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The Shuttle Pod is a podcast run by the editors of, your source for Star Trek news and information. Our hosts Brian Drew, Jared Whitley, Kayla Iacovino, and Matt Wright cover a large range of topics in Star Trek, from TOS to Discovery. As on, we have guests to talk about all aspects of the Star Trek franchise, including television, movies, art, novels, comics, science, technology, fashion, and more.


TV & Film


‘Star Trek Picard’ Season Finale: Season 1 Episode 10

Apr 1, 2020 1:12:13


The Shuttle Pod crew gather round their mics to discuss the final episode of the first season of Star Trek: Picard. Feelings are mixed among the crew. We all agree that the show ultimately delivered a heartwarming as ever scene providing closure we’ve been waiting for for twenty years. And, the episode did tie up a lot of key story threads from the season. But, so many other narrative threads were left hanging, and Picard’s new reality opens up one huge can of worms for the franchise.

‘Star Trek: Picard’: Season 1 Episode 9

Mar 25, 2020 1:00:37


The entire complement of the Shuttle Pod gather round their podcasting mics to discuss the penultimate episode of the first season of Star Trek: Picard. The episode came as a bit of a change of pace after the previous eight episodes. Particularly after episode 8, “Broken Pieces”, where our heroes really start “putting the pieces together” (I don’t care if you excuse the pun, I’m going to keep using it), episode 9, “Et In Arcadia Ego, Part I” felt like a bit of a step backwards in terms of directionality for the plot. Can the writers deliver a cracking finale next week?

‘Star Trek: Picard’: Season 1 Episode 8

Mar 20, 2020 1:07:58


Kayla, Brian, and Jared hop onto the Shuttle Pod to discuss last week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard – “Broken Pieces”. This episode was jam packed with new information, so there is a lot for our crew to discuss! Join us as we break down our favorite moments, including some of the best character moments on the show to date. And, please, make sure to avoid any glowing pizza tables you may encounter in back alleys. Stay safe, kids.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 7

Mar 13, 2020 53:49


Jared and Kayla gather round the dinner table to talk Nepenthe, action on the Borg Cube, and some revelations on La Sirena. Have a listen as we discuss the latest episode of Star Trek: Picard, “Nepenthe,” or as we like to call it, “Reunited, and it feels so good.”

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 6

Mar 4, 2020 57:57


Matt, Brian, and Kayla discuss this first episode of the second half of Season 1, “The Impossible Box”. The Shuttle Pod crew discuss how all of the season’s storylines are starting to merge together, the beautiful reunion of Picard and Hue, and how Narek’s antics with Soji seem to finally be paying off.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 5

Feb 26, 2020 1:38:27


Join Jared, Kayla, and Matt as they delve into the divisive fifth episode of the season, “Stardust City Rag.” The Shuttle Pod crew breaks down the episode, celebrates the return of Seven of Nine, and discusses the issues, questions, and concerns with the world that ‘Star Trek: Picard’ has shown us. Listen along to hear why Kayla calls what we’ve seen so far heartbreaking, it’s probably not for the reasons you’d expect.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 4

Feb 19, 2020 44:06


Brian, Kayla, and Matt discuss “Absolute Candor” the fourth episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard.’ Just as we get into space, Picard detours to get help from Elnor, a young Romulan he knew 14 years ago on the planet Vashti. As Raffi says, “Man can’t even take a guilt trip without using a starship.” We also get to see two new holographic facets of Chris Rios, and Soji has a seed of doubt planted about her past by Narek.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 3

Feb 11, 2020 54:34


Join Brian, Kayla, and Matt as they discuss the third episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ the aptly titled “The End is the Beginning.” We’ve come to the end of the first third of the season, and we’re finally setting off into space. But not before rehashing the past with Admiral Picard and Raffi Musiker, and meeting the roguish captain of his own ship Cristobal Rios (and his holographic doppelgängers), while Soji finds herself the subject of Romulan myth, and the bad guys pose in black leather and sunglasses.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 2

Feb 4, 2020 50:23


Join the full complement of the Shuttle Pod crew as they discuss the second episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ titled “Maps and Legends.” The episode definitely felt like the “middle child” of the first third, setting up more plot threads and introducing new villains, who seemed a bit over the top. But it was still a generally satisfying episode overall. Also the podcasters give special kudos to Orla Brady as Laris, who was “fecking” great this week!

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 1

Jan 28, 2020 1:06:11


Join the full complement of the Shuttle Pod crew as they discuss the premiere episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard.’ First, Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt catch up on some exciting news about season two of ‘Picard,’ and then they dive into the return of Jean-Luc Picard in the episode “Remembrance.”

Shuttle Pod 78 – ‘Next Generation’ Picard Episodes

Jan 21, 2020 56:41


With ‘Star Trek: Picard’ premiering this week the Shuttle Pod crew thought it would be valuable to do a deep dive into ‘Next Generation’ episodes they think (or hope!) will inform the series. Brian, Jared, and Kayla discuss “The Measure of A Man,” “The Offspring,” “The Drumhead,” and “Devil’s Due.”

Shuttle Pod 77 – Chabon, Tarantino, and Animated ‘Short Treks’

Dec 20, 2019 45:18


The Shuttle Pod crew record one last podcast before the holidays. Jared, Laurie, and Matt catch up on the latest news including Michael Chabon’s changing role for ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season 2, and the “will he? won’t he?” question of Quentin Tarantino directing his Trek script. Lastly, the trio discuss the two animated ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ released this month.

Shuttle Pod 76 – Celebrating Dorothy Fontana and Rene Auberjonois

Dec 13, 2019 1:00:09


The Shuttle Pod crew gather to celebrate the lives of Dorothy Fontana and Rene Auberjonois. Join Brian, Jared, Laurie, and Matt as they discuss the careers of these two creative professionals and their contributions to Star Trek.

Shuttle Pod 75 – The Human Adventure Continues… With ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’

Dec 7, 2019 1:25:08


The first Star Trek movie, released 10 years after the “failed” run of ‘The Original Series,’ did something unprecedented in Hollywood at the time: it resurrected a TV show and transitioned it to the silver screen. Join Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt as they discuss the 40th anniversary of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture.’ The crew share their memories of seeing TMP and discuss the legacy of the film which deserves a place in Trekkies hearts, warts and all.

Shuttle Pod 74 – ‘Generations’ at 25, Star Trek 4 Is Back On, And ‘Short Treks’ – “Ask Not”

Nov 22, 2019 53:51


Brian, Matt, and Laurie man the shuttle pod this episode, where they touch on the silver anniversary of ‘Star Trek Generations,’  and the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ on Blu-ray. Then the team gets into the news of the week — that a fourth Kelvin movie may be back on, this time with writer/director Noah Hawley. Lastly, the trio reviews the latest ‘Short Treks’ episode “Ask Not.”

Shuttle Pod 73 – On the Ground At NYCC & ‘Short Treks’ Season 2 Reviews

Oct 21, 2019 1:10:40


Host Matt talks with Laurie about what it was like to be in the stadium for the New York Comic Con “Star Trek Universe” and ‘The Orville’ panels. Then the duo goes in depth — discussing the two newest ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’: “Q&A” and the rather polarizing “The Trouble With Edward.”

Shuttle Pod 72 – Talking Trek Trailers with Larry Nemecek: ‘Picard’ Season 1 and ‘Discovery’ Season 3

Oct 11, 2019 1:24:01


Kayla and Brian welcome on special guest and friend of the show, Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek to do a bit of a New York Comic Con debrief. Listen along as we discuss the new trailers for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and the much anticipated ‘Star Trek: Picard.’ All this talk of new Star Trek stories had us looking back at old ones that never got off the page of a script. In particular, we looked at how Discovery season 3 compares to pitches such as ‘Star Trek: Federation’ and the would-have-been animated series ‘Star Trek: Final Frontier.’

Shuttle Pod 71 – Star Trek Day Celebration

Sep 19, 2019 56:58


The Shuttle Pod crew celebrate September 8th with reflections on their early fandom. Join Brian, Jared, Kayla and Matt, as they discuss a bit of news since the last podcast, and then jump in to discussing their earliest memories of Star Trek, and how they became a Trekkie.

Shuttle Pod: Supplemental – “Balance of Terror”

Aug 30, 2019 52:55


While Trek news is light, and a few of the podcast crew are off traveling, Brian and Matt try something a different and record a commentary for the classic ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ episode “Balance of Terror.” The hosts offer up trivia and and behind-the-scenes tidbits while watching the episode. Cue up your copy of the episode and listen along!

Shuttle Pod 70 – Star Trek Reunified At Last! And Star Trek Las Vegas 2019

Aug 15, 2019 1:12:26


The Shuttle Pod crew reconvene after Las Vegas to discuss the big the news of the last week, along with our reflection on the big Star Trek Las Vegas convention earlier in the month. Of course the big news is that CBS and Viacom finally came to an agreement to merge, bringing Star Trek back under one roof. Brian, Kayla and Matt discuss the history of Star Trek ownership and what the future of Trek could look like now that things are reunified. The other big Trek topic of late was what happened in Star Trek Las Vegas. The podcasters discuss the general vibe of the convention this year, and the top panels that they were most excited to attend: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ and ‘Lower Decks.’ Lastly, there’s a grab bag of news items since the last podcast that the trio of hosts discuss.

Shuttle Pod 69 – San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Jul 25, 2019 1:12:20


The Shuttle Pod crew assembles to discuss all the news out of San Diego Comic-Con. The Star Trek Universe panel didn’t disappoint, giving us updates on the new expanded universe of CBS Trek on TV. The big one, of course, was ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ plus the irreverent fun of ‘Lower Decks,’ more ‘Short Treks’ coming this fall, and a small glimpse into season three of ‘Discovery.’ The podcasters also discuss the happy surprise that there may be a ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition’ 4K version in the works, and ‘The Orville’ moving to Hulu for season three.

Shuttle Pod 68 – “The Future Begins” With ‘Star Trek’ (2009)

Jul 3, 2019 1:32:42


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the movie that was influential in the creation of, Shuttle Pod crew members, Jared, Kayla, Laurie, and Matt travel through “a lighting storm in space” to discuss the first Kelvin universe movie. Listen along as the podcasters discuss the buzz around the movie when it was released in 2009, the casting, the music, and more.

Shuttle Pod 67 – Return To Genesis With ‘The Search For Spock’

Jun 20, 2019 1:32:01


The full complement of the Shuttle Pod crew report in to celebrate ‘Star Trek III: The Search For Spock’ on its 35th anniversary. Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss the middle child of the unofficial “Genesis Trilogy,” as they reflect on the good, the not so good, and the downright cheap. And yet also the movie created new costumes, props, ships, and tweaked the makeup of the Klingons, all of which would be carried through the rest of the franchise. Listen along and see if you agree with the opinions of the podcasters.

Shuttle Pod 66 – ‘Picard’, ‘Lower Decks’, and ‘What We Left Behind’

May 30, 2019 1:14:50


Recorded on the day the ‘Star Trek: Picard’ teaser dropped, Brian, Jared, Matt, and Laurie discuss the Picard show news. Plus, writing on ‘Lower Decks’ is well underway. Then the Shuttle Pod crew discuss the long awaited ‘Deep Space Nine’ documentary ‘What We Left Behind.’

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 15 – A Look Back At Season 2

May 9, 2019 1:25:08


Brian, Jared, Kayla, Matt, and returning guest Laurie, look back on the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. The Shuttle Pod crew discusses the season’s themes, writers’ goals, plot arcs, and general feelings about the season as a whole.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 14 “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”

Apr 25, 2019 1:19:59


Jared, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttle pod this week to discuss the finale of season two. With lots of excitement, and top notch special effects, the final episode of the season was both nail biting and gorgeous, but there were a number of issues, including needing to service nearly every character from the season. Also, it’s not clear what happened to Control now that Leland has been neutralized, and whether the Discovery really needed to go to the future in the end. The epilogue, with everyone lying to Starfleet felt out of place, and not particularly satisfying. Lastly, the final minutes of the episode, while an obvious love letter to Pike’s Enterprise and the 23rd century, was a bit of a confusing scene to end on.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 13 “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1”

Apr 17, 2019 1:15:01


Brian, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttle pod this week to prepare for the coming battle with Section 31 as they discuss the penultimate episode of season two. The episode sets up the final battle and whatever the future holds for the USS Discovery crew quite nicely. Po brings the weird science back to Discovery, and apparently the Red Angel suit is easy to whip up. Also Sarek and Amanda show up, but don’t bring help? The podcasters also discuss their thoughts on seeing the reimagined Enterprise interiors, and spend a bit of time on their predictions for the finale and what it may mean for the show.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 12 “Through The Valley Shadows”

Apr 10, 2019 53:18


Jared, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttle pod this week and head to Boreth to discuss the twelfth episode of season two, which sets up the two-part finale. The episode offered nice moments of closure with L’Rell and Tyler, so they can go their separate ways for the next season. The podcasters discuss how Boreth is not only home to the devout Followers of Kahless monks but also time crystal keepers, which adds a new fantasy element to the Klingon culture. The big scene on Boreth was when Pike’s future was revealed to him, which was beautifully acted by Anson Mount. The trap set for Burnham on the rogue Section 31 ship was an exciting subplot, but once again it showed that universe revolves around Michael Burnham. The crew also praises the quieter scenes with Reno and Stamets and Culber.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 11 “Perpetual Infinity”

Apr 3, 2019 1:06:26


The full complement of the shuttle pod crew (Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt) made it this week to discuss “Perpetual Infinity.” The episode was well acted, with major kudos going to guest star Sonja Sohn as Dr. Gabrielle Burnham. We have questions about just how the Red Angel suit works, and why it’s tethered to a point 950 years in the future. The newly AI rebuilt Leland also raises a number of questions about the end goal for Control, and of course we discuss the (Borg) elephant in the room about the way that Control seems to be taking on a physical host.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 10 “The Red Angel”

Mar 27, 2019 1:06:30


Jared, Matt, and returning guest Laurie strap themselves in and discuss “The Red Angel.” The episode was well crafted, and most of the questions or concerns we had were part of the larger season themes and not with this episode specifically. The podcasters still have questions about Section 31, and the notion of a temporal arms race. Outside of these larger season long plot questions, there were lots of satisfying smaller character moments, with especially poignant scenes between Burnham and Spock, Culber and Cornwell, and Burnham and Tyler. The reveal of who was in the Red Angel suit has us speculating on what’s next, as the season long mystery is quickly coming to a head.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 9 “Project Daedalus”

Mar 20, 2019 1:38:16


This week, Matt and returning guest host Laurie navigate through the minefield of “Project Daedalus.” There were lots of good character moments, and we loved finally learning about Airiam, but we weren’t so happy that this all just happened for the first time now. In a TV show that is supposed to be serialized, we’d have liked to have seen Airiam’s character growth sprinkled in all season long. Michael and Spock’s continued icy estranged sibling relationship was another highlight of the episode; Ethan Peck and Sonequa Martin-Green nailed it. There were also a few scenes that didn’t quite feel right, as if the script needed another pass or two to polish it up, but they were carried through by the consistently excellent performances of the cast.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 8 “If Memory Serves”

Mar 13, 2019 1:10:45


Brian, Matt, and returning TrekMovie editor Laurie land the shuttle pod on Talos IV and discuss “If Memory Serves.” There’s a lot of TOS love, specifically for “The Cage.” Burnham attempts to fix Spock with some Talosian memory tricks, and Spock returns to coherence, with sharp sibling barbs in tow. And the reveal of what drove a wedge between the two is heartbreaking, but also struggles to live up to the hype that’s been building. We feel Stamets’ confusion and loss over the new Culber, and find catharsis in Hugh’s fight with Tyler. Vina appearing to Pike is lovely, and helps to flesh out the “second act” of Pike’s life. Section 31’s storyline continues to be met with ambivalence by the podcasters, but at least Emperor Georgiou’s place in the universe is getting better defined.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 7 “Light and Shadows”

Mar 6, 2019 1:23:20


Jared, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttle pod this week and head to Vulcan in “Light and Shadows.” Before diving into the episode, the team just had to briefly talk about the movement on the Picard show; more details are starting to come out since production begins in mid-April. Refocusing on this week’s episode, the search for Spock comes to an end after half a season of teases. Burnham airs the Sarek family’s dirty laundry, and the character of Amanda continues to show new depth. Sarek’s behavior is questionable. Back on the Discovery, a classic Star Trek time distortion opens up and Pike and Tyler go in for a closer look and start to hash out their differences. Finally, there’s more scheming afoot with Section 31, including a well-choreographed fight between Georgiou and Burnham. On to Talos IV!

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 6 “The Sound of Thunder”

Feb 27, 2019 1:13:25


This week the full Shuttle Pod compliment of Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt was aboard to talk about Saru’s big episode. Beautiful performances from Doug Jones and Hanna Spear carried the episode through the exciting adventure. While he wasn’t given much time this week, the small moments with Wilson Cruz as Culber were also nicely done. The Shuttle Pod crew was rather flabbergasted at the ease with which Pike and the Discovery crew decided to transform all the Kelpiens, plus they discuss a number of questions they had about the science of the episode.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 5 “Saints of Imperfection”

Feb 20, 2019 1:15:37


Jared, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttlepod this week and wedge themselves halfway in to the mycelial network to discuss “Saints of Imperfection.” We’re greeted with yet another Spock fake out (have we found him yet?), then Tyler the liaison officer to Section 31 comes aboard leaving us all a little uneasy. In a real bright spot of character development, we get to see Pike acting like a captain who may not always make friends with his staff and properly keeps untrusted visitors at arms length. And of course we get deep into the spore scheming with Stamets’ “very bold, deeply insane” plan to get Tilly back out of the mycelial network. Listen along as we discuss the twists and turns in this dense fifth installment of the second season.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 4 “An Obol For Charon”

Feb 13, 2019 1:11:47


This week Kayla, Matt, and TrekMovie editor Laurie discuss “An Obol For Charon.” As with most Discovery episodes, there’s a lot going on: We get our first few moments with Number One, right before the ship encounters a huge sphere–a classic Trek mysterious entity that’s misunderstood. Saru goes through a change of life and exposes a truth that his society has obscured with mythology, while Stamets and Reno face off in a delightful exchange of barbs, then team up to solve a crisis. Tilly’s “friend” May morphs into a symbiont, and we learn from some painful head drilling that she’s a member of a sentient species that lives in the mycelial network. Ouch.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 3 “Point of Light”

Feb 6, 2019 58:30


This week Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss “Point of Light.” There were lots of narrative threads to keep track of this week. We got to check back in with L’Rell and Tyler and get some classic Klingon politics. Poor Tilly breaks down on the bridge, and Amanda brings Michael a new piece of the puzzle to finding Spock. Oh yeah and Georgiou, now in the employ of Section 31, pops up too.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 2 “New Eden”

Jan 30, 2019 1:06:01


Jared, Kayla, and Matt crew the Shuttle Pod this week, as they discuss the second episode of the season, “New Eden.” There was much to discuss about the season’s themes of science and faith coming to the forefront, with the Discovery being in the right place at the right time to help the displaced residents of New Eden. Tilly gets serious with dark matter, and Saru continues to show his leadership skills. The Prime Directive is always a subject of debate, and it was no less the case in this week’s episode. Listen along and see if you agree with the Shuttle Pod crew.

At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 1 “Brother”

Jan 23, 2019 1:02:21


Welcome back to the Disco, and another season of Star Trek: Discovery! The whole Shuttle Pod crew gathers to discuss the premiere episode of the second season, “Brother.” We discuss the action and adventure of the new episode, our warm feelings for Pike, and ponder the question the episode title calls attention to: Oh brother (Spock) where art thou?

Shuttle Pod 65 – A Boatload Of New Trek On TV News and “The Escape Artist”

Jan 10, 2019 1:03:35


In the past week we’ve been treated to quite a lot of information about upcoming CBS Trek TV shows. The final trailer for Discovery season two was released just before Christmas along with more images and interviews in the new year. We learned some very important background information for the Picard show, and that there’s more animated Trek in the works. The Shuttle Pod crew is excited to discuss all of this, plus the fourth Kelvin movie is described as “shelved” by the Hollywood trades, as the director, SJ Clarkson, moves on to a new project. Last but certainly not least, Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss the fourth installment of Short Treks, “The Escape Artist.” Staring and directed by Rainn Wilson and written by Mike McMahan, this fun and quirky short entertained and fit nicely in the 15 minute limit.

Shuttle Pod 64 – The Shuttle Pod Crew Re-Watches The First Season Of ‘The Orville’

Dec 29, 2018 1:12:20


TrekMovie’s adopted show, The Orville, is about to return for a second season on December 30. Before the new season starts, Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss the first season. Multiple Berman-era Star Trek veterans are involved in writing, producing, and directing on the show. Not to mention that The Orville is a clear homage to TNG-style Trek both visually, and in much of the plot themes and episodic nature of the show. Listen along as the team delves into the characters, as well as how they feel the show handled the mixture of social commentary, sci-fi themes, and comedy. The crew wraps up the podcast by talking about the standout episodes of the first season.

Shuttle Pod 63 – More Picard Show Tidbits, ‘Discovery’ News, and “The Brightest Star”

Dec 12, 2018 1:05:31


This past week a number of little bits of information about the upcoming Picard TV show have come out and the Shuttle Pod crew is excited to discuss them. We also talk about the news that Star Trek: Discovery’s second season was extended by an episode for a total of 14. Plus the Kelvin universe movies still seem to be stuck in limbo. We’re excited for the new Twilight Zone coming to CBS All Access next year too. Last but certainly not least, Brian, Kayla, Jared, and Matt weigh in on the latest installment of Short Treks, in which we see a pivotal point of Saru’s early life in “The Brightest Star.”

Shuttle Pod 62 – Comedic Trek

Nov 29, 2018 1:26:08


Inspired by the news of the animated show Lower Decks, which we discussed on the previous episode, the Shuttle Pod crew looks at a smattering of comedy-influenced episodes in the Trek franchise. Listen along as Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt chat about: “The Trouble With Tribbles” (TOS), “Qpid” (TNG), “Little Green Men” (DS9), “The Magnificent Ferengi” (DS9), and then end with perhaps the most broadly comedic episode of the franchise, the delightful “A Piece of the Action” (TOS).

Shuttle Pod 61 – ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’, Section 31 Rumor, Picard Show, and “Calypso”

Nov 14, 2018 1:06:11


Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt work through the latest news and rumors about upcoming CBS Trek shows. Including: the official announcement of a new cartoon series called Lower Decks, and the rumors of a Michelle Yeoh show focusing on Emperor Georgiou in Section 31. We also discuss some of the comments author Michael Chabon has made about his outlook on writing for the untitled Picard show. Finally, last week saw the release of the second Short Treks episode, co-written by Chabon, titled “Calypso.” Listen along as we discuss this rather unusual Star Trek short.

Shuttle Pod 60 – The Lasting Legacy of ‘The Wrath of Khan’

Oct 26, 2018 1:08:50


The full complement of the Shuttle Pod crew discuss the beloved second Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan. Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt go in depth: touching on the history of how Wrath of Khan came to be made, why the movie is generally regarded as the best of the franchise, and the long ranging effects Khan has had on the larger franchise — Khan in some way touches all eras of Trek. Listen along with the crew as they recollect about their first viewings of Khan and more!

Shuttle Pod 59 – New York Comic Con 2018 And ‘Short Treks’ “Runaway”

Oct 10, 2018 1:13:26


The final convention of the season, New York Comic Con, was last weekend and we learned more about season two of Star Trek: Discovery. Kayla, Brian, and Matt discuss the Star Trek: Discovery panel and trailer from New York Comic Con. Also at NYCC we learned a tiny bit more about the upcoming Picard show. Lastly, we review the first Short Treks episode, the Tilly centric “Runaway.”

Shuttle Pod 58 – All I ask is a tall ship …and plenty of merchandise for it

Sep 21, 2018 1:15:34


On this episode of the Shuttle Pod, Jared and Matt talk with Thomas Marrone of Star Trek Online about favorite starships, starship design, and of course working on Star Trek Online. We also touch on the news that the new Picard series will take place in 2399, which is a stone’s throw away from the early 25th century were Star Trek Online takes place.  

Shuttle Pod 57: ‘Disco’ Spock and a Chris Crisis

Aug 22, 2018 41:29


Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss the latest in Trek happenings since the big Star Trek Las Vegas convention. Probably the biggest news in the last few weeks was that Ethan Peck was announced as Spock in Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. We discuss our thoughts on the casting, and just how much we’ll actually see Spock this season. The next big piece of news is that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are threatening to walk away from the next Kelvin universe movie. Paramount wants to renegotiate their salaries to help control costs for the fourth film. We discuss what that might mean and the options Paramount has to try and handle the situation. Plus a few other smaller news items: CBS All Access finally gets surround sound support. And be sure to check out Star Trek: Lost Scenes from Titan Books, it’s an excellent book looking at TOS production, deleted scenes, alternate takes, and more.

Shuttle Pod 56: Star Trek Las Vegas 2018

Aug 15, 2018 1:03:54


Another summer and another big Star Trek Las Vegas convention has come and gone. The Shuttle Pod crew was there in Las Vegas, we share our thoughts on the main events of the convention. The biggest, most exciting, news was of course the announcement of the return of Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, also nearly the entire the cast of Star Trek: Discovery came out to Las Vegas, and the 25th anniversary of Deep Space Nine was celebrated. Listen in as Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt look back at the convention.

Shuttle Pod 55: Comic-Con 2018 Debrief

Jul 27, 2018 1:16:53


On this episode of the Shuttle Pod, Brian and Matt are joined by TrekMovie founder Anthony Pascale for a look at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Anthony was one of the “boots on the ground” in San Diego, and has gone to Comic-Con many times in years past, so we get his thoughts on what Comic-Con of today looks like compared to previous years. Of course we discuss the big Star Trek: Discovery news from the panel and press conference, as well as our impressions of the First Look trailer CBS released during the con. We also touch on the announcement of Short Treks, the four mini-episodes that will be released in the fall to help tide us over until Season 2 starts in January. Lastly, we talk about our adopted show, The Orville, which also had a panel, press conference, and trailer released at Comic-Con for their second season.

Shuttle Pod 54: Tips and tricks for the Star Trek Las Vegas convention

Jul 13, 2018 1:09:41


On this episode of the Shuttle Pod, your crew is joined by TrekMovie’s social media maven and Star Trek Las Vegas veteran Christine Rideout (better known as “Starfleetmom” on social media). Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss what to look forward to for this year’s convention, and then we chat with Christine about her Vegas convention going tips and tricks. Including how to save money on airfare, what to pack if you’re driving, how to save money once you’re in Vegas, and more!

Shuttle Pod 53: Do The Showrunner Shakeup – Discovery’s Change In Leadership In The Context of Star Trek History

Jun 29, 2018 50:22


After the news that the Star Trek: Discovery showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were suddenly ousted, the Shuttle Pod assembled her crew to talk about the news and place it within the context of Star Trek history. This week’s podcast looks forward to what’s to come for season two of Discovery and then looks back at the history of leadership shakeups throughout the franchise. *Podcaster’s note: This podcast was recorded the day before the news that Alex Kurtzman, who is replacing Harberts and Berg as Discovery showrunner, would take the reins on the expansion of Star Trek on television.

Shuttle Pod 52: The Kurtzman Era?

Jun 22, 2018 1:11:29


The Shuttle Pod crew scrambled to our shuttle so we could talk about the recent announcement by CBS that Alex Kurtzman and his production company Secret Hideout would be expanding the Trek TV franchise with a new 5 year production deal. Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss what the official press release says, the rumored project pitches for new series, mini-series, and a cartoon. One of more exciting rumors is that there may be a Captain Picard mini-series in the works with Patrick Stewart. Lastly, we walk through Alex Kurtzman’s relationship with CBS and the Trek franchise, and his general work as a writer and producer.

Shuttle Pod 51: Star Trek’s Under-appreciated Episodes

Jun 14, 2018 55:16


You're out-manned, you're out-gunned, you're out equipped... what else have you got? These four often overlooked episodes.

Shuttle Pod 50: That Nostalgia Show

May 31, 2018 1:04:20


Today can be a good day for nostalgia. But can too much nostalgia – which can be like “the pain from an old wound” – feel like getting hit with a pain stick? In this episode of the Shuttle Pod, we discuss the retro-fixation of modern media, exploring the differences among nostalgia, references, continuity, and the divisive concept of fan service. Brian, Jared, and Kayla take a deep dive into the nostalgic themes and content of 21st century Trek: Enterprise, the Kelvin-verse, fan films, and of course Discovery. What’s the right way to do nostalgia? Why does all Trek-stalgia seem to be focused on TOS and not the Berman-era shows? Could Discovery please bring Clint Howard back for DSC season 2? All this and more in this, our milestone 50th episode of The Shuttle Pod!

Shuttle Pod 49: A Discussion Of The Four Berman-era Pilots

May 17, 2018 1:20:09


Pilots are important to any series. They set up the story arc and introduce us to the people who will guide us through a brand new world over the coming years. In this episode of the Shuttle Pod we discuss the pilots made during the Rick Berman-era of Star Trek. This includes four pilots, from Next Generation through Enterprise: Encounter at Farpoint (TNG) Emissary (DS9) Caretaker (VOY) Broken Bow (ENT) Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt each take a pilot and discuss. We also asked ourselves: “How well does this pilot set up the series?” and “How well does the pilot episode work on its own as a story?”   NOTE: We covered the TOS pilots right before the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, in episode 42. So be sure to check out that podcast too if you haven’t already.

Shuttle Pod 48: Our First Look At ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two And Two More Trek Movies

May 3, 2018 1:03:12


This week on the Shuttle Pod, your podcast crew discuss the exciting news that came out last week. In the same week we got a quick look at the start of production on Star Trek: Discovery season two, and then official confirmation that Paramount was planning not just one, but two, feature films. Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss. We were excited to get a glimpse at the USS Enterprise crew uniforms on Discovery, and that both the fourth Kelvin movie, with Chris Hemsworth returning as George Kirk, and the separate Tarantino project will be allowed to move forward. Lastly, the crew indulges Matt in a little soapbox speech about placing The Original Series in its proper context to help reframe the current pop culture idea that TOS was “cheap.”

Shuttle Pod 47: What’s Next in Trek – Discovery Season 2, Kelvinverse Films, and a Corporate Merger

Apr 12, 2018 54:37


This week on the Shuttle Pod, your podcast crew discuss what’s on the horizon for the Star Trek franchise. And, a lot is brewing. Oh Captain, My Captain (and Discovery Season 2) Earlier this week, CBS announced the casting of a well-known Star Trek character for Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery sure to have the fan base buzzing. Anson Mount is set to play the determined Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise, a ship whose redesign we got a glimpse of at the tail end of the Season 1 finale. He certainly looks the part, but he’s got some piercing eyes to fill (have I stretched that metaphor too far?). The news comes after a deluge of cryptic clues about the next season of Discovery gleaned from panel appearances and interviews at last month’s WonderCon. Matt, Brian, and Kayla break down all we learned, with just a light dusting of pithy commentary. A Script Too Far For The Kelvinverse? While still not much more has come to light since we last spoke about the next Trek movie back in December (check out our podcast about that). There are some little bits of information that have come out as the Kelvin cast are out and about promoting other projects. Perhaps the biggest bit of information that’s come to light is that there are at least 2 possible pitches for the next movie: the Patrick McKay & JD Payne script JJ Abrams hyped during Beyond’s press junkets; and the Quentin Tarantino/Mark L. Smith project. We had suspected Pegg and Jung were asked for a sequel idea. In December 2016 Simon Pegg tweeted a tease of Simon and Doug sitting in the Bad Robot offices, but of course no context and no follow up. Pegg has now clarified that his tweet was not about Trek, saying: “Doug [Jung] and I were never going to write the fourth [Star Trek]. That was never the deal. Doug and I are doing something together at Bad Robot, which I probably can’t talk about just yet.” Star Trek’s Real Life Parallel Universe: CBS/Paramount Many Trek fans know that Star Trek is a split franchise. CBS holds all of the television and merchandising rights, while Paramount makes the feature films. The companies have had a long and complicated history, and it seems they may be getting the family back together. CBS and Viacom (Paramount’s parent company and previous parent company to all of Star Trek) are currently in talks to merge back together. What does this mean for the franchise?

Shuttle Pod 46: A look back at ‘The Voyage Home’

Mar 23, 2018 1:14:39


“Everybody remember where we parked!”, the Shuttle Pod crew goes to find a “nuclear wessel” as they do a look back at the success and general all around love Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home gets from fans and the movie going public alike. Listen in as Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss their memories of the movie, how it holds up today, and how the success of The Voyage Home helped sow the seeds for the return of Trek on TV with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Shuttle Pod 45: The Best of the Weird, Volume 2

Mar 10, 2018 1:13:30


There are good Star Trek episodes, there are bad Star Trek episodes, there are forgettable Star Trek episodes, and then there are the just plain weird ones. This week, the Shuttle Pod crew went back to the well of oddball episodes and we each chose a weird episode of Star Trek on television to rewatch and analyze. For Volume 2 of The Best of the Weird, we watched the The Next Generation episode “Sub Rosa” (Dinnae light that candle!), Voyager’s “The Thaw“, The Animated Series “The Magicks of Megas-Tu” (Friend Kirk!), and we wrap it up with The Next Generation‘s “Home Soil” (we’re all just “ugly bags of mostly water”).  

At The Disco 15 – A Look Back To The Birth And Development Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Feb 23, 2018 1:24:29


The Shuttle Pod crew has a final Star Trek: Discovery episode to wrap up the season. We look back at the development of Discovery, starting all the way back in November 2015, and how it changed after the loss of the person who initially conceived the show, Bryan Fuller. First seasons are always a little rough, and creating a first season of an entirely new Star Trek show — the first show since since Enterprise was canceled and CBS split from Viacom – makes for even more challenges. Listen in as Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss the trials and tribulations of Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery.

At The Disco 14 – The Season One Finale – “Will You Take My Hand?”

Feb 16, 2018 1:30:05


The whole Shuttle Pod crew is back this week to discuss the season one finale of Star Trek: Discovery. So, take our hand (sorry) and dive into this season’s last episode of Shuttle Pod At The Disco. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 15 – Debuted Sunday February 11th, 2018 Written by Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg and Akvia Goldsman Directed by Akvia Goldsman After a rocky penultimate episode and with so many narrative threads left in the balance, did Discovery pull off a satisfactory conclusion to its inaugural season? The short answer is yes… and no. There really isn’t a short answer, which is why we droned on for an hour and a half dissecting what worked — and what didn’t — in this last week’s finale. In general, many of the pieces that were there were utterly fantastic. As always, the actors brought their A game. The sets on Qo’nos were perhaps some of the best we’ve seen in any Trek TV show, ever. Tilly delighted as always, and her performance was only boosted by the addition of a familiar face who enhanced to a comedic overtone that really worked (plus Tranya). But, think about this episode too hard, and the foundation — the parts of the storyline meant to tie the season’s arc into a nice bow — starts to crumble. Victory comes much too easy for our heroes, and as an audience, we’re not really convinced of why things worked out the way they did. As Jared so aptly pointed out, “they haven’t earned this.” What did you think? Have a listen, and let us know in the comments!

At The Disco 13 “The War Without, The War Within”

Feb 8, 2018 1:00:08


Jared, Brian, and Kayla come together once again this week to discuss the penultimate episode in Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season, which kind of felt like a long setup for next week’s finale. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 14 – Debuted Sunday February 4th, 2018 Written by Lisa Randolph Directed by David Solomon None of your hosts were particularly enthralled with the latest installment of Discovery. Lots of loose ends were left hanging or cut awkwardly short in an episode that felt like filler leading up to next week’s big finish. Can the show wrap everything up next week? The pseudo-resolution to the Tyler/Voq/Burnham storyline was welcome in principal (we haven’t heard from our dear friend Voqler in a couple of weeks now), but the soap-opera overtones of Tyler and Burnham’s heartfelt reconciliation left something to be desired. Discovery seems like it wants to struggle with the ethical issues surrounding Voqler (who, as Voq, killed a man) but instead seems to sweep them aside in favor of everyone just being glad to see their old pal Ash (who, again, killed a man as Voq) in an awkward mess hall scene led by Tilly. In this storyline, Stamets seems to be the only one acting rationally, and Anthony Rapp lays on a great bit of emotional acting in the confrontation between his character and the now de-Voqed Tyler. It was great to see Admiral Cornwell back again. The scenes in the briefing room (so Star Trek!) and between Cornwell and L’Rell were particularly fun. But, just like the other threads of this episode, we’re left feeling like the characters in the story have lost their minds. A Vulcan and human admiral conspire with a treacherous genocidal maniac to win a war against the Klingons? And they do so by parading said maniac around as a fallen war hero, which was a mentor to many of the people now serving on the Discovery? The writers may have kept some of the pieces from us, but it’s hard to imagine a world in which this makes much sense or leads to a satisfying conclusion. All-in-all, your Shuttle Pod crew was left confused and dismayed. But, of course, the show has one more chance to pull this all together. What could possibly await us this coming Sunday?

At The Disco 12 “What’s Past Is Prologue”

Feb 1, 2018 1:10:57


Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 13 – Debuted Sunday January 28th Written by Ted Sullivan Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss the fourth and final episode in the Mirror Universe arc, a beautifully directed, briskly paced installment that featured strong performances from the cast. We dive into that, as well as some things we weren’t too thrilled with. We also discuss what bringing Mirror Georgiou back to our universe could mean for the Klingon War arc, and speculate about how the season is going to tie up all the many threads with just two episodes left. Transport over during an ion storm, and join us as we discuss the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

At The Disco 11 “Vaulting Ambition”

Jan 25, 2018 59:21


Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 12 – Debuted Sunday January 21th Written by Jordon Nardino Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss the third episode in the Mirror Universe arc. We were a bit less enthusiastic about this episode feeling the shorter run time worked against it somewhat. The return of Michelle Yeoh is always welcome, and we think she does a fantastic job being an imposing Emperor, with a scary “fidget spinner of death.” A few new plot twists were revealed in this dark episode, one many fans have long suspected, and a few smaller unsettling bits too. Enjoy the threat ganglia! Don’t forget to tip your waiter! Onboard the Discovery, there were some quieter moments with Anthony Rapp (and Anthony Rapp) and Wilson Cruz that showcased their acting talents. We wonder just what is it that Stamets is experiencing in the Mycelial Network? We also ponder just what exactly did L’Rell do to Voq/Tyler? Join us as we discuss the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

At The Disco 10 “The Wolf Inside”

Jan 17, 2018 56:38


Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 11 – Debuted Sunday January 14th Written by Lisa Randolph Directed by T.J. Scott Kayla and Brian sit down to discuss an exciting follow up to “Despite Yourself” which sees our heroes stranded in a strange dark universe where all Vulcans have fantastic facial hair. “The Wolf Inside” was packed full of plot development, much like the previous episode, even if the “surprises” it had in store were anything but. We were finally treated to a couple of big reveals, which is good fun, but really, where the episode shines is in between the manufactured shock. In particular, Shazad Latif delivered another absolutely stunning performance as Tyler — er, Voq — er, Voqler? Sonequa Martin-Green also offered a top notch performance as her character is dragged through some incredibly emotional turmoil. Burnham is taken nearly to her breaking point having to live and lead in the Terran Empire. Tyler was her last tether to normalcy, but even that was taken from her. Still, she upholds her Starfleet values and saves the lives of many innocent rebels fighting against the Terran Empire. A group, she believes, is a glimmer of hope in this otherwise desolate universe. Of course, her plans are cut short by the return of a fan favorite.

At The Disco 9: “Despite Yourself”

Jan 11, 2018 59:17


The entire Shuttle Pod crew is on deck to discuss the exciting return of "Star Trek: Discovery" from the Fall hiatus.

Episode 44: Tarantino Trek?

Dec 18, 2017 49:53


With Discovery on hiatus for a few more weeks, The Shuttle Pod crew examines a handful of news items that have come up since the last episode. The biggest by far were the reports of Quentin Tarantino pitching a story to J.J. Abrams for the next Star Trek movie. Tarantino is known to be an Original Series fan, but the movie could be about any part of the franchise. Is it a Kelvin Timeline movie? A TNG movie? Something altogether new? He’s got a story idea, but what are the chances he will direct it too? We put on our speculation hats and dive in! Back on Star Trek: Discovery news, we chat about the new soundtrack release, and how Discovery has made a number of “shows to binge this winter” lists. We also discuss the official announcement of a new version of The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access. The show is being developed by Jordan Peele (Get Out), Simon Kinberg (X-Men franchise), and Marco Ramirez (Daredevil). Come listen in as Brian, Jared, and Matt discuss. 

Episode 43: Serialization vs Episodic Storytelling

Nov 30, 2017 56:03


The Shuttle Pod Crew discusses the pros and cons of serialized and episodic TV, and how it relates to the Star Trek franchise and its newest member, Discovery. Historically, TV shows were told in a narrative where there’s a pilot as the backstory and no particular end in sight, with every story just fitting somewhere in the middle – kind of like comic books.  DVDs, DVRs, Internet resources, and notably streaming services have changed this, to where many shows (including comedies) will only do serialized storytelling over the entire season or series: you can’t just pluck one episode out of order and watch it because you’ll be lost. Listen in as we discuss the finer points of serialized versus episodic Trek.

At The Disco 8: “Into The Forest I Go”

Nov 16, 2017 1:02:22


Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 9 – Debuted Sunday November 12th Written by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt Directed by Chris Byrne Join us as Brian, Jared, and Matt talk episode 9 of Discovery, and since this is the Fall finale, we discuss our overall feelings about Discovery so far. “Into the Forest I Go” had some very pleasing story lines come full circle, with Burnham retuning to the Klingon “Ship of the Dead” and getting Captain Georgiou’s badge back, while looking like a badass taunting and fighting the Klingon leader Kol. Shazad Latif delivers a compelling performance as the tortured and sexually abused Tyler. L’Rell’s actions continue to intrigue us and Mary Chieffo continues to deliver the most dimensional Klingon character in the series. We all agreed that the Klingon war arc so far has been a little unsatisfying, we really needed more “showing” and less “telling.” Stamets makes a huge sacrifice to make 133 spore drive jumps in rapid succession, and Lorca continues to surprise us and manipulate, not just his crew, but also us the viewer. And of course we talk about that last fateful jump, what it means for the crew and just where they might be now, as we anxiously await for the return of Star Trek Discovery in January.  Listen in to hear our thoughts on the mid-way point of the newest installment of the Star Trek franchise!

At The Disco 7: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

Nov 9, 2017 52:08


If you want peace, prepare for this week’s Shuttle Pod podcast. Matt, Jared, and Kayla assemble a landing party to discuss the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 8 – Debuted Sunday November 5th Written by Kirsten Beyer Directed by John S. Scott Join us as the Shuttle Pod crew dive into episode 8 of Discovery. Writer Kirsten Beyer’s first foray into writing for television was definitely a success. She was able to bring together a nice story, where we learn more about Saru and get to follow some of the other narrative threads as they weave through the central plot. There were a couple of nice Trek moments in this week’s installment. Our resident audiophile Matt immediately picked up on a familiar sound effect from “The Cage” (listen to the podcast to hear the effects compared). We also got a shout out to the first man in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. As Matt points out, it’s about time he had his own ship! The Klingon stuff this week felt a bit more exciting. Perhaps because scenes between Mary Chieffo’s L’Rell and Jayne Brook’s Admiral Cornwell were nothing short of fantastic television. Kayla says Cornwell might be her new favorite character, which makes her death(?) an interesting talking point. As always, we are left with lots of questions in this episode that felt very much like part one of a classic two-parter. What’s the deal with the Pahvoans? Will there be repercussions for Saru, who revealed he was in his right mind during his breakdown on the plant? Is Admiral Cornwell dead, or… not? What is L’Rell really angling for? And, of course, what will happen between Discovery and the Klingons!? Listen to the podcast to hear our thoughts.

At The Disco 6: “Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad”

Nov 1, 2017 51:08


Activate your time crystals; it's time, once again, for the Shuttle Pod crew to assemble and discuss Star Trek: Discovery episode 7.

At The Disco 5: “Lethe”

Oct 25, 2017 57:54


This week, Kayla and Jared assembled at the mic to discuss the sixth episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Lethe”. Listen to the podcast below to hear our thoughts on the latest installment, which is full of character development, growth, and additions (and tweaks) to Star Trek canon. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 6 – Debuted Sunday October 22nd Written by Ted Sullivan and Joe Menosky Directed by Doug Aarniokoski Reactions from the Shuttle Pod crew were a mix. Both Kayla and Jared agree that so far much of what we have seen on Discovery has been stellar. Episode 6 really resonated with Kayla; she notes that Burnham’s story arc in this episode reminds her of some of the personal journeys she has taken in her life and how real the story felt. Jared liked “Lethe” but admits that he still finds Discovery‘s Vulcans (including the not-so-vulcan Burnham) a bit stiff. In any event, a lot of canon-shaking events occurred in this week’s episode, including a new insight into the backstory of Spock, a character who only barely made it into the episode, by name only. In a world of serialized television, the Shuttle Pod crew agree that “Lethe” felt like the most “stand alone” episode we’ve had so far, with the story arc of all of our characters nicely bookended with scenes between Tilly and Burnham on the jogging track. In the end, we got to see a ton of character development and growth. We were shown Burnham’s old wounds and the process she went through to start on the path to healing them. At first, Burnham is trying to be her old self, Sarek’s ward, while carrying her burdens with her. At the end of the episode, she has shed some of those burdens and is starting to become her own person — and gets a permanent placement on the USS Discovery, as granted by her new “father figure” Captain Lorca.

At The Disco 4: “Choose Your Pain”

Oct 18, 2017 1:10:12


A trio of the shuttle pod crew (Kayla, Brian, and Matt) beamed in to discuss  the newest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Choose Your Pain.” Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 5 – Debuted Sunday October 15th Written by Kemp Powers Directed by Lee Rose The Shuttle Pod crew all felt like the the fifth episode was a strong entry, and one of the most satisfying as far as plot structure goes. We learn the fate of our new pal Ripper the tardigrade, follow Burnham as she fights the good fight on Ripper’s behalf, butts heads with acting captain Saru, and in the second plot line, we learn new facts about Lorca, and we get to meet Harry Mudd as brought to life by Rainn Wilson, who the Shuttle Pod crew all really liked. Also we speculate on what that creepy second Stamets in the mirror means. Listen in to hear our thoughts on the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise! That’s Some Good Fan Service We agreed that the fan service this week was nicely done, with an excellent look at the Klingon/Federation bordering areas on a map filled with goodies like Space Station K-7, Rura Penthe and even Khitomer (hiding at the top, partially cut off).  The list of decorated Starfleet captains including not just the obvious captains who had their own shows, but also Matthew Decker (who would soon become Commodore, and we’ll see in TOS “The Doomsday Machine”), and it pulled Robert April out of the grey-area of canon to make him totally official.  

At The Disco 3: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry”

Oct 12, 2017 1:26:48


A full contingent hops aboard the Shuttle Pod this week for a look back at the newest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry.” Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 4 – Debuted Sunday October 8th Written by Jessie Alexander and Aron Eli Coleite Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi The fourth installment of Star Trek: Discovery feels like our first “real” episode of the show, with episodes 1 and 2 acting as prologue and episode 3 being our de facto pilot. In “The Butcher’s Knife” (I think I’m allowed this abbreviation for Trek’s second longest episode title), we finally get to sink our teeth into the plot of season 1. We learn more about the mysterious spore drive, get to know our characters a tiny bit better, and perhaps most importantly we meet an instant fan favorite: Ripper the tardigrade. Listen in to hear our thoughts on the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise!

At The Disco 2: “Context Is For Kings”

Oct 4, 2017 59:37


Kayla and Jared jump on the Shuttle Pod for a look back at the newest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Context Is For Kings.” Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 3 – Debuted Sunday October 1st Written by Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts & Craig Sweeny Story Bryan Fuller & Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts Directed by Akiva Goldsman With the third episode of Discovery now out there, in the wild, it feels like we are finally settling into our new home. I’m talking, of course, about the USS Discovery. The two-part pilot episode, which we talked about on the podcast last week, felt more like the prologue to our story. In a traditional sense, episode 3 was our real pilot. We are introduced to the characters (the ones that will be sticking around for the rest of the season), we are shown our new home (The Discovery), and we learn about the story arc that will carry us through the remainder of the season. It’s still very early days for Discovery, and despite the episode’s title, it feels like we are missing the context necessary to really get our teeth around what this story will evolve into. But, that’s part of the mystery and intrigue isn’t it? Listen below as Kayla and Jared break down the episode and discuss what worked, what didn’t, and how Discovery is taking its place within Star Trek canon.

At The Disco 1: “The Vulcan Hello” and “The Battle at The Binary Stars”

Sep 27, 2017 1:10:46


With episodes 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Discovery fresh in our minds, the crew of USS TrekMovie’s Shuttle Pod podcast took to the podwaves to discuss the premiere of the brand new Star Trek show. In this new series, “Shuttle Pod At The Disco,” will cover each episode of Discovery just after it airs. In this, the maiden voyage of the Shuttle Pod At The Disco, Kayla, Matt, Brian, and Jared discuss “The Vulcan Hello” (written by Bryan Fuller and Akiva Goldsman, story by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, directed by David Semel) and “Battle at the Binary Stars” (written by Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg, story by Bryan Fuller, directed by Adam Kane). With this being a brand new show, there was a lot to unpack. In our hour-long discussion, we focused on our initial reactions to Discovery and looked at how well episodes 1 and 2 set up the rest of the series in terms of fan service, character development, world building, and how the new show fits into the pre-existing canon. Plus, we take a look at Star Trek’s first ever after show, After Trek, which Brian had the pleasure of attending in person in New York City.

Episode 42: On The Eve Of Discovery, A Look Back At Star Trek’s First Pilot(s)

Sep 21, 2017 1:04:46


With the Discovery pilot just days away, the Shuttle Pod podcast crew look back at the first two episodes that started it all.

Episode 41: A Deep Dive Into “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”

Sep 7, 2017 1:31:16


The Shuttle Pod crew take a deep breath and dive into one of Trek's less beloved films.

STLV17 Supplemental: What Happened in Vegas

Aug 13, 2017 50:05


With a ton of coverage coming out of the convention, where is the tl;dr of this year's STLV? Look no further than this Supplemental Edition of the Shuttle Pod podcast! We recap the highlights and go over what we learned for the first time last week in Las Vegas.

Episode 40: Star Trek: Discovery Comic-Con Recap and Trailer Reaction

Jul 29, 2017 1:27:53


Join the Shuttle Pod crew as they debrief after a very busy San Diego Comic-Con and take the beginnings of a deep dive into the new 'Star Trek: Discovery' trailer.

Episode 39: Will the Real Top 10 Eps of TNG Please Stand Up?

Jul 20, 2017 1:13:00


While TOS has a very clear list of its very best episodes, fans have little consensus on what a top 10 list for TNG might look like. There’s a lot agreement that any top 10 list would include “Best of Both Worlds”, “All Good Things…”, “The Inner Light”, “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, and “Chain of Command” — but what about the remaining five slots? Kayla, Jared, and Brian discuss TrekMovie’s suggestions for such a list!  

Episode 38: From Steampunk Transporter Rooms to Comic-Cons – Catching Up On The Latest ‘Discovery’ News

Jul 7, 2017 1:07:54


If you haven’t been reading the nerd news over the past week or so, you may have come back to realize that you’ve missed a lot. Things are really starting to ramp up toward the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, and with more and more news coming out all the time, it can be difficult to keep up. This week, Kayla, Matt, and Brian of the Shuttle Pod crew talk the latest in DSC news and give their thoughts on the developments. All the news that’s fit to cast Since Kayla has been away for the past month with little internet access, she may as well have been under a rock. Matt and Brian take this episode of the Shuttle Pod to catch her up on the latest news, including the announcement of a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, our first look at Captain Lorca, new images of Michael Burnham and Captain Georgiou in spiffy new field uniforms (standing in a rather steam-punk transporter room), Frakes slated as director, and of course: DSC’s premiere date! (September 24th, for those keeping score). DSC uniform breakdown and analysis We also fawn over the artistic skills of TrekMovie and’s Aaron Harvey and his amazing Star Trek: Discovery uniform infographic. Stay tuned to for all the latest Star Trek: Discovery news, and see our Discovery page for all the deets in one place!

Episode 37: Games?! Did someone say games?!

Jun 2, 2017 1:01


Games have played an important part of the Star Trek universe, whether it’s starting The Original Series with a game of 3D chess or ending TNG with a round of poker. 

Episode 36: Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Reaction

May 20, 2017 1:00:14


At the edge of the universe, discovery begins… and you get there on a shuttlepod… Recorded the night of big Star Trek: Discovery trailer release (May 17), the Shuttle Pod crew, joined by fellow TrekMovie editor Matt, discuss their first thoughts on the trailer. This podcast was made fresh and delivered hot and ready just for our loyal listeners. We break down our thoughts on the cast, the style and design of the new show, the visual effects, and discuss what the trailer may be revealing to us about the plot of the show. We also discuss a certain other sci-fi show premiering this fall, Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville, which released a trailer of its own this week and is clearly targeted at Star Trek fans.

Episode 35: The Best of the Weird

May 4, 2017 56:25


The Shuttle Pod crew take a look at three of Star Trek's weirdest episodes: ``The Lights of Zetar'', ``Move Along Home'', and ``Masks''.

Episode 34: There’s a New Star Trek Show? The Latest on “Discovery”, Star Trek 4, and More

Apr 20, 2017 51:30


The Shuttle Pod crew take a moment to look at the latest Star Trek news.

Episode 33: Our Favorite Minor Star Trek Characters

Apr 6, 2017 1:08:23


Kevin Riley, Ensign Rivers, K’Ehleyr, Mr. Mot. These are names not heard too often on Star Trek but it doesn’t mean that their characters are unimportant or unappreciated. This week, the Shuttle Pod crew welcome fellow TrekMovie editor Matt Wright to discuss some of our favorite minor characters.

Episode 32: A Deep Dive Into Star Trek: Nemesis

Mar 16, 2017 1:01:52


You all knew it was coming. This week, the Shuttle Pod crew dive head first into what many call the worst Star Trek film ever made.

Episode 31: The One About The Discovery Promo Video

Feb 8, 2017 50:28


Star Trek: Discovery has officially left space dock. The Shuttle Pod crew react to the sets, costumes, aliens, and more in the first DSC promo video.

Episode 30: Paging Dr. Pulaski: Revisiting Trek’s Least-Loved Ship’s Surgeon

Jan 27, 2017 49:37


This week the TrekMovie crew examine Dr. Kate Pulaski, perhaps one of Trek’s least-loved major characters. She was mean to Data (“Dahta”), was condescending, and even dissed Picard her first day on the job. But, did Pulaski’s drama and conflict provide a missing aspect of the Enterprise crew that was sorely needed?

Episode 29: The Five Ages of Star Trek

Jan 12, 2017 47:11


The Star Trek franchise has certainly changed over the course of its five-decades long existence. This week, the Shuttle Pod crew attempt to classify each “age” of Trek, in the style of the classical Ages of Man (as is done in comic books: golden age, silver age, etc). And, to do it, we use TrekMovie editor Jared Whitley’s series of articles, “The Five Ages of Star Trek” as a guide.

Episode 28: Fiftieth Anniversary Roundup

Dec 31, 2016 50:48


As 2016 comes to a close, the Shuttle Pod crew take a look back at Star Trek's 50th anniversary. How did Star Trek Beyond fare at the box office, and will there be a fourth Kelvin universe film? What do we know about Star Trek: Discovery and what does its success (or failure) mean for the franchise? And, what are Trek fans hopeful for for the 51st anniversary?

Episode 27: “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” On Its 25th Anniversary

Dec 8, 2016 57:03


This week marks 25 years since Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, what would be the last film with the original crew, made its silver screen debut. Today, the Shuttle Pod do a rewatch and take a deep dive into a film that spoke volumes about the state of the world at the time, and perhaps even today.

Episode 26: Captain Picard’s Best Speeches

Dec 1, 2016 41:18


Picard is the kind of captain who can energize his crew with an inspiring speech right around the climax of an episode. Is Picard the best speech-giver in all of Star Trek? This week, the Shuttle Pod crew take a look at Picard’s best speeches.

Episode 25: Beyond Star Trek Beyond – What’s Next For The Kelvin Timeline and Discovery?

Nov 3, 2016 42:26


This week, the Shuttle Pod crew talk the future of our favorite franchise. Given Star Trek Beyond‘s performance at the box office, will there be a fourth Kelvin timeline film? Do Beyond‘s low box office numbers put more pressure on Star Trek: Discovery to keep the franchise afloat? And, what does the exit of fan favorite Bryan Fuller as show runner mean for the show’s future?

Episode 24: A Deep Dive Into Star Trek: Insurrection

Oct 20, 2016 1:02:31


This week, the Shuttle Pod crew hop on the Captain’s yacht and head down to the planet of the Ba’ku. It’s a good thing Data is made to serve as a floatation device, because we’re taking a deep dive into Star Trek: Insurrection.

Episode 23: Mission New York Debrief + Latest in Star Trek Gaming

Oct 6, 2016 46:30


This week, Brian and Kayla hop onto the Shuttle Pod to talk about the recent big Star Trek convention, Mission: New York, as well as the latest and greatest in Star Trek video games. Brian even talks about his recent hands on experience with the upcoming Star Trek virtual reality game Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Episode 22: A Deep Dive Into Star Trek: First Contact

Sep 15, 2016 1:01:43


On the 50th anniversary of The Original Series, the Shuttle Pod crew take the time to celebrate another birthday – 20 years of Star Trek: First Contact.

Episode 21: STLV Recap, Mission NY Hopes + Star Trek Beyond and Discovery News

Aug 25, 2016 48:52


The Shuttle Pod crew recap their favorite moments of the 2016 Star Trek Las Vegas convention (including Whoopi Goldberg, Kirstie Alley, DS9 documentary news, and Women in Trek), and talk about their hopes for the upcoming Mission NY convention. Plus, we discuss the latest news for Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek: Discovery.

Episode 20: Our Most Disappointing Star Trek Episodes

Aug 3, 2016 1:10:55


This week, the Shuttle Pod crew talk the most disappointing episodes of Star Trek – the episodes that were hyped up but ultimately didn’t deliver.

SUPPLEMENTAL: Our First Reactions to Star Trek Beyond [SPOILERS]

Jul 25, 2016 39:05


Some of the TrekMovie team had the privilege of attending the world premiere of Star Trek Beyond at San Diego Comic Con on July 20th. We were treated to a one-of-a-kind outdoor IMAX experience, complete with laser light show, fireworks, Conan O’Brien, and the San Diego Symphony performing the score to the film. Immediately after the screening, we sat down to record our first thoughts just minutes after the end credits.

SUPPLEMENTAL: Interview with John Cho

Jul 20, 2016 13:26


TrekMovie and sat down with John Cho to talk Sulu, his family (including a deleted scene from Star Trek Beyond), and his hopes for the character of Sulu in ‘Star Trek 4’.

SUPPLEMENTAL: Our Predictions For Star Trek Beyond

Jul 14, 2016 37:18


This week, the Shuttle Pod team talks our predictions for what we think we are likely to see in Star Trek Beyond.

Episode 19: Gary Berman of Creation Entertainment

Jun 16, 2016 0:00


This week, the Shuttle Pod crew welcome a very special guest: Gary Berman, co-CEO of Creation Entertainment, known to Star Trek fans for running some of the biggest Star Trek conventions in the world (including, of course, the annual Las Vegas convention).

Episode 18: All Good Things…

May 26, 2016 0:00


Kayla, Brian, and Jared discuss one of the undisputed best episodes of Star Trek, and quite possibly the best series-ender ever (?!), TNG’s series finale “All Good Things…”.

Episode 17: Larry Nemecek Talks Trek’s Past, Present, and Future

May 12, 2016 0:00


This week, the Shuttle Pod crew sits down with Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek to talk about Star Trek history, what Trek means today, and what the future of the franchise holds.

Episode 16: “Fan Events”, Mystery Aliens, and All Access Rumors (Oh My)

Apr 19, 2016 0:00


The past week or so has been chock full of news surrounding both the upcoming film Star Trek Beyond and CBS’s new unnamed Star Trek television series. On this edition of the Shuttle Pod, Jared, Kayla, and Brian discuss the Beyond fan event, a new behind-the-scenes photo, rumblings that the upcoming TV series will take place in between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and The Next Generation, and our latest TrekMovie poll. Plus, we talk about Bob Orci’s role in writing the original script for the third installment of the Star Trek reboot and Orci’s comments here on TrekMovie.

Episode 15: The Axanar Lawsuit, Summer Conventions, and Latest BEYOND News

Apr 7, 2016 0:00


This week, join the Shuttle Pod crew to talk about the latest in the Axanar Lawsuit, the start to a very busy convention season, as well as the most recent news about Star Trek Beyond (of which there isn’t much).

Episode 14: A Revisitation of Star Trek: Generations

Mar 24, 2016 1:02:56


Is Star Trek: Generations the worst Star Trek film ever? In this episode of the Shuttle Pod we simultaneously tear apart and defend the film that was meant to pass the torch from The Original Series to the crew of the Enterprise D, The Next Generation.

Episode 13: Nick Meyer, Rod Roddenberry, and the Crew of Star Trek All Access

Mar 8, 2016 35:28


Trekkies were just treated to two big announcements concerning the future of the next Star Trek television* series, what we are currently calling Star Trek All Access: the announcement of Trek vet Nicholas Meyer as the first member of the writing staff and the addition of the caretaker of Star Trek’s legacy, Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, along with the COO of Roddenberry Entertainment, Trevor Roth, as Executive Producers. In this episode of the Shuttle Pod, Brian, Jared, and Kayla discuss what this means for the future of the franchise.

Episode 12: Meet Bryan Fuller, Showrunner of Star Trek All Access

Feb 25, 2016 50:21


The crew of the Shuttle Pod dissects the biggest nugget of news we’ve had so far on the upcoming Star Trek television* series set to debut January 2017: the announcement that Trek vet Bryan Fuller will take the helm as showrunner.

Episode 11: The Wrath of Con

Feb 11, 2016 43:26


Convention season is nearly upon us, and 2016 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years ever for Trek events. From Creation’s blow-out 50th anniversary bash in Vegas to CBS’s own Mission New York. In this installment of the Shuttle Pod, Kayla, Brian, and Jared talk Star Trek conventions and what you can look forward to this year.

Episode 10: James Kerwin talks Star Trek Continues, Space Cartography, and More

Jan 22, 2016 49:52


The crew of the Shuttle Pod sat down with writer/director/all around brilliant guy James Kerwin, of Star Trek Continues fame to talk STC, honoring the vision of Star Trek TOS, space cartography, and more!

Episode 9: Great Links #2 – Happy New Year 2016!

Jan 7, 2016 41:43


It’s officially 2016 and the 50th anniversary year of Star Trek. Kayla and Brian take this episode to look back on the biggest Trek news stories of 2015 and look ahead to what we are excited about in 2016.

Episode 8: How Harve Bennett Saved Star Trek

Dec 24, 2015 46:53


Producer of the “Holy Trilogy” of Star Trek films (The Wrath of Khan, The Search For Spock, and The Voyage Home) in addition to The Final Frontier, Harve Bennett is arguably the reason that Star Trek is the strong franchise it is today. His passing earlier this year was overshadowed by the death of Leonard Nimoy who passed away just days before Bennett. This week on Shuttle Pod, we take a look back at Harve Bennett’s career and his impossible-to-overstate influence on the Star Trek franchise.

Episode 7: Trek/Wars – Battle of the Franchises

Dec 10, 2015 49:11


Star Trek Beyond isn’t the only highly anticipated science fiction movie coming out in the next few months. Of course, we are all gearing up for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which hits theaters in just a couple of short weeks. Over the years, Star Trek and Star Wars have acted like sister franchises, playing off of each other and apart from each other. This week, we take a look at these two iconic franchises and how they have helped or hindered each others’ success in the business of science fiction franchises and what creative decisions brought the two together or pulled them farther apart.

Episode 6: Mars Trek

Nov 26, 2015 43:37


Star Trek is all about exploring strange new worlds and the wonders of the 20-something-th century. But, you know what’s cool about living in 2015? We ARE exploring strange new worlds! Right now! All over our galactic neighborhood called the Solar System (and even a little bit beyond thanks to Voyager). The focus of humanity’s space exploration efforts currently centers on Mars. Join us this week for our thoughts on how the history of Mars exploration is depicted in Star Trek as we talk with special guest Andrew Britton, a scientist with Malin Space Science Systems who studies Mars for a living.

Episode 5: Star Trek Returns to Television (sort of)!

Nov 10, 2015 44:15


Hey, everyone! There’s going to be a new Star Trek series! On television*! This week on Shuttle Pod, we dissect last week’s announcement about the 6th (or 7th) Star Trek series and speculate not only on the theme, characters, universe, and story of the new series, but also about how it will fare on it’s new platform as original content for CBS’s online streaming service, All Access. *Well, internet television.

Episode 4: Celebrating Star Trek Voyager’s 20th Anniversary

Oct 29, 2015 56:21


Having premiered in January 1995, Voyager has been celebrating its 20th anniversary. Before that anniversary ends and the series becomes legal to drink, we at Trek Movie wanted to pause and reflect on the series much as we’d done with TNG two shows ago, answering the question what is Voyager’s legacy?

Episode 3: Great Links #1

Oct 15, 2015 39:53


This week, a newsy addition of Shuttle Pod. Kayla, Brian, and Jared discuss Rick Berman’s maybe appearance in Vegas next year, news (or lack thereof) concerning Star Trek Beyond, and the latest on fan productions and new books. Plus, Jared introduces Treknecdotes.

Episode 2: How Well Has TNG Aged?

Oct 1, 2015 58:41


The Next Generation may not be celebrating an important milestone (like VOY's 20 years this year or TOS's 50 years next year), but we felt it was time to take a look back at what is arguably the most commercially successful incarnation of the Star Trek franchise. This week, Brian and Jared are joined by Kayla Iacovino to talk about The Next Generation. How does it stand up to a modern audience? If you were to remake TNG for 2015, what would you change? What would you keep the same? The trio dive into topics such as characters, story lines, message, and even costumes, set dressings, and hair styles.

Introducing Shuttle Pod – The TrekMovie Podcast: V’Ger v. Nomad

Sep 18, 2015 36:08


A few months ago, TrekMovie writer Jared Whitley made a casual comment that the TOS episode “The Changeling” was better than Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Fellow TM writer Brian Drew picked up the gauntlet Jared threw down, and the two decided to debate the respective merits of the two tales, which are similar in plot if not in tone, theme, or scope. To carry out the debate, we have inaugurated Shuttle Pod: The TrekMovie Podcast. Let us know in the comment section what you think about the debate and the idea of TM podcast in general.