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Pub Crawl (Las Vegas Video Network) - Audio

Being a Local in Las Vegas, Acting Like a Tourist
Pub Crawl (Las Vegas Video Network) - Audio


The Vegas Video Network presents Pub Crawl, featuring the adventures of David and Alicia as they struggle to recall their adventures in and around Las Vegas. These crazy kids will give you a unique perspective on where to tear it up(!) in the entertainment capital of the world.



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Dave and Alicia Have a New Podcast

Oct 30, 2013 32


Hey, all. Dave asked if he could let Pub Crawl folks know about he and Alicia’s new audio-only podcast called LV Locals. So. . .here’s DAVE!

Pub Crawl #112: Low to High – Casino Drink Prices (Audio)

Jun 27, 2013 42:54


Alicia eats the worm. David almost throws up. Together the Ivy’s scour the Strip and uncover which casino bars give you the best bang for your buck. As we wrap up we learn why post-handcuff sweet talk does not work.

Pub Crawl #111: All Aboard For a Monorail Crawl! (Audio)

Jun 13, 2013 46:00


David and Alicia hop a ride on the monorail for this week’s Pub Crawl Adventure. They experience overpriced drinks, some of the best burgers in Vegas and send a big f*ck you to PETA along the way. Hey Bartender throws us a curve ball with a viewer question that takes us out of usual Vegas […]

Pub Crawl #110: A Detour Through Downtown Vegas (Audio)

May 30, 2013 1:00:25


David and Alicia invent a delicious Cocktail of the Week by accident. Our downtown Pub Crawl Adventure is inspired by a viewer email. Alicia leaves David speechless and the live studio audience calls shenanigans!

Pub Crawl #109: Cinco De Ivy (Audio)

May 16, 2013 44:53


David and Alicia recount how they owned Cinco de Mayo. Sex in the Hooters pool. El Segundo Sol produces a memory fog. David and Alicia revisit their burger challenge. We close with two intriguing viewer emails covering winter hangout spots and a waitress with too many clothes on.

Pub Crawl #108: Lounging At The LVH (Audio)

May 2, 2013 53:08


We get our muddle on with a superfruity Cocktail Of The Week. A money saving tip for those that like mixed drinks. Dave and Alicia recount days gone by at the LVH and discover that despite some changes the hotel is still going strong today. A viewer email that catches us off guard.

Pub Crawl #107: Are Things Hseih-d in Downtown? (Audio)

Apr 18, 2013 53:45


Alicia returns. David confess his love for peaks but his distaste for street performers. Downtown showcases parks and parlours. Is Tony Hsieh buying and closing all the good stuff? A viewer email that asks us where to chill on the cheap.

Pub Crawl #106: Cruising Through Circus Circus (Audio)

Apr 4, 2013 30:13


We discover our new favorite Cocktail of the Week. Why David loves Circus Circus, despite the kids. Where to go to inside Circus Circus to escape the noise, madness and get the best bang for your buck. A challenging viewer email.

Pub Crawl #105: The Best Pizza in Vegas? (Audio)

Mar 21, 2013 46:39


The Ivy’s put a twist on a classic. Bar Rescue’s gone right (and wrong). I’m not paying your d*mn cover. Best pizzas in Vegas. A viewer writes in about Paris eats.

Pub Crawl #104: A Night in Paris (Audio)

Mar 7, 2013 41:50


The Ivy’s tour one of their favorite casinos in Las Vegas. Frankie’s Tiki Room gets some love. Viewer is guided toward an unforgettable weekend.

Pub Crawl #103: Exploring the Excalibur (Audio)

Feb 21, 2013 52:18


Dave and Alicia visit the property where they got married as they explore the Excalibur. From the excitement at Tournament of Kings to the cheesiness of Dick’s Last Resort, the Ivy’s give us the run down on all things themed on this week’s Pub Crawl Adventure. We also answer some viewer email regarding absinthe (the […]

Pub Crawl #099: The Best Beers For Your Buck (Audio)

Dec 13, 2012 56:45


This week’s Pub Crawl is for all you beer lovers on a budget. Dave and Alicia share the best places, on and off the Strip, to find their favorite combination of beer, food, and good times. . .all without breaking the bank.

Pub Crawl #098: Is The Mirage Mediocre? (Audio)

Dec 6, 2012 51:47


Dave and Alicia explore one of the original mega-resorts as they motor through the highs and lows of the Mirage. We follow up with viewer email giving a range of tips from Christmas dinner, places to party, and fun with breathalyzers!

Pub Crawl #096: Loving the Luxor? (Audio)

Nov 8, 2012 39:18


Alicia is away and Dave is under the weather but that does not stop us from fulfilling our Pub Crawl Adventure. This week Dave uncovers tragedy and treasure as he finds artifacts inside the black pyramid in the desert called the Luxor.

Pub Crawl #094: Exploring Mandalay Bay (Audio)

Sep 27, 2012 45:35


On this episode of Pub Crawl, David and Alicia reminisce about their first date as they serve up an original Cocktail of the Week, and take us on a journey of one of their favorite properties, Mandalay Bay.

Pub Crawl #093: Your Wish is Our Command (Audio)

Sep 20, 2012 44:05


Scott sits in for Alicia and talks with David about what will be a viewer-inspired new format to Pub Crawl, how they love the old Las Vegas feel of downtown, and why (and where) David’s new tattoo hurts (Stay tuned, there is more pain to endure). A first-time visit to Mt. Charleston gives birth to […]

Pub Crawl #092: Our Secret to Finding $3.50 Beer at Wynn (Audio)

Sep 6, 2012 43:15


After David and Alicia create a new Cocktail Of The Week (with an accidental twist), they expose their best-kept secret for saving big money on beer at high-end casinos throughout the Strip. They close with a powerful Last Call that is not only free, it could save your life. (Meeting a time-traveling hobo was pretty […]

Pub Crawl #091: Top 5 Sports Bars In Las Vegas (Audio)

Aug 30, 2012 35:34


Blue 47, Red 32 Hut Hut Hike! The Ivy’s strap on the shoulder pads and gear up for football season on this edition of Pub Crawl. Together the reveal the top five sports bar in Las Vegas (ok, ok there is actually six. . .what do you want from us). And for those of you […]

Pub Crawl #090: On The Wagon. . .Really? (Audio)

Aug 16, 2012 33:10


After a four-day staycation inside the Rio Suites Hotel & Casino (it’s tough being a Trekkie), Dave and Alicia dry out a bit in this episode of Pub Crawl. And while you might think an episode without alcohol is like a day without sunshine, you’ll discover a few of the Ivy’s favorite non-alcohol spots, all […]

Pub Crawl #089: We Discover Great Bars So You Don't Have To (Audio)

Aug 9, 2012 31:36


Dave and Alicia embark on a beer and chicken finger marathon in this episode of Pub Crawl. Together they recount a bar that’s firkin cool, and a hole in the wall that has some of the best food they have ever eaten.