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Rotary Club of Milwaukee Podcasts


Each Tuesday members of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee come together at the War Memorial Center for lunch to listen and learn about the key issues affecting our community--the largest weekly gathering in the metro Milwaukee area.



Dr. Steven Dykstra: Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division

Sep 17, 2019 37:15


Dr. Steven Dykstra, licensed psychologist and director of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division children’s mobile crisis team, discussed into national trends related to youth suicide and mental health.We learned how technology and social media have changed the way young people communicate, interact and behave and why these societal changes can play a role in the uptick in youth suicide and mental health cases.


Over the last decade as national behavioral health best practices and needs evolved, we learned how Milwaukee County and local health care partners have collaborated to enhance and provide additional services in the community to improve accessibility and quality of care.

Lynn Richards, CEO of Congress for New Urbanism

Sep 10, 2019 36:09


As CEO for CNU,  Lynn Richards has insight on solutions and lessons learned about community building across a wide range — from region to neighborhood to building & block, creating places people love.

Dr. Jeffrey Whittle, Health of All of Us Research Program

Sep 3, 2019 39:33


Dr. Jeffrey Whittle from the Medical College of Wisconsin talked about the National Institute’s of Health of All of Us Research Program. It is part of the Precision Medicine Initiative. This initiative seeks to carry out research that will help make healthcare more personalized by tailoring healthcare more precisely to each person’s unique biology, environment and behavior. The All of Us Research Program wants to enroll a million or more persons around the country as partners in this effort.

Kelly Fitzsimmons, Entrepreneur and Author

Aug 27, 2019 40:46


Effective leadership requires self-awareness, yet that trait is as rare as chicken lips. How can you lead a business when you don’t know what’s driving you? The kicker: while 95% of people report being self aware, only 1 in 10 actually are. Most of us know our aspirational selves, but few of us are open to spending time with our inner demons. To make clear-headed decisions, we have to wake up to our cognitive biases and shadow selves. None of us sees the world as clearly as we believe, which leaves us vulnerable to poor decision-making and being blindsided.

Kelly Fitzsimmons is a serial tech entrepreneur, artist, author, and mother of two. In May, she published “Lost in Startuplandia: Wayfinding for the Weary Entrepreneur,” which was named by Inc. magazine to its 2019 summer reading list. She is the cofounder of Custom Reality Services, a virtual reality (VR) production company whose first two projects, Across the Line (2016) and Ashe ’68 (2019), premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Kelly is the recipient of the Silvertip PwC Entrepreneurship Award and Speech Technology’s Luminary Award. Her work has been published by Network Computing, InformationWeek, and Inc. An active angel investor, she serves on the technology committee for BELLE USA, a venture fund that invests in women-led startups. Originally trained as a classical archaeologist, Kelly holds a master’s degree from Harvard University.

Guy Smith, Director of Milwaukee County Parks System

Aug 20, 2019 32:10


Guy Smith, Director of the Milwaukee County Parks System shared updates on the Domes, discussed the Parks Fund with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and talked about the challenges and opportunities facing the Parks system.

Joe Solmonese, CEO of DNC Committee

Aug 13, 2019 40:06


This is the Rotary Club version of the Rotary Program on Tuesday, August 13th with Richie Burke and Joe Solmonese. Stay tuned for the GoGedders Podcast coming out soon.

Rotarian Richie Burke interviewed Joe Solmonese, the CEO of the DNC Committee for a live GoGedders Podcast. They dived into Joe’s backstory, then talked about what the Committee is doing to prep for the convention, how it will impact the city before, during and after the convention, and much much more. The GoGedders is a community based podcast produced by GGMM and syndicated by OnMilwaukee.

Matthew Krueger, US Attorney

Aug 9, 2019 37:38


Law enforcement agencies at all levels are committed to working with stakeholders to address human trafficking. We have to understand what human trafficking is and how best to fight it. As the top-ranking federal law enforcement official in the area, United States Attorney Matthew D. Krueger discussed the various forms of human trafficking we face in our region and suggested ways we can work together to prevent exploitation, bring justice to traffickers, and help victims.

2019 Rotary Person of the Year - Rob Henken

Jul 30, 2019 44:32


We celebrated our 2019 Rotary Person of the Year, Rob Henken, President of the Wisconsin Policy Forum.

Chief Judge Maxine Aldridge White

Jul 23, 2019 42:32


Chief Judge Maxine Aldridge White was unanimously appointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court on three occasions, March 2015, May 2017 and June 13, 2019. She is the highest ranking administrative authority for the judicial branch of government in Milwaukee County, including personnel and fiscal management for 47 Circuit Courts and administrative authority over the 19 Municipal Courts. She chairs the Committee of Chief Judges, chairs the Milwaukee Community Justice Council, in addition to other duties. Previously she presided over Civil, Felony and Family cases.

Chief Judge White discussed the latest developments in juvenile justice reform in Wisconsin, highlighting landmark Supreme Court cases, the impact of research on adolescent brain development, trauma and the national trends toward effective treatment for young offenders.

Commissioner Bud Selig with Tom Haudricourt

Jul 16, 2019 51:00


The Milwaukee Press Club and the Rotary Club of Milwaukee presented a joint program on Tuesday, July 16, featuring Allan H. “Bud” Selig, Commissioner Emeritus of Baseball. The program featured a conversation between Selig and Tom Haudricourt, beat reporter for the Milwaukee Brewers and Major League Baseball for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The two discussed Selig’s book, For the Good of the Game, published July 9 by Harpercollins Publishers.


Selig was available for a limited time to sign copies of
his book, which were available for sale at this event.

Tuesday Speaker: Mark Hogan, Secretary and CEO of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Jun 25, 2019 33:57


Mark Hogan provided an update on economic development efforts of WEDC and the State of Wisconsin and how WEDC has worked with regional partners to achieve job creation and retention wins in Southeastern Wisconsin. His presentation also highlighted how WEDC's programs enhance the quality of life at the local and regional level, and provided an update on talent attraction and retention efforts at both state and regional levels. 

Dr. Eve Hall, CEO of Milwaukee Urban League

Jun 18, 2019 36:50


For the past 100 yeas, the Milwaukee Urban League (MUL) has continued to build partnerships that empower communities and change lives. The early years of MUL not only included finding jobs and housing, but included the creation of a medical clinic and pharmacy to address healthcare needs for African-Americans. MUL strategically began to expand it's programming to further meet the needs of the community, adding social and recreational programs for youth and adults. Because of extensive segregation and discrimination during the early years, MUL became the connector to bridge gaps in housing, jobs, health, education, and economic development. Today, MUL focuses on three E's - Education, Employment, and Economic Vibrancy. Education and employment are two cornerstones that work to create the economic vibrancy that lifts our most vulnerable citizens out of despair and into more productive and successful lives. President and CEO, Dr Eve Hall, spoke to MUL's 100 year journey leading to today's work.

Reflections on D-Day with Sir Winston Churchill

Jun 11, 2019 44:39


Sir Winston Churchill spoke to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee 75 years after the D-Day Allied Invasion of Nazi-occupied France.

Racine is North America’s Newest Smart City! What It Means for Rotarians & Southeastern Wisconsin - Racine Mayor Cory Mason

May 28, 2019 36:39


Racine has joined the ranks of such well-known metro areas as Austin, Edmunton, Idianapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, and Philadelphia by earning its designation as a North American Smart City. Mayor Cory Mason described how "Inventtion City" defied the odds to become the first in Wisconsin and the smallest city in North America ever to be awarded that designation. He also discussed what a Smart City is; the exciting vision the City of Racine has to capitalize on its designation; and how Rotarians and Southeastern Wisconsin can be a part of this incredible opportunity as the other "Great City on a Great Lake" advances equity, sustainability, workability, and economic growth by leveraging technology.

State of Podcasting & Live GoGedders Podcast with Rotary Scholars Mayra Alaniz and Kenyon Terrell

May 21, 2019 43:16


Rotarian Richie Burke, founder of GoGeddit Marketing & Media ( and host of the GoGedders Podcast gave a brief speech on the state of audio and the rise of podcasting as a platform. Immediately following he conducted a live podcast highlighting and interviewing two Rotary Scholars Mayra Alaniz and Kenyon Terrell about their stories and how the program has affected their paths.

Kim Mitchell - President and CEO of Veterans Village of San Diego

May 14, 2019 34:59


A vocal advocate for our service members, veterans, military families and familes of the fallen, Kimberly Mitchell is the first non-Vietnam Veteran to be CEO of Veterans Village of San Diego which serves more than 3,000 veterans annually by providing various programs for homeless vets. Kim was adopted by an Airman from an orphanage in Da'Nang Vietnam after she was found in her deceased mother's arms on the side of the road. She grew up on a family farm in northern Wisconsin. Kin served for 17 years in the US Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer and holds a Bachelor's degree in Ocean Engineering from the United States Naval Academy.


Click here to view the PowerPoint from Kim's Presentation.

Rotarian Adam Schlicht, Director of Port Milwaukee

May 8, 2019 31:59


Rotarian Adam Schlicht, Director of Port Milwaukee and a board member of the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society presented a contemporary vision for Port Milwaukee's ongoing operations as a contributor to greater economic, environmental, and cultural prosperity for the City of Milwaukee, southeastern Wisconsin, and the Great Lakes region. Director Schlicht highlighted developing infrastructure improvement and multimodal opportunities at the Port, including Milwaukee's burgeoning position as a Great Lakes cruise destination and the economic criticality of reinstating the Port's intermodal container service, as recently highlighted in the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Rob Henken, President of Wisconsin Policy Forum

May 2, 2019 43:45


Wisconsin Policy Forum President Rob Henken presented the results of an initial planning process to redesign the psychiatric crisis service system in Milwaukee County. The County’s Behavioral Health Division currently runs the region’s only psychiatric emergency department, but that facility will be closing within the next two years when the County contracts for inpatient services with a private provider. The planning process considered the range of both community-based and hospital-based psychiatric crisis services that should be considered in its place.

Jeremy Fojut, Co-Founder and Chief Idea Officer of NEWaukee

Apr 23, 2019 46:20


This week's luncheon was co-hosted with the Rotaract Club of Milwaukee for YP Week. Jeremy Fojut talked about the crisis of connection in our communities and in the workplace. He talked about his journey and how to attract and retain talent by creating a beacon of belonging at your company. He guided us through the NEWaukee 6 step belonging process that changes the way people connect to people, passions and purpose.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Apr 9, 2019 43:29


Milwaukee won a big prize recently when the Democrats picked our city to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The success in wooing the Democrats, by the city and private sector partners, gives Milwaukee an opportunity to reintroduce itself to a national audience. And it's a great story to tell. New development - Both downtown and across the city - Reflects a solid local economy. People and organizations throughout Milwaukee are working collaboratively to solve problems and improve neighborhoods. Good things are happening here. Mayor Tom Barrett is leading Milwaukee as it enters a new era. In his presentation, he reflected on the city's achievements, the challenges, and his vision for Milwaukee over the next few years.

County Executive Chris Abele, County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb and Rob Henken from the Wisconsin Policy Forum

Apr 2, 2019 48:16


Rob Henken, President of Wisconsin Policy Forum moderated a discussion with County Executive Chris Abele and County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb about the Fair Deal for Milwaukee County. This conversation between Milwaukee County's top two elected officials regarded the County's longstanding financial challenges and a proposal approved by both branches of County government to secure more state assistance in helping them grapple with those challenges.


Click here to view the PowerPoint from the presentation.

Kevin Conroy - Chairman & CEO Exact Sciences

Mar 20, 2019 31:57


CEO Kevin Conroy shares insights on how Exact Sciences became a leader in the early detection of cancer, helping screen more than 2 million people for colorectal cancer with their non-invasive stool DNA test, Cologuard. Now more than 2,000 employees strong, the company relaunched in Wisconsin in 2009 during a recession and at a time when the state was falling behind on funding and supporting entrepreneurship. Conroy will lead a discussion and take questions on what business leaders in Wisconsin can do to support economic growth and what needs to change to create more success stories.

Ossie Kendrix - President and CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin

Mar 13, 2019 31:53


Ossie Kendrix serves as President & CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin. Ossie understands that the work of the chamber is critical to the community and he is excited to be working with the board, membership, and staff to continue to promote greater unity and ensure the sustainability of local diverse businesses. 

Lisa Caesar - Co-Founder of No Studios

Mar 5, 2019 40:34


No Studios is a destination for creatives and lovers of art located in the heart of the historic Pabst Brewery district. A social space dedicated to the creation, curation, and presentation of art, the 40,000 square foot space is comfortable, open, modern, and inviting and encourages collaboration among tenants and welcomes diverse communities across the city to celebrate art together. NO is the Japanese root word for skill, talent, artistic endeavor, while the English word "no" is one that artists hear many times throughout their careers and yet continue to create, in spite of many obstacles.

David Kohler - President & CEO of Kohler Co.

Feb 26, 2019 35:22


David Kohler, President & CEO of Kohler Co., discussed the upcoming 2020 Ryder Cup that will be contested at the stunning and iconic Whistling Straits. This international sporting event will pit the very best professional golfers from the United States versus Europe. David is serving as General Chair for golf's pinnacle competition, which will be the highest profile sporting event ever held in Wisconsin. He also shared information on KOHLER Golf and the many positive impacts on Wisconsin, as well as the company's nationally ranked courses that have hosted six Major golf championships between 1998-2015 - including three PGA Championships.

Rotarian and Author David Cooks

Feb 19, 2019 36:52


Rotarian David Cooks, author of “Getting Undressed-From Paralysis to Purpose”, shares his personal journey of how he discovered purpose in the midst of personal tragedy.  A Milwaukee native, David’s compelling story began with basketball on the playgrounds of Milwaukee and eventually led him to Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University.  David shares his struggles as well as his successes on and off the basketball court as a T-6 paraplegic, with honesty, perseverance and faith.

Brad Pruitt - America's Black Holocaust Museum

Feb 12, 2019 37:37


Brad Pruitt is the interim Executive Director of America's Black Holocaust Museum, which builds public awareness of the harmful legacies of slavery in America and promotes racial repair, reconciliation, and healing.This museum has been closed since 2008, and is slated to reopen this fall as part of a $17.7 million project being led by Maures Development LLC and Jeffers & Co. 


Kathleen Culver - University of Wisconsin Madison

Feb 5, 2019 39:51


Kathleen Bartzen Culver is an assistant professor in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism & Mass Communication and associate director of the Center for Journalism Ethics. Long interested in the implications of digital media on journalism and public interest communication, Culver focuses on the ethical dimensions of social tools, technological advances and networked information. She combines these interests with a background in law and the effects of boundary-free communication on free expression. She also serves as visiting faculty for the Poynter Institute for Media Studies and education curator for PBS MediaShift.


Click here to view her PowerPoint.

Joel Quadracci - Quad/Graphics

Jan 29, 2019 38:38


Every business, everywhere is experiencing disruption. As a commercial printer, Quad/Graphics experienced disruption much earlier than other companies. Under the leadership of Chairman, President & CEO Joel Quadracci, Quad has undergone – and continues to undergo – a remarkable transformation. Join Joel as he shares highlights from Quad’s 48-year transformative journey – from a family-owned upstart that underwent rapid greenfield growth to a publicly traded enterprise known for disciplined industry consolidation to today – an integrated marketing solutions provider that helps clients plan, produce, deploy, manage and measure creative assets across all channels (not just print). Quad’s journey has lessons for every leader in every discipline. And, Joel’s gift for storytelling will make it memorable.

Katherine Gehl - Democracy Found

Jan 22, 2019 43:27


Katherine M. Gehl is a business leader, entrepreneur, and political innovation activist. Katherine was president and CEO of Gehl Foods, Inc., high tech food manufacturing company in Wisconsin, where she led an aggressive and transformational growth strategy. In 2015, Katherine sold the company—in part to be able to dedicate more time to political reform.  Over the past decade, Katherine has focused on the urgent need for non-partisan political innovation and reform on both state and national levels. In 2016, Katherine invited Michael Porter from Harvard Business School to join her in applying Michael’s tools for understanding industry competition to politics. Together, they co-authored research and analysis on our political system titled, “Why Competition in the Politics Industry is Failing America.” Today, Katherine will tell us about this exciting work.

Ryan Boyle - Northern Trust

Jan 15, 2019 37:51


Tax policy, trade practices, regulatory enforcement, and foreign relations have all changed dramatically in the past year. Despite the divisive issues we debate, we still share broad economic priorities: business growth, greater access to employment, and individual prosperity. Ryan James Boyle, Vice President and Senior Economist within the Global Risk Management division of Northern Trust, will investigate how the economy has changed and what businesses and consumers can expect in the new year.

Kim Wall - Baensch Food Products Co.

Jan 8, 2019 36:04


It’s not your grandma’s pickled herring company. Baensch Food Products, makers of Ma Baensch Marinated Herring, an iconic Wisconsin product, has a storied past and bright future with owner Kim Wall manning the helm.  Since purchasing the company in 1999, Wall has preserved the “Legend” of Ma Baensch, while evolving the product’s branding and marketing to attract millennials. Responding to consumer demand, she has maintained the original formula while creating a 100% clean product. She also only buys herring from sustainable fisheries and has a progressive hiring practice which includes ex-offenders. Join Kim as she shares Ma Baensch’s recipe for success.

Reveling Rotarians - Annual Holiday Luncheon

Dec 19, 2018 15:28


Join us for our annual holiday luncheon as we debut the new Rotary choir, the Reveling Rotarians, as they perform some of your favorite holiday songs. Performers include President Ed Krishok, Beth Heller of the Urban Ecology Center, Dr. Christine Pharr of Mount Mary University, Jodi Ristau of Baird, Patrick Fennelly of Morgan Stanley, Bill Robison of Engberg Anderson Architects, David Froiland of Ogletree Deakins, and Amanda Robison of Swedish News/ Nordstjernan.  Special thanks to Barbara Velez of Velez & Associates for organizing the choir.  In honor of the occasion, we will have an open bar starting at 11:30 am.

Rotary International President Barry Rassin

Dec 6, 2018 37:42


We are honored to welcome Rotary International (RI) President Barry Rassin of the Rotary Club of East New Providence, Bahamas. In his role as RI President, Barry oversees the 35,000 Rotary Clubs in over 200 countries around the world. As a Rotarian since 1980, Barry has served Rotary as director and as vice chair of The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees. He also received Rotary's highest honor, the Service Above Self Award, as well as other humanitarian awards for his work leading Rotary’s relief efforts in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake there.  Barry has a MBA in health and hospital administration from the University of Florida and was the first fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives in the Bahamas. He recently retired after 37 years as president of Doctors Hospital Health System, where he continues to serve as a Director.

Hershel "Woody" Williams

Nov 27, 2018 35:17


Hershel “Woody” Williams, the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from the battle of Iwo Jima in WWII, and co-founder of the Hershel “Woody” Williams Medal of Honor Foundation ("HWWMOHF"), will address our Club. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served in the Battle of Iwo Jima with the 21st Marines, 3rd Marine Division. During the battle, Mr. Williams displayed “valiant devotion to duty” and service above self as he “enabled his company to reach its objective”. Mr. Williams’ actions, commitment to his fellow service members, and heroism were recognized on October 5, 1945, when he received the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Truman at the White House. A Rotarian himself, Williams welcomes the opportunity to share his life experiences with those in Milwaukee who share his passion for service. 

David Haynes, Erin Richards, and Angela Peterson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nov 21, 2018 41:57


This program featured David Haynes, Erin Richards, and Angela Peterson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. They discussed their latest project: a series of stories examining rampant student turnover in Milwaukee and at schools nationwide, and how churn is an under-discussed factor tied to lower test scores, fractured social ties, increased discipline issues and in general, a disrupted learning pipeline for many kids.

John Gurda - Milwaukee Historian and Writer

Nov 13, 2018 38:24


The success and survival of Milwaukee lies in the rivers that meander through its streets and the great lake at its shore. The area’s earliest inhabitants recognized the value of an abundant, clean water supply for food and transportation. Settlers, shipbuilders, and city leaders used the same waters to travel greater distances, power million-dollar industries, and even have a bit of fun.  Milwaukee historian and writer John Gurda will present on his book Milwaukee: A City Built on Water. This book expands on his popular Milwaukee Public Television documentary, relating the mucky history of the waters that gave Milwaukee life—and occasionally threatened the city through erosion, invasive species, and water-borne diseases.

Austin Ramirez - Husco International

Nov 6, 2018 39:30


Austin Ramirez is the second-generation President and CEO of Husco International, a global engineering and manufacturing company. During his tenure as CEO, the company has grown more than 300% and been recognized as Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year. Austin recently said that the proposed tariff increases would immediately put Husco and other American manufacturers at a disadvantage to competitors abroad. How have the tariffs impacted Husco’s business? How is Husco dealing with the increasing uncertainly of international trade markets? Join us to hear Austin Ramirez share more details.

Joe Cirincione - The Risk of Nuclear War Today

Oct 30, 2018 48:39


Joe Cirincione, author, MSNBC contributor and president of the global security foundation Ploughshares Fund, is one of the country’s foremost experts on nuclear threats and nuclear policy. He will discuss the risk of nuclear war today, focused on three interrelated regional issues: war in the Middle East given mounting tensions between the US and Iran; war with North Korea should nascent negotiations fail; and nuclear war triggered by miscalculation or intent as nations rebuild their arsenals and create nuclear weapons they believe will be more usable in conflicts.


Sheba Crocker - CARE USA

Oct 23, 2018 45:06


Sheba Crocker is CARE USA’s Vice President for Humanitarian Programs & Policy. Sheba provides overall leadership and strategic guidance for CARE USA’s emergency and humanitarian operations, programs, and policy. She will discuss the United Nations’ enduring relevance in a time of global shifts.


Attorney General Candidate Forum

Oct 16, 2018 50:33


Today we partnered with the Milwaukee Press Club for a joint program featuring the candidates in the Wisconsin Attorney General race. Josh Kaul, a Madison attorney, is challenging incumbent Attorney General Brad Schimel. Steve Walters of WisconsinEye moderated the discussion.

U.S. Senate Candidate Leah Vukmir

Oct 2, 2018 39:20


We will partner with the Milwaukee Press Club to present a joint program featuring U.S. Senate Candidate Leah Vukmir. Vukmir will share her vision on how to bring the Wisconsin Way to Washington.

Gubernatorial Candidate Tony Evers

Sep 25, 2018 48:21


We will partner with the Milwaukee Press Club to present a joint program featuring Gubernatorial Candidate Tony Evers. Evers will share his vision on how to build a better Wisconsin—what’s best for our kids is what’s best for Wisconsin.

Fr. James Bretzke, S.J., S.T.D. – Marquette University

Sep 18, 2018 37:53


Though politics often is described as the art of compromise, what exactly might that mean for voting decisions in the forthcoming November elections?  Working out of the Christian ethical tradition, which is applicable regardless of religious or secular affiliation, Fr. James Bretzke, S.J. outlines general moral principles to help guide our participation in civic society, including casting our ballots in accord with a well-formed, conscience-based choices. This discernment recognizes that all issues do not carry the same moral weight and considers not just political affiliation, but also a particular candidate’s commitments, character, integrity, and ability to influence the political arena.

UW-Madison Professor Bobbi Wolfe

Sep 11, 2018 44:49


Professor Bobbi Wolfe will discuss what we are learning regarding how poverty influences a child’s brain, the tools used and the potential for informing policy.  She will discuss her own research and the emerging research in neuroscience and poverty more broadly.  The goal of this research is to inform public policy to improve opportunities for children in low-income families. With funding from the Herb Kohl Public Service Research Competition, Wolfe and colleague, Professor Seth Pollak, brought 15 national leaders in neuroscience, poverty, and public policy to Milwaukee in September 2017. Bobbi Wolfe is the Richard A. Easterlin Professor of Economics, Population Health Sciences, and Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is also an affiliate of UW-Madison's Institute for Research on Poverty.

Governor Scott Walker

Sep 4, 2018 46:50


Join us for a joint program with the Milwaukee Press Club to hear Governor Scott Walker. Walker, who is seeking re-election for a third term on November 6th, will share his vision on how Wisconsin is working and will outline his agenda for the future so that Wisconsin keeps moving forward.The Rotary office is also working on scheduling Tony Evers to speak at an upcoming luncheon, so please stay tuned for more details.

Brian “Koby” Kobylinski – Jason Industries

Aug 28, 2018 39:47


Brian “Koby” Kobylinski, Chairman and CEO of Milwaukee-based Jason Industries will provide perspective of ways to manage change in dynamic environments. The capability to adapt and transform is critical in times of rapid technological change and geopolitical uncertainty is important for any organization, regardless of the size or function. Drawing from his over 25 years of diverse industrial experience, Koby will discuss practical methods of how teams first survive then eventually learn to thrive during periods of uncertainty. Team composition, prioritization, dealing with changing tax and trade policy, and the importance of connecting with multiple constituents are among the themes that will be covered.

Chris Abele, Joe Lamers and Jason Stein

Aug 21, 2018 49:59


Jason Stein of the Wisconsin Policy Forum will lead a conversation between Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Milwaukee County Budget Director Joe Lamers. They will discuss the proposed 2019 County Budget.

Dr. John Walz - MSOE

Aug 14, 2018 33:29


As the fifth president of MSOE, Dr. John Y. Walz has been busy leading a university-wide strategic planning process while helping drive MSOE to the educational forefront of artificial Intelligence. With specialists in artificial intelligence in short supply but in greater demand by employers, MSOE was one of the first in the country to enter this space, joined only by top-tier universities like Carnegie Mellon. Walz will provide an update on MSOE’s plans for the future, its national leadership in this exciting new frontier, and its potential as a catalyst for growing Milwaukee and the Midwest’s technology and innovation culture.

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Donald Gabrielson

Aug 7, 2018 43:57


The Navy The Nation Needs — Rear Admiral Gabrielson will give an overview of how our Navy is organized and operates, and touch on various ways the Navy’s mission impacts the lives of all Americans, especially those away from fleet concentration areas. “The Navy The Nation Needs” gives some history of the Navy, operational updates from across the fleet, as well has how the Navy is working to address future challenges. The presentation provides civic leaders with insights on the Navy’s importance to cities such as Milwaukee, and provides a chance to interact with a service branch that doesn’t have a significant footprint in Milwaukee.  Rear Admiral Gabrielson was the Commanding Officer when the USS Freedom was commissioned in Milwaukee.

Alex Lasry - Milwaukee's 2020 Democratic Nation Convention Efforts

Jul 31, 2018 41:00


The contest to land the 2020 Democratic National Convention is down to the final three cities – Miami, Houston and Milwaukee. Alex Lasry, Senior Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks, along with the City of Milwaukee has been spearheading the effort to bring the DNC Convention to Milwaukee for the last year. The DNC Convention is widely considered one of the largest events any American city can host every four years. Alex will give an update on what landing the DNC Convention will mean for Milwaukee and how the entire community will need to be involved in the bid during the coming months.

Rick Schlesinger and David Stearns of the Milwaukee Brewers

Jul 24, 2018 50:14


We will partner with the Milwaukee Press Club to host Milwaukee Brewers executives Rick Schlesinger, chief operating officer and David Stearns, general manager. The program will feature an on-the-record discussion between Schlesinger and Stearns and a panel of journalists, followed by Q&A with the audience.

Amelia Kegel - Wheel & Sprocket

Jul 17, 2018 34:04


Amelia Kegel, co-owner of Wheel & Sprocket and daughter of founder Chris Kegel–a legend in the biking industry– will discuss How Bikes Build Milwaukee and Wisconsin Communities. Founded in 1973 in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, Wheel & Sprocket began as a small, local bike shop with big dreams. After 44 years of growing Wheel & Sprocket has become one of the most successful bike shops in the country. Chris Kegel passed away, but left behind quite a legacy. Today, the Wheel & Sprocket brand has extended its reach to four stores in the Metro-Milwaukee area, two in the Fox Valley, and two in the Chicago, IL. suburbs of Evanston and Oak Park.

2018 Changing of the Guard

Jul 10, 2018 21:21


Celebrate the end of JoAnne Anton's term as RCM President at our 2018 Changing of the Guard program. We will also welcome Ed Krishok as our 2018-19 President. 

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales

Jun 26, 2018 55:04


On April 5, 2018 Alfonso Morales was named Chief of Police until January 2020. Chief Morales holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Carroll University in Waukesha, has taken masters level classes at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP). He will join us to share his vision for policing in Milwaukee.

Jonathan Jackson - Milwaukee Film

Jun 19, 2018 41:46


Building on the success of the Milwaukee Film Festival, now a top ten film festival in the country, Milwaukee Film is poised to be an economic, cultural and educational leader for Milwaukee, the region, and beyond. Through it’s new 31-year lease of the Oriental Theatre and its Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance initiative, Milwaukee Film is positioned as a global film leader. Hear Milwaukee Film CEO Jonathan Jackson share insights into the bright future ahead, touching on the organization’s impact on the revitalization of the East Side Business District with the Oriental Theatre as its anchor, the rapidly growing film and media industry in southeastern Wisconsin, and the growth trajectory for greater community engagement, educational programming and a burgeoning film culture.


Dr. Raul Urrutia - Medical College of Wisconsin

Jun 12, 2018 36:58


Precision medicine offers the most modern advancements in predicting, diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases. By analyzing patients’ DNA, environment and lifestyle, scientists are developing personalized therapies that save lives. Raul Urrutia, MD, Director of the Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin, will discuss how embracing this scientific revolution is transforming Wisconsin’s biomedical landscape, bringing innovation to medical education, research, practice and community services.


Ron Dermer - Israeli Ambassador to the United States

Jun 5, 2018 01:01:30


In partnership with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, the Rotary Club of Milwaukee is honored to have welcomed the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, who discussed Israeli and United States relations. 

Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

Jun 1, 2018 06:14


The Rotary Club of Milwaukee proudly awarded PDG Rick Luedke with our Lifetime Achievement Award yesterday. This award has only been given out twice in our 105 year history to Harry Franke and Bill Randall.

Rick's passion, leadership, and dedication throughout his nearly 50 year history with our Club are exemplary. As a President and Rotary District 6270 Governor, he was an instrumental player in many community and international projects. Rick helped shape the future of Rotary, Milwaukee and communities around the globe.

Congratulations, Rick! We thank you for a lifetime of Service Above Self.

Mike Paddock - Engineers Without Borders USA

May 29, 2018 27:16


Engineers Without Borders USA builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs. Then, highly skilled volunteers work with communities to find appropriate solutions for their infrastructure needs. Rotarian Mike Paddock of the local chapter of Engineers without Borders will talk about the synergies created by their partnership with Rotary and the great projects that we have been able to accomplish together.

Michael Barber - 2018 Rotary Person of the Year

May 22, 2018 43:42


The Rotary Person of the Year Award recognizes individuals, executives and entrepreneurs who, through their profession, are making the Milwaukee community a better place to live and work. In recognition of his remarkable career at one of the region’s largest and most innovative companies, the Rotary Club of Milwaukee has selected Michael Barber, the President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s Molecular Imaging and Computed Tomography (MICT) as the Rotary Person of the Year. 


Click here to learn more about Michael Barber and the award.

Michael Barber - 2018 Rotary Person of the Year

May 22, 2018


The Rotary Person of the Year Award recognizes individuals, executives and entrepreneurs who, through their profession, are making the Milwaukee community a better place to live and work. In recognition of his remarkable career at one of the region’s largest and most innovative companies, the Rotary Club of Milwaukee has selected Michael Barber, the President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s Molecular Imaging and Computed Tomography (MICT) as the Rotary Person of the Year. 


Click here to learn more about Michael Barber and the award.

Dr. Daniel Zomchek – Annual Armed Forces Day Program

May 16, 2018 42:52


Join us for our annual Armed Forces Day Celebration featuring Dr. Daniel Zomchek,CEO/Medical Center Director of the Zablocki VA Medical Center system which actively serves 64,000 Veterans throughout eastern Wisconsin. Dr. Zomchek will speak about how access to high quality care, financial stewardship, and community engagement have been his key priorities for the health care system. He will also provide updates about construction projects that are improving the patient experience and advancing medical care for our Veterans. In addition, he will cover how the campus’ rich history is being preserved and celebrated. Finally, he will discuss his vision for the future of the Zablocki VA Medical Center system.


The Impact of Academic Medicine – Dr. John Raymond and Rob Henken

May 8, 2018 34:20


The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) celebrates 125 years as a cornerstone institution, innovation leader, and provider of the next generation of physicians for Wisconsin. However, this community asset was nearly lost fifty years ago when funding was challenged. Hear how Milwaukee’s leaders of the 1960-70s mobilized to build an academic medical center in our community with value that extends beyond healthcare to economic impact and vitality. Rob Henken, President, Wisconsin Policy Forum, will deliver a 50-year checkup on MCW, followed by Dr. John Raymond, MCW President/CEO, to discuss the vision and impact of academic medicine in our region.

Ex Fabula

May 1, 2018 29:31


Subconsious Bias affects individuals, businesses, and the community at large. However, while everyone has subconscious biases, it’s challenging for individuals to notice these biases at play, which is the first step in addressing them. The Ex Fabula Fellowship uses the power of personal stories to illuminate bias and and other equity topics, and this program will feature a few of those stories.


Donsia Strong Hill - LISC Milwaukee

Apr 24, 2018 31:02


With residents and partners, LISC Milwaukee forges resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America – great places to live, work, visit, do business and raise families.


One sector we focus on in Milwaukee is commercial revitalization. Among the strategies we utilize to that are: launching a new real estate grant fund called the Dr. Mark Eppli Catalytic Venture Fund. It is available solely to alumni of Marquette University’s Associates in Commercial Real Estate program, which is an educational program for minorities that want to pursue careers in the commercial real estate industry. The fund was named in honor of Eppli, who started the ACRE program.


Creating Pop-Up MKE, a public and private partnership focused on economic development and entrepreneurship, is actively seeking business owners looking to start or expand their business in one of three vital commercial corridors. The pop up spaces are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to test their products, and begin to generate buzz for their business in a low risk, supportive environment.

Former Wisconsin Department of Administration Secretary Scott Neitzel

Apr 17, 2018 41:07


In 2017 Wisconsin’s workforce and business climate went toe to toe with other states to compete for 13,000 new jobs and $10 billion of capital investment from Foxconn’s new state-of-the-art display manufacturing campus. Wisconsin won. Governor Walker’s former Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary Scott Neitzel served as a senior member on the recruitment team for Foxconn and will share insights of the negotiations and how the project will positively impact Wisconsin for generations.


Scott Neitzel served as DOA Secretary from March 2015 – March 2018. In addition to working with Foxconn, during his tenure he worked on two state budgets and served as Chair of the Wisconsin Center District overseeing lease negotiations for the new Bucks arena. Scott was previously a Senior Vice President at Madison Gas and Electric Co. and a Commissioner at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

Carter Cast - Author

Apr 10, 2018 42:51


Why do some people make it big while others, equally experienced, talented, and credentialed, fall by the wayside? One study shows that half to two-thirds of all managers will be fired, demoted, or plateau at some point in their careers. Further, the cost of those derailments to companies can be more than twenty times that of the employee’s salary. Carter Cast’s book, The Right (and Wrong) Stuff: How Brilliant Careers are Made and Unmade looks into the rules and rituals of business life and what high performers do differently than the rest.

Carter is also a professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management, where he’s received the Faculty Impact Award from 2012-17 by his students. When not teaching, he is a venture partner at Pritzker Group Venture Capital, which invests in early stage technology companies.

This was joint program with the Kellogg Alumni Club of Wisconsin.

Supreme Court Justice Candidate Forum

Mar 27, 2018 54:26


The Wisconsin Supreme Court election is on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. Join Supreme Court Candidates Rebecca Dallet and Michael Screnock for a conversation led by President-Elect Ed Krishok.

Mike Miller - Colonial Consulting

Mar 20, 2018 39:38


2018 began with strong equity market gains that continued 2017’s remarkable pattern of profits with few if any reminders that equities are risky. Then, without warning, volatility re-emerged and this has led to a more difficult climate for investors. Mike Miller, the Chief Investment Officer of Colonial Consulting, will discuss how today’s market conditions compare to those historically and will provide Colonial’s views of how investors can turn the tables on a challenging period to see it as one that creates reasonable opportunities for those with discipline and patience.


Author Sam Quinones – “Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic”

Mar 13, 2018 54:43


Join us to hear the highly acclaimed journalist Sam Quinones, author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic. In his book Quinones weaves together two classic tales of capitalism run amok whose unintentional collision has been catastrophic. The unfettered prescribing of pain medications during the 1990s reached its peak in Purdue Pharma’s campaign to market OxyContin, its new, expensive—and extremely addictive—miracle painkiller. Meanwhile a massive influx of black tar heroin—cheap, potent, and originating from one small county on Mexico’s west coast, independent of any drug cartel—assaulted small towns and midsized cities across the country, driven by a brilliant, almost unbeatable marketing and distribution system. Together these phenomena continue to lay waste to communities from Tennessee to Oregon, Indiana to New Mexico. Dreamland is a revelatory account of the corrosive threat facing America and its heartland.


This program is brought to Rotary by the generosity of the Zilber Family Foundation.

#MeToo Panel Discussion

Mar 6, 2018 50:49


We selected this date as it’s close to March 8th, the International Day of Women. With the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report findings telling us that gender parity is over 200 years away – there has never been a more important time for us to address issues that hinder women’s advancement in the workplace.  And sexual harassment certainly needs both immediate and long-lasting attention. The panel includes: Becky Frankiewicz, President North America, ManpowerGroup Steve Stall, Business Leader of Inclusion, Rockwell Automation Jennifer Dirks, President and CEO, TEMPO Milwaukee Dan Vliet, Shareholder, Buelow Vetter Olson Buikema & Vliet

Mayor Tom Barrett

Feb 27, 2018


Mayor Tom Barrett is leading a city in which investment and growth is at an unprecedented pace, and, at the same time chronic challenges persist.  At Tuesday’s Rotary meeting, Mayor Barrett will reprise his State of the City presentation in which he highlights both successes and challenges for Milwaukee.  He will also invite Rotary members to join him in shaping the city’s future.


Mayor Tom Barrett

Feb 27, 2018 46:30


Mayor Tom Barrett is leading a city in which investment and growth is at an unprecedented pace, and, at the same time chronic challenges persist.  At Tuesday’s Rotary meeting, Mayor Barrett will reprise his State of the City presentation in which he highlights both successes and challenges for Milwaukee.  He will also invite Rotary members to join him in shaping the city’s future.


Professor David Krause - Blockchaining

Feb 21, 2018 42:07


Wisconsin is known for its culture of prudence and risk aversion. So, it is not surprising that I hear people say, ‘I think Bitcoin and cyrptocurrencies are a fraud.’ But when pushed, they can’t explain blockchain technology or bitcoin. It might be a cop-out to cry foul because blockchain and bitcoin are potentially one of world’s biggest collaborative math projects that could transform the global economy in a manner similar to the impact of the Internet. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain can fundamentally rewrite many business models, especially in banking and financial services – which is why we all need to understand this new, emerging technology. Professor David Krause of Marquette University will provide more insight.

Mark Mone - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Jan 23, 2018 37:23


The value of higher education in our region has never been more critical – for talent development, entrepreneurship and the economy. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone will share how Wisconsin’s only public, urban, top-tier research university has taken a leading role in regional talent partnerships and addressing societal needs in the state and further afield. Through strategic re-invention and research, UW-Milwaukee is redefining itself and the region through “Big Projects” like the Connected Systems Institute, Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, Freshwater University, and M3 with Milwaukee Public Schools and Milwaukee Area Technical College to close the achievement gap. These powerful partnerships harness the collective vitalities of academia, business, our communities and government to create essential change.



Mike Lovell - Marquette University

Jan 9, 2018 41:37


Higher education faces increasingly strong headwinds, threatening to bring educational progress to a halt unless innovative responses to 21st century challenges are quickly developed and implemented. Marquette University President Michael R. Lovell will discuss how Wisconsin’s largest private university is creating innovative responses to those headwinds with a new focus on academics and research, the student experience, and community building. These approaches involve Marquette creating new academic programs that match the needs of Southeastern Wisconsin organizations, devoting renewed attention on students’ health and well-being, and working with community partners to create a stronger, more vibrant Near West Side.



Skylight Music Theatre Performance

Dec 19, 2017 15:24


Skylight Music Theatre entertained us at our annual holiday luncheon.

Marquette Law Professor Michael O'Hear

Dec 12, 2017 41:31


Join us to hear Marquette Law Professor Michael O’ Hear, a nationally recognized authority on criminal punishment. Wisconsin’s prison population has been stuck at an historically high level for more than a decade, and now appears poised to reach new highs in the next year or two. Professor O’Hear’s presentation will explore the causes of mass incarceration in Wisconsin and consider whether current imprisonment levels might be reduced without harming public safety. Mass incarceration has been quite costly to Wisconsin in both fiscal and human terms, but several promising policy reforms might be considered to bring down the prison numbers and lessen the burdens on taxpayers and families.

Olympic Champion Speed Skater Bonnie Blair

Dec 5, 2017 45:56


The Pettit National Ice Center is honored and delighted to host the 2018 US Olympic Long Track Speedskating Trials, January 2-7, 2018.  The Trials formally return to the Oval at the Pettit Center for the first time since 1998.  The timing is appropriately coincidental with the 25th Anniversary of the Center, which opened on December 31, 1992. Join Olympic Gold Medalist Bonnie Blair and Pettit Center Executive Director Randy Dean for a lively conversation about the upcoming trials, some Olympic reflections by Bonnie and some insights into the 2018 Trials and Winter Games.


View her PowerPoint here.

David Uihlein - Soldiers Home

Nov 21, 2017 32:09


More than 150 years ago, the Milwaukee Soldiers Home, a National Historic Landmark, was established as a place for Civil War soldiers to recuperate and transition back into society. Though many of the Soldiers Home buildings remain in use, some of the most important and historic – including the iconic Old Main – are unoccupied and rapidly deteriorating. However, thanks to a new redevelopment project, that is about to change. Join us as David Uihlein, of Uihlein/Wilson Architects, shares the vision for returning six historic buildings to their original purpose: the service veterans. Because every hero deserves a home.

Philip Yun and Doug Savage - North Korea

Nov 14, 2017 37:47


An expert on East Asian regional security issues, Philip Yun is the Executive Director of Ploughshares Fund, a public foundation working to reduce nuclear threats and eliminate nuclear weapons. Mr. Yun was a presidential appointee at the US Department of State (1994-2001), serving as Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. He served as senior advisor to two US Coordinators for North Korea Policy and was part of the US delegation that traveled to North Korea with Secretary of State Madeline Albright in 2000. He will address growing concerns about and threats from North Korea, including the North's nuclear and missile capability, their strategic motivations, and what the implications might be for South Korea, Japan and China.


Philip will be interviewed by Doug Savage of the Institute of World Affairs at UW-Milwaukee.

Jon Wile and Mark Kass - The $1.2 Billion Amazon Effect

Nov 7, 2017 47:30


Jon Wile is vice president of content for American City Business Journals, which operates 43 business newspapers and websites across the United States, including the award-winning Milwaukee Business Journal. Wile oversaw a nine-month investigation by all of ACBJ's newsrooms to document the systematic expansion of, from Class A office spaces in the nation's largest cities to former cornfields and barren industrial spaces long abandoned by industries of old. The company's growth, while massive in scope, has hinged on negotiations with local officials, deals with local real estate developers and tax breaks blessed by local municipalities in excess of $1.2 billion. The series of stories identified where this Seattle-based company's unrelenting expansion might be headed, including the massive competition underway for its second headquarters, and also the growing trend of requests for massive incentives by businesses looking to expand or move. 


Jon was interviewed by Mark Kass of the Milwaukee Business Journal. This was also a joint program with the Milwaukee Press Club. 

Steve Radelet - Georgetown University

Oct 24, 2017 45:29


Celebrate the 72nd Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations with Steven Radelet, an American economist working within the field of International Development at Georgetown University. While the headlines suggest that the world is falling apart, the news is not all bleak. In fact, we live at a time of the greatest progress among the global poor in human history. During the last 25 years there has been more progress than ever before in the world's poorest countries in reducing poverty, improving health, increasing incomes, expanding education, reducing conflict, and encouraging democracy. These gains provide huge new opportunities, but also great challenges for the world as a whole, and for the United States. The Great Surge tells the story of this unprecedented progress over the last two decades, why it happened --including the role of the United Nations and the contributions of Rotary International -- and whether it can continue into the future.


Click here to view his PowerPoint.

Blair Williams - WiRED Properties

Oct 10, 2017 37:36


Blair Williams, president of WiRED Properties, was hired by the Milwaukee Bucks as a consultant acting as Managing Director of Real Estate. WiRED is a real estate development and consulting firm specialized in all mixed-use development and community creation. The firm’s approach to community curation defines it. On behalf of the Bucks, Blair is quarterbacking the planning and development of the 4 1/2 city blocks surrounding the new Arena. He will be presenting WiRED’s approach to community creation and the Bucks vision for the Arena District.

Lincoln Avenue Stable

Oct 3, 2017 41:16


This program was a a further introduction and promotion of the Lincoln Avenue Stables. Listen to a round-up of how three objectives will be met once the Lincoln Avenue Stables are fully operational:  housing the MPD Mounted Patrol and providing Community Engagement Opportunities and Equine Assisted Therapy.  Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn will talk about the value of mounted patrols for public safety and community engagement and Rotarian Marianne Canter will talk explain Equine Assisted Therapy and how it helps children and adults with autism, mobility issues and PTSD. 


John Torinus - Serigraph Inc.

Sep 26, 2017 39:30


While our national political leaders struggle mightily with health care reform, innovative leaders in the private sector, many of them in Wisconsin, have hammered out a new business model for the delivery of care. And they are saving money with the new model. They have pioneered four waves of reform:


Employer adoption of self-insurance to replace group insurance Consumer-driven health plans that establish incentives and disincentives for smart behaviors. Proactive primary care, often delivered on-site at the workplaces or near-site. Value-based purchasing of treatments.


John Torinus has used his company, Serigraph Inc., as a beta site for these waves of reform. He contends that the striking results should inform the stymied attempts at reform in the nation’s capital.

Coby Skonord - Ideawake

Sep 20, 2017 36:32


The emergence of crowdsourcing over the last 10 years has quickly changed the way that businesses innovate, raise capital, and engage their most valuable asset - employees.  Learn how open innovation, crowdfunding, and the larger movement of crowdsourcing are transforming the business landscape in the 21st Century, and how you can take advantage of this emerging trend. Coby Skonord, Founder & CEO of Ideawake, will share more details.

William Towns and Dan Bader

Sep 12, 2017 49:01


Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Benefit Chicago is a new collaboration that aims to mobilize $100 million for impact investments for nonprofits and social enterprises working throughout the Chicago region. Join us to hear their Executive Director William Towns discuss how Benefit Chicago helps businesses and nonprofits access the capital they need to innovate and grow. Dan Bader of Bader Philanthropies will also join us to provide local perspective on Impact Investing in Milwaukee.

Reggie Moore - Office of Violence Prevention

Aug 30, 2017 41:11


Milwaukee has been labeled as one of America’s top 50 of places to live, yet it has also been ranked the sixth most dangerous city. At a time when gun violence remains at epidemic levels nationwide, Milwaukee is pursuing innovative, community-driven approaches for violence prevention. Join Reggie Moore, director of the City of Milwaukee Health Department’s Office of Violence Prevention, to preview the six goals that will make up a citywide action plan, Milwaukee’s “Blueprint for Peace.” Find out why violence is a public health issue, and what you can do to support efforts to make Milwaukee a safer and stronger city.

Steve Marcus - Sculpture Milwaukee

Aug 22, 2017 34:47


Steve Marcus will discuss the history of the Sculpture Milwaukee exhibition currently on display on Wisconsin Avenue from O'Donnell Park to Sixth St.  As the visionary behind the project, Steve will trace its history and discuss the challenges that needed to be addressed in the course of bringing this unique event to life. He will also describe its potential benefits for Milwaukee in general and specifically downtown and Wisconsin Ave. He will provide us with a virtual tour of the art and describe the organization that was developed to manage the program as well as lessons learned for the future. Steve Marcus is the CEO of The Marcus Corporation.


Please click this link to view his PowerPoint.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson

Aug 16, 2017 38:56


Rob Henken - Public Policy Forum

Aug 2, 2017 41:55


Public Policy Forum President Rob Henken will present his organization's recently-released report on the City of Milwaukee's revenue structure. The report – entitled On the Money? – finds sharp distinctions between Milwaukee and similar-sized cities when it comes to financing the workings of their city governments. That finding and a deeper review of four of Milwaukee's peers suggest that changes to the City's revenue structure should be considered to ensure better reliability, balance, and equity. Henken will present the Forum's modeling of different revenue frameworks and discuss what they would mean to taxpayers and City finances.


Click here to view his PowerPoint.

Erika Poethig - Urban Institute

Aug 2, 2017 43:08


Erika Poethig, Director at the Urban Institute, will discuss the demographic and economic changes that affect future of the Great Lakes region including Milwaukee and Wisconsin. The discussion will center on how these dynamics affect Milwaukee residents’ ability to access ladders of opportunity, including education, workforce development, and the social safety net. The discussion will be forward looking, focusing on how Milwaukee can use policy levers to build on existing foundations and address challenges, including economic and racial segregation, in order to create growth and prosperity.


Click here to view her PowerPoint.

Michael Williamson - State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Jul 18, 2017 38:07


The State of Wisconsin Investment Board invests over $108 billion- most of it for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) which has over 620,000 members and is one of only two fully funded state pension plans in the country.  Their investments are extremely diverse and over the years this has included significant involvement with Wisconsin businesses ranging from small, family-owned companies to billion-dollar manufacturers shipping worldwide. Michael Williamson, SWIB’s Executive Director, will talk about why the WRS is a national leader, why there is a retirement crisis in this country and why investments in Wisconsin make sense for the pension plan members and the larger state economy.

2017 Changing of the Guard

Jul 12, 2017 55:07


Join us to celebrate the end of Nancy Sennett's term as RCM President at our 2017 Toast! We will also welcome JoAnne Anton as our 2017-18 President.



Michael Scott - Center for Problem-Oriented Policing

Jun 28, 2017 44:14


Michael Scott is the director of the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing at the University of Arizona that produces and shares information about how police can effectively address specific public-safety problems. He was formerly a clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School; chief of police in Lauderhill, Florida; special assistant to the chief of the St. Louis, Missouri, Metropolitan Police Department; director of administration of the Fort Pierce, Florida, Police Department; legal assistant to the police commissioner of the New York City Police Department; and a police officer in the Madison, Wisconsin, Police Department.

Joel Brennan - Discovery World

Jun 20, 2017 37:07


Learn first-hand from fellow Rotarian and Discovery World CEO Joel Brennan about their $18 million improvement project at the museum on downtown Milwaukee's lakefront.

Chris Ott - American Civil Liberties Union

Jun 13, 2017 38:05


Defending civil liberties isn’t only a matter of personal rights—it’s good for business. Companies and customers depend on strong digital privacy, without government interference. The Muslim travel ban threatened to separate valuable employees from their workplaces. Mass incarceration imposes a heavy burden on taxpayers. States that tax and regulate marijuana enjoy new revenue. The boycott in response to North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” cost the state more than $3 billion. Chris Ott, new executive director of the ACLU of Wisconsin, will discuss how dedication to liberty and justice can benefit the bottom line.

Eric Isbister - RCM Scholarship Program

Jun 7, 2017 33:38


Although never formally identified as such, the Scholarship program has become one of RCM’s “big things”. Now as we begin interviewing applicants for our ninth scholarship year, it is fitting time to bring to the membership a brief account of progress. Eric Isbister, Chair of the Scholarship Committee since its inception, will review the program’s origin, how it is structured, and most importantly, how it has made a difference to many of Milwaukee’s college-bound students. You will come away with a heightened sense of pride in how the Club’s membership has been engaged in supporting, and sustaining, this Scholarship program.

Scott Detrow - National Public Radio

May 30, 2017 35:35


Scott Detrow is a Congressional reporter for National Public Radio (NPR). He also co-hosts the NPR Politics Podcast. Scott joined NPR in 2015 to cover the presidential election. He focused on the Republican side of the 2016 race, spending time on the campaign trail with Donald Trump, and also reported on the election's technology and data angles. Join us to learn more about his experiences and current work. Dave Edwards, General Manager of WUWM Radio, will lead the conversation.

Bob Hillis - 2017 Rotary Person of the Year

May 23, 2017 44:25


Join us to celebrate our 2017 Rotary Person of the Year recipient, Bob Hillis of Direct Supply. The Rotary Person of the Year award is a unique honor that focuses on the professional accomplishments of the award winner. Rather than celebrating civic or philanthropic achievements, this award recognizes the accomplishments of the recipient's work.Through his profession, Bob has made the Milwaukee community a better place to live and work. Read more about Bob Hillis and our Rotary Person of the Year Award at this link.


Captain Amy B. Cocanour - U.S. Coast Guard

May 16, 2017 30:35


Join us for our annual Armed Forces Day Celebration featuring Captain Amy B. Cocanour - U.S. Coast Guard Commanding Officer, Sector Lake Michigan. She leads 23 Coast Guard units with a force of over 500 Active Duty, 200 Reserve and 1200 Auxiliary personnel conducting Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Aids to Navigation, Marine Safety, and Homeland Security missions in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


View her video here.

The Last Mile Study - Public Policy Forum

May 10, 2017 46:17


Rob Henken, President of the Public Policy Forum, will provide an overview of their recent study The Last Mile: Connecting workers to places of employment.  This research suggests that flexible forms of transit service – and perhaps new strategies linked to partnerships with ride-hailing companies like Lyft and Uber – could help address the region's elusive "last mile" problem, which can arise when fixed-route transit services stop short of bringing commuters all the way to their job sites. This will be followed by a panel discussion that includes Public Policy Forum Senior Researcher Joe Peterangelo, Waukesha County Board Chair Paul Decker, and Corey Zetts of Menomonee Valley Partners.


View their PowerPoint here.

John Gurda

May 9, 2017 37:31


John Gurda, one of our favorite speakers,  will share his knowledge of the history of Jewish Milwaukee.  He says that “rarely has such a small group had such a large impact on one American city. The Jews of Milwaukee constitute less than 2 percent of the metro area's population, but their influence extends far beyond mere numbers. Golda Meir grew up in Milwaukee. The iconic Settlement Cookbook originated in Milwaukee kitchens. The city's Jewish community produced figures as diverse as entertainer Gene Wilder, baseball commissioner Bud Selig, and clothing designer Florence Eiseman, as well as business giants ranging from Masterlock to Manpower.

Chancellors Mark Mone and Rebecca Blank

May 2, 2017 43:41


Wisconsin is fortunate to have two of America’s top research universities that, together, drive the state’s innovation and fuel the economy. While each has a unique mission, UWM and UW-Madison work closely on several initiatives and projects that address societal issues, solve problems and accelerate invention. Meet Chancellor Mark Mone of UW-Milwaukee and Chancellor Rebecca Blank of UW-Madison, and learn more about what they’re working on, why it matters to all of us, and how they’re advocating for a state reinvestment in higher education.


View their PowerPoint here.


Max Yela - UWM Libraries

Apr 20, 2017 47:08


The trajectory of intellectual history in the West has many influences. This presentation examines how the book as a technological device helped shape our cognitive responses to the world and to ourselves since the origin of books over 5,000 years ago. Using media theory as a lens, Max Yela, Head of Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an adjunct instructor in the UWM School of Information Studies, will demonstrate how changes in the technology of books over time both reinforced and altered ways of thinking in Western civilization.

Toni Griffin - MKE United

Apr 11, 2017 41:04


The MKE United Greater Downtown Action Agenda (MKE United) is a comprehensive planning and civic engagement process that will create a shared vision and action agenda for Downtown Milwaukee and ten adjacent neighborhoods. Hear from MKE United lead consultant, Toni L. Griffin, as she shares the latest project updates, including an inclusive process to draft key "transformative directions and imperatives" that will be the foundation for creating the Greater Downtown Milwaukee plan.

Wayne Larrivee - Packers Radio Network

Apr 6, 2017 47:34


Wayne Larrivee, the play-by-play voice of the Green Bay Packers over the Packers Radio Network, will speak at Rotary about his new book If These Walls Could Talk: Green Bay Packers: Stories from the Green Bay Packers Sideline, Locker Room, and Press Box.

Neal Pease - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Apr 4, 2017 37:43


In the early years of the 20th century, before they had a big league team to cheer for, most Milwaukee baseball fans followed their favorite sport in the form of semiprofessional sandlot teams representing schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, or ethnic groups. The Kosciuszko Reds, the pride of the Polish-American South Side, were one of the best known and most successful of these squads. Neal Pease, who teaches a course on baseball in American history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will recreate the colorful story of the "Koskys" with PowerPoint illustrations.

2020 Project Presentations

Mar 21, 2017 56:35


In keeping with our legacy of initiating enduring projects in our community, RCM decided in Fall 2016 that the time is right for yet another significant contribution to the community. Nine proposals were submitted and they were narrowed down to five in January 2017. Join us to hear from the five proposal teams as they present their project to the club. Teams include a “Rotary Grows Program” to teach MPS students to grow food, Milwaukee Public Library Learning Commons, Supporting Communities through Greening Our Schools, creation of a Milwaukee Community Equestrian Center and preserving the Grand Theater by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. After the meeting each member will have the chance to “vote” on the projects via the weekly survey.


Click here to learn about the final proposals. 

Governor Scott Walker

Mar 14, 2017 51:32


Scott Walker is the 45th and current Governor of Wisconsin. First elected governor in the 2010 Wisconsin general election, he won a 2012 recall election and was reelected governor in the 2014 Wisconsin gubernatorial election. Join us to hear him talk about his proposed 2017-19 budget.

Bob Cancalosi, GE Healthcare

Mar 7, 2017 39:29


Bob Cancalosi, GE’s Director of Customer Leadership Education, is a dynamic speaker who has experience in leading companywide initiatives in cultural, coaching & leadership transformations including 8 years as the Chief Learning Officer for GE Healthcare.  At Rotary he will tell us why executive storytelling is an important skill for leaders to connect, inspire and develop their employees. His presentation contains 10 photographs which contain a very specific skill that leaders need to embody in order to empower their teams to achieve higher impact outcomes.

Joe Kirgues - Gener8tor

Feb 28, 2017 45:14


As a co-founder of Gener8tor, a Milwaukee startup accelerator program, Joe Kirgues has helped dozens of new businesses refine their strategies, raise capital and connect with customers. Through his leadership in Wisconsin's entrepreneurial community, Gener8tor has become a nationally recognized program. Kirgues' personal involvement and advice to help startups succeed expresses his passion for growing businesses, as does his ability to educate investors and angel groups to consider supporting new startups in a new way.

Charlie Sykes

Feb 21, 2017 43:25


Charlie Sykes, long time host of WTMJ Radio 620's Midday talk show, stepped down from his post at the end of the year. He is now a contributor to MSNBC and was recently named one of the hosts of  "Indivisible," a show on WNYC, public radio's flag ship station in New York City. Sykes is the author of eight books including A Nation of Victims, Dumbing Down Our Kids, ProfScam, The Hollow Men, The End of Privacy, 50 Rules Kids Won't Learn In School,  A Nation of Moochers, and Fail U. He is editor-in-chief of and also edits WI Interest, a magazine published by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. He is a former reporter for The Milwaukee Journal and former editor of Milwaukee Magazine. He is currently working a book titled, "How the Right Lost It's mind," which will be published later this year by St. Martin's Press. 




Past President John Ridley

Feb 14, 2017 48:05


Past President John Ridley, M.D. will share with the club facts on American History - What's New is Old (understanding where we are by looking back).

Dave Haynes and Katherine Cramer

Feb 7, 2017 46:53


Rotarian David Haynes, Editorial Page Editor of the Journal Sentinel, will interview Katherine Cramer, author of The Politics of Resentment which shows that rural resentment—no less than partisanship, race, or class—plays a major role in dividing America against itself. Published in early 2016, Dr. Cramer explores an often overlooked reality: rural political consciousness and the resentment of the “liberal elite.” Rural voters are distrustful that politicians will respect the distinct values of their communities and allocate a fair share of resources.  One result is that the very people who stand to benefit from strong government services not only vote against the candidates who support those services but are vehemently against the very idea of big government. Although the book is a study of Wisconsin politics, this played out nationally in the 2016 presidential election.

Mike Knetter - UW Foundation

Jan 31, 2017 47:24


Forecasting the economy for 2017 is no easy task, but Mike Knetter is up to the challenge! This is his third appearance at Rotary and he remains one of our most popular speakers.  Mike joined the University of Wisconsin Foundation as president and chief executive officer in 2010 after eight years as dean of the Wisconsin School of Business. Prior to joining the UW, he was associate dean of the MBA program and professor of international economics in the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He also served as senior staff economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisors for former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.



View his PowerPoint here.

Steve Walters, Brian Bell and Mike Haas - Ethics Commission and Election Commision

Jan 24, 2017 45:48


In 2016 the Government Accountability Board was dismantled and replaced with two distinct commissions: the Wisconsin Ethics Commission and Wisconsin Elections Commission.  Steve Walters, Sr. Producer of WisconsinEye, will interview Mike Haas of the Election Commission and Brian Bell of the Ethics Commission to learn what this might mean for Wisconsin citizens. This program will be live streamed and is a joint program with the Milwaukee Press Club.