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Leadership Lessons in Speed, Productivity, Growth, Innovation and Reinvention with Jason Jennings. Cutting Edge Advise Designed to Give You and Your Business a Competitive Advantage.
The Game Changers


Leadership Lessons in Speed, Productivity, Growth, Innovation and Reinvention with Jason Jennings. Cutting Edge Advise Designed to Give You and Your Business a Competitive Advantage.




Episode 225: The 8 Rules for Working On Your Business

Feb 21, 2020 1542


In his NY Times bestselling book, It’s Not The Big That The Small-It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow, Jason shared a powerful story about a man who finally took the time to work on his business not in his business and what happened when he did. This past week, Jason took a week to work on his business not in or for his business and shares what he learned and what to means to you.

Episode 224: How Risk Adverse Are You? Jason Reveals His Score

Feb 1, 2020 1380


In one chapter in his NYT bestselling book, The Reinventors, Jason writes about the inability of most companies to let go of the old and embrace the new. In one chapter titled, Letting Go, he writes about the fact that most successful companies become so averse to change they become paralyzed. That started him wondering how risk adverse he’d become.  He found some great tests to evaluate his own tolerance for risk and he shares his score and the tests in this edition.    

Episode 223: 5 Steps to Improve Engagement, Priorities, Clarity, Focus & Accountability

Jan 25, 2020 1334


A recent research study concluded that six out of ten managers don’t know what’s really going on in their companies and when asked questions they were unable to answer, they resorted to folklore and mumbo-jumbo. If 60% of a firm’s managers don’t know what’s going on, it’s not possible to have an organization with high engagement, clear priorities, clarity and focus and accountability. Here’s how to be a lot better than everyone else.  

Episode 222: Life on the Road: A Feel-Good Story & Powerful Reminder

Jan 18, 2020 1469


Last week, on a trip to deliver two speeches, I caught a ride with Lyft to a bookstore. 

I ended up hearing one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard about having all the odds stacked against you but singlehandedly deciding to pick yourself up, create a goal and do whatever is needed to achieve it. 

It’s the story of Nur, an immigrant from Bhutan. You’ll be uplifted, richer and more determined than ever to achieve your goals when you hear this story. 

Episode 221: How To Finally Empty and Take Control of Your Email Inbox

Jan 4, 2020 1628


The average worker has 200 unanswered emails in their inbox. Jason frequently found himself with more than 500 and talked to a colleague who has more than 18,000 unanswered emails in theirs. So, he set out to discover the best ways to bring the number down to zero and have an incredible sense of self-esteem. This podcast reveals what he found out.

Episode 220: The 7 Dangers of Long-Term Plans: Think WeWork

Dec 21, 2019 1301


If you spend all your time focusing only on the long-term view, there’s a very good chance you’ll never achieve it!   

Witness the recent debacle of WeWork whose valuation plummeted from a high of 47 billion dollars to less than 5 billion over the course of a disastrous few months, fueled by greed, not paying attention to the day-to-day and arrogance.

There are 7 big dangers to look for when creating long-term plans. We’ll reveal them in the latest edition of The Game Changers© 

Ep. 219 Jason Jennings Reveals What’s Keeping Top Business Leaders Awake These Nights

Dec 13, 2019 1466


Each year Jason conducts more than 800 interviews with CEO’s, business owners and entrepreneurs in preparation for his speeches and workshops. In 2019, almost every person he’s interviewed has brought up one ugly subject.  We’ll reveal what he’s hearing and what to do about it in this edition of The Game Changers©

Episode 218: The Only Way to Gain Employee Engagement

Nov 23, 2019 1441


Every company wants to do a better job of engaging their workforce and raising their employee engagement scores but they’re all missing something big. There’s only one way to achieve high levels of engagement and it’s been overlooked by almost every company. We reveal it in this edition of The Game Changers©

Episode 217: No Excuses: Getting the Job Done and Crossing the Finish Line

Nov 9, 2019 1218


Great leaders are people of their word and when they say they’re going to get something done, they just do it; with no excuses ever offered for not getting it done. In this episode, Jason talks about always doing what you say you’re going to do and delivering and making good on your promises and commitments.

Episode 216: The Curve of Gratitude: 6 Steps To Successfully Getting and Using Endorsements and Testimonials.

Oct 27, 2019 1636


Endorsements and testimonials work for every business. Most people and companies are horrible at asking for and receiving endorsements that work. In this edition Jason explains how to gather and use strong testimonials and endorsements to grow your business.

Episode 215: 5 Discoveries Made Last Week in India That You Should Know

Oct 20, 2019 1876


Each time Jason visits India for work or adventure travel he makes new discoveries. His most recent trip – a combination of work, speeches and adventure – was no exception. This episode features 5 things you should know about India. 

Episode 214 The Right Way to Say ‘Thank You’

Oct 11, 2019 1153


If you’re a regular listener you’re probably someone filled with gratitude. This podcast teaches how to take your gratitude to a new level and is based on a great thank letter that Jason recently received that sets the standard for how to say thank you.

Episode 213: The Trillion Dollar Coach

Sep 30, 2019 1224


Bill Campbell created billions of dollars of value in Silicon Valley as head of marketing and board director for Apple Inc. and CEO for Intuit and GO Corporation. But, he also created trillions of dollars of shareholder value by coaching Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Sundar Pichai at Google, Steve Jobs at Apple, Brad Smith at Intuit, Jeff Bezos at Amazon, John Donahoe at eBay, Marissa Mayer at Yahoo, Dick Costolo at Twitter, and Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook. This episode reviews the book, The Trillion Dollar Coach, and explains how he worked his magic.

Episode 212: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Solution Provider?

Sep 21, 2019 1440


It happened during the dot.com bust, it happened again during the Great Recession and it’s happening again, right now. 

When the tides high and customers and new orders are flowing in the doors, , companies take all the business they can get, and it doesn’t matter what form it takes.  

But, whenever there’s a sign of weakness in the economy and/or talk of an impending slowdown, everyone jumps on the bandwagon of needing to become a solution provider instead of simply selling stuff. 

Successful solution providing means higher gross margins, stickier customer relationships and many more dollars to the bottom line. 

Very few companies and even fewer salespeople have the determination and skill set required to make the transformation. Do you?        

You’ll learn everything you need to know about solution providing in this edition of The Game Changers.

Episode 211: Tips For Being In The Present

Sep 15, 2019 1551


What do chopping wood and carrying water have to do with each another? 

The two activities share nothing in common; in fact, it would be downright dangerous to try and do both at the same time.  

It’s now been proven, without a doubt, that multitasking doesn’t work and is bad for you, your employees, your customers and owners. 

In this edition of The Game Changers© you’ll find helpful tips for being in the present.  

There’s a wealth of information packed into 20 very fast minutes and a couple of great stories you’ll want to claim as your own and use. 

Episode 210: Why Great Leaders Work To Make Their Employees Wealthy

Sep 7, 2019 1652


Bad leaders come from a position of scarcity, have a snarky, dark view of the world and believe there’s only enough to go around for themselves and the owners or shareholders. Truly great leaders come from a position of abundance and want the people within their organizations to truly prosper but…and there’s a big BUT, there’s a big catch! Become a more enlightened leader in this podcast.  

Episode 209: A Huge Shift in the Statement of Purpose by America’s Biggest Companies

Aug 25, 2019 1364


The Business Roundtable, whose members are the CEOs of America’s leading companies with more than 15 million employees and more than $7 trillion in annual revenues, stunned the world when they announced they were changing their statement of purpose. No longer is their stated purpose, “to exist to grow profits,” but instead to do something much bigger and more meaningful. In this edition of The Game Changers© we’ll reveal their new statement of purpose and explain why it’s going to be a real game changer.

Episode 208: How Much Money Do You Need to Achieve Financial Abundance

Aug 17, 2019 1665


Would you give up a couple of cups of coffee or a sandwich every day to end up being worth 5 million dollars by the time you’re set to retire? Learn how to achieve financial abundance in this episode of the Game Changers.

Episode 207: Twelve top leaders confessed to the six things they don’t do well and wanted help fixing.

Aug 10, 2019 1590


The twelve top leaders of one of the world’s largest -and from outward appearances – most successful companies in the world recently confessed to Jason the six things they don’t do well and wanted his help fixing. If you’re a leader or want to become one, don’t allow these six frequently overlooked things to derail your success or your career.

Episode 206: How To Get Anyone To Tell You Everything

Jul 28, 2019 1722


Most people are horrible listeners. Within 48 hours of hearing a 10-minute presentation, most people can only recall 20% of what they heard. By the time a person is in high school they’re listening to less than 30% of what they hear and when most people listen, they’re so preoccupied with what’s in it for them that they fail to recognize important clues. And, to top it off, unless you have one unique personality trait, you’ll never master being a good listener. The secrets about listening are all revealed in this episode.

Episode 205: The Need For Constant Rejuvenation & Learning

Jul 21, 2019 1304


Jason recently took part in the first conference of the top 30 leadership gurus in the world. He attended prepared to share and ended up being astounded by how much he learned. The gathering drove home the need for all people to find ways to constantly rejuvenate and refresh themselves. In this episode you’ll hear what Jason learned at the conference and what it means to you. 

Episode 204: Getting and Keeping Your Hands Dirty

Jul 14, 2019 1572


In most companies, the higher up the ladder you climb, the less direct contact you have with customers. That’s not the case with great companies where the top leaders all stay in close touch with customers.

Episode 203: 8 Ways to Ensure A Start-Up Survives and Prospers

Jun 30, 2019 1832


Seven of ten startups fail within a couple of years and nine are dead and buried before their 10th birthday. 

Think of what a wide swath of broken hopes and dreams, crushed personal finances and irreparably broken friendships float down that river of misery.  

If you’re thinking about doing a startup or know someone who is, you should click here and listen to the latest edition of The game Changers© and learn the eight things a start-up can do to help ensure their success. 

The Tool-Kit to Build a High Speed Company

Jun 23, 2019 1639


Jason was recently asked to be a guest on two episodes of Business-Next, one of India’s most popular business podcasts. The podcast is being aired on Bloomberg India and 20 other social media platforms in India. This segment sheds light on toolkits to building a high-speed company - toolkits to develop a focused set of principles, tactics and a continuous learning process to avoid mistakes that everyone else has made.

Episode 201: The Future of Retail – Are Most Stores Doomed to Fail?

Jun 15, 2019 1411


Having recently witnessed an alarming number of retail stores closing their doors, Jason decided to investigate the future of retail in the US. Some of his findings and insights will surprise you.

Episode 200: Helping Others Get What They Want

Jun 8, 2019 1364


It’s my birthday and the 200th birthday of the podcast I do each week with Dale Dixon. 

My birthday is the day of the year that I spend time taking stock of where I am, where I’m headed, what I’ve accomplished and what I want to accomplish. 

Today, in addition to giving thanks for the gifts of health, family and success, I was also struck by the realization that everything I’ve achieved in life has come from helping other people achieve what they want to achieve. Without exception! 

Episode 199 The High-Speed Company Podcast for Bloomberg Quint-India

Jun 1, 2019 1685


Jason Jennings loves India and has spent time there on many occasions. Recently, Jason was asked to be a guest on two podcasts on the subject of building a high-speed enterprise. Produced by IVM Podcasts, an Indian Company, the podcast is being aired on Bloomberg India and twenty other social media platforms.

Episode 198: Good People Confront Prejudice Whenever They Encounter It.

May 26, 2019 925


During recent business trips Jason witnessed many overt acts of prejudice and discrimination. How do principled people opposed to discrimination respond when they see or experience vile acts? Do they look the other way? Do they says something or say nothing? Here’s how he’s decided to handle it. 

Episode 197: Connecting With Strangers & Making Friends

May 19, 2019 1353


Meeting new people can be stressful; some people even experience severe anxiety when forced to do so. Here’s a list of the good things that happen when you’re open to engaging with strangers and instructions for how to make it happen.

Jason Jennings Reveals the Secrets So You’ll Never Risk Losing Any Employee You Want to Keep

May 12, 2019 1227


Brian Devine, former CEO and Chairman Emeritus of PETCO told Jason that he’s never lost an employee he wanted to keep. Keeping great people is a challenge. In this episode you’ll learn a ‘devine’ way for keeping great people.

Episode 195: A Short Story with a Double Punch You’ll Never Forget

May 4, 2019 1077


Here’s a powerful and inspirational short story to about the unlimited opportunities available to everyone – if they just know where to look. This is one story you’ll never forget.    

Episode 194: What do you think about a Twelve-Hour Workday Six Days a Week?

Apr 28, 2019 1591


Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Alibaba endorses the 996 work system; 12 hours of work from 9:00 to 9:00 six days a week and argues that people who work that much have found their true passion and are the only people he considers to be his ‘brothers’ in business. That’s the discussion in this podcast.

Episode 193: 17 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier and More Engaged

Apr 14, 2019 1202


The definitive research is in and it proves that companies whose employees are the happiest, generate far more revenues and profits than those of companies whose employees are less happy. In this edition you’ll learn 17 ways to make your employees happier and more engaged. 

Episode 192: The Case for Financial Literacy

Apr 7, 2019 1214


The Median US household has saved less than $5,000 for retirement (that means half of all households have saved more and the other half have saved less). That paints a picture of a desperate future for tens of millions of people. Here’s how we can start solving the problem.    

Episode 191: How Great Leaders Peer Through the Fog and Pick a Destination

Mar 31, 2019 1691


While researching his book, Hit The Ground Running, Jason observed that truly exceptional leaders simply do a better and more effective job than their less successful peers at communicating where the department, business unit or company is headed. They’ve mastered the skills of being destination agents. 

Episode 190: 9 Ways to Get the Raise You Want

Mar 24, 2019 1248


Asking for a raise is hard – it’s difficult to talk about how much money you’re worth. In this episode Jason and Dale reveal 10 things you can do to prepare yourself and present your case for getting a raise.

Episode 189: Why “I’m Sorry’ and “I apologize” Don’t Cut it Anymore

Mar 17, 2019 1518


Last week, I was traveling for a speech and, because of the location, had to stay in a hotel that charges $800 a night.

The service was lousy and over two nights and three days, I was on the receiving end of a record setting 36 “I’m sorry’s” and “I apologize.” Each was well-practiced and patently disingenuous.

I started doing some research and discovered that most people feel the same way; they simply don’t believe most customer service apologies.

I also discovered some fascinating research published in the Harvard Business Review about what it takes to make an apology work.

Episode 188 Slash Your To-Do List and Watch Great Things Happen

Mar 10, 2019 1169


Average companies have hundreds of objectives and initiatives. Highly successful companies have 95% fewer objectives. Here’s how to reduce the number of objectives you have and watch productivity will soar.

Episode 187: How to Be More Optimistic

Mar 3, 2019 1683


I shared a flight with a cranky guy with a bad attitude last week. 

It got me thinking about how grateful I am to be an optimist and I took out a pad of paper and started making a list.

If you like the idea of being optimistic, you’ll enjoy the list and learn something.

Episode 186 Build the Life You Want by Writing Your Obituary

Feb 24, 2019 815


When researching his book, Hit The Ground Running, Jason spent time with and wrote about Howard Lance, the CEO of Harris Corporation and currently the Chairman and CEO of three billion dollar, Maxar Technologies, a leading space technology and solutions company. During one of their interviews, Lance told Jason about an exercise he’d done as a young, rising executive that had a profound impact on his career; he and the other attendees were instructed to spend an evening writing their own obituary. Learn how writing your obituary can be the first step toward building a plan that allows you to live the life you want to live.    

Episode 185: 7 Steps for Creating a Tsunami of Success

Feb 17, 2019 1165


Imagine having everyone who works with or for you aiming their arrows at the same target.

That can only happen with effective communication and that relies on being able to cascade information throughout the company.

Here are the 7 Steps that will insure the messaging you want everyone to have is cascaded properly.  

Episode 184 I brought a $5,000 suit for $800. Lessons from Suitsupply.

Feb 10, 2019 1242


In the past, I’ve bough a lot of Armani and Brioni suits to make sure I looked good on stage. A great designer label suit with fine Italian fabrics can easily cost $5,000.

Then, I heard about a company whose suits sell for $800 and in an evaluation test for the WSJ, a team of experts judged the $800 suit to be as good as a $5,000 Armani suit.

Hear the story of how Suitsupply is upending the menswear business. You’ll learn something you can us in your business.     

Episode 183: 4 Ways Great Leaders Lead

Feb 3, 2019 1220


As a researcher, author and teacher I’m able to gain access to lots of very accomplished business leaders. But, recently, I was privileged to see the best example of leadership in action I’ve ever witnessed. Listen and gain invaluable leadership insights into how great leaders lead.   

My observations:

1.Successful people and companies frequently start to take their success for granted. Of the original Fortune 500 from 1955 fewer than 10% remain; 450 died, got absorbed, went of business etc.  The average lifespan of a company in the S&P is less than 20 years versus 60 years back in the 1960’s.    

2.They overlook small things which will become tsunamis later

3.When the person steering the ship sees it drifting off course, immediate course correction is required

4.Most companies don’t realize that what got them to where they are, won’t get them to where they want to go. They believe they are the exception to the rule, and they aren’t. 

Episode 182: The SUGGESTION BOX – Winning Ideas from the Workforce

Jan 15, 2019 1144


With 1.4 million listens and downloads and growing every week, this is, The Game Changers with Jason Jennings, NY Times, WSJ and USA TODAY bestselling author of eight books on leadership, growth, innovation, speed, reinvention…

Episode 181: How to Have More Business Opportunities Than You’ll Ever Want

Dec 23, 2018 1361


Is the glass half-empty or half full? Does it only depend on your perspective? One of the observations Jason has made this year while interviewing nearly 1000 CEO’s, top business leaders and entrepreneurs is that companies who are doing well believe they have unlimited opportunities in front of them while businesses experiencing little or negative growth believe the opportunities in front of them are limitless. Is it the just perspective or is it something else?  Jason thinks it’s something else.

Episode 180: Do you Believe in Ghosts? I Didn’t Until Last Week

Dec 10, 2018 1275


Do you believe in ghosts? Jason never did until he visited Richmond, Virginia last week for a speech. Let him tell you what happened in his hotel room. The story is enough to give you goose bumps. There’s also a great business tip from a small business owner who employs 65 people in a highly successful enterprise. You’ll find his unique perspective refreshing, unusual and maybe a little controversial. 

Episode 179: The 10 Biggest Challenges Facing Every Business in 2019

Nov 26, 2018 1795


Each year, Jason conducts between 600 - 1,000 telephone interviews in preparation for his speeches around the world. These conversations are with CEO’s of small, medium and very large companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-level executives. This episode reveals the ten things business leaders see as their big challenges for 2019.

Episode 178: A Discovery in Bogota Colombia, That Can Help Your Business

Nov 19, 2018 1352


Learn Something easy you can do to immediately grow your revenues 5-10%

Episode 177: 9 Reasons the Arts are more Important than Sports

Oct 23, 2018 867


Recent research reveals that students who take four years of arts and music average almost 100 higher points on their SATS than those who take a half-year or less. Have children or grandchildren? Want them to have a rich life. Maybe you should encourage them to grab a paintbrush instead of a football. 9 reasons why the arts are better than sports.

Episode 176: The 8 Traits of the world’s best CEO’s

Oct 22, 2018 1612


Description: After studying more than 220,000 companies for books and having conducted more than 34,000 interviews with the most successful leaders, business owners and CEO’s in the world, Jason complied a list of the eight traits that truly great leaders share. He reveals them in this episode of the Game Changers©. 

Episode 175: 5 Game Changers from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Oct 17, 2018 973


Followed the company from its infancy but they never -explain – qualified for one of my books. But it’s tough to ignore advice form a guy who has a net worth of 158 billion dollars.

Half of all online searches start on Amazon, 50% of Americans belong to Prime, and the company receives 1 of 2 dollars spent online.

 Article by Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes and have always admired him.

 Day 1 Tower – it’s the first day of their existence and the first day of the Internet (Think BIG Act Small) Emphasize growth over short term profitability  Multiple paths to yes, instead of multiple paths to no.  (Dan DiMicco, Nucor Steel) Celebrate and undo your small failures (Schwab) Looking for a differentiated idea – not a me too offering. Has to be big. Had to offer potentially great return on capital. Kindle story…. nobody wanted to do but Bezos said we need to start learning.  (arrow Electronics)

Episode 174: 5 Easy Steps for Being Mentally and Physically Fit

Oct 12, 2018 1689


With 1.3 million listens and downloads and growing every week, this is, The Game Changers with Jason Jennings, NY Times, WSJ and USA TODAY bestselling author of eight books on leadership, growth, innovation, speed, reinvention…. 

Dale:   You’re a fitness fanatic but we’ve never talked about it before, but, I guess that’s the subject today…what caused this to pop up your radar?

9 Steps for Cultivating a Fierce Sense of Urgency

Sep 27, 2018 1291


This episode is based on content from Jason’s book, Hit The Ground Running and reveals 9 simple steps for creating a fierce sense of urgency in any business or organization.

6 Tips for Getting the People Who Can Make or Break You on Your Side

Sep 21, 2018 1720


There’s a group of people whom you probably deal with frequently who can quickly make you or break you. But, many companies, small and large pay little attention to keeping these people on your side and turning them into partners. In this episode, Jason explains how to turn your vendors and suppliers into a cheerleading squad for your business.

Episode 171: The Three Powerful Forces of Positivity

Sep 18, 2018 1278


Positivity is a powerful force that is oftentimes overlooked. A positive thought, a positive mindset, or a positive point-of-view has the potential to change your entire outlook on any situation. Find out why is positivity so important and how can you lead with positivity.

Episode 170: 12 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Busy Airports

Sep 14, 2018 1234


Since his first book, almost 20 years ago, Jason has logged an average of 300,000 miles annually in air travel. If anyone is an expert at navigating airports around the world it’s him and, in this episode, he’ll reveal the 10 ways he survives and thrives while circumnavigating the problems most travelers confront.

Episode 169: Seven Tips for Reinventing a Mature Business

Aug 30, 2018 1034


Marcus Theaters, the 4th largest movie chain the US is reinventing the movie going experience and their CEO, Rolando Rodriguez, has seven secrets for reinventing mature businesses.

Episode 168: Five Things You Need to Know About Asia

Aug 29, 2018 1231


Jason recently returned from a month-long speaking and ‘snooping around’ tour to Asia and Southeast Asia and, despite having previously visited and worked in the region more than 50 times he was blown away by what he witnessed. Here’s what you need to know.

Episode 167: Jason Jennings on Why It Is Important For Businesses to Put Systems in Place

Jun 15, 2018 751


After 166 episodes of The Game Changers Dale Dixon and Jason Jennings had never met in-person. That all changed on the eve of Jason’s departure on a three-week speaking, adventure and ‘poking his nose around tour of China, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong and Singapore. During their lunch together, Jason gave Dale a sneak preview of what he’d be sharing with the leadership of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Episode 166: Where Pigs Do Fly: 5 Vital Customer Service Lessons from the Honey Baked Ham Store

May 27, 2018 913


When it was time to buy a holiday ham Jason headed to the Honey Baked Ham store in northern California. He knew it was an hour-long drive, knew the store would be mobbed, called ahead anyway and was blown away by 5 Star customer service that he received and that any business can copy.

Episode 165: Six Simple Steps for Getting a Job & Career with Any Company You Choose

May 13, 2018 1304


Nick Stathis, the Director of, Portfolio Financial Group, in Queensland, Australia, and a former client, reached out to Jason and asked if he remembered teaching a session titled, “How to Get a Job with Any Company Your Choose.” This episode reveals the six steps for getting a job and a career with any company you choose. It’s a fact; 80% of jobs are never advertised! Why in the world would anyone spend all their time scanning job postings, filling out forms and submitting resumes only to, most likely, hit the data dump and never hear back? The current episode of, Jason Jennings The Games Changers©, will reveal the 6 steps anyone can take to find a job and work for any company they want. You’ll be a better person for listening or watching and learning these six steps.

Episode 164: 3 Things You Don’t Need to Know but Probably Should

Apr 15, 2018 1526


Dale Dixon, the host of, The Game Changers©, just attended a Tony Robbins fifteen-hour workshop. Ever wondered about what goers on? We’ll review it for you. Do you know what the letters in the word ‘fine’ stand for? Once you do you’ll permanently banish the word from your vocabulary and think twice before interacting with anyone who uses it. Do you ever hear buzzword phrases like, ‘aggregating leading-edge functionalities’ and wonder if you’re stupid because you have no idea of what they’re talking about or are simply dealing with a precocious, pretentious poseur? Well, it turns out there’s even an app to generate buzzwords. We take a one episode break from serious business, share some observations and promise you’ll learn a thing or two in this episode titled, We promise you’ll be a better person for listening or watching.

Episode 163: Why a Nudge Might Be Enough to Get the Job Done

Mar 25, 2018 1133


There was a big problem at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Men were missing the urinals, cleanup was getting out of hand, and, nothing seemed to fix the problem until, one person had a bright idea that cut cleaning costs by 80%. The story is hilarious and true and will introduce you to the concept of nudging; how to get people to act in their own best interests without rules, decrees, policies and punishment. Learn how to nudge in the latest episode of The Game Changers©

Episode 162: 10 Ways to immediately make your business more productive

Mar 16, 2018 1569


Sixteen years and six books ago, I was fortunate enough to write my second NYT and WSJ bestseller, Less Is More. A few weeks ago, I received a call from the leader of a company who wanted a speech based on that book, specifically, the last few pages of the book, where I’d written a summary of my findings into the most productive companies in the world. I didn’t remember what he was referring to and decided I’d better reread the book. And, there it was, at the end of the book; a short summary of findings of the world’s most productive companies. It was like finding a wad of $100 bills in a pair of jeans you hadn’t worn for years. In this episode of The Game Changers we reveal the 10 traits of highly productive companies and explain how each 1% increase in productivity can make a HUGE impact on your bottom line.

Episode 161: An Easy and Proven Way to Increase Your Income 10 Times

Feb 23, 2018 1165


I’m working on a new book and, earlier this week, came across a few statistics that were shocking! Did you know that ten years after completing their studies, 3% of Harvard’s MBA graduates were earning 10 times the income of the other 97%? The 3% only did one simple thing the other 97% didn’t do. It’s something you can do today. And, I bet you’ll get the same results. I’ll tell you all about it in the latest edition of, The Game Changers©.

Episode 160: Yikes! 6 Surprisingly Good Lessons Learned from a Timeshare Presentation

Feb 11, 2018 1700


Last week, while sneaking in a few day’s of vacation, I voluntarily attended a timeshare presentation. I wanted to know if all the horror stories I’d heard about them were true. Worldwide, timeshares are a 50 billion dollar a year business and some of the biggest and most respected names in hospitality are the big owners. The three hours I spent with the various representatives were enjoyable but, most importantly, I walked away – after finally saying no – with a real respect and admiration for the process. There are great things you can learn from this 50 billion dollar business that will help your business.

Episode 159: 10 Ways to Become a World Class Listener

Jan 21, 2018 1318


I have a suggested resolution for you; in 2018, everyone should strive to become a better listener because listening is magnetic and the people who really listen to us are the ones we move toward, believe and they are the ones with whom we want to be close. We reveal the, 10 Secrets of Listening, in the latest edition of, The Game Changers.

Episode 158: 5 Questions To Ask Your Workers So They Don’t Leave

Jan 14, 2018 1035


51% of all workers plan on leaving their current job (Gallup) and 33% of employees says they’re leaving within the next 12 months. (Mercer) 40% of all workers say they’re unhappy with their boss (IBM) and another 20% say they’re un happy with the company. (IBM) Is it possible that asking workers five simple questions can turn things around? Yes, and we’ll throw you a life saver and reveal the five questions in the latest episode The Game Changers titled, 5 Questions That Will Practically Insure Your People Won’t Leave

Episode 157: 5 Reasons for Maintaining a Professional Distance with Clients

Dec 17, 2017 1468


This podcast explains why maintaining a professional distance between you and your clients is the right thing to do and explains the five BIG reasons why it’s best for business.

Episode 156: Shocking Predictions About Driverless Cars

Dec 9, 2017 1542


Thomas Frey, powerful visionary and founder and Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute, who members of the media refer to as ‘the father of invention’ and the ‘Dean of Futurists, is the featured guest on this edition of the Game Changers to present and discuss shocking predictions about driverless vehicles.

Episode 155: Three Ways to Recruit Rockstars

Dec 3, 2017 1627


In this episode we’re joined by Jeff Hyman, author of a new book, Recruit Rockstars: The 10 Step Playbook to Find the Winners and Ignite Your Business. He’s the Chief Talent Officer for Strong Suit Executive Search and teaches an MBA course about recruiting at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. You’ll learn three recruitment secrets that will make you better at what you do.

Episode 154: Asking One Question While Looking in A Mirror Might Change Your Life

Nov 24, 2017 1469


Do you have what it takes to be a good steward or servant leader? If you look in a mirror and ask one simple question, your answer will reveal things you never knew about yourself.

Episode 153: The One Thing Employees Crave More Than Anything

Nov 17, 2017 1132


There’s a new report out – conducted by NORC - the University of Chicago’s research institution - that reveals what prospective employees are looking for in a company where they’d want to work. What they learned will surprise you and help you in your recruitment efforts.

Episode 152: Five Leadership Secrets from Elon Musk

Oct 29, 2017 1341


In just 14 years Elon Musk has created Tesla; a company with a market cap of $54 billion. In this edition of The Game Changers© we’ll reveal five of the reason for the meteoric growth of Tesla and they are all powerful tools you can begin using tomorrow in your business.

Episode 151: Giving a Speech or Presentation: How to Knock it Out of the Park

Oct 15, 2017 1197


This episode reveals the three questions that will allow anyone to deliver a speech or presentation that knocks it out of the park.

Episode 150: How to Save More Money and the Importance of Economic Freedom

Oct 8, 2017 1459


According to USA TODAY six in ten Americans would be unable to pay an unexpected bill of $500.00 and would have to put it on credit card, not pay it or borrow from family and friends. That’s sad and an outrage! In this episode Jason talks about the need to save, save, and save some more, how to do it and the importance of achieving economic freedom.

Episode 149: The BIG Problem(s) with Long-Term Plans, What Kind of Plans Work

Oct 1, 2017 1001


“Five-year plans are stupid,” are the words that have been spoken to Jason by a very long list of the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs in the world. In this episode Jason discusses the fallacy of most long term plans and explains what kinds of plans work.

Episode 148: An Adventure of a Lifetime with Bestselling Author Shawn Hunter

Sep 23, 2017 1818


Have you ever dreamed about doing an adventure of a lifetime with your child before they graduate, leave home and it’s too late? It’s something every parent would love to do but how can you make it happen? How do you manage the time off? Will your business or career stall while you’re away? What kinds of challenges, lessons learned and rewards will result? In this episode learn about three parents who took the time to bicycle across America with their kids and the lessons they learned. Today, we welcome bestselling author Shawn Hunter to the podcast with a remarkable story of a journey across America. Shawn Hunter -Entrepreneur, author, idea developer. Shawn has collaborated with hundreds of business authors, executives, and researchers to create learning solutions. Shawn’s first company, Targeted Learning, was acquired by Skillsoft in February 2007. He is the author of Out•Think and Small Acts of Leadership and currently Founder and President of Mindscaling, a company dedicated to creating beautiful, and intelligent online learning experiences based on the works of bestselling authors.

Episode 147: Seven Secrets for Having and Keeping a Great Attitude

Sep 15, 2017 1425


Have you ever wondered how some people have great attitudes all the time while other go through life with a sourpuss? In this episode Jason shares the stories of three recent encounters with three people facing unique challenges and reveals the six things they share for maintaining great attitudes all the time.

Episode 146: Just Do It. Here’s How!

Sep 9, 2017 989


Want to be more productive, want to get more done, want to sit down at the end of the day with a feeling of accomplishment and contentment? In this edition of The Game Changers© Jason reveals how to dramatically improve your productivity. It’s an easy way that will easily double how much you get done in less time than you’re spending now.

Episode 145: 10 Rules for Successful Long-Term Leadership

Sep 2, 2017 1536


Each year Jason interviews between 600 and 800 CEO’s, senior leaders, wildly successful entrepreneurs and front-line personnel for the keynote speeches he delivers and the books he writes. Occasionally, he hears remarkable insights that he wants to share. You’ll love some of the spot-on and wry observations from senior leaders at one of America’s most successful companies.

Episode 144: 5 Things to Tell Job Applicants in the First Interview

Aug 26, 2017 1139


While conducting an interview in preparation for a speech, a business owner said something to Jason that is the most egregious thing he’s ever heard. It’s also the reason why employees don’t become engaged in the business and eventually leave.

Episode 143: Something That Costs Nothing and Will Generate Millions

Aug 19, 2017 1111


While on a recent speaking trip to Denver, Jason stayed in the Westin Downtown Hotel. While there, he experienced something that's never happened in any of his more than 4,500 hotel nights and it was pure magic.

Episode 142: Do you Have Grit? 10 Questions Will Decide if you Do

Aug 15, 2017 995


Grit is defined as clenching the teeth in order to keep one’s resolve when faced with unpleasant or painful duty. In short it means not giving up. It’s a word that I’m hearing more and more when interviewing CEO’s; specifically, the lack of it on the part of the workforce. Insight on grit in this edition.

Episode 141: 6 Reasons Every Business Should Support a Worthwhile Cause

Jul 28, 2017 804


New research proves that companies that get involved in community causes retain their workers longer, have higher employee engagement scores, pay their people more and earn higher profits than those who don’t. Here are the six reason why every business should support a charitable cause.

Episode 140: The 5 Secrets for Finding, Keeping and Engaging the Right People

Jul 22, 2017 1068


Finding, engaging and keeping the right people continues to be the single biggest challenge facing businesses everywhere. Based on his exhaustive research into more than 220,000 companies Jason reveals five secrets for getting the job done.

Episode 139: Three Magical Questions to Ask Yourself When the Going Gets Tough

Jul 14, 2017 863


In the course of everyone’s live there comes a time when they face a challenge, a hardship or a problem that threatens to overwhelm them and they don’t’ where or to whom to turn. When that happens to you or someone close to you, you should be armed with three questions that will provide an immediate solution.

Episode 138: T.J. Maxx and Marshalls: Doing Nine Things Better Then Everyone Else

Jul 7, 2017 1046


Retail is in free fall with some forecasts saying the US will have 25-40% less retail space in the next ten years. Then, there’s TJ Maxx and Marshalls with 33 straight quarters of increased sales, annual sales that exceed Nordstrom’s and JC Penny’s combined and a market value seven times that of Macy’s. Learn how they do it and why they should be a model for retailers everywhere.

Episode 137: Six Ways to Get and Use Great Endorsements and Testimonials

Jul 1, 2017 1068


Testimonials and third party endorsements and are powerful ways of convincing customers they’ve made the right choice, affirms that others have made the choice were pleased and helps them think they’re making a wide decision. This episode will teach you everything you need to know about collecting and using testimonials and endorsements.

Episode 136: Medline – Five Lessons for Building an Extraordinary Sales Organization

Jun 23, 2017 1007


Medline is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies in the world. The companies more than 1,200 sales representatives generate more than eight billion in annual revenues for the 350,000 different products which are delivered from the firm’s more than 12 million square feet of warehousing. This is one incredibly company and here’s the story of how they built one of the most extraordinary sales organizations of all time.

Episode 135: The Five Ways Business Must Regain Trust

Jun 16, 2017 965


Edelman is a leading global research and communication company that conducts an annual trust survey. The results this year are shocking. Have a listen.

Episode 134: Seven reasons to pay a compliment

Jun 10, 2017 1034


Think about the last compliment you received from someone. I bet it made you feel really good. Years ago, a cashier at a drive through window at a Jack in the Box paid Jason Jennings a compliment that he's never forgotten; you could even say it was a life changer. To this day Jason can’t drive by the place on Lombard Street, in San Francisco, where the restaurant was located, without smiling a big smile. In this new edition of The Game Changers Jason shares the seven reasons why you should make giving compliments a big part of your life.

Episode 133: A Recipe for Flawless Execution

Jun 2, 2017 1077


One of leadership’s commonly followed rules is to keep your cards close to your vest and make everything a big secret. This edition reveals that dinosaur like belief as being plain stupid.

Episode 132: The Five Reasons Walmart is Nailing It!

May 26, 2017 1190


Traditional retailers are closing their doors, going out of business and filing for bankruptcy at an unprecedented rate. But, Wal-Mart is still growing and the things they’re doing to stay relevant, profitable and prosperous are must learn lessons for everyone in business.

Episode 131: The Butterfly Effect

May 20, 2017 1251


Can a single flap of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon eventually create a hurricane that destroys homes and kills people in Texas? The Butterfly Effect is a well-respected and widely written about part of Chaos Theory that you should know about when making business decisions. It’ll also make you appear very smart.

Episode 130: How to Best Handle Customer Complaints: Seven Ways to Say You’re Sorry

May 13, 2017 1291


It’s inevitable that you’re going to disappoint someone and be forced to apologize. In this episode you’ll learn how the world’s best companies handle customer complaints and make certain they don’t happen again.

Episode 129: The Three Biggest Secrets: A Preview of Jason’s Commencement Speech to the Final Millennials and the First Gen Z’ers to Graduate.

May 5, 2017 1064


The day this episode posts Jason will be in Marquette, Michigan delivering the Spring Commencement Address to 1,200 students graduating at Northern Michigan University. In this podcast Jason gives us a preview of the three secrets he’ll be sharing with the final Millennials and the first Gen Z’ers.

Episode 128: Nine Vital Lessons from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

May 1, 2017 1084


Way back in 1997, Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, wrote a letter to his first shareholders. Contained in that letter were the beliefs he held sacred. Listen and learn how prescient the guiding principles were and how they resulted in building one of the five most valued companies in the US in a remarkably short period of time. In the episode we’ll also compare the twenty year old letter with his most recent letter to shareholders and see what’s changed. You’ll learn a lot you can use.

Episode 127: United Airlines: Nine Reasons for Not Having Lots of Rules

Apr 22, 2017 1514


The video went viral and the world watched as a passenger on United Airlines was forcibly removed from his seat, beaten up badly and unceremoniously tossed off the plane. His only offense was that the airline had to get four employees to another airport. Jason, who has flown almost four million miles on the airline and knows the inner workings of the airline explains why having too many rules caused this tragic event to occur.

Episode 126: Is It Going to Be Deja Vu all over Again at Starbucks

Apr 14, 2017 789


Howard Schultz has stepped down as CEO at Starbucks. The last time he tried to step aside everything went to hell in a hand basket. This edition will tell you why bad things happened when he left and what to be on the lookout for in his replacement and it all ties back to a single basic principle of business.

Episode 125: Generation Z: Coming of Age

Apr 8, 2017 1001


The first members of Generation Z are about to graduate from college this year and they are completely different than their Generation X Millennial predecessors. Learn about the differences between Gen X and Gen Z in this this edition.

Episode 124: Who will win – Uber or Lyft – It’ll All Come Down to…

Mar 31, 2017 1144


Uber is the 70 billion dollar Goliath and Lyft the feisty and nimble competitor. But, Lyft has something going for it that Uber doesn’t and it could turn out to be a huge vulnerability and a great case study that might eventually prove that, “it’s not the big that eat the small – It’s the fast that eat the slow.” Here’s another MBA level course in culture.

Episode 123: You have met the enemy and the enemy is you

Mar 25, 2017 821


Back in 1958 an Englishman by the name of Cyril Parkinson published a book titled, Parkinson’s Law and The Pursuit of Progress. It was filled with wickedly humorous essays based on his time in the British Civil Service including one about how many people and how much time it took to get something done. Members of British Foreign Office set out to prove his observation and succeeded. It’s truer today than ever. You’ll learn all about people pyramid schemes and bureaucracies.

Episode 122: You have a culture… whether you know it or not!

Mar 18, 2017 1252


Every organization of more than two people has a culture. It’s either the want they to have and they work on it constantly and if they don’t have a culture one exists by default and any culture that exists by default inevitably becomes toxic. Here’s your MBA level course in culture.

Episode 121: Cascading Your Purpose Throughout the Organization

Mar 10, 2017 919


Jason recently completed an engagement with a client where he helped bring alive the purpose of the company. What they did with it is brilliant. If you want to learn one of the best ways to cascade a message through an enterprise and get everyone on the same page you’ll love this game changer.

Episode 120: Stop Nickel and Diming Customers to Death

Mar 4, 2017 940


Is nickel and diming and constant surcharging a defensible business model. This week’s edition provides examples of what happens when the nickels and dimes start adding up and your customers vote with their feet and leave.

Episode 119: How Millennials Were Dealt a Bad Hand

Feb 24, 2017 1046


Author Simon Sinek says that Millennials were dealt a bad hand and it’s the responsibility of business to accommodate them and their ‘special’ needs. In this week’s edition we talk about bad parenting, the effects of technology and wanting it now.

Episode 118: Never Run Out of Great Ideas

Feb 17, 2017 1261


This episode tells you how to never run out of great ideas using one simple thing that Jason learned while research his first landmark book, "It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small –It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow". Practice this one painless maneuver whenever you’re about to take a trip and watch the ideas flow.

Episode 117: Anatomy of a Perfect Conference

Feb 11, 2017 1010


After completing a recent keynote speech in Phoenix Jason came to the conclusion it was the best managed and most outstanding conference in which he’s ever taken part. After more than 1000 keynote speeches around the world, Jason shares the six secrets for an outstanding conference.

Episode 116: Make the Hard Stuff Fun

Feb 3, 2017 814


Sometimes leaders are required to make decisions that cause short term pain. Here’s an invaluable lesson in how to make the hard stuff fun.

Episode 115: There’s No Excuse for No Growth

Jan 27, 2017 1199


If you want to grow your business don’t resort to using the same old tired excuses routinely offered up by executives and owners of businesses that aren’t growing. This edition debunks every excuse for little or no growth and offers up a sure recipe for nonstop growth.

Episode 114: Never Give Up

Jan 20, 2017 1102


Episodes of The Game Changers always rely on the research for Jason’s bestselling books and the fascinating people he meets during the course of traveling hundreds of thousands of miles each year. But, in this episode opens up and reveals a personal story he’s never shared before and the four e invaluable lessons he learned that changed his life. It’s a must listen podcast.

Episode 113: Constantly Shuffle Portfolios

Jan 13, 2017 892


This episode will strike terror in the hearts of anyone involved in sales. Several fascinating studies have repeatedly proven the efficacy and financial benefits of constantly changing things up, shuffling portfolios and changing account lists. Learn about the fascinating research in this edition.

Episode 112: Follow Mark Zuckerberg’s Advice

Jan 6, 2017 1232


At the end of 2015 Jason read about something Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook planned on doing in the coming year. He decided that if it was good enough for Zuckerberg it was good enough for him and he made a promise to do the exact same thing. The results of his New Year’s resolution have been amazing. Not sure how it worked out for Mark Zuckerberg but it can make a huge difference in enriching your life.

Episode 111: When You Look Like Your Customers Great Things Happen

Dec 30, 2016 810


Out of the more than 1000 keynote speeches and teaching assignments that Jason has delivered in every state, province and nearly 100 countries he’s only found himself speechless on four occasions. Recently, after being introduced as the closing speaker for ComEd’s Key Manager’s Meeting in Chicago, he took the stage and it happened again…he looked out ta the audience and almost didn’t know where to start or how to begin. Here’s what gave him pause and a big lesson for anyone in business.

Episode 110: Four Lessons from a Chance Meeting in a Hotel Lobby

Dec 23, 2016 837


Jason guesses he’s stayed in more than 3,000 different hotels during his career and his favorite hotel will surprise you. Recently, while staying at that hotel, he was engaged in one of those unplanned, spur of the moment conversations with a man standing next to him in the lobby. It turns out the man is the owner of the hotel and a dozen others. During their conversation, he shared with Jason the four things that have made him an extraordinarily successful hotel owner. You can adopt and use these four things in your business as well.

Episode 109: Seven Steps for Dramatically Improving Customer Service

Dec 16, 2016 945


Does your customer service suck? The only way to find out is by being your own customer and experiencing firsthand how you treat your customers. Here are seven steps for dramatically improving customer service.

Episode 108: A Remarkable Business and Life Lesson

Dec 10, 2016 873


At least once a year Jason has lunch with Russ Colombo, President and CEO of Bank of Marin, a highly successful bank which has enjoyed remarkable growth under Russ’s stewardship. This year they decided to bring their spouses. While comparing notes they discovered both couples had been together since they were twenty, were celebrating big anniversaries this year and that’s where the conversation naturally turned – to why highly successful, long term relationships in life and in business happen. Together, the two couples think they cracked the code.

Episode 107: Don’t Dot the ‘I’ – stop Using the ‘I’

Dec 3, 2016 567


Many years ago, a woman named Laura, who was my assistant, walked into my office, laid down a bunch of memos and letters and said, “That letter you wrote is the worst letter I’ve ever transcribed in my life,” adding, “you should be ashamed of yourself!” And, then, she proceeded to give me a lesson I’ve never forgotten and use every day. In many ways it wasn’t only a game changer but a life changer for me. And, it can be for you too.

Episode 106: Can You Transform a Company from the Bottom or the Middle?

Nov 26, 2016 914


We receive a lot of mail from people asking what they can do to change or transform their company from the bottom or the middle. Many of these emails express utter frustration at feeling stuck in a company that doesn’t get it. Here are Jason’s thoughts and advice on making an impact from the bottom or the middle.

Episode 105: One Small Thing That Will Change Your Company Forever

Nov 19, 2016 798


This week, in preparation for a speech in Arizona, I interviewed Patsy O’Brien, the Chief Operating Officer of Smith & Howard, an accounting and advisory firm in Atlanta, Georgia, a firm consistently rated the number one CPA firm in America by INSIDE PUBLIC ACCOUNTING. At the end of a great conversation Patsy said, “Wait a minute, there’s one more thing I need to tell you about before we wrap up.” What she said has profound implications for every business and is one of the coolest and biggest game changers I’ve ever come across.

Episode 104: Less is More. A Lean Spirit.

Nov 12, 2016 1138


Peter Drucker said culture eats strategy for breakfast, your research really illustrates that point. (Jason, pick it up and illustrate with a story). When you talk about a lean culture, what do you mean? In your book, Less is More, you identify eleven leadership traits behind creating the culture. While we don't have time to go into all eleven. Give us one or two that a leader can focus on and improve in the next week.

Episode 103: Everyone is The Owner

Nov 5, 2016 1023


What can you learn from the most successful companies? The research shows top performers consistently master the art of creating and sustaining organizations where everyone thinks and acts like the owner. In this episode of The Game Changers, Jason shares the story of Billion Dollar Brad and details the way to make every employee feel like the owner.

Episode 102: Six Ways to Super Charge Meetings

Oct 29, 2016 821


Need some help supercharging meetings within your company? Here are six things to do to make every meeting exciting and productive.

Episode 101: The Most Important Word in Business

Oct 22, 2016 837


In preparing for five upcoming speeches to five different companies in five different cities Jason was tasked with five different assignments. One company wants to get everyone on the same page. Another wants to their workers to embrace radical change, another fears a new onslaught of competition, still another is struggling with finding, engaging and keeping its workforce and other wants to learn how to make everything happen faster. They’re all searching for a magical answer and there is one. It’s revealed in this edition of The Game Changers.

Episode 100: Getting and Staying on the Same Page

Oct 15, 2016 814


Do you love stories about fast growing remarkable companies with nothing but upside potential? Here’s a story about a company that has increased their revenues ten times in fifteen years. High tech? Nope. Healthcare? Nope. A new App? Nope. Try… you’ll love how this company keeps everyone on the same age shooting at the same target.

Episode 99: How to Get Really Lucky

Oct 8, 2016 679


Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to be luckier than most and go from strength to strength and win to win almost effortlessly? Have you ever been tempted to mutter under your breath that you’d like to be as lucky as they are? Here are a couple of basic truths about getting lucky.

Episode 98: Carry the Wounded and …

Oct 1, 2016 930


Last week I spent some time with a CEO in the middle of a 26 billion dollar merger. He was talking about the challenges of getting both companies on board the same culture and had some startling, revealing and spot on advice.

Episode 97: Find a Parade and Get in Front

Sep 24, 2016 817


It’s been said that luck occurs when preparedness meets opportunity. Most fortunes and successful careers have been created when someone sees something, instinctively knows it’s going to be a winner and finds a way to put themselves in the front of the parade. But, how do you find the parades in formation so you can get in front? That’s the subject of this edition.

Episode 96: Make Sense First; Make Judgments Later

Sep 17, 2016 641


We’re all in a hurry. We feel like we’re responding to one problem after another and if we fail to act fast every delay is potentially deadly. It’s almost as if we’re trying to put out the latest fire with no time to get the whole story. This edition teaches why you should make sense first and judgments second.

Episode 95: Here’s what’s keeping other business leaders awake at night these days

Sep 10, 2016 1385


In Podcast 93, listeners learned the question that Jason asked thousands of times each as part of his research, “What’s Keeping You Awake at Night These Days?” That question has been the basis of each of Jason’s eight bestselling books and so we asked you, the people who listen to the podcast to share what’s keeping you awake at night these days about your business? You submitted hundreds of ideas. Here’s what you told Jason.

Episode 94: High Tech or High Touch – What’s Your Future?

Sep 3, 2016 807


The two biggest markets in the world are ‘consumer technology’ and ‘escape from consumer technology’. What’s your role going to be in the new world and are you developing the skills that will allow you to achieve your full potential in whichever you choose? That’s’ the subject being discussed in this podcast.

Episode 93: Jason’s Next Book - You Can Be Involved

Aug 27, 2016 812


All of Jason’s bestselling books on leadership, speed, change, innovation and reinvention have occurred as a result of asking CEO’s, leading entrepreneurs and business people one question, Here’s your chance to be learn that question and be involved in selecting the title and subject for Jason’s next book.

Episode 92: Building Cultures of Defiance

Aug 21, 2016 864


Jason was in Sri Lanka doing a speech and leadership training for MAS Holdings, a truly exceptional company that does business worldwide. While listening to one of the company leader’s talk about culture he was stunned when he heard the leader say, “What we have here is a culture of defiance!” Later, Jason realized that every great company has a culture of defiance. Defiant cultures and what they mean to you are explained and explored in this podcast.

Episode 91: Six One-Sentence Short Stories That Will Give You a New Perspective

Aug 13, 2016 555


At the end of a newsletter that Jason received there were six tiny stories; each being one or two sentences long. He read them, thought about them all day long and went through the day with a smile on his face. Maybe you will too.

Episode 90: Is it True? Are Things Going Down The Drain in the US?

Aug 6, 2016 763


If you spent too much time listening to the pundits and all the self-serving, wannabe, not so bright folks who call themselves journalists, you’d be running for cover. Are things as bad in the US as people say? I don’t think so and this week’s podcast features some facts and thoughts that you should know and act on.

Episode 89: Don’t Let What Happened to Yahoo Happen to You

Jul 30, 2016 906


What in the world happened to Yahoo? Once valued at 120 billion, Yahoo finally got sold for less than 5 billion to Verizon. Every CEO the company hired only made matters worse and most of them should have gone to jail for management malpractice. How did this once incredibly valued company become the joke of Silicon Valley and what lessons are there to learn?

Episode 88: The Power of Why and What If

Jul 23, 2016 691


When do you think people stop asking the questions ‘why’ and ‘what if’? The answer is a shocker and it will definitely cause a change in your behavior. This is one of the neatest pieces of research Jason has come across in a long time. You’ll love it.

Episode 87: Customer Service

Jul 16, 2016 776


During his book research one of the CEOs of a company he was studying told Jason a story about customer service that he’s never forgotten and frequently shares with others. Here it is for you to borrow and tell.

Episode 86: Open the Doors

Jul 9, 2016 757


One of the observations made by Jason and his research teams is that truly great companies keep all their doors open believing it leads to transparency. Can something so simple really make a difference? Listen and find out.

Episode 85: The Greatest Gift You’ll Ever Give Your Family

Jul 2, 2016 729


It’s taken a long time but most businesses now get it. They know they need a set of guiding principles or values in order to achieve their full potential. Imagine, taking the concept of having a set of values one step further; to your home and family and teaching your children the family values the same way you teach them their ABC’s or to count to 10. Here’s the story of one man who did just that. It’s remarkable and a game changer.

Episode 84: How Many Priorities Should You Have?

Jun 25, 2016 975


It’s a fact; the more priorities you have the less effective you are. Maybe it’s time to prune the number of priorities you’re chasing. Find out how in this episode.

Episode 83: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle; the Most Important Question Most People Never Ask

Jun 18, 2016 846


If you lead other people at work or at home there’s a big question you’ve probably never asked them. It’s knowing the answer to this question that allows you to lead them.

Episode 82: Four Words That Will Get You Where You Want to Go

Jun 12, 2016 871


Each year Jason conducts somewhere between 700 and 1,000 conversations in preparation for speeches. During the past week –a rare week of being off the road - he had 36 conversations with leading entrepreneurs, academics, heads of not-for-profits and CEOs and Presidents for upcoming speeches. He finished the week’s work having figured out what he believes is the single most important question you’ll ever ask in business and in life.

Episode 81: Travel Tips That Will Make the Trip Easier

Jun 4, 2016 1138


Jason travels between 200,000 and 360,000 miles a year on research, consulting and speaking and he’s been doing it for many years. Along the way he’s developed 15 tips that will make your travel life easier and more productive. Even seasoned travelers will learn valuable tips from the guy whose flown 10 million miles on business.

Episode 80: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

May 30, 2016 856


Almost 70 years ago Abraham Maslow put forth an idea in a revolutionary research paper titled, "A Theory of Human Motivation" that all people are motivated by five primary needs. His original findings have been validated by hundreds of subsequent studies and surveys. Do you know the five needs? Do you know how you can use Maslow’s work to make your enterprise lightning fast and hugely productive? Pay special attention to the third level of his pyramid because most businesses do a horrible job of employing it. This is fascinating stuff you can use.

Episode 79: Cleaning Out the Stables

May 21, 2016 978


One of the twelve labors of Hercules was cleaning out the stables. Sometimes all of our stables – the house, the car, the office, the purse and briefcase - need a good cleaning out. And, you’ll be surprised to learn that many benefits accrue from cleaning up.

Episode 78: How to Say You're Sorry

May 14, 2016 821


Once in a while, even the best among us, either screws up and makes a mistake or error in judgment and ends up disappointing a customer and/or making them angry. Here’s the best way to handle the situation when that happens based on the research from Jason’s bestseller, The High-Speed Company- Creating a Culture of Urgency and Growth.

Episode 77: The Power of Your Words

May 7, 2016 900


Words are like eggs dropped from a great height. You can’t call them back or ignore the mess they’ve caused. In this episode of The Game Changer’s Jason discusses the power of words with an intensely private and personal story he’s never told publicly before.

Episode 76: Making Nonstop Growth Happen!

Apr 30, 2016 905


When you make a conscious decision to make growth a guiding principle of your company everything changes for the better. In this episode Jason talks presents the 10 great things that will happen when you decide to grow your business nonstop. It’s a Life Changer!

Episode 75: Are You Reasonable or Foolish?

Apr 23, 2016 848


Do you have something big and important enough in your life that you’re willing to be seen by others as being foolish? Henry Ford did. Bill Gates did. Steve Jobs did. Charlie Chaplin did as well. Maybe it’s time to step to the pump and find something in your life you feel so strongly about that you’re even willing to be deemed foolish by some.

Episode 74: Being Allowed to Practice Your Craft

Apr 16, 2016 777


Are you away from home on business too much? Do some of your work days seem too long and hard? Ever want to chuck it all? Ever feel bummed out and depressed at how tough and long the journey is? Jason argues we need to be thankful for being allowed to practice our craft and puts things into perspective.

Episode 73: Serving the Customer – Move Decision Making Downward

Apr 9, 2016 1034


Jason and Dale talk about customer service and where the decision to serve the customer must take place; based on a real life example at Delta Airlines.

Episode 72: Exceed Everyone’s Expectation Every Time

Mar 13, 2016 479


Jason is traveling in the Middle East on a speaking tour and he and Dale were unable to secure a high quality audio line to do this week’s podcast. In its place we’re urging you to listen to or listen again to the episode that has generated the biggest response of any episode. Originally it aired as Episode 66: Exceed Everyone’s Expectations Every Time. This episode reveals the single most powerful and important question you’ll ever ask as you’re about to begin doing business with someone. It’s a simple question that will change your entire life. Nothing more needs to be said. Jason and Dale will return live next week.

Episode 71: The Incredible Bank – What a Story

Mar 6, 2016 832


Jason tells the story of River Valley Bank, based in Wausau, Wisconsin, USA, which was founded by immigrant farmers to America’s Midwest who started with one cow and a vegetable patch and, which has become, a highly successful and powerhouse mid-size bank through nonstop innovation. You’ll learn how innovation can come from the most unlikely places and events and how one small seemingly insignificant event can forever change a company….maybe your own…if you’re ready to seize an idea and run with it.

Episode 70: Stop Hesitating

Feb 27, 2016 743


This episode explains the nine primary reasons that people hesitate and how to overcome each of them and you’ll learn the words that were shared with Jason by an early mentor and had guided him during his entire career.

Episode 69: Notes from the Road: Is there a Recession on the Way?

Feb 20, 2016 968


Jason was in the middle of a 17,000 five city speaking tour when host Dale Dixon caught up with him. Based on Jason’s research they discuss whether or not a recession is looming, the biggest challenge facing businesses right now and conclude with something shocking that happened to Jason in Mexico.

Episode 68: Stop Saying You’re Too Busy!

Feb 14, 2016 865


Every time you say to someone, “I’m so busy,” or, “my schedule is so jammed,” what you’re really saying is that your life is out of control and you’re not in charge of your own destiny. Here are seven steps for getting control of your calendar and your life.

Episode 67: The Gig Economy

Feb 6, 2016 904


The Gig Economy: Millions of people don't work for a company; they work for many. Gain remarkable insights into the new gig economy and learn how to be prepared.

Episode 66: Exceed Everyone’s Expectations Every Time

Jan 29, 2016 479


This week’s edition of, The Game Changers, reveals the single most powerful and important question you’ll ever ask as you’re about to begin doing business with someone. IT’s a simple question that will change your entire life. Nothing more needs to be said.

Episode 65: Achieve More by Doing a Whole Lot Less

Jan 24, 2016 747


Average performing companies have 372 priorities. Above average companies have 21. That means above average companies are outperforming average companies by 17 times. Reducing the number of priorities companies are tracking from 372 to 21 means doing away with a lot of stuff that will take care of itself. This episode of, The Game Changers, takes its lead from Peter Drucker who said it first. “If you want to be an effective manager do first things first and second things not at all.” How will you decide what things to do first and what things not at all?

Episode 64: Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice

Jan 17, 2016 935


Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice and the vast majority of people trying to sell something do it all the time. They are so busy telling what they want to tell and selling what they want to sell that they never take the time to learn what the client really needs. In this edition of, The Game Changers, you’ll learn five steps that will help make you an excellent diagnostician.

Episode 63: Real Economic Freedom

Dec 28, 2015 829


After a lifetime spent studying highly successful CEO’s, business owners and leading executives the inevitable conclusion is that the only freedom any of us will ever have is economic freedom. This episode details the ten things that people who achieve economic freedom shave in common. Follow their lead and you’ll end up in the same place.

Episode 62: The Shall’s and Shall Not’s

Dec 19, 2015 733


Christianity and Judaism have Ten Commandments, Islam has Five Pillars, Buddhism has an Eightfold path and Hindus have Five Principles and Ten Disciplines. No human organization has prospered and withstood the test of time without a set of guiding principles or values. This episode explains the vital importance of having a set of guiding principles and how to move them throughout the organization. It’s a game changer.

Episode 61: Deeply Serving

Dec 12, 2015 872


Last month Jason delivered a keynote speech to the leadership of Edward Jones and in the process of his preparation he learned the 'two words' that have been responsible for this great company growing to more than 13,000 locations and financial advisors and more than 8,000,000 clients. The magical 'two words' – if you take them on board – will be a huge game changer for you.

Episode 60: LIFE CHANGER – 5 of 5 - Gaining Belief

Nov 22, 2015 835


When you’re deemed worthy people listen to you, talk to you and trust you and will do business with you. In this week’s edition of The Game Changers you’ll learn how to gain belief. Imagine how powerful it is when you go from introducing yourself to gaining belief in only minutes. It will give you a unique competitive advantage, have you towering against the competition and be the start of a relationship that will last a lifetime. Oprah does it better than anyone and she’s done pretty well for herself.

Episode 59: LIFE CHANGER – 4 of 5 - Your Points of Difference

Nov 17, 2015 998


When you’re deemed worthy people listen to you, talk to you and trust you and will do business with you. In this week’s edition of The Game Changers you’ll learn how to demonstrate your points of difference in a way that will give you a unique competitive advantage, have you towering against the competition and make an impression that will last a lifetime.

Episode 58: LIFE CHANGER – 3 of 5 - Stating Your Purpose

Nov 7, 2015 999


When you’re deemed worthy people listen to you, talk to you and trust you and they will do business with you. In this week’s edition of The Game Changers you’ll learn how to state your purpose the right way and in a way that will give you a unique competitive advantage that will last a lifetime.

Episode 57: LIFE CHANGER – 2 of 5 - Breaking the Ice the Right Way

Oct 31, 2015 874


When you’re deemed worthy people listen to you, talk to and trust you and they will do business with you. In this week’s edition of The Game Changers you’ll learn how to break the ice in a way that’s authentic, from the heart and seen as being genuine.

Episode 56: LIFE CHANGER – 1 of 5 - Before You Even Say One Word

Oct 27, 2015 1033


When you’re deemed worthy people listen to you, talk to you, trust you and they will do business with you. But, repeated scientific studies prove that within 1/10 of one second – before you open your mouth – people make scores of judgments about you.

Episode 55: Giving a Great Speech or Presentation

Oct 10, 2015 919


Since the debut of Jason’s first landmark book in 2000 he has delivered more than 1,000 paid keynote speeches around the world to more than 2.1 million people. This is the podcast where he details step-by-step what he goes through to prepare for and deliver a speech guaranteed to win a standing ovation and rave reviews.

Episode 54: Strategy and Tactics

Oct 3, 2015 768


There’s a HUGE difference between strategy and tactics. Leaders and companies who know the difference far outperform those who don’t. Do you have too many strategies? Perhaps the most overused word is strategy. It’s so overused as to have qualified for inclusion in a game of Buzzword Bingo. Great companies and great leaders have one strategy and many tactics and they have a foolproof way for selecting the right tactics. Ten minutes that will give you a cutting edge. This week’s episode of The Game Changers will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to strategy and tactics.

Episode 53: Six Steps for Finding, Keeping, Engaging and Growing Millennials

Sep 26, 2015 877


Millennials will make up 100 million of America’s 130 million job market. You will succeed at finding, keeping, engaging and growing them or you will go the way of the dinosaur. Spend ten minutes learning the results for some fascinating new research about Millennials and the six things you can do to engage them. It’ll be worth your time. 91% of all Millennials want to become leaders but only 5% of them say it’s about the money. Lots of great numbers and research about Millennials and the six ways to find, keep, engage and grow them in this week’s edition of, The Game Changers with Jason Jennings and host Dale Dixon.

Episode 52: Seven Steps for Getting to the Decision Maker

Sep 19, 2015 985


Stop taking, “No,” from anyone who doesn’t have the ability to say yes! In order to get a job, raise money or sell something you’ll stack the deck in your favor by getting to the decision maker. This week’s episode of The Game Changers reveals the seven steps to take for getting an audience with the person who can say, “Yes!”

Episode 51: The Eight Benefits of Solo Travel

Sep 12, 2015 956


Are you so busy working for your business or in your business that there’s never any time to work on your business? Solo business travel provides vital time to work on your business. This week’s episode of The Game Changers reveals the eight benefits of solo business travel and explains how to take full advantage of every business trip you make.

Episode 50: The Biggest Excuse in the World – Four Words That’ll Kill

Sep 5, 2015 802


There are four little words that prevent most people and companies them from ever achieving their full economic potentials. Most people and companies routinely use four little words that will prevent them from ever achieving their full economic potentials. This week’s episode of, The Game Changers, reveals these four little ugly little words and shows you how not to allow them to stop you or your company dead in its tracks.

Episode 49: Stewardship and a Most Remarkable Story You’ll Want to Steal

Aug 29, 2015 647


Good stewards get it. They know their job is to make everything better for their workers, customers, vendors and suppliers, owners or shareholders and the world. While attending a Native American Pow-Wow in the Upper Great Lakes region of America, Jason heard an Indian Chief tell a story to a group of children. The story stopped him in his tracks and it will stop you in yours. This week’s game changer is a remarkable story about stewardship.

Episode 48: Three Ways to Find, Keep, Grow and Engage Millennials

Aug 22, 2015 885


There are 100 million Millennials and 123 million jobs in the US. Similar staggering statistics exist in almost every developed nation. Until you crack the code on finding, keeping and growing Millennials you don’t stand a chance of creating sustainable urgency and growth. Engaging Millennials is a challenge; research shows that as many as 87% of them don’t instinctively trust people – including their leaders. In this week’s Game Changers you’ll learn the three things that have to happen in order to keep Millennials engaged

Episode 47: A New Definition of Speed

Aug 15, 2015 819


This will cause you to look at speed and urgency differently and teaches you how to solve problems the first time rather than fixing the same ones over and over again. keep your good customers instead of churning them, engage the 70% of your workforce who aren’t engaged (Gallup 2014) and gain the cooperation of those workers standing on the sidelines.

Episode 46: The Most Common Thing About Common Sense

May 18, 2014 849


The most common thing about common sense is how uncommon it is. In this episode, Jason responds to a fan, answering a question and in the process shares a game changing approach to reviving common sense. While it might be as simple as saying what’s old is new again, it’s worth taking a look at the most successful “under-the-radar” companies to learn that success is rooted in good old common sense.

Episode 45: High Tech Jam

May 12, 2014 908


Tim and Richard Smucker, Co-Leaders of J.M. Smucker, have not only enjoyed significant organic growth but also quickly gobbled up, digested and grown such iconic brands as Folgers, Dunkin Donuts Coffee Products, Pillsbury, Hungry Jack, Carnation, Knotts and Jif. These folks, headquartered in tiny Orville, Ohio are fast. Between 2004 and 2014 they grew revenues from 600 million to six billion dollars and introduced an average of fifty new products a year growing profits by almost 800%. In this episode, Jason Jennings shares the core foundation to Tim and Richard’s success: four simple actions that some people call hokey. When Jason is finished, you’ll call it authentic.

Episode 44: Eliminate bureaucracy and micromanagement

May 5, 2014 898


Seven out of ten employees say, “The most stressful part of my job is dealing with my boss!” And the reason, research shows, is “unnecessary leadership” or what most of us call bureaucracy and micromanaging. In this game changing conversation, Jason Jennings provides a principled approach to ending bureaucracy and micromanagement.

Episode 43: End Paralysis By Analysis

Apr 28, 2014 956


The age of big data promises more than it can deliver. It gets us thinking that more information means little to no chance of making any mistakes. Big companies invest 200,000 employee hours per billion dollars in revenue generating data for yearly forecasts and budgets. That means billions of dollars in data analysis were spent at companies like Blockbuster, Borders, Circuit City, Sears, HP and Sprint. Did that make them faster or did it create speed bumps? The answer, of course, is no. In this episode, Jason Jennings presents a game changing plan for action that ends paralysis.

Episode 42: License, Don’t Sell

Apr 13, 2014 834


When should a company license rather than sell what it produces? The question is becoming more and more relevant for companies of all sizes. While the game changing approach might not be actionable for you today, it should kept in mind. Jason dives into the idea of becoming an innovative organization with an eye toward licensing products.

Episode 41: Four Steps to Gaining Trust

Apr 6, 2014 867


Jason Jennings provides a preview to telling research uncovered in his next book about the lack of trust and subsequent damage to business. As always, Jason touches briefly on the challenges, then provides four game changing actions you can start immediately to grow trust in your organization.

Episode 40: Seeing the Future – The Art of Anticipation

Mar 31, 2014 1142


What do four economists, four Oxford students and four garbage men have in common? Not much, especially when it comes to predicting the future. Jason provides a game changing approach to seeing the future by sharing the story of the economists, students and garbage men along with stops for stories from Italy and India. By the end of this value-packed podcast, Jason gives you the five ways you can start anticipating the next big thing in your future.

Episode 39: Think Big, Act Small

Mar 23, 2014 901


Jason gives you a behind the scenes look at his bestseller, Think Big, Act Small. Learn how one of the business leaders profiled in the book gave Jason the book title. Most importantly, Jason shows you why thinking big and acting small is the one thing successful businesses have in common. Then, he gives you the action steps to think big while acting small.

Episode 38: Make Transparency & Honesty the Only Policy

Mar 17, 2014 787


Jason shares the inspiring and game changing story of Jack Strack of SRC Holdings. Jack turned a debt ridden, poor performing company into a high performing success – and he did it with transparency and honesty. Jason breaks it down with actionable steps you can learn from Jack’s accomplishments.

Episode 37: The True Value of Your Customer

Mar 9, 2014 1118


Whether a business sells coffee and pastries, dry cleaning or airline seats, it’s not enough for the owners and management to know the lifetime value of a customer. In this game changing conversation, Jason Jennings shares three stories that show why the front-line people in your business must know the true lifetime value of the customer.

Episode 36: Jason answers questions from the audience

Mar 2, 2014 1550


Listeners from Great Falls, Montana to Cape Town, South Africa; Birmingham, UK, to Mobile, Alabama ask Jason questions. Hear Jason explain principle-based leadership, the power of small bets and if the leadership principles really apply across cultures.

Episode 35: Where Did You See God Today?

Feb 23, 2014 915


Jason Jennings was made to feel a little uncomfortable recently, but the experience opened his eyes to a game changing paradigm. In this episode, Jason shares how this event in his life caused him to change one important way in which he spends three-to-four minutes each day. Jason will show you how this small change in your life can make a big difference. Listen and answer the question: Will you accept the challenge? Write to us at jason@jason-jennings.com.

Episode 34: What Are Your Customers Really Buying?

Feb 16, 2014 1007


Jason Jennings shares the story of a game changing business practice he discovered at a successful martial arts studio in Chicago. What did the studio sell? Self-defense training for kids to survive on very tough streets? After school babysitting? A way to build self esteem? Try, none of the above. The owner took a step back and defined his business in simple generic terms. Listen to the podcast and learn the result. Better yet, discover how to do it for your business.

Episode 33: Competitive Advantage: Collect One Story a Day

Feb 9, 2014 1230


Looking for the true competitive advantage in your work? Jason Jennings shows you the game changing approach that will make you stand out from the competition: Collect one story a day. Think of just a few of the immediate benefits. Seeking stories provides unique insights into people and possibilities. Hearing stories allows you to connect life’s dots. Tuning in to the world around you keeps you humble and grateful.

Episode 32: The Cause of Cynicism

Feb 2, 2014 1135


Do you ever find yourself disappointed? Disillusioned? In despair? Do you feel like a cynic? Jason Jennings provides a game changing approach to change that negative mindset and move from a scarcity mentality to an abundance approach to life. See what it can do for you and your business.

Episode 31: Small Bets

Jan 26, 2014 1291


In this best of The Game Changers, Jason Jennings shares stories from his research that show how remarkable companies stay remarkable. Businesses that are game changers in their respective industries make continual small bets. Jason shows you in four steps how small bets are made and what it can mean for you and your business.

Episode 30: Making Everyone Proud

Jan 19, 2014 901


The leader of any organization is responsible for making everyone proud. In this game changing conversation, Jason shares two stories. The first is of a newly hired executive who turns his insurance company around by making everyone proud. Then, he explains how a Michigan drum and bugle corps can’t be stopped. He applies to your business the lessons learned from this decades old group and what keeps its members coming back year-after-year and what it means to make everyone proud.

Episode 29: The Only Numbers That Matter

Jan 12, 2014 921


Do you find you, your managers and the leaders within your business are constantly chasing top-line growth, never achieving true economic potential? You’re probably not tracking the only numbers that really matter. In this episode, Jason breaks the myths of what numbers most business owners think they need to track and tells stories of businesses that have discovered his game changing approach to paying attention to what matters most.

Episode 28: Be A Solution Provider

Dec 22, 2013 1451


Five simple steps that will change your sales career and life. Jason shares his story of being the youngest radio station owner in the U.S. In the story, he shows what he learned when a blue jeans manufacturer called looking for help in a desperate situation. Jason said, “I have nothing to sell.” From there, he created the five steps that will set you apart from the competition.

Episode 27: The Cost of Ego

Dec 15, 2013 983


Game changing leaders must be confident. In this episode, Jason clarifies the difference between much needed confidence and very costly ego. Determining the difference starts with one question. Jason shares the real cost of ego and the steps each leader must take to confidently check his or her ego at the door.

Episode 26: Hire Hard to Manage Easy

Dec 8, 2013 940


Fresh from two disturbing experiences in well-known retailers, Jason goes to the pages of The Reinventors to offer the ultimate checklist to use when hiring for your company. Or, if you’re interviewing for a job, be sure you’re confident in these six areas. While the checklist is simple, the work of hiring is hard. But, hiring hard makes managing so much easier.

Episode 25: Finding, Keeping and Growing the Right Millennials

Dec 1, 2013 928


Many top business leaders tell Jason that one of their biggest concerns is finding, keeping and growing the right young people. At the same time, the leaders complain that young people are a different breed and a challenge to manage. Jason offers some unique insights on attracting, keeping and growing those born between the 1980’s and early 2,000’s.

Episode 24: Four Steps to a Powerful Presentation

Nov 24, 2013 1109


Whether a one-to-one sales call, a board presentation or a speech to 20 or 200, learn four ways to get past the jitters and be a more powerful presenter as Jason takes over the podcast and turns the table on host Dale Dixon. The two detail the four tips from Dale’s new book, Sweating Bullets-A Story About Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking.

Episode 23: The Company Culture Litmus Test

Nov 17, 2013 850


There’s little dispute that the right culture is the ultimate competitive advantage. Jason challenges you to a test within your business, company or department to determine if yours is the culture that will take you where you want to go.

Episode 22: It REALLY Pays to Listen

Nov 10, 2013 971


If you tell what you want to tell in order to sell what you want to sell, people won’t buy. Jason shares the four game changing ways you can sharpen your listening skills and turn listening into a profitable skill.

Episode 21: Q & A with Jason

Nov 3, 2013 980


From Anthony in Abuja, Nigeria to Roger in Estherville, Iowa, Jason answers your questions. Learn about the power of positive words, where Jason gets the ideas for his books and hear Jason set the record straight about the company one listener calls “bad.”

Episode 20: How to Write a Book

Oct 27, 2013 1125


Each week, Jason receives scores of emails from people who want to know how to get a book published. If you believe there’s a book inside you, this is the podcast for you.

Episode 19: Lead a Revolution

Oct 20, 2013 1139


Jason shares the most powerful paragraphs he’s read and how the words lead him to discover the three must-haves to get anything done in business – especially starting a revolution.

Episode 18: How to Listen to the Customer

Oct 13, 2013 1352


If there’s a game changing podcast, this is it. Jason Jennings returns from Istanbul and working with a key client where he witnessed one of the most paradigm shifting customer engagement processes. Hear the story of what one of the world’s iconic brands does to really understand its customer.

Episode 17: Relentless Pursuit…of Improvement

Oct 6, 2013 961


You've no doubt seen the company. The business achieves a level of success, then, poof, it fades away. Jason found the companies that continue delivering quality products and services have this one trait in common: Continuous improvement. The Japanese call it Kaizen, and in this episode, Jason shows you the principles all highly productive companies use to achieve continuous improvement.

Episode 16: Never Enough

Sep 29, 2013 923


Have you ever heard someone say the only thing holding them back from growing the business, innovating a new idea or releasing a new product is, "More money!" In this episode of The Game Changers, Jason blows that excuse out of the water. He explains why all you need is a problem and not quite enough money. Learn why being frugal will make you the ultimate Reinventor.

Episode 15: The Right Decision

Sep 22, 2013 986


In researching more than 220,000 businesses and interviewing more than 50,000 people, compiling nearly one-million pages or research notes, Jason and his team found the game changing businesses embrace the idea of every employee feeling like THE owner (not an owner). If you haven't already, listen to Episode 13, where Jason told the story of Billion Dollar Brad. Employees who are treated like the owner get to make big, important decisions. In this episode, Jason shares how leaders can help employees make the right decisions.

Episode 14: The Clear Destination

Sep 15, 2013 1114


In this episode, Jason shows you the principle he learned from the funeral industry: Set a clear destination. Cutting through the fog means you have to get your hands dirty. In this case, getting your hands dirty means spending at least half your time doing one specific thing. Listen and learn what that one thing is as you set a course for a clear destination.

Episode 13: Everyone is THE Owner

Sep 8, 2013 1000


What can you learn from the most successful companies? The research shows top performers consistently master the art of creating and sustaining organizations where everyone thinks and acts like the owner. In this episode of The Game Changers, Jason shares the story of Billion Dollar Brad and details the way to make every employee feel like the owner.

Episode 12: The One Question

Sep 1, 2013 986


Herb and Marion opened Jason’s eyes in a big way as they shared the reason for their success. It was summed up in the acronym WTGBRFDT. It’s the one question every successful leader asks before making any decision. In this episode, Jason Jennings shares the story of Herb and Marion, how he discovered the question and what makes it a powerful tool for anyone seeking to improve her/his business.

Episode 11: The Trouble Inside

Aug 25, 2013 887


You’ve heard the excuses: The economy stinks; I can’t find good employees; The competition doesn’t play fair. Jason turns the magnifying glass to the inside of your company, where the real problems can be found. Listen as Jason shows you the two steps to eliminate excuses and find new levels of success.

Episode 10: The Program to Succeed

Aug 18, 2013 797


Everyone needs a program to succeed. Whether you’re a grad fresh out of high school or an entrepreneur growing your net worth past $10M, Jason shows you why it doesn’t necessarily matter what program you choose, just get yourself on a program. It’s time to get your hands dirty.

Episode 9: Layoff Lunacy

Aug 11, 2013 753


Jason Jennings makes the case that layoffs never work. Except, for one reason. Learn the four negative outcomes of layoffs and how top performing companies avoid the layoff snare.

Episode 8: Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

Aug 4, 2013 896


When everyone in your organization is on the same page, moving in the same direction and shooting at the same target, you'll find new levels of success. Best selling author and speaker Jason Jennings shares the importance of getting everyone on the same page and how to do it.

Episode 7: Systematize Everything

Jul 21, 2013 739


Confronting opposing ideas and views within any process in doing business. Finding the right direction with the right idea and improving the system. Making it all work in systematization using lists with clarity and finding the best way of producing the best results and outcome.

Episode 6: Shuffling Portfolios

Jul 14, 2013 1068


With one of the most asked questions asked of Jason, he reveals some of his research findings on personal performance and potential.

Episode 5: Less is More: A Lean Spirit.

Jul 8, 2013 1116


Peter Drucker said culture eats strategy for breakfast, your research really illustrates that point. (Jason, pick it up and illustrate with a story). When you talk about a lean culture, what do you mean? In your book, Less is More, you identify eleven leadership traits behind creating the culture. While we don't have time to go into all eleven. Give us one or two that a leader can focus on and improve in the next week.

Episode 4: Letting Go for Growth

Jul 1, 2013 1134


Jennings research into more than 220,000 companies proves that people and organization that are unable to let go of four things will not grow but instead face certain failure and irrelevance. What are these four things and how can leaders and companies adopt a spirit of letting go?

Episode 3: Making Lots of Small Bets

Jun 24, 2013 1291


What is a small bet? But, people in my organization are paralyzed in fear of making a mistake - how do we move past that? What are some ways an owner or manager can tap into creative innovation to start making the small bets? What type of measures should be in place to determine success?

Episode 2: The Need for Constant Growth

Jun 17, 2013 1548


Why every human organization must make growth a number one priority, how to make it happen, how to move it, how to establish a commitment to growth throughout the organization, getting everyone on board and the consequences of a no growth company.

Episode 1: Jason Jennings – His Story

May 17, 2013 1454


Who is Jason Jennings? Why does he do what he does? What’s his background and story? How did he get to the position, according to USA TODAY, of being “one of the three most in demand business speakers in the world”?