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The Tao of Sports Podcast – The Definitive Sports, Marketing, Business Industry News Podcast

Tao of Sport Podcast
The Tao of Sports Podcast – The Definitive Sports, Marketing, Business Industry News Podcast


Sports Revenue Analytics veteran Troy Kirby interviews the team behind the teams in Front Offices and Athletics Departments throughout the world, revealing an industry of specialists and minds unseen by the local or national media. Examined in this podcast are current or long-standing industry topics; tickets, business, analytics, moneyball, revenue, finance, economy, sales and jobs of the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Also included are topics surrounding third party vendors, sports business, revenue, marketing, mentoring interns, facilities, managing employees, as well as how to not only break into sports, but stay in the industry long-term. The often-invisible side of the industry is where the Tao of Sports Podcast attempts to pull back the elusive curtain, providing information both to industry insiders and those who want to work in sports.


Sports & Recreation


Ep. 876 - Graham Oliphant (CEO, Rugby Festival Events)

May 21, 2018 28:25


Graham Oliphant has helped the growth of rugby in the United States and the United Kingdom, creating a strategic planning effort that other sport organizations have begun to follow. Oliphant talks about the impact of Major League Rugby in America, which has launched successfully with the Seattle Seawolves beginning a sellout streak and developing a winning format for other MLR teams to follow as expansion of the league nears. Oliphant also runs the London 9 Festival due for July 2018. Twitter: @Jumbo230

Ep. 875 - Jim Sweeney (FIMBA USA)

May 14, 2018 25:09


Jim Sweeney is just getting started in a period when most people are looking at retirement. Sweeny serves as an international board member and the head of FIMBA USA (Federation of International Masters Basketball Association). The International Olympic Committee calls FIMBA the best senior sports federation in the world. Sweeney talks about how FIMBA hosted its 15th world championship in 2017 in Italy, with over 367 teams, and almost 6,000 players from around the world. Twitter: @FIMBA

Ep. 874 - Jeff Lapsansky (Tickets/Marketing, BMW Championship)

May 7, 2018 22:05


The BMW Championship represents a unique challenge for Jeff Lapsansky, since he has to sell tickets to a PGA Tour event that moves every other year to a different city. Lapsansky discusses some of the ways that he drives ticket sales and marketing for the event, as well as ensures that pricing maximizes the possibility of a return for the non-profit organization running the BMW Championship. Twitter: @JeffLaps

Ep. 873 - John Markiewicz (Director of Sales, Chicago White Sox)

Apr 30, 2018 25:22


The weather doesn't stop a great ticket sales staff from selling. John Markiewicz shares his knowledge about selling in cold weather for baseball and hot weather for hockey. Markiewicz talks about his strategy in driving group ticket sales for Chicago White Sox games in April where the temperature is a high of 8 degrees, and selling hockey in Florida, where it is always hot out, and yet, the goal is to get everyone inside a building to watch a winter sport. Markiewicz covers some of the details of selling third party tickets for Purdue. Twitter: @johnm_whitesox

Ep. 872 - Troy King (Director of Ticket Sales, Churchill Downs)

Apr 23, 2018 24:35


As if it couldn't get confusing enough, Troy King comes on the podcast to share a funny episode at the 2018 National Sports Forum regarding Troy Kirby, Troy Tutt and Troy Kirby and one confused gentleman who said "Hi Troy" when all three turned around at once. King talks about his time at Churchill Downs, selling over 70 events beyond the Oaks & Derby. King shares his experiences in selling horse racing, as well as major and minor league baseball.

Ep. 871 - Zach Dayton (Sr. Assoc. AD, Fairfield U)

Apr 16, 2018 30:12


Zach Dayton returns to the podcast after nearly four years since his original one (Ep. 328). Dayton talks about his transition from Pace University, a D2 school, to Fairfield University, which is Division 1. Dayton shares his insight into bringing not only fresh ideas, but also ways to help implement those ideas beyond the presentation stage with traditionalists in a group. Twitter: @Zach_Dayton

Ep. 870 - Holly Marie Jones (Fmr. COO, Corvallis Knights)

Apr 9, 2018 24:58


Fresh off her departure of a second stint with the Corvallis Knights, former COO Holly Marie Jones shares her insight into the West Coast League baseball franchise's brand, and how she was able to enhance it through merchandise, ticket sales and concessions. Jones discusses how the presence of the mascot, along with a sidekick, helped boost the Knights' community efforts as well as shaping the overall food & beverage experience for the fans by bringing it all in-house. Twitter: @HollyMarieJones

Ep. 869 - Dominic Laico (CEO, AutoProcessor)

Apr 5, 2018 28:17


Back in 2010, if Dominic Laico had been able to get his work done for a secondary market reseller on time, the entire resale market would have never been revolutionized. Laico would launch AutoProcessor in 2011, with the set goal of mass uploading e-tickets to all secondary distribution channels at once. Laico compares notes on what the market was before and after his company was formed, as well as some of the issues that have created consumer frustration today, including short-selling. Laico may not be very recognizable even at industry functions, but he has had a major impact on how the primary and secondary markets interact.

Ep. 868 - Glenn Wong (Sports Law Professor, ASU)

Apr 2, 2018 39:36


Glenn Wong has had a continual front-row seat to the evolving world of sports law education, citing his enrollment in one of the first sports-focused legal classes in the country. After a long tenure at U-Mass, Wong is helping broaden the sports legal education on the west coast at Arizona State University. Wong discusses various components of sports law; from NCAA issues and FBI probes to potential labor collusion. Twitter: @WongSportsLaw

Ep. 867 - Brad Taylor (GM, El Paso Chihuahuas)

Mar 29, 2018 32:42


The biggest dog in the fight is sometimes a little yapper. That's what El Paso Chihuahuas' general manager Brad Taylor discusses as he joins the podcast, covering exactly how the MiLB team has created one of the hottest merchandise brands across the country. Taylor talks about perception versus reality with the El Paso, Texas/Juarez, Mexico marketplace, as well as how the El Paso Chihuahuas' mascot is the biggest ambassador of the team in the greater community. Taylor specifically mentions his advocacy against discounted or free tickets, pushing for group sales over even season tickets, as well as how the Bowling Green Hot Rods became a top group sales effort with a small county population. Twitter: @BTinEP

Ep. 866 - Alicia Jessop (Assist. Professor, Pepperdine)

Mar 26, 2018 37:40


Since 2012, Alicia Jessop has had one of the premiere sports legal blogs called Ruling Sports. Jessop has parlayed that platform into a full-fledged website, as well as a career change from a practicing assistant city attorney to an assistant professor at the University of Miami and Pepperdine University. Jessop discusses her path, as well as provides insight into various aspects of sport law, especially on how it impacts cultural norms and society as a whole. Twitter: @RulingSports

Ep. 865 - David Crawford (Principle, FloorballGuru)

Mar 22, 2018 29:53


David Crawford is one of the top industry advocates for the game of Floorball, which is fast becoming one of newest off-season training options and intramural sports in the world. Crawford shares his story of how he first engaged with the sport of Floorball, and quickly because one of its staunchest promoters. Crawford talks about launching his own business, Floorball Guru, LLC, and some of the new endeavors it has allowed him to do. Twitter: @FloorballGuru

Ep. 864 - Mackie Feierstein (Assist. AD, Miami)

Mar 19, 2018 25:39


Mackie Feierstein doesn't have the ability to focus on a single successful sport, because the University of Miami athletic department has several winning programs to sell. Feierstein talks about serving several masters, including men's basketball and football, as well as picking up prospects between both. Feierstein discusses the issue of playing in an NFL stadium, with a heavy-premium focus, and how he trains his staff to work toward selling out the house. Twitter: @MackieFire

Ep. 863 - Harris Peskin (Associate Attorney, ESG Law)

Mar 15, 2018 37:13


Harris Peskin works for the leading esports law firm in the world, ESG Law. Peskin talks about representing various ownership groups and teams in leagues throughout esports, and how that shakes out as the landscape begins to solidify from a wild west atmosphere into a structured tier system. Peskin describes governance and esports economics, as well as where the industry has to go in order to be successful long term. Twitter: @HarrisPeskin

Ep. 862 - John Roberson (CEO, Advent)

Mar 12, 2018 31:29


The core principles of design and branding are discussed beyond the idea of logo, focusing on environment for both the staff member and the fan. John Roberson covers some of the dynamics of what his company, Advent, has done in the marketplace in order to create an atmosphere that people want to touch and feel connected by, that includes the Stanford Cardinal's Home of Champions and the Dallas Cowboy's The Star display of The Ring of Honor Walk.

Ep. 861 - Charles Welde (GM, Bloomington Edge)

Mar 8, 2018 26:09


Indoor football has had hundreds of defunct teams or franchises switching leagues. The practice is considered almost common place. Yet when the Bloomington Edge decided to depart the Champions Indoor Football League for another, they were sued. Edge general manager Charles Welde talks as much as he can about the lawsuit and where the team sits today, as well as how it trains its staff and interns to sell experiences in such an uncertain environment.

Ep. 860 - Eric Platte (Sr. Director of Ticket Sales, Atlanta Hawks)

Mar 5, 2018 34:25


Growing an account representative into a skilled sports sales professional is Eric Platte's goal at the Atlanta Hawks. Platte discusses his mindset in how to foster growth from each new hire to develop a pipeline of success for the Hawks organization. Platte talks about allowing the curtain to be pulled back on what selling in sports is, as well as the time commitment required up front of all employees. Twitter: @EricPlatte

Ep. 859 - Lenny Groh (Business Development, Tradable Bits)

Mar 1, 2018 24:24


The bridge between the accumulation of consumer data and actionable data in sports revenue generation is narrowing in focus daily. Lenny Groh discusses how the advent of social media data collection is now starting to yield out measurable returns for sports teams and concert ticket buyers, as clients are starting to figure out exactly what makes an online transaction occur. Groh talks about the methodology that transforms a message into a marketing sale. Twitter: @lennygroh

Ep. 858 - David MacKay (Partner, SPP)

Feb 26, 2018 26:26


As the esports revolution continues, so does the separation from the original game tournament structure to an actual revenue generation model focused on corporate sponsor activation and player rights. Strategic Project Partners' David MacKay shares his knowledge of the esports space from Australia's arena, discussing how the growth of the vertical within the sports industry has shown some dynamic growth, but also some cautious issues still to be worked out. MacKay presents a vision of where players have to continue to build their brands in order to stave off the inability to capitalize on them effectively.

Ep. 857 - Mike Forman (Sr. Director of Branding, Carolina Hurricanes)

Feb 22, 2018 31:52


Mike Forman has entered into the unique experience of helping on-board his new ownership group at the Carolina Hurricanes, which has helped re-invigorate the local fan base as well as create dynamic, outside the box thinking. Forman describes the process of meetings, which has solidified direction toward a fan-focused model of customer service and branding. Forman talks about his new ownership group has also connected older fans from the Hartford Whalers days in a way not thought possible under the old regime. Twitter: @MForman5

Ep. 856 - Debra Fine (Author, The Fine Art of Small Talk)

Feb 15, 2018 35:28


Debra Fine's latest book, The Fine Art of Small Talk, is about revolutionizing how we engage with each other in ways that lead toward relationship building, as well as business development. Fine discusses ways to not only break the ice, but avoid a "Stage Five Clinger" who isn't going to buy but merely absorb your time. Fine talks about how to engage with people on a personal level and move it toward getting them to want to buy from you. Twitter: @DebraFine

Ep. 855 - Tim Katt (Global Sports Venture Studio)

Feb 12, 2018 32:06


The Los Angeles Dodgers have found a key way to innovate off of the field, combining forces with R/GA studios to create the Global Sports Venture Studio, a technology accelerator. GSVS Managing Director Tim Katt discusses what all of that means, and why a professional sports franchise is smart to infuse itself into the tech-development space of start-ups. Katt talks about the types of innovation already realized as well as the commitment level needed to succeed long term. Twitter: @tim_katt

Ep. 584 - Erin Dutcher (Operations Specialist, San Diego Seals)

Feb 8, 2018 21:31


Erin Dutcher may have a famous name around San Diego sports, but she refused to trade on it, earning her own way by gaining a position with the San Diego Seals, the new lacrosse team. Dutcher talks about how important it was for her to be hired for her own skills, rather than the coaching lineage of her father or grandfather, and how the Seals became that perfect opportunity. Dutcher shares how she seeks to impact the front office staff in a positive way every time she enters the room.

Ep. 853 - Andrew Brandt (Sports Law Professor)

Feb 5, 2018 33:54


Andrew Brandt has sat on both sides of the table in a NFL player contract negotiation; both as a player agent and as legal counsel of the NFL's Green Bay Packers. Brandt also has an interesting distinction of being the agent of Ricky Williams, dropped in favor of rapper Master P, who guided Williams to one of the worst contracts in NFL history. Brandt discusses the nuances of NFL player representation, how it varies from other sports in terms of contract terms and length. Brandt talks about how his passion for sports law brought him to Villanova, to direct the Study of Sports Law in the Jeffrey Moorad Center. Twitter: @AndrewBrandt

Ep. 852 - Tom McMillen (President/CEO, LEAD1)

Feb 1, 2018 29:08


Tom McMillen oversees 129 Football Bowl Subdivision athletic directors, working on mentoring and advocacy, as president/CEO of LEAD1 Association. The organization has been around since 1986 and has fostered a conduit of growth of athletic directors, as well as giving voice their challenges to legal matters happening in the nation's capitol. McMillen, a former Congressman, shares his insights into the new tax legislation which erases seat donation write-offs and the fall-out that new law can do to Olympic sports programming. Twitter: @LEAD1ACOM

Ep. 851 - Eric Jackson (Founder, EMJ Capital)

Jan 29, 2018 37:50


Eric Jackson has managed to create one of the more remarkable weekly emails to date, focused on the financing of media and technology. Jackson covers several topics in-depth, providing reasoning for his investment strategy as well as the different issues cropping up with various companies. Jackson discusses the recent departure of ESPN's John Skipper, focusing on those who might serve as heir-apparent, the Amazon Prime sports streaming model and Bill Simmons' success/failure of The Ringer. Twitter: @EricJackson

Ep. 850 - Eric McElvenny (Motivational Speaker)

Jan 25, 2018 25:45


Injured Marine Captain Eric McElvenny came back from Afghanistan, recovering from a below knee amputation, with a goal set to run an Ironman competition. He's now going for the world record for an amputee with zero sign of stopping. McElvenny discusses his return from injury, how he looked at staying positive, and what goals he has for the future beyond sport. Twitter: @EricMcElvenny

Ep. 849 - Lee Landers (President, Appalachian League)

Jan 22, 2018 25:20


Since 1959, Lee Landers has worked in minor league baseball, seeing the various trends and attitudes of sports marketing. Landers discusses how he started out as well as how the game has changed off of the field in the perception of promotion. Landers talks about crazy promotions gone bad because of weather, and some of the ways that ownership groups have finally come to terms with sharing ideas.

Ep. 848 - Mark Burns (Founder, Sports Business Chronicle)

Jan 18, 2018 29:55


Mark Burns returns to the podcast for a second go-around after Ep. 697, leaving two online publications behind to start his own digital venture, the Sports Business Chronicle. Burns reflects on some of the choices that he made in order to initiate his own reporting microsite, including taking a chance on himself and whether enough subscribers would buy-in to what he built. Burns talks about the negativism he encountered and how he shrugged it off. Twitter: @markjburns88

Ep. 847 - Christopher Asa (Assoc. AD, FAMU)

Jan 15, 2018 34:15


Christopher Asa returns to the podcast after almost five years in between episodes (Ep. 161). In that time, he's worked for MiLB at the Montgomery Biscuits, the ACC's Florida Seminoles and with the Florida A&M Rattlers. Asa's role with FAMU oversees revenue generation for ticket sales, fundraising and overall external relations. Asa talks about the challenges as well as the successes of working at a HBCU, especially when it comes to the impact on student-athletes of working at FAMU. Asa shares his story of tweeting NCAA critic Jay Bilas about a FAMU "money game" against Arkansas, and the positive impact it had on how donors viewed the FAMU transportation fund. Twitter: @ChrisAsa1

Ep. 846 - Jennifer Piorkowski (Sales Director, TGSM)

Jan 11, 2018 30:17


Jennifer Piorkowski has an ambition to kill the porta-potty in all tailgate lots national wide. Piorkowski discusses her disdain for the plastic wall commode and suggests the alternative of using a portable bathroom solution. Piorkowski talks about the growing fan experience outside of the stadium which influences attendance, especially when it comes to female fans. Not to mention all of the data that can be harvested from a portable bathroom solution as well. Twitter: @tgsmsportsmktg

Ep. 845 - Matt Jessep (CEO, EGAA)

Jan 8, 2018 28:06


As the world of esports gaming explodes, so does the opportunity for player representation. Matt Jessep is a sports agent in Australia's National Rugby League, who is helping redefine player rights and values within the esports industry. Jessep discusses some of the issues surrounding the game today, including how promoters treat esports players as well as whether the prize money guarantees are legitimate. Jessep talks about some of the newer aspects of getting in front of the top esports players to share why an association is so vital.

Ep. 844 - Chad McEvoy (Professor/Chair, NIU)

Jan 4, 2018 32:30


Dr. Chad McEvoy comes on the podcast to chat about sports management degrees and their viability in the marketplace. Are sports management programs expected to generate job opportunities or to develop critical thinking skills? Is it an either-or scenario? McEvoy discusses whether sports sales managers even want sports management programs to train students on sales, or if that is still training preferred done by the sports sales managers themselves. Twitter: @ChadMcEvoy

Ep. 843 - Dave Rowan (COO, NLL)

Jan 1, 2018 29:47


Dave Rowan oversees the financial operations for the 32-year-old National Lacrosse League, which is focused on smart, efficient franchise expansion with great partners such as ownership groups like Comcast-Spectacor and Alibaba. Rowan shares his vision of how the digital growth of the NLL on Twitter and OTT has increased not only awareness of the sport of box lacrosse, but also gained traction with younger demographics. Rowan talks about the challenges of ensuring that ownership protects the integrity of the sport, understanding its values within a marketplace. Twitter: @dro1120

Ep. 842 - Mark Washo (CBO, Rochester Rhinos)

Dec 28, 2017 34:05


The Rochester Rhinos of the USL have announced that they won't be playing for the 2018 season. Chief Business Officer Mark Washo returns to the podcast (Ep. 113) to discuss how the decision came down, as well as his return to sports after spending time in the cruiseliner industry. Washo discusses some of the issues around professional soccer, including how one of the biggest problems is an internal one, with soccer's hardcore fans. Twitter: @SoccerWasho

Ep. 841 - Jim Hayes (Citizen Resale Activist)

Dec 26, 2017 24:56


Before 2017, Jim Hayes never thought about who owned his Denver Broncos tickets. He always thought that he did. Since 2011, after being on a 75,000+ waiting list for 6 years prior, Hayes had been a Denver Broncos season ticket holder. But when he decided to resell his tickets through the official Ticketmaster exchange, he unwittingly had his information weaponized against him. Hayes' story goes beyond the issues of resale, and explore the issues of customer service, season ticket investment loyalty. Twitter: @jamesrhayes

Ep. 840 - Annemarie Hastings (EVP, Fund Raisers Sports)

Dec 23, 2017 29:14


In her 20 years with the San Francisco Giants, Annemarie Hastings helped craft one of the largest client relations programs for a Major League Baseball team front office. Hastings discusses how the Giants approached season ticket holders, renewals, and high-level client retention as well as building a strong brand through their front-line ambassadors at the ballpark and through their call staff. Hastings is quick to mention that "listening" is as much selling as anything, as well as build client passion for the brand. Twitter: @KCAnnemarie

Ep. 839 - Ayo Taylor-Dixon (Sr. Associate, Georgia Tech)

Dec 18, 2017 40:44


As the president of NACMA for 2017-18, Ayo Taylor-Dixon comes on the podcast to present the 2020 strategic plan for the marketing arm of college athletics administration. Taylor-Dixon discusses how the organization has taken a deep-dive into understand what its membership want, both at convention as attendees and as non-attending members in their athletic departments. Taylor-Dixon talks about the role of networking and the power it has to help increase job opportunities by attending the annual NACDA convention. Twitter: @AyoTaylorDixon

Ep. 838 - Rick Horrow (The Sports Professor)

Dec 14, 2017 25:37


Rick Horrow has a media sports business legacy that spans over two decades, along with a sports consultancy firm which has amassed a portfolio of clients ranging from major leagues to individual sports stars. Horrow discusses his approach to the industry, interviewing well-known and unknown front office personalities, and working with inside information without divulging everything to the viewing public. Horrow talks about the role of sports education since his days co-teaching a sports law class at his alma mater Harvard, and where sports business is headed in the next two decades. Twitter: @RickHorrow

Ep. 837 - John Barrows (Sales Trainer)

Dec 12, 2017 32:52


John Barrows represents a new type of sales training with old school skills, focused on technology companies and building relationships through workflows. Barrows discusses the process of creating a dynamic relationship within the sales team, and initiating it into a formidable strategy. Twitter: @JohnMBarrows

Ep. 836 - Richard Harris (Sales Trainer)

Dec 7, 2017 34:44


Richard Harris is known as one of the top sales trainers in the country and has come on the podcast to take on the tactics and acumen applied to sports ticket sales. Harris goes through scenarios of how to engage with a prospect, as well as to transition the conversation into a buying experience. Harris refers to his thoughts on management and improving the sales pipeline for a sales team. Twitter: @rharris415

Ep. 835 - Glenn Critchley (Commercial Manager, Vodafone Warriors)

Dec 4, 2017 32:04


The Vodafone Warriors may sit one of the rugby hotbeds of the world, but that doesn't mean that the National Rugby League team doesn't have to fight for attention, especially given that one of the top rugby squads internationally, The All-Blacks, is nearby. Glenn Critchley discusses the challenges for the Vodafone Warriors, which do not designate their brand with a city name, but instead a corporate sponsorship. Critchley shares his insight into making the brand successful off of the field, despite the on-field struggles of the squad. Twitter: @glenncritchley

Ep. 834 - Kenneth "Ziggy" Siegfried (AD, CSUB)

Nov 30, 2017 33:28


Kenneth "Ziggy" Siegfried was on the podcast back in 2013 (Ep. 15), as the Sr. Associate Athletic Director of Major Gifts for CSU Bakersfield. Now serving in the Athletic Director's chair, Siegfried gets to announce a move for the athletic department to the Big West Conference from the WAC. This is a long time coming for CSUB, as Siegfried explains, and helps bolster the expectations for the school and the community overall. Twitter: @CSUBZiggy

Ep. 833 - Tibor Shanto (Principal, Renbor Sales Solutions)

Nov 27, 2017 30:52


Tibor Shanto has honed his B2B sales training in Toronto over the last 25 years. Shanto discusses how he works with business development teams to get them focused on improving their pipelines from prospecting to actual closing. Shanto presents the argument that sometimes, the best sales people aren't your future managers. Twitter: @TiborShanto

Ep. 832 - Kevin Westgarth (VP, NHL)

Nov 23, 2017 34:03


Few NHL journeymen can claim to have an amazing second career like Kevin Westgarth, who won a Stanley Cup with the LA Kings and now transitioning to developing the game of hockey in China for the NHL with an eye on the 2022 Olympics. Westgarth talks about growing the game the right way in Asia along with how other countries are embracing the sport. Westgarth also talks about his role as an enforcer in the NHL and how that feature of the game is being phased out overall. Twitter: @KWesty19

Ep. 831 - Malcolm Bordelon (President, Chula Vista Elite Athlete Center)

Nov 20, 2017 42:00


Malcolm Bordelon represents a 20-year legacy with the San Jose Sharks (1993-2013) where the NHL franchise was one of the highest revenue drivers in all of professional hockey. Bordelon discusses his tenure with the club, which created waves in Silicon Valley and the tech industry, stemming from the birth of building naming rights to the secondary market. Bordelon chats about leaving the Sharks to work at various tech start-ups, then the Silicon Valley Business Journal and now as president of the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center in San Diego. Twitter: @SVBizMalcolm

SWAPCAST: Ticket Talk with Charlie Kaufman Interview

Nov 18, 2017 01:02:14


Charlie Kaufman launched Ticket Talk on WLINY Radio in Brooklyn in 2017, and asked me to come on the show Nov. 9. We chatted about the secondary market, the issue of whether a closed market is about protecting the consumer or locking the consumer into a limited option system. You can listen to the other Ticket Talk episodes here, which are also video livestreamed.

Ep. 830 - Maury Brown (Sports Business Writer)

Nov 16, 2017 38:45


Maury Brown has redefined the investigative sports business reporting game published in the New York Times, Boston Globe, CNN/Money and Forbes. Brown discusses the issues of breaking news compared to well-sourced reporting, as well as he develops his sources long-term. Brown chats about young people trying to break into the sports industry, as well as leading the Portland, Oregon effort to nab the Montreal Expos relocation. Twitter: @BizBallMaury

Ep. 829 - Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard (Asst GC, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Nov 13, 2017 46:58


Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard has initiated a sports business podcast focused on the advancement of women in the industry, called Leveling The Playing Field. Doyle-Hazard discusses some of the issues underlying the sports industry in terms of gender equity, then starts a discussion on privilege and the #MeToo social media movement. Doyle-Hazard then discusses her battles with depression. Twitter:@BobbiSue

Ep. 828 - Cameron Wilson (Editor, Wild East Football)

Nov 9, 2017 36:58


The international soccer community's interest in the Chinese Super League is growing and is bouyed by Wild East Football, the only English speaking website focused in China on the sport of soccer. Founding editor Cameron Wilson opens up the massive country of soccer-crazed fans, showcasing where the sport in within China and how far it can potentially go. Twitter: @CameronWEF

Ep. 827 - Andy Schwarz (Partner, OSKR)

Nov 6, 2017 42:40


Should NCAA student athletes be paid for their performance? OSKR's Andy Schwarz thinks so, and provides his argument for why they are already being compensated, and why transparency in the overall marketplace for college sports could be a great thing. Schwarz discusses his thoughts on the economics of recruiting for various schools, as well as whether NCAA compliance would go away in a payment-restructure system, and how that would fit with the concerns of gender equity. Twitter: @andyhre

Ep. 826 - John Beaven (VP, Golden State Warriors)

Nov 2, 2017 31:38


The Golden State Warriors have become the darlings of the NBA on and off of the course, with record-breaking team wins and attendance records. GSW Vice President John Beaven discusses the success of the team, especially when it comes to ticket sales, pricing and the secondary market. Beaven talks about the Chase Arena membership plan, and its uniqueness in the marketplace. Twitter: @JohnBeaven

Ep. 825 - Mike Snee (Exec Director, College Hockey Inc)

Oct 30, 2017 28:26


Mike Snee comes on the podcast to discuss the overall branding of College Hockey, as it expands from a northeast American sport to a national one, with more Midwest and West Coast athletic departments seeking new programming for men and women. Snee talks over some of the challenges that have faced the game of hockey at the college level in the past, as well as the opportunities. Twitter: @mikesnee218

Ep. 824 - John Barr (NHL to Seattle)

Oct 26, 2017 28:31


John Barr is in an interesting position. He's advocating for the relocation or expansion of a National Hockey League team in Seattle, but has no ownership stake in the outcome. Barr represents the grassroots effort of the NHL to Seattle, creating a Facebook group of over 15,000 members and a significant-sized email list. Barr discusses some of the issues with the NHL coming to the Emerald City, including the Oak View Group's MOU with the City of Seattle over privately financing KeyArena & the SODO Arena project by Chris Hansen. Twitter: @NHLtoSeattle

Ep. 823 - Stefanie Gordon (Sports Social Media Expert)

Oct 23, 2017 33:14


Stefanie Gordon arrives on the podcast during an interesting time in her sports social media career: searching for that elusive next job. Gordon shares her experiences in the digital realm as a producer for Sports Illustrated, as well as how one tweet from a space shuttle managed to go viral, giving her the idea of how to generate the hashtag #hirestef as her job search continued. @stefmara

Ep. 822 - Karri Zaremba (COO, Venuetize)

Oct 19, 2017 37:55


Karri Zaremba shares her experiences at creating connective marketing for venues through technology, both inside and outside the facility. Zaremba talks about the optimization of personalized data, marketing analytics, relevant/targeted content, and interactive technologies designed to acquire, retain, and monetize active users. Zaremba discusses the highly fragmented technology market around the venue-based sports and entertainment industry. Twitter: @karrizarem

Ep. 821 - Paul Franklin (Principal, Franklin Capital Strategies)

Oct 16, 2017 29:08


Paul Franklin, founder of Franklin Capital Strategies, a full-service financial strategies firm with offices in Vienna, Virginia and Cleveland, OH. Franklin shares his vision of what makes a great financial strategic plan for athletes, and has worked with many professional athletes and is himself a long-time athlete and football coach. Through these experiences, he has become an expert on the intersection of sports and financial strategies. Twitter: @franklinfinplan

Ep. 820 - Matt Harper (Sr. Sales Director, Pawtucket Red Sox)

Oct 12, 2017 31:42


It's the 5th Anniversary of the original recording the Tao of Sports Podcast, with Ep. 1 guest Matt Harper, who returns for the third time to the show. Harper discusses his transition from college ticket sales to minor league baseball, as well as the founding of the college ticket association (NAATSO) and the first Sports Sales Boot Camp. Harper provides his thoughts on why he had originally agreed to be on the podcast in the first place, and some of the opportunities for connections that it gave him since that time. Twitter: @mattharper_tix

Ep. 819 - Dan Gale (Principle, Leona Marketing)

Oct 9, 2017 35:20


Dan Gale isn't shy about telling everyone that he finds the large sponsorship merger of Learfield-IMG College to be troubling for the landscape of collegiate athletics. Gale discusses some of the issues that arise from developing corporate sponsorship activation, especially with the lack of interest in signage and more interest in data. Gale discusses why he decided to move to an independent consultant model, along with the history behind his company's name. Twitter: @DanGaleJr

Ep. 818 - Brandon Steiner (CEO, Steiner Sports Marketing)

Oct 5, 2017 29:05


Brandon Steiner launched a sports marketing empire by using his life savings in 1987 and hasn't looked back since. Steiner discusses how sports collectibles have been resilient in their comeback potential with consumer demand, and what the sports trading card industry didn't do which has harmed that sector the most. Steiner talks about how the availability of athletes to understand their brand, engage with the marketplace and initiate it properly are the biggest challenges they face. Steiner shares why he's starting Project X on Facebook, in order to get entrepreneurs a chance to succeed in the marketplace. Twitter: @BrandonSteiner

Ep. 817 - Michael Abramson (Asst GM, Hartford Yard Goats)

Oct 2, 2017 40:13


Over two years ago, Michael Abramson came on the podcast (Ep. 520) to discuss how The Hartford Yard Goats would open up the 2016 season in their new ballpark. Almost 300 episodes and two years later, Abramson returns to the podcast to discuss why 2017, not 2016, was the opening year at home for The Hartford Yard Goats. In a story that covered the gamit from construction delays, FBI investigations and continual check-ins with sponsors, Abramson chats about how The Yard Goats kept everything focused and showed MiLB as well as the City of Hartford how well the franchise could succeed under pressure. Twitter: @YardGoatsAGM

Ep. 816 - Isabella Tamplin (COO, Grupo BWA)

Sep 28, 2017 28:04


Isabella Tamplin opens up the ticket world of Brazil for podcast listeners, sharing insight into her company, Grupo BWA, which oversees ticketing for over 30 professional soccer clubs. Tamplin discusses some of the issues facing the Brazillan soccer fan, especially in attendance and ticket buying consumption. Tamplin discusses how the area has handled venue operations since the Rio 2016 Games & FIFA World Cup of 2014.

Ep. 815 - John Katz (President, Columbia Fireflies)

Sep 25, 2017 27:00


John Katz returns for a third time to the podcast (Ep. 601 & Ep. 183), this time to discuss how Tim Tebow and a lunar eclipse, two marketing boons that helped the Columbia Fireflies achieve attendance metrics in 2017. Katz discusses Tebowmania, and how to handle the international press attention that came along with it. Katz shares how the team prepared for the lunar eclipse game in August 2017. Twitter: @JEKatz33

Ep. 814 - Jim Boone (Owner, KO Tickets)

Sep 21, 2017 31:29


Jim Boone joins the podcast to chat about the volatility in the secondary ticket market for combat sports, especially considering the terrible pricing decisions of the Mayweather-McGregor bout in August. Boone discusses his insight into reselling tickets for MMA/UFC and boxing, as well as why the Klitschko brothers never yielded out a huge demand from American audiences despite their title reigns. Boone shares how his company caters to high-end clients, actually helping promoters move a lot of tickets, filling seats and generating revenue for the fighters. Twitter: @kotickets

Ep. 813 - Seth Shapiro (CEO, Diesel Films)

Sep 18, 2017 30:00


Seth Shapiro joins the podcast to discuss the world of sports filmmaking, fresh off of a trip with the NFL in China. Shapiro talks not only about the air of filmmaking, but also the production angle, where there are time limitations with sports stars, as well as branding implications. Shapiro covers the several issues concerning how gauge evergreen content in a world of fast paced social media, along with building a quality production every time out. Twitter: @dieselfilms

Ep. 812 - Evan Flagg (Assist AD, UCLA)

Sep 14, 2017 32:39


Even with the legacy of UCLA, the Bruins face constant changes in how they operate. Assistant Athletic Director of Ticket Sales Evan Flagg explains that UCLA has had to make tough decisions when it comes to dynamic pricing, as well as avoiding dropping the ticket price if they feel it price was originally in error. Flagg shares his insight into dealing with group sales and ticket initiatives for promotions at UCLA, as well as how to enhance longer term commitments from fans. Flagg compares the difference between working in the pros and college. Twitter: @BlueGoldFlagg

Ep. 811 - Neil DeMause (Co-Author, Field of Schemes)

Sep 11, 2017 45:12


Originally published in 1998, the book "Field of Schemes" has continued to be a hot topic for public stadium finance opponents in the 19 years since. Co-Author Neil DeMause talks about some of the issues surrounding the ability of teams to gain publicly financed stadiums, as well as the economic viability that each project actually presents to the community at large. DeMause shares insight into how large events may actually have a net-zero economic gain, and some of the misconceptions overall about team relocation. Twitter: @neildemause

Ep. 810 - Ashwin Puri (VP, Oakland Athletics)

Sep 7, 2017 39:09


Ashwin Puri joins the podcast to chat about the end of his experience as the Chief Revenue Officer of Cal-Berkeley Athletics and the transition to VP of Strategy and Business Operations at the Oakland Athletics. Puri discusses his time moving from NBA TMBO to Cal in order to start the in-house model for the Pac-12 school in 2012, as well as some of the ways he met the challenge of bureaucracy while building an efficient inside sales model. Puri talks about how the school found creative ways to pay commissions through bonuses and contracts, as well as the opportunity with the Athletics that he couldn't say no to. Twitter: @Ash_Puri

Ep. 809 - Mark Murdock (Managing Partner, CryoUSA)

Sep 4, 2017 31:09


Mark Murdock joins the podcast to chat about how whole body cryotherapy and other recovery modalities are changing sports fitness and athletic training. Murdock discusses the latest cutting-edge recovery methods from the point of view as a former coach; introducing the concept of infrared light therapy which has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and to help rapid recovery, improved sleep and increased strength and performance. Murdock talks about his involvement in the Nike Oregon Project, as well as how the majority of technology on athletic recovery is coming from the U.S. Military.

Ep. 808 - Jared Kozinn (Sr. Director of Business Dev/Premium, Detroit Lions)

Aug 31, 2017 43:12


Jared Kozinn offers up his perspective on how to sell premium suite space, especially when the tastes of corporate buyers have changed. Kozinn talks about building up and retaining value for customers, as well as engaging with additional VIP experiences beyond the stadium home dates. Kozinn shares his own learning experiences with the Milwaukee Brewers during the Hank The Dog frenzy and sports marketing through pets in general. Jared's interview is part 2 of 2 with the Kozinn Family (Max's interview was Ep. 807)

Ep. 807 - Max Kozinn (Dir New Member Sales, Spurs Sports)

Aug 28, 2017 36:41


Max Kozinn shares his knowledge of sports membership sales, not just with the San Antonio Spurs, but also with the University of Texas-Austin and with Life Time Fitness. Kozinn discusses some of the facets of engaging the customer in a longer term relationship, as well as cultivating more prospects by referrals. Kozinn shares some of the intrinsic values that Spurs Sports & Entertainment emulates through their staff and to their customers. Max's interview is part 1 of 2 with the Kozinn Family (Jared's interview will be Ep. 808). Twitter: @MaxKozinn

Ep. 806 - Ken Gelman (COO, Kasai Elite Grappling Championships)

Aug 24, 2017 35:45


Ken Gelman comes on the podcast to chat about the KASAI Elite Grappling Championships (“KASAI”), New York City’s premier competitive professional and amateur Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) promotion. Gelman talks about how committed the organization is to hosting live events featuring the most talented male and female grapplers from around the globe. Gelman discusses the history of KASAI’s organization, including well-renowned names of Hollis Gracie and other athletes from the worlds of martial arts. Twitter: @kasaigrappling

Ep. 805 - Craig Pintens (Sr. Associate AD, Oregon)

Aug 21, 2017 42:06


Craig Pintens joins the podcast to share his insight on how his marketing team has enhanced the profile of the University of Oregon athletic department. Pintens discusses various aspects of tickets, especially concerning deals and subscription models. Pintens talks about how to create a brand mechanism that doesn't happen as one opportunity, but continues to grow with a long term strategy. Twitter: @UOPintens

Ep. 804 - Eric Kussin (Former SportsBiz CRO)

Aug 17, 2017 49:26


To put it mildly, Eric Kussin's return to the podcast has been exactly 4 years apart (Ep. 218) with a lot of issues in-between. In 2015, Kussin suffered a hard drive crash of his brain as chief revenue officer of the Florida Panthers. Now on the road to recovery, Kussin shares his comeback story about mental health, and some of the things that sports sales professionals can do to improve theirs daily. Kussin also talks about his openness about his mental issues, including a blog post which was read over 45,000 times on LinkedIn. Twitter: @qsin34 Email:

Ep. 803 - Patrick Nowlin (Asst AD, Oklahoma)

Aug 14, 2017 33:11


Patrick Nowlin shares his knowledge on both the third party and in-house model, having worked at both. Now at the University of Oklahoma as an assistant athletic director, Nowlin talks about some of the different methods of implementing better technology in an environment that is often more conservative on change. Nowlin describes his methods for not only increasing sales and customer service, as well as finding ways to increase the growth of his employees. Twitter: @paddys_place

Ep. 802 - Bryan Sperber (President, Phoenix Int. Raceway)

Aug 10, 2017 30:57


Under Bryan Sperber's leadership, the Phoenix International Raceway is undertaking a massive $178 million dollar rebuild of its facility, aimed at ensuring NASCAR's legacy in the technology era of sports marketing. Sperber discusses some of the features of the build-out, including how PIR is embracing esports as well as non-race events, and developing unique fan experiences when NASCAR comes to town. Sperber talks about some of the demographic changes with actionable data, as well as how transition to new NASCAR drivers has led to altering traditional loyalties to fan favorites. @PhoenixRaceway

Ep. 801 - Brian Sloan (President, West Coast League)

Aug 7, 2017 29:10


After about 15 years of bobbleheads as a giveaway item, the crazy just continues for sports as a gift to drive attendance numbers. Alexander Promotion's Brian Sloan talks about how a simplistic bobblehead is no longer the regular order of the day, transitioning now to talking bobbleheads with microchip technology, life-sized bobbleheads as well as memento theme nights where the bobblehead tells a story. Sloan shares his experience working for minor league baseball teams as a general manager as well as now in his role as president of the West Coast League.

Ep. 800 - Nick Schmidt (Sports Admin Professional)

Aug 3, 2017 24:03


Nick Schmidt fully admits that sitting in class at Seattle University with Troy Kirby was an experience that he will never forget, and is the guest for Episode 800 of the podcast. Schmidt talks about various concepts at the small college level, concerning both the student athlete and the administrator engaging across campus and with each other. Schmidt discusses some of the ways he feels can help administrating deal with coaching and player issues, as well as the expectations that student athletes may have toward raising their profile overall. Schmidt examines some of the fundraising challenges that small colleges have and how to overcome them. Twitter: @Nick_Schmidt_10

Ep. 799 - Adam White (Founder, Front Office Sports)

Jul 31, 2017 37:26


Adam White started Front Office Sports when he was a sophomore at the University of Miami, and now in three years, has grown into a premiere website for sports career advice and employment. White discusses the role of Front Office Sports in engaging current sports business executives and getting them to agree to be interviewed for the blog as a way of paying it forward to young professionals. White talks about the challenges of playing a long game, especially with having enough content, and with coordinating with dozens of young professionals without ever meeting them in person. Twitter: @FOSAdam

Ep. 798 - Dave Arthur (Managing Director, iSport)

Jul 27, 2017 26:38


Dave Arthur is an academic at heart, but understands the classroom limitations of sports education that need real world experience. Serving as managing director for, Arthur talks about bridging the gaps with online education and instructors who possess real-world sports industry skills. Arthur shares his insights into building true consulting assessments for sports organizations, as well as the problems with case study application. Twitter: @iSportedu

Ep. 797 - Jeff Longo (Owner, Fayetteville Marksmen)

Jul 24, 2017 28:44


Jeff Longo is not only an associate professor of sports, events and entertainment at Johnson & Wales in Charlotte, but also an owner of a Southern Professional Hockey League team, the Fayetteville Marksmen. Longo shares his decision to go into pro hockey team ownership, some of the pitfalls concerning budgeting and revenue generation that he has had to overcome, and how the Fayetteville team's rebrand from the FireAntz to the Marksmen transform the community awareness of the team in general. Longo talks also about ways that sports management programs can learn to enhance their relevance to students looking to get into front offices through networking and interviewing development. Twitter: @JefLongo

Ep. 796 - Anthony Rodriguez (CEO/Founder, Lineage)

Jul 20, 2017 31:56


Anthony Rodriguez comes on the podcast to discuss the branding of the athlete in the digital world, how you can grow a niche audience that supports a brand and whether or not esports has a longevity brand with its athletes. Rodriguez shares how a tennis player coming into his dorm room upended his business aspirations, and the various ways in which tech has increased awareness of an athlete. Rodriguez talks about the increasingly hard game of bringing an athlete's brand to scale with the demands of the consumer for more unique changing content. Twitter: @LineageCEO

Ep. 795 - John Collins (CEO, NFL On Location)

Jul 17, 2017 26:06


John Collins' experience with the major professional sports goes back to his days working at NFL Films, extends to working as President of the Cleveland Browns and as COO of the NHL. Collins now oversees NFL On Location, which is a joint venture with the NFL and a private equity firm, trying to create a better resale experience for those consumers trying to access the Super Bowl. Collins discusses On Location, its principles as well as his time working for NFL Films at the 27th Annual Association of Luxury Suite Director's Conference in Miami. Twitter: @NFLOnLocation

Ep. 794 - Sean Stellato (NFL Agent, Author)

Jul 13, 2017 35:53


Sean Stellato has dealt with the adversities of sport both on and off of the field, beginning with his 1994 high school football team, the Salem Witches, which made it to the state super bowl, despite the obstacles in front of them. Stellato has written a book on that experience, called No Backing Down and shares insight into what exactly made that team so special. Stellato also shares his background as an NFL sports agent, and his time as a professional player in the Arena Football League. Twitter: @SeanStellato

Ep. 793 - Rocky Harris (COO, Arizona State)

Jul 10, 2017 38:47


Try to get a meeting culture going where Rocky Harris works, he dares you. The Chief Operating Officer talks about his lack of eagerness to create a meeting culture and his ability to disrupt them, involving as few people as possible in order to ensure that the decision is made and initiated upon. Harris shares his experience coming from the professional sports and Corporate America ranks, and how Arizona State Athletics has been evolving, adding new sports and more sales staff, at a time when most athletic departments are doing the opposite. Twitter: @SunDevilRocky

Ep. 792 - Pat Gallagher (Co-Author, Big Game Bigger Impact)

Jul 6, 2017 57:20


Pat Gallagher's amazing sports marketing career has culminated with a book about his experiences pulling off Super Bowl 50, called Big Game. Bigger Impact. Co-authored with Stephanie Martin, Gallagher shares the background of the SB50 campaign, including dealing with the various issues around getting the Bay Area to support such an endeavor. Gallagher talks about his sports marketing career with the San Francisco Giants, how he sold Candlestick Park, and how that helped him when trying to get the National Football League to buy into SB50 happening in Santa Clara.

Ep. 791 - Tracie Hitz (Dir of W Basketball, NCAA)

Jul 3, 2017 46:50


The growth of women's basketball is a consistent topic of conversation for Tracie Hitz, director of operations at the NCAA. Hitz discusses some of the metrics, both in the world of traditional and social media, which have helped increase awareness about NCAA women's basketball throughout the year. Hitz discusses some of the damaging side effects of discounting and free tickets that women's basketball programs have suffered through, especially when seeking to show value otherwise during tournament time. Twitter: @TracieHitz

Ep. 790 - Mark Cameron/Chris Wilson (Florida State Ticket Sales)

Jun 29, 2017 27:22


Mark Cameron represents the third generation of the Florida State ticket sales office experiment, taking an in-house model approach under the development umbrella, and creating a dynamic, commission-based sales structure. Chris Wilson represents the premium model of the ticket office, as FSU's football and basketball luxury sections have drastically increased over the past decade. Both talk about how to drive sales, how they have dealt with potential toxic legacy employees who drag down the rest of the staff, and what they look for in new staff members. Twitter: @ChrisWilsonFSU

Ep. 789 - Russell Wilkins (Assoc AD, Wichita State)

Jun 26, 2017 34:42


While Russell Wilkins can appreciate the sold-out situation that Wichita State has in men's basketball, he also remembers trying to sell indoor football in that same marketplace. Wilkins takes about the challenges of having a sold-out venue, both from a pricing and sales perspective, as well as initiating different technologies and innovations when dealing with an older fanbase. Wilkins talks about work-life balance, as well as ensuring that he is building up his student staff. Twitter: @rwilk0912

Ep. 788 - Ryan Peck/Chris Baretta (North Texas Athletics)

Jun 22, 2017 20:53


Both Ryan Peck (Ep. 522) and Chris Baretta (Ep. 642) have been on the podcast prior, but serving different athletic departments. Now joining forces in Denton, at the University of North Texas, Peck and Baretta seek to turbo-charge The Mean Green revenue model for football and basketball. Peck and Baretta share their knowledge of metric-based business planning, as well as solutions toward gaining traction with the over 100,000 alumni in the local area. Twitter: @Ryan_Peck @Chris_Baretta

Ep. 787 - Markus Jennings (Assoc. AD, Sac State)

Jun 19, 2017 34:12


Markus Jennings is considered a rising star in college athletics development, now on the NAADD board as well as running revenue generation for Sacramento State. Jennings discusses the nuances that come with making major gift asks, as well as ticket sales, along with the transition of titles toward Deputy Athletic Director within departments. Jennings presents the current challenges in college athletic administration, as well as how young administrators are facing the peaks and valleys of social media, executive searches and personal branding. Twitter: @MJ_CollegeSport

Ep. 786 - Katerina Kirillova (CEO, Moscow Ticket Forum)

Jun 15, 2017 17:15


Since 1996, Katerina Kirillova has been selling tickets in Russia and knows that consumer's tastes thoroughly. Kirillova discusses the technological landscape, as well as the Moscow executive acumen when it comes to generating revenue and fostering new distribution channels. Kirillova talks about some of the long term trends that the world can expect from the Russian ticket marketplace, as how Russian consumers make purchasing decisions.

Ep. 785 - Paul Bee (Director of Ticket Sales, Detroit Red Wings)

Jun 12, 2017 42:47


After a 25-year run to the NHL playoffs, The Detroit Red Wings' streak ended, putting an entire sales staff to work on how to transition their hockey fans into the new normal. Red Wings' Director of Ticket Sales Paul Bee explains some of the nuances that come with a winning streak ending as well as relocating to a new arena, and keeping the staff's eye on the puck and the revenue sheet. Bee discusses some of the ways that the tight-knit staff have stayed together for so long, including what he looks for in recruiting new staff members to the fold. Twitter: @PBee32

Ep. 784 - Charlie Slonaker (VP, Philadelphia Union)

Jun 8, 2017 32:27


Charlie Slonaker details not only the Philadelphia Union's ticket sales victory narrative of a franchise that came from local supporters groups, but his own path from the Dayton Dragons to the Cincinnati Bengals to the Indiana Pacers to the Union. Slonaker discusses the nuances of learning how to sell efficiently in the best environment possible with the Dragons, then transitioning that into the NFL with a bad economy with the Bengals. Slonaker discusses how his experiences helped his strategic vision for enhance the revenue generation opportunities of the Union to a larger audience. Twitter: @C_Slonaker

Ep. 783 - Fred Matthes (Soccer Sales Consultant)

Jun 5, 2017 36:39


Fred Matthes recalls the early days of Major League Soccer and the DC United, when the upstart league played 10 squads in massive stadiums and almost folded after 2001, but continued to to greater glory. Matthes talks about the challenges for the MLS, especially when comes to selling the product, but also growing the supporter groups as well as the season ticket numbers. Matthes shares about his time at the Sacramento Republic FC, a USL team attempting to go to the MLS, and the stark reality that relegation may cross the pond from the U.K. to U.S.A. as the sport of soccer grows. Twitter: @FredMatthes

Ep. 782 - Dan Frystak (Branding, CDW)

Jun 1, 2017 35:40


The difference between sponsorship and philantrophy is explored by Dan Frystak, who presents the argument of how activation depends on the experience of the consumer interacting with the branding mechanisms of the product. Frystak explores why several companies are positioning themselves toward activation through experiential marketing, as compliments to major events such as the Super Bowl and the Phoenix Open. Frystak talks about the involvement of celebrities, especially sports figures, and finding which ones enhance the brand rather than detract from it.

Ep. 781 - Samantha Hicks (VP, Reno Aces/1868 FC)

May 29, 2017 35:39


Samantha Hicks faces the complexity of selling two sports at the same time; The Reno Aces AAA baseball team, and the first year of the 1868 FC USL soccer team. Hicks talks about the "no comps" rule for both teams, in order to keep a steady price point and demand structure for the Reno marketplace. Hicks describes how she engages with her staff, ensuring that some of her brightest account reps and managers are fostered with continual growth, especially in terms of The Aces Sales Academy. Finally, Hicks shares her vision with how to sell to two different dynamically opposite fan bases in soccer and baseball, successfully. Twitter: @SamanthaHicks_

Ep. 780 - Nathan Costa (EVP, Springfield Thunderbirds)

May 25, 2017 54:50


Nathan Costa presents context in his thoughts on ticket sales and marketing, working both at the team business services level as the vice president of the American Hockey League, and now as the Executive Vice President of the Springfield Thunderbirds. Costa shares the interesting way that the Thunderbirds were born in 2016-17, but two franchises relocating. Costa describes the challenges of building a credible sales team, amid a past 20-year franchise existence that was 30th in attendance annually. Twitter: Ncosta83

Ep. 779 - Kathy Burrows (Sports Sales Mentor)

May 22, 2017 31:26


Kathy Burrows returns to the podcast after her first appearance two years ago on Ep. 521, ready to discuss how she feels the 100-phone-call-per-day metric has hurt sports sales. Burrows challenges listeners with the idea of what that metric purpose serves, and whether it is misguided in what the end result of sales activity should be. Burrows talks about her refocus on monthly sales training over a one-time training module, in a constant mentoring capacity. Burrows also shares her upcoming projects, such as the Sports Revenue Workshop and Sports Sales Boot Camp, for the summer of 2017. Twitter: @BFirstPitch

Ep. 778 - Anthony Iannarino (Sales Strategist)

May 18, 2017 34:40


Anthony Iannarino is a lot of things, but he refuses to be a shill for the tech industry's bias against sales phone calls. Iannarino explains that he feels the vested interest of the few have outweighed the realities of the many when it comes to whether social selling is as effective as phone calls. Iannarino shares his four levels of value, as well as some of the ways that a sales team can drive consensus during their presentations. Twitter: @Iannarino

Ep. 777 - Andrew Thomas (Ticketing Consultant)

May 15, 2017 29:16


After witnessing a lack of ticketing education cohesion in Europe, Andrew Thomas created his own conference positioned on building up acumen for the sports and entertainment industry. Thomas shares insight into some of the issues surrounding ticket platforms, as well as customer transactions online, including pricing mechanisms which may help or hinder the sales process. Thomas talks about his experience, both in sports ticketing, entertainment/theatrical ticketing, and working for ticket platforms, in terms of what limitations software and box office personnel have. Twitter: @TicketTattle

Ep. 776 - Nick DePaula (Creative Director,

May 11, 2017 39:55


If its gotta be the shoes, then Nick DePaula has a story about it. The Creative Director of has been able to take his fans into the behind the scenes look at the shoe industry, shoe contract endorsement deals, and increase the amount of coverage in overall marketing of player brands. DePaula shares his beginnings from 2007, when he served as both Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director with Sole Collector Magazine. DePaula talks about the ZO2 Big Baller Brand of Londo Ball, the pinnacle of Michael Jordan's $3 billion shoe empire with Nike, and the impact on China of Yao Ming on the marketplace. Twitter: @NickDePaula

Ep. 775 - Roger Tomlinson (UK Ticketing Consultant)

May 8, 2017 34:10


In a rather extensive conversation about data, Roger Tomlinson argues that board members, as well as senior directors, should be establishing protocols of training for their staff at venues. Tomlinson presents his case that box office staff tend to know their customers better than executives, yet tend not to be involved in the data initiatives that are rolled out. Tomlinson talks about ticket pricing, touting and how the value of the ticket is robbed by papering the house. Twitter: @brandinyourhand

Ep. 774 - Angela Gahan (Owner, Antix)

May 4, 2017 27:50


Angela Gahan breaks down exactly what it takes to bring an entertainment production to Australia, and points out that it cannot sell just in Sydney, but has to be a show that can run throughout the entire country. Gahan specifies on pricing, brand and the art of the presale, where some shows are advance-sold over a year from performance night in order to gain its full audience. Gahan discusses various points of production contention, including travel costs and performers, which can make or break a show's extended run Down Under. Twitter: @gahan_Antix

Ep. 773 - Steve Nudelberg (Sports Sales Trainer)

May 1, 2017 34:17


Steve Nudelberg provides an intense sales training work out for anyone looking to maximize how they engage in broadening their relationships skills with a decision-maker. Nudelberg talks about how to make enough "touches" to count, crafting a CRM protocol to ensure that any prospect feels respected, but not sold to. Nudelberg shares his insight into the difference-making conversation skills that he trains in his sessions, ensuring that the prospect is in the right frame of mind during a face-to-face interaction. Twitter: @SteveNudelberg

Ep. 772 - Simon Mabb (CEO, Booking Protect)

Apr 27, 2017 31:32


In many ways, Simon Mabb presents the argument that one of the oldest businesses, insurance, may actually help the primary ticket marketplace. Everything else in the world has insurance behind it, including airline tickets, yet entertainment tickets do not generally. Mabb talks about how the coverage can help fans recoup their investment, as well as drive revenue streams for venues, ticket platforms and organizations through micro purchasing of insurance plans. Mabb discusses his efforts thus far in the United Kingdom, as well as his aspirations to bring insurance to entertainment ticketing aboard. Twitter: @SimonMabb

Ep. 771 - Windy Dees (Sports Biz Professor, Miami)

Apr 24, 2017 44:44


By listening to this episode, your network may have just tripled. University of Miami sports marketing professor Windy Dees discusses the program's marketing campaign, and subsequent advertising push, which illustrates networking and connections available for incoming students. Dees talks about the seriousness of actually having professors who are actively engaging in the marketplace in order to help their students land internships and jobs, along with building a credible course curriculum that goes indepth and researches various issues within the sports industry. Dees also covers her reliability to prospective students on social media complete with Drake and Honey Boo Boo gifs, how she laughs at her 3.9 rating and reviews, and why she's the most competitive supermarket onion weighing champion that you'll ever come across. Twitter: @GetDeesTweets

Ep. 770 - Mark Stiving (Ph.D., Pricing Expert)

Apr 20, 2017 34:11


When it comes to pricing, Mark Stiving is one of the people willing to explore every component of how to drive customers to buy. Stiving readily admits he does not understand why the secondary ticket market manages to exist aside from venues and teams not taking the pricing seriously, laying down details of different pricing modules that could work. Stiving discusses whether dutch auction pricing has any merit aside from going out of business sales, and how dynamic pricing could be broader, especially when considering weather. Stiving talks about his own research, meeting a product expert of an old industry in Las Vegas, and what it taught him about pricing overall. Twitter: @MarkStiving

Ep. 769 - Ken Lowson (Fmr. CEO, Wiseguy Tickets)

Apr 17, 2017 01:04:35


If you’ve ever tried to buy a ticket to the hottest concert, only to find all of the presale numbers gone within seconds, you may have Lowson to blame. Lowson ran Wiseguy Tickets, a ticket scalping operation, until 2009, when the FBI raided his business, charging him with wirefraud, after he generated over $25 million in ticket sales during the 2000s selling tickets to Bruce Springsteen, the Yankees playoff games, and personally being responsible for U2’s drummer publicly apologizing for the 2005 Vertigo concert’s ticket availability not going to their actual fans. Lowson says he’s now on a mission to change the industry, to get rid of his own ticket bot creation, as well as expose some of the inside practices that Ticketmaster, AXS and other ticket companies are utilizing to sell less than 1 percent of the tickets to the general public. Lowson also discusses why the BOTS Act of 2016 signed by then-President Obama has little teeth, especially when most of the bot operators are now located outside of the United States. Twitter: @Tixfan007

Ep. 768 - Allen Schlesinger (Premium Sales Manager, Austin Spurs)

Apr 13, 2017 29:20


Allen Schlesinger swears that he hasn't made a cold call in 5 years, utilizing LinkedIn's Sales Navigator as well as various online tools to get to the decision-maker faster. Schlesinger describes how he has made his successful sales methodology grow while at the Austin Spurs, becoming the first NBADL rep in the league's history to sell over $500,000 in season ticket sales. Schlesinger talks about seeking out alternative information, such as home-buying, political contributions and LinkedIn mutual connections, in order to discover just who he should be talking to about purchasing Austins Spurs ticket packages. Twitter: @ATXSpursAllen

Ep. 767 - Jack Lucas (President, TicketsWest)

Apr 10, 2017 43:33


Jack Lucas' podcast episode is bittersweet, as he is retiring after 30 years of operating one of the more successful ticket start-ups in United States history, TicketsWest. Lucas mentions how a 1987 phone call changed his life, while he was teaching music in the Spokane public schools system, and with it brought several facets of electronic ticketing to the Inland Northwest. Serving also as president of West Coast Entertainment, Lucas covers his involvement in bringing Broadway to Spokane, as well as his involvement with Gonzaga basketball, Washington State University and Eastern Washington University.

Ep. 766 - Ian Taylor (Sr. Data Analyst, bigdog)

Apr 6, 2017 26:39


Ian Taylor presents the narrative on how data in ticket sales revenue generation is utilized in the United Kingdom and European marketplace. Taylor speaks expansively on the inclusion of trackable information on customer behaviors, along with using traditional terrestrial media methodology in order to create more ticket buyers. Taylor speaks about his work at bigdog, which helps Feld Entertainment's events in the UK; specifically brands such as Marvel Entertainment Live shows, toward new and consistent audiences. Twitter: @iantix

Ep. 765 - Julian Jenkins (CEO, Fanalyse)

Apr 3, 2017 31:07


Julian Jenkins comes on the podcast to examine whether sports clubs truly understand their fans' KPIs or only the ones that the organization thinks the fans desire. Jenkins shares his two decades worth of knowledge as CEO of European football clubs, as well as his understanding of the digital space. Many times, as Jenkins is mindful of, the top brass don't value digital for revenue generation as much as they should. Jenkins talks also about broadening the discussion when it comes to digital metrics. Twitter: @Julianj1973

Ep. 764 - Dan Schlossberg (Author, The New Baseball Bible)

Mar 30, 2017 32:09


Just a year after coming on the podcast (Ep. 624), author Dan Schlossberg is back with his latest book, The New Baseball Bible. Schlossberg covers everything known, and many things typically unknown, about the game of baseball, as well breaks down some of the mythos that have occurred around the sport. This includes whether the candy bar Baby Ruth was named after Babe Ruth (it wasn't), and the numerology around Hank Aaron's uniform number 44 and why Wade Boggs ate so much chicken and had to do batting practice at exactly 7:17 before each game. Schlossberg also gets into a heated discussion about the current state of the game, especially the Hall of Fame chances of the current steroid-era players. Twitter: @Braves1

Ep. 763 - Dave Shore (Sports Broadcaster)

Mar 27, 2017 28:57


Dave Shore comes on the podcast to discuss the state of sports radio and sports play by play. Shore has over twenty years of experience in the field of sports broadcasting, including serving as program director for the top sports radio station in Detroit. Part of Shore's presence in Detroit was increasing the amount of local programming hours, and he talks about what makes a great on-air drive the phone calls and ratings. Shore talks about his four years as the play by play announcer for Texas Tech, where he also ran a Sirius XM show with legendary coach Bobby Knight, and how he broached controversial topics through his interview questions. Twitter: @Dave_Shore

Ep. 762 - Joel Morrison (Operations Manager, KFC BBL)

Mar 23, 2017 36:17


Joel Morrison discusses the rise of the KFC Big Bash League and Women's Big Bash League, which has taken Australia by storm, reducing the time spent in an average cricket match from five days to three hours. Morrison explains why the KFC BBL and WBBL had to break those traditions of cricket in order to reach new, younger fan demographics, and have been embraced by the next generation of sports viewership. Morrison talks about the KFC BBL and WBBL decision to go to a city-team structure, and how the marketing effort was completely different from that of traditional cricket. Twitter: @Morrison_Joel

Ep. 761 - James "JB" Bryant (Inside Sales Manager, Colorado Rapids)

Mar 20, 2017 34:23


James "JB" Bryant explains his process in discovering new prospective hires through his sales academy, which uses various methodology and testing in order to find the right fit for the group. Bryant talks about his role at the Rapids, and how he works at getting each hire to engage beyond their technology, in order to provide real relationships on calls. Bryant discusses why the B2B sale is so much tougher, specifically when looking at providing presentations, and how he trains his staff to go further into the conversation toward the sale.

Ep. 760 - Alex Coulson (Exec Dir, Sport Industry Group)

Mar 16, 2017 32:22


Alex Coulson comes on the podcast to discuss the role of sponsorship activation in the sports marketplace, and his assertion at avoiding vanity metrics which tend to take the focus off of digital revenue generation. Executive Director of Sport Industry Group, Coulson oversees, a website dedicated to ensuring that the conversation of sports business education moves forward. Coulson discusses some of the pitfalls of sponsorship, as well as how athletes becoming brands may eliminate their motivation to be politically active publicly. Twitter: @Alex_Coulson

Ep. 759 - Craig Bommer (SVP, iHeartRadio)

Mar 13, 2017 27:21


After 15 years selling minor league hockey, Craig Bommer has now stepped into a great sales challenge: radio. Bommer discusses the parallels between the medium of radio and the live entertainment sports landscape, and how to keep selling longer after people attempt to diminish the relevance of both. Bommer talks about how enhancing the live experience, removing the discounting, only went so far because of the pressures from ownership to fill the building with butts in seats. Bommer covers several of the issues facing today's sports sales person, including whether group leaders are becoming more savvy to how much teams rely on their support. Twitter: @craigbommer

Ep. 758 - Jason Bitsoff (SVP, Feld Entertainment)

Mar 9, 2017 31:48


Jason Bitsoff comes on the podcast during a heavy hearted time for Feld Entertainment, with the announcement that the Ringling Brothers Circus will end after 146 years of traveling shows. Bitsoff discusses the nature of the decision to end the shows, but also the way that Feld framed the conversation for its sponsors and fans. Bitsoff talks about how partnerships with Feld Entertainment's many show lines, including Disney On Ice, work toward ensuring that activation is measured through data, as the company looks to bolster relationships with its sponsors through experiences. Bitsoff also presents his background as an adjunct sports management professor at Georgetown, and what future students need educated on most.

Ep. 757 - Bob Peters (AD, Centralia College)

Mar 6, 2017 29:04


Bob Peters will fully admit that he is an old school athletic director at Centralia College. Peters talks about his start, as well as how he has avoided the traps of worry about his own legacy and focused more on the student athletes who have come to the campus. Peters discusses finding his own path as basketball coach and athletic administrator, as well as who he still reaches out to for advice when he is still challenged at his job.

Ep. 756 - Brad Eckerson (Asst Manager, One World Observatory)

Mar 2, 2017 40:16


Brad Eckerson focuses on a new dynamic in group sales - tourism operation for the One World Observatory. Eckerson's new role oversees 10 group sales representatives, as well as interacting with several "old school" tour operators who may not have the latest social tools. Eckerson discusses how he tries to keep himself top of mind to anyone building a tour or group in order to get them to One World Observatory, as well as how he sold Disney Theatrical by knowing the brand and living it. Twitter: @BradleyEckerson

Ep. 755 - Bryan Mayhood (VP, Nashville Sounds)

Feb 27, 2017 31:29


Bryan Mayhood will fully admit that he walked into a perfect situation at the Nashville Sounds, as they were finishing off year 2 in a fantastic new ballpark. Mayhood discusses how he helped develop a vision for year 3 and beyond, to ensure that the vitality of the ballpark, as well as fan interest, didn't wain. Mayhood talks about engaging his sales staff, including those he did not hire, in order to build trust and push an energy which ensures that it fosters revenue generation growth for years to come.

Ep. 754 - Michael Broughton (Sports Investment Partners)

Feb 23, 2017 33:20


Michael Broughton views all sport acquisitions through the lens of driving revenue, and sees various issues with the way that English Premier Football handles its touring mechanisms, especially through the Asian marketplace. Broughton's outspoken views include the issue of short-term gains by certain football clubs in Asia, without the long-term thinking of actual fan affinity toward those same clubs. Broughton discusses how the Manchester United streaming deal to 165 countries is a long time coming, and may finally open up a dormant era of streaming possibilities throughout the football landscape. Twitter: @mbrought9

Ep. 753 - Amy Jo Martin (Sports Social Media Pioneer)

Feb 20, 2017 35:19


Amy Jo Martin will concede she was not the first verified person on Twitter. She was the second, due to her work with Shaquille O'Neal, who was the first. Martin talks about the wild west of sports social media, where bringing a humanizing voice to Twitter allowed her to found Digital Royalty, which worked with such brands as Hilton Worldwide, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, The Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, The UFC, and the American Red Cross. Martin talks about how her legacy of a New York Times Bestselling Author or having 1.1 Twitter followers compares to her catharsis in Africa with an obsession over delivering clean water to more people through charity, where she learned how having "enough" was, and why she's dialed back the caustic nature of traveling over 200 days a year simply to find joy in the everyday. Oh, and she's having fun with her own podcast, Why Not Now? Twitter: @AmyJoMartin

Ep. 752 - Tod Caflisch (VP/CTO, Minnesota Vikings)

Feb 16, 2017 35:32


Tod Caflisch has had an amazing year on the job in Minnesota, bringing U.S. Bank Stadium online, as well as ensuring that a variety of new events have gone off without a hitch while implementing a new DAS and WiFi system. Caflisch talks about his experience at getting everyone in the facility on board, including the marketing team, in order to think broader about what usage will be the top priority for the fans attending the games. Caflisch also discusses his past working for NBA and NHL arenas. Twitter: @TCaflisch

Ep. 751 - Jamy Bechler (Executive Leadership Coach)

Feb 13, 2017 31:09


Jamy Bechler focuses on personal improvement of leaders, ensuring that those staff and student-athletes they oversee receive the best vision possible for their athletic department. Bechler talks about motivational growth of the individual who is earning that position of leader within the department, as well as why it is important to be challenged by a strong strategic vision, as well as working with staff whom the leader themselves may not have hired. Bechler describes some of the issues surrounding social media, especially with student-athletes, as well as the expectations coaches have for themselves and their programs. Twitter: @CoachBechler

Ep. 750 - Jeff Ferguson (GM, Georgia Southern)

Feb 9, 2017 45:41


While Jeff Ferguson may be often thought of as a sponsorship guy, his third visit to the podcast is as much about digital live streaming acceptance as it is sponsor activation. Ferguson presents a compelling case for how he has helped Georgia Southern Athletics beat other media to market, using Facebook Live to enhance the digital sponsorship inventory available to Learfield, driving revenue in new ways. Ferguson talks about how social media live streaming pre-game shows don't have to be 2 hours, they can be 10 minutes, and still remain effective, as well as shareable content throughout the week. Twitter: @FergySports

Ep. 749 - Jack Vincent (Author, A Sale Is A Love Affair)

Feb 6, 2017 40:43


Jack Vincent's book, A Sale Is A Love Affair, shows how top salespeople, in any industry, can be loved by their customers through deep, human connections. Vincent talks about the parallels between the sales process and finding love, as well as developing a trusting, romantic relationship. Vincent describes some of the challenges in creating trust, as well as presents examples of his own experience where he was able to build a heart-felt mindset toward his clients during the sales process. Twitter: @JackVincent

Ep. 748 - Lana Berry (Sports Social Consultant)

Feb 2, 2017 36:23


Lana Berry has become a juggernaut on sports social media, accumulating over 135,000 followers organically, including 93,000 on Twitter. Berry discusses her strategic initiative toward how she creates a relatable online personality, especially through her interactions with major sports social media accounts. Berry talks about how she weeds out the negative for the positive criticisms, as well as why a scheduled tweet or post is a recipe for disaster. And while she does not read the yellow pages during this podcast, she does share her wild adventures reporting on the Johnny Manziel pro day and photobombing ESPN's live shot. Twitter: @Lana

Ep. 747 - Brett Burchette (Exec Dir, Drexel)

Jan 30, 2017 25:30


Dr. Brett Burchette has become a fixture of Drexel's campus life; Burchette has served as a member of the sports management faculty, as an associate athletic director for development and now as executive director of the overall LeBow College of Business fundraising initiative. Burchette recounts the advice provided by a sitting athletic director, who brought him into athletic development, and then into the third party marketing arm of Nelligan. Burchette talks about relationship building, especially with his past students, and how to engage campus alumni. Twitter: @BrettBurchette

Ep. 746 - Ryan Kindt (Dir of Sales, Liberty)

Jan 26, 2017 29:40


Group sales are a core focus on how Ryan Kindt sells to his Liberty University athletic customers, positioning various companies and organizations toward wider ticket buys. Kindt discusses his strategy, including being on the local chamber of commerce board, developing group leaders, and not providing free tickets just because someone asks for them. Kindt talks about his goals, especially in how to grow his professional development and enhance his selling techniques overall. Twitter: @RyanKindt

Ep. 745 - Aaron Artman (President, Tacoma Rainiers)

Jan 23, 2017 33:23


The Tacoma Rainiers have been revitalized by the enhancements off of the field, in Cheney Stadium, which used to be regarded as one of the worst facilities in the Pacific Coast League. Rainiers President Aaron Artman discusses the resurgence of the Rainers' brand, and how an eyesore stadium became a crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest. Artman talks about hiring practices at the Rainiers, as well as why the team doesn't discount off of group sales, and how getting folks to the ballpark is one of the easier sells on long-term packages. Twitter: @RainiersLand

Ep. 744 - Evan Levy (Talent Producer, Global Sports)

Jan 19, 2017 27:36


Evan Levy has worked to secure athlete talents for media and publications for the last five years, and is one of hardest working people in show business during Super Bowl radio row. Levy explains why the Super Bowl radio row requires the complexity of logistics, as well as creates a line of demarcation between those athletes with great personalities who own a room, compared to those who are interesting subjects for the hosts. Levy shares his experience at SportsBuzz working as the vice president of athlete relations, and his time in the sports department for the William Morris Agency.

Ep. 743 - Marco Azurdia (Exec Director, NWAC)

Jan 16, 2017 28:09


Overseeing 36 community college athletic departments in two states and one Canadian Province, Northwest Athletic Conference Executive Director Marco Azurdia explains why his work is cut out for him. Azurdia talks about some of the challenges of increasing the professional development of his athletic directors, of ensuring student athlete welfare, and building trust between communities. Azurdia also talks about his own experiences in the NWAC, as a long-time women's basketball coach, and how it shaped his view of how to broaden athletic administration as a whole. Twitter: @nwaccommish

Ep. 742 - David Pierce (Associate Professor, IUPUI)

Jan 12, 2017 25:50


As the growth of sports management programs flourish in the United States, IUPUI associate professor David Pierce wonders what the breaking point will be. Pierce talks about the challenges of providing relevant information, as well as experiences, for the students in his program. Pierce discusses some of the better ways to implement a sales mindset for sports management students, and also how he sees himself as an instructor as the digital media landscape encroaches on academic availability of classes.

Ep. 741 - Craig Bennett (Dir of Sports Medicine, Puget Sound)

Jan 9, 2017 43:20


Athletic training has never been covered on the podcast prior, so it is a perfect storm when the Director of Sports Medicine at the University of Puget Sound Athletic Department comes on. Craig Bennett is not just an advocate for his industry, but also the president of the Washington State Athletic Trainers Association. Bennett discusses a lot of the issues surrounding athlete health, especially when it comes to the club and high school level concerning who is monitoring and administrating care.

Ep. 740 - Jesse Cole (Baseball Owner)

Jan 5, 2017 26:30


The Man In The Yellow Suit is Jesse Cole, who owns the Gastonia Grizzlies and the Savannah Bananas at the age of 32, with his wife serving as the Director of Fun. Cole talks about his beginnings, starting with a team and $200 in the checking account, and realizing that fun was the best way to build a fanbase. Cole talks about how deeply entrenched the Bananas mindset is in Savannah, and how far he is willing to go to ensure that each fan has a great experience. Twitter: @YellowTuxJesse

Ep. 739 - Matt Jones (Sr. Associate AD, Delta State)

Jan 2, 2017 32:18


With over two decades of experience in media, sales and advertising, Matt Jones explains how he helps place Delta State Athletics on the map, even in Cleveland, Mississippi. Jones talks about the relationship between the wins on the field, as well as how to get wins on the revenue ledger. Jones describes how the Division II football and baseball program at Delta State has earned a national presence, as well as provided building blocks for some of the other programs under the department. Jones finally shares his concerns about the lack of talent development for play-by-play broadcasting skills, with less opportunities available, and what that will mean as the older generation "retires out" for sports broadcasting presentation overall. Twitter: @OkraJones

Ep. 738 - Brian DeAngelis (VP, Lehigh Valley IronPigs)

Dec 28, 2016 29:52


Brian DeAngelis has had an extensive career in minor league baseball ticket sales, spanning 6 years and working in organizations such as Ripken Baseball, The State College Spikes, and now as Vice President of Ticket Sales at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. DeAngelis talks about what separates the IronPigs from other minor league baseball franchises, specifically the focus on customer experience, including weird, outlandish marketing and stadium renovations. DeAngelis ventures into the areas of training his staff, showcasing priority on getting them to engage with their contacts, and get those face-to-face sales. Twitter: @AngeloDeAngelo

Ep. 737 - Brandon Ruttley (Fmr. Athletics Administrator)

Dec 26, 2016 29:39


After 6 years as the associate athletic director for external affairs at Nicholls State, Brandon Ruttley has left the college sports space for private industry. Ruttley talks about the intense coming to terms with his decision to leave athletics, with the door still cracked open to return upon the right opportunity, but is at peace either way. Ruttley shares what he believes the private sector can learn from college athletics organizations, and in turn, what private industry can help those on college campus sports achieve. Twitter: @ColonelRuttley

Ep. 736 - Gary Olson (Director of Tickets, Everett AquaSox)

Dec 22, 2016 30:21


Over the past 8 years, Gary Olson has been moving tickets for various minor league baseball teams. Olson discusses that one period of selling for a third party vendor of Arizona State athletics, and what the differences were. Olson talks about how to engage, as well as training his core group of employees, along with whether the phone call is actually dying out and if season tickets still matter. Olson mentions that his wife was formerly working in sports, and how that helped them make decisions for new employment opportunities across the country. Twitter: @GaryOlson26

Ep. 735 - Jim Sarosy (COO, Syracuse Crunch)

Dec 19, 2016 29:06


Jim Sarosy has been with the Syracuse Crunch for so long, that even he's flabbergasted at his legacy with the team. A product of the 1990s sports sales staff, Sarosy talks about rising through the ranks, but not letting his ambition get the better of him, while constantly staying on his toes in minor league hockey. Sarosy discusses why the Crunch are the crazies of American Hockey League promotions, including the famous Gordie Howe tryout for his fifth straight decade on the ice (didn't get on the ice, but still...). Sarosy talks about what he's learned, and what he keeps mind of, every time he peels a sticker or sells a ticket to the game he loves. Twitter: @JimSarosy

Ep. 733 - Dedan Brozino (Executive Director, Rose Bowl)

Dec 12, 2016 32:59


Dedan Brozino represents how truly community development can continue the legacy of a rich college football tradition. As executive director of Pasadena's Rose Bowl, Brozino focuses on stadium upgrades within the historical confines, including ways to build support through various civic and philanthropic initiatives. Brozino talks about his past roles at CSU Long Beach as a Sr. Associate Athletic Director, and the differences between serving on a college campus to now selling a college football venue. Twitter: @DedanBrozino

Ep. 732 - Donnie Marbut (Commissioner, West Coast League)

Dec 7, 2016 30:18


Donnie Marbut has transitioned from a rising star Division I head baseball coach to the world of leadership as Commissioner of the West Coast League. Marbut discusses how the West Coast League has developed a unique brand against the collegiate summer baseball league marketplace, and how it continues to strive for consistent, solid fan development with an eye on future expansion. Marbut talks about his time leading the Washington State Cougars baseball program, and what sports supervision means to him. @WCLBaseball

Ep. 731 - Brian Srabian (VP, SF Giants)

Dec 5, 2016 36:54


With the young history of digital media unfolding, Brian Srabian presents a strong argument about why sports is generally at the forefront of delivery of social media technology. Srabian discusses the early days of living on the edge in sports social media, where trying new things and jumping to different platforms shook up the system with differing results. Srabian discusses navigating the waters of fan engagement, avoiding outrage issues by going too far, and how to show that digital media is the most effective branding available to a sports team. Srabian discusses the Bat Kid phenomena in San Francisco after the 2013 baseball season, and the San Francisco Giants' part of the day-long celebration. Twitter: @Srabe

Ep. 730 - Tim Burke (CEO, Affinio)

Nov 30, 2016 24:30


Deep in Canada's technology sector, Tim Burke has been examining ways to learn more about customers for the past 15 years. Burke discusses his passion for Affinio, a company founded on the belief that there is more to learn beyond the social noise. Burke talks about the mega trendsetters in the marketplace, as well as the misconceptions about what data matters and what should be disregarded. Twitter: @t1mburke

Ep. 729 - Thomas Phelps (Sales, Naval Athletic Association)

Nov 28, 2016 34:13


While the historical namesake of Thomas Phelps is widely known as an 1880s Rear Admiral for the U.S. Navy, the current version of Thomas Phelps is doing his best to ensure that the traditions of the Naval Athletic Association stay alive through his multiple group sales and donation efforts. Phelps, serving in a capacity of Executive Sales Associate for External Relations and Group Sales, talks at length about his role with the military institution, and some of the misconceptions that the public have about the facility's athletic budget sources. Phelps discusses his role in minor league sports, as Chief Marketing Officer of three collegiate wooden bat league teams at once, then transforms the conversation toward an oral history of the NBADL's start during his tenure as that organization's first ticket manager. Twitter: @Phelpsgs

Ep. 728 - Steve Hank (Sr. Partner, SSB)

Nov 23, 2016 29:27


Steve Hank has worked in the upper echelon of two of the premiere athletic departments, Arizona State University and the University of Texas at Austin, which has helped him developed a short hand on what administrators need to know about data, revenue and overall fan experience. Hank talks about his time at both institutions, as well as how to get the ball roll with discussions regarding CRM platforms and the relationships between data and dollars. Hank then refers back to early in his career, when he sold corporate sponsorship right as Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls. Twitter: @SteveHankTX

Ep. 727 - Brennan Barber (VP, Carolina Railhawks FC)

Nov 21, 2016 28:12


One of the NASL teams vying for a future MLS spot sits in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the Carolina Railhawks FC build their audience based on great play, quality experience and with the important of brand message. Vice President Brennan Barber discusses some of the key ways that the Railhawks FC continue to push the envelope, showing the success that may garner a future MLS expansion bid, but is not required by the fan base in order for the franchise to be supported. Barber talks about how the franchise has reached out into the community, building two supporter groups that extend their passion further each match. Twitter: @BrennanBarber

Ep. 726 - Joe Verschueren (Dir of Ticket Ops, Oklahoma)

Nov 16, 2016 29:31


In a podcast first, Joe Verschueren shares a history with the guest of the podcast episode right before him, Matt Carson (Ep. 725), in that they both worked in the same position at Texas State. Verschueren tells of his tenure prior to Carson's, where the school had decided to move up to FBS from FCS, as well as change the university name. Now down the road a couple of years, with a stint at the University of Wyoming and at his current position with the University of Oklahoma, Verschueren shares his knowledge on ticket sales, operations and overall customer service at one of the biggest college football settings, in Norman, Oklahoma. Twitter: @Jversch14

Ep. 725 - Matt Carson (Asst AD, Texas State)

Nov 14, 2016 26:44


Matt Carson has a wealth of knowledge on the state of FBS athletic programs in the Lone Star State, having working at three Texas universities during his career. Carson talks about the transition from development to operations, coupled with ticket sales overall, and how he works on building revenue generation from his prospective contacts. As the Assistant Athletic Director at Texas State, Carson describes some of the challenges, as well as some of the victories, in getting fans invested in the Bobcat brand. Twitter: @MatthewICarson

Ep. 724 - Stephen Nord (Sales Director, Podium)

Nov 11, 2016 34:13


Stephen Nord brings his wealth of sports sales experience to the podcast, to discuss his roles with the Salt Lake City Bees and the Utah Jazz. While he starts out talking ticket sales, the corporate partnership activation that he sold later comes into play. Nord discusses some of the ways that he engaged with his customers, ensuring success, and unveils some of the intangibles that come with selling in the Utah market. Nord talks about why he left sports sales for, and some of the ways that he is cross-utilizing some of the skills from his Jazz experience into his new role. Twitter: @NORD4TIX

Ep. 723 - Dave Kinard (Sr. Assoc. AD, Abilene Christian)

Nov 9, 2016 31:30


Dave Kinard presents one of the biggest challenges, as well as opportunities, that all private institutions face when recruiting student athletes, coaches and athletic administrative staff; ensuring that the core principles of the university, especially when backed by a religion foundation, are understood, followed and permeate throughout that person's tenure with the campus. Kinard discusses how Abilene Christian has moved itself up into the larger Division I conversation with its transition, as well as ensuring that the mindset of success is felt throughout the department beyond tradition. Twitter: @Dave_Kinard

Ep. 722 - Rob Thompson (Assoc. AD, New Haven)

Nov 7, 2016 39:10


Coming over from the professional sports marketing side, Rob Thompson is posed to help his alma mater at the University of New Haven generate a higher dynamic of revenues off-the-field. Thompson discusses his career, spanning from generating crowds for special sporting events, to creating activation for sponsorship partners as well as being a general manager for an Arena Football League team. Thompson discusses the challenges of transitioning to work on a college campus, and some of the assets that he brings to the conversation moving forward. Twitter: @RobThompsonLive

Ep. 721 - Joseph Mullings (Principal, Altitude Sports Marketing)

Nov 4, 2016 33:56


Joseph Mullings has had an extensive background in helping small university athletic departments generate significant sponsorship revenue gains in their communities through a third party model. Now, striking out on his own with Altitude Sports Marketing, Mullings discusses what many athletic departments tend to overlook when it comes to potential revenue generation opportunities with local businesses around their campus. Mullings talks about his time at KP Sports, which signed up several FCS and Division II schools, earmarking an outsourced sponsorship model that continues to this day. Twitter: @Joseph_Mullings

Ep. 720 - MaryLou Tyler (Author, Predictable Prospecting)

Nov 2, 2016 29:39


Understanding how data can increase the success rate for prospecting sales leads is what MaryLou Tyler has set out to do. Tyler discusses how a sales staff can dramatically increase their B2B sales pipeline into an opportunity engine, without it becoming a cold calling nightmare. Tyler talks about the various levels of awareness in building a prospecting funnel for each sales rep, and leverages her background in the tech world for utilization of how sales leads can be generated with the right CRM. Twitter: @MaryLouTyler

Predictable Prospecting Book - Click here

Ep. 719 - Rob Clark (Sr. Assoc. AD, LBSU)

Oct 31, 2016 35:37


With his deep development background, Rob Clark has now begun to strategically plan an external operations role to bring the greater Long Beach State community to campus. Clark discusses his thoughts on social media, promotions that create an impact, and how to ensure that everybody knows about it. Clark shares some insight into how to have a conversation with a donor where everything's upfront, on the table, before it gets too personal. Twitter: @RobClark10

Ep. 718 - Tamica Smith-Jones (AD, UC Riverside)

Oct 28, 2016 28:05


Tamica Smith-Jones brings a wealth of experience to her role as the athletic director at UC Riverside, after being a Division II Athletic Director, a Senior Women's Administrator with UTSA, a former basketball coach, and a former student athlete. Smith-Jones discusses how she delivers a wider perspective to the campus community, her administrative staff, coaching staff and student athletes when strategically planning the department's future. Smith-Jones talks about ensuring that her student athletes have the best experience while being a part of the campus.

Ep. 717 - Tera Black (COO, Charlotte Checkers)

Oct 26, 2016 25:31


Tera Black sits in a unique position as one of the few female executives running a professional hockey team. Black has been part of the WCHL, ECHL & AHL as a Chief Operating Officer. Black discusses the Charlotte Checkers' transition last year from Time Warner Arena to Bojangles Coliseum, as well as the flexibility it allowed during the schedule. Black shares her focus on how the Checkers have been able to target mothers in the area, bringing out the ultimate group sales decision-maker, as well as her thoughts on unique work-life balance with her sales staff in the office. Twitter: @TeraBlack

Ep. 716 - Jeffrey Gitomer (The King Of Sales)

Oct 24, 2016 35:20


Wearing his beloved Philadelphia Eagles jersey for the interview, Jeffrey Gitomer sits down to discuss sales ethics, practice of humility and why Wells Fargo did none of those things. A legendary sales trainer and author, Gitomer talks about where sales reps go wrong, and how they need to build up their own acumen without relying on their managers to do it for them. Gitomer focuses on sales training, customer service and some of the ways that every sales team can improve for their prospecting skills tomorrow. Gitomer shares a personal story where he was on the other end of the sales transaction as a customer, and what he learned from that experience. Twitter: @Gitomer

Ep. 715 - Layna Carnicom (Ticket Dir, Columbus Cottonmouths)

Oct 21, 2016 26:08


Recognizing some of the issues facing her own generation and the uneasiness with sports sales, Layna Carnicom has embraced getting out of her comfort zone. Carnicom discusses some of her own original misconceptions in the sports market place, especially when it comes to learning to sell season tickets, groups, and mini packs. Carnicom talks about her frustration with some of her sports management classmates who want to go into "sports marketing" but cannot define it, as well as what her growth in the business has given her in terms of perspective.

Ep. 714 - Mikko Simon (VP, Point 3 Basketball)

Oct 19, 2016 29:47


Looking through the lense of sports merchandise, Mikko Simon brings international activation experience to the brands that he has worked with. As Vice President for Point 3 Basketball, Simon discusses the guerilla marketing efforts of attacking less of the traditional retail space dominated by Nike or UnderArmour, and instead focusing on local basketball tournaments. Simon discusses the avoidance of using paid influencers to push their brand, as well as how various parts of the world perceive merchandise value in the global marketplace. Twitter: @FinnMikko

Ep. 713 - David Wright (CMO, MiLB)

Oct 17, 2016 32:33


For the 12th straight season, Minor League Baseball has garnered over 41 million fans. MiLB Chief Marketing Officer David Wright discusses the marketing efforts underway to ensure that the fan attendance number grows instead of remains static. Wright talks about some of the ways in which sponsors have now started to affiliate with MiLB as a vast network of teams for activation, as well as various innovations that have already started to pay dividends, especially when it comes to fan demographics. Twitter: @DavidWrightMiLB

Ep. 712 - Michael Hurley (Principal, ROI Sports)

Oct 14, 2016 32:46


Sports sponsorship activation has changed drastically over the last few years with the advent of digital components, as Michael Hurley sees it, there are few sponsors actually negotiating out what they see in a team's deck. Hurley discusses how some of the old ways of thinking, especially when it comes to product level sponsorships, are no longer relevant and must be done al la carte. Hurley talks about an issue of whether the buyers, some being older, understand new technology enough to invest in it as an advertising medium, as well as some of the demographic problems facing NASCAR down the road with young people. Twitter: @mhurley1

Ep. 711 - James DeMeo (Sports Security Specialist)

Oct 12, 2016 35:53


James DeMeo returns to the podcast for his second stint (Ep. 505), this time discussing the security surrounding the Rio Olympic games, and some of the ways in which communication become critical in a massive environment. DeMeo talks about his belief of terrorism being a real threat, not just of the international flavor, but also of the local, small-time kind, as he covers some of the national issues facing United States venue management teams. DeMeo presents his consulting options for how to ensure that an NFL game doesn't become a police state, but in turn, makes every part of the venue team feel that they are equally trained and strategically empowered to handle situations that may occur. Twitter: @JDeMeo007

Ep. 710 - Bryan Bedford (Principal, The Bedford Agency)

Oct 10, 2016 27:55


Returning to the podcast for a second stint (Ep. 390), Bryan Bedford discusses his transition to opening his own sports marketing and player consulting firm in Oklahoma City. Bedford talks about utilizing his coaching past at TCU to help high school parents and students understand the college recruiting process, as well as walk through a college athletic football office's viewpoint. Bedford sees himself as a conduit to having families make better decisions, which eliminate some of the wasteful spending based on a lack of knowledge about the process. Twitter: @BedfordAgency

Ep. 709 - Lauren Teague (Principal, Teague FC)

Oct 7, 2016 36:20


Fresh off of co-hosting the inaugural Sports PR Summit in San Francisco at the offices of Twitter, Lauren Teague discusses the landscape of social media and digital experts in sports. Teague talks about some of the challenges facing digital professionals as live streaming becomes more evident, as well as how the social media role at teams and leagues has transitioned from communications to marketing. Teague broadens the perspective of the NFL's live streaming Thursday Night Football on Twitter with how she chose to consume the event's broadcast, and her time at the PGA Tour, overseeing digital when Tiger Woods ran the table of every course in 2009, and how the organization has fared since his dominance has ended. Twitter: @LaurenTee

Ep. 708 - Michael Brooks (Administrator, NACeSports)

Oct 5, 2016 28:55


Michael Brooks has helped launch one of the more significant eSports associations at the varsity collegiate level across the United States. The National Association of Collegiate eSports has grown quickly out of the NAIA's Kansas City office, as Brooks tells it, with over 20 charter university members offering scholarships, 70 percent of the eSports programs being under campus athletic departments. Brooks describes the eSports landscape at the varsity collegiate, which students it attracts and how the programming is attempting to foster growth of female participants. Twitter: @NACeSports

Ep. 707 - Joe Bertoletti (Sr. Associate AD, Holy Cross)

Oct 3, 2016 32:35


NCAA Hockey may be a regional sport, but Holy Cross markets it as one of its primaries. Senior Associate Athletic Director of External Operations Joe Bertoletti is responsible for the sales and marketing of the athletic department, and discusses some of the nuances of selling a sport in a hockey-mad area, where there are few comparable programs to judge everything from pricing to marketing against. Bertoletti discusses raising up the profile of women's sports such as lacrosse and hockey at Holy Cross, despite the lack of the school's history in female sports. Twitter: @Jberto13

Ep. 706 - Michelle Hill (Principal, Winning Proof)

Sep 30, 2016 31:54


While the public may assume that every athlete and sports figure writes their book solely, Michelle Hill reveals that there are a lot of them relying on ghostwriters. Hill owns Winning Proof, and serves as a ghostwriter for high profile athletes, coaches and sports business figures. Hill discusses why a ghostwriter can be invaluable to the execution of a book, getting the entire story narrative out comprehensively, and why a first draft is just a first draft. Hill talks about engaging with her subjects in a way that develops each story or principle, in order to take the reader on a fascinating journey. Twitter: @WinningProof

Ep. 705 - Tyler Mariucci (Associate AD, Maryland)

Sep 28, 2016 29:03


Sports supervision in college athletics is a crucial component of administration. Maryland's Associate Athletic Director for Sports Administration Tyler Mariucci discusses his passion for the sports monitoring segmentation, which in many ways, helps build future athletic directors by learning how to communicate with program coaches. Mariucci talks about switching over from development to sports oversight, and some of the factors which can help a coach understand where the entire department is headed in a 1-on-1 settling. Twitter: @TylerMariucci

Ep. 704 - Lynn Holzman (Commissioner, WCC)

Sep 26, 2016 37:38


Founded in 1970, The West Coast Conference has been home to that region's private religious schools. WCC Commissioner Lynn Holzman discusses some of the nuances of overseeing a private school conference, as well as how the conference "got" Las Vegas for its annual tournament first. Holzman talks about the WCC's foothold in specific areas such as media rights, and the conference is working on sustainable fan base growth for the future. Twitter: @LynnHolzman

Ep. 703 - Brian Connolly (Managing Principal, Victus Advisors)

Sep 23, 2016 32:04


Understanding the fan's true thoughts on pricing and venue product offerings is what Victus Advisors specializes in. Managing Principal Brian Connolly explains that doesn't just mean surveying current fan bases, but also the fans who are no longer coming to games. Connolly shares his insight into what venues can do to change up their facility in terms of premium sections, as well as the actual revenue aspects for stadium suites. Twitter: @BrianHConnolly

Ep. 702 - Jim Dries (CEO, PiLYTix)

Sep 21, 2016 31:22


Coming out of Wall Street, Jim Dries is seeking to revolutionize the sports data segment with PiLYTix. Dries discusses how to show more about the customer to the sales rep, as well as ensure that it translates to actionable information which drives more revenue for the sports franchise. Dries talks about some of the misconceptions about data gathering, as well as overall pitfalls that occur. Twitter: @pilytix

Ep. 701 - Jenna Byrnes (SVP, Oklahoma City Dodgers)

Sep 19, 2016 25:05


The Oklahoma City Dodgers have managed to couple two dynamic legacies together into one premiere baseball package; both the Dodgers' historic brand through affiliation and their stadium, which resides in the legendary Bricktown area of Oklahoma City. Senior Vice President Jenna Byrnes talks about how the team engages with the community, as well as positions its marketing power in order to draw its audiences. Byrnes discusses managing young people, expectations and how to ensure that each staff member knows where they stand within the organization.

Ep. 700 - Leon Friedrich (Instructor, Wakeland HS)

Sep 16, 2016 28:34


Frisco, Texas' Justin Wakeland High School is an amazing success story for young teenagers looking to gain a footing in the sports industry. Program instructor Leon Friedrich describes the program, which utilizes real world internships, guest speakers and an intense amount of classroom instruction to create experience for each of the students participating. Friedrich talks about the expectations placed on both students and parents, as well as the way that internships with local teams push engagement across the board. Twitter: @LeonFriedrich

Ep. 699 - Brad Matthews (Director of Ticket Sales, FIU)

Sep 14, 2016 30:37


Brad Matthews has been a fixture in the sports sales landscape of Miami for over 16 years, first with the Marlins and Heat, then for 14 years with the University of Miami handling premium sales. Now at Florida International, Matthews discusses his challenges of enhancing the revenue generation concepts by building a sales team as well as how to interact with CRM. Matthews describes some of the ways that he has fostered group leader relationships, keeping in close contact with those who can bring a mass of fans to games.

Ep. 698 - Mino Solomon (Ticket Sales Dir, Seattle Sounders FC)

Sep 12, 2016 36:13


Mino Solomon has been in the sports sales game a long time, starting with at the tail-end of the Seattle Supersonics and becoming part of the group that headed up the Oklahoma City Thunder sales team. Solomon discusses his time in Seattle and his recent return with the Seattle Sounders FC, along with various ways to tackle both sales strategies and leadership. Solomon shares that he gets irked by leadership statements online, which seem to forget that leading is more by example than anything else. Solomon ends up talking about his 1st anniversary with an accident that he won't soon forget, and why running in the Chicago Marathon would be considered a significant future achievement for him in life. Twitter: @MinoSolomon

Ep. 697 - Mark Burns (Sr. Writer, SportTechie)

Sep 9, 2016 27:31


Fresh off of being named one of the Forbes 30 under 30 in the sports category, SportTechie senior writer Mark Burns discusses the state of sports journalism today. Burns talks about some of the ways to gather sources on stories, as well as ensure that quotes aren't taken out of context, and highlights issues with aggregation which may lose context amid overall content. Burns shares his thoughts on reporting in general, and whether he is a journalism as much as a content creator, and what that means for the future of reporting overall. Twitter: @MarkJBurns88

Ep. 696 - Dave Wakeman (Principal, Wakeman Consulting)

Sep 7, 2016 26:10


Almost a year to the day that he first appeared on the podcast (Ep. 549), Dave Wakeman returns to discuss some of the factors of sports revenue generation and branding when coupled with technology. Wakeman shares his experience consulting with various companies and teams, including his appearance at the 2016 Sports Sales Boot Camp at the ALSD Conference in Pittsburgh. Wakeman also tackles some of the issues surrounding metrics, and whether executives are looking at the wrong benchmarks when attempting to gain revenue. Twitter: @DavidWakeman

Ep. 695 - Ken Troupe (Sr. Director, SportsDesk Media)

Sep 6, 2016 37:12


Ken Troupe returns to the podcast (he was on Ep. 4 in 2012) and talks about what he's learned since that time, crossing over from the team side with the Arizona Coyotes to SportsDesk Media. Troupe discusses the importance of data in ticket sales, along with corporate sales metrics, and how to develop a shorthand in the conversation between teams and brands. Troupe talks about his educational aspirations, gaining a masters degree from Ohio University and broadening his overall acumen in the sports industry. Twitter: @KTSportsMarket

Ep. 694 - Kate Dobie (GM, Brisbane Bandits)

Sep 2, 2016 27:50


Kate Dobie is the first female general manager to head an Australia Baseball League team, doing so with the Brisbane Bandits, her third ABL franchise. Dobie speaks about the methods used to gain momentum with the Australian population to attend games. Despite having roots in Australia since the 1800s, Dobie points out that some of the modern promotional tools are still trying to be reckoned with by Australians. Dobie talks about the need for inclusion for female executives in sports overall. Twitter: @KateDobiest

Ep. 693 - Doug Lipinski (Deputy Director, Grand Valley St)

Aug 31, 2016 28:08


Understanding where a campus identity is, and where it should be, is the hallmark of Grand Valley State. The university and the athletic department are firmly entrenched in the attitude of being the best NCAA Division II school nationally. GVSU Deputy Director Doug Lipinski explains the mindset and attitude of the Lakers program, and why it matters to stay at a place that isn't in the Power 5 or FBS world. Twitter: @lipinskd

Ep. 692 - Joe Rixon (Assistant AD, Seton Hall)

Aug 29, 2016 34:10


If you try to discount around Joe Rixon, he'll be the first line of opposition that you find. Rixon discusses his disdain for the practice, as well as the lack of marketing around it even to make discounting even somewhat effective. Rixon talks about the misperception about the secondary market tends to cost organizations revenue. Now a board member on the National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations (NAATSO) Rixon shares a funny story about faux-neurosurgeons and Uber drivers in Pittsburgh, as well as his bond with the staff at Liberty University. Twitter: @joeyrix

Ep. 691 - Dr. Alan Morse (Director, UNC Sports Admin)

Aug 26, 2016 26:36


The University of Northern Colorado's Sports Administration program has turned over its legacy professors which brought the UNC program to the forefront of producing several of the top level sports management instructors in the country. Dr. Alan Morse has now taken the torch, carrying it upon the retirements of three of its major professors, and serves as director of the program. Morse discusses the transition, keeping the principles of the program, set on doing tangible real-world sports research covering revenue, attendance and marketing, and how that can help both professional teams, college athletics and aspiring graduates as they enter the industry's workforce. Morse talks about program expectations, as well as the job prospects for those who graduate. Twitter: @alan_morse

Ep. 690 - Gary Adler (General Counsel, NATB)

Aug 24, 2016 38:21


As the role of the secondary market changes in the public perception, so do the legal issues surrounding brokers involvement. Gary Adler has served as general counsel for the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) since its inception 22 years, and discusses the various topics within the industry. Adler talks about rules, regulations and processes, which may be pushed as a consumer protection while actual yielding an opposite affect. Adler shares his thoughts on the recent move of broker consolidation, delayed delivery e-tickets, and whether Vegas will always have two broker trade shows, at the same time, in two different casino locations in July.

Ep. 689 - Tony Garrett (Regional VP, Aspire Group)

Aug 22, 2016 38:32


The third party model has held ground and expanded in the college athletic landscape, with a further understanding between both in-house leaders and those representing the outside organization. Aspire's Tony Garrett discusses how empathy has allowed the company to thrive when dealing with long-term college athletics workers, as well as the ability to pitch in to get the job done. Garrett talks about group sales, how it fosters creativity and free assets that can compliment any group's interest in buying more tickets to the event. Garrett shares Aspire's culture toward its employees, using Mino Solomon as an example of organizational strength during a time of adversity for Solomon personally. Twitter: @thebosstg

Ep. 688 - Hal Bock (Sports Author)

Aug 19, 2016 24:18


The Chicago Cubs were one of the luckiest teams at the start of the 1900s, according to former Associated Press writer Hal Bock, author of the book, The Last Chicago Cubs Dynasty. Bock covers the entire Cubs reign to the World Series from 1906 to 1910, complete with the biographies of some of the more illustrious characters in Major League Baseball History. Bock talks about the legendary double-play combination of Tinker to Evers to Chance, whether Cubs catcher Johnny Kling should be held responsible for bringing bad luck by leaving the team for a promising billiards career, and what the "Merkle boner" did for the 1908 playoffs to send the Cubs back to the World Series. Twitter: @hbock1

Ep. 687 - Dave Torromeo (Director, Manhattanville)

Aug 17, 2016 24:00


While having a ton of academic credits helps bolster some program ratings, Dave Torromeo is focused on the real-world application of his Manhattanville College instructors, as well as their backgrounds. Torromeo discusses the influx of masters degree programs for sports management, as well as some of the dangers of flooding the marketplace without instructors who have actually worked full-time in sports. Torromeo talks about how his students view internships and job prospects, as the world of sports is becoming more and more technology-driven. Twitter: @Davidt12

Ep. 686 - Chris Thoburn (VP, Wheeling Nailers)

Aug 15, 2016 30:58


The Wheeling Nailers ECHL franchise has begun to shy away from the premium giveaway, in order to cater to the mega experience of celebrity appearances. Vice President of Tickets, Chris Thoburn, talks about how the celebrity appearance at a game helps enhance both the VIPs of team business partners and group leaders, as well as draws out a ton of single game tickets. Thoburn maps out the new hockey landscape, being a Pittsburgh Penguins affiliate amid the competition of American Hockey League cities that are nearby. Twitter: @cthoburn87

Ep. 685 - Devon Teeple (Founder, GMs Perspective)

Aug 12, 2016 38:17


The transition from first career to second career is one of the more difficult retirement discussions any professional athlete has to make. Devon Teeple is one of the better success stories, moving from a promising minor league baseball career to the world of finance and blogging. Teeple discusses how his life has changed since he made that decision, along with being mentored by several sports writers in order to develop his own voice on the blogging platform, The GM's Perspective. Teeple shares insight into how athletes view the media, as well as how to ensure that he is also promoting some of the better sides of an athlete's life, including their charity work. Twitter: @DevonTeeple

Ep. 684 - @troy_ruediger (Creator, Starters)

Aug 10, 2016 22:31


Troy Ruediger has helped launch one of the more "sticky" forums for sports and technology discussion, called Starters. Based out of a Slack platform, Starters has engendered a larger amount of early adopters, communicating in various connectivity discussions and sharing timely articles. Ruediger discusses the vision of Starters, its original intentions, as well as its current state of growth, which is starting to scale in rapid succession. Ruediger also discusses his time at Rukkus, a secondary market ticket search engine with virtual reality capabilities, and the ways that the sports industry still lag behind in technology adoption. Twitter: @troy_ruediger

Ep. 683 - Hass Aminian (Principal, Millennial Events)

Aug 8, 2016 31:14


Singapore's Hass Aminian did an in-person podcast in Davis, California way back on episode 184, and now returns 499 episodes later for a follow-up report. Now on his own, Aminian discusses the Asian market indepth, as well as how the NBA is capturing an entire continent, but also fighting against consumer demand for homegrown sporting leagues and events. Aminian discusses the issues around Rule 40 with The Rio Olympics, as well as the state of international sports business as a whole. Twitter: @hassaminian

Ep. 682 - Matt Roberts (Owner, Drive & Co)

Aug 5, 2016 39:05


The majority of c-suite college administrators utilize Matt Roberts' aggregation e-mail news service daily in both the world of athletics, known as the D1 ticker. Reaching over 13,000+ recipients, Roberts' breaks down what makes the e-mail such a necessary part of the daily lives of high-level conversations on the industry's overall happenings. Roberts' discusses how he avoids editorializing, but yet providing, some of the most provocative news concerning the worlds of Division-I, Division-II, and Division-III. Roberts talks about adding on the "1 Question" micro-podcast as well the D1 ticker jobs, as well as lessons learned along the way. Twitter: @d1ticker

Ep. 681 - Adam Shaw (CEO, Sportle)

Aug 3, 2016 35:27


Digital streaming is becoming the simplified way of live sports content distribution, and as Sportle CEO Adam Shaw explains, that brings out the complexity of the traditional media marketplace amid contractual and corporate sponsorship agreements. Shaw discusses the issues at hand, especially couch rights vs. hotel rights, and whether consumers will finally gain access to Regional Streaming Networks (RSN). Given Shaw's expensive background as a c-suite executive in traditional television with FOX, FX & the NFL Network, he shares the vision of what it will take to make streaming the overall experience that most consumers have with live sports content in the future. Twitter: @PrinceAdRock

Ep. 680 - Mike Waddell (VP, Richmond Int. Raceway)

Aug 1, 2016 36:28


Mike Waddell has managed to navigate the trickiest of waters in sports; not only as a broadcaster, but administrator in collegiate athletics, and now in the professional sports world with the Richmond International Raceway. Waddell talks about selling into a culture and environment, as well as building a group of personnel that lasts, specifically citing one experience in Virginia in 1994, where he learned what you say, as well as how you say it, matters to the locals. Waddell shares his experience on managing people, including how to deal with sudden situations, both in terms of family issues and when the athletic director is fired. Twitter: @Waddell247RIR

Ep. 679 - Warren Friss (Founder, GameHedge)

Jul 29, 2016 31:33


Even on the secondary market, customization of tickets has started to enhance whether the game result was terrible for the home team or not for the consumer. Gamehedge is an idea hatched by long-time attorney Warren Friss, who has seen his share of bad games. Consumers who buy into the Gamehedge guarantee can get 50% back off of their ticket price if the home team loses by 5 runs or more. Friss talks about the analytics behind what the consumers have been purchasing since Gamehedge launched into the MLB secondary market this year, as well as the upcoming NHL, NFL and NBA seasons. Friss also talks about his 16-year career at Topps, and sheds some insight into "error card" lore from that period. Twitter: @GameHedge

Ep. 678 - Judy Ferraro (Sales & Leadership Trainer)

Jul 27, 2016 29:34


Few sales trainers try to dissect the tone of an office suffering from a multigenerational leadership gap like Judy Ferraro, who talks about the fissures found in the differences between the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. Ferraro shares her vision of how the office space has changed on the sales floor, especially with Gen-X being the smallest of the three generations, and ways to restore it. Ferraro also talks about her roots in improv, and how it is helped her gain momentum in educating others on how to make smarter calls, resisting the urge the make cold calls. Twitter: @JudyFerraro

Ep. 677 - Luke Jarman (Managing Director, ICON)

Jul 25, 2016 33:44


Luke Jarman is entering the United States sports market with a wealth of branding experience on the world stage. Jarman shares his experiences ranging from the United Kingdom, Brazil and Qatar, and how his company, ICON, has helped share some of the marketing efforts to a global sports marketplace. Jarman talks about how images, colors and shapes can transform attitude and affinity toward stadia and events, as well as why countries such as Qatar are making significant investments in the space overall. Twitter: @LucasMonkeyBoy

Ep. 676 - Numaan Akram (CEO, Rally Bus)

Jul 22, 2016 22:04


The sharing economy has created a version for massive group sales transportation in Rally Bus, a vision of Numaan Akram who explains the company's simple concept of moving large groups of fans toward a single destination. Akram talks about how safety in numbers, as well as passion of a fan base, caused Rally to start to transport large amounts of sports fans from point-to-point destinations, including an upcoming 7th Line Army trip by New York Mets fans to the Hall of Fame in Coopertown. Akram discusses how the new concept is helping ensure quality drivers and rides for passengers. Twitter: @RallyBus

Ep. 675 - Cary Kaplan (President, Cosmos Sports)

Jul 20, 2016 29:26


The role and legacy of Canadian sports business is a very proud one, but according to Cary Kaplan, the low-key demeanor of those executives in the Great White North often keeps them from being fully recognized down in the United States as leaders. Kaplan discusses marketing and revenue generation theories when it comes to sports teams, as he not only leads a consulting group, but also as president and general manager of the ECHL Brampton Beast. Kaplan discusses engagement of the fan, and the issue of franchises departing too quickly on a fan base. Twitter: @Cary_Cosmos

Ep. 674 - Jesse Henry (CEO, Theory of Success)

Jul 18, 2016 29:31


Understanding the methodology in order to engage and embrace the peak performance of employees is one of Jesse Henry's specific tasks. A motivational speaker who has worked in the past with Tony Robbins, Henry's resume includes work with the Miami Marlins and a TED Talk about the subject. Henry discusses his view point on generational efforts in the workplace, as well as the reward systems that are needed for Millennials to feel that they are respected and accomplished within the organization. Twitter: @Jesse_Henry

Ep. 673 - Michael Murtagh, Jr. (Young Professional)

Jul 15, 2016 33:22


The last two NACDA conferences, Michael Murtagh, Jr. has shown tremendous hustle in looking for a sports marketing job. Pre-scheduling and meeting with over thirty sports business executives, Murtagh, Jr. has been actively showing his networking skills on the new social media messaging platform, Snapchat. Murtagh, Jr. has various tips and tricks on how to effectively utilize Snapchat further, including the usage of filters. After serving a 1-year contract position at Western Kentucky Athletics in marketing following attending the 2015 NACDA in Orlando, Murtagh, Jr. is now focused on getting that full-time job in sports. Twitter: @Michael_A_Jr

Ep. 672 - Jimmy Smith (Asst AD, Delaware)

Jul 13, 2016 30:08


Blood, sweat and association equity are part of Jimmy Smith's gameplan to push the social media digital side of college athletic administrators into the forefront of professional development. Smith talks about his lobbying efforts with his fellow digital collegiate professionals into building an affiliate association under NACDA of their own, as well as some of intangibles of why its necessary. Smith discusses how far digital marketing has come in the last few years for athletic departments, and where it is headed. Twitter: @TheJimmySmith

Ep. 671 - Jason Sabatino (Director of Tickets, College Football Playoff)

Jul 11, 2016 33:57


The art and role of customer service as well as ticket operations in off-site venues is one of Jason Sabatino's specialties. Not only with the College Football Playoffs, as the Director of Business and Ticket Operations, but also with the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Sabatino discusses some of the various issues surrounding customer service, including the mantra 'the customer is always right' and dealing with various issues on gameday. Sabatino discusses his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers organization, running NBA basketball, minor league hockey, and special events, as well as his tenure at Boston University.

Ep. 670 - Matt Hyder (CEO, Recoup Fitness)

Jul 8, 2016 23:34


Matt Hyder has just put out to market one of the more revolutionary ways to heal muscles, called "The Stinger." No, it doesn't inject into the body, but it is leading the way toward sport injury recovery. This conversation gets deep into the weeds of cryotherapy and myofascial release, as well as how muscle tissue tends to be overworked by bad exercising techniques in general. Hyder is a young entrepreneur at 24, and delivers a bout of excitement with his new business model, focused on helping people improve their recovery techniques after exercising. Twitter: @recoupfitness

Ep. 669 - Eric LaPointe (Business Partnerships, Ticket Galaxy)

Jul 6, 2016 26:17


Eric LaPointe hugs the small difference between the primary and secondary, working in both arenas. First with the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers in the primary side, and then transitioning over to ScoreBig and Ticket Galaxy, where he cultivates business partnerships on the secondary. A lot of it comes down to a small delineation in LaPointe's mind, as he explains that many of the apprehension against secondary use has less to do with fraud, and more from a misunderstanding of distribution channels. LaPointe discusses various options available on how a true partnership between a primary and secondary partner can work. Twitter: @EricWLaPointe


Note: This episode is "brought to you" by DreamSeat, who let us sit in their chairs during the podcast interview at ALSD in Pittsburgh. Please e-mail Adam at DreamSeat to thank him for doing so at.

Ep. 668 - Tim Rice (Sr. Asst AD of Revenue, NIU)

Jul 4, 2016 27:31


Some of the best experience in sports can happen in a virtual cuisinart, as Tim Rice can attest from his time at San Jose State, where he had to fundraise in a time that saw a drastic amount of change for the university. Now at Northern Illinois University, Rice talks about the lessons learned at campuses where the money is tight, and you have to be continually creative in order to build new revenue streams. Rice talks about why his current title at NIU, Sr. Assistant Athletic Director of Revenue Generation, is vitally important in order to ensure clarity with donors and prospects for the importance of creating new economic streams for the student-athlete experience. Twitter: @TJRice

Ep. 667 - Jess Root (Editor, CardsWire)

Jul 1, 2016 29:57


Jess Root represents the new form of digital sports journalism, even if he himself doesn't consider the term "journalist" to fit what he's doing. Root has overseen a passion project call CardsWire over the last 6 years, and is now affiliated with USA Today in the hopes of covering the Arizona Cardinals with the intensity of a fan, but the writing coverage of the press. Root discusses how he has managed to do both CardsWire and his full-time regular job, as well as create engaging content throughout an entire week. Root's coverage means expanding on certain points, Cardinals personnel quotes and statistics in order to foster a greater growth of information for each CardsWire reader. Twitter: @senorjessroot

Ep. 666 - Michelle La Sala (President, Blistering Pace)

Jun 29, 2016 35:19


The racing world in Northern California is one that Michelle La Sala has helped define in San Francisco and Sacramento, overseeing some of the most complex marathon management events in the area's history. La Sala discusses some of the intangibles surrounding the racing community, how 2013 was a year of perfection in participant sign-ups, which ended up translated to a glut of races which has potentially watered down legacy marathons overall. La Sala talks about the participant experience, and some of the issues that each operator must face as they decide to implement a new day of racing, and some of the lessons learned along the way.

Ep. 665 - Bill Lansden (Sr. Assoc. AD, Virginia Tech)

Jun 27, 2016 32:37


The end of this episode probably has one of the largest "drop the mic" moments recorded from all of the guests on the Tao of Sports. Sr. Associate Athletic Director Bill Lansden discusses the greater financial landscape of college athletics, where even in the Power 5 Conferences, there are have-nots, and may end up being less sports in order to financially compete with the upper, upper echelon. Lansden has been in several scenarios where fundraising is not only a component, but crucial to making up the shortfalls left by bad media rights estimations, coach departures, and even sports being eliminated such as at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. It boils down to a complex discussion with donor intention, as well as where college fundraising overall is potentially headed. Twitter: @BillLansden

Ep. 664 - Chris Thompson (Assist Commissioner, WAC)

Jun 24, 2016 31:25


Chris Thompson returns for a third appearance on the podcast, bewildered that it has taken him two years to grace the audience with his presence. Thompson discusses the idea of NAATSO (National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations) as an outsider, from the original inception in 2014, to the second year of the association at the NACDA conference. Thompson shares his thoughts on how learning about tickets relates to sports information, what he has learned from the growth of the association overall. Thompson also talks about the psychology of sports information directors, mental health and wellness, and what he has learned in his time as an SID. Twitter: @CPT1982

Ep. 663 - Joe Favorito (Strategic Media Consultant)

Jun 22, 2016 32:52


In 30 years of sports media, Joe Favorito has separated himself from the pack with a dynamic look at how to penetrate weak attention spans with some of the most effective, contagious branding in the industry today. Favorito discusses his time at the New York Knicks as the Vice President of Communications, and his eventual building up a massive 36,000 email list which continues onto this day. Favorito talks about his foray into comic conventions, MMA, and education, as well as what current students are not getting from a sports management degree. Favorito presents his case on why networking face-to-face is a lost art to the young and his thoughts on sports management degrees in general. Twitter: @joefav

Ep. 662 - Paul Epstein (Dir of Sales, SF 49ers)

Jun 20, 2016 51:58


For Levis Stadium, the signal breaks through the noise in the digital sales world of Paul Epstein, who knows his fair share of data analytics business development. Epstein talks about some of the issues surrounding the applications of buzzwords such as "data" and why egress is just as important toward customer experience as the actual seats. Epstein shares his vision of values, of how to ensure that each of the sales reps under his watch not only translate and interact with different data points, but set forth a valued culture within the entire office space. Epstein discusses the value of a 365 stadium, the new normal of not just having NFL football as the sole tenant, and how to build more from the various opportunities around the stadium footprint. Twitter: @pepstein3

Ep. 661 - John Ruhlin (Author, Giftology)

Jun 17, 2016 25:41


A returning guest to the podcast (Ep. 493), John Ruhlin discusses his new book, Giftology, which is a concept of how to maximize gifting which benefits relationship building through unique strides in care. Ruhlin is quick to point out that this isn't a mass distribution of a monetary item that creates the large impact, but the honest focus of understanding what the recipient will find specifically appealing to them. Ruhlin shares small little ways that change the dynamics of a relationship between two people, and how to ensure that it is never viewed as manipulative, but more instead as cross-beneficial. Twitter: @Ruhlin

Ep. 660 - Ray Austin (Co-Founder, Project FANchise)

Jun 15, 2016 26:05


Ray Austin represents a budding revolution of tech in the sports world, with a crowd funding platform which is gaining media attention and fan support, called Project FANchise. Austin discusses how this unique idea is taking hold in the Indoor Football League, where the fans vote on every component: team location, name, uniform colors, beer, and everything else imaginable. Austin covers the early days when he and his partners had to present the idea to IFL owners, and how those voting on team location surprised him with a team location in Utah instead of Oklahoma. Austin talks about his NFL & XFL playing days, as well as some lessons learned along the way. Twitter: @RayAustin36

Ep. 659 - James Royer (Digital Director, Kansas City Chiefs)

Jun 13, 2016 32:35


Looking beyond the simple platform chasing of social media, the central focus arises as to what digital as a brand can do for a sports team. James Royer oversees the Kansas City Chiefs digital endeavors which was recognized as one of the most “Contagious” brands on Facebook by a study done by author and professor Jonah Berger and Digitas lbi. Royer also discusses his recent NFL Digital Summit speech in April, how the Chiefs are utilizing paid social advertising through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, specifically in the realm of supporting ticket and merchandise sales despite most NFL teams being very slow to adopt paid social. Twitter: @JamesRoyer

Ep. 658 - Mark Hodgkin (Sports Digital Professional)

Jun 10, 2016 28:36


After nearly 7 years as an Assistant Commissioner at the American Association, Mark Hodgkin has struck out on his own while bringing his unique insight into the world of digital media. Hodgkin is quick to point out that he doesn't believe in the expert label for social media, and in fact, runs away from anyone making that claim. Hodgkin shares his vision of providing a great overall brand messaging strategy to an organization's digital channels, and to avoid the habit of platform chasing. Twitter: @Mark_Hodgkin

Ep. 657 - Kristy Gale (Principle, Hypergolic)

Jun 8, 2016 31:09


How much ownership does an athlete have over their own biometric data. Hypergolic's Kristy Gale discusses some of the ramifications into the deep, dark dystophia world of trademark or copyrighted biometric information, and how it can affect an athlete throughout their career. Gale talks about how this is also a greater concern for both players associations, as well as how that personal information is affected by HIPPA law. Gale also mentions some of the monetization issues surrounding this information harvest, and whether current collective bargaining agreements are able to handle new technology advancements. Twitter: @sportstechlaw

Ep. 656 - Danny Kambel (SID, LeTourneau University)

Jun 6, 2016 27:49


S.E.T. is a big component of how Danny Kambel runs not only his sports information department, but also his professional development in college athletics. Kambel describes how Strategic Engagement Teamwork is effective at helping both himself, as well as his colleagues, understand a betterment of embracing situations around them. Part of that overall vision comes from not only being a member of CoSIDA, but also of NACMA, where Kambel hones in on his marketing acumen. Kambel talks about some of his greatest challenges, and how working in a collegiate environment has helped him grow, especially when it comes to helping student athletes become graduates from the institutions he represents. Twitter: @DannyKambel

Ep. 655 - Ryan Stewman (CEO, Hardcore Closer)

Jun 3, 2016 26:28


From the moment he speaks, Ryan Stewman brings an electricity to his opinions about cold calling, closing and learning to sell. Stewman talks about some of the ways that he has used to close big deals and take prospects down the path to buying, especially when it comes to text messaging. Stewman discusses his thoughts on why cold calling is ineffective compared to other forms of selling, and why when everyone was getting out of the mortgage industry, Stewman doubled-down and gobbled up his competition. Twitter: @RyanStewman

Ep. 654 - Mike Guiffre (VP, TicketCity)

Jun 1, 2016 38:19


It's no longer just the role of the secondary market, but of the entire revenue stream via distribution channels, that gets discussed with Mike Guiffre, Vice President at TicketCity. Guiffre has been on the podcast prior, Ep. 461, but now, as a member of the secondary market, Guiffre has the distinction of working for both primary and secondary marketplaces. As Guiffre explains, there may not be a difference between primary and secondary anymore, simply more options for the consumer to purchase tickets from. Guiffre talks about some of the methods that franchises have employed, questioning the efficiency of hiring a slew of sales reps to make 100 phone calls per day, and what options lay ahead for franchise executives in general. Twitter: @mjguff

Ep. 653 - Max Altschuler (Author, Sales Hacker)

May 30, 2016 27:54


Technology not only changes the sales person, but also the customer. Sales Hacker Author Max Altschuler explains how the growth of new devices has altered the way that customers are willing to receive messaging and sales propositions, and how new sales people must adapt in order to achieve revenue success in the modern era. Altschuler talks about the investment required by sales managers in order to shift the old metrics of out-dated phone calls per day to new KPIs focused on actually engaging, investing, and building relationships with consumers that can strengthen any company's brand. Twitter: @MaxAlts

Ep. 652 - Steven Cohen (VP, Brooklyn Cyclones)

May 27, 2016 29:26


The Brooklyn Cyclones represent one of the feats of the modern minor league baseball era in sports marketing. Not only did the franchise establish itself in one of the relics of a bygone time in Coney Island, but it created a stadium landmark that became an anchor tenant in a revitalization of a formerly notorious area for urban decay. Cyclones VP Steven Cohen discusses how the team shot right out of the gates with full stands and happy crowds, establishing itself for over 16 years as one of the perennial success stories of the New York-Penn League. Cohen talks about the image of Coney Island, and how the Cyclones have managed to continue to build more of a family-friendly atmosphere, eliminating some of the stereotypes that used to plague that area during the 1970s to 1990s.

Ep. 651 - Danita Johnson (VP, LA Sparks)

May 25, 2016 28:08


Danita Johnson is a WNBA home-grown ticket sales talent, developing her skills with the Washington Mystics, Tulsa Shock and now as Vice President of Ticket Sales at the LA Sparks. Johnson talks about selling in the Los Angeles market, and creating not just a niche for the WNBA product, but a community-based support system which extends all season long. Johnson shares her thoughts on how to ensure that the perception of what the Sparks are selling on and off the court is comparable to the fan experience of other leagues, as well as how the Sparks foster greater group sales efforts overall. Twitter: @DanitaDJohnson

Ep. 650 - David Gravenkemper (Sales, Australian Baseball League)

May 23, 2016 28:37


David Gravenkemper is caught between two wholly different worlds in sports business, the modern day Australian way of selling and the United States version. Gravenkemper took the leap less than a year ago, leaving his Associate Athletic Director position at the University of Washington to held up National Sales for the Australian Baseball League. Gravenkemper discusses the dynamic changes, especially in the way that the ABL sells to its sports fan community, amid membership and personal tastes in specific sports leagues. Gravenkemper talks about his time in his home city of Seattle, both with the UW Huskies and Seattle SuperSonics. Twitter: @DGravenkemper

Ep. 649 - Joe Mahan (Associate Professor, Temple U)

May 20, 2016 36:22


Temple University's Director of Programs of Sports & Recreation Management Joe Mahan discusses the state of the education side of the industry. Mahan presents his argument to the vital nature of developing a wide-ranging practicum in the field, as well as building connections overall by attending major industry conferences. Mahan talks about why a graduate degree is becoming more important for industry practitioners as well as the limited amount of jobs available as a whole in sports. Twitter: @dr_marshmallow

Ep. 648 - Chris Atack (Director of Memberships, Ottawa Senators)

May 18, 2016 27:45


Director of Season Seat Membership and Group Sales Chris Atack discusses how the conversion from season ticket holders to members began, and how it is has helped continued foster a solid renewal base for the team. Atack mentions that while hockey in Canada is always close to being considered a sports religion, second most may be a Montreal Canadiens' fan. However, selling the Ottawa Senators only two hours away does have its advantages, especially when it comes to targeting those nearby Canadiens fans into the Senators' home ice and converting them into members as well as group leaders. Twitter: @atackc

Ep. 647 - John Davis (Sports Industry Executive)

May 16, 2016 32:09


With over 20 years of sports selling experience in the industry, John Davis has seen various trends come and go. Davis talks about his time in the NFL, MLB, MiLB and NHL at selling the ticket product and driving revenue for teams. Davis discusses how the secondary market has a foothold on specific areas of ticket sales, but also how the fan experience reigns supreme.

Ep. 646 - Jason Velez (VP of Ticket Sales, NY Lizards)

May 13, 2016 20:56


The New York Lizards have established themselves as a professional lacrosse dynasty over the past 15 years, winning the Major League Lacrosse championship three times. Jason Velez has been part of that wave over the past 2 years, and shares his vision of where the Lizards have created a foothold with their brand. While the game of lacrosse may be somewhat niche, Velez talks about the opportunities that exist in selling the game to its most rabid fans, the young club lacrosse players in the New York/Long Island area. Velez discusses how he pushes younger account reps toward more efficient sales calls, as well as the dynamics of group sales overall. Twitter: @JasonVelezNYL

Ep. 645 - Dr. Christopher Lee (Asst Prof, Temple)

May 11, 2016 26:44


Consumer behavior in sports drives revenue, whether it be in ticket sales, marketing or corporate sponsorship. Temple's Assistant Professor Dr. Christopher Lee has taken a deep dive into the examination of what pushes consumers to purchase or stay away from products, as well as the relationships that people have with brands entirely. Lee discusses his research, along with deciphering the attention span of consumers, including Super Bowl commercial value. Lee talks about how the idea of consumer behavior shifting can have a drastic reaction on the bottom line of every sports franchise. Twitter: @ChrisLeePHD

Ep. 644 - Lance Tyson (CEO, PRSPX)

May 9, 2016 40:26


For a couple of years, Lance Tyson and PRSPX has started to shake up the sports sales training model with dynamic B2B and B2C concepts. This has enabled PRSPX to become a major player for franchise sales floors nationally. Tyson discusses the concepts which have separated him from the pack, including his view of tickets, marketing and revenue generation. A former owner of Dale Carnegie Training in Ohio & Indiana, Tyson oversees a team of sports sales trainers with a mission toward pushing the envelope of establishing new B2B concepts in each sports franchise. Twitter: @LanceTyson

Ep. 643 - Dave Marek (SVP, Somerset Patriots)

May 6, 2016 32:46


Independent league baseball in New Jersey means thinking outside the boxes when it comes to promotions, but not so much when it comes to a sales mentality. Dave Marek has risen through the ranks of the Somerset Patriots for the past 17 seasons, becoming senior vice president of marketing. Marek discusses the ways in which the Patriots focus on a customer-first mindset, especially when it comes to establishing larger, more impactful group experiences. Marek talks about his experiences with promotions, including having Donald Trump delivering the first pitch via landing his helicopter on center field, and the ways in which to get a community excited for the product every summer. Twitter: @DMarek94

Ep. 642 - Chris Baretta (Asst AD, The Citadel)

May 4, 2016 34:11


The Citadel is one of the most storied institutions in the United States, but growing its revenue for its athletic programs takes time and care. Assistant Athletic Director of Ticket Sales & Revenue Chris Baretta has helped transform the paradigm by building a sales training academy with interns and student workers. Leveraging his experience with the Seattle Seahawks & Sounders FC, Baretta discusses what he looks for in an academy candidate, as well as how he looks to strategically sell-out the house, including premium inventory. Baretta discusses the issue of discounting and complimentary tickets, as well as how to create a buying public in the rich-tradition of The Citadel athletic department. Twitter: @Chris_Baretta

Ep. 641 - Josh Harris (Director of Ticketing, Talladega)

May 2, 2016 22:34


NASCAR has few tracks that stand up to the legendary status of Talladega, which in racing lore may also be cursed in the minds of some drivers and racing fans. Josh Harris discusses how to sell a massive track in the Deep South, especially when all eyes go on one of the centerpieces in the state of Alabama annually. Not just for racing, but for tailgating culture, which can extend two entire weeks of "The Big One" in multiple speedway formats. At one time, Talladega boasted a seating capacity of 175,000. Harris talks about the current seating capacity of 80,000 and the strategy of filling it for each of the many races throughout the year.

Ep. 640 - Ben Shapiro (Founder, PIVOT)

Apr 29, 2016 31:27


When it comes to corporate sponsorship activation, having a shorthand with sports franchises can be a key asset. Ben Shapiro relates back to his experience at selling The Golden State Warriors, first in the ticket sales office, before rising in the ranks to the executive vice president level overseeing corporate partnership revenue streams. Shapiro discusses where his company, PIVOT, can help organizations transition both the their corporate partnership activation as well as analytical measurements to increase overall ROI for the client. Shapiro talks about some of the projects that PIVOT has been involved in, primarily in the Bay Area. Twitter: @bmshapiro

Ep. 639 - Jim McNamara (VP, Lakewood BlueClaws)

Apr 27, 2016 26:13


For 12 of the last 15 years, Jim McNamara has been part of the Lakewood BlueClaw's success in leading in the South Atlantic League in attendance amid all fellow Single A clubs. McNamara discusses his start, as a Group Sales Assistant with the BlueClaws, and rising through the ranks, until serving at his current position as the Vice President of Ticket Sales for the past 2 seasons. McNamara talks about the New Jersey marketplace, and how affiliation doesn't matter as much as the promotion put in front of the customer, especially when it comes to packing the house.

Ep. 638 - Morris White (Asst AD, N. Illinois)

Apr 25, 2016 25:34


Morris White III has his second stint on the podcast (Ep. 190), and has a new title at a new university to talk about. White discusses some of the nuances of his position at North Illinois University, as well as ways to promote the various fan experience options available to fans. White talks about the BDSE, which is part of the National Sports Forum, and how mentoring a diverse group of administrators can help grow the industry overall. Twitter: @morrisewhite3

Ep. 637 - Christy Keswick (COO, Good Sports)

Apr 22, 2016 33:45


Every sports league in the United States should be vastly concerned about the elimination of physical activity hours in the nation's schools. It is not just a matter of obesity, but also of whether that lack of participation will eliminate the interest level and become a lost generation of fans. Christy Keswick isn't alone in trying to address the issue, but her company Good Sports has made strides toward helping Boston area children gain access to equipment, apparel and footwear in order to increase the opportunities available. Keswick presents a frank, utterly disturbing state of child physical education in schools, as well as after school programs, and shares some of the valuable lessons she's learned since becoming a parent herself on what the educational system may no longer be providing in terms of recess and physical activity in general. Twitter: @Ckeswick

Want to get involved with Good Sports as a volunteer or by helping donate equipment, apparel and footwear?


Ep. 636 - David Lorenz (VP, Fort Wayne Tin Caps)

Apr 20, 2016 26:49


The Fort Wayne Tin Caps are the essential honor to one of Indiana's greatest legacies: John Chapman, known as "Johnny Appleseed." Apart from the Disney version of Johnny Appleseed, The Tin Caps have incorporated various components of the Chapman's history into their ballpark and brand. David Lorenz, Tin Caps Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, discusses the ways in which The Tin Caps rebranded themselves to fit the family-fun model of Chapman's legend. Lorenz talks about selling B2B in the Fort Wayne area, as well as his ballpark tours, which has yielded further revenue generation benefits. Twitter: @DavidLorenzFWTC

Ep. 635 - Markeisha Everett (Director of Marketing, Georgia Tech)

Apr 18, 2016 31:18


Markeisha Everett returns to the podcast for a second go-around (Ep. 361). Back then, she was at West Virginia. Now, two years later, Everett is the Director of Marketing, Sales & Fan Development at Georgia Tech. Everett talks about the transition in her career, going from a tailgating culture to a budding opportunity of on. Everett discusses some of the issues surrounding how young people engage when starting out in the sports industry, as well as some of the easy ways to avoid such pitfalls. Twitter: @MarkeishaDenise

Ep. 634 - Tony Farwell (Founder, GovX)

Apr 15, 2016 29:44


GovX presents a revolutionary way to both secure tickets as well as ensure that there is a well-coordinated outreach to the military and first responder communities. Founder Tony Farwell explains how GovX implements an across-the-board approach toward compliance for specific authorization of ticket offers. Farwell talks about the challenges and the upsell of implementation of the platform. Farwell then discusses his partnership into eSports, through Matcherino, which boasts a membership of over 750 million worldwide. Twitter: @ShopGovX

Ep. 633 - Steve Duffy (VP, Tulsa Oilers)

Apr 13, 2016 27:04


The Tulsa Oilers are one of the ECHL teams owned by a single entity. Oilers Vice President of Corporate Partnerships discusses how that actually helps each of the teams, including his own, reap the rewards of an advantage when selling through the Southwest. Duffy talks about ways to create activation by building up not only a credible fanbase with the public, but also with the business community, reinforcing the passion for the minor league hockey product throughout the Tulsa area. Duffy describes his passion for B2B, as well as some of the experiences that he's had with other teams, including selling premium suites and seats in the NFL, NBA, and NHL prior to the Oilers.

Ep. 632 - Bryan Blair (Sr. Assoc. AD, Rice)

Apr 11, 2016 29:25


Bryan Blair returns for his second stint on the podcast (Ep. 251), and speaks about his transition toward becoming focused on being an athletic director. Blair talks about some of the issues surrounding the world of the compliance, while also understanding and engaging on the revenue side. Blair discusses some of his thoughts on the issues surrounding minority hiring at the top level of sports and how the BDSE program at the National Sports Forum has helped broadened his thought-process overall. Twitter: @BToTheBlair

Ep. 631 - Mark Gress (VP, Prodigy Sports)

Apr 8, 2016 37:46


The development of executive search in the sports space has become a vital component of both the college and professional ranks over the last decade, especially when it comes to universities going after the best candidates for athletic directors. Prodigy Sports' Vice President of Recruitment Mark Gress talks about the expansive nature of the sports industry executive search process, as well as the misconceptions of what a search firm can do for candidates, along with some of the ways that a hiring manager at a franchise can remain the end-all determination regardless of what the recruiter puts forth. Gress talks about how candidates can best prepare themselves, as well as some of the pitfalls of higher than honest expectations from young professionals about the decision-making process. Twitter: @MarkGressJr

Ep. 630 - Vickie Saunders (Sports Sponsorship Consultant)

Apr 6, 2016 34:30


The more that athletes are transforming themselves into brand sponsors, the more that they need to heed the advice of Vickie Saunders, who has consulted with several professional athletes looking to make a transition toward more sponsorship affiliations. Saunders talks about the current marketplace, especially when it comes to the defining category of social media as well as attention of the local public toward what an athlete endorses. Saunders shares her vision of how to further develop an athlete's brand identity, as well as how sponsors have to best protect themselves against the frailties of human nature when athletes endorsing products create national issues of public relations crisis. Twitter: @GetSponsorship

Ep. 629 - Jason Barrett (Sports Radio Consultant)

Apr 4, 2016 32:12


Live sports remains one of the stallworths of terrestrial radio, specifically because they are less likely consumed as recorded content. As with call-in show sports talk, Jason Barrett says that the producer behind the scenes can play an important part of the development of a quality show that draws big listenership. Barrett uses his 20-year-plus experience to convey some of the ways in which a host, as well as a producer, can ensure a show's success for the long-term in a business where the margins and the opportunities are dwindling both on the local and national levels. Twitter: @SportsRadioPD

Ep. 628 - Michael Ferguson (Sports/Venue Consultant)

Apr 1, 2016 39:19


Michael Ferguson has just about sold it all. That includes not just sports and concert tickets, but booking venue times and in-arena corporate sponsorship. Ferguson shares his tenure as the General Manager of a minor league baseball affiliate of the Detroit Tigers at the Jamestown Jammers, the VP/GM of the Buffalo Blizzard professional soccer team, the GM of the Wichita Wings soccer, handling Lake Erie Raceway marketing & promotions, and the GM/Promoter of the Jamestown Savings Bank in New York. Ferguson talks about selling soccer to non-soccer fans, creating a venue experience as well as ensuring that corporate sponsorship was handled in-house for venue tenants. Ferguson shares his thoughts on what a lot of the public doesn't understand about selling both sports and concerts, especially when it comes to booking and tour dates. Twitter: @MJFerguson2011

Ep. 627 - Jamel Jodah (Dir of Ticket Sales, Tulane)

Mar 30, 2016 25:40


Jamel Jodah may also go by "Jay" but his hard-charging way of selling tickets is never mistaken for anything other than revenue generation. Jodah discusses his thought process in attacking the New Orleans market for ticket sales for Tulane University, as well as ensuring that there is equal communication between the campus athletic department and the Aspire Group, the third party that he works for. Jodah talks about his methodology in going after groups and season tickets. Twitter: @JGreenWave

Ep. 626 - Augusto "Cookie" Rojas (SVP, New Orleans Zephyrs)

Mar 28, 2016 44:58


The New Orleans Zephyrs are looking to re-ignite their AAA franchise in 2016 and captivate the entire city. SVP and General Manager Augusto "Cookie" Rojas sets the tone with his viewpoints on marketing and promotions, eliminating the complimentary tickets from years past, and going aggressively after businesses throughout Southern Louisiana. Rojas talks about some of the challenges that the Zephyrs are set to overcome, as well as some of the new strategic planning being implemented to show immediate success. Rojas shares some insight into how he got his nickname "Cookie." Twitter: @TheCookieRojas

Ep. 625 - Tanya Wheeless (Executive Coach)

Mar 25, 2016 27:36


Getting into the mindset of how to lead takes a lot of initiative. Executive coaching guru Tanya Wheeless explains some of the pitfalls that await many leaders when they are attempting to run an organization, across the board, from vision to staff. A former SVP of the Phoenix Suns, Wheeless presents her thoughts on how to engage workers that each supervisor manages, as well as how to properly evaluate productivity and efficiency. Wheeless talks about the labeling of Millennials, along with some of the issues that young people are having in developing an effective career in the workplace. Twitter: @TanyaWheeless

Ep. 624 - Dan Schlossberg (Baseball Researcher/Author)

Mar 24, 2016 30:31


In the annals of baseball history, nothing even comes close to the regular season winning success of the Atlanta Braves from 1991 to 2005. Former AP Writer and SABR member Dan Schlossberg details the unprecedented success of the Braves in his book, "When The Braves Ruled Baseball: Fourteen Flags Over Atlanta" starting with General Manager Bobby Cox's trade for John Smoltz, to David Justice, Terry Pendleton, Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine and the free agent signing of Greg Maddux. Schlossberg shares some of the insight he gleaned from interviews with former Braves executives, including the differential in budgets from owner Ted Turner from 1991-95 compared to those from 1996-2005 under conglomerate Time Warner. Though only one World Series win during that record run by the Braves, Schlossberg mentions the amount of above-average players such as Denny Neagle, Bruce Chen and Ryan Klesko, who were traded on an absolutely talented roster as the Braves marched on, each year, for the 14 straight seasons, to the playoffs and several World Series.


Click to order "When The Braves Ruled Baseball: Fourteen Flags Over Atlanta" today!

Ep. 623 - Jeff Ianello (EVP, SeatGeek)

Mar 23, 2016 31:11


Jeff Ianello has experienced an evolution from his time in sports. While at the Phoenix Suns as a Vice President of Ticket Sales and at the NBA's TMBO, Ianello was on the primary side of the business. Now, Ianello sits on the opposite end, advocating for why digital distribution and the secondary market can help grow revenues for teams. Ianello talks about his catharsis into the world of resale and how it broadened his perspective on what truly lies out there for teams to explore. Ianello shares his thoughts on the New York Yankees' decision to stop print-at-home ticket acceptance, and its affect on the New York FC crowds for Opening Day of the MLS season. Twitter: @Jeff_Ianello

Ep. 622 - Eric Nichols (Associate AD/CMO, South Carolina)

Mar 21, 2016 26:20


When the legendary H.B.C. (Head Ball Coach) retires mid-season from your school, it can change a marketing plan in short order. South Carolina Associate AD/CMO Eric Nichols talks about the differences in a global and local sense, then examines how to best develop a marketing plan that will stand the test of time. A former president of NACMA, Nichols discusses his thoughts on drawing out audiences, including to sports that are 40 miles away from campus and aren't the highest of profiles. Nichols presents his case for why being at the National Sports Forum is vitally important to his growth as a sports marketer. Twitter: @EricNichols

Ep. 621 - Maurizo Barbieri (Head of Sport, Samsung Asia)

Mar 18, 2016 36:22


A recognized industry thought leader for digital sports in Asia, Maurizo Barbieri dissects some of the different strategic and tactical capabilities across a burgeoning media landscape. Barbieri discusses his drive to build one of the primary resources for Japanese sports fans, with most than 350k users, on LiveSports Japan, and then describes the effort of launching a sports channel for cable and Internet in Singapore, to an OTT audience. Barbieri talks about the channels that lie ahead for traditional media sources in general, with a segmented sports market place, as selective, on-demand tastes grow with consumers worldwide. Twitter: @MGBarbieri

Ep. 620 - Fred Gambino (Analytics Manager, Miami Dolphins)

Mar 16, 2016 37:26


Analytics and membership represent the cutting edge of what sports business is turning to in the fit to earn revenue from the elusive fan. Fred Gambino Fred Gambino is part of a team that oversees analytics & business strategy for the Miami Dolphins, the ultimate test at creating a sports fan experience and generating enough information to build a credible, authentic customer profile. Gambino discusses his role as well as expectations at the Dolphins, especially at seeking out defining characteristics of prospective and current customers beyond the typical misconceptions about who is buying the product and why. Gambino talks about strategy, as well as implementation, in order to build a better organizational system.

Ep. 619 - Wayne Stickney (Sr. Associate AD, Long Beach St)

Mar 14, 2016 34:57


If there's one person who can own a room simply by walking into it, Wayne Stickney has that title outright. Long Beach State's Sr. Associate Athletic Director for Major Gifts & Revenue Acquisition, "The Stick" talks about how to engage donors from the lowest giving levels and earn their trust enough to build a base of solid support through a multi-level, multi-year engagement. Stickney discusses some of the ways that he has learned to embrace change, as well as handle expectations of those above him with the realities of financial gift support when it comes to the budgetary process. Stickney chats about his overall vision for athletics as a community relations tool, as well as how he views the professional development of those he supervises in the department. Twitter: @Styckrunner

Ep. 618 - Dan Satter (Deputy Director, Boston U)

Mar 11, 2016 29:11


The role of the deputy director is explored with Dan Satter, who is in his first year in that position. Satter shares his vision of developing communication with the coaches and staff at Boston University, as well as how to make sure that he is help facilitate dialogue with the athletic director. Satter also discusses how to engage student athletes with students as well as the campus in general, including the legacy of the Bean Pot Classic. Twitter: @DSatterBU

Ep. 617 - Britt Carlson (Partnerships, SBLII)

Mar 9, 2016 32:20


A Super Bowl is not run only in one week, its a two year race. Part of the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee for SBLII, Britt Carlson has had a major sports business impact in the Minneapolis area with the Vikings and Timberwolves since 1997. Carlson discusses her involvement in the entire Bold North campaign, the history of Super Bowl XXVI which was held in 1992 at the Metrodome, along with the legacy that continues from that Super Bowl to this day. Carlson talks about the misconceptions of the Minnesota area, as well as some of the promotions that into building SBLII into the premiere event of 2018. Twitter: @BrittCarlson

Ep. 616 - Russell Scibetti (VP, KORE Software)

Mar 7, 2016 30:24


Two years ago, Russell Scibetti was on the podcast (Ep. 347), and returns now to talk about helping foster the big data revolution to sports business. Scibetti talks about some of the ways which is the conversation has changed from two years past, his involvement with the SEAT Conference, the National Sports Forum, and the 2015 Sports Sales Boot Camp in San Francisco. Scibetti discusses his thoughts on where the industry is headed when it comes to data, especially in terms of education at the franchise level. Twitter: @rscibetti

Ep. 615 - Jasper Joyce (Director of Ticket Sales, Harlem Globetrotters)

Mar 4, 2016 25:23


The Harlem Globetrotters initiate a break-neck pace with all of their games on the road, doing multiple shows on multiple days throughout the week. Jasper Joyce oversees ticket sales for the Globetrotters, which can mean various on-sale dates, along with pricing structures, in widely different venues and towns throughout the country at the same time. Joyce talks about the group sales efforts that are a hallmark of the Globetrotters' sales effort, including ways to ensure that group leaders are motivated to buy more tickets per show. Joyce mentions the transition for Phoenix to Atlanta, as the Globetrotters move their world headquarters from the land of the sun to the deep south. Twitter: @Jasper_Joyce

Ep. 614 - Matt Kittle (COO, Teamwork Online)

Mar 2, 2016 31:41


The ability to go online, look at a job listing, submit a resume, and potentially work in sports didn't start with Teamwork Online, but they have gotten a pretty good marketshare of the folks interested in applying for jobs in the sports industry. Chief Operating Officer Matt Kittle says that there are over 3.5 million users in the industry, and that the website has helped motivate a ton of applicants in a focused effort toward the sports job field. Kittle discusses some of the issues around working in sports, as well as the ability to avoid looking as if the website is taking advantage of their users, which is a notorious issue that plagues the sports industry as a whole. Kittle talks about some of the ways in which the website has grown, including networking event functions prior to games for multiple teams. Twitter: @MattKittle

Ep. 613 - Michael Espada (Dir of Development, FSU Athletics)

Feb 29, 2016 28:35


From ticket sales to development, Michael Espada charts his course for how he sells both the immediate buy and the long term ask in college athletics. Espada shares his insight into the development process, including the length process of major gift fundraising. But that doesn't mean that Espada has forgotten his roots, going back to helping form one of the first in-house ticket models for college athletics. Espada talks about the challenges of getting administrators on board with paying a commission-structure, as well as initiating sales in renewal cycles. Twitter: @82Nole4Life

Ep. 612 - Peter Stringer (VP of Digital, Boston Celtics)

Feb 26, 2016 34:28


Finally, Peter Stringer is back on the podcast, previously on Ep. 298, and to have an updated take on some of the digital tools available to sports marketers. Stringer discusses the new Facebook vs. Twitter platform debate, as well as whether Snapchat is actually a social media platform, or a messaging service. Stringer also shares his view of the digital landscape in general, and then talks about his own foray into podcasting, with his Media Masters podcast where he interviewed Amy Jo Martin and Jim Ross. Twitter: @PeterStringer

Ep. 611 - Joe Isse (Director of Inside Sales, Portland Trailblazers)

Feb 24, 2016 24:53


Sitting down during the 2016 National Sports Forum in Portland, Oregon, Joe Isse discusses his role as the Director of Inside Sales for the NBA's Trailblazers. Isse talks about how he forms a team, as well as instills fairness and a sense of quality control will his staff members. Isse discusses ways to connect with the prospective customer, not just through phone calls, but also through other means of communication including social media. Isse shares his thoughts on what expectations young people getting into the sports business have, and whether those mesh with the realities. Twitter: @IceJI

Ep. 610 - Drew Cloud (EVP, Pittsburgh Pirates)

Feb 22, 2016 35:58


Handling a legacy brand, while pushing its marketing into the future is a task that Drew Cloud has done more than few times in his career. As Executive Vice President of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cloud oversees sales and marketing for a team founded in 1882. Cloud talks about his experience handling legacy brands, especially in Madison Square Garden with the New York Knicks, and as Vice President of the Phoenix Suns. Cloud discusses efforts made to enhance the community relations around the Pittsburgh areas, as well as how the sales efforts have started to change as well in the front office. Cloud shares his thoughts on NBA TMBO, and some of the misconceptions, as well as benefits, of the TMBO effort by the league toward enhancing revenue generation. Twitter: @Drew_Cloud

Note: Drew Cloud will be one of 17 speakers at The 2nd Annual Sports Sales Boot Camp in Pittsburgh on June 28, 2016. Registration is now open at $250 per attendee, with team rates available. For more information:

Ep. 609 - Richard Ayers (CEO, Seven League)

Feb 19, 2016 27:40


Across The Pond, the sports digital revolution is underway, in the form of Seven League's Richard Ayers, who has worked on both the team side with Manchester City and is now one of the leading consultants for sports franchises, such as UEFA, FIFA, UFC, O2, Valencia CF, Juventus, Premier League, Green Bay Packers, Rugby Football Union, Major League Soccer and the England and Wales Cricket Board. Ayers talks about where digital in sports needs to go, and some of the mistakes that digital managers make on social media. Ayers presents a road map toward best practices overall, especially when engaging fans. Twitter: @richardayers

Ep. 608 - Jim Neish (Principle, NMP)

Feb 17, 2016 33:24


Few people have taken as deep of a dive into the licensing side of sports. Jim Neish talks about his passions, especially on the differential between good branding and actually knowing what you're talking about. Neish talks about how merchandise and logo variations can help or hinder a franchise's revenue success, down to the utter complexity of what colors are used. Neish discusses some of the prevalent attitudes when it comes to building, maintaining and keeping a powerful legacy brand like the Toronto Maple Leafs. Twitter: @JWN16

Ep. 607 - Wes Warne (Sales Development, Milwaukee Bucks)

Feb 15, 2016 30:31


There are an abundance of one-day sales academies host by teams, however the majority are focused primarily on the end result of a group ticket sale. The Milwaukee Bucks' Wes Warne has re-defined the model, instead of focusing on a free sales academy to invited college juniors and seniors, creating a pipeline of already trained, evaluated talent for his sales staff. Warne talks about the implementation of the sales academy, which included a regional cable sports news story on what the Bucks did. Warne discusses how it helped not only the sales academy attendees, but also his staff in their training acumen.

Ep. 606 - Steve Fleck (Business Development, Tailwind)

Feb 12, 2016 32:02


The revenue streams for ultra endurance racing and event management comes down to the participants themselves, who Steve Fleck believes are some of the sport's biggest fans. Fleck talks about the way in which endurance racing, including marathons and Iron Man competitions, have grown and potentially plateaued over the last few decades. Coupled with that is the technological aspects that have both improved the audience experience at the larger events, but created unrealistic expectations by fans when attending smaller events. Fleck talks about some of the issues surrounding endurance sports, such as Tough Mudder, and whether they are pricing themselves out of the marketplace through participant fees. Twitter: @SteveFleck

Ep. 605 - Tim Chambers (UK Ticket Specialist)

Feb 10, 2016 29:15


With over 20 years of international venue ticketing experience in various marketplaces, Tim Chambers breaks down some of the largest issues happening across The Pond. One of them being ticket touting, the secondary market in the United Kingdom, where artists and venue promoters had decried the practice while demanding a cap, as well as the bankruptcy of SFX and whether that will hinder deferred artist advanced payments for future concert tours. Chambers then discusses the Liverpool protests, where at the 77th minute of the 2016 match against Sunderland, 10,000 fans out of 44,000, exited the stadium to protest higher ticket prices proposed for 2017. Twitter: @T_J_Chambers

Ep. 604 - Brett Zalaski (Principle, GetAfterIt Sales)

Feb 8, 2016 33:13


Brett Zalaski returns to the podcast, after last being on 2 1/2 years ago, when he talked about sales growth and training on Ep. 368. Zalaski now speaks about his adventurous 2015 training campaign, as well as an extensive talking about the 2015 Sports Sales Boot Camp that he hosted in San Francisco in front of 300+ young sports professionals working in the field today. Zalaski discusses how getting "clams" to be talked about has been a great thing, how he continues to change up his sales training, and why PowerPoint presentations lack a lot of sincerity as an education tool. Zalaski gets into the world of social selling, applying it to ticket sales, and what future ticket sales reps will look like, from blogging to social to other types of content, in order to move more product for the franchise. Twitter: @bzalaski

Ep. 603 - Mario M. Martinez, Jr. (M3Jr Growth Strategies)

Feb 5, 2016 35:21


This is probably one of the deepest conversations had on the podcast about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as told by brand evangelist Mario M. Martinez, Jr., who doesn't work for the company but swears by the product. Martinez, Jr. offers up various ways in which the Sales Navigator tool can retrofit any sales floor trying to utilize both SSI and engagement on social media, as well as slays some of the various misnomers that usually stand in its way for being implemented. To Martinez, Jr., the path to adoption starts with understanding how each person has been trained to use sales tools available, whether that's social selling or cold calling telephone. Martinez, Jr., breaks down some of the stereotypes backing both sales methodologies, taking a top-down approach to changing the mindset of to get sales departments on the right path. Twitter: @M_3jr LinkedIN:

Ep. 602 - Lucas Moosman (Athletic Director, Sierra College)

Feb 3, 2016 31:22


The relationship between an athletic department and student athlete success is at its best in the small college atmosphere. Sierra College's athletic director, Lucas Moosman, has served at the Pac-12 and Mountain West level with three different Division-I institutions, but shares his experience coming to a 2-year community college of 17,000 students. Moosman talks about the financial realities of Sierra College, and how to best convey that to incoming coaches, who may not understand compliance limitations on recruiting and budget. Moosman presents insight into what it takes to be 2-year community college athletic director, who is essentially a jack-of-all-trades from dawn til dusk. Twitter: @LucasMoosman

Ep. 601 - John Katz (President, Columbia Fireflies)

Feb 1, 2016 31:25


John Katz returns the podcast after two years (Ep. 183) where he was heading up the challenging situation for baseball in Savannah, with the Sand Gnats. Katz has now moved the Sand Gnats to Columbia, South Carolina, where they are two hours North of Savannah, and rebranded them as the Fireflies. Katz discusses the move and the transition to a new $40 million baseball facility, where technology plays just as an important part in the marketing as anything else. Katz talks about the different demographics of Columbia compared to Savannah, and how the Sand Gnats changeover to Fireflies remodeled an attitude in the brand of selling baseball in the South. Twitter: @JEKatz33

Ep. 600 - Ward Bullard (VP, SAP)

Jan 29, 2016 40:33


As Super Bowl 50 nears, so does the main event for SAP in terms of fan engagement. Ward Bullard is SAP's Vice President of Sports & Entertainment, overseeing from concept to rollout of the Fan Energy Zone, which is expected to be a highlight of the entire SB50 week. The Fan Dome, in the heart of San Francisco's Super Bowl City, will hold a 40-foot tall Fan Dome, allowing fans to become players as they step into an interactive gaming experience, along with a Fan Wall, a 50-by-15 foot video wall that will capture and display fan gaming highlights. Bullard discusses the implementation of the entire SAP Hana data backbone for the Fan Energy Zone, as well as how smart interactive concepts are revolutionizing the sports fan experience landscape. Twitter: @WardBullard

Ep. 599 - Joe Doud (GM, Vermont Lake Monsters)

Jan 27, 2016 32:36


The Vermont Lake Monsters may be one of the few professional teams in The Green Mountain State, but they also play in one of the oldest ballparks in all of Minor League Baseball. General Manager Joe Doud discusses some of the challenges with keeping up on fan expectations of ballpark experience, along with how the Lake Monsters have been able to drive attendance the last few years. Doud talks about engaging the fans as well as the Lake Monsters' own staff, by shagging a few balls in the outfield during batting practice, and making sure that every attendee feels like they are one of the family. Doud shares his insight into making sure that promotions work, and even when they don't, learning lessons on improving the marketing plan each season. Twitter: @JoeDoud

Ep. 598 - Mark Fidelman (Managing Partner, Evolve!)

Jan 25, 2016 33:46


Mark Fidelman is one of the key commentators on social media activation and "growth hacking." Fidelman talks about his interest in the social media and digital space, as well as some of the more under-utilized ways that teams could be creating activation points with their athletes and brands. Fidelman discusses some of his passions around the sports business segmentation, especially when it comes to generating a lot of interest through social media. Fidelman also shares insight into creating his company, Evolve!, as well as working for Taser as a Section 16 Officer. Twitter: @MarkFidelman

Ep. 597 - Garry Rosenfield (Agent, Coaches Inc)

Jan 22, 2016 32:00


In the modern sports era, even college coaches need the benefits of representation. Garry Rosenfield of Coaches, Inc., shares his wisdom on how coaching has created its own subculture of career development and planning through contracts and agent agreements. Rosenfield discusses the Rooney Rule, as well as how diversity in coaching staffs can increase, as well as the gender bias issues in women's basketball. Rosenfield talks about communication with athletic directors, who may not be comfortable with agents when hiring coaches, as well as some of the methods that coaches can use in order to financially protect themselves long-term in any situation. Twitter: @GarryCl

Ep. 596 - Heather Martin (Sports Community Relations)

Jan 20, 2016 33:15


She managed to cross the "chasm" between college athletics and professional sports, serving in a high level for both, and lived to tell about it. Heather Martin shares her insight into what became her passion, which is sports community relations, and how she helped define the Detroit Pistons brand with the locals over the past five years. Martin talks about why the NBA transitioned to a big community relations output, and how it is helped increase not only awareness, but engagement, between the Pistons and the greater Detroit Community. Martin points out the dynamic differences between economic realities of Auburn Hills and downtown Detroit proper, and how the Pistons successfully navigated opportunities to ensure that their outreach was not viewed as opportunistic of real world problems. She also casually mentions a former title that she held, as manager of fan lifestyles. Twitter: @HevCollart

Ep. 595 - Kristi Dosh (Author, Saturday's Millionaires)

Jan 18, 2016 37:49


There are few people who understand the complexities of college sports business as well as Kristi Dosh, who has written extensively about it in Saturday's Millionaires. Dosh comes on the podcast to talk about the various ways in which some of the Power 5 conferences will start to leave the rest in that category behind. Dosh also speaks on the topic of pay for student athletes as well as the differences between the tailgate cultures of the East and West Coasts. Dosh also discusses the ways that young professionals trying to break into the sports business field are either doing it right, or hurting themselves by not attending industry conferences, along with the expectations some sports management students have about getting a job out of school. Twitter: @SportsBizMiss

Ep. 594 - Dave Harris (GM, National Rugby League)

Jan 15, 2016 26:33


The National Rugby League (NRL) is the top league of professional rugby clubs in Australasia. General Manager Dave Harris manages 39 staff across both the Marketing, Content & Digital and Club & State Services divisions out of Sydney, Australia. Harris talks about the growth of club memberships across league from 252k in 2014 to 294k in 2015, and the deep impact that Origin has on the NRL brand, especially through its digital channels. Harris explains negotiating with Channel 9 and producers to create a Reality TV Series premiering in 2016, as well as driving grassroots participation and connection to NRL through new online program. Twitter: @daveharrisAUS

Ep. 593 - Evelyn White (Director of Luxury Suites, Arkansas Travelers)

Jan 13, 2016 28:32


Minor League Baseball has had luxury suites in its stadiums for years, but few team personnel have been solely dedicated to creating the high-end premium experience for their fans. Evelyn White just finished her first season with the Arkansas Travelers, as the Director of Luxury Suites, and explains some of the ways that she enhances the overall experience for those fans committing to 3-to-5-to-10 year contractual agreements in the Travelers' premium areas. White discusses her understanding in what makes up the suite experience, as well as being as organized as possible to help in any way required. White also talks about her experience with USA Football, coordinating various aspects of a complicated, but fun job. Twitter: @EvelynRose04

Ep. 592 - Eric Mastalir (Business Development, Amazon)

Jan 11, 2016 26:03


Eric Mastalir has witnessed the digital buying convergence of the public through both the lens of sports and general commerce. Mastalir, who formerly was the Chief Commercial Officer of the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC, also served as Vice President of Corporate Partnerships at the San Jose Sharks and Vice President of Strategic Alliances at the Sacramento Kings. Mastalir shares some of his thoughts on corporate sponsorship activation, as well as understanding both engagement from the public and the business development end of the relationship. Mastalir also talks about how Amazon's digital systems may help transform the process of sports sales. Twitter: @emastalir

Ep. 591 - Arnie Tokyo Rosenthal (Baseball Urban Legend)

Jan 8, 2016 33:51


There are many cross-sections of the sports business environment, but none are probably as bizarre as the true urban legends of the past. Arnie "Tokyo" Rosenthal is a part of that rich history, with his ability to con himself through New York Yankees media relations from 1977 to 1984, as a member of the media. Rosenthal relates his story of getting the ultimate access pass, and seeing some of the legends of baseball up close and personal, while also honing his photography skills. Rosenthal talks about the time he met Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle in 1978, even getting his picture snapped with them, as well as seeing "The Boss" George Steinbrenner in an adjacent luxury suite. Rosenthal was never caught, quitting the con game on his own terms after the 1984 season, but ended up confessing over a decade later to some of the former Yankees brass for a few lasting laughs. Twitter: @TokyoRosenthal

Arnie's memoir, A Fauxtographer's Yankee Stadium Memoir, is available at Amazon.

Ep. 590 - Ryan Eucker (Director of Operations, Spokane Empire)

Jan 6, 2016 36:39


The Spokane Empire are the rebranded name of the former Spokane Shock, which dominated Arena Football 2, and Arena Football, from 2006-15, becoming the only professional indoor franchise to secure a championship in both leagues. Ryan Eucker serves as the director of operations, and reveals the story behind the rebranding, which became a point of contention after leaving the Arena Football League in 2015 for the Indoor Football League to start the 2016 season. What becomes a complicated mess ended up transition the franchise in various ways, as Eucker explains, including forming a "name the team" contest with the Spokane faithful. And Eucker does mention the legacy of the cowbells in the Spokane Arena, which became a massive fan issue during the 2009 season. Twitter: @RyanEucker

Ep. 589 - David Sher (CEO, Startup)

Jan 4, 2016 50:23


David Sher has several years of experience on the primary side of the market, working not only in sports with the Washington Nationals, but also at Live Nation, as well as consulting for various venues. Sher doesn't necessarily agree with the idea that the secondary market is fan-friendly, especially when it comes to brokers and the splits between earnings that the promoter/performer receives compared to the profits made by resellers. Sher discusses his position on the podcast, which creates a great debate on what is both ethic, as well as fits within commerce, when considering how tickets are bought and sold. Twitter: @DavidSher

Ep. 588 - Andy Dolich (Sports Marketing Legend)

Dec 30, 2015 01:15:03


Andy Dolich's career has spanned over 40 years, with just about every type of sport imaginable. Dolich recalls his early days with the Philadelphia 76ers, Maryland Arrows, Washington Capitals and Washington Diplomats. But Dolich's 15-year stint with the Oakland Athletics helped set him apart, revitalizing the Bay Area Major League Baseball team that only 326 season tickets, increasing it to over 16,000. Dolich refined the Athletics into "Billy Ball" with a marketing campaign that is credited with rebranding the entire ball club into the image of then-manager Billy Martin. Dolich shares his insight into the growth of sports marketing, especially gaining shared knowledge through peer-to-peer industry conferences, as well as his short-time at the Golden State Warriors. Dolich talks about how the relocation plans of the Vancouver-to-Memphis Grizzlies came about, as well as his tenure with the San Francisco 49ers. Twitter: @Koufish

Ep. 587 - Bill Johnson (SVP, HOK)

Dec 28, 2015 33:32


Architecture design for sports venues has drastically changed over the years, incorporating not only new aspects inside the venue, but also making the building fit within the overall cityscape. Bill Johnson discusses his latest passion project for HOK, designing and building the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, housing both the NFL Falcons & Atlanta United FC. Johnson talks about the preparations, including ownership's desires to build stadia that reflects a European taste. Johnson also shares some of the aspects in dealing with shared facilities, including the NY Giants/NY Jets venue project, MetLife Stadium. Twitter: Johnson993_bill

Ep. 586 - Sean Owens (Principal, Break The Mold)

Dec 21, 2015 27:01


Sean Owens has helped build sports revenue for organizations for over 21 years, chiefly with the Charlotte Knights during the mass sellout streak in a new stadium in the downtown district. Owens discusses some of the ways that he gets young sports executives to embrace better sales tactics, including developing phone skills that stick. Owens talks about some of the misconceptions when it comes to sellouts, and what type of packages that fans want to buy in contrast to what sales reps try to sell them. Twitter: @BTMConsulting

Ep. 585 - Isabelle Perreault (VP, Stratford Managers)

Dec 18, 2015 31:28


Isabelle Perreault gave a fantastic digital maturity findings report at during the 2015 S.E.A.T. conference in San Francisco, and this podcast focuses mostly on her report. Specifically, Perreault talks about some of the ways that the industry has yet to adapt to change, and some of the promising features in which executives are turning the corner with their social media and digital culture. Perreault discusses some of the ways that enterprise systems are being implemented, as well as a few shortfalls that are still lacking in innovation. Twitter: @isaperreault1

Click for the digital maturity findings


Ep. 584 - Jeff Ferguson (Sponsorship Executive)

Dec 16, 2015 48:40


Jeff Ferguson appeared on the Tao of Sports Podcast back in Ep. 189, and has returned to share his outlook on the last two years of sponsorship sales. This may be a drastic turning point in the industry, Ferguson suggests, as the budgets start to become more open toward sponsorship pitches. Ferguson shares his views on selling sponsorships, as well as understanding the other side of the table, along with their concerns. Ferguson talks about building up a sponsorship sales culture that works, long term, for an organization determined to succeed. Twitter: @FergySports

Blog Post "Creating A Successful Sponsorship Sales Culture"

Ep. 583 - Wayne Sieve (CEO, EverSport)

Dec 14, 2015 34:38


The advances in livestreaming have allowed consumer accessibility to events that normally were ignored by traditional media outlets. EverSport CEO Wayne Sieve discusses the convergence of how new media and high definition have transformed availability of event broadcasts onto every device imaginable. Sieve talks about the early days of livestreaming, back at Yahoo! in the mid-2000s, prior to leaving and eventually founding his own company, which now helps catapult several college and professional teams into a livestreaming mecca. Sieve paints a picture of where the industry is headed, and how each event can built a following of consumers, based on the increasing availability of the live entertainment product. Twitter: @EverSportTV

Ep. 582 - Cole Harper (Founder, DoorStat)

Dec 11, 2015 25:22


Consumer demographics are one of the key ways that franchises are gaining insights into how their fans behave. Cole Harper founded DoorStat around the idea of engaging each piece of data to reveal more about consumer habits, trends and ways to build revenue around a cohesive manner of interaction with the venue. Harper discusses some of the ways that the buzzword trends of "big data" have been transformed into a world of analytical achievement for franchise executives. Harper talks about the infrastructure require in order to handle robust tasks in terms of breaking down and achieving marketing effectiveness. Twitter: @DoorStatCole

Ep. 581 - Paul Neuberger (Principal, Cold Call Coach)

Dec 9, 2015 28:12


Paul Neuberger has perfected the art of the cold call into helping various organizations train their staff on doing it right. While Neuberger can talk statistics of closing all day long, it comes down to the delivery, and the ability to listen, which has helped distinguish his efforts at teaching young professionals what they should do when getting a prospect client over the phone. Neuberger speaks about his ways of developing inexperience at cold calling by young executives into a strength that can help them make that first call, and never stop dialing.

Ep. 580 - Ben Pincus (Director, Aspire Group)

Dec 7, 2015 37:03


The Aspire Group has made great strides into developing U.S. sports sales techniques in the Australia sports market. Overseeing those efforts has been Ben Pincus, along with his wife, Nicole (who was interviewed on Ep. 78 of the podcast when she was at the Atlanta Motor Speedway). Ben Pincus illustrates some of the misconceptions about selling in the Australia sports market, as well as assets that Oz has to offer. Pincus shares his insights into telephone and group sales, two practices that are uncommon in Australia, but taking hold through the Aspire Group's efforts. Twitter: BenPincus

Ep. 579 - Robin Monsky (Principal, Round Robin Sports)

Dec 4, 2015 28:10


Robin Monsky has worked at four World Series, seven Super Bowls, one Davis Cup Final, several NCAA regional basketball tournaments and the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta (Press Chief, Centennial Olympic Park) and currently represents clients and events ranging from The Chicago Marathon and the Harlem Globetrotters to the Laureus World Sports Awards and ESPN. Monsky talks about her time with the Atlanta Braves, as the first woman in baseball to travel with a team full-time as their PR director, the relationships between reporters and PR directors in pitching stories. Monsky shares her insights into how social media has expanded the playing field in terms of who is determined a member of the press as well as the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, including the 24/7 news cycle that encapsulated Atlanta for two days during that time. Twitter: @SportyRobin

Ep. 578 - Murray Cohn (Principal, MC Sports Sales Consulting)

Dec 2, 2015 38:00


Murray Cohn has been a bedrock at the NBA's Team Marketing & Business Operations in Orlando for over 11 years, the last 7 as the VP of Ticketing. Cohn discusses what TMBO is all about, helping incorporate ways to enhance the revenue and idea-sharing for all 30 teams through sales innovation. Cohn talks about some of the ways to build up training exercises with a franchise's staff, including a 'hustle board' in order to ensure that the right sales members are rewarded for their efforts as well as results. Cohn shares why NBA TMBO is headed toward social selling through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as well as how to ensure outbound phone selling isn't eliminated entirely.

Ep. 577 - Jason Klein (Co-Founder, Brandiose)

Nov 30, 2015 43:22


For the past 15 years, Brandiose has been at the cutting edge of developing and reworking sports team logos and identity. This goes beyond the simple piece of creating a hat or uniform, and transforms into a deep-dive into how the team reflects the local area around it. Jason Klein is co-founder of Brandiose with his childhood friend, Casey White. Klein discusses some of the rehabbing, as well as redevelopment of major and minor league brands, from the ground up. Klein shares his insight about the intensive process as well as respect to symbolism especially Native American monikers or identifiers. Twitter: @Brandiose

Ep. 576 - Kyle Waters (SVP, Seattle Storm)

Nov 27, 2015 28:39


The Seattle Storm have proven that the WNBA product can work and be highly effective without an NBA parent company behind it. A member of the Storm since the early 2000s, when they did have the Seattle Sonics in the Key Arena, Kyle Waters has worked his way up from an Inside Sales Rep in 2005 to SVP in 2015. Waters talks about how the WNBA brand is pushed out into the community, showcasing an inclusive atmosphere that has continued to catch-hold with various constituencies and result in sold-out audiences in an NBA-quality arena. Waters shares insight into the branding effort with the Storm's mascot Doppler, as well as how the roster transitions from former stars Lauren Jackson & Sue Bird have yielded two back-to-back No. 1 WNBA draft picks in order to keep the Storm front-and-center within the Seattle sports landscape throughout the summer.

Ep. 575 - Shawn Smith (Principal, From The Stretch)

Nov 25, 2015 37:42


Look no further than Shawn Smith for the digital strategy success of the NBA Development League, where Facebook "likes" and Twitter "followers" for each team and the NBADL are at astronomical highs, outpacing even some major league professional teams around the globe. Smith speaks about the way that engagement goes beyond just a few metrics, and how the NBADL product was pushed out to build a following that would last for decades. Smith talks about some of the ways to understand how digital channels can be used to foster marketing interest, as well as live attendance growth through a constant content approach. Smith also discusses his new consulting company, From The Stretch, and how he is starting to build real digital strategy for each sports client, starting with the Syracuse Chiefs of the International League.

Ep. 574 - Brad Wolverton (Sr. Writer, Chronicle of Higher Education)

Nov 23, 2015 36:57


Brad Wolverton covers college sports for the Chronicle of Higher Education, seeing it from the view of academia reporting, and analyzing several of the issues that affect a campus as a whole. Wolverton discusses the Missouri protests which removed both the university president and chancellor, started by Mizzo football player who went on a hunger strike and showed the true power that student-athletes have now with social media. Wolverton then talks about student fees, and the amount of income that pushes forward various departments, and whether students fully understand the fees that they are paying. The conversation results into a discussion of higher education as a whole, and athletics place within it. Twitter: @BradWolverton

Ep. 573 - Kevin Kleps (Asst Editor, Crains Cleveland Business)

Nov 20, 2015 36:37


Kevin Kleps represents the changing world of sports business, crossing over from traditional financial coverage at Crains Cleveland Business to cover the sports business segmentation of the major Ohio city. Kleps starts off with his assessment of how to build not only a reputation within the sports business beat, but also sources that can help yield information otherwise not found anywhere else. Kleps talks about his surprise at how the internal coverage of sports radio stations locally can grab the attention of the readership, as well as his re-enforcement of bringing a blog and podcast into the mix of his weekly print writing. Kleps reassures everyone listening that the Cleveland Browns are still the major sports business news item, right down to the coverage of the Browns ownership, amid outside legal issues and draft decisions which haven't worked in the NFL franchise's favor. Twitter: @KevinKleps

Ep. 572 - Michael Rust (Analytics, Miami-Ohio/Aspire)

Nov 18, 2015 30:22


Michael Rust is part of the analytics revolution for third party ticket sales groups, serving as the coordinator for database marketing at the Aspire Group, on the campus of Miami-Ohio University. Rust discusses how he goes about merging a lot of different segmentations together, from various campus constituencies, then presenting that information to administration. Rust says that he doesn't expect everyone to fully understand data, but that the same group should be able to engage with what Rust is saying the data tells him about a specific customer group. Rust talks about how to drive not only sales through data, but also specific marketing campaigns to make impactful choices that translate to real revenue.

Ep. 571 - Dustin Toms (PR Director, Spokane Indians)

Nov 16, 2015 27:54


Dustin Toms has been utilizing his background in journalism and public relations, not just to help build the social media and communications plan for the Spokane Indians minor league baseball team, but to improve his sales tactics and marketing plan throughout the season. Toms shares his viewpoint of coming into sports sales, as well as how he has prepared himself for expanding his abilities to increase efficiencies through task management. Toms talks about how well he thinks Twitter has served delivery of information, and where the direction that the platform will likely go in the future. Twitter: @Dustin_Toms

Ep. 570 - Lindsey Boggs (VP, etailinsights)

Nov 13, 2015 28:49


Lindsey Boggs has started to blaze a trail in the sales world, through her early adoption of LinkedIn as a social selling tool. On the LinkedIn platform, Boggs has a 99% Social Selling Index (SSI), and has trained three teams to generate more leads, convert more prospects into sales, using her system of connecting through the Sales Navigator system. LinkedIn's head of marketing Justin Shriber calls Boggs a “Legend in the Realm of Social Selling” and someone who “knows how to sell”. Boggs talks about her beginnings in social selling, coming from a background as a classically-trained Opera singer, into a situation where Boggs is one of the leaders in the social selling movement. Boggs speaks about the changing way in which connections are made, bypassing the gate-keepers completely, and how to better understand the LinkedIn platform overall. Twitter: @LindseyBoggs

Ep. 569 - Jim Fiore (Fmr. Athletic Director)

Nov 11, 2015 44:15


Jim Fiore was once on the fast-track for college athletics administration stardom. After a decade of leading Stony Brook University into an FCS powerhouse, with a phenomenal turnaround, including capturing the 2011-12 UnderArmour Northeast Region AD of the Year, to being terminated by the school in 2013 amid allegations that surfaced in an ESPNW article. Fiore discusses some of his thoughts on the role of an athletic director overall, especially when it comes to developing a house-cleaning mentality entering into an athletic department in the AD chair. Fiore talks about the 2008 financial collapse of Wall Street, and how it drastically affected fundraising efforts and donors at Stony Brook. Fiore covers the issues with the allegations against him, the fallout from his termination, and what he says he's learned along the way. Twitter: @Jim_Fiore_

Ep. 568 - Jason Camp (VP of Ticket Sales, Stockton Heat)

Nov 9, 2015 32:05


The Stockton Heat are part of the American Hockey League revolution to extend to the west coast, and have taken over the operations of the Stockton Thunder, an ECHL team that last north of the San Francisco bay for over a decade. Jason Camp describes the challenges ahead of the franchise, rebranding with a new type of hockey in an area long though to be part of the Sacramento media market, which is 55 miles north of the arena location. Camp talks about the efforts in building up the ticket base, especially when it means attacking with a new product on the ice, as well as getting those Thunder fans to understand the new affiliation with the Calgary Heat. Camp also shares his views on why the AHL effort on the West Coast was so exciting, and worth the opportunity of him leaving Binghamton, where he had worked for almost a decade.

Ep. 567 - Peter Roumeliotis (Social Media, QMJHL)

Nov 6, 2015 33:38


Peter Roumeliotis is tasked with the importance of hitting two different-speaking audiences for the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, both in English and French, each with their distinct cultural tastes for the winter sport. Roumeliotis discusses how he is able to coordinate, as well as reach both groups, and ensure that every team, even those in the standings cellar, get recognized when they do something well. Roumeliotis talks about the teddy bear toss, a promotion that sweeps through Canadian hockey during the Christmas season, and how the QMJHL guides its viewers to show some of the best highlights that the league has to offer. Roumeliotis also hosts his own podcast, called PopTernative, dealing with issues in social media, pop culture and sports. Twitter: @PeteyBeats

Ep. 566 - Dan Bolsen (Assoc. Dir Development, Milikin U)

Nov 4, 2015 31:44


The art of running a fundraising club is different at the Division III level, as Dan Bolsen can relate, especially when it comes to getting $100 gifts that matter and fully involving legendary coaches in the fundraising asks. Bolsen shares his experiences as a non-alumnus during his budding tenure at Milikin University and fully admits that a lot of his donors are also donating to large DI programs. Bolsen talks about how the development process works at a smaller school, where pounding the pavement goes hand-in-hand with gaining the trust as well as respect of those donors. Bolsen also discusses his experiences helping run a family farm, and what values he has taken from that daily to his current position. Twitter: @DanBolsen

Ep. 565 - Brian G. Burns (Sales Expert)

Nov 2, 2015 31:48


Brian G. Burns has over 20 years of sales expertise selling enterprise software for 12 VC backed start-ups. Burns now focuses on helping leadership teams create and dominate their market segments. Burns shares his approach, which is based on an exhaustive study of multi-million dollar deals across several industries and geographies. Burns talks about his time working in an efficient sales manner at a small company, and a time when the massive company bought the small one, creating multiple amounts of red tape, thus making it inefficient. Burns shares his vision of why the smallest rung of the sales category, those workers who are doing something that can be replaced by machinery, will be obsolete while the rest have the ability to survive and thrive. Twitter: @BrianGBurns


Burns has his own podcast, The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling.

Ep. 564 - Bill Bradley (Sports Editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Oct 30, 2015 29:47


Back on Ep. 235, Bill Bradley was a digital editor for an NFL-funded platform. Now, he is leading the Las Vegas Review Journal as their sports editor, bringing a very tech-focused background to reporting stories in Sin City. Bradley discusses some of the ways that technology such as video, photos and audio can be incorporated around the written word when covering a beat. Bradley talks about the new beat focus of MMA camps, of getting in-depth stories about fighters in order to broaden the reach of the LRJ readership. Bradley expands on the new arena on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the potential NHL franchise and the team name that Bradley believes is a lock to be selected when the team possibly starts play in 2017. Twitter: @BillBradleyLV

Ep. 563 - Michael Cross (Assistant AD, Penn State)

Oct 28, 2015 33:57


Michael Cross is at the definitive point of where college athletics is headed, seeking new business opportunities to buoy financial goals. Cross is a former athletic director at Bradley, and understands the new normal of seeking out hard to reach dollars through corporate sponsorship support. Cross discusses some of the avenues in which there may be opportunities, but only if they fit within the vision and the brand of the college athletic department as a whole. Cross talks about his blog, The Ultimate Sports Insider, and how he is able to communicate his thoughts as a personal brand, something that would not have been done by industry professionals only a few years prior. Twitter: @USInsider or Blog:

Ep. 562 - Sam Caucci - (CEO, Sales Huddle)

Oct 26, 2015 28:28


The role of the sales trainer is not just to motivate, but to understand fully how the sales process works, how to diagnose weaknesses in a sales staff. Sales Huddle CEO Sam Caucci has developed his training method through the listening process, working with various sports franchises in order to help them build revenue in a more effective manner. Caucci talks about how a lot of the executives view sales through some older metrics, and what alternatives exist in order to help show a sales person's success in the modern world. Caucci also discusses whether phone sales, social selling and various aspects of the sales process have a validity in today's sports franchise when selling the sports product. Twitter: @SamCaucci

Ep. 561 - Emmanuel Elmajian (CEO, Spinzo)

Oct 23, 2015 28:08


After working at Google, serving on the mobile team in Silicon Valley, Emmanuel Elmajian has now started his own company, Spinzo, in Toronto, Ontario. Elmajian's vision is a platform that helps generate a massive amount of group ticket sales through a focused channel. And he's started to gain a following, signing up several minor league hockey franchises, and the NHL's Arizona Coyotes. Elmajian talks about the platform itself, both in design and application, as well as some of the needs out there for consumers to embrace the product. Elmajian shares his vision of the digital future of ticket sales, including how to distribute tickets in a more efficient manner. Twitter: @Elmajian

Ep. 560 - Bill Yates (Partner, Sports Advisory Group)

Oct 21, 2015 41:18


In 2012, Bill Yates was a guest on Episode 8 of the podcast. Things sure have changed in terms of the sports business landscape since then, especially when looking back at what was a buyers market for teams up for sale, now becomes a seller's advantage as the national economy has improved. Yates discusses some of the alterations that have taken place, as team evaluations have solidified with variable profit margins, as well as some of the things that still leave room for improvement when it comes to understanding a franchise's worth. Yates talks about some of the issues that leagues and franchises always have, with good as well as bad ownership groups, and some of the red flags that can come up when an audit situation happens. Twitter: @YatesieTweets

Ep. 559 - Chris Green (Associate Director, NACDA)

Oct 19, 2015 44:16


The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) is the premiere event for college athletic department professionals, with a 12,000+ membership base and an annual 9-day conference that stretches out over 6,000+ attendees for 15 affiliate associations. Chris Green oversees the corporate sponsorship portion of NACDA, as well as its 15 associations, including the newest, the National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations (NAATSO). Green talks about sponsorship components which matter to both the vendor and the attendee, as well as the new principle of transforming a conference sponsorship into a year-round branding tool for the corporate partner. Green shares his thoughts on the lifespan of conference trade shows or booths in general, as well as helping discover what translates to R.O.I. for the vendor when sponsoring a segmentation of the industry. Green presents the overall challenge that's a "good problem to have" where NACDA and its affiliate associations have started to swell and cause overflow issues for their hotels, creating the issue of whether to move more toward a convention center model for future conference sites. Twitter: @ChrisGreen_3737

Ep. 558 - Jeff Sharon (Course Director, Full Sail University)

Oct 16, 2015 41:17


As journalism embraces or faces the changing landscape of technology, various questions arise to how to best implement its application. Jeff Sharon is witnessing this first-hand, overseeing the online masters degree program of journalism at Full Sail University. A former sports writer for Genesis Communications covering the University of Central Florida athletic department, Sharon shares his view of how developing stories is changing, as well as how the role of the journalist is becoming less about being part of a major company, and instead, becoming more of a freelancer. Sharon talks about how this changing model will affect the ability to either gain scoops on information, what details will now be released to the public that in the past would have not made the grade in a newspaper or TV station, and how a journalist's ability to deduce not only facts, but maintain principles, will be placed squarely on their shoulders, rather than having a larger organization surrounding them. Twitter: @Jeff_Sharon

Ep. 557 - Clint Warren (Professor, Illinois State)

Oct 14, 2015 32:48


Having that short-hand of actually working in the industry has helped Professor Clint Warren at Illinois State as he mentors his sports management students on what to do to establish a career in the field. Warren shares his experience of learning about the importance of ticket sales and revenue generation, as well as how teams look to craft young executives into potential upper management prospects. Warren talks about ensuring that his lesson plans reflect, as well as compliment, any potential student looking to utilize that knowledge later on in life. Warren also discusses some of the determining factors that students should make when considering a sports management program at a university. Twitter: @Clint_Warren

Ep. 556 - Steve Chen (Digital Media, Big West Conference)

Oct 12, 2015 32:50


The global power of social media has helped smaller NCAA Division I conferences equal the playing field, and Steve Chen is one of the key examples of harnessing that power for the 9-school Big West Conference. Chen shares some of the ways in which his role is defined by expanding awareness and attention of specific branding mechanisms, as well as highlighting various individual efforts of student-athletes. Chen talks about some of the pitfalls of having a school that is up to 3-hours behind other schools, but also some of the ways that they are not left behind in media attention by the conference overall. Chen provides examples of his attitude of being willing to help out regardless of the job role, including overseeing ticketing for conference tournaments. Twitter: @BigWestMD

Ep. 555 - Ritesh Patel (CEO, The Ticket Fairy)

Oct 9, 2015 25:50


The Ticket Fairy is a different concept in the world of ticket sales, and may be more of a group sales advocate in created a true crowd builder for a sporting event. Ritesh Patel explains how The Ticket Fairy's humble beginnings were formed when he was attempting to promote live events, only to find that drawing a crowd was harder than it looked. Patel talks about The Ticket Fairy's key concept, actually rewarding ticket buyers with a reimbursement of their ticket value as they bring more of their friends and colleagues into purchasing for the same event. Patel shares his knowledge of how the ticket and promotion industry is changing, and how some of the old methods of creating a crowd are quickly dying off for a more improved concept in the Ticket Fairy. Twitter: @PurpleLight

Ep. 554 - Tim Frost (Sports Racing Consultant)

Oct 7, 2015 33:41


Racing has grown from a Post-War activity into a booming, multi-billion dollar economic engine that has more Fortune 500 companies affiliated with it than any other sport throughout the world. Tim Frost, publisher of the National Speedway Directory, provides perspective on how the world of racing has grown up since the 1950s-1960s popularity boom, as well as some of its growing pains during the 1990s-2000s. Frost shares his viewpoint on the value of membership within the racing community, and how a lot of the ways that racing has developed a core relationship with its fanbase. Frost talks about some of the factors involved in how racing has established a foothold on specific areas, as well as the complication of learning how to draw a crowd effectively through marketing.

Ep. 553 - Chris Freet (Sr. Associate AD, Arkansas)

Oct 5, 2015 30:59


In the world of the Southeastern Conference, everything can be placed under a microscope. No one knows this better than Chris Freet, who laments the fact that during the first Arkansas home game of the 2015 season, the game script went long and UA didn't do "The Hog Call." Freet discusses some of the ways that he has helped try to improve the UA brand, especially with the student body, in order to make the student section into a more exciting atmosphere. Freet talks about the implementation of the student skyboxes, and how that has help increased the perception by the students using that area during games. Freet also shares his thoughts on becoming an industry leader for multiple organizations, and how that improves his ability to help UA become greater through his professional development. Twitter: @ChrisFreet

Ep. 552 - Jayme Lamm (Publisher, The Blonde Side)

Oct 2, 2015 46:34


Jayme Lamm represents the new age of journalism, where freelance has become the standard, and writing for various publications instead of one is the norm. Lamm discusses how she approaches her story development, as well as handles the day-to-day rigors of establishing enough funds to get by, along with created sponsored content. Lamm shares her thoughts on establishing journalistic integrity, ensuring that her credibility cannot be questioned, and along with switching her voice to fit the publication that she is writing for. Lamm talks about her latest reporting adventure, attending Populous' blogger day at the renovated Kyle Field on the campus of Texas A&M as well as some of the features of the new construction. Twitter: @JaymeLamm

Ep. 551 - Rob Kelly (Associate AD of Ticketing, Notre Dame)

Sep 30, 2015 41:22


Part of Rob Kelly's watch over the Notre Dame ticket office is looking out for multiple instances of fraud, some of it coming from sophisticated runs by organized crime in Chicago. Kelly describes some of the steps that he has to undertake in order to ensure protection of the Notre Dame brand, as well as achieve clean entry for patrons to games. Sometimes, this means that there are fans going to Notre Dame Stadium who are out large amounts of cash because they purchased from a scam artist. Kelly talks about various issues that stem from helping sell the Notre Dame brand, including the massive consecutive games sell-out streak for football, as well as developing a holistic pricing mechanism that works efficiently with transparency to the consumer. Kelly also presents his thoughts on why ticketing is a trade, and something that is highly valuable as an apprenticeship. Twitter: @RobMKelly

Ep. 550 - Brett Goldberg (Founder, TickPick)

Sep 28, 2015 30:40


Founding TickPick in 2011, Brett Goldberg discovered a secondary market ripe with opportunity to aggregate ticket listings. Goldberg discusses his beginnings in Wall Street finance, as well as forming a private company that has yet to go after mega seed funding. As a no-buyer fee site, Goldberg talks about how each broker engages with the secondary, prices their product, and how the consumer can feel safe while purchasing the product through the channels. Not all resales are always admirable, and Goldberg tackles the challenge of the Pope's visit to the United States, as well as the impact that carrying those tickets would have on TickPick - the company chooses not to list such resales. Goldberg also talks about his vision of increasing the opportunities for the secondary market, as well as ensuring that the Super Bowl issues in 2015 do not resurface again in the future by only segmenting and working with admirable brokers who fulfilled all of their orders during that troublesome time. Twitter: @iTickPick

Ep. 549 - Dave Wakeman (Principal, Wakeman Consulting)

Sep 25, 2015 31:45


The definitive component to any revenue stream is R.O.I. and Dave Wakeman loves chatting about that three letter acronym. Wakeman talks about his history of looking at sports business R.O.I., especially his time at being a ticket broker, where he moved a ton of inventory (over $10 million), yet the astonishment of how limited the industry is at adaptation. Wakeman discusses his theories on how to help improve inefficiencies, especially in sales, and why social selling is only component of increasing the amount of ticket sales revenue opportunities for a franchise. Twitter: @DavidWakeman

Ep. 548 - Dr. Andrew Zimbalist (Economics Professor, Smith College)

Sep 23, 2015 37:01


Dr. Andrew Zimbalist has managed to be at the forefront of several sports stories when they get to the economics sector, especially when it comes to stadiums and arenas being financed by taxpayer dollars. Zimbalist's latest book, Circus Maximus, focuses in on the plight that is the I.O.C.'s Olympic Games and FIFA's World Cup. Zimbalist shares his knowledge of the terrible deals that nations and various U.S. cities have crafted over the years in order to attract a rampant, out-of-control stadia financing plan, many times for facilities that are never used again after their 17-20 days of initial operation for either the Games or World Cup. Zimbalist talks about the issues current stadia financing plans in the United States, which he states have improved over the deals of the past, and how minor league facilities are typically better deals for municipalities overall because of the revenues generated.

Purchase Circus Maximus here

Ep. 547 - Jane Kleinberger (Founder, Spectra Ticketing)

Sep 21, 2015 43:14


Jane Kleinberger has seen the advent of ticketing from a computerized card system to a fully enhanced database, donor management, guest management as well as highly complex ticket delivery system with both online and mobile technology patron pass. Yes, she's been at it a while, over 35 years with a company that originated as Paciolan and became the dominant ticket system in college athletics, now rebranded as Spectra Ticketing. Kleinberger shares her thoughts on the history of ticketing from the 1980s moving forward, covering not only the technological advances but also the new attitudes toward the ticket side of the industry. Kleinberger talks about the relationship building that she has been a part of, spanning over three decades from former Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne during his origins at San Diego State to Byrne's son, Athletic Director Greg Byrne at the University of Arizona. Kleinberger also discusses her passion for trying to help athletic departments find the right people for their ticket office, as well as some of the issues facing women especially getting into the field and moving up through the ranks to positions of power. Twitter: @KleinbergerJane

Ep. 546 - Todd Rahr (President, Boise Hawks)

Sep 18, 2015 35:45


As Todd Rahr steps down from his 12-year positon at the top of the Boise Hawks Single-A baseball team, he comes on the podcast to share his thoughts on the industry. Not all of them are good ones, especially when it comes to the question of whether fans are consuming a sports product, or just an entertainment product. Rahr speaks on the idea of "gifting" fans with Bobbleheads, discounts on concessions and where the focus on the selling of season tickets, mini-plans or group tickets. Rahr gives his impression on the Boise Hawks' decision in 2015 to drop all play-by-play radio broadcasts entirely, and whether that decision could be costly toward building fans down the road. In a stadium of 3,500 where there are only 38 total regular season games, Rahr presents several issues that come from selling out in limited capacity. Twitter: @ToddRahr

Ep. 545 - Kash Razzaghi (CEO, Fancred)

Sep 16, 2015 34:21


The majority of social network discussions in sports happen around the idea of using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. But new on the scene is Fancred, a fan social media system that now has partnerships with The Carolina Panthers, Boston Red Sox and America East conference. As Fancred CEO Kash Razzaghi explains, this isn't just another social media platform, but a meeting place for dedicated fans to get the best messaging from their team in a community-building arena. Razzaghi talks about the concept behind Fancred, and why it stands out amid a growing competition for the attention of franchise executives who are eager to harness the use of social media to monetize their fanbase. Twitter: @hrazzaghi

Ep. 544 - Chris Mycoskie (Assist Commissioner, Southland Conference)

Sep 14, 2015 36:07


Live broadcasts are one of the many facets of how Chris Mycoskie helps promote the schools within the Southland Conference. Using his background in television as a sports director in Baton Rogue, Mycoskie has developed a skill set of bringing the action to the audience at home, whether that be through their cable boxes or digital streaming options. Mycoskie discusses the different variables in presenting a live broadcast, including when schools bid on hosting, but don't have the ability to make camera work and television production simple because of their physical locations. Mycoskie also talks about the time that he held back, purposefully, from exploiting the attendance of a famous athlete at a Southland Conference game, and why he believes that was the right call to make, under the circumstances. Twitter: @Mycoskie

Ep. 543 - James Kimmel (CEO/Founder, ZeroHero)

Sep 11, 2015 30:27


James Kimmel has been around the secondary market for over 13 years, while leaning into the various business models of sports marketing throughout the Seattle area. Kimmel has helped launch ZeroHero, a secondary platform aimed at protecting the consumer, as well as bringing some needed integrity to the secondary market as a whole. Kimmel explains ZeroHero's broker requirement of "tickets in hand" in order to eliminate some of the short-selling techniques that caused havoc from the last Super Bowl. Kimmel also talks about his passion of ensuring that the secondary market is viewed as a viable distribution channel, even for primary partners, in order to move more tickets in general. Twitter: @ZeroBuyerFee

Ep. 542 - Charlie Sung Shin (Sr. Director Strategic Planning, MLS)

Sep 9, 2015 35:09


Major League Soccer's secret data weapon comes in the form of Charlie Sung Shin, who has over the past decade revolutions various insights into understanding the league's customers. Shin discusses the various metrics that make up the MLS fan - age, nationality, and geographic insights. Shin also shares some of the ways that have made the MLS unique in gathering information, as well as expanding on the information that they already have. Twitter: @CRMInSports

Ep. 541 - Chris Lewis (EVP, Greenville Swamp Rabbits)

Sep 7, 2015 39:02


What's in a name? In minor league sports, Greenville's ECHL hockey franchise is the latest to embrace the weird, renaming themselves from the Road Warriors to the Swamp Rabbits. And this took every single person who has heard it by storm, including the national press. Chris Lewis explains the history behind the Greenville franchise, how its numbers haven't been stellar in attendance or corporate sponsorship as the Road Warriors, and how the name change has caused a lot of drastic attention to come the way of the team by the Swamp Rabbits moniker. Lewis talks about how only a few people have had an issue with it, but thus far, The Swamp Rabbits has brought national attention by way of Sports Illustrated and ESPN, and revitalized the prospects of a small hockey franchise in South Carolina. Twitter: @SwampRabbits

Ep. 540 - Haynes Hendrickson (President, Turnkey Intelligence)

Sep 4, 2015 37:26


Understanding the avenues where data and revenue can be intertwined is an asset to any future franchise executive. Haynes Hendrickson breaks down several components of data, in how it can help a franchise generate long-term sustainable revenue streams through the information break downs of their customer base. Hendrickson talks about how under-utilized some areas of data are, especially in corporate sales, where the information may be only offered to a client as an after-thought instead of as a part of the pitch. Hendrickson also covers one of the key aspects of Turnkey's recruiting arm, and how it can help drive the best candidates to a franchise who can understand and engage data long-term. Twitter: @HaynesH

Ep. 539 - Stephanie Martin (VP of Marketing/Communications, SB 50)

Sep 2, 2015 28:11


Super Bowl 50 is helping cap off one of the greatest times in sports business for the Bay Area of San Francisco, and at the forefront is Stephanie Martin, who explains what it entails to be entrusted with such a global brand. Martin describes some of the ways in which SB 50 will be able to encapsulate the Bay Area culture, as well as help drive attention throughout the world to the area, as well as some of the methods in which SB 50 has already started to give back to the community. Martin talks about her time helping secure and promote the America's Cup sailing in San Francisco, and the miraculous results to a great finish which gained the attention of the area and the world. Twitter: @skmsail

Ep. 538 - AJ Machosky (VP of Sponsorships, Vivid Seats)

Aug 31, 2015 29:16


AJ Machosky understands the secondary market from both the primary and secondary angles, working IMG to help drive revenue for St. John's University, Pitt and the Big East. Now in his role at Vivid Seats, AJ discusses some of the details of how to understand what drives ticket sales through digital portals. AJ focuses also on some of the issues surrounding the secondary, whether that be fears from the primary market side about tickets flooding through digital markets, or the Super Bowl resale issue where several mechanisms did not take hold, short-selling happened, and how the perception of the secondary changed overnight.

Ep. 537 - Dana Thomas (Director of Web Communication, NCAA)

Aug 28, 2015 26:32


The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) fits several ways into the mind of the public and the press. Several of those definitions are not necessarily correct. Dana Thomas represents the NCAA's social media as well as internal online communication traffic, helping define the organization's mission within the scope of relevant topics for its members. Thomas discusses the ways in which the NCAA has attempted to engage with the public, as well as some of the things that they have learned along the way. That includes not responding to every comment left by a social media follower. Thomas also shares some of the ways that the internal web communication have helped clean up some of the committee processes as well as minutes, in order to deliver the most relevant information to its member institutions. Twitter: @NCAADana

Ep. 536 - Brian Wagner (Digital Strategy/Creative Lead, Michigan Athletics)

Aug 26, 2015 32:25


Only two months on the job at the University of Michigan, and Brian Wagner has been a part of major national news, when three athletic facebook accounts were hacked in the middle of the night. Wagner talks about this incredible story, where spam hackers placed posts through the Michigan athletics facebook accounts, then locked out the entire UM digital team. Wagner reveals how Michigan worked with Facebook's London office, then its Silicon Valley crew, and learned quite a few ways to protect themselves for the future. Wagner also discusses some of his views on social media, especially when having a major college coach with a unique brand in football's Jim Harbaugh, as well as ways that microsites can help establish customer service aspects for the fans attending games or trying to seek out specific information. Twitter: @BrianRWagner

Ep. 535 - Dr. Bernie Mullin (President, Aspire Group)

Aug 24, 2015 53:36


Dr. Bernie Mullin has helped push the envelope in terms of sports business for over 40 years. He helped start one of the hallmarks of sports business education at the University of Massachusetts in the late-1970s, served as vice president for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies, was president of a minor league hockey team, SVP of the NBA's Team Marketing & Business Operations  (TMBO), president of a WNBA franchise, and even Vice Chancellor/Athletic Director of the University of Denver. If that wasn't enough, Mullin launched the third-party ticket sales revolution in college athletics in 2007, creating the Aspire Group which has expanded to over 30 properties across the nation. Mullin shares his vision for where ticket sales, as well as marketing, in the college and sports space has to grow, especially on the mentality of young professionals working today. Mullin's short hand working with college administrators, as well as the Aspire Group's professional growth of its employees, has culminated in a wider development of revenue for athletic departments across the board.

Ep. 534 - Natalle Brown (Head of Consumer Business, Melbourne Storm)

Aug 21, 2015 39:58


Natalle Brown is truly helping innovate the sports business space through Lightning Rewards, a multi-data set platform to connect fans to the Melbourne Storm National Rugby League team brand. Brown explains the Melbourne sports market, and how fighting for the fan amid 21 other professional competitive teams makes every transaction a necessary one. Brown talks about how the Lightning Rewards program works, some of the ways that fans interact and engage with each other using the social media aspects, and how the Storm reap the ultimate rewards of fan loyalty in the process. Brown speaks about the sporting culture of Melbourne, as well as how membership works, including the cradle-to-the-grave loyalty to one sports club brand over the others. Twitter: @NatalleBrown

Ep. 533 - Jim Davis (Sr. Director of Ticket Sales, Boston Celtics)

Aug 19, 2015 36:03


History is one of the major selling points for the Boston Celtics franchise and as Jim Davis explains, they have to respect that legacy while pushing forward with modern technology when creating revenue. Davis talks about the initiatives that the Celtics are establishing in order to think differently, especially when the magical playoff runs are gone and the Celtics aren't a 50-win team during a rebuilding run. Davis speaks to the heart of gaining the trust of the fan, and how to embrace face-to-face meetings with customers in order to bond season ticket holders with the team long-term. Twitter: @JimDavis78

Ep. 532 - Coleman Barnes (Associate AD, Miami-Ohio)

Aug 17, 2015 31:39


The role of a development officer when creating the relationship is one of Coleman Barnes' main assets to a campus athletic department. At Miami University in Ohio as an associate athletic director, Barnes lays out his vision of what great stewardship of donors should look like. Barnes discusses several of the key components in terms of developing a metric that works for development officers, as well as ensuring that the relationship building isn't merely "party planning" but actual transition toward a gift-making decision. Barnes shares his view on the pending budget issue regarding the IRS tax benefit for annual fund gifts, especially if the practice goes away, and how that may affect athletic departments across the country. Twitter: @ColemanBarnes

Ep. 531 - Randy Cohen (CEO, TicketCity)

Aug 14, 2015 31:38


Randy Cohen isn't just a CEO, he's the Chief Energizing Officer of TicketCity, a secondary market broker that has lasted over 25 years in the business. Cohen relates his story in two formats, both in the conversation of the podcast as well as an autography "Ticket To The Limit" in which Cohen details taking his $1,200 life savings and betting himself, by investing in No. 3 Texas Longhorn's men's basketball tickets tickets in 1990, selling those $6 tickets for $15 each. Cohen has built a larger than life persona and empire, with employees who have averaged 19 years with the company, which now generates over $100 million in revenue. Cohen expands on his thoughts about the primary and secondary, as well as some of the legal ramifications coming down the pike with the class action lawsuits in California and New Jersey. Twitter: @TicketCity

Ep. 530 - Ron Seaver (Founder, National Sports Forum)

Aug 12, 2015 39:52


The National Sports Forum began as the ultimate loss leader for Founder Ron Seaver, who in the first year had a $65,000 hotel bill and only three attendees come to the inaugural conference. Seaver didn't give up, and ended up transforming the NSF into one of the premier sports conferences with over 1,000 attendees in the last 20 years. Seaver shares how the NSF increases the format of its educational tracks in order to cater to the multiple needs of the sports business professional, as well as enhancing the ability of the speakers to be as open as possible with their ideas and solutions to the complex problems facing franchises today. Seaver talks about some of the variable ways to engage both conference attendees and sponsors, including the changing world of the tradeshow booth philosophy of selling by vendors. A big reason for Seaver's success - protecting the price point of what the NSF sells its attendee badges at. Twitter: @NatlSportsForum

Ep. 529 - Gordon Krstacic (CEO, Glitnir Ticketing)

Aug 10, 2015 35:40


Glitnir Ticketing's foundation in 2003 begin simply as a way to make it easier for smaller sports franchises to be able to sell tickets. CEO and Founder Gordon Krstacic has helped build Glitnir in Long Island, New York into one of only four MiLB-vendor approved ticket platforms. Krstacic sees the playing field as something that can only help increase sales, utilizing several boutique options in order to drive revenue, by implement not only C.R.M. options but also telephone sales measurements and other customizable contracts for the entire platform's cohesive ecosystem. Krstacic shares his industry knowledge on what has helped drive ticket sales for the likes of the Indianapolis Indians, as well as how Glitnir's social media aspects have increased the amount of data analytics per customer. Twitter: @GlitnirTicketng

Ep. 528 - Shawn Doss (VP of Tickets, NJ Devils)

Aug 7, 2015 33:41


The New Jersey Devils are using tickets as a platform to try different ways to sell the in-game experience. VP of Ticket Sales & Service Shawn Doss explains how the new flex package option transcends several past offerings, allowing fans the ability to select games and seating location at different periods, through a reserve account system. Doss talks about the various challenges of selling in the NJ Devils market of Newark, and how some of the misconceptions against Newark turned out to be some of the best advantages. Doss describes his mentality toward selling in general, especially when it comes to gaining face-to-face appointments, as well as creating a relationship structure, to develop a long-term bond with each customer. Twitter: @DossDevils

Ep. 527 - Curtis Cheng (CEO, DTI Management)

Aug 5, 2015 45:45


Secondary market consolidation is a new trend in sports business, and at the forefront is one of the originators of the online ticket broker site Ticket Monster, Curtis Cheng, who discusses both the benefits and the ideas against the practice. Cheng presents the image of a fractional marketplace where a lot of sports franchises aren't reaching their full potential in terms of reach, and how consolidated practices by brokers can extend as well as enhance the revenue generation possibilities available. Cheng also talks about the practice of short-selling, something that he doesn't believe in, but has an unfortunate history in the secondary market in terms of use by some brokers. Twitter: @Dreamtix

Ep. 526 - Ryan Mosher (Sr. Director, Repucom)

Aug 3, 2015 30:10


College athletics is still behind in the data revolution, and Ryan Mosher explains his thoughts on why that's the case. Mosher talks about the various constituencies which do not communicate on campus, and what drives most of them apart in the first place. Mosher discusses how the merging of data, as well as overall implementation of a campus-wide CRM can help all parties involved, in learning who their customers really are, instead of who the campus thinks their customers are.

Ep. 525 - Greg Hylton (VP of Premium/Ticketing, Indianapolis Colts)

Jul 31, 2015 29:50


Being sold out for an extended period of games over the course of many seasons is something that Greg Hylton has had to deal with as the Vice President of Premium Seating and Ticketing at the Indianapolis Colts. Hylton explains the origins of the streak, started in the Colts' former home and carried over into their new one, as well as how one mishap with a Jacksonville Jaguars game cost the Colts organization the ability to extend the streak even longer. Hylton breaks down some of the initiatives that the Colts have undertaken, including their group sales unit, which actually charges more for group tickets over individual seat buys, as well as some of the activities that the Colts use to interact with their groups prior to kick.

Ep. 524 - Chris Grimm (Executive Director, Fan Freedom)

Jul 29, 2015 35:50


Understanding the rights of a ticket holder is part of what Fan Freedom has been doing since 2011. It comes down to a question of asking 'who owns the ticket' and whether enough is being done on the behalf of ticket buyers to protect their ability to resale if they want. Fan Freedom's Chris Grimm discusses these issues on both a macro and micro level, especially when it comes to the ability for resale. Grimm sets the stage with several scenarios facing fans today, as well as how the secondary market has pushed down the price of tickets as more brokers create a competitive marketplace offering. Grimm also shares his opinions on consolidation deals, believing that they are price-fixing fans out of finding the lowest possible price for a ticket. Twitter: @FanFreedom

Ep. 523 - Jim Rushton (Sports, IBM)

Jul 27, 2015 37:10


Jim Rushton has got a special shorthand when talking sports business. Rushton has served in sports business for over 20 years, including CRO of the Miami Dolphins and VP of Sales Sports Radio WEEI, including Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and New England Patriots Monday. Now, Rushton is bringing forth an evangelism of connection with IBM, from the stadium to the fan, in a way that is set to revolutionize the industry. This doesn't just mean getting another digital advertisement. This means enhancing the stadium experience for a fan altogether. Rushton talks about the changes going on internally throughout the sports industry, how the inside sales model of calling fans for tickets is giving way to a connected one to ensuring additional touchpoints throughout the lifetime membership between the fan and team. Rushton shares his thoughts on one of the more telling things he heard at the 2015 SBJ Ticketing Symposium in Santa Clara in early June, and how it reinforced some of the things he's talking about today. Twitter: @Jim_Rushton

Ep. 522 - Ryan Peck (Assoc Vice Chancellor, Denver)

Jul 24, 2015 28:22


Understanding the goals of the University of Denver in athletics takes extra time, since their values are deeply rooted in their mission statement toward student-athletes. Their success isn't as common place as one might think, as lacrosse's 2015 national championship, 7 NCAA Titles For hockey, and 22 for skiing. This means Ryan Peck must pay close attention to fostering each of those priorities in terms of development and external affairs, especially with an across-the-board mentality toward unique sports and their branding opportunities. Peck discusses how the Denver brand is pushed out into the community, as well as ways that he fosters dynamic relationships with alumni over the giving choices that they make. Part of it also becomes a discussion on why Peck has an Associate Vice Chancellor title instead of the common athletic department ones, specifically to provide a continuity across campus in how each person is perceive and their role in the community. Twitter: @Ryan_Peck

Ep. 521 - Kathy Burrows (Sales Trainer)

Jul 22, 2015 31:34


Kathy Burrows has provided extensive consulting, workshops and direct sales training with various teams in the MLB, NBA, WNBA, Champ Car Open Wheel Racing, and AHL. Burrows shares some of her passion for selling sports, including how to open up the framework of painting more than just a picture, but an entire season. Burrows points out that there are never enough groups, and all of the groups within an area can never be tapped out, breaking an illusion that the job is ever done. Burrows talks about her philosophy when getting C-Level buy-in for her training, as well as how to develop a sell-out strategy that doesn't erode current business for old.

Ep. 520 - Michael Abramson (SVP, Hartford Yard Goats)

Jul 20, 2015 33:10


Moving a minor league baseball team 13 miles from one location to another is not supposed to be a heavy-lifting task, yet when the Hartford Yard Goats announced their intentions to move from New Britain to downtown Hartford in 2014, it became an issue with the locals. Senior Vice President Michael Abramson discusses the intangibles with the move, including creating a name change from the Rock Cats to Yard Goats, and all of the controversy that became of the switch. Abramson talks about the increased visibility of the Hartford Yard Goat brand in the downtown area, as well as some of the ways in which the team is expanding its reach in local municipality.

Ep. 519 - Scott Spencer (Principal, Suite Experience)

Jul 17, 2015 27:15


While the majority of the secondary is reserved for the cheaper bucket seats, it is the luxury suite experience that is beginning to transform into its own secondary resale platform. Scott Spencer works in this small segmentation as does Ep. 514's Todd Lindenbaum, trying to engage with a high-end customer through a resold product, helping both the suite owner as well as the new prospect. Spencer utilizes his case for why resold suites are a valuable edition to any team's arsenal, especially in keeping the suite holder happy when the premium space would otherwise be empty or dark on a gameday. Spencer also explains the demand curve when dealing with suites and premium seating, and how a Tuesday night may actually yield a higher demand for the resold product than that of a Saturday. Twitter: @SuiteExperience

Ep. 518 - Ben Milsom (Chief Ticketing Officer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Jul 15, 2015 27:56


The role of Chief Ticketing Officer is such a new title in sports, that only Ben Milsom seems to have it. But it shows where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to go, and how driven as well as passionate Milsom is toward the area of ticket sales in overall franchise revenue model. Milsom discusses his background in training, development and pushing the needle further for sales reps, as well as why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are always in a hiring mode in order to avoid the cattle call method. Milsom brings up various topics, surrounding how the NFL as well as NBA are starting to perfect outbound calls, in order to avoid random cold calling, via a CRM. Twitter: @Milsomben

Ep. 517 - Dwight Clark (Fmr. NFL Player, GM)

Jul 13, 2015 47:00


49ers' Legendary Wide Receiver Dwight Clark shares his thoughts on a wide variety of topics, ranging from "The Catch," playing in the NFL, serving as a general manager, and beginning a second career in sports. Clark also mentions his disdain for appearing in the 1994 direct-to-video Kindergarten Ninja, the loss of Candlestick Park compared to Levi Stadium, and working for the 1999 expansion franchise Cleveland Browns organization as GM. Clark spoke at the Corporate Ticket Impact Conference on July 9, 2015 at the Marquis Marriott in San Francisco and was interviewed by Troy Kirby.

Note: There is a video version of this conversation on

Ep. 516 - James Downer (Associate AD, Presbyterian College)

Jul 10, 2015 32:35


With the advent of the Power 5 schools starting to separate, yet be beholden to the same rules as the smaller schools, it requires a lot of patience when working at Presbyterian College, which has one of the smallest budgets in Division I athletics. James Downer oversees sports supervision, as well as compliance and other details, and tries to build a relationship with each coach and student-athlete. Downer discusses how some of the issues regarding cost of attendance will affect Presbyterian College, as well as how they plan to continue to compete at the Division I level. With an eye toward becoming an athletic director of the future, Downer has to also prepare himself for the unknown realities that may be a key or core part of the NCAA in the years to come. Twitter: @JamesDownerPC

Ep. 515 - Matt Blaszka (Professor, Indiana State)

Jul 8, 2015 35:53


The role of sports management education is changing, but that also requires a lot from its student base, especially as the amount of programs offered throughout the country expand to over 300 with options for actual jobs somewhat limited. Indiana State Professor Matthew Blaszka discusses some of the perils of the industry, especially with students who believe that achievements earned in the classroom will translate to avoiding certain jobs or duties in the sports industry. Blaszka expands his view on the Paid Spectator issue, where students believe that they are merely going to be at the centerpiece of the action, rather than just helping put it on. Twitter: @Mblaszka

Ep. 514 - Todd Lindenbaum (Principal, Sports Shares)

Jul 6, 2015 29:33


The future dissection of what customers want has extended past the argument of the single game bucket seat ticket in the upper deck, now the secondary market focus is turning toward the luxury suite and premium seating options available. Todd Lindenbaum created Sports Shares as a piece of that model, providing a membership accessible option to those customers who simply want to experience premium for the top games on a Saturday night, while not having to coordinate a suite being filled on a Tuesday. Lindenbaum discusses the new marketplace as it emerges, as well as some of the challenges keeping up with demand. Twitter: @Sports_Shares

Ep. 513 - Rich Wang (Associate Director Analytics, Minnesota Vikings)

Jul 1, 2015 27:44


As the Minnesota Vikings transition to a new football stadium in 2016, the goal is to seek out every potential qualified lead in order to continually grow the customer base. Rich Wang serves as an associate director for the NFL team's analytics and fan engagement, having worked at several teams, such as Madison Square Garden, The San Francisco 49ers, Legends Hospitality and the Minnesota Timberwolves prior to his tenure at the Vikings. For Wang, the goal is to develop a better resource to understand who each sales person is talking to, and how to ensure that any effort put forth is a quality one leading to a rapid-growth sales initiative. Wang discusses the challenges of implementing such a system, as well as educating sales staff on the opportunities that lie ahead by building an analytics warehouse of customer knowledge. Twitter: @RichWang3

Ep. 512 - Bill Dorsey (Executive Director, ALSD)

Jun 29, 2015 32:03


Premium seating has been around since the Romans, but Bill Dorsey has seen the growth of the VIP areas in sports facilities since he started the Association of Luxury Suite Directors with 13 members. Dorsey explains some of the origins in modern sports, and why the luxury space has become a mainstay in state of the art facilities, only rivaling broadcasting rights as a top franchise revenue generator. Dorsey discusses the advent of conferences, and why they are so valuable to build up a key network when seeking jobs in sports, as well as how they can continue to be an asset long-term in career development. The ALSD Conference is celebrating its' 25th Anniversary July 6-9, 2015 in San Francisco, and features some of the largest sports executive parties of the year, along with some great programming. Twitter: @TheALSD

Ep. 511 - Mark Majeski (Athletic Department Consultant)

Jun 26, 2015 39:12


When discussing the athletic director's chair and the challenges that go with it, a consultant is required to have a short-hand knowledge of every component that happens within that role. Mark Majeski has had over 25 years of athletic administration experience at the small college level, serving as Athletic Director at two Division III institutions. Majeski describes his time at UC Santa Cruz, which had a media storm descend on campus during the mid-1990s from national and international press due to its mascot being featured in the film 'Pulp Fiction' and whether Santa Cruz ever changed as a result, or missed on an opportunity to capitalize on the attention. Majeski also shares his tenure at Williamette University, where he served over a decade in the athletic director's position, and some of the differing challenges that rose up until the end of his tenure in 2011. Majeski details some of the issues facing college athletics, especially at the small college level, and not just financial, but philosophic, as athletic administration and coaching change with the times of both expectations from the student-athlete as well as the education system on campus. Twitter: @MajeskiMark

Ep. 510 - Michael Warren (Principal, M3W Sports)

Jun 24, 2015 27:42


Understanding the sports hiring realm only works if you've really been in the game for a long time. Luckily for young professionals, M3W's Michael Warren has served in multiple capacities with professional teams, including his current stint with the Pittsburgh Pirates' spring training home, working in Ticket Operations. Warren discusses the playing field in terms of sports hiring, especially on how candidates coming into the field can hurt themselves by not understanding exactly how a search is undertaken. Warren describes the industry as a whole, then dissects specific areas where job candidates can separate themselves when launching into their sports career. Twitter: @M3WSports

Ep. 509 - Geoff Lester (Head of Partnerships, StubHub)

Jun 22, 2015 35:09


The undisputed king of secondary market distribution channels is StubHub, a company that Geoff Lester helped drive partnerships for in the last four years. Lester has a background in traditional sports business, with 12 years at NASCAR prior to his time with the secondary market king. Lester discusses some of the issues surrounding legal action over what a ticket really is - a revocable license or a good to be sold as well as traded. Lester focuses in on the legislative front, where several key states are making decisions which make create vertical monopolies that may not be in the public's best interest. Lester also speaks to why its a great thing that multiple platforms sell tickets, keeping the price lower, as well as the issue of fraud or counterfeit tickets isn't as large as the mainstream media makes it out to be. Twitter: @geoff_lester

Ep. 508 - Steve Thompson (Athletic Director, Eureka)

Jun 19, 2015 31:45


Overseeing a NCAA Division III athletic department means being able to handle multiple duties within the administration space. Steve Thompson isn't just the athletic director, he's also the women's basketball coach. And that's part of the diverse nature of Eureka College and athletic administration at the Division III level. Thompson discusses some of the ways that he implements fair but necessary standards for both coaches and student athletes, as well as ensures that the entire college, of which the student-athletes make up a large portion of the student body itself, is recognized through its athletic efforts. Twitter: @EurekaAD

Ep. 507 - Erin Dunn (Director of Sales, Providence College)

Jun 17, 2015 34:12


The relationship between a third-party and a college athletic department is a new paradigm for sports revenue. Overseeing sales for Comcast-Spectacor at Providence College, Erin Dunn faces the challenge daily of ensuring that she conveys the best interests of the university's athletic department in tandem with revenue generation. Dunn describes her focus on ensuring that each component of the sales plan is initiated with care, especially when it comes to training young professionals to become representatives selling tickets. And that's the key there, selling tickets. Dunn discusses her initiation into the sports sales culture, from her short stint with the Philadelphia Flyers only months prior to a league-wide lockout, to her role in Minor League Baseball, Lacrosse and now college athletics, all with the same company, building a focused plan that pushed both revenue and new fans into the building. Twitter: @EDunn03

Ep. 506 - Jonathan Benedek (Director of Marketing, Indiana)

Jun 15, 2015 30:58


The interesting challenge facing Jonathan Benedek is working within the modern era of marketing, against the traditions of Indiana University. Although Assembly Hall may be packed for a men's basketball game on television, that doesn't mean that conducting the entire marketing plan is anything but complex. Benedek discusses why having every home basketball game on television can be both an asset and a challenge, as well as seeking out continual support from young alumni and students attending. Benedek describes the overall landscape of Indiana athletics, especially when it comes to showing additional marketing support for Olympic sports which may not earn the eyeballs of television, but are just as important to the campus community. Twitter: @JBuihoosiers

Ep. 505 - James DeMeo (Sports Security Expert)

Jun 12, 2015 37:48


Stadium security is a subject that no one wants to talk about, but it affects the fan experience in every facet. James DeMeo has helped open several high profile sports facilities, including The Barclay Center in Brooklyn and Cedar Park Center in Texas. The goal is always the same: enhance the fan experience by protecting them from unnecessary risks. DeMeo discusses his philosophy on engaging staff early, and that doesn't mean simple five minute huddles prior to game time. DeMeo is adamant about a focused plan which ensures that every team member is competent of the procedures of operation, including emergency. DeMeo's aim is to ensure that every ticket sold, every market plan implement, carries with it the overlapping view that safety can affect revenue when it isn't taken into account and disaster happens. Twitter: JDeMeo007

Ep. 504 - Tony Knopp (CEO, TicketManager)

Jun 10, 2015 33:05


Tony Knopp has been in the primary and secondary markets, working for AEG, StubHub and now his own venture, TicketManager. Knopp discusses some of the various ways in which corporate tickets have become a wasteland for businesses when they don't have credible data to support their usage rates. That's where Knopp feels his business has the solution, providing real time analytics which ensure proper tracking of tickets, as well as ways to track who received them and the R.O.I. attached to each cultivation period by the company. Knopp delves into the deep dark world of the secondary market, as well as showcases some of the reasons that resellers are beating out the primary market, mainly due to inefficiencies by franchise executives and their staff. It's no-holds barred discussed by Knopp, and definitely should turn some heads for those that listen. Twitter: @TonyKnopp

Ep. 503 - Rick Olivieri (Sales, Hockey Vision Las Vegas)

Jun 8, 2015 34:39


The last time we chatted with Rick Olivieri, he was the Director of Guest Services at the Washington Capitals (Ep. 272). Now a member of a small sales team in Las Vegas, Olivieri is helping shake up Sin City with the opportunity to bring a Major League hockey franchise to town. Hockey Vision Las Vegas has already begun on a high note, hitting over 11,500-plus season ticket deposits despite not having approval for an NHL expansion franchise. That doesn't deter the local fan base or Hockey Vision's core staff, Olivieri explains, and actually intensifies the amount of effort being pushed out in order to get a franchise team in 2017 when the MGM Grand's new arena is open. Twitter: @RickOlivieri

Ep. 502 - Mark Alesia (Reporter, IndyStar)

Jun 5, 2015 46:13


Sports journalism is finally carving out investigative reporting beats for the business segments of the industry. Reporter Mark Alesia is one of those innovators in the field, digging up information that pulls back the curtain for the public on stadium financing, pricing and secondary market tickets. Alesia continues to maintain his impartiality to the process, filing Freedom of Information Act requests in an effort to show the public exactly where their money goes and why when it comes to sports. Alesia discusses some of the hotter topics around the Indianapolis area, especially concerning the Indy Eleven stadium financing plan for an MLS franchise, as well as the fall-out from the Religion Freedom Law which showed politics at its worst, and sports as its best social justice moment. Alesia presents several options for why journalism in sports and for news is gravely important for protection of the public trust. Twitter: @MarkAlesia

Ep. 501 - Caleb Clark (Asst of Fan Exp, The Ohio State)

Jun 3, 2015 27:36


Understanding how to engage and push audience creation is at the heart of what Caleb Clark strives to do daily. Clark discusses the misconceptions of Big Ten athletic attendance when it comes to The Ohio State or Olympic sports, as well as how to improve the overall fan affinity for each of those teams. Clark also covers his tenure at UC Irvine and Akron, where the main attention transfers to other primary sports, as well as how to promote various components of the marketing plain to gain awareness for the sports product overall. Twitter: @CalebClarkOSU

Ep. 500 - Brent Holck (Asst AD of Sales, Minnesota)

Jun 1, 2015 34:22


Brent Holck is one of the masterminds behind the University of Minnesota's golden ticket program for men's basketball. The ticket program helped usher in an exciting amount of interest for UM as well as ticket sales overall. And it brings up the question that Holck asks the most: Are season ticket holders more valuable to a program than other ticket buyers or fans. Holck has a complicated answer for that, but brings some in-depth knowledge for how programs should promote and build audiences.

Ep. 499 - Alyssa Bosley (Professor, James Madison)

May 29, 2015 35:40


A key asset to any sports management program is having a professor who has worked in the field. James Madison's Alyssa Bosley not only has experience in minor league baseball as an intern, but also has worked at JMU as the Director of Marketing. Utilizing that experience, Bosley shares how she is able to go off-textbook with her advance level discussions when students are looking to get into the sports industry with the most up-to-date and credible knowledge possible. Bosley discusses her insights into how students are adapting to the online landscape, where a negative social media reputation may tank job prospects while a positive one may create an even brighter future beyond just a foot in the door. Bosley talks about her passion for education, and how she has managed to create a rich environment with her students when discussing advanced industry topics. Twitter: @AlyssaBosley

Ep. 498 - Dan Giuliani (Co-Founder, Volt Athletics)

May 27, 2015 41:01


Volt Athletics is aiming to make elite strength and conditioning training available to even those high school and college teams on a tight budget. Dan Giuliani helped found the company, basing it on current technology which allows video, audio and text demonstrations of how to properly use equipment as well as develop various parts of the human body. Giuliani discusses some of the hot topics surrounding strength and conditioning; whether proper technique and education is being implemented across the board by the majority of coaching staffs or if female physiology training has caught up with that of their male counterparts as well as how that affects training regimes overall. Twitter: @VoltAthletics

Ep. 497 - Chad Collins (Principle, Legacy Sports Search)

May 25, 2015 31:00


Chad Collins has worked on both sides of the sports hiring industry; as a recruiter and as a ticket seller. That is a key component when attempting to diagnose what a franchise executive wants when filling positions. Collins shares his experience of selling in the NBA, MiLB and ECHL, as well as how he interacts with potential job candidates, developing the best possible recruiting tool for franchises. Collins has now struck out on his own, starting Legacy Sports Search in Boise, Idaho, and talks about some of the reasons why LSS was necessary for his growth, as well as the potential of sports hiring recruitment overall. Twitter: @ChadCollins20

Ep. 496 - Joel Carben (CEO, IdealSeat)

May 22, 2015 30:49


Understanding the statistics and likelihood behind catching a foul ball at a baseball game launched a company called IdealSeat. Founded in Seattle, CEO Joel Carben shares his vision of increasing the fan experience through probability and statistics, especially when it comes to the amount of potential interaction between a customer and the game of play. Carben's company has invested thousands of hours on increasing the chances that customers who buy through their app will increase their ability to catch a foul ball, simply through past tracking in the stadium. Now on a tour of 30 Major League Baseballs parks in order to spread the word about IdealSeat to the general baseball fan, Carben is prepped to provide the ultimate fan interaction tool available on the market today. Twitter: @JoelCarben

Ep. 495 - Nels Popp (Asst Prof, UNC)

May 20, 2015 37:49


Nels Popp is already pioneering his academic studies to improve sports business, especially after releasing a widely read industry report in NACDA about ticket sales, outbound sales and third party initiatives to produce revenue generation. Popp shares his criticisms of the sports administration field, where improvements can be had across the board, as well as what students can do to increase their chances of becoming better industry stewards down the road. Popp also chats about the founding of NAATSO, the first college ticketing association, and whether college athletics is finally accepting ticket sales as a front porch solution to revenue generation. Twitter: @NelsPopp

Ep. 494 - Scott Garrett (Associate AD, K-State)

May 18, 2015 34:50


Understanding how to build an audience further is one of Scott Garrett's specialties, ever since starting at UIC and rising up to K-State athletics in Manhattan, Kansas. Garrett discusses how to ensure that the ticket product is not devalued, as well as the customer experience is increased by everyone who walks through the doors. And he plainly mentions how winning doesn't hurt, but it also can't be the only thing that an athletic department relies on when selling tickets. Garrett touches on the legacy of football coach Bill Snyder, some of the core principles that Snyder's brand places on top of K-State athletics, and how both mesh together. And Snyder's frequency of Taco Bell, which has transformed into a corporate sponsorship opportunity. Twitter: @ScottMGarrett

Ep. 493 - John Ruhlin (Principle, Ruhlin Group)

May 15, 2015 35:47


High level gifting as a sign of customer appreciation is far different than the mass giveaways that happen at the gates in exchange for a ticket. John Ruhlin specializes is crafting the best ways for a franchise or company to show their commitment back to the larger customers within their suite and premium levels. Ruhlin discusses why some of the things that franchises choose to aren't valued, and tend to be regifted, and how to ensure that every gift is quality and treasured by the customer forever. Ruhlin also talks about some of the ways to ensure that the entire process is both unique, as well as continual for each fan involved. Twitter: @Ruhlin

Ep. 492 - Eli Madden (Inside Sales Manager, Colorado Rapids)

May 13, 2015 27:15


Eli Madden dusted off and rebooted a dormant sports sales academy at the Colorado Rapids, re-invigorating one of the best pipelines to working in sports. Madden discusses how those academy attendees have responded, when it has come to both new prospecting techniques as well as overall sales. Madden mentions that it has also had a positive affect at pushing the current Rapids sales staff, seeing the challenge underneath them with new candidates for positions knocking on the doors. Twitter: @real_eli_madden

Ep. 491 - Shawn Sullivan (Director of Marketing, Ball State)

May 11, 2015 29:34


In 10 years, Shawn Sullivan has certainly made his creative, driven enthusiasm known in the sports industry both as an administrator and educator. Sullivan discusses some of the ways that he approaches great marketing, sales and revenue generation techniques, as well as how he feels young people should be encouraged at viewing working in the industry. Sullivan also discusses his thoughts on his time at Northwestern, where he helped implement Purple Pricing as well as the goals he's set out for himself both personally and professionally now at Ball State Athletics. Twitter: @ShawnKSullivan

Ep. 490 - Harold Hughes (CEO, Bandwagon)

May 8, 2015 30:25


Harold Hughes has more than a compelling elevator pitch, he has a complex idea that may change the secondary ticket market. Hughes has founded Bandwagon, LLC, which specifically targets ways for fans to resell their tickets to other fans of the same team, eliminating the fears that the rivals may pick up seats in the best areas of the stadium. Hughes explains how he came up with the Bandwagon process, as well as learned to code in order to create a short-hand with his programming staff. Hughes has conquered a lot of the learning curve required to sell tickets on the secondary market, and looks to capitalize on an under-utilized segmentation of the marketplace. Twitter: @TheBarcodeMan

Ep. 489 - Bobby Whitson (Partner, SSB Consulting)

May 6, 2015 34:38


The sports business data analytics conversation with Bobby Whitson goes next level. Whitson has been in the sports business field for some time, and understands it from the ticket vendor platform point of view, as a former director of sales at Veritix. Now a partner with SSB Consulting, Whitson's job is really trying to help create further avenues of conversation with franchise executives in order to showcase the importance of not only collecting data, but using it effectively. Whitson does depart from the idea of social media holding a direct R.O.I., but understands how his criticism isn't the gospel either, and instead focuses on what he feels helps build and garner data collective and utilization principles that work for the sports industry as a whole in order to generate revenue. Twitter: @TexasRig26

Ep. 488 - Neil Horowitz (Manager, Wilshire Axon Sports)

May 4, 2015 31:23


Neil Horowitz understands how the digital world is encroaching on the traditional marketing and branding campaigns of sports teams. Horowitz has worked for two NHL franchises, developing their social media accounts on multiple platforms, and now utilizes his experiences for Wilshire Axon Sports. Horowitz's main driver is helping smaller franchises compete in the mobile app space, something that can actually cost a mighty budget if performed in-house with limited success. Horowitz discusses the pros and cons to social media, how to really ensure that engagement is coming from both fans and teams, as well as how connection points matter at all times in the digital space. Twitter: @njh287

Ep. 487 - Josh Manley (CEO, ReplyBuy)

May 1, 2015 24:30


Josh Manley's company ReplyBuy offers a simple solution to a complex problem: how to fill seats in the easiest way possible for customers. Manley explains why ReplyBuy has started to take off, first with NBA teams, now with MLB, NHL and NFL teams following close behind. Manley covers why a text message is the simplest form of sophistication, and how it avoids the problem of smartphone "app fatigue" by the general customer, as well as creates an easy way to move tickets. Manley creates word of mouth by industry leaders, over standard marketing forms, as to the success of the company in such a short time span. Twitter: @ReplyBuy

Ep. 486 - Stefan Szymanski (Author, Soccernomics)

Apr 29, 2015 52:26


Stefan Szymanski has had an interesting week ever since launching his April 23, 2015 blog post which was the shot heard around professional soccer. Using information from a source close to Major League Soccer, Szymanski detailed what he felt were specific issues with the MLS financial model, comparing it to both a pyramid scheme and suggesting the potential for the league's collapse. This created a firestorm of online controversy, with readers both for and against his assertions, and even fostered a response from the MLS Commissioner Don Garber. Szymanski covers his post, point-by-point, on the podcast, as well as explains some of the reasonings behind each factor listed, addresses some of the issues that critics of his post had, and whether any new information has come out that has either confirmed or changed his view points. Twitter: @SSZY


Note: This podcast episode was the first time that I felt the need to expand the intro (over 10 minutes, which you can skip if you feel its not necessary) to explain not only my thoughts on the entire subject, but some of the issues surrounding Szymanski's interview and blog post, as well as sports business financial systems in general.

Ep. 485 - Jens Sejer Anderson (International Director, Play The Game)

Apr 27, 2015 43:27


Jens Sejer Anderson serves as International Director of Play the Game is an international conference and communication initiative aiming to strengthen the ethical foundation of sport and promote democracy, transparency and freedom of expression in sport. It is run by the Danish Institute for Sports Studies (Idan), an independent institution set up by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The task of Idan is to create overview over and insight into the field of sport nationally and internationally. Jens covers several of the current problematics issues surrounding sport, including the 2022 World Cup, as well as match-fixing, doping and massive stadia construction amid national debt. Twitter: @JensSejerA

Ep. 484 - Ishveen Anand (Principle, OpenSponsorship)

Apr 24, 2015 25:38


Ishveen Anand has been working in the sports sponsorship space for over 7 years, helping develop engagement and impact for her clients. Founding her own company, OpenSponsorship, in the summer of 2014, Anand has taken her talents onto a global scale. Anand discusses some of the ways in which international sponsorship have affected sports revenue, as well as the hindrances of American teams to understand that with their regional restrictions developed prior to the Internet and Satellite television. Anand crafts some of the issues around messaging, as well as how each style of the sponsorship must create a significant reaction, including to those on Madison Avenue who may not fully comprehend why it is important to go outside the United States when spending marketing dollars. Twitter: @IshveenAnand

Ep. 483 - Andy Rowdon (Asst AD/Texas Tech)

Apr 22, 2015 32:39


Understanding how to draw out fans is a tough job that Andy Rowdon has performed as more than a few athletic departments. Being able to decipher what is important to a fan, and being able to utilize that perspective is part of Rowdon's skill set. Rowdon discusses how he crafts promotions overall in order to maximize their effect on an audience as well as why college athletics tends to avoid theme nights overall. Rowdon doesn't shy away from what truly makes fan engagement a necessary component of any marketing conversation, and how to relate to attendees even in a massive football stadium. Twitter: @ARowdon

Ep. 482 - Dorian Pieracci (Sports Marketing Consultant)

Apr 20, 2015 42:09


Sports marketing has transformed from a simple signage solution to an analytical data dump. But what data is worthy of inclusion? Dorian Pieracci breaks down several of the current solutions out there to ensure that an ROI is feasible given the structure of the current B2B and B2C marketplace in sports. Pieracci examines how businesses are starting to think about team sponsorship involvement, as well as their apprehensions about not being a dominate market partner with a team. This discussion then transitions to the secondary market, and how under-utilized it is with ticket systems and sales practices that have been from the last century, or as Pieracci defines it, pre-Internet. Twitter: @Dorian_Pieracci

Ep. 481 - Austin Casselman (Founder, Pro Merch)

Apr 17, 2015 28:06


Athlete brands are starting to become the new norm, beyond what the team actually wants to define as their brand. That's where Pro Merch, a company founded by Austin Casselman, Luke Rodgers and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, come in. Pro Merch has redefined how athletes creating their own branded inventory, selling directly to fans through their social media channels and with an exclusive Target store deal. Casselman discusses the founding of the company, and how it has helped propel some of the bigger names in the NFL and MLB through officially licensed merchandise to take over their branding images, as well as implement a customization that each athlete approves of. Twitter: @MyProMerch

Ep. 480 - Dena Freeman-Patton (Associate AD, CSUB)

Apr 15, 2015 34:51


A former student-athlete at Liberty University, Dena Freeman-Patton understands the educational needs of those she mentors. Heading up the academic side of the athletic department at CSU-Bakersfield, Freeman-Patton shares her view on the challenges facing current student-athletes, as well as attempting to beat back some of the misconceptions that the educational system may have on athletes and academics overall. Freeman-Patton talks about remodeling an academic support system in order to best coordinate over 500 student-athletes each quarter. Twitter: @BMoreDFP

Ep. 479 - Jim Goodman (Ticket Systems Innovator)

Apr 13, 2015 40:49


Fewer people have seen the dawn of online ticketing like Jim Goodman, who was the first person to advocate for Ticketmaster to have a presence on the web. After that point, Goodman left to run ticketing for Walt Disney, then established's presence as a Ticketmaster competitor, including a merger that yielded Major League Baseball as an owner. Goodman explains some of the ways that online ticketing got started, including how his efforts resulted in those $16 service fees on a $17 ticket, and why those service fees continue to exist today. Goodman spares no punches in his wide-ranging opinions on promoters, teams, service fees, the StubHub vs Ticketmaster & Golden State Warriors lawsuit, and the secondary market as a whole. Goodman speaks about having 'boots on the ground' experience and why the ticket industry has hurt itself by not hiring those with that type real work experience into their upper eschelon. Twitter: @JimGoodman

Ep. 478 - Brad Smith (Assist AD/External Relations, Morehead State)

Apr 10, 2015 35:39


Brad Smith has been an idea maker in sports since 2003, when he had to sell tickets in the south with the Mississippi Sea Wolves of the Southern Professional Hockey League. Now moving onto stints at Texas A&M, Middle Tennessee State, Alabama-Birmingham and Morehead State, Smith has used his revenue generation skills to drum up business and fan support for the athletic departments he has served in. Smith talks about how to navigate old traditions, starting some new ones, in the hopes of innovating while respecting the institution's past efforts. Twitter: @BradSmithMSU

Ep. 477 - Steven Ziff (VP of Marketing, Jacksonville Jaguars)

Apr 8, 2015 32:23


Steven Ziff is no stranger to the podcast, having been a guest on Ep. 181 as VP of Brand Marketing for the Florida Panthers of the NHL. Now at the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, Ziff has unveiled a sweeping new premium hospitality program called "Jaguars Black" which may revolutionize how local businesses and sponsorships interact with professional luxury experiences. Ziff frames some of the challenges that he saw coming into the Jaguars, especially when the team had half of the NFL's norm for business involvement, as well as how to engage those community members to be a part of the team's overall scope of brand. Twitter: @SteveZiff

Ep. 476 - Steve Stroud (Sr. Associate AD, Troy University)

Apr 6, 2015 33:41


Steve Stroud feels that those looking to move up in the sports field should think twice before hitting the application button on any open position announcement, and presents his theory on the podcast. Stroud feels strongly in utilizing a few key principles of learning about the job's details, as well as seeing who within the current organization can help guide the interested party toward a potential hire. Stroud brings several years of experience in the athletic administration realm, and discusses his passion for sports revenue, marketing and communications above all else. Stroud shares his knowledge of how to continue to drive annual fund donations, even in uncertain times with the potential loss of the IRS deduction on university gifts, and how fans see bowl games and tournament berths, when it comes to the rise of an athletic program's prominence on the national stage. Twitter: @Steve_Stroud

Ep. 475 - Bill Hancock (Executive Director, College Football Playoff)

Apr 3, 2015 24:37


Bill Hancock has achieved a unique trifecta in college athletics: he was the first director of the NCAA Final Four, first director of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and the first director of the College Football Playoff in an over 50-year-career. Hancock discusses his relationships in college basketball, the reasons behind playing in massive stadiums for ticket availability and how it fostered tournament expansion during an unprecedented growth of the game as well as television rights revenues. Hancock covers the reasons why he feels the BCS was ultimately successful in determining a national football champion, as well as the CFP, which he feels has improve the game as well as increased the chances of exciting football in January. Twitter: @BHancockCFP

Ep. 474 - Mike Freeman (Associate AD, Butler)

Apr 1, 2015 28:58


Butler's athletic prowess over the last few years has made it a player on the national stage, even if its still a fan's "second favorite team" in Indiana. Associate AD Mike Freeman shares of the ways that Butler goes after its fanbase, especially when creating a unique, passionate environment at Hinkle Fieldhouse. Freeman provides insight on how getting on local television, as well as driving the importance of the game itself, has increased attendance overall amid those Final Four expectations after two back-to-back years in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Championship games. Twitter: @MichaelSFreeman

Ep. 473 - Kelly Higgins (Athletic Director, Alfred State)

Mar 30, 2015 37:49


Kelly Higgins has served as athletic director of four NCAA institutions, driving revenue by making hard choices and trying to innovate despite not having a Division-I athletic department (save for D-I hockey at Alaska Fairbanks). Higgins discusses some of the feats he was able to pull off, such as the exempted "Top Of The World" Classic which drew in several D-I basketball teams to face D-I competition, on a regional cable network from a deal that Higgins crafted. Getting deeper into the details, Higgins talks about selling South Dakota on coaching staffs, renovating areas into fields and building a championship mentality at Fort Lewis College. Now at Alfred State, Higgins has a new challenge ahead of him, to define the identity of what Alfred State is and is not, within the perimeters of NCAA or NAIA. Twitter: @OldNumber83

Ep. 472 - Keith Moss (CEO, Signature Athletic Tape)

Mar 27, 2015 34:29


Athletic tape has often been the invisible side of sports, in a typical white, bland fashion. Keith Moss aims to change that perception, introducing a branding tool with Signature Athletic Tape, that allows athletes and franchises to create a marketing concept surrounding something commonly taken for granted. Moss talks about how he came up with the idea to print logos and colors on the tape, and how it is now starting to generate buzz within the sports community, including a branding tool example made possible by a marathon sponsor, Airbrb. Moss discusses some of the challenges that lay ahead for his company, as well as how his tape has the ability to tear off easier, and reduce some of the stress on athletic trainers when an athlete wants to remove it. Twitter: @SigTape

Ep. 471 - Jason Bowers (Asst Dir of IT, Cornerstone U)

Mar 25, 2015 27:36


Jason Bowers is in a unique spot at his alma mater; an assistant IT director for Cornerstone University, he's created a second job for himself as a volunteer running social media for the NAIA Division II men's basketball program. This has paid off 10-fold for the program, which has increased its engagement with its fans, especially after securing the 2015 NAIA Division II National Championship while Dancin' In Branson at the NAIA National Tournament. Bowers shares his thoughts on how he runs the social media accounts for Cornerstone men's basketball, as well as ways that he keeps his channels both fresh and relevant, and avoids subscribing to the idea of increasing followers at any and all costs. Bowers may be a volunteer for the program, but he has certainly increased awareness to a dramatic degree, while having a ton of fun in the process. Twitter: @JBBowers

Ep. 470 - Jacob Tingle (Director of Sport Mgmt, Trinity University)

Mar 23, 2015 36:39


The role of sports management courses, especially those dealing with the sociological and philosophical aspects in the world of sport, are under fire by critics who deem them unnecessary to finding a job in the industry. Trinity University's sports management director Jacob Tingle can empathize with the concern, but lays out his argument for why a wider breadth of knowledge surrounding the history, psychology and overall education of industry professionals is important to its survival and success. Tingle describes some of the tangible broad issues of the sports industry and how they impact the daily role of people in the community. Twitter: @TingleJK

Ep. 469 - Michael Cavaretta, Ph.D. (Data Scientist, Ford Motor Company)

Mar 20, 2015 31:13


Data scientist Michael Cavaretta disects the world of information gathering into a whole territory; selling cars. As Cavaretta explains, just getting the data is only one step in the process, and understanding what you are looking at takes a lot more than just a few mathematical formulas to figure out. Cavaretta discusses how Ford is starting to listen to customer-created conversations over social media to determine which features work, as well as how to educate their customers better. The conversation transforms into how sports business can learn a lot from the car business, in order to grow its analytical acumen in new, dynamic avenues. Twitter: @mjcavaretta

Ep. 468 - Joe True (Associate AD of Development, Marquette)

Mar 18, 2015 28:23


Athletic fundraising comes down to the concept of engaging conversations. Joe True has served Marquette University for over 10 years as a member of the athletic development team, rising to the role of Associate Athletic Director. True discusses his strategy to get to know and communicate with the MU alumni base, as well as make the ask, not just friendraising, but actual fundraising. True discusses some of avenues and continual mindsets that have helped MU reach lofty revenue goals and maintain its annual giving levels. Twitter: @MUJoeTrue

Ep. 467 - David Marcus (SVP, ScoreBig)

Mar 16, 2015 27:30


The relationship between the primary and secondary market are discussed in deep detail with David Marcus, who helps run one of the largest ways to protect the branding of teams and promoters in both marketplaces. Marcus pinpoints the time in which the secondary market grew up, and everyone including Mom became aware of its power, and its not a sporting event that he cites. It's a Disney-promoted concert which sent shockwaves throughout the nation and really drew a lot of attention toward the secondary market as a whole. Marcus sees the branding of teams as a key part of which ScoreBig can protect, while still offering the general consumer deals that clear seats and generate revenue. Marcus provides his theories on some of the best practices that teams can start to implement, and what the secondary market looks like, in relationship to the primary, in the future. Twitter: @DvdMarcus

Ep. 466 - Bruce Logan (Sr Development Officer, York University)

Mar 13, 2015 28:53


Athletic fundraising North of the American border is starting to catch on with its American counterparts. Bruce Logan serves as a foothold reminder of this, at one of the largest collegiate campuses in the entire Canadian system. With Canadian universities turning their attention toward the NCAA model, and joining their academic brothers in the United States, this translates into a huge opportunity for development activities with alumni. Logan discusses how York builds its base, and with a non-traditional Canadian sport of football leading the way, and how it maintains its historical legacy despite affiliation or conference changes. Twitter: @BruceLogan2

Ep. 465 - Will Flaherty (Director of Growth, SeatGeek)

Mar 11, 2015 31:18


Ticket aggregators are unleashing data for the secondary market in record time, with one of the companies at the forefront being SeatGeek. The company's Director of Growth, Will Flaherty, discusses the state of the secondary market, as well as how sales data on the secondary is starting to inform both resellers as well as sports teams on how their tickets are doing. Flathery discusses how the information can help achieve a better pricing structure for resellers and teams, in understanding how the customer reacts to the product, as well as SeatGeek's Deal Score calculation which can help determine the best seats in a venue based on historical data and other statistical information. Twitter: @flathertyiv

Ep. 464 - Matt Wells (Associate AD of Marketing, West Virginia)

Mar 9, 2015 30:46


As the traditions of college athletics have been usurped by conference affiliation changes, it has placed some challenges for marketing a football or basketball program in the modern era. Matt Wells knows this at West Virginia, where the populations to come watch live college entertainment is limited, and the passion for undeveloped rivalries isn't surfaced yet. Wells shares his views of what makes up a good marketing & sales plan, as well as how to develop an attraction that builds a fan base, despite the lack of a historical or traditional conference rival game. Twitter: @WMattWells

Ep. 463 - Christian Deleon (Asst AD Marketing/New Media, San Diego State)

Mar 6, 2015 36:20


It is a rare, unique and surprisingly fresh approach when sports marketing turns toward the arts world for inspiration. That's what Christian Deleon's tenure at San Diego State Athletic Marketing has been all about, with the adoption of a Banksy-esk art-deco feel to an advertising campaign that cost the department little, yet got their branding throughout the city of San Diego. Deleon shares his passion of developing good, smart and interesting branding opportunities through new media, as well as creating a fun environment at games. Deleon talks about how SDSU honored the passing of its legendary alumni Tony Gwynn, not with a memorial, but with a fantastic week of showcasing exactly what Gywnn meant to SDSU and the San Diego community. Twitter: @SDSUChristian

Ep. 462 - Jared Frank (Editor, SEAT Magazine - ALSD)

Mar 4, 2015 33:46


Jared Frank has edited SEAT Magazine for the Association of Luxury Suite Directors for the past nine years, witnessing changes in the premium market. The ALSD Conference will be its 25th year when it kicks off in San Francisco July 6-9, 2015 and Frank says that some of the best is yet to come. Frank talks about some of the things which have made up the premium space, as well as how the entire industry has developed a feel for luxury seating options. Frank also is very touchy when it comes to the print media, defending its viability vigorously as he puts out a publication with over 100 pages of content quarterly. Frank also shares a few stories about what makes the ALSD a unique family atmosphere, including what happens when a co-worker calls in sick for the first time. Twitter: @JChrstophrFrank

Ep. 461 - Mike Guiffre (Sports Revenue Consultant)

Mar 2, 2015 35:23


The world of premium sales at the venue level requires a certain type of perspective on prospective client relations, as Mike Guiffre explains. This doesn't just means hitting the phones hard for 100 calls per day, but a data-driven approach with CRM that helps illuminate exactly who the client is, and what their capacity is as well. Guiffre presents the argument for how data analytics is being performed at the sports/venue level, and where it needs to go in order to improve. Some of those steps require less phone skills, and more information on how to deliver that message correctly in the first place. Twitter: @MjGuff

Ep. 460 - Brent Jones - Associate AD of Marketing, S. Mississippi)

Feb 27, 2015 34:42


Brent Jones has been working to meld the duties of marketing and communications into one department at the University of Southern Mississippi. Those tasks entail a plethora of duties, including  promotions, communications, licensing, sponsorship fulfillment, branding, advertising, ticket sales campaigns, in game production, fan engagement, video operations, public relations, social media, community relations, the athletic department website, digital assets and the spirit squads for Southern Miss Athletics. Yes, that is a lot to digest, except Jones also oversees departments for sports information, broadcasting, sports technology and video operations, IMG College, LRG, M-Club ( Letter winners association) sports marketing department, digital marketing and creative services. So, basically, Jones has only a short window to chat on the podcast before catching his breath and continuing on. Jones covers the gamut in terms of different ways to attract fans to S. Mississippi as well as live the brand of the institution, and get most departments working together, instead of apart. Twitter: @BrentJones4

Ep. 459 - Nick Truelson (Chief Commercial Officer, Western Bulldogs)

Feb 25, 2015 31:36


The Western Bulldogs of the Australia Football League are a perfect example of revenue generation. Despite some lackluster results on the field of play, the Bulldogs' Chief Commercial Officer Nick Truelson and his team were able to generate a men's health program in partnership with Liverpool FC, generating over $1 million in revenue, along with bringing in 25 new partners to the club. It is a great example of business development with new product creation that no one else in the AFL was doing. Truelson speaks about the reasons behind the men's health program, fixated on the poor health stats of the local community which has resonated with the area fans and has become a great new opportunity to grow the fan base. Twitter: @nicktruelson


Ep. 458 - Meaghan Brooks (Dir of Community Relations, Oklahoma)

Feb 23, 2015 40:26


Community relations is a new component for college athletics, although it has been in the professional sports ranks for a long time. Meaghan Brooks has overseen the program at the University of Oklahoma since its inception in 2012, describing what seems like a political campaign as the Sooners perform over 100 school visits annually. Brooks shares her secret for staying on top of things: Organization. That may sound simple enough, but when she gets into the details, she reveals a complex world of ensuring that everything is in place, even when someone still notices the smallest issue and magnifies it post-event. Brooks talks about the main goal, which is showing how her department improves the attendance and revenue situation for Oklahoma, as well as her continued desire to make sure that the goodwill toward the community is long-term in the activities that UO athletic department perform on a weekly basis. Twitter: @MixMasterMegs

Ep. 457 - Dr. Darin White (Sports Marketing Professor, Samford)

Feb 20, 2015 31:20


Dr. Darin White is part of the new contingent of academia attempting to improve the sports business acumen available in sports management programs, starting with his own program at Samford University's Brock School of Business. White doesn't just stop there, also chairing the Sports Marketing Academic Society, as part of the American Marketing Association. The goal is to develop a framework that builds the best graduating student who is prepared to meet the challenges of today's professional sports franchises and athletic departments worldwide. White discusses how he arranges his curriculum with the help of various sports business leaders, as well as lays out the facts to any would-be student seeking to gain employment in sports. Twitter: @Sports_Biz_Prof

Ep. 456 - Cline Thompson (Director of Ticket Sales, Huntsville Havoc)

Feb 18, 2015 28:03


The Huntsville Havoc are a mainstay of the Southern Professional Hockey League, one of 10 outlaw minor league hockey teams affixed together in a region of the United States that isn't known for its winter ice sports. Havoc Director of Ticket Sales Cline Thompson explains why the SPHL and the team have been able to be successful, despite the unification of several other minor league hockey teams in the CHL, which helped cause a drastic ripple effect across the sports business landscape. Thompson discusses the Havoc's methods of marketing, especially against SEC football and other "town closers" in order to fill the stands during their season and continue to pack the house with crazy promotions such as "Weiner Dog Racing On Ice." Twitter: @Cline_Thompson

Ep. 455 - Richard Searls (Director of Ticket Sales, NY Cosmos)

Feb 16, 2015 29:54


The New York Cosmos' legacy from the 1970s has re-emerged as an NASL team fighting itself way toward revenue generation amid a rising trend of soccer awareness and excitement. Richard Searls describes some of the ways that the Cosmos have grown their own base on the Hofstra college campus, despite not having alcohol sales to bouy their bottom line. For Searls, it comes down to a unifying sense of ownership by the fans themselves. Searls also talks about his commitment to the franchise, which includes one of the longest daily commutes for a franchise executive ever. Twitter: @RichSearls

Ep. 454 - John Lemke (Loyalty Marketing Director, E Group)

Feb 13, 2015 34:22


Understanding how priority points and loyalty marketing work for a sports franchise is something that John Lemke has been dealing with for a long, long time. His career has spanned from loyalty marketing programs for the airlines, hospitality to setting up various sports franchise models with EFan. Lemke sorts out some of the issues regarding a loyalty marketing plan and implementation, in order to ensure that when a customer buys into a rewards program, that they stay in, long-term and continue to build up those points.

Ep. 453 - Brock Wissmiller (Assistant AD, Upper Iowa)

Feb 11, 2015 36:50


Brock Wissmiller is providing that NCAA Division II has just as many revenue opportunities as the big boys at Division I. Wissmiller has several years of development, fundraising, media and sales experience, all of which he brings to the table daily at the Upper Iowa Athletic Department. Wissmiller discusses some of the perceptions and misconceptions at working at a small university athletic department, as well as how anyone can become an asset on staff if they are willing to try. Twitter: @bwissmiller

Ep. 452 - Matt Millward (Director of Ticket Operations, Charlotte Knights)

Feb 9, 2015 35:13


The Charlotte Knights in a unique position within the MiLB landscape: A franchise with a continual sold-out situation that is drawing the interest of the local secondary ticket market, as well as some national attention for one of the best new ballparks in America. Knights' Director of Ticket Operations Matt Millward discusses some of the various ways in which the team has utilized every revenue stream imaginable during its first year in downtown Charlotte in 2014, and how the team was able to carry a brand that didn't sell out in Fort Mills, South Carolina up the road, across state lines, and turn it into a turnstyle phenomena. Twitter: @IMPennSt

Ep. 451 - Ticket Forum 15 (Kevin Wilson, Heather Lutz, Eric Leach)

Feb 6, 2015 34:51


The podcast headed to Charlotte, North Carolina for Ticket Forum 15 and conducted a group interview with Kevin Wilson, Associate AD of Development - North Carolina Central University Athletics, Heather Lutz, Assistant AD of Marketing & Sales - University of Toledo and Eric Leach, Assistant General Manager, Bowling Green Hot Rods. Each brings something interesting to the table, especially on how to draw an audience, keep fans happy and live the brand every day. Special thanks to Ticket Return which facilitated the interviews as well as the location at the beautiful new Charlotte Knights' baseball park in downtown Charlotte, NC.

Ep. 450 - David Paitson (Assoc. AD/Revenue, Sam Houston St)

Feb 4, 2015 32:01


Realizing revenue is one of new facets of athletic departments, and David Paitson is bringing his professional experience to the FCS level to prove it. Paitson oversees the FCS powerhouse Sam Houston State's revenue streams as an associate athletic director, and covers a lot of the ground of what it takes to generate actual income at the lower Division I levels. Paitson discusses some of the ways that Sam Houston State has been able to separate itself from the competition, including how to draw an audience amid professional teams and FBS schools fighting for the BCS crown. Paitson gives his thoughts on the Power 5 decision of autonomy, what that could mean for the FCS level as a whole, and why its sometimes a better fit for a school to stay a big fish in a little pond. Twitter: @Paitson

Ep. 449 - Garrett Nolan (Box Office Manager, Bojangles Coliseum)

Feb 2, 2015 01:01:10


Sitting down in Charlotte during Ticket Forum 2015, Garrett Nolan discusses his role at Bojangles Coliseum and Ovens Auditorium. While the conversation starts off with dealing in ticket sales, especially with Bojangles' announcement of the move of the AHL's Charlotte Checkers to the Coliseum in 2015-16, it transforms into a debate over the role of the secondary market, and ticket brokers as a whole. Nolan presents his points and thoughts on whether a resale market is necessarily good for event ticket operations, and what some of the downsides might be. In the end, Nolan and I share our Super Bowl picks (I was wrong on mine). Twitter: @GarrettNolan

Ep. 448 - Laura Madison (Principle,

Jan 30, 2015 31:57


Laura Madison is changing the car industry by provoking a discussion on what car sales representatives should be doing online. Madison works at the Toyota dealership in Bozeman, Montana, but has made national and international news through her branded website sales, creating blog posts, videos and other social media content, reviewing the cars that she sells on the lot. This has translated to hundreds of additional car sales through digital means, and made Madison's reputation grow within the car industry. Several of these aspects could be copied tomorrow by sports franchises, adopted by the team's sales representatives, and pushed into selling socially in order to help the customer better understand and engage with the ticket sales product. @LauraDrives

Ep. 447 - Marty Mulford (Sr. Director of Tickets, Nashville Predators)

Jan 28, 2015 35:18


Marty Mulford has worked in sports long enough to see why it is hard for young people to access the industry. A mainstay in the ticket office with the Nashville Predators, Mulford decided to create a 75-minute audio e-book called The Sports Industry Fast Pass, with the express goal of help young people understand what jobs are available, how to interview properly for the job in question, and how to best prepare yourself for the job ahead. Mulford offers many years of experience, discussing some of the aspects of what it takes to do his job continually, including an ability to separate 'spectating' with 'relationship building' at the game with customers. Twitter: @SprtsIndstryFP

Ep. 446 - Justin Doherty (Associate AD/External Relations, Wisconsin)

Jan 26, 2015 36:31


Justin Doherty has witnessed the growth of the Big Ten, NCAA and The University of Wisconsin during his 25 years in sports communication. Doherty talks about the transition from print media as the mainstay of journalism to now social media, where digital print rules the day. Doherty discusses some of the aspects of trying to determine what and who makes a journalist, and who should receive credentials for upcoming games. Doherty also covers several key reasons why social media can be a good thing, but also when covering breaking news or controversy, can place sports communication reactions into a tailspin. Doherty ends with talking about coaches on Twitter, and why several Wisconsin coaches, including Athletic Director Barry Alvarez, aren't on social media at all. Twitter: @JDatWisconsin

Ep. 445 - Claire and Jim Kean (NPGL)

Jan 23, 2015 40:28


The National Pro Grid League has taken the nation's summertime viewing up a notch. In 2014, it was launched as a cable mainstay for NBC Sports, filling out some of the 8600 programming hours that the channel has to allot for. NPGL's Claire and Jim Kean, discuss how they created the game from scratch, designed various teams, took on ownership groups and launched within a 9-month time frame. As NPGL VP of Operations, Claire covers some of the issues that happened during the actual events themselves, and as NPGL CEO, Jim explains what the revenues, finances and pitfalls ended up looking like. The NPGL is set to launch its second season in 2015, and ready for the challenges that lie ahead in both league competition and revenue. Twitter: @TheGridLeague

Ep. 444 - Doug Holtzman (VP, Media Brokers Int.)

Jan 21, 2015 30:01


Doug Holtzman is no stranger to sports business, working over 17 years in the field. Currently the VP of Media & Entertainment for Media Brokers Int., Holtzman has been a consultant for sports and media companies, and worked at IMG for four years, helping Air Force Academy and Northern Illinois University achieve activation through corporate partnerships. With NBA, NFL and NHL experience, Holtzman shares his knowledge of what helps keep local and national sponsors happy with a team sponsorship package, and what franchises can do to drive additional revenue through their existing partnerships. Twitter: @DouglasHoltzman



Ep. 443 - Amy Venuto (Sports Sales Trainer)

Jan 19, 2015 32:39


Amy Venuto has worked in sports sales for over 16 years, transitioning several minor league franchises and raceways into high volume revenue drivers for their executive staffs. Venuto shares some of her philosophies when coming into situations, especially how to develop a fast-track training that avoids simply presenting PowerPoint slides and going over the same topics each visit. Venuto discusses ways to avoid giving in to customers when prices are raised, or price points are finally respected, and how to reformat a "poisoned market" where the previous administration resorted to free tickets as a marketing pull. Twitter: @AmyVenuto

Ep. 442 - Jeramie McPeek (VP of Digital, Phoenix Suns)

Jan 16, 2015 33:19


Jeramie McPeek has been with the Phoenix Suns since 1992. He's witnessed the transition from print to online, as well as how to digitally engage each fan along the way. McPeek discusses some of the platforms used in order to achieve that engagement, along with facing the fact that major brands are also at the mercy of the platform algorithms that alter communicating with the fans or followers that have already asked to receive that information entirely. McPeek also attended The Sports Fan Summit in Melbourne, Australia in July 2014 with the Tao of Sports host, and they chat about the engagement as well as learning atmosphere of the Australian sports business crowd, and running in terror from the Australian possum (google it, trust us, those things were scary). Twitter: @JMcPeek

Ep. 441 - Mike Hermann (Athletic Director, Kansas Wesleyan)

Jan 14, 2015 37:18


Mike Hermann has served as an athletic director at three different institutions, twice at the Division I level. Now at the NAIA level, Hermann feels he has found his wheelhouse, in helping promote student athlete and fundraising success to a core constituency. While some administrators may avoid NAIA or small college athletics, Hermann advocates for the opposite approach, suggesting that some of the best principles of collegiate athletics are at the non-Division I level. Hermann shares his views on developing great alumni relations, and how to ensure that the athletic department has continuing transparency throughout the campus community. Twitter: @Hermann_sports

Ep. 440 - Ben Alamar (Director of Production Analytics, ESPN)

Jan 12, 2015 37:34


Analytical models in sports have continued to flourish as the importance of Moneyball and its subsequent equational transitions have permeated throughout the sports fan conciousness. Dr. Ben Alamar is in the unique position to both explain analytics growth on the academic level as a former professor as well as on the broadcast side at ESPN, where he helps present digestable coverage for sports viewers worldwide. Alamar presents a very expansive view of where performance estimation is growing, as well as some of the challenges that lie ahead, especially in certification to ensure that all credible research into sports analytics is performed in a peer-review setting. Twitter: @BenAlamar

Ep. 439 - Dan McLean (Associate AD of Development, Eastern Michigan)

Jan 9, 2015 43:52


One of the biggest challenges is fundraising at an FBS directional school, especially when the name-recognition isn't there with the alumni, nor the student body. Eastern Michigan's Associate AD of Development Dan McLean discusses some of the ways that his athletic department meets and exceeds those barriers, as well as the opportunities that are bore out of being able to create an identity where none existed prior. McLean embraces solutions over excuses, and shares his wisdom of how to build the brand, even if it means some of the legacy alumni who don't want to give up a free ride are left behind once the journey requires pay for play. Twitter: @_DanMcLean

Ep. 438 - David McElwee (VP Ticket Sales, Washington Nationals)

Jan 7, 2015 32:28


The Washington Nationals brand has been able to flourish in the nation's capital, something that could not be said for the two other versions of Major League Baseball which have existed there during the last hundred years prior. David McElwee discusses how The Nationals have maintained supremacy over the summers in D.C., despite the fact that the area's favorite sport of choice is politics. McElwee imparts his wisdom on how to eliminate that divide, especially when there are groups of stark differences who have to be catered to within the ballpark at the same time. McElwee covers some of the things that have made news for The Nationals in recent years, including the ticket restrictions on Phillies fans and outfielder Bryce Harper's Spring Training tweet that ignited thousands of phone calls for a two hour window in March 2013.

Ep. 437 - Tim Duncan (Athletic Director, Clayton State)

Jan 5, 2015 36:10


Athletic administrators typically don't drop down from FBS Division I to work at two different NCAA Division II institutions as athletic directors, but that's exactly what Tim Duncan has done (no, not THAT Tim Duncan). First at Paine College, now at Clayton State. But Duncan's story is much richer than that, working at two different FBS institutions as part of the senior staff in development, as well as his time in Corporate America, both as a businessman and entrepreneur. Duncan discusses his journey, as well as how he continues to strive to grow each department's revenue opportunities by engaging community members with a business mentality usually unseen by campus administrators. And he discusses why it's okay to have the same name as someone who is much more famous, especially when he lists the alternatives available. Twitter: @TimDuncanAD

Ep. 436 - Andrew Donovan (Associate AD Compliance, Marshall)

Jan 2, 2015 31:00


The world of NCAA compliance remains a mystery to the majority of the public, with misconceptions about its application running rampant, especially when the NCAA is dealing with the autonomy vote of the Power 5 Conferences. Marshall University's Associate AD of Compliance Andrew Donovan presents his arguments for why rules education matters, and is still relevant in today's world with both coaches and student-athletes. Donovan offers up several examples of why the NCAA's rules may be misunderstood, but also continue to hold an incredible amount of value to each member school.

Ep. 435 - Vince Volpe (Athletic Fundraising Consultant)

Dec 31, 2014 39:37


Athletic fundraising isn't an easy job to master. Vince Volpe has been successful at three different FBS institutions, and shares his knowledge for ensuring that large capital gifts, as well as building the annual fund for an athletic department, are kept in a continuous harmony. Volpe discusses some of the things that attract him to an athletic department's development office, as well as how to build rapport with alumni of each school in order to do the best job for the institution. Twitter: @Vince_Volpe

Ep. 434 - Ben Zayandehroudi (Premium Seating Manager, Vancouver Whitecaps FC)

Dec 29, 2014 52:27


Ben Zayandehroudi has possibly helped crack one of the best prospecting tools online, LinkedIn, by utilizing various methods that allow a sports sales professional to eliminate the gatekeeper entirely and communicate right with the decision-maker. Zayandehroudi sells tickets and premium seating for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC up in the great white north, but don't let that fool you, what he has to say can drastically improve an R.O.I. for a franchise's sales department. Zayandehroudi provides training to both the Whitecaps and MLS, expanding out to those sports sales professionals who request it. Laying out his ideas for how to expand LinkedIn profiles is one of the more remarkable initiatives ever voiced on the podcast, and could help a sales department increase their prospecting and sales conversion overnight with only a few small, simple changes to their LinkedIn profiles. Twitter: @BZInc

Ep. 433 - Brian Cawley (Principle, Soul7Nine)

Dec 26, 2014 42:23


The world of sponsorship for MMA fighters is starting to heat up, and Soul7Nine's Brian Cawley is here to explain what this new territory means. Cawley worked in team sports sponsorship for several years prior to building his own company, Soul7Nine, which focuses on MMA brand building with fighters and promotions. Cawley discusses the recent UFC agreement to unify its brand with Reebok, and how that might help enhance the ability for individual fighters to generate more unique corporate partnerships as a result. Twitter: @Soul7Nine

Ep. 432 - Joel Manchak (Director of Sales, Portland Thunder)

Dec 24, 2014 31:27


Social sales in sports is a fairly new practice, and the Portland Thunder are at the front-edge of it, utilizing the opportunity to make bigger sales with a small staff. Joel Manchak discusses why the challenge of maintaining and operating an effective social sales strategy has been crucial to the new Arena Football League team's survival in its second year, and how geo-targeting through social media ads on various digital platforms has built a large amount of revenue growth over the past off-season. Manchak presents the arguments for why social selling components should be in every sports sales department in the coming year, and why that new account rep's salary may be shifted to better use as part of a social media ad budget buy to attract new customers.

Ep. 431 - Melinda Travis (CEO, PRO Sports Communication)

Dec 22, 2014 31:07


The world of public relations has been drastically altered by the advent of social media and blogs; it has allowed far more opportunities for someone to become a journalist, as well as transformed the role of the practitioner who is trying to get a solid, coherent message out on behalf of a team or athlete. Melinda Travis operates effectively within these new rules, discussing some of her thoughts on how to properly manage athlete messages for both personal and brand reasons through social media and other digital channels. Travis talks about her concerns about speculation over fact when responding to inquiry, and whether the rapid-fire demand for immediate information actually harms the public consumption of a story. Twitter: @Melinda_Travis

Ep. 430 - J.P. Lutz (Sports Revenue Consultant)

Dec 19, 2014 40:22


J.P. Lutz is both a practitioner and instructor; he works in the sports industry, helping franchises boost their revenue through consulting work, while also lecturing at various Philadelphia universities, helping the next generation gain the cutting edge on new technology and techniques. Lutz discusses his passion for finding both corporate sponsorship activation, as well as driving ticket sales and above all else, move ticket. Lutz discusses some of the issues surrounding educating today's generation of sports management students, and how to best engage them in the classroom with information that will serve them long-term in the industry. Twitter: @JP_Lutz

Ep. 429 - Don Scott (Director of Sales & Marketing, Immersion Media)

Dec 17, 2014 38:59


Don Scott is at a transition point in his career. After several great years of rising through the ranks of the Samford Athletic Department, working in tickets, marketing and development, Scott is now leading Immersion Media's efforts in helping athletic departments grow revenues and eyeballs as a digital media vendor. Scott discusses some of the challenges that he faced in both driving attendance through the ticket office and marketing, as well as attempt to cultivate new relationships with Samford alumni. Twitter: @Descott4


Ep. 428 - Erik Blaisdell (Sr. Ticket Sales Manager, NHRA)

Dec 15, 2014 28:21


Selling motorsports racing is a highly complex feat, especially when the majority of the ticket sales staff isn't even in the same state as the venue track. Erik Blaisdell discusses the challenges and opportunities of selling NHRA, which owns multiple tracks throughout the country, and how to properly engage fans through selling the entire motorsports product. In some ways, they might be a little behind stick and ball sports in how to sell, in other ways, they may be ahead of those team-driven sports, especially when it comes to developing membership packages that sell. Blaisdell opens up about some of the ways that NHRA cares fully about its members, growing the brand every season.

Ep. 427 - David Young (Ticket Financing Manager, RCN Capital)

Dec 12, 2014 37:07


The state of the secondary ticket market is David Young's focus throughout the day, as he helps foster RCN Capital's relationship with brokers to make the big sales with teams. Young refers to RCN Capital as the 'defacto bank' of the secondary ticket market, able to buy whole blocks of inventory with guarantees for sports franchises. Young discusses some of the issues surrounding the art of selling on the secondary ticket market, as well as some of the misconceptions about what resellers do and cannot do to help drive revenue as a distribution channel. Twitter: @RCNCapital


Ep. 426 - Scot Pett (VP of Ticket Sales & Suites, Detroit Tigers)

Dec 10, 2014 30:54


The premium seating product has been discussed prior on the podcast with guests, but never in a situation such as Detroit, where luxury items don't always look good for companies in the middle of downsizing in an economic crisis. Detroit Tigers VP Scot Pett admits that he has his work cut out for him, along with generating ticket sales in general, despite winning on the field, given the area that his staff sells to. Pett discusses some of the harmful generalizations about selling in the Detroit/Michigan marketplace, along with how big signings of free agents have stabilized some of the season ticket sales for the team.

Ep. 425 - Dr. Kirk Wakefield (Executive Director, Baylor S3)

Dec 8, 2014 48:13


The Baylor S3 program aims to be completely unparallelled in its instruction compared to most academic sports management classes out there. Focusing on Sports, Sales and Sponsorship as its top three core programming components, it's Executive Director Kirk Wakefield feels that there is a shift in the paradigm toward the discrimination that most sports management programs have. Typically because there is a focus on actually selling the sports product, rather than merely talking about it. Wakefield presents his argument for changing the attitudes of students, to help them understand that being a paid spectator is not a viable option in the sports world, as well as bringing forth new ideas to ensure that the students that graduate from the Baylor S3 program at the forefront of new methodology and technology for the sports industry. Twitter: @KirkWakefield

Ep. 424 - Bill Stewart (Principle, Zephyr Sports)

Dec 5, 2014 45:21


Bill Stewart pulls no punches when discussing the state of minor league baseball and hockey ownership in today's sports marketplace. An executive who has served as team president of a minor league hockey team for 6 years, Stewart has always owned several minority shares of minor league teams across the country. Stewart shares his insight into what makes a great minor league owner, as well as some of the details of league involvement as well as arena leases that goes into the numbers that make up sports finances. Stewart makes it very clear that being an owner in today's world involves a lot of risk, as well as frequent hard work, in order to develop an entertaining product that fans come back to witness time and again.

Ep. 423 - Jeff Schum (CRM/Database Manager, Carolina Hurricanes)

Dec 3, 2014 29:34


Understanding the engagement factor with analytics in sports doesn't just come from getting more customer information, but developing better ways to use it. Jeff Schum has been working on various ways to improve the education and relationship of numbers for the Carolina Hurricanes staff for years, as well as with several other organizations. Schum examines methodology to encapsulate as well as create better lead margins for sports sales staff members, qualifying leads to ensure that every piece of measurement can be taken into account before the first phone call is made. This is crucial in a time when discovering the elusive fan is hard to master. Twitter: @JeffSchum

Ep. 422 - Andrew Goodrich (Sr. Associate AD, USF)

Dec 1, 2014 37:05


Andrew Goodrich has a knack for creating promotional processes that develop the fan experience further for both the University of Miami and the University of South Florida. A large component of this effort comes from a deep dive into the world of analytical structure, where Goodrich utilizes both digital media and fan information. This is part of the budding trend occurring throughout college athletic departments as administrators are asking: just who are our fans? Goodrich has a few answers, especially for the young university alumni at USF. Twitter: @ATGoodrich

Ep. 421 - Mike Wendling (Director of Ticket Sales, Oklahoma State)

Nov 28, 2014 33:16


Mike Wendling represents a new challenge to college athletic ticket sales: Analytics as the basis of how his job functions. Originally slated for looking at data support for ticket sales with Oklahoma State, Wendling has broadened his experience to now selling the entire ticket product. Analytics can be challenging for some, but with Wendling, he breaks down the various components of what makes a ticket sales unit, especially at a college athletic department, worth of pushing revenue generation. Twitter: @WendlingMike

Ep. 420 - Patrick Ryan (Co-Founder, Ticket Experience)

Nov 27, 2014 35:43


Consolidation deals are the new mode of operation for the secondary market and resellers. Co-founder of The Ticket Experience, Patrick Ryan, discusses some of the ways in which the reselling ticket business has been drastically changed by how franchises as well as team executives view the practice. Ryan talks about some of the options available to move tickets for the teams on the primary market as well as how the secondary market can be utilized as a distribution channel. Twitter: @PRyanTexas

Ep. 419 - Bob Hamer (CEO, Sports Business Solutions)

Nov 26, 2014 40:42


After spending over a decade at the Phoenix Suns, rising to the level of VP of Ticket Sales, Bob Hamer hung up his career in the NBA to help guide the next generation of sales executives. Restarting the Sports Sales Combine and rebranding it as Sports Business Solutions, Hamer has key sports business experience to offer young professionals as he personally witnessed the transition from season tickets to fan memberships. Hamer discusses how the world of sports business has changed, and how he has sought to transform the paradigm into one where those seeking to learn from the top talent in the industry would have the ability to as they launched their sports careers with his help. Twitter: @SportsBizBob

Ep. 418 - Nancy Hogshead-Makar (CEO, Champion Women)

Nov 24, 2014 52:42


Nancy Hogshead-Makar has been at the forefront of women's rights issues in sports for over 40 years, including her time as a champion swimmer with a No. 1 ranking at age 14. Hogshead-Makar has now formed a new advocacy group, Champion Women, with the set purpose of ensuring that female athletes have the same rights and equality as male athletes in high school and college athletics. Her conversation over Title IX presents several straw man arguments as to what gender equality is, and transforms into a frank discussion of why, after 42 years, compliance still hasn't been achieved. Twitter:

Ep. 417 – Amen Teter (Director of Global Action Sports, Octagon)

Nov 21, 2014 47:38


Action sports is going through a boom, as more of the world’s attention is paid upon it. Octogan’s Director of Global Sports Amen Teter discusses some of the various ways in which the world of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and other action sports have grown up to affiliate with some of the largest corporate brands in the world. This is remarkable turnaround from where it was only a few decades ago, when action sports relied heavy on VHS tape exchanges and underground circuit events, compared to the large-scale attention paid on it since ESPN’s X-Games. Teter represents pro skateboarding and teen sensation Mitchie Brusco, veteran Andy McDonald, and Snowboarding Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson. Teter also recognizes how the reduction of camera size for products such as the Go Pro have made Youtube sensations out of action sports stars such as pro surfer Alana Blanchard, whom Teter represents, and where the entire arena is headed in the future for most that choose to participate, as well as attempt to become brands themselves. Twitter: @AmenTeter




Ep. 416 - Matt Mastrangelo (CEO, Groupmatics)

Nov 19, 2014 30:36


Groupmatics is having a definitive affect on group ticket sales for its clients. Groupmatics CEO Matt Mastrangelo presents a compelling argument for why group tickets have changed, especially in the initiation and transaction for the group leader experience, and how his company's platform may present an answer to driving more analytical, prospective data from each group sale. Twitter: @Groupmatics


Ep. 415 - Sam Hansen (Director of Marketing, Fresno Grizzlies)

Nov 17, 2014 29:08


The Fresno Grizzlies have established a definitive brand in the Central Valley of California, so much so that the 2014 off-season separation after 17 years with the Major League Affiliate San Francisco Giants won't affect how their fans perceive their product. Grizzlies' Director of Marketing Sam Hansen discusses how the team is transforming with the change-over to the Houston Astros, as well as retaining its individual identity in the process. Hansen discusses the various themes that the Fresno Grizzlies are now famous for, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Night, various Bobbleheads with the Farm Grown themed focus, and Taco Everyday.

Ep. 414 - Angelina Lawton (CEO, Sportsdigita)

Nov 14, 2014 28:16


Sports sponsorship decks and ticket brochures are easily some of the worst materials to deliver to the best clients. They often come in the form of rudimentary PDFs, one-sheet paper proposals or Microsoft Powerpoints that convolute the process rather than help it. Sportsdigita's CEO Angelina Lawton may have discovered the solution to these types of issues with the founding of her company, which has started to revolutionalize a digideck and ebrochure model that incorporates video, audio, photography and online presentation. Lawton discusses some of the issues that stem from the cumbersome process of developing a typical deck, especially the time spent by corporate sales staff attempting to manufacture one, that can be saved by utilizing Sportsdigita's service. Twitter: @AngelinaLawton

Ep. 413 - Brett McDonald (CEO, Vantage Sports)

Nov 12, 2014 24:20


The world of sports analytical study is changing by the amount of data compiled from video. At the forefront of this innovation is Vantage Sports, which is able to log and capture multiple video streams, forensically studying various data points throughout a player's entire season, showcasing new research into each movement. Vantage Sports CEO Brett McDonald discusses how the analytical company is able to grasp hold of such information from multiple games, as well as increase the amount of knowledge provided to players, teams and scouts on exactly what they are looking at. Twitter: @VantageSports

Ep. 412 - Kristopher Bazen (Sports Graphic Designer)

Nov 10, 2014 40:38



Kristopher Bazen is a sports branding and graphic design specialist with over a dozen years of experience in the professional sports and collegiate athletics marketplace. Bazen discusses his passion for creating great design, as well as ensuring that he captures both trends and imaginations based on inputs from his clients. Bazen discusses his survival from cancer, and what he's learned along the way in terms of prospective on what he does. Twitter: @KrisBazen


Ep. 411 - Bram Maravent (Sports Law Attorney)

Nov 7, 2014 36:45


The world of sports law is broken apart and put back together again by attorney Bram Maravent, who has worked in both the public eye at CNN Headline News, a legal analyst of sports business, and as an associate of a Miami law firm. Maravent discusses the issues dealing with the O'Bannon lawsuit, understanding the role of the NFLPA in the legal matters of Ray Rice, and the Florida State University issues surrounding Jameis Winston. Twitter: @Brammaravent

Ep. 410 - Nathan Reilly (Director of Ticket Sales, El Paso Chihuahuas)

Nov 5, 2014 34:54


The El Paso Chihuahuas are one of the 2014 MiLB success stories in terms of revenue generation and attendance. Director of Ticket Sales Nathan Reilly explains how the former Tucson Sidewinders franchise relocated at the beginning of 2014 to El Paso, and had an immediate impact on the community. The Chihuahuas sold out 49 of 68 regular season games, ranking 3rd in the Pacific Coast League in average attendance, and averaged a sellout for the season at 8,193 fans per game. Reilly discusses the ways in which the team went full force into the community, selling out the house one ticket at a time. Twitter: @UTStars


Ep. 409 - Jason Cole (CEO, Fanmaker)

Nov 4, 2014 26:48


Fanmaker hasn't reshifted their digital focus in college athletics as much as they have complimented their existing workflow to build an insights component to their client offerings. Fanmaker CEO Jason Cole talks about the humble beginnings of the company, formerly called Row27, that burst onto the scene with some of the best vendor video production and microsites offered to college athletic departments and professional sports franchises. Some of those dynamic images have helped shape recruiting in a segment of the sports industry where innovation was often lacking. It's also about capturing and engaging with the elusive fan. Cole covers the trends that are beginning to come into focus now, especially how data insights as well as fan information is becoming so vital to an organization's existence and future. Twitter: @JRCole

Ep. 408 - Mark Drosos (CEO, Lodestone Social Media)

Oct 31, 2014 31:03


While the words "fan engagement" are thrown around quite a bit by other social media companies, Lodestone appears to have a finger on the pulse of what fans want to engage with. Lodestone CEO Mark Drosos chats about the difference between engagement and actually engaging fans, and there is a wide chasm in the two styles. Drosos speaks about some of the issues surrounding social media, as well as the misunderstanding of how to fully embrace a fan-first approach to developing an omni-channel platform strategy. Twitter: @MarkDrosos

Ep. 407 - Marco Gentile (VP of Corporate Partnerships, Baltimore Orioles)

Oct 29, 2014 28:24


Understanding and engaging with corporate partnerships has been an ability of Marco Gentile since he was an intern with the Baltimore Orioles back in the mid-1990s. Rising through the ranks with the Orioles to National Account Sales Manager after 11 years, Gentile left the Orioles for Washington, D.C., to oversee Corporate Sales for the Washington Mystics, Capitols and Wizards. Now back with the Orioles in his first season as the Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Gentile discusses the best ways to develop great relationships that build to long-term growth with each client. Gentile discusses how the Oriole Way, in terms of the mindset that permeates throughout the franchise, helps protect the Camden Yards brand by ensuring that clients have to become a good match with the franchise's image and appearance throughout the venue. Gentile looks back at his tenure as an intern, speaks about the great opportunity, and how that may be lost on today's generation as internships start to wane due to lawsuits over a lacking pay structure to the internship experience model. Twitter: @MarcoGentile

Ep. 406 - Jean Gee (SWA/Associate AD, Montana)

Oct 27, 2014 28:48


Jean Gee represents one of the quintessential women's administrators in college athletics. In her 18 years at the University of Montana, Gee has risen from an assistant athletic director of compliance to a senior woman's administator, as well as serving as interim athletic director. Gee pulls no punches, especially when covering her thoughts on why there aren't as many women serving as athletic directors, along with the public perception against the reality of NCAA compliance standards. Gee also mentions a brief blimp of history of UM, both following the firing of the athletic director and football coach, as well as how a 2010 incident created the "most hated man in montana" legacy.

Ep. 405 - Josh Klein (Ticket Consultant)

Oct 24, 2014 30:16


Josh Klein has been working in the ticket industry for over 30 years with some of the biggest ticket platform providers in the world. Klein discusses the primary and secondary market, pricing and some of the aspects that people should be focused on most; namely customer service and how to drive more quality interaction between the ticket seller and the customer upon deliverables of the product. Klein's experience even goes back to the USFL days of the 1980s, where he has still one regret of something that he didn't say to the then-USFL commissioner Chet Simmons, on a snowy walk to the NYC subway while he was an intern. Twitter: @TicketExpert

Ep. 404 - Dave Brooks (Editor, Amplify)

Oct 22, 2014 26:07


Dave Brooks has shook up the music industry with his new digital magazine, Amplify, which covers its topics like a newspaper beat. As the former editor of Venues Today, Brooks knows how to develop sources and cover the industry from all angles, something that he believes the music industry isn't necessarily always comfortable with. Brooks talks about several of his key stories that have gone viral, capturing industry attention since Amplify went live in August 2014, and where he envisions the digital publication to be headed in a few short years. Twitter: @RealDaveBrooks

Ep. 403 - Mark Gazdik (Associate AD, Wright State)

Oct 20, 2014 31:42


If there is one challenge that Mark Gazdik faces daily at Wright State, its that marketing to fans is harder because of the crowded sports field within a 100 mile radius. This isn't just a marketing issue either, as it deals with both ticket sales and corporate sponsorships. Gazdik shares his insights on attacking those challenges head-on, as well as increasing revenues at the four athletic departments that he's been a part of. Twitter: @MarkGazdik

Ep. 402 - Scott Horowitz (VP, Repucom)

Oct 17, 2014 35:43


Data collection is an imperfect science, especially when the franchise doesn't know what its actually looking for within the information it collects. Repucom's VP Scott Horowitz discusses some of the issues with data and discovering insights within them, breaking apart those silly industry buzzwords to describe analytics, and instead examining exactly what is important when it comes to revenue generation. Horowitz shares his views on why different market segments are important to a sports franchise, even if the standard fan doesn't recognize them, and how each system moves forward to building revenue for the franchise as a whole.

Ep. 401 - Kathryn Przybyla (Social Media Coordinator, Brooklyn Nets)

Oct 15, 2014 31:37


If you want to dissect the role of a social media coordinator in news and sports down to its core, you want to talk to Kathryn Przybyla, who has served in both capacities with stints at CNN, The Buffalo News, the Buffalo Sabres and now the Brooklyn Nets. Przybyla talks about the various ways in which a digital message can align impact for fans, as well as how to ensure that it retains the voice of the organization. Przybyla also discusses how the Nets' international fans help drive attention to social media content creation for platforms used overseas, and how to build the optimum amount of information for each fan. Twitter: @katprz

Ep. 400 - Brian Wickstrom (AD, ULM)

Oct 13, 2014 29:13


With 400 episodes of the Tao of Sports in the books, its only fitting to have on Brian Wickstrom, who is quickly gaining a leadership factor in the NCAA after his second athletic director stint at a Division-I institution. Wickstrom discusses his motivation and goals when coming into a new situation, how to handle both legacy employees as well as new ones, and ways to ensure that he is doing due-diligence by the institution in his decisions. Wickstrom covers the new challenges of revenue generation that athletic directors have had to face for the first time ever in that seat, as well as some of the ways to ensure career growth for the department's employees. Twitter: @ULM_AD

Ep. 399 - Ken Myers (CEO, Fightmatch App)

Oct 10, 2014 25:42


Ken Myers has presented a credible solution to helping expand the MMA community, through the Fightmatch App. Myers explains his reasons behind the app's creation, as well as how it can help extend both the ability for fighters to find credible fights, as well as the promoters to know who should be fighting. Twitter: @KenneyMyers


Ep. 398 - Eric Fernandez (Managing Partner, PCG Digital)

Oct 8, 2014 42:18


Eric Fernandez operates as the managing partner of PCG Digital, focusing his efforts of SportsDesk Media, which may actually revolutionize how data analytics are brought into a franchise. Fernandez talks about the role of analytics, as well as how it can help franchises seek further sponsorship opportunities by capturing fan buying habits. Twitter: @SportsDeskMedia

Ep. 397 - Phil Prombo (CRM Analytics Manager, Crain)

Oct 6, 2014 32:19


In business communications, the world of CRM and analytics collide. Phil Prombo provides this expertise for both the Chicagoland business world and the Chicago White Sox, explaining how each component works together to generate higher revenue leads for sales offices in both industries. Prombo discusses the nuances of what types of data work best to help a sales office grow their CRM, as well as how to determine whether there is a good analysis of revenue generation and sales initiatives overall. Twitter: @PhilPrombo

Ep. 396 - Jared Cutler (VP of Partnerships, DTI)

Oct 3, 2014 34:31


Where the primary and secondary markets intersect, there is a place for Jared Cutler, who has been on both sides of the fence. First with the NBA's Team Business & Operations (TeamBo) and then with DTI. Cutler shows respect for both worlds, and discusses how both should be working in tandem to generate revenue, instead of working apart. Not that he thinks it will happen anytime soon on a universal level. Cutler mentions several of the issues that plague both the primary market's understanding of the secondary, as well as how the secondary market's brokers tend not to do themselves many favors in the eyes of franchise executives on the primary side. It is a philosophical debate on how to build revenue streams, as well as distribution alternatives to traditional sports selling tactics.

Ep. 395 - Tim McGhee (Principle, MSP Sports)

Oct 1, 2014 29:45


The world of strategic sports sponsorship consulting is examined with one of the premier experts in the game: Tim McGhee. He has worked with some of the largest sports franchises and sponsorship clients in the world, and provides his knowledge throughout the podcast. McGhee helps undercover, beyond the numbers, the responsibilities of the franchise and the sponsor when it comes to activation principles, as well as how sponsors fail themselves by not knowing what they specifically want. McGhee talks about some of the largest issues surrounding sponsorship revenue streams, and whether massive cable deals have made corporations equal partners with sports franchises. Twitter: @TPMcGhee

Ep. 394 - Jimmy Sanderson (Professor, Clemson)

Sep 29, 2014 42:08


Jimmy Sanderson didn't start off his career with a doctorate, instead working 11 years for human resources management in the private sector. Now teaching at Clemson University, Sanderson weighs in on some of the biggest, current sports topics of the day, including the NFL Domestic Violence Policy and Roger Goodell, as well as Hope Solo and how Americans view female athletes overall. Sanderson also provides an interesting perspective on the issues facing young professionals who are both in college and have graduated, ranging from self-entitlement issues to lofty expectations by students. Twitter: @Jimmy_Sanderson

Ep. 393 - Alex Bell (CEO, Signal 360)

Sep 26, 2014 27:00


Old school technology such as beaconing has become some of the hottest new trending sports revenue drivers used in college athletics and professional sports. Signal 360's Alex Bell explains how beaconing works, and with the advent of the smartphone, how it is becoming the quickest way to deliver localized content to sports patrons in the facility. Bell discusses some of the ethical challenges of beaconing, such as data collection and information gathering, as well as how to ensure that the practice is widely used in the correct manner. Everything is now being centered on how a customer interacts within specific locations, and its is a topic that will help change the face of sports technology over the next three-to-five years. Twitter: @Signal360

Ep. 392 - Vinny Accardi (Director of Corporate Partnerships, Stony Brook)

Sep 24, 2014 31:51


Vinny Accardi discusses how he draws in corporate clients to the small college atmosphere of Stony Brook University, amid all of the hype of the Big Apple. Accardi shares his thoughts on developing great activation for clients, as well as getting them involved in the campus community long-term through the front porch of the athletic department. Accardi talks about his supervision of the ticket office, as well as his roots in communications and public relations at Major League Baseball during the mid-2000s. Twitter: @VincentJAccardi

Ep. 391 - Keith Rosen (CEO, Profit Builders)

Sep 22, 2014 38:07


Over the last three decades, Keith Rosen has delivered his customized sales training programs & sales management training & coaching programs to hundreds of thousands of salespeople & managers, helping business leaders in practically every industry; on five continents & in over 50 countries. Rosen chats about some of the ways in which sales trainers can help grow their departments. He frowns upon just focusing on underperformers without having a 30-day turn-around strategy in place. Rosen talks on some of the various aspects affecting sales cultures and how to break through a negative culture. Twitter: @KeithRosen

Ep. 390 - Bryan Bedford (Sr. Business Manager/Sports, Cisco Systems)

Sep 19, 2014 31:31


For over 15 years, Bryan Bedford has been transforming the way sports content is delivered to fans, teams, coaches and leagues around the world. Throughout his career in the digital sports and entertainment industry, Bedford has launched game-changing technologies in high growth businesses’ including broadcast replay solutions, stadium technology integration, digital networks and of course all things mobile related. Bedford talks about fan engagement at the stadium and how interconnected devices are changing the way we view the sports product live. Twitter: @Bryan_Bedford

Ep. 389 - Bob D'Amelio (Assistant AD, Western Michigan)

Sep 17, 2014 30:51


Bob D'Amelio has been helping grow Western Michigan University for over 22 years, operating under several athletic directors, and growing out the WMU brand. D'Amelio chats about his successes, especially within the community and media realm, as well as some of the challenges that lie ahead for WMU. As D'Amelio states, while several people want to be athletic directors, it is a job title cut from a different cloth, and as far as D'Amelio is concerned, he's happy growing the WMU brand in Kalamazoo and beyond, whether that's at the helm or as one of the officers positioned to guide the overall department forward. Twitter: @BobDAmelio

Ep. 388 - Corey Breton (VP of Sales & Service, Minnesota Timberwolves)

Sep 15, 2014 36:22


The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the innovative teams attempting to engage with the fan membership model. VP of Sales & Service Corey Breton explains that the team has made a full investment in building the entire fan engagement platform out. Breton discusses how the season ticket has been altered, to the point of conversion to the fan membership model, and where the fan now sits with investing in the team entirely. Breton talks about how the secondary market as well as premium tickets may have been drastically changed as fan attitudes toward buying tickets have converted into a loyalty-system of fan membership. Twitter: @CMB711

Ep. 387 - Jesse Zumbro (Director of Franchise Sales, Spokane Skyhawks)

Sep 12, 2014 23:23


Jesse Zumbro has been a longtime listener to the podcast, so its about time that he came on as a guest. Zumbro has worked for two different minor league baseball teams, both independent and affilated, as well as with the Seattle Supersonics in their last year of existence in the Emerald City in 2008. This includes corporate sales, marketing and ticket sales. Zumbro shares his experiences working for the Sonics, including the hateful exodus of fans when the team was about to leave town, as well as the differences between affiliated and independent minor league baseball.

Ep. 386 - Vic Gregovits (Principle, VSG $ports Marketing)

Sep 10, 2014 32:07


Vic Gregovits has helped initiate some of the largest revenue streams in MLB, NFL and college athletics. Gregovits talks about his stints with the Indians, Pirates and Robert Morris, driving revenue to organizations through new initiatives and sound training tactics. This goes beyond mere ticket sales acumen, and into the world of marketing, concessions and all other ancillaries as Gregovits shares his secrets for sales staff motivation and growth.

Ep. 385 - Jim Abbott (Athletic Director, Oklahoma City University)

Sep 8, 2014 30:29


For 12 years, Jim Abbott has been leading Oklahoma City University's athletic department at the NAIA level. But he will be the first remind you that the letters NAIA or NCAA don't matter when it comes to whether Oklahoma City University is providing the best student-athlete experience in the country. Abbott's philosophy also extends to how he hires staff, including coaches, and he shares his vision of trying to teach fundraising as well as commitment to the athletic department to new employees. Abbott also talks about College Resource Management which offers up sessions designed to help athletic administrators at the small college level as well as #scachat, which is a Twitter chat aimed at creating a dialogue for athletic administration. Twitter: @jimabbott33

Ep. 384 - Alan Seymour (Sr. Lecturer, Univ. of Northampton)

Sep 5, 2014 30:58


Sports business education across The Pond has a variance to its application, but that's not to suggest that it's not as worthy as its American or International colleagues within the field. University of Northampton Senior Lecture of Sports Marketing Alan Seymour discusses the breakdown of stereotypes about the UK sports business education system, as well as some of the features that it possess which make it an asset to any pupil from around the world. Seymour weighs in on the idea of dynamic pricing, marketing, as well as the ability to see the European Premier League as more than just Manchester United, but also for the other clubs that exist. Twitter: @Sportsmarketing1

Ep. 383 - Charles Bennett (CEO, International Players Association)

Sep 3, 2014 33:16


For basketball athletes who sign contracts overseas, the process can be tough, especially when the foreign team decides to stop paying a legally-binding contract. Charles Bennett is CEO of the, which represents basketball professionals in the overseas arbitration system in order to receive restitution. This is a long, winding road of informative legal action through email, contracts and foreign teams that decide not to pay, as Bennett tries to get to the bottom of what players were promised, as well as what they received. Twitter: @

Ep. 382 - Al Guido (COO, San Francisco 49ers)

Sep 1, 2014 59:29


Al Guido is helping oversee one of the newest trends in stadium venues: the online data core principle of capturing as much customer information as possible, while still creating a fan experience unlike any other. Guido talks about the 49ers decision to leave Candlestick for Santa Clara, as well as some of the numerous reported customer features such as detection of bathroom and concessions lines, as well as the various seating option programs for the 49er faithful. Twitter: @AlGuido

Ep. 381 - Kerry Vick (Sr. Ticket And Premium Manager, Indianapolis Indians)

Aug 29, 2014 28:59


Kerry Vick represents one of the premier sides of minor league baseball, both as ticket manager as well as in charge of premium seating. Vick talks about the various tasks of attempting to get folks out to the ballpark, some of the challenges of competing in a NFL/NBA city with a minor league product, and how to keep retaining long-term customers.

Ep. 380 - Ryan Ivey (Athletic Director, Texas A&M Commerce)

Aug 27, 2014 31:18


Ryan Ivey represents some of the new ways that a modern college athletic director can reach out to the public, as well as grow their networking capabilities through social media. Ivey hosts his own Twitter chat #scachat on Sunday nights, bringing together small college administrator issues and people together to discuss the pending challenges in the small college field today. Ivey shares his thoughts on hiring, firing and how to create a long-standing vision for an athletic department. Ivey also talks about his decision to be a NACMA board member, rather than just be a NACDA member like the majority of his athletic director colleagues in the field. Twitter: @RIvey35

Ep. 379 - Nicole Bucholtz (Director of Marketing, Duquesne University)

Aug 25, 2014 28:08


Nicole Bucholtz introduces a fresh new marketing term to the podcast: "Duquesne-able." It resides under the notion of what will and will not work within Duquesne University's campus community standards for marketing and promotions at athletic events. Beyond that, Bucholtz shares her vision for making an energetic, fun atmosphere at Duquesne events, and how to engage the student population into attending on-campus games. Bucholtz talks about her past as a graduate assistant at Memphis, an intern at Embry-Riddle and some of the things she's learned along the way, including how to connect and support other young professionals in the field, regardless if they are applying for the same positions or not. Twitter: @NicoleBucholtz

Ep. 378 - Drew Brown (Associate Commissioner, ECAC)

Aug 22, 2014 21:19


The East College Athletic Conference supports 303 member institutions at 3 levels of the NCAA. That means dealing with various budgets as well as department staffs. Drew Brown discusses his role within an external relations capacity for the ECAC, as well as how to fairly faciliate both operations and marketing from a conference level.

Ep. 377 - Chris Quinn (VP of Business Development, Detroit Pistons)

Aug 20, 2014 24:58


Chris Quinn has the task of filling up the premium seating experience against several new stadium renovations within the Detroit landscape. That includes a new NFL, MLB and NHL stadium coming online as well as the challenges of the Detroit economic situation. Quinn takes on some of the issues with premium seating, and whether there is something to be said about the luxury experience for Detroit Pistons fans and what they are seeking. Twitter: @Chris_J_Quinn

Ep. 376 - Derek Van Der Mewre (Athletic Director, Austin Peay)

Aug 18, 2014 33:05


Derek Van Der Merwe represents one of the truest forms of the NCAA spirit. A former walk-on at Central Michigan who became a scholarship athlete, Van Der Merwe stayed at CMU in various roles over 17 years, eventually rising to Deputy Director, before deciding to challenge himself with the Athletic Director position at Austin Peay. Van Der Merwe shares his insights on what long-term stability in one career can help and harm during an interview search, as well as his thoughts on hiring young professionals looking to break into the field. Van Der Merwe also discusses the recent Power 5 autonomy vote, as well as whether it may cause some schools to lose their way in college athletics by virtue of pursuing big time dollars. Twitter: @AustinPeayAD

Ep. 375 - Ryan Robbins (Dir of Premium Sales, Cleveland Indians)

Aug 15, 2014 32:27


Ryan Robbins has worked in sports for over 14 years, working for the New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Fire, Oakland Raiders and now the Cleveland Indians. Robbins discusses why the premium sales market is so precious to the bottom-line of any franchise, and some of the ways to improve customer service retention by building trust and loyalty with fans. Robbins also talks about some of the various new ways that the Cleveland Indians are changing their sales model, by enforcing a multi-level sales training approach with their new account representatives, which may turn franchise executive heads around the nation, but may also have a lasting impact in transforming how sales are done for all teams in the near future. Twitter: @RyanMRobbins

Ep. 374 - Dan Lefton (President, Dynasty Sports & Entertainment)

Aug 13, 2014 33:11


Dan Lefton represents a new trend with the sports sales; he left the primary ticket market side as a Vice President at the Brooklyn Nets in order to start his own secondary ticket solution company, Dynasty Sports. Lefton discusses the transition of starting to understand the secondary marketplace a lot more, and some of the challenges that franchises face as they move tickets in the modern era. Twitter: @DynastySE

Ep. 373 - Brad Wurthman (Assoc. Ad/University of Cincinnati)

Aug 11, 2014 48:52


Brad Wurthman represents the new thinking model of sports marketing; strategic communications. It is about a global understanding of how each message is created, translated, and conveyed to the buying public. Wurthman talks about his time at the University of Cincinnati, where he has built his career from the ground up, as well as what he has learned along the way. Wurthman (a proud Canadian - as if there are any different kind), also chats about his time in the Canadian Football League, and what that experience did to help shape his career. Twitter: @Wurthman

Ep. 372 - Brandy Mills (Sports Marketing, Boxman Studios)

Aug 8, 2014 22:43


Brandy Mills has worked within the sports marketing space for some time, trying to activate sponsorship for an Ice Arena, International Raceway, and now, Boxman Studios. Mills shares her insights into building bigger brand activations through sponsorships, as well as her thoughts on what doesn't work within the space. In a time when corporate sponsorship is at a crossroads as to what to do to activate its product, Mills believes her work with Boxman Studios can help cause a significant, positive separation within the gameday space with a unique product found nowhere else in the world. Twitter: @BrandyMills_

Ep. 371 - Tom Veit (Partner, S2 Sports & Entertainment Solutions)

Aug 6, 2014 30:28


Tom Veit is one of the largest turn-around artists in sports business. He's worked in MLS, XFL, college athletics, WWE and motor sports, creating revenue generation solutions for operations that were failing to deliver. Veit shares his experiences working in different environments, including some of the misnomers about scheduling/booking for World Wrestling Entertainment, as well as what hurt the XFL overall. Veit has a driving passion to building long-term revenue for an operation, but doesn't always see the employees as the problem, sometimes its the system that isn't in place properly.

Ep. 370 - Jason Gonella (VP, Van Wagner)

Aug 4, 2014 31:15


"Mr. Premium" Jason Gonella talks about one of the highest revenue portions of sports sales; luxury suites and seats, as well as how to build a clientele for that space long term. Gonella returns to the podcast to share his wisdom on what actually makes a luxury space viable, as well as the issue of whether there may be too much premium inventory going on sale at once, and whether that can burst the bubble of luxury seating sales. As suites transition into loge boxes or club seating, Gonella discusses the issues around those types of philosophical and real world changes to the entire sports sales space. Twitter: @JasonGonella

Ep. 369 - Chloe Jeffers (Tactics Manager, Fox FM)

Aug 1, 2014 37:41


Chloe Jeffers has worked in the international media for several years, and brings her knowledge to the podcast. Jeffers has worked primarily in Australian radio, with stints overseas in the United States and Caribbean. Jeffers talks about some of the differences of communication, as well as how it relates to building up a connection with the audience. A die-hard Australian Rules Football fan of the Hawthorne FC, Jeffers also brings examples of why fan membership is so important to Oceania's population, and how far they are willing to go in order to showcase their loyalty to one sports brand. Twitter: @ChloeHill44

Ep. 368 - Brett Zalaski (Principal, Get After It Sales)

Jul 30, 2014 31:00


Brett Zalaski has a wealth of sports sales knowledge that extends beyond just one team or one league, and crosses the threshold into creating a new selling acumen. Zalaski explains his methods on building a great sales team, whether it is at the NBA, MLS, or MLL. Zalaski talks about starting the MLS Sales Center in New York, and the pride he takes in seeing its current growth, along with what the lacrosse game has to do in order to become a true major league product to be reckoned with on the national scene. @BZalaski

Ep. 367 - Daniel Pinne (Digital Strategist, Powershop Australia)

Jul 28, 2014 21:43


Daniel Pinne has worked in Australian sports for over a decade, helping build communication and social platforms for teams as well as organizations. Pinne shares his knowledge of the Australian sports scene, what they react to, as well as some of the best ways to interact with fans via social media. Twitter: @DanPinne

Ep. 366 - Christian Molnar (Director of Retention/Development, Philadelphia Eagles)

Jul 25, 2014 33:45


One of the most qualified industry leaders in premium sales is Christian Molnar, who is directly responsible for the unprecedented growth that The Philadelphia Eagles had moving from Veterans Stadium to Lincoln Financial Field. Molnar talks about his legacy at building up the premium seating retention program during his initial tenure at the Eagles, then deciding to challenge himself in Los Angeles with AEG at the Staples Center during one of the worst periods for premium sales during the 2008 economic crash. Now, returning to the Eagles after three years away, Molnar has helped retain and develop some of the best fans in the business. Molnar shares some of his insights into what makes premium sales work, as well as what too many other sales departments do wrong while assuming the sale. Twitter: @Mole72

Ep. 365 – A.J. Maestas (President, Navigate Research)

Jul 23, 2014 25:48


An interview that was original setup to record in North America, was instead recorded in Melbourne, Australia. A.J. Maestas discusses his analytics business model for sports, where fan engagement isn’t just about how much a fan enjoys the in-stadium experience, but also whether they interact with the corporate signage and other sponsorship activities to create activation. All of this comes down to measurements and numbers, and Maestas has quite a few, including some alarming statistics for Major League Baseball with its young audience members. Twitter: @Navigate_Res


Ep. 364 - Matt Hill (Director of Suite Sales, Tampa Bay Lightning)

Jul 21, 2014 34:51


Matt Hill comes into the sports business world from the unique perspective as a former athlete. A devout hockey fan, Hill now sells the product that he loves, but understands the business of premium and suite sales a lot better than he did as a player. Hill expands on some of his misconceptions prior to selling premium seat inventory, and what the Tampa Bay Lightning have done in order to innovate their suites, as well as cause fans to want to renew annually.

Ep. 363 – Ben Flavel (Co-Founder, CheckinLine)

Jul 18, 2014 31:42


Ben Flavel represents one of the most interesting start-ups happening in sports business software, Checkinline, which allows fans to digitally find ways to mark their territory for tickets through an online queuing app. Flavel discusses how the Australian software company has grown to the point of expansion in the United States marketplace, helping Arizona State University determine queuing statuses for students looking to access athletic events. Flavel also covers some of the issues that may stem from the secondary market, and whether brokers can access and corrupt the entire process. Twitter: @NeoCogs


Ep. 362 – David Barton-Ginger (Digital Channels Manager, New Zealand Rugby Union)

Jul 16, 2014 35:38


The New Zealand Rugby Union “All Blacks” are one of the most historical teams in all of sport. Known internationally for their high winning percentage, ambassadorship of New Zealand national pride, and “The Haka” war dance prior to each match, the All Blacks are a powerhouse sports brand that are just starting to emerge in the United States scene. David Barton-Ginger handles the All Blacks’ digital channels, and sits down to explain the historical rise of the club, as well as its bright, broad future on the international sports scene. Barton-Ginger also defines “The Haka,” and invites those curious to learn more to go to New Zealand Rugby Union’s official website: Twitter: @DBGTweets

Ep. 361 - Markeisha Everett (Director of Sports Marketing, WVU)

Jul 14, 2014 27:28


Markeisha Everett has blazed a trail in college marketing quickly in her career, first rising from an assistant in the Bowling Green State ticket office, to working in marketing at North Dakota State, the University of Missouri, Gonzaga and now as a Director of Sports Marketing at West Virginia. Everett discusses her passion for revenue generation, how she understands the role of tickets separate from that of marketing and promotion, and what it truly takes to drive passion in fans to have them attend live sporting events. Twitter: @MarkeishaDenise

Ep. 360 - Ken Halpin (Associate AD of External Affairs, EWU)

Jul 11, 2014 44:44


Ken Halpin has an interesting start in college athletics. Originally as a game equipment manager at a community college, Halpin used resolve to work as a third party corporate sponsorship rep for KP Sports at Eastern Washington University, then left the company for a bank, before jumping back to EWU as an associate athletic director of external affairs. Halpin discusses some of the challenges that he has had, especially in building a cohesive staff unit centering on communication, marketing and fundraising. Aside from mentioning his ardent aversion to reading fiction, Halpin talks about some of the things that drive him personally and professionally as he serves as a senior administration staff member at an FCS university athletic department. Twitter: @HalpinKr

Ep. 359 - Eric McKenzie (VP of Ticket Sales, San Diego Padres)

Jul 9, 2014 52:49


The San Diego Padres are performing one of the more dynamic changes to ticket sales during the modern era, adopting a fan membership model which is typically in sports clubs overseas, but also adding their own sales focus mentality to the measure. Eric McKenzie discusses the ins and outs of this new process, as well as how the adoption has gone from a season ticket to a fan member in the mind of the fan being sold on the conversion. McKenzie also talks about the late Tony Gwynn, and his impact on San Diego sports. Twitter: @JEricMcKenzie

Ep. 358 - Sean Callanan (Principle, Sports Geek)

Jul 7, 2014 31:50


Sports Geek's Sean Callanan is one of the foremost strategists on digital. Having been on the podcast previously, but by Skype, this interview represents the first face-to-face meeting with Callanan, in Melbourne, Australia. Callanan shares his option on all things social, including Facebook, Twitter and those darn Google Hangouts, which he calls YouTube Hangouts with a Google Plus thread attached. Callanan also mentions details on his own podcasts Sports Geek as well as Beers, Blokes & Business. Twitter: @seancallanan


Listen to the other part of this "Happy Days" crossover podcast with Sean right here on the Sports Geek Podcast.

Ep. 357 - Chris Thompson (SID, TESC)

Jul 4, 2014 34:04


Chris Thompson seems always available to provide instant and necessary prospective on the sports industry as a whole. Returning to the podcast for a second stint, Thompson discusses his life as a father and husband, as well as his ability to separate his work life from his home life. Thompson also shares his views on what allows his role at The Evergreen State College to be fulfilling along with his relationship with the student athletes, coaches and media. Twitter: @cpt1982

Ep. 356 - Adam Haukap (Executive Director, Arkansas State)

Jul 2, 2014 24:35


One of the rising stars of college athletics is Adam Haukap, who returns to the podcast as a new member of Arkansas State's Red Wolves Foundation. Haukap talks about a portion of the industry that rarely gets discussed: Transitioning to a new place when you are already at the top of your game. Haukap moved from a senior associate athletic director role at Oklahoma State to Arkansas State, to challenge himself further in the field. Haukap discusses "the move" which meant having his family in one state, working in another, and driving 8 hours back home to become a weekend parent and husband until everything was settled. Haukap also comments on the fact that he is a "dapper dresser" as well as his views on the value of perception that people have when making that first impression. Twitter: @AHaukap

Ep. 355 - Greg Herring (Assist AD/Marketing & Sales, East Carolina)

Jun 30, 2014 26:03


Greg Herring has spent the majority of his career helping build marketing strategies for six athletic departments. As a former NACMA President, Herring has also helped lead his peers in the field to understand what can grow and develop fan affinity for the college athletic product as well as build a program's base overall. Herring discusses his thoughts on what builds a great marketing and promotional calendar, as well as how to attract the elusive fan. Twitter: @HerringK1

Ep. 354 - Ben Goss (Associate Professor, Stetson University)

Jun 27, 2014 39:46


The sports industry's involvement with sports management programs, especially graduate degree tracks, is a complicated one. There is an "at arm's reach" relationship between the two. Stetson University's Associate Professor Ben Goss sits in for a talk about how the two components of the industry (education and application), appear so far apart at times. Goss mentions his view of where the sports management programs in general have had a shortfall for the industry as a whole, but also where they thrive. Goss also discusses his issues with Mark Cuban's dismissive about sports marketing, and where he feels sports marketing students can become an asset to any professional team or college athletic department looking to gain an edge in the business. Twitter: @DrBenGoss

Ep. 353 - Andy Ruge (Associate Athletic Director of Marketing, George Mason)

Jun 25, 2014 25:24


Andy Ruge, from all appearances, looks like "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski, and he's got the humor to back up that title. Ruge is one of the funniest loving guys in the college athletic space, serving as a sports marketer for George Mason after a stint in minor league baseball. Ruge fully understands the fight of trying to get the fan into the building, to enjoy themselves regardless of the score, and shares his vision of what good sports marketing can be within college athletics. Ruge professes himself to be a constant learner of the sports marketing craft, which has kept him near the top of his game, even back a few years ago when George Mason made a Final Four run and everyone proclaimed him a "genius." Twitter: @TheRuge

Ep. 352 - Devin Crosby (Deputy Director, Kent State)

Jun 23, 2014 34:01


Devin Crosby is preaching the gospel of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in college athletics. Crosby was a previous guest on the podcast where he briefly discussed EQ, but now, meeting him at NACDA 14 in Orlando, it presented a great opportunity to go into an expansive amount of information on the EQ movement as well as his growth in college athletics at Kent State. Crosby presents an opportunity for all supervisors as well as employees to better understand each other, without fear, in the college athletic space. Twitter: @DevinlCrosby

Ep. 351 - Chris Yandle (Assistant AD/Communication, Miami)

Jun 20, 2014 25:22


Chris Yandle is the recipient of COSIDA's 2014 Rising Star Award, and with good reason. Yandle has helped bridge the gap between the old Sports Information era of press releases to the new one of digital communication. Yandle discusses some of the hot topics going on the sports communication field, as well as where the industry needs to head in the next few years. Twitter: @ChrisYandle

Ep. 350 - Danielle Mayeaux (Asst AD/Tickets, Marketing, Game Ops, McNeese St)

Jun 18, 2014 30:00


Danielle Mayeaux has created an expansive personal brand via social media in a relatively short time in college athletics. Focusing on professional development overall, Mayeaux brings to the table the thought that it is okay to fail at something, as long as you learn from it and don't repeat it. Mayeaux discusses her journey from being a soccer student athlete at Charlotte to a graduate assistant at Memphis and now as an assistant athletic director at McNeese State. Mayeaux shares that each stop along the way has meant learning a lot about herself, as well as her interactions with others. Twitter: @DMayeaux18

Ep. 349 - Andy Fee (Associate Athletic Director for Development, UC Santa Barbara)

Jun 16, 2014 34:29


Andy Fee oversees athletic development for UC Santa Barbara and explains how the geographic location of its alumni means expansive reach to various places outside the local area. Fee talks about the goal to get to know the donor, to understand their needs and ensure that long-term gifting is done in manner that helps the university's core mission. A portion of the interview turns toward the subject of the tragedy of May 23, 2014 where the Isla Vista killings near the campus of UC Santa Barbara, where seven people were killed, and thirteen others received non-fatal injuries. Fee talks about how the campus community has sought to react to that worldwide news event, whether it is wise to suspend all funding activities or increase them, and how to respectfully honor those murdered without exploiting their deaths for financial gain. Twitter: @UCSBAndyFee

Ep. 348 - Stephen Master (SVP Global Head of Sports Practice, Nielsen)

Jun 13, 2014 26:59


The complex world of television ratings and audience viewership analytics are explained by one of the authorities on the subject, Stephen Master, who oversees the Sports Practice department of The Nielsen Company. In what transforms into an extensive discussion on what makes up viewership as well as what corporate clients are looking at when advertising, Master explains some of the more in-depth components of ratings numbers. Twitter: @StephenMaster13

Ep. 347 - Russell Scibetti (VP, KORE Software)

Jun 11, 2014 36:19


Russell Scibetti has helped revolutionize the sports business conversation since 2008 with his blog,, as well as the expansive #SBWEEK that has sought to build a networking capability across the global for those in the business. That's Scibetti's passion, as well as his extensive work in data analytics and CRM with The New York Jets and now as VP of KORE Software. Scibetti shares his thoughts on the data revolution undertaking sports sales departments, as well as striving to gain mass certification of sports management programs in order to ensure that they are creating specific standards for tomorrow's leaders in the industry. Twitter: @RScibetti



Ep. 346 - Jared Rose (Sales Manager of Corporate Partnerships, Portland Trailblazers)

Jun 9, 2014 44:32


Jared Rose's 13-year career has spanned from a minor league baseball team, two arena football league teams, and two NBA corporate partnership departments. Rose talks about his interest in designing great corporate partnerships, as well as the fact he helped launch one of the most successful Arena Football League 2 franchises in history in the Spokane Shock. Rose discusses various components of a corporate partnership, as well as understanding why it is necessary to move in order to propelling your career forward, along with challenging yourself. Twitter: @JaredRoseCity

Ep. 345 - Ben Ackerman (President, Experience)

Jun 6, 2014 48:23


The Experience App just won the Best In Sports Technology Award in 2014 by Sports Business Journal. Ben Ackerman comes on the podcast to discuss what the Experience App is, and how it can revolutionize sports revenue in-arena by developing a newer smartphone technology to allow VIP experiences as well as in-game upgrades for fans. This is a new territory for sports business, as in-stadium WiFi capabilities are being established and upgraded, as well as the idea of franchises accepting as much small data information to build customer profiles to sell more to their fans as well as understand fully who their fans truly are. Twitter: @ExpApp

Ep. 344 - Trevor Christiansen (Ticket Manager, Fargo Force)

Jun 4, 2014 24:16


The Fargo Force junior hockey league team is tasked with the impossible each winter; put on a compelling hockey product with a small population, against one of the premier college hockey teams in the country (North Dakota). Trevor Christiansen has been with the Force for several years as first an intern, and now as ticket manager, and explains how the organization markets itself and remains successful, despite the fact that other previous professional hockey entities failed in that same market. Twitter: @ForceTicketGuy

Ep. 343 - Jason Rittenberry (President, IRG Sports)

Jun 2, 2014 40:09


Jason Rittenberry is one of the key players in The International Hod Rod Association, as well as the International Raceway group, which owes and operates several raceways throughout the country. IHRA is the second-largest drag racing and fourth largest motorsports sanctioning body in the world, hosting two national touring series, the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series, and the Thunder Jam Series, covering over 12,000 racers while sanctioning over 100 motorsports facilities. Rittenberry talks about the issues facing motorsports in general; the struggles that oval track races are having compared to drag racing's renaissance, as well as how to attract more of the public to the track. Twitter: @JMRittenberry

Ep. 342 - Matt Cerrone (Director of Digital, SNY)

May 30, 2014 40:34


Matt Cerrone represents the new frontier of digital media. Formerly an independent blogger with, which he grew into a powerhouse brand with over 250 million hits on his site, Cerrone has now entered the big leagues as the Director of Digital at SNY cable television. Cerrone discusses some of the various issues surrounding the blog, podcast and overall digital landscape, where folks mostly misconstrude what it truly takes to generate a lot of hits by building a brand overtime, instead of being an overnight success. Cerrone also talks about his role at SNY, as well as why the talent pool in the world of blogging may be a lot thinner than it was only a few years prior. Twitter: @MatthewCerrone

Ep. 341 – Allison Strekal (President, Reno Big Horns)

May 28, 2014 28:35



When this podcast was recorded, Allison Strekal had only one day on the job as the president. That’s when you know things happen quick in the sports industry. Strekal sat down for the podcast, and held her own under her new title position. Strekal shares some of the challenges of the Big Horns brand as well as her vision of what she wants the franchise to be during the off-season. Strekal has been working for the team for several years, starting off with her initial role of a 20-hour a week inside sales rep for the team. Strekal talks about her experiences in trying to sell the NBADL product to the Reno locals, as well as some of the various promotions that the team has highlighted over the years, including ones with current NBA star Jeremy Lin.


Ep. 340 – Lou Imbriano (Founder, Sports Business Academy)

May 26, 2014 36:37



Sports marketing strategist Lou Imbriano is creating what may end becoming one of the largest industry teaching tools online in the Sports Business Academy. Imbriano is sharing his knowledge of the industry, especially how to correctly work on marketing directly to the customer, as well as sharing some of his vision on what works and what doesn’t when trying to connect with fans. Imbranio pulls no punches as he talks about exposing the weakness of the lazy, as well as why some teams fail and some teams just get it. Twitter: @LouImbriano


Ep. 339 – Greg Esposito (Digital Manager, Phoenix Suns)

May 23, 2014 52:21


Greg Esposito grew up a Phoenix Suns fan, being one of the few people actually from the metro area to live there as an adult. Esposito shares his journeys, coming up as a media major in college, and building up his resume with several different ventures until he landed the dream job of working with the Phoenix Suns. Esposito talks about some of the various challenges of working in the digital space, especially when it comes to social media platforms and building a great content calendar. Twitter: @Espo


Ep. 338 – Al Clark (Former MLB Umpire)

May 21, 2014 54:32



Former umpire Al Clark officiated for over 30 years, calling three thousand games, two All-Star games, seven playoff games, and two World Series. The son of a former sportswriter, Clark was a mainstay for several historical MLB moments. Clark has co-authored his autography, “Called Out But Safe: A Baseball Umpire’s Journey,” in which he chronicles his life in baseball, as well as some of challenges to his integrity, including switching airplane tickets in 2001 which led to his dismissal as an umpire, as well as his 2004 conviction for mail order fraud stemming from signing multiple memorabilia statements of authenticity for collectables that were never used in games he officiated. After serving 120 days in jail for his crime, Clark talks about trying to rebuild his life, as well as the lessons he’s learn along the way.


Ep. 337 – Scott Jurgens (Associate AD of Marketing, Montana State)

May 19, 2014 35:18



Scott Jurgens talks about the challenges facing an FCS powerhouse in Montana State, where the wins on the field are there, but it really takes an additional effort of marketing in order to engage the audience. This doesn’t just include football, as basketball may be a winner, but harder to draw fans to because of the cold weather and the remoteness of Bozeman, Montana. Jurgens expands on the efforts in order to embrace the new culture that is building at MSU, as well as some of the social media and marketing efforts in order to ensure that the stands are packed every home game. Twitter: @ScottJurgens


Ep. 336 - Bob Cohen (President, Cohen Strategies)

May 16, 2014 58:25


A communications expert with over 25 years of experience in terrestrial radio, Bob Cohen talks about some of the challenges facing those who are trying to develop a great corporate sponsorship campaign for a sports franchise using broadcasting rights. Cohen shares his enthusasm for the radio industry, after spending 20 years at Clear Channel Communications, one of the largest terrestrial radio owners in the United States. Cohen talks about his vision to combine different ways of ensuring that sponsorship activation happens between the client and the franchise, determining that what is necessary isn't just signage, but a real dialogue between the two. Twitter: @BCohenStrategy

Ep. 335 - Jason Anderson (Director of Ticket Sales & Operations, Dover Motorsports)

May 14, 2014 35:10


Jason Anderson has sold tickets since the mid-2000s, and in that time, has gain a ton of experiences. Anderson shares his views on ticket selling, especially for the Dover International Speedway, where one annual event can make or break the company's bottom line. Anderson talks about the skill level required to build prospects into customers, as well as how he transitioned from the NFL and Arena Football League, where he sold for the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Voodoo, respectively. Anderson was present when Hurricane Katrina struck the Ninth Ward, and relives some of the scary parts of that entire ordeal. Twitter: @JAndersonTix

Ep. 334 - Bill Sutton (Sports Marketing Legend)

May 12, 2014 35:06


Bill Sutton has helped bring sports business into the modern age; his legacy is in developing the NBA's Team Marketing & Business Operations into some of the most dynamic sales centers in all of sport, coupled with his tenures at the University of Central Florida and now at University of South Florida overseeing two of the more innovative sport management programs in the country. Sutton talks about the role of sales in sports, as well as integrity into what is being sold and who is selling it. Sutton also speaks about the issue of Mark Cuban's criticism about sports management programs and the advent of sports marketing degrees, and whether debt service is one of the biggest issues facing those students who decide to go after advanced degrees in sports management. Twitter: Sutton_ImpactU

Ep. 333 – Ryan Donckers (Director of Sports Sales, Red Lion Hotels)

May 9, 2014 30:13



Ryan Donckers has worked in every component of the sports industry paradigm. A punter at Eastern Washington University, Donckers’ parlayed his student-athlete acumen into a job as Director of Ticket Sales at the Spokane Indians MiLB team. Donckers has the ability to share both sales knowledge on the ticket and corporate sales side, as a former corporate sales rep for Washington State University and IMGL. Now as the Director of Sports Sales for Red Lion Hotels, Doncker’s job is trying to accommodate large football rosters, as well as create the meeting spaces necessary for football operations directors to smoothly transition toward game time. Twitter: @RDonks14  


Ep. 332 – Kevin DeShazo (Principle, Fieldhouse Media)

May 7, 2014 56:47


Fieldhouse Media has been one of the companies that has been working with college athletic departments in terms of social media education, monitoring and brand protection. Kevin DeShazo talks about some of the ways that college athletic directors can protect their department through social media initiatives such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. DeShazo isn’t really a fan of the adoption of Snapchat, and discusses its possible pluses and potential failings, both for the athletic department and the end user. DeShazo covers various points of entry for social media into how to draw fans to games as well as ensure that what is said on those platforms by student-athletes and coaches is consistent with the department’s brand message. Twitter: @KevinDeShazo


Ep. 331 – Mike Ozanian (Executive Editor, Forbes Sports Money, Yes Network)

May 5, 2014 41:55


One of the premiere journalists covering the world of sports business today is Mike Ozanian, who shares insight into everything from media rights to franchise valuations. Ozanian goes deeper when talking about the impact of fans actually in the building compared to those watching on televisions at home. This includes the largess of media rights deals such as the $8.3 Billion deal between Time Warner Cable and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ozanian also discusses the idea of whether the teams are competing against themselves in terms of attracting fans through the doors while also trying to get them to watch through other media. Ozanian speaks on the athlete as a brand driver of revenue both individually and within a franchise structure. Twitter: @SportsMoneyBlog


Ep. 330 – Brendan Falvey (Dir of Business Development, Brand Iron)

May 2, 2014 29:35


The role of brand and corporate sales are discussed with Brendan Falvey, who has worked on every corner of brand development in sports. Falvey has been on the side of the sports franchise with the Colorado Rockies, selling sponsorships to companies. He has also been on the company side, trying to initiate sponsorship opportunities. And finally, Falvey has been on the business development aspect as a middle man between the company and team, trying to best create activation for both the client and the team. His experience is dynamic, helping ensure that the role of brand and brand development is taken serious by all parties involved. Twitter: @BFalvey


Ep. 329 – Mark Hodgkin (Sr. Dir. Digital Media, American Athletic Conference)

Apr 30, 2014 37:05


The former members of the Big East Conference, amid the departure of The Catholic 7 schools, transformed the college landscape in 2013-14 by the creation of The American Athletic Conference. The AAC was expected to do well, but no one expected one of its flagship schools, UCONN, to capture both the men’s & women’s NCAA basketball title, as well as another flagstaff school, UCF, to have a BCS bowl bid and stunning win over Baylor. Mark Hodgkin talks about his role in the branding creation of the AAC’s inaugural digital footprint, as well as some of the highest and lowest of being a young conference upstart against the legacy of the Big East brand. Twitter: @Mark_Hodgkin


Ep. 328 – Zach Dayton (Asst AD of External Operations, Pace University)

Apr 28, 2014 28:19


NCAA Division II is quickly becoming just as sharp on revenue generation as its Division I cousins, although the slices of pie may be a tad smaller in scope. Pace University’s Zach Dayton discusses some of the various aspects of how a smaller university athletic program manages to generate revenue, through ticket sales, corporate sales and marketing, as well as runs an efficient operation with a smaller, multi-duty staff. Twitter: @Zach_Dayton


Ep. 327 – Al Mowrey (SVP, Canton Charge)

Apr 25, 2014 40:52


Al Mowrey represents the Cleveland Cavaliers’ minor league operations with in the NBADL in the Canton Charge. Mowrey talks about building up the base, going after the important group sales in the surrounding areas, as well as building acceptance by local businesses for the Charge’s entertainment value. Mowrey discusses the role of sales within the organization, especially for younger executives trying to break and stay into the business, as well as his experiences with the L.A. Clippers when they weren’t at the top of the standings and how that helped him grow his sports business acumen. Twitter: @ABMowrey


Ep. 326 – Scott Lane (President, West Michigan Whitecaps)

Apr 23, 2014 38:39


Scott Lane has been overseeing one of the more unique minor league baseball franchises in the West Michigan Whitecaps, but that didn’t prepare him for one of the ultimate national stories that involved his operation in January 2013 when the White Cap’s stadium press box burned to the ground. Lane talks about the rebuilding effort of the club, including various ways that they not only rebuild, but grew their ticket base during the off-season when the team’s future was never in doubt. Lane discusses the White Caps’ incursion into the auto racing world, along with lessons learned in promotion and audience acceptance, and expands on what happens when the team’s 4,100-calorie Fifth-Third Burger drew the attention of Man Versus Food’s Adam Richman. Twitter: @WMWhitecaps


Tao of Sports Ep. 325 – Mark Bradley (Founder, The Fan Experience)

Apr 21, 2014 53:24



European football doesn’t have everything figured out when it comes to the fan, says Mark Bradley, who has used his own family as a working lab to ensure that the fan experience at matches is second-to-none. Bradley discusses his thought-processes over the years, trying to pull away that notion that club wins solves everything when it comes to attendance. Bradley talks about ways that he has helped draw families out to local matches and utilizes long-held trust mechanisms to ensure that each team representative is doing their part to promote the organization’s hallmarks during each match. Twitter: @FanExperienceCo  


Tao of Sports Ep. 324 – TJ Ansley (Director of Digital Media, Portland Trailblazers)

Apr 18, 2014 30:29



As more social platforms emerge, it takes an entire staff at an NBA franchise to adapt and create content continually for a department that wasn’t around 10 years ago. TJ Ansley talks about his tenure with the Portland Trailblazers as they expand into new markets online, as well as his experiences with the Columbus Crew MLS in order to build fan loyalty to the overall product and above all else, create an affinity for that product which translates into revenue. Ansley discusses the NBA’s movement into China, as well as some of the ways that the Trailblazers help create new avenues of interest in their brand with the local fanbase. Twitter: @TJAnsley


Tao of Sports Ep. 323 – Kelly Kerns (Sr. Architect, Populous

Apr 16, 2014 26:28



NFL stadium design is the focal point of this episode with Kelly Kerns, who has worked for over 28 years in architectural and management. Kerns talks about being a project leader on some of the larger NFL stadium projects, including Qwest Field and Convention Center (now CenturyLink) in Seattle as well as New Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City as well as renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, New York. Kerns talks about how human traffic flow within the stadium ecosystem becomes a large component of the overall design, helping security as well as the fan experience. Twitter: @Populous


Tao of Sports Ep. 322 – John Shumate (Director of Marketing SE Region, PepsiCo)

Apr 14, 2014 35:36



John Shumate has worked on both the side of the franchise and the brand. With experience in corporate sales delivery for the Orlando Magic, Columbus Blue Jackets and Miami Dolphins, Shumate oversaw brand management of Gatorade for eight years and now serves as Director of Marketing for PepsiCo in the Southeast Region, fostering brand affinity with the NFL and the soft drink company. Shumate talks about some of the ways that corporate sponsorship representatives hurt their chances of ever getting a deal done, including asking for essentially a charity over true sponsorship activation asks. Twitter: @JohnAShumate


Tao of Sports Ep. 321 – Scott Frasnelly (Co-Founder, iSportstix)

Apr 11, 2014 27:03



Scott Frasnelly returns to the podcast for his second stint. After serving with the ECHL hockey league, helping its sales practices, Frasnelly now has taken that experience to build his own dynamic ticket system. Frasnelly considers iSportstix to be a part of the CRM/ticketing lexicon, as it slowly grows its business out of his garage and into some of the smaller minor league franchises. Frasnelly also talks about his new ownership venture as a restaurant retail manager, and some of the things which change once a person who owns a food operation now eats in someone else’s food operation. Twitter: @iSportsTix


Tao of Sports Ep. 320 – Mike Humes (EVP, Phoenix Coyotes)

Apr 9, 2014 24:13



Another returning guest to the podcast is Mike Humes, who switched from the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies to help run the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes. Humes is no nonsense, bottom-line financial mind who sees asset creation at the heart of how to sell the Coyotes’ product. Humes breaks down some of the new initiatives of the Coyotes, which have survived NHL ownership and bankruptcy, and now have a renaissance underway as it product builds a legacy in Glendale, Arizona. Twitter: @MikeHumes1


Tao of Sports Ep. 319 – Eric Edelstein (EVP/COO, Reno Aces)

Apr 7, 2014 26:39



Eric Edelstein represents one of the best success stories in the sports industry.  In high school, Edelstein was already getting his teeth cut on how to work in sports with the Cleveland Indians, then parlayed that into an internship in Buffalo. Now, 15 years later, Edelstein is in charge of one of the premier AAA franchises on the West Coast, the Reno Aces, and has already put his fingerprints on the Aces sales culture and success for the upcoming season. Edelstein shares his wisdom, as well as mindset on hiring, firing and making sure that the office reflects the values of the community. Twitter: @EricBaseball


Tao of Sports Ep. 318 – Kevin Hatcher (Athletic Director, CS San Bernardino)

Apr 4, 2014 37:18



Kevin Hatcher represents the epitome of NCAA Division II athletics, discussing how different the scene looks compared to the Division I days. Hatcher talks about the responsibilities, as well as smaller staff and budget, that make up the realities of CSSB and its sister Division II schools in the conference. Hatcher discusses coming into the environment, understanding how to shift the culture, and why it may be necessary to move staff when they do not fit into the system. Hatcher broadens the scope by illustrating why a jump to Division I athletics is not a certainty, even when an athletic department such as CSSB wins on the court.


Tao of Sports Ep. 317 – Chris Presson (General Manager, Arizona Sundogs)

Apr 2, 2014 28:37



The Arizona Sundogs CHL hockey team made international news in 2013 by having their front office staff climb into a scissor lift and staying up there for over a week until they set a new record of season tickets. The news coverage hit both BBC news and Deadspin as a completely out of the ordinary way to generate season ticket sales. The Sundogs are the Central Hockey League affiliate of the NHL Phoenix Coyotes. Sundogs GM Chris Presson talks about the scissor lift stunt, as well as how the club functions overall in Prescott Valley, about 90 minutes north of Phoenix, in the Tim's Toyota Center. Presson discusses some of the ins and outs of working in minor league sports, as well as what the sports management programs aren't teaching their students, and focuses on how sports sales needs to be viewed as a mainstay for anyone choosing to enter the industry as an employee.


Tao of Sports Ep. 316 – Nathan Horowitz, Jonathan Strangio (Los Angeles Angels Front Office)

Mar 31, 2014 25:15



On this official Opening Day of Major League Baseball, two members of the Los Angeles Angels’ Front Office come on the podcast to talk indepth on the various components of both scouting and player operations. This is built from the idea of what actually goes into statistics, scouting and overall roster management. Director of Scouting Nathan Horowitz and Director of Player Operations Jonathan Strangio each bring different measurements on how they see the game, as well as how to ensure that each person is working in a cohesive group to bring the best team together on the field.


Tao of Sports Ep. 315 – Steve Masterson (Director of Corporate Recruiting, Learfield Sports)

Mar 28, 2014 01:30:45



While a lot of folks talk about how to break into sports, few have the amount of experience that Steve Masterson has. Masterson has helped place 1,000s of young professionals in the business, through various ventures including GameFace Sports Jobs and Learfield Sports. Masterson’s podcast is unique as well, so you’ll have to consider it a “double-album” where one part was recorded in October 2013 and the other part was recorded in March 2014. It helps provide perspective on what Masterson has learned along the way in terms of what candidates, hiring supervisors and the overall industry is looking for. If you’re looking at breaking into the sports industry, Masterson touches on every facet of the job search. Twitter: @NotStephen0


Tao of Sports Ep. 314 – Mike McAdams (Director of Spring Training Operations, Chicago Cubs)

Mar 26, 2014 23:18



Mike McAdams is back on the podcast, now saddled with the new task of helping the Chicago Cubs’ break in their new Cubs Park in Mesa, Arizona for Cactus League play. McAdams talks about how the new engagement mentality of selling in advance has changed the Cubs’ prospects for the 2014 Spring Training season, resulting in several sell-outs for the 15,000 capacity ballpark. McAdams also discusses some of the strategic changes of where Cubs Park was placed, the desire by other organizations in the area to also utilize that space, and what the vision is, long-term, for the Cubs organization when it comes to Spring Training operations. Twitter: @McAdams18


Tao of Sports Ep. 313 - Greg Byrne (VP Athletic Director, University of Arizona)

Mar 24, 2014 34:45


The University of Arizona VP & Athletic Director Greg Byrne talks about his use of social media in terms of helping promote UA athletics, as well as some of the things he's learned along the way. Byrne is one of the younger, more dynamic athletic directors in the NCAA, and discusses how one tweet of his new football coach hire gained interest throughout the world while possibly changing the acceptance of Twitter by athletic administrators overall. Byrne shares his thoughts on whether the industry's leadership has gotten too "title focused" and how to foster great career development for each young professional in college sports today. Twitter: @Greg_Byrne

Tao of Sports Ep. 312 - Mike Feder (Professional Baseball Marketer)

Mar 21, 2014 25:22


Usually, guests come on the show to celebrate their marketing successes, but Tucson's Mike Feder is in a different situation. General manager of the team for three seasons, the Tucson Padres, have left town for El Paso, and after 30 years in the business, Feder is now turning his attention to working for the Arizona Diamondbacks as a liason to the southern part of the state. Feder discusses the reasons why the AAA Padres team moved three years prior from the city of Portland, Oregon and now have gone to El Paso for what may be a successful market transfer. Feder discusses the highs and lows of operating the franchise in the city of Tucson, an area with a new distinction as the largest population without a professional team. Feder also mentions a key caveat to the Padres' move to El Paso as the Chihuahuas, as their new stadium hasn't been finished, meaning that the Chihuahuas will play against the Reno Aces in Tucson to open the 2014 season. Both the Aces and Chihuahuas have the distinction of being franchises which formerly called Tucson home, if there wasn't enough added intrigue enough to the story. Twitter: @MikeFeder

Tao of Sports Ep. 311 - Nic Barlage (Chief Sales Officer, Phoenix Suns)

Mar 19, 2014 30:25


Nic Barlage grabbed the attention of a lot of listeners as a guest on Ep. 32 while he was Vice President of the Cleveland Cavaliers and it became one of the highest rated episodes in the podcast's library. Barlage is back to discuss his new job as Chief Sales Officer with the Phoenix Suns, bringing that financial mindset toward revenue which presents him as one of the most dynamic salesmen in the NBA. Barlage talks about growing revenue through the world of analytics through different fan demographics and variables as well as understanding what drives consumer buying experiences. Barlage's expertise expands way beyond mere ticket sales and crunches some of deeply complex numbers on what builds an overall fanbase long-term for a franchise. Twitter: @NicMb_1

Tao of Sports Ep. 310 - William Thornhill (GM, Lancaster Jethawks)

Mar 17, 2014 35:23


William Thornhill has been with the Lancaster Jethawks for most of his life: He started with the team back as a bat boy at age 13. Now, as general manager of the team, Thornhill helps generate some of the larger sales initiatives that keep the stands packed each night. Thornhill discusses his experiences with the Jethawks, including sharing some of the more dynamic promotion items and theme nights with great visuals. The Jethawks have embedded themselves in the flight community around Lancaster, and have some of their largest recorded attendances on nights honoring NASA or Air Force legends.

Tao of Sports Ep. 309 – Matt Batchelder (Sr. Director of Tickets, Grand Rapids Griffiths)

Mar 14, 2014 35:05



Matt Batchelder oversees one of the more complex ticket operations in the AHL with the Grand Rapids Griffiths. The team is the minor league affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings, which carries with it various issues in order to ensure growth in branding the Griffiths beyond the Red Wings’ fanbase. Batchelder discusses some of the outreach sales programming that the Griffiths utilize in order to build their base as well as some of the various ways in which he also trains young executives to become better at sales. Twitter: @Batchelderm


Tao of Sports Ep. 308 – Derek Schuster (Dir of Sales, Philadelphia Phillies)

Mar 12, 2014 41:25



From 2010 to 2012, the Philadelphia Phillies were unstoppable when it came to ticket sales generation, garner an National League record of 257 consecutive sellouts as well as leading the MLB in attendance for two straight seasons (2011-12). Derek Schuster discusses some of the “good problems to have” while overseeing that run of revenue success from the ticket sales department, telling fans that they would have to reduce their group orders because of limited inventory. Schuster talks about how the Phillies prepared for the days when the demand wouldn’t be as great, trying to create additional opportunities to build fan engagement for longer term buys later. Now, with less of a waiting list and that consecutive sellout streak over, Schuster points to the Phillies Care programming which has kept more of the fans longer than expected. Twitter: @DerekSchu13


Tao of Sports Ep. 307 – Mike Minyard (Associate AD Sales & Promotions, Liberty)

Mar 10, 2014 36:28



Understanding a private university’s mission is crucial for anyone who chooses to work on campus. Mike Minyard discusses how Liberty University’s mission, since its foundation, has provided its guidance for the types of promotional activities that its athletic department implements throughout the season. Some of these may be difficult for an outside, non-Liberty University person to understand, but Minyard points out that it matters that each member of the institution point directly back to the mission statement and be able to adhere to its example as an ambassador of the university brand. Twitter: @MikeMinyard


Tao of Sports Ep. 306 – Mike Evenson (VP, Audience View Ticketing)

Mar 7, 2014 33:20



Mike Evenson relates back to his time as the Director of Ticket Operations at the University of Oregon, as well as working at the University of Wisconsin’s ticket office, to how he judges good vendor relations while overseeing Audience View Ticketing’s customer service model. Evenson talks about the ticketing landscape, some of the factors which matter to the customer when buying online, as well as some of the technology that will likely hit the market in the next few years. Twitter: @MikeEvenson


Tao of Sports Ep. 305 – Navdeep Sodhi (Author, Six Sigma Pricing)

Mar 5, 2014 34:30



Pricing ethics isn’t as discussed as it should be in the world of sports. Navdeep Sodhi, who has worked for Northwest Airlines in analyzing pricing, talks about some of the ways that sports franchises may not be as ethical in their dynamic ticket pricing structures and variables. Sodhi talks about pricing psychology, both when it comes to how the West, as well as China, react to different price models. This is a very good discussion in a time where teams may not be considering the long-term affects of their pricing decisions on both the customer and the marketplace as a whole. Twitter: @NavDeep_Sodhi


Tao of Sports Ep. 304 – Mark Thomas (Founder, SMT Sports Group)

Mar 3, 2014 32:16



Many Chinese markets are awakening to the outside world in terms of sports business enterprise, but British ex-patriot Mark Thomas has been working on such developments from inside Shanghai for over 20 years. Thomas discusses some of the fallout from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, both from an infrastructure and economic examination, as well as how the Chinese view organized sports leagues in general. Thomas covers how the English Premier League, the NBA and NFL have each tried to expand into the Chinese markets, and what has worked specificially in sport growth in China. Twitter: @Tommo2012


Tao of Sports Ep. 303 – Jamie Nelson (CEO, VenueMenu)

Feb 28, 2014 49:51



As smart phone applications become a mainstay for the fan’s experience in a sports stadium or arena, Jamie Nelson believes his company has created a hallmark to enhance one of the largest components within that ecosystem: Concessions. Nelson’s company, VenueMenu, provides an app that users can download and order concessions brought right to their seats. Nelson discusses the several topics surrounding the app’s ability; whether it be WiFi capacity within the stadium, logistical concerns of food deliverability or the amount of data that venue operators receive back on each order. This episode is meant to be a deep look into the operational and cohesive aspects of app implementation and to show whether or not smart phone apps ideas are ready for primetime usage in stadiums throughout the world. Twitter: @VenueMenuApp


Tao of Sports Ep. 302 – Wade Leaphart (VP & General Manager, Charlotte Hounds)

Feb 26, 2014 23:33



Major League Lacrosse has had some of its best success in a hotbed of ACC territory with the Charlotte Hounds, engaging fans in both an exciting and winning atmosphere. In only their second year of existence, the Hounds secured the first playoff appearance in 2013 and played for the title, losing only by one point to the Chesapeake Bayhawks. Wade Leaphart discusses his time helping develop the team’s schedule, ensuring that the Hounds are not only successful on the field of play, but also in the front office. Leaphart discusses the fan experience and ticket price points, as well as cost comparisons to other sports franchises located in town. Leaphart also discusses what it takes to sell in the Charlotte market, relating back to his time with the NBA’s Bobcats. Twitter: @Leaphart3


Tao of Sports Ep. 301 – Jim Alexander (Sr. Director of Business Analytics, Pittsburg Pirates)

Feb 24, 2014 59:54



The world of data analytics is meeting the revenue demands of every franchise, but one of the best steps the Pittsburg Pirates made was installing Jim Alexander from as the team’s Director of Tickets into the analytics role. It is important to showcase that those who know how to generate revenue are also those determining what figures matter and what ancillaries measurements do not. Alexander discusses the various ways in which his role has changed over the years, especially transitioning from Three Rivers Stadium to PNC Park. Alexander covers the topic of fan experience, relating it to customer service, and how, when new PNC Park opened, seats weren’t automatically sold without the customer service aspect being implemented by the team.


Tao of Sports Ep. 300 – Kevin Miller (Assistant Athletic Director/Development, West Virginia)

Feb 21, 2014 35:45



To properly celebrate the 300th podcast episode, there is a little bit of history between the origins of the Tao of Sports and Kevin Miller, who was an original listener back with the first episode was released. Far be it from any podcast not to honor an early adopter. Miller talks about his own personal and professional goals, stemming from his time at Central Florida, Georgia State and his alma mater West Virginia, and tries to answer the pressing question of whether one can truly separate their emotional ties to a school that they now work at. Miller discusses his first fundraising calls, a remarkable 0-for-26 streak which helped him grow as a development officer into the person that he is today. The 300th episode also marks several new beginnings for the podcast, including completely original composed music and a new intro, because the worst thing anyone can ever do in the sports industry is stand still and not continue to change for improvement. Twitter: @KMillionaire


Tao of Sports Ep. 299 – Jack Effel (Director, The World Series of Poker)

Feb 19, 2014 33:09



The World Series of Poker has exploded from a small, intimate game of gamblers into a gigantic mega event since the early 2000s when unknown Chris Moneymaker entered as the tournament as an online poker qualifier to become a world champion in 2003, transforming $40 into $2.5 million. Witness throughout the growth has been Director of the WSOP Jack Effel, whose leadership has helped garner ESPN televised coverage, record qualifying players, and has managed a temporary staff of over 2,000 during each annual tournament. Effel discusses some of the factors that go into the WSOP, including branding and sponsorship, as well as the impact that the tournament has had on the City of Las Vegas in terms of worldwide recognition.


Twitter: @WSOPTD


Tao of Sports Ep. 298 - Peter Stringer (Sr. Director Digital Media, Boston Celtics)

Feb 17, 2014 40:30


The digital media landscape changes daily, especially in the sports world where teams are trying to show impact on various platforms. Peter Stringer's role at the Boston Celtics is about focusing on specific platforms and making them into viable content streams for those who follow the Celtics. Stringer talks about The Celtics "Home Court Advantage" app, the first live streaming mobile app in the NBA that he helped launch, as well as how it fits into the overall paradigm of the Celtics content strategy. Stringer discusses some of the various social media platforms available to sports teams, including Twitter and Facebook, and how the organization tries to maximize encounters on both. Stringer also highlights what he considers personal branding on social media as well as how short-term thinking can harm long-term career goals when it comes on what to post and what to say on various online platforms. Twitter: @PeterStringer

Tao of Sports Ep. 297 - Amber Lilyestrom (Assoc. AD of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives, UNH)

Feb 14, 2014 32:29


At the FCS level, everything runs on a very thin budgeted operational staff in order to carry out various tasks. The University of New Hampshire Athletic Department is no different, especially when it comes to branding and marketing efforts, overseen by Amber Lilyestrom. The means dedicating a lot of time, resources and sweat equity to various tasks personally that would otherwise be handed by a staff at the FBS level. Lilyestrom talks about her management style, including some of the promotions that she has implemented. Lilyestrom also as NACMA Board Of Director/3rd Vice President and has plenty of duties to attend to, and explains that each of these tasks doesn't distract from her biggest focus, being a new mother. Twitter: @AmberLilyestrom

Tao of Sports Ep. 296 - Kevin Kulp (President, Harrisburg Senators)

Feb 12, 2014 33:15


The Harrisburg Senators have managed to survive and thrive amid several major metro areas that surround the franchise and its community. Senators' President Kevin Kulp explains some of the thoughts behind growing team revenue and attendance at a time when other teams are suffering from community economic issues. Kulp discusses some of the factors that he uses to help build up not only the Senators' brand in the area, but also present a family-fun entertainment option to the greater community through minor league baseball. Twitter: @senspres

Tao of Sports Ep. 295 - Chris Syme (Principle, CKSyme Media Group)

Feb 10, 2014 50:01


Chris Syme specializes in social media for athletic departments. Social media is The Wild West in sports, however, a lot of athletic directors don't fully grasp what to do with it, and hire Syme to help navigate a direction that works for the overall university brand. Syme talks about some of the challenges that come with building a social media brand, what differing platforms to follow, and what works for individuals as well as department-wide initatives. Syme also discusses the challenges facing sports information colleagues, as well as the importance of COSIDA joining NACDA, as well as some of the issues that have been raised regarding SID health and whether or not SIDs are shut out of attending COSIDA now that it has merged with the other conferences such as NACDA and NACMA. Twitter: @CKSyme

Tao of Sports Ep. 294 - Trip Durham (CEO, 2D Consulting)

Feb 7, 2014 30:03


First time athletic directors at small colleges often are overwhelmed by new tasks such as marketing, branding and communications. That's where Trip Durham comes in, running 2D Consulting, which seeks out those opportunities to help young ADs build their brand while in the top chair of the department. Durham talks about his past association as one of NACMA's leaders, which has helped increase the collective marketing acumen for the entire collegiate athletic landscape. Durham discusses his 22+ years in athletic administration and some of the challenges that new athletic directors, as a first time head of a department, who are looking to make the most of their revenue streams in marketing, communications, development and ticket sales. Twitter: @2DConsultingLLC

Tao of Sports Ep. 293 - Jeff Berryhill (Director, National Sales Center)

Feb 5, 2014 30:17


Jeff Berryhill oversees one of the most complex sales operations for any professional sports league. Located in Blaine, Minnesota, the National Sales Center helps develop "fresh out of college" graduates and transforms them into cutting edge sports sales executives for Major League Soccer. Berryhill discusses some of the things that the NSC candidates go through, including dorm life, with no guarantee of a job at the end of the training cycle. Berryhill talks about what makes a great sales staff go, how he has helped place great young executives with MLS franchises, and why it is important to be mobile in the sports industry if executives want to stay in the sports industry. Twitter: @BhillMLS

Tao of Sports Ep. 292 - Chris Yates (Principle, Huddle Productions)

Feb 3, 2014 32:18


Chris Yates is one of the new age media brands in sports, extending out through the Internet through social media, especially with Google Plus Hangouts. Yates talks about what works, and what doesn't, in digital media as well as why patience is one of the valuable keys to building up a credible brand online. Yates discusses his infamous first interview with Grumpy Cat, as well as how he has interacted with and created a large audience in a space that rivals some small traditional media platforms. Twitter: @ChrisYates11

Tao of Sports Ep. 291 - Reed Kuhn (Author, Fightnomics)

Jan 31, 2014 47:25


As M.M.A.'s popularity explodes, so do the various options used to measure a fighter's success. Author Reed Kuhn comes onto the podcast to talk about his book, Fightnomics, which looks at breaking down statistical factors in where a fighter's focus is on and questions various fighting tactics over the years. What really matters in a fight? What surprising factors don’t? Kuhn discusses why the M.M.A. is ready for a Moneyball era of its own and how analytics can change the entire playing field. Common theories about MMA get put to the test with a little bit of science, and a whole lot of numbers. And so much more. Kuhn talks about how the fight game will never look quite the same after the book's examination how fights go down, and what really matters in a cage fight. Twitter: @Fightnomics

Tao of Sports Ep. 290 – Aileen McManamon (Senior Partner, 5T Sports Group)

Jan 29, 2014 40:48



Partnership development in sports is one of the key ways of ensuring corporate sponsorship growth. Aileen McManamon works as a conduit between the sports organization and corporate partner, trying to ensure that brand development fosters an ROI for any major business affiliation with a team or sports event. McManamon talks about some of the factors that go into creating good activation, as well as some of the larger scale VIP experiences, such as the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics. McManamon discusses her time as President and COO of the Vancouver Canadians minor league baseball franchise, as well as the Director of Marketing for FIAT, overseeing affiliations with Tour de France, German Hockey League and European Motorsports. Twitter: @Ms_Sportsbiz

Tao of Sports Ep. 289 - Ralph Morton (Executive Director, Seattle Sports Commission)

Jan 27, 2014 28:43



In the last 10 years, Ralph Morton has helped initiate one of the most active sports commissions in the United States. As Executive Director of the Seattle Sports Commission, Morton has been in some of top dealings for major league teams, area data and political conversations over publicly-funded stadiums and arenas. Morton also helps bridge the game for major outside sports promotions that want help accessing the market and media when putting on events in the city of Seattle. Morton talks about the Seattle Super Sonics’ departure and its effect on Queen Anne Hill around Key Arena, as well as the history of the Seattle Sports Commission throughout the years.

Tao of Sports Ep. 288 - Nate Silverman (Sales Sports Consultant)

Jan 24, 2014 34:52


Nate Silverman has worked for two NBA teams, run his own sports consulting firm, and sold corporate sales for Learfield Sports. Silverman knows the sales game and how to move inventory. Silverman talks about some of his methodology, including how to engage high dollar CEOs into buying the night of a game for the rest of the season, as well as getting them to pull out that infamous "black card" with no credit limit. Silverman talks about his time at the Seattle Supersonics, including his ability to get the preferred vendor status for the Microsoft account which meant a ton of inbound calls while the rest of his colleagues were making out-bound ones. Silverman talks about his utter disappointment in the Sonics leaving town, his decision not to go with the team, and his time running his own consulting firm.

Tao of Sports Ep. 287 - Mike Veeck (Owner, St. Paul Saints)

Jan 22, 2014 50:37


Mike Veeck is part of baseball marketing lore. Veeck is third in the fourth generation of marketing geniuses which have graced baseball since William Louis Veeck Sr. became president of the Chicago Cubs in 1919 and created Ladies Day, bringing out more women to the ballpark. Not to be outdone, Mike Veeck's father, Bill Veeck, was famous for "umpireless games" and sending 3-foot-7-inch Eddie Gaedel to the plate in a game. Now, Mike is the resident baseball marketing genius, running several minor league franchises including the independent St. Paul Saints, which has a pig deliver baseballs to the umpire and had "Senator Larry Craig Bobblefoot Night." Mike Veeck talks about some of the aspects of sports marketing, as well as why major and minor league humor isn't really that different, but that its more about implementation. The "Fun Is Good" author & czar suggests that while social media has some great communications factors for teams, the live experience needs to be pushed harder with more customer service and fan access to heroes in order to thrive in the new sports economy of the digital age. Twitter: @MikeVeeck

Tao of Sports Ep. 286 - Ryan Madayag (Marketing Director, University of Washington)

Jan 20, 2014 40:17


Ryan Madayag has a had a long successful career in sports marketing, starting with the NFL's Seattle Seahawks in 2004 as the team's fan development manager, which fostered a Super Bowl run in 2006 and the berth of the Seattle Sounders FC in 2008. Madayag talks about the Seattle market, some of the aspects of what traditional media still means even in a tech-savvy city, and how to impact fan engagement enough to draw them into the stands. Madayag talks about some of the challenges of marketing multiple college sports compared to only two professional ones, and some of the factors that go into building one of the best home football advantages in newly-renovated Husky Stadium.

Tao of Sports Ep. 285 - Bill Hogan (Athletic Director, Seattle University)

Jan 17, 2014 40:32


Athletic administrators cannot do better than to replicate someone like Bill Hogan, who has been in the sports field for over 30 years at three different universities. Hogan talks about his time at Seattle University, especially mentioning the fighting to search out the department's long history which had been placed underneath a pool to rot. Hogan discusses his vision for bringing back Division I athletics to Seattle University after 29 years as well as capturing the city's attention by playing at the Key Arena. Hogan exemplifies his philosophy on grooming young administrators in his department and takes a few shots at the host, which is not unlike Hogan at all.

Tao of Sports Ep. 284 – Jessica Smith (Assistant Director of Social Media Strategy, NCAA)

Jan 15, 2014 34:53



Jessica Smith is one of the best sports social media analysts who completely refrains from calling herself an expert and never trusts anyone who claims to be an expert. Smith talks about what really works and what doesn’t in social media, especially in the world of branding. Smith discusses strategies and tactics of ever evolving platforms such Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Smith stresses the importance of school athletic departments to leverage their traditional media assets by telling their stories via social media. Twitter: @WarJessEagle


Tao of Sports Ep. 283 - Leroy Denton (President, Ticket Return)

Jan 13, 2014 29:01


In 1999, Leroy Denton recognized an issue of redemption of tickets for local sports events and decided to do something about it, forming Ticket Return, a company that has grown from a lone client in the Peoria Chiefs its first year into becoming the largest ticketing vendor of minor league baseball clients. Denton has now set his sights on developing one of the premier ticket conferences annually, with Ticket Forum, Feb. 7-8 in Charolette, NC and talks about some of the ways that the conference will develop its attendees, including presenting a certification process for all Ticket Return acumen in order to help its clients hiring those interviewees who have truly mastered the Ticket Return system. Twitter: @TicketReturn More information on Ticket Forum, click here.

Tao of Sports Ep. 282 – Michael Mink (Commissioner, X-League Football)

Jan 10, 2014 38:23



Michael Mink has been around football for his entire life and now considers himself blessed with an opportunity to found his own indoor football conference, the X-League. Mink has seen the challenges of running minor league football franchises in the past, with an experience in Yakima where the team was doing well, but the entire league was not and collapsed around him. Now in Florida, Mink feels he has a legitimate shot at making the X-League a success; that means ensuring that each team owner has the acumen to operate their franchise effectively for the sake of league health. Mink talks about some of the issues surrounding his motivation to get into coaching in general, including the guidance of his mother, as well as some of the other important lessons he’s picked up along the way. Twitter: @XLeagueFootball

Tao of Sports Ep. 281 - Steve DeLay (Co-author, The Ultimate Toolkit)

Jan 8, 2014 31:47


The real star of this episode isn't Steve DeLay, it's The Ultimate Toolkit, an 11-workbook effort co-authored with sports marketing legend Jon Spoelstra as a way to redefine ticket sales in the modern age. DeLay explains the various ways in which The Ultimate Toolkit came to form, including the reasons why its important for every franchise and athletic department to take a hard look at their revenue goals and ticket sales staff training. DeLay talks about why The Ultimate Toolkit offers up a lot of sales trainer secrets, including how to conduct group and season ticket sales, as well as boot camps. Delay also covers reasons why revenue generation sometimes remains a mystery to teams and how The Ultimate Toolkit can put each reader on the path to personal and professional success in the sports industry. Twitter: @SteveDeLay2

For more information:

Tao of Sports Ep. 280 – Paige Farragut (SVP Ticket Sales, Texas Rangers)

Jan 6, 2014 27:35



Fifteen years after leaving the Dallas Stars for the Texas Rangers, Paige Farragut is now one of the top executives selling tickets in Major League Baseball. Farragut talks about the highs and lows of selling both two straight seasons of World Series appearances by the franchise, as well as methodology toward keeping those customers long-term through incentivized season ticket holder programs. Farragut talks about the industry’s future, as the cusp of CRM data collection grows, so that franchises learn as much as they can about the prospective and current customers they have in the community.

Tao of Sports Ep. 279 - Tom Broom (VP, Business Development/Digital Media, Asia Pacific IMG Media)

Jan 3, 2014 31:12


With an office in Hong Kong, IMG Vice President of Business Development and Digital Media Tom Broom showcases various ideas for the future in terms of activating the globalization of sport brands. Broom explains how specific digital media rights in countries such as Singapore, India and China are exploding as demand for content as well as corporate sponsorship activation grows. Broom talks about some of the various ways in which brands such as the NFL and NBA have performed grassroots efforts to develop their brand further, creating deeper relationship ties within the Asian markets through flag football and street court initiatives. Broom also discusses the mysteries of the East by those coming from the West, as well as the differencials in culture for those sports executives attempting to envelope themselves in Asian customs and mindset.

Tao of Sports Ep. 278 – Matt McGovern (President, World Fighting Championships)

Jan 1, 2014 42:16



Matt McGovern is running one of the top smaller promotions for unarmed combat sports with World Fighting Championships. McGovern covers not only the Las Vegas-Tahoe-Reno markets with his fights, but also into Louisiana with an eye on the Pacific Northwest. McGovern talks about some of the challenges he faces while running boxing and MMA promotions, as well as whether multiple major fight leagues can exist and stay on-par with the UFC promotions around the world. McGovern discusses his business acumen approach to the entire promotion game, which he considers lacking in some of the other fight promotions. Twitter: @WFCFights

Tao of Sports Ep. 277 – John Gruppo (Assistant AD Business/Finance, George Washington)

Dec 30, 2013 44:03



In an industry where administrators jump from job to job every few years, John Gruppo has only been in two positions during his 13 year career. Gruppo served as a jack of all trades at Northeastern, in the capacity of Assistant Athletic Director of Business and Ticketing for over 10 years, then left for George Washington University, to work as the Assistant Athletic Director of Budget and Finance. Gruppo talks about having to do it all alone when it comes to certain duties as folks start out in this industry, as well as why its good to move, but it can also raise institutionalization questions if people stay too long at a job as well. Twitter: @JohnGruppo

Tao of Sports Ep. 276 – Mike Mossholder (SVP Global Marketing Partnerships, UFC)

Dec 27, 2013 35:08



Mike Mossholder has sold marketing inventory for the NFL, NASCAR, Horse Racing, and MLS Soccer, but for the last three years has sold the UFC globally. Mossholder talks about what the differences are with brand managers between perception and reality, as well as how he utilizes UFC President Dana White to help facilitate some of the biggest brands in the business. Mossholder discusses where the UFC is expanding globally, reaching into the Southeast Asian and Oceania markets, and specifically tailoring those fight match-ups to those countries timezones in order to reach maximum impact.

Tao of Sports Ep. 275 – Chuck Lamson (Owner, Southpaw Sports Consulting)

Dec 25, 2013 31:14



Chuck Lamson brings over 30 years to his sports consulting business, trying to help potential owners understand exactly what they need to know about running a franchise. Not everyone heeds the advice, but Lamson talks about some of the easiest ways that owners avoid making revenue in sports business. Lamson talks about his time with the Tulsa Drillers, as well as how drawing people to a sports event is one of the hardest things in the world to do.

Tao of Sports Ep. 274 – Ron Loghry (Associate Commissioner, Big Sky Conference)

Dec 23, 2013 38:01



In 2012, The Big Sky Conference reformed their logo and brought in several changes both on and off the college field. Associate Commissioner Ron Loghry discusses the challenges that were presented and met by the Conference’s leadership, as well as how the conference expansion led to some unique opportunities with new school membership. And Loghry also confirms one of the stories about University of Montana fans calling the conference office, outraged by a certain young ticket manager’s policies back in 2010.

Tao of Sports Ep. 273 – Charlie Hildbold (SVP Ticket Operations, IFL Texas Revolution)

Dec 20, 2013 30:42



From the first moment that Charlie Hildbold walked into the indoor football league franchise in Allen, Texas, he has been fighting to keep the franchise alive. Hildbold talks about the early days of the former IFL Allen Wranglers, where NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens played for half a summer and the corporate sponsors were trying to revolt. Hildbold talks about the Wranglers franchise folding and the birth of the IFL Texas Revolution, which has improved on several of the issues that the Wranglers could not seem to control. Twitter: @CharlieHildbold

Tao of Sports Ep. 272 – Rick Olivieri (Director of Guest Services, Washington Capitals)

Dec 18, 2013 25:49



Guest services takes on a whole new meaning at the Washington Capitals. Rick Olivieri explains that the title means really focusing on retention of season ticket holders, ensuring that the VIP customer service is promoted heavily, rather than simply a concierge service for high-end fans. Olivieri discusses some of the ways that the Washington Capitals have chosen to grow their audience as well as maintain some of their loyal fans. Twitter: @RickOlivieri

Tao of Sports Ep. 271 – CJ Johnson (VP of Ticket Sales, Winston-Salem Dash)

Dec 16, 2013 33:10



CJ Johnson knows the Winston-Salem market well. In his second stint with the Carolina League franchise, Johnson talks about some of the changes that have gone in over the last few years, including a team name change and venue upgrade into a new ballpark. Johnson discusses his plans for selling in the Winston-Salem community as well as communications with season ticket holders as well as growing their fanbase.

Tao of Sports Ep. 270 – David Hersh (President, C-Level Sports)

Dec 13, 2013 33:33



Long-time sports marketing legend David Hersh has formed a new company to change over how college athletics promotes and sells their teams. Hersh has formed the Viking Athletic Partnership with Portland State University, which he considers wholly different than the third party concept used by most major university athletic departments in terms of ticket sales. The VAP examines ways to use the entire sports revenue ecosystem; tickets, marketing, promotions, corporate sponsorship, etc., to build a better, more sound product to sell to the greater Portland area. Hersh discusses his background in running two versions of the Portland Beavers baseball franchise as well as his twenty-plus year career in the world of professional sports, and how he looks to extend those metrics to the college athletic landscape.

Tao of Sports Ep. 269 – Robert Roveta (MMA Agent, Denaro Sports Marketing)

Dec 11, 2013 35:33



Robert Roveta has managed some of the top MMA fighters in the sport. Roveta talks about the period in MMA from 1993-2003 known as the “Dark Ages” prior to MMA’s acceptance by the mainstream. Roveta discusses his goals for managing fighters, some of the issues that have arisen without MMA agent regulation which have caused anyone and everyone to go into the role of fighter representation, and his time as an MMA event promoter. Twitter: @DenaroSports

Tao of Sports Ep. 268 – Chuck Johnson (GM, Las Vegas 51s)

Dec 9, 2013 43:23



Chuck Johnson operates one of the most successful minor league brands in the Pacific Coast League. Johnson talks about some of the issues surrounding the 51s name as it has now been extended past two different ownership groups, as well as how the 51s deal with the struggling Las Vegas economy. Johnson discusses some of the ways that the 51s have to be creative at Cashman Stadium to draw crowds which is 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, as well as some of the possible future plans for the team to relocate to Summerlin, Nevada. Twitter: @51sGM

Tao of Sports Ep. 267 – Jamie Fritz (Principal, Fritz Martin Management)

Dec 6, 2013 31:20



Some of the biggest names of the NFL use Jamie Fritz as a branding agent. As Fritz explains, he doesn’t deal with the contractual obligations on the field, instead focusing on the athlete’s brand for corporate America. This is a new trend in the world of sports, as more athletes are focusing on their brand and how to best affiliate themselves with the right type of products. Fritz talks about the “suited and booted” mentality that he has for his clients during any type of public appearance and some of the pitfalls of athletes not taking their brands seriously, especially in the social media sphere.

Tao of Sports Ep. 266 – Schuyler Hoversten (President, LAKISS)

Dec 4, 2013 29:55



One of the most exciting pieces of sports branding properties was announced in September 2013, as an Arena Football League team in Anaheim, California cemented plans to become LAKISS. This married the brand of Arena Football with the rock band KISS, showcased by co-owners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. LAKISS President Schuyler Hoversten breaks down the ways that the AFL team will reflect the tradition KISS brand, but also extend beyond it to create its own brand identity. Hoversten talks about the culture of LA in terms of entertainment options, competing fans, and how the LAKISS franchise will meet those challenges. Twitter: @LAKISS_AFL

Tao of Sports Ep. 265 – Keith Kizer (Executive Director, Nevada State Athletic Commission)

Dec 2, 2013 59:21



For a state worker, Keith Kizer has one of the more interesting jobs in the world. In one of the state’s largest assets, Kizer operates with a small staff of five in a nook of a large building and works out of a small office unrecognizable to the popular media image of what many think the NSAC is. Kizer, along with five NSAC commissioners, is in charge of overseeing the licensing, sanctioning and officiating of Nevada’s unarmed combat matches – kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and boxing. Not that it doesn’t come without controversy and what he considers slander when the NSAC’s integrity is questions, as Kizer mentions in the podcast. Kizer talks about the role of the NSAC, how its brand is extensive enough that those outside Nevada confuse the commission’s role in worldwide unarmed combat sports affairs. Kizer covers some of the hotter topics surrounding the NSAC, including Fallon Fox, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, health & wellness of fighters, controversial judging decisions such as the Hendricks v GSP fight as well as the extensive social media aftermath.

Tao of Sports Ep. 263 – Daniel Nunes (Marketing Director, LSU)

Nov 29, 2013 34:46



Legacy brands, especially in the Southeastern Conference, can be a tough marketing venture for anyone seeking to relate new ideas into an older demographic. Daniel Nunes talks about the challenges and success of running one of the marketing departments a top level athletic program nationally, as well as trying to maintain both an environment for television and the in-game fan experience for 93,000 fans on a football gameday. Nunes discusses how the cultural language of Louisiana Creole French is mixed into the LSU marketing environment and creating an atmosphere around that language during Tiger events. Nunes details LSU’s efforts in drawing more student attendees to non-football events, such as basketball, in order to ensure that every program has the fan support it needs. Twitter: @DNunesLSU

Tao of Sports Ep. 262 – John Phillips (Associate AD, Embry-Riddle)

Nov 28, 2013 38:15



Embry-Riddle, an NAIA aeronautics university athletic department in Florida has helped launch several careers of young professionals in the field of sports management. John Phillips serves as Associate Athletic Director of ER, talking about the role of the school in developing a great atmosphere for fans, student-athletes and becoming a working lab for those looking to grow while working in sports administration. Phillips discusses his side job, working as sportscaster for ER basketball games, as well as during Daytona’s Speed Week every February during the biggest event of the year for NASCAR. Twitter: @JP_Daytona

Tao of Sports Ep. 261 – Blair Hughes (Fan Experience Consultant)

Nov 27, 2013 20:47



Australian Blair Hughes has performed several aspects of the fan experience model, both in sports and in music. Hughes talks about some of the crossover aspects of trying to achieve fan loyalty to the brand, discussing in detail his time as director fo the Brisbane Sounds, which produced over 50 events, five compilation albums with and featured over 100 artists. Hughes chats about his seven years as bar manager of the Gabba Sports Grounds in Woolloongabba, and some of the places where international sports have a short-fall in the fan experience realm compared to the United States. Twitter: @MrBlairHughes

Tao of Sports Ep. 260 – LaTrisha Reid (Corporate Sponsorship Expert)

Nov 25, 2013 29:44



Activation is the name of the game in corporate sponsorship. LaTrisha Reid has worked extensively in the field for the last 10 years, helping companies from musicians to motorcross exhibitions in the constant expansion of corporate sponsorship opportunities. Reid discusses her passion for developing great B2B, as well as some of the pitfalls that have caused companies to pull back from doing sponsorship with those asking. Twitter: @LkkinAndCompany

Tao of Sports Ep. 259 – Alex Burkhart (Founder,

Nov 22, 2013 28:58



Cincinnati has become of an exciting epicenter of a digital ticketing start-up with international potential, that being Founder Alex Burkhart details how the company started with the simple request of finding a reasonable way to trade unused season tickets into a full-fledged service that has now expanded to a small sample size of users. Burkhart discusses some of the ways in which is not StubHub, how buyers of local tickets in the Ohio area are gaining traction with the service, and what the future holds for the company. Twitter: @Tixers

Tao of Sports Ep. 258 – Tim George (Associate AD of External Relations, UNCG)

Nov 20, 2013 35:01



Marketing and fan experience are discussed with Tim George, who has spent several years in the Big 12 with Texas Christian University and Oklahoma. Now at University of North Carolina Greensboro, George talks about the stark difference between a brand that has been created over several years and in UNCG’s case, a brand which has been initiated only twenty years prior. George details some of the challenges of drawing attendance in ACC country, as well as with smaller resources. George discusses the balancing act of life and work while also serving as a member of a senior athletic administration role. Twitter: @TBGBoro

Tao of Sports Ep. 257 – Fred Maglione (President, New Era Tickets)

Nov 18, 2013 24:08



The world of ticketing has changed over the last fifteen years. Fred Maglione has witnessed that change as head of New Era Tickets, along with his extensive experience with other ticket vendors. Maglione talks about how the customer service aspects haven’t changed even though the platforms have, taking it from store outlet models to online. Maglione discusses the aspect of service fees, whether they should be bundled into the promoter ticket prices, and how the paradigm of ticketing has continued to strengthen, even with secondary markets online. Twitter: @FredMaglione

Tao of Sports Ep. 256 – Rob Mills (Director, The gemba Group)

Nov 15, 2013 34:34



The Asian markets, especially a massive country such as China, get categorized in a macro sense in the matter of sports business. Rob Mills helps break down each corner of Asia; Shanghai, Bejing, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Korea are all discussed with intimate detail. As are the countries of Qatar, Australia, and Russia. Mills talks about some of the issues going on with global sports, how the English Premier League has found some backlash to their international touring initiatives, and how American college sports have an untapped potential to expand globally with games set in new marketplaces throughout the world. Twitter: @Millsyrob

Tao of Sports Ep. 255 – Brian Flenner (Director of Ticket Sales, Akron RubberDucks)

Nov 13, 2013 26:38



A name change can do a lot of things for a minor league baseball club, but the Akron double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians caused a social media explosion when they changed their team nickname Oct. 29 from the Aeros to the RubberDucks. Director of Ticket Sales Brian Flenner talks about the name change, the impact on the community, the internal staff secrecy about the nickname, and the media attention that followed. Twitter: @Flenner1970

Tao of Sports Ep. 254 – Dennis Kalina (Sr. Associate AD, Binghamton)

Nov 11, 2013 25:20



Dennis Kalina fully admits that it was easier to garner large donation asks while at men’s basketball powerhouse Gonzaga University as associate athletic director of external relations than Kalina’s new challenge as senior associate athletic director at Binghamton. But Kalina says that he is embracing his new experience, not only as a component of the Bearcats’ senior management team, but also focus on spearheading the department’s fundraising, marketing and ticketing campaigns. Kalina talks about the dynamics of how the paradigm changed toward marketing and ticket selling for college campuses, as well as how his experiences have helped guide him along a path toward becoming a candidate for an athletic director position down the road. Twitter: @DennisKalina

Tao of Sports Ep. 253 – Steve Dao (Managing Partner, Dynamic Sports Media)

Nov 8, 2013 27:41



Part of the modern athlete’s image is that of the social interaction on various media platforms. That’s where Steve Dao and his company, Dynamic Sports Media, can help examine each athlete’s branding and work build it into a larger concept of community image. Dao talks about some of the nightmare scenarios of social media’s influence on branding, but also provides advice on avoiding a false athlete narrative in order to avoid controversy, because it lacks the athlete’s genuine character. Dao discusses how Dynamic Sports Media can help clients and athletes navigate the water of sponsorship alignment in order to ensure a cohesive teamwork focused on the right objectives. Twitter: @Steve_Dao

Tao of Sports Ep. 252 – C. Ryan Shelton (GM, Salem Red Sox)

Nov 6, 2013 37:32



C. Ryan Shelton has been able to successfully operate in both the world of minor league hockey and that of minor league baseball. Shelton talks about his experiences in developing great fan experiences, understand the nuances of customer service, and how he continues to trust with season ticket holders. Shelton expands on the idea of sports sales, talking about his 1-on-1 prospect engagement strategy at the ballpark with a high success ratio. Twitter: @CRyanShelton

Tao of Sports Ep. 251– Bryan Blair (Assistant Director of Compliance Services, South Carolina University)

Nov 4, 2013 41:52



The role of NCAA compliance is often misunderstood by the public and sometimes, even those overseen by rules education. Brian Blair talks about his guidance with coaches and administrators to ensure that compliance works for both the athletic department staff as a whole as well as student athletes. Blair discusses how the perception of student-athlete awareness of athletic department issues is presented through SAAC, as well as his own experiences as a student athlete at Wofford. All while wearing a nice bowtie. Twitter: @BToTheBlair

Tao of Sports Ep. 250 – Kevin McNamee (Deputy Director of Athletics, George Mason)

Nov 1, 2013 30:42



Kevin McNamee has over thirty-five years of experience as a Division-I administrator as well as a coach of swimming and diving. McNamee talks about how his coaching days helped develop his administrative role with St. Bonaventure for 17 years, then moving to George Mason for the last 19 years, overseeing of some of the more detailed aspects of the department. McNamee discusses various points on how to conduct proper business operations, event management, as well as sports programming, along George Mason’s magical men’s basketball ride in 2006 through the NCAA Tournament to the Final Four. Twitter: @KWMcNamee

Tao of Sports Ep. 249 – Dan Butterly (Sr. Associate Commissioner, Mountain West Conference)

Oct 30, 2013 28:24



The Mountain West Conference holds one of the hottest tickets in Las Vegas during conference tournament time for men’s basketball. Dan Butterly oversees the Mountain West’s annual conference tournament, and talks about how he helps sell sponsorship inventory as well as achieves activation for corporate clients. Butterly discusses how the Mountain West engages and educates fans during a rabid, sell-out situation for each game, as well as ensures that once teams lose, fans have a secondary ticket market to resell to fans interested in attending the remaining games on the schedule. Twitter: @DanButterly

Tao of Sports Ep. 248 – Mike Goff (President, Premier Sports Management)

Oct 28, 2013 33:44



Recognized by The Sporting News as one of the Top 100 most powerful people in sports, Mike Goff has created some of the most dynamic and far-reaching brand development in the sports industry. Goff talks about Premier Sports Management’s role in recalibrating the current Bowl Championship Series of college football after being hired by the NCAA Division I conferences to help define the identity, branding, marketing and operational structure of its new 2015 playoff system. Goff talks his 22-year-career as VP of Corporate Marketing for Sprint Nextel, about his expertise in helping strategic and implementation planning of Sprint and Nextel in 2005, creating a sponsorship marketing effort with the NFL, NASCAR, PGA Tour, NCAA and World Cup Soccer. Goff discusses the elusive millennial fan, efforts to sell to that new fanbase, and the emerging role of technology in live sports entertainment venues. Twitter: @RMGoff

Tao of Sports Ep. 247 – Drake Nelson (Fmr. Professional Wrestler, Comedian)

Oct 25, 2013 27:35



Drake Nelson spent 10 years in the world of independent professional wrestling entertainment and has now shifted into managing the largest comedy club in Reno, Nevada. Nelson talks about some of the reasons that professional wrestling is dying out on the circuit and presents a different view point on how promotions work in that industry niche. Nelson discusses his outlook on entertainment in general, now in the world of comedy where he competes nightly against other casinos the attention of those living or vacationing in Reno. Twitter: @CannibalDrake

Tao of Sports Ep. 246 – Derrick Docket (Assistant Commissioner of New Media, Missouri Valley Conference)

Oct 23, 2013 32:46



Derrick Docket examines the role of social media from the perspective of an college athletic conference, where the focus has to be expanded to the Missouri Valley Conference’s ten member schools. Docket talks about the challenges of ensuring fairness to each member school, as well as how social media at each athletic department changed over the last few years. Docket discusses how livestreaming sports events has helped expand media attention to Olympic sports that would have otherwise received much less interest from traditional media outlets. Twitter: @DDocket

Tao of Sports Ep. 245 – Jim Delaney (President, Activate Sports)

Oct 21, 2013 35:36



The world of sports communication and branding is where Jim Delaney focuses his attention on most. Delaney discusses some of the issues surrounding the roles of traditional and social media, as well as how new platforms can cause issues when messaging isn’t correct across the board. Delaney talks about a team or individual knowing their brand enough, especially when it comes to things which appear controversial, but really aren’t to the brand’s main constituents. Twitter: @Activate

Tao of Sports Ep. 244 – David Sabolcik (Associate AD of Development, Univ. of Nevada-Reno)

Oct 18, 2013 28:47



The complex world of major gifts, fundraising and overall annual giving to university athletics is broken down by David Sabolcik, who has spent several years at different departments across the country building better revenue streams. Sabolcik has spent time at the University of Minnesota Moorhead, the University of New Mexico, San Jose State, Georgia State and University of Nevada-Reno, and talks about how to ensure proper care of each donor gift is delivered by a development officer. Sabolcik discusses the idea of presenting good mentoring to young development officers and some of the misconceptions of where money goes and why in college athletics. Twitter: @Davidsabolcik

Tao of Sports Ep. 243 – John Kosner (EVP/GM, ESPN Digital & Print)

Oct 16, 2013 24:29



John Kosner oversees the digital landscape of ESPN and its many affiliates, including headed by Bill Simmons, ESPN The Magazine, and espnW, the network’s initiative targeted at female sports fans. Kosner talks about how the digital landscape has changed with ESPN constantly trying to keep ahead with its presence, expanding both the 30 for 30 features, Grantland and now 538, the new Nate Silver site. Kosner discusses how ESPN has also adapted to the social landscape, moving its discussion boards to Facebook and how ESPN online has developed with podcasts and ESPN Radio. Kosner also covers how ESPN has crafted its own social media policy for its personalities regarding interaction with fans and has continued to push its brand further. Twitter: @JKosner

Tao of Sports Ep. 242 – Joe Vrankin (COO, Suntex Ventures)

Oct 14, 2013 38:20



Joe Vrankin helped preside over one of the largest sports league expansions in history during a nearly nine-year run as chief operating officer of the Arena Football League and its subsidiary, the Arena Football League 2. Vrankin talks about the details of league expansion, how the AFL changed during the 2000s to its eventual demise under a strike-riddled 2007 campaign as the collective bargaining negotiations became intense. Vrankin discusses some of the innovations of the old AFL incarnations, including miking the coaches during broadcast interviews and the NBC league ownership model. Twitter: @JVrankin

Tao of Sports Ep. 241 – Shon Spevak (Ticket Manager, Southern Utah University)

Oct 11, 2013 32:26



Shon Spevak has spent most of his adult life in Cedar City, Utah. A graduate of his hometown university, Spevak talks about his role with SUU as it has grown up in the last nine years over his tenure from a department with a sole conference home to finally being a member of the Big Sky Conference for all of its sports. Spevak discusses the challenges of being in a remote location, continuing to foster growth in his career development in athletics, as well as helping broaden his mentorship skills with student workers. Twitter: @ShonSpevak

Tao of Sports Ep. 240 – Jim Willits (Trainer, Will Rock Sports)

Oct 9, 2013 31:28



Jim Willits has had a 20-year career in sports, rising to the role of Vice President of Sales for 8 years with the Philadelphia Flyers. Willits talks about the barriers that young students put on themselves trying to break into the industry, especially when presenting resumes or getting a face-to-face interview. Willits discusses how the industry needs for employees has changed, and how a lot of young employees need to be able to adapt to those changes to show value. Willits describes his role as a trainer for young executives, providing them with an affordable alternative in career coaching and development toward landing a job in the sports industry. Twitter: @WillRockSports

Tao of Sports Ep. 239 - Edward Liddiard (Product Manager, Pricing Playbook)

Oct 7, 2013 29:54



Dynamic pricing’s history in English football began with the Derby County Football Club. As ticket office manager for three years during that period, Edward Liddiard saw first-hand the effect of variable pricing on the marketplace and with fans. Liddiard talks about the positive and negative ways in which dynamic pricing changed, as well as how the practice had to adapt to the UK employment system in a working class community such as Derby. Liddiard explains his role in developing and administrating the pricing playbook, which allows football clubs to see what other clubs are charging in order to price their product accordingly. Twitter: @ELiddiard25

Tao of Sports Ep. 238 – Fiona Green (Director/Co-Founder, WINNERS)

Oct 4, 2013 30:52



The dynamic world of CRM and its capabilities within sport franchise revenue streams is examined with Fiona Green, who has worked with the top European football clubs in the world. Green talks about why CRM capability and customer informational control is so huge for even the largest football clubs such as Manchester United or Arsenal, helping teams and sponsors better understand who is watching and why. Twitter: @Fionagreen66

Tao of Sports Ep. 237 – Kelley Walton (Sports Administration Instructor, Ohio University)

Oct 2, 2013 31:09



Kelley Walton has worked in professional sports hiring for over 10 years, as the director of human resources for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Now a practicing lawyer and instructor with Ohio University’s Sports Administration program, Walton has authored a book on breaking into the industry called Prepare for Opportunity: A practical guide to applying for a job in sports. Walton talks about the reasons why she felt the book was necessary, what Gen-Y has to offer the industry, and how lawyers are talking over not only the world as a whole, but especially athletic departments where the legal and analytical issues are beginning to grow larger daily. Twitter: @HRLegalConsult

Tao of Sports Ep. 236 – Mike Lieberman (Co-Owner, East Texas Pump Jacks)

Sep 30, 2013 52:29



Summer collegiate baseball can either be something that is not made for the paying fan or it can be essentially a minor league with 30 home dates. Mike Lieberman chooses to believe his East Texas Pump Jacks are the latter. Lieberman talks about how the Pump Jacks go about utilizing interns and two full-time staff in order to bring a full minor league experience to the residents of Kilgore, Texas and remain competitive in the Texas Collegiate League. Lieberman discusses why group tickets are key to filling stands with paying customers and his philosophies toward building long-term revenue and fan loyalty while selling out the house. Twitter: @SportsExec13

Tao of Sports Ep. 235 – Bill Bradley (Contributing Editor,

Sep 27, 2013 30:08



The world of sports journalism is explored with the help of Bill Bradley, who has made the jump from the sports editorial pages of daily newspapers to the digital world of the Bradley talks about the environment of journalism and employment in the field means working online, as well as his decision to build his online brand both with and finally the, covering health and safety issues. Bradley discusses his role at and how he develops good, informative stories on serious subjects such as player safety. Twitter: @billbradley_sac

Tao of Sports Ep. 234 - Brian Thornton (Sports Branding Specialist)

Sep 25, 2013 31:59



Brian Thornton has worked on both athlete and team branding for over 20 years, developing relationship with over 200 active NFL, MLB, and NBA players. His list of clients has included Larry Fitzgerald, Devin Hester, Greg Jennings, Ndamukong Suh, Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Curtis Martin, Rod Woodson, Jairus Byrd, Richard Seymour, Steven Jackson, Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz, Mariano Rivera, Amare Stoudemire, and Dwight Howard. Thornton talks about the personal branding side of the modern athlete, which now extends into the social media ranks to where each athlete is now a media channel for certain endorsement or corporate partnerships. Thornton talks about off-field engagements, time management for an athlete between sponsorships and their seasonal endeavors in their sport, and how to manage strategic partnerships into a cohesive relationship between the player and the brand. Twitter: @BThornton1966

Tao of Sports Ep. 233 – Jamie Morningstar (VP of Ticket Sales & Service, Milwaukee Bucks)

Sep 23, 2013 40:48



Working in sports means learning how sell and being mobile, Jamie Morningstar has done both during her tenure in the NBA. Morningstar talks about her first jobs in sports, including working for the Seattle Super Sonics and the decision to move with the team to Oklahoma City, as well as her time at Madison Square Garden with the New York Knicks and now with the Milwaukee Bucks. Morningstar expands into selling the experience as well as the relationship between a client and team, in terms of retention, even when team performance is down. Morningstar discusses how she managed to study and pass the bar exam after law school while performing inside sales with the Detroit Pistons, as well as her thoughts on the overall expectations of working in the industry. Twitter: @jmelyn30

Tao of Sports Ep. 232 – Joe Cote (VP of Ticket Sales & Service, Portland Timbers)

Sep 20, 2013 40:22



Being continually sold out of ticket inventory is that “good problem to have” for any franchise, but Joe Cote explains how it can cause some consternation for his fanbase, especially when the perception of being sold out causes patrons to buy off of the secondary market when there are tickets available on the primary market. Cote talks about how the Timbers have embraced the Portland marketplace, establishing a special relationship through a different branding campaign which didn’t use some of the traditional “call to action” methodology and instead focused on showing the Timbers’ fanbase. Cote discusses how he got into the sports business, as well as how the title of vice president means little when it comes to a difference in his performance prior to earning the title.

Tao of Sports Ep. 231 – K.L. Wombacher (VP/GM, Hillsboro Hops)

Sep 18, 2013 37:21



The Hops just finished their first Single-A baseball season in Hillsboro, Oregon. Team Vice President and General Manager K.L. Wombacher talks about the decision to move the former Yakima Bears franchise more than 200 miles away, re-branding the team as the Hops. Wombacher talks about the challenges facing the team, as well as how the team’s per caps have exceeded expectations, as well as the Hops’ branding images in terms of merchandising outside of Hillsboro and Oregon. Twitter: @Wombokl

Tao of Sports Ep. 230 – Jon Spoelstra (Sports Marketing Legend)

Sep 16, 2013 01:15:55



If you are going to point to one pioneer of revenue development, Jon Spoelstra should be at the very top of the list. Spoelstra has been part of over 1,000 sellouts. Author of one of the most notorious books in sports administration history “How To Sell Every Last Seat In The House” which he sells on his website for $800, Spoelstra can get that price based on the valuable information he provides. Considered the godfather of the mini-pack, Spoelstra is now working on a follow-up to that book called “The Ultimate Toolkit to Selling Every Last Seat In The House” with Steve Delay, which promises to be an industry best-seller. Now retired from the day-to-day life of selling tickets, Spoelstra was the genius behind creating sell-outs for the moribund New Jersey Nets in the 1990s as their team president and the Portland Trailblazers as their executive vice president. As president for 13 years at Mandalay Sports, Spoelstra rebranded the Triple-A Las Vegas Stars into the Las Vegas 51s to create a marketing and merchandising dream, as well as created one of the longest sell-out streaks in sports history with the Single-A Dayton Dragons, which has sold every ticket, to every game, every year, since their inception. Spoelstra has written three popular books on sales success including “Ice To Eskimos,” “Success Is Just One Wish Away,” and “Marketing Outrageously.” With a mantra of “What’s It Gonna Take?” to solve any revenue issues, Spoelstra’s legacy may end up being a rubber chicken in a FedEx box, which was sent to Nets season ticket holders.

Tao of Sports Ep. 229 - Christopher Kaufman (Coordinator of Ticket Operations And Sales, University of South Dakota)

Sep 13, 2013 23:04



Breaking into college sports means being an intern or graduate assistant starting out. Christopher Kaufman is the coordinator of ticket operations and sales at the University of South Dakota Athletic Department, and talks about the challenges he faced getting into the field, as well as the positive outlook he brings each day to his job at USD. Kaufman discusses the challenges that USD faces in broadening its audience with a small state and area population, as well as how they are building their program for long-term success.

Tao of Sports Ep. 228 - Tyler Howell (VP of Ticket Sales, Portland Trail Blazer)

Sep 11, 2013 33:09



Controlling the secondary market for an NBA team is a new concept that Portland Trail Blazers VP of Ticket Sales Tyler Howell has been working on. Howell talks about working with ticket brokers in order to keep the secondary market from being flooded, thus dropping the value of the ticket. Howell discusses his thoughts on dynamic pricing, building demand, and how the Portland Timbers MLS team has helped, not hurt, establish a true market value for the ticket prices in the marketplace.

Tao of Sports Ep. 227 – Rob Cornilles (Founder, Game Face Inc.)

Sep 9, 2013 01:01:20



In the early 1990s, Rob Cornilles helped revolutionize sales training principles for sports franchises by founding Game Face, Inc. and then changed over the model again by creating an academy structure to train young college students into ticket sales reps, in his Portland facility, as well as helped place them with professional teams throughout the nation. Game Face was then expanded into an executive search model that helped broaden the careers of sports sales executives. Cornilles talks about founding the Game Face model, how word of mouth advertising grew his business into a powerhouse within a few short years, and his two unsuccessful runs for U.S. Congress in Oregon’s 1st District in 2010 and 2012. Cornilles presents his revenue philosophies on where the sports industry was when he started, where it is now, and what really needs to improve in the future. E-mail:

Tao of Sports Ep. 226 – Amy Huchthausen (Commissioner, America East Conference)

Sep 6, 2013 36:58



America East Commissioner Amy Huchthausen is running a Division I non-football conference, but that doesn’t mean that the changing college football landscape hasn’t had an effect on her members. Huchthausen talks about some of the issues surrounding scheduling, conference membership stability, and how Title IX is affected by those decisions. Huchthausen also discusses her thoughts on guiding conference or campus issues, whether it be at the school presidential or athletic director level. Twitter: @AE_Commish

Tao of Sports Ep. 225 – Josh Olerud (VP/GM, Potomac Nationals)

Sep 4, 2013 32:24



Josh Olerud has transitioned from independent minor league baseball with the Rockford Redhawks to affiliated with the Potomac Nationals. Olerud talks about the differences between promotions in minors as well as the financial impact that stars like Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg rehabbing with Potomac can have on the ticket counter. Olerud discusses how Potomac has built its own brand within the Washington National’s footprint despite being so close to the parent club.

Tao of Sports Ep. 224 – Brad Alberts (EVP/CRO, Dallas Stars)

Sep 2, 2013 28:54



Selling NHL hockey in a non-traditional market means focusing on redeveloping your brand, especially during franchise turmoil over ownership issues. Dallas Stars Executive Vice President Brad Alberts talks about the issues surround the team’s bankruptcy and working with season ticket holders as well as the general fan base to ensure the club’s survival in a crowd sports marketplace. Alberts speaks about team investment in the market as well as bringing ownership to the fanbase as well as developing a ticket base. Alberts discusses the role of technology in sales and his time with Legends Sales & Marketing. Twitter: @RiponScorer

Tao of Sports Ep. 223 – Jim Rappel (SVP, Wunderman 3)

Aug 30, 2013 31:43



Since 1988, Jim Rappel has been working in sports marketing. First with the Miller Sports Group, directing programming for their sports agency throughout the Mid-West, to working at Wunderman with various motorsports and professional sports in order to expand branding on different media platforms. Rappel talks about different marketing challenges that professional sports face, as well as what social and traditional media mean for sports in general. Twitter: @JimRappel

Tao of Sports Ep. 222 – Bobby Holland (General Manager, The Ripken Experience)

Aug 28, 2013 21:56



Bobby Holland oversees one of the largest travel baseball facilities in the country, along with one of the most recognizable brands in baseball, The Ripken Experience, in Myrtle Beach. Holland talks about how his experiences from minor league baseball have helped his skills in developing The Ripken Experience’s travel sports structure with corporate sponsors, especially with hotels. Holland discusses his time with the Richmond Braves, Potomac Cannons, Potomac Nationals, Live Nation, and Global Spectrum in terms of what works and what he believes does not in professional sports leadership and staffing.

Tao of Sports Ep. 221 – Joe Barbarito (Principle, Pre-Game Consulting)

Aug 26, 2013 37:21



Joe Barbarito has worked in various levels of sports business for the NHL’s Dallas Stars, Charlotte Knights, Broomfield Sports & Entertainment, Colorado Crush, Macon Knights, and Toledo Mud Hens. Now taking on clients as the owner of Pre-Game Consulting, Barbarito talks about some of the training methodology he uses in order to improve revenue and marketing for teams. Barbarito is willing to admit mistakes in promotions, but while humbled, how he learned from them and improved his overall branding principles of his training to help others. Twitter: @JBarbarito

Tao of Sports Ep. 220 – T-Ante Sims (Director of Ticket Operations, Sacramento State)

Aug 23, 2013 34:50



In an episode that was supposed to be recorded back in November 2012, T-Ante Sims finally sits down for a chat on working in sports, in higher education and with student athletes. Sims talks about his role at Sacramento State University Athletics, finding student workers, and some of the environment that CSSU creates with smaller venues and no amenities. It was a long, overdue chat with T-Ante Sims, and well-worth getting done.

Tao of Sports Ep. 219 – J.W. Cannon (Sponsorships & Events, UPS)

Aug 21, 2013 29:37



Corporate Sales Directors constantly try to seek out what their sponsor prospects want and J.W. Cannon provides some of his answers. Helping the United Parcel Service develop good B2B within their sponsorship spaces, Cannon talks about what most team corporate sales directors are missing about national companies and why sponsorship should be tailored to client, not to what inventory is available. Cannon expands to talk about his involvement as co-creator of #sbchat which has helped build the conversation every Sunday night about what really matters in the sports industry for prospective sports management employees. Twitter: @CannonJW

Tao of Sports Ep. 218 – Eric Kussin (VP of Ticket Sales, NJ Devils)

Aug 19, 2013 51:05



Tickets drive revenues for an NHL team more than any of the Big Four Leagues because of a lack of major national television revenue. Eric Kussin is responsible for the creation of new revenues at a time when the New Jersey Devils have faced financial issues, especially a lockout-shortened 2012-13 NHL season. Kussin talks about the issues surrounding both the Devils and the NHL, as well as expands into his beliefs on dynamic ticket pricing and the secondary market. Twitter: @QSin34

Tao of Sports Ep. 217 – Mike Ernst (VP of Sales & Service, Chicago Fire)

Aug 16, 2013 34:11



Selling the MLS in a market filled with sports choices is exactly what Mike Ernst is up against, yet the Chicago Fire’s ticket sales have continued to set records and revenue marks for the league. Ernst talks about his philosophy on selling, the relationship between sales reps and season ticket holders, the impact of supporter clubs which are unique to the MLS in US team sports, and how the Fire continue to broaden their prospecting of new customers. Twitter: @RealMikeErnst

Tao of Sports Ep. 216 – Edward O’Hara (Chief Creative Officer, SME)

Aug 14, 2013 26:46



Edward O’Hara is a founding partner of SME, overseeing the company’s branding process from strategic development to creative direction and execution. O’Hara is a brand building expert who has appeared on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, CNN, CNNfn, MSG Network, and TimesCast, as well as has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and BrandWeek. O’Hara knows brand, especially in the world of sports and talks about rebranding the Miami Marlins entire apparel & logo line, as well as what happens when LeBron James happens to tout the new look of an SME branded product. Twitter: @EdOHara

Tao of Sports Ep. 215 – Shawn Lynch (SVP, Charlotte Checkers)

Aug 12, 2013 32:41



Selling hockey in NASCAR country means learning how to sell everything but hockey to the local audiences according to Shawn Lynch. Examined in this podcast is how Lynch has been able to develop fan development opportunities to grow the Checkers’ base as well as promote a cold winter sport in a Southern racing community. Lynch talks about different sales strategies as well as getting legendary sales trainer & author Jeffrey Gitomer to help develop the Checkers’ sales staff. Twitter: @CheckersLynch

Tao of Sports Ep. 214 – Mekale Jackson (Creative Director, St. John’s University)

Aug 11, 2013 24:57



Mekale Jackson won the 2013 Gold Award at NACMA for St. John’s Basketball “Takeover” in NYC Times Square in 2012. Jackson talks about the impact of publications, digital and social responsibilities of his department in order to create genuine responses for the general public. Jackson shares his passion for working with coaches and student-athletes on projecting each program in the right way and with fairness between both men’s and women’s sports. Twitter: @MekaleJackson

Tao of Sports Ep. 213 – Ed Chamberlain (Partner, Quan Sports Marketing)

Aug 10, 2013 32:48



Ed Chamberlain’s specialty is bringing new business into a market, and he’s currently helping oversee the new AHL initiative in Iowa, where the Iowa Wild (formerly the Houston Aeros) are taking root in Des Moines. Chamberlain talks about selling tickets in a market that has previously had minor league hockey and some of the challenges of re-establishing relationships with the local business community. Chamberlain talks sales, as well as why dynamic pricing has merit in the pricing world.

Tao of Sports Ep. 212 – Scott Moudry (Director of Ticket Sales, Peoria Diamond Club)

Aug 9, 2013 26:57



Traditional sports don’t have some of the issues that a spring training home might, especially in the Peoria Diamond Club circumstance. The PDC has various non-profit components, two MLB clubs which help operate functionaries during Cactus League Spring Training, and sales expectations throughout the year. Scott Moudry talks about the circumstances which the Peoria Diamond Club thrives, setting itself apart from the competition within the Phoenix metro area. Twitter: @ScottMoudry

Tao of Sports Ep. 211 – Glenn Horine (Sports & Entertainment Career Strategist)

Aug 8, 2013 33:00



Breaking into sports should never be the end result for anyone serious about sports business, it should be seeking out the questions on how to stay in the industry as well as thrive. Glenn Horine has over 23 years of experience in the sports industry, has worked with NFL properties, Time Warner Sports Merchandising, the NHL, Velocity Sports and Entertainment, the Arena Football League as President of AFL Properties, and created the Center of Sports and Entertainment Studies at Iona College’s Hagan School of Business. Horine has a lot to say about the sports industry, new employees paying their dues, and developing a master plan on how to guide their career further. Twitter: @GlennHorine

Tao of Sports Ep. 210 – Tom Cordova (Owner, Cordova Marketing)

Aug 7, 2013 22:03



Understanding the marketplace means more than setting up corporate sponsors with sports teams, it also means examining what fans that each sponsor should go after. Tom Cordova talks about some of the variables of working with sponsors and facilitating the needs of his clients with team inventory. Cordova talks about his time working for Disney Sports Marketing as well as the Houston Rockets & Oakland Athletics, combining marketing, broadcasting and integrated sports messaging.

Tao of Sports Ep. 209 – Kyle Shields (Premium Sales Director, Georgia Tech)

Aug 6, 2013 40:09



Premium seating is the top of the podcast, as Kyle Shields discusses exactly why people want to pay more for better locations, status and distances to the field of play at an athletic facility. Georgia Tech just brought its new basketball facility online in 2012-13, so Shields talks about the school’s approach to selling out the courtside seating options, as well as factoring in what to do the increase the amount of luxury experience provided to each customer. Shields finishes with his thoughts on career development in the sports industry and what young administrators should focus on in order to move their career forward.

Tao of Sports Ep. 208 – Fred Mangione (EVP Chief Marketing Officer, Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center)

Aug 5, 2013 38:34



Franchises have moved before, but moving from within market but replacing the majority of the season tickets holders one year to the next has not been a common occurrence. Fred Magione talks about the franchise relocation from New Jersey to Brooklyn, where the team only retained 10-15 percent of its season ticket base, but managed to thrive as an “expansion” team in its new Barclay’s Center home. Magione talks about the influence of ownership, using the talents of Jay-Z as well as Mikhail Prokhorov, in order to build a championship contender in one of the Five Boroughs. Twitter: @FMangione

Tao of Sports Ep. 207 – Mike Humes (Fmr. SVP Chief Revenue Officer, Memphis Grizzlies)

Aug 4, 2013 30:42



Mike Humes has helped developed sell-out strategies as part of the senior staff of five major league franchises, the American Hockey League, K2 Sports and the National Hockey League. Humes discusses the importance of the brand promise, especially being conveyed to a franchise’s sales staff, in order to build new revenue streams. And don’t even dare use the “D” word (discount) in his presence, as you won’t get past the first words of the conversation with him. Humes talks about true revenue generation and creation, as well as some of the future aspects that franchise management will face in the coming years. Twitter: @MikeHumes1

Tao of Sports Ep. 206 – Will Reece (Senior Vice President, NextLevel Sports)

Aug 3, 2013 39:19



Career developing in college athletics is the cornerstop of NextLevel Sports. Senior Vice President Will Reece talks about some of the ways that young college administrators are gaining a foothold into learning more about the industry, including what mentorships are out there in order to build their resume. Reece expands on the various issues surrounding the idea of moving too quick or not quick enough and whether candidates gain a reputation for “dancing” with a hiring committee during a job search. Reece discusses the third annual AD Symposium held in Oct. in Chapel Hill by NextLevel and what attendees can expect from this year’s lineup. Twitter: @NextLevelReece

Tao of Sports Ep. 205 – Giles Dowden (Sponsorship & Hospitality Sales/Client Services, Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg)

Aug 2, 2013 18:53



Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg draws over 130,000 into the St. Petersburg downtown core to witness one of the most exciting U.S. races annually. Giles Dowden talks about presenting good B2B opportunities at that event, and his role in providing VIP, suite, loft engagement for some of the largest sponsors in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area for the Honda Grand Prix. Dowden discusses his career, working for two NFL teams, an NHL team, a NBA team, and MLB team, and how he got into sports by writing a letter to the athletic director at Washington State University Athletic Director Jim Livengood while he was an undergrad at WSU.

Tao of Sports Ep. 204 – Michael Rapkoch (Owner, Sports Value Consulting, LLC)

Aug 1, 2013 20:04



The world of franchise value is explored in this episode with Michael Rapkoch, who has clients in all four major leagues, consulting on the sports value of seven MLB, four NFL, eight NHL, eight NBA teams during his company’s ten years in business. Rapkoch has performed over 90 valuation engagements within professional sports, working directly with teams, leagues and potential investors.  Rapkock talks about the issues surrounding a sale, what value can truly be, and how the price can be driven up by the media if interested buyers haven’t inquired enough yet.

Tao of Sports Ep. 203 – Greg Coleman (President, Erie Seawolves Baseball)

Jul 31, 2013 41:38



Greg Coleman runs one of Mandalay Sports Entertainment’s baseball properties, the Erie Seawolves, and discusses the mindset of MSE in terms of its points of light mission statement. Coleman discusses the role of a president to push not only the brand, but continue selling, as well as mentoring young sports executives, and the importance of moving to further a sports career. Coleman talks about some of the larger issues in sports, as well as protecting the price point, even if it means walking away from relationships when the other side is getting everything for free. Twitter: @SeaWolvesGM

Tao of Sports Ep. 202 – Hussain Naqi (SVP of Fan Engagement, Jacksonville Jaguars)

Jul 30, 2013 28:50



Fan Engagement in the NFL is becoming a larger priority for teams than ever before. Hussain Naqi talks about how the Jaquars are rethinking fan engagement, whether that be through community relations, secret shoppers, fan experience models or even WiFi in private lounges. Naqi also discusses his role in bringing the Super Bowl to Met Life Stadium, and as leader of the group, attacking the issues head-on such as traffic and weather, in order to bring the NFL’s largest game to one of the largest cities in the world despite cold weather, something never done before by the league. Twitter: @CornellHkyFan

Tao of Sports Ep. 201 – Tom Hansen (Founder, THansen Partners)

Jul 29, 2013 43:39



The world of marketing, branding and whether or not we’re telling too many stories instead of actually activating products is discussed with Tom Hansen. Explored in this episode are how the relationships between brands and consumers matter, whether traditional media still holds relevance in consumer’s hearts as it had in the past (i.e. Mad Men era), and if the GEICO Caveman advertisements were harmed by the brand extending to an actual television sitcom. Hansen talks about starting the Kane County Cougars Baseball team in the heart of Chicago within the territory of the Cubs & White Sox, yet making it successful despite critical skepticism whether the venture would work. This episode goes far beyond sports, examining how sponsorship, marketing, branding and activation tie into each other to build a greater consumer product. Twitter: @THansen30

Tao of Sports Ep. 200 – Matt Harper (GM, Oregon DuckTix)

Jul 28, 2013 01:15:31



Well, 199 episodes prior, Matt Harper began the journey to record the first episode of the Tao of Sports Podcast on his last day in California before heading up to Eugene, Oregon to begin his role at UO. Now, as the podcast hits its 200th episode, recorded during a blistering hot day in Orlando with the air conditioning shut off in the hotel room, Harper returns to talk about his initial decision to take an chance on doing the podcast, being the first guest and how the podcast has grown since. Harper provides an extensive status update as to his role with the University of Oregon as GM of DuckTix, and whether jumping to a BCS FBS school has changed him or his attitude. Twitter: @MattHarper_UO

Tao of Sports Ep. 199 – Fred Popp (Chief Executive, Teamup)

Jul 27, 2013 27:21



Taking foreign sports brands into new markets is a specialty of Fred Popp, who oversees Teamup’s operations in London. Popp discusses how Teamup helped improve the European branding of Under Armor, build a recognizable Al Jazeria football club brand from a gameday crowd of 2,000 to 30,000 fans in the United Arab Emirates, and helped “localize” Arsenal FC during the club’s Asian tour. Popp examines how the perception of sold-out English Football matches isn’t always an accurate depiction and how some of the US sports sales approaches to branding are starting to make their way into the United Kingdom sports landscapes. Twitter: @FredPopp

Tao of Sports Ep. 198 – Meg Nolte (Director of Partnership Services, Ironman Triathlon, Inc.)

Jul 26, 2013 26:47



The Ironman Triathalon isn’t merely a sport, it’s a way of life for most of its athletes. Meg Nolte talks about the relationship between the athletes, Ironman and its corporate sponsors, each who develop a cohesive partnership in order present great events. Nolte also talks about her experience working for ISP, selling college sponsorship as well as her time overseas as a student, which broadened her global perspective on how partnership activation works within different cultures.

Tao of Sports Ep. 197 – Christopher Doyle (Sr. Manager of Product Development, CBC Sports)

Jul 25, 2013 37:11



The Canadian Broadcast Company’s Sports Division has delivered some of the best quality live entertainment in the world. Christopher Doyle oversees product development for CBC Sports, covering everything from Hockey Night In Canada to the Olympics to the CFL. Doyle discusses how broadcasting platforms have to achieve new activation for their sponsors to consumers who are now using digital means to access content. Doyle also talks about his role in creating the World Fishing Network and ensuring that fishing was presented 24/7 in order to deliver on that brand promise. Twitter: @ChrisDoyle

Tao of Sports Ep. 196 – Liz Menne (Director of Ticket Operations, Texas Tech)

Jul 24, 2013 24:38



Understanding the role of a fundraiser while in the ticket office is perfectly fine, but Liz Menne takes it a step further. Originally starting her career in college athletics as a part of the donor management team, Menne now oversees one of the larger college athletic ticket operations in the country. Menne discusses her role in tying donor engagement with ticket operations customer service, her decision to move from her alma mater at the University of Miami to Texas Tech, and whether there are some future opportunities on social media for athletic development opportunities. Twitter: @LMenne

Tao of Sports Ep. 195 – Tariq Ahmad (Social Business Manager, IBM)

Jul 23, 2013 28:41



The world of online media platforms extend far beyond the social media buttons asking for a shares on posts. Tariq Ahmad discusses the role of check-ins at stadium, and how the realization of that impact is still in its infancy for most professional sports teams, while others such as the NBA’s Golden State Warriors have used it to their advantage. Ahmad, who also runs a Twitter chat #smsportschat, talks about the importance of social media impressions and how engagement between players and their fan base has started to change sports media forever. Twitter: @Tariq_Ahmad

Tao of Sports Ep. 194 – Craig Purcell (President, CSP Sports Consulting)

Jul 22, 2013 34:04



Canadian sports sponsorship is discussed with Craig Purcell, who has had a heavy influence on sport north of the American border. Purcell has represented organizations such as NFL Canada, SiriusXM Radio, Ottawa Sentators, Buffalo Bulls, Skate Canada and the CFL. Purcell talks about working as president of Insight Sports to help develop the inaugural Buffalo Bills Toronto Series for all suite and corporate partnerships, as well as some of the lessons learned from the experience as a whole.

Tao of Sports Ep. 193 – Bill Glenn (SVP, The Marketing Arm)

Jul 21, 2013 28:27



The sponsorship platforms for sports are changing in a dynamic world of rapid technological innovation. The Marketing Arm’s Bill Glenn talks about some of the ways in which activation may be achieved through these new routes, as well as the digital platforms which exist. This conversation extends into the world of sports business as a whole and how sales experience develops young sports executives. Twitter: @Sponczar

Tao of Sports Ep. 192 – Phil Horn (VP of Ticket Sales & Service, Sacramento Kings)

Jul 20, 2013 36:33



Sacramento Kings VP of Ticket Sales & Service Phil Horn discusses how the last few years of franchise turmoil helped shape the future marketing efforts of the organization, that includes driving ticket sales, revenue and sponsorship at a time when the team's future in Sacramento was uncertain. Horn talks about how the ticket staff dropped from over 50 full time staff members to 15 sales staff at the time of the May sale and some of the challenges of selling out the building to show the NBA that the league made the right decision by keeping the Kings in Sacramento. Twitter: @PhilKingsTix

Tao of Sports Ep. 191 – Charles Lucas (Director of Ticket Operations, Reno Aces)

Jul 19, 2013 30:57



Charles Lucas talks about some of the factors with the Reno Aces baseball team, and how they are able to draw fans in a continuous, fun environment. The Reno Aces are a franchise success story, because professional baseball in Reno has been a sorted one. Reno has had eight professional baseball teams play in the city since 1947. Once a boomtown before native casinos took away the allure of the Biggest Little City in the World, it is now a different place, especially hit hard by the 2008 economic crash. In 2009, the Tucson Sidewinders became the Reno Aces and started playing Triple A baseball in a brand new ballpark at a time when the local economy had 25 percent unemployment.

Tao of Sports Ep. 190 – Morris White (Director of Marketing & Sales, Murray State)

Jul 18, 2013 27:21



Running a marketing budget in a basketball-crazy state like Kentucky isn’t easy, but Morris White looks towards the positives of what he does on a daily basis. White talks about ways to draw out a student crowd, as well as mentor those young interns around him, in order to ensure that they get as much experience as possible. Small college sports programs can sometimes allow its workers and interns to do more things, and White talks about how dynamic MSU can be regardless of the money they don’t have against the big boys of the University of Kentucky or Louisville. Twitter: @MorrisEWhite3

Tao of Sports Ep. 189 – Jeff Ferguson (Director of Sponsorships, Live Nation Network)

Jul 17, 2013 42:42



Naming Rights for venues is the largest part of what Jeff Ferguson focuses on with Live Nation. Ferguson talks about how to achieve activation, exclusivity, whether the naming right partners need fuller explanation of their business to consumers, and breaks down some of the ways that naming rights can and can’t work for a client. Ferguson also spent a great deal of time with ISP and discusses how the collegiate market works for signage, corporate sponsorship opportunities, and partnerships. LinkedIn: Jeff Ferguson - Twitter: @FergySports

Tao of Sports Ep. 188 – Chad Estis (President, Legends Marketing & Sales)

Jul 16, 2013 43:06



Legends Marketing & Sales has been one of the leaders in the professional sports market for a while now, and is just starting to make waves in the collegiate market as a third party out-bound sales force. Leading that charge is Chad Estis, who also serves as Vice President Sales & Booking of the Dallas Cowboys franchise for the past six years. Estis talks about the professional and collegiate market, focusing in on revenue streams, some of the ways in which teams are becoming more dynamic in building up their brands. Estis discusses some of the hot sports business topics and dissects whether some of the doom and gloom of technological influences causing attendance drops is valid or not.

Tao of Sports Ep. 187 – Jack Mielke (Ticket Sales Trainer, Mielke Way Enterprises)

Jul 15, 2013 38:02



Bringing in the right trainer matters, especially when they have a great track record of success. Jack Mielke has been training for the past 20 years, helping guide some of the largest sports franchises toward revenue success through ticket solutions. Mielke shares his knowledge on how to develop a sales culture from the ground up, taking assessment of staff already on board, and how managers should be taking ownership over results by their team. Twitter: @JackMielke

Tao of Sports Ep. 186 – Jen Beaver (Co-CEO, BRANDed Marketing)

Jul 14, 2013 20:19




Creating the perfect VIP experience isn’t easy. Jen Beaver has been doing it for years, building up exclusive party events the NBA All-Star Game, Kentucky Derby, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, ESPY Awards, and Indy 500. BRANDed has attracted the attention of media from People Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood with events attracting high-profile athletes such as Tony Romo, Jerry Rice, and Reggie Bush. Beaver shares her knowledge on how to ensure there aren’t party crashers as well as autograph seekers, and ways to prevent taking the job home with you afterward, especially stress. Twitter: @BRANDed

Tao of Sports Ep. 185 – Chip Maxson (SVP of Business Operations, Sacramento Rivercats)

Jul 13, 2013 41:16



Maxson is one of the more innovative sports executives in minor league baseball on protecting the price point at all costs. Maxson talks about guarding against the bane of free tickets or heavy discounts, especially working in markets where that used to be the norm. Maxson discusses his philosophies on ensuring higher revenue, greater fan experiences, and increased retention efforts. Maxson presents his beliefs on how students can break into sports as well as stay into sports, as well as what he looks for during the sports hiring process. Twitter: @ChipMaxson

Tao of Sports Ep. 184 – Hass Aminian (Director of New Business Asia, SportFive)

Jul 12, 2013 45:10



The Southeast Asian markets are serving as new growth potential in the world of sports revenue. Hass Aminian, on vacation in California from Singapore, explains how some of the largest new markets are becoming a potential goldmine for internationally marketed teams in the world, especially in The Olympics and the world’s game of football. Aminian discusses how the markets are changing, and what sports sponsorship activation for international brands may entail in the future. Twitter: @HassAminian

Tao of Sports Ep. 183 – John Katz (President, Savannah Sand Gnats)

Jul 11, 2013 32:04



Deep South baseball is personified by the Savannah Sand Gnats, led by President John Katz, who rescued a troubled brand a few years ago and transformed it into a thriving business. Katz talks about how working with elbow grease and duct tape has built a fun fan experience environment for any patron who enters to watch the Sand Gnats play. Katz discusses the history of the Sand Gnats, including the elimination of bleachers which were once a symbol of Southern segregation as Katz sought to involve every community member into the Sand Gnats’ brand equally.

Tao of Sports Ep. 182 – Chris Hutson (CEO, Turnstyles Ticketing)

Jul 10, 2013 32:53



One of the major third party ticket companies to emerge in the last ten years for both professional sports and college athletics is Turnstyles Ticketing. Helmed by founder Chris Hutson, Turnstyles Ticketing tries to break the mold on how to speak to the fan through customer service out-bound calls, especially when discussing personal seat licenses. Hutson discusses his vision for the company, his involvement with selling tickets for the National Football League and New York Yankees, and how crucial protecting the price point is to ticket sales efforts in the future.

Tao of Sports Ep. 181 – Steven Ziff (SVP of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Florida Panthers)

Jul 9, 2013 46:08



Steven Ziff is one of the top branding minds in the National Hockey League, taking his retail experience from Office Depot over to the Florida Panthers, which have shown an increase of attendance in 2012-13 of over eight percent in a shortened-strike year. Ziff talks about the challenges which face the Panthers, especially with a  lack of hockey tradition, a population of only 30 percent who are actually originally from the Miami area, and what efforts the Panthers are doing to show a true ROI guarantee to local sponsors.

Tao of Sports Ep. 180 – Chris Palin (VP of Sales & Marketing, Florida Everblades)

Jul 8, 2013 35:09



Don’t tell Chris Palin that a local team has a harder time trying to sell hockey in their market than he does. Palin’s Everblades have no residences to the West (Gulf of Mexico) or the East (The Florida Everglades). Palin also has to deal with a population age in the mid-60s, with games at night when most of his residences may not want to drive. Despite that, Palin has helped increase sales of the Everblades hockey team, by focusing on a fan-first mentality.  Palin discusses the ways in which his ECHL hockey team has developed a firm loyalty brand with the residents and is growing continuously with the businesses in the market.

Tao of Sports Ep. 179 – Bill Herring (Principal, Out Front Marketing)

Jul 7, 2013 34:01



Bill Herring has worked on both the business and the consumer side of corporate sponsorship, amassing a ton of experience while working for Dell Computers’ examination of whether to sponsor the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, setting up the media center at the Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix in Austin or establishing corporate sponsors for BMW Sauber F1 Team. Herring talks about the differences between what corporate sponsorship activation works and what most organizations seek to sell a sponsor on trying to buy. Twitter: @Bill_Herring

Tao of Sports Ep. 178 – Jarrod Simmons (Stadium Operations Manager, Jacksonville Suns)

Jul 6, 2013 28:55



Jarrod Simmons oversees stadium operations for the Jacksonville Suns baseball team. While the fans may be having fun, Simmons is responsible for the safety and enjoyment of each patron, amid beer, on-field promotions and natural events. Simmons talks about his role with the team, how his ticket sales to fans and professionalism with minor league players and coaches matter, and the small things that most people don’t consider about his job which play a major part in what he does during every event during the season. Twitter: @J_Simmons882


Please note that there is a video version of this conversation available on for free.

Tao of Sports Ep. 177 – Anil Malhotra (President, Analytix)

Jul 5, 2013 51:57



The complex world of supply, demand and dynamic pricing is broken down in stark detail with Analytix President Anil Malhotra. The conversation extends into both the primary and secondary ticketing market, as well as the philosophical reasons why to and why not to dynamically price tickets. Malhotra works with major symphony orchestras and sports organizations in the U.S., Canada, Australia & Europe on pricing analytics, and his knowledge in the area extends beyond the seats into the hard numbers of how customer buying habits factor into price, supply and demand.

Tao of Sports Ep. 176 – Jason Taylor (Group & Suite Sales Manager, Jacksonville Sharks)

Jul 4, 2013 26:38



Jason Taylor loves to talk his passion, which is group sales. Rebooting the Jacksonville Sharks’ group sales efforts for the Arena Football League team, Taylor talks about why group sales matter, and how to increase those 20 ticket group buys into a 200 tickets group buy.  Taylor talks about his original break in sports with the New Jersey Nets organization as part of the inside sales unit, then his time at Muncie as part of PMI College’s out-bound efforts at Ball State University.

Tao of Sports Ep. 175 – Laura Rozentals (Sports Mobile/Digital E-Commerce Expert)

Jul 3, 2013 27:14



One of the major innovators in Sports Digital E-Commerce over the last ten years has been Laura Rozentals. She was part of Major League Baseball’s Advanced Media ticketing system from its implementation, then moved over to the NBA and Turner Sports, before working with Bloomberg Media. Rozentals discusses the various forms of applications with mobile and digital use by consumers, players and coaches, and where the industry is headed, especially in the world of e-commerce revenue streams.

Tao of Sports Ep. 174 – Brad Edwards (Athletic Director, Jacksonville University)

Jul 2, 2013 27:45



The complexity of leadership is discussed with Jacksonville University Athletic Director Brad Edwards, who brings both administrative and NFL playing experience to the topic, particularly when mentioning his former coach, Joe Gibbs. Edwards broadens the topic to how his leadership skills have developed, especially when dealing with donors, coaches, student athletes, and promises made by previous administrations that he must now fulfill.

Tao of Sports Ep. 173 – John Kuhn (Sr. Director of Business Development, Fort Myers Miracle)

Jul 1, 2013 33:10



John Kuhn talks about how his minor league career was built on learning from the best, that being Mike Veeck. Kuhn discusses how it is more than just sales and promotions in the stands that drives out fans, but also how the experience extends to the bathrooms and concessions stands. Kuhn talks about the differences between affiliated and independent ball, as well as the Fort Myers market, home of the 4:30 buffet.

Tao of Sports Ep. 172 – David Frost (VP of Consulting Services, Total Sports Entertainment)

Jun 30, 2013 26:56



The evolution of college athletics into the world of building proper sports revenue has been a quick one in the last few years. David Frost talks about how Total Sports Entertainment has helped university athletic departments build out their revenue streams, as well as enhance the fan experience beyond the game play. Frost also talks about how crucial that internships and connects are to getting a job in sports for young professionals.

Tao of Sports Ep. 171 – Evan Dabby (Sr. Director of Supporter Relations & Safety, MLS)

Jun 29, 2013 31:13



The complex world of league stadium security is discussed with Evan Dabby, who oversees the operations of the MLS through its league office. Dabby examines some of the best practices that are used to ensure safety and maintain order, as well as how the MLS has succeeded in facilitating its team’s local supporter clubs in order to ensure that its messaging about fan safety are received. Dabby talks about some of the de-escalation practices that the MLS has built into each team’s staff security in order to ensure a pleasant fan experience for each patron. Twitter: @EvanDabbyMLS

Tao of Sports Ep. 170 - Kelly Worthen (Sr. Sales Executive, Orlando City Lions USL)

Jun 28, 2013 28:35



Building a crowd isn’t easy, but the Orlando City Lions are doing that in the USL with an MLS launch date in 2015. Kelly Worthen runs a skeleton crew of four full-time employees, trying to develop a crowd in the only outdoor team in Orlando, despite the turbulent weather changes, tourist environment, and a 70,000-seat Citrus Bowl. Worthen talks about how the team achieves a solid price point with its customer base, including using the weather to sell a higher price point in specific areas of the stadium, and developing a great B2B atmosphere for corporate sponsors.

Tao of Sports Ep. 169 – Ruby Newell-Legner (Founder, Fan Experience Institute)

Jun 27, 2013 36:55



Fan experience is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in sports business, as teams look to enhance how each customer feels upon a trip to the venue. Ruby Newell-Legner works with several teams and leisure facilities in order to improve every touch point of the customer experience through guest relations, discussing how her 7 Star Service System has increased retention for various teams. Newell-Legner talks about founding her online webinars, The Fan Experience Institute (, in order to help mentor those in the sports world at improve the product in the stands and concourses. Twitter: @7StarService

Tao of Sports Ep. 168 – Alan Stein (President/CEO, SteinGroup, LLC)

Jun 26, 2013 24:54



The owner’s box for two minor league clubs is where you’ll find Alan Stein, who has several partners for the Omaha Storm Chasers and Lexington Legends minor league baseball teams. Stein talks about some of the ways that owners involve themselves both on the partnership and team level, as well as how owners can improve their acumen through Minor League Baseball’s instruction.

Tao of Sports Ep. 167 – Chris Codington (President, Sports Strategies, Inc.)

Jun 25, 2013 26:40



The discussion of corporation sponsorship activation goes deep with Chris Codington, who examines exactly how to reach the right metrics for business development. Activation from the corporate side doesn’t get talked about as much as it should, but Codington breaks down why businesses spend what they spend on signage, B2B cultivation areas, and other sponsorship activities.

Tao of Sports Ep. 166 – Jawed Yusufi (Director of Ticket Sales & Operations, Georgetown)

Jun 24, 2013 29:10



The complex world of the CRM is discussed with Jawed Yusufi, who has reorganized two CRM systems at Nebraska-Omaha and Georgetown. While that may appear mundane to the layman, CRM maintenance is going to be one of the largest determinations of revenue driving in the coming years. Yusufi understands this and discusses what to look for in creating the right questions for a CRM, especially in Archtics Paciolan System. Yusufi also offers up a few Farsi translations to the podcast. Twitter: @JYusufi

Tao of Sports Ep. 165 – Jason Kohll (CEO, Professional Sports Partners)

Jun 23, 2013 33:12



B2B sales by using a sports organization’s game is one of the hallmarks of developing long-term success between a franchise and business brands. CEO Jason Kohll talks about his company, Professional Sports Partners, which helps push business affiliations toward the right sports brands, using his experience with the Houston Rockets and St. Louis Cardinals. Kohll discusses how a suite can develop a 10 to 1 return for clients. Twitter: @JasonKohll

Tao of Sports Ep. 164 – Jeff Eiseman (President, Agon Sports)

Jun 22, 2013 33:22



Going from a sales staff position to minor league owner in twenty years isn’t easy, but Jeff Eiseman has done that by forming Agon Sports, which oversees operations for the Augusta GreenJackets minor league baseball club. Eiseman talks about his experiences with Mandalay and Ripken Baseball, of why the sports industry is really a sales industry above all else, and what those who want to break in need to do in order to survive long term. Twitter: @Jeff_Eiseman

Tao of Sports Ep. 163 – Luke Burket (VP of Sales, Evansville Iceman)

Jun 21, 2013 30:24



Luke Burket provides a fascinating case study of what the customer wants compared to what sales staffs focus on, in terms of selling sports. Burket discusses his role within the Evansville Iceman, how his title hasn’t changed his motivations or drive, and how keeping an office close to his staff is one of the key’s to his success. Twitter: @LukeBurket

Tao of Sports Ep. 162 – Matt McCormack (Director of Brand Marketing, Minnesota Swarm)

Jun 20, 2013 33:15



Every team gives lip service to brand, but really what does that entail? Minnesota Swarm Director of Brand Marketing Matt McCormack discusses ways to reinforce feeling and affinity for a team, as well as how to ensure that the environment around each home game feels branded right. McCormack gets into his own history of working in sports, the ability of mobility, why conferences matter, and why taking that leap of faith on an internship at Fresno State was worth it. McCormack also discusses the worst flying day in US History on 9/11, as he just landed in the Dallas airport as the terrorist attacks began. Twitter: @McCormack20

Tao of Sports Ep. 161 – Chris Asa (Group Sales Rep, Montgomery Biscuits)

Jun 19, 2013 22:43



Group sales is growing with importance in sports as season ticket sales diminish. Chris Asa sits on the front lines of selling groups on the Montgomery Biscuits minor league team, and gets into the details of how to specifically sell more group tickets, what to target and how to build a true relationship which will garner larger crowds as well as revenue for years to come. Twitter: @ChrisAsa1

Tao of Sports Ep. 160 – Jake Vernon (President, Get Real Sports Sales)

Jun 18, 2013 41:36



Jake Vernon’s Get Real Sports is one of the third party ticket solutions taking hold in top schools like Butler. Vernon talks about how the third party industry ballooned into almost every FBS property now considering something which would have been unthinkable less than ten years ago, that is contracting-out their ticket sales division and paying commissions. Vernon discusses professional development for his sales staff, ways to help them succeed and methodology toward driving more revenue for each property. Twitter: @GetRealPrez

Tao of Sports Ep. 159 – Brian Crow (Founder/CEO, Gameday Consulting)

Jun 17, 2013 22:17



Fan experience is one of the main reasons on why people renew or decline to attend live events. Brian Crow’s Gameday Consulting helps teams such as the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, reinvest itself in fan engagement. That means from top to bottom, every touch-point of a fan’s game experience is measured for quality and customer service. As a professor at Slippery Rock, Crowd also talks about the saturation point of sports management degrees throughout the nation’s universities and the fall-out of being book smart, but not game smart in terms of the industry’s future leaders. Twitter: @GameDayBrian

Tao of Sports Ep. 158 – Jesse Lawrence (Founder/CEO, TiqIQ)

Jun 16, 2013 23:19



The game for ticket reselling and price points in general has changed, and Jesse Lawrence’s company, TiqIQ, provides fans with the best opportunity to seek out the lowest price for the best seats. Lawrence talks about the issues surrounding the resale market, as well as social media in terms of providing information on ticket deals. Questions arise from this conversation: Could a floor be instituted with Internet resale markets? Is it a race to the bottom? Twitter: @TiqIQ

Tao of Sports Ep. 157 – Adam Haukap (Assoc AD of Sales & Marketing, Oklahoma State Univ.)

Jun 15, 2013 31:31



Oklahoma State is at the forefront of the inhouse ticket sales revolution for college campuses. A lot of that vision comes from Adam Haukap, who talks about what college ticket sales was like prior to 2007 and where it is headed now. Haukap is considered one of the top sales minds in NCAA sports with OKSU stepping further ahead of their peers and hired a ticket analyst, gaining traction for the Big Data information wave that CRMs can reveal. Twitter: @AHaukap

Tao of Sports Ep. 156 – Gil Pagovich (Vice President, Maxx Sports Entertainment)

Jun 14, 2013 23:01



Personal athlete brand is a huge market, especially with social media, and that’s where Gil Pagovich performs some of his best skills, using his passion for sports marketing and communications to design the right message for his clients. Pagovich, who spent seven years as an instructor at NYU teaching a class called “The Sports Agent” and discusses creating, nurturing and selling an athlete’s brand to the biggest US and Canadian companies.

Tao of Sports Ep. 155 – Erik Hansen (VP of Ticket Sales, LeHigh Valley Phantoms Hockey)

Jun 13, 2013 25:06



It’s one thing to sell season tickets to an upcoming season, but Erik Hansen has been put in charge of selling out the house two years before the Phantoms minor league hockey team arrives in town. That means phone calls, training as well as motivating staff, and ensuring that specific sales goals are met, waiting for the arena in LeHigh Valley has been built. Twitter: @Kulax40

Tao of Sports Ep. 154 – Kathryn Jordan (Community Relations Consultant)

Jun 12, 2013 24:57



Player development within professional organizations has been a large component of Kathryn Jordan’s career since the early 1980s. This means finances, life skills, and community relations through player foundations to develop the individual player’s brand. Heading up her own company, KJordan Consulting, Jordan offers brand development, marketing, communications and non-profit management expertise to various organizations.

Tao of Sports Ep. 153 – Bill Robertson (Sports Communications Strategist)

Jun 11, 2013 26:20



Bill Robertson has initiated strategic communications plans for several sports teams and brings vast knowledge from his days as the head of public relations for four major league teams (Anaheim Ducks, Anaheim Angels, Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Timberwolves). Robertson discusses how going through the Disney Institute helped guide his career further, some of the issues with traditional and social media reach that teams deal with, and how communications departments push a brand further into the public eye.

Tao of Sports Ep. 152 – Greg Bennett (Co-Founder, Surgence)

Jun 10, 2013 34:01



Greg Bennett separates his company, Surgence, with other sales trainers, because he wants some skin in the game with any staff he helps guide. This isn’t just a system, or presentation, but an intensive amount of indepth sales knowledge from Bennett, who implements dynamic new strategies in order to increase profit. Bennett talks about some of the issues he has with the sales training game, as well as some solutions to both staff development and retention. Twitter: @SurgenceTeam

Tao of Sports Ep. 151 – Devin Crosby (Deputy Director of Athletics, Kent State)

Jun 9, 2013 26:41



It isn’t just about being good according to Devin Crosby, its about being in the top 20 percent of your department. Crosby, who has served twice as a Deputy Director of Athletics at Towson and Kent State, talks about his role in being second in command of an athletic department. Crosby discusses the mentality of budgets, expectations both personal and professional, and how to build a great career in the world of intercollegiate athletics. Twitter: @DevinLCrosby

Tao of Sports Ep. 150 – Robert Weese (B2B Sales Coach)

Jun 8, 2013 24:08



Robert Weese starts off the discussion with an examination of what sports organizations can do to improve their B2B sales staff, and ends on a determination of the role of A players amid a sea of B & C players. Its an amazing conversation where the heart of the issue, A players being held back in some cases, has caused massive turnover in sales staffs by their best employees leaving due to C players ruling the roost. Weese goes in-depth into the problematic world where a C player may be the sales manager or supervisor, and ways to ensure that the A players have a reason to stick around. Weese is a sales coach with which has been helping executives improve their sales skills online.

Tao of Sports Ep. 149 – Carrie Neville (Director of Ticket Sales & Fan Development, Cleveland State)

Jun 7, 2013 25:16



Bringing her NBA experience with the Atlanta Hawks to Cleveland State, Carrie Neville talks about how the ticket sales office has transitioned into a full-selling suite. Neville presents several ideas of how CSU’s basketball events are more than just a game, whether that includes concessions, magicians or just fun. Neville discusses her passion for group sales, some of the techniques she uses in order to ensure that the largest group possible comes out, and the great challenge afterward of trying to determine what information aside from the group leader can attained from the rest of those coming. Twitter: @CSU_Vikes

Tao of Sports Ep. 148 – Mike Ostrowski (VP of Minor League Operations, Cavalier Operating Company)

Jun 6, 2013 37:21



Operating one minor league team would be a normal undertaking, but Mike Ostrowski is responsible for three teams which have overlapping seasons. Ostrowski talks about developing a good sales team, making sure that the brand is extended out, respected, and pushed futher into the community. Ostrowski talks about group tickets, the implementation of dynamic pricing on minor league teams, and the NBADL Canton Charge, which relocated to the Ohio area in 2011.

Tao of Sports Ep. 147 – Jon Hines (Owner, Idol Sports Marketing)

Jun 5, 2013 26:17



Idol Sports Marketing is responsible for some of the largest one day non-conference college basketball games in the country. Jon Hines has developed a great strategy of bringing some of the top teams in the nation together to face each other, including Gonzaga’s basketball Comcast Battle In Seattle and the Washington State Cougar basketball Hardwood Classic, both at the Key Arena. Hines talks about the implementation and planning process of putting together such a large event, what it takes to ensure that each ticket that can be sold it, and how he prevents losing the college atmosphere by eliminating some of the higher price point seats in order to allow student sections to exist and thrive. Twitter: @IdolSports

Tao of Sports Ep. 146 – Adam O’Connell (Director of Ticket Sales, University of Akron)

Jun 4, 2013 25:31