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Join VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer and co-host Skye Jethani (author, sr. editor Christianity Today's Leadership Journal) for a fast-paced and often funny conversation about pop culture, media, theology, and the fun, fun, fun of living a thoughtful Christian life in an increasingly post-Christian culture.


Episode 377: The Faith of Mister Rogers with Shea Tuttle

Nov 14, 2019 01:06:59


Fred Rogers is all the rage. He spoke to children and families for decades on the PBS show “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” and a movie about him starring Tom Hanks is releasing this month. But fewer people realize Rogers was an ordained minister with a deep faith. Shea Tuttle talks to Skye about her remarkable spiritual biography of Fred Rogers—a Christian who defied categories with a holistic vision of faith. Also this week, “Christian chicken with a picket” in the U.K., a Gospel singer boycotts TBN and the Dove Awards, a secularist laments that we’re no longer a Christian nation, and Phil’s excited about a smart Chinese toilet that can change the world.

Episode 376: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry with John Mark Comer

Nov 6, 2019 01:08:24


Before Edison invented the lightbulb the average American slept 11 hours each night. Technology hasn’t just made life easier, it’s made it a lot busier. John Mark Comer is back to discuss his new book about the importance of slowing down in order to deepen our life with God. Also this week: $3,000 sneakers infused with water from the Jordan River sell out. Harvest (finally) declares James MacDonald “disqualified” from ministry. How should we feel about Kanye becoming a Christian? And Baptists and Catholics partner to save marriages in Florida.

Episode 375: Spiritual Homelessness with Mike Erre

Oct 30, 2019 01:16:10


Do you feel alienated from the evangelical tradition of your youth, but not at home with the more liberal versions of the faith either? Welcome to the ranks of the spiritually homeless. Friend of the show Mike Erre is back to discuss the trend and the stages that lead a disappointed evangelical to become fully de-converted. Also this week: A woman in Germany says her passionate relationship with a Boeing 737-800 is true love. A Russian man sues Apple claiming an app made him gay. The Vatican tries to woo tech-savvy millennials back to religion with the “e-rosary.” Plus, Phil and Skye examine the philosophy fueling the “anti-natalist” movement which says the only moral, logical, and compassionate option is for all humans to stop having children.

Episode 374: Parting Words to the Church on Race & Love with Dr. John Perkins

Oct 23, 2019 01:24:14


89-year-old Dr. John Perkins has a lot to say to Christians about race, friendship, and the power of God’s love. The civil rights legend talks with Skye about his remarkable life, the problem with everyone focusing on their victimhood, and how “real reconciliation is washing each other’s wounds.” Also this week: John MacArthur tells Beth Moore to “Go home.” His audience laughed; Christian-twitter did not. Phil and Skye debate whether MacArthur even matters anymore. New Pew data says the U.S. will be majority non-Christian by 2035. Plus, the world’s largest ouija board debuts in Salem, Massachusetts.

Episode 373: Will Democrats End Religious Tax-Exemption? With John Inazu

Oct 16, 2019 01:10:39


This week Democratic presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke, called for churches and religious organizations that do not support same-sex marriage to lose their tax-exempt status. Skye talks with law professor and political scientist John Inazu about the issue. Is there a real risk? What’s the difference between churches and religious schools according to the law? And would losing tax-exemption necessarily be bad? Also this week, “Rise of the Planet of the Pigs”? Filipino pigs in France have learned to use tools. The court says the University of Iowa has discriminated against religious students. And a progressive seminary is conducting services for people to confess their sins to plants.

Episode 372: How Race Became Religion with Willie James Jennings

Oct 9, 2019 01:06:50


Did God create the different races and intend them to be separate, or is race a social and cultural invention? Theologian Willie James Jennings joins Skye for a mind-stretching conversation about the role of race in our faith, how “whiteness” has influenced Christianity, why a proper vision of Jesus’ incarnation challenges many of our assumptions, and the racial Cold War occurring in our country. Also this week: A study that found religious kids are nastier and less generous than secular kids is retracted due to a math error. Trump’s “court evangelicals” warn that his impeachment could start a new civil war. The podcast hosts discuss the pros and cons of impeachment and over-spiritualizing political differences.

Episode 371: The Case for Apologetics with Lee Strobel

Oct 2, 2019 01:07:02


It’s been over 20 years since Lee Strobel wrote his best-selling book “The Case for Christ.” He talks with Skye about the changing role of apologetics in our post-Christian culture. It’s no longer just intellectual barriers that keep people from faith, says Strobel, but emotional barriers. Today, Christian credibility depends more on our love than our arguments. Also this week: Scientists discover squirrels eavesdrop on birds. Phil and Skye debate the significance of a Missouri council member taking her oath on a Dr. Suess book. Conservative critics are accusing Democrats of being “godless,” but Pew finds a strong majority of voters in both parties say religion is important in their lives. Plus, the top 10 signs your Christianity has been “Americanized.”

Episode 370: How (Not) to Read the Gospels with Juan Hernandez

Sep 25, 2019 01:18:35


“What really happened?” That’s a question many people bring to their reading of the Gospels. As a result, some Christians stitch together divergent accounts from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to create a single narrative of Jesus’ life and ministry. According to Juan Hernandez, professor of biblical studies at Bethel University, this is a huge mistake. He talks with Skye about common errors we make when reading the gospels and why we must understand them literarily and not just literally. Also in this episode: Russian priests bomb a city with holy water to stop the drinking and fornication. Skye supports a mass wedding at a Dallas megachurch for cohabitating couples. The Methodists are planning a split over LGBT ordination. One writer believes 2016 marks the biggest crisis for evangelicals since the Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925. And Phil bends the knee to the invisible hand of the almighty Bezos.

Episode 369: From Models & Bottles to Water & Wells with Scott Harrison

Sep 18, 2019 01:13:17


For ten years, Scott Harrison was one of the most successful club promoters in NYC. His life was marked by every hedonistic indulgence imaginable. Today, he’s the founder and CEO of Charity:Water, a non-profit that has brought clean water to over 10 million people around the world. Scott shares the remarkable story of his transformation and faith with Skye in an interview you won’t want to miss. Also this week, the head of a Catholic school bans Harry Potter books because he fears the spells they contain are real. New data says Millennials are abandoning God, country, and family. Is there a single explanation for all three? The podcast gang debates the leading theories. And Phil is hopeful about a new NPR podcast that interviews religious believers.

Episode 368: Rethinking Church in Digital Babylon with David Kinnaman (Part 2)

Sep 11, 2019 01:15:58


Based on a decade of research with the Barna Group, David Kinnaman says we’re not in Kansas anymore. We now occupy digital Babylon—a new world where people are discipled by their screens, don’t know how to have meaningful relationships, and distrust organizations. What does this all mean for the church? He talks with Skye about everything from rethinking preaching, the diminishing value of youth ministry, and a backlash against “professional” worship. Also this week, Phil reads from his new Bible and has a dream/nightmare about Donald Trump. Christian asks where we should get our news from. NFL quarterback Drew Brees gets in trouble for appearing in a Focus on the Family video. And research says the church, like politics, is losing moderates.

Episode 367: Resilient Faith in Digital Babylon with David Kinnaman (Part 1)

Sep 4, 2019 01:06:37


According to years of research from the Barna Group, only about 10% of young adults raised in the church have a resilient faith. Some may see that as bad news, but not David Kinnaman. He dug deeper to see what was different about these 4 million Millennials and Gen Zers, and he came away deeply encouraged. He talks with Skye about the 5 traits of “resilient disciples” and what it means for the future of the church. Also this week, Phil, Christian, and Skye talk about the wave of Christian leaders abandoning the faith and what it means for labels like “evangelical,” “ex-evangelical,” “fundamentalist,” and “progressive.” Plus, plague-infected prairie dogs and pooping Legos.

Episode 366: The Secret Evangelical Illuminati with John Fea

Aug 28, 2019 01:12:26


Buckle your seatbelts. While promoting his new VeggieTales show, Phil was asked about LGBTs in kids’ media. Now everyone from Ben Shapiro to The Advocate is responding. Phil’s off the cuff remarks have made him a hero to some and a villain to others. This week he explains why he’s neither, and how both sides of the culture war twist things to fit their biases. Then Skye interviews official Holy Post historian, John Fea, about the new Netflix documentary series “The Family.” Is there really a secret society of evangelicals inflitrating world governments? Fea offers both history and perspective on the shadowy group behind the National Prayer Breakfast and explains what the Netflix show gets right and wrong about Christians in politics.

Episode 365: Celebrity Marriages, Deep Fake Tech, & Does Porn Still Matter?

Aug 21, 2019 01:15:37


Another celebrity couple’s marriage has ended, but don’t worry—they’re still committed to their pet pigs. New data finds Americans have lost faith in technology to the point that churches are now viewed more favorably than big tech firms. Another survey finds conservative Christians use less porn than other Americans, but they feel way worse about it. Should we continue to stigmatize the sinfulness of pornography? The gang has a lively discussion about it. Also this week, Drew Dyck is back with his latest book recommendations, and he talks with Skye about the flurry of Christian leaders announcing their renunciation of the faith via social media. Plus, Phil wants to know why web algorithms are telling him to buy a cereal called Poop Like a Campion.

Episode 364: Finding God in the Ordinary with Glenn Packiam

Aug 15, 2019 01:10:03


American Christianity is fixated on celebrity pastors, spectacular worship, and doing big things for God. But most of our lives aren’t that extraordinary. That’s good news, according to Glenn Packiam. He’s been a megachurch worship leader and pastor, but now he finds God in the most ordinary things. He talks with Skye about his new book, “Blessed, Broken, Given.” Also this week, Phil and Skye reflect on the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Should the Billy Graham Rule apply to police officers? And a German study involving dropping oranges at train stations reveals surprising things about immigrants and discrimination.

Episode 363: Why Secularism is Good News with Mark Sayers

Aug 7, 2019 01:04:27


Many Christians are lamenting or panicking as the culture becomes increasingly post-Christian, but not Mark Sayers. The Australian church leader and author believes the rise of secularism is good news for the church and its mission. He talks with Skye about his new book and explains how the church has historically found new life amid global crises. Also this week, a new study finds religious children are meaner than secular kids. Archeologists uncover an ancient biblical city. Democrats and Republicans both suffer from “bubblism.” Skye compares pastors to stand-up comics. Phil explains why HBO is evil. And the gang talks about donkey dung, tiny Hindu children, and why time travel is great for white people.

Episode 362: The Sexual Prosperity Gospel with Katelyn Beaty

Jul 31, 2019 01:13:09


With the implosion of evangelical purity culture, and news that its poster child is getting divorced, many are reevaluating the legacy of the movement that dominated youth ministries in the 80s and 90s. Katelyn Beaty is back to talk about her recent article about the problems with the sexual ethics of both evangelical and secular cultures. Also this week, a Catholic school in Indiana is getting heat for firing a teacher in a gay marriage, and the Evangelical Covenant Church banished a 134-year-old congregation for its LGBT policy. These stories provoke the question: Is it still ok for Christian organizations to enforce Christian beliefs? And what does the future look like when nearly half of millennial evangelicals support same-sex marriage?

Episode 361: Prophets, Pigeonaries, and Politics

Jul 26, 2019 59:13


Christian is back! She updates us on her travels to France and the status of her new film, “The Girl Who Wore Freedom.” A review of the new documentary “American Heretics” reveals that liberals in Hollywood are begging Christians to follow Jesus. Tim Dalrymple, the new president of Christianity Today, says white Christians need to confront Donald Trump when he takes aim at people of color. Has CT rediscovered its prophetic voice? A former missionary asks why white evangelicals are so eager to help the poor and suffering overseas but are the least likely group to welcome or help them at home? Skye says it’s because the latter makes us feel righteous, while the former requires repentance. And Phil worries that tweeting Christian values will spark a backlash—among Christians!

Episode 360: The Christian Case for Reparations with Theon Hill

Jul 18, 2019 01:12:31


Should the United States compensate the descendants of African slaves? If so, what should that compensation look like? And what does Christian faith have to say about repentance and reparation for wrongs committed by prior generations? Dr. Theon Hill is back on the show to talk about recent congressional hearings on the matter, and his conversation with Skye might surprise you. Also this week, a church in Indiana is paying off medical debts. For the first time ever, Canada has surpassed the U.S. as the most welcoming country to refugees. That launches Phil and Skye into a history of U.S. immigration policies. Christian singer Nichole Nordeman wrote an open letter to Franklin Graham asking him to send “Operation Christmas Child” shoeboxes to kids in detention centers at the Southern border. Is Graham’s silence a result of his support for Trump and his border policies?  And “love” for Donald Trump is causing a rift among evangelicals.

Episode 359: Declining Marriage, Mammal Brains, & Turkey Murder

Jul 11, 2019 43:26


Why are fewer people getting married? One study says it’s because weddings have become too expensive. Skye isn’t buying it. Phil explains why dads are responsible for our large brains, and gives ammo to social conservatives in the process. And Christian’s back! (Sort of.) In a special segment of “Christian Asks,” she talks with Skye about his recent devotional series about idols. That leads to a conversation about the right and wrong way to read the Bible, the concept of narrative fallacy, and slaughtering turkeys.

Episode 358: Christians vs. Satanist in Offensive Prayer Showdown with John Inazu

Jul 4, 2019 01:08:18


Prepare to be offended. Phil has written a new Bible and Skye’s offended at what passes as a “Bible” these days. Jerry Falwell Jr. is offended that Russell Moore has the audacity to comment about moral issues without being a business owner. Everyone else is offended by Falwell. A Christian lawmaker offended non-Christians with her prayer in the Pennsylvania state legislature, and Christians are offended when a Satanist offers the opening prayer at a government meeting in Alaska. Skye discusses these cases with law and religion professor, John Inazu, as well as other recent rulings by the Supreme Court.

Episode 357: Nones Love Nuns & Us Versus Them with David Fitch

Jun 26, 2019 01:06:20


According to David Fitch, the contemporary church has become an “enemy-making machine” that thrives by identifying and amplifying threats. He talks with Skye about his new book, “The Church of Us vs Them,” how anger has come to dominate our communities, and the practices that can help us break this pattern. Also this week, Phil shares the unlikely movement of non-religious millennials moving into convents with nuns. That leads to a discussion about Disney-themed gay weddings, babies and bath water, and new research that says millennials are more “spiritual” than older Americans. Plus, scientists use stem cells to grow a nose on a woman’s spine.

Episode 356: The Future of the Church with Mike Erre (Part 2)

Jun 19, 2019 01:11:07


Mike Erre is back for the second part of his conversation with Skye on the future of the church in America. This time they talk about the difference between “Cold War” Christianity and “Game of Thrones” Christianity. Plus, why does it feel like everything in the culture—including faith and politics—is being pushed to the extremes? What happened to the middle ground and can it be recovered? Also this week, the Ark Encounter amusement park is suing its insurance provider for not covering flood damage. Gay characters are becoming more common on children’s television which causes Phil to revisit Jerry Falwell’s crusade against Tinky Winky—the ambiguously gay Telletubbie. Plus, Beth Moore is on a mission to shine a light on the sexism and misogyny within the Southern Baptist Convention, but is there more than complementarian theology behind the criticism she’s now receiving?

Episode 355: The Future of the Church with Mike Erre (Part 1)

Jun 12, 2019 01:01:12


Friend of the show, Mike Erre (aka, the bald Buckeye with a brain), celebrated the 200th episode of his show—the Vox Podcast—by inviting Skye to join him for a conversation about the future of the church in America. Will we lose tax-exempt status? Will progressive social and sexual views win? And how did the Cold War give us modern evangelicalism? Also this week, is Bill Gates flushing away his fortune by trying to reinvent the toilet? An 80-year Harvard study has finally discovered the key to happiness, but a “happiness expert” in the U.K. disagrees and says we should all stop having children. Plus, why are religious couples more sexually satisfied?

Episode 354: Persecution, Privilege, & Identity Politics with John Fea

Jun 6, 2019 01:07:03


In a number of recent commencement speeches at Christian colleges, Vice President Mike Pence has been warning graduates about the hostility of our culture toward Christians. Historian John Fea is back to talk about what Pence gets right, and what he gets wrong, about the persecution of evangelicals in the U.S. Plus, Fea shares his theory about why regular church attendees are the most likely to still support Trump. Also this week, an evangelical activist is guilty of “astroturfing” Muslims. Airports try to ban Chick-Fil-A and Hollywood studios boycott states passing abortion restrictions. And is conservative politics killing white churches?

Episode 353: Beating Guns into Garden Tools with Shane Claiborne

May 31, 2019 01:08:15


Guns kill an average of 105 Americans every day. Shane Claiborne is on a mission to change that with a converted school bus and a forge. He is literally beating guns into gardening tools & challenging our culture’s addiction to violence in the process. He talks with Skye about the legal and spiritual problem we’re facing. Also this week... Experts warned Netflix its series “13 Reasons Why” would cause an increase in teen suicide. That’s exactly what happened but Netflix doesn’t seem to care. Have the Harry Potter books replaced the Bible as Millennials’ foundational text? And why are more Americans impervious to facts?

Episode 352: Athleisure, Abortion, and Ancient Squirrels with Mike Nawrocki

May 22, 2019 01:00:25


Are yoga pants causing an increase in liposuction? Phil links the popularity of tight-fitting “athleisure” clothing to rising insecurity about one’s physical appearance. Televangelists are selling gold Trump prayer coins featuring the President and King Cyrus. And the crew talks about the new strict abortion laws in Alabama and Georgia. Skye explains why overturning Roe v. Wade won’t solve the issue. And has tribal politics made a common-sense compromise on the issue impossible? Plus, Phil’s VeggieTales partner and voice of Larry the Cucumber, Mike Nawrocki, talks about his newest project. `

Episode 62: Fighting with My Family

May 16, 2019 34:04


Something Old:


Josh’s: The Dark Crystal (1982)


Skye’s: The Godfather (1972):


Something New: Fighting with My Family (2019)


Josh’s Proposal: This movie puts an interesting twist on pursuing a dream. It’s not just about me.


Skye’s Proposal: This movie is an interesting glimpse into some Biblical narratives that are worth thinking about again.


Something Borrowed:


Something Blew:



Block Buster Podcast:


Backdraft II:



Howard Stern on Fresh Air:



Blew Chunks: Watch Will Smith perform "Prince Ali" in this new clip from Aladdin:

Blew Mind: Hollywood Screenwriter Attempts To Write A Scene in 7 Minutes | Vanity Fair:

Ep 351: The Opposite of Poverty Isn’t the American Dream

May 15, 2019 01:07:18


Skye often tries to bring economics into the show’s theological discussions. This week his dream comes true with guests Brian Fikkert (an economist) and Kelly Kapic (a theologian), co-authors of “Becoming Whole.” They say our ideas about God’s mission are too entangled with Western materialism on the one hand, and not material enough on the other. This conversation will really challenge your assumptions. Also this week, the IRS says the Satanic Temple is a legitimate religion, The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue now has a model in a burka and hijab, and should we be happy or worried about Kanye West talking a lot about Jesus and leading “Sunday Service” concerts?

Episode 350: The Christian Wisdom of Cognitive Dissonance

May 8, 2019 01:13:16


Jesus told us to “not judge,” but what does that really mean? In a special segment called “Christian Asks...” normally only available to Holy Post’s Patreon supporters, Skye and Christian discuss what it means to live with discernment but not judgment in a pluralistic culture. While talking about capital punishment, gay marriage, and immigration, they unpack why fundamentalism on both the right and left is so appealing, and why we must avoid both. Also this week—a new parody movie called “Faith-Based” has the crew asking what makes something “faith-based”? And does overlooking Trump’s immorality while condemning Bill Clinton’s make white evangelicals hypocritical Christians or faithful Republicans?

Episode 349: Brain Damaged Fundamentalists & the Failure of Liberalism

May 1, 2019 01:04:33


It’s a potpourri week on the podcast. Phil sees evidence of God in self-sacrificing insects. Former congresswoman Michelle Bachman calls Trump “highly biblical” and “godly.” Skye would like to reverse engineer what Bible she’s reading. Scientists find a link between fundamentalism and brain damage. Plus, Drew Dyck is back to discuss why democracy is failing everywhere and the magical thinking behind multi-level marketing.

Ep 348: Preachers, Sneakers, & Post-Church Believers

Apr 24, 2019 56:51


Is it okay for a pastor to wear $5,000 shoes? How about $500 sneakers? What if they were a gift? What if the pastor serves an affluent, brand-savvy community? Phil and Skye engage the “PreachersNSneakers” debate and unpack the cultural nuances. A new survey finds most people believe in God, but church involvement is rapidly declining. The reasons are complex, but Skye says the preaching-focused structure of most churches needs to be rethought in the Internet Age. Also this week, a Florida “saint” wants to destroy the world with his turtle army.

Ep 347: The Inexpressible Lovingkindness of God with Michael Card

Apr 17, 2019 01:07:06


It’s been five years since the conservative Christian revenge fantasy film, God’s Not Dead, hit theaters. The Holy Post crew reflects on its impact and implications. Historian Mark Noll looks at the new shape of world Christianity (hint: it’s a lot less white than it used to be). And Skye talks with songwriter, author, and theologian Michael Card about the inexpressible lovingkindness of God. Oh, and Phil is fascinated by the connection between Earth’s magnetic field and dog poop.

Ep 346: Confronting the Evangelical Industrial Complex with Julie Roys

Apr 10, 2019 01:17:19


Christian’s finally back! The podcast trio give updates on their recent travels and projects. Phil’s making a new VeggieTales show, Christian’s making a WWII documentary, and Skye missed his ship and ate a frog. They also discuss new research that says cultivating awe makes us into better people. So why does modern Christianity work so hard to make God understandable and the world controllable? Then Skye interviews journalist Julie Roys about her reporting that led to James McDonald’s firing from Harvest Bible Chapel, and the broader challenges facing an evangelicalism driven by money, celebrity, and poor accountability. And are online whistleblowers really helping, or are they becoming a new expression of the same problem—powerful voices with no accountability?

Episode 345: Torah! Torah! Torah! with Dr. John Walton

Apr 3, 2019 01:01:27


Old Testament professor and friend of the show, Dr. John Walton is back with his latest book in the “Lost World” series. This time he’s tackling common misunderstandings about the Old Testament Law. Walton says modern people incorrectly see the Torah as legislation—laws to be obeyed, but that’s not how Ancient Near Eastern cultures saw it. And the traditional division of OT laws into civil, moral, and ceremonial categories is also misguided. So what does that mean for us? Phil and Skye pepper the prof with questions. Also this week—archeologists find King Josiah under a parking lot (maybe), and herpes in space!

Episode 344: Outrage, Evangelicals, & Anuses with Ed Stetzer

Mar 27, 2019 01:00:25


Back in 2009, a widely read article predicted “the coming evangelical collapse” would occur within ten years. Well, it’s 2019 and evangelicals are still here, but where are they heading? Pastor, professor, author, and researcher, Ed Stetzer is back on the show to discuss new data about evangelicalism, the rise of Christian nationalism, and why the growth of secularism may be a good thing for the church. Phil and Skye also talk to him about his book, “Christians in the Age of Outrage,” and what exactly is the difference between Fundamentalists and Evangelicals? Also this week—Azusa Pacific’s LGBT stance confuses everyone, Lifeway bookstores are disappearing, and so are jellyfish anuses.

Episode 343: Politics Panel at Taylor University

Mar 20, 2019 47:58


Skye’s in Hong Kong, Christian is interviewing French senior citizens, and Phil is writing scripts and playing with puppets—so, we have a special episode this week. Last month, Skye was part of a panel discussion on politics at Taylor University. We captured the audio to share with you. The other speakers include Nina Barnes (Vice President of Student Life, University of Northwestern), Alan Noble (Co-founder of Christ & Pop-Culture), and Michael Wear (Chief Strategist for the AND Campaign). We’ll be back next week with a regular episode.

Episode 342: Rethinking Christian Leadership with Dr. Eugene Habecker

Mar 13, 2019 57:24


Our culture talks a lot about leadership—both inside and outside the church. With so many conferences and resources dedicated to making Christian leaders, why are we seeing so many scandals? Gene Habecker has given a lot of thought to this problem after leading numerous organizations. You’ll find his perspective illuminating and surprising. Also this week, researchers discover bees can learn math leaving reality TV as the final thing separating humans from animals. Plus, Phil asks why women are more religious than men, and why African-Americans engage the Bible more than any other Americans.

Episode 341: Adolescence Isn’t What It Used to Be w/ Kara Powell & Steven Argue

Mar 7, 2019 01:11:02


In the past, the transition from childhood to adulthood was just a few awkward years. New research says the transition is now much, much longer. According to Kara Powell and Steve Argue from the Fuller Youth Institute, childhood is ending earlier with 14-year-olds encountering very adult issues, while many 28-year-olds continue to live like teenagers. How do we respond as parents and faith communities to this prolonged adolescence? Powell and Argue are here to discuss their new book, “Growing With,” and their insightful research on the topic. Also this week: Professional female athletes in the UK are accused of bigotry for objecting to transgender women in sports, and Phil gets excited about glitter-farting trolls.

Ep 340: Spineless Morons & Fragile Snowflakes

Feb 27, 2019 01:04:53


What causes “Trump-fever”? According to Baptist pastor and Trump cheerleader, Robert Jeffress, it’s all about abortion. He calls never-Trump evangelicals “spineless morons” because they won’t admit that Trump has been an effective pro-life president. Is he right? Not according to a new book called “Alienated America” by Timothy Carney. His data says cultural pessimism explains why some Republican towns embraced Trump in the primaries while other rejected him. Could that also explain his evangelical support? And Drew Dyck is back to discuss a new book on how we’ve made a generation of Americans into fragile snowflakes.

Episode 339: Politics & the Crisis of Discipleship with Michael Wear

Feb 21, 2019 01:03:27


Michael Wear has seen the intersection of faith and politics from the inside. Having worked in the White House and for political campaigns, Wear says the current state of politics reveals a crisis of discipleship in the American church. He talks with Skye about the way politics is shaping our faith when it ought to be the other way around. They also discuss the 2020 presidential candidates & their mixed messages about faith. Also this week, Phil and Skye discuss why the Swiss gave up on their plan to send reality TV stars to Mars, cow vigilantes unleash violence in India, and new research indicates religious kids may be nice but dumb.

Ep 338: Bogus Bible Diets, LGBs Rethink Ts, and Bob Jones U.

Feb 13, 2019 01:03:04


Bob Jones University didn’t admit black students until the 1970s and didn’t permit interracial dating until 2000. For decades the school was a symbol of white Christian racism, so why did Theon Hill, an African-American who grew up near Chicago, choose to attend BJU? Hill is now a professor at Wheaton College and shares what he learned about faith and racism from his undergraduate years at Bob Jones. Also this week, Phil and Skye discuss the rising popularity of Bible-based diets like the Daniel Plan and why they’re more American than Christian. Some feminist and gay leaders are becoming concerned that the transgender movement is eroding the intellectual foundations of feminism and homosexuality. Plus, new research finds millennials are too lazy to eat cereal.

Episode 337: Theology Mailbag & the Death of Plinky Pete

Feb 6, 2019 01:12:00


Does using medicine mean we distrust God? Are all sins really the same? Don’t annihilationists and atheists believe the same thing? You asked and we answer in this week’s special mailbag show. Plus, a Canadian denomination allows an atheist to be a pastor. Can we solve the abortion battle by going for the Democrat’s “Green New Deal? New data says most Christian millennials think evangelism is wrong. Plus, Phil and Skye react to the Super Bowl half-time show and debate who murdered Phil’s ukulele.

Episode 336: Do Old Testament Commands Still Apply? With Mike Erre

Jan 30, 2019 01:11:21


An influential pastor has created a controversy by saying the 10 Commandments don’t apply to Christians anymore. Our favorite Buckeye Bible guy, Mike Erre, is back to talk with Skye about how the Old Testament relates to the New. Phil and Skye discuss the latest round of megachurch pastor scandals, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard apologizes for being raised Catholic, and Karen Pence, the vice president’s wife, ignites moral outrage for teaching at a Christian school that requires their faculty to (hold on to your hats) affirm Christian doctrines?

Episode 335: The Past, Present, & Future of Politics with Jon Ward

Jan 23, 2019 01:15:52


Jon Ward is back! He’s the senior political correspondent for Yahoo News and the author of the new book Camelot’s End about the 1980 primary fight between Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy. Ward unpacks the current dynamics within the Republican and Democratic parties, and what to expect as we move toward the 2020 election. Also this week: Christians freak out over “McJesus” in Israel, social media freaks out over Catholic teens with MAGA hats in Washington, and is the 400-year-old white Western Christian bubble bursting?

Episode 334: The Wall, the Shutdown, & the Immigrant w/Matthew Soerens

Jan 16, 2019 01:18:18


Confused about the current standoff in Washington over the president’s border wall? Matthew Soerens, U.S. Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief and National Coordinator for the Evangelical Immigration Table, is back to help us make sense of it all. He explains how the failure of immigration bills since 2013 got us to this place, and why neither Democrats nor Republicans are pursuing a common sense compromise. He also offers his thoughts on why so many Christians fail to see immigration as a biblical issue. Also this week: Phil pokes Mary Poppins, Trump is evangelicals’ Goliath, and the international competition to build the tallest Jesus statue.

Ep 333: Drew Dyck Disciplines Himself

Jan 9, 2019 01:09:28


How’s your new year resolution going? Drew Dyck is back to discuss his new book about self-discipline—which we all need more of. Unlike other books on the subject, his combines biblical wisdom with the latest findings from brain science, and Drew used himself as a guinea pig for research. Also this week, a teenage biohacker injected himself with DNA coded from the Bible. Is the lost Ark in Ethiopia? And more evidence political identity is more important that religious identity for white Americans.

Ep 332: Responsibility, Regulation, & Rocco the Parrot

Jan 2, 2019 42:16


Should social media companies be held responsible for the harm users inflict on their platforms? What about pharmaceutical companies marketing opioids? And gun manufacturers? Phil, Skye, and Christian get into a lively discussion about regulation and responsibility. Plus, can evangelical political engagement be explained by the 5 stages of grief? A new article argues white evangelicals will be politically marginalized by 2024, but they may continue to have a disproportionate influence. And a parrot named Rocco warms Phil’s heart.

Ep 331: The Church is Not a Corporation with Dave Gibbons

Dec 19, 2018 57:39


Do your church leaders want to use you or equip you? Pastor and cultural architect, Dave Gibbons, joins Skye for a conversation about the future of the church. Having experienced everything from fundamentalism, to the seeker megachurch, and urban multiethnic ministry, Gibbons has an interesting take on where things are heading. Hint—its about launching people not institutions. Phil and Skye also discuss Andrew Sullivan’s new article in which he argues that America’s new religion of “progress” is an empty shell that has made our politics worse. Plus, scientists are implanting mice with human mini-brains. What could possibly go wrong? And Phil tries to convince Skye not to learn golf.

Episode 330: God & the Gay Bishop with Gene Robinson

Dec 12, 2018 01:10:10


Nothing has caused more controversy among Christians in recent years than the advancement of LGBT rights and its implications for religious liberty. Is there a way forward that respects both sides? Gene Robinson, who was elected the first openly gay Episcopal bishop in 2003, and Skye discuss where they find common ground. Also this week, Phil responds to a California university’s “whiteness forum” that declared VeggieTales to be racist. And remember the 69-year-old Dutch man trying to legally reduce his age by 20 years? We have an update.

Episode 329: Are Missionaries Heroes or Villains?

Dec 5, 2018 40:40


Last month American missionary John Chau broke the law by venturing to a remote island to share the gospel with an indigenous tribe who killed him. Phil and Skye unpack reactions to the story and what it says about our culture and how Christians now think about missionaries. Also this week, the “War on Christmas” has come to Idaho where a family is battling their neighbors over a live nativity scene complete with camels. Archeologists say they’ve found the ruins of an ancient city in Israel destroyed by a meteor. Is it Sodom? A church in the Netherlands is giving refuge to undocumented refugees with a never-ending worship service. And new research confirms social media is a major contributor to depression and anxiety.

Ep 328: From Exodus, to Exile, to Embrace—The Future of Christian Cultural Engagement

Nov 28, 2018 47:08


Phil is off this week and Skye is traveling, so we have a special episode featuring a sermon Skye preached earlier this year at Mission Hills Church in San Marco, California. In the message, Skye looks at two ways Christians have viewed cultural engagement in the last century, and how both were rooted in fear and self-interest. He then explains a third, more faithful, option for those seeking to embrace the world with God’s love in the years ahead.

Ep 327: The Young and the Young at Heart

Nov 21, 2018 01:00:21


A Dutch man is suing the government to legally lower his age by 20 years. He argues that if we can legally change our gender and our name why not our age? After decades of scandal, the Catholic Church thinks a Pokémon Go style video game is what it needs to reengage young people. Phil and Skye have a few other suggestions. New data says America’s youngest generation is less moral, more self-centered, but less self-aware. Plus, Drew Dyck is back with his latest book and media recommendations.

Episode 326: Eugene Peterson Paid Attention to God with J.R. Briggs

Nov 15, 2018 01:06:29


He wasn’t a megachurch leader, nor was he a Christian celebrity, but a small church pastor with a love for the Bible managed to impact the faith of millions. This week we’re joined by J.R. Briggs to talk about the ministry and legacy of his friend, Eugene Peterson. Plus, Phil and Skye breakdown the midterm elections, why are racists claiming there’s a “white genocide,” and a Bible professor explains why Trump is not like King Cyrus in the Old Testament.

Episode 325: Guns in Church

Nov 8, 2018 58:01


In the wake of the terrible mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, more churches are debating whether or not to arm themselves in self-defense. Is armed security a faithful way to protect the flock, or do guns in church create more problems than solutions? Skye answers listener questions about the issue. Also this week, HBO wants to protect its actors from the harm caused by trivialized sex scenes while creating more shows that trivialize sex, new research on what makes for a happy marriage, and who stole a giant inflatable colon?

Episode 324: Is the Cross Divine Child Abuse? With Mike Erre

Oct 31, 2018 01:14:24


Christianity teaches that Jesus took our sins upon himself and endured the punishment of death we deserve. Some critics of that view, however, claim a God who pours out his wrath upon his innocent Son is a moral monster. Friend of the show, Mike Erre, is back to set the record straight and explains what the “divine child abuse” critique of the cross gets wrong. Also this week, Christian and Skye try to explain anti-semitism to Phil, new research says evangelicals don’t have diverse friends but teenagers do, and witchcraft is on the rise among millennials. Thanks, Harry Potter. 

Episode 323: (Not) Debunking the 81% with Katelyn Beaty

Oct 24, 2018 57:26


Since the 2016 election the statistic that a record-breaking 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump has been widely cited. But is it correct? Katelyn Beaty is back to unpack new research done by Lifeway and the Billy Graham Center on the issue, but does it really “debunk” the 81% stat? And why did so many white evangelicals pick Trump? Hint—it wasn’t because of abortion. Plus, Phil and Skye discuss why some Christian prayers are really incantations, and the risk of death by selfie.

Episode 322: Keep Christianity Weird with Michael Frost

Oct 17, 2018 01:07:41


Much of the Evangelical Industrial Complex has been created to make Christianity relevant, acceptable, and attractive to our consumer culture. Author and missional expert, Michael Frost, says this is a mistake. Instead, we should be emphasizing our faith’s weirdness and call more Christians to be eccentric—literally “off center.” Also this week: Phil and Skye take on “The Good Place,” a TV show about heaven without God or religion, the UK’s Supreme Court rules in favor of a Christian baker, and (fake) butt news from a Hawaiian seal hospital. 

Episode 321: Beth Moore gets Real, Lobsters get Baked, & Trump Prophecies get Roasted

Oct 10, 2018 50:57


The gang’s all here for a potluck episode. Drug News: A restaurant in Maine has mercy on lobsters by getting them high on marijuana before boiling them alive, and Coca-Cola plans to sell marijuana infused drinks. #MeToo News: Beth Moore confronts the misogyny within evangelicalism and pays the price. Political News: Liberty University produces a film about a “prophet” claiming Trump will launch Nuremberg-style trials in the U.S. against liberal Satanists, and research shows evangelicals who attend church regularly are more politically moderate. Plus, Phil, Skye, and Christian answer your mailbag questions.

Episode 320: Human Dignity & Political Civility with Daniel Darling

Oct 3, 2018 01:03:40


Human dignity is one of Christianity’s greatest gifts to the world, says author Daniel Darling. His new book pushes Christians to think beyond the “us vs them” tribalism of our culture, and calls us back to a prophetic posture of defending what’s right even when it means supporting the other political party. He talks with Skye about why churches have abandoned discipleship to the news media, and how short-term wins for Christians in Washington may lead to long-term losses. Also this week, there may be new evidence for the exodus, and why are millennial marriages so much stronger than those of older generations? Plus, Phil wants to create a “kindhearted terrorist organization” to stop Japanese blood babies, and is Christian becoming a Nazi sympathizer?

Episode 319: Rethinking America’s Definition of Freedom with Os Guinness

Sep 26, 2018 52:41


Americans love freedom. We sing about it, demand it, and fight for it. But what exactly is it? Os Guinness says we’ve become confused about what freedom really means and argues our un-American and unbiblical vision of freedom may be our undoing. Phil and Skye discuss what it means for America to be a “potluck nation,” and what happens if someone brings poisoned chicken salad. Plus, how have corporations redefined Americans’ understanding of happiness? Get your star-spangled snorkel, it’s a deep dive into America’s values. 

Episode 318: The Deeper Meaning of Nike’s Kaepernick Ad w/Drew Dyck

Sep 19, 2018 01:09:20


Why did a pastor in Alabama cut up his Nikes during a worship service? Drew Dyck is back with Skye to talk about the controversy over Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad, and why Americans now look to corporations rather than churches for moral guidance. Phil explores the resurgence of Black cinema, kindergarten pole dancers in China, and why sperm counts have plunged 60 percent. Plus, Phil and Skye plot a publicity stunt to become married Catholic priests.

Episode 317: Social Justice & the Gospel w/ Russell Moore

Sep 12, 2018 01:00:49


What is the relationship between the gospel and social justice? Some Christians are stirring controversy with a new statement arguing curing social ills is a distraction from the church’s core mission to save souls. Dr. Russell Moore is back to discuss why this topic is rooted in America’s history of racism, and why those on the extreme right and the extreme left both get it wrong. Plus, millennial evangelicals are rejecting the Christian nationalism of their parents. And why are churches in Montreal in love with cheeses but not Jesus?

Episode 316: Embracing a Practice-Based Faith w/ Aaron Niequist

Sep 5, 2018 01:04:48


Many Christians have elevated knowledge as the key to personal transformation which is why we’ve made sermons the center of many church gatherings. Aaron Niequist is back to challenge that assumption in favor of a practice-based faith. As a worship leader and liturgist, Niequist has discovered that transformation takes more than knowledge, and worship is more than celebration. Plus, Mike Pence offers NASA a space sermon, Phil found an atheist professor who says religion is good, and Christian slept in a Nazi bunker.

Episode 315: Learning to Speak God from Scratch w/ Jonathan Merritt

Aug 29, 2018 01:03:47


Our culture is rapidly losing it’s spiritual vocabulary. Words like grace, virtue, sin, and righteousness have fallen out of use. Why does it matter? Because language shapes the way our brains work and how we see the world. Author and journalist Jonathan Merritt is back to discuss his new book about learning to use God language again. Plus, why are people getting plastic surgery to resemble Snapchat filters, and Phil is worried the world is running out of Japanese people.

Episode 314: Predestination Isn’t What You Think w/ Mike Erre

Aug 22, 2018 01:02:28


Did God predestine every individual for eternal paradise or punishment before time began? It’s one of the most confusing doctrines of Christianity, but pastor, podcaster, and proud Buckeye Mike Erre is here to help us make sense of predestination. The problem, he says, isn’t the doctrine itself or the Bible, but our modern, individualistic way of reading it. Plus, a shark named Helen was stolen in Texas, manna is from Iran not heaven, and a survey by Captain Obvious finds non-religious people don’t talk about religion. 

Episode 313: Christians, SCOTUS, & the Death Penalty w/ Rob Vischer

Aug 15, 2018 01:03:08


Nestled amid the farms and wind turbines of Iowa, Phil and Skye are in Okoboji—the “Cancun of the North”—for their annual pilgrimage to the Okoboji Bible Conference. Joining them is Phil’s brother Rob, Harvard Law School graduate and dean of St. Thomas Law School in Minneapolis, to discuss how Christians should think about the Supreme Court, and what’s behind the Pope’s decision to oppose the death penalty in all cases? Plus, initial thoughts on the unfolding drama at Willow Creek. 

Episode 312: When Certainty Becomes Sin

Aug 8, 2018 35:46


Phil and Skye are at the Okoboji Bible Conference this week, so we have a special episode featuring a message Skye preached a few weeks ago at Wellspring Alliance Church. Based on John 9, Skye looks at why the most religious, most theologically educated people rejected Jesus. Drawing from research conducted by a psychologist in the 1950s, Skye shows that the more certain we are the more blind we become and why certainty, not doubt, is actually the opposite of faith.

Episode 311: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Aug 1, 2018 40:42


The new documentary about Fred Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” has adults crying in theaters and has sparked a Mr. Rogers revival across the country. Skye is joined by co-host of The Movie Proposal, Josh Lindsay, to discuss the film and why it should be required viewing for everyone in America, and how Mr. Rogers should inspire Christians to worry less about being relevant and more about being kind. Plus, Josh recommends other inspiring and thoughtful films while Skye doesn’t. It’s a special Movie Proposal episode of the Holy Post. 

Something Old:

Josh’s: Thin Blue Line:

Skye’s: Speed:

Something New: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Josh’s Proposal: The filmmakers of Won’t You Be My Neighbor were wise to focus on the message rather than the man himself.

Skye’s Proposal: This film reveals why Christians, and evangelicals in particular, should be much, much less concerned about being relevant.

Something Borrowed:

Something Blew: 

Josh’s: Planet Earth:

Skye’s: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:


Episode 310: Lessons From Recent Church Scandals

Jul 26, 2018 01:05:10


Church scandals are nothing new, but why do they keep making the same mistakes over and over? Katelyn Beaty is back to dissect a few recent, high profile stories of churches mishandling accusations against leaders, and she offers lessons we can all learn from their mistakes. Plus, New Yorkers are appalled by a proposal to have men and women only days at a public beach, and what do fertility rates have to do with Millennials leaving the church?

Episode 309: Why “Find Your Passion” is Terrible Advice

Jul 19, 2018 52:09


The gospel is about going to heaven when we die, right? Wrong. Christian and Skye discuss the many popular but false ideas about heaven, death, and the gospel in a new addition of “Christian Asks.” Plus, a liberal writer freaks out over the Supreme Court saying evangelicals want to control women’s bodies. Skye disagrees arguing he can hardly control his own. Phil unpacks new research that says “find your passion” is really bad career advice. And Christian has travel tips if you’re ever in Normandy—aka, the Mississippi of France. 

Episode 308: The Evangelical Road to Trump w/ John Fea

Jul 11, 2018 01:05:35


Some think Donald Trump’s record-breaking support among white evangelicals is abnormal, but not historian John Fea. He unpacks 200 years of American church history to show why so many evangelicals favored Trump over other conservative, Christian candidates. Plus, Phil, Christian, and Skye deconstruct Chris Pratt’s brilliant mini-sermon at the MTV Awards, and wonder why Christians in Nevada are supporting “America’s #1 Pimp” for the state legislature. It’s politics, Pratt, and pimps on the Holy Post!

Episode 307: The Supreme Court, the NFL, & Jordan Peterson Takes Over the World

Jul 4, 2018 01:05:03


Christian’s back from France! Her report from Normandy raises a question: should old Nazi veterans be included in D-Day commemorations? The gang discusses the future of Roe v. Wade, and Phil (finally) offers his take on NFL players kneeling during the anthem. Plus, Drew Dyck is back with his review of Jordan Peterson’s best-seller, “12 Rules for Life.”

Episode 306: Cartoon Jesus, Miss America, & Women in Ministry

Jun 28, 2018 50:10


What would (cartoon) Jesus do? Europe doesn’t have a great track record with cartoon depictions of religious leaders. Will an animated Jesus TV show for adults change that? The Miss America pageant announced it’s ending the swimsuit competition, so Phil explores how Christians went from denouncing the pageant in the 1920s to celebrating it by the 1960s. Finally, Skye responds to listener questions about worship and how he thinks about women in ministry.

Episode 305: French Stereotypes, #MeToo Pirates, & Bad Church Leadership w/David Fitch

Jun 20, 2018 56:59


Phil offers an impromptu history of European banking while insulting the French. Skye reports back from Disneyland and the #MeToo renovation of Pirates of the Caribbean. Dr. David Fitch says evangelicals have gotten church leadership all wrong. Rather than a hierarchy or democracy he says we need a pneumatocracy. (You’ll have to listen to find out what that means.) Plus, Phil ponders new research that says your “butt brain” may help with memory.

Episode 304: How Did Christianity Become Immoral?

Jun 13, 2018 01:07:33


What’s so special about January 10, 2013? That’s the day Skye believes Christianity ceased to be viewed as a moral belief system in the U.S. Based on his new article, he talks about the three factors that conspired to fundamentally shift the way nonbelievers see the faith, and why it requires a new approach to ministry. Plus, research says American atheists are more religious than European Christians, the opioid epidemic has reached mollusks, & Phil discovers we have a second brain—you’ll never guess where.

Episode 303: Gay Wedding Cakes, Testosterone, & Big Conversations w/ Justin Brierley

Jun 6, 2018 01:03:03


Our friend from across the pond and host of “Unbelievable,” Justin Brierley, is back. He discusses why Christians are infatuated with Jordan Peterson, and why even secular Brits have given up on the New Atheists. Phil and Skye dissect the Supreme Court’s decision in the Colorado wedding cake case, and debate whether they’d rather be Mr. Rogers or Clint Eastwood after new research says testosterone is a barrier to faith.

Episode 302: Overreacting to Christian Purity Culture with Katelyn Beaty

May 30, 2018 01:01:17


Some Christians are rethinking the “purity culture” of their youths, but are they going too far? Katelyn Beaty is back to talk about what’s good, and what’s not so good, about progressive Christians building a sexual ethic on consent alone. Plus, youth pastors don’t want to talk about science, Christians don’t want to talk about faith, and Phil wants to talk about frozen frog urine.

Episode 301: Pastors & Power with Jon Tyson

May 23, 2018 54:23


How do we define success in the Christian life? Jon Tyson is back to talk about his new book, The Burden is Light, and how we’ve let American ideas of success warp our vision of faith and ministry. Plus, Swedes are stealing owls, Trump is making women into witches, and Phil and Skye talk about the Democrats’ “God Gap.”

Episode 300: Farewell, Phil Vischer Podcast. Hello, Holy Post.

May 16, 2018 58:57


Phil, Skye, and Christian celebrate the big 3-0-0 by reminiscing about the launch of the podcast six years ago, recalling their favorite guests, and sharing how the world has changed since the show began. They also reveal the show’s new name, new theme song, and plans for the future. Don’t miss this episode!

Episode 299: What Americans Really Believe About God

May 9, 2018 01:06:28


Christian’s back! And she helps Phil and Skye unpack new research on what Americans really believe about God, and you may be surprised to learn which Americans’ beliefs align closest to the Bible. Drew Dyck returns for his latest must-read book recommendations, Disney World cancels its annual Christian music concert, and Phil exposes New Jersey’s “pooperintendent” of schools.

Episode 298: Faith, Sexuality, & Gender with Preston Sprinkle

May 3, 2018 01:19:15


Let’s be honest, our culture’s understanding of sexuality and gender is a hot mess. The moment you feel like you’ve got a grasp of the issues, everything changes again. Dr. Preston Sprinkle is back to help us make sense of the conversation and prepare us for what’s next. Plus, Skye reports on the meeting of evangelical leaders at Wheaton College, and Phil defends the legal rights of creative monkeys. 

Episode 297: The Untold Origins of Religious Liberty w/Brandon O'Brien

Apr 26, 2018 01:01:56


It's become a very contentious issue, but few Christians know the surprising origins of religious liberty in the U.S. Author and church historian Brandon O'Brien is back to talk about a little known Baptist leader who shaped the First Amendment. Plus, why are so many atheists joining the Alt-Right movement, and what should we do about sexist 1980's movies in the era of #MeToo?

Episode 296: Theology Mail Bag & Are Pastors Too Big to Fail?

Apr 19, 2018 56:27


This week Skye answers theology questions from our Patreon supporters like, is social justice biblical? And, when did the “gospel” become about my salvation rather than the kingdom of God? Phil and Skye discuss the fragility of megachurches and whether some celebrity pastors have become too big to fail. Plus, Phil takes a journey through the digestive system of the African elephant.

Episode 295: Why is Politics Broken w/Jon Ward

Apr 11, 2018 01:11:12


Jon Ward is the senior political correspondent for Yahoo News. He joins Skye for a conversation about what's broken with our politics, how to fix it, and the role of faith in Washington. Phil also unpacks new research on Christian nationalism, why is atheist Richard Dawkins worried about the decline of Christianity, and iguanas!

Episode 294: Did Noah’s Flood Really Happen with Dr. John Walton

Apr 4, 2018 01:04:07


Our favorite Old Testament professor is back! Dr. John Walton has written a new book about Noah’s flood, and he comes to some surprising conclusions. Was there really a worldwide deluge, or was it a smaller, local event? Plus, Phil and Skye ask why Christmas is so much bigger than Easter? Did the Pope deny the existence of hell? And did Jesus break into a Pizza Hut?

Episode 293: The Danger of a One-Dimensional Cross

Mar 28, 2018 37:01


Phil’s busy writing and Skye’s on vacation, so for Holy Week we’re posting a special episode featuring a sermon Skye preached on March 11, 2018. (Please don’t tell Read Schuchardt.) Skye looks at a dimension of the cross we often overlook and why the cross, not culture, is what unites the church.

Episode 292: Speaking Truth in the Age of Fake News w/Theon Hill

Mar 21, 2018 01:06:04


Communications professor, Dr. Theon Hill, is back for a fascinating conversation about our post-truth, fake news culture. Hill believes for Christians to survive the deterioration of truth they should adopt the rhetorical strategies historically used by persecuted minorities including the black church. Plus, the gang discusses Evangelicalism. What is it? What was it? And what is the future of the Evangelical movement.

Episode 291: Country Music, Non-Discrimination, & Lizard Brains

Mar 14, 2018 47:57


The country music industry lost its mind when conservative Mike Huckabee was appointed to the CMA Foundation board. Is it a sign that even red states are becoming blue? Christian campus ministries are being accused of discrimination because they want their leaders to be Christians. Plus, Drew Dyck is back with his best book picks, and the gang tackles mental health and lizard brains.

Episode 290: Is Podcasting Destroying Preaching?

Mar 8, 2018 47:55


Communications professor Read Schuchard is back to tell us how podcasting is replacing, and hurting, the church. Why should we bother to show up on Sunday if we can get the sermon anytime/anywhere? Plus, the gang discusses a meeting of evangelical and Muslim leaders in D.C., and why are strippers so popular Chinese funerals.

Episode 289 - The Life & Afterlife of Billy Graham

Mar 1, 2018 55:23


The passing of Billy Graham has triggered an avalanche of articles about the famed evangelist. Many are tributes but some are rebukes. Phil, Skye, and Christian try to make sense of it all and discuss why Graham was most often attacked by conservatives during his life but liberals after his death. And what will be the future of the evangelical movement he helped create?

Episode 288: Guest Drew Dyck on Billy Graham & Deep Work

Feb 22, 2018 01:06:10


Is the passing of Billy Graham symbolic of the passing of American evangelicalism? Skye discusses that with Drew Dyck along with a new book about how social media does more harm than good. Plus, Phil and the gang talk about Christians giving a pass to Donald Trump, and why are so many more teens identifying as LGBT.

Episode 287: Theology Mailbag & Christians Say Dumb Things

Feb 15, 2018 54:40


If you don’t believe in hell are you guaranteed to go there? Which view of the atonement is right? And can pastors who behave really badly be restored? Skye answers your theology questions this week, plus the gang discusses deadly Amish buggies, lady Doritos, and the latest ridiculous claims made by evangelicalism’s crazy uncles (and aunts). 

Episode 286: Have We Gotten Heaven Wrong?

Feb 7, 2018 41:47


Is heaven really the goal of the Christian life? Did Jesus really come to rescue us from an earth doomed to destruction? Skye and Christian discuss how many popular ideas about heaven are rooted in false beliefs from Greek and medieval mythologies rather than the New Testament. Also, Phil’s back to talk about beavers, monkeys, and religious liberty for Satanists.



Episode 285: Why Churches Struggle with #MeToo with Katelyn Beaty

Jan 31, 2018 01:03:14


Headlines erupted when an evangelical megachurch gave a standing ovation to a pastor who confessed to sexual misconduct with a teenager. Are evangelicals really that out of touch with the #MeToo movement? Guest Katelyn Beaty brings clarity and wisdom to the conversation. Plus, Botox for camels, the spread of Islam, and a brief history of chain migration.

Episode 284: Pot Churches and the Wall of Separation Between Church & State

Jan 25, 2018 01:07:32


Should cannabis churches that claim marijuana is a sacrament be protected by the law? Why are megachurches so white, almost all led by men, and very unclear about their stance on LGBTs? Phil, Skye, and Christian unpack new research. Plus, Skye discusses what the “wall of separation” between church and state really means.

Episode 283: What's Going On With Evangelicals and Same-Sex Marriage With Jonathan Merritt

Jan 17, 2018 57:47


Christian is back with Phil and Skye to discuss new research that says evangelicals aren’t as anti-science as we’ve been led to believe. Plus, Phil discovers something disturbing about avocados. Skye then interviews journalist Jonathan Merritt about the biggest stories of 2017—including the growing number of evangelical leaders now affirming same-sex marriage and the split between elite and populist Christians over Trump. Will these trends continue in 2018?

Episode 282: Telling Stories From the Middle w/Andrew Peterson & Chris Wall

Jan 9, 2018 48:49


Too much artistic expression in America lives at the extremes - either completely secular or overwhelmingly, explicitly Christian.  What about stories from the middle? Stories iIlluminated by the Christian narrative without being so, you know, “Christiany?”  Singer/songwriter/author Andrew Peterson and his producing partner Chris Wall join Phil and Skye to talk about Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga fantasy books and the effort to bring them to the screen as an animated series.     Plus… Phil and Skye discuss nostalgia for Christian pop culture, and a secret message from the past hidden in a very strange place.  (No video this week - listen to it with your ears!)

Episode 281: From Pastor to Prisoner and Back w/Nephtali Matta

Dec 5, 2017 01:00:19


This is our last episode for 2017… Phil is taking a break to focus on some writing projects... and the holidays with his family!   This week!  Phil and Skye talk about their biggest stories of the year and movies they’ve enjoyed recently.  (Plus the movie Phil suggested to his wife that he now regrets!)  Then they’re joined by Koinonia House Ministry Director Nephtali Matta, who shares his story of full-time pastoral ministry, followed by time in prison, followed by a new ministry to ex-cons after his own painful reintegration to society.  Don’t miss it!  

Episode 280: Vampire Churches and Hibernating Turtles

Nov 27, 2017 51:08


What exactly are “vampire churches,” and why does Skye believe they’re sucking the life out of American Christianity?  How can “effectiveness” and “ambition” be the enemies of ministry?  And why can’t Phil stop talking about turtles??  Phil and Skye discuss Skye’s new book, Immeasurable.  And turtles.  This week on the podcast!

(Due to a technical glitch, there is no video on YouTube this week.  Terribly sorry.  Picture us in your minds.  Phil is wearing dark purple.  Skye is bald.  Christian is missing.  Go.)

Episode 279: Mailbag Podcast

Nov 22, 2017 56:22


It’s a pre-Thanksgiving mailbag podcast, as the gang sits down to answer your questions.  From favorite Thanksgiving foods to thoughts about guns in church and the “Mike Pence Rule.”  Plus… is Phil ready to give up on the label “evangelical,” or is he still holding onto hope??  Grab a turkey leg and listen in!

Episode 278: Writing Hymns & Singing Together w/Keith Getty

Nov 14, 2017 53:47


Irish composer Keith Getty has been writing modern hymns like “In Christ Alone” for two decades, and now he’s written - wait for it - a BOOK!  About singing!  Keith joins Phil and Skye on the podcast to talk worship music, singing together, and how to stay focused on God when everyone around you wants another HIT worship song.  PLUS - Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K.  Hollywood has been behaving very badly, and Phil and Skye ponder if it’s a new thing, or a very, very old thing made visible in a new way.  Come on along for the ride!

Episode 277: Throwback "Sticky Faith" with Guest Kara Powell!

Nov 7, 2017 49:01


We’ve all heard the stats about kids leaving the faith when they head for college - but why? And what would have made their faith more “sticky?” Has anyone done any actual research on this? Kara Powell has! Fuller Youth Institute Executive Director Kara Powell joins the gang to discuss her research and her book - Sticky Faith!

Episode 276: Media, Mars & Read Schuchardt

Oct 31, 2017 01:05:49


10 kids, no TV, no cell phone, no internet.  Life with the Amish?  A zombie apocalypse?  Nope - just another day in the life of Read Schuchardt, a professor of media ecology who definitely practices what he preaches!  Plus, Phil and Skye discuss a new “giant sucking sound” in American demographics and Phil, yet again, attempts to convince us we really, REALLY don’t want to live on Mars.  This week on the podcast!

Episode 275: Christians and Culture w/Miroslav Volf

Oct 24, 2017 51:17


So… Phil and a Croatian Protestant theologian walk into a bar….  Oh, you’ve heard that one?  Author/theologian/Yale professor Miroslav Volf sits down with Phil to talk about Christians in culture and his new book Public Faith in Action: How to Engage with Commitment, Conviction, and Courage.  What follows is a fascinating conversation about Volf’s arguments for religion in a globalized world, plus what discourages and encourages him about the North American church today.  And how his fountain pen explains his view of God and Creation.  He’s a bright guy and it’s a lot of fun!  This week on the podcast!

Episode 274: Shooting the Breeze w/NT Wright

Oct 17, 2017 59:40


Phil and Skye sit down with N.T. Wright for a fun and fascinating conversation with the world-renowned author and theologian.  What does Wright think of the North American church?  Why do modern gender issues remind him of ancient Gnosticism?  Why is Phil singing show tunes to a famous theologian?  What would Wright put on a billboard if he could require everyone to read one message?  What is it he think kids Bibles get wrong that makes him want to write his own?  All this and more!  Plus… Bladerunner 2049 makes Phil think deep thoughts.  And dogs are people too.  Or maybe not.

Episode 273: Throwback W/Todd Komarnicki

Oct 10, 2017 48:28


Phil interviews film producer Todd Komarnicki of acclaimed Elf fame about his experience as a Christian in Hollywood. This week on the podcast!

Episode 272: Immigration & the Church w/Liz Dong

Oct 3, 2017 56:17


Liz Dong is two things that usually don’t go together - an undocumented immigrant AND an evangelical Christian.  She’s also a immigrant advocate with World Relief, as well as a member of the Evangelical Immigration Table.  Having read a piece she wrote for Time Magazine, we invited Liz to stop by the studio and talk about her life story and the issues involving DACA, immigration and the church.  Plus, we pause for a moment to remember Hugh Hefner.  Okay - that was long enough.

Episode 271: End Times, Football Protests & Toilet Money

Sep 26, 2017 52:44


It’s a potluck podcast!  Christians predict the world will end… last Saturday?  Plus, the story of two committed Christians in the NFL, both philanthropically active, both known for taking a knee on the field.  Yet one is a hero and the other a villain.  We’re talking about Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick, and it’s a fascinating study of what the American Church values today.  Oh yeah… and the Swiss’s toilets are full of money.  No really.  Money.  This week on the podcast!

Episode 270: Imaginative Prayer w/Jared Patrick Boyd

Sep 19, 2017 01:00:54


Do we spend too much time trying to know about God, and too little time actually getting to know God?  Author, pastor and spiritual director Jared Patrick Boyd joins the show to talk about experiencing God through the practice of “Imaginative Prayer.”  Plus, Christian is back from France and Phil’s got a bone to pick with an Emmy award-winning show.  This week on the podcast!

Episode 269: Muslims and Christians w/Carl Medearis

Sep 12, 2017 58:48


Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?  What are our differences?  What do we have in common?  Author Carl Medearis has been working and living among Muslims in some of the most dangerous places on earth for the last 25 years, and joins the podcast to tell us what he’s learned.  Plus… white Christians are now a minority in America, and Phil and Skye discuss “The Nashville Statement.”  This week on the podcast!

Episode 268: Parenting Q&A w/Elizabeth Smith

Sep 5, 2017 48:35


Raising healthy, happy, godly kids isn’t easy.  This week we asked you for your parenting questions, and invited family ministry expert Elizabeth Smith to join Phil to come up with answers!

Episode 267: Race in America

Aug 29, 2017 01:07:31


Slavery ended in America with the stroke of a pen in 1865, but the 13th Amendment didn't end institutional racism.  Not even close.  Phil and his law professor brother Rob recently taught a class that touched on the Black Lives Matter movement, asking and attempting to answer the question, “Why so angry?  Isn’t racism over?”  Sure, the 19th century was tough. But what’s happened since then?  Phil mentioned the class on a recent podcast, and numerous listeners wanted to hear more.  So… here we go!  From Reconstruction to Black Lives Matter, we take a look at the last 125 years of race relations in America!

Episode 266: A Long, Crazy Road to God w/Christopher Yuan

Aug 22, 2017 01:16:11


Christopher Yuan has a captivating story to tell about his struggle with sexual identity, his Chinese immigrant parents, and God.  Oh… and dental school.  And prison.  But not in that order.  He stops by the studio to unpack the whole tale!  Plus… Confederate monuments in the news, Welsh seminarians get their own beer, and, oh yeah… the eclipse as a proof of God?  This week on the podcast!

Episode 265: Movies as Prayer w/Josh Larsen

Aug 15, 2017 57:56


Are movies a form of prayer?  Josh Larsen, film critic and host of NPR’s Filmspotting radio show and podcast, joins the gang to talk movies and his new book, Movies Are Prayers, where he looks at movies and finds in them classic forms of Christian prayer.  Also - thoughts about Charlottesville, race, and in the words of one social critic, “What’s wrong with white Christians?”  This week on the podcast!

Episode 264: Learning How to See w/James Gilmore

Aug 8, 2017 01:09:54


Do you know how to see?  Really?  And how does “seeing” affect our faith?  Best-selling author James Gilmore (The Experience Economy) swings by to talk about his new book, Look: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Observational Skills.  Plus, the wedding of the future probably won’t be in a church, and may involve more than two people.  And science disproves the Bible yet again!  Or not.  This week on the podcast!

Episode 263: Discipling Our Kids and De-Platforming Our Enemies w/Rob Rienow

Aug 1, 2017 01:01:12


What do you mean my church can’t raise my kids for me??  Family ministry expert Rob Rienow joins Phil and Skye to talk about the importance of discipling kids at home, and gives practical advice for doing just that.  Plus, what do Richard Dawkins and The Bible Answer Man have in common?  They’ve been DE-PLATFORMED!  And a new theory suggests our increasing political extremism may be caused - at least partly - by the decline of mainline Protestantism??  Crazy!!

Episode 262: ThrowBack Podcast W/Eric Metaxas

Jul 25, 2017 53:47


Enjoy this throwback episode of the crew spending the afternoon with the NY Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet Spy.

Episode 261: Saving Your Kids From Technology w/Andy Crouch

Jul 19, 2017 54:49


Is technology making it harder for kids to grow into healthy adults?  Is there anything we can do about it?  Author, thinker Andy Crouch stops by to talk about his new book, The Tech-Wise Family, detailing the impact technology is having on American families and what we as parents can do about it.  PLUS - Social media messes up Eugene Peterson’s week, and, it’s finally happened!  Video games are more satisfying than real life!   This week on the podcast!

260: Dudes, Grizzly Bears, Hobby Lobby and Robots

Jul 12, 2017 48:22


It’s a potluck podcast!  A new religion is born in Louisville!  Grizzly bears may be saved by… religious liberty laws??  Hobby Lobby makes an Indiana Jones-style mess, and, in a world where robots and automation are reducing the economic value and employability of millions of regular people, how should the church respond??

Episode 259: Evangelism 2.0 With Kevin Palau

Jul 4, 2017 55:38


The Luis Palau Association has shared the good news with a billion people around the world, mostly through Billy Graham-style crusades.  Starting in 2008, association president Kevin Palau set out to reimagine the traditional crusade for a new generation, dubbing it "Festival 2.0," and focusing on innovative citywide service initiatives that bring churches together with municipal governments to solve problems that affect whole cities.  Kevin joins the gang in studio to talk evangelism, social engagement, Christian witness in a post-Christian city, and life as the son of one of the world's most famous evangelists.

Episode 258: Christians Behaving Badly w/Joey Svendsen

Jun 27, 2017 55:40


Can Christians swear?  Can Christians swear on a podcast?  Can Christians swear on a podcast and find a big audience?  Joey Svendsen, co-host of the “Bad Christian Podcast” joins the show to talk Christian cussing, evil Dungeons & Dragons toys and a life spent recovering from an overly legalistic past.  Plus - Harry Potter turns 20, and overly legalistic Christians rue the day..

Episode 257: Space Worms and Post-Church Church w/Jo Saxton

Jun 20, 2017 56:57


Our favorite Nigerian-British-Minnesotan author/speaker/thinker Jo Saxton returns to the show to talk about church and discipleship in an increasingly post-church world.  If you’re in a community that doesn’t want church services at all, maybe tweaking your church service isn’t the right answer.  But what is??  Jo describes experiments from Sheffield, England that she and others are now applying to the US.  Plus, how denomination accurately predicts a pastor’s political affiliation, and Phil finds a story about space worms and can’t stop talking about it.  Seriously.  He can’t stop.  This week on the podcast!

Episode 256: Dancing with Atheists w/Justin Brierley

Jun 13, 2017 55:52


Engaging with the world’s leading atheists and skeptics can have an impact on your own beliefs. How so? Let’s ask Justin Brierley! Back from across the pond, our favorite British radio host and atheist whisperer describes how repeated run-ins with Richard Dawkins and other prominent skeptics have affected his faith. Plus Christians indulge in fake news and Orthodox Jews indulge in chicken swinging. Which is worse? We can’t say. On the podcast!

Episode 255: Christian Views on Climate, Consumerism & More

Jun 6, 2017 01:00:56


Why do so many Christians mistrust climate change science?  Does consumerism make us depressed?  Is church good for your health?  Phil brings in a whole mess of news items for this potluck podcast episode!

Episode 254: Rethinking Our Response to Abortion w/Angie Weszely

May 30, 2017 49:52


Christians have been fighting to change abortion laws for decades now.  What if the solution to abortion wasn’t in politics, but in the local church?  Angie Wezsley joins the podcast to talk about her ministry, “ProGrace,” that seeks to change the dialogue about one of our thorniest cultural topics.  Plus, pastor says, “I can walk on water,” crocodiles say, “No you can’t!"  This week on the podcast!

Episode 253: Inside “The Bible Project” w/Tim Mackie and Jon Collins

May 23, 2017 51:55


What if you could explain the Bible to the whole world?  Visually?  On YouTube?  Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins are doing just that with The Bible Project, a theologically rich, crowd-funded visual guide to the Bible that has earned more than 23 million views on YouTube.  We’re big fans, so we’ve got them on the show to tell us what they’re up to and what they’ve learned trying to explain the Bible to, well, everyone on Earth.  PLUS - “faith-based” films.  Does the label help or hurt Christian filmmaking?  This week on the podcast!

Episode 252: Who is God? with John Mark Comer

May 16, 2017 49:46


Who is God? No, really. This is the single-most important question determining how we live our lives, according to our guest John Mark Comer, whose book God Has a Name explores the nature of the God of the Bible, how we get him horribly wrong, and why getting him right is so vital. Plus… how do you know if you’ve left evangelicalism? And why was British comedian Stephen Fry just investigated for blasphemy??

Want us to send you the prologue to John Mark Comer’s book for free? Just click here:

Episode 251: Listener Questions Galore!

May 9, 2017 53:09


Phil and the gang open the virtual mailbag and answer a host of questions from listeners.  Will social media bring about a new Reformation?  How do you know if a doctrine is “essential?”  Does Skye have anything GOOD to say about the American church?  Favorite faith films, and more!  This week on the podcast!

Episode 250: What’s Wrong With Religion?

May 3, 2017 51:25


Is religion good? Or bad? If we try to get rid of it entirely, does that help? Or just make things worse? And how do so many people get the basic message of Jesus so completely wrong? Today we dive into Skye Jethani's new book – What’s Wrong With Religion? – to wrestle with some absolutely fundamental questions about walking with Jesus.

Plus - education and church attendance might go hand-in-hand after all, and a great worship band might not be what your church needs most. Oh… and muddy jeans as a sign of the end times. Really expensive ones.

You can download the first two chapters of Skye’s new book for free by clicking here. Check it out! Tell your friends! It’s a fun read (with pictures and everything!) that could actually change your life, or the life of someone you love.

Episode 249: Marching for Science & Taking the “Benedict Option"

Apr 25, 2017 53:07


As the culture moves further away from traditional Christianity, some propose Christians need to move further away from culture, taking the "Benedict Option.”  Is a return to more communal Christianity the answer to what ails us?  Also, Americans march for science and against… hmm… what, exactly?  And Fox News has a moral crisis, but do conservative Christians care?   This week on the podcast!

Episode 248: Veggies on SNL, “Seasonal" Eggs and Finding God in a Gorge with Paul Pastor

Apr 18, 2017 49:08


Bob and Larry make a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live and the Prime Minister of Great Britain gripes that her Easter eggs have been replaced with “seasonal” eggs!  Plus Phil and the gang talk about hearing from God through quiet reflection with wood chopping Portland author Paul Pastor (not to be confused with Phil’s non-wood-chopping puppet Pastor Paul).  This week on the podcast!

Episode 247: Christian Theater, Chuck Colson & Bad DJ’s w/Tim Gregory

Apr 11, 2017 55:35


Skye and Phil sit down with writer, director and actor Tim Gregory to talk about his new Chicago stage play based on the life of - believe it or not - Chuck Colson!  Plus Christians have some strange beliefs in the UK and what NOT to put in your DJ mix in the Middle East!

Episode 246: How Genetic Science Affects the Bible w/Scot Scot McKnight

Apr 4, 2017 52:37


Were Adam and Eve the first people?  Were they even real people at all?  Should modern genomics influence how we interpret Genesis?  Bible scholar and author Scot Scot McKnight joins the podcast to discuss his new book Adam and Genome: Reading Scripture after Genetic Science.

Episode 245: Confederate flags, terrorists and superhero armpits

Mar 29, 2017 51:24


Should churches remove Confederate flags?  Should Americans be more afraid of terrorists, ladders or husbands?  Should Wonder Woman shave her armpits?  It’s a potluck podcast as Phil, Christian and Skye bring the stories of their choice - and yes, things get a little nutty.

Episode 244: Cultural Lies, Human Longings & the Gospel w/Trevin Wax

Mar 21, 2017 56:07


Skye steals Phil’s ukulele, sending Phil into an emotional tailspin.  And Trevin Wax joins the podcast to talk about the lies we pick up from our culture, the longings we find beneath the lies, and how the gospel and the local church help us cut through the noise to offer real answers to our deepest longings.

Episode 243: Curiosity and the Christian Life w/ Barnabas Piper

Mar 14, 2017 57:52


Is curiosity a threat to faith?  Or is it actually a key attribute of a healthy Christian life?  Happy Rant podcast host Barnabas Piper joins the crew to talk through his new book, The Curious Christian.  Plus - evangelicals and discrimination, and Phil & Skye offer Russell Moore a job!

Episode 242: An Evangelical inside Obama’s White House w/Michael Wear

Mar 7, 2017 55:51


At the age of 20, Michael Wear became one of the youngest White House staffers in history, working in President Obama’s office of faith-based initiative.  Michael joins Phil and Skye to talk about life as an evangelical Christian in Obama’s White House and his hope for the future of Christians and political engagement.  Plus, Disney ruffles feathers with gay characters.  This week on the podcast!

Episode 241: Race! Religion! Trump! w/Theon Hill

Feb 28, 2017 59:24


Why do black and white evangelicals see the world so differently?  Race and religion in the age of Trump, with professor Theon Hill.

Episode 240: Does Christian Media Stunt Christian Growth? W/Melinda Schmidt

Feb 21, 2017 52:39


Former Christian radio personality Melinda Schmidt joins Phil and Skye to talk about Christian radio, movies, TV, and whether Christian media stunts spiritual growth in the name of retaining an audience.  Plus, The Atlantic writes about evangelicals losing jobs for opposing Trump!

Episode 239: Non-Christian Jesus Followers? w/William Dyrness

Feb 14, 2017 54:00


Can a Buddhist follow Jesus and still be a Buddhist?  What about a Muslim?  Fuller Seminary professor William Dyrness joins Phil and Christian to talk about the “insider movement,” where people become Jesus followers without leaving their cultures and religious communities behind.

Episode 238: Power and the Church w/Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel

Feb 7, 2017 52:08


What is “power?”  Is it good, or bad?  Is it worth pursuing?  And what if the evangelical church is going about it all wrong?  Pastor Jamin Goggin and professor Kyle Strobel talk power and their new book, “The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb.”  Plus - horse diapers and religious liberty.  No, really.  This week on the podcast!

Episode 237: People Pigs, Christian Cinema & Rejected Refugees w/Drew Dyck

Feb 1, 2017 51:05


It’s a potluck podcast as our friend Drew Dyck swings by for a visit and we tackle a bunch of stories!  Could pigs have people parts??  Could there be great Christian movies Christians just won’t see??  Would Jesus send refugees packing?  Plus Drew’s favorite snack food turns on him!  It’s a sign of the apocalypse for sure!

Episode 236: The Power of Female Leadership w/Jo Saxton

Jan 24, 2017 46:51


She grew up in London, has African heritage, and now lives in Minnesota!  AND she co-pastors a church in a coffeeshop!  She’s Jo Saxton, and she joins us to talk about her life in ministry and her book, “More Than Enchanting” -  the value of female leadership in the world and in the church.  Plus - which religious group is the most committed to their jobs?  You’ll be surprised!

Episode 235: Was Paul a Sexist Jerk?? w/Brandon O'Brien

Jan 17, 2017 59:22


Was the apostle Paul sexist?  Racist?  Homophobic?  In other words, a real jerk??  Paul has been accused of many things, so Bible scholar Brandon O’Brien joins us to discuss his new book, “Paul Behaving Badly.”  Plus, is a trip to Disney World actually a religious pilgrimage??  This week on the podcast!

Episode 234: TV, Star Wars & Lent w/Aaron Damiani

Jan 10, 2017 52:37


How geography, TV shows and voting go hand in hand, how Star Wars got it’s mojo back by getting it’s religion back, and how Lent can change your life - with Aaron Damiani, author of “The Good of Giving Up: Discovering the Freedom of Lent.”  This week on the podcast!   Links: Star Wars - TV Shows - Aaron’s Book -

Episode 233: Hell, Judgment and Holy War w/Joshua Ryan Butler

Jan 3, 2017 01:05:32


What kind of God would send people to Hell?  Judge people?  Call for “holy war?”  Portland, OR Pastor/Author Joshua Ryan Butler joins the podcast for a discussion of some of the more perplexing parts of Christian theology and his appropriately titled book, The Skeletons in God’s Closet.

Throwback: Episode 172: Dude Ranches in Texas with Guest Bob Roberts

Dec 28, 2016 45:18


Muslim imams and evangelical pastors camping together on a dude ranch in Texas?? Some kind of bizarre reality show coming to cable this Fall? Nope! It’s the real life work of Texas megachurch pastor Bob Roberts - who joins us on the podcast to describe his unlikely and somewhat controversial role as a bridge between conservative Christian leaders and their Muslim counterparts.

Episode 232: New Trends for a New Year w/David Kinnaman

Dec 20, 2016 54:04


Which religious group is the most educated?  Are Americans more divided than ever before?  When did “self-fulfillment” become our new religion?  Leading Christian pollster David Kinnaman joins us for this year-end podcast to talk about trends shaping the culture and the church.  (Plus his new book, Barna Trends 2017.)

Episode 231: There’s More to Worship Than God and Me w/Aaron Niequist

Dec 13, 2016 53:18


Most modern worship songs focus on God or me.  (Or God AND me.)  Is there anything else we should be covering when we worship God?  Former Mars Hill and Willow Creek worship pastor Aaron Niequist joins the podcast to talk about his adventures in seeking a bigger vision of what worship can be.

Episode 230: Movies, Movies, Movies! W/Josh Lindsay

Dec 6, 2016 58:41


Podcast co-host Skye Jethani and Josh Lindsay are launching a new podcast about movies, so with Skye off in India, Phil and Christian sit down with Josh to talk movies and the new podcast!

Episode 229: Throwback - Cultural Christianity w/John Dickson

Nov 29, 2016 54:01


Future grandpa Phil had to skedaddle off to Minnesota... So here's a throwback! Way back! All the way to 2014!

Phil and the gang are joined in studio by Aussie historian/theologian/apologist/former rocker John Dickson for a discussion of Christian culture in the US vs Australia and how to effectively engage the mainstream press, plus listeners chime in on the precise physiology of transgenderism! Hoo-boy!! It’s a party for sure.

Episode 228: What the Election Says About the Church W/Ed Stetzer

Nov 22, 2016 01:00:30


Evangelical Pastor/Researcher/Commentator Ed Stetzer drops in for a very lively discussion of the impact of the recent election on the church, what we’ve learned about evangelical values, and whether the term “evangelical” has - or hasn’t - outlived its usefulness.  Fun, fun, fun on the podcast!!

Episode 227: Going Small with Francis Chan

Nov 15, 2016 53:32


Popular author and preacher Francis Chan walked away from his megachurch to try something completely different - a series of tiny house churches in inner city San Francisco.  Why the change?  And what can we learn from his big experiment in going “small?”  This week on the podcast with Francis Chan - is the future of the church tiny??

Episode 226: Livestream W/Patreon Supporters!

Nov 11, 2016 45:11


We're giving everyone access to the live streaming Q&A the gang did recently to discuss the election and other Patreon subscriber questions. These events happen every month, so sign up at and join in live next month!

Episode 225: Exploring the Qur’an with Mark Robert Anderson

Nov 8, 2016 53:55


Currently 1 out of 5 human beings revere a certain religious book, and it isn’t the Bible.  Religious scholar and author Mark Robert Anderson talks us through the Qur’an… what is it?  How do Christian approach it, and why does it matter?  Plus Christian has gone crazy for the Cubbies and everyone is sweating the upcoming election!

Episode 224: What Did Jesus’s Death Really Do? With NT Wright

Nov 1, 2016 48:18


Jesus had to "die for our sins,” right?  But what does that actually mean?  We mess up, God gets mad, so someone needs to pay for our sin or we can't go to heaven when we die?  But what if our ultimate problem isn’t sin, and what if our ultimate goal isn’t heaven??  Egads!! World-renowned theologian N.T. Wright joins Phil and Skye to talk about his new book - The Day the Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus’s Crucifixion.  No biggie… just the absolute heart and soul of the Christian faith!!

Episode 223: How Did We Get Here? A History of the Religious Right

Oct 25, 2016 58:52


What really birthed the religious right?  Why have black and white Christians swapped political parties over the last 60 years?  Based on a class he’s teaching, co-host Skye Jethani takes us deep into the surprising history of 20th century Christian political involvement.  It’s a fascinating journey you won’t want to miss!

Episode 222: Solving the Problem of Youth and the Church with Kara Powell

Oct 18, 2016 53:01


Why are young people leaving the church and what are some churches doing that is helping them stay?  Is it all about “hipping up” our churches with coffee bars and skinny jeans, or is it something deeper?  Fuller Youth Institute director Kara Powell returns to the podcast to discuss her new book, Growing Young, and the surprising answers to one of our thorniest problems.

Episode 221: Learning How to Fail With J.R. Briggs

Oct 11, 2016 54:09


Is the church in America obsessed with success?  Do we sacrifice genuine growth to avoid failure?  Pastor/author J.R. Briggs joins Phil and Skye to discuss the idolatry of success and his own journey in learning how to “fail well."

Episode 220: Making Disciples or Making Church - With Preston Sprinkle

Oct 4, 2016 48:28


Does the way we do church effectively make disciples? New research says “not so much.” So what do we do? Speaker, author,  and theologian Preston Sprinkle is back on the show to talk about new models for church and why we need them. What could church be? What SHOULD church be? This week on the podcast!

Episode 219: Bible Translations, Christian Radio & Praying for Atheists

Sep 28, 2016 49:22


A Bible translation is frozen in time. Modern technology unlocks a scroll. Christian media is more popular than you might think. And a new survey shows Christians are bad at guessing which behaviors make our neighbors uncomfortable. This week on the podcast!

Episode 218: U2 Turns 40 and Atheist “Faith Healing” with Justin Brierley

Sep 20, 2016 58:32


Everyone’s favorite band-made-up-of-Christians-that-isn't-a-Christian-band U2 turns the big 4-0; an atheist mentalist successfully replicates “faith healing” in a London stage show; British radio host Justin Brierley returns to the podcast to talk news from across the pond. This week on the podcast!

Episode 217: Dreams, Lions & Shallow American Theology

Sep 13, 2016 59:14


Phil has a bone to pick! A hot new book encouraging Christians to “chase their dreams” drives Phil crazy and he just can’t stop talking about it. It’s a full-on rant! And all because Benaiah killed a lion (it will make sense after you listen). This week on the podcast!

Episode 216: Meditating on Scripture with Jan Johnson

Sep 3, 2016 53:43


It’s time to slow things down a bit as we’re joined by Christian writer, speaker and spiritual director Jan Johnson for a discussion of right brain Christianity, meditation and her new book, Meeting God in Scripture - A Hands-on Guide to Lectio Divina.

Episode 215: Back to Church, Out of Prison, Off to Mars

Aug 30, 2016 56:01


What events would bring the most people back to church? Which celebrity has Rick Warren’s book helped now? Are American Christians “persecuted” in their own special way? Are astronauts too boring for reality TV? And what failure of the church might be driving people to Donald Trump? Christianity Today editor Katelyn Beaty joins Skye and Phil to run through a grab bag of issues in this particularly nutty installment of the podcast!

Episode 214: American Politics and Christian Faith with Amy Black

Aug 23, 2016 53:49


What can we learn from this crazy year in American politics? Is it ever appropriate for Christians to vote “none of the above?” How do our various Christian traditions shape our views of church and state? Author and political science professor Amy Black joins the gang for a rousing discussion - this week on the podcast!

Episode 213: Saving the Bible with Glenn Paauw

Aug 16, 2016 54:24


Bibles have changed radically in the last 200 years as publishers have added more and more features and launched countless variations. But is this a good thing? Author Glenn Paauw believes our modernistic changes have radically altered the way we engage with Scripture, and not for the better. It's a fascinating conversation inspired by his new book, Saving the Bible From Ourselves. 

Episode 212: Shifting Sands in the Culture Wars & Surviving the Election

Aug 9, 2016 51:37


Democrats are talking about God and faith at their convention while the Republican candidate neglects the almighty in his acceptance speech and says absolutely nothing about abortion. What bizarro universe is this?? Plus, tips for surviving the election season, and listener questions for Skye about the nature of church. Today on the podcast!

Episode 211: Redeeming Work - Live from Okoboji with Tom Nelson

Aug 3, 2016 54:13


Do churches put too little emphasis on what we actually do 9-5? Phil and Skye broadcast from a lodge at beautiful Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa in front of a crowd of Iowan pastors! They’re joined by Kansas City pastor Tom Nelson, author of Work Matters, for a far-ranging discussion on the Godly call of all work and the damage done by a false sacred/secular divide and the separation of Sunday morning from Monday morning. This week on the podcast!

Episode 210: Returning to Hell with Preston Sprinkle

Jul 26, 2016 51:48


Author, speaker and wonderfully-named Christian thinker Preston Sprinkle joins the crew to continue the conversation about what the New Testament does and doesn’t say about Hell. Plus we discuss Preston’s new book on discipleship in the church and a poll showing stark differences in views of our presidential candidates between white and black Christians in America. Another fun week on the podcast!

Episode 209: Pastors & Booze, Women & Work

Jul 19, 2016 52:20


Alcohol and the church - now that hipster evangelicals have left teetotaling behind, is alcohol a growing risk for evangelical leaders? Plus Andy Crouch says “the culture” doesn’t actually exist. And Katelyn Beaty tells us about her new book, “A Woman’s Place.” Skye asks if it’s a cookbook. Katelyn hits him on the head. This week on the podcast!

Episode 208: Talking About Hell! With John Walton

Jul 12, 2016 55:37


What’s Hell? No, seriously - what is it and why doesn’t it show up in the Old Testament? Is it different than Hades? Sheol? Gehenna? OT scholar Dr. John Walton is back to talk about everyone’s favorite place of eternal torment. This week on the podcast!

Throwback Episode 146: The Lost World of Adam & Eve

Jun 30, 2016 52:03


Phil and the gang are out on vacation, so we’re repeating a classic episode. A discussion with Old Testament scholar and friend of the show Dr. John Walton about his book – “The Lost World of Adam and Eve.” Were Adam and Eve real people? Were they created immortal? And what’s with that crazy “No really – God made you from my rib” story? Worth a second listen! 

Episode 207: “Confident Pluralism” with John Inazu

Jun 28, 2016 53:52


No one seems to agree on anything anymore in America. Law professor and author John Inazu joins Phil and Skye to talk about living Christianly in a pluralistic society, and his new book, “Confident Pluralism.”

Episode 206: The Global Refugee Crisis With Matt Soerens

Jun 21, 2016 47:25


There are more refugees in the world now than at any other time in history. World Relief’s Matthew Soerens joins us to talk about the crisis, the politics, and what we as the church can do about it.

Episode 205: Let's Talk about Daily Devotions!

Jun 14, 2016 56:02


Devotions! The kind you might have in the morning! Or not. Phil, Skye and Christian talk about daily devotions - what they do, what works for them, what might work for you, too. Also, Mel Gibson is back, Baptists forget who they are, and adult baby diapers. Not adult diapers. Baby diapers. For adults. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Episode 204: Apes, Atheists and Happy, Happy Christian Music

Jun 7, 2016 54:55


Gorillas in Cincinnati! Atheists Find God! Christian music is relentlessly happy! Katelyn Beatty joins the podcast to talk through apes, atheists, and much, much more.

Episode 203: Bathroom Wars, Democracy and Cheese

May 24, 2016 50:51


Phil and Skye are rejoined by old friend Drew Dyck for a lively discussion on the latest twists in the bathroom wars; whether or not American democracy is collapsing, and cheese. Yes, that’s right. Cheese. This week on the podcast!

Episode 202: Documentary Filmmaker Nathan Clarke

May 24, 2016 46:54


Documentary Filmmaker Nathan Clarke joins the gang to talk about producing his short film “Bono and Eugene Peterson: The Psalms,” a beautifully shot account of the unlikely friendship between the 83 year-old Christian author and the U2 frontman.

Episode 201: Religious Liberty with Russell Moore

May 17, 2016 47:00


Russell Moore is President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (I’m tired just from typing that) and - as of last week - a new “Enemy-of-the-Trump.” Phil and Skye talk to Dr. Moore about religious liberty and the thrill of being attacked by the Great Orange One on Twitter!

Episode 200: The Big 2-0-0!!

May 10, 2016 01:02:54


This is it! The 200th episode! The one we’ve been waiting for for nearly, gosh, nearly 200 episodes! Phil and the gang answer tons of questions from listeners and viewers, plus a big announcement. Today on the podcast!

Episode 199: The Middle Class and American Greatness

May 3, 2016 01:02:11


When people talk about "making America great again,” what dothey really mean? It usually boils down to the state of the middleclass and the American Dream of living better than our parents.That in mind, Phil dives deep into the thorny, thorny problem ofthe American middle class. Plus, Bono has advice for Christiansongwriters. Today on the podcast!

Episode 198: Religious Liberty and Bathroom Bills

Apr 26, 2016 50:52


With “Bathroom Bills” popping up in numerous states and religious liberty battles all over the news, it’s time to dive into the deep end of our religiously litigious culture. Should Christian therapists be required to treat homosexuals? Does science curriculum undermine religious freedom? It’s a nutty time to be alive, and we’ve got some thoughts (well, mostly Skye) this week on the podcast!

Episode 197: Modern Art And Subversive Faith with Matt Milliner

Apr 19, 2016 51:35


We live in an image-drenched culture. When is “breaking” culture a part of our Christian calling, and how does Christian faith equip us to subvert our image-saturated “Babylon?” Art historian Matthew Milliner joins Phil and Skye to talk art, consumerism, and “occupying the optocracy.” This week on the podcast!

Episode 196: Civil Disobedience With Katelyn Beaty

Apr 12, 2016 57:42


When is it okay for Christians to disobey the government? Sure, Martin Luther King did it right. But how about Kim Davis? Christianity Today managing editor Katelyn Beaty joins Skye and Phil to discuss civil disobedience. Plus the “Fighting Missionary” gets put on the shelf in Washington State. This week on the podcast!

Episode 195: Atheism and Hemant Mehta

Apr 5, 2016 53:27


Is atheism a religion? Blogger and YouTube personality Hemant Mehta, better known as "the friendly atheist," joins Phil, Skye and Christian to dissect some common claims about our non-believing neighbors. Plus Skye gets "profiled" at Disney World.

Episode 194: Easter Jedi and Christian Clichés

Mar 29, 2016 43:36


It’s a very Jedi Easter in Wisconsin. Charging money for prayers can get you in trouble, plus popular Christian cliches we find all over the church but nowhere in the Bible. This week on the podcast!

Episode 193: Does Trump Show Us What We Really Love?

Mar 22, 2016 46:29


How can a boat demonstrate the limits of democracy? Disney films promote the message that poverty is “just fine.” Plus does Trumpalooza reveal the real problems in the evangelical church? And what, if anything, can we do about it? This week on the podcast!

Episode 192: David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons

Mar 15, 2016 59:23


New research by the Barna Group shows that Americans in increasing numbers view Christianity as unbeneficial and even dangerous to society. Barna president David Kinnaman and Q conference founder Gabe Lyons join Phil and Skye to discuss their new book - Good Faith: Being A Christian When Society Thinks You’re Irrelevant and Extreme. Plus reaction to recent Trump rally violence and the rise of American demagoguery. What fun!

Episode 191: Did Christians Create Trump?

Mar 8, 2016 50:00


Did Christians make Trump? Is the religious right dead? Is the evangelical church splitting in two? A bizarre electoral season has the media - and evangelical leaders - desperately seeking answers.

Episode 190: Interpreting the OT and NRB

Mar 2, 2016 59:10


Interpreting the Old Testament is easy, right? We just read our English translations, knowing that they say exactly what the original Hebrew said. Right? Dr. John Walton’s son Jonathan joins Phil and Christian to describe the work involved in digging into the original language as he and his father strive for the most accurate interpretation possible. Plus, Phil describes his fun fun trip to the National Religious Broadcasters convention.

Episode 189: America’s Best Days - Poverty By County

Feb 24, 2016 50:45


Are America’s “best days” behind us? What makes some areas better at improving the lives of poor kids than others? Plus - capital punishment and the church, and the dangers of praying for atheists in England.

Episode 188: God and Genocide

Feb 17, 2016 50:24


Is God a genocidal maniac?? OT scholar Dr. John Walton is back on the show, this time to decipher the OT’s stories of Israel’s apparent genocidal rampages against the Canaanites and others. Are we worshipping a lunatic? Or are we missing something in these stories? Fun for the whole family!

Episode 187: Superbowl, Ads, and Lent!

Feb 10, 2016 50:08


How many Christians pray for the Super Bowl? Which Super Bowl ad offended abortion rights advocates? Plus - what do Americans like to give up for Lent and does it do any good? (Audio Only)

Episode 186: Politicians, Religious Freedom, Christianism

Feb 3, 2016 50:50


Politicians talk about faith, pharmacists and Noah’s Ark builders fight for religious freedom, and Skye explains how “Christianism” could kill the evangelical movement. (And Phil gets to say “Bebbington’s Quadrilateral” one more time!) (Audio Only)

Episode 185: Beards, Chess, Aliens, and Trump

Jan 27, 2016 53:28


Why are British pastors growing beards? Why can’t Muslims play chess? Why are all the space aliens dead? Why are there seven buckets of evangelicals? (And which bucket likes Donald Trump??) You’ve got questions - we’ve got answers! Sort of. (Audio Only)

Episode 184: Hezekiah, Satan, Pants, and King!

Jan 20, 2016 48:34


King Hezekiah lives! Satan moves to Fox! Subways go “pants optional!” Plus Skye has some thoughts about Martin Luther King and the American church today. This week on the podcast! (Audio only)

Episode 183: American Politics

Jan 13, 2016 51:36


This week’s podcast is audio only as we kick off a year sprinting toward the presidential election … While some believe the Republican party is in trouble, others believe the Democrats are facing even bigger, issues. Join Phil and the gang for a fascinating conversation about education, equality and politics in America!

Episode 182: Santa-Wheaton-Falwell

Dec 22, 2015 56:10


Santa Claus is coming, Wheaton College is in hot water and Jerry Falwell Jr. is packing heat! Just another culture wars Christmas in America!

Episode 181: Race, Justice and the Church with Pastor Charlie Dates

Dec 15, 2015 52:28


Racial justice, protest, and the role of the church. Chicago pastor Charlie Dates joins Phil and the gang to talk about race and the church!

Episode 180: Planned Parenthood and Police Protests

Dec 1, 2015 52:35


Phil and Skye react to the Planned Parenthood shooting and protests against police violence in Chicago, plus the age-old question of “What is a religion?” has one women successfully wearing a spaghetti strainer on her head for her driver’s license picture! This week on the podcast!

Episode 179: Outrage and Grit!

Nov 24, 2015 53:38


Everybody’s outraged! Trump is mad at Starbucks for those darn cups! Liberals are mad at Raven-Symoné for eating a sandwich! Students are mad at their schools for… well, for just about everything! And Skye says what we really need is a little more “grit.” This week on the podcast!

Episode 178: Paris, Violence, and Religion

Nov 17, 2015 46:19


Phil and the gang react to the attacks in Paris, plus theories about the relationship between violence and religion, and a new - yet very old - religion is becoming the "religion of choice" for white supremacists.

Episode 177: Boycotting Starbucks and Buycotting Chick-fil-A

Nov 10, 2015 57:28


Boycotting Starbucks and "buycotting" Chick-fil-A ... plus a new study shows that religious kids are cruel, heartless jerks and we should all be atheists. This week on the podcast!

Episode 176: Religious Freedom with Guest David Kinnaman!

Nov 3, 2015 50:21


Which age group is most concerned about religious freedom in America? How many Americans want Judeo-Christian values favored above other views? Barna Research president David Kinnaman joins the gang to discuss the surprising findings of his latest study!

Episode 175: Halloween and Oprah on Faith?!

Oct 27, 2015 57:40


Halloween gets thrown out of school, presidential candidates get invited to church, and Oprah makes a show to promote her version of "faith." (And tries to explain it to Stephen Colbert!)

Episode 174: The Future of Religion in America!

Oct 20, 2015 51:11


New examples of religious people behaving poorly in not one but THREE major faiths! Gallup looks at the future of religion in America, and Skye thinks the church needs help thinking about work! This week on the podcast!

Episode 173: Who Are the Happiest Parents?!

Oct 13, 2015 49:46


Audio only podcast ... Listener feedback from last week’s show, plus who are the happiest parents? And is your Christian school filled with Muslim students? You must be in the UK!

Episode 172: Dude Ranches in Texas with Guest Bob Roberts

Oct 6, 2015 45:18


Muslim imams and evangelical pastors camping together on a dude ranch in Texas?? Some kind of bizarre reality show coming to cable this Fall? Nope! It’s the real life work of Texas megachurch pastor Bob Roberts - who joins us on the podcast to describe his unlikely and somewhat controversial role as a bridge between conservative Christian leaders and their Muslim counterparts.

Episode 171: "Sticky Faith" with Guest Kara Powell!

Sep 29, 2015 49:01


We’ve all heard the stats about kids leaving the faith when they head for college - but why? And what would have made their faith more “sticky?” Has anyone done any actual research on this? Kara Powell has! Fuller Youth Institute Executive Director Kara Powell joins the gang to discuss her research and her book - Sticky Faith!

Episode 170: Presidential Debates, Christian Movies, and Beer in Church!

Sep 22, 2015 54:47


Drew Dyck is back in town and joins Phil and Skye for a lively discussion about presidential debates (crazy), theology in Christian movies (weak) and beer in church (sinful?). And absolutely ZERO conversation about toplessness! (Amen!)

Episode 169: Toplessness and Faith in Science!

Sep 15, 2015 51:10


Several news stories drag Phil and the gang back into discussions of male and female toplessness YET AGAIN. (Thanks, Time Magazine and French feminists!) Then attentions are turned to topics of science! Should all scientists be “militant athiests?” Does faith in science fill the same emotional needs as religious faith? This week on the podcast!

Episode 168: The End of Modesty Mayhem

Sep 8, 2015 55:02


After two weeks of modesty mayhem, Phil attempts to wrap-up the discussion once and for all with some thoughts that hit him while he was (immodestly) taking a shower. Plus - that lady in Kentucky who is in jail for… you know… “the gays.” This week on the podcast!

Episode 167: Modesty, Mega-Pastors, and Muslim Prayer Rooms!

Sep 1, 2015 57:33


Listeners get to chime in! Last week's stories led to lots of interesting conversation about modesty, mega-pastors and Muslim prayer rooms, so Phil reads your comments and the gang discusses! What fun!

Episode 166: Gender Neutrality, Christian Hospitality, and Televangelists!

Aug 25, 2015 55:03


Gender "neutrality" on display in the streets of New York and the aisles of Target ... Christian hospitality put to the test at Orlando International Airport ... John Oliver "discovers" shady televangelists in America! What does it all mean??? Is it the END OF ... (well, you know.)

Episode 165: "Alone" with Guest Sam Larson

Aug 18, 2015 58:43


Phil and the gang are joined by Sam Larson, the son of a regular listener and one of two finalists on the History Channel survival show "Alone." Sam talks about his experience on the show and the spiritual impact of 40+ days in the wilderness alone.

Episode 164: Football, Donald Trump, and Rob Bell!

Aug 11, 2015 54:32


Can an atheist play football? Can a Christian back Donald Trump? Can Rob Bell still hold our attention? Plus, Skye riles up some listeners! This week on the podcast!

Episode 163: Law, Religion, and Music with Rob Vischer and Jimmy Needham!

Aug 4, 2015 01:04:45


Skye and Phil are joined by legal expert (and Phil’s brother) Rob Vischer, and singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham for an audio-only episode recorded in Arnold’s Park, Iowa. Law! Politics! Religion! Live music! This week on the podcast!

Episode 162: Dogs in Heaven and a Baphomet in Detroit?!

Jul 28, 2015 50:15


Do all dogs really go to heaven? Why is there a 2000 pound, 9 foot tall Baphomet in Detroit? And does our reliance on laws to control behavior spell - THE END OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT???

Episode 161: Greece, China, and Donald Trump!

Jul 21, 2015 53:06


Greece is a mess! China is in trouble! Disney sacrifices it's values! Franklin Graham is at it again! And don't get us started about Donald Trump! It's a mad, mad, mad world!

Episode 160: Back to the Lost World of Adam and Eve!

Jul 14, 2015 52:49


Dr. John Walton returns to the show to continue our prior conversation (#146) about Adam and Eve, based on his new book, “The Lost World of Adam and Eve!”

Episode 159: The Supreme Court, Same-Sex Marriage and More Movies!

Jun 30, 2015 51:41


Big news! Big news! Skye Jethani actually went to see some movies! Oh yeah - and the Supreme Court made a decision about something or other. Much discussion ensues, this week on the podcast!

Episode 158: The Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Jun 23, 2015 55:58


What do Franklin Graham, Tony Campolo, Tim Keller and the nation of Ireland have in common? They’ve all taken bold stands on same-sex marriage in the last month. From wholeheartedly embrace to all-out boycott, Phil and the gang talk through wildly varied responses to the same question.

Episode 157: Blockbusters and the American Way!

Jun 16, 2015 50:15


Christian’s back from France! And dinosaurs stomp the box office, leading Phil to speculate about the growing influence of China on Hollywood blockbusters and how Hollywood, once the biggest proponent of “the American Way,” must cater more and more to sensitivities - and censors - of the the world’s fastest growing film market.

Episode 156: Godless in Dixie with Guest Neil Carter

Jun 9, 2015 55:25


Phil and Skye are joined by Mississippi geometry teacher and atheist blogger Neil Carter ("Godless in Dixie") to hear his journey from evangelical to atheist and his experience rejecting faith in the heart of the "Christian South."

Episode 155: Mad Max, Feminism, and Underwear!

Jun 2, 2015 59:05


Tomorrowland and Mad Max and feminism and gender-neutral underwear. Need we say more??

Episode 154: The Decline of Self-Identifying Christians

May 26, 2015 45:19


Listener feedback on “modesty.” Is Phil a voice of reason? Or just another crabby old white guy pining for the past?? Plus Phil and Skye discuss the decline in self-identifying “Christians” in America.  Bad? Good? Indifferent? This week on the podcast!

Episode 153: Waco, the Billboard Music Awards, and Youth Ministry!

May 19, 2015 57:12


Phil finds connections between events in Waco, TX and the Billboard Music Awards, then guest Jim Walton joins the gang to discuss observations from 35 years in youth ministry plus his new work as an online apologist at!

Episode 152: Corporate Worship with David Gungor!

May 12, 2015 55:51


Is modern worship music contrived? Formulaic? Manipulative? NYC worship leader and indie/alt/liturgical artist David Gungor (The Brilliance) joins the gang for a lively discussion about the state of corporate worship in America!

Episode 151: 40 Days of Christian Media

May 5, 2015 47:45


Are Christians leaving the faith “in droves?” Should Christians provoke? And the gang discusses Nate Fleming’s “40 days of nothing but Christian media” experiment!

Episode 150: Islam, ISIS, and the Protestant Reformation!

Apr 28, 2015 48:45


"You say you want a Reformation ... " Is Islam in need of a reformation? Or is that exactly what is happening right now? How is ISIS similar to the Protestant Reformation? Plus listener questions!

Episode 149: Robots, Wedding Cakes, and Religious Freedom!

Apr 21, 2015 49:31


Do robots need Jesus? Does Tennessee like the Bible a little TOO much? And more thoughts about wedding cakes and religious freedom!

Episode 148: Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate with John Thompson!

Apr 14, 2015 56:56


Author/musician/entrepreneur John Thompson joins Phil and Skye to talk about his colorful history in Christian music, his new book Jesus, Bread & Chocolate and the artisanal movement and its impact on the church. 

Episode 147: Indiana, Religious Freedom, and Pizza!

Apr 7, 2015 58:49


Mayhem in Indiana! Gay rights and religious freedom and PIZZA! What’s it all mean?? Phil’s brother and legal expert Rob Vischer joins the gang to discuss the implications of a strange couple of weeks in the Hoosier state.

Episode 146: The Lost World of Adam and Eve!

Mar 31, 2015 52:50


Old Testament scholar and friend of the show Dr. John Walton joins the gang to discuss his new book - "The Lost World of Adam and Eve." Were Adam and Eve real people? Were they created immortal? And what's with that crazy "No really - God made you from my rib" story? Sure to be a conversation starter!

Episode 145: Listener Feedback on "Christian America"!

Mar 24, 2015 58:00


Last week’s show received so much feedback that Phil and the gang dip into the mailbag to share and discuss some of your thoughts about the role of Christianity in America, and what the phrase “Christian nation” may or may not actually mean. Hang on for some fun as listeners drive the agenda this week!

Episode 144: Magic in the Bible and Christian America!

Mar 17, 2015 43:29


Is there "magic" in the Bible? Plus, a new book suggests that "Christian America" is not just a modern idea, but a modern idea invented by corporate America! This week on the podcast!

Episode 143: Space, Fajitas, and Applebees!

Mar 10, 2015 50:23


Christian’s back! Evangelicals don’t like space! Science creates an amazing new drink and explains something Skye and Christian don’t want to discuss! AND - if your fajitas attack you during prayer, don’t blame Applebees!

Episode 142: Newsweek, the Bible, and 50 Shades of Grey!

Mar 3, 2015 48:20


Is the Bible A) as messed up as Newsweek says it is and B) responsible for the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey in middle America? Plus, Phil finds a popular movie very disturbing, but it isn't the one you think! 

Episode 141: Oscars, Islam, and Listener Feedback!

Feb 24, 2015 56:21


Oscars, Islam, and listener comments with Drew Dyck joining Phil and Skye on this week's podcast!

Episode 140: The Islamic State, Iceland, and Thor!

Feb 17, 2015 58:14


Half of Protestant pastors say the Islamic State is “true Islam.” While Muslims are being killed by Christians in central Africa and atheists in North Carolina, Iceland says, “To heck with it all! We’re going back to worshipping Thor!” Plus, an audacious claim that lynchings in the South were “religious rituals” practiced by Christians. It’s a mad, mad, mad world…

Episode 139: National Prayer Breakfast, Katy Perry, and Ken Ham!

Feb 10, 2015 58:23


What do the Dalai Lama and Skye Jethani have in common? They were both at the National Prayer Breakfast last week! Stories from the prayer breakfast, plus Katy Perry hears from God and Ken Ham won't be taking a cruise anytime soon. At least not a Carnival Cruise.

Episode 138: Super Bowl Ads, Fairy Tales, and Christianophobia!

Feb 3, 2015 53:12


Super Bowl ads make men cry, subverted fairy tales annoy Phil, and “Christianophobia” is now a real term with a new book to back it up! Drew Dyck joins Phil and Skye to discuss manly stuff like football, moral relativism and puppies!

Episode 137: Evangelicals, Newsboys, and Germans!

Jan 27, 2015 54:58


What exactly is an evangelical? What does it take to turn a Newsboy into an atheist? And why can't the Germans figure out how to pee?? This week on the podcast!

Episode 136: Website Hackings, Muslim Prayers, and Oxford Press!

Jan 20, 2015 52:38


French websites hacked and comedians arrested! Muslim prayers at Duke University and no pigs at Oxford Press! It’s post-Charlie Hebdo madness, dear listeners! Plus, the gang responds to your mail… all on the podcast this week!

Episode 135: Charlie Hebdo and the Christian Roots of Secularism

Jan 13, 2015 50:29


2015 is off to a questionable start as the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in Paris inspires much hand-wringing in the media (think Bill Maher) and a lively discussion on the podcast about secularism, its Christian roots, and its shaky future in an increasingly Muslim Europe.

Episode 134: Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015!

Jan 6, 2015 01:04:11


Welcome to 2015! Skye, Christian and Phil are back talking about movies, worldviews and, you guessed it, the end of western civilization. Plus our friends at Barna Research give their top 10 trends of 2014!

Episode 133: Addressing Systemic Racism with Guest Theon Hill

Dec 23, 2014 57:22


It's Christmas! Check out the new fun ways our atheist and satanist friends are celebrating Jesus's birth this year! Then Phil and Skye are joined by guest Theon Hill to discuss the church's role in addressing systemic racism in a post-Ferguson America. Atheists and Satanists and racists! Oh my!


Episode 132: To Interstellar and Beyond!

Dec 16, 2014 50:34


It’s the most thought-provoking big budget film in a long, long time. Is it religious? Is it anti-religious? And why did one Christian blogger call it his new favorite Christmas movie? It’s Interstellar - Christopher Nolan’s $150 million musing on the nature of life, the universe and everything! (Note: This podcast does contain spoilers.)

Episode 131: Skye's Traveling Adventures and Listener Questions!

Dec 9, 2014 58:57


Skye's back! We hear about his travels, plus open the mailbag and answer a bunch of questions from YOU!

Episode 130: Churchless with Guest David Kinnaman!

Dec 2, 2014 46:44


David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group and America’s foremost Christian pollster, joins Phil and Drew Dyck to talk about his new book Churchless: Understanding Today's Unchurched and How to Connect With Them.

Episode 129: Adventures in Teaching Kids with Guest Seth Cohen!

Nov 25, 2014 01:01:55


Seth Cohen is a Christian educator who has run schools in inner-city Philadelphia and the Dominican Republic. He’s also a life-long friend of Christian Taylor! So Phil and Christian sit down with Seth to talk about his adventures in teaching kids, running schools, and following God.

Episode 128: Modern-Day Israel with Guest Dr. Gary Burge!

Nov 18, 2014 56:21


Christians are supposed to be big fans of modern-day Israel, right? New Testament scholar Dr. Gary Burge joins Phil and Christian to discuss his thought-provoking and more-than-a-little-bit controversial book, Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians. In the words of our friend Justin Brierley, “It’s sure to be a sparky one!!”

Episode 127: Violent Religion, Video Games, and Mars!

Nov 11, 2014 58:11


Is religion inherently violent? Will video games in the future only make us angrier? Can evangelicals train lawyers in Canada? And why would six people go to Hawaii to spend 8 months in a plastic bubble? (The answer has something to do with Mars.) All this and more on the podcast this week!

Episode 126: Kentucky and Ken Ham's Ark with Guest Drew Dyck!

Nov 4, 2014 55:00


The state of Kentucky is messing with Ken Ham's ark, and Berkeley students are messing with Bill Maher's commencement speech. Plus Malaysia bans Halloween for being (wait for it) TOO CHRISTIAN! And some final thoughts about the cautionary tale that is Mark Driscoll.

Episode 125: Puppies, Islam, and Legalism!

Oct 28, 2014 01:02:26


An atheist calls Phil's work "contemptible" and then doesn't want to talk about it, then a Malaysian man in hot water for encouraging Muslims to pet puppies inspires a deeper conversation about legalism and the world's second most popular religion. It's sure to be a bumpy ride on the podcast this week...

Episode 124: Mark Driscoll, John Dickson, and Peter Enns!

Oct 21, 2014 53:32


A bad week for Mark Driscoll. Hillsong Church doesn't want to talk about gays. Friend of the show John Dickson threatens to eat his Bible, and theologian Peter Enns wants us to take it less literally. Or seriously. Or something. On the podcast this week!

Episode 123: The Book of Job with Guest John Walton!

Oct 14, 2014 55:11


Old Testament scholar and friend of the show John Walton wrote the book (well, 450 page commentary) on everyone's favorite book of the Bible, Job! What? It's not your favorite book? Well maybe it deserves a deeper look! Plus a report from the Department of How NOT to Share Your Faith.

Episode 122: Ben vs. Bill, "Christian" Harry Potter, and Atheistic Christianity!

Oct 7, 2014 53:10


Ben Affleck takes on Bill Maher, Harry Potter converts to Christianity, and Frank Schaeffer (son of Francis) takes on Christianity Today editors whilst arguing for a new "atheistic" Christianity. It's crazy, kooky fun on the podcast! (And not a single butt joke.)

Episode 121: The History of Bob and Larry

Sep 30, 2014 55:54


It's been an interesting week for Bob and Larry in veggie-land, inspiring Phil to tell the whole story of how he and his characters parted ways, and the many attempts made over the last decade to bring them back together. It's a story we guarantee you've never heard before!

Episode 120: Bad Behavior and Levitical Atonement with Camerin Courtney!

Sep 23, 2014 52:17


Journalist/blogger Camerin Courtney joins Phil and Skye on the podcast to talk about men behaving badly in the NFL and on college campuses, plus an app that brings levitical atonement to a smartphone near you!

Episode 119: The NFL, the Dalai Lama, and Bill Maher!

Sep 16, 2014 44:40


The NFL is having a bad week, no more Dalai Lamas, and Bill Maher goes on a pro-Christian rant?!? Truly the end of western civilization is at our door!

Episode 118: British Values, Neuroscience, and Discipleship?!

Sep 9, 2014 49:40


Why is British PM David Cameron on a search for "British values?" What does neuroscience have to do with discipleship? And why is "chunking" Skye's new favorite word? All that - plus "fatal buttocks injections" - on this week's podcast!

Episode 117: The VMAs, Religion, and Marriage!

Sep 2, 2014 53:24


It's been a year since Miley Cyrus made "twerking" a part of awkward dinner conversations everywhere, and Phil forced himself to watch the VMA Awards to see what the kids are up to this year. Plus, does religion actually hurt marriages? Say it ain't so, Joe! This week on the podcast!

Episode 116: Robin Williams, Mark Driscoll, Michael Gungor, and More!

Aug 26, 2014 52:33


Phil has some thoughts about Robin Williams, plus the gang covers news stories suggested by listeners and responds to listener mail about the Mark Driscoll/Michael Gungor brouhaha!

Episode 115: The State of Evangelicalism with Guest Drew Dyck!

Aug 19, 2014 50:59


Pastors go wild and singer/songwriters go theologically off the rails. Or do they? The strange cases of Mark Driscoll and Michael Gungor, and what they tell us about the state of evangelicalism. Drew Dyck joins Phil and Skye for the conversation!

Episode 114: Live from Okoboji with Scottie May and John Stumbo!

Aug 12, 2014 53:16


Recorded in front of a very enthusiastic audience at the Okoboji Bible Conference in Arnolds Park, Iowa, this special episode tells the story of Phil's great grandpa and the founding of the conference with Phil's mom Scottie May, plus president of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (Phil & Skye's denomination) John Stumbo tells his incredible story and talks about the future of denominations.

Episode 113: Christian Films, Fact, and Fiction!

Aug 5, 2014 36:37


Should Christian films be free? Should we ignore all scientists? Do religious children lose their ability to sort fact from fiction? And why is our favorite Satanist jumping on the Hobby Lobby bandwagon? This week on the podcast! (This episode was edited to remove a story that was later shown to be untrue.)

Episode 112: Kardashians, Comic-Con, and Charismatic Catholicism!

Jul 29, 2014 49:04


Phil breaks down and says the word "Kardashian," girls at Comic-Con say "no touchy!" and an account of one woman's journey from Charismatic Catholicism to atheism to...?  It's another fun week on the Phil Vischer Podcast!

Episode 111: NASA, Aliens, and Jesus Politics?!

Jul 22, 2014 53:15


NASA is just dying to find aliens, a Texas pastor dies for a cause, recent polls tell us we're more liberal than Jesus, and Jews are surprisingly cool in America! 

Episode 110: Oprah as God and Proud Whoppers!

Jul 15, 2014 47:46


Oprah as God? Gay hamburgers?? The Earth's magnetic poles reversing??? SURELY the end of western civilization is upon us at last!!

Episode 109: Hobby Lobby Day!

Jul 8, 2014 48:13


It's Hobby Lobby day! What's it all mean? All good?? Mostly good?? And would you rather sit with your own thoughts, or give yourself an electric shock? If you'd prefer the shock, it turns out you're not alone! This week on the podcast!

Episode 108: Fashion, Tattoos, HBO and the Rapture!

Jul 1, 2014 42:18


Pastors talk fashion while Rome burns... Pat Robertson says, "No tattoos for you!" Even liberals don't want their kids marrying atheists, HBO has fun with the Rapture, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson says religion is killing science. Again. It's another wild week on the podcast!

Episode 107: Cultural Christianity with guest John Dickson!

Jun 24, 2014 52:49


Phil and the gang are joined in studio by Aussie historian/theologian/apologist/former rocker John Dickson for a discussion of Christian culture in the US vs Australia and how to effectively engage the mainstream press, plus listeners chime in on the precise physiology of transgenderism! Hoo-boy!! It's a party for sure.

Episode 106: Transgender Issues and Christians on Campus!

Jun 17, 2014 59:44


Time magazine says transgender issues are the next civil rights frontier, and the Southern Baptist Convention says, "No thanks!" Plus Christian groups get kicked off college campuses, and some lively feedback from last week's show!

Episode 105: To Drink or Not to Drink?!

Jun 10, 2014 54:55


To drink or not to drink - Christians and alcohol. Plus ... Time magazine wonders if it's safe to send our daughters to college, and Canada wonders if it's safe to let Christians educate lawyers. Crazy times indeed...

Episode 104: Guest Justin Brierley on Boghossian vs. McGrew!

Jun 3, 2014 01:04:59


Unbelievable radio show host Justin Brierley stops by to discuss his recent debate between Peter Boghossian and Tim McGrew, and the ever-so-slippery concept of "faith." Plus, Phil has more medical fun and gains sympathy for the "average" woman!

Episode 103: Alien Hunting and Arranged Marriages!

May 27, 2014 52:00


Scientists campaign for more alien-hunting funds, Phil campaigns for arranged marriages and Skye campaigns for shorter sermons. Plus - guess which faith tradition has the hardest time retaining its children?? You'll never guess! So watch and/or listen to the show to find out!!

Episode 102: Rob Bell, Oprah, Harvard and HGTV?!

May 20, 2014 50:29


Lots going on this week! Updates on Rob Bell and Oprah. Plus Satanists are in - and then out - at Harvard, and Christian twin brothers are in - and then out - at HGTV. Oh, and Phil has a run-in with six hundred women, a Victorian hotel, and a bat. (Not the baseball kind.) It is truly a mad, mad world!

Episode 101: Guest Drew Dyck on Yawning at Tigers

May 13, 2014 55:27


Do you picture God more like a tiger? Or a kitten playing the piano on the internet? Friend of the show Drew Dyck returns to talk about his new book, Yawning at Tigers, and our tendency in the church to domesticate God.

Episode 100: Questions, Questions, Questions!

May 6, 2014 01:01:42


It's the 100th podcast! Phil and the gang celebrate by putting on party hats and answering your questions! Lots and LOTS of questions! Grab your own party hat and join in the fun...

Episode 99: The Christian Movie Marketplace with guest Camerin Courtney

Apr 29, 2014 54:38


British Prime Minister David Cameron and Louisiana try to out-Christian each other, and journalist Camerin Courtney joins the gang to discuss the state of Christians and all the Christiany movies we're supposed to really really like ("Heaven is for Real," "God's Not Dead") or really really hate ("Noah"). Can't we just go see the movies we WANT to see?

Episode 98: N.T. Wright and Christianity Today with guest Andy Crouch!

Apr 22, 2014 53:42


Special guest Andy Crouch from Christianity Today magazine joins the podcast today to talk about the latest Christianity Today cover story on N.T. Wright. Who is this bearded British theologian, and why is he having such a huge impact on the church?

Episode 97: Peter Boghossian and the Reasonableness of "Faith"

Apr 15, 2014 01:13:23


A few months ago Phil reviewed the new book "A Manuel for Creating Atheists" by Dr. Peter Boghossian, and took issue with Bogghossian's definition of "faith." Numerous supporters of the book engaged the issue, and a lively debate continued online for more than a month. Several defenders challenged Phil to have the author on the podcast to explain his position, so this week Phil is joined by Dr. Peter Bogghossian himself for a lengthy but fascinating conversation about faith, knowledge, and the "reasonableness" (or lack thereof) of Christian belief. Can a creator of Christian vegetables and an atheist evangelist get along for an entire hour?? Tune in to find out!

Episode 96: World Vision, Movies, and More!

Mar 29, 2014 55:47


The gang discusses World Vision's controversial new policy. Then, the day after the show is taped and in the can, World Vision changes back. Oops! No time to retape, so we're a little out of date. But we also have a lively discussion about Phil's favorite recent movies and Skye's theology of work. No podcast next week as everyone heads off for spring break!

Episode 95: Westboro Baptist News and Guest Justin Brierley!

Mar 25, 2014 55:19


Fred Phelps dies - will Westboro Baptist ratchet down the hate? And Phil interviews his new favorite radio personality from London, Justin Brierley, host of the wildly intelligent Unbelievable? Radio Show!

Episode 94: Ground Zero Cross Debate and Cosmos!

Mar 19, 2014 50:47


Stephen Colbert wades into the Ground Zero cross debate, and Phil's got a bone to pick with the new version of the old Carl Sagan mini-series, "Cosmos." Can't we cheer for science without jeering at religion?? Really??? Is it THAT hard?!?

Phil Vischer Podcast Episode 94

Mar 18, 2014


Episode 93: Oscars, Dreams, and Lip Balm!

Mar 12, 2014 56:59


Movies! Oscars! Dreams! Lip balm! And Skye gets called out by another Christian media outlet! Did he deserve it? Tune in and find out!

Episode 92: Religious Liberty and Artistic Freedom

Mar 4, 2014 51:32


Wedding cakes for gay marriages and contraceptives for Christian craft stores. What would Jesus bake? And for whom? Religious liberty, artistic freedom, and ...the end of western civilization?!?

Episode 91: Democracies and Missionaries with Andy Crouch!

Feb 25, 2014 49:56


Do you prefer your movie Satans with or without eyebrows? And journalist and author Andy Crouch joins Skye and Phil to discuss remarkable new research showing a direct connection between healthy democracies and Protestant missionaries. What?? Pith helmets and Bibles saved the world?!? It was the BEGINNING of Western civilization!!

Episode 90: Cadillac Ads and Anachronistic Camels!

Feb 18, 2014 59:33


Is it wrong to go to church without your clothes on? Should more Christians be complaining about Cadillac's new TV ads? Do anachronistic camels disprove the book of Genesis? (If I had a nickel for every time I've said "anachronistic camels"...) You've got questions! We've got answers! This week on the podcast!

Episode 89: Superbowl Ads and Ham versus Nye Recap!

Feb 12, 2014 59:10


Super Bowl ads and Ham-on-Nye wrap-up. Pat Robertson says Ken Ham needs to give it a rest - surely a sign that the end of western civilization is upon us!!

Episode 88: Grammys, Feminism, and Ham versus Nye!

Feb 5, 2014 54:07


Grammys, gay, Beyoncé, feminism, Ham on Nye. Say no more. Western civilization.

Episode 87: The Future and What it Means For Us Today

Feb 5, 2014 45:01


It's a book release party on the podcast! Skye's new book "Futureville" is out, and the ensuing discussion blows Christian's mind (Phil had already read the book, so his mind was pre-blown). Do we truly have a biblical understanding of the future?  If we did, how would it change how we view our lives and our work here today? Don't miss it!

Episode 86: More Adventures in Atheism and Christian Radio Abroad?!

Jan 21, 2014 51:38


Phil's faith adventure continues as viewers write in with questions, and atheists respond. PLUS - ever wonder what the difference is between Christian radio in the US and the UK? It's significant! (And it doesn't make us Yanks look good...)

Episode 85: Adventures in Atheism with guest Sarah Murdock!

Jan 14, 2014 58:44


Phil describes his recent adventure in "Atheist-land!" A pastor decides to try atheism for a year, and is surprised to find his
denomination doesn't want to keep paying his salary! And one of Christian's best friends stops by for a visit! Faith, fun and friends - all in one podcast!

Episode 84: A New Year of Religion, Philosophy and Bill Nye!

Jan 8, 2014 54:20


Phil and the gang are back in the saddle for a new year!  Christian had a BIG Christmas adventure, and became a Duck Dynasty stalker! Phil launches an online conversation with atheist author Peter Boghossian! The atheist church has a schism! Phil wonders what the difference is between "religion" and "philosphy?" And why on earth is Bill Nye the Science Guy headed for the Creation Museum? Clearly 2014 is already bringing us closer to the END OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION!

Episode 83: Duck Dynasty and the Person of the Year!?

Dec 24, 2013 49:54


All heck breaks loose on Duck Dynasty! The Pope is Time's Man of the Year! Can Phil, Skye and Christian sort it all out? And then sum it up with a song?!? Tune in to this week's podcast and find out!!

Episode 82: Peter Boghossian, Atheism, and Epistemology!

Dec 14, 2013 48:08


How to make an atheist in five easy steps! (Okay, maybe not quite THAT simple.) Phil and the gang discuss Dr. Peter Boghossian's new book, A Manual for Creating Atheists. What does he get wrong? Even more importantly, what does he get RIGHT? Is faith a "flawed epistemology?" Is it an epistemology at all? The answer may determine the fate of western civilization as we know it!

Episode 81: The Pope, Batman and Magic with Drew Dyck

Dec 7, 2013 56:36


Is the pope going out at night like Batman?? And then Phil leads Skye and recurring guest Drew Dyck on a wild trip through recent kids movies and how the portrayal of "magic" and the supernatural has shifted from Christian, to modern, to post-modern. And sometimes back again.

Episode 80: Thanksgiving, Walmart, and Science vs. the Bible with John Walton

Dec 3, 2013 01:02:47


Fisticuffs in Wal-Mart and drag queens in the Macy's parade - this is not your grandfather's Thanksgiving! Then Skye and Phil settle in for a return visit with OT scholar Dr. John Walton about Genesis 1 and the "war" between science and the Bible, after which Phil discovers that making up songs is really hard when you're short on sleep!

Episode 79: Sweaty Atheists and Drew Dyck on Generation Ex:Christian!

Nov 26, 2013 54:24


Does God make atheists sweat?? Plus, guest Drew Dyck talks about his book, Generation Ex-Christian, and the reasons more and more Christian kids are walking away from their faith! Don't miss it! It may or may not have something to do with the end of Western Civilization as we know it!

Episode 78: Science, the Meaning of Life, and Stephen Colbert!

Nov 19, 2013 49:44


A new TV show looks for "the meaning of life" in the scientific narrative, and Stephen Colbert points out the lunacy of their pursuit. Also, Phil and Skye dive into all the listener feedback from last week's podcast fun about gender, then even more fun with their ongoing discussion about the definition of the Gospel and the difficulty of sharing the Good News in an increasingly post-Christian West. Whee!!

Episode 77: Women, Christianity, and the Gospel?!

Nov 12, 2013 50:03


Phil has an epiphany about western civilization - could Christianity have actually made the hyper-sexualization of women POSSIBLE?!? Skye and Christian are dumbstruck, but Phil presses on with his startling theory. And then Skye elaborates on the definition of "gospel," based on listener feedback from last week. Don't miss it! It's the most shocking podcast yet!

Episode 76: Religious Illiterates and an Evangelical "Hell House"!

Nov 6, 2013 44:32


Britain is a nation of religious illiterates!  Or so says the BBC.  But what's the solution - religious instruction in public schools??  Then, in honor of Halloween, the gang discusses the peculiar evangelical outreach known as the "Hell House," and a pastor in hot water for building himself a 16,000 square foot house!  (Wait - that last story isn't Halloween-related.  Oh well.  It's still a sure sign of ... THE END OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION!)

Episode 75: Religious Billboards, Christian Movies, and Japanese Youth!

Oct 24, 2013 52:30


Religious billboard wars break out in Time Square!  The group discusses two upcoming "Christian-ish" movies that have folks (and/or Phil) a bit concerned, and then talks through the moral, economic and spiritual implications of the collapsing interest of Japan's youth in ... um ... "physical contact" with the opposite sex.  To put it another way, Japan is having no babies!!  Is it Godzilla?!?  Robots?!?  And what does it mean for the future of (dum, dum, dum!) Western Civilization???

Episode 74: Disneyland, Vegas, Hobby Lobby and OJ Simpson!

Oct 22, 2013 50:28


Phil goes to Disneyland while Skye goes to Vegas!  Lively discussion ensues about gambling, Christian morality, and the ascendency of Halloween as Disney's new favorite holiday.  Our friends at Hobby Lobby get into some hot Jewish water, and will OJ Simpson be America's next great televangelist???  It's surely the end of Western Civilization as we know it!

Episode 73: Christian Billboards and the Idolatry of Family

Oct 15, 2013 53:18


Phil discusses the "state of the art" of Christian billboards before explaining his new conclusion that life is like a moving sidewalk.  THEN the gang launches into a fascinating discussion - based on Phil's great uncle Einer - about the "idolatry of family" within the evangelical church and whether it's EVER appropriate to leave your family to do God's work.  Fun, fun, fun!!

Episode 72: Politics, Atheism and the Pope!

Oct 9, 2013 46:44


Are Christians hypocritical in our approach to politics??  Is atheism the next "gay marriage?" Are atheist "churches" a GOOD thing for Christianity?  And WHO doesn't like the new pope?? Anyone??  No one??  Listen to the audio!  Or watch the video show!  Hurry - before Western Civilization comes to an end!!

Episode 71: Phil's Great Uncle Iner, Origins of Evangelicalism, and Louis CK's Musings on Emptiness!

Oct 1, 2013 52:15


Watch your metaphors, Christians!  We can be misunderstood!  Phil tells the story of his great uncle Iner.  If that isn't fun enough, Skye then explains the origins of evangelicalism and fundamentalism in America, and the gang discusses comedian Louis CK's recent musings about the "emptiness" inside all of us. Whee!!

Episode 70: Book Burnings and Crazy Evangelicals

Sep 24, 2013 57:51


Crazy evangelicals take over America!  Book burnings and a civil "holy" war erupt!  Yes, Phil actually took the time to read "Christian Nation: The Novel," and he's ready to give a full book report.  What are those crazy Christians up to now?!?

Episode 69: Miley Cyrus, Atheist Protests, and Christian America

Sep 17, 2013 56:09


Miley Cyrus watch!  What's the latest??  Inquiring minds want to know!  Then the gang discusses atheist protests of the Ground Zero Cross, a new novel about the "disaster" that would befall America if Christians got their way, and a lively debate about the underrepresentation of Christians in American media and what - if anything - can be done about it.  It is clearly the end-of-you-know-what-as-we-know-it!

Episode 68: Big Words and Post-Christian America

Sep 10, 2013 47:49


Phil declares America "officially" post-Christian.  Skye uses big words to confuse him.  Christian laughs at them both.  Then we discuss a piece Skye wrote recently about the overuse of technology in schools that some people just didn't get.  Mostly because he wrote it as a satire about smoking.  Yeah.  All this, and the end of Western Civilization!

Episode 67: Guest Ben Howard

Sep 4, 2013 01:17:21


Phil interviews Christian film executive Ben Howard (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, October Baby) to find out if there is, in fact, a Christian film business. Plus news about Miley Cyrus, life on Mars, and, of course, the end of Western civilization as we know it.

Episode 66: Parenting, Fear & the Iowa State Fair Butter Cow

Aug 27, 2013 55:31


Moral decline and "hook-up" culture - debunked??  Parenting is hard, God doesn't want us to live in fear, and what on earth happened to the Iowa State Fair butter cow?!?  It's the end of western civilization as we know it!  This week on the podcast!

Episode 65: Guest Doug TenNapel -- Part 2

Aug 20, 2013 59:31


Duck Dynasty conquers America while Franklin Graham runs into trouble in Iceland.  And then a lively discussion with Doug TenNapel (part 2) about the adventures of an outspoken Christian in a business that isn't at all fond of outspoken Christians.  Are hillbillies the only ones allowed to believe in Jesus on TV? Can a famous evangelist's son actually hold to historical Christian teaching?  In Iceland?  What about a celebrated graphic novelist in Hollywood?  All this and more on the podcast this week!

Episode 64: Guest Sara Groves

Aug 13, 2013 57:03


Singer/songwriter Sara Groves and her husband Troy join Phil and Skye on the podcast this week to talk about Sara's career, her thoughts about worship music and Christian radio, the church they just bought, and the one song she wishes she never wrote!  Plus, Phil tries to play a really out-of-tune ukulele!

Episode 63: Guest Doug TenNapel

Aug 6, 2013 59:03


Censored hymns and Muslims writing books about Jesus - followed by part 1 of a 2-part interview with Christian comic artist, animator and creator of the classic video games Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood, Doug TenNapel.

Episode 62: Western Adventures, Christian Movies & Evangelistic Atheists

Jul 30, 2013 55:39


Skye is back in  town!  We hear about his travels out west, then the group careens wildly through this week's stories about Christian movies, heaven, the end times, evangelistic atheists and, of course, gay rights.  Buckle up for the ride!

Episode 61: Guest Sydney Vischer

Jul 23, 2013 52:55


It's bring your daughter to work day!  Well, not really - but Phil does anyway.  His 16 year-old daughter Sydney has just released an album of thoughtful, acoustic songs, and she visits the podcast to talk about it and play a few live!  (Check out Sydney Vischer on iTunes or SydneyVischerMusic on Facebook to see the whole album.)

Episode 60: Guest Steve Taylor

Jul 17, 2013 01:13:25


Join Phil this week for an indepth interview with a personal hero - groundbreaking Christian singer, songwriter, producer and filmmaker Steve Taylor.  From "I Want to Be a Clone" to the Newsboys and Sixpense, to Blue Like Jazz the movie, Steve has pushed the Christian narrative in new and amazing directions for nearly 30 years.  Don't miss the conversation!

Episode 59: Guest Rob Vischer

Jul 10, 2013 54:38


Phil's brother Rob joins him on vacation for a discussion of Rob's new book on Martin Luther KIng Jr., as well as lively discussion about atheist monuments, DOMA, the Supreme Court and the ever-perplexing concept of religious freedom!

Episode 58: Cruisin', MRIs, and the Supreme Court

Jul 2, 2013 01:03:49


Skye goes on a cruise, Phil has an MRI, the Supreme Court ruffles some feathers and former Senator Rick Santorum - America's newest Christian movie mogul?!?  Just another week on the Phil Vischer Podcast ...

Episode 57: Scottie May is Back

Jun 26, 2013 01:03:45


By popular demand, Phil's mom Dr. Scottie May returns to the program to talk more about children's ministry and the place of kids in the church.  Where has children's ministry been?  Where is it headed?  Don't ask Phil - ask his mom!

Episode 56: Super Telescopes, Man of Steel & Crazy Religion

Jun 18, 2013 49:06


Alien-searching super telescopes?  Man of Steel sponsored sermons?  And what's a Christian to do when their faith is lumped in with "crazy religion?"  Phil and Skye both have colds and Christian is out of town, but thought-provoking conversation still manages to occur.  More or less.

Episode 55: Boy Scouts, J. Lo & Skye's Runaway Car

Jun 11, 2013 58:19


Listeners chime in about the Boy Scouts leading to a deeper conversation about homosexuality and the church, Jennifer Lopez's new TV show, plus five supposedly "compelling" reasons marriage wasn't supposed to monogamous. (And we finally find out what became of Skye's runaway car!)

Episode 54: Guest Brian Howell

Jun 5, 2013 51:49


Is the Pope spouting heresy?  Should churches boot the Boy Scouts?  And special guest anthropologist Brian Howell talks about his new book on the peculiar anthropological phenomenon known as the "short term missions trip."  (We aren't kidding.)  Check it all out on this week's Phil Vischer Podcast!

Episode 53: Happy Birthday to the Phil Vischer Podcast!

May 29, 2013 53:54


Happy Birthday to the podcast!  To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Phil Vischer Podcast, Skye makes some funny voices, Phil gripes about celebrities and their ridiculous houses, and the gang covers the big news from the Boy Scouts as well as a surprisingly deep conversation about living the Christian life.  Happy Birthday!

Episode 52: Switzerland, Stephen Hawking & did the Roman Persecution really happen?

May 21, 2013 56:09


Skye returns from Switzerland with stories of fondue, then the gang jumps into a lively discussion of recent comments by Stephen Hawking and a new book claiming historical reports of Christian persecution in the Roman Empire were largely fabricated.  Fun, fun, fun!

Episode 51: Brain Burps, Beiber & Guest Pete Leonard

May 14, 2013 59:44


Phil has a brain burp in Dallas, Justin Beiber runs amok in Dubai, and special guest Pete Leonard roasts the world's best coffee - as a ministry!  Only on the Phil Vischer Podcast!

Episode 50: Musical Theater, Falling Birthrates & The Decline of Secularism

May 7, 2013 58:53


Is theater a form of religion?  What does modern theater (Book of Mormon, et al) say about what we believe, and how can a Christian respond?  And as if that isn't fascinating enough, the gang then jumps into a discussion of how some demographers are predicting falling birthrates across the modern world will result in A) economic catastrophe, and B) the decline of secularism!  Hoo boy!

Episode 49: Guests Lisa Vischer & Amanda Jethani

May 1, 2013 01:02:41


Christian takes over the show!  Acting on a listener suggestion, she invites Skye's wife Amanda and Phil's wife Lisa to join her and dish on their husbands.  Phil's and Skye's ears are burning!

Episode 48: Guest Mark Galli

Apr 24, 2013 58:03


After a lively discussion of The Book of Mormon and the ever-increasing crassness of American culture, Phil and the gang are joined by Christianity Today editor Mark Galli to discuss his feature story on near-death experiences and their recent popularity in publishing!

Mark GalliMark Galli is the editor of Christianity Today. He is the author of Chaos and Grace and God Wins.

Episode 47: Monkeys and Puppies and the End of Western Civilization!

Apr 16, 2013 57:48


Monkeys and puppies and the end of Western Civilization!  Phil overreacts yet again to the week's news, followed by a scintillating discussion about Stephen Colbert, great apes, and the war against religious faith.

Episode 46: Movies, Marriage, and the future of Western Civilization!

Apr 9, 2013 44:34


The gang's all back together!  Phil talks about the movies yet again, before a lively discussion about the state of marriage, family life, and the future of western civilization. What fun!

Episode 45: Recapping The Bible (Miniseries)

Apr 2, 2013 49:16


With Christian away on vacation, Phil and Skye talk about THE BIBLE (the TV series) and all forms of changing marriage, both same-sex and... Jedi?

Episode 44: Live from Disney World

Mar 27, 2013 31:39


Stuck in Disney World without Skye or Christian (poor Phil!), Phil goes solo with an extended excerpt from his recent comedy show dealing with, appropriately, Disney World and everyone's favorite Easter candy, marshmallow peeps!

Episode 43: A new pope!

Mar 19, 2013 52:03


A pope!  A pope!  We've got a new pope!  What does it mean to three Protestants with a podcast?  We're not sure, but we talk about it anyway.  Then Skye takes us through his thoughts on the Gospel - what it is and what it isn't, and how we sometimes get it completely wrong.

Episode 42: Jesus (TM), The Bible & Christian Music

Mar 13, 2013 01:03:09


An Italian apparel company is granted a trademark to the word "Jesus," Mark Burnett's "The Bible" miniseries takes the History Channel by storm, and an impassioned plea for the death of "Christian music" gets Phil all riled up.  All that, plus Skye walks out halfway through Phil's wrap-up song!  It's a crazy week on the Phil Vischer Podcast!

Episode 41: The Oscars, Sesame Street, and the decline of Western Civilization

Mar 1, 2013 50:21


Join Phil, Skye and Christian as they discuss the Harlem Shake and the decline of Western Civilization, plus a fascinating journey through gender issues in the Oscars, Sesame Street and beyond!

Episode 40: Atheist Church, Tim Tebow & the Boy Scouts

Feb 27, 2013 49:40


A theme song sung by Yoda, then... church for atheists?  And what do Tim Tebow, the Boy Scouts and Southern Baptists all have in common?  Cap it all off with a wrap-up song that goes a little better than last week's!

Episode 39: A Potluck Podcast

Feb 20, 2013 53:33


It's a potluck podcast!  Skye talks about his "top secret" meeting in Washington DC and his trip to the Naval Academy before the gang takes a whirlwind tour through Christian rollerskating, fruitcake in the Ozarks, Valentine's Day, Pope news and TV preachers.  Phil wraps it up with his worst summary song ever. Seriously.

Episode 38: Guest David Kinnaman

Feb 13, 2013 56:35


Phil and Skye talk about Super Bowl commercials and pastors behaving poorly in Applebee's.  Then they're joined by author/researcher David Kinnaman for a fascinating discussion about Christians and their views on religious freedom in America.  Finally, Phil summarizes with a song.  It doesn't go so well.

david kinnaman

David Kinnaman is the president and majority owner of Barna Group. He is the author of the bestselling books, You Lost Me and unChristian.

Episode 37: Does God intervene in sports?

Feb 6, 2013 55:38


This week's podcast discusses a new opera about the last days of, um, Walt Disney, plus the surprising number of Americans who believe God influences the outcomes of sporting events, an atheist mom in Texas asks Christians to keep their religion to themselves, and, what's this - a prominent gay rights activist and Chick-fil-A have become best friends?!?  Is it a sign of the apocalypse?!?

Episode 36: Guest Scottie May

Jan 30, 2013 54:56


Phil starts off the podcast by recounting his recent trip to a children's ministry conference, and singing a song he wrote for the occasion. The crew talks about a viral news story featuring Pat Robertson, before bringing in this week's guest - Phil's mom! Scottie May has her Ph.D in Christian Education, and teaches in the Christian formation ministry department at Wheaton College where she specializes in children's ministry. They discuss VBS, how to creatively engage children, attention spans, and how to be more reflective in worship. 

Scottie May is an associate professor of Christian Formation and Ministry at Wheaton College. She has her Ph.D in Christian Education from Trinitey Evangelical Divinity School. Scottie's area of interest and expertise is children's ministry, and she has co-authored 3 books.

Episode 35: The Golden Globes, Gun Control and Louie Giglio

Jan 23, 2013 53:24


Phil announces the launch of the all new JellyTelly, and the crew discusses the Golden Globes, euthanasia and gun control. They talk about Louie Giglio's invitation to pray at President Obama's inauguration, why he withdrew from the event, and then the gay rights movement. Are Christians becoming an oppressed minority?

Episode 34: Futureville, Hobby Lobby & a VBS Controversy

Jan 16, 2013 47:10


In this week's Phil Vischer Podcast, Skye introduces his new book Futureville. They discuss the current conflict between Hobby Lobby and the new contraception mandate, which leads to a conversation about the role of government and civil disobedience. They talk about the "controversy" around the Neil Patrick Harris ad for the Super Bowl, and then a petition to designate the Roman Catholic Church a hate group. The podcast ends with a discussion about whether or not our churches, Christian radio, and Christian entertainment have become too "family friendly" and paint an unrealistic portrait of faith.

Episode 33: The Fiscal Cliff, The End Times & 2013 Predictions

Jan 8, 2013 48:22


In this week's Phil Vischer Podcast, Phil, Skye and Christian discuss the fiscal cliff and the current political environment in the US. This leads to a conversation about the end times and interpreting the Scriptures based on our cultural context. Everyone gives their predictions for what will happen in 2013 - some of which are more serious than others! They end with a conversation on the Gospel and how we can engage with it more.

Episode 32: Guest Rob Vischer

Jan 4, 2013 55:40


In the first Phil Vischer Podcast of 2013, Rob Vischer joins the crew to discuss Catholicism, the new "Queen James Bible" and the Boy Scouts. They also discuss the political tensions within the Catholic Church, and the changing tones of some Catholic and some Evangelical groups toward homosexuality.

Episode 31: Thoughts on Connecticut

Dec 21, 2012 41:02


In a special episode, Phil discusses the events in Connecticut last week in the light of Christmas next week, and explains how the tragedy illuminates what even Christians have lost from the Christian narrative, and from Christmas itself.

Episode 30: Phil Has a Bone to Pick!

Dec 18, 2012 50:53


The product placement bell gets a name on this week’s Phil Vischer Podcast, and Phil, Skye and Christian explain how they all know each other! Plus: atheist comic strips and a new Christian “sexy” t-shirt company?! AND Phil debuts a new segment called “Phil has a bone to pick!” ...all of this and more on the podcast!

Episode 29: Pink Legos, Santa Claus, and the Commodification of the Gospel

Dec 11, 2012 42:21


**SPOILER: This podcast contains a discussion of Santa Claus, and therefore may not be appropriate for children.** This week’s podcast opens up with a discussion of pink legos, and whether or not churches should encourage belief in Santa Claus. Then Phil and the gang talk about consumerism vs. consuming, and how many churches have a tendency to commodify the Gospel.

Episode 28: Pat Robertson, Angus T. Jones, and Morality vs. Christianity!

Dec 4, 2012 37:59


Phil, Skye and Christian discuss the latest from Pat Robertson and recent lashback about his show from Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones (who became a Seventh-Day Adventist!). Plus Phil reviews of Rise of the Guardians and the gang talks about criticism surrounding VeggieTales teaching morality more than Christianity.

Episode 27: Black Friday, Santa Claus, and the Demise of Guys!

Nov 27, 2012 40:37


Episode 26: James Bond, the Rolling Stones, and Podcast Politics!

Nov 20, 2012 43:56


Happy Anniversary! James Bond is 50, and so are the Rolling Stones! A conversation about whether or not the gang should address politics on the podcast turns into a thoughtful discussion about the relationship between Christians and democracy surrounding abortion and other issues. This week on the podcast!

Episode 25: Old News, the Supernatural, and Guest Darren Wilson!

Nov 13, 2012 53:39


A throwback podcast! Recorded over the summer with filmmaker Darren Wilson, founder of Wanderlust Productions, the gang discusses old news items - from a Lady Gaga incident to Skye's interview with President Obama’s spiritual advisor! PLUS Darren shares some of his supernatural experiences that have inspired his documentary films.

Episode 24: Career Sports, Star Wars 7, and Hurricane Sandy

Nov 6, 2012 48:39


Phil and Skye discuss the perils of career sports, Phil reveals his choice to direct Star Wars 7, and after a conversation about Hurricane Sandy, Phil and Skye debunk the idea that natural disasters are God’s punishment on mankind. PLUS Billy Graham removes Mormonism from his list of cults?!

Episode 23: Dragons, Halloween, and the Future of the Church!

Oct 30, 2012 52:46


This week's podcast kicks off with a discussion on dragons, followed by Skye's take on Halloween! Can it be used for good? AND other news predicts satellite-driven mega-churches are the future of the church... Can it be true? Listen to find out!

Episode 22: Religion, Relationship, Science, and Creation!

Oct 23, 2012 47:29


Skye shares his thoughts after returning from the Global Church Forum and then the guys answer listener questions - ranging from religion vs. relationship to science vs. creation! PLUS a discussion around a recent Pew study that says America is less than 50% Protestant Christian for the first time in history. This week on the podcast!

Episode 21: On the Air with Singer-Songwriter Andrew Peterson!

Oct 16, 2012 52:52


Phil hosts the podcast by himself this week with special guest singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson! They discuss the path of Andrew's career, as well as his latest album, Light for the Lost Boy, his novels, and his online storytelling community The Rabbit Room.

Episode 20: Christianity in Hollywood with Guest Todd Komarnicki!

Oct 9, 2012 01:15:39


BusinessWeek names the 50 best cities in the America! How does a city garner the title? And what's all the fuss about stay-at-home dads? The crew discusses this and more before Phil interviews film producer Todd Komarnicki of acclaimed Elf fame about his experience as a Christian in Hollywood. This week on the podcast!

Episode 19: Conferences, Spacesuits and the Hubble Telescope!

Oct 2, 2012 51:02


Phil and Skye share conference experiences, singer-songwriters wear spacesuits, and What's in the Bible becomes a best-seller! AND the latest photos from the Hubble Telescope set off another discussion on faith, science, and atheism! Whoopee!

Episode 18: Free Speech, Faith, Science, and Christians in Hollywood!

Sep 25, 2012 55:58


Free Speech + Faith = Riots? Will Science eliminate God? These questions PLUS a conversation about the portrayal Christians in Hollywood and the history of Christian art... this week on the podcast!

Episode 17: Christianity and Politics in the US with Guest Amy Black!

Sep 18, 2012 57:48


Phil and Skye invite author Amy Black on the show to discuss her new book, Honoring God in Red or Blue! Before diving into the history of Christianity and Politics in the US, the crew shares their thoughts on Paranorman, the Real Life of Timothy Green, and more! This week on the podcast!

Episode 16: The "One," American History, and Guest John Walton!

Sep 11, 2012 01:08:47


Phil and the gang discuss a new book that suggests finding “the one thing” you are meant to do or “the one person” you are supposed to marry! Then they move on to the historical belief some Christians hold that America has a special covenant with God! After discussing "the one" and American History, Dr. John Walton, an Old Testament scholar and professor at Wheaton College, joins the crew to talk about his books The Bible Story Handbook and The Lost World of Genesis One.

Episode 15: A Reggae Interlude and Conversations About Heaven!

Sep 4, 2012 50:36


The show gets off to a Reggae-tastic start with a special appearance. Then the crew discusses a follow up question to the podcast with Rob Vischer – do we live in a country with freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion? This leads into a conversation about the often antagonistic relationships between atheists and Christians, and why Christians often don’t show grace to those who do not share their beliefs. Phil asks Skye about Heaven and whether or not we will “go to Heaven” or if Heaven will come to Earth.

Episode 14: Worship, Vices, and Virtues with Guest Brandon O'Brien!

Aug 28, 2012 51:05


Can worship be addicting? The gang discusses why we need both corporate worship and individual communion. How do different cultures define vices and virtues? Brandon O'Brien joins the show to talk about our contextual biases in reading scripture - the subject of his upcoming book Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes.

Episode 13: The Olympics, Aliens, and Atheist Billboards!

Aug 22, 2012 54:12


This week’s podcast opens up with a special guest – Sunday School Lady from What’s in the Bible? – talking about the end of the Olympics. Phil, Skye and Christian talk about Bill Gates’ initiative to invent the toilet of the future, the search for other intelligent life in space, and about the new billboards from the American Atheists for the upcoming political conventions.

Episode 12: Live from Arnold's Park with Guest Rob Vischer!

Aug 14, 2012 56:40


Live this week from Arnold’s Park, Iowa! Phil’s brother, Rob, joins the crew at the Bible conference their grandfather founded. Rob and the gang discuss Chick-Fil-A, Wheaton College's lawsuit against the federal government, and anti-Sharia laws being debated across the country. 

Episode 11: Chick-Fil-A, OIympics, and Guest Scott Olson!

Aug 7, 2012 46:20


How does our society associate brands with personal identity? After discussing Chick-Fil-A and dreaming about Epcot, guest Scott Olson, CEO of International Teams, joins the crew to talk about the changing face of world missions and social justice.

Episode 10: Christian Retail and Punishment for Penn State!

Jul 31, 2012 49:59


After Phil’s trip to the International Christian Retail Show, the gang discusses the current state of Christian retail. Moving on to current events, they touch on the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado and NCAA punishments for Penn State. Lastly, the crew responds to listeners' questions about dreams and calling!

Episode 9: Genesis and Origins of the Universe

Jul 24, 2012 42:43


Listen to Phil’s first solo podcast – a monologue on the origins of the universe. Phil explains his lifelong interest in the interpretation Genesis 1 and creation.

Episode 8: Following Your Dreams and Ukuleles!

Jul 17, 2012 48:20


What is the difference between following our dreams and God's dreams? Why do so many Christians fear insignificance? And how does that affect our idolatry of dreams? The gang discusses these questions and Phil responds to criticism about his ukulele in this episode of podcast! Don't miss it!

Episode 7: Drive-in Movies and Our Fading Love Affair with Cars!

Jul 10, 2012 52:28


Phil and Skye talk about drive-in movies and young America’s fading love affair with cars. Phil is perplexed with PETA and they have a rich conversation around science and faith. This one is not to be missed!

Episode 6: Christian Tomatoes and Gender Roles!

Jul 3, 2012 53:04


Phil Vischer, Skye Jethani and Christian Taylor talk about Christian tomatoes, TV theme songs and gender roles in movies.

Episode 5: Os Guinness

Jun 26, 2012 51:51


This week's special guest on the Phil Vischer Podcast is Os Guinness! Os Guinness is an author, a social critic, and Senior Fellow of the EastWest Institute in New York. Great-great grandson of Arthur Guinness, the Dublin brewer, he was born in China in World War Two where his parents were medical missionaries. A witness to the climax of the Chinese revolution in 1949, he was expelled with many other foreigners in 1951 and returned to Europe where he was educated in England. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of London and his D.Phil in the social sciences from Oriel College, Oxford. Os has written or edited more than twenty five books, including The American Hour, Time for Truth, The Call, Invitation to the Classics, Long Journey Home, and Unspeakable: Facing up to the challenge of evil. His latest book The Case for Civility – and why our future depends on it was published by Harper One in January 2008. Previously, Os was a freelance reporter with the BBC. Since coming to the United States in 1984, he has been a Guest Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies and a Guest Scholar and Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution. From 1986 to 1989, Os served as Executive Director of the Williamsburg Charter Foundation, a bicentennial celebration of the First Amendment. In this position he helped to draft the Williamsburg Charter and co-authored the public school curriculum Living With Our Deepest Differences. From 1991 to 2004 he was a senior fellow at the Trinity Forum, and a frequent speaker and seminar leader at political and business conferences in both the United States and Europe. As a European visitor to this country and a great admirer but detached observer of American culture today, he stands in the long tradition of outside voices who have contributed so much to America’s ongoing discussion about the state of the union. He lives with his wife Jenny in McLean, Virginia. 

Episode 4: Guest Eric Metaxas

Jun 19, 2012 53:23


Episode 3: Lady Gaga and Guest Jed Macosko

Jun 12, 2012 53:35


Episode 2: Giant Movies and Jesus Popsicles

Jun 6, 2012 50:12


Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani talk about The Avengers and movie making, discuss religious protest art and how to relate to atheists, and why it is important to read the Bible as more than just a guide for morality.

Episode 1: Freedom, Fear, and Futurism

May 31, 2012 53:52


The inaugural episode of The Phil Vischer Podcast! Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani are your hosts for a fast-paced and often funny conversation about pop culture, media, theology and the fun, fun, fun of living a thoughtful Christian life in an increasingly post-Christian culture. The podcast is also available on iTunes. Let us know what you think!