Recent videos for Understanding the Times with Jan Markell

Recent videos for Understanding the Times with Jan Markell


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When the Cross is in the Crosshairs

May 11, 2019


Jan Markell’s guest for the hour is Leo Hohmann, author of “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” How is the interfaith movement and Chrislam furthering this disaster? The elites are setting the stage for the global crackdown on biblical Christianity. Soft persecution could turn hard and come to a city near you. We use the mobile app at

The Mystical Christian

May 4, 2019


Jan Markell spends the hour with Jessica Smith, former Yoga teacher and one who is warning the church on mystical practices. They discuss “Mindfulness,” contemplative prayer, breath prayer, listening prayer, and more. These are dangerous deceptions that do not get us closer to God. Yet most schools and many churches implement such practices. They discuss the false teachers promoting these things.

Wake Up, Sleeping Church!

Apr 27, 2019


In her first two segments, Jan talks to Chad Thomas and Todd Hampson on waking up the sleeping church and engaging young people in issues that matter. Then she talks to Pastor Brad Brandon who is saving persecuted Christian lives in Nigeria and winning some Fulani Muslim terrorists to Christ. We use the mobile app at

Living in Prophesied Times (Part 2)

Apr 20, 2019


Jan Markell hosts Michele Bachmann in part two of a two-part series.  The prophesied times in the Bible are at an accelerated pace and the convergence of events is stunning. President Donald Trump stands in the way of the globalist agenda and thus progressives and some Republicans are trying to take him down. We use the mobile app found at

Drowning in Deep State Delusion (Part 1)

Apr 13, 2019


Jan’s guest for the hour is Michele Bachmann in part 1 of a 2-part series. Just what is the “deep state” and how are they promoting end-time lawlessness? How does President Trump fulfill prophecy? A multi-billionaire cabal is pushing for global government and Michele explains who they are and why. We use the mobile app found at

Spirituality in All the Wrong Places

Apr 6, 2019


Jan Markell and her guests, Jill Martin Rische and Carl Teichrib, discuss Paganicon, Burning Man, a “Christian witch” convention, occultism in Walmart, Tom Brady’s occultic wife, and much more. Amazon Prime has a new movie celebrating the Antichrist. How much more evidence do we need that Satan knows his time is short and he is pushing back with his darkness. Jan and Carl attended a Twin Cities’ pagan festival and report. We use the mobile app at

When the Pulpits Are Silent

Mar 30, 2019


Jan Markell talks to Amir Tsarfati for the hour. When our pulpits are silent about important topics, the people remain clueless on vital issues. Jan and Amir talk eschatology, current events, and church issues. Find his book in our online store. We use the mobile app found at

Have We Passed the Rubicon?

Mar 23, 2019


Jan Markell’s guest is Pastor Tom Hughes. They discuss more than a dozen reasons why we are in the predicted “perilous times” of II Timothy 3 and ask the question, “Have we passed the Rubicon”? Troubling issues today are a herald of His coming. We use the mobile app found at

So How Close Are We?

Mar 16, 2019


Jan Markell’s guest for the hour is Pastor J.D. Farag.  The world has lost “expectancy” for the Lord’s return and one pastor calls it a distraction. Others are mocking the subject. Jan and Pastor J.D. also talk current events in light of the Bible and lateness of the hour. We live in exciting times yet very few care. We use the mobile app found at

Not Appointed Unto Wrath

Mar 9, 2019


Jan Markell’s guest for the hour is Pastor Billy Crone. They talk about the Tribulation and why the Church is absent. Then they discuss the one-world religion and the role of the Vatican. Pope Francis is the world’s biggest globalist and promoter of a single faith. Could he play into things foretold in Revelation? Find Crone’s DVD set on the Seals of Revelation in our store. We use the mobile app found at

The Worship Wars (Part 2)

Mar 2, 2019


This is part 2 of a discussion of music in the church that has resulted in the worship wars. Is the music in your church representing sound theology and artists, or is the music repetitive, promoting apostasy, and at a volume that is dangerous? Jan Markell, Pastor Brandon Holthaus, and Eric Barger, conclude this two-part series. How sound is “Jesus Culture” and “Hillsong”? We use the mobile app found at

The Worship Wars (Part 1)

Feb 23, 2019


Jan Markell addresses Christian worship music, its unsound theology, and inappropriate words. She and her guests, Eric Barger and Pastor Brandon Holthaus, ask why most every church uses Hillsong and Jesus Culture music when they may represent unsound ministries? Is this just more of the end-time apostasy predicted? God’s love is not reckless, yet that is one of today’s most popular songs and represents the heart of the worship wars. This is part one of a two-part series. We use the mobile app at

Things to Come

Feb 16, 2019


Jan plays Amir Tsarfati’s conference message from last fall. Amir talks about a number of issues that will play out in the very last days. The church may be absent from much of it. What happens to Islam when they are defeated in end-time wars? Why are there two Gog-Magog wars? Enjoy how Amir connects the last days’ dots and puts the puzzle pieces together! We still offer complete sets of conference DVDs in our store. We use the mobile app at

Happening Now!

Feb 9, 2019


Jan Markell and Pastor Jack Hibbs conduct a “Happening Now” at his church in Chino Hills, California, a few weeks ago. They discuss current events and Bible prophecy and take some audience questions. We use the mobile app at