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Stack of Dimes headbutts the internet with shows about movies, junk food, the 80's and 90's, childhood memories, and JCVD. We are the official podcast for all of your guilty pleasures.

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TV & Film


SOD #391: Top Ramen Diet

Apr 6, 2020 52:46


Roden and Thunder share their healthy stay at home tips and tricks!

You Blu It #54: Galaxy of Terror

Mar 24, 2020 01:03:02


Roden and Thunder visit a Roger Corman produced galaxy to be terrorized.

SOD #390: Family Fun Center Fever

Mar 16, 2020 01:01:51


Thunder and Roden talk about what it's like living in coronavirus ground zero and then wash their hands and open up the mailbag.

SOD #389: Everyone Knows Everything

Mar 6, 2020 01:00:00


JD and Thunder talk about what it's like to live in a world where everyone knows everything.

SOD #388: Stir After Heating

Feb 28, 2020 01:17:17


Roden and Thunder take a trip down the frozen food aisle.

You Blu It #53: Skyscraper 3D

Feb 20, 2020 01:15:21


Roden and Thunder take a big old whiff of what The Rock is cooking.

You Blu It #52: Hot Moves

Feb 8, 2020 01:30:33


After watching 'Hot Moves", Roden and Thunder might finally get chicks bro!

SOD #387: Nothing Works

Jan 31, 2020 01:07:26


JD and Thunder talk about how nothing in this world works anymore.

You Blu It #51: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Jan 10, 2020 01:15:51


Roden and Thunder buy a ticket to some fun, sun and guns!

SOD #386: Under the Tree

Dec 24, 2019 38:26


Thunder and Roden test out a Christmas video game treat! SEGA!!!

SOD #385: Xmas 2019

Dec 20, 2019 01:05:33


Come get holly jolly with JD and Thunder!

You Blu It #50: Lionheart

Dec 5, 2019 01:32:27


Aaron and Thunder continue their Van Dammage series with 1990's Lionheart. Also, bonus fried chicken and Speedo talk!

SOD #384: Bubblegutsgiving 2019

Nov 28, 2019 54:48


Thunder and Roden, once again, get ready for some November diarrhea.

SOD #383: Planned Awfulescence

Nov 22, 2019 46:56


JD and Thunder revisit JD's planned awfulescence theory and also take a look inside the listener mail bag.

SOD #382: Endless Slabs

Nov 15, 2019 44:04


JD and Thunder talk about the many times in life where they "took things too far", e.g., eating 12 KFC biscuits in one sitting.

SOD #381: A Decade Of Excellence

Nov 7, 2019 01:12:15


JD and Thunder celebrate 10 years of casting their pod!

You Blu It #49: The Monster Squad

Oct 31, 2019 01:24:00


Roden and Thunder end the Halloween season by becoming honorary members of The Monster Squad. Bogus.

SOD #380: Tears In Our Makeup

Oct 26, 2019 01:03:14


Thunder and Roden talk about garbage Halloween candy and costumes.

You Blu It #48: Basket Case

Oct 15, 2019 01:09:30


Roden and Thunder kickoff the Halloween season with the 1982 cult classic Basket Case.

You Blu It #47: Up The Creek

Oct 2, 2019 56:32


Thunder and Roden grab some life jackets and head up the creek.

SOD #379: Emerald City Cobras

Sep 19, 2019 45:12


JD shares a theory on the state of infomercials and Thunder talks about his recent European adventure.


Sep 6, 2019 01:00:19


In where JD and Thunder place some ads in back of Motor Trend.

You Blu It #46: Bait 3D

Aug 30, 2019 01:07:31


Roden and Thunder take care of a cleanup on aisle 7. In the 3 Dimensions.

SOD #377: Game Bros

Aug 22, 2019 54:59


Thunder and Roden talk about the retro gaming craze in true SoD style... about a decade too late.

You Blu It #45: Trancers

Aug 15, 2019 01:31:40


Roden and Thunder time travel back to 1984 and try to figure out what a "squid" is.

SOD #376: Roden and Thunder's High School Reunion

Aug 3, 2019 50:36


Roden joins Thunder fresh off his 20 year reunion and they talk about it.

You Blu It #44: Death Warrant

Jul 15, 2019 01:23:06


Aaron and Thunder return with some Van Damme good action!

SOD #375: Rockets' Brown Glare

Jul 4, 2019 57:44


JD celebrates a non-fireworks-related explosion at work.

SOD #374: 3D Never Die 4

Jun 28, 2019 46:20


Thunder and Mike return with more hard-hitting three dimensional news!

SOD #373: School's Out for Summer!

Jun 22, 2019 43:50


School is out for Summer and JD and Thunder talk about it.

You Blu It #43: Rambo

Jun 12, 2019 52:18


Roden and Thunder get inspired by the release of the latest 'Rambo: Last Blood' trailer and revisit 2008's 'Rambo'.

SOD #372: Frankensteinarito

Jun 4, 2019 50:33


JD and Thunder talk about self-ordering kiosks, fan petitions and anti-aging CGI.

You Blu It #42: Comin' at Ya!

May 29, 2019 51:47


Roden and Thunder are joined by good friend Genevieve, host of the After These Messages Podcast, and they watch the 1981 3D Piaya/Hamburger Western(?) Comin' at Ya!.

SOD #371: All You Can Bubble Guts

May 4, 2019 01:12:35


Roden and Thunder grab a fresh plate and head down the buffet line.

SOD #370: Chocolate Dipped

Apr 30, 2019 44:45


JD and Thunder planned on talking about advanced age clothes shopping... but did a deep dive on Dairy Queen treats instead.

You Blu It #41: Ghoulies 1 and 2 (sort of)

Apr 10, 2019 41:38


Thunder and Roden face the sad truth that these movies do not live up to their legendary great box art.

SOD #369: Dip In Dip Out

Apr 4, 2019 35:38


JD and Thunder have some sick 90's clubbing tips.

You Blu It #40: Spring Break

Mar 29, 2019 43:55


JD, Roden and Thunder are finally old enough to rent the 1983 classic Spring Break!

SOD #368: Gut Truckin

Mar 23, 2019 42:26


JD and Thunder share their warehouse war stories of bygone days.

SOD #367: Wide Swinging

Mar 15, 2019 53:52


Thunder and Roden talk about finding ropes swings in the woods, re-binge watching TV shows, and new exiting snack chip flavors.

You Blu It #39: Firewalker

Mar 6, 2019 58:30


Aaron and Thunder regrettably decided to do some firewalking.

SOD #366: 3D Never Die 3

Feb 28, 2019 01:00:50


Thunder and Mike talk about the latest happenings in the world of 3 dimensions. 

SOD #365: Snow Day

Feb 19, 2019 47:33


Snowmageddon has crippled Seattle and JD, Roden and Thunder decide to swap snow day stories.


You Blu It #38: Angel Town

Feb 9, 2019 01:08:10


Thunder and Roden traverse the mean streets of Angel Town.

You Blu It #37: The Meg 3D

Jan 30, 2019 01:06:47


Roden and Thunder watch another shark movie in the 3 dimensions. 

SOD #364: Waiting is the hardest part

Jan 26, 2019 46:38


JD and Thunder relive all of the endless hours they spent in windowless waiting rooms as kids.

SOD #363: 3D Never Die 2

Jan 17, 2019 41:59


Thunder is once again joined by Mike Seibert and they review the wacky world of Aquaman and do an end of year 3D Blu-ray round up.

SOD #362: Xmas 2018

Dec 26, 2018 48:55


Thunder and Roden celebrate the holiday season.

SOD #361: Nothing But Disappointments

Dec 5, 2018 46:26


JD and Thunder discuss things that have disappointed them through the years.

SOD #360: Extra Helping of Bubble Guts

Nov 29, 2018 40:56


Last episode Roden predicted that his Thanksgiving dinner would not be good. This episode we find out if his prediction came true. Move over Nostradamus.

SOD #359: Bubblegutsgiving 2018

Nov 23, 2018 44:09


Thunder and Roden get ready for some November diarrhea.

You Blu It #36: Kickboxer

Nov 14, 2018 49:09


Roden and Thunder watch another Jean Claude Van Damme classic!

SOD #358: 3D Never Die

Nov 7, 2018 57:29


Thunder is joined by SOD newcomer Mike Seibert to talk about the 3D's and nerd stuff.

SOD #357: Straight to Podcasting

Oct 31, 2018 50:49


JD and Thunder talk about Chinese food, drunk times in Salt Lake City and the now extinct straight to video action star.

You Blu It #35: Prom Night

Oct 24, 2018 48:11


Aaron and Thunder celebrate the Halloween season by watching a Canadian horror classic!

SOD #356: Candy Corn Love

Oct 19, 2018 35:57


JD and Thunder talk all things Halloween.

You Blu It #34: Nemesis

Oct 12, 2018 53:14


JD, Roden and Thunder truly relive their childhoods and watch an Albert Pyun classic.

SOD #355: Too Many Predators

Sep 28, 2018 40:21


JD and Thunder talk about movie franchises that probably shouldn't be movie franchises. 

You Blu It #33: Thrashin'

Sep 21, 2018 01:07:54


Thunder and Aaron have always wondered what it would be like to live the Thrasher lifestyle. Now they know.

SOD #354: Doin it, doin it, doin it yeah

Sep 15, 2018 47:36


JD and Thunder talk about karaoke and bike rides.

You Blu It #32: Cyborg

Sep 5, 2018 58:04


Roden and Thunder learn what it's like to be a "Slinger" in the post-apocalyptic future.

SOD #353: Losing Our Bobbles

Aug 25, 2018 49:18


JD listens to Thunder complain.

You Blu It #31: Ready Player One 3D

Aug 7, 2018 58:52


Aaron and Thunder enter the Oasis in 3 dimensions. 

SOD Memory Lane #18

Jul 14, 2018 35:17


Stack of Dimes... the podcast that still sounds like 2010.

SOD #352: Mail Bagging

Jul 4, 2018 46:32


JD and Thunder sift through their overwhelming amount of fan mail.


You Blu It #30: Raw Force

Jun 26, 2018 49:27


Thunder and Roden hit the high seas with martial art experts, boobs, and zombie ninjas! 

SOD Memory Lane #17

Jun 18, 2018 35:25


JD and Thunder revisit episode 16 where they remembered legendary infomercial star Bill Mays.

SOD #351: Highlander and Corny Dogs

Jun 11, 2018 25:45


I think the title for this episode says it all.

SOD #350: Fried and Folded

Jun 2, 2018 01:01:48


Thunder and Roden deep dive into some fast food.

SOD #349: Remembering Newman

May 26, 2018 45:08


JD, Thunder and Roden remember their friend Newman.

SOD Memory Lane #16

Apr 17, 2018 48:04


JD and Thunder look back at their interview with 'Rotten' comics authors Robert Horton and Mark Rahner.

SOD #348: Tag Us In

Apr 11, 2018 56:23


JD and Thunder record a good old fashion SOD, topics include: fast food, skin tag removal, their current TV rotation, and DJ salaries. 

You Blu It #29: Justice League 3D

Apr 3, 2018 59:35


Aaron and Thunder strap on their 3D glasses and do a deep dive on CG deleted mustaches, who or what is Cyborg, and if the Amazonionians were dressed too sexy.

SOD Memory Lane #15

Mar 24, 2018 37:52


More food talk from episode #14 of SOD.

SOD #347: Leave It Outside

Mar 16, 2018 01:01:24


Roden joins Thunder and they swap stories about toys made for summer time play. Thunder also shares an eye-watering experience at the gym.

You Blu It #28: Fortress

Mar 10, 2018 01:11:57


Aaron and Thunder get intestinated on episode #28.

SOD Memory Lane #14

Mar 2, 2018 01:01:22


JD and Thunder revisit episode #13.

SOD #346: Sex on the Viper

Feb 24, 2018 42:42


A listener wonders if a midlife crisis is a real thing, JD and Thunder investigate.

You Blu It #27: The Ice Pirates

Feb 7, 2018 01:09:58


Thunder and Aaron swashbuckle their way through the stars.

SOD Memory Lane #13

Jan 26, 2018 57:36


Back in 2009 when JD and Thunder started SOD they sucked at the Myspace, fast forward 9 years later and they still do.

SOD #345: Extending The Universe Cannon

Jan 20, 2018 52:33


Thunder and Aaron ponder the question: If they stopped with 'Return of the Jedi' in 1983, would we be talking about 'Star Wars' in 2018?

You Blu It #26: The Lawnmower Man

Jan 13, 2018 52:27


Thunder, JD, Greg and a remote viewing Aaron "Pepsi Challenge" real Virtual Reality against the 1992 version of VR in 'The Lawnmower Man'.

SOD Memory Lane #12

Jan 3, 2018 50:08


That time JD, Thunder and Greg went to a theater and watched a movie and then did a podcast about it.

SOD #344: Happy Trog-lidays

Dec 23, 2017 44:57


JD and Thunder celebrate the season.

You Blu It #25: Lifeforce

Dec 13, 2017 01:06:49


Ben from the band Hobosexual joins Aaron and Thunder to watch the Tobe Hooper CLASSIC 'Lifeforce'.

SOD Memory Lane #11

Dec 5, 2017 53:31


JD and Thunder revisit their interview with 90's action movie sensation Jeff Wincott.

SOD #343: Nut Filled Jello

Nov 23, 2017 45:56


Download this episode JD talks about his latest celebrity run-in in Hollyweird and Thunder preps for Thanksgiving bubble-guts.

You Blu It #24: The Dungeonmaster

Nov 18, 2017 01:02:28


Aaron and Thunder play The Dungeonmaster's dangerous game!

SOD Memory Lane #10

Nov 11, 2017 37:23


We love Pre-da-tor.

SOD #342: Aladdin's Castle

Nov 4, 2017 57:41


Thunder and Roden grab a jar full of quarters and enter the magical world of Aladdin's Castle.

You Blu It #23: Texas Chainsaw 3D & Poltergeist

Oct 27, 2017 01:10:25


Aaron and Thunder tackle a double feature for Halloween: Texas Chainsaw 3D and Poltergeist. Not for the faint of heart.

SOD Memory Lane #9

Oct 21, 2017 56:26


JD and Thunder talk about what it's like to be two old dudes who are out of touch with new music before replaying episode #8... an episode where they talked about being two old dudes who are out of touch with new music.

SOD #341: We Don't Wanna Grow Up

Oct 14, 2017 44:02


'Toys R Us' has been added to the list of things from JD and Thunder's childhood that have gone bankrupt. They honor the "Costco of toy stores" by sharing their fondest memories of Geoffrey and company.

You Blu It #22: Tango & Cash

Oct 7, 2017 01:30:24


Nick Ahlers, fellow Noiz-bro and co-host of The Grapes of Rad podcast, joins Aaron and Thunder in the family fun center and they all watch Sly Stalone and Kurt Russell shower together.

SOD Memory Lane #8

Sep 28, 2017 56:02


JD and Thunder revisit SOD #7 where they talk about the all the things they love that have been canceled or discontinued.

SOD #340: Troglodyte Whisperers

Sep 20, 2017 50:33


JD and Thunder wonder what to do when a bro wants to bro down a little too hard.

You Blu It #21: Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 3D

Sep 7, 2017 01:07:43


After watching 'Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 3D', Thunder and Aaron are still trying to figure out when and where the "Metalstorm" actually occurred.

SOD Memory Lane #7

Sep 1, 2017 58:26


JD and Thunder revisit SOD #6 where they talk about the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie series with friend of the show Greg.

SOD #339: Mallrats

Aug 25, 2017 51:41


JD and Thunder map out their teenage trips to the mall.

You Blu It #20: Legend

Aug 16, 2017 01:03:37


Question: How difficult is it to catch a Unicorn? Answer: According to this 1985 "classic", not very.

SOD Memory Lane #6

Aug 11, 2017 52:48


Longtime friend of the show Mo is leaving the country and she joins Thunder to discuss her life change and revisit some of her past appearances on SOD.

SOD #338: Better Man

Aug 5, 2017 53:48


Download this episode JD is on the road and he Thunder discuss everything from bad bar bands to lost silent films.

You Blu It #19: No Retreat No Surrender

Jul 28, 2017 01:09:52


Aaron and Thunder get tons of CrossFit ideas after watching 'No Retreat No Surrender'. Purchase Blu-ray HERE

SOD Memory Lane #5

Jul 20, 2017 41:04


JD and Thunder revisit the first episode dedicated to their love of fast food.

SOD #337: We Have the Meats

Jul 13, 2017 58:20


JD and Thunder share what they shove in their mouths now that they're 40.

You Blu It #18: Krull

Jul 1, 2017 01:03:17


Download this episode Join Aaron and Thunder on a magical journey to the planet Krull where they see strange creatures called Horses, and castles made of stone and uh... trees.

SOD Memory Lane #4

Jun 22, 2017 53:06


Download this episode JD and Thunder play Timecops and revisit episode #4.

SOD #336: Kickfighters

Jun 16, 2017 48:13


Download this episode JD and Thunder share some rad stories about kickboxing, chicks and sweet rides.

You Blu It #17: The Last Starfighter

Jun 10, 2017 01:10:58


The great thing about 'The Last Starfighter' is that it's only about 90 minutes long.

SOD Memory Lane #3

Jun 2, 2017 01:09:20


Download this episode Let's fire up the time machine so JD and Thunder can cringe at stupid stuff they said 8 years ago!

You Blu It #16: Bloodsport

May 25, 2017 01:17:52


Download this episode Thunder teaches Roden about the Kumite, the Dim Mak and the awesome fighting style of Paco.

SOD: Remembering Chris Cornell

May 20, 2017 52:01


Download this episode Roden and Thunder share the impact that Chris Cornell and Soundgarden had on their young brains.

SOD #335: Inceptionscape

May 17, 2017 48:55


Download this episode Thunder talks about taking a new supplement that gives him crazy dreams and JD talks about getting Van Dammed out of a dead sleep.

SOD Memory Lane #2

May 10, 2017 48:07


Download this episode Time once again for JD and Thunder to take stroll down memory lane. Topics: 7-Eleven donuts, 'Watchmen' review, 'Expendables' talk, and G.I Joe weaponry.

You Blu It #15: The Pit

May 3, 2017 01:09:38


Download this episode Aaron and Thunder watch the 1981 Canuxploitation Classic 'The Pit', a movie about a 12 year old pervy boy and his pit full of Trollalogs. Yes, I said Trollalogs.

SOD #334: Organizing Nuts and Bolts

Apr 27, 2017 57:58


Download this episode JD and Thunder go through the listener mail bag and then discuss the sad things they now look forward to in their mundane lives.

SOD Memory Lane #1

Apr 19, 2017 49:29


JD and Thunder go back in time to bring you the very first episode of SOD.

You Blu It #14: Jaws 3-D

Apr 11, 2017 01:06:47


Download this episode Aaron and Thunder revisit a movie that scared a young Aaron sh*tless back in the day. Order the Blu-ray HERE

SOD #333: Works Wet or Dry

Apr 4, 2017 44:09


If JD and Thunder could get more listeners by spending $1000 to replace a wine stained white suede jacket they would.

You Blu It! #13: Evil Dead 2

Mar 24, 2017 38:42


JD, Thunder and Aaron celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'Evil Dead 2' by giving it the "You Blu It" treatment. Order the Blu-ray HERE

You Blu It! #12: Dead Heat

Mar 8, 2017 01:11:34


Download this episode Question: What do you get when you cross a buddy cop movie, with a zombie movie and supernatural movie? Answer: A turd sandwich. Purchase 'Dead Heat' HERE

SOD #332: Hot and Bothered

Feb 24, 2017 44:44


Download this episode Come get wet and sweaty with JD, Thunder and special guest Newman.

You Blu It! #11: American Ninja

Feb 16, 2017 01:17:25


Download this episode Thunder and Aaron find out how dangerous (and boring) it can be when an American learns the secret art of Ninjutsu. Order 'American Ninja' blu-ray HERE

SOD #331: El Diablo Chicken Blaster

Feb 11, 2017 33:07


Download this episode JD, Thunder, Aaron and special guest Luke Burbank share their latest dieting and fashion tips. Just kidding, they shove that new Taco Bell chicken shell thing in their face-holes.

You Blu It! #10: RIP 3D TV

Feb 1, 2017 46:56


Download this episode Thunder and Aaron mourn the loss of 3D TV by discussing the ups and downs of the format and watching one of their favorite 3D Blu-rays 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

SOD #330: The Gastric Slide

Jan 25, 2017 46:25


Download this episode Thunder and Aaron discuss Thunder's first trip to 'White Castle' and Aaron's new "Whole30" lifestyle.

You Blu It! #8: A Christmas Story

Jan 14, 2017 53:59


Download this episode
Aaron and Thunder celebrate the season and watch a Christmas classic, 'A Christmas Story'.

You Blu It! #9: The Eliminators

Jan 14, 2017 01:07:51


Download this episode
Aaron and Thunder watch and review the 1986 classic, The Eliminators, available from Shout! Factory on BluRay.

SOD #329: Going Rogue

Jan 14, 2017 56:16


Download this episode
JD finally returns to the show and explains where he's been and he and Thunder review 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', proclaim the best movies were made before 1999 and mourn the loss of one of their favorite dance clubs from their college years.