’s been denied parole 14 times, and now, his only hope of release rests with a pardon petition by the Governor of Virginia. But he's not fighting this fight alone. He has the President on his side. No, not that President. The President on West Wing, Martin Sheen. In a special bonus episode, Amanda Knox asks one of the most outspoken advocates for Jen’s freedom what it means to throw out that lifeline of support, and what it means for Jens to grab hold on it.

Killing for Love: The Catalyst

May 29, 2019 00:30:27


In 1985, socialites Derek and Nancy Haysom were brutally murdered in their home in Lynchburg, Virginia. The suspects were two young lovers; the first, the victims’ own daughter, a beautiful and aloof young woman; the second, her boyfriend, the dorky son of a German diplomat. She accused him of carrying out the murders for her sake. He, in turn, accused her. They’ve both been in prison for the last 33 years. In this episode, Amanda Knox dives deep into the tangled web of dark secrets surrounding the Haysom murders, and finds chilling echoes of her own case.

New Season Preview: Killing for Love

May 15, 2019 00:01:20


When a respected, small-town Virginian couple was found gruesomely butchered one April morning in 1985, the community was left stunned as investigators scrambled to solve the mystery of their murder. What unfolded next is a story of love, lies, and betrayal as Jens Soering was convicted for the crime. But, over thirty years later, does his conviction still stand? This season, on The Truth About True Crime, host Amanda Knox explores the perplexing and sensationalized case from the docu-series Killing for Love, streaming on Sundance Now. Listen as she untangles a tale of obsessed young lovers, heinous murders, and a shocking miscarriage of justice that eerily parallels her own story.

Ministry of Evil, Part 5: Genesis

Mar 21, 2019 00:31:50


In the final episode of the season, creators of the SundanceTV docu-series Ministry of Evil: The Twisted Cult of Tony Alamo discuss how the project all started with a leaflet, what it was like to surface archival footage from inside the cult, and how Tony Alamo's death in prison altered their story. Guests include author and expert Debby Schriver, and producers Fenton Bailey, Leslie Mattingly and Eleanor West.

Ministry of Evil, Part 4: The Trial

Mar 14, 2019 00:33:23


At age 8 and 14, Summer Hagan and Amy Eddy were taken as child brides by Tony Alamo. They were held prisoner in his house and sexually abused for years. In this exclusive interview, they share their experiences as host Amanda Knox shines a light on Tony's abusive polygamist lifestyle and the courage Summer and Amy faced in helping to dismantle the cult. Some audio in this episode may be disturbing. Listener discretion is advised.

Ministry of Evil, Part 3: Growing Up Alamo

Mar 7, 2019 00:31:22


For the children who grew up in Tony and Susan Alamo's cult, the promise of salvation turned into a pathway to Hell. Host Amanda Knox looks into the brainwashing and abuse children faced while growing up in Tony and Susan Alamo's cult, with former members Rebecca Gay, Jessica Cooper and Benjamin Rishi as guests.

Ministry of Evil, Part 2: The Criminal Empire

Feb 28, 2019 00:30:43


Behind the cover of their religious status in the 1970s, Tony and Susan Alamo were running a criminal enterprise. Amanda Knox, former members and experts detail the fraudulent business empire that paralleled and amplified the Alamos' coercive cult control tactics. Guests include former members Carey Miller and Jessica Cooper, expert and author Debby Schriver, and Ministry of Evil docu-series producers Fenton Bailey, Leslie Mattingly and Eleanor West.

Ministry of Evil, Part 1: The Cult of Personality

Feb 11, 2019 00:30:00


In the beginning, Tony and Susan Alamo were street-corner hucksters, handing out apocalyptic leaflets to hippies in Hollywood, using the horrors of war and civil unrest in the 1970s as a way to tap into the psyche of the times. Amanda Knox takes a look at the Alamos' fire-and-brimstone evangelism that sucked members into their cult and trapped them there through manipulation and exploitation. Guests include former member Carey Miller, expert and author Debby Schriver, and Ministry of Evil docu-series producers Fenton Bailey, Leslie Mattingly and Eleanor West.

New Season Preview: Ministry of Evil

Feb 8, 2019 00:01:31


In the '70s and '80s, Tony and Susan Alamo promised personal salvation to those who joined their ministry, The Alamo Christian Foundation. Wielding the fear of damnation, they grew rapidly but soon began to face allegations of using cult-like tactics and abuse to control and exploit their followers. This season on The Truth About True Crime, former members share their stories as host Amanda Knox uncovers the methods the Alamos used to capture people, the mental and physical maltreatment Tony and Susan inflicted on their followers and the challenges the filmmakers faced in telling this story in SundanceTV's docu-series Ministry of Evil: The Twisted Cult of Tony Alamo.

Sundance Film Festival Bonus Episode: Filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile)

Feb 1, 2019 00:42:05


Amanda Knox sits down with filmmaker Joe Berlinger at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival to discuss his new film starring Zac Efron as infamous serial killer Ted Bundy — Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Amanda and Joe dig into the nuances of resurrecting the sensationalized media story that surrounded more than thirty homicides of young women in seven states, what it was like to adapt the story of an undeniably guilty killer after working on numerous documentaries that deal with the wrongfully convicted, and how the director helped his actors get into the headspace of this gruesome tale.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Part 7: Life After Jonestown

Dec 7, 2018 00:35:29


40 years after the massacre in Guyana, Amanda Knox speaks to survivors about the aftermath of Jonestown and how they continue to deal with it in their daily lives. This episode also features audio from the 40-year anniversary memorial of the Jonestown Massacre held on November 18, 2018 at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, California. Guest include Stephan Jones, Jim Jones, Jr., Jeff Guinn, Jordan Vilchez, Grace Stoen and Laura Johnston Kohl.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Part 6: No Escape

Nov 19, 2018 00:33:43


When Congressman Leo Ryan made a trip to Jonestown to investigate the alleged human rights violations happening there, things took a horrific turn. Amanda Knox examines the events that took place on November 18, 1978, ultimately leading to the deaths of over 900 people, now known as "The Jonestown Massacre." How did the survivors deal with the immediate aftermath? What media sensationalism surrounded them? Guests Jeff Guinn, Jordan Vilchez and Grace Stoen weigh in.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Part 5: Promised Land

Nov 19, 2018 00:25:53


Pitched as a paradise where the Peoples Temple members could finally put their good work and ideas to action, Jonestown devolved into a struggling, brainwashed community located in Guyana's unforgiving jungle. Amanda Knox takes a look at what life was like for the Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana, and the events that led up to the massacre. Guests include Jeff Guinn, Jim Jones, Jr. and Shan Nicholson.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Part 4: Losing Control

Nov 19, 2018 00:24:40


Before moving the Peoples Temple to Guyana, Jim Jones was on a downward spiral fueled by an addiction to drugs and power. Amanda Knox digs into Jones' desperate need to control the narrative of himself and the Peoples Temple while struggling with his own self-destructive behavior. Guests include Jeff Guinn and Shan Nicholson.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Part 3: California Dreaming

Nov 19, 2018 00:27:22


Jim Jones used skillful performance tactics to generate fear and awe among his congregation, keeping them loyal and afraid. Amanda Knox examines the theatrics Jones used to grow his church, leading the Peoples Temple from Indiana to California. Guests include Jeff Guinn, Jim Jones, Jr., Jordan Vilchez and Laura Johnston Kohl.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Part 2: Rainbow Family

Oct 25, 2018 00:20:48


What were Jim Jones' motives in creating the Peoples Temple? What methods did he use to attract new members and control them? Amanda Knox uncovers the many ways Jones manipulated his followers on his path to power with guests Jeff Guinn, Jim Jones, Jr., Jordan Vilchez and Ron Haldeman. Archival clips are courtesy of the Jonestown Institute.

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle, Part 1: Making a Monster

Oct 25, 2018 00:25:22


In 1978, the Jonestown Massacre left more than 900 dead in what is remembered as the largest mass suicide in American history. Discover how cult leader Jim Jones, once a valuable contributor to the civil rights movement, went from messiah to monster. In the first episode, Amanda Knox explores Jones' childhood and how the events at Jonestown have altered the opinions of the people who knew him when he was young. Guests include Jeff Guinn, Ron Haldeman and Phyllis Zimmerman. Archival clips are courtesy of the Jonestown Institute.

The Truth About True Crime Preview

Oct 18, 2018 00:00:46


Explore the truth about the victims of the Jonestown Massacre, its cult leader Jim Jones, and the twists and turns that led so many to their deaths. Go beyond the sensational headlines and snap judgments of bystanders and tabloids, as host Amanda Knox brings her unique perspective on the justice system to look at some of the most shocking crimes of our lifetimes through a whole new lens. For even more, watch the docu-series "Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle," a true crime special event from SundanceTV and Sundance Now.