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The Archers


Contemporary drama in a rural setting






Aug 15, 2019 797


Kate faces the unexpected and Tracy's girls night in does not go as planned


Aug 14, 2019 789


Jim sets Alistair a quiz conundrum. Alistair’s delighted Jim’s considering being on the Brainboxes team at the Bull, and feels ready to mingle again. Their good mood is shattered when Jazzer arrives and admits he’s been to Harrison about Jim’s plight. He assures them he kept Jim’s name out of the conversation but nevertheless Jim and Alistair are horrified. What Jazzer sees as opening the door, Jim views as the whole nightmare being dredged up again. He was coping in his own way. He feels betrayed by Jazzer, and leaves for the hide. The atmosphere in the dairy between Susan and Clarrie is toxic. As they jostle and snipe in disharmony Susan spills a whole batch of curds. After informing Helen, they return to their work having been roundly told off for their unprofessional behaviour. Clarrie concedes it’s not fair on Helen to let their differences affect their work. Susan sees it as more than just differences, but she’ll comply – though there’ll be no friendship between them. Panic stricken Will’s taken Poppy to A and E, terrified that her spots will lead to sepsis. Clarrie joins him, and gently persuades him to bring Poppy back to her own bed at Greenwood. She offers to help him care for her, but he’s adamant he’s not leaving Poppy’s side until she’s better.


Aug 13, 2019 775


Will’s working a little too hard for Clarrie’s liking. He’s determined to do all the work at flood damaged 1 The Green himself, as well as holding down his job and caring for Poppy. He regrets the situation Ed and Emma are in; he feels Ed wouldn’t have been fired if he, Will, hadn’t sounded off. Tracy’s found out she got the job at Grey Gables. She’s gobsmacked, and surprised by how nice Oliver was. She updates languid Emma on Shula’s ambition to become a vicar, and opens her bedroom curtains in an attempt to get Emma to take an interest in the outside world. What Emma needs is a party! Instead Emma agrees to go for a walk, during which she bumps into both Will and Clarrie. Awkwardly she sympathises with Will over Poppy’s suspected chickenpox, pledging to take some of Keira’s soothing lotion over to Greenwood. She wants to leave the lotion on the doorstep, but Will intercepts her and invites her in. He puts the kettle on. He could do with some more reassurance about Poppy. Emma offers to look in every now and then. They discuss Clarrie’s fierce desire to protect Ed. Emma doesn’t blame her. Will expresses his guilt over Ed’s job loss, but Emma doesn’t hold it against him. Maybe her new house just wasn’t meant to be. Right now, she needs Will as a friend.


Aug 12, 2019 792


Susan’s still deeply hurt by Clarrie’s words last week. Neil believes Clarrie just flew off the handle and it will be forgotten, but Susan can’t forget, or forgive. She’s focussing on getting Emma out of her room and into the shop to help her; but once again Emma doesn’t show up. Susan despairs; she's not sure what else she can do. With reluctance she suggests to Neil that Tracy might be the one to help. Freddie anticipates his interview for the receptionist post at Grey Gables with apprehension. Shula hopes they’ll snap him up. She reports she too has an interview, for her ordainment. Freddie’s pretty pleased that he might have had some input into Shula’s decision. She should go for it! Later Shula announces her decision with some trepidation to Kenton. He’s not averse to the idea, but as predicted makes one too many jokes for Shula’s liking. Lynda really doesn't want Tracy to get the Grey Gables job, and does everything in her power to put her off. However her efforts are to no avail, and she learns later to her horror that Tracy is to be appointed. She can’t believe this was a joint decision, she declares to Roy. How could he? Roy insists it was Oliver’s decision in the end. And he wants Lynda to be Tracy’s mentor.


Aug 11, 2019 795


Lilian tries to persuade Jim to join her new Brainboxes quiz team at the Bull. At first Jim declines, but when Lilian suggests Jennifer as an alternative member, he says he’ll think about it. Chris tries to get to see his sister, but reports that she wouldn’t even come out of her room. Tetchy Brian doesn’t like Adam telling him not to overdo things, and gets a bit over enthusiastic in his handling of a tractor. The tractor develops a fault and breaks down. With their spare having been sold to Josh, they a need a solution fast. Adam makes a call to Josh and announces Josh is happy to sort them one out. The condition is that Josh drives it. Great, mutters Brian, so not only have we sold our spare to him, but Josh gets to make more money hiring us one back and driving it himself. Alice isn’t buying Kate’s story that she can’t stand Jakob after what he said about Spiritual Home. She knows her sister, and reckons Kate would still go for Jakob if they were in a room together. Do it then, says Chris. Get them together and see what happens. Inspired, Alice arranges a ‘blind date’ for Kate and Jakob, persuading her sister to agree by implying that she’s found her someone to help her put Jakob out of her head. She thinks they might just hit it off…


Aug 9, 2019 781


Writer – Liz John Director – Rosemary Watts Editor – Jeremy Howe Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns ….. James Cartwright Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Ian Craig ….. Stephen Kennedy Ruairi Donovan ….. Arthur Hughes Eddie Grundy ….. Trevor Harrison Clarrie Grundy ….. Heather Bell Will Grundy ….. Philip Molloy Ed Grundy ….. Barry Farrimond Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden Jazzer McCreary ….. Ryan Kelly Kate Madikane ….. Perdita Avery Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd Oliver Sterling ….. Michael Cochrane Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley Jakob Hakansson ….. Paul Venables


Aug 8, 2019 797


Lynda updates Oliver on events at Grey Gables, including Ian’s new nickname in the wake of his fete fail: the Gobby Chef. She invites Oliver to join the shortlisting team for the assistant receptionist post. He announces he has two candidates of his own lined up. Lynda’s horrified to discover the mystery applicants are Tracy and Freddie. Oliver insists they’re invited for interview. Jakob relates his experience at Spiritual Home to Harrison. He feels Kate needs to pay more attention to the image she’s putting across, and that she’s out of her depth; though he concedes his shoulder does feel better. Harrison gives Kate a heads-up that Jakob thinks her marketing emails may be giving the wrong impression about the ‘extras’ Spiritual Home is offering. Appalled Kate goes straight to Jakob and reads him the riot act. How dare he besmirch her reputation and that of her business! Jakob insists it’s all a misunderstanding, and offers to promote her services to his colleagues at Lovell James. But Kate won’t be pacified. Jazzer’s disappointed when Harrison updates him on his enquiries with the news that no arrest has been made in the wake of Jazzer’s disclosure regarding Jim. Harrison explains that without evidence there’s nothing the police can do. Jazzer declares to worried Harrison that in that case he’ll attempt to get some.


Aug 7, 2019 781


Ruth is tetchy with Pip over the Brookfield bid for the Ambridge Conservation Trust. Pip’s recommended all sorts of detail which Ruth thinks it’s too late to collect – Pip just assumed Ruth already had it. With the atmosphere charged, Pip and Eddie agree a break would be nice. Pip and Ruth later apologise to one another, and agree to work together on the bid. Pip reckons her mum will be great. Susan’s disconcerted Emma’s choosing Tracy as her confidante rather than her. Tracy assures her Emma will be ok; it’s not impossible to manage as a single woman. No, but it’s a struggle, counters Susan, and Tracy should know. Later Susan’s even more distraught when she discovers neither Emma nor Ed turned up for the lunch she’d arranged at The Bull. Why can’t they consider the children? She feels like she’s the only one trying. Eddie advises her Emma and Ed need to work it out for themselves. Oliver returns from Italy and rolls up his sleeves at The Bull. He’s dubious about Lilian’s décor improvements but remains diplomatic. Eddie asks if Oliver can delay getting the painters in at Grange Farm as they’ll need to stay on a bit longer. Oliver’s happy to oblige. Tracy impresses Lilian and Oliver with her handling of a rowdy hen party. Oliver wants to talk to her. He’s had an idea.


Aug 6, 2019 794


Philip’s finding it hard being confined to the sofa with a sore neck. Kirsty gently admonishes him for attempting to move around. When she later returns from her first day at work she finds him still restless and eager to work. She encourages him to phone his son Gavin, who he should trust to look after things in his absence. Clarrie’s still heartbroken and Susan confused over Ed and Emma’s row. They can’t understand it. They bond over some accidentally thawed ice cream, agreeing they’re in it together. Further chaos ensues when Will announces No 1 The Green is flooded. His parents won’t be able to move in for a while. Clarrie’s not happy. She wanted to get settled so she could take her turn with the children; Grange Farm is so quiet now. Susan discloses it was Ed who left Emma – and that she’d upset Emma by asking her what she’d done wrong. Susan wants to get Ed and Emma together for lunch tomorrow for Emma’s birthday, but Clarrie thinks it’s too soon. Eddie’s lined up some casual drover work for Ed at the market. Later Ed confesses the whole story about Tim Oatey to his parents. They’re shocked, but try to remain encouraging. Clarrie makes Ed promise he won’t disappear again for months like last time. Ed admits to Eddie that there are still some pesticide containers in the pole barn. Eddie agrees to get rid of it – above board.


Aug 5, 2019 796


Jakob has a massage appointment at Spiritual Home. He has a sore shoulder which Kate’s told him she can help with. Alistair’s sceptical; he believes Kate might have another agenda. Kate powers through Jakob’s treatment, ignoring his critical asides, and tries to encourage him to re-book for further sessions. Alistair’s even more convinced Kate has an interest in Jakob which goes beyond that of a mere client. Shula’s still reeling from the fallout over the winner of the church art project idea. Freddie was picked out at random by Alan, she insists. This project was meant to unite the village, but instead it’s been so stressful, she laments to Alistair. Well, they are united, quips Alistair – in blame! The two share a laugh. Alistair reports that he feels he might be getting a bit of the old Jim back. Shula’s pleased. The main thing is that Jim’s spoken about his experiences. As Kirsty begins to prepare her outdoor space at Beechwood and looks forward to her new job, she can’t help but feel guilty about Emma and the empty little corner of the development where she and Ed should now be settling. Philip suggests Kirsty just enjoys the moment. He whisks her off her feet to carry her over the threshold – but he puts his neck out in the process.


Aug 4, 2019 795


Lynda’s impressed with the turnout at the fete. Ben and Ruairi pat themselves on the back. But there’s a hiccup with the deflating sumo costumes, and another when Tiggy’s grunge band is a no-show. However Lynda’s ready with a Plan B and entertains with a serious dunking. Hugh’s victory over Ian in the soufflé competition is another tricky moment, but at least the tried and trusted Hollerton Silver Band seems to be going down well with the crowd. Ben and Ruairi concede they’re grateful for Lynda and her presence of mind. Freddie is announced as the owner of the winning idea for the church art project. Shula’s upset by accusations of nepotism from Susan, and further lobbying from Lynda. Susan’s too fretful over Emma’s situation to concentrate on running the tombola. She’s relieved when the fete’s over; she’s had to field questions all day about her daughter to which she has no answers. Neil advocates patience. Emma will open up about the split with Ed when she’s ready. Susan’s mollified, assuring Neil she’ll be there for Emma, and together they’ll help her find a way through this.


Aug 2, 2019 790


Writer - Liz John Director - Jeremy Howe Editor - Jeremy Howe Ruth Archer ..... Felicity Finch Pip Archer ..... Daisy Badger Ben Archer ..... Ben Norris Helen Archer ..... Louiza Patikas Brian Aldridge ..... Charles Collingwood PC Harrison Burns ..... James Cartwright Neil Carter .... Brian Hewlett Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison Clarrie Grundy ..... Heather Bell Will Grundy ..... Philip Molloy Ed Grundy ..... Barry Farrimond Emma Grundy ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan Tracy Horrobin ..... Susie Riddell Jim Lloyd ..... John Rowe Adam Macy ..... Andrew Wincott Kate Madikane ..... Perdita Avery Jazzer McCreary ..... Ryan Kelly Fallon Rogers ..... Joanna Van Kampen Lynda Snell ..... Carole Boyd Peggy Woolley ..... June Spencer


Aug 1, 2019 791


Neil’s chuffed the bank will loan them fifteen thousand pounds. Emma’s at her wits end; with Chris’s nineteen hundred and Will’s three thousand it’s still not enough to reduce the mortgage. The exchange is tomorrow - why is everyone so reluctant to help? At Grey Gables, Lynda is sceptical of Ben and Ruairi’s big plans for the fete and their mysterious solution for dunk the vicar. A frantic Emma arrives with Ed's receptionist job application and Lynda’s nose is put out of joint as Emma finishes the application herself before handing it in. Later, Ben reveals his decision to hire a YouTube celebrity as the fete’s dunkee. Lynda is appalled and offers up herself for the greater good. Neil phones Emma to say Keira’s got Chickenpox. On the way to pick her up, Emma runs into Fallon. She offers her extra shifts at the tearoom but Emma’s had enough. Fallon won’t babysit Keira and she needs these hours at the chicken factory. Neil seems disappointed that Emma’s picking arguments with friends. She should just go home. Back at Grange Farm, Tracy comforts a hopeless Emma. She gives Emma a generous donation and the name of someone who could give them a loan. Ed is horrified by the idea of a loan shark and embarrassed by Emma’s begging for money. He’s got an interview for a care work job on Monday. They’ve just got to keep trying.


Jul 31, 2019 794


Clarrie apologises to Lynda for not helping out with the fete. She’s a little sad to be leaving Grange Farm but Lynda reassures her all will be well. She’s not sure she can say the same for the fete with Ruairi and Ben’s increasing influence. Later, Alan’s participation in her treasured “Dunk the Vicar” tradition begins to look uncertain. Clarrie senses Emma’s mounting stress. Ed’s not found anything at the job centre. Emma tells him to ask Oliver about a vacancy at Grey Gables. With Oliver away, Ed finds Lynda’s application process and deadline daunting. Meanwhile, Emma reports to Tracy her talk with Justin over delaying the move’s completion came to nothing. Tracy encourages despairing Emma to rally; she’s a Horrobin after all. Emma’s also asked Chris for financial support but he seemed hesitant. Tracy recommends asking Peggy for help; she seems to be giving it away. In a bid to see Jakob, Kate encourages hostile Hilda into her basket. She takes her to Jakob even after Peggy's pointed out he's a horse vet. On her return Kate reports she has Jakob booked in for a massage. Peggy only hopes he takes the hint. Emma arrives begging for a loan. After all, she’s done so much for the community. But she receives a firm ‘no’ from Peggy. Tracy reassures downhearted Emma; if you want something enough, nothing’s over till it’s over.


Jul 30, 2019 788


Will has sorted three grand to lend to Ed and Emma; he feels responsible at any rate. Ed’s reluctant to take it but knows he can’t afford to refuse. Sensing how envious Helen is that Emma and Ed will have their own family home, Emma backs out of asking her for money. Helen’s happy for them and promises to visit as soon as they’ve settled in. Ruth is surprised to find Brian delivering the combine in Ed’s place. Ed arrives separately looking for work around the farm. He contemplates asking Josh to sell his tractor for him, but Pip talks him out of it. Ed couldn’t go contracting without it. Waiting to pick up Keira, who’s been home sick all day, Ed’s comforted by a sympathetic Brian. He hopes Ed’s recent unemployment won’t scupper his housing plans.


Jul 29, 2019 788


Emma tells Neil that Ed has been fired. Neil thinks it’ll be a tall order for Ed to secure a new job in just one week. Emma’s hoping that reducing their mortgage could help their situation. Neil agrees to contact the bank. Jim is preparing materials for the ‘Make a Nesting Box’ stall he’s running with Robert at the fete. He hopes that keeping busy will help to take his mind off everything. Emma helps Jim load the materials into the car, and asks him a favour. Could he lend her and Ed a few thousand towards their mortgage? Astounded, Jim thinks it’s quite an inappropriate request. For Emma’s sake, he’ll forget they had this conversation. Turning to Fallon, she begs for a pretend Tearoom contract for Ed which proves to be no more fruitful. Fallon can’t just lie to HMRC. Has Emma forgotten who Fallon’s married to? Jazzer heads to Woodbine Cottage and asks to speak to Harrison privately. Jazzer explains that a friend was abused as a child and discloses Harold Jayston’s identity. He’s concerned other children could have been abused too. Harrison assures Jazzer that the police will look into it. Jazzer’s done the right thing.


Jul 28, 2019 793


At Grange Farm, Eddie and Emma discuss the coming move but Ed seems somewhat distracted. Later, Will discovers his outburst has cost Ed his job at Home Farm. Ed tells Emma that he’s been laid off and makes an excuse about restructuring at Home Farm. He’s sure he’ll find something else. Emma storms over to Adam’s office; he can’t just let Ed go after he’s worked his guts off for Home Farm. Adam explains that Ed wasn’t let go, he was sacked. By rights, he should have told the police about the illegal pesticides, but he had to think of Home Farm’s reputation. Emma is furious that Ed lied and showed her up in front of Adam. She won’t let him blame Will. Ed explains that they’ll have to ring the mortgage company to explain the ‘change of circumstance’ before they exchange contracts. Emma tells him to find another job this week. She’s not losing their home after she’s worked her fingers to the bone to get it. Eddie’s feeling a lot more optimistic about the move to Number One, The Green. They have to remain positive, that’s the only way to get through this. Emma agrees: they’ve all got to be positive.


Jul 26, 2019 793


Will's actions have terrible consequences and Adam finds himself backed into a corner Writer - Tim Stimpson Director - Kim Greengrass Editor - Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ..... Patricia Greene Pip Archer ..... Daisy Badger Kenton Archer ..... Richard Attlee Pat Archer ..... Patricia Greene Tom Archer ..... William Troughton Phoebe Aldridge ….. Lucy Morris Lilian Bellamy ..... Sunny Ormonde Leonard Berry ..... Paul Copley Elizabeth Pargetter ..... Alison Dowling Rex Fairbrother ..... Nick Barber Toby Fairbrother ..... Rhys Bevan Alan Franks ..... John Telfer Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison Clarrie Grundy ..... Heather Bell Will Grundy ..... Philip Molloy Ed Grundy ..... Barry Farrimond Emma Grundy ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan Shula Hebden Lloyd ..... Judy Bennett Alistair Lloyd ..... Michael Lumsden Jim Lloyd ..... John Rowe Adam Macy ..... Andrew Wincott Jazzer McCreary ..... Ryan Kelly Kirsty Miller ..... Annabelle Dowler Tim Oatey .....Carl Prekopp Johnny Phillips ..... Tom Gibbons Robert Snell ..... Graham Blockey Lynda Snell ..... Carole Boyd


Jul 25, 2019 796


Rex agrees to supply Tom with the pigs he’s bought from Neil, but he was surprised Tom didn’t mind going non-organic. Rex asks if everyone else is on board with Tom’s decision, but Tom dodges the question. Pat is surprisingly on board with Tom’s move, of course she’d have preferred organic, but it’s a reasonable compromise. Lynda arrives at Greenacres in search of Jim, but he’s already gone off birding at Arkwright Lake. She was hoping he could use his mature voice of wisdom to back her up at the fete committee. Jazzer firmly tells her that Jim won’t want to attend. Jim gets up to leave when Robert arrives at the hide; he just wants to enjoy some peace and quiet. Before Jim can leave, Robert piques his attention by saying he’s spotted a reed bunting. Determined to prove to Robert that it’s just a common house sparrow, Jim decides to stay for a while. Jim and Robert have a successful afternoon and even spot a lapwing. They’ll have to avoid the fete committee again sometime. Jim seems in high spirits when he returns home, so Alistair seizes the moment and asks if he’s considered reporting Harold to the police. Jim doesn’t want to. His whole life would become about what Harold did to him, and he’s fought hard to be more than that. He won’t let him win now.


Jul 24, 2019 786


Kirsty’s had her induction shift with the Wildlife Trust. At The Bull, Adam asks if she’s heard of anyone else applying for Peggy’s fund. Toby’s heard that Terry Button is applying; he wants to turn Ambridge into Fungusopolis. Toby wonders how Kenton’s feeling after a night on the Scruff gin punch. It might explain why so many mistakes have slipped through today. When Kirsty’s left waiting a long time for her drink, Kenton and Lilian go to investigate. Toby explains that the cellar hasn’t been properly restocked. Oliver has been picking up the slack since Jolene’s been on tour. He’s been doing everything. Emma and Ed visit their Beechwood house to have a look around. Ed loves seeing Emma looking so happy. Later, over drinks she thanks Ed for working so hard for them. She forgot to tell him, the bloke who shunted her car got in contact. He’d been on his way to visit his wife in hospital and had been feeling terrible about shouting at her. Ed’s pleased the ordeal is over. Emma sighs that it’s all finally coming together.


Jul 23, 2019 779


Phoebe fills Rex in on their proposal; she’s been up half the night, but she thinks she’s cracked it. They need to get Pip on board. At Rosie’s first birthday party, Pip quizzes Rex and Phoebe about why they’ve been spending so much time together. Phoebe explains they’ve been working on a bid for Peggy’s trust together. Phoebe tries to engage Pip in rewilding, the idea behind their bid. Their proposal is to return parts of Ambridge back to nature. Pip isn’t convinced; Peggy’s looking for ways of making farming more sustainable, not getting rid of it all together. Besides, Brookfield already have their own bid. Pip says she’ll have a look at the research, but she’s not making any promises. They’re interrupted when Toby arrives with Rosie’s birthday surprise: a unicorn. Rex tells Toby that Tom wants him to rear pork meat for Bridge Farm. He wants to be cautious, though, he’s never reared pigs to slaughter weight before. Toby thinks Rex just needs to make it happen. He has faith in him, but it won’t make any difference unless Rex has faith in himself. Shula tells Elizabeth of her plans to become a vicar. Elizabeth thinks she’d be a fantastic vicar and promises not to tell anyone of Shula’s plans. It was Freddie who gave her the idea, and suddenly, after months of feeling directionless, she knew what she had to do.


Jul 22, 2019 786


Up early for his milk round, Jazzer overhears Jim crying out in his sleep. Jim is comforted by Jazzer, and explains that his nightmares have been getting worse. Jazzer tells Jim not to go into the shop in the morning and sends Jim back to bed, he’ll deal with Susan. Leonard pops into the shop to surprise Jill, who’s covering for Jim. Over lunch, they come across Jazzer. Jill pointedly notes that Jim has been letting people down a lot recently. She thinks it’s rude. Jazzer retorts that there are people in the world who’ve done worse things than missing a shift at the village shop and makes his leave. Leonard asks Jill if she had to get so angry with Jazzer; it was embarrassing. Jill apologises, she was just annoyed because their morning had been spoilt. Tom leaves Johnny and Tony to see to the pigs, while he heads out to make a start on the sausages. Pat’s not impressed that he’s delegated work to Tony. As Tom is telling Pat about the Bridge Fresh figures, Johnny arrives back with a sprained ankle. He fell head-first into one of the wallows. Pat thinks the accident wouldn’t have happened if Tom had found a new pork supplier and got rid of the pigs. He needs to get on with it and find a new supplier – now.


Jul 21, 2019 787


The Grundys are baling hay at Grange Farm. Eddie thinks their traditional means of ‘preserving the meadows’ will help secure them the funding from Peggy’s trust. Clarrie’s feeling sentimental, and she’s pleased to see Will and Ed working so well together. Just because they’re moving house, doesn’t mean they’re leaving the farm, and Ed will still be farming there like the family have for generations. There’s no getting rid of the Grundys. Shula tells Alan she’s not going to give up on ordination. Alan wonders if she’s trying to make amends for breaking her marriage vows. Shula says that’s not it at all, she just knows that God has never abandoned her no matter how many times she’s slipped. She thinks this means ordination is her calling. Alan is convinced by Shula’s conviction; he’ll arrange for her to meet with the Diocesan Director of Ordinands. He knew if her calling was genuine, she wouldn’t be able to resist it. And here she is.


Jul 19, 2019 791


Clarrie sits William down to talk. She hasn’t breathed a word about him taking Poppy to work, but he needs to make a plan for the summer holidays. William agrees to talk to Bev, which is just as well because Clarrie has invited her over for lunch. Bev tells Will how much they’ve all missed Poppy. Bev is horrified to discover Will thinks she’d take Poppy away from him. Bev breaks down; none of this would happen if Nic were still here. She promises she’d never try to take Poppy away, she just wants to see her. Clarrie suggests they work out a regular arrangement for Poppy to visit Bev. As Tom tries to tell Eddie that he doesn’t need his help with the Conservation Trust bid, Eddie apologises and resigns from his position as Orchard Consultant. He’s decided to work on a Grundy proposal instead. Eddie’s sure Tom and Natasha will make a decent go of it, even without his help. By way of apology, Eddie tells Tom he’ll waive his consultancy fee; a few pints should cover it. Jim invites Shula round for tea and apologises for his outburst. He tells Shula he’d be grateful if she didn’t mention what she’s gathered of Jim’s past. Shula asks Jim if she might pray for him. Jim says he’d appreciate it very much.


Jul 18, 2019 781


Adam and Ian head into Felpersham for a night out with Alice, Chris and Phoebe. While Chris gets up on stage to enter a dance off, tired Adam and Ian sneak home without saying goodbye. Chris peaks too soon, and is so drunk that Alice and Phoebe have to bundle him into Rex’s taxi before midnight. Alice discovers that Phoebe is putting in a bid for Peggy’s fund, but she’s not going to tell them anything about it. Alistair tells Shula he’s put his foot in it with Jim again. Alistair suggested some helplines to him, but it seems to have made things worse again. Shula suggests that Alistair rings a helpline himself, and invites Alistair round to The Stables that night, so that he can call in privacy. Alistair finds the phone call really helpful; he hadn’t realised relatives could seek support too. For now, the most important thing is for them to listen to Jim, and to help him decide in his own time what action he wants to take, if any. Shula reminds Alistair that healing is a process, not an endpoint. Alistair thanks her; he doesn’t know what he’d have done without her. She really is a godsend.


Jul 17, 2019 786


Kirsty and Phoebe are having breakfast together, when Kirsty spots that Peggy has been featured on the homepage of The Echo’s website. She thinks it’s forward thinking of Peggy to open her fund to bids from Ambridge residents. While she’s at her laptop, an email arrives: she’s been offered the Wildlife Trust job. Kirsty and Phoebe meet at The Bull for a celebratory lunch. Phoebe’s struggling to adjust back into a quiet life in Ambridge after university. She wants to do something with real impact, like a green start up. Kirsty tries to find out more, but Phoebe tells her she’ll just have to wait and see. Lilian tells Kenton of her plans to make The Bull more upmarket. They need to do something to shake the place up. Kenton discovers Philip taking measurements of The Bull; Lilian’s instructed him to touch up the paintwork, create a feature wall and install hanging lightbulbs. Exasperated, Kenton sends Philip away; they just don’t have the funds for renovation work. Kirsty suggests to Eddie that the Grundys put in a proposal for Peggy’s fund, now anyone can bid. Eddie approaches Lilian to find out more about the fund. After all the great publicity on The Echo website, he imagines they’ll be inundated with applicants. Lilian thinks he could be right.


Jul 16, 2019 795


It’s the day of Ben’s driving test and he’s nervous about being asked to do a hill start. Ben and Ruairi bump into Leonard. Ben wishes someone could park up on the hill so he won’t be able to stop there in his test. Later, Ruairi and Leonard park up on the hill to help Ben out. Ben doesn’t look impressed when he comes out of his driving test. Leonard and Ruairi were parked on the wrong hill! It was the first thing he had to do in his test. Leonard’s apologetic, he’ll make it up to him. But Ben smiles, he did pass in the end, no thanks to them. Leonard agrees to take them out for a celebratory burger. Fiona and Alistair arrive in Stratford with Jim to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace. As they walk through Stratford, Jim tells them about their mother. He never told her about the abuse. Later, they take Jim into a music shop to collect the belated birthday present they’ve bought him: a keyboard. Fiona thinks they’ve made real progress: getting Jim out the house and persuading him to accept the keyboard. She asks Alistair to try to persuade Jim to seek professional counselling. He needs more help than they can give.


Jul 15, 2019 794


Natasha’s keen to discuss the plans for the Orchard Village with Tom. Eddie’s been really enthusiastic about it, but Tom thinks involving the Grundys will spell failure for the project. Clarrie and Eddie get ready for a night out at the open air cinema in Felpersham. Will’s disappointed that they won’t be able to help out with babysitting. Later, Clarrie and Eddie drive down to Greenwood. They left after the opening credits of the film because Clarrie had a feeling that something wasn’t right. Eddie receives a text from Natasha. He goes off to meet her, leaving Clarrie waiting for Will. Eddie meets with Natasha, who tries to gently tell him that Tom and her would rather keep their Orchard Village bid in the family. Eddie doesn’t pick up the hint and thanks Natasha. He’s moved that they’d consider him part of the family. He proposes a toast to the Orchard Village. Will comes into the house, carrying Poppy. He’s surprised to see Clarrie and tells her he only popped out for a minute. Clarrie isn’t fooled, she’s been waiting there for three hours. She knows he took Poppy to work with him. She’s spoken to Bev, who said she hadn’t heard from William in months. He can’t face the thought of Bev taking Poppy away. She’s all he has left. Clarrie makes him promise Poppy won’t go near his work again.


Jul 14, 2019 797


Peggy invites Lilian over for an urgent meeting. Peggy and the trustees have agreed that the fund should be open for anyone in the civil parish Ambridge to bid for. They must live there, and be part of the community. Whilst exciting, it’s going to require a lot of work, so she’s changing Lilian’s title to Chief Operating Officer to reflect the extra responsibilities. Later, at The Bull, Lilian gives Adam the heads up that villagers from outside the family will be able to apply for Peggy’s fund. Lilian has a plan: she’ll send the announcement to the advertising pages of The Echo, in the hope no one will read it. Alistair asks Jim if he can tell Fiona what really happened in Jim’s childhood. She’s feeling pushed out and is starting to worry that Jim is gravely ill. Alistair explains the situation to Fiona, who is horrified. She thinks they should have known, that Alistair should have spotted something in the time they’ve lived together. She assures Jim that everything will be alright, they’ll deal with it together.


Jul 12, 2019 788


Fiona tries to get Alistair to talk to her about Jim, but he refuses. She feels as though she’s always on the outside when Jim and Alistair are together. Adam’s cherry pickers finally arrive. He discovers the fruit has been damaged by unforecast rain in the night; maybe a quarter of the crop has been lost. They’ll have to be sold for jam. Ian cheers Adam up with some news. He pulled Alice’s challenge out the hat: they have to go clubbing in the Gay Village in Birmingham. For breakfast, Ian presents Adam with a cheese soufflé. He’s practising for his soufflé-making contest against Hugh at the village fete. Alistair makes a careless mistake when checking on a new-born foal and its mother. Thankfully, Jakob spotted the incomplete placenta and manages the situation well. Shula doesn’t want Alistair to beat himself up about it. Everyone makes mistakes. She’s worked out roughly what happened to Jim and wants to be able to support Alistair. If the two of them work together, she hopes they might be able to find a way to help Jim.


Jul 11, 2019 794


Will is furious with Ed for letting Poppy witness Peppa being taken away. Will explains that Bev is on the lookout for any signs there’s something wrong. He’s worried that Poppy will be taken away if Bev finds out about Ed’s illegal pesticide work. Ed bluffs and tells him he’s already finished with Tim for good. Toby blindfolds Rex and takes him out for a birthday surprise. Rex hates surprises, but is pleased to discover that Toby’s planned a day’s fishing with Rosie and a picnic. Rex says he’s had a card from Anisha, with an invitation to her wedding inside. As they talk, Rosie pulls herself up and teeters towards Rex. Jim is apprehensive about apologising to Lynda. He tells Alistair how gracious Shula was when he went to speak to her. Lynda is very understanding when he starts to apologise, and invites him in for coffee. She fills Jim in on the latest with the fete committee: Ben and Ruairi are breathing new life into it. Alistair arrives home to discover Fiona sitting on his doorstep. She wants to know what’s going on with Jim. Jim is flustered and tells Alistair not to say a word to Fiona. He wishes he’d taken it as secret to his grave.


Jul 10, 2019 778


Emma tells Clarrie that Ed’s got a good price for Peppa Pig. She’s decided to have a little celebration at the weekend. With the money from the ram and the extra from her cleaning shifts, she’s been able to afford the coffee table she’s been coveting. The man who comes to collect Peppa jokes about making him into lamb chops, which makes Poppy cry. She’s soon brought round, but Emma decides Will doesn’t need to know the full details. Shula tracks Jazzer down to discuss Jim. She just wants to know how he is, but Jazzer assumes she’s digging for information and gives her short shrift. Kirsty finds Shula sitting by Caroline’s tree. It’s two years today since Caroline died. Shula admits she can’t talk to anyone the way she’d talk to Caroline nowadays. Kirsty vents her frustrations about work and her difficult customers to Shula. Kirsty thanks her. She thinks Caroline was lucky to have such a wise person as a best friend.


Jul 9, 2019 788


Lilian tries to reassure a nervous Alice ahead of her presentation for Pryce Baumann. Lilian thinks Alice’s presentation sounds preferable to trying to out-smart Peggy. She’s less than thrilled at the prospect of being her mother’s unpaid dogsbody. Jim tells Jazzer that he’s worked through his apologies list. There’s just one more person he has to visit: Lynda Snell. He discusses his apologies list with Lilian in The Bull over a coffee. She persuades him to put off his apology for another time. Ruairi complains to Adam about how bored he is at home. He’s already fed up of having Jennifer breathing down his neck. Adam’s interrupted by a phone call. The cherry pickers have cancelled. Ruairi and Jazzer work to fold back the sides of the polytunnel to stop the cherries spoiling. Meanwhile, Alice arrives, stressing about her scary presentation. Jazzer snaps at her; it’s not scary, she’s being self-indulgent. Adam demands that Jazzer apologise to Alice for his outburst.


Jul 8, 2019 792


Toby helps Lilian prepare the upstairs of The Bull for her party. She can’t wait to be able to dance with all her friends without being judged by her family. Natasha arrives at Grange Farm to give Clarrie a makeover, but Clarrie’s gone out to collect Poppy. As Natasha goes to leave, Eddie stalls her and says that, actually, the makeover’s for him. Sitting in the kitchen with a facemask on, Eddie tries to quiz Natasha about her plans for the Orchard Village. She explains that their plan is to get everyone in Ambridge involved, not just farmers. Eddie explains that she’ll need a local expert to help her with his plans. And funnily enough, he might just know someone. Back at home, Natasha fills Tom in on the interesting bloke she met earlier. He’s offered his consultancy services for the Orchard Village. Tom realises who she’s talking about. He needs to explain to her about Eddie Grundy. Later, Lilian’s party is in full swing. Just as she’s about to find Justin for a dance, Toby tells Lilian that Peggy has arrived. Lilian can’t believe the way Peggy is working the room, flirting with her friends. Peggy tells Lilian she’s had a little idea: she’d like her to be the Trust Administrator.


Jul 7, 2019 792


Tom quizzes Adam about his idea for a Soil Academy for Peggy’s proposal. He explains to Adam that he and Natasha will be submitting their plans for turning Ambridge into an Orchard Village. Tom breaks the news to Tony that they’ll be submitting a proposal after all. Tony thinks there’s no point in trying to stop them, but he wants nothing to do with it. Eddie and Clarrie discuss how grown up Poppy is being about the sale of Peppa Pig. Clarrie tells Eddie about Tom and Natasha’s plan to plant apple trees around the village. Intrigued, Eddie goes to find Natasha at the cricket. Jazzer and Alistair join Jim in the kitchen. Every time they mention his sleepless behaviour or offer their support, he changes the subject quickly. Later, Jim tells Alistair how settled he’s always felt in Ambridge. He’s decided it’s time to apologise to the people he feels he’s let down. He may not be able to change the past, but he can choose how he faces the future. He’s going to make amends with his friends and neighbours, then carry on with his life.


Jul 5, 2019 773


Alistair finds a flustered Emma at the side of a road. A man in a pick-up has just driven into the back of her car. When she asked for his details, he shouted at her then left without giving his details. Ed is frantic when she tells him, and wants her to relay every detail. Later, he confronts Tim. It must have been him who arranged for Emma’s car to be rear-ended to threaten Ed. Tim swears he had nothing to do with it. He’s spoken to the guys and they’ve taken the blame for standing Ed up the other night. Tim explains that Ed’s in the clear, but Ed has had enough, he wants Tim to clear the stuff out of his barn. Tim assures him the scam is nearly over, but until then, these men own him and Ed. They just have to carry on for two more weeks. Jim rejects Jazzer’s offers of company and a walk to the pub. He let Susan talk him into going outside yesterday, and look how that ended up. Alistair is grateful to Jazzer for trying to engage with Jim. They ask Jim if he will consider counselling, but he’s having none of it. Jazzer’s had enough, he thinks Jim should go to the police, but all Jim wants is to be left alone. So where do they go from here? If you have been affected by Jim’s storyline, details of organisations offering information and support are available at, or you can call for free at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077.


Jul 4, 2019 784


Justin’s feeling abandoned by Lilian. She spurned his trip to Siena and now she’s spending another evening at The Bull covering the pub quiz for Jim. Justin arrives at The Bull and joins Pat and Tony’s quiz team; it’s the only way he can spend time with Lilian. Justin keeps heckling her, so Lilian deducts points from their team. After the quiz, Lilian admits the quiz was the most fun she’s had in ages. She promises to spend more time with Justin if he stops moaning about how little he sees her. She’s also decided she’d like a party for her birthday, in the Flood Bar at The Bull, but none of her family will be invited. Tom is frosty with Pat, Tony and Johnny and rejects their invitation to join their pub quiz team. He’s still not forgiven his parents for suggesting the post-nup. That evening, he tells Natasha that he’s trying to rationalise the idea of a post-nup. Natasha has a gift for him: her grandfather’s signet ring. She wants to prove to him that she’s not going anywhere. After the quiz, they arrive at The Bull to tell Pat and Tony that Tom’s agreed to signing the post-nup. When they’re alone, Natasha asks when they’ll tell the family they’ve decided to put in a proposal for Peggy’s Conservation Trust. Tom thinks there’s no rush, they should take it one step at a time.


Jul 3, 2019 789


Alan catches Shula while she’s out riding. He’s come up with a solution for the Art Project deadlock. They should simply put all the ideas in a hat and pull one out, then he can announce the winner at the fete. Alan hopes Shula didn’t get him wrong when they discussed her ordination. She assures him he was right to give her a grilling. She’s decided it’s not for her anyway. Phoebe admits to Peggy that she has no idea what she wants to do now she’s finished university. Lots of her friends have already secured internships and grad schemes. Peggy tells Phoebe not to hurry, she’ll know when the right thing comes around. Susan arrives at Greenacres to find Jim; he’s fifteen minutes late for his shift at the village shop. Jim tries to make his excuses, but Susan insists he goes into work. Alan visits the shop to pick up a magazine, but Jim becomes flustered when it won’t scan properly. He feels completely useless; he should never have left the house. Alan helps him, then suggests that Jim goes home. He’s happy to cover for him. Later, Shula calls in on Alistair. She’d heard what happened at the shop and offers to talk to Jim. Alistair tells her he knows how best to deal with his father. Hurt, Shula says she won’t bother them again.


Jul 2, 2019 793


Before his driving test, Ben rings Ruairi, who’s just got back from boarding school. Ben’s confident about the test and tells him he’s landed a date with Tiggy. Josh has even agreed to lend him his car, provided he covers his milking shifts for the rest of his life. Peggy catches up with Emma, who’s come to clean for her. Emma tells her Peggy she thinks the Ambridge Conservation Trust is unfair, why should it only be open to members of her family? Emma thinks there are lots of other farmers in the community who would have ideas about sustainability and protecting the environment. A dejected Ben returns from his driving test. He tries to convince Ruairi that his examiner was ill and the test was cancelled, but Ruairi’s buying none of it. He can tell Ben failed. He struggled with reversing round a corner, and the hill start was a disaster. Thankfully, he’s managed to postpone his date with Tiggy until after his retake. He swears Ruairi to secrecy. Tom is still furious about the post-nup, but Natasha is adamant that it’s a fair idea. She isn’t at all offended. Tom admits that he’s worried the legal process will be so arduous Natasha will want to leave him again. She assures Tom she has no intention of leaving him again, but he’s sorry, he can’t agree to a post-nup.


Jul 1, 2019 784


Shula and Lilian catch up with Phoebe, who’s returned from Oxford. She’s not got a job or internship lined up, so Lilian encourages her to make the most of being a free woman. Later, she catches up with Adam about his bid for Peggy’s proposal: he wants to start a Home Farm soil academy. He wants to get farmers and academics from around the globe to visit the venue they’d create, using Home Farm land as a test bed for restoring soil fertility. Phoebe thinks he needs to make the whole idea sound more ‘sexy’. Jazzer and Alistair find Jim frantically clearing out the kitchen cupboards. He rejects their offer of help. Alistair wonders if Jim’s using it as a coping mechanism. At The Bull, Lilian tries to discuss her birthday plans with Jazzer, but he’s not in the mood. When she mentions that Jim has let them down as quiz master again, he storms off. Alistair and Jazzer return home to find Jim surrounded by pans on the kitchen floor. He started trying to tidy, but it all got too much for him. They assure Jim that they’ll finish the tidying for him. Jazzer’s all for revenge, but Alistair thinks there might be a better way to help Jim. He tells Jazzer he’s been doing research into organisations that help survivors of abuse. It’ll be an uphill struggle trying to get Jim to see a counsellor, but they can’t just sit back and watch him suffer. If you have been affected by Jim’s storyline, details of organisations offering information and support are available at, or you can call for free at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077.


Jun 30, 2019 777


Emma reports that Peggy’s asked her to come round and give the house a deep clean. She tells Ed that she’s agreed to do the work for double pay; with that money and some extra shifts at the chicken factory, she should be able to afford an upcycled coffee table from Fallon. An exhausted Ed goes to confront Tim: the guys never showed up for the handover, even though he waited out until it was getting light. Ed’s had to hide the stuff in the pole barn. Emma finds Tim and Ed disguising the contraband behind a straw bale. Tim bluffs that he’s collecting some straw bedding for his kid’s guinea pig. Alistair tries to persuade Jim to join him and Jazzer on a walk, but Jim is daunted by the prospect of heading outside. Jim appreciates all that Alistair and Jazzer have done for him, but he needs to deal with this in his own way. Jazzer thinks that Harold Jayston, Jim’s abuser, needs to be punished, but Alistair decides that they must respect Jim’s decision and look for ways to help him. Anything else can wait.


Jun 28, 2019 813


Clarrie goes round to 1 The Green to take some measurements before they move in. At Greenacres Jim asks Jazzer and Alistair to sit down, he has something to tell them. He offers them both an apology and an explanation that may be difficult for them to listen to. Jim tells them that when he was growing up, he had a neighbour called Harold Jayston. The man who invited himself to the party. When Jim was eight years old, Harold started abusing him and Jim’s life was never the same again. Jazzer is furious and says he wants to find Harold and kill him. Alistair sends him away, he needs to be alone with Jim. Alistair tells Jim that he did the right thing in telling them. It changes everything. Now Alistair knows, Jim won’t have to face it alone anymore; he promises he’s here for him. If you have been affected by Jim’s storyline, details of organisations offering information and support are available at, or you can call for free at any time to hear recorded information on 0800 077 077.


Jun 27, 2019 792


Josh finds Ben watching a video of a girl band from college. He finds out Ben is interested in a girl called Tiggy and tries to give him some unwelcome tips. Later, Ben sits in on the fete committee meeting with Shula, Bert and Jill. He’s changed his mind, he would like to be their Youth Advisor. Ben has some ideas to make the whole event livelier. Shula pulls Jill up on her unsympathetic attitude to Jim’s recent behaviour. Distracted Shula leaves: she’s got something important to do. Bert’s horrified to hear that Ben wants to cancel the Hollerton Silver Band. Josh is on to him: he can tell that Ben just wants an excuse to hire Tiggy’s band to play instead. Shula goes round to see Jim, who lets her in. He apologises for the other day; it was a moment of madness. Shula isn’t sure that’s true. She can’t stand by while there’s something poisoning his relationship with Alistair. If he can’t talk to her, he should think about talking to Alistair. Jim and Alistair have got themselves caught in a stalemate. But there’s one thing she’s sure of: Alistair loves Jim and would move heaven and earth to save him any more pain. Why not give him the chance?


Jun 26, 2019 789


Pat invites Tom and Natasha to lunch and brings up the topic of a post-nup. Tom is furious, he thinks Pat doesn’t trust Natasha not to leave him and walk off with part of the farm. Pat explains that it’s just a sensible piece of housekeeping; of course she trusts Natasha. Natasha says she’s quite happy to sign a post-nup. In fact, she thinks it’s a good idea. Trust isn’t enough to go off, and Tom’s only known her for a few months. Tom thinks it’s a real slap in the face, and leaves. Tony thought it was Natasha who would hit the roof! Shula calls round at Jim’s to see if he’s alright, but he won’t let her in. She catches Alistair at the surgery, who tells her about his disastrous night spent trying to make conversation with Jakob. Shula implores Alistair to try to speak to Jim one more time. Alistair tries to talk to Jim, but the last thing Jim wants is to chat. He rushes off in his car to take his broken keyboard to the tip. Later, Alistair tells Shula he’s found a flat in Borchester. He could move in a week or so. Shula tells him he can’t give up on Jim just yet. Alistair’s resolute. He and Jim have reached the end of the line. If he can move to Borchester, they’d hardly need to see each other, which suits him just fine.


Jun 25, 2019 779


Susan’s concerned Keira isn’t feeling so happy about moving house. Keira admits to Emma she was pretending. She thinks Grandma Clarrie is sad that they won’t be living with her anymore. She was worried Susan would make Clarrie even sadder if she told her how excited Keira was. Shula asks Alistair how he’d feel if she went to speak to Jim herself. Alistair thinks Shula would be lucky if Jim lets her through the door. Later, Shula arrives at Greenacres to find Jim alone. She won’t leave until they’ve had a proper conversation about him and Alistair. He should take his anger about the party out on her, she organised it and did the invitations. He asks if she invited a man called Harold Jayston. Shula says he’d come with an elderly neighbour and had invited himself. Shula only shared a few words with him, but he played some tunes on Jim’s keyboard. Jim breaks down, why did no one stop Harold going near the keyboard? Now his keyboard is spoiled, tainted. He throws it to the floor and smashes it. Shula tries to ask what the matter is, but Jim tells her he’s fine. He just wants to be left alone.


Jun 24, 2019 783


Ed comes into the Tea Room with some good news for Emma. A man from the Three Counties has called to make another offer on Peppa the ram. Later, they tell Clarrie that this man is offering them five thousand pounds. Clarrie thinks they should take the windfall before it disappears. Emma agrees, they need the money for their house deposit. They should sell Peppa. Later, Emma shows Clarrie the furniture they’re going to get for Keira’s new room. Clarrie reminds Emma to think of Poppy too. Poppy loves Peppa, they’ll have to break the news to her very gently before Peppa goes. Jill, Shula and Lynda meet for a discussion about the fete. Jill reports that Fallon wants some younger members on the committee. Lynda and Shula don’t think there will be much interest. Jill asks Ben if he’ll be their youth advisor, but he says he’d be too humiliated if his mates found out. Later, Shula tells Jill how awful she feels about Jim’s behaviour hurting Alistair. Jill warns her not to make things even worse. Shula decides she’ll have to take that risk, there must be some way she can help.


Jun 23, 2019 794


Alistair packs up his belongings at Greenacres. He tells Shula and Jazzer that he’s still set on moving out. If he gets desperate, he’ll stay in Jakob’s spare room. Jim’s due back today; he’s been gone for ten days now. Tom asks Pat if she can help him. There’s a big cocktail stain on the carpet from the party and they don’t want their friendly landlord to find out. Pat and Tony discuss the post-nup. Tony still thinks it’s a bad idea, but he’s outnumbered by Helen’s support for Pat. Later, Tom bumps into Jazzer at the Tea Room. Jazzer tells Tom his job news. They both agree there’s no hard feelings between them. Jim arrives back at Greenacres. He had a fascinating visit to Aldborough. Jazzer comes in with a bottle of sherry and boxes of coffee and walnut cake, Jim’s favourite. Over a sherry they try to find out how Jim’s really feeling. He tells them he doesn’t want to talk. Is this some kind of interrogation? He gives Jazzer and Alistair their marching orders. He’s had enough of both of them.


Jun 21, 2019 788


Tom and Natasha’s Cuban-themed party is going down well. Pip and Alice have a poke around the bedroom. They wonder how Natasha stays looking so young. Pip finds the answer in a drawer: a leaflet for dermal fillers. Natasha persuades Susan to take one last cocktail for the road. Susan’s particularly taken by Pepe, the barman, who’s been giving her tips in case she ever visits Cuba. Natasha hopes Susan won’t be disappointed, Pepe’s never set foot in Havana. He’s called Malc and lives just outside Felpersham. Pat has managed to persuade a reluctant Tony to join in the party and forget about Peggy’s proposal for the evening. She does think they should consider the future of the farm, though. They need to protect Tom’s stake in the business. Pat thinks the best option is for Tom and Natasha to sign a post-nup to protect the future of the farm. She’s sure Natasha will understand, she’s a businesswoman after all. She’s convinced it’s the best option for the whole family.


Jun 20, 2019 781


Adam tries to help Ian overcome his arachnophobia by showing him pictures of spiders on his phone. Ian thinks Adam should conquer his aversion to risks for their bucket list challenge. A very nervous Jazzer arrives at Home Farm for his job interview. He thanks Adam and Ian for deciding to name the baby after him. An awkward Adam explains it was a mistake, but Jazzer knows a ‘text all’ scam when he sees one. Later, Jazzer visits Ian with his tarantula, Webster, in a travel box. Ian screams, knocking the box to the floor and Webster escapes. Ian finds her in the kitchen and traps her in a bowl. Now Ian’s taken the first step to conquering his fear, he persuades Adam to take a risk and put in a pitch for Peggy’s project. As Jazzer and Webster leave, Adam offers him the job. Tony visits Peggy and says that Bridge Farm won’t be putting in a bid and implores her to change her mind. Peggy thinks Tony’s being short-sighted. If he’s concerned about the family money, there’s one way he can make sure they don’t lose it: by coming up with the best bid.


Jun 19, 2019 792


Alistair gives Jazzer a mock interview for the aquaponics job. Jazzer can’t think of anything to ask at the end of the interview. They’ve still had no news on Jim, Alistair thinks he’s just being stubborn. An upset Shula phones Alistair, Dorothy’s broken up with Dan. Alice and Pip catch up at The Bull, but Pip keeps her cards close to her chest about Brookfield’s plan for Peggy’s proposal. They share their concerns about work and the responsibilities of being a parent. They agree they need to let their hair down at Tom and Natasha’s party. Behind the bar, Kenton gets a text to say that Oliver can’t make his shift. Lilian offers to cover for him. Later, she and Kenton discuss The Bull’s cash flow problem. She tells Kenton she needs something to sink her teeth into and would like to help out at The Bull more often. Besides, she comes for free. Shula comes round to Greenacres. She asks Alistair if he’ll ring Dan, she doesn’t want to keep bothering him. Alistair spends ages on the phone. When he comes back he tells Shula he rang Dorothy too. She told him she just didn’t feel a spark with Dan anymore. It reminded Alistair of when Shula ended their relationship. It’s got him thinking about his relationship with Jim. He’s decided it’s time to find a place of his own. He’s looking forward to a fresh start.


Jun 18, 2019 791


Kirsty discovers Philip setting up a new Smart TV. She wishes he’d told her he was buying one. He apologises. He feels like he’s messed up. Kirsty says she doesn’t mind, really. It’s just driven home how different their incomes are. She’s scared that going for the Wildlife Trust job means she’ll never be able to contribute the same financially to the relationship. Philip thinks she’s perfect for the job. She has to go for it. They’re a partnership and he really doesn’t care about money. At Bridge Farm, Lilian asks Tom to look out for Tony. She can tell he isn’t happy. He gets so worked up and it isn’t good for him. Later, Tom sits down with Tony to have a word. Tony’s concerned that Tom will put weeks of effort into a pitch that will amount to nothing. Tony’s been losing sleep worrying that the family will be torn apart. Tom decides he and Natasha will raise the capital for their orchard village another way. Tony thinks they’re a powerhouse, they can make any business succeed. Over tea, Lilian tells Peggy that she felt hurt that she wasn’t even invited to the meeting. Peggy admits that she shouldn’t have sidelined Lilian, but what she does with her money and how she treats her children are two different things. She stresses to Lilian that she shouldn’t ever doubt her feelings for her. And she’ll talk to Tony – when he’s ready to listen.


Jun 17, 2019 793


Natasha and Tom have grand plans for their Cuban-themed house warming. Susan brings Tom and Natasha a parcel that they missed: a Cuban flag for their party. She tells them that Emma’s luck seems to be in at the moment; Peppa Pig won the Texel yearling ram class at the Three Counties. Philip arrives with his belongings ready to move in with Kirsty. He hasn’t brought much, it looks more like he’s packed for a weekend break. Kirsty’s been offered a job interview with the Borsetshire Wildlife Trust. The role is to co-ordinate volunteers for a new project on the River Am. Kirsty talks herself out of going to the interview: it’s less money and Grey Gables is more convenient. Tom tells Tony his plans to submit a bid with Natasha for Peggy’s proposal. They want to turn Ambridge into an orchard village, planting fruit trees on every spare bit of land. Tony thinks Tom’s being selfish. Tom reports back to Natasha at the flat. Natasha wants to persevere, but thinks it’s important to have Tony on side. Their idea has legs, they can’t just let it go, can they?


Jun 16, 2019 778


Jazzer watches Alistair opening his Father’s Day present from Dan: socks. Alistair hasn’t sent Jim a message. He left on Friday without saying goodbye to either of them. Later, Jazzer gets an email: Adam’s inviting him to interview for the aquaponics job. He wishes Jim were there to help him prepare. Shula persuades Alistair to join her for a Father’s Day lunch at The Bull in Dan’s absence. She apologises for not coming to see him sooner. She feels she misjudged the birthday tribute and blames herself for Jim’s behaviour. Alistair thinks it’s time to accept that Jim’s never going to change. Adam arrives at Willow Cottage carrying a Father’s Day card from Lexi and the baby to its two daddies. Jennifer has set Adam and Ian a bucket list challenge to face a fear, so as not to pass their anxieties onto the baby. Lilian and Tony discuss Peggy’s proposal. Lilian thinks there’s no point in creating any more drama, it’s Peggy’s choice and they should let her get on with it. Tony’s going to do whatever it takes to change Peggy’s mind.


Jun 14, 2019 793


Adam drives Peggy up Lakey Hill. She tells him how different it was when she was younger. There were far more farms with labourers out in the fields. Adam thinks she’s been mischievous, being so secretive about the meeting. When Jennifer finds out Lilian is planning on gate-crashing the meeting, she decides she and Brian will go after all. Lilian arrives and demands to be let into the meeting. Peggy invites her in. Before the meeting, Tony tells Lilian and Jennifer that the man with the dark 4X4 is Peggy’s new financial adviser. Peggy opens the meeting by telling everyone how she’d helped Henry with a ‘Save our Planet’ science project recently. It made her realise that, with the right support, farmers like them could make a real difference to the earth. Like Henry, she wants to save the planet. That’s why she’s called the heads of the family farms together. She wants to offer half a million pounds to whoever comes up with the best sustainable farming idea, judged by a panel of experts. Lilian decides she’ll prove to Peggy that she’s just as capable as the others at coming up with an idea. Tony thinks Peggy’s plan is just a grand gesture. It’s like the will all over again. Adam is proud that Peggy wants to make a difference in her small corner of the world.


Jun 13, 2019 792


Jim issues a shocking instruction and the mystery surrounding Peggy's activities deepens


Jun 12, 2019 796


Lynda arrives at Greenacres and persuades Jim to let her in. She’s brought him a gift: a folder filled with the speeches that his friends were going to make on his birthday. He takes the folder, throws it in the bin, and leaves. Jazzer wonders if Jim was just embarrassed about walking out on his birthday. Lynda doesn’t think this rudeness is like Jim. Susan stays late after work to help Pat with a delivery of weaners. Johnny, Tony and Tom are out. Susan tells Pat that she had a text from Adam saying they’d be naming their baby after her. Lilian arrives at the farm and discovers Pat and Tony have been invited to Peggy’s meeting too. Their conversation is interrupted when the weaners escape. Lilian has no choice but to help round up the pigs. Lilian tells Susan that the text from Adam and Ian was a prank that clearly wasn’t just sent to family members. Pat tells her it’s just a silly joke. Susan doesn’t think there’s anything funny about it. Lilian tells Pat she has no idea why she’s not been invited. She thinks it’s because Peggy has never liked Justin. Pat thinks Lilian should go and ask Peggy herself. Lilian says Peggy has had ample opportunity to get in contact. She isn’t going to humiliate herself any further.


Jun 11, 2019 790


Alice helps Adam to decorate the baby’s nursery with animal wall stickers. They discuss the difficulties they had on Open Farm Sunday. The punters were less interested in Adam’s aquaponics than he thought they would be. Alice tells Adam about Brian heckling her and the demonstration going wrong. Adam fills Alice in on his skinny dipping challenge with Ian. Alice wonders why she and Lilian haven’t been invited to Peggy’s meeting on Friday. Ben arrives with a challenge for Adam and Ian from Ruairi. He takes both their phones and sends a mystery text. Leonard shows Jill around his bungalow. She’s impressed to discover he used to go out in hot air balloons as a hobby. He shows her to the spare room and says if they ever stay out late she could have it to herself. If she wanted. Later, over lunch, Leonard tells Jill about how nervous he was for their lunch date. He likes Jill a lot. She tells Leonard that she likes him too. Jill arrives back at Brookfield after midnight. Thankfully, Ben’s awake to let her in. He notices that she didn’t sleep over at Leonard’s then. Not tonight, no…


Jun 10, 2019 787


Susan asks Alistair how Jim is doing. She wants to know whether she’ll need to arrange cover for the rest of his shifts this week. Alistair promises he’ll speak to Jim. Later, Alistair and Jazzer decide to confront Jim, but when they go into his room he isn’t there. Susan and Lilian bump into Brian on the village green. He’s pleased to have found some positive articles about Alice’s robot trial for Pryce Baumann. They’re interrupted by a four by four driving past with tinted windows. Peggy is in the car with a silver-haired stranger. Brian calls David to see if he can think of anyone suitable to take on a role in Adam’s aquaponics project. David tells Brian he had an intriguing call from Peggy this morning. Brian did, too. Later, Lilian goes in search of Peggy, but she isn’t with Brian. He wonders if it’s all to do with Friday’s meeting with Jenny and Adam. Lilian hasn’t been told anything about it. Ruth and David discuss the success of Lynda’s barn tours at Open Farm Sunday. Ruth thinks they ought to at least consider renting out the barn. Ruth tells David that Jill will be spending all day at Leonard’s tomorrow. David’s concerned that the next step will be a sleepover…


Jun 9, 2019 796


Ruth and David are setting up the yard for Open Farm Sunday. Jill’s left for her lunch with Leonard, but she’s made scones and biscuits for the teas. Ben announces that Josh came home without Liberty last night, so they'll have to manage the refreshments without her. Ben thinks she was dumped. Alice is nervous about her robot demo at Gloverdale’s Farm. When the robots don’t work for her demonstration, Brian heckles Alice to break the tension. She decides to take the crowd over to the polytunnels to see them in their real working environment instead. Brookfield is so busy that David and Ben have to head out for extra cake. When David returns, he finds Lynda in the barn talking to a captivated group of people about their staging of the Canterbury Tales. She’s been giving impromptu tours of the ‘Chaucer Memorial Theatre’. One man even asked her about hiring the barn for a wedding. Ben says he’ll pass his details on to Ruth. Ruth and Lynda discuss Jim’s disastrous birthday celebration. Lynda stayed till the bitter end, they had to eat Jim’s cake without him. Ben tells Lynda that Jim returned late Friday night, he’s been around all weekend but hasn’t said a word to anyone. Lynda thanks Ben for telling her.


Jun 7, 2019 789


Jazzer and Alistair wish Jim a happy birthday. Jim doesn’t want to be reminded of his advancing age, but he’s pleased with his presents. Jazzer’s bought him an aged single malt. It was expensive, but it can count as his unofficial solicitor’s cut for persuading Tom to compensate Jazzer. Alistair’s booked for them to travel first class to the Wheeldale Roman Road, followed by dinner at a five-star gastro pub. Tim comes to find Ed at work. He hasn’t been paid because Ed’s delivery was incomplete. Ed arranges to meet him again later in The Bull car park, he doesn’t want Tim coming near his house. Later, Ed tells Tim that he wants out. Tim says that that’s not how it works. The people they’re supplying aren’t very nice. Tim will do his best to protect Ed, but he wouldn’t want Emma to have an accident on her way home from work, would he? The Tearoom is all set up for Jim’s ‘not party’. Kiki, Jim’s piano teacher, is there, as well as their old next door neighbours, relatives from Scotland, and colleagues and family friends. Jim arrives and surveys the room; he wasn’t expecting such a turn out. Suddenly, Jim announces that he can’t stay, and leaves the Tearoom. Alistair and Harrison follow him out, but Jim heads straight for his car. He’d told them he didn’t want a party!


Jun 6, 2019 796


Alistair takes a walk down memory lane and Natasha leads the charge


Jun 5, 2019 793


Clarrie voices her concerns to Will about Poppy. Her teacher said that Poppy had fallen asleep at school. Will assures Clarrie he’s coping alright. Poppy’s probably just missing Mia. Clarrie thinks Will should make up with Bev. It would help if he could have a hand when he’s working late, and Bev must be missing Poppy. He agrees to give her a call, but Clarrie doesn’t believe him. Adam takes Ian to a spot by the river that he visited when he was young. They go for a swim and enjoy a picnic. Before they leave, Ian suggests they jump in one more time, naked. After their swim, they hear a car crash. They want to help, but can’t go without any clothes. Will gets out of his car, and finds Ed by his crumpled van at the side of the road. Checking the damage, Will notices chemicals leaking out onto the road. Ed pleads with Will to help him deliver the chemicals, and discovers that Poppy is in Will’s car. He’s been taking her to work with him. Ed strikes Will a deal: they could drop Poppy at home together, then Ed could borrow Will’s car to finish off the job. If he stops delivering chemicals and Will helps him, he’ll keep his mouth shut about Poppy.


Jun 4, 2019 779


David and Ruth start setting up for Open Farm Sunday. They haven’t advertised much this year so it should be a quiet one. Bridge Farm’s set up looks great, Natasha’s put a lot of work in. Shula tells Jill about her difficulties with the art committee. She’ll have to cancel this week’s meeting because Lynda and Russ can’t make it and Leonard’s quit. Talk turns to Lower Loxley, and David says it’s no wonder they’re struggling with Kenton at the helm. Jill snaps. Kenton has paid his debts to David. Now, it’s time to move on. Liberty’s lunch for the family is a success, Jill even approved of her pastry. Jill tells Ruth and David that she won’t be able to make the teas for Open Farm Sunday, as she and Leonard are going out for lunch instead. Ruth says it’ll be fine; Ben can help with the teas and Liberty can lend a hand too. Elizabeth confronts Kenton about the financial situation at Lower Loxley. Losing the alcohol licence has been disastrous, despite Kenton and Glen’s hard work to keep the business afloat. It’s time to get the alcohol licence back. Elizabeth decides it’s time to take some responsibility. She’ll meet with her solicitor first thing in the morning.


Jun 3, 2019 779


Lynda arrives at Greenacres with her copy of My Name is Red. Jim thinks it’s a wonderful book, and invites her in. He’ll explain why it’s a modern classic. Later, Lynda tells Jim he’s helped her see the book in a new light. She says he must have been popular with his students. Jim explains that tough love was the best way to get results. He admired Lynda’s similar tenacity to get the best from her pantomime cast each year. They have something in common after all. Jill and David confront Josh about Liberty. She’s been making herself at home at Brookfield and they’d like to know how long she’s planning to stay. Josh doesn’t see what the problem is. If Jill’s virtually moved Leonard in, why isn’t it acceptable for his girlfriend to stay too? Jill agrees with him, it shouldn’t be one rule for her and another for Josh. They should enjoy Liberty’s company. To make up for imposing on their hospitality, Liberty has offered to cook them lunch tomorrow. Kate approaches Adam and Ian with the family’s bucket list suggestions. She’s put all the ideas in a bag. Ian pulls out the first challenge: he and Adam have to go wild swimming in the Am, naked. When they seem reluctant, Kate storms off. Adam isn’t keen, but Ian persuades him: they’ll go on Wednesday after a picnic. It could be fun.


Jun 2, 2019 776


Harrison arrives at Greenacres looking for Jim. He’s convinced Jim is behind the missing bunting, but Jazzer sends him on his way. Later, Robert tells Harrison they’re having some guests from Jim’s party to stay at Ambridge Hall. Adam has called Alice over to the polytunnel to help him with a blocked pipe in the aquaponics system. He’s thankful to have an engineer in the family. Alice tells Adam about her Open Farm Sunday plans. It’s the first public demo of the strawberry-picking robot, and the press are coming to see it. Adam shares his excitement about becoming a father, and asks when she’s going to take the plunge into motherhood. Alice is far too busy with her robotics to even think about it. Jazzer visits Lynda at Ambridge Hall and asks her to speak at Jim’s party. Lynda’s not sure, she and Jim do nothing but argue and she has nothing to say about him. Later, Robert talks her round; she should pay Jim a visit to get to know him better. Lynda and Jim must be the most well-read people in Ambridge, why doesn’t she ask him to explain the book she’s reading? It’s worth a try.


May 31, 2019 788


Alice comes home early to look after Chris. Chris discovers the captain of Farndale has caught his cricket incident on camera and is going to put it on the Farndale website. Later, Alice shows Harrison the footage. Harrison says he’ll speak to the Farndale captain, as captain of Ambridge. Harrison shows Chris and Alice a letter he’s been sent. It’s a ransom note for the bunting. Kirsty and Philip discuss their plans for an eco-garden at their new house. Philip tells Kirsty his news: his buyers want him out the house in a couple of weeks. Kirsty asks Philip to move in with her, she’ll square it with Roy. Jazzer has finally spent some of Tom’s money. He shows Jim what he’s bought: it’s a tarantula. She’s called Webster and will live in a tank in the living room. Harrison follows the instructions on the ransom note to meet at the Hide. He comes across Jim, and joins him bird watching. Harrison plays along. Back at Greenacres, Jim tells Jazzer his ransom note worked like a dream. Harrison meets Chris at The Bull and tells him about the bird-watching: it was one of the most boring evenings of his life. But it was worth it, now he knows Jim was behind the ransom note. Harrison will make sure he doesn’t get away with it.


May 30, 2019 772


Over drinks, Jazzer tells Jim that he’s got no work on the horizon. They discuss what Jim could wear to Tom and Natasha’s party. Jazzer won’t be going: wild horses couldn’t get him to a party with Tom Archer. Jazzer teases Jim about Alistair’s mysterious love life. Shula and Alistair catch up on their progress with organising Jim’s party. Unfortunately, Dan can’t make it, but he’s sent a message to be read out on the day. They just need a couple more people to speak. Shula doesn’t react well when Alistair suggests that Alan could do it. Alistair can tell something’s up. Just because they’re divorced, he’s still there if Shula wants to talk to him. Losing patience with Jazzer talking about his money from Tom, Jim tells Jazzer about all the different ways he could invest it. Jazzer’s not enthused; he promises never to mention it again. Back at home, Jim confronts Alistair about his lunch with Shula. He thinks Shula is Alistair’s secret woman. Alistair tells Jim that he’s got it all wrong, but Jim keeps probing. Eventually, Alistair snaps: they were organising a treat for Jim’s birthday and now he’s ruined the surprise. Jim apologises, he just doesn’t want to see Alistair get hurt again. Cheering up, Alistair refuses to give Jim any clues. He thinks he’ll like it. It’ll be very Jim Lloyd.


May 29, 2019 773


At Grey Gables, Kate fills in Natasha on her Cat Therapy session at The Laurels. It was a complete disaster. Christine persuaded the residents not to go near Hilda and Hilda pulled some curtains down, rail and all. Kate shut Hilda outside as punishment, so she played dead on the lawn. She was fine by the time Kate got her to the vets. Kate saw Jakob in the waiting room. He was gorgeous, she might just have to take Hilda back to see him again. While they talk, Natasha spots some bunting in a planter. Ed helps Adam fix a gate that someone’s taken off. They catch up about work. Adam’s hoping the aquaponics will be a big draw on Open Farm Sunday. Ian shows Adam their latest baby scan, there’s not long to go now. Later, Kate tells Adam she’s come up with an idea for his and Ian’s bucket list. As they can’t agree on what to do, the rest of the family will set them challenges instead. At the Tea Rooms, Emma fills in Natasha on the gossip she’s missed. She tells Natasha about Kirsty’s plans for an eco-friendly landscaped garden, which is way more than Emma could ever afford. Natasha suggests Emma uses credit to achieve their dream home. Later, Emma orders some furnishings on credit. Ed seems uncertain, but Emma assures him it will be worth it when they have their lovely new home.


May 28, 2019 783


Natasha thanks Tony for phoning her, it came at just the right time and reminded her what she was missing in Ambridge. To show her gratitude she gives him a voucher: a day out for two at a Classic Car Race Day. Tony thinks it’s wonderful. In the kitchen at Brookfield, Jill tells Ruth there’s a young woman in the house. She’d come into the kitchen wearing Josh’s dressing gown and not much else. Ruth tells Jill she’ll go and talk to Josh, but she can’t: Josh has gone out. Conversation turns to Open Farm Sunday. They’re going back to basics this year, no one has time to do anything else. Later, Ruth tells Jill that the young woman’s name is Liberty. She’s helped herself to food and has taken over the living room. Jill feels odd having a stranger in the house and not doing anything for her, but she’ll go with the flow. Tony invites Pat to the race day with him. She’d like that. Natasha arrives to give Pat and Tony an invitation to their Cuban-themed housewarming party. There’s something else: she’d like to run Bridge Farm’s Open Farm Sunday this year. She’s got loads of ideas already. Tony would love her to do it. He wants to show they’ve got every confidence in their new daughter-in-law.


May 27, 2019 787


At the cricket ground, Tom explains the basics of the single wicket to Natasha. They come across Kate with Hilda in a cat basket. She’s taking her to The Laurels for a trial run of some cat therapy for the residents. Taking a break from The Laurels, Kate gets to know Natasha. Natasha suggests they might find a way to work together. Natasha tells Kate about her and Tom’s honeymoon plans for a trip to Cuba. Alice joins them and Kate fills her in on Adam and Ian’s trip to Bulgaria. They’ve seen the latest baby scans and know what they’re having, but they won’t tell anyone. Philip and Kirsty catch up about their dinner party with Tom and Natasha. Kirsty says that all the talk of Tom and Natasha’s success has made her doubt her own career. She feels stuck in a rut. Later, Philip tells Kirsty the buyers have agreed to pay the asking price on his house. They can sign on the dotted line for Beechwood, as long as she still wants to move in? Tracy’s decided pre-match sledging might put Chris off his game. Chris tells Kenton about the bet he has on with Tracy. If Tracy wins, she gets a bottle of vodka, if Chris wins, she’ll buy him beer. Tracy misjudges a throw, and the ball hits Chris hard in an unfortunate place, shattering his box. With Chris injured, Tom wins the single wicket.


May 26, 2019 790


At Greenacres, Alistair and Jazzer sit outside in the sunshine discussing the recent return of both the bunting and Natasha to Ambridge. Their conversation turns to preparations for Jim’s party, but they are interrupted when Jim arrives. Jazzer asks them for suggestions on how to spend his money from Tom. Later, Jim has persuaded a sunburned Jazzer to join him in watching Alistair at nets. When Alistair has finished, he tells them he needs to make a call at the surgery. On a Sunday? Jim isn’t convinced. On their walk home, Jim and Jazzer speculate as to who Alistair may really be seeing. Jim couldn’t be happier for Alistair, so why can’t Alistair just let him know? Shula meets with Alan and tells him she wants to become ordained. Alan wants to make sure she understands how long-winded and intrusive the process can be, but Shula’s done her research. She feels sure it’s the best way she can serve God. Alan wants Shula to be sure this isn’t just another hobby. He thinks she should go away and spend more time considering whether the decision is right for her.


May 24, 2019 788


Tom’s on a knife edge waiting to find out whether Natasha will make apologies for their meeting with the website developer, Leo. To Tom’s astonishment she turns up in person, blaming the traffic for her delay. They pore over the details of the scheme, agreeing it’s important to be happy. Leo observes they’re a pleasure to work with; they both know what they want and clearly operate well together as a team. They agree they’ve always been on the same wavelength, and that there’s bound to be the odd bump in the road. The important thing is to get there in the end. The website and app look great. They can’t wait to get it up and running. Alone over coffee they talk through the events of the last few weeks. Natasha knows she’s been cruel to Tom. She just needed to escape from being ‘Mrs Archer from Ambridge’ to work out what she wanted. She couldn’t deal with all the expectation. But the weeks away from Tom have been the worst of her life. She’s sorry. So what brought her back, wonders Tom. It was his dad, replies Natasha. Tony rang and spoke to her, and was kind and understanding. She’s here to stay. Tom’s stunned. Now they can move forward together. Amid fresh honeymoon plans they reaffirm their love for each other.


May 23, 2019 780


Leonard tells Kenton the rift between him and David is making Jill miserable. Kenton counters it has nothing to do with Leonard, and assumes Jill sent him. Leonard denies this; he’s come because he can see Jill’s sad and because she’s spent many years keeping the family together. He reckons it’s pretty special to have a big family close by. Clarrie finds Joe fast asleep in a chair, with Poppy not far away, also sleeping. Clarrie thinks minding Poppy has tired Joe out, but he insists he loves looking after her. Clarrie tells Will it’s not fair of him to ask Joe to do this. Will insists it’s not through choice, but refuses Clarrie’s suggestion of asking Bev for help. However when Clarrie admits she found Joe sleeping, he understands. He won’t ask Joe again. Kenton confides in Jolene. She understands his predicament over the debt. His pride’s telling him to pay his own way rather than take Jill’s money. But Jolene reckons you sometimes just have to grasp the nettle. She’s delighted with her promo shots and thinks if she seizes the day it could be fantastic for them. Kenton’s her hero. Later Kenton finally pays David with Jill’s money. Jill’s delighted as she entreats them to shake hands. Families eh?...


May 22, 2019 788


Tracy reckons they could have won the weekend cricket by an even bigger margin, but Roy’s not happy with her tactics. She promises not to shout any more, but has some other ‘ideas’ up her sleeve. Chris later tells Harrison he’s had a diplomatic word with Tracy about her behaviour. They’ve come to a competitive arrangement for the Single Wicket. Harrison likes his thinking, and informs him he may be on for stand-in captain for the rest of the season. He’s doing a brilliant job. Tracy pumps Roy for information on Tom and Natasha’s relationship woes, but Roy gives nothing away. Tom’s finding the lack of communication from Natasha torture. It’s like he doesn’t know her. Is he good enough for her? Roy assures him they’re a great match. Tom pledges not to give up on her. Harrison’s determined to keep following the trail of bunting to try and track down the culprit. He reckons they’re out to taunt him. Ed reports Jazzer’s unhappy that Ed won’t ask Tim to give him work. Emma points out Ed’s under no obligation to Jazzer. Tired Ed snaps at Emma over something small. They bicker over how hard they’re working, and instantly regret it; it’s their anniversary. Ed apologises. They agree it’s all worth it to have their dream home. All Ed wants is to make Emma happy.


May 21, 2019 783


Elizabeth and Jill are hopeful Shula’s scared off the dreadful Camilla. Shula’s happy she persuaded Freddie to move back in, she loves having him around. Shula’s still recruiting guests for Jim’s Tribute Night. She’s worried he’s getting suspicious. Kenton doesn’t push Elizabeth about the finances at Lower Loxley. He’s happy to see her looking bright when he suggests a re-boot. Alan checks in on Shula after a home visit. Shula notes he’s a good listener. Shula and Freddie chat about the horrendous predicament with the art project committee. Freddie observes people like listening to Shula, and she’s a good listener too. He owes her for saving him from Camilla. Jill confides to Alan she doesn’t know how the situation between Kenton and David will ever be resolved. Later she offers Kenton a cheque; he can pay the debt off to David without saying where the money’s come from. Kenton won’t take it. He’ll pay David, but only when he’s ready.


May 20, 2019 774


Jazzer reports Freddie’s moved back to the Stables. Alistair thinks it’s a good move. They contemplate the birthday ‘Tribute Night’ they’re arranging for Jim, anticipating his surprise and pleasure. Jim catches Alistair saying an effusive goodbye to someone on the phone. Alistair bumbles so Jazzer steps in, implying Alistair has a new love interest. Alistair’s not impressed. Jazzer thinks it’s a brilliant cover story for the birthday event arrangements. It’s only for a few weeks and it’ll be worth it. It’d better be, grumbles Alistair. Emma’s not happy that Ed’s intending to carry on shearing with Jazzer after what Jazzer said to him. He owes Jazzer nothing. Ed points out he can’t let Adam down. Nor does he want to give up on his mate. Will arrives in search of Poppy’s PE kit. Emma feels his pain over the difficulty of the school morning routine. It must be harder without Mia. Will insists he’s coping, but asks Emma if she can mind Poppy later. Emma agrees reluctantly. Ed apologises to Jazzer over the lost shearing work. Jazzer wonders if Tim Oatey could cut him in on some of the other work Ed’s getting, but Ed says that would be difficult. He’d still like Jazzer’s help on Wednesday though. Fair enough, says Jazzer, the shearing dream team’s back on.


May 19, 2019 786


Clarrie comments at the cricket match that she hopes Martyn Gibson appreciates how hard Will’s working at the moment. Freddie arrives to say goodbye. He’s leaving Ambridge. Roy wants to say goodbye, but Freddie’s dashed off to see Shula. Nigel’s sister Camilla arrives at Lower Loxley to collect Freddie, and everyone feels the force of her acid tongue. It’s not a good start as Camilla is splashed with spilled soup, and Freddie’s absent. Elizabeth offers to take Camilla on a tour of the house while Lily tracks down Freddie. Camilla wastes no time in criticising both the house and Elizabeth’s business acumen. She’s scornful of Elizabeth’s background; with this sort of upbringing it’s not surprising Freddie’s gone off the rails. As the tongue lashing continues, Shula arrives with Freddie. He won’t be leaving with Camilla. He’s going to stay at the Stables with Shula instead. As Camilla continues her hurtful tirade, Freddie asks her to leave. Camilla can see the rot’s already set in; Nigel would be turning in his grave. Furious Shula points out that no-one loved and respected Elizabeth more than Nigel. As Camilla gets in her car, Shula breathes a sigh of relief.


May 17, 2019 789


Worried Clarrie finally tracks Will down. She finds the cottage ship shape and is pleasantly surprised. Will confesses Mia probably won’t be coming back. Maybe it’s for the best. He can concentrate on his job and Poppy. Downcast Tom’s had the wedding photos in the post this morning. Natasha looks so happy in them. Pat tries to reassure him; she’s sure Natasha really was happy. Tom’s not convinced. She didn’t turn up to the newspaper interview, and he has to assume she won’t come to the app development meeting either. He’ll have to buy her out. His marriage is over. Lily’s furious with Freddie for upsetting their mum by deciding to leave Ambridge. And for her to find out from Camilla was awful. Lily urges him to think again, accusing him of selfishness. He tries to explain that it’s about more than just the licence, but the words don’t come. He just apologises to Lily. She later seeks Freddie out. She’s hurt that they can no longer talk to one another. Freddie opens up a little about his experiences in prison, culminating in the attempted suicide of one of the guys he’d befriended. Freddie still doesn’t know whether Billy lived or died. Lily tries to assure Freddie he wasn’t the reason it happened, but he feels everyone who comes near him gets hurt. He needs to leave.


May 16, 2019 789


Elizabeth visits Will with some books for Poppy. She’s sorry she hasn’t been to see him sooner. He’s worried to ask her in; the place is untidy. No problem, says EIizabeth, she’ll wash up. Will starts to say Nic would have been cross about the mess, but stops himself. Elizabeth encourages him to carry on talking, and the two share their feelings about their loss. Will’s surprised to hear Elizabeth has a therapist. They bond over their shared experiences of grief. It makes Will feel less alone, and Elizabeth assures him that the love he still feels for Nic will never go away. She offers him some leaflets. Will thanks her, but tears them up as she leaves. Jill thinks Shula might have to learn to manage without Leonard on the art project committee. She starts to explain his resignation is more about him feeling a fraud than anything else, but they’re interrupted by David who’s still raising the spectre of Kenton’s debt. Jill’s fed up with it, but Shula’s on David’s side on this one. David and Elizabeth join them, and David has a go at Kenton for choosing to run Bridge Farm beefburger specials. This leads to them digging up all their old arguments, and ends with David denying Kenton as his brother. Meanwhile Elizabeth has taken a call from Nigel’s sister Camilla. Apparently Freddie wants to go and live with her.


May 15, 2019 784


Jim faces Tom for a showdown over Jazzer’s severance pay. He counsels Jazzer to stay silent throughout the negotiations. This proves a challenge for Jazzer. In order to head off the pursuit of constructive dismissal, Tom makes an initial offer to Jazzer of a thousand pounds. Jazzer’s dazzled by four figures, but Jim talks Tom up with scenarios of further action. With an offer of four thousand on the table Jazzer can hold his silence no longer. Done! He bangs the table and the deal is settled. Jim thinks they should have held out for more. Jazzer’s impressed with Jim’s legal and negotiating skills, though Jim admits he made some of it up. At the Tearoom Jazzer tells Fallon she runs a lovely operation but he can no longer work there. Privately overjoyed, Fallon lets him off his notice period. Freddie’s still feeling down about his tour flop. Kenton paints a rosy picture of the Lower Loxley finances to Elizabeth, but later admits to Freddie the situation’s bad. He doesn’t see how they can survive. He levels with Freddie, telling him that while he lives there, there can be no alcohol licence renewal. His mum knows that but hadn’t the heart to send him away. Freddie’s appalled. Lower Loxley’s sinking, and he’s to blame.


May 14, 2019 793


Susan brings Tracy up to speed on the shenanigans at the art project committee. Neil’s been co-opted as the ‘calm voice of reason’ according to Susan. She asks if Tracy’s going to submit any suggestions, but Tracy’s got better things to do. She’ll vote for Neil though; blood’s thicker than water. Tracy declares Tom useless at cricket. She’s not surprised his wife’s left him. Fallon knows she has to get rid of workshy Jazzer from the Tearoom. She’s working up to it. Susan announces more bunting’s been found by the duck pond. Harrison should get back on the case. Harrison admonishes Tracy for her unsportsmanlike behaviour. Tracy retorts it’s the only way to win. Nic’s mum Bev goes to see Will. She tells him Mia’s still not happy with him, and Andrew’s really angry too. Mia can’t forget Will’s unkind words. Bev’s come for more of Mia’s belongings. As she takes down photographs from the walls, Bev gently breaks it to Will that Mia’s not coming back. She wonders how Will and Poppy are coping. Will insists they’re fine. Bev’s sorry for the situation, but if she thinks Poppy’s starting to suffer, she’ll be back.


May 13, 2019 774


Pat and Tony worry about Tom. He had a hard time at the cricket on Sunday according to Tony, with Tracy outing his desertion by Natasha. Pat wishes she could make him feel better. Clarrie joins them and shares her concern about Will. They agree their kids never really grow up in their eyes. Tony suggests he speak to Natasha himself, but Pat thinks they shouldn’t interfere. Jazzer’s gutted Ed’s cancelled tomorrow’s shearing job. Doesn’t he realise Jazzer needs the cash? It’s alright for Ed, he’s got plenty of work. The two bicker. Jazzer calls the farm himself to try and reinstate the job, but it’s been given to someone else. At least he’s pleased to hear Jim’s on the case with his pursuit of Tom for severance pay. Joe reckons Tim’s got Ed at his beck and call. Jazzer wants to know if he can join Ed working for Tim, and when Ed declines Jazzer accuses him of being just like Tom; happy to drop his mates in it. Clarrie and Joe warn Ed not to fall out with his mates. Clarrie’s heard from Mia. She’s staying at her dad’s a bit longer. Clarrie despairs. Now she’s worrying about both her children, and Mia too. Joe tells her not to worry. They have her – she’s a rock and a blessing to them all.


May 12, 2019 796


Clarrie’s chilly at her birthday brunch. She’s enjoyed the food, but she smells trouble again between Will and Mia. Will assures her Mia will be in touch. Eventually Will admits they’ve had a bit of a row and Mia’s gone to her dad’s. But she’ll be back. Clarrie finishes her birthday treat in fine style with a heap of presents and Joe’s trap conveying her to tea at Lower Loxley. She draws the line at Freddie’s Hidden Lower Loxley tour, however. She doesn’t want George and Keira near Freddie. Freddie enthuses about his tour. He wants to give it the personal touch. Lily warns him not to build himself up for a disappointment. This proves prophetic as he doesn’t get a single paying booking. Freddie feels he’s to blame and apologises to his mum. All he’s got for his trouble is some nasty comments on social media. Elizabeth reassures him. We learn by our mistakes. What counts is that he tried. He just needs to move forward now.


May 10, 2019 795


As Freddie preps for his attic tour of Lower Loxley, he realises they haven’t done anything with Topper’s ashes yet. It’s time to bury them. They find a spot in the grounds with a nice view and say goodbye, reminiscing about Nigel and shedding a tear. Elizabeth puts her arms round both of her children, and assures Freddie that his dad would be proud. Jolene’s horrified by the publicity photos Kenton’s done for her. She hates them. She threatens to ask Richard Thwaite to do some instead, but Kenton relents and agrees to a professional photographer. It’s worth it for her dream. Will has a surprise to cheer up Mia. He’s been looking at some holiday destinations. She’s lukewarm in her response. It’s a nice idea, but she’s thinking of spending the summer with her dad. She needs a break. Will flies off the handle. How can she leave Poppy for six weeks? Mia accuses Will of being unfair. He’s meant to be Poppy’s dad. Will pushes it too far and says Nic would be disappointed in Mia. Anguished Mia leaves a message for her dad to come and get her as soon as possible. She wants to live with him and Jake. Will returns to Greenwood to find Mia’s room empty.


May 9, 2019 787


Jazzer’s excited and all set to sue Bridge Farm. Again Jim advocates caution. Jazzer will be in a worse financial position if he loses. Jim’s been doing a bit of research himself and it won’t be easy to prove Tom acted unreasonably. What Jazzer needs is a no win no fee solicitor. Okay, says Jazzer, why don’t you do it for me? Pat’s keen to visit the flat one evening and celebrate Tom and Natasha’s new home. Tom and Helen fob her off as best they can. But when Susan digs for information having not spotted Natasha for a while, Pat knows something’s up. Tom’s forced to admit Natasha’s moved out. But at that moment they’re interrupted by Jazzer. Clarrie’s not a big fan of Borsetshire Blue. She hopes the new batch will taste different. At the tasting Pat enthuses about the creaminess and flavour. Susan agrees it’s the best Helen’s ever made. Clarrie admits it’s got character – but she doesn’t want another piece. Helen points out it’s bound to be a bit punchy until it matures more. She’s pleased with it and is quite emotional. Later Jim and Jazzer visit Bridge Farm and Jazzer goads Tom about his lack of a pig man. Jim counsels him to stop and go back in the Tearoom. Jim wants to arrange a meeting with Tom regarding severance pay. He’ll be representing Jazzer. He recommends a swift settlement or he’ll be forced to sue.


May 8, 2019 786


Mia's worries increase and it's all hands on deck at Brookfield.


May 7, 2019 796


It’s the opening night of the Brexart exhibition. Russ is looking forward to an influential crowd. Kenton commits a faux pas by mistaking a piece of the art for simple floor tape. Elizabeth enjoys herself, dazzled by the guests, the canapes and Russ’s organisational skills. Russ thinks the art project committee is full of philistines. Shula’s in despair about it. She tells Kenton her idea to put the project ideas to a public vote has just made the bickering amongst the committee members worse. Russ takes Shula aside and attempts to explain the concept behind the floor tape art in his exhibition, relating the principles to what he wants for the art project. To Kenton’s disgust Shula thinks what Russ said made a lot of sense. She found it quite interesting. With the Echo interview imminent and no Natasha visible, Helen’s concerned Tom seems flustered. No, just busy, covers Tom. But when he receives a message to say Natasha’s not coming, Tom caves and admits all to Helen. He goes through with the interview and it’s fine, but Helen won’t leave it at that. It’s not fair of Natasha to abandon him like this. What’s going on? They go for a walk and Tom confesses Natasha’s been gone eleven days. He keeps trying to read between the lines of her business texts and emails, but he can’t even guess what she’s thinking. He rebuffs Helen’s suggestion of going to see her. What if it just confirms how trapped she feels? Helen tells him not to give up, and to try not to worry.


May 6, 2019 795


Ed and Jazzer are shearing the Brookfield flock today. Jazzer’s disappointed they’ve missed out on shearing in Wales this year. Guilty Ed apologises but Jazzer assures him it isn’t his fault. This problem all been caused by Tom. Meanwhile Tim turns the screws on Ed, who has to assure Tim he can be trusted. Alistair and Jim go for a Bank Holiday spin in the Riley. They bump into Shula at a May fair, and Alistair presses Jim on what he’d like to do for his birthday. After some initial resistance Jim comes up with the idea of walking a Roman road in Yorkshire. Shula suggests to Alistair later that they have a gathering of people from Jim’s past. She’ll help Alistair organise it, but they’ll keep it a secret from Jim. Jazzer fills Ed in on his news that he could get thousands for constructive dismissal from Bridge Farm. Ed doesn’t think he has a case, but later Jazzer announces to Jim that he intends to call the lawyer he met at the Tearoom. Jim advocates caution but Jazzer’s determined. He won’t be walked over any longer.


May 5, 2019 771


Chris teases Harrison about his lack of success with finding the bunting culprit. Tracy and Chris disagree on cricket tactics. He calls her out on her sledging antics. He wants his team to play with respect. Jolene suggests adding a singing round, with her doing the singing, to Jim’s quiz night on Thursday. And she reminds Kenton she’s having some promo photo shots done this week. Kenton’s worried about costs and reckons he could do a brilliant job himself on his phone camera. Jolene reluctantly agrees he can take the pictures instead. Will and Clarrie feel terrible that they didn’t notice they were overloading Mia with tasks. Will had solved it by sending Mia to her dad’s yesterday, and making sure she has no household chores to do. Clarrie tells Will he needs to apologise to Tracy for his accusations about the Valentine’s card. All the bad blood has to stop. He does so. Tracy accepts his apology; they’d both let their tongues run away with them. Tracy feels sorry for Mia though. She’s a treasure. Will would do well to remember that.


May 3, 2019 783


Jazzer’s chatting to the customers in the Tearoom a little too candidly for Fallon. She points out he can’t keep bad-mouthing the Archers. She doesn’t want a war on her hands. Fallon would rather he stuck to clearing a few more tables. Unfortunately his efforts to do so result in a smashed vintage teapot. Jazzer is duly sorry, but says he’s met a solicitor in the Tearoom who thinks he could have a case for constructive dismissal. Tracy tries to give Mia some of her recent scratchcard winnings to replace the money stolen from Nic’s fund. Mia goes pale and bolts. Clarrie goes to see Will about George. Will thinks George wouldn’t steal from Nic. What if he was egged on, posits Clarrie. They talk to George, but it goes badly and Will’s mortified afterwards that George isn’t speaking to them. Mia overhears their discussion, and confesses it was her who took the money. Will’s furious until he learns the money was for Poppy, for a school trip that Will had forgotten about. It’s not the first time Poppy would have missed out on a school treat and Mia didn’t want it to happen again. She’d never steal from Clarrie. Clarrie tells Mia it’s not her job to look after Poppy. It is since her mum died, replies Mia. Clarrie and Will try to reassure tearful Mia. Everything’s going to be okay now.


May 2, 2019 791


Helen’s keen for Henry to see his Auntie Natasha. Tom covers. His phone rings and he jumps to answer it, cutting Helen off. So Helen pops round unannounced, and with Natasha conspicuous by her absence, Tom’s forced to keep covering. He enthuses about an interview they’ll both be doing for the Echo on the Bridge Fresh scheme. Helen agrees it’ll be great publicity and will show what a great team he and Natasha are. Freddie produces a draft flyer and press release for a tour idea: Hidden Lower Loxley. Elizabeth thinks it sounds interesting. Freddie’s spotted a gap in the calendar in ten days. Lily thinks it’s too soon; he won’t have time to get organised. Freddie thinks with the help of social media it’ll be fine. They’re interrupted by a bailiff, come to collect a rental debt on Russ and Lily’s flat in Manchester. Lily admits not all the rent was paid when they left. Freddie’s angry and Lily is full of apologies to her mum. But Elizabeth calmly pays the money owing. Later, with Lily still distraught, Elizabeth insists Lily stop apologising. She’s been amazing, and was there for Elizabeth during the worst of her illness. Lily just wants her to get well. And Elizabeth wants to be the mother Lily deserves.


May 1, 2019 792


Susan makes a worrying discovery and Freddie is given a ray of hope.


Apr 30, 2019 796


Jim cottons on that Fallon is desperate for staff at the Tearoom now Tyler’s left. But she laughs at his suggestion of Jazzer for the role. Jim admits he’d be pleased to get Jazzer out of the house, but also that Jazzer needs the cash, and the confidence boost. Fallon agrees to ‘plead’ with Jazzer to work for her. After some initial resistance Fallon gets him to agree by a bit of reverse psychology. He’d be back on Bridge Farm turf, near Tom; that would be ok, wouldn’t it? It’s not long before Fallon regrets her decision. If Jazzer’s not chatting he’s spilling things, but he thinks he’s a natural with all the banter. She tells Jim it’s not working. He urges her not to burst Jazzer’s bubble so soon. Jazzer reminds Ed he’s still available for shearing. Ed’s sorry he hasn’t had time to look into any in Wales, but promises they still have Brookfield and a few others. Tim wants Ed to do a job tonight. The pickup is just outside Birmingham, with the stuff to be dropped the other side of Felpersham. It’s a big job so they both go. The contact they meet is surly. Tim encourages Ed to load up quickly and quietly. He explains the contact, Rooney, is just wary of new guys. Ed discovers Tim carries a baseball bat in the van, for protection if things get nasty. But Ed has nothing to worry about. He’s done well tonight and he’s a natural.


Apr 29, 2019 792


Shula and Jim are wrong-footed when they find Lynda’s an attendee at the art project meeting. She, Russ and Jim clash over ideas and Shula and Leonard spend much of the meeting brokering peace. Shula calls the meeting to an early close in despair. They’ll reconvene next week. Shula and Leonard agree afterwards that it was an unfortunate combination of people. Leonard suggests she persevere; something creative might yet come out of it. Susan is very proud of Chris’s performance at the cricket. Alistair agrees if Chris carries on like this, he could find himself in a permanent role as captain. Susan thinks Clarrie and Eddie should get away for a break. But Clarrie’s lost some money, part of the donation for Nic’s Lent appeal. She’s looked everywhere. The two of them turn the house over, but it’s gone. Clarrie thinks someone might have stolen it. Over a drink Shula admits to Alistair she feels guilty about the divorce and all she put him through. Alistair’s forgiving. He too is sorry he couldn’t make her happy. Shula feels sometimes as though nothing will. It helps to know he doesn’t hate her though. Alistair assures her he’s far from that, and that what happened was for the best, for both of them.


Apr 28, 2019 782


Shula’s in thoughtful mood. Chris asks if she can help with the cricket teas, but it’s a no. Equally distracted Tom is struggling to concentrate on the match, his mind on absent Natasha. It’s Mia and Clarrie who step up to cricket tea duty. Clarrie’s pleased with Mia’s help. She’s brilliant, just like her mum. The players are equally impressed with the spread. Mia declines Will’s offer to her to stay and watch the match. The team win, and much praise is heaped on Chris for his able captaincy. Kenton loves Jolene’s new look. Got to keep up at the after show events, Jolene reckons. She appreciates Kenton’s help in keeping things going at the pub. He’s downbeat about the debt to David and the predicament at Lower Loxley. They agree everything comes down to money. Jolene suggests maybe she should do some session singing. It could be a lucrative sideline. Kenton’s equivocal. Shula’s trying to drum up support for the art project meeting. Jolene pledges to strong-arm a few regulars. Shula tries to stay positive, but her attempts to recruit Natasha via Tom also fall on stony ground. Kenton receives a message from someone he’s persuaded to go to the meeting, but Jolene’s not sure this person’s such a good idea.


Apr 26, 2019 790


Jazzer thinks Jim gets edgy at home without him. As if to prove his point Jim joins him in the Bull at that moment. He’s keen to knock Jazzer’s CV into shape. He’s put some clever spin on it, so much so that Kenton thinks it’s referring to someone else! Jim finds Jazzer a promising looking vacancy for a pig man, but Jazzer says no. If it’s not an executive position it’s not worth getting out of bed for. Tom’s preparing the flat for a special meal with Natasha. As he buys flowers Susan draws his attention to a piece of the stolen bunting. She thinks its return is significant, but Tom can’t help. Natasha’s late for dinner and confesses she doesn’t like lilies, so Tom bins the flowers. She’s horrified to learn he’s booked their honeymoon at a lodge in Borsetshire. She’s not going. Trev was right – he said Ambridge would squash the life out of her. She makes to leave, and stricken Tom tries to stop her, begging and offering to cancel the lodge. But Natasha’s adamant. She’s leaving. She needs some space.


Apr 25, 2019 792


Freddie’s still on the lookout for work, and asks Chris if he has any ideas. Chris suggests he comes to nets and tries out for the cricket team. He might make some contacts. Shula asks Chris to be on the art project committee, but he’s too busy. Shula and Freddie agree the Easter event at Lower Loxley was a success, and it was good to see Elizabeth laughing. But Freddie comments visitors have been fewer ever since. Shula tells Freddie she’ll be going back to church. Alan’s talked some sense into her. Tom’s late for tea with Peggy, so Peggy takes the opportunity to get to know Natasha better. Hilda scratches Natasha, but Peggy assures her that the cat will get used to her in time. She quizzes Natasha on her previous relationship, before cutting to the chase and asking when she and Tom expect to start a family. Emma and Will discuss Mia. Will’s noticed she seems to be thawing a bit. He’s grateful for Emma talking to her; she’s able to get through to Mia better than he is. Later Will admits to Mia he got it wrong with Ruairi, and apologises. He announces he’s found her a maths tutor who’ll really help her grades. Mia’s doubtful; the tutor he’s found is really strict. But she thanks Will. She’s sure it will be a big help.


Apr 24, 2019 796


Elizabeth faces up to her troubles and an old mystery rears its head.


Apr 23, 2019 779


Leonard’s been persuaded to consider joining the church art project committee. He’s reluctant. Jill assures him he has a good eye. He accompanies Jill who’s putting flowers from her garden on Phil’s grave. She and Leonard admit to still talking to and dreaming about their respective spouses. They leave the churchyard hand in hand. Natasha checks Tom’s still ok with her having had lunch with her ex. Of course, replies Tom. Natasha has a chat with Emma in the Tearoom. They discuss the remembered horrors of being a teenager, and village life. Emma agrees it must be a bit weird for Natasha suddenly being related to half the people she meets. She points out how lucky she and Ed are; they think the same way about most things. That’s so important in a marriage. Natasha agrees. She’s surprised to learn that Susan sometimes hears what’s going on in the flat. Ed arrives with a welcome wad of cash for Emma. When she gets home Tom fills Natasha in on invitations to lunch and tea at his mum’s and The Lodge. Flustered Natasha agrees to both.


Apr 22, 2019 781


Shula confesses to Alan that her absence from church is down to her, not the institution. Her decree absolute has come through and she’s tussling with the concept of breaking her vows and yet being a lay reader. Alan encourages her not to send God away and live in doubt, but to find a way to accept God’s invitation to be in her life. Will’s still trying to patch things up with Mia over his attitude to Ruairi. He’s sorry. He tries to explain to her that it’s only because he cares. But Mia doesn’t get it. She was horribly embarrassed at his treatment of Ruairi. He’s just a friend, she doesn’t need protecting. Her mum would have handled this better. Deeply hurt by this remark, Will is comforted by Emma. She’s looking for a childminder as Ed’s had a lucrative last minute job come up. But Will’s busy and not up for it. Later Mia’s disgusted when she thinks her request for help with her maths is taken the wrong way by Ruairi. This is Will’s fault, she tells Emma. Her friendship with Ruairi was fine until he messed it up. Emma assures her Will thinks the world of all his kids. He’s trying his best to be two parents at once. Mia softens a little. Emma tells her she’s a tough little star, like her mum. Mia assures her she’s totally fine.


Apr 21, 2019 795


Shula helps Elizabeth prepare Cranford Crystal for the Lower Loxley Easter event. It’s a good crowd – they need more events like this. Elizabeth is looking forward to her birthday tea with family. Kenton promises Shula he’ll behave. Shula’s pleased to see Elizabeth laugh properly at something silly in the Cruck Barn. Kenton reports Jolene was a success at last night’s gig. Kenton doesn’t approve of Russ’s upcoming ‘Brexart’ exhibition at Lower Loxley. Tom and Natasha are being super-nice to each other and determined to see everything at Lower Loxley. Russ, dressed as the Easter Bunny, has been stung and retires injured. Kenton persuades reluctant Tom to fill in. Natasha feels the Archer family runs half the county. She finds Ambridge a bit intimidating, but Emma’s pleased she’s working hard to fit in. Emma promises to take her for coffee and give her the lowdown on village life and the residents. Tom’s not happy Natasha’s going for lunch with her ex, Trev. Natasha assures him there’s nothing in it, and makes it clear she won’t be told who she can and can’t see. With an effort Tom tells her to go ahead.


Apr 19, 2019 767


Tim’s putting a fence in for Alan at St Stephen’s churchyard when Ed tracks him down. Ed backtracks after turning him down and asks whether he still needs someone to deliver pesticides for him. Tim explains that the containers of pesticides are completely secure and the driving would be very well paid. Alan and Shula prepare for the Good Friday service. Shula confesses she nearly didn’t come to church today; she’s having a crisis of faith. She tells Alan that she can’t shake off the feeling that she doesn’t belong. The christening brought matters to a head, she explains. But the two get cut off when Alan has to leave to get to Darrington. Natasha’s done a makeover for Joanne at the Stables for ‘pay for a favour’. Later over dinner she tells Tom that Reedles have decided to trial Summer Orchard at one of their hotels. Their evening is interrupted when she gets a phone call from her ex, Trev. Tom is annoyed when, after a twenty minute long phone call, Natasha returns to the table and explains that Trev has just broken up with his new girlfriend. Their evening ends in an argument and Tom wonders whether Natasha regrets getting married.


Apr 18, 2019 787


Ruairi and Ben show Sadia from the Birmingham youth group how to shoot cans in the woodland but are caught by Chris. He can’t believe how foolish they’ve been shooting so close to the road and with someone so inexperienced. Chris tells them they’re lucky he’s in such a good mood, otherwise they’d have suffered a much worse dressing-down. As punishment for their stupidity he decides to make them help roll the cricket pitch on Saturday. But Ruairi’s not keen to go anywhere near Will. Russ tells Lily his plans for Lower Loxley’s art gallery. He wants to concentrate on how they display work, not just what they choose. Lily thinks he’s perfect for the job. Lily is grateful for Freddie’s attempts at being civil to Russ. But Freddie is annoyed with her for getting Tyler a role and not him at her kitchen sales job. Lily explains that the reason she didn’t help get Freddie a job there was because her work is her only escape from Lower Loxley; she gets to have fun with the team and there are no responsibilities. If he worked there too he’d bring Lower Loxley with him.


Apr 17, 2019 773


Jakob and Chris attend to a horse that Chris has been shoeing. It transpires that the horse will require a special shoe. Later, Jakob and Chris go for a drink – Jakob’s not keen on The Bull, the clientele are too nosey. He tells Chris that the most intrusive person in Ambridge is the woman who works in the village shop with the supervisor’s badge. Chris awkwardly admits that the intrusive woman is in fact his mother. Russ and Elizabeth discuss the Lower Loxley Easter egg hunt. The Cruck Barn has been transformed into the Easter Bunny’s burrow and Kenton has given Russ a map of the trail he’ll have to set. Elizabeth reports that her last therapy session went well. Russ tells Elizabeth that he’ll be moving out of Lower Loxley. It’s nothing to do with him and Lily, they’re doing fine, but he just feels it would be simpler for everyone if he left. Later, Elizabeth offers Russ Lewis’ job in the art gallery. Lewis has been struggling with the workload but perhaps Russ would like to take over? Tom’s surprised that Natasha has spent yet more money when she returns to the flat carrying an Underwoods shopping bag. Then Natasha receives a text from her ex, Trev, and Tom gets a little jealous. Natasha reports that Susan has been giving her the cold shoulder. Tom suggests that it could be because Susan blames her for him stopping the kefir production. Natasha is upset that once again Tom didn’t stand up for her.


Apr 16, 2019 792


Freddie is forced to ask a favour from the enemy and Emma finds herself compromised


Apr 15, 2019 793


Shula apologises for embarrassing Jakob at church yesterday with an inappropriate comment, but Jakob is unfazed. Chris is happy that Jakob will now be working in Ambridge; the two have known each other since Jakob gave a talk at the Borsetshire Farriers Group. Freddie helps out at the Stables. He tells Shula that he’s still not had any luck finding a job and he’s reluctant to ask his mum for one. Shula offers him work but he says it would look better if it was with someone outside the family. The pressure of moving house gets to Tom and Natasha, and on top of that Tom’s got to cope with the pigs single-handedly since Jazzer walked out. Tom and Natasha discuss Jazzer’s decision to quit. Tom feels terrible but Natasha reminds him it was Jazzer’s decision to leave. Later, Natasha bumps into Fallon in Bridge Farm yard and is taken aback when Fallon lays into her over her and Tom’s treatment of Jazzer. Natasha tells Tom that she feels unsupported as he didn’t back her up yet again. She heads back off to the flat, leaving Tom to visit his family alone.


Apr 14, 2019 773


Lily and Elizabeth discuss preparations for Lower Loxley’s Easter event. Elizabeth admits she’s not looking forward to the next session with her therapist and thanks Lily for all the support she’s given her so far. Elizabeth suggests that for her birthday next Sunday they keep the Orangery open a little later and have a special Easter tea to celebrate. Will continues to keep himself busy with work and tells Eddie that the reason he gave Pete his notice was because Martyn Gibson was looking for cuts. Eddie doesn’t think that adds up after hearing from Justin that Martyn wouldn’t be stupid enough to give Will’s back-up the chop. Eddie points out that without Pete Will’s job will be even harder and he’ll have less time for the children. Freddie shows Johnny the falconry at Lower Loxley and explains that he’s been helping Jessica with the birds. He also tells Johnny that Ben and Ruairi have fallen for the same girl at Spiritual Home. Freddie feels left behind after telling Johnny what their old classmates have been up to over the past couple of months. Freddie explains that he has to find a job to keep his offender manager happy. When Johnny chooses to see Bella instead of spending more time with Freddie, Freddie’s hurt.


Apr 12, 2019 787


Fallon sympathises as Kenton’s struggles to keep on top of things at The Bull since Jolene is away on tour. She too is short staffed since Tyler left. Kenton reports that Jolene’s tour is going well, although some of the venues aren’t sticking to her carefully constructed rider. Tom breaks the news to Jazzer that he’s getting rid of the pig herd. Tom explains that there’ll still be work for Jazzer around the farm if he wants it. Jazzer accuses him of being manipulated by Natasha and storms off. Ruairi tells Ben what happened at Mia’s yesterday – Will went mad. Ben advises Ruairi tell Brian but Ruairi’s not sure what he’d say. The only thing he does know is that he’ll steer clear of Will and Mia from now on. Ben quizzes Freddie about what life is really like in prison but Freddie’s not keen on talking about it. Later, Freddie offloads to Kenton about how hard it has been trying to find a job and how people have been treating him differently since he returned. Kenton explains how he and Fallon fell out over Freddie and that his actions affected more people than he realises. Later, Freddie calls in at Woodbine and apologises to Harrison for all the trouble he’s caused them. Harrison suggests he ask Fallon about the job at the Tea Room but Fallon’s not keen on him working for her and turns him down.


Apr 11, 2019 777


Ruairi’s excited to learn that the Birmingham youth group have arrived at Spiritual Home and they’re all girls. Later at Greenwood he helps Mia with her maths homework. The two take a break and are playing a golf game with teabags when Will walks in and assumes that Ruairi is trying to make a move on Mia. Furious, Will bans Ruairi from coming over again. Helen receives a business proposal from Toby regarding using Bridge Farm’s leftover whey for the production of his gin and Tom and Natasha begin packing preparations to move into their new flat on Monday. Tom announces that he has decided to get rid of the pigs. He will keep his sausage business going and buy in pork meat from a bigger organic supplier rather than battling with his own small herd. Pat and Tony aren’t keen on his plans to place Jazzer on vegetable duties once the pigs leave, and Pat’s even less keen to hear what Natasha’s got to say about the matter. Pat feels as though John is being forgotten. Later, Natasha is annoyed that Tom didn’t warn her to tread more carefully with Pat.


Apr 10, 2019 787


Jim has some harsh words and Leonard has a confession to make.


Apr 9, 2019 790


Helen tells Pat of Toby’s proposal to make gin from the Montbeliardes' whey. Pat wonders if Helen has given any thought to her upcoming fortieth birthday. Helen tells her she’s not too fussed about celebrating and just wants to look forward to the future. Peggy and Kate discuss forgiveness after Kate reports that she gave Freddie a telling off for dealing drugs to Noluthando. Peggy recounts how disapproving Christine was towards Jill and Leonard on Sunday. Kate tells her that she has got a youth group from Birmingham visiting Spiritual Home in a few days. Derek Fletcher isn’t keen and wants written assurances that they’ll be no trouble. Kate says Ruairi and Ben have developed a sudden interest in Spiritual Home since discovering there might be teenage girls visiting. Later, Kate shows Peggy her new mud chamber at Spiritual Home and Peggy gives her some much needed business advice. Lily is frustrated by Freddie’s behaviour towards Russ. Freddie thinks his actions are justified and doesn’t understand why Russ texted him yesterday asking where he was. Lily sits Freddie down and explains exactly what life has been like at Lower Loxley since he’s be gone and tells him how unwell Elizabeth has been.


Apr 8, 2019 776


Freddie helps out at the stables. He tells Shula that he is fed up, he can’t find a job and he’s feeling left behind since most of his friends are at uni or have gone travelling. Freddie asks whether Shula has recovered after giving her sermon yesterday. Shula tells him that it was just a case of nerves and that Alan wants her to find another date as soon as possible to preach again. But later Shula gets cold feet and phones Alan to cancel. She tells him that she doesn’t think it’s for her. After Tom spots that Jazzer isn’t measuring out the pig feed properly, he tries to bring it up with him but fails to get his point across. Later Natasha questions Jazzer directly which goes down badly as Jazzer doesn’t take kindly to being patronised. Freddie’s grateful when Johnny reschedules his date with Bella to take Freddie on a night out. The night’s a bit of a disaster after they discover that there’s no live music on a Monday night. Freddie complains that he’s been suffering from anxiety dreams and is finding life difficult at home with Russ being there. Their night ends abruptly when Freddie receives a text from Russ asking where he is. Johnny advises that he should reply to stop Elizabeth from worrying but Freddie storms off.


Apr 7, 2019 794


It’s the day of Rosie’s christening and Pip and Toby have their hands full. Toby assures Pip that she doesn’t have to worry about Jill’s reaction to Rosie’s middle name, he’s sorted it. But when the time comes for Rosie’s name to be read aloud it becomes clear that Toby’s plan to cough loudly to obscure her name was never going to work. Jim’s presence at the christening puts Shula off her sermon and she has to stop. She tells Jill that she suddenly felt as if everything she was saying felt insincere. Although Jill had been looking forward to the day things quickly take a downward turn. Jill feels that she is being pushed out of things after observing Robin Fairbrother organising the photos, the Fairbrother christening gown for Rosie and on top of that discovering Rosie’s middle name is ‘Grace’. Leonard shares some words of wisdom; he thinks today is about past loves and new ones. Jill agrees, and has a special moment with her great granddaughter.


Apr 5, 2019 790


At Bridge Farm Tony and Johnny are busy with the calving heifers. One of the heifers gets into trouble and Johnny’s keen to call Alistair but Tony tells him to stay calm and instructs him on what to do. Under Tony’s guidance Johnny delivers the twin calves. Tim offers Ed some extra work delivering pesticides in the middle of the night. Ed becomes suspicious and Tim admits that it might not all be above board but why shouldn’t the little guys make some money once in a while? Ed declines the offer. Later, back at Grange Farm Emma tells Ed that Peggy will no longer need her to clean The Lodge because Kate’s going to be cleaning from now on. To make matters worse Ed worries he’s blown it with Tim, as Tim lets Ed know that he won’t be needed to finish off the job they were working on. Josh is put out that he was not asked to be Rosie’s godfather, and when Toby’s friend drops out he’s annoyed that Pip hasn’t considered him. Later, after Pip’s had time to think she asks if Josh might like to be Rosie’s godfather after all. Josh is delighted. They’re all set for the perfect day.


Apr 4, 2019 788


Alistair suggests Jim might like to come to the surgery for lunch; he’s desperate for help with trying to penetrate Jakob’s frosty exterior. Celia Hampton falls off her horse in the outdoor school; Jakob steps into the breach and deals efficiently with the injured horse. It’s an unusual injury but Jakob has dealt with it before. Jim and Shula clash over Shula’s latest plans to raise money for the church art project. Jim thinks the whole concept of spirituality is a very debatable notion. And when Shula asks him to respect her beliefs Jim reminds her she was the one who broke her marriage vows. She asks Alistair later if he also considers her a hypocrite. He’s non-committal. Shula declares she couldn’t bear it if people thought that about her. Freddie goes for his third ride this week; he tells Shula that riding is the exact opposite to being in prison. Shula’s pleased Pip and Toby have decided to get Rosie baptised. She worries they might have to get Valda out of retirement to play the organ at church but fortunately Patrick steps in. Jakob announces he too plays, and volunteers. Freddie spots new stable girl Francesca, but when Shula offers to introduce him he backs off – she’s hardly likely to be interested in a jailbird. Freddie vows that he’ll do whatever it takes to stay out of prison.


Apr 3, 2019 786


Tony teases Helen and Johnny for behaving like expectant parents ahead of the Montbeliardes’ calving date. In the Bull Jazzer complains Will nearly bit his head off this morning. Kenton reports that Jolene has left to go on tour as Fin Buckley’s backing singer. Kenton’s heard that Kate’s hosting a group of city kids from Birmingham at Spiritual Home next week. Derek Fletcher is furious about it; he’s concerned that Ambridge will be “overrun by urban lowlifes”. Toby delivers a case of Scruff Gin and fills Kenton in on preparations for Rosie’s christening. Toby gives Helen his new business proposal for Scruff Gin. He explains that he wants to start making ‘milk gin’ from the whey left over from Helen’s cheese making. Helen’s busy preparing to make her new cheese and installing her new cheese vat. She admits to Tony that she’s feeling the pressure and Tony encourages her to have faith in herself. Tom’s furious to find escaped pigs in Home Field where his trees have recently been planted. He blames Jazzer for not having shut the gate but Jazzer’s quick to point out that it was Tom who picked the field for the pigs to go into. At cricket practice Tom relays what happened with the pigs to Roy. He half suspects Jazzer made the mistake on purpose. He also has other worries on his mind after discovering that Natasha has a number of credit card debts, as much as fifteen grand, he tells Roy.


Apr 2, 2019 782


Russ reports that his meeting with Shula about her church art project went well. Shula’s considering basing it on the Stations of the Cross. Elizabeth apologises on behalf of Freddie for his rude behaviour towards Russ. Elizabeth admits to him that Freddie’s return is not the miracle she’d hoped it would be since she’s still feeling terrible. Russ is supportive and reminds her that depression isn’t something she can just “snap out of”. At the village shop Will explains to Russ that he’s on the lookout for a tutor to help Mia with maths. Ruairi overhears and offers to give her a hand later that day. Will’s put into a bad mood by a phone call with Pete who thinks he should take a holiday. Mia’s lesson with Ruairi goes well and he agrees to another tutorial next week. Ruairi refuses payment and Will agrees to use his fee as a ‘Pay For a Favour’ donation. Will also reveals he’s thinking about making some changes to the shoot.


Apr 1, 2019 791


Alistair gets acquainted with his new veterinary partner for the first time, Jakob Hakansson. Originally from Sweden his family moved to London when he was young and he now lives in Felpersham. Unfortunately for Alistair Jakob’s not quite as friendly as he’d hoped and his attempts to make him feel welcome go unnoticed. At Bridge Farm Tom reports that three of the Montbeliardes are looking ready to calve. Later when seeing to the pigs he’s annoyed to find Jazzer setting up electric fences in the wrong field. He explains that the field rotation has had to change because of the trees and the Montbeliardes grazing. Jazzer’s adamant that Tom didn’t warn him about the change and it will be a huge job to redo all the work now. Freddie wants to make the most of his time now that he’s out of prison. Elizabeth takes him on a walk up to Lakey Hill. Freddie remembers when he was last there with Shula and Alistair before his sentencing; he thought a lot about it when he was in prison. Freddie suggests the two of them go bowling and Elizabeth secretly cancels her therapy appointment in order to go. When Lily discovers that she didn’t attend the appointment she’s annoyed that Freddie doesn’t understand how important the sessions are to Elizabeth’s recovery.


Mar 31, 2019 761


It’s Mothering Sunday and Jill’s planned a family lunch. Freddie looks forward to meeting Jill’s new boyfriend, Leonard. Freddie adjusts to life outside of prison. He feels he has missed so much what with Tom and Natasha’s wedding, the Aldridges leaving Home Farm and Adam and Ian’s baby news. At Brookfield Pip asks Ben if he’d like to be Rosie’s godparent. Ben’s quick to turn Pip down; he doesn’t believe in God so he wouldn’t be comfortable being her godfather. At Jill’s Mothering Sunday lunch Freddie quizzes Leonard as to what first attracted him to Jill and annoys Lily with jokes about Russ’ age. Ben’s desperate to learn what life is like on the inside but Freddie’s not keen to talk about it and Ruth steps in to defuse the situation.


Mar 29, 2019 787


Lily prepares to bring Freddie back from prison. She admits to Russ that she’s not looking forward to being side-lined. Elizabeth tells her she didn’t sleep at all, she was just too excited at the prospect of him coming home. Lily cautions her not to expect too much from him at first. Natasha and Tom reconcile after their disagreement about the house and Natasha’s credit cards yesterday but they still don’t have anywhere to stay. Tom thinks they should reconsider the flat above the shop and Natasha reluctantly agrees, as long as it’s temporary. She’d like to go to her mum’s for Mothering Sunday. It’s fine for Tom not to go with her if he wants to be with his own mother. Disconcerted Tom agrees that’s okay. Russ tells Jolene that he’s agreed to dress up as the Easter bunny for Lower Loxley’s Easter event. The two discuss Freddie’s release and how the village will react to his return. Jolene thinks he’ll be branded as a wrong ‘un. Finally the moment comes when Freddie is released from prison and he, Lily and Elizabeth embrace. The only thing Freddie wants to do now is get away from prison as quickly as possible.


Mar 28, 2019 777


Natasha is put on the spot and Will offers a solution


Mar 27, 2019 775


Ed arrives at Home Farm for work but Adam is distracted by Josh who has come to look at a tractor that Adam wants to sell. Josh agrees to list the tractor with a guide price of £35,000. Later, Adam rings Ed while he’s spraying the winter wheat and apologises for earlier. Later, Ed shares with Emma that he feels micro-managed by Adam. It will be a relief to get away from Home Farm and work for Tim tomorrow. Meanwhile, Peppa Pig has produced some lambs that look good enough to show in the summer. After looking round the vets at the Stables, Doug Lovell has lunch with Alistair in the Tearoom. Doug’s keen to get some press coverage of their take over and he tells Alistair about Jakob, a first rate equine vet, who will be joining Alistair at the surgery at the Stables. Also, Alistair will now have annual appraisals and Doug is keen that he encourages clients to sign up to pre-payment packages. Later, Alistair calls round to Brookfield in the hope of talking to David or Ruth about a monthly payment plan for vet services but only Josh is around. Josh thinks it’s a good set-up but he doesn’t reckon David will go for it.


Mar 26, 2019 792


Leonard accepts Jill’s invitation to Rosie’s Christening. Toby calls in and learns of this, jokingly asking how Leonard manages to charm his way into the Archer clan so easily. He’s come to break the news to Jill about Rosie’s middle name, but Jill is on the phone and unavailable. Leonard’s not sure his skills are up to the watercolour of a horse that Shula has requested from him. Jill and Leonard discuss whether a big family lunch gathering for Freddie’s release might be too much for him. Tom and Natasha show Pat and Tony their designer’s creation for a new app and website which will sell Bridge Farm produce. Pat and Tony like it and are impressed at Tom and Natasha’s ambition to roll out the platform to other producers. But things stall when Pat and Tony learn that Tom and Natasha will take a commission on every sale through the website and app. Later Pat reports Helen doesn’t have a problem with the proposal. But Pat thinks Natasha’s got a cheek. She’d rather the new scheme was just a part of the whole Bridge Farm family set-up. Natasha’s picked up on Pat’s reservations. Tom tells her not to take it personally. But Natasha can’t see the problem; separating off the online business means they’ll be the ones shouldering the risk. She teases Tom about paying back a massive loan. Nothing wrong with living on credit, replies Tom.


Mar 25, 2019 791


Alan finds Shula in St Stephens. She’s wondering about doing something for the church that would encourage contemplation. Alan is open to the idea and also suggests that Shula gives another sermon soon. Before meeting Alan about Rosie’s Christening, Pip and Toby discuss godparents. They agree Rex is an obvious choice. Pip is still reluctant about the event but their chat with Alan wins her round. They set the date for 7th April. While looking for an HMRC letter for Natasha, Tom is shocked to discover she has a credit card bill of £8000. Later, he confronts her about it. He’s worried, especially with the house they’re planning to rent, but Natasha readily justifies her spending and questions his trust in her, so Tom relents.


Mar 24, 2019 780


Elizabeth is looking forward to Freddie coming home at the end of the week but Lily warns her that he’ll be under a lot of constraints while he’s out on licence. As Russ and Elizabeth clean Freddie’s room, Elizabeth talks about Nigel. Russ allays her fears that Nigel’s death led to Freddie going off the rails. His experience as a teacher has shown him that you can’t predict what will send teenagers down the wrong path. Pip doesn’t like the sound of Lily’s new job but Lily insists it’s fun. Meanwhile, Russ and Elizabeth are getting on well. Pip mentions that Fallon is looking for Tearoom staff but Lily can’t see Russ ever doing that. Looking ahead to Freddie’s return, Lily worries about Elizabeth’s expectations. Lily’s sure that prison has changed Freddie. Shula doesn’t feel as liberated as she expected by ending her marriage with Alistair but she doesn’t regret leaving him. She’s commissioned Leonard to paint a watercolour for her in aid of the Lent appeal. Jill would like all her family together on Mothering Sunday but Shula and Pip warn against it after how Christmas Day went. Toby arrives for Sunday lunch and lets slip about the christening. Jill is thrilled but Pip tries to down play it, saying she would feel like a hypocrite. It just doesn’t feel right to her.


Mar 22, 2019 786


Contemporary drama in a rural setting. Writer ….. Naylah Ahmed Director ….. Rosemary Watts Editor ….. Jeremy Howe Jill Archer .... Patricia Greene David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ..... Felicity Finch Pip Archer ..... Daisy Badger Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Pat Archer .... Patricia Gallimore Helen Archer.... Louiza Patikas Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Alice Carter ..... Hollie Chapman Toby Fairbrother .... Rhys Bevan Alan Franks .... John Telfer Eddie Grundy .... Trevor Harrison Emma Grundy .... Emerald O'Hanrahan Alistair Lloyd ..... Michael Lumsden Kate Madikane .... Perdita Avery Elizabeth Pargetter .... Alison Dowling Lily Pargetter .... Katie Redford Johnny Philips .... Tom Gibbons Peggy Wooley .... June Spencer Natasha .... Mali Harries Russ ..... Andonis James Anthony Leonard Berry .... Paul Copley


Mar 21, 2019 787


Pip, David and Ruth are pleased with Brookfield’s new milking parlour. They discuss how beautiful Jill looked after her makeover. Kenton is avoiding David over the loan. Meanwhile none of them have had chance to see how Elizabeth is doing. Pip reports that Lily has a new job in Felpersham. David collars Kenton while he’s behind the bar at The Bull. Kenton promises to restart the standing order once he’s in a better position – right now he’s got to pay for cover for Jolene while she’s on tour and he’s spending a lot of time at Lower Loxley. David accepts it can’t be easy. Kenton wants David to help persuade Elizabeth to reapply for an alcohol licence. Henry is angry at Helen for lying that karate was cancelled. Emma enquires with Helen about why she’s avoiding Lee. She’s sorry to hear it didn’t work out between them. Helen says she’s just not built for relationships. Emma encourages her to think again but Helen’s certain it’s over with Lee. Helen takes up Emma’s offer to take Henry to karate along with Keira. Later, Emma reports back that Lee is off for a few weeks and Bryn is taking the class. Helen reassures Henry that whilst she’s too busy to attend karate classes, she loves him; he and Jack are enough for her.


Mar 20, 2019 796


Tom and Natasha look round the flat above the shop and weigh up its pros and cons. Natasha’s not heard great things about the landlady Hazel Woolley’s reputation and there’s the close proximity of Susan when she’s working in the shop. Natasha shows Tom another flat in Penny Hassett which she prefers but is a lot more expensive and Tom agrees to a viewing. Alice shares her worries about being successful in her work with Peggy. Kate returns and makes snide comments as Alice tells Peggy about Chris becoming vice-captain of the cricket team. Peggy makes Alice stay and cook dinner with Kate. The sisters squabble and when Kate won’t apologise, Alice leaves. Jolene finds Kenton hiding from David who wants to talk about their unpaid loan. Jolene, who is trying something different with her hair, gets an email from Seaton, blast from her musical past. He wants her to be a backing singer on a tour. It would mean 3 weeks away from The Bull but Kenton says she should go for it.


Mar 19, 2019 794


Jill and Peggy are both working on a crotcheted blanket which will raise money for the Lent Appeal. It’ll have a ‘four seasons’ theme. Kate’s redecorating Christine’s old room. Jill needs to rush off for her makeover with Natasha. David chases Kenton for repayment of the loan between them. David’s restricted to office work while his dislocated finger mends. Natasha turns up to do Jill’s makeover. While Natasha works Jill tells her about her new landlady Hazel Woolley. Jill is thrilled with her makeover. Natasha also gives her tips on her wardrobe. David gives out to Leonard about Kenton avoiding him. Jill appears after her makeover and stuns them both. Leonard covers for David so that Jill is none the wiser about his problem with Kenton. Alice takes Peggy to Fabrice’s where she’s having her hair done. Peggy tries to get Alice to soften to Kate but she won’t. Alice has found somewhere else other than Home Farm to trial her strawberry robot. Peggy ties Alice down to tea at The Lodge tomorrow.


Mar 18, 2019 781


Russ won’t bend to Kenton’s attempts to get him to try on a bunny costume for Lower Loxley’s Easter events. They are interrupted by Elizabeth who is looking forward to Freddie’s return home. Kenton is pleased she’s brighter, Elizabeth remains firm on Lower Loxley being Freddie’s home first. She won’t consider apply for an alcohol licence if it jeopardises her son’s return. Johnny drops off some records for Freddie to have once he’s back. While Russ and Lily clean Freddie’s room, Lily reassure Russ about staying at Lower Loxley and then surprises him by announcing she has an interview this afternoon. Russ grumpily drives her there. After the interview, Lily tells him she’s been offered a job and training starts tomorrow. Helen and Johnny look over the Montbeliardes who will be calving soon. Helen puts her mood down to how much she has riding on this new herd. Pat returns from the dentist with Henry who tries out his karate moves on Johnny. Helen tells Henry off and lies that karate classes are cancelled for a few weeks. Later, Pat consoles Helen over Tom’s plan to move into the Bridge Farm farmhouse. She enquires about Lee and Helen swiftly tells her it didn’t work out.


Mar 17, 2019 791


Leonard and Jill return from a walk to find all of Jill’s recent bakes have been gobbled up. Ruth rushes in with a newborn lamb and to Leonard’s surprise puts it in the warming oven. Leonard is astounded and charmed. Jill thanks Leonard for the painting he gave her and she encourages him to do some painting for the Lent Appeal. Leonard meets Eddie who comes in to check on the lamb. Leonard carries the lamb back with Eddie who invites Leonard to try the Cider Club but Leonard is already committed to getting Jill to and from Stitch and Bitch. Tom signs the final thank you card from him and Natasha for wedding gifts. Pat adjusts school trousers that Henry’s outgrown into shorts. Pat’s noticed Helen’s been quiet all weekend and Tom asks if there is anything bothering Pat. Susan’s got Natasha busy with makeover bookings for the Lent Appeal. Pat reveals that she knows of Tom and Natasha’s hope to move into the Bridge Farm farmhouse. Tom puts her at ease, assuring her it was idle chatter and meant nothing. After seeing Jill fret about her appearance in comparison to dapper Leonard, Ruth calls Pat to make a makeover booking with Natasha.


Mar 15, 2019 785


Writer ….. Naylah Ahmed Director ….. Marina Caldarone Editor ….. Jeremy Howe David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ..... Felicity Finch Pip Archer ..... Daisy Badger Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Helen Archer.... Louiza Patikas Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Phoebe Aldridge ..... Lucy Morris Susan Carter ..... Charlotte Martin Alice Carter ..... Hollie Chapman Rex Fairbrother .... Nick Barber Clarrie Grundy .... Heather Bell Will Grundy ..... Philip Molloy Mia Grundy ..... Molly Pipe Emma Grundy .... Emerald O'Hanrahan Adam Macy .... Andrew Wincott Kate Madikane .... Perdita Avery Elizabeth Pargetter .... Alison Dowling Lily Pargetter .... Katie Redford Hannah Riley .... Helen Longworth Peggy Wooley .... June Spencer Natasha .... Mali Harries Lee .... Ryan Early Russ ..... Andonis James Anthony


Mar 14, 2019 782


At number 1 The Green Hannah’s hungover after attending Jolene’s country night at The Bull and Natasha’s busy writing thank you cards for all the wedding presents. Later, Will calls in and finds the house in a mess and is annoyed to learn that Natasha moved in and he hadn’t been notified. He tells Hannah that the tenancy will have to end in the summer since Clarrie, Eddie and Joe will now need somewhere to live. Hannah agrees it makes sense. Susan thanks Natasha for the wedding invite. She tells her she’s exactly the sort of person the Bridge Farm Archers need in their family after what they went through with Helen and Rob. Natasha wasn’t aware of Helen’s past, she tells Susan. Emma suspects that Mia might have got her period. She gives her a parcel with everything she might need and explains how it all works. Emma comforts her; everything she is going through is completely normal, she tells her. Mia says she misses Nic and Emma promises that she’ll always be there for her.


Mar 13, 2019 796


It’s the night of Jolene’s big performance at The Bull, and super-fan Richard Thwaite grabs a spot right in front of the mic. She goes down a storm and Kenton suggests booking in another gig next week. At the Bull Lily tells Phoebe whilst she’s looking forward to Freddie’s return she’s not looking forward to his reaction to Russ. Later, when she gets Rex’s taxi to collect her she confides that she’s feeling lost. Rex remembers when he had to look after his dad and Toby did nothing to help. Rex suggests getting a job at a telemarketing company in Felpersham; he often drives some of the workers who all seem to have lots of fun and are around Lily’s age. Lily agrees it might just be the thing she needs. Kate sets up camp in the Home Farm eco-office and helps herself to Brian’s scotch and Adam’s chocolates. Adam makes her check on the ewes with him for missing yesterday’s partnership meeting. She ridicules his aquaponics idea and he points out that it’s about time she sorted her life out. He tells her she can stay at Honeysuckle Cottage for a few days while Ian’s in Bulgaria.


Mar 12, 2019 779


At Brookfield Leonard’s been visiting frequently. David injures his finger when trying to catch a ewe and Ruth takes him to A&E. They’ll need to get Eddie in to cover for David until he recovers which is another expense Brookfield will have to manage. Susan and Clarrie have noticed that Helen’s moods have changed. They wonder whether she might be jealous of Natasha. Susan suggests that they could get Natasha to offer make overs for Pay For a Favour. Poppy’s been doing pet portraits to raise money and has already done one for Lynda and Emma. Adam pitches his aquaponics idea at the Home Farm partnership meeting. He’s been speaking to a fish merchant in Birmingham who’s interested and knows where he can get buyers for the salad. Alice reports she has now found some other farms to take on her robotics trial. Lee calls in at the dairy but Clarrie reports Helen is nowhere to be seen and must have left. Dejected Lee leaves without seeing her.


Mar 11, 2019 797


Lilian’s asked Kate to leave the Dower House by the end of the week. Kate reports that business at Spiritual Home has been slow but it always is in winter. Under the pretence of helping Peggy with her shopping Kate takes the opportunity to ask whether she can move into the Lodge with her. Peggy doesn’t think it’s a good idea and says no. Kirsty helps Helen clean the cheese room. Kirsty is fed up of people talking about Tom and Natasha’s wedding. The main problem, she explains, is that people keep expecting her to be upset and she’s not; but she admits if Helen’s got any photos she’d like to see them, just to get it out of her system. Helen opens up about what happened on her date with Lee. She tells Kirsty that the ghost of Rob is still with her. Kirsty comforts her but advises that unless she tell Lee about her past Rob will have won. Lee should have the choice. But what if he doesn't choose me, worries Helen.


Mar 10, 2019 781


Phoebe’s back from university and calls in to buy some of her favourite ice cream from Bridge Farm. She mentions to Helen that Kirsty is keeping a low profile in the wake of Tom’s wedding. Helen’s surprised to see Tom back at Bridge Farm so soon after the wedding but he explains that he needs to get on with planting the celeriac. She admits that she found it strange that he and Natasha were marrying so quickly but Tom assures her he didn’t have any doubts. He reports that Natasha is moving into his today although it’s not a long-term solution. Tom mentions they are thinking of building a bungalow on the farm for Tony and Pat to move into so they could have the house. Lily insists that Elizabeth isn’t making anywhere near as much progress as she should after she refuses to go for a walk with her. Russ tells her that Elizabeth has to go through a process and it will take time. Lily’s concerned about the strain Freddie’s return will put on Elizabeth not to mention the effect he’ll have on the licence. Later, Elizabeth goes on a walk with Russ and Lily feels rejected.


Mar 8, 2019 778


It's a big day for Tom and there's bad news at Brookfield. Writer ….. Keri Davies Director ….. Julie Beckett Editor ….. Jeremy Howe David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck Pip Archer ..... Daisy Badger Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Pat Archer .... Patricia Gallimore Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Brian Aldridge ..... Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ….. Angela Piper Lilian Bellamy ..... Sunny Ormonde Neil Carter ..... Brian Hewlett Susan Carter ..... Charlotte Martin Chris Carter ..... Wilf Scolding Alice Carter ..... Hollie Chapman Justin Elliott ..... Simon Williams Toby Fairbrother ..... Rhys Bevan Bert Fry ..... Eric Allan Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison Will Grundy ..... Philip Molloy Emma Grundy .... Emerald O'Hanrahan Ed Grundy .... Barry Farrimond Elizabeth Pargetter .... Alison Dowling Lily Pargetter .... Katie Redford Johnny Philips ..... Tom Gibbons Hannah Riley .... Helen Longworth Roy Tucker .... Ian Pepperell Natasha .... Mali Harries Lee .... Ryan Early Russ ..... Andonis James Anthony


Mar 7, 2019 788


It’s the night of Susan’s big dinner party for Brian and Jennifer and no one apart from Susan is looking forward to it. Brian shares his reservations with Jennifer and over at The Nest Alice and Chris think the same thing. Later at Ambridge View Jennifer and Susan corner Alice in the kitchen over the topic of babies whilst in the dining room Chris gets a business grilling from Neil and Brian. At the end of the evening Brian and Jennifer reflect that the evening was far more pleasant than expected whilst Alice and Chris vow not to subject themselves to an evening with both sets of parents ever again. Roy calls in on Tom as it is the night before the wedding with a few beers. Roy can’t believe how calm he is in contrast with the night before he was due to marry Kirsty. Tom tells him that everything feels right with Natasha.


Mar 6, 2019 796


Elizabeth struggles to get out of bed after a bad night’s sleep. Nevertheless, she tells Lily, she feels she is getting. Later, Kenton helps to organise a conference at Lower Loxley and asks Lily how Elizabeth is really doing. Freddie coming out of prison is a good motivator for Elizabeth, Lily says, and hopefully his offender manager will be able to tweak the terms of his licence meaning he can live at Lower Loxley. Kenton’s not sure that will be possible after all. The solicitor advising him with regards to the alcohol licence thinks that having Freddie live at Lower Loxley could significantly damage their case. Lily questions whether they need a licence in that case but Kenton is firm – the business won’t survive if they don’t. Later, once Elizabeth has returned from her therapy session Kenton raises the issue of Freddie and the alcohol licence. Despite Kenton’s best efforts Elizabeth is resolute; Lower Loxley is Freddie’s home. At karate Emma and Lee discuss his situation with Helen. Lee outlines what happened on their date last Friday and how she suddenly seemed to change into a different person and now she won’t answer his messages. Emma reassures him that Helen does like him and she’ll pass on his message to her.


Mar 5, 2019 784


Justin reports that Kirsty has complained about the footpath near the substation being closed off. Later, at The Bull Emma corners Justin, he assures her that he had permission to temporarily close it. Justin quickly diverts her with the offer of a tour around the Beechwood development. Whilst on the tour Ed points out a few things he’s not keen on and Emma becomes embarrassed. Ed worries to Will how Eddie and Clarrie will be able to afford the rent when they move out. Will admits it hadn’t occurred to him. At The Bull Lilian has her monthly management meeting with Jolene. Lilian reports that Jolene will now be performing a country classics night. Over pancakes Lilian and Justin discuss Kate’s living arrangements. After this morning’s smoothie mishap Justin pronounces that he’s nearing his limit with Kate and Lilian agrees to give her notice.


Mar 4, 2019 794


Tony and Pat discuss Tom and Natasha’s speedy nuptials. Tony thinks Tom has no idea of the trouble he’s caused by giving people such a short amount of time to prepare. It will be the first time Tony and Pat meet Natasha’s parents and he doesn’t feel they know her well enough. Pat tells him they ought to smile and make the best of things, if Tom gets the feeling Tony doesn’t approve he’ll never forgive him she warns. Pat wonders why Helen’s so quiet, perhaps her date with Lee didn’t go well on Friday? At Bridge Farm Johnny and Tony turn the Montbeliardes out into Cowslip Meadow. Moving the heifers isn’t easy as the cows have little regard for Tony and walk straight past him. Tom asks Hannah if Natasha could move in to Number 1 The Green until they get a place of their own sorted. Hannah says it’s fine although the place is bound become crowded. Tom thinks it’s a shame that Hannah won’t be at the wedding. Later, sensing that Hannah is not fine with the new housing arrangement Johnny asks Hannah how she really feels about Tom and Natasha. She admits to still having feelings for Tom but it’s too late now. Tom struggles to find a best man after Roy is unable to get out of a work commitment. Tom wonders if Ed might be available to be his best man. Eddie, says he’ll be working that day and suggests Johnny. Johnny is thrilled to be asked.


Mar 3, 2019 795


Susan quizzes Roy for more information on Natasha, she’s keen to know why she and Tom are getting married so quickly. Susan tells Roy she thought she’d invite Tracy to her dinner party with Brian and Jennifer now that Kirsty can’t make it. Roy suddenly remembers he can’t make the dinner party either. Relieved Susan says she’ll invite Alice and Chris instead. Meanwhile, Jolene hasn’t slept well after receiving negative comments on the video Kenton posted online of her singing. Roy and Susan help rebuild her confidence. Lee pops into the village shop and enquires after Helen. Later, after lunch at The Bull, he calls in at Bridge Farm Shop looking for her, explaining that he can’t get hold of her. But Helen, having already heard from Susan that Lee is around, has already rushed off. Roy tells Tom he can’t be his best man because there’s a product launch at Grey Gables that he can’t get out of. Tom’s disappointed but understands it’s because of the short notice. Roy suggests Hannah or Jazzer as alternatives but neither of them can come to the wedding.


Mar 1, 2019 781


Writer ….. Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti Director ….. Jeremy Howe Editor ….. Jeremy Howe Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Pat Archer .... Patricia Gallimore Helen Archer ..... Louiza Patikas Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Jennifer Aldridge ….. Angela Piper Susan Carter ..... Charlotte Martin Alice Carter ..... Hollie Chapman Ian Craig ..... Stephen Kennedy Joe Grundy ..... Edward Kelsey Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison Clarrie Grundy ..... Heather Bell Emma Grundy .... Emerald O'Hanrahan Ed Grundy .... Barry Farrimond Adam Macy ..... Andrew Wincott Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons Roy Tucker .... Ian Pepperell Lee .... Ryan Early Tim .... Carl Prekopp


Feb 28, 2019 791


Susan imposes on Alice who is busy working on a robotics presentation for a large scale strawberry grower. Susan wants advice on her menu for the dinner party she’s hosting for Brian and Jennifer and also gossips about whether Tom and Natasha’s swift engagement and wedding date is due to Natasha being pregnant. She tells Alice becoming a parent is the best thing in the world which annoys Alice. At the kids’ karate, Helen and Emma discuss the plans for Tom and Natasha’s wedding. The registry office is booked and they are having the reception at The Bull. Helen reveals that Lee has invited her over to his flat tomorrow night. Emma says she can see a spark between Helen and Lee and adds that she thinks it is brilliant that Helen is getting on with her life. When Emma mentions not letting what happened with Rob hold her back, Helen gets defensive, she doesn’t need reminding about her past.


Feb 27, 2019 796


News spreads of Tom and Natasha’s engagement. Ed worries about being able to afford a gift for them while Adam’s not too pleased at the short notice. The Bull prepares to host Tom and Natasha’s 60 guests for their reception. Kenton is distracted by the amount of attention his video of Jolene singing is getting on The Bull’s Facebook page. He shows Jolene who initially mortified but then gets into replying to all those who have commented on it. Adam’s busy with lambing. Ian’s getting excited about their baby and shows Adam a book that he’s ordered about becoming a father. He wants to get a date in the diary for visiting Lexi in Bulgaria but Adam’s too stretched to think about it at the moment. Later, Adam explains that he wants to make the best future for the baby as possible that’s why he’s putting everything into Home Farm before it arrives. Whilst working for Tim, Ed mentions that Eddie’s van has broken down. Tim treats Ed to a pub lunch and later turns up to Grange Farm with a second hand van for Eddie. At couple of hundred pounds it’s a bargain, Ed thanks Tim. Meanwhile, Tim compliments Emma and she invites him to stay for dinner and meet the family.


Feb 26, 2019 784


After a sleepless night Lily goes for a bike ride to clear her head and calls in on Pip at Brookfield. The two cousins catch up over Elizabeth’s treatment for depression. Pip is trialling some herbal leys at Brookfield in the hope they can graze the cows for longer. Toby tells Pip that he can no longer look after Rosie today but not to worry he’s roped Rex in to babysitting duties. Toby’s managed to secure a last minute pitch meeting with a supermarket buyer for Scruff Gin. Pip understands and is happy with the Rex arrangement. Later, Pip panics when Toby doesn’t show and she finds Bert looking after Rosie at the Bungalow. On Toby’s return, Pip tells him he must be honest with her when it comes to Rosie. Toby offers as a consolation that the pitch meeting wasn’t a success. Elizabeth pulls out of going to visit Freddie with Lily. She feels that seeing him might set her back. Lily worries to Russ that Freddie will be disappointed. But just as Lily is about to set off, Elizabeth appears and is coming after all. Elizabeth returns upbeat, Freddie has been using the prison gym and seemed in good spirits. Later, Lily tells Russ that when Elizabeth went to the bathroom Freddie explained that he won’t be able to live at Lower Loxley once he is released as it is the scene of the crime.


Feb 25, 2019 787


While working in the dairy Susan tells Helen about her upcoming dinner party with Brian and Jennifer and seeks advice on using Borsetshire Blue in a sauce for steak. Today is Susan and Neil’s thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and Susan explains what makes her and Neil a good match. She also advises Helen that when the right person comes along, you just know. It’s also Tom’s birthday and he invites his family for dinner at 1 The Green – he and Natasha want to host everyone. Pat, Tony and Johnny wait while Tom prepares the food single-handedly. Natasha is held up in traffic and Tom can’t contain their news. He stuns his family by announcing that he and Natasha are engaged and getting married next week. Pat and Tony discuss Helen who seems brighter recently. Pat says that as far as she knows she has been on a few dates with Lee and they’re going out again on Friday. Later, back from 1 The Green, Pat and Tony discuss Tom and Natasha’s news. Pat wonders what it means for the future of Bridge Farm with Natasha not one to shy away from sharing her opinions. Tony wishes their children would take the conventional route for a change.


Feb 24, 2019 793


Ian looks to the future and Jennifer makes an unpleasant discovery.


Feb 22, 2019 784


Writer ….. Mary Cutler Director ….. Jenny Thompson Editor ….. Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Ben Archer ..... Ben Norris Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Pat Archer .... Patricia Gallimore Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Jennifer Aldridge ….. Angela Piper Susan Carter ..... Charlotte Martin Alan Franks ..... John Telfer Clarrie Grundy ..... Heather Bell Will Grundy ….. Philip Molloy Mia Grundy ….. Molly Pipe Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Lily Pargetter .... Katie Redford Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons Peggy Wooley .... June Spencer Russ ..... Andonis James Anthony


Feb 21, 2019 788


Susan calls in on Jennifer at Willow Cottage, she is keen to find how they have been settling in and what the Aldridges have done with the place. The sink is blocked and Jennifer laments not having her waste disposal unit anymore. Susan jumps into action and shows her how unblock the U bend. When the job’s finished Susan invites Jennifer and Brian over to dinner and Jennifer can’t refuse. Will doesn’t like the idea of marking the first anniversary of Nic’s death by going to a Sound of Music singalong. Mia explains they want to remember Nic when she was happy and Nic loved the Sound of Music but Will’s not convinced. Alan tells Will about his Pay For a Favour plan for the Lent Appeal. People will do good turns for one another and the receiver will donate what they think the good turn is worth to the appeal. Alan would like to donate what’s raised to Borchester Hospital’s intensive care unit in Nic’s name. Will doesn’t like it and Alan says he can find another cause. Mia is upset by Will’s intransigence. Later, Will apologises to Mia who says she’s going to tell Alan to go ahead with the Lent Appeal idea and she still plans on going to go to the Sound of Music to remember her mum.


Feb 20, 2019 789


Derek and Pat Fletcher book the upstairs of The Bull for their fortieth wedding anniversary in March. And for tonight, Kenton’s booked a musician friend called Des to pull in the crowds. When Des doesn’t show Kenton is frantic and appeals to Jolene to help. She saves the day by taking to the stage herself. Russ is keen to get out and have some fun so he and Lily go to The Bull for the live music. Things are frosty between Russ and Kenton, Ruairi and Ben tease Russ and the final straw comes when a former Borchester College colleague tells Russ he has a nerve showing his face and Russ asks Lily if they can go home. Elizabeth tells Jill that she has been diagnosed with depression and that she is on medication and seeing a therapist. Jill wishes Elizabeth had told her sooner. She adds that there was a time when everything got on top of her and she had to take a complete break for a couple of months. Later, at The Bull, Jill worries to Kenton that Elizabeth’s depression might be down to her childhood. Kenton reassures Jill that she’s a great mother and what Elizabeth needs now is love which Jill is best placed to give.


Feb 19, 2019 781


Tom helps Tony get the Angus cows that are up for sale tested for TB. Later, Tom tells Pat and Tony about the plot of land near Waterley Cross he thinks they should buy. They have the capital and it’s a good site for expanding the agroforestry. But Johnny voices some concerns about making the investment in the current economic climate. Pat and Tony want to think it all over. Meanwhile they feel buoyed by the outlook at Bridge Farm with Helen, Tom and Johnny all involved. Later, Tom and Johnny talk about their difference of opinion when it comes to buying a new plot of land. Tom thinks Pat and Tony will side with Johnny but says it won’t come between them. Jill tells Peggy all about her new friend, Leonard. She tells Peggy that he makes her feel young again but she is worried about what people might think. Peggy remembers what it was like when she and Jack Woolley married. She wishes she’d said yes to him sooner. Jill describes the reaction of her children to Leonard. She really wants them all to like him but she’s not sure about Elizabeth who was subdued when she met him. After her chat with Peggy, Jill leaves a message for Elizabeth – she’d like to come and see her tomorrow.


Feb 18, 2019 787


Lily tells Elizabeth that she is going to defer her university place for a year. Elizabeth assumes that it is because of her illness but Lily tells her that starting university in a new relationship with Russ and trying to find a job has all been too much. Pip reports that Toby’s been pulling his weight with childcare recently which means she can spend more time helping with milking and calving – she really wants to get stuck into the farm. Today is one of Leonard and Jill’s Scrabble days, Pip tells Ruth. They note that he has made Jill very happy but David is finds conversation with Leonard awkward as they have nothing in common. Mia bumps into Ruairi at the village shop when she realises that she is going to be late for the arrival of the supermarket shop. Ruairi gives her a lift home on his bike and helps her with the unpacking. He heads off when Clarrie arrives and she assumes Mia has a crush on Ruairi. Mia firmly tells her that she doesn’t, she doesn’t have time for boys full stop.


Feb 17, 2019 794


Lily makes a big decision and Clarrie proves to be a source of inspiration


Feb 15, 2019 792


Writer ….. Tim Stimpson Director ….. Kim Greengrass Editor ….. Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Tom Archer ….. William Troughton Brian Aldridge …… Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ….. Angela Piper Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde Ian Craig ….. Stephen Kennedy Ruairi Donovan ….. Arthur Hughes Toby Fairbrother ….. Rhys Bevan Will Grundy ….. Philip Molloy Mia Grundy ….. Molly Pipe Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O'Hanrahan Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell Kate Madikane ….. Perdita Avery Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell Lee ….. Ryan Early Leonard Berry ….. Paul Copley Jamila ….. Lorna Laidlaw


Feb 14, 2019 792


Helen feels self-conscious ahead of her first date night with Lee but Emma says she should just enjoy it. The Mexican restaurant is decked out fully for Valentine’s Day and despite Helen’s cringing at the Mariachi band she has a great time. Lee shares how his last relationship went wrong and that he has learned from it. The two end their evening with a kiss. Ruth is determined for a romantic evening but David is distracted by what’s happening at Ruairi and Ben’s Love Suck’s party at the Brookfield caravan. The only girls he’s seen are Tilly and Molly Button. Later, David catches Tilly Button and a lad in the hay shed. In the Tearoom, Tracy compliments Will’s haircut and calls him the sexiest gamekeeper in Borsetshire. Embarrassed Will decides against ordering anything and quickly leaves. Later, he confesses to Emma how hard it is seeing other people happy while he is without Nic. Emma does her best to comfort him. Then, Will finds a Valentine’s card and is sent into a spin. What kind of sick person would send him something like that knowing his circumstances, he asks.


Feb 13, 2019 799


Elizabeth has her first therapy session with Jamila. She tells her all about Lily and Freddie: Freddie in a young offender’s institution and Lily being in a relationship with Russ, married man and former deputy principal at her college. Jamila asks about how Nigel’s death affected her and Elizabeth explains the challenges facing Lower Loxley and how losing Nigel impacted on the twin’s lives. But the therapist tells her they are here to talk about her not her children. Elizabeth says she didn’t feel anything like how she feels now in the aftermath of Nigel’s death. Jamila gets Elizabeth to open up about her rebellious past, Elizabeth admits that she has never felt good enough. She talks ashamedly about her abortion and realises that Nigel was always there for her through all of her mistakes. She remembers a happy memory of watching Nigel and the twins while they were toddlers. Elizabeth releases her frustration at Nigel’s death – now that he’s gone she has to remain for their children and for the Pargetter legacy. Elizabeth is tired of it all and misses Nigel more than anything. Writer ….. Tim Stimpson Director ….. Kim Greengrass Editor ….. Jeremy Howe


Feb 12, 2019 793


Kenton tells David that Elizabeth has an appointment with a therapist tomorrow. He also explains that he’s been sorting things out in the Lower Loxley office and although Glen seems on top of things there are only three weddings booked in between now and Easter. It’s imperative that they get their alcohol licence back and fast. He’s going to contact the solicitor. Toby pitches his new business venture to Kenton – instead of buying in gin and adding the botanicals afterwards he suggests making the gin from scratch, he could even use the discarded whey from Helen’s cheese. With lambing and calving around the corner Pip wants to be certain she can rely on Toby for childcare. She’s taken aback when he assures her that any new gin venture will always come second to Rosie. Brian and Jennifer collect Kate from the airport and take her back to Willow Cottage where she is shocked to learn that all her belongings have been put into storage and she can only stay there until Friday when Ruairi returns. Brian finally loses his temper when Kate implies that they’ll want to start looking for another house soon with three bedrooms so that she can stay with them. Brian is firm, Kate’s on her own.


Feb 11, 2019 780


Things are looking bright at Bridge Farm, a buyer calls Tony about the remaining Angus cattle that are for sale and Helen looks forward to her new cheese venture. Meanwhile, Tom sets out the opportunities the new veg box app will open up for Bridge Farm. Customers will now be able to choose what goes in their veg boxes and the app will save lots of time on delivery day. Johnny takes Tony through body conditioning scoring of the Montebeliardes which Alistair has shown him. Tony thinks he might miss things if he starts seeing the cattle as data, Johnny should trust his own instincts. Kirsty visits Helen for lunch and lets Tom know that she is moving in with Philip. He's buying a house on the Beechwood development. Ian tells Roy that he’s sorry if he and Adam contributed to Roy and Lexi’s break up in any way. He reassures him that it was not their intention for Roy to find out that Lexi was pregnant though other people. Brian plans to watch the test match at Grey Gables as he’s had to cancel his sport channels subscription. It’s part of the savings he’s had to make after paying his court fine. He’s also reconsidering sending Ruairi to such an expensive school. Later, Brian hears from Jennifer that Kate flying back from South Africa tomorrow.


Feb 10, 2019 776


Jill brings her new friend Leonard to Lower Loxley to meet Elizabeth. Jill’s surprised to find Kenton and Jolene are there too. Leonard is very taken with Lower Loxley, he used to be a chartered surveyor and has lots of questions about the property, including the roof. Jill is concerned by Elizabeth’s unenthusiastic response, she really wants her family to like Leonard. Later, Elizabeth tells Jolene and Kenton that she didn’t have the strength to explain to Jill the truth behind her subdued demeanor. They advise her not to go into detail with Jill until she has had a proper diagnosis. Mia helps Will out around the house, he thinks they make a good team. Will drops Poppy and Mia off at Grange Farm before heading off to work. Emma thinks it’s odd when Mia declines her offer to go to Drayton Manor Park. When Emma tries again to persuade Mia to come with them Mia get fractious, pointing out that she’s not a little kid and anyway she she’s got too much to do to spend time at a theme park.


Feb 8, 2019 783


Writer ….. Tim Stimpson Director ….. Marina Caldarone Editor ….. Jeremy Howe Jill Archer.... Patricia Greene David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer.... Felicity Finch Pip Archer.... Daisy Badger Ben Archer.... Ben Norris Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer.... Buffy Davis Helen Archer…. Louiza Patikas Tom Archer.... William Troughton Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ….. Angela Piper Rex Fairbrother..... Nick Barber Toby Fairbrother..... Rhys Bevan Bert Fry..... Eric Allan Eddie Grundy.... Trevor Harrison Shula Hebden Lloyd.... Judy Bennett Alistair Lloyd…. Michael Lumsden Adam Macy ….. Andrew Wincott Kirsty Miller.... Annabelle Dowler Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Johnny Philips.... Tom Gibbons Roy Tucker.... Ian Pepperell Natasha.... Mali Harries Leonard.... Paul Copley


Feb 7, 2019 794


Jill is nervous before the arrival of her new friend Leonard who is coming to Brookfield for dinner. He meets Pip, Josh and Ben. Ruth thinks Leonard is very dapper while David is surprised at how different he is from Phil. David struggles to make conversation with Leonard and escapes to the kitchen only for Jill to tell him off for leaving their guest on his own. As David and Ruth wonder at the connection between Jill and Leonard they hear the two of them laughing in the other room. Bert complains again to Toby about Elizabeth’s attitude at Lower Loxley. Rex pesters Toby about his responsibilities with Rosie and Toby heads to Rickyard for the evening. Later, Rex discovers that Toby has paid Emma to clean Rickyard. Toby’s strategy works and Pip agrees to end her ban on letting him stay over at Rickyard. Toby ponders to Rex about moving in with Pip permanently – though he’s yet to ask Pip.


Feb 6, 2019 794


Tom wants to try putting cucamelons in the veg boxes. Natasha thinks they should meet with the designers for a new app as soon as possible. Natasha congratulates Johnny on his graduation yesterday. Alistair gives Shula a heads up regarding the changes at the surgery. There’ll be a new central number for clients to ring once Lovell James officially take over. Meanwhile, Shula and Alistair’s decree nisi came through last week. Shula admits that she’s a little envious of all Alistair’s achieved in the last few months, selling the veterinary business, running a half-marathon. Shula shows him her attempts at life-drawing and Alistair can’t help but laugh. Later, Johnny arranges some mentoring with Alistair. Natasha and Kirsty meet properly for the first time. Natasha’s keen to hear about Tom and Kirsty’s brush with the law after trashing the GM crops. Natasha suggests a double date with Kirsty and Philip. Kirsty’s not keen but agrees to ask Philip. Natasha tells Tom about some land for sale that she thinks he should consider buying so they can grow their agroforestry venture.


Feb 5, 2019 775


At The Bull Kenton prepares for Valentine’s Day with a collection of romantic classics on vinyl. Meanwhile Toby teases Kenton about Jill’s new friend from The Laurels. At Rickyard, Toby’s not pulling his weight as Pip tidy’s up around him. Later, Pip panics when she finds Toby at The Bull when he was meant to be minding Rosie. He tells her to calm down, Jim and Robert are looking after their daughter in a corner of the pub. It’s the day of Brian’s court appearance and protesters demonstrate outside the Magistrates. One of them throws paint which hits Brian and Adam rushes to buy him a new jacket. Brian pleads guilty and is given a fine of £120,000. Back in Ambridge, Kenton reminds Adam and Brian that he still owes the village a community event to make up for the contamination of the Am.


Feb 4, 2019 791


Roy has reservations and Johnny feels the pressure


Feb 3, 2019 785


Shula’s bible reading inspires Jill to tell David and Shula about a man that she’s met, Leonard Berry. She thinks it is time that they heard about him. Shula and David discuss whether sharing their concerns over Elizabeth’s mental wellbeing with Jill is a good idea. Shula and Jill congratulate Jennifer on becoming a grandmother again. They ask some awkward questions about who is the biological father of the baby and whether Lexi is the egg donor. Jennifer informs them that Lexi is returning to Bulgaria for the duration of her pregnancy, it will be a relief for her to be away from all of the uninformed speculation. Brian agrees to plead guilty. Jennifer’s not ready to forgive him for dragging the family through weeks of unnecessary stress. Later, Brian tells David that he has decided to plead guilty; Brian admits that it was Joe Grundy that changed his mind.


Feb 1, 2019 780


Writer ….. Adrian Flynn Director ….. Peter Leslie Wild Editor ….. Jeremy Howe David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer.... Buffy Davis Pat Archer…. Pat Gallimore Helen Archer…. Louiza Patikas Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ….. Angela Piper Ian Craig.... Stephen Kennedy Bert Fry..... Eric Allan Joe Grundy.... Edward Kelsey Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O'Hanrahan Alistair Lloyd…. Michael Lumsden Adam Macy ….. Andrew Wincott Kirsty Miller.... Annabelle Dowler Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Lynda Snell..... Carole Boyd Roy Tucker.... Ian Pepperell Lexi Viktorova.... Ania Sowinski Lee.... Ryan Early Philip Moss.... Andy Hockley


Jan 31, 2019 780


Brian and Jennifer argue whether Brian will plead guilty or not. Jenifer implores him to consider the impact his decision to plead guilty will have on the children. Ian’s uncomfortable about having his and Adam’s surrogacy plans revealed so early in Lexi’s pregnancy. He tells Kirsty that some of the staff at Grey Gables have been unimpressed their decision to have a baby. Emma questions Jennifer over the surrogacy stories she’s been hearing. She says that she wouldn’t be able to give up a baby as Lexi will have to. Both Kirsty and Jennifer point out that the baby isn’t biologically Lexi’s. Emma goes on to say that people from the village have been saying that Lexi must be doing it for the money at which point Jennifer and Kirsty tell her to mind her own business. Jennifer thanks Kirsty for her timely intervention. Alistair meets with his new employer, Doug Lovell from Lovell James. He tells him that he’d like to continue with his existing work load at his Ambridge practice. Doug takes his point but says that it’s Don James who’ll need convincing.


Jan 30, 2019 785


At Borchester market David and Eddie discuss Josh’s business nous, he’s lent David a mixing wagon in exchange for a month’s free rent. Eddie tells David that he’s short on work and isn’t feeling hopeful about paying the rent once Emma and Ed leave Grange Farm. Ben invites Johnny to his Love Sucks party in the Brookfield caravan, perhaps he’d like to bring Bella and some of her friends, Ben suggests. Johnny lets him down gently; he’ll have to look elsewhere if he wants any girls to come to the party. Jolene calls on Elizabeth and the two walk around the grounds of Lower Loxley. In Jolene’s company Elizabeth begins to open up about her argument with Kenton and how she has been feeling lately. Alistair gives Cranford Crystal her vaccination at Lower Loxley before heading over to Bridge Farm to sedate one of the Monbeliardes. Johnny tells him that Bess spooked the cow and she got her leg stuck in the gate. After they sedate her they free her leg and walk her into the crush so Alistair can examine her properly. Johnny tells Alistair he’s saved the day, Ambridge would be lost without him.


Jan 29, 2019 797


Jolene takes the initiative and Kirsty feels unsettled by recent events


Jan 28, 2019 795


Lexi is guilt ridden and Helen looks to the future


Jan 27, 2019 779


David laments having to pay the refrigeration engineer for fixing the milk tank. Later at Burns Night at the Bull there’s another blow for David when Tony tells him that he’s planning to keep some of the Angus cattle so they can sell their own beef in the Bridge Farm shop. It means they’ll need less Brookfield beef. Meanwhile, there’s a queue of people wanting to congratulate Alistair on his half marathon success. Adam tells Jennifer that the clinic has confirmed the embryo is viable but Jennifer must still not breathe a word to anyone about Lexi’s pregnancy. The baby is due in the autumn. Ruth attends a Home Farm emergency partnership meeting. They discuss Brian’s decision to plead not guilty at his hearing. Things get heated when the family disagree. Only Alice takes Brian’s side. Ruth urges caution but Jennifer has the last word; if Brian pleads not guilty it would mean the end of their marriage.


Jan 25, 2019 785


Writer ….. Amanda Whittington Director ….. Gwenda Hughes Editor ….. Jeremy Howe David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer…. Felicity Finch Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Tony Archer…. David Troughton Pat Archer…. Pat Gallimore Helen Archer…. Louiza Patikas Tom Archer…. Will Troughton Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ….. Angela Piper Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O'Hanrahan Ed Grundy ….. Barry Farrimond Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett Alistair Lloyd…. Michael Lumsden Adam Macy ….. Andrew Wincott Jazzer McCreary…. Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Johnny Philips…. Tom Gibbons Peggy Woolley…. June Spencer Lee…. Ryan Early Tim…. Carl Prekopp


Jan 24, 2019 794


Tony’s happy to see the return of dairy cows to Bridge Farm. Peggy pays the Bridge Farm Archers a visit and they raise a toast to the Montbeliardes. Peggy reports that Jennifer is very stressed; she suspects that it is something to do with Brian. Pat relays the village gossip to Peggy about Roy and Lexi’s break up and the speculation surrounding her pregnancy. Peggy puts Pat in her place and tells her that it’s nobody’s business but Lexi’s. Kenton tries to get Elizabeth to open up. He tells Elizabeth that he and the other siblings are concerned about her mental health. He tells her that they don’t think she is well and they are all here for her. The talk doesn’t go well when Kenton criticises Elizabeth’s use of sleeping pills and Elizabeth feels that by telling him about the pills Shula has betrayed her trust. She demands that Kenton leave her house immediately. At the Bridge Farm meeting Tom pitches his new idea to the family. He says that he’s seeing a downwards trend in veg box sales. He proposes a farmers’ market at the click of a button, with distinctive vegetables and local dairy and meat products. He wants to relaunch the box scheme with and online platform and an app. The plan would be that Tom and Natasha take full ownership of the new strategy as a standalone venture.


Jan 23, 2019 791


It’s all hands on deck at Bridge Farm as The Montbeliardes arrive. Pat covers the veg box deliveries and takes Shula hers. They discuss how well Alistair did in the half marathon - he raised £700 pounds for the Children’s Hospice and the figure is still rising fast. Helen and Tom tease Johnny about his blossoming relationship with Bella the barmaid. Kenton makes an impromptu visit to Lower Loxley. Elizabeth tries to dissuade him from coming in since the place is a mess and she hasn’t got dressed yet but Kenton persuades her to let him in. Kenton asks about how the licence appeal process is going now that it has been pushed back until February but Elizabeth is evasive and snaps when Kenton offers to help. Elizabeth admits that they didn’t postpone the appeal; she missed the deadline and will have to start the whole process over. Elizabeth breaks down, if they can’t get the licence back Lower Loxley is finished. She tells Kenton that she feels like she has let everyone down. Later, Kenton fills David and Shula in on the situation and how she lied about the licence appeal being postponed. David suspects that she might be suffering from depression.


Jan 22, 2019 780


Susan jumps to conclusions and Ed has money on his mind


Jan 21, 2019 777


Ben asks Ruth if he can host an anti-Valentine’s Day party in the caravan. He tells Ruth the party is more of an installation than a party, the event will be called ‘Love Sucks’. Ben is pleased when Ruth reports that she and David talked it through and the party can go ahead. Helen and Lee’s date goes well. They walk up Heydon Berrow but Lee has not brought any practical clothing. Helen gives him one glove and the two hold hands to keep warm. They bump into Ruth taking Rosie for a walk and Helen becomes self-conscious. Lee takes the hint and introduces himself as Helen’s personal trainer. Helen is grateful and explains that she doesn’t want anyone to know about them just yet.


Jan 20, 2019 788


It's the day of the Felpersham half marathon and Jim’s concerned that he’s missed Alistair but Jazzer points out that Philip and Alistair are in costume. They ran as a pantomime horse. In a bid to get more donation money Jazzer makes a quip to Brian about not being skint yet, surely he can donate some more money. Jennifer admits to Adam that she is struggling to adapt to life at Willow Cottage. Adam cheers her up by telling that Lexi is pregnant. He goes on to say that Lexi has decided to move back to Bulgaria for the pregnancy. Adam shares his concerns about becoming a father and says he’ll need some time to get used to the idea. Jennifer remembers when she fell pregnant with Adam. As Brian and Jennifer watch the runners go past they discuss the atmosphere at Willow Cottage. Brian has decided to plead not-guilty at his hearing, ignoring the advice of his solicitor. Jennifer presses him to plead guilty since he was liable and when he refuses she calls an emergency partnership meeting.


Jan 18, 2019 798


Brian and Adam have a meeting with Alice to discuss her robotic fruit picker trial. When they arrive Alice reports that her interview on Radio Borsetshire went well but Adam soon punctures her pride when he tells her that Home Farm won’t be continuing with the strawberry enterprise next year. Adam explains that he’d come to the decision that it was becoming less economically viable and there might be labour shortages post-Brexit and to top it off the fertigation system in the polytunnels needs an upgrade. Alice points out that her robotic system would solve that but Adam insists that she will need to find somewhere else to do her robotics trial. The argument soon escalates and Chris steps in. Alice points out that this puts her in a tricky position with her boss. Jennifer overheard Emma and Lynda gossiping about Brian’s hearing, she tells Brian they were positively crowing over his predicament. Brian relays what his solicitor has told him. She gave him a run down on the court case and what to expect from the EA, she also told him it is unlikely that he’ll go to prison but even still there‘s a chance. Later, Lexi has some wonderful news for Adam and Ian, she is pregnant.


Jan 17, 2019 793


David asks Shula about her life-drawing class. She’s been looking for a new challenge having given up karate. Later, David gets Kenton to agree to a meeting next week to discuss the money Kenton still owes David. Alice and Brian listen to Alice’s interview on Radio Borsetshire about new farming technologies. Later, Brian tells David it went well until the presenter mentioned the Home Farm contamination. Brian becomes paranoid that the whole village will be talking about his crime again. Elizabeth’s licensing appeal was supposed to be today but Elizabeth tells Shula it was postponed. She’s not been sleeping well, Shula insists that she make an emergency appointment with her doctor. The doctor prescribes a short course of sleeping tablets.


Jan 16, 2019 790


Pip and Toby struggle to negotiate childcare after Toby forgets that Pip has her innovative farming meeting today and he has to finish bottling his gin. Rex steps in and offers to look after Rosie. Later, Rex finds Toby relaxing at Rickyard and accuses him of scrounging off Pip and not taking responsibility for Rosie. Kirsty thinks Philip is exhausted, she says that he should take things easy and he interprets this as a comment on his age. He says that his business is causing him a lot of stress at the moment but it has nothing to do with age. Kirsty tells him that he has nothing to be insecure about; if anything she’s the insecure one. She feels she is a moaner; that her projects are just to fill a hole in her life. Philip reassures her that that is nonsense and the two agree that they love each other.


Jan 15, 2019 794


Susan reassures Emma who has been having anxiety dreams about missing the appointment with the bank about getting a mortgage. Later, Emma and Ed are delighted to report that they’ve been given a mortgage. Susan says she’ll treat the whole family to supper at The Bull to celebrate. Adam and Ian wonder whether Lexi could be pregnant. When Lexi buys decaff coffee in the village shop Susan turns detective. She guesses that Lexi might be pregnant and assumes that Roy might be becoming a father again.


Jan 14, 2019 784


Kirsty thinks Philip is overdoing it. She tells Roy that he often seems worn out and is working very long hours plus he’s now training for the half marathon whenever he gets a chance. Kirsty’s worried that it might have something to do with their relationship. Jennifer tells Shula that Elizabeth declined her offer to come for supper. Elizabeth said she was too busy but Jennifer believes that was just an excuse, she is obviously still upset about their falling out over Noluthando and the overdose. Jennifer undertakes some pruning and offers to cut back some of the plants on Roy and Kirsty’s side of the house. But whilst on the stepladder pruning the clematis she accidentally cuts the phone wire to Willow Farm. Alice shows Brian a brochure for Pryce Bauman’s latest cutting-edge project, robotic fruit picking. Alice wants to try it on Home Farm strawberries as a trial. Brian says it sounds good in principal but it’s not really up to him, she’ll have to talk it through with Adam. Alice is excited that Radio Borsetshire have been in touch about doing a feature on Home Farm through a Brexit angle and covering the robotic trials. Alice says if all goes well she could be expecting a bonus.


Jan 13, 2019 795


At Brookfield Ben practices his sheepdog whistle much to everyone’s annoyance. He’s keen to improve before his sheepdog training course next week. Toby’s been very busy and Pip has been doing the lion’s share of the childcare. David continues to worry about Brookfield’s feed shortage and is annoyed to be having to shell out for expensive straw. Adam and Brian discuss growing quinoa and soya. Adam wants to buy the latest GPS technology which will mean they’ll only use the minimum synthetic fertilizer for the best possible results. Adam says he’s done the sums and since they’ve moved to their no-till system he thinks they’re under-using some of their bigger tractors. If they were to sell one tractor they’d raise the money for the new kit. Brian thinks this is a gamble but agrees that the farm won’t survive if they stand still.


Jan 11, 2019 794


Kirsty and Brian have a run in over the noise from Brian and Jennifer’s housewarming party. Brian loses his temper and tells Kirsty she needs to address the emptiness in her own life before interfering in other people’s. Kirsty is deeply upset by this and leaves. Jennifer reprimands Brian for his choice of words; Kirsty had a miscarriage, she reminds him. Jennifer’s getting used to her new kitchen and things seem to be falling into place finally. She’s even thinking of inviting Elizabeth for dinner in an attempt to patch-up their relationship. Brian too is more positive about life since hearing how badly Andrew Eagleton’s party went. But their evening comes to an abrupt end when Brian learns that his court date has been set for the 5th February. Joe's down about what will happen to himself Eddie and Clarrie once Ed and Emma move out, Eddie tells Kirsty. Eddie reports that he has told him a little fib, that he’s come to an agreement with Oliver and it will all be fine. At Eddie and Clarrie’s special dinner at Grey Gables for winning the best teller, the two discuss how they might pay the rent. There’s no magic solution to pay the rent and having missed out on some building jobs to Philip Moss and with Brookfield unlikely to need him for lambing things will be tighter than ever. They agree not to tell the children about their worries, especially when Emma and Ed are so delighted with the prospect of becoming homeowners.


Jan 10, 2019 782


Philip signs up for the half marathon and together with Kirsty and Jazzer the three of them try to come up with some inventive ways to increase the sponsorship money. Helen tracks down Lee under the pretence of returning the book he lent her. She admits that’s not the only reason, she explains that she hasn’t dated in a long time and she was overwhelmed by it all. Later, Lee phones her and sounds her out regarding getting another date in the diary. The two agree to go for a walk after he gets back from his course.


Jan 9, 2019 776


Alistair is busy making the rounds, he sees to a cow at Bridge Farm with a sore eye and later operates on one of Shula’s horses. Shula reports that she has been to visit Freddie and he is not doing well. She hasn’t told Elizabeth yet since Elizabeth is swamped with trying to get the alcohol licence appeal sorted for Lower Loxley. As Tom and Johnny prepare veg boxes Tom thinks about making over the whole box scheme. He wants to develop an app and attract a younger customer base and provide a service which would allow them to buy more than just veg. He and Natasha are going to pitch it to Helen and the rest of the family. Lee’s been on Helen’s mind all day and at karate she tells him that she’s not ready for a relationship. He asks if they can remain friends but even that would be too much, she tries to explain what she went through with Rob but words fail her and she tells him it’s best if they don’t see each other again.


Jan 8, 2019 844


Alan gives Shula a letter from a grateful parishioner who was delighted to find that their mother’s grave had been cared for. Shula is touched. Alan asks about calling in on Elizabeth. At Brookfield as David, Lynda and Ruth get the barn ready for The Canterbury Tales cast party they gossip about the Gill’s of Home Farm, they’re not planning to move in for a while, not until they have stripped the place. Lynda’s devised a series of awards she’s calling The Geoffreys for The Canterbury Tales cast. Eddie won best Teller for The Miller’s Tale. David’s in no mood to party though with Brookfield are fast running out of silage, there’s only enough to see the ewes through. Their only option is to buy in some straw at an extortionate price. Not the best start to the New Year, David says.


Jan 7, 2019 822


Kirsty offers some advice and tensions flare at Jennifer's party


Jan 6, 2019 797


Lily finds Elizabeth cooking breakfast and insisting that she’s now fully recovered from flu. Elizabeth thinks it is time Lily and Russ went back to Manchester. Before she goes, Lily phones David and asks him to keep an eye on her mum whilst she is away. Later, Elizabeth remains bright until Lily and Russ drive off and then dissolves into tears. When David calls offering dinner at Brookfield, Elizabeth says she already has plans. David is worried about the feed situation at Brookfield and asks Kenton to repay the loan he gave him and Jolene but Kenton’s distracted by setting up his new DJ decks. Kenton’s looking forward to using them to put on themed music nights and giving The Bull a USP. Jennifer repacks some of her belongings because they won’t all fit in Willow Cottage. She gives one of her two tagines to Jill. Brian and Jennifer realise they have been left off the invite list for Andrew Eagleton’s 70th birthday party at the golf club on Thursday. David helps Brian get the idea to host a birthday party for Jennifer at Willow Cottage in a bid to cheer her up and show her how loved she is.

The Canterbury Tales - Part 2

Jan 5, 2019 3403


2/2 Queen of Ambridge amateur theatricals, Lynda Snell, takes charge of this barnstorming new adaptation of Chaucer’s classic tales. Join the cast of The Archers to enjoy more stories of courtly love, deadly rivalry and boisterous sex - with a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure. “A festive feast of spellbinding stories and bawdy banter … Another Lynda Snell triumph!” – The Borchester Echo Written by Geoffrey Chaucer Dramatised by Nick Warburton Director …. Kim Greengrass Producer …. Alison Hindell Tellers of the Tales: Ruth Archer & Chaucer .... Felicity Finch David Archer & the Host .... Timothy Bentinck Justin Elliott …. Simon Williams Lynda Snell …. Carole Boyd Jim Lloyd …. John Rowe Susan Carter …. Charlotte Martin The Pardoner’s Tale: Roisterer 1 .... James Cartwright Roisterer 2 …. Ian Pepperell Roisterer 3 …. Barry Farrimond Old Man .... John Rowe Chemist .... Charlotte Martin The Friar’s Tale: Summoner .... Simon Williams Fiend .... Timothy Bentinck Carter .... Ian Pepperell Old Woman .... Felicity Finch The Franklin’s Tale: Aurelius .... Barry Farrimond Averagus .... James Cartwright Dorigen .... Annabelle Dowler Dorigen’s friend .... Charlotte Martin Plus a mystery appearance from an unexpected Ambridge resident. The Bailiff’s Tale: Symkin .... Timothy Bentinck Alan .... Barry Farrimond John .... Ian Pepperell Kate .... Felicity Finch Molly .... Annabelle Dowler Other roles played by members of the company.


Jan 4, 2019 778


When Lexi asks Tom how Roy is Tom doesn’t hold back and also tells her Roy told him about the surrogacy plan and leaves on bad terms. Later, Lexi recounts the exchange to Adam. She feels bad about breaking up with Roy. Clarrie organises for Josh to collect the portable loo with a loader much to Joe’s dismay. To appease Joe, Clarrie says he can have the downstairs loo in the farmhouse to himself. Eddie hears from Lynda that he has won the vote for best teller so he can take Clarrie for a dinner at Grey Gables. Helen and Lee clear up their misunderstanding over New Year’s Eve. Helen thought he wasn’t going to show up so left but Lee had got waylaid by friends. On his way to visit Christine, Helen introduces Adam to Lee. Lee asks Helen about Henry’s dad which makes Helen clam up and quickly leave. Lee goes after her and apologies for being nosey. Helen is touched by his kindness and they kiss.


Jan 3, 2019 827


Susan and Tracy gossip about the Aldridges now living at Willow Cottage. Jim drops off Cecil Jackson’s vote for him as best teller in The Canterbury Tales. The poll closes tonight. Tracy reckons the vote is rigged and Susan’s got no chance of winning. Tracy catches Jim doing a favour for an elderly villager in return for a vote as best teller in The Canterbury Tales. Jim explains that he is only helping those who are too ill with flu to get out and cast their votes themselves. Russ pesters Lily about setting off for Manchester while she runs through her handover with Elizabeth. When the moment comes for Lily to leave, Elizabeth gets upset. Lily insists to Russ that she must call round her other family in Ambridge before they leave. In the village shop, Susan tries to persuade Lily to vote for her tale but Lily won’t be drawn. Tracy wants to use unsold tickets to boost Susan’s votes but Susan won’t have it. Elizabeth sees Lily and Russ set off but before they get to the end of the driveway Lily jumps out of the car and rushes back to Elizabeth – Lily tells her mum she can’t leave her while she’s not well.


Jan 2, 2019 793


Hannah has concerns about Tom and things are looking up for Ed


Jan 1, 2019 833


Lily has a confession to make and Adam plots a cover up


Dec 31, 2018 789


Ben and Ruairi face disappointment and there's a near miss for Helen


Dec 30, 2018 844


Jennifer struggles with her emotions and Pat attempts to find out the truth

The Canterbury Tales - Part 1

Dec 29, 2018 3414


1/2 Queen of Ambridge amateur theatricals, Lynda Snell, takes charge of this barnstorming new adaptation of Chaucer’s classic tales. Join the cast of The Archers to enjoy stories of courtly love, deadly rivalry and boisterous sex - with a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure. “A festive feast of spellbinding stories and bawdy banter … Another Lynda Snell triumph!” – The Borchester Echo Written by Geoffrey Chaucer Dramatised by Nick Warburton Director …. Kim Greengrass Producer …. Alison Hindell Tellers of the Tales: Ruth Archer & Chaucer .... Felicity Finch David Archer & the Host .... Timothy Bentinck Kirsty Miller .... Annabelle Dowler Eddie Grundy .... Trevor Harrison Lilian Bellamy .... Sunny Ormonde Jazzer McCreary .... Ryan Kelly The Knight’s Tale: Theseus .... Nick Barber Woman of Thebes .... Sunny Ormonde Jailer .... Trevor Harrison Palamon .... Barry Farrimond Arcite .... James Cartwright Emily .... Emerald O’Hanrahan Soldier & Jolly Theban .... Ryan Kelly Gatekeeper .... Timothy Bentinck Diana .... Felicity Finch The Miller’s Tale: John .... Timothy Bentinck Alison .... Annabelle Dowler Nicholas .... James Cartwright Absolon .... Nick Barber The Wife of Bath’s Tale: Knight .... Barry Farrimond King Arthur .... Trevor Harrison Queen .... Annabelle Dowler Crone .... Carole Boyd The Sailor’s Tale: Merchant .... James Cartwright Monk .... Nick Barber Wife .... Emerald O’Hanrahan Other roles played by members of the company.


Dec 28, 2018 827


Jennifer doesn’t feel like going to The Canterbury Tales while in the middle of a house move but Lilian really wants her to be there. Tony joins Lilian and Jennifer in watching the potted plants being removed to transfer to the Dower House. Tony tells Jennifer she’s being very brave in moving out of the Home Farm house. Tony recounts how Christmas Day was at Bridge Farm. Ed’s been to meet Tim Oatey and rates him. Eddie’s sure he recognises the name. Ed briefs Eddie on Lynda’s request for a procession before tonight’s performance. Clarrie has told Joe that the portaloo has to go in the new year. Ruth worries about tonight’s performance while she runs her lines with David. She’d really like to have a script but David thinks that will complicate things. Later, cast members gather on the village green along with Tony and Jennifer and they review who’s playing what, remembering Lynda’s performance in last year’s panto. Jazzer is late after falling asleep post lunchtime beers. With the audience gathered, Ruth is still unsure but with David’s help she steps out to start the show.


Dec 27, 2018 823


Ruth can’t persuade David to join her at the local NFU Christmas do. Ruth can’t drink too much as it’s The Canterbury Tales’ dress rehearsal tonight. Ruairi helps bring the heifers in at Brookfield and some escape through an open gate. Ruairi hasn’t got the same farming instinct as the Brookfield children and has to be directed as to what to do. While Ruairi and Ben try to contain the cows that have gone through the gate, one of the cows gets stuck in a water-logged ditch. Ben cuts his hand trying to help the cow out and send Ruairi to get help. David brings a tractor, Ben continues trying to help even though he’s freezing. David delivers the replacement stunt bottom that Ben’s made to Lynda who thinks it’s exquisite. Ruth is late to rehearsal after tending to Ben. The dress rehearsal doesn’t go smoothly and Ruth panics to David if she can go through with the show.


Dec 26, 2018 792


Elizabeth continues to cause concern and Ruairi's scheme is revealed


Dec 25, 2018 789


There's tension over the turkey at Brookfield and Jenny faces an alternative Christmas


Dec 24, 2018 795


Emma is touched by some heartfelt words and Ben resorts to blackmail


Dec 23, 2018 843


Lynda issues a terrifying ultimatum and it's all change for Brian.


Dec 21, 2018 787


Writer ..... Liz John Director ..... Kim Greengrass Editor ..... Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ..... Patricia Greene David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck Ben Archer ...... Ben Norris Pat Archer ..... Patricia Gallimore Helen Archer ..... Louiza Patikas Tom Archer ..... William Troughton Brian Aldridge .... Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ..... Angela Piper Ruairi Donovan ..... Arthur Hughes PC Harrison Burns ..... James Cartwright Justin Elliott ..... Simon Williams Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison Emma Grundy ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan Ed Grundy ..... Barry Farrimond Shula Hebden Lloyd ..... Judy Bennett Kirsty Miller ..... Annabelle Dowler Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Lily Pargetter ..... Katie Redford Lynda Snell ..... Carole Boyd Roy Tucker ..... Ian Pepperell Lee ..... Ryan Early Russ ..... Andonis James Antony


Dec 20, 2018 797


Russ takes Elizabeth Christmas shopping and she becomes uneasy when she learns they’re heading to Felpersham rather than Borchester. While on the phone to Lily in a shop, Elizabeth has a panic attack. Russ helps Elizabeth and gets her home. Lily fusses over her mum and is grateful to Russ though Russ isn’t entirely receptive to Lily’s thanks. Eddie’s borrowed a slurry spreader from Terry Two Phones to empty the portable loo. Emma, Ed and Eddie are incredulous that the Home Farm farm house will still sell for more than £1m even though Brian’s buyers have lowered their offer by £50,000. Eddie and Clarrie have told Ed and Emma they don’t have to contribute to the Grange Farm rent this month. Eddie reports Will pushed back when Martyn Gibson complained about the decoration of the Borchester Land Christmas Tree in St Stephens. The pipe slips as Eddie and Ed put the contents of the portable loo into the septic tank and it sprays Emma’s legs. As they clean Emma up she tells them that her and Ed have secured an affordable home on the Beechwood development.


Dec 19, 2018 796


There's a shock for Brian and Roy finds himself caught in the middle


Dec 18, 2018 786


Eddie asks Justin about servicing the portable loo – it hasn’t been emptied since it was donated to the Cider Club – but Justin is clear it’s nothing to do with him. Jill passes on her compliments about the Borchester Land Christmas Tree at St Stephens Church to both Justin and Eddie. Ben shows Ruairi where Brookfield’s new milking parlour will be. Ruairi is stunned it’s going to cost £250,000. They help Jill make stuffing and it’s decided that Ruairi will come to Brookfield for Christmas Day. After delivering logs to the Dower House, Eddie tries again to get Justin to help with emptying the portable loo. Ruairi appears asking if any of Lilian’s workmen can help with the Brookfield barn repair for The Canterbury Tales. Justin says no but eventually Eddie says he and Ed could help. Helen tells Lee about her trip to France and they spontaneously go to Borchester together for Christmas shopping. Lee helps Helen find a present for Henry. When Helen has to get going for Henry’s Christmas Show, Lee reveals he missed Edie’s play because his ex gave him the wrong date. Lee will see his daughters on New Year’s Day. Helen tells him she’s planning to go to The Bull for New Year’s Eve.


Dec 17, 2018 778


While out shooting, Brian tells Ruairi he can go to Brookfield for Christmas Day if he wants. Meanwhile, the contractors have finished on Low Mead. Ruairi persuades Roy to help with the Brookfield barn repair and angles for him to get Kirsty and Philip along too. Tom and Ruairi hear that Roy’s neighbours, the Kemps, are looking for tenants. Tom is interested. Ruairi leaves and Roy tells Tom that Lexi is being Adam and Ian’s surrogate. Later, Brian tells Roy he’s keen to rent from the Kemps. He wants Roy to put in a good word for him. Helen finds Pat has unwrapped all of the presents Natasha has given the Bridge Farm Archers and worrying their gift to her isn’t enough. Pat desperately wraps a bracelet that Helen got her for a birthday to give to Natasha. As they re-wrap Natasha’s gifts, Pat remarks that she bumped into Lee at The Laurels. Tom returns and Pat prioritises Natasha’s tree-planting photos over Helen’s from her France trip.


Dec 16, 2018 796


Russ finds a stressed Lily who insists on supporting Elizabeth by running Deck The Hall. She reminds him that this time of year is always hard for Elizabeth. Later, Lily arrives late for lunch cooked by Russ and Elizabeth doesn’t show. Russ turns his nose up at Lily’s suggestion he helps out in the Orangery kitchen to earn some money. Shula lets herself in and meets Russ. Back for the school holidays, Ruairi hangs out with Ben and offers to David that he and Ben will find the volunteers needed to fix the barn for The Canterbury Tales. Ben invites Ruairi to Brookfield for Christmas Day and Ruairi is keen to find somewhere they will get served alcohol on New Year’s Eve. They return to Brookfield to find Shula telling David about Russ. Russ catches up with busy Lily to apologise for earlier. He doesn’t think she can be expected to run Lower Loxley single-handedly. But Lily is glad of the money and digs at Russ for not working. Russ is annoyed but Lily doesn’t have time to talk.


Dec 14, 2018 785


Lilian pesters Lynda, worrying that Lynda’s low mood is due to her depiction of the Wife of Bath. Lynda admits they can’t use the Brookfield barn for the Tales. Lilian calls in at Home Farm and tells Brian she’s had no luck in finding a 3-bed place for him and Jennifer. Lilian finds Jennifer packing clothes. Kate is spending Christmas in South Africa. Lilian offers space at the Dower House if they don’t find anywhere. Lynda runs into Ben who is bitter about Jill leaving Bess with mince pies. Ben then arrives home to find Lilian petitioning David about using the barn for the Canterbury Tales. David puts in a call to the council and reports back to Lilian and Ben that they may still be able to use the barn if they can do the necessary repairs. Adam’s ordered a green “eco-office” meanwhile Lexi is waiting for the transfer. Jennifer apologies to Brian for taking out her stress on him. But she despairs again when Brian says he’s not found anywhere for them to live.


Dec 13, 2018 785


Lily shows Russ around Deck The Hall and he is impressed with the scale of the operation. Bess has recovered from eating mince pies. Jill takes mince pies to Alistair and insists on sponsoring him for his half marathon. They compare Christmas Day plans – Alistair is at Jim’s with Dan and Jazzer. Jill is tactless about the Brookfield family gathering. Russ tries to persuade Lily to return to Manchester but Lily won’t leave Elizabeth and wants to stay at Lower Loxley over Christmas. Later, Lily finds Russ sketching and apologies. Russ will spend Christmas in Ambridge. Lily spots Jill at Deck The Hall and Jill learns that Elizabeth didn’t visit Freddie on his birthday. Jill agrees to Lily bringing her boyfriend on Christmas Day.


Dec 12, 2018 785


There's a visitor at Lower Loxley and Tom makes a breakthrough.


Dec 11, 2018 787


Lily brings Elizabeth breakfast in bed. Elizabeth panics about sleeping in but Lily reassures her everything is under control. Lily ignores a call from Russ. Later, Elizabeth tells Lily they can’t go to Les Soeurs Heureuses after all (she forgot to book but gives a cover story) and offers to cook instead. In the end, Elizabeth orders in food from the Orangery, deepening Lily’s disappointment. They both feel weird without Freddie. Elizabeth doesn’t think she can visit Freddie and Lily can’t seem to persuade her to change her mind. Brian offers to take over searching for somewhere to live from Jennifer who is stressed about packing up their belongings. Peggy offers to put them up if they don’t find anywhere to live in time but Jennifer thinks with Ruairi they need their own place. By the end of the day Brian’s had no success in finding a new place to live but he’s going to enlist some help. Peggy visits Christine and asks her why she’s turned down Jill and Pat’s invites for Christmas. Christine wants to stay at The Laurels and not return to The Lodge. Peggy tries to persuade her not to go into assisted living.


Dec 10, 2018 787


Jill asks Pat what Christine is doing for Christmas as she has turned down an invite to Brookfield but Jill doesn’t know what her plans are instead. Jill goes out Christmas shopping with Shula and returns home to find Bess looking unwell after eating half a dozen mince pies. Shula and Jill take Bess to Alistair who wants to keep her in overnight. Shula asks Alistair about the vet practice sale. It’s going well but Alistair’s not happy they want to wind him down to retirement. After Alistair has seen to one of the Anguses, Tony joins Pat to help out Tom with planting his trees along with Jazzer, Johnny and Natasha. Tony isn’t keen on Natasha but Pat is impressed with her. Natasha has incentivised Johhny and Jazzer with the offer of buying them drinks tonight. By the end of the day Tony has come round to Natasha which pleases Pat because she’s not seen Tom so happy in a long time. Meanwhile, Tom thanks Natasha for her help with his new venture and they kiss.


Dec 9, 2018 786


Will is late meeting Joe and Clarrie to help with plucking the turkeys because Poppy had a tantrum about going to Emma’s. David twists Ben’s arm to help him fix the leak in the barn roof and then scarpers at the sight of Lynda, leaving Ben to appease her. Clarrie has been thinking of Nic even more than usual recently. Will doesn’t know how he can stop Poppy from hurting. David tells Lynda the barn’s roof leak is considerable which means The Canterbury Tales can’t be held there. He’s surprised at how well she takes the news. She asks him not to tell anyone else as she would like to tell the cast herself. Later, Ben helps David with milking and tells him that he saw Lynda leaving after she spoke to David and the truth is she is gutted about losing the barn as the venue. Clarrie and Joe join Will and Poppy in putting up the BL Christmas Tree at the church. They’ve added extra decorations to the BL coloured ones (blue and grey). Clarrie supports Will in his grief for Nic.


Dec 7, 2018 796


David goes through the safety hazards for The Canterbury Tales in the barn at Brookfield. Inside the barn, Jazzer relays to Harrison how frazzled David is about the risk assessment for the show. Harrison and Kirsty go off to look at the stunt bottom Fallon has made for them. Roy continues to worry about the questions Lexi is being asked about how long she is staying in Ambridge. Will asks Roy’s advice about Poppy being up and down and Roy tries to put him at ease. Lynda is on the brink of tears when Ed and Emma cancel being at that evening’s rehearsal. Will has brought some prop donations. On his way out he finds upset Lynda and his situation puts her worries into perspective. Lynda goes back inside to everyone marvelling the stunt bottom and ready to rehearse. They are about to start when a leak appears in the roof.


Dec 6, 2018 769


Helen bumps into Lee at The Laurels and she shares her worries about going to France. Later, at karate, Helen tells Lee about the Bridge Farm Christmas Tree tradition. Lee won’t be seeing his kids until after Christmas. After the class, Lee catches up with Helen to say thank you for the handmade card from Henry. He also urges her to make the most of her time in France and then talks her through a breathing technique which will help her relax. Back at home, Helen has the The Da Vinci Code to take with her and feels more positive about the trip. Natasha rubs Hannah up the wrong way over breakfast. Tom is disappointed that Natasha is heading back to her own flat this evening. Natasha buys a new toaster to replace the one she broke at breakfast. Tom gets home to find Hannah has fixed the toaster. Hannah assures him that she has no bad feelings about him and Natasha. She’s surprised to hear Tom’s thinking of getting his own place in the new year.


Dec 5, 2018 792


Elizabeth finds herself overwhelmed and Will is feeling the strain


Dec 4, 2018 792


Brian is being chased for an answer to the buyer’s request to have the house sale done by Christmas. He thinks they could wait for another offer but Jennifer impresses on him how much they need the money. The buyers compromise on the sale being done by New Year. Later, Jennifer has worked out that it will just be her and Brian, Ruairi and Kate over Christmas so they’ll put most of their stuff into storage on the farm and make do for the festivities. Kirsty and Phoebe persuade heartbroken Roy to come out to see the Christmas Lights switch on where Kirsty meets up with Helen. Helen is really pleased Tony is coming with her to France and opens up about feeling scared travelling alone. She still feels anxious about leaving Henry and Jack even though it’s only for two days. Meanwhile, Phoebe questions Roy about Lexi and suggests he asks her to marry him to show he’s committed. On her return home, Helen discovers that Tony can’t go to France after all because Tom’s trees are arriving earlier than expected.


Dec 3, 2018 793


Feeling under the weather, Elizabeth delegates showing new manager, Glen, around Lower Loxley to Lily. The buyer for Home Farm wants the sale to completed by Christmas which Lilian thinks is ridiculous. Jennifer is trying to hold things together under the stress of it all. They know nothing about the buyer except that they are called Gill. Rex has a taxi job to Deck the Hall and catches up with Lily. Glen has settled in quickly. Lily’s looking forward to going back to university but she misses Freddie. Rex shares his woes over the Canterbury Tales – it’s not the laugh he thought it would be. Rex tells Lily that Roy and Lexi have split up. While they wait for Lynda, Lilian and Rex discuss The Canterbury Tales. Fallon won’t show anyone the stunt bottom prop she’s making for The Miller’s Tale. Lily wakes Elizabeth who has fallen asleep in the office and then goes to call Russ. He is frustrated he didn’t call her earlier and is fed up of being alone. Lily reassures him she will be with him on Wednesday.


Dec 2, 2018 793


Tom and Helen discuss how Lower Loxley is expecting a low turnout for Deck the Hall this year. Pat has been getting compliments since Natasha’s make-up gift. Susan’s miffed about losing her “manager” title with the end of kefir. Helen admits it was Tom’s excitement about agroforestry that pushed her into buying the Montbeliardes. Jill wants to make Christmas special – it’ll be Rosie’s first and suggests to Pip and Ben that all the family should come to Brookfield for Christmas Day lunch. Later, Jill reports back that Shula, Elizabeth and Lily are coming as well as Jolene and Kenton (Dan’s going to Alistair). Ben reluctantly agrees to help Jill with the Christmas cooking – he is the best helper out of him, Pip and Josh. While Tony fixes the Bridge Farm Shop freezer, Helen explains her plans for her trip to France next week. Johnny can’t go with her. Helen asks Tony to come with her but he says no. Tom thinks Tony should go with Helen, aware of how anxious Helen is about the trip, and pushes him to ask Pat if he can go.


Nov 30, 2018 788


Tom teases Jazzer about chasing women from his milk round. Jazzer counters that he has his eye on a more serious relationship. But Jazzer won’t name the lady in question for fear of jinxing it. Later, Johnny complains about being kept awake at night. He tells Jazzer, in confidence, that Tom and Hannah are sleeping together. Later, Tom happily reports to Jazzer that Natasha has finally answered his calls. Jazzer asks where this fits in with sleeping with Hannah. Jazzer can’t bear the idea that Tom’s been messing about with her. Jazzer thinks Tom must’ve known he fancied Hannah. Tom insists he didn’t, and accidentally makes things worse trying to defend himself. Tom doesn’t want to fall out, but it’s too late. Johnny speaks to Elizabeth. She apologises for ambushing him last night. Johnny admits that Freddie is much more unhappy than he’s letting on. Elizabeth’s confident about his appeal prospects. Later, Johnny tells Pat she seems too confident. She barely listened to him – just rushed off to call a barrister “recommended” by Anna. And Lower Loxley is looking rather neglected. Pat points out that Elizabeth is having to cope with a terrible situation. But Johnny worries that there’s something more serious wrong with her. It might be time to let Lily know what’s been happening.


Nov 29, 2018 796


Tom thanks Hannah for encouraging him to tell Natasha about their “arrangement”. Natasha was totally brilliant about it – as far as she’s concerned the past is in the past. Hannah tries to be happy for them. Later, Hannah gets very drunk at The Bull. Jazzer tries to walk her home, but she refuses to go. Natasha is staying over. Jazzer realises that the only option is to invite Hannah to sleep at Greenacres. Brian and Jennifer’s house hunting isn’t going well. Jennifer is trying to convince herself that she likes a horrible bungalow in Darrington. To escape the stress, Brian begs Lynda to let him attend a Canterbury Tales rehearsal. Lynda is impressed by some of the costumes, but others need more work. Justin’s unimpressed when she asks him to unbutton his shirt, and speculates about tangling a medallion in his chest hair. Afterwards, most of the cast retires to The Bull. Roy continues to be very depressed about Lexi. Brian reflects that this will probably be their last Christmas at Home Farm. He teases Justin about Lynda’s medallion idea, but they’re interrupted by a phone call. It’s the estate agent. Someone has finally put in a reasonable offer on the farmhouse.


Nov 28, 2018 789


Roy takes desperate measures and Hannah hatches a plan


Nov 27, 2018 793


Kenton is caught out and Neil is shocked by Justin's attitude


Nov 26, 2018 793


As Neil suspects, Hannah hasn’t always been filling the trucks when she sends away consignments of pigs from Berrow. Neil gently reprimands her, but Hannah explains that the rising cost of feed has actually made this approach more economical. She’s run it by Justin, and he agreed. Neil finally concedes she has a point; he just wishes she’d explained it sooner. Later, Susan observes to deflated Neil that as the manager, it’s a win win for him. If the idea works, he was right to listen to Hannah. If it doesn’t, then Hannah is to blame. Pat’s anxious for tonight’s dinner with Natasha to go well, despite Tony’s grumpiness. Tom announces he’s decided to stop kefir production. Pat and Tony are concerned about how Susan will react to losing her managerial role. Natasha irritates them by saying that Tom can’t pay Susan for a job she isn’t doing. Pat’s also upset that Natasha doesn’t like her cooking. Tony’s ready to have an argument about the kefir, but Pat takes him into the kitchen in an effort to keep the peace. Natasha has brought Pat make-up as a present. Pat valiantly endures Natasha’s attempts to teach her to use it. Later, Pat laments to Tony that all she’d wanted was a nice dinner to celebrate Tom finally finding someone!


Nov 25, 2018 794


Tom reports that at last week’s Nuffield conference he discussed the relative merits of mulch and compost with Natasha. Tony’s surprised when Tom announces that he’s decided to follow Natasha’s advice. Then Tom announces that Tony can ask Natasha any questions he might have tomorrow. Pat’s invited them for dinner. That’s great, says Tony. It’s stir-up Sunday at Brookfield, and Jill’s surprised when Ben joins her. She’d thought Rosie would be her only company. Ben teases Jill – the pudding mix was looking a bit ropey before he arrived. Ben’s irritated when Jill tries to give Bess treats. Nobody is taking his training regime seriously! Jill intuits that there is something bothering him. Ben confesses to driving on the road, and hitting a badger. It gave him a shock. Shula reassures Lily that the Hunt Ball was a complete success. Shula’s keen to talk to Elizabeth as well. But Lily’s finally persuaded her to take some time in bed to recover from her flu. Shula insists that Lily shouldn’t worry about going back to university. The family are all there to look after Elizabeth. Shula advises Lily to speak to Kenton. He’ll be able to suggest potential replacements for Geraldine. Then Lily can get back to Manchester and pick up where she left off.


Nov 23, 2018 792


Writer ..... Caroline Harrington Director ..... Rosemary Watts Editor ..... Jeremy Howe Jill Archer ..... Patricia Greene David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck Ben Archer ...... Ben Norris Helen Archer ..... Louiza Patikas Tom Archer ..... William Troughton Brian Aldridge .... Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ..... Angela Piper Harrison Burns ..... James Cartwright Neil Carter ..... Brian Hewlett Susan Carter ..... Charlotte Martin Joe Grundy ..... Edward Kelsey Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison Will Grundy .... Philip Molloy Emma Grundy .... Emerald O'Hanrahan Shula Hebden Lloyd .... Judy Bennett Kirsty Miller ..... Annabelle Dowler Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Lily Pargetter ..... Katie Redford Johnny Philips .... Tom Gibbons Lynda Snell ..... Carole Boyd Oliver Sterling .... Michael Cochrane Roy Tucker ..... Ian Peperrell Hannah Riley ..... Helen Longworth Lee ..... Ryan Early Russ Jones ..... Andonis James Anthony


Nov 22, 2018 787


Emma wonders why Eddie was so snippy with Lynda at last night’s Canterbury Tales rehearsal; she wouldn’t be surprised if he walked off the show! When Helen says at least with Lynda directing she won’t be in the show, Emma says she is in it! It’s her swansong. Emma’s surprised when Helen mentions visiting Christine at The Laurels. She thought Christine was coming home soon. Helen says she needs more rehab and is actually very happy there. Elizabeth has the flu and worries about arrangements for the Hunt Ball. She feels guilty when Lily says she’ll stay on a bit longer. But Lily reassures her – her tutor is very understanding and has emailed her lots of notes. Elizabeth regrets not getting round to hiring a replacement for Geraldine, but Lily says once the Ball’s out of the way, they can sort finding a new manager. Helen bumps into Lee at The Laurels. He’s there doing physio with one of the residents. Lee invites Helen for a coffee and she learns that he has two daughters, but he’s split up with their mum. Helen says it’s reassuring that she’s not the only who’s survived a toxic relationship, but doesn’t expand. Later at karate, Henry’s delighted to receive his red belt and Emma’s pleased that Helen’s going to carry on with lessons.


Nov 21, 2018 792


Kirsty explains to confused Lynda that Roy’s snappiness is because he’s in a bad way over Lexi. He had no idea it was coming. Kirsty’s fears of freezing in the Brookfield barn during Canterbury Tales rehearsals prove to be well founded, but Lynda’s devised an energetic warm-up. She also reveals there will be a ‘best teller’ prize as an incentive for line-learning. Harrison reports to David that the seriousness of the recent spate of joyriding has ramped up. After a sticky moment for David, Harrison reveals it was someone known to the police. Oliver, Eddie and Joe get the apples ready for pressing. When Oliver leaves to get ready for his first shift at The Bull, Joe says he’s not sure he wants to go there if Oliver’s going to be behind the bar gloating that he got the job. Eddie has to make a sharp exit when he realises he’s forgotten it’s rehearsals tonight. He suffers further ignominy when Lynda berates him over his performance. Later Joe tries to play a trick on Oliver to undermine his bartending skills, but it backfires when he overhears Oliver speaking tenderly about memories of Caroline, and Joe shamefacedly backs off.


Nov 20, 2018 787


Brian's birthday proves eventful and there's disaster for Will


Nov 19, 2018 794


At Berrow Farm Neil discovers that Hannah has made substantial changes to the rota in his absence. Hannah points out that she ran them past Justin, who was impressed. Later, Neil complains to Susan that Hannah seems to be launching a takeover bid. Susan agrees that Hannah can be difficult. But she’s impressed by her competence. Neil’s just being paranoid. Jill discovers that Lily has stayed on at Lower Loxley, and that Geraldine has gone. Jill reports back to David, and they worry about how Elizabeth will cope on her own. Jill plans to take some food to Lower Loxley. Lynda and Ruth have persuaded reluctant David to play the Host in the Canterbury Tales. The Host is a new part created by Lynda, leaving Ruth with fewer lines to learn. David asks Ben how Bess’ training is progressing. Ben agrees to demonstrate, as long as the rain holds off. Later, David and Jill watch Ben put Bess through her paces. They’re impressed. Sometimes Bess gets carried away, but Ben’s made good progress. She’s ready for a sheepdog handling course in January. Jill agrees that getting Bess for Ben was an excellent idea – and Ben’s giving up all his spare time. That was the idea, says David – it should keep him out of trouble.


Nov 18, 2018 794


Kirsty advises Roy not to check on Lexi. She’s moved out, so she obviously wants a clean break. At Grey Gables, Kirsty warns Lynda that Roy is feeling low. Lynda’s shocked to hear about the break up. And Lynda can’t work out why Lexi’s apparently moved in with Adam and Ian. Roy can’t understand why Lexi wants to break up when she says she still loves him. Lynda gently points out that Lexi’s probably just being realistic. Roy’s determined to prove that they can make it work. Lily cooks Elizabeth a proper breakfast. Elizabeth is struggling to pick up where Geraldine left off. Elizabeth changes the subject when Lily asks about the circumstances of Geraldine’s departure. What was the outcome of the college’s investigation into Russ? Lily reports that they came to the conclusion that he didn’t groom her. Russ could still teach, but any potential employer will know why he was fired. But he’s more concerned with his art these days. Lily realises that the preparations for the Hunt Ball are nowhere near complete. Lily has to tell Russ that she won’t be able to return to Manchester until Tuesday. Elizabeth doesn’t want to drag Lily away from her studies, but Lily can’t bear to see her struggle on alone.


Nov 16, 2018 796


Jill tells Hannah about Damara’s victory, meaning less affordable homes for Ambridge. Jill’s sorry it’s not good news. Hannah tells Johnny she’s dumped Chad – it gives her a chance to find someone better. Roy doesn’t understand why Lexi broke up with him if she still loves him and wants to assess things again once she’s pregnant. But Lexi says it will only hurt more the longer they leave it. Roy thinks Lexi needs space and books her a room at Grey Gables. Johnny’s surprised to bump into Lily. She explains it’s a spontaneous visit, but admits his message about her mum had worried her. She tells him Elizabeth seemed fine when she rang her, if a little hyper, but she’s always like that when she’s busy. Lily’s having a great time at university, but could do with some money, which is the other reason she’s back – to charm a handout from Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s delighted to see Lily. Lily notices the house is a tip and is surprised to hear that it’s because Elizabeth’s sacked Geraldine. Lily cleans up and offers to cook. When Jill rings to invite them to supper, Elizabeth hisses to Lily that she’s busy - and not to tell Jill about Geraldine.


Nov 15, 2018 799


It’s the day of the Planning Meeting. Beforehand, Jill presses Oliver about his views on Damara’s proposals. He’s all for affordable homes for people like Ed and Emma. Oliver mentions that he’s been waiting all week to hear back from Geraldine about some Hunt Ball issues. He alludes to the fact he’s going to an interview, but doesn’t say where. Later he delightedly tells Jill he’s got a job as the Bull’s new part-time barman. It’ll help keep him busy as he’s missing Caroline terribly. Tom’s excited that Natasha’s single again and asks Hannah to help him choose a new outfit to wear for the Nuffield Conference. Hannah helps choose a jacket but draws the line at helping with anything else. Lexi reassures Adam that she’s happy to carry on with the surrogacy and to plan a time to do the transfer. Roy worries to Tom about Lexi – she spends all her time at home moping or talking to her family in Bulgaria. Later Lexi drops a bombshell. When she’s pregnant she wants to be in Bulgaria. She loves Roy but is missing her family. Roy says they can make it work by visiting each other. Lexi doesn’t think it will work. She’s sorry, but maybe they have to break up.


Nov 14, 2018 796


Lynda complains about the state of Brookfield barn – she can’t use it for rehearsals in this state. David asks Ben to do a better job, but Ben’s mind’s on training Bess; he’ll do it later. It’s the final straw when Lynda sees a rat. Ruth and David do some cleaning and Ben’s concerned when Josh finishes it off – he’ll want a favour back. Ruth asks Lynda to drop some of her roles, so Lynda gives David ‘Chaucer’. Lynda tells Ruth she’s found a way to enthuse the cast. She’s going to do the same as in the play, and give a free dinner to the best teller. She’ll have to work on who pays for it… At the Bridge Farm shop, Helen excitedly tells Tom she’s agreed a deal for the new mobile milking parlour. Talk turns to Natasha and Helen warns Tom to be careful with his friendship with her. Lee overhears Tom and Helen enthusing about some potential cattle imports online. He assumes they’re talking about online dating. When he mentions it to Lynda, she tells Helen they should do that in private. Helen puts Lynda straight. Lee’s amused when embarrassed Helen explains the misunderstanding. Lee apologises again about Henry but Helen says it’s fine. Henry thinks Lee’s a superstar – Henry will be back at karate soon.


Nov 13, 2018 793


Justin reassures Susan that Neil has no need to worry about Berrow in his absence. Hannah’s doing a good job. Justin reckons she’s blossomed with the extra responsibility while Neil’s away. He hopes Neil appreciates her efficiency. Neil, meanwhile, spots what he perceives to be an error in the pig weight figures Hannah’s submitted. Hannah sent a less than full lorry of pigs off to the abattoir. If it was him he’d have put a few more pigs in even if they weren’t quite up to weight. He hopes she’s not letting things slip. He grumbles when he discovers Justin’s been singing Hannah’s praises to Susan. Peggy’s birthday party at the Lodge gets off to a good start. She’s delighted to have Christine home, but Christine’s not so sure. Whilst she’s grateful to Peggy for the modifications that have been made to the house, another wobble when she trips over Hilda’s litter tray frightens her, and Lilian finds her in tears. She doesn’t think she’ll ever feel safe at the Lodge with Hilda there. She protests when Peggy offers to re-home the cat. What she really wants is more time at The Laurels. Of course, agrees Peggy at once. She’ll cover the costs. Christine must stay there as long as she needs to.


Nov 12, 2018 785


Shula’s keen to check how Oliver’s getting on with the organisation of the Hunt Ball. Oliver’s happy with it; it’s not the first one he’s done, and it’s giving him something to do. Later at the karate class Emma and Shula agree it’s unfair of Damara to go back on their promise and reduce the number of affordable homes at the Beechwood development. It’s good of Jill to speak up at the upcoming council meeting, but Emma’s not hopeful. They remark on the absence of Helen at the class. Emma explains Henry’s run in with Lee, and how upset Henry was. They hope Helen will come back to the class. Meanwhile Emma does her best to encourage Lee to buy his organic produce from Bridge Farm… Roy’s concerned about Lexi’s mood. He tells Adam she’s declined a job opportunity he’d lined up for her at Grey Gables, and she seems very up and down. They hope it’s just that she’s missing Bulgaria. But having shared his concerns with Ian later, Adam admits they’re both worried Lexi may have changed her mind about the surrogacy. Roy reassures him. Lexi knows how much this baby means to Adam and Ian; she won’t let them down.


Nov 11, 2018 776


Johnny’s trying to keep up with the intricacies of Hannah and Tom’s relationship. He learns that Hannah isn’t going to the Nuffield presentation, but Natasha is, and that Natasha’s split up with her boyfriend. Good news for Tom, comments Hannah. She’s fine with it. Justin’s found out Duncan’s left Berrow. Hannah explains he didn’t take to the new weekend shift pattern, and she tore him off a strip, so he quit. It’s no loss as far as Hannah’s concerned; though she points out that Neil probably would have given Duncan a second chance. She’s relieved when Justin declares he agrees with her stance. Buoyed up, she makes another suggestion to improve efficiency in Neil’s absence, and Justin approves it. Later on in the pub her cheery mood continues as she gets an invitation to a date with a new man. At the wreath laying ceremony on the village green, Peggy’s glad to note the good turnout. The bells sound magnificent with Christopher at the helm. Peggy confides that Christine still feels too nervous to leave The Laurels. Peggy’s worried about it and doesn’t know what to do. Lilian suggests moving Peggy’s birthday party to the Lodge, so that Chris can see the changes that have been made for her. It might encourage her to come home. But Peggy’s not sure it’ll work.


Nov 9, 2018 784


Hannah wonders if the offer is still open to come to Tom’s Nuffield presentation. But things have moved on with Natasha, and Tom doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea. Tom asks if she fancies and night in. Hannah pretends to have plans. Joe has applied to work in The Bull. Unfortunately, Jolene found his CV totally illegible. Roy wonders if Lexi is okay. Things haven’t been right between them since she got back. Lexi insists she’s just adjusting, and missing the girls. Roy is a lovely man – it’s not his fault. Elizabeth confronts Geraldine about the article in The Echo. She blames Geraldine for booking the actors without checking the nature of their performance. Geraldine tries to be conciliatory, reminding Elizabeth of the last-minute nature of the booking. Elizabeth accuses her of neglecting her duty. Later, Elizabeth organises an interview on Radio Borsetshire. Geraldine advises her that this would be unwise, but Elizabeth orders her to apologise on air. Geraldine reaches the end of her tether. She resigns, saying she’ll take the overtime she is owed in lieu of notice. Later, Elizabeth apologises, and begs her to reconsider. But Geraldine has made up her mind. She’s loved working here, but it’s time to move on. Elizabeth doesn’t know how she’ll manage without Geraldine.


Nov 8, 2018 792


Emma is pleased to find her scathing criticism of Lower Loxley’s Halloween quoted in The Echo. She notices that Neil is still looking for his phone, and takes pity on him. Neil can’t understand how it ended up in the tea towel drawer. When he turns it on he finds messages from Duncan saying he’s fallen out with Hannah and resigned. Susan is exasperated, insisting that this is Hannah’s problem. Neil attempts to go to bell ringing practice, but he can barely stand. Susan insists that it’s time for Christopher to take over preparations for remembrance Sunday. Emma has to tell Lee that Henry probably won’t be coming back to karate. Lee worries that he overstepped the mark when he told Henry off last week. He asks Emma to let Helen know that he’s sorry if he offended her. Shula rushes to Lower Loxley to warn Elizabeth about the article in The Echo. It mentions Freddie’s conviction, and the loss of the alcohol license. But Elizabeth is more interested in asking about Shula’s visit to the prison. Shula forces her to read the article. Elizabeth has to face up to the terrible publicity. She decides that this is all Geraldine’s fault.


Nov 7, 2018 787


In the Bridge Farm shop Hannah asks Tony if he’s looking forward to Tom’s Nuffield presentation. She’s surprised to hear it’ll be quite a glamourous affair. Lilian joins them, saying she regrets not being able to go herself. Lilian tells Tony all about last night’s Canterbury Tales rehearsal. Lynda did not respond well to Jim’s notes. Peggy’s anxious for Christine to return home. Tony and Lilian urge her to be patient. Peter wants her to stay at The Laurels for as long as she needs to. Peggy’s worried that Christine is losing her “get up and go”. She saw the same thing in countless people when she was visiting Jack. Lexi returns from Bulgaria and discovers that Roy has made a massive effort to welcome her home. He’s even attempted to make banistsa! Roy’s hopes of a quiet evening in are dashed when Lexi suggests a walk around the village. He’s also wrong-footed when Lexi announces that she’s got an interview at the chicken factory. He’d assumed she wanted to come back to Grey Gables, and been looking forward to them working together. Lexi apologises for being so tired this evening, and retires to bed. She doesn’t even try the banitsa.


Nov 6, 2018 793


David takes Ben to a sheep dog breeder. Ben can’t see the point, until David reveals that Ben will be choosing and training the dog. Ben tries to confess to running over a badger, but David cuts him off. He’d rather draw a line under the joyriding. Ben takes his new responsibility very seriously. He chooses Bess, and starts planning his training regime immediately. Natasha visits Bridge Farm to speak to Helen about fruit drinks. Tom is delighted that Natasha has agreed to come early and meet him for a coffee. Natasha apologises for ignoring some of Tom’s messages. She’s just come out of a ten year relationship. It didn’t seem right to be texting another man while they were splitting up. Natasha wasn’t sure she wanted to get married and start a family, whereas her partner was very keen. Tom empathises. There’s a lot of guilt involved in dumping someone. After Natasha’s meeting with Helen, Tony compliments Natasha on driving a hard bargain. Helen is a tough negotiator. Tony is surprised when Natasha questions Tom’s tree planting strategy. He points out that Tom has farmed the land for years. When Natasha leaves Tom asks for Tony’s opinion of her. Tom thinks she’s great. Tony diplomatically agrees that she’s very…impressive.


Nov 5, 2018 794


Tom issues an invitation and Jim offers some unwelcome advice


Nov 4, 2018 794


Susan’s worried that Neil isn’t resting enough to give his back time to recover. She secretly reveals to Emma that she’s hidden his phone in the tea towel drawer otherwise he keeps checking his emails and worrying about work. Emma doesn’t approve, but Susan’s convinced she’s doing the right thing. Neil’s determined to be well enough for ringing practice – Remembrance Sunday is fast approaching. Elizabeth’s still putting a brave face on Lower Loxley’s Halloween disaster. She blames Roy for interfering and mentioning refunds. Ruth’s concerned to notice that Elizabeth is back to obsessing about Freddie. Brian’s told David that Ruairi has been joyriding in the Home Farm four by four. Brian didn’t mention Ben, but David surmises that this is what Ben and Ruairi have been doing together during half-term. David confronts Ben, whom he also suspects of secretly refilling the tank of Brookfield’s pickup. David assures Ben that, if he lies now, he’ll never trust him again. Ben admits to joyriding, and driving illegally on the road. David is angry and disappointed. Later, Ruth notices that David’s words have really upset Ben. She mentions to David that they still haven’t done anything about training a new sheepdog – maybe this is an opportunity to find a proper place for Ben on the farm?


Nov 2, 2018 798


Disaster strikes at Lower Loxley and Ben is guilt ridden


Nov 1, 2018 771


Pip’s furious to discover that Josh has bought bakery leftovers to supplement Brookfield’s animal feed. It goes against the whole ethos of their dairy herd. Josh is defensive – he saw an opportunity and took it. There wasn’t time to consult everyone. David and Ruth aren’t convinced either, but Ruth comes up with a compromise. They’ll mix some of the bakery leftovers into the feed for the Herefords, freeing up more silage for the dairy herd. Lynda’s holds her first Canterbury Tales rehearsal in Brookfield’s freezing cold barn. David has only managed to supply one heater, and Lynda insists on keeping it beside her chair for “safety reasons”. She also makes David stay, because she needs to be able to consult someone about arrangements at Brookfield, and doesn’t want Ruth breaking character. David and Ruth have to remind her that they’ve said “no” to flaming torches near the fuel store. Jazzer and Jim are surprised Lynda’s cast Nathan, but Lynda explains that his is a silent role. Elizabeth borrows Brookfield’s telehandler for the actors to use tomorrow at Lower Loxley. “Spookalicious Gardens” has been a success so far – Bert has been a hit in his troll costume. Ruth and David are pleased to see that Hallowe’en has finally taken Elizabeth’s mind off Freddie. Now they only have Lynda to worry about…


Oct 31, 2018 788


Jennifer misses cooking for the shoot. Pam Gibson’s caterers are adequate but impersonal. Brian also feels left out – Martyn is Will’s boss now. In fact, Brian’s invented a conference call with Debbie later so that he can leave early. Lee has to tell Henry off at his karate session. Lee explains that pushing Keira out of the way in his rush to help isn’t an appropriate way to behave. Henry’s upset, despite Lee’s efforts to comfort him. Later, Henry tells Helen that Lee doesn’t want him, just like Daddy. Helen tries to explain that Lee was just being fair to the whole class. This isn’t like what happened with Rob. At the shoot, Will takes the opportunity to speak to Brian and Ruairi together. Brian is furious with Ruairi, both for driving on the road and for causing trouble for the shoot. He tells Will to donate Ruairi’s beater’s fee to a good cause. Brian resolves to keep a closer eye on the keys to farm vehicles from now on. Brian deduces that Ben was involved, but Ruairi won’t confirm it. Brian can’t help admiring Ruairi’s loyalty. Ruairi thanks him for deciding not to tell Jennifer. Brian relents and pays him after all. But he warns Ruairi not to do anything that makes him regret his leniency.


Oct 30, 2018 772


Tom tries to make-up with Jazzer, and ends up following him on a run. Tom feels really bad about how tactless he was over his arrangement with Hannah. Jazzer doesn’t want to talk about it, and the stalemate continues until they both collapse with exhaustion. Jazzer thinks Hannah deserves to be more than just practise for Tom “getting back in the game”. Tom also apologises for being insensitive to Jazzer’s feelings, but Jazzer insists he isn’t still moping about Hannah. Jazzer agrees to be mates again, if it’ll shut Tom up. At Brookfield, Ruth persuades Josh to empty the barn. Canterbury Tales rehearsals start soon. Josh can’t see why that’s more important than his business. Ruth calmly points out that he’d still need to do it; his machines have been getting in the way. Later, Ruth, David, Pip and Josh discuss animal feed. They’ve run out of bales, but feed prices have rocketed after the dry summer. They discuss several options, but every idea seems to involve a greater risk in the future. Pip feels guilty about not spotting the problem sooner, but Ruth points out she’s been very busy with Rosie. Josh suddenly remembers he has an appointment, and Pip gets suspicious. David and Ruth aren’t sure what she means, but Pip’s convinced Josh is up to something.


Oct 29, 2018 791


Helen and Johnny are very impressed by the cattle they see in Stafford. They buy ten, intending to source the rest from France later. They hope Tony will be impressed. Johnny’s keen to get home in time to change for a Young Farmers’ event tonight. There’s going to be a girl called Lou there, but Johnny insists she’s just a mate. Hannah and Tom arrive home early. Today Neil put his back out lifting a pallet, and Hannah had to take him home. Hannah hopes that’ll teach him to stay in the office and stop interfering. Hannah invites Tom to join her upstairs… But Tom still feels guilty about Jazzer. Hannah encourages him to make peace. Elizabeth thanks Geraldine for all her hard work getting Lower Loxley ready for Halloween. Geraldine had booked a group of actors, but they discover that Elizabeth had forgotten to transfer the deposit, so they’re not coming. Geraldine manages to find a last minute replacement. They can’t be sure what the performance will be like, but Geraldine decides to book them immediately just in case they get another offer. Geraldine calls the volunteer guides – the new acting troupe is smaller, so they’ll need more people to haunt the grounds. Elizabeth hopes that forgetting the deposit will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


Oct 28, 2018 794


Ruairi is caught out and Johnny is torn.


Oct 26, 2018 784


Writer ..... Adrian Flynn Director ..... Julie Beckett Editor ..... Alison Hindell Jill Archer ..... Patricia Green David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck Pip Archer ..... Daisy Badger Josh Archer ..... Angus Imrie Pat Archer .... Patricia Gallimore Helen Archer ..... Louiza Patikas Tom Archer ..... William Troughton Brian Aldridge ..... Charles Collingwood Rex Fairbrother ..... Nick Barber Toby Fairbrother ..... Rhys Bevan Emma Grundy .... Emerald O'Hanrahan Adam Macy ..... Andrew Wincott Jazzer McCreary .... Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Johnny Phillips ..... Tom Gibbons Fallon Rogers .... Joanna Van Kampen Robert Snell ..... Graham Blockey Lynda Snell ..... Carole Boyd Anna Tregorran .... Isobel Middleton Hannah Riley ..... Helen Longworth Lee ..... Ryan Early


Oct 25, 2018 788


Helen’s worried about Henry. He’s already nervous about going for his red belt in karate, and the test’s weeks away. At the start of class she asks Lee to keep an eye on him. Lee puts the class at their ease. The most important thing at this stage is attitude and effort. Henry needn’t worry about messing up in front of everyone. Lee checks Helen is okay after Monday’s class – he could tell she was uncomfortable. Helen insists she just takes time to get used to things. Pip and Rex sit in the sun with Rosie. Pip mentions sharing a bed with Toby. Rex hides his disappointment. She clarifies that it’s platonic. But, who knows, if Toby had shown this much potential is a father earlier on they might be raising Rosie as a real couple. Elizabeth calls Johnny as soon as he arrives home from visiting Freddie. She bombards him with questions, and invites herself round. Johnny tries to give positive answers. Eventually, he has to go to work. Later, Johnny admits to Pat that he didn’t tell the whole truth. Freddie’s very unhappy, and missing Nigel but he doesn’t want Elizabeth to know. Pat advises Johnny to tell Elizabeth as much as he can without breaking Freddie’s confidence. Otherwise Elizabeth will imagine the very worst.


Oct 24, 2018 796


Jazzer makes sure he’s invited to Fallon’s board games night at the Tea Room next week. Fallon asks how he heard about it since she wants to keep it a secret from competitive Jolene. Jazzer asks if he can bring a friend, a potential date Fallon thinks. Lynda puts up posters around the village appealing for backstage help with the Canterbury Tales. Then she and Robert discuss casting. He looks at her list and makes some approving comments. She’s already secured many of her first choices. Nathan Booth is her biggest problem – he’s been lobbying for a part but he has such a whiny, nasal voice! Lynda wonders if it would be too soon to call a rehearsal for next week. Robert reassures her that it isn’t, not after all the work she’s done already. Josh persuades Jill to take another look at the hen house. It’s coming along nicely, the water is plumbed in. Jill feels bad that she hasn’t ordered the hens yet. Then she discovers that Josh has taken care of it and he refuses to let her pay him back. Jill’s touched.


Oct 23, 2018 795


Lynda’s decided that the village hall has the wrong ambience for her Christmas production. She asks to use Brookfield’s barn. David can’t think of a reason to say no although he puts his foot down at the idea of flaming torches near the fuel store. He’ll have to check with Ruth, perhaps she can think of an objection. Lynda wants to cast Ruth as Chaucer her accent is perfect for Lynda’s vision. Brian apologises to Adam. Adam’s done an amazing job taking over the farm, and Brian admits he hasn’t made it easy. He plans to be supportive from now on. Adam thanks him, he really appreciates the offer. It’s a new start for everyone. Anna can’t give Elizabeth the news she was hoping for. She can find no grounds for appeal. Elizabeth protests that the Judge didn’t appreciate how much Freddie was affected by the loss of his father. Anna’s kind but firm – pursuing this any further would be a waste of Elizabeth’s time and money. Anna encourages her to accept the situation and find other ways to support Freddie. No reputable colleague of Anna’s would take the case. Only firms that make a virtue of taking on lost causes might be prepared to look at it. Elizabeth asks for the names of those firms.


Oct 22, 2018 792


At the karate class Lee offers to help Helen position herself correctly. Lee is entirely professional about it, but Johnny notices that Helen doesn’t like being touched. He urges her to tell Lee that she doesn’t like it. She insists that she’s fine – it was just the shock of being touched by a man again. Josh takes Jill to a hen breeder. Jill has a good time looking at all the different breeds, but she’s still considering giving up her hens. Josh reminds her how much she enjoys it. He hints that it would be nice for Rosie to grow up with hens in the farmyard. At Brookfield, Rex is determined to surprise Bert by cracking on with some of the easy work on the hen house. He ropes Toby in to help with the roof, in exchange for some babysitting. When she sees the hen house, Jill is delighted. She resolves to buy more hens. Pip rings Toby in a panic – why aren’t he and Rosie at Rickyard? Toby explains about helping with the henhouse. They’re on their way. He cooks dinner while she has a bath. Toby offers to stay over occasionally to look after Rosie at night. They agree that the sofa isn’t comfortable, and Pip offers to share her bed – platonically of course. After all, they’ll both be too knackered to do anything except sleep.


Oct 21, 2018 779


Johnny tries to persuade Tom and Hannah to stop arguing about the washing machine and come to Apple Day. He goes alone, then remembers that he’s left his phone behind – if he misses Freddie’s call the prison won’t let him try again. He walks in on Tom and Hannah canoodling on the sofa – on top of his phone! Johnny thinks it’s weird that they’ve been pretending to argue instead of just telling him. He doesn’t care what they get up to in private, but asks them to stick to their rooms. At Apple Day Emma irritates Jazzer by complaining about Hannah. Emma knows Jazzer fancies Hannah – how’s that supposed to make him feel? Emma apologises. She advises him to try a low-key approach – challenge Hannah to a game of pool perhaps. Jazzer cheers up. He’s thought of the perfect thing. Jill helps Elizabeth with Freddie’s appeal. Carol’s given Jill Anna’s number, and apparently Anna would be happy to give her opinion. Elizabeth thanks Jill – she’d been worried Anna would think the case was beneath her. Later, Elizabeth hears that Freddie has accepted Johnny’s application to visit. Johnny asks if he can take anything with him. Elizabeth reports that Anna has agreed to look at his case file before Friday’s deadline. Hopefully they’ll soon have good news for Freddie.


Oct 19, 2018 802


Writer ..... Mary Cutler Director ..... Rosemary Watts Editor ..... Alison Hindell Jill Archer ..... Patricia Green David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck Josh Archer ..... Angus Imrie Kenton Archer ..... Richard Attlee Jolene Archer ..... Buffy Davis Pat Archer .... Patricia Gallimore Tom Archer ..... William Troughton Brian Aldridge ..... Charles Collingwood Jennifer Aldridge ..... Angela Piper Lilian Bellamy ..... Sunny Ormonde Ian Craig .... Stephen Kennedy Justin Elliott ..... Simon Williams Bert Fry .... Eric Allan Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison Shula Hebden Lloyd ..... Judy Bennet Adam Macy ..... Andrew Wincott Jazzer McCreary .... Ryan Kelly Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling Johnny Phillips ..... Tom Gibbons Fallon Rogers .... Joanna Van Kampen Robert Snell ..... Graham Blockey Lynda Snell ..... Carole Boyd Peggy Woolley ..... June Spencer Hannah Riley ..... Helen Longworth


Oct 18, 2018 800


Elizabeth is on Jill’s mind. She admits to Lynda she’s worried Elizabeth isn’t taking care of herself, and feels she’s hiding something. However the short break with Carol was just what Jill needed to distract her. Robert’s sceptical about Lynda’s plan to visit the Cider Club unannounced. Jazzer objects to Lynda’s presence and her desire to experience a night out with the lads. He’s worried she might want to change their somewhat informal ambience. But he warms to her when Lynda reveals that she sympathises with Jazzer. They have common ground; she herself used to smoke. As she and Robert ply them with more cider and flattery until Eddie and Jazzer agree to sign up for Lynda’s production. Josh has forgotten to lock up Jill’s hens and hasn’t checked on them. David finds some of the hens dead and confronts Josh. Only two hens survive and David is furious with Josh for once again shirking his responsibilities at Brookfield. Returning from her enjoyable trip, Jill’s shocked to learn about her hens, but later concedes unexpectedly that it was probably time to let them go. David’s reluctant to believe this from Jill, and insists to guilty Josh that his Gran’s still in shock. Josh needs to have a hard think about how he can help Jill get over this.


Oct 17, 2018 802


Josh shows Johnny the ropes in the Brookfield milking parlour in preparation for the arrival of the dairy herd at Bridge Farm. Josh asks Johnny to do the afternoon milking so he can pop over to Penny Hassett to look at some machinery. David finds out Johnny’s been left to do the milking and accuses Josh of exploiting Johnny’s good nature and getting out of his responsibilities at Brookfield. David asks Josh to lock up Jill’s hens as she’s away for the night with Carol. Shula and David discuss Elizabeth’s obsession with Freddie’s appeal, and agree to keep it a secret from Jill. They still can’t find anyone to take the case. David explains how Bert is concerned Geraldine is finding Lower Loxley too much to handle on her own, but that Elizabeth doesn’t want to hear it. They agree to meet with Kenton to talk about Elizabeth. Shula struggles to convince Elizabeth to take a break, but Elizabeth gets upset at the cinema in Felpersham and asks to be taken home. She doesn’t feel she can enjoy herself when Freddie is in hell and she’s worried about his wellbeing. Elizabeth tells Shula that Freddie hasn’t approved Elizabeth and Lily’s requests to visit him. She can’t stand this any more. She has to get him home, whatever it takes.


Oct 16, 2018 789


Pat comes across Lynda and Robert clearing up after a disgraced Monty on the village green. Pat’s heard about Lynda’s Christmas production. She’s not surprised Justin’s up for a role. His whole life’s an act. She doesn’t trust him after he reneged on the Beechwood Scheme. Robert urges Lynda to come clean about the production before the suspense becomes too much. Later Lynda declares she has a plan to recruit the final additions to her cast. Pat and Tom talk about expanding the local products they offer in the veg boxes, and think about adding Natasha’s fruit drinks until they can start making their own. Pat remarks Tom and Natasha have been getting chummy but Tom claims there’s nothing going on – he hasn’t been able to get hold of Natasha all week. Jazzer’s struggling to give up smoking. Hannah spots him outside The Bull. She sympathises. She used to smoke herself, and has some ideas to distract him. How about a computer game? They agree to make a night of it. Tom comes home and reminds Jazzer he has an early start the next day. After Jazzer leaves, Hannah wonders if he might still interested in her but Tom doesn’t think so. Tom reveals Natasha hasn’t replied to his messages and that he was maybe a bit premature in calling a halt to his relationship with Hannah. Hannah pretends offence, but is more than interested in Tom’s effusive apology.


Oct 15, 2018 800


Kenton thinks Freddie’s appeal is a waste of time. Jolene feels sorry for Elizabeth. Harrison’s ordered a board game online and Fallon’s surprised when she actually enjoys playing it. She invites Kenton and Jolene round for food and board games. Kenton’s reluctant; he hates board games and has bad memories of them as a child. David was the worst loser ever. But after a bit of persuading from Jolene, Kenton sees that this is an olive branch and part of the bridge building process with Harrison. He’ll go. Lilian and Jennifer report that Christine settled well into The Laurels, but Jennifer noticed Peggy was paying the fees, not Christine’s son Peter as they thought. Peggy claimed it was just a bank transfer glitch. Lilian hopes it will be sorted out soon, but Peggy’s assured them all is fine. Brian helps Jennifer make lunch – he feels they should make full use of their kitchen whilst they still have it. Lilian reassures Jennifer she’s doing all she can to persuade Justin it’s a terrible idea for BL to buy the Home Farm house. Justin insists it wasn’t his idea, and he emails the board members to tell them he doesn’t think it makes financial sense. Lilian’s delighted. Justin gives Jennifer and Brian the good news, assuring them family will always come first.


Oct 14, 2018 797


Adam feels guilty about the black grass and losing money for Home Farm, but Ian thinks Adam should give himself a break. After all, Brian has cost Home Farm money too and Adam has had a lot to deal with. Adam is touched that he has Ian’s support. Ian points out that Freddie dealing to the pickers is just hearsay. But Adam’s angry. The farm’s had enough scandal this year. Adam grudgingly admits that maybe it was quite useful when Brian was around to keep an eye on things. Elizabeth’s frustrated in her search for solicitors – she can’t find anyone to take Freddie’s case. Bert thinks she needs to take a break, and convinces her to go to the Treetop Walk with him. Bert’s concerned that Geraldine is overwhelmed but Elizabeth doesn’t agree. Jennifer tells Peggy that Freddie gave Noluthando drugs. Peggy’s appalled; surely Elizabeth should take more responsibility for Freddie’s actions. Jennifer reflects on Alan’s sermon and thinks she needs to be more charitable towards Elizabeth. Peggy thinks Freddie got exactly what he deserved but hopes to be reconciled with him once he faces up to the damage he’s done. Jennifer mentions Christine’s worries over finances at the Laurels. Adam doesn’t understand why Christine’s fretting about money – surely selling Woodbine has left her with money in the bank? Peggy reassures them Christine doesn’t have anything to worry about.


Oct 12, 2018 783


Eddie sprays Adam’s barley. Adam’s furious when Brian calls to confront him about the blackgrass in front of Eddie. Later, Adam reminds Brian that he is running the farm now. Brian can’t complain about a minor mistake when he cost them millions. He advises Brian to stay out of his way in future. Eddie borrows Adam’s flatbed to collect the portaloo from BL. Lilian sees him, and asks what on earth he’s doing. Eddie assures her that he has Justin’s permission. Justin must be really keen on anonymity if even Lilian didn’t know. Lilian almost reveals that they haven’t been talking, then quickly claims it had merely slipped her mind. The occupational therapist’s report on The Lodge has revealed that it won’t be suitable for Christine’s 24-hour care. Christine’s waiting for a place at a council care home, but she tells Adam that she’s worried about being a bed-blocker. She’s asked Peter to look into alternative care homes. But Lilian informs her that Tony has already found her a place at The Laurels. Lilian can’t understand Christine’s reluctance to consider the plan. Peggy has to agree that it’s the best option, but insists on talking to Christine alone. She reminds Christine of the promise she make after the scam. Peggy will cover all her costs.


Oct 11, 2018 799


Elizabeth is on the warpath and Alistair comes to a decision


Oct 10, 2018 800


Helen’s been researching mobile milking parlours. Johnny likes the idea of milking in the fields rather than bringing the cows in. But Tom warns him that the logistics would be complicated. Helen offers to set up some visits to see different setups in action. Later, Johnny admits to Josh that’s he’s nervous about the responsibility. Josh offers to let him practice milking at Brookfield. At karate, Josh asks Johnny if he’s seen Bella. He only joined when Emma promised Bella would be there. Shula discovers that she and Robert are the oldest people in the class. Shula and Helen agree that the warmup is tougher than anticipated. Shula’s glad she chose to come. She decides not to do Lynda’s Christmas show. Elizabeth visits Freddie in prison. Her upbeat assessment of his chances of getting an appeal doesn’t have the desired effect. He doesn’t think it’ll ever happen, and is resigned to keeping his head down and enduring his full sentence. He’s appalled when she suggests he could move to the vulnerable prisoners’ wing. She’s doesn’t understand – the inmates assume everyone in there is a paedophile. Freddie tells her not to bother applying to visit again – her stupid suggestions aren’t helping. When Elizabeth returns to Ambridge she goes straight to Shula, and laments that she’s made everything worse.


Oct 9, 2018 801


Peggy visits Christine in hospital. Christine’s feeling guilty - she’s being such an inconvenience. Everyone but Peggy thinks she still has a nest egg to rely on. If only she hadn’t let herself be scammed she’d have so many more choices, Christine says. Peggy promises to make all the necessary adaptations for her to come back to The Lodge. Later, Lilian tries to persuade Peggy to at least consider moving Christine to a nursing home, at least for rehab. Peggy isn’t convinced. At Grange Farm Eddie and Joe consider the toilet arrangements for the cider club. When the weather is bad neither the members nor Clarrie appreciate having to drunkenly stagger to the farm house. Joe and Eddie approaches Justin, who isn’t taken with the idea of building a toilet for a bunch of boozers. They generously offer to publicise the gesture if he agrees. Justin offers them a portaloo if they promise to keep it anonymous. Lilian spots Glenda’s plans for BL to acquire Home Farm on Justin’s desk. She’s horrified. Jenny has been comforting herself with the idea that it’ll still be a family home. Converting it would break her heart. But Justin intends to vote for or against the proposal strictly on business grounds. So Lilian refuses to join him for dinner – why not take Glenda since they’re so matey?


Oct 8, 2018 794


It’s the day of Natasha’s visit to Bridge Farm, and Hannah notices that Tom’s wearing a new shirt. He immediately worries that it’s too posh for a walk around the farm. Hannah advises him to relax and stop trying so hard. Natasha gives Tom some useful advice, and he agrees to consider offering fruit juice in the veg boxes. She could supply him while he builds a market and establishes his own brand. She’s confident he’ll make a success of his new venture. Later, Tom tells Hannah that he thinks Natasha might be into him. Unfortunately, he did nothing about it. Hannah can’t understand why, so Tom explains he wanted to talk to her first. If things are going to progress with Natasha he can’t keep sleeping with Hannah. He’s worried she’ll be upset, but Hannah laughs. She totally understands. Oliver tries to give Elizabeth some feedback on the events Grey Gables took over from Lower Loxley. There were a few communication glitches, but they coped. Unfortunately, Elizabeth attention is on finding a lawyer to appeal Freddie’s sentence. Oliver is sympathetic – hopefully Freddie will find the strength to cope with the tough prison environment. Organising an appeal is the only thing keeping Elizabeth going.


Oct 7, 2018 801


Alistair and Jim have brunch in the Tea Room. Alistair’s feeling upbeat – the divorce is moving forward, and he’s optimistic about the offer he’s received for his practice. Soon he’ll be able to move out of Jim’s spare room. Lynda offers Jim a part in her Christmas show. He claims to be too old and busy, but promises to be an enthusiastic spectator. He’s surprised when Lynda appears to give up. He privately admits to her that he’ll really miss Alistair when he leaves. Later, Jim runs the Bull’s quiz night. Shula and Jim argue about a quotation. Shula’s convinced it comes from “Bruce Almighty”, but Jim thinks “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Lynda adjudicates – a clip of the latter containing that quotation appeared in the former. Jim awards the point as they are technically both right. Lynda flatters Shula. She’s so grounded – perfect for the Christmas show. Shula says she’ll think about it. Then Lynda secretly tells Jim the title of the production. On that basis he agrees to take part and bring some academic rigour to the proceedings. Tony and Lilian discuss Christine. Lilian’s determined to stop her returning to the Lodge straight away. It’s too much for Peggy. Tony promises to look into alternative care options. But Lilian thinks the real challenge will be getting Peggy to agree.


Oct 5, 2018 800


At the Dower House Justin hosts a soiree to welcome new BL board members. Having worked so hard to secure an invitation, Lynda turns on the charm. She reminds Lilian and Justin of their stellar work in Mother Goose. They argue it’ll be hard to sign up without knowing what her new production is, but Lynda insists upon being mysterious. When she claims that their involvement will complete her contribution to theatre they find that they can’t refuse. At the soiree Brian discovers that new board member Glenda Belcher has plans for Home Farm. Jennifer’s shocked when he informs her that Glenda wants BL to turn it into flats. Jennifer tries hard to repress her emotional response. They’re selling the house to clear their debts – if BL offers the best price then so be it. In The Bull David mentions the rumours he’s heard about Freddie. Kenton assumes that Elizabeth must have told David Freddie’s dealing wasn’t a one-off, and ends up having to tell the whole story. Elizabeth arrives – she’s furious. Usha has just told her that Freddie’s sentence was fair, and that there are no grounds for appeal. Elizabeth’s shocked when David and Kenton conclude that there’s nothing else they can do. Freddie’s too vulnerable to stay in prison – she isn’t going to give up.


Oct 4, 2018 794


Jazzer apologises to Hannah for snapping at her on Monday. He’s heard about her arguments with Tom, and offers some advice. Hannah tells him she’s about to go and have an “argument” with Tom right now. Afterwards, Hannah teases Tom about being in a rush to get dressed. She asks him how things are going with Natasha – and advises him to seize the moment and call her. Then she spots something out of the window – Jazzer. He got the impression that his apology didn’t work, and has brought her flowers. Confused, Hannah insists that all is forgiven. Jazzer leaves with the idea that he has charmed Hannah, while Tom is about to get another tongue lashing. Kenton meets Peggy visiting Christine at the hospital. Christine’s operation goes well, but she’s fractured her hip and pubic ramus. Peggy’s determined to bring her home to the Lodge though. Peggy sings Fallon’s praises. Fallon stayed with Christine until the hospital found her a bed last night. Fallon comes to see Christine, but changes her mind when she sees Kenton. Kenton catches her up in the car park. He apologises. He was wrong to blame Harrison for what’s happened to Freddie. Fallon agrees to forgive him. Kenton hugs her, saying she has a heart of gold.


Oct 3, 2018 787


At the Tea Room Fallon overhears Jill’s account of Elizabeth’s visit to Freddie. Christine notices she’s upset. Fallon admits to Christine that the grief she and Harrison have been taking over Freddie’s arrest is getting to her. Christine’s husband was a policeman – she knows what’s Fallon’s going through. Fallon gives Jill her birthday cake on the house. Jill thanks Christine and Peggy for her birthday lunch – it was just what she needed. Lilian’s irritated to hear that Lynda’s trying to get herself invited to Justin’s soiree on Friday. She blames Brian for encouraging Lynda on Sunday. Brian insists he was only joking – they were celebrating! Unfortunately, nobody wants to say no to Lynda. They have no idea why she’s so keen to meet the new BL board. Brian’s more concerned about the state of Home Farm’s wheat. Debbie’s told him she suspects Adam sprayed it off too soon. When Brian investigates he finds the wheat chocked with blackgrass. Fallon shows Christine her wedding photos. Christine insists on making tea – Fallon’s been serving people all day. Christine trips over Hilda and has a nasty fall. Brian picks up Fallon’s call to Home Farm. She tells him not to panic; she’s called an ambulance.


Oct 2, 2018 794


David accompanies Elizabeth on the long drive to visit Freddie in prison. He offers to come inside with her, but she insists this is something she needs to do herself. Elizabeth notices a bruise on Freddie’s face, but he claims that it was an accident. He begs her not to make a scene. When she asks about his cellmate he changes the subject. Freddie’s resigned to the fact that he can’t make time go faster. All he can do is stick to the rules and earn a few privileges. When she returns to David, Elizabeth breaks down. It was awful – Freddie’s never going to cope. Josh helps Ruth fit crayons and harnesses on to Brookfield’s rams. He’s heard from friends at college that Freddie was dealing for a long time before he was arrested. Ruth’s shocked to hear about Noluthando’s overdose. Jill doesn’t feel much like celebrating her birthday tomorrow. She feels even worse when Elizabeth returns to Brookfield. Elizabeth’s furious, determined to write to the governor about Freddie being assaulted. Once Elizabeth has gone, Jill, David and Ruth discuss the rumours. It might be exaggeration – but how likely is it he was caught dealing first time? Freddie probably isn’t as naive as they’d like to imagine.


Oct 1, 2018 779


Alistair’s struggling to fit marathon training between meeting valuers and potential buyers for his business. Jazzer isn’t helping but messing about with his shoelaces and moaning like a nicotine deprived Eeyore. Later, Hannah teases him about his chances of finishing a marathon – looks like he needs an ambulance! He snaps that she wouldn’t look so good if she’d just run three miles. Johnny’s glad to have heard rumours that Ellis has been arrested and charged. But right now he’s worried about becoming Bridge Farm’s herd manager. Tony reassures him that they wouldn’t have offered him the job if he wasn’t up to it. Tony’s going to miss his Anguses, but he’s looking forward to having a dairy herd again. Why pay someone else for milk they can produce right here? Johnny starts to feel more confident, and suggests they look for a British Montbeliarde breeder to save transport time. Tom and Hannah go home for “lunch”, but Johnny comes back unexpectedly. They run around frantically trying to get dressed, and wonder how on earth they’ll explain it. When Tom complains that he’ll never find his shirt in Hannah’s messy room Hannah has a brilliant idea. They stage a massive argument. Johnny tries desperately to keep the peace, and laments that everything was going so well!


Sep 30, 2018 797


At the Flower and Produce show Jennifer is surprised and delighted when she wins the Freda Fry Memorial Cup. She thanks her family, mentioning Brian and Peggy in particular. Lynda takes advantage of Jennifer and Brian’s happiness to ask for an invitation to Justin’s soiree on Friday. The BL board will be there, and Lynda has plans of her own for the night. Poppy’s devastated when Nic’s harvest pie fails to win a prize. Clarrie did try to have a word with Fallon beforehand, but Fallon was distracted by Kenton. Unfortunately, Fallon and Kenton have another argument about Freddie. When Clarrie asks again if there’s anything Fallon can do to appease Poppy Fallon snaps that she can’t make everyone happy. Later, Fallon makes Poppy a “special commendation” to put on her wall. Kenton visits Elizabeth at Lower Loxley. Elizabeth’s upset that he’s still rowing with Fallon. Kenton points out that Fallon must’ve smoked the odd spliff – so how can she judge Freddie? Elizabeth admits that’s Freddie’s dealing wasn’t a one-off. Kenton mustn’t blame Harrison, and let this argument tear his family apart. Kenton reassures Elizabeth that the whole family will be there to support her. They’ll put everything right, somehow.


Sep 28, 2018 801


Elizabeth tells Shula she and Freddie had a close call with Edgar last night at Lower Loxley. But it was worth the risk for Freddie to have a night in his own bed. Elizabeth distracts herself from the thought of today’s sentencing by asking about Shula’s divorce petition. Shula’s made a list of reasons for Alistair to divorce her, and they manage to laugh at the ridiculous legal language. Brian and Peggy realise that people are wise to their Flower and Produce spying. At least it’s been a distraction from the house sale. Peggy reminds him that he doesn’t have to go through with it, but Brian won’t hear of taking her money. Freddie’s persuaded Lily not to come from Manchester for his sentencing. He also talks Jill out of attending. But Elizabeth, Shula, Alistair, Kenton and Johnny all come to support him. The Judge describes his actions as “reckless and uncaring of the consequences for [his] victims” and sentences him to twelve months in a Young Offender’s institution. Freddie calls out “I’m sorry, Mum” as he’s taken away. Elizabeth blames herself – she shouldn’t have made him change his statement! Shula tries to console her with the idea that Freddie will be out in six months. But Elizabeth’s sure he’ll never cope, and bleakly states that it’s all her fault.


Sep 27, 2018 801


Emma happily tells Susan that she’s signed up enough people for adult karate classes to start thinking about booking a slot at the village hall. Hannah and Tom are surprised when Johnny returns home early. This is supposed to be low key and between themselves – the last thing they need is Johnny finding them in bed together. Tom hopes Hannah will spend tonight with him but she has a date with Chad. Tom’s confused, so she explains. She’ll keep dating Chad – who cancelled last week – and Tom can keep pursuing Natasha. And they can continue to see each other on the side. Elizabeth takes Freddie to the Village Shop to buy dinner. He’s embarrassed to see Susan, but she offers to pay for their shopping. She’s been in his position. She wishes Freddie good luck for his sentencing tomorrow. Freddie and Elizabeth are touched. Later, Freddie is surprised when Elizabeth takes the turning for Lower Loxley instead of taking him to the Stables. She explains that she has a plan to let him have a night at home. He needs to hide under a blanket on the back seat so she can sneak him in. Freddie laughs – best Mum in the world! She promises that, whatever happens tomorrow, they’ll get through it.


Sep 26, 2018 798


Hannah spots Emma putting up a poster about adult karate classes outside the village shop. Hannah dismisses the idea, and Emma immediately claims that loads of people are interested. Determined to prove Hannah wrong, Emma starts by recruiting Helen. Helen is eventually won over by thought of how much joining in would please Henry. It’s time to make a decision on the future of Bridge Farm. Pat reports that she and Tony agree that a dairy herd will be the new heart of the farm even if it means giving up the Angus cattle. Tony was more sceptical about agro-forestry. It’s experimental and unproven. Tom gets defensive, but Pat tells him to let her finish. They have decided agro-forestry is worth pursuing. Helen’s still not convinced, but promises to give the project her full support. Tom and Pat agree that the best news of all is that they can let Johnny know he’ll be their new herdsman. Tom starts the day being awkwardly polite to Hannah. He’s worried she might think they’ve made a huge mistake. Hannah just laughs –she’s happy to carry on as long as he is. Later, after Tom hears the good news about the agro-forestry, they agree to buy a bottle of champagne to toast Bridge Farm’s future.


Sep 25, 2018 792


Jolene and Kenton head to Woodbine for dinner, and Jolene warns him to be on his best behaviour. She doesn’t want to hear him go on about Fallon’s lack of family loyalty. The evening starts civilly enough, until Kenton misinterprets an innocent comment of Fallon’s. He accuses her of implying she’s glad Freddie was arrested because she ended up with a better wedding DJ. She insists that she was only going to say that the DJ they ended up with shared her taste in music, but they end up having the same old argument. Kenton walks out, and Jolene follows, apologising to Harrison and Fallon. Harrison’s sympathetic – Kenton’s obviously very worried about Freddie and Elizabeth. Fallon thanks him for trying, but honestly, after tonight, she’s done with Kenton. Elizabeth gently urges Freddie to reconsider telling the police the whole truth about Ellis and his drug dealing. Freddie walks away from the conversation, but Elizabeth keeps trying. He doesn’t agree with her argument that he risks a much longer sentence if the police do find out. He’s convinced himself they never will. Johnny and Noluthando also think he should dob Ellis in. Elizabeth tries a different tack – if Ellis isn’t caught now the same thing will happen to someone else. Freddie remembers Noluthando’s terrifying overdose. He resolves to change his statement.


Sep 24, 2018 798


Elizabeth fears the worst, and Peggy offers a solution.


Sep 23, 2018 797


Shula attempts to bring the family together, and Jolene has a plan.


Sep 21, 2018 801


Freddie contemplates his future, and there is a breakthrough for Alistair.


Sep 20, 2018 801


Emma finds herself impressed and Clarrie fears the worst


Sep 19, 2018 800


Johnny tries to drag Freddie to the cricket ‘do’, but Freddie’s feeling depressed about his sentencing. Johnny advises him to at least shave and get a haircut, but Freddie just wants to be left alone. Later, Alistair gives him the same advice, framed more tactfully, and even offers to miss the cricket ‘do’ if Freddie wants to talk. Kenton hasn’t backed down and apologised, so the cricket ‘do’ goes ahead at the Tea Room. Harrison reminds Jolene that, as a member of the team, she’s invited, and asks if Kenton might join her. Jolene thinks it’s pretty unlikely. The team tries to come up with reasons for their lack of success this season. Harrison admits he hasn’t been entirely focussed – the wedding was a priority. When Jolene arrives she lightens the mood with a little present for Harrison – a Spice Girls CD! She starts a sing-along. Freddie finally decides to go out, although he isn’t keen on the cricket party. Johnny meets him outside the Tea Room and sees that he’s tidied up his hair and is even considering ditching his eyebrow piercing. Freddie’s decided he needs to face up to everything he’s done – breaking up the family, not being allowed home… Johnny insists that it’s not all his fault but Freddie takes full responsibility.


Sep 18, 2018 785


Carol insists on treating Jill to lunch at Grey Gables, where Peggy and Brian offer to join them for pudding. Peggy artfully brings the conversation round to the Flower and Produce Show, but Carol is very secretive about her chutney. Brian and Peggy insist that they are no threat – that’s Jenny’s department – and soon Carol is telling them all about her secret recipe. At one point she notices Brian making notes on his phone. He claims to have been checking the cricket scores, and apologises. Outside the shop Philip finds Jazzer having a cigarette. He’s surprised – isn’t Jazzer supposed to be running with Alistair? Jazzer insists that he isn’t finding it difficult, just boring. Alistair joins them, and Jazzer leaves for a run, claiming Philip was holding him up. Alistair admits to Philip that, despite his faults, Jazzer has been brilliantly supportive. Later, Philip advises Jazzer that giving up smoking will help his training. When Philip’s son was born he quit using willpower alone. When Philip tries to confiscate his cigarette Jazzer insists that, if he decides to, he’ll quit on his own terms. Philip commiserates with Alistair about his divorce. The confrontational nature of the system is very frustrating. At least he and Shula will be able to move on with their lives once it’s over.


Sep 17, 2018 793


At Bridge Farm, Johnny asks Tom about their plans for a dairy herd. Tom enthuses about how this will get them back into proper farming – albeit on a small scale. Johnny sees through him – he only agreed to the herd so that the family would consider his agro-forestry project in return. Johnny would be happy to manage the herd. Later, Tom finds Pat researching cattle breeds, and asks if she’s made progress in persuading Helen and Tony to consider agro-forestry. Pat urges him to be patient, but he’s irritated to hear that Tony still hasn’t read his research. Ruth prepares to spend the day filling out cattle passport applications, and chats to Pip about how much they’re looking forward to having heaters in the new milking parlour. Elizabeth calls to ask what David might need for his birthday, and Ruth realises she must be missing Lily. Pip takes Rosie over to Lower Loxley for a visit. She tries to cheer Elizabeth up by talking about how fabulous Lily’s university experience will be – and how lucky she is to have her own flat. Elizabeth confesses that home feels very empty, and Pip offers to stay over. Elizabeth declines – she’d never want Pip to leave. She promises to arrange something after Freddie’s sentencing – it’s difficult to make plans until they know what’s happening.


Sep 16, 2018 768


Before the cricket Darrington’s captain Chris Mills texts Harrison to ask if they’ll be dressing as the Spice Girls. Harrison texts back that Darrington are just a bunch of wannabes, but Alistair points out that the comeback would carry more weight if Darrington weren’t miles ahead in the league. They aren’t feeling terribly optimistic – especially as Barry has dropped out at the last minute, and been replaced by inexperienced Hannah. In the end Ambridge loses, by three runs. Alistair tries to stay positive – they can’t blame Hannah for dropping a catch. He reminds Harrison that there’s always next year, but Harrison’s pessimistic about his chances of getting a team together. Johnny tries to persuade Freddie to come to the cricket, but Freddie’s not in the mood. He’s disappointed that Johnny won’t have time later for a gaming session. Later, Elizabeth and Shula try to persuade him to go hunting again. But they have no idea what it’s like being Freddie – constantly surrounded by people reminding him of what he’s done. Elizabeth tells Shula about the row she and Lily had before she left. Shula reassures her that Lily will come round, but Elizabeth’s very worried about how obviously wrong Russ is for her. Shula’s already taken Freddie under her wing, but she promises to help any way she can – that’s what family is for.


Sep 14, 2018 799


Elizabeth makes a desperate plea and Jazzer reveals his grand plan.


Sep 13, 2018 800


Karate classes start at the village hall, and Keira throws herself into it, winning the warmup game of dodge-ball. Henry, however, is frightened by the opening demonstration and runs back to Helen and Emma. When Lee, the instructor, comes to check he's okay, Emma recognises him. He did physiotherapy for Joe when he broke his wrist. Lee reassures Henry that lots of people find it daunting at the start. On their way home Henry tells Helen that he wants to learn karate so he can defend everyone - especially her. Helen promises him that they are safe now - they never need to be scared again. At Bridge Farm Tom's keen to push his agroforestry idea. He's convinced Pat of the benefits, but she warns him that Tony is already sold on Helen's micro-dairy. As far as Tony's concerned investing in agroforestry would divert resources away from solving the milk supply problem. He's heard Tom's arguments about unifying the business, but points out there won't be much to unify if the cheese fails. Pat reminds them that they agreed not to get emotional. Her gut instinct is that the micro-dairy is the best option right now. Tom graciously agrees to help Helen with some costings. Pat promises to work on persuading Tony and Helen to agree to a small-scale agroforestry trial.


Sep 12, 2018 793


Harrison's touched that Fallon came to his defence against Kenton, but warns her not to let it become a family rift. Fallon stands her ground - The Bull can host the cricket 'do' when Kenton apologises. Later, Harrison runs into Shula outside St Stephen's, and Shula surprises him by saying that she totally supports his decision to arrest Freddie. She loves Freddie, but this is the wake-up call he needed. Phoebe and Lily meet Russ for lunch, then return to Lower Loxley. Lily's keen to hear Phoebe's opinion, and Phoebe admits that he obviously loves her. However, Phoebe's worried about how they'll manage financially - Lily's obviously stressed about the possibility of Russ being banned from teaching. Lily's determined to make it work somehow. Freddie's surprised to discover that Shula isn't intending to go out with the hunt. He realises that she's avoiding all the Lavinia and Alistair gossip. He offers to accompany her, wisely advising her that she needs to face the world at some point. Later, Johnny comes to visit. He still thinks Freddie's been an idiot, but at least he's facing up to things. Although Johnny can't understand why Freddie's still protecting his supplier, Ellis. Johnny offers to ring round their mates and organise a night out. Freddie agrees to make the most of his last days of freedom.


Sep 11, 2018 798


As it's such a lovely day Brian invites Peggy out for a stroll. Peggy's keen for them to come up with a way to cheer Jennifer up, and Brian assures her that they will. When they reach The Bull Brian insists on buying her a drink, and circulates amongst the customers. The conversation is all about the Flower and Produce show, and Peggy chastises him for spending the whole time on his phone. Then she discovers that Brian's been taking notes. He's been gathering inside information to help Jennifer win as many categories as possible. Peggy agrees that it isn't technically cheating, and they continue to gather information. Jazzer's alarmed when Alistair phones to say he'll be home early. Jazzer orders Jim to keep Alistair away while he finishes cooking for the surprise party. Jim complains about the mess he's made in the kitchen, but agrees to stall Alistair. They end up in The Bull, where Joe proudly announces that Jim owes him a pint. Bert and Cecil have fallen out already, meaning that Joe won their bet. Jim insists the stake was only a pound, but ends up buying the first round anyway. When Alistair goes to the bar Jazzer boasts that his surprise party is going to be fantastic. He dismisses Jim's cynicism. Roll on Friday!


Sep 10, 2018 800


Tony thinks Harrison could have turned a blind eye for Freddie. He believes Freddie needs guidance not a prison sentence. Tom talks Pat and Tony through his agroforestry idea. Pat can see it's an exciting concept but Tony is more reserved. Helen is disheartened after her visit to the dairy, Hazelgreen. Unfortunately they are feeding the cows too many concentrates for her liking. Helen suggests bringing back their dairy herd might be the answer. Tom disagrees but later Tony tells Tom that they need to sort the cheese out before exploring other ventures and he's excited by the prospect of a dairy herd on the farm again. Will explains to Emma that Poppy wants to enter Nic's Harvest Pie into the 'Savoury Pastry' category at the Flower and Produce Show. Although a family favourite the dish is simple and wouldn't win any prizes. Emma suggests that she and Clarrie could try making it with a few posher, alternative ingredients and see how it tastes. Helen becomes anxious when Henry becomes fixated on Will's gun. Both Will and Emma explain that all the children love talking about guns; it's nothing to worry about but Helen remains concerned about Henry's behaviour. Emma suggests that Helen takes him to karate with her and Keira. Helen eventually agrees but hopes that Henry doesn't misbehave.


Sep 9, 2018 802


Shula informs Peggy she is going to enter the wild flower arrangements category at the Flower and Produce Show. Jennifer tells Peggy that she is finding the sale of Home Farm very wearing. Tracy Horribin arrives at Home Farm hoping for a look round. Jennifer remains composed and explains that viewings are by appointment only. Peggy confides in Brian her concerns on how the sale is affecting Jennifer and asks if there is anything he can do. Later when Brian is driving Peggy home she starts discussing Neville Booth's impressive fruit and vegetables for the Flower and Produce Show. This gives Brian an idea and he asks Peggy if she can spare some time to take a stroll with him. Lily tells Phoebe that Russ will find out will happen with his job on Friday. Phoebe still thinks that what he did was wrong but agrees to meet him with Lily for lunch. Lily is still speculating on who informed the college about them and confronts Freddie. Freddie thinks it was probably his wife. At the Stables Tracy approaches Freddie and asks if he can get hold of some ecstasy for a party. Lily is shocked, and informs Tracy that brother doesn't deal anymore. Freddie and Lily lament on the terrible year they have given Elizabeth.


Sep 7, 2018 798


Hannah tries to soften Helen over the Henry incident; it had been her idea to let Henry play the computer game, not Tom's but Helen brushes Hannah aside. Tom thinks it needs sorting and the two of them apologise to Helen. Tom points out he's worried that denying Henry things he wants will only make him want them more. Finally Helen concedes she may have overreacted in her efforts to protect her son. She's pleased Henry has a good relationship with Tom. A truce is called. Hannah mentions a karate class which might suit energetic Henry. Helen doesn't commit, but says she'll look into it. Lily and Russ pay the deposit on a flat in Manchester, Russ thinks it's ideal. Later, Russ makes himself at home at Lower Loxley by cooking odd concoctions, to Elizabeth's alarm. Freddie's appalled to learn from Elizabeth that Russ is staying in his room. How stupid of her! When Elizabeth starts to cry, contrite Freddie begs her to stop. Lily has her worries of her own as Russ ignores calls to his mobile. Finally he admits it's the college chasing him about an allegation against him. He's keen to shelve it until Monday, but Lily's scared it's about them. Russ promises her everything's going to be fine.


Sep 6, 2018 792


Tom's full of ideas following his Nuffield session. He explains the benefits of agro-forestry to Johnny, who isn't convinced - it doesn't sound like proper farming to him. He's more interested in Tom's encounter with Natasha, but Tom is tight lipped. Tom later tries to make peace with Helen after falling out over Henry, and raises his ideas with her. She thinks it's a non-starter. This is a critical time for Bridge Farm; they don't want schemes that will risk getting them into debt. Elizabeth persuades Johnny to go and see Freddie, who could use his friendship at the moment. Johnny agrees to think about it but can't make any promises. Clarrie sees Elizabeth's anxiety and shares some words of wisdom and comfort regarding Freddie. And at least Lily's on track for big things; she'll surprise her mum. Elizabeth remarks drily that she already has. Helen sympathises with teary Will as he drops Poppy at school for the first time. It's at times like this he misses Nic. Helen reassures Will, it's obvious Poppy knows how loved she is. Later Clarrie tells Will that Poppy's settled, happy demeanour is all down to him. They agree that Elizabeth's got it tough at the moment. Every parent learns sooner or later, you never stop worrying about your kids.


Sep 5, 2018 784


Jennifer's insulted by the latest offer on Home Farm. She's still hopeful for a positive outcome when the Gilpins return for a second viewing. She's driving Lilian to distraction with cushion plumping and cleaning, and has sent Brian off to the Bull. He's been behaving a little oddly since he retired. Lilian tries to pacify her, but compounds Jennifer's state of high anxiety by dropping a bottle of wine. It all comes to nothing when the Gilpins phone to cancel; the house isn't 'wow' enough for them. Jennifer doesn't know how much more she can take. Lilian does her best to console her sister - with a nice Chablis. Elizabeth's looking forward to a girls' day shopping with Lily but Russ puts a spanner in the works by insisting on accompanying them, and taking over at every opportunity. Frustrated Elizabeth grits her teeth. Later she confides in Kenton, who's shocked to find out about the relationship. Did Russ take advantage of Lily? Elizabeth assures Kenton that he didn't. When Elizabeth points out Russ has left his wife, Kenton's livid. Russ is Lily's teacher and there should be professional boundaries. Elizabeth agrees but she can't say anything and risk driving Lily away. Kenton acknowledges this, but asserts somebody ought to do something about it.


Sep 4, 2018 783


Jim asks for Jazzer's help in deciding what to do for Alistair's birthday, and Jazzer offers to make some enquiries. Jazzer discovers that Alistair has never had a proper birthday party - not even when he was a child. Alistair insists that he doesn't mind - you can't miss what you've never had. But Jazzer is shocked, and tells Jim exactly what he thinks of this oversight. Jazzer takes over organising Alistair's birthday; he's had the perfect idea. At Home Farm Jennifer's frantically cleaning ahead of a viewing tomorrow. She has high hopes for this couple; they would fit perfectly into village life. At the Bull Brian strikes up a conversation with Joe about the Flower and Produce show. Joe explains the cut-throat nature of the competition, and boasts about his prowess at psychological warfare. Brian asks if he has any tips for Jenny, but Joe declares that gardening isn't about following instructions. It comes from the soul. Will beats himself up about a mistake he makes when buying Poppy's school shoes. Nic would have had everything ready for her first day, and he can't even get this right. Clarrie consoles him; he's done everything he can for Poppy. He needs to trust that she can manage her first day of school on her own.


Sep 3, 2018 782


Tom's off to a Nuffield group event set up by Natasha. It's a good opportunity to explore some of her business suggestions with other scholars. Hannah wishes him luck selling Natasha's ideas to his family. He agrees they're not great with change. Whilst Helen wants to explore alternative suppliers for her milk, she's less keen on the thought of the nuts and bolts of Bridge Farm business being shared with strangers. Tom assures her the group's a safe, confidential space. Tom's hoping he doesn't have to look after Henry again any time soon. He deflects when Helen mentions the possibility. However Helen changes her mind when she finds out Tom allowed Henry to play computer games when he stayed over. She's furious, and lectures Tom on boundaries. Kenton's worried about Freddie's state of mind. He comments to Lily that her mum's also clearly worried sick. Lily wants to buy her a present; she's been so sweet about everything. But while she's browsing in the Tea Room an argument erupts between her and Fallon over Harrison's arrest of Freddie. It culminates in Lily being barred from the Tea Room. Fallon confides in her mum for support, but Kenton weighs in, criticising Harrison and mentioning family loyalty. He refuses to back down and Fallon leaves. She's not coming back; they'll hold the end of season cricket party at the Tea Room.


Sep 2, 2018 802


At Greenacres Jim and Joe drink cider and "supervise" Alistair's marathon training. After Alistair leaves for his run Jim admits that he's struggling to think of a way to mark Alistair's birthday. Jim wants to use the occasion to lift Alistair's spirits, but Joe advises against throwing a party. With none of the Archers likely to attend it might have the opposite effect. But Jim's determined to think of something. He and Alistair haven't always been as close as he'd like, and Jim wants to take this opportunity to make a fuss of his son. Russ finally delivers the news that Lily's been waiting for - he's told his wife about their relationship. Noticing Lily's shocked reaction, Elizabeth tries to gently introduce the idea that perhaps Lily doesn't entirely trust him. But Lily insists she never doubted for a moment that he would leave his wife. Elizabeth has to face the fact that they are definitely going to Manchester together. Worse, Russ has decided to give his wife some space, and moves in to Lower Loxley. When Elizabeth tries to object, Lily offers to move to a hotel with Russ. Elizabeth feels she has no choice but to let Russ stay, and Lily brightly reassures her that she'll barely notice that he's here.


Aug 31, 2018 795


At Grey Gables Shula and Elizabeth relax in the sauna. Elizabeth's finding losing the license easier to cope with than the uncertainty of Freddie's predicament. She briefly forgets her troubles, including Russ' visit tonight and Shula advises her to keep reminding herself that it's a summer romance - Lily will soon be far away in Manchester. At the pig unit things are still awkward between Neil and Hannah. There's something about him that Hannah doesn't like. And she can't stand Emma and her patronising smiles. She brushes off Tom's suggestion that Emma's just trying to be friendly; she'd rather ignore her. Tom's still feeling the effects of sleep deprivation after Henry's visit. Hannah teases him; he must be getting old. Russ calls Lily to ask what he should wear to a stately home. He finds the idea intimidating, but Lily points out that it's just a relaxed family supper. Before they go in he admits that he still hasn't told his wife. Lily had told Elizabeth that they were separated, but over the meal it becomes clear to Elizabeth that Russ and his wife are still living together. Lily claims their situation is like Alistair and Shula's. Then Lily reveals that Russ is planning to move to Manchester with her. Elizabeth hides her feelings for long enough to excuse herself, then phones Shula in tears. She's sure this decision will ruin Lily's life.


Aug 30, 2018 789


Jazzer steps up, and Pat has a suggestion.


Aug 29, 2018 798


At Bridge Farm Tom's decided to do a cost-benefit analysis of the kefir business, and Clarrie and Susan worry that he might be thinking of dropping it. But Clarrie's more interested in hearing about Susan's conversation with Lynda. Susan reveals that Lynda fell for their ruse. She now believes that Clarrie took the llama, and has decided not to take the matter any further in the light of the Grundy family's recent woes. They think it's hilarious, and Susan thanks Clarrie for being a true friend and taking the blame. It's the day of Elizabeth's hearing in front of the licensing committee. She and Shula are held up by traffic and barely make it in time. Oliver praises Elizabeth's qualities as a businesswoman, and explains that Lower Loxley works for the benefit of the whole community but the committee still revokes the license. Oliver apologises, worrying that he should have done more. But Elizabeth puts a brave face on it. She's very grateful for his help, and at least she knows now where she stands - she can still appeal. After Oliver leaves, Elizabeth brings the conversation round to Nigel. He wouldn't have let things go so wrong for Freddie and Lily. Shula tries to reassure her that she's been a wonderful parent. But Elizabeth misses Nigel more than ever.


Aug 28, 2018 799


Natasha's feedback about Bridge Farm hits Tom hard. She's criticised almost every aspect of the business, from their failure to get the best price for Tony's organic beef to the time they've wasted on the kefir. Helen doesn't think she's qualified to comment on farming, but Adam thinks she might have a point. Natasha says Bridge Farm has over-diversified, and Adam advises Tom to consider where his heart really lies - are they farmers, food manufacturers or retailers..? Ian's worried that Lexi still hasn't set a date for her return, but Adam insists that they should trust her. Ian's also concerned that his decision to drop Borsetshire Blue might affect his friendship with Helen. But Helen apologises for letting the quality drop. Ian promises to put it back on the menu as soon as she fixes the problem. Susan still hasn't talked to Lynda about the llama theft, and Clarrie accuses her of cowardice. Susan visits Ambridge Hall and finds Lynda in her shepherd's hut. She makes awkward small talk about the garden, but eventually admits she knows who took Constanza. She talks about how guilty and embarrassed the person who did it feels, and Lynda naturally assumes that Susan's here to confess. Then Susan reveals that this isn't what she came to say. She claims that Clarrie took the llama.


Aug 27, 2018 787


Jazzer fills Tom in on the latest instalment of the Lloyd family drama. Jim's been hinting to Alistair that he needs to lose weight, and has suggested he train for the Felpersham half-marathon. Later, Alistair declines a scone from the Tea Room, and Jazzer reassures him that Jim's only trying to help. The half-marathon could be a great way to get fit and getting Jim off his back - all whilst raising money for charity. Alistair's not convinced. Peggy's noticed that Tom seems very cheerful at the moment. Pat hints that it might have something to do with Natasha. Peggy wonders if she's a potential girlfriend. According to Tom, Natasha's visit to Bridge Farm was strictly business. Helen tries to work out why the quality of her Borsetshire Blue cheese has declined recently. She notices that they've been using more starter since they got rid of Bridge Farm's dairy herd. Pat wonders if the quality of the milk is to blame. Helen's also struggling with Henry's behaviour. She complains to Tom that she's had to put him on the naughty step - again - after he pinched Jack. Tom offers to have Henry over for a sleepover, and Helen gratefully accepts. Tom finally receives Natasha's feedback about the farm - it makes for interesting reading.


Aug 26, 2018 801


Elizabeth attempts a brave face, and Clarrie offers some unwelcome advice.


Aug 24, 2018 796


Russ plays a dangerous game and Susan faces an ultimatum.


Aug 23, 2018 802


In the village shop Elizabeth notices Freddie's arrest is on the front page of The Echo - again. Natasha comes in asking for directions to Bridge Farm. Oliver and Elizabeth are struck by her well-heeled appearance. Once at Bridge Farm, Tom gives Natasha the tour. He's embarrassed by the lack of Natasha's Summer Orchard drinks on their shelves. Johnny joins them on their way to the polytunnels and makes a not-so-subtle dig about Tom fancying Natasha, leaving Tom red-faced. At the end of the tour Natasha says she has a lot of respect for the way the farm is selling quality products, directly to the public. She was particularly impressed by Helen's efforts to locate the error with the Borsetshire Blue. However Tom thinks that Natasha is holding something back and insists that she tell him what she really thinks. Natasha says she needs a few days to process everything before passing judgment. At Grey Gables Elizabeth meets with Oliver. He's happy for Grey Gables to take on any Lower Loxley bookings that Elizabeth can no longer do since losing her alcohol licence. However he feels unable to write a character reference for Freddie, as he points out they barely know each other these days. Oliver suggests asking a teacher but Elizabeth isn't sure who at college could help.


Aug 22, 2018 797


Jim thinks Alistair is being short changed. Shula wants the divorce but it's Alistair who has had to move out and who is being blamed for the break up. Alistair soon comes round to Jim's argument. After an unproductive conversation with Shula, Alistair decides to fight his corner, starting by calling his solicitor. Meanwhile Jim worries about Alistair's state of mind and that he might start gambling again. He decides to treat Alistair to a piano lesson with Kiki. Alistair is good but complains that it brings back bad memories of lessons as a child. Tom reminds Hannah that she agreed to go to nets that evening. Tom arrives at practice with news that Peppa Pig won another rosette. Hannah remarks that the price Ed would get for the prize-winning ram would help towards a new home on the Beechwood development. She thinks Emma and Neil are abusing their parish council positions so Emma can buy one of the houses. At Bridge Farm Tom tells Pat about Natasha's business know how. Helen wants help taste-testing the Borsetshire Blue. She and Pat agree that the quality has dropped. They decide Helen will have to review the details of every batch if she wants to find out what's gone wrong.


Aug 21, 2018 787


Emma spots Usha leaving Blossom Hill Cottage, which she has been checking over before the new tenants arrive. Emma criticises the rent Usha charges and complains about the difficult housing market. Emma then brings up the Beechwood development - she thinks that reducing the number of affordable homes was planned all along. Usha beats a hasty retreat. When Emma later raises the issue with Neil he tells her she won't be able to take part in the council meeting about the development as she's an interested party. Emma is indignant. Elizabeth visits Usha at work to discuss Freddie's case. Usha is concerned that Freddie will make his situation worse by not coming clean about Ellis' involvement, although Freddie's age and lack of previous convictions are in his favour. They decide Elizabeth should ask Neil for a character reference for Freddie as he did one for Helen; however, Neil feels he can't do it. Helen's struggling with Henry and offloads to Ian over lunch. She tells him she's looking forward to Henry going back to school but quickly apologises, remembering Ian's difficulty with Lexi and the surrogacy. Ian reveals he actually wants to talk about the Borsetshire Blue: it's bland and until Helen can improve it, he's taking it off the menu.


Aug 20, 2018 794


At Brookfield Ruth asks Josh if he could help her with the sheep later. He is annoyed about the extra work; he's already helping Pip out with herbal lays for her Innovative Farmers scheme. Later Ruth and Josh are examining the sheep - with worries about lamb prices post-Brexit, they've decided to cut the flock down. Ruth thinks they might not need Eddie any longer which will save them money. Josh thinks Brexit will be good for his used machinery business. Jill wants to know more about the Innovative Farmers scheme so Pip takes her to look at the seed with baby Rosie. Jill thinks that Shula might be interested in using the wild flowers from the herbal leys for the Flower and Produce Show. Elizabeth's making an effort with Lily after forgetting about her exam results but Lily storms out and later ignores Elizabeth's reminder to contact Harrison about the cricket team. Arriving at Lower Loxley, Phoebe meets Elizabeth who is overseeing the installation of CCTV in a bid to prevent the revocation of her alcohol licence. Phoebe and Lily go to the tea room where Phoebe isn't convinced by Lily's plans. She thinks Lily should begin university life without Russ and that he should work out his notice at college, but Lily is determined her new life with Russ will be amazing.


Aug 19, 2018 780


Hannah is surprised to see Fallon in the tea room so soon after her wedding and they discuss the cricket match happening at Farndale that afternoon. Lynda joins them, complimenting Fallon on her wedding reception before taking the opportunity to ask if Harrison has any more news on Constanza's kidnappers. Fallon stops herself from giving anything away but Lynda is suspicious and raises this with Harrison later when she quizzes him on his progress with the case. Harrison defends Fallon - having promised Susan he wouldn't reveal it was her. Before leaving for the cricket Tom receives a text from Natasha. Hannah teases him about his feelings for her but Tom insists he admires Natasha's business acumen and nothing else. At the match Tom and Hannah discuss Ambridge's shortage of players, now Anisha's gone and Lily's in hiding. Tom thinks Hannah should join the team but she refuses. However Harrison easily persuades her into trying out at nets, despite his team losing the game. Harrison is worried people resent him for arresting Freddie, especially now he has been committed to Crown Court for sentencing. Fallon fears that if Freddie is sent to prison things might get a lot worse.


Aug 17, 2018 798


Jolene and Kirsty help Fallon get ready for her wedding. They agree that she looks stunning. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Jazzer. Kirsty discovers he's borrowed his brother's best suit - which is far too small, and of the McCreary tartan! Kirsty sends him to Christopher's, where Susan finds him something else to wear. She has to re-size Jazzer's borrowed waistcoat, delaying Harrison and Chris's departure. Jazzer points out the wedding won't start without them - Fallon can't walk down the aisle without her bridesman. Susan remarks that the lack of a groom might be a bigger problem. After the ceremony Chris's speech goes down a storm. And there's a surprise for Fallon. Jazzer's booked her old band to play while they wait for the DJ, and she joins them onstage. Harrison takes Susan aside. He knows she stole Constanza - his suspicions were aroused when he noticed she wasn't gossiping about the incident. However, because she saved the wedding from Jazzer's dress sense, he promises not to tell Lynda. Fallon and Harrison snatch a quiet moment together, and Harrison reveals that he's booked a honeymoon - a weekend of glamping in Cornwall. He has to confess he paid with plastic, despite all her hard work organising a plastic-free wedding. Fallon laughs, and the evening ends with mutual declaration of love.


Aug 16, 2018 800


Chris is still preparing for Fallon and Harrison's wedding. He's making them a garden ornament like he made for Jennifer. Susan's more interested in making sure he looks presentable, and discovers a loose button on his best shirt. Even Chris is worried when he finds out that Jazzer's planning to wear trainers - with the orange bits coloured in with marker pen! He insists on lending him a pair of smart shoes. Freddie's A-level results arrive - a D and an E. He admits that they aren't spectacular, but he passed, and he chooses to see them as a good omen for his hearing later. Lily comes to support him - he's still her brother, even if she hasn't forgiven him. Freddie's expecting to be let off with a fine, but the case is referred to the Crown Court. Lily points out that this could mean prison, but he doesn't want to hear it. While Freddie thanks Usha, Elizabeth asks Lily for her help. If the worst happens Freddie's whole future will be in jeopardy, and he'll need them. Lily is upset that Elizabeth has not asked about her A Level results. She leaves, saying over her shoulder that she got two As and an A* - thanks for asking.


Aug 15, 2018 801


Pip makes a decision, and Alistair receives a touching gesture.


Aug 14, 2018 798


Kenton has a brainwave, and Lynda discovers the truth.


Aug 13, 2018 803


At Brookfield Josh is working flat out to make up for the time he spent away from his business covering Pip's maternity leave. Pip's furious to hear that he's cancelled a family meeting to discuss the harvest. The only time that suits him clashes with registering Rosie's birth. Seeing how important the meeting is to Pip, Toby offers to reschedule the register office. Rex is surprised to hear that Robin offered Toby the Fairbrother engagement ring - it was supposed to come to him. Toby thinks it was all nonsense - he and Pip are just fine as co-parents and friends. At Bridge Farm Freddie finds Johnny on a tractor. He's already called the landline to pass on his new number, and doesn't know why Johnny hasn't been in touch. Freddie assumes he's annoyed about cancelling their trip. Johnny doesn't care about that - Freddie was arrested for dealing! Freddie reminds him he was happy to take ecstasy at the Isle of Wight festival, but Johnny thinks there's a big difference. Johnny points out that he defended Freddie from Ellis, and got hit by a brick as a result. Now it turns out they were in it together. As far as Johnny's concerned they're no longer mates - Freddie can forget about him coming to the Magistrate's on Thursday. He's on his own.


Aug 12, 2018 790


It's the morning after Fallon's hen night, and Fallon urgently summons a hungover Jolene to Woodbine. Jolene arrives to find Fallon and Kirsty also nursing hangovers. They have two questions - how did Lynda's llama Constanza end up in Fallon's garden, and how on earth are they going to get it home? Harrison tries to escape to the cricket, but Fallon persuades him to tie a washing line around Constanza's neck as a halter. They've established that Lynda is away for the weekend, and hope to get Constanza home before anyone notices. Although this might prove to be a challenge, as they'll have to pass the busy village green... Elizabeth apologises to Shula for missing her birthday tea party. But Shula understands that Elizabeth's problems with losing her license take priority. She's been dealing with unhappy customers and suppliers all week - many of them looking for refunds and compensation. At least Kenton's taken over the Real Ale Drinkers' AGM - he's being very supportive. Shula wonders why Lily isn't helping, and Elizabeth breaks down, describing their row last week. She hasn't heard from Lily since Friday. And she still doesn't know if Freddie will be fined, or referred to the Crown Court for a possible prison sentence. She doesn't know how much more she can take.


Aug 10, 2018 788


Jazzer accuses Jolene of hijacking his plans for Fallon's hen-night. They present their rival ideas to Fallon. She's won over by Jazzer's tasteful plans to go to an indie night, especially when she realises Jolene's night involves lewd plastic straws! Jolene gives in gracefully, but hints to Jazzer that things won't necessarily go to plan. According to Harrison the police haven't charged Ellis with anything. Fallon hopes it's good news that Freddie hasn't been brought back in for questioning. Fallon's found a new DJ for the wedding, but he'll be coming from another job, leaving a gap after the speeches. At Lower Loxley Elizabeth is relying on Lily's help to keep the business going, and she hasn't been able to see Russ. They're both dealing with the effects of losing their license. There's a wedding on Saturday and the mother-of-the-bride has been making angry phone calls to complain that they've ruined her daughter's big day. Elizabeth takes Freddie more clean clothes and snacks - he's too embarrassed to go out. He accidentally lets slip that Lily knew about his dealing. Elizabeth is furious, telling Lily how let down and betrayed she feels. Lily decides she doesn't have to listen to this, and storms out. She needs to be around people who respect her.


Aug 9, 2018 797


The whole village now knows about Alistair's past gambling addiction. The atmosphere at The Stables is once again very tense. Alistair's worried that he'll lose clients, and that he'll never be able to find another business partner. Shula's decided to give up on mediation and hand the divorce to a solicitor - she doesn't trust him after his relapse. Alistair angrily decides to move back to Jim's. It finally dawns upon Kate that Brian and Jennifer really intend to sell, and that they aren't looking for a new house big enough for her to live in. She finds Roy at a loose end, missing Lexi, and hints that she needs a kind person to rescue her from homelessness. He doesn't take the bait, and suggests this is just what she needs to push her to find a place of her own. In the meantime, there's always the yurts... Elizabeth does her best to persuade the licensing committee that Freddie's dealing was a one-off, hoping to hide the truth. But the meeting is a disaster. Someone has told the police about Noluthando's overdose. Lily surmises that it was Ellis - she's heard that the police were at college again. Horrified, Elizabeth wonders what else he might have told them.


Aug 8, 2018 797


Robin looks for Toby at The Bull, and finds Rex in a bad mood. Rex wasn't impressed by his father's criticism of the pig business, or his cryptic hints. Unapologetic, Robin explains that he's simply concerned that Rex is infatuated with Pip. The sooner he accepts that she's Toby's now the sooner he can get on with his life. When Robin finds Toby he offers him the Fairbrother engagement ring. It's time he did the right thing by Pip. Toby reminds him that this isn't the 18th century. Besides, he isn't the right guy for Pip. But Robin urges him to give the idea serious consideration. Shula's sceptical about Jill's sedate-sounding plans for her birthday, so Kenton suggests they go to the Bull to celebrate their sixtieth properly. While Shula's being chatted up by Robin, Kenton finds Toby and Jazzer playing pool. A chance remark of Jazzer's informs Kenton that Alistair is gambling again, and Kenton hauls Alistair away for an explanation. When Shula joins them she accuses Alistair of gambling away his own money, whilst bleeding her dry in the divorce. Alistair insists that it was a small amount, and a one-off, but they don't believe him. Shula's not impressed when he blames her and Anisha for his relapse. Whatever happens, she won't bail him out this time.


Aug 7, 2018 801


Ian visits Willow Farm to say goodbye to Lexi before she returns to Bulgaria. She tells him not to worry - she'll be back for the next transfer. But Ian will also miss her as a friend, and they promise to keep in touch. Later, Ian wonders if they need to start thinking of a surrogacy plan B, but Adam thinks they should be patient. Ian wonders if this means Adam's having second thoughts, but Adam insists that it's because he has faith in Lexi. Roy and Lexi have an emotional parting at the airport. Roy reassures Lexi that he'll be here for her when she returns. They love each other very much. Jennifer's keen to make Home Farm spotless in time for the estate agent to take their photographs. In the Village Shop Susan asks her about the rumour that the farmhouse is being sold. Jennifer puts a brave face on things. She and Brian have decided to downsize, and she doesn't mind if Susan tells the whole village. Later, Susan kindly drops round a brochure for Beechwood - the new estate at Bridge Farm. She sincerely expresses her admiration for what Jennifer's doing. She knows it must be hard to leave the family home, but she's sure they'll be happy. Jennifer tries to believe her.


Aug 6, 2018 798


Robin unenthusiastically takes Rex for lunch at Grey Gables, and is unimpressed by Rex's attempts to explain his decision to keep pigs. As far as Robin's concerned Anisha is the only good thing Rex has found in Ambridge, and criticises his decision not to follow her to Newmarket. Rex insists that Rosie and the business are the only things keeping him in Ambridge, but Robin suspects another motive. Back at Brookfield Robin's pleased to hear that David joined Toby for a walk with Rosie, and was very civil. Robin hints that he has a plan for Toby to properly earn his place in the family. At Lower Loxley Lily is helping Elizabeth keep the business going while they worry about Freddie. His hearing is set for Thursday. They're interrupted by Kate, who has just heard that Freddie gave Noluthando the pill when she overdosed. Kate threatens to go to the police, but Elizabeth begs her to reconsider. For Elizabeth's sake she agrees not to, on the condition that Freddie never speaks to Noluthando again. Later, Elizabeth gets more bad news. Their license to serve alcohol has been suspended because of Freddie's dealing. If they can't get it back this will be a catastrophe for the business.


Aug 5, 2018 795


The village gossips about Freddie's arrest and Fallon reassures Harrison that he did the right thing - he couldn't turn a blind eye under those circumstances. But it leaves them with the problem of finding someone else to DJ at their wedding. At Borchester Police station Freddie is interviewed by DC Zindilis. Freddie claims that the drugs he was carrying were for personal use, and insists that this was the first time he'd ever offered them to someone else. He then provides a vague description of his supplier, saying he was a random man in the street. DC Zindilis warns him that he will only make his situation worse by telling lies. Back at Lower Loxley Elizabeth's still hoping Freddie has the sense to tell the truth. She wonders how on earth they didn't see what was happening, and Lily hastily changes the subject. Later, Elizabeth asks Freddie to be honest with her. He tells her about Ellis, and Noluthando's overdose. Elizabeth's shocked, and urges him to tell the police everything. But Freddie's afraid that would get him sent to prison.


Aug 3, 2018 798


Disaster looms for Freddie, and Roy fears for the future.


Aug 2, 2018 798


Emma tries to chat to Hannah about the affordable housing campaign, but gets a lecture about using her position as a parish councillor to her own advantage. Emma figures out why Hannah's so angry - her name is also down for an affordable home! Later, Emma asks Susan why she made Neil interfere - Hannah could make life very difficult for them now. But Susan can't see what's wrong with using Neil's influence to give the family a helping hand. Robin arrives at Brookfield hoping for a chat with Jill, but she deftly avoids him. Instead, he joins David bringing the cows in for milking, then lures him back to the farmhouse with a bottle of fine port. As David gets steadily drunker, Robin steers the conversation round to Toby. He pretends to have serious concerns with Toby's ability to commit as a father, and tricks David into defending him. Somehow, David ends up saying that Toby isn't such a bad lad - they should all give him a chance. David finally escapes to bed, and Jill finds Robin alone in the kitchen. She curtly declines the port, and informs him that his charm isn't fooling her. She saw through him a long time ago. Robin suddenly decides he's in danger of missing his taxi, and hurries out of the house.


Aug 1, 2018 792


Brian visits Ruth at Brookfield to talk about her resignation from being Ruairi's attorney. After finding herself in such an impossible position over the last few weeks, Ruth wants to make sure it won't happen again. Brian gives her his word. She agrees to continue for the moment, and Brian thanks her sincerely. At Hollowtree Robin can't understand the attraction of Rex's pig business - surely it's just a load of smelly sheds and mud? He's even less impressed to discover that Rex doesn't own it - he's technically working for Neil, with the option to buy later on. Robin comes to the conclusion that Anisha is the only good thing that's happened to Rex in Ambridge, and Rex is evasive when Robin asks to meet her. Robin thoroughly approves of Scruff Gin. Toby tries to defend Rex by pointing out that he must be serious about the pigs if he was prepared to break up with Anisha. Robin immediately demands an explanation from Rex - he can't understand it. But his main focus is Toby. Over dinner he complains about the name "Rosie Archer", but Toby wasn't about to argue when the Archers are just starting to accept him. Robin hints that there may be something he can do to help cement the Archers' acceptance.


Jul 31, 2018 797


Freddie's too upset about Topper to concentrate at work. He and Elizabeth try to decide what to do about Topper's body. Freddie wants to bury him at Lower Loxley, but Elizabeth worries it'd be too complicated. Lilian drops by, and suggests that they cremate Topper. Then they could scatter or bury him wherever they liked. Freddie comes round to the idea, and Lilian invites them to The Bull to raise a glass to Topper's memory. Susan reminds Neil that he still hasn't spoken to Justin about the affordable houses. Neil tries to persuade her that it'd be too awkward, but Susan reminds him that nothing is too much to ask when Emma's happiness is at stake. At The Bull Neil takes the opportunity to raise the issue with Lilian. Keen not to get involved, Lilian simply reassures Neil that Emma's bound to be at the top of the list anyway, however many houses they build. Unfortunately, Hannah overhears, and accuses Neil of exploiting his connections to Emma's advantage. Given that he's the chair of the Parish Council, she threatens to make a formal complaint. Later Neil tells Susan that he did his best - he's sure Justin will get the message via Lilian. Susan thinks talking to Lilian was inspired, and Neil hopes she'll now leave the matter alone.


Jul 30, 2018 801


Alistair goes too far, and Shula has an emergency on her hands.


Jul 29, 2018 781


Desperate for material for his best man's speech, Chris asks Harrison for his brother Marcus' number. He hopes Marcus will provide him with some more personal material, and is surprised when Harrison curtly refuses. He asks Chris not to dig up his past - a generic speech is fine by him. Later Harrison worries if he gave Chris the wrong idea - he isn't hiding anything sinister. Worried that Chris will hear a lurid account from Marcus at his stag night, Harrison tells him the whole story, but swears him to secrecy. When Harrison was a broke student he spent time working as a stripper-gram - initially dressing as a police officer. Then he joined an all-male Spice Girls themed act - he wore Ginger Spice's iconic Union Jack dress (at least at the start!). Chris finds the whole story hilarious, but promises not to breathe a word. Robin Faribrother arrives at Brookfield laden with champagne and gifts for the family. Jill is unmoved by her huge bouquet, and Robin puts his foot in it by asking whether Phil will be joining them. He's looking forward to seeing Toby's gin business, but less enthusiastic when Toby reminds him that he should also look at Rex's pigs. Robin has fond memories of his time in Ambridge, and plans to enjoy a walk down memory lane...


Jul 27, 2018 782


Anisha says a final goodbye to Rex. He apologises again, but she's keen not to end things on a sour note. Rex deserves someone special - hopefully the next person he meets will appreciate what they have. Shula grumpily informs Alistair that he woke her up when he arrived home in the early morning. She assumes he was with Lavinia, and ignores his sincere denials. He wants to confess what he was really doing, but Shula declares that she isn't interested. Later, Anisha arrives to collect her horse, Missy. She chats to Shula, while she waits for Alistair to say goodbye, but eventually gives up and starts the long journey to Newmarket without seeing him. Alistair presents Shula with a bill for his last three months of veterinary work, making a point about his contribution to the stables over the years. Shula coolly promises to pay straight away. Toby spends the day showing Rosie around the garden, and Jill invites him in for tea and biscuits. He's touched when Jill mentions he'd be welcome at the family's birthday celebrations for Kenton and Shula. They're joined by Rex, and Toby offers to lend him Rosie to attract the ladies. Jill gently suggests that Toby gives Rex's heart time to heal. Then Toby gets a phone call - their father, Robin, is coming to stay.


Jul 26, 2018 803


Emma's thrilled when Jennifer confirms that her picture is featured in today's Echo. But Jennifer's baffled when Emma declares that Justin will finally be held to account. Later, Susan and Emma discover why. The article isn't about the affordable houses. The headline is "Parish Councillor Drops the Ball Again", and the photograph shows Emma failing to save a goal from Holly the dog! Emma decides that the Echo must be afraid Justin's companies will withdraw their advertising if they criticise him. She just wants him to keep his promise and give her and Ed a chance to buy their own home. Jennifer's disappointed with the estate agent's valuation - he didn't seem to understand that the chemical spill is nowhere near the house. Adam delivers more bad news - Lexi isn't pregnant. Jennifer tries to console him with a reminder that they still have one attempt left. At the polytunnels Phoebe tries to work out why Lily is lying to her. Eventually, Lily comes clean about Russ. Phoebe's appalled that she's dating a married teacher. How on earth will that work once she's at uni? Lily believes that he'll leave his wife and become an artist. When Phoebe tries to make her see how wrong the situation is Lily dismisses her concerns. Phoebe doesn't understand the love she and Russ have - he'd never lie to her.


Jul 25, 2018 783


Alice is working from home, but an email from Fallon diverts her attention to the wedding. She loves Fallon's choice of reading, but Chris isn't happy with his best man's speech. It needs more personal anecdotes, but Chris has only known Harrison a few years. Alice suggests asking his friends in the force, his family, or even the cricket team. Who knows what Chris could find out? At Brookfield, David is struggling to hand parental duties over to Toby now Pip has had her baby. He'd feel more comfortable picking her up from the hospital himself, especially as Toby was late to the birth. As Pip and Toby make the journey home, they hint about their choice of name, with Pip claiming that it definitely will not be Juniper. Back home they're greeted by Ruth, David Josh and Jill, and reveal the baby's name - Rosie Ruth Archer. Later, Toby opens up to Pip, letting her know he is so glad she went through with the pregnancy, despite not being on board at first. Ruth and David reflect that they've taken their parents' place, and Rosie is the next generation. They don't have much time for that thought to sink in though - there's plenty of farm work still to do. Life just keeps rolling on.


Jul 25, 2018 800


At Blossom Hill Cottage Anisha's frantically packing, and it takes a while for Rex to get a word in edgeways. When she offers to keep his spare toiletries for when he visits he finally tells her - he isn't coming to Newmarket. It was a horrible decision, but Ambridge is where he belongs. Anisha's upset, but admits she was more surprised when he said he would come with her. She understands that he's got a business, and family, to keep him here. They agree they've had fun, but that it wasn't the right time to take such a big step in their relationship. Adam reveals to Brian that some of the pickers are ready to leave, as they have earned as much as they wanted to. Brian's convinced this is a ploy to get more money out of Adam. As Debbie gets ready to leave, Brian thanks her for staying. Debbie's not sure she's done much good; she was hoping to find a solution that didn't involve selling the house. Brian reassures Debbie that she mustn't blame herself. Debbie gently points out that, whatever Jennifer says, selling the house will break her heart. After Debbie has gone Brian apologises to Jennifer again. But Jennifer is firm - they won't survive this with resentment and recriminations. They'll get through it together.


Jul 24, 2018 787


Rex drives through Brookfield yard in the nick of time, and rushes Pip to hospital. They pick up Ruth on the way, but still can't get hold of Toby. When he finally arrives Rex has to take him aside and calm him down before he can be of any use. Pip worries about her diffuser sticks and playlist, but Ruth advises her to listen to her body and get on with it. At Lower Loxley, Elizabeth, Lily and Phoebe chat about Freddie's trip. Elizabeth's busy organising a huge Sikh wedding they're hosting in September - they might finally crack the Asian wedding market. Phoebe teases Lily about her past conquests with barmen, and Elizabeth accidentally hints that men aren't Lily's thing. Lily tells Phoebe that she's dating Meredith, but Phoebe suspects she's lying about something. They're distracted by a flurry of messages from Ben - Pip's had her baby! Toby pops out to call Rex, and discovers that he's been at the hospital all night. Pip had to have a caesarean, but Toby can now joyfully announce the birth of their daughter. Rex sits with Pip while Ruth calls the family, and holds his niece for the first time. But he leaves when Toby returns. After a hell of a night, Pip and Toby finally have a beautiful daughter - Pip couldn't be happier.


Jul 23, 2018 796


At the village hall, Lynda and Lilian prepare for Pets' Party Pieces. Lynda notices that Lilian is putting peanut butter in Ruby's mouth so she appears to be lip-syncing. Lilian realises that Monty isn't actually counting - Robert is signalling to him from the crowd. They both complain to a long-suffering Neil that the other's act is a trick. He docks them both points for trying to nobble the judge. Meanwhile, Lavinia won't stop winking at Alistair during her performance, sending the village rumour mill into overdrive. When she wins, an embarrassed Alistair hastily retreats. Emma complains to Neil that "beat the goalie" has turned into more of a description than a challenge. She tries to remain upbeat though - both Hannah and the reporter from the Echo are sympathetic to her affordable housing campaign. There should be an article about it in Thursday's paper. At the fete Pip gets frustrated with everybody commenting on her size - Neil exclaims that she looks "ready to pop". She complains to Emma that she's having Braxton Hicks again, and goes home alone. By the time she reaches Brookfield her labour has started. Ruth's left her phone at home, and Pip can't get hold of Toby. She leaves him a panicky voicemail - the baby's coming, she needs him here now!


Jul 21, 2018 795


At Bridge Farm Jazzer and Alistair tend to a sick pig and discuss the fete. Alistair's not looking forward to the gossip about his divorce, but it's too late to pull out of supervising Pets' Party Pieces. Jazzer mentions that he lost money betting on the World Cup final - his brother seems to have all the luck, having just met someone with inside information about the Felpersham races. Alistair casually enquires if he has any tips. Emma wonders if she's being too zealous about asking customers at the Ambridge tearoom to sign her petition, but Fallon's preoccupied by wedding plans. She and Freddie have agreed on a playlist, but Emma's surprised to hear she won't be having a honeymoon. Fallon and Harrison are planning to save up for a holiday after his Sergeant's exams. At Home Farm Jennifer's looking at property listings and trying to remain upbeat. She asks for Debbie's opinion on a few options - it's been so lovely to have her daughter for more than a few days. Debbie feels like she hasn't managed to achieve anything. She insists that Jennifer can still change her mind about selling the house. However, she finds the thought of actually leaving very upsetting.


Jul 20, 2018 801


Ruth apologises to Adam for resigning as Ruairi's attorney, but admits she's glad never to have to face another partnership meeting. Adam thanks her for all she's done - and insists that they should be the ones apologising. She suggests that Ruairi's old enough to start speaking for himself. Johnny's delighted when Freddie invites him to South Africa for a few weeks in the summer. Freddie even offers to pay some of his costs, but Johnny's not sure how he'll manage the rest. Then Tony offers to pay - after all, the whole family deserves to benefit from the Damara windfall. Pip struggles with the hot weather - she feels like she'll be massively pregnant forever. Toby explains that he's found someone to cover the gin making for a few weeks once the baby arrives, but the conversation is interrupted when Pip starts to have contractions. She doesn't know if they're the real thing, but Toby times them anyway. In the face of Toby's fussing Pip agrees to head home, where Ruth takes charge. She identifies them as Braxton Hicks contractions. Toby leaves to check the gin and Pip admits she was scared - and Toby wasn't very helpful, despite trying his best. Pip asks her mum to be there for the birth - there's nobody else in the world she'd rather have beside her.


Jul 19, 2018 801


At Grange Farm Emma's disappointed that her petition to stop Damara reducing the number of affordable houses hasn't had many signatures and Jennifer still hasn't put a link on the village website. Ed's concerned to hear that Joe and Emma had to rescue Peppa from a fence, especially when he's entering him in the Felpersham show, but Peppa's unharmed. Later, Joe tries to show them his Pets' Party Piece entry, but it goes wrong and Daphne gets stuck in his trousers. At Home Farm, Adam's four pickers short, and facing a tight deadline to deliver strawberries. When the combine breaks down Brian suggests that he redeploys Ed, plus Andy and Debbie (who are hauling grain) to the polytunnels. They complete the order, but Adam is pressured by one of the pickers to pay a bonus for working an extra shift. Brian advises him to refuse - otherwise he'll never hear the end of it. The good news is that they've settled on a parcel of land to sell with the house. They all wish it hadn't come to that, but Adam's glad to know what land he'll be working after the harvest. Then Brian picks up an email from Ruth - she's resigning as Ruairi's attorney. Will the fallout from the contamination never end?


Jul 18, 2018 782


Anisha asks Alistair if he's made a plan to buy her out, and is shocked to hear he's spoken to a solicitor. She drew his attention to the 'bad leavers' clause in the partnership agreement, which might substantially reduce what he has to pay. Anisha doesn't understand - surely that's for cases of gross professional misconduct? Alistair insists that he's merely doing everything he can to save his business. Peggy suspects that something is wrong at Home Farm, forcing Debbie to lie about her reasons for staying. Debbie admits to Alice that it's hard not to be able to tell her about the house sale yet. Alice feels like Debbie and Adam have lost respect for Brian, but she and Debbie try not to spoil their ride by arguing. Alice catches Lilian at The Stables and tells her about the house sale - she hopes Lilian can help stop them making this terrible mistake. Lilian confronts Jennifer about the house and blurts it out to Peggy. She and Lilian assume this was Brian's idea, but Debbie confirms that Jennifer was the real driving force. Lilian and Peggy offer to help pay for the clean-up, but Jennifer firmly refuses. They've made their decision and they don't need charity. Debbie thinks she's being very courageous - she's backing Jennifer all the way.


Jul 17, 2018 799


Lilian and Lynda prepare the Village Hall for the fete. Damara has sent over promotional items, with the slogan 'Developing Trust'. Lynda thinks it's ironic given they've just cut the number of affordable homes at Bridge Farm. Lilian distracts her by asking if Robert's okay - she saw him behaving rather oddly the other day. Lynda assures her he was practising his semaphore, but Lilian suspects it has something to do with teaching Monty to count. Jennifer brings a treasured vase for the white elephant stall and Lillian is surprised. Jennifer merely states that there's no point clinging to the past, and resists Lilian's attempts to find out if anything's wrong. Shula hopes today's mediation session will settle their financial situation, but Alistair complicates things. The prospect of buying Anisha out has forced him to re-evaluate his finances, and he now wants Shula to pay more for the house. Shula's stunned, but Alistair argues that her business has benefited substantially from him doing veterinary work at cost price. Furthermore, some of the money Anisha put into the partnership helped pay down their mortgage. Shula angrily reminds him that they only have a mortgage because of his gambling debts. Lance suggests that they take a break to calm down, and consider taking legal advice. Shula insists she won't be increasing her settlement.


Jul 16, 2018 802


Freddie and Lily have promised to help Elizabeth set up an exhibition in the cruck barn, but they spend most of the time bickering. Freddie's full of his gap year plans, and Elizabeth wonders how he'll afford it. Freddie claims to have got into the habit of saving instead of going out during exams. Elizabeth's so proud that she offers to pay for Freddie's shark diving, and to give the same amount to Lily to treat herself. When Elizabeth's gone Lily confronts him about his lies, but Freddie accuses her of being jealous of his trip when all Russ can offer is a wet weekend in Wales. After last week's explosive partnership meeting Debbie's decided not to return to Hungary immediately. But Adam points out there isn't much she can do now Brian and Jennifer have decided to sell the house. Kate, however, is convinced they're bluffing. Adam's annoyed Kate threatened legal action. Debbie attempts to keep the peace by suggesting they sell the holiday cottages. But Adam thinks there are too many access issues. Meanwhile, Alice asks Brian if he really wants to move. Of course he doesn't, but Jennifer has convinced him it's the best option - and not because anyone bullied them into agreeing. Later, Alice accuses her siblings of selfishly forcing Brian and Jennifer out of their home.


Jul 14, 2018 799


At Berrow Farm Hannah's concerned that her colleague Duncan isn't pulling his weight. But Neil's keen to give him another chance. He remembers what Jazzer was like when he first started working with pigs - sometimes people need time to prove themselves. Neil's unimpressed when Susan pays him an impromptu visit at work. She's heard from Lynda that Justin's recommended Neil as the Pets' Party Pieces judge. She points out that this is a perfect excuse to call Justin and mention Emma's affordable home. Neil thinks it would be unprofessional - and embarrassing. But Susan's sure it's only a matter of self-confidence. She asks Neil if he's really settling in to his new role. Neil insists it's the best move he ever made. Jennifer's looking for Brian, but Adam hasn't seen him. Adam promises Jennifer there's no way he'll vote to sell the farmhouse. When Jennifer finds Brian she explains that she's decided to recommend selling the house. Brian's shocked. He hasn't been the perfect husband, but he's proud of the home he's given her. Jennifer doesn't want him to think she's stayed with him because she needs to. She has stayed married, and been a committed mother and home-maker, because that's what she wanted. A smaller house won't change that. Every other option on the table will cause problems for at least one of the children. So it's decided - they'll sell the house to keep the family together.


Jul 13, 2018 799


Emma's still trying to find out if Damara lied on the planning application - it might be grounds to challenge the reduction in affordable homes. But Susan points out that powerful people seem to get what they want without needing to break the law. Anyway, Susan thinks Emma has a secret weapon. She's convinced that it'll only require Neil to have a quiet word with Justin for Emma to go to the top of the list. At Home Farm Jennifer bans any discussion of partnership business over lunch. Alice and Brian are both keen to sound Debbie out, but Jennifer points out that it isn't fair on the others. Instead she fills the family in on the latest fete news. Sabrina Thwaite will be fortune telling, and the family continues to be baffled by Lilian's Pets' Party Pieces preparations. Later Debbie asks Jennifer to dig out some old photo albums. They reminisce about moving into the farmhouse - it seemed so huge compared to the places they'd lived in before. Debbie apologises - she really had thought she'd come up with a solution. Jennifer's spent her life turning it into the perfect home, and Debbie can't imagine voting to sell it. But Jennifer urges her to listen to her head, not her heart.


Jul 12, 2018 800


Ambridge Hall is invaded by Kenton, Jim and David, who all have an opinion on how best to fix the whack-a-mole. Kenton's got an eye on the time, he has to put more flags out before tonight's semi-final. Jim admits to being drawn into the football this time. He and Jim irritate Robert by going on about the touch sensors, but David spots that the frame is slightly skewed. Eventually, they realise David was right, and the whack-a-mole is restored to working order. Unfortunately Monty is the first to try it out, and he decapitates a mole before anyone can stop him. Debbie finds Kate cleaning her yurts. Debbie's identified some different parcels of land to sell, but Kate points out that they'd still be accessed via the plot adjacent to Spiritual Home. Kate explains that the business is the one thing she's made a success of - the one thing that makes her feel like the kind of mother her children can look up to. Later, Debbie meets David for a drink. She apologises for the way the family has been treating Ruth. At least Ruth has agreed to stay on a little longer. Debbie admits that she's struggling to see a way forward. Everyone seems to be entrenched in their positions, and everyone seems to have a point. Whatever the decision at Friday's meeting, someone she loves will end up being very badly hurt.


Jul 11, 2018 786


Rex admits to Toby that he's nervous about moving to Newmarket with Anisha, but Toby reminds him that he's never liked change. Everyone's telling Rex that he needs to seize the opportunity, but Rex is still wondering why Anisha accepted the job without telling him. Toby points out that she's the high flyer in their relationship - she needs to follow the opportunities, and Rex can pick up work wherever. Rex is off to a new city with the woman he loves - Toby's rather envious. Anisha has another go at explaining to Alistair why she took the job in Newmarket. She'd thought she was happy in Ambridge, but losing her mum has motivated her to stretch herself to her limits. But Alistair's sick of people trampling over him to get what they want. Adam visits Brookfield and discovers that Brian's asked Ruth to keep quiet at the partners' meeting. Ruth assumes Adam's annoyed that she supported Kate, but Adam's actually sick of Brian shutting down all debate. Ruth should speak her mind at the meeting, even if it means advising them to sell the house. When Adam reports the conversation to Alice she gets the wrong end of the stick. Alice warns Ruth to stop interfering. Ruth finally snaps. With the family carrying on like this she's ready to quit as Ruairi's attorney.


Jul 10, 2018 780


At Ambridge Hall Robert's busy fixing the reclaimed whack-a-mole, and Lynda's still teaching Monty to count. Justin drops in to talk about the fete. Berrow Farm wants to sponsor first prize in Pets' Party Pieces - a portrait by Francesca Lockhart. Robert's impressed, and Lynda's happy to put the sponsorship offer to the committee. She's not so sure about Neil being a judge. She's still hoping to attract a proper local celebrity instead. Since Robert's no closer to getting the whack-a-mole working, Justin advises him to check the touch sensors, but Robert insists on blaming the bearings. Brian collects Debbie from the airport and brings her back to Home Farm. She's had trouble getting away, but Brian's very grateful she's here. Debbie reminds him that she isn't just going to be his spokesperson - she'll form her own opinions. He can't bear the thought of selling the house - he's always been comforted by the idea that Jennifer could stay in her own home if he predeceased her. Later, Debbie and Jennifer survey the clean-up at Low Mead. Debbie's seen pictures but it's still a shock. Jennifer's wondering if selling the house is the only way to keep the family together. But Debbie's convinced she can use this week to come up with a better solution.


Jul 9, 2018 786


Emma hopes Jim will be able to come up with a way to stop Damara building fewer affordable houses than promised. Jim's research reveals that, unfortunately, what they've done is legal. He agrees with Emma that that doesn't make it right. Emma doesn't want a miracle, just a fair chance to own her own home. Emma's determined to do something, and Jim advises her to try and embarrass Damara with bad publicity. Josh has decided with some reluctance that his business will start paying rent to Brookfield - at the start of the next financial year. That way he'll have time to calculate his annual turnover, and Ruth and David won't have to worry about overcharging him. David accepts his kind offer, and suggests that, in the meantime, Josh pays them a percentage of his commission. They wouldn't want him to feel he was taking advantage. Brian blames Ruth for Jennifer's change of heart over selling the farmhouse. Ruth insists that she only told Jennifer that selling the house was a possibility - she didn't recommend it. Brian accepts that Ruth never intended to influence Jennifer, but the result is still the same. In his opinion Ruth has overstepped the mark, and Ruth promises to keep her mouth shut if the subject comes up at the meeting on Friday.


Jul 7, 2018 795


Jazzer surprises Fallon by taking her wedding dress shopping in Birmingham. Fallon tries on a lot of dresses, and Jazzer drinks a lot of prosecco, but they don't find 'the one'. Then Jazzer finds a vintage clothes shop, which turns out to have the perfect dress. Fallon's so thrilled she asks him to be her bridesman. He agrees, provided she doesn't expect him to wear taffeta! Tom pitches his kombucha idea to Johnny, who isn't enthusiastic. Johnny thinks Bridge Farm is moving away from farming entirely, and into food processing, especially since they got rid of the dairy herd. Tom argues that the farm is still at the heart of everything they do, but Johnny thinks the future of real farming is in robotics, not education and hobby herds. Brian reports to Jennifer that his solicitor called while he was bringing Ruairi home for the holidays. He had to take it on speaker phone, meaning that Ruairi heard all about the buyer pulling out of the land deal. Brian blames Adam and Kate, and tells Jennifer that he's seriously considering dissolving the partnership. Jennifer raises the prospect of selling the house, but Brian won't even consider it. Later, he manages to get through to Debbie. He can no longer handle this on his own - he begs her to come home.


Jul 6, 2018 781


At Home Farm Alice is still furious with Kate. Jennifer argues that in-fighting won't help anyone, but she later finds Alice searching Kate's room to find out where she's gone. Alice is determined to force Kate to back down from her threat to sue. Alice is ready to disown her sister. Terrified that the family's falling apart, Jennifer seeks Ruth's advice. Ruth tries to say something comforting, but Jennifer wants an objective opinion - is selling the house a viable alternative to selling land? She reassures Ruth that nothing she says can make things worse. Ruth remembers almost selling Brookfield. It was the land, not their home, that kept the family in Ambridge. Lily leaves her picking work early to meet Russ, and blackmails Freddie into covering for her. When she arrives home early Freddie realises that Russ must have cancelled. Lily defends him - his wife's a nightmare - but Freddie can't believe she lets him treat her like this. Lily realises that Freddie's dealing to the pickers. He needs to stop; he's risking everything. He insists that it's his choice, he knows what he's doing. And yes, he will stop. But Lily can see that Ellis is manipulating him. Freddie points out that she's also made a choice with Russ. She's in no position to lecture him. Upset Lily crumbles and confides she still loves Russ, but she doesn't know what to do. Freddie tries to comfort her.


Jul 5, 2018 790


Lynda's disappointed when Francesca Lockhart (the famous animal portrait artist) turns down her offer to open the fete and judge Pets' Party Pieces. Susan sees an opportunity for Neil, whom she sees as an eminent local businessman. However, Neil isn't keen, and escapes from the conversation by volunteering to help Will fix a perimeter fence. Susan "borrows" Neil's phone to call Justin - neither Neil not Lynda can say no if Justin has personally makes the recommendation. Will's grateful for Neil's help mending the fence and for all the support he's been getting from the community - the kids have adapted well. But the house feels so empty once they're asleep. Neil gently encourages Will to open up about his other worry - Andrew suing for custody. Will hasn't heard anything since Andrew spoke to a solicitor. Neil helps Will to see that, with everything he's dealing with at the moment, now isn't the time to start a custody battle. Lynda asks for Alistair's advice on training Monty to count, but it's Jazzer who comes up with the idea to make Monty bark the numbers. Alistair and Jazzer escape to The Bull, and Jazzer asks how Alistair's coping. Not well - even Jazzer thinks he's drinking too much. While Jazzer's at bar Alistair yields to temptation, and starts playing a slot machine.


Jul 4, 2018 800


Brian's solicitor informs him that he'll have to halt the land sale - Kate has legitimate grounds to sue. Brian works out how much more land they'd have to sell to cover Kate's share, but Adam puts his foot down. He's also prepared to take legal action to keep the farm intact. Helen and Tom have decided not to invest in a new building, something that would benefit only their richest customers. Instead, Helen's going to relaunch the cheese making courses with improved marketing, and develop a new soft cheese. Tom will start making kombuchas - a healthy and sustainable alternative to fizzy drinks. Emma's feeling positive - she and Ed are finally on-track to save up their deposit. Pat breaks the bad news about the reduction in the number of affordable homes. Emma's furious - they'll have no chance at all now! Pat advises her to tell Justin exactly how she feels about it. But Emma gets the same story from Justin as Pat - if they don't reduce the affordable houses the whole project becomes uneconomical. Pat offers to help Emma campaign against the decision, but Emma's worried people will think she's abusing her position as Parish counsellor. Pat tells Emma to stand up to Justin - something has to be done!


Jul 3, 2018 785


Toby's convinced he's on his final warning with Pip. She's taking the birth plan so seriously, and he's worried that he'll let her down. Rex points out all he has to do is be there to support her - it's not rocket science. Rex is still worrying about the move to Newmarket. He's got the pigs to think about, and his new niece or nephew - he wants to be part of their life. And he's sure Toby still needs his support. Toby asks if Rex loves Anisha - because if the answer is 'yes' Rex needs to follow his heart. Toby's sure he can cope alone. Lynda's on a mission to find a goalie for the fete, but Freddie, Toby and Rex all turn her down. Freddie reminds Lynda that women's football is very popular, and Lynda prepares to launch a fresh assault. Freddie apologises to Lily about Friday. It was horrible to be threatening one another. Lily suggests that they need to give each other space. Tom's worried about the future of Bridge Farm - writing the Nuffield report has made him feel directionless. And Helen's cheese making courses aren't really going anywhere. Tony reminds Tom that they've all made mistakes - and come out stronger as a result. All he needs is hard graft and courage in his convictions.


Jul 2, 2018 791


At Brookfield Ruth's concerned that she's made the situation at Home Farm much worse. David argues that selling the Farmhouse is a reasonable suggestion, but Ruth wishes she'd kept quiet. Deciding she needs a break, David takes her to 'Fear by Four', an adrenaline experience involving a zip-wire, abseiling, bungee jumping and freefall. They send a lot of selfies to Pip. While they're out Pip and Toby discuss the birth plan. After Ruth's party Toby's keen to prove he's taking things very seriously. He promises to be an exemplary birth partner. Ruth and David return and give an enthusiastic account of 'Fear by Four'. They don't mention backing out of the bungee jump, and Ruth jokingly thanks David for a truly awful experience. Jennifer tries to persuade Brian that he needs to be less patronising if he wants Kate to negotiate, but Brian's convinced that she's bluffing. They run into Adam at Grey Gables, and he also tries to persuade Brian to de-escalate the situation. But Brian refuses to see things from Kate's point of view. After he leaves Jennifer admits to Adam that she's finding the situation very upsetting. She's starting to wonder if Kate and Ruth have a point. But Adam promises that selling the farmhouse is the one thing that's never going to happen.


Jun 30, 2018 791


Lily and Freddie celebrate the end of college and exams. Before they leave for the party Lily tells Freddie how proud she is that he's moved past the unpleasantness with Ellis and the drug dealing. At the party Ellis makes a nasty remark to Lily, and she calmly informs him that she's glad he's out of Freddie's life. Ellis corrects her - how does she think Freddie's planning to pay for his gap year? When Lily confronts Freddie he claims that Ellis is lying, but Lily can see the truth. She can't believe he's betrayed her trust - she's going to tell Elizabeth everything. Freddie counters by threatening to tell everyone, including the press, about her relationship with Russ. Lily leaves with Russ, ignoring Freddie as he calls after her. At Home Farm Kate reveals that she plans to sue the partnership for her share of the profit if they sell the land adjacent to Spiritual Home. Brian insists that selling that land is the only viable option, but Kate disagrees. What about selling the house? Alice, Jennifer and Brian are shocked, but Ruth thinks Kate has a point. The family turns on Ruth, who points out that this isn't an idea they've considered before. Surely it at least merits discussion?


Jun 29, 2018 779


Lynda's delighted that entries for Pets' Party Pieces have been flooding in. She called Alistair yesterday to see if he'd oversee proceedings in his capacity as a vet, and was surprised when he told her to "find some other mug". Later, he phones back to apologise - of course he'll supervise. This just leaves the question of finding a judge. Susan keeps suggesting Neil, but Lynda has a better idea. Francesca Lockhart, Borsetshire's acclaimed animal portraiture artist, would be perfect for the role. Ben's also volunteered to help out with the animals. Lynda's keen to discover which 'talent' of Ruby's Lilian plans to showcase, but Lilian's enjoying keeping it a secret. It's Phoebe's birthday, and Jennifer has to send Brian to Brookfield to retrieve her best desert plates, which were sent there by mistake after Ruth's party. Ruth mentions to Brian that she's made time for Kate's emergency partners' meeting, but Brian assures her that it won't be going ahead. At Phoebe's party he discovers that Kate's been talking to Debbie, and that Phoebe has talked Adam round. Alice has even changed her work schedule to make space for the meeting. Brian declares that the whole thing is ridiculous, but Alice advises him to accept that he's been out manoeuvred.


Jun 28, 2018 796


Josh's vehicles arrive at Brookfield from the farm dispersal sale, and David isn't impressed. Josh insists that they're all in good condition, but that's not the point. He said they would be a couple, and David counts seven different machines. Josh quibbles on the numbers, but David is firm. If he was running the business anywhere else he's be paying rent. Later, Adam advises David not to be too hard on Josh while he's still finding his feet. But he thinks that charging rent is a good idea. Josh needs to learn to operate in the real world, something Kate has never managed. At Home Farm Brian's keen to press ahead with the land sale. He's deliberately avoiding Kate, hoping to complete the sale before she can complain too much. Phoebe's also annoyed with Kate - she hasn't lifted a finger to help with the Spiritual Home makeover. Jennifer tries to stay positive. Hopefully Kate will turn up soon with a grand scheme to save her business. Brian finally, reluctantly, speaks to Kate and discovers that she wants to call an emergency partners' meeting. Jennifer and Phoebe urge him to hear Kate out, but Brian decides that it's out of the question. Kate's just going to have to learn she can't always have her own way.


Jun 27, 2018 796


Susan surprises Emma - and Neil - by offering to contribute to her deposit on a house. Neil tries to rein Susan in. He hasn't been at Berrow long enough to be making that kind of promise, and it wouldn't be fair on Chris. Susan waves away his objections, thrilled to be able to make her children so happy. Anisha returns from Newmarket with some exciting news. She didn't only go to visit friends, but also for an interview - and she got the job. Rex wonders where this leaves him, but Anisha reassures him that she'd seen the interview as a practice, not a serious prospect. Newmarket is the place to be for an equine vet - it's an opportunity she can't turn down. She asks Rex to come with her. He's overwhelmed by the sudden prospect of a complicated move, but delights Anisha by saying yes. Later, Anisha has the difficult task of breaking her news to Alistair. Alistair accuses her of pretending everything was fine while plotting to stab him in the back. Anisha insists it wasn't like that. And he'll be able to buy her out with the money from the divorce. But Alistair reminds her about all the loans they took out to improve the practice. Whether they meant to or not, Shula and Anisha have completely finished him off.


Jun 26, 2018 790


At Brookfield David asks Josh to cover for Pip and check the young stock tomorrow. He also points out that it would be nice for Josh to help them sort out Rickyard before the baby arrives. Josh is more interested in getting to a farm dispersal sale in Loxley Barrett. He returns to report to David that he's bagged a couple of bargains - David will see when they arrive on Wednesday. Tom asks Helen to read the first draft of his Nuffield report, and she suggests that he makes some big changes. His research has suggested various avenues he could pursue, and currently the report is full of so many "ifs" and "buts" that it's difficult to follow. He needs to write up each alternative as if he is going to pursue it. Tom's very grateful for the advice. Later, when he helps Tom move Pig arks, Jazzer wonders what the point of the report is anyway. Jazzer's not sold on fermented foods, and thinks Tom would've been better off staying at home and expanding the pig herd. Someone needs to produce better pork than Berrow farm. But Tom wanted to get out of his comfort zone and expand his horizons, and he's pretty sure he's succeeded.


Jun 22, 2018 787


Kate plots her future, and Harrison has a big question.


Jun 21, 2018 796


Joe and Eddie speculate about the entries for Pets' Party Pieces. Maybe they could enter Gem - or the ferrets? When Joe hears Nathan's doing a ventriloquist act with his bearded dragon he thinks that's just plain daft. To distract Will from the stress of his meeting with the solicitor Joe suggests Kai as a candidate. Will's having none of it; Kai's a working dog. He gets a call from Jennifer. Some of his birds are out. Will needs to deal with it, so he resolves to delay his appointment with the solicitor. Despite his best efforts the appointment is missed. Will's frustrated but Eddie's glad - he would rather Will came to his senses and called the whole 'custody' thing off. Phoebe finds Kate downbeat about her business. Phoebe hadn't realised the Home Farm clean-up had affected things so badly. She tries to encourage her despondent mum, finding all the positives about Spiritual Home. But Alice's words have hit a nerve with Kate. No-one takes her seriously; she might as well give up. Phoebe counsels her to stop sulking and start fighting. Phoebe confides to Jennifer she's worried about Kate and wants to support her. Jennifer agrees they can't let Spiritual Home go under. If anyone's going to pull Kate out of the spiral, it has to be them.


Jun 20, 2018 780


Helen's full of praise for Tom's draft Nuffield report chapters although he's more worried about how to make the case for developing the kefir business. Helen reassures him that what he's achieved so far is really impressive, she's sure he'll get there. And whilst it's a shame she didn't win a Food and Farming award, just to have been nominated might help business. They agree a decision needs to be made on what to do with the new building. Pip's inclined to forgive Toby for his forgetfulness over the lift home from Ruth's party. But Toby's being evasive, and later confesses to Rex the real reason for his shady mood. Later Pip and Toby discuss the sweepstake on their baby's name. Kate overhears and continues the name discussion. Needled by all the recent family secrecy, she declares loudly that she and Toby slept together at the party. Pip can't believe it. Toby's mortified. He admits to selfishness and stupidity, and his contrition softens Pip. But when she finds out it was he and Kate who broke the bouncy castle, he loses any points he'd gained with her. Alice enrages Kate when she reveals Brian had offered her a job at the farm. Typical, explodes Kate, no-one takes her seriously and Alice is clearly the favourite. Alice advises Kate to grow up, or she'll end up sad and alone.


Jun 19, 2018 800


Lynda enthuses over her latest literary heroine, Tess, to Anisha. She rather bites off more than she can chew as Anisha engages her in a debate about the empowerment of women in fiction. Relieved at the arrival of Lilian, Lynda changes the focus to dogs. Anisha and Lilian agree they don't approve of the fete theme 'Pets' Party Pieces'. Lynda announces she's teaching Monty to count to ten for the fete. Lilian's rattled, and declares she can easily enter Ruby too; her only problem will be which of Ruby's talents to showcase. Josh teases Rex about Xanthi's flirting. Rex is insistent that there was nothing in it, he's committed to Anisha and Xanthi knows it. Josh counters that Pip thinks Xanthi's in love; Rex should feel flattered. Josh comments that he's always thought Rex had a thing for Pip. Rex quickly denies this; it was always Toby. He resolves to come clean about the Xanthi incident to Anisha. Anisha's reaction when she's told about Xanthi isn't exactly as Rex expects. Amused, she declares she couldn't care less - though it was sweet of Rex to mention it. She proposes a toast to her hunky, fanciable boyfriend. But Rex is disappointed.


Jun 18, 2018 782


Neil's looking ahead to 'Ringing Remembers' on Armistice Day, and butters Chris up with flattery and drinks to get him to recruit some younger members to ringing. Chris offers to put Harrison up on the night before his wedding. In return he asks if Harrison would have a go at bell ringing. Sure, agrees Harrison. How hard can it be? Will's stressed. Martyn Gibson is micro-managing him, not what he needs ahead of his solicitor's appointment on Thursday regarding possible custody of Jake and Mia. Eddie tries to distract him with the footy. As Kenton gets the Bull ready for the England match, he laments to Toby that his bouncy castle had been torn and he now has to buy a new one. Toby explains his disappearance last night - he got drunk and forgot he was on driving duty. Toby's also struggling to think of a baby name. Eddie comes up with the idea of having a suggestion box on the bar. Kenton offers to set it up. They decide to run a sweepstake to make it interesting. Disaster strikes when the big TV breaks down just as the match kicks off. The pub quickly empties as everyone heads off to watch it at Harrison's. Kenton's day just goes from bad to worse.


Jun 17, 2018 782


It's the day of Ruth's birthday party and she's excited. She loves her new scarf from David. Jill thinks Josh and Ben's gift of a 'Fear by Four' activity experience sounds daunting, but David and Ruth are sure it will be fine. Jennifer's outdone herself with floral displays and a jazz quintet in the party marquee. Ruth's delighted to see an old college friend. It's also Usha's birthday, but unlike Ruth she's been spared a special Ode from Bert. Ruth's deeply moved when Jill gives her an heirloom brooch of garnets and pearls - Ruth's just as much a daughter to her as Elizabeth and Shula, says Jill. Kate's been in a mood since Friday and parties hard. Phoebe keeps an eye on her at Jennifer's request. Kate knocks over the cake stand and initiates a drinking competition. Meanwhile Kenton reveals his big surprise - an adults' bouncy castle. It's a hit with David, but Kate's killer heels are a hindrance. Rex is chased by Pip's friend Xanthi. Phoebe and Alice joke that she should try Toby instead. But Toby's behaving and staying sober, ready to drive Pip home later. Jennifer remarks that he seems a changed man. However to Pip's annoyance Toby disappears when he's needed. Ruth tells David the evening's been perfect, and declares her love for him - even though his somersault still needs practice.


Jun 15, 2018 796


At the Borchester show Ed's worst fears are realised when the officials laugh at the fact that his ram lamb is called Peppa Pig. Emma tries to cheer him up - Peppa's still young, and doing the show will have been great experience. Peppa comes in fourth, and, even better, a breeder offers Ed £4000 for him. The breeder's wife was very moved when Ed explained how Peppa got his name. He's obviously a potential champion! The Echo has published an article declaring Josh "Bachelor of the Month". David and Ruth point out that it's great publicity, but Pip notes that Josh is the only person making new business contacts. Ruth confides to David that she's worried she'll never be as good a grandmother as Jill. David reminds Ruth of everything she's done for the kids, and for Ruairi - she'll be the most supportive grandmother ever. Kate returns to Home Farm with a plan. She wants the partners to buy her out of Home Farm so that she can move Spiritual Home to the Kent coast. Brian brings her back to reality. She'd be giving up her farm income, and would get the money over ten years, at a very low interest rate. Brian advises her to pay more attention to the legal realities before dreaming up any more ludicrous plans.


Jun 14, 2018 803


Lynda's keen to make sure that Fallon is on top of preparations for the fete. She's taking a back seat on the committee now, but she impresses upon Fallon the importance of a unifying theme. Fallon's priority for today is sorting out her bridesmaids. At the fete committee meeting Fallon introduces her big idea; Pets' Party Pieces, a pet talent show. Lynda thinks it's perfect. Jennifer can't persuade Brian to talk to Kate. Before this trouble with the land sale she'd thought Kate was turning a corner. She'd made peace with Lucas and Noluthando, and was doing a wonderful job with Spiritual Home. Lilian reassures Jennifer that Kate's a survivor. Elizabeth confesses to Jill that she's worried about Lily. Jill urges Elizabeth to say what's on her mind, and Elizabeth tells her that Lily's dating Meredith. Elizabeth wants Lily to feel free to say anything - or nothing - to her. But something's wrong. Jill promises to keep it secret until Lily is ready to start telling people her news. This conversation prompts Jill to visit Shula. She doesn't understand why Shula has ended her marriage, but she still loves her, and will support her no matter what. Shula admits she's had a horrible week - Alistair was so cold at the mediation session. Jill hugs her, and she starts to cry.


Jun 13, 2018 800


Jennifer brings Adam some lunch and asks if he's heard from Kate. At least she's told Alice where she's staying. Jennifer's worried Kate won't be back to welcome Phoebe home. Adam thinks Phoebe must be used to Kate by now. Later, Jennifer updates David on Ruth's party. She enjoying having something other than the contamination to think about. David tries to find a way to tell her how he feels about her incredibly grand plans, but Jennifer reassures him that the floral pedestals and chandeliers would be provided at cost price. The money isn't what he's worried about, but he gives up in the face of her enthusiasm, and agrees to everything. Freddie's looking forward to getting his last exam out of the way. But he and Johnny arrive to find police and sniffer dogs at the entrance. Freddie suddenly decides he isn't feeling well, but Johnny, thinking he's just suffering from exam nerves, persuades him to go inside. They pass Ellis being detained by a police officer. Freddie emerges from his exam ready to celebrate his freedom. Then he discovers that Ellis wasn't arrested after all - he wasn't stupid enough to keep drugs on him. Ellis suggests that he and Freddie could corner some new markets this summer, and Freddie doesn't feel that he can say no.


Jun 12, 2018 800


Ruth's asked Josh to help weigh Brookfield's lambs, but Pip insists they can manage without him. Ruth isn't convinced - Pip looks exhausted. She admits that she's having trouble sleeping. Ruth advises her to grab all the rest she can before the baby's born. Josh arrives with the news that The Echo will be running a double page feature about Brookfield on Thursday. Ruth's impressed, but Pip suspects it'll be all about Josh's business. It's the day of Shula and Alistair's first mediation session with Lance, and Shula's surprised that Alistair has asked Philip to give her a lift. She'd expected them to go together, but Alistair wants to keep things as separate and business-like as possible. When Philip is called away Alistair accepts a lift home from Shula. Things get awkward when Alistair accuses her allowing her emotions to hold up proceedings. Shula's just trying to be tactful, but Alistair would rather she just got on with it. Later he tells Philip that he just wants a simple, 50/50 split. Then he can buy an apartment in Felpersham. Philip wonders if he's missing the point of mediation. Alistair insists that he's actually enjoying the sessions - the sooner Shula accepts that he's over her, the sooner he can move forward.


Jun 11, 2018 799


Ed contemplates humiliation, and Peggy fears the worst.


Jun 10, 2018 793


It's Open Farm Sunday, and Pip enjoys showing off Brookfield and Bridge Farm's cows to the crowds. Helen persuades her to take a break, and they discuss baby names. Pip's getting enormous, but she and Toby still haven't made any decisions. Josh arrives late - he's been chatting with potential customers, and tries to persuade Pip to cover for him while he corners Cheryl, the Echo reporter. Pip refuses, but later finds Josh buying Cheryl a burger. Kirsty tells Helen all about meeting Philip's son Gavin. Gavin was rude about the restaurant and refused to leave a tip - it was pretty awkward. But Kirsty can see how proud Philip is of Gavin. Helen's gong to Bristol on Wednesday for the Food and Farming awards final. She's worried that Olwen's comments have ruined her chances, but Kirsty reassures her that she'd be a worthy winner. Brian's been telling anyone who asks that Kate is "away on business". Brian's determined to press on regardless. Kirsty's overheard contractors discussing the groundwater contamination, and David's had the full story from Ruth after accidentally overhearing a voicemail. Jennifer doubts Ruth told him that Brian allowed, then tried to conceal his part in, the contamination. But she reminds Brian that Kate could do real damage if she decides to tell the full story.


Jun 8, 2018 797


Rex puts the finishing touches to Josh's Open Farm Sunday machinery trail. Tom runs into Philip, who isn't impressed that Tom told Kirsty he thought Philip was unsuitable. Tom warns Philip that Kirsty's more vulnerable than she seems. Philip coolly observes that this isn't surprising, given that Tom jilted her. Philip agrees that Kirsty needs someone who won't mess her around - so it's a good thing she's now nothing to do with Tom. Philip ad Kirsty banter about their relationship and Philip suggests it's time to meet each other's family. A bit thrown, Kirsty agrees. Brian intends to tell Kate about the land sale first thing, but waits for her jet-lag to clear. Kate complains that she has nothing to do, but rejects all offers to make herself useful. She eventually consents to take a forgotten flask to Adam. Kate thinks that it would be easier to recruit pickers if the atmosphere was more fun. Adam agrees that offering students perks might work. Assuming that Brian has told her, Adam mentions the land they're selling adjacent to Spiritual Home. Kate orders Brian to stop, but he's already shaken hands with a buyer - they need to act quickly before people realise they're desperate and the price drops. Kate vows to halt the sale.


Jun 7, 2018 789


Christine points out that she saw Lily with a man at an exhibition she went to with Jim. But Lily lies and denying being there, and Elizabeth corrects Christine that Lily was with her friend Meredith. Harrison has a word with Peggy about Christine. Peggy reminds him that Christine is still upset about Matt's scam, but promises to keep an eye on her. Peggy's very familiar with the signs of dementia because of Jack, and asks Christine a few innocent questions to test her memory. Unfortunately, Christine realises what she's up to. Christine guesses that this is the result of her stint in the Tea Room. She'd defy anyone to keep a clear head with Fallon banging on about plastic! Christine also claims to be sleeping badly, which prompts Peggy to suggest they make a doctor's appointment. But Chris is adamant there's nothing wrong with her, and asks Peggy to stop talking behind her back. Elizabeth takes Freddie and Lily to The Bull to mark Nigel's birthday. She clumsily tries to make conversation about accepting that Lily is part of the LGBTQ+ community. Freddie thinks it's hilarious, and Lily makes sure they leave as quickly as possible. Later Elizabeth apologises if she has upset Lily. She just wants Lily to know that she can tell her anything. She worries Lily by mentioning that she dated some unsuitable older men. But Elizabeth just wants Lily to know that her relationship with Meredith, whatever its nature may be, is fine by her. Lily awkwardly thanks her mum. Relieved and triumphant Elizabeth says she's very welcome.


Jun 6, 2018 802


Elizabeth and Jennifer discuss arrangements for Ruth's party. Elizabeth volunteers herself, Shula and Kenton for the clean-up. Elizabeth also wants to know when Jennifer realised that Adam was gay. Jennifer reflects that when Adam was a teenager it wasn't something people talked about. In hindsight she wishes there was a way Adam could've known he'd be supported. Shula cooks Alistair dinner to thank him for looking after her when she was ill. They laugh about Kate's goat yoga, and Shula realises that she'll miss these moments. Alistair asks if she's saying she's in love with him again - but the answer is no. He reminds her how upsetting it was to hear that she didn't love him. So she can keep her pathetic regrets to herself. When Kate returns to Home Farm she's annoyed to discover that the partners' meeting was held without her. This is nothing to how she feels when she finds out about the groundwater contamination. Her newfound positivity from the trip is swept away as she wonders how Spiritual Home can survive another six months of disruption. Brian tries to put a positive spin on her reaction, but she's yet to find out about the plan to sell land adjacent to her business. Adam intends to be far away when Brian tells her.


Jun 5, 2018 778


Preparations continue for Bridge Farm and Brookfield's joint Open Farm Sunday. Tom's concerned that it might be too much for Pip, who is eight weeks from her due date, but she knows her limits. Rex shows them that Josh has put his phone number in massive writing on all the signs for the machinery trail. Tom thinks it's a perfectly sensible business strategy, and criticises Pip for trying to convince him that she's displaying the Herefords just to please the families - at least Josh is honest about looking to make money. Tom apologises for snapping. Rex asks how Pip's ante-natal classes are going, and Pip reveals that Toby's been in trouble for disrupting the class. Before he leaves Rex asks Tom what Hannah drinks - he wants to thank her for some pig advice. He's surprised when Tom brushes him off. Emma tries to persuade Mia to open up about quitting football, but Mia insists that she's just gone off it. Will's told Poppy not to disturb Mia at night any more, and decides that she must be telling the truth about suddenly hating football. He won't listen when Emma suggests there's more to it. Later she laments to Kirsty that Mia is obviously exhausting herself trying to take Nic's place. Everyone apart from Will can see it.


Jun 4, 2018 790


Christine visits The Stables to pick up some old paperwork. She was sad to hear that about the end of Shula's marriage, but is glad that Shula wasn't trapped in an unhappy situation like so many women in the past. Harrison offers Christine a lift home, and checks that she's feeling okay after the stress of helping at the Tea Room. Christine praises the work he and Fallon have done on Woodbine, and asks how much the new boiler cost. Concerned, Harrison reminds her that she replaced it when they were renting. Elizabeth drives Freddie to his Geography exam and quizzes him about Lily and Meredith. After the exam Freddie calls Lily to warn her that Elizabeth's getting suspicious. An accidental remark of Freddie's makes Elizabeth suspect that Lily and Meredith are more than friends - she's picked up the signs that Lily's in love. When Freddie reports the conversation to Lily she's annoyed, but Freddie points out that it's the perfect cover for her affair with Russ. Lily's angry when he threatens to tell Johnny, but Freddie thinks it's all hilarious.


Jun 3, 2018 790


Will can't understand why Mia's decided to quit football. She's also falling behind at school, although he's sure she always does her homework. Jake explains that she's tired - Poppy's started going to her at night instead of Will. Seeing that Jake is worried, Will promises to sort things out. He asks Emma to have a word with Mia about quitting football. Ruth goes to Home Farm for a crisis meeting. Jennifer thanks her for all the work she's put in as Ruairi's attorney - nobody thought it would get this complicated. Kate's still in Arizona and wanted the family to postpone the meeting, but the groundwater contamination has been confirmed and there's no time to lose. Brian's concluded that the only way to pay the clean-up bill is to sell 300 acres of core land. Adam brings up the fact that this was all the result of one bad decision by Brian, but Jennifer reminds him that they can only get through this by working together. Brian and Adam identify the most obvious parcels of land to sell, but the last 30 acres will be trickier. Brian points out a likely site, but Adam and Jennifer warn him that it'll be controversial. Brian's sure it's their only option, and offers to take responsibility for any fallout.


Jun 1, 2018 798


At The Stables Alistair finds Shula lying on the sofa. He teases her about being lazy, then realises she's feeling pretty ill. It's nothing a day in front of the telly and some good food won't sort, but Alistair makes sure she's well looked after. She thanks him for his kindness, and he reminds her that the end of their marriage hasn't turned him into an ogre. They share some happy memories of their time together. Jennifer's getting fed up with David's attitude to Ruth's party - he still can't seem to answer a few simple questions. But Brian's optimistic. He and Adam walk the wheat, and discuss the possibility that planting ryegrass as a ground cover crop could yield a bumper harvest. Then Jennifer calls - the environment agency is demanding access to Home Farm's papers. Brian and Adam rush back, and Brian attempts to throw them out. But the EA officer Sandeep Johal calmly explains that cooperation would benefit everyone. The chemical contaminants have been detected in the ground water, meaning the situation is even worse than they'd thought. She drops a major bombshell - it's now unlikely that the clean-up operation will be finished before Christmas. Brian and Adam are incredulous. How on earth are they expected to survive?


May 31, 2018 803


Tom invites Hannah out for dinner, and she lets him down gently. She isn't looking for a relationship, and doesn't see him that way anyway. Later, Kirsty decides to pre-empt any awkwardness by talking to Tom about her relationship with Philip. But Tom makes things worse by saying he doesn't think Philip is right for her. Kirsty reminds him that it's none of his business. Freddie discovers that Lily is going to see Russ rather than revising. He reluctantly agrees to cover for her if Elizabeth asks. Lily brushes off his concerns about the amount of revision she's doing. She's already looking ahead - Russ has promised her a weekend break to celebrate the end of her exams. Russ has told the police about drug dealing on campus, and as far as she's concerned this means Ellis will be caught and Freddie's troubles will be over. Christine drops in to the Tea Room and offers to arrange flowers for Fallon's wedding. Fallon offers her the table displays. Fallon's called away and Christine ends up covering for her. Fallon returns to discover that Christine's enjoyed herself, but has confused many of the orders. Fallon thinks it's just her age, but Harrison wonders if it's something more serious.


May 30, 2018 801


David gladly accepts Jennifer's offer to host Ruth's party at Home Farm. But he gets more than he bargained for when she starts grilling him about arrangements. She quizzes him on dietary requirements, colour schemes, drinks, music, balloon arrangements... David quickly realises that he can't really answer any of her questions helpfully. Jennifer's keen to impress upon him the seriousness of the undertaking, and David suddenly remembers that he urgently needs to move the heifers. Emma's disappointed to hear that Joe has left the tumble tussock grafts for too long, making them useless. Clarrie reflects that Nic's death is affecting them all in different ways. Poppy is still obsessed with Peppa Pig the ram lamb, despite Ed's reservations about the name. While Will is out collecting Jake and Mia Peppa Pig knocks Poppy over. Poppy thinks it's funny, but Will's terrified that it'll reflect badly on him as a parent. He's convinced himself that Andrew will sue for custody of Jake and Mia. The children are all he has left of Nic, and they belong together. Emma gently suggests that Will might be getting paranoid, but he's made up his mind. He wants custody of Jake and Mia.


May 29, 2018 801


It's Lynda's birthday, but she's feeling a little down. The house doesn't feel the same without a dog, and her experiments in dog-sitting haven't gone to plan. Robert persuades her to come to the dog shelter, and Lynda falls in love with a Doberman who reminds her of Scruff. Robert wonders if she's rushing things, but Lynda has already thought of a name. He'll be Montgomery, in honour of the author of Anne of Green Gables. Brian and Jennifer celebrate their anniversary. They reflect upon everything that their marriage has survived, and hope their children with have similar resilience. Alice drops in to wish them a happy anniversary, and Jennifer notices how tired she looks. Pryce Baumann is working her too hard. Brian hopes that Home Farm will be able to offer her a post once the contamination is dealt with. Alice helps Brian out when the restaurant cancels his anniversary meal booking. Brian doesn't tell Jennifer that Alice's alternative is doing a 2 for 1 deal. Unfortunately Robert has brought Lynda there as well and he gives the game away. Brian comes clean, and Jennifer admits that she feels lucky to be here at all. She's decided to offer Home Farm as a venue for Ruth's party - to show the world that the Aldridges are finally back in business.


May 28, 2018 796


At Grange Farm Ed admires his Texel ram lamb. He reckons it has the potential to be a champion, and wonders if Champion would be a good name. Emma and Clarrie gently break it to him that Poppy has already named him Peppa Pig. Emma doesn't think anyone will have the heart to tell Poppy that this isn't an appropriate name for a sheep. Helen cooks dinner for Tom and Hannah at Bridge Farm. Tom teases Hannah about Jazzer. Apparently he's been pining for her ever since she left - in between feeding the pigs and chasing every woman within five miles. Hannah is pleased to be back in Ambridge, it already feels like home. Tom shows her how to make kefir, and invites her for a drink at The Bull on their way home. Clarrie does her best to make sure Will's eating properly, and he thanks her for looking after him. With Jake and Mia in Disneyland he's worried that Poppy feels like an only child. Ed thinks Will seems to be doing much better these days, but Emma points out that the children are his only focus. If Andrew goes for custody of Jake and Mia, it could destroy Will.


May 27, 2018 787


It's the day of the single wicket, and Alistair and Shula agree that, despite their awkward living situation, they want to make the most of the day. Shula is surprised when Susan joins her to serve tea, substituting for Clarrie at the last minute. Susan's decided that she has a duty to protect Shula from what she sees as Alistair's posturing on the pitch. She reassures her that there must someone out there for her. Somewhere. Fallon decides that the Tea Room needs to go plastic-free. She and Emma catered for an event yesterday and the mess of plastic left behind was appalling, especially as everything was provided by the tea room. Harrison is already sick of hearing about it by the time Fallon decides that their wedding will also be plastic free. At the single wicket Fallon gently teases him when he's caught out by Molly Button. Having put up with Susan's misguided attempts to be "supportive" all day Shula finally snaps when Alistair arrives to offer her a lift. Susan attempts to snub him, but Shula graciously accepts. Shula and Alistair certainly agree on one thing - the breakup of their marriage is none of Susan's business.


May 25, 2018 791


Jazzer complains to Joe that Jim's been miserable since he gave up the piano. Joe discovers that Jim has given up thanks to his advice. Later, Joe pays Jim a visit and tells him that he had always hoped that he would play the piano at his wake - would he really refuse Joe's dying wish? Jim's highly sceptical, but relents on the condition that Joe gives him time to practise by living a very long time. At The Bull Alistair opens up to Philip about Lavinia. Not only does feel like he's cheated on Shula, but he's also had to let Lavinia down. Their night together went surprisingly well, but a relationship is the last thing he needs. Philip reassures him that going on the rebound is a natural part of splitting up. Shula's so embarrassed by all the gossip. Jill wonders if Shula's upset because there is a chance the marriage can be saved, but Shula denies this. Back at The Stables Shula and Alistair both try to apologise at the same time. Shula's sorry for her reaction to Alistair's news, and Alistair stresses that he's made it clear to Lavinia that they aren't in a relationship. But Shula's taken aback when he reveals that he's made an appointment with a solicitor. It's the best thing for them both.


May 24, 2018 777


Brian joins Adam to walk the wheat at Home Farm. He's had confirmation from the solicitor that the land sale has gone through, and Adam expresses relief. They can finally move on. Brian wishes Jennifer would do the same, but Adam points out that he hurt her terribly by accusing her of conspiring against him. Jennifer is surprised to hear that Brian intends to come to the pickers' barbecue. Ian is on hand to help with the catering and the whole event gets off to a flying start. Jazzer is lured in by the promise of free food and alcohol, but Adam has no luck recruiting him as a picker. Adam hopes that a strawberry picking taster session on Sunday will pull in more recruits. Still keen to make amends, Brian considers paying for Kate to go to America to research goat yoga. Jennifer is sceptical - is this another gesture, like the elderflowers. But Brian is sincere, and finally gives Jennifer a heartfelt apology for his behaviour. He promises to be the husband she deserves, and to give them both a long and happy retirement. When Brian reflects that he won't be getting much sleep thanks to the noise of the party Jennifer reminds him that their bedroom is on the other side of the house. She's missed him.


May 23, 2018 780


Lily admits the truth, and Susan has a bone to pick.


May 22, 2018 802


Adam's still concerned he hasn't recruited enough pickers, and asks Pip to spread the word with the Young Farmers. Pip suggests that Rex and Toby might also have time to spare. Rex is busy sourcing kit for Josh's machinery trail on Open Farm Sunday. When Pip asks about a favour he assumes it's for her, and offers to drop everything. Pip explains that he'd be helping Adam out, and suggests that he and Toby attend the pickers' barbecue, which Adam is using as a recruitment tool. Will has a plan to catch whoever has been riding bikes over at Lyttleton Covert and disturbing his birds. It involves working late, and only Ed and Emma are free to babysit. They've been keeping quiet about the fact that tonight is their wedding anniversary in case it upsets Will, but they've done such a good job that everyone seems to have completely forgotten about it. They resolve to make the most of a quiet night in at Will's. Will catches the bikers, who are only kids, and scares them off without calling the police. When he returns to Greenwood he thanks Ed and Emma, and admits he was surprised they were free on their anniversary. Ed and Emma marvel at the fact that Will, of all people, was the one who remembered.


May 21, 2018 789


Brian offers Jennifer a lift into Borsetshire, which she declines. She needs to get Jack a birthday present, and Brian will be finalising the sale of land back to BL. Later, Jennifer runs into Martyn Gibson's wife in Underwoods, and she makes a pointed remarks about the Aldridges' financial situation. Riled, Jennifer mocks her hairstyle. This puts Martyn in the tricky position of having to buy land from Home Farm against his wife's orders. Brian and Justin laugh about it afterwards. Martyn obviously enjoyed having Brian over a barrel regarding the sale, but he's paid a price domestically. Almost nobody is attending classes at Spiritual Home, but Kate still has to pay the instructors. She needs a radical new idea. She introduces her parents to the concept of goat yoga. Russ expects a confession from Freddie when Freddie sets up a meeting. Instead he warns Russ to stay away from Lily. He threatens to report Russ to the Principal. Russ denies that anything is going on, until Freddie reveals that Lily has told him everything. Russ argues that Lily is an adult who knows what she wants. Freddie would be unwise to jeopardise their future happiness when Russ could report him for dealing. Freddie insists that this isn't about him, but as far as Russ is concerned the conversation is over.


May 20, 2018 779


Jim keeps score for Ambridge's match against Little Croxley. Harrison, who has lost his voice, appoints Will temporary captain. Jim notes that, even if it is an act of charity, Will has risen to the challenge admirably. Later, Jazzer's delighted to discover that Jim has given up on the piano. Jim's decided Joe was right - it's too late to start now. Hannah moves in to 1, The Green. Hannah and Johnny are surprised when Tom produces a binder filled with house rules. Tom's determined to show that they are a professional house share, but Johnny advises him to lighten up. Elizabeth's impressed with Lily and Freddie's approach to revision. She still has no idea that Freddie's taking smart drugs and Lily's really seeing Russ, not revising with Meredith. She thinks Lily should bring Meredith to Lower Loxley, and Freddie winds Lily up by agreeing. Later, Lily tells him off for stirring, and he asks how long she thinks she'll get away with this. What if Russ' wife gets suspicious? Freddie can't understand why she wants a thirty-something with terrible dress sense, but Lily feels too mature for boys her own age. Russ has told Lily that he'll leave his wife and join her when she goes to university. Freddie thinks she's being naive, but Lily's convinced this is true love.


May 18, 2018 786


At Home Farm Brian begs to be allowed back into the marital bed. Jennifer reminds him that he chose to leave. While out riding Justin finds Brian foraging for elderflowers to replace the ruined cordial. Brian gets stuck up a tree, and has to climb down via Aziz. Brian returns feeling very pleased with himself. He and Justin had a few drinks while they debugged to elderflowers. Jennifer finds the story hilarious, but it's not enough to get him out of the spare bedroom. Johnny arrives at Lower Loxley early to give Freddie a lift to college, and Lily decides to join them. To Freddie's annoyance Johnny tells Lily about his meeting. The Deputy Principal - "call me Russ" - knows about Freddie's drug dealing. Freddie denies everything, but Russ isn't convinced. Freddie surmises that Lily told on him, and returns home to confront her. Lily argues that she was trying to protect him, but Freddie thinks she's made things worse. He isn't dealing again, actually, but Ellis spotted him passing on smart drugs to a mate, and has been threatening him. Now Ellis thinks he snitched to Russ. Lily can't see any difference between smart drugs and dealing. Then Freddie makes the connection between the leather jacket in their car and Russ - he and Lily are having an affair!


May 17, 2018 801


Alan finds Shula in the graveyard at St Stephen's - she's decided to tidy the neglected graves. She pretends everything's fine, but her violent weeding indicates otherwise. Alan persuades her to take a break, and Shula opens up about last night's argument with Alistair. She feels so humiliated, but wishes she hadn't implied that she regretted their marriage. She keeps wondering if he only told her about Lavinia because the story was going to get out anyway. Alan counsels her against "what ifs". At Home Farm Jennifer's still mourning the loss of her elderflower syrup. She admits to Adam that she does want to forgive Brian - not just for the elderflowers - but these things take time. She feels like the trust is gone. Adam points out that Brian is suffering too, and argues that his attempts to impress her are rather endearing. Jennifer disagrees. She supported Brian for months, then he accused her of betraying him over his enforced retirements. A bit of dodgy DIY can't fix that. Johnny's stitches have been attracting a gratifying amount of female attention. Freddie apologises for not being in touch since the incident. Johnny notices he's getting a lot of texts, and Freddie has to deny that they're from a girl. Freddie's concerned when he's summoned to a meeting with the Deputy Principal tomorrow morning.


May 16, 2018 790


Susan explains her rota idea to Will, and is upset when he rejects it. How would it look at a custody hearing if his neighbours think he can't cope? Clarrie doesn't want to argue with Will, but Eddie takes Will aside and points out how hard Clarrie's been working to support him. This would give her a break. Will apologises to Susan and takes the rota, just in case. Shula becomes increasingly concerned when she can't reach Alistair's phone. He eventually returns to The Stables wearing yesterday's clothes. He claims his battery died. Fearing the worst, Shula asks if he's been gambling again. Alistair scoffs, but Shula argues that it's a fair question, under the circumstances. Alistair reminds her that since she ended their marriage his whereabouts are none of her business. But she'll find out anyway. His last call yesterday was to Lavinia Rafferty, and one thing led to another... Unfortunately, Christopher saw him leave in the morning as he's come to shoe one of her horses. Shula feels utterly humiliated - Lavinia is a member of the hunt! She calls it an affair, but to Alistair it was just a single night which he now regrets. Shula accidentally implies she regrets their whole marriage. Alistair reminds her that he had no say in how things ended. She may not like what he did but it's a consequence of her actions.


May 15, 2018 801


Taking Justin's advice, Brian does some DIY. Disaster strikes when he tries to mend a tap in the kitchen - while Jennifer insists that it isn't broken. Adam arrives to find Brian searching under the sink for the stop cock. Jennifer's soaked, and the syrup for her elderflower cordial has been ruined. Adam takes Brian out to walk the wheat before he can do any more damage. At Bridge Farm Pat's woken up early by Olwen returning the laptop. She resolves to make one last attempt to help, but Helen points out that Olwen would've rung to doorbell if she'd wanted to talk. Helen urges her to refocus her attention. Susan's organised a rota to help Will with childcare, and Helen's signed them up. Pat finds Olwen's car, and is shocked when Olwen appears with a black eye, brandishing a bread knife. Olwen won't tell Pat what happened, and she refuses a lift to the hospital. She accuses Pat of enjoying this opportunity to play goody-two shoes. Pat defends herself, but Olwen continues. Is this what Pat did to Helen - being oh-so-helpful while missing the real problem? Olwen's stung when Pat accuses her of doing nothing but feel sorry for herself. Olwen doesn't want her pity. Pat returns home and pretends not to have found Olwen.


May 14, 2018 787


Susan has concerns, and Freddie is put on the spot.


May 13, 2018 786


Brian enacts his latest plan to win back Jennifer's affection by accompanying her to St Stephen's. Justin quips that Brian's presence will have reignited Alan's belief in miracles. Justin's unnerved to see Brian looking so defeated - the contamination at Low Mead is taking its toll. Brian is selling land back to BL, but Justin's sure he'll get less than he paid for it. At least Justin has a solution to Brian's marriage troubles - DIY. When Justin fixed a wonky shelf recently Lilian couldn't keep her hands off him! After the service Alan finds Shula clearing gravestones. She'd come to check on Mark's and Phil's and noticed some others in need of attention. She admits that she's been avoiding Alan. She's worried that, like Jill, he wants to tell her that ending her marriage was a mistake. But Alan asserts that Shula is the only person who can make this decision. However, he also reminds her that Alistair has the right to choose his own response. Will plans a day out in Birmingham with Jake, but is interrupted by Harrison - the cricket team needs him again. Will's ready to turn Harrison down, but Jake persuades him to go - he loves watching Will play. Will wins the match for Ambridge, and the family has their first really good day since Nic's death.


May 11, 2018 796


The Aldridges face the future, and Adam loses his cool.


May 10, 2018 797


Will explains to Jennifer that Jake is spending most of the week at Andrew's but he comes back to Ambridge for the weekends. Will is unhappy to hear from Brain that he will have to move out of the cottage if he decides he wants to continue working part time, and he has to decide by the end of next week. Lily is giving Freddie the silent treatment over his use of smart drugs when she spots that Johnny and Tom's window has been smashed. Freddie has to explain how someone threw a brick through it that hit Johnny. Lily thinks it is no coincidence that this happened the day after Johnny stood up to Ellis. Freddie finds a leather jacket in the back of Lily's car and think's she has a secret boyfriend - she is coy about who the owner is. Freddie accuses Ellis of throwing the brick through the window but Ellis is admitting to nothing. Ellis suggests that hypothetically, if it was him, perhaps he was trying to send Freddie a message; no one deals at college unless it is for him. Brian tells Jennifer that the land he bought from the estate will need to be sold because the insurers won't pay out. However, Jenny had already guessed as much. He asks if they can draw a truce but, at the moment she feels it is too much to ask.


May 9, 2018 801


Knowing that Jim has been recruited as quizmaster for The Bull's quiz night Jazzer asks if he will help him cheat so that he can impress Hannah, but Jim refuses. Freddie happily offers to sub Johnny a few drinks at the quiz night following his help with Ellis. Joe's criticism of Jim's piano playing has made him consider giving up his childhood dream; Jazzer thinks it is good to know when to stop flogging a head horse. Fallon is delighted to hear that Harrison's Inspector has recommended he do his Sergeant exams next year. They plan to celebrate later at the Bull and Harrison suggests they make their engagement public. Fallon is feeling embarrassed - she was always so anti-marriage and is worried that people will judge her since she was the one who asked him. After the pub quiz Harrison, unbeknownst to Fallon, stages a second proposal in front of everyone and she accepts. Freddie suggests that Hannah rent the spare room at No.1, The Green with Johnny and Tom. Jazzer thinks it is a terrible idea but she is keen. Later whilst Johnny and Freddie are showing Hannah around a brick is thrown through the window that hits Johnny on the head.


May 8, 2018 802


Lynda is trying out a Bichon Frise named Lady for a week. At first Lynda is full of praise for Lady's exemplary behaviour but later Lady destroys Robert's copy of The Silmarillion and her copy of the Canterbury Tales. Shula explains to David that Jill doesn't understand why she is refusing to give her marriage another chance. Shula confides that she hates seeing Alistair so hurt and realises she is being selfish as she's doing it for her. David thinks that Jill is upset as she can't sort out the problem but that she will come round in time. He tries to reassure Shula that he and Ruth are not judging her. Pat is relieved to find Olwen. Olwen explains that she had been staying with a friend in Hollerton but she's now back in her car. Pat tries to convince her to stay at Bridge Farm but Olwen is adamant she can look after herself. Later at the Elms Pat tries to give Olwen Tom's old laptop to help her sort her life out. Olwen is offended; she doesn't want the laptop or Pat's help, she is happy as she is.


May 7, 2018 798


Harrison and Fallon are on cloud nine after getting engaged. He wants to start telling people but Fallon wants to enjoy it as their secret for a while. Harrison has his performance review on Wednesday and admits he's not prepared for it. On top of this he also has to organise the Single Wicket competition. Fallon offers to lend a helping hand. Tom and Pip discuss Open Farm Sunday. Pip is impressed that Tom and Helen have come up with a theme, "The farmer as a producer of local food" and she suggests they should pool their resources and do a joint event. Brian tells Adam he's heard the clean-up should be done and dusted in four weeks. Brain is unsure whether Adam being interviewed on Radio Borsetshire about the lack of seasonal pickers is a good idea, but Adam hopes it will bring forth new pickers. To Brian and Adam's relief Debbie is on board with the proposal to sell Home Farm land and they agree to sell the new land Brian bought from the estate. Adam presses Brian to tell Jennifer but he says he will tell the other partners when he's ready. Pat hears from the Elms that Olwen has made an appearance there and that she's been sleeping in her car. When Pat gets there Olwen has gone. Pat tells Tom that she won't be happy until she finds out if Olwen is alright.


May 6, 2018 801


Adam is pleased that Brian has come clean about the insurers not paying out and agrees that the only feasible way out of the mess is to sell some land. Adam's unsure if Jennifer knows yet but he's planning to leave all that to Brian. They have made plans to discuss this idea with Debbie tomorrow. Adam is also concerned that they still don't have enough pickers lined up. He believes that Brexit is playing a part in this and the locals don't seem interested either. Adam's concerned they may be forced to abandon one of the fruit tunnels and leave it to rot. Adam wonders if Lexi would be interested but Ian questions if it would be ethical to employ their surrogate. They agree that if all other leads to find pickers amount to nothing Adam will approach her. Will tells Clarrie and Eddie that Bev thinks he's bribing Jake with treats to encourage him to return home to Greenwood, and she's dropped the bombshell that Andrew has spoken to a solicitor to find out where he stands with the custody of Jake and Mia. Will is concerned that, being their biological father, Andrew has a good case for getting custody. Later Clarrie suggests that Will talks to a solicitor to see where he stands. Eddie worries that it's too soon but Will agrees with Clarrie and plans to call Usha for advice first think tomorrow.


May 4, 2018 800


Brian comes clean, and Kenton considers his actions.


May 3, 2018 798


Shula is seeing her solicitor tomorrow, just for a preliminary talk. Alistair reluctantly agrees that he'd better speak to a solicitor too. Shula tells Kenton that she feels guilty over how miserable and hurt Alistair is. Kenton insists she has done the right thing, and Alistair will even thank her one day. She needs to move on - how about buying something extravagant with her bequest from Caroline? Alistair's becoming a regular at Grey Gables and starts to share his woes with Ian. Ian tells distracted Adam that Lexi needs to confirm the date of the next transfer. Later, over a drink, Adam promises he'll be there if he can for the transfer, and Ian should assure Lexi that he's committed. In the meantime, Adam needs to find a way to deal with Brian. Fallon has a surprise for Harrison, who thinks she must be sick of him talking about savings. She has a form for Harrison to sign to set up a special savings account - one they can use for their wedding fund. Did she say "Wedding?!" - Harrison's delighted. Kenton and Shula test-drive a sports car and for a while Shula forgets herself, going full throttle and leaving Ambridge for dust. But then she thinks she sees Alistair in his car and loses her nerve. Kenton says buy the car, but Shula gives up on the idea - what on earth was she thinking?


May 2, 2018 790


Susan tells Lily about Neil's first batch of pigs coming to Berrow Farm - and about new employee Hannah coming over for dinner. Lily doesn't remember Hannah but Jazzer does. Jazzer also mentions Freddie's nose and when Lily blames dodgeball Jazzer lets on that he has heard something different. Susan's keen to impress Hannah over dinner. As she and Neil wait for her to arrive, they chat about Will, and his conversation with Bev, and also wonder about the health of Pat's friend Olwen. Over dinner, Hannah compares Ambridge with the large farm in North Carolina she's left. She notes that it was Ambridge that first got her hooked on pigs. Jazzer turns up unannounced and invites himself in. He grills Hannah over her experience at Berrow and insists they can still be friends despite Hannah's warnings of biosecurity when it comes to the pigs. Susan and Neil convince Jazzer he'd better get going, and then comment on his delusions about having ever been more than just friends with Hannah. Lily confronts Freddie - is he mixed up in drugs? She'll tell Elizabeth if he doesn't fess up. Freddie admits he has been taking smart drugs to help him revise, and gave some to a mate, which Ellis found out about. He tries to convince Lily that smart drugs are safe, but Lily calls him naïve. If he wants to wreck his life, he can do it on his own. She is done with him.


May 1, 2018 800


Ellis corners Freddie but Freddie rebuffs him, with support from Johnny, who wonders what's going on. Ellis later confronts Freddie in the college car park over dealing drugs on his patch. He tries to look in Freddie's bag and in the scuffle hits Freddie. Johnny breaks it up and overhears Ellis mention pills. Freddie denies any involvement. Lily sees Freddie's nose and panics but he says it was an accident playing dodgeball. Lily admits she's struggling with her English revision. Freddie shares his tips for remembering information. Lily's proud of him for knuckling down with his studies. Jake gets some clay shooting practice in with Will. After a dud first attempt, Jake scores a double and Will's impressed. Will offers Jake a burger on his way home. Jake's dad's expecting him, though, but Will insists they have time. Will drops Jake home, where they see Bev. She points out how late back they are, and as Jake goes inside she has a word with Will. Bev doesn't want Jake to feel pressured about where to live - it's his decision. Bev delicately mentions to Will that Andrew has spoken to his solicitor, and she feels that if it ever came to it he would have a good case to have both Jake and Mia live with him.


Apr 30, 2018 796


Ian feels superstitious and wonders if he and Ian have somehow jinxed their first baby attempt - maybe they shouldn't go to the clinic with Lexi next time? Later, Lexi and Adam reflect on how they've not had a chance to talk about the failed transfer. Lexi checks that Adam's ok, she has a good feeling about the next time - excited, even. When she doesn't get much of a response from Adam she tells Ian she's worried that Adam isn't feeling committed to having a baby. Shula reminds awkward Alistair that he's not a lodger, as they share space again but not a husband either adds Alistair. He asks Shula to bear with him as it's strange getting used to things now. Adam admits that Alice was right about one thing: Adam needs to fix things with Brian. Adam tries to break the ice with Brian, complimenting him on the progress with the clean up - but Brian's defensive. Adam insists he still needs Brian's help, but Brian says he can't have it both ways - Adam has to manage on his own. Sympathetic Ian chats to Alistair after his meal at Grey Gables. He's in no hurry to get home - it's the same house, but no longer my home, says Alistair. Alistair resigns himself to grinning and bearing it.


Apr 29, 2018 776


Jake is impressed with some new speakers from Will - Will just wants Jake to feel at home when he comes to stay. Will has organised various days out and takes him to the cricket keen to keep Jake entertained. Alice confides in Adam that she's worried about Brian - he's stressed and depressed. Adam says Brian only has himself to blame. Harrison gives Fallon the form for her new ISA. Fallon's glad to have Alice there at the cricket to chat to - about anything other than ISAs. Harrison's a man down for the first cricket match of the season. Fallon hopes Will's playing. Alice still feels guilty for upsetting him at the funeral. Alice and Fallon spot Lynda with a poodle and also discuss Harrison - it's good that Harrison's a planner and Fallon says she's started to realise how lucky she is. They hear a groan from Will - looks like he's out for a duck. Will feels stupid for the way he played. Jake persuades him to stick around and watch the rest of the match - he wants to make the most of their time together this weekend. Alice calls Adam vindictive for voting Brian into retirement. The farm can only work if they're a partnership, and Adam has broken that - so how is he going to fix it?


Apr 27, 2018 786


Will's determined to make Greenwood cottage as homely as possible for Jake's return. He and Eddie build Jake a desk to go in his bedroom. But, when Clarrie persuades him to look at his post, Will receives a shock. Martyn Gibson has written to inform him that he'll either have to return to work full-time, or give up the cottage. Having heard the same thing from Martyn in person Will appeals to Brian. Brian confirms that Martyn's now the BL chair - officially he can do what he likes. When Will returns to Greenwood he lies to Clarrie and Eddie, claiming that Martyn has changed his mind. Eddie's very proud of Will's powers of persuasion. Back at Home Farm Brian vows to fight for Will - he'll lobby Justin and Annabelle. Jennifer's also worried about Adam - she can see that the failure of the embryo transfer has hit him hard. Jennifer tries to help him think more positively, but she's very upset herself. Brian tries to reassure her that Adam and Ian are very determined - they'll find a way to have a child. Brian is interrupted by a phone call from Doug, the man he has been trying to reach for days. Doug makes a lower offer than Brian had hoped for the land, but he accepts for the good of the farm.


Apr 26, 2018 797


Rex and Jazzer check and double check the fencing at Hollowtree. Rex is immensely grateful to Jazzer for spotting last night's mass pig exodus before it breached the perimeter fence. Rex finally takes Jazzer to The Bull for those "thank you" pints. Rex is looking forward to the start of the cricket season - they've upped their training regime. Jazzer mocks them for being too "couplely", but it isn't like that at all. Anisha is fiercely independent, and Rex wouldn't have it any other way. Then Jazzer runs into an old friend, Hannah. They haven't worked together for ten years, and now Neil's hired her as Berrow Farm's deputy manager. Alistair visits The Stables to look after a sick horse. Shula makes it clear that she is truly sorry about the breakup of their marriage. She can see how much it's hurt him. Over supper Dan and Shula discuss Jill's reaction to the split - Dan reckons she'd been hoping his presence would heal things. As Dan leaves Alistair arrives at The Stables. They can't be together as a couple, but they are willing to try living together again. As they watch Dan drive away Shula and Alistair try to reassure one another that they can make this work.


Apr 25, 2018 788


Jazzer helps Rex move Neil's pigs to Hollowtree. Rex is still wondering if he's really up to the job, but Jazzer is happy to give him the benefit of his experience. Rex obviously really cares about making this work, and the pigs will respond to that. Rex starts to feel more confident. They arrange to meet at The Bull later - Jazzer reckons Rex owes him a few pints for all his hard work. But when Rex arrives at The Bull he gets a call from Jazzer - he needs to get back to Hollowtree right away. Clarrie's glad to hear that Will and Eddie are planning to check on Greenwood cottage. Will's hoping things will get back to normal as soon as possible for him and the kids. The house being empty will also give him a chance to do some jobs and make it perfect, just like Nic would've wanted. He's grateful to Brian for letting him work part-time. He tells Eddie he wants to return to the cottage as soon as possible. Will also takes Clarrie's advice to clear the air with Emma. He thanks her for her help and support.


Apr 24, 2018 789


Pat's worried about Olwen. Clarrie recalls when Ed went missing, and advises Pat to prepare herself for the fact that Olwen might not want to be found. She also asks Harrison's advice, and he suggests that, if Pat really is concerned she should report Olwen as a missing person. Fallon teases Harrison about his obsession with financial planning. She doesn't want to think about boring things like pensions when she could be imagining something more extravagant. Harrison reassures her that he can do both, and splashes out on an expensive bottle of wine and steak for dinner. But Fallon understands that he isn't really thinking about money - he wants them to have a secure future. At Grange Farm Emma is rushed off her feet. Clarrie encourages her to take a break, and Emma admits that she's still worried about Will blaming her for driving Jake away. Emma believes that staying with Andrew is best for Jake right now, but Clarrie is concerned about the effect it's having on Will. Dan's still trying to understand why his parents' marriage has ended and Shula struggles to articulate why. Dan tries to persuade her that she doesn't have to go through with it. But Shula is adamant - this is the right decision. It has to be.


Apr 23, 2018 781


Brian's set up a temporary office at The Bull, and is still making mysterious phone calls. Tony invites him over to Bridge Farm to look at his Fordson tractor, and extols the virtues of retirement. But Brian isn't ready to hang up his wellies just yet. Jennifer's upset to hear that the embryo transfer didn't take - Lexi isn't pregnant. Peggy sympathises - after all the problems with the contaminated land the family deserved some good news. When she says she feels especially sorry for Brian, Jennifer decides to tell her the whole story. Peggy's speechless when she hears that Brian knew that the poison was being dumped at Home Farm. When Peggy sees Brian at the village shop she vents her fury. Whatever possessed Brian to lie about the contamination to the family? This is no way to repay Jennifer's loyalty. Brian is still insistent that, as long as everyone trusts him, he can get them through this with minimal collateral damage. Pat wonders if cheese-making classes and new product lines are really the best way to invest Bridge Farm's windfall. The family lives in a guilt-free, organic bubble, but some people struggle to afford food. She wishes she could ask Olwen's advice, but has no idea where she is.


Apr 22, 2018 794


Alistair struggles to adjust to life at Greenacres. Between Jazzer's snoring and a woefully inadequate bed he's not getting much sleep. He's ready to give up on his marriage, but Jim encourages him to talk to Shula. When she arrives to drop off Alistair's orthopaedic pillow Jim makes sure they're left alone together. Shula offers to move in with Elizabeth so that he can return to the stables. When she reassures him that there's no rush to divorce Alistair is shocked. How can she be so calm and business-like about the end of their marriage? This has been incredibly upsetting for Alistair and he isn't going anywhere until she acknowledges what she's done to him. Will's looking forward to Jake returning to Grange Farm, but Andrew arrives without him. He explains that he's already agreed to let Jake stay with him. Jake doesn't have his own space at Grange Farm, and feels obliged to keep visiting Nic's burial site despite hating the experience. The row about the laptop was the last straw for him. Will can't understand why Jake couldn't tell him all this directly, and Ed suggests that he was afraid of upsetting him. Ed advises Will to give Jake time - he'll come home when he's ready. But Will's prepared to fight for Jake - he can't let Nic down.


Apr 20, 2018 790


Dan takes Alistair for a picnic and a walk along the river in Felpersham. It's supposed to be a treat, but it also gives Dan the opportunity to talk about Alistair's gambling addiction. Alistair's annoyed that Kenton told him, but Dan explains that he was only defending Shula. Alistair had thought he'd won back Shula's trust, but now wonders if their marriage ever really recovered. Later Dan explains to Shula that he is finally starting to understand the breakup - he's learned a lot since Sunday. But Alistair still doesn't deserve Shula's cold and unfeeling treatment. That must change if Shula wants to make things right with Dan. At Grange Farm Will's planning a special evening to mark Jake's return. Clarrie and Eddie worry that he isn't giving Jake space to grieve. But Clarrie is shocked when Eddie suggests that Jake staying with Andrew for a while longer might be for the best. She argues that the last thing Will needs now is to lose Jake as well. But Eddie remembers losing his own mother - Joe re-cast her as a saint and it interfered with Eddie's own grief. Will returns from a shopping trip with the news that Jake won't return until Sunday. But he isn't upset - he's still convinced that Jake will soon be back where he belongs.


Apr 19, 2018 798


Fallon's worried that her anti-marriage stance has hurt Harrison's feelings. He reassures her that it hasn't, but Fallon confides to Jolene that she doesn't believe him. Jolene reminds Fallon that not all marriages end up like hers and Wayne's. Later, Fallon delights Harrison with the news that she too wants to make a will. He's a planner and she takes things one day at a time - they're the perfect couple, married or not. Pat brings Olwen a cup of tea in bed, and is touched by the pleasure Olwen gets a lie-in and a good book. Meanwhile Helen shows Sheila Dillon around Bridge Farm, and is annoyed to discover that Olwen has moved an important folder. She's chastened when Pat points out that Olwen was only protecting it from Jack's breakfast mess. Despite everyone's best efforts Olwen and Sheila accidentally meet in the shop. Olwen praises Sheila's work, but suggests that there are more important food stories than posh cheese, however delicious. Later, Helen shocks Pat by saying that it's no wonder Olwen is homeless - she's impossible to live with! Then they find a farewell note from Olwen thanking them for their hospitality. Pat's determined to find her - society has failed Olwen, but she won't.


Apr 18, 2018 802


Jazzer tells Tom that Berrow Farm has "as good as" offered him a job. It'd be a wrench to leave the Bridge Farm pigs, but he's seriously considering it. Tom tries to persuade him to stay by offering a pay rise, which Jazzer haggles over and guarantees he won't have to take on more responsibilities). Later, Neil breaks the news to Jazzer that Berrow won't be offering him a job. He tried to soften the blow by promising to keep his CV on file. Jazzer cheerfully tells him to bin it. The prospect of the job has already got him what he really wanted. Olwen disapproves of Bridge Farm selling land for development. But she apologises for lecturing Pat. She's sure Pat didn't intend to stray so far from her principles. Helen's fed up with Olwen treating Bridge Farm like a hotel. Pat protests that Olwen's been ill, and that she does do the washing up. Helen's thrown herself into preparing for Sheila Dillon's visit on Thursday. She doesn't trust Olwen not to hijack the whole event. Pat chides her for being so intolerant - Olwen's had a hard time. She promises to try to be more generous - but Olwen must be kept out of the way tomorrow.


Apr 17, 2018 795


Kate is keen to share her ideas about the future of Home Farm with Adam. With the rise of veganism in the world she doesn't believe they can justify continuing to keep livestock. This approach is too radical even for environmentalist Adam. Kate complains that he's behaving just like Brian - what was the point of him taking over? At Berrow Farm Neil, Justin and Adam interview potential stockmen. Justin admits he was surprised to see Jazzer on the candidate list, but accepts Neil's argument that he's well respected locally. Overlooking him would invite comment. They are all surprised by Jazzer's unconventional interview technique. Apparently his greatest weakness is either whisky or women. They agree that he wouldn't fit into the team, and Neil wonders how to break the news. Brian and Justin have a heart to heart over a game of golf. Brian isn't pleased that Martyn Gibson has been elected the new chair of BL, but is convinced he won't last. Brian has some tough decisions to make, and isn't sure if he can confide in his family any more. Justin listens to Brian's proposed response to the situation and commends his courage. But, for now, their conversation must remain strictly confidential.


Apr 16, 2018 802


Andrew visits Will at Grange Farm to talk about Jake. Jake wants to stay with Andrew for the rest of the week - he wants a break from Grange Farm. When Andrew mentions last week's laptop incident Will is furious. He confronts Emma - why didn't she tell him about it? Now Andrew doesn't trust him to look after Jake. He accuses her of only caring about the money, but Clarrie intervenes. Of course he's upset, but Emma is only trying to support him. Emma sympathises with Jake - if only she too could go somewhere else. Dan's still angry with Shula. He complains to Kenton that Alistair would never have treated her like this had he wanted to end the marriage. Is she punishing him because she regrets marrying him? Kenton decides it's time Dan knew about Alistair's gambling. Had Shula always regretted their marriage she would have left him years ago. At Kenton's suggestion Dan visits Elizabeth to talk about Mark. He'd like to think at least one of Shula's marriages was happy. Elizabeth is sure she never compared Mark and Alistair. Shula's just being brave enough to admit that things have changed. Dan takes Elizabeth's advice to before talking everything through with his parents. He wants to see Dorothy anyway - he needs to be sure they still love each other.


Apr 15, 2018 783


At Grange Farm Clarrie is concerned about Will taking the children to visit Nic's grave - it's practically every day. Will's annoyed that Jake is staying with Andrew for an extra night. Clarrie proposes a family day out to Lower Loxley as a more positive way to remember Nic. At Lower Loxley Alistair puts his foot in it by observing that the children love feeding the orphaned lambs. Will is tempted to leave - he's sick of people saying the wrong thing. Clarrie persuades him to stay, but admits to Shula that she's struggling to find the right thing to say to Will. Dan is still trying to understand why his parents' marriage has ended. Shula explains that they have been growing apart, and that Caroline's death made her realise that life is short. Dan accuses her of not caring who she hurts, and Shula points out that she found a good father for Dan in Alistair. Before Shula can explain Dan storms out, wondering if his whole childhood was a lie. Alistair is also starting to wonder about Shula's true past feelings, but reassures Dan that they both truly loved him. Alistair will always be his Dad. Dan decides to give Dorothy a call - he's got a lot of thinking to do.


Apr 13, 2018 799


Shula receives a shock, and Fallon jumps to conclusions.


Apr 12, 2018 786


It's the day of Lexi's transfer at the fertility clinic. Jennifer sadly reports to Adam that Brian came home drunk from Alice's and slept in the spare room. She tells Adam to focus on Lexi and forget about the clean-up. Lexi misses her daughters and admits certain older family are disapproving of the surrogacy. Adam and Ian are so grateful. As Ian fusses, Lexi reminds him she's not pregnant yet. In awe of the image on the screen, Ian wonders about how much of Adam the baby will resemble. Adam feels overwhelmed but Lexi says to take parenting one step at a time - the first, difficult stage is hers. Fingers crossed, their job starts in nine months. Brian's on a mission to find some files and barely remembers Lexi's transfer today. Jennifer plans to take Ruairi over to see Ben, but Brian takes the opportunity to catch up with Brookfield himself. Jennifer's full of praise for Adam after the procedure, but says there's no use trying to work out what Brian's up to. She has had enough of him trying to make her feel guilty. Brian surprises Ruth and compliments her on the fine new flock of lambs. He's full of charm and drops into conversation Jenny's shock vote against him. Ruth apologies, but Brian insists it was for the best - he now has a golden opportunity to concentrate on Ruairi's development - who knows what his future might hold?


Apr 11, 2018 783


Brian gives Neil his positive spin on retiring in order to enable Adam to take over, which Neil finds very magnanimous. Brian avoids discussing Low Mead, instead focusing on Neil's role at the pig unit. Staff interviews are next week, which piques Jazzer's interest. Tom and Tony are avoiding new house guest Olwen - Tom's convinced she doesn't like him. Tom puts his foot in it with Alistair by presuming the split with Shula was a mutual decision. Jim quizzes Brian on his retirement and presses him on what the clean-up at Low Mead had to do with it. Brian snaps and leaves the pub, commiserating with Alistair, who's dumbstruck when Brian says he's glad it was mutual. Jim advises Alistair to start thinking about himself, as Shula is clearly being calculated and selfish. Jazzer hands Neil a crumpled, hand-written CV to take as his job application. Later, he tries to wangle a pay rise from Tom, saying he's looking to move on. Alice apologises to Brian about the vote to oust him. Is he ok? She declines his wine, as she's laying off. Brian feels bad for keeping the family in the dark over the contamination, explaining why he did it. They agree that we all make mistakes. Brian doesn't know the full extent of the financial damage from what he has done. But Alice knows that he'll be able to put everything right.


Apr 10, 2018 785


Pat dashes off to the understaffed Elms as Helen waxes lyrical about cheese-making classes - she's keen to add yoghurt and ice cream making. Emma struggles to drop off a clingy Keira with Helen and Henry, as she goes to work at the Tea Room. Helen notices how tired Emma looks. Emma's exhausted from working nights at the chicken factory in order to save for a house deposit. Harrison tells a distracted Fallon about a stressful situation at work involving a couple and next of kin issue - which has made him think about the importance of being married. Keira plays up a bit but Helen reassures Emma she'll be ok. Fallon admits to Emma she's freaked out by the prospect of Harrison proposing. Emma says she should tell Harrison she doesn't want to get married if that's how she feels. Pat's horrified that Olwen's still sleeping in her car. Stubborn, Olwen won't ask for a bed at the hostel and dismisses Pat's concerns about her health. Pat invites Olwen to stay with her, barely discussing it with Helen, who's concerned about the kids - Henry has already had so much disruption in his life. Pat points out that Helen would do the same for Kaz. Henry likes Olwen and they should give her a chance.


Apr 9, 2018 791


Freddie's excited by the idea of travelling around the world, whilst Shula warns he should get good A levels first. Ellis from college doorstops Freddie, who refuses to continue dealing drugs for him - mentioning Nolly's overdose. Lily confronts Ellis and tells him to disappear. Freddie doesn't let on to Lily about his association with Ellis and drugs. Ellis's words hit a nerve with Freddie. Lily encourages him to knuckle down and get his grades. Clarrie tells Shula about Will and the children staying with her. Emma has been a godsend. Clarrie delicately asks about the rumours of her split with Alistair. Reluctant, Shula brushes it off, almost coldly - it was mutual, nothing to be done. Emma tells off George when he puts glitter in Jake's bed in return for Jake removing a wheel from his bike. Clarrie admits she's worried about Will's behaviour, constantly taking the kids to the burial ground. Emma's staying out of it to let Will grieve in his own way. As Clarrie tries to make sense of Shula's demeanour earlier, Emma finds glitter in the washing, courtesy of Jake. She can't hold back her angry, exhausted tears any longer - the extra burden of Jake, Mia and Poppy is too much, and she feels she's not allowed to say anything.


Apr 8, 2018 767


Adam feels persona non grata with Brian and resents not having more help with a handover. He's paranoid since Brian gave up control so easily, and feels set up for a fall. Ian says to embrace Brian's retirement and accept he has won - Adam should stop worrying and think about the future - their future - which includes trying for a baby. They bump into Alistair and Ian jokingly wonders why he's spending so much time at Jim's - unaware of his marital problems. Tom was stunned by Brian's announcement and congratulates Adam. Adam realises that Brian has been publicly telling people he stepped aside for Adam's sake. That must be a good thing, suggests Ian. Tom can't believe Jazzer that Shula and Alistair have split up. Jazzer cheekily demands a wage increase in light of his expected extra responsibilities with Neil gone. Tom points out that he is still in charge. At Jim's Alistair just needs some peace and quiet, as Jim negotiates where to practice piano, so Alistair heads out to get shopping in for Jazzer to make lunch. Jazzer gossips to Alistair about Jim's piano teacher having the hots for Jim. Jazzer tries to encourage Alistair to enjoy single life too. Alistair's not ready to move on from Shula, but Jazzer's determined to help get him back on his feet- three bachelors together.


Apr 6, 2018 795


Alistair suggests that he and Shula have a proper conversation. He now realises how insensitive he has been at times and that perhaps they should consider counselling. However Shula feels there is no point. Alistair becomes upset when Shula wants to talk about the practical problems they now face with the two businesses being based at the stables. Alistair can see no point in hanging around and announces he's going to take Jim up on the offer of his spare room. Jill is saddened when she sees that Alistair is moving out. She offers to try and reason with Shula but Alistair says that no amount of persuasion is going to change her mind. Shula just can't carry on pretending everything is ok when it isn't. Shula's mind is made up; it's now time for some new adventures. Adam is anxious before the BL meeting as Martyn Gibson hints that the contract decision may not go in his favour. At the BL Board meeting, Brian announces that he has retired from managing Home Farm, and furthermore he'll be retiring from chairing BL too. The Board decide that now with Brian removed from the equation they are comfortable to continue with the Estate contract under Adam. Adam makes a speech thanking Brian, but in private Brian assures Adam that he only did what he did to protect the farm and not to think for a moment that he did it to help him.


Apr 5, 2018 796


When Clarrie asks Emma if it would be ok for Will and the children to stay a bit longer at Grange Farm she agrees, through gritted teeth, to a few more weeks, so isn't happy when she discovers that Clarrie has told Will that they can stay for as long as they want. When Emma moans to Ed about the situation he defends Will and promises Emma that it won't be forever. Emma can't wait until they get their own home. Will's paranoia gets the better of him when he walks in on Emma and Ed discussing Home Farm, he's convinced that Ed has let slip to Emma the truth about the hit and run. Oblivious Emma is certain that Brian is responsible for the contamination but Will defends Brian and tells Emma that she shouldn't go around making accusations. Later, Ed reassures Will that he has forgotten everything they said in the cider shed and suggests that Will do the same. Brian is still barely speaking to Jennifer and he's spending most of his time with Ruairi. He also reminds Jennifer that Adam might have taken over the day to day running of Home Farm but it's Brian's name on the deeds as senior partner. When questioned by Jennifer Brian remains tight-lipped over his meeting with the loss adjusters, and his intentions at the board meeting. He feels that she and her son have conspired against him. Brian feels betrayed and asks if that does not trouble her conscience?


Apr 4, 2018 801


Helen has had to cancel her cheese-making course after only one person signed up. Ian offers helpful advice on casting her net wider. Helen's excited to hear that he and Adam are planning to be at Lexi's transfer procedure next week; although Adam's too busy with work to be able to get excited. Pat bumps into Olwen, from the Elms Shelter. Olwen explains that she used to be a cook but after a series of misfortunate incidents she is now sleeping in her car. Jennifer fills Lilian in on how Brian was left no option but to retire from the farm after the family meeting. Brian is now not speaking to anyone and refusing to cooperate with Adam. Jennifer's tired of Brian's petty, ridiculous behaviour. Adam's struggling to get to grips with Brian's filing system without a proper handover and he's worried sick about the board meeting on Friday to review the Estate contract. He feels Brian almost wants them to lose it to prove a point. Ian tries to relax Adam after a busy day but Adam is realising that he never appreciated just how much work Brian did. Adam always thought it would be a cause for celebration when he took over the farm, but without Brian's cooperation it's a nightmare. Adam assures Ian that he will be there at Lexi's transfer but right now he can't think of anything other than the Board meeting and what Brian is going to say.


Apr 3, 2018 792


Susan is impressed by Neil's new office - and new responsibility - at Berrow Farm, saying it won't be long before he's in line for Business Person of the Year. Harrison approaches a jumpy Will, who's rather panicked when Harrison says he has spoken to Ed. But it was just about Will taking part in the upcoming cricket season. Will's not sure he's quite ready just yet. Later Clarrie's concerned when Will asks her if she'll look after the kids if anything happens to him. He never appreciated how much Nic did and never imagined he'd be a single parent. Clarrie reassures him that he's doing a great job and that the whole family's there to support him; including Ed. Neil gives Rex some invaluable pig training but Rex slips up, quite literally, in the mud. Rex can see why Neil opted for a nice indoor job at Berrow but Neil insists he'll miss being outside with his pigs. Rex isn't sure if he's cut out for it but Neil believes Rex has the making of a first rate pig man. Harrison explains how he's struggling to get the men interested in the cricket. Alistair almost bit his head off. Rex confides that Anisha has mentioned the awkwardness between Shula and Alistair. And Adam's excuse is work. Neil wonders what's changed for Adam? Maybe there's something in the water, says Harrison.


Apr 2, 2018 793


When Jim arrives at the Stables with a huge Easter egg he's shocked to learn from Shula that she and Alistair are separating. He knew they'd had a tiff but assumed they would have made it up by now. In the midst of the Easter Parade Jazzer finds Emma grabbing a few moments to herself. She explains that at the moment Grange Farm is like Hollerton Junction at rush hour. Jazzer sympathises; Jim has now exchanged his electric keyboard and headphones for a proper piano and is practicing all hours. Jazzer's convinced Jim's piano teacher has got the hots for Jim. Shula confides in Elizabeth that things are difficult at the moment but that she honestly didn't mean to hurt Alistair. Elizabeth tells her not to blame herself. Elizabeth fills Shula in on Freddie's plans after A-levels; he has made arrangements to visit Noluthando and they've signed up for some charity work in South Africa. Elizabeth's concerned that his gap year will become a gap decade. Jim confronts Alistair about keeping him in the dark; he feels he's the last person to know about the break-up. Jim admits that although he didn't much like Shula at first but has come to respect and admire her. Jim offers Alistair his spare room but Alistair says he hasn't completely given up hope. Jim agrees that Alistair's marriage is worth fighting for.


Apr 1, 2018 798


At the Easter Sunday service, Alan announces that the people of Ambridge raised over £600 for his 'no complaining for Lent' appeal for an anti-modern slavery campaign. Jake and George have been squabbling all week, and now Jake has swapped the wheels on George and Keira's bikes around. Will thinks it's an April Fool prank. Emma doesn't see the funny side and says George is upset. Emma moans to Ed about the mounting tension in the house since Will and the children moved in, and that Clarrie didn't even consult them. Will pointedly mentions in front of Ed that brothers have to keep each other's secrets, so Emma should just let it go. Lynda is spotted walking a Great Pyrenean mountain dog, which belongs to a B&B guest. It reminds Lynda how much she has missed having a four-legged friend, but she tells Jennifer she's not sure she could ever replace Scruff. She also tells Jennifer that The Silmarillion was unreadable. However, Tolkien's Middle-earth has inspired Lynda to take a look at Middle English; Chaucer among others. Jill confides in Alan that she is struggling to come to terms with Shula and Alistair's separation. She remembers what it was like when Phil died, and being alone was hard. Alan reminds Jill that she and Shula are different people. But Jill simply can't believe that Shula has made the right decision.


Mar 30, 2018 784


Over a few beers Will reveals to Ed what happened the night that Nic hit Matt. Nic had gone to collect Poppy from Bev's. Poppy was unwell and threw up in the car, distracting Nic for a moment. She hit something. Nic stopped and got out but there was no phone signal to call for help, so she drove home. When she got back she was hysterical and Poppy was in tears. Will left Nic to sort out Poppy and went to see what had happened, but got there to see an ambulance and police cars. Will learned from a taxi driver that there was a body. Will panicked and went home where he washed and fixed up the car. He then confirmed with Nic that she had hit a person, not a deer. Will told her not to call the police. Nic always said that if anyone got charged she would confess. Will tells Ed he's glad her last few months were happy and doesn't regret anything about the cover up. At Home Farm the meeting is back on and Adam makes no bones about telling Brian that he is the problem and needs to fully retire. Debbie and Ruth agree. Alice and Kate vote with Brian to remain and create a separate company. Brian thinks Jennifer will back him and he'll get a majority of shares. But Jenifer brings him up short, when she sides with Adam. Brian's dumbfounded - how can she do this to him?!


Mar 29, 2018 798


Lexi has her embryo transfer in two weeks, and points out to Roy that she'll still be active for a good while yet and is urgently in need of work. Lexi tries the Tea Room but comes away with nothing more than flyers from Kate to hand out. Later she tells Roy she has an interview at the chicken factory. Roy and Lynda aren't keen. Robert escapes his annoying B&B guests for the Tea Room. Kate grumbles about how busy the place is, in contrast to Spiritual Home. Robert politely declines a massage - Kate's new Easter promotion - but takes some pamphlets for Lynda. Kate's struggling to sell it, thanks to bad publicity at Home Farm. Kate cheers up when Robert mentions The Silmarillion - she's a massive Tolkien fan. Lynda's uphill battle with the book comes to a dramatic end when she decides that the Lent 'not complaining' appeal is not good for her health - she takes out her purse, hands Robert twenty pounds and let's rip about the book. Kate lectures Jennifer about parental responsibility since the revelation that Brian knew about the dump at Low Mead. Jennifer later apologies to Kate for her part in Brian's deception. Kate admits that - admittedly hypocritically - she's coming round to Brian's idea that they should all just keep quiet and let Brian do what he thinks is best. Jennifer admits she has no idea what to do for the best. This whole business is tearing the family apart.


Mar 28, 2018 793


Philip has been fixing up the stables and Shula offers him lunch. Philip is upfront about his chat with Alistair. As Shula worries about Dan, Philip says that his son dealt with his divorce much better than he expected. Shula recalls her heart to heart with Philip and the Hunt Ball. She's grateful to be able to talk to someone who understands. Ruth joins the Home Farm emergency partnership meeting, but Kate's otherwise engaged helping Ruairi. Brian says there's a renewed threat to the Estate arable contract due to the toxicity of the Home Farm brand - not helped by Martyn Gibson's rivalry with Brian. The only thing for it is for Brian to resign as BL Chair, and if people think Home Farm is untouchable then they must hive off contracting business into a separate company and put Adam in charge. Alice and Adam stand by Brian and refuse to let him stand down. Debbie feels the same, says Jennifer. Ruth feels awkward, and before they cast a vote asks for a private chat with Brian and Jennifer. Ruth tells Brian he must come clean to Adam and Alice, who are about to vote without having all the information. Jennifer threatens to do it if Brian won't. Brian relents and tells Adam and Alice the truth. They are angry and humiliated. Adam needs to talk to Debbie, and Kate and Ruairi also need to know. Everything is now on hold, as this revelation changes everything.


Mar 27, 2018 797


Will chats with Neil about being back at work and is surprised and sceptical about Rex taking over the pigs from Neil for the operation at Hollowtree. Will also teases Neil about selling his soul to Justin Elliot. Helen says Tom's okay about Kirsty and Philip. Pat just wishes Tom could also find someone. Helen's cheese making course today has a bigger turnout than last time. Susan reluctantly helps out again and suffers being called 'cheese monitor' by Sabrina Thwaite. Susan vents to Clarrie, who's suddenly called away to collect Poppy from nursery when Will's held up due to an accident on the road. Helen raves about how successful the course was today, and with proper advertising she feels optimistic for the future. Pat's concerned when Olwen doesn't show up at the Elms, and worries that her presence might have put Olwen off. Susan feels taken for granted at the dairy. Neil praises Rex as a good potential pig man and suggests that with his own new job and salary Susan could retire. Susan's horrified. Clarrie explains to Will she was late to collect an inconsolable Poppy. In Poppy's head she thought her dad had left her too. Will feels awful. Clarrie invites Will and Poppy to stay at Grange Farm, with Jake and Mia joining at the weekend. She's determined to make room.


Mar 26, 2018 784


Brian admits to a shocked Ruth that he knew about the waste dumped at Low Mead - only when it was all dredged up. He begs Ruth not to tell the rest of his family and appeals to her maternal side - how could Brian going to prison be good for Ruairi? Ruth concedes. At the Elms Pat makes a new acquaintance, Olwen, who as it happens was also involved in CND events back in the 80s. They have a few friends in common from that time too, and Tony remembers how Pat's associations affected their marriage years ago. Pat tells Helen she doesn't know what happened for Olwen to have ended up at the homeless shelter and will just have to wait for Olwen to share her story. Jill thinks Shula is avoiding her. Alistair admits things are no better between the two of them. Philip Moss gets Alistair chatting about work at the Stables and Alistair shocks him with the news that his marriage being over. Over a drink Alistair confides in Philip, who encourages him to be straight with his dad - Jim's a bit of a snob who took time to warm to Shula. Desperate Alistair thinks back over the last year and the possible signs he missed. How on earth can he move on and face a life without Shula?


Mar 25, 2018 792


Lynda asks after Will and she and Clarrie also discuss Easter - Lynda has a full B&B, and a rather annoying guest. Lynda is struggling on with reading Tolkien's The Silmarillion - Clarrie suggests watching a film version, and during the Palm Sunday service Lynda asks Jennifer if there is one. Shula brings Benjamin the donkey to Alan's service and tells Alan that Jill is finding it hard to accept that she and Alistair have broken up. Shula's mind is made up - they are finished. The BL board is thinking of reviewing the Estate contract and Brian's convinced that if it comes to a vote Home Farm will lose - Martyn Gibson is clearly out to get Brian over his recently siding with Justin. Brian decides to call a partnership meeting. Brian regrets choosing Ruth to be Ruairi's trustee. He's paranoid that Ruth will make the connection between the Brantford brothers and Home Farm but tells Jennifer that as long as they stick to his story that he had no knowledge of anything being dumped it should all be fine. Jennifer thinks otherwise - word is bound to get round the village. It's time for Brian to tell the truth. Brian reluctantly agrees.


Mar 24, 2018 796


Brian's nightmare continues, and Jill offers support.


Mar 23, 2018 803


Susan and Clarrie aren't best pleased about the extra work they're having to put in for Helen's cheese-making class today. But when Helen asks for one of them to demonstrate draining the curds, Susan puts Clarrie forward and she's a hit. Helen's really grateful. Susan tries to explain Alice's awful drunk behaviour at the funeral, but Clarrie admits she'll struggle to ever forgive her. It was hard enough getting William to the funeral in the first place. Susan also talks about Neil giving Rex some pig training. Clarrie doesn't really trust the Fairbrothers. Clarrie also alludes to Neil's big salary from his new management role. Pip and Ruth are in shock about Alistair and Shula. While David's away at an NFU meeting, Ruth gets Bert to help out. Pip's baby kicks for the first time and there's an awkward misunderstanding with Bert when Pip flinches, thinking he was going to touch her belly. Pip asks Ruth to apologise for her. As they watch the heifers enjoy the new grass, Bert tells Ruth he remembers two brothers from the 70s, the Brantfords, offering money to anyone who'd take their waste products. They asked Phil but he sent them packing. There was a lot of it going on in those days, he tells Ruth, it's just a shame no one reported it to the authorities.


Mar 22, 2018 799


Harrison's using an exercise bike to increase his step count and teases Fallon about cheating. They discuss Alice's meltdown at the funeral. Fallon worries that Alice has gone too far this time. At nets, Harrison's got the team doing a five-mile run - it's all with the intention of upping his step count for Sport Relief. Later, Harrison's shocked to discover that Fallon's beating him. Alice is mortified by her behaviour and Chris tells her she has to face the Grundys alone to apologise. Clarrie all but slams the door in her face. Chris suggests to Alice that she cut back on the drinking. Brian is sympathetic when Alice explains what happened - we all make mistakes. He also tells Alice that if she wanted it, there might be a job at Home Farm for her in the future. Shula and Alistair struggle to navigate living under the same roof whilst being separated. Alistair's desperate to avoid the silence so they make small talk about Jim and his piano playing - Jim's going to convert the spare room into a music room. Alistair can't engage Shula in joining him for dinner or an evening chat. He gets annoyed - why won't Shula try to save the marriage at all? But Shula tells him she has been trying for years that it's over.


Mar 21, 2018 797


It's Nic's funeral and the village is grieving. Emma is nervous about her eulogy. Will breaks down before entering the church but Clarrie is there to support him. Eddie and Joe comment on the lovely service, half of Ambridge must have been there. Joe tells Ed that he still has Nic's last words on his mind, and can't help thinking that it should have been him. He'd swap places with her in a heartbeat. Alice turns up at the wake wanting to apologise to Will for not being at the service but Emma suggests she leave it a while as Will is struggling to cope. Alice gets increasingly drunk, telling everyone how close she and Nic were. Later Alice accosts Will and explains that she knows exactly what he is going through. When Chris was kicked by the horse she really thought he was a gonner. Emma tries to shut Alice up but she's on a roll. She tells Will that it's not his fault he didn't notice Nic was dying. Clarrie intervenes and tells Alice to leave immediately. Alice then turns to Bev, not knowing she's Nic's mom, and demands to know why she's staring at her. Eddie marches Alice out. Clarrie is fuming. Alice has ruined an already impossible day. Clarrie wonders where this is going to leave William now.


Mar 20, 2018 804


Pat cooks her vegetable stew for The Elms shelter but is taken aback when someone makes a suggestion on how to improve it. Helen teases her about taking criticism and suggests that Pat makes it for the family that evening, with the suggested ingredients. Helen is busy getting everything prepared for the first cheese making class. When Pat learns that there are only 5 people booked in she reminds Helen that, in the long term, they will need more people to make the business idea viable. At Robert's suggestion Lynda begins reading Tolkien's 'The Silmarillion'. Lynda is finding it heavy going and is making slow progress. However, she makes it clear to Robert that she's not complaining, she is committed to Lent Appeal challenge too, and her remarks are of a literary criticism nature. Justin wants to make sure that the BL board don't block his vision for a high-end retail outlet, on the cattle market site, rather than the agricultural mega store which Martyn Gibbs is hoping for. Justin enlists Brian's help and subtly reminds him how he helped Brian keep his position as chair. Later in the meeting Martyn is surprised when Brian sides with Justin. When Justin's proposal wins Martyn makes a comment about Brian's moral integrity which riles Brian. Justin tells Brian it's time to celebrate and suggests that Brian's fortunes could be changing. To which Brian comments it can't happen soon enough for him.


Mar 19, 2018 802


Fallon and Harrison have now finished decorating Woodbine cottage. They playfully tease each other over which one of them will win the Sport Relief challenge. Fallon believes Harrison's line of work gives him an unfair advantage but he's not convinced. Jill tries to convince Shula to change her mind about breaking up with Alistair, but Shula says that she doesn't love him anymore and has probably felt like this since Dan left home. She confides in Jill that only Kenton and Jim know at moment but she is planning to see David and Elizabeth soon. Jill suggests waiting a while but Shula is adamant that their marriage is over. Clarrie tries to persuade Will that it might be good for him to go to Nic's funeral. Will remains unmoved, saying that he and Poppy will stay at home and remember Nic in their own way. Shula sees Will and offers her condolences. She tells him that going to Mark's funeral was hard but seeing how many people loved him and having that chance to say goodbye was worth it. She also draws a comparison to Caroline's funeral and the comfort it gave her. Shula's words hit home and later Will tells Clarrie that he and Poppy will go to the funeral. Clarrie is pleased and Will hopes that everyone will now stop going on about it.


Mar 17, 2018 804


Brian warns Jennifer off discussing work with Will when she drops round with the pie she has made him. Brian hopes that Will' take back his resignation. Brian and Jennifer also discuss Lexi, but Adam spares them the details of her injections and downregulating. Jennifer's horrified to learn of Adam being dropped from the soil group - yet another consequence of Brian flouting the law years ago. A youth leader - Bisma - from Birmingham comes for a disastrous tour around Spiritual Home. The youth group will not be booking a retreat now. Brian offers to get Spiritual Home spiritually cleansed to make up for Kate's loss of business. Kate asks instead whether they could put up a screen. A wall, asks Brian? Yes, says Kate - but who will pay for it? Brian offers Adam arable land to put into his herbal leys, largely to make up for Adam's knock-back over his position in the soil health group. Emma finds the cheque Caroline bequeathed Will lying around. He had forgotten about it. Will tells Emma that neither he nor Poppy will be going to the funeral.


Mar 16, 2018 802


Jazzer gives Rex the lowdown on managing the pigs, and Rex is a bit perturbed to find out that Jazzer knows about Neil taking a backseat. Jazzer also gives Jim some headphones for his keyboard practice, so Jazzer can watch TV in peace. Alistair gets Shula to talk about their problems, but she makes it clear there's nothing they can work on to fix things. Jim walks in on Shula and Alistair arguing and Shula tells him they've broken up. Alistair then tells Jim it's only temporary - and Jim mustn't tell anyone. Rex looks forward to Sport Relief being over, and Toby is preparing to accompany Pip to her 20 week scan. Rex is happy to report that David has given him and Toby an extension on the Hollowtree tenancy now that they'll be working with pigs. Toby's pleased that Rex has come round to the idea but Rex explains that what sealed it was the offer of a job from his father. Rex does not want his dad controlling his life. Rex now just needs to speak to Neil. Adam's keen to share thoughts for the first meeting of the farmers' soil support group. However, Michael Park un-invites Adam to be on the committee, due to the potential bad publicity from his connection to Home Farm and the Low Mead contamination. He could still be an ordinary member in future, says Michael. But Adam tells Michael to stuff his offer.


Mar 15, 2018 802


Clarrie makes tea for Bev (Nic's mum) and persuades her to accept some toast. As they discuss the funeral arrangements, Bev gets Joe to eat something too. Bev doesn't want to interfere but she tells Clarrie she's worried about Poppy - concerned that she's not getting the emotional support that she needs. Clarrie promises they'll sort something out. Determined not to believe that Nic could have run over Matt, Ed shows Joe the funeral programme and points out what kind of good person Nic was. Joe's persuaded to agree that if Nic ran anything over, it was an animal. Shula sits Alistair down and tells him that their marriage is over. She just doesn't love him anymore. Later, Shula talks things through with Kenton and asks if she can stay at the Bull for a few days. Alistair thinks Shula moving out is over the top, as Kenton comes round to collect her things. How long will Shula be staying at the pub, wonders Alistair? Alistair's hit hard when he sees a book of Shula's about growing old together. Kenton breaks it to Alistair that sometimes things just run their course.


Mar 14, 2018 781


Joe makes a shocking admission, and Fallon steps up.


Mar 13, 2018 798


Rex is feeling sick of his taxi work. Treating Rex to lunch at the Bull, Toby takes his opportunity to try to buoy Rex with a proposition. They can move Neil's pigs to Hollowtree, to be managed by Rex - it's the perfect scheme! But Rex is unconvinced. Adam anticipates a seasonal staffing crisis and considers offering school-time contracts to local mums. Brian agrees that they'll need real imagination to survive. Brian's concerned about Kate's business. He's keen to help but wary of the planned visit of a youth group, especially as Kate has to offer a discount. Adam takes Brian to the Bull, keen to make it clear they have nothing to hide from the village. There, Brian's awkward when Adam brings Tony over. Tony reports that work has started on the housing development, as well as the good news that Helen has been nominated for the national Food and Farming Awards - they'll be sending a judging panel next month. Adam shares some good news of his own, regarding Michael Park and plans from local farmers to set up a group to promote soil health. As Tony reminds Brian of his woes at Low Mead, Brian spots the clean-up contractors, and in an attempt to sweeten them gets Toby to put their lunch on his tab. When Kate's freelance therapists boycott Spiritual Home because of the contamination, Brian sets about calling some masseurs he finds online, only to discover that they're offering a very different type of service. He's embarrassed, but determined to make amends for the suffering he has caused his family.


Mar 12, 2018 802


Oliver encourages Will to hold on and hope for the future, however hard it is to imagine happiness again right now. Oliver gives Will his £1000 bequest from Caroline, reminding Will to pay the cheque in. Alan asks Will about funeral arrangements. It'll be a green burial. Will doesn't want the kids there. Alan tentatively encourages Will to reconsider. Emma puts her foot in it by mentioning Mothers' Day in relation to George. Will's overwhelmed at the prospect of organising Nic's funeral, but starts to thaw regarding the kids, although he's adamant that Poppy's too young. Emma tells Will to think about it, and also tentatively offers to arrange the funeral. Will snaps at Emma, reminding her she's not his wife. Emma gets upset thinking of how things ended between her and Nic, and begs Will to let her help. Alistair chats to Shula about Sports Relief. Several people including members of the cricket team are taking part, with a step counting app. Oliver drops in to give Shula Caroline's bequest, reminding her to spend it on herself. Shula feels adventurous and suggests to Alistair that they take an extended work break to volunteer at an overseas project, providing equine therapy for disadvantaged kids. Alistair's not keen and disappoints Shula, missing the point when he suggests she could go on her own. Shula rides off on her horse - in no hurry to return, as clearly Alistair won't mind!


Mar 10, 2018 794


Jennifer's worried about the children; it seems all of them are suffering as a result of this contamination. Kate calls to tell Brian exactly who's to blame for Spiritual Home's looming decline. Brian suggests that Jennifer calls Kate back after he put the phone down on her. Jennifer thinks they really need to come clean with the children now but Brian is convinced that everything will turn out well in the end. She just needs to trust him. Ruth's calls at Home Farm again and she's not going to be fobbed off by Brian for a second time. Ruth explains that she's only looking out for Ruairi's interests as he asked her to do, but it's difficult when Brian is shutting her out. Brian's position remains firm though - Home Farm is a solid business and it's not going anywhere. Clarrie thinks that Ruth has a point when she suggests getting Joe and Will in a room together to talk. Clarrie engineers a meeting for them and when they do talk they reconcile. For the first time Will let's his anger be replaced by grief. Will confides to Joe that he is worried Poppy will forget Nic. Joe reminds him that Nic was a saint and that they won't let Poppy of anyone else forget it.


Mar 9, 2018 834


Business at Spiritual Home is suffering after news of the contamination has spread. Kate tells Alice that nearly all her Easter bookings have cancelled, and that her therapists are either posting images of the clean-up on Instagram or boycotting her business. Kate comments that Alice is going to a lot of effort for the dinner party she is hosting for Fallon and Harrison. Alice explains that it's mainly to make things up to Chris as she's been in such a bad mood. At dinner everyone is surprised that Alice isn't drinking. Alice explains that she's trying to give her body a rest. Chris covers for Alice's strange behaviour by saying that she gets like this when she's making an effort. Fallon and Harrison decide to take up Alan's Lent challenge of 'no complaining'. Harrison thinks he might have a go at Sport Relief too. The dinner is a disaster and by not drinking Alice has made the evening a bit tense. Fallon and Harrison decide to call it a night rather than heading to the Bull's club night. Chris tells Alice that her behaviour was embarrassing and that a drink might have taken the edge off for her. Alice agrees when Chris tells her that sometimes she can be difficult to be around. She accepts his offer of a night cap to make amends.


Mar 8, 2018 792


Fallon and Harrison are charging full steam ahead with doing up their home and embracing all things flat-packed. Toby circumvents Rex and asks Josh to go direct to David about the plan of having pigs at Hollowtree. Later Josh tells Toby that David was keen on the idea, but only because he trusts Rex to run a sensible operation. Jazzer is dismayed to learn from Jim that he has booked his first piano lesson, and has even located a piano for sale. All they need to do now is plan where it will fit in the cottage. Josh finds Jazzer's predicament funny but has a suggestion for him. Later Jazzer presents Jim with the perfect solution. It would be more practical to get a keyboard that you simply pack away after using, and Josh know of one at a reasonable price. Jim catches Joe in the Bull and tries to encourage him to talk to Will, but instead Joe calls in on Harrison and quizzes him over the hit and run. Harrison admits that the case is still open and it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Joe guesses that it was probably some towny, doing motorway speeds on country roads. Harrison understands why Joe wants it to be an outsider. After all, you wouldn't want to believe it about someone you know.


Mar 7, 2018 826


On Kate's return Jennifer and Adam are surprised to hear her talk warmly about Siphiwe, Lucas's partner, but Adam twigs that Kate's just smug because Siphiwe is older than her. Kate's also pleased that her divorce proceedings have begun. Jennifer's relieved that Adam has a new buyer for the strawberries. Despite Brian's reservations Kate announces that a youth group from Birmingham is interested in coming to Spiritual Home. Her enthusiasm wains when she hears they want a substantial discount. Philip confides in Alistair that he has agreed to help Kirsty with Jill's bees but he's secretly petrified of them. Alistair advises Philip to come clean to Kirsty. As Jim's been drinking with Joe he cadges lift from Alistair to Loxley Barrett. Alistair's surprised to learn that the trip was for Jim to make arrangements for his first piano lesson with Kiki Pratchet. Shula and Philip open the bottle of wine he brings around to thank Alistair for the advice over Kirsty. Shula is surprised Alistair was any use concerning affairs of the heart. When Alistair and Jim arrive Shula thinks it is wonderful that Jim is picking up his passion to learn piano. Shula comments that everyone has a glint in their eye and suggests that she and Alistair join them. They all chink glasses to New Beginnings. Alistair proclaims that he and Shula are happy just as they are.


Mar 6, 2018 789


Ruth asks Brian for an update on the contamination and he assures her it's nothing to worry about. Later when Ruth finds out about Pryce Baumann pulling out of the Home Farm deal she complains to David. She was entrusted to look after Ruairi's interests and Brian should keep her updated on the situation. At a farmers' conference on black grass Adam is approached by Michael Park, a farmer who is on the organising committee for a self-help group for farmers concerned about soil health. He believes Adam would have a lot to offer the enterprise and asks if he would be interested in being part of the organising committee; and perhaps host a soils open day later in the year. Adam is buoyed by this offer. Emma goes round to Greenwood cottage with some provisions and notices that the place needs a clean, and Will and Poppy could do with a proper meal. But when Emma washes up the mug Nic used last, Will is furious and Emma leaves in tears. Brian is surprised when Will arrives at Home Farm with some shoot figures. Brian tells him that no one is expecting him back at work and that he should take more time. This is the last straw for Will - why does no one believe he can cope. Will tells Brian to stuff his job and his advice.


Mar 5, 2018 795


Jennifer's still producing mountains of food for Lexi. Adam thinks that baking is the only thing keeping Jennifer sane at the moment. Lexi's going stir crazy without a job, and readily accepts Adam's offer of a few hours working at Home Farm, putting covers over the polytunnels. Adam assumes she won't be working for long, but Lexi puts him straight. Jazzer finds Jim listening to maudlin music. Nic's death reminds Jim of the need to live life to the full. He's reminded of his childhood dream of learning to play the piano. Joe blames himself for what happened to Nic. If he hadn't got her to sift through all of his useless old belongings then she might never have died. Emma says that if that's what he thinks, then she's as much to blame, for getting Nic to work at the Vintage Fair in the first place. Jim tries to take Joe for a pint but Joe insists on visiting the chapel instead. Later, Jazzer finds Joe sitting on a bench on the Green. Joe remembers how he and the boys struggled when Susan died; hardest thing he's ever had to do.


Mar 3, 2018 800


Brian confides in Justin that he is worried about the Home Farm contract with BL. Justin puts his mind at ease saying he will speak to the board on Brian's behalf so long as he can count on Brian's support in return, when the time arises. Later, Justin reassures Brian that there is no danger of the Home Farm contract being reviewed any time soon. Jennifer is relieved to hear this but she still feels Brian must tell Adam and Debbie the truth about the contamination. Brian explains that if they tell them they'll be put in a compromising position. Toby tries to get Rex interested in a new 'one off' business opportunity for him to run at Hollowtree. Rex doesn't want to know. Clarrie's upset to learn that Will and Joe have had an argument and even more upset to see how much Will's hurting. Brian calls in on Will to offer his condolences but Will explodes. He tells Brian that if he had given him the day off, as he requested, instead of being at Brian's meeting then he would have been at home and might have realised how sick Nic really was. Will feels he had one chance to save Nic and Brian took that away from him.


Mar 2, 2018 797


Pip's feeling guilty and frustrated that she can't do more on the farm to help with calving and lambing. Toby encourages her to book her glider flight before it's too late. Pip worries about losing touch and forgetting how to be a farmer, but Ruth reassures her that farming is in her blood; they should work together on the milking parlour project. Toby's gets an idea when Neil mentions that Tom turned down his offer to breed his weeners . Neil explains how it's a great business opportunity for the right person. The idea would be to profit share for a few months giving Neil time to see if Berrow was really for him. Neil tells Joe about the last time he saw Nic and says that she was full of energy. Joe's struggling to see the justice in it, William being left to bring up the children on his own, but what's really haunting him is what Nic said in her last few moments. Will begins to feel suffocated as the family continue to rally around him. Will snaps at Joe. He tells him he won't ever forgive him for not fetching him when Nic was dying. He feels Joe robbed him of his final moments with Nic.


Mar 1, 2018 805


Neither Roy nor Lexi are looking forward to Jennifer's dinner party. Lexi mentions that she's keen to find work before she is too far along in the pregnancy. Roy becomes amorous but is then disappointed to discover that he and Lexi won't be able to have sex until after she becomes pregnant; it's part of the clinic's instructions. Later at the dinner party Jennifer shares Adam's good news from the clinic about his sample being healthy. Adam tries to steer the conversation away from the surrogacy topic. Annabelle hints to Brian that she wants B.L to review the Estate contract; the board are beginning to feel that they'll be tainted by association with Home Farm. Adam's worried; if they lose the Estate contract as well as paying for the clean-up costs at Low Mead they'll be in a really difficult financial situation. Alice gives Brian the bad news about Pryce Baumann pulling the plug; all her hard work has come to nothing. However, Brian is willing to partner with another tech company so the crop sensor trial can continue. Jennifer's worried that when Alice discovers the truth about the contamination of the Am, she'll never forgive Brian. Brian is concerned that if his children find out they'll never see him in the same way again.


Feb 28, 2018 795


Alice feels guilty, and Neil needs a solution.


Feb 27, 2018 800


Ed is optimistic that he'll make some money back on the flock; they have two new ewes and the AI lot start arriving in the next week or two. Meanwhile Emma's getting cover at the Tea Room so she can look after George. She's upset about how things were with Nic before she died and feels awkward about going round to Greenwood cottage. Emma gets the impression that Will doesn't want her there. Work has begun on the new housing development but Ed and Emma feel guilty looking forward to anything and Emma felt bad for being excited. Joe has taken Nic's death particularly hard. Ruth sympathises, she was there when her mother, Heather died too. As Pip's baby will keep her busy, she insists that Ruth should project manage the parlour. Ruth and David will be doing most of the work so they should go for the system that suits them - they agree on a conventional Herringbone. Joe has Nic's last words on his mind. He visits Tony who reminds him that it is twenty years yesterday since John died. Tony tells Joe that he believes if someone knows they're running out of time, they focus on what matters, so if they say something special you ought to take notice.


Feb 26, 2018 788


Following Nic's death the Grundys are in a state of shock. Jennifer pops by with food and says Will mustn't even think about work. Clarrie has been staying with Will to help him with Poppy, while Jake and Mia are with their dad, Andrew. Clarrie regrets not boxing up the bits and pieces for the vintage fair properly. Eddie finds Will smashing the crate up in the yard; he won't let it hurt anyone else, especially the kids. Brian wishes he hadn't invited Will to the meeting with the Farndale guns; Will would have been better placed to help Nic if he hadn't been away from home. Later, Brian admits that back in the seventies the Brantford brothers approached him about dumping something on his land; he turned a blind eye as he wanted to take care of the family and needed the money. Jennifer wants Brian to come clean; his efforts to protect the family are not working and they're spending thousands on the cleanup whilst losing business, including one of Adam's main strawberry buyers. Brian's eager to know whether Jennifer's going to expose his lies but she can't make up her mind.


Feb 24, 2018 809


Eddie and Toby are on the night shift in the lambing shed, this time Toby's remembered to bring along some coffee and some urm, kefir? He was forced to buy it from the "Kefir Queen" otherwise he would never have gotten out of the shop. At the hospital the doctor tells Will that Nic is suffering from a life-threatening condition called sepsis, also known as blood poisoning. They found a badly infected cut on her arm. Will interrupts - Nic had told him it was only a scratch. The doctor goes on to tell him that Nic's blood pressure is very low; dangerously low. The doctor goes on to tell him that Nic would like to see the children, Will says Clarrie can bring them in the morning but the doctor presses him, he shouldn't wait. In the lambing shed Eddie gets a call from Will, he's distressed, Eddie tells him not to worry about anything except Nic, Eddie will bring the children in right away and call Nic's mother Beverley too. Eddie arrives at the hospital with the children, the whole family, including Joe and Clarrie are there. Nic gives the children a kiss and then Clarrie takes them out of the room. Will tells Nic how much he loves her and that he'll go dancing with her every week, it won't matter how stupid he looks, she's just got to keep fighting. Joe sits with Nic and tells her not to be frightened. Nic is distressed, says she has "been so bad," Joe reassures her, "she's not capable of bad". Then the alarms on the monitor start sounding and doctors rush in as Nic loses her life to sepsis.