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Mainly sports, mixed in with pop culture. As likely to remember the participants from the 1987 Final Four and the top 10 songs on the charts that same week in 1987. No one is more connected when it comes to the Indianapolis Colts. And no one is in love more with Southern Indiana as JMV.


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What happened to Purdue in the 2nd half vs Marquette?

Nov 14, 2019 601


Rob Blackman from the Purdue Radio Network joined JMV to discuss what happened in the 2nd half vs Marquette, how this time is still finding it's way without a dominant scorer in Carsen Edwards, and why this loss doesn't change Rob's opinion of how good Purdue will be this year.

Robbie Hummel turns into Rasheed Wallace during FIBA 3v3 competition

Nov 13, 2019 1435


College Basketball Analyst Robbie Hummel joined JMV to discuss the start of the CBB season including Evansville's big upset win over #1 Kentucky, his expectations for the Big Ten this season including season predictions for Purdue and Indiana. Finally, Robbie goes into his 3v3 competition and how the refs are so bad that he has more technical fouls than his entire HS, college, and pro career. 

What went into the Colts decision to keep Adam Vinatieri after another poor week?

Nov 13, 2019 1391


Kevin Bowen joined JMV to discuss the Colts decision to keep Adam Vinatieri, why Chris Ballard has refused to acquire talent through Free Agency and the trade market, and what the Colts are going to do after this season at WR. 

Do the Colts inside the locker room care as much about Vinatieri keeping the Kicker job?

Nov 13, 2019 789


Former Colts OL Joe Reitz joined JMV to try and figure out why the Colts OL has played so poorly the last 2 games and how they can fix it, why he doesn't think the Colts locker room cares as much about the kicking situation compared to the media and fans, and why this Sunday's game vs Jacksonville is a must win.

Oladipo Should Be Back By The Third Week Of December

Nov 12, 2019 723


J. Michael joins The Ride With JMV to discuss the Pacers. 

“How good was the news about Oladipo?”

“I kind of expected that he would be going full-court soon, we will know more by December. He obviously wasn’t dunking or going crazy, but he could do everything else pretty well and was the most athletic person on the court. I think they will air on the side of caution. They would hate him to be hurt again.”


“When will he return?”

“I would say the third week of December. That is not based on any facts because no one knows, but that is just my guess from what I’ve seen. I would be shocked if it was in January.” 


“Myles Turner is out again, is this worst than we thought?”

“I think it was. I saw him running and gunning so he is at least able to practice. I think they thought Myles was close to coming back. Based on the information that the team has released, I would think he will be back sooner than later. Last year he had a game in Charollete he took a game off when he did poorly due to an injury so I don’t he wants to repeat that.”


For more on The Pacers, stay tuned to The Ride With JMV. The Ride With JMV

The Colt's Margin Of Error Is Nonexistent

Nov 12, 2019 1289


Greg Rakestraw joins The Ride With JMV to discuss the struggling Colts and how they can improve. 

“Will there be a change of kickers after this game?”

“No, I think they have ridden this horse too long for them to change it. I think they will stick with the status quo. I would have handled this differently, preferably earlier this year, but we are not the only team to have this problem. I don’t know why they are handling it this way, but it is the way it is.” 


“It seems when they lose it is their fault.” 

“I know we look at the kicking, but this is not the only problem the team is facing. There certain plays every game that swings the game either way. You would say that the Colts have lost more than they won in the past couple of games.” 


“These upcoming games will determine a lot for the rest of the season.”

“Yes they will, but these past games have eliminated all of our margin for error. We are in big trouble if we cannot win these upcoming games and we are not looking strong.” 

For more on The Colts, stay tuned to The Ride With JMV. The Ride With JMV

What should the Colts do about Adam Vinatieri?

Nov 11, 2019 2574


Rick Venturi, former Colts coach, back for the Monday update. Rick Venturi discusses the coaches decision to play Hoyer instead of Jacoby. Rick Venturi also goes into his thoughts on Adam Venturi.

On Colts coaching staff and the quarterback situation:

Rick Venturi: "In this respect, from what I gather, Jacoby took almost all the reps going into the game. If you had the idea that he wasn't gonna play, and I don't think he waited until the last minute, you would've had some idea along the way. You would certainly have gotten Hoyer much more prepared for the game. I'm not one to let the other team know if I'm playing Jacoby or not. I do understand that kind of secrecy to a point, I've never wanted my opponent to know exactly who to get read for. But, they probably had in the back of their mind the whole week, that they weren't going to play him. I think in that respect the preparation, I think Hoyer suffered."

On Adam Vinatieri:

Rick Venturi: "I just can't see why you don't just move on. Don't tell me that there's not somebody out there, that will make more than 8 out of 14 extra points. At some point, I said it last week you can be good, you can continue to be the good guy. You can live in denial, and use all that false confidence. I said, as we ended the show, and you can keep losing football games. We lost another one."


Show Open: JMV tries to make sense of Colts loss to the Dolphins

Nov 11, 2019 1346


JMV opened up the show with his thoughts on the Colts 16-12 loss to the Dolphins. JMV gives his thoughts on the late decision to sit Jacoby Brissett, why the OL couldn't run the ball vs the worst run defense in the NFL, Adam Vinatieri missing another PAT, and where the Colts stand in the AFC South now with a 5-4 record.

Who Will IU Look to After Losing Key Players Romeo Langford and Juwan Morgan

Nov 8, 2019 1060


Don Fischer, the voice of IU, joins JMV.  While IU football is on the bye week, Fischer breaks down IU basketball and what the football team needs to get done during the bye week.  Fisch talks: Penix is out but Ramsey will be a key part to the puzzle, basketball team is taking time to find themselves after losing key players from last year and defense in both sports.

Who Will Make it to Lucas Oil?

Nov 8, 2019 1179


Bob Lovell joins JMV to break down this weekend's high school football matchups.  Cathedral plays a tough Decatur Central in a toss up match, Ben Davis looks to surprise some people and can East Central stay undefeated on the road.

Which Quarterback will we see on Sunday?

Nov 8, 2019 994


Matt Taylor joins JMV to look forward to the Colts home game against the Dolphins and who might sit in the quarterback seat. 

On playing down to opponents.. 

“That is what makes last Sunday's game so frustrating because on paper, even with it being on the road, that was a game the Colts should have won and could have won.  You can't do that because you didn’t play well because you had three turnovers that cost you 17 points and seven penalties with some of those penalties directly costing some points. If there ever was a game where you would look at again on paper, and I know the games aren’t played like that, this looks like a game that they could get right and win by double figure but at the end of the day we are still playing an NFL team that has talented players.”

On Jacoby Brissett possibility of playing.. 

“We are going to have to wait to see.  He has been limited in practice all week which is a great sign considering it could have been a multitude of things when he went out last week. Certainly it is not season ending and not a long term thing, so long as he doesn’t get reinjured with it, but I would say there is a good chance he plays on Sunday. What we don’t have at practice is guys running at him or guys at his feet.  They protect the quarterbacks during practice and they are not running out of the pocket and to me, that is the last piece of the puzzle. I don’t know how cablable he will be when pressure comes his way. There is a lot that goes into it that deals with movement.”

On Brian Hoyer… 

“It would not.  The Colts do a good job of asking the player, getting him involved, getting the coach involved, and decide what is best for the player and what is best for the team.   Again, if Jacoby can’t make all of his movements, the next best option is Brian Hoyer and he is a really good option. We saw what he did last Sunday against the Steelers having not playing with those receivers and tight ends, having not played with those running backs and essentially being a Colt for 8 weeks and not having the experience the preseason with the Colts.  He has done a good job of getting up to speed in a short time and gives the Colts a great option to win.”

Ask ATI PT answers injury questions affecting some key Colts players!

Nov 7, 2019 1138


The Ask ATI guys joined JMV for their weekly segment to discuss key injuries affecting Jacoby Brissett, Pierre Desir, and Malik Hooker and their outlook for this week and beyond. Finally, they answer listener questions!

Should Vinatieri be on the injury report?

Nov 7, 2019 1224


Mike Chappell of Fox 59 joins the show this afternoon. Mike Chappell discusses Colts vs. Dolphins game, injury report, who we'll be missing this weekend, and more!

On Jacoby Brissette:

Mike Chappell: "If I'm not mistaken, Frank said, he just couldn't do the lateral things that he needs to do. That's why I go back to saying, if the Colts are convinced that he can do what he needs to do, and he's not ask risk for further injury, he'll play. The fact that Jacoby is out there tells me that they have decided that he can play it at a high enough level without further injury."

On Pierre Desir and Vinatieri: 

Mike Chappell: "I don't think he practiced. What they don't want, is have him be 90%, and then he aggravates it. They really wanna give him time to get this thing right. One thing that is interesting, is Vinatieri's talk with the media today. We try to keep asking him about the laces and all that, for him to say the laces matter, mean he's making excuses for missing the kick. He's not been on the injury report, but I'm convinced that left knee has been bothering him."

Larceny Locks, who are your picks for this week?

Nov 7, 2019 1406


Can the Charges take down the Raiders? JMV and this weeks Larceny Locks guest give their thoughts on the game. As well as Tennessee, Chiefs, Colts, Dolphins, and many more! Tune in to decide your picks. 

Former Colts OL Rick Demulling tries to explain the Colts OL problems the last 2 weeks

Nov 7, 2019 428


Former Colts OL Rick Demulling joined JMV for his weekly segment powered by PAI to discuss the Colts OL struggles the last 2 weeks, how changes in an OL coach can effect the play of the OL, and why the continuity the Colts OL has had so far this season will pay off later in the season.

Stephen Holder and JMV review the first half of the 2019 Indianapolis Colts

Nov 7, 2019 1125


The Athletic's Stephen Holder joined JMV to review the 1st half of the season for the Colts, the injuries to key players they've had to deal with, whether or not Brissett will be under center vs Miami, and what to expect in the 2nd half of the season.

Greg Lansing and Indiana State are excited for the first season in the renovated Hulman Center!

Nov 7, 2019 705


Indiana State Head Coach Greg Lansing joined JMV to preview the Sycamores season including having to start the season on a 7 game road trip because of renovations to the Hulman center, the youth of his team, and more!

Are the Indy 11 going to bring next sports championship to Indianapolis?

Nov 6, 2019 326


Goalkeeper Jordan Farr joined JMV to preview the 11's upcoming playoff game, their home field advantage and why people need to come out and support the team!

Will Jacoby Brissett be on the field on Sunday?

Nov 6, 2019 1126


Kevin Bowen joins JMV to discuss the first half of the Colts season, what unit over performed and what unit under performed. They discuss whether QB Jacoby Brissett will be back under center after straining his MCL, and expectations for Sunday!

Pacers lose in OTto Charlotte and a lot of Pacer fans aren't happy with the Officials

Nov 6, 2019 712


Fox Sports Indiana's Jeremiah Johnson joined JMV to discuss the fan outrage after the Pacers lose to the Hornets in OT and the bad officiating that resulted in a 42-7 free throw attempt advantage for Charlotte. 

Can the Boilermakers MBB team outperform last years?

Nov 6, 2019 700


Purdue Radio Network Sideline Reporter Rob Blackman joined JMV to preview the Boilermakers '19-'20 season and why he has the same expectations this year as he did for last years team, who can replace Carsen Edwards as their go to scorer, and why Purdue football has been devastated by injuries.  

How has Tom Allen got this Indiana team off to a 7-2 start? Charles Arbuckle weighs in

Nov 5, 2019 1283


CFB Analyst Charles Arbuckle joined JMV to discuss all things happening around CFB. Charles gives his opinion on how Tom Allen has coached this team to its best start in over 20 years, why FSU fired Willie Taggart, and why the top of the Big Ten is so strong. 

Do you have faith in Vinatieri when he steps up to kick his next FG? Greg Rakestraw doesn't

Nov 5, 2019 1179


Colts Post Game Show Host and voice of the Indy 11 Greg Rakestraw joined JMV to go over a wide variety of topics including how he believes IU and Purdue basketball will fare this season, if Indiana's 7-2 record in football is legit, what the Colts do with Adam Vinatieri, the Indy 11 in the Final 4 and the highest remaining seed, and a little High School Football playoffs preview!

What Does the Penske Corp. Mean to IMS?

Nov 4, 2019 936


Robin Miller joins JMV to take a deeper look into the Hulman family selling IMS to Penske Corp.

On bigger purse at IMS… 

“Roger Penske has been in the game as puts his money where his mouth is and I don’t think we could have had a better result than what we had today. The Hulman George family stopped putting money into the Speedway ten years ago so the purse has been stagnant and the IndyCar purses themselves are a joke. If you win a race that is not the Indy 500, you get about 35,000 dollars so I am hoping with Roger Penske’s expertise and with all the people he has met along the way, he will find a marketing genius that is going to sell a title sponsorship to the Indy 500 that will put 10 or 5 million into the purse.”

On Penske family… 

“Everyone says the right thing during times like this where everyone will stay in the same place or things like that.  I think Greg Penske, his son, will be a major player in this whole deal as far as the day to day activities and what goes on because Greg is a clone of his father.  He is a sharp business guy with attention to detail and I don’t Roger is going to come in and just clean house but he will look around and ask a lot of questions. The key is the people he will hire that will stay forever.”

On what to look forward to… 

“Look at what he runs.  He runs a Ford in NASCAR, he runs a Honda in IMSA, and Chevy in IndyCar racing.  You think he has pretty good connections? Ford had said they didn’t want to get back into IndyCar racing but Roger can be pretty persuasive when he has to be. Don’t expect this to be over night - we might not see a real chance for a year or so but give the guy a chance and give him time to put his people in place.  He is the smartest guy I have ever met. Period.”

Why do the Colts Play Down to Opponents Level?

Nov 4, 2019 2550


Coach Rick Venturi joins JMV to look back at the Colts loss to the Steelers, including two main points of why the Steelers pulled out with the slim win.

On the slim loss… 

“This was a huge disappointment.  Going in, I respected the Steelers defense but you were looking at a team that was 28th in offense, a quarterback that was ranked 26th, and a team that was down to their third and fourth string running backs.  The whole game wasn't a disaster. The numbers on defense were really good but it was the big mistakes, negative plays, and mental breakdowns in critical situations. The Steelers did what they do in they go after the quarterback and take away the ball. The disappointing fact is that we always play down to our opponents level.”

On why the Steelers won… 

“With Hoyer, it never felt like it was over.  In the three touchdowns coming off the bench was really good but I do think the two key plays of why we lost were: 1. The pick six and 2. The miss on the fourth and four. “

On Adam Vinatieri… 

“Every time he steps up to kick it, it is mental.  Even some of the ones he makes aren’t pretty. I don’t know what is out there and everyone obviously loves him but at this point in time, it is only that reputation that is keeping him here.  There is no way that any other kicker would still be here after missing the way he does… It wasn’t purely clean and if it's a perfect world, you want to spin those laces. You do that without even thinking and if you don’t get them out of there, then it still doesn't change that much.  I thought what Frank has brought is a real sense of accountability. I don’t know who would take his spot but maybe it is time to seriously consider something.”

On Brian Hoyer… 

“I thought he came in and did a good job.  The throw and the catch to pascal, who had a really good game, was placed where it needed to be.  I thought for his first throw, again Doyle helped him by doing a good job, he did a good adjustment and had the presence to find the guy down field.  I thought overall, he got out of trouble well and like I said, I was happy when they signed him because he was the best of the best of the backup guys.  This is a guy who has won a ton of games and thrown a ton of touchdown passes. You can still play your offense with Hoyer - you are not dead in the water.”

Don Fischer is thoroughly impressed with this years IU Football team

Nov 1, 2019 1226


Don Fischer, the voice of the Hoosiers, joins JMV to preview IU versus Northwestern and how the Hoosiers basketball preseason game against Gannon University. Fischer gives his opinion on Peyton Ramsey and what this bowl eligible season means for IU.

Looking back at 20 Years of Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Nov 1, 2019 542


Rick Fuson, Pacers  Sports & Entertainment President and Chief Operating Officer joins JMV to look back in the 20 years of Bankers Life Fieldhouse and what new improvements are on its way.

On celebrating 20 years… 

“Twenty years ago, on November 6th, we opened this building with a great celebration outside against the Boston Celtics and guess who is coming on November 6th 2019 - the Boston Celtics.  We had 3,800 ticketed events over the years with almost 10,000 total events with 40 million people coming in. It is still a happening place and it will be even better when we go through this redo going into fieldhouse two point oh.”

On new additions to fieldhouse… 

“We are going to start in the early spring, late winter with raising the practice court and it is going to go to street level so that is it going to be able to be used in different situations. We are changing where the locker rooms are for the Fever and doing different club additions. Ultimately we are going to build a large plaza which is going to be enhanced and take some rows off the top of the balcony to make standing room. This goes to the next generation where people like to stand and watch.We have new concessions and more windows, elevators and more to make sure this place does not have to be torn down.”

Hamilton County Schools Face Off in High School Sectionals

Nov 1, 2019 705


Bob Lovell joins JMV before Friday night high school sectionals.  Lovell breaks down the semi-final pairings of Fisher and Westfield and Carmel and HSE. Lovell also breaks down who might surprise some people this weekend and who will be a close matchup.

Dylan Windler Returns Home

Nov 1, 2019 574


Dylan Windler of the Cleveland Cavaliers joins JMV to preview the Pacers and Cavaliers matchup.  Windler talks about his injury and how he is working to get back to full speed before the start to his rookie season. 

Who Needs to Step Up in Absence of Hilton?

Nov 1, 2019 651


Matt Taylor joins The Ride with JMV to break down the Hilton injury.  Who will step up in place of T.Y.? How will Frank Reich change his lineup? Taylor gives his opinion on who needs to step up in place of Hilton and how the Colts need to learn to win without him. 

Colts are Winless Without Hilton. Can They Overcome That?

Nov 1, 2019 728


Mike Wells joins JMV to talk about T.Y. Hilton’s injury and what this means for the Colts.

On injury… 

“When you think about it, the fact that Frank Reich came out and routinely he would say ‘week to week’ or ‘day to day’ and he flat out said ‘this type of calf injury that T.Y. is dealing with is a 3 to 4 week injury’ and that is probably at best when he says 3 to 4 weeks. It is not a good situation because this was at a time where the Colts were going to take off and hopefully get a little distance in the AFC race.  I know the schedule is still in their favor but nothing is guaranteed anymore. They have never won a game with T.Y. not in the lineup.”

On missing Hilton… 

“It puts more pressure on others because when we talked about Zach Pascal being number two, now if that is the case, is he going to be able to step up and be that number one wide receiver.  I am not sure about that. There is more pressure on Ebron and Doyle at the tight end spot. We saw Ebron play out wide against Oakland and that is when he had a flat out atrocious football game.”

On Ebron needing to step up… 

“That game against Oakland, he had three drops.  Although he had a touchdown, when they needed him, he did not step up to the plate and you can not have that happen. The margin of error for the Colts has always been small, but it is even smaller now without Hilton.  We know what we are going to get from Doyle, Marlon Mack and the offensive line are going to do their job, but it depends on the Pascals, Ebrons and Cains that are wildcards.”

ATI Physical Therapy answers what might be keeping out some important Colts players

Oct 31, 2019 558


ATI Physical Therapy was back for their Thursday segment to answer some questions about Colts injuries and injuries to other prominent players in the NFL.

What's the scoop with T.Y. Hilton?

Oct 31, 2019 761


Mike Chappell of Fox 59 joins the show this afternoon. Mike Chappell discusses T.Y. Hilton, red flags during last Sunday's game, and the Colts vs. Steelers game this weekend.

On T.Y. Hilton:

Mike Chappell: "I head something, and I looked, couldn't find anything. I made a few calls and was told it wasn't anything serious. He did miss practice today. With some of these players I don't have the injury report to give me any insight."

On red flags during last Sunday's game:

Mike Chappell: "No, they're the first team since 1940 to go 5-2 and have all their games decided by 7 points or fewer. All I say is get use to it. I just don't see this team being constructed or the way they do things. I think the Steelers have a good offense and the defense is atrocious."

What is it like to be a comedian in today's world?

Oct 31, 2019 959


Bob Saget, stand-up comedian, joins the show this afternoon. Bob Saget discusses his emotions performing for crowds, 2 new shows he's working on, new material and music, and his versatility.

On enjoying performing for crowds:

Bob Saget: "A lot, in the past three years the world sort of shifted. Many people are upset and I just want to make people happy. People have different opinions or different kinds of people, that's all the better. I'm working on new material, but I've also been doing two new TV shows that are coming out. One comes out tomorrow night. I will be doing new material and music at Helium Comedy Club this weekend." 

On versatility: 

Bob Saget: "I think I should become a woman, and I would become the biggest star of all time. In honesty, I have empathy for everybody, there's real kindness in what I do. In my last special it was ages 0-60, which wasn't that dirty. People said it wasn't dirty enough, and I said this is how I'm growing right now. I'm the only television father you can trust."

What makes Tom Allen such a good fit for the IU football program?

Oct 31, 2019 1789


Fred Glass, athletic director at IU, joins the show this afternoon. Fred Glass discusses Nebraska's thoughts on IU, vision on Tom Allen and the football program, impressions of Tom Allen, and views on the athletes receiving profit. 

On vision of Tom Allen and the IU football program: 

Fred Glass: "At this point I'm not going to dance in the end zone now. We've qualified for 4 bowl games in 26 years, but three of those 4 have been in the last 5 years. We have bigger aspirations than bowl eligibility, but I think constantly going to the bowl would be an important step for this program."

On impression of Tom Allen:

Fred Glass: "I think the way he connects with his players. Those guys believe in him, they believe he cares about them as young men. Number one, that he knows the game and can make them better. That's a powerful combination, if the kids believe that you care about them, and they know that you know what you're doing and can make them powerful."

What is the missing piece from last year for the Pacers?

Oct 31, 2019 679


Chris Denari, voice of the Pacers, joins the The Ride with JMV this afternoon. Chris Denari discusses win over Nets, Jeremy Lamb, Myles Turner injury, and what the Pacers need to improve on.

On Myles Turner:

Chris Denari: "When you hear week to week, that worries you just from the standpoint that you don't know when he's going to be back. If it's day to day or game to game then you've got a chance, but if they're saying week to week that means they'll evaluate him at some point next week. He's a guy that wants to be out on the floor, he's battled through injuries before. That's why you try to build as much depth as you can, and that's why it's important to have 2 big guys like Sabonis and Turner then add Bitadze."

On missing piece this year: 

Chris Denari: "For me, it's a little hard to judge, just because throughout the first four games you had a lot of moving parts. But I'll say this, we all knew this team wasn't going to be as good defensively as it was a year ago, because you've taken away key players. Just in the short sample size last week, I have seen improvement. Look at T.J. Warren last night diving on the floor, creating an offensive foul, doing things he wasn't asked to do. That is something you have to adapt to, I have a lot of confidence in this coaching staff, that they can improve the defenders."

Is 'Holy My' the new call?

Oct 30, 2019 1664


Kevin Bowen from 107.5 The Fan and Matt Taylor voice of the Colts join the show this afternoon. Kevin Bowen discusses Antonio Cromartie, the Colts injury report, Quincy Wilson, Deon Cain, James Conner, and Pacers vs. Nets. Matt Taylor discusses his call on Sunday, "Holy My". 

Can the Nationals take game 7 to win title?

Oct 30, 2019 1310


Drew Storen, MLB relief pitcher, joins the show this afternoon. Drew Storen discusses watching former teammates, Stephen Strausberg, how long it takes to learn how to pitch in MLB, and impression on post season run. 

On watching former teammates in the world series:

Drew Storen: "I'm definitely rooting for them, because the guys who I played with, are just such incredible teammates and guys. It's easy rooting for them, and hopefully they can pull it off tonight."

On Strausberg: 

Drew Storen: "He's just been incredible all post season. I mean he's one of those guys, that when he's in those big situations, he goes out and dominates. The impressive thing is, that it's not the same Stephen Stausberg you saw at the debut. He had to adapt to his ability to pitch, yes he's not lighting up the radar gun like he use to. But, he's able to throw that breaker ball or that plus change up in any count, and kept those guys off balance."


Are the Colts the kings of old school?

Oct 30, 2019 778


Greg Rakestraw, post-game host for the Colts, joins the show this afternoon. Greg Rakestraw discusses Astros vs. Nationals, Colts addressing matters before the trade deadline yesterday, Colts vs. Steelers, Colts injury report, and his opinion on the following three questions:

Tom Allen and IU Jeff Brohm and Purdue  Brian Kelly and Notre Dame

Zak Keefer on 'Can we handle this?' article

Oct 29, 2019 727


Zak Keefer, covers Colts for The Athletic, joins JMV this afternoon. Zak Keefer discusses his moving article 'Can we handle this?'. Zak Keefer also discusses the trade deadline this afternoon. 

JMV: "This is a reminder to check out the article Zak Keefer wrote on Chris Ballard and Family. It is worth reading."

Athletes can now profit from name, image, and likeness.

Oct 29, 2019 1210


Jeff Rabjohns, of, joins the show this afternoon. Jeff Rabjohns discusses NCAA board of governors and IU football.

On NCAA board of governors:

Jeff Rabjohns: "The NCAA board of governors voted unanimously to recommend to D1, D2, and D3 that they changes their bylaws, to allow players to benefit from their own name, image, and lightness. The board of governors have no power, what so ever, over the actual bylaws of D1, D2, or D3. D1 has it's own governance, the NCAA governs cannot write, propose, or vote for a single bylaw that governs D1."

On IU football season:

Jeff Rabjohns: "This is only the 4th time in program history that they've had 6 wins by October 26th. So, they're already bowl eligible, sitting there at 6-2, with 4 games left to play. Tom Allen, obviously, has done a really good job. Steve Waltho, made the point that not only is IU winning, but 48% of the roster is freshman, and another 20% is sophomores."

Chris Hagan got Colts fans riled up with his Twitter Poll Question

Oct 29, 2019 475


Chris Hagan, from Fox 59, joins the JMV show this afternoon. Chris Hagan discusses his Twitter poll question, and why fans are so upset about it.

Chris Hagan: "Basically, the poll was all me, we are encouraged to engage with the fans. It started with the Colts win, I decided to ask a poll about Andrew Luck."


Jeremiah Johnson discusses the Pacers discombobulated end of game situation.

Oct 29, 2019 649


Jeremiah Johnson, from Fox Sports Indiana, joins JMV on today's show. Jeremiah Johnson discusses last night's game, Sabonis, the end of the game, and Myles Turner.

On Sabonis: 

Jeremiah Johnson: "I think you'll some line-ups staggering as we move forward. Domantas Sabonis is a starter, and you're never going to be able to count his scoring as bench scoring. But, I think he's going to play with that second unit a lot, especially in the second quarter. So, you can't just look at the box score when the game is over, and look at the bench scoring and the other team's bench scoring. I do think you're going to see some mixing and some matching to where you either have Sabonis or Myles on the court at all times. They have to be able to play together at the start and to finish, but maybe at the end there aren't a lot of times where they are on the court at the same time. When you do that, I think you have an advantage centered offensively most of the time. You're not having as much of Sabonis run around and guard."

On discombobulated end game situation:

Jeremiah Johnson: "I think if you just go back and look at that final play where there was 2 seconds left there were 3 options left. T.J. Warren coming off the screen, and that was the pass Justin Holiday made. If you wait a second it looked like Brodgon was able to pop to the top of the key, he would've been open. If that's not open, Sabonis could've been open on the post. Everyone will appoint to T.J. Warren coming off the screen, maybe fading away, and that's not the best look to get. But, Coach McMillan can't decide where the ball is passed, and who gets it, all he can do is try to create a few different options."

What Role Did Brissett Play in the Win Over the Broncos?

Oct 28, 2019 2684


Coach Rick Venturi joins JMV to look back at the Colts slim victory over the Broncos including who deserves game balls and what the Colts need to fix. 

On the close game… 

“On any given Sunday - thats for real - everyone has enough talent to beat you.  All those wins in the left column count exactly the same. It means every bit as kansas city or houston.  We were looking at that heads up. This team does play with a back to their wall mentality. I was worried because they were favorites because a lot of the times, you go in there with a knock them out quickly but our guys hung in there and found a way to win in the fourth quarter.  Are we playing with fire or are we just finding a way to win?”

On a game ball going to Brissett...

“You have to give a game ball to Brissett.  He bailed us out. That is one of the finest plays we are going to see now and see forever.  Under the circumstances, backed up, they were killing us at that point and couldn’t make anything at that point.  He was taking it all day long and played tough all day long. All of a sudden he has one of the best pass rushers every that had such a clean shot at him, then it looked like he wrapped up - he gets out of it and throws a strike downfield. That is the play of plays.”

On Broncos defense… 

“They dominated the line of scrimmage.  I thought our offensive line was the worst in the Frank Reich era.  Our backs who did not get 100 yards, ran really hard. Mack made things out of nothing but even then, there was not much production at all.  Our reliables did not have a very good game. Dolye had the worst game blocking that he ever had. They turned the edge and we did not do a good job on the running game or the protection.  Jacoby did a good job detecting that rush but I thought this was his finest hour although the numbers might not show it. The difference was our defense was able to keep the score down.”

Will the Hoosiers be bowl eligible after tomorrow's game?

Oct 25, 2019 895


Voice of the Hoosiers, Don Fischer, joins JMV to preview the Indiana vs Nebraska game. Indiana is one win away from becoming bowl eligible and Don Fischer elaborates on how special Peyton Ramsey has been for the Hoosiers with the status of Michael Penix Jr. being unknown. 

Bob Lovell previews some Indiana Playoff Football!

Oct 25, 2019 997


Indiana Sports Talk Host Bob Lovell joined JMV to preview some big High School Football games this weekend, what teams seem to be teams of destiny, and who has a tough road to Lucas Oil Stadium. 

Who has the biggest impact on the Colts?

Oct 25, 2019 1591


Mike Wells joins JMV to discuss the health of the Colts roster with Carl Davis being the only player ruled out prior to Sunday's game. How does Colts Defensive Coordinator, Matt Eberflus, divide up the snaps in the secondary? Could the Broncos pull off an upset like the Raiders did four weeks ago?

Can Quenton Nelson be the best player on this team?...

"The three players that have the biggest impact on this roster, in order, I am going to go Quenton Nelson, TY Hilton, Darius Leonard when it comes to three players who have the biggest impact on the team because until Quinton Nelson arrived in Indianapolis, the offensive line was a complete utter joke. But, when he he's able to have that kind of impact that carries over to the other offensive lineman, its paid dividends. I mean you gave up a league low eighteen sacks last season, they're opening up running lanes for Marlon Mack, gibing Jacoby Brissett a pretty clean pocket to work with. I think impact wise, there's no bigger player on this roster than Quenton Nelson.  

Do they Colts need to make a trade deadline move?...

"I am not touching this roster. I am keeping things the way they are. Keeping the draft picks, and continuing to bank on these young guys because you are sitting 4-2 right now and I believe going into Houston, they will be AT LEAST 7-3 or 8-2 at best and then you go into December with a really tough schedule. Don't try to rock the boat just rock the boat, because when you bring in a guy during the season in a trade, it takes time for that guy to get into his comfort zone, get comfortable, know his role on the roster and everything so I don't see a need for it." 

Are the Colts finally healthy?

Oct 25, 2019 767


Matt Taylor, former producer here at The Fan and now voice of the Colts, joins the show this afternoon. Matt Taylor discusses the health of the Colts going into their week eight match-up against the Denver Broncos. Matt Taylor explains how the Colts can't afford to "stub their toe against teams like Denver at home" if they have aspirations for earning a first round bye. 

How can Patrick Mahomes come back so quickly form a dislocated kneecap?

Oct 24, 2019 1094


ATI Physical Therapy joined JMV for their weekly segment to get some insight on how Patrick Mahomes can come back after dislocating his kneecap, how Malik Hooker will look coming off of a torn meniscus, and a couple big name WR's working through hamstring issues. 

Colts continue strong, will they perform as well against the Broncos?

Oct 24, 2019 1216


Mike Chappell, Colts reporter, joins JMV on today's show. Mike Chappell discusses Jabaal Sheard, last weeks game, the OL, Jacoby Brissett, and should the Colts be looking for somebody who can offer a pass rush? 

Mike Chappell: "The Colts are at 3 or 4, point being is I don't know why you wouldn't consider these guys among the top 2 or 3."

Pacers lose first regular season game to Detroit.

Oct 24, 2019 811


Chris Denari, voice of the Pacers, joins JMV on today's show. Chris Denari discusses where the Pacers went wrong in the 4th quarter, how they gave up 36 in the 4th, and defensively what they need to change. 

On 4th quarter:

Chris Denari: " I thought the key stretch was in the 3rd quarter, when you had that 8-9 point lead. You had a couple of opportunities to take it into double figures. There's always sort of a line there, where if you get it to a certain point, it makes it very difficult on the other team. Even if they make a run, a 5 or 6 point run, you have a cushion. unfortunately for the Pacers  that cushion went away. I thought Detroit did a really great job, Kennard had a career night, Andre Drummond tied with the most points he's ever scored. I was just impressed with him, he did some things that we just haven't seen him do. I would give him some credit for helping Detroit with that win."

On giving up 36 in the 4th:

Chris Denari: "I think that's where the trust factor, maybe more so on defense than offense. It's knowing where your teammate is, knowing where that help is coming from, knowing where the hedge is coming from. I mean basically, Kennard got open a number of times on the same exact play, and the Pacers didn't do a very good job on defending it. They had a couple of offensive rebounds, where they kick it out, where they get the defense disoriented."

How does Zach Pascal turn being the underdog into motivation?

Oct 24, 2019 592


Zach Pascal, Colts wide receiver, joins JMV this afternoon. Zach Pascal discusses being called an underdog, how he overcomes the bad games, and what drives him.

On being called underdog:

Zach Pascal: "No, it doesn't bother me it just shows the road I had to take to get to where I am. I still am going on that road. It helped me learn about myself, it definitely shows the type of man I am. I'm just blessed and thankful for where I'm at. It's not over, the chip is still on my shoulder, I still have a lot to prove."

On bad games: 

Zach Pascal: "I'm always going to remember the bad games or things that I did wrong, just so I won't do it again. As far as the good games, I'll remember for as long as I can remember. But, I don't dwell on it too much."

On what drives Zach:

Zach Pascal: "That last years Patriots game. That was my first start, T.Y. was hurt that week. I had the worst game in my career so far. I used that in the off season as motivation to get my confidence back, continue to drive and push, and be better everyday."

Could the Colts OL be in the top 5?

Oct 24, 2019 383


Rick Demulling, former Colts OL, joins the show this afternoon. Rick Demulling discusses Colts OL, when other NFL teams begin to recognize strategies and strengths, thoughts on Jacoby Brissett, and the amount of flags thrown in a game. 

Rick Demulling: "It does make it difficult, because it stops the flow of the game.  But obviously on the officiating side of things, you have to call what you see. 

Will Malik Hooker Be On the Roster For This Weekend?

Oct 23, 2019 1049


Kevin Bowen, Colts and Pacers reporter, joins JMV on today's show. Kevin Bowen gives his opinion on Malik Hooker playing this weekend as well as where he sees the Colts sitting right now.

On Malik Hooker: 

Kevin Bowen: "The the fact that he was full on Friday, full participate at practice today, I expect that to continue this week. He actually said yesterday, that he felt he was above 90% before the Houston game. I think when you look at his injury history, you know very well that you have 10-11 regular season games left, you're going to keep him out. I think he will play this weekend."

On Colts Ranking:

Kevin Bowen: "I have them slotted at 2B, New England 1st, I have Baltimore at 2A, and Houston or Kansas City right behind that. I know it's kind of a cop out and I'm being soft, but I would throw Baltimore, Indianapolis, Houston, and Kansas City."


Can the Vikings take down the Redskins?

Oct 23, 2019 1285


It's Larceny Locks Wednesday, who are your picks for this weeks games? Will the Lions prove their ability is better than what is written on paper to take down the Packers? 

Can The Colts Make Headway The Next 4 Games?

Oct 23, 2019 687


Joe Reitz, former Colts lineman and current co-host for Colts pre-game show, joins JMV on today's show. Joe Reitz talks about possibly Jacoby Brissett's best game, Colts OL, and Colts vs. Broncos. 

Joe Reitz: "If we don't take the field with some energy and the same focus we did last game, the we're going to lose a game we shouldn't."

Indy Eleven Hoping For A Little Rain This Weekend.

Oct 22, 2019 702


Drew Conner, Indy Eleven player, joins the show this evening. Drew Conner expresses excitement about being able to play outside, and what weather he hopes for this weekend. 

On inside to an outside stadium:

Drew Conner: "I mean it's something I'm really excited for, I haven't experienced that stadium first hand, so it's something I'm really looking forward to. Obviously we had a really great home field advantage at Lucas Oil, but you know, we're going to have our fans there so I'm excited for it."

On weather: 

Drew Conner: "We're playing on turf, the ball tends to pop up, it doesn't roll natural like it does on grass. That's something we had a bit of an advantage on when teams would come and play us at Lucas Oil. Some people are under the impression, you have to hit your passes, you have to underweight them; the truth is sometimes you have to hit them a little harder too depending on the type of turf. So, we've been training out there, we're getting use to it. I hope it stays relatively dry, but I wouldn't mind a little bit of rain so the ball will roll nice." 

Should Frank Reich Be A Conversation For Coach Of The Year?

Oct 22, 2019 494


Greg Rakestraw, post-game Colts Radio Network host, joins JMV this afternoon. Greg Rakestraw ranks Red Hot Chili Peppers songs Higher Ground and Mother's Milk. Greg Rakestraw also gives his opinion of Frank Reich being coach of the year. Also discussed is Jacoby Brissett up for possible awards, should Zach Pascal be receiving more attention, also coming up is playoffs for Indy Eleven.

Pacers GM Chad Buchanan Goes Behind the Scenes With JMV About How The Sabonis Extension Played Out

Oct 22, 2019 873


Pacers general manager, Chad Buchanan, joins JMV on today's show. Chad Buchanan takes us behind the scenes about the extension of Domantas Sabonis. Chad Buchanan also goes into details about the importance of a core group. 

On Domantas Sabonis:

Chad Buchanan: "I think at the time he probably was disappointed. I think part of any negotiation, one side starts at one starting point and the other starts a different starting point. You have ups and downs and peeks and valleys during the talks. You catch the one side on the wrong day, and you may sense some disappointment. Some of the quotes you heard from Domas the other day, he's known from the very beginning on how we feel about him. I think this is the first time for him going through this type of situation. Everything was new to him, and I think at the time he was discouraged of where things were going. I think his intention, his agents intention as well as ours, was to find a deal. At the end of the day he was ecstatic, and today you could tell there was a cloud lifted off of him."

On importance of the core group: 

Chad Buchanan: "Last year we had a good core group, but the majority of them were on the last year of their contract. So, that creates a dynamic that you gotta manage as a coach. Now, we've got a group of guys that are all in a similar time frame of their career. They're all, for the most part, entering their mid-20s, entering their prime or in their prime of their careers. Justin Holiday is 30, which isn't old, but he's our oldest player in our locker room. We're feeling good with where we're at with our roster, and now it's just has to come together on the court. You've got a lot of new faces that are playing with new guys, and playing for a different coach now. So, it takes some time for that to come together. There's a lot of things that are gonna go into this team, that it may not be as smooth as a transition on the court. But, we're hopeful that it will come together, just because of the talent and the character with the guys in the locker room."

Sabonis signs a 4 year deal to stay in Indiana, good or bad value for the Pacers?

Oct 21, 2019 730


IndyStar's Pacers insider J. Michael joined JMV to react to the breaking news of Sabonis's 4 year $74.9 million dollar deal. Why it took this long, how the deal was done, why the Pacers are committed to a starting lineup with Sabonis at the 4 and Turner at the 5, and a progress report of Victor Oladipo. 

“This was a gateway win”

Oct 21, 2019 2661


Coach Rick Venturi joins JMV to break down the AFC win over the Texans, look forward into the schedule, and the impact of defensive changes.

On win over Houston...

“This was a huge win. We talked about the blueprint last monday about what they had to do and they went out and did it.  To think we are sitting at 4-2, I think we totally reestablished who we are, and totally reestablished an identity on offense.  We have a new identity on defense. To quote coach Reich, the last eight quarters in the last two wins have been confident team wins...It was a really outstanding game. Tactically and physically we are playing at a championship level. In some respects, we were a better team than the score indicates.”

On looking forward to the rest of the season...

“You have to stay in the moment.  This is not a league where you are guaranteed a win.  I really think that is important because when you look at the team, the Colts have established their identity.  They know they have a good offensive line and in the last two weeks, they have reshaped their defense. I can't say enough about what we have done in the last two weeks, both on and off the field.  With the combination of Colts, offense, defense and special teams, the sky's the limit. They need to grind it out and never look back.”

On Jacoby Brissett...

He has grown every week.  The numbers were there: 326 passing yards, four passing touchdowns and those four touchdowns were in the red zone.  It doesn't get better than that.  He really is reflective of Frank Reich.  He plays with the patience, smartness, and toughness. He has proven that he is a very accurate passer.  He will occasionally have a mistake which is not uncommon like his fumble snap but other than that, he makes almost no mistakes.  He never puts you in that hole early. The tools are there for him and he can move the chains. He has great mobility… and sometimes his greatness comes from not making that mistake.” 

Looking to Sectionals

Oct 18, 2019 415


Bob Lovell joins the Ride with JMV to break down high school football.  The MIC teams are on the uprise with all around solid teams. Sectional matchups have the chance to stir up unexpected results. Bob Lovell gives a shout out to Franklin College as well as looking ahead to Franklin Community vs. Decatur Central. 

How Successful will IU Football and Basketball be this year?

Oct 18, 2019 1207


Voice of the Hoosiers, Don Fischer, joins JMV and Chris Hagan to look forward to Indiana vs Maryland game and look into IU basketball.  In a very winnable game where the Hoosiers can get to a bowl game and have a winning record, Indiana must prove themselves. Michael Penix Jr. might be at risk of an injury, but his effectiveness has come at a dire point. IU basketball comes in as underdogs but are easily able to overcome that. 

Can the Colts Keep Their Momentum Going?

Oct 18, 2019 1448


Mike Wells joins JMV and Chris Hagan to preview the upcoming match up between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans.  Is Brissett able to step up? Are injuries still a problem on both sides? Can Ebron find his groove?

Is this a must win?... 

“I can’t go with a must win.  I can’t go with the must win in this situation.  If they do beat the Texans, they will go on a nice run of teams that are not playing well.  No Kenny Moore, Pierre Desir is game time, Malik Hooker is doubtful. This offense that the Texans have is one that has pieces all around.  They have some running backs and they are able to pass it. With the Houston three top wide receivers, it is going to be a tough matchup for the Colts and I don’t think Brissett is able to get into a high scoring affair...I just think offensively, the Texans are an all around better offensive team.”

Who is in the more dire injury circumstances…

“I’m going to go with the Colts still because the quarterback for Colts still isn’t passing the ball and the reality of it is, who is the Colts number two wide receiver. I think the Colts injury situation considering the way Houston plays is more severe than what Houston is going to have to deal with.  The Colts are going to try to run the ball and I think that is a bigger issue than what Houston has on their plate.”

On what Brissett needs to improve on...

“I don’t think Brissett is ever going to beat you.  Maybe not beat but he's not going to cost you a game.  He is going to make the safe play while Luck would make the dangerous play that sometimes worked. My thing that I want to see out of Brissett is when you fall back 14 or 17 points, Brissett is going to have to lead the Colts back with his arm. At some point, he is going to have to show that he can get the ball down the field in a hurry in the air.  That is the one question mark I am waiting to see out of Brissett.”


How Defensive Backs were Key to win at Kansas City

Oct 18, 2019 478


Bobby Okereke, Colts linebacker, joins JMV to talk about his rookie year so far and what the Colts need to continue to do to improve. 

On transition from college to NFL…

“It has been a huge learning process.  Coming in with guys like Darius and Anthony in the room, learning from our linebacker coach, getting acclimated to the way coach Reich runs our program and system - it’s been a great process… Darius was hurt the last couple of games and the reps I got playing slowed the game down even at a faster rate.”

On practice energy...

“In the linebacker group, we do a really good job of competing with each other and pushing each other while also coaching each other.  Anthony Walker has been a huge help to me and he is a smart guy who understands the game well. The biggest thing for me so far is getting my eyes in the right place.  I am physical and long so coach told me if I work on my eyes, I will be a good linebacker.”

Keys to carry over from Kansas City game to Houston…

“Stopping the run and making them one dimensional was the key.  I think we did a good job of that and held them to about 36 rushing yards the whole game. We tried to keep Patrick Mahomes in the pocket and you saw what happened when we let him out of the pocket: he had that big third down touchdown.  We forced them to throw the ball downfield and our defensive backs played really well in man to man and did a tremendous job.” 

AskATI breaks down all the major NFL injuries and answer your questions!

Oct 17, 2019 1067


ATI Physical Therapy joined JMV for their weekly segment to recap major NFL injuries and the recovery timeline with each of them and then answer some listener questions about spinal fusions, tennis elbow, and knee pain!

Can the Astros take home another series?

Oct 17, 2019 839


John McClain of Houston Chronical's, joins the show this afternoon. John McClain discusses Astros and whose win was more impressive, Texans or Colts over Chiefs. He also compares Texans and Colts OL's. Will the Colts take the W for a chance to sit in the #2 spot?

On Astros winning another series: 

John McClain: "Well, I've got to be honest with some words that are fighting words, those 2 Rocket teams won back to back championships. Before and after there championships, the Bulls won, those two years Michael Jordan quit basketball. So, they didn't have to beat Michael Jordan. When they won the World Series here in 2017, they had to beat the Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodges. Considering where they came from, where they lost more than 100 three years in a row, I would say this is more impressive." 

On Texans or Colts Win Over Chiefs:

John McClain: "Well, the Texans scored more points. What was impressive, we thought the Colts controlled the ball well. The Texans came and controlled the ball for 39 minutes 48 seconds. Until the Colts can prove that they can stop somebody, that's going to be the MO of other teams."

Who had the most impressive win over the Chiefs, Colts or Texans?

Oct 17, 2019 1326


Mike Chappell, Colts reporter, joins today's show! Mike Chappell begins with comparing the Colts and Texans injury report. JMV and Mike Chappell compare the wins against the Chiefs. Will T.Y. be a threat this game? Mike Chappell discusses what the defense needs to do this game, and key players. 

Will Kansas City Lose 3x In A Row?

Oct 17, 2019 1015


It's Thursday afternoon, so it's Larceny Locks day! Will the Colts come back with the same energy they had before the break? Will Kansas City lose yet another game? Take your picks for this weekends games with JMV and Larceny Locks!

How do you track whether or not an OL is real or just a week by week opponent?

Oct 17, 2019 547


Rick Demulling, former Colts OL, joins this afternoons show. Rick Demulling discusses thoughts on Colts OL, if the OL is a top 5 line, and what inspires the OL. Also discussed is the Texans OL, how to differentiate whether or not an OL is real or just a week by week opponent, and what l the Colts defense strategy look like. Rick Demulling also talks about how he's able to keep his head warm again. 

Jeremy Piven goes through his career with JMV!

Oct 16, 2019 1024


Actor Jeremy Piven joined JMV to discuss his stand up career, coming to Indianapolis, why he was already a journeyman actor by the time he got the roles of Arie Gold in Entourage, and JMV asks him about some of his personal favorite roles he's had. 

Do the Colts have to beat the Texans this Sunday to have a chance at winning the AFC South?

Oct 16, 2019 1340


Kevin Bowen, Colts reporter, joins the show this afternoon discussing the upcoming Colts vs. Texans game. Kevin Bowen discusses what to expect from the Texans, if this is a must win for the Colts, and an update on Colts injuries. 

On Colts vs. Texans:

Kevin Bowen: "I mean, if you want to win the division, this is about as close to a must win game that you're going to get in week 7. I know you're a Mr. Must Win, and I believe you deemed just about every Colts game, at some point, a bit of a must win over the past few years. I actually do agree with your line of thinking for a week 7 game, considering how the division looks, and considering how the AFC looks. The Colts are 7th right now in the AFC, they're actually on the outside looking in of the current playoff picture. But, if they win on Sunday, and Baltimore looses to Seattle, I'm almost positive they would climb up to the #2 spot." 

On Texans:

Kevin Bowen: "I think if you're making an MVP list after 6 weeks, I think Deshaun Watson has got to be on it somewhere. I think he's definitely been one of the top 5 players in the NFL this season. Yes, that offensive line is starting to jell together a little bit more, they haven't allowed a sack the last two weeks. Now, the right tackle, Tytus Howard, did get hurt in their win over Kansas City and he will be out. I think what stands out to me about Houston, and you go back and look at last years match ups, the Colts beat Houston in December and again in January, no Will Fuller in either of those games or Keke Coutee."

Can Indy Eleven Take Down Swope Park Rangers?

Oct 16, 2019 577


Indy Eleven Brickyard Battalion President, Peter Evans, joins the show this afternoon. It's fan appreciate night, and the last regular season game for Indy Eleven. They will face off against Swope Park Rangers. First 1000 fans will get the annual team poster. If you bring coffee to JMV you can get on the show, there's also free tickets for tonight's game!

Where Will This Seasons Rookies Take The Pacers?

Oct 16, 2019 631


Chris Denari, voice of the Pacers, joins this afternoons show. Chris Denari speaks highly of Goga Bitadze and Michael Brogdon, and what standard he holds the Pacers at.

On Goga Bitadze:

Chris Denari: "It was fun to watch him. He's been a pro since he was 15 so, even though he's only just turned 20 and new to the NBA, he's not new to professional basketball. It will take him time to get use to the NBA, but I thought for night 1, he showed himself very well. He shot the ball well, did some good things, yea he had 6 turn overs, but for a guy that played his first NBA game last night he performed well. He is a fan favorite, there's question that when Goga is on the floor the fans go wild." 

On Pacer Rookies:

Chris Denari: "Well I still think the real key is Michael Brogdon, because I think he makes the rest of his teammates so much better. Watching him in game 1, in the comeback against Sacramento, when he had 15 points and 14 assists. He is 6'5", he's got some size, and he's a very willing passer. He makes the pass that you like to see from players, it's the pass that the defender is not expecting. He makes a lot of skip passes to the corner, he finds open men, and I think he has triggered a very unselfish starting unit. They all know they can score, they all have an offensive mentality, but they're all more than willing to make the extra pass."

Who Will Step Up, Out Of The Rookies, To Lead The Defenders?

Oct 15, 2019 1504


Stephen Holder, from The Athletic, joins the show this afternoon beginning a discussion with an umbrella over the entire league. He gives thoughts on officiating, Colts moving the mall this Sunday, on Jacoby Brissett, and on how to slow down the Texans offense. Stephen Holder also gives thoughts on Darius Leonard, and how the defense had to step up while he was gone.

How Far Can This OL Take the Colts?

Oct 15, 2019 788


It was Bye Week for the Colts and Anthony Castonzo, offensive tackle, still put in some work at the complex, but managed to find some time to visit a nutrition center which was just named after his father. Of course, the apple doesn't fall from the tree, Anthony Castonzo goes on to explain how he has become quite the cook himself. Anthony Castonzo discusses his diet and what he eats and how much to maintain his weight. He also goes into an explanation of how the offensive line works so well together. 

Should The Colts OL Be Concerned Going Into The Game Sunday?

Oct 15, 2019 1191


Matt Taylor, former producer here at The Fan and now voice of the Colts, joins the show this afternoon. Matt Taylor discusses his thoughts on the Colts break not being too soon. The Colts had some injuries that needed some time, and this extra week allowed them the time they needed and then some. Matt Taylor explains the difference between last years Deshaun Watson and this years Deshaun Watson. Matt Taylor also breaks down what the Colts vs. Texans game will look like.

11th Inning Excitement in October

Oct 14, 2019 492


Tucker Barnhart, the catcher for the Reds, joins JMV to discuss the MLB playoffs. 

On Astros win over the Yankees...

“The guy [Carlos Correa] won a postseason game with a walk off home run in the 11th inning in a must win game for them.  I give him all kinds of credit for taking that pitch and driving it out of the park. In game two when you have a one game lead, then I thought the leash was a little bit shorter than I would have thought but the bullpen pitched well and it ended up in the 11th.”

On Nationals and Cardinals...

“I would say its the Nationals stepping up but I believe in the baseball gods so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little bit of that here too. I think the National starting pitching staff is unbelievable. They have a tough match up tonight with Stephen Strasburg on the mound who has been better in the postseason than he has in the regular season.”

Rick Venturi’s Keys to Beating Houston

Oct 14, 2019 2410


Coach Rick Venturi joins JMV to break down the use of the Colts bye week, the keys to beating the Texans and the importance of the upcoming games

On the upcoming game against Houston...

“This is a huge game.  I know Frank talks about 1-0 but I would say this is a roman numeral one. These two teams are clearly the best two teams in the division.  The QB is a challenge. He's been terrific, although he was an elevator before being up and down but this is a big one. This is almost like one and a half for Frank. This is a better Houston team than we played in the playoffs.  It's taken them a while with Watson to connect but now they have found a rhythm and balance with what he can do without killing him.”

On the bye week...

“The bye week, while you normally don’t want it early in the season or after a big win, will be different. It may help us here.  Houston had to spend themselves for the past two weeks. Sunday was a come from behind fight to the end where they all had to put in. It was a great win mentally.  We will be coming in the fresher team. This is one that will be exciting to watch.”

Importance on the Texans game…

“This is a game and a half.  We own these guys in the playoffs, we've played two tight games against them.  I do think this is a better team where their offensive line is not as of a liability as it was. We held the ball for 37 mins while they held it for 39 mins, which is why Kansas can’t win. Their quarterback creates more gaps in the defense and can make all the throws - what he does best is play action deep balls. They are going to be battling all year long and the Colts don’t want them to get to 5 and 2.”

"This is a team that is going to be ready for the playoffs."

Oct 14, 2019 642


JMV is out tomorrow so who else other than Jeffrey Gorman to take his place.  Gorman is hopeful for the Colts this season as well as previewing what he might have in store for tomorrows show. 

Is IU a Bowl Contender Once Again?

Oct 11, 2019 975


Don Fishcher, the voice of the Indiana Hoosier, joins Jeremiah Johnson and Chris Denari to look into the IU football game including defense, the quarterback position and team mentality. 

On Indiana being bowl eligible...

“This football team is going into a four game stretch which is probably the most critical to their season without question. They are already three wins into it with two losses.  The loss to Michigan State was disappointing, there is no question about that, because it shows Indiana still struggles to finish out football games. It’s been over twenty years now where we see teams that just can’t seem to finish in games like that, but hopefully this team can rev up because it is pivotal for going back to a bowl game.”

On opponent Rutgers...

“You have little doubt that Rutgers is a team in disarray.  They lost last week under a new interim head coach, to a Maryland team that has been struggling for quite some weeks now.  The difference is that in this ball game, Rutgers will at least have a little bit better feel for what the new coach can bring into this game offensively and that is where his strength is. He was a running back coach and a tight end coach in his two years at Rutgers and prior to that he was the head coach of the powerful program called Bergen in the state of New Jersey. He has some background that is a little bit different than the former offensive coordinator.”

Leveling the Playing Field of High School Football

Oct 11, 2019 827


Chris Denari and Jeremiah Johnson are joined by Bob Lovell to talk high school football and how it is growing to be more competitive throughout 

On dominant high school teams...

“Avon is playing well, Brownsburg is having a good year, North Central has a match up with Pike tonight, Ben Davis is starting to play a little bit better but all in all, it's interesting because there is no clear cut favorite.  There are some good teams but I don’t think you have the clear cut dominant team.”

Is the gap closing between the best conferences?....

“I think it is.  I think it’s understandable because you look around and you start to pay a little more attention, put more emphasis on not losing.  Coaches are working harder and resources are getting better. I think when you raise the bar, people will raise it with you and that's what is happening in the central Indiana area.  Things are just getting better and better because people love to go out on a Friday night. Crowds are huge, everything is great and you don’t want to be one of those programs that is not mentioned.”

Fresh Faces of the Bulls

Oct 11, 2019 595


Chris Denari and Jeremiah Johnson fill in for JVM and talk to Chuck Swirsky, the Bulls radio play by play, to break down the Pacers and Bulls preseason game

On the new Chicago Bulls...

“There are a lot of new faces with this ball club, as every team can say in the NBA, some more than others.  New Orleans has 14, believe it or not, new faces on their club. What I think the coach of the Bulls is trying to do now is really develop his bench and find out a little about his ball club and will probably go back to most of his starters against the Raptors.”

On Thadius Young in Chicago…

“My initial observations are with him in the locker room, you have to have more than one voice, and that voice, if it's going to be strong, has to come from credibility and that is Young. I don’t know him as well as you know him as Im just trying to get to know him at this point, but obviously I’ve called many games when he's been playing.  The bottom line is that he knows what he is doing - on the court and off the court - he is a very durable player. He players have instant respect for him.”

Ask ATI answers your questions and the timeline for some Colts players!

Oct 10, 2019 1229


Jeremiah Johnson and Chris Denari filled in for JMV for his weekly segment with ATI Physical Therapy! The ATI guys go through different injuries the Colts have had and answer your questions about shoulder, neck, and heel pain!

Who is your pick, Cardinals or Nationals?

Oct 10, 2019 857


Jim Hayes, dugout reporter for the St. Louis Cardinals, joins the JMV show to discuss postseason. Jim Hayes explains that the first half of the season wasn't the best for the Cardinals, fans were frustrated in thinking about another year missing the playoffs. He continues to talk on about the team not pushing the panic button and sticking together. Jim Hayes explains the emotions of the dugout during the game, referencing a balloon being popped. 

Will the Colts Keep the Energy Coming Back From This Break?

Oct 10, 2019 752


Mike Chappell joins the JMV show discussing the Colts vs. Chiefs game last Sunday. The Colts definitely deserved this week off after beating the Chiefs. But, after this weekends celebrations, will they keep the same energy they brought into Sunday's game? Mike Chappell explains more in detail that it's all about taking care of business. 

On Kansas City:

Mike Chappell: "I didn't see it coming, I thought the offense played well, I never that the defense could do this. It was pretty surprising I thought."

Can the Nationals Win it All?

Oct 10, 2019 596


Tucker Barnhart joins the show today giving thoughts on the MLB post season as well as what he defines as a rival.

On Cardinals being a rival:

Tucker Barnhart: "I think anytime that you a division team, you play them so many times, that there becomes guys that rub you the wrong way that I'm sure are great guys. But, for the most part, the way that I watch the game and the way that I watch the postseason and Cardinals, it's tough to say being a Red and the history between rivals. Yadier Molina has been the best to me, a couple years ago when I won the gold glove, he was one of the first people to text me and congratulate me. So, I watch it based on relationships, I wanted the Braves to win that series solely because of Adam Duvall and Billy Hamilton. Billy, a guy that I would do anything for and I would like to think he would do the same for me. We signed together in 2009, he's like a brother to me. Adam, I got to play with a couple of years, our wives are really close. I watch it based on relationships."

On Nationals:

Tucker Barnhart: "It's been interesting to watch, they were really confident in what they had especially in their minor league system this year. Victor Robles came up this year, he's played a lot of center field, electric on the bases and the outfield. He kind of took over Bryce Harper's spot, because they have Adam Eaton in right and Juan Soto in left. I know going into the Dodgers series, a lot of people, late in the season kind of tabbed the Nationals as the team that may give the Dodgers the best run at knocking them out of the postseason."

For more on MLB postseason tune into the JMV show weekday's 3-6 p.m.

Larceny Locks Thursday, who are your picks?

Oct 10, 2019 1940


It's Larceny Locks Thursday on The Ride with JMV, it is week 6 and no Colts game this week, but the show must go on. Who do you have this week? 

Carolina Panthers(3-2) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-3)

Cincinnati Bengals(0-5) vs. Baltimore Ravens(3-2)

Seattle Seahawks(4-1) vs. Cleveland Browns(2-3)

Houston Texans(3-2) vs. Kansas City Chiefs(4-1)

New Orleans Saints(4-1) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars(2-3)

Philadelphia Eagles(3-2) vs. Minnesota Vikings(3-2)

Washington Redskins(0-5) vs. Miami Dolphins(0-4) 

L.A. Rams(3-2) vs. San Francisco 49ers(4-0)

Atlanta Falcons(1-4) vs. Arizona Cardinals(1-3)

Dallas Cowboys(3-2) vs. New York Jets(0-4)

Pittsburgh Steelers(1-4) vs. L.A. Chargers(2-3)

Tennessee Titans(2-3) vs. Colorado Broncos(1-4)

Green Bay Packers(4-1) vs. Detroit Lions(2-1)

New York Giants(2-3) vs. New England Patriots(5-0)

What do these preseason games mean for the Pacers?

Oct 10, 2019 335


Edmond Sumner, 3rd year Pacer, joins the The Ride With JMV show. Edmond Sumner describes the Pacers trip to India for their pregames. Also discussed is competitiveness of the pregames and the confidence grown from this experience.

On feedback from fans:

Edmond Sumner: "I always appreciate that, not too many people know who I am, know my story, or know what it took to get back to this part. It's always great to see stuff like that, and I always appreciate."

Was Sunday's Win For The Colts A Turning Point?

Oct 7, 2019 2742


Rick Venturi joins JMV to discuss the 3 major plays of the game. 

On 3 biggest plays from the game:

Rick Venturi: "I thought there were 3 magnificent plays individually in the game that made the difference. I thought Odum's strip #1, I think without that play it could be different. I think the blitz sack by Kenny Moore, I think that changed the game, because that really shook Mahomes. You could see it on television, all the sudden those bright eyes, those big wide eyes, they looked a little different. There was a sequence there after Kenny's sack, I think 2 plays later Autry hits him right down the sternum and just shakes him up. Then, Turay comes in and just messes that ankle up, because he just turns everybody down. I thought Mahomes looked worn out after that. But, I mean those were some great things, 4 sacks, no questions about it."

Do the Colts Need to Make a Move Before the Trade Deadline?

Oct 4, 2019 1234


Stephen Holder from The Athletic joins JVM to talk all things Colts from injuries to defense to possible trades. 

Is There an Overreaction About Paid Athletes?

Oct 4, 2019 894


Bob Lovell joins JMV to break down the new California law about paying athletes and previews the high school football games for the weekend

Pacers Win in Overtime Overseas

Oct 4, 2019 687


Chris Denari gives a recap about the Pacers win against Sacramento in Mumbai but what happens if the bigs down low don't play?

Ever-growing Injury List Could Hurt the Colts

Oct 4, 2019 753


Matt Taylor joins JMV to talk about the Colts injuries, Colts game plan and needs on defense 

ATI Physical Therapy Answers Your Questions!

Oct 3, 2019 1356


ATI Physical Therapy joined JMV for their weekly #AskATI segment to recap major injuries across the NFL and then answer your questions about aches and pains!

Mike Chappell on Who is Coming Off The Injured List for the Colts

Oct 3, 2019 1033


Could T.Y. and Darius both be coming back for Sunday's game? Mike Chappell tunes in to tell us the odds are looking good!

Can the Colts defense take down the Chiefs offense?

Oct 3, 2019 808


Adam Teicher joins JMV to gives insight on Chiefs offense.

On Tyreek Hill:

Adam Teicher: "No, that would be really unlike the Chiefs to rush him back after missing a few weeks and then having only one week of practice."

Charles Arbuckle Can't Believe the Hoosiers Aren't More Accomplished in Football

Oct 3, 2019 809


Charles Arbuckle joins JMV to discuss Michigan vs. Iowa approaching the weekend. 

Is there hope for the Hoosiers?

Charles Arbuckle: "It baffles me that Bloomington can't get anything going."  

Tricia Whitaker Describes What A Beer Shower Feels Like!

Oct 3, 2019 540


Beer, brain freeze, eyes burning, and Rays are in the playoffs. 

On Beer Shower last night:

Tricia Whitaker: "I still have a headache. Everybody thinks that soaking, the worst part is your eyes, you know it stings. But, the worst part is the brain freeze."

Todd Leabo Breaks Down This Weekends KC Defense.

Oct 3, 2019 894


Todd Leabo From 810 WHB in Kansas City joins JMV to talk Colts vs. Kansas City. 

On Kansas City Defense: 

Todd Leabo: " They have not been good in the run game especially, and that's the thing Steve Magnolia was talking about today. The numbers themselves were kind of okay when they do their little victories/play, right? The problem is they had too many big plays in the running game. That's the concern heading into the game against the Colts who run the ball pretty well."


Kevin Bowen Gives His Take On Colts vs. Chiefs.

Oct 2, 2019 1457


Pacers- Over or Under?

Can the Colts come back from Sunday's loss? 

Kevin Bowen gives his take. 

Jeff Rabjohns Joins JMV To Dissect This Years IU Basketball Team.

Oct 2, 2019 877


Jeff Rabjohns breaks down the IU team, and looks forward to an intriguing season. 

On IU basketball team:

Jeff Rabjohns: "I think it's one of the more intriguing seasons in a while, because the top and bottom are pretty different. Devonte Greene, they're going to move him to the 2-guard exclusively not asking him to move back at point guard, because he had turnovers when he was trying to make passes. If he really excels in that roll, he could easily score easily 16-20 points a game.

It's Larceny Locks; Who are you picking for this weekend's games?

Oct 2, 2019 1086


Rams or Seahawks?

Bears or Raiders? In London. 

Jaguars vs. Panthers?

Vikings vs. Giants?

JMV takes his picks!


Greg Rakestraw Gives Insight On College Football.

Oct 1, 2019 1260


Greg Rakestraw gives thoughts on this past weekends games, as well as this weekends games. Things looking better for IU, and not so good for Purdue. 

Rick Demulling Discusses What The Colts Can Change To Win The Next Game.

Oct 1, 2019 582


Rick Demulling joins JMV to break down the OL.

On negative running plays Sunday:

Rick Demulling: "I think the Raidors had like 7 TFLs, when you have that many and you're running the ball 18 times; that's a drive killer. You get going, you don't get managable field position or distances. So, those are absolutely killers. If you can get rid of those negative plays, then obviously getting that first down is a lot easier."


Rick Venturi Discusses How the Colts Can Beat the Chiefs

Sep 30, 2019 3010


Coach Venturi came out hot during his weekly Monday segment with JMV. He recapped the Raiders game, told us why the Colts failed on Sunday, but then laid out a game plan for how the Colts can beat the Chiefs in Kansas City on Sunday Night Football this week. 

Colts WR Zach Pascal likes to make DBs mad with how hard he block them

Sep 27, 2019 744


Colts WR Zach Pascal joined JMV coming off his great game Sunday including a touchdown catch vs the Falcons. Zach explains why the offense is clicking so well, what the DB's on opposing teams do to him when he's blocking, what he and Eric Ebron discussed after a miscommunication last Sunday, and why it's so great to play for Frank Reich.

Don Fischer as play-by-play of the Indiana Pacers? It almost happened back in the 1980's!

Sep 27, 2019 1017


Voice of the Hoosiers Don Fischer joined JMV to preview Indiana's matchup vs Michigan State on Saturday. Fisch gives his opinion on whether or not he believes Michael Pennix Jr. will play and then JMV and Fisch get into story time about being at the IU Hall of Fame, how he almost became the Pacers play by play announcer, and why JMV holds grudges for so long. 

Should TY Hilton sit out Sunday vs the Raiders? Mike Wells and JMV discuss

Sep 27, 2019 1320

Description:'s Mike Wells joined JMV to preview the Raiders coming to town on Sunday including reacting to TY Hilton's status, why the Colts are so dinged up this early into the year, and finally who has surprised them positively and negatively so far for the Colts.

Bob Lovell previews another week of Indiana High School Football

Sep 27, 2019 370


Indiana Sports Talk Host Bob Lovell joined JMV to preview Friday night's High School Football games and matchup's he's excited for as we get through the middle of the football season!

Matt Taylor previews the Colts vs Raiders and remembers Marty Brennaman

Sep 27, 2019 905


Voice of the Colts Matt Taylor joined JMV to discuss the Raiders coming to town, whether or not TY Hilton should play even if he's healthy, play makers to worry about on the Raiders, and finally JMV and Matt remember the Cincinnati Reds voice Marty Brennaman that retired after 47 years behind the mic. 

JMV and ATI Physical Therapy answer your questions about back/elbow pain!

Sep 26, 2019 1045


The ATI guys are back with JMV to explain some major injuries we're seeing in the NFL including TY Hilton and Malik Hooker. Later on they answer your questions about how to avoid back, knee, and elbow pain!

Can the Colts go 3-1?

Sep 26, 2019 999


Mike Chappell joins JMV to discuss who is most likely to come off the injured list and play against the Raiders. 

Stephen Holders joins JMV to give an update on Colts injuries.

Sep 26, 2019 725


Stephen Holders gives thoughts on Darius Leonard, T.Y. Hilton, Pierre Desir for this Sunday against the Raiders.  

What Does The Pacers Season Look Like?

Sep 26, 2019 742


Chris Denari joins JMV to talk 2019-2020 NBA, from rookies to veterans. 

Tom Dienhart Gives An Update On All Purdue's Injuries For Saturday's Game.

Sep 26, 2019 751


Tom Dienhart and JMV discuss Purdue's upcoming game, and who will come off the injury list. 

Kevin Bowen Gives an Update on Colts Injuries.

Sep 25, 2019 1613


Will Leondard and Hilton play this weekend? 

Wednesday night with Larcey Locks.

Sep 25, 2019 1448


JMV and guests give their takes on this weeks football games. 

Zak Keefer Joins JMV to Talk How Successful The Colts Can be This Season.

Sep 24, 2019 1028


Zak Keefer breaks down this seasons possible success, even without Andrew Luck. What Frank Reich has done to help Jacoby Brissett to succeed, who could replace the injured Malik Hooker, and why the defense needs to get better vs the pass if they wan't to compete with the top teams in the NFL.

Greg Rakestraw and JMV talk Cubs, College Soccer, and High School Football

Sep 24, 2019 1351


Greg Rakestraw gives his opinions on why Cubs fans want Joe Madden to leave, as well as college soccer and high school football. 

JMV and Rick Demulling Talk About The Colts OL.

Sep 24, 2019 559


Rick Demulling speaks highly of this seasons Colts OL. JMV discovers Rick is a little country himself. 

Rick Venturi & JMV break down the Colts W vs the Falcons and look ahead to Oakland

Sep 23, 2019 2906


Rick Venturi joined JMV to recap the Colts 27-24 win vs the Falcons and some things that Rick really liked coming out of the game and some points where the team needs to improve for when they face elite offenses in the future. Rick analyzes where the Colts turn after injuries to TY Hilton and Malik Hooker, what Reich is doing to help Brissett, Vinatieri moving forward, and an in-depth preview of the Oakland Raiders coming to town in week 4.

Is Nine Wins Enough To Win The AFC South?

Sep 20, 2019 689


Mike Wells joins the Ride with JMV to discuss The Colts and their upcoming game. 

Is Antonio Brown's Career Over?

Sep 20, 2019 899


Bob Lovell joins The Ride with JMV to talk bout Antonio Brown and highschool football. 

Can The Colts Win Without Darius Leonard?

Sep 20, 2019 927


Matt Taylor joins the Ride with JMV show to discuss the upcoming Colts game. 

#ASKATI Live From The Grand Opening Of The Sports Book In Anderson

Sep 19, 2019 1316


Mike Chappell Joins The Show After The Colts Bring Back Chad Kelly And To Update On The Current Injury Situation

Sep 19, 2019 1238


Mike Chappell helps to breakdown the Colts coaching staff, and give insight on Chad Kelly.

Former Colts Offensive Lineman Joe Reitz Joins To Breakdown The Colts O-Line

Sep 19, 2019 548


Joe Reitz joins to JMV to discuss what the Colts linemen are looking like for Sunday.

Kevin Bowen Joins JMV Right After The Colts Cut Chad Kelly To Break It All Down

Sep 18, 2019 1406


Pacers General Manager Chad Buchanan Answers Any And All Questions About The Upcoming Season (WEBSITE)

Sep 18, 2019 1718


JMV is joined by Pacers General Manager Chad Buchanan to break down this upcoming season. From the India trip to what all 9 new players bring to the table. 


Bob Kravitz Makes Sense Of Everything Colts and Adam Vinatieri.

Sep 17, 2019 1202


Everyone who is a Colts fan is on the edge of their seat waiting for this weekend's game. Bob Kravitz gives his perspective on Adam Vinatieri. 

Greg Rakestraw Comments On The Whole Vinatieri Situation

Sep 17, 2019 1039


Greg Rakestraw gives his thoughts and concerns on Adam Vinatieri and the Colts for the next game. 

Rick Demulling Talks NFL Players Requesting Trades Similar To NBA Players

Sep 17, 2019 476


Rick Demulling breaks down the impact of NFL players requesting trades similar to NBA players. 

Rick Venturi Breaks Down Colts Week 2 and Looks Ahead To Week 3's Home Opener

Sep 16, 2019 2425


The Coach breaks down everything you need to know from the Colts week 2 win against division rival Tennessee. Rick also gets in to the mystery that is Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri and what the future holds. And of course it's never too early to look ahead to week 3 as the Colts prepare for their home opener against the Atlanta Falcons.

Does Indiana have a shot to take down Ohio State?

Sep 13, 2019 609


Voice of the Hoosiers Don Fischer joined JMV to discuss the Hoosiers match up with Ohio State, why Ohio State is a different team compared to last year, the traffic Ohio State fans bring to town, and more!

Is Jacoby Brissett Going To Be Strong In The Clutch? Kevin Bowen Weighs In.

Sep 13, 2019 641


Kevin Bowen discusses the upcoming Colts game, Jacoby Brissett and the Titans. Stay tuned for more on Colts.  

Can Michael Penix Lead IU To Victory?

Sep 13, 2019 832


Bob Lovell talks about the upcoming college football games this weekend. Indiana high school football is also discussed.  

Colts Fans, Have No Fear, The Colts Are Ready.

Sep 13, 2019 746


Matt Taylor explains that despite the loss last week, the Colts are a strong team and are able to win. Other topics that were discussed were the upcoming game against the Titans and the late Eddie Money. 

#AskATI JMV struggles to pronounce medical terms and your questions!

Sep 12, 2019 1176


ATI is back with JMV for their weekly segment taking your questions and discussing the latest NFL injuries. JMV has to be taught medical terms, the difference between the collarbone and the clavicle, and the ATI guys answer your questions!

Mike Chappell previews Colts vs Titans with JMV

Sep 12, 2019 639


Mike Chappell gives his take on Adam Vinatieri's mental state as well as if the Colts gave the game away vs the Chargers. What do the Colts have in store for this weekend? 

JMV back with Larceny Locks and Lunazul picking this weekends games.

Sep 12, 2019 1055


JMV at Winner's Circle downtown for his Larceny Locks and Lunazul Shots segment. JMV breaks down this weekend's upcoming games. 

JMV and Tom Dienhart talk concerns for Purdue-TCU game.

Sep 12, 2019 634


Things are looking positive for Purdue's QB Elijah Sindelar. JMV and Tom Dienhart also talk about the affect of losing Markus Bailey.

Jeff Rabjohns dissects Michael Penix situation.

Sep 12, 2019 972


JMV gets thoughts from Jeff Rabjohns on Michael Penix. Indiana football looking for answers on who will be the starting quarterback in this weekends game against Ohio State. 

Fernado Fiore gives thoughts on this weekend's Indy Eleven game and Annual Fiesta.

Sep 12, 2019 812


JMV is joined by Fernado Fiore, current commentator for Fox Sports, to talk soccer! Fernado Fiore gives his thoughts on the Indy Eleven soccer team and their upcoming soccer game, as well as Argentina's soccer team. 


Kevin Bowen previews Colts-Tennessee game for Sunday.

Sep 11, 2019 1460


Kevin Bowen breaks down the impact of Adam Vinatieri, and previews this Sunday's game against the Titans. JMV and Kevin discuss Peyton Manning being back in the facility today. And what's a show without JMV making fun of someone? 

JMV gets thoughts on the Colts first game from Stephen Holder.

Sep 11, 2019 1105


JMV is joined by Stephen Holder to share concerns and disappointments on the Colts first game of the season. Also discussed is the upcoming Colts-Titans game. 

JMV talks this weekends College football games with Adam Rittenberg.

Sep 11, 2019 725


JMV is joined by Adam Rittenberg, of, to get thoughts on this weekend's college football. Will the Hoosiers take down the Buckeyes? Adam Rittenberg speaks in their favor. 

Rick Demulling gives thoughts on this Sundays Colts-Titans game

Sep 11, 2019 561


JMV is joined by former Colts lineman, Rick Demulling, to break down what the Colts need to get this win. The Colts locker room remains confident and unworried for this coming game. 

Zak Keefer gives his thoughts on the Colts' kicking situation.

Sep 10, 2019 1357


JMV is joined by Zak Keefer to break down the Colts' kicking situation. Will the Colts' bring in a string of free agent kickers to test what might be a better fit?  

JMV breaks the Colts' first game down with Greg Rakestraw.

Sep 10, 2019 621


JMV and Colts Post Game Show Host Greg Rakestraw talk the positives and negatives of the Colt's first game of the season. While continuing the great White Crawl Hard Seltzer vs. Not Your Fathers Root-beer debate. 

Rick Venturi Dissects the Colts New Look Offense with Brissett as QB, Defensive Woes, and the Special Teams Disaster in LA

Sep 9, 2019 2683


Rick Venturi joined JMV to discuss the Colts week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Venturi broke down the offense with Brissett as QB1, how Reich adjusted the gameplan to fit Brissett's skillset, the defense getting gashed in the run game and if there is a concern with Darius Leonard's weight, and of course a nightmare game from Adam Vinatieri and what the Colts should do at kicker moving forward.

Jack Doyle and the Rest of the Colts Locker Room Aren't Worried About Adam Vinatieri Going Forward

Sep 9, 2019 811


Indianapolis Colts TE Jack Doyle joined JMV to discuss the Colts opening week loss to the Chargers, why the running game was so successful, how it felt being back on the field after his dangerous kidney injury last season, why the locker room isn't worried about Adam Vinatieri going forward, his charity bowling outing on September 16th!

Don Fischer believes that Indiana Football has a lot of room to grow this season

Sep 6, 2019 776


Voice of the Hoosiers Don Fischer joined JMV to discuss last Saturday's game vs Ball State and some of the issues the Hoosiers had tackling and why it was an anomaly, the ceiling for Michael Penix Jr, and more!

Is there any concern with the Colts OL? Mike Wells gives his thoughts

Sep 6, 2019 526

Description:'s Mike Wells joined JMV to preview the Colts week 1 matchup against the Chargers, questioning why we haven't heard anything about the OL like we did last year, where Mike has the Colts ending up at the end of the season.

Bob Lovell gets you set for the high school football slate this weekend!

Sep 6, 2019 583


JMV is joined by Bob Lovell to break down the slate of high school football games this weekend. Teams like Avon and North Central are two teams Bob has his eye on but his favorite game is Plainfield at Mooresville!

Kevin Bowen on what to expect from the Colts against the Chargers on Sunday

Sep 6, 2019 709


The Colts will start their 2019 season on the coast, as they take on the Chargers in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. As the roster and coaching staff transform at the eleventh hour, things are suddenly up-in-the-air for the team. JMV is joined by Kevin Bowen to talk about the latest news surrounding Howard Mudd, the Colts' playoff hopes, and what to expect from the team against the Chargers. 

It's Ask ATI time with Brad Howell of ATI Physical Therapy and Dr. David Myer!

Sep 5, 2019 735


JMV is joined by ATI Physical Therapy's Brad Howell and Dr. David Myer for the Ask ATI Question of the Day! The guys break down the different types of sports injuries, how they  are handled, and what makes it all so complex!

Mike Chappell gives his pick for Week 1 as the Colts take on the Chargers on the road

Sep 5, 2019 746


Mike Chappell joins JMV to talk all things Colts. With the Andrew Luck decision behind the team, the focus is now on opening weekend against the Chargers. Do the Colts come away with the victory? Mike Chappell weighs in. 

Country singer Clayton Anderson joins JMV ahead of the Colts Kickoff Concert!

Sep 5, 2019 424


Rejoice football fans! The NFL is back, and with it, comes an exciting lineup of musical artists for the Colts Kickoff Concert. JMV is joined by singer Clayton Anderson to discuss the concert that begins at 5pm on Friday. 

Is Jacoby Brissett ready to lead the Colts in 2019? Greg Rakestraw gives his take.

Sep 5, 2019 729


The NFL season is upon us, and JMV is joined by Greg Rakestraw to discuss all the latest happenings all around the country. In Indianapolis, the team is still reeling from Andrew Luck's decision last week. With the season starting this Sunday, the time is now for Jacoby Brissett to step into the spotlight. Rakestraw breaks down his strengths and weaknesses and what Brissett can do to make the Colts competitive in 2019. 


It's Larceny Bourbon Locks time with Brent Holverson!

Sep 5, 2019 892


JMV is joined by Brent Holverson to break down some of the hottest picks for the first week of the NFL season live from the Indiana Grand in Shelbyville. Can the Bears take down Aaron Rodgers in the first game of the year? Brent and JMV give their takes on all the games for this opening weekend. 

TY Hilton thinks that he's in line for a great season after the best camp of his career

Sep 4, 2019 792


Colts star WR TY Hilton joined JMV to discuss his emotions following Andrew Luck's retirement, deciding to dedicate his season to him, and the transition to Jacoby Brissett. Hilton explains the difference between an Andrew Luck thrown ball and a Jacoby Brissett thrown ball, why he's coming off the best training camp of his career, and his respect for the Chargers defense getting ready for week 1. 

Will the Colts be better or worse than 8-8?

Sep 4, 2019 1262


Kevin Bowen joined JMV in-studio to discuss the upcoming Colts season, what they think they're final record will be, why the first 4 weeks of the season are so crucial, if the Colts can sneak a win on the road in LA vs the Chargers week 1, and the Chargers injury issues.

Former Colts OL Rick Demulling had to listen to Jewel to avoid throwing up before games

Sep 4, 2019 582


Former Colts OL Rick Demulling joined JMV to give a glimpse into what it takes into getting an OL ready for the regular season, why you can't take the preseason seriously, and how Jeff Saturday forced him to calm down before games by listening to Jewel. 

Rick Venturi previews the Colts heading to LA to face the Chargers

Sep 3, 2019 2558


Rick Venturi joined JMV to discuss the Colts 1st regular season game this Sunday vs the Los Angeles Chargers, why he's confident the Colts can still be a good team with Brissett as QB1, if the offense will have to change at all, key players on the Chargers that the Colts will have to game plan for, how the Colts defense can get to Phillip Rivers, and finally he takes some listener questions!

JMV: "What do you expect might be a not so subtle change or most that will be similar with Brissett under center instead of Luck?" 


Rick Venturi: "Well I think they'll be similar but I think there are some things you want to do with Brissett that you would only do some of them with Andrew (Luck). Particularly with the deep stuff and play action I would approach it a little bit different. Now what you want to get in the end is a decisive, compact, and accurate game by him. Now to get that, this is where I think he's looked the best in camp and the preseason games. First of all, you want a quick rhythm passing game with him (Brissett), you want to win on 1st and 2nd down and I think you want to move him because he's really good with his legs, bootlegs and I think you can run the zone-read a little bit more with him than you would Andrew (Luck) and I think he's ready for it."

Brad Keselowski is gearing up for the Brickyard 400 and a playoff push!

Sep 3, 2019 552


Brad Keselowski joined JMV ahead of this weekend's Brickyard 400, why he loves that the race was moved to early September, why he doesn't like to race at the same track twice in the same season, and more!

Rick Venturi Refreshes Everyone On The Indianapolis Colts

Aug 30, 2019 2265


Rick Venturi breaks down the Colts without mentioing the retirement of Andrew Luck, who makes the 53 man roster? Who is QB 2? That and much more on the Ride With JMV.

Mike Wells Talks Luck And The Final 53 Man Roster

Aug 30, 2019 1284


ESPN Reporter Mike Wells Joins JMV to breakdown the state of the Colts Post Luck retirement and discusses the final 53 Man Roster. 

Mike Chappell hasn't seen a story like this in his 30+ year history of covering the Colts

Aug 29, 2019 859


Mike Chappell of Fox 59 and CBS 4 joined JMV to discuss the Luck retirement saga and why it's far and above the most crazy story he's been a part of in his history of covering the Colts. Why his retirement put the Colts in such an unfortunate spot, and at what point the Colts coaches and players decline to publicly speak about Luck and move on.

Peter King and JMV Dissect Everything Regarding Andrew Luck's Retirement

Aug 28, 2019 1685


Peter King of NBC Sports joined JMV to take a long form view of Andrew Luck retiring and the context of what preceded it. As the last person to interview Andrew Luck one-on-one, Peter gives his perspective on what he learned on and off the record in his time with Luck as well as what he talked to Chris Ballard about on Sunday, a day after Luck's retirement became official. Finally, Peter King gives his opinion on if he believes that Luck will play again and why he's still picking them to make the playoffs with Jacoby Brissett as the starting QB. 

Kevin Bowen still doesn't understand some of the comment made last week by Frank Reich on Luck

Aug 28, 2019 1171


107.5 The Fan's Kevin Bowen joined JMV to take a further view on Luck's retirement, Reich's comments last week about Luck's rehab progress, Colts communication with the public now vs 2017 with Luck's torn labrum, and Chris Hagan stopped by to drom some 1985 references.

Brittany Force is ready for the "Superbowl of Drag Racing"

Aug 28, 2019 313


Brittany Force of John Force Racing joined JMV to preview this weekend's U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway, her passion for cooking, and if she was destined to race cars from birth.

"I can see him getting that itch to play again, sure" - Dan Orlovsky doesn't think Luck is retired for good

Aug 27, 2019 784


ESPN Analyst and former Colts QB Dan Orlovsky joined JMV to get a former QB's reaction to Andrew Luck retiring, why he saw a similar face in Luck as he saw in Calvin Johnson in Detroit at the end of his career, why he doesn't think Luck is retired for good, and why the Colts will still make the playoffs with Jacoby Brissett under center. 

Greg Rakestraw was caught with Andrew Luck retiring news in the middle of the Colts broadcast

Aug 27, 2019 792


Greg Rakestraw joined JMV to discuss how he learned about Luck retiring, how they decided to handle it on the television broadcast on Fox 59, why Jim Irsay cancelled their annual in-game interview, and addressing IUPUI Head Men's Basketball Coach Jason Gardner stepping down as Head Coach. 

Andrew Luck's former teammate, Joe Reitz explains where Luck's mindset was in retiring

Aug 27, 2019 827


Former Colts OL Joe Reitz joined JMV to explain Andrew Luck's mindset in retiring early, why he doesn't think Luck will play again, if he's talked to Andrew Luck yet, why he's more positive on Jacoby Brissett than others and more!

Rick Venturi is back to discuss Luck retirement, the Colts with Brissett, and take listener questions!

Aug 26, 2019 2870


Rick Venturi is back for the 2019 season! He joined JMV to help make sense of Andrew Luck retiring, why Luck isn't blameless in this whole deal, where the franchise goes at QB in the future and if Brissett will be the long term answer. Rick also breaks down how Brissett will be utilized this season, and the changes Frank Reich will have to make with a different QB, how Deon Cain has looked a year removed from his ACL tear, and the improved defense. Finally, for the first time ever, Rick Venturi takes your questions! Callers asked about the adjustment of the OL with a different OL Coach, if Colin Kaepernick is an option at QB, and more! 

JMV - "What do you think of both sides of this thing?"

RIck Venturi - "Yea, well, first of all, you talk about a bizarre evening. All I can say is, and looking back on it, we started the game with a tribute and cheering for Chuck Pagano and ended the night with a booing of Andrew Luck. That’s a heck of a three hour feat right there to do that. My take on it is that what we say, and we’ve seen it coming, is really, and I’m not a professional but I know athletes, I know sports, and I know pressure. To me this was a psychological meltdown so to speak. The injuries and the cumulative injuries over time have something to do with it. Last year, though, was a great year. I mean it was fun and he basically was clean and went to the pro bowl and all of that for years. Just remember Brady had a serious ACL. Marino serious ACL. Brees had what they thought was a career ending shoulder. Peyton played after a broken neck. It isn’t like this doesn’t happen. It isn’t like you’re injury free. This is a sport that’s what happens."

FULL SHOW: JMV recaps Andrew Luck Retiring from the NFL

Aug 25, 2019 5779


In an extra Sunday edition of the show, JMV breaks down the stunning news that Andrew Luck was retiring from the NFL. JMV shares what he's heard from sources inside the Colts facility and the chain of events that lead to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter breaking the news while Luck was standing on the sidelines in the middle of the 3rd preseason game vs the Chicago Bears. 


IndyStar Sports Columnist Gregg Doyel and 107.5 The Fan's Kevin Bowen joined JMV in the middle of the show to get their take and a glimpse of what the scene was like inside Lucas Oil Stadium. 

Make sure to tune into 93.5 and 107.5 The Fan all week 3-6 PM as JMV continues to peel back the layers of this story and where the Colts go next.

Do the Colts lose all trust from the fans if Andrew Luck doesn't play week 1?

Aug 23, 2019 726

Description:'s Mike Wells joined JMV to discuss the health of Andrew Luck, why Jacoby Brissett isn't playing in the third preseason game vs the Bears and if there is anything to look into there, and a little NBA talk with the news breaking that Dwight Howard has signed with the Lakers.

#AskPat: Eggfest is around the corner and the best old school wedding songs!

Aug 23, 2019 935


Pat Sullivan joined JMV for his weekly #AskPat segment to talk about Eggfest at Sullivan Hardware this weekend, wedding songs, and Pat answers some listeners questions!

Bob Lovell and JMV discuss the shortage of HS referees due to fans & preview week 1 of HS Football

Aug 23, 2019 1069


Host of Indiana Sports Talk Bob Lovell joined JMV to discuss the start of the HS football season, going through who the contenders are and a great conversation about the state of High School officiating and why its threatened by the rise in unruly fans in the stands.

Know your Foe: Titans Radio Analyst Dave McGinnis is a believer in Marcus Mariota

Aug 23, 2019 792


Former Head Coach and current Titans Radio Analyst Dave McGinnis joined JMV to discuss Dave's time as a coach at Indiana State, how the preseason is treated differently compared to when he was a Head Coach in the NFL, why the Titans still believe in Marcus Mariota and the impact new Coach Mike Vrabel has had on the culture in Tennessee. 

#Ask ATI is back! A medical viewpoint at Andrew Luck's injury and listener questions!

Aug 22, 2019 1564


The guys at ATI joined JMV for their weekly segment to discuss Andrew Luck's injury, why professional athletes recover so much faster than normal people, and answer listener questions about the importance of stretching, knee pain, and more!

JMV Rants! How do I get rid of DirectTV?!

Aug 22, 2019 237


Take a listen to JMV Rants! Listen to what JMV is mad about or what he messed up now with a clip everyday from something on JMV's mind! John is fed up with his DirectTV bill but just doesn't know how to cancel and listen to how he accidentally gave his daughter Laney the nickname "Anteater" at school!

Will rust affect the Colts to start the regular season?

Aug 22, 2019 1331


Fox 59 and CBS 4's Mike Chappell joined JMV to preview the 3rd preseason Colts game vs Chicago and Frank Reich's decision to not play the starters much, if the lack of starters playing in the preseason will hurt them to start the regular season, why the Colts historically get off to slow starts, and the depth at different positions.

How much does Indiana Basketball spend on recruiting? It isn't as much as you think

Aug 22, 2019 1150

Description: Jeff Rabjohns joined JMV to discuss the upcoming Hoosiers football season and all the latest news with the men's basketball team. Does Tom Allen need to make a bowl game this season to keep his job safe? Also Jeff goes through why the reported numbers for the Hoosier basketball recruiting budget are inflated and not different to many schools across the country.

The Chargers are dinged up, is Week 1 a "must win"? Kevin Bowen and JMV debate

Aug 21, 2019 1588

Description:'s Kevin Bowen joined JMV to discuss everything Colts related, to where they are with Andrew Luck starting week 1, to the injury/holdout situations the Chargers are experiencing, why Jacoby Brissett is more capable of handling the offense now compared to 2017, why Frank Reich decided the starters won't play in preseason game 3, and if Owner Jim Irsay will speak to the local TV broadcast on Saturday like he usually does.

High School Football is almost here! Kyle Neddenriep breaks down what you need to know

Aug 21, 2019 929


IndyStar HS Sports Reporter Kyle Neddenriep joined JMV to discuss the upcoming HS football season, some big matchups in week 1 and an early look at who he thinks will be this years Mr. Football.

Joe Reitz thinks that Andrew Luck knows what he's doing, warming up in front of cameras

Aug 20, 2019 722


Former Colts OL and contributor to home radio broadcasts Joe Reitz joined JMV to discuss Luck's ankle, why he isn't very worried about his health come week 1, what a NFL player's mindset is the last couple of weeks before the regular season, and what impact Howard Mudd will have on the OL.

Growing the Colts: former OL Rick Demulling joins JMV

Aug 19, 2019 433


former Colts OL Rick Demulling joins JMV for his weekly PAI segment to discuss what it's like to play under Howard Mudd, why JMV would take Antonio Brown on the Colts right now even with his off the field antics, and more!

Learn about the AFC South Rivals: John McClain reports on the happenings in Houston

Aug 19, 2019 645


Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain joined JMV to give the newest info on what is happening down in Houston including their desire to trade DE Jadeveon Clowney for a LT, how Bill O'Brien has become the defacto GM, what he expects from Deshaun Watson this season, and why the health of Andrew Luck is asked everywhere he goes.

Was Andrew Luck warming up in public view Saturday a media stunt? Stephen Holder and JMV discuss

Aug 19, 2019 1155


The Athletic's Stephen Holder joined JMV to discuss the Colts preseason game, what, if any, they could takeaway. The sudden optimism surrounding Andrew Luck after watching him go through drill pregame, if this was planned by Luck/Colts, and his outlook for week 1.

#AskPat - Eggfest, grills, skunks, and JMV's kidney stone!

Aug 16, 2019 1083


#AskPat goes off the rails as they tend to do sometimes with a little too much talk about JMV's kidney stones, skunk "excrement" in his backyard, and lots of info on the upcoming Eggfest and Sullivan's Hardware!

Clint Bowyer wants to race "organically" in Bristol this weekend

Aug 16, 2019 673


Monster Energy Series Driver Clint Bowyer joined JMV ahead of their race in Bristol Saturday night to discuss his terrible luck the past few weeks, why he loves racing in Bristol, and of course his love for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Colts WR Zach Pascal is trying to learn all he can from TY Hilton

Aug 16, 2019 440


Colts WR Zach Pascal joined JMV fresh off a joint practice with the Cleveland Browns and discussed what he's learned from TY Hilton, how he has a different mentality this year while the game slows down for him, and what different WR's on the roster bring to the team this year. 

Tony and Lauren Dungy in-studio to breakdown the Colts and discuss their new books!

Aug 16, 2019 1292


Former Colts Head Coach Tony and Lauren Dungy joined JMV in-studio to discuss their new books as well as break down the Colts! Tony talked about what he saw watching practice on the last day of camp, why he's more optimistic for the season after talking to the players and coaches, why he doesn't like the new instant replay rules, and a great story of how back in 2007 they thought Dallas Clark tore his ACL.

Mike Chappell "85% of Luck is better than 120% of Brissett"

Aug 15, 2019 1156


Fox 59 and CBS 4's Mike Chappell joined JMV at Grand Park to discuss a hurt Luck vs a healthy Brissett, Chad Kelly's play, and the number crunch at WR.

Kevin Bowen is MORE confident Luck will start week 1 than he was after Ballard's comments Monday

Aug 15, 2019 677


Kevin Bowen of joined JMV to discuss Luck and why he's more confident he'll start week 1 than he was a couple of days ago, what has stood out after 1 day of combined practice with the Browns and what surprised him about Nyheim Hines.

Rick Venturi is back with a full Colts and Andrew Luck breakdown!

Aug 15, 2019 1782


Our friend Rick Venturi joined JMV to give a full breakdown on what he believes is going down behind the scenes with Andrew Luck and what Frank Reich really meant when he said that they need to know if Luck is good to go by the 3rd preseason game. The guys also breakdown the rest of the roster including why he's expecting Justin Houston to have a big season and Denico Autry being a force the entire camp.

Zak Keefer doesn't expect to see Luck in week 1

Aug 14, 2019 461


Zak Keefer from The Athletic joined JMV to discuss Chris Ballard's press conference discussing Luck's ankle/calf injury, the role owner Jim Irsay had, Luck wanting to keep things on the down low, and looking ahead to the regular season with this all hanging over them.

Opening Segment: What did we learn from Ballard's teleconference?

Aug 14, 2019 1787


In the opening segment of the show JMV tries to dissect what Chris Ballard said late last night in a teleconference with reporters. JMV is then joined by Chris Hagan of Fox 59 and they discuss whether or not they expect to see Andrew Luck week 1 if the Colts are being more open with information compared to Luck's shoulder injury in 2017.

Indiana Football is ready to turn the corner in 2019

Aug 13, 2019 825


Indiana Football Head Coach Tom Allen joined JMV to discuss the Hoosiers kicking off their season at Lucas Oil Stadium vs Ball State, how Stevie Scott surprised him so early in his career, and where they currently stand with their quarterback battle.

Jim Irsay isn't lying to the fans with his latest interview

Aug 13, 2019 1195


Greg Rakestraw joined JMV in-studio to discuss the latest info on Andrew Luck's calf, why Jim Irsay has no reason to lie to the fans and what the Colts' thought process is if the injury is something that lingers through the season. 

They then turn their sights onto IU football and look at what to expect this year, what Tom Allen has to do in year 3 and why it all comes down to beating Purdue.

Injury Expert Will Carroll tries to explain Andrew Luck's "calf" injury

Aug 13, 2019 675


Injury Expert Will Carroll joined JMV to try to explain what Colts Owner Jim Irsay meant when he said Luck's injury was "Mo" something. How this could of happened and why it is taking so long to heal and if we should expect him to miss any time.

Stephen Holder is panicked...yet.. about Andrew Luck still not practicing

Aug 12, 2019 1413


The Athletic's Stephen Holder joined JMV to discuss Luck missing a 2nd consecutive week of practice, why he isn't worried yet about his absence, what WR's are making a push to make the 53 man roster, if the Colts would like to use Nyheim Hines as a punt returner, and why joint practices are more valuable to a team than a preseason game. 

Bob Kravitz reacts to Andrew Luck missing another week of practice

Aug 12, 2019 1050


The Athletic's Bob Kravitz joined JMV to discuss Luck missing a 2nd straight week of practice, if Luck has been medically cleared to play by the training staff, and whether or not the "4 inches in between his head" are holding Luck back.

Pacers TV Voice Chris Denari reacts to the NBA Schedule release!

Aug 12, 2019 822


TV Voice for the Indiana Pacers Chris Denari joined JMV to react to the NBA releasing the Pacers schedule for the upcoming season, when the title contenders are coming into Bankers Life and when the Pacers will be on National TV!

Saturday Night Live Legend Jon Lovitz Joins The Ride With JMV

Aug 9, 2019 852


Jon Lovitz joins JMV to discuss his upcoming stand up appearances at Helium Comedy Club, and tells JMV some stories from his days as a SNL cast member. 

Mike Wells Joins JMV To Breakdown Colts Preseason Game 1

Aug 9, 2019 1043


Mike Wells Of ESPN joins 1070 the fan to talk with JMV about the snooze fest that is game one of the Colts preseason.

Myles Turner is excited for some new FIBA rules while playing for Team USA

Aug 7, 2019 472


Indiana Pacers Center Myles Turner joined JMV to discuss his time with Team USA and what his role is with the team right now, how the game is a little different because of FIBA rules, why he's excited for the upcoming Pacers season and some of the new additions as well as what 1st round pick Goga Bitadze brings to the Pacers

Kevin Bowen and JMV breakdown what to expect in preseason game 1

Aug 7, 2019 1366


Kevin Bowen joined JMV to breakdown the Colts first preseason game in Buffalo, who he expects to sit and play limited snaps, and fringe guys to make the 53 man roster. KB and JMV also discuss Jacoby Brissett and what other NFL teams would take him as their starting QB right now.

Chester Rogers is excited about the competition at WR in camp

Aug 6, 2019 405


Colts WR Chester Rogers joined JMV to recap his reportedly strong camp so far, the competition at WR with the additions of Devin Funchess and Parris Campbell and why when his football career is over he's ready for life as an actor.

Charles Arbuckle gives you the full breakdown for CFB season

Aug 6, 2019 1113


former Colt and current football analyst Charles Arbuckle joins JMV to breakdown the CFB season, how injuries are treated so differently from when he played to today, why he likes Florida and Notre Dame, what he wants to see from Ohio State and if Lincoln Riley can continue his streak of Heisman winning QB's with Jalen Hurts.

Greg Rakestraw and JMV preview the Colts preseason game 1 vs Buffalo

Aug 6, 2019 626


Greg Rakestraw joined the show to preview the Colts 1st preseason game vs. the Bills, who he expects to sit or see limited action, the development of the rookies and more!

Stephen Holder thinks Denico Autry has been the most dominant Colt so far in camp

Aug 5, 2019 482


The Athletic's Stephen Holder joins JMV live at Colts camp to discuss the lack of panic coming from the Colts regarding Luck's calf, some lesser known players that are taking advantage of their opportunity, and why Denico Autry has looked so dominant so far in camp.

Jeffrey Gorman had his car stolen by Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday

Aug 5, 2019 910

Description: contributor Jeffrey Gorman joined JMV live at Colts Camp to discuss how he ended up with the Colts, his time with Pat McAffee, and he tells a hilarious story of how Peyton Manning stole his car and wrapped it with saran wrap.

Zak Keefer doesn't expect Luck to play in any preseason games

Aug 5, 2019 979


The Athletic's Zak Keefer joined JMV at Colts Camp to recap JMV's conversation with Frank Reich and their impressions on Reich's answer about Luck being ready for Week 1. They discussed whether or not Luck will play in any preseason games, why Rock Ya-Sin will be hard to keep off the field, and how Darius Leonard is looking after being shaken up at practice on Saturday. 

Frank Reich joins JMV at Colts Camp to discuss his confidence in Luck being ready for Week 1

Aug 5, 2019 783


Colts Head Coach Frank Reich joined JMV LIVE at Colts Camp in Westfield to discuss Luck's health and his confidence he'll be on the field week 1, what rookies have stood out, how they've changed their plan for training camp to reduce injuries, and Andrew Luck calling plays.

Would Brandon Marshall be a good fit for the Colts?

Aug 2, 2019 1311


Mike Wells joins The Ride with JMV. Mike talks a little about what he saw in today's Colts workout of Brandon Marshall. Mike talks a little bit about if the younger wide receivers for the Colts should be worried that they  are looking at another wide receiver to bring in? Mike Wells later gives his opinion on what he thinks the Colts should do with Luck for the rest of the pre-season.


Aug 2, 2019 1484


#AskPat joins The Ride with JMV. Some of the listeners ask some really good questions such as how to keep geese from coming onto their yards. Another question was also how do you keep squirrels from eating tomatoes off the vine. Pat answers a lot of yard and gardening questions that may help you out.

Bob Lovell's Show Celebrates 25 years tonight

Aug 2, 2019 734


Bob Lovell joins The Ride with JMV. Bob and JMV talk about the 25 year celebration that they are having tonight. Bob jokes with JMV how he has no social life to be attending the celebration. Bob also talks about what's going to be happening at the celebration and talk about the people who have been there and helping since day 1.

Fox59/CBS4's Mike Chappell joins JMV to take a look at the Colts.

Aug 1, 2019 1312


Mike Chappell joins JMV to talk about about his inside look at the Indianapolis Colts from training camp and looking forward to preseason.  Mike Chappell works for Fox59 and CBS4 covering the Colts and has been covering the Indianapolis Colts since 1984.

Indianapolis Colts Defensive Tackle Margus Hunt talks his journey and his eagerness for upcoming season.

Aug 1, 2019 582


Margus Hunt is an Estonian-born NFL Player and he has been a defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts since 2017.  He joins the show to talk to JMV about the Colts' defense under Matt Eberflus and his excitement and ambitions for the upcoming season for this defense.  He has been in the league since 2013, spending his first three years with the Bengals.

ESPN Insider for College Football, Phil Steele talks about the upcoming Big Ten Football season.

Aug 1, 2019 1000


Sportswriter and analyst for all things football Phil Steele joins the show to talk to JMV about what to be excited for in the upcoming College Football season.  He goes in depth about Big Ten Football and which teams will struggle and which teams will take the top spots in the Big Ten East and Big Ten West.  Steele is an ESPN Insider for College Football.

Tucker Barnhart talks about the 2019 season with the Cincinnati Reds.

Aug 1, 2019 1050


Catcher of the Cincinnati Reds and the 2017 Gold Glove Award Winner Tucker Barnhart joins the show to talk to JMV about what his career with the Cincinnati Reds has been like and how he is hoping to keep the team improving here in 2019.  He has played with the Cincinnati Reds in 2014 and that has been his only stop in his MLB career.  He talks about recent moves the Reds have made as well as the recent fight.

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman's favorite memory of Indianapolis is from a club

Aug 1, 2019 748


Boyz II Men member joined JMV for a podcast EXCLUSIVE to discuss his upcoming show at the Indiana State Fair, a hilarious story about seeing a guy get beat up in an Indianapolis club, his favorite song to perform live, and why he's a big Andrew Luck fan.

Kevin Bowen gives his take on the Colts training camp

Jul 31, 2019 1099


Kevin Bowen joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the Colts training camp. JMV asks Kevin about how practices have been going so far and how the players look after their first live hitting practice. Kevin talks about Rock Ya-Sin and how he will make an impact on the Colts defense. Kevin also gives his take on Clayton Geathers and how he has been performing in practice.

Justin Holiday joins The Ride with JMV to discuss getting picked up by the Pacers

Jul 31, 2019 705


Justin Holiday joins The Ride with JMV to discuss his new endeavor playing for the Pacers. Justin Holiday was previously on the Memphis Grizzlies before the Pacers signed him earlier this week. JMV asks Justin how he feels about joining the Pacers and whether or not he was surprised by their interest. Justin also talks about being able to play with his brother Aaron Holiday.

Safety for the Colts Clayton Geathers joins The Ride with JMV to discuss battling injuries

Jul 31, 2019 383


Safety for the Colts Clayton Geathers joins The Ride with JMV to discuss battling injuries, training camp so far, and more. JMV asks Clayton Geathers what it is like to have to battle injuries during the off season and even in season. Geathers also talks about the strength of the Colts' defense and how they will be a force to be reckoned with this year. 

Where does former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky see the Colts ending up in the 2019 season?

Jul 31, 2019 1160


Dan Orlovsky joins The Ride with JMV to discuss Colts season expectations. Dan is of the belief that fans should expect the Colts to be in the AFC championship game. JMV asks Dan how he feels about Andrew Luck being out of practice for his calf and how that could effect the season. Dan also gives his opinion on where Devin Funchess fits in with this Colts' offense and whether or not he will be an immediate impact.

Colts Rookie Ben Banogu excited to add to Colts defense in first season.

Jul 30, 2019 556


Colts Rookie Ben Banogu was initially drafted as a linebacker but has recently been moved to defensive end in training camp.  He joins the show to talk to JMV about his excitement for the upcoming season and to make an impact on this team as a young player.  He has been learning from many veteran players on how to be an important key.  He was picked 49th by the Colts in the 2nd round from TCU.

Darius Rucker will be playing at Ruoff Home Mortgage Center on August 17.

Jul 30, 2019 645


 JMV is joined on the show by musician Darius Rucker.  Rucker has been in music for over thirty years and has spent many of that time as the leader of the famous group Hootie and The Blowfish.  He is currently on his tour for 2019 and will be playing at Ruoff Home Mortgage Center in Noblesville on August 17.  He talks about what he's excited for playing in Indiana and why people should come out to see the show.  He also talks a little sports as well.

Andrew Luck continues to be sidelined from calf strain injury.

Jul 30, 2019 882


Big news coming from Colts camp as Andrew Luck will continue to be sidelined at training camp and potentially longer as his calf strain continues to bug him.  Reporter for The Athletic, Zak Keefer joins the show to talk to JMV about the severity of this injury and why people were not aware of how serious the injury was.  He also talks about when Luck will be ready and if it won't affect the upcoming season.

Mike DiRocco of ESPN joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars

Jul 29, 2019 1015


Mike DiRocco of ESPN talks to JMV about the Jacksonville Jaguars season expectations. Mike talks about how the Jaguars defense shouldn't have to play error free this year because the Jaguars offense should pick up some slack. Mike also talks about Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles and how the offense should be more up tempo this year. Mike believes that the offense is going to revolve around the run game and how that can help them as a team.

T.J. McConnell joins the show to discuss joining the Pacers

Jul 29, 2019 612


T.J. McConnell joins The Ride with JMV to talk about the move over to the Pacers and how he feels about joining a new team. McConnell talks about the process of getting an offer from the Pacers and what his decision making process was like in that endeavor. McConnell also talks about the difficulty of leaving Philadelphia and where he feels he is going to fit into the Pacers' team.

Mike Wells gives his take on the Colts' training camp and expected season performance

Jul 26, 2019 1023


Mike Wells talks to JMV about the performance of Andrew Luck so far in training camp and how he has grown as a quarterback over his time in the NFL. JMV asks Mike Wells how many games he thinks the Colts will win and whether or not the strength of schedule will play a role in their ability to win games. 

Anthony Castonzo of the Colts joins The Ride with JMV to discuss training camp and the upcoming season

Jul 26, 2019 468


Anthony Castonzo joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the Colts' training camp and how excited he is to start the season. Anthony talks about the talent on this Colts' roster and how they have to work hard to live up to the expectations of the Colts' fans. Anthony talks to JMV about training camp and how it is to practice under head coach Frank Reich. JMV also asks Anthony how training camp is going being that he is getting into the older demographic as far as a player is concerned.

Will the Colts be at the top of the AFC?

Jul 25, 2019 1252


Mike Chappell joins The Ride with JMV. Mike talks about the AFC and how good he believes they will be. Mike also talks about the Colts and how important it will be to get some big wins against some of the power teams in the AFC while also handling teams they are supposed to beat.

Parris Campbell joins the show fresh off his first catch from Andrew Luck

Jul 25, 2019 409


Parris Campbell joins The Ride with JMV. Parris talks about day number one of training camp and how it went. Parris Campbell talks about how he's been leaning on TY Hilton so far and watching him to see how he approaches practice and meetings, and catching his very first pass from Andrew Luck

There's not much to worry about with Andrew Luck or is there?

Jul 25, 2019 643


Chris Hagan joins The Ride with JMV. Chris talks about how much Andrew Luck did today during the first day of training camp and that there is not much to worry about. Chris talks about how injuries happen most the first 6 days of camp, so the Colts are just being careful with Luck.

Kevin Bowen and JMV break down all things Colts

Jul 24, 2019 1758


With Colts training camp beginning tomorrow, JMV is joined by 1075 The Fan's Kevin Bowen in the studio to break down all things Colts. They discuss Andrew Luck being limited over the next 7-10 days, Chris Ballard saying that it is hard to win, the hype surrounding Deon Cain, different NFL team's schedules, and more.

Tommy John joins the show with stories about Bob Knight, Slick Leonard, Arnold Palmer and more!

Jul 23, 2019 1687


Tommy John joins The Ride with JMV. Tommy talks a little bit about his home town Terre Haute and how he is very proud  to be from Terre Haute. Tommy also talks about how he is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and whether or not he will get the call or not.Tommy later talks about the surgery that is named after him and the lengths he was willing to go to continue pitching.

What are the keys to Purdue having a successful football season this year?

Jul 23, 2019 786


Tom Dienhart joins The Ride with JMV. Tom talks about the Purdue football season and what he thinks there over under is going to be this year in terms of games being won this year. Tom also talks about what Purdue has to do to lead to a successful season.

What does everyone else think of the Colts this upcoming season?

Jul 23, 2019 1521


Greg Rakestraw joins The Ride with JMV. Greg talks about the Colts season coming up and what he thinks there record is going to be. Greg Rakestraw also talks about other people's predictions of the and whether or not he agrees with what they have to say about how the Colts are going to do this season.

Who will lead the Colts in sacks for the 2019 season?

Jul 22, 2019 1320


Voice of the Colts Matt Taylor joined the show as JMV and Matt reflect on the decline of the Reds season before switching their sights to previewing of the Colts season and training camp opening up this week. Who does Matt think leads the defense, does he believe that Nyheim Hines has a breakout year, and what he's got up his sleeves for the booth in his 2nd season as the Colts voice. 

What can we expect from Justin Houston with the Colts in 2019?

Jul 22, 2019 1104


Zak Keefer from The Athletic joins The Ride with JMV to discuss his expectations for Justin Houston with the Colts in 2019. Zak also talks to JMV about how he is excited to see where a lot of guys play because he feels that certain positions are up in the air. Zak ends the discussion by going into how he feels Nyheim Hines will still get a lot of balls and still be a central part of the offense.

Will the Pacers ever get a big name talent through Free Agency?

Jul 19, 2019 1427


Mike Wells joins The Ride with JMV. Mike talks about the Pacers free agency pickups as the Pacers just acquired Aaron Holiday's older brother Justin Holiday. Mike and JMV also talk about the possibility of free agency changing in the NBA in the near future. Mike also talks how he thinks the Colts will do this year.

Former UFC Fighter and Brendan Schaub joins the Show!

Jul 19, 2019 621


Brendan Schaub joins The Ride with JMV to talk about how the comedian life has been going. Brendan also talks with JMV about his podcast and how that is going for him as well.

Reggie Wayne joins the Show!

Jul 19, 2019 972


Reggie Wayne joins The Ride with JMV Show. Reggie talks to JMV about his time here at Indianapolis and how playing here has turned Indy into his second home. Reggie also talks about how well the young Colts have jelled together to be as good as they have been under Frank Reich.

Should Colts' fans expect the Colts to win the AFC title this year?

Jul 18, 2019 905


Mike Chappell joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the expectations for the Colts this season. Mike goes into the fact that it is reasonable to expect the Colts to win something big this year. Mike also talks to JMV about how the Colts do in fact have a harder schedule this year but Mike believes the Colts should rise to the occasion.

John Konchar joins The Ride with JMV to discuss him joining the Memphis Grizzlies

Jul 18, 2019 973


John Konchar talks to JMV about joining the Memphis Grizzlies. JMV asks John how he looks so comfortable in summer ball and his level of play. JMV also asks John what he can contribute to the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA in general. John talks about his strengths within the game of basketball and how he will take those strengths into the NBA.

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains joins The Ride with JMV to discuss their tour and the NFL

Jul 18, 2019 887


Jerry Cantrell talks to JMV about his band Alice in Chains and the tour they've been on. Jerry Cantrell also discuss the success of his band Alice in Chains and how thankful he is that they can still tour. Jerry Cantrell is also an avid NFL fan and a Seattle Seahawks fan and JMV asks him about how his favorite team will perform this year.

Former PGA president Ted Bishop discuss the Ireland Open on The Ride with JMV

Jul 18, 2019 782


Ted Bishop joins The Ride with JMV to talk the Ireland Open. Ted Bishop gives his take on how the Ireland Open is going so far and which golfers' play he has liked so far. Ted Bishop also talks about his time as the PGA president and how the PGA runs and operates. Ted Bishop also runs the Legends golf course in Franklin, Indiana and encourages all to come and play a round down there.

How do Colts handle season expectations?

Jul 17, 2019 1662


Kevin Bowen joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the expectations put onto the Colts this season. Kevin touches on the fact that not hearing a lot from the Colts in the off season is actually a good thing. Kevin also talks to JMV about how the expectations for the Colts will remain high for the next few years and why they should remain high given the potential of this Colts' roster.

Amp Harris joins The Ride with JMV to promote the celebrity basketball game this Saturday and the Indiana Convention Center

Jul 17, 2019 759


Amp Harris joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the annual Amp Harris and Reggie Wayne saving our youth celebrity basketball game at the Indiana Convention Center. Amp talks to JMV about how the game is there to give the youth of the Indianapolis area people to look up to. Amp talks about how kids who come from low income families or homes need the support of local celebrities to learn to follow their dreams in the right way.

Will the Colts make the AFC title game this year?

Jul 17, 2019 1268


Stephen Holder from The Athletic joins The Ride with JMV to discuss his expectations for the Colts this year. Stephen gives his over/under on whether or not the Colts will make the AFC title game. Stephen also goes in depth on the story line for the Colts this year and what the word expectations means for the Colts.

Greg Rakestraw gives his take on the Colts and many different sports teams

Jul 16, 2019 1164


Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to discuss a variety of different things. They talk NBA summer league, Carsen Edwards, Tim Tebow being in Indianapolis and his story, the Colts, the biggest area that needs to see improvement in the 2019 season, a bit of tennis, some golf, including Brooks Koepka, and more. 

How did the Pacers do in free agency? Will the Colts reach a Super Bowl within the next three years? The Athletic's Bob Kravitz gives his take

Jul 16, 2019 1259


JMV is joined by Bob Kravitz of The Athletic to discuss his most recent piece about the Pacers and the NBA. He discusses Malcom Brogdon, where the Pacers are now, the Lakers, T.J. Leaf, summer league, Aaron Holiday, a bit of Colts, and more. 

Pacers Assistant Dan Burke joins Denari & JJ to recap the Pacers Summer League and FA additions.

Jul 15, 2019 1209


Pacers assistant coach Dan Burke joined Chris Denari and Jeremiah Johnson filling in for JMV joined the show to discuss the Pacers Summer League, what he saw when new Pacer Malcolm Brogdon joined Victor Oladipo in a workout, working out Goga today and when he finally gets away for the summer.

Joe Reitz joins The Ride with JMV to discuss Colts' training camp

Jul 15, 2019 879


Former offensive lineman for the Colts Joe Reitz joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the Colts' training camp. Joe thinks back on his days at the Colts and how he felt going into training camp. Joe talks about how he feels that training camp can solidify a team for their season and build up that much needed bonding. Joe also talks about how he feels the current Colts team will perform looking at training camp.

"For the Good of the Game" author Bud Selig joins The Ride with JMV to discuss his new book

Jul 15, 2019 529


For the Good of the Game author Bud Selig joins The Ride with JMV to discuss his new book. Bud is the commisioner Emeritus for the MLB and has been working within the MLB for a long time. For the Good of the Game is an inside look at how the MLB has changed throughout the years for the better and for the worse.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN joins The Ride with JMV to talk the Lakers, Pacers, and more

Jul 15, 2019 1051


Brian Windhorst of ESPN joins The Ride with JMV to discuss how he feels the Lakers look going into next season and how he feels about the crazy year in regards to free agency. Brian also talks about how he feels about the Pacers and whether or not Malcolm Brogdon was the right choice for the Pacers.

How will the Colts build off last season?

Jul 12, 2019 1335


Mike Wells joins The Ride with JMV show. Mike and JMV talk about Colts football and how the Colts will build on last season and there journey with the upcoming schedule. Mike Wells talks about how the schedule for the Colts is not easy but he believes that the Colts can get it done to make the playoffs again.

What's there to #ASKPAT?

Jul 12, 2019 1721


Pat Sullivan joins The Ride with JMV. Pat and JMV talk about a variety of different things during this segment on the show. The most talked about idea was listeners calling in to #AskPat about their summer time problems or questions they have regarding their plants, yards, bugs, and grilling.

Major League film star Corbin Bernsen discusses his famous quote, the film, and more

Jul 11, 2019 775


It is the 30 year anniversary of the film Major League and Corbin Bernsen, a star in the movie, joins JMV to discuss the film, his famous quote, and more. 

Colts news, updates, analysis, and more with Mike Chappell

Jul 11, 2019 972


Mike Chappell joins JMV to give his take on all things Colts. They discuss who will stand out next season, Deon Cain, T.Y. Hilton, his expectations for the team's success, potential weaknesses, and more. 

Indiana State's Director of Athletics Sharard Clinkscales discusses all things ISU athletics

Jul 11, 2019 572


JMV is joined by Indiana State University's Director of Athletics, Sharard Clinkscales. They discuss the construction work being done on the Hulman Center,  the run that the baseball team made this past season, and more.

JMV and his son Blake interview NASCAR driver Noah Gragson

Jul 10, 2019 895


NASCAR driver joins The Ride with JMV to discuss his racing career and what got him into the sport. JMV's son Blake is a Noah Gragson super fan and he joins the show to ask Blake what inspired him to get into racing and what tracks is he excited for/afraid of potentially. Blake also asks Noah about his take on Indy cars and how he feels about that form of racing. 

Pitcher Drew Storen joins The Ride with JMV to discuss getting released by the KC Royals

Jul 10, 2019 841


Pitcher Drew Storen joins The Ride with JMV to discuss getting let go by the KC Royals and what is the next step in his baseball career. Drew Storen talks about getting his velocity up on the pitching mound. Drew also talks about what his plans may be after playing baseball.

Who is going to take the biggest step for this Colts team?

Jul 10, 2019 1420


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins The Ride with JMV to discuss who he thinks will take the biggest step in the right direction for the Colts. Kevin Bowen also gives his take on what to expect from players like Spencer Ware for the Colts. Other than Colts talk Kevin Bowen gives his opinion on sports casters like Joe Buck, and thoughts on the Pacers summer league performances and hopes for the season.

Greg Rakestraw discusses the popularity of tennis, MBL All-star game, NBA and more

Jul 9, 2019 1223


Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to discuss the popularity of tennis, CoCo Gauff, all time favorite tennis players, the MLB All-star game and the unfamiliarity with the players, some NBA, Victor Oladipo, and more.

How can IndyCar racing peak fan interest? Robin Miller from NBC gives his take

Jul 9, 2019 1507


JMV is joined by Robin Miller from NBC to discuss IndyCar racing, the MLB all-star game, juiced baseballs, what IndyCar needs to do to peak fan interest, and more. 

Malcom Brogdon discusses becoming the newest Indiana Pacer

Jul 8, 2019 678


Malcom Brogdon, former Milwaukee Buck and newest Indiana Pacer, joins JMV to discuss becoming an Indiana Pacer. He shares his thoughts coming out of Virginia, his disappointment after not being selected by the Pacers, on how his game has matured, his time in Milwaukee, Victor Oladipo reaching out to him, and more.

All things Pacers, NBA, and more with Jeremiah Johnson

Jul 8, 2019 1418


JMV is joined by Jeremiah Johnson to talk all things Pacers and NBA. They discuss the newest Pacer, Malcom Brogdon, expectations, Victor Oladipo, the free agency trades, Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner, RJ Barrett's summer league start, and more.

Dr. Allison Barber becomes new president of the Indiana Fever this year and joins the show to talk about her excitement for the franchise moving forward.

Jul 2, 2019 805


As the Indiana Fever season goes underway, new president of the Indiana Fever Allison Barber sits down with JMV live from Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  She talks about her plans on what to do as head of the franchise and how she got to this position.

USA defeats England 2-1 in semi-final of Women's World Cup. Greg Rakestraw joins.

Jul 2, 2019 1363


Greg Rakestraw joins the show to talk to JMV who is currently at a viewing party for the Women's World Cup match of USA and England.  They just defeated England in the semi-finals in a tight matchup where the United States gets to move on once again and keep their dominance rolling.

Mike Wells talks free agency and his expectations on the Pacers coming up next season.

Jul 2, 2019 1135


ESPN reporter Mike Wells calls in to JMV who is live from Bankers Life Fieldhouse at the U.S. Women's Soccer World Cup viewing party on their match against England.  Wells talks about the NBA free agency and the moves the Pacers have made.  How high is the ceiling for this Indiana Pacers team and when will Victor Oladipo return?


Former Indiana Fever great Tamika Catchings now playing a new part with the team.

Jul 2, 2019 692


After a great career playing with the Indiana Fever, Tamika Catchings is now the Director of Player Programs with the Indiana Fever.  She joins the show with JMV like from Bankers Life Fieldhouse during the Women's soccer world cup viewing party to talk about the match and her life after playing.

Indy Eleven's Matt Watson joins the show live from the USA Women's World Cup viewing party.

Jul 2, 2019 690


Live from Bankers Life Fieldhouse at the USA Women's World Cup viewing party, Matt Watson from the Indy Eleven joins the show with JMV to talk about the match of USA v. England that is currently happening.  Watson is an England native and also talks a little about the Indy Eleven season.

Indiana Fever rookie Paris Kea joins the show to talk about the WNBA season.

Jul 2, 2019 555


Live from Bankers Life Fieldhouse at a watch party for the USA Women's Soccer team match vs. England, JMV has Paris Kea join the show to talk about her reactions to the game live as well as her initial reactions to the WNBA as she is now a rookie on the Indiana Fever.

What does Pacers expert J. Michael feel about the new roster?

Jul 1, 2019 1226


Pacers expert J. Michael joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the Pacers new roster. J. Michael gives his thoughts on Bojan being traded to the Utah Jazz. J. Michael also talks to JMV about the Pacers roster after the opening of free agency and how he feels the Pacers fared picking up Malcolm Brogdon.

Comedian Lavell Crawford of Breaking Bad fame joined JMV to talk about all things comedy and Breaking Bad!

Jun 28, 2019 475


Comedian and Actor Lavell Crawford known for his role as Huell in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul joined JMV ahead of his shows at Helium Comedy Club in downtown Indy. Lavell and John talked about how comedy has changed because of "PC culture" his time on Breaking Bad, why he loves to come to Indy, whether or not there will be a Breaking Bad movie. 

Why can't the Pacers sign elite free agents? Gregg Doyel has a different viewpoint

Jun 28, 2019 980


the IndyStar's Gregg Doyel joined JMV to discuss the upcoming NBA free agency, whether or not he buys that the Pacers have interest in Ricky Rubio, Whether or not Bojan Bogdanovic will return to the team, and Gregg shares a unique reason why he thinks the Pacers are never mentioned with elite free agents. 

#AskPat Pat Sullivan answers all your home and garden questions!

Jun 28, 2019 1426


Pat Sullivan from Sullivan Hardware joins JMV for his weekly Friday segment answering all your Home and Garden questions about pergolas, hydrangas, mole problems, and much more!

What does voice of the Pacers Chris Denari feel about the Pacers' off season?

Jun 26, 2019 684


Voice of the Pacers Chris Denari joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the Pacers' off season. Chris talks about the Pacers' draft pick Goga Bitadze. Chris also talks to John about how the Pacers' look in regards to getting free agents.

Greg Rakestraw joins the show talk about about the Indy Eleven.

Jun 25, 2019 1024


Friend of the show and the voice of Soccer Saturday, Greg Rakestraw joins the show talk about the Indy Eleven and if the city of Indianapolis could ever get an MLS team.  He also talks a little IHSAA sports and NBA basketball.

What happens next for the Indiana Pacers as they get closer to free agency?

Jun 25, 2019 870


Pacers reporter Jeremiah Johnson joins The Ride to talk with JMV about the potential moves the Indiana Pacers could make in this current offseason.  As the draft has recently happened, free agency is set to begin and Johnson talks about what potential moves he could see happening and his opinions on the draft night moves made by the Pacers.

Bob Kravitz discusses everything Pacers including their draft pick and more

Jun 24, 2019 1359


The Athletic's Bob Kravitz joins JMV to discuss everything Pacers. He gives his take on the Pacers' draft pick, on the way the league has gone, on who he believed they wanted at pick number four, Ricky Rubio, free agency and the path they should take, and more. 

Dylan Windler discusses being the 26th pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA draft

Jun 21, 2019 306


JMV is joined by Indiana native and the Cleveland Cavaliers 26th pick in the NBA draft, Dylan Windler. The two discuss his emotions and what it was like to be drafted, what his next few days look like, Darius Garland, and more.

The IndyStar's J. Michael discusses all things Pacers

Jun 21, 2019 1213


JMV is joined by J. Michael of the IndyStar as they discuss what he thinks of the Pacers' draft pick, the Ricky Rubio rumor, free agency, who he believes the Pacers wanted at number four, TJ Warren, and Pacers' cap space. 

Goga Bitadze discusses being drafted by the Pacers

Jun 21, 2019 569


JMV is joined by Goga Bitadze and they discuss being drafted 18th by the Pacers. He talks about knowing if he would be drafted by the Pacers, on how he believes he can help the team, the pace of the NBA, his focuses for the summer, and more. 

Pacers' President Kevin Pritchard discusses Pacers' pick, off-season moves, and more

Jun 21, 2019 1435


JMV is joined by Pacer's president, Kevin Pritchard, as the two discuss all things Pacers. They talk drafting Goga Bitadze, where he believes he fits on the team and his potential role, on what Sabonis needs to improve, free agency and Pacers' cap space, Victor Oladipo's injury, his philosophies on load management, and more. 

Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the NBA draft

Jun 20, 2019 591


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins The Ride with JMV to discuss Kevin's thoughts on the upcoming NBA draft and who he feels will go where.

Kevin Bowen discusses everything Colts and Pacers

Jun 19, 2019 1239


JMV is joined by Kevin Bowen to discuss all Indiana sports. They talk all things Colts and Pacers including Chris Ballard, Frank Reich, the Colts, the transformation over the last year, training camp questions, and more things around the NFL, the Pacers' potential NBA draft picks, off-season moves, and Victor Oladipo.

Bonzi Wells reflects on his NBA and basketball career and discusses the BIG3

Jun 18, 2019 1301


Bonzi Wells joins JMV to discuss his career, how he got involved in the BIG3, his team and coach, on what people will see this weekend, how much he plays now, being invited to the NBA Draft, actually being drafted and more.

Greg Rakestraw talks all things NBA draft, baseball, and more

Jun 18, 2019 1317


JMV is joined by Greg Rakestraw and the two talk NBA draft picks, draft prospects, the Pacers and their potential picks, Romeo Langford, the state of Indiana continuously producing baseball stars, and more. 

Director of personnel for the Pacers Ryan Carr joins The Ride with JMV to talk NBA draft

Jun 17, 2019 1416


Director of personnel for the Pacers Ryan Carr joins The Ride with JMV and discusses new prospects for the Pacers as well as sizing up new prospects for next years NBA season. Ryan Carr gives his take on whether or not Gonzaga basketball player Rui Hachimura will join the Pacers for next years season. Ryan Carr also discusses who he would like to see play for the Pacers next year and his hopes for the NBA draft.

Mike Wells joins The Ride with JMV to talk basketball. NBA finals. Free agency.

Jun 14, 2019 1521


Mike Wells of joins The Ride with JMV to discuss game six of the NBA finals. Wells gives his take on the final play ran by the Warriors. Mike Wells also discusses whether or not it would be smart for Jimmy Butler to go to the Pacers. Wells also touches on the fact that the San Antonio Spurs like Bojan Bogdanovich and discusses whether or not the Spurs would do a sign and trade for Demar Derozan.

Derrick Dietrich of the Cincinnati Reds joins The Ride with JMV

Jun 14, 2019 885


Derrick Dietrich of the Cincinnati Reds joins The Ride with JMV to talk about the season. Derrick Dietrich is a second basemen that talks about hopefully being able to particiapte in the all star game festivities in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio. Dietrich talks about the Reds allowing him to be himself and play good, clean baseball.

Mike Chappell and JMV reflect on Jim Irsay's 35 years of ownership and his best hits and misses.

Jun 13, 2019 1427


JMV is joined by Mike Chappell as he gives his take on everything going on with the Colts. They talk Kenny Moore, contracts, the franchise as a whole, the roster and the competition, Andrew Luck's calf injury, and more. 

The Keller brothers join JMV in the studio to discuss their new business and Dustin reflects on his NFL career

Jun 13, 2019 1574


Dustin and Drew Keller join JMV in the studio to discuss their businesses, family, and Dustin reflects on his NFL career, his injury, tight ends in the game now, Purdue football, and being inducted into the Indiana hall of fame. 

Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins The Ride with JMV to discuss the Colts and the Pacers

Jun 12, 2019 1267


Kevin Bowen joins The Ride with JMV to first discuss the Colts and how he feels about the preseason.Kevin Bowen speaks on the offensive potential of the Colts this season and managing expectations for said offense. Next they discuss the Pacers possible trade deals and whether or not the Pacers will fight to keep current player Bojan Bogdanovic.

Nyheim Hines of the Colts joins The Ride with JMV to talk preseason expectations

Jun 12, 2019 745


Nyheim Hines of the Colts joins The Ride with JMV to talk about the preseason and season expectations. Nyheim Hines is a running back for the Colts that has high expectations for this year not only for his play but for the Colts as a whole. JMV also talks to Nyheim about how he feels about last season with the Colts.

Insight on Andrew Luck's calf injury, the Colts, and more with Stephen Holder from The Athletic

Jun 11, 2019 1348


The Athletic's Stephen Holder gives his insight on all things Colts with JMV. He discusses Andrew Luck's calf injury, rookie mini camp, Devin Funchess, the Colts transparency, and Chris Ballard and Frank Reich. 

Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to discuss the IHSAA golf state tournament, the All-Star game, and more

Jun 11, 2019 1188


JMV is joined by Greg Rakestraw as the two discuss the IHSAA golf state tournament, the Indiana and Kentucky All-Star game, and the baseball state championships.

NBA Front Office Insider for ESPN, Bobby Marks, discusses the Pacers and NBA news

Jun 10, 2019 1181


Bobby Marks, NBA Front Office Insider for ESPN, joins JMV to discuss the difficulty of the Pacers offseason and potential draft picks, free agents, Victor Oladipo, NBA news, NBA Finals game five, and his take on load management.

All things Pacers with FOX Sports Indiana's Jeremiah Johnson

Jun 10, 2019 1149


Jeremiah Johnson joins JMV to give his take on everything Pacers. They talk NBA draft plans, picks, current players, and even NBA Finals.

Pat Sullivan joins JMV for #AskPat

Jun 7, 2019 1386


JMV and Pat Sullivan discuss the recent weather in relation to lawn disease, what it is and how to prevent it, the best thing to do for a mosquito problem, fertilizer and how it will affect grass, and how to prevent bugs while keeping your pets safe. 

Actor and comedian Bryan Callen discusses his experience in the entertainment industry

Jun 7, 2019 907


JMV is joined by actor and comedian Bryan Callen as they talk Kilroy's breadsticks, director Todd Phillips, Peyton Manning, how much the world of comedy has changed with new technologies, and his different acting roles. 

Indiana football's quarterback battle continues as head coach Tom Allen discusses everything Hoosier football

Jun 7, 2019 681


Indiana Football head coach Tom Allen joins JMV to talk everything IU football. He gives his take on what he has seen from his players coming out of the spring season heading into the summer, the new offensive system, some defense, team personnel and recruiting, and the on-going quarterback battle. 

Former CBS 4 sports anchor Tricia Whitaker shares her experience so far covering the Tampa Bay Rays for FOX Sports

Jun 7, 2019 884


Tricia Whitaker joins JMV to share her experience covering baseball for Tampa Bay in her new position with FOX Sports, discuss Tampa Bay's season, and even some IU basektball. 

Everything Colts with CBS 4 and FOX59's Mike Chappell

Jun 6, 2019 914


Mike Chappell from CBS 4 and FOX59 joins JMV to talk everything Colts including news, Andrew Luck's injured calf, and he gives his take on the most impactful rookies. 

Want all the news surrounding Indiana sports? The Athletic's Bob Kravitz gives his take on the Colts, Pacers, and more

Jun 6, 2019 824


The Athletic's Bob Kravitz joins JMV to discuss his recently published article on The Colts drafting Bobby Okereke, his take on the situation, the Colts as a whole, and the Pacers this summer.

Did the Colts make a mistake drafting LB Bobby Okereke?

Jun 5, 2019 1512


1070 The Fan's Kevin Bowen joined JMV to discuss the Pacers offseason plans, the Deangelo Russell rumors, and why they have to draft better in order to get elite talent. The conversation then shifts to the Colts and rookie LB Bobby Okereke and the news of him being accused of rape while at Stanford and if the Colts did enough research into the matter and if they made a mistake with the pick. 

Juwan Morgan, former Indiana basketball star, reflects on his time in Bloomington and what his future holds

Jun 5, 2019 643


Former Indiana basketball star Juwan Morgan joins JMV to reflect on his time in Bloomington, his former teammates, coaching changes, and to discuss his future in both basketball and broadcasting.

Minnesota Twins pitcher and Greenfield, Indiana native Kyle Gibson discusses his career and the current MLB season

Jun 5, 2019 1061


The Minnesota Twins are a 40-win team this season and they currently sit at first in the MLB American League Central standings. Twins pitcher and Greenfield, Indiana native, Kyle Gibson, joins JMV to give his take on the season and more. Kyle discusses how the strong offensive output drives the team's confidence, how he has developed as a pitcher, his career thus far and the people that have contributed to helping him, Rocco Baldelli as a manger, Minnesota weather and how the conditions affect the team, and his recovery from Tommy John surgery.

The voice of the Pacers, Chris Denari, gives his take on the Pacers' summer, off-season, and the timing of the NBA Draft

Jun 4, 2019 964


Pacers' television play-by-play broadcaster, Chris Denari, discusses his workout regimen,Orange Theory, vacationing in Michigan, the Pacers' summer and off-season, free agency, and the NBA draft timing. 

IU Baseball's Matt Gorski joins JMV to discuss what it means to be a second round, 57th overall MLB Draft pick and his college career

Jun 4, 2019 589


Indiana University baseball's Matt Gorski joins JMV to discuss his reaction when he received the news that he was selected 57th overall in the MLB draft by the Pittsburg Pirates, his perspective on this past season, coach Jeff Mercer, what his college career as a Hoosier meant to him, and his future.'s Mike Wells gives his take on Bobby Brown, the NBA Finals, the Pacers, and Gerald McCoy

Jun 3, 2019 1028


Mike Wells of joins JMV to discuss Bobby Brown and his performance Friday night, the NBA Finals, injuries to the Warriors, what the Pacers need to do this summer, and Gerald McCoy. 

Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler are ready to give Indy the show of a lifetime

May 31, 2019 689


Rob Schneider joined JMV ahead of his concert Sunday with Adam Sandler at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. Rob explains how he got involved with the tour, why he and Adam both think this is the most fulfilling thing they've done in their career, how awesome it's to be friends with Adam Sandler and be cast in all his movies, and how he wants to make JMV pay for his dinner at St. Elmo's. 

#AskPat is back! Pat Sullivan sits down with JMV to answer your outdoor questions!

May 31, 2019 753


Home & Garden's Pat Sullivan joins The Ride with JMV to talk about sports and all as they answer phone calls and talk to people.  Pat answers questions about his store Sullivan Hardware & Garden and upcoming sales they have for summer.

What's holding the Colts back from pursuing Gerald McCoy? Mike Chappell gives his take.

May 30, 2019 1419


The Dean, Mike Chappell, joins The Ride with JMV! While the Colts' first game is still months away, lots of storylines are making waves in Indy. Mike gives his take on the Gerald McCoy situation, the feud between Brissett and Funchess, and so much more!

How much do the additions of Trayce Jackson-Davis and Joey Brunk mean to the Hoosiers?

May 30, 2019 1226


Jeff Rabjohns covers Indiana & recruiting for and joined JMV to talk all things Hoosiers sports. Jeff Mercer's presence with the baseball team has been impressive, while Archie Miller is still struggling to find his footing as head coach of the basketball team. With Trayce Jackson-Davis and Joey Brunk joining the lineup, things might be looking up for Miller and Co. 

Can the Pacers land a big name free agent, is there any concern with the Funchess/Brissett fight?

May 29, 2019 648


The Athletic's Bob Kravitz joined Tony D and Kevin Bowen to look towards Pacers free agency and who some realistic names are that the Pacers could bring in this offseason and then turn their focus to Colts OTA's and react to the report of a Devin Funchess and Jacoby Brissett dust up where they had to be separated. 

An Indy Car conversation with Danny Sullivan that you can't miss

May 29, 2019 1021


1985 Indy 500 Danny Sullivan winner joins The Ride as Tony Donahue and Kevin Bowen fills in for JMV.  He joins the show to talk about his memories at the track and to talk about the things he liked in the year's race.  

Wrapping up the Indy 500 with NBC's Kevin Lee

May 28, 2019 1087


NBC's Kevin Lee stopped by in-studio with JMV to recap the Indy 500, NBC's first TV broadcast of the race, what they want to do better in the future, if this is the end of seeing Helio Castroneves in the 500, and what team Rossi could be driving for next season.

Indiana Baseball is a 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. HC Jeff Mercer joins the show to talk expectations.

May 28, 2019 731


Indiana Baseball had a rough start in the Big Ten Tournament but was able to win the Big Ten Conference season and is looking ready to start in the regional finals.  They will first be going to Louisville as a 2 seed.  Head Coach Jeff Mercer joins JMV to talk about what he is looking forward to and preparation for the posteseason.

Greg Rakestraw has only 1 thing to tweak for future Indy 500's

May 28, 2019 1333


Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to recap the 500, what he would tweak for the future, how IndyCar and NASCAR can co-exist on Memorial Day weekend, and some high school basketball he gets to call next week. 

Indiana State Baseball wins Missouri Valley Conference Championship

May 28, 2019 740


JMV's alma mater Indiana State wins their first MVC Championship since 1995.  Head Coach Mitch Hannahs joins the show to talk about his excitement for the success that came this season.  They will now be headed to Nashville to play in Regional Finals. 

Tony D puts a bow on the month of May

May 28, 2019 515


The month of May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has come and gone, Tony D. looks back on an awesome month, the clean sweep for Simon Pagenaud & how Conor Daly must be back in the 500 next year! 

Indy 500 radio voice Mark Jaynes recaps a magnificent race on Sunday.

May 27, 2019 1146


Simon Pagenaud is the winner of the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500 and no one was closer to the action then radio announcer, Mark Jaynes. Mark takes some time with JMV to break down the race, the decision to wave the red flag, and the gift that mother nature gave to race fans!

What does the Indy 500 win mean for Pagenaud's standing with Penske?

May 27, 2019 1379


JMV continues his coverage of the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500 with an interview with NBC Sports' Robin Miller. With Pagenaud getting the big win, it could mean big things for his partnership with Penske. Miller also breaks down who impressed him most, including Conor Daly and Santino Ferrucci.

"The Track Dude" Michael Young describes the thrill of race day.

May 27, 2019 632


Michael Young or, "The Track Dude" joins JMV to talk all about the Indianapolis 500 and what it was like broadcasting such a thrilling race. Michael also breaks down the intense battle between Pagenaud and Rossi. 

Chris Ballard will only bring in Gerald McCoy if the price is right

May 23, 2019 1338


Fox 59 and CBS 4's Mike Chappell joined JMV to discuss Gerald McCoy and the Colts interest, why Chris Ballard is picking and choosing his spots in free agency, NFL players smoking weed and if the NFL will change their policy, and who the most important Colts are heading into the season.

Former Indiana Hoosier recently hired as new assistant coach of UCLA.

May 23, 2019 855


Jasper, Indiana native Michael Lewis joins JMV to talk about his excitement to be able to be apart of the coaching staff at UCLA.  Originally playing under Bob Knight he talks about being able to coach at a blueblood program.  He has spent the past three seasons coaching at Nebraska.

Celebrities rolling into town this weekend. Television host Marc Summers joins JMV as he joins in on the 500 festivities.

May 23, 2019 1237


With the Indianapolis 500 coming up, many celebrities have come into town to join in on the celebrities and even be involved in the race.  North Central native Marc Summers who is now been a television host for many different reality shows will be apart of the Indy 500 parade.  He talks to JMV to give interesting scoops into the wild world of Hollywood as well as to tallk about his excitement to come back home to Indy and be back to the speedway.

With only a couple of days away til the biggest day in racing, Anders Krohn breaks down what to expect.

May 23, 2019 762


With the biggest day in racing quickly approaching, NBC sports racing reporter Anders Krohn joins JMV to talk about what he expects to see in the race.  Krohn goes into detail on how he believes the sport of IndyCar is gaining popularity globally and believes is gaining much more interest with the recent struggles with the F1 team of McLaren.

Alexander Rossi could be the driver to beat on Sunday

May 23, 2019 70


Alexander Rossi joined Tony D quickly on media day to discuss his chances of taking home his second Indy 500, how his car has worked nicely throughout practice, and the importance of being on a good team for the race.

Tony D's Podcast: Ready to go at Indy

May 23, 2019 225


Tony Donohue gets you up to speed on the Indianapolis 500. He looks into the odds for the race this weekend, checks in on some of the interview of drivers played on 1070 The Fan throughout the week, who he thinks has the best chance to win, and if weather will be a factor on race day, yes, the obvious answer is yes. 

Lisa Leslie and Ice Cube discuss all things going on in the world of The BIG3

May 22, 2019 684


JMV is joined by former WNBA star Lisa Leslie, and rapper Ice Cube as they discuss all things BIG3 including the league expanding to Indianapolis,  Lisa Leslie's transition from fan to coach, and rules they wish the NBA would adopt. 

Kevin Bowen gives his take on all things sports across the country

May 22, 2019 1166


Kevin Bowen joins JMV in studio to give his take on everything going on in the  sports world including all NBA team votes, Indiana's Romeo Langford, future NFL draft sites, Chad Kelly, Gerald McCoy, and his current projects. 

Would Gerald McCoy be a good fit for the Colts? Stephen Holder gives his take

May 22, 2019 650


The Athletic's Stephen Holder stops by with JMV to discuss Drake's courtside antics, the potential signing of Gerald McCoy, and the changes made to the Colt's offensive line. 

Kyle Larson still has Indy 500 interest, just cashed a million dollar check

May 22, 2019 669


Kyle Larson from Chip Ganassi Racing joined Tony D coming off a weekend in which he won the Nascar All Star Race, cashing in for a million. Him and Tony discuss his interest in running the Indianapolis 500, how last weeks win carries momentum into the Coca Cola 600, and his upcoming race schedule that goes beyond the Cup Series. 

Mark Glowinski Didn't Expect his Offseason Workouts to go Viral on Social Media

May 21, 2019 857


Starting RG for the Colts Mark Glowinski joined JMV to discuss his good deed gone viral on twitter and facebook, how he adjusted to becoming a starter, the difference between a Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck huddle, and slingin back some beers at Carb Day.

Voice of the Indy 500 still rides his back to the Speedway on Raceday

May 21, 2019 704


Voice of the Indianapolis 500 Mark Jaynes joined JMV to discuss his raceday routine, who he thinks has the edge coming out of Quals weekend, how he adapted to calling the race on radio, and who he expects to be there at the end. 

Belmont basketball star and NBA prospect Dylan Windler discusses the previous season and his future

May 21, 2019 599


JMV talks with Belmont basketball star and NBA prospect Dylan Windler on his transition to becoming a leader, the NBA combine, and the NCAA tournament.

Greg Rakestraw gives his take on all of the latest around Indiana sports

May 21, 2019 606


JMV is joined live in studio by Greg Rakestraw. The two discuss the upcoming Indy 500 race, analyze the Colts roster as the season approaches, and suggest Gerald McCoy as a potential target for the team. 

Will Fernando Alonso and McLaren be back at the 500 in the future? Robin Miller thinks only 1 of the 2 will be.

May 20, 2019 1283


NBC's Robin Miller joined JMV to discuss Fernando Alonso not making the field for the 500, what went wrong for him and McLaren, if we should expect to see either back in Indianapolis for the 500 in the future, and what's going on with Al Unser Jr.

Why did the Colts sign QB Chad Kelly?

May 20, 2019 665


ESPN's Mike Wells joined JMV to discuss some throwback slow jams, the Bobby Brown concert theyre going to at the end of the month, why the Colts signed QB Chad Kelly with his checkered past, and why they don't watch Game of Thrones.

Kyle Kaiser and his team did absolutely everything to get as much speed out of their car as possible.

May 20, 2019 423


The best story coming out of Qualifying weekend, Kyle Kaiser, joined JMV to discuss the emotions of finding out he made the Indy 500 field, what he and his team did to get that little extra speed out of the car, why he believes that working on the car instead of going out during practice was the reason they made the field.

Ed Carpenter is happy with his car and locked in for the 103rd Indy 500

May 20, 2019 1010


Fresh off his great day at Quals, Ed Carpenter joined JMV ahead of the 500 to talk about his day, how his team performed, why he thinks he can put his car together if needed, what he learned from finishing 2nd last year, and why the drivers are loving the new partnership with NBC.

Simon Paganaud after capturing the Indy 500 pole

May 20, 2019 102


Simon Pagenaud of Team Penske will lead the field to the green flag in the 103rd Indy 500. He improved his starting position from Saturday to Sunday & discussed with Tony D. what he found over night and what it means to have his first career Indy 500 pole position. 

Robin Miller is done with this inconsistent Indiana weather

May 17, 2019 470


NBC's Robin Miller joined JMV to recap the Fast 9, what the weather had done to the track, why drivers are frustrated with the inconsistent weather, and more story lines heading into the week of the race.

The Colts are now the team cutting players, not looking for them on the waiver wire

May 16, 2019 622


Fox 59 and CBS 4's Mike Chappell joined JMV to take a look at the Colts roster, what draft picks are threatened to get cut, what to expect health wise from Justin Houston, and of course a "This Day in History" trivia question.

Pierre Desir is avoiding "loafs" at all costs this season

May 16, 2019 835


Colts DB Pierre Desir joined JMV to discuss his free agency process, if he was surprised by how quickly he made a deal to stay in Indy, if he's been able to avoid DC Matt Eberfleus's "loafs", how the team avoids all the media hype, and his experience going from a D2 college to the NFL. 

Terrell Davis wants to help you take all your pain away

May 16, 2019 738


Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Davis joined JMV ahead of the 500 where Davis's company Defy, is the first CBD based company to sponsor the 500. They talked about the health benefits of CBD, how he got involved with the company, why he's so passionate about the product, and what story lines he's paying attention to ahead of the 2019 NFL Season. 

Sam Schmidt brings a Super Bowl Champ to the Indy 500

May 16, 2019 232


Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports has partnered with Super Bowl winning running back Terrell Davis as Davis own Defy Performance Sports Drink. Sam Schmidt joined Tony D. to discuss bringing a new partner to the series, his expectations for the Indy 500, and the inspiration he has shown as well as Robert Wickens.

Kevin Bowen reacts to Pacers trade rumors & NFL Front Office Shakeups

May 15, 2019 1168

Description:'s Kevin Bowen joined JMV to preview the PGA Championship, why so many TV analysts have made a jump to front offices, the Jets firing their GM right after Free Agency and the Draft, and where these Pacers trade rumors came from and if any make sense. 

Rakestraw Report: How many people can win the 500, should the Pacers trade for Mike Conley?

May 15, 2019 1005


Vice President of the ISC Sports Network and friend of the program Greg Rakestraw joined JMV to talk about Fernando Alonso wrecking during practice on Wednesday, what the Pacers should do at the PG position, and some old TV legends.

Zak Keefer got an in-depth look at the Colts Draft War Room and what Colts GM Chris Ballard saw in this rookie class

May 14, 2019 700


Zak Keefer from the IndyStar joined JMV fresh off a 2 hour sit down with Colts GM Chris Ballard where Ballard went through their draft board, how they felt about each of their rookies, their decision process when it came time on who to pick, why they traded out of the 1st round, and much more!

Mecum Car Auctions has some of the great classic cars here in Indy this week!

May 14, 2019 989


NBCSN Host for Mecum Car Auctions Scott Hoke joined JMV to preview some of the great cars that are here at the State Fairgrounds for the Mecum Auctions, what cars he expects to go for 1 million dollars and up, and tells the story of his first day as an intern at WRTV 6 and being sent out to interview Bob Knight. 

Simon Pagenaud took home the checkered flag in the IndyCar Grand Prix!

May 13, 2019 457


Simon Pagenaud joined Tony D and Kevin Bowen to recap his crazy last 24 hours after winning the IndyCar GP, why he loves racing in the rain, how he was able to make the pass on Scott Dixon, and what he's looking for at the track over the next couple weeks as his team makes adjustments ahead of the 500. 

Can the Blazers pull off an upset against the injury riddled Warriors?

May 13, 2019 806


Portland Trail Blazers sideline reporter Brooke Olzendam joined Tony D and Kevin Bowen to recap the game 7 win vs Denver, what the locker room was like, and how she thinks Portland matches up with GSW and why playing the Warriors gives them a bit of an edge. 

Jack Harvey looks to build momentum after a 3rd place finish in the Indy Car GP

May 13, 2019 428


Jack Harvey joined Tony Donohue and Kevin Bowen fresh off his 3rd place finish this weekend at the IMS. His momentum leading up to the 500, and if he has plans to go full time.

Conor Daly is looking to get a car in the field for the 500

May 13, 2019 346


Conor Daly joined Tony Donohue and Kevin Bowen to recap the IndyCar Grand Prix, how Conor is preparing for the 500, and his relationship with the Air Force.

IMS President Doug Boles highlights all of the big events coming to the Speedway!

May 10, 2019 986


Indianapolis Motor Speedway President, Doug Boles joined JMV to share his excitement for the race this year as well as some of the other big events coming to the IMS including the NBC TODAY Show's live broadcast with special guests Tom Hanks and Sheryl Crow.  Boles also shared some of the musical acts that he hopes to have at the Speedway in the near future and for years to come!

How high is the bar raised for Andrew Luck next season? Mike Wells gives his take.

May 10, 2019 1110


Our good friend, Mike Wells, ESPN reporter for the Colts, joined JMV to discuss the expectations of quarterback Andrew Luck and why he believes he should be in the MVP conversation this year. Wells also reacts to the Patriots signing former Colts wide receiver, Dontrelle Inman. Lastly, Mike Wells explains why the pressure is on for James Harden and the Rockets ahead of Game 6 against the Warriors. 

JMV is joined by Eric Powell, Robin Miller, and Chris Hagan live at the IMS!

May 10, 2019 1167


Live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, JMV is joined by the Director of Communications of the IMS Museum, Eric Powell, racing analyst, Robin Miller, and Chris Hagan of FOX 59 Sports to discuss the events of the weekend headlined by the IndyCar Grand Prix. Eric Powell highlights the IMS Museum and what fans can expect while Robin Miller previews tomorrow's big race!

Ed Carpenter previews the IndyCar Grand Prix and shares how he balances being an owner and a driver

May 10, 2019 1368


Indianapolis native and Butler graduate, Ed Carpenter, joined JMV and Tony D live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Ed Carpenter previewed tomorrow's 6th annual IndyCar Grand Prix as well the Indy 500 and what he and his team are looking forward to this May. The Butler grad also shared how he balances being both an owner and a driver.

James Hinchcliffe itching to get on course at IMS

May 10, 2019 136


James Hinchcliffe joined Tony D. from the garage area prior to the first practice for the 2019 Grand Prix. A refreshed Hinch is looking to bounce back after a disappointing month of May back in 2018, and how to manage the weather in a jam packed practice, and qualifying day for the NTT Indy Car Series drivers. 

Pat McAfee is locked and loaded live with JMV!

May 9, 2019 917


Digital media superstar and former Colts punter Pat McAfee joins JMV to discuss anything that comes to his mind! He gives his take on why radio is so important and the opportunity it has to brighten people's days. Pat also breaks down his decision to leave the team and pursue more creative dreams.

NFL Network's Stacy Dales joins JMV to discuss the Chuck Strong Gala

May 9, 2019 582


Stacy Dales of NFL Network joins JMV live from the Chuck Strong Gala. Alongside Andrew Walker, they break down what makes Chuck Pagano so special. Stacy also gives an inside-look on how the national media views the Colts. Spoiler: it's really good. 

Former Colts LB David Thornton talks about his unique role with the team.

May 9, 2019 480


Former Colts LB David Thornton joins JMV to talk about the Chuck Strong Gala and what it means for all current and former Colts players. They also talk about his role as Director of Player Engagement, which helps rookies get acclimated with working in the NFL and what is expected now that they are professionals. 

Colts safety Matthias Farley discusses his journey back from multiple injuries in 2018

May 9, 2019 504


JMV is joined by Colts safety Matthias Farley. Following a limiting 2018 due to injuries, Farley is ready to get back on the field. Undrafted out of college, Farley discusses how he remains hungry and determined to prove his spot in the NFL.

Matt Taylor joins JMV to create catch phrases and talk Colts football.

May 9, 2019 1628


JMV is joined live from the Chuck Strong Gala by the Colts radio play-by-play announcer Matt Taylor. Matt and JMV start by discussing possible catch phrases for Colts games. Chief among them is JMV's suggestion of "Oh poop!" They also break down what makes this upcoming season so special and why the Colts offensive could be elite. 

The Colts could be a better team with a worse record in 2019

May 8, 2019 447


The Athletic's Bob Kravitz joined JMV to discuss the Colts high expectations for next season, the incredible Chuck Strong Gala and how it has lived even after Chuck Pagano's tenure in Indy, and a look towards Pacers free agency and who the Pacers should bring back. 

Is there any reason for concern that Andrew Luck hasn't thrown since the Pro Bowl.

May 8, 2019 1393


1070thefan's Kevin Bowen joined JMV and asked a good question, should we be concerned that Luck hasn't thrown since the Pro Bowl, what they have in some of the rookies, if the talent gap between the Colts and KC has closed, and much more!

Tony Ds Podcast previewing the Indy Car Grand Prix at IMS

May 7, 2019 463


Tony D. comes at you this weekend on the heels of the Indy Car Grand Prix from the Indianapolis Speedway. He let's you know who needs to have a strong effort in Saturday's race, some fast facts on the 6th running, and how this course fits foreign drivers styles. 

Anthony Walker doesn't pay attention to the high expectations for the Colts this season

May 7, 2019 760


Colts LB Anthony Walker joined JMV to discuss the Colts high expectations for the season, what he thinks the Colts Defense strengths were last year, where they need to get better this year, and why he needs to get to the Indy 500 this year. 

The freshly named "Rakestraw Report" is ready to roll!

May 7, 2019 1000


Friend of the program and VP of ISC Sports Network Greg Rakestraw joined JMV to relive the anniversary of Reggie Miller's 8 points in 9 seconds, other major Indy sports events, and a review of the Indiana locals that are playing well in the NBA playoffs. 

Stephen Holder had a first look at the Colts rookies this weekend

May 6, 2019 1289


The Athletic's Stephen Holder joined JMV to get a recap of what Stephen saw during Colts mini-camp over the weekend. What rookies impressed him, what surprised him about seeing Parris Campbell in person, and the Chuck Strong gala on Thursday.

Mr. Basketball Trayce Jackson-Davis is ready to go for the Hoosiers

May 6, 2019 459


Mr. Basketball in Indiana and Hoosier signee Trayce Jackson-Davis joined JMV to talk about what winning Mr. Basketball means to him, what his plans are for the summer, the 3 main reasons he decided to attend IU, and why he's excited to play for Archie Miller. 

Mike Wells needs to see Bobby Brown

May 3, 2019 763


Mike Wells of ESPN talks with JMV about the Colts selection, all the outside media hype this team has been getting, and going to see Bobby Brown. 

The first selection for the Colts Rock Ya-Sin meets JMV

May 3, 2019 658


Rock Ya-Sin was the first selection for the Indianapolis Colts. He tells JMV his excitement level to get to work for the Colts, what it was like to get the call from Jim Irsay, and about his college career.

Susie Wheldon talks up the big Dan Wheldon Pro Am on Sunday

May 3, 2019 457


Susie Wheldon makes her second appearance on the show, this time to promote the Dan Wheldon Memorial Pro Am on Sunday at New Castle. A great cause is involved and an awesome way for fans to get up close with their favorite drivers, Susie talks with JMV and Tony D. about the event and the careers of Sebastian and Oliver. 

Robin Miller on how NOT to gamble

May 3, 2019 1528


Our good friend Robin Miller looks at the odds for the Kentucky Derby, if he would be the Colts to make the Super Bowl, and his thoughts on the upcoming month of May. 

Martin Truex Jr. talks the difficulty of moving up to the Cup Series

May 3, 2019 502


From Joe Gibbs Racing, Martin Truex Jr. joins Tony D. to talk about heading to the Monster Mile in Dover this weekend, his memories of racing at IRP back in his Xfinity Series days, and the difficulty of moving from Xfinity to the Cup Series 

ASK ATI gets you primed for the mini marathon

May 2, 2019 1086


Despite the fact that JMV didn't know, the Indy Mini Marathon is this Saturday. Brad Howell from ATI & Dr. Daniel Lehman joined JMV in studio to discuss the best ways to prepare for all 13.1 miles, some challenges you may face the day of the race, and how to prevent further injury after training for the mini. 

Mike Chappell discusses the Colts draft and the upcoming season

May 2, 2019 1437


Mike Chappell joined JMV to discuss the Colts' draft picks, why Andrew Luck should have an awesome year, why their schedule is tougher, and how their will be more competition for sports on the defensive side of the ball. 

J Michael on the free agents on the radar of the Indiana Pacers

May 2, 2019 1038


The Pacers have a big off-season ahead. J. Michael of the Indy Star joined JMV to discuss the Pacers, what free agents that have to be on the radar of the Pacers, and what they can do with the 18th picks. Will the Pacers keep Thad and is Terrance Ross a guy that would fit with the Pacers. 

Bowen Knows: Pacers have plenty of questions to answer this summer

May 1, 2019 1019


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joined JMV to chat about Kevin Pritchard speaking to the media today, what questions this team faces in free agency, the NBA Draft and with Victor Oladipo, and how Kevin Pritchard will have to sell the city of Indy to free agents. 

Kevin Pritchard on a major offseason for the Pacers

May 1, 2019 1112


7 free agents. When will Victor be back? How can the Pacers improve this off-season? JMV and Kevin Pritchard break down the biggest questions of the Indiana Pacers, the importance of Bojan to the team, and the future of Domantas and Myles playing on the court together. 

Zak Keefer thinks the Colts are going to be fun to watch

Apr 30, 2019 1198


Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star gave his take on the Colts and their ten draft picks, if the city of Indianapolis will see a Super Bowl in the near future like Jim Irsay promised, and if the Colts are poised for double digit wins. Also, Zak tells JMV what the expectations of progress need to be for this team.

Greg Rakestraw thinks the Colts are going to win 11 or 12 games next year

Apr 30, 2019 895


Greg Rakestraw joined JMV to talk alcohol sales at IU Football games, the Colts regular season win total next year, why he thinks the Colts are going to have a great season, and the new IHSAA rule. 

Graham Rahal opens up about Indy 500 qualifying

Apr 30, 2019 739


Driver of the #15 United Rentals Honda for Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, Graham Rahal catches up with Tony D. as the month of May approaches. Graham gives his take on legalizing sports gambling, what he learned in yesterdays road course test, and what Colts fans can expect in Paris Campbell.

Tony Kanaan amps up for the Month of May

Apr 30, 2019 464


2013 Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan joins Tony D. to get set for the month of May at Indianapolis. TK weighs in on the big qualifications debate at the Indy 500, how his career has has lasted part of three decades, and a big event coming up at IMS that he will be the chair of! 

Rick Venturi recaps the 2019 NFL Draft

Apr 29, 2019 2372


Rick Venturi has the break down you need on the 2019 NFL Draft for the Indianapolis Colts. What players does he think can make an impact, his thoughts on Paris Campbell from Ohio State, and if the Colts made the right choice by trading out of the first round. 

Mike Wells with what the Colts should do at 34th

Apr 26, 2019 906


Mike Wells of ESPN joined us to chat about the Colts tonight with the 34th pick, if there is another trade in the works and if DK Metcalf will be in the cards for the Colts 

Nyheim Hines joins JMV to discuss their love for Bojangles

Apr 26, 2019 366


Colts running back Nyheim Hines joined JMV to discuss how he felt on draft night last year, his expectations for his second year in the league, and potentially getting a Bojangles here in Indy. 

Fox 59's Chris Hagan talks the NFL Draft with JMV

Apr 26, 2019 1028


Chris Hagan is in Nashville for the NFL Draft. He joined JMV to discuss Indy potentially hosting the NFL Draft, a recap of the Colts first round move, what he expects from the Colts tonight, and what position the Colts need to go after in the draft. 

ASKATI NFL Draft preview 2019

Apr 25, 2019 1299


The guys from ATI hop on with JMV and Dr. Tannenbaum from Southern Indiana Ortho joined JMV to look at some concerns teams may have with players, if the Colts would take a chance on a guy that would be redshirted and more!  

Mike Chappell has you covered for tonight's NFL Draft

Apr 25, 2019 1307


Mike Chappell joined JMV to discuss tonight's NFL Draft, who he thinks the Colts might take at number 26, what position the Colts need to go after, and the Colts most recent draft picks. 

Country Singer Clayton Anderson talks this year's Legends Day with Zac Brown Band

Apr 25, 2019 550


Clayton Anderson joined JMV to discuss the upcoming Indy 500, him doing Legend's Day with Zac Brownd Band, his upcoming shows in Bloomington and Indy, and how he has a spot saved for JMV on the tour bus at Legend's Day. 

Chris Landry explains why Colts fans should be excited about the upcoming season

Apr 25, 2019 1214


Chris Landry joined JMV to discuss tonight's NFL Draft, who the Colts might take at 26, why this is the most optimistic he's been about the Colts in a long time, and how the Colts have great personnel in the organization. 

Indiana State Football has a lot to look forward to

Apr 25, 2019 481


Indiana State Head Football Coach Curt Mallory joined JMV to discuss last year's season, this upcoming season, key guys coming back, and this year's spring game. 

Holder: Wide Receivers are a Colts need

Apr 25, 2019 762


Stephen Holder of The Athletic talks about the Colts need another weapon alongside TY Hilton, where Deon Cain comes into the fray for this team, and how some players could fall to the Colts at 26.

Kevin Bowen in studio gives his pick for the Colts

Apr 25, 2019 1506


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan looks at many of the options for the Colts with the 26th pick. What position is the most need for the franchise and how the later round draft picks will come into play

Tony Pauline talks NFL Draft

Apr 24, 2019 731


NFL Draft expert Tony Pauline joins the show to talk draft. He discusses with JMV who he rates highly toward the top of the draft. He also talks about what the Colts could do with their pick and who may be available. Finally, he breaks down the potential for drama heading into draft day.

The draft could go several different ways for the Indianapolis Colts

Apr 23, 2019 752


Zak Keefer of the Indy Star gives his take on the Colts draft scenarios that could take place on Thursday night. Will the team keep that 26th pick, what trades could possibly go down, and if the Colts could get help to compliment T.Y. Hilton with one of it's first three picks. 

Charles Arbuckle goes in depth with the 2019 NFL Draft

Apr 23, 2019 1047


Charles Arbuckle breaks down some of the top name college football players in this draft. He takes you position by position on the top names that will be drafted in the first round. He talks about the options the Colts have with that 26th pick, and some great skill players that could be around in round 2. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Apr 23, 2019 1275


JMV & Greg Rakestraw discuss the Colts draft coming up Thursday night, who Greg likes with the 26th overall pick in the draft & the latest with Indiana State and the incoming class for Greg Lansing in Terre Haute. 

Conor Daly looks to aim high in 2019 Indy 500

Apr 23, 2019 82


Tony D. caught up with Conor Daly at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after he unveiled his car for Andretti Autosport in next month's Indy 500. Daly talks about the excitement level for the test tomorrow, and rounding out an all american team. 

Tony Ds Podcast on 500 testing, the Pacers flame out & 10 years with The Fan

Apr 22, 2019 462


In this edition of Tony D's podcast, he gives his take on the Pacers flaming out in the opening round of the NBA playoffs, where the Colts should go with the 26th pick, his thoughts on the big Indy 500 qualifying debate & celebrating 10 years at 1070 The Fan.

Rick Venturi previews the 2019 NFL Draft with JMV

Apr 22, 2019 2595


Rick Venturi breaks down the players that the Colts will have be on their draft board come Thursday night with the 26th pick in the NFL Draft. Rick gives JMV some names of players that will be available with their two second round picks, and a few players that may fly under the radar that have impressed Rick. 

J. Michael talks hummus and Pacers

Apr 22, 2019 1505


J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star comes on the show to talk about his preferred type of hummus. He continues to talk with JMV about the Pacers' series with the Celtics. They talk about who stood out for Indiana and what went wrong. They talk about shot selection for different Pacers players and early offseason rumors.

Colts & Pacers have important days ahead

Apr 19, 2019 909


Mike Wells of ESPN talks Pacers battling the Celtics tonight, what they need to do to win game 3, and what the Colts are looking at with the 26th overall pick in the NFL Draft. 

The series will be defined tonight for the Pacers

Apr 19, 2019 1228


Jermiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana hops on prior to game 3 from Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the defining game of the series against the Celtics, if the Pacers can find a win tonight and what needs to happen for the Blue and Gold to get it done. 

JMV & Rick Venturi tip tow into the 2019 NFL Draft

Apr 19, 2019 2673


Rick Venturi joins JMV live at Wolfies to dive just a little bit into the 2019 NFL Draft, where the Colts need to look at the 26th pick in the draft, and what players they team could look at in the later rounds. 

Robin Millers take on guaranteed spots at the Indy 500 may surprise you

Apr 18, 2019 913


Robin Miller of Racer & NBC Sports joined JMV to discuss if Indy Car should allow full time teams to have a guaranteed spot in the Indy 500 field, his thoughts on Joey Brunk transferring to IU & more shenanigans only Robin Miller can provide. 

Colts schedule & draft discussion with Mike Chappell

Apr 18, 2019 1094


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 and Fox 59 breaks down the Colts schedule, how good the AFC South could be coming up this year, and what the Colts need to do in the first round of next weeks NFL Draft.

Can the Pacers put together a full four quarters against Boston?

Apr 18, 2019 1244


Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana discussed the Pacers loss in Game 2 with JMV, why the Pacers haven't been able to put four quarters together this series & how Game 3 is of course a must win. 

Bowen Knows: Colts schedule & Pacers bouncing back in Boston?

Apr 17, 2019 1131


Kevin Bowen discusses the Colts schedule and how strong it may be this year. He and JMV discuss how difficult the AFC South will be. They talk about who the Colts may look at in the draft before shifting to the Pacers. They talk about their first round series with Boston and how their mental attitude has to shift from Game 1.

Joey Brunk talks transfer to IU, eating with Robin Miller

Apr 17, 2019 522


Joey Brunk joins the show to talk about his recently announced transfer to Indiana and how hard it was to leave Butler. He talks about what other teams he visited with before settling on the Hoosiers. He talks about his late father and the inspiration he gains from him plus more.

Can the Pacers overcome 3rd quarter woes?

Apr 17, 2019 835


Eddie Gill joins JMV to talk about the Pacers' playoff series with the Celtics. They discuss Myles Turner's need to take more shots and fully break down Game 1. They discuss what adjustments will be necessary moving forward for Indiana and how their end of season effort may have led to fatigue.

J Michael breaks down the Pacers and Game 2 in Boston

Apr 16, 2019 603


J.Michael of the Indy Star joined the show for the latest from Boston on the Pacers, if we will ever see Aaron Holiday in this series, and what adjustments the Pacers need to make in order to even the series up on the road. 

What the Colts should be doing in the draft and free agency

Apr 16, 2019 1583


Stephen Holder of The Athletic talks with JMV about the free agents available for the Indianapolis Colts, what the teams goals should be in the NFL draft coming up at the end of the month, and the feel around the locker room as players reported back to West 56th Street yesterday. 

JMV's Andy Mohr sister Mckinzie joins us in studio

Apr 16, 2019 419


You  know her from the Andy Mohr commercials, Mckinzie joined JMV and Tony D. in studio to discuss her return to Indy, what she is up to lately, and the sports she loves! 

Will they ever allow alcohol inside IU Athletics ?

Apr 16, 2019 1341


Greg Rakestraw of ISC Sports Network joined JMV to discuss if IU would ever allow alochol to be sold inside their arenas, the latest with the Colts as the NFL Draft looks around the corner and what the latest in college recruiting around the state of Indiana. 

Slowing things down with Mike Wells

Apr 15, 2019 1371


Mike Wells of ESPN has been keeping an eye out on the Pacers, him and JMV discuss the game 1 loss to the Celtics, how bad Tyreke Evans has continued to look, and the latest with the Colts as players returned to West 56th Street to get ready for some off season workouts. 

Jermiah Johnson on a bad day in Boston

Apr 15, 2019 1379


Jermiah Johnson of the Pacers TV broadcast with Fox Sports Indiana talks about the loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 1, how the team struggled in the third quarter and what to expect from the Pacers in Game 2 on Wednesday. 

Tony D's Podcast on Long Beach, getting old, and chick magnets

Apr 12, 2019 00:08:06


Tony D. brings you his podcast looking ahead to the IndyCar action this weekend at Long Beach, is new way of trying to pick up chicks (still probably won't work) and his thoughts on the Pacers and Celtics opening round series in the Eastern Conference. 

Chris Denari and JJ preview Pacers/Celtics with JMV

Apr 12, 2019 00:17:32


Chris Denari and Jeremiah Johnson joined JMV to preview the Pacers/Celtics series, talk about players that need to step up for the Pacers, and how it's not spring time in Indy without Pacers playoff basketball. 

Thad Young & Pacers embracing underdog role, look to knock out Boston

Apr 12, 2019 00:08:54


From the Pacers, starting forward Thad Young joins JMV to discuss the upcoming opening round playoff series for the Pacers as they battle the Boston Celtics. He talks about the brutal stretch to finish the year, and what the team has to do to slow down Kyrie Irving. 

Zak Keefer joined JMV from Augusta National

Apr 12, 2019 00:05:19


Zak Keefer joined JMV from Augusta to discuss who has impressed him thus far, how amazing Augusta is, and who he picked to win the Masters before it started and who it would be now. 

Clint Bowyer shares his favorite Tony Stewart story

Apr 12, 2019 00:13:18


NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer joined JMV to discuss his season up to this point, the talent that comes out of southern Indiana, and this weekend's race in Richmond. 

Jason Mewes comedy has stood the test of time.

Apr 12, 2019 00:13:03


Actor and comedian Jason Mewes will be at the Helium Comedy Club in Indy tonight. He joined JMV to discuss if playing one role for a long period of time tires him out, his movie coming out in July, and his show at the Helium comedy Club tonight. 

What holes will the Colts be looking to fill in the upcoming NFL Draft?

Apr 11, 2019 00:15:41


Mike Chappell joined JMV to discuss "With the Next Pick" on, how Chris Ballard has great people surrounding him, the Colts recent draft picks, and where the Colts will be looking position wise in the draft. 

Check out "With the Next Pick" on

Apr 11, 2019 00:07:58


Vice President of content and production for David Knickerbocker joined JMV to discuss the Colts front office and's new series titled "With the Next Pick".

Brian Windhorst thinks the Eastern Conference playoffs will be fun to watch

Apr 11, 2019 00:18:39


ESPN's Brian Windhorst joined JMV to discuss the Pacers/Celtics playoff match up, why he think the Eastern Conference playoffs will be exciting, what moves the Pacers should make this off season knowing Vic won't be back to 100 percent by the start of next season, and NBA free agency. 

I heard it from a friend about JMV

Apr 11, 2019 00:00:19


From REO Speedwagon, Kevin Cronin with the best liner this show has ever heard, well besides the Polish Prince! 

Bob Kravitz joins the show to talk Pacers, Tyreke Evans and more

Apr 10, 2019 00:08:43


The Athletic's Bob Kravitz joins the show to give his prediction for the Pacers/Celtics playoff series. He also touches on his Masters prediction as well. He talks about what Tyreke Evans needs to do to be a difference maker in the playoffs and why he's not travelling to Boston for the first two games of the series.

Kevin Bowen talks Pacers and a little Colts

Apr 10, 2019 00:18:56


Kevin Bowen joins the show to discuss the Pacers' upcoming offseason. Him and JMV discuss the free agents that they could target. They preview the Atlanta game tonight and the Celtics series starting this weekend. They also discuss the Colts and the draft picks that they've made in recent memory.

No one will pick the Pacers, can they pull it off?

Apr 10, 2019 00:18:30


Chris Denari joins JMV on the show to speculate when the Pacers first round series with the Celtics might start. They discuss what the Pacers need to do to get back on track heading into the playoffs. Chris discusses what the shortening of the Celtics' rotation could mean for the Pacers. They discuss the injury status of players in the upcoming series. Finally, they talk about Magic Johnson stepping down from the Lakers and how it overshadowed other happenings in the NBA last night.

Kevin Koke is running the Boston Marathon for a great cause

Apr 10, 2019 00:07:39


Kevin Koke joins the show to discuss his upcoming run in the Boston Marathon. He discusses how his run will benefit the Carolina Symmes Endowment. He also talks about what the endowment's goal is. Anyone that wants to get involved should visit

Fresh off of a vacation, Greg Rakestraw gives his thoughts on the national title game

Apr 9, 2019 00:16:35


Greg Rakestraw is back from vacation and decided to join JMV to discuss last night's national title game, where he would rank Tony Bennett and Chris Beard among college basketball coaches, and why IU needs help going into next season. 

If the Pacers get beat in 4 or 5 games against Boston this will end up being a disappointing season

Apr 8, 2019 00:15:54


Mike Wells joined JMV to discuss the Pacers limping to the finish line, the Celtics under performing all season long, how the Celtics have the ability to flip the switch, and Kyrie Irving being a bit of a drama queen. 

Are the Pacers out of gas?

Apr 8, 2019 00:07:05


Former Pacer Eddie Gill joined JMV. They discussed whether or not the Pacers are running out of gas, how Friday night was very disappointing, and the expectations for the first round series against Boston. 

Tucker Barnhart needs to work on his form if he's going to take down Yasiel Puig

Apr 8, 2019 00:19:14


Cincinnati Reds Catcher Tucker Barnhart joined JMV to discuss the Reds/Pirates brawl, him trying to take down Yasiel Puig, how he feels when a pitcher celebrates after striking him out, and how the Reds still have 153 games to turn their season around. 

Kevin Cronin of Reo Speedwagon loves coming to Indy

Apr 5, 2019 00:10:55


From Reo Speedwagon, Kevin Cronin chats with his ole pal JMV about another return concert in Indy,  how the bands first waive of fans came from Indy, and a basketball game played here in Indy town. 

Jeremiah Johnson joins the show to talk Pacers and Celtics

Apr 5, 2019 00:18:27


Jeremiah Johnson joins JMV to talk Pacers/Celtics on Friday night. The pair discusses who will be active for the game and who won't. They talk about the importance the Pacers have placed on wrapping up the 4 seed in the east. Load management and whether or not the Pacers will take advantage of it is discussed. Finally, the pair discusses who they would most like to see implode in the Eastern Conference.

Tony D expects an unpredictable Indy Car weekend

Apr 4, 2019 00:05:36


Indy Car heads to Barber with another spotty forecast, how that will play a factor in the way teams practice, who his call to win the race is, and what the car count looks like for the Indy 500 all is discussed! 

What are the Colts looking for with the 26th overall pick in the draft?

Apr 4, 2019 00:16:00


Mike Chappell joined JMV to discuss Robin Miller, what the Colts will do with their first round pick, how Justin Houston is a huge upgrade as a pass rusher from what they've recently had, and why the AFC South will be the best division in the NFL next season. 

The Pacers have a massive game tomorrow night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Apr 4, 2019 00:12:54


J. Michael joined JMV to discuss how much time Aaron Holiday will get in the post season, how Doug McDermott needs to be better at home, how Boston has had a disappointing season, and why Tyreke Evans can't make a lay up. 

Bowen Knows: Pacers push for the Playoffs

Apr 3, 2019 00:27:40


Kevin Bowen joins JMV live in studio for two segments to talk up the Pacers as they push for the playoffs, the off season signing for the Colts and some memories from Bloomington. 

The latest with all things IU Athletics

Apr 3, 2019 00:12:46


Jeff Rabjohns of joined the show for the latest news on the quarterback situation with the Indiana Hoosiers, the latest with hoops and recruiting, and what players will transfer in and out of IU.

Which game for the Pacers holds the most importance?

Apr 3, 2019 00:22:45


Jermiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana joined JMV to discuss the games tonight for the Pacers against the Piston and Fridays game with the Celtics. If the Pacers can eliminate a 10 game losing skid on the road tonight & chasing the Celtics for the 4th seed.

Tony D is out of Twitter jail!

Apr 2, 2019 00:06:09


Tony D's podcast discusses his bail out of Twitter jail, thoughts on a great season for the Purdue Boilermakers & more! 

The Pacers seek to end the regular season strong

Apr 2, 2019 00:13:18


After a win last night, Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana discusses the teams play down the stretch of the season with JMV, how Domantas Sabonis is not getting the right calls from the NBA officials, and Chris previews tomorrows back to back with the Pistons in Detroit. 

Kravitz- Purdue will be a better program over the next 5 years

Apr 2, 2019 00:23:04


From the Athletic, Bob Kravitz talks NCAA hoops in the state of Indiana.his thoughts on the Pacers heading into the final stretch of the season, and a very interesting piece he is working on with a former Colt player involved in politics. 

Robin Miller heading to the Hall of Fame, talks Hoosier Hundred demise

Apr 2, 2019 00:24:34


Robin Miller of NBC Sports and Racer Magazine joins JMV to discuss the latest with the Indy Car Series, heading into the Indiana Sportswriters Hall of Fame and what to expect for the final Hoosier Hundred in May. 

Dane Fife talks MSU in Final Four and trying to be poised on the sideline

Apr 1, 2019 1706


Friend of the show and former IU stand out Dane Fife is the associate head coach at Michigan State, he talks about the Spartans in the Final Four, the coaches he learned from along the way and his time spend at IU. 

Purdue gets to Elite 8, what does the future hold for the Boilermakers

Apr 1, 2019 1090


Alan Karpick of Gold and Black joined the show to discuss the play of the Boilermakers throughout the NCAA Tournament, what Carsen Edwards has meant to the Black and Gold, and what the future holds for Purdue and Matt Painter.

Colton Herta joins Tony D after his first career win

Mar 29, 2019 355


Colton Herta joined Tony D. fresh off his first career win at COTA to discuss the win, how the cautions played right into his hands, and how it makes him hungrier for more with the fast success.

Rob Blackman talks big night for the Boilermakers

Mar 29, 2019 1037


Rob Blackman from the Purdue Radio Network joined JMV to discuss the win for Purdue over Tennessee last night, the upcoming battle with Virginia for a spot in the Final Four and the lights out shooting for Ryan Kline. 

Robbie Hummel is proud to be a Boilermaker today

Mar 29, 2019 584


From ESPN and Big Ten, former Purdue stand out Robbie Hummel joins the show to break down the Boilermakers heading to the Elite 8, the hot shooting night of Ryan Kline and how Purdue matches up with #1 Virginia for a chance to go to the Final Four for the first time since 1980.

Purdue steams forward to the Elite 8

Mar 29, 2019 563


Shon Morris of the Big Ten Network joins the show to talk about the Purdue/Tennessee game last night. Morris and JMV talk about the play of Ryan Cline in the game and the debatable foul call. Morris also previews the Purdue/Virginia Elite Eight game coming up.

JMV woke up comedian Kyle Kinane who is town this weekend

Mar 29, 2019 403


Kyle Kinane, of Drunk History and The Standups joins the show from his bed. He and JMV discuss his abnormal sleep schedule. They talk about the brand new comedy club Helium downtown. Kyle talks about his experience on Drunk History and the best part of what he does.

Ask ATI gets you ready for baseball season

Mar 28, 2019 1136


Dan Ginader and Brad Howell join JMV in studio to discuss the upcoming MLB season, what injuries could spring up when the weather isn't quite as warm, and some of the injuries around MLB that you should keep an eye out for to start the season. 

What did we learn from Jim Irsay this week?

Mar 28, 2019 766


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 talks about the Colts in the offseason, the signings so far and what Jim Irsay said in the NFL owners meetings this week. 

Nate McMillan taking it one day at a time down the stretch for the Pacers

Mar 28, 2019 824


Pacers head coach Nate McMillan joined the show to discuss the approach heading down the stretch for the Pacer, the ugly loss last night to the Thunder, and the conversation he and Tyreke Evans had a few weeks back.

What does Purdue need to do to get it done against Tennessee tonight?

Mar 28, 2019 470


Alan Karpick is the president and publisher of Gold and Black Illustrated. He joined JMV to discuss what Purdue needs to do to get the win tonight, why Carsen Edwards must be efficient, and how he already sees tons of gold and black in Louisville. 

Zak Keefer steps out of his comfort zone to write an article about a former mobster that calls Indy home

Mar 28, 2019 855


Zak Keefer joined JMV to discuss a mob story that not many people know about, the NFL Owners meeting in Scottsdale, if Peyton will be back in the NFL in the next five years, and how the Colts are very content with where they are as an organization right now. 

Bobby Valentine joined JMV to discuss Yasiel Puig's transition from LA to Cincy

Mar 28, 2019 580


Former MLB player and manager Bobby Valentine joined the show. Him and JMV discussed opening day baseball, how the game has changed over the years, Yasiel Puig's transition to Cincinnati, what he misses about being in the show, and who the best player that he ever managed was. 

Kevin Bowen joins the show to talk Colts

Mar 27, 2019 881


Kevin Bowen, who covers the Colts for joins JMV on the show. The pair discuss the Colt's offseason so far. They talk about Robert Mathis leaving the team's coaching staff. They also talk about the team's free agency decisions this far and what the Colts might do in the draft.

Tucker Barnhart talks Opening Day, upcoming Reds season

Mar 27, 2019 1061


Tucker Barnhart of the Cincinnati Reds joins the show to talk about the Reds' upcoming season. He talks with JMV about how much enthusiasm he has for Spring Training. Barnhart and JMV discuss the wearing of cups and Barnhart mentions specific teammates that do or don't. They discuss the fanbase's excitement for this season and Barnhart's recent move.

Jeremiah Johnson on the success of the Pacers post Paul George

Mar 27, 2019 721


Jeremiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana joins JMV. The pair discusses the fate of the Pacers and Thunder after the Paul George trade two years ago. They discuss how much this game means to the Pacers' playoff seeding and how they feel about Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward's Celtics that the Pacers are trying to fend off in the standings. JMV proposes an Oklahoman song to play before commercials tonight, prompting Johnson to talk about how their music choices work.

Kravitz: Stop the Haters!!

Mar 26, 2019 1337


Bob Kravitz of The Athletic talks about the Purdue Boilermakers taking on Tennessee in the Sweet 16, the latest with the Colts and Peyton Manning and if Nate McMillan has changed his philosophy in the locker room as the Pacers head coach. 

A dive into the NCAA Tournament with Dan Dickau

Mar 26, 2019 811


From Westwood One, former Gonzaga stand out Dan Dickau joined the show to discuss Sweet 16, how Gonzaga has done an outstanding job competing year after year, and his pickup games with John Stockton. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Mar 26, 2019 1309


Greg Rakestraw of ISC talks about the Sweet 16 and the chances for the Boilermakers to advance, who impressed him at the 109th IHSAA State Boys Basketball Finals and his thoughts on some of the comments Jim Irsay said down at the owner meeting today. 

Anything Goes for March 25

Mar 25, 2019 981


JMV wants to DJ and Ike & Jonesy's, Tony didn't win any money in Vegas and callers call in to chime in on whatever they want when Anything Goes. 

Steinbrenner IV gets first win as Indy Car owner, hungry for more

Mar 25, 2019 390


George Steinbrenner IV joins Tony D. to discuss his first victory in the Indy Car Series as an owner, what the feeling was like knowing he helped Colton Herta to become the youngest winner in Indy Car history, and how it makes him hungry for more. 

Chris Denari talks upcoming playoff push for the Pacers

Mar 25, 2019 1220


Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana joined JMV to discuss the huge game for Bojan yesterday in a blow out win for the Pacers over Denver, if the Celtics will continue their downfall and that time of year where the Pacers and racers gets going! 

Robbie Hummel loves his Boilermakers in the Sweet 16

Mar 25, 2019 1423


From Big Ten and ESPN, Robbie Hummel talks up his Boilermakers reaching the Sweet 16, what to expect from the rest of the Sweet 16 and how Purdue and Carsen Edwards will perform against Tennessee. 

Kevin Harvick on a roll to start 2019

Mar 25, 2019 568


After another Top 10 finish, Kevin Harvick checked in with Tony D. to discuss the start of the season so far, how important the dynamic is between his car owner Tony Stewart, crew chief Rodney Childers & himself for success, and Tony gets Kevin's brain working on tracks he has won on in the Cup series. 

Barr-Reeve Vikings Head Coach Josh Thompson Talks 1A State Championship Game

Mar 22, 2019 990


Mike Wells Talks Colts and Pacers With JMV

Mar 22, 2019 862


Rick Venturi RETURNS To Breakdown The Colts Signing Funchess and Houston.

Mar 22, 2019 1631


The coach Rick Venturi is back on The Ride to breakdown Colts free agency and NFL draft expectations.

Coach Bob Lovell Previews The IHSAA State Finals Match ups

Mar 22, 2019 1089


Bob Lovell the host of Indiana Sports Talk joins JMV to preview the IHSAA State Finals Games! 

Tony D's Podcast: Leaving Las Vegas, Tourney continues on, Indy Car hits COTA

Mar 22, 2019 306


Tony D. returns from Las Vegas and Phoenix, he talks about his time out west, what to expect in this weekends Indy Car race at Circuit of the Americas, and how picking all the upsets in the first round may not be the easiest way to win your bracket challenge. 

Alan Karpick Previews Purdues First Round Matchup

Mar 21, 2019 401


Mike Chappell Breaks Down The HUGE Signing Of Justin Houston

Mar 21, 2019 567


Steve Rannazzisi Joins JMV Ahead Of His Show At Helium Comedy Club

Mar 21, 2019 477


J Micheal Breaks Down Pacers Vs Golden State

Mar 21, 2019 1010


Linton-Stockton Head Coach Joey Hart Previews The State Finals!

Mar 21, 2019 975


Dylan Windler Recaps Belmont's First Ever NCAA Tournament Win

Mar 20, 2019 576


Indianapolis' own Dylan Windler Joins JMV to recap the big win for Belmont, and preview the next game against Maryland.

Rob Blackmon Of The Purdue Radio Network Previews The NCAA Tournament

Mar 19, 2019 00:12:15


JJ Breaks Down The Pacers back To Back Games From LA

Mar 19, 2019 00:22:06


Greg Rakestraw Talks IU, Purdue, And IHSAA State Finals

Mar 19, 2019 00:23:40


JMV And ATI Physical Therapy Guys Preview The NCAA Tournament

Mar 19, 2019 00:22:13


Need Physical Therapy? Schedule your appointment now at 

Chris Hagan and JMV Breakdown Their NCAA Picks And Talk Pacers

Mar 18, 2019 00:17:38


Chris Hagan from Fox 59 and CBS 4 joins JMV.

NCAA Tournament Preview And More With Bob Kravitz

Mar 18, 2019 00:13:26


Bob Kravitz of The Athletic joins the JMV to discuss Purdue, IU, and the NCAA tournament.  

Hoosiers NIT Bound Or Is There Still Hope?

Mar 15, 2019 00:12:57


The voice of the Hoosiers breaks down the season for the Hoosiers and if there is any hope for the NCAA tournament or are the Hoosiers NIT bound?

Bob Lovell Previews Semi-State Weekend

Mar 15, 2019 00:10:31


Semi-state starts this weekend! JMV and The Coach Bob Lovell breakdown the match ups. 

Newest Colt Devin Funchess Joins The Show

Mar 14, 2019 00:06:38


JMV asks Devin Funchess why he chose Indy and more!

Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter Joins JMV Ahead Of The Big Ten Tournament

Mar 14, 2019 00:11:35


JMV gets in the mind of Coach Painter as the Boilermakers await the winner of Penn State and Minnesota. 

Jeremiah Johnson Joins JMV as The Pacers Get Set To Face A Returing Paul George and The Thunder

Mar 14, 2019 00:17:32


Pacers take on the Thunder at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Paul George returns again, JJ answers JMV's questions about his return. 

JMV Goes around the NFL with John Clayton

Mar 13, 2019 00:09:32


John Clayton of joins JMV to talk about the latest signings for the Indianapolis Colts, why they haven’t gone after big name free agents & he and JMV go around the league and talk about some of the official signings in the NFL .

Colts staying quiet in free agency

Mar 13, 2019 00:21:35


Stephen Holder of The Athletic talks up the Colts latest signings including keeping a few of their own players, what their approach should be in the upcoming NFL Draft, and if they will find a splash to make in free agency. 

Can Butler make some noise in Big East tourney?

Mar 13, 2019 00:09:14


Nick Gardner of the Butler Bulldogs radio network joined JMV from Madison Square Garden as the Bulldogs take on Providence in the first round of the Big East Tourney. Can Butler get hot and find their way into the NCAA Tourney? 

Must win tonight for the Pacers at home

Mar 12, 2019 00:19:53


Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana joins us to chat up the Pacers welcoming in the Knicks tonight, what to expect from the team against a struggling New York squad and why Tyreke Evans isn't playing tonight. 

What does IU have to do to get in?

Mar 12, 2019 00:19:45


Jeff Rabjohns of PEEGS discusses the IU/OSU Big Ten first round tourney match up, how IU can get into the NCAA Tourney, and which players will have to step up in Chicago during the Big Ten tourney. 

Dylan Windler & Belmont playing the waiting game to make the NCAA Tourney

Mar 12, 2019 00:12:58


From Perry Meridian, friend of the show, Dylan Windler talks about his play in the OVC Tourney, how his Belmont Bruins are right on the bubble of the NCAA Tourney, and what it was like to play in front of the likes Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. 

Purdue takes share of Big Ten, looks to make noise in Chicago

Mar 11, 2019 00:11:09


Rob Blackman of the Purdue Radio Network joined JMV to discuss the Boilermakers taking part of the Big Ten regular season title, how they will perform in Chicago and why Coach Painter should be the national coach of the year. 

The Pacers need to get back on Fox Sports Indiana

Mar 11, 2019 00:08:13


Jermiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana talks Pacers and the loss to the 76ers yesterday. Why the Pacers have struggled on National Television, and how the Knicks coming to town is just what the squad needs.

The Marian Knights have reached the NAIA Final Four

Mar 11, 2019 00:08:22


Head coach and friend of the show Scott Heady joined Tony D. on game day of the national semifinal in NAIA hoops action as Marian advanced to the Final Four this past weekend. 

Don Fischer talk IU hopes in the NCAA Tourney

Mar 8, 2019 00:16:08


Voice of IU, Don Fischer joins JMV to discuss his weekend, the win for IU last night at Illinois and what to expect on Senior Day on Sunday. 

John O'Hurley of Seinfeld catches up with JMV

Mar 8, 2019 00:08:08


J. Peterman of Seinfeld fame, the actor John O'Hurley joins JMV to discuss his night ahead at the Indy Fuel, where you can find him and meet him, and his latest Broadway show. 

ESPN's Mark Adams talks mid-major college hoops & how IU could miss tourney

Mar 8, 2019 00:23:13


ESPN's Mark Adams joined JMV to discuss how the bubble is very soft, some of the really good mid-majors, why this is one of Rick Byrd's most balanced teams ever, why Ja Morant is special, and college coaches cheating.

Jay Pharoah brings his comedy to Indy this weekend at Helium

Mar 8, 2019 00:12:58


Coming to Helium Comedy Club, Jay Pharoah joined JMV to discuss his heroes in comedy, what to expect from his show this weekend in downtown Indy and his time doing college radio. 

Tony D. previews St. Pete + Fantasy Indy Car league info

Mar 8, 2019 00:07:50


Tony D. gets you ready for Indy Car this weekend down in St. Pete as the green flag flies on the 2019 season, who will take the checkered flag in round 1, how the entry list for the Indy 500 is looking, and info about the 2019 fantasy league! 

Where is the Colts interest in free agency?

Mar 7, 2019 00:22:37


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 breaks down the Colts interests coming up in free agency, how the salary cap will play a role with big names players a few years away from a new contract and why Landon Collins has to be in the discussion for the Colts. 

A MUST win tonight for the Hoosiers

Mar 7, 2019 00:22:50


Jeff Rabjohns tells JMV that tonight is a must win for IU, and what else they have to do to get into the NCAA Tourney. They also discuss some future recruits for the Hoosiers, and the season to date for Archie Miller. 

Indiana State looks to cause havoc in Arch Madness

Mar 7, 2019 00:10:52


Head coach of Indiana State, Greg Lansing joins Tony D & Kevin Bowen to discuss the Trees heading to St. Louis for an opening round match up against Valpo, how difficult it is to beat a team three times in one season and if ISU will be breaking out the throw back powder blues.

Indy Car is ready to go green in St. Pete

Mar 7, 2019 00:21:54


Mark Jaynes, the voice of the Indy Car Series on the IMS Radio Network joined Tony D. and Kevin Bowen to preview the start of the 2019 season, what Mark is looking forward to the most this weekend down in Florida, and if Sebastian Bourdais can win on the streets for the third straight time. 

UIndy looks to make some noise in the GLVC Tourney

Mar 7, 2019 00:12:50


The UIndy Greyhounds tip off the GLVC Tourney tomorrow. Tony D. caught up with head coach Stan Gouard to discuss the opening round match up, how the team got to 19-9 on the season, and Tony D. discusses IU's chances to make the tourney with Kevin Bowen.

Plenty of Colts wants, but what are the needs

Mar 5, 2019 00:15:47


Stephen Holder of The Athletic joined JMV to discuss plenty of names the Colts may want, but what are the names they need. Holder makes a case for Landon Collins, and what players from the combine the Colts will have their eye on. 

Victor's presence with the Pacers still strong

Mar 5, 2019 00:19:53


Rob Mahoney of SI joined JMV to discuss his latest article on the Indiana Pacers, how Victor is still on everyone's mind as the Pacers move forward and what player for the Pacers is going to be the go to guy. 

Closer by committee for the Pacers?

Mar 5, 2019 00:11:07


JMV and Eddie Gill from Fox Sports Indiana discuss the Pacers team without Victor Oladipo, who is the step up guy down the stretch for the Pacers, and when Domantas Sabonis will be ready to go for the Blue and Gold. 

Are teams slowing down IHSAA Tourney games?

Mar 5, 2019 00:24:09


Greg Rakestraw of ISC Sports joins JMV to discuss the opening rounds of the IHSAA State tournament, the Colts and the upcoming free agency period & some local college hoops and the regular season comes to a close. 

Kyle Larson off to quick start in 2019

Mar 5, 2019 00:05:13


Driver of the #42 Chevy for Chip Ganassi, and Tony D's guy, Kyle Larson joins Tony to discuss surviving Daytona, how running his sprint car keeps him focused and of course, what would an interview with Larson be in Indy without asking about him running the Indianapolis 500. 

Mike Wells joins the show to talk Colts

Mar 4, 2019 00:12:48


Mike Wells of joins the show. Wells and JMV discuss concert plans and underrated bands. The pair move on to Colts talk, talking about the scouting combine and the upcoming draft. They discuss the upcoming year, roster holes, and how Landon Collins or others might fit. How good the AFC South will be next year comes up and is discussed.

Zach Osterman joins the show to talk Hoosiers and their bubble watch

Mar 4, 2019 00:19:17


Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star joins JMV. The pair discuss Bloomington and IU’s play as of late. Osterman breaks down the Hoosiers’ chances of making the NCAA tournament and what they need to do going forward. They discuss the upcoming Big Ten tournament and Archie Miller’s tenure as a whole. JMV talks about how bad a 1-12 streak is and Osterman responds. Finally, Osterman talks about how his infant child has taken over his life.

Sage Karam back with Dreyer Reinbold for 103rd Indy 500

Mar 4, 2019 00:10:17


Veteran driver Sage Karam joined Tony D. to discuss his deal to run the 103rd Indy 500 in the #24 DRR Chevy. The two discuss the importance of team chemistry, staying sharp during the off season and if there is a chance we could see more races for the team and Sage in 2019. 

IU has been playing with more confidence as of late

Mar 1, 2019 00:13:07


The voice of the Hoosiers Don Fischer joined JMV. They discussed why he is not happy with the IndyStar, IU's win over Wisconsin, IU's effort as of late, and why IU has been playing better over their last few games. 

There are some big high school sectional games tonight and Bob Lovell has you covered

Mar 1, 2019 00:09:15


Indiana Sports Talk host Bob Lovell joined JMV. They discussed high school sectional games all around the state, how Lafayette Jeff could knock off Zionsville tonight, and where you can watch and listen to some of the biggest games of the night. 

The Pacers got a big win last night and Bogey was a huge reason why

Mar 1, 2019 00:19:05


Jeremiah Johnson joined JMV to discuss Bogey's huge game in a win over the Timberwolves, Myles Turner's injury, if T.J. Leaf is starting to develop, and how the Pacers need Evans and Sabonis to get healthy for the month of March. 

ASK ATI talks combine and of course JMV's injuries

Feb 28, 2019 00:18:14


DR. Julian and the ATI guys are in studio. What injuries can happen in quick burst in the combine, what players that suffered injuries in bowl games and how that could effect their performance and of course JMV's body that is breaking down. 

A must hear story about Frank Reich prior to taking the Colts job

Feb 28, 2019 00:17:11


From NBC Sports, Peter King, one of the most respected NFL writers joins JMV to discuss where the top free agents in the NFL could land, what the NFL should do about Robert Kraft, and a must hear story about Frank Reich before taking the Colts job. 

Chappell joins live from the combine. Why the Colts won't make a splash

Feb 28, 2019 00:24:35


Mike Chappell of CBS4 joins JMV live at the combine. Chapp tells you why a splash in free agency may not be the answer for the Indianapolis Colts, how much has changed inside the locker room, and why Ballard won't make moves for players that don't fit in his locker room. 

Todd McShay on the hot topics around the NFL Combine

Feb 28, 2019 00:12:32


From ESPN, draft expert Todd McShay joined JMV to discuss the Colts needs in the upcoming draft, what players working out this weekend are on the Colts radar, and the measurements of Kyler Murray. 

Is there any team that Kyler Murray would really fit in with?

Feb 28, 2019 00:14:00


Draft Analyst Tony Pauline joined JMV at the NFL Combine. They discussed Kyler Murray's measurements, if he would really fit in well with a certain team, how this draft is defensive lineman heavy, and who the most over hyped players are in this year's draft. 

Chris Denari explains why the Pacers are really struggling to defend the three

Feb 28, 2019 00:09:36


The Voice of the Pacers Chris Denari joined JMV. They discussed the Pacers struggling to defend the 3 ball, the Pacers dropping two games in a row, when Sabonis will make his return from his ankle injury, and what has impressed him the most about Wesley Matthews. 

An early Anything Goes with the Voice of the Colts Matt Taylor

Feb 28, 2019 00:24:03


Radio Voice of the Indianapolis Colts Matt Taylor joined JMV from the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. They did an early Anything Goes along with talking about the Colts in free agency, the NFL Combine, and a little Major League Baseball. 

Around the NFL with John Clayton

Feb 27, 2019 00:18:40


John Clayton is in town for the 2019 combine. He joined JMV to discuss the upcoming combine and some players to watch, they also tackle some hot button topics in the NFL including where Antonio Brown could land & how the Colts can get better this offseason using the draft and free agency. 

IU still has slim NCAA Tournament hopes

Feb 27, 2019 00:14:38


Jeff Rabjohns of dives into the problems for IU despite a double overtime win last night over #19 Wisconsin. Jeff discusses if Romeo Langford has been a bust at IU, and how the Hoosiers still have slim hopes for the NCAA tourney. 

Bowen Knows: Colts have needs to address

Feb 27, 2019 00:24:21


Live from the NFL Combine Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV to discuss the press conferences of Chris Ballard & Frank Reich, how the locker room needs to be addressed this off season, and what free agents in the NFL Could be of interest to the franchise. 

Frank Reich with JMV live at the 2019 NFL Combine

Feb 27, 2019 00:12:05


Colts head coach Frank Reich joined JMV live from the NFL Combine on 1070 The Fan. Coach Reich talks about keeping their own in free agency, how they will approach the upcoming draft, and a look back at the season for the Colts. Frank also breaks down the feel for the locker room and the importance of having a locker room that gels well together. 

Are we in for a low scoring affair between IU and Wisconsin tonight?

Feb 26, 2019 00:05:10


Zach Osterman covers IU athletics for the Indianapolis Star. He joined JMV to discuss IU's match up with Wisconsin tonight, why saying IU played hard is getting old, and if there is any potential for an offensive explosion from the Hoosiers tonight. 

Howie Schwab talks brackets with Tony D.

Feb 26, 2019 00:12:20


Formerly from Stump the Schwab, Howie Schwab of Fox College Hoops goes in depth with Tony D. on the bubble, the ceiling for the Boilermakers, how Butler can get in and how soft this seasons bubble is. 

Romeo Langford and Indiana have had one disappointing year

Feb 26, 2019 00:18:07


Greg Rakestraw joined the show to talk with JMV. They discussed tonight's biggest high school sectional games, where the Steelers are going to send Antonio Brown, how this has been a bad year for Romeo and the Indiana Hoosiers, and if Purdue should be concerned with Carsen Edwards struggling offensively. 

Getting the win at Detroit tonight will not be an easy task for the Pacers

Feb 25, 2019 00:14:27


Pacers reporter J. Michael joined JMV. They discussed Myles Turner's hip injury and whether or not he will suit up tonight, the impact that Myles has on the defensive end, who the Pacers go to down the stretch without Vic, and how winning at Detroit tonight will not be easy. 

JMV B 105.7 Full Weekend Takeover

Feb 25, 2019 02:28:52


Don Fischer talks IU's shooting struggles

Feb 22, 2019 00:15:07


Don Fischer joined JMV to discuss IU's game at Iowa tonight, how IU-Purdue was an ugly game to watch, IU's shooting struggles, and the Bob Knight talk show days.

Bob Lovell and JMV talk high school hoops

Feb 22, 2019 00:11:43


Bob Lovell is the host of Indiana Sports Talk. He joined JMV to discuss this weekend's high school games, JR Holmes setting the record for most wins as a head coach in Indiana high school boys hoops history, IUPUI's home game at the Coliseum tonight, and how this could be the year you see more mid majors get into the NCAA tournament. 

Should the Colts be aggressive this off season?

Feb 22, 2019 00:19:08


The Athletic's Bob Kravitz joined JMV. They discussed whether or not it would be wise for the Colts to target Antonio Brown this off season, why they wouldn't mind seeing Chris Ballard be somewhat aggressive in free agency,  if the Pacers will be able to keep up during the month of March, and IU's chances at Iowa tonight. 

Jeremiah Johnson and JMV are excited that Pacers basketball is back

Feb 22, 2019 00:09:50


Jeremiah Johnson and JMV are both excited to see what the Pacers can do coming down the home stretch of this season. They discuss the game tonight against the Pelicans, how sitting in the 3rd spot in the Eastern Conference hasn't kept people from counting the Pacers out, and how Wesley Matthews should be more comfortable with the team coming out of the All-Star break. 

Chris Denari gets us ready for the Pacers' final stretch

Feb 21, 2019 00:07:16


TV voice of the Pacers Chris Denari previews Pacers-Pelicans, Anthony Davis' status for tomorrow's game, Myles Turner loses his mask and the grueling schedule that awaits the blue and gold right out of the All-Star break

Mike Chappell talks Colts potential free agents and Antonio Brown

Feb 21, 2019 00:23:13


CBS 4/FOX 59's Mike Chappell discusses whether the Colts should pursue a trade for Antonio Brown, potential free agents like Le'Veon Bell, Justin Howard, Dee Ford and the "fun" of the scouting combine

Butler Analyst Nick Gardner talks Marquette loss, Big East madness

Feb 21, 2019 00:12:17


Butler analyst Nick Gardner breaks down the Bulldogs' loss to Marquette, projecting the final stretch of the regular season, the jumble in the Big East standings and why radio guys get no respect 

Rob Blackman talks IU-Purdue, Concerts, and indoor football with JMV

Feb 20, 2019 00:12:10


Rob Blackman of the Boilermaker Radio Network joins the show. JMV and Blackmon discuss the IU-Purdue game, including the lack of offense and the Matt Haarms chant. The pair discuss the return of the Indiana Firebirds as well. JMV and Blackmon also each discuss their first concert experience!

Jared Jeffries returns to IU tonight, catches up with JMV

Feb 19, 2019 00:06:42


Former IU standout Jared Jeffries is returning to Bloomington tonight, he joins JMV to discuss the season for the Hoosiers, his thoughts on Romeo Langford, and to update us on what he has been doing post NBA retirement. 

Which IU team will we see tonight?

Feb 19, 2019 00:21:59


Jeff Rabjohns covers IU for He joined JMV to discuss IU losing 10 of 11 games after a 12-2 start, IU being a small budget athletic department, what big changes he expects Archie to make tonight, and how he will be surprised if IU wins tonight at Assembly Hall. 

Will Purdue sweep the season series with IU tonight?

Feb 19, 2019 00:09:00


Publisher of Gold and Black Illustrated Alan Karpick joined the show. Him and JMV discussed Purdue's struggles over the last two games, what needs to happen in order for Purdue to sweep the season series with IU tonight, and how Carsen Edwards has been fantastic this season. 

IU's tournament hopes are still alive

Feb 19, 2019 00:20:06


Greg Rakestraw is the post-game host for the Colts Radio Network. He joined the show to discuss if Antonio Brown is nuts, how he is doing a good job of getting himself out of Pittsburgh, who wins at Assembly Hall tonight, and how IU's tournament hopes are still alive. 

Get to know Indy Car Rookie Marcus Ericsson

Feb 19, 2019 00:09:31


NTT Data Indy Car rookie Marcus Ericsson joins Tony D to chat about his debut season for Arron Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, his relationship with teammate James Hinchcliffe and the learning curve he will face in 2019. 

Drew Storen excited to put his cup back on

Feb 18, 2019 00:14:32


Now signed with the Kansas City Royals, friend of the show Drew Storen joins JMV to discuss being back on the mound in spring training in Arizona, how it felt to put the uniform back on, and his expectations in his return to the bigs.

Duke or the field? Robbie Hummel joined JMV to talk college hoops

Feb 18, 2019 00:13:42


Former Purdue standout Robbie Hummel is currently a college basketball analyst for the Big Ten Network and ESPN. He joined JMV to discuss why he would take the field over Duke, if he considers Tennessee a fraud after their performance against Kentucky on Saturday night, Michigan State moving forward without Langford and Ward, and if Purdue will run IU out of Assembly Hall tomorrow night.

Jeremiah Johnson takes a break from his vacation to talk NBA

Feb 15, 2019 00:04:03


FOX Sports Indiana's Pacers sideline reporter Jeremiah Johnson joins JMV on the show. The pair discuss Anthony Davis and how his situation compares to Paul George's with the Pacers. Johnson and JMV disagree on the Lakers' future and discuss. The Milwaukee loss, the all-star break, and more are thrown in as well!

Bob Lovell joins the show to talk high school basketball

Feb 15, 2019 00:15:29


Bob Lovell, host of Indiana SportsTalk, joins JMV to talk everything high school basketball in Indiana. Their conversation spans from dinner times to announcer miscues to the top high school teams in the state. JMV also discusses his upcoming gig as a substitute 8-year old basketball coach.

FOX 59 and CBS 4's Mike Chappell talks Colts in free agency

Feb 14, 2019 00:14:35


FOX 59 and CBS 4's Mike Chappell has been covering the Colts since 1984. He joined JMV to discuss who the Colts will target first in free agency, if Antonio Brown would be a good idea, if he considers the Colts Super Bowl contenders, and his favorite slow jam for Valentines Day. 

The Pacers couldn't quite close out the top team in the East last night

Feb 14, 2019 00:10:58


Former Pacers guard Eddie Gill joined The Ride with JMV. Eddie and JMV discussed how it's tough to close out a game against a top team without Victor Oladipo, Giannis having a monster game, and if Nate waited too long to bring the starters back in the game in the fourth quarter.  

Kevin Bowen talks Pacers, Colts, load management

Feb 13, 2019 00:12:01


Kevin Bowen, 1070's Colts and Pacers reporter, joins the show. Bowen and JMV discuss what would need to happen for the Pacers to win a first-round playoff series. They discuss the game against Milwaukee tonight, how the all-star break could play into it and the load management or lack thereof of the Bucks. The pair discusses a potential Antonio Brown trade before finishing off with some marital advice from JMV.

Tony D. fires a quick slant at JMV

Feb 13, 2019 00:13:51


JMV answers questions from both Tony and emailers. Topics range from the Reds to country music to the Pacers to bad Valentine's Dates and more.

NBA Draft Prospect Dylan Windler joins JMV

Feb 13, 2019 00:14:32


Belmont basketball player Dylan Windler from Perry Meridian High School joins the show to talk basketball, golf, lefthandedness, and more.

Wesley Matthews on why he chose the Pacers

Feb 12, 2019 00:09:54


Wesley Matthews is the newest Pacer, he joins JMV to discuss why the Pacers are a fit for him, what it was like to play his first game for the Blue and Gold last night, and how he hopes to help the team continue it's playoff push. 

What moves should the Colts make this off season?

Feb 12, 2019 00:18:52


Greg Rakestraw is the post-game host for the Colts Radio Network. He joined JMV to discuss if trading for Antonio Brown would be a good idea, if T.Y. Hilton should be considered a number one receiver, how Archie Miller has been a disappointment in his second year, and if Purdue could make a deep tournament run. 

Robin Miller is heading to the Hall of Fame

Feb 11, 2019 00:11:59


Robin Miller will soon be in the Indiana Sports Writers Hall of Fame. He joined JMV to discuss the honor, the latest with Indy Car, and why the Pacers need to honor Slick Leonard with a statue outside of Bankers Life Fieldhouse. 

Pacers make moves at the deadline, Peter Dinwiddie joins JMV to break it all down

Feb 11, 2019 00:20:54


The Senior VP of Basketball Operations for the Indiana Pacers, Peter Dinwiddie joined JMV. They discussed the Pacers at the trade deadline, why the front office wanted to keep this group together, the vision they have for Sabonis and Turner in the future, and the tough stretch the Pacers face coming up in March. 

Don Fischer catches up on the latest with IU

Feb 8, 2019 00:13:59


After a loss to Iowa, IU is looking at not making the tourney, Don Fischer talks about what has gone wrong with the season, how the team still has plenty of games to right the ship, and the play of Romeo Langford.

Mike Wells is lovin Myles Turner

Feb 8, 2019 00:22:32


From Mike Wells joins JMV to praise Myles Turner, the play of the Pacers as of late and if the Colts will make the moves need to make a run in the AFC. 

Kevin Pritchard recaps trade deadline and the Pacers moving forward

Feb 8, 2019 00:18:17


Pacers President of Basketball Operations Kevin Pritchard joins JMV to discuss the trade deadline, how he likes the makeup of this team moving forward with Victor Oladipo, and how he sells the franchise to free agents. 

The craziest call in sports radio history? You tell us

Feb 8, 2019 00:02:19


Tony is rarely speechless, so when this gentleman called in to the show, JMV had to put him on the airwaves. Not sure if he knew he called into a sports radio show though!

Tony D says legalize sports gambling in Indiana

Feb 8, 2019 00:05:57


Tony D. brings another edition of his podcast. He discusses why the state of Indiana needs to be the next state to legalize sports gambling, they Pacers approach to the NBA trade deadline and of course, that bat inside of Bankers Life Fieldhouse. 

Mike Chappell joined JMV to discuss the Colts

Feb 7, 2019 00:17:16


Mike Chappell makes his case for Edgerrin James being in the hall of fame after not being voted in over the weekend, a familiar face returning to the Colts coaching staff and how the team can improve their team this off season. 

J. Michael discusses the trade deadline with JMV

Feb 7, 2019 00:15:17


J. Michael joined JMV to discuss the NBA trade deadline, Wesley Matthews signing with the Pacers, and the trade the Pacers made with the Houston Rockets. 

Jeremiah Johnson talks Pacers, their crowd, and their trade deadline

Feb 6, 2019 00:11:33


Jeremiah Johnson from Fox Sports Indiana joins JMV to talk Pacers' crowd, the blowout win over the Lakers, trade deadline, and more.

Kevin Bowen talks Josh McDaniels plus Colts and Pacers roster possibilities

Feb 6, 2019 00:21:29


Kevin Bowen joins the show to discuss his mystery wedding reception location, the anniversary of Josh McDaniels bolting from Indy, Colts free agency, Pacers trade rumors, and more.

Will the Pacers be movers or shakers at the trade deadline

Feb 5, 2019 00:12:04


J. Michael of the Indy Star talks about tonight's game as the Lakers and LeBron James comes to town, if Lance could be brought back to the circle city, and if the Pacers will make any trades at the deadline. 

IU is on the bubble, can they ride momentum into a birth in the tournament?

Feb 5, 2019 00:17:53


Jeff Rabjohns of joins JMV to discuss the latest with the Indiana Hoosiers, why the team found a way to win in Michigan State, and their chances of making it into the NCAA Tourney. 

Purdue is one of the hottest teams in the country.. but how?

Feb 5, 2019 00:07:38


Alan Karpick of Gold and Black Illustrated joined JMV to discuss what Purdue has found since the turn of the calendar year that has sparked it's latest hot streak. How Carsen Edwards has been the guy to take over for the Boilermakers, and where they will find themselves in March. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Feb 5, 2019 00:18:45


What are the biggest Colts need and which player of their own should return? That and the latest with college basketball and high school hoops from around the state of Indiana all discussed with our buddy Greg Rakestraw.

Venturi on the perfect game plan in the Super Bowl

Feb 4, 2019 00:25:16


Rick Venturi joins JMV to discuss the Patriots perfect game plan to beat the Rams in the Super Bowl, what the Colts must do this off season to continue to improve in the AFC, and how the Colts have so much to build off of from this season.

Will the Pacers make a move & what Lakers team will we see tomorrow night?

Feb 4, 2019 00:14:41


Chris Denari, the voice of the Pacers, joins the show to discuss the Pacers and Pelicans game, the Smoothie King Center roof, and if the Pacers will make any moves this week before the trade deadline on Thursday. 

Anything Goes & it did!

Feb 2, 2019 00:20:08


JMV's new favorite segment is Anything Goes. Callers come in unfiltered and unscreened to give takes on all things sports, life and memories, take a listen, it won't disappoint

Mike Wells and JMV debate Myles Turner

Feb 2, 2019 00:17:23


Mike Wells and JMV dive into the Myles Turner discussion, if the Pacers will stand pat around the deadline or make some moves, and a little Super Bowl discussion is sprinkled in. 

Don Fischer looks into the struggles of the IU Hoosiers

Feb 1, 2019 00:23:00


Voice of the Hoosiers Don Fischer joins JMV to discuss the losing skid for IU, how the three point shooting woes have played a factor for the Cream and Crimson, and how they still have plenty of games to right the ship. 

Does a move need to be made for the Pacers?

Feb 1, 2019 00:10:50


Jeremiah Joined JMV to discuss why the Pacers are struggling, what he expects from Pritchard prior to the trade deadline, if Sabonis is worn out, and when he expects Tyreke Evans to play again. 

Bob Lovell discusses the struggles of IU and Butler

Feb 1, 2019 00:06:16


Bob Lovell joined JMV to discuss IUPUI's big game against NKU, why IU and Butler are struggling, and what they can do to get out of their slumps. 

Will Adam Levine wear a hat at halftime? Tony and JMV discuss Super Bowl prop bets

Feb 1, 2019 00:05:34


Tony and JMV discuss betting the Super Bowl, Indiana legalizing sports betting, and where you should put your money on Sunday when it comes to interesting prop bets. 

These new Pacers trading cards are MUST SEE!

Feb 1, 2019 00:12:49


Tony D. talks with Scott Bedgood on the latest line of Sports Cards that involved the Indiana Pacers from Panini ! Some of the best Pacer players from the NBA and ABA are focused. They also talk about going about getting your cards grated for the highest value!

It has all gone down hill for the Hoosiers

Jan 31, 2019 00:16:56


Jeff Rabjohns of talks about the latest downfall of the Indiana Hoosiers, what can be fixed to make the season not totally be a disaster, and if Archie Miller is on the hot seat.

Will Edge get into the Hall of Fame?

Jan 31, 2019 00:16:43


Mike Chappell joined JMV to discuss Edgerrin James and his chances to get into the Hall Of Fame, how Chapp is convincing people at the Super Bowl to vote for #32, and why the city of Indianapolis just doesn't care about the Super Bowl.

Tony gets JMV's brain working with today's Quick Slant

Jan 31, 2019 00:05:06


Tony gets JMV thinking with today's Quick Slant. They discuss the Pacers at the trade deadline, which Indiana school could be a dark horse to make the tournament, and who scores the first touchdown in the Super Bowl on Sunday. 

Michigan State Assistant Coach Dane Fife previews their match up with IU on Saturday

Jan 31, 2019 00:19:34


MSU Assistant Coach Dane Fife joined JMV to discuss life without Joshua Langford, the potential of Aaron Henry, why Izzo is so great, and how they will approach IU on Saturday.   

Would Doug Boles let Tony D ride in the back of the pace car on the parade laps?

Jan 31, 2019 00:10:06


President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Doug Boles joined Tony D. to discuss the newest sponsor to the 103rd Indy 500, the expectations for the Month of May and if he will let Tony ride in one of the pace cars during the warm up laps of the Indy 500. 

Bowen Knows: Wells, Rake & KB talk Colts off season needs

Jan 30, 2019 00:21:55


Kevin Bowen joins Mike Wells and Greg Rakestraw to discuss the Colts off season needs, how Ballard has stayed consistent to the contracts he has signed and if the Pacers need to be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. 

Tony D Podcast- Super Bowl memories, Daly returns to Indy & fun prop bets

Jan 30, 2019 00:09:00


Tony D talks about the cold weather, some fun Super Bowl betting prop bets this weekend, the time he got sick during Super Bowl week, and a huge chance for Conor Daly to make noise in the month of May.

Sekou Smith says Pacers need to stand pat

Jan 29, 2019 00:22:35


Sekou Smith of NBA TV and gives his take to JMV on what the Pacers should do now that Victor Oladipo is out for the year, why Anthony Davis will not be a Pacer, and if the NBA players are controlling the league.

Colts confidence is sky high this offseason

Jan 29, 2019 00:11:01


Zak Keefer of the Indy Star joined JMV to discuss the Colts offseason moves, possible trade scenarios the team will have to look into, if Jacoby Brissett is possibly on the trading block and having their offensive line in tact for the future. 

Anything Goes & it didn't dissapoint

Jan 29, 2019 00:17:40


Anything goes from Friday was spectacular! JMV had a shot of larceny and opened up the phone lines to let the callers talk about anything they wanted. Some people were happy, others were pissed off, but sometimes, anything goes after 6pm. 

Greg Rakestraw and JMV on the Colts free agent needs

Jan 29, 2019 00:19:00


Greg Rakestraw joined JMV to talk IU's shooting woes, Romeo Langford's demeanor, the potential Indiana Mr. Basketball, and the moves the Colts need to make this offseason. 


Venturi on the trade market for Brissett

Jan 28, 2019 00:35:05


Rick Venturi joins JMV to discuss some of the free agents the Colts could pursue this offseason, what the trade market is for Jacoby Brissett, and why the Pro Bowl should just go ahead and go away. 

J. Michael discusses Tyreke Evans and the Pacers

Jan 28, 2019 00:11:03


J. Michael of the Indy Star joins JMV to talk about Tyreke Evans's injury, the loss to Memphis, and the Pacers' chances going forward as they welcome in the Golden State Warriors this evening. 

Tom Dienhart thinks Purdue can win the Big Ten

Jan 28, 2019 00:22:44


Tom Dienhart of the Black & Gold Illustrated explains why he thinks Purdue can win the conference this year. JMV and Dienhart discuss Carsen Edwards, the Boilermakers' upcoming schedule, and more.

Tony D's Podcast: Flossin & Farewell to Grady

Jan 26, 2019 00:06:20


Tony D brings his podcast to life. How the state of college basketball looks, his 15 seconds of fame dancing on the big screen of Bankers Life Fieldhouse & a farewell to Michael Grady are all discussed in this edition !

No way the Pacers miss the playoffs

Jan 25, 2019 00:17:06


Jermiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana talks about the Pacers without Victor, how the playoffs are still in the cards, and if any trades will be made!

A McDonalds All American snub & the best IHSAA games around?

Jan 25, 2019 00:05:23


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk discusses a snub for an area player, the best games in high school basketball this weekend, and how quickly the tournament is approaching. 

Can the Pacers hold on without Victor

Jan 25, 2019 00:13:20


Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report joined JMV to discuss if the Pacers can hold onto a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, how a major move won't happen for the team, but there are a few names the Pacers need to look into when it comes to the trade market. 

Close to Spring Training, Tucker and the Reds are ready

Jan 25, 2019 00:12:26


Reds starting catcher and fellow Kinetico man, Tucker Barnhart talks about the excitement level for th Reds heading into the season, how he is looking forward to working with some of the new pitchers, and the expectations as he heads to Arizona. 

Nick Gardner on the Dawgs taking on Creighton

Jan 25, 2019 00:06:57


From the Butler Radio Network, Nick Gardner talks about tonights game for Butler in Creighton, how the Dawgs have to rebound better, and if Jordan Tucker can find his role with the team.

Don Fischer on the chances IU upsets Michigan tonight

Jan 25, 2019 00:13:58


The voice of the Hoosiers Don Fischer joined JMV to discuss tonight's matchup in Bloomington, IU's struggles, what Romeo Langford has to do moving forward, and the coaching job that Archie has done so far this year. 

Believe in Ballard this offseason

Jan 24, 2019 00:22:30


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 talks about the moves Chris Ballard needs to make this offseason, how Darius Leonard was a Pro Bowl snub, and if he will be paying attention to the Pro Bowl this weekend. 

Darren Collison says the Pacers have to get nasty

Jan 24, 2019 00:08:00


Darren Collison of the Pacers joins JMV to discuss the team moving forward from Victor Oladipos injury, how Aaron Holiday is ready to step up and play big minutes for the team, and how the teams style will have to change with Victor sidelined.

The Open: JMV says not to press the panic button next

Jan 24, 2019 00:24:36


Pacers have a tough road ahead as Victor Oladipo is out for the season. JMV gives his opinion on what the team should do, and some names that could come up in trade rumors. 

Brad Howell of ATI takes a look at Oladipo's injury

Jan 24, 2019 00:05:55


Our friend from ATI Brad Howell calls in to discuss the injury for Victor Oladipo, what his recovery time could be, and if Victor will comeback at 100% strength.

Bowen Knows: Colts moves that NEED to be made

Jan 23, 2019 00:14:15


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan breaks down the needs for the Colts this offseason, how a big name superstar may not be the answer, the latest with the Pacers with the approaching trade deadline. 

Robin Miller tells ole tails of Indianapolis

Jan 23, 2019 00:14:27


JMV and Robin Miller discuss the past days of the Indy Star and the Ole Scout, his thoughts on the passing of a basketball legend, and memories of the Pacers in the 70s.

Pacers battle the Raptors without Kawhi

Jan 23, 2019 00:20:48


Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana joins JMV to discuss the Pacers home game tonight against the Raptors, how the team needs a win tonight to help in the long term of the Eastern Conference, and if the Pacers will be making any trades around the deadline. 

The moves the Colts need to make to take the next step in the AFC

Jan 22, 2019 00:15:18


Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star joined JMV to discuss the Colts offseason needs, how Chris Ballard will go about spending the money the team has, and what the wide receiving core will look like heading into Colts training camp. 

Time to panic in Bloomington ?

Jan 22, 2019 00:20:02


Jeff Rabjohns of talks about a possible transfer for IU, how tonight against Northwestern is a must win, and if the Hoosiers will have the resume to make it to the NCAA Tourney. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Jan 22, 2019 00:21:48


Greg Rakestraw talks the latest in high school hoops including the city classic, who needs a win more tonight, Butler or Villanova, and what the Colts need to do to improve in the offseason. 

Rick Venturi on the Super Bowl and NFL officials

Jan 21, 2019 00:34:01


Rick Venturi joins JMV to discuss the AFC and NFC Championship games that had controversial endings. If replay should be expanding in the NFL, the coaching job this season of Bill Belichek and the blown call in New Orleans. 

Eddie Gill on the Pacers and the dog days of the NBA

Jan 21, 2019 00:19:54


Eddie Gill of Fox Sports Indiana's coverage of the Indiana Pacers joins us to check in on the Pacers after two home wins this weekend, what it's like playing in the dog days of the NBA, and how the Pacers need a big win on Wednesday at home against the Raptors. 

Bryan Bickell talks Blackhawks night for the Indy Fuel

Jan 18, 2019 00:10:39


The Indy Fuel will host their 5th annual Blackhawks Night from the fairgrounds on Saturday evening. Stanley Cup champion and NHL veteran Bryan Bickell joined JMV to chat about the night, his time spent in Chicago, and what keeps him busy in retirement.

Don Fischer says IU will have to play perfect to beat Purdue

Jan 18, 2019 00:15:21


The Voice of the Indiana Hoosiers, Don Fischer joins JMV to preview the Hoosiers heading north to face off against Purdue, what IU will have to do differently to top Purdue, and the play this season from freshman Romeo Langford.

Mike Wells on the Colts needs heading into the offseason

Jan 18, 2019 00:22:27


Mike Wells of talks about the Colts needs heading into the offseason, putting a bow on the season for the horseshoes and Andrew Luck being named the comeback player of the year in the NFL. 

Who are the Pacers ?

Jan 18, 2019 00:14:05


J. Michael of the Indy Star joins JMV to talk about the Pacers loss last night to the 76ers on national television, why Doug McDermott needs to find his shot, and the adjustments the team has to make to make improvements in the Eastern Conference. 

A basketball filled weekend tips off tonight around Indiana

Jan 18, 2019 00:23:47


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk and Jermiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana joined JMV to chat up some big high school games around the state including those apart of Basketball Day in Indiana, the latest on some college teams this weekend and the Pacers loss last night to the 76ers. 

Chris Wright with the latest on the snow coming to Indy

Jan 18, 2019 00:08:59


It will be jacket off weather this weekend and meteorologist from CBS 4 Chris Wright gives you the latest with the weather that will make its way and cover central Indiana in snow.

Coach Painter has his Boilers ready for IU

Jan 17, 2019 00:15:20


Purdue head coach Matt Painter joined The Ride today to look ahead to the big rivalry game as Purdue battles IU on Saturday afternoon, the big win for Purdue over Rutgers, and getting his team in a groove during the Big Ten portion of the schedule. 

Chappell puts a bow on the Colts season

Jan 17, 2019 00:22:43


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 joins JMV per usual on a Thursday to chat about the Colts and the season they had. Why the big picture matters moving forward for the team, and some free agent pickups that should be on the radar for the Colts. 

The Voice of the next generation of Colts football

Jan 17, 2019 00:16:58


It's official, the Colts have named Matt Taylor the voice of the Indianapolis Colts. Matt called in to talk about landing his dream job, his time spent with JMV, and how his first season with the Colts was a dream come true all year. 

Marty Brennaman shares Reds memories with JMV

Jan 17, 2019 00:13:03


Voice of the Reds Marty Brennaman called in to share Reds memories with JMV, he is on the Reds caravan with Tucker Barnhart and called in to talk about the current Reds, why it's time for retirement at the end of the season, and wanting to come to the Indy 500.

Robbie Hummel on the Boilers & Big Ten Basketball

Jan 17, 2019 00:12:18


From ESPN and BTN, Robbie Hummel joined JMV to chat about the Purdue Boilermakers and what player needs to step up for the squad to make a run at the NCAA Tournament, a look around the rest of the Big Ten & a funny story about calling an IU game at Assembly Hall.

Robin Miller Returns!

Jan 17, 2019 00:14:39


Robin Miller of NBC Sports and Racer joins us to wish A.J. Foyt a happy birthday, how his health is doing, and his thoughts on the rise of Indy Car. 

Bowen Knows: Colts & Pacers have bright futures

Jan 16, 2019 00:21:16


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV to discuss the future for both the Colts and the Pacers. The two dive into the likely additions to this Colts roster, how Andrew Luck is hitting his prime and needs playmakers around him, and a dive into the Pacers and what they need to do to continue to build for the playoffs. 

Chris Denari breaks down the Pacers & how the team stacks up in the East

Jan 16, 2019 00:19:42


From Fox Sports Indiana, Chris Denari previews the Pacers Sixers contest set for tomorrow night at Bankers Life Field House, the expectations and excitement for Basketball Day in Indiana, and the play of the squad with and without Myles Turner.

Tucker Barnhart has a new look, shares Marty Brennaman memories

Jan 16, 2019 00:05:24


Reds catches Tucker Barnhart calls in on his way to Cincy to share memories of Marty Brennaman who announced he will retire as the voice of the Reds at the end of 2019. Tucker recaps his trip to Kansas City with JMV and bring Puig to the Reds lineups. 

AB or No AB? Holder and JMV discuss

Jan 15, 2019 00:15:43


Stephen Holder of The Athletic joins JMV to chat about the potential of the Colts going after Antonio Brown of the Steelers, what other free agents are on the teams radar, and how this locker room has stuck together all season. 

The Pacers welcome back Myles Turner, need the defensive help

Jan 15, 2019 00:13:31


Eddie White of the Pacers and the World's Greatest Postgame talks about the Pacers returning home to face the Suns after 5 straight away from home. The teams defensive numbers without Myles on the court, and what to expect on the upcoming home stand. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Jan 15, 2019 00:21:05


Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to discuss the ending of the season of the Colts, how IU basketball has plenty of work to get done to make the tournament, and which free agent players the Colts should have interest in. 

Rick Venturi disappointed in Colts loss, excited for the future

Jan 14, 2019 00:44:00


Rick Venturi breaks down the Colts loss to the Chiefs in the AFC divisional round, what went wrong for the Colts, why the team couldn't get seperation & how bright the futre is for the horseshoe.

You have to hear what Zak Keefer says about this Colts locker room

Jan 10, 2019 00:13:40


From the Indianapolis Star, Zak Keefer takes you inside a locker room for the Colts like he has never seen, he tells JMV why he thinks this team could make moves in the offseason, and how they aren't as big of an underdog as some would say this weekend in KC.

Mike Chappell isn't a homer, but he does like the Colts on Saturday

Jan 10, 2019 00:18:27


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 and Fox 59 joins us to discuss the Colts inside the locker room this week, how they stack up against the Chiefs on Saturday, and how this team is positioned to continue to win over the upcoming years. 

Joe Reitz loves playoff football, also loves the Colts in KC

Jan 10, 2019 00:21:45


Joe Reitz of the Colts joins JMV to give his take and call on the Colts taking on Kansas City, why Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best places to play, and how the Colts will get it done on Saturday. 

Captain Kirk loves the Colts & central Indiana

Jan 10, 2019 00:10:19


Actor William Shatner joins JMV to discuss an upcoming event at the Old National Center that he will be involved in, he talks about his role in Star Trek, why he's a Colts fan, and a funny story about his wedding, that took place right here in Central Indiana! 

John Cusack goes back in time with JMV, says Bears loss stings

Jan 10, 2019 00:17:54


He's coming to Indy On Feb. 7 to the Old National Center, actor and film writer John Cusack joins The Ride to discuss some of his top roles in movies, times that he has spent in the past in the circle city, and how being a Chicago sports fan has its up and downs after the Bears lost in the wildcard weekend of the NFL playoffs.

Bowen Knows: Colts can get it done in KC

Jan 9, 2019 00:18:45


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV to talk about the chance of Patrick Mahomes under performing this weekend against the Colts, how the weather will play a factor for both teams, and if the Colts can take advantage of the Chiefs secondary. 

Scouting Kansas City: Soren Petro says fear in KC

Jan 9, 2019 00:23:48


JMV's buddy, and host at 810 WHB Soren Petro gives his fears for the Chiefs against the Colts coming up on Saturday, how the defense for the Chiefs should get no credit, and how the Colts can take the crowd out of Arrowhead early. 

Tony Dungy like the Colts momentum heading to Kansas City

Jan 9, 2019 00:19:54


Tony Dungy, former Colts coach and current NBC analyst joined JMV to give his take on the hire of Frank Reich for the Colts, how Andrew Luck is playing like the Andrew Luck of old, and if he is taking the Colts in the AFC Divisional playoff game. 

Brian Billick says Colts are hottest team in NFL

Jan 8, 2019 00:14:35


Former Super Bowl winning coach Brian Billick joins JMV to discuss the Colts and their run into the playoffs. what to expect when the Colts head to Kansas City this weekend, and a look around the rest of the NFL playoffs. 

The Colts and Anthony Walker have been in playoff mode for weeks

Jan 8, 2019 00:16:55


From the Indianapolis Colts, Anthony Walker joins JMV to explain the chip on the teams shoulder this season, believing in the coaching staff and players around him, and how he and the Colts plan to slow down the NFL's top offensive when facing Kansas City this weekend. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Jan 8, 2019 00:20:56


Greg Rakestraw joins us to talk about the Colts chances in KC, how many points the team will have to score to advance in the playoffs, the latest with college and high school hoops around the state and more!

The Pacers continue their road tripped, a bit banged up

Jan 8, 2019 00:13:33


Jermiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana previews tonight game for the Pacers in Cleveland. Him and JMV discuss the injury concerns for the team, how the longest road trip of the season is going for the blue and gold, what the Pacers need to do to knock off the Cavs. 

Tony D’s Podcast: Love the Colts & sports in Indy right now!

Jan 7, 2019 00:05:27


Tony D. brings you his podcast. He talks about the play of the Colts, how Andrew Luck has performed in the last 3 months, and what to expect when they head to Kansas City this weekend to face the Chiefs. 

Rick Venturi on the way to slow down the fast Chiefs

Jan 7, 2019 00:43:19


Rick Venturi breaks down the Colts win over the Texans in the Wild Card playoffs on Saturday, what they have to do to slow down Kansas City on the road, and the play of Andrew Luck throughtout the Colts 10 wins in their last 11 outings. 

Dan Orlovsky not surprised with the Colts success

Jan 7, 2019 00:17:21


Dan Orlovsky of ESPN talks about the success for the Colts heading into the playoffs, how the can slow down and beat Kansas City & gives his take on the coaching staff for the Colts. 

William Shatner takes the Colts

Jan 7, 2019 00:00:17


He has ties to Indy, and he told JMV exactly who he is taking this weekend as the Colts battle the Chiefs. 

Mike Wells and JMV get you ready for Colts 24 hours prior

Jan 4, 2019 00:20:11


Mike Wells of ESPN joins JMV per usual on a Friday to talk about the Colts in the playoffs, how they will handle the Texans tomorrow down in Houston, and the keys to a victory down at NRG Stadium. 

Pat Mcafee enjoying the Colts ride to the playoffs

Jan 4, 2019 00:20:40


Pat Mcafee joins JMV live on Blue Friday to chat about the Colts heading to the playoffs against the Texans, what he loves out of Andrew Luck so far this season, and gives his take on Chuck Pagano & Ryan Grigson. 

Get hyped for Colts/Texans with JMV's Blue Friday Open

Jan 4, 2019 00:25:32


A  highlight montage to get you ready for the Colts heading to Houston & JMV gives you his keys to the win, how this team can go to Houston and win, and how every player has to step up and make plays to advance in the AFC playoffs. 

T.Y. has silenced the critics

Jan 3, 2019 00:15:11


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 talks about the play of the Colts this year and T.Y. Hilton has gone from being questioned, to having the best season of his career. Chapp and JMV look at the Colts chances to win on Saturday, and how Andrew Luck has had the Texans number. 

Dontrelle Inman has been a welcomed sight for the Colts

Jan 3, 2019 00:13:21


Dontrelle Inman has been a welcomed sight for the Colts since joining in October. He talks about his relationship with Andrew Luck, how he landed with the Colts, and the importance of getting better every day. 

"The Colts exposed the Texans"

Jan 3, 2019 00:12:23


John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joined JMV to talk about the Colts Texans matchup, where the Colts exposed Houston in their last meeting, and gives his prediction on why and how the Colts will get the win on Saturday. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Jan 3, 2019 00:20:46


Greg Rakestraw gives you the number of teams he thinks will reach the NCAA Tourney from the state of Indiana, How the Colts need to take the crowd out of it early on Saturday down in Houston, and who the best high school basketball players are right now in Indiana

Joe Reitz misses weeks like this in the NFL

Jan 3, 2019 00:12:27


Former Colts offensive lineman Joe Reitz joins JMV to preview the Wildcard contest in Houston, how he predicted the Colts to win 10 games this season, and missing the NFL in big game situations like the Colts face this weekend. 

Rick Venturi gets you fired up for the Colts in the wild card

Jan 2, 2019 00:39:50


Rick Venturi gives you the break down you need as the Colts take on the Texans for the third time this season, this time in the AFC Wild Card playoffs. How T.Y. Hilton will have to overcome injuries, the Colts O- Line being in tact and how to slow down Deandre Hopkins of the Texans are all broken down like no other, right here!

Bowen Knows: Colts get in, could cause havoc in Houston

Jan 2, 2019 00:24:30


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV to discuss the win over the Titans to get in, the Colts taking on the Texans in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs & how the offensive line will be completely healthy down in Houston. 

Former Colt Darius Butler loves what he sees out of the Colts

Jan 2, 2019 00:12:14


Darius Butler, former Colt, talks about the play of the Colts so far this season, how impressed he has been by this Colts defense and if Andrew Luck has exceeded his expectations in his return season. 

A little time off for IU before getting busy in Big Ten

Dec 28, 2018 00:21:05


Don Fischer the voice of IU talks about the Hoosiers having some well needed time off around the holidays, the expectations of the squad and staying ranked, and how the team has came together in the non conference schedule. 

Mike Wells likes the Colts to deliver sweet chin music in Nashville

Dec 28, 2018 00:16:18


Mike Wells of ESPN talks about the battle in Nashville as the Colts look to make the post season for the first time in over 3 years, what the injury report looks like for the Colts, and his take on the quarterback position for the Titans. 

A busy time for tournaments in high school basketball around the state

Dec 28, 2018 00:16:48


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk previews some holiday tournament games around the state, how important it is as a coach to win in these tourneys, and the expectations for Purdue hoops when they welcome in Belmont. 

ASK ATI- The latest on Eric Ebron and Tyrekes PRP

Dec 27, 2018 00:22:18


Evan McDowell of ATI & Dr. Stephen Kollias  join JMV in studio with the latest on the injuries for both the Titans and the Colts heading into Sunday's play in game, Tyreke Evans having PRP to help his knee, and of course, the latest on JMV and his body. 

It all comes down to this: Colts win and in

Dec 27, 2018 00:18:53


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 talks about the must win to get in game for the Colts, how they have owned the Titans in the Luck era, if their is a chance for a let down, and what to expect with the Titans quarterback situation. 

Who is healthy for the Colts heading to take on the Titans?

Dec 27, 2018 00:17:17


From the Athletic, Stephen Holder tells you who he thinks will be healthy and ready to play against the Titans, which QB could give the Colts fits, and why the Colts shouldn't be disappointed regardless of what happens on Sunday. 

Is Nashville a buzz as the Colts come to town?

Dec 27, 2018 00:11:02


Former NFL coach Dave McGinnis who covers the Titans down in Nashville catches up with JMV on the buzz in Nashville for the play in game between the Colts and Titans, which QB will start for the Titans, and how Andrew Luck has had ownership of the Titans over his career. 

Bowen Knows: Colts keys in a play in scenario

Dec 26, 2018 00:22:07


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan talks about the upcoming battle for the playoffs between the Colts and the Titans. The Colts need a win to get into the playoffs for the first time in three years. Bowen and JMV discuss the keys to playing the Titans, who will be the starting QB for Tennesee and how the Colts offensive is the key.

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Dec 26, 2018 00:12:42


Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to discuss the upcoming Colts matchup on Sunday against the Titans, the bowl games for Purdue and Notre Dame, and his thoughts on some of the college teams around the area. 

How many NFL teams will be looking for a new head coach?

Dec 26, 2018 00:14:15


Josina Anderson of ESPN hops on The Ride with JMV to chat about the coaches that could be looking for a new gig, if the Colts will win a play in game down in Nashville, and what team she thinks most teams do not want to see in the playoffs. 

Tony Ds Podcast : A Colts guarantee & a special IU memory

Dec 26, 2018 00:06:54


Tony D returns fresh off Christmas to give you a guarentee for the Colts heading into Nashville this weekend, How exciting the Pacers have been to watch, what he found over Christmas from his childhood involving the 2002 IU basketball team, and gearing up for Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. 

Rick Venturi ready for Colts play in

Dec 24, 2018 00:40:35


Rick Venturi breaks down the Colts come from behind win over the Giants to keep their playoff hopes alive, they play in game coming up in Nashville, and how the Colts have had the Titans number in the Andrew Luck era. 

Win your fantasy football league with ASK ATI

Dec 20, 2018 00:16:00


The guys from ATI and Andy Riff of IU join JMV live to discuss the end of the season injuries in the NFL, why it's a good time for you to see the doctor, and of course, what is up with JMV's broken body. 

It's been a big season for Marlon Mack, staying focused on Giants

Dec 20, 2018 00:08:16


Colts running back Marlon Mack pays no attention to the NFL standings, or does he? He talks about the matchup with the Giants this weekend, how he stays focused during the latest playoff push, and how important his offensive line has been. 

Are the Colts the favorite to make the playoffs in the AFC?

Dec 20, 2018 00:17:06


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 and Fox 59 joined us to give his take on if the Colts are in the drivers seat to capture the final AFC Wildcard spot, how the offensive line has performed at a high level all season and if the Pro Bowl really matters like it used to. 

Hoosiers ready for Big Ten play behind Morgan

Dec 20, 2018 00:08:03


Juwan Morgan of IU joins JMV to talk about the play for the Hoosiers in the non conference schedule, staying in touch with Jordan Howard of the Bears, and his future in sports broadcasting. 

Do the Colts have their running back for the future?

Dec 18, 2018 00:11:53


Stephen Holder of The Athletic joined JMV to talk about all things Colts, if Marlon Mack is the running back of the future for this team, and how great Andrew Luck has been during his comeback season. 

Rake's Take: Colts in drivers seat to make the playoffs

Dec 18, 2018 00:21:29


Greg Rakestraw per usual on a Tuesday chats with JMV about the Colts and their playoff chances, the latest in college basketball & Rake gives his take on the top high school hoops teams in the state of Indiana. 

The Colts have an ambien player, must to win to get in

Dec 17, 2018 00:39:47


Rick Venturi breaks down the win for the Colts in shutout fashion over the Cowboys, what the team has to do to make it into the playoffs, and the Colts officially have an ambien player on the defensive side of the football. 

The Pacers make history with new hire

Dec 17, 2018 00:09:57


Kelly Krauskopf is the assistant GM for the Indiana Pacers. She marks the first female assistant GM in NBA History. She talks with JMV about taking the position, what she likes from this Pacers team, and the faith the Pacers organization has shown in her throughout her professional basketball career, 

IU heads to Indy looking to end bad luck inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Dec 14, 2018 00:15:29


Don Fischer of the IU Radio Network joins JMV to preview the Hoosiers taking on Butler, what to expect from the backcourt of the Hoosiers, and how the past hasn't been pretty for the Hoosiers inside of Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Mike Wells takes the Cowboys over the Colts

Dec 14, 2018 00:13:31


 With the playoffs on the line, Mike Wells of picks the Colts to fall short to the Cowboys at home to eliminate any chance of the team making the playoffs, the guys discuss the injury report and how many fans will be cheering for the Cowboys inside of Lucas Oil Stadium. 

Big weekend of HS hoops & Mr. Football is crowned

Dec 14, 2018 00:14:12


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk joined JMV per usual on a Friday to preview the biggest games in high school hoops including Warren Vs. Ben Davis. What team needs a win the most in the Crossroads Classic, and his take on a player from 1A winning Mr. Football

ASKATI-Fantasy Playoffs are here... is your team healthy

Dec 13, 2018 00:19:13


The guys from ATI with  Dr. Jamie Kay with Central Indiana Orthopedics in Anderson and Fishers talk about the injuries that could be the difference in winning your fantasy football league, the latest for tonight's Chiefs Chargers game, and the latest with the Colts injury front. 

Mike Chappell on the importance of a Colts win over Dallas

Dec 13, 2018 00:22:58


From CBS 4 and Fox 59, Mike Chappell talks about the matchup with the redhot Cowboys, what Andrew Luck will need to do, and how to slow down the offensive playmakers of the Cowboys. 

Purdue invades Indy looking for resume win

Dec 13, 2018 00:10:49


Alan Karpick joins JMV to chat about the importance for the Boilers to get a win over Notre Dame on Saturday, how the non conference has been brutal for the Boilers and the play so far of Ryan Klein.

Rabjohns on the Hoosiers & Indiana Mr. Football

Dec 13, 2018 00:21:40


Jeff Rabjohns of talks with JMV about Jack Kizer being named Indiana's Mr. Football, the play of the Hoosiers on the court this season, and how they will have to adjust this weekend in the Crossroads Classic. 

LaVall Jordan readies Butler for the Crossroads Classic

Dec 13, 2018 00:11:47


Butler head basketball coach LaVall Jordan talks about the newest addition to the Bulldogs, how to handle IU in the Crossroads Classic & how he feels his team played in the non conference schedule. 

Tony D's Podcast: Best Holiday movies & pop a shot champ!

Dec 13, 2018 00:05:47


Tony D's podcast talks about the Christmas movies he loves and can't stand to watch, how he won a trip to Houston to compete for the nation pop a shot championship & more! 

John Clayton with the Colts knowledge you must hear!

Dec 12, 2018 00:18:49


Will the Colts make the playoffs, is Le'Veon Bell a pipe dream and when will the NFL see every play challengable? It's all discussed with the legend John Clayton today with JMV. 

Tucker Barnhart explains the feeling of being on the hot stove

Dec 12, 2018 00:07:56


With the winter meetings taking place in Las Vegas for MLB, Tucker Barnhart joins JMV live with Drew Storen to talk about the feeling as his name has been in trade talks between the Reds and Marlins, why he wants to stay and win in Cincy, how Drew Storen offers advice having been there before. 

Victor could see some action tonight

Dec 12, 2018 00:18:40


J. Michael of The Indy Star hops on with the latest on Victor Oladipo and if he will be playing tonight, the expectations for the Pacers against top tier teams, and the play as of late of Myles Turner. 

Bowen Knows: Colts must take care of business against Dallas

Dec 12, 2018 00:19:38


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joined JMV to discuss the keys to the Colts taking down the Cowboys this weekend, why the Cowboys will not be at full strength and what the Colts have to do to make it to the playoffs. 

It's Bowl Mania! Tony D's Podcast has you covered

Dec 12, 2018 00:06:54


Like College football? Competing in a bowl pick em contest? Tony D has some tips before making your selection for all 41 college football bowl games. Find out who you should pick, what teams to stay away from, and how to earn the big bucks playing and betting bowl games over the next month. 

Cory Joseph is the anchor for the bench unit of the Pacers

Dec 11, 2018 00:12:06


From the Pacers, Cory Joseph joined JMV between home matchups to discuss his play off the bench, how the team chemistry is even better than last year, and how important it is when Victor Oladipo is in the lineup. 

Colts DC Matt Eberflus explains the evolution of the defense in 2018

Dec 11, 2018 00:14:49


Colts defense coordinator Matt Eberflus joins JMV to offer his take on the approach for the defense for the Colts, how big Darius Leonard has been to the team, and preparing to play his former team in the Dallas Cowboys this week.

Venturi after Colts end Houstons streak

Dec 10, 2018 00:37:05


Rick Venturi talks about the coaching for the Colts in a win down in Houston, how the team got it done down in Houston and what to expect when Dallas comes to down on Sunday. 

The Colts loss to Jaguars continues to sting

Dec 8, 2018 00:16:52


Mike Wells of ESPN talks about the Colts chances to stop the Texans winning streak, how the team is different without Jack Doyle, and the hopes for the playoffs for the Colts. 

JJ Breaks Down Pacers Vs Magic, Sabonis In Or Out?

Dec 8, 2018 00:13:16


Jerimiah Johnson Joins JMV To Preview Pacers Vs. Magic

Who will secure the final AFC Wild Card Spot?

Dec 6, 2018 00:10:54


Brian Billick of NFL Network joined JMV to chat about the final playoff spots in the NFL, his feelings on the play of Andrew Luck this season, and if Kansas City can survive without Kareem Hunt. 

Will the Colts miss the playoffs for a fourth straight season?

Dec 6, 2018 00:17:42


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 joined JMV to discuss the possibility of the Colts missing the post season for a fourth straight season, what it would mean to the fan base, and what players in free agency will be on the open market for the Colts to go after. 

Notre Dame has upset on their mind, what’s next for Urban?

Dec 6, 2018 00:16:15


Former Colts tight end and current college football analyst Charles Arbuckle joins JMV to give his take on if Notre Dame has what it takes to knock of Clemson, can anyone slow down Alabama and if Brian Kelly will be on the sidelines for the Irish next season. He and JMV discuss the future of Urban Meyer as well and if he will return to coaching or find himself working in television. 

Bowen Knows: Colts need to over come Texans defense

Dec 5, 2018 00:21:54


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins us to talk about the Colts heading to Houston, what the Texans record would be had the Colts played for a week 4 tie, and how the offense will need to fill the void left by Jack Doyle. 

Are the Texans the hottest team in the NFL?

Dec 5, 2018 00:21:13


John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joined JMV to discuss the Texans hot streak after knocking off the Colts back in week 4 in Overtime. If J.J. Watt or Andrew Luck should be the comeback player of the year in the NFL and if the XFL 

Dylan Windler at home, off to a great start at Belmont

Dec 5, 2018 00:12:21


From Perry Meridian, current stand out at Belmont, Dylan Windler joins JMV to catch up on the 7-1 start for the Bruins in Nashville, his future plans after college, and his goal of reaching the NCAA Tourney. 

Stephen Holder on the Colts not winning without Doyle

Dec 5, 2018 00:14:40


Stephen Holder of The Athletic joined JMV to discuss the Colts shutout loss to the Jaguars, why the team has a hard time winning with Jack Doyle out, and if the play calling from Frank Reich should be questioned. 

Chris Denari loves Hootie & the Blowfish, finds time for the Pacers

Dec 4, 2018 00:21:29


Voice of the Pacers Chris Denari joins JMV to talk about his Holiday gift coming early as Hootie & the Blowfish announced a new tour. He chats about it with JMV, when we could see Victor Oladipo back for the Blue and Gold, and a breakdown of the struggling Bulls coming to town. 

RANT LINE & Greg Rakestraw goes around Indiana

Dec 4, 2018 00:22:38


The rant line after the Colts Jaguars game and Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to talk about the Colts loss and how it hurts playoff chances, what he thinks so far earlier in the college basketball season, and why everyone needs to respect everyone in the crowds of IHSAA events. 

Venturi questions Colts play calling

Dec 3, 2018 00:40:10


Rick Venturi questions the Colts play calling on key 4th down situations, why the offense struggled for four quarters against the Jags, and what they have to do to get back into the playoff hunt.

Don Fischer on the Big Ten starting on Dec 1.

Nov 30, 2018 00:18:27


Don Fischer of IU Radio Network previews the IU Hoosiers taking on Northwestern, the news of a new recruit to Bloomington, and how the Big Ten is set up to the disliking of JMV and Don F. 

Mike Wells is as cold as ice

Nov 30, 2018 00:13:49


Mike Wells of ESPN talks about the Colts Jaguars contest on Sunday in Florida, why the Colts have the upper hand over the Jags, and what to expect with the Pacers. 

A huge signing for IU as IHSAA basketball heats up

Nov 30, 2018 00:18:20


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk joined JMV to chat about the weekend of high school hoops, another big commitment for IU, and some of the best matchups from around the state of Indiana. 

ASK ATI talks Doyle injury and JMV slippage

Nov 30, 2018 00:24:14


The guys from ATI are in the house with Dr. Evan Armington to discuss what happened to Jack Doyle during and after the game for the Colts, how long of a road to recovery he is facing with the kidney injury, and what JMV can do after slipping on the ice and injuring his arm. 

The Colts are due to make a run at the AFC Wild Card

Nov 29, 2018 00:19:58


Mike Chappell of CBS4 talks about the Colts taking on the Jaguars this weekend, who is playing for the Jaguars, why Frank Reich is here as the Colts coach, and what free agents the Colts need to invest in during the offseason. 

What went down for Brohm and the Boilermakers

Nov 29, 2018 00:10:34


Alan Karpick of Gold & Black Illustrated joined JMV to break down what happened with Coach Brohm and the Boilermakers, when the decision was made to stay in West Lafayette and the work he has in front of him to build his brand. 

What is with the Jaguars? and JMV gives his Larceny Locks of the week

Nov 29, 2018 00:26:09


Michael DiRocco of ESPN talks about the latest with the Jaguars, the players they will have this weekend when taking on the Colts and if Jalen Ramsey will be back. Also, JMV, Brett and Tony D. give you their Larceny Locks and Lunazul Shots of the week! 

Pacers look for three in a row tonight in LA

Nov 29, 2018 00:14:04


Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana has a great stat on Myles Turner of the last five games, how the Pacers can continue winning on the current road trip and the resurgance of Doug McDermott. 

IU gets crushed at Duke, nothing to worry about

Nov 28, 2018 00:14:31


Jeff Rabjohns of Peegs joins JMV to talk about IU's loss last at Duke and why it should be put in the rearview mirror immediately, how the schedule continues to get tough for the Hoosiers and if any changes will be made to the offensive coaching staff. 

Bowen Knows: Jaguars banged up heading into Colts contest

Nov 28, 2018 00:25:05


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan talks about the injuries and suspensions for the Jaguars as they battle the Colts this Sunday, how the void of Jack Doyle will be filled and the Pacers starting a western road swing at 2-0. 

Robbie Hummel talks playing at Assembly Hall & Boilermaker Basketball

Nov 28, 2018 00:21:08


Former Purdue stand out and current hoops analyst for ESPN and Big Ten Network, our friend Robbie Hummel talks about the loss last night for IU and how it is best to let it go, what he thinks about Purdues chances tonight at Florida State, and a story about playing IU on the road that every Boilermaker fan must hear! 

Andrew Luck is the come back player of the year, done deal

Nov 27, 2018 00:15:09


Former Colts QB and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky has Andrew Luck as the comeback player of the year in the NFL, if Le'Veon Bell should be a target for the Colts in the offseason, and how the tight end position has shown it's worth this season for the horseshoes. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Nov 27, 2018 00:19:42


Greg Rakestraw chats with JMV about the latest with Coach Brohm and the Purdue Boilermakers, who will be the IHSAA Mr. Football, and the discussion for Le'Veon Bell coming to Indy. 

The Pacers snag a win to open up western road swing

Nov 27, 2018 00:12:47


Jermiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana talks bout the Pacers win last night against the Jazz, going back to back with the Suns tonight, and when we will see the return of Victor Oladipo. 

Venturi on Colts win over Dolphins and Luck as a WR

Nov 26, 2018 00:35:23


Rick Venturi talks about the win over the Dolphins. What got the Colts offense moving, the latest with Jack Doyle's injury and Rick chimes in with his thoughts on the 4th down catch for Andrew Luck.

Ask ATI with the latest on Ryan Kelly

Nov 21, 2018 00:08:17


Live from Brothers it's the guys from ATI with JMV and Dr, Julian. They let you know the timetable for Ryan Kellys injury, how to avoid gaining a few extra pounds around the holidays, and of course, whats broken on JMV's body this week.

Bowen Knows Colts battle Dolphins Pacers without Vic

Nov 21, 2018 00:14:57


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan talks about tonight's contest for the Pacers as they take on the surging Hornets without Victor Oladipo and if the Colts can win for the fourth straight time this weekend against the Dolphins at home. 

IU football looks for bowl bid, hoops team has busy week

Nov 21, 2018 00:08:31


Don Fischer of the IU radio network talks with JMV about the upcoming week for the Hoosiers. The guys recap the loss to Arkansas and win over Arlington on the hardwood, and the bucket game coming down to a winner makes a bowl, the loser goes home.

Chris Denari previews the Pacers in Charlotte

Nov 21, 2018 00:18:07


Without Victor Oladipio, the Pacers take on the Hornets in Charlotte tonight. Chris Denari tells you how the team will have to slow down Kemba Walker who has been hot as of late, and which players have to step up with Victor sitting out for a 2nd straight game. 

The Colts keep rolling, Chapp weighs in

Nov 20, 2018 00:16:33


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 and Fox 59 talks about the Colts winning ways as of late, he gives you his opinion on what quarterback will start for the Dolphins and which one of those quarterbacks cause more concern. Him and JMV chat about the play of Andrew Luck, and of course, discuss going for the win instead of the tie against Houston. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Nov 20, 2018 00:20:06


Greg Rakestraw previews the six games that will decide the high school championships coming on Friday and Saturday, who will win the bucket game, and how good the Colts O line has been during the win streak. 

It is all about love on Tony D's podcast

Nov 20, 2018 00:05:57


Another edition of Tony D's podcast is all about love this Thanksgiving. What he loves about the Colts and Pacers right now, find out some fun facts on the tree lighting in downtown Indianapolis, and a big week of sports lies ahead! 

Venturi on the Colts winning streak

Nov 19, 2018 00:40:40


After a blow out win over the Titans, the Colts find themselves at 5-5. Rick Venturi breaks down how the offensive had their way against the Titans, the trick play ran for Andrew Luck, and the breakout day for T.Y. Hilton. 

Mike Wells on the Colts going for yet another win

Nov 16, 2018 00:22:35


Mike Wells of ESPN talks about the Colts Titans matchup, how this game could decide both teams season, and why the Colts offense has been so good as of late averaging 32+ points per game in the three game winning streak. 

Butler welcomes in an unfamiliar foe

Nov 16, 2018 00:05:34


Mark Minner the voice of Butler talks up tonight's home game against Ole Miss, how the Dawgs are replacing two key losses from last year, and the fight for someone to step up and be the second leading scorer. 

Big night of semi state action across Indiana

Nov 16, 2018 00:11:13


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk joins us to talk about the semi state action across all 6 classes of IHSAA Football. Can Center Grove upset Warren Central, will anyone slow down New Pal & what to expect down in Evansville tonight. 

Chappell shares great memories of Reggie Wayne

Nov 16, 2018 00:10:50


Mike Chappell previews Colts and Titans with JMV. Gives some of his favorite memories of Reggie Wayne's time spent here, and how getting a good quote in the locker room can sometimes be tough. 

Denari as the Pacers return after five days off

Nov 16, 2018 00:13:34


Voice of the Pacers Chris Denari talks up the Pacers taking on the Heat tonight, the shooting percentages for Doug McDermott which might surprise you, and the Blue and Gold having 3 games in 4 nights at home. 

Ask ATI - A good time to be healthy as the weather turns

Nov 15, 2018 00:18:58


The guys from ATI and Dr. David Meyer with Ortho Indy talk about the injuries for Marlon Mack and the Colts, how staying healthy when the weather turns in key, and of course, what is wrong with JMV's body. 

Are the Colts bound for a playoff birth?

Nov 15, 2018 00:12:14


Matt Baker of Bleav Podcast Network and former NFLer joined JMV to chime in on the Andrew Luck debate on whether this is the best we have seen Andrew play, if the Rams Chiefs Game will live up to the hype and 

Reggie Wayne joins JMV prior to being inducted to Colts Ring of Honor

Nov 15, 2018 00:21:44


Soon to be in the Colts Ring of Honor, Reggie Wayne joined JMV prior to a big weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium. He tells JMV what it was like on draft night when the Colts made him the 30th pick, how he couldn't have done it without Peyton Manning, and a great story on the night before the Super Bowl. 

Former NFL Coach Dave McGinnis breaks down Colts & Titans

Nov 15, 2018 00:13:42


Former NFL head coach Dave McGinnis works for the Titans Radio Network, he breaks down the big AFC showdown with the Colts, how impressed he is with the play of Andrew Luck, and how Indiana State played a key role in his career as an NFL coach. 

Comedian Megan Gailey is back in Indy, check her at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington

Nov 15, 2018 00:09:47


From the shores of Geist to lonely cold world of L.A. Megan Gailey joins Tony D. to talk up her NFL show with former Packers James Jones, where you can see here in Central Indiana this weekend, and she offers her thoughts on how L.A. has taken in Lance Stephenson. 

Steve Torrence makes NHRA history!

Nov 15, 2018 00:08:23


Capco Top Fuel Dragster pilot Steve Torrence joined Tony D. to talk about this historic run to a championship, how he stayed focused and confident, and the feeling in Pomona after capturing his first championship. 

Feels like the first time at IMS

Nov 14, 2018 00:10:04


IMS President Doug Boles joins JMV to talk about Foreigner headlining the Carb Day concert, is there a chance for an opening band and the speedway opening up this weekend for Lights at the Bricyard 

Bowen Knows: Colts go for four in a row

Nov 14, 2018 00:16:34


Kevin Bowel of 1070 The Fan talks with JMV about where the Colts stand today with their playoff chances, how the Colts performed on Sunday against the Jaguars, and the challenges they face this week when they welcome in the Titans. 

What is the biggest difference for the Colts offensive line?

Nov 14, 2018 00:11:53


Joe Reitz, former O Lineman for the squad and current analyst for the team joins JMV to discuss the play of the offensive line, the chances the team has to make it to the playoffs over the final seven games, and how they Colts can continue their winning ways on Sunday against the Titans. 

Go inside the Colts film room with Anthony Walker

Nov 14, 2018 00:15:02


Anthony Walker of the Colts joined JMV to chat up a big win against the Jaguars, what a loaf is and how many get got after the Jags game, and moving forward with the three game winning streak. 

Jeff Rabjohns likes what he sees from IU basketball so far

Nov 13, 2018 00:11:54


From Pegs, Jeff Rabjohns discuses the first two games for the Indiana Hoosiers, what his favorite  lineup on the floor is for the Hoosiers and the two dive a bit into recruiting as wel

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Nov 13, 2018 00:20:23


Greg Rakestraw talks about the upcoming big weekend in semi state high school football action, his take on if the Colts will finish the season over .500 and if the Bucket Game will be a must win for Purdue to make a bowl. 

Center Grove looks to get back to Lucas Oil Stadium

Nov 13, 2018 00:14:41


Center Grove head football coach Eric Moore joined JMV to discuss the upcoming semi state battle against Warren Center, how the last 8 months have been the toughest of his life, and how the Center Grove community continues to rally around the the football program. 

Rick Venturi on three straight Colts wins

Nov 12, 2018 00:33:28


Rick Venturi per usual on a Monday joins JMV to discuss the third straight victory, who the key is to the success of this offensive line for the Colts, and how to prepare to keep the momentum rolling as they look for their fouth straight win this weekend against the Titans. 

What's going on with the Pacers?

Nov 10, 2018 00:12:16


Jeremiah Johnson joins JMV to break down the Pacers recent struggles: what is wrong with the offense and how do we fix it?

Was cutting Robert Turbin the right move?

Nov 10, 2018 00:16:05


Mike Wells joins JMV to recap Colts' roster moves, and to preview a week 10 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the return of Leonard Fournetter, what do the Colts need to do to control the Jaguars potent run game?

Regional Football Preview with Coach Bob Lovell

Nov 9, 2018 00:13:54


Coach Bob Lovell of Network Indiana's Sports Talk joins JMV to preview a number of high-profile match-ups throughout the state. Who will survive for another week of football?

Who will fill Butler's lead role?

Nov 9, 2018 00:07:03


Butler Head Coach Lavall Jordan joins JMV to preview the 2018-19 Butler Bulldogs. How is the team coming together? Who is going to fill the team's lead role?

Ask ATI- Colts return from the bye healthy

Nov 8, 2018 00:23:30


The guys from ATI return to talk about the Colts being healthy off the bye, what to expect this weekend in fantasy football and of course, the ever occuring injuries to JMV.

Rick Venturi on the game plan against the Jags

Nov 8, 2018 00:30:33


Rick Venturi joins us Thursday this week to break down the game plan for the Colts taking on the Jaguars, why the tight end position has flurished under the new coaching staff, and what to expect from the Jaguars defense. 

Mo Alie Cox appreciative of Andrew Lucks leadership

Nov 8, 2018 00:11:31


Colts Tight End Mo Alie Cox catches up with JMV about his first career touchdown pass in a great one handed effort against Oakland, how Andrew Luck is the leader of this team, and on his career playing basketball at VCU. 

Tony D's Podcast: Oladipo hot on and off the court

Nov 8, 2018 00:07:33


Another edition of Tony D's Podcast, take a listen to Victor Oladipos latest songs, how the Pacers need to  continue to grow together, and a bold prediction about the Colts over the next few weeks. 

Mark Minner previews Butler season with The Producers

Nov 8, 2018 00:11:26


Tony D. and David Dearing catch up with the voice of the Bulldogs Mark Minner on The Producers last Saturday. Minner gives his intel on the team, how they will replace Wideman & Martin from last years squad, and how new faces will be ready come tip time Saturday for the first regular season contest against Miami (OH).

Colts and the Wild Card? Kevin Bowen explains

Nov 7, 2018 00:20:07


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV to discuss the possibilities of the Colts making it into the playoffs, how that run starts this weekend against the Jaguars, and what the Pacers will do tonight against the 76ers. 

Jaguars are their own worst enemy

Nov 7, 2018 00:19:00


Mike DiRocco of talks about the up and down season of Jacksonville, how the team has gone away from Blake Bortles, only to come back, and how this game Sunday in Indy could go along way in determining the AFC South champion. 

The Colts feel good, healthy & confident coming out of the bye

Nov 5, 2018 00:21:08


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 and Fox 59 breaksdown the Colts coming off of a bye week, how the team is healthy for the first time in years, and how the Jaguars have had the Colts number as of late. 

Wells: Colts need to keep winning momentum up after bye

Nov 5, 2018 00:19:06


Mike Wells of ESPN joins JMV to chat about the Pacers and the Colts. JMV and Wells take a listen to Victor Oladipos music, how the Pacers finally have  a closer, and the importance of the Colts getting back to work and continue winning afte the bye week.

Victor Oladipo becoming a closer in the NBA

Nov 5, 2018 00:21:10


Eddie Gill of Fox Sports Indiana joined the show to talk about the Pacers solid weekend with wins over the Bulls and Celtics. Eddie expected nothing less from Victor Oladipo, tells you why the Pacers shouldn't change their game plan, and what to expect with the Rockets in town this evening. 

Don Fischer calls out the IU football fans

Nov 2, 2018 00:17:41


Don Fischer per usual on a Friday talks about the remaining 3 games for IU football, how the fans need to show up during this bowl push, and what to expect from the basketball squad as the preseason tipped off last night. 

Sectional Champs will be crowned around the state

Nov 2, 2018 00:20:21


Bob Lovell breaks down tonights sectional contests from around the state of Indiana, his take on local college football and what to expect as the college basketball season gets close to starting. 

Greg Lansing previews the season for the Sycamores

Nov 2, 2018 00:12:17


Head Coach at Indiana State, Greg Lansing joins JMV to talk about the season opener for Indiana State coming up at Ball State, how he doesn't listen to preseason projections, and how Cooper Neese will add depth to the squad come December. 

Find out why Dan Orlovsky thinks Andrew Luck is a MONSTER!

Nov 2, 2018 00:14:27


From ESPN, former Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky breaks down what he has seen in Andrew Luck this season, how he isn't suprised by the play of Eric Ebron this season, and what he tells doubters about his career in the NFL. 

ASK ATI- Colts get healthy heading into the bye

Nov 1, 2018 00:22:08


Brad Howell of ATI & Dr. Mihir Patel with Ortho Indy join JMV in studio per usual on Thursday. They discuss the Colts getting healthy as the season progresses, how injuries different from athletes to every day people, and what Malik Hooker is doing with his hip to get him ready to be back on the playing field soon.


Sabonis has career night, Myles should remain starter

Nov 1, 2018 00:14:54


JMV & Jeremiah Johnson of Fox Sports Indiana joins JMV to chat about the play of the Pacers last night in NYC, what the Pacers need to do better and more consistent, and why Myles Turner will remain the starting center for the Blue & Gold. 

Colts seem to be better than the record shows

Nov 1, 2018 00:20:08


MIke Chappell of CBS 4 joins JMV to talk about the awards the Colts are getting heading into the bye week, how Ballards plan seems to be coming together, and what to do expect for the remainder of the season with the horseshoes. 

Domantas Sabonis recaps his career night in NYC

Nov 1, 2018 00:08:10


After a career high 30 points, Domantas Sabonis joins JMV to recap the win over the New York Knicks, how the pick and roll works to perfection, and why he doesn't want to jinx himself! 

Bowen Knows: Colts hit bye, Pacers need improvement

Oct 31, 2018 00:25:16


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan gives you his highs and lows of the Colts season as they hit the bye week, what the Pacers must improve on and why it all starts with Victor Oladipo. 

Denari was once suspended from high school

Oct 31, 2018 00:15:11


Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana joined JMV to discuss the Pacers up and down start to the season and why he was suspended in high school. 

What to expect with the Indiana Hoosiers as exhibition tips off

Oct 31, 2018 00:20:34


Jeff Rabjohns of has the break down you need when it comes to the Indiana Hoosiers as they get ready to tip off the preseason. What you should expect out of Romeo Langford, and the tough schedule the Hoosiers will face in the month of December. 

Will the Colts make it over .500 this year?

Oct 30, 2018 00:16:20


Zak Keefer of the Indy Star chats with JMV about the Colts two game winning streak heading into the bye, how the schedule favors the team moving over the .500 mark, and how some trades around the NFL will play a roll on the AFC South. 

John Clayton talks chaotic trade deadline & why Andrew Luck is so valuable

Oct 30, 2018 00:13:10


John Clayton of Clayton talks about the 99 trades that have gone down in the NFL, why Andrew Luck is so valuable to the Colts, and how he sees the AFC South shaking out. 

Notre Dame will run the table

Oct 30, 2018 00:21:00


Greg Rakestraw joins JMV in studio to get you ready for more high school football this weekend, his thoughts on the Colts heading into the bye week, and how the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are going to run the table. 

Tony becomes a server at St. Elmo's

Oct 29, 2018 00:06:06


Tony D's podcast returns, he tells you why Colts fans should be feeling good, seeing something for the first time at the World Series (no not the 18 inning Game 3) and becoming a server at St. Elmo's Steakhouse! 

Rick Venturi likes the Colts feel heading into bye

Oct 29, 2018 00:38:38


Rick Venturi per usual on a Monday recaps the Colts win in Oakland. What he loved about the offensive, what needs to improve for the defense, and the play of all three tight ends in the 42-28 win to improve the record to 3-5. 

ATI LIVE with JMV at Kilroys

Oct 25, 2018 00:17:16


JMV and the guys from ATI are joined by Dr. Jonathan Shook MD with Ortho Indy in Carmel, Lafayette, and Indianapolis. They take a look at how injuries will play havoc with your fantasy team this weekend and the latest on the Colts injury list. 

Matt Taylor returns to The Ride with JMV

Oct 25, 2018 00:17:16


The voice of the Colts Matt Taylor joins JMV to talk about the transition to the voice of the Colts, arguements between him and JMV from the past, and the expectations for the Colts in Oakland this weekend. 

How about this O Line Chapp?

Oct 25, 2018 00:21:54


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 chats with JMV about how well the offensive line has played in recent weeks, some of the injury concerns for the team, and if they can get it done in Oakland this weekend. 

Mike Wells says Colts will hit bye at the right time

Oct 25, 2018 00:18:24


Mike Wells of talksa bout the Colts heading to Oakland this weekend to face the Raiders. Why the bye week will come at the perfect time, and what Jack Doyle returning means for the team. 

Pacers bounce back, brutal schedule awaits

Oct 25, 2018 00:20:02


Chris Denari of Fox Sports Indiana joins JMV after the Pacers handed the Spurs their lunch last night in a blowout victory. The guys discuss the upcoming schedule for the Pacers chalked full of playoff teams from a year ago, and who the second most popular player on the Pacers is behind Victor Oladipo. 

Bowen Knows: Colts getting healthy, Pacers need road win

Oct 24, 2018 00:22:42


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV per usual on a Wednesday to chat about the play of the Colts, how many wins will it take to win the AFC South, and how badly the Pacers could use a win in Texas tonight against the Spurs. 

How can Myles Turner turn his confidence around

Oct 24, 2018 00:15:37


Jermiah Johnson joins JMV from Fox Sports Indiana to talk about the Pacers taking on the Spurs in Texas tonight, how Myles Turner can gain some confidence back, and his thoughts on the play of the bench so far this early season. 

Dave Wannstedt likes IU, says Notre Dame makes playoffs

Oct 24, 2018 00:15:21


Former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt joins JMV to chat about IU taking on Minnesota this weekend, how the Notre Dame Fighting Irish with run the table and make the college football playoff, and how he handled everything thrown at him with the Chicago Bears. 

Chuck Pagano talks life after the Colts

Oct 24, 2018 00:18:15


Former Colts coach Chuck Pagano talks with JMV about life after the Colts, if he still keeps an eye on the Colts play week in and week out, and if he sees himself getting back into coaching. 

Why are people freaking out over the Pacers 2-2 start?

Oct 23, 2018 00:19:19


J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star joins JMV to talk about the loss in Minnesota last night, why fans are frustrated with the teams start and how the rotation could be changed over the next few games. 

Marlon Mack after a career game against the Bills

Oct 23, 2018 00:10:20


Colts running back Marlon Mack joins JMV to talk about his career high performance against the Bills, how he is seeing the second level of the field, and what he has seen in Andrew Lucks return. 

Around Indiana with Greg Rakestraw

Oct 23, 2018 00:18:13


Greg Rakestraw joins JMV to chat about the impressive win on all sides of the football for the Colts over the Bills, his take on who will be Mr. Football in the state of Indiana, and of course, some FFA talk. 

Rick Venturi after a Colts win over Buffalo

Oct 22, 2018 00:40:01


Rick Venturi per usual on Monday looks back on the Colts blow out win over the Bills, how impressed he was by the offensive line, and what players he thought made the best impact in the 37-5 win. 

Coach Brohm on the upset over Ohio State

Oct 22, 2018 00:09:17


Purdue head football coach Jeff Brohm joins JMV to recap the upset over the 2nd ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. Coach Brohm tells JMV how he kept his emotions in check & what it means to the players, students and university. 

Can IU upset Penn State on Homecoming?

Oct 19, 2018 00:14:41


Don Fischer the voice of the Hoosiers talks with JMV about the #18 ranked Nittany Lions taking on IU from Memorial Stadium in Bloomington on Saturday. Is the QB position for the Hoosiers set in stone and can Tom Allen get his biggest win to date. 

Mike Wells- The Colts BETTER win

Oct 19, 2018 00:17:49


Mike Wells of ESPN joined JMV to talk about the newest editions to the Colts, how the Colts have to win this game against the BIlls, and when the last time the fan base showed more interest in the Pacers than the Colts. 

IHSAA Sectionals underway around the state

Oct 19, 2018 00:14:54


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk previews the top games from Sectional week 1 of high school football action. 

Live from Milwaukee- Jeremiah Johnson previews Pacers-Bucks

Oct 19, 2018 00:14:03


From Fox Sports Indiana, Jeremiah Johnson talks up tonight's game in Milwaukee for the Pacers, the dynamic of the Bucks opening a new arena & his expectations for the weekend ahead for the Blue and Gold. 

TY Hilton back ATI guys discuss

Oct 18, 2018 00:21:40


The guys from ATI and Dr. Kevin Miller discuss the Colts injuries, how to prevent injuries as the weather turns, and how to tune up your fantasy football team this season. 

All things IU with Jeff Rabjohns

Oct 18, 2018 00:15:57


Jeff Rabjohns of joins JMV to discuss homecoming weekend for the Hoosiers football team as they welcome in #18 Penn State, his thoughts on the new G-League rule and what IU fans can expect out of Romeo Langford this season. 

Colts close to winning, close to losing fan base

Oct 18, 2018 00:21:51


Mike Chappell of CBS 4 talks with JMV about the importance of the Colts game on Sunday against the Bills. What would happen if the Colts lose a winnable game, how this rebuild looks in the eyes of Jim Irsay, and how the cap money could be spent in the offseason. 

Will the Irish survive and make the College Football Playoff?

Oct 18, 2018 00:14:15


Charles Arbuckle of Sirius XM talks about the path for Notre Dame to make the college football playoff, some memories of his time spent in Indianapolis & if Purdue has any shot this weekend against Purdue. 

Bowen Knows: Pacers look great opening night, Colts need a win

Oct 18, 2018 00:17:56


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV in studio to discuss the play of the Pacers last night, how everything went well as seven players scored in double digits, and how important it is for the Colts to win this Sunday. 

Pacers GM Chad Buchanan joins JMV live

Oct 17, 2018 00:23:56


Pacers GM Chad Buchanan talks with JMV about the players the team brought in this season, how he arrived with the Pacers and how involved Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh are with the day to day operations. 

Bowen Knows: Colts need a win, Pacers will contend

Oct 17, 2018 00:16:05


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan talks about the Pacers tipping off the season tonight against the Grizzlies, his expecations for the team, and what he wants to see out of the Colts at home against the Bills. 

Chris Denari starts his 13th season as the voice of the Pacers

Oct 17, 2018 00:19:34


From Fox Sports Indiana, Chris Denari, the voice of the Pacers joins JMV live to discuss the upcoming season, his thoughts on the contract for Myles Turner, and how good the bench will be for the Pacers. 

Pacers Preview with Fox Sports Indiana's Jeremiah Johnson

Oct 17, 2018 00:16:21


JJ from Fox Sports Indiana catches up with JMV on what he likes out of training camp and preseason for the Pacers, how the rotation will look tonight, and how Kyle O'Quinn will fit with the Blue and Gold. 

Caller Line Hot takes Jets

Oct 16, 2018 00:01:57


OUr weekely caller line where you can rant and call Chris Ballard former Mayor Greg Ballard! 

Myles Turner ready to tip things off

Oct 16, 2018 00:12:49


Myles Turner of the Pacers talks with Tony D. about his contract, and then catches up with JMV on the expectations for himself and the team this season, how his relationship with Domas Sabonis is, and what the ceiling is for this Pacers team in 2018-19.

The greatest post games host join JMV

Oct 16, 2018 00:25:16


Greg Rakestraw of the Colts post game show talks about the amount of dropped passes for the team and how the playoffs are some how still in sight for the Colts, and Eddie White of the Pacers drops by to get you ready for tomorrow's season opener against the Grizzlies. 

Rick Venturi still says to practice patience

Oct 15, 2018 00:40:32


After a loss to the Jets, Rick Venturi tells Colts fans to remain patient. He tells JMV what went wrong on the offensive side of the ball in New Jersey and what to expect out of the Bills this weekend. 

Stephen Holder thinks the Colts need to win to help build the right culture

Oct 12, 2018 00:17:14


The Athletic's Stephen Holder joins JMV to discuss the Colts injury situation, reasons for optimism, and why it's so important for this young team to get a win. 

Bob Lovell gets you primed for the final regular season week of football for IHSAA

Oct 12, 2018 00:14:22


Bob Lovell of Indiana Sports Talk gets you primed for the week of the regular season in high school football later on tonight. Some of the best matchups around the state and what to watch for in college football tomorrow! 

Bowen gets you updated on the Colts from the Colts complex

Oct 12, 2018 00:11:28


Kevin Bowen joins JMV to discuss the final injury report for the Colts and Jets on Sunday, if Eric Ebron will be available on Sunday, and what players will have to step in the absence of others. 

Venturi on how to beat the Jets

Oct 12, 2018 00:20:25


From Monday, Rick Venturi breaks down the Colts heading east to face the Jets. How the Colts defense will have to limit the Jets running game, and how the Colts offense will adjust without TY Hilton.

Tony Ds Podcast: Ranting about the Colts and turning 30

Oct 11, 2018 00:04:41


Tony D's podcast says what most Colts fans are feeling, how he spent his 30th birthday and the excitement level for the Indiana Pacers this upcoming year. 

Ask ATI What is going on with Ebron

Oct 11, 2018 00:23:08


ASK ATI is in studio to discuss the laundry list of injuries for the Colts, Eric Ebrons multiple injuries and how long injuries keep the average person out, compared to elite athletes. 

Chappell hasn't seen anything like this with the Colts

Oct 11, 2018 00:21:54


JMV and Mike Chappell of CBS 4 discuss the list of injuries that came out today for the Colts, what to expect when the team heads east to face off against the Jets and who losing seasons are more the norm than what the Colts face were used to from the Manning era. 

Media Altercations & Tucker Barnhart talks MLB playoffs

Oct 11, 2018 00:22:31


JMV talks about his favorite media misunderstandings including Dave Calabro getting into an arguement, how Bill Polian acted in the press box and Tucker Barnhart of the Reds chimes in on the MLB playoffs. 

Bowen Knows: Sorting through the Colts laundry list of injuries

Oct 10, 2018 00:20:35


Kevin Bowen of 1070 The Fan joins JMV to look at the laundry list of injuries for the Colts as they head to New Jersey to face the Jets this weekend, how Frank Reich can fix the running game, and how the newly signed players will perform this weekend. 

Have the MLB Playoffs been boring?

Oct 10, 2018 00:13:01


Rob Neyer, author of the new book " Power Ball" discussed the 2018 MLB Playoffs. Him and JMV look at the difference in baseball over the last several years, how the game is trending over the next 10, and which team is primed to win this years World Series. 

Peyton Ramsey poised to lead IU to a bowl bid

Oct 10, 2018 00:10:53