PLT: Behind Closed Doors

PLT: Behind Closed Doors


Our host Nat O’Leary has been hanging out with some incredible babes that inspire us every day, to get to know them on a new, deeper level. They'll be talking about issues big and small with no subject off limits. Let’s remove the barrier of social media and get real. Follow us on Instagram @Prettylittlething.



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Lori Harvey: There are a lot of things that are false about me in the media

Feb 18, 2020 30:44


Nat's over in LA this week to chat to the incredible Lori Harvey. She tells us all about her modelling career, what life was really like growing up in the public eye, and what's coming up in the future.

Alex & Olivia Bowen Valentine's Special: We got to the stage where we were trying to outdo each other with gifts

Feb 11, 2020 46:58


This week, we’ve got a Valentine’s special with Alex and Olivia Bowen. They tell us all about how they met in the Villa four years ago, their insane wedding, and how they’re spending Valentine’s Day this Friday…

Gabby Epstein: I have a new man in my life now, I'm obsessed

Feb 4, 2020 34:53


Brand Ambassador Gabby Epstein joins Nat in LA this week to chat about her life before Instagram, moving to the States and living with her BFF Maddz, her brand new PLT edit, and she even spills the tea on her brand new man...

Chantel Jeffries: I had never DJ'd before when I got asked to do my first gig

Jan 28, 2020 32:04


Nat's in LA this week and is joined by US Brand Ambassador, Chantel Jeffries. She tells us all about how she became Ceejay The DJ, what really goes on behind the 'gram, and her brand new edit with PLT...

Alexandra Cane: I found something that improved my energy levels and my mental health

Jan 21, 2020 47:54


This week, Nat is joined by the incredible Alexandra Cane. She tells us all about her time in the villa, and her new found love 'The Happy Body Plan'. She explains why this has not only transformed her body, but also her way of life.

Charlotte Emily Sanders: I'm not from a rich family, I grew up in a council house

Jan 14, 2020 32:10


Instagram's most mysterious influencer, Charlotte Emily Sanders speaks out for the FIRST time on today's podcast. She explains how she went from having a 9-5 to being an influencer, her brand new home, and her thoughts on modern relationships.

Sophie Lee: I'm so grateful that this happened to me as it made me a better person

Jan 7, 2020 32:47


Influencer, Sophie Lee, talks to Nat about her life changing accident, and how the traumatic experience has not only changed her perspective on life but has also made her a better person.

Chessie King: I was always trying to prove I was good enough

Dec 31, 2019 50:49


Happy New Year from all of us at PrettyLittleThing! We couldn't think of a more inspiring way to kick off the new year than with the beautiful Chessie King. She chats about how she became completely at peace with her body, educating young people, and the anti-bullying project she's working on in 2020.

Molly-Mae Live Christmas Special: I’ve met the person I’m going to marry

Dec 24, 2019 01:05:28


Merry Christmas! This week things are a little different as it's our Live Christmas Eve episode! Nat was joined by Brand Ambassador Molly-Mae and an incredible audience who were all there to look back on her whirlwind year and play a few festive games. Merry Christmas from us all at PrettyLittleThing, we hope you have an amazing day.

Karrueche: Things were being said that were true and not true

Dec 17, 2019 39:52


This week, Nat is joined by actress and style icon Karrueche Tran, fresh from LA. She opens up about her grind to build a career as an actress, her high-profile relationships and we even play a game of Dare or Dare!

Nella Rose: I wanted to make girls aware it's OK to not look like Beyoncé

Dec 10, 2019 40:56


YouTuber and Influencer, Nella Rose, chats to Nat about her experience of university, her opinions on plastic surgery, and what it's really like to be in the public eye.

Alice Liveing: I felt like I'd hit rock bottom and knew that I had to change something

Dec 3, 2019 43:57


Personal trainer and influencer, Alice Liveing, told Nat about what first inspired her to start her journey, her evolution from Clean Eating Alice, and we even got some advice on how to overcome fitness fears.

The Receipts: Work didn't find out about our podcast until we were on billboards

Nov 26, 2019 42:13


This week, Nat is joined by Tolly T, Audrey and Milena, the hosts of the incredible 'The Receipts' podcast. We uncovered the story behind 'The Receipts', how they've found success in podcasting, and the most outrageous dilemmas they've dealt with so far.

Misha Grimes: I feel like I’m living in a bubble

Nov 19, 2019 40:47


YouTube sensation, Misha Grimes, tells Nat what it was like to grow up as an international beauty pageant star, the ins and outs of her YouTube career, and how her Mum has started her own YouTube channel!

Ellie & Daisey O'Donnell: We’ve both been through a lot on social media and relationships

Nov 12, 2019 32:22


Nat invites 'The O'Dolls', sisters Ellie and Daisey O'Donnell, to get the latest on their relationships, their insane plans for the future and we play a hilarious game of dare or dare - you'll never guess what they did!

Polly Marchant: I don't want people to think it's natural when it's not

Nov 5, 2019 34:27


Make-up artist and founder of Glam by Polly, Polly Marchant, tells Nat how she built her business from the ground up, how she juggles being an MUA and an influencer, as well as an exclusive on what's coming next!

Jessica Burciaga: The Playboy mansion parties were epic

Oct 29, 2019 28:52


Influencer and model, Jessica Burciaga, chats about what it's like to be a model, her time as a Playmate, and what really goes on in the mansion.

Anastasia Kingsnorth: I left school to do YouTube full time

Oct 22, 2019 31:46


YouTuber, Anastasia Kingsnorth, joins Nat to talk about starting up her YouTube channel when she was 11 and how she keeps it successful, original and creative. What’s next for her career and we drop a HUGE surprise on a fan!


Melissa Molinaro: I had no idea that it was going to break the internet

Oct 15, 2019 46:11


Dancer and actress, Melissa Molinaro, talks to Nat about her insane career, the wedding video that broke the internet, and her relationship and becoming a mum.

World Mental Health Day: There will never be another you

Oct 10, 2019 01:02:38


In support of World Mental Health Day & @youngmindsuk, we have a special and powerful episode for you. Nat talks to Alexandra Cane, AJ Odudu and Felicity Hayward, all about mental health and female empowerment. The girls discuss how they keep their mental health in check and also share invaluable advice on staying true to yourself. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health issues, it's good to talk. At Young Minds, there is always someone there to help 24/7. Just text YM to 85258.

Daphne Joy: Their opinions do not matter at all

Oct 1, 2019 25:58


Instagram model, Daphne Joy, talks to Nat about starring alongside Johnny Depp in a Disney film, her relationship with 50 Cent, and juggling work with being a Mom.

Leslie Sidora: I used to cry at night because I wasn't confident enough

Sep 24, 2019 33:16


PrettyLittleThing model, Leslie Sidora, chats to Nat about breaking out into the modelling industry, body confidence, and her current relationship status...

Ashanti: I think we’ve all been foolish

Sep 17, 2019 57:48


Grammy award-winning artist, Ashanti, joins Nat in New York to chat about her incredible career, her collection and single with PrettyLittleThing, and what it was like to walk at PLT's first ever fashion show at New York Fashion Week.

Saweetie: When I wrote Icy Girl, I was broke

Sep 10, 2019 23:55


Rapper, Saweetie, joins Nat to talk about her career and the music industry, and her brand new collection with PrettyLittleThing.

Molly-Mae: Everyone has an opinion on me

Sep 3, 2019 39:32


PLT's latest Brand Ambassador, Molly-Mae, tells Nat about her unreal summer with Tommy Fury, her relationship with the press, and her brand new collection with PrettyLittleThing.

Rose Bertram: Fyre Festival was just another modelling job

Aug 27, 2019 43:14


PLT brand ambassador, Rose Bertram, chats about being a Mum, model and businesswoman, how family will always come first, and the notorious Fyre Festival.

MMMMitchell: I'm all about art and true talent, not drama

Aug 20, 2019 48:50


Make-up artist, MMMMitchell, chats to Nat about Pride weekend, his career and becoming friends with some of the biggest names in the make-up industry, and we even get him to do some CRAZY dares...

Nicole Williams-English: I feel like it definitely caused a lot of off screen drama

Aug 13, 2019 40:44


Model, Nicole Williams-English opens up about her highly successful modelling career, the truth behind reality TV, and what it's like being married to a pro-athlete.

Hannah Renee: I’ve ended up on Instagram in what feels like a black hole

Aug 6, 2019 42:38


Influencer and YouTuber, Hannah Renee, chats to Nat about becoming an influencer, her experiences with cosmetic procedures, and the dangers of social media.


Miss Joslin: People are always going to judge you

Jul 30, 2019 51:37


Fashion influencer, Ellie Joslin, gave Nat the goss on travelling the world, her long term relationship, and her new edit with PrettyLittleThing.

Yris Palmer: No one in my family had ever owned a business, I didn't know where to start

Jul 23, 2019 35:54


Entrepreneur, Yris Palmer chats about building her global lash empire, working and becoming friends with some of the biggest celebrities in the industry, and having the coolest kid on Instagram...

Nikita Dragun: In 3 years I transitioned, got my college degree, and my career.

Jul 16, 2019 01:03:56


Mother Of Draguns, Nikita Dragun, joined Nat to tell us EVERYTHING about her transition, relationships in the industry, and her new make-up line...

Rach Leary: Just because we had a picture doesn’t mean we’re friends

Jul 9, 2019 49:06


Beauty and Lifestyle YouTuber, Rachel Leary, joins Nat to chat about her YouTube career, friendships in the industry, and what Coachella is really like...

Nazanin Mandi: I was addicted to diet pills

Jul 2, 2019 55:40


Actress, Nazanin Mandi, joined Nat to chat about her successful acting career, her love story with Miguel, and she even gave us a load of exclusives!

Nat & Liv: Our show was the main goal on our vision board

Jun 25, 2019 19:44


Natalie Halcro & Olivia Pierson join us to chat about their new show 'Relatively Nat & Liv', what life is really like behind the cameras, and what's coming next for them in the future.

Syd & Ell: I lost my mum when I was nine

Jun 18, 2019 46:50


YouTube duo, Syd & Ell, chat to Nat about their journey on YouTube, what it’s like working with your best friend and what's coming next in the future.

Sarah Ashcroft: Drama's for High School, I shut myself out from the world

Jun 11, 2019 58:05


Influencer, Sarah Ashcroft, chats to Nat about hitting one million followers on IG, her new business venture, and her experiences with online hate.

Danielle Candray: I was so ashamed of my alopecia, it took years for me to accept it

Jun 4, 2019 17:57


Alopecia advocate and model, Dani (AKA @alopeachia), joins Nat in our Melrose office to chat about living with Alopecia, starring in our everyBODYinPLT campaign, and what's coming up next with her modelling career.

Olivia Rose Smith: No one has to face cancer alone

May 28, 2019 35:06


Olivia Rose Smith opens up to Nat about being diagnosed with cancer at 21 years old, finding her identity again, and she even gave us an exclusive on her new relationship.

Ms Banks: Nicki started going crazy

May 21, 2019 30:36


Rapper, Ms Banks, chats to Nat about her collection and single with PLT, performing on stage with Nicki Minaj and we even got her to spit a few bars...

Grace Victory: It's a period, why are we so scared to talk about it?

May 13, 2019 57:03


Blogger and YouTuber, Grace Victory, joins Nat to chat about period and sex positivity, plus size fashion and how she takes care of her mental health. 

CC Clarke: Nerves are one thing, anxiety is another

May 6, 2019 45:30


Entrepreneur and influencer, CC Clarke, opens up to Nat about her marriage, future plans with her music career and Fyre Festival... 

La'Tecia Thomas: There’s so many expectations on young people

Apr 29, 2019 30:04


Model and influencer, La'Tecia Thomas, joins Nat at the Los Angeles HQ to chat about walking New York fashion week, being a plus size model and the role social media plays on our perception of body image.

Alexis Stone: I never thought Kim Kardashian would be messaging me

Apr 22, 2019 31:46


Transformation artist and drag queen, Alexis Stone, opens up about starting her career, Kim Kardashian sliding into her DM's, and THAT plastic surgery publicity stunt... 

Jayde Pierce: I gave birth at 21

Apr 15, 2019 34:32


Influencer and YouTuber, Jayde Pierce, joins Nat to give us the goss on balancing business and being a mum, her new relationship as well as her career and future plans.

Lauren Mahon: Cancer to me was an inconvenience

Apr 8, 2019 55:14


Founder of Girl Vs Cancer, Lauren Mahon, opens up about her cancer journey and how it's impacted all aspects of her life from working to dating, the awards she has won and her podcast You, Me and The Big C.

Malika Haqq: Maybe our faces weren't that good, but it was still a good time

Apr 2, 2019 29:59


PrettyLittleThing's longest standing Brand Ambassador, Malika Haqq, joins Nat in the PLT Los Angeles office to chat about her acting career, being besties with Khloe Kardashian and her latest random acts of kindness work.

Imogen Hudson: People think I haven't got a backbone

Mar 26, 2019 59:08


Youtuber, Imogen Hudson, joins Nat to open up about her fiancé, the next steps for her career and how broken friendships in the industry have shaped who she is today.

Madison Sarah: Taking the ring off wasn't very nice

Mar 19, 2019 43:21


YouTuber, Madison Sarah, spills the tea on everything from her relationship with her ex-fiancee, her DM's AND we get a lil exclusive too!

Larsa Pippen: You can still be with a King and be a Queen

Mar 12, 2019 29:46


Mom and entrepreneur, Larsa Pippen joins Nat to chat about her life as a mother, being best friend to Kim Kardashian and her brand new skincare brand.

Meggan Grubb: Fitness became my destress, I fell in love with it

Mar 5, 2019 24:37


Fitness and wellness influencer Meggan Grubb joins Nat behind closed doors to chat about how she built her 1 million strong Instagram following and her signature ‘peachy’ bum.

Holly Boon: You can lose everything overnight

Feb 26, 2019 25:32


Make up influencer and business woman, Holly Boon, comes to the slumber party to chat about how she's finding running her new make up business, making and losing friends in the industry and how she dealt with twitter backlash.

Sophia and Cinzia: YouTube is definitely scary

Feb 19, 2019 45:55


YouTube duo Sophia and Cinzia get their PJ's on for a catch up with Nat at the slumber party. We find out what it's like to work with your bestie, how they grew their channel and we even slide into their DM's to reply to some of your questions.

India Love: I did a campaign with Naomi Campbell & Kendall

Feb 12, 2019 41:39


For our fourth episode, PLT goes Los Angeles to chat to music artist and reality TV star, India Love. Nat gets the goss about India's BRAND NEW single, how she dealt with a personal photo hack and how she teaches young girls and guys about confidence.

Felicity Hayward: The only thing this photo will break, is the internet, sweetie

Feb 5, 2019 48:14


Felicity Hayward, plus size model and founder of Self Love Brings Beauty, joins Nat at the slumber party to talk about her journey in the model world, her tips for tackling trolls online *and IRL* as well as sprinkling little pearls of self-confidence wisdom.

Megan Barton-Hanson: Stripper heels are not the easiest to walk in...

Jan 29, 2019 32:53


Love Island finalist, Megan Barton-Hanson, joins Nat at the PLT slumber party to discuss her relationship in the limelight with Wes, her previous career working in strip clubs and her views on feminism.

Maya Jama: I did actually have a stalker once, it just got a bit weird

Jan 22, 2019 42:06


The queen of radio and TV, Maya Jama, heads to the PLT slumber party to chat to our host Nat O’Leary about being catapulted into the spotlight, navigating the path of social media and how to pull off her
iconic face-mask on a plane trick…

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