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Rural, regional and remote education

Aug 15, 2019 21:45


Tara talks with Kathryn Hardwick-Franco about rural, regional and remote education.  Why does regionality offer to our universities?  What values do our doctoral students express when re-evaluating injustice and inequality?

The confirmation of candidature - a professional development session for supervisors

Aug 5, 2019 19:28


Tara presents this flipped professional development session on the confirmation of candidature.  What is it?  How can this milestone enable a successful completion?  With attention to backward mapping, this 'start' of a candidature can enable a completion.

Sex and our universities

Jul 21, 2019 44:27


A provocative title for a disturbing, confronting and difficult topic.  After the publication and dissemination of the Respect, Now, Always Report by Universities Australia, and also the emergence of the #metoo movement, how are relationships between students and staff managed in our universities?  How are borders around behaviours, roles and emotions created?  How can compassionate and kind supervision emerge, while being aware of the parameters of transgression?  Tara and Jamie discuss this complex and important issue.

Difficult situations - conversations - people: A flipped supervisory training session

Jul 17, 2019 18:45


Tara presents a flipped professional development session for PhD supervisors. And it is difficult.  Difficult people.  Difficult situations.  Difficult conversations.  What creates these moments and events of difficulty?  Working through some framing issues in doctoral education, Tara explores how to avoid the festering rage of difficult conversations, to create an even, caring, compassionate - and honest - supervisory relationship.

Selecting PhD examiners - a flipped supervisory training session

Jun 30, 2019 18:28


Tara presents this professional development session for PhD supervisors. How do you select an examiner?  What characteristics are important to you?  What about form and content?  How do we continue to internationalize the doctorate, in terms of standards and quality assurance?

Dark Tourism and Public Grieving

Jun 12, 2019 39:04


Dr Leanne McRae presents a controversial, complex seminar exploring death, public and private grief and memorialization.

What does death and grief mean?  What happens as grief moves from a private to a public space?

Food, tourism, translocalism and Kangaroo Island

May 28, 2019 41:13


Tara offers a first pass of her research exploring translocalism, food tourism, regional development and Kangaroo Island.

Students discuss the examination of their PhDs: tips, tricks and challenges

May 28, 2019 02:02:58


An incredibly difficult group to study and understand is the community of students just about to enter an examination process.  This session, facilitated by Tara Brabazon and Natalie Hills, opens out to the voices, views, questions and commentary of PhD students.  What are their concerns with the PhD examination process?  How do we reduce the risks confronting this stressful time?

The finishing - the final three months before submitting a PhD

May 28, 2019 49:15


Sometimes something remarkable is captured from a live seminar.  This session - composed of completed and soon-to-be completed PhD students - explores the final three months before submission.  What happens with family and friends, health and sleep, motivation and commitment?  In this incredibly honest conversation, Tara talks with Jen, Ros, Tiffany and Ruby to understand the experience of a student in the final stages of a doctorate.

The challenges within the mid-candidature moment

May 8, 2019 17:34


Tara talks with students in the mid-point of their candidature.  What are there concerns - and how can they be solved?

What makes a great supervisor? The student perspective

Apr 25, 2019 14:43


The lack of communication and shared vision results in profound challenges in doctoral supervision.  Therefore Tara asked PhD students what they believe are the characteristics of a great supervisor.

Steps - Mid-career researchers and PhD supervision

Apr 22, 2019 08:47


Tara addresses the specific context of mid-career academics and doctoral supervision.

STEPS - Early Career Researchers and the PhD

Apr 22, 2019 09:19


As part of this Steps programme, Tara talks about how to build PhD supervisions when an early career researcher.

Punk Publishing - Emerald and the future of academic publishing

Apr 17, 2019 01:03:04


This special event features the leadership team of Emerald Publishing, from Yorkshire in the UK, talking about the future of academic publishing.  The PhD students from Flinders University ask provocative questions at the conclusion of the presentation.

Finding your doctoral path

Apr 4, 2019 01:03:42


Tara talks with commencing, established and completed PhD students.  What are their worries, fears and successes?

Remote health - indigenous knowledge

Mar 15, 2019 25:11


Tara talks with Monica Lawrence about indigenous health.  What creates social injustice?  How can we create social change?

Steps - Supervisory Declaration

Mar 14, 2019 16:31


Tara's Step training session focuses on a minor part of the supervisory journey:  the supervisory declaration at the point the thesis is about to be released to examiners.  What is necessary as part of 'compliance' in the declaration, and what enables a transparent, reflexive and accountable examination process?

4D - The revisioning of the doctor of philosophy

Feb 20, 2019 44:43


Tara offers a new model for doctoral education.  How do we revision the PhD for our present?

Science is a global endeavour - the Physics PhD

Jan 28, 2019 18:51


Tara talks with Professor Jamie Quinton about Physics and the PhD.  Why complete a PhD in physics or nanotechnology?  They discuss the global trends in science PhDs and the specificity and benefits of the Australian doctorate in these disciplines.

Steps Cotutelle

Jan 14, 2019 24:19


Tara talks with Megan Prideaux, Partner Engagement and Pathways Officer at Flinders University.  They discuss cotutelles, a special, distinctive international doctoral mode.  What is a cotutelle?  What are its benefits and challenges?

Steps - Respect Now Always: Negotiating romantic and sexual relationships between supervisors and students

Jan 14, 2019 27:39


Tara talks with Ashleigh Merriel, the head of higher degree progressions at Flinders University.  They discuss the difficult - messy - topic of sex, romance, love and doctoral education.  In a changing environment for students and supervisors, how are boundaries created and cultural safety enabled for candidates?

Terror, consumption and leisure spaces for harm in a post-crash era

Dec 20, 2018 29:49


Tara Brabazon talks with Dr Leanne McRae about her new book in Emerald's Deviant Leisure Series.  The book, titled Terror, consumption and leisure spaces for harm in a post-crash era, explores why acts of terror emerge in shopping centres, concerts and on the streets.  They discuss the transformations to work and the ineffectual 'medication' of wellbeing.  

Mid-candidature: strengths, challenges and opportunities

Dec 3, 2018 29:34


Tara talks with students in the crucial mid-point of their candidature.  What challenges are they confronting?  What solutions are available to them?

Annie and Tara talk Dayflower and Digitization

Oct 22, 2018 10:43


Annie Nguyen and Tara talk about the innovations of art-lead research.  Annie is investigating the history of a pigment - blue - and one of her case studies is Dayflower.  Listen to this and be amazing.

Preparing you for your PhD examination

Oct 13, 2018 01:45:00


Tara and Natalie Hills take the Flinders university students through their PhD examination process.  The students - as always - worked us hard and asked key questions in doctoral education.

Your Career Story

Oct 3, 2018 38:58


Tara talks with Barbara Doherty and Valerie Caines from Flinders University.  They have developed a remarkable career-development programme to render our graduates 'work-ready.'  But this is not simply professional development.  Barb and Val are creating edgy, authentic, powerful and engaging opportunities for students to understand themsevles and understanding their future.

Steps - At Risk?

Oct 1, 2018 15:31


Tara presents this short Steps Professional Development session on 'At Risk' students and candidatures.

What are the characteristics of 'at risk' students and how are these characteristics managed to enable student success?

Complaints in the PhD Space: a flipped professional development session for supervisors

Oct 1, 2018 20:07


Complaints are always challenging to manage as a supervisor, higher degree coordinator or research administrator.

What are the most commonly reported complaints to Ombudsman in Australia - right now?  The answers may surprise you.

This podcast explores the complaints from students about supervisors, and also supervisors to students.

At the end of a PhD, what would I say to students just starting?

Sep 2, 2018 41:17


In this special session Tara talks with Nat, Tiff, Ben and Andrew.  Nat and Andrew have completed their PhDs.  Tiff and Ben are under examination.  But what would these remarkable students - ex-students - recommend to PhD students just starting their journey?:

This is big.  Be inspired.

Dayflower: the extraordinary research into a pigment

Sep 2, 2018 10:33


Tara talks with Annie Nguyen about her remarkable research.  Blue is a strange colour.  Common in the digital world and rare in the analogue age, blue punctuates cliches and expressions.  Yet blue is rare.  And the rarest of blues is Dayflower.  Annie discusses this odd pigment and how it can offer a fascinating test case in moving art between analogue and digital realms.

So what is industry engagement?

Aug 21, 2018 17:38


Tara talks with Megan Prideaux, the Office of Graduate Research's magnificent industry, engagement and pathways officer.

They explore the nature of 'industry engagement'.  What is it?  Why does it matter to PhD students?

Paediatric physiotherapy and regional health

Aug 17, 2018 32:23


Tara talks with Sue Charlton.  Sue's career created momentum for a remarkable PhD, questioning the configuration of regional health.  In this podcast, Sue explores paediatric physiotherapy and the deep and profound social injustices in regional locations.

Feminism, the Global Financial Crisis and Claustropolitanism

Aug 2, 2018 26:11


Tara talks with Ros Wong about money.  And women.  And financial planning.  But Ros and Tara also probe the impact of the Global Financial Crisis on women.  They summon a theory to understand women's behaviour:  claustropolitanism.

Steps Deficit Doctorate for Supervisors

Jul 23, 2018 16:15


Tara introduces the deficit model of teaching and learning, alongside its impact on doctoral supervision.

Steps What can PhD students and supervisors 'do' during the examination period for a doctorate?

Jul 23, 2018 15:44


Once the thesis is submitted, students fret, sweat and stress.  Many supervisors do the same.  But how can the 2-3 months of examination be used productively and well?

Steps 10 drafts to submission

Jul 23, 2018 14:37


In this professional development session for supervisors, Tara explores the challenging few weeks before the submission to examiners.  How do we stop those weeks becoming months, while controlling the emotion and stress of students and supervisors?

Tara presents one solution:  10 drafts to submission.  

STEPS - the PhD setup document

Jul 23, 2018 10:11


To enable a student to finish a PhD - and certainly finish in the minimum time - requires a sharp, precise and considered beginning to the programme.  As part of her STEPS Professional Development Programme for PhD supervisors, Tara introduces the 'Setup document,' the foundation for her first meeting and, indeed, the first year of a candidature.

The link to the setup document is here:  https://www.academia.edu/35713046/Tara_Brabazon_PhD_setup_document.pdf

and here:  https://www.scribd.com/document/370035847/Tara-Brabazon-PhD-Setup-Document 


PhD Milestones: asking the right questions (HDR Supervisor Flipped Seminar)

Jul 3, 2018 16:30


PhD milestones can be tough for the student.  They should be rigorous, precise and clarifying.  They should not be brutalizing, cruel and confusing. 

This flipped training session for PhD supervisors probes the type of questions that can be asked of students and the scenarios to avoid.  

What is a productive suite of questions for students and their development?

Steps - PhD by Prior Publication Supervisory Training

Jun 24, 2018 23:33


Tara introduces the PhD by prior publication.  What are the specific skills required to supervise this mode of doctorate?

Steps - Artefact and Exegesis PhD

Jun 24, 2018 17:49


This steps training session prepares supervisors for the artefact and exegesis PhD.  What are the challenges in this mode of doctorate and how can they be examined with success and consistency?

Post PhD strategies for career development - a flipped supervisory training session

Jun 20, 2018 19:00


Tara talks through post-candidature care strategies - and employment strategies - for PhD students.

The external PhD - a flipped staff training session

Jun 20, 2018 34:44


Tara presents  a flipped training sonic session on the 'external PhD.'  How do we supervise students that are disconnected from the physical campus?  In these new times, it is time for new doctoral supervision.


Staff Development Step Programme - The Part Time PhD

Jun 16, 2018 19:56


Tara talks with supervisors about the part-time PhD and strategies to ensure that students remain connected throughout the candidature.

STEPs SOCK (Significant Original Contribution to Knowledge)

Jun 11, 2018 17:23


Tara introduces a key new movement in doctoral education:  SOCK.  We explore the Significant Original Contribution to Knowledge.

An introduction to the Steps Programme

Jun 11, 2018 11:05


Tara introduces a new mode of supervisory training for Flinders University.  Time for Steps.

Anne McLeod 52 - The emotional journey of a PhD student

Jun 7, 2018 10:31


Anne and Tara talk about the intricate and complex emotions at play in the final few months of a PhD candidature.

Mark Brown 18 - Wearables

Jun 7, 2018 08:13


Tara talks with Mark about wearables.  How can wearable tech manage or solve his interface challenges between the body and the beat?

PhD examination submission: Q + A

May 22, 2018 01:51:51


Tara and Natalie Hills offer an analogue Q and A session about PhD examination.

Police, policing, stress, change and growth

May 21, 2018 19:07


Tara talks with Andrew Paterson about his remarkable PhD.  Andrew interviewed 50 members of the police to listen to their experiences of stress, trauma, violence and police work.

His results are remarkable.  Post traumatic stress is not inevitable.  Instead, powerful  - and cheap - institutional strategies can transform police and policing and first responder cultures more generally.

The final three months before submitting a PhD

May 21, 2018 41:09


Tara has the pleasure of conducting a question and answer session with our PhD students on the cusp of submitting their PhD.  What strategies do they have to offer?  What are their fears and concerns?

Food Literacy

Apr 18, 2018 12:39


Tara talks with Chris Bailey about his thesis exploring food literacy and nutrition literacy among adolescents.  He is aiming to create a measurement tool for food literacy.

What is health and unhealthy food?  How does that information become a literacy for young people?

The Secret Stash

Apr 18, 2018 23:01


Tara talks with Ros Wong, a PhD student at Flinders University.  Ros is exploring women in rural and regional areas and how they manage money through their lives and into retirement.  Ros has discovered that the women in her research have a 'secret stash.'  This podcast explores the rationale for the secret stash and probes what we learn about women, men, money and work.

PhDs - the beginning

Apr 12, 2018 52:18


Tara introduces and welcomes new students to the PhD space.  Importantly, this podcast offers peer learning.  Current students work with the new candidates to enable their candidature.

Mark Brown 17 - How to finish a PhD when it is harder than you thought it would be

Mar 27, 2018 10:41


Mark Brown is on the final stages of his research.  He talks this week about resilience, how to survive and how to finish the thesis.

Anne McLeod 51 - The End in Sight

Mar 27, 2018 11:33


A major moment to share with podcast listeners.  Anne is within one week of submitting her thesis.  She shares with listeners the final strategies she deployed to finish a PhD via a part-time candidature.


Feb 13, 2018 23:32


Tara introduces the concept of multimodality.  What does it mean?  Why is it important?  How can it enable research dissemination?

Tara's take on mentoring

Jan 28, 2018 18:57


Tara's great friend Jac asked her to offer a perspective on mentoring.  This commentary is a bit stroppy and direct, but may poke and provoke your thinking about mentoring.  When you ask for a 'mentor' what are you actually asking for?

The Rescue Doctorate

Dec 30, 2017 40:01


Tara and Steve talk about an undercooked and underdiscussed 'challenge,' 'problem' and 'issue' in doctoral education.  What happens when the supervisor that starts with a student cannot finish them?  Tara talks about the rescue doctorate.  How do new supervisors finish a PhD student?  What should PhD students look for?  Welcome to the rescue doctorate!

The strengths and challenges of ethnography

Dec 28, 2017 13:20


Steve and Tara are supervising a terrific student researching an Australian police force. We have been discussing the methods available, including ethnography.  What are the strengths and challenges of ethnography?  How / can ethnography be used to study empowered members of our community?

Mick Winter 39 - The result

Dec 28, 2017 23:39


Tara and Steve offer the final instalment in the Mick Winter PhD story.  We talk about the successful PhD that has now been examined and tips for colleagues around the world when confronted by this incredibly sad situation.

Our love and respects to the memory of Dr Mick Winter.

Ellen Fraser-Barbour and thoughts about intellectual disability, violence and resilience

Nov 22, 2017 25:51


Tara talks with Ellen Fraser-Barbour, a PhD student at Flinders University, about her research.  She is exploring the resilience and autonomy of men and women with intellectual disabilities, and the violence they confront in their daily life.

Trump and the banality of racism - a seminar with Sunny Rue Chivaura

Oct 30, 2017 54:31


Sunny Rue Chivaura, a recent graduate from Flinders University, discusses the age of Trump, inflected by race and racism.  When race-based attacks become normal, what happens to the daily lives of citizens of colour?

Guy Standing's The Corruption of Capitalism - A Reading Group

Oct 29, 2017 01:01:49


Tara is joined by some of the most talented and innovative PhD students at Flinders to talk about Guy Standing's The Corruption of Capitalism.  

Antipodean PhD Oral Examination

Oct 29, 2017 22:02


Tara and Steve talk about the Kiwi PhD oral examination.  What is the role of a PhD oral exam, and how can it internationalize standards and quality in doctoral qualifications?

Annie Nguyen and arts-based research through Shinkyuu

Oct 18, 2017 12:22


Tara talks with the remarkable Annie Nguyen, a PhD student at Flinders University.  Annie is using arts-based research to probe the resonances between analogue and digital.  Using Shinkyuu Art as a model, trope and theory, she is creating a new way of thinking about art and research.  

Ros Wong on women, retirement and regionalism

Oct 18, 2017 20:33


Tara talks with Ros Wong, a PhD student at Flinders University.  Ros is investigating how prepared women are - financially - for retirement.  She also probes the impact of urbanity, regionalism and rurality on the preparedness of women.  This is a podcast about women, work and - yes - inequality.

How to approach a prospective PhD supervisor

Oct 14, 2017 18:36


Steve and Tara offer suggestions to prospective students about how to contact a supervisor.  What helps you gain a supervisor's attention, focus and support?

It's time to talk about milestones

Sep 28, 2017 26:06


Tara talks with Karen Jacobs, from the Office of Graduate Research, about milestones.  What is a milestone and why does it possess value for PhD students?

Higher education and creating critical futures

Sep 27, 2017 23:19


Tara talks with her friend and colleague Sam Schulz.  Sam is a sociologist of education, with a specialist interest in critical race and white studies.  Tara talks with Sam about creating spaces for alternative voices and views that can make change both inside and outside the university.  

The future of speech pathology

Sep 24, 2017 13:55


Tara talks with her namesake, Tara Shem about speech impairments in the early years.  They discuss the strength of speech pathology as an emerging discipline as much as profession and the value of strong partnerships between education and health, teaching and speech pathology.

Accelerated Trumpland

Aug 20, 2017 27:35


Steve and Tara ponder the profound instability of the Trump Presidency.  In this interregnum, how will the rise of the right be tempered by any mode or form of progressivism?

Mick Winter 38 - Preparing a posthumous thesis for examination

Jul 16, 2017 22:23


Steve and Tara talk about the challenges, opportunities and surprises when preparing Mick Winter's PhD thesis for examination.  They offer models for other supervisors when managing - emotionally and intellectually - the death of a student.  

Anne McLeod 50 - Regulating the self - regulating the professions

Jul 16, 2017 09:15


Tara, Steve and Anne align Terry Johnson's theories of the profession to a post-GFC economic and social climate.

Vanessa Alexander and researching the autism spectrum

Jul 12, 2017 18:53


Tara has the pleasure of speaking with Vanessa Alexander.  Vanessa is a part-time Doctor of Education student at Flinders University and Team Leader for Positive Partnerships (http://www.positivepartnerships.com.au/vanessa-alexander-team-leader-south-australia), a support organization to enable school-age children on the autism spectrum.

She discusses what drew her to research, her project and the advice she would offer to educators throughout the sector considering an enrolment in a higher degree.

Andrew Paterson 2 - Sleep on the job

Jul 12, 2017 09:29


Andrew, Steve and Tara talk about the role and place of sleep in policing.  They also explore the understanding - the theory - of 'work' and the 'job' of policing.

Anne McLeod 49 - Ripples

Jul 12, 2017 07:24


Anne, Tara and Steve present some alternative modelling for Guy Standing's Precariat and Terry Johnson's theorization of professionalism.  

Deviant Leisure

Jul 2, 2017 12:07


Tara talks with Steve about a new book series and an emerging trope:  Deviant Leisure.  What is deviant leisure and how can it enable a new understanding of capitalism and higher education?  

Hillsborough and Grenfell - connected stories of injustice

Jul 2, 2017 17:02


Steve and Tara summon the interconnected injustices of Hillsborough and Grenfell.  Finally, charges have been made against South Yorkshire Police - 28 years after the event.  But what do we learn about working class people, working class culture and injustice?  Tara and Steve probe the lessons of Hillsborough to understand the events in Grenfell.

Theory (Capital T)

Jul 1, 2017 12:30


Steve and Tara talk Theory.  What is it - and why is it useful for researchers?  In anti-intellectual times, is it the moment to bring back Theory (Capital T)?

Andrew Paterson 1 - Policing and resilience

Jul 1, 2017 11:15


Tara and Steve welcome Andrew Paterson to the podcast.  Andrew discusses his powerful and fascinating PhD that explores the South Australian police force, stress, resilience and transformational organizational culture.

You are more than your doctorate: Multimodality and the deficit model and multimodal supervision

Jul 1, 2017 39:39


Tara shares her presentation for the Institute of Education, delivered in London on June 9, 2017. She explores the impact of the deficit model of learning for PhD students and how multimodal supervisory solutions can transform the lives and the success of students.

A record of the presentation is located here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tara-brabazon-at-ucl-ioe-you-are-more-than-your-thesis-discarding-the-deficit-model-and-enabling-tickets-34951280220#

A conversation with Professor Martin Oliver

Jun 10, 2017 15:07


Plagiarism and the PhD

Jun 10, 2017 37:28


Tara Brabazon talks with Nazlin Bhimani, librarian and PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, London, to discuss plagiarism, academic integrity and research integrity for PhD students.


You, your supervisor, bravery, negotiation and resilience

May 31, 2017 18:16


The best learning in a PhD programme is peer learning.  Tara shares the expertise of Flinders PhD students discussing how to manage their expectations and the lived reality of a doctoral candidature.

John Reid's upgrade seminar - indigenous male migration

May 24, 2017 01:00:25


John Reid presents his upgrade seminar for his PhD.  The topic is indigenous male migration.  In this powerful presentation, he summons the image, metaphor, theory and trope of 'the waterhole.'

The Waterhole with John Reid

May 23, 2017 27:25


Tara talks with John Reid about his PhD.  What is the function of 'the waterhole' in cultural geography, or as a metaphor, a trope and a theory to understand indigenous masculinity?

The value of regional universities

May 20, 2017 20:06


As Tara is about to head off to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, she talks with Steve about why regional education matters.  The importance of universities in small cities and large towns is obvious and clear, but rarely recognized in public or education policy.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 24 - Breaking up is hard to do

May 20, 2017 11:31


Sunny, Steve and Tara address the challenge of breaking up 110,000 words into refereed articles.  Sunny has already completed two refereed articles and she discusses the surprises that emerge when she cuts up her thesis into new forms of writing, for new audiences.

Anne McLeod 48 - What is interpretation?

May 20, 2017 09:30


Very often in the doctoral space, it is assumed that PhD students understand how to interpret complex and intricate sources.  As Anne moves into deep interpretation of Terry Johnson, Steve and Tara talk through strategies to enable high level scholarship.

Mark Brown 16 - The workaround

May 15, 2017 08:20


Mark, Steve and Tara talk about 'the workaround' in technology and its role and impact in regional education.  And as a meta-point, this podcast produced what may end up Mark's PhD title and key concept.  Podcast can offer a hot moment of innovation for supervisors and students.  One of these moments is captured here.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 23 - Sunny does refereeing

May 11, 2017 10:07


In her first post-thesis week, Sunny has been asked to referee.  Tara and Steve talk about how to referee for an academic journal, and the specific challenges for early career researchers.

Old and new doctoral supervision

May 7, 2017 23:14


Steve and Tara enter the troubled space of doctoral supervision.  There are extraordinary, rigorous, caring and compassionate supervisors.  Then there is another group.  They don't read student work.  They don't meet students.  They offer little support. Steve and Tara talk about this 'old' model of supervision and the agents for change to a new way of thinking about teaching and learning in the supervisory space.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 22 - Yes Sunny has submitted

May 6, 2017 10:52


It is one of the best days in a person's life.  Sunny has submitted her thesis.  Steve, Tara and Sunny share this great moment with podcast listeners.  But Steve and Tara also put in place a plan for Sunny - 'throughcare' - to enable her career while the thesis is being examined.

The Quandary of Cosupervision

Apr 30, 2017 26:47


Steve and Tara talk through a tough topic:  cosupervision.  What makes a great supervisory relationship?  How does a PhD student select a supervisory team?  What are the key requirements for success?

Mid-candidature Question and Answer Session

Apr 29, 2017 52:31


Karen Jacobs and Tara Brabazon answer student questions about the PhD.  These students are in the middle of their candidature and ask the questions specific to their doctoral moment.  

Why interdisciplinarity? Why an integrated curriculum? A conversation with Shani Sniedze-Gregory

Apr 8, 2017 36:33


Tara talks with Shani Sniedze-Gregory about the integrated curriculum.  What is its value to schooling?

How do I change a PhD into a book?

Apr 1, 2017 30:03


Tara and Steve talk to PhD students and early career researchers about a key choice they must make.  Is their PhD a scholarly monograph?  And - if it is - how do they transform an item of assessment (a PhD document) into a book with a wide international audience?

Mark Brown 15 - Writing the exegesis in one piece

Mar 19, 2017 06:40


Tara and Mark construct a strategy for Mark to write his exegesis.  Instead of writing it in chapters, Mark has put in place a framework to increase the frequency and efficiency of his writing.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 21 - Why haven't I freaked out yet?

Mar 19, 2017 07:06


Sunny and Tara probe the final few weeks of a PhD.  It is an emotional time and incredibly intellectually exhausting.  Sunny and Tara talk about how to finish a thesis with rigour, kindness and predictability.  

Sunny Rue Chivaura 20 - Postcolonial Cultural Studies

Mar 19, 2017 10:51


Sunny, Steve and Tara explore the interface between British and Australian cultural studies to probe the potential of a postcolonial cultural studies.

Anne McLeod 47 - One theorist and your PhD

Mar 19, 2017 11:12


Anne, Steve and Tara probe the strengths and weaknesses in investigating one theorist in a PhD.  What is the value - and the problems - in applying an old theorist to a new intellectual terrain?

Mark Brown 14 - Fun with prototyping

Mar 8, 2017 08:27


Mark Brown, Tara and Steve discuss his practice-led PhD, with attention to prototyping.  The artefacts are emerging, and the speed of change means that every object that Mark creates is the foundation for the next one.  

Sunny Rue Chivaura 19 - The Theory Draft

Mar 8, 2017 11:02


Steve, Tara and Sunny discuss the final stages of her PhD completion.  Steve has just completed 'the theory draft.'  We talk about theory and its role in doctoral education, a candidature and a thesis.

Anne McLeod 46 - Deskilling professionals

Mar 8, 2017 13:36


Anne, Steve and Tara talk about deskilling, automation, professionalism and early childhood education.  

What were your expectations of a PhD - a conversation with the Prideaux Centre

Feb 22, 2017 07:34


The PhD students and supervisors from the Prideaux Centre for Research in Health Professions Education talk with Tara about their expectations going into a PhD and how they were managed through the candidature.  

What is the point of a PhD examination?

Feb 18, 2017 21:21


So much of higher education - and teaching and learning more generally - is based on assumptions.  But what is the point of a PhD oral examination?  What is its role for students and supervisors, and international universities?  

Social media for research dissemination

Feb 6, 2017 20:31


Tara and Steve present some options for men and women who have never really considered the role of social media in research dissemination.  What are the best platforms?  What arguments may convince researchers who have shared their research in this way.  This podcast takes you from zero to social media hero.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 18 - Stroppy theory for silly times

Feb 6, 2017 11:21


Sunny, Steve and Tara go into theory.  They explore Stuart Hall's theorizing and how it frames Sunny's thesis.  Tara goes hard on the current state of cultural studies (again).  Steve and Sunny are patient with her.

Mick Winter 37 - A sad announcement

Feb 6, 2017 09:48


Tara and Steve have a sad announcement for podcast listeners.  Mick Winter - our remarkable PhD student - has died.  Steve and Tara talk about 'what's next' and what will happen to his thesis now.

Amy Seymour-Walsh and a new way to create a first doctoral draft

Jan 24, 2017 13:47


Amy Seymour-Walsh talks with Tara about her PhD and her innovative strategy to move from a series of ideas and incomplete chapters and to a full first PhD draft.  

Your first articles

Jan 8, 2017 29:35


Tara and Steve offer concrete options and opportunities for PhD students and early career researchers when considering how to write their first refereed article.

Anne McLeod 45 - Is an educator a teacher? Is a teacher an educator?

Dec 12, 2016 20:37


Tara, Steve and Anne probe what it means when the word 'educator' is replaced by 'teacher'?  Particularly, they probe the consequences of changing the language from 'early childhood educator' to 'early childhood teacher.'

Mark Brown 13 - Mock Confirmation of Candidature

Dec 10, 2016 41:29


Steve and Tara introduce Mark Brown's mock confirmation of candidature.  They talk about the value of a mock event and how students can improve and learn through this process.  The podcast also includes Mark's live and raw mock CoC and how - in real time - he created improvement.

Academic Journalism

Dec 5, 2016 20:04


Tara and Steve talk about academic journalism as a mode and means of dissemination for scholarship.  When should academics consider journalism?  What are the challenges and pitfalls?  And - how can 'unpopular' topics gain momentum in popular culture?

Should I do a research masters or a PhD?

Dec 4, 2016 25:48


What are the reasons to choose to enrol in a research masters rather than a doctor of philosophy?  Steve and Tara talk through the differences for students, supervisors and examiners and - once more - recognize the key skill of time management in supervision.

Interim Milestones

Nov 29, 2016 05:12


What happens to part-time PhD students through a milestone process?  Tara talks about the use and value of interim milestones

Milestone 3 - The Final Thesis Report

Nov 29, 2016 07:47


Tara talks about the final PhD Milestone that moves student from candidature to examination.  She also talks about this challenging moment for students and supervisors and strategies to make this easier.

Milestone 2 - Mid-Candidature Review

Nov 29, 2016 06:14


Tara talks about the 'difficult middle child' in the PhD Milestone Management System:  the mid-candidature review.  What are key tactics and strategies to enable completion of a PhD and success through the processes?

Milestone 1 - Confirmation of Candidature

Nov 28, 2016 08:08


Tara introduces the first milestone in Flinders University's new Milestone system.  The first milestone - in the first year - is Confirmation of Candidature.

PhD milestones - an introduction

Nov 28, 2016 02:41


Flinders University is introducing milestones in 2017.  Tara introduces a quick series on each of the milestones.  This first session asks why milestones are necessary, and their value to learning, teaching, students and supervisors.

Mick Winter 36 - How to reflect on your thesis - while doing it

Nov 20, 2016 08:02


Mick, Steve and Tara are entering the final drafting stages of Mick's thesis.  They have decided to work on two book proposals - one academic and one trade - while the drafting is taking place.  The unexpected benefit of this scheme is that Mick is not only producing two books for his post-thesis future, but also reflecting on the entire thesis, while still enrolled as a candidate.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 17 - Entering the endgame

Nov 20, 2016 11:29


Steve, Tara and Sunny enter the final stage of her thesis.  Steve and Tara introduce a strategy to keep this final difficult stage fresh for Sunny while also enabling her - remarkable - future career.

University of Trumpland

Nov 13, 2016 30:04


Tara and Steve talk about the victory of Donald Trump.  They explore the nature of 'the elites' and 'the establishment,' with attention to whiteness, femininity, heteronormativity and class.  More significantly, what do we learn about the nature of education, teaching, learning and reading from this 'victory'?  And what do 'we' do next?

Beginnings matter. Endings matter more. How to finish a PhD with health and humour intact

Oct 22, 2016 31:28


Tara presents a podcast version of a talk she delivered for doctoral candidates at the University of the West of Scotland.  This talk is followed by commentary and conversation by the PhD students, offering recommendations and advice for completing a doctorate in the minimum time.

Events, dear boy. Events. A conversation with Professor David McGillivray

Oct 20, 2016 57:36


Tara talks with Professor David McGillivray about leisure and leisure studies, work and higher education, media and dissemination.  David is the Professor of Event and Digital Cultures at the University of the West of Scotland.  His innovative work is also creating powerful and innovative opportunities for doctoral students in thinking about the trajectory and potential of their research.

A conversation with Kevin Moore - Museums and Popular Culture Revisited

Oct 15, 2016 01:07:49


Tara talks with Dr Kevin Moore about the National Football Museum.  Kevin reflects on the nature of sport studies and museum studies, particularly through Brexit.  Popular culture remains a key area of future study and attention in the contemporary museum.

3D Librarian - information literacy in an accelerated age

Oct 12, 2016 42:14


Tara offers a podcast version of her Keynote Address for the Fourth European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL).  This presentation was delivered in Prague on October 10, 2016.


The session explores the impact of the 3Ds - digitization, deterritorialization and disintermediation - on social justice, education, teaching, learning, citizenship and librarianship.  Tara shows the potential of and for librarians in creating a reintermediated future.

Beyond leisure studies

Oct 3, 2016 25:53


Tara and Steve probe leisure studies, exploring the transformations to work and education.  Particularly, we explore the changes to leisure studies and its ambivalent relationship with physical cultural studies.

Time to rethink the value of a book chapter

Oct 3, 2016 19:18


Tara and Steve probe the value of a book chapter.  Through research evaluation programmes - like the RAE, REF and the ERA - the book chapter is often discredited and undermined.  Yet is the status of the book chapter transforming through digitization, deterritorialization and disintermediation? 


Oct 2, 2016 20:01


Tara and Steve introduce and welcome the term 'nanolearning.'  What is it and how can it operate with flipped learning and open educational resources?  They explore the potential of nanolearning to enliven analogue and digital teaching and learning.

Is there a future for the professions?

Sep 1, 2016 01:14:54


This podcast is derived from a seminar on Richard and Daniel Susskind's book, The Future of the Professions.  This group of Flinders postgraduates and staff probe this book and if / how digitization transforms the professions.

Thinking about video reflexive ethnography with Julie Simpson

Aug 29, 2016 25:31


Authorship - a lunchtime seminar for supervisors

Aug 9, 2016 18:46


Tara introduces the vexed and complex issue of authorship during a doctoral programme.  How is authorship to be discussed during a PhD supervisory relationship, and how is authorship regulated and managed?

How to complete a PhD (in the minimum time) - a lunchtime seminar

Aug 9, 2016 13:22


Tara presents this lunchtime seminar for PhD supervisors offering twenty quick strategies to enable a quick doctoral completions.

Academic integrity - a flipped lunchtime seminar

Aug 8, 2016 08:48


Tara presents this short introduction to academic integrity.  This session provides the flipped foundation for a lunchtime seminar for supervisors at Flinders University.

Managing perfectionism

Aug 7, 2016 08:56


Steve, Sunny and Tara talk through the challenges of Sunny's last chapter.  As always happens in the last stages of a PhD, emotional and intellectual doubts emerge.  How can PhD students manage perfectionism while finishing a PhD?

Mick Winter 35 - Return of the Frame

Aug 7, 2016 05:30


Tara, Steve and Mick probe the 'frame' in his meme research.  Is a meme a frame?  Is the meme the carrier for content?

Confirmation of candidature - a lunchtime professional development session

Aug 3, 2016 27:09


Tara and Steve  talk about a key moment in the Australian PhD candidature:  the Confirmation of Candidature.  Compared to other international examples, this session is held very early in the research project.  Steve and Tara talk about the strengths and challenges of this system for students, supervisors and the university.

Doing science fiction and a PhD - a conversation with Bronwyn Lovell

Jul 30, 2016 20:07


Tara talks with Bronwyn about science fiction.  Bronwyn Lovell is completing a creative-led PhD, probing the limitations and capacities of science fiction.  They discuss Dr Who, Star Trek, fantasy and film, arguing for the importance of women writing, directing and producing science fiction.

PhD milestones - a conversation between Karen and Tara

Jul 30, 2016 20:20


Karen Jacobs and Tara introduce the new system of Milestones at Flinders university.  What are milestones and why are they useful to part time and full time research higher degree students?

Vicki Pascoe 1 - the challenges when researching the professions

Jul 30, 2016 07:39


Steve and Tara introduce Vicki Pascoe to podcast listeners.  Vicki is investigating migrant doctors and medical professionals in rural and regional Australia.  Particularly, they talk about the challenges involved when researching this group.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 15 - Althusser, the tea towel and identity

Jul 29, 2016 17:56


Steve, Tara and Sunny talk about identity, particularly considering the role of Louis Althusser in Stuart Hall's thinking about self and politics.

Anne McLeod 44 - Writing those transitions

Jul 24, 2016 07:46


Anne, Steve and Tara check on Anne's writing strategy to find 30 productive minutes each day.  Particularly they explore how to write the transitions between complex ideas to ensure that fragmentation is minimized and smooth and productive arguments are developed.

Mick Winter 34 - How to publish many books from a single doctorate

Jul 24, 2016 10:33


Steve, Tara and Mick discuss Mick's post-PhD publishing options.  They talk through scholarly monographs, trade books and short, specialist e-books.  For the traditional thesis, many publishing options are available, creating new audiences for new research.

Flipping doctoral supervisory training

Jul 21, 2016 19:39


It is difficult to enthuse academic staff to undertake professional development in and for doctoral supervision.  Yet it is crucial that PhD students gain innovative, dynamic and modern techniques, theories and strategies throughout their candidature.  Steve and Tara talk through the options for a flipped supervisory training strategy.

Creative Industries for PhD Students

Jul 17, 2016 35:34


Tara and Steve discuss the use and value of creative industries for PhD students.  They probe the 'triple helix' of university, business and government and how doctoral candidates can manage this new environment.

Anne McLeod 43 - Finding those precious 30 minutes

Jul 17, 2016 06:35


Anne, Steve and Tara work through a key moment in Anne's candidature.  Anne has three chapters that are nearly finished.  She needs a strategy to get that work done.  We explore the role of finding thirty minutes a day to ensure that a part-time PhD fits into a full-time life.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 13 - Making powerful source material function in a PhD thesis

Jul 17, 2016 10:50


Sunny, Steve and Tara have now reached Sunny's last chapter of her PhD.  It is a long one.  It is complex.  How is Sunny to present and analyse 10 oral history interviews.  More precisely, how is she to structure this rich and hot information within her doctorate? Sunny, Steve and Tara talk through the options.

Research and research training in nursing and midwifery

Jul 13, 2016 18:40


Tara talks with Dr Lindy King, the Associate Dean (Research Higher Degrees).  They discuss the development of a research culture and the specificity of the disciplines, paradigms, theories and approaches within nursing and midwifery.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 12 - Brexit (really)

Jul 6, 2016 20:14


Tara talks Sunny and Steve off the theoretical balcony after Brexit.  They talk about what the Brexit means to our understandings of race, conservatism and little Englishness.

It's my happy place - goal management and the PhD

Jun 27, 2016 10:22


Tara talks with the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University.  The students express their strategies to complete a rapid PhD thesis while managing the challenges of work and family.

Relationships and the PhD

Jun 26, 2016 21:18


Tara. Sam and Mel talk about the PhD, love and relationships.

Submitting the thesis

May 30, 2016 58:01


Tara and Karen Jacobs talk about the processes and procedures required to exam a PhD. Tara and Karen talk about the selection of examiners and how to ensure that the PhD is ready to be assessed and passed.

You and your supervisor

May 29, 2016 20:41


Tara talks through the punctuation of a supervisory relationship.  She probes the expectations, assumptions, motivations, disappointments and satisfactions that organize and shape successful and failing PhD supervisory processes and experiences.

Policing the crisis in new times

May 27, 2016 01:12:17


Steve and Tara talk with Sunny Rue Chivaura and Glory Gatwiri, exploring the book Policing the Crisis. What is the use and value of this book now, in a time of asylum seekers, hyper racism, sexism and xenophobia?

Know your podding from your vodding - social media for academics

May 17, 2016 30:05


Tara presents a podcast version of her seminar that introduces social media options for academics.

Flinders University Supervisory Training Core 2

May 15, 2016 20:57


Tara introduces the second core section in supervisory training.  The goal of this session is to move supervisors from compliance to excellence.

Flinders University Supervisory Training Core 1

May 15, 2016 35:20


Tara introduces the key stages of doctoral supervision, spanning from admissions to examination.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 11 - Policing race, history and theory

May 13, 2016 10:57


Sunny is about to fly to Adelaide to join us on the Flinders campus.  However before her arrival we continue our discussion of race, injustice and Policing the Crisis. 

Anne McLeod 42 - Fleshing out agents of change

May 13, 2016 06:01


Anne, Tara and Steve work through theories of agent and agency to enable Anne's discussion of early learning, equity and social justice.

Mick Winter 33 - Flowing with the magpie

May 13, 2016 08:23


Steve, Tara and Mick explore how to manage the theoretical fragmentation of chapters in a doctoral thesis. 

Mark Brown 12 - Artefact suites and drinks on Mark

May 13, 2016 06:22


Mark, Tara and Steve return to the challenging issue of balancing artefacts and the exegesis in creative-led doctorates.  But it is clear that Mark's prototype is creating a powerful structure and propulsion for his thesis.

Alison Thorsteinsen and the WriteSkills programme

May 12, 2016 13:20


Tara introduces Alison Thorsteinsen in the Office of Graduate Research.  Alison talks about the support available for doctoral candidates to enable and assist their writing.

Anne McLeod 41 - What is an agent of change?

May 8, 2016 06:26


Steve Tara and Anne talk about models and theories to understand a 'social agent.'  Steve works through the theories of Anthony Giddens to see if his approach has value in understanding teachers and educators in contemporary Australia.

Mark Brown 11 - Place, Purpose and the PhD

Apr 22, 2016 08:08


Steve, Tara and Mark focus on the original contribution to knowledge.  How can understanding the place in which research takes place enhance the originality of the doctorate?

Mick Winter 32 - Organizing the final doctoral year

Apr 18, 2016 07:41


Tara, Steve and Mick introduce the final year of his PhD.  Steve and Tara talk through with Mick the specific challenges of the final year, including the importance of timelines and the selection of examiners.

Anne McLeod 40 - Children, disempowerment and equity

Apr 18, 2016 08:18


Anne, Steve and Tara talk about the reasons for the disempowerment of children and early childhood educators.  Anne's focus is to think about equity and justice. 

Michele Jarldorn and photovoice

Apr 18, 2016 15:10


Tara talks with Michele Jarldorn about her PhD research, exploring the use of photovoice with former prisoners.

Matthew Bennett and understanding adults with Asperger syndrome

Apr 14, 2016 16:21


Tara talks with Matthew Bennett a doctoral candidate at Flinders University.  Matt's thesis is currently under examination, and he used this time to reflect on his topic:  investigating adults with Asperger syndrome.  He explores their role in the workplace and also the specific challenges faced in personal relationships.

Glory Gatwiri and doctoral research that is changing the world

Apr 6, 2016 24:01


Glory Gatwiri, a soon-to-be completed doctoral candidate at Flinders University, talks with Tara about her research with women managing vaginal fistula.  Her goal is to break the silence around women's sexuality and health to create empowerment for women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

You but with a doctorate: what advice would you give your future self about your PhD candidature?

Mar 27, 2016 16:11


Tara shares her short induction speech for PhD students right at the start of the candidature.  What advice would your future self - the you that has completed a PhD - offer to you on the day of your induction?

The past of cultural studies? The creative industries

Mar 27, 2016 36:22


Tara and Steve continue their conversation about Cultural Studies.  In this podcast they explore the role of the creative industries in the 'decline' of Cultural Studies.  Is there any way to resurrect Cultural Studies and the creative industries, or is it time for an intellectual divorce?

What is going right and wrong with the PhD Confirmation of Candidature?

Mar 27, 2016 29:13


Tara and Steve talk about the PhD confirmation of candidature.  What is the CoC?  What value does it have to quality assurance and the andragogical development of our doctoral candidates?  

Anne McLeod 39 - Questions of consciousness

Mar 27, 2016 05:32


Tara, Anne and Steve discuss Guy Standing's precariat and how the early childhood educator fits into such a category and concept.

Mark Brown 10 - Antipodean Cocs and the challenges of part-time candidature

Mar 26, 2016 06:14


Mark, Tara and Steve talk through the deep and profound challenges of part-time doctoral candidature.  How do we manage the stress while the clock is ticking, particularly when a confirmation of candidature is pending?  We develop some strategies.

Mick Winter 31 - Size matters girlfriend

Mar 25, 2016 06:31


Steve, Tara and Mick explore the role and challenges of big chapters in a PhD.  Should a big chapter be split?  Should it be submitted as a coherent whole?  We explore why size does matter in PhD chapters.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 10 - Summoning self knowledge in the final year of a PhD

Mar 23, 2016 06:23


Sunny, Steve and Tara talk about the challenges when moving into the final year of a PhD.  It is important to maintain motivation, but also recognize the work that is still required alongside the work already completed.

Cultural studies and its futures

Mar 6, 2016 27:55


Steve and Tara have an announcement to make.  They also talk about the past, present and future of cultural studies.

Women take issue with higher education

Feb 26, 2016 01:25:40


Tara hosts a very special event in Brisbane, talking with women in higher education.  We discuss the challenges for women in the neoliberal university, but express shared strategies and goals for the future of our institutions.

Ride on time - time management for doctoral students and supervisors

Feb 24, 2016 38:29


Tara shares her workshop presentation at CQU's Research Higher Degrees event.  She present strategies for increasing the speed of doctoral candidature.  The audience - in both Rockhampton and Melbourne - offer their strategies for rapid doctoral completion.

5 minutes to hell, time to tell the truth - the disintermediated doctoral student

Feb 20, 2016 44:10


How have disintermediated media transformed doctoral education?  How can disintermediated media enable a productive, fair, rigorous, transparent and compassionate relationship between supervisor and doctoral candidate?  Tara shares her keynote address for Central Queensland University's Research Higher Degree Event, held in February 2016.

Anne McLeod 38 - Anne and the sonic-led doctorate

Feb 20, 2016 10:00


As Anne's work turns to the discussion of equity and the professions, Steve and Tara acknowledge Anne's fascinating andragogical strategies, using sound and sonic recordings to scaffold her argument.

Mark Brown 9 - A confirmation of candidature document for creative-led research projects

Feb 20, 2016 04:58


Mark, Tara and Steve explore - and expose - the specific challenges when configuring a confirmation of candidature document for creative-led doctoral theses.

Mick Winter 30 - Forging that original contribution to knowledge

Feb 20, 2016 08:00


Tara, Steve and Mick talk about the challenges of doctoral research, particularly encircling the phrase 'an original contribution to knowledge.'

Sunny Rue Chivaura 9 - Using podcasts to create a meta-doctorate

Feb 19, 2016 06:55


Sunny, Steve and Tara talk about the use of sound to create a thinking space for doctoral education, particularly enlivening oral history methods.

Doctoral examination for new doctoral examiners

Feb 18, 2016 21:04


How do you examine a PhD for the first time?  What are your expectations, assumptions and perspectives?  Are you confusing your personal experiences of completing a doctorate with the requirements of doctoral examination?

Steve and Tara ask why - so often - the most inexperienced examiners are the harshest.  This podcast offers both training and an intervention to ensure that excellence and the maintenance of international standards remain the priority for early, mid and senior researchers.

Subcultures and postsubcultures

Feb 18, 2016 12:41


What is a subculture and is this concept of relevance to the contemporary social sciences and humanities?  Tara and Steve discuss subcultures and postsubcultures and ask if style remains resistive.

Mick Winter 29 - Content analysis is the crystal meth of methods

Feb 7, 2016 08:07


Mick, Steve and Tara work through Mick's analysis of famous moments of filmic dialogue.  At the moment, Mick is finding some patterning, but nothing definitive.  Meanwhile, Steve and Tara attempt to preserve Mick's sanity as he applies the crystal meth of methods:  content analysis.

Sociologists and historians having a scrag fight

Feb 7, 2016 05:46


Sunny, Steve and Tara talk about the next crucial stage of her project:  the oral history interviews.  They discuss the different mode and styles of interviews and the rich data that can be gained through oral historiography.

Deviant leisure cultures

Jan 18, 2016 18:18


Tara and Steve introduce a new concept, trope and theory:  deviant leisure cultures.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 7 - Why the authentic voice matters

Jan 18, 2016 14:00


Sunny and Tara discuss how to handle oral history testimony in a digital age.

Mark Brown 8 - Visually documenting a doctorate

Jan 17, 2016 07:37


Mark and Tara talk about the distinctive digital strategies that are emerging in and through the contemporary PhD.

Mick Winter 28 - Memes and the big three

Jan 17, 2016 09:15


Mick and Tara talk about 'the big three' films:  Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind and Casablanca.  Why have these three films dominated the most famous movie quotations of all time?

Winter is coming - doctoral supervision in the neoliberal university

Jan 10, 2016 35:54


What are the challenges confronting PhD students and supervisors in our universities?  Tara reveals the impact of neoliberalism on doctoral education, showing why governance and regulation of scholarly standards remains important.  This presentation is a recording of Tara's keynote session for the European University Association's Council for Doctoral Education Workshop, held at Delft University of Technology on January 21 and 22, 2016.

Digital leisure studies

Jan 10, 2016 12:41


Tara and Steve talk about two key phrases - "digital leisure cultures" and "digital leisure studies."  What are digital leisure cultures and can they offer a new disciplinary pathway through work, production and consumption?

Doctor Who - High Popular Culture for Difficult Times

Dec 12, 2015 45:52


Doctor Who is a stunning and innovative force in popular culture and popular memory.  But why is Doctor Who popular and what is the role of Peter Capaldi in aligning past and present, memory and politics, television and post-television?  Steve and Tara talk about Doctor Who through its history and why this programme matters now, perhaps more than at any point in its history.

What is the artefact? (The challenges of creative-led research)

Dec 5, 2015 07:49


Mark Brown joins us from Sydney to present his sonic designs for the development of his artefact.  Yet his great work raises a question.  What is the artefact?  What are the examiners assessing?  Steve, Tara and Mark try to limit and shape the examined artefact.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 5 - Blackness in Australian identity (and Australian doctoral education)

Dec 5, 2015 12:19


Sunny, Steve and Tara enter the complex area of blackness and Australian identity.  What space is available to explore blackness - as a scholar - in doctoral education?

Anne McLeod 37 - Juggling diverse writing styles in doctoral education

Dec 4, 2015 05:58


 A great challenge of doctoral education is balancing description, analysis and high theory.  Anne McLeod discusses how to manage this challenge with Steve and Tara, her doctoral supervisors.

Mick Winter 27 - Behind the curtain with the Wizard of Oz (and children's media)

Dec 4, 2015 08:46


Why has the Wizard of Oz moved so successfully through literature and film - and through time?  Mick, Tara and Steve probe the power of the Wizard of Oz and what it reveals about children's media.

Remembering the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture

Nov 15, 2015 40:12


Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead explore the history of the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture at the Manchester Metropolitan University.  How was the Institute formed?  What were the conditions that made it successful?  Can such an Institute emerge again from the contemporary higher education sector?

Mark Brown 6 - Light, darkness, movement and colour

Nov 13, 2015 06:57


Mark, Steve and Tara talk about how Mark is building his artefact.  The use of light, dark, movement and colour is aligning meaning systems and movement systems.

Mick Winter 26 - Play it again, Mick

Nov 13, 2015 11:45


Mick, Tara and Steve entered Mick's meme research - in detail.  We started with Casablanca and probed why it is famous - and why it remains famous.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 4 - Guess who is famous?

Nov 13, 2015 08:14


Sunny, Steve and Tara talk about Sunny's rather fabulous week in the media.  We talk about the role of these interviews and articles in doctoral research and how powerful research about race can be transformative for rural and regional Australia.

Anne McLeod 36 - Enjoying the view but is back on the motorway

Nov 7, 2015 04:52


Anne and Steve talk about the value of side roads in a doctorate - to gain experience and expertise - but also recognize why focus, clarity and a clear spine of argument is integral to a doctorate.

Mark Brown 5 - Annotated bibliographies for busy doctoral studients

Nov 7, 2015 05:30


Mark and Steve evaluate Mark's strategy for doctoral management, to pinch a few hours and develop annotated bibliographies.

Sunny Rue Chivaura 3 - Sunny and Steve talk Scousers (and oral history)

Nov 6, 2015 04:31


Sunny and Steve discuss the deep and wide benefits of oral history - even in a digital age - in valuing and validating the voice of migrants.

Mick Winter 25 - Different academic styles of writing

Nov 6, 2015 05:38


Mick and Steve talk about the relationship between journalistic and academic modes of writing. What is the relationship, and how can journalism become more academic - and academic writing reveal the accessibility of journalism?

Steve goes solo

Nov 6, 2015 08:19


Steve and Tara explore the challenges of co-supervision and the advantages of - every now and again - going solo.

Anne McLeod 35 - Writing through the problem

Oct 30, 2015 08:20


Anne, Steve and Tara discuss how to manage the cul-de-sacs of doctoral life.  They talk about how to manage the complexity of theory in a thesis while writing in a volatile environment for early childhood education.

Mark Brown 4 - Big life - big job - what about the thesis

Oct 30, 2015 07:24


Mark, Tara and Steve talk PhD strategy.  How do we find those impossible hours for a doctorate in an already over-stuffed life?

Sunny Rue Chivaura 2 - Finding a voice

Oct 30, 2015 11:04


Sunny, Steve and Tara explore the specific challenges in gathering and understanding 'the voice' of African migrants in Australia.  How do we maintain the integrity of their lives and narratives, but also create space for interpretation and analysis?

Mick Winter 24 - Writing a fieldwork diary (without the field)

Oct 30, 2015 08:21


Tara, Steve and Mick talks about the next stage of his research.  He is now studying how and why particular moving lines are memorable.  But can we learn some tips and tricks from sociological research?

Using indigenous methodologies in research

Oct 28, 2015 56:00


Myra Singh, with the support of her supervisor Jae Major, introduces the challenges and strengths of indigenous methodologies.  Myra's project focuses on the meanings of 'success' for indigenous students.  To enable this project, she introduces yarning as a method of data collection.

Mick Winter 23 - Bring me diamonds bro (sorting out the literature review)

Oct 23, 2015 12:17


Tara, Steve and Mick explore and express the challenges in constructing a literature review in a PhD.  We talk about how to transcend the banal and boring and create a spicy and enlivening discussion of academic literature that is productive, powerful, passionate and imaginative.

How can PhD students build a CV?

Oct 18, 2015 24:35


In a competitive higher education environment, how can PhD students enable and develop their post-PhD career.  Tara and Steve provide concrete and clear strategies to create a trajectory for a career while enrolled in a doctorate

Sunny Rue Chivaura 1 - Disinterring Stuart Hall

Oct 17, 2015 13:45


Tara and Steve introduce their new doctoral student, Sunny Rue Chivaura.  Sunny talks about her project and its value to contemporary Australia.  However there is also clear attention to how the theoretical work being completed in this doctorate will demonstrate a major reassessment of Stuart Hall's scholarship.  

Mick Winter 22 - Doctoral Tourettes (standards standards standards)

Oct 17, 2015 06:35


Mick, Steve and Tara celebrate the arrival of 107 pages of research on memes.  Steve and Tara acknowledge the achievement, but also push Mick to complete this large and remarkable section of his work.

Making learning about inclusive education visible in preservice teacher education

Oct 17, 2015 55:06


Julie Lancaster introduces her doctoral study in inclusive education.  She probes how inclusive education - as a paradigm, trope and practice - operates in preservice education and beyond.

A longitudinal investigation of the science experiences and beliefs of a cohort of pre-service teachers making their first steps into the teaching profession

Sep 30, 2015 43:11


James Deehan, PhD student in the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt presents the impact of science experiences and beliefs on science teaching.

Professionalism, professional development and professional learning

Sep 27, 2015 52:42


Anne McLeod explores the volatile and dynamic space of 'professional development' and 'professional learning' in Australian teacher education.

Mark Brown 3 - Reading reading reading (and annotated bibliographies)

Sep 26, 2015 09:14


Mark, Steve and Tara discuss the reading programme of a doctorate and how to maintain the excitement while not being overwhelmed.  The importance of note taking and annotated bibliographies are discussed.

Conceptions of infants' capabilities - the nexus between conceptions, practices, and lived experience

Sep 9, 2015 58:59


Andrea Salamon, a doctoral candidate in the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University, explores the gaps between expectations and outcomes, theories and practice, when considering the capabilities of infants.

Mark Brown 2 - How to save two years from Mark's PhD candidature

Sep 5, 2015 06:43


Tara, Steve and Mark talk about one of those extraordinary doctoral meetings, determining what we are NOT going to include in the PhD.  If such decisions can be made early, years can be saved from a student's candidature.

Interdisciplinarity and the doctorate

Aug 29, 2015 11:57


Tara and Steve discuss the strengths and challenges involved in completing an interdisciplinary doctorate.

Skyping the PhD

Aug 29, 2015 17:52


Tara and Steve reflect on their use of Skype in the supervision of PhD students.  They discuss Skype's use as a synchronous and asynchronous tool, and its specific value for busy postgraduates, busy supervisors and regional education.

Mick Winter 21 - What Mick did on his holidays

Aug 29, 2015 07:35


Tara, Steve and Mick talk about the value of taking a break - taking a holiday - in the midst of a doctorate.

Anne McLeod 34 - Debbie doesn't do deconstruction

Aug 17, 2015 08:42


Anne, Steve and Tara continue their Derrida journey.  Anne recognizes the best use of deconstruction for her project.

Developing pre-service teachers' capacity to deliver local Aboriginal Cultural Education Programmes

Aug 17, 2015 52:36


Dr Bev Moriarty and Ms Maria Bennet present an innovative pilot of a cultural education programme for first year students.

Mark Brown 1 - Compositional systems and movement systems

Aug 6, 2015 06:50


Tara introduces our new doctoral student, Mark Brown.  Mark's PhD is developing a new way of thinking about movement and music, inverting the conventional relationship to create object (body) triggered compositions.

Reading the higher education literature - how do I know what to read and include in a learning and teaching manuscript

Aug 5, 2015 49:48


Dr Deb Clarke helps early career SoTL (Scholarship of Learning and Teaching) scholars to manage the learning and teaching literature.

Rebooting music education in the central west

Aug 1, 2015 14:51


Tara talks with the music educator and music education consultant Oriana Zanon and the CSU School of Teacher Education Secretary Anthony Wallis about the major changes being enacted to music education at the University.  They discuss the current challenges facing music education in Australia, and how a new future and new opportunities are emerging for teacher education students in and through music.

Small places / big ideas

Jul 27, 2015 56:54


Tara Brabazon introduces third tier cities.  These small urban environments confront particular challenges and opportunities.  Tara reveals the international literature in this field to enable these small places to summon big ideas.

Aca-Twitter? Twitter for Academics

Jul 26, 2015 20:44


Steve and Tara talk about Aca-twitter.  How do academics use Twitter and how can it assist early career, mid-career and senior scholars in their teaching and research?

They talk about the gathering of research materials, receiving feedback and returning intellectual generosity to the neo-liberal academy.

Sound Start Study

Jul 24, 2015 59:38


Professor Sharynne McLeod introduces her research project, Sound Start Study.  She explores the options for intervention in the early years to understand and assist children with speech development.

Mick Winter 20 - Yes size does matter

Jul 18, 2015 07:34


Mick, Tara and Steve probe the key problem for doctoral students:  when is enough reading actually enough?  When should a PhD student stop reading on a particular topic?

Multimodality, diversity, and educational assessment

Jul 17, 2015 29:44


Dr Richard Liu challenges our expectations of assessment through the application of multimodality.

Planning for accessible events and tourism

Jul 5, 2015 02:35:36


This workshop, presented by Bruce Cameron (Director of Easy Access Australia Publishing) and Naul Nunnari (Manager, Event Access and Inclusion, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet) assists profit and non-profit organization to create accessible events.  A range of strategies are offered that are both clear and easy to implement.  

Anne McLeod 33 - Deconstruction is not analysis (repeat)

Jun 25, 2015 09:39


Anne, Steve and Tara consider the intellectual, political and social management of the binary opposition HOME and SCHOOL.  What is the impact on this binary opposition for early childhood education?  Steve proposes that Anne investigates Derrida and does deconstruction properly, rather than using it as a synonym for 'analysis.'

Mick Winter 19 - Beware the tea towel

Jun 25, 2015 09:15


Mick, Steve and Tara are back together working through Mick's meme chapter.  He has been on an Althusserian journey.  They discussed the relationship between ISAs, RSAs, statism and anti-statism.  But the fear of the tea towel overshadowed much of the meeting.  Wives of theorists have to be cautious in the kitchen...

Cans, cops and carnivals - an ethnography of English football fans

Jun 17, 2015 01:01:07


Dr Geoff Pearson, a senior lecturer in Law at Manchester University, presented an innovative seminar on behalf of the School of Teacher Education and CSU Law.  Geoff explored the specific challenges and profound benefits of ethnography.  He then demonstrated the benefits of ethnography in the study of English football fans.

Anne McLeod 32 - Do early childhood educators require personal development or professional development?

Jun 13, 2015 11:49


Tara and Anne talk about the next stage and next chapter of her PhD.  Particularly, we enter the terrain of professional development for early childhood educators and teachers?  But - in this female-dominated profession - is there a promotion of 'personal' rather than 'professional' development?

Senior health, fitness and the fitbit

Jun 6, 2015 26:12


Fitbit culture, the quantified self and self monitored fitness are configured as movement monitoring activities for the young.  But how are senior citizens using the fitbit?  Tara talks with her 87 year old father Kevin about his use of the fitbit and how it has changed his understanding of movement, health and fitness.

Sporting claustropolis

Jun 6, 2015 25:17


What is happening to FIFA?  Why are there so many drug scandals in cycling and the myriad codes of football?  Do the global sporting events still regenerate and lift a city and region?  Steve and Tara talk through the concept of 'sporting claustropolis' to describe and understand what is happening to global and globalizing sport.

Mick Winter 18 - Louis and Slavoj and Mick (and a bus)

Jun 5, 2015 11:37


Do we have agency?  Once more, Mick and Tara are having another 'conversation' (discussion / argument) about human agency.  Steve is the voice of reason summoning Althusser and Zizek.  Who will he convince in this argument without end?

Academic text types and assessment design - embedding literacy outcomes

Jun 3, 2015 48:08


How do teachers and students share their expectations and outcomes about assessment?  Dr Jae Major takes colleagues through the methods and strategies to ensure that students and academics can share their assumptions about academic text types.

What is the point of an ethics committee?

May 30, 2015 18:36


Tara and Steve get stroppy (again), pondering the nature of ethics committees - and research ethics more generally - in the neoliberal university.

Does ethnography still matter in a digital age?

May 30, 2015 17:22


Particular methods are fashionable, and then move out of fashion. Tara and Steve talk about ethnography, the disco of research methods.  But as ethnography moves beyond its fame and height in the 1970s, how can it reconfigure and refresh for the 2010s?

Peta Johnston 1 - Raunching and twerking to physical cultural studies

May 29, 2015 10:28


It is time for feminist physical cultural studies.  Steve and Tara introduce Peta Johnston and her doctoral thesis.  Peta is interested in researching women, sexuality, bodies and digitization.  Physical cultural studies provides the frame and impetus for this study. Social media provides the foundation. This exciting thesis begins now.  Join us on this special journey.

Equal human worth and social justice education

May 27, 2015 56:09


What is a human 'worth'?  What does equality actually mean?  Dr Tace Vigliante, from the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University, takes these questions as her focus, to develop a social justice education.

Understanding the transition to university - how can kindergarten children help us understand tertiary transition

May 20, 2015 55:13


Transitions are crucial to education. Dr Libbey Murray, from the Dubbo campus of the School of Teacher Education, explores what academics can learn from the transitional experiences of kindergarten children when thinking about first year teaching and learning in a university.

Academic misconduct series 3 - for academic managers

May 16, 2015 22:38


The calibre of higher education requires the maintenance of standards and the protection of academic integrity.  Tara, in this third podcast in her academic misconduct series, offers advice to academic managers.  They must manage and monitor the process with ethics, respect and care.  Tara helps academic managers ensure a strong process for students, staff and the higher education sector.

Academic Misconduct Series 2 - for students

May 16, 2015 19:18


What advice can help students manage academic integrity and information literacy, or a charge of plagiarism, collusion and academic misconduct?  Tara helps students move through an academic misconduct process and offers clear advice to enable a productive resolution.

Academic misconduct series 1 - for academic staff

May 16, 2015 16:34


Tara presents the first session in her series exploring academic misconduct in our universities. This professional development session is geared for academics. Teachers in our universities are the first responders to academic misconduct.  But what is the role of an academic in cases of plagiarism and collusion?  Tara talks through this role, alongside presenting the risks and challenges that flood any case of academic misconduct.

Academic misconduct series - introduction

May 16, 2015 04:22


Tara introduces her professional development series on academic misconduct.  This introductory session defines the terms 'academic misconduct,' 'academic integrity,' 'plagiarism' and 'collusion' to reveal their role in enabling quality and excellence in higher education.

Ashgate books that transformed their field - Tara Brabazon and The University of Google

May 9, 2015 27:26


The University of Google has been recognized by Ashgate as a book that transformed its field.  Tara talks about this monograph, sharing how it was written and how it activated new relationships between cultural studies, media studies and information literacy.

A weblink to this book is here: http://www.ashgate.com/isbn/9780754670971

Steve Redhead's Football and Accelerated Culture - This Modern Sporting Life

May 9, 2015 26:46


How has football transformed through globalization and digitization?  Steve Redhead talks with Tara about his new book for Routledge, Football and Accelerated Culture:  This Modern Sporting Life.  

For further details about the book plese refer to the website for this book:  http://www.tandf.net/books/details/9781138923157/



Anne McLeod 31 - Dancing to Level 42

May 9, 2015 10:31


Probably the greatest challenge in the completion of a PhD is reaching - and sustaining - the intellectual level of a doctorate.  It is particularly tough to keep the level high while teaching undergraduate students.  Anne McLeod, Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon discuss this challenge.  How do we stretch and move from teaching first year students through to high quality doctoral research?

Mick Winter 17 - The Purge

May 9, 2015 11:18


Why was there a riot in Baltimore?  Were memes involved?  Mick, Tara and Steve continue the discussion about Mick's PhD thinking about the political relationships between film, memes and digitization.

The value of music education

Apr 30, 2015 17:09


Why study music?  Tara Brabazon talks with Oriana Zanon about music education.  What is the value of music to pre-service teacher education students?

Tara talks with Leanne about cultural studies, universities and life

Apr 30, 2015 38:57


In a provocative reversal, Leanne interviews Tara about her career in universities, and beyond.  Leanne is interested in the past, present and future of cultural studies and her questions probe the effectiveness of this paradigm in a tough era for higher education.

The role of performing and creative arts in building community partnerships

Apr 28, 2015 48:39


Anne McLeod, from CSU's School of Teacher Education Dubbo campus, talks about the role of the creative and performing arts in teacher education.  She shows the significance of community partnerships and the value - at the level of skill and knowledge - in enabling the creative arts in higher education.

Mick Winter 16 - Mick, Steve, Tara and Oxford

Apr 26, 2015 09:58


Mick asks about the role of definitions - particularly dictionary definitions - in doctoral research.  Steve and Tara provide some unexpected answers.  And for once - they agree.

Exploring a capabilities-friendly approach to 21st century professional practice

Apr 22, 2015 01:28:13


Professor Melanie Walker, from the Free State University in South Africa, explores how our understandings of higher education transform when deploying the capabilities approach to teaching and learning.

Anne McLeod 30 - Keeping Anne out of the crack den

Apr 17, 2015 20:58


Steve, Anne and Tara are back together again, celebrating the completion of Anne's first chapter and foreshadowing her next chapter.  We discuss methods, ethics and the role of curriculum studies in the formulation of professionalism, and the teaching profession.


Put another way, why is Anne using Unobtrusive Research Methods rather than conducting a participant observation of crack use?

Theorizing the work around

Apr 14, 2015 56:45


Professor Jo Reid explores professional decision making in our universities and the possibilities for autonomy in 'neoliberal times.'

Mick Winter 15 - Writing through the intellectual hangover

Apr 12, 2015 08:10


Steve, Mick and Tara are back together to acknowledge Mick's great work with morphic fields, but to prepare him for writing of the next long chapter.

They discuss the challenges in writing a new doctoral chapter after completing a large and intense chapter.  How to handle an intellectual hangover?  Steve, Mick and Tara talk through some strategies.

Bilingual identities in monolingual classrooms

Apr 4, 2015 55:10


Dr Jae Major explores the role, function and place of bilingual identities in monolingual classrooms.  With specific attention to Aotearoa/New Zealand, strategies are offered to enable bilingualism to flourish.

Moving on up - physical cultural studies in third tier cities

Mar 19, 2015 58:01


How can policy makers and local councils encourage movement in small cities?  Leanne McRae, Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon explore these third tier cities and the benefits of thinking about physical cultural studies in a way that integrates the analogue and the digital, the tourist and the resident.

Mike Kent offers advice to mid-career researchers

Mar 19, 2015 32:39


Dr Mike Kent, from Internet Studies at Curtin University, talks with Tara about his career and how to build momentum and success during a challenging time for the higher education sector.

Disability, mental illness and elearning

Mar 18, 2015 44:12


How are men and women with mental illnesses being supported through higher education and elearning?  Dr Mike Kent presents the results from a recent survey conducted with students from Open University Australia.  These results are startling and challenging, questioning the practices and protocols of university teaching and learning.

What is the role of creative arts in teacher education?

Mar 17, 2015 10:01


Tara talks with Anne McLeod about the place of the creative arts in teacher education.  They discuss the disparate streams of the discipline area, but also the value for teachers in understanding voice and movement.

Anne McLeod 29 - What does Anne see from the balcony?

Mar 16, 2015 07:57


Anne and Tara discuss the particularly difficult challenges of writing a doctorate in a rapidly changing policy environment for early childhood education.

Early school-based parent involvement and student achievement

Mar 10, 2015 56:52


Does parental involvement have an impact on student achievement?  While the answer to this question may seem self evident, actually the results are much more ambivalent.  Dr Graham Daniel, from the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University, presents an interim report on this research project he shares with Dr Audrey Wang.

Why do you want to become a teacher?

Mar 10, 2015 04:26


With all the pressure and attacks on teacher education, it is a provocative but useful question to ask, why would anyone want to become a teacher?  Tara asks the new generation of teacher education students at Charles Sturt University's Bathurst campus.  Their answers are inspiring and aspirational.

Thinking Ear

Feb 17, 2015 38:49


How would your personal and professional life change if you concentrated on what you hear, rather than what you see?  Tara answers that question and shares her presentation for the 2015 researchED conference in Sydney.  

Tara's ten tips for success at university

Feb 5, 2015 24:37


The academic year is about to commence. Tara offers 10 tips to orient students into higher education.  Academics hold assumptions about our students.  This podcast tells students about our expectations and some strategies to meet them.

Tara Brabazon's Digital Dieting - Ashgate books that have impacted on their field

Feb 2, 2015 26:34


Ashgate publishers have described Digital Dieting as one of their books that have made an impact on the scholarly field.  Tara talks about how this book was written, its context, interdisciplinarity and its audience.

Mick Winter 14 - Consciousness (man)

Jan 31, 2015 10:24


Tara and Mick continue to hack through morphic fields.  They explore how theorists of morphic fields define and apply consciousness.  Yes, this is another hippy-inflected podcast.

Mick Winter 13 - Let's get Mick out of the jungle

Jan 26, 2015 10:35


What happens when a PhD student goes deeply into a research literature and needs to get out of it again? Mick and Tara talk about the morphic fields literature and how to hook this research back into his doctoral thesis.

Anne McLeod 28 - Time to get stroppy

Jan 26, 2015 08:52


Anne and Tara talk through the changing context and environment of early childhood education, and the relationship between 'a service' and 'learning.'  

The sounds of food

Jan 16, 2015 32:40


What is the sound of food?  Tara presents an artefact to accompany a written exegesis.  The goal is to probe the sociology of the senses, with attention to the relationship between food and sonic culture.

Theoretical times - claustropolitanism

Dec 31, 2014 21:44


Do you feel closed in?  Do you want to leave the planet because of war, terrorism, violence and xenophobia?  The concept that captures this tendency is claustropolitanism.  Steve and Tara discuss claustropolitanism, and the popular cultural texts that capture it:  Top of the Lake, Breaking Bad, The Tunnel, Orange is the New Black and The Fall.

Theoretical times - accelerated culture

Dec 31, 2014 22:15


These theoretical times are also accelerated times.  What is the role of momentum and speed in our understanding of identity and popular culture?  Tara and Steve talk about accelerated culture and accelerationism, and the countervailing forces of slow culture and slow food.

Theoretical times - reproletarianization

Dec 30, 2014 30:32


What happens to a working class when there is no longer work?  How do we think about middle class in relation to a digitized, globalized, casual workplace?  Steve and Tara talk about reproletarianization and its relationship with Guy Standing's Precariat.

Theoretical times - foreclosure

Dec 30, 2014 23:38


How did the Global Financial Crisis impact on our understandings of social relationships and identity?  Has foreclosure become a 'global condition'?  Tara and Steve probe the concept of foreclosure and its relevance to theoretical times.

Theoretical times - Bunker anthropology

Dec 29, 2014 22:07


Why are methods so boring in the contemporary university?  How can the theories of method be enlivened and enlivening in the humanities and social sciences?  Steve and Tara translate and transform Paul Virilio's Bunker Archaeology to develop a new way of thinking about space, identity, ethnography and surveillance.

Theoretical times - claustropolitan sociology

Dec 28, 2014 24:36


Does sociology have a future?  How does the discipline - and the scholars within it - manage neo-liberalism, xenophobia, terrorism and gated communities?  Steve and Tara explore the concept of 'claustropolitan sociology' as part of their 'Theoretical times' series.

Research planning in difficult times

Dec 18, 2014 44:20


How can you create a research plan?  How can early career, mid career and senior scholar managed research policies demanding high levels of productivity and accountability?  Tara and Steve talk about how to develop a research career in difficult times for higher education.  Strategies are offered for scholars throughout their career.

A guide through "Mary, egg and croissant"

Dec 15, 2014 12:36


Tara introduces an assignment exploring the role of food in art.  The image is titled "Mary, egg and croissant" and was photographed by William Klein.  The image is located at these urls:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/30117891231012175/ and

Mick Winter 12 - Mythic Mick speaks

Dec 14, 2014 09:34


Steve, Tara and Mick review Mick's endorsement of candidature event.  They explore why it was so successful, offering strategies for other doctoral students who follow him.

Theoretical times - Louis Althusser

Dec 8, 2014 29:53


We need - right now - a complex and intricate theorization of power and the state.  Louis Althusser provides scholars and citizens with that theorization.  Steve and Tara, in this sixth podcast in Theoretical Times, discuss Louis Althusser and why he is returning to intellectual fashion.

Indigenous sky stories with Nicholas Ruddell

Nov 27, 2014 20:25


How do we align and enhance conventional scientific knowledge and indigenous knowledges?  Nicholas Ruddell has taken on this challenge for his PhD.  His goal is to help students and teachers align and combine world views to create an intellectual environment of excitement, motivation, knowledge and social justice.

Children and physical activity - an intervention

Nov 27, 2014 09:13


What role should early childhood educators hold in play?  Tara talks with Kelly Tribolet about how to increase the movement, confidence and skill of children as they move their bodies through space.  

Anne McLeod 27 - Anne the archive rat

Nov 26, 2014 12:41


Anne has entered the analogue and digital archive to follow the traces of Terence Johnson.  Most famous for his book Professions and Power,  Anne is exploring with Tara and Steve how much of this sociologist's career has survived in the present.

Anne McLeod 26 - Can you tweet your PhD?

Nov 24, 2014 06:46


Anne talks with Tara and Steve about her professionalism research in early childhood education. This has been a crucial week.  Anne has captured the key argument of her main theorist.  She knows him so well, she can tweet her thesis statement.

The black kid burden

Nov 23, 2014 46:02


Dr Kristina Gottschall, from Charles Sturt University's School of Indigenous Australian Studies, explores the role, purpose and trajectory of 'the black kid' in Australian cinema.


Elly Singer - Young Children And Teachers Playing And Learning Together

Nov 22, 2014 40:16


Elly Singer is an Associate Professor at the University of Utrecht Department of Developmental Psychology and University of Amsterdam Department of Education.  She delivered a seminar for the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University exploring play and the building of relationships between children and teachers.

New media New times New academics

Nov 9, 2014 29:42


What are the most effective media platforms for university academics? Steve Redhead and Tara explore which social media platforms are best for academics at each stage of their career.

A regional success story - Daniel Purnell and Graham Daniel talk about regional teacher education

Nov 9, 2014 16:56


Tara talks with Daniel Purnell and Graham Daniel about Daniel's successful completion of his education degree.  Coming from Lithgow and participating in an international mobility programme, Daniel talks about the successes and challenges of his degree and the hopes for the future.

Anne McLeod 25 - When too much theory is ummmm too much

Nov 2, 2014 07:48


When do doctoral students have enough theory in their research?  Can it be too much?  Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon talk with Anne McLeod about how to balance theoretical perspectives in her PhD.

Mick Winter 11 - Mocking the meme

Oct 30, 2014 51:21


Now is the moment.  Steve and Tara conduct Mick Winter's 'mock':  a practice run for his confirmation of doctoral candidature.



Making the leap to university 5 - success

Oct 29, 2014 08:47


Tara talks with Linda Hampstead about how to be successful in the first year at university.

Making the leap to university 4 - reading and notetaking

Oct 29, 2014 10:56


Tara talks with Linda Hampstead about the importance of reading and note taking for first year university students.

Making the leap to university 3 - why attend class

Oct 29, 2014 12:04


Tara talks with Linda Hampstead about the first year experience in universities and why attendance is crucial to academic success.



Making the leap to university 2 - the key challenges facing students arriving on campus

Oct 29, 2014 14:48


Tara Brabazon talks with Linda Hampstead to address the key challenges that confront students when they arrive on a university campus.

Making the leap to university 1 - understanding the transition

Oct 29, 2014 13:13


Tara talks with Linda Hampstead about the transition from school to university, work to university and family commitments to study.  What are the challenges and opportunities when moving to higher education.

Ways that early childhood educators negotiate complexity in their practice

Oct 27, 2014 49:14


Tamara Cumming presents her soon-to-be completed doctoral research in the School of Teacher Education Seminar Series.  Deploying the theories of Deleuze and Guattari, she explores how early childhood educators manage complexity in their workplace and practice.

Theoretical times - Paul Virilio

Oct 26, 2014 19:15


What do technology, speed, war, bunkers and architecture have in common?  All are interests of Paul Virilio. Tara talks with Steve Redhead about Virilio, understanding his specific place in these theoretical times.

Two references were logged in this podcast.  Steve's article on Virilio and Parent (http://pi.library.yorku.ca/ojs/index.php/topia/article/view/460/12278) and the film Beyond the Bunker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogwHNYSSe9Q&list=UUhI8hFnlCcKDk-U3au4uCvA).


Publications during the PhD

Oct 26, 2014 22:48


Being a PhD student is complicated.  What is more important:  finishing the doctorate in the minimum time, or publishing some articles on the way?


Steve and Tara explore the difficult balance between the PhD and publishing refereed scholarship during the candidature.

The creative doctorate

Oct 26, 2014 22:10


What is the role of creativity in a PhD programme?  Tara and Steve probe the troubling terrain of the creative doctorate.  Investigating the DCA (the Doctor of Creative Arts) and the PhD composed of an artefact and exegesis, they explore the challenges of standards, standardization and quality.

Theoretical times - Alain Badiou

Oct 11, 2014 17:15


The great survivor of French philosophy, Alain Badiou offers evocative and provocative theorizations of subjectivity, ethics and modernity.  Tara and Steve review his career, stature and value in these 'Theoretical Times.'

Theoretical times - Slavoj Zizek

Oct 11, 2014 23:22


Slavoj Zizek is much more than a Slovenian Marxist philosopher.  Steve and Tara talk about why his theorizations of culture and politics have been so powerful and so popular.

Mick Winter 10 - Staying away from the brown acid

Oct 11, 2014 09:40


How do we choose the correct pathway for our PhD?  Tara and Steve talk with Mick about the formulation of his PhD proposal.  They discuss how to create a focus and trajectory for the remainder of a research project.

How to handle a doctoral examination and feedback

Sep 28, 2014 26:14


Tara and Steve Redhead enter the vexed terrain of doctoral examination.   They assist doctoral students and supervisors to manage the emotion of the process and create a concrete outcome:  a successful doctoral graduation.

Anne McLeod 24 - Making sure deadlines are not the death of you

Sep 28, 2014 07:40


Anne McLeod talks with Steve and Tara about how to manage deadlines in her doctorate.  How can deadlines be productive, rather than debilitating?

Becoming a principal - strategies, plans and trajectories

Aug 30, 2014 19:04


Do you want to become a principal?  How will you achieve this goal?  Tara talks with Cameron Fraser, an experienced principal and academic in the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University, to determine how to build momentum for success, achievement and change.

Bullying - the challenges and the tools

Aug 27, 2014 16:44


What are the strategies to create a safe learning community?  Tara talks with Paige Bennett about bullying and how the definitions, challenges and tools to manage it are transforming.  

Examining your first PhD - what to look for - what to avoid

Aug 27, 2014 12:02


An opportunity emerges to examine a PhD.  But what should this new examiner look for and what should be avoided?

The body is more than just a mind - teaching health and physical education

Aug 27, 2014 05:12


There is a gift and power of physical education.  Tara talks with Dr umar umangay about why his HPE class worked so powerfully and passionately.

Bodies, embodiment, spirit and vision - a conversation with umar umangay

Aug 26, 2014 32:32


Can we think about decolonizing the curriculum through post-humanism?  Tara talks with umar umangay about bodies, embodiment, spirit and vision, offering a strategy to think about teacher education through an innovative and interventionist frame.

How to build research momentum as an Early Career Researcher

Aug 26, 2014 10:51


As an early career researcher, the demands on time - particularly through teaching - are great.  How do ECRs find time for research?  How can we move great ideas into great articles?  Tara talks with Dr Randa Khattar about building momentum for research each day, week, month and year.

Social media for early career researchers

Aug 26, 2014 11:51


What are the best social media choices for early career researchers?  Tara talks with Dr Randa Khattar about the most effective social media sites when developing an online profile and presence.

How can teachers prepare for professional development and career change?

Aug 16, 2014 11:15


A teacher decides that the moment for professional development has arrived.  But what are the key issues to consider in terms of career planning?  Tara talks with Zeffie Nicholas about how a Masters of Education can enable career progression.

Mick Winter 9 Hanging With Mikhail (Bakhtin!)

Aug 16, 2014 10:16


Tara and Mick talk about the new theorist that Mick may engage with or - as usual (!!!) - discard!  This week, Mikhail Bakhtin is proving more significant for Mick and his work on memes.  Mick's interest with 'voice' and 'resistance' may be finding some resonance in and with Russian Formalism...

How to supervise PhDs 10 - What are the characteristics of poor supervisors and examiners

Aug 8, 2014 20:40


What are the warning signs of poor supervisors and examiners?  In this final session, Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon talk through the characteristics of problematic supervisory behaviour and concerning examiner choice.

How to supervise PhDs 9 - Publications during a doctorate

Aug 8, 2014 13:57


Doctoral students own their own work, so when should a supervisor add their name to a publication?  Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon enter this incredibly controversial area.  Who owns a PhD student's publications?

How to supervise PhDs 8 - Forms, forms, forms

Aug 8, 2014 12:46


Why do PhD students and supervisors have to fill in so many (damn) forms?  How can we transform regulation into a positive outcome for the candidate and the candidature?  Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon explore the reason for forms and how they can enable progress, rather than deflect attention from the project.

How to supervise PhDs 7 - Co-supervising and co-supervision

Aug 8, 2014 12:03


How important is a co-supervisor?  How are conflicts managed between supervisors and students?  Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon explore the strengths and profound challenges that emerge between supervisors.  The creation of a harmonious supervisory team is a gift.  When this relationship turns sour, then it can be debilitating for the student.

How to supervise PhDs 6 - Preparing for a supervisory meeting

Aug 8, 2014 14:48


The best PhD meetings are a joy, innovative and inspirational.  But what are the characteristics of a successful PhD meeting?  What preparation is required from a supervisor and a student?  Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon discuss the attributes of successful meetings, and how to correct and manage challenges and problems.

How to supervise PhDs 5 - The student and supervisor relationship

Aug 8, 2014 22:07


The core challenge for PhD candidature management is negotiating the student and supervisor relationship.  There are ways to ensure that it is a healthy and productive partnership, but it requires work, consciousness and - frequently - regulation. Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon explore how the health of a student and supervisor relationship can be strengthened.

How to supervise PhDs 4 - The importance of expertise

Aug 8, 2014 12:16


Are there benefits of a 'celebrity professor' as a PhD supervisor?  Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon discuss the benefits and challenges in choosing 'a name' rather than a portfolio of expertise.

How to supervise PhDs 3 - The selection process

Aug 8, 2014 10:31


Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon enter the vexed issue of selection processes that enable entry into doctoral programmes.  In this third session, Steve and Tara present warning signs for students and also problematize the biases of supervisors.

How to supervise PhDs 2 - How to find a good supervisor

Aug 8, 2014 21:05


How do prospective PhD students locate the perfect supervisor?  How do supervisors attract the best students? Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon continue their series on how to supervise PhDs.  This episode explores how to find a good supervisor and build that great supervisory relationship.

How to supervise PhDs 1 - The Intervention

Aug 8, 2014 13:56


Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead introduce their ten part series on how to supervise a PhD.  In this first session, Tara and Steve talk about the 'crisis' in doctoral education generally and supervision in particular, and the necessity for an intervention in current processes and practices.

Building cultural competence through international sporting mobility programmes

Aug 6, 2014 44:45


In this School of Teacher Education research presentation at Charles Sturt University, Dr MattWinslade demonstrates the value of international mobility programmes when enabled through sport.  The development of cultural competence enhances both the ability and employment options of HPE teachers.

What Support Is Available For University Students With Impairments? A Conversation with Julieanne Channing

Aug 6, 2014 15:59


Tara talks with Julieanne Channing about the opportunities and support available for students - and prospective students - with impairments.

Mick Winter 8 - Carnival time

Aug 6, 2014 05:30


Mick Winter, Steve Redhead and Tara celebrate Mick's achievement:  producing a 100 page agenda for his PhD.  This document has revealed and new theory and opportunity for Mick's work on the meme:  the carnivalesque.

Imagining local and regional food

Aug 3, 2014 16:25


Tara provides a sonic introduction for her current masters subject, investigating food and drink in contemporary society.  She explores the nature of 'the local' and 'the regional,' with attention to both branding and commodification.

Anne McLeod 23 - Yes She Has Finished

Aug 2, 2014 05:05


An exciting time.  Anne has finished ... her PhD proposal.  She offers advice for the PhD students who follow.

What is physical cultural studies?

Jul 30, 2014 08:05


Steve Redhead and Tara talk about a new and emerging field:  physical cultural studies.

Catholic Education in partnership - a conversation with Jenny Allen and Michael Flood

Jul 17, 2014 21:35


Jenny Allen and Michael Flood, leaders in Catholic education in the diocese of Bathurst, discuss their commitment and consolidated approach to teaching, learning and inclusive education.  Through a memorandum of understanding signed with Charles Sturt University, a careful, compassionate and optimistic future is possible for many students in the region. 

School and university partnerships: a conversation with Peter Nugent

Jul 16, 2014 14:47


Peter Nugent talks with Tara Brabazon about school and university partnerships, with particular resonance for regional New South Wales.  Inclusive education, and the needs of rural and regional students, is a key focus.

Anne McLeod 22 - Living A Full Life With Anne

Jul 15, 2014 11:24


Anne, Steve and Tara talk through the challenges of part-time doctorates.  How do we fit a part-time PhD into a full life?

An Oral History Of Western Australian Food (with Doris And Kevin Brabazon)

Jul 11, 2014 39:37


Tara needed to find out about a recipe for chocolate goo.  This family recipe required some information about family food history.  Therefore Tara interviewed her parents Kevin and Doris Brabazon.  The resultant interview is quirky, complex and surprising.

Reframing cultural economy with Professor Justin O'Connor

Jul 10, 2014 01:21:49


This podcast captures the launch of the Creative Regions Lab at Charles Sturt University.  The lecture that launched the CRL was delivered by Professor Justin O'Connor.  His title was "Reframing cultural economy." 

Mick Winter 7 - From Cultural Intermediary To Fetish

Jul 9, 2014 12:39


Mick, Steve and Tara are together once more.  Steve and Mick explore the use of the phrase 'cultural intermediaries' to the meme research.  Tara goes straight to a discussion of fetish.  (No not that fetish)...

Anne McLeod 21 Anne Finds A Data Spike

Jul 9, 2014 05:46


Tara and Anne explore a change in terminology, that also is leading to a change in thinking - and policy - for early childhood education.

Mick Winter 6 The Small Doctorate Is The Best Doctorate

Jul 5, 2014 11:52


Mick and Tara are without Steve this week's meeting.  Mick, Tara and Steve have been wrestling with the limitations and boundaries of Mick's thesis.  This podcast captures a moment of decision and resolution.

Is The Conservatorium Model Relevant To 21st Century regional Australia

Jun 26, 2014 01:03:37


Graham Sattler, the executive director of the Mitchell Conservatorium, presents a public lecture exploring the role of a conservatorium in social, cultural, economic and regional development.

Theoretical Times - Jean Baudrillard

Jun 22, 2014 14:07


Tara talks with Steve Redhead about Jean Baudrillard.  The 'postmodern' label applied to Baudrillard has underplayed his complexity and role in the contemporary academy.

Teaching Law Through Podcasting

Jun 22, 2014 09:51


Steve Redhead and Tara talk about the value of podcasts in the teaching of law and legal studies.  Particularly when teaching legal theory and inter-disciplinary legal studies, podcasts have great value.

Anne McLeod 20 - Types and Tropes

Jun 18, 2014 11:33


Anne, Steve and Tara are together in Bathurst.  And what an explosive session.  We talk about Weber and Johnson, types and tropes.  A major moment in the thesis.

Theoretical Times - Lucio Colletti

Jun 9, 2014 13:13


Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead introduce 'theoretical times' with a discussion of Lucio Colletti.

Anne McLeod 19 - Shaping Johnson

Jun 8, 2014 08:46


Steve and Tara talk with Anne McLeod, exploring how she will theorize and shape her historiography of Terence Johnson's Professions and Power.

Mick Winter 5 - Liquid Mick

Jun 3, 2014 09:34


A very special day for Mick, Tara and Steve.  While we started reviewing meme theories, Zygmunt Bauman's liquid metaphors flowed into the discussion.  Are meme's sticky?

PhD by podcasts

May 27, 2014 46:29


Tara introduces Anne McLeod's seminar on PhDs by podcasts, from the perspective of the doctoral candidate.  The question time explores how doctoral writing and examination will transform as podcasting permeates doctoral education

Mick Winter 4 Hacking Through The Doctoral Jungle

May 25, 2014 10:16


Mick, Steve and Tara talk through that difficult stage of the doctorate when there is so much to read - and so little time!

Anne McLeod 18 Tired And Emotional But Still Standing

May 25, 2014 06:14


Anne and Tara review her confirmation of candidature.  We are tired and emotional - but still standing.

Anne McLeod 17 The Overscheduling Of Anne

May 25, 2014 10:33


Anne, Steve and Tara talk through the build up to Anne's confirmation of candidature.

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 10 How To Handle Rejection

May 3, 2014 10:33


Steve and Tara discuss the hardest part of book publishing:  rejection.  How is it best handled in a positive and productive way?

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 9 How do we assess a 'quality' publisher

May 3, 2014 07:50


Notions of quality are transforming in publishing and for publishers.  Steve and Tara talk through this change.

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 8 How To Manage Edited Collections On Special Issues And Special Topics

May 3, 2014 06:31


Steve and Tara discuss how to work with editors on special topics and special collections.

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 7 How To Manage Co Authorship

May 3, 2014 10:48


Steve and Tara continue their book publishing series, exploring how to manage the great challenge of coauthors.

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 6 - Writing The Book Proposal

Apr 26, 2014 31:44


In this final podcast in their series, Steve and Tara provide a step-by-step guide to creating a book proposal.

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 5 - The Strengths And Challenges Of Edited Collections

Apr 26, 2014 14:20


Steve and Tara explore the challenges and the potentials of edited collections.  They show the advantages for editors and contributors, while also offering caveats for early career researchers.

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 4 - The Perils Of Publishers

Apr 26, 2014 21:19


Steve and Tara talk about the challenges, problems and joys that emerge when working with publishers.

Talking Book Publishing With Steve And Tara 3 Should I Write A Book Or Refereed Articles?

Apr 26, 2014 14:27


Tara and Steve explore the priorities for early career and emerging academics.  Should the focus be on refereed articles or a scholarly monograph?

Talking publishing with Steve and Tara 2 - How do you know it is time to write a book?

Apr 26, 2014 14:22


Steve and Tara explore the role of books and book publishing in an academic career.  

Talking book publishing with Steve and Tara 1 - Why do books matter

Apr 26, 2014 06:17


Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead introduce the first podcast in their series on academic book publishing.  This first sessions asks if - and why - books matter.

Anne McLeod 16 - Jazzing a presentation

Apr 25, 2014 10:28


Anne McLeod, Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon work on developing the relationship between her written proposal and her oral presentation.  It is time for a bit of jazz.

Mick Winter 3 - But is resistance conscious?

Apr 25, 2014 10:34


Mick, Steve and Tara explore the role of Dick Hebdige's "Subculture" in the memes project.  Particularly Mick asks about the level of consciousness in and through bricolage.

Anne McLeod 15 - The Mock Queen speaks

Apr 23, 2014 12:10


Anne McLeod, Steve Redhead and Tara Brabazon review her performance in the mock.

Mick Winter 2 - How does a film line become memorable?

Apr 7, 2014 12:06


Mick Winter talks with Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead to discuss his PhD.  There is attention on how a film line becomes memorable and moves through space and time.

Anne McLeod 14 - Mock Time

Mar 29, 2014 47:37


Yes, the time for Anne McLeod's mock exam is upon us!  Steve, Tara and Anne rehearse the question and answer format for her confirmation of candidature for her PhD.  Real time.  Real answers.  Weird things happened.

Anne McLeod 13 - Time for an oral examination

Mar 23, 2014 16:37


Anne, Tara and Steve are together again to talk about Anne's doctorate.  But this is a special podcast, as Anne prepares for her conferment of candidature.  And again, Tara and Steve enter the debate about whether Australia should have oral examinations for PhDs.

Mick Winter 1 - Memes For Beginners

Mar 8, 2014 09:54


Mick Winter talks with Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead about his PhD.  This is his first meeting where he explores the nature of memes and his interest in this topic.

Teaching Hamlet through Donnie Darko

Mar 8, 2014 53:30


Betsy Sullivan presents her research on how to teach Hamlet through Donnie Darko, and Donnie Darko through Hamlet.

Assessment and moderation at a moment of change

Feb 19, 2014 29:30


Tara talks with Dr Jae Major about assessment and moderation.

What Would You Recommend To First Year University Students Just Starting A Course?

Feb 1, 2014 11:31


Tara shares the expertise from her staff in the School of Teacher Education.  She asked them what one piece of advice would they give to students just commencing their degree.   The answers were revelatory and important.

The power of professional placements

Jan 29, 2014 11:54


Tara talks with Mary Taylor about professional placements and the value of an embedded practicum in teacher education.  Mary's expertise in assisting teacher candidates in managing these stressful situations adds both light and insight into teacher education programmes.

What Makes An Outstanding Teacher? A Conversation With Paige Bennett

Jan 24, 2014 12:08


Tara talks with Paige Bennett about the characteristics of an outstanding teacher.

Zeffie Nicholas and international education leadership

Jan 3, 2014 10:44


Tara talks with Zeffie Nicholas about the challenges and the opportunities of international education.  Particularly they explore the advantages of cross-cultural education.

Cameron Fraser, leadership and learning

Jan 2, 2014 11:20


Cameron Fraser talks with Tara about the AQ (Additional Qualifications) programme at CSU Burlington, Canada.  They also talk through the specific challenges of educational leadership at the moment.

Anne McLeod 12 - Reflections on a great year

Dec 23, 2013 12:24


Tara and Anne - in this final podcast of the year - reflect on the first stage of their supervisory relationship and the progress in the research project exploring the notion of 'professionalism' in early childhood education.

Remote placements in teacher education

Dec 22, 2013 51:05


Tara Brabazon talks with Marilyn Pietsch about remote placements in teacher education.  Tara and Marilyn are joined by three students who experienced these placements. 

Anne McLeod 11 - It's all about insignias

Nov 21, 2013 13:39


Tara, Steve and Anne explore a pivotal breakthrough in her discussion of professionalism.  Deploying semiotics on insignias, she demonstrates a great leap in her analysis of early childhood education.

Maria Bennet Talks About the Teacher in the Community Project

Oct 30, 2013 21:58


Tara talks with Maria Bennet about the Teacher in the Community Project.   

Anne McLeod 10 - Staying Connected

Oct 27, 2013 11:43


Tara, Steve and Anne explore the shape of her research literature, while also pondering the shape of doctoral supervision.

Randa Khattar On Sustainability And Social Justice

Oct 24, 2013 12:47


Tara talks with Randa Khattar about sustainability, social justice and education.  Why does sustainability matter in the life of a child?

Anne McLeod 9 Institutions and Professions

Oct 16, 2013 08:43


Tara talks with Anne McLeod about her doctoral research, which investigates theories of professionalism in early childhood education.  They discuss how theories of institutions, work and professionalism have transformed from the 1970s to the present.

How can you become research active?

Oct 6, 2013 23:37


Tara and Steve Redhead explore the phrases 'research active' and 'research inactive.'  They discuss how these phrases used in higher education and what strategies can be enacted to ensure that academics are supported to write and contribute to knowledge.

Anne McLeod 8 - Research Questions, Empiricism And Digitization

Sep 13, 2013 08:03


Anne, Tara and Steve continue their discussion of Anne's thesis on the theories of 'professionalism' in early childhood education.  Anne talks through her research questions, while Steve and Tara probe the consequences of empiricism and digitization on her research.

Respect For The Child - Talking With Karyn Callaghan

Sep 12, 2013 21:11


Tara talks with the remarkable Karyn Callaghan.  They discuss the time and space of and for the child.  Karyn also explains the value of visual arts and documentation in recognizing and affirming the rights of the child.

Decolonizing Education with umar umangay

Sep 12, 2013 28:20


Tara talks with umar umangay, from the School of Teacher Education's Burlington campus.  They discuss the role and function of postcolonialism in teacher education, with the goal and imperative to decolonize the curriculum.

How is professional development transforming through digitization?

Aug 27, 2013 07:29


Tara talks with the staff at the School of Teacher Education's Burlington campus in Canada about professional development.  She asks the staff to explore how digitization has transformed PD in terms of time management, range of opportunities and the nature of expertise.

What is innovation in education?

Aug 27, 2013 08:29


Tara talks with colleagues in the School of Teacher Education at the Burlington campus about the nature of 'innovation' in education.  What is innovation and - more importantly - how do we as teachers enact it?

What are the benefits of international education?

Aug 27, 2013 08:09


Tara talks with colleagues at the Burlington campus of the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University.  These staff - and our students - are in a special environment.  They work in a Canadian campus of an Australian university.  Such an institution offers an evocative world view and perspective on the potential of international education.

Anne McLeod 7 - Scoping the Proposal

Aug 16, 2013 08:27


Tara talks with Anne for this seventh installment of her PhD podcast series.  Three months into her doctorate, Anne's supervisors - Tara and Steve Redhead - are about to prepare her for writing the proposal.  This podcast explores Anne's trajectory so far and enables her movement into the proposal.  The questions to Anne are live and tough.  Her answers and clear and inspirational.

Maria Hatzigianni and the work of play

Aug 16, 2013 14:27


Tara talks with Maria Hatzigianni about her journey to Charles Sturt University and her research in early childhood education.  There is particular attention to play as a mode and method for learning.

Marilyn Pietsch Talks About Regional And Remote Placements In Teacher Education

Aug 10, 2013 24:51


Tara talks with Marilyn about the value to students and communities of regional and remote placements.  

Anne McLeod 6 - Anchorage And Images

Aug 10, 2013 09:35


Anne and Tara explore how anchorage operates on images.  There is attention to the complex and contradictory relationship between images and meaning in the iconography of teaching and teachers.  

Loraine Fordham talks about interventions In Early Childhood Education

Aug 10, 2013 12:39


Tara and Loraine explore how interventions operate in Early Childhood Education.  How and why do we change the lives of disadvantages children?

David McKinnon and the love of science

Jul 30, 2013 23:10


Associate Professor David McKinnon talks with Tara about science education:  why he was drawn to it, and why it matters for contemporary students and the contemporary society.

Anne McLeod 5 - doing semiotics

Jul 19, 2013 14:49


Anne talks with Tara and Steve about the challenges involved in applying semiotics to education research.

The coolest little capital city in the world

Jul 13, 2013 16:06


Tara and Steve Redhead talk about Wellington, in Aotearoa / New Zealand.  They explore city imaging and the specific creative industries agendas and policies in Wellington.  Particular attention is placed on the transformative effect of the Global Financial Crisis on the very specific urbanity of Wellington.

Anne McLeod 4 - time for visuality

Jul 7, 2013 09:59


Anne McLeod and Tara are joined by Steve Redhead for this week's podcast.  Anne explores the role of visuality in her PhD and probes strategies to enable analysis and interpretation, rather than description, of these rich materials.

Anne McLeod 3 - Applying Unobtrusive Research Methods

Jun 24, 2013 10:22


Tara Brabazon and Anne McLeod discuss how unobtrusive research methods are applied to the study of early childhood education in Australia.

International mobility programmes in early childhood education

Jun 7, 2013 45:21


Tara talks with international visitors to Charles Sturt University from the University of East London.  Carolyn Silberfeld and Paulet Brown explore the changing nature of international early childhood education.

Anne McLeod 2 - what are unobtrusive research methods

Jun 7, 2013 09:52


Anne talks with Tara about her PhD.  They explore unobtrusive research methods and their appropriateness to educational resesearch.

STAR Project 5 - the future

Jun 3, 2013 18:19


Tara Brabazon talks with Georgina Sanger and Liam Downing about their STAR project:  the retention project at Charles Sturt University in Australia.  In this final podcast, Tara asks them about the legacy of their project and how they have been personally and professionally transformed by their research.

STAR Project 4 - difference

Jun 3, 2013 16:10


Tara Brabazon talks with Georgina Sanger and Liam Downing about the STAR project at Charles Sturt University.  In this fourth podcast, they talk about difference and diversity.  How does the widening participation agenda impact retention?

STAR 3 - Assessment

Jun 3, 2013 18:55


Tara Brabazon talks with Georgina Sanger and Liam Downing about their first year widening participation and retention project.  This third podcast in the series explores assessment.  How can effective assessment for first year students enable both learning and retention?

STAR Project 2 - Attendance

Jun 3, 2013 20:01


Tara talks with Georgina Sanger and Liam Downing about their STAR project on widening participation and retention.  In this second podcast, Georgina and Liam demonstrate the powerful - indeed causal - relationship between attendance and achievement.

The Star Project: an introduction

Jun 3, 2013 10:43


Tara introduces Georgina Sanger and Liam Downing and their STAR project.  This is a widening participation project and they explore the strategies to enable attendance. 

Why should graduate students read Erving Goffman?

May 26, 2013 05:38


Tara asks Steve Redhead why graduate students should read Erving Goffman.  He probes the strengths and weaknesses of Goffman for current researchers.

Janine McCarthy reflecting on university administration, management and leadership

May 26, 2013 13:44


Tara talks with Janine McCarthy to explore the challenges of university administration, management and leadership.

Tara's ten tips for a PhD oral examination

May 23, 2013 31:06


Tara offers ten tips to assist postgraduate students about to enter the oral examination for their PhD.

Anne McLeod 1 - a set up conversation for her PhD

May 23, 2013 06:21


Tara talks with Anne McLeod about her PhD, which investigates the transforming nature of professionalism in early childhood education.

Sustainable Universities 3

Apr 25, 2013 14:38


Belinda Waddell, from the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University, introduces the key changes we can make in reducing waste and increasing efficiency in our universities.  Belinda particularly focuses on waste water and paper.  She argues that we can make a difference if we think before we drink, and think before we print. 

Sustainable Universities 2

Apr 12, 2013 08:47


Belinda introduces further strategies to enable a sustainable University campus.

Sustainable universities

Mar 19, 2013 11:52


Tara talks with Belinda Waddell, the sustainability champion in the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University.  Belinda expresses clear goals and strategies for academics and administrators to explore when thinking about their use of water, paper and 'waste' materials.

Disability and elearning

Mar 1, 2013 01:15:51


Tara introduces a seminar by Dr Mike Kent exploring the relationship between theories of disability and elearning.  Mike explores learning management systems and the future of accessibility.

Place, space and scale - education in context

Feb 14, 2013 26:37


Tara talks with Professor Bill Green about Murdoch University, higher education, literacy, language and politics.  They explore a very particular, special and distinctive pathway through Australia's intellectual history.

The self organizing university

Feb 13, 2013 30:25


Alan Bain talks with Tara about strategies to render universities more productive, socially just and collaborate.  He explores his 'smart learning' project and the enabling smart tools that facilitate its development.

The gifts of early childhood education

Feb 13, 2013 10:46


Tara talks with Professor Jennifer Sumsion about the importance of early childhood education.  Jennifer's goal is to demonstrate the intellectual power and importance of thinking about early childhood education with rigour, creativity and imagination.

Rethinking rural education with Kathryn Edgeworth

Jan 28, 2013 10:35


Rural education is often neglected and frequently invisible, being marginalized by the seemingly urgent and volatile conditions within urban environments.  Tara Brabazon talks with Dr Kathryn Edgeworth about her research and teaching practice in rural education.  They explore the impact of this neglect of the rural, and the transformative capacity of migrants in teaching and learning. 

Why is plagiarism such a big deal in our universities?

Dec 27, 2012 02:37


First students in our universities are threatened by the institutional consequences of plagiarism.  Yet do teachers spend an equivalent amount of time teaching information literacy as they do frightening students about plagiarism?  Tara asks her students how they feel about plagiarism and why it has become such an issue in the contemporary university.

Why did you enrol in a university degree

Dec 27, 2012 02:39


Tara asks her Scholarship students - right at the start of their first year - why they enrolled at the University of Bolton.  Their enthusiasm, honesty and belief in the future is inspiring.

Art and Design: aspiration, motivation, achievement

Dec 1, 2012 02:22


Tara talks with students in the University of Bolton Foundation Degree in Art and Design.  She asks them what they have learnt about art, education, motivation and learning.

Morecambe and Modernism

Dec 1, 2012 07:54


Tara talks with Steve Redhead about Morecambe, a town in the north west of England.  Morecambe has many claims to fame, including Eric Morecambe, his statue and remarkable tides.  But it is through the Midland Hotel, a stunning Art Deco regeneration, that new reasons to visit the town have emerged.  Through reclaiming modernism, Morecambe has modernised.  

Justice for the 96

Sep 26, 2012 09:31


The Hillsborough disaster remains a deep wound in British - and international - football.  When 96 Liverpool supporters died in a semi final 23 years ago, the tragedy continued with blame and shame displaced onto the victims.  Tara talks with Steve Redhead about Hillsborough and the recent report that finally tells the truth about a bloody day in sporting history.

Why should first year students read Paul Virilio?

Sep 26, 2012 04:15


It is a cliche that we live in fast times, not careful times.  One of the most relevant theorists of speed is Paul Virilio.  Yet what can first year students gain from reading his work?  Tara Brabazon talks with Steve Redhead about Paul Virilio and what his research and theories can offer to the understanding of accelerated culture.

If I could do my university degree again, what would I do differently?

Aug 31, 2012 12:25


Starting a university degree is one of the most exciting moments of our lives.  Yet often, that first year is filled with confusion, worry and stress.  Tara talks to some of her former students and asks their advice to current first years.  They answer one question:  if you could do your university degree again, what would you do differently?

The future of disability support at the University of Bolton - A conversation about disability 5

Aug 6, 2012 13:29


In this, the final podcast in their five part series, Katie, Sabera and Tara probe the future of disability support and services in this difficult time for international higher education.

The University of Bolton's support for students with additional requirements - a conversation about disability 4

Aug 6, 2012 16:04


Katie, Sabera and Tara all work at the University of Bolton.  In the fourth podcast of their series, Katie, Sabera and Tara talk about the specific experiences, conditions and practices in disability support at the University.  Katie and Sabera show the impact of high quality support and care on the life and achievement of all students.

Overcoming barriers in higher education - a conversation about disability 3

Aug 6, 2012 16:59


In this third part of their conversation, Katie, Sabera and Tara explore the challenges, difficulties and problems that confront all students in higher education and how an array of modifications can transform the experiences of individual students to create an evocative and effective community of learners.

What is a disability? A conversation about disability 2

Aug 6, 2012 13:41


Katie, Sabera and Tara continue their conversation about disability.  In this second part, they explore the legal, social, cultural and personal definitions of disability and the impact of those definitions on higher education.

Thinking about disability - a conversation about disability 1

Aug 6, 2012 08:32


Katie Morris, Sabera Patel and Tara Brabazon talk about disability services and support at the University of Bolton.  In this first podcast, they explore why universities should show an interest in disability.

David Rudd talks with Tara about the innovations and insights from children's literature

Jul 24, 2012 21:33


What can teaching and research about children's literature provide to our wider understandings of literature and culture?  Tara talks with Professor David Rudd about what drew him to the study of children's literature and its value in higher education.

Maria Rodriguez Yborra talks with Tara about educational technology

Jul 24, 2012 20:10


Maria and Tara explore the role and function of educational technologies in universities.

Mark Scott talks with Tara about quality assurance in higher education

Jul 24, 2012 16:35


A profound challenge in the management of higher education is ensuring the quality of teaching and learning.  Tara talks with Dr Mark Scott about quality assurance protocols and their role in enabling reflection on teaching.

Tara Brabazon talks about visual effects with Damien Markey

Jul 24, 2012 10:30


What are visual effects and how are they different from special effects?  Tara Brabazon talks with Damien Markey, an academic from the University of Bolton, about the nature of visual effects and why it is an emerging area of university study and research.

Cascading assessment in legal education

Jun 6, 2012 14:41


Tara introduces Professor Steve Redhead's innovative assessment protocol for legal studies. Steve discusses the potential of cascading assessment for upper-level undergraduate students to enable research training.

Teaching law, legal studies, criminology and sociology

Jun 5, 2012 02:54


Tara talks with Steve Redhead about teaching and learning strategies in law, legal studies, criminology and sociology.

Using podcasts in the teaching of law, legal studies and criminology

Jun 5, 2012 02:26


Tara talks with Professor Steve Redhead about his use of podcasts in the teaching of law, legal studies and criminology. Steve explores the potential of podcasts to both time and space shift learning, while recognizing the challenges of the widening participation agenda in higher edeucation.

Why teach sport in universities?

Jun 5, 2012 05:31


Tara talks with Professor Steve Redhead about the potential and challenges of teaching sport in universities.  From leisure studies to sports journalism and entertainment and sports law, sport offers an innovative strategy to teach complex ideas in new ways.

Tara talks with Shirley Ward about information literacy

May 29, 2012 15:50


Tara Brabazon asks Shirley Ward about the role of libraries, librarians and information literacy in higher education.

Beyond Baker Street

May 11, 2012 07:06


Gerry Rafferty is best known for one song:  "Baker Street."  Tara shows that his career captured the darkness and disappointments of popular music and celebrity.  Coming from Scotland, the ability to emerge from a small nation and gain international success remains an important legacy of Rafferty's career.

Telling stories

May 11, 2012 07:34


Digital storytelling offers a great way to organize and express personal stories.  Yet Tara shows that digital storytelling has a powerful function in education.  Making abstract knowledge applicable knowledge, digital storytelling brings the world to the classroom, and the classroom to the world.

Helping graduate students to publish their research

Apr 10, 2012 30:49


Tara talks with Mick Winter, her former graduate student, to explore the challenges and provide tips for publishing research in academic journals.

Why editing matters in a research project

Apr 6, 2012 05:22


Too often, research students underestimate the time involved in editing their thesis or dissertation for submission to examiners. Tara asks her research students about editing: how they do it, why they do it, or why they choose not to do it.

Research students express their concerns with the examination process

Apr 6, 2012 08:26


Tara asks her undergraduate research students about their fears as they enter the examination process for their theses.

Those dark satanic mills - from revolution to regeneration

Mar 15, 2012 33:26


Tara investigates city imaging and how an understanding of geosocial networking can enhance the social, economic and cultural development of second and third tier cities

The turn to slow

Mar 15, 2012 40:02


Tara explores the impact of speed on popular culture and our daily lives. Using the examples of fast food and slow food, she asks how injustice and inequality are managed, moderated or reinforced when we speed up or slow down our eating.

I'm the only gay in the village - sex and popular culture

Mar 15, 2012 24:59


Tara explores the role of desire and sexuality in the configuration of popular culture.  As examples, she explores textual poaching and slash fiction.

How to get an A on a research project

Mar 7, 2012 17:27


Tara and Steve Redhead have a conversation about how to gain a high mark for a research project. They discuss the key characteristics of outstanding student work.

Pretend you are an examiner and assess a student paper

Mar 7, 2012 06:38


Assisting students through to the submission of a major research project is difficult. To help them, Tara asked students to take on the role of an examiner and discuss the way in which they would assess an assignment.

Research students talk about information and information literacy

Mar 7, 2012 06:57


Information literacy is integral to any research project. Tara asks her 4th year students to think about how they manage the diversity of online and offline sources that are available to them, to enable high quality research.

What are the advantages of creative-led research?

Feb 11, 2012 06:09


Tara asks her 4th year research students to probe the advantages and strengths of creative-led research.  While there are challenges and risks when compiling an artefact and exegesis, the students log the power and potential of this form of scholarship.

Anjolaoluwa Olubuyide talks with Tara about her project on Nigerian Canadians

Feb 11, 2012 02:54


Anjolaoluwa talks with Tara about her Capstone project exploring the lives of Nigerian Canadians. Using oral history, she aims to show the potential of 'blind listening' in countering racism and oppression.

Why are literature reviews so boring?

Feb 4, 2012 04:25


Tara asks her 4th year students at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology about why literature reviews are so boring. Her students offer options to enliven and excite this dull section of a research project.

Sammy Kyereme talks with Tara about his research project on J. Cole

Feb 4, 2012 02:54


Sammy talks with Tara about his project on J. Cole and how knowledge from popular music can shape and inform social debates.

Victor Karanja shares with Tara the new developments in his multiculturalism and multiliteracy project

Feb 4, 2012 05:57


Victor updates Tara on his multiliteracy and multiculturalism project. He explores the potential and challenges in attaching Canadian bilingualism to a multiliteracy agenda.

Leanne McRae and Tara talk about the start and end of research projects

Jan 29, 2012 24:24


Leanne and Tara talk about beginnings and endings. They explore how to start a research project and how to evaluate its success.

Matthew Homer and Tara explore creative-led research

Jan 29, 2012 06:25


Matthew Homer talks with Tara about the special type of research that emerges through creative-led projects.  Matt explores how these projects are formed, the risks and challenges, and also the great gifts they offer to researchers through their careers.

Henry Huang talks with Tara about his Manga project

Jan 29, 2012 05:05


Henry Huang is completing a research project on Manga. He talks with Tara about how technology is 'managed' within Manga, with attention to both its utopic and dystopic interpretations.

Students explore how Communication Studies enhances a discussion of research methods

Jan 28, 2012 04:40


Most discussions of research methods are hooked into the social sciences and the sciences. Yet what can Communication Studies bring to an investigation of research methods? In this podcast, undergraduate students completing their final project explore the nature of this contribution and the specificity of humanities scholarship.

Matthew Ingram and Tara discuss taking ownership and responsibility for research

Jan 27, 2012 09:29


Dr Matthew Ingram and Tara explore the challenges that confront students during a research project. Matt argues that understanding the research process and taking responsibility for it are key characteristics of success.

Nicole Grifoni talks to Tara about her research project on Drake

Jan 25, 2012 02:43


Nicole Grifoni is conducting a research project on Drake. She is interested in how popular knowledges about heterosexual relationships are activated in his audience to create social change.

Nada Kabbara introduce Tara to her research on religious extremism and tolerance

Jan 25, 2012 04:32


Nada Kabbara is enrolled as a 4th year student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Tara talks with her about religious extremism, religious tolerance and how we create socially just communication systems.

Undergraduate research students discuss their expectations of a supervisor

Jan 25, 2012 07:32


Assumptions about research supervision are damaging. At the start of any research project, it is important to ask, note and understand student expectations for teaching, learning, research and supervision. Tara talks to her 4th year undergraduate students and probes their requirements of a research supervisor.

Mick and Tara talk about writing up a research project

Jan 16, 2012 07:42


Once the research is completed, students may feel that the difficult slog is finally over and they can quickly and accurately write up their project and submit it with ease. Yet such an assumption is mistaken. Tara talks with Mick Winter about the writing phase of research projects. What are the distinctions between journalistic and academic writing? What is the best mode of expression? Can we ever edit too much? Mick answers these questions from his experiences in both graduate education and journalism.

Research students ask structuring questions about their project

Jan 15, 2012 12:31


Tara introduces her students from Capstone, the 4th year research project at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.  Students ask Tara the key questions to commence their research project.

Laura Kinsella and Tara talk about the role of time management in a research project

Jan 15, 2012 10:03


Laura and Tara discuss how to organize time in a research project. How do you know when to stop reading? How valuable is that editing and drafting time? Laura and Tara explore the value of 'seeing' time' to structure time.

Capstone 11 How to survive and thrive a research project

Jan 2, 2012 04:56


Research is difficult.  It can be a pleasure, but the point of research is to challenge ourselves and challenge the limits of knowledge to discover something new.  Tara concludes her 10 microlectures by discussing how to succeed in research and value the experience.

Capstone 10 How to fail your research project

Dec 30, 2011 06:01


A rather depressing title to this podcast, but it is important to acknowledge the characteristics of poor research projects that may fail.  Tara discusses the signs of research flaws, problems and issues and how students can correct these before submission.

Capstone 9 The submission

Dec 30, 2011 07:25


When the research, writing and editing cycles are complete, students - quite rightly - feel that it is time to relax.  However the key moment is still in front of them.  Preparing the document for submission is crucial to a successful examination.  Tara provides a checklist for students to deploy, to ensure that the examiner receives a high quality submission, rather than a document that does not present a student's work at its best.

Capstone 8 Drafting and editing

Dec 30, 2011 05:21


The relief is real when the first draft of a research project is completed.  However the marks - and the high grades - are given to the best edited and drafted documents.  Polish creates excellence.  Tara explores this difficult, time consuming and stressful stage of a research project, showing what examiners are looking for and how - and where - the marks are carried on a dissertatation.

Capstone 7 Writing your research

Dec 30, 2011 04:58


Too often the phrase 'writing up' is used as a self evident and self explanatory phrase in research projects.  Yet writing, researching and thinking are tethered in complex and intricate ways.  Tara explores the writing 'stage' in research and shows that it is not a 'stage' at all, but a continual cycle of reflection through scholarship.

Capstone 6 Finding research materials

Dec 30, 2011 05:39


The online environment has opened incredible opportunities to research students. Yet how is this plurality of information and platform managed in current research projects?  Tara explains - from the perspective of a supervisor and examiner - what is expected from a research bibliography in the 2010s.

Capstone 5 The specificity of creative-led research

Dec 30, 2011 07:19


Practice-led and creative-led theses and research projects have grown in popularity over the last twenty years.  Often formed from an artefact and exegesis, they are not without controversy or challenge, particularly when passing through a process of examination.  Tara evaluates the risk and potential of this special mode of research.

Capstone 4 The literature review

Dec 30, 2011 05:24


Along with research methods, the literature review is a constant - if dull - attendant to any programme of research.  Yet literature reviews are not only done poorly, but are often pointless and obliquely connected to the research question or thesis statement.  Tara ensures that the focus of the literature review is clear and frames the research effectively and carefully.

Capstone 3 Research Methods

Dec 30, 2011 04:25


Teaching (and learning about) research methods is often the dullest of topics and courses. Yet methods are important, but perhaps not in the way in which they are conventionally taught. Tara talks about why methods matter, but why they must be at the service of theory.

Capstone 2 The stages of progress through your research

Dec 30, 2011 05:56


The phrase "doing research" does not capture the complex stages and milestones between finding an idea and submitting a thesis or major assignment.  Tara talks through the stages of a research project, understanding how and why examiners give high marks to some students and remove marks from others.

Capstone 1 Making a start - Making a plan

Dec 30, 2011 11:53


While the intensity of a research project is often focused on the days before submission, the success of a thesis or dissertation is often determined by the first few days of planning.  Tara shows how to make that plan, and the tricks and tips that will create a successful research trajectory.

Capstone Introductory Session

Dec 30, 2011 04:45


Tara introduces the fourth year research course in Communication at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology: Capstone

How to fail a research project

Dec 26, 2011 13:07


Tara talks with Steve Redhead and discusses the characteristics of research projects that fail, or are marginally successful. How can students avoid the pitfalls and errors in their research?

Research: theory and method

Dec 26, 2011 11:54


Research training is a major area of the contemporary academy. A key - yet underasked question - is the difference between theory and method. Steve Redhead and Tara explore 'the turn to methods' and the impact of this 'turn' on the scale, scope and quality of research.

Nicole Grifoni and Tara explore the capacity of podcasting for university-level assessment in professional communication

Dec 11, 2011 07:44


Nicola and Tara talk about the capacity of podcasting for assessment in professional communication programmes.

Claire Pennells and Tara discuss and demonstrate the potential of podcasting for university assessment

Dec 11, 2011 09:47


Claire and Tara explore how podcasting can be used in assessment for professional communication programmes. Claire shows how complex ideas can be presented in new ways.

Tara talks with social science librarian Stephanie Orfano

Dec 11, 2011 15:13


Tara discusses the availability and use of social science and humanities resources for students at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Tara and Steph explore the nature of 'new librarianship,' where ebooks outnumber paper-based resources.

Tara talks with Sharon Lauricella

Dec 2, 2011 14:58


Tara talks about non-violent communication with Sharon Lauricella.

Time, space and identity

Dec 2, 2011 42:06


How does where we are configure who we are?  Tara explores the role of context in framing our mode of communication.

Turnitin Turnitoff

Oct 27, 2011 08:18


Tara talks with students about their experiences of Turnitin, the software that 'finds' plagiarism. 

Cultural Studies of Law: Annotated Bibliography and Research Proposal

Oct 24, 2011 15:42


Tara and Steve Redhead discuss how to construct an annotated bibliography and research proposal for his course Cultural Studies of Law. The opportunities and challenges for students are discussed, along with potential sources.

Podcasting for creating new media insights

Oct 16, 2011 05:55


Matt Homer talks with Tara about how podcasting can offer new and imaginative opportunities to think about news, current affairs, entertainment and information.  Further, innovative new relationships are being created between the production and consumption of sound.

Podcasting for social change

Oct 16, 2011 10:53


How can we use our voices to create connections between communities? Tara talks with Maggie Wouapi to explore the potential of podcasting in building social relationships and social change.

Podcasting for professional communication

Sep 26, 2011 08:53


Tara talks with Mick Winter about the role of podcasting in professional communication.  Mick explores the potential of podcasting for beginners and more advanced users, with advice for best use.

Podcasting for university teachers

Sep 25, 2011 19:53


Tara talks with Dr Leanne McRae.  They explore how podcasting can be used to enable and assist student reading and interpretation.  Leanne outlines the benefits for international students in modelling scholarly processes and practices.

Podcasting for high school teachers

Aug 31, 2011 13:54


Tara Brabazon talks with Elizabeth van de Sande about her deployment of podcasting in high school teaching.  Liz discusses the function of podcasting in assessment, reflection on assessment and the creation of confidence in students. 

How do I construct an artefact and an exegesis?

Aug 1, 2011 19:11


One of the great challenges of practice-led and creative-led research is how to both construct and align an artefact and exegesis.  Too often, students neglect one element and do not integrate the distinct modes of their research.  In this podcast, Tara talks with her former postgraduates about the challenges, benefits and mechanics of creating an artefact and exegesis.  Besides Tara, this podcast features the voices of Nadine Caouette, Matt Homer, Mick Winter and Maggie Wouapi.

Bobbie and Tara talk about first year at university

Jul 31, 2011 28:39


Assessment is one of the most frightening parts of first year at university for new students.  Bobbie Yoong and Tara Brabazon talk about how to approach non-essay based assignments.  Particularly, they talk about workbooks, scrapbooks and academic diaries.  Bobbie also helps first year students by reflecting on her own experience.

Disseminating Research

Jul 17, 2011 30:34


Too often, particularly in a coursework MA programme, students assume that their work finishes when a paper is submitted.  Tara explores the responsibilities of scholarship and the multiple methods of dissemination.

Oral history and Oral historiography

Jul 17, 2011 35:50


Tara explores the nature of oral history and oral historiography, particularly in digitized environments.  When should an interview take place and how 'representative' are the findings?

Unobtrusive Research Methods

Jun 29, 2011 32:49


Tara introduces unobtrusive research methods.  When is it best to avoid focus groups, interviews and surveys and think about alternative research methods?

What is a research method?

Jun 29, 2011 19:39


Tara's presentation introduces research methods.  She explores the relationship between 'the how' and 'the why' of research.

Critical Criminology

Jun 22, 2011 04:26


Tara talks to Steve Redhead, asking him about the definitions and applications of critical criminology.

Mick Winter and Scan Me: Everybody's guide to the magical world of QR codes

Jun 8, 2011 15:39


Tara Brabazon talks with Mick Winter about his new book, Scan Me:  Everybody's guide to the magical world of QR codes.  They talk about the potential of local content delivered via mobile phones in an appropriate time and place.  As part of geosocial networking, QR codes have found their historical moment.  For further information, please refer to http://scanmebook.com.

Mediocrity and McDonalds

Jun 7, 2011 12:27


What is the difference between (higher) education and training?  Are students 'overqualified' for their first job?  This podcast explores the consequences of tabloid fixations with an 'overqualified' workforce.

Prisons and reality television

May 30, 2011 03:29


Tara asks Steve Redhead about prisons and popular culture.  Why did he take university students on prison visits?

The Dodo Lives

May 19, 2011 10:21


The iPad 2 is the archetype of proto-obsolescent technology.  It embodies Thorstein Veblen's phrase 'conspicuous consumption.'  Yet there is one company that makes iPad cases built on the bookbinding tradition.  Dodocase, based in San Francisco, provides a reminder to users of new media platforms that skill, care and history must attend any decisions about rapid obsolescence and wasteful consumption.

Mick and Tara review the MA Creative Media dissertation process

May 17, 2011 22:47


Mick Winter talks with Tara Brabazon for the last time in the context of the MA Creative Media.  Mick and Tara review ihis dissertation process and the entire programme, connecting 'learning' with 'doing.'

Writing an exegesis after the (arte)fact

Apr 17, 2011 12:06


Tara Brabazon talks with Faracy Grouse about her sonic intervention.  They discuss the challenges involved in transforming strong artefacts into strong research.

Disabling University

Apr 17, 2011 14:39


How do we open out universities to enable rather than disable?  Tara Brabazon explores options in developing a rich sensory environment to enliven a learning environment for all students.

Mick and Tara talk about the presentation of his MA thesis

Apr 13, 2011 12:54


In this sixth session for his MA Creative Media dissertation, Mick Winter and Tara Brabazon discuss how his research is to be presented.  Once the artefacts are finished, how does it link with the exegesis?

From a revolution to a ring tone

Apr 13, 2011 12:59


What is the relationship between popular and unpopular culture?  Put another way, how does one song become a chart success and others do not?  Tara talks about Ron Sexsmith's career and his new release Long Player Late Bloomer to explore how great music can become popular music.

Mick Winter presents his sonic interventions

Mar 29, 2011 14:51


Mick and Tara talk through his complete sonic pieces that aim to create defamiliarization in patterns of thinking about politics and social change.

Faracy prepares for her sonic event

Mar 29, 2011 07:53


Faracy talks to Tara Brabazon about her upcoming sonic intervention.  She explores how remembering the analogue recofigures the place of digital platforms in our lives.

Faracy Grouse and recycling (through) music

Mar 29, 2011 13:07


Faracy Grouse explains to Tara the development of her instruments.  She conveys how they were built and the importance of recycling and sustainability in their construction.

You can't be neutral on a moving train: war writing, terrorism and the end of popular culture

Mar 29, 2011 28:17


How did the events of September 11 impact on the media and media research?  This presentation asks if fighting fundamentalism with other fundamentalisms is the only option.

Too much goose fat

Mar 27, 2011 36:16


How do we explain the rise of the celebrity chef and the slow food movement?  More potently, how is the relationship between food and popular culture transforming?

John Gill and the point of comment culture

Mar 16, 2011 17:34


Why do newspapers 'encourage' comments from their readers?  What is the point?  In this podcast, Tara talks with John Gill about his dissertation on online comment cultures.

Faracy and crafting the analogue

Mar 16, 2011 00


What happens to the analogue in a digital world?  Faracy Grouse and Tara Brabazon, in this sixth session exploring Faracy's dissertation topic, asks why she is crafting analogue sonic objects.  And what is happening with the old piano in the corner of Tara's office without any black and white keys?

Mick and Tara discuss making change through sound

Mar 13, 2011 00


In this fourth podcast, Mick and Tara discuss the structure and arguments to be expressed in his dissertation.  We explore how and why sound creates social change.

Faracy brings analogue back

Mar 9, 2011 11:40


Faracy Grouse, in this her fifth dissertation session with Tara Brabazon, states why she remains facinated by the analogue and what it can offer to humanities education.

Sample questions for a PhD oral examination

Mar 9, 2011 07:57


A PhD oral examination is one of the most stressful events in academic life.  But oral examinations have a shape.  In this podcast, Tara presents the ten questions that often start or conclude a PhD exam.

Faracy does unplugged living

Mar 4, 2011 12:51


Faracy Grouse and Tara Brabazon explore the function of disconnection from digital environments. 

Mick and Tara think about social semiotics

Mar 4, 2011 19:10


Mick Winter and Tara Brabazon explore Gunther Kress and Robert Hodge's Social Semiotics.  They ponder the nature of resistance and social change.  Most importantly, they explore the function of sound and sonic social semiotics. 

John Gill introduces theories of community

Feb 26, 2011 13:05


Tara talks with John Gill about his dissertation on the comment culture in online fora.  Theories of community and otherness are discussed, along with the consequences of anonymity.

We have never been postmodern

Feb 26, 2011 18:49


Tara talks with Steve Redhead about his new book, We have never been postmodern.  They discuss the nature of politics and theory in the contemporary social sciences and the humanities and the currency of post/modernity in higher education.

Faracy Grouse and unplugged moments

Feb 26, 2011 04:58


Faracy and Tara discuss the key theorists for the building of her analogue and ephemeral instruments.  Particularly she investigates the concept of randomness and unplugged moments. 

John Gill prepares for his MA Creative Media dissertation

Feb 18, 2011 19:05


Tara talks to John Gill as he prepares to write his MA Creative Media dissertation.

Faracy Grouse and Tara Brabazon explore the nature of an exegesis

Feb 18, 2011 11:18


In this second podcast investigating Faracy's MA dissertation exploring analogue instruments, she discusses with Tara the nature of an exegesis and its relationship with artefacts.

Mick Winter, sonic media and the politics of sound

Feb 13, 2011 14:47


This podcast is the second in the series where Mick Winter and Tara Brabazon talk about his dissertation.  In this week's podcast, Mick and Tara discuss the politics of sound and the role of sound in Mick's research.

Earth, wind, sun and water: Faracy Grouse and her MA Dissertation

Feb 8, 2011 10:17


Faracy Grouse introduces her MA Creative Media dissertation.  Faracy is building instruments to be played by earth, wind, sun and water.  She probes the value of 'the analogue' in digital times.

Car alarm corrections

Feb 6, 2011 11:00


Some errors are more than errors.  This podcast explores what particular stylistic flaws mean for the academics who find them.

Dissertation Orientation Session

Feb 6, 2011 18:10


Mick Winter and Tara Brabazon conduct an orientation session on how to commence a dissertation for a Masters-level programme.

Mick Winter selects the topic of his MA dissertation

Jan 31, 2011 19:21


Mick Winter explores possible dissertation topics in the MA Creative Media programme. He also offer comments about the motivations for learning and returning to learning.

Disability and New Media

Jan 25, 2011 26:35


Tara talks to Dr Mike Kent and Dr Katie Ellis about their new book Disability and New Media.  What is the current state of play in thinking about social media and social justice?

Klout or Community?

Jan 23, 2011 10:25


Klout has been a big mover in social media during the early stages of 2011.  But what is the value of Klout for academics and universities?

Change we need? Moving from information obesity to digital dieting

Jan 17, 2011 34:13


Tara applies Harold Innis's Bias of Communication to create methods and models to move students and citizens from information obesity to digital dieting.

Watch the shadows

Jan 12, 2011 11:44


Is seeing believing?  How can new visual media platforms challenge students to reconfigure and reimagine their environment?

60 seconds of scholarship

Jan 6, 2011 07:40


Some universities are using podcasts for innovative functions, encompassing both marketing and research dissemination.  Tara explores some of these strategies.

An impression of power

Jan 6, 2011 08:14


Tara asks what happens when Generation X assumes leadership.  Can popular culture provide models for power?  Thinking about Michael Winterbottom's The Trip and Kevin Smith's podcast network, Tara explores the future of old pop.

Scholars in space

Jan 4, 2011 13:23


Talk of mobile learning underestimate the importance of time and space in education.  This podcast reviews the brilliance of Harold Innis and his bias of communication.

Zombie Academy

Jan 2, 2011 09:37


What is the difference between popular cultural history and historical popular culture?  Tara Brabazon explores how history is consumed.

Andreas Masouras discusses content diversity

Dec 17, 2010 06:09


Tara Brabazon talks with her soon-to-be completed PhD student Andreas Masouras.  Andreas discusses content diversity and what communication scholars can learn from small nations.

The podcasting librarian

Nov 25, 2010 38:22


This podcast captures Tara Brabazon's presentation for the seminar series titled "The Development of a vision for LSE library services," delivered live on November 26, 2010 at the LSE.

Matt Ingram reveals the artefacts to be used in his research on social media in education

Nov 16, 2010 05:44


Matt Ingram's dissertation, which investigates the role of social media in leisure, work and education, will deploy artefacts and an exegesis.  In this podcast, he discusses the artefacts to be used.

Writing the difference

Nov 16, 2010 04:23


How can we help students develop writing skills for different audiences?

Nick Dunn talks through his crowdsourcing project

Nov 9, 2010 07:54


Nick Dunn discusses with Tara Brabazon the developments in his crowdsourcing project.  When music becomes a service, rather than a product, how is it funded?

Matt Ingram discusses his social media marketing project

Nov 9, 2010 06:17


Matt Ingram discusses the development of his social media marketing project.  Why are organizations and businesses moving to social media?


Nov 4, 2010 36:06


What is the relationship between academics and journalists?  Can the Web 2.0 environment create closer relationships between these professions?

Abigail Edwards describes the experience of completing the Master of Arts Creative Media

Oct 26, 2010 04:48


Abigail Edwards talks with Tara Brabazon about the experience of graduate education.

Matt, Nick and Tara discuss 'The Great Reset'

Oct 20, 2010 09:21


Matt Ingram, Nick Dunn and Tara Brabazon explore 'The Great Reset' - the changing relationship between work and leisure, production and consumption.

The sound of a librarian

Oct 17, 2010 21:07


Tara Brabazon explores how librarians can use sound, and in particular podcasting, in their professional lives.

Going Gaga

Oct 16, 2010 09:48


Tara Brabazon explores the value of popular cultural studies as a way to subvert the (easy) justifications of education, beyond 'art' and 'industry.' Lady Gaga dances her way to this different future.

Matt Ingram: an introduction to his dissertation

Oct 9, 2010 02:33


Tara Brabazon talks with Matt Ingram about his MA Creative Media Dissertation.  Matt asks how the new economic environment - post the credit crunch - has transformed content, context and marketing

Dead media

Oct 3, 2010 15:24


What happens when new media become old media, and old media becomes redundant?  Tara Brabazon explores the honesty of dead media in understanding the economic, social and environmental consequences of obsolescence.

Nick Dunn: An introduction to his dissertation

Oct 2, 2010 03:41


Tara Brabazon talks with Nick Dunn about his MA Creative Media dissertation.  He is exploring the use of social media to advertise remixing applications for the iPhone.

Final thoughts with Boniswa

Sep 30, 2010 05:45


Tara Brabazon talks with Boniswa Vaz Contreiras at the end of her candidature, just before her journey back to Angola.

From social media to academia.edu

Sep 24, 2010 11:48


How can teachers and learners use social media for teaching and learning, rather than socializing?

How to fail a PhD

Sep 24, 2010 24:08


Tara Brabazon uses her expertise as both a supervisor and examiner to show how to fail - and indeed how to pass - a Doctor of Philosophy

Part two of a distance education orientation with Mick Winter

Sep 12, 2010 38:25


Mick Winter and Tara Brabazon present an orientation for distance education students.  This is the second part of the orientation, where Mick asks his key questions about how to manage a distance education MA degree.

A distance education orientation with Mick Winter

Sep 11, 2010 11:54


Tara Brabazon talks with Mick Winter about his experience and advice for distance education students enrolled in a graduate degree.

Inspiration and aspiration

Sep 2, 2010 09:58


Tara Brabazon talks with students from the University of Cape Town, exploring their inspirations and aspirations.

Beyond world standards

Aug 26, 2010 13:45


How do we value and assess research 'impact'?

The cultural studies can(n)on

Aug 26, 2010 04:17


Tara Brabazon explores the relationship between cultural studies and E.P. Thompson's The Making of the English Working Class.

Cascading memory

Aug 25, 2010 11:01


What makes popular culture popular?  Thinking about The Cascades' "Rhythm of the Rain," Tara Brabazon explores why particular songs become much more than a temporary success on the charts and travel through place and time.

Tara Brabazon discusses with Boniswa Vaz Contreiras Angolan postcolonialism through education

Aug 16, 2010 15:14


Boniswa discusses how postcolonialism is activated in Angola, with attention to the city imaging of Luanda and education.

Tara Brabazon talks with Ana Kvalheim about liminal spaces and identities

Jul 28, 2010 08:17


Tara Brabazon talks with Ana Kvalheim about her MA Creative Media dissertation about liminal spaces and identities.

Laura Nuevo talks to Tara Brabazon about her research into online infidelity

Jul 28, 2010 07:32


Laura Nuevo talks to Tara Brabazon about her research into online infidelity.  This project is the basis of her Master of Arts Creative Media dissertation.

The sound of education

Jul 16, 2010 22:05


At a recent Teaching and Learning conference at Middlesex University, Tara Brabazon discussed with staff their use of sound in education.

Laura Kinsella: media literacy, the flip and ethnography

Jun 22, 2010 06:10


Laura Kinsella discusses her MA Creative Media with Tara Brabazon.  She is particularly interested in how the Flip camera, by using media literacy theory, can moderate and mitigate some of the ethical challenges of visual ethnography.

Laura Kinsella: an introduction to her MA Creative Media dissertation

Jun 22, 2010 04:55


Laura Kinsella talks with Tara Brabazon about the subject for her MA Creative Media dissertation.  She explores the new types of visual ethnography enabled through the Flip camera.

Tara Brabazon introduces Danny Hagan and his thesis

May 26, 2010 07:39


Tara Brabazon talks with Danny Hagan about his MA Creative Media dissertation.  Danny wishes to explore the liminal space and time between university and the workplace.

Maggie Wouapi: the final dissertation conversation

May 13, 2010 07:31


Tara Brabazon conducts the final review of Maggie Wouapi's research on podcasting in the Cameroon.

Abigail Edwards: the final dissertation podcast

May 13, 2010 04:18


Tara Brabazon discusses with Abigail Edwards the outcomes of her MA Creative Media dissertation research.  How did Abi find the research process?  What were her results?

Maggie Wouapi discusses her Cameroon podcasting project with Tara Brabazon

Apr 21, 2010 04:45


Tara Brabazon explores the nature of podcasting in the Cameroon.

The role of an artefact in the MA dissertation

Apr 21, 2010 21:42


Tara Brabazon talks with Maggie Wouapi and Abigail Edwards about their MA Creative Media dissertations.  Both are using practice-led research.  In this session we discuss the role of the artefact in building their research project.

From old vinyl to popular memory

Apr 21, 2010 30:26


Tara Brabazon discusses with Paul Nataraj his vinyl memories project.  He explores the loss of vinyl and its survival as a memory. 

What happens to old vinyl records?

Apr 21, 2010 16:48


In his continuing conversation with Tara Brabazon, Paul Nataraj describes the progress of his MA Creative Media Progress. Particularly, he explores how memories are both invested in and disconnected from vinyl records.

Listening to first year students

Mar 19, 2010 06:09


Students are talked about rather than to.  Therefore, Tara Brabazon wanted to find a way to talk with students to record their views.

Abi Edwards talks about asynchronous and synchronous learning

Mar 19, 2010 01:43


Abigail Edwards talks with Tara Brabazon about Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning.

How to write an MA Dissertation

Mar 19, 2010 17:35


Tara Brabazon discusses how to write an MA dissertation with three of her former students, Makrina Dionyssopoulou, Spiridoula Trivizaki and Yanni Papaioannou.

Twitter and librarianship

Mar 19, 2010 01:19


Tara Brabazon talks with Sarah Ison about how Twitter can be used by librarians.

Some thoughts on media literacy

Mar 19, 2010 07:12


Tara Brabazon talks with her MA Creative Media students about the importance of studying media literacies.

Tara Brabazon discusses with Paul Nataraj the mechanics of inscribing memories onto vinyl records

Mar 19, 2010 22:29


Tara Brabazon talks with Paul Nataraj about his MA Creative Media dissertation, particularly asking him the process through which he will inscribe the memories onto the vinyl.

Tara Brabazon and Paul Nataraj introduce the interviews conducted for his vinyl memories project

Mar 19, 2010 13:16


Tara Brabazon and Paul Nataraj continue their discussion of the role of vinyl in personal and popular memories.  In this session, Paul discusses the interviews he has conducted.

Tara Brabazon discusses with Paul Nataraj the topic for his MA Creative Media dissertation

Mar 19, 2010 11:03


Paul Nataraj is about to commence his MA dissertation at the University of Brighton. He explores his options and the challenges and opportunities in thinking about vinyl and (un)popular culture.

Yanni and Tara Time 4

Mar 19, 2010 05:00


Yanni Papaioannou and Tara Brabazon talk about the PhD process.

Yanni and Tara Time 3

Mar 19, 2010 10:28


Yanni Papaioannou and Tara Brabazon talk about the PhD process.

Yanni and Tara Time 2

Mar 19, 2010 07:55


Yanni Papaioannou and Tara Brabazon talk about the PhD process.

Yanni and Tara Time 1

Mar 19, 2010 06:18


Tara Brabazon talks with Abi Edwards about her MA Creative Media Dissertation. She is investigating the life cycle of popular culture. What happens to popular culture when it dies? Where does it go?

Tara Brabazon talks with Abi Edwards about her MA Creative Media Dissertation

Mar 19, 2010 06:08


Tara Brabazon talks with Abi Edwards about her MA Creative Media Dissertation. She is investigating the life cycle of popular culture. What happens to popular culture when it dies? Where does it go?

Tara Brabazon talks to Julie Doyle about using sonic media to teach visuality

Mar 19, 2010 01:57


Tara Brabazon asks Julie Doyle about the advantages and problems of using sonic media to teach visual research methods

Tara Brabazon talks to Maggie Wouapi about her MA Creative Media Dissertation

Mar 19, 2010 05:03


Tara Brabazon talks with Maggie Wouapi about her MA dissertation topic. She wishes to investigate podcasting in the Cameroon

Sarah Ison talks with Tara Brabazon about libraries

Mar 19, 2010 14:56


Tara Brabazon asks Sarah Ison, a librarian at the University of Brighton, about the potentials of the online library for undergraduate and postgraduate students. There is particular attention on the use of Web 2.0 tools for the library profession and students.

Tara Brabazon talks with Venessa Paech about online community management

Mar 19, 2010 12:14


Tara Brabazon talks with Venessa Paech about her MA Creative Media dissertation. She introduces the concept of the 'exile' - the difficult individuals in online communities and how they are 'managed.'

Paul Nataraj discusses his vinyl memories project with Tara Brabazon

Mar 19, 2010


Paul Nataraj continues his discussion with Tara Brabazon about his research project into vinyl and memories.

Makrina Dionyssopoulou talks with Tara Brabazon about her PhD

Mar 12, 2010 02:13


Makrina Dionyssopoulou talks with Tara Brabazon about her PhD. Mak is investigating how small European nations are using social media to create new forms of identity.

Spiridoula Trivizaki talks to Tara Brabazon about her PhD

Mar 7, 2010 02:58


Spiridoula Trivizaki talks to Tara Brabazon about her PhD, investigating senior citizens and their use of the online environment.

Spiridoula Trivizaki talks with Tara Brabazon about ESL doctoral students

Mar 7, 2010 05:38


Spiridoula Trivizaki talks with Tara Brabazon about how ESL doctoral students manage a higher degree programme.

Yanni Papaioannou and the MA Creative Media

Mar 7, 2010 09:48


Tara Brabazon talks with Yanni Papaioannou about the MA Creative Media

Irvine Welsh and the problems of pop

Mar 7, 2010 04:27


Tara Brabazon talks with Steve Redhead about Irvine Welsh, his writing and negotiations with popular culture.

Pop time

Feb 19, 2010 02:49


Tara Brabazon talks with Steve Redhead about the nature of popular cultural time.  Is it cyclical or linear?

What is MANC?

Feb 1, 2010 02:11


Tara Brabazon talks to Steve Redhead about his new project, MANC: modern, accelerated, nonpostmodern culture.

The night-time economy

Feb 1, 2010 02:29


Tara Brabazon talks to Steve Redhead about the night-time economy. What is it, and how does it align with economic development?

The future of football

Feb 1, 2010 03:40


Tara Brabazon talks to Steve Redhead about the future of football, after Hillsborough and the Premier League.

Terrorism and the accident

Feb 1, 2010 02:01


Why is there a confusion between an act of terrorism and an accident? Using the work of Paul Virilio, Steve Redhead explores answer to this question with Tara Brabazon.

Sport and the creative industries

Feb 1, 2010 02:11


Tara Brabazon talks to Steve Redhead about the place of sport in the contemporary creative industries.

Speed and popular culture

Jan 31, 2010 02:06


What is the relationship between speed and popular culture? Is popular cultural change increasing in speed?

Postyouth culture

Jan 31, 2010 01:40


Tara Brabazon talks with Steve Redhead about his memories of Tony Wilson, particularly remembering his support of the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture.

Memories of Tony Wilson

Jan 31, 2010 03:43


Tara Brabazon talks with Steve Redhead about his memories of Tony Wilson, particularly remembering his support of the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture.

Creative Industries after the crunch

Jan 31, 2010 02:53


Tara Brabazon talks to Steve Redhead about the transformations to creative industries after the credit crunch

Cities and popular music

Jan 31, 2010 02:22


Tara Brabazon talks to Steve Redhead about why particular cities are associated with popular musical success.

Art of the Accident

Jan 31, 2010 01:54


A microinterview between Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead, investigating theories of 'the accident.'

Architecture and popular culture

Jan 31, 2010 02:56


Tara Brabazon talks to Steve Redhead about the role of architecture in the creation of popular culture.

Why they write

Jan 31, 2010 07:15


First year university students are too often the objects of study, rather than partners in learning. Tara Brabazon talks about how and why first year students write, using the inspiration of George Orwell as a starting point.

Before the fight starts

Jan 31, 2010 09:35


Tara Brabazon investigates some of the realities within reality television.

When excellence is not enough.

Jan 31, 2010 13:58


Tara Brabazon explores the use of the word 'excellence' in the contemporary university sector. What does 'excellence' in teaching and learning actually mean?

The Best Bookshop in the World

Jan 31, 2010 31:01


Tara Brabazon investigates City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. She presents an interview with City Lights' Event Manager, Peter Maravelis that discusses books, bookshops and politics.

Some thoughts on media literacy

Jan 31, 2010


Tara Brabazon talks to her students about the value of studying media literacy.

Rhythm is a reader

Jan 31, 2010 07:46


Tara Brabazon explores the changes to literacy in on and offline environments.


Jan 31, 2010 13:52


Tara Brabazon explores the role and place of a lecture in online education. Do lectures still have a place in university education?

Media Studies: Return of the Jedi

Jan 31, 2010 08:15


Tara Brabazon presents the views of her second year Media Studies students, asking why the field is discredited in the United Kingdom

I am not a Geek. I am a level 9 Warlord

Jan 31, 2010 10:04


Tara Brabazon ask what happens when debates about digitization are split between utopic and dystopic perspectives.

I am currently away from my computer

Jan 31, 2010 12:47


What happens when journalists of the online environment become the new pop stars?

Dust Bowl Democracy

Jan 31, 2010 09:48


Tara asks what does it mean to be politically progressive?

But can she reverse a trailer?

Jan 31, 2010 09:57


Tara Brabazon explores the role of women in the contemporary university.

Analogue Ways of Thinking

Jan 31, 2010 08:23


Tara Brabazon explores the place of the analogue in the digital age.