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The Broken Meeple - a UK Board Games blog and podcast that reports on board and card games. I hope you enjoy what you hear as I'm always happy to record them and trying to improve on them in any way possible. In addition to this podcast I have a fully functioning blog with written articles and a YouTube channel that showcases review videos and Top 10 lists. Occasionally I will want to talk about other areas of Geekdom and so the P-Log mini episodes are dedicated to movies and TV primarily so I hope you enjoy those as well. These will not impact on the main board game episodes though which will aim to release between 1-2 episodes per month.



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S03 - E10 - Scotland & Jadedness

Sep 8, 2019 00:29:37


Today, I talk about my thoughts and experience on my recent invite to Tabletop Scotland in August 2019 including an oldie of a superhero game that I finally got to play. After that, I tackle a rather solemn topic - is it possible with all the thousands of releases and Cult of the New being a devil's advocate for Hype that some of us gamer critics and fanatics can become jaded?

S03 - E09 - Hands & Replacements

Aug 13, 2019 00:49:00


Another convention out of the way! What games did I play at Handycon 6 - was there actually any new game I played that I would consider a good one? Then a lengthy discussion about board games that have been ported into apps. Are there occasions where the app kills the physical game? Will apps get to a point where tabletop gaming becomes a thing of the past? Will social interaction win through? 00:30 - Introduction 02:40 - Handycon Games Played 29:34 - Will Apps Replace Board Games?

S03 - E08 - TING & Results

Jul 9, 2019 00:57:09


Paul Grogan is now hopping on the convention wagon with GRIDCON coming soon! For now though he decided to dip his toes in the water with TING (This Is Not Gridcon) down in Devon, UK. Of course, being from the West Country, I just had to attend! What games did I play? Also the Dice Tower Award results have been released! Did my chosen picks win? Let's find out! 00:30 - Introduction 05:20 - TING Discussion 38:00 - Dice Tower Award Results

S03 - E07 - UK Games Expo 2019 Review - PART TWO

Jun 11, 2019 00:33:53


I'm a Grade A idiot! I turned up the microphone settings in the DSLR I took to the Expo to get over the convention noise. However I forgot to turn it back down before recording this review. So you can hear what I'm saying fine, but it's a little distorted due to the loudness, I had to reduce the gain by a TON to make it like this. So I hope it doesn't spoil your experience in this video but I recorded over an hour of content so I can't do it all again! :P The UK Games Expo 2019 was a big success and I enjoyed it as always! What games did I play, who did I see, how was the big Arkham Horror LCG event? Hear my thoughts and tips on the biggest UK convention in my two parter special which will also air on my Soundcloud podcast site in audio only! 00:30 - All The Games!! - Part Deux 14:50 - A Quick Note About the YT Polls 15:40 - A Few Tips For Newcomers To The Expo

S03 - E06 - UK Games Expo 2019 Review - PART ONE

Jun 8, 2019 00:38:52


IMPORTANT - this is a 2 part special of the audio from my YouTube video. The full video with pictures and everything can be found there, but on the podcast is a pure audio transfer without any edits! I'm a Grade A idiot! I turned up the microphone settings in the DSLR I took to the Expo to get over the convention noise. However I forgot to turn it back down before recording this review. So you can hear what I'm saying fine, but it's a little distorted due to the loudness, I had to reduce the gain by a TON to make it like this. So I hope it doesn't spoil your experience in this video but I recorded over an hour of content so I can't do it all again! :P The UK Games Expo 2019 was a big success and I enjoyed it as always! What games did I play, who did I see, how was the big Arkham Horror LCG event? Hear my thoughts and tips on the biggest UK convention in my two parter special which will also air on my Soundcloud podcast site in audio only! Also kudos if you get the Back To The Future reference despite only hearing this in audio form! :P 00:30 - Intro and the Expo In General 04:50 - Drawn To The Flame: Arkham Horror LCG Guardians Event 12:05 - All The Games!! Please check out the other videos on this channel as well as my official blog page. And also please check out my podcast at: Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Support my Patreon page at: Also taking Paypal donations direct to: Trolls will not be tolerated and any comments that aren't discussing the topic or providing useful constructive criticism will be deleted. If I'm feeling nice, you'll get a warning. Credit to BGG & Scott King for imagery. Credit to MotionArray for Adobe based templates/music

S03 - E05 - Apps & Awards

May 21, 2019 00:37:09


Hold up, so soon? Well I said I'd try to do more didn't I and to keep some content coming during my 2 week audit away and during UKGE so here's another podcast with 2 interesting discussion topics. 02:50 - The Dice Tower Award Nominations 2018 20:09 - App Integration (Positive or Negative?) Please check out the other podcasts on this channel as well as my official blog page.


May 10, 2019 00:32:17


Sorry for the long period without the sound of my voice. . . . . was anyone losing sleep over that? On today's episode, I talk about my experiences with Museum from Holy Grail Games and Downfall from Tasty Minstrel Games. Then I go over my future convention plans but focusing on my thoughts as we lead up to the UK Games Expo - has the appeal degraded for me over time or do I simply have an alternate reason for visiting compared to my early gaming days?


Mar 31, 2019 00:42:53


A brief summary of how AIRECON and STABCON SOUTH went during March. Then I talk about 3 games I've played recently including Quacks of Quedlinburg, Space Base and Blue Lagoon. Then the discussion topic for today is Kickstarter - pros and cons, has it benefited the hobby or has it still got a way to go? Please check out the other videos on this channel as well as my official blog page. And also please check out my podcast at: Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Support my Patreon page at: Also taking Paypal donations direct to: Credit to BGG & Scott King for imagery. Credit to MotionArray for Adobe based templates/music


Mar 3, 2019 00:44:23


Quite a packed episode today! Firstly I give details on what I'm doing regarding AIRECON, an annual convention in Harrogate, UK run by Mark Cooke that I attend each year. Second, it's time to actually talk about games I've played, so here are my initial impressions of Sentient, Res Arcana and Stone Age Anniversary Edition. Thirdly based on a debate online, I give a little mini talk/rant about how people define "theme" in games and why it's important for reviewers to call a game out on it.

S03-E01 - A New Season & PortalCon

Feb 5, 2019 00:37:29


I'm back!! Season 3 of the podcast begins with a simple talk about my experience in Poland attending Portalcon in January 2019.

Season 2 Episode 34 - HORROR

Dec 19, 2018 00:50:37


The last podcast before Xmas and "hopefully" Season 3! But it's not really Xmas themed, I don't really go for that sort of thing. bah humbug! :P Instead I give my thoughts about whether horror can be properly represented in a board game format. Then you get to hear my fun discussion with Jason Perez of Every Night Is Game Night where we talk about the new Arkham Horror Third Edition and how it compares to its predecessor.

Season 2 Episode 33 - RANKINGS

Dec 2, 2018 00:49:14


Got two important topics to go over today. Firstly, based on a recent Facebook thread, some thoughts about how you should interpret reviews and opinions from different people. Secondly I talk about how little I put faith in the Board Game Geek ranking system and give my opinions on the games that appear in the Top 25. Do I like them, do I hate them? Why do I think they are rated so highly?

BONUS EPISODE - Essen 2018 Review

Nov 4, 2018 00:40:22


This is both a video and a podcast recording! After a great 4 days in Essen for Spiel 2018, it's a tough period to recover and catch up! But finally I got another video ready - my overview of Essen 2018!

Season 2 Episode 32 - Essen Preview

Oct 21, 2018 00:26:32


Essen is literally around the corner! What will I be doing, when will I be on the Dice Tower booth and what games and expansions am I looking forward to?

Season 2 Episode 31 - Value For Money

Sep 19, 2018 00:34:03


Firstly I need to explain the details regarding my FAQ video on YouTube, but after that I go into detail about comments I've seen and received regarding "value for money" in board games. I like to mention costs in my review videos as games are getting more and more expensive these days to acquire them. What are your thoughts on the matter? 00:00 FAQ & Dice Cafe Opening 15:10 Value for Money Discussion

Season 2 Episode 30 - Handycon: The Sequel

Aug 23, 2018 00:51:42


Sorry it's been a while, I went on holiday and had a breakup lately. More information in the actual podcast, but it's not all doom and gloom........and the holiday was really fun! :P But straight after I attended Handycon 4 in Maidenhead in August 2018. It was a blast and I want to give my views on the convention and talk about a ton of games I played both old and new!

Season 2 Episode 29 - AWARDS. . . AGAIN!

Jul 8, 2018 00:35:09


It's been sweltering in the UK lately so I'm recording this podcast while melting into a small little puddle. But the Dice Tower Awards have been announced and just like a few episodes ago, I'm going to give my thoughts on the results including details of the games I personally voted on. Did I match well? Do I hate one of the games getting all the love over others........well yeah obviously! Listen in!

Season 2 Episode 28 - UK GAMES EXPO 2018 Review

Jun 10, 2018 01:06:37


Yes this is the proper track, sorry for the confusion on the last one! The UK Games Expo 2018 was a success and now I want to give my thoughts on the convention, the people and the games!! Enjoy this bumper length episode! 01:00 - Introduction 04:45 - Pros / Cons 10:41 - The People 22:10 - The Press Event 25:41 - The Games Please check out the other videos on this channel as well as my official blog page and my podcast. Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Support my Patreon page at: Credit to BGG for imagery

Season 2 Episode 27 - UK GAMES EXPO PREVIEW

May 28, 2018 00:37:24


Both airing on the podcast and on YouTube - what am I looking forward to at the UK Games Expo 2018? Here are some general thoughts, some useful tips for beginners and a selection of games to look out for. 00:00 - Introduction, general info and honorable mentions. 12:10 - Useful tips for new attendees 18:30 - Games to look out for. 32:20 - Conclusion Please check out the other videos on this channel as well as my official blog page and my podcast. Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Support my Patreon page at:

Season 2 Episode 26 - LIBRARIES

May 8, 2018 00:32:07


A good mix of content today and within a good space of time - mainly because in the UK it's well hot and I'm melting......melting................... Firstly I give a brief description of UNCON, a board game convention in Ramsgate, UK geared towards families and younger players. Then while describing the volunteer work I did at Portsmouth Comic Con teaching board games, I give my thoughts on what you should do and not do when presenting a board game library for such an event. And then to wrap things up, I resurrect the "One More Game?" segment with Among the Stars.

Season 2 Episode 25 - Weights

Apr 11, 2018 00:43:53


Sorry guys, I thought I uploaded this last week but apparently I hadn't! Shows how much is on my mind these days! :P But here you go, a new new podcast episode with some tweaks to the musical format as I wanted to give it a little bit of an update since the whole software calamity. I'll try to get the next out a lot quicker guys, maybe after I come back from UNCON 3.0 later in April. Today I discuss my experiences at StabCon South over Easter including some new games I got to try and then I give my views on the hot internet topic of whether we as gamer's have got the "weights" of games all skewed?

Season 2 Episode 24 - AWARDS

Mar 13, 2018 01:02:24


Sorry its been a while guys - work is causing me no end of sleepless nights and my recent PC calamity didn't help! That's why this episode is a little more "slapdash" than usual. But bear with me, next episode should see a return to form! In this episode I take on two main topics - firstly I reflect on my recent experiences at AIRECON, the growing convention in Harrogate run by Mark Cooke and his team. This time I brought my girlfriend along who's not a gamer by nature - so how did it turn out? After that with the announcement of the Golden Geek Awards 2017 on BoardGameGeek - I have a few words.........and say about them. 00:00 Introduction 05:52 - AIRECON 23:54 - Golden Geek Awards 2017

Season 2 Episode 23 - HANDYCON

Jan 30, 2018 01:00:45


After a brief hiatus, it's time to get back into podcasting! In this one hour episode I run through my experiences at Handycon - the new convention in the UK that's building up every year. Allow me to talk to you about some specific games I played such as Welcome to Centerville, CO2 and Nemesis. After that I continue the Broken Memories segment with a talk about one of my first ever purchases, Citadels and then I have a lot to talk about regarding the future ideas I have for reviews, podcasting and new potential ventures, but I need your feedback and thoughts to assist. 01:05 - HANDYCON 06:37 - Games Played inc Welcome to Centerville 12:55 - CO2 17:38 - Nemesis (prototype) 28:30 - Broken Memories (CITADELS) 36:16 - Discussion (Future Ideas and Thoughts On My Content)

Season 2 Episode 22 - XMAS!

Dec 22, 2017 00:48:03


2017 draws to a close and it's time to reflect on the year as a whole. In addition I'll also be giving my initial thoughts on Keyper and Charterstone (only spoilers will be 1st game only but skip if you don't want to hear anything) as well as introducing a brand new segment where I talk about a game I've owned for years to see whether it's stood the test of time. 04:30 - Keyper 09:45 - Charterstone (1st game spoilers maybe) 15:00 - Broken Memories (Flash Point Fire Rescue) 24:00 - Reflect on 2017 and What's To Come

Broken Geek Chat - The Last Jedi

Dec 21, 2017 00:18:35


SPOILER WARNING! There's a lot to talk about with the new Star Wars movie. The critics love it, a lot of fans loved it. I then watched the movie and really enjoyed it also. But then the fans starting hating it. Was it for legit reasons? Are fans clinging on to theories too tightly? Or were there some actual issues with the movie? There will be spoilers, be warned! Oh and new podcast episode coming very soon!

Season 2 Episode 21 - LONG

Nov 25, 2017 00:52:50


Lots to discuss today in my new episode! Firstly I'll talk about my life in general, then go into my first impressions of the new Merlin game by Stefan Feld and my solo play of Nusfjord by Uwe Rosenberg. Then I have 3 important discussion topics for you: (1) - Preconceptions vs Objectivity In Reviewing Games (2) - Theme vs Mechanics (A Balanced Approach) (3) - What Is Too Long For A Board Game?

Broken Geek Chat - Justice League

Nov 17, 2017 00:17:58


So the Justice League movie is finally upon us and it's had its fair share of scary re-shoots and issues during its filming schedule. However we've all wanted to see the Justice League on the big screen so despite what critics may have said, I wanted to see it and enjoy myself. Well it does have problems. . . . . but it has one focal strong point that makes it a fun movie to watch. Find out more in my Geek Chat review - first half is non-spoiler, the second half has spoilers, but don't worry I'll give you plenty of warning!

Broken Geek Chat - Thor Ragnarok

Oct 31, 2017 00:13:32


I've waited all year for this and Justice League to come out. JL will have to wait for another couple of weeks, but Thor Ragnarok is here in all its retro stylistic glory. Was it worth the anticipation?

Season 2 Episode 20 - Essen 2017

Oct 22, 2017 00:48:45


Just in time for all of you travelling to Essen 2017 where sadly I cannot join you. But rest assured I'll be there for Essen 2018 - I already have the hotel booked to prove it. Today I give my Top 10 Anticipated Games from Essen, but there's a couple of bonus segments as well. Firstly I give my first impressions of Lisboa, the popular Vital Lacerda game - how did my first game go and what impact has it had? Also in light of the recent controversy over the abuse that women are getting within the board gaming industry, I felt it was time to give me own little rant on the subject for the good of equal opportunities. 01:50 - Introduction 08:00 - Lisboa First Impressions 16:48 - Women In The Board Gaming World 21:40 - Top Ten Anticipated Essen Releases (A UK Perspective)

Season 2 Episode 19 - FLGS

Oct 4, 2017 00:38:49


Ok, this needs addressing. Recently a Board Game Breakfast segment on the Dice Tower was released where Tom talked about local game stores and the movement to support/save them. He mentioned a lot of relevant points, however this has exploded on the internet where both sides are in each others faces debating this, with some taking the context way out of what was intended, by either making up words in their head or misunderstanding what was said. So after viewing it myself, it's time to throw my two cents into the fray. . . . . .

Season 2 Episode 18 - SENTINELS

Sep 24, 2017 00:48:50


SPOILER ALERT! Now that the Top 100 is done with, it's time to get back to normal business! Starting with the podcast! Viewers on my Top Ten requested that I talk more about my favourite game of all time, SENTINELS OF THE MULTIVERSE. So here we go! Why do I love it, how do you play it, what am I looking forward to and a couple of Top 10 lists! 01:50 - Introduction, Rules & Why 16:40 - Top Ten Heroes 30:50 - Top Ten Villains

Broken Geek Chat - Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Sep 21, 2017 00:11:59


Sorry it's been a while since a podcast episode, the whole Amsterdam thing was hard hitting for me and the Top 100 took a lot of time out of doing podcasts. And then the last 10 days have been non-stop social events and relative visits. Yeah well back to normal. I promise a podcast episode is coming this weekend, as in a full one, so I hope you enjoy that. But for now, let's continue with the former "P-Logs" which I'm now calling "Broken Geek Chat" podcasts. These are where I get to talk about something other than board games for a change, usually TV or Movie related as I love going to the movies or watching cool shows. Well tonight I just got back from watching the sequel to Kingsman, which I enjoyed highly. Did this one entertain me as much as the original? Have a listen and find out!

Season 2 Episode 17 - EXPENSIVE

Aug 25, 2017 01:11:47


Sorry it's been a while since the last episode everyone! I apologise, but I have several good excuses waiting for you on the introduction! Today I am joined by Mike Barnes of WHO DARES ROLLS fame to discuss games played, the controversy of expensive games and the upcoming tutorial app DIZED. Mike has a minor hum in the background from his setup, but I think I've cleared it out for the most part. Otherwise it went pretty well so I hope you enjoy our banter!

Season 2 Episode 16 - BALANCE

Jul 22, 2017 00:41:34


On this episode I team up with Michael from Toucan Play That Game to talk about a controversial post on BoardGameGeek written by Ignacy from Portal Games. The post can be found at: Michael and I talk about this post, what are our thoughts? We talk about game balance, reviewer critiquing and whether it's right to have knee-jerk reactions about games being broken.

P-Log - 13th Doctor Reveal

Jul 16, 2017 00:17:30


Yes, don't worry there's a new official podcast episode coming out this week with a special guest. But I couldn't resist to put this out. My P-Log's don't just have to be movie reviews, it can be anything geekdom related. And here, we've had the biggest change in Doctor Who history!! SPOILER ALERT!! The new Doctor is a woman!! For the first time in the show's history. What are my thoughts on this as a life long fan of the show? Hear them now!

P-LOG - Ghostbusters (2016)

Jul 11, 2017 00:14:21


Subject to so much controversy. So many haters. So many sexist backlash from trolls in dungeons. But did it deserve it all? How bad can it be? About time I found out.........

P-Log - Spiderman Homecoming

Jul 5, 2017 00:16:38


I was about to write my thoughts on Facebook about the new movie and I know what? I got a microphone? Why don't I just record it? Now doing a V-Log would take too long in setup etc, but what about a P-Log? So let's experiment, here is a short podcast with my immediate thoughts on Spiderman: Homecoming literally after only just getting home from the movie. Let me know your thoughts and whether you'd like to hear more of these! Take care!

Season 2 Episode 15 - HALF-WAY

Jun 30, 2017 00:41:28


We're halfway into 2017 so let's have a look back at what games I've played during 2017 so far and those that have been released, but haven't been put in front of me yet! There's a lot more games to come though so here's to the rest of 2017! 01:03 - Introduction (The Arrival of the YouTube Channel) 04:37 - Games I've Played (Ethnos) 08:33 - Century Spice Road 11:25 - Yamatai 15:00 - Barenpark 18:22 - Unfair 22:13 - Anachrony 27:00 - Released Games I Want To Play 34:08 - Conclusion

Season 2 Episode 14 - SOLO - PART II

Jun 4, 2017 01:17:50


Recently the hosts of Every Night Is Game Night, also known as Jason Perez and Anthony Chatfield of Board Gamers Anonymous, invited me on for a Top Ten Solo Games collaboration. A really hard list to put together as I could have done a Top 30 really, but it had to be drilled down to 10. It was great fun though and despite a tough time editing, there's a great show to be heard here. Part I dealt with the introductions and our list from 10 to 6. Part II deals with 5 to 1 as well as some ideas from contributors and the Peoples Choice poll we put up on the Solo BoardGamers Facebook group. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Season 2 Episode 13 - SOLO (Part I)

May 29, 2017 01:07:53


Look what I've got for you! Recently the hosts of Every Night Is Game Night, also known as Jason Perez and Anthony Chatfield of Board Gamers Anonymous, invited me on for a Top Ten Solo Games collaboration. A really hard list to put together as I could have done a Top 30 really, but it had to be drilled down to 10. It was great fun though and despite a tough time editing, there's a great show to be heard here. Part I will deal with the introductions and our list from 10 to 6. Part II released later this week will deal with 5 to 1 as well as some ideas from contributors and the Peoples Choice poll we put up on the Solo BoardGamers Facebook group. Sit back and enjoy, because this is a good one!

Season 2 Episode 12 - PRE-EXPO

May 27, 2017 00:32:33


A quick broadcast today, just to go over my plans and schedule for the upcoming UK Games Expo on 2nd-4th June 2017. Where can you find me and what games am I likely to make a beeline for?

Season 2 Episode 11 - ANNOYING

May 6, 2017 00:48:19


A tongue in cheek episode for you today before I head down to Devon for a week's break. We all love playing games with the community, but I'm sure all of us have that small list of gamer types that we would all avoid if we had the chance or perhaps that one personality trait just rubs you the wrong way. So as a bit of fun, after I talk about some new appearances I'll be doing at conventions and on other podcasts, I'll give my "tongue in cheek" Top Ten Annoying Gamers.

Season 2 Episode 10 - STABCON

Apr 14, 2017 00:48:23


Well Stabcon was another success in early April, but maybe some of you haven't heard of it - well here's a chance to find out more. How did it go, what is it all about, when's the next one and what games, both old and new, did I get to play? 01:02 - Introduction & POBCON 2017 Announcement 05:55 - StabCon and BoardGameExtras 11:03 - Churchill: A Struggle for Peace 19:59 - Article 27 25:22 - Shogun Big Box 34:40 - Caverna Cave Strategy & Crisis 43:37 - Conclusion

Season 2 Episode 9 - SCALPING

Apr 2, 2017 00:29:32


A recent fun gaming weekend has brought me to talk about some of the great experiences and games played including Unlock, Jupiter Rescue and a variant on Resistance Avalon. After that I need to give my thoughts on a practice I'm seeing too often in the board gaming hobby, which I wish would stop. And that is "Scalping" where people buy Kickstarters/Pre-Orders solely for the purpose of selling on at over-inflated prices to unsuspecting people in the secondary market. 03:50 - Unlock 08:05 - Jupiter Rescue 10:18 - Resistance Avalon Role Variant 15:08 - Scalping - Right or Wrong? 26:34 - Conclusion

Season 2 Episode 8 - AIRECON

Mar 16, 2017 00:32:59


Well AIRECON was a blast, surpassing the previous one in October. Now an annual convention, it's only going to try to expand and be bigger and better. On today's episode I talk about the convention itself, what new board games I got to play and a couple of particular highlights from my experience. 01:00 - AIRECON in general 06:07 - New Games Played - Terraforming Mars 10:30 - Ashes: Rise of the Pheonixborn 13:36 - Fuji Flush 15:36 - Trajan 19:15 - Highlights - Geeknson Viticulture with Polyhedron Collider 23:33 - Room 504 27:31 - Conclusion

Season 2 Episode 7 - EXCEPTIONS

Mar 7, 2017 00:39:36


OK, first of all I said I was doing this before Rahdo did! :P A quick explanation regarding AireCon this weekend and my games played with The Game Shelf on 5 March including Time Stories: Endurance (no spoilers) and Coliseum. And then the meat of the episode, my Top Ten Games that are Exceptions to the Rule - games I normally shouldn't like for various reasons, yet managed to impress me enough to either like them or in some cases, adore them. 01:00 - AireCon and Gaming With "The Game Shelf" 07:39 - Top Ten Exceptions To The Rule

Season 2 Episode 6 - NEGATIVITY

Feb 25, 2017 00:22:14


A recent misunderstanding occurred on a gaming Facebook group which has now been resolved. However one of the big parts of the situation leading to it was a harsh response to a review I gave which downplayed a highly hyped title of 2016: Great Western Trail. All has thankfully been resolved, however it does raise the issue of how we as gamers respond to negative reviews or feedback on opinions when it comes to the internet. How should we respond and shouldn't be better than flame wars and personal attacks? Here's my two cents on the matter.

Season 2 Episode 5 - CONVENTIONS

Jan 29, 2017 00:39:23


Brrrrr, it's cold in January! Sit back, grab a cup of tea and listen to Episode 5 where I talk about my plans for attending upcoming conventions in 2017 including Airecon, UK Games Expo and Essen 2017. After that I'll talk about my recent experience at Handycon 2017, a new convention run by Paul Harris and his team in High Wycombe. How did it go for a first run? 01:00 - Blog and Convention Plans 11:22 - Handycon 2017

Season 2 Episode 4 - 2016

Jan 7, 2017 00:53:13


Happy New Year!! Now for many of us we want to leave 2016 behind, but let's talk about some positives, the board game industry released a ton of new content and even though I think it was a bit of a weak year overall, there were still some gems that came out. Today I'm going to reflect on 2016 as a whole for me and then it's my turn to go over the Top Ten of 2016! 01:05 - Reflection on 2016 14:36 - Top Ten of 2016 50:18 - Conclusion

Season 2 Episode 3 - EAGLES

Dec 21, 2016 00:31:39


Sorry it's been a while, had some personal issues to deal with lately! But let's talk about happy stuff. . . . mostly. Today it's not all about Xmas, it's instead about Eagle Gryphon Games, where I give you two brand new reviews of some Essen releases from this publisher. Morocco and Continental Divide, one I like, one I hate, have a guess which ones! 01:03 - Introduction (long wait, game room, future video prospects) 09:08 - Morocco Review 16:56 - Continental Divide Review 28:37 - Conclusion

Season 2 Episode 2 - CO-OPERATION

Nov 20, 2016 00:41:34


My god, so soon after another episode? Well don't get used to weekly podcasts, I'd go nuts trying! But if an interesting topic comes up, I feel the need to speak about it and today it's all about Co-Operative games. Firstly I tackle a debate that's arisen from a couple of gamers I know who tend to like dry, mechanical Euro's and dismiss the Co-Op genre entirely. Why do I love the genre so much? Does their argument hold up? Here's my views on the subject. Following that given that it's the right subject and it was all the way back to Episode 12 in Season 1 when I did it before, I'll give an updated Top Ten Co-Operative Games list. 01:00 - Discussing The Co-Operative Genre 14:35 - Top Ten Co-Operative Games 38:58 - Conclusion

Season 2 Episode 1 - REBOOT!!

Nov 13, 2016 00:23:45


Welcome to the official reboot of the Broken Meeple podcast! After 48 episodes plus specials it's time to reboot with my new microphone, new music and new format of shorter, but more frequent podcasts. Therefore I give you Episode 1 of Season 2 and hope you enjoy listening. Today I give some background information on myself for those of you who are new to my podcast and starting anew and then I give my full review of The Networks by Formal Ferret Games. 01:00 - Season 2 and Personal Background 10:18 - The Networks (Review)

The Broken Meeple - Episode 48 - A New Voice

Nov 5, 2016 00:54:41


Sorry for the absence, moving house and 3 conventions takes it out of you. But now things are settled, I've moved in, the convention season is over until January and I've got Fridays off work until February, so it's time to catch up! With a new microphone and some new music, it's time to reboot The Broken Meeple, hopefully the new voice quality is to your liking, please provide feedback! As for this episode, today I talk about my new Patreon project to get back into video reviews and I talk in detail about my experience at Essen 2016 and Airecon 3. The people I met, the games I played, tips for newcomers, hidden gems, disappointments, it's all in here!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 47 - PRE-ESSEN

Oct 2, 2016 00:58:06


Essen is right around the corner! Plenty of games coming out, although we don't know as much information as we would like to about most of them! However that won't stop me from talking about a ton of them. After my first impressions I'll belt on about a ton of new games and expansions that I'm interested in plus my Top Ten Anticipated Essen Releases. 06:35 - First Impressions (Runebound 3rd Edition) 12:23 - First Impressions (I'm The Boss) 14:58 - First Impressions (Elfenland) 19:13 - My Essen Schedule 23:25 - Interesting Essen Releases 40:24 - Top Ten Anticipated Essen Games

Broken Meeple Reviews - #9 - Mansions Of Madness 2nd Edition

Sep 3, 2016 00:11:31


A new reboot of the original Mansions of Madness, an entertaining "choose your own adventure" style horror game set in the neverending Cthulhu mythos. Whereas the original was a good game it had a lot of fiddly book-keeping and could be easily broken by the DM if it wasn't set up correctly. This new edition has gone down the technology route and brought in an app to represent 50% of the game. Does it work, let's find out in my review of Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition.

The Broken Meeple - Top 100 -(10 - 1)

Aug 26, 2016 00:55:52


WE'RE FINALLY HERE!! This is the Top 10 of the Top 100 - my most favourite games! I'm sure you'll disagree with some and agree with others, that's cool, that's the beauty of these lists, but I hope that this Top 100 has given you some insight into the type of games I like and maybe even given you some ideas as to your next purchasing option. Enjoy!! EDIT - I realise originally there was a 2 minute silence at the end - my apologies, I was pretty rushed. I've now replaced the file with a re-edited, corrected one.

The Broken Meeple - Top 100 - (20 - 11)

Aug 23, 2016 00:43:02


So close now!! So close! 20 more games to go and here I talk to you in great detail about my penultimate 20 through 11. All of these games are ones I adore and we haven't even hit the ultimate Top 10 yet. Hear me rave and rant as we edge ever closer to the finale.

The Broken Meeple - Top 100 - (30 - 21)

Aug 20, 2016 00:32:23


3 episodes to go everyone!! 10 games per episode, we are getting into the cream of the crop of board games for me now, I love playing everything from this point, not that I don't like playing anything else on my Top 100, they're all games I highly enjoy. Do you agree with these games, would they make your Top 10, or should they be off this chart entirely? Let me know your feedback!

Broken Meeple Reviews - #8 - Food Chain Magnate

Aug 17, 2016 00:10:45


I would have loved to have left this one by the wayside, but noooooo this was one was requested by many who know my views on this and so I had to put a review up for this game, I feel like I'm being punished! It takes a very specific kind of gamer to enjoy something like this..........find out why I can't stand this overpriced Euro from Splotter Games.

The Broken Meeple - Top 100 - (45 - 31)

Aug 14, 2016 00:39:29


Continuing with the Top 100 in Part IV with my 45-31 - there are some seriously big titles in this section so let's see if you agree with my thoughts.

The Broken Meeple - Top 100 - (60 - 46)

Aug 8, 2016 00:33:34


And we continue with Part III of VII in my Top 100 - some great games to mention, there has to be at least one you all like!! I apologise in advance though for the slightly softer voice tone throughout - I'm currently in my temporary lodger accommodation and I didn't want to disturb the landlords too much! :P Next time I'll wait for a moment when I've got the house to myself! :D

The Broken Meeple - Top 100 - (80 - 61)

Aug 4, 2016 00:49:32


Continuing on from Part I, I now talk about the next twenty great games on my Top 100! The closer we get to the top half the better the games, are there any on this list you like more or less?

The Broken Meeple - 2016 Top 100 (100 - 81)

Aug 1, 2016 00:43:08


3 years of running the Broken Meeple, wow has it been that long? So much has changed in that time, how I write, how the podcast has developed, how I had to put YouTube on hold, my attendance at conventions and my association with distributors, publishers and The Dice Tower. It's all great fun and I look forward to future times as I try to grow the Broken Meeple and improve it as a service to all of you. Currently I'm in my "temporary transition" period. I'm moving out of my flat on Saturday to short-term accomodation until my future house is fully ready in September. From that point once I'm settled and Essen is over, I'll be looking to crowdfund/Kickstart a new season of podcasts, reviews and with your help, hopefully videos with updated equipment and a new quieter location where I'm not held back by annoying headsets, outside traffic noise and lack of space. But while I'm in limbo, reviews will still continue on for that period, I've got plenty coming as well as audio reviews from time to time. But as a treat, as I will do every year, to mark the anniversary of the Broken Meeple, I will be giving you my Top 100 Games of all time. Last year it was only 75, from now on it's 100! Throughout August I'll crack on with 7 special episodes showcasing 100 great games starting now with 100 through 81.

Broken Meeple Reviews - #7 - Scythe

Jul 31, 2016 00:11:23


One of the most hyped Euro games ever - and to be fair, it's designed by the best Kickstarter publisher out there, Stonemaier Games so it has every right to be. Now I hate it when hype attaches to a game and everyone bases their opinion on hype alone. So it's time I played this game and made up my own mind. Can it possibly live up to the hype and whether it does or not, do I think this is a good game?

Broken Meeple Reviews - #6 - Onitama

Jul 17, 2016 00:10:35


I used to play Chess for my town in my teenage years so I really enjoy a good abstract game from time to time. It scratches that itch for a duel with no luck involved without having to take 4+ hours like some games I could mention! This is the new release from the Dice Tower Essentials line which has taken the US by storm and is having a similar reception here. So let's find out what's what and whether this is a collection sitter for me.

Broken Meeple Reviews - #5 - Pandemic Legacy

Jul 5, 2016 00:11:05


Sorry it's been so long - well before I go on my cruise, I'll get some more prepared for you while I'm away! How about that? For starters, let's talk about Pandemic Legacy finally - does this rekindle Pandemic for me after I left the original behind, does it deserve a #1 spot on BGG and is the finite life a downer or nothing to worry about? Also note, for the nit-pickers, the ten minute clock does not include music intros and endings! ;-)

The Broken Meeple - Episode 46 - Let's Play It Again

Jul 2, 2016 00:55:14


How many times have you played your favourite games? Well you can find out what games I've played the most in my Top 10 Played Games. On top of that I give my first impressions of We Didn't Playtest This At All and the new changes in the second edition of Pursuit of Happiness and give my reasons for why I departed from the Game of Thrones Second Edition LCG in my "One More Game?" segment. 06:00 - First Impressions (We Didn't Playtest This At All) 09:14 - First Impressions (Pursuit of Happiness 2nd Edition) 16:48 - One More Game? (Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition) 28:30 - Top Ten Played Games 50:16 - Conclusion

The Broken Meeple - Episode 45 - UK Games Expo Review

Jun 12, 2016 01:07:17


So soon after the previous episode? Well I can't preview the Expo and then not review can I? This is my summary of the games I played, the people I met and my Top 10 Experiences from the UK's biggest and best gaming convention! 02:01 - UK Games Expo Runthrough 18:34 - Games I Played at the Expo 41:42 - Top 10 Expo Experiences 01:03:28 - Conclusion (Things To Come)

The Broken Meeple - Episode 44 - UK Expo Preview

Jun 1, 2016 01:05:45


Just in time for you all to enjoy on your travels to the UK Expo this weekend, I cannot wait and I'm sure none of you in the UK can either! On today's show I give my first impressions of Shipyard and Keyflower followed by a discussion on what I'll be doing at the Expo and what you can look forward. And then as a special treat, there is no Top Ten, but rather a personal interview with Henry Jasper, the founder of Grublin Games in Cornwall, UK to talk about his new design "Perfect Crime" being showcased at the Expo. (Note that the recording was done on 31st May 2016 for timing and that editing multiple Audacity tracks together from Skype is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT!!) 04:37 - First Impressions - Shipyard 10:12 - First Impressions - Keyflower 19:38 - Discussion (UK Games Expo Preview) 37:25 - Henry Jasper (Grublin Games) Interview 1:03:40 - Conclusion

Broken Meeple Reviews - #4 - Concordia Review

May 29, 2016 00:11:13


We continue with my audio reviews with Episode 4 - Concordia. Highly praised by those on Facebook and some people I know locally, though not by everyone. And I'm one of those exceptions. Find out why I don't like this game and whether there's anything good to salvage. Also note, the ten minute clock does not include music intros and endings!

Broken Meeple Reviews - #3 - Kanban Automotive Revolution

May 10, 2016 00:11:29


Episode 3 of my audio reviews continue with Kanban: Automotive Revolution. My first introduction to a Vital Lacerda game, did it scare me off or did it hook me straight away? And can you even physically learn it? Find out more now! Also note, the ten minute clock does not include music intros and endings!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 43 - Dry As A Bone

May 1, 2016 00:57:27


People say that I only like games that have a strong theme and stay away from Euro's. Well the first part is half right and I actually like a lot of Euro games. So on Episode 43 I'm going to give my Top Ten "Dry" Games, which is a subjective list to say the list, but essentially these are games where the theme is non-existant without being simply an abstract game. There are a lot of games with pasted on themes, but these ones have incredibly thin veils. Prior to that though there's plenty of first impressions including some new titles, Valeria and Thunderbirds as well as an older title, The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac. And the "One More Game?" segments pays homage to the recent Captain America: Civil War craze by taking a look back at Marvel Legendary - have all the expansions kept it alive and does the setup time get in the way? 00:00 - Tabletop Day & UK Games Expo 06:10 - First Impressions - Valeria: Card Kingdoms 11:36 - First Impressions - Thunderbirds 16:56 - First Impressions - The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac 21:25 - One More Game? - Marvel Legendary 30:15 - Top Ten "Dry" Games 52:37 - Conclusion

Broken Meeple Reviews - #2 - Nations: Dynasties

Apr 11, 2016 00:11:11


Episode 2 of my audio reviews continue with Nations: Dynasties - this expansion introduces only a few things to the game, but they promise an unbelievable amount of variety. Despite the low price tag, should you still get this expansion? Also note, the ten minute clock does not include music intros and endings!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 42 - The Ultimate Fantasy Question

Mar 31, 2016 01:03:18


The Ultimate Question? Of Life, The Universe and Everything? No, I mean what defines a "Fantasy" game? In this episode I give my thoughts via my Top Ten Fantasy Board Games - do you agree with my definition and list or do you have your own thoughts? But before that, a word about local board game cafes and StabCon South followed by first impressions including my "half-way" point opinions on Pandemic Legacy (spoiler free). And the "One More Game?" segment returns for a more regular timescale with my views on whether Smash Up has stood the test of time and many expansions. 00:00 - Board Game Cafe's & StabCon South 08:02 - First Impressions - German Railroads 11:47 - First Impressions - Dungeon Petz 16:01 - First Impressions - Pandemic Legacy (spoiler free) 20:35 - One More Game? - Smash Up 29:08 - Top Ten Fantasy Games 58:47 - Conclusion

Broken Meeple Reviews - #1 - The Pursuit Of Happiness

Mar 20, 2016 00:10:52


It's finally happened everyone! This is the pilot episode for my first audio only review designed to supplement not only my main podcast but also my written reviews with something a little different. I get 10 minutes max to review a game and rather than being one that I get as a review copy, these will consist of games that I've acquired myself through my own means whether they be the new hotness or the cult of the old - essentially catching up on reviews I've wanted to do, but never got round to doing. So the pilot episode is kicking off with The Pursuit Of Happiness by Artipia Games, first shown to me at Essen. This is the first edition of the game and does not include the impending changes that are to be present in the second edition of the game. No doubt I will likely revisit this when the game comes out. Also note, the ten minute clock does not include music intros, endings or in this episode's case, the 1 minute explanation of what the purpose of these reviews are! :-P

The Broken Meeple - Episode 41 - SORCON 2016

Mar 1, 2016 00:57:00


Fresh out of SORCON 2016, here is Episode 41! In this special episode (sorry it's a bit late) I go through my experiences at another new convention which I'll be adding to my hot list. What games did I play, what were the players like, what was the venue like? And then to finish off, a list dedicated to the guys who give us the games we love. My Top Ten Board Game Designers! 00:00 - Introduction and Experience At SORCON 2016 09:15 - First Impressions - Samurai 14:56 - First Impressions - Steampunk Rally 19:45 - First Impressions - Raiders of the North Sea 26:12 - Top Ten Game Designers 50:56 - Conclusion

The Broken Meeple - Episode 40 - Gateway To Gaming

Jan 30, 2016 01:18:31


2016 is upon us and maybe this year will bring us a new wave of friendly people to the board gaming scene. Well to help those people out, this episode is mostly dedicated to gateway games, that is the entry level games that help to bring someone new into the hobby. Kicking off are the first impressions of Trains & Stations and Letters from Whitechapel. Followed by the return of my "One More Game?" segment discussing Catan and then a list I've wanted to do for some time, my Top Ten Gateway Games! 09:00 - First Impressions (Trains & Station) 13:37 - First Impressions (Letters from Whitechapel) 20:11 - One More Game? (Catan) 30:25 - Top Ten Gateway Games 01:01:30 - Additional Top Ten Thoughts and Future Ideas For The Podcast

The Broken Meeple - Episode 39 - Reflection On 2015

Dec 23, 2015 01:11:44


Well it's the end of another year and what a year it has been for board gaming. So many good titles this year to talk about and on top of this podcast you can also hear me comment on various games on the Dice Tower 2015 Special. Four first impressions to start things off including Coup G54, Between Two Cities & 504. Then a discussion segment on 2015 as a whole including news stories, trends I've noticed and a few general facts. And then of course, what everyone wants to hear at this time of year, my Top 10 of 2015! Have a happy Xmas and a great New Year and I will catch you all again in 2016! 07:33 - First Impressions (Coup G54 Rebellion) 10:18 - First Impressions (Patchwork) 13:52 - First Impressions (504) 18:29 - First Impressions (Between Two Cities) 23:22 - Discussion (Looking Back At 2015) 37:00 - Top Ten Games Of 2015

The Broken Meeple - Episode 38 - MidCon & Xmas

Nov 27, 2015 01:08:58


Sorry it's taken a while, been a busy month, but here it is! Episode 38! This is an episode of two halves. After returning from MidCon 2015 in Derby where I had a great time, I get to go over all the new games I played during the convention including what went on at the Kniziathon! After that I move on to the upcoming Xmas season and I figured you all want to know what little games you can buy your loved ones. Well here's my personal answer for you represented in my Top Ten Stocking Stuffers - all of them can fit inside a traditional Xmas stocking and all are priced below £15. . . . .hopefully!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 37 - Post Essen & Demos

Oct 23, 2015 01:23:26


Well Essen 2015 is over and I had a blast!! I've already reserved my hotel for 2016 and I hope to see you there, maybe with some proper means of identification though! So it's time to talk about it, but I can't do it alone. So for the first time ever on The Broken Meeple, I have guests and not just one, but two! Paul Grogan and Jacob Coon, both demo staff at Essen join me as we discuss the highs and lows of games played and give our feedback on how to effectively demo a board game in this special extended episode! 07:31 - Games Played At Essen (good and bad) 50:38 - How To Effectively Demo A Board Game

The Broken Meeple - Episode 36 - Gearing Up For Essen!

Oct 3, 2015 00:54:01


Essen is just around the corner (literally, took me longer than I hoped to get this episode out!) and I'm excited to be going to it. This will be my first appearance and I've already caused my wallet harm by pre-ordering many games including some big deluxe sets. And there's plenty more to go yet! Join me in Episode 36 where I'll give my first impressions on Voyages of Marco Polo, Red Dragon Inn and Cacao, my Top 10 Games I'm Looking Forward To At Essen and kickstart a new pilot segment that I like to call "One More Game?". 10:05 - First Impressions (Voyages of Marco Polo) 13:26 - First Impressions (Red Dragon Inn) 16:16 - First Impressions (Cacao) 18:47 - One More Game? (Flash Point Fire Rescue) 29:51 - Top Ten (Games I'm Looking Forward To At Essen 2015) 50:48 - Conclusion

The Broken Meeple - Episode 35 - Top 75 Part III

Aug 28, 2015 01:00:30


You've all been very patient and for that you shall be rewarded! You've hopefully checked out my No 75 through to No 26 of my Top 75 anniversary special. Well now it's finally here! My Top 25 games as of 31 July 2015! These games are just so much fun for me to play and yet recent plays in August show that next year's chart is going to just get better and better!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 34 - Top 75 Games Part II

Aug 16, 2015 01:06:10


The 2 year anniversary of The Broken Meeple continues with Part II of the Top 75 Games of All Time! This episode I go through my No 50 to 26 and the games are just getting better and better. Stay tuned for the final 25 games later in August 2015.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 33 - Top 75 Games Part I

Aug 7, 2015 01:09:58


August marks the 2 year anniversary of The Broken Meeple! Last year I did my Top Ten, well that's not enough I'm afraid, so instead I'm doing my Top 75 Games Of All Time! I couldn't do 100 reliably, please forgive me! :P This is the first of 3 special August episodes showing off my No 75 to 51! Also featuring a guest advert for Dice Portsmouth who are currently on Kickstarter to open up a new board gaming cafe in Southsea.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 32 - Awards & Disappointments

Jul 11, 2015 01:13:54


So many awards issued out recently and this episode is going to focus on that front. A quick mention of the Spiel Des Jahres winners and then a lengthy discussion of the winners of the Dice Tower Awards and my personal views on them including who I voted for personally on the panel. On top of that I give my first impressions of Colt Express and talk about my Top Ten Disappointing Games.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 31 - UK Games Expo 2015 Special

Jun 7, 2015 01:12:14


It's a special episode today, all devoted to the UK Games Expo 2015. I'll talk about games I played, games I saw, people I met, tips for newcomers and give my Top 5 Moments from my experience this year. Why Top 5? Because I talk in more detail about these ones! Listen out for one of the worst Alien Queen impressions you've ever heard and keep listening at the end where I ask for feedback on what you listeners would like to see from the podcast in the future in terms of content, length and frequency. 04:45 - First Impressions - Mysterium 09:20 - First Impressions - Concordia 14:51 - First Impressions - Samurai Spirit 18:40 - First Impressions - Good Cop Bad Cop 21:12 - Tips For Expo Newcomers 39:58 - Top 5 Games Expo Moments 01:02:08 - Conclusion including Request for Feedback

The Broken Meeple - Episode 30 - Surprise!

May 16, 2015 01:12:08


It's Episode 30 and to balance things out with the negative banter from last week, this is a much more positive episode with my Top Ten Surprising Games. As well as that there is also the news, first impressions and discussion topic as normal. But to celebrate reaching 30 episodes and in theme with this episode, you might notice a rather surprising change of your own.......... 08:00 - News 11:00 - First Impressions - Jamaica 16:03 - First Impressions - Lost Legacy: Second Chronicle 22:40 - Discussion - Is Meta-gaming Healthy In Board Games? 33:48 - Top 10 Surprising Games 01:08:04 - Conclusion

The Broken Meeple - Episode 29 - All Of My Hate!

Apr 25, 2015 01:09:53


Despite the title it's not all bad! There's some great news of upcoming releases and first impressions of Shadowrun: Crossfire. However there's also my first impressions of 20th Century and my Top Ten Games I Hate! And of course my discussion segment for the month which covers whether not being able to win a game would affect your enjoyment of it. 04:36 - News 10:16 - First Impressions - Shadowrun Crossfire 14:45 - First Impressions - 20th Century 22:13 - Discussion - Does Winning Affect Your Enjoyment? 32:03 - Top 10 Games I Hate 1:05:50 - Wrap Up

The Broken Meeple - Episode 28 - Bang For Buck

Mar 26, 2015 00:52:55


Everyone asks me about the cost of my game collection and how much money I spend on games in general, so here's an episode featuring my thoughts on the subject. After I give my first impressions of Arcadia Quest and Pirates! Card Game, I discuss whether board gaming is an expensive hobby and then finish up with my Top Ten Games That Give Bang For Your Buck! 05:40 - News 06:54 - First Impressions - Arcadia Quest 12:58 - First Impressions - Pirates! Card Game 17:54 - Discussion - Is Board Gaming Expensive? 31:18 - Top Ten - Bang For Your Buck Games

The Broken Meeple - Episode 27 - Best Of 2014!

Feb 22, 2015 01:02:18


In today's episode, I finally get round to showing you my Top Ten Games of 2014 and what a list of cool games it is! Aside from there there is the news, my first impressions of some less than decent games and I give out some tips on how to bring your non-gaming spouse into board gaming. 5:00 - News 9:15 - First Impression: Betrayal On House On The Hill 14:54 - First Impression: Machi Koro 20:20 - Discussion: Tips For Board Gaming With Your Spouse 33:34 - Top Ten - Top 10 of 2014

The Broken Meeple - Episode 26 - Moving Forward

Jan 17, 2015 00:54:11


Happy New Year! This episode is dedicated to looking forward in 2015! I have big news about a new podcast in trial stage and I have many predictions over what's to come in 2015. Finally I end with my Top 10 Tips for Game Publishers - if only they take note!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 25 - The Xmas Special

Dec 23, 2014 00:39:45


Xmas time is here and even though I'm a bit of a Xmas humbug, I thought I'd tailor this episode to small games. First impressions are the definition of hit and miss with Get Bit and Monopoly Deal Card Game and if you need some last minute gift ideas or something to spend your money on following the holidays, then check out my Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Games.

The Broken Meeple - 24 - The Sci-Fi Episode

Nov 27, 2014 00:57:44


Sorry for the delay, life has been very busy what with my being offered a new job and taking it up! Happy days! But here we have Episode 24, focusing on technology, the future and science. We kick off with some first impressions of Warhammer 40K Conquest and Battle at Kemble's Cascade, then discuss the importance of apps in board games and finally end with my Top 10 Science Fiction Games.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 23 - Essen 2014

Oct 18, 2014 00:50:59


Unfortunately I wasn't able to make Essen 2014, but hey that doesn't mean I can't do an Essen special right? As well as news and first impressions I discuss the common complaint in gaming groups where people use their mobile phones during games and give my Top 10 Anticipated Essen Releases.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 22 - The Re-Theme

Sep 21, 2014 01:02:12


I'm back and to kick start the second year of The Broken Meeple we have a re-theming of the musical interludes! However we also have some changes happening to the way the blog will continue and I'll discuss those here. There's a lot happening in this episode! I give my first impressions of Sons of Anarchy, Dead of Winter, Carcassonne South Seas and The Manhattan Project as well as future gaming news. And then after a quick rant on how gamers over-react to controversial themes in board game, I give my Top 10 Themes/Types in board games.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 21 - 1 Year Anniversary

Aug 17, 2014 00:59:13


It's been a year since The Broken Meeple grew some legs and got going in the board gaming world. Granted there have been some bumps along the way and probably still a few now, but I'm very proud of how things have progressed to date. In this episode, I give my first impressions of Lost Legacy: The Starship and Trains, recall some recent news, discuss how to teach new players how to play games and finally answer the big one: - MY TOP TEN BOARD GAMES!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 20 - Theme Vs Mechanics

Jul 14, 2014 01:05:03


After a long break, I'm back with Episode 20! Podcasts are still coming but due to time commitments including a new girlfriend, the podcast will be reduced to monthly rather than 2-weekly because I need the extra time. However to make up for this, I've added a short News segment to the podcast to up the content value. In today's episode, I give my first impressions of Glass Road and Fleet, discuss Theme vs Mechanics in games and give my Top 10 Thematic Games list.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 19 -The UK Games Expo

Jun 8, 2014 00:54:51


In this special episode I give details on my experiences at the UK Games Expo 2014 as well as my Top 10 tips for how to survive a games convention.

The Broken Meeple - Episode 18 - The Euro Edition

May 21, 2014 00:51:01


In today's episode, I focus on Euro games, starting with my first impressions of a Euro style Cthulhu game "A Study In Emerald", followed by my opinions on what defines a Euro game and then finishing off with my Top 10 Euro Games!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 17 - The Best Of 2013!

May 4, 2014 00:57:40


On todays show, I give my first impressions of Clash of Cultures and Tsuro, followed by a discussion on Local Game Stores and Cafes, finally ending with a highly anticipated Top 10 list - The Top 10 of 2013!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 16 - 32 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon

Apr 16, 2014 00:45:53


A special episode for this session, where I talk you through my 32 hour charity gaming marathon that I undertook for Tabletop Day, though I guess that makes it Tabletop Weekend really! I raised over £150 for charity and highly enjoyed the experience, despite needing some sleep afterwards! Apologies in advance - I forgot to implement my makeshift pop filter before recording - won't happen again on the next one! :-(

The Broken Meeple - Episode 15 - Grumpy Old Gamer

Apr 1, 2014 01:14:40


Episode 15 is here! On today's episode I give my first impressions of games that I played at a recent Demo day, discuss the merits of LCG's vs CCG's and finally the Top 10 I've wanted to do for some time and also by popular vote from the BGG community . . . . . Top 10 Over-Rated Games!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 14 - Know Your Limits

Mar 20, 2014 01:09:18


Hey folks, thanks for tuning in! In today's episode: - My first impressions of Twilight Imperium 3, a major, epic, space opera of a game which FINALLY I got to play in all its glory! - I discuss the concept of owning too many games in your collection. Is there a limit to which buying more games is counter-intuitive? - My Top 10 Essential Expansions - out of the games I've played, which expansions do I believe are a must-buy for the good ones?

The Broken Meeple - Episode 13 - Opinionated Workers

Mar 5, 2014 01:14:14


Not bowing down to superstition, here is Episode 13 of the Broken Meeple podcast. In today's episode, I give my first impressions of Bruges by Stefan Feld, discuss my thoughts on gamers who react badly to negative reviews and divulge my Top 10 Worker Placement Games - not to be confused with The Dice Tower's Top 10 they did recently! NB: - Apologies in advance, I'm still trying to get the settings right on my Blue Yeti microphone and it's a tough process - you MAY hear the odd light background noise from time to time, it's so sensitive!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 12 - Why Can't We Be Friends

Feb 8, 2014 01:18:35


Hey folks! Awfully sorry about the delay for the next episode in this podcast, January for me is the month of hell with regards to being a Chartered Tax Advisor as my day job. Thankfully though, January is over with and now I can get back to some solid reviews, both on the blog and on the podcast/YouTube channel. This is a new format for the podcast which I'll be sticking with now, more streamlined, organised and with more content. In today's episode, the theme is Co-Op Month!! I give my first impressions on Robinson Crusoe, talk a bit about the Alpha Gamer problem that Co-Op games can have and give my Top 10 Co-Operative games. You can now subscribe to this podcast on Itunes!

The Broken Meeple - Episode 11 - Rants and Resolutions

Jan 12, 2014 00:34:53


In this episode, I give my first impressions of Dominion, report on my presence on the Dice Tower Showdown recently with my rant on why I can't stand Power Grid and then finally I outline my New Year resolutions for gaming and the blog in general.

The Top Game of 2013 - The Broken Meeple - Episode 10

Dec 27, 2013 00:40:30


Merry Xmas to all you gamers out there! Here is Episode 10 - with a introduction format I'm hoping to stick with! In this episode I give my first impressions of Coup and Eldritch Horror and reveal which game published in 2013 is my top game of the year and why. I do have a bit of a sore throat at the moment so I apologise in advance! :P

12 Hour Marathon - The Broken Meeple - Episode 9

Dec 19, 2013 00:39:54


In today's episode, I give my first impressions of Lancaster by Queen Games and report on a recent 12 hour gaming marathon I conducted with some old friends from 6pm to 6am last week.

Working Together In Perfect Harmony - Broken Meeple Episode 8

Nov 30, 2013 00:52:58


Episode 8 of the Broken Meeple Podcast is finally here! In today's broadcast I will cover: -several news items that have been brought to my attention in the last week. -first impressions of Ricochet Robots and Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends -my Top 5 (yes finally I'm back to doing Top 5's!) Co-Operative Games Thank you for listening and spreading the love for board games.

Is Board Gaming Cost-Effective? - Broken Meeple Episode 7

Nov 17, 2013 00:29:35


In today's episode: - a news update regarding several expansions on the horizon in early 2014 - first impressions on the quick filler game with a bold approach (Eight Minute Empire) - a discussion on whether board gaming is a cost-effective hobby I hope you enjoy listening. Visit the blog at

Forces Beyond Your Control - Broken Meeple Episode 6

Nov 6, 2013 00:31:48


HELLO! I'm back! Sorry for the quiet period, but Arkham Horror Month really required my full devotion and I was away for a week in the later part of October. But now normal service has resumed and we get started with first impressions on Shadows over Camelot and Galaxy Trucker. In addition we revisit a recent zombie game which deserves a slight . . . alteration. . . to my thoughts about it.

Better Than Listening to the Cranberries - Broken Meeple Episode 5

Oct 2, 2013 00:28:39


And we're back! Sorry I should say "I'm back!" Episode 5 of The Broken Meeple podcast is up and ready for listening! In today's episode, I reflect on two new games that I partook in during a recent Portsmouth On Board gaming night. In Last Night On Earth, I test out the Survivors by attempting to refuel our our truck and survive the zombie onslaught. In Gambit 7 I get my taste of what Wits & Wagers is all about with this small scale version of the popular party game by Days of Wonder. Finally, a taste of things to come in Arkham Horror Month!

Broken Meeple Episode 4 - 3 Rogues, A Wizard And A Cleric

Sep 12, 2013 00:35:59


Broken Meeple Episode 4 - 3 Rogues, A Wizard And A Cleric by The Broken Meeple

Broken Meeple Episode 3 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugg-ly!

Sep 4, 2013 00:35:11


Episode 3 of the Broken Meeple podcast. This episode is devoted to first impressions and I've got 4 games to discuss! 2 are good, 2 are bad. Terra Mystica, Kingdom Builder, Chicago Express and Ugg-Tect - but which are which?

Broken Meeple - Episode 2 (When Good Bunnies Go To War)

Aug 28, 2013 00:36:07


Episode 2 of the Broken Meeple podcast! In this episode (with better production values than Episode 1) I will be discussing my first impressions of a weird board game called "Killer Bunnies", my Top 3 Worst Game Genres and giving some special thanks to people who have helped me during the blog's difficult setup!