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Riders Radio Theater was a half hour, weekly, cul…
Riders Radio Theater


Riders Radio Theater was a half hour, weekly, cult favorite/public radio show performed live by the two-time Grammy Award-winning western and comedy band Riders In The Sky in Nashville and Cincinnati from 1988-1995. Called at the time "the fastest half hour in radio," each show featured western music, wacky commercials, the National Polka Countdown, characters and comedy bits of all sizes and descriptions, and a cliffhanging serial adventure... all liberally sprinkled with country and folk music guest stars and legends. It was the Golden Age of High Yodeling Adventure and it deserves to live again!




1313 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jul 28, 2019 00:29:00


Slocum and Charlie have lured Riders In The Sky to Skull Rock and trapped them in a ring of white, hot magnesium fire. The only thing that can save them is a No. 2 Yodel, but will Ranger Doug’s voice be captured by last episode’s yodel catcher? Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?! Featuring Tracy Nelson!

1312 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jul 21, 2019 00:29:34


Charlie carelessly dislodged a mountain boulder, which is now barreling down to High Sheriff Drywall. Under the falling deadly stone the Sheriff sits, the muscle of his brawny brain is strong as milky bone. But no bones about it, faith is about to intervene... featuring The Dixie Chicks!

1311 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jul 14, 2019 00:30:22


Slocum and Charlie are preparing for the final phase of their evil plot: using a yodel catcher to capture Ranger Doug’s yodel and focus it on Skull Rock! High Sheriff Drywall stumbled onto the villains and was quickly tossed over the side of the mountain down Dead Man’s Cliff…

1310 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jul 7, 2019 00:28:49


As part of Slocum’s plot, the evil villain must trick Ranger Doug into performing a pure, clean no. 2 yodel, the most powerful of yodels that can pulverize the rock five miles deep into Mystery Mountain that is keeping molten gold from flowing to the surface. The Riders have figured out that Slocum is behind the monster trouble and are riding to Tumbleweed City for a showdown. Featuring Martin Delray!

1309 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jun 30, 2019 00:30:52


The monster has attacked Riders In The Sky, only to be thwarted by Myron Floren and his mighty accordion, knocking the monster off the mountain. The Riders have since deduced the monster is Charlie in a suit, the product of a plan devised by Slocum. It is the morning following the big monster attack, and the Riders are gathered around their campfire on Mystery Mountain enjoying their coffee…

1308 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jun 23, 2019 00:29:10


The desperate, panic-stricken citizens of Tumbleweed Valley have sold their land on Mystery Mountain for a fraction of its value to Slocum, causing intervention from Riders In The Sky. To prove that the monster isn’t a threat, America’s Favorite Cowboys have decided to camp out on Mystery Mountain to settle the rumors once and for all… featuring Myron Floren!

1307 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jun 16, 2019 00:29:05


High Sheriff Drywall has been pushed off a cliff by none other than Slocum and his mechanical monster! It is now the morning after Sheriff Drywall’s night of terror on Mystery Mountain, and at the famed old Harmony Ranch, Riders In The Sky are gathered in the cozy kitchen drinking coffee and listening to their second favorite radio program…

1306 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jun 9, 2019 00:29:10


Tales of the huge, fire-breathing monster have spread across the valley like a prairie wind. It then became the duty of Sheriff Drywall, who wasn’t present to see the monster, to go and search for the creature. The aforementioned Sheriff informed Slocum of this hunt and the specific road he would take to start it: details that would lead to an unfortunate plan… featuring John McEuen!

1305 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Jun 2, 2019 00:29:54


Slocum has unleashed his robotic monster on the unsuspecting citizens of Tumbleweed Valley during the annual storytelling festival! Unfortunately for Charlie, a leak in the flame-throwing tank turned him into a flaming fireball that is now hurdling towards Riders In The Sky…

1304 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Apr 7, 2019 00:29:07


It is the day of the Night of 1,000 Terrors on Mystery Mountain, where Tumbleweed Valley prepares for its storytelling festival of hair-raising horror. Speaking of horror, Charlie and Slocum are busy assembling a mechanical monster as part of their big and evil plan… featuring Patsy Montana!

1303 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Mar 30, 2019 00:28:54


Slocum sent the doofus Charlie on a bizarre shopping expedition to procure a curious array of scientific electronic and household items. Later that night, in a makeshift laboratory underneath the Dry Gulch Saloon, our resident villains are inventing a robotic nightmare the town will never forget…

1302 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Mar 24, 2019 00:29:05


The villain Slocum was released from prison on appeal. Upon exiting the jail, he bumped into High Sheriff Drywall, stealing his badge and wallet. In no time, Slocum was operating once again out of the Dry Gulf Saloon. As the sun goes down in Tumbleweed Valley, the citizens gather at the Buck Benny Theater for the big fantastic magic show featuring Heff Heff and Mr. Bagwell… featuring The Ohio Valley Rounders!

1301 Monster from Mystery Mountain

Mar 17, 2019 00:29:08


It’s Saturday morning in Tumbleweed Valley, and all is peaceful and well… except in the kitchen of Harmony Ranch. The Riders are gathering for breakfast while Sidemeat looks for his big bowl to cook a big surprise. Meanwhile, High Sheriff Drywall is bringing breakfast to his current prisoners…

1213 Return of the Evil Empire

Mar 10, 2019 00:29:07


The Riders gathered a recall petition to stop the big “Elvis Alive Again: Hello from Vostrovia” concert, and Slocum was fired as boss of Vostrovia. But by then he couldn’t have cared less, because he was off with 50 million bucks, a 20-megaton hydrogen bomb, and a getaway jet with the engines running… featuring Waddie Mitchell!

1212 Return of the Evil Empire

Mar 3, 2019 00:29:15


The Vostrovian skies are turning dark and dreary, the barometric pressure is falling, and the sound of distant thunder heralds the news that soon the monsoons of autumn will pour torrents of rain across the land. But inside the Mud Dome everything will remain dry! It’s the day before the Vorstball playoffs, and Riders In The Sky have gathered to watch the teams practice…

1211 Return of the Evil Empire

Feb 24, 2019 00:29:04


Using Sidemeat’s secret biscuit bonding catalyst, Woody Paul devised a super mud for which to build the huge domed stadium. Meanwhile, former High Sheriff Drywall has reached Vostrovia in the dead of night, only to be run over by Slocum and Charlie’s armored limo… twice. Now suffering from amnesia, former Sheriff Drywall’s memories are slowly returning… featuring Don Edwards!

1210 Return of the Evil Empire

Feb 17, 2019 00:29:17


The Vostrovian beet harvest has been delayed due to the vorstball playoffs, the country’s national pastime. Unfortunately, Vostrovia is still in great need of a domed stadium for the playoff games. To remedy the situation, Ranger Doug has given his personal guarantee that if they harvest their beet fields before the games, he will see to it that a 50,000+ seat stadium will be built…

1209 Return of the Evil Empire

Feb 10, 2019 00:29:17


After being recognized by a storekeeper in Lake Edna, the Riders were informed of a national town hall meeting scheduled for the next day. Meanwhile, former High Sheriff Drywall was canned from the Big Red China Elvis My Way tour and left stranded on a dark, lonely dirt road in the middle of Central Asia… featuring Paulette Carson!

1208 Return of the Evil Empire

Feb 3, 2019 00:28:52


Riders In The Sky, now running low on supplies and wanted dead or alive by the Vostrovian government, have disguised themselves as Kentucky Colonels and ridden into the isolated village of Lake Edna to buy supplies. Will their cover be blown? Will Slocum capture the Riders at last? Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?! Featuring Great Plains!

1207 Return of the Evil Empire

Jan 27, 2019 00:29:14


A US plane carrying 30 tons of fine Wisconsin cheese has been forced to jettison its cargo directly over the hidden campsite of Riders In The Sky. As the huge, cheese-shaped shadow looms larger and larger, the Riders finally look up to what might be their dairy demise…

1206 Return of the Evil Empire

Jan 19, 2019 00:28:49


After landing in Vostrovia and narrowly escaping a shootout led by the doofus Charlie and the Vostrovian marksmen, the Riders fled to the hidden site in the foothills. In an unexpected turn, Sidemeat resorted to a biscuit-throwing rampage that led to an even less expected hole in the earth that swallowed him whole. Is this the end of Sidemeat and ill-prepared meals?! Featuring Montana Blue and the Big Sky Cowboys!

1205 Return of the Evil Empire

Jan 13, 2019 00:28:51


Instead of sending the billion dollars requested by Slocum on behalf of Vostrovia, the State Department has flown Riders In The Sky to the newly formed country. After receiving a crash course on Vostrovia culture and language, the Riders are on a plane en route to provide American foreign aid. Inside the Vostrovian Presidential Palace, Slocum is about to take a meeting with his Chief of Secret Police…

1204 Return of the Evil Empire

Jan 6, 2019 00:28:58


Slocum has taken over Vorstrovia after promising them foreign aid from the United States. Once in power, he established himself as a dictator known as “The Boss,” and made Charlie Head of Police. To keep with his campaign promises, Slocum has sent a request to the US for one billion dollars, which was opened for the first time by Lord Thackston IV… featuring Peter Rowan!

1203 Return of the Evil Empire

Dec 30, 2018 00:29:03


As the space capsule holding Slocum, Charlie and their Russian cosmonaut rescuer was about to float unnoticed to a landing site in Vostrovia, the parachute fell into the middle of the town hall. There, a group was gathered to elect a new leader to guide the country down the long road to capitalism. Recognizing opportunity when it knocks, Slocum wasted no time in making an appealing speech…

1202 Return of the Evil Empire

Dec 23, 2018 00:28:57


Slocum and Charlie, still stranded in space, are out of water, and all food is gone except for two jars of Tang. Fortunately, they are rescued by a Russian cosmonaut; unfortunately, he is also out of food and water. After finishing the jars of Tang, a ravenous Slocum recalls the Donner party’s historic solution and reaches for a lead pipe… featuring Marty Brown!

1201 Return of the Evil Empire

Dec 16, 2018 00:28:27


In the cool of the evening on the famed old Harmony Ranch, the Riders are relaxing on their front porch. But high above the atmosphere, Charlie and Slocum are stowed away and drifting through space in an unmanned space shuttle due to a shutdown by then President Bush…

1104 The Great Hot Air Balloon Race

Dec 9, 2018 00:28:52


The great race is underway with three balloons still in the running! Riders In The Sky are sailing over Italy, Slocum and Charlie are soaring over the Sahara Desert, and Sheriff Drywall is still stuck at the starting line. Slocum’s villainous balloon has caught a strong trade wind and is current in the lead, but a balloon in the distance might change their course… featuring Connie Smith!

1103 The Great Hot Air Balloon Race

Dec 2, 2018 00:28:53


A huge Slocum-induced disaster on day one left only three balloons in the race! It’s day two of the great race, and now the field is virtually empty. The officials, balloons, and crowds are gone, and all that’s left on the grassy airfield are discarded programs, fallen confetti and one lone balloonist still trying to get airborne…

1102 The Great Hot Air Balloon Race

Nov 25, 2018 00:29:04


Famed millionaire John Tipton has offered a million-dollar prize to the pilots to circumnavigate the globe in one, continuous flight. Riders In The Sky need to win the prize to pay off the mortgage on the famed old Harmony Ranch and to fund Miss Marm’s youth center. The race has drawn interest from competition all over the world…including Slocum. On the eve of the big liftoff, the doofus Charlie stands atop a grassy knoll overlooking all the balloons… featuring April Barrow!

1101 The Great Hot Air Balloon Race

Nov 19, 2018 00:29:03


A reclusive millionaire with a popular television program in the 1950s has been known to give one million dollars as prize money in bizarre contests of his own invention. Now, semi-retired in a little-known part of the west called Tumbleweed Valley, the eccentric host makes plans for his next millionaire…

1013 Lost Suburb of Gold

Nov 11, 2018 00:29:12


Charlie – equipped with a saddle horn cellular phone and the codename “King of Spain” – is following the Riders as they begin digging for the entryway to the Lost Suburb of Gold. After attempting to call Slocum with an update, sun spot activity caused the call to be redirected to Sheriff Drywall, who was still expecting a call from the actual King of Spain. Meanwhile, the Naval force from Port Wiley accidentally armed the previously deactivated atomic bomb and are fleeing for their lives… featuring the Chenille Sisters!

1012 Lost Suburb of Gold

Nov 4, 2018 00:27:23


The Riders are on a D10 Caterpillar and en route to the mouth of a cave that they believe holds the entrance to the Lost Suburb of Gold. Meanwhile, a directive has come to Port Wiley ordering the recovery of an atomic bomb which failed to explode in an underground test over twenty years ago. A short time later, the sailors of Port Wiley are rowing across the badlands wishing for a landslide…

1011 Lost Suburb of Gold

Oct 28, 2018 00:29:16


High Sheriff Drywall has launched an investigation into the authenticity of Slocum’s Spanish land grant. After calling the King of Spain and being promised a return call, Sheriff Drywall now patiently waits by the phone day and night. It’s just past noon when Ranger Doug and Side Meat arrive at the Dry Gulch Saloon in Tumbleweed City, readying to confront a gloating Slocum… featuring Trudy Fair!

1010 Lost Suburb of Gold

Oct 21, 2018 00:28:39


On their way to get a D10 Caterpillar to uncover what they believe to be the entrance to the Suburb of Gold, Riders In The Sky and Miss Marm learn that Slocum has returned to Tumbleweed Valley with a document he purports to be a document giving him ownership of the entire valley. The courts have given the citizens 30 days to prove it a fake. The Riders have split up to deal with both tasks and promise to meet later that afternoon at the Robert Johnson crossroad… featuring Boomer Esiason!

1009 Lost Suburb of Gold

Oct 14, 2018 00:28:56


The Riders and Miss Marm, seeking refuge from a storm, camped in the mouth of cave high in the Meatloaf Mountains. While gathering dung for a fire in the back of the cave, Too Slim made a startling discovery: the remains of the legendary Whisperin’ Bill. A short time later over a cozy, dung-burning fire, Sidemeat told the story of the famed prospector… featuring Rob Crosby!

1008 Lost Suburb of Gold

Oct 7, 2018 00:28:22


The Riders and Miss Marm have discovered documents in Port Wiley from former Senator Marm just before he passed away, detailing plans to set up a base camp for his exploration in the Meatloaf Mountains at a place called Terror Springs. Despite the ominous name, the Riders and Miss Marm set off at once for the campsite. Meanwhile, Slocum and Charlie showed up unexpectedly at a Tumbleweed Valley Council meeting… featuring Bill Anderson!

1007 Lost Suburb of Gold

Sep 30, 2018 00:29:02


The Riders and Miss Marm journeyed to Fort Wiley, the last outpost in the land that nobody wants. But once they arrived to the Fort, things were not as they expected them to be. Perplexed and astonished, the Riders and Miss Marm entered the Fort – now Port – Wiley. After caring for their horses, they were taken to the quarters of Admiral – formerly Captain – A. Weldom Rump Roast…

1006 Lost Suburb of Gold

Sep 22, 2018 00:28:28


Slocum and Charlie boarded a plane in Madrid that has just brought them to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Meanwhile, at Miss Marm’s Prune Ranch, Riders In The Sky are telling her about an amazing discovery at the Nixon Presidential Library involving a secret recording and vital clue… featuring Rob Quist!

1005 Lost Suburb of Gold

Sep 16, 2018 00:28:47


The troops from Fort Wiley finally emerged from two years of being lost in the bowels of Wolverton Mountain, only to learn that as part of the new administration’s plan to reduce the deficit, Fort Wiley had been transferred to the Navy and is now Port Wiley. The sun is beginning to sink in the western sky as the Riders turn off Melody Highway to Harmony Ranch. Once home, Ranger Doug calls Miss Marm with important news… starring Rob Dibble!

1004 Lost Suburb of Gold

Sep 9, 2018 00:28:34


Charlie and Slocum have reunited in Madrid, Spain and have already hatched another big and evil plan. He has forged a land grant from the King of Spain to one of his ancestors and plans to use it to take over Tumbleweed Valley. The duo has snuck into the Spanish Archives to further modify the region’s records, where they have stumbled into a room with a large table, two chairs and two heavily-armed curators… starring Pete Kennedy!

1003 The Lost Suburb of Gold

Sep 2, 2018 00:27:55


Miss Marm asked Riders In The Sky if they would go by the Nixon Presidential Library to check for a record of her late father’s final meeting with President Nixon. They did, and it led to amazing, explosive revelations. On the evening of the day of their visit, the Riders are camped in a small clearing on the outskirts of the Cleveland National Forest in Southern California to discuss what they discovered…

1002 The Lost Suburb of Gold

Aug 26, 2018 00:28:44


Riders In The Sky have agreed to help Miss Marm find the Lost Suburb of Gold, a legendary treasure long sought by her late father, Senator Marm. Among his papers was a Presidential permit allowing him and his heirs to search for treasure on federal lands. The permit was signed by then-President Richard Nixon, and – according to a newly discovered appointment book – Senator Marm’s last appointment before he died was with Nixon! The Riders agreed to stop by the Nixon Library to search for any evidence of the fateful meeting… featuring J.D. Hutchison!

1001 The Lost Suburb of Gold

Aug 20, 2018 00:28:27


It’s a dark and stormy night. For days, foreboding clouds have gathered over Tumbleweed Valley, and on this night the heavens finally opened up. But despite the roaring wind and lashing rain, one slight, lone figure on horseback plods onward down Melody Highway…

913 Rocket Rustlers

Aug 12, 2018 00:29:11


Steaming along in their stolen train less than a mile from Tumbleweed City, Slocum and Charlie drink the last of the stolen virus. But sitting in the hot sun has caused a molecular change, and now all it does is turn them purple. Despite their change in complexion, the evil villains make a plan to jump off the train and into the masses of bustling shoppers to get lost in the crowd… featuring Sheb Wooley!

912 Rocket Rustlers

Aug 5, 2018 00:29:04


Slocum and Charlie, with the recently acquired Stealth Virus, have made themselves – and the train carrying the world’s rarest stamp – invisible! Fortunately, a yodel to the fourth power made the train visible! The now visible train barrels into a nearby tunnel, where soldiers from Fort Wiley are currently marching and generally unaware of the impending danger…

911 Rocket Rustlers

Jul 29, 2018 00:29:11


The Silver Bullet, the fastest steam-powered train on the planet, is taking the rarest, most valuable stamp on the planet from Los Angeles to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. The train is scheduled to stop in Tumbleweed Valley to take on water, where it will be guarded by one hundred Pinkertons and Riders In The Sky. Meanwhile, Slocum and Charlie have discovered a secret government experiment they stole is a virus that makes anything it comes in contact with invisible… featuring The Braun Brothers!

910 Rocket Rustlers

Jul 22, 2018 00:28:59


Riders In The Sky – in an effort to thwart a 300-pound doofus’s tunnel digging – have sunk a shaft that intersected Charlie’s own. Meanwhile, Sherriff Drywall has used a high-pressure pump to flood the underground maze. This resulted in a huge geyser of water that now holds Riders In The Sky 20 feet above street level. Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?!

909 Rocket Rustlers

Jul 15, 2018 00:29:08


A 300-pound mole is wreaking havoc beneath Tumbleweed City! The mole – a.k.a. Charlie – has tunneled into the local Victoria’s Secret and First Rational Bank vault, which he then robbed. Rhett the barber – bemoaning a lack of business – was startled when Charlie crashed through the floor of his shop. In an effort to not lose his new customer, Rhett offered Charlie his twenty-five-cent special bowl cut… featuring Robin & Linda Williams!

908 Rocket Rustlers

Jul 8, 2018 00:28:38


Captain Rump Roast enlisted the help of Riders In The Sky to retrieve the top-secret and recently-stolen project that was previously behing held at Fort Wylie. Meanwhile, an incarcerated Slocum ordered Charlie to build an escape tunnel. Thus it was, deep beneath the streets of Tumbleweed City, a huge human mole tunnels upwards to his believed destination…

907 Rocket Rustlers

Jul 1, 2018 00:28:25


Charlie’s felonious mission to steal a mysterious top-secret space project from Fort Wylie was a success. Captain A. Weldon Rump Roast – discovering the missing spacecraft the following morning – quickly decided to take action and make a mysterious phone call… featuring Robert Earle Keen!

906 Rocket Rustlers

Jun 24, 2018 00:28:34


As Charlie made his way back to Outpost Wylie, he stopped into Prudence Johnson’s Darlin’ Donuts and – for the second time – stole a batch of Jelly Belly Donuts. Later, High Sherriff Drywall stopped by the shop and learned – for the second time – he couldn’t have his Jelly Bellies. He concluded there was a serial donut thief on the loose. Prudence then decided to stuff the next batch of donuts with habanero peppers and leave them in the windowsill…

905 Rocket Rustlers

Jun 16, 2018 00:29:14


Charlie has escaped Fort Wiley and stolen a bunch of Jelly Belly Donuts from Prudence Johnson’s Darlin’ Donut Shop. While making his quiet departure, Charlie found Slocum in the Tumbleweed County Jail. The arch fiend – still behind bars – managed to steal Charlie’s donuts and sent him back to the Fort to retrieve top secret government documents… featuring Prudence Johnson!

904 Rocket Rustlers

Jun 12, 2018 00:28:09


When the Riders arrived at the site of the UFO crash, they found nothing. A mysterious team from the Pentagon had already extracted the alien spacecraft – and Charlie – and taken them to Fort Wiley, the last Calvary outpost in the US Army. Meanwhile, Slocum was brought back to the Tumbleweed Valley jail for stealing Australian diamonds…

903 Rocket Rustlers

Jun 3, 2018 00:28:14


A UFO has crashed in the middle of Nowhere Canyon right where a certain 300-pound doofus has camped for the night. Meanwhile, a mysterious sector of the Pentagon in Washington DC is also aware of the crash, and their team of extractors have made plans to head to Fort Wiley, the last outpost… featuring Johnny Russell!

902 Rocket Rustlers

May 27, 2018 00:28:25


Con Air Flight 101, a government plane which transports prisoners, encountered a UFO over Tumbleweed Valley. On the ground below, Riders In The Sky were also witness to the phenomenon. Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle of Nowhere Canyon, a 300-pound doofus is camped and perceivably safe for the night…

901 Rocket Rustlers

May 20, 2018 00:28:27


It’s branding time on the famed old Harmony Ranch, and the Riders are ready to start. The herd is bunched up in holding pins, Side Meat has a roaring fire built, and the branding iron is red hot and ready to go. But Too Slim has a totally different idea about this situation… featuring Marshall Chapman!

813 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

May 13, 2018 00:28:24


At the Sally B Mine, the Riders have discovered Charlie and Slocum are none other than the Diamond Desperados! After a horrendous mine cave-in, Charlie escaped with thousands of stolen diamonds, Slocum was captured by the Riders, and Ranger Doug found himself in possession of a most unusual object…

812 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

May 6, 2018 00:28:37


In the small town of Nar Nar Goon, the Riders have told by High Constable Sheetrock that two agents from the Australian Clay Commission have quarantined the entire area of the Sally B Mine! Meanwhile, at the Sally B, Charlie and Slocum – the two so-called commissioners – are up to their old tricks, and at the bottom of the main trail of the mine, Charlie has just planted the last mine… featuring Kenny Roberts!

811 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Apr 29, 2018 00:29:10


Caught without supplies in the wild western Australian range, the Riders restocked at a roadside Marty Mart. There they learned that the Sally B Mine and all around it had been quarantined, and if they were to find out why, they would have to see the High Constable of Nar Nar Goon…

810 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Apr 22, 2018 00:28:10


The Riders have left Buffalo Sid’s Wild West Show for the wilds of western Australia to investigate the Sally B Mine. But as faithful listeners have no doubt inferred, the culprits behind the diamond stoppage are none other than Charlie and Slocum, who are patiently awaiting the Riders’ arrival to the mine at any moment… featuring Marty Stuart!

809 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Apr 15, 2018 00:28:46


Riders In The Sky have landed in Australia and are about to embark on a tour with Buffalo Sid’s Wild West Show! But the real reason for their visit is not all fun and games. The Riders are secretly investigating the mysterious stoppage of diamond shipments from the Sally B Mine. As they’re about to begin their journey, Ranger Doug has an unsettling premonition…

808 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Apr 8, 2018 00:28:45


The Riders have made it to Paris, France to seek a bailout from EIEIO. Ranger Doug reminisces about an earlier trip he made to Paris, and the Riders hear a tale of love and loss between the esteemed yodeler and a banjo player. But as Ranger Doug walks into the offices of the EIEIO bailout division, he discovers that the head of the department is none other than his former love… featuring The Cluster Pluckers!

807 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Apr 1, 2018 00:28:51


It’s a dark, overcast night in the far north Atlantic, the only path known is a narrow thread of rocky path five feet below the ocean’s surface. The ice that joins the various segments of the fabled land bridge to Finland is beginning to melt, and night is fast approaching. Suddenly, the Riders see a light in the distance. They’re saved! Or are they…?

806 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Mar 25, 2018 00:28:55


After a hard day on the fabled land bridge trail connecting Canada to Finland, the Riders reached Greenland and set up camp beneath a towering snow-packed cliff. As Side Meat begins to open the first can of beans, the tin’s loud pop resonated throughout the campground, triggering the low rumble of a nearby avalanche in the distance… featuring Mel McDaniel!

805 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Mar 18, 2018 00:27:56


While in Washington DC attempting to save their beleaguered small-town bank, the Riders discovered the Euro-Indo Economic and Industrial Organization in Paris - the EIEIO to those in the know. The EIEIO is designed to help small banks, but how will the Riders get to France? Fortunately, Woody once researched the legend of the lost northern land bridge to Europe. After traveling to Canada, the Riders donned thermal wetsuits and plunged into the icy waters…

804 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Mar 11, 2018 00:28:56


Riders In The Sky, in an effort to save the First Rational Bank of Tumbleweed Valley, have gone to Washington DC. The Riders were sent to the Office of Risk Administration, Technical Morons Division, Research Control Branch of the Federal Emergency Banking Administration - or ORATMDRCBFEBA to those in the know. But with First Rational Bank needing to lose additional millions of dollars to receive assistance, there is nothing the agency can do. Is this the end of First Rational Bank?! Featuring Billy Walker!

803 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Mar 4, 2018 00:29:00


After rebranding to Harmony Ranch, the Riders rode into town to arrange for a ranch equity load to spruce up for spring. Much to their dismay, they found the bank to be on the brink of collapse because of heavy investment in Australia gem-quality diamond futures, which apparently have no future. In an effort to save Tumbleweed Valley from financial ruin, the Riders take leave for Washington to propose a bailout…

802 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Feb 25, 2018 00:28:57


After a run-in with the US Western Bureau of Brands Enforcement, the Riders have renamed their home on the range to Harmony Ranch. They then decided to head into town, each Rider with his own errands to run. Ranger Doug to see Miss Marm, Woody to the library, Sidemeat to the laundromat, and Too Slim to… the barber. Featuring Lou and Peter Berryman!

801 Trail of the Diamond Desperado

Feb 18, 2018 00:28:49


It's a beautiful spring morning in Tumbleweed Valley. The Riders are just finishing up breakfast at the famed Triple X Ranch, but an unexpected visitor from the US Western Bureau of Brands Enforcement is about to change their brand forever…

713 Return of the Phantom

Feb 11, 2018 00:27:26


The toxic waste is about to hit the fan. The Riders, the Phantom and Miss Marm are on the trestle with a derailed circus train full of caged wild animals. Approaching the trestle at full speed is freight train carrying one million tons of liquid toxic waste. As the train barrels closer and closer, the Riders must find some way to cross the trestle and stop the impending disaster… featuring Waddie Mitchell!

712 Return of the Phantom

Feb 2, 2018 00:28:31


Tumbleweed Valley is in a fine mess. Sheriff Drywall, dressed in Charlie's clothes with pillows stuffed under his shirt, is locked in his own maximum security cell. Miss Marm, bound and gagged, is tied to the railroad tracks. As the afternoon sun begins its descent, the Riders head to their friends' rescues… featuring Sons of the San Joaquin!

711 Return of the Phantom

Jan 28, 2018 00:28:03


It's evening of the same day of Miss Marm's rescue and Charlie's capture. The Phantom of the Valley, Riders In The Sky and Miss Marm are relaxing around the fire watching Sidemeat roast pinto beans on a long stick. But a still free Slocum has plans to release 300 pounds of doofus…

710 Return of the Phantom

Jan 21, 2018 00:28:57


On the desert that was once Tumbleweed Valley a little water would be most welcome, but in the land beneath the ground a little more water will mean the end of Riders In The Sky. As the Riders patiently wait for the Phantom of the Valley to remember exactly how to open the secret door, the water line continues to rise… featuring Vicki Bird!

709 Return of the Phantom

Jan 15, 2018 00:27:55


A 300-pound flaming ball of fire resembling the doofus Charlie has blazed into town and leapt into the water trough in front of the ARID Land Development Company. But with the river – and trough – bone dry, the fireball bounces out of the trough and continues down the road into the city…

708 Return of the Phantom

Jan 8, 2018 00:28:51


After the Riders’ Phantom 309 Truck Stop successfully diverted the toxic waste trucks, Slocum caught on and thwarted the environmental efforts. As America’s Favorite Cowboys fled the scene on Turbo’s trusty back, henchman Charlie launched a virtue-seeking missile directly in their path. Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?!

707 Return of the Phantom

Jan 1, 2018 00:28:57


The Phantom of the Valley partnered with the homeless Woody Paul, Too Slim and Sidemeat to thwart Slocum’s evil plan. The crusaders for water rights opened up they mysterious Phantom 309 Truck Stop, diverting all trucks hauling toxic waste. Now, in Tumbleweed City, a mysterious lone figure plods down the town’s dusty main street…

706 Return of the Phantom

Dec 24, 2017 00:28:51


After taking over all the ranches that border the headwaters of Tumbleweed River, Slocum has diverted the water into the caverns underlying the valley. As part of his evil scheming, Miss Marm is also trapped in the soon to be water-filled caverns. As the land begins shriveling to dust, the Phantom approaches… featuring 78 RPM!

705 Return of the Phantom

Dec 19, 2017 00:28:49


Charlie has kidnapped Miss Marm and is holding her as a “guest” in the old Millers Cave. Believing to be hot on the trail, High Sheriff Drywall and his posse of the Riders have unknowingly lost that trail and have been chasing themselves in circles around a big mesa in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Charlie is driving a tanker truck of nitroglycerin though a tunnel, where instead of turning on a nitro-stabilizing system, he switched on the radio…

704 Return of the Phantom

Dec 8, 2017 00:28:09


Bad times have come calling all over Tumbleweed Valley. After Miss Marm refused all of Slocum’s offers to acquire her ruined prune farm, the evil villain sent evil henchman Charlie in the dead of night to kidnap her. It is the morning of Miss Marm’s abduction, and the Riders – minus Ranger Doug – arrive at Miss Marm’s cozy ranch house for news of the Ranger’s whereabouts… featuring Ranch Romance!

703 Return of the Phantom

Dec 1, 2017 00:28:56


The evil villain Slocum is out to take over Tumbleweed Valley’s water rights. Through various nefarious means he’s acquired several ranches along the river, including the famed Triple X Ranch, and all that stands in his way is Miss Marm’s ruined prune ranch. It’s a beautiful morning in the valley, but to Miss Marm, things couldn’t be bleaker…

702 Return of the Phantom

Nov 26, 2017 00:27:32


Literally anything that could go wrong for Riders In The Sky has done so: America’s Favorite Cowboys were evicted from Triple X Ranch, Miss Marm’s prune farm has gone to ruin, and as the Riders now sit out by a lonely campfire, all hell broke loose. It began to rain, a rampaging grizzly tore through their camp, and a crazed gang of headless machine gunners started blasting away. Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?! Featuring Jerry Clower!

701 Return of the Phantom

Nov 19, 2017 00:28:53


As faithful listeners will no doubt recall, in a former serial Ranger Doug – thinking then he was the Phantom of the Valley – saved Miss Marm’s Prune Orchard and received a congratulatory kiss. The kiss was so powerful it brought back Ranger Doug’s memory, but a gunshot from Charlie proved the battle was not over…

613 Marauders of the Cosmos

Nov 12, 2017 00:28:42


Charlie, fitted in a combination of a spacesuit and spaceship, was shot into space to retrieve Spamium, but returned empty-handed. Meanwhile, the blast from the rocket gun and its resulting reverberations caused a stampede… revealing what may be the last remaining Studebaker Golden Hawk… featuring Jamie Hartford!

612 Marauders of the Cosmos

Nov 5, 2017 00:29:00


It’s morning in Tumbleweed Valley. The Riders have finished an early breakfast, and they eagerly await the arrival of the Pony Express. A geographical goof by Too Slim brings a subsequent letter from the Department of the Interior, and the evil villain Slocum has outfitted Charlie in a spacesuit for undoubtedly dubious purposes…

611 Marauders of the Cosmos

Oct 29, 2017 00:28:31


Slocum, wanting to test out his rocket gun, gave Charlie a headset and wireless microphone, sent him to the mouth of the barrel and told him to crawl inside. Meanwhile, back at the famed Harmony Ranch, Riders In The Sky are gathered in their kitchen for a signature Sidemeat meal. But when a dreary radio tune plays across the airwaves, the city falls into a deep depression… featuring Skeeter Davis!

610 Marauders of the Cosmos

Oct 21, 2017 00:29:03


Slocum and Charlie, needing a yodel as a catalyst for their rocket gun’s propellant, put on masks and kidnapped Sidemeat. They tied him to the railroad tracks and waiting for the 3:10 to Yuma. When the Riders came to the rescue, arriving just in the nick of time to rescue Sidemeat with a Ranger Doug yodel. But at the same time the yodel freed Sidemeat, it started a small inner clock on the largest rocket gun on this planet…

609 Marauders of the Cosmos

Oct 15, 2017 00:28:43


Miss Marm and her Sunshine Aerobics class have formed a human chain to block the convoy of 75 18-wheelers carrying materials for Slocum’s rocket gun. After losing control of their brakes, the trucks went over the edge of the deadly cliff. Meanwhile, directly beneath the falling trucks, Charlie is stuck below in a mud pit… featuring Tracy Nelson!

608 Marauders of the Cosmos

Oct 8, 2017 00:29:00


Evil Slocum is up to his ears in his latest big and evil plan, and Miss Marm’s Sunshine Aerobics class has rallied to stop it. Once at the mountain, Miss Marm and her army yet again scare Charlie off a cliff. Meanwhile, 75 18-wheelers have arrived laden with construction materials for Slocum’s rocket gun. But the truck drivers were professional entertainers, and when a paying show biz gig came up, they abandoned their trucks in Tumbleweed City…

607 Marauders of the Cosmos

Oct 1, 2017 00:28:47


Slocum’s sights remain focused on Rudy’s Comet, a comet made of an element unknown on Earth called Spamium, with a single spoonful rumored to power entire cities for centuries. But when environmental activist Miss Marm learned of Slocum’s plan to deface the west’s most beautiful mountain, she rallied her Sunrise Aerobics class to the cause. When Slocum learned of this, he sent Charlie to the crossroads to halt their efforts… featuring Sweethearts of the Rodeo!

606 Marauders of the Cosmos

Sep 25, 2017 00:28:18


Ranger Doug is determined to prove that the Studebaker Golden Hawk is not an extinct species. While searching the Grand Crouton Mountains, the Riders saw Miss Marm kissing Baxter Black. Meanwhile, Slocum has obtained a rocket gun permit from High Sheriff Drywall, and Charlie – after falling off a cliff – found his way to a brain surgeon, who performed a bizarre surgery with a bolt of lightning…

605 Marauders of the Cosmos

Sep 17, 2017 00:28:57


The Riders are searching for the last suspected habitat of the legendary Studebaker Golden Hawk in the Grand Crouton Mountain in Tumbleweed Valley. Meanwhile, Slocum has leased the grandest Crouton of them all and plans to build a huge rocket gun up its towering side. Later that same day, Miss Marm was rescued from the doofus Charlie by Baxter Black, earning him a thank you kiss. But it was at that moment Ranger Doug came into view on a nearby knoll and saw the smooch…

604 Marauders of the Cosmos

Sep 10, 2017 00:28:23


Slocum and Charlie have stolen a shipment of rocket gun research documents from The National Archives! Slocum then raised the money to build said rocket gun by preemptively selling it (slightly used) to a far-away despot. While plotting the mountaintop on which to build the weapon, he checked the county records for the owner of the highest peak and made a startling discovery…

603 Marauders of the Cosmos

Sep 2, 2017 00:28:35


The arch villain Slocum has hijacked an armored car he believes to contain a shipment of art and jewelry belonging to The National Archives. Meanwhile, Sheriff Drywall wrote what he believed to be a hit song, took it to Nashville and was taken for everything he owned. It is a dark, moonless night in Tumbleweed City, and an armored car tools into town and stops in the back of the infamous Dry Gulf Saloon…

602 Marauders of the Cosmos

Aug 27, 2017 00:28:45


Riders In The Sky had a delicious Mexican dinner and Sheriff Drywall wrote a song. Meanwhile, in our nation’s capital, the Bluegrass Movers – using an armored car and dump truck – are transporting treasures from The National Archives to a new research facility. But waiting to hijack them on a lonely stretch of two-lane highway are none other than Slocum and Charlie… featuring The Cox Family!

601 Marauders of the Cosmos

Aug 20, 2017 00:28:49


Riders In The Sky are gathered innocently enough at the ranch house kitchen while Sidemeat prepares a hearty supper of disgusting slop. As expected, the Riders are looking for dinner alternatives at nearby restaurants, but as the Riders happily head off, startling discoveries by Sheriff Drywall and our nation’s capitol begin to weave a web of tangled events… featuring the Katie Laur Band!

513 Phantom of the Valley

Aug 12, 2017 00:28:11


As fateful listeners will no doubt recall, there’s big trouble in Tumbleweed Valley. Ranger Doug was convicted of crimes he didn’t commit, fled while on bail and is now a victim of amnesia, believing himself to be Don Ricardo Proboscis. Charlie and Slocum are up to their dirty necks in mischief as they plot to take over Miss Marm’s prune ranch with a plan involving Ranger Doug’s mask, a landfill and Woolworths… featuring Pam Tillis!

512 Phantom of the Valley

Aug 6, 2017 00:30:06


Riders In The Sky – thinking Charlie was Ranger Doug – had chased after the Phantom, but lost him when he disappeared into the face of the Montgomery Cliffs. Back at Miss Marm’s Prune Ranch, the prune hawks have returned from whence they came, but not before a US Department of Agriculture agent saw them and phoned in a report to Washington of a gigantic prune hawk population explosion that would leave America pruneless…

511 Phantom of the Valley

Jul 31, 2017 00:27:51


Slocum is deeply involved in his very big and evil plan to take over the water rights to Tumbleweed Valley. With Ranger Doug still distracted and believing he is Don Ricardo Proboscis, Slocum has hatched a new plan to take over Miss Marm’s organic prune ranch. Charlie has been ordered to disguise himself as Ranger Doug, visit Miss Marm and drop a single drop of Ode de Prune Hawk into her irrigation tank… featuring Pee Wee King!

510 Phantom of the Valley

Jul 23, 2017 00:27:45


Now believing that he is Don Ricardo Proboscis, Ranger Doug donned the Don’s cape, mask and used charcoal to turn Turbo into a jet-black stallion. He then rode forth, where he thwarted Charlie’s plan to stampede a herd of chickens to their deaths. Disturbed by Ranger Doug’s disappearance, Too Slim notified Sheriff Drywall, who then arranged to get the story on the hit television series Unsolved Mysteries.

509 Phantom of the Valley

Jul 17, 2017 00:27:53


After discovering a hidden cavern and tripping into a subterranean void, Ranger Doug was saved by his faithful horse, Turbo! But the fall caused amnesia, and when he discovered the cave was none other than the long-lost secret lair of Don Ricardo Proboscis, he then assumed that he was the 300-year-old Don Proboscis, also known as… the Phantom of the Valley. Featuring The Bobs!

508 Phantom of the Valley

Jul 10, 2017 00:28:28


After running into numerous rocks per the suggestion of Master Ranger Yodel, Ranger Doug’s noggin cracked a huge rock that revealed stone steps leading into a deep, dark cavern. As Ranger Doug carefully made his way down the steps, he did not notice a trip wire lurking in the shadows. He tripped, lost his balance and fell into the subterranean void…

507 Phantom of the Valley

Jul 3, 2017 00:29:44


After receiving Master Ranger Yodel’s puzzling poem, Ranger Doug began walking into rocks, much to the consternation of Too Slim and Woody Paul. As Slim and Woody watched the Idol of American Youth attempt to crack both the enigma and his noggin, they decided to call for professional help. Has Ranger Doug officially lost it? Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?! Featuring Michael Martin Murphy!

506 Phantom of the Valley

Jun 26, 2017 00:27:15


Confused and downhearted, Ranger Doug journeyed to the perfect master ranger, Yodel, who told him he must “return home and walk into rocks.” Ranger Doug obliged the questionable koan with little question and immediately took to walking into rocks. Meanwhile, Slocum and Charlie plot a very big and evil plan…

505 Phantom of the Valley

Jun 19, 2017 00:27:04


After Ranger Doug was convicted of and subsequently jailed for late night, horseback terrorizing, he was granted an appeal if a $50,000 bond could be posted. To raise the money, Too Slim and Woody mortgaged the famed Triple X Ranch and herd to a seemingly friendly Slocum. Ranger Doug was to be released on the condition that he completely refrain from yodeling, but the very next morning he disappeared and left a mysterious note on his jail cell bed…

504 Phantom of the Valley

Jun 12, 2017 00:27:08


Over 300 eye-witnesses identified the mysterious night-riding yodeler as Ranger Doug. What they didn’t know was that the real culprit is none other than the doofus named Charlie in a latex Ranger Doug mask created by Slocum. Sherriff Drywall arrested the Idol of American Youth, and he was charged guilty. Is this the end of Ranger Doug?!

503 Phantom of the Valley

Jun 6, 2017 00:28:10


After running into Slocum at the recycling center – and headfirst into a questionable pie – the Riders returned to the Triple X Ranch. Later that same night, a smiling, yodeling figure on horseback caroused through the streets of Tumbleweed City, shooting out windows and terrorizing the sleeping citizens. The phone calls that poured in identified a most unbelievable person as the culprit…

502 Phantom of the Valley

May 30, 2017 00:27:35


The Riders are back in Tumbleweed Valley on the famed Triple X Ranch. It’s Saturday morning, and America’s favorite cowboys hitch up the old Studebaker wagon and head into town to drop off some recycling. But as the Riders fulfill their civic duty, a voice from the past halts them in their path…

501 Phantom of the Valley

May 22, 2017 00:28:18


Riders In The Sky discovered Slocum’s hideous death ray, with which he planned to destroy the Alaskan Pipeline. Just in the nick of time, Sergeant Dudley came to the rescue, but the death ray ran amok, drilling a hole into the center of a volcanic mountain. The Riders narrowly escaped, but Ranger Doug suddenly remembered they left Side Meat on the opposite side of the mountain… featuring Baxter Black!

413 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

May 15, 2017 00:29:20


Woody Paul devised a system to beat Slocum’s crooked roulette wheel and broke the casino bank. Slocum then challenged Ranger Doug to a game of five-card showdown for the money, valley and lost goldscri. Ranger Doug accepted the challenge at sundown on the roof of the Golden Calf Casino, but as their fifth cards were dealt a sudden gust of wind blew the cards off the thirty-story building. With that, the Idol of American Youth ran to the edge of the building and leaped off feet first… featuring J.C. Crowley!

412 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

May 8, 2017 00:28:05


Slocum has just unleashed the most perfect engine of destruction ever conceived: baby flies at mach 4 carrying a huge payload of explosives! While the Riders devise a plan to prevent the famed Triple X Ranch from being turned into Slot City’s landfill, Slocum’s flies of fury have locked in from high overhead and began their dive towards our unsuspecting cowboys…

411 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

May 1, 2017 00:29:09


Terrible trials and tribulations have been visited upon Tumbleweed Valley. Slocum has taken control of the entire region, turned it into a lurid gambler’s paradise called Slot City and transformed the famed Triple X Ranch into a landfill. Later that night, the Riders were suddenly surrounded by huge D10 Caterpillars pushing tons of earth before them. Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?! Featuring Garth Brooks!

410 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Apr 24, 2017 00:28:15


After eluding a swarm of killer bees by jumping off a cliff, America’s favorite cowboys are settling in around a campfire listening to tales of Side Meat’s past. But as the Riders head home, they are met with a vastly different Tumbleweed City skyline…

409 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Apr 17, 2017 00:28:14


Riders In The Sky are following what they believe to be an old map leading to something called the lost goldscri. Unbeknownst to them, current mayor Slocum forged the map, sending the Riders on an aimless journey while the arch-fiend turns Tumbleweed City into a gambling paradise… featuring Wild Rose!

408 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Apr 10, 2017 00:28:36


In a rigged election, Slocum has become acting mayor of Tumbleweed City. Then during a ceremony of the opening of a time biscuit baked 125 years ago by Side Meat’s great grandfather, Mayor Slocum announced that the town was broke. But when biscuit was opened, a map was found purporting to lead to the fabulous lost goldscri. The Riders immediately set off to find the treasure to save Tumbleweed City from financial ruin, but not all maps lead to fortune…

407 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Apr 2, 2017 00:28:50


Slocum has been elected the mayor of Tumbleweed City! Since his margin of victory was in excess of 73 times the city’s population, Side Meat understandably demanded a recount. Late the following night, Mayor Slocum broke into Sheriff Drywall’s office to dump the ballots. But while torching the courthouse, Charlie was turned into a flaming comet, with Slocum still trapped inside the fire and presumably lost… or is he? Featuring Frankie Yankovic!

406 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Mar 27, 2017 00:28:29


After a bitter mud-slinging, fire-bombing, electrifying campaign, the voters of Tumbleweed City went to the polls and elected a new mayor. It’s night at Tumbleweed City, and the lights are all out with the exception of the courthouse. There the lights burn brightly as the anxious candidates and their loyal supports wait in the lobby while Sheriff Drywall counts ballots behind the closed and locked doors of his office. But the question is… who won?

405 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Mar 19, 2017 00:28:15


Election day is drawing near in Tumbleweed City. Slocum has resorted to electrocution, bombing and barn burning to eliminate his opposition, Side Meat, all to no avail. With less than 24 hours until election day, Slocum is growing increasingly desperate. Who will he call on? What will he do? Is this the end of democracy?!

404 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Mar 13, 2017 00:28:23


Slocum tricked Gary Morris into playing a benefit show for the evil villain’s mayoral campaign! But after a quick realization and subsequent coldcock to Slocum’s face, Gary Morris took the funds and gave them to Side Meat! It is now a couple hours after the benefit concert. Gary Morris has returned to the real world, the Riders have returned to the famed Triple X Ranch, and Slocum has snuck back to his office at the Dry Gulch Saloon to plot a terrible strategy…

403 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Mar 5, 2017 00:28:18


It’s election time in Tumbleweed Valley, and Side Meat is running for mayor against Slocum. Unsurprisingly, Slocum is up to no good, and as Side Meat returns to his campaign headquarters he notice a funny smell… featuring Gary Morris!

402 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Feb 26, 2017 00:27:10


Riders In The Sky were on the promotional trail drive for Singing Six Guns until receiving word that Slocum and Charlie are both alive, pardoned for their crimes and returning to Tumbleweed Valley! The Riders quickly dropped their Hollywood lives to head home, and upon their return have discovered an unlikely mayoral race afoot… featuring Roberto Bianco!

401 Curse of the Lost Goldscri

Feb 20, 2017 00:28:29


Two weeks have passed since the yodel that saved Los Angeles, and in this brief span of time, some amazing things have occurred. Film director Otto finished Singing Six Guns, and the world premiere has already taken place at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The movie is a huge success, and the Riders are sent on a cross-country promotional trail drive! But breaking news from Tumbleweed Valley forces the Riders back home to deal with some unfinished business… featuring Mary Chapin Carpenter!

313 Singing Six Guns

Feb 14, 2017 00:28:47


In the conclusion of our exciting western melodrama, Sidemeat has spotted Slocum and Charlie at the Los Angeles aqueduct! After a losing battle with some toxic waste, our resident villains accidentally melted the concrete dam walls, unleashing Los Angeles’ entire water supply onto the unsuspecting city. Can the Riders make it back in time to save LA? Did Ranger Doug miss his chance at romance with Adrienne Barbeau? Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?!

312 Singing Six Guns

Feb 7, 2017 00:28:33


Don King has offered the Riders the opportunity of a lifetime: singing the national anthem for Bull Mania at the Hollywood Bowl! Unable to refuse the promise of bulls and women, the Riders take a break from filming, leaving Sidemeat to keep an eye on the increasingly suspicious happenings at the Los Angeles reservoir…

311 Singing Six Guns

Jan 30, 2017 00:28:47


The arch-fiend Slocum has revealed his sinister plan to sell bottled water to the citizens of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, a love-struck Ranger Doug is getting nowhere with co-star Adrienne Barbeau on the set of Singing Six Guns. It’s morning, and as the Riders awake for the second day of production, a startling discovery is lurking in the nearby reservoir…

310 Singing Six Guns

Jan 23, 2017 00:27:36


Our intrepid trio is filming the final scene of their singing cowboy movie with film director Otto Von Stroheim. But after a docile herd turns panicked from the whistle of a nearby steak knife factory, the Riders look on in fear as the cattle stampede toward none other than the siren of the silver screen herself, Adrienne Barbeau!

309 Singing Six Guns

Jan 16, 2017 00:28:51


The Riders are preparing to star in the first singing cowboy movie in 40 years! It’s late on the night before production, and as the Riders and all good, peace-loving folks are tucked in their bedrolls deep in slumber, a huge convoy of mysterious tanker trucks approaches the compound and grinds to a stop… featuring Guy Clark!

308 Singing Six Guns

Jan 9, 2017 00:28:34


Riders In The Sky are about to star in a singing cowboy movie, but it’s – spoiler alert! – a front for a big and evil plan! Awaiting further instructions, the villainous snake Slocum receives a phone call from the mysterious Mr. Bigs…

307 Singing Six Guns

Jan 1, 2017 00:28:04


Riders In The Sky are in Hollywood due to a cheesy plot device, and the evil villain Slocum is preparing to make a singing cowboy movie for the mysterious Mr. Bigs. Have Sheriff Drywall and Charlie lost their way in the old pickup truck full of t-shirts? Can the Riders get their herd through the afternoon rush hour? Is this the end of Riders In The Sky?!

306 Singing Six Guns

Dec 26, 2016 00:28:07


Slocum, a villain-turned-film-producer, has just learned in a phone call that he’s to make a singing cowboy movie, but Otto, his cab-driver-turned-Hollywood-director, discovers a major flaw in the plan… featuring Skip Ewing!

305 Singing Six Guns

Dec 18, 2016 00:28:30


Riders In The Sky and a huge herd of cattle are still on their way to Hollywood. Unbeknownst to the Riders, they have been replaced on the benefit show, and Slocum continues his undercover plot as a sleazy, low-budget movie producer… featuring Williams and Ree!

304 Singing Six Guns

Dec 12, 2016 00:28:56


As Riders In The Sky’s traildrive to Hollywood continues, the Riders’ make a detour to Lake Havasu City to see the original London Bridge. But as the famed Bridge begins to collapse, it’s up to America’s Favorite Cowboys to save three distressed and royal damsels… featuring the Queen Elizabeth Trio!

303 Singing Six Guns

Dec 5, 2016 00:28:30


Riders In The Sky have set out with their entire herd to Hollywood for a benefit at the Quality Inn! But Charlie has hitched a ride with Sherriff Drywall, who is on his way to the same benefit with a load of t-shirts for the Riders…

302 Singing Six Guns

Nov 28, 2016 00:28:38


Peace has come to Tumbleweed Valley, and the ozone is safe. But as the Riders relax in the bunkhouse of the Triple X Ranch, a phone call from Dick Clark brings a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! But as the Riders leave for Hollywood, arch-villain Slocum emerges from the barren wasteland of the nuclear explosion… featuring Boots Randolph!

301 Singing Six Guns

Nov 21, 2016 00:29:00


As a dark, ominous cloud of death rises towards the ozone, it is up to Riders In The Sky to prevent the perilous fate threatening the Triple X Ranch. With the help of Side Meat and a hot air balloon, can the Riders pierce the murky skies? Featuring John Hartford.

213 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Nov 14, 2016 00:27:42


In the concluding chapter of “Mystery of the Lost Ozone,” Slocum has torn a hole in the ozone layer above Triple X Ranch and launched a yodel-seeking missile! Surrounded by the barren wasteland and six-foot tall prairie dogs, is this the end of Riders In The Sky?

212 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Nov 7, 2016 00:28:15


After being deemed legally dead by arch-villain Slocum, the Riders have reaffirmed their existence in court and won back the ranch! But Slocum has a dastardly plan in store for both the Riders and ozone layer… Featuring Gary McMahan!

211 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Nov 1, 2016 00:28:31


With nothing left alive in the now barren Tumbleweed Valley, Riders In The Sky have just discovered that not only are they too legally dead, but the villainous Slocum now owns the Ranch…

210 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Oct 26, 2016 00:28:47


As Riders in the sky return home from a miserable Hawaiian vacation of typhoons, cannibal tribes and hot air balloons, the evil villain Slocum is waiting for them back at the Triple X Ranch…

209 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Oct 16, 2016 00:28:24


America’s Favorite Cowboys ride a hot air balloon from Hawaii to Los Angeles to confront the evil villain Slocum. They’ve safely landed, but Side Meat still has some unfinished business in LA… featuring Bill Monroe!

208 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Oct 9, 2016 00:29:06


After escaping the communal stewpot by converting a group of cannibals to vegetarianism, the Riders have finally found their luggage! But with their belongings still missing, there can only be one person behind all the misfortunes… featuring Kayton Roberts!

207 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Oct 3, 2016 00:28:07


The Riders begin to relax in a Jacuzzi provided by a native tribe on the uncharted isle of Bula Bula. But the addition of whole vegetables and seasoning to their soaking sauna hints that the dinner invitations may not be what they seem… featuring Rebecca Holden!

206 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Sep 26, 2016 00:28:01


After being swept away by the terrible typhoon Oprah, the Riders have been marooned on an uncharted tropical isle! As the Riders begin to explore the sandy shores, Too Slim feels a slight poke and realizes that they’re not alone…

205 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Sep 18, 2016 00:28:16


“After being pushed overboard by a mysteriously bandaged steward, the Riders were rescued by Sidemeat in a small leaky dinghy. They were safe for the moment, but storm clouds darken the sky as Typhoon Oprah dwarfs the dinghy…” Featuring The O'Kanes!

204 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Sep 13, 2016 00:28:06


“After being dogged by dauntless misfortune, the Riders have finally made it to their Hawaii cruise. Now safely on the boat, the Riders suddenly realize their luggage isn’t the only thing missing on the boat…”

203 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Sep 5, 2016 00:28:57


The Riders have won “Dialin’ for Dogies,” earning them a new herd and trip to Hawaii! But on the way to the cruise ship, there is trouble afoot…

202 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Aug 30, 2016 00:28:10


After a mysterious noise triggers a cattle stampede, the Riders head to Hollywood in search of a new herd and compete in the popular game show “Dialin’ for Dogies.” The Riders advanced through the preliminary round, but they now have one last question to answer…

201 Mystery of the Lost Ozone

Aug 22, 2016 00:29:02


After a long, hot summer in Tumbleweed Valley, the Riders continue their ongoing search for water. As the sun sinks low, the late afternoon is strangely quiet. Perhaps, too quiet…

113 Meltdown on the Mesa

Aug 15, 2016 00:28:52


A full week after the meltdown, the Riders are ready to perform their benefit concert at the county jail, but the facility hosts a familiar face…

112 Meltdown on the Mesa

Aug 8, 2016 00:28:17


The Riders have followed Slocum to his nuclear reactor! Will they be able to stop his diabolical plans before this saga’s end?

111 Meltdown on the Mesa

Aug 1, 2016 00:28:04


The Riders have decided to put on a benefit show! But Slocum and Charlie are planning a surprise ending to the day’s events.

110 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jul 25, 2016 00:29:05


Ranger Doug has finished relaying the tale of how he became a Ranger, and the Riders face the dawn of a new day with an old problem…

109 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jul 18, 2016 00:28:59


As the Riders listen to Ranger Doug’s origin story, they learn of Deputy Doug’s chance meeting with Yodel, the Perfect Master Ranger.

108 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jul 11, 2016 00:28:46


Relaxing around a warm campfire, the Riders listen to the story of how Ranger Doug earned his title.

107 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jul 4, 2016 00:29:19


After an exhausting day of ranch fires, avalanches and genies, the Riders are finally safe and settling in to stories from Ranger Doug’s storied past.

106 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jun 27, 2016 00:29:16


The Riders and their new genie friend have escaped the cavern, but high above evil lurks in the form of Slocum and Charlie…

105 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jun 20, 2016 00:28:43


After a chance encounter with a genie in a coffee pot, the Riders escaped the cavern, only to be wished back inside by a stressed Woody Paul. Will the Riders ever escape this damp dungeon?

104 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jun 14, 2016 00:28:53


The Riders find themselves trapped in a cave after an avalanche landslide caused by Slocum and Charlie, but mystery abounds in this gruesome grotto…

103 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jun 8, 2016 00:28:53


Sidemeat has been found in the rubble of the Triple X Ranch! But Charlie and Slocum have a diabolical avalanche initiative in store…

102 Meltdown on the Mesa

Jun 1, 2016 00:29:13


With the Triple X Ranch burned down, the Riders search for Sidemeat in the rubble. Will they find their trusty sidekick? Will Slocum and Charlie take what’s left of the ranch?

101 Meltdown on the Mesa

May 24, 2016 00:29:21


In a desperate search for water, the Riders’ Great Trail Drive is interrupted by a stampede-inducing noise! But who could have caused it…?