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Fiona will be chatting with inspiring fellow Dietitians about Health At Every Size, the Non Diet Approach and Mindfulness based practice as it applies to Dietetic practice and beyond....
The Mindful Dietitian


Interviews with Dietitians promoting food and body peace




The Mindful Dietitian with Annie Goldsmith

Oct 15, 2019 01:02:47


Annie Goldsmith on integrating Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in Dietetic Practice.

Annie and Fi talk about:

Annie's passion for Health At Every Size (R) and background in Brain & Cognitive Sciences Working with groups & supporting an environment of collective healing The gift of our experiences being witnessed and held in groups Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - what is it? Useful intersections of ACT & Dietetic practice Skills & tools core to the ACT hexaflex How ACT can be helpful to support longer-term recovery from diet culture and eating disorders The important place of values in ACT


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More About Annie:

Annie Goldsmith is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Second Breakfast Nutrition, a private practice in Charlotte North Carolina. Annie specializes in working with clients recovering from eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, and body image struggles. She is also co-owner of The Art of Intentional Eating, where she facilitates courses, support groups, and size inclusive yoga classes grounded in the HAES and IE philosophies. She is passionate about offering non-diet, weight inclusive care and grateful for the opportunity to hold space for those on their recovery journeys


Find Annie here: and

The Mindful Dietitian with Deb Benfield

Jul 24, 2019 01:14:24


Deb Benfield on slowing down, the intersection of yoga & self reflective work, and honouring the ageing body.


Here Deb and Fi speak about:

How connecting with therapists, and getting supervision felt so important Yoga teacher training with Anna Guest Jelley & significant teachers The intersection of yoga & Dietetic practice Developing the language of interoception, and bringing this into Dietetic practice Why we need to slow down the "hunger-fullness" conversation, and how it can inadvertently lead to shame The somatic process The importance of slowing down, being attentive & curious to enhance safety Safety builds trust, to  Spend time building "the base" How we might unintentionally perpetuate the very constructs we are aiming to dismantle Doing our own work, softening into our own experience, staying curious Centering your client & their experience Honouring the ageing body without medicalising or pathologising Choosing an appropriate yoga class - for you, and your clients! Supervision as a powerful tool for improving our capacity & enhancing wellbeing


More about Deb:

Nutrition Therapist, Freedom Fighter, Recovery Coach and Yoga Teacher on a
mission for all to know All Bodies are Good Bodies. I am passionate about
partnering with my clients and students to:
• Develop ease around food, eating and body image
Reclaim the PLEASURE of eating again!
• Choose foods that allow a balance of joy, satisfaction and well-being.
• Compassionately cultivate a way of eating that is both embodied and
• Nourish yourself so that you will feel vital and have the energy for all of the
ways you play!

Owner and Lead Nutritionist at Body in Mind Nutrition/Debra Benfield
Counsulting-Offering Nutritional Therapy and Coaching for individuals, couples
and families, Professional Supervision for therapists, Dietitians, and Coaches,
Embodied Eating Groups and Workshops, Body Liberation Yoga Classes and
Workshops, and Worksite Wellness Programs with a Health at Every Size
perspective. Currently an active member of the Eating Disorder Treatment Team
at Wake Forest University. Founder of the Winston-Salem Eating Disorder




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Yoga in Dead Podcast

Michelle Cassandra Johnson - Skill in Action (book)

The Mindful Dietitian with Anna Lutz, RD

Jun 8, 2019 01:04:19


Anna Lutz RD on protective nutrition education in schools & bringing embodied work into practice.

In this episode Anna shares:

Why the area of Protective Nutrition Education became her passion. How Protective Nutrition education can protect against internalised weight stigma and eating disorders. How well-intentioned education interventions in schools can be doing our children harm and what we can do as Dietitians to minimise this. Why we need to take into account a child’s level of development when we are planning nutrition education, just like educators do for any other area of learning. How prioritising food experiences, exploration and diversity in both food cultures and body appearance are so important when teaching children about food. Why parents and educators are just as important to educate about nutrition as children. How Anna uses Sensory Motor Psychotherapy and how it can be a useful tool for Dietitians working in the Eating Disorders space. Anna explains the Window of Tolerance model and how this can be useful to understand the underpinnings of eating disorders, particularly with a background of trauma.

Connect with Anna:

Instagram @annalutzrd


More about Anna:

Anna is a nutrition therapist with Lutz, Alexander & Associates Nutrition Therapy in Raleigh, NC.  She specializes in eating disorders and pediatric/family nutrition and provides supervision to dietitians locally and virtually. Anna received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Duke University and Master of Public Health in Nutrition from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) and an Approved Supervisor both through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp). Anna previously worked at Duke Student Health on their eating disorders treatment team and at Children’s National Medical Center, providing outpatient care for people with eating disorders. Anna enjoys providing training, workshops, and supervision for dietitians and other health professionals about eating disorders and weight-inclusive care. She also writes about simple cooking and nutrition, free of weight and diet-talk, at Sunny Side Up Nutrition (


The Mindful Dietitian with Meg McClintock

May 21, 2019 01:04:22


Meg McClintock on boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!

Setting, and maintaining boundaries is so important, and as becomes apparent in this episode, there are many ways we need to be aware of how boundaries can support us, and our communities to take care of ourselves from a place of respect and care.

Here, Meg shares:

How living in a smaller community shifted her ideas about boundaries How she decides what to share, and what not to share via social media Why she so passionate about safety in Nutrition Education in schools

And more!


Connect with Meg:

Insta @cn_meg

Choose Nutrition on Facebook


More about Meg:

Meg is an APD with over 16 years experience in the field. She spent the first part of her career in hospital based clinical dietetics where she developed her love for clinical reasoning, evidence based practice and multidisciplinary care. Meg started her private practice, Choose Nutrition, in 2011 and as she searched for the latest evidence in the area of weight concern, an area she hadn't needed to focus on within the hospital context, she came across the non-diet approach, intuitive eating and HAES. Almost immediately this paradigm made sense of her discomfort with weight centric dietetics  and provided, not just an alternative framework for her dietetic practice but, the missing piece of the puzzle, an understanding of weight stigma and it's harmful influence on research, on traditional dietetic practice and in the lives of the individuals who come to dietitians for help. Meg loves working with school students and teachers to support the provision of safe, eating disorder informed nutrition education is a HAES Australia advisory group member and has delivered guest lectures on HAES and the non-diet approach for dietetic students on HAES and the non- diet approach.

The Mindful Dietitian with Evelyn Tribole

Apr 29, 2019 01:04:21


Evelyn Tribole on addressing misconceptions, doing what’s effective & what the heck is the “Semmelweis Reflex?”


Connect with Evelyn:

Instagram @evelyntribole


More about Evelyn:

Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S is the author of 9 books, with a nutrition counseling practice in Newport Beach, California. She is co-author of the best-selling Intuitive Eating, a mind-body self-care eating process with 10 principles, which has given rise to over 90 studies to date showing benefit. Evelyn enjoys public speaking and training health professionals on how to help their clients cultivate a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body through the process of Intuitive Eating. To date there are over 800 Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors in 22 countries.

She was the nutrition expert for Good Morning America, and a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for six years. Evelyn is often sought by the media for her expertise, and has appeared in hundreds of interviews, including CNN, NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and People magazine.

Evelyn qualified for the Olympic Trials in the first ever women’s marathon in 1984. Although she no longer competes, she is a wicked ping-pong player and avid hiker. Her favorite food is chocolate, when it can be savored slowly. She is currently a meditation student of Dan Brown, PhD, Harvard Medical School.

The Mindful Dietitian with Nicola Rinaldi

Apr 2, 2019 01:13:06


Nicola Rinaldi on why we need to talk about (missing) periods.


Buy "No Period Now What?"

Work with Nicola:

About Nicola:

Image courtesy of Michelle Bailey


Nico has a PhD in computational biology from MIT. After graduating she worked for a biotechnology company while pursuing her dreams of a family, which were thwarted by a diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea (no periods). Eighteen months of trying to conceive followed. She spent hours on research, using the knowledge gained to work on recovery. Concurrently, she tried the medical route to pregnancy, with multiple doctor visits, injections, and ultrasounds resulting only in failure. Ultimately, she was able to achieve a natural pregnancy. Since that time, Nicola has shared her knowledge of the path to recovery, helping hundreds of others achieve their dreams of womanhood and pregnancy. She has spent the last three years as a stay-at-home mom, with her three boys, Antony, Timmy, and Cameron, while writing this comprehensive guide to recovery.


The Mindful Dietitian with Prof Paula Quatromoni

Feb 26, 2019 48:48


Prof Paula Quatromoni on athletes & disordered eating, bridging the research-practice gap and the importance of early identification.



The Mindful Dietitian with Tom Scully

Jan 24, 2019 01:04:54


Tom Scully on navigating masculinity norms, gender narratives in dietetics and understanding cultural competence. ​

Here Tom shares:

Relocating to Geelong from Melbourne His journey to dietetics, finding the non-diet/HAES approach and starting a private practice. Working with men in fertility health; the importance of reducing shame and holding a safe space for sharing. Navigating masculinity norms with clients. Narratives and gender in dietetics. What our profession understands about cultural competence, what it doesn’t and how we can improve. What’s holding us back as dietitians/professionals in this space? How dietetic education could be improved overall and how we can set up conversations with students. How we can begin to speak out more and push back.


Connect with Tom:

The Mindful Dietitian with Lucy Aphramor

Jan 2, 2019 01:10:20


Lucy Aphramor on disrupting narratives, how relationships with food can serve as a vehicle for deeper work, & redefining the default for "good Dietitian."


What interrupts our access to our body story – what is permissible and accessible? How can we provide a space where “I am OK” is available? Relational ways of connecting using a variety of frameworks using metaphors and stories Assumptions that are made through the dominant medical framework The importance of validation & enquiry When people discover it for themselves, then I help theorise it How we can support people to understand their own story The “health” narrative is so powerful that people will erase their own story Supporting people to take their own story seriously Food, eating and body are the vehicle for the deep work…. Being guided by values Being able to sit with our own discomfort, stepping away from “fixing” What defines a “good Dietitian” If “fixing people” and “telling people what to do” is a strong part of our professional identity, and if I want to be a “good Dietitian” then that will be our default….. Acting with integrity and acknowledging when we’ve got it wrong Self compassion is for everyone, including us! How Lucy weaves in self compassion Disconnection stops compassion from flourishing What does "The Magic Biscuit" say to you? Honouring story as a powerful way of connecting Visibility, and taking risk Walking away is always a walking towards..... The practice of taking choices...... Creating three examples as a way to move away from the binary Lucy's dream Dietetic course!! Expand the definition of what it means to be a Dietitian, "do" Dietetics How we can understand how trauma shows up - and why it's pivotal


 Link to The Magic Biscuit

More About Lucy:

The Mindful Dietitian with Jennifer McGurk

Nov 29, 2018 46:33


Jennifer McGurk on doubt, transitions and building a successful, sustainable HAES-aligned business.

Here Jennifer shares:


Connecting with Fi at the Body Image Workshop in New York; the importance of community and finding her NYC crew.


The journey to the HAES/non-diet approach through a parallel process. Experiencing doubt as a “traditional” dietitian; how this feels and looks and learning from one’s mistakes. Advice to practitioners navigating the transition between ‘diet culture/weight centric’ model to a HAES/non-diet approach. The key elements to building a sustainable business through a HAES/non-diet model; passion, networking and boundaries! ‘Fence sitting’; an opportunity to educate and grow the community Working with a co-therapist and recognising ‘the best therapist lives in the same diet culture world we live in’. Messaging; acknowledging you can always change your message, elevating the voices of others, the importance of staying true to ourselves/our brand and navigating the messages of others.


Connect with Jennifer:






About Jennifer:

Jennifer is a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian and the Director of ‘Eat With Knowledge’. Through a Non-Diet/HAES lens, Jennifer combines her knowledge in medical nutrition therapy, psychology, and physiology to help clients understand their eating behaviours, and gain the insight needed to make positive changes for their health. As part of her nutritional counselling role Jennifer has also developed an online course to further support her clients; ‘Feel Fabulous About Food’. In addition to her work with her clients, Jennifer is also very passionate about supporting Dietitians, Clinicians and other Wellness Professionals through clinical supervision and as a business coach where she assists practitioners who have the desire to start and build their own businesses. Her entrepreneur passion has lead her create an online masterclass; Pursuing Private Practice Masterclass E-course and to author two books; Pursuing Private Practice: 10 Steps to Start Your Own Business and Pursuing Private Practice: 10 Steps to Grow Your Own Business. In addition, Jennifer is a frequent guest in the media, a professional presenter and she is also involved with the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians, the National Eating Disorders Association, and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp).

The Mindful Dietitian with Tiffany Haug

Nov 7, 2018 47:31


Tiffany Haug on the importance of representation in our culture, dealing with our own body privilege and supporting our clients to explore feelings around food addiction.

add to this or perhaps she has her own bio? Karlena xo

Here Tiffany shares:

Growing up in Japan and her lived experience with an eating disorder. The importance of representation in our culture. Practical tips on how we can support our clients if we have body privilege (eg. if we identify as smaller-bodied, white, female, cis-gender)Acknowledging our position of privilege. Avoiding assumptions. And setting boundaries to main energy levels. Her special interest in food addiction and the importance of;Client validation. Building client self-efficacy. Using diet-culture for good. And a practical strategy we can try with our clients.

Connect with Tiffany via:






More About Tiffany:

Tiffany Haug, MS, RDN, EDOC is a Master's level Dietitian in San Diego who specializes in helping individuals with Eating Disorders make peace with food and their bodies. Tiffany knows that working through recovery can be incredibly hard. Being herself recovered for almost a decade, she is incredibly honored to now be able to give back by supporting her clients along this challenging, but so-very-worth-it journey. In addition to being an Outpatient Eating Disorder Dietitian at a group practice dedicated to exclusively treating eating disorders, Tiffany serves as the Education Chair for the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) San Diego Chapter and also works as a Dietitian at Center for Discovery in Del Mar, CA.


The Mindful Dietitian with Lori Short-Zamudio

Oct 25, 2018 01:13:07


Lori Short-Zamudio on navigating Non Diet with a chronic disease, the messiness of "diet stew" and the importance of finding your people....

Here Lori shares:

 Meeting Fiona at Body Image workshop in Boston and the importance of bringing the HAES/non-diet community together.

Creating the Nourished Circle community space and retreat and partnering with Registered Dietitian and friend Kori Kostka. How finding your tribe can make you stronger and braver when working in this space. Navigating through ‘Diet Stew’ by setting boundaries. Emphasising language and expression; acknowledging how words impact others and the difference ‘expressed’ and ‘received’ words. Her lived experience with Crohn's disease; witnessing diet culture, letting go of ‘dietitian rules’, therapeutic diets and intuitive eating, self-compassion and grieving food. Her key tips for working with clients experiencing chronic disease.  Diet culture and chronic disease; how the intersect, empowering clients to trust themselves and how practitioner ‘fat phobia’ influences treatment and care. Body image work – is lifelong work; recognising opportunities for growth and development. Find out more from Lori’s related blog post here!


Connect with Lori:






More About Lori:

Lori Short-Zamudio is a Registered Dietitian with over 1 years experience working with clients with eating disorders, Type 13 diabetes and various GI issues.  Over this time Lori has shaped her work to have a Health at Every Size focus and works to assist clients in restoring their relationship with food and exercise.  Lori also works with individuals to become more body positive in their daily lives.  Lori teaches at the College level at a large school in the Toronto area and lives with her family in the town she grew up in.  You can often find Lori spending time with her 2 kids, running around town (literally running for stress management) or drinking coffee.  Recently Lori has teamed up with the like-minded Kori Kostka to form Nourished Circle a podcast about HAES, living your non diet values and whatever all else pops in their head.  For Lori's writing jump over to her blog at  

The Mindful Dietitian with Casey Conroy

Oct 3, 2018 01:04:23


Aussie Dietitian Casey Conroy on calling out the BS in the Mama, yoga and "wellness" spaces

The pressures on women to be the "perfect" mother, and how we get sucked in through patriarchal systems Blog - "I'm not earth mother, and that's OK" Earth mamas & creative rainbow mamas - nurturing our children, ourselves AND our projects Breaking away from diet culture messages' The Sexy Successful Spiritual Woman - what is it, and why it hurts us​ And so much more!

More about Casey:


The Mindful Dietitian with Darcy Jongebloed Ep 2

Sep 11, 2018 00:46:29


Darcy turns the tables and interviews Fi, asking the most common questions about Dietetic practice and HAES.

Find out Fi’s answers to;

Why she is a non-diet dietitian? Has she always practiced from a non-diet lens? Why Fi believe it’s essential that non-diet units are included in all dietetic courses. The challenges she faces with students and peers who are very weight centric and opposed to HAES/non-diet and how she approaches them.   Is HAES/non-diet a cult, extreme, black or white? Does Fi ever talk about weight [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Darcy Jongebloed Ep 1

Aug 28, 2018 00:43:08


Very recently graduated Dietitian Darcy Jongebloed on what it’s like being a dietetic student from a HAES/non-diet perspective, and looking at the evolution of Non Diet practice through the lens of Transtheoretical Models.

Here Darcy shares;

How she first heard about HAES and non-diet approach. The opportunities she has had whilst on placement and during her studies to learn more about the human experience and apply HAES/non-diet. Developing a helpful resource, derived from the Transtheoretical model of behaviour change (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983) to help support fellow student dietitians/nutritionists. How the ‘stages of change’ may sound for thos [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Vincci Tsui

Aug 9, 2018 00:58:45


Vincci Tsui on transitioning from weight-centric to weight-inclusive care, the co-opting of HAES and Non Diet language and why we find it so hard to communicate in the face of weight bias & stigma.


Vincci shares her current work space, how therapeutic diets can become problematic, the factors that led to and experience working in a bariatric clinic, the issues with weight-centred health professionals ‘co-opting’ the non-diet/HAES language, transitioning to a non-diet/HAES model, acknowledging privilege and ‘bringing yourself into the room’ while with clients and why collaboration between HAES/non-diet and ‘obesity prevention’ professionals is so hard.

Here Vincci shares with us:

Her current work space; both private and clinical, and the welcomed new inclusion of Gastrointestinal (GI) patients.[...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Jessica Campbell

Jul 20, 2018 01:03:28


Jessica Campbell on showing up, doing the work and the issues around “niceness”


Here Jess shares:

Her experience and the challenges as a medical student, bringing with her a background in HAES/non-diet nutrition and time spent interacting and being with clients. About the ‘Alternative Category’ – diversifying the allied health field and attracting questioners and curious students (way to go OTAGO!). The importance of being curious and asking the core, but uncomfortable, questions both internally and externally to encourage the integration of social justice into allied health, nutrition and dietetics. Showing up and wa [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Haley Goodrich

Jul 5, 2018 01:03:40


Haley Goodrich on ethical entrepeneurship, building a HAES-centered business, and facing your fears…..


Here Haley shares:

Her path from graduating to becoming an entrepreneur in the dietetic space. Dietitians and private practice; why it is not generally the ‘recommended’ or ‘ideal’ trajectory for dietetic students and the layers that contribute to this. The entrepreneurial world; braving the wilderness, being vulnerable and taking risks. The hope for future dietetic students; “We need to breakdown the normalising of limiting beliefs – more mind work!”. The sk [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Vania Phitidis

Jun 18, 2018 01:20:16


Vania Phitidis on “de-experting” ourselves, building a compassionate mindfulness practice, and how diet culture tries to steal mindful eating…

Here Vania shares:

The up’s and down’s of social media and online connections. Using mindfulness and objectivity to cultivate positive and diverse content. Understanding the ‘Mere-Exposure Effect’ in the HAES/non-diet paradigm. ‘Needing clothes that fit bodies, not bodies that fit clothes’; the lack of size diversity in fashion inhibiting opportunities for self-expression. The humble and beautiful synergy of mindfuln [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Anna Sweeney

Jun 4, 2018 01:04:24


Anna Sweeney on how Dietitians *really* feel about their bodies, promoting diversity in Dietetics and therapeutic diets - separating the shit from the sandwich.

Here Anna shares:

Her journey to becoming an eating disorders dietitian and involvement in Monte Nido treatment facilities. The beauty of Boston; richness of HAES/non-diet practitioners. The major findings of her recently conducted ‘Body Image and Eating Disorder Nutrition Professionals Survey’; an opportunity for self-reflection. Asking the hard questions; how the survey results may impact our clients and how we can improve client-centred pract [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Paige Smathers

May 23, 2018 01:12:53


Paige Smathers, RD on the intersection of addictions, eating disorders and body image, the cultural epidemic of fat phobia & stepping into your true value as a professional!

Here Paige shares:

Her experience working in diverse fields as a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. Her involvement in the addiction recovery space and how she incorporated research, her practice and personal experiences to develop the fundamental ‘Substance Use Disorders’ Curriculum. The intersection between addictions and body image, eating disorders and disordered eating. The cultural epidemic of fat phobia and weight bias and how this impacts socially conscious groups. Raising awareness of eating disorder and disordered eating behaviours, attitudes and language; how to approach these conversations with clients and colleagues in order to seek neutrality through bridging the gap. The importance of providing space for [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Dr Lilia Graue

May 11, 2018 01:07:39


Dr Lilia Graue, MD, LMFT from Mexico City on performative health, being with our own experiences and “reclaiming the white coat” 

How Lilia first came to Mindful Eating through yoga and meditation
Her journey through medical school
Becoming more open and explicit with mindfulness
The “inside-out” process and becoming more familiar with our own mind and body
​Cultivating attunement allows us to be with our clients from a place of genuine love
Kindness and compassion in action, the common human experience
Showing up in ways which honour the human experience and acknowledge that we have so many shared experiences
The ways our training discourages us to “be with” our clients.
What’s our common aim? To ease suffering and to heal.
The important of “unlearning”
How our sense of embodiment gets beaten out of us by diet culture, how our natural way of showing u [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Dawn Clifford

Apr 9, 2018 01:01:00


Dr Dawn Clifford on transforming Dietetic practice through the power of kindness, Motivational Interviewing & find your voice.

Thanks for joining me today to hear from the very wise and multi-talented Dawn Clifford, co-author of “Motivational Interviewing for Nutrition & Fitness Professionals”

Here Dawn shares:

Discovering her passion for nutrition and dietetics in high school as a competitive swimmer. Being captivated by the psychology of health behaviour change during her studies and seeing her strengths in nutrition counselling and teaching. Her experience in the NA university recreation centre and as an Outpatient Dietitian, leading to HAES and the pursuit for mo [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Edie Shreckengast

Mar 15, 2018 01:05:33


Edie Shreckengast on the complexities and dilemmas of working with athletes, supporting nourishment and dealing with diet culture in settings where there are competing demands, and how she puts it all together!

Please help me welcome the  inspiring Edie (Edith) Nault from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Edie is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist specialising in the area of Sports and Performance. Using her own experience as a runner and triathlete, Edie is able to connect with her clients in supporting nourishment from a performance perspective but also by discouraging the thin ideal and food restriction by promoting a healing relationship with food and body and sustainable behaviours which encourages eating and activity for enjoyment and pleasure.

Here Edie shares:


Her experience as a runner and triathlete and how this lead to an interest in nutrition and becoming a Sports Dietitian. [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Katherine Zavodni

Feb 26, 2018 01:03:53


Katherine Zavodni, MPH, RDN, CD, on finding creative ways to develop age-appropriate food and nutrition messaging for children and families, finding her niche the non-conventional way and the importance of client validation.


Here Katherine shares:


Her journey to dietetics and early experiences with eating disorders and disordered eating. Finding her niche (non-diet/HAES) and a supportive practice after gaining her first role and feeling uncomfortable practicing from an incompatible paradigm. Mixed-messages in the standard paradigm (weight-centred) and how the non-diet/HAES approach aligned with personal and professional values. Importance of validating a client’s experience and how the n [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Lindsay Stenovec

Feb 14, 2018 01:06:06


Lindsay Stenovec on supporting expecting and new mothers to push back on diet culture, connect with their bodies during some of the most vulnerable times and fostering a culture of connection and support.

Introducing the wonderful and passionate Lindsay Stenovec MS, RD, CEDRD, CLEC of Sunny San Diego, This is a very special interview as Lindsay joins us today 39 weeks pregnant!
(postscript - little James was born a week after we recorded, welcome to the world, little man!)

As we are aware, there are times when women in particular are more vulnerable to falling prey to diet culture messages and arguably, one of the most troubling times is around pregnancy, and parenting. We want to acknowledge that there are many ways to be a parent, including not have the experience of pregnancy, and here Lindsay speaks so compassionately about the variety of experiences which can influence the way we see our bodies during this important time of life.


The Mindful Dietitian with Linn Thorstensson

Dec 31, 2017 00:56:43


In preparation for Mindful Eating (ME) Day celebration on 25th of January 2018, Linn shares her personal story and how her own experiences lead her to mindfulness and mindful eating, the benefits of mindfulness in practice and life, the common assumptions, importance of client self-care and self-acceptance as well as her new exciting project for 2018 and plans for ME Day.
Please join me today as I speak with the inspiring Linn Thorstensson of Cork, Ireland. Linn is a Nutritional Therapist and the co-founder of Straight Forward Nutrition; Mindful Eating -Wholehearted Living. Linn helps guide her clients to healing their body and relationship with food through nourishing nutrition, mindfulness and mindful eating techniques. She offers a series of programmes as well as one-on-one consultations with clients. Linn is also an avid foodie with a passion for photography. She shares her recipes, which emphasis mindful eating and colour, across her many platforms which she hopes will e [...]

The Mindful Dietitian and TCME Mindful Eating Day 2018 with Megrette Fletcher

Dec 31, 2017 00:39:24


In collaboration with The Center for Mindful Eating, Megrette Fletcher on the purpose of mindful eating, significance of mindfulness in practice, common assumptions and confusions around mindful eating, the principles and resources available and how you can get involved in Mindful Eating Day, 25th Jan 2018.

Please join me as I speak with the kind and compassionate Megrette Fletcher. Megrette is the co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME), the organisers behind Mindful Eating (ME) Day set to take place for its third year on the 25th of January 2018. This special, internationally recognised day aspires to bring more awareness and appreciation to the practice and principles of mindful eating and gives practitioners the opportunity to join force and cultivate a harm-free January message!

Here Megrette and I discuss:
● The commons assumptions of mindful eating and its true purpose in practice.
● Mindfulness; the significance of rec [...]

The Mindful Dietitian with Tara MacGregor

Dec 22, 2017 01:25:22


Tara MacGregor, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and APD, on the psychotherapeutic model for behaviour change, client centred practice misconceptions, context in practice, motivational interviewing, getting out of ‘fix it’ mode and the importance of professional supervision.

Please join me today as I speak with the inspiring and very experienced Tara
MacGregor; a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and APD. After many years in
clinical dietetics, Tara currently manages a successful private practice located in
Sydneyss North Shore. Tara assists adults suffering with chronic yo-yo dieting,
disordered eating and eating disorders by combining skilful client centred counselling with nutrition knowledge using the HAES/non-diet approach. Through her training organisation Practice Pavestones, Tara also provides training for health professionals focussing principally on motivational interviewing. Tara also offers clinical supervision and mentoring for diet [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Susan Williams

Dec 13, 2017 01:04:55


Susan Williams, RD, on beinga HAES Dietitian working in a traditional weight-focussed workplace, Non-Diet Ninja-ing, incorporating HAES into the public health setting and using our privilege to speak up for what is right!  

Please join me today as I speak with the passionate and fun-loving Susan Williams. Susan is based in west Sydney and is the principal dietitian at Zest. She specialises is eating habits and behaviours, body image and weight concerns, and recovery from eating disorders.  Susan practises HAES/non-diet approach and is currently advocating for a weight neutral, client centric focus as she works as part of a multidisciplinary group within the public health sector.   

Here Susan shares:

‘Fangirling’ - being on the same bill as Dr Anita Johnson and meeting Fi [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Grace Wong

Nov 19, 2017 01:16:07


Grace Wong, RD on finding courage in discomfort, the importance of tough conversations both with our clients and within our communities and the confusions around HAES and client-centered practice.

Thanks for joining to me hear the inspiring Grace Wong from Calgary, Canada who is a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders, mental health nutrition and parent-child feeding relationships. Graces advocates for the non-diet approach, HAES and weight acceptance in her practise and campaigns for a supportive community where practitioners can engage in respectful disagreements and ongoing professional and personal develop to broaden perspectives and strengthen and advance our work.

Here Grace shares:

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Tracy Brown

Oct 22, 2017 01:19:24


Tracy Brown on attunement, somatic-based nutrition therapy, trauma and moving away from shame through connecting with the body’s wisdom. PLUS a BONUS meditation!

Please join me as I speak with the passionate Tracy Brown of Florida, USA. Tracy is a registered dietitian, eating disorder specialist, body image and attuned eating coach who also specialises in the unique practice of somatic nutrition therapy. Here Tracy shares:

The bigger scope; leading clients to trust their bodies for life Importance of attunement and mindful presence in nutritional practice Being comfortable with mess; the art of knowing when to use cognitive and counselling/mindful skills Client journey and recovery; importance of patience, non-judgment, compassion,helping them feel seen and heard Diet-culture in practice; using it to reprogramme and show clients they have a power and choice – the [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Isabel Foxen Duke

Oct 9, 2017 01:05:55


Isabel Foxen Duke on our fat phobic society, how our limited defintion of recovery gets in the way,how to spot bias in our training and research, and how food policing directly contributes to weight stigma.

I was so excited to speak with the very passionate Isabel Foxen Duke, Health Coach and Emotional Eating specialist from San Francisco. Isabel has a “no holds barred” kinda attitude, which I absolutely love, and shares with us her gems in this jam-packed episode! Keep an eye out for Isabel’s NEW coaching program for professionals (to be launched end of Oct 2017).

Here Isabel shares:
• Her first introduction to diet culture at just 3 years old and how it impacted her relationship with food and self into adulthood
• Flying under the radar and the journey to treatment
• Our fat phobic society, the flaws of treatment and how recovery idealism is affecting true recovery
• Understanding wei [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Megan Bray

Sep 6, 2017 01:08:43


Megan Bray, APD bring us her thoughts on practice-based evidence in Eating Disorders, the Clinician’s lived experience and how we can all contribute to equitable care.

Please join me as I speak with the immensely passionate Megan Bray of Food Mind Body Queensland. As a registered dietitian and trainer, Megan supports eating disorders recoveries through a diet-free and body positive approach, whilst also using her own lived experience to reduce shame and support her clients through compassion and empathy.

Here Megan shares:


Her journey to Prague for the June 2017 International Conference on Eating Disorders and [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Dana Sturtevant

Aug 21, 2017 01:24:44


Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD, RYT on Body Trust, the power of Poetry & being a diet culture crusader!

Please join me as I speak with the inspiring Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD; nutrition therapist, yoga instructor and founder and educator at The Be Nourished Training Institute in Oregon, Portland. Dana, along with business partner Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC, deliver programmes to health professionals and the wider community focussed on the art and science of behaviour change and advocate for Body Trust®; which they believe to be the beating heart behind the cultivation of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating practices.

Be Nourished offer incredible provider programs, including an E-Course, six month Body Trust Provider Certification Training and supervision. Find out more, or sign up for their newsletter at:

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Megrette Fletcher

Jul 31, 2017 01:26:05


Megrette Fletcher on the intersection of Mindfulness, Mindful Eating and Motivational Interviewing.

How does Mindfulness practice, Mindful Eating & Motivational Interviewing fit together? Very nicely, thankyou very much! Join me as I speak with inspiring leader, author and Mindful Eating Specialist Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD. CDERD as we dive down into some of the complexities of working with humans as we aim to support them to navigate their own experience. And our own!

You’ll also hear us talking about:

The natural fit of Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing Megrette’s early upbringing in a Christian house and her later explorations, and immersion, in Buddhist teachings The starting of The Center for Mindful Eating and the dining table where it all began How weight stigma hurts everyone, and particularly those diagno [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Jessica Setnick

Jun 28, 2017 01:11:19


Jessica Setnick on transgenerational influence on food and eating experiences.

Fellow Eating Disorder Dietitian brings her fabulous unique style to this interview, as we explore ways in which we can be aware of transgenerational influences on the way we experience food, eating and our bodies.

Jess’s background in anthropology, and how this informed her Nutrition practice Why a transgenerational assessment is such an important part of the Dietetic consultation Transforming understanding from “this is a fact” to “this is a behaviour” How awareness of the origins of our behaviours can open up space for choice Separating moral judgements from behaviours “When you can see many possibilities, shame diminishes” - we can help people navigate possibilities! “No one choice makes or breaks” “No one [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Anita Johnston

Jun 17, 2017 01:10:53


Dr Anita Johnson on using metaphor and stories to bring meaning, insight and compassion into the lived experience.

Anita Johnson, author of “Eating in the Light of the Moon” is a very highly regarded Eating Disorder therapist and healer, and someone who uses metaphor and stories to support people in bringing meaning, insight and compassion to difficult life experiences. In this interview, Anita generously shares with us some of her more “famous” metaphors and some incredible pieces of wisdom including:

Eating in the Light of the Moon as 10 year project, first published in 1996 Why metaphors are so poweful, lessons from neurocience Storytelling, and “storylistening” Why our body signals are suchpowerful indicators, and how we learn to disconnect Why there is such profound meaning in the way people use food, and what we can discover along [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Robyn Goldberg

Jun 4, 2017 01:08:24


Robyn Goldberg on the complexities of the human experience, and what we can learn from the field of addictions.

Please join me as I chat with fellow Eating Disorder Dietitian, US-based Robyn Goldberg who has extensive experience working with people who struggle with some of the more complex relationships that can arise when we feel disconnected from our bodies. Here Robyn generously offers us a variety of ideas from her “toolbox” (with some fabulous analogies!) including:

Insights into her work in addictions & what can help us understand about people’s relationship with food and other substances What do we do if we’re seeing someone who is also dealing with drug or alcohol addiction? What takes priority? How we can support people to move away from the pull of “instant gratification?” She asks “Are you walking your dog, or is your dog [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Marsha Hudnall

May 25, 2017 01:11:48


Marsha Mudnall on the perils of perfectionism, learning from missteps and adapting mindful eating for medical conditions.

Marsha Hudnall, RD, Director of Green Mountain at Fox Run and President of The Center for Mindful Eating is uniequivocally regarded as one of the most prominent leaders of our time in Eating Disorder treatment and body healing. Marsha has spent her career dedicated to providing high quality care and treatment to women who struggle in their relationships with food, eating and their body. It’s very clear from our conversation how passionate Marsha feels about supporting women to move away from diets and towards a place of peace and ease in their bodies, and is a generous and authentic supporter of fellow Dietitians….

Here Marsha shares:

How her own healing proved pivotal in her understanding of the experiences of others. What we can learn from “missteps [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Marci Evans

May 12, 2017 01:12:56


Marci Evans on orthorexia, mindfulness and the importance of being curious.

Please join me to hear inspiring fellow Eating Disorder Dietitian Marci Evans share some incredible pieces of wisdom, reflecting on her own experience and expanding out to the work she does with clients, and fellow Dietitians. Here she shares:

The books that once you read it and know it, you can’t “unknow it” How Marci moved from “mindfulness feels a bit….blah?” to “ahhhh….this is why it’s important…” and how it directly translates to client outcomes Specifically how OUR mindfulness practice directly influences our neurobiology & be an observer of our own experience How we can find mindfulness in small ways, that it does take intention and and it’s OK if it feels effortful. Staying curious to notice your whole experience, even those “ [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Glenys Oyston

May 4, 2017 01:06:18


Glenys Oyston on stepping away from numbers, body diversity in the professional spaces and the importance of community.

Join me as I speak with our colleague, the feirce and fabulous Dietitian Glenys Oyston as we dive down into a number of different topics relevant to our work in supporting people to heal their relationship with food, eating and their body.

Here we’ll be exploring and talking about:

Glenys’ personal journey, and how her own experience helps her support others What exactly is “Health At Every Size?”  How to support people to step away from numbers, and the scale Can we weigh people in a neutral way? Being a Dietitian who lives in a larger body, and her experience Actively promoting and welcoming body diversity in Dietetics Promoting HAES in Dietetic training The Dare Not to Diet Society - share peop [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Sumner Brooks

Apr 25, 2017 01:06:38


Sumner Brooks on her new #EDRDPro Series, navigating bumps along the road and the importance of listening.


Fellow Eating Disorder Dietitian and founder of #EDRDPro Sumner Brooks shares valuable insights about how she came to being a dedicated Health At Every Size practitioner and support for people who want to be free from dieting. 

Here Sumner shares:

The personal and professional bumps along the road that led to her understand the experiences of others in a way that has enhanced her skills and  Her thoughts on the importance of listening, and being with clients Why going to conferences is so important! Who have been the most influential Dietitians for Sumner? The book that EVERY SINGLE DIETITIAN needs to read What is culture? What can you expect from EDRDPro including a sneaky peek at hearing about some [...]

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Shane Jeffrey

Apr 10, 2017 38:23


Shane Jeffrey on his RAVES Model of ED care and when to re-introduce exercise.

Here's another Aussie doing amazing things in the world of whole body healing. Our colleague, the very humble and remarkable Shane Jeffrey shares his path to becoming an Eating Disorder Specialist and lots of surprising turns along the way including a dabble in law (which, frankly, explains a lot!). Shane brings a really down-to-earth and refreshing perspective and is a true leader of our field.

Here, Shane tells us about:

His graduate years in  clinical practice, and the patient who changed his mind about working in eating disorders The incredible model he has developed for Dietitians and Health Care Practitioners to support clients towards natural eating - it's GENIUS His hopes for the future of our profession A sneak peek into his presention "Can I exercise now?" for the EDRDPro online symposium

About Shane:

Shane has been working in the field of eating disorders since 1993, and has worked almost exclusively in the area for over fifteen years. During this time, Shane has worked in eating disorder clinics across both the private and public sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom, and has previously been a member on various national and international eating disorder committees.

Along with his passion, Shane demonstrates empathy, understanding, and commitment in his work, enabling him to build relationships with his clients and their family/loved ones that support the recovery process. Throughout treatment, clients and families are encouraged to actively participate in the decision making process, and as such, are seen as key members of the treating team. This collaboration helps ensure that all parties are on the same page, working as a cohesive unit towards improved eating and a more positive relationship with food using an underpinning philosophy that the eating process should be kept simple and not overly analytical. To support this process, clients are supported to reduce and body checking behaviours such as self weighing, comparing to others, and body measurements to name a few to create the ‘space’ needed to build a better relationship with food.



The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Christy Harrison

Apr 4, 2017 01:15:30


The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Christy Harrison

It was enormous pleasure to speak with our wonderful colleague, Christy Harrison, host of Food Psych Podcast. Christy has spoken to so many incredible leaders in the Health At Every Size and Body Positive spaces, and has been instrumental in supporting both fellow Dietitians and the general community find a voice and a sense of peace in reconnecting with food, eating and their bodies.

Here, Christy shares:

Her favourite Podcast guests, and why! How she moved from a disordered, to intuitive relationship with food - yes, whilst being a Dietitian! How do you know if you've healed enough yourself to move into helping others? Her thoughts on the question "Can I do both weight loss and Non Diet Approach?" How the restrict-binge cycle might sneak into our lives in ways that have nothing to do with food Important conversations about bringing feminism and politics into her work How we can take care of ourselves in the work we do

And so much more!

About Christy:

Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor based in Brooklyn, NY. She offers online intuitive eating courses and individual nutrition therapy to help people make peace with food and their bodies.

Since 2013 Christy has hosted Food Psych, a podcast exploring people's relationships with food. Each week she talks with leaders in the body-positive movement about their journeys to recovery from disordered eating and dieting, and how they found healing through the practices of intuitive eating and Health at Every Size. 


Christy began her career as a journalist in 2003, and has written for and edited major publications including Refinery29, The Food Network, Gourmet, Slate, BuzzFeed, Modernist Cuisine, Epicurious, and many others. As an expert on nutrition and people's relationships with food, she has been quoted in top media outlets including Refinery29, Health, Men's Fitness, Bon Appetit, The Observer, and more. 

Check out Christy's work at, and take her quiz for a free checkup of your relationship with food!   

Connect with me:

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Deb Blakley

Mar 27, 2017 01:04:20


The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Deb Blakley

Spotlight on another Aussie doing amazing work! Deb is Brisbane-based Family Dietitian, Nutritionist and mum who is passionate about supporting grown-ups (parents, carers & early childhood educators) to positively & joyfully connect or reconnect with food & eating and share this with the children in their care.

In our conversation from her comfy couch with cups of tea in hand, we talk about:

Why Deb calls herself a "Family Dietitian" Deb's personal insight into how and why she's ended up being so passionate about supporting parents and families The core principles of Feeding Dynamics How we can support parents who are struggling with their food and body issues without them feeling blamed or shamed. Deb's passion for helping all kids feel good in their bodies Why she is convinced that bringing a weight-neutral approach to our work is absolutely vital

And much more!


About Deb Blakley:


Deb is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist, recognised by the Dietitians Association of Australia. She is particularly passionate about supporting grown-ups (parents, carers & early childhood educators) to positively & joyfully connect or reconnect with food & eating and share this with the children in their care.

Deb believes that ALL bodies are amazing, and she applies a weight-neutral, non-diet approach in supporting kids to grow into the bodies that are right for them. Her approach supports parents, carers, families & educators to make decisions about nutrition and health from a place of care & consideration rather than control.

Deb says:

I believe in the right of every person to EAT HAPPY!

I believe that every child & every grown-up has the right to feel good about the body they live in, ALWAYS. Without question or condition.

I believe that every child is capable of growing up to be a competent and confident eater no matter what the nutrition challenge is.

I believe that every grown-up is capable of healing their relationship with food too!

I delight in helping families put the joy back into eating together.

Find Deb here:

Kids Dig Food Website

Kids Dig Food on Facebook

The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Aaron Flores

Mar 21, 2017 58:39


Aaron Flores, RD, on what can learn from The Matrix and Star Wars, getting comfortable with uncomfortable conversations, insight-oriented learning and questioning whether in fact we are the "experts?"

You can find Aaron at:

Website: Balance Variety Moderation RD

About Aaron:

Aaron Flores is a registered dietitian nutritionist based out of Los Angeles, California. With nearly 10 years of experience, Aaron has worked with eating disorders in a variety of settings. A large part of his career was spent working at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System where he helped develop and launch one of the first Binge Eating Disorder programs to help Veterans struggling with this disorder. Since leaving the VA, Aaron has continued to work in the eating disorder community helping run groups and providing individual counseling to adolescents at Destinations to Recovery and with adults at La Ventana Treatment Centers. He currently works part-time at Center for Discovery and part-time in his private practice in Calabasas, CA. His main areas of focus are Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size® and in his work, Aaron helps individuals learn how to make peace with food and develop body-positive behaviors. Aaron’s work has been featured during Weight Stigma Awareness Week, in blogs for the National Eating Disorder Information Centre and was the closing keynote speaker of the 2016 Binge Eating Disorder Awareness Annual Conference. Along with his work with eating disorders, he also is a co-host of the podcast, Dietitians Unplugged.

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The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series - Fiona Willer

Mar 12, 2017 42:05


The Mindful Dietitian Interview Series: 

Episode # 1 - Diplomatic Advocacy with Fiona Willer. 


  Inspiring Health At Every Size Dietitian Fiona Willer is truly a leader amongst Dietitians worlwide - here she shares her personal journey to being a HAES Dietitian, the book that changed it all and her dreams for our profession. In her typical diplomatic style, Fiona shares her tips for how to be more effective with what we're trying to do without being drawn into a two-sided debate or losing the essence of the message.

Find out more about Fiona's FREE online course at:

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