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Bladtcast #342 - "XiaPhobia : The Departure"

Sep 14, 2019 01:06:00


Christian sits down for the long-awaited one-on-one conversation with Bladtcast favorite Xia Anderson, discussing her wholesome upbringing in Hawaii, the warm support of her family, delightful nicknames, family recipes and so much more!

Bladtcast #341 - "Liev-ing On A Jet Plane : The Origin of The MediOcre"

Sep 7, 2019 01:25:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio to recount finally getting (a final?) night out in Hermosa with Liev, and everything that went into it, including the creation of Batman's "Greatest" villain.

Bladtast #340 - "Bladtcast Talkin' Movies : 'Once Upon A Time in Hollyood' (with Alexa Cappiello)"

Sep 3, 2019 01:09:00


Christian is joined by Afterbuzz TV's Alexa Cappiello to discuss their thoughts and the historical background for Quentin Tarantino's 9th film, "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood".

Bladtcast 339 - "The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowin' in the Wind"

Aug 23, 2019 01:14:00


Jeff takes a romantic stroll down memory lane with Christian and special guest Brad from the Cast Dice Podcast. Then, Christian, Jeff and Will react to the news that Sony and Disney might not work together on future Spider-Man films, recall some recent social outings together, and listen to a clip where Christian is mentioned by a well-known talk show host.

Bladtcast #338 - "The One With The Comedic Studies Conversation"

Aug 11, 2019 01:43:00


Christian sits down to chat via Skype with the Chair of Boston College's Communication Department, Matt Sienkiewicz, who is one of the editors of "The Comedy Studies Reader" about their respective comedic upbringings which included the Muppets, Sesame Street and ALF. There's an in-depth discussion about Saturday Night Live, and how the show is often a barometer for what's accepted in comedy from Watergate to 9/11 to today. They also talk about how comedy reflects our society and how it's currently difficult to talk about politics and serious issues on a wide scale, the difficulties in navigating what is a very confusing time for comedy, whether someone will take a chance on a truly nonpartisan approach to comedy, why forays into conservative comedy haven’t worked, how most TV is bad TV. They also discuss how appreciation for M*A*S*H must be generational, navigating the waters of what's appropriate for kids to watch versus what's insufferable and much more! Plus, you can find out how to get a copy of "The Comedy Studies Reader" absolutely free!

Bladtcast Classic #60 - "Friendly Neighborhood Bladtcast"

Aug 7, 2019 02:15:22


Clocking in at 2 hours and 15 minutes, Bladtcast #60, "Friendly Neighborhood Bladtcast" was, until recently, the longest episode in Bladtcast history. In it, Christian, Agent Starling, Coltrane and Liev discuss a Southern California school's "prom draft", visit with Karl Zahn (aka Karl from New Hampshire), Coltrane ' s corner discusses the actual NFL Draft and who on the show would make a good wingman, and finally, Christian and Agent Starling have a spoiler - heavy conversation about Amazing Spider-Man 2! [Originally posted 5/8/14]

Bladtcast #337 - "Who Watches Will Watching?" : 2019 San Diego Comic-Con Wrap Up (Part Two)

Aug 1, 2019 01:41:00


Christian, Will and Jeff are in studio to give further reaction to the news out of 2019 San Diego Comic Con, talk extensively about the DC Universe streaming app, and introduce a new game : "Will Will Watch It?"

Bladtcast #336 - "2019 San Diego Comic Con Wrap-Up (Part One) Xia Anderson"

Jul 26, 2019 01:20:00


In the first part of our wrap-up of 2019's San Diego Comic Con, Christian sits down with Xia Anderson, who discusses her first time at the con, including her red carpet experiences and reacts to some of the biggest news from the convention, including the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H. You'll also hear her interviews with Jim Starlin, Clark Gregg & Ming Na Wen, Chloe Bennett & Jeff Ward, Agents of SHIELD showrunners Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell, plus Amy Cassandra Martinez chats with Natalia Cordova Buckley & Henry Simmons.

Bladtcast #335 - "Far From Short : A Recap of 'Spider-Man Far From Home"

Jul 18, 2019 02:56:00


Christian, Will, Jeff, Xia and special guests Brad Morin of the Cast Dice podcast and Rob Laurich to offer IN-DEPTH SPOILER-FILLED analysis of Spider-Man Far From Home. They also attempt to break the record of longest episode of the Bladtcast, set back in episode 60. Whether or not they do it is a more closely guarded secret than anything associated with this movie.

Bladtcast #334 - "X-Men Future Past : An Interview with Chris Claremont"

Jul 12, 2019 00:55:00


In a conversation that was first broadcast on The Popcorn Talk Network's "Marvel Movie News", Christian Bladt and Zach Wilson chat with Chris Claremont about Dark Phoenix, Legion, The New Mutants and much more! (Recorded 6/18/19)

Bladtcast #333 - "Into the Fog with Author Hamlet Sarkissian"

Jun 28, 2019 01:01:00


Christian is joined in studio by author Hamlet Sarkissian to discuss his new book, "Lovers in the Fog", growing up in the former Soviet Union, communism, socialism, Chernobyl, today's political landscape, cable news and much more!

Bladtcast #332 - "The Fairly Odd(Bladt)Cast with Lindsey Floyd"

Jun 20, 2019 01:40:00


Christian sits down with the producer of Westwood One's "The Dennis Miller Option", Lindsey Floyd to talk about how she began her career in broadcasting, experiences (and lack thereof) along the way, and how she ended up producing the show with Christian. There's also some surprising conversation about Mr. Skin, the AVN Awards, Renaissance Festivals, Sammy Hagar and much more!

Bladtcast #331 - "Zero Dark Phoenix (A 'Dark Phoenix' Review)"

Jun 14, 2019 01:16:00


Christian, Agent Starling, Captain EO and Xia are back in studio together to discsuss the latest X-Men film, "Dark Phoenix". They also discuss the original comic book version of the story, the previous Fox X-Men films, the future of the X-Men in the MCU, the Straight Pride Parade, proper movie theater ettiquette for two guys who go together and much more!

Bladtcast #330 - "National Donut Day, Dark Phoenix, Godzilla, Aladdin, Batman and more!"

Jun 7, 2019 01:32:00


It's National Donut Day, June 7, 2019, and "Dark Phoenix" is also in theaters today. Christian has seen it, while Will and Jeff have not, so he talks about it in a SPOILER-FREE way about why people should see it -- if they want to. They also talk about the latest Godzilla movie, the live-action Aladdin, Batmen on the big screen and small screen, DC Universe cancelling "Swamp Thing" after one episode, "Titans" and the upcoming Jessica Jones Season Three!

"We're in the Endgame Now: An 'Avengers Endgame' Review (Part Five)"

May 29, 2019 01:29:00


Our discussion of "Avengers Endgame" concludes with Christian having three shorter conversations with Bladtcast superfan Jennifer Yard, Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto and comic book creator Jeff Winstead.

Bladtcast #328 - "On Your Left : An 'Avengers Endgame' Review (Part Four)"

May 24, 2019 01:11:00


Christian and Rob Laurich dissect "Avengers Endgame" and celebrate its many successes, discuss how it works as a standalone film, as an epic conclusion to a 22 film saga and pays homage to 58 years of Marvel Comics.

Bladtcast #327 - "Like Mungo Jerry or the Bee Gees? : An 'Avengers Endgame' Review (Part Three)"

May 14, 2019 01:04:00


Christian, Agent Starling, Captain EO and Xia Anderson are in studio joined on the phone by Coltrane to continue the conversation about "Avengers Endgame", "Captain Marvel", "90 Day Fiance" and much more!

Bladtcast #326 - "Mayo on Hot Dogs? An 'Avengers Endgame' Review (Part Two)"

May 10, 2019 01:09:00


Christian, Agent Starling, Captain EO and Xia are in the studio to offer up more spoiler-filled reaction to "Avengers Endgame", including social media reaction to the treatment of women in the flm, and whether or not it's guilty of fat shaming. There's also an exciting follow-up on Xia's Instagram account and Jeff's planed photo shoot, body self image and much more!

Bladtcast #325 - "Melted Ice Cream : An 'Avengers Endgame' Review (Part One)"

May 3, 2019 01:12:00


Christian and Captain EO are in studio for the first part of a series of SPOILER-FILLED Bladtcasts reviewing "Avengers Endgame", with some big-picture reactions and discussion about some of the concerns people have raised about the movie. They're also joined via Skype by Official Friend of the Bladtcast David Hines who shares some of his thoughts about the film.

Bladtcast #324 - "Revolving Door Movie Review : Shazam"

Apr 23, 2019 01:09:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio to review the "Shazam" film and the recently released "Joker" trailer, joined briefly by a rapid succession of special guests: Xia Anderson, John Nolan of the Raging Rhino Podcast and friend of the show Jennifer Yard.

Bladtcast #323 - "All Hellboy's Breakin' Loose, Chem Trailers and more!"

Apr 19, 2019 01:19:00


Christian, Agent Starling, Captain EO and Will Sterling are joined in studio by Xia Anderson to talk about bad theater-going experiences, bad trips, a surprise St. Patrick's Day for Will and Christian, nicknames, the "Hellboy" reboot, "Star Wars" Episode IX title and trailer, why everyone in Bladtcast Nation will want to make sure they follow Xia on Instagram and much more!

Bladtcast #322 - "The (Belated) 2019 MLB Preview Special"

Apr 11, 2019 01:36:00


It's a (belated) preview of the 2019 Major League Baseball season, where Christian is joined in studio by friend of the show David "Salman" Weiss and former co-host of Afterbuzz TV's "Mets Wrap 360", and admitted fan of the balk, Melissa Weinstein.

Bladtcast #321 - "Rock Talk with Carsen : Def Leppard Hall of Fame, 'The Dirt' and More!"

Apr 4, 2019 01:32:00


Christian talks rock and roll with his friend Jessica, better known on the radio as Carsen, who shares her experiences going to see Def Leppard inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Motley Crue biopic, "The Dirt", the state of rock and roll in terms of records, radio and touring. Plus, much more!

Bladtcast #320 - "The Mar-Vell-ous Ms. Danvers : A Captain Marvel Review (Part Four)"

Mar 27, 2019 01:10:00


In the fourth and final installment of the Bladtcast's conversation about the "Captain Marvel" film, Christian is joined by friend of the Bladtcast Rob Laurich, ostensibly to talk about the movie, but, they really spend most of the time talking about the comic book history of Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers and the current state of the comic book industry.

Bladtcast #319 - "Carol Danvers Talk with Chris Claremont : A Captain Marvel Review (Part Three)"

Mar 25, 2019 00:58:00


In an interview that originally appeared on Afterbuzz TV's "Marvel TV Weekly" on 3/19/19, Christian chats with comic book great Chris Claremont about his work with Carol Danvers in her solo book "Ms. Marvel"and repairing her story after a dreadful Avengers #200 with Avengers Annual #10. They also talk about the "Captain Marvel" film, some of the work Chris has coming up for Marvel, and looking ahead to the "Dark Phoenix" film.

Bladtcast #318 - "Just The Girls : A Captain Marvel Review (Part Two)"

Mar 21, 2019 01:05:00


Christian sits down for three one-on-one conversations about "Captain Marvel" with our friend Amy Cassandra Martinez, first-time Bladtcaster Steph Sabraw and the return of the delightful Roxy Striar.

Bladtcast #317 -"What A Mar-Vell-ous Night For A Moondance: A Captain Marvel Review (Part One)"

Mar 15, 2019 01:33:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio with Xia Anderson to break down "Captain Marvel" as a film, plus a wider discussion on its reception by different segments of fandom. Plus, Bladtcast Super Fan Jennifer Yard Skypes in with her thoughts on the film, too! Everyone also discusses their reactions to the most recent trailer for "Avengers: Endgame".

Bladtcast #316 - "The Kevin Blattcast" OR "One Night In Blattcast"

Mar 7, 2019 01:32:00


Christian is joined in studio by Kevin Blatt (no relation) who many have described as the "Sex Tape King". He talks about his role in the best-selling sex tape of all time, "One Night In Paris" featuring Paris Hilton. He also talks about his role in helping celebrities prevent tapes from being released to the public, becoming an expert witness, some of the more surprising footage from the past that is out there and THAT alleged tape filmed in Russia of a high-level elected official. You might never be able to look at Colin Farrell, Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Dave Navarro, The Kennedys or Johnny Carson the same way again. Kevin also talks about his podcast with rapper Too $hort, "Blow the Whistle".

Bladtcast #315 - "BladTTTCastmen: The 2019 Oscars After Show"

Mar 1, 2019 01:30:00


Christian, Captain EO and a sober Agent Starling are in studio to give their thoughts about the 2019 Academy Awards, the nominees and winners, joined by special guests Christian Toto of Hollywood In Toto and Marisa Serafini of Afterbuzz TV!

Bladtcast #314 - "The Rooster: An In-Depth Review of 'The Punisher' Season Two"

Feb 21, 2019 01:09:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are joined in studio by Xia Anderson to offer their in-depth spoiler-filled review of The Punisher Season Two, never once deviating from that topic and there are absolutely no tangents at any time during this hour and nine minutes.

Bladtcast #313 - "Ride or Die (with that Haole Girl Xia)"

Feb 15, 2019 00:57:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are all back in studio, joined by Xia Anderson, talking about a variety of topics, including some that perhaps could have been edited out and could be career-threatening to everyone a few decades from now. Topics include the 300 Bladtcast listeners who make up Ride-or-Die contingent, just how much time Christian and Xia spend talking about Marvel for Afterbuzz TV, which leads to a conversation about 4 upcoming Marvel animated series for Hulu and how Will is actually reading some Marvel comics and a few tittles that Christian has subscribed to, Titans TV series, why Xia doesn't like Runaways, The Gifted and Cloak and Dagger Plus, there are British accents, cajun accents, a surprising associate of someone's spouse, the tale of Jeff vs. a GPS, the introduction of two new characters Harriet Vagstein and dueling Alex Joneses, and a possible concept for a fourth Home Alone film. Xia fits right in with the guys (which may or may not be a compliment) and they get around to some tried-and-true Bladtcast EXPLICIT MATURE CONTENT when Xia asks the guys a simple question, to which Jeff has a well-thought out answer.

Bladtcast #312 - "GOAT's Head Soup: The Super Bowl 53 Wrap-Up Show"

Feb 4, 2019 01:43:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined in studio by comedian David "Salman" Weiss and via FaceTime by Coltrane to recap Super Bowl 53, which saw the New England Patriots secure their sixth championship. They discuss the game, the broadcast, the half-time show, and, of course, the commercials.

Bladtcast #311 - "Fyre, Ice, Goats, Rams, Shutdowns and More!"

Jan 25, 2019 01:36:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio, joined via FaceTime by the one and only Coltrane, to get an update on "90 Day Fiance", talk a little about the competing Fyre Festival documentaries on Hulu and Netflix, break down the end of the government shutdown, the fast food served to the Clemson football team, fake news, Buzzfeed, the NFL officiating in the NFC championship game, the greatness of Tom Brady, Mariano Rivera, and introducing hard-core LA Rams fan Will Sterling!

Bladtcast #310 - "The Unbridled, Uncensored, No-Holds Barred Review of Doctor Who Season 11"

Jan 18, 2019 01:10:00


Christian sits down with Xia Anderson for their unbridled, uncensored, no-holds barred review of Doctor Who Season 11, the first with Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor.

Bladtcast #309 - "I Started A Joke" (with Comedian Tom Kelly)

Jan 11, 2019 01:20:00


Christian talks comedy with comedian Tom Kelly, discussing Kevin Hart and Louis CK. Plus, on-air gaffes and, of course, the hottest band in the land: Kiss!

Bladtcast #308 - "Storytelling and Reminiscing with Adam Wade"

Jan 4, 2019 01:01:00


Christian is in New York City with return guest to the Bladtcast, Adam Wade for a discussion that starts off with Benny Tudino's, home of the largest slice of pizza in Hoboken, New Jersey, the greatness of that city and the changing economics of it. They also discuss how they first met as part of the NBC Page Program, giving tours, and covering for people too hung over to give their tours. They also discuss the particulars of their schedule and how to get themselves from Hoboken to 30 Rock as quickly as possible, plus some of the assignments they each had during their tenure including Christian's stint on the legendary 8H desk for SNL's 25th Anniversary, Adam's spot at the 6A desk working on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Millenium Concert and more. Adam talks about his time working at Virgil's Barbecue, while Christian describes sitting in the audience earlier that day at "Good Morning America" and "GMA Day" to see their mutual friend, former page (and past Bladtcast guest) Tom Kelly warm up the crowd. They both talk about the importance of Colin Quinn to both of their careers, starting out performing in New York together in the early 2000s, what it would take to get Christian back to the stand-up stage, Adam's involvement in the art of storytelling, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, and much more! [NOTE: This is an all-new, never before heard conversation, recorded on October 17, 2018 in Midtown Manhattan.]

Bladtcast #307 - "Ocean to Ocean: The Aquaman Reaction Show"

Dec 26, 2018 01:23:00


Christian, Captain EO and "Alternate" creator Jeff Winstead meet at 8am on a Friday at Agent Starling's house to give their SPOILER-FILLED reactions to "Aquaman", and assess where the film stands in comparison to both DC and Marvel films.

Bladtcast #306 - "Into The Bladtcast-Verse"

Dec 22, 2018 01:12:00


Christian and Captain EO are in studio with Amy Cassandra Martinez of The Popcorn Talk Network's "Marvel Movie News" and Xia Anderson of Afterbuzz TV's "Marvel TV Weekly" to offer their SPOILER-FILLED reviews of "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse". Also, either an actual person named Will Sterling or a Tyler Durden figment of Jeff's imagination calls in. Whomever he is, he also discusses the movie.

Bladtcast #305 - "Please, Bladtcast, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas..."

Dec 15, 2018 01:23:00


It's the 2018 Bladtsmas Bladtstravaganza and Christian, Captain EO and Agent Starling are in studio full of holiday cheer, getting presents, and, of course dividing up meat! They also talk about "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and some TRULY bad Christmas songs, plus, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, a PG-13 cut of "Deadpool 2", the CW's DC shows, Netflix's Marvel shows, Krypton, Orson Welles, Will's recent prime-time acting work, one actor's opinion about the new "Bumblebee" film, and much more!

Bladtcast #304 - "Draw Thy Breath In Pain": "Model Marine" Author Sondra Sykes Meek

Dec 7, 2018 00:57:00


Christian spends the entire show chatting with author Sondra Sykes Meek about her book, "Model Marine", her service in the Marine Corps, the writing process, some of the greatest and less-than great places to live, and Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet.

Bladtcast #303 - " Daredevil Went Down to Georgia: A Review of Season Three"

Nov 26, 2018 01:11:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined in studio by Xia Anderson of Afterbuzz TV's "Marvel TV Weekly" and Amy Cassandra Martinez of The Popcorn Talk Network's "Marvel Movie News" to give their SPOILER-FILLED recap of season three of Netflix's "Daredevil" series and look forward to the future of Netflix's Marvel Universe.

Bladtcast #302 - "The Bladtcast Stans Stan : A Celebration of 95 Amazing Years of Stan Lee"

Nov 17, 2018 01:04:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined in studio by Amy Cassandra Martinez and Xia Anderson of Afterbuzz TV and The Popcorn Talk Network to look back on 95 Amazing, Sectacular, Fantastic, and, yes, Marvelous years of Stan "The Man" Lee. There are also testimonials from Agent Starling and Official "Friends of the Bladtcast" : Rob Laurich, Jeff Winstead and Sam Whitfield. 'Nuff Said!

Bladtcast Classic - #79 : "Round and Round" (Featuring Stan Lee)

Nov 13, 2018 01:32:29


[NOTE: This is a Bladcast Classic Presentation of episode #79, which, as an homage to the recent passing of the great Stan Lee features a brief 90-second interaction Christian had with Stan Lee on The Dennis Miller Show two months earlier. If you just want to hear Stan, jump ahead to 1:31:04.] Bladtcast superfan Matt in KC makes his triumphant return in Bladtcast 79, "Round and Round", as the guys discuss an on-air run-in Coltrane had with a caller to The Dennis Miller Show, why Agent Starling isn't around for the start of this week's show, the NFL, MLB, Jodi Arias and Christian, Coltrane and Liev's plans to attend World's Greatest Tribute Bands' tribute to Def Leppard, Pyromania. Then,Nerd Talk features a very special intergalactic voicemail, lots of discussion about DC comics on TV, the possible return of The Punisher, Star Wars TV and parodies and Stan Lee's cameos -- and a special replay of a brief chat Christian had with Stan Lee back in July on The Dennis Miller Show!

Bladtcast #301 - "Story Time with Uncle EO"

Nov 9, 2018 01:17:00


Coltrane calls into the studio to talk to Christian and Captain EO, who gives his long-awaited story time, featuring love letters written to his current girlfriend by her ex-girlfriend, which are discussed, dissected, analyzed and psycho-analyzed by the guys.

"Bladtcast #300 - Rise of An Empire"

Nov 2, 2018 01:26:00


It's Bladtcast #300 and Christian is in the studio with Agent Starling and Captain EO while Coltrane is on a speaker phone. The guys look back on 300 episodes of the show, talk about the 2018 Boston Red Sox

Bladtcast #299 - "Our Millionth Hour" OR "The One Where Jeff Is Accused of Being Racist"

Oct 21, 2018 01:21:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio planning for Halloween, Chrstian's kids growing up, and the possibly destructive legacy of the Bladtcast becoming all the more apparent as we get closer to episode 300. There's also more talk about not using Patreon, the excitement for the Aquaman movie and slowly reading comic books. A conversation about London and a female Sherlock Holmes causes multiple uncontrollable fits of laughter, and Jeff takes pride in his editing of the Mr. Rogers episodes of the Bladtcast. Then, they dive in to Will's recent romantic exploits, including his recent 10am date, how to craft the perfect late-night Booty Call text and the disintegration of a relationship. Christian and Will talk about going to se Def Leppard and Journey, their excitement for the Kiss "End of the Road Tour" and Christian meeting Ace Frehley. There's also the promised story where Jeff is accused of being racist, discussion of movie theater shenanigans, the concept of the "Summer of Gay", a special surprise video from late-night Japanese television via our friend Rob Laurich and so much more!

Bladtcast #298 - "(Mostly) Anti-Venom : A Bladtcast Movie Review of 'Venom'"

Oct 12, 2018 01:12:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are joined in studio by special guest Marisa Serafini of Afterbuzz TV and the Popcorn Talk Network have a spoiler-y conversation about the film "Venom". They discuss the good parts, and the other hour and 35 minutes. Marisa also discusses her favorite (and least favorite) Marvel films and why she typically doesn't like to be on shows discussing them. PLUS - you won't want to miss a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Bladtcast 300!

Bladtcast .297 - "The Fourth Annual Bladtcast MLB Playoff Preview"

Oct 2, 2018 01:23:00


Christian is joined in studio by our old pal David "Salman" Weiss for the 4th Annual Bladtcast MLB Preview, giving their predictions of everything from tonight's National League Wild Card all the way through the World Series. They also give their assessment of the state of baseball and comedy and do their best to save them both.

Bladtcast #296 - "Iron Fist, Your Face"

Sep 27, 2018 01:31:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined by Xia Anderson of Afterbuzz TV to give their SPOILER-FILLED review of season two of Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix. They also discuss their excitement for Daredevil Season 3, and briefly discuss the new Dark Phoenix trailer.

Bladtcast #295 - "Hard Pass"

Sep 22, 2018 01:07:00


Christian and Captain EO are in studio explaining why their "Iron Fist" review episode will have to wait until next week, but they're joined once again via FaceTime by Coltrane, with whom they discuss Agent Starling being out on a 10am date, the reaction to the last story on last week's show, and looking at some news stories that include some very unusual fruit placement, crazy women, strip clubs, a new study that reveals that men have better sex with women who are emotionally unstable, men's preference for body types, including Piers Morgan's crusade against a plus-size model on the cover of UK Cosmopolitan. Then, a story about guys who "found" a 2018 Red Sox championship banner before the team clinched leads to an assessment of this year's ball club. Then, a Chinese kindergarten that welcomes kids back to school with pole dancing, a woman who writes a blog post entitled "How to Murder Your Husband" was arrested...for murdering her husband, then an impromptu conversation about anti-comedy and the differing opinions about Louis CK's return to comedy.

Bladtcast #294 - "The Triple C" OR "Susan Next Tuesday" OR "Bucket O' Wallets"

Sep 14, 2018 01:18:00


On an ALL-NEW Bladtcast #294, Coltrane is back on FaceTime talking to Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO in studio about fitness and eating right, the cult classic "Krull", Arnold Schwarznegger, Kanye West, some lawyerly corrections, the Legacy of the Cosby Show, the realities of being a series regular, supermarkets and defending former Cosby Show actor Geoffery Owens who was photographed bagging groceries at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey, a bride who cancelled her wedding and broke up with her fiancé when their friends didn't want to pay $1,500 a person to attend their wedding, sister-wives, and doctors who have to invent new technology in order to treat a very unique injury.

Bladtcast #293 - "Two Boycotts and a Funeral"

Sep 5, 2018 01:11:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are back in studio joined via FaceTime by the one and only Coltrane, who discuss the show's theme song, social media, Jeff's new dog, the end of summer, politicizing tragedies, the In N Out and Nike boycotts, walking in Southern California versus the rest of the country, Sacha Baron Cohen's new show, the NFL, LeBron and the Trumps, the John McCain and Aretha Franklin funerals and more!

Bladtcast #292 - "Summer Fun, Summer Not" OR "Don't Meet Your Heroes"

Aug 29, 2018 01:05:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO talk about summer vacations and the "Back to School" mentality that permeates into adulthood, DuckTales, Lennon Murder Truth, Ted Bundy, Hooters kids birthday parties and downer waitresses, Amped-up fake locker room talk (the original working title for The Bladtcast), how concert-going changes when you get older, Disney replacing James Gunn on "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3", Alex Jones and the reality of free speech, the impact Twitter has on careers, the guys' social media presence, and Captain EO shares his recipe for Rockburgers, without having to go to RockDonald's to get them.

Bladtcast #291 - "Cast. BladtCast." OR "The B List"

Aug 23, 2018 01:07:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are back, discussing the prospect of Idris Elba as James Bond with Mark Hunt. They also discuss the demise of MoviePass, AMC’s A-List, the delightful Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, and the difficulties in all the guys getting together to watch it. That film is contrasted with the trailer to “Titans” for DC’s upcoming streaming service and Will explains why he is glad that it looks so bad, while sharing his thoughts on the Shazam and Aquaman trailers.

Bladtcast #290 - "Not Exactly Bladtcast Scientists (with author John MacIlroy)"

Aug 14, 2018 01:02:00


Christian chats with John MacIlroy, who is one of the authors of the book "Not Exactly Rocket Scientists (and Other Stories)" about growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 50's and 60's.

Bladtcast #289 - "The Good, The Bad and The Mediocre: A Comic Con 2018 Recap"

Aug 1, 2018 01:36:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined in studio by return special guest Amy Cassandra Martinez to recap 2018 San Diego Comic Con, including all the DC trailers, "Shazam", "Aquaman" and Titans, plus the big Marvel news including "Iron Fist" season two, "Venom", "Into the Spider-Verse" and so much more!

Bladtcast #288 - "Won't You Be My Bladtcast?" (Part Two)

Jul 24, 2018 01:08:00


On an all-new Bladtcast #288, "Won't You Be My Bladcast? (Part Two)", Christian continues his conversation with Gene Barretta and Jason Blair about the great documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" about the life and life's work of Fred Rogers of "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". In this installment, the guys discuss shows on super heroes, the significance of 143, the story arc of the actor who played Officer Clemons, what Mr. Rogers meant when he told every child that they were special, not being afraid to look silly or even stupid, how he went swimming every morning, his reaction to parodies, his handling of his own fame, how the show manages to be great television when it shouldn't, how modern audiences react to it. They also discuss how great it was that the show taught children how to deal with your emotions, a touching interaction with a handicapped boy named Jeff Ehrlinger, the infamous week of "Conflict" episodes,how important it is to have someone like Fred Rogers to help process events like the Challenger explosion or 9/11, and ultimately, how he saved PBS.

Bladtcast #287 - "Won't You Be My Bladtcast?" (Part One)

Jul 18, 2018 01:03:00


Christian is joined by friends of the Bladtcast Gene Barretta and Jason Blair to discuss the great new documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor" about Mister Rogers: what they thought of the film, what it made them think about and how it made them feel. They also talk about how the show impacted them when they were younger and how differently they view it as parents.

Bladtcast #286 - "The (Eventual) Ant-Man and the Wasp' Special"

Jul 11, 2018 01:21:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO get together to talk about "Ant-Man and the Wasp"... eventually. First, there's a lot of talk about "Deadpool 2", DC comic books, movies and television, Marvel's Netflix shows, and beer. There are different levels of spoiler curtains brought down throughout the episode, so you can definitely start the episode if you haven't seen the movie, and listen to a little bit less if you're worried about "Deadpool 2" spoilers.

Bladtcast #285 - "Trust the Dust"

Jul 5, 2018 01:12:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are back in the studio to finally drop down some freestyle beats over the Bladtcast theme song. They also introduce the world to DJ Tanner, and have some in-depth comic book conversations that include "Gods and Monsters", "Age of Apocalypse", Marvel's "What If?", "Civil War", the Hobgoblin, the Osborne Family, and an update on what the guys are reading and plan to be reading. There's also a discussion about pop-up restaurants, including a recent visit to a "Saved by the Bell" pop up restaurant, which ultimately leads to a story about a house party where Dustin Diamond performed comedy.

Bladtcast #284 - "Knox Three Times" (with Fard Muhammad, Rafe Guttman & Paul from Kentucky)

Jun 26, 2018 01:28:00


Recorded on location in Knoxville, TN, on 6/24/18, the morning after Dennis Miller's two shows at the Bijou Theater there, which will comprise his upcoming comedy special, "Fake News, Real Jokes", Christian is joined by fan-favorites Fard Muhammad, Rafe Guttman (AKA Mark_Hunt) and Paul from Kentucky to share their thoughts about the performances, their respective trips to Knoxville, and share some behind the scenes insight to the evening.

Bladtcast #283 - "FlashBladt 2 : Bladtcast '83"

Jun 21, 2018 01:11:00


Our second-ever FlashBladt, where we mine the cassettes from our archives of the original incarnation of The Bladtcast, which was a series of tapes circulated amongst friends. This one is the end of the year review of 1983, where Christian, Jeff and Will talk about the year in music, TV, comics, but mostly movies, and mostly Return of the Jedi. It's a look back at a simpler time when fans could agree about Star Wars movies

Bladtcast #282 - "Roseanne, Comics and Fashion with Special Guest Michael Shirley"

Jun 15, 2018 01:49:00


Christian is joined for the entire show by host-writer-producer-artists-menswear designer Michael Shirley The episode starts off with a lesson in the dangers of pre-recording a podcast a month before you're going to post it, as this episode, as originally recorded on May 12, started off with more than 20 minutes of excitement about the reboot of "Roseanne", so, Christian and Michael had to record an epilogue to that conversation. They also discuss how Michael first became a fan of super heroes through trading cards, an unexpected conversation about Christians prom, first loves and wedding vows, then it shifts to more traditional chat like thrX-Men Animated Series and the false-start pilot "Pryde of the X-Men", Cyclops qualities as a family man and his entire family tree, Peter Parker's dating history, variant covers, favorite artists, Christian's disdain for the Image crop of artists, Michael's fascination with Gen 13, dealing with internet commenters, Christian's first Playboy, Project Runway, and Michael's synthesis between fashion and comic books, and his thoughts on the on-screen interpretations of classic super hero costumes, Sonic Drive-In and so much more!

Bladtcast #281 - "Welcome Back to the Bladtcast, Chris Claremont...Hope You Survive The Experience"

Jun 8, 2018 01:08:00


Because the world is a better place if Chris Claremont is part of something that's #281, Christian sits down with author Chris Claremont for an insightful conversation about his legendary 17 year run on the X-Men titles, his thoughts about the comic book industry today, why super heroes shouldn't get married, the importance of multi-layered adversaries, the TV adaptation of his co-creations "Legion" and The Shadow King, the importance of giving comic book authors proper credit for films, Logan as a parent (and his parentage!), a light "Star Wars : The Last Jedi" spoil, some heavy spoilers for "Infinity War" (you've been warned!) and much more!

Bladtcast #280 - "Solo: A Bladtcast Story" (with Dave Dorman)

Jun 1, 2018 01:30:00


Christian, Captain EO and (surprisingly!) Will Sterling are in the studio to offer their SPOILER-FILLED reactions to "Solo: A Star Wars Story", joined by special guest Dave Dorman, who also discusses his variant cover for DC's Action Comics #1000 and future Star Wars films, including the recently announced Boba Fett film.

Bladtcast #279 - "The (Mostly) Deadpool 2 Episode"

May 23, 2018 01:30:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined in studio by Amy Cassandra Martinez for an in-depth, spoiler-filled review of “Deadpool 2”, but that doesn't start until the 34:30 mark. Prior to the spoiler curtain comes down, there’s a lively conversation about the Bladt You Tube, a review of last week’s episode and Christian teases forward a couple of very exciting episodes of the Bladtcast. Amy also gives a spoiler-FREE reaction to “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, which leads to Christian’s confession about Childish Gambino and a conversation about Kiss. Amy ALSO provides spoiler-FREE reaction to FreeForm’s adaption of “Cloak & Dagger”, which leads to a conversation about Hulu’s “Runaways”, Amy’s red carpet conversations, the first teaser poster for DC’s “Shazam” movie and potential fatigue from super hero movies and a surprisng conversation about rom-cons. Including Jeff’s favorite

Bladtcast #278 - "Listenin' To Bladtcast, Hip Hop and Storytime"

May 16, 2018 01:11:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO sit back with some popcorn for the world premiere of the Bladtcast theme song from Sharable Texas! There's also the birth of the great DJ Tanner, hip hop talk, a story from Captain EO about an awkward wedding date, and Christian discusses a very unique night in Vegas with Liev.

Bladtcast #277 - "Infinity War Machine (with Rob Laurich)"

May 7, 2018 00:59:00


On our second SPOILER-FILLED conversation about "Avengers: Infinity War", Christian is joined by friend of the show Rob Laurich to discuss the film, the comic books that inspired it, and where we go from here. They also look ahead to Deadpool 2 and Solo. Also, a very special anniversary message from "Gene Simmons".

Bladtcast #276 - "Infinity War, What Is It Good For?" OR "To Infinity War and Beyond"

May 1, 2018 01:15:00


Christian, Captain EO and Agent Starling are together again to offer their SPOILER-FILLED review of "Avengers: Infinity War", provide theories of what happens next, and theorize as to whether the DC Cinematic Universe is capable of something on this scale.

Bladtcast #275 - "Jeri Ryan, Hip Hop History, Exposed Bone and Grape Soda"

Apr 26, 2018 01:26:00


Will gives an update on hip surgery, Christian and Brad detail their personal history, and Brad explains why he doesn’t swear on podcasts but at Disneyland. Brad gives his account of watching Christian masterfully get Felix ready for school, which Christian credits to YouTube channels "Truck Tunes" and "Pink Fong", which leads to a conversation about what happens when you actually engage internet commenters. Christian also compares political nerds to actual nerds, and the guys have a surprising conversation about the history of hip hop and why Beastie Boys "License to Ill" does NOT hold up. There's excitement for "Solo", and questions about whether or not "Infinity War" can capitalize on the "Black Panther" phenomenon. The episode winds down with a surprisingly heartfealt conversation about how Brad and Will dealt with heartbreak in their life, and could have had the perfect ending if Brad didn't ruin a conversation about accents.

Bladtcast #274 - "Oedipal Edibles: Jessica Jones Season 2, Star Wars The Last Jedi and More"

Apr 18, 2018 01:21:00


Christian and Captain EO are back at Agent Starling's place for a rollicking conversation that includes Indian food, doughnuts, white guys, DMX evading taxes and stealing cars,and perfecting Twitter jokes. Then, they examine Jessica Jones Season 2 and discuss Stephen Spielberg's aversion to Netflix while supporting an antiquated view of filmmaking. The guys also map out plans for the X-Men, Star Wars and Transformer film franchises, and Christian and Will at long last hammer out their difference with "The Last Jedi". Plus, you'll find out which comedian Christian compares to “The Force Awakens” and everyone shares their excitement for Infinity War.

Bladtcast #273 - "Welcome to the Bladtcast, Patrick Meaney. Hope You Survive the Experience"

Apr 9, 2018 01:30:00


Christian sits down with filmmaker Patrick Meaney to talk about his work, including his film "Chris Claremont's X-Men".

Bladtcast #272 - "The Elevator : Viewer Mail #1"

Apr 4, 2018 01:06:00


Christian and Captain EO head over to Agent Starling's house to recap their time with Live, tidy up some unresolved storylines, and dive into the ole viewer mailbag to respond to your comments, cards and letters.

Bladtcast #271 - "LievCast 2018: The Bladtcast 5 Year-And-Two-Month-a-versary Spectacular"

Mar 26, 2018 01:21:00


On an all new Bladtcast 271, "Lievcast 2018: The Bladtcast Five Year-and-Two-Month-a-versary", Christian, Agent Starling, Captain EO are joined in studio by their old pal Liev (and his anonymous non-mic'd girlfriend) to look back on The Dennis Miller Show, the early days of The Bladtcast, his decision to be sober and quit smoking at the same time, working multiple jobs with Captain EO, The Wall, and authors actually writing books with their name on them. A conversation about re-watching "Friends" and "Frasier" allows Will to reflect on the passing of actor John Mahoney, which leads to discussion of the greatness of "Newsradio". There's also talk of ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, being "not quite racist", Deadpool 2, and a throwaway question about the Wonder Woman Movie leads to a surprisingly deep conversation about gender roles in media. Will discusses unwanted sexual advances on social media, and the gang takes a Kwok down memory lane and ultimately look back on the greatness that was the Groove Cruise.

Bladtcast #270 - "Krysten Ritter? I Hardly Know Her!"

Mar 20, 2018 01:11:00


On an all-new Bladtcast #270, "Krysten Ritter? I hardly know her!", Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are finally back together in the studio, starting off with some real world talk about Will's impending surgery and a little disagreement between Christian and Jeff that has since been smoothed over. Then, we finally get Jeff's reaction to the Patriots loss in this years' Super Bowl. To keep Will invested, the conversation then shifts to the Batman animated series, Captain EO chimes in about "Too Funny to Fail" the Hulu documentary about "The Dana Carvey Show" and some of the other great original content from streaming services, there's also a rapid-fire conversation about a variety of series, including "Runaways", "Agents of SHIELD", "The Punisher", "Altered Carbon", "Almost Human" and more as Christian discusses the increasing demands on his time with two kids, including the early stages of potty-training his two-and-a-half year old son Felix. There's an update on Dennis Miller's "Red Circle Sports" podcast, a look back to St. Patrick's Day 2015, Dames and Games, Bladtcasting from the car, and LA weather compared to the East Coast. Christian and Will BRIEFLY disagree about "The Last Jedi" but save the bulk of the conversation for another day, so that the guys can begin planning in earnest a celebratory afternoon with Live to commemorate Christian's belated birthday and the belated fifth anniversary of the Bladtcast -- the results of which you will hear NEXT WEEK on Bladtcast #271.

Bladtcast #269 - "Three Sides of Mark Cicchini"

Mar 14, 2018 01:25:00


Christian spends 85 minutes with Mark Cicchini one of the co-hosts of the "Three Sides of the Coin" Kiss podcast, talking about Kiss (of course), Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and more!

Bladtcast #268 - "Call Me By Your 'cast: The Bladtcast 2018 Oscars After Show"

Mar 5, 2018 01:05:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined by Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto to discuss the 2018 Academy Awards, the telecast, the awards, the movies themselves and everything else surrounding Hollywood's biggest night. [NOTE: For the video version of this episode, go to the Bladtcast YouTube Channel]

Bladtcast #267 - The Black Panther-cast (Part Two) : The Blerd-Cast

Feb 27, 2018 01:29:00


Christian continues the conversation about the "Black Panther" film and its cultural significance in a SPOILER-FILLED conversation with special guests Alexis Torres and Shalako Gordon.

Bladtcast #266 - The Black Panther-cast (Part One) : The Bladt Panthers

Feb 21, 2018 01:10:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio to give their SPOILER-FILLED reactions to "Black Panther", the film's importance, the character, what's next for the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes and predictions for "Infinity War".

Bladtcast 265 - "Amazing Stories : The Dark Phoenix Saga (Uncanny X-Men # 129-137)"

Feb 15, 2018 01:25:00


Christian is joined from Australia by our pal Brad "Old Man" Morin for a simulcast with his Cast Dice Podcast where they go FULL NERD with a painstakingly in-depth discussion of what Christian considers to be the "Greatest Comic Book Story of All Time", The Dark Phoenix Saga from Uncanny X-Men #129-137.

Bladtcast #264 - Super Bowl LII Recap with David "Salman" Weiss and Jason Blair

Feb 8, 2018 01:26:00


Christian is joined in studio by comedian David "Salman" Weiss and via Skype by friend of the Bladtcast Jason Blair to recap Super Bowl LII, the commercials, the halftime show and, of course, "Star Trek Discovery".

Bladtcast #263 - "Navigating the Tides of Victory and the Rough Waters of Consent"

Jan 31, 2018 01:04:00


Coltrane calls in and he and captain EO dive right into the Patriots-back-in-the-Super-Bowl talk. Then, the conversation shifts to the Aziz Ansari story, the French law that will fine you $100 for complimenting a woman in public, navigating the waters of consent, and Captain EO's outreach with the Dutch.

Bladtcast #262 - "The Mint On Your Pillow"

Jan 25, 2018 01:04:00


Christian is back in the studio to critique last week's solo flight by Agent Starling and Captain EO, and chimes in with some drug talk of his own and shares the tale of a Windi New Year's Eve. There's also a conversation about how to commemorate five years of The Bladtcast.

Bladtcast #261 - "The BlastedCast" OR "The Not-The-Bladtcast"

Jan 18, 2018 01:18:00


While Christian is away on his semi-Paternity Leave, Agent Starling and Captain EO hold down the fort in his absence, talking about drugs.A LOT about drugs. Like probably way more than you'd ever expect on the Bladtcast. It ties directly into their New Year's Eve, which is discussed, and Agent Starling shares his thoughts on "Star Wars: The Last Jedi".

Bladtcast #260 - "Musicians Mark Slaughter and Terry Ilous : Paternity Repurposepalooza"

Jan 12, 2018 01:11:00


As part of Christian's on-going semi-Paternity Leave, we present two great interviews with musicians from Afterbuzz TV's "The Concert Experience". First, Mark Slaughter of Slaughter and The Vinnine Vincent Invasion discusses his career and his new album, shares a great Ted Nugent story and offers up his impression of a rock legend who is beloved here on the Bladtcast. Then, an in-depth conversation with current Great White and former XYZ frontman Terry Ilous about his life, his career and his latest solo album, "Gypsy Dreams".

Bladtcast #259 - "Oh, Hai, Groove Cruise: The Greatest Bladtcast Stories Ever Told"

Jan 5, 2018 01:16:00


In our first-ever compilation episode, we feature the greatest Bladtcast stories EVER told: first up, Liev's misadventures on The Groove Cruise (original posted 10/15/14 as part of Bladtcast #82), and then Agent Starling tells an epic story about an amazing experience he had on an audition with a Hollywood legend, from July 31st 2014, as featured on Bladtcast #72, (and it is a story that will be particularly relavent to fans of the recent James Franco movie "The Disaster Artist").

Bladtcast #258 - The Last "Last Jedi" Special

Dec 27, 2017 01:27:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined via Skype by artist Dave Dorman to offer up their SPOILER-FILLED reactions to Star Wars Episode VIII, "The Last Jedi" and look ahead towards the future of the franchise.

Bladtcast #257 - "The Bladtcast 2017 De Facto Christmas Special"

Dec 20, 2017 01:26:00


Christian and Captain EO head over to Agent Starling’s house with the intent of recording one episode but end up doing the 2017 De Facto Christmas Special! The episode begins with a BLOCKBUSTER announcement that will Be Of great interest to fans of the old Dennis Miller Show. Then, the guys go around and take stock of their respective Christmas spirit, or what passes for it in 2017. Will brings Bladtcast Nation caught up to speed on his thoughts on “Justice League” and “Thor Ragnarok”. Christian and Jeff tidy up their predictions for the special election in Alabama, and what it says about our society. There’s also discussion about “The Disaster Artist”, the trailer for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, upcoming plans for future Bladtcasts and a recap on Agent Starling's 30th birthday karaoke party.

Bladtcast #256 - "Dirty Laundry"

Dec 14, 2017 00:58:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined on the phone by Coltrane to continue a conversation from Bladtcast #250 about how to process the myriad of sexual harassment scandals in the headlines. Plus, updates on a few members of the Coltrane's Corner Hall of Fame!

Bladtcast #255 - "The Lucycast"

Dec 7, 2017 01:05:00


Christian and Captain EO are in studio chatting with Agent Starling via the telephone about the "Infinity War" trailer and some personal life updates.

Bladtcast #254 - "Exhibit D: Anger and Sexy Time Talk"

Nov 28, 2017 01:16:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are together in-studio to talk about watching children's television, reading comic books (and passing them on to children), but the majority of the episode deals with a conversation about Jeff's anger and some of "The Sexual Misadventures of Single Will".

Bladtcast #253 - "A Stepping Stone More Than a SteppenWolf" (A "Justice League" Review)

Nov 22, 2017 01:21:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined by John Nolan of the Raging Rhino podcast to have a SPOILER-FILLED discussion on the "Justice League" film and where the DCEU goes from here.

Bladtcast 252 - "Back in Bladt" OR "Homecoming!"

Nov 12, 2017 01:07:00


Christian and special guest Jeff Winstead (creator of the comic book "The Alternate" discuss some of the best and worst costume redesigns in comic book history, first joined by Captain EO, and then by Agent Starling. Then, they give their thoughts on the original "black costume saga" from Amazing Spider-Man 252-258.

Bladtcast #251 - "Two Jeffs, One Bladt : The Thor Ragnarok Special"

Nov 4, 2017 01:02:00


Christian and Captain EO are joined in studio by special guest Jeff Winstead (creator of the comic book "The Alternate") to offer their immediate (AND SPOILER-FILLED) reactions to "Thor: Ragnarok". They also look ahead to "Infinity War" and briefly compare the movie to their expectations for "Justice League".

Bladtcast #250 - "Halfway To A D"

Nov 1, 2017 01:55:00


On a special Bladtcast #250, Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio FaceTiming with Coltrane while he drives to discuss important news like the first transgender Playboy centerfold, fake boobs, looking back on the earliest days of the Bladtcast, fondly reminiscing about the old Dennis Miller Show, even fonder memories of the great Zach Sang, Boston driving and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The conversation turns serious about Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, sexual harassment of men, women and children by people of power in Hollywood, the workplace and even the classroom. The tone abruptly shifts again as the guys try to figure out what's next for OJ. Finally, the guys are in full Halloween mode, talking about Agent Starling's Halloween party and some of the best and worst Halloween costumes all time. [NOTE: This episode was originally streamed live on 10/29/17 as video for the Bladtcast YouTube page and can be viewed at:]

Bladtcast #249 - "Edging Towards Two-Fitty"

Oct 25, 2017 01:05:00


It's Wednesday, October 25, 2017 and Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are all in studio together discussing nights out with Single Will, Ninja Turtles, darts, a special trip to visit Liev and the official announcement for Bladtcast #250!

Bladtcast Classic #50 - "Fifty Shades of Bladt" OR "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Bladtcast"

Oct 20, 2017 01:32:44


On this look back to our first ever anniversary episode, Bladtcast 50, "50 Shades of Bladt" or "50 Ways To Leave Your Bladtcast" (Originally Posted 2/27/14), Christian, Agent Starling, Coltrane and Liev celebrate the big silver anniversary of the podcast. Included in the celebration are two of the Granite States finest: Karl from New Hampshire and Mark from New Hampshire, plus special celebratory messages from Gene in Philly, "Rafe Guttman" Mark_Hunt "Bill Cosby", Rob Laurich, "Gene Simmons", Larry O'Connor, a truly dirty dirty joke from Orson Bean and even a message from the great Dennis Miller. Plus, there's no shortage of "Coltrane's Corner" or wonderfully outdated "Nerd Talk"!

Bladtcast #248 - "(Out of the Popper) And Into My Mouth"

Oct 11, 2017 01:04:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are back in Studio together talking about movie theater pre-shows and Christian offers up the biggest show opening in Bladtcast history. They then recap some of the fun times they had hanging out together over the summer, starting with Captain EO’s REAL 30th birthday party, an art show for Agent Romanoff's sister, a sketch show Christian wrote for, and RiffTrax "The Five Doctors" and the accompanying Snack Bar. PLUS - There's also talk about TV tapings, Video games, Case races, an epic Danny Rand free style rap and the guys attempt to fulfill the requests for an all accent episode of the Bladtcast!

Bladtcast .247 - "Runnin' Down A Dream: The 3rd Annual Bladtcast MLB Playoff Preview"

Oct 2, 2017 01:22:00


Christian is joined in studio by comedian David “Salman” Weiss to preview the 2017 MLB Playoffs, and talk stand-up Comedy, Star Trek Discovery, Blade Runner 2049 and county fairs. Christian also notes the passing of TOM Petty and the shooting in Las Vegas. (NOTE: Recorded October 2, 2017)

Bladtcast #246 - "Bladtcast Woo-Ooo"

Sep 27, 2017 01:03:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio together to talk about "Marvel's The Inhumans", "Dunkirk", the new "Duck Tales", Daniel Tiger, the sheer number of episodes of the Bladtcast, Damage Control, effective teleporting, Christian's grandmother and the film "Tootsie", a rare invitation for his grandfather, the Hobgoblin, Jeff's reaction to the original "It" TV mini-series and a surprising ESPN reference from Agent Starling.

Bladtcast #245 - "More Confucius, Less Confused" OR "The Offenders"

Sep 21, 2017 01:03:00


Agent Starling finally saw Spider Man homecoming and wants to talk about it, a mere 11 weeks after Christian and Captain EO first saw it...and they let him, in a spoiler-filled summation of the movie, which leads to an equally spoiler-filled discussion of Marvel's "The Defenders" Netflix series. There's also a surprising amount of talk about female teachers who sleep with male students, excitement for "Thor : Ragnarok", Netflix's "LEGO Elves: Secrets of Elvendale", forty gallons of Legos, random TV crossovers, how Will is adapting to life in LA's San Fernando Valley, and the importance of Peanut Butter AND Jelly.

Bladtcast #244 - "Sacccardokast 2017 (Part Two) : "They Do If You Lie About It"

Sep 14, 2017 01:08:00


The conclusion of Christian's sit-down with writer Tim Saccardo starts off by dipping into the ole Bladtcast mailbag with some comments from our friend Jason Blair. Christian also discusses the complete and utter lack of demand for the "original 120" episodes of the Bladtcast. They then discuss their time in the Wolf Films "Law & Order" trenches, then Tim traces his professional career from "Ten Items Or Less", to "Community", "Vice Principals" and the present day on "American Dad!" with specific attenton to writers' room etiquette, how asking for a script is like asking a girl to the prom, and how he became the Comedy Matador. There's also an industry-wide conversation about the pitfalls of transferring your series from television to an on-line platform. Finally, they discuss Tim's nearly decade-long involvement with "Sketch Cram" at Upright Citizen's Brigade LA.

Bladtcast #243 - "Saccardokast 2017 (Part One): Turn That Murphy Frown Upside Down"

Sep 8, 2017 01:04:00


In the first of two special episodes that prove if you become old, you run into everybody again, Christian is joined in studio for a return visit from "Community", "Vice Principals" and "American Dad!" writer Tim Saccardo, where they pick up the conversation from Bladtcast episodes 10 and 11 (re-purposed for Bladtcast 242), including: sage-like advice from Al Bundy, TV short-hand, and a surprising deep dive on Tony Danza's career. They talk about dabbling in stand-up comedy, then make sure Dave Foley never wants to work with either of them. A conversation about Al Franken's latest book leads to a very spirited discussion about Saturday Night Live re-runs, and their favorite cast from the late 80's. They wonder how Bladtcast Nation first discovered SNL, talk about Eddie Murphy's laugh (and recent lack thereof), Inside Joke Dot TV and Inside Joke Productions, sound design on the cheap, and soliciting film festivals in the pre-internet days of the early 2000's. For internet search purposes, it's worth noting that this episode contains shout outs to Ronnie Coppola, David Gelles, Andrew Tavani,Kevin Miller, Benny Tudino (getting a back massage from Hoboken), David Rubin of the Rubin Report, Simmy Kustanowitz, Tom Kelly, Jenni Gilroy, Aaron Bleyart, Chris DeLuca, Carly Wray, Gladys Simon, Greg Cohen, Brian Stack, Max Weinberg, Argus Hamilton, Tom Dreeson and more!

Bladtcast #242 - "Prelude to SaccardoCast (Repurposepalooza of Bladtcasts 10 & 11)"

Sep 1, 2017 01:28:55


To prepare listeners for the next two episodes' conversation with "Community", "Vice Principals" and "American Dad!" writer Tim Saccardo , this episode revisits a conversation with Tim from 2013*, joined in studio by Christian, Coltrane, Agent Starling and Liev, talking about starting a career in television and writing for it. (*NOTE: This episode is comprised of previously released material from Bladtcast episodes 10 and 11)

Bladtcast #241 - "We're Gonna Good Night Tonight, Brois"

Aug 24, 2017 01:06:00


On Bladtcast #241, "We're Gonna Good Night Tonight, Brois" (which was recorded in early August), Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO talk about the Bladtcast opening the finer subtleties of podcasting and Christian longs for the ability to podcast on cassette, while Will lets listeners behind the curtain about somewhere he used to work. There's also a conversation about the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, revisiting JJ, comparing nipples to a popular candy, how guys won't let each other live down misspeaking, a truly dull conversation on regional bottled water brands, Jeff riding his bicycle to buy comics and the religious houses that surrounded him, the short-lived tenure of The Mooch, faking emotions at bad boy school, the unsurprising news that your web browser history is NOT private,and the difference between Pete Townsend's kiddie porn vs. Gary Glitter's pedophilia. Will has to leave for an audition (he didn't get it) leaving Christian and Captain EO to be outraged about this Southern California summer, weighing the pros and cons of having a big butt, careful karaoke selection, the best song to poop to, coming to terms with Will's positive outlook on life and a very honest conversation on sex. But, it wouldn't be the Bladtcast if we didn't have that, now would it?

Bladtcast #240 - "Clean & Happy"

Aug 16, 2017 01:11:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are together in studio, joined by Bladtcast Uber Fan Matt in KC, to thank him for sending them amazing Bladtcast mugs, and to welcome the first-ever Bladtcast sponsor, The Clean and Happy Soap Company. They discuss "Iron Fist" and the "Justice League" trailer, and there's also some behind-the-scenes discussion of what goes into the intro of every show and the production of the "Flashbladt" episode (Bladtcast #192). The guys also talk about the feedback to episode 235 and recap the first of Captain EO's 30th Birthday Parties -- and begin planning Agent Starling's 30th Birthday. Then, Agent Starling shares what he's learned from navigating the dating pool for the first time and he receives more counsel from his sponsor in that arena, our own Captain EO. There's also discussion about e-mail, phone, pager and text etiquette and reminisces about Dennis Miller Show personnel and yet another stroll down memory lane with Miriam. Plus, there's talk of Monster Trucks an epic riff on local car dealers, and Christian remembers that 1999 was a very good year.

Bladtcast #239 - "A Real Australian Hero" OR "Why Bring It If You Ain't Gonna Ring It?"

Aug 9, 2017 00:50:00


Christian is joined in the studio by Brad Morin to discuss the art of podcasting and some great obscure ones, their thoughts about the upcoming slate of X-Men movies and their favo(u)rite X-Men comic book moments, their first comic book memories, who could replace Steve Rogers as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, their love of GI Joe, the importance of graphic text for kids learning to read, and the restults of Brad finally getting to meet Christian's son Felix.

Bladtcast #238 - "Less Than Meets the Eye" OR "Bladtcast of the Apes"

Aug 3, 2017 01:09:00


Christian is joined in studio by his friend Brad Morin of WWPD.Net to discuss "Transformers: The Last Knight", which is also discussed with Agent Starling and Captain EO. Then, Mark Hunt of "Podcast of the Apes" Skypes in to discuss "War for the Planet of the Apes".

Bladtcast #237 - "Repurposepalooza: Prelude to Bradcast"

Jul 28, 2017 01:25:00


In preparation of next week's in-studio visit from Brad Morin (AKA Old Man Morin,AKA LoBrad), the Bladtcast proudly presents one of our Repurposepalooza episodes, featuring an appearance Christian made on Episode 2 of Brad's "LRDG II (Inappropriate Interviews)" podcast on 5/22/16. They discuss podcasting, Ice T, their infamous 1998 Martha's Vineyard trip, the art of karaoke, a conversation about expectations for "X-Men Apocalypse" and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" that really holds up, comic books, Alice Cooper and Christian shares some of his favorite Dennis Miller stories.

Bladtcast #236 - "Make That Thirteen: A Doctor Who Roundtable"

Jul 22, 2017 01:44:00


It's an all-star all-Doctor Who roundtable discussing the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor (and the first female doctor), plus a spoiler-filled look back at Season Ten and Peter Capaldi's run as a whole with Christian, our own Agent Starling. "Superfandom" author Zoe Fraade-Blanar, Shirley Hot who is the owner and proprietor of The Pandorica Restaurant in Beacon, NY, and friend of The Bladtcast, and host of "Podcast of the Apes", Mark Hunt (AKA Rafe Guttman).

Bladtcast #235 - "The Real Thing" OR "Brothers from Other Litters"

Jul 14, 2017 01:21:00


Christian, Agent Starling, Coltrane and Captain EO are together again for the most honest, real talk in the history of the Bladtcast, with each of them discussing the latest developments in their personal lives. Plus, they make plans for an all-impression episode, begin planning Jeff's 30th birthday (which may or may not include Dames & Games), the term "gentlemen's club", Coltrane's penchant for crazy girls and we revist one of Captain EO's greatest hits. Hamburger. (PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of preventing spoilers, please post comments to this episode directly on the Facebook episode post or Twitter direct-message. We also plan to read through them in a future episode)

Bladtcast #234 - "Bladtcast Homecoming: A Spider-Man Review"

Jul 7, 2017 01:13:00


Christian, Agent Romanoff and Captain EO (AKA Jeff 1) are joined by "The Alternate" creator, Jeff Winstead (AKA Jeff 2) to discuss Spider-Man in general, and specifically the new "Spider-Man Homecoming". The first portion of the episode is spoiler free, but, once the warning is given, the spoilers fly fast and furious (but not too fast, too furious).

Bladtcast #233 - "Late Late Tonight Starring Fard Muhammad"

Jun 30, 2017 01:24:00


On Bladtcast #233 - "Late Late Tonight Starring Fard Muhammad" Christian and Agent Starling welcome friend of the show Fard Muhammad back to LA, discussing what he's up to while he's in town, looking back fondly on the old Dennis Miller Show and some of their other favorite shows, movies and comedians, personal fast food preferences amongst the guys, and Orson Welles, which leads to another visit with the infamous Orson Welles "Frozen Peas" outtakes, gym ettiquette and a surprising famous person who doesn't honor it. They also discuss FX's "Feud", networks who could stand take a little more control away from their creators and TV shows that Christian couldn't get into. Fard regales the lads with tales of Movieoke which leads to a moderately successful improvised scene for Christian and Will. Fard gives us an update on his stand-up comedy, the guys troll Twitter for some similarly-named users and visit with an old Twitter friend, Fard gives us his thoughts on the current state of Late Night television and tells us about his role in a new movie called "Jesus Bro".

Bladtcast #232 - "Limp Bladtcast"

Jun 23, 2017 01:05:00


In one of the most Not-Safe-for-Work Bladtcasts ever, Christian is joined in studio by Captain EO for a fun (yet spoilery) conversation about Wonder Woman leads to a horriffic conversation about the derivation of the term "limp biscuit" which is the definition of "Not Safe for Work". Coltrane joins in via the phone for a discussion about why they would never have joined a fraternity, and then reactions to the hung jury in the Bill Cosby trial. They also react to a study that shows married men to be heavier than single men, a story about a college student banned from classes after unfounded allegations he uses a gay slur, whether older fathers have geekier sons and a surprising pool party Christian once attended.

Bladtcast #231 - "Everything with Mark Hunt: From 'Choose Life' to Caped Crusaders"

Jun 17, 2017 01:29:00


Christian catches up with our friend Mark Hunt (AKA Rafe Guttman) to talk about a host of topics from Train spotting 2 to Rafe first discovering Classic Doctor Who on TV when he was a kid, attending his first convention,the first three episodes of the current season 10 of Doctor Who, an upcoming movie and television inspired trip Mark and his wife are planning to take to the U.K., Danny Boyle's first movie "Shallow Grave", The Doctor Who spinoff Class, the he difficulty in creating spinoffs, the great season Mark's Columbus Blue Jackets had, the upcoming War of the Planet of the Apes, and the correct chronological viewing order of the eight existing Star Wars films (especially for children), the recent release of Wonder Woman, multiple theater viewings of movies, the Netflix reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Britbox and the passing of the great Adam West.

Bladtcast #230 - "Wonder Woman: Fighting for Our Rights and the Old Red, White and Blue"

Jun 5, 2017 01:14:00


Christian and Agent Sterling sit down and offer their SPOILER-FILLED rave reviews of the "Wonder Woman" movie, comparing it to super hero movies that have come before, while also discussing the awareness, perception of the character and her relevance as a female role model and feminist icon. They also discuss the other relevant female super heroes are, and where Spider Woman and Ms. Marvel rank on the list, the impact cosplay has on some characters' relevance and the importance of Steve Trevor and Chris Pine. They also look ahead to Justice League and the tragedy that has led to Joss Whedon taking over the director's chair to finish it off, which leads to a quantification of Joss Whedon's body of work. Finally, Agent Starling gives an update on his podcast, The Motivation Report

Bladtcast #229 - "Dan Reynish: The Great White North in North Hollywood"

May 31, 2017 01:45:00


On a mammoth super-sized Bladtcast, Christian sits down with his friend, former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on-air personality Dan Reynish, who was in LA for the latest of his rock and roll road trips to see U2. They discuss the pros and cons of being a part of bands' fan clubs and on their message boards, the pros and cons of concerts where bands perform albums in their entirety and trying to see your favo(u)rite performers before it's too late. They also discuss the passing of Chris Cornell earlier that week, and reminiscence about his life and music. They discuss this current U2 tour, including the stop at Christian's least favo(u)rite venue, the Rose Bowl. They also discuss great venues and the best ballparks in Major League baseball,corporate naming rights, the proper pronunciation of "Toronto", just how deep Christian's hatred of Atlanta and St. Louis runs, and Dan discusses how much of a fan of Dennis Miller he is. They also discuss the REAL differences between the US and Canada.

Bladtcast #228 - "DMZ10 (Part Four): The Jonathan Hoenig Experience"

May 24, 2017 00:51:14


Christian sits down with "Dennis Miller Show" favorite Jonathan Hoenig of Capitalist Pig to talk about his new book, "The Pit: Photographic Portrait Inside the Chicago Board of Trade". They also chat about the economic stability of the airline, fast food and concert industries, health care, and, most importantly, asks about the best pizza in Chicago.

Bladtcast #227 - F.I.N.E. : Fisted-up Insecure Neurotic Emotional

May 17, 2017 01:14:00


Captain EO Skypes in from K'un Lun to chat with Christian and Agent Starling to FINALLY provide the Bladtcast's official SPOILER-FILLED review of Netflix's "Iron Fist" series, while looking ahead toward the Defenders, where Iron Fist should STILL be the funny one, and hoe he's getting the Thor treatment. Then, Agent Starling discusses a brief flirtation with starting to watch Gotham again and why he's given up all super-hero shows (except for Netflix's Marvel shows), which leads to examination of the CW-ization of comic book properties, including Riverdale. We also have some rare agreement on the Bladtcast, discussion of Wonder Woman, both the upcoming film and Christian's son Felix's affinity for the character., the marketing for the film and the relevance of the Tomato Meter. Finally, they close out the show with a re-examination of Aquaman.

Bladtcast Vol. 226 - "The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Analysis and Reaction"

May 8, 2017 01:04:00


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are together again to give their SPOILER-FILLED and 100% honest opinions of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2", starting with how Will missed the first two minutes of the movie, and including the overall number of jokes, the soundtrack and score. They imagine a potential collaboration between Stallone and Wahlberg and discuss how movies in general focus on just adding more famous people to existing properties, sequels and reboots. There's also a little bit of a look towards Thor: Ragnarok, where the Guardians are headed from here, and the importance of being attracted to your male leads.Finally, Christian talks about the luxurious treatment he and his wife received at the theater where he saw the movie.

Bladtcast #225 - "Coltrane's Corner Hat Trick (Part Three): Champions and Runners Up"

May 5, 2017 00:56:16


Coltrane and Captain EO finally get the opportunity to truly celebrate the New England Patriots improbably second-half comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Be warned, Pats-haters, they really bask in the glow of Tom Brady here -- and, sorry, Colts fans, Indianapolis gets hit with a lot of shrapnel. Then, they discuss how 48% of millennials say they prefer to have sex BEFORE the first date and a study that shows that heterosexual women have less orgasms than men. Coltrane then shares his expectations for the current season of Doctor Who, they guys discuss the third oldest White Castle in Indiana, identical twins, a fond look back on EO's Miriam story, a dead shark i the Wal Mart parking lot, and, round things out with a discussion on where each of the guys could live that they would be the happiest and healthiest.

Bladtcast #224 - "Coltrane's Corner Hat Trick (Part Two): Poundtown OR Worldwide Leader in Jorts"

May 2, 2017 00:57:00


Christian and Captain EO are once again joined on the phone by Coltrane for the second installment in the "Cotrane's Corner Hat Trick", which includes discussion about spam bots following the Coltrane Leaks Twitter account, Agent Starling's hip hop crew, a study that people are having sex 9 less times per year in the late 90s, the tricks online dating sites utilize to squeeze more money out of their users, the proliferation of porn and sending nude photos, racism as an excuse for committing horrific crimes, plus Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson, Amanda Knox, Tupac, Biggie, Suge Knight and Easy E. The conversation shifts to focus on the drastic cost-cutting measures and staff reductions at ESPN and how much of loss in viewership can be attributed to a more left-leaning political correct tone of the channel and concludes with a very frank (and potentially controversial) conversation about women's sports, the need to televise them, and a study that found that female athletes are 50% more likely to have a concussion than male athletes.

Bladtcast #223 - "Coltrane's Corner Hat Trick (Part One): I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin'"

Apr 26, 2017 00:51:39


On Bladtcast #223 - "Coltrane's Corner Hat Trick (Part One): I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin'" the guys check in on Coltrane's believe that crazy eyes equals crazy hot, and not-so-hot equals just plain crazy. There's further analysis of bedroom and millennial slang, TV suggestions, and discussions about cheating and the super rich.

Bladtcast #222 - "Room 222: Sorry I'm Not Old"

Apr 20, 2017 00:58:00


Jason Blair is back in studio with Christian and Agent Starling, talking about his professional career as a lawyer, slow jam rapper and national radio show caller. He also talks about his brief tenure at a prestigious law school, plexiglass, UCLA, why LA is such a grown up town, online dating, how he ended up in Indiana, and why he likes the Bladtcast even though he admittedly has never bought a comic book or watched Doctor Who.

Bladtcast #221 - "On Our Own" OR "Charming Garbage"

Apr 13, 2017 01:00:00


Celebrating 100 episodes "On Our Own" since the end of The Dennis Miller Show, Christian and Agent Starling are back for another episode of "Charming Garbage", joined in studio by friend of The Bladtcast Jason Blair, who discusses driving to Southern California from Indiana with two-and-a-half-year-old triplets, and taking them to Disneyland and Mexican restaurants. Jason and Christian also recap a night of karaoke at Sardo's, the unofficial karaoke bar of The Bladtcast, and the conversation includes how the Bladtcast is like Voltron, Highlander, the similarities between "Thomas and Friends" and "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe", plus chaperones on dates, fish tacos, scandalous inside dirt from the set of "Forgive or Forget" and WIll gives his thoughts on the new Power Rangers movie, and talks a little about some of his recent adventures in Cosplay.

Bladtcast #220 - "DMZ10 (Part Three) : Steve Hayes and Peter Noone"

Apr 6, 2017 01:05:21


In the third in a series of special episodes celebrating a decade since the launch of The Dennis Miller Show, Christian chats with Weekly Standard Editor-In-Chief Steve Hayes about his appearances on The Dennis Miller Show, the Packers, beers, their mutual friend Andrew Breitbart, and covering the Trump White House. Then, musician Peter Noone calls in, reminiscing about meeting Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Elvis, youthful misadventures with the Beatles and the Stones and so much more!

Bladtcast #219 - "DMZ10 (Part Two) : Debra Saunders, Dr. Jerome Corsi and Jilliam Melchior"

Mar 30, 2017 01:11:44


The second in a series of special episodes celebrating a decade since the launch of The Dennis Miller Show, Christian chats with Debra Saunders and Mysterious Visitor from the East, Dr. Jerome Corsi about their new respective jobs in Washington covering the Trump White House. Then, Jillian Melchior provides updates on a number of pipelines and discusses the climate on college campuses today.

Bladtcast #218 - "DMZ10 (Part One): A Life-long Larry O'Connor and Thaddeus McCotter fan"

Mar 26, 2017 01:25:29


The first in a series of special episodes celebrating a decade since the launch of The Dennis Miller Show, Christian chats with Larry O'Connor about radio, the DMZ, Andrew Breitbart, baseball and more. Then, former Republican Congressman of Michigan Thaddeus McCotter gives his thoughts about Paul Ryan pulling the GOP health care bill, the first two months of the Trump administration, hate masquerading as civility and Detroit sports.

Bladtcast #217 - "Katie Daryl and Comics Talk with Captain EO and Jeff Winstead"

Mar 21, 2017 01:27:00


Christian is joined in studio by Katie Daryl to talk about Season 8 of World's Greatest Tribute Bands, Wednesdays at 10pm Eastern on AXS TV. Then, he asks Captain EO for his dream-team super hero line-ups, a question he then poses to Jeff Winstead, who also explains the difference between Secret Wars and Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Bladtcast #216 - "Jeff Winstead : Bladtcasts on Infinite Earths"

Mar 12, 2017 01:15:00


Christian is joined for the entire episode by comic book creator, and comic book fan Jeff Winstead, who comiserates about the difficulties of comic book collecting in the mid-80s when you grew up in a rural area, their first comics, mutual appreciation for Spider-Man comics of that era, and how they both were disenfranchised in the early 90s by the compressed storytelling of the artist-driven work of that era, especially compared to the strong writing that preceded it, sharing some favorite creators and storylines. Jeff talks about creating his own comic book series, "The Alternate", and shares his thoughts on FX's "Legion" series and the film "Logan", with an unexpected detour into corn subsidies along the way

Bladtcast #215 - "NOT Okay: The Bladtcast 'Logan' Special"

Mar 6, 2017 01:00:00


Christian and Captain EO give their SPOILER-FILLED reaction to "Logan". (Seriously. You've been warned). They also look ahead to the future of the "X-Men" movie franchise.

Bladtcast #214 - "At Least LaLa Land Won The Popular Vote : The Bladtcast 2017 Oscars After Show"

Feb 27, 2017 00:53:55


On the Bladtcast 4th Anniversary / 2nd Annual Oscars After Show, Christian, Captain EO and Agent Starling are in studio, joined via Skype by Christian Toto of Hollywood In Toto to react to the 2017 Academy Awards telecast. [NOTE: A video version of this episode is available on The Bladtcast YouTube Channel at]

Bladtcast #213 - "The Un-Motivation Report" or "Bladtcast's Comet"

Feb 23, 2017 01:01:30


In a late-night "Bladtcast After Dark" recording session, a cocktail-fueled Christian and Agent Starling recap an Ace Frehley & Enuff Z'Nuff concert, and also discuss the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the Traveling Wilburys, the proliferation of the After-Show as an art form, Agent Starling's Hip Hop Dance Class, his "Motivation Report" podcast, performing as Superman for schoolchildren, and hoping to educate Christian's son Felix in the art of cinematic appreciation. There's also an attempted Free Style that's not to be missed, and shout-outs to our "Dennis Miller Show" DMZ family, including Kevin Scott, Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Ricard and her husband Lester (AKA the composer of "The Love Theme From Delta Force") and revisiting the show's 120 year old intern, Jebediah.

Bladtcast #212 - "The Amalgamation Synthesis Combination"

Feb 15, 2017 01:08:50


Bladtcast #212, "The Amalgamation Synthesis Combination", features two-shows-in-one: first, Christian, Agent Starling, Mrs. Starling, Captain EO and Agent Romanoff are back for the second part of the Super Bowl LI wrap-up show, examining more of the commercials, and, yes, NFL butts. Then, Christian and Agent Starling have some late-night Nerd Talk (possibly after some adult beverages), including Star Wars Episode 8, Batman movies, "Kong: Skull Island", Logan, Legion, and other X-Men on TV, Doctor Who's new season being Peter Capaldi's last, Transformers, Friday the 13th, Jurassic World 2 (Book of Shadows), Marvel's interesting TV schedule, and a Johnny Knoxville movie with ties to Christian's youth.

Bladtcast #211 - "Super Bowl LI : The Bladtcast Postgame Special"

Feb 8, 2017 00:52:40


Highlights from the Facebook Live videos where the Bladtcast guys and gals reacted to Super Bowl LI, from the New England Patriots amazing comeback to the half time show, the commercials, the video games, and, making his Bladtcast debut, the one and only Felix Bladtcast! Plus, a cameo appearance from Founding Bladtcast member Coltrane!

Bladtcast 210 - "The Tom Kelly File" OR "Madame's Place"

Feb 1, 2017 01:08:06


Christian and Captain EO are joined via Skype by comedian Tom Kelly, making a triumphant return to The Bladtcast discussing "Bladt's girls", social media, the history of the podcast (with and without wacky horns) and the limitations of the medium, dating clowns,, The View, the current state of late night television, regional dialects, Tom and Christian's alma maters and time as NBC pages, local commercials in New York, Liev's hot cousin, yet another delay for the new Star Trek series, networks that reboot existing properties, how Snapchat is the modern-day beeper, Madame's Place, AKA Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve meltdown. Then, they try to navigate the tricky waters of discussing the implementation of President Trump's Executive Order on immigration, while Jeff standing up for millennials leads to a heartfelt examination of the lives that they have led and we all lead. Finally, Christian and Tom weigh in on an SNL writer tweeting about Barron Trump.

Bladtcast #209 - "Bladtcast and Chill"

Jan 25, 2017 01:02:37


Captain EO gives Christian an update on his relationship with Agent Romanoff, now entering into its second year, and they compare notes on domesticated life and the different approaches to housekeeping. Christian admits to his lack of understanding of slang, including the notion of "Netflix and Chill" -- a concept that has apparently changed with the times. There's also a conversation about "Great Memes Throughout History" and kudos to Wendy's stepping up their online presence. Then, Christian and Agent Starling start the next great nerd controversy by listing their ideal team line-ups for the X-Men, Avengers and Justice League. They also tangentally discuss a variety of other beloved comic book characters, and Agent Starling also reassesses his thoughts on "Suicide Squad" after seeing the Extended Cut.

Bladtcast #208 - "Karl-Zahn-By-The-Sea"

Jan 18, 2017 01:04:33


Christian and Captain EO are joined for more than an hour by comedian Karl Zahn, AKA "Karl From New Hampshire" to discuss life, marriage, birth, child-rearing, the oncoming Generation Trump and more!

Bladtcast #207 - "Porkins, M.A.N.T.I.S., EGOTs, Bee Movies, Jobs, Gremlins, Tribbles & more!"

Jan 13, 2017 01:22:49


On Bladtcast #207 - "Porkins, M.A.N.T.I.S., EGOTs, B-Movies, Jobs, Gremlins, Tribbles, Power Rangers and Showers (Golden and otherwise) ", Nerd Council Elder Mark Hunt (AKA Rafe Guttman) joins Chrstian and Captain EO (via Skype!) to discuss some of the latest Sci Fi news, Including "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" with some new insights into some of the subtleties of the film, including Christian finally revealing which David Lynch character Forrest Whittaker's portrayal of Saw Garrera reminds him of. Then, the conversation shifts to the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", what's coming up in the "Planet of the Apes" universe, a surprising foray discussing "M.A.N.T.I.S." and Christian jinxes the winning streak for Mark's Columbus Blue Jackets. Then, Agent Starling joins Jeff and Christian in studio to give us an update on watching Star Trek the Original Series and explains why it's been easy to give up on DC TV shows. The guys then talk about what they're reading, and begin planning their long-delayed Christmas party, and Christian tries to explain the impact fake news has on real news.

Bladtcast 206 - "The OTHER 'Rogue One' One" AKA "I Shot A Man in Bespin, Just to Watch Him Die"

Jan 6, 2017 01:11:13


Christian and Captain EO are joined by artist Dave Dorman to discuss the passing of Carrie Fisher and her iconic role as Princess Leia. They also discuss the Star Wars Holiday Special, the freewheeling nature of the old Marvel Star wars series, the tighter licensing during the Dark Horse years, the current utilization of some of the Extended Universe characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn. The conversation then moves to another SPOILER-FILLED discussion of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", how Dave and his 12 year old son both responded to it, how the film fits into the Star Wars story, and how the Empire just won't ever learn. Then, Bladtcast friend Jason Blair checks in from Indiana to let us know what he thought of the movie, and more importantly what his mom thought of it. Of course, the conversation eventually moves over to 90's hip hop.

Bladtcast 205 - "The 'Rogue One' One"

Dec 26, 2016 00:52:03


Christian, Captain EO and Agent Starling give their SPOILER-FILLED reactions to "Rogue One: A Star Wars" story, and discuss how the film fits into the "Star Wars" universe. The conversation goes into VERY specific details, so, we suggest seeing the film first before you listen!

Bladtcast 204 - "Here It Is, Merry Christmas"

Dec 21, 2016 01:09:56


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are in studio together to celebrate the Christmas season, reminiscing on favorite Christmas traditions, Christmas movies specials and music, and reflecting on some of the best and worst Christmas presents they’ve gotten. They also go through some great submissions from listeners as to some of the best and worst Christmas presents they’ve received (including Jason Blair, Lynne B, Rafe Guttman, Dirk of the North, Marryann Iaraia, Jeffrey Alan-Carroll Borysko, Carl Schneider, and Lisa Dabbs). Then, Coltrane makes his triumphant return to The Bladtcast to talk about some of his own favorite Christmas traditions and to share some good holiday cheer from snowy Massachusetts.

Bladtcast #203 - "Orson Bean: The Second Best Ebeneezer Scrooge"

Dec 14, 2016 01:18:21


Christian sits down with actor, author raconteur Orson Bean to discuss Christmas time, Christmas music (specifically the kerfuffle over "Baby, It's Cold Outside"), the exorbitant price of theater, political discourse in the age of Trump, the difficulty in discussing race, the greater difficulty in men behaving like men, some of the greatest women in the history of film, working with director Spike Jonze, the recently departed Alan Thicke and Flroence Henderson, parenting advice, Orson's latest television work, performing as Ebeneezer Scrooge for the 17th straight year at the First Lutheran Church of Venice, and his one-man show which is available for free at

Bladtcast #202 - "Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave"

Dec 8, 2016 01:01:31


Christian talks to Agent Starling a little about the Christmas episodes of his podcast, "The Motivation Report", the absence of Captain EO, and Christian's first trip to Disneyland with his son Felix, and thoughts about how President-Elect Trump will soon be in the Hall of Presidents, the legacy of Walt Disney. Then, they talk about some of the reactions to Bladtcast episodes #200 and episode #201 with Dennis Miller, reflections on performing stand-up comedy, differences of opinion on social media, and a brief foray into "Nerd Talk", gauging the excitement level for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and the costume design for "Spider-Man: Homecoming" .

Bladtcast #201 - "Dennis Miller in the House (From His House)"

Nov 30, 2016 00:59:39


Christian spends almost an hour with Dennis Miller, reflecting on 8 years on the radio together, talking about the New York Mets, Christmas time, President-Elect Trump, Fidel Castro, Hillary Clinton, and Dennis answers questions submitted by long-time listeners of the old Dennis Miller Show.

Bladtcast Classic #88 -"Yippie Ki-Yay, Mr. Falcon" (Originally Posted 11/26/14)

Nov 23, 2016 01:21:31


In this Thanksgiving day classic, the guys talk about their own Thanksgiving plans and traditions, thoughts about Black Friday, what they're all thankful for and their expectations for the 88 second Star Wars Episode 7 trailer (a film that was still 13 months away at this point). And, of course, any holiday conversation would be incomplete without a chat about Life Day, as celebrated in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Bladtcast 200 - "Keepin' it 200"

Nov 16, 2016 01:33:02


For our celebratory 200th episode, Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are joined live in the studio by Roxy Striar, with special all-star contributions from Orson Bean, Clint Howard, Larry O'Connor, "Gene Simmons", Jason Blair, Matt in KC, Rick Navarro, Mark_Hunt (AKA "Rafe Guttman"), Bert in Berlin, NJ and his friend Gene Barretta, and, of course, Coltrane! You can also check out the video version of this episode at:

Bladtcast 199 - "To Boldy Bladt Where No Bladt Has Bladtted Before"

Nov 8, 2016 00:57:29


On Bladtcast 199, "To Boldly Bladt Where No Bladt Has Bladtted Before", Christian and Agent Starling spend the whole show with author Doug Brode to discuss Star Trek in-depth, specifically his two reference books about the show, "Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Original Cast Adventures" and "The Star Trek Universe: Franchising the Final Frontier".

Bladtcast #198 - "Blacksnake Casper" or "Full Of Malarkey"

Oct 27, 2016 01:10:02


In this year's Halloween special, the guys discuss Will's upcoming Halloween party, share Halloween traditions and costumes, favorite Halloween movies and TV specials, which leads to a conversation about "Garfield and Friends", our friend Orson Bean, Dilbert creator Scott Adams, Casper the Friendly Ghost, what it's like to spend Halloween (and Christmas!) at Bad Boy School, and some great Halloween fun Christian found in Los Angeles.

Bladtcast #197 - "Get Your Pennies Worth"

Oct 21, 2016 01:05:25


On Bladtcast #197, “Get Your Pennies’ Worth”, Christian and Captain EO talk to Agent Starling about his positivity towards his acting career, despite what some would consider to be a setback, a Jack Skellington sculpture he had commissioned for his wife by artist Christopher Andrews, The “Nightmare Before Christmas” Haunted Mansion attraction and Disneyland, the “Star Wars” de-specialized Special Editions and Darth Maul, plus tying up some loose ends on the “Stranger Things” party, Agent Starling at Salt Lake and Long Beach Comic Con’s, Jeff reading “Knightfall”, the guys react to Marvel’s “Luke Cage” series on Netflix, and finally, a big announcement regarding Bladtcast #200!

Bladtcast #196 - "Seasons of Wither"

Oct 12, 2016 01:29:13


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO take a look back at some things that fell between the cracks during the summer, including "Ninja Turtles 2", "Batman v. Superman (The Ultimate Edition" and Ace Frehley's latest solo album, "Origins Vol. 1" Then, they're joined by Alexis Torres of Afterbuzz TV and the Popcorn Talk network to discuss "Batman: The Killing Joke", which leads to further exploration of the historical Batman-Batgirl relationship, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby memories, Alexis's involvement in Afterbuzz TV's "Luke Cage" after show, "Sense8", Voltron, Dragonball Z, the Fantastic Four, Classic X-Men (especially Storm), Marvel stealing characters from DC, Wolverine's original animated Australian accent, Colleen Wing, Cyclops spotty romantic history, Frasier, a discussion with Alexis about Renaissance Festivals and the bell as comedic punctuation, Dirty Batman and Metal Batman, the adult store that Alexis used to work at, gender and ethnicity changes for classic super hero characters, ethnic role models, and, most importantly: the introduction of Filipino Batman!

Bladtcast #195 - "The Second Annual Bladtcast MLB Playoff Preview"

Oct 4, 2016 01:00:32


It's the Bladtcast's second annual MLB Playoff Preview episode where Christian is joined by old pal David "Salman" Weiss, the Bladtcast's own Coltrane, and Toronto's favo(u)rite son, Dan Reynish. Salman also shares his views on the crazy presidential election of 2016.

Bladtcast #194 - "Rhythm Method Acting"

Sep 28, 2016 01:03:37


Christian and Will react to Jeff's story about getting fired from Bladtcast 193, while Will discusses his trip to Salt Lake Comic Con in order to cosplay with a friend who lives there, also known as Salt Lake City Green Lantern. Then, the guys finally get around to talk about how much they loved Stranger Things". Finally, a very special Tebow Time explores Tim Tebow's signing by the New York Mets, Colin Kaepernick, family ties, Turks and Caicos and more!

Bladtcast #193 - "Trials, Tributes, Tweets and Tribulations"

Sep 21, 2016 01:18:24


Christian chats with Katie Daryl, the host of "World's Greatest Tribute Bands" about the show's 7th season, which airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on AXS TV. Christian and Katie discuss all the bands on the upcoming season, and also the best movies to bring babies to! Then, Captain EO tells Christian and Agent Starling about a major career change, how it happened, and why it happened.

Bladtcast #192 - "FlashBladt : Bladtcast '92"

Sep 14, 2016 01:15:44


Bladtcast #192 features our first-ever "Flashbladt", to the original incarnation of "The Bladtcast" as a long series of audio cassettes that with a limited distribution amongst friends and family. This particular installment was recorded on New Year's Day 1992, and the guys recapped the best and worst of 1991, including movies, music, TV, sports, and comics, while taking an excited look at what was to come in 1992.

Bladtcast #191 - "Apocalypse 91: The Enemy Strikes Bladt"

Sep 7, 2016 01:16:39


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are once again joined by Coltrane in the studio, where a conversation about an all-female "Ocean's 11" called "Ocean's 8", leads to a discussion of this summer's all-female "Ghostbusters".Then, the guys recap Agent Starling's live-tweet of Bladtcast #187, which leads to a conversation on his comic book collecting, the story of a man who won free stock in, who is now a multi-millionaire after the company was bought by Walmart, Having porn filmed at your Air BNB, An update on Watson the dog, Peter Capaldi sticking around "Doctor Who" a bit longer, and finally, an attempt understand the troubling concept of sex roulette parties

Katie Daryl Discusses Season 7 of World's Greatest Tribute Bands (from Bladtcast #193)

Sep 5, 2016 00:28:55


In this Labor Day treat, a sneak peak from Bladtcast #193 of an interview with Katie Daryl, the host of "World's Greatest Tribute Bands", which will begin it's 7th season on Wednesday, September 14th at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on AXS TV. Christian and Katie discuss all the bands on the upcoming season, and also the best movies to bring babies to!

Bladtcast #190 - "Sand to the Beach"

Aug 30, 2016 01:03:35


Coltrane recaps his vacation to the US Virgin Islands, then an in-depth discussion on rage, road and otherwise, Boston driving, Curt Schilling announcing that he'll run for president in 2024, the Red Sox cancelling a David Ortiz bobblehead, revisiting Pokemon Go. We get an update on the Wiltourage, a recap on Christian's Son Felix's first birthday party, Trouble on the set of "Fast and Furious 8", and a special visit from our pal "Mark Wahlberg".

Bladtcast #189 - "Suicide Squad is Painless"

Aug 23, 2016 01:08:33


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are joined in studio by Coltrane who discusses some recent travel woes, which led to a much stronger Twitter presence. The guys also give a review of Suicide Squad featuring some minor spoilers, then, a VERY special guest joins us for the triumphant return of an old tradition

Bladtcast Classic #18 - "Eighteen and I Like It" (Originally Posted 5/22/13)

Aug 18, 2016 01:29:35


Our second Bladtcast Classic this week is Bladtcast 18 - "Eighteen And I Like It", (Originally Posted 5/22/13) where Christian, Coltrane and Agent Starling discuss "Star Trek: Into Darkness", cosplay, awards shows and strip clubs, "Guy Talk" focuses on Tiger Woords, Justin Bieber and Courtney Stoddard's creepy old man husband, Nerd Talk broke down another "Man of Steel" trailer talked about rumors about as-of-them-yet-to-be-released "Transformers 4", "Jurassic Park 4" and "Transporter"s 4, 5, and 6, and there was also an Uber Nerd Talk Panel on "Star Trek: Into Darkness" with esteemed DMZ guests Rob Laurich and Rafe Guttman, and, it wouldn't have been a 2013 Bladtcast if we didn't tie it all together with TEBOW TIME!

Bladtcast Classic #17 - "Old Enough for Me" (Originally Posted 5/16/13)

Aug 16, 2016 01:36:21


In honor of Bladtcast 188's analysis of "Star Trek Beyond", we step into the Wayback Machine for Bladtcast 17 "Old Enough for Me" (Originally Posted 5/16/13) where Christian, Liev and Coltrane first recap the 80's prom Heather's wife threw, Coltrane's Corner (still called "Guy Talk") focused on Cougars and Teen Moms, a not-at-all dated sounding Nerd Talk segment counted down to "Man of Steel" and discussed Marvel's casting issues, there was, of course, Tebow Time, and then, a bonus UBER NERD TALK segment with special guest comedian Thomas J Kelly who breaks down "Star Trek: Into Darkness" with Christian, as they're the only people they each know who can talk about the movie on the appropriate nerd level.... at least until later in the week when we post a SECOND Bladtcast Classic, #18 where there was MORE discussion about "Star Trek: Into Darkness"!

Bladtcast #188 - "Beyond Bells and Wacky Horns"

Aug 11, 2016 01:26:25


Comedian Thomas J Kelly makes his triumphant return to the Bladtcast to discuss morning television, late-night television, viral videos, Liev's cousin, wacky horns vs. wacky bells, why Tom should have been considered for the "Splash" reboot, the 2016 presidential race, and election-year website ventures. Then, Tom, Christian and Captain EO take a deep-dive into "Star Trek Beyond" (AKA "Fast Trek 3: Guardians of the Furious") and excitement about the upcoming "Star Trek: Discovery" series. Then, our friend Rafe Guttman (AKA Mark_Hunt) gives us his reaction to "Star Trek Beyond" -- and Christian realizes that he and Tom should probably be best friends

Bladtcast #187 - "Crisis on Infinite Urfs"

Aug 4, 2016 01:17:10


On a nerd-heavy Bladtcast 187, "Crisis on Infante Urfs", Agent Starling is on assignment, tending to important Will-Tourage business, which is the perfect time for Captain EO and Christiannyo try their hands at doing an impreasion of him. Also in his absence, they try to Make Will Smith Great Again. There is a lot of discussion as to the merits of the comic book as an art form and a unique form of storytelling, and Christian shows off more than a little at some of the recall he has as terms of specific comic books from his youth. There is also in-depth reaction to all the trailers and news out of comic con, including Doctor Strange, Legion, Wonder Woman, Justice League and Lego Batman. Finally, Christian and EO give their review of the new animated film adaptation of "Batman : The Killing Joke", including some of the more controversial elements that were added to the film version.

Bladtcast #186 - "Liev Me Out of This!"

Jul 29, 2016 00:55:58


On an all-new special never before heard Bladtcast, we are back in studio with a return appearance from our pal Matt in KC and a very special appearance by Embarrassement Emeritus Liev, in what might be his final appearance on The Bladtcast. Consider this your one and only warning that the content during the Liev segment is not only explicit, it is HIGHLY inappropriate and PAINFULLY incorrect on every level, designed for maximum offensiveness. Liev gives us an update as to what he is up to in the guise of Producer Dave of Graham in the Morning on Go Country, and then weighs in on Andrew Jackson being taken off the 20 dollar bill, how Donald Trump will make America great again, the 9th grade girls who hired a male stripper for their synchronized swimming club, the passing of Prince, a new study that found 25% of men fake orgasms, the president of Harvard's Porcellian Club stepping down because he said he shouldn't be allowed in because it would increase sexual assaults, a study that shows that teenage girls in the US start drinking earlier than boys, a Florida man who was arrested on charges for picking up a prostitute while impersonating a police officer, the female-only Uber called Chariot, remembering our trip to the 2015 ESPYs, Will's career, a trip to Vegas, life in Hermosa Beach...and what he most regrets about making this appearance on the Bladtcast. The gang then does a post-game damage control on Liev's appearance, including how Mrs. Starling REALLY feels about the comments Liev makes about her, then moving on to LL Cool J, Matt's Stop set, how Starbucks had to apologize for a barista who wrote "diabetes here I come" on a grande white mocha, the amazing Casey Kasem outtake about a dog dedication after an up tempo record, a special appearance by Mark Wahlberg, an obnoxious McDonald's employee, Christian's epic take down of an AMC Theater employee who was trying to scam Star Wars action figures for himself, Jeff's almost-manslaughter at the airport, the pressures of ordering food for delivery, the elusive 100 emoji for Android, and how Liev kept it TOO 100. (EDITORS NOTE: This episode can be sub-grouped as Bladtcast 174.5 for you continuity buffs)

Bladtcast #185 - "Call Me Maybe, Charles Nelson Reilly"

Jul 18, 2016 01:08:30


On location in Washington DC it's a one-on-one sit-down with long-time Bladtcast friend, Hot Air's Larry O'Connor of WMAL's "Mornings on the Mall" and "The Afternoon Drive", who previews this week's Republican National Convention, discusses the 2016 election on the whole, with plenty of rabbit-hole conversations about life, family, America's past time, musical theater, the good old days of The Dennis Miller Show, comic book movies and television shows, and most significantly, Charles Nelson Reilly.

Bladtcast #184 - "Egg-Snack-tly"

Jul 15, 2016 01:06:01


While Captain EO is on assignment, Coltrane is back on the phone to chat with Christian and Agent Starling about how bugs in new england are better than the DMV. Christian promotes his upcoming streaming political talk show for Afterbuzz TV, "Trump vs. Hillary", which starts Tuesday, July 18, and Will discsuses his new solo podcast, "The Motivation Report" The guys then get down to business in Coltrane's Corner, discussing Floyd 'Money' Mayweather's suit against a Las Vegas club that a $20,000 ‘tax bill’ claiming the dollars he used to ‘make it rain’ during a strip show should be a write-off on his own taxes; how scientists have identified the neurons in the brain that (should) tell us to stop drinking, while fraternity brothers are immune to alcohol interventions and actually drink MORE after going through an education seminar. Meanwhile, researchers reveal addicts touch their handset over 5,400 times a day and women wearing low-cut tops are almost TWENTY times more likely to land a job interview, and while women are happier in life and feel more worthwhile, they also suffer more anxiety. Finally, the show winds down as the guys go through 15 tips to beat hunger pangs.

Bladtcast #183 - "A Tree Car Named Desiree"

Jul 12, 2016 01:10:53


On Bladtcast #183, "A Tree Car Named Desiree", Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are back in the studio with Coltrane on the phone to discuss summer vacations and camping, share some top-notch writers' room brain-storming, a full report on Agent Starling's 4th of July Party (which was actually held on the 2nd of July), Derek Jeter's Wedding, what the hell Pokémon Go is all about, rounding things out with a chat about Star Trek, both the original series, and the current JJ Abrams re-boot series.

Bladtcast #182 - "Repurpose-Palooza" (with Kevin Murphy and Jim Breuer)

Jul 6, 2016 01:29:21


As the title implies, this semi-new episode repurposes two interviews that Christian did for The Popocrn Talk and Afterbuzz TV Networks. First up, he discusses the Rifftrax Live Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reunion Show (which will be rebroadcast 7/12/16) and then, he talks Mets baseball with actor, comedian, musician Jim Breuer. To see the Popcorn Talk Network's video for the Kevin Murphy interview, go to To see the Afterbuzz TV Network's video for the Jim Breuer episode, go to

Bladtcast #181 - "Bark Wahlberg"

Jun 29, 2016 01:20:56


A sizable portion of the episode is spent with Christian, Agent Starling, Captain EO and Coltrane (via telephone) firmly in Coltrane's Corner in Bladtcast 181, "Bark Wahlberg", tackling some of the most important issues of the day, including: Private Investigator Claims Lawyer Jose Baez Traded Legal Services For Sex With Casey Anthony, who in turn has been hired by Aaron Hernandez (Jose Baez, not Casey Anthony...yet). Then, we discuss the reaction to a plastic surgeon's Billboard in Riverside, California that says "Size Matters", a Louisiana lawmaker doing God's work, who has proposed regulation to make sure STRIPPERS are young and trim... not older than 28 and no more than 160lbs, a Gym-goer kicked out because her breasts were 'too big for her tank top'. There's also an in-depth conversation about how fewer High School Kids are having sex -- apparently just with each other, as evidenced by an eighth grade teacher 'who got pregnant after daily sex with her 13-year-old student', who turned herself in after going on the run and a Former substitute teacher weeps in court as she admits sexting and performing oral sex on several of her high school students. We also finally delve into Captain EO's hatred of current "Doctor" Peter Capaldi which was first raised weeks ago, an update on Coltrane's dog, an effort to get Agent Starling cast as Superman, and he also finally lets out a full year of pent-up rage over "Jurassic World".

Bladtcast #180 - "America 180"

Jun 20, 2016 00:57:02


This episode, the guys (mostly) talk seriously about (mostly) serious news in a (mostly) serious manner. Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are joined on the phone by Coltrane who reach a crossroads as to what they can discuss, and they decide for the road less-Bladtcasted for a discussion on the Orlando shooting and the Stanford rapist who only received a six month sentence. Next week's show promises to be far less serious and jam-packed with laughs, but, everyone at the Bladtcast hopes you give a listen.

Bladtcast #179 - "2 Legit 2 Quit"

Jun 13, 2016 01:19:19


Christian and Captain EO are once again joined in studio by their better halves, Heather Jeng Bladt and Special Agent Natasha Romanoff, who discuss a wide range of topics including how shows like "American Horror Story" show that you can be more adventurous in your storytelling on cable television, how Heather and Christian can't bring themselves to watch "Game of Thrones", EO's lament for the under-appreciated "Carnivale", Christian reminisces about life on "Law & Order: SVU", Agent Romanoff's sister's acting career and how she convinced Jeff to start "Doctor Who" with Matt Smith's episodes, and her excuse for falling asleep during "Guardians of the Galaxy". Heather laments the passing of shows like ABC's "Selfie" and CBS's "The Class", and Natasha talks about working three jobs, including working at a marijuana collective where they are very serious about the business of filling prescriptions for medical marijuana. The ladies discuss their expectations are for the all-female "Ghostbusters" re-boot, and comment on the female aspect of "Neighbors 2". The discussion moves towards "Promposals", very elaborate ways to ask for the proms, and how it only reinforces future disappointment for later in life, which is reinforced by romantic comedies and the misconception that high school is the best time of your life, which ultimately leads to both Captain EO and Agent Romanoff talking about their experiences at the prom -- adding to our conversation on proms that started in Bladtcast #75. ALTERNATE TITLES for the episode: I know what Elliot Stabler did last summer Andrew Garfield hates Mondays Beards are make-up for Men Anything's better than high school

Bladtcast Classic #39 -"Welcome to the X-Men, Bladtcast...Hope you Survive the Experience"

Jun 8, 2016 01:35:42


This week, to commemorate the recent release of "X-Men: Apocalypse", we feature a special Bladtcast Classic #39, "Welcome to the X-Men, Bladtcast...Hope you Survive the Experience" (Originally Posted 11/20/13), which was entirely devoted to Christian's 90 minute conversation with long-time X-Men writer Chris Claremont. They discuss what was then new "X-Men Gold", the great X-Men stories of yesteryear including "The Dark Phoenix Saga" and "Days of Future Past", X-Men films, the latest of which at that time was "The Wolverine", plus also discussion about Star Trek, time travel, alternate realities, one of Chris's most recent projects "Madra, The She Wolf", the e-books of his "High Frontier" trilogy, a fantastic story about the original cast of "Saturday Night Live" and much more! For more about Chris, go to Thinking back on this episode, Christian said that it was one of his absolute favorite experiences in doing the Bladtcast, and his favorite thing was the way that Mr. Claremont referred to the X-Men by their real names as opposed to their code names or "super hero names", such as Logan, Ororo, Kurt, and, especially Charlie. If you enjoy listening half as much as he enjoyed recording it, you'll have a smile on your face for the next hour and a half.

Bladtcast #178 - "You, Me and X-Men Apocalypse"

Jun 1, 2016 01:06:28


Bladtcast #178 "You, Me and X-Men Apocalypse" OR "Welcome to the Bladtcast, Agent Romanoff...Hope You Survive the Experience" is our typical spoiler-filled instant review of "X-Men Apocalypse" with reactions from not only Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO, but, also their better halves: Christian's wife Heather, Will's wife Nicole, and, making her Bladtcast debut, Jeff's girlfriend Natasha (AKA Agent Romanoff). There's a lot of discussion of this latest X-Men film, but, also Will's excitement over DC's "Rebirth" bringing back an old friend, the notion that Captain America needs a boyfriend, that he's been a secret agent of Hydra for 75 years, and we get an update on Nicole's acting career. Finally, Christian promotes next week's very special Bladtcast Classic, and his show "Mets Wrap 360" on the AfterBuzz TV network.

Bladtcast #177 - "Tony Stark 'Sank the Titanic'!"

May 24, 2016 01:00:24


It's the guys' long-awaited in-depth analysis of "Captain America : Civil War" on Bladtcast #177, which we'll list as "Tony Stark 'Sank the Titanic'!" Plus, Captain EO explains his method for watching "Doctor Who" that will drive purists crazy,SC Will and Christian talk about the special guests at the "Gallidays" Doctor Who Happy Hour where they showed 1996's "Doctor Who: The Movie", a recap of Christian and Captain EO's viewing of "Rifftrax Live : Time Chasers", excitement for the upcoming "Mystery Science Theater 3000" reunion on June 28's "Rifftrax Live", even more excitement for TMNT 2, and everyone maps out plans for seeing "X-Men: Apocalypse" that will precede the recording of the next episode!

Bladtcast #176 - "Bladticide: Pod on the Cast"

May 17, 2016 01:03:50


On Bladtcast #176, it's the second half of the "Bladtcast Live: May the Fourth Be With You" show, with in-studio guest Michael Hausam, who talks about his love for Real Housewives, and politics. Specifically, how, within 24 hours of the recording of the show, both John Kasich and Ted Cruz had suspended their presidential campaigns. The guys also discuss "Game of Thrones" -- specifically, Christian and Agent Starling's disdain for the show, best hot dogs in Los Angeles and beyond, the brilliance of Jon Favreau's "The Jungle Book", Will's experience portraying a male stripper and a rare opportunity for Christian to talk about network television's finest police drama (if not best overall drama) "Homicide: Life on the Street". NOTE: You can watch the video version of this episode on The Bladtcast YouTube Channel or on

Bladtcast #175 - Easy on the Eyes and Easy on the Ice

May 10, 2016 01:19:26


On Bladtcast #175, it's the first half of the "Bladtcast Live" event recorded on May 4th, where Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO were joined by Roxy Striar for a lively conversation about guys faking it, Roxy's dreadful experience at a vegan restaurant, Tom Brady's reinstated suspension, taking photos with celebrities, a lawsuit against Starbucks over too much ice, the upcoming Punisher series from Netflix, Daredevil season 2, presidential politics and whether or not we need gay characters added to upcoming Star Wars films. NOTE: You can watch the video version of this episode on The Bladtcast YouTube Channel or on

Bladtcast #174 - "Why Are You Talking to Them At All?"

May 2, 2016 01:21:01


In this just-shy-of-an-episode-and-a-half, Matt in KC is back in studio with Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO while Coltrane is back on the phone from Boston to tell everyone about his new dog, and the new reality TV classic "Love and Hip Hop". The guys then discuss a recent study that attempts to define creepiness, and another that quantifies how many men "fake it". The discussion then veers off into a group of ninth grade girls in Iowa who hired a male stripper to perform at the synchronized swimming banquet. As future members of "The Will-tourage", the guys are excited to get an update on Will's acting progress and also his hip hop dance class. Somehow, this leads to a discussion on working out on weed. Then, it's time for the ever-popular "Nerd Talk", including trailers for "Rogue One" and "Doctor Strange", the upcoming "Krypton" TV show, the career choices of Nicholas Cage, racism in movies, what Matt in KC watches, and Christian and Agent Starling make plans to attend this month's Doctor Who Happy Hour where they're screening an episode that Will might as well have selected himself. Finally, it's the announcement of the big "Bladtcast LIVE!" event happening this Wednesday, May 4 at 8pm PT / 11pm ET where we will live-stream video of our 175th (and 176th) episodes! (For more information, follow @Bladtcast on Twitter and keep an eye over at!

Bladtcast #173 -"Bladtcast Control" OR "Let's Go Bladtcast"

Apr 25, 2016 01:05:24


Bladtcast Uber-fan "Matt in KC" joins Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO in the studio, making him "Matt in LA", while Coltrane is on the phone from Boston to discuss the passing of Prince, the passing of the WWE's Chyna and ESPN firing Curt Schilling. The guys also recap the season finale of "World's Greatest Tribute Bands" where Which One's Pink performed "Dark Side of the Moon" in its entirety, on 4/20 no less. There's a whiff of nerd talk with a brief discussion of "Batman v. Superman", which turns into an update on Coltrane's favorite reality television shows and life in Boston. Matt talks a little about KC Sports which leads into a conversation of Kobe Bryant's final game in the NBA. There's also an in-studio visit from Liev, which is all-too brief or far-too long (depending on your perspective).

Bladtcast #172 - "World's Finest"

Apr 18, 2016 01:05:30


It's another cross-over episode when Roxy Striar of "The Tomorrow Show" is back with Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO for more talk about the DC Cinematic Universe (namely how awesome "Suicide Squad" is going to be)all of DC's TV shows (especially the Flash-Supergirl cross-over) and then they jump universes to talk about Marvel, specifically season 2 of "Daredevil" (with some light spoilers). Then, Christian's friend in hard rock and hair metal Carsen returns to talk about all the latest news surrounding Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Def Leppard

Bladtcast #171 - "We Never Start with the Positive" OR "An A-Hole Falls on His A-Hole"

Apr 13, 2016 01:02:30


It's a bit of radio vérité when Agent Starling can't figure out how to work his headphones, Captain EO says something inappropriate that isn't particularly funny and then, he and Agent Starling discuss religion, Ted Cruz, the Penguin and the importance of abandoned buildings in super hero films in order to fill time while Christian leaves the studio to welcome guest, Roxy Striar whose resume includes The Tomorrow Show, DC Movie News, TV Fights, Afterbuzz TV and so much more, who discusses the way that the internet has reacted to her daring to give a 7.5 out of 10 to "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" (about which, spoilers are discussed, as usual), planned re-shoots for "Suicide Squad", the upcoming "Preacher" series and some of the fun that they're having over on "The Tomorrow Show", including the time Christian slipped on a banana peel and working with a jerk named "Jared at 32". Christian also explains to Roxy how she helped him betray Agent Starling regarding seeing "Batman v. Superman" behind his back while Roxy provides an uncanny Lois Lane impression. Roxy and Captain EO share their love for "Jurassic World" while Christian and Roxy both loved "Amazing Spider-Man 2".There's also more discussion about live-tweeting the director's cut of the "Daredevil" movie. If that's not enough for you, Christian admits that he has problems getting emojis on his phone, doesn't know much about Snapchat, has never heard of "My Story", how Liev gets too drunk and Agent Starling pitches something called "Bottomless Butlers".

Bladtcast #170 - Political Asphyxiation, Wage Inflation and Adjudication

Apr 6, 2016 01:04:15


What's up, Hiroshi? Let's light this candle! In this throwback-themed episode, Christian chats with San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders about Donald Trump, the minimum wage, and the streets of San Francisco. Then, KNBC-TV legal analyst Royal Oaks discusses the Supreme Court vacancy, "The People v. OJ Simpson" and the upcoming baseball season.

Bladtcast #169 - "Bladtcast v. 'Batman v. Superman'" (Part Three: The Final Chapter)

Apr 4, 2016 01:05:51


For the third and final installment in our series closely examining "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice", Christian and Captain EO are joined by a couple of guests with wildly different reactions to the film. First, Brad from Melbourne, AKA "Old Man Morin" calls from Down Under to talk about how much he enjoyed the film. Then, a friend of Christian's from his days as an NBC Page, Shalako Gordon, talks about all the things that he found to be downright awful about the film. As with the previous two episodes, this is a SPOILER-HEAVY analysis of the film, so, consider this your warning.

Bladtcast #168 - "Bladtcast v. 'Batman v. Superman' (Part Two)"

Mar 31, 2016 01:03:40


The conversation on "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" continues for Christian, Captain EO and Agent Starling. Beginning with the shocking revelation teased at the end of Bladtcast #167. Agent Starling finally gets to really dive in and analyze the movie, explaining what it means to him, and why he enjoyed it so much, which he wrote about on his blog: Plus, there's a lot of entirely non-serious and unsafe for work discussion of the film, which, as with last episode, is FILLED WITH SPOILERS.

Bladtcast #167 - "Bladtcast v. 'Batman v. Superman' (Part One)"

Mar 29, 2016 00:59:35


It's Easter Sunday, and Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO settle in to give their thoughts on "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice". BUT, before they start, Agent Starling keeps it 100 about our recording schedule, gives a report on Wondercon and laments the demise of HIS version of The Flash. When they do finally dive in to the movie, it's a spirited and passionate conversation. It is also FILLED WITH SPOILERS, so, you have been warned if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Bladtcast #166 Fox Tails, Back Doors and A Punch In The Face

Mar 26, 2016 01:26:06


Deciding to wait until after the weekend to break down "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice", Christian and Captain EO are joined via telephone by Coltrane to discuss the passing of Garry Shandling, Christian meeting Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, Hulk Hogan's trial, punching someone in the face, sensitivity on college campuses, taking back language, Utah declaring porn a public health crisis, the real cost of true love and what kind of expectations you should have for relationships.

Bladtcast #165 - "Street of Thrones" OR "These Rosary Bleeds Right Here"

Mar 18, 2016 01:42:25


Immediately after attending World's Greatest Tribute Bands' Guns N' Roses tribute, Appetite for Deception, Agent Starling hosts Christian at his home, where they discuss the band, music, and just what constitutes "classic rock" these days. They plan out seeing "Batman v. Superman" and then dive in on the latest nerd-news, including who will play Commissioner Gordon in "Justice League", who might play young Han Solo, why we didn't need the latest "Civil War" trailer, why we DO need Indiana Jones 5 (but not a Ghostbusters re-boot of any kind), the Ninja Turtles meeting the 80's Ninja Turtles, the BBC asking Peter Capaldi to stay with "Doctor Who", excitement for Daredevil Season 2, indifference about the Flash-Supergirl crossover, reports about what might quite possibly be the most unnecessary re-boot of all-time, Will's impassioned assessment of Kesha's lawsuit against Sony and her producer, and, more than one appearance by the one and only #DaveTheDog

Bladtcast #164 - "Depends On What Your Definition of ISIS Is"

Mar 11, 2016 01:09:34


For the final show in a week of shows from the studios of "The Tomorrow Show", Christian is once again joined by his fellow "Tomorrow Show" co-workers, Ashley Daniels and Jared Gilkerson, where Christian opens up the show talking about 25 years since the release of "New Jack City", and also his personal experiences working with Ice T, and also working with another Original Gangster: Liev. They also discuss the story of a girl who joined ISIS who called her Mom because it was tougher than she thought it would be, how you shouldn't talk to the media after killing your friend while drunk driving, some jury duty conversation, St. Patrick's Day, the practice of skinny shaming, and the happy ending for a guy who is ashamed of asking a girl for nude photos (but not the happy ending he was looking for). For the final segment of the show, Christian and Jared talk about the amazing reflexes by a dad who keeps his son from getting clocked in the face at a spring training game, the troubling news that AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson has had to stop touring or risk total hearing loss, and Christian's growth in being able to have a conversation with someone who is a fan of Cleveland sports.

Bladtcast #163 - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"

Mar 9, 2016 00:55:58


On Bladtcast 163,just like Starship, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now". Christian is back in the Tomorrow Show studios, joined by Ashley Daniels and Jared Gilkerson for a wide-ranging conversation that includes diverse topics such as first wedding dances, Erin Andrews, Kim Kardashian, the best part of "The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story", the trials and tribulations of Dustin Diamond, Hannah Montana vs. Stephanie Tanner, Lena Dunham vs. Airbrushing, and, finally, the woman who came up with a truly unique way to smuggle cocaine. For a limited time, a video version of this episode is posted at For more information about The Tomorrow Show, go to, and catch that show's premiere on Monday, March 14th at 10pm ET / 7pm PT!

Bladtcast #162 - Just Say No (To Bath Salts)

Mar 8, 2016 01:28:01


One week away from the launch of The Tomorrow Show, Christian sits in with two of that show's co-hosts Roxy Striar and Ashley Daniels for a conversation that ranges from super hero movies to poop (baby and otherwise), weddings, Nancy Reagan, drugs, Trump, Terry Crews and so much more! Like The Bladtcast on Facebook to see the photos mentioned during this episode, and go to for the premiere episode on March 14th at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.

Bladtcast #161 - Caucus Cacophony

Mar 4, 2016 01:19:11


Christian's friend Brian Barrio shares his experience as a first-time participant in the crazy madcap world that is the Nevada Caucus. Then, Christian, Brian, Agent Starling and Captain EO shift the conversation over to Boston sports, bringing kids to movies, past musical exploits, and, of course, "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice".

Bladtcast #160 - "Negasonic Teenage Bladtcast"

Mar 2, 2016 01:02:10


After seeing "Deadpool" together, Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO head into the studio for a spoiler-filled reaction to the movie. They're also visited by their old pal Liev, who was stuck working and still hasn't seen the movie, and explains why he wants to see it so desperately. Then, Christian tries to determine what words Liev will and won't say while in front of a microphone. And internet trolls be damned, the guys aren't shy about their excitement for Batman v. Superman "Dawn of Justice", now less than a month away.

Bladtcast #159 -"#BladtcastSoWhite"

Feb 29, 2016 01:05:34


Christian (Bladt) is joined via telephone by Christian (Toto) of to react to last night's Oscars, and also look ahead to some of the movies coming out this spring.

Bladtcast #158 - "40 Oz. to Freedom"

Feb 23, 2016 01:14:15


In Bladtcast #158, "40 Oz. to Freedom", Agent Starling and Captain EO join Christian in studio for the third and final special episode to wish him a happy 40th birthday with some surprise guests. Still in studio is old pal Coltrane, "Mark Wahlberg", "Skeletor", and Bladtcast uber-fan Matt in KC call in, and our old pal Liev wanders into the studio just long enough to tell everyone how terrible Star Wars Episodes I - VI are.

Bladtcast #157 - "40 Acres and a Mule"

Feb 16, 2016 00:58:15


In Bladtcast #157, "40 Acres And A Mule", Agent Starling and Captain EO join Christian in studio for the second of three special episodes to wish him a happy 40th birthday with some surprise guests. The guys are enjoyed by a variety of guests, including special in-studio guests Liev and Coltrane! On the phone, we talk to Rafe Guttman (AKA Mark_Hunt), Rob Laurich, and of course, "Gene Simmons".

Bladtcast #156 - "UB40? IB40!"

Feb 8, 2016 01:00:51


In Bladtcast #156, "UB40, IB40", Agent Starling and Captain EO join Christian in studio for the first of three special episodes to wish him a happy 40th birthday with some surprise guests. First up, Gene Barretta (AKA "Gene in Philly") brings a whole host of friends to share their birthday wishes, then Brad in Melbourne (AKA "Old Man Morin") shouts some birthday cheer from down under, and finally, a birthday chat with comedian Karl Zahn (AKA "Karl from New Hampshire").

Bladtcast 155 All About EO

Feb 1, 2016 00:59:59


Captain EO talks about life, experiences and his outlook on the world in a very frank, no-holds-barred and utterly Not-Safe-For-Work one-on-one conversation with Christian. Some of you will be glad to know that this episode clocks in under one hour, so, you CAN listen in under 60 minutes...

Bladtcast 154 The Bradcast (with special guest Katie Daryl)

Jan 25, 2016 01:29:39


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are joined from Australia by "Old Man Morin" himself, Christian's friend Brad for a rollicking conversation about Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman v. Batman : Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, the Marvel Cinematic Universe,James Bond, Doctor Who, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the popularity of Captain EO's college show amongst the incarcerated. Then, we're joined by our friend Katie Daryl, who hosts "World's Greatest Tribute Bands" on AXS TV, the sixth season of which premieres February 17 at 7pm PT / 10pm ET. For more information, go to: If you'll be in LA and want FREE tickets, go to:

Katie Daryl Interview (from Bladtcast #154)

Jan 22, 2016 00:18:45


A sneak preview from next week's Bladtcast #154: it's Christian's interview with Katie Daryl of World's Greatest Tribute Bands, which is about to start it's sixth season on AXS TV on February 17th, including tributes to The Doors, Guns N Roses, Billy Idol, the Bee Gees and Christian's absolute favorite band: Rush. For more information, go to: If you'll be in LA and want FREE tickets, go to:

Bladtcast #153 - "Who's Haus? Haus's Haus!" or "The Hateful Eight"

Jan 18, 2016 01:21:18


On Bladtcast 153, Christian and Captain EO are joines in studio by friend of the Bladtcast Michael Hausam, who discusses his new nationally syndicated radio show, "Haus Rules". Hollywood In Toto Editor Christian Toto returns via telephone to discuss "13 Hours", Hateful Eight, Star Wars The Force Awakens, the frabbajabba over fan-made Star Trek film Axanar, and the 50th anniversary of the Adam West "Batman" television series. They also discuss why Hausam can't stay awake at the movies and the best movies to sleep during. Finally, Christian (Bladt) lets himself get riled up over a click-bait article from 2012 about overrated song, and can't come up with any 21st century bands that he likes.

Bladtcast #152 - "The Terror of Knowing What This World Is About"

Jan 15, 2016 01:23:29


It's old home week on The Bladtcast, with two regular guests from The Dennis Miller Show! First, former Republican Congressman of Michigan Thaddeus McCotter shares his thoughts about the passing of David Bowie, the State of the Union, presidential politics, the Supreme Court, and the Detroit Lions! Then, editor Christian Toto talks about the losses of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, and he and Christian (Bladt) react to the Academy Award nominations.

Bladtcast #151 - "Dave Dorman, Jason Blair and Mark Hunt Awaken!"

Jan 11, 2016 01:24:20


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are ready for another round of discussion about "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" with some special guests. First up is artist Dave Dorman, who is well-known for his "Star Wars" work over the years (along with so much other great stuff). Then, we're joined by friend-of-the-Bladtcast Jason Blair who has a bone to pick with Christian, and our pal Mark____Hunt, (AKA Rafe Guttman) who also chimes in about Doctor Who Season 9!

Bladtcast #150 - "The Other One with the Wives"

Jan 5, 2016 01:56:08


Happy New Year! We celebrate three years and our centennial-and-a-half on a practically-double-sized Bladtcast #150 "The Other One with the Wives" OR "When the Levee Breaks", where, as the title implies, Christian and Agent Starling are joined in studio by their wives Heather and Nicole, while Captain EO brings a special friend named Meatball to the proceedings. Everyone discusses their New Year's Eve, careers, marriage, parenthood, dog-parent-hood, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Jurassic World a few words about the recently-departed-but-still-alive Coltrane, and much much more!

Bladtcast Classic : Bladtcast 75th Diamond Jubilee (8/19/14)

Jan 2, 2016 01:19:40


Ahead of next week's Bladtcast #150, give a listen to episode it will be a sequel to: "the BladtCast 75th Diamond Jubilee Celebration: The One with the Wives, or The BladtVengers or All In" - where the guys were joined in studio by Christian's wife, Heather, and Agent Starling's wife, Nicole, and a special appearance by Matt from KC to try and determine who is the biggest UBERfan of the BladtCast. There's also a lot of chat about what the girls like and don't like about the BladtCast and what they like and don't like about their guys! (Recorded 7/14/14 and posted 8/14/14)

Bladtcast #149 - "The Bladtcast Awakens"

Dec 30, 2015 01:10:27


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO give a SPOILER-FILLED review of "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens", discuss taking Christian's son Felix to a "Mommy and Me" screening, and stand up for "Return of the Jedi".

Bladtcast #148 -"Coltrane-Wreck"

Dec 22, 2015 02:01:34


Consider this fair warning that it is a startlingly boozy drunk-cast of a Bladtcast #148: "Coltrane-Wreck" -- AKA "Shipping Up To Boston" AKA "Exit Only" AKA "With Butt Sex You Don't Have To Worry" AKA "The One Where Christian Says 'Aw, shit' Every Two Minutes" -- whereupon the guys bid a very fond farewell to founding member of the Bladtcast, the one and only Coltrane. Over the course of this jam-packed double-sized episode, goodbyes come in from a variety of special guests including Matt in KC, Richard Diaz, Rob Laurich, Skeletor, "Gene Simmons" and new fan favorite, Watto. Warning-within-a-warning that this last hurrah features some very descriptive sexual talk. Like overly descriptive. TOO descriptive. By guys so drunk maybe they shouldn't be in front of microphones. You've been warned. If you make it through that, you'll also hear what is probably the drunkest dissertation on a Doctor Who companion in the history of nerd-kind. It's all worth it because we FINALLY get to the bottom of the mystery that is Miriam! Give a listen, and get ready for Bladtcast 149, "The Apology".

Bladtcast #147 - "Shut Up and Take My Money"

Dec 12, 2015 01:25:47


Christian announces the movie they'll be live-tweeting Friday, December 18th, all the guys give their thoughts on "Creed", their excitement for "The Force Awakens" --including when and where everyone will see it, reaction to four huge trailers: "Captain America : Civil War", "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" and "X-Men Apocalypse", and an unexpected appearance from a minor "Star Wars" character that has the guys laughing until it hurts.

Bladtcast #146 - "Winnings, Losings, Comings and Goings"

Nov 24, 2015 00:51:47


Christian, Coltrane and Captain EO are back in the studio to discuss last week's announcement by Charlie Sheen that he is HIV positive, UVA Fraternity suing Rolling Stone, what we're thankful for and announcement that will shake the foundation of the Bladtcast for years to come.

Bladtcast #145 - "The Sequel is Always Disappointing" or "Happy Life Day, Chewie!"

Nov 23, 2015 01:12:36


On Bladtcast #145, "The Sequel is Always Disappointing" or "Happy Life Day, Chewie", Christian is back at Agent Starling's house for a brief follow-up to one of the greatest stories ever told on the Bladtcast. Then, the guys chat about the ridiculousness surrounding this year's Starbucks red cups, the "Heavy Metal" movie, what the guys should Live-Tweet this December, the MST3K kickstarter, the GREAT second season of "Fargo", disappointing sequels, "Ash vs. Evil Dead", Indiana Jones, confusing Classic episodes of "Doctor Who" and the current season, the return of "Luther" to BBC America and the New Year's episode of "Sherlock"! Then, a fun visit with friend of the Bladtcast Kevin Scott chats about "Kiss and Scooby Doo: A Rock and Roll Mystery", "Rock and Roll All Nite: A Tribute to Kiss 1974-2015", horror movies and more!

Bladtcast #144 - "Vive Le France"

Nov 19, 2015 01:11:44


It's a somewhat somber Bladtcast as Christian, Coltrane and Captain EO give their reactions to the horrific terror attacks in Paris by ISIS, Syrian refugees, response by Anonymous, activists who couldn't handle having the attention taken away from them, and the impact terrorism will have on the presidential race.

Bladtcast #143 - "Bladtcast The Thirteenth" featuring Good Ol' Christian Bladt and Agent Starling

Nov 14, 2015 01:01:33


It's Friday the 13th, so Christian and Agent Starling share their favorite "Friday the 13th" moments, and, stunningly segue to talking about "The Peanuts Movie", which Christian and his wife brought their son Felix to, for his first movie. Christian talks about a celebrity he hates, Agent Starling also discusses his excitement for "Creed" and then they both give their thoughts on "Supergirl", "Star Wars Rebels" and much more!

Bladtcast #142 - Spoils: Spectre and to the victor goes the

Nov 6, 2015 01:12:12


A late-night recording session finds Christian, Coltrane and Captain EO giving their immediate reaction to the latest James Bond film "Spectre". Then, Christian recounts his great-but-could-have-been-better trip to the World Series at the end of a great-but-could-have-been-better Mets season. Plus, a very special cameo appearance from our pal Liev.

Bladtcast #141 - "Full Blown" OR "You Can Still Smell Their Jazz"

Oct 26, 2015 01:08:04


The whole gang is back to discuss Lamar Odom's recent headlines, the upcoming release of the new James Bond film, "Spectre", the latest season of "Doctor Who", the prospect of a "Die Hard" prequel, does anybody care about another Steve Jobs movie, Agent Starling's critique on "Crimson Peak", and a special appearance by our pal Liev, who weighs in on everything, including attending Felix's Red Egg Party!

Bladtcast #140 - Deflation, Elation and Trailer-ation

Oct 20, 2015 01:06:06


The whole gang is back together, with Christian and Agent Starling letting Coltrane and Captain EO vent about their hero Tom Brady and his vindication in Roger Goddell's trumped up "deflategate" charges, the guys all react to the latest trailer for "Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens" and Christian is elated about the great season his New York Mets are having!

Bladtcast #139 - Richard Diaz, Shame On You!

Oct 14, 2015 01:06:11


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are back to discuss Halloween and horror movies, which leads to the title of the episode. There's also discussion about why people feel the need to post on-line how much they hate something you like, specifically M Night Shamalan's new movie "The Visit", plus, James Bond talk, Star Wars talk, and much, much more!

Bladtcast #138 - It's Time for Playoff Baseball!

Oct 6, 2015 01:00:09


Christian and our old pal David "Salman" Weiss preview the 2015 MLB Baseball Playoffs

Bladtcast #137 - Can't We Like Both?

Oct 5, 2015 01:01:55


Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO are back in the studio, discussing a veritable plethora of topics, including: Captain EO's rock climbing and first RiffTrax experience with "Miami Connection", Agent Starling's first Dodger Game, Zack Snyder's dis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe compared to "Batman v. Superman", Jessica Jones on Netflix, and a special visit from "Mark Wahlberg" to discuss the prospect of 5 Transformers sequels!

Bladtcast #136 - Man Out of Time

Sep 24, 2015 01:06:59


Christian's flying solo without the rest of the Bladtcast gang, but, he does visit with Brian Wheat of Tesla. Then, he talks about his experience at this year's Emmy Awards and a rare performance by the Hollywood Vampires. (NOTE: As explained in the episode, all efforts have been made to provide the best quality audio for this episode, but, it will not deliver the high-quality audio you've come to expect from the Bladtcast)

Bladtcast #135 - TV on the Radio

Sep 17, 2015 01:10:06


Christian is joined by Rotten Tomatoes TV Editor Sarah Ricard (AKA our old pal Sarah DMZ) from the palacial Rotten Tomatoes studios, where they give their thoughts about this Sunday's Emmy Awards and the upcoming fall TV season. Plus, Christian and Sarah take questions from YOU, the listeners!

Bladtcast #134 - I'm An Agent

Sep 10, 2015 01:20:36


On Bladtcast 134, the guys discuss OJ Simpson's disappointment with his female fans, how an Egyptian TV show's terrible prank on Paris Hilton proves that you can feel sympathy for people you dislike, then, a repudiation of "Not Ian Fleming" author Anthony Hotowitz's assertion that Idris Elba is "too street" to play James Bond, what went wrong with "Fantastic Four", and, finally, kudos on a great "Hannibal" series finale (with spoilers).

Bladtcast # 133 - The Lawnmower Man

Sep 3, 2015 01:13:48


LIVE... from Agent Starling's House, it's Bladtcast 133! Christian starts off by discussing the GREAT show from the World's Greatest Kiss Tribute Band, Mr. Speed, and apologizes to the guys in the band for a technical glitch that "ate" an entire 60 minute interview with them. Agent Starling and Coltrane get us caught up with what they've been up to, and we plug a great opportunity for our pal Liev. Then, the guys discuss the announcement of the new cast of "Dancing with the Stars", The MTV Video Music Awards, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and the latest on Tom Brady. Christian and Will close out the show reflecting on the passing of the great horror director Wes Craven, reports of a "Nightmare on Elm Street" re-boot, and finally, eviscerating MTV's "Scream" TV series. **PLEASE NOTE** This is the first episode recorded on our remote podcasting set-up, so, the sound quality will not be what you've become accustomed to on The Bladtcast, including some of the overall levels. We've done our best to tweak the quality, but, we want everyone to be prepared. We promise next week's sounds better!

Bladtcast # 132 : Hair's To You, Mrs. Robinson

Aug 20, 2015 01:21:27


On an extra long all-star Bladtcast, Christian, Agent Starling and Liev are back in the studio, with a couple special appearances from Captain EO, and Coltrane checks in from the field to weigh in on an all-important male grooming question from Rob Laurich. Plus, lots of talk about some of this summer's biggest trailers with our pal Richard Diaz. Finally, Captain EO talks about the fall-out from the end of episode #130.

Bladtcast #131: Father Knows Best

Aug 15, 2015 00:57:43


On the triumphant return of the Bladtcast, Agent Starling and Christian catch up with their pal Liev, who gives an update as to what he's been up to, including taking Christian to the ESPYs. Plus, Liev has a number of questions for new poppa Christian about the miracle of life.

Bladtcast #130 : "Getting Caught" or "Blue Balled"

Jul 23, 2015 00:49:45


On this briefer-than-anticipated new episode, Bladtcast Uber-fan Matt in KC checks in to explain a gift that he sent to the guys, and he also participates in a rousing conversation about the hacking of the website Ashley Madison, the dating website for people who are already married, plus they also hear from "The Cos". Then, in a "we can look back and laugh about it now" moment, the episode completely comes off the tracks in a way that no one ever expected.

Bladtcast 129 : The One Where The Guys Talk Politics And (Probably) Alienate Half The Audience

Jul 10, 2015 01:01:57


Once again, Coltrane is on assignment, so, Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO discuss some of the biggest stories recently in the news. As the title implies, on this episode, the guys talk about politics, and (probably) alienate half the audience. The topics include Obamacare, Gay Marriage (and the backlash to it), the Confederate Flag, Donald Trump and all the other delusional GOP wannabees, plus, Captain EO has some enlightening thoughts on his generation's approach towards contraception. As discussed in the episode, the guys really hope we can all still be friends afterwards, since, after all, friends can disagree, but those disagreements shouldn't actually end your friendships.

Bladtcast 128 : Stupid Meat is the Best Meat

Jul 8, 2015 01:30:34


This week, Agent Starling is on assignment, leaving Christian, Captain EO and Coltrane to wade through the latest news on Jared from Suway, The Cos, Paula Deen, Russell Wilson, Bristol Palin, a Florida kid who antagonized Alligators, an Alabama man offering $10,000 to find him a girlfriend, a Maine man lighting fireworks on his head, Al Jazeera's criticism of America, and women's soccer. Then, Agent Starling calls in to react to the new Han Solo movie and the latest photos from the set of "Batman v. Superman : Dawn of Justice". Finally, Christian and Captain EO enthusiastically review "Terminator : Genisys".

Bladtcast 127 - The Love Is Gone

Jul 2, 2015 01:02:22


On "Bladtcast" 127, with Coltrane on assignment, Christian, Agent Starling and Captain EO come to the conclusion that "The Love Is Gone" as they cope with the end of the Ben Affleck Jennifer-Garner marriage. But, the guys soldier on with discussions of the "Rocky" franchise, "Star Wars" --including the season 2 premiere of "Rebels", corn mazes, great film scores and the passage of James Horner, Netflix's "Bojack Horseman", and Agent Starling's career!

Bladtcast 126 - Table d'annulation

Jun 25, 2015 01:18:48


A special episode focusing on NBC's "Hannibal", which the network has been rude enough to cancel. Hope springs eternal among our roundtable of guests to discuss this great show with Christian : Michael Hausam of Independent Journal Review, our pal Rob Laurich, Mark Hunt (AKA Rafe Guttman) and our own Agent Starling. Plus, Christian, Rob and Agent Starling on the new Spider-Man Tom Holland, new Spider-Man director Jon Watts, scandalous accusations against Jenna Coleman and the revival of the Halloween film franchise.

Bladtcast 125 : The Revenge of Captain EO

Jun 17, 2015 01:29:39


On a jam-packed Bladtcast, the guys recap their outing to see "Jurassic World", and explain why Liev went instead of Captain EO, then everyone talks about how much they enjoyed "Jurassic World", except Agent Starling, who hated it. A visit to Coltrane's Corner reveals a very unique marketing angle for a well-known Las Vegas strip club. Old friend of the Bladtcast "Gene Simmons" visits to congratulate the guys on 125 Bladtcasts, and to look for some help. Then, a completely separate visit from another old friend, Rob Laurich, who defends Aquaman. Finally, the guys tear through the headlines to discuss Donald Trump running for president, Rachel Dolezal and the NAACP, the revelation that the St. Louis Cardinals are cheaters, and Agent Starling has the last laugh on "Game of Thrones".

Bladtcast 124 - You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best

Jun 5, 2015 01:05:20


On Bladtcast 124, "You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best", the guys make plans to see "Jurassic World" together, they react to the announcement of a "Big Trouble in Little China" re-make and discuss the annoying art of Facebook trolling, Christian isolates the fundamental problem with Cameron Crowe's "Aloha", and a great chat with Jason Lee Beckwith, the Catman from the Kiss Tribute band Kissed Alive, who will be performing June 19th at Sainte Rock in Hermosa Beach, California!

Bladtcast 123 : A-B-C, As Easy as 1-2-3

Jun 3, 2015 01:01:47


After nearly a month away, the boys are back and they react to the Vanity Fair Caitlyn Jenner cover, talk about Super Huey performing at the season five finale of "World's Greatest Tribute Bands" and the after-party, Real Bono bringing Joe from Hollywood U2 onstage to perform with the actual U2 at the Forum, Mad Max:Fury Road's value as both entertainment and a feminist message, which turns into a good (and surprisingly mature) conversation about the portrayal of violence towards women in the media -- and finally, our resident Pats fans, Captain EO and Coltrane react to "Deflategate"!

Bladtcast 122 : Trapped In Outer Space

May 12, 2015 01:10:58


The Bladtcast Gang is back for "Bladtcast #122 : Trapped In Outer Space" where they discuss Vacation Etiquette, Avengers 2, Daredevil and so much more.

Episode 121 : The Night Gwen Stacy Died or Alpha Flight Attacks

Apr 30, 2015 01:26:21


The 121st episode of The Bladtcast podcast, where Christian, Coltrane, Agent Starling and Captain EO reconnect, and catch the audience up on what they've been up to, plus, share their excitement for Avengers 2 and also react to the latest movie trailers