Matt Gotthold and Rob Walter, each an independent veteran pediatrician

Podcast Pediatricians

Drs Matt Gotthold and Rob Walter, each an independent veteran pediatrician, on pediatric health for savvy parents and caregivers.
Podcast Pediatricians



PP4 048 MY CORONA! Day 15

Mar 29, 2020 15:29


Rob sans Matt on Office Pediatrics another week into the Pandemic, getting ready for the surge. Watch us on TV this Thursday, April 2 at 7 PM on WHYYTV 12 You Oughta Know!

PP4 047 MY CORONA! Day 8

Mar 25, 2020 52:27


Rob and Matt Report from the front lines of the pediatric office during the early days of the Corona Pandemic. The world kinda turned upside down and so we sing. You must be wearing full PPEs to listen to this podcast.

PP4 046 MY CORONA!! virus

Mar 17, 2020 58:57


Matt and Rob go all in on the Novel Coronavirus, Covid19 and children. From historical perspectives to the nitty-gritty issues of pediatric care at the cusp of this pandemic. We insist that you wash your hands before listening to this podcast.

PP4 045 Pimples II & Pepe Le Pew

Feb 17, 2020 55:00


Rob and Matt dive into pimple treatments, from Proactiv to Accutane. PLUS Girl Scout cookie reviews, heavy metal baby foods, Autism treatments, and we call out Pepe Le Pew.

PP4 044 Pimples & Pelvics

Jan 24, 2020 58:51


Matt and Rob explore all things pimples, plus the flu, unnecessary teen pelvic exams, the end of ppds, & doctors vs lawyers.  Enjoy Zits!

PP4 043 CradleCrap & Mrs Livingston

Dec 4, 2019 1:02:02


PP4 042 BabyHeads & Forky!

Nov 12, 2019 49:32


PP4 041 Wheezing, Lyme Dz & Rhoda Morgenstern

Sep 9, 2019 59:14


PP4 040 Hyperhidrosis & The Perfect 10

Aug 23, 2019 58:51


changes a tire. Season 4 is just getting started!

PP3 039 BugsDrugs III & Johnny Gonorrhea

May 27, 2019 1:16:35


Rob and Matt wrap up antibiotic choices: Strep, Skin infections, Sinusitis, Lymphadenitis, Pneumonia, Bites and Goofy Bronchitis. The Rock n Play recall, Adderall Psychosis, Yodels, Julie Fowlis!, Pediatric Loneliness, Green 11’s, Gonorrhea Superbugs, Z-Pak for all? , Malarone vs Lariam, Pill Esophagitis. MOMO!! Meet us both at Hot Topics Pediatrics Disney World in July!

PP3 038 BugsDrugs II & Sukkot Measles

Apr 16, 2019 59:11


Matt & Rob Reveal the Magnificent Seven antibiotics and their Rx for Ear Infections. The Measles Epidemic, Bogus MD Vaccine Exemptions, Temple Mumps, Death by 1000 Clicks, Tobacco 21, Stratego , Call me Dr. you Nazi, M. Cat! , XV is 15 – just a few of our favorite things.

PP 037 BugsDrugs I & Barry Manilow

Mar 5, 2019 58:52


Rob and Matt discuss Pediatric Antibiotic Stewardship and the Magificent 7. Bill Zedler’s Texas Measles Cure, Ban Primatene Mist, Moldy Cantaloupes, Flumania,The 1984 McDonald’s Olympic Debacle, Rob RN fail! , Matt’s Residency Blowup, EMR Dr. burnout, TSUNDOKU, C Diff, Yelp Reviews of Docs, ZPaks for All! & Zpaks For All!kkkkkkkResidency Blowup, EMR Dr. burnout, TSUNDOKU, C […]

PP3 036 The Christmas Episode & Gritty

Dec 30, 2018 30:46


Matt and Rob Riff. Vaginal Seeding, Jerry Seinfeld, Gluten Free, Pooping Legos , Pacifier Sucking Moms, Disgusting Food Museum, Bacon Sandwiches, Royal Straight Flush, Cheetos, Juuling , Yoga, , Pimple Pete, To Kill a Mockingbird, Independent Pediatricians Rock!, and Ramen Dangers. Happy New Year!

PP3 035 Suicide

Dec 25, 2018 58:12


Rob and Matt discuss suicide, a leading cause of death in teens and young adults and on the rise in children. Suicide Clusters, College Mental Services Suck, Ketamine Cures, DWT, Blue Zones in Okinawa, 13 Reasons Why, Pediatric Funerals, PHQ9A, IS PATH WARM, Guns, Safety Plans, The Office, Sleep, Bullying. Suicide is complicated and it […]

PP3 034 Should Kids Play Tackle Football?

Nov 11, 2018 51:10


Matt and Rob cover the tackle football for kids/teens debate. Woodpecker Tongues, Public Bathroom Toilet Seats, Chickenpox Parties, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – NOT Maisy, Physician Burnout – Lean in!, Matt’s Concussion & Friday Night Lights. Coming Soon:  Bugs and Drugs & The Scalp  

PP3 033 Sports & The Nocebo Effect

Oct 24, 2018 1:08:36


Rob and Matt talk Concussions, Sports injuries and so much more. Slime!, Dr. Edison: Serial Killer, The Champagne Disaster, ImPACT Overrated?, Concussion blood tests, Spondylolysis Storks, Syphilis Surging, USELESS outside sports PEs, , Golden Ticket Concussions, Elementary School Wellness Centers without parents – Really???, Matt’s ankle rupture, Downs Athletes: NO neck x-rays – YES United sports, […]

PP3 032 POTSpourri & Doc McStuffins

Oct 9, 2018 56:39


PP3 032 POTSpourri & Doc McStuffins Matt and Rob cover highlights from Hot Topics in Pediatrics 2018 Disney World. All Things POTS, Concierge Doc McStuffins, Heavy Metal Baby Cereal, FREE medical school tuition – Hallelujah! , ZOOM, Bert LOVES Ernie, Even a little breast milk helps, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Never Trust Yellow Asian Babies, do what hurts the most, […]

PP2 031 Scoliosis II & King Richard III

Aug 5, 2018 38:25


Rob and Matt wrap up Scoliosis discussing treatments: braces vs surgery vs nothing, The BillBlanket Scandal – NOT a Harry Potter Mystery, Ridiculous new mom lactation consult rationing, PA & WV are choking DE, toddler digital dependence, chiropractic medicine –  buyer beware, Ban Bedroom Screens overnight, Kloppy, PReP approved for teens, Gettysburg Feline Battles, ScoliScores useless, Quasimodo OK […]

PP2 030 Scoliosis I & Buffy

Aug 4, 2018 44:53


Matt and Rob stroll down the twisty scoliosis road. Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis,  EOS rules! , Cobb Angles, United Kingdom snobby docs, Don’t Dis Grandma, Pistachio Gelato & Quebec Maple Creams, Jerry Lewis Walks On, VACTERL anomalies, the Dupont Institute’s Sharded Glass Walls, Hypermobility Beighton scores & the Gowers sign, idiopathic pathetic idiots, School-Based Scoliosis Screening, […]

PP2 029 Sun Sun Sun & The Franken Berry Stool

Jun 25, 2018 1:06:39


Rob and Matt’s Special Summer Sun Extravaganza. Sunscreen Scandals and the FDA, Melanoma Rising & ABCD mole checks, UVA vs UVB and SPF, Matt’s Sad Sunburn Saga, “Healthy Tans” and Coco Chanel, Delaware/Jersey Shore Helmetless Sunburned Youth, Cancer Beds, Montreal Protocol saves the Ozone, Solar Harvest Noon, The Monkees over U2, Barking the Squirrel, RNC’s Here […]

PP2 028 Prickly Poison Rashes & Goat Yoga

Jun 4, 2018 59:47


Matt and Rob cover summertime rashes. Prickly heat, Poison Ivy & Uma Thurman, and Hot Tub Folliculitis. Goat yoga, Boudleaux & Matilda Bryant, Swimmers Itch – Snails and Nematocysts, & Mainline Pseudomonas. Up Next:  Sunburns and Photodermatoses

PP027 Penis II & BOZO Choosing Wisely

May 15, 2018 1:13:57


Special Double Bonus Episode! The boys move downward to finish this PenisPalooza. Glowing Scrotal Christmas Ornaments, , Bozo is dead!, Cryptorchidism, the SCARY testicle Story, Virgil Livers and testicular fractures, YES they retract & shrink, Teen Addictions:Juuling & Fortnite , New Jersey Bag o’ Worms, Jocelyn Elders vs Clinton revisited,  Orchiodometer Necklace,  The Tooth Fairy, Wonderama/Al Alberts/Captain […]

PP2 026 Penis & PrEP

May 1, 2018 1:05:07


Rob and Matt tackle all things Penis in Pediatrics. Circumcisions A-to-Z: methods, advantages, complications, and controversies. Pediatricians should know PrEP!, Macaroons and Matzah, Privates/WeeWees and the Tinkler, The Icelandic Penis Museum & Circumcision Ban, Care of the uncircumcised penis plus Balanoposthitis & Paraphimosis. The SNL Royal Deluxe Bris, Dante!, Matt’s Jersey Condom Models AND Penis […]

PP2 025 The Pet Episode – Ruh Roh!

Mar 13, 2018 58:58


Matt and Rob cover everything Pets & Pediatrics. Dogs (and sometimes Cats) help our Mind, Body, and Soul. We also sing. A lot. Emotional Support Pets, Direwolves, Patti Page, Cat Scratch Fever, Cat and Dog bites, Rabies and Zoonoses, Best Breeds for kids, Cartoon Animals & Theme Songs, South Jersey cat tossing, Labrador Retrievers vs […]

PP2 024 The Influenza Epidemic & The Iggles

Feb 22, 2018 1:00:45


Rob and Matt cover everything Influenza: the historic 2018 Flu epidemic, why Flu shots for kids. Flu testing controversies, Human Head transplants, Tamiflu pros and cons, Flu complications and deaths, Ted Williams, Our Eyewitness Accounts of EAGLES Super Bowl & Parade, Merrill Reese & Jason Kelce, AND we welcome our first sponsor –  Triage 4 Pediatrics. Coming […]

PP2 023 Fat Shaming & Pus

Jan 29, 2018 37:49


Matt and Rob discuss pediatric fat shaming: EVERYONE is guilty. Yes – you can be happy & healthy AND overweight. Mallomars! Little Lotta, BMI as a tool is not good, Pediatric Office Food Prescription Programs, pediatric care givers comments/growth charts CAN trigger anorexia, draining pus still requires some antibiotics too, Will Amoxicillin soon be out […]

PP2 022 Baby Friendly – Sad Mommy & Frats

Jan 15, 2018 42:46


Do hospital Baby Friendly policies with its perceived Perinatal Nurse Gag Orders Increase Sad Mommies? The Goddess Myth & The Notorious RBG. Matt & Rob explore depression screening for moms at well baby visits, Fixing or Ending Fraternities, High infant/maternal mortality in the “good” old days, and how college mental health services suck. Oh, and Fly Eagles Fly!   […]

PP2 021 The Frenotomy Epidemic: Tongue Ties, Lip Ties, Buccal Ties, OH MY!

Dec 29, 2017 39:53


Rob and Matt on a mission to save Baby Frenulums. Jersey French Kissing, The CDC Banned 7, All-Purpose Nipple Ointment, Laser Dentists, Lactation Consultants, Gentian Violet, and Oh Oh Candida. Up Next – Baby Friendly, Sad Mommy & Frats Frenotomy Epidemic References 2 PP2 021 Attachments Frenotomy Epidemic References PP2 021 (36 kB)Frenotomy Epidemic References PP2 […]

PP2 020 Nosebleeds & Dope

Dec 4, 2017 58:48


Matt and Rob go deep nose diving for blood. Plus, legalizing recreational marijuana for adults is horrible for kids and teens. Rob and Matt’s childhood fistfights, Delicious New Baby Smell, Yoga Nasal Poses,  the Nasal Cycle, Long Island & Mainline Nose Jobs, Drs. Kiesselbach/Little/Woodruff ALL DEAD,  Nosy Mr. Parker, Nose Picking & Rhinotillexomania, Cheech and […]

PP2 019 Short Shot: TOYS!!

Nov 21, 2017 30:28


Our First Short Shot: TOYS! – Hall of Famers, NEVER Wake Daddy, Matt’s Mystery Dates, Rob’s NU Barbie, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, Weebles vs. Little People, Matt’s extensive Animal Figurine Collection, SCRATCH coding for kids, Middle School Twister, Slinky! & Yahtzee!, Gunfight at the OK Corral,  Mr (not Mrs) Potato Head, Booby Trap vs Kerplunk, and the […]

PP2 018 Croup & The Jersey Devil

Nov 7, 2017 37:26


Season 2!  Rob and Matt Bark through Scary Croup, Jersey Devil Piney Power and SpaghettiOs. The Parinfluenza Virus, steroid controversies, kindergarten straws, Russian Diphtheria, Bewitched & That Girl, Croup Tents, Thumbnails versus Steeples, Springsteen and the Black Dog Jersey Brigands, and, once again, we salute the miracle of vaccines. Coming Up:  short shot TOYS […]

PP 017 Season 1 Finale!

Oct 30, 2017 57:09


Matt and Rob revisit Season 1 with updates & listener feedback. Plus, we sing. Kardashian placentas, school start times, infant room sharing, Toulouse, green juice, dissing Delaware, Pharma’s Lord Voldemort, Pinworms, The Anxiety Epidemic & Smart Phones, Plant Milks stunts growth?, Spider Pig, Autism & Potty Training, curing peanut allergies, Bruce and Billy, steroids for […]

PP 016 Hot Pearls II Butterbeer

Sep 5, 2017 58:29


Rob & Matt finish Hot Topic Pearls. We BOTH do not support the AAP child lipid screening recs AND love stool for calprotectin.  Plus, Nauseous Anxiety, POTS, Infant GE reflux meds/PPIs, apple cider vinegar, Matt’s Butterbeer rant, Rob vs legal pot, Riboflavin for migraines, Accupuncture, The Great Movie Ride RIP, Matt’s formula rule, Jerry Lewis, […]

PP 015 Hot Pearls I – Disney

Aug 29, 2017 58:36


Matt and Rob share pearls from July’s Hot Topics in Pediatrics 2017 in Disney World. A Cornucopia of Random Pediatric Topics:  Meningococcal type B vaccine, Office toddler vision screening, non-vaxxers, phantom fevers, teen tampon troubles, fluoride varnish, the Bachelorette, C-Sections in Brazil, the 80/90 earbud rule, physician malpractice and suicides, the ugly bug ball, sickle […]

PP 014 Strep II & Ten Seconds of Stupid

Aug 8, 2017 59:55


Rob and Matt finish off Strep AND salute Billy on the Street.   The Testicle Story, Strep Ani, PANDAS, PFAPA, ADEM, the Mysterious Strep Carrier State, and Teen Code Words.  Plus, Peri-tonsillar Abscesses, Rapid Streps & the Elfman, Blood Agar plates AND those 10 seconds of stupid!  Props to This is Us, Aziz, Modern Love & […]

PP 013 Strep I Balalala

Jul 19, 2017 59:46


The Group A Strep deep dive with extreme Rob/Matt tangents.  Jersey Syphilis, pus forming berry ice cream, GAS -don’t blame the dog, JHensen & AMozart, S.Furst RIP, The Big Hero Six Fist Bump, NO bedroom smart phones, CULTURE before treatment!, Fusibacterium Necrophorum, Scarlet Fever, Thomas Sydenham, Don Quixote, Andy Warhol/Jamie Wyeth and the Portrait of […]

PP 012 Earwax is Lit

Jun 20, 2017 55:47


All Things Earwax:  Genetics – Wet vs Dry, the Q-tip child Injury epidemic, Earwax Aphrodisiacs, Frankincense, Matt gets WOKE and Claps Back, JAS III, Ear Candling AWFUL, the Super Soaker Max-D 5000 ear cleanse, ear thermometers, blaming dad, Main Line balsamic vinegar ear drops, ear exam ergonomics and MORE.  Rob and Matt take a deep […]

PP 011 The Telemedicine RANT

Jun 6, 2017 28:00


Direct To Consumer Pediatric Telemedicine is #$X&@ terrible (adult oriented urgent care center for kids are not much better). Antibiotics for everyone – antibiotic stewardship destroyed.  Rob and Matt expose the fallacy of quality care by phone or video for children AND highlight the absurdity and dangers of diagnosing ear infections, lung disease, strep, abdominal […]

PP 010 Peanuts & Allergic Rhinitis II

May 30, 2017 58:39


Feeding infants peanut products early to PREVENT allergies, Hating Elmo, PP culinary skills, La Bamba, Amish nose sprays, Beanie Babies, BB & B!, allergy meds and much more….. Rob and Matt discuss the new guidelines for introducing peanut products to young infants to prevent peanut allergies. We also discuss pets and allergies, the demise of Hahnemann/MCP, and […]

PP 009 Allergic Rhinitis I, Oy Vey!

May 12, 2017 48:48


ALL things Allergy – Clucks, King Richard III, the allergic salute, ENTS are NOT allergists, cockroaches and Father/Rabbi Matt and the Sound of Music.               We go all in on Allergic Rhinitis ,from Ancient Egypt and Rome to the birth of modern immunology. We discuss common allergens and common […]

PP 008 PooPalooza III & Infant Smart Monitors

May 1, 2017 44:33


Smart phone integrated infant monitors with Pulsoximetry are actually DUMB, with real potential for harm. Matt and Rob finish off PooPalooza with constipation treatments –  cleanouts to cure, from enemas to MiraLAX to Ex-Lax. Beware the vacation relapse!  Potty training and a salute to Rachel Bloom. We support Medicaid and CHIP for kids (less so […]

PP 007 PooPalooza II & MiraLax

Apr 28, 2017 39:46


Is MiraLax safe? The many faces of constipation, The Bristol Scale, Mr Hanky, encopresis, rectal exams, abdominal x-rays, and The Cheese Grandma! Rob and Matt continue to explore the dark mysteries of the colon. We start by addressing the current controversy of the constipation treatment standby, Miralax. Is this a miracle of a med or […]

PP 006 PooPalooza I

Apr 20, 2017 41:35


PooPalooza begins! Newborn and Infant BMs, constipation, the mystery of Elvis’s bowels, why poop stinks, a salute to Journalism, the Mutter Museum and Lincoln Logs. Rob and Matt cover poop from soup to nuts, The names, the colors, the smells, and the constipation epidemic,  How the colon works,  problems with bowel movements and our deep dive […]

PP 005 Milk & Movies

Apr 8, 2017 54:25


Comparing Cow milk to plant based milk-like beverages, ugly cow A2 milk, does low-fat milk cause weight gain, cheese whiz, and our annual PP Oscars wrap-up. Rob and Matt explore all things milk and answer your burning milk based questions.  Should the word milk even be used for a plant based beverages?  Just how nutritious are […]

PP 004 The Mylan Rant & Alexander Fitzwilliam Hamilton

Mar 9, 2017 46:05


Rob RANTS about Big Pharma and Mylan, sellers of epipen, and reveals the shocking connection between Alexander Hamilton and Jane Austen. Plus stitch cutters and anemia, all brought to you by the Republic of Palau! BIG PHARMA has done amazing things led by many dedicated, selfless individuals BUT soaring drug costs coupled with huge BIG PHARMA […]

PP 003 Sleep III & The Delaware Pause

Mar 9, 2017 55:10


The 6 Teen Sleep Commandments and High School start times, Matt’s Crocs, preventing eczema, Jon Stewart, and rude doctors and parents, In this episode, we wrap up (for now) our discussion of sleep by covering some topics on many a parent’s Top Ten Frustration list: the sleep pattern of teenagers. Are they really that tired? […]

PP 002 Sleep II & Mary Tyler Moore

Mar 9, 2017 58:49


The history of sleep, sleep hygiene, a Halloween debacle, twisting ticks, shrink-wrapped sweet potatoes and MTM   In this episode, Rob and Matt delve back into the issues of infant sleep. But first, we cover the basics. What is sleep? Why do we need it? How has it, and our concepts of it, changed over the […]

PP 001 Intros & Sleep I

Mar 9, 2017