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The Conservative Conscience with Daniel Horowitz


In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .


Let’s Stop Dying for Somebody Else's Strategic Interests Ep 402

May 1, 2019 3857


On today’s show, I discuss the dos and don’ts of Venezuela and how our government always does dumb things for other countries but not prudent things for our own. Why are we not putting the military option on the table to deal with the cartels when we put it on the table for the safety of other countries' citizens, even when there is no logical outcome?  

I discuss how to strategically counter Cuba and Russia in a smarter way than an aimless military expedition in Venezuela and how we need to be doing that anyway to defend our own sovereignty and strategic interests. 

 Next, I discuss how “soft sanctuaries” are ensuring that a lot of gang members and cartel associates are let go without ever being turned over to ICE. Furthermore, we are paying for the rope to hang ourselves, as illegal aliens who themselves pay for cartels to smuggle in other teen relatives get to reap the benefits of their act on our dime. 

Show links

Leader of border militia ordered jailed pending trial...

Jordanian charged with smuggling group of Yemenis across our border

The UAC scam is like having us pay for the rope to hang ourselves

How weak urban cooperation with ICE is endangering even rural counties

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What About the Humanitarian Crisis for the American People? Do We Not Matter? Ep 401

Apr 30, 2019 3806


Why is nobody discussing the humanitarian crisis of criminal justice "reform" and illegal immigration from the American vantage point in terms of diseases, criminals, and terrorists being brought into this country? 

On today’s show, I prove that career crime, and certainly crime committed by foreign nationals, is, by definition, avoidable carnage. I go through the jailbreak debate and note how this criminal justice deform movement is killing Americans the media will never report on. I also go through numerous cases of criminal aliens and terrorist aliens we allowed to remain in this country. 

Finally, I give you an update on our border, the diseases coming in, and how the administration’s policies are too little, too late.

Show links

Mother and daughter killed in Oklahoma thanks to criminal justice deform  

Why the threat of diseases at our border is worse than the gov’t is willing to admit  

Incarceration is the lowest it has been in 20 years

Jailbreak is built on a lie

Palestinian mother of 7 arrested for helping ISIS in Wisconsin

Another Palestinian jihadist allowed to become a citizen for 10 years despite having bombed an Israeli bus

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Are We Doing Enough to Secure Our Northern Border? Ep 400

Apr 29, 2019 3579


Today, in honor of my 400th episode, I have a special guest, Jason Owens, to discuss the state of the northern border. Owens (follow him on Twitter) is chief patrol agent of the Houlton sector in Maine. He brings with him over 22 years of experience in both the southern and northern border sectors, as well as with the agency’s special operations division. 

Owens warns us that the criminals, terrorists, and bad guys are at an advantage against law enforcement across our thousands of miles of open border, which includes the Canadian border as well as the maritime borders. He gives us an insider's look into the mechanics of those borders and demonstrates the need to direct more focus to them.

It’s likely that we are only apprehending a fraction of those who actually come across those borders. There are roughly 2,000 agents for 5,500 miles of border with Canada, and now 10-15 percent of those resources are drained off to deal with the southern border. The bottom line is that the northern border is most troubling in the types of people coming over, rather than the number of people. When it comes to the northern border, Owens warns us that we don’t know what we don’t know.

Show links

Rwandan war criminal caught at the northern border

In 2016, the grandson of Hamas founder was caught at the northern border 

Smuggling networks on the northern border

Army’s response to incident with Mexican soldiers? Send lawyers and cooks!

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It’s Time to Remember the Alamo Ep 399

Apr 25, 2019 4180


It’s time to stop telegraphing punches and then not punching. It’s time to punch. It’s time to remember the Alamo. Trump needs to act on immigration, even if he fails us on every other issue. 

More broadly, I delve into the essence of the social transformation of our country and how we are at a crossroads as a nation. We must force immediate action to hold the line at our border and end the social transformation. Otherwise, we won't even have enclaves of “sanctuaries” for our values.   

Show links 

5-time deported alien stomps baby to death

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Are we about to see an “Arab Spring” in Mexico? Ep 398

Apr 24, 2019 4311


Mexico is worse off than you think and it’s holding on by a thread.  Our government’s lack of regard for defending our sovereignty will have devastating consequences if the Mexican government officially collapses, according to our special guest. 


Today, we are joined by Col. Dan Steiner (@coldan11), a retired Air Force veteran who served as the director of joint operations for Texas military forces until 2010.  He directed coordination between the Texas Military Forces and NORTHCOM for many years and also served at CENTCOM. Mexico is a nation on the edge and it’s time we finally concoct a strategy to deal with it, warns Col. Dan.  He notes that all the ways we hold back what we do politically makes us so ineffective.  Mexico could be on the precipice of an Arab Spring-style uprising, which could induce mass migration from Mexico itself, adding to the Central American migration.


Steiner warns that now is the time to close the border, create a buffer zone, and begin engaging militarily rather than treating the Mexico issue as untouchable.  He also discusses the looming threat of subversion from other enemies through the chaos in Mexico as well as the threats from terrorism coming through the border.  Be sure to take notes on this indispensable briefing!  


Show links


Why our two Texas border experts call foul on our government’s response to Mexico’s incursion

CBP or the military will not even apprehend armed smugglers right at our border  


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Surrendering Our Homeland to Foreign Countries Ep 397

Apr 23, 2019 3151


Forget about Russian interference in our elections, how about surrendering our homeland to Mexico and all the foreign actors controlling Mexico's government, including the Russians?

On today’s show, I explain why we are being lied to about the incident that took place last week with Mexican soldiers disarming our soldiers on our soil. Mexicans can essentially attack us with guns and be counted in the census and we are to believe there is nothing we can do about it.

Then, I show you exactly how much crime we are enduring from illegal aliens who should not be here. I also show how the Supreme Court, even when it sides with us, is really part of an Overton Window-style defeat mechanism.

Show links

Most of our population growth comes from immigrants

So much for flipping the third circuit

This is what the Army chief of staff is worried about

The latest criminal alien rampage

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Yes, It's Time to Militarize Our Border Ep 396

Apr 22, 2019 3507


Today, somebody you will never hear from on the Fox News circuit. Zach Taylor, a veteran retired border agent, joins me to discuss the latest trends at the border. Our government is lying to us and not following the law, according to Taylor. He tells us that the incident where Mexican soldiers detained our soldiers was clearly deliberate and was designed to send us a message.

Taylor further sheds light on the extent of the problems we have with contagious diseases and how Fox News doesn’t allow anyone to mention it.

Show links

Why no response to the Mexican government’s assault on our military?

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Now Trump Needs to Go After the Real Foreign Influence Ep. 395

Apr 18, 2019 3912


With everyone talking about the Russian collusion hoax and Mueller, now would be the best time for Trump to go on offense and take action against the true foreign influence over America – illegal immigration.

I go through numerous fresh stories of how illegal aliens not only influence our society, elections, judicial system, and politics, but downright control them. And what about the dangerous and evil cartels essentially having control of our border? There are so many stories of dangerous illegal aliens being allowed to remain in our country and turn rural areas into violent enclaves.

Finally, I explain how the laws on the books deny all of the lawfare today and were designed to prevent it all. Under expedited removal, every illegal alien can be deported without access to the courts.   

Show links

Omaha, Nebraska, now a cesspool of drugs and crime thanks to illegal aliens and Sudanese refugees

Illegal aliens are a clear and present danger of contagious disease, part 1 and part 2

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Confronting Our Challenges on Immigration and Health Care Directly is Easier than Weaseling Around Ep 394

Apr 17, 2019 3584


The attorney general announced new guidance for holding single adults filing bogus asylum claims. Today, I explain why, until now, we have only been treating the symptoms and not categorically speaking the truth about the invasion and having our policies reflect that. Whether this is a turning point for the administration or not will largely depend on what the administration does next. I explain why this move alone will not address the problem.

Next, I bring on Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, to discuss what this invasion is doing to his home state. Chip wonders why it’s so hard for his colleagues to speak categorically with moral authority on this issue. We also speak about his goals on health care and how, again, Republicans are incapable of speaking directly and categorically on an issue. “It’s important we get the right narrative and talk about it often – that we want 21st century health care … we need to go on offense and quit apologizing,” thunders Chip in an epic monologue.

Finally, I give you the truth you won’t hear elsewhere about how Obamacare has created a monopoly for corporate conglomerates and is destroying private practice in America.  

Show links

Is the admin taking up the tent city idea? 

How is this not an invasion?

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Open Border Plus Judicial Supremacy Equals Collapse of Western Civilization Ep 393

Apr 16, 2019 01:01:20


With the painful metaphor of the burning Notre Dame on everyone’s mind, we explore what exactly a burning Western Civilization looks like.  It all gets back to open borders, social transformation, and judicial supremacism. 


We explain through the prism of a radical judge’s recent racist speech against Trump, how Jefferson and Madison warned about the slippery slope of judicial supremacism.  We also delve through how we have allowed this supremacism to nullify the most foundational laws of any civilization, those governing the borders of the nation-state itself. 




Show links


Jefferson’s letter to Abigail Adams on Judicial Supremacy

Trump admin grants 750k work permits to illegal alien bogus asylum-seekers

Carton Reeves’ speech calling for a judicial coup against America  

Victor Davis Hanson on how Illegal Immigration Changes our Civilization


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The Single Worst Policy of our Government Ep 392

Apr 15, 2019 00:59:46


And the single worst policy of our government is…tax withholdings! 


On today’s show, in honor of Tax Day 2019, we take stock of our nation’s tax policy and show how withholdings ensures that those who pay too much in taxes don’t realize it and how those who don’t pay anything think they do. The mixture of our progressive system with the concept of withholdings has ensured that our government can grow socialism and illegal immigration on our dime without a revolt. 


Next, while marking the 6th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, we explore a number of recent cases where we’ve brought in volatile immigrant populations who have turned violent on Americans.  Finally, we explore the problem of people coming from these same countries with diseases. Whatever happened to immigration in the public interest?    


Show links


People coming for anchor babies

Pack of Somali and Congolese refugees charged with stomping man to death last year

Somali charged wit throwing 3-year-old boy off a balcony at Mall of America

20 Congolese Migrants being monitored for Ebola and other diseases  


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Let’s not forget the media caused this border surge Ep 391

Apr 12, 2019 01:01:46


While the courts are certainly responsible for the border invasion, along with the feebleness of this administration, let’s not forget the role the media played.  We take you back to last summer when the media virtue signaled beyond belief over the so-called separation of families.  This induced the judge to issue his decision and Congress followed suit.  But why is DHS’s media affairs department not working with conservative journalists to tell the other side of the story?


Did you know this administration handed out over 700,000 work permits over two years to bogus asylum seekers? 


Finally, we discuss crazy lower court judges and why they have no fear of Supreme Court precedent.   


Show links


It’s illegal immigration that’s hurting commerce, not the response to it


A judge who ignores his own branches judicial norms calls Trump the KKK for criticizing judges


Oregon judge basically ignores the landmark Janus ruling on forced union dues


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Thousands of Central Americans Being Released Without Proper Health Screenings Ep. 390

Apr 11, 2019 00:52:18


We are being lied to. Illegal aliens are being released in droves with communicable diseases, and they are not getting screened or vaccinated. Yes, they are getting immediate medical attention to protect them, but not long-term screening to protect Americans from communicable diseases. We the people do not matter.

It’s worse than that. I share with you a supposition I have based on conversations with border officials and examining some data that most of these illegal aliens aren’t even asserting a credible fear. Yet Border Patrol is being told to process them in anyway instead of sending them for expedited removal.  

Show links

I told you so! Border wall being blocked by local counties thanks to omnibus provision

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How Bad Will the Border Get Before Senate Republicans Care? Ep. 389

Apr 10, 2019 00:58:34


Senate Republicans will not bring a single piece of legislation to the floor or even rhetorically address the border invasion in a meaningful way. Meanwhile, the administration continues to flounder, but Stephen Miller is trying to inject some sanity into its policies. Rather than focusing on the invasion, Senate Republicans are more concerned about Stephen Miller. 

I break down the latest border numbers and distill their meaning. There are a lot of things the administration can be doing.

During the second half, I discuss the lessons of Israel’s elections and how that ties into Federalist 10 and the need for a new party. Israel’s right-wing parties have successfully kept the main right party in check, something we don’t have the luxury of doing here. I explain why Madison would have wanted more political parties once we began with this system and how we’d be better off with a new one to keep the GOP in check.   

Show links

9 shocking border statistics

GOP senators want to stop Stephen Miller, not the border invasion

Mexico issues humanitarian visas, which should put them on the hook for asylum, not us

The epidemic of illegal alien child molesters

Federalist 10

Nielsen always cared about her media image more than protecting our border  

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It’s Time for Trump to Give SCOTUS an Ultimatum on Enforcing Its Own Precedent Ep. 388

Apr 9, 2019 01:01:41


Today, I discuss the latest insane court rulings that are single-handedly responsible for our border crisis. These courts are violating their powers. I explain why courts have no jurisdiction in foreign affairs and why Trump now has an opportunity to use the latest case to issue an ultimatum to the Supreme Court – either enforce your own precedents on the lower courts, or we will.

We further explore the problem of criminal aliens and how our country is left wide open while we send our troops to die in Afghanistan but not to defend our border. 

Finally, I end with a strategy for Texas to counter-sue the administration and force the immigration issue and the problem of universal injunctions to a head so we can finally do away with this nonsense. 

Show links

Thanks to judges, illegal aliens and evil smugglers are scamming us and killing us with the proceeds

The list of California judges who destroyed our border

Deter, defend, and demagnetize: My plan for the border

ICE arrests numerous drunk drivers, drug traffickers, and child molesters

Motel 6 forced to pay millions … for cooperating with ICE!

Republicans who aren’t bothered by the border crisis are just bothered by Trump’s response to it

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Dangling Steak in Front of Conservatives, Only to Pull It Back Ep. 387

Apr 8, 2019 01:01:58


We’ve seen this play out over and over again. We hear good news on policy or personnel decisions in this administration, but then the opportunity gets yanked away from us. Often, it is our fault because we fail to mobilize quickly enough. I begin today’s discussion by analyzing the latest shake-ups at the Department of Homeland Security and who should be the next DHS secretary as well as directors of ICE and CBP. At the very least, this will keep the border issue alive in the news cycle.

Next, I demonstrate how Roberts and Kavanaugh are now the ultimate steaks that were yanked away from us. We thought we finally had a conservative Supreme Court…right? Think again. Kavanaugh is worse than we thought.

Next, I discuss how the attorney general is more concerned about accusations that transgender recruits to the FBI were “discriminated" against, rather than working to solve the lawfare against our sovereignty.

Finally, the economy is doing well, but not as well as it should be given the job market. Why? The debt is so out of control that it is inhibiting our growth right now, not just in the future.      

Show links

I warned you that Kavanaugh would be like Roberts

AG Barr is more concerned about having more transgenders in the FBI than fixing our rule of law

Spending is 13.7% higher than even during Obama’s final year

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The Future of Conservatism, Low Expectations, and the Overton Window Ep. 386

Apr 5, 2019 01:03:17


Are we going to allow ourselves to get sucked into the Overton window, dumb down our expectations, and destroy any morsel of conservatism left?

Today, I discuss why the president is trying to tamp down conservative rebellion right at the time when we need to protest his surrender at the border. I explain why the entire notion of Mexico helping us do something we should do on our own is offensive and how this will be used to get us acclimated to a "new normal" of mass migration. That way, if the flow ebbs slightly for a few months, but still remains historically high, he can make us feel like we’re winning. Really, we will wind up moving that Overton window again and again. 

Show links

373k DACA amnesty permits given out by Trump because of a single judge

Illegals suing us for following the law!

Obama used to be tougher on immigration, including bogus asylum

My interview with Glenn Beck on the role of the courts

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The Eerie Lessons of Eastern Europe’s Response to Mass Migration Ep. 385

Apr 4, 2019 01:01:37


Today I'm joined by Todd Bensman, national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, to discuss the findings of his latest trip to tour Hungary’s border wall. Todd gives us the history of the great Middle Eastern migration into Europe in 2014 and how Hungary and several neighboring countries dealt with it. Yes, they built a wall, but they also had a will and the policies to make the wall effective. Each country cared about its own sovereignty, which forced a chain reaction of other countries to deal with the problem in a sensible way. He also discusses some of the successes of Australia’s conservative political party in keeping out migrants by boat. 

The bottom line is that these countries believe in themselves as nations while we don’t.

Show links  

Todd’s report on Hungary and its border/immigration policies

What we should do here

Trump backing down on closing border

Twice-deported illegal alien murders and rapes legal immigrant  

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Love Trump or Hate Trump, We need to think past the moment Ep 384

Apr 3, 2019 01:01:01



Today, we discuss the need for conservatives to stop getting distracted by debate over Trump and start building an enduring conservative movement on all important issues. We need it now and we need it for tomorrow.  What are the consequences if we don’t?  Tune in to find out.


We update you on shutting down the border – what it means and what it doesn’t and what the president should do.  We also go through Jared’s latest attempt to promote more immigration and more jailbreak.  Shouldn’t Trump first focus on the “first step” of his campaign promises for those two issues before he gives Jared a “second step” on what is antithetical to his campaign promises?  Well, absent a conservative counter-movement, that is exactly where Trump will head.


Finally, we discuss the conservative victory in the race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and demonstrate why we need to strip the federal courts of power and the advantages to allowing state courts to decide major issues. 


Show links 


Why the call for more legal immigration is absurd

The distinction between shutting down commerce and suspending immigration requests

We don’t need new laws, we need new will  

Jared’s leftist coup


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The Laws Are Not the Problem. It's That DHS Ignores Them Ep. 383

Apr 2, 2019 01:14:32


 We were promised law and order from this administration, but what we are getting on drugs, crime, and immigration is the exact opposite. The administration is getting ready for weaker-on-crime initiatives. Meanwhile, conservatives who stand down are doing the president no favors. When the president spoke about being tougher on drug traffickers a few weeks ago, he was speaking off the cuff from his heart; when he was talking about more jailbreak legislation last night, he was speaking from a teleprompter. 

I explain how the answers to the existing border problem are in current law. Jessica Vaughan joins us to discuss some options on how to preserve our border and some of the shenanigans the deep state at DHS is pulling to continue Obama’s policies.

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Will the Last Traditional Conservative Please Turn out the Lights? Ep. 382

Apr 1, 2019 01:04:42


I don’t mince words in this episode. Let’s face it, conservative media no longer believes in biblical values or holding the line on any modicum of traditional values. They no longer believe in holding the line on crime. They no longer believe in holding the line on health care or welfare or spending or entitlements. 

Why? Because conservatives don’t have their own beliefs any more. It’s that simple. We keep drifting and codify one left-wing absurdity after another into our lexicon and thoughts.

Finally, the latest insane court ruling on drilling shows how conservatives have given away the farm on judicial supremacy for so long that unless we reverse course, no amount of appointing better judges will make a difference.

Show links

Who comes in while our Border Patrol is shut down?  

Border Patrol

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Giving Courts of Men the Power of the Heavenly Court Ep. 381

Mar 29, 2019 00:49:54


Notice how every last thing the president or any red state does is immediately attacked by some random district judge? Not an hour goes by without some radical ruling. Today, I go through some of those cases to explain the power of courts and when they overstep their boundaries. Until we push back against the notion that courts can strike down policies in the abstract, we are done as a nation. 

Next, I prove that Brett Kavanaugh is Susan Collins in a black robe. He uses language that is very problematic from a conservative standpoint, and he is now open to this wacky notion of judicially mandated proportional representation. Time will tell how bad he will be, but he clearly is a judicial supremacist.

Show links

Will Kavanaugh screw us on redistricting?

The big lie about UACs and what the law really says about Flores

Judges as skirt-chasers

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We Don’t Believe in Ourselves as a People with a Common Cause Any More Ep. 380

Mar 28, 2019 3682


Today, I explain that all of the phony legal excuses for not stopping this border invasion are a crock. I go through each lie and show how, in fact, other district judges have said that what the government is doing is prohibited by law. Our sovereignty reigns supreme. We are being lied to about what the laws really say on asylum, unaccompanied minors, and the so-called Flores settlement. I show from past history how we never allowed a mass influx of migrants to continue beyond a few weeks, and those migrations were much smaller and more justified than the current one.

Also, I touch on the golden calf of some so-called conservative members buying into the entitlement of paid family leave. Not only will it bankrupt us, it will distort the market and actually hurt women.

Key quote

“For this you have every inducement of sympathy and interest. Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts of common dangers, sufferings, and successes.” ~George Washington, Farewell Address

Show links

Judge Hanen says what we are doing now at the border is criminal

This is the worst border crisis ever

GoFundMe for Paige Gomer, woman killed by illegal alien 

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“Republicans” Wouldn’t Know How to Wipe Their Rear Ends Without Democrats Ep. 379

Mar 27, 2019 3808


Why is it that Republicans will only focus on the issues, parlance, and premises laid out by the Democrats? Today, I contrast the agenda of the Democrat-controlled House to that of the Republican-controlled Senate to show how Democrats are the sun and Republicans are the earth, orbiting around their sphere. 

I go through the liberal policies being promoted by some in the White House and even some “conservative” members of Congress. There’s now a “conservative” solution to everything except for what actually is conservative. We’ve lost our identity. 

Finally, I give a sermon on how the Left has destroyed health care in America and how Republicans fail to give a vision of what health care should look like. I offer a glimpse into that vision. 

Show links

Even Democrat counties in California are backing off sanctuary policies, yet Republicans won’t act

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The Courts Are a One-Way Street with a Dead End for Conservatives Ep. 378

Mar 26, 2019 3838


When is it appropriate to sue a law or a policy in court, what is the role of the court in taking these cases, and where do the other branches of government fit in to the scheme of things?

In this foundational show, I use recent cases on guns, free speech, immigration, and Obamacare to give a vision of what the conservative view is about the role of the courts on rules of standing, the outcome of their rulings, and constitutional interpretation of fundamental rights. I also show how the courts are hypocritical in all ways and will flip fundamental rights, rules of standing, and state and federal powers upside-down.

Show links

Episode 322 on how we should view the role of the courts with Obamacare

The inferior courts have crowned Obama president forever. What will we do about it?

Kate Steinle’s parents denied right to sue San Francisco

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With Mueller Probe Busted, No Better Time for 'Sovereignty Surge' Ep. 377

Mar 25, 2019 3818


On today’s show, I explain the significance of the closing of the Muller probe and some lessons to derive from it. But winning the Mueller fight is not an end to itself; rather, it should be a means of clearing the path to finally focus on the policies that matter. What is it we want to accomplish over the next 2-6 years as conservatives?

Trump should use his new political capital to announce a "sovereignty surge." I list about a dozen ideas the president should pursue that will not only put points on the board to make America great again, but put the Democrats on defense and prevent them from focusing on endless investigations. 

Show links

Department of Education is essentially Obama’s third term thanks to the courts

10 ways Trump should spend his post-Mueller political capital

Over 50,000 illegals from terrorist countries who have still not been deported, despite final orders

Talk about Russian collusion! Russians continue to come here to have anchor babies who will vote in our elections

White House petition to shut down the border  

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Slaying the Golden Calf of “Conservative” Media Ep. 376

Mar 22, 2019 01:03:15


On today’s show, we learn the ancient and timely lesson of the Golden Calf and how it defines much of the conservative movement and its outlets in recent years. The Left seeks talking points for policies, "conservatives" seek policies for talking points. I study this new aphorism in the context of how the conservative media has now made Lindsey Graham a hero just in time to prevent us from beating him in a primary. And they are doing so all for another golden calf – Justice Kavanaugh.  

Show links

Federal judge goes after Kentucky’s law barring gender-selection abortions

Learning from the Haitian boat migrants and understanding president’s power to exclude  

What we should learn from Israel and sovereignty

2 more Americans killed by illegal aliens who should have been deported

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When Will We Finally Treat the Mexican Cartels as the Invaders They Are? Ep. 375

Mar 20, 2019 01:08:21


We can’t adjudicate or investigate our way out of an invasion. Today, I am joined by Jaeson Jones, retired captain in the Texas Rangers and expert on Mexican cartels, to discuss why the president should designate the cartels as terror groups and what effect that would have on both our government and the Mexican government in combatting the source of the border problem. 

Then, I explain why Justice Scalia believed even states had the right to repel an invasion. How much more so the federal government?

Show links

We are bringing in the persecutors, not the persecuted 

We won an immigration case at the Supreme Court but are losing the war

The case for designating the cartels as terrorists

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You Can’t Adjudicate Yourself Out of an Invasion Ep. 374

Mar 19, 2019 01:02:50


Today, I go through four important immigration principles that explain what is going on, on both the legal and political sides. 1) You can’t adjudicate yourself out of an invasion. 2) Nothing trumps sovereignty of a nation. 3) An invasion through lawfare and migration is worse than a conventional invasion. 4) Unless we believe in our own sovereignty and push back against the lawfare wholesale, no new statutes will change anything. 

I explain the history of how illegals got so many rights to litigate when we used to deport hundreds of thousands within a few months without any hearings in the Eisenhower era.  The people never voted for these changes, and indeed our laws have been supplanted by lawfare. I also discuss some of the lessons of the Haitian migration crisis of the early 1990s.

Finally, I explain why the Supreme Court victory on criminal alien detentions is another example of winning a single battle while losing the war on sovereignty. 

Show links

1 million illegals with final deportation orders not deported

Court ruling in Nielsen v. Preap

SCOTUS allows anti-religious liberty ruling to stand

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Even Past Democrat Presidents Blocked Migrations at Our Border Ep. 373

Mar 18, 2019 01:09:55


On today’s show, we go through the history of the Mariel boatlifts from Cuba, the Nicaraguan migration in 1989, and the Haitian boat people in the early 1990s to show how past presidents, including Bill Clinton, refused to tolerate an invasion through bogus asylum. There is nothing new about what is happening with Central Americans. What is new is that we have a government unwilling to do what previous presidents did to shut it down, whether it was preventing them from landing or setting up tent cities.

Finally, I round off the show with a lightning round of stories you might have missed, from ethanol and Tim Scott blocking more judicial nominees to how Fox News is now censoring conservative thought on what is supposed to be the conservative network. 

Show links

It’s about building the will even more than building the wall

Washington Post chronicles a “conveyor belt”-style invasion into our country

When the US set up tent cities and shipped out bogus asylum-seekers right away

Clinton banned all Haitian asylum-seekers  

What happens when we crown Fox News king of conservative thought


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The Senate’s Most Pathetic Hour Ep. 372

Mar 14, 2019 01:04:32


The hypocrisy of today’s Senate vote to disapprove of Trump’s emergency power is perfidious. These same people who will not lift a finger or utter a word to fight back against judicial power grabs or Obama’s executive amnesty that caused this very border fight we are in today suddenly find religion on Article I of the Constitution.

Why is not a single one of these so-called conservatives forcing a vote on sanctuary cities? The latest murder victim in California will never be known to these people because they only care about what the media tells them to. 

Finally, I address the news that Trump has “flipped the Third Circuit” and why this alone will ultimately not make much of a difference in deterring the Left’s use of the courts to destroy America.      

Show links

Dems prepare to pack the courts when they are in charge

An illegal alien allegedly brutally murders an American in a sanctuary

Where’s the congressional outrage over judicial power grabs?  

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The Administration Is Not Doing All It Can to Stop the Invasion. Here’s Why Ep. 371

Mar 13, 2019 01:04:30


Are we really done as a sovereign nation? Is there really nothing the president can do under existing law to stop this insane invasion, which is harmful for Americans and migrants alike? Today, I am joined by Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies to discuss the commonsense tools in the president’s arsenal to deter this invasion and demagnetize our border.

Vaughan explains how DHS already has an emergency plan to detain everyone in tent cities and create a “rocket docket” to adjudicate their claims within a few days. This would solve the problems of catch-and-release, the court backlog, and the exposure of Americans to infinite problems from illegal immigration. It would also disincentivize future flows. In addition, Vaughan informs us that ICE could deport all those who abscond from their court appearances, but clearly is not doing so for political reasons.

Finally, we discuss the latest with sanctuary cities and how they are worse than ever before now that they are being empowered by the legal profession.     

Show links

Jessica Vaughan’s border plan

Illegal alien with 10 detainers let out by sanctuary city and murdered woman  

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Rep. Chip Roy Guests | The Need to Establish Policy Baselines Ep. 370

Mar 12, 2019 00:59:47


First I explore some places where we have lost our sense as conservatives of where our policy baseline is on culture and immigration. Ilhan Omar’s views on Jews, as Democrats now admit, stem from a cultural problem. When did we believe it’s acceptable to bring in people in such large numbers from cultures that don’t share our universal values? Even Democrats of yesteryear warned against it. This also ties into what is going on at our southern border, where we have countenanced this notion that we must admit anyone who comes here, no matter the consequences to our culture, schools, public services, and public health. The emergency continues to intensify.  

Next, I'm joined by Rep. Chip Roy of Texas’ 21st Congressional District. He updates us on the state of play on budget and health care after today’s Budget Committee hearing on the president’s annual budget request. We explore how Republicans refuse to go on offense and continue to accept the soft, inexorable slide into socialism. He also weighs in on his latest bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., to designate some of the Mexican cartels as terrorist groups as part of a holistic approach to the sources of our border, immigration, and drug problems.    

Show links

Border Patrol ceding lands to the cartels

This administration is making the fence moot with lawfare

The new Roy/Green Bill to designate the cartels as terrorists

The good and bad of Trump’s budget

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Conservatives Should Make Plans for Success, Not Excuses for Failure Ep. 369

Mar 11, 2019 01:01:20


Whether it’s the illegal immigration numbers or the debt numbers, we are losing. Badly. We have two options: We can pressure this administration to implement the successful policies and strategies it has at its disposal to fight on those two fronts, or we can continue making excuses, or worse, deny there’s a problem altogether, as the president has done recently.

Today, I go through the Trump budget proposal: the good, the bad, and the in-between.  It’s a shame we’ve reached the point when we are OK with so much debt, but there is a silver lining in this budget plan … if the administration is willing to fight for it.

Also, why is Trump so quiet on the border crisis now that he’s been proven right? The only time he talks about it is to say that he is building more fencing and stopping catch-and-release, when indeed he is continuing amnesty at the border, so much so that it undermines the case for the fence.  

Show links

Border Patrol is bringing illegal aliens from BEHIND the fence  

The courts are already abolishing ICE

180,000 illegals expected in just two months

The good and the bad of Trump’s budget  

DHS continues TPS amnesty for yet another country

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The One Thing Trump Must Do to Save Our Entire Republic Ep. 368

Mar 8, 2019 01:25:55


Today, I lay it all out on the line in what might be one of the most important episodes ever. I give you the full case for why we will never be a free and sovereign people on any issue, much less the issue of border security, unless the president begins pushing back against the lower courts. 

I weave together what is going on at our border and in recent court opinions nobody is talking about to demonstrate how a border wall won't even work until and unless we end lower court supremacy. That is the source of EVERY problem with immigration. This is not about fixing laws. The courts are engaged in a revolution and don’t care about our laws. 

Key quote

“There comes before us, now and then, a case whose proper outcome is so clearly indicated by tradition and common sense, that its decision ought to shape the law, rather than vice versa.” Justice Scalia, Brown v. Plata 

Show links 

The cost of one year’s flow of illegal immigration? $150 billion

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Can a Judge Do No Wrong? Ep. 367

Mar 7, 2019 01:25:58


In case you think I’m crazy about the severity of judicial tyranny, take it from Josh Hammer, who is a legal expert and worked in this broken legal profession. 

Josh Hammer is editor-at-large of "The Daily Wire," as well as a counsel for worthy legal causes. He explains from his experience in law school and clerking for a federal appeals court why even conservatives are missing the boat on the rule of law and separation of powers. He explains the difference between judicial review and judicial supremacy and how that distinction is all that matters now for every important issue. What is the breaking point of this judicial tyranny, and what will it take for even conservatives involved in law and politics to wake up?

I also update you and the latest border insanity, which of course ties back to the courts.

Show links

10 ways to reclaim our sovereignty from the courts

The danger of illegal aliens bringing in diseases is worse than ever

Hammer on what Trump should do with judicial supremacism

Hammer on why Professor Paulsen and Roberts are worse than you think  

Professor Paulsen on the true lesson of Marbury

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Arizona Rancher: “We have ceded so much of our border land to the cartels and drug packers” Ep. 366

Mar 6, 2019 01:09:22


Do you want a firsthand account of the problems at the border from a man who has lived on it his entire life? Well, today I am joined by Jim Chilton, a lifelong rancher who owns a 50,000-acre ranch right on the border in central Arizona.

Chilton explains why he is concerned with the strategy of Washington to only patrol from operating bases well away from the border rather than holding the line right at the border. He explains the strategic problems as well as the harm to ranches and to the country that result from allowing cartels to operate autonomously within our border up to a certain point. Overall, we are not treating this like the invasion it is and are instead reacting like crime investigators.

Furthermore, he explains why border towns are so safe, and it has a lot to do with why the remote areas are not. 

Many of your questions about the policies and politics of the border will be answered by Chilton on today’s epic show.

Show links

12 astounding numbers quantifying this border invasion

What the border invasion means  

Video of a massive flow of heavily armed cartel members on Jim’s ranch with no Border Patrol in sight

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We Are Being Lied to on Immigration Ep. 365

Mar 5, 2019 00:58:57


There are deep and shallow state officials in this administration who continue to give the president bad policy and political advice on immigration. I give you inside information on how USCIS and others are continuing to incentivize this invasion rather than deter it.

I also discuss the problems with the courts and how, if we allow lower court supremacy to continue, there is no purpose to this presidency. 

Show links

Sanctuaries are alive and well under this administration

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While We Give Speeches, Liberals Push Policies that Win Them Elections Ep. 364

Mar 4, 2019 01:13:57


So many conservative “leaders” are supercharged from Trump’s speech at CPAC, but while they focus on vanity, the Left continues to win in the political culture, law, and elections. Nowhere is this more evident than what they are doing with election law. 

Today I am joined by Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, who spends his time fighting voter fraud and promoting 21st-century ways to secure our vote. He discusses the latest lawsuits preventing states from cleaning their voting rolls and non-citizens from voting.  

“The Left has figured out that if you want to win an election you can do that without having to engage in ideas and win debates, you can win elections by working the election system itself," warns Churchwell. "This is all about running numbers, moving bodies, tracking the mail, knowing where the mail is landing, and if you have to, force the issue through harvesting.”     

As Michele Malkin warned, "Ultimately, our future will not be secured in a Fox News anchor chair."

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Michelle Malkin’s speech at CPAC is the only one worth watching

Texas judge implementing the Left’s voter fraud agenda

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CPAC and the Giant Political Heroin Gathering Ep. 363

Mar 1, 2019 01:05:41


There’s a reason I didn’t attend CPAC and never have before.  It embodies everything wrong with the faux conservative movement. 


In this episode, we build on some of our principles in recent weeks to demonstrate why CPAC and the movement it embodies is a defeat mechanism that hurts us against the very battles they claim to fight but actually subvert us on the way. 


We explain the latest insane court decisions on immigration and how the Trump administration is betraying us on sovereignty while expanding the powers of the courts.  When will this end?   


Show links


Trump admin extends amnesty

Judge Demands that Texas stop fighting non-citizen voting


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All of the Urgent Issues More Important than Michael Cohen Ep. 362

Feb 28, 2019 01:04:58


Our sovereignty is being stolen by the courts meddling in illegal immigration and election law, yet so many of our people continue to focus their attention on the daily soap opera. 

The conservative movement has become so acculturated to illegitimate judicial supremacism that we now celebrate winning back crumbs from the cakes that they stole from us. I go through the latest court rulings on religious liberty and election law to show how they are successfully stealing our traditions, laws, Constitution, elections, and sovereignty without any opposition. 

Towards the end of the show, I give you the latest border news plus an update on the economy and how the debt continues to be an albatross weighing down economic growth. 

Show links

Even Politico notices that Trump is shunning conservatives on immigration  

Yes, this is an invasion

Your taxpayer dollars going for castration in the military

How the asylum invasion allows cartels to get criminals in

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The Mess of Borders and Constitutional Powers Ep. 361

Feb 26, 2019 00:53:24


I continue our discussion on how the conservative legal movement is not only wrong about the power of the courts, but is pushing certain judicial nominees who are part of the problem.

Next, I address the congressional resolution of disapproval on Trump’s emergency declaration. A lot of people don’t realize that Congress actually originally had the power to veto such a declaration without needing the president’s signature. Yet we allowed the courts to nullify it. Now the same people who complain about the president’s power and are begging the courts to nullify it originally allowed the courts to nullify their own power. Why do people only question presidential authority, but not judicial authority? 

Finally, a lightning round of important news you might have missed on all fronts. 

Show links

What the fight over Neomi Rao really reveals

We continue to arm al Qaeda

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There Is No Conservative Legal Movement Left Ep. 360

Feb 25, 2019 00:59:04


Do you know why we continue to get screwed by Republican-appointed judges?  Because so many of the people pushing them are really progressive libertarians, not even traditional libertarians, much less conservatives. 

On today’s show, I update you on Republican Sen. Josh Hawley’s fight for a modicum of social conservatism and the concerns he is raising about Neomi Rao, Trump’s nominee to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Those pushing her and attacking Hawley only care about libertarian issues, which is why the Kochs are pushing her. They don’t care about the attacks of the judiciary on our civil society. Thus, they are not concerned with the fact that she might be pro-abortion and subscribe to some of the doctrines creating B.S. rights. 

Tied into this narrative is the latest radical GOP appointee’s ruling that it’s unconstitutional not to draft men and women equally for military service. The reason we have lost so many cultural battles overnight because of the courts is because the “conservative” legal movement is not really conservative at all.

Show links

Judge mandates potential draft of women

Hawley’s concerns about Rao

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The History Lesson the Political Establishment Wont Give you on Birthright Citizenship Ep. 359

Feb 22, 2019 01:03:10


Today, we continue the theme from yesterday show (episode 358) on how so many “conservatives” you see on TV have accepted foundational premises of the left on key issues.  Nowhere is this more evident than with birthright citizenship.  We offer a unique history lesson explaining exactly what our founders meant by “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” and a wild fact about Chester Arthur. 


We also show how too many conservative legal scholars are making a mistake by adding on to fundamental rights rather than confining them to where they belong.  

Finally, we delve into some new crime and border stats to demonstrate the point that our political leaders need to focus on trends and not downplay their significance until things get worse.


Show links


The case of the jihadi bride and government’s failure to protect our citizenship

In NYC, 55% increase in murder, 21% increase in rape so fare this year

Ron DeSantis fighting for E-Verify where Trump wont touch it 


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Liberals Know What They Want, But Conservatives Have an Identity Crisis Ep. 358

Feb 21, 2019 01:09:50


Pick a single issue and decide for yourself whether there are enough conservative figures giving a vision on it.

In today’s action-packed show, I delve into how the policies and personnel in this administration are not conservative on many fronts, yet the phony conservative media doesn’t care about protecting the pro-MAGA people in the administration. Instead, they are now obsessed with playing the identity politics game and trying to “out-liberal” the Left rather than forging our own views. On immigration, the courts, and a number of security and sovereignty issues, conservatives are lacking.

Remember the promise of Kavanaugh? I'm sad to say, “See, I told you so.”

Finally, a number of important lessons to learn from the "jihadi bride," including a part of the birthright citizenship debate everyone is missing.  

Show links

Kushner is running the show

Trump State Department considering opening floodgates to Venezuela

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A Border County Official Speaks Out About His County's Invasion by the Cartels Ep. 357

Feb 20, 2019 01:03:09


On today’s very special show, I am joined by Joel Edwards, a county commissioner in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. His county has been at the center of the border surge over the past few months, and his residents are being hit by a cascading series of worsening events. Joel’s message is that the political elites cannot fathom what it’s like to live in such remote areas. His residents' way of life is harmed by illegal immigration and cartel activity even more than city slickers are affected by the same problems. 

If you think for one minute that the media is correct about drugs not coming in between points of entry, listen to Mr. Edwards discuss what is happening to his ranchers. They fear for their lives. Cartels have even offered them money to allow trafficking on their property and not to report them to authorities. 

Bottom line?  If the feds can spend money on sheltering and pampering illegal aliens, they can spend money on the residents of these very counties that are dealing with their presence.   

Show links

The media’s willful ignorance of the cause of the drug crisis

Joel Edwards on the threat to ranchers

Reps. Chip Roy and Mark Green push to designate cartels as terrorists orgs 

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What Ever Happened to All Those Caravan Migrants? Ep. 356

Feb 18, 2019 01:04:17


What ever happened to those thousands of people who came here belligerently in a caravan of 10,000+ and were stopped by Mexican authorities in Tijuana last November?  The president claims that they have been blocked, but the reality is that many of them are the groups coming in at other parts of the border. 

Today, I am joined by Todd Bensman (@bensmanTodd), senior national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, to discuss our working theory that many of the groups of 100-300 we are seeing in places like Hidalgo County, New Mexico, are, in fact, remnants of the original caravans. Todd visited the latest caravan in Piedras Negras and reports firsthand that Mexican authorities are releasing them with work visas. Do they wind up staying in Mexico? Dream on. Mexico is sprinkling them throughout our border so that they will avoid raising the ire of the American people. 

Show links

Todd’s eyewitness report from inside the holding facility of the latest caravan in Mexico   

How many of these are really from caravans?

Trump should end catch and release more than build a partial fence

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Trump Declared an Emergency. Now Treat it like an Emergency Ep. 355

Feb 15, 2019 01:03:17


Today, we review how Trump is implementing the wrong executive action and is only doing so to hide the fact that he betrayed us.  We analyze the problems with the bill and the political problems with the particular action he is taking and the way he is expressing it.  What should he do instead?  We always have ideas.  


Later on, we touch on the fact that this spending binge is worse than ever before and demonstrates why you can’t tax your way out of debt or grow your way out of it.  


Show links


Leftists control the immigration courts

The case Trump should make on shutting down the border

The current spending binge is worse than under Obama


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Will Trump Sign the Worst Amnesty Bill Ever? Ep. 354

Feb 14, 2019 01:12:46


This is Trump’s “Elijah on Mount Carmel” moment. Is he with the Swamp or is he with his campaign promises?

I explain all the gory details of this omnibus/amnesty bill and why it’s worse than you think. There is no wall in this bill and it actually facilitates more of the invasion. Then it has a provision that makes this the worst amnesty bill ever. 

Also, this bill sets the stage for an Iran-Contra-style entrapment if Trump uses executive action on the border. I explain why. 

Show links

White House trying to buy off conservatives 

5 insane provisions in the omnibus

We have allowed the cartels to shut down Hidalgo County

This bill turns Border Patrol and ICE into even bigger bed and breakfast

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A Freshman Rep Who Found the Swamp to Be Even Worse Than He Thought Ep. 353

Feb 12, 2019 00:57:50


Chip Roy spent many years in Congress as a staffer, but now that he is a member himself, even he is impressed with how feckless many of his Republican colleagues are. He joins me today for the first time since winning election to update us on the fight for our border and strategize on what Trump needs to do next.

Chip also updates us the stupidity of his colleagues: “If we are going to keep doing this Democrat-lite, 'small' government horse manure that Republicans have been shoveling for as long as I can remember, then we deserve to be in the ash-heap of history that we deserve as a party if we can’t stand up for freedom.”

In the second half of the show, I update you on the problems with the latest RINO sellout on the border and what Trump could be doing better. We also learn the lessons of the latest drug trafficking bust in Atlanta and how it ties into the border.  

Show links

DEA agent: 100% of drug problem is criminal alien problem

Menendez: Illegals charged with DUIs aren’t criminals

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Which Is Worse in Immigration: America's Front Door or the Back Door? Ep. 352

Feb 11, 2019 01:02:59


Today, I compare the problems of our front door immigration (front door) to our back-door problems with the border and conclude that they are both equally bad.

Everyone is discussing the anti-Semitic comments from Somali Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. What most people are missing is that this is a pervasive sentiment from many, not all, but many of the millions that we’ve admitted from these countries over the past generation. Why are we importing values of places that stand in contrast to our universal values here at home?

Next, I update you on the latest at the New Mexico border and how disincentives and incentives matter when it comes to a border invasion. Finally, I demonstrate why illegal aliens likely commit even more crime than the numbers we are seeing.   

Show links

The Somali congresswomen should be investigated for multiple felonies

Should we import the values of the Middle East?

Watch for Kavanaugh to be the new Roberts

New Mexico gov surrenders her state to the cartels

FAIR’s analysis of criminal alien incarceration population

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Our Biggest Problems Are the Cartels and the Courts Ep. 351

Feb 8, 2019 00:59:35


It all gets back to the cartels and the courts. What do the two have to do with each other?

First, I brief you on the latest betrayals from Republicans and how they not only plan to cave on the border wall, but to actually make the policies that are driving the invasion even worse. Next, I lay out a winning strategy for Trump to declare war on the cartels.  

Who is empowering the cartels? It’s all the court rulings. Which brings us to John Roberts and his recent ruling in an abortion case. Roberts is even worse than you think. Tune in to find out why.

Show links

Roberts takes his disdain for the Constitution to a new level

My blueprint for Trump’s success on the border

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Identity Politics: The Reason We Refuse to Treat This Invasion as an Invasion Ep. 350

Feb 7, 2019 01:02:33


Today, I tie together the identity politics over the Virginia governor and race to abortion and illegal immigration. Everything both parties care about all revolves around race rather than good public policy. I go through all the recent news on how our politicians are covering up the severity of the criminal alien problem. What lessons can we learn from the MS-13 subway attack? There are many that Mitch McConnell is refusing to learn.

Later in the show, I am joined again by Mark Morgan, chief of Border Patrol under Obama and former FBI agent, to discuss the latest at our border. He explains how our Border Patrol has been turned into a hospital and food service, spending thousands of agent-hours dealing with processing an invasion, hospital visits, and checking on the temperature of burritos rather than fighting the cartels.    

Show links

Illegal immigration is a much bigger national security threat than Afghanistan

NYPD hid immigration status of MS-13 subway murderer  

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Our Border Patrol Has Been Turned into a "Bed and Breakfast" Ep. 349

Feb 1, 2019 01:18:41


My meetings with border law enforcement continue today with Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot. He gives us a riveting briefing on the state of affairs in his county. The sheriff explains how our border agents have been turned into a bed and breakfast and transportation hub to complete the criminal conspiracy of the cartels. His county has been slammed with the cost of illegal immigration, particularly the strain on health care services. 

Show links

A New Mexico county under attack

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“Su Casa es Mi Casa” as a Governing Philosophy Ep. 348

Jan 31, 2019 01:01:23


Why is it that almost nobody in government will ever talk about the needs of America as a whole, but only for special interests and protected classes? Why is it that our government has adopted a “su casa es mi casa” mentality, offering the money, resources, safety, health care, education, and lives of Americans to help everyone else (including invaders) except for the people whom they were sworn to protect?  

Stolen sovereignty: How our government violates the law and the underpinnings of the social contract and applies a different set of rules to foreign national criminals than to American citizens. It’s all rooted in identity politics. 

Also, I explore why liberals want to destroy our traditional values but take us back a few centuries when it comes to economic progress and quality of life.

Show links

McConnell only cares about a shutdown, not our sovereignty

My case for designating the cartels as terrorists

Illegal arrested 3 times for DWI and voted in every election since 1994 and was still not deported

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Our Decades-Long Failure in Latin America Is on Display Ep. 347

Jan 30, 2019 00:54:49


You can only fight asymmetrical warfare with asymmetrical warfare. That is why any military intervention in Venezuela will not work at this point, according to our resident expert on Latin America.   

I am joined today by Joseph Humire, executive director of the Secure Free Society and one of the foremost experts on terrorism in Latin America. He is the author of a book on this subject, Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America.

He delivers another blockbuster briefing and analysis on what is going on in Venezuela and what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Of course, we need to combat the bad guys in the region, but after years of allowing China, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Cuba, and Turkey to stake out ground in Latin America, it is impossible to reinvent the wheel on a dime with a military intervention. Humire explains why we need to focus mainly on blocking a refugee influx as our priority. In general, he believes it’s long overdue that we get our priorities in order and recognize that Latin America is the most important geopolitical theater for us, so that the next time something like this happens, we actually have plays to make.

Finally, I discuss the latest in Mexican politics as well as Bolivia and how it ties into the caravans.  

Show links

How deeply Russian mercenaries are involved with Maduro   

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Trump Must Make the Border Issue Even Broader Ep. 345

Jan 29, 2019 01:01:16


In this episode, we try to give some hope on the capitulation. All is not lost in the border fight, and there is actually another chance … if Trump changes tactics, messaging, policy, and personnel.

I explain each element that needs to change. Personnel problems are killing conservative messaging and policies. Trump needs to use more executive action (that is lawful) and stand up to the courts. He needs to make this a broader issue than just the wall. What the cartels have done to this country is more severe in terms of drugs, crime, gangs, diseases, illegal migrants, cultural problems, and illegals voting than anything any other enemy can do to us. It’s time to designate them as terror groups and beef up our military presence. This will make Trump’s declaration of an emergency all the more understandable to the public. 

If Trump makes this a broader issue about the severity of the cartels and illegal immigration, it will make Pelosi’s position untenable with the public.

Show links

Jared Kushner and the Kochs are leading negotiations for OUR side. What could go wrong?

Jerks around Trump leaked meeting of conservatives

How our border agents are shut down

Our Border Patrol is still shut down

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Meet the Border County Sheriff Who Scares the Cartels Away Ep. 345

Jan 29, 2019 00:52:02


There is unbounded chaos at most parts of our border, and we are pulling our hair out to find a solution. What if I told you there was one border county that is actually better off than ever, even with the growing crisis elsewhere? Wouldn’t you want to learn from its people's actions and understand what they do right?

Mark Dannels is sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, and has worked in local law enforcement at the border since 1984. His county was once called “cocaine alley” and had a major human smuggling problem. Then Dannels became sheriff, and things started to change. He made it known that he will prosecute 100 percent of those caught with drugs. While other states and localities are becoming weaker on drug prosecutions, he didn’t give into the pressure. He enforces all existing laws to the fullest. Any juvenile picked up for drugs will be prosecuted as an adult with a 100 percent conviction rate.

Sheriff Dannels explains how being tough is actually the most humanitarian thing to do for all sides, because encouraging more juvenile smuggling dooms these youths to a life of abuse at the hands of the cartels. “You have to send the message that there are consequences for getting caught,” said the sheriff.

He also explains his success in working together with the military and the feds on monitoring cameras and how they have close to a 70 percent interdiction rate. But that requires the human support behind it of people who are willing to actually enforce the law. They do this in his county, which is why the cartels are sending everyone all along the border, but not anywhere under his jurisdiction. You don’t mess with Sheriff Dannels.       

Show links

Our border agents are now terrified of the media and are obsessed with medical attentions for illegals

Sheriff Dannels gets national recognition for his success

Senate Republicans getting ready to block Trump, not illegal immigration

Non-citizens voting in our elections is a huge problem  

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Why the Mexican Cartels Are a More Serious Threat Than Anyone Wants to Recognize Ep. 344

Jan 25, 2019 01:09:19


What is it going to take for us to get serious about the threat from the Mexican cartels?

Jaeson Jones, veteran Texas DPS intel and counterterrorism officer, joins us for his second briefing (here is the first episode) on the severity of the cartels' threat. They are no longer just drug cartels; they are essentially global terror groups that need to be designated as such, according to Jones. Their weapons, tactics, and infrastructure have taken a “quantum leap” over the past few years, and our government always seems to be a step behind. 

Show links

Even Congress’ research arm vouches for president’s authority

Rock-throwing operations by the cartels are used as diversions

Cartels with armored vehicles

My blueprint for what Trump should do next 

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Here is a Winning strategy for Trump on Immigration Fight Ep. 343

Jan 24, 2019 01:02:25


Conservatives need to tell the president to change course. His recent capitulations on the SOTU address and obsession with DACA amnesty all show that his advisers are not thinking outside the box. I lay out a three-part strategy for Trump to use the bully pulpit and get back on message, force Democrats to take tough votes, and then threaten to use his executive power to break the impasse. He needs to get more aggressive in pushing back against the courts, at least enough to force the Supreme Court to take up the issues. 

Show links

This article lines up with what I'm hearing

Conservatives are facing failure unless Trump changes strategy  

Why won’t we deport the 2 million known criminal aliens?

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46th Anniversary of Roe, Judicial Supremacy, and Stolen Sovereignty Ep.342

Jan 22, 2019 00:54:04



How does the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, judicial supremacy, and the crisis at our border all tie together?  Tune in for the latest updates on how the Supreme Court is screwing us by allowing lower courts to permanently alter our politics.  We explain why conservative judges are no match for liberal judges once we countenance this game of judicial supremacism. Even when SCOTUS makes the right calls, it does so in such a weak manner that it fails to kill the growing judicial cancer in the lower courts.  Nowhere is this more evident than with the lack of progress on stopping abortion and stopping the assault on our sovereignty.  


We also update you on the pathetic Senate immigration bill that will be voted on this week and what the Senate should be doing that would change this debate.   


Show links


60 million lives – the cost of judicial supremacism

SCOTUS malfeasance on DACA

Mexicans are paying in blood for our Central American amnesty policies


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Why Are the Media so Hell-Bent on Denying the Flow of Middle Easterners at Our Border? Ep. 341

Jan 21, 2019 01:17:05


“You can’t just judge a threat based on body count alone.”

Todd Bensman (@bensmanTodd), expert counterterrorism fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, joins me today to discuss how the political class purposely refuses to recognize a threat until it’s too late.

Specifically, we focus on how the media are refusing to recognize the problem of Middle Easterners coming to the border. They are debating prayer rugs as trace evidence when we have thousands of them coming in front of our eyes. He tells us how he’s been battling this problem his entire career. Why does the media not want the public to know?

We also have a deep philosophical discussion about counterterrorism and demographics and how to prevent America from becoming like Europe both through our land border and through our visas. 

The bottom line is that we must eschew this false dichotomy of “focus on this problem, but not that one.” We need to be honest and recognize all security problems before they reach critical mass and counter them at every strategic point. 

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All of the political and policy problems with Trump’s amnesty offer

Media’s stupid focus on trace evidence of Muslims at the border

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A Conversation with the Chief of Border Patrol Under Obama Ep. 340

Jan 18, 2019 00:58:02


Today I have a special treat for you in this bonus episode. I am joined by Mark Morgan, veteran FBI agent and chief of Border Patrol during President Obama’s final months in office. He gives us a firsthand account of all the problems, trends, and dangers at our border and why “we need to do it all including the wall.”

Criminals, gang members, and Middle Easterners? You bet. They are all coming to our border, as logic dictates, gives our suicidal magnets in the legal system. 

Morgan blows up a number of the media myths about the border. He tells us that this shouldn’t be political, and everyone needs to put aside the politics, just like he did personally when Trump fired him as chief of Border Patrol.

This is an intelligence briefing on the border you will want to bookmark and replay in the future. 

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Just how bad is judicial amnesty?

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Steve Deace's New Book on Being Truthful with Ourselves Ep. 339

Jan 18, 2019 01:21:25


We need more Jeremiahs before we merit an Ezekiel. That is why Steve Deace wrote a new book, as a modern book of lamentation but also a decoder for what went wrong with the conservative movement. Before we can solve the problem, we need to be truthful with ourselves about the severity of the problem. We need to recognize that if we continue to rely on false gods, we will only dig further into the progressive abyss.  Steve wrote "Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise)" to slay those false gods so we can even discuss a spiritual revival and turn to the real God for solutions. In these 80 minutes, we slay as many false conservative gods as you will ever come across in just one show. Be sure to listen to every minute!

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Dying for Jihad Overseas While Bringing It to Our Shores Ep. 338

Jan 17, 2019 00:54:09


When you thought our national security priorities couldn’t get worse, think again. I discuss how it’s a disgrace that we are still losing good men in Syria for nothing while we bring in terrorists and Sharia supremacists to our country. I tie this in to the latest absurd illegal immigration and criminal justice stories. Illegals control us with lawsuits.  We merely live in their universe. They can now sue law enforcement and then use years of lawsuits as an excuse to remain in the country and have anchor babies. 

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We are still giving aid to Hezbollah in Lebanon

Just how screwed up is our Syria policy? We are fighting against our own weapons

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When Racial Politics, Not Good Public Policy, Is the Ultimate Goal of Politicians Ep. 337

Jan 15, 2019 01:02:17


In today’s episode, I deviate from our typical policy decisions and focus on the problem in conservative media with racial politics. Many are so sensitive to the charge of racism that, in my view, they themselves engage in racism by mollycoddling certain classes over others. We are all created in the image of God, and nobody should be condemned or elevated to a lesser or greater degree based on their color of their skin.

In that context, I discuss the House resolution to condemn Steve King. As much as King has become ineffective with his remarks, nobody is trying to seek the truth of what he actually said. Moreover, the very people who are condemning him have met with those who say genocidal things about Jews and white people, which would be the equivalent of King meeting with David Duke – something that never happened. To suggest that somehow blatant racism among certain Democrats is not as much of a problem because they are non-whites, that in itself is the ultimate form of racism. A lot of things are true at the same time in this saga. 

We need to move to a time when race plays no role in any political decision and everything we do is based on what is good for the whole of the people.    

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List of 21 Dems who met with Farrakhan

Interviews with law enforcement on the border emergency

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Conservative Media Never Should Have Made a God Out of the Courts Ep. 336

Jan 14, 2019 01:01:25


It’s been three and a half weeks since a number of nonessential agencies have been almost completely shut down, yet nobody cares other than for the actual salaries of the workers. But what about the actual work? I explain the severity of our debt crisis and how it’s indefensible not to have a discussion about cutting some of these positions permanently, given what we now know about their utility or lack thereof.

Next, I move on to the judicial crisis, which so many conservative writers don’t think of as a crisis. In fact, they agree with judicial supremacism. Conservatives have promoted the stature of the judiciary rather than using their capital to fight against its illegitimate power grabs. I give you a number of new examples from religious liberty and guns to immigration and abortion to show how the Supreme Court is continuing to allow the lower courts to rule over us. This is because conservative judges and conservative political figures acquiesce to illegitimate court rulings, while liberals will delegitimize court rulings they disagree with. Meanwhile, conservative media figures are helping RINOs hide behind judicial supremacism in order to avoid primaries. 

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3 reasons why the media’s “points of entry” argument about drugs is bogus

Judge demands that DOJ stop prosecuting immigration felons

Judge violates Hobby Lobby and mandates employers cover abortion 

Conservative media made RINOs more popular all for nothing

SCOTUS might overturn this sane ruling on criminal alien gun conviction  

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The Failure of 'Conservative' Media to Give a Vision on National Defense Ep. 335

Jan 11, 2019 01:14:29


In today’s episode, I take on establishment “conservatives” who sit and revel in their ignorance on issues and scoff at the hard work others do while offering no vision of their own.

This is a problem across the board, but particularly with national security. They fail to see that in the 21st century, a strategic threat or an invasion is very different from what it was in the last century.  

I update you on the latest threats to our national security through the Mexican cartels and Islamic terror – both operating and funded through our homeland, not in some of the places where we have troops. The two operate more similarly that you think. We need to understand that 21st century threats will use our culture, media, courts, financing, and migration to attack us. This is why the Iranian leader warned about “drugs and migrants.”   

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MS-13 pack released by judge, stabs teen

How Qatar owns our media narrative. This is 21st century warfare

Just 12.5% of Afghanistan budget can cover wall funding Trump wants

DHS approved 8,000 child bride visas

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We Need a Border Even More Than a Border Wall Ep.334

Jan 10, 2019 01:03:54


On today’s show, I give you the full background on the latest border trends and why the border wall is not the end-all, although it’s important. Actually respecting our border, getting rid of lawfare and the magnets, and lack of interior enforcement are more important both to stopping illegal immigration and drugs. 

Get ready for the “wall for amnesty” deal. I explain in greater detail than ever before why this is like fighting fire with a blowtorch. I also bust up media narratives on the border and the broader drug and immigration issue. The media’s insane argument of “but the drugs come in at the points of entry” is wrong for three reasons. 

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We are winning this fight … if only Republicans don’t blow it

6 reasons why the border crisis is worse now than ever before  

Beware the Grahamnesty plan

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How the Media Succeeded in Covering Up the Border Crisis Ep. 333

Jan 8, 2019 00:56:45


Anyone who listens to this podcast is well aware of the severity and multifaceted nature of the border crisis. But for years, Republicans and their media outlets have done a poor job building the case and exposing the facts. This has allowed the media to easily obfuscate the issue and play the denial game. 

On today’s show I blow up all the media talking points and the border deniers who are pursuing a “see no evil, hear no evil” approach to their evil open-borders agenda.

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The legal case for building the wall from defense appropriations

Our open border has turned every town into a border town  

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Mexican Cartel Violence in Our Communities Ep. 332

Jan 7, 2019 01:00:13


If the public truly understood the extent of the problem we have with the cartels at our border and now even in our communities, it would completely change the politics of the border issue. 

Today, we are joined by a very special guest who is one of the leading experts on all things drug trafficking, cartels, transnational gangs, and border migration. Jaeson Jones spent 24 years with the Texas Department of Public Safety in the Intelligence and Counterterrorism division. He shares with us exclusive information in a full briefing on the danger of the cartels and gangs both at our border and in our communities.  This problem of drugs and human trafficking is all external, yet the feds and the media have failed to focus on it.

Jaeson explains why both the data and tactics of federal law enforcement, particularly at the FBI, have failed to quantify and address this issue. He shares with us the successes he’s had at Texas DPS and what the feds can learn from Lone Star law enforcement. There is so much dangerous crime at our border and in our communities, all related to the cartels that the government is not telling us about.  

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The judicial war on deportations

Border invasion intensifies while GOP Congress remains silent

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It’s Time to Make the Law-Abiding Taxpayer a Protected Class Ep. 331

Jan 3, 2019 00:59:10


Today, I discuss the need for the Freedom Caucus to finally develop a coherent strategy and agenda to address the concerns of the forgotten law-abiding American taxpayers, consumers, and victims of crime left behind by today’s elites. Rather than special interests as the protected class, it should be all law-abiding American citizens who deserve the focus of our government. 

I go through the lessons of today’s speaker vote, the upcoming debt ceiling fight, and the government shutdown and how conservatives can harness these focal points for such a vision.

I also give you the latest on victims of both illegal immigration and jailbreak policies as well as an update on our perverted priorities overseas. We are spending billions in Afghanistan while prosecuting our best soldiers for killing the enemy. 

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How jailbreak and illegal immigration tie together  

Latest report on $125 billion tab of Afghanistan

$53 billion in migrant remittances

The legal lynching of a Navy SEAL

Feds are only prosecuting high-level people and most traffickers are illegal

So-called red Texas is letting out murderers from prison. One murdered again.

Dems adopt rule to abolish debt ceiling without having to vote

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Dems Don't Elect Closet Republicans Ep. 330

Jan 3, 2019 01:01:27


In this first episode of the year, I show how Democrats have a vision and a sense of purpose while Republicans are balloons in the wind. The only messenger we have is the president, who is often muddled in a number of ways. We need to keep him on message. 

The biggest issue for which we need leadership now is the border and the interior problems we have from the invasion. I explain how drugs, cartels, gangs, crime, immigration, and jailbreak all come together and how we need a leader willing to lay out this case to the American people. There’s a reason the media, including Fox, stifle the truth about the severity of the immigration problem. If the public knew about the extent of the problem, it would completely upend the elites.   

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The trail of Middle Easterners coming through Panama

We are now forced to manage invasion of infectious diseases rather than deterring it

How every county is becoming a border county

Another American killed by illegal drunk driver

Why Romney is the worst  

Republicans didn’t lose Latino voters with Trump

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The Insane and Completely Avoidable Criminal Alien Crime Wave Ep. 329

Jan 2, 2019 01:01:16


I begin the show by recapping 2018 and how this year was full of missed opportunities for conservatives. Then, I transition into the biggest missed opportunity – telling the truth about the danger of the criminal alien problem.

In this show, I give you statistics you will never hear anywhere else quantifying just how concentrated criminal activity is among illegal aliens and how it’s all avoidable. I show how sanctuary policies in California are responsible for a ton of needless murder, including the murder of Ronil Singh, the legal immigrant cop gunned down by an illegal released through sanctuary policies.   

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Illegal alien crime wave ignored by media

How California’s sanctuaries allowed an illegal to commit a reign of terror

1,000 aliens released at El Paso 

How California bail law helps illegal immigrants

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The Only Shutdown of D.C. Elites Is in Their Brains Ep. 328

Jan 2, 2019 00:59:11


I begin the show dissecting two lessons from this week’s government shutdown. The fact that even Democrats have been quiet all week demonstrates how even they need a break and how Republicans, had they been determined, could have broken them with the threat of a talking filibuster all week. I also prove how this week’s fake shutdown reveals that much of the federal government is completely gratuitous even from a liberal standpoint.

Next, it's Foreign Policy Friday with Jordan Schachtel. We discuss the shutdown of strategic thinking on Syria and how the past week proves the need for multi-dimensional strategies. Trump is looking better and better on the actual pullout, but worse on his Turkey strategy.    

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How to force a talking filibuster

The lesson of the nonessential departments

The judiciary shutdown is the only shutdown that matters

The paper that cheers Hezbollah suddenly feigns concern for Israel

How the entire Kashoggi media campaign was an info op from Qatar

NYT loves Hezbollah

Caroline Glick’s must-read on Israel, Syria, and Turkey

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The Trail from the Middle East to Our Southern Border Runs Through Panama Ep. 327

Dec 26, 2018 01:21:27


There are many reasons why we need a border wall and reform of our suicidal immigration policies. One of the most forgotten ones is the existing flow of Middle Easterners and potential terrorists coming through Latin America to our southern border. To break down this issue, I have a special guest who is a journalist, former intel officer, and expert on counterterrorism and Latin American affairs. Todd Bensman is senior national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies. He recently took a trip to Panama and Costa Rica to expose the controlled flow of Middle Easterners coming north that is open to anyone who wants to see.    

Todd explains how the debate over border security must focus more on the terrorism threat at our border. He personally saw hundreds of Middle Eastern migrants being shunted northward by the Panamanian government. He details the programs they have put in place, together with American personnel and infrastructure, to manage the flow and try to weed out terrorists. The media is willfully blind to the problem.   

This is the sort of intel briefing that members of Congress drastically need, but they remain in the dark. Nobody in the media is interested in pursuing this angle either. Wonder why?

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The cost of illegal immigration vs. the cost of a border wall

Todd’s involvement in the Holy Land Foundation trial

Todd’s reporting on his trip to Panama

GOP prioritizing Syria’s fake security over ours

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False Choices on Foreign Policy: What a True Hawkish View Looks Like Ep. 326

Dec 21, 2018 01:04:41


Foreign policy in general and the Middle East in particular are full of false choices. In this episode, Jordan Schachtel joins me to co-host and explain why everyone in DC is wrong about foreign policy. Since nobody is giving a full vision on all aspects of foreign policy and how they tie together, we try to accomplish that in an hour. 

Our 2,000 troops in Syria are the least important way to counter Iran and are actually counterproductive. If you really want to counter Iran without risking lives and do it more efficiently in a way that directly addresses the threat to us, you’d attack Iran's finances, make the right alliances, get tough on visas and the border, stop funding the Lebanon army and Baghdad, threaten sanctions and NATO status against Erdogan, and destroy Hezbollah’s operation in our own backyard. 

How come the same people who want to bring Sharia Islamists to our country also want to put our boots on their ground to then bring in more immigrants?

This and more in our blockbuster end-of-year Foreign Policy Friday show. 

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My 2013 op-ed on Syria consistent with today’s philosophy

How Qatar is buying us off

Pull the plug on Afghanistan

We actually helped Iran with what we did in Iraq, and Israel warned against it

You don’t need to end the filibuster to pass a budget; just enforce the filibuster

Mattis was not only a liberal, he didn’t like Israel

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There Are No Leaders on the Right Ep. 325

Dec 21, 2018 01:01:06


Today, we see that when there is a modicum of leadership from prominent conservative figures, Trump is actually willing to fight. Where has this leadership been for two years?

I give you the postmortem on the jailbreak bill, an update on the border fight, and some things to watch for with the invasion of the caravan. 

Finally, I begin our discussion on how to view the Syria pullout in the context of a greater strategy. The lack of conservative vision and leadership is evident on foreign policy. 

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Final House vote on Jailbreak

Gohmert’s speech on jailbreak

An amazing report on the who, what, and how of the caravan

The latest judicial supremacist judge

Nebraska is a case study in killing our border

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Trump’s Multiple “Read My Lips” Moments This Week Ep. 324

Dec 19, 2018 00:59:11


Yes, I said “moments.” This week, Trump has relived George H.W. Bush’s fatal “read my lips” moment with regard to several issues: guns, jailbreak, drugs, immigration, and budget. 

In this episode, I give you the gory details of all of them and how they all tie together.  It's worse than you think. But perhaps some of our people are finally waking up.

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The Willie Horton politicians won the day but exposed themselves going forward 

The question nobody asks about House leadership

Exxon shows why swamp always wins  

Securing the border and ending sanctuaries are true justice reform

Gun owners fight against Trump gun control

Guess who will run jailbreak “education” programs

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My Closing Argument Against Jailbreak Ep. 323

Dec 18, 2018 01:11:11


In this show, I conclude my four-year battle against jailbreak with an unvarnished presentation of facts, rational arguments, and an indictment of the people who are pushing it. I cover the issue of crime and incarceration from almost every angle to show how this jailbreak movement is more Orwellian than you even thought. If this is what it means to be a conservative, it’s time to euthanize this phony movement.

I also tie in the latest criminal alien crime data from ICE to show how prevalent the sanctuary cities problem is and how much they are fueling the drug crisis. It is also the 800-poound gorilla in the room in the federal criminal justice system. Yet rather than unifying behind a message to deport criminal aliens, end sanctuary cities, build the wall, and end the magnets and loopholes, most Republicans joined with every single Democrat to advance a bill that will provide early release and reduced sentencing for these very people! 

Show links   

CR's full coverage of jailbreak   

Cotton’s op-ed on his amendments

Cultural marxist “conservative groups” think even violent and dangerous criminals should be released

Cornell getting taxpayer contracts to teach Marxism  

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How Conservatives Should View Obamacare Ruling and the Role of the Judiciary Ep. 322

Dec 17, 2018 01:11:21


Conservatives were greeted with euphoric political news late Friday when a Texas judge ruled Obamacare is unconstitutional. This is a great potential political victory, but is this the sort of legal outcome we believe in as supporters of constitutional supremacy over judicial supremacy?

This is a complicated question with multiple principles, facts, and outcomes being true at the same time. Judge Reed O’Connor was justified in issuing this ruling based on precedent in the higher courts on rules of standing and severability. However, I don’t agree with these precedents, and I think we need to tighten up the rules on these practices, irrespective of the outcome, because they violate Article III. I go in-depth in this case and explain when judicial review is appropriate and what it means, as distinct from judicial supremacy.

Finally, I update you on jailbreak and how a new CBO score exposes the foundational lie of its proponents. 

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“The Fools Are All on the Same Side” Ep. 321

Dec 14, 2018 00:56:46


In this episode of lamentation, I explain why the Swamp always wins fully on every issue all the time. When the two fake "sides" of fools are always on the same side, it allows them to pretend they are fighting while screwing us on our own talking points.  This ensures that they never have to vouch for their real plans and can lie about the bills they are passing. 

Through this prism, I give you the latest updates on jailbreak and the budget fight. At some point, we need to rethink how we plan to fight the Swamp, because what we are doing now is not working.  

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How Kushner screwed us

How exactly the left-wing border policies have single-handedly caused the drug crisis

Government’s immoral war on pain patients in order to protect the drug traffickers and illegals  

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How the Two Parties Are Like One Big Unibrow Ep. 320

Dec 12, 2018 00:54:45


In this episode, I give you an insider’s look based on my conversation with law enforcement on what the latest trends are at the border and how our own suicidal policies are causing the worst human and drug smuggling crisis in our history. When our government not only fails to protect us from this dangerous invasion, but actually facilitates it on behalf of the cartels, that is the ultimate government shutdown that should concern us. Yet the most prominent congressional Republicans are already undermining the president in his bid to fight for security. Trump must hold the line on the veto.  

Show links

A farm bill that would make Stalin proud

Todd Bensman’s exclusive video on Middle Easterners headed north from Panama

Center for American Progress has donated $200,000 to “conservative” think tank

Israel doesn’t mess around with border security

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What Do Jailbreak and the Farm Bill Have to Do with Each Other? Ep. 319

Dec 11, 2018 01:00:46


Well, for one, both these issues are being pushed by crony lobbies.

In this episode, I give you the latest details on the betrayal on both criminal justice and the farm bill. I go through some inside baseball understanding of how legislative tricks work and how jailbreak proponents are using a “revised” bill to pressure opponents to stand down. 

Finally, I explain how the farm bill is to agriculture what Obamacare is to health care.  The bottom line is that all these policies are being pushed by wealthy interests that stand to benefit from bad government policies.  

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Don’t be fooled by the 'revised' jailbreak bill

Why the for-profit prison industry is actually supporting jailbreak  

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Why Interior Enforcement Is Even More Important Than Border Assets Ep. 318

Dec 10, 2018 01:04:30


Today I discuss how the Supreme Court is allowing lower courts to create new rights to immigrate and to get abortion funding but refusing to defend the Second Amendment.  The New Jersey law against law-abiding citizens is insane in light of the state's sanctuary city laws. 

Next, were we right to be concerned about Kavanaugh?

Finally, based on conversations with ICE and the DEA, I demonstrate how the entirety of the drug and gang crisis and much of the criminal activity in general in New England is from criminal alien networks that are coddled by magnets, benefits, sanctuary cities, and judicial supremacy. Ending these vices is even more important than border security, because the magnets are the reason for the border problem.

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New Jersey abolishes self-defense for you while inviting in dangerous aliens

Iran vows to flood America with drugs, migrants, and terrorists

My warning on Kavanaugh was correct

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Why Qatar Is the Gutter of the Middle East and Why We Should Care Ep. 317

Dec 7, 2018 01:02:28


In this episode of “Foreign Policy Friday” with Jordan Schachtel, we discuss how our entire foreign policy establishment has been bought off by Qatar. What a disgrace to the legacy of Pearl  Harbor, as we commemorate the 77th anniversary of the attack.

We also discuss the drug cartels, Hezbollah terror finance on our shores, and the latest war on Israel’s northern border and how that ties into our southern border.   

Show links

Lindsey Graham’s insane push for regime change in Saudi Arabia

ICE busts another 50 illegal gangbangers on drug charges in Massachusetts thanks to sanctuary cities

Another Hezbollah operative caught in our country

Qatar buying off everyone

Qatar helping Iran attack Israel

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If Conservatives Don’t Lead Trump to Heaven, the Swamp Will Lead Him to Hell Ep. 316

Dec 6, 2018 01:04:53


This week we are seeing conservatives get crushed on budget, immigration, crime, the courts, and the backward policy of taxing exports while subsidizing farms. Yet there is no effort to have a righteous fight on a single one of those issues.

I begin with a discussion on the latest anchor baby problem at the border and what it means for our future. What happened to Trump’s promises?  Conservatives are asleep.

Republicans have a major problem with staff on the Hill. Meanwhile, the courts have gone wild creating new rights for aliens while stripping Americans of basic gun rights, even in their homes. I update you on the latest with New Jersey’s retroactive ban on even owning basic magazines and an insane Third Circuit opinion.

Finally, I discuss the problem with Trump’s tariffs in the context of the debt and the farm bill. The moral of the story? Trump has provided us with an opportunity, but if we sleep as a movement, the Swamp will take him over.     

Show links

Judges are now openly treating illegal immigration as a civil right

The size of legislative branch compared to just one executive department

Anchor-baby fence-jumping

Our legal immigration and poverty

The constitutional emergency in New Jersey with gun rights

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The Screwed-Up Priorities of the GOP Are Beyond Belief Ep. 315

Dec 4, 2018 00:57:58


Look up every synonym of “perfidy” in the thesaurus, and you will understand the phony Republican Party and the broken movement that backs it.

I first give you the details of the GOP budget betrayal and how Republicans focus on all the wrong priorities of the federal government while ignoring what is their solemn job. Republicans fight for every leftist cause but ignore ours.

Next, I update you on the insane courts and how the Ninth Circuit is creating super-rights for illegal aliens at breakneck pace. Yet Republicans refuse to do anything about it. I contrast that with liberal governors who refuse to abide by court decisions, even when they affirm real inalienable rights. Behold the imbalance of priorities and commitment of the two sides of politics. The liberals are the sun and “conservatives” are the earth, enveloped in the orbit of progressivism.  

Show links

Border fences don’t help when we have magnets

Grassley: Jailbreak is more important than confirming judges

9th Circuit rules you have a right to subvert immigration law

Trump easing off jailbreak

Republicans already surrendered the border fight

Yes, First Step Act releases high-risk offenders and rapists

MS-13 murderer was originally set free by a liberal judge  

Mass governor ignores courts on gun permits

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Nothing Matters in Politics but the Fine Print Ep.314

Dec 3, 2018 01:09:58


Today I have an announcement: the merger of CRTV and TheBlaze into Blaze Media. The bottom line is that we will continue to be the same fearless, independent conservative movement, now with a bigger platform, so that more people can hear the truth, particularly the fine print of politics missed by the others.   

Next, I give you a more detailed breakdown of the First Step Act than anything you will hear on another network. The key lesson is that you need to understand the fine print of the policies, the legislation, and the movement behind it. Specifically, in this case, once you understand the fine print, you will see how this bill will reduce sentencing and provide early release for the worst individuals pursued by federal prosecutors in this country. 

Finally, I give you the latest updates on the border crisis and the interior enforcement crisis and tie them all back into judicial supremacy, the drug crisis, and the federal criminal justice system. Now is not the time to use President Bush’s death to cave on our sovereignty. Trump needs to double down and educate the American people on the fine print of the immigration issue.  

Show links

This is the true poster child of criminal justice 'reform'

Meth is on the rise because of open borders and sanctuaries 

63% of non-citizen households on welfare  

The forgotten American in the immigration battle

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Politically Correct Foreign Policy and Social Media Virtue-Signaling Ep. 313

Nov 30, 2018 01:03:24


Jordan Schachtel, CR’s national security correspondent, joins me to co-host another episode of Foreign Policy Friday. 

Today, we cover the political complexity of Yemen and the war powers legislation advanced by the Senate this week. There are a lot of senators taking all sorts of positions for the wrong reasons. We explain why we don’t have much of an interest in Yemen and why, in general, it’s good to finally get Congress involved in war powers, but for most of these senators, it’s coming from the exact wrong place. It’s coming from political correctness over Saudi Arabia and Kashoggi at the behest of the lef-wing elites and the Iranian axis of influence.

Next, we update our listeners on what is going on with Iran and its stranglehold over Europe and how we need to ensure in America that we don’t fall victim. Iran, through Hezbollah, is the only major threat we face that should consume our foreign policy resources. Everything else is all a homeland security issue. We don’t need trillion-dollar wars killing our troops over nothing.  

We also speak candidly about different foreign policy philosophies and why we need to give a coherent worldview on multiple pieces of the pie, not isolate one issue that the media tells us is important. 

Show links

Doing the right thing on Yemen for the wrong reasons

ISIS…and the Senate making a martyr out of Kashoggi

Qatar is even buying off Jewish conservatives!

Documentary on Hezbollah

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Drug Crisis, Immigration, Jailbreak, and Hezbollah Terror Finance All Coming Together Ep. 312

Nov 29, 2018 01:05:17


In this show, I demonstrate why you need to have a full picture about multiple policies in order to get the truth on one of them. Nowhere is this more evident than in the nexus of crime, immigration, drugs, sentencing, and terrorism. I tie them all together and give a vision on what a true safety and security agenda is. Plus, I bust the myths of the opioid crisis and how government is hurting pain patients in order to cover for terrorism, drug cartels, immigration agenda, and jailbreak.

At the end of the show, I give an update on the domestic policy agenda of the lame duck and how Republicans have everything backwards. They promote “low-tax socialism.” I define what it is and why tax cuts mixed with socialism in every other sphere are the worst combination. 

Show links 

The forgotten man in the immigration debate

Hezbollah in America: Unit 910 Exposed

Israeli documentary on Hezbollah and cocaine trade

Government admits Hezbollah in Latin America is a problem

Bensman’s report on 15 terrorists who have been caught from the border

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The Perverted Sense of Justice of our Political Class Ep. 311

Nov 27, 2018 01:00:02


We are watching the political elites exhibiting compassion to the cruel and cruelty to those deserving compassion. Today, I go thorough crime, immigration, and the just laws of warfare to show how our political class has each one backwards.

Next, I discuss the perverted military policy of sending our troops into needless meatgrinders and then prosecuting them for killing the enemy.   

Finally, I give you an update on the border situation and how Trump can use his pen and bully pulpit to stand for the forgotten man of the immigration debate. 

Show links

Is a decorated Navy SEAL about to be railroaded?

More details on jailbreak  

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Get Ready for the Lamest of Lame-Duck Sessions Ep. 310

Nov 26, 2018 01:08:00


Are you ready for Republicans to use their final days with full control for conservative outcomes? You’ll be waiting until you die. Instead, they plan to pass jailbreak while ignoring our immigration problems, the debt, and the out-of-control judiciary before giving over the gavel to Nancy Pelosi. Why is Trump not threatening to use his veto?

I delve into the comments from John Roberts about judicial supremacy and his rebuke of Trump. This is how Congress is the ultimate lame duck: allowing single district judges to use more power than the entire legislative body of government. 

Next, I give you a full debriefing on the jailbreak bill and the stratagem of its proponents to lie their way into its passage.  

Show links

My Thanksgiving Manifesto

No judge has jurisdiction to erase our borders

All of the problems with the jailbreak bill

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Fire and Brimstone from Rep.-elect Chip Roy Ep. 309

Nov 20, 2018 00:49:07


Today I'm joined by a new type of congressman-elect: He is coming to Congress with the full intent of resetting the baseline of our politics on the five or so most critical issues of our time.  

In this must-listen, blockbuster episode to set the tone for Thanksgiving, I'm joined by Rep.-elect Chip Roy to discuss his vision for the future of our country.  You will see very early on that Roy is not like anyone else we’ve elected in recent memory. 

He outlines his priorities on debt, health care, foreign policy, immigration and sovereignty, and judicial supremacy. “We don’t need a majority, but a tireless minority when a few patriots on the inside work with outsiders to educate the public on the truth.” Roy plans to stand in the breach, define the fight on our own terms, and make all this political noise meaningful to the American people.

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Why we are no longer a sovereign nation

The truth about jailbreak

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The United States of Orwell is upon Us Ep. 308

Nov 19, 2018 01:04:40


The theme today is a world turned upside down.  Our foreign policy is backwards.  Our military policy is backwards.  Our criminal justice priorities are backwards.  Our approach to pain killers and health care juxtaposed to jailbreak initiatives is immoral.  Our court system and immigration systems are backwards. 


Want the truth about the jailbreak bill?  Tune in.


Next, we discuss the insanity of judicial supremacy and the Acosta decision from a Trump-appointed judge and how this shows we are right about “appointing better judges” being a fool’s errand.


Finally, we give an update on the border crisis and show from Orange County, California how we are losing our electorate without consent.


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Decorated Navy SEAL Charged with Murder of ISIS Member

The truth about the “non-violent offenders” in the jailbreak bill

The House freedom caucus needs a declaration of independence

Can we all have press badges in the courts?  

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The Truth of Conservatism Will Eventually Prevail … If We Fight for It Ep. 307

Nov 15, 2018 00:44:28


In this episode, I update y’all on jailbreak and how facts and details don’t matter to the bipartisan political class. But here’s the thing: That is only true because conservatives are asleep and let them get away with it. If we force an actual confrontation on this issue and other issues, they will be forced to defend the indefensible and we will win. 

I also go through the latest on the courts trying to steal Florida’s elections and change election laws late in the game. We literally have late voting now. 

"They know not, nor do they discern, for he has shut their eyes, so that they cannot see, and their hearts, so that they cannot understand." -Isaiah 44:18

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Reagan’s true immigration reform from 1982

Get the facts on jailbreak

Judges control elections

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Conservatives Are Getting Changed by the Swamp Instead of Changing It Ep. 306

Nov 14, 2018 01:04:51


Why is it that nothing changes in Washington? Because conservatives have lost any vision. The only vision they have is getting sucked in by the swamp.

In today’s episode, I discuss how only 43 House members voted to change leadership and what it means. I also tackle issues in the executive branch with good personnel being forced out because we refuse to back them.

Trump is now pushing jailbreak, a colossal betrayal of his campaign promise. I'll give you the details.

Next, I discuss the latest on how the caravan is being let in to invade our country as Trump focuses on jailbreak.

Finally, I discuss how the courts are controlling election law, in violation of our Constitution and history, which give states authority over election laws. We are losing multiple elections because of judicial supremacy. 

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The details of the jailbreak bill

The old Trump was right about incarceration

Republicans missing golden opportunity on crime and border with suburban voters 

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Orwellian GOP Creating More Democrat Voters Ep. 305

Nov 12, 2018 00:59:00


I begin today’s show by honoring the commitment of our veterans to this country’s defense. Our policy-makers owe it to our troops to make their sacrifices worthwhile and not waste them on aimless missions that often run counter to our security interests. Afghanistan is the ultimate case study for what I call “the reverse Patton.”

Next, I discuss three issues where Republicans are making more Democrat voters: voter fraud, jailbreak, and immigration. Republicans have refused to deal with voter fraud and the issue of non-citizens voting. Now those chickens are coming home to roost. Worse, Democrats now plan to use their time in charge of the House to push even more voting anomalies and mandates on the states. They will show the do-nothing Republicans what it means to control the House. 

What’s the next thing Republicans plan to do with only one more month in control of Congress? They plan to pass an early release bill for gun felons and drug traffickers during the worst border and drug crisis, and while Democrats are pushing gun control. I explain the details of this bill and how it is something Orwell couldn’t have written.  

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Afghanistan commander admits the war is lost but has new plan for our troops

How to value the lives of our soldiers at a minimum

Dems plan to push voter fraud in legislation

Jailbreak is a betrayal of Trump’s campaign promise

As of 2012, there were likely 200,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Florida

Why nothing matters until judicial supremacy is dealt with

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So Much Chaos, So Little Conservative Leadership Ep. 304

Nov 9, 2018 01:07:59


Following this election, there are so many decision points we are confronted with and so many brushfires from the Left to put out, yet we have no movement to combat them.

In this episode, I discuss leadership elections, primaries, picking an attorney general, jailbreak, judicial supremacism, election law, and the border crisis. On each of these issues, the Left is owning us, yet we are busy distracting ourselves with nonsense. We need leaders on the Right now.

In the second half, I dissect Trump’s executive order on the border and why it is lukewarm.

Finally, I make the definitive case for why we will not win back the courts as long as we agree to judicial supremacism.    

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The entire asylum claim is a lie

The blueprint for 2020 primaries 

The courts are killing this country

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Why Do Elections Keep Flipping the Day After, and Only in One Direction? Ep. 303

Nov 8, 2018 01:17:24


Teddy Roosevelt once said that “there is no enemy of free government more dangerous and none so insidious as the corruption of the electorate.” Today I am joined by Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, to discuss the growing problem of voter fraud, incompetent election officials, and the asymmetrical warfare the Left has been fighting in law and politics with election law.   Ever since election night, Democrats have been flipping races left and right — well, only Left — with provisional ballots, forced recounts, and other anomalies. Logan gives us a complete intelligence briefing on what is happening in Florida with Democrats continuing to close the gap with new votes.    He also gives us a broad view of how the Left has created an industry around victimizing minorities and openly using racist arguments to claim they are too incompetent to vote like everyone else and require special “help.” Democrats are winning both in the culture and in court, creating an insurance policy of provisional votes they can use to flip close elections.    Show links Our first show with Logan earlier this year   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.

How Conservatives Can Make Lemonade with the Election Lemons They Were Dealt Last Night Ep. 302

Nov 7, 2018 00:50:20


This is my first analysis of the election results. 

Bottom line is that this election has a lot more good news for conservatives than we previously thought. I explain what the election results mean, what they portend for 2020, and what conservatives can do between now and then. 

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Will We Finally Get Focused After the Election? Ep. 301

Nov 5, 2018 00:48:28


Rather than debate the accuracy of polling and make predictions on an outcome we will know within hours, I focus today on getting focused as a movement.

Irrespective of Tuesday’s outcome, we will need to lean on this administration to make the right choices, and we must give air cover to our allies. Unfortunately, our allies in this administration are being overruled on issues pertaining to Iran sanctions, spending bills, and how to deal with the courts, as well as immigration. We do Trump and the MAGA allies no favors by complaining about the deep state in the abstract, but then refusing to criticize the administration when it allows the deep state to win on important policies. I discuss all these policies on today’s show. 

Next, we delve into how the courts will strip this president of any lawful powers to improve this country and how we need to wake up and smell the judicial tyranny. They have now taken over all state election law powers even as they strip the federal government of its lawful power to set one uniform day for elections.

Finally, I return to our discussion of birthright citizenship from last week and supply yet more evidence that the entire legal profession is dead wrong on this issue.

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Every justice except for Thomas and Gorsuch allow insane global warming lawsuit from teenagers to proceed

Are we going to allow the courts to erase our borders?

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Your Ultimate Guide to Sovereignty and the Birthright Citizenship Debate Ep. 300

Nov 1, 2018 01:23:42


“Every society from a great nation down to a club had the right of declaring the conditions on which new members should be admitted, there can be room for no complaint.” –Gouverneur Morris (believed to be primary author of the actual prose of Constitution), Constitutional Convention in 1787

This is one of my longest and most foundational podcasts. I trace back sovereignty, citizenship, and self-governance form our Founding through the 14th Amendment and subsequent court cases. I show how we are no longer a sovereign nation thanks to illegal immigration, judicial supremacy, and the mix of the two problems.

Bookmark this as your definitive takedown of the feudal-era jus soli principle on birthright citizenship, conclusively proving why Wong Kim Ark was wrongly decided and why even if we support that decision, it cannot be extended to illegal aliens.

Our phony conservative legal scholars are playing the Left’s judicial black-magic game that we can never win.   

Show Links

Nothing Trumps consent and sovereignty 

Here’s the truth about the courts and birthright citizenship

TV scholars have citizenship backwards

The dissenting opinion in Wong Kim Ark  

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What Everyone Is Missing About Birthright Citizenship Ep. 299

Oct 30, 2018 00:54:18


I pack into this hour every fact and myth about birthright citizenship. Illegal immigrants who come here without the consent of the people cannot be considered as having attained entry onto our soil. As such, even if we have birthright citizenship for legal immigrants, it cannot be applied to legal immigrants. I go through the full historical, philosophical, and legal case. And yes, Trump has the power to change an erroneous policy that has no grounding in statute. 

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The originalist case against birthright citizenship

Liberals have citizenship backwards

Scalia would never agree to violate sovereignty 

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Pittsburgh and "Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste" Ep. 298

Oct 29, 2018 01:20:32


Pittsburgh, pain, and politics.

In this episode, I discuss the theological underpinnings of what went on this weekend and what should not be political. Unfortunately, those with an agenda have already made the part of this that shouldn’t be political into a political witch hunt to stifle debate. It all gets back to never letting a crisis go to waste for a political agenda. I make the case for why atrocities shouldn’t be used as human shields to stifle debate.  I also explain my views on how to deter and protect against these attacks to the best of our ability.  

Show links

Atrocities are not political human shields to stifle debate

Refugee policies are killing us with “compassion”

Muslim immigrants chanting “Intifada” on our shores

Should we import the values of the Middle East?

Remember when Trump had a 95-year-old Nazi deported?

Bringing the persecutors to the asylum 

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Everyone is Missing the Point that Cesar Sayoc Should have been in Prison Ep 297

Oct 27, 2018 00:43:19


"When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger"

There’s a growing trend that whenever there is an attempted or successful terrorist attack, a politically-motivated attack, a school shooting, or other heinous public crimes, we debate the party affiliation of the perpetrator, the weapon of choice, and the nature of the target.  But what we all fail to notice is that most people who sink to the level of murder or attempted murder usually have rap sheets of “lower” level crimes and other warning signs but never lead to them being take off the street.  Rather than tear each other down of politics, we need to start asking why these people, known wolves as my friend Patrick Poole calls them, are not locked up?

In this special episode, we discuss how “rhetoric” on both sides is not responsible for their respective crazies who try to murder.  The only problem is when people like Maxine Waters make specific threats to get in public official’s faces and swarm them with a “crowd.”  That is not a rhetoric problem, that is a direct threat.  In this case, as with the Scalise shooting from a Bernie supporter, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s a criminal justice problem.  He had a huge rap sheet and was never locked up. 

This is a problem from both parties because they both support policies that have ensured people arrested for similar crimes are not locked up. 

Show links  

Sayoc’s threat to commit a 9/11 attack…15 years before Trump

My facebook post on Sayoc

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We Must Completely Reset the Baseline on Conservatism after the Election Ep. 296

Oct 25, 2018 01:07:22


Are we just going to be Election Day groundhog activists and go back into our bunker the day after the election, or will we finally forge ahead with an agenda? 

In this episode, I discuss the need to reset the baseline of what it means to be a conservative, how it applies today, and what we seek to achieve. Otherwise, that baseline will forever drift to the left. I discuss Chip Roy’s plan to reset the baseline, the way we discuss issues, and the goals we hope to achieve on all the important issues. 

I delve into the false dichotomy about labels like nationalism and how we define ourselves relative to the media rather than in our own affirmative and absolute terms. 

Finally, I give an update on some immigration-related news and how the courts are a perfect example of the need to reset the baseline. 

Show Links

Our resource page on caravan news

WSJ: Half of economic growth from government spending

James Wallner’s excellent article on the need for a vision

Georgia judge trying to steal the election

The latest border numbers are astounding 

Before it was political, the media reported on non-Latin Americans coming across the border

Chip Roy will be a game changer

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Anatomy of an Invasion: How About We Make Illegal Immigration Illegal? Ep. 295

Oct 24, 2018 00:59:22


Many people fail to realize that our laws on illegal immigration are fine; it’s our executive policies and the courts that are the problem. We don’t really make illegal immigration illegal, and actually, we sometimes criminalize enforcement, not illegal immigration. If we merely de-magnetized our border by ramping up interior enforcement, ending asylum, and ending all of the benefits, illegals would not come. I prove this thesis through history and data.

Also, we must be careful that the border wall doesn’t become a distraction. I explain how border walls only help if we respect our own sovereignty, but not if we invite illegal immigrants in with asylum and other benefits. It’s more important to tackle the policy problem than the infrastructure problem.

Finally, I discuss the concern of terrorists in Latin America being smuggled through our border and how it’s worse than you think.    

Show links

Trump is right about Middle Easterners coming to the border

The GOP not doing enough to make the border an issue  

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Calling Balls and Strikes on Behalf of the Anti-Swamp Movement Ep. 294

Oct 22, 2018 01:07:36


In this episode, we discuss the need for a movement and a conservative media that calls the balls and strikes on policies of a Republican president and Congress. Often Trump is intuitively with us but has idiots in his administration pushing him the other way. We do him no favors by treating him with "kid gloves" and ignoring his policy betrayals, because it strengthens the hands of the swampsters and weakens our allies in the administration.

We begin by focusing on the good things Trump is doing to combat Russia’s nuclear aggression and his laudable decision to pull out of the one-sided nuclear treaty. We make the case for how Trump can follow up on this and destroy Democrats on Russian collusion.

Next, we focus on opportunities and pitfalls with the caravan invasion of our border. Trump is hitting the right stride, but there are still forces in his administration that are helping the invasion with wrongheaded asylum policies. We give you some inside information about what’s happening at our border and what needs to happen to restore the rule of law in immigration.

Finally, we address judicial supremacism and how even Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch seems to think a republic means judicial supremacism.

Show links

LA Times finally tells the truth about the drug crisis and the border

Trump’s power to stop the invasion

Early voting is unfair and unconstitutional

Gorsuch gets the role of the judiciary wrong

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Dying on Islamic Hills Ep. 293

Oct 19, 2018 00:59:46


In another blockbuster foreign policy Friday with Jordan Schachtel, we discuss the latest with the Khashoggi saga and juxtapose the media’s disregard of the truth and consequences of their advocacy. Why is the media not concerned about immigration from Saudi Arabia, yet they hate the new Saudi government that is actually fighting terrorists? Just how powerful is the MB influence in America? It would shock you.

We move on to Afghanistan, where the top U.S. commander was almost killed in an “insider” attack that left a top Afghani official dead. We prove once and for all that the situation is irremediably broken, and to pull out is actually a victory for us, not a defeat. 

Finally, we discuss immigration policy from a terrorism standpoint and how Trump can add to his promising week of diplomacy with Mexico. 

Show links

Finally! They will process bogus asylum in Mexico, not in the U.S.

The war in Afghanistan is over

Focusing on immigration and terror finance is a much better counterterrorism strategy 

What the media isn’t telling you about the Khashoggi affair

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Let’s Say the GOP Keeps the House. Then What? Ep. 292

Oct 17, 2018 01:00:41


Republicans, even all the liberal ones running on liberal policies, must defeat the Democrats. Fine, I get it. But what is our plan to stop the betrayal of Republicans in Congress the day after and actually focus on cleaning our own house for once? 

What’s next? When will we actually hold Republicans accountable for betraying us on every issue? When will we actually fight on the budget, the border, and health care?

I delve into the severity of the health care betrayal and how Republicans are making Obamacare great again. It’s worse than you think.

Also, I discuss Ben Sasse and how he has the wrong diagnosis of our political problems and the wrong prescription. In fact, he has no prescription other than virtue-signaling for the media and selling books.

Finally, I address some of Sessions’ forgotten accomplishments that the conservative media ignores.

Show links

We don’t need new laws to stop an invasion 

Republicans are misreading the electorate on immigration

Malpractice: How Republicans made Obamacare great again

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Politicians Should Look in the Mirror to Discover Who Caused the Pre-Existing Condition Problem Ep. 291

Oct 15, 2018 01:20:44


Are you sick of Republicans and the conservative media focusing on these quasi-cultural flash points but then agreeing with Democrats on all the policy outcomes? Be sure to tune in today.

In this blockbuster episode, I cram as much health care policy into one show as I possibly can. I discuss how Republicans have essentially agreed to Obamacare and socialized medicine even as they claim to fight it. Why are health care and medical insurance so messed up? Who caused the pre-existing condition problem? Who is at fault for all the mergers, acquisitions, and monopolies as well as the destruction of private practice? Bookmark this podcast, because this is the message that needs to be delivered on the campaign trail.

I also touch on jailbreak and how Trump used to understand race, crime, and incarceration, but has gone back on his campaign message. I give you the most up-to-date FBI statistics.

Finally, I explore some cultural fights that have jazzed up our base but have not resulted in policy outcomes. We should care more about how much of the Dem policies our own side is adopting than the soap opera on the Democrat side. 

Show links

The ultimate reform of Medicaid and pre-existing conditions

Even worse than the cost of health care is what gov’t is doing to the quality and to doctors 

The old Trump was right about crime, incarceration, and race

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Virtue-Signaling Should Not Replace Facts and Policy in the Middle East Ep. 290

Oct 12, 2018 01:08:29


In this episode of “Foreign Policy Friday” with CRTV’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, we lay out the bare truth of the saga with Saudi Arabia and the disappearance of Jamal Kashaggi. 

Jordan demonstrates that this guy was no journalist; he was a pro-al Qaeda activist with the Muslim Brotherhood. This is not our hill to die on. While we don’t like all the behavior of Saudi Arabia, the reality is that the nation is more of a help then a harm in this day and age when the bigger problem is Iran, Qatar, and Turkey, while the Saudis have reformed. Does this mean we should be full allies with the Saudis and allow them to sucker us into their problems? No. We put America first and use them for our interests while ignoring them when there is no interest. Stop with the false dichotomies. A clear vision of America’s interests will make these decision points a lot easier. 

We also talk about the latest subversion activities of Turkey and Qatar and the search for the next UN ambassador.

At the end of the show, I explain how conservatives need to follow our dictum on foreign relations for domestic political relations with Republicans. Don’t judge an issue based on the enemy of your enemy; judge it based on the merits of what you believe in. I give an update on jailbreak and give more statistics to blow up the myth of the jailbreak movement being pushed by people like Kayne West. Let’s stop supporting people who are not worth defending just because they had one fight with our enemy, the media. 

Show links

Trump’s betrayal of crime victims

H.R. 193 to abolish the UN

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The Fine Print Is All That Matters in Politics Ep. 289

Oct 11, 2018 01:10:20


Those who work in politics full-time and claim to be conservative need to read the fine print on the policies, strategies, and personnel upon which they opine. The fine print is all that matters, and understanding it will void out the message they are getting from the bold print.

In this episode, I discuss all the ways the GOP is screwing us on policy and personnel, from crime and immigration to economics, and health care. Yet the brainless “conservative” media is so distracted and uninformed, and they don’t read the fine print, that they actually help the Left they seek to fight. This is the danger of having no affirmative ideology, goal, or direction other than responding to the Left at any given moment. 

Show notes  

Read the fine print on rinos

Trump is abandoning his base on crony ethanol  

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The UN, Immigration, Courts, Sanctuaries, and Stolen Sovereignty Ep. 288

Oct 9, 2018 01:01:25


Everyone is abuzz with rumors about the next U.N. ambassador. I offer some ideas for who should be the conservative pick and what is important about this position. I also note how conservatives are not in a good position to block some of the bad names being mentioned.

Next, I show how there is a torrent of court cases that will hurt us on sovereignty and immigraition. Courts just ruled sanctuary cities are entitled to federal funding. And no, a more conservative Supreme Court will not fully solve this problem.

I conclude with a discussion on the sheer growth of legal and illegal immigration and how we are funding our demise with sanctuary cities and anchor babies.

Finally, I preview the next battle over ethanol statism. 

Show links

We are funding anchor babies with Medicaid

Sanctuary cities and the drug crisis

UN pushing border invasion in our own liberal courts

Another sanctuary judge

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Imagine if Republicans Pulled a Kavanaugh on Other Issues Ep. 287

Oct 8, 2018 01:02:54


What do you do when you are losing a war and have a weak army, but then get a miraculous break and win one defensive skirmish? Do you get drunk and celebrate as if your troubles are over, or do you double down and go on offense while working to finally make competent fighting men out of your forces?

This is the analogy that should guide conservatives in dealing with Republicans after the Kavanaugh victory.  We need to double down on the fight and get better Republicans, not just any Republicans elected.  We should demand they come back in session and spark similar flash points over immigration and crime and other issues.

But to do so, we must develop our own goals and destinations. What is it we want as conservatives? It’s not enough to merely wake up every day and oppose what the Left is doing. Let’s pursue our agenda and make the Left respond to us. In that way, we can take Christopher Columbus’ adage to heart – that “by prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.”

Show links

6 lessons GOP should learn from Kavanaugh fight

Complacent conservatives should learn the Murkowski lesson

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What Happens After Kavanaugh Is Confirmed? Ep.286

Oct 5, 2018 00:58:02


Let’s not remain happy with just one victory; let’s follow up on the Kavanaugh victory with a more robust agenda.

In this episode, I go through the lessons of the Kavanaugh victory and what conservatives can do to influence the outcome of this election, nominate better Republicans in the future, and replicate this unity in other issues. The GOP could turn the tide in October, if they only cared.   

Meanwhile, we must remember that we are not winning back the courts by simply appointing better judges and continuing to agree to judicial supremacy. I talk about some recent cases missed by the conservative media.

Next, I discuss how conservatives missed the boat on Joe Miller challenging Lisa Murkowski in Alaska in 2016 and what this means for Mississippi this year.  

I also focus on some positive developments with sanctions on Iran and defeating European efforts to undermine our diplomacy. 

Show links

Only reason GOP is fighting on Kavanaugh is because they fear the base

My 2016 endorsement of Joe Miller

Anthony Kennedy has a lot of nerve to complain about failed democracy

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GOP Policy Betrayals So Unbelievable That Base Voters Truly Don’t Believe It Ep. 285

Oct 3, 2018 01:02:48


If the Left is militarized beyond repair, why not just go all out? Why are congressional Republicans still capitulating on every other issue aside from the Supreme Court?

Today I'm joined by our congressional correspondent, Nate Madden, to discuss the latest happenings in Congress and the latest prognoses on the Kavanaugh vote. We try to discern why our base is so numb to all the policy betrayals and why it’s so much harder to galvanize the Right in American than the Left. Nate believes the difference is rooted in the lifestyles and worldviews of the respective ideologies. Conservatives must face the irony of focusing on government, which is naturally not their priority, in order to get government out of their lives. 

We also explore the growing dynamic where our own voters, because of the viciousness of the Left, are projecting logical thoughts on Republicans that are completely unfounded. It’s counterintuitive, but Republicans are so unbelievable in their perfidy that they more they do it, the more they get away with it, because base voters need a hero and need something to believe in. 

Show links

Only reason Republicans are fighting on Kavanaugh is because they fear the base

Will Republicans change their ways after Kavanaugh?

Imagine if we had a party that understood health care

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The GOP's Culture of Capitulation Comes Home to Roost Ep. 284

Oct 1, 2018 00:47:29


Just when we thought Republicans would finally unite behind one issue, namely a Supreme Court nominee, the RINOs come out to sandbag us. In this episode, I analyze why McConnell and Co. deserve the blame for having these RINOs in the Senate in the first place. We tried to warn them about people like Murkowski, but they fought tooth and nail for her. Now they must reap what they sowed. Moreover, they foster a culture of capitulation on 90 percent of the other issues so that even when they come to the 10 percent they wish to accomplish, there are enough members whom they groomed and acculturated into this culture of capitulation that they block us even with a court nominee. 

And speaking of other issues, it’s as if the conservative movement is hooked on political heroin and is totally numb to the budget betrayal. President Trump signed the budget betrayal at high noon on Friday, yet conservatives don’t even know about it. Also, Trump is on the cusp of endorsing Kevin McCarthy for speaker. Do we have a movement that thinks for itself? 

Finally, I preview the coming elections, which are taking an ominous turn. 

Show links

So, will Republicans stop working with Democrats on jailbreak?

Trump and son signal support for McCarthy over Jordan

Flashback: How Tim Scott and Marco Rubio showed Dems identity politics will pick their lock on SCOTUS

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The Kavanaugh Saga and the Perfectly Corrupted View of Criminal Justice Ep. 283

Sep 28, 2018 01:13:53


In this episode, I analyze the Kavanaugh tragedy – and yes, it is a tragedy – from a unique angle. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have been the leaders in weak-on-crime laws for juvenile crimes and want to let convicted felons out of jail. They don’t give a darn about victims. Yet when it comes to political outcomes, they are willing to hang a guy with no evidence and violate every norm of due process under the guise of protecting victims.

I explore multiple factors, political dynamics, and outcomes that are seemingly conflicting but are all true in their own right. The Republicans' stand on this issue is important, but only if that is used as a springboard and a cathartic moment to change their modus operandi, not as a means of covering up every other betrayal and continuing to do so. In that vein, I explore how conservatives should view Lindsey Graham’s newfound feistiness. The key is this: Many thoughts (and hot takes!) can be true at the same time.     

Show links

15 constitutional questions we still don’t know about SCOTUS nominees

While you were distracted, here is what Congress did

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Trump’s Terrific UN Speech on Sovereignty and Patriotism Ep.282

Sep 26, 2018 00:57:53


Unfortunately, this will be lost in the fight to the death over Kavanaugh, but Trump just delivered one of his best speeches. 

Today, I am joined by CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, to dissect the important elements of Trump’s speech before the U.N. General Assembly.  Jordan shows how Trump is taking a new, much-needed stance on international relations, breaking through the false choices of isolationism and globalism. We also go through our typical “foreign policy Friday” discussion about where the administration is living up to the principles Trump laid out and where it is falling short. We cover Latin America, Israel, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. Is Chinese meddling in our election a bigger problem than Russian meddling? 

Finally, we give an update on how the House of Representatives is spending its final week in power. You will not like it one bit. 

Show notes

Chinese election influence

Sovereignty + patriotism= peace and prosperity

Can we all agree SCOTUS has too much power?

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Why “Conservatives” Have Become the Cleveland Browns Ep. 281

Sep 24, 2018 00:58:55


In this episode, I dissect how phony conservatives have supported a phony Republican Party that never accomplishes anything and always moves the ball forward for the Left. I explain how they continue to get away with the biggest political fraud of all time by promoting the same arguments for voting GOP. You are as likely to succeed in promoting conservatism with this political party as the Cleveland Browns are likely to win the Super Bowl.  

I tie together the latest on the Kavanaugh case, the death of the Values Voter Summit, and the betrayal on the budget bill. 

Finally, I offer a preview of the upcoming battle over immigration and public charge. 

“You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.” [Haggai 1:6]

Show links

Kavanaugh is liberal on immigration

Public charge laws are deeply rooted in our history

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Forget the SCOTUS Fight; the GOP Has Already Surrendered Congress Ep. 280

Sep 20, 2018 00:45:31


Today I'm joined by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, to discuss the failures of House leadership and how they are betraying their promises on the budget. Jordan tells us that House leaders are like a wrestler who forfeits the match the minute the whistle is blown without having a fight.

The congressman gives a vision for what he plans to do in the House if he wins the election for speaker. He plans to make the House at least an equal partner with the Senate, if not the stronger body.

We also discuss how the Founders would laugh at SCOTUS confirmation fights becoming so acrimonious, yet budgets being so amicable between the two sides. It reflects a perversion of where the power is supposed to lie within our system of government.

Finally, we discuss the latest on illegal immigrant families getting to host other illegal alien children without ever getting deported, even though many of them also have criminal records.   

Show links

Letter from John Jay to John Adams declining offer for chief justice

Feds forced to deliver alien teenagers into the hands of other illegals

Forget about refugees; asylum is worse

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What Would the Founders Think of Today’s America on Constitution Day? Ep. 279

Sep 17, 2018 01:05:13


Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, but nobody cares. I relate the final hours of the convention and discuss the lessons we can learn from Benjamin Franklin’s closing speech and what we need in our era.

Then I move on to the Kavanaugh accusations. Rather than focus on details that we frankly don’t know, I draw two important lessons from this. One, Republicans always nominate milquetoast people thinking they can placate the Left, but then get burned by the worst accusations of all. Also, I discuss, irrespective of the truth in this case, the general problem with our culture of hyper-sexualization among the youth that the very people who claim to care about “me too” refuse to address.   

Show links

What our Constitution is about and where we went wrong

My podcast on Roy Moore to compare to the current situation  

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Getting Crushed in an Election for the Other Side’s Beliefs! Ep. 278

Sep 14, 2018 01:11:30


“Republicans have always had a rare gift for paying the political price associated with revolutionary change without actually accomplishing anything revolutionary. They're savaged for actions they were intimidated out of taking.” ~John Hayward.

In this episode, I explain how we are getting sold out on every issue in the budget battle and we are also facing a catastrophic loss at the ballot box. The two issues are quite intertwined, and I describe how Republicans managed to pull off the worst stewardship of government of all time – suffer all the liabilities of power but get none of the benefits. They are stoking the opposition beyond anything we’ve seen while doing nothing to energize their base or reclaim lost voters in the middle.

I go over the health care, immigration, budget, and spending betrayals and how the current budget setup is a triple play. The soft bigotry of low expectations and complacency from those who call themselves movement conservatives is taking a toll. 

If you are looking for a thematic podcast that encapsulates our mission statement, this is the one for you.  

Show links

The gory details of the budget bill

House committee seeks to limit judicial power but party will never fully embrace it

Politicians doubling down on the causes of border surge  

My strategy in 2016 for successful repeal of Obamacare

How Republicans sabotaged us on health care

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No Lessons Learned 17 Years After 9/11 Ep. 277

Sep 12, 2018 01:17:13


Not only have we failed to learn the lessons of 9/11, we have done the exact opposite of what prudence should have dictated regarding immigration and border policy. 

Today I am joined by Todd Bensman (@BensmanTodd), senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies. Bensman draws upon his experience in intelligence for the Texas Department of Public Safety to discuss the threat of Middle Easterners at our southern border.

Bensman believes the threat of granting asylum to Middle Easterners at our border is being ignored by much of the political class. It remains our Achilles heel because “terrorists are unlikely to come here with a bomb; they will come with a good story.”  We are admitting a number of Middle Easterners at our border through our broken asylum system. Todd believes that we have a problem with a migrant trail just like in Europe. He explains the pipeline through Latin America and how there is a well-established process for bringing in Middle Easterners.

The moral of the story? Why are we not focusing more on the border, visas, and Latin American relations since 9/11 rather than Middle Eastern civil wars? When will we learn the lessons of 9/11?    

Show links

ISIS plot against American ambassador … in Suriname?

9/11 plotters had visas approved even AFTER the attack

Somali smuggler brought at least 50 migrants through the border

How broken asylum policies allow us to bring in an Al-Shabab member

Todd’s PJ Media articles 

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How Can Our Political Class Be So Wrong on So Many Issues? Ep. 276

Sep 10, 2018 01:00:18


When it comes to the most important issues of our time, the political elites are not just missing their shots, they are tossing one airball after another. The entire premise that many policies and political fights are built upon is absolutely erroneous.

I begin the show continuing our ongoing discussion about the true origins of judicial supremacy and how it is a political fiction that was completely rejected by our Founders. I shed new insight on how Madison and others were certain that the other branches of government have just as much say in constitutional interpretation as the judiciary does. Yet we have an entire Supreme Court fight built upon a lie that the court is the final word on every matter, absent a constitutional amendment. Both sides, including conservative legal elites, buy into this fallacy.

Next, I discuss the upcoming wasteful spending on a drug crisis that Congress has completely misdiagnosed. The true crisis is illicit drugs from open borders, Medicaid expansion, and the war on legitimate pain patients.

Also, Trump is finally coming around to our point of view on the budget. So where is the “conservative movement” backing him?  

Show links

Medicaid is the big culprit in prescription overdose crisis

But open borders letting in illicit drugs are still the main problem  

It's budget or bust for Trump, but where is the cavalry?

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The Judicial Supremacists are Disciples of Dred Scott, not Abraham Lincoln Ep. 275

Sep 7, 2018 01:07:13


In this episode, I continue the long-running discussion on the true role of the judiciary and who has the final say in constitutional interpretation. I demonstrate the absurdity of how everyone on both sides seems to think the courts are king. It creates a self-fulfilling political crisis with each judicial nomination. I show how this is not the way our Founders created the system, nor does it have to continue being this way.

My solution is to return jurisdiction over the most partisan political issues in the federal courts to state courts. I explain why this is still in line with the founding view and the practice in our early years and give three reasons why it is superior to the status quo.

I then re-enact the Lincoln-Douglas debates to demonstrate once and for all why the judicial supremacists are disciples of Dred Scott and constitutional supremacists are disciples of Lincoln.  

Show links

Top 9 observations on the worthless Kavanaugh hearings

Lincoln-Douglas Debates  

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We’re All Missing the 800-Pound Gorilla in the SCOTUS Confirmation Fight Ep. 274

Sep 5, 2018 00:59:51


What is the point of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing if we never learn anything about his constitutional thoughts but at the same time view the courts as the final say on the Constitution?

In this episode, I discuss why the hearings are a shame, why we have no guarantees Kavanaugh will be a Clarence Thomas, and why we are all missing the point about the role of the courts. I lay out in our history lesson why there is no way our Founders intended to make the courts the final say on the Constitution.

Show links

15 important constitutional questions we should have answered by Kavanaugh but won't

Feckless Republicans rolled by mob rule

The ultimate solution to judicial tyranny  

Putting Kavanaugh in perspective 

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Where Have All the Visionaries Gone? Ep. 273

Sep 4, 2018 00:54:52


This special episode takes us back in time to commemorate two important days in September that have been overshadowed by the vacuous Labor Day. I reminisce about the importance of V-J Day and Constitution Day.

The sacrifices of our grandparents in the Pacific during WWII are unimaginable, even compared to the European front. I commemorate their sacrifice, their vision, and valor and ruminate about what we can learn from their grit and determination.

I also ponder the upcoming 231st anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. Once again, they had a vision. It wasn’t just about defeating the British. I go back to the under-appreciated challenges of formulating a new government and tie them into our challenges today as Congress returns without an important vision to tackle the issues of our time.

On immigration, where is the vision to protect our country? On foreign policy and national defense, where is the vision to prioritize our needs, neutralize the threats, and end the self-immolation?    

 Show links

Fire the Swamp

A vision on immigration

An illegal alien drunk-driving incident that is awfully common

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Republicans Are Monkeying Up Their Electoral Mandate Ep. 272

Aug 30, 2018 01:00:44


Tuesday night’s elections should serve as another reminder of the impact of Trump’s endorsement. Where we succeed in getting him to endorse the right candidates, we usually win. But all too often, we fail to get him to support the right candidates and we are now electing more bad guys to the House than ever before.

I also discuss the importance of Ron DeSantis’ run for governor of Florida and what he stands for. He understands policy and he understands winning issues. I go through some of 25 winning immigration ideas that can change the arc and landscape of the election, but Republicans won’t budge.

I show how the progressives in this country are incapable of serious debate because rather than caring about the rule of law, it’s all about identity. I give some examples in some of the latest immigration and jailbreak news.

Finally, I report on Jeff Sessions joining the lawsuit against Harvard for the school's hard-core racism against Americans of Asian heritage in pursuit of discriminatory affirmative action.      

Show links

25 no-brainer immigration ideas that can be passed now

DOJ to side with plaintiffs against Harvard affirmative action

CIS report on how sanctuaries cover for dangerous criminal aliens and stifle debate

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Deaths Like Mollie Tibbetts' Are Preventable Ep. 271

Aug 28, 2018 01:01:51


Americans have a right to own guns, but there is no affirmative right for foreign nationals to immigrate and have government accommodate them to commit identity theft. 

In this episode, I'm joined by the inimitable Jessica Vaughan to discuss why people like the alleged murderer of Mollie Tibbetts would never be in the country if we truly clamped down on identity theft. She shows how the employer likely knew more than he’s letting on and how the agriculture industry in general is harboring illegal aliens. A concerted government effort to combat identity theft, something it should do anyway, would have prevented this murderer from coming to the country and would likely deter all illegal immigration. Yet government encourages identity theft.    

I also discuss the cultural and criminal problems created by farming interests that bring in so many migrants from violent countries under the worst conditions.

Show notes

6 ways to combat identity theft  

No difference between the parties on immigration

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The GOP Senate is Worse Than You Think Ep. 270

Aug 27, 2018 01:00:51


In this episode, I discuss how the Senate GOP is essentially indistinguishable from the Left. Senate Republicans make House Republicans look like the Founders. They just passed a budget bill increasing spending, funding Obamacare, funding the Central American invasion, and funding abortions – in addition to increasing spending to unprecedented levels for all the agencies that shouldn’t even exist. 

I also discuss how Republicans have completely adopted the Democrat view of health care – the most important fiscal policy issue.

Worse, we have no movement to elect conservatives to the Senate. The roster of candidates will make things worse, and Trump is endorsing RINOs. Now the media is pushing the Arizona governor to pick a RINO to fill McCain’s seat. Conservatives need to raise hell over this.

Finally, I delve into the good news on jailbreak and show that when conservatives really speak up to Trump, he listens. This iteration of jailbreak is dead for now, but we need to watch out in the long term. These people want to abolish bail and prison. The moral of the story is that we must get to Trump before the bad guys do. This is true on every issue.  

Show links

What GOP senators just did

Court says president can ease firing of his own employees

California set to abolish bail 

Trump opposes prison bill

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We Can't Choose Our Native-born, but We Can Choose Our Immigrants Ep. 269

Aug 23, 2018 01:09:58


Between 1.3 million criminal aliens, endless Islamist immigrants tied to terror, and MS-13 gang members, we have needlessly imported aliens who are harming our country when our tradition has been to bring in only those with good moral character.

In this show, I address recent immigration news, particularly the illegal alien alleged murderer of Mollie Tibbetts, to show how almost every illegal alien crime, by definition, is avoidable. I discuss E-Verify and identity theft and how easy it would be to detect these individuals, yet government until recently has been doing the opposite. We coddle those who engage in identity theft in order to promote amnesty.  

Show links

What we can learn from the deportation of the 95-year-old Nazi

Central American alien “minors” are widely involved with MS-13

DACA recipient planned bomb attacks on ICE

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Government Dropping the Ball on Drugs and Terrorism Ep. 268

Aug 21, 2018 01:11:30


Today, I'm joined by Derek Maltz, former head of the DEA’s Special Operations Division. He warns us that we are missing the most dangerous angle of the drug crisis. So much of the drug trade is funding terrorism, and this is done by criminal aliens allowed on our own soil. 

We tie together China, Mexican cartels, Middle Eastern immigrants funding terror, drugs, crime, sanctuary cities, and weak-on-crime laws. A tall order for one show!  Derek explains the need for more cross-agency cooperation and how Bruce Ohr and Robert Mueller dropped the ball on drug leads that could have exposed major terrorist plots and networks. 

After listening to this show, you will see why now is the worst time to go soft on drug trafficking.

Show links

Here’s why we have an under-incarceration problem

Ed Meese’s opposition to the current jailbreak bill

Grassley’s appalling flip on crime and drugs

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The Drug Crisis Is No Longer Just About Drugs Ep. 267

Aug 19, 2018 01:04:56


In this episode, I discuss the nexus between crime, the drug crisis, immigration, and terror financing. It’s a perspective on the drug crisis, crime, and incarceration that nobody else will explain or even recognize. I dismiss the typical debate over “the war on drugs” by identifying the true nature of what we face with drugs today. This is not a cultural or health care debate; this is a national security and immigration issue. Once we understand the problem and the cause, it’s easy to understand why the jailbreak legislation is terrible.

I also give a broad perspective on why the soft-on-crime proposals are all built on lies across the board. Finally, I expose the duplicity of Sen. Chuck Grassley on crime and drugs – flipping from one end to another in a matter of a few months. 

Show links

The lies about the drug crisis

People are dying because of criminal justice "reform"

The K2 marijuana poisoning explained  

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The Status Quo in Government is Still Liberal, Yet Conservatives are Caught Defending it Ep. 266

Aug 15, 2018 00:55:34


We are facing a conundrum where our base is sleeping and distracted because they perceive that we are in power and changing the status quo, but really the status quo is getting worse on many fronts.  Thus, we have the other side energized as if conservatives are in power, but despite some positive changes, things are actually getting worse.

For our purposes today, we discuss two critical issues to civilization: religious liberty and immigration.  The left is winning their sexual licentiousness agenda more than ever before and, despite the court decision, they are forcing bakers to bake cakes for masochism.  Conservatives are so caught up in thinking we are winning back the courts that they refuse to get on the playing field and push for legislation protecting religious liberty.  

Also, think we had a travel ban?  Think again.  Immigration from the Middle East is still at record highs, has increased from some areas, and only slightly decreased from those countries on the list.  Imagine if we had a sensible immigration policy.  Would we find a need to referee endless civil wars in the Middle East?


Show links

A Somali Bigamist and Islamist who married brother as a congresswoman?  

Juxtaposing our foreign policy to our immigration is scary 

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A Great American History Lesson on Immigration Ep. 265

Aug 13, 2018 01:16:29


The abstract immigrant is very popular. Recently, Laura Ingraham and Stephen Miller have been attacked for their views on immigration because the Left only understands a hypothetical abstract immigrant. Facts, details, and the broader context on immigration don’t matter.

In this episode, I give you a real history lesson on our laws, traditions, and policies concerning immigration. We never let in criminals or public charges, and we most certainly would never have granted citizenship to illegal aliens. Immigration must always be viewed in its proper historical context. 

I also warn you about the upcoming budget betrayal in the Senate. Don’t think they are coming back early from recess to do good things.

Show links

Putting immigration in context

Yes, recent immigration has changed this country

The facts on immigration nobody else will tell you

Ninth Circuit allows Mexican to sue border agent  

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Why Republicans are Losing this Election and How They Can Change It Ep. 264

Aug 9, 2018 01:19:20


Most suburban voters don’t want to embrace MS-13 and Hamas while banning straws. Yet they are fleeing the GOP for a party that is doing just that. Why?

In this episode, we break down the recent election results and show how and why Republicans are losing this election. They need policies, personnel, and a purpose but are lacking all three. They are incurring all the liabilities of Trump but are not benefiting from his appeal to other demographics because they lack a message that will bring them to the polls.

We also update you in a lightning round of news on immigration, the courts, and other happenings in politics.

Watch out for jailbreak legislation. This is a code red. Trump has been convinced to promote the most extreme early release agenda and sentencing reduction that, yes, includes violent offenders.

Finally, we show the extent of the personnel problems with liberals or RINOs still holding major positions in the administration. Also, why are so many critical executive positions still vacant so late into this presidency?   

Show links

Republicans giving no reason to vote for them

Department of Labor is essentially Obama’s third term

Welfare for illegals is against our laws, history, and traditions

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If You Think a Conservative SCOTUS Will Save Us from Lower Courts, Think Again Ep. 263

Aug 7, 2018 00:53:45


Today I'm joined by Professor Brian Fitzpatrick, a former Scalia law clerk and current law professor at Vanderbilt University. Brian gives us an expert opinion on the current trends in the lower courts and their threat to democracy. 

Following up on his congressional testimony, Fitzpatrick argues that unless we reform the jurisdiction of the lower federal courts, any anomalous and extreme judge among the 7,000 district judges can wield enormous power. He warns that if you’re counting on a conservative Supreme Court to catch every mistake of the lower courts, you will surely be disappointed. SCOTUS is continuously reducing its workload and is very cautious to weigh in. Given that the Left is shopping around its lawsuits to courts that will give it victories and nationwide injunctions, the cases are never even brought to the Supreme Court.   

He sees the most immediate needs as dividing up the Ninth Circuit and having Congress ban universal injunctions as the best remedies. We also discuss the need to transfer more power to state courts, particularly from lower federal courts. Congress has enormous power over the courts, if it will only use it.     

Show links

Prof. Fitzpatrick’s congressional testimony on reforming the courts  [written testimony]

Why Gorsuch’s Dimaya ruling on criminal aliens is so dangerous

Mexicans can now sue the Border Patrol for doing its job

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Jailbreak Jared and Ivankacare Are Hurting Conservatives Ep. 262

Aug 6, 2018 01:07:36


There are two major policy betrayals emanating from this White House – both of which are being pushed by Javanaka. In this show we delve into the problems with the soft-on-crime “jailbreak” agenda and the stupid economics behind Ivankacare.

First, we go through the details of the jailbreak bills that nobody is willing to study, much less oppose. Don’t listen to the platitudes of “criminal justice reform.” Look at what is actually happening with crime and incarceration and compare against what the bills actually do.

Then, we discuss the insane social and economic values behind Marco Rubio’s “Ivankacare" bill. Europe’s experience shows that this is a dumb idea that only exacerbates family problems and creates a glass ceiling for women. 

Are we going to allow Trump to drift on such fundamental issues?  

Show links

Bush judge demands that Trump be a king

Rubio’s Ivankacare is the worst idea imaginable

Jared and GOP senators getting Trump to violate his principles on crime  

Why we need a very different type of criminal justice reform

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A Critical Time for Conservatives to Develop a Philosophy on Foreign Policy Ep.261

Aug 3, 2018 00:55:22


It’s another ‘foreign policy Friday’ and we are joined by CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel (@Jordan Schachtel).

We go around the map and update you on what’s going on in Iran, Israel, Turkey, and North Korea and asses everything from a standpoint of what is in our interest and what is not.  We also asses where the administration is making progress and where they need to hear a vision from conservatives in order to right the ship.  The foreign policy swamp is big and powerful and unless conservatives develop their own policies and get in the ears of Trump, even the best of cabinet picks will be overwhelmed by the forces of the status quo. 

We also discuss the bombshell revelation of Dianne Feinstein employing a Chinese spy for 20 years.

Finally, we dissect the cancer of the Kochs and how they push left-wing policies.  They are being empowered by Jared and Ivanka who are now both pushing jailbreak and socialist paid family leave programs.  Now is a time for conservatives to be bold and brave and demand that Trump orient all his policies and personnel with his rhetoric. 

Show links

State of play in Iran

Iran’s threat in the Straits of Hormuz

Dave Brat’s bill to bar funding of religious institutions from terrorist nations

Is Jared pushing a new “peace” plan?

Kochs funding anti-Israel leftists  

Rubio’s Ivankacare is a disaster on every level  

Dianne Feinstein employed a Chinese spy for 20 years

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Putting Trump before the Trump Agenda Hurts Both Ep. 260

Aug 2, 2018 01:03:02


Conservatives need to stay focused on actually implementing our agenda rather than being scared to prod the president into action.  In many cases, he is very open to our position. This is evident with the budget fight.  But if we fail to get involved, he will drift to the gravitational pull of the swamp.  We do him nor his agenda any favors by not properly guiding him on the budget fight, crime bills, and how to fight the courts.  We give a vision on how to navigate this budget fight over the next month. 

We also give an update on the latest insane court decisions and how one recent court opinion on First Amendment rights demonstrates how easy it is for the executive branch to push back – if it so chooses.  At some point, the unwillingness to push back is akin to a 250-pound boxer being held up by a 100-pound woman.  

We also, touch on jailbreak – the insane Koch initiative that never dies.  This bill violates everything Trump promised on crime, drugs, and immigration.  


Show links

It’s time to test the limits of judicial supremacy

Racist judge rules blacks too dumb for normal ballots

Hilarious CRTV video on racist arguments against photo id

Judge orders hurricane relief that doesn’t exist in statute

More updates on the terrible soft on crime bill Trump is supporting  

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The most important fight of religious liberty Ep. 259

Jul 31, 2018 00:50:56


Today, we are joined by Beth Williams, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department's Office of Legal Policy, to discuss the new religious liberty task force established on Monday by Jeff Sessions. 

Ms. Williams updates us on some of the growing concerns throughout the country that religious liberty has now been read out of the Constitution, even though it is the very first right in the Bill of Rights.  We discuss the challenge of the lower courts codifying new rights against the inalienable rights of religious liberty, even after some important Supreme Court victories.

Later in the show, we give an update on immigration, other crazy court cases and the fight to even have a fight over the budget.  We also discuss the latest data on the drug crisis and how all signs point to the border issue, not prescriptions as the culprit.  Either way, the Left is zealous about their views with a degree of religious fervency that is absent from the Right. 


As Justice Story wrote in “Commentaries on the Constitution” (3: § 1870) “The rights of conscience are, indeed, beyond the just reach of any human power. They are given by God, and cannot be encroached upon by human authority.”

During the House floor debate over the First Amendment on August 20, 1789, James Madison explained the purpose of the Establishment Clause as follows: “Congress should not establish a religion, and enforce the legal observation of it by law, nor compel men to worship God in any manner contrary to their conscience.” [Emphasis added].

Show notes

What Maryland teaches us about the drug crisis

9 nutty court decisions from last week

DC metro can ban religious ads, according to DC Circuit  

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The real legislature that runs our country doesn’t take off for the summer Ep. 258

Jul 30, 2018 01:03:50


Congress might be on vacation until after Labor Day, but the lower courts are working overtime to destroy this republic.  You will come away from this episode understanding, once and for all, why the judiciary is irremediably broken, why simply appointing “better judges” alone won’t help, and why nothing matters in terms of elections and Congress until this issue is dealt with.

We go through a list of about 10 insane court decisions dealing with cultural, fiscal, and immigration issues just from last week.  These cases alone have the ability to alter our country in a way that even Democrat control of Congress would never do.  Fundamental rights have been so bastardized by the courts that what is a true right, such as property, religious liberty, and self-defense, can be regulated into oblivion, while the “right” to self-immolate for the sexual identity movement and to kill one’s baby cannot be touched and must be subsidized.  

Get ready to hear the case against the current judiciary everyone else is scared to make.     



Show links    

Jim Jordan calls for budget fight before the election

10 ways to reclaim power from the courts

Court ruling on an immigration case over which it has no jurisdiction

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A Conversation with Rep. Andy Biggs on Jim Jordan for Speaker Ep. 257

Jul 27, 2018 00:57:25


Today, we are joined by Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., to discuss the significance of Jim Jordan’s run for speaker. Biggs was one of the first members to endorse his candidacy.  

He gives us an inside look at how House leadership is failing us. They have no proactive agenda and always cave to the liberal Senate, thereby making House Republicans always explain themselves and remain on defense. “Whoever is explaining is losing,” said Biggs. He elucidates how a leader like Jordan will turn the tables on the Senate and make them explain why they are opposing our winning bills.  He believes that most House Republicans, perhaps unlike Senate Republicans, would do the right thing with an aggressive and proactive leadership.

Andy also discusses the problems with illegal immigration and an out-of-control judiciary. Congress has been completely MIA on those issues. 

Later in the show, we place the GDP numbers in their proper context. We show that, while the tax cuts did a good job infusing the economy with capital in the short run, there are still a lot of mitigating factors that hurt our economy and will make it harder to grow at 4 percent for the entire year, absent more free-market reforms to our fiscal policy and the Federal Reserve. 

Show links

The true crisis of illegal immigration 

Don’t miss the Andy Biggs podcast every week!

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How Jim Jordan Can Save Congress and Win the Election Ep. 256

Jul 26, 2018 00:50:46


Before we can understand the significance of the speaker’s race, we need to understand what is wrong with Congress. In today’s show, I go through the recent betrayals in Congress and how there is no forward-looking conservative movement to hold people accountable. Absent conservative leadership, the president is drifting into the establishment camp. This is where Jim Jordan comes in.

Jordan has an opportunity to finally get our views, ideas, and strategies on the map and to push the president to the right. He can help conservatives trying to keep their seats disentangle from the morass of the GOP and rebrand themselves — but only if we as a movement actually push for these ideas.   

Show links

Jim Jordan’s run for speaker is the last chance to save Congress

Americans overwhelmingly oppose illegals voting in elections

Judge allows lawsuit against asking citizenship status on Census

Republicans just voted for something worse than amnesty 

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How Russia’s Destabilization Campaign in Latin America Is Fueling Our Middle Eastern Border Migration Ep 255

Jul 25, 2018 00:49:26


Today, we are joined by Joseph Humire, our expert on Latin America and terrorism, to discuss the nexus between our own immigration crisis, instability in Nicaragua and Venezuela, and a subversion campaign by the axis of Russia-China-Iran.

Humire explains why you should care about Latin America, particularly what is going on in Nicaragua and Venezuela. Central American migrants are being used to destabilize the region and bring in Middle Easterners. The threat from Middle Easterners at the border has never been graver and will only get worse as these key transit countries deteriorate.

Who is behind much of the destabilization? Russia. We can only secure our border if we stop the flow in Central America itself, according to Humire, which is why the Russians are establishing ties with the bad guys there to foist upon us the same migration crisis they helped bring upon Europe with the destabilization of Syria. We need a doctrine to signal our priorities to potential allies in the region and to deter Russia and China.

We also give you the latest perfidy from Republicans stabbing us in the back on immigration and the courts.  

Show links

Judge suspends immigration law again

Russia’s threat in Latin America

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The Debt Crisis We're Not Allowed to Talk About Ep. 254

Jul 24, 2018 00:58:03


We’ve all but forgotten that our debt crisis is now worse than it was under Obama. Republicans keep increasing spending every week, and nobody pays attention and nobody on the “Right” is pressuring Trump to dust off his veto pen.

In this episode, I explain why the source of the debt is mainly from spending, not the tax cuts, and how it is hurting our economy and national security.

I offer a legislative update on the spending bills, farm bill, and some ridiculous health care bills that will wind their way through Congress. GOP leaders continue to miss the point. Health care is the lynchpin to the debt crisis and getting rid of third-party interference is the lynchpin to solving health care. But they are headed in the opposite direction.   

Show links

Even with tax cuts, we will never grow the way we should because of debt

Countering Russia the right way

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The Real Foreign Interference in Our Elections Ep. 253

Jul 21, 2018 01:10:36


Now that the Left has raised the prominence of foreign interference in elections, this is the perfect time to make a legislative push to end foreign voting in our elections.

Today we are joined by Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, who spends his time fighting voter fraud and promoting 21st-century ways to secure our vote. We are treated to a brilliant deep dive into the many facets of voter fraud and non-citizens voting. Logan explains how weak verification, in conjunction with motor voter laws, not only protects criminals but also hurts law-abiding legal immigrants by ensnaring them in inadvertent voting felonies.  Many motor vehicle bureau databases are bloated with wrong information or are full of non-citizens, and even illegal aliens, with no distinguishing indicator that they are not citizens. Now, with automatic voter registration laws, any non-citizen who orders any service from a state driving agency can be registered to vote! 

Logan also explains how absentee mail-in ballots pose the single biggest concern of voter fraud because they have created an industry for malevolent third-party brokers to take advantage of elderly people who hand their ballots to campaigns. He discusses the simple solutions that his organization is working on to expose the problem and secure our elections.  

Show links

Sanctuaries reward crime wave with voting rights for illegals

PILF report on stealing the vote in Pennsylvania

Today’s show sponsored by Purple.com

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The Real Threat from Russia is Ignored and Made Worse by the Political Class Ep. 252

Jul 19, 2018 01:09:57


Republicans lack a conservative vision on foreign policy and Russia, and therefore we are seeing a lot of false dichotomies being supported by some of our friends. It’s no different from the false dichotomies we see in the primaries, when President Trump supports RINO candidates because conservatives have no coherent and robust plan of their own. 

We begin the show by discussing how Trump is hurting us in primaries by supporting RINOs but not conservatives. This is the fault of the comatose conservative movement refusing to get involved and get in Trump’s ear the way Kevin McCarthy does for his candidates.

Next, we move on to Russia. The real threat from Russia is not election hacking but its nuclear dominance mixed with its geopolitical ambition. We are fortunate to be joined by Dr. Mark Schneider, a senior analyst with the National Institute for Public Policy. He is one of the foremost experts on nuclear capabilities, missile defense, arms control, and general policy pertaining to Russia and China. He gives us an intelligence briefing on the true threat from Russia.

Schneider explains how some of the very people complaining about Trump’s relationship with Putin are the ones who needlessly depleted our nuclear deterrent and promoted terrible arms deals that have re-empowered Russia to modernize their nuclear offensive capabilities. He concludes that with the right focus and only a little bit of money, we can make America’s nuclear deterrent great again and ensure Putin can never rival us. But unless we modernize our nuclear triad, the deterrent will collapse.  

Show links

Schneider on how to deter Russia without breaking the bank

How Russia and China are modernizing while we are depleting our nuclear capabilities  

Trump would be wise to discontinue the New START surrender treaty

How Russia is lying about its nuclear program  

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The Comatose Congress Ep. 251

Jul 17, 2018 00:51:32


Where is Congress? It was said that legislators would stay in session for August, yet they don’t even have a meaningful agenda to fill up the month of July.

In today’s show, we observe all the ways that Congress, urged by a president willing to wield the veto pen, can tackle some of the issues people care about. Everyone is up in arms about Trump’s comments to Putin, and I'm also disappointed, but wouldn’t now be a perfect time for Congress to tackle foreign interference in our elections by preventing non-citizens from voting?

Also, we go through the latest with crime, beheadings, and drugs squarely the fault of sanctuary cities. Congress is doing nothing about the problem, and it’s getting worse every day. We have district judges who are getting more maniacal by the day, yet nobody in Congress will deal with the problem. Also, do you really think a more conservative Supreme Court will even change this?  

Show links

The drug cartels are our ISIS

Beheadings in America

Judge mandates we pay for illegals

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The truth about NATO and our phony European allies Ep. 250

Jul 14, 2018 00:48:45


Many in the political class are missing the point about NATO. The very countries that claim to value our support against enemies are working with those enemies to sabotage America and self-immolate while sticking us with the tab. Today, for foreign policy Friday, we are joined by CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, to discuss the latest on Trump’s visit to Europe. 

Jordan gives us the full perspective on Germany’s perfidy with Russia and the problems with Turkey in NATO. We also discuss the opportunities to use a carrot-and-stick approach with the new Mexican president and the need to reorient our priorities, alliances, and focus on national security.   

Show links

The aimless war in Africa

How Merkel is betraying us and cozying up to Russia

Why Trump is right about NATO 

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Why the DC establishment is missing the point on the judiciary Ep. 249

Jul 12, 2018 01:05:58


What is it that is broken about the courts? What are the trends? How do we fix it? And how does a SCOTUS pick help redress the problem?

The D.C. legal conservatives don’t want to observe these problems or even ask these questions. This is why they are coming to the wrong conclusions about the type of justice we need on the court and the limit of even the best justices to fix the system absent broader reforms that they oppose or ignore.

In this episode, we discuss the core problems with the lower courts and the judicial velocity and how once you understand that, anything short of a Clarence Thomas who would 100 percent uproot the judicial cancer won’t solve the problem. It’s akin to taking out most of a tumor, which sounds nice, but is actually worthless. It’s in this vein that we explore some of the concerning aspects of Kavanaugh’s record. 

Show links

Death by a thousand lawsuits in the lower courts

A realist view of Kavanaugh

Sen. Kennedy on the need to press nominees on philosophy  

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What would our Founders think of today’s Supreme Court fight? Ep. 248

Jul 10, 2018 01:28:49


In this blockbuster show, we lay out the bare truth of the power of the courts. We go through the history of Marbury, the true lessons from that era, and how the Warren court adulterated its principles. Who gets to determine the interpretation of the Constitution? We answer that question from our Founders' perspective and explain how they would not recognize the power of the courts today. 

Show links

The history of judicial supremacism 

Lower courts are showing why the next scotus pick won't necessarily save us

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Permanent separation: A conversation with a forgotten victim of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities Ep. 247

Jul 7, 2018 01:09:45


The weight of the entire political universe has come down on the side of the illegal alien families who are separated as a result of their own callous actions violating our sovereignty and endangering our security. Yet nobody wants to focus on the victims of illegal immigrants. We have committed a focus on victims of crime and illegal immigration here at the Conservative Conscience and are honored to talk today with Aileen Smith.

Aileen and her husband Zach lost their unborn son Dimitri in 2012 after an illegal alien crashed into them and severely injured the passengers. This was unbelievably avoidable, because the illegal driver was arrested eight times for DUI and was never turned over to ICE thanks to sanctuary policies in New Mexico. Aileen discusses what it’s like to go through the personal and financial ruin of seeking justice from murderers.  It’s especially bad when the perpetrator is a member of a protected class. The victims get no help in these cases because it’s not politically correct to do so. There needs to be a greater outcry for the victims of illegal immigration, the security problems of sanctuary cities, and the need to get tougher on drunk driving in general. 

Show links

Go Fund Me: Justice for Dimitri

The extent of the illegal alien drunk driving problem

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So, who should be the pick for the Supreme Court? Ep. 246

Jun 29, 2018 01:14:29


Marbury v. Madison, judicial review v. judicial supremacy, the history and role of the courts, what’s at stake, what will change, and who should we pick? If you love court news, you will want to tune in to this show. We give a long and broad look at the trends and issues in both the lower courts and Supreme Court and discuss, based on this background, who we need. Most importantly, we need certainty. 

Show links

What conservative want in a Supreme Court justice

What will change and what won't with a new justice


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Discussing the border crisis with a border agent Ep. 245

Jun 28, 2018 00:39:54


Today we are joined by Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, who is also an active duty agent. He sets the record straight about the policies of the Border Patrol dealing with families and how fundamentally nothing has changed, except that the media’s coverage is hampering the Border Patrol's job and empowering the drug cartels while fueling the very unfortunate outcomes for illegal immigrants that they claim to oppose. 

Brandon’s central point is that our policies, magnets for bogus asylum claims, are used by the cartels to tie up the border agents and create gaps in our security. That is when they are sending in the really bad people who pay a lot of money to be smuggled over the border. Thus, open-border policies and the media are exacerbating the crisis and hurting everyone. They have caught thousands of criminals just this year, and those are just the people who already had criminal records in America. There’s no way of knowing how many have done bad things in their home countries. And with the surge of bogus asylum seekers, it is harder for Border Patrol to apprehend these people. 

We also briefly touch on Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, with some initial thoughts on what’s next.

Show links

Time to heed Clarence Thomas’s warning about lower courts 

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Winning important SCOTUS battles, but losing the judicial war Ep. 244

Jun 28, 2018 00:53:56


Today, we digest the blockbuster Supreme Court finale. 

While we are winning some short-term battles at the courts, if we don’t get vigilant about the problems with the lower courts, we will still lose the war. We dissect each important element of Trump v. Hawaii and preview some other cases. We also showcase the hypocrisy of Anthony Kennedy on religious liberty when it comes into conflict with his protected classes. 

Show links

Scotus on immigration: A sovereign republic – if you can keep it 

Understand state sovereignty on immigration  

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Sovereignty invasions, state powers, and cross-state taxation Ep. 243

Jun 26, 2018 01:10:25


This is a busy week with a lot of issues to cover. We begin today’s show by noting the president has been on message when it comes to sovereignty. We explain why the president never has to tolerate an invasion and how this is indeed an invasion. He has the full moral, constitutional, and legal authority to stop all immigration at the border.

Next, we move on to jailbreak and note how the courts have expanded the Fourth Amendment so much that our Founders wouldn’t recognize it. This is endangering public safety and is a big part of why we actually have an under-incarceration problem because there are so many violent criminals who go un-convicted, thanks to these court-created loopholes.

Finally, we discuss the internet sales tax case.  This is the one legitimate example of how the feds were given complete power over cross-state taxation, yet states are left helpless to defend their own sovereignty against other states. It’s all about understanding the proper role of the individual, the states, and the federal government in our system.

Show links

McCarthy: We have a security problem at the border, not a legal problem

The poll that shows America gets it on immigration

SCOTUS authorizes taxation without representation

Trump’s authority to shut down immigration  

Mexican presidential candidate calls for invasion

11 MS-13 dreamers arrested for murder

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The most humane way to shut down illegal immigration and put drug cartels out of business Ep. 242

Jun 21, 2018 01:02:39


There’s a very elegant but simple way of ending illegal immigration. We need to first understand the problems with cross-border migration and its effects on Americans, the drug cartels, and the migrants. 

We begin by noting how Trump is, so far, placing Democrats in a trap and will successfully force them to be on the wrong side of immigration or be exposed as frauds. 

Then we discuss the long-term plan that needs to be implemented. We must announce that we are shutting down all forms of immigration at our land border and that all asylum requests must be routed to a new facility off our soil. There is no way asylum will ever work for us or the legitimate applicants if we have the courts and cartels creating mayhem. It must be taken off our soil.

Show notes 

The judges are the problem

Stop managing the invasion and start blocking it

Scotus authorizes taxation without representation 

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Trump has a golden opportunity to go on offense with border security Ep. 241

Jun 19, 2018 00:40:15


Now that the media finally cares about the border, albeit only to virtue-signal about the needs of illegals, not Americans, Trump has an opportunity to focus people’s attention on what needs to be done -- to treat not just the symptom, but the underlying problem.

In this episode, we discuss the things Trump can do unilaterally. This is not a problem with laws; this is a problem with liberal lower court judges. Trump can challenge this in Texas under the Fifth Circuit. He can also use NAFTA negotiations to put the screws to Mexico and demand that it cooperate. Sovereignty comes first, and there is nothing preventing Trump from stopping the invasion.

Finally, we introduce a biblical discussion on immigration and show how those ignorant of the original language of the Bible are adulterating its precepts. 

Show links

DACA was built on a lie

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Theres no such thing as lukewarm hell on immigration Ep. 240

Jun 18, 2018 01:09:54


“Love truth and peace” [Zachariah 8:19].  You cannot pursue peace and compassion without having the truth about the reality of an issue.  This is why we bring in Jessica Vaughan of Center for Immigration Studies, one of the foremost experts on immigration, to discuss how the “compassion” of fostering more cross-border migration is cruel to everyone.

Jessica gives us an insider’s view on how border security and interior enforcement works.  She discusses the tragedy of suspending cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities and how it is responsible for fueling the crisis with drugs and gangs. 

We also explore ways the administration can be more consistent on closing the border and not incur the media problems.  They must be tough and not muddled.  There is no such thing as lukewarm hell in politics, especially regarding a contentious issue.  


Show links

Jessica’s testimony on sanctuaries fueling drug crisis

Nielsen still inviting people to invade at out points of entry

The immorality of the left on open borders 

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What about the American children “separated from their parents” in the grave? Ep. 239

Jun 15, 2018 01:02:21


In today’s show, we lay bare the truth about the focus on “separating children at the border.” The entire argument is built on lies, misunderstanding of the border crisis and its cause, and a perversion of morality and priorities.

We explain how it is the very policies of the virtue-signalers that have caused this crisis and continue to worsen it. By promoting amnesty for children, we not only caused the drug and gang crisis for Americans, we hurt the migrants as well. The only way to stop the separating of everyone’s families is to deter the behavior and end the entire amnesty agenda, not intensify it.

Also, we provide exclusive data on the DACA recipients that paints a very different picture of who they are and government malfeasance in obfuscating their true identities. We also provide ICE data that shows directly how the collapse of interior enforcement led to the worst drug crisis in America’s history. 

Finally, we give an update on the weak-on-crime agenda, which is rooted in the same false sense of morality as the amnesty agenda. 

Show links

The bad House immigration bill and the mixed signals from White House

Under Obama’s first term, ICE arrested twice as many people

Our first report on the exclusive DACA data from Steve King  

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Fire and brimstone from Chip Roy on border security and health care freedom Ep. 238

Jun 13, 2018 00:53:00


Today we are joined by Chip Roy, who demonstrates how a Republican should run for office in this climate. He brings with him his passionate agenda for health care freedom, putting America’s security first in immigration, cutting spending, and fighting for judicial reform and religious liberty. He shows how the “compassion” of liberals for pre-existing conditions is really cruelty to everyone and does nothing but empower a corrupt third-party government-insurance cartel. He also demonstrates how there is nothing compassionate about the amnesty agenda when it is the source of so much mayhem and empowers evildoers on both sides of the border. 

Roy promises to be a different type of congressman who will completely reset the baseline of what we fight for and how we message it.

We also discuss religious liberty and how a new Arizona court ruling proves our concerns about the Masterpiece decision to be correct. If we don’t fight legislatively for religious liberty, the foundation of our country will be lost.  

We conclude by warning about jailbreak and amnesty, both of which movements expand in strength and grow every day.  

Show links

Chip Roy for Congress

Congress is passing 40 bills to address the drug crisis Congress is fueling  

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Winning Skirmishes at SCOTUS but Losing the War Ep. 237

Jun 11, 2018 01:02:16


The end of this year’s SCOTUS term is heating up and we are witnessing some defensive victories for conservatives.  But that’s all they are: defensive wins on issues that should never even be up at the courts.  While we are winning some individual cases, the general trend, thanks to the radical lower courts and passivity of SCOTUS, is moving away from us on election law, immigration, and religious liberty.  These are all issues we cannot afford to lose.  We must win the war and that begins with reforming the lower courts.

We also discuss the latest and greatest on immigration and criminal justice and tie the two issues together.  The president needs to be tough on crime, drug trafficking, and immigration because the issues all tie together.  Yet, phony conservatives are leading him astray.  We offer a strategy for the president to maximize his campaign agenda, assuming he wants to stick with that agenda.   

Show links

MS-13 brought in by DACA border surge and spreading drugs and mayhem

Staggering report on crime from illegal aliens

Trump must learn to use the veto

A victory at the high court on election law, but how broad?  

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The drug crisis, criminal aliens, and terrorism being ignored by the political class Ep. 236

Jun 8, 2018 01:03:25


Are we bringing in foreign nationals to poison our own people and use the funding for terror financing? You better believe it, according to Derek Maltz (@derekmaltz_sr), former head of the DEA’s Special Operations Division, who joins us today. 

Derek draws upon his vast experience in counterterrorism and counter-narcotics to explain how the drug problem is not a health care issue, it’s a national security issue that when coupled with immigration, is completely fixable ... if only the partisan politics stopped hampering their efforts. He explains how most agents are very hard-working and patriotic, but government continues to place barriers preventing agencies from working together to uncover terror-financing networks. That, together with insane immigration problems, political correctness, and mixed signals from the top is why the counter-narcotics effort has not been as successful as it should be. If we properly integrate counter-narcotics with counterterrorism, border security, interior immigration enforcement, and local anti-crime policies, we will be safer from crime, drugs, and terrorism.     

 Show links

Yemeni owned stores poisoning people with drugs and financing terror  

Sponsored by We The People Holsters

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Moving Trump in the right direction on security and the economy Ep. 235

Jun 6, 2018 01:02:29


In this episode, we cover everything from recent primaries to jailbreak, immigration, and the economy. We look at all the issues through the prism of Trump’s good instincts and the opportunity to do good, but how, because we don’t have a real conservative movement, the president drifts. Often it is conservative groups leading him astray.

Our main discussion today is why despite the job market boom, GDP growth is still mediocre. We use an analogy of a topped-off tree to explain how our economy can have good periods of job growth despite the venture socialism, but ultimately our growth is permanently capped thanks to the debt, dependency, market distortions, and misallocation of resources.   

Show links

The problem with the primaries

Tax cuts help, but GDP will not spike without freeing up economy

What conservatives should do on religious liberty after court ruling

Section 402 of jailbreak will place an open-ended number of hardened criminals, including criminal aliens, into home confinement  

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After Masterpiece Cakeshop, the problem with the courts is worse than you think Ep. 234

Jun 4, 2018 01:12:38


On today’s show, we are joined by our old co-host, CR social media director Joe Koss, to discuss how the Masterpiece court decision is nothing to celebrate beyond its very limited scope. Joe studied natural law at a Catholic law school and talks about how far we have deviated from natural law that we now celebrate minor hiccups that very temporally and partially slow down the inexorable rush to judicial Sodom & Gomorrah.

When we look at other cases in the courts and the full context of this case, it’s clear we are losing religious liberty and that the courts are the problem, not the solution. 

Show links

Religious liberty is just as threatened after Masterpiece Cakeshop decision as before

We need civil rights legislation to protect religious liberty 

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An interview with the only conservative to beat an incumbent Ep. 233

May 31, 2018 00:55:09


We are joined today by Mark Harris for a special episode of “meet the candidates.” Harris, a Baptist pastor, did what nobody else could do this year – he defeated an incumbent establishment Republican in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

Harris discusses how he assembled the team and raised enough money to do the impossible. He also explains his agenda and how he plans to stay grounded in his district and not get sucked into the establishment swamp. 

We also chat about the failings of the professional social conservative movement in combatting the assault on our values as well as the judicial supremacy that is making North Carolina irrelevant as a sovereign state. There is a moral crisis even among the professional religious groups, and it all gets back to money. 

Show links

Mark Harris for Congress campaign website 

Trump is being lied to about what he can do on the border

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The immorality of the political class on crime and borders Ep. 232

May 29, 2018 00:55:42


Today, we continue blowing up the myths about crime that serve as the foundation for the jailbreak movement. We talk about how the courts are granting criminals more rights that never existed before, which contributes to an under-incarceration problem, not an over-incarceration problem. There is a crisis of morality on this issue as well as on immigration that continues to confuse even some of my colleagues in this business. 

Show links

Reagan’s warnings on crime

DOJ study: 83% of those released by states re-offended within 9 years

A vote for amnesty is a vote for MS-13 and fentanyl

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Trump’s opportunity for a Reagan moment with China and North Korea? Ep. 231

May 25, 2018 00:42:37


Trump has been outsmarting Kim Jong Un in North Korea at every turn. In this episode of “Foreign Policy Friday,” we are joined again by CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, to discuss Trump’s triumph over North Korea and how it is a perfect illustration of peace through strength. Using the right tools to deter threats is the best way to avoid war and to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Trump’s moves on Iran have clearly shaken Kim Jong Un to his core. We also discuss strategy moving forward and how to pressure China by using more aggressive tactics even while showing a willingness to hold the summit.   

Wouldn’t it be great if Trump were to negotiate with Congress the way he does North Korea?

We also discuss the Pentagon’s insane plans to sell Turkey some F-35s before we’ve even used them here at home. Jordan shows how this is another example of an out-of-control military-industrial complex that doesn’t serve us well. Israel’s military has made better use of them because they don’t have the same problems with waste. 

Finally, why are we sending soldiers to die in Yemen and Somalia and then second-guessing them over “civilian casualties?” 

Memorial Day should be a time for our policy-makers to reflect on how to put America first and best honor the spirit of sacrifice in our soldiers so that it doesn’t go to waste. 

“Our goal is peace. We can gain that peace by strengthening our alliances, by speaking candidly of the dangers before us, by assuring potential adversaries of our seriousness, by actively pursuing every chance of honest and fruitful negotiation.”

“The willingness of some to give their lives so that others might live never fails to evoke in us a sense of wonder and mystery.” –Ronald Reagan, 1982, Memorial Day, Arlington National Cemetery 

“It is to the spirit of those men, exhibited in all our wars, to the spirit that places the devotion to freedom and truth above the devotion to life, that the nation pays its ever enduring mark of reverence and respect.

It is not that principle that leads to conflict but to tranquility. It is not that principle which is the cause of war but the only foundation for an enduring peace. There can be no peace with the forces of evil. Peace comes only through the establishment of the supremacy of the forces of good. That way lies only through sacrifice.” –Calvin Coolidge, 1923, Memorial Day, Northampton, Massachusetts

Show links

The importance of intercepting missiles at boost phase

How to turn the tables on North Korea

Trump taking the exact opposite approach to North Korea and it’s working

Stupidity in Yemen and Somalia


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Steve King on the pro-criminal obsession in Congress Ep. 230

May 24, 2018 00:49:45


Congressman Steve King and I seem to be the last rule-of-law conservatives standing, so we meet today to lament the state of play in the conservative movement. Steve updates us on the backwards priorities of so many who call themselves conservative. Everyone supports the Willie Horton agenda now. Everyone is supporting some form of amnesty. Steve reminds us why conservatives once stood for tough-on-crime policies and why those values should still apply today. The notion that you save money with jailbreak policies defies logic and learned experience. He also explains how the attention of members in Congress, even the good ones, is so divided that they often lack the intellectual fortitude or resources to fight back.

Finally, we delve into the courts and how they are destroying our civilization, yet none of these so-called social conservative groups who were so passionately promoting jailbreak are willing to stand for true social values.  

Show links

Social conservative groups have been bankrupt for a long time

The true danger of jailbreak

Steve King’s bill mandating jail time for local officials who aid illegal aliens

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Why We Always Lose Ep. 229

May 22, 2018 00:59:14


Why do we lose? Why is it that on issue after issue, the policy movement is headed leftward, even on issues we were winning just one generation ago? Well, evidently, we can’t go one day without our own people scoring points for the other side on the most critical issues of our time.

In this episode, we delve into the House vote on a terrible Willie Horton jailbreak bill that undermines every principle Trump ever espoused on crime. We have the entirety of the fake conservative movement behind it. We explain how these groups are only effective when it comes to pushing issues on which they overlap with Soros, not when they supposedly oppose the Left’s agenda. 

Show links

76.7% of those let out by state prisons re-offended within 5 years

Details of the jailbreak bill

How the jailbreak bill is a betrayal of Trump’s principles on crime


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What we can learn from Israel during this historic week Ep. 228

May 18, 2018 01:14:55


Israel is on the ascendent and seem to be doing the right thing on a lot of fronts. In today’s blockbuster episode of "foreign policy Friday" with CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, we draw numerous lessons from what Israel is doing with its sovereignty, diplomacy, military, and political system. We can learn a lot from Israel, and Jordan shares his insights from the time he spent there.

We focus carefully on what happened this week in Gaza and how that border situation has many similarities to ours. We also explore the emerging threats and opportunities in Latin America.  Finally, we introduce an idea of “a new UN” for freedom-loving nations that have mutual interest in protecting their sovereignty rather than the traditional global organizations that promote the violation of sovereignty. Trump had a great few weeks, and now is the time to press our advantage and completely realign our alliances to promote America first. The world is changing rapidly in terms of who promotes our interests and who doesn’t, as well as what is a threat and what is not.  We must update our military, diplomatic, and intelligence resources to reflect the reality of today’s world.   

Show links

Gaza, borders, and the left-wing war on sovereign nations

Our moral divide is reaching a tipping point

What we can learn from Israel’s immigration and border policies  

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Jeff Sessions takes on border disorder, sanctuaries, drugs, and Hezbollah financing Ep. 227

May 17, 2018 00:30:42


Out-of-control illegal immigration, sanctuary courts, drug-running, and Hezbollah at our border? There are a lot of threats to our sovereignty and security, and nobody is at the front lines more than the attorney general. We are joined today by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to give us an update on what is going on at the border and what Congress must do to plug the holes. 

Sessions also comments about the growing threat of Hezbollah in Latin America and a terror financing network within our own country that is funding terror abroad. He noted that the DOJ is making progress and going after terror funding “with full force.” 

“We’ve got a string of cases that we continually are prosecuting of people within the United States, some of them are recent immigrants, not all, that are sending aid to these terrorist organizations,” said Sessions. “It is a top, top priority.”

Sessions also makes it clear that the drug problem is fundamentally a border problem.  “Let’s make this clear, fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin, the vast majority, I’m talking about over 90%, is coming from Mexico.” He also explains how sanctuary cities are single-handedly exacerbating the drug crisis by ensuring that we can’t deport those responsible for thousands of deaths from heroin and fentanyl.

“This is madness, this is open-borders extremism.”

Show links

Terror financing in Islamic immigrant communities within our country is a massive threat 

Iran and Hezbollah in Latin America


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Iran’s tightening grip on Latin America: Time for a new Monroe Doctrine? Ep. 226

May 16, 2018 01:09:39


Be prepared to learn more about Hezbollah and Iran in Latin America than you care to know … but definitely should know!

We are joined by Joseph Humire, executive director of the Secure Free Society and one of the foremost experts on terrorism in Latin America. He is the author of a book on this subject, Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America.

Humire gives us an intelligence briefing on the strength of Iran and Hezbollah in Latin America and explains why we face a tremendous threat at this juncture. At the same time, we have an opportunity to engage potential allies, as many countries have recently elected pro-American leaders. Yet our government has been largely MIA when it comes to asserting our prerogatives in our own hemisphere. Will the Trump administration change course in light of the high-stakes showdown with Iran? 

Show links

The DACA agenda is fueling MS-13, drug cartels, and Hezbollah

Humire’s report on Argentina and the Iran connection

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Newton’s laws of (political) motion Ep. 225

May 14, 2018 00:56:29


If you want to understand why the political motion is all in the direction of the Left, just observe the fact that all the mass and velocity is on their side. Not only are “conservatives” out to lunch when it comes time to promote our ideas, many of our prominent institutions, figures, and donors are lending their mass and velocity to the most destructive, extreme, and consequential initiatives of the Left. Today, we examine the world of politics through the lens of Newton’s three laws of motion. 

We study this theory first through the prism of the jailbreak/Willie Horton bill now being pushed upon Trump even by pseudo-conservatives and Jared Kushner, in contravention of his campaign promises. This issue, more than any other, demonstrates the imbalance in velocity between the two movements.

We then move onto health care. Trump announced his plan to deal with high drug prices. We demonstrate how the same problem ailing hospitals and other aspects of health care lies at the root of the high drug prices as well. We need to cut out the third- and fourth-party actors.   

Show notes

Details of the Willie Horton jailbreak bill

Louie Gohmert’s bill to strip courts of jurisdiction over immigration

Chip Roy’s opponent demonstrated that he’s a balloon in the wind against the forces of motion 

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A security agenda that will win the election Ep. 224

May 9, 2018 00:37:45


Republicans will likely get crushed at the polls and have no narrative to counter Democrat enthusiasm. History has shown that by being the party of safety and security, they always succeed. Imagine if Republicans would magnify Trump’s message on these issues and be strong on criminal justice, immigration, and drugs and prioritize true national security threats, such as Iran/Hezbollah in our hemisphere rather than Syria and Afghanistan?

We begin by showing how Republicans are passing a terrible jailbreak bill that would make Michael Dukakis proud and betrays the Reagan view on criminal justice. It is the exact opposite of where they should head. 

We then discuss the need for a new Monroe doctrine and to harness our military, diplomatic tools, and intelligence assets to fight Iran and Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere instead of focusing so much on tribal civil wars in the Middle East that don’t affect us.

A true message of safety and security would resonate with the public. Now we just need a party to promote it. 

Show links

6 observations from Tuesday’s elections

Backwards and aimless priorities in the defense bill

The border crisis poses an existential threat  


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Conservatives are distracting themselves to death Ep. 223

May 7, 2018 00:58:30


On issue after issue, we are seeing the president’s good intuition go to waste because administration officials fail to implement his vision. Yet conservatives are so distracted they fail to raise their voices or even focus on some of these issues.

We begin by discussing the latest invasion on our border and its danger in terms of incentivizing more migration, enriching the drug cartels, and endangering our national security. The DHS continues to allow in the caravan and release thousands of other similar bogus asylum-seekers. Officials are also planning to undermine Trump’s promise on other immigration-related issues.

Later on, we give a rundown of Tuesday night’s elections. Conservatives are asleep at the wheel when it comes to pushing for primary reform or recruiting candidates.  Almost all of the 17 candidates up for re-election who voted for the omnibus will wind up winning.

Finally, we give an update on jailbreak legislation and the hypocrisy of the criminal justice deform movement as it relates to the drug crisis.  

Show notes

Trump surrenders on caravan  

The case for replacing primaries with Utah-model conventions


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The biggest foreign policy threat is in our backyard, yet ignored by governing class Ep. 222

May 4, 2018 01:10:09


We are continuing our series of “Foreign Policy Friday” with CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel(@JordanSchachtel), to show how foreign policy, when done right, is really about the protecting our homeland. 

Jordan and I take a tour around the world to give an update on North Korea, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen.  We show how in each theater, other than in North Korea, we are doing the wrong things at the wrong time in the wrong place.  We don’t prioritize real threats and we get involved in theaters that don’t threaten us.

We drive this point home by announcing our new project to expose and publicize the growing threat of Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere and even in Mexico and in our own country, working together with the Los Zetas drug cartel.  They pose a grave threat in terms of drugs, smuggling in Middle Eastern terrorists, magnifying the damage done by the Mexican drug cartels, and islamitizing Latin America, not to mention bringing Iran’s influence right to our shores.  While our foreign policy smart-set focus on Yemen and Syria, they refuse to recognize that this is the main theater at which Iran must be stopped.

You will also see what our foreign policy can learn from fixing toilets. 

Show links

Politico expose on how Obama shut down counter-Hezbollah operation in Latin America   

Green Beret’s fighting for Saudi gov’t allied with AQ against Houthis

We’re bailing out Iran and Hezbollah from the Sunni insurgency

Good overview of Hezbollah in Latin America and their threat posed by joining with cartels

What is important from Israel’s findings on Iran and what we should do

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Meet the Candidates: Chris Herrod in Utah-3 Ep. 221

May 2, 2018 01:02:57


Today, we continue our series of “meet the candidates” and are joined by Chris Herrod, who is challenging Rep. John Curtis in the upcoming primary in Utah-3. Chris was raised in Provo, Utah, since 1972. After collage, he lived overseas and worked in Moscow and taught at a university in Ukraine, where he met his wife. He served in the Utah House of Representatives from 2007 to 2012 and was the state director for Cruz for President in 2016.

Chris spoke a lot about his time overseas in Russia and Ukraine during the collapse of the Soviet Union and how he learned that socialism destroys a civilization. He believes the debt will trigger hyper-inflation like he saw in the former Soviet Union and the political class doesn’t understand its results.  He also wants to focus a lot on returning power back to western states and to expose how government is hurting rural Utah by not allowing the state to develop its resources, which would also help our national security and bid for energy independence.

Chris is a passionate defender of national sovereignty and wrote a book on how open borders are the most uncompassionate policy to the very people Democrats purport to protect. In general, Chris feels that Republicans do a poor job of explaining how Democrats' economic policies hurt the very people they are designed to help.    

This is our eighth episode of “Meet the Candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience." The first seven episodes were with Chip RoyArt HalvorsonNick FreitasChris McDanielJarrin JacksonRichard Moss, and Shak Hill.  

Show links

The importance of the Utah Convention

Chris Herrod’s book: “The Forgotten Immigrant – How Tolerating Illegal Immigration Hurts Immigrants

Behind every caravan of illegals is a massive shipment of drugs


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The lights are completely out in Congress. Maybe just board up the building Ep.220

Apr 30, 2018 00:51:35


In today’s episode, we discuss all the emergency problems transpiring while Congress takes a random weeklong vacation. The courts continue to destroy this country and never take a day off; meanwhile, nobody in leadership can be bothered to deal with the problem. 

We also discuss how McConnell blames the congressional inaction on the filibuster, yet he refuses to use the two tools he has to pass legislation with a simple majority – budget reconciliation and a recissions spending bill. Worse, he is using his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, to enforce his position against conservatives, even though Chao is officially violating Trump administration policy of supporting the spending cut bill that can pass with a simple majority. 

The caravan of illegals at our border is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a major drug problem coming into our country, and the caravans are used as a diversion tactic. Where is Congress? Lights out. 

Finally, we address the Iran deal and the significance of Netanyahu’s revelation. Once again, where is Congress? Why are they not voting to slap sanctions on Iran, re-orient our strategy and alliances in the Middle East, and abrogate the Iran deal? 

Show links

McConnell’s wife violates admin policy on spending to do McConnell’s bidding

10 ways Congress can (but won’t) reclaim power from the courts

We are paying for legal aid for those who invade us


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How politics, not data, is driving policy on painkillers — and hurting patients Ep. 219

Apr 27, 2018 01:18:47


Today, we are joined by Dr. Stefan Kertesz, a professor in the division of preventive medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. Dr. Kertesz joins us to discuss his concerns about government's totally unscientific approach to cutting off pain medicine.

In a wide-ranging conversation, we delve deep into the drug overdose crisis, what really causes it, the most recent trends, and how the lack of proper science and data is driving the government to make things worse. In fact, most of the problems with overdoses have nothing to do with pain patients and doctors who write legitimate prescriptions, yet most of the public policy solutions are targeting them while ignoring the bigger problem.    

This issue is too important to misdiagnose and is an opportunity for people of all political persuasions to come together to seek the truth. 

Show notes

My latest on government misfiring on opioid crisis

Dr. Kertesz’s articles:

Pill limits are not a smart way to fight the opioid crisis

Strict limits on opioid prescriptions risk inhumane treatment of pain patients

The danger of overcorrecting on prescription opioids 


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It’s either the courts or our civilization Ep. 218

Apr 25, 2018 00:58:38


In this episode, we unload on the judicial crisis unfolding before our eyes, as the courts issue one civilization-killing opinion after another every few hours. We go through the history of judicial review and distinguish it from judicial supremacy. We explore some solutions for judicial reform, such as mandatory appeals of any lower court ruling on political issues. 

Today was also oral argument day for the immigration pause executive order at the Supreme Court. We explain why a 5-4 “victory” won’t be much of a victory in the long-run and how unless the courts are kicked out of immigration, the lower courts will continue doing their thing. There are many reasons why the courts are a sure thing for the Left and why merely “selecting better judges” never changes the arc of the jurisprudential velocity.   

Finally, we end with a discussion of Alfie Evans and how, unless we change the power of the courts and the power of government over health care, we will have the same horror on this side of the Atlantic.

Key quotes:

“This regulation [judicial review] is far from throwing any disparagement upon the legislative authority of the United States. It does not confer upon the judicial department a power superiour, in its general nature, to that of the legislature; but it confers upon it, in particular instances, and for particular purposes, the power of declaring and enforcing the superiour power of the constitution — the supreme law of the land.” ~James Wilson, Lectures on Law, Chapter XI, 1791.

“Now, Judge Douglas understands the Constitution according to the Dred Scott decision, and he is bound to support it as he understands it. [Cheers.] I understand it another way, and therefore I am bound to support it in the way in which I understand it.” ~Abraham Lincoln, debate VI with Stephen Douglas

“When Congress strips federal courts of jurisdiction, it exercises a valid legislative power no less than when it lays taxes, coins money, declares war, or invokes any other power that the Constitution grants it.” ~Clarence Thomas, Patchak v. Zinke 

Show links

7 crazy rulings in just one week

GOP judge rules Trump must violate immigration law

Bureaucrats are already practicing medicine 

Link to our series of articles on the president’s absolute power to exclude for any reason

Mark Levin’s rant on judicial tyranny

Want to change the GOP? Swap out primaries for state conventions Ep. 217

Apr 23, 2018 00:54:34


In this special episode, we make the full case for why we need to scrap direct primaries and opt for state conventions to choose nominees for major offices. 

Drawing on the news that Mitt Romney lost at the Utah convention to an unknown challenger, we demonstrate how representative conventions are in line with what our Founders wanted, while direct primaries lead to tyranny of the elites. We explain the history of the primary process, why it’s nearly impossible for grassroots conservatives to win primaries, how state conventions would level the playing field, and how this would serve as a force multiplier for making our government more responsive to we the people. Otherwise, we are just wasting our time trying to fix a party that we just can’t change. 

Key quote:

“In democracy . . . there are commonly tumults and disorders. . . . Therefore a pure democracy is generally a very bad government. It is often the most tyrannical government on earth.” ~Noah Webster

Show links 

Romney’s loss at Utah Convention shows how conventions will fix Senate

The appalling silence of Congress on the border crisis

Aimless and masochist: Our topsy-turvy foreign policy: Ep. 216

Apr 20, 2018 01:13:44


Call this the budding creation of “hawks against stupid interventions.” Jordan Schachtel, national security correspondent for CR, joins us for a deep dive into foreign policy and defense strategy. Be prepared to be educated, as we pack endless information into the show to demonstrate how our foreign policy priorities are backwards and contradictory.

We delve into Africa, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. For far too long, the foreign policy establishment has offered us false dichotomies on strategy and alliances. It’s time to finally define a conservative “America First” foreign policy.

Of course, national security begins with homeland security, and securing Mexico should be our biggest priority, yet it is not cool in foreign policy circles to discuss anything that doesn’t involve an aimless Islamic civil war.       

Show links

Dos and dont's in the Middle East

Support Attorneys United for a Secure America

Catch-and-release and sanctuaries fueling drugs, Middle Eastern migrants, and border violence

U.S. sending special forces and weapons to … Hezbollah! … while we fight Assad

Welcome to the new ISIS from the same Sunni insurgency we keep battling and then helping

An interview with Shak Hill, candidate in VA-10, plus more on judicial insanity Ep. 215

Apr 20, 2018 00:56:02


Today, we continue our “meet the candidates” series. We are joined by Shak Hill, who is challenging Rep. Barbara Comstock in the GOP primary for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.  

Shak graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and served in Desert Storm. After serving nine years in the air force, he started his own financial planning business. He and his wife have six children and have cared for 46 foster children. He feels that Comstock has betrayed her campaign promises on spending, immigration, and health care. He promises to work with the Freedom Caucus, members like Dave Brat and Thomas Massie, and support Jim Jordan over Kevin McCarthy for party leader. 

We also discuss the latest cases of judicial tyranny on immigration and abortion, where the courts are usurping power to the point that elections no longer matter.  

This is our seventh episode of “Meet the Candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience." The first six episodes were with Chip RoyArt HalvorsonNick FreitasChris McDanielJarrin Jackson, and Richard Moss.  

Show links

Usurping courts create right to funding for Planned Parenthood

My interview with Mark Levin

Why Gorsuch is dead wrong and dangerous on deportations and due process Ep. 214

Apr 18, 2018 00:42:43


As we predicted several months ago during oral arguments, Justice Gorsuch, the saint of the conservative intelligentsia, was the deciding vote nixing deportation of criminal aliens. In this episode, we dissect Sessions v. Dimaya and how Gorsuch is creating due process for criminal aliens to undermine deportations, in violation of settled law and the most foundational principles of the social compact. It is stolen sovereignty in its worst form. We are joined by CRTV’s Capitol Hill correspondent, Nate Madden, who co-hosts and shares his views of why the pseudo-conservatives are so in love with Gorsuch’s opinion and are missing the points in Thomas’ dissent.

We also note that Scalia, contrary to the online pundits, agreed with Thomas on the plenary power doctrine over immigration. He would have issued a sharp dissent were he alive today. This decision will have far-reaching consequences for our sovereignty and security.     


Show links

Taking a part Gorsuch’s premise on deportations and due process in oral arguments

What Scalia thought about the right to deport without judicial review

How to form a shadow government with citizens’ task forces Ep. 213

Apr 16, 2018 00:51:20


What is the solution for conservatives? How can we actually change the game when everything seems to blow up in our faces?

In this episode, we inaugurate our new idea – the creation of citizens’ task forces that serve as ad hoc oversight committees of government but are formally recognized by the conservative elected officials. We explain how even the good members of Congress lack the time and resources to properly give voice to our concerns and ideas but would gladly do so if people from the outside would chip in. Shadow governments, field hearings, citizen reports, and grassroots media are some ways we can take back our republic, with the help of God.

We also briefly touch on the stupidity of the internet sales tax as it heads to the Supreme Court for oral arguments this week. We also focus on the inanity of our strategy in the Middle East. 

 Show links

A speaker’s run could galvanize this new movement

How we can make citizens' task forces

Trump has granted amnesty to 153,000 because the courts rule our country

Full interview with Mark Levin

Border patrol chief: The notion we can't stop illegal immigration and drugs is a lie Ep. 212

Apr 13, 2018 00:47:54


There are can’ts and there are won’ts. 

The entire political class would have you believe that it would take a miracle to secure our border and stop the drug crisis, which is indeed exclusively a Mexican cartel problem. Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol Council and veteran border agent, joins us to expose this lie.

Judd explains how our border patrol is deliberately hampered by bureaucratic leaders who don’t care about the mission of protecting our sovereignty. A number of border agents are kept off the border itself and placed on administrative work, which renders the increase in funding useless. The notion that we need more sensors and a “smart fence” is a lie. According to Judd, we simply need the actual agents placed on the border, a wall in strategic sectors, and an end to the political pseudo-legal loopholes that ensure we don’t secure our border when we actually can. Most importantly, we need an end to amnesty, particularly for teenagers, which creates an entire market for drug-smuggling that is killing tens of thousands on both sides of the border. 

He also explains how the drug crisis is exclusively a border problem and how we would never have this crisis if not for the political will to keep it so. He reminds us that the military actually dealt with this problem in Columbia during the cocaine epidemic and put an end to that problem. The same can be done with the Mexican cartels if necessary. 

Show links

Latest two articles on the lies about the drug overdose crisis (here and here)

National Border Patrol Council

Learning the Lessons of Bloods and Crips in the Middle East Ep. 211

Apr 9, 2018 00:53:45


When will anyone on the Right give a vision for strategic interests in the Middle East? 

In this episode, we focus on our backwards policies in the Middle East by prioritizing urban renewal in untenable Islamic tribal wars while ignoring the real national security threats that confront our homeland. What is going on in Syria with the endless Sunni-Shia fighting is a reflection of the population, and there is nothing we can do to fix the situation. Why is nobody focusing on the chemical warfare on our own border being launched against our people in the form of fentanyl? 

Using analogies of gang violence (and sports!), we demonstrate the foolishness of the false dichotomies presented to us on foreign policy and military intervention.

We also discuss the foolish GOP effort to distract from its spending binge with a ceremonial balanced budget amendment this week. Also, CBO just came out with a budget report. It’s now clear that interest payments on the debt will surpass military spending in just five years. 

Show notes

Our border is a better place for the military than Syria

The stupidity of the GOP and balanced budget  

How gov’t is misdiagnosing the drug crisis, making it worse, and limiting freedoms Ep. 210

Apr 4, 2018 01:21:51


The government is lying to us about the nature, timing, and cause of the drug overdose crisis.  In this long and in-depth interview with Dr. John Lilly, we prove through incontrovertible data that this is not a prescription opioid crisis, but an illicit drug crisis driven by open borders. The political class solution of drug monitoring programs and clamping down on prescriptions is needlessly putting people in pain and exacerbating the problems.

What the government is doing on opioids is the equivalent of responding to a raging forest fire set by an arsonist by banning stoves in individual law-abiding homes and putting all "problem-solving" resources into people’s homes rather than in the forest battling the fire. 

Dr. John Lilly is a family physician with Mercy Clinic, formerly St. John’s, in Springfield, Missouri. He is the president of the Locke and Smith Foundation, a constitutionalist, pro-liberty group that monitors the Missouri state legislature.

This is the next big issue in Congress, and the very people who caused and then exacerbated the problem are trying to make it worse by practicing medicine from Washington, wasting billions in taxpayer dollars, and limiting your freedoms and privacy.

You won’t want to miss this episode! 

Show links

John Lilly’s journal article exposing CDC’s phony overdose numbers

Part III of my series on government lies about opioidsPart IV

Drugs are everywhere…except in hospitals

What Trump can do to combat the assault on our national sovereignty Ep. 209

Apr 3, 2018 00:48:50


With more migrants headed for our border and the tyrannical courts granting illegal aliens new rights every day, what can President Trump do to reclaim our sovereignty? 

In this episode, we discuss how Trump’s tough talk on immigration is a day late and a dollar short. Because he gave up his leverage on all the budget bills and the debt ceiling, he has no way of getting Congress to pass our immigration priorities. Nonetheless, we discuss several ways Trump can fight back against the amnesty courts and how he can properly interpret the statutes to protect our border even without Congress acting. We delve into the severity of the border crisis and how it ties into drugs and gangs plaguing our country. We also analyze recent court decisions concerning immigration that are off-the-wall crazy. Sanctuary cities can violate federal sovereignty, but states are not allowed to protect their sovereignty from private resettlement contractors, according to these kangaroo courts. 

Finally, we discuss the significance of the boycott against conservative advertisers and the need to finally push back against these odious tactics.     

Show notes

Courts declare America the world’s sanctuary for abortions

Open-borders courts use our compassion against us with deadly results

Part IV of how DACA and open borders caused the drug epidemic (“opioid crisis”)

Meet the candidates: Richard Moss challenging Rep. Larry Bucshon, IN-8 Ep. 208

Mar 29, 2018 00:52:51


Today, in our next installment of “Meet the Candidates,” we are joined by Dr. Richard Moss, who is running for Congress in Indiana’s eighth district against Rep. Larry Bucshon. Moss is a board-certified head and neck cancer surgeon who has been in practice for 20 years in Jasper, Indiana. He’s been writing about policy for three decades, particularly about health care. He challenged Larry Bucshon in 2016 and is seeking a rematch.

We focus on health care and immigration, the two major issues that cut to the core of our economy, culture, security, and sovereignty. Moss speaks about his experiences volunteering in foreign countries and what that has taught him about the need to preserve Western civilization. In addition, he tells us his priorities on health care and how he would provide a counter-narrative to the prevailing way of thinking about the issues.   

This is our sixth episode of “Meet the Candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience." The first five episodes were with Chip RoyArt HalvorsonNick FreitasChris McDaniel, and Jarrin Jackson.  

Show links

Dr. Moss’s campaign website

My blueprint for disengaging from the GOP in a few achievable steps

An interview with Jarrin Jackson, candidate for OK-2 Ep. 207

Mar 26, 2018 01:06:42


Today, we continue our “meet the candidates” series and are joined by Jarrin Jackson, a young and philosophically grounded candidate challenging Rep. Markwayne Mullin in OK-2. Markwayne Mullin has broken his promise to serve only three terms. Jackson is unusual for a young candidate, not just from his life-experience as a captain serving in Afghan kill zones, but from his deeply philosophical and theological views.  

Jackson discusses how he thinks we can pitch liberty and constitutional values to young voters. “Our society today learns with their eyes and thinks with their feelings. One of the responsibilities for conservatives running for office is to understand what makes a worldview persuasive to convert people.” He attempts to define what conservatism actually is before listing his agenda.  

We also discuss how both parties are holding hostage our military in order to grow government, which Jackson believes is “immoral.”

This is our fifth episode of “meet the candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience."  The first four episodes were with Chip RoyArt HalvorsonNick Freitas, and Chris McDaniel.  

Show links

My 2016 write-up on Jarrin Jackson

Mullin breaks term-limit pledge

My podcast with Jackson last year on Afghanistan

Trump just made himself a lame duck after only 13 months Ep. 206

Mar 23, 2018 01:01:16


In this episode, we discuss why the betrayal both from Congress and the President is worse than you think.  This was the last opportunity to promote a winning narrative for the November elections and Trump blew it. But a lot of this is the fault of the “conservative” movement, which is bankrupt and is incapable of keeping focused for any period of time to demand the president take the right actions. 

We delve into the long history of the budget betrayal beginning last year and why this was worse than you think.  We take apart the president’s talking points from his press conference and how he is contradicting himself on the military and the opioid crisis. 

We need a new movement that is willing to think deeper and broader. 

 Show links

The political morphine of the conservative movement

10 worst aspects of omnibus

My 10-minute video rant on Steve Deace’s show

How Government is Destroying Quality of Healthcare with Corporate Monopolies Ep. 205

Mar 21, 2018 01:00:45


Today, we are joined by Dr. Kevin Wacasey, a successful direct primary care health care provider who has written two books on the economics of health care.  He offers practical advice for patients wanting better service and cheaper prices in order to combat the growing health care cartel.

In this episode, Dr. Kevin draws upon his experience to explain how government created the corporate conglomerate practice of medicine.  Not only has this induced a price-gouging monopoly, it has degraded the quality of health care delivery.  We no longer have the best scientific methods dictating the best clinical practices, we have doctors serving corporate masters who serve the insurance cartel…who are bought and paid for by government.  The loss of private practice and the rise of corporations practicing medicine built off a government-run-and-created cartel, is the most dangerous trend in medicine.   

Ultimately, Dr. Wacasey believes it’s up to patients to solve the health care crisis by utilizing this era of high deductibles to ditch insurance and shop around with resources such as Health Care Blue Book

Dr. Wacasey is the author of two books: 'The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care;' and 'Healthcareonomics 101: 500 Ways You’re Being Ripped Off By The Health Insurance, and Health Care Industries.’ He maintains a blog athealthcareonomics.com, and you can follow him on twitter at @HConomics, or at his Facebook page Healthcareonomics."


Show links

Our previous show with Dr. Kevin last year (ep. 131)

Insurance stocks beat the market by almost three to one

Obamacare gave conglomerates a monopoly and destroyed private practice  

Brand new data showing how our tax system is more progressive than ever

The week Republicans lose the midterms Ep. 204

Mar 20, 2018 00:41:56


This week, Republicans plan to pass their last major piece of legislation for the remainder of the year … even though it’s only March! And unfortunately, the omnibus bill will be a bundle full of betrayals for conservatives.

In this episode, we discuss the betrayal of the omnibus and how Trump’s only option is to threaten a veto. We go through the constitutional history of the presidential veto and its power to leverage a president’s priorities. So why is Trump so bashful about using it? It is the best way to fight for his priorities and salvage the midterm elections.

Republicans refuse to address in this bill our immigration problems, which have been made worse by the lawless courts. The courts have actually gotten worse than you think, and we update you on some recent rulings.

Finally, we touch on the big lies of the opioid crisis and how the refusal to properly diagnose it and understand its cause will lead to solutions that not only obfuscate the real problem, but exacerbate it. 

Show notes

The great big opioid lie

Trump must use his veto pen or lose it  

A conversation with Chris McDaniel on his runs for Senate in Mississippi Ep. 203

Mar 16, 2018 00:42:15


Today we are joined by Mississippi state Senator Chris McDaniel to discuss his run for U.S. Senate in the Magnolia State. He discusses why he chose to switch from challenging incumbent Senator Roger Wicker to the open seat now being vacated by retiring Senator Thad Cochran and how this should bring peace to the intra-party civil war … if everyone stands by their stated goals of defeating the Democrats.

McDaniel opens up about the successes and mistakes of his 2014 run and what he has learned for this battle. He responds to criticism from Governor Phil Bryant and explains how Mitch McConnell has his fingerprints all over the race. McDaniel also delves into the lessons he learned as a state senator for how to fight the duopoly in Washington. And the end, he touches on the paradox of running as a conservative outsider and how hard it is to raise money when everyone who sympathizes with the message in the state is scared to be associated with those challenging the status quo.   

This is our fourth episode of “meet the candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience."  The first three episodes were with Chip Roy, Art Halvorson, and Nick Freitas.  

Note: Daniel Horowitz worked at the Madison Project when the PAC endorsed Chris McDaniel for Senate in Mississippi in 2013.

Show links

How DACA-driven policies caused the drug overdose epidemic

Republicans are giving us no reason to vote for them



The health-care narrative conservatives need to win elections Ep. 202

Mar 14, 2018 00:52:28


We are joined today by Rep. Jim Butler (@repjimbutler), R-Ohio, a one-man think tank on health care, to discuss the compelling narrative conservatives should be pushing on health care. Why health care? Republicans are about to get crushed in the midterm elections, and health care is the top issue. Yet Republicans let the Left get away with murder – quite literally sometimes – on the health care issue by ignoring how they empowered and monopolized a cartel. 

Jim explains a number of ways government programs and interventions in health care have not only driven up costs but have destroyed private practice and degraded the quality and delivery of health care itself. He explains how Medicaid and the cartel monopoly helped fuel the addiction crisis with opioids. He also explains how open-border fanatics in Ohio are refusing to increase penalties for the worst type of heroin dealers, most often criminal aliens. 

Listen to this episode and then ask yourself how Republicans would perform in November if this was their top message.

Show links

Why bailing out the insurance cartel is the worst thing we can do 
The chart of Maryland “opioid” deaths that is worth 1,000 words

Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.

Make it stick when it matters, Mr. President! Ep. 201

Mar 13, 2018 00:43:27


The next few weeks will determine whether Trump is a lame duck or Republicans have a narrative to win in November. The omnibus spending bill is the last point of leverage Trump has to enact his priorities, but unless he threatens a veto to bolster his leverage, his rhetoric is meaningless. Instead of defunding bad court decisions, Planned Parenthood, and sanctuary cities, Congress is planning to put in gun control, an internet sales tax, and an Obamacare bailout. And, of course, raise the debt to unimaginable levels.  

In this episode, we discuss all the ways Trump’s good messaging is not converted into policy outcomes and how to change that. We also delve into a number of examples of policies where the political firefighters were really the arsonists who caused the problems to begin with. Whether it’s Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, ethanol, CAFE standards, school violence, drug problems, public safety issues with criminal aliens, or yes, even daylight saving time, it’s the very people who caused the problems who are proposing "solutions" that exacerbate the crisis rather than address the root cause.   

Show links

CAFE standards and ethanol killing our economy

No religious liberty rights, but a right to someone else’s Twitter account

Mexican president campaigns in California: How dual voting violates our sovereignty

GOP is selling us out on the policies and narratives on guns and school safety  

Ted Cruz and the need for the GOP to run on a Texas-sized agenda Ep. 200

Mar 8, 2018 00:31:12


To celebrate our 200th episode, we are joined by Senator Ted Cruz to discuss the important issues of the day and his strong showing in the Texas primary.

Republicans had a better-than-expected showing in Texas last night, but there are strong indications that they could get swamped by an enthusiasm gap less conservative states. Cruz lays out a winning agenda for keeping the base as engaged nationwide as it is in Texas. He tackles the courts, immigration, regulations, and explains his conversion on the filibuster. Unless something is done with the de facto 60-vote threshold, Republicans will have no narrative to run on and will accomplish absolutely nothing. And as Cruz notes, if they have nothing to show for their control of government but a massive amnesty and gun control, they will easily lose both houses.

Finally, the senator gives us an update on his fight for free market energy policy and explains how the EPA ransom being used to enforce the ethanol mandate is destroying jobs.  

Show notes

Analysis of Texas primary results

An interview with Nick Freitas, a liberty conservative running for Senate in Virginia Ep. 199

Mar 6, 2018 01:13:52


In our next installment of “meet the candidates,” we are joined by Nick Freitas, who is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia. Freitas (@NickforVA) is an army veteran of the Special Forces and is currently serving his second term in the Virginia House of Delegates. He has recently made national news with his impassioned speech in the state legislature, saying that Democrats have no right to call conservatives Nazis and segregationists and that when it comes to morals and violence, Democrats should look in the mirror.  

In this very wide-ranging interview, Freitas reveals his philosophy on an array of important issues from guns and immigration to health care and foreign policy. He discusses the way he would message them and how he would serve as a voice for constitutional conservatives. 

Show links

“The speech” by Nick Freitas

Nick’s speech on Medicaid expansion

Freitas goes on offense after Democrats act offended by his speech  

The GOP is a balloon headed into a strong midterm hurricane Ep. 198

Mar 6, 2018 00:56:51


It’s already March, and Republicans have accomplished nothing this year other than passing a Democrat spending bill, raising the debt ceiling, promoting amnesty, ignoring the judicial assault on separation of powers, and validating every Democrat narrative on every major policy. It’s no wonder polls show them heading for a wipeout in November.

In this episode, we go through the latest on how amnesty is continuing because of Congress’ impotence in the face of the courts. We discuss how Parkland was a criminal justice problem, not a gun problem, yet Trump and Republicans refuse to launch this counter-narrative.

Next, we discuss how the problem with our exports is not trade or imports, but crushing government mandates, regulations, market distortions, and the fiscal deficit.  We explain how debt crowds out investment both here and from foreign nations by incentivizing them to invest in dependency and Democrat votes rather than capital goods. The fiscal deficit, not the trade deficit, is also the bigger national security problem. We note how a sane conservative party could go one by one and show the American people how government interventions hurt consumers on every major basket of goods and services. It’s something we intend to promote with our bill of rights for taxpayers and consumers. 

Next, we discuss how Mattis has gotten so bad on foreign policy that even H.R. McMaster now seems relatively conservative compared to him. 

Finally, we close by showing how McConnell is using phony Senate rules to hide behind the fact that he is allowing Democrats to win on issues and not using the Senate calendar to our advantage.   

 Show links

How McConnell is obstructing any positive agenda in the Senate

Head of Centcom cares about Iraqi sovereignty, not American sovereignty

Why the fiscal deficit, not trade, is hurting exports

How jailbreak policy led to Parkland

Ethanol mandate is killing the lifeblood of our economy 


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Rep. Thomas Massie on the cowardice of the GOP Ep. 197

Feb 28, 2018 00:38:51


Congressional Republicans are similar to some of the deputies at the Parkland shooting when it comes to confronting a political firefight, according to Rep. Thomas Massie, chairman of the House Second Amendment Caucus. On today’s show, we are joined by Rep. Massie to discuss his prescient warning last December on our show, when he predicted that Republicans would pass gun control without the agreed-upon right-to-carry reciprocity legislation. Indeed, that premonition is playing out today before our very eyes. 

In a wide-ranging and engaging interview, Massie tells it like it is on the gun debate and what really needs to be done to protect our soft targets. He explains how the expanded background check bills will never prevent an attack and will only serve to strip rights away from Americans. He reveals that several employees of the VA have come forward to expose the problems with the NICS system and how it wrongly targets seniors and veterans.   

Show links

Our December interview with Massie

The crisis with the courts; conservatives hooked on political morphine Ep. 196

Feb 27, 2018 00:51:13


Conservatives are so focused on substance-less and short-sighted victories that they don’t realize how the Left is winning 50-year battles overnight, even as conservatives think they are in power. Nowhere is this more evident than with the courts.  

In this episode, we delve into some recent happenings in the courts that demonstrate how the Supreme Court is purposely allowing lower courts to enact a tyrannical agenda against the law of the land. Nobody is willing to do anything about it. There are no words in the English language to describe the degree of insanity of district judges forcing an entire country to issue Social Security cards to illegal foreign nationals, but we try to best capture the consequences in this show. After this show, you will come away with an understanding of why simply “appointing better judges” is not working. 

Then we outline some ways out of this morass. But that will require conservatives to wean themselves off their political morphine and feel the pain. 

Show links

Judicial amnesty is 'law of the land' — unless we stand and fight

Judges forcing Trump to continue lawless environmental regulations of Obama

SCOTUS ignores the Second Amendment  

The budget deficit is really twice as large than it's being reported

#DoSomething: Where the hell is the outrage on the gang and drug crises wrought by DACA and sanctuaries? Ep. 195

Feb 23, 2018 00:59:08


What about the children? What about our schools? What about the tens of thousands dying from poison brought here by DACA and UAC illegals and their networks? Why is it that Republicans will only discuss and address what the media tells them to and refuse to launch their own counter-attacks?

In this episode, we discuss how the Left is so successful at harnessing an atrocity to promote a political agenda that won’t redress the issue but ignores a very preventable crisis in public safety that stems from other countries' criminals. DACA and sanctuary cities are single-handedly responsible for the resurgence of MS-13 and growth of heroin and fentanyl ravaging our communities, beyond any other public policy crisis. 

Show links

Gun-grabbers don’t want to discuss Baltimore  

DACA and sanctuaries causing MS-13 and opioid crises

Testimony of officer Nick Rogers on sanctuary cities blocking us from fighting opioid smuggling  

Meet the candidates: An interview with Art Halvorson (PA-13) Ep. 194

Feb 21, 2018 00:42:09


Today, as part of our next installment in “meet the candidates,” we are joined by Art Halvorson, running for Congress in southwest Pennsylvania. Art has run several times against Rep. Bill Shuster in District 9, and because he had a good chance of winning, Shuster decided to retire. Now the seat is open, with several candidates running.

After graduating from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1977, Art served 29 years in the Coast Guard as a rescue helicopter pilot, flight instructor, test pilot, commanding officer, and eventually as a senior adviser at Coast Guard headquarters in Washington. After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2006, Art went into real estate investment and now runs four companies that own and manage real estate around the country. He also owns a family farm. Art has been married for 38 years, has six children, and is a devout Christian.

We delve into the need for judicial reform, and Art promises to make the legislature strong again. It is especially relevant as unelected judges are literally redrawing Pennsylvania’s election maps in middle of the election.

Art also focuses on the need to fight the gas tax increase, and instead, return transportation authority to the states – an issue few on the Right are even familiar with. 

Show notes

The judicial emergency gets worse 

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A country George Washington would not recognize Ep. 193

Feb 21, 2018 00:44:18


As we celebrate George Washington’s birthday this week (no, not all presidents), we examine the news of the day through the prism of his legacy and how he would not recognize the republic that he fought so hard to establish.

In today’s show, we delve into the actual meaning of politics and public policy and distinguish what is and what is not a political issue. With that in mind, we discuss not just the mass murder in Florida, but rising crime in general and the desire of both parties to loosen criminal justice laws.

We close with an update on immigration and how the courts have rendered the victory over legislative amnesty moot. George Washington feared an all-powerful executive, but he never imagined that the worst usurpations would come from what was supposed to be the weakest branch of government.    

Key quotes

 “His was the directing spirit without which there would have been no independence, no Union, no Constitution, and no Republic. His ways were the ways of truth. He built for eternity. His influence grows. His stature increases with the increasing years. In wisdom of action, in purity of character, he stands alone. We can not yet estimate him. We can only indicate our reverence for him and thank the Divine Providence which sent him to serve and inspire his fellow men.”  ~President Calvin Coolidge, remarks celebrating Washington’s birthday in 1927

Show links

Calvin Coolidge’s tribute to George Washington

10 quotes that prove Washington would not recognize the country today

Senate Committee passes bill to release firearms felons…but gun control!  

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A Bill of Rights for the forgotten taxpayer and consumer Ep. 192

Feb 15, 2018 00:45:09


It’s time for us, as a movement, to take things to the next level or suffer a slow and humiliating political death. 

In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we update you on all of the issues on which conservatives are being beaten down. There is simply no counter-narrative on the Right. It’s time for a new Contract with America that revolves around protecting taxpayers and consumers and that speaks to the hearts of many voters, conservatives and non-conservatives. And it’s time to get the candidates to sign on to it. We go through the lessons of the 1994 effort, how to build on it, and what issues and principles should be established. 

Show links

Illegal alien kills toddler in ambulance

Time to abolish federal gas tax – the true conservative plan for infrastructure

How chain migration is creating a permanent socialist majority 

8 examples of eye-popping debt from Trump's budget proposal

It’s time for the Forgotten Man Caucus  

Rep. Jim Jordan on the GOP's political adultery Ep. 191

Feb 13, 2018 00:34:49


Is there anyone left in Washington who will stand for the forgotten men and women of this country who don’t have a special interest representing them? One man, Rep. Jim Jordan, has been very vocal over the weekend, telling it like it is about the act of political adultery committed by GOP leaders. 

Jordan joins us to discuss how leadership reneged on their promises and why this particular betrayal came at a time when Republicans could have secured a major victory with Democrats on the run. He reminds us that despite excuses about not having 60 votes in the Senate, Democrats are the ones who don’t have 60 votes … or the House and White House. So why do they get everything they want, every time?

We close by revealing why this budget betrayal is the nail in the coffin to fiscal solvency and will condemn us to a Greece-style meltdown within a decade.

Watch for the big amnesty debate in the coming days. Let’s not get distracted by the nonsense in the news that other conservative media use to distract from where they can really make an impact. 

Show links

My advice to the Freedom Caucus  

The Federal Reserve interest rate shenanigans will exacerbate the debt crisis

While everyone is distracted, the GOP sells us out on issue after issue Ep. 190

Feb 8, 2018 00:57:46


Not only is the GOP-controlled Congress screwing us on every issue, it is doubling down on the very policies in each issue portfolio that caused the problem to begin with. Both parties should change their symbol to that of a firefighter engaging in arson.

Republicans are screwing us on immigration. You won’t believe McConnell’s new tactic of introducing a blank bill. It is the perfect metaphor for a leader of a party who has no convictions.

We delve into a host of health care betrayals and give a vision for free-market health care that so many conservatives are failing to provide. Republicans are agreeing to expand the very programs that gave the insurance cartel a monopoly to gouge us. 

Next, we tackle the budget betrayal, which is worse than you think. Which brings us to a long discussion about Pentagon spending and the crisis of innovation to rethink our strategic vision in the world and how it will solve the budget problem, in which Democrats hold military spending hostage for increased non-defense spending. 

Key quotes:

“The cruel irony of the GOP abolishing the Budget Control Act is that they are now undoing, with control of all three branches, what they accomplished with just one branch. Then again, they are Republicans, and perfidy is the main plank of their platform.”

"If you are a non-illegal alien U.S. citizen who doesn’t want a handout, just a fair chance in a free market, you don’t exist — to either party."

Show links:

McConnell would support dog manure if it gets 60 votes

9 US tanks wind up in Iran’s hands

Pentagon magically loses $800 million

My 10 observations on GOP perfidy

GOP’s disgraceful retreat on Obamacare  


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The important consequences being missed from the FBI scandal Ep. 189

Feb 5, 2018 00:46:44


In this episode, we explore the revelations in the Nunes memo and the broader cover-up of the Hillary email-scandal – not so much from a focus on the technical details but from the standpoint of the constitutional crisis that is confronting us.

We now have progressives in all areas of government, but particularly in the unelected courts and bureaucracies, who are willing to breach all legal firewalls in order to achieve their political goals. The ends now justify the means. They openly thwart immigration law, maintain sanctuary cities, and set up autonomous “fourth branch” agencies seeking to operate outside constitutional charter. It would be bad enough to adopt an “ends justify the means” mindset, but the people who are doing so are simultaneously seeking to inoculate themselves from all constitutional checks on their ill-gotten power.   

Show links

Rod Rosenstein thinks he is above the law 

Rep. Ron DeSantis on the SOTU and policy innovation Ep. 188

Feb 1, 2018 00:43:49


To review the SOTU and the opportunities with which the president’s successful address presents to conservatives, we are joined by Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., one of the brightest policy innovators in Congress. 

We delve into ways to take even the less conservative policy ideas of the president and turn them into winning ideas, if only we had leadership willing to fulfill their campaign promises. DeSantis describes some of his bills and ideas for Congress to have a successful legislative year. He brings up the point that Republicans could so easily put Democrats into an awkward position by forcing a vote on making the tax cuts permanent.

Later in the show, we broach a number of other political matters including the budget and ways to reform the filibuster.

Finally, DeSantis discusses his run for governor of Florida and how he intends to make state governments great again with conservative policy leadership.

Show links

Ron DeSantis' campaign website

How the president can follow up from a successful SOTU  

What Trump and the GOP need is consistency Ep. 187

Jan 31, 2018 00:38:15


In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we discuss some of the news of the week through the prism of the GOP’s lack of consistency. 

On immigration, Republicans have a chance to go on offense and keep up the momentum from the Schumer Shutdown, yet they are going backward. We continue the theme from last week on why Trump’s strategy on immigration is wrong. If Trump’s strategy was to show how radical Democrats are on amnesty, then now is the time to walk away. We also detail how chain migration is killing our immigration system and creating a permanent Democrat majority. 

Next, we discuss how the inconsistency of the GOP on the life issue exposes the fact that Republicans only champion pro-life initiatives when they know it will not result in a meaningful change. The minute they have a chance to actually change the game, they drop the issue like a hot potato.

Finally, we discuss the government covering up the failure and lack of strategy in Afghanistan and how this is hurting our ability to get our budget priorities straight, not to mention care for the lives of our soldiers.     

Show links

The facts on immigration that categorically disprove the Left’s thesis on the issue

6 reasons why the Senate abortion vote was a sham

Pentagon ordering inspector general not to publish truth on Afghanistan

Why Trump’s amnesty is bad policy, bad politics, and bad strategy Ep. 186

Jan 27, 2018 01:00:01


It takes a lot more than a vapid soundbite to understand the policy and politics surrounding immigration. This is why we dedicate a full hour to all of the angles the commentary class are missing about Trump’s amnesty proposal and his broader messaging and how it betrays every promise he made in spectacular fashion. 

The key in politics is to understand the political atmosphere, the context, where something is coming from, and where it is headed. Get ready for a complete education on this issue that encompasses all of these elements. 

Show links

Interview with Mark Levin on Trump Amnesty

Why 12-year path for amnesty will “morph” into 5

Growing economy and rise of the alt-left give the GOP one more chance to lead Ep. 185

Jan 25, 2018 00:53:34


The convergence of so much positive economic news with the tax cuts, the Schumer shutdown flop, and the unraveling of the Russia scandal has given Republicans a second chance to plow forward with a winning agenda.

In this episode, we lay out an agenda for McConnell and the Republicans. They can press their advantage on immigration in many ways. They can move back to repeal of Obamacare by learning the lessons of the successful tax bill. They can make the tax cuts permanent. They can unite behind rooting out the corruption at the FBI with the newly released evidence of systemic rot at its highest levels. They can finally end the dumpster fire in Afghanistan and use the savings to build up base defense rather than agreeing to spend more on non-defense in order to build up the military.  

Finally, we discuss how the alt-left takeover of all western institutions, including the military, has created a dynamic where people in charge of important institutions are willing to break all norms, laws, and trust in order to advance their agenda. We discuss the military brass in the context of their disregard for facts on the ground in Afghanistan and Syria and how they couldn’t care less about the lives of the troops. Congress must reassert itself, and there is actually a bipartisan opportunity to change things.  

There are so many important things to accomplish. The GOP will likely never get a second chance before the midterm elections to demonstrate leadership on these and many other issues. 

Show links

Majority of voters want less immigration

McConnell’s opportunity to become a statesman  

Schumer’s 3 decades of lies on immigration

Military covering up pedophilia among Afghans  


The one job illegals do that Americans won't do Ep.184

Jan 23, 2018 00:51:42


When will we have a party that cares about the citizenry as much as Democrats care about illegal aliens? 

In this episode, we go through the facts and myths of a government shutdown. We also show the enormity that an entire political party is willing to pull out all the stops for illegal aliens. We delve into some background on immigration to show how Republicans are failing to make the strongest arguments against this assault on American sovereignty by using some of Schumer’s own quotes from the past. There are some important lessons we can learn from immigration battles and chicanery of the past.  

We also discuss the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. What does that have to do with a government shutdown and illegal immigration? Tune in and you will learn everything you need to know about the asymmetrical warfare between the two parties.

Show links

Amnesty documents still being processed during shutdown

Schumer’s 3 decades of lies on immigration

Schumer admitted in 1986 that amnesty was a gamble

The tough love for the pro-life movement that some don’t want to hear


Meet the Candidates: Chip Roy in TX-21 Ep. 183

Jan 19, 2018 00:38:29


In this episode, we kick off our series of “meet the candidates,” where we introduce you to those running for office who are willing to challenge the existing paradigm in both parties. Our first candidate is Chip Roy (@chiproytx), former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz and all-around conservative warrior. He is running for the open seat in TX-21, spanning from parts of Austin and San Antonio. 

We don’t just discuss the typical issues, but delve into the inner workings of how a conservative warrior can go to Washington and actually implement his promises. Chip has some unique and thoughtful ideas that most candidates don’t typically articulate.  Between not caring about re-election, using a smart inside-outside game to give voice to the forgotten man and the forgotten issues, and a focus on systemically reforming the role of Congress relative to the other branches, Chip is ready to hit the ground running.  

Show links

Chip Roy: The candidate we’ve been waiting for

What a conservative caucus would do with the budget

Nobody cares about deficits any more, despite record revenue  

Let’s not turn America into a “s---hole” Ep. 182

Jan 16, 2018 00:45:29


The political class is deliriously and sanctimoniously virtue-signaling against Trump’s alleged comments about immigrants from s---hole countries. In this episode, we demonstrate how both liberal and “conservative” pundits have no sense of context or historical background about our immigration system. It doesn’t matter so much where people come from, but our current immigration system is turning America into a s---hole for the rest of the world. 

Also, while origin doesn’t inherently matter, it’s undeniable that our entire immigration system has become insanely weighted towards the third world. We delve into all the census data — from crimes rates, education, and English proficiency to poverty and welfare use — and it’s quite evident that under a true merit system, we would have more immigrants from Europe and South Asia than from other places. This is not to say we can’t have any immigrants from those other countries, but it is unfair to America to import such large numbers from impoverished countries over such a short period of time, especially when they don’t assimilate.    

Key quotes:

In a letter to an immigrant friend in 1813, then President Madison made it clear that they would always warmly welcome immigrants “who are attached to our Country by its natural and political advantages.” He was emphatic about his views that mass immigration as an end to itself beyond those with particular skills was not to be encouraged. “I am obliged, at the same time, to say, as you will doubtless learn from others, that it is not either the provision of our laws or the practice of the Government to give any encouragement to emigrants, unless it be in cases where they may bring with them some special addition to our stock of arts or articles of culture.” ~From page 127 of "Stolen Sovereignty"

“The citizens of America preferred this country, because it is to be preferred; the like principle he wished might be held by every man who came from Europe to reside here; but there was at least some grounds to fear the contrary; their sensations, impregnated with prejudices of education, acquired under monarchical and aristocratical Governments, may deprive them of that zest for pure republicanism, which is necessary in order to taste its beneficence with that gratitude which we feel on the occasion.” ~Theodore Sedgewick, 1790

Show links

“Abstract immigrants”: Thomas Sowell makes fun of elites on immigration

22% of US, 45% of California speak foreign language at home

Demographic info on immigrants

5 shocking trends on immigration

New report shows no vetting of 2.37 million illegals released by ICE  

Illegal alien supremacism + judicial supremacism is our 'fall of Rome' Ep. 181

Jan 11, 2018 00:39:02


Americans don’t matter in the debate on immigration. 

In this episode, we show how the mixture of illegal alien supremacism and judicial supremacism is a kill shot on our sovereignty, security, society, and system of governance. We cannot recover as a nation, much less a republic, if these two issues are not immediately addressed.

We discuss the latest inside information on immigration and analyze the good and the bad of the good-faith proposal on immigration put forth by Rep. Bob Goodlatte. You won’t want to miss it. 


Show links

Russian birth tourism fleecing America

Why Trump must ignore amnesty judge

Border crossings doubled because of promise of amnesty

The big lie about TPS amnesty for El Salvador

Trump should issue “veto of love” if budget bill doesn’t contain these 5 provisions  


Lots of good news happening if we can overlook the distractions Ep. 180

Jan 9, 2018 00:37:21


We could talk about Steve Bannon and Oprah all day … or we can discuss the issues that matter. In this episode, we delve into all the good economic, security, and immigration news that Republicans could actually run on and promise to advance further, if only they were willing to punch through the fake news cycle and endless soap opera. Unfortunately, they are out to lunch.

Whether it's ending aid for terrorist countries, stopping amnesty programs, or opening up the entire outer continental shelf to drilling, there is a lot of positive change taking place. But if a policy tree falls in a forest of soap operas, who knows?  

We also discuss the good news on health care everyone is ignoring and that Republicans are doing a lousy job of selling. The executive orders on health care will open up an opportunity to collapse Obamacare from within and foster a true competitive market for at least some portions of health care. 

We also announce the future of our “meet the candidates” segment we plan to inaugurate here so that you can be informed about the best choices for the midterm elections.

Show links

'Body count': Where does America's 3rd-world violence come from? The importance of getting rid of TPS It's time for a US DACA: Deferred Action from Criminal Aliens

The plan to drill for more oil is a big deal

How Trump can stay strong against the amnesty agenda  


Smashing failed paradigms, ideas, and premises Ep. 179

Jan 5, 2018 00:53:43


Trump’s polling is going up, and not surprisingly, it coincides with a solid few months of Trump pursuing and championing conservative policies. If Trump would actually stay on message and not get distracted, he can turn around the impending doom of the midterms.

In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we discuss how Trump is smashing failed paradigms of policy assumptions and how he can do even better to introduce fresh ideas. But that would require him to ignore some of the soap opera around him and stay on message. We give you updates on some of the latest happenings in immigration and the courts that you won’t hear about in the vacuous media.

We conclude by offering an example of a failed paradigm that has become a holy grail of the political elites – counting illegal aliens in the Census. The administration has given some indications that it is open to changing this disgusting practice of stolen sovereignty. We give the full political, philosophical, and constitutional case for doing so.

Show links

32% of all federal incarcerations are non-citizens

Record immigration in 2016

Time to stop counting illegals in the Census

Mitt Romney is a failed paradigm clinger, not a paradigm smasher



How regime change in Iran could recover our failed foreign policy Ep. 178

Jan 3, 2018 00:48:18


Have we reached the Jenga Point of foreign policy? 

In this first episode of 2018, we frame the new year by beginning with foreign policy. President Trump can remake our national security and promote peace for the world by supporting regime change in Iran without making any of the painful investments we’ve expended in other failed conflicts. We bring on CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel), to discuss what is going on in Iran and what Trump should do next.  

We delve into the broader Middle East chessboard and how this “intervention” would be different from other failed choices made by past leaders. At the end of the show, we contrast the use of soft power to overthrow the mullahs with the use of heavy military intervention in Afghanistan to show what is a prudent intervention and what is a counterintuitive one.

Overall, not a bad start to 2018 from the president! 

Show notes

Trump moving to the right, but still held down by cabinet

5 ways Trump could spark regime change with no cost

How NYT is making big bucks off Iran tours

Obama lackeys siding with Iranian regime

Importing hate into our country: A national emergency Ep. 177

Dec 27, 2017 00:39:26


On this sleepy holiday weekend, there were more attempted terror attacks perpetrated by beneficiaries of chain migration from the Middle East. What is it going to take for it to become fashionable among the political elites to terminate these suicidal immigration policies?

In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we delve into the convoluted and corrupt values of those who want to import huge numbers of immigrants from parts of the world where they hate Jews and hate our American values. Where is the sympathy, love, tolerance, and compassion in bringing in those who are intolerant of others, particularly of Jews? We discuss the dynamic in Sweden, where Jews can no longer practice their faith openly because of the Islamic invasion supported by the political elites. Yet, liberals in America, including liberal Jewish groups, are working overtime to bring the same dynamic here.

Finally, we delve into some of the latest "stolen sovereignty" court rulings hampering Trump’s most basic efforts to keep the nation safe, and how, absent judicial reform, we are doomed as a nation.     

Show links

Muslim immigrants committing crimes against Jews in Sweden

Jews in Sweden caught between Islamic sharia and pagan sharia

More homegrown terrorism from Islamic chain migration

Remember the Chelsea bomber? He’s already radicalizing others

Tax cuts: Does winning only the last game of season matter? Ep. 176

Dec 21, 2017 00:37:08


Tax cuts and some other relatively good news makes this a surprisingly better end to 2017 than many of us expected. However, as we note throughout the show, the victories are fleeting and akin to the Cleveland Browns winning the last two games of the season after losing the first 14 games. At the same time, it doesn’t mean nothing good can come from such belated winning, or the lessons to be learned from it.

In this episode, we discuss the advantages of the tax bill along with repeal of the individual mandate of Obamacare. We also celebrate how we dodged a bullet and succeeded in blocking amnesty and the insurance bailout from the budget bill. No, we didn’t throw any touchdowns, but with this political franchise, not tossing interceptions is a victory. The prophet of lamentations has some good news for once!

We also delve into some stories you might have missed, from Republicans ruining one of the few court victories they ever secured to the Trump administration re-nominating the architect of Obama’s transgender agenda as commissioner of the EEOC.

Show links

GOP agreed to give away court victory on Obamacare subsidies  

The tax bill actually makes code more progressive; Dem opposition is indefensible

The best tax reform plan you've ever heard Ep. 175

Dec 19, 2017 00:52:36


Despite the passage of what appears to be a significant tax cut, the tax system is worse off than ever, the plan is still unpopular, and most people don’t even realize they are getting a tax cut. This is the problem with direct federal taxation built upon the insufferable progressive scheme. Isn’t it time for truly innovative tax reform ideas?

In this episode, we are joined by Tom Ryan (@TomDRyan), the author of The Neutral Tax plan, a proposal that is the ultimate fair, flat, and simple tax. It would devolve all tax collection to the states, and the feds would come in at the back end with a flat tax on the state’s revenue. He answers all our questions on how it would work, why it is superior to anything proposed thus far, and how it will make state governments great again.

Show notes

The ultimate simple, fair, and flat tax proposal

The insanity of the progressive tax code just got more progressive

The GOP betrayal on guns and why we can’t have nice things Ep. 173

Dec 12, 2017 00:32:42


In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by a special patriot, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), to discuss the latest GOP betrayal.  This time it’s guns.  We can’t have nice things because even the few issues where there is official consensus to do the right thing, Republicans will contaminate the good parts, add in bad provisions, and sabotage our messaging so that Democrats get what they want. Then they will use outside allies to lie about what they did and deceive members on the details of the policy and process. 

We delve into the subterfuge used by GOP leadership to manipulate a popular right-to-carry bill as a means of passing more gun control.  The establishment gun lobbies have ensured that good legislation never passes and continue to support bad legislation, despite their reputation as defenders of the Second Amendment.  This episode is a must listen for those who are looking to understand the games behind the scenes in Congress.  Whereas the Democrat Party harnesses it’s base to promote its agenda, the GOP does everything it can to make an end-run around its base.     

Show links

How Republicans screwed over conservatives on guns

How the NRA tried to keep Pelosi in office in 2010

Wealth Redistribution and “Bake the Darn Cake” are all about Violating Property Rights Ep. 172

Dec 8, 2017 00:44:01


We begin the show discussing the significance of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capitol.  This isn’t just a good decision on foreign policy, it demonstrates that Trump is willing to smash failed paradigms and fight the swamp to do so. Now he just he needs to get rid of his bad cabinet picks who are undermining him on this and other issues.

Next, we announce the candidacy of conservative hero, Chip Roy, Ted Cruz’s first chief of staff, who is now running for House in Texas’s 21st district.

Finally, we juxtapose the insanity of the left on taxes and health care to their view on coercing someone to service a gay wedding with their private property.  Both problems stem from a lack of understanding of basic property rights.  Cultural Marxism is built off economic Marxism.  The lack of regard for property rights stems from stolen sovereignty. We have the legal profession mixing up federal, state, and individual sovereignty.  And the courts are the biggest threat to our individual and national sovereignty.

Key quote:

“We cannot solve our problems by making the same failed assumptions and repeating the same failed strategies of the past. All challenges demand new approaches.” ~ President Donald Trump

Show links

State Department undermining Trump’s embassy  move

Trump’s move on Jerusalem was supported by Congress 95 years ago

Why congress must move to protect property and conscience rights  

A Guide to the Perplexed about the Tax Bill Ep. 171

Dec 5, 2017 00:49:15


So, what is in the final tax bill?  Will you see a significant tax cut? 


In this episode, we go through the common myths about the tax bill and update the listeners on the latest changes to the bill.  On net, it looks like they fixed the initial problems so that almost everyone will get a real tax cut.  Is this the ideal bill that truly restructures our system and ends the progressive code? Of course not.  We game out a couple of better proposals that would fundamentally change the system for the better or how to make this tax cut more meaningful.


Key quotes

The amount to be contributed by each citizen will in a degree be at his own option, and can be regulated by an attention to his resources. ... It is a signal advantage of taxes on articles of consumption that they contain in their own nature a security against excess. ... If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds. This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power of imposing them. Impositions of this kind usually fall under the denomination of indirect taxes, and must for a long time constitute the chief part of the revenue raised in this country. Those of the direct kind, which principally relate to land and buildings, may admit of a rule of apportionment. ~ Alexander Hamilton, Federalist #21, making the case against direct federal taxation   


Show links

The coming budget betrayal

Blowing up major myths on the tax bill

Tax Foundation chart: Most people don’t pay a lot in federal income taxes

It’s time for an American “DACA” from criminal aliens  

How Common Sense and the Forgotten Man are Dead to our Political System Ep. 170

Dec 1, 2017 00:33:40


Why is it that our politicians, media elites, and cultural institutions have lost their minds and hearts?  They have lost any modicum of common sense and have ignored the forgotten man in favor of special interests.  They have been enabled by an incessant media cycle that focuses people’s attention on the wrong issues and information. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we re-establish the purpose of this show and tie it into the news cycle.  Except… the news we discuss will probably not be the news you hear.  There are so many stories on the military, the courts, national security, health care, and immigration that are missed by both the liberal and conservative media.  It’s this obfuscation that has numbed the minds of many Americans and prevents them from thinking clearly. 

Show links

The generals are lying to us about Afghanistan  

Trump now supporting bailout of insurance cartel

Nikki Haley trying to parse her language on Hamas  

Court orders military to start paying for castration

Trump admin defies law, continues to keep PLO office open

Congress’ stupid move on sexual harassment

Scotus yawns as lower courts gut Second Amendment  

Conservatives are Political Orphans in End of Year Legislative Fights Ep. 169

Nov 28, 2017 00:37:36


In today’s show, we give a preview for all the upcoming end-of-year legislative battles, from taxes and spending to immigration and health care.

We begin by discussing the perverse priorities of Congress on sexual harassment.  Rather than censuring the perpetrators and passing legislation to end the private taxpayer-funded slush funds for settlements, they are hiding behind phony PC “anti-discrimination/anti-harassment training.”

Next, we tackle the misplaced priorities of Congress on immigration.  There’s a crisis going on with criminal alien gangs, yet rather than addressing enforcement, they want amnesty, which is the cause of this very violence we are facing. 

Finally, we address the tax bill.  Although the bill has gotten much better, watch out for this being a trap to get conservatives to support amnesty and an insurance bailout. 


Show links

Body count from illegal alien gangs in Long Island

Brutal illegal alien gang attacks in Maryland

Liberals, including Republicans, working with business cartel to set up amnesty “war room” on Capitol Hill

There is a new sexual licentious movement acronym in town

The One War Nobody Wants to Discuss: Our Own Border Ep. 168

Nov 21, 2017 00:45:53


We are busy fixing (or not fixing) every failed state on the planet, yet we refuse to use every tool of statecraft to deal with the failed state on our own border: Mexico.  This week we saw another tragedy as a result of the instability on our southern border, as a border agent was brutally murdered by illegal aliens operating on our shores.

To dissect the real problems at our border on both sides of the Rio Grande, we are joined by Brandon Darby, editor of Breitbart Texas, and one of the leading experts on drug cartels and the border problems. Brandon walks us through the complicated diplomatic, security, and cultural problems on both sides of the border that, unless properly addressed, will make much of the remaining debate over the border moot.  The political class, which just wants votes and cheap labor, are not only selling out Americans, they are perpetuating the misery for the average Mexican.  Under the current dynamic, everyone loses.     


Show links

Breitbart Texas: Border agent’s skull crushed in by illegal alien attackers

Another case of 9th Circuit stolen sovereignty

Rather than dealing with Mexico and the border crisis, State Department celebrates national transgender day

We Need A Clean Break from this Entire System or Nothing Will Matter Ep 167

Nov 17, 2017 00:44:30


Steve Deace likes to call us the prophets of lamentation.  Well, if you are in the mood of hearing the ultimate book of lamentations, this show is the one for you. 

There is something big happening in our country and culture that is beyond any conventional fix.  We must think broader and outside the box.  We discuss the lack of justice, immoral behavior, the insane social engineering in the military, and the tax bill – all tying together to demonstrate that we will never fix the system with the existing political parties and the same political paradigm.

Key quote

“The GOP is to conservatives what the Israeli air force was to Egypt in 1967. They preemptively carpet bomb our messaging before we can get off the ground.”

Show links

US soldiers forced to ignore child rape in Afghanistan

Senate tax bill is good but watch for the trap

Military paying for castration!  


My Thoughts on Roy Moore, Pursuit of Truth, and the Outlook Beyond Ep. 166

Nov 15, 2017 01:04:48


In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we give the long view of what happened in Alabama and where things are headed.  The important thing now is to just get the truth and put all politics aside. 

At the same time, there are so many lessons we can take out from what is going on in our culture and body politic – that until and unless there is a successful reform movement to change the way our political system is working, we are headed for a death spiral between two entrenched sides and false dichotomies.  Everyone is fighting over what to do about a potentially lost Senate seat, but the reality is the entire institution of the Senate is lost.  What is our answer moving forward?  Irrespective of the outcome in Alabama, there is something so much bigger happening in our culture.  

“love truth and peace.” Zachariah 8:19

The VA Elections and the Vicious Cycle of Political Failure with Two Corrupt Parties Ep 165

Nov 10, 2017 00:33:07


When will conservatives stop dying on the sword of a party that sullies our brand by laying claim to it but ultimately does the exact opposite? 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we digest the true long-term meaning of the GOP defeat in Virginia.  This is a long-term problem whereby conservatives are going to incur all of the liabilities of both the GOP and Trump’s persona but none of the benefits of Trump’s intuition.  We go through a number of quiet examples of how this administration is lurching far to the left and so many Trump appointees are antithetical to his stated agenda.  Until we start a new problem, this dynamic will never end.  

Show links

GOP tax deduction compromise is the worst of all worlds – the trademark of the GOP

Why we must break away from the red vs. blue game


GOP tax plan raises taxes on entrepreneurs

Trump DHS continues another amnesty  

Top Pentagon pick promotes “therapeutic abortion” in military

Trump DHS pick: we “owe” illegals amnesty

The Incredibly Dumb GOP Tax Plan Ep.164

Nov 7, 2017 00:51:02


Are you a tax policy nerd? You’ll love this episode.  Even if you’re not into tax policy, we break down the clutter and show what others are missing about the GOP tax plan. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we bring out the broad outcome and the individual details of the GOP plan to demonstrate why the GOP is called the “stupid party.” 

The GOP is incurring all the worst political liabilities of a tax cut plan and getting none of the policy benefits.  Worse, most middle-income taxpayers will wind up paying more in taxes in the long run.  Meanwhile, these same families are getting hosed with $2,100 premiums, yet the GOP won’t repeal Obamacare. 

We delve into how the GOP dealt with deductions in the worst possible way while failing to bring down rates enough to shield people from paying more.  There are also stealth tax increases built into this plan.  In total, it is not worth the paper it’s printed on. 

Show links  


GOP tax plan too clever by half

Socialism Stings: Obamacare Premiums at $2,100

Why you should care about the judicial war on North Carolina Ep. 163

Nov 4, 2017 00:35:21


The Fourth Circuit has literally taken over control of the state of North Carolina.  This is happening around the country and nobody is paying attention.  Lower federal courts are denuding state legislature of basic powers over their own internal affairs. The biggest danger is now coming from the courts mandating that legislative maps be drawn in a way that is most advantageous to Democrats.  The only thing worse than a legislative gerrymander is a judicial gerrymander. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by North Carolina’s LT. Governor, Dan Forest.  He discusses his lonely battle against judicial tyranny and how North Carolina is the canary in the coal mine for what the left will do to other states.  

Show notes

Fourth Circuit owns North Carolina

When You Import the Middle East…You Get the Middle East Ep. 162

Nov 2, 2017 00:40:07


Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled jihadists yearning to slit our throats.

This is essentially our motto as a self-immolating nation.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how the front line in this war is not in Raqqa, Tikrit, Kabul, or Mogadishu; it’s in communities such as Patterson, Brooklyn, NY, & Minneapolis.  We have let in immigrants from places we should have never accepted and are doing so in record numbers.  We discuss what a sane country would do to rectify the situation and how things will get worse if we don’t wake up.

Key quote 

 “The citizens of America preferred this country, because it is to be preferred; the like principle he wished might be held by every man who came from Europe to reside here; but there was at least some grounds to fear the contrary; their sensations, impregnated with prejudices of education, acquired under monarchical and aristocratical Governments, may deprive them of that zest for pure republicanism, which is necessary in order to taste its beneficence with that gratitude which we feel on the occasion.” Theodore Sedgewick, 1790


Show notes

Are we taking in radical islamists that even Muslim Countries Don’t Want

Andy McCarthy on importing Sharia supremacism

Muslim immigration fastest growing

1.8 million green cards issued to Muslim countries since 9/11

End the diversity visa lottery now  

Muslim imam on why it makes no sense to bring in new Muslim immigrants before assimilating

No Manafort or pedophiles: What you won’t hear in the news this week. Ep. 161

Oct 31, 2017 00:33:36


The news of the week is all about Boehner’s interview, Manafort’s indictment, and the pedophile Kevin Spacey.  Meanwhile, all conservative media is missing the most important stories of the week.  Which is why we are here…

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how the courts continue to dismantle the fabric of our society and the values of our Constitution by nullifying election law, mandating transgenderism in the military, and ripping down war memorials.  Rather than fight back against it, the administration is obsequiously giving in to the courts and even appealing the one good ruling conservatives got from the judiciary on a labor regulation.  The courts are legislative the continuation of Obama’s lawless or harmful policies beyond his presidency.  

The more we are distracted the more the left will continue winning 100-year culture battles over night without firing a shot.  They need not win elections.  The courts and administrative state are doing it for them.   

Show links

Fourth Circuit owns North Carolina

Leftists running Pentagon want to draft women

Strangers in Our Own Land: Illegals Rule, Americans Drool Ep.160

Oct 27, 2017 00:39:35


In this action-packed episode of inside information, Daniel goes through how Congress is focusing on more illegal aliens and guest workers from the third world at a time when Americans need help with their communities overrun by the ill-effects of criminal aliens.  Yet, the courts are criminalizing immigration enforcement and granting more and more privileges to illegals.  A land turned upside down.

Illegal aliens are the most powerful constituency in this country.  Almost every corporation, lobbyist, legal foundation, court, and politician has prioritized their demands at the expense of America’s basic rights. We go through recent court cases, new legislation being proposed and rejected, and some failed promises of the Trump administration on immigration to demonstrate why it’s time for a movement that speaks for the forgotten American.   


Show links

A right for abortion chain migration

Illegals rule the roost

CIS study on destruction of English in America

Why English must be made the official language

IRS fines Americans, gives tax credits to illegals  

The Real Scandal for Families of Those Killed in Action Ep. 159

Oct 24, 2017 00:35:44


What does our foreign policy and military escapades have to do with the ethanol mandate?

We continue failed, harmful policies just because the powers behind them are able to self-perpetuate.

In this action-packed episode of the Conservative Conscience, we cut through the hot air and distraction over the Trump-media war fighting over which president offered better condolence calls to families of fallen heroes.  The real question we should all be asking is how to change policies so that we don’t have so many fallen heroes who die because our civilian and military leadership continue doubling down on the wrong engagements with no strategic objectives.  We discuss the need for a complete operational audit of the 140 countries we are involved in so that we can better identify our strategic objectives.   

Much of our failed policies overseas stems from the same problems as failed domestic policies.  We deviate from the constitutional method of having the whole of the people through Congress decide the issue and instead allow special interests to perpetuate failure.

Finally, we close with an update on Republicans screwing consumers with the ethanol mandate and how they have squandered an amazing opportunity to stand with the free market, the Constitution, and show how liberals are the ones tied to crony special interests.   

Show notes

U.S. to expand role in Africa 

Afghani soldiers brought to our shores go AWOL  

Ethanol lobby wins again

A Week of Unimaginable Judicial Hell Destroying What’s Left of America Ep. 158

Oct 20, 2017 01:02:14


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we speak the truth about the severity of the judicial crisis, how it happened, what is happening now that makes this issue an emergency, why it won’t be fixed with traditional methods, how conservative legal elites have screwed us, and what we can do about it. 

We begin by addressing almost a dozen mind-boggling decisions by the courts recently and how they are shutting down our country and nobody is talking about it.  Next, we address the stratagem and philosophy behind what they are doing and how it will succeed no matter how many new judges Trump appoints. Finally, we conclude with a lesson on the difference between judicial review and judicial supremacy, how “conservative” legal activists are part of the problem and misunderstand this lesson, and what we can do to educate people and change course.  

Key quotes:

“If god gave me one political wish, it would be to end the constitutional crisis with judicial supremacy.”

“This regulation [judicial review] is far from throwing any disparagement upon the legislative authority of the United States. It does not confer upon the judicial department a power superiour, in its general nature, to that of the legislature; but it confers upon it, in particular instances, and for particular purposes, the power of declaring and enforcing the superiour power of the constitution—the supreme law of the land.” ~ James Wilson, Lectures on Law, Chapter XI, 1791.

Show links

12 reasons the judiciary is irremediably broken

Why “appointing better judges” will not help

Why Left will always have super majority on most circuits (here and here)

The scam of forum shopping and nationwide injunctions

Obama’s 3rd Term: Iraq is the Obamacare of Foreign Policy Ep 157

Oct 17, 2017 00:49:31


We kick off this busy week by first discussing why Trump is not really remaking the judiciary, despite some reporting to the contrary.  While all his picks have been solid, the courts are so irremediably broken that we need full judicial reform.  We go through the latest example of judicial tyranny with sanctuary cities to demonstrate why no Republican president will be able to win over the current judiciary as it is conceived. 

However, the most pressing issue is that Iraq has become our Obamacare for foreign policy.  We are doubling down on supporting the Iranian-backed government in Baghdad, even though they are now beheading Kurds in Kirkuk.  For today’s show, we bring on Jordan Schachtel, CR’s national security correspondent, to discuss the insanely backwards strategy of supporting foe over friend in the Middle East.

Show links

Lawless judge declares sanctuary nation policies

New CIS report on unprecedented immigration levels

WSJ article on Trump remaking judiciary (I disagree)

Trump must end support for Baghdad government

The good and the bad of Trump’s Iran announcement  

The Two Parties are Closer Together than You Think Ep. 156

Oct 12, 2017 00:35:55


You might have thought there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties.  You were wrong.  There’s not a penny’s worth of difference.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we go through the budget, criminal justice, and executive staffing decisions to show how Republicans walk the ball into the end-zone for the other side on issue after issue.  The people tasked with leading the opposition are the very essence of the problem on those very issues they oversee.  Trump is appointing people who support the other side to lead issue portfolios that are so critical to conservatives. 

What about the Iran deal? As we explain, even if Trump decertifies the deal, it’s unlikely he will pull out and his broader foreign policy, along with the personnel placed in charge, are continuing Obama’s policies towards Iran.   

Show links

Obama’s third term on Iran and the PLO

GOP increases spending by $130 billion over Obama’s final year

Jailbreak is back!!!

A Capitulation on Guns? Dems Say Jump, GOP asks How High Ep. 155

Oct 10, 2017 00:33:11


Republicans could use the general disquiet in the country about rising crime, mass shootings, terrorism, and sanctuary cities to promote a conservative agenda on guns, immigration, and criminal justice.  Instead they cede the field to Democrats and allow them to define the narrative.  They operate solely in the world Democrats present to them. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how Democrats get Republicans to turn the winning issue of guns into a loser. We delve through the disturbing history of the NRA pretending to be strong on guns but actually undermining our efforts to pass pro-gun legislation.

The tragic irony is that there are many tragedies on the immigration and criminal justice front that do indeed have redressable public policy angles, yet Republicans won’t use them to promote a conservative agenda.  Later in the show, we go through some new developments in criminal justice and early release for violent criminals.  Yet, not only are Republicans not using the issue of rising crime to fight these new ideas, they are joining with the left in pushing jailbreak.

Maybe we should just let all the criminals out of jail and put the guns in jail. 

Show links

Jared Kushner pushing jailbreak

Crime on the rise. Politicians don’t want to address the source…but gun control!    

Benjamin Harrison Columbus Day Proclamation

Why I am Throwing the Red Flag on Gorsuch Ep. 154

Oct 5, 2017 00:44:26


This administration and political party is a complete dumpster fire.  They are screwing us on Iran, Afghanistan, and broader foreign policy priorities.  And nobody is giving voice to what’s important to conservatives on domestic policy either.


But the one saving grace was…Neil Gorsuch!


Except, Gorsuch, as we predicted, is now screwing us on immigration by accepting the core views of the left on judicial review and due process as it relates to deportations.  As we explain in great detail, he is violating national sovereignty with his views on immigration and the role of the courts.  While this was only at the oral arguments stage, when coupled with Gorsuch’s past writings on the issue, it’s time to toss a red flag on Gorsuch.  Immigration is the most important issue in the courts now and we can’t afford to have him be the fifth vote for judicial amnesty. 


Show notes


9th circuit: Illegals must get affordable bail

Gorsuch is headed in a bad direction on sovereignty

Trump generals committed to alliance with Iran  

U.S. hurting Christians in Iraq, Siding with Iran

Pelosi: We Win all the Fights without Winning Elections

Oct 3, 2017 00:40:25


It’s been almost a year since the great election victory and almost 10 months since Trump was sworn into office.  Yet Nancy Pelosi declared that although Democrats lost the election, they have won all the policy fights.  For once, she is actually speaking truth.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we delve into why Democrats always win the policy fights.  It’s mainly because Republicans adopt their premise on any given issue and only operate within the confines of the Left’s worldview.  The entire GOP tax plan is built off the Democrat premise on governance and fairness.  We go through the details of the tax plan and how this will be another GOP interception instead of an opportunity to score a touchdown.  

We also explore how the courts are codifying the left-wing world view, even when Republicans control the elected branches.  With the Supreme Court convening for its October session and with the lower courts continuing to win victories for the left on culture and immigration, it’s as if the election never happened.  Without wholesale judicial reform, Democrats will always win even when they lose. 

Show links

Pelosi declares victory…and she’s right

Trump distracting from policy betrayals with fight against NFL  

There’s no right way to fix a progressive income tax

The “Neutral Tax” – a true innovative way of winning the tax debate and restoring federalism

Judges now invalidating county flags – secular Jihad on our culture  

The True Significance of Roy Moore’s Victory and a Providential Opportunity Ep. 152

Sep 29, 2017 00:31:09


Don’t listen to any of the punditry from johnny-come-lately, thumbsucking pseudo-conservative journalists on why Roy Moore won in Alabama.  Here at the Conservative Conscience, we’ve been following Roy Moore long before the special election even became a reality.  There’s something much deeper here and by understanding the true significance of the win, we can harness a great opportunity to revitalize a new conservative movement built upon timeless principles.



Show links


The crime data that blows up every liberal myth on criminal justice

Moore’s win was all about God and the Constitution

America Has Become a Dumping Ground for the World Ep. 151

Sep 26, 2017 00:34:03


America has become “a dumping ground for the rest of the world.”  So said Donald Trump during the campaign.  He was right then, but now he is being slow to follow up on his promises to end this phenomenon.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the severity of our lax immigration policies.  Between endless refugees, asylees, and illegal aliens disappearing into our communities or being let go by sanctuary cities and sanctuary courts, America has become a dumping ground.  While we still have some meritorious immigrants, we have too many public charges or criminals that are allowed to remain in the country. 

We delve into the deal to take in Australia’s rejected refugees and how it betrays everything Trump campaigned on.  We also discuss the revised travel ban and how it is woefully inadequate.  

Finally, we frame the importance of the upcoming special election in Alabama. 

Show links

Trump brings in dangerous refugees rejected by Australia

Riots, rape, and mental illness being brought in from Australia  

Another Dreamer charged with rape after being released by immigration judge

Trump’s bizarre changes to travel ban  

Just Let the Existing Crony Health System Burn Ep.150

Sep 20, 2017 00:46:54


Let it burn!

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we untangle the latest GOP health care bill for those who are perplexed.  There is a way conservatives can secure a positive outcome from this bill, but for very different reasons than those intended by the GOP establishment.  Far from fixing the insurance market, this bill will continue the current trajectory and prices will continue to go up while competition will not be able to materialize.  But at this point, given that the individual mandate will be repealed and we can evacuate from this system, that might be a good thing!  The result might be better than fixing insurance; it might lead to a chain of events that solve the actual health care problem.  

In this show, we review the core drivers behind health care inflation and how repealing the individual mandate could open an avenue to use the negative energy from Obamacare against this third-payer system and revitalize direct primary care. This is the discussion the politicians refuse to have, but once we are evacuated from the mandate, the market forces can force this reality.  


Show links

How to make Graham-Cassidy bill work for conservative outcomes

How John Kelly is ensuring no conservatives allowed

We will never have U.K.-style single payer, but cartel is fine with hybrid

230 Years Later, We No Longer have Government by Consent of the Citizenry Ep. 149

Sep 19, 2017 00:35:46


As we celebrate the 230th anniversary of the Constitution, we are confronted with the jarring reality that are representative republic has disappeared.  We live in a judicial autocracy.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we delve into the stolen sovereignty of the American voter at the hands of the unelected courts and how they have breached the constitutional firewall of separation of powers.  In a republic, the power must be derived from the people, but in the contemporary practice of our politics, all power resides in the courts or unelected bureaucracies.  Then the elected officials also disenfranchise us by lying to get elected and then doing the exact opposite when in office.  Trump was elected to reverse this trend but in many respects, he is the ultimate force for disenfranchisement.  He feeds us political morphine on twitter while sitting idly when his liberal administration nullifies his campaign promises.

We explore the latest news on immigration, the runaway courts, and how judicial amnesty is the greatest threat to consent-based citizenship.  Meanwhile, Trump is bailing out the establishment in Alabama from an impending defeat.  We count a number of other ways Trump is hurting, not helping, our effort to shake up Washington.      

Key Quotes

We may define a republic to be, or at least may bestow that name on, a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure, for a limited period, or during good behavior. It is ESSENTIAL to such a government that it be derived from the great body of the society, not from an inconsiderable proportion, or a favored class of it; otherwise a handful of tyrannical nobles, exercising their oppressions by a delegation of their powers, might aspire to the rank of republicans, and claim for their government the honorable title of republic. - James Madison, Federalist #39

Show links

My Constitution Day manifesto

Trump called Sessions an “idiot”

Trump’s priority focus is now amnesty

Trump’s amnesty will give Democrats permanent majority

How the people have been cut out from foreign policy, in contravention to the Constitution  

Democrats Now Control All Three Branches of Government Ep. 148

Sep 14, 2017 00:38:02


Ryan and McConnell handed control of Congress to the Democrats a long time ago.  But that is no excuse for Trump to hand over the presidential veto pen and the executive personnel and policies to the Democrats as well.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore all the current issues – from the pursuit of amnesty and budget betrayals to our backwards foreign policy – to demonstrate how Republicans are operating solely within the confines of the Democrat premise on every single issue.  The Democrat wish is their command.  Now with Schumer and Pelosi playing footsies with Trump, conservatives are completely cut out.  We face a greater threat of losing the immigration issue than ever before thanks to Trump getting conservatives to support amnesty. 

This is why it is insane for the conservative media to give Trump a pass and not pressure him to change his ways.  Giving excuses and shielding him from blame will only further incentivize this behavior and ensure that conservatives are disenfranchised.   

Show links

McMaster and his pro Hezbollah staff

Trump’s promise of amnesty causing border surge

List of dos and don’ts in the Middle East

GOP to give Dems Obamacare AND SCHIP

Mattis and McMaster are giving Iran more than they could dream of

Trump could shut off refugees, but he wont  

16 Years After 9/11, the Time has Come to Slay Political Correctness Ep. 147

Sep 12, 2017 00:55:59


9/11 is certainly a time to reflect on the sacrifice of the victims of the greatest terror attack on our soil.  But it is also a time, particularly after 16 years of policy failures, to reflect on the root public policy narrative of 9/11: the fundamental job of the federal government and the failures to properly execute it. 

At its core, the job of the government is to protect the security and interests of the American people first – before any other interest, irrespective of where the truth of those policies takes us.  Sadly, the same political correctness that led to 9/11 is still in place, and even worse in some ways.  The best way to honor the legacy of Flight 93 and other heroes of 9/11, from a public policy standpoint, is to ensure that the government does everything it can not just to prevent another 9/11 from occurring but to always place the security of the American people above all else.  

In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we bring in Jordan Schachtel, CR’s national security correspondent, to survey the lay of the land 16 years later.  We go through our immigration system, domestic Islamic subversion and backwards foreign policy and military strategy that has left us more vulnerable now than before 9/11.  It is all rooted in the fact that our politicians no longer represent our interests.  They place political correctness and personal relationships above all else. 

It’s time to change course and we offer a list of dos and don’ts for immigration and foreign policy that will re-align our policies with the interests of the American people.

Let’s roll!  

Show links

My 9/11 piece: our policies have failed to honor their sacrifices

We still wont sanction Islamist funders in our own country

The betrayal on debt ceiling worse than you think

How Trump can shut off refugee scam this week  

Congress unanimously passed bill barring visas from terror countries. It was never followed.

Saudis reportedly funded dry run practice of 9/11

16 Years later, we still don’t recognize the problem

Conservatives are taking a huge beating ... from Trump Ep 146

Sep 8, 2017 00:30:25


This has been the most brutal week of the year for conservatives.  Like the supposed hero turning on the people who elected him, Trump is grounding and pounding conservatives on one issue after another – from budgets, debt, and building the wall, to foreign policy, immigration, and Planned Parenthood.  Orwell could not have written a plot or narrative with a greater degree of perfidy at its core.

Between the relentless attack on our culture, sovereignty, security, and society from the courts and Trump now becoming a Democrat, conservatives have no voice in Washington or anywhere in power.  We go through the budget betrayal, the significance of the debt ceiling, and the depth of perfidy on perverted priorities regarding immigration.  Towards the end of the show, we give an update on the Alabama Senate race and a look at next week.  The only hope is to first recognize the truth and slay the false idols we’ve been supporting until now.      

Show links

Open borders McCaul a front runner for DHS Secretary

The art of the kneel: Schumer is now president

The disgusting bailout of the insurance cartel

Getting our priorities straight on immigration  

Today Trump Became a Never Trumper and Elected Schumer President Ep 145

Sep 7, 2017 00:31:13


We have a bipolar presidency that has ensured Trump is the PINO- president in name only.  Three minutes after he says one thing in order to fulfil a campaign promise, he follows up by saying or doing the opposite.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the late breaking budget betrayal whereby Trump has given Pelosi everything Democrats wanted – and then some.  He has given them the debt ceiling, every budget priority, and most insidiously, is tying it to Harvey relief funding.  There is more acrimony than ever before in politics, yet the two parties agree on everything when it counts.  Trump was elected to change the culture of capitulation, yet he has doubled down on it.   We are now incurring the lowest common denominator of the liabilities from both Trump and the GOP congressional leaders.  This was evident as well with the immigration announcement and the multiple positions Trump took to undermine our messaging.   

While there is a lot of doom and gloom, we must first recognize the severity of the problem and slay the false idols before we rebuild, discover the truth, and return to God. 

Show links

Trump agrees to “always automatically” raise the debt ceiling    

New Strategy in Afghanistan? Apologize to Muslims

A bipolar president? Trump promises to re-enact amnesty

The Politicians Just Don’t Care about Us: The Clamor to Pander to Illegal Alien Mafia Ep 144

Sep 6, 2017 00:49:07


What you are seeing this week with the clamor by both parties to pander to illegal aliens is the most profound violation of the most foundational tenet of the social compact.  The job of government officials is to protect the American people from open borders and the ill effects of illegals, not to focus on illegals first and only. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, you will hear the side of the debate over the so-called “dream” amnesty that you will never get from the political class.  What about the ill effects of illegal immigration on Americans and the urgency to address their needs before those of illegal aliens?  Not only is it the moral thing to do, it is the sacred responsibility of any elected official, deeply rooted in the social contract.

The political class seems to have forgotten the lessons from California and Arizona and the destruction wrought on this country by illegal aliens.  Not only is amnesty not the job of our government, it is the source of the incentives that continue to break our borders.  How is it moral to give amnesty before securing the border and cutting off the magnets?  


Every society from a great nation down to a club had the right of declaring the conditions on which new members should be admitted, there can be room for no complaint.—Gouvernour Morris, at the Constitutional Convention  



Show links

Breach of Social Contract: 44,000 illegals already granted green cards, 1,000 citizenship

20 homeland security and immigration ideas for AMERICANS before pandering to illegals

$296 billion in refundable tax credits for illegals

Illegals cost taxpayers $750 billion over their lifetime

My podcast from last September on the perverse sense of morality with amnesty

Cultural Marxism, Judicial Civil Disobedience, False Dichotomies and How we Can Break Out of It Ep 143

Sep 1, 2017 00:47:52


The reason the left is so successful is because they hijack every cultural institution within western democracies and use their incumbent power to engage in civil disobedience by delegitimizing laws, traditions, and common sense policy ideas.  The use their stewardship and  control over the failed status quo to threaten instability in order to perpetuate the most insane ideas and block common sense morality.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we lay it all on the line – going through immigration, Obamacare, foreign policy, and the courts to show how the left and the fake DC conservative elites have successfully paralyzed any opposition and what we can do about it.  They speak to the morality of their immorality and are willing to do and say anything to enshrine their agenda immutably.  We need to learn from their conviction and speak to the morality of our ideas and be willing to follow through with them unflinchingly.   But in order to do that we need a new party and movement with the intellectual and moral clarity and consistency to enact these ideas.  Which ideas and how do we succeed?  We touch on this, the emerging judicial emergency with crazy judges, and more!  


Show links

Kings on the bench: rogue judge declares Texas a sanctuary state

Kelly and liberal staff using moral and stability arguments to promote immoral and illegal amnesty

Scalia warned about the courts twisting immigration and sovereignty beyond belief

Obama’s 3rd term: 7 ways Trump is keeping Obama’s backwards foreign policy  

Trump Administration Keeping Almost Every Backward Obama Idea on Foreign Policy Ep 142

Aug 29, 2017 00:42:37


With every conservative now pushed out of this administration, it is essentially Obama’s third term on most aspects of foreign policy.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we dissect the essence of this administration’s foreign policy and prove that Obama’s dyslexic foreign policy priorities are continuing.  We suck heavy resources down the drains of Islamic civil wars while refusing to use soft power where it is more effective.  We are helping our enemies with our own military while alienating allies.  We are threatening to cut off aid to Sisi in Egypt while continuing aid to Lebanese [Hezbollah] military and to UNRWA.  We are doing more for Iran than they could possibly pay us for, yet we are doing it for free and with the lives and resources of our military. 

At the same time, Trump is allying with Erdogen and dumping on the Kurds, while promoting the unreliable Afghani government.  One could not possibly conjure up a more backwards foreign policy.  And as we demonstrate, the generals are just as much a part of the problem, several of whom are now in civilian leadership.   

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Why the Afghanistan strategy doesn’t add up

Trump admin refused to cut $300 million to Pro-Hamas UN Agency, but cuts off aid to Egypt  

General admits we are helping Iran and Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq

The Afghanistan Dumpster Fire That Political/Military Elites Refuse to Understand Ep 141

Aug 25, 2017 01:11:21


Policy doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker.  This is doubly true for Afghanistan. Those who unquestionably support the effort to double-down on the current Afghanistan disaster while saying this is somehow a new strategy are not paying attention to what’s going on in the theater.  In this blockbuster episode of the Conservative Conscience, we invite Capt. Jarrin Jackson to discuss the reality on the ground in Afghanistan.  Using his war stories as a company commander during the height of the previous surge, he demonstrates why, by definition, what we are likely to do is more dangerous and costly nation building that needlessly risks the lives of our troops in pursuit of a utopian goal.

While the president’s address was clearly aimed at appeasing conservatives by focusing on counter-terrorism and not nation building, the conditions were too ambiguous.  And given that the generals and the administration staff implementing this policy are all part of the problem, we are headed for the same results as the 2011 surge. 

Jarrin, who is running for Congress, left the military because he was so frustrated about the political and military leadership not putting our interests first, following the Constitution, and having the proper regard for the lives of the troops under their command.   

Key quote:

Today’s generals are more political than politicians.” ~ Jarrin Jackson 

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What the political and military leaders don’t appreciate about sacrificing the lives of our troops

Why Jarrin is challenging Mullin in Oklahoma  

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Flight 93 Presidency: What Bannon’s Exit Means for Conservatives Ep 140

Aug 22, 2017 00:39:53


Steve Bannon, the great solar eclipse, and Flight 93, oh my!  We cover it all and you will see  how it ties together. 

Following the departure of Steve Bannon, there is really nothing left for anyone on the right in this administration – whether you are a constitutionalist or someone who just wants to drain the swamp.  Sure, Trump will continue to tantalize us with his rhetoric but there are literally no personnel left in the administration to sustain those views. 

Now is the time to unite behind an exciting an innovative platform and set of principles that are built upon our timeless constitutional values, albeit applied in a way that relates to a broad array of the country to confront today’s challenges.  We conclude by discussing how to go about starting a new party.  

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The flight 93 essay that I believe was wrong and right on certain points

The personnel in this administration have no plans to leave and are the worst of the swamp

Wake up: The Trump revolution is over

How Swamp Conservatives and their Failure to Stand for Anything Fueled Alt Right Ep 139

Aug 18, 2017 00:49:43


Why is it that we see the rise of a phony alt-right movement and the media obsession with it?  Well, those conservatives who are so obsessed with criticizing it are responsible for its rise.  The vacuum left by a truly constitutional movement that actually believes in fighting for what it espouses, rather than collecting website clicks and money, would have preempted the rise of such a movement.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how the conservative “smart set” ignoring Judge Roy Moore is emblematic of what is wrong with them and why the Republican voters turned away from their brand.  It’s why some people are unfortunately attracted to some voices that might identify the problems accurately but are headed in the wrong direction.  When confronted with a destructive cultural Marxist agenda, the phony conservative movement did nothing to counter it with Godly and constitutional principles.  Thus, our side wants a revolution.  Some of us want an American revolution, but sadly many will be attracted to a French Revolution because they are so desperate for leadership.  Support for a man like Roy Moore offers a true opportunity to stand beyond this false dichotomy of the status quo or a French Revolution, yet these people who say they want something more than Trump refused to stand with him.  

Key Quote

"We must be good again before we can be great. And we will never be good again without God." ~ Judge Roy Moore

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The dumb and dangerous war on monuments

The entire Democrat Party is now the alt left

Poll: voters overwhelmingly reject ripping out monuments

Localism is the Solution to a Painfully Divided Country Ep 138

Aug 15, 2017 00:40:27


Once again, we have another tragedy in this country that becomes a political football.  Everything, from tragedies and mayhem to sports and weather must become political.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the solution to reconciliation in this country: localism.  Because everything is dealt with on a federal level and because we have such a polarized country, everything has become a flashpoint, even issues or events that would otherwise stand above politics.  By restructuring our system of government to federalism we will be able to self-sort and enjoy self-government to each group’s linking in their respective areas while preserving national unity on the issues that need to be dealt with at a federal level, such as combating North Korea.       

Key quotes

“The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected.

The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State. The operations of the federal government will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger; those of the State governments, in times of peace and security. As the former periods will probably bear a small proportion to the latter, the State governments will here enjoy another advantage over the federal government. The more adequate, indeed, the federal powers may be rendered to the national defense, the less frequent will be those scenes of danger which might favor their ascendancy over the governments of the particular States.” ~ James Madison, Federalist 45

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Outline of how to fight North Korea

Left-wing government doesn’t enforce law against violent protesters

Trump’s amnesty is a bigger problem than any twitter statement

A Vision for Dealing with China and North Korea Ep 137

Aug 11, 2017 00:51:07


No, Mr. President, the 60-vote threshold did not prevent you from supporting conservatives in Alabama, from firing McMaster, from ending the Iran deal, from getting rid of DACA, or from signing bad budgets and debt ceilings.  Trump doesn’t need to get rid of the filibuster to stop taking in the refugees or to reject Australia’s refugee deal.  The point is there is so much the president can do unilaterally to match his rhetoric and campaign promises with actions, but sometimes he is just his own worst enemy. 

In this action-packed episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss everything from the Alabama Senate race and McMaster to Trump continuing Obama’s multiple amnesty programs.  On issue after issue, Trump can accomplish so much if he just hired personnel that shared his campaign vision.

Finally, we discuss a vision for dealing with North Korea and how it fits into our broader foreign policy and military mistakes.  We have wasted so much time, money, hardware, lives, deterrent, and political capital by getting involved in endless sinkholes refereeing Islamic civil wars in the Middle East.  This has hurt our deterrent and resolve to use our military for when it is needed most –  to combat or deter conventional threats from nation states like China, North Korea, and Iran when they directly threaten our interests.  The Islamic Jihad issue (minus Iran) is mainly an immigration, intelligence, counter-terrorism, and values problem, not a military problem.  The military needs to be re-oriented to deal with military threats.  Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan do not qualify.  Further involvement there just hurts our deterrent against China and North Korea, which we will have to confront sooner or later.     

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ZOA’s case against McMaster

Why Trump’s defense of McMaster is indefensible

Trump’s swims with the swamp in Alabama

Trump’s negotiation tactic with North Korea is good. He should apply it to Schumer  

The Alabama Senate Race is the First Opportunity for a True Revolution Ep 136

Aug 9, 2017 00:31:58


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we first tackle the importance of firing H.R. McMaster and how Trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to personnel and order in the White House.  We also delve into the opportunity we have for a new vision on immigration and health care but how it’s being squandered either by Trump’s distractions or by the rotten Republican leadership.

Finally, we discuss the race of the decade that is right on our doorstep – the Alabama Senate race.  Will conservatives take yes for an answer?  The stars appear to be aligning for Judge Roy Moore, but conservatives must prepare for a massive smear operation in the runoff.  If we can pull this off, it will represent the closest thing to starting a new party.  This is a man who is actually everything in practice what we tout in rhetoric.   


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Poll Showing Roy Moore way ahead and by far the most liked candidate

DACA “Dreamer” rapes and tortures a young woman

Why the Raise Act is true immigration reform

The English language and assimilation  

Jews can’t build synagogue in Sydney because…Muslims!

The solution that will solve health care crisis overnight Ep 135

Aug 4, 2017 01:08:50


Solutions, solutions, solutions!  The fight for freedom in health care doesn’t have to end with failure to repeal Obamacare.  We are joined by Rep. Jim Butler (R-OH), a one-man think tank on health care, who shares with us some of the reforms to health care (not just insurance) he is pushing for in Ohio – reforms that can be replicated on a federal level.

Why should insurance companies and hospitals, which are propped up by every tool of government, be allowed to price fix and not have to send their charges to individuals before a service is rendered? This reform alone would apply market forces to health care and solve much of the problem.  The hospital cartel is fighting his law in court because they know it will end the scam of using taxpayer funds to price fix consumers out of the market.  They want to continue the venture socialist racket of using the statutory, regulatory, subsidy benefits from the government in order to box out competition and consumer demand.    

Show links

A Medicaid reform that would help EVERYONE (except lobbyists)

Vox video on hospitals failing to disclose their prices for a simple baby delivery

Why Stephen Miller is Right And Jim Acosta is Wrong on our Immigration History Ep 134

Aug 4, 2017 00:47:49


The media and the political cartel are lying to you about our true history, traditions, values, laws, and priorities on immigration.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore our true history of immigration based on my book, Stolen Sovereignty.  The left has it exactly backwards.  We have NEVER done what we are doing today on immigration.  Quite the contrary, what Stephen Miller and Tom Cotton are proposing on immigration is exactly how both parties felt about the issue until recently.  We recount the full history of our immigration system and establish a list of principles that can guide us today.  

We also address the dustup between White House aide Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta over the history and meaning of the Emma Lazarus’s poem on the Statue of Liberty.  It’s purpose was the exact opposite of what the left uses it for and the laws and traditions in place at the time it was affixed to the Statue of Liberty are living proof.         


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Glenn Beck tells the truth about the Emma Lazarus Poem

Jeff Sessions is the only member of the cabinet putting points on the board

Jeff Flake is how we got Trump

Rubio and Bush supported (at least in word) what Trump and Cotton are proposing on immigration

McMaster firing more conservatives

It’s Time to Form a Real American Political Party Ep 133

Aug 1, 2017 00:35:38


Anyone who doesn’t see the need for a new party by now is either not paying attention to the most basic facts on the ground or is not in this field for the right reasons.  Now it’s time to explore a path to starting a new party, a party that will not only serve as a home for the conservative base but one that can even convert the growing numbers of disenchanted Democrat voters.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we begin plotting such a course. 


Also, what happens when conservatives actually focus on what’s important and demand action from Trump on our priorities? He actually listens. After we called for him to cut off the bailout for the insurance cartel and for Congress, Trump has immediately turned his focus to that endeavor.  Now conservatives must follow through and make sure Trump and those around him actually enact our plan.


Finally, we lament the missed opportunity to argue true holistic health care reform from a position of strength.  Ultimately, we need a new party because we can never place in the hearts and minds of people who fundamentally don’t share our values the ability to articulate our views.   


Show notes:

The judicial war on God and prayer and how Republicans don’t care

Mr. President, Twitter is not a policy outcome

GOP: party of transgenderism and Medicaid

A critique of the conservative media

Cutting Out the Insurance Cartel and Going Straight to Care Ep 132

Jul 28, 2017 00:45:17


Where is the Uber and Amazon of medical care?

Well, on this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by Dr. Kevin Smith, co-founder of the Oklahoma Surgery Center, the closest thing to Uber within the medical profession.  In a very engaging and wide ranging discussion, the type of health care discussion we are missing in Washington, Dr. Smith shares his secret to reducing costs and improving quality of care.  By cutting out the administrative costs, the burdens, and regulations of the price-fixing insurance cartel and government programs, he has been able to reduce the cost of surgeries to as little as 10-50% of the entire cost of services elsewhere. 

The free market, cutting out the middle man, and circumventing government intervention have a funny way of bringing down costs and spurring innovation.  Dr. Smith offers top-notch medical care at below the charge of the universally repudiated Medicaid reimbursement rate.  Debunking the lies of the insurance/hospital cartel about the impossibility of presenting readable medical prices to the consumer, Dr. Smith has revolutionized price transparency in the medical profession.  And his prices are the same as they were 9 years ago…yet his business is thriving and patients are loving it.  He’s also leading a movement to help others in the profession replicate his model and foster competition.  Who loses?  The cartel and big government folks. 

Dr. Smith also breaks down the hospital-cartel scam and how they use preferential treatment from government to rip off the consumer, stifle competition and innovation, and run-up the cost of taxpayer-funded programs. 

If every health care provider operated like the Oklahoma Surgery Center and all health insurance operated like health sharing ministries, we would solve the health care problem in America overnight, end the debt crisis, and rediscover a new generation of innovation and life-saving care.    


Show links

Free Market Medical Association

Time Magazine profile on Oklahoma Surgical Center

It’s time for single payer….the consumer to the provider

The Big Health Care Myth: The True Cost of Health Care and Who Distorted it Ep 131

Jul 25, 2017 00:55:03


In today’s special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the one element missing from this endless health care debate…health care.


A special guest, Dr. Kevin Wacasey, a successful health care provider who has written two books on the economics of health care, joins us to cut through the clutter of the Obamacare debate and identify the root cause of health care inflation on the supply side.  He demonstrates how it’s not the cost of health care that is outrageous, but the charges for health care.   The source of that problem?  The government and the insurance cartel, which is propped up by government.  Were we to get third-party payer out of our system, prices would come down dramatically.  The root of the government/cartel success in distorting our market and conflating health care with medical insurance is their publicly-funded myth that health care is inherently expensive without their product.  In fact, it is expensive only because of their product, which is sponsored by government regulations, subsidies, and mandates. 

Dr. Wacasey believes that Americans are being hurt by the role that the health insurance industry plays in maintaining our restrictive, reactive, and overpriced health care system. He wants to change health care by changing the way you think about health care, because you – as patients – have the greatest impact on what needs to be done.  He offers our listeners advice on how to shop around for health care, even in this very limited market system.


Show links


Trump continues illegal bailout for insurers and Congress

Dr. Wacasey’s two must-read books: : 'The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care;' and 'Healthcareonomics 101: 500 Ways You’re Being Ripped Off By The Health Insurance, and Health Care Industries

Follow Dr. Wacasey at healthcareonomics.com, twitter at @HConomics, or at his Facebook page Healthcareonomics.

How we can solve health care once and for all and break the insurance cartel Ep 130

Jul 21, 2017 00:58:28


When will our politicians finally discuss health care in the debate over…health care?  How much longer will our future health care be held hostage to the crony insurance cartel and government?

In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we let it all out on the line and present a way to repeal Obamacare without actually repealing the law but by rendering it moot.  Through price transparency reform and cost sharing associations, we not only solve the Obamacare problem, but the entire health care problem that predated the ACA.  These reforms are so much easier to message and will actually make the entire industry function like a real market.  Most importantly, it will cut out the need for third parties and government and their ability to destroy and distort the health care market.  Let’s move beyond the semantics of repealing Obamacare, which is not happening anyway and actually pursue these foundational reforms that will restore the consumer as king and make Obamacare non-existent.   

Show links

The power of insurance cartel is evident with Trump embracing the bailout

Testimonials from members of the AAPS on how direct care and cutting out insurance cartel lowers costs and improves care

The plan to save health care in America

How Can we Fight if Conservative Media Fails to Inform? Ep 129

Jul 18, 2017 00:30:45


In what seems like a quiet beginning of the work week, there is actually a lot going on.  Republicans in Congress and this administration are betraying conservatives on an array of issues, yet the conservative media is bankrupt and refuses to even focus on what’s important.  By not informing conservative voters about these betrayals, the conservative media shields Republicans from the requisite pressure needed to affect the policy outcomes they all claim to support.  

We start off the show giving a vision of how to get around the Obamacare impasse by cutting out the insurance/government complex and going straight to health CARE itself.  Time to cut out the middle man and reduce the cost of health care on the supply side by putting the consumer back in the driver’s seat.  Let the government and the big insurance lobbyists eat crow. 

Next, we discuss a series of policy betrayals from Republicans in Congress – from promoting transgenderism and global warming in the military to allowing illegal aliens to seek government jobs. 

Finally, we focus on some of the latest policy betrayals in this administration: from certifying the Iran deal to bringing in more low skilled workers. 

When will the conservative media wake up and actually do their job?  The Republican Party will never change unless Republican voters demand it.  But they will never demand such change if they are not made aware of what is going on in Washington.   

Show links

McMaster Outlines Hillary Clinton–Like Approach to Certification of Iran Nuclear Deal

Trump admin brings in 15,000 more low skilled workers

Naked men in female showers in the military

The courts are destroying our sovereignty and immigration policies  

Illegal aliens allowed to seek government employment
Congress wants a transgender military that fights the weather but…

Not a military that identifies Islamic threat

What Conservatives and Trump Can Learn from Tennis Ep 128

Jul 14, 2017 00:31:35


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we dissect why it’s not only immoral for conservatives to continue focusing on defending every dumb thing Republicans do (simply because the Democrats are “worse”), but also strategically dumb.  If we want to get Russia out of the news, the Trump administration and the conservative movement must focus on numerous policy issues that will place the media on defense and change the narrative to where we want the plays to go rather than going to where they are leading us.   

We explore some of the details on the Russia scandal and demonstrate why it’s better to focus on what we actually can defend and advocate for on key policy issues than very murky and troubling relationships.  Plus, focusing on solid conservative accomplishments is the best way to get Russia out of the headlines anyway.  We end with some quick updates on health care and immigration. 

Show links:

Andy McCarthy article on the difference between illegal and wrong

McConnell fighting conservatives in Alabama Senate race

Is Trump’s amnesty leading to a resurgence in border crossings?

Trump’s Secretary of State makes a mockery of his Warsaw speech  

Tillerson loves the Iran deal

The Challenge? Converting Trump’s Rhetoric to Actual Policy Outcomes Ep 127

Jul 11, 2017 00:32:43


President Trump gave a terrific speech in Warsaw, Poland on the shared values of Western Civilization and its clash with the Islamic world.  The problem is, much like with domestic policy, the specific policy outcomes and the personnel of this administration don’t match up with the rhetoric of the president himself.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we develop a theme of how Trump’s conservative rhetoric is often voided out by policy outcomes from liberal advisors and cabinet members. Particularly as it relates to national security and understanding the clash of civilizations, Trump’s National Security Council, headed by H.R. McMaster, is rowing the boat in the exact opposite direction.  We discuss some of the specific policy dichotomies between the NSC staff and the president and how conservatives must not get distracted by rhetoric.  They must demand action, as Trump himself said during his Inaugural Address.

No issue embodies the departure of Trump from his Inaugural Address than his embrace of the ethanol lobby. We explain how Trump embracing the ethanol mandate is a colossal missed opportunity to harness his populist agenda in a way that helps consumers and improves free markets.  We also explain how Trump’s rhetoric and campaign promises on Obamacare deviated from his actions.  The moral of the story is, once Trump delivers a good speech, work for conservatives has only begun.    

Key Quotes:

“We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action – constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.  The time for empty talk is over.  Now arrives the hour of action.” ~ President Trump, Inaugural Address

Show links

Trump voids out populist message with love for ethanol parasites

Bannon back in the good graces of Trump, but for which issues?

Trump campaigned on full repeal of Obamacare

Why Understanding the Declaration of Independence is so Important Ep 126

Jul 6, 2017 00:33:03


What is it we are celebrating this week?  How far have we deviated from our founding values expressed in the Declaration of Independence?

In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we break down six key principles referenced in the Declaration of Independence.  Anyone who fully understands the 201 words of the preamble should have no problems discerning the right course of action on almost every policy issue.  While the world around us has changed dramatically over the past 241 years, these foundational principles are self-evident truths that will never change.

Show links

John Adams essay on equality   

Calvin Coolidge’s epic July 4 speech in 1926

My July 4 manifesto on sovereignty

The real right to health care our founders believed in  

No, it Was Not a Good Week at SCOTUS. And It’ll Get Worse Ep 125

Jun 29, 2017 00:39:17


With the Supreme Court’s latest term behind us, we take stock of the state of affairs in what has become the nation’s most powerful branch of government.  Contrary to popular opinion on the right, this was a bad week at the court, on net.  And when coupled with other decisions this term, as well as the growing trend of sheer lunacy in the lower courts, we are about to face a torrent of bad decisions that will void out any point of winning elections. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explain how the soft bigotry of low expectations among the conservative elite has allowed them to remain silent amidst the tyranny of the courts and instead grasp at straws to convince themselves we are winning in the courts.  In fact, between religious liberty, immigration, election maps, and the social fabric of this country, we are staring down the barrel of certain defeat at the courts unless we finally do what it takes to reform the system wholesale.  Roberts has become the new Kennedy and the lower courts are insufferable.  We will never win the existing judiciary game.   


Show links

Roberts joined ruling allowing failing cities to sue banks for their woes

SCOTUS: states could violate Second Amendment but can’t follow biology

Why the SCOTUS ruling on “travel ban” is not as good as it appears

Have Conservatives Grown Content with GOP’s Political Adultery Ep 124

Jun 27, 2017 00:39:47


No matter how liberal Republicans seem to become, no matter how profoundly they betray their campaign promises, so much of the conservative movement just doesn’t care.  It was bad enough until now, but with the ultimate betrayal of keeping, codifying, and bailing out Obamacare, this dynamic has reached a new low.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explain just how harmful the betrayal from Trump and Republicans has been to any effort to fulfill the core campaign promises.  Yet, because they are focused on nonsense or the binary idolatry of “at least they are not Democrats,” much of “conservative inc.” just doesn’t care.  Unless something changes quickly, we are headed for the nightmare scenario in which conservatives suffer all the liabilities of GOP control, but secure none of the benefits – all the while permanently shifting the body politic to the left. 

Further, we explore with great specificity why the GOP health care bill is worse than simply doing nothing and why it must be opposed at all costs. 

Show links

Conservatives must repeal and replace Republicans who have embraced Obamacare

Conservatives have made peace with Obamacare

This is not what Trump promised voters  

Republicans take Opportunity from Election Victory and Throw it in the Garbage Ep123

Jun 23, 2017 00:29:37


Despite the craziness of the GOP, they still managed to win the Georgia special election.  That is how badly swing voters still don’t want Pelosi’s policies.  So why won’t Republicans use this mandate to move in the opposite direction?


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we dissect the message from the recent slew of special elections and how it provides an opportunity for Republicans to energize their base by offering the country a new direction.  Yet, from Obamacare and immigration to fiscal policy, the courts, and foreign policy, Republicans are keeping the status quo. 


We also delve into the details of the horrendous Obamacare bailout bill that is making Jonathan Gruber proud.


There are also some issues going on in the courts that are killing our sovereignty.  


Key quotes:


During his inaugural address, Trump inveighed against do-nothing politicians who are all talk and no action. Trump said: “We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action. Do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done.”


I couldn’t agree more, Mr. President.  So why is there all talk and no action except for the actions that contradict your rhetoric? 


Show links


Trump supports comprehensive immigration reform

The GOP bill to make Obamacare great again

GA-6 win is not a mandate to be liberal idiots  

When You Stand for Nothing you Fall for Anything Ep 122

Jun 20, 2017 00:30:02


How is it that so many supposed conservatives are so credulous in the face of policy betrayals by Trump and Republicans that they fall for every distraction?  Sadly, this reveals a more uncomfortable reality that the modern conservative movement and conservative media don’t really stand for anything.  And as Alexander Hamilton warned, "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the true consequences of Trump’s amnesty and how it violates the foundation of his campaign promise.  We also observe how the silence of conservative media is appalling and how there is no movement to demand that Republicans utilize their control of government for specific policy victories. In that light, we also lay out some opportunities for conservatives in the upcoming markup of the annual defense bill, an opportunity that will likely be lost on this fledgling movement. 

Finally, we tackle the concerns with Trump’s foreign policy and his further involvement in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Somalia, in complete violation of his campaign promises.  Yet, conservatives don’t seem to stand for anything other than not being the Democrats…even if we ironically adopt their policies!  


Show links

Trump admin not even cooperating with investigations of Obama era

Earth to conservatives: Trump granted executive amnesty

A smart GOP would push right to carry legislation now

Time to jump ship from phony Obamacare repeal  

The Best Way to Fight Back Against Left Wing Bias Ep 121

Jun 16, 2017 00:31:50


The entire conservative media is focused on the endless rage against the liberal media and accusing them of fomenting violence.  But we all forget what we are even fighting for.  As we chronicle throughout the podcast and in our writings, there are a number of liberal policy outcomes emanating from this GOP Congress and administration, yet we are fighting over a bunch of nothing. 

The best way to fight back against the media?  Let’s actually enact the agenda for which they supposedly hate us!  Let’s start by pursuing a pro-gun agenda and immediately enacting a right-to-carry bill.  Stay in for the August recess and overwhelm the Left and the media with one policy victory after another.  This will have the effect of electrifying our base so that the Left is not the only side with intensity for the mid-term elections.  

We need more winning and less whining.

Show links

Our troops forced to undergo transgender sensitivity training…under GOP control!

My list of dos and donts in the Middle East

Will Conservatives Ever Focus this Administration on What’s Important Ep 120

Jun 14, 2017 00:30:40


Distraction, distractions, distractions.  By refusing to use the bully pulpit to promote a robust and bold conservative agenda, the Trump administration and much of the “conservative” movement is falling into the media trap.  We are focusing on what the media wants to discuss.  Why, instead, is nobody focusing on the fact that Trump is continuing the illegal amnesty of Obama?  Why is nobody focusing on the dozens of agenda items we’ve laid out at Conservative Review to drive the narrative and force the media to focus on what we think is important rather than us focusing on what they think is important?

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we focus on a number of forgotten issues – from the Saudi Arms deal and Trump’s amnesty to the crazy courts, Hezbollah operatives on our shores, and the GOP making Obamacare great again.    

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Trump admin taking in Australia’s rejected refugees

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Betrayal! Trump grants amnesty to 125,000 illegals in 3 months

Feds bust Hezbollah sleeper cell on our soil, yet nobody seems to care  

Forget about Sanctuary Cities – the courts have created a sanctuary Nation

A Pivotal Time for Conservatives on so many Issues… if they actually Focus on Substance Ep 119

Jun 9, 2017 00:38:01


While every Clickservative is focused solely on Comey and Russia, we stand at a crossroads on so many issues.  From the debt ceiling, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, foreign policy opportunities, Israel policy, budget betrayals, immigration, judicial reform, etc – there is no time to be wasted on nonsense.  Conservatives can raise their voices and demand change while the president is on the fence and we can seize these amazing opportunities. On the other hand, we can get distracted by nonsense and watch the shallow-state losers in this administration lead the president astray on every critical issue.  The choice is ours.  

Specifically, in this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we delve into three issues in depth – Dodd-Frank repeal, the debt ceiling, and how to use the Arab schism with Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood to our advantage. 

As of now, we are getting all the liabilities of cozying up to the Saudis (getting ensnared in Yemen, getting caught in Syria, the disastrous arms deal, throwing Israel under the bus), but not getting the benefits (going after the Muslim Brotherhood, abrogating the Iran deal, and stop fighting for Iran in Iraq). This is the difference between allying with one of your enemies against another (bad) and playing them both against each other for our benefit (good).

The lesson from all of this is that true conservatives have so much to talk about and run on in a principled and resonate fashion. We don’t need to focus on the media or what the media is focusing on all day.  And if conservatives would actually give such advice to the president, it would have a self-fulfilling effect of bailing him out of the media’s narratives and changing the discussion to substance over style, which always benefits our side.     


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The importance of repealing Dodd-Frank

Now is When Conservatives Must Speak up and Make their Demands Known Ep 118

Jun 6, 2017 00:36:21


Last Thursday, Trump fulfilled a major campaign promise in exiting the Paris climate disaster.  But he also confirmed a colossal betrayal in failing to move the Israel embassy to Jerusalem and continuing the maniacal negotiations with the PLO.  What gives?  Why did conservatives succeed in getting Trump in our camp on one issue and not the other?  The answer is simple: conservatives got in his face and made demands on the climate issue, but not on foreign policy.


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how conservatives must speak out and demand change from this administration, otherwise we won’t get it.  Trump has shown a sensitivity to conservative criticism, which is a good thing.  We should learn from the Paris success and use it for other issues.  The next issue must be immigration an homeland security. 


We explore Trump’s opportunity to regain momentum by giving a series of televised addresses and promoting a very specific immigration and homeland security agenda. 


Show links


Lesson for conservatives on Trump Paris leadership? Speak Out!

20 immigration and homeland security ideas

The Courts are Destroying this Country and We are Letting it Happen. Ep117

May 31, 2017 00:44:31


Between the courts setting immigration policy, national security policy, election law, social policy, redistricting, and criminal justice policy, we no longer live in a republic.  The lower courts, not just the Supreme Court, stand above the other branches of government and the 50 states.


But how did this happen?  How can the other branches, which have more robust powers, get rolled by courts created by Congress?


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore the recent immigration rulings and some other cases to demonstrate how the judicial crisis stems from a political crisis whereby the other branches of government are needlessly giving in to the courts.  In fact, as it relates to the Fourth Circuit opinion on Trump’s executive order, the administration is giving the courts even more than they ask for.   At some point, could we really blame the courts for grabbing power that is handed to them on a silver platter by the other branches of government?


We explore some simple solutions laid out in Stolen Sovereignty, if only there was the political willing to enact them.


Key quotes:  


“It is not probable that the Supreme Court would long be indulged in a career of usurpation opposed to the decided opinions & policy of the Legislature. Nor do I think that Congress, even seconded by the Judicial Power, can, without some change in the character of the nation, succeed in durable violations of the rights & authorities of the States.” James Madison to Spencer Roane, 6 May, 1821


“It may in the last place be observed that the supposed danger of judiciary encroachments on the legislative authority, which has been upon many occasions reiterated, is in reality a phantom. Particular misconstructions and contraventions of the will of the legislature may now and then happen; but they can never be so extensive as to amount to an inconvenience, or in any sensible degree to affect the order of the political system. This may be inferred with certainty, from the general nature of the judicial power, from the objects to which it relates, from the manner in which it is exercised, from its comparative weakness, and from its total incapacity to support its usurpations by force.” Alexander Hamilton, Federalist # 81.


Show Links:


A summary of congressional power over the courts

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Why Trump has a responsibility to ignore the courts

What can be done about immigration and the courts  

Mnuchin Wants Debt Ceiling Raised Unconditionally

Look at the Actions, not the Words Ep 116

May 26, 2017 00:34:36


The conservative media is so focused on smoke and rhetoric that they are missing the actual important policy outcomes on critical domestic and foreign policy issues.  If they’d focus on what’s happening rather than just fighting the media over nonsense, they’d understand we are being sold out and so many of Obama’s policies are being continued.

Rather than focus on one incident or speech, conservatives must pay attention to the broad direction and paradigm shift of this administration.  It has moved away from the conservatives and the original Trump campaign and has now drifted into the swamp of Tillerson, McMaster, Powell, Cohn, and Jared.  While Trump’s speeches in Saudi Arabia and Israel were nice, the policies being promoted by his administration undermine every aspect of his rhetoric.  It’s time conservatives finally learn that, with Trump, the actions are completely divorced from the rhetoric.  And until and unless we raise our voices, nothing will change. 

If we actually focused on policy outcomes, there are a lot of things conservatives could accomplish.  At the end of the show we lay out some important initiatives the president could focus on…if he cared to change the narrative.  


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How can you claim to fight Jihad while promoting the PLO?

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Trump’s Leftward Lurch on Islam, Foreign Policy Ep 115

May 23, 2017 00:39:31


The only thing worse than seeing Obama’s policies actualized is having them achieved under our banner.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the foreign policy betrayals of the administration, promoted by the likes of H.R. McMaster and Dina Powell.  From policies towards the PLO and the Saudis, to Turkey and Iran, this administration is pursuing the very same agenda conservatives blasted under Obama.  Have we lost our intellectual honesty to such a point that we will now bless policies we hated just a few months ago? 

We further delve into the danger of the Saudis and Erdogen in funding a subversion agenda on our own soil and how that is the front line in the war against jihad, not refereeing Islamic civil wars.  Thus, to sell out to the Saudis under the guise of fighting ISIS is completely backwards.

The key is for conservatives not to get distracted by the smoke of optics and bluster of rhetoric, but focus on the policy outcomes behind the curtain.  Look at what is actually happening on the policies and issues from which the media will often distract us, and it will become clear we are losing the battle for control of this administration.  Too many people are focusing on Trump’s speeches he’s given overseas and not on the broader policy direction of the administration.  More than with any other administration, the policies are not reflecting the rhetoric of the president himself.  That is a problem. 

What’s the point of obsessing over defending this administration from all the scandals if they are not even promoting our policies anyway?  This is why it’s so important Trump hear from conservatives and understand that we are not ok with him selling out on foreign policy.  If we don’t advocate for our priorities, who will?   


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Clickservatives: “But the Democrats are Worse” is Getting Old Ep 114

May 18, 2017 00:30:32


This week is full of scandals in the media, but it’s also full of Trump policy betrayals that are not being discussed in the media.  Worse, they are not being discussed in the conservative media because they are too busy defending Trump from some indefensible actions while he is screwing conservatives on policy.  They are defending him against the media while he has allowed Jared, Ivanka, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, and H.R. McMaster to create the very policies outcomes, ironically, supported by that very same media.  What’s the point in incurring such political liability and an electoral wipeout if we are not even getting our policy outcomes?


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we break down why this strategy of focusing on the lesser of two evils – “but the Democrats are worse,” “we can’t let the Democrats win” is actually counterproductive to its own stated goals.  By pursuing this strategy, we ensure those very Democrats get elected with an even bigger mandate.  Isn’t it time we break free and stand consistently and morally on our own two feet?  Unless we do so, we will get crushed in the midterm elections, thereby losing so many governorships and state legislatures (forget about Congress!).  This will determine redistricting for a decade. 


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America last: Trump embraces Palestinians  

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All of the Vices of Controlling the White House, but none of the Virtues Ep 113

May 17, 2017 00:34:47


So, Trump is at 35-40% approval and Democrats have opened a wide lead in the generic ballot polling. And what do we have to show for it?  What have we gotten for this?


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel breaks down the latest series of betrayals.  While excuse-making conservatives produce lists of their own demonstrating “the good things” the president is doing, if you look carefully, most of them are ceremonial with “no discernable policy outcome,” as the ACLU observed with regards to the religious liberty memo.  On the other hand, the betrayals are deep and severely consequential.  Look at the fire, not the smoke.  


We explore the betrayal of Israel and how NSC head, General H.R. McMaster, is essentially promoting Obama’s foreign policy.  There is a lot of significance to the betrayal of Israel and what it portends for other policies and who is really running this administration.  


In the second half of the show we discuss how, once again, the courts are destroying us on elections and how this will not be fixed without judicial reform.


Finally, we tackle the Alabama Senate race.  In many respects, this race embodies the problems we face, except it has an inherent antidote in the form of Judge Roy Moore.  Daniel explains why he’s still backing Roy Moore, despite the entrance of another patriot, Mo Brooks, in the race. 


Show links:

My 45-minute podcast on the history of the Palestinian hoax

Approval rating in the toilet…and for what?

Luther Strange and his lies; Roy Moore and his truth

Georgia judge gives Dems advantage, takes over election law from states

The Comey News Cycle Embodies our Pathetic Politics Ep 112

May 12, 2017 00:36:40


There are so many betrayals being perpetrated by our political class that actually have discernable policy outcomes and are much more important than the Comey news. Why is nobody talking about the GOP betrayal on the border wall, health care, religious liberty, moving embassy to Jerusalem, the Paris climate accord, and of course judicial tyranny?  Yet, in many respects, the Comey news and the binary hypocrisy of the parties is important to focus on and learn from because it embodies what is wrong with both parties. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explains why Comey should have been fired from a conservative perspective but also why both sides in this case have a glass jaw.  If we actually had a consistent and principled conservative party it would be so much easier to punch through the news cycle.  All too often, our side must defend and fight for things that aren’t even conservative, yet get blamed for them.  In many respects, we are all like James Comey, turning everything into a tortured political pretzel rather than being consistent about the truth. 

In the second half of the show, we discuss how the courts have reached a new level of judicial tyranny and are making the other two branches irrelevant.  This is a lot more important than the Comey news, but nobody in the other two branches is even willing to broach the topic. 


Key quotes:

“Sure, the media is going to throw punches at any hypothetical conservative movement or party.  But it would sure be a lot harder for them to do damage if we didn’t have the glass jaw of the tainted and progressive GOP.”

“I’m sick and tired of dying for the other SOB’s ideology.  Can’t we have a party with which we will at least take media hits for our own beliefs?”

Show links:

We need a champion of counter-terrorism heading FBI, unlike Comey


Thanks to Kushner’s Crony Visas corruption, Feinstein is able to get to the right of Republicans

Judge blocks VA from firing corrupt employee who failed veterans

Why Trump can’t shift the judicial balance like Obama has

Our national sovereignty is on trial in fake courts

Is the Federalist Party a Viable Alternative? Ep 111

May 9, 2017 00:38:12


Are you fed up with the political adultery of Republicans being nothing more than inarticulate Democrats?  Many people are looking for a new party but feel there is no viable alternative on the horizon.  Is that about to change?


On this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by J.D. Rucker, the co-founder of the Federalist Party.  He gives us an update on the state of play in building a new party and their plan to become the second, not third party, on the political scene.  This is a long term plan but definitely intriguing.   


Show Notes:

Steve Deace writes about the need for a new party

After budget betrayal, conservatives need deep soul-searching

The Most Important Senate Race: An Interview with Judge Roy Moore Ep 110

May 5, 2017 00:43:38


Conservatives have been pushed to the brink by the betrayals. We want a revolution.  We want a party to finally act in accordance with its campaign pledges.  Where do we go from here?

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel interviews Judge Roy Moore who is attempting to storm the establishment castle by running for Senate in Alabama.  They discuss a wide range of topics, particularly related to the role of the courts and how the judicial crisis has neutered Congress.  It takes an originalist in the Senate to solve the problem, not just originalists on the courts.  But it also takes a man of integrity, something that is lacking with most Republicans.

The question for conservatives is if they will take yes for an answer.  

Key quotes:

When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, “just men who will rule in the fear of God.” The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be sqandered (sic) on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.

— Noah Webster, History of the United States (New Haven: Durrie & Peck, 1832), pp. 336-337

Neither the Founding generation nor their children nor their children's children, right on down to our grandparents' generation, were so passive about their role as republican citizens. They would not have accepted-did not accept-being told that a lawyerly elite had charge of the Constitution, and they would have been incredulous if told (as we are often told today) that the main reason to worry about who becomes president is that the winner will control judicial appointments. Something would have gone terribly wrong, they believed, if an unelected judiciary were being given that kind of importance and deference. Perhaps such a country could still be called democratic, but it would no longer be the kind of democracy Americans had fought and died and struggled to create.

— Larry D. Kramer, The People Themselves: Popular Constitutionalism and Judicial Review (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004), 228.

A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume.

George Washington’s Farewells Address, on the danger of political parties



Show links:

Mark Levin’s call for doing more to save the republic

Lighting up America: Judge Roy Moore running for Senate

NRSC blackballing Roy Moore Supporters


Judge Moore falls victim to a culture of beta males

My interview with Judge Moore on the illegal suspension from the court

Editor's note: Daniel Horowitz has endorsed Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama.

The Budget Betrayal from Hell and What to do about it Ep 109

May 2, 2017 00:32:47


How is it possible to get humiliated in a major budget battle by a party that has no power?  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we answer that question. It’s not that Republicans are cowardly or obsequious; it’s that they fundamentally don’t share our values.  Thus, the Democrat outcomes are their outcomes as well.  Moreover, don’t blame this all on congressional Republicans, although they are certainly an act in perfidy.  President Trump is just as much at fault, and in this episode, we prove it and also debunk White House talking points.

Later on in the show we discuss why Judge Roy Moore’s race for Senate in Alabama speaks to every issue conservatives are worried about today.  Will conservatives finally take yes for an answer?


Show links:


Trump considering raising gas tax to help pay for wasteful infrastructure spending

Budget betrayal beyond belief

NRSC/McConnell blackballing anyone who works for Roy Moore  

Conservative Movement Reaching a Breaking Point Ep 108

Apr 28, 2017 00:31:13


The only thing worse than Republicans selling us out, bastardizing our values, breaking promises and lying about it, and downright making our views unpopular with the public, is for us to become content with and even excuse this behavior. Thanks to the soft bigotry of low expectations, much of our movement is now pacified by merely finding a few random roses Republicans throw at us amidst the endless acts of political adultery on the legacy issues that matter.  The binary idolatry of “well, the Democrats would be worse” is destroying our own movement and permanently ceding ground that might never be recovered.

In this action-packed episode, Daniel goes through the litany of betrayals and perfidy from this week on almost every major issue that counts.  The question is: are conservatives going to accept this as the soft bigotry of low expectations or will we finally take our destiny into our own hands?  If conservatives don’t demand action, we will forever cede ground on important issues.  Worse, the terrible body of the GOP that is trapping and bastardizing our views is rapidly making our views unpopular on issues that were once easy winners.   


Show links:

Lighting up America: Judge Roy Moore running for Senate

Freedom Caucus tried its best, but Obamacare bill is still lousy

Rogue judge sides with sanctuary cities. Will Congress respond?

Promise not kept: Trump’s illegal executive amnesty

Run over by a parked car: Trump and Republicans cave on budget Rick Perry Calls for staying in Paris climate agreement White House continuing illegal Obamacare payments Trump administration defending contraception mandate in court

A Make or Break Week for President Trump Ep 107

Apr 25, 2017 00:30:41


This is the week when we will see the dichotomy between the parties play out: whereas Democrats seek power even when they don’t have it; Republicans seek office even when they have power.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel breaks down the week ahead of budget fights, taxes, and health care.  After accomplishing almost nothing in this Congress, the budget is the only opportunity for Republicans to actually fulfill their promises.  This is the week for Trump to either rise to the occasion or allow Chuck Schumer to control government from a minority position in the Senate.

The other big issue this week is the emerging deal on a health care bill.  The Freedom Caucus leadership is stuck between a rock and a hard place with the reality of a party that doesn’t share their values.  Many of them are trying to cut the best deal possible, but as we explore, it will likely fall far short of any meaningful repeal of Obamacare.     


Show links

6 reasons to be skeptical about promises of “tax reform”

Why Congress must shift focus to immigration  

Are Conservatives Headed Towards a Nightmare Scenario? Ep 106

Apr 20, 2017 00:28:26


What’s worse than watching Democrat policies – both on the domestic and foreign policy fronts – being implemented?  Watching them being implemented by a Republican president. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel talks about the results of the special election in GA-6 and demonstrates why Republicans are headed towards a nightmare scenario if they don’t change course.  On the one hand, they are perceived to have full control of government, a perception which has energized the Democrat base.  On the other hand, we have gotten nothing done and the conservative base is no longer energized.  This is a recipe for losing even red-leaning districts. 

Using the latest news about the Iran deal, foreign policy, Obamacare, and the budget, Daniel shows how we are incurring all the political liabilities of Republicans controlling government but enjoying none of the policy benefits.    

Key quotes:

My warning from last year: “Anyone looking to this man for a nominee with a morsel of conservatism or authentic anti-establishment direction has sadly landed on a charlatan who embodies the epitome of what is wrong with tepid republicanism.  Strip away the gratuitous boorishness and when it comes to real issues there is nothing but political correctness, uncertainty, and vacillation.  Thus we are left with all of the vices of a non-politically correct candidate and none of the virtues.”


Show links

My warning just one year ago predicting this day

Trump embracing illegal Obamacare subsidies  

Lindsey Graham praises Trump’s foreign policy

President Jared Kushner  

How Many More Good Men have to Die on the Sword of Islamic Civil Wars? Ep 105

Apr 14, 2017 00:46:54


Tired of the myopic focus on Syria and the platitudes over whether to intervene or not?  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel is joined by Patrick Poole, the senior national security correspondent for PJ Media and one of the foremost experts on the Middle East. (whose views are unfortunately never represented among the smart set in DC).  Patrick discusses the folly of focusing on any one player in a vacuum and the need to a take a holistic approach putting our interests first.

Through a deep and far reaching discussion of the Middle East and Africa, we explore the observations that are missed by the failed foreign policy “wonks” in both parties, who are now dragging this president into the same sinkhole of the past.  Many policymakers are missing the fact that Christian parts of Africa are falling to Islamists every week and the media ignores the mass genocide in the region just because the victims are not Muslims engaged in civil wars.

Patrick calls for a complete operational pause and audit of all our engagements in the Middle East – from direct combat, to arming and training dubious and even dangerous entities – so that we can devise a holistic policy that addresses both the Iranian and Sunni Islamist threats from a position of strength with consistency that will serve our interests.

Patrick observes that right now, as it relates to conservatives in this administration, we are like the first wave at Omaha Beach getting mowed down by the swamp creatures.  We need a successful second, third, and fourth wave to establish a beachhead or this administration will be lost on critical national security policies.    

Are we going to have our foreign policy dictated by prudence and the facts on the ground as they relate to our interests or are we going to be goaded into more mistakes by yellow journalism?  Patrick Poole navigates the toughest waters of the Middle East swamp.  

Key quotes:

"Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” Thomas Jefferson

Show links:

Jared Kushner now trying to take over national security

Drug use on the rise among Navy SEALs who are being stretched thin in a meat grinder

We need to bring back Congress’ power over declaring war

No more ground troops: Trump must be careful that Syria doesn’t become his Iraq


Syria, Gorsuch, Senate Republicans, and the Need to Reform the Judiciary Ep 104

Apr 7, 2017 00:32:43


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore a number of important issues – from the engagement in Syria to the judicial filibuster, the prospect of Justice Neil Gorsuch, and the need for judicial reform.

The images emanating from Syria are horrible, but there are a lot of important questions that must be answered before we jump in and act on emotion.  Without answering these critical questions, we risk repeating the mistakes of Iraq, destroying our military and political capital, and not even solving the humanitarian problem.

As for the courts, we explore why Gorsuch’s ascendance to the high court will not change the course of the judiciary and why we need bold thinkers to move beyond the existing failed paradigm.  We must remember that the capacity of a good judge to do good does not counteract the capacity of a bad judge to destroy our society.  That is why we will never fix the courts merely by attempting to appoint better judges.


Trump picks an Obama holdover to head the Border Patrol

A partial list of liberals in the Trump administration

A recent court case that demonstrates why the courts are irremediably broken

No more ground troops: Trump must be careful that Syria doesn’t become his Iraq

Budget betrayal reveals everything you need to know about phony Republicans Ep 103

Apr 5, 2017 00:34:05


How is it possible to get hit by a parked car?  It’s not possible, of course, unless you do it on purpose.  The same applies to Trump and Republicans losing the upcoming budget battle. 

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore the mechanics of the budget battle and how the perfidy and betrayal demonstrates that Republicans don’t share our values.  It is impossible to lose a government shutdown fight when you control all three branches unless you don’t want to win or unless your definition of winning is different from your campaign promises. 

Republicans are set to cave on the border wall, refugee resettlement, protecting Trump’s executive order, and Planned Parenthood, as well as the spending levels.  When juxtaposed to what Democrats got in 2009 when they controlled all three branches, it should become evident to anyone willing to listen that Republicans don’t share the values of their base the way Democrats represent their voters.

Finally, Daniel discusses the mechanics of the filibuster and how several recent factors have changed the importance of this tool or at least the way it is practiced.     

Show links:

So much for the ‘Art of the Deal’: Trump and GOP leaders are about to cave on the budget

While Trump attacks conservatives, his immigration agenda burns

New budget report: America will be Greece unless health care is fixed

Tillerson selling out to the Taliban?

Purists, Low Expectations, and the Triumph of New York Values Ep 102

Mar 31, 2017 00:32:07


In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explains the depth and profundity of the betrayal of conservatives.  There is so much capitulation going on, it’s hard to keep up.  Worse, Republicans are using their operation to smear conservatives and project on them their own faults.  Facts and details of legislation no longer matter.  Lies and deceptions reign supreme. 

The core of the problem is that we have now accepted the soft bigotry of low expectations from Republicans.  As long as they do one thing slightly different from Democrats, that is enough to mollify some phony conservatives.  Then they call anyone who upholds the most basic tenets of the GOP platform a purist.  This is how Democrat policies triumph even when they are out of power.  This party is irremediably broken and we need to break outside of the existing paradigm to do more. 

Show Links

Jared pushing criminal justice deform!

Trump delaying move to designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

GOP establishment purists already surrendered April budget fight … with control of all 3 branches!

At least some Republicans are honest about not wanting to repeal Obamacare

The Fight to Repeal Obamacare is not Over, Not by a Long Shot Ep101

Mar 28, 2017 00:28:18


The Freedom Caucus has done a lot more than merely expose this party, the speaker, and the president as frauds on the health care issue.  They have demonstrated that the entire modus operandi of the Republican Party is a sham.  They run on campaign slogans to distinguish themselves from Democrats during elections but never have any intention of actually rolling back the leviathan.  Nonetheless, despite an inarticulate president and a phony party, Daniel explains why conservatives must not give up on Obamacare repeal and what we can do to fuel momentum for free market health care.

Furthermore, Daniel explains why “tax reform” is a boondoggle.  It is the wrong issue to focus on and no good will come of it given certain political realities with establishment Republicans.  Trump would be wise to work with conservatives on the budget, immigration, and judicial reform rather than chase unicorn tax policies with Democrats.        


"You can't con people, at least not for long. ... [I]f you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on." President Trump, The Art of the Deal


Show links:

RINOcare lesson for Trump: Work with conservatives, not with the swamp


Satire on why Freedom Caucus should apologize

Trump tells Manchin he’ll work with Dems on “gun safety”

Trump threatens to “work” with Dems on “tax reform”