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Inside info on the Dallas Cowboys every week from Matt Mosley and Ed Werder, two guys who have covered the team for a combined 41 years working for The Dallas Morning News and ESPN. Occasional guests include Cowboys players past and present, some of the top analysts in the NFL, and Matt & Ed's egos.


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Doomsday presents the Mike McCarthy dossier

Jan 13, 2020 01:05:16


Ed Werder goes one on one with Cowboys new coach Mike McCarthy. Matt Mosley has a fascinating visit with departing WRs coach Sanjay Lal. And the boys play a fun game of "guess which coach Jerry's talking about."

McCarthy's the new sheriff in town

Jan 6, 2020 00:41:00


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley react to the Cowboys hiring Mike McCarthy as their new head coach. Ed has checked in with Brett Favre, who loves the hire. And we give you all sorts of insight into new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. It's Doomsday!

The Garrett Era is Over, Right?

Dec 30, 2019 01:19:25


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley provide some interesting names to replace Jason Garrett. And Glenn "Stretch" Smith has some fascinating takes. 

Cowboys Hopes Are For the Birds

Dec 23, 2019 01:01:07


Cowboys' hopes are for the Birds

Jason and Co. fail to take the NFC East with a toothless performance...even by their standards. Ed Werder's on the scene, Matt Mosley makes salient points and Glenn "Stretch" Smith is driven to profanity. It's Doomsday!

Just what the doctor ordered

Dec 16, 2019 00:50:51


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder bring you the perspective you deserve on the Cowboys' stunning 44-21 win over the Rams. You'll hear from Jerry Jones. And Glenn "Stretch" Smith has his report card. 

Bears Put Cowboys in Hibernation

Dec 6, 2019 01:01:33


Ed Werder has the inside scoop from Chicago on another debilitating loss. You'll hear Jerry Jones anguished voice. And Matt Mosley and Glenn "Stretch" Smith hand out grades. 

Garrett's Seat Gets Hotter

Nov 29, 2019 00:58:00


It's been a week of speculation. And after a Thanksgiving Day loss to the Bills Jason Garrett's seat is as hot as it has ever been.

Matt Mosley and Ed Werder talk to Jerry Jones and Glenn "Stretch" Smith on this edition of The Doomsday Podcast.

Wasted TRIP Cowboys miss a golden opportunity

Nov 25, 2019 01:08:37


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley take you inside another exasperating Cowboys loss. Ed says Jason Garrett "botched" the game. And Jerry goes off on the coaching. Also, Glenn "Strerch" hands out an F+ to one unit. 

Dak Prescott gives Motown the blues

Nov 18, 2019 00:56:18


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley take you behind the scenes of the Cowboys' 35-27 win in Detroit. The boys break down a remarkable performance by Dak. And Glenn "Stretch" Smith eviscerates the Cowboys' special teams units. 

Cowboys have no answers for Cook, but they shut down their own QB

Nov 11, 2019 00:53:00


Cowboys took the ball out of Dak's hands for no apparent reason. And they suffered a crushing loss because of it. Ed Werder and Matt Mosley investigate.

Cowboys ride black (cat) magic to a 37-18 win.

Nov 5, 2019 00:46:34


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley have checked with their sources and give you the best insight in the game. Our former coach/scout Glenn "Stretch" Smith was concerned about Dak's first half, and he hated the kick coverage. Also the best Blake Jarwin analysis available in podcasting. It's DOOMSDAY! 

Pederson flaps his beak, awakens the sleeping Cowboys

Oct 21, 2019 01:05:32


Mosley goes one on one with Jerry Jones, who has found his sea legs. Werder provides insight that's unavailable anywhere else in the country. This is DOOMSDAY!

J-E-T-S spells disaster for the Cowboys

Oct 14, 2019 01:00:03


Jason Garrett's job now hangs in the balance due to one of the most embarrassing losses of his tenure. Ed Werder and Matt Mosley discuss his future. Is there a road to redemption for Garrett and the Cowboys? It's DOOMSDAY!!

Fraud Alert: Cowboys implode vs Packers, Garrett explodes

Oct 7, 2019 00:55:29


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley have worked the Cowboys' locker room in an effort to understand that humbling loss. You can hear Jerry Jones make fun of the officiating. And the great Jason Garrett loses his mind on the sideline. Let's do this!

Cowboys roll out a dud in the Big Easy

Sep 30, 2019 00:50:40


Ed Werder is on the scene with all sorts of inside information. Matt Mosley takes dead aim at the playcalling and the officiating. The Tyron Smith injury is a big-time worry. This is DOOMSDAY!

Cowboys overcome Fishy start in 31-6 rout

Sep 22, 2019 01:03:56


Matt Mosley is on the scene to grill Jerry Jones after that putrid first half. Ed Werder talks to the coaches and provides insider info, as only he can. Are the Cowboys going to run away with the NFC East? Ed and Matt have thoughts. 

Cowboys Collude to Take Down the Redskins

Sep 16, 2019 01:05:48


Ed Werder brings precious insight from the postgame locker room. He and Matt Mosley put this win in perspective and make you laugh at the same time. Is Dak an MVP candidate? You bet your sweet bippy he is. 

Kellen Moore is the NEXT BIG THING

Sep 9, 2019 01:06:53


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder bring you all the inside info on the Cowboys' dominant 35-17 win over the Giants. This will be the definitive account of the greatest opener in team history. Also, the GRADES from former Cowboys scout/coach Glenn "Stretch" Smith. 

The Prodigal RB Returns

Sep 4, 2019 00:35:05


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder join forces on an "emergency" podcast to address Zeke Elliott's new contract. Ed takes you behind the scenes, as only he can. The boys also discuss whether Dak Prescott will also receive a new contract before Sunday's game. Oh yeah, they play the Giants. It's all here! 

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Jerry Sends a Message with the Jaylon Signing

Aug 21, 2019 00:43:50


Matt and Ed produce a special edition dedicated to Jaylon Smith's new contract. And Jerry Jones uses the occasion to remind Zeke Elliott and Dak Prescott what it looks like to put the team first. Ed also explains why he decided to return to ESPN. 

Amari Cooper Goes Deep with Doomsday

Jul 30, 2019 00:27:05


Doomsday Podcast Day 3 of Cowboys Training Camp ends with a visit from Cowboys Wide Receiver Amari Cooper

Doomsday Catches Up with Stephen Jones

Jul 30, 2019 00:38:07


Jerry Jones has said that you don't need a rushing champion to win a Super Bowl...

In this episode of The Doomsday Podcast, Matt and Ed find out what Stephen Jones thinks of Zeke's hold out.

Dak asks Kitna to make him the best ever

Jul 29, 2019 00:49:48


New Cowboys QB coach Jon Kitna compares Dak Prescott's deep ball to a Hall of Famer. He also reveals something incredible that Dak has asked of him. And Randall Cobb makes his first appearance on the DOOMSDAY podcast. 

Mosley and Werder Land an Exclusive with Cowboys Center Travis Frederick

Jun 12, 2019 00:51:35


Frederick opens up about fighting to return from a scary illness. He was extremely candid in his thoughts on whether he'll regain full strength. And Ed and Matt did a deep dive on what Kellen Moore's offense will look like. 

Moore Innovation? Kellen sounds off on New Offensive Philosophy

May 11, 2019 00:54:37


Moore innovation? Kellen sounds off on new offensive philosophy

Ed Werder goes 1-on-1 with new Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Can this youngster help save Jason Garrett's job? Also, third-round pick Connor McGovern stops by for his first Doomsday visit. 

The Doomsdayers deliver the goods on UCF DT Trysten Hill as only they can.

Apr 27, 2019 00:58:30


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley track down Hill's defensive coordinator at UCF, Randy Shannon, to explain why he only started one game last season. And Shannon compares Hill to a Hall of Fame DT that he coached. 

The Doomsday Podcast NFL Draft Preview

Apr 24, 2019 01:00:00


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley tap into Jimmy Johnson's memory of the Troy Aikman-Steve Walsh situation as we await the Cardinals' decision at No. 1 overall. And the NFL draft legend Rick "Goose" Gosselin joins us to discuss the mock draft industry he helped create. Mosley provides the Cowboys pick at No. 58. He's likely to nail it again. 

DeMarcus Lawrence sacks Jerry's bank account, becomes richest pass-rusher in Cowboys history.

Apr 6, 2019 00:34:07


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley gather for an emergency podcast on the record-setting contract. Ed has of course gleaned information from Stephen Jones himself. And the boys discuss how this signing impacts the upcoming draft. It's the ultimate insider podcast, as you'd expect from Mosley (with Ed's assistance). 

Jason Witten Returns

Feb 28, 2019 00:27:20


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder discuss the return of Jason Witten at Tight End for The Cowboys

Linehan Sacked

Jan 18, 2019 00:35:01


What's next for the Cowboys? Matt and Ed explained what happened and give the names of potential replacements for Scott Linehan

It's curtains for the Cowboys' 2018 season; the Rams ground and pound Dallas into dust

Jan 13, 2019 00:45:15


Matt Mosley provides a bird's eye view to this disaster from the Coliseum. He also thinks we've seen the last of Scott Linehan. Ed Werder offers his unique insight and Glenn "Stretch" Smith hands out at least one "F"

Cowboys exorcise their Seattle demons, sprint into the Divisional round

Jan 6, 2019 00:57:00


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder were on the scene for the Cowboys' huge win. Mosley discussed wagon trains with Jerry Jones, and Werder landed an exclusive interview with Amari Cooper. It's DOOMSDAY playoff style!

Cowboys Risk it All for a Win Over the Lowly Giants

Dec 31, 2018 01:06:38


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder are NOT on the same page following the Cowboys' 36-35 win. Ed thinks Jason Garrett lost his mind in playing Dak Prescott the whole game. Matt wonders if this win could be a springboard for the playoffs. Ed's already doing big-time research on the Seahawks. 

Cowboys clinch the NFC East, but trouble looms

Dec 24, 2018 01:13:02


Matt Mosley corners Jerry Jones and Rod Marinelli in the aftermath of a 27-20 win. Ed Werder produces some great information that shows why the Cowboys struggle in the red zone. And Glenn "Stretch" Smith is handing out grades and trying not to curse. 

Cowboys corner the market on futility in 23-0 loss

Dec 17, 2018 00:43:31


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder were in touch with both coaching staffs moments after this game ended. And no, letdowns aren't inevitable. It's OK not to accept that mess. Also, Glenn "Stretch" Smith goes off on the Cowboys. 

Cowboys Choke Out The Eagles & The Rest of the NFC East

Dec 10, 2018 00:59:20


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder tell you why Amari Cooper has changed everything. And Ed wonders if Dak Prescott is the biggest threat to the Cowboys' quest for a Super Bowl. Matt also interviews Jerry Jones regarding Jason Witten's future. Plus, our resident scout Glenn "Stretch" Smith provides his grades. 

Cowboys D puts Brees in deep Freeze

Nov 30, 2018 00:56:23


Believe it or not...The Cowboys are in the driver's seat in the race for the NFC East after beating the New Orleans Saints

Jerry Jones says the Cowboys have risen like Dracula?!

Nov 23, 2018 00:56:20


In this episode, Matt Mosley and Ed Werder catch up with Zeke Elliott and Jerry Jones after the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day victory

Cowboys flip the script in the NFC East after grounding the Falcons

Nov 18, 2018 00:56:08


The Doomsday boys provide all sorts of insider knowledge on how the Cowboys claimed a 22-19 win in Atlanta. This is a dominant defense. Plus, our scout Glenn "Stretch" Smith provides his grades. It's all here, peeps. 

Jason Garrett Gives Philly the Bird, May Have Saved the Season

Nov 12, 2018 01:02:00


Matt and Ed do a deep dive on this improbable road win and provide a road map for climbing back in the playoff race. And Glenn "Stretch" Smith says Dak was "Aikmanesque," for one night. Mosley has staked his career on you listening to this podcast. 

Cowboys season is the #$*@#

Nov 6, 2018 01:05:00


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder talk to a downcast Jerry Jones, who was shocked by what he witnessed. Mosley now believes there is an 85 percent chance Jason Garrett will be fired. Glenn "Stretch" Smith grades this team so harshly it hurts

Emergency Episode-- Cowboys Trade 2019 First Round Draft Pick

Oct 22, 2018 00:23:17


The Cowboys entered this 2018 season without a true #1 WR...things haven't gone so well.

To make things right: they traded next year's 1st round draft pick for Amari Cooper.

Matt and Ed talk about the ramifications of the deal in this emergency edition of The Doomsday Podcast

Doomsday Source: Refs were put on notice about the SNAPFU!

Oct 22, 2018 00:56:00


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley hear from sources the Redskins knew Cowboys deep snapper L.P. Ladouceur had a habit of manipulating the ball on field goals. The boys also put Jason Garrett on blast for his late game (mismanagement). It's all here for the taking. 

Cowboys Make Like McGregor, Strut Their Way to a Dominant Win

Oct 15, 2018 01:00:00


Jerry Jones calls it one of the most complete performances against a quality team he can remember. Mosley and Jerry go one on one afterwards. And Werder gathers some keen insight on how the Cowboys went to school on the Chiefs? It's all here. 

Jason Garrett Punts on the Cowboys' Season

Oct 8, 2018 00:59:07


With the season hanging in the balance, Jason Garrett lost his nerve and punted on fourth-and-1 in overtime of the Cowboys' 19-16 loss to the Texans. With this nondescript group of wideouts, it won't get better. The slow march to mediocrity has begun. Listen. Learn. Love. 

Former Cowboys scout-turned-Texans GM Brian Gaine takes Matt and Ed behind the scenes of Sunday night’s game

Oct 4, 2018 00:47:32


In a special edition of the Doomsday Podcast, Matt Mosley and Ed Werder reunite with old pal Brian Gaine, who is now the GM of the Houston Texans. Brian provides great information on Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson and his team’s elite pass-rushers. He also weighs in on Zeke Elliott and Dak Prescott. It’s one of the deepest dives we’ve done on a game week. If you want to be fully prepared for Sunday night, you’ll immerse yourself in this podcast. 

Cowboys Starting to Show Wrinkles

Oct 1, 2018 01:03:00


Dak Prescott throws for over 200 yards...Zeke Elliott has a career day...Cowboys improve to 2-2 with a last second victory vs Detroit.

Matt Mosley and Ed Werder are joined by Glenn "Stretch" Smith and Jerry Jones to talk about what went right and what went wrong.

Cowboys Offense Goes Limp; One Last Move Garrett Has

Sep 24, 2018 01:05:02


Matt and Ed take you behind the curtain of the latest Cowboys loss. Matt reveals the one change Jason Garrett might make in an attempt to save his job.

And our former Cowboys coach/scout turned Doomsday correspondent Glenn "Stretch" Smith explains why a botched personnel move may have led to this suspect play by the offensive line. Matt is tremendous in this episode. Ed holds his own, too. Won't you join us. 

Cowboys Pick Up Win #1

Sep 17, 2018 01:01:38


Cowboys Beat Giants

Cowboys Lose Opener

Sep 10, 2018 00:58:11


in the first episode of the 2018 Regular Season, Matt Mosley and Ed Werder break down the Cowboys loss to the Carolina Panthers

Sean Lee Joins Doomsday

Aug 13, 2018 00:45:14


Cowboys veteran leader, Sean Lee joins Matt Mosley and Ed Werder from Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard, California

Jerry Jones Expectations

Aug 13, 2018 00:49:56


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder talk to Jerry Jones about Randy Gregory, Tavon Austin and Jaylon Smith.

Doomsday Invades Cowboys Training Camp

Aug 12, 2018 00:45:32


The Doomsday podcast visits Cowboys training camp, where Jerry Jones welcomed us in the oddest of ways - by checking the small print on the back of Ed’s media credential. Playfully, he said Ed is here but on probationary terms. Matt and Ed observed practice and after being rejected by Tavon Austin again for a sit down interview, recovered nicely and got first-round pick Leighton Vander Esch and third-round pick Michael Gallup. Vander Esch went into great detail about the “Wolf Hunter” nickname given him by the Cowboys scouting staff. But he actually earned the moniker. He says he did so legally. We have our doubts and are checking Alaska hunting regulations to make sure Roger Goodell doesn’t need to get involved.

Without further delay, here’s the show....

Jerry Makes Some Noise

Jul 25, 2018 00:38:16


The Cowboys officially opened their 2018 Training Camp with the traditional "State of the Team" News Conference.

Matt and Ed bring you the best from the afternoon:

Jerry expects his players to stand for The National AnthemStephen Jones hopes that he'll have to open up the checkbook for ZekeJerry is excited about his coaching staffIt is NOT a "playoffs or bust" season for Jason Garrett

Cowboys Mini Camp Wrap Up

Jun 15, 2018 00:51:35


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder bring you a Doomsday Podcast Mini Camp Wrap...

In this episode they are joined by:

Rod MarinelliChidobe AwuzieKris Richard

Special OTA Update

May 31, 2018 00:39:53


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder braved the heat at The Star to get you the latest in Cowboys News.

They are joined by Cowboys WR Coach Sanjay Lal and Tight End Rico Gathers in this episode of The Doomsday Podcast

Bill Parcells on Jason Witten

May 4, 2018 00:41:21


Jason Witten called it a career (officially) Thursday and his first NFL coach joined Matt and Ed to discuss his tight end's illustrious career. Parcells shared his favorite stories and said Witten is definitely a Hall of Famer. Bill, a noted horse player, gave his pick for the Kentucky Derby. Another huge "get" for Mosley on the Doomsday Podcast. 

Doomsday Draft Recap

Apr 29, 2018 00:51:01


Ed Werder and Matt Mosley analyze and grade the Cowboys 2018 Draft.

The Cowboys drafted:

Leighton Vander Esch -- LB -- Boise StateConnor Williams -- OL -- TexasMichael Gallup -- WR -- Colorado StateDorance Armstrong Jr. --LB -- KansasDalton Schultz -- TE -- StanfordMike White -- QB -- Western KentuckyChris Covington -- LB -- IndianaCedrick Wilson -- WR -- Boise State

Bo Scarbrough -- RB -- Alabama

Doomsday Draft Coverage

Apr 27, 2018 00:36:08


After spending the entire day on assignment at AT&T Stadium, Matt Mosley and Ed Werder bring you Doomsday Draft Coverage.

They are joined by Cowboys 1st Round Draft Pick (19th overall) Leighton Vander Esch—Linebacker from Boise State.

LVE says that he is the perfect piece to the puzzle in Dallas.  

He talks about his journey to the NFL.  From walking on at Boise State and playing 11 man football for the first time in his life to getting drafted 19th overall by The Dallas Cowboys.

He says that he’s been overlooked his entire life and that’s a big reason why he plays with a chip on his shoulder.

Troy Aikman Reveals his Big Board

Apr 15, 2018 01:03:41


The Doomsday Podcast presents its most accomplished guest yet: Cowboys HOF Q.B Troy Aikman. Ed and Matt deliver an insightful 40-minute interview in which Troy offers his unique opinion on the quarterback prospects in what could be a historic NFL draft at the position as we get ready for DFW to host the draft for the first the first time. Like any draft analyst, Aikman is keeping his own Big Board listing Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and others in order of preference after attending Pro Days for two of them. Aikman reveals what he most values in a quarterback and which are the most ready to play as rookies.

And we would be remiss (and we are never remiss) if we didn’t have Aikman address the Cowboys’ biggest personnel decision in years - the release of WR Dez Bryant. In addition to Aikman’s opinion, we have new info from Inside sources about why Dez is out.

Aikman has a surprising position on the importance of No. 1 receivers in the NFL.

Asked about how pivotal a season this is for Dak Prescott, Aikman first mentions its importance to HC Jason Garrett.

What's next for Troy?

All this and so much more, right here!

Dez is Shown the Door

Apr 13, 2018 00:35:10


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder name names on who wanted Dez Bryant gone. And maybe this decision had a lot to do with Dak Prescott.

And stay tuned for a huge guest on Monday!

Stephen Jones: Dak More Like Aikman Than Romo

Mar 28, 2018 00:56:42


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder are back!...In the return of The Doomsday Podcast,, Ed Werder shares his one-on-one interview with Stephen Jones. In the interview Jones:

Dak Prescott is more like Troy Aikman than Tony Romo Responding to adversity has not been a strong point of recent Cowboys teamsWith the talent that The Cowboys have, they should be a perennial playoff contenderHe is happy with what The Cowboys have done in free agency

Operation 9-7 Ed Werder & Matt Mosley

Jan 2, 2018 00:52:12


First #Doomsday podcast of 2018 is live. Ed Werder and Matt Mosley discuss the future of the Cowboys after athe end of a 9-7 season.

Subscribe and listen as we discuss how Jerry might make JG uncomfortable, Linehan/Marinelli futures, how 21 suspension and 77 injuries forced small-ball approach that hurt Dak and the Dez/Witten quandary.

Doomsday for 2017--Ed Werder & Matt Mosley

Dec 27, 2017 01:01:17


What could Jason Garrett and Terrell Owens have in common?

Ed Werder points out that Jerry Jones showed full public support of Owens just months before he personally released T.O. The same kind of public support he is showing Jason Garrett right now.

2 Sticks + 1 Chain + 1 Index Card = Cowboys Playoff Hopes

Dec 19, 2017 00:51:51


The Cowboys stay alive by beating the Oakland Raiders in one of the strangest games you’ll ever see.

Ed Werder and Matt Mosley (executing his show hosting duties from a hotel in Italy) talk about the game, the updated Cowboys playoff situation and the return of Zeke

Stephen Jones: Cowboys Can Run the Table

Dec 12, 2017 00:52:19


Stephen Jones joins Matt Mosley and Ed Werder in this edition of The Doomsday Podcast.

Among other things, Stephen tells the guys that the Cowboys can run the table to end the season on a winning streak.

He also talks about the return of Zeke:

"Obviously, we can't have contact with him and understood that he was gonna get away and really focus on getting himself in better shape. I think he was playing a little heavier than he did last year. I think he was wanting to lose some weight and really recommit himself to the game. Obviously, serving the suspension, you could argue that it was a little on the heavy side, but in spite of all that, he made some poor decisions and he paid a price for it. I think he understands that and he wants to be committed to the game and be one of the great players to play the game and certainly he can do that if he has his commitment and he's accountable to what he can be.  Our expectation is that he comes back ready to play and hopefully even better than when he left, so if he can do that and we get us a big win against Oakland, then certainly we feel like that we can run the table."

Cowboys Win But Jerry Gets Scare of His Life

Dec 2, 2017 00:52:31


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder discuss the Cowboys victory vs Washington...

Be sure to listen to the end on this one for some postgame "audio gold" from Jerry Jones,

Cowboy Historic Failure Continues

Nov 25, 2017 00:45:05


After the Cowboys 3rd straight loss, Ed Werder gives a couple "franchise firsts" that show just exactly how bad this streak is.

1) This is the first time in franchise history that the Cowboys have lost 3 straight by 20 points or more

2) This is the first time in franchise history that the Cowboys have scored less than 10 points in 3 straight games.

Matt Mosley points out that the Cowboys have been competitive in the first half of all 3 games before getting blown out in the 2nd half

All Hail Jerry Jones

Nov 21, 2017 00:49:05


Thanks for joining Ed Werder and Matt Mosley for another edition of The Doomsday Podcast.

In this episode Matt and Ed discuss the latest Dallas Cowboys loss.

Ed targets Jerry Jones as the architect of this losing streak. Here's a little of what he had to say:

Halfway through what would become their worst loss ever at JerryWorld, namesake Jerry Jones, at the ceremony honoring him, said, "What I’ve tried to do with every breath is to make the Dallas Cowboys better, and to make the NFL better. That’s what I try to do and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Without Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys have scored one touchdown in 22 possessions.

The running back Jerry built his entire team around and took fourth overall is on a mid season vacation in Cabo of all places. He's serving a suspension.

Without Elliott and left tackle Tyron Smith, Dak Prescott has produced one touchdown - none in the last 20 offensive series - and had six turnovers and been sacked 12 times in two games.

The Cowboys have been outscored 64-16 in the last two games.

This whole season has been about the Cowboys owner and GM, and the unique distraction he always is, has been and will be. For the Cowboys, this season has been about Jones being inducted into the HOF; Jones defending Ezekiel Elliott and trying to make his suspension go away; Jones publicly challenging Commissioner Roger Goodell.

And that's why I would argue the Cowboys lost this game and the division title and probably the playoffs in the front office as much as they did on the field at JerryWorld.

While Jerry was doing his Jerry things, Eagles GM Howie Roseman was busy doing what the only thing every other NFL GM does. He was focused on building a football team - specifically one that has talent and depth and can withstand the kind of injuries that unraveled the Cowboys.

While Dak Prescott endures his worst football nightmares without Elliott and Tyron Smith, the Eagles remade the offense around their second-year quarterback:

-- they signed in free agency WR Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith, both with TDs against Dallas.

-- they signed LeGarrette Blount, a hammer of a running back who had 57 of the Eagles 215 rushing yards.

-- they traded at the deadline for RB Jay Ajayi, who ran for 91 yards, including a 71-yarder that led to a back-breaking TD.

The Eagles wanted to make Carson Wentz better and they succeeded by acquiring tough, physical players the Cowboys couldn't overcome.

The Eagles signed two running backs. In contrast, here's what Jerry's team did knowing for a year they could lose their best player in Elliott. Nothing to improve the position. They kept veterans Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden, who oddly wasn't active.

The Cowboys will blame it on injuries even though attrition is part of the game and it is true they've lost arguably their best offensive, defensive and special teams player. But let's put those side by side and compare it with the situation the Eagles are handling

BOTH the Eagles and Cowboys played without their starting left tackle, kicker and best playmaking linebacker.

LT: Tyron Smith/Jason Peters

LB Sean Lee/Jordan Hicks

RB Ezekiel Elliott/Darren Sproles

PK: Dan Bailey/Elliott

Coaching Malpractice

Nov 13, 2017 00:45:00


Coaching Malpractice

·        Mosley says that this was as much a coaching loss as other things…He also thinks that this coaching staff needs to do something about Chaz Green and says that Dak Prescott was dealing with shell shock all day long

·        This is a team that is seemingly always 1 player away from falling apart.

·        This almost feels like a team that was constructed around 3 players (Elliott, Tyron Smith, Sean Lee)

·        Ed points out that the Cowboys have now played without their best players on every unit: Dan Bailey (Special Teams), Zeke Elliott/Tyron Smith (Offense), Sean Lee (Defense)

·        Mosley says that Chaz Green needs to be released

·        Matt & Ed also discuss a report that multiple NFL Owners are preparing to use a “Nuclear Option” that will use  Article VIII of the NFL’s Constitution & Bylaws. Specifically, Section 8.13 which authorizes the Commissioner to determine that an owner “has been or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the League or professional football.”

Cowboys Show Staying Power in NFC Playoff Race

Nov 7, 2017 00:45:17


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder both believe that the Cowboys win over the Chiefs proves that this team is a legitimate contender in the NFC.

They also discuss the latest on Zeke and give an update on the Cowboys injury situation.

Court System Could Give Zeke & Cowboys Biggest Win of the Season

Oct 31, 2017 00:58:45


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder break down the Cowboys victory over the Washington Redskins. And Ed explains why the Cowboys biggest victory of the season could happen in a court of law.

Ed Werder & Matt Mosley Reunited w/Trey Wingo

Oct 24, 2017 00:51:31


Old friends from their days at ESPN: Ed Werder, Matt Mosley and Trey Wingo catch up on things and break down the race in the NFC East.

Zeke Suspension Upheld (For Now)

Oct 13, 2017 01:03:22


Long-time NFL reporter/analysts Ed Werder and Matt Mosley convene an emergency recording session of the award-winning Doomsday Podcast to breakdown the latest

Ezekiel Elliott court decision. We concentrate on how the potential absence of Elliott for six games with the NFL suspension restored will impact the 2-3 Cowboys. In addition we explore what the court decision in New Orleans that went in favor of Roger Goodell and the NFL means going forward. What are Elliott's chances of winning another injunction allowing him to play and of winning the overall case eventually, assuming he appeals? Legal experts Mike McCann and Daniel Wallach offer their insights - and disagree on the outcome!

Matt Mosley and Ed Werder Discuss Jerry Drawing a Line in the Sand & Another Defensive Collapse for Cowboys

Oct 10, 2017 00:55:26


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder discuss several topics after the Cowboys lose their 2nd consecutive home game.

Jerry Jones made it clear that his team is going to show respect for The National Anthem. The Cowboys defense collapses againClock management at the end of the game

Reunited--Werder & Favre

Oct 3, 2017 01:07:15


Packers Hall of Famer, Brett Favre joins his old buddy Ed Werder to discuss:

·        Cowboys

·        Concussions

·        Romo’s Broadcasting

Turns out Favre may have been the biggest Roger Staubach fan ever. 

Perhaps our biggest and best podcast in our storied history.

Cowboys Take a Knee, Lawrence Erupts

Sep 26, 2017 00:47:01


The Cowboys are 2-1 and tied for 1st in the NFC East after beating the Cardinals in the desert.

Matt and Ed talk about the emergence of a Cowboys pass rush. Or have they just been fortunate to face 2 of the 3 worst offensive lines in the conference.

They also discuss the Cowboys symbolic gesture of equality and unity prior to The National Anthem.

Broncos Defense Enforces Temporary Restraining Order on Zeke

Sep 18, 2017 00:56:25


Zeke rushes for 8 yards on 9 carries.  Dak Prescott throws 2 INTs. Matt Mosley calls it a brutal effort by the Cowboys in a 42-17 loss to the Broncos.

For the first time since 1972, Ed Werder spent the day in the stands in Denver.  

Ed says that the Broncos did a good job of forcing the Cowboys to rely on their QB.

The guys also talk about the brewing Jerry Jones/Roger Goodell feud.

Cowboys Win Opener

Sep 11, 2017 00:55:02


The Cowboys take care of the Giants. Zeke rushes for over 100 yards. The Cowboys defense does not allow a touchdown. And Jaylon Smith starts and plays well with 4 tackles and 3 assists.

After the game, Zeke Elliott addressed his off field issues saying that he does not believe that he’s a distraction and that he’s glad that he’ll get a chance to prove his innocence.

Matt and Ed discuss it all on this episode of The Doomsday Podcast

Zeke Suspension Upheld--Michael McCann Joins Doomsday

Sep 6, 2017 01:07:11


In an "emergency episode" of The Doomsday Podcast, Michael McCann joins Ed and Matt to talk about the ruling that Zeke Elliott's 6 game suspension be upheld.

Michael is a legal analyst and writer for Sports Illustrated.

Matt & Ed also give their predictions for the upcoming game vs the NY Giants

Cowboys Lose a Starter

Aug 28, 2017 00:57:00


The Cowboys get a victory in the “dress rehearsal” preseason game. But they lose starting LB Anthony Hitchens for at least the first half of the season.  Ed Werder explains that this is not the worst possible outcome.  There was some fear that this would be a season ending injury. Ed says that he thinks that the coaching staff is comfortable with Jaylon Smith’s ability vs the run so he may be a logical move to replace Hitchens early in the season. But they don’t want to force Smith to play too much too early, so Justin Durant will also get some opportunities.

Ed and Matt also discuss how important Zeke Elliott is to Dak Prescott AND the Cowboys defense as well. Controlling the clock was one of the keys to last year’s success. That may be a challenge once Zeke starts serving his suspension.  A suspension that Ed does not think will be automatically reduced. Matt, on the other hand, thinks that there’s a chance it will be reduced by a couple of games.

Peter King on Doomsday

Aug 22, 2017 00:59:15


The Doomsday Podcast crew returns from a well deserved vacation.

Peter King tells The Doomsday Podcast that the Cowboys are going to be good even if Zeke Elliott misses the full 6 games.

He also says that he wouldn't be surprised if the some of the league owners rise up and start challenging Roger Goodell's power.

Jason Witten Takes on Doomsday

Aug 11, 2017 00:39:22


Future Hall of Famer Jason Witten joins Matt and Ed in this episode of The Doomsday Podcast.

He talks about accountability on and off the field. He also talks specifically about Zeke Elliott.

Continuing their focus on Tight Ends, the guys also talk about emerging Training Camp Star and Baylor Alum Rico Gathers.

Woodson Still Mad at Jerry & Jimmy

Aug 10, 2017 00:34:49


Former Cowboy great Darren Woodson joins The Doomsday Podcast from Oxnard, California.

He tells Matt & Ed that he's still mad at Jerry & Jimmy for blowing up their relationship during the 90's.

Woody says that if Jerry & Jimmy hadn't ruined a good thing he would have at least 1 if not 2 more Super Bowl Rings.

Darren Woodson Preview

Aug 10, 2017 00:03:04


Darren Woodson is still mad that Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones could not continue to work together. He says that it cost him at least 1 maybe 2 Super Bowl Rings...

The entire interview will be available on this feed at midnight August 10th

Big Injuries Pending Suspensions

Aug 9, 2017 00:34:42


It's Day 2 of Cowboys Camp for The Doomsday Podcast and the Cowboys have suffered another hit on the defensive side of the ball. Tyrone Crawford goes down to a lower leg injury.

In today's episode Matt & Ed discuss the injury to Crawford. They catch up with old friend Jaylon Smith. And Running Backs Coach Gary Brown has some advice for Zeke Elliott.

Cowboys Training Camp Doomsday Invasion

Aug 8, 2017 00:39:21


The Doomsday Podcasts arrives in Oxnard as the Cowboys return to practice,

The guys catch up with Stephen Jones, Rod Marinelli and Wade Wilson.

They tackle all of the important issues of the day including:

Jaylon Smith's recovery and updated timetableDak Prescott's progress Ed Werder's expense account

Ed Returns from Hall of Fame

Aug 7, 2017 00:27:30


Ed Werder returns from his trip to The Pro Football Hall of Fame where he was recognized as the 2017 Dick McCann Award winner by the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA).

Matt Mosley and Ed discuss the Hall of Fame Ceremony and the induction of Jerry Jones.

Cowboys Open Camp

Jul 24, 2017 01:00:03


Our heroes, Matt Mosley and Ed Werder return for the opening of Dallas Cowboys Training Camp.

This episode of The Doomsday Podcast features comments from Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and Stephen Jones at the first news conference of the season.,

Matt & Ed discuss

Garrett's belief that the Cowboys have the "right" kind of guys, even with pending suspensions Jerry Jones' excitement about Jaylon Smith's recoveryThe Cowboys first training camp without Tony Romo since 2003

Scott Linehan Supports The Doomsday Podcast

Jun 26, 2017 00:46:25


Matt Mosley and Ed Werder catch up with Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan. Linehan expects the Cowboys to pick up where they left off in 2016. He thinks that Dak will build off the good things from last season. He says that Dak Prescott has been digging deep and proactive with his development this off season. He goes on to say that Prescott has a rare work ethic. Linehan also says that Zeke Elliott will probably play a little bit more this year but they will still have to manage his reps. They want to keep him fresh for down the stretch.

Catching Up With Zeke

Jun 19, 2017 00:43:53


Our heroes, Ed & Matt take the show to The Star in Frisco and sit down with Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott. In this episode Zeke talks about his goals for the upcoming season and his relationship with his QB Dak Prescott.

55 Minutes with Ron Jaworski

Jun 12, 2017 00:55:34


Former Philadelphia Eagles QB and ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski joins Matt Mosley and Ed Werder from The Jersey Shore in this edition of The Doomsday Podcast. Jaws offers his opinions on Colin Kaepernick, Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott and Michael Vick. He also has thoughts on Tony Romo's retirement and chances of a comeback.

Doomsday Preview--Ron Jaworski on Colin Kaepernick

Jun 9, 2017 00:02:39


In this Doomsday Preview: Ron Jaworski thinks that "...there is stupidity around the NFL for not having (Colin Kaepernick) on someone's roster." The full episode will drop Monday--June 12, 2017.

Randy Galloway Holds Court

Jun 5, 2017 01:22:50


Matt & Ed catch up with an old friend--Randy Galloway. Well over 3 years ago Galloway signed off on his radio show for the final time. A few months after that, Randy walked away from a legendary career as a columnist. Few people believed that he would enjoy retirement. Many of his closest friends figured that Randy would find his way back to the media in some shape or form. They were wrong. In this episode, Randy shares some strong opinions on: --Dak Prescott --Tony Romo --Jerry Jones --Jason Garrett --The California Highway Patrol He also tells you how he is dominating the world of retirement.

30 Minutes with Jaylon Smith

May 29, 2017 00:43:30


In the storied history of The Doomsday Podcast, Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith is the biggest guest that Matt Mosley has ever booked. Eyebrows were raised when Jerry Jones and crew selected injured LB Jaylon Smith from Notre Dame in the 2nd round of the 2016 NFL Draft. After Smith injured his knee in the final game of his college career (the 2016 Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State), experts suggested that it may be a career ender. Smith has spent the last 18 months or so rehabbing. And has chosen to keep a low profile during the rehab. But, as he told Matt & Ed at the end of this episode he was proud to be on The Doomsday Podcast

Watching High School Baseball With Eagles Coach Doug Pederson

May 22, 2017 00:33:54


Philadelphia Head Coach Doug Pederson talks offseason acquisitions, draft picks, concussions, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, NFC East fans, cheesesteaks, AND the proper technique for summiting The Rocky Steps. All while giving us the play by play on his son's baseball game. Not bad, coach.

Chatting With Dak at David Yurman

May 15, 2017 00:52:55


The guys get dressed up and head to a fancy jewelry store to chat with Cowboys starting QB and raspberry sport coat enthusiast Dak Prescott.

Hanging With Coach Wade In A Barnes & Noble Closet

May 8, 2017 00:45:41


The guys head to Barnes & Noble to hang out with former Cowboys head coach, current LA Rams defensive coordinator and Twitter Guru, Wade Phillips. Coach Wade talks about coaching with his dad, working for a 30 year old and being a better defensive coordinator than head coach. As a bonus, the guys swing around the NFC East to scout the draft classes of the competition. Also - are we on iHeartRadio now?

Early Round Recap, Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre, and Ed Gets Fired

May 1, 2017 00:55:01


Matt & Ed break down Taco, Cheeto and other, non-food-related Cowboys picks, talk to Chidobe Awuzie's college coach, Mike MacIntyre, and there was something else that happened last week...

Draft Preview With Mort & Goose

Apr 26, 2017 01:30:21


You never forget your first. For the inaugural episode of The Doomsday Podcast, Matt & Ed somehow got Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News and ESPN's Chris Mortensen to stop by for some NFL Draft talk.

Coming Soon

Apr 22, 2017 00:03:29


The best damn Dallas Cowboys podcast in the history of human existence...until the next one. Coming soon from Matt Mosley, Ed Werder, and Spoke Media.