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An ever-expanding conversation for those living beyond religious performance
The God Journey


An ever-expanding conversation for those living beyond religious performance

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Learning Morality in Grace (#692)

Aug 9, 2019


"Thousands of well-meaning Christian parents are asking the law to do in the lives of their children what only the...

Speaking a Language of Healing (#691)

Aug 2, 2019 41:43


What if a few, determined people could transform the climate of a culture by salting their conversations with a language...

Could the Religious Right be Wrong? (#690)

Jul 26, 2019


What if the religious right is religiously wrong? That's the question Paul Swearengin wrestles with in his new book, Joseph...

What It Means to Love…, Part 2 (#689)

Jul 19, 2019


A few weeks ago Dave Coleman joined Wayne on the podcast to discuss how we can learn to love like...

At Rest in the Storm (#688)

Jul 12, 2019 43:07


"I don't know how to rest in God's love when I fell like I'm being beat to hell," writes a...

When Desperate Prayers Go Unanswered (#687)

Jul 5, 2019


How can you keep believing in God when he doesn't answer your most ardent prayers or fails to make himself...

Thoughts from the Edge of Exploration (#686)

Jun 28, 2019 41:47


"Anything worth discovering is better explored than explained." No where is that truer than the learning to live in relationship...

Parenting in Grace (#685)

Jun 21, 2019


What does it mean to parent in grace? Wayne's daughter, Julie Williams, is back to continue their exploration of parenting...

What It Means to Love One Another (#684)

Jun 14, 2019


Wayne's co-author om So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, joins him for today's podcast and shares some...

Game of Thrones and the Incarnation (Bonus Extra)

Jun 10, 2019


[NOTE: We realize not everyone will have watched this series, and others will have significant concerns about the graphic violence...

Here We Go Again… (#683)

Jun 7, 2019


Many of you were with us fifteen years ago, when Brad and I discussed a novel we were helping to...

Guardians of a Gift (#682)

May 31, 2019


"A power structure that is accountable only to itself will always end up abusing the powerless." So says James Carroll...

Relationship Is an Invitation (#681)

May 24, 2019


You can't force anyone into a relationship, but you can invite them. Julie Williams stays over from last week's podcast...

Treasuring Your Children (#680)

May 17, 2019 40:24


For the years our children are growing up in our homes, there is no greater glorious calling than to help...

Following Beyond Our Fears (#679)

May 10, 2019 41:57


Wayne's finished up his two-week trip to Europe in Vallorbe, Switzerland at the home of his good friends, Silvio and...

Heroin, Porn, and Facebook (#678)

May 3, 2019 42:09


One of the great wonders of our redemption in Christ is joy and freedom of finding our way beyond the...

Are We Losing Our Spiritual Faculties? (#677)

Apr 26, 2019


The podcast begins with an extensive report on Kenya, with all that's going on over there right now. Listeners to...

Parenting from Respect (#676)

Apr 19, 2019


Wayne's daughter, Julie, joins him for this podcast that begins with some listener comments and questions about parenting. They also...

Convicted of Murder (#675)

Apr 12, 2019 45:03


James was arrested for murder, eventually convicted, and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. No one...

What Keeps Us from Truth II (#674)

Apr 5, 2019


Wayne and Brad continue their exploration of a chart of 24 biases that affect the way we process life around...

What Keeps Us from Truth (#673)

Mar 29, 2019 42:29


What if the thing you believe to be true with all of your heart and soul, turns out to be...

The Perspective of Job (#672)

Mar 22, 2019


For one listener, our podcast on Seeing God as He Really Is filled him with thoughts of unbelief, or so he...

People of the Kingdom (#671)

Mar 15, 2019 42:56


A gospel that only concerns itself with getting people saved and does not help them come alive in the kingdom...

Am I Supposed to Change My Kids? (#670)

Mar 8, 2019 37:09


Do you as a parent have the power, or even the responsibility, to change your children? Thinking you do, misunderstands...

The First Step toward Stupid (#672)

Mar 1, 2019


A listener email starts a discussion about calling, especially as it relates to full-time ministry. Brad and Wayne try to...

Letting Him Win You (#671)

Feb 22, 2019


Wayne and Brad follow up last week's podcast by continuing to talk about the challenge of forsaking our own best-laid...

Engaging Real Relationships (#670)

Feb 15, 2019


"We have the potential to transform a life (and a) minimal capacity to individually change American politics. That line in...

Fitting In Or Belonging (#669)

Feb 8, 2019


"Belonging is being accepted for yourself. Fitting in is being accepted for being like everyone else." That's from a group...

We Were Wrong (#668)

Feb 1, 2019


Mark Wingfield, a Baptist pastor from Texas, thinks the three most significant words for the church in 2019 just might...

Addiction or Connection? (667)

Jan 25, 2019


Sin will take you further than you want to go, make you stay longer than you want to stay, and...

Podcast #666

Jan 18, 2019


Can you believe we've made it this far? When we started, we never conceived that we would still be recording...

Free to Trust (#665)

Jan 11, 2019


When the greatest joy and peace comes from being free to trust the Father's love for us and his activity...

Love That Endures the Unendurable (#664)

Jan 4, 2019


Happy New Year to the God Journey family. Wayne and Brad ring it in with their thoughts about how they...

Seeing God As He Really Is (#663)

Dec 28, 2018


If we don't have an accurate view of God, how can we get anything else right? So much of the...

Is God After Straight A’s? (#662)

Dec 21, 2018 41:20


Five years ago Wayne's daughter, Julie, joined him on the podcast to discuss raising free-range children and returns this week...

Recognizing God’s Leading (#661)

Dec 14, 2018 43:25


How do you know you're following the leading of the Spirit, or being deceived by your own best wisdom? Last...

Relying on the Spirit (#660)

Dec 7, 2018


Brad's back from Hong Kong where he spent some time exploring what God has done among the drug addicts and...

Continuing the Journey (#659)

Nov 30, 2018


Why are we so inclined to prefer the stagnation of routine rather than embrace the joy of a journey with...

Tragedy in Our Own Back Yards (#658)

Nov 23, 2018


Brad's back and together he and Wayne  process the twin tragedies that ravaged their home town. Twelve people, including a...

Maybe it Isn’t So Difficult (#657)

Nov 16, 2018


Arnita returns to help Wayne process some of the emails, comments and phone calls they both received after last week's...

Why Is It So Difficult to Talk About Race? (#657)

Nov 9, 2018


Wayne met Arnita Taylor in March right at the time when he and a friend were looking for a collaborator...

Connecting With the Heart (#656)

Nov 2, 2018


Last week Wayne talked to Jeff Andrechyn about the spirit of adventure that can be part of our growing walk...

When the Maps Run Out (#655)

Oct 26, 2018


Brad was out of town this week, so I'm filling in with a podcast I recorded last week with a...

And the Spirits Danced, Part 2 (#654)

Oct 19, 2018


Last week Bob Prater shared a vision he had recently and their processing of it went way beyond one podcast,...

And the Spirits Danced (#653)

Oct 12, 2018


Brad is out of town, so Wayne invites an old friend, Bob Prater, to join him on the podcast as...

The Loneliness Epidemic (#652)

Oct 5, 2018


There wasn't even a word for loneliness in the English language prior to the 1800s, now 40% of people report...

All or Nothing (#651)

Sep 28, 2018 42:50


"Does every area of your life honor Jesus?" That question came from a listener and opened the door to an...

From Victim to Overcomer (#650)

Sep 21, 2018


It's a horrible thing to feel like someone else's victim, especially with wounds that have held on for decades. When...

Making the Connection With God (#649)

Sep 14, 2018


Is God's love only something we read about in the Scriptures and know in our heads, or does he want...

Derailing Relationships (#648)

Sep 7, 2018


Being right with each other is far more important to God than being right about an issue. Misunderstanding is the...

A Liturgy for Family (#647)

Aug 31, 2018 40:43


A dip into the mailbag finds some questions about dealing with people who feel led by the Spirit to try...

The Sins Against Me, Too? (#646)

Aug 24, 2018 42:08


"Jesus' death didn't just absorb my sin on the cross, but also all the sins others have committed against me."...

Stumbling Over Jesus (#645)

Aug 17, 2018 40:44


"Blessed is he who keeps from stumbling over me." Jesus said in Matthew 11:6. What did he mean by that?...

Appropriating Grace (#644)

Aug 10, 2018


Wayne and Brad spend some time mulling over last week's podcast with Jack Gerry about his family's encounter with Alzheimer's...

Finding Grace in Desperate Times (#643)

Aug 3, 2018


It's one thing to be certain of God's love when all is well and quite another to find it deeply...

In, Then Out, Then In Again (#642)

Jul 27, 2018 41:52


Chris DuPré has had an interesting God Journey that we originally told on a podcast in 2010 as this long...

Finding Fullness (#641)

Jul 21, 2018 43:42


How much does finding learning to embrace the fullness of life that's in Christ depend on our pursuit?  Can we...

Franchising the Faith (#640)

Jul 14, 2018 42:59


It seems like every time we try to mass-produce the life of Jesus, be it through a workbook or "church"...

Taking a Break (#639)

Jun 22, 2018


We're sorry, but Wayne and Brad weren't able to connect for some podcasts before their families went on vacation, and...

Jesus Outside of Us (#638)

Jun 15, 2018 41:08


Can we unwittingly incarcerate Jesus in our own hearts by thinking he is the author of our biases, preferences, and...

An Infinite God in Finite Minds (#637)

Jun 8, 2018


Did Wayne throw Brad under the bus in a previous podcast about Breaking Up With God? Brad thinks he did as...

Breaking the Billy Graham Rule (#636)

Jun 1, 2018


"If you are married, never be alone with someone of the opposite sex who is not your spouse. Never." That's...

Confronting the Old Boys’ Club (#635)

May 25, 2018


Is there anything a man can do among the body of Christ that a woman cannot?  In this first of...

Breaking Up with God (#634)

May 18, 2018


We've visited this theme before, but not quite this way.  It's a popular theme these days: someone grows up, aspiring...

Bias Blindness (#633)

May 11, 2018


Brad and Wayne catch up after a few weeks of travel for both of them—Brad to his son's wedding and...

The Fruit of His Working (#632)

May 4, 2018


It's impossible to make a discipline or obligation out of something only God can produce in the human heart. Wayne...

A Reluctant Traveler (#631)

Apr 27, 2018


Have you ever felt God inviting you into a new opportunity, but instead of being excited about it, you feel...

Don’t Ignore Your Yuck Meter (#630)

Apr 20, 2018


You know that feeling you get inside when something doesn't quite seem right? You may not even be able to...

Changing the Conversation (#629)

Apr 13, 2018


In the aftermath of Wayne's TEDx talk, it looks like God may be freshly stirring Wayne's heart to restart BridgeBuilders...

The Mystery of Prayer (#628)

Apr 6, 2018


Is prayer more than, "throwing up a request, hoping for the best"? On a recent visit to Dallas, Wayne sat...

Learning to Relax (#627)

Mar 30, 2018


Is it easier to follow Jesus when you're anxious and desperate for the outcome you want, or when w're relaxed...

Does God Need to Be Appeased? (#626)

Mar 24, 2018


As Wayne and Brad reflect on Billy Graham's passing, they find themselves in a discussion about how the Gospel is...

Leaving My Father’s Faith (#625)

Mar 17, 2018


Wayne and Brad just watched a new documentary titled, Leaving My Father's Faith. It is a conversation between popular evangelical...

Blessed Are the Peacemakers (#624)

Mar 10, 2018


If we could only find some... Jesus blessed the peacemakers and now more than ever we need some to help...

Process Not Product (#623)

Mar 3, 2018


A dip into the ol' mailbag includes some input from women about previous comments on the #metoo movement and how...

To Heal or Not to Heal (#622)

Feb 24, 2018


When God does a miracle for one person and then doesn't for another, it can present a major stumbling block...

Community Happens (#621)

Feb 17, 2018


How did 5,000 strangers in the book of Acts become such a family that they cared enough about each other...

Hijinks from the Cliff Tops

Feb 15, 2018


Last week Brad and Wayne hosted a reunion of those who went with us to Israel last year, at their...

Meeting Gene Edwards (#620)

Feb 10, 2018 40:51


Gene Edwards is an enigmatic personality and a polarizing figure. No one has done more to encourage people think outside...

Self-Confidence Dethroned (#619)

Feb 3, 2018 41:02


Wayne fills Brad in on his recent trip to Florida and North Carolina.  One of the amazing observations Wayne had...

Weaponizing Love (#618)

Jan 27, 2018 45:08


Of course, true love cannot be weaponized, though religion often does with what it often calls love. Whenever we think...

Politics and the Kingdom (#617)

Jan 20, 2018 47:20


For those who hate us talking about politics, this may be the podcast to miss. But for those who like...

How Can God’s Love Not Change Us? (#616)

Jan 13, 2018 42:06


Is transformation a beautiful invitation God has offered us, or his demand to preserve our salvation or to keep him...

Testing the Prophets (#615)

Jan 6, 2018 45:02


At the end of 2016, a group of prophetic leaders called the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (Really? Yes, really.)...

Does Character Matter Anymore? (#614)

Dec 30, 2017 44:25


Where are the men of noble character? Where is even the hunger in our society to value character over expediency?...

The Social-Validation Feedback Loop (#613)

Dec 23, 2017


"God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains," confesses Sean Parker who was Facebook's founding president. Facebook designers...

Losing Sight of God (#612)

Dec 16, 2017


There was a time, back then, when you knew he was real and that he loved you. When people told...

Love Shines Brighter (#611)

Dec 9, 2017


Brad wants to know if Wayne has his bug-out bag ready. With darkness increasing around us, whether it be a...

Escaping the Corruption in the World (#610)

Dec 2, 2017


Christianity has taught many of us that salvation is jumping through the right religious hoops to acquire your get-out-of-hell-free card....

Is Civility Still Possible? (#609)

Nov 25, 2017


Why are people so angry in the public dialog... and nasty? From the national political dialog, to those that troll...

Yearning for the Transformed Life (#608)

Nov 18, 2017


Why do some Christians enjoy a good legalistic flogging every Sunday from their pastor? What does it do for them?...