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As a podcasting 1st, the Pharmacy Podcast Show was launched in 2009 and has transformed into the Pharmacy Podcast Network with over 67,000+ listeners and subscribers and is the largest network of podcasts in the U. S. Healthcare System dedicated to the pharmacy industry. Our 25+ podcast co-hosts are some of the most brilliant minds in Pharmacy with 17 different podcast channels about Independent Community, Compounding, Long-term Care, Specialty, Hospital Systems, and Small Chain Pharmacy Businesses.


Anticoagulation in 2020 & Exploring Beyond Warfarin: SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 919

Jan 17, 2020 1302


Joanne Pauyo, PharmD & Jaron Stout, PharmD are the NEW HOSTS of SenioRx Radio, a podcast publication in collaboration with the Pharmacy Podcast Network. 

Today's episode is about Anticoagulation. 

Anticoagulant treatment is used to prevent the formation of new blood clots, and to treat existing clots by preventing them from growing larger in size. It also reduces the risk of embolization of blood clots to other vital organs such as the lungs and brain.

The Impact on Employers & the Pass-Thru PBM Option - PBM Reform Series Part Three - PPN Episode 918

Jan 16, 2020 2520


On Part Three of the PBM Reform Podcast Series we talk with Mary Ellen S. Jones a PSEA UniServ Representative and Anthony J. Loiacono / Chief Executive Officer of Capital Rx, a pass-thru Pharmacy Benefit Management company. 

PSEA is 181,000 members strong – a community of education professionals who make a difference in the lives of Pennsylvania’s students every day.  

PSEA members are teachers, education support professionals, higher education staff, nurses in health care facilities, retired educators, and college students preparing to become teachers.  PSEA’s strength comes not only from our members, but from our beliefs, our values, and our passion. Every time we speak up for what we believe, we harness the power of collective action.

Anthony J. Loiacono / AJ is a successful entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in pharmacy benefits, finance, and software development. As the CEO of Capital Rx, his mission is to change the way pharmacy benefits are priced and administrated in the US. Prior to Capital Rx, AJ was a co-founder of Truveris, where he served for eight years as CEO, Chief Innovation Officer, and Board Member, leading the company to record growth (Deloitte FAST 500 and Crain’s Fast50). Prior to Truveris, AJ co-founded SMS Partners, a joint venture with Realogy (RLGY), and in 2010 exited the partnership with a buyout. In his first venture, AJ started Victrix, a supply chain consultancy, and successfully sold the company to Chrysalis Solutions in 2007. 

Closing Pharmacy Schools & Predicting the Future of Pharmacy - PPN Episode 917

Jan 15, 2020 2370


Medical Science Liaisons, Closing 30 to 50 pharmacy schools in the next 3 years, New curriculum about technological advancements in drug development, and Predicting the Future of Pharmacy --just a few topics discussed with George Zorich, BS Pharmacy founder of 

George states: "I spend 50% of my time mentoring at-risk high school and college pharmacy students, including teaching an Entrepreneurship course at the UW School of Pharmacy. The other 50% is dedicated to board work and assisting smaller companies—all in becoming bigger and more profitable.I founded ZEDpharma, Inc. with a simple goal--to advise and assist company founders in achieving that often times elusive next level of growth. This is often easier said than done, but with the right strategy and capital it can be accomplished and is a natural evolution of a company—and a successful beginning of an exit strategy for a founder or owner." 

George is a Healthcare leader with 30+ years experience in brand products, generic drugs, physician distribution models and start-ups---with an ability to create strategies and grow businesses in a compressed timeline. 

The V3 Medical Affairs Podcast – Episode 3 - PPN Episode 918

Jan 14, 2020 2312


Host Dr. Anne Arvizu and Guest Dr. William Soliman

This month’s guest is Dr. William Soliman. Will is the founder of The ACMA, the first and only global accreditation council for medical affairs professionals, he is also a seasoned media figure and thought leader in the biotech industry, with several years of leadership experience in the Pharma industry under his belt. Will has been instrumental in launching a variety of innovative platforms and expanding the role of medical affairs across the industry. He is often invited to speak at crucial pharmaceutical industry conferences focusing on medical affairs, patient navigation, and its relationship to field-based medical teams, and the ever-changing role of the medical science liaison (MSL). Will has held a variety of critical management roles across the industry at companies such as Retrophin, Veeva Systems, Eisai, and Gilead Sciences.

In this episode, Anne opens the show describing some future focused trends in the medical affairs field. She and Will speak on controversial drug pricing issues – such as, what does the election year mean for the industry from an innovation perspective? There is no doubt that we want to make drugs as affordable for as many people. However, the challenge comes in when a majority of the clinical trials fail. The solution to drug pricing may be thinking about more efficient and effective ways to design clinical trials. Machine learning and AI can come into play for a clinical trial designer. The V3 team discusses here.

Ultimately, whether a device or product is going to work could be determined early on in the research. There is a strong correlation with what is happening in research and how we can make the overall system more efficient and effective.

Medical affairs is a value producer for companies, says Anne So how do we view value? William Soliman says that medical affairs will be taking more of a forefront in big-name companies. Global scientific output doubles every nine years. We need people who are going to be well-trained and formally knowledgeable.

Then, Will Soliman answers questions around the benefit of formalization Board Certification in Medical Affairs, as it brings uniformity within the culture of medical affairs. For example, medical directors entering industry from Academia don't know how to create a clinical trial. When you go to medical school, you don't get trained on how to create an adequate trial – there needs to be some uniformity.

Pharmaceutical companies need to rebrand – they have to demonstrate to patient groups that they are putting their money where their mouths are. Companies always say they are going to do things; however, rarely do they follow through. Patient advocates want physicians who are working from the highest standards.

“If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

In this Episode the team discussed the following topics:

About drug pricing [ ~3:00 ] Understanding how to leverage technology [ ~6:50 ] How we can utilize patient input [ ~9:20 ] Medical affairs is a value producer [ ~12:40 ] Board Certification in Medical Affairs [ ~18:50 ] How we can do our job with the highest level of caring [ ~24:45 ] You have to tough it [ ~34:00 ]

Anne’s Favorite Quotes:

“The industry can do a better job of leveraging technology to create more efficient clinical trials.” -Dr. William Soliman  “The opioid crisis casts a poor light on pharmaceutical companies.” -Dr. William Soliman  “When you make a decision based on fear, then you aren’t willing to put your foot down and make the hard decision.” -Dr. William Soliman

Links Mentioned: 

Board Certification in Medical Affairs: ACMA on LinkedIn: William Soliman’s LinkedIn:

Ascension Event: Part 2 - Activate - PPN Episode 916

Jan 14, 2020 946


Dr. Christina Taratola and Todd Eury talk about the ASCENSION EVENT in Sedona, AZ on March 20-22, 2020. 


Link to the retreat:

This transformative experience is for spiritually-driven, ambitious women who are committed to diving DEEP into themselves so you can accelerate the path to your next level of income & impact. 

Over the 3 day experience, you'll totally reset your nervous system, untether from your world of distraction, and dedicate 3 powerful days to intentionally designing your next level of creation in 2020. 

You'll experience...

💫High-level trainings on aligned business strategy, Divine purpose, accelerated manifestation, accessing your magic, and MORE.

🌟Energy work/ Breath-work / Quantum Healing to clear & release blockages & upgrade your energetic system.

💫Dismantling of old patterns of self-doubt, fear, and struggle as you effortlessly step into a NEW reality of more ease, flow, and abundance.

🌟Complete untethering from your limited self to unleash your infinite potential & embody your soul mission and next level of leadership.

As a BONUS, you'll leave with...

💫A Strategic Ascension Guide packed with concrete action steps and accelerated growth strategies you can implement into your buiness immediately.

💎Spaces for this experience are VERY limited and this opportunity is by application only. 

Dr. Christina Tarantola, PharmD, CHC, CHt

Creator of The Quantum Queen Program 

Encode Your Queen Frequency as You Embody Your Next Level
Ready for your next level? Embody Your Quantum Queen with this FREE guide! 

460 Lowries Run Rd. 

Pittsburgh PA 15237

Placing the Patient's needs First is a better Business Strategy- PPN Episode 915

Jan 13, 2020 1888


Today's 'Business of Pharmacy Podcast' is sponsored by Spencer Health Solutions, Inc.-- moving healthcare to the home. 

Tom Rhoads is the Founder & CEO of Spencer Health and is passionate about leading his company with the 'patient first' approach in everything they do. 

For the 40 million people whose illnesses drive 65 percent of US healthcare costs, spencer Health Solutions, LLC (formerly HAP Innovations, LLC) is transforming healthcare by moving care delivery to the home. The company’s spencer® adherence, telehealth and engagement platform extends access, and enables virtual care by making it simple for patients, family caregivers, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to stay in touch.

Learn more about working with Spencer Health:

Millennial Pharma Leader Founders Podcast | Part 2 - PPN Episode 914

Jan 10, 2020 1656


In this episode, MPL founders Jeff Pike, Ben Penley, and Smit Patel sit down together to conduct their first Q&A w/ listeners. 

Millennial Pharma Leader is an online magazine and podcast focused on careers in the pharmaceutical industry. As we learned about the huge variety of opportunities in this field, we were surprised that there really weren’t a lot of resources teaching students and starting professionals how to get involved. With a team of talented authors, we have worked hard to bring regular content by millennials, for millennials. Our goal is to share the stories of our most successful peers and mentors. Hopefully these stories, interviews, and topic discussions will be informative and help you paint a better picture of the opportunities for ambitious new professionals in the drug development sector.

If you enjoy this episode, be sure to tell your friends about it, and subscribe at

Building Your Personal Brand - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 913

Jan 9, 2020 1248


Today's Rx Buzz Podcast special guest is Hillary Blackburn Director of Pharmaceutical Services of Dispensary of Hope. 


Own Your Career Instead of Your Career Owning YOU

How YOU define success in your career looks significantly different than the person sitting next to you. That is precisely why working with a career strategist, like me, is purely an investment in yourself, in your family, and in your future.

Here is the skinny:

People that desperately want a career change, but never seem to find it, lack these three things:

1. You don't know what exact steps to take or where even to start (no strategy!).

2. You have ideas, but don't really follow up or do them (no accountability!).

3. You worry about what the future, and wonder if what you want is even possible (no course, and definitely lacking confidence!).


You thought you knew what to do, but you're applying to jobs and hearing crickets (no strategy, again!).

To ensure you get where you want to go, you must equip yourself with the strategy, accountability, and a dash of confidence to guarantee your success. I mean...what could be more important than doing work you enjoy, and living a life of purpose?

Contact Ashlee today: 

ACPHS' New Center for Biopharmaceutical Education & Training - PPN Episode 912

Jan 8, 2020 1771



Exciting news at ACPHS! In January 2020, the College will open the Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training (CBET), a facility that will train pharmacy students and mid-career professionals for jobs making biopharmaceutical drugs, which is a rapidly growing part of the drug industry nationwide.

CBET will be a 20,000-square-foot  advanced technology facility that will feature emerging technologies such as single use and continuous bioprocessing, cell therapy, gene therapy, and real-time analytics. Hands-on programing will include real world applications operating in a simulated cGMP environment, as well as broader topics such as quality control and supply chain management.  Close ties and consultation with corporate partners will be crucial to providing relevant programming both for traditional students and individuals already in the workforce.  Initial partners in this endeavor include Clarkson University and Albany Molecular Research Institute (AMRI).  Discussions are currently underway with additional collaborators.

In this episode of Occupation Station, Dr. Patrick Yang, former executive vice president of Genentech, Roche and Juno and current chairman of AbGenomics and Acepodia joins ACPHS President Dr. Greg Dewey to talk about the current recruitment needs of the biopharmaceutical industry and how CBET will fill those positions.  Dr. Yang, who serves as an adviser to program development, discusses five distinct ways CBET will partner with biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Dewey, meanwhile, talks about how CBET will stay nimble, while training students for a rapidly changing field.

Learn more at

Nailing Your Residency Interviews - the Luxe Pharmacist - PPN Episode 911

Jan 7, 2020 1980


Nailing Your Residency Interview is the third episode of The Luxe Pharmacist Residency Series. This episode is designed to cover all aspects of the interview process including areas like presentations and clinical assessments, the types of questions that are asked and overall advice on how to prepare. The episode ends with a fun Q&A section with questions submitted from listeners just like you! For additional residency interview information/resources please head to: 

The Medical Cannabis Debate | PART 1 - PPN Episode 910

Jan 3, 2020 4066


Today's Medical PotCast Episode features Joseph Friedman, R.Ph. MBA, is founding member and was a principal at Professional Dispensaries of Illinois, (PDI) Medical LLC. From the moment Illinois’ Medical Cannabis program was signed into law, he became deeply involved in the complex process of positioning himself as a medical expert on cannabis.

And Carla Lowe, is the founder of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM). She has been a volunteer anti-drug activist since 1977. Carla co-founded Californians for Drug-Free Youth and Californians for Drug-Free Schools. In addition, she chaired the Nancy Reagan Speakers’ Bureau of the National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth. Lowe is a mother of five grown children, grandmother of nine, and former high-school teacher.

Carla states: "During my past 33 years as a volunteer anti-drug activist, I have been involved in non-profit 501 (C) (3) organizations, several that I started A non-profit group is limited by law as to its political expenditures. We could not lobby openly against any marijuana legislation. In 1979, I think, I heard Keith Stroup, new director of NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) say that in their quest to see smoked marijuana become legal around the country, it would first need to be accepted as a “medicine,” that this would be the “red herring” necessary to give it a good name among the public." 

Reference Material:


Contact for Carla Lowe


Ghada Abukuwaik, RPh - Leader in Medication Adherence - PPN Episode 909

Jan 2, 2020 1312


RxSafe Podcast Series:

From the NCPA Innovation Center:

Ghada Abukuwaik, RPh, of Curemed Pharmacy in Clifton, N.J., was honored with the 2019 NCPA Innovation Center Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award in recognition of her commitment to improving medication adherence. The award is sponsored by RxSafe and was presented at the National Community Pharmacists Association's 2019 Annual Convention in San Diego.

"Though critical to outcomes and to containing costs, medication adherence can be a highly personal matter," said NCPA President Bill Osborn, PharmD. "Ghada Abukuwaik and the team at Curemed Pharmacy are taking a multifaceted approach to improving adherence and patient health, leaving no stone unturned. I am proud to recognize Ghada for such successful, inspiring work in engaging patients and helping them manage their medications."

Abukuwaik and Curemed Pharmacy began providing medication synchronization services in 2015, a program now described as core to the pharmacy's practice. 424 patients are currently enrolled in the med sync program and their adherence measure rates are well above 80 percent, the industry standard. Fifty-three percent of patients are utilizing blister and bubble packs, with the pharmacy aiming to provide 100 percent compliance packaging to med sync patients in the next two years. Beginning in December 2018, the pharmacy began offering annual consulting and educational home visits to med sync patients, reaching 73 percent of patients on the initial round of visits.

Abukuwaik and Curemed Pharmacy also have a well-established diabetes education program that has helped patients decrease doses of diabetes and blood pressure medications, decrease the number of medications, and even stop medications for pre-diabetes patients. They utilize an Rx Local application that allows the pharmacy team to contact patients in a HIPAA-approved platform, giving patients another means to send for refills, set up reminders, manage care, and update their information. The pharmacy also prioritizes communicating with health care colleagues, regularly communicating with physicians with updates on patients.

Curemed Pharmacy's patient health is improving as a result of these and other tools, with their sync population having a mere 2.4 percent hospitalization rate.

"It's my distinct honor and privilege to join the NCPA Innovation Center in recognizing Ghada Abukuwaik as recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award," said RxSafe President and CEO, William Holmes. "Ghada exemplifies how independent community pharmacists can use technology to have a huge impact on improving patient health and safety, and enable millions of Americans to live independently and productively for years to come."

Future Proof Pharmacy with Harry Travis - PPN Episode 908

Dec 30, 2019 1770


The original host of the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast and a frequent guest on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, Harry Travis joins Todd Eury on discussing how to "Future Proof Pharmacy". 

Harry J. Travis is a senior healthcare executive with over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical distribution channel management. This includes multibillion-dollar specialty and non-specialty pharmacy operations, health plan pharmacy benefit design and pharmaceutical wholesale operations. Currently, Mr. Travis is the President and CEO of etectRx, Inc. etectRx has developed an innovative digital pill system that incorporates a tiny ingestible sensor into a capsule, which transmits a signal to a wearable reader and then to a smartphone-based app and secure cloud-based server to reliably and safely indicate when a patient has taken their medicine.

Mr. Travis has held senior leadership positions with Baxter Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Accredo/Medco and Aetna where he served as the VP of Aetna’s Specialty and Home-Delivery Pharmacy Business. He is a nationally known speaker on the topic of the disruptive impact of digital technologies on the practice and business of pharmacy.

He holds a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy and an MBA from The Darden School at the University of Virginia. 

What we Learn about our Inner-Strengths from our Parents w/ Joyce DeLair - PPN Episode 907

Dec 27, 2019 780


Joyce A. DeLair sits down with her son, Todd S. Eury Founder of the first podcast about the Business and Profession of Pharmacy, the Pharmacy Podcast. We share our lessons learned in life and what we can learn about our strengths within ourselves from our parents. 

I dedicated this episode to my Mom. My very first audience. 

Thanks Mom for your encouragement and belief in me. 

Your second (& favorite) son, 


Pharmacists for Truth Transparency - PBM Reform Series Part Two - PPN Episode 906

Dec 23, 2019 2610


Part Two of the PBM Reform Podcast Series features an interview with Monique Whitney, the Excutive Director of Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (PUTT). 

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency (PUTT) is a non-profit advocacy organization founded by independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners devoted to exposing the truth about the anti-competitive tactics of pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs). Known to most Americans as their "prescription drug benefit plan" provider, PBMs are in reality a $300 billion industry - giant corporate middlemen driving up the cost of medications with huge mark ups and commissions on every prescription covered under their "benefits plan." 

Working with local and national traditional and digital media that includes The New York Times, USA Today, CBS News, Bloomberg, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and Business Insider, PUTT seeks to educate patients, lawmakers, health plan sponsors and the public about the deeply negative effects of the PBM industry on U.S. healthcare and the escalating price of prescription medications.

PUTT serves as an industry watchdog, collecting evidence of PBM fraudulent practices and abuse and using this information to educate and inform consumers, taxpayers, employers and health plan sponsors of the truth about the unregulated, unmonitored PBM industry. Through PUTT's efforts, PBMs have begun to experience greater public awareness and scrutiny of their actions and come under fire for questionable practices including the use of gag clauses at the pharmacy counter, gross over-billing of health plans (called "spread pricing"), forcing patients to use PBM-owned pharmacies instead of allowing patients to choose their own pharmacies and interjecting unnecessary bureaucratic practices such as prior authorizations between patients and their doctors in the matter of prescription refills.

Monique Whitney

Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency

m. (505) 480-4150

Why Every Tech Company in Pharmacy needs a Pharmacist - PPN Episode 905

Dec 20, 2019 380


Timothy Aungst, PharmD, the Digital Apothecary shares his views on "Why every tech company needs a pharmacist on staff." 

Learn more about Tim here: 

This episode was sponsored by the California Pharmacist Association WPE 2020 

Pharmacy Technician Professional Career Development - PPN Episode 904

Dec 18, 2019 1548


NHA’s national pharmacy technician advisory board members are industry leaders that represent all facets of the pharmacy workforce. This episode of OnScript with NHA shares insights from within both the community retail and health system pharmacy environments related to the expanded scope of practice.

Co-hosts Jeremy Sasser and Jessica Langley discuss with these industry leaders key trends impacting the profession, such as professional development and career laddering opportunities. The discussion highlights the importance of elevating the roles of both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in tandem for the purpose of taking better care of patients.  All members of the team need to have shared goals associated with improving health outcomes, improving practice safety and medication use process in order to help the team work more effectively.


Jeremy Sasser

Pharmacy Content Strategist


ASHP Midyear 2019 Summary - PPN Episode 903

Dec 17, 2019 1386


The Pharmacy Podcast Network in collaboration with RXVIP Concierge Pharmacist attended the 2019 ASHP Midyear Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas on December 8–12, 2019. 

Special Interviews include: 

RxSafe  -  Bill Holmes  RxDestroyer  -  Jordan Brown  Micro Merchant Systems  - Brian Courtney PharmD  Brianne Weiss  -  RXVIP Concierge Pharmacist Ray Castro  -  Swisslog 

Special shoutouts to: 

Sterlin Haydon-Greatting, MS-MPH, RPh Aaron Huet  - McKesson Technology & Services  Tony Guerra PharmD - Pharmacy Resident Podcast  Adam Baillio PharmD - Integrated Pharmacist Podcast  Robert Clifton Jr. - Novartis  Ray Vega - Pfizer  Ken Sternfeld RPh - RXVIP Concierge Pharmacist 

About ASHP Midyear:

The ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting is the largest gathering of pharmacists in the world. The hundreds of educational activities at the Midyear Clinical Meeting are developed to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of pharmacists and associated personnel in health systems.

PBM Reform Series Part One: NCPA INSIGHTS - PPN Episode 902

Dec 16, 2019 1770


Anne Cassity Vice President, Federal and State Government Affairs at National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) joins Todd Eury, CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, on part one of the new series: 

PBM Reform Podcast Series 

Pharmacy benefit managers were created as middlemen to reduce administrative costs for insurers, validate a patient’s eligibility, administer plan benefits, and negotiate costs between pharmacies and health plans. Over time, PBMs have been allowed to operate virtually unchecked. A lack of transparency in PBM practices has led several states to implement licensure/registration, fair pharmacy audit, or generic drug pricing legislation to try to level the playing field for pharmacies and patients. 


Why do Digital Health Companies focused on Medication Adherence struggle? - PPN Episode 901

Dec 9, 2019 1358


Timothy Aungst, PharmD host of talks about the recent focus on the issues plaguing digital health companies focused on medication adherence, which seem to come from the fact that adherence alone is not the problem, but optimization of therapy from data collected.

Tim presents some of the trends I've seen and thoughts on what can be done to change these problems.

Ascension Event: Part 1 - Release PPN Episode 900

Dec 5, 2019 1170


Dr. Christina Taratola and Todd Eury talk about the ASCENSION EVENT in Sedona, AZ on March 20-22, 2020. 

Link to the retreat:

This transformative experience is for spiritually-driven, ambitious women who are committed to diving DEEP into themselves so you can accelerate the path to your next level of income & impact. 

Over the 3 day experience, you'll totally reset your nervous system, untether from your world of distraction, and dedicate 3 powerful days to intentionally designing your next level of creation in 2020. 

You'll experience...

💫High-level trainings on aligned business strategy, Divine purpose, accelerated manifestation, accessing your magic, and MORE.

🌟Energy work/ Breath-work / Quantum Healing to clear & release blockages & upgrade your energetic system.

💫Dismantling of old patterns of self-doubt, fear, and struggle as you effortlessly step into a NEW reality of more ease, flow, and abundance.

🌟Complete untethering from your limited self to unleash your infinite potential & embody your soul mission and next level of leadership.

As a BONUS, you'll leave with...

💫A Strategic Ascension Guide packed with concrete action steps and accelerated growth strategies you can implement into your buiness immediately.

💎Spaces for this experience are VERY limited and this opportunity is by application only. 

Dr. Christina Tarantola, PharmD, CHC, CHt

Creator of The Quantum Queen Program 

Encode Your Queen Frequency as You Embody Your Next Level
Ready for your next level? Embody Your Quantum Queen with this FREE guide! 

460 Lowries Run Rd. 

Pittsburgh PA 15237

the RxVIP of Midyear 2019 - PPN Episode 899

Dec 4, 2019 1316


The RXVIP of Midyear 2019 is the pharmacist. This podcast episode features Founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network & CEO Todd Eury & Co-Host Nabila Ismail, Director Of Business Development at RXVIP Concierge discussing the RXVIP Concierge Pharmacist Movement. 

Here's Tony Guerra PharmD episode titled:

Is ASHP Midyear Worth It - Three Reasons to Go to Las Vegas 

About RXVIP Concierge Pharmacists:

RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ is a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy who are dedicated to providing enhanced patient-centric care by collaborating with physicians to deliver value-based services right in their offices. With strategic marketing relationships with health care providers, RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ offers Concierge Pharmacists a means to provide a professional pathway as an alternative to traditional retail pharmacy environments, so that they can enhance their role as health care providers and earn more money. To learn more about this paradigm shift in the practice of pharmacy, visit

Contact Information:

Ken Sternfeld, RPh
RXVIP Enterprises, LTD
Founder, Director New Business Development
1299 Corporate Drive Suite #1504, Westbury, New York 11590
1-844-MYRXVIP  (1-844-697-9847)

the Canadian Case for Legalization of Medical Cannabis - PPN Episode 898

Dec 3, 2019 1666


Joe Friedman RPh., talks with to Lindsay Gayman, BScN, global cannabis consultant, a leader within the medical cannabis industry, an educator, an advisor and above all, a healer about Medical Cannabis legalization. 

Lindsay's passion for cannabis understanding is only mirrored by her knack for mentoring. As more and more countries inch closer to developing legalizing frameworks for medical cannabis, Lindsay wants to guide them through all possibilities ahead of them and ultimately help make scientifically sound and compassionate judgements. Her public speaking engagements often leave her audience with a working comprehension of the cannabis world and its many, many moving parts. The inner mentor in her believes establishing a certain candour about the realities of this ever expanding industry with new laws and regulations popping up every day. She is determined, full of passion and works everyday, to help shape this industry.

Lindsay lives to learn and strongly believes that education is never really over, especially for the educator. 

Is ASHP Midyear Worth It - Three Reasons to Go to Las Vegas - PPN Episode 897

Dec 2, 2019 600


Pharmacy Podcast Network Veteran Tony Guerra, PharmD, gives his overview of why to invest in going to Midyear.

The Pharmacy Leaders Podcast, with your host, Tony Guerra, has interviews and advice on building your professional brand, network, and a purposeful second income. The Pharmacy Leaders Podcast is part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

Millennial Pharma Leader Founders Podcast - PPN Episode 896

Dec 2, 2019 2264


In this episode, MPL founders Jeff Pike, Ben Penley, and Smit Patel sit down together for the first time. They recap their recent conference experience, discuss the motivation behind starting MPL and future plans for the site, and take audience Q&A. Stay tuned for part 2 of their chat!

Millennial Pharma Leader is an online magazine and podcast focused on careers in the pharmaceutical industry. As we learned about the huge variety of opportunities in this field, we were surprised that there really weren’t a lot of resources teaching students and starting professionals how to get involved. With a team of talented authors, we have worked hard to bring regular content by millennials, for millennials. Our goal is to share the stories of our most successful peers and mentors. Hopefully these stories, interviews, and topic discussions will be informative and help you paint a better picture of the opportunities for ambitious new professionals in the drug development sector.

If you enjoy this episode, be sure to tell your friends about it, and subscribe at

A Time to Give Thanks - the Income Outcomes Show - PPN Episode 895

Nov 26, 2019 1436


A special time & episode to Give Thanks, with Ben Coakley & Joe Casselman. 

Leaders in Specialty Pharmacy at NASP 2019 - PPN Episode 894

Nov 25, 2019 1450


Pharmacy Podcast Network VP of Business Development talks with NASP Annual Convention 2019 Leaders in Specialty Pharmacy: 

Adam Hussein Cory Kidd  Joseph T. Huntsman 

The Future of Specialty Pharmacy is centered in technology, optimal processes, patient focus, payer partnerships, and physician collaboration. 

NASP Annual Event

Not Your Typical MSL - Nabeel Qureshi PharmD - PPN Episode 893

Nov 21, 2019 1164


Not Your Typical PharmD

TNP Guest: 

Name: Nabeel Qureshi

Title: Medical Liaison, Managed Markets

Matt Paterini, PharmD talks with Dr. Qureshi expands our understanding of the typical Medical Science Liaison role by taking a look at his position in managed markets. Great feature for those considering industry as a career option!

Pharmacy Owners: Why you need to "Think like Amazon" PPN Episode 892

Nov 19, 2019 1778


Pharmacy is changing, fast. Pharmacy Owners are under more pressure today to survive and succeed more than anytime in history of the pharmacy industry.

Why is "playing it safe" a death sentence for Independent Community pharmacy owners? Listen, share, and learn from John's candid conversation with Pharmacy Podcast Network founder & CEO Todd Eury about why you need to "Think Like Amazon" to survive in Community Pharmacy. 

About John Rossman: 

John Rossman is a Digital and Innovation Advisor & Managing Partner at Rossman Partners, keynote speaker and author.  

Mr. Rossman is an expert at digital and ecommerce business models and operations. He has led engagements on ecommerce, Internet of Things strategies, marketplace and API driven platform business models..  He is a sought after speaker on creating a culture of operational excellence and innovation. Mr. Rossman has worked with clients across various industries, including retail, insurance, education, consumer products, industrial products and transportation.

Mr. Rossman’s notable assignments include The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Nordstrom and several of the world’s leading retail and insurance organizations.

Prior to Rossman Partners,  John was a Managing Director at Alavarez and Marsal, a performance improvement consulting firm.  Prior to A&M, John was an executive at where he launched the Marketplace business and third party selling platform, and ran the merchant services business.

Learn more here: 

Buy the latest book by John here: 

V3 Podcast Episode 2: Can The Cure For Cancer Be Right Around The Corner? PPN Episode 894

Nov 19, 2019 3158


Anne Arvizu and Sotirios Stergiopoulos

V3 Podcast Episode 2: Can The Cure For Cancer Be Right Around The Corner?

Welcome back to the #V3Podcast.

This is The Vision, the Voice & the Value of Medical Affairs.

On today’s episode, we discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology and the future of global Medical Affairs. Is biopharma lagging behind compared to other industries? And what’s the reason? Who is really pushing for change? And how can the C-Suite catch up and catch the wave before it’s too late?  

The number one medical affairs podcast tackles new ground in this episode as Biopharma global executive veteran, Dr. Anne Arvizu, interviews Medical Affairs influencer and frontrunner, Dr. Sotirios Stergiopoulos, President & CEO at A2A Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Stergiopoulos is an awarded physician executive and oncology thought leader. He’s also been recipient of the prestigious lifetime achievement award, by the American Cancer Society, for his long-standing dedication to fighting cancer. He serves on the Board of Governors for the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs. Previously, at Ipsen he was Chief Medical Officer, SVP and Head of Global Medical Affairs. Sotirios has held numerous other leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry with companies including Novartis, Bayer, and Celgene. Dr. Stergiopoulos holds a B.S. from Stony Brook University, an M.D. from Poznan University of Medical Sciences, and an M.B.E.E. from the Johns Hopkins University; and has trained at the National Institutes of Health, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Harvard University.

As the conversation starts, Dr. Stergiopoulos reveals his thoughts on the future of global medical affairs. Artificial intelligence can have significant value and be one of the greatest assets for the biotech industry. Plus, the team discusses how blockchain will drastically alter patient anonymity and privacy reports. Crypto machinery will protect the interest of our patients by keeping their data safe. Anne highlights how the medical affairs segment of the biotech industry is not using AI as much as other industries like entertainment, telecommunications, technology, and professional services. Dr. Stergiopoulos thinks the medical sector is pressure tested – they are first waiting to see if AI is a fad or something that is going to be ubiquitous in society.

With such a daunting task ahead, Anne theorizes asks how the biotech industry might become knowledgeable enough in the technology to utilize it daily. Dr. Stergiopoulos insists that ‘middle management’ and the technologically savvy people, are the new content experts. They're the ones that keep pushing corporate heads to find and adopt new and relevant technologies. Many people don't even realize they are already using AI, and they don't even know how the technologies are rapidly evolving. One foundation is even giving out generous rewards to teams who can solve problems using AI. XPRIZE gives out millions of dollars to groups who can tackle big problem, i.e., find ways to ensure society has an indefinite supply of clean water. Then, Anne and Sotirios discuss what roles medical affairs need to focus on moving forward. Dr. Stergiopoulos reveals the top three are medical affairs services (such as medical information and medical communications), content expertise, and ensuring their MSLs are topnotch. 

Later, Dr. Stergiopoulos reveals his feelings on patient-centricity. Currently those words are being used as a disturbing catchphrase. However, he believes we are moving in the right direction now. Dr. Stergiopoulos thinks we have some excellent patient-centricity officers out there, but both agree there is a need for more. The goal of the officer is to make sure that number one, most importantly, the company realizes that everything they do is all about the patients. In his previous role, the Chief Patient Centricity Officer reported directly to him, to advocate for the patient, with the number one goal to educate everybody within the company and to ensure people understand that the patient's voice needs to be heard.

This power hour illuminates applications in AI as used in medical affairs and brings our minds up to the highest goal: seeing the potential cure for cancers in our lifetime via genetic therapies and other modalities. Keep ears perked up to hear Dr. Stergiopoulos reveal the new technologies we need to be on and what keeps his heart in the game.

In this Episode:

The future of global medical affairs [ 4:30 ] AI deficits in the medical industry [ 11:20 ] Closing the skills and knowledge gap to implement new technology [ 16:30 ] People don’t even know they are utilizing AI [ 22:15 ] The roles medical affairs needs to focus on moving forward [ 25:00 ] What is patient-centricity? [ 31:00 ] What advice would you give for companies who want to identify as patient centric?          [ 36:00 ] Patient centricity example [ 37:45 ] New technologies to look out for, and how we may see some cancers cured in our lifetime with genetic therapies [ 42:40 ] What keeps your heart in the game? [ 45:15 ]


Quotes (Sotirios Stergiopoulos):

“People don’t even realize they are utilizing AI right now.” “The last thing you want to do is be the last one at the table.” “Seeing patients just kept giving me energy.” “The ability to touch patients on a grander scale is a motivator.” “Do what you’ll love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Links Mentioned: 

Ipsen: Novartis: XPRIZE: Stergiopoulos’ LinkedIn: A2A: RxER Communications Anne Arvizu Arvizu’s Linked In: - If you have a big idea to share and would like to apply to be a guest on the V3 Podcast, in message Anne via Linked In or via the form on RxER’s website on the podcast page. For more about The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs and how ACMA Board Certification can up-level your career, click here:

Pharmacists in Functional Medicine: Melody Hartzler PharmD - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 891

Nov 18, 2019 1544


Melody Hartzler is the owner and CEO of Pharm To Table, LLC. During today’s episode, she discusses the role of pharmacists in functional medicine. For more information about Dr. Hartzler or functional medicine, please see the following links: (This is where they can sign up for the conference, students should click the non-pharmacist pricing & can use the code FutureLeaders for 10% off).  

Instagram Facebook:

www.PharmToTable.Life  instagram facebook:

Pharmacy Rotations Part Two: CVS Health Careers Podcast Series - PPN Episode 890

Nov 13, 2019 940


Today on the CVS Health Careers Pharmacy Podcast Tyson Cromeens, PharmD talks with Justin Koch, PharmD about  Pharmacy rotations within CVS Health. We then go directly to the people that have experienced our Pharmacy Rotations, current Interns Manny and Naomi.  

Listen and hear about their experiences within CVS Health Rotations and learn about just a few of the many rotations opportunities CVS Health can provide.

If you are a Pharmacy Intern then this is a must listen for you.

For more information about CVS Health Careers, click the links below: 

For Pharmacists:

For Internships:

Here's part one of this Rotations Podcast: 

OnScript with NHA: Episode 5 - PPN Episode 889

Nov 12, 2019 1534


Margarita Fedorova, CPhT, joins host Jeremy Sasser and co-host Jessica Langley on the latest episode of OnScript with NHA to discuss the innovative pharmacy technician residency program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the first program of its kind nationally.

Recently named Pharmacy Employer of the Year at the Western Pharmacy Exchange (WPE), Margarita serves as manager of pharmacy services for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she has led numerous initiatives that push the boundaries of pharmacy technician practice and improve operational efficiency. She is responsible for coordinating the hospital’s tech-check-tech program, and has led the redesign of the technician practice models, supported a “meds to beds” program, and co-led the development and implementation of the pharmacy technician residency program.

This podcast is sponsored by NHA:

GeoFencing in Pharmacy - Pharmacy Marketing Simplified - PPN Episode 888

Nov 12, 2019 1932


On the latest Pharmacy Marketing Simplified Podcast, Nicolle McClure speaks with Pam Clarke, Digital Marketing Expert at Cox Media about Geofencing. What exactly is GeoFencing, and how can you use it to help market your pharmacy? We’ll discuss all the ins and outs, including what it is, how to best use it, and a few restrictions to be aware of. Pam will also give some examples of campaigns other independent pharmacies have seen success with. Tune in to learn how the hyper-targeted method can work for your pharmacy.

Medication Nonadherence does NOT cost $300 Billion but Medication Non-Optimization Costs More - PPN Episode 887

Nov 7, 2019 1500



(Change my Mind)

Medication adherence holds a soft spot for me, likely due to my professional background as a pharmacist. I cannot tell you how often medication adherence comes up daily when addressing patient care. Even in the home healthcare setting, we have multiple nurses that are dedicated to visiting and administering medications to patients (usually those with a psych history or SUD or related comorbidities that impede medication use). I love the idea of technology aiding in medication adherence, and if you follow my work, you know that I have been reviewing apps and devices for almost a decade now. Nonetheless, I cannot but help notice a trend that is, I believe, really cutting out pharmacists from the medication "adherence" disruption space.

Heres the problem: Medication adherence is not a $300 Billion problem, and that may shock you. After all, almost every company website I visit discusses how they will transform healthcare with their solution/product by focusing on their intervention will reduce the cost of adherence in the US. And I cannot help but think this narrative is killing the pharmacy profession because it opens up a very different tale to the actual problem that is favorable to only a few people.



NCPA 2019 Annual Conference Pharmacy Podcast Summary - PPN Episode 886

Nov 6, 2019 1158


NCPA Annual Convention  is the country’s premier event for community pharmacy owners and their teams. It’s where you can learn the best business practices, find the best services and products, keep up with the newest trends and developments, and share ideas with peers from all over the country.

On this summary podcast episode, Todd Eury, Founder & CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network interviews several pharmacy industry professionals, including: 

Jessica Jones - ServRx  Brian Caswell of Wolkar Drug in Baxter Springs, Kan. was installed as the 2019-2020 president of the National Community Pharmacists Association Rxy the Robot, RxSafe  Nicolle McClure - GRX Marketing

Tax Strategy, Star Rating Impact, & Growing Your Pharmacy Business: RxSafe Podcast Series - PPN Episode 884

Nov 4, 2019 1250


Pharmacy Owner & Medication Adherence Strategist Benjamin McNabb, PharmD at Love Oak Pharmacy talks with the leading Pharmacy Industry accounting firm CEO Ollin Sykes with Sykes & Company about Tax Strategy, Star Rating Impact on DIR Fees, and Growing your Independent Community Pharmacy Business in competitive times. 

This podcast series is sponsored by RxSafe. 

About Sykes & Company: 

We have been serving independent pharmacies for over 35 years and are involved in every aspect of pharmacy accounting, including tax and business advisory needs of pharmacies and their owners.  All of the tools and knowledge we’ve gained serving pharmacies nationwide are also available to our local clients who include individuals, families and business owners.  

Our technology works hand in hand with our ‘get it done’ attitude to give you results that are fast and accessible. We use technology in ways that are on par with the nation’s largest and most cutting-edge firms. In addition, we’re never far away from our clients. When you start with Sykes, we send you a webcam so that we can video conference – even if we’re across the country, we believe this kind of face-to-face meeting is important so you feel like you’re getting “next door” service.

 Our firm is a member of the Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Division for CPA Firms. We have received an unqualified opinion on the voluntary peer review of our auditing and accounting procedures and quality controls—and this underscores the impeccable quality of our work.  All of our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the North Carolina Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Albemarle-Outer Banks Chapter of the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants. Our CPAs also belong to a variety of civic, cultural and religious organizations.

We also have a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) on staff. In addition, all of our CPAs and professionals participate in a minimum of forty hours of formal continuing education each year.

The 411 On Residency Applications: the Luxe Pharmacist - PPN Episode 883

Nov 4, 2019 2212


Here's the lowdown on applications: The 411 On Residency Applications is the second show in the residency series hosted by The Luxe Pharmacist Podcast. This episode is designed to help students and pharmacists applying to residency programs navigate the application process. This includes how to narrow down which programs to apply to, how to navigate the PhORCAS site and details on their CV, letters of intent and letters of recommendation. 



Women Empowering Women in Pharmacy - Rx Talk w/ Suzy - PPN Episode 882

Nov 1, 2019 1488


Suzy talks with Cynthia Pigg about Women Empowering Women. Cynthia Pigg is the Vice President of Managed Care with Cardinal Health. 

Listen to all of the Rx Talk w/ Suzy episodes here: 

Proper Drug Disposal is Paramount: RxDestroyer Podcast Series Part 1 - PPN Episode 881

Oct 31, 2019 1440


Medication disposal is sometimes overlooked. Today we interview Frank Breve, PharmD, MBA who is the President and CEO at Opioid Consulting Educational Solutions, A non-profit 501(c)(3). 

About Frank: 

• Clinical pharmacist involved in all areas of healthcare consulting including hospitals, long-term care facilities, dialysis centers, surgical centers, assisted living, medical day care, PACE programs, behavioral health, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, State and Federal government.
• Medication Therapy Management to optimize drug use, promote rational therapy, and reduce adverse event risk.
• Inspections and Regulatory Compliance.
• Policy and Procedure Development and Review.
• Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement measures.
• Pharmaceutical Outcome studies, Drug Use Evaluation and Drug Utilization Review.
• Legal consulting in medical malpractice and product liability cases.
• Drug diversion analysis and CDS process improvement. 

Occupation Station: Pharmacy Executive Bill Shields - PPN Episode 880

Oct 25, 2019 860


On this episode of Occupation Station, Pharmacy Executive Bill Shields. 

An early change in direction ultimately led to a healthcare career that spanned decades for Bill Shields.  Shields, who currently serves as CEO of Advanced Infusion Solutions,  already held a degree in education when he decided to further challenge himself by gaining a degree in pharmacy at ACPHS. 

Even though he quickly found work as a pharmacist, Shields felt a drive to branch out even further and achieved his MBA.  Now he tells others along their career journeys not to be afraid to invest in their own educations.  Shields is a big fan of diversifying.  His resume tells the story with major companies calling on him to work on product development, specialty infusion, regulatory affairs in Washington, D.C. and much more.

ResilienceRX: Turning Failure into Success - PPN Episode 879

Oct 25, 2019 2620


Fail Forward Interview with Mike Brownlee, Chief Pharmacy Office and Healthcare Executive at University of Iowa Healthcare. Mike shares insight on his professional failures such defending his own license amidst implementation of new operations within a pharmacy. Mike found purpose in what he was doing which drove his resiliency, leading to his many accomplishments today.

Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success by John Maxwell

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Redefining Healthcare by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg

Self Health is Paramount as a Healthcare Provider - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 878

Oct 18, 2019 1638


Ashlee Klevens Hayes, host of Rx Buzz, interviews Jerrica Dodd. 

Dr. Jerrica Dodd is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, coach and leader.

She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical
University, a Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration from The Ohio State
University, and a Master of Science with a focus in Applied Pharmacoeconomics
from the University of Florida. She completed her pharmacy practice and
administration residency at The Ohio State University Medical Center.
Dr. Dodd has been a pharmacist for 21 years and transitioned into full time
entrepreneurship after a 17-year career in the pharmaceutical industry in multiple
roles in Medical Affairs. She has also managed a hospital pharmacy, and has
experience in retail pharmacy.

Her recent educational pursuits have been completion of a Nutrition Health
Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Currently, she is
enrolled in the Institute of Functional Medicine and aiming to introduce a functional
medicine perspective to the pharmaceutical management of member patients of
Your Pharmacy Advocate, LLC where she is the founder and CEO.

Dr. Dodd has been requested to serve as a speaker for numerous and diverse
professional and community events. Her experience also includes speaking to
diverse audiences including health care providers. Jerrica’s most recent speaking
engagements were as a speaker and panelist at entrepreneurial events at the 2019
Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA. She is a co-author of the recently published
book, I Survived and has been featured on MizCEO, Glambitious and UpWords
magazine covers in 2019.

Dr. Dodd enjoys traveling, reading, teaching Zumba, cooking, and attending cultural

With her background in pharmacy, leadership training and her passion for people,
Dr. Dodd enjoys encouraging people to be their best and to get the most out of every
opportunity that life presents. Her favorite scripture is Luke 12:48...”to whom much
is given, much is required” and Dr. Dodd endeavors to live life giving back from the
abundant ways in which she has been blessed.

Harness the PharmD Power to be a Rockstar Engineer: TNP - PPN Episode 877

Oct 17, 2019 1320


TNP interview w/ David Vu, PharmD, CPHIMS

Dr. David Vu innovates by using formal pharmacy training to bring additional value to roles that span other industries. 

Matt Paterini here with The Nontraditional Pharmacist, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

Special guest, David Vu, is joining The Nontraditional Pharmacist show today and he’s a great TNP guest for a couple of reasons. Number one, excellent nontraditional role at Kit Check as a QA engineer among other roles and responsibilities, we’re going to talk about all of that and learn about his role there. He’s a champion of pharmacy informatics, and number three all around just an awesome dude. So David welcome to TNP, thanks for joining. 

1,400+ Pharmacists License Held Hostage: CPJE - California - PPN Episode 876

Oct 16, 2019 864


PPN founder Todd Eury Interviews Jon R. Roth, CAE Chief Executive Officer of the California Pharmacists Association

Introduction of this episode was from FOX26 

FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26) — More than a thousand people are now frustrated-- and outraged-- after the California State Board of Pharmacy chose to rule a key exam invalid, following a cheating scandal.

"I worked hard for this exam. It's unfair for me not to know my result," says Dema Askar, one of 1,400 people impacted by the board's decision.

Those who took the California Practice Standards and Jurisprudence Examination for Pharmacists (CPJE) in late July say they were told they'd receive the results in 30 to 45 days.


Aspiring pharmacists speak out after cheating leads to invalidated test scores: 

Pharmacy Technicians Day 2019 | ON-Script - PPN Episode 875

Oct 15, 2019 2186



Jeremy Sasser

Pharmacy Content Strategist


11161 Overbrook Road, Leawood, Kansas 66211

Women Pharmacist Day is October 12th - PPN Episode 875

Oct 11, 2019 1102


Suzy Soliman, PharmD, founder of the Pharmacist Mom's Group, & host of the Rx Talk w/ Suzy discusses Women in Pharmacy with pharmacy owners Brenda Johnson and Jaclyn Stephens. 

Women Pharmacist Day is October 12th. 

Suzy Soliman, PharmD: "So October 12 was selected for Women Pharmacist Day because the month of October has been recognized as the American Pharmacists' Month, but 12 was selected in honor of Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf, who is the first American recognized female pharmacist, and she had 12 children. Many of us talk about working with 2 kids, 3 kids, 1 kid, 5 or 6 kids, but no one in the group that we'd found had had 12 kids. So we thought that, you know, she was really a pioneer in pharmacy and also a leader for pharmacist women, so we wanted to honor her by selecting October 12." 

Residency 101 - the Luxe Pharmacist - PPN Episode 874

Oct 10, 2019 2056


Introducing the Luxe Pharmacist Podcast with host Madeline Acquilano, PharmD. Madeline is a PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at St. Vincent's Health Services in Bridgeport CT. 

This inaugural episode is about Residency in health system pharmacy. 

Residency 101 is the first of many shows included in the Residency Series by The Luxe Pharmacist Podcast. Each show in the residency series is designed to tackle one specific focus of residency applications and life as a resident. Are you wondering what is a pharmacy residency is or why would someone choose to complete a residency over other jobs?

Residency 101 has you covered! 

Madeline’s first episode is also in honor of the second annual Women Pharmacist Day. To celebrate she interviews, Suzanne Soliman, who is the Chief Academic Officer for the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA), the founder of the Pharmacist Moms group AND the creator of women pharmacist day!

Read more about the Luxe Pharmacist here:  

Health Economics and Outcomes Researcher - Brian Ung, PharmD - PPN Episode 873

Oct 9, 2019 1532


This episode features an interview with MPL Podcast host Jeff Pike and Brian Ung, PharmD, a Health Economics manager at Celgene. 

Millennial Pharma Leader is a collective of authors united by the desire to advance the understanding of careers, functions, and dynamics within the pharmaceutical industry and to celebrate the achievements of innovative leaders who are revolutionizing drug development. We are students and nascent professionals. We are driven and united in our pursuit of excellence. And we are committed to understanding the operating systems of the industry’s most successful. Through interviews with up-and-coming leaders, carefully researched topic discussions, and reflections on our own experiences, we hope to shine a light on best practices found throughout the drug development sector. Ultimately, these resources will serve as a guide for the next generation. 

Colorado State Rep. Dylan Roberts & the Price of Insulin - PPN Episode 872

Oct 8, 2019 2698


PolitiTalkRx Host Dr Scott Kjelson talks with Colorado State Representative Dylan Roberts about reducing the cost of life saving insulin. 

HB19-1216 Reduce Insulin Prices Concerning measures to reduce a patient's costs of prescription insulin drugs, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

Prescription insulin drugs - 30-day supply - cost-sharing cap - appropriation. 

Effective January 1, 2020, the act caps the cost sharing a covered person is required to pay for prescription insulin drugs at $100 per 30-day supply of insulin.

The act requires the department of law to investigate the pricing of prescription insulin drugs and submit a report of its findings to the governor, the commissioner of insurance, and the judiciary committees of the senate and house of representatives.

On-Script with NHA: Episode 4 - PPN Episode 871

Oct 7, 2019 2208


Pharmacy Technician Workforce Issues

In this episode of OnScript with NHA Jeremy Sasser and Jessica Langley sit down with Dr. Shane Desselle, and Dr. Kenneth Hohmeier to discuss their research on pharmacy technician workforce issues. As the practice of pharmacy advances to become much more patient-centric, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians alike are undergoing a potentially radical change in their respective practice. While much research has been done on pharmacist workforce issues, similar research focused on pharmacy technicians has been lagging until recently. 

Dr. Desselle and Dr. Hohmeier discuss their findings related to pharmacy technicians’ self-efficacy, career loyalty, and how advancing their roles and further professionalizing of the workforce play into job satisfaction. The good news: advancing their roles not only leads to a happier workforce, but patient safety may improve by truly allowing all pharmacy personnel to practice at the top of their license.  Many pharmacists views of pharmacy technicians are shifting as they witness the positive transformation of their own practice when technicians can do more.



Family Traditions, Bagels, & Brother Talks - PPN Episode 870

Oct 7, 2019 1464


The HUB of Healthcare Podcast host Ken talks with his sister Judy from Israel on Sunday October 6th 2019. Bagels, Coffee, Brother & Sister talking about family & traditions, an important part of your overall health. 

Connect with the Concierge Pharmacist, Ken Sternfeld: 

A Different Kind of Pharmacy Business Partner - APPA - PPN Episode 869

Oct 2, 2019 1808


The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance is a community of pharmacy owners, pharmaceutical experts and professionals dedicated towards the recognition and advancement of the specialized industry pharmacy, patient care & pharmaceutical purchasing. At APPA, we strive to represent a collective and unmistakable voice.

Our Mission & our goal is to keep members abreast of the latest developments and news in the pharmaceutical industry as well as offering managed patient & prescriber engagement solutions, best-in-class vendor marketplace & educational opportunities for professional growth and empowerment.

Are You just Living or Are You ALIVE, special guest Lisa Larter - PPN Episode 868

Sep 30, 2019 2118


On this episode of the 'Income Outcomes Show' we have special guest Lisa Larter

Lisa helps businesses navigate modern entrepreneurship so that they can increase sales and profits. What the heck does that mean?

In essence, it means everything from business strategy, understanding your numbers and measuring what matters, to online marketing, social media and the best way to turn connections into paying customers.

Lisa believes business is all about the numbers and that you need to take lots of action in order to make things happen.


Contact Lisa:

The Lisa Larter Group

P.O. Box 583
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
B0S 1A0 

Importance of Home Infusion in your Specialty Pharmacy Part 2 - PPN Episode 867

Sep 26, 2019 1179


Welcome to the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Podcast:

The Importance of Home Infusion in your Specialty Pharmacy Program Strategy, part 2. Our host for this podcast is Amy Swanson. Amy is the Director of Marketing and Member Relations for Excelera, and I’ll be serving as your host for today’s podcast. NASP is proud to bring their members the NASP Podcast in partnership with Pharmacy Podcast, one of the many benefits of NASP membership.


We are privileged to have two speakers from Fairview Health with us today, Tim Affeldt and Brett Benfield, industry leading experts on specialty pharmacy and home infusion.

Tim Affeldt, PharmD is the Vice President of Specialty/Infusion Operations of Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC based in Minneapolis MN. Tim joined Fairview Pharmacy Services in September 2013. Prior to joining Fairview he spent 19 years at the Walgreen Company as a District Pharmacy Supervisor where he led the implementation of Specialty, MTM, and Diabetes programs at Walgreens in Minnesota.  Tim is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, a former Pharmacy Alumni Society board member and remains active at the College of Pharmacy as a mentor to first year students, involvement in the Leading Change in Pharmacy Program, he holds an Adjunct Assistant Professorship at the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems. Mr. Affeldt is a member of the Minnesota American Diabetes Association (ADA) Community Leadership Board and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) MinnDakotas Chapter Board.  Tim is a current member of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association (MPHA), ASHP, National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) and National Home Infusion Association (NHIA).

Brett Benfield, PharmD, MS, serves as the Regional Manager of Home Infusion and Compounding Operations at Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC.  Brett joined Fairview Pharmacy Services in July 2014 as a first-year Health System Pharmacy Administration Resident, with a focus in ambulatory pharmacy operations. After completion of this two-year residency and Masters in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, for three years he managed a Fairview community pharmacy in the MHealth Clinics and Surgery Center building.

Fairview Pharmacy Services is an integral part of Fairview Health Services, one of the largest health care systems in Minnesota and a partner of the University of Minnesota Medical Center and University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. Fairview serves patients from across the state of Minnesota, the upper Midwest and beyond. To learn more about Fairview Home Infusion, visit their web page at

Occupation Station - Mina Tadrous - PPN Episode 866

Sep 24, 2019 1072


Mina Tadrous began to understand what career would spark him while getting his Doctor of Pharmacy at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. As his career trajectory shows, Tadrous has turned that spark into a flame in many, many ways. You could say his main focus is on post-marketing surveillance of drugs that have been approved.

It is crucial work that uncovers the hidden differences between when a drug moves out of the category of “tolerable” to the determination of the drug’s suitability for a specific individual’s needs. But Tadrous also finds great fulfillment in teaching. He has also become a thoughtful commentator regarding the rising costs of drugs. In this episode of Occupation Station, Tadrous talks about his career and offers advice to students on how to tap into the resources available to them at ACPHS. Bonus! Tadrous reminds us of a special “in” that comes with being a student.

Women in Pharmacy – Own the Future: Rx Talk w/ Suzy - PPN Episode 865

Sep 23, 2019 1282


Women in Pharmacy – Own the future

Suzy Soliman, host of Rx Talk w/ Suzy, interviews Cardinal Health's Julie Wilson. 

Women in Pharmacy from Cardinal Health is your bridge to a rich and rewarding career in pharmacy ownership — at whatever stage you’re in — from student to aspiring owner to community leader.

Where every day, women come together to share ideas, seek inspiration and reach for their dream of being successful, independent pharmacy owners serving their neighbors. This is the place to feel empowered.

the Digital Health Conference 2019 - PPN Episode 864

Sep 18, 2019 1872


On Episode 864, Todd Eury talks with Dr. Parisa Vatanka, PharmD, CTTS about the upcoming Digital Health Conference held by the California Pharmacist Association (CPhA). There are many different technologies being integrated into healthcare and our pharmacists must understand how these tools and systems can be leveraged for better patient care.

More info can be found at

Preparing the Hazardous Drugs Assessment of Risk - PPN Episode 863

Sep 16, 2019 1442


Today's Pharmacy Compliance Guide is the second part of our series on preparing for USP <800> Hazardous Drugs (HD). In our last podcast, titled: “How will USP <800> Impact My Retail and LTC Pharmacy?” we addressed what each pharmacy must do to prepare for implementation of these guidelines. We covered these topics:

How to identify hazardous drugs through the NIOSH List Segregating hazardous drugs from regular stock Proper handling of hazardous drugs When pill scanners and robots are permitted to be used Special handing of hazardous drugs that require alterations Determining Personal Protective Equipment by using Safety Data Sheets Which agencies will enforce these guidelines?


Keeping it real w Ashlee Klevens Hayes of RxAshlee - PPN Episode 862

Sep 13, 2019 1230


Two Pharmacy Podcast Network podcasters.Two advocates for nontraditional pharmacy.Two powerhouse women pharmacists.One great TNP feature! 

The Nontraditional Pharmacist, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. Today we’re joined by Ashlee Klevens Hayes and I personally have been looking forward to this interview for quite some time. I am a big fan of Ashlee’s work. She’s doing some really awesome things in pharmacy. Ashlee is a pharmacist, a keynote speaker, a fellow co-host on the Pharmacy Podcast Network with her show Rx Buzz, and on top of that she is an entrepreneur with her business are Rx Ashlee. So Ashlee welcome and thanks for being on the show with us today.

Value-Based Health Care & Specialty Pharmacy - PPN Episode 861

Sep 12, 2019 1356


Christopher Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer at Heritage Biologics, Inc., interviews Dr. Mahek A. Shah. about the importance of understanding what Value-Based Health Care truly is & how Specialty Pharmacy dove tails with the transformation of healthcare services to the coming of a new age of patient focus. 

About our guest Mahek A. Shah, M.D. Senior Researcher at Harvard Business School. 

Mahek A. Shah, MD is a Senior Project Leader and Senior Researcher at Harvard Business School. Dr. Shah leads Harvard Business School’s Value Measurement for Health Care projects, implementing time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) globally to understand real and actual costs of care delivery. Shah teaches and advises executives at large health systems, governments, and companies on how to better understand and measure their outcomes and costs.

Working with Professors Bob Kaplan and Michael Porter, he designs and advises the implementation of the new framework for restructuring health care systems around the world, Value-Based Health Care, with the overarching goal of delivering more value for the patient: better outcomes at lower costs.

Dr. Shah is the co-author of two Harvard Business School (HBS) case studies. He has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), World Health Organization (WHO), and Forbes. Shah delivered a TED talk at Harvard: Bringing Patient-centered Design to Healthcare.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Shah has focused on redesigning health care to improve patient outcomes, leverage technology, and the health care experience. His methodologies emphasize maximizing value through measurement, aligning the provider and payers, and utilizing real-time data to drive decision making. Dr. Shah speaks globally on the future of health care delivery, measurement, alternative payment models, and the business of healthcare.

Dr. Shah advises the World Economic Forum, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and serves on the New England Journal of Medicine’s Catalyst Insights Council. Prior to medicine, Dr. Shah worked on Wall Street at Citigroup. Follow and engage with him on twitter at @Mahek_MD

Conscious Pharmacist Podcast - Joins the Pharmacy Podcast Network - PPN Episode 860

Sep 11, 2019 1320


The Pharmacy Podcast Network welcomes Michelle J. Sherman, RPh, APh, FASCP, host of the Conscious Pharmacist Podcast.

The Conscious Pharmacist Podcast a show for pharmacist healthcare providers who have answered the call to practicing “ON PURPOSE”.

As pharmacists what we do matters, how we practice matters and how we take care of patients matters.

Be the change you wish to see in the world- Gandhi

The Conscious Pharmacist Podcast is a production of MichRx Pharmacist Consulting Services by Michelle Sherman, your HIV pharmacist and pharmacy experts.

Listen to all the episodes here: 

Pharmacy Rotations: CVS Health Careers Podcast Series - PPN Episode 859

Sep 10, 2019 962


Pharmacy Rotations

Today on the CVS Health Careers Pharmacy Podcast Tyson Cromeens, PharmD talks with Justin Koch, PharmD about the multitude of Pharmacy rotations within CVS Health. Listen and explore the many practices of Pharmacy within CVS Health rotations such as Specialty, Community, Managed Care, Home Infusion and Long Term Care.

If you are a Pharmacy Intern then this is a must listen for you.

For more information about CVS Health Careers, click this link: 

The China Rx Story on SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 858

Sep 8, 2019 1918


China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine. 

ASCP's SenioRx Radio Veronica Charles, Government Affairs, interviewing special guest and best selling author Rosemary Gibson. 

About China Rx:

Millions of Americans are taking prescription drugs made in China and don't know it--and pharmaceutical companies are not eager to tell them. This is a disturbing, well-researched wake-up call for improving the current system of drug supply and manufacturing.Several decades ago, penicillin, vitamin C, and many other prescription and over-the-counter products were manufactured in the United States. But with the rise of globalization, antibiotics, antidepressants, birth control pills, blood pressure medicines, cancer drugs, among many others are made in China and sold in the United States. China's biggest impact on the US drug supply is making essential ingredients for thousands of medicines found in American homes and used in hospital intensive care units and operating rooms. The authors convincingly argue that there are at least two major problems with this scenario.

On-Script with NHA: Episode 3 - PPN Episode 857

Sep 5, 2019 1600


Episode 3 w/ ON-Script Podcast Host Jeremy Sasser CPhT, & Jessica Langley Executive Director of Education and Advocacy National Healthcareer Association (NHA)  

During episode 3, host Jeremy Sasser and co-host Jessica Langley, executive director for education and advocacy at NHA, share insights from NHA's 2019 Industry Outlook research, part of the annual publication, access™: an allied health industry journal. The Industry Outlook research shares insights from employers of pharmacy technicians, better understanding the needs of employers and the value of certification for this role. You can view an overview of the data and insights discussed in this episode at: 

ASCP BCGP/CPE Webinar Podcast Preview: SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 856

Sep 3, 2019 1020


ASCP BCGP/CPE Webinar Podcast Preview for SenioRx Radio:

Functional Medicine: The Impact on the Senior Care Patient – 9/10 @ 1 pm eastern – Live BCGP/CPE and 10/1 home-study

Guest and Upcoming Speaker: Lauren Castle, PharmD, MS

Register for our upcoming BCGP/CPE webinar with Lauren Castle and Veronica Riera-Gilley on 9/10:

About Lauren:

The Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance:

Lauren on LinkedIn:

Upcoming meet up for functional medicine pharmacists 9/6 in Indianapolis:

Be sure to bookmark and review all of our upcoming BCGP and CPE webinars for pharmacists with ASCP at:


Avadim Health Podcast Series Part Three: Integrative Pain Management Pharmacist - PPN Episode 855

Aug 30, 2019 2134


Avadim Health Podcast Series Part 03

Special guest Mark Garofoli , PharmD, MBA, BCGP, CPE Director of Experiential Learning at West Virginia School of Pharmacy talks with Jason Cavolina, MS, CEO at RXVIP Concierge & host of the Evidence Based Podcast about Integrative Pain Management and the Pharmacist. 

About Mark Garofoli , PharmD, MBA, BCGP, CPE

Mark is the Director of Experiential Learning & Clinical Assistant Professor at WVU School of Pharmacy. Mark is a Clinical Pain Management Pharmacist in the Integrative Pain Management Center Organization within the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy.

Mark graduated with his PharmD from University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, 2004 & earned his MBA from Strayer University 2008. His Publications include:

Novel Prodrug Combination Agent for Short-Term Management of Acute Pain. Pharmacy Today. 2018; 24(4):22.   Elsaid D, At the forefront of tackling Opioid Abuse in West Virginia. WVU School of Pharmacy Showglobe. 2017; 16-17.   Hall B and Garofoli MP, Patients in Recovery Need Pain Management, Too. WV Board of Medicine Newsletter. December 2017.   McMurtrie B, One University Takes on the Opioid Crisis. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 2017; 64(6).

This podcast was sponsored by Avadim Health manufacturers of Theraworx Relief. 

Read more here:

Theraworx Relief & the Pharmacist


Importance of Home Infusion in your Specialty Pharmacy Program Strategy - PPN Episode 853

Aug 29, 2019 1072


Welcome to the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Podcast:

The Importance of Home Infusion in your Specialty Pharmacy Program Strategy. My name is Amy Swanson. I am the Director of Marketing and Member Relations for Excelera, and I’ll be serving as your host for today’s podcast. NASP is proud to bring their members the NASP Podcast in partnership with Pharmacy Podcast, one of the many benefits of NASP membership.


We are privileged to have two speakers from Fairview Health with us today, Tim Affeldt and Brett Benfield, industry leading experts on specialty pharmacy and home infusion.

Tim Affeldt, PharmD is the Vice President of Specialty/Infusion Operations of Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC based in Minneapolis MN. Tim joined Fairview Pharmacy Services in September 2013. Prior to joining Fairview he spent 19 years at the Walgreen Company as a District Pharmacy Supervisor where he led the implementation of Specialty, MTM, and Diabetes programs at Walgreens in Minnesota.  Tim is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, a former Pharmacy Alumni Society board member and remains active at the College of Pharmacy as a mentor to first year students, involvement in the Leading Change in Pharmacy Program, he holds an Adjunct Assistant Professorship at the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems. Mr. Affeldt is a member of the Minnesota American Diabetes Association (ADA) Community Leadership Board and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) MinnDakotas Chapter Board.  Tim is a current member of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association (MPHA), ASHP, National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) and National Home Infusion Association (NHIA).

Brett Benfield, PharmD, MS, serves as the Regional Manager of Home Infusion and Compounding Operations at Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC.  Brett joined Fairview Pharmacy Services in July 2014 as a first-year Health System Pharmacy Administration Resident, with a focus in ambulatory pharmacy operations. After completion of this two-year residency and Masters in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, for three years he managed a Fairview community pharmacy in the MHealth Clinics and Surgery Center building.

Fairview Pharmacy Services is an integral part of Fairview Health Services, one of the largest health care systems in Minnesota and a partner of the University of Minnesota Medical Center and University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. Fairview serves patients from across the state of Minnesota, the upper Midwest and beyond. To learn more about Fairview Home Infusion, visit their web page at


Occupation Station joins the Pharmacy Podcast Network - PPN Episode 854

Aug 28, 2019 1568


The Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) would like to welcome the Occupation Station Podcast publication published by Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS). 

The Occupation Station, a collaboration with the Office of Institutional Advancement and Center for Student Success is a new member of the PPN. This podcast project is a collection of interviews with prominent alumni and friends of the College who hold careers across the pharmacy and health sciences industry. With the ACPHS student in mind, our experts detail pivotal points in their careers and discuss what led them to where they are today.

Find all their episodes here: 

Importance of Home Infusion: Specialty Pharmacy Strategy - PPN Episode 853

Aug 27, 2019 1044


Welcome to the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Podcast: The Importance of Home Infusion in your Specialty Pharmacy Program Strategy. My name is Amy Swanson. I am the Director of Marketing and Member Relations for Excelera, and I’ll be serving as your host for today’s podcast. NASP is proud to bring their members the NASP Podcast in partnership with Pharmacy Podcast, one of the many benefits of NASP membership.


We are privileged to have two speakers from Fairview Health with us today, Tim Affeldt and Brett Benfield, industry leading experts on specialty pharmacy and home infusion.

Tim Affeldt, PharmD is the Vice President of Specialty/Infusion Operations of Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC based in Minneapolis MN. Tim joined Fairview Pharmacy Services in September 2013. Prior to joining Fairview he spent 19 years at the Walgreen Company as a District Pharmacy Supervisor where he led the implementation of Specialty, MTM, and Diabetes programs at Walgreens in Minnesota.  Tim is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, a former Pharmacy Alumni Society board member and remains active at the College of Pharmacy as a mentor to first year students, involvement in the Leading Change in Pharmacy Program, he holds an Adjunct Assistant Professorship at the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems. Mr. Affeldt is a member of the Minnesota American Diabetes Association (ADA) Community Leadership Board and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) MinnDakotas Chapter Board.  Tim is a current member of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association (MPHA), ASHP, National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) and National Home Infusion Association (NHIA).

Brett Benfield, PharmD, MS, serves as the Regional Manager of Home Infusion and Compounding Operations at Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC.  Brett joined Fairview Pharmacy Services in July 2014 as a first-year Health System Pharmacy Administration Resident, with a focus in ambulatory pharmacy operations. After completion of this two-year residency and Masters in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, for three years he managed a Fairview community pharmacy in the MHealth Clinics and Surgery Center building.

Fairview Pharmacy Services is an integral part of Fairview Health Services, one of the largest health care systems in Minnesota and a partner of the University of Minnesota Medical Center and University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. Fairview serves patients from across the state of Minnesota, the upper Midwest and beyond. To learn more about Fairview Home Infusion, visit their web page at


Samara Chienye - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 852

Aug 26, 2019 1766



Samara Chienye is a second year student pharmacist at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Pharmacy. In this episode, she shares her passion for Veterinary Pharmacy and finding ways to differentiate herself in a growing saturated pharmacy market.

Are you a pharmacy student scared about the availability of jobs after graduation? Are you a working pharmacist dissatisfied with your current career?

Then, this is the Pharmacy Future Leaders episode for you! 


Earn BCGP CPE on the Senior Care Pharmacist Podcast - PPN Episode 851

Aug 23, 2019 232


NEW! ASCP’s senior director of education, Dr. Erin Albert gives a quick overview of ASCP’s new journal to life podcast. The Senior Care Pharmacist Podcast is an audio podcast from ASCP that interviews authors from ASCP’s award-winning journal, The Senior Care Pharmacist, about their recent article. For this first pilot podcast, pharmacists who read the article and listen to the accompanying audio learning experience can earn BCGP/CPE credit hours.

Learn more at

The Senior Care Pharmacist Podcast is an audio podcast from ASCP that interviews authors from ASCP’s award-winning journal, The Senior Care Pharmacist, about their recent article. For this first pilot podcast, pharmacists who read the article and listen to the accompanying audio learning experience can earn BCGP/CPE credit hours. 

How will USP 800 Impact My Retail and LTC Pharmacy - PPN Episode 850

Aug 19, 2019 1546


How will USP 800 Impact My Retail and LTC Pharmacy?

USP-800 was designed to address the proper handling of hazardous drugs (HDs) in a pharmacy setting. Its guidelines are plainly aimed at promoting patient and worker safety in and around non- sterile and sterile compounding. The first section clearly covers compounding in its purest form.

However, when you move into section two, you quickly realize the dispensing of pills, capsules, liquids and manufactured packaged items are also covered by USP-800 Different types of terms are being used to describe types of hazardous drugs, such as: antineoplastic, non-antineoplastic, reproductive risk only; dosage form, risk of exposure, packaging and manipulation. This may sound like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, but it is the new language of hazardous drugs.

Email us:

Call Us: 724-357-8380 

ResilienceRx: Developing a Trust Team - PPN Episode 849

Aug 16, 2019 2550


Fail Forward Interview with Crystal Lennartz, Vice President of Pharmacy Performance for Health Mart Atlas. Crystal shares insight on both personal setbacks and professional failures that have gotten her to her current position.

ResilienceRx: Developing a Trust Team.  Your prescription for resilience is provided by Tammy Rogers, an organizational development expert who co-founded the Meyvn Group. Her expertise in burnout and resiliency translates a research-based approach into usable tools for today’s workplace.

Biography: Crystal Lennartz is currently the VP, Pharmacy Performance for Health Mart Atlas, McKesson Corporation’s managed-care solution. She leads the team responsible for managing a high-performing pharmacy network across ~7,000,100+ independent, small and medium chain pharmacies, nationwide. Previously, Crystal spent six years supporting the Health Mart franchise most recently on their strategy and business development team where she served as Chief Pharmacist.

Before joining McKesson in 2012, Crystal worked in and on behalf of community pharmacies including roles with Drug Store News, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, SUPERVALU, and Walgreens. She has both a Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration from Drake University after which she completed an APhA-ASHP Accredited Residency in Pharmacy Practice with emphasis in Community Care. Crystal lives in the Columbus, OH area with her husband and two children.

About Health Mart Atlas

Health Mart Atlas is the managed-care solution for more than 6,900 small and medium chain pharmacies, nationwide. Health Mart Atlas provides its pharmacies with access to narrow networks through strategic contracting, increases pharmacy efficiencies through its consolidated reimbursement processes, and delivers the tools needed to help its pharmacies remain top clinical performers in today’s shifting industry. As a market leader in managed-care solutions and support for community pharmacies, Health Mart Atlas provides the expertise and tools needed to help its pharmacies have continued access to patients and the right networks to compete in the evolving market. 

About McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation, currently ranked 5th on the FORTUNE 500, is a global leader in healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, community oncology and specialty care, and healthcare information technology. McKesson partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers, providers, pharmacies, governments and other organizations in healthcare to help provide the right medicines, medical products and healthcare services to the right patients at the right time, safely and cost-effectively. United by our ICARE shared principles, our employees work every day to innovate and deliver opportunities that make our customers and partners more successful — all for the better health of patients.  For more information, visit

Tammy K. Rogers

The Meyvn Group

WellTrackONE PharmD Resident Program- PPN Episode 848

Aug 13, 2019 1270


This is a special entrepreneurial driven experience & opportunity.

Pharmacy Podcast Network hosts Ken Sternfeld RPh., w/ the Concierge Pharmacist & Todd Eury discuss the WellTrackONE Residency Program opportunity. 


Dr. Crystal Cruz, PharmD., RPhi 

1.844.MYRXVIP m: 917.549.2028 

Episode sponsored by Rx Destroyer: 

10 Year old Rachel Returns talking w/ the Concierge Pharmacist - PPN Episode 847

Aug 12, 2019 1366


Rachel Returns talking with Ken Sternfeld RPh., the Concierge Pharmacist. 

Here's a link to the 1st episode with Rachel. 

9 Year old Rachel interviews the Concierge Pharmacist - PPN Episode 813  

Connecting Your Career w/ Lori Wallace - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 846

Aug 9, 2019 1637


In today's competitive & changing landscape of pharmacy & healthcare your career might seem under duress & churn. Ashlee talks with Lori Wallace Founder & Chief Pollinator, at Job Hivery. 

Leading up to the creation of Job Hivery, Lori served since 2005 as owner and operator of igMedical, a direct search firm serving the medical community of California. As recruiter, Lori’s focus has always been on transforming job search from head hunting in to human connection. And now, the time has come to boldly take this one big step further by seeding meaningful connection in the barren landscape of automated job boards.

Contact Lori: 



Instagram: @jobhivery

Pharmacy Layoffs, Industry Changes, & Transformation: Are You Listening? - PPN Episode 845

Aug 7, 2019 960



Ken Sternfeld RPh., sends YOU, the pharmacist, a WARNING about the Pharmacy Industry changes and how you can INSULATE your career and NEVER EVER worry about 1-INCOME but generate new additional income as a "Concierge Pharmacist" --get more information here:  --Tell Ken you heard the podcast on the PPN! 

Walgreens to close 200 US stores

Walmart Layoffs Impact Senior Staff

Can a CVS Loyalty Program Compete With Amazon Prime?

Pharmacists, Techs Discuss Pharmacy Retail Layoffs 

Hospice in Senior Care - SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 844

Aug 6, 2019 1365


SenioRx Radio host Justin Rash, PharmD delivers his last regularly published podcast episode as he moves into other projects. Justin interviews Stephanie Nelson with Alive Hospice. 

Hospice pharmacists within hospice must be thoroughly familiar with symptom management and harm reduction. Hospice services are provided in the following settings: standalone hospice inpatient units and hospice residential units, LTC facilities, and hospitals, in addition to the more traditional home care paradigm. A hospice pharmacists also must be cognizant of the many regulatory requirements associated with controlled substances, medication reimbursement requirements, and commonly managed symptoms. 

Alive Hospice is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that provides compassionate end-of-life care, palliative care, bereavement support and community education. Founded in Middle Tennessee in 1975, Alive Hospice is accredited by The Joint Commission and has held its Gold Seal of Approval for many years.

Alive entered the Middle Tennessee landscape in November 1975, only one year after the founding of the first hospice program in the United States. At the time, and through grassroots movements, other hospices also began appearing across the country. Like the group of individuals gathered together by Alive’s founders, Dr. David Barton and the late Dr. John Flexner, what unified those movements was compassionate people committed to helping patients live in comfort until death occurred and families to grieve with support.

OnScript with NHA: Episode 2 - PPN Episode 843

Aug 5, 2019 2410


During episode 2, host Jeremy Sasser and co-host Jessica Langley, executive director for education and advocacy at NHA, dive into the world of pharmacy technician education, featuring interviews with Ann Barnes, executive director of the Pharmacy Technician Educators Council (PTEC) at the organization’s annual conference. Langley also caught up with two certified pharmacy technicians to get their take on PTEC as well as opportunities for pharm techs. 


PTEC Website:



Are You 'Career Emergency Prepared' - PPN Episode 842

Jul 29, 2019 2426


The majority of Americans are not setting aside enough money in emergency savings to cover a significant unexpected expense, including pharmacists who recently experienced a massive layoff of approximately 1,000 retail chain positions. 

Another quarter of consumers report saving less than 5 percent of their monthly household income for emergencies.  Experts generally recommended that your emergency fund be large enough to cover three to six months of your household expenses. But what about making a plan in case of a career emergency? 

Adherence Veterans Share Secrets: RxSafe Podcast Series Part Three - PPN Episode 841

Jul 25, 2019 1924


Medication nonadherence is widely recognized as a common and costly problem. Approximately 30% to 50% of US adults are not adherent to long-term medications leading to an estimated $100 billion in preventable costs annually. The barriers to medication adherence are similar to other complex health behaviors, such as weight loss, which have multiple contributing factors. Despite the widespread prevalence and cost of medication nonadherence, it is undetected and undertreated in a significant proportion of adults across care settings. According to the World Health Organization, “increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.” How can adherence be improved? We propose that the first step is to view medication nonadherence as a diagnosable and treatable medical condition. We believe technology must be leveraged properly to impact this healthcare crisis. 

Special Guest Benjamin Price

Benjamin Price, PharmD,BCGP
Pharmacist / Vice-President / Education Services Director
TigeRx Pharmacy, Inc.
5638 Redbud Highway/ P.O. Box 1887 Honaker, VA 24260

TigeRx Pharmacy has been serving the community of Honaker since 2001. They have  three pharmacists with a combined 50 years of experience. At TigeRx Pharmacy, they believe that being a local Honaker pharmacy means providing healthcare services to our patients that are customized to meet their needs. 

TNP Student Series – Ep 007 Adam Baillio - PPN Episode 839

Jul 23, 2019 610


One of our most unique students yet…From the spotlight of performing to the pharmacy, Adam Baillio balances work and time with his (large) family.

Here's the full Student Series:

APPA Advantage: DIR Fee Insurance - PPN Episode 840

Jul 22, 2019 1086


Pharmacy Advantage: APPA delivers industry first proprietary DIR Fee Insurance Program bring much needed relief from costly DIR Fees & Clawbacks. File claims for your DIR losses for reimbursement.

Learn More:

Simplify Healthcare with One Touch - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 838

Jul 22, 2019 1530


Rx Buzz welcomes Carrie Chitsey Wells, helping to simplify healthcare with technology. 

Carrie Chitsey Wells, a native Austinite, is a digital technology innovator currently on her 7th company. She loves to stay busy running companies like healthcare (One Touch Telehealth), digital banking (One Touch Video Chat) and recruiting/HR (Live Video Interviews). She is extremely passionate about youth mental health and the opioid crisis, which led her to start the non-profit Humans Helping Humans and expand her podcast “Executive Innovation Show” to gain awareness. She is nationally recognized as Top 100 Female Founders, Top 50 Mobile Experts and Top 40 Under 40 Marketing executives. 


Jerrica Dodd - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 837

Jul 11, 2019 1758


Pharmacy Future Leaders host Joanne Pauyo interviews a very special Pharmacist and Entrepreneur who's a disruptor of the 'pharmacy model' status quo, Dr. Jerrica Dodd. 

Dr. Jerrica Dodd is a pharmacist, educator and coach who empowers individuals to transform their lives through coaching, teaching and speaking. Through her integrative company,, she combines her pharmacy administration, pharma-medical affairs and managed care expertise with her passion for service. She teaches healthcare professionals, individuals and organizations on up-to-date drug interaction considerations when treating chronically ill patients and consults with practices on drug safety. In addition to her pharmaceutical services, she empowers women to live healthier and happier from the inside out as a coach and licensed Zumba instructor. From medicine to ministry, Jerrica is undeniably passionate about people—and it radiates through every aspect of her work.

Jerrica cares. Jerrica listens. And Jerrica speaks.

Stay connected with Jerrica on social media on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 836

Jul 10, 2019 1714


Ashlee from Rx Ashlee & host of the Rx Buzz Podcast interviews fellow entrepreneur Brandon Dyson with "tldr pharmacy” about the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed from your passion. 
The entrepreneurial drive is a characteristic that flourishes within us. Entrepreneurial tendencies thrive in those who can seemingly build something great from nothing. These are the people who will continue to push themselves to their very limits to accomplish the largest of goals.

Brandon Dyson, PharmD, BCOP, BCPS   Works as a Clinical Pharmacist and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. Completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at a major academic hospital. 
He can be reached at

Outside Looking In: A Pharmacist's Personal Journey With Family Elders - PPN Episode 835

Jul 9, 2019 1968


Justin Rash, PharmD w/ the ASCP & host of SenioRx Radio interviews Jeannette Y. Jeannette Y. Wick, RPh, MBA, FASCP who write an amazing article called "Outside Looking In" 

Pharmacists who work in long-term care—or in any area of health care—are exposed to the health care system on a daily basis. While most of us recognize that the health care system has problems, especially at transitions of care, few of us appreciate fully how serious these problems can be. Certifying and accrediting agencies have encouraged health care providers to step out of their silos and work more collaboratively, and educators have emphasized understanding geriatric syndromes.

A description of a personal journey through the health system—for both the patient and the caregiver—with two older individuals, this narrative discusses how difficult it is for patients to understand what's happening around them. It also discusses the clinical inertia in addressing geriatric issues and offers suggestions to health care providers facing similar situations.

Original article here:

Outside Looking In: A Pharmacist's Personal Journey With Family Elders, Jeannette Y. Jeannette Y. Wick, RPh, MBA, FASCP 

Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor Melissa Momboisse shares her story of Resilience - PPN Episode 834

Jul 8, 2019 2554


Ken Sternfeld, RPh., interviews Melissa Momboisse, who is playing "Penny Pingleton" in Bay Area Musicals' upcoming production of HAIRSPRAY. Melissa courageously beat Stage IV Hodgkins' Lymphoma a few years ago, and her story as a performer and cancer survivor is tremendously inspirational.  

MELISSA MOMBOISEE (Penny Pingleton) is beyond thrilled to be making her Bay Area Musicals debut in Hairspray! Most recently Melissa appeared as Evelyn Nesbit in Ragtime at Throckmorton Theatre. Other favorite credits include: Funny Girl (Fanny Brice) at Throckmorton Theatre; Showboat (Kim Ravenal) at San Francisco Opera; Heathers (Heather McNamara) at Pacifica Spindrift Players; West Side Story (Anybodys), Grease (Frenchy) at Contra Costa Musical Theatre; Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey), Hairspray (Penny), 42nd Street (Anytime Annie), Anything Goes (Erma), Taffetas (Donna), Music Man (Zaneeta), Chorus Line (Connie), Chicago (June), and Cabaret (Fritzie/Gorilla) at PCRT; Ragtime (Evelyn Nesbit) at CMTSJ Marquee; Hairspray (Penny) at Ohlone Summerfest; Grey Gardens (Young Edie) at DMT; La Cage Aux Folles (Anne) at CCCT; 25th…Spelling Bee (Olive) at TVRT.

ACMA Medical Affairs Update July 2019 - PPN Episode 833

Jul 5, 2019 1094


William Soliman, PhD, BCMAS President of the ACMA & Senior Level Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industry Expert delivers the latest news & updates from the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA). 

The ACMA Podcast Series has 3 Shows: 

ACMA Medical Affairs Update V3 Podcast  Millennial Pharma Leader Podcast V3 Podcast w/ Anne Arvizu 

The #V3Podcast Launches on The Pharmacy Podcast Network - PPN Episode 832

Jul 2, 2019 1480


Welcome to the inaugural episode of The V3 Podcast, launching Tuesday, July 2, 2019. The V3 Podcast will showcase the vision, the voice and the value of Medical Affairs. Biopharma industry executive veteran, Dr. Anne Arvizu, will interview like-minded leaders and key global strategists who will share their knowledge, insights and new cutting-edge information. This higher-level look, at what keeps your patients first in our industry, will help you to position the role of medical affairs as the key driver for your organization and the Biopharma world moving forward. This is the Future of Medical Affairs.

The V3 Podcast is great for you if you: wishing you had a focused bit of time to learn more about medical affairs from a leadership perspective. V3 will give you the gift, first Tuesday of each month, to take about 30 minutes or more, to be equipped from the mindset at the executive levels. It’s also a great show for doctoral level leaders entering the industry, wanting to learn more and fast track their careers. As the show progresses, we’ll focus on various functions and hot topics within medical affairs that will be edifying and informational. You can expect to glean some actionable insights from every episode that you can immediately put into action. 

This first episode has been recorded as a solo anchor episode for our future guests. In this great standalone episode, Anne breaks down the three in V3; Vision. Voice and Value, as strategic elements pertaining to medical affairs. You’ll walk away understanding the impact that our practice has on the business that we support, and ultimately the patients we serve. 

Please follow the show so you don’t miss an episode. And if you like what you hear, please tag and or follow @annearvizu and share on social media with the hashtag #V3Podcast and #medicalaffairs 

This show is being produced by the Pharmacy Podcast Network and is parter-sponsored by The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) to help better serve the next generation of medical affairs leadership and adding value by supporting the medical experts and compliance leaders in our industry. You can find out more about ACMA here

Adherence Veterans Share Secrets: RxSafe Podcast Series Part Two - PPN Episode 831

Jul 1, 2019 1928


Medication nonadherence is widely recognized as a common and costly problem. Approximately 30% to 50% of US adults are not adherent to long-term medications leading to an estimated $100 billion in preventable costs annually. The barriers to medication adherence are similar to other complex health behaviors, such as weight loss, which have multiple contributing factors. Despite the widespread prevalence and cost of medication nonadherence, it is undetected and undertreated in a significant proportion of adults across care settings. According to the World Health Organization, “increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.” How can adherence be improved? We propose that the first step is to view medication nonadherence as a diagnosable and treatable medical condition. We believe technology must be leveraged properly to impact this healthcare crisis. 

The RxSafe team has pharmacy owners at the front lines. Here's an interview with a Community Pharmacy Champion. 

Special Guest Matthew Massey

Matthew Massey
Massey Drugs Inc

Since opening their doors, Massey Drugs has been committed to helping the residents of the Shoals take care of what matters most- their health. Massey's friendly team of dedicated pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and sales staff are there to make sure you get your medicines on your schedule so that you can live better.

FIX DIR DAY 2019 - PPN Episode 830

Jun 27, 2019 202



It's time to show your senator how DIR affects your business, so NCPA and other stakeholders are designating Thursday, June 27, as Fix DIR Day.

The Senate Finance Committee delayed action on a potential drug pricing legislative package until after the July 4 recess (June 28-July 8). Let's send them back to their home states with a strong message! NCPA has urged the committee to address pharmacy DIR fees in this legislation in light of the Trump administration's failure to act. The committee needs to hear that there is broader support in the Senate to address pharmacy DIR fees.

Please contact your Senators immediately and ask that they voice support to the Senate Finance Committee for inclusion of provisions addressing pharmacy DIR fees in drug pricing legislation.

Additional Resources

Sample press release for participating groups
Please feel free to customize the suggested quote within to reflect your organization.

DIR Timeline

TNP Student Series – Ep 06 Aleksey Gitelson - PPN Episode 829

Jun 27, 2019 868


TNP Student Series – Ep 006 Aleksey Gitelson

We’ve all answered the same question at some point – “Why do you want to go to pharmacy school?”Most of the time the answer is what we think interviewers want to hear. But we all know some of the real reasons….We chat with Aleksey on some of these unspoken truths. 

Walmart Layoffs? PBM Reform & Controlling Your Destiny - PPN Episode 828

Jun 26, 2019 1320


What have you heard about the Walmart Pharmacy Layoffs? 


PBM Reform, notes from Pharmacy Times June 26th 2019 

PBMs have been the focus of increasing scrutiny as many blame their unregulated practices for contributing to increasing prescription drug costs. The perspective, which addresses several areas of concern and provides insight into PBM pricing practices, suggests that reform may lead to drug cost savings.
According to the authors, a 2018 independent audit examined the impact of Ohio Medicaid’s switch in 2011 from a fee-for-service model to a managed care model to administer its outpatient prescription drug benefits. To date, the Ohio audit is the first comprehensive review of PBM practices and incorporated 39 million drug transactions, the authors said.
Overall, the audit indicated that the switch to a managed care program, which uses PBMs, saved the Ohio Medicaid program $415 million annually. The savings were largely driven by the lower prescription claim prices billed to plans by PBMs, according to the report. 

Music by (MD) Mystical Dominance vocals by Alan Walker Darkside

To CBD or Not to CBD: Evidence Based Podcast - PPN Episode 827

Jun 25, 2019 2798


Be Prepared for Patients to Ask About CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are moving into some pharmacies and mainstream retailers...not just smoke shops, dispensaries, etc.

CBD and THC are cannabinoids found in two varieties of the cannabis plant...marijuana and hemp. CBD doesn't cause a "high" like THC.

Hemp with 0.3% THC or less is no longer a federally controlled substance and is a legal source of CBD...after last year's Farm Bill.

But cannabis STATE laws vary. For example, cannabis is fully legal in California...but all forms are illegal in Idaho.

FDA regulations add to the confusion. They say CBD can't be sold as a supplement...since it was first approved as an Rx drug (Epidiolex). But CBD is allowed in hemp-derived "cosmetics"...creams, lotions, etc.

This leaves a lot of murkiness with CBD...especially with orals, tinctures, foods, etc...and enforcement is spotty.

So far, the most conclusive evidence is with Epidiolex...a purified CBD solution approved for two rare and severe seizure disorders.

Emphasize that there's not good evidence yet to support popular CBD claims...such as relieving chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia.

And the variety of CBD products leaves many unknowns about their safety, quality, dosing, etc.

In general, recommend avoiding CBD in pregnant or breastfeeding women...and lean away from it in patients taking multiple meds.

Educate that CBD may cause drowsiness, diarrhea, etc...and using it with CNS depressants (benzos, opioids, etc) may worsen sedation.

Be aware of many potential interactions. For example, CBD inhibits CYP2C8, 2C9, and 2C19...and might raise levels of meds such as amitriptyline, valproic acid, and warfarin. Or CBD levels might be increased by CYP3A4 inhibitors, such as clarithromycin.

Plus high CBD doses are linked to elevated liver function tests. Explain most urine drug tests check for THC...not CBD. But high CBD doses with trace amounts of THC...or impure products...could lead to a positive THC test.

If patients plan to try CBD, suggest checking the product for a "certificate of analysis" from an independent lab. This doesn't confirm safety or efficacy...but shows levels of CBD, THC, and contaminants.

Dive deeper with our chart, Comparison of Cannabinoids...and access our Natural Medicines for more on efficacy, safety, and interactions.

Key References: (05-16-19)

-Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: National Academies Press (US); 2017

-Can Fam Physician 2018;64(2):111-20

Pharmacist's Letter. June 2019, No. 350604

Jessica Louie is the BurnOut Doctor - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 826

Jun 24, 2019 1644


Rx Buzz Podcast host & founder of Rx Ashlee, Dr. Klevens Hayes, welcomes Pharmacy's fashion maven, life-declutter expert, and new podcaster, Jessica Louie, PharmD --talking about accomplishing personal growth through burn out. 

About Jessica: Dr. Jessica Louie is CEO of Clarify Simplify Align, Declutter & Burnout Coach, Professional Organizer and Certified KonMari Consultant who helps busy professionals and women gain clarity of their purpose, simplify and declutter their home and minds, and align their work into their lives with simple processes to avoid overwhelm, lead with confidence and curate lives they LOVE. Dr. Jessica Louie, PharmD, APh, BCCCP holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of Southern California (USC), Advanced Practice Pharmacist license (APh) and is board-certified in critical care (BCCCP). She uses her healthcare background to coach you through emotional and difficult decisions. Jessica resides in Pasadena/Los Angeles, California and serves her clients in-person locally, travels to Salt Lake City, Utah and Brookfield, Wisconsin and provides virtually coaching sessions. View her full personal and professional profile on LinkedIn.

Mindfulness in Life Creates Joy - Rx Talk w/ Suzy - PPN Episode 825

Jun 21, 2019 1352


Tori Rerick, PharmD - Mindset Maven - Tidy Tor LLC

Tori shares:

A pharmacist turned mindfulness coach. While experiencing intense burnout after only two years practicing in my field, I found relief with increased, intentional self care. This time in my life inspired me to leave my pharmacy job and discover being a healer within my own integrity. Instead of dispensing pills, I now prescribe mindfulness. I teach women mindset management and spiritual development. I guide women to self love and emotional freedom. So where does the “tidy” come in? I used to focus solely on organizing (ahem, controlling) my external environment. I’ve created organizational content on YouTube under the handle Tidy Tor for several years. However, I’ve learned inner peace comes from the tidy integration of mind, body, AND spirit. Now, I’ve transitioned from trying to control my feelings by organizing my external world to being able to organize my thoughts and prioritize myself for maximum wellbeing. My motto has become tidy your mind, organize your life. If you catch a vibe with me, I’d be happy to connect with you. My purpose on this earth is to support and guide you.

Disruptive Models & Opportunities for Pharmacists Today - PolitiTalkRx - PPN Episode 824

Jun 21, 2019 2106


PolitiTalkRx host Scott Kjelson, PharmD talks w/ Brad Tice, PharmD one of the most innovative pharmacists in healthcare helping to position the pharmacist as a healthcare provider while getting paid for patient care services. 

About Dr. Tice: 

Brad Tice

SVP Pharmacy Practice, Aspen RxHealth

Founder, RxGenomix

President, American Pharmacists Association

Brad Tice, PharmD, MBA, FAPhA is the SVP of Pharmacy Practice at Aspen RxHealth and Founder of RxGenomix. He is also the current president of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).  Dr. Tice received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1994 and PharmD in 1996 from the University of Kansas. He also earned an MBA from the Vanderbilt University Owen School of Management in 2012. His career has spanned the pharmacy spectrum working with independent, chain and hospital pharmacies through Cardinal Health, entrepreneurial start-ups, independent and chain community pharmacy practice, academia at Drake University, and managed care. He is also the founder of RxGenomix, a Tennessee-based company to implement pharmacogenomics into pharmacy practice.

The Business of Specialty Pharmacy & Asembia 2019 Review - PPN Episode 823

Jun 14, 2019 2268


Harry Travis, CEO of etectRx and specialty pharmacy industry veteran reviews the state of specialty pharmacy, insights on the future, and the 2019 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit from May. The Specialty Pharmacy Summit remains the most important forum for learning, networking, and conducting business throughout the entire specialty marketplace.

Connect with Harry:

Doorways to Opportunity: ResilienceRX - PPN Episode 822

Jun 12, 2019 3238


ResilienceRX: Fear, Insecurity, Uncertainty are the biggest doorways to opportunity.

Fail Forward Interview with DeAnn Mullins, Owner, Mullins Pharmacy

DeAnn shares how professional failures propelled her to pharmacy ownership and serving as the third female president in the history of NCPA, along with the unique legacy her leadership provided to the organization. At the time of recording, DeAnn’s pharmacy and hometown of Lynn Haven, Florida had been devastated by Hurricane Michael only five months earlier. She shares the firsthand hardships faced by her patients, community, and of the pharmacy being closed for three entire months.


Tammy Rogers:


Health 3.0:

‘Just A Pharmacist’:

Interview with a drug dealer:

Pivot by Jenny Blake


Medical Marijuana & Older Adults - SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 821

Jun 11, 2019 1640


Justin Rash, PharmD, talks with Danielle (Rhyne) Fixen, an Assistant Professor and Geriatric Clinical Pharmacist at University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy, about medical cannabis and older adults. 

Marijuana has had a turbulent history in the United States. Starting in the mid-1990s, however, there was a push to introduce the medical benefits of cannabis to the American people once again—”once again,” because before the 20th century, marijuana was almost entirely legal.

Beginning in the 1910s, states began to ban the sale of marijuana, eventually leading to a bill called the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937, which decreased the amount of hemp (a version of a cannabis plant) allowed to be produced in the U.S. Later on in the century, the stigma around marijuana grew and Richard Nixon signed into law the Controlled Substances Act, which included marijuana on a list of federally banned drugs alongside heroin, cocaine, and other narcotics.

By the time the 1990s came along, though, states began adopting the medical benefits of marijuana, starting with California. About 15 years after that, marijuana itself—not just the medicinal qualities—became legal for recreational use in Washington and Colorado. As of 2017, 29 of 50 states have legalized some form of medical marijuana. A 2013 study revealed that four of five doctors approve of medical marijuana and that more than 90 percent of medical marijuana patients (of around 7,500 surveyed) say that medical marijuana has helped treat their conditions. Seniors were the largest age group in the study (more than 2,300 respondents).

SenioRx Radio 

Carli Peace - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 820

Jun 7, 2019 1870


What happens when you just say “yes” to life’s opportunities and take a risk? Find out on this episode of Pharmacy Future Leaders with Carli Peace.

Carli Peace is a student pharmacist at Union University College of Pharmacy. She was also featured on The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres.


SIPN - the next generation PBM - PPN Episode 819

Jun 6, 2019 2322


Vinay Patel founder of Self Insured Pharmacy Networks (SIPN) talks about PBM reform and the new business model disrupting the status quo. 

SIPN is a Pharmacy Benefit Management company founded by pharmacists Vinay Patel and Ritesh Patel who have over 20 years of combined experience in clinical practice and management/ownership of independent retail pharmacies. Here is the team that is working tirelessly to bring better solutions for the self funded employer marketplace.

Vinay Patel, Pharm.D.
Founder, Self Insured Pharmacy Networks LLC
vinay.patel @
919-436-3359 ext 101 office

Marketing a Profitable Weight Loss Program - PPN Episode 817

Jun 3, 2019 2510


As independent pharmacy owners look to other revenue sources to keep their business viable, learn how starting a weight loss program within your pharmacy could be the perfect solution. Dr. Kathy Campbell, pharmacy owner and founder of Dr. Kathy Weight Loss, discusses how she created the program, integrated it with her pharmacy business, and marketed it to her customers and the community.

More information: 

Making Your Impact - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 818

May 31, 2019 2844


Making your impact. Ashlee interviews Tony on this episode of the Rx Buzz.

Tony Guerra, PharmD, is chair, instructor, and pre-pharmacy advisor at Des Moines Area Community College's Pharmacy Technician program and Pharmacy Podcast Network Co-Host. He's Tony_PharmD on Twitter and TonyPharmD on YouTube providing Top 200 drugs and pronunciation help to over 4,500 followers with over 1 million views. His two audiobooks Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach and How to Pronounce Drug Names: A Visual Approach to Preventing Medication Errors are Amazon bestsellers. He graduated from Iowa State University with a BA in English and the University of Maryland with his PharmD.

Western Pharmacy Exchange 2019 PPN Coverage Part Two: PPN Episode 816

May 29, 2019 1978


Part Two of the PPN coverage of the WPE 2019 event, with special guests:

Veronica Bandy Jessica Langley Jon Roth

The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) joined forces to enhance the communications platform available to the pharmacy profession in both California and beyond.

Together, the podcast platform of more than 20 channels and 70,000 listeners and the nation’s largest state association supporting pharmacists, will boost and enhance the content, information and resources available to network listeners, pharmacists and those interested in all aspects of the profession.

“This partnership with the Pharmacy Podcast Network strengthens the voice of our pharmacists not only in California, but across the country,” said CPhA Chief Executive Officer Jon Roth. “CPhA values innovation and we look forward to communicating exciting news that will create positive change for the profession.”

Western Pharmacy Exchange (WPE) is a two and a half-day experience for pharmacy professionals and industry partners.  The new innovative learning format supports inspiration, collaboration, and problem solving in the various learning zones.  With nearly 40 continuing pharmacy education sessions, one of the largest pharmacy expos, and plenty of networking opportunities, WPE is the ideal place to acquire knowledge, challenge change, and inspire growth.

Join CPhA in 2019 as it celebrates its 150th anniversary in advocating, educating and uniting pharmacy leaders to move the profession forward.

Western Pharmacy Exchange
April 12-14, 2019
JW Marriott L.A. Live
800 Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015


TNP Student Series – Ep 005 John David Scheper - PPN Episode 815

May 28, 2019 478


TNP Student Series – Ep 005 John David Scheper

Original posting: April 30, 2019

Some people run from politics while others take the challenges head on. John Scheper looks to management as a springboard into his future campaign trail.

Women Leadership in Pharmacy - Rx Talk w/ Suzy -PPN Episode 814

May 21, 2019 1310


Suzy welcomes Pharmacy Leader Laly Havern PharmD, 12 year veteran and Manager of Clinical Integrity at Walgreens. 

9 Year old Rachel interviews the Concierge Pharmacist - PPN Episode 813

May 20, 2019 1068


1st time special episode of the Pharmacy Podcast Nation, Rachel, 9 year old 3rd grader from Evans City Pennsylvania interviews the Concierge Pharmacist, Ken Sternfeld, RPh. 

the Ambition to Never Give Up - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 812

May 17, 2019 1676


Ashlee's best friend returns, Beth Cady. Beth is an ID Specialist and Assistant Professor, SIUE School of Pharmacy. We love Beth!! #BeLikeBeth 

The Resilience of a Pharmacist Mom - Rx Talk w/ Suzy -PPN Episode 811

May 16, 2019 2056


Suzy welcomes Kate Gainer, CEO of the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA), mother, pharmacist, and a player within the transformation of pharmacy. Kate will be helping in the launch of 2 new podcasts on the Pharmacy Podcast Network. Through the IPA, Kate will be launching State of the State's Podcast and ResilienceRx.  

IPA is the state society representing the profession of pharmacy in Iowa, united for the purpose of promoting safe and effective medication use to improve the health of patients. Since 1880, the Iowa Pharmacy Association is organized to preserve and advance the interests of the profession and to serve the professional needs of all pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians.

Antonio Ciaccia on PBMs - PolitiTalkRx - PPN Episode 810

May 16, 2019 1878


PolitiTalkRx host Scott Kjelson, PharmD welcomes special guest ANTONIO CIACCIA  CEO of 46brooklyn Research.

46brooklyn Research is an Ohio non-profit corporation whose purpose is to improve the accessibility and usability of U.S. drug pricing data. 46brooklyn takes the myriad drug pricing data sources scattered across the web and stitches them together into data visualizations that can be used by the public to better understand how the drug supply chain functions. 46brooklyn also writes and publishes original research that uses the data within its public data visualizations to shine light on the hidden and complex underbelly of the drug supply chain.

Contact the show: 

Connecticut Pharmacists Association on Rx Talk w/ Suzy - PPN Episode 809

May 14, 2019 1478


Founded in 1876 and incorporated by statute as the Connecticut Pharmaceutical Association, the Connecticut Pharmacists Association serves and represents over 1,000 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and student pharmacists from all practice settings, including community pharmacy (both independent owners and employees working in chain drug stores), hospitals & health-systems, and specialty practices such as compounding, managed care, and long term care. CPA is led by dedicated pharmacists that serve as members of the Board of Directors, volunteering their time to advancing the profession. 


Women in Pharmacy on SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 808

May 13, 2019 1114


Consultant Pharmacists Joanne Hirshfield and Jan Allen joined Erin Albert on the latest episode of SenioRx Radio honoring "Women in Pharmacy" at the 2018 ASCP Annual Conference. 

ASCP is hosted a “Celebrate Women’s Leadership Cocktail Reception and Social Media Tweetup” during the 2019 ASCP Forum on April 17 from 5:30-7:00pm ET. We  honored Admiral Pamela Schweitzer, PharmD, BCACP and hearing her words of inspiration and advice about becoming a pharmacist practicing at the top.

The theme centered around how to get more female pharmacists in senior leadership positions. Please use hashtags #WomenWithPharmbition and #Manbassador. We will be posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram during the Tweetup. Feel free to use any/all platforms! And (of course) ALL MEN AND WOMEN are welcome to join the discussion. 😊 Please help us to spread the word.



Christine Polite

Senior Director of Communications

Beatrice Atoyebi - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 807

May 13, 2019 1070


Episode Description

This episode of Pharmacy Future Leaders features Beatrice Atoyebi. Atoyebi is a student at The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy (OU COP).  OU COP is one of the nation's leading pharmacy schools. Atoyebi shares her rewarding experience as an OU COP student and describes some of the unique features of the curriculum including degree specialization. 

For all the Pharmacy Podcast Network

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable w/ Bryan McElderry PharmD - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 806

May 2, 2019 1736


On this episode of the Rx Buzz Podcast, Ashlee welcomes Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Brand builder Bryan McElderry, PharmD. 

More about Bryan here:
IG: drmcelderry 

TNP Student Series – Ep 004 Emily Hanners - PPN Episode 805

May 1, 2019 808


P1 Pharmacy Student Emily Hanners talks with co-host Matt Paterini PharmD of the Nontraditional Pharmacist Podcast. 

If you are a pharmacy student, you need to be doing what Emily talks about in this video. We will give you a hint… it involves networking!

Enhance your career possibilities, contact the TNP Team Today: 

Millennial Pharma Leader - Special Guest Briana Santaniello - PPN Episode 804

Apr 29, 2019 3064


In this episode, Jeff is joined by Briana Santaniello, a newly trained medical science liaison (MSL). They discuss Briana’s path from dual PharmD/MBA, to managed care residency, to landing an MSL role 3 years out of school. Briana gives the low-down on what life is like on the job during the first year of an MSL career, shares all the soft and hard skills she has honed in the role, and shares her take on the many different career pathways that can lead into the position.

TOUGH LOVE, Special Message for our Pharmacy Future Leaders: PPN Episode 803

Apr 25, 2019 1124


15 Year Pharmacy Business Veteran and Pharmacy Podcast Nation host Todd Eury and Meghann Chilcott Chief Technology & Marketing Officer for Benzer Pharmacy, deliver a message of 'Tough Love' for our #PharmacyFutureLeaders about experience, networking, and your valuable education. 

Your business network is just as important as your eduction. 

Tweet us: @PharmacyPodcast

Todd S. Eury 
Pharmacy Podcast Network
O: (412) 585-4001 ext. 1 

Meghann Chilcott Chief Technology and Marketing Officer Benzer Pharmacy

Kristi Fritch - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 802

Apr 23, 2019 1404


Joanne Pauyo, Pharmacy Future Leaders host, interviews Kristi Fritch, a pharmacy student from Belmont University School of Pharmacy. 


Kristi Fritch, founder of Take Heart Health, has been passionate about nutrition and fitness since she was young. While she was learning to manage money in Monopoly, she was also learning how to manage calories and count points. Needless to say, this strict mentality eventually took a toll on her mindset towards food and exercise. For many years, Kristi struggled with a negative relationship with food and tried every diet and exercise program under the sun. After several years of striving to be “skinny” enough, God began to wreck her negative mentality and renew her motivation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

In May of 2015, she graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a minor in Business Administration. Shortly after, she began a Beachbody challenge group and learned how to invite the Lord into her health and fitness goals. She finally understood that because of her relationship with Christ, she’s already viewed as more than enough. No number on a scale, calories consumed, or inches around her waist can define her worth. Ultimately, Kristi has learned that her pursuit of health and fitness is about strengthening her mind, body and soul.

In the beginning of 2016, Kristi decided to help others experience this freedom through her business/ministry, Take Heart Health. Each month, she hosts Fitness Accountability Groups and is always available for individual consults. This Fall, she will begin Pharmacy school in Nashville where she will continue to help others build a balanced lifestyle through strength, support and scripture!

Western Pharmacy Exchange 2019 PPN Coverage Part One: PPN Episode 801

Apr 22, 2019 2103


The Pharmacy Podcast Network and the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) announced their new partnership at the Western Pharmacy Exchange (WPE) which is a two and a half-day experience for pharmacy professionals and industry partners.

The new innovative learning format supports inspiration, collaboration, and problem solving in the various learning zones. With nearly 30 continuing pharmacy education sessions, one of the largest pharmacy expos, and plenty of networking opportunities, WPE is the ideal place to acquire knowledge, challenge change, and inspire growth. You do not want to MISS what we have in store for 2019! Register today and reserve your spot to experience WPE like never before. Join CPhA in 2019 as it celebrates its 150th anniversary in advocating, educating and uniting pharmacy leaders to move the profession forward.

Special Guest: Michelle Sherman PharmD, President MichRx Pharmacist Consulting Services, Inc. and HIV Thrive

Special Guest: Karl Hess, Editor, Journal of Contemporary Pharmacy Practice

The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) was founded in 1869 and is the largest state association representing pharmacists. CPhA represents pharmacists, technicians, and student pharmacists from all practice settings. These practice settings include community pharmacy (both independent owners and employees working in chain drug stores), hospitals & health-systems, and specialty practices such as compounding, managed care, and long term care. The CPhA mission is to advance the practice of pharmacy for the promotion of health.

Iowa Pharmacy Association Joins the Pharmacy Podcast Network - PPN Episode 800

Apr 19, 2019 1944


For Immediate Release

Contact: Lisa Min

Pharmacy Publishing Network

(703) 472-6992

Iowa Pharmacy Association Joins the Pharmacy Podcast Network

[Pittsburgh, PA April 22, 2019]  The Pharmacy Podcast Network has officially partnered with the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) to broadcast and support IPA through podcasting. IPA will host two new shows on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, ResilienceRx and Rx State of the States. “I am really excited about working with Kate Gainer and the IPA. They were already leveraging podcasting for their BOP Podcast, it’s a clever board of pharmacy review and summary podcast” stated Todd Eury, founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, “quality produced and promoted podcasts are more important than ever with the popularity of the medium. The Pharmacy Podcast Network is celebrating our 10th year podcasting about the profession of pharmacy and the IPA joining the network is an anniversary present. We’re excited.”

Podcasting is growing. Apple confirmed there were over 550,000 podcasts at the annual WWDC 2018 conference in early June. And an article by Variety back in Feb 2018 said: Apple Podcasts features more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages.

“The Pharmacy Podcast Network has been in the top 100 rankings in Apple podcasts for the category called business news for years. We need to expand the network, build out content pharmacists, pharmacy professionals, and pharmacy industry stakeholders want to hear” Eury continues, “The partnership with IPA will be a valuable source of interviews, panels, and content with connections to other state associations. These podcasts will be valuable to all pharmacy associations and industry professionals looking to catch up on some of the latest initiatives of our pharmacy organizations and leaders.”

Kate Gainer, IPA’s CEO and executive vice president, states, “IPA’s podcasts are designed to educate and benefit pharmacists across the country. We are excited to partner with PPN, the leader in pharmacy podcasts. ResilienceRx is designed to help pharmacists grow amidst stress and Rx State of the States zooms in on major initiatives and legislative priorities for pharmacy practice advancement occurring across the country.”

The IPA is the state society representing the profession of pharmacy in Iowa, united to empower the pharmacy profession to improve health outcomes. Since 1880, the Iowa Pharmacy Association is organized to preserve and advance the interests of the profession and to serve the professional needs of all pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy Publishing Network

VacciNation - Evidence Based Podcast - PPN Episode 799

Apr 18, 2019 2894



U.S. public health officials and physicians have been combating misconceptions about vaccine safety for over twenty years. They’ve had mixed success. Despite the fact that numerous studies have found no evidence to support the notion that vaccines cause autism and other chronic illnesses, a growing number of parents are refusing to vaccinate their children.

Researchers now link falling immunization rates to recent resurgences of vaccine-preventable diseases. In 2010, California saw 9,120 cases of whooping cough, more than any year since the whooping cough vaccine was introduced in the 1940s. Ten infants too young to be vaccinated died of whooping cough during the outbreak. The CDC warns that events like these will become more frequent and harder to control if vaccination rates continue to fall.

Fears over the safety of vaccines are understandable. The CDC vaccination schedulecalls for children to receive up to 14 inoculations by the age of six – many of them vaccines developed within the last twenty years. Many parents distrust these vaccines; worried about the potential for risks and long-term side effects. Research, however, shows that most of our biggest fears about vaccinations are unfounded. These eight major vaccine myths that research has shown to be baseless:

Myth #1: Vaccines cause autism.

The widespread fear that vaccines increase risk of autism originated with a 1997 study published by Andrew Wakefield, a British surgeon. The article was published in The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal, suggesting that the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine was increasing autism in British children.

The paper has since been completely discredited due to serious procedural errors, undisclosed financial conflicts of interest, and ethical violations. Andrew Wakefield lost his medical license and the paper was retracted from The Lancet.

Nonetheless, the hypothesis was taken seriously, and several other major studies were conducted. None of them found a link between any vaccine and the likelihood of developing autism.

Today, the true causes of autism remain a mystery, but to the discredit of the autism-vaccination link theory, several studies have now identified symptoms of autism in children well before they receive the MMR vaccine. And even more recent researchprovides evidence that autism develops in utero, well before a baby is born or receives vaccinations.

Myth #2: Infant immune systems can’t handle so many vaccines.

Infant immune systems are stronger than you might think. Based on the number of antibodies present in the blood, a baby would theoretically have the ability to respond to around 10,000 vaccines at one time. Even if all 14 scheduled vaccines were given at once, it would only use up slightly more than 0.1% of a baby’s immune capacity. And scientists believe this capacity is purely theoretical. The immune system could never truly be overwhelmed because the cells in the system are constantly being replenished. In reality, babies are exposed to countless bacteria and viruses every day, and immunizations are negligible in comparison.

Though there are more vaccinations than ever before, today’s vaccines are far more efficient. Small children are actually exposed to fewer immunologic components overall than children in past decades.

Myth #3: Natural immunity is better than vaccine-acquired immunity.

In some cases, natural immunity — meaning actually catching a disease and getting sick– results in a stronger immunity to the disease than a vaccination. However, the dangers of this approach far outweigh the relative benefits. If you wanted to gain immunity to measles, for example, by contracting the disease, you would face a 1 in 500 chance of death from your symptoms. In contrast, the number of people who have had severe allergic reactions from an MMR vaccine, is less than one-in-one million.

Myth #4: Vaccines contain unsafe toxins.

People have concerns over the use of formaldehyde, mercury or aluminum in vaccines. It’s true that these chemicals are toxic to the human body in certain levels, but only trace amounts of these chemicals are used in FDA approved vaccines. In fact, according to the FDA and the CDC, formaldehyde is produced at higher rates by our own metabolic systems and there is no scientific evidence that the low levels of this chemical, mercury or aluminum in vaccines can be harmful. See section III of this guide to review safety information about these chemicals and how they are used in vaccines.

Myth #5: Better hygiene and sanitation are actually responsible for decreased infections, not vaccines.

Vaccines don’t deserve all the credit for reducing or eliminating rates of infectious disease. Better sanitation, nutrition, and the development of antibiotics helped a lot too. But when these factors are isolated and rates of infectious disease are scrutinized, the role of vaccines cannot be denied.

One example is measles in the United States. When the first measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, rates of infection had been holding steady at around 400,000 cases a year. And while hygienic habits and sanitation didn’t change much over the following decade, the rate of measles infections dropped precipitously following the introduction of the vaccine, with only around 25,000 cases by 1970. Another example is Hib disease. According to CDC data, the incidence rate for this malady plummeted from 20,000 in 1990 to around 1,500 in 1993, following the introduction of the vaccine.

Myth #6: Vaccines aren’t worth the risk.

Despite parent concerns, children have been successfully vaccinated for decades. In fact, there has never been a single credible study linking vaccines to long term health conditions.

As for immediate danger from vaccines, in the form of allergic reactions or severe side effects, the incidence of death are so rare they can’t even truly be calculated. For example, only one death was reported to the CDC between 1990 and 1992 that was attributable to a vaccine. The overall incidence rate of severe allergic reaction to vaccines is usually placed around one case for every one or two million injections.

Myth #7: Vaccines can infect my child with the disease it’s trying to prevent.

Vaccines can cause mild symptoms resembling those of the disease they are protecting against. A common misconception is that these symptoms signal infection. In fact, in the small percentage (less than 1 in one million cases) where symptoms do occur, the vaccine recipients are experiencing a body’s immune response to the vaccine, not the disease itself. There is only one recorded instance in which a vaccine was shown to cause disease. This was the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) which is no longer used in the U.S. Since then, vaccines have been in safe use for decades and follow strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Myth #8: We don’t need to vaccinate because infection rates are already so low in the United States.

Thanks to “herd immunity,” so long as a large majority of people are immunized in any population, even the unimmunized minority will be protected. With so many people resistant, an infectious disease will never get a chance to establish itself and spread. This is important because there will always be a portion of the population – infants, pregnant women, elderly, and those with weakened immune systems – that can’t receive vaccines.

But if too many people don’t vaccinate themselves or their children, they contribute to a collective danger, opening up opportunities for viruses and bacteria to establish themselves and spread.

Not to mention, as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warn, international travel is growing quickly, so even if a disease is not a threat in your country, it may be common elsewhere. If someone were to carry in a disease from abroad, an unvaccinated individual will be at far greater risk of getting sick if he or she is exposed.

Vaccines are one of the great pillars of modern medicine. Life used to be especially brutal for children before vaccines, with huge portions being felled by diseases like measles, smallpox, whooping cough, or rubella, to name just a few. Today these ailments can be completely prevented with a simple injection.

So as science continues to advance and tackle new challenges, people should not forget how many deaths and illnesses vaccines have prevented, and how they continue to protect us from potentially devastating forms of infectious disease.

TNP Student Series – Ep 003 Christy Cheung - PPN Episode 798

Apr 17, 2019 00:22:14


TNP Student Series – Ep 003 Christy Cheung

The TNP Student Series goes global! Christy Cheung joins us from Vancouver, Canada to talk about the role technology will play in the future field of pharmacy. 

TNP Student Series – Ep 002 Bryan Herrera - PPN Episode 797

Apr 16, 2019 00:20:18


TNP Student Series – Ep 002 Bryan Herrera The TNP Student series helps pharmacy students prepare for their future in our ever-changing pharmacy profession. Our second guest is Bryan Herrera of UCSF School of Pharmacy. As a P1, Bryan is ahead of his years in terms of his approach to choosing a pharmacy career path. 

Managing Type 2 Diabetes in Long-term Care Residents Sponsored by Lilly Diabetes - PPN Episode 796

Apr 11, 2019 00:18:28


SenioRx Radio


Managing Type 2 Diabetes in Long-term Care (LTC) Residents Sponsored by Lilly Diabetes

In this podcast, you will hear an interview between Dr Scott Drab, PharmD, an associate professor of pharmacy and therapeutics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, and Dr Chad Worz, PharmD, executive director and CEO of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, in which they discuss how type 2 diabetes impairs the normal regulation of glucose, specifically in the LTC population.

the Digital Apothecary Update - PPN Episode 795

Apr 10, 2019 00:25:52


Digital Apothecary: 

It's increasingly becoming a digital world, and businesses are looking to turn healthcare into the next field to reap the benefits of rampant technological growth. After all, its a multi-billion dollar market, we have an aging population, and new therapies are coming to the field all the time. For me, keeping up with all of these developments has increasingly been a fund endeavor, but over the years I have found many people asking me for input on new technologies and their impact on the pharmacy landscape and patient care opportunities. For that reason, I created The Digital Apothecary as a place for people to read about novel tools, devices, and developments that I think may make a difference. 

Why the focus on Digital Health?

It's an amazing time for patients to be able to use wearable devices to capture data in realtime and share it with their health team. I love to watch what is being developed and imagine how pharmacy can use this to monitor therapeutic outcomes and improve care.

Timothy Aungst, PharmD is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at MCPHS University, Worcester, MA. He graduated from Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy, Wilkes-Barre, PA, in 2011. Afterwards, he pursued a PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at St. Luke's University Hospital, Bethlehem, PA, with an emphasis on Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Geriatric Care. He then completed a fellowship program focused on geriatric care, Medicare/Medicaid and drug management, and academia.

the PDS Super Conference 2019 Review - PPN Episode 794

Apr 9, 2019 00:08:38


PPN CEO Todd Eury interviews PDS CEO Jeff Phillip about the 2019 PDS Super Conference which took place in February in Orlando Florida.  

Jeff likes predictable, sustainable growth. As a farm boy from Iowa, he learned the value of hard work and getting one’s hands dirty to see a task through to the bounty — and he has maintained this type of mental fortitude in the professional arena. For almost 30 years, he has held high-level management positions that allowed him to hone his operational and leadership skills, leaving a trail of success at companies along his path. 

PDS 2020 Sign Up:

What Every Pharmacist Needs to Know About Sleep: SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 793

Apr 9, 2019 00:21:18


What Every Pharmacist Needs to Know About Sleep: SenioRx Radio


Emily Kryger, PharmD, BCGP

Geriatric Clinical Pharmacist & Owner, PharmRecs, LLC

Meir Kryger, MD, FRCPC

Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary) and Clinical Professor of Nursing, Yale University School of Medicine



Justin Rash, PharmD, BCGP

Chair, ASCP Social Media Committee

Medical Science Liaison, LTC


You won't fall asleep during this podcast! Renowned sleep expert and author of Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine and The Mystery of Sleep, Dr. Meir Kryger, illuminates sleep disorders in the elderly with his daughter, senior care pharmacist Dr. Emily Kryger. 

Making Learning a Habit - Rx Talk w/ Suzy - PPN Episode 792

Apr 8, 2019 00:26:22


Connecting Learning to Practice
Tired of trying to find simplified and impactful pharmacy education at the last minute?  You’ve come to the right place. Through individual courses and course subscriptions, we’ll help you make learning a habit.

Want to learn more about cannabinoid and earn continuing education? Register today at 
Hear from expert Dr. Melanie Cane 
#pharmd #cbd #cbdoil #cannabinoid #cbdpharmacy #cbdpharmacist#pharmacist #pharmacy #pharmacists #womeninpharmacy#womenpharmacists #pharmacylife💊 #womeninwhitecoats#futurepharmacist @pharmacypodcast @pharmacytimes @cei_pharmacy_education

Trademark Law & Your Business - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 791

Apr 8, 2019 00:35:44


The latest Rx Buzz Podcast with Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD., is with special guest Anne Kearns with Anne Kearns Law. Today's podcast is about "Trademarks and your business."    Contact: Anne Kearns Law Bio: Anne Kearns has over twenty years of intellectual property and commercial litigation and counseling experience. She has represented individuals and businesses ranging from musicians, tech start ups, and the fashion industry, to international companies.  URL:   

Best Medicine Discovered, Possible Side Effects, Insanity - PPN Episode 0401

Apr 1, 2019 01:04:52


Is laughter really the best medicine? Take a listen for yourself. 

CAUTION: Temporary Insanity could be a side effect 

What's Your Value? Special Guest: Greg L. Alston PharmD - PPN Episode 790

Apr 1, 2019 00:41:10


The Value Strategy Guy I help frustrated, overworked professionals worried about the state of their profession, select and implement the best value strategy possible so they can get paid what they are worth and build a secure future for themselves and their families.


Special Guest Greg L. Alston, with Ben Coakley on the Income Outcomes Show.

The profession of pharmacy has been an awesome career for me.  It has allowed me the freedom to practice in a variety of environments and to provide for my family.  But the profession I entered in 1977 is not the profession we are looking at today.  And in my opinion, many of the commonly held beliefs about the profession are keeping people from being successful.  My goal is to challenge your unsaid assumptions and internal biases.  By challenging those biases, I believe you will discover a new world of opportunity for your career.

There are three big misconceptions that I believe the profession has been singing the wrong song about. I don’t think anybody has been doing this intentionally to harm the profession and yet I think the lack of progress the profession has made primarily emanates from some of these misguided assumptions.

The Field of Dreams Strategy

The first mantra that has been pounding through the profession for the last 40 years is what I call, the field of dreams strategy.  We have felt that, “if we build it they will come.” We have believed that if we improved the clinical skills of our professional pharmacists that the public would willingly pay for these new services.  However, this has failed to happen, and it has failed to happen because leadership misunderstands how value is created for a target market.

A recent article in the American Journal of the Pharmacy Association pointed this out very clearly when their survey of patients who had been exposed to medication therapy management services came back with some unexpectedly negative results.   Approximately 60% of the patients who were aware of the services and aware of what the pharmacist could do said they had no interest or not very much interest in receiving the services.

Let me tell you what I think this means.  It does not mean that those services are not valuable.  It does not mean that people don’t need those services.  What it means is our profession has done a terrible job of marketing those services.  We argue with ourselves.  We write articles in our journals.  We complained to our legislators.  But we have never made a compelling case to our patients that what we do is critical for their health.

There is no more clear proof of this than comparing what pharmacists have done for their profession to what dentists have done for their profession.  If you ask any adult in America how often they need to go to their dentist to have a good thorough cleaning and inspection they will tell you every six months.  If you ask anyone in America how often should a person taking multiple medications go to their pharmacist for a complete medication review, you will be met with blank stares.  Again, we have done a terrible job of marketing our profession.

Next-Generation Pharmacist Nominee: Crystal Cruz PharmD - PPN Episode 789

Apr 1, 2019 00:19:12


Ken Sternfeld, RPh., the founder of the RXVIP Concierge Pharmacist movement has nominated Dr. Crystal Cruz for the Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards.

Since 2010, the Next-Generation Pharmacist Awards program has honored pharmacists, technicians, students, and industry advocates who are defining the future of pharmacy. Join us for a milestone year as we celebrate a decade of pharmacy inspiration. Each year, one winner is selected from among the pharmacist category winners as The Next-Generation Pharmacist, the evening's highest honor. Complete a nomination, and the 2019 Next-Generation Pharmacist could be your nominee. 

Nominate a pharmacist here: 

the OnScript Podcast by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) - PPN Episode 788

Mar 29, 2019 1666


The Pharmacy Podcast Network and the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) has partnered on the 'OnScript' Podcast dedicated to the career driven Pharmacy Technician. Jeremy Sasser CPhT is our host who works with the NHA as a pharmacy content specialist. 

About the NHA: 

The simple notion of improving healthcare through greater competency is at the heart of our mission. We work every day to fulfill that mission through advocacy, education, and certification, leading to access to better care, better careers and better efficiency for providers and their patients.

Since 1989, NHA has prepared and awarded more than 750,000 certifications to healthcare students and professionals, providing them with nationally recognized measurements of competency paired with easy-to-use study tools and personalized customer service.

As the industry leader, we are passionately committed to develop, advance and advocate for the frontline healthcare worker, resulting in improved patient care.

Whether you’re a student, educator, employee or employer, NHA is driven to improve the quality of your career and business. By helping prepare the next generation of healthcare workers, we are helping individuals and healthcare businesses make a meaningful, positive impact.

At NHA we believe in always being industry advocates. We engage with both regulatory and legislative bodies to promote certification for the industry and for the people working in it. We are passionately committed to developing, advancing and advocating for the frontline healthcare worker.

NHA’s proven results elevate and impact the lives of individuals, schools, and businesses in allied health. Our comprehensive certification and preparation resources provide our clients with access to the professional success they desire. NHA provides continuity for educators and employers seeking a partner with multiple certification options, giving students and employers a trusted path to skills growth and career advancement.

About Jeremy: 

Jeremy Sasser

Pharmacy Content Strategist


11161 Overbrook Road, Leawood, Kansas 66211

d 913-661-6576 |

California Pharmacists Association Joins the Pharmacy Podcast Network: PPN Episode 787

Mar 27, 2019 1324


Jon R. Roth, MS, CAE, CEO of the CPhA joins Todd Eury, CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network to announce a special partnership with the nations largest State Pharmacists Association and talk about the WPE 2019.  


Western Pharmacy Exchange (WPE) is a two and a half-day experience for pharmacy professionals and industry partners.  The new innovative learning format supports inspiration, collaboration, and problem solving in the various learning zones.  With nearly 30 continuing pharmacy education sessions, one of the largest pharmacy expos, and plenty of networking opportunities, WPE is the ideal place to acquire knowledge, challenge change, and inspire growth. You do not want to MISS what we have in store for 2019! Register today and reserve your spot to experience WPE like never before.

Join CPhA in 2019 as it celebrates its 150th anniversary in advocating, educating and uniting pharmacy leaders to move the profession forward.

Register here:

Special Discount Rate for PPN Listeners: 

USE CODE: 2HRT75 ---- registration for WPE to $645.

Jon R. Roth, MS, CAE

Mr. Jon Roth is the Chief Executive Officer for the California Pharmacists Association. In this role Mr. Roth oversees all aspects of the association’s operations, health policy and advocacy efforts on behalf of California pharmacists. The California Pharmacists Association is the largest statewide professional society of pharmacists in the country.

Mr. Roth has 25 years of experience in health policy, advocacy, and member services within a variety of health care sectors. As CEO for CPhA, Mr. Roth and his team were directly responsible for the development and passage of Senate Bill 493, the landmark legislation granting pharmacists ‘provider status’ and greatly expanding the clinical authorities of pharmacists in California. This accomplishment was recognized by the United States Surgeon General for “successful contributions in leading legislative change to expand the role of California pharmacists as health care providers”.

He earned his bachelor of science in business administration and masters degree in Organizational Development. He is only one of 3,000 association professionals nationally to have achieved the industry credential of Certified Association Executive.

Adherence Veterans Share Secrets: RxSafe Podcast Series Part One - PPN Episode 786

Mar 26, 2019 2192


RxSafe Podcast Series Part One

Recorded LIVE at the PDS Pharmacy Business Conference 2019 in Orlando Florida on February 17, 2019 at an RxSafe Panel Discussion titled:

5 Ways to Beat Amazon & Pill Pack & Grow Your Business

Learn more:

The Millennial Pharma Leader: Market Access with Steven Kiss - PPN Episode 785

Mar 25, 2019 2774


Market Access with Steven Kiss

Show Notes:

Jeff is joined by Steven Kiss, an internal consultant in Pricing, Reimbursement, and Access Strategy with a pharmaceutical company. Jeff digs into why Steven started off in pharmacy school, what drove the decision to pursue a dual MBA degree, the internships and other work he engaged in, and the strategic goals and day-to-day of his functional area. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in combining clinical and commercial training to drive strategic decision making in life sciences.

Jeff Pike

President & Cofounder

Millennial Pharma Leader

Opioids and the Older Adult: SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 784

Mar 22, 2019 00:33:32


Opioids and the Older Adult: SenioRx Radio


Marylee B. Grosso, BSPharm, RPh, PD, FASCP

Managing Partner, HealthCare Consults, LLC

Jennifer Urso, RPh, BCGP, FASCP

Director of Pharmacy Services, Guardian Elder Care


Justin Rash, PharmD, BCGP

Chair, ASCP Social Media Committee

Medical Science Liaison, LTC


Don't miss out on this timely and important discussion that speaks to the national crisis of opioid addiction.

Avadim Health Podcast Series Part Two: Powerful Partnerships - PPN Episode 783

Mar 21, 2019 00:36:42


The Avadim Health Podcast Series returns with Part Two of the 3 part series focusing on the "Powerful Partnerships" which differentiate the quality of products and services offered to patients directly from their Community Retail Independent Pharmacy. 

Ralph Lombardo Senior Vice President of Avadim Technologies, developers of Theraworx Relief, welcomes our special guest, Nimesh Jhaveri President of Health Mart Pharmacy and Senior Vice President at McKesson for a special discussion about the business of Community Pharmacy in today's competitive market. 

Offering Patients something new:  

Part One of the Three part series with Dr. Jeffrey Fudin: 

the Evidence-based Podcast - Episode Zero - PPN Episode 782

Mar 20, 2019 00:18:58


Evidence-Based Podcast Episode ZERO

Jason Cavolina, PharmD aka Dr. Jay Max, is the CEO of RXVIP Concierge

Jason writes:

I endeavor each day to raise awareness and educate patients, health care providers and pharmacists that there is a Pharmacogenetic (PGx) tests available that will identify lifesaving genetic variations that will reduce the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).

Jason engages pharmacists and students of pharmacy about a new way to practice as provider and manages a team of Pharmacogenetic representatives to engage practitioners around the country and the world.

RXVIP implements and integrates the correct in-office processes to ensure proper patient education and the most accurate test results.

Connect with Jason: 

TNP Student Series – Ep 001 Kalyn Davis - PPN Episode 781

Mar 19, 2019 00:23:48


TNP Student Series – Ep 001

with Kalyn Davis repost from: December 31, 2018

TNP Student series is for pharmacy students looking to get ahead. The tips in these videos are not taught in pharmacy schools, but absolutely necessary to decide on a career. Kalyn gives us a fresh student perspective!

Find the TNP Team here:

Last Mile of Delivery - Gavel & Pestle Podcast - PPN Episode 780

Mar 18, 2019 00:21:34


On this episode of the Gavel & Pestle Podcast, Darshan talks about the last mile of drug delivery and the challenges faced by patients getting their medications on time.

In the last mile, the efficacy of a medicine must still be maintained, but managing and controlling the delivery can be an issue. The cost of technology to monitor may not be justified given that the value of the medicines being shipped to the final destination might be much lower than the value that was initially bulk shipped from the manufacturer. In this article we will explore the challenges of deploying technology and the circumstances under which tech can be used to cost-effectively manage and control the last mile delivery of medicines. 

Tiny Life Changes - RxTalk w/ Suzy - PPN Episode 779

Mar 18, 2019 00:27:06


Suzy Soliman, PharmD, interviews Lisa King, RPh, best selling Author of  Tiny Life Changes 

Lisa King, RPh 
Health, Wellness, Disease Prevention 
Bio: Lisa King is a pharmacist and an Amazon Best Selling Author who truly believes you can achieve your goals and dreams one step and one day at a time! Whether you are feeling stuck and can not move forward, need more purpose in your days or want to reset your health and enjoy life to the fullest, Tiny Life Changes is the guide for you! 
Favorite Quote: “Change your thoughts and you can change your world.” - Norman Vincent Peale

Finding the Right Mentor - RxBuzz - PPN Episode 778

Mar 12, 2019 00:33:00


Rx Buzz Podcast host Ashlee Klevens Hayes PharmD, interviews her best friend Beth Cady, PharmD, about finding the right Mentor. 

Here's 10 ideas about finding a mentor, by Jeff Goins. 

1. Find someone you want to be like

Don’t just find someone who has a job you want or a platform that you covet.

Find someone that is like you, someone with a similar set of strengths and skills you want to emulate. Otherwise, you’ll just end up frustrated.

Spend some time finding the right person. In fact, have several candidates before committing to a single mentor.

2. Study the person

Follow his blog. Get to know people who know him.

If you don’t know the person well, see if he is really like his public persona projects.

Make sure you understand his strengths and weaknesses. Set your expectations realistically.

3. Make the “ask”

Don’t ask for the person to “be your mentor” right off the bat. That’s a big ask. Far too big for the first meeting.

Rather, ask for an initial meeting — something informal, over coffee maybe. Keep it less than an hour.

Come with questions that you’re prepared to ask, but let the conversation flow relationally. (Note: the formality really depends on the potential mentor’s communication style — something you should be aware of before the initial meeting.)

When in doubt about when to make the ask, just go for it. (That’s what I do, and it usually works.)

4. Evaluate the fruit

After meeting, do you want to spend more time with this person?

Did she begin the meeting by encouraging you or telling you what to do? Did she ask questions, or wait to provide answers?

Did you leave the meeting feeling better about yourself? Was a connection made? If not, feel free to let the relationship go and seek out someone else, instead. You don’t have time to waste on a self-centered tyrant.

If it went well, then immediately put together a follow-up plan.

5. Follow up after the meeting

This is not like dating. It’s okay to appear overly ambitious. You want this person to know that you’re serious.

It’s appropriate to follow up immediately, thanking your prospective mentor for her time.

A good way to do this is via email or other form of passive communication, so that you don’t appear overbearing or waste the person’s time.

This is also a good time to mention that you’d like to do it again. If she reciprocates, offer to get something on the calendar. (You may need to suggest a time.)

Make sure that it feels relaxed and not contrived. You’re still vetting each other at this point.

6. Let the relationship evolve organically

We sometimes place too high of expectations on mentoring. We want to give it a name, because it gives us a sense of status and importance. But really it’s just a relationship.

Mentoring is organic. It’s healthy to let it grow like any other relationship — over time and based on mutual respect and trust.

Don’t force it. That will kill a potential mentoring relationship faster than anything. Give it time; it needs to grow.

7. Don’t check out when you feel challenged

I was recently speaking with a friend who’s mentored a number of young men over the years. He said the saddest part about what he does is that a lot of guys check out whenever he challenges them.

It will happen. You’ll get to a point where your mentor will feel comfortable enough to call you out. And what you do next is crucial to your growth.

Remember: this is what you signed up for. Don’t wimp out when it gets tough; this is where the really good stuff happens.

8. Press into relationship

Don’t wait for the mentor to initiate. Learn how to manage up. Persevere. Ask for more of your mentor without demanding it.

This doesn’t bother him (at least, it shouldn’t). It honors him. It shouldn’t be a big deal to ask this person to coffee or lunch, outside of your normal meeting time.

If a mentor can’t be a friend, then he’s probably not a mentor. Finding ways to solidify the bond you’ve created will only strengthen the relationship.

9. Ask your mentor for feedback

Feedback can be hard, but it’s good. As your relationship with your mentor progresses, this will be the #1 way you grow. It will be a highlight for the both of you.

While asking for feedback may initially feel weird, eventually it will become almost second-nature. You will find yourself thirsting for those words you used to fear.

Similarly, a good mentor will treat these times with great care and sensitivity.

10. Commit to the process

You can’t be mentored in a summer. That’s an internship. Mentoring takes real time and real work.

In order for it to be a real mentorship, you have to commit to the relationship. Come hell or high water, you’re going to make it work.

Then, you will begin to understand what it means to be a student, a disciple, a protege.

Medical Cannabis: ATTENTION Pharmacists!

Mar 11, 2019 00:21:04


The American Society of Cannabis Pharmacists and we are defining cannabis care. As medication experts and patient advocates, pharmacists provide a unique and compassionate perspective on clinical cannabis medicine. Compelled by the lack of standardization, we joined together to recognize the medical effects of cannabis and provide a voice to its legitimacy across the nation. The American Society of Cannabis Pharmacists (ASCPh) was founded to unify the pharmacy profession on the subject of cannabis in support of American public health.

ASCPh will accomplish this through: Provision of current, accurate information on the advances of cannabis medicine Continuing professional development courses on medical cannabis for pharmacists and the greater medical community Facilitating unique meet-up opportunities for pharmacists to connect with their peers across practice settings and medical sub-specialties Raising societal awareness about the role of the pharmacist as a key component to optimizing medical cannabis care related to patient directed self-management of symptoms Engaging student pharmacists in the medical cannabis industry Serving as a trusted, credible resource to legislators, policy makers, regulators, and the public. 


MELANI KANE (BERSTEN) Cannabis Pharmacist | PharmD Executive Director | American Society of Cannabis Pharmacists 952.334.4656

Pharmacy Student's Impact on the Opioid Epidemic - PPN Episode 776

Mar 7, 2019 00:21:42


The Purdue College of Pharmacy is proud to present BoilerWoRx: a multidisciplinary response to public health needs in Indiana, initially focusing on the opioid epidemic. BoilerWoRx is a strategic mobilehealth initiative that will bring vital services to communities across Indiana.

The BoilerWoRx program, in partnership with the Tippecanoe County Health Department and the Lafayette Transitional Housing Center, will be hosted their first event on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Lafayette Transitional Housing at the Howarth Center in Lafayette, Indiana. 

The BoilerWoRx team will provide counseling, education, training, drug disposal and Hepatitis A immunizations. This event is open to everyone so come out and learn more about BoilerWoRx.

Help Wanted, Help Needed - PPN Episode 775

Mar 6, 2019 00:11:42


We must do more. Drug overdose deaths continue to increase in the United States.

From 1999 to 2017, more than 700,000 people have died from a drug overdose. Around 68% of the more than 70,200 drug overdose deaths in 2017 involved an opioid. In 2017, the number of overdose deaths involving opioids (including prescription opioids and illegal opioids like heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl) was 6 times higher than in 1999. On average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.

Call me, let's work together in your community. Find the closed Medication Assisted Treatment Center to your community. 

White Paper: Prescribing Opioids: Re-Centering the Pendulum 

23 & Your Data - Gavel & Pestle Podcast - PPN Episode 774

Mar 1, 2019 00:18:04


Darshan and Major talk about 23 & Me Data collected and it's potential ramifications to our privacy. 

"Embedded in our genetic code is all kinds of sensitive data that could be compromising in the wrong hands without genetic privacy protections, the information stored in our genes might be used to discriminate against us or send us targeted ads.

For these reasons, some have said we should skip out on consumer DNA tests if we value our privacy. Last week, after the FDA gave DNA testing company 23andMe the greenlight to offer consumers disease risk assessments, there was a new wave of warnings.

“The product isn’t really a kit...the product is you,” Popular Science wrote after the announcement. Others have speculated that the company’s long-term goals include selling your data for advertising purposes.

Let’s be clear here. 23andMe definitely is selling your data to third party companies, research institutions and nonprofits. But it is not selling your genetic data to those entities in order for them to sell you things. It is selling de-identified, aggregate data for research, if you give them consent."

From original article, by Kristen V. Brown 

Sartoretto Verna - Pharmacy Marketing Simplified - PPN Episode 773

Feb 28, 2019 00:41:38


Nicolle McClure interviews Fiona Sartoretto Verna co-owner of an Italian company that is dedicated exclusively to the study of tools and methods for making pharmacists stronger and more recognized since 1965, all around the world.

Sartoretto Verna is the name of the family that for three generations has been running the company with over 100 employees.

Today we are the only company in the industry with pharmacies in 30 countries spanning 4 continents. Our forward thinking has often created trends in the pharmacy design field. We boast concrete and reliable experience, certified over the years by substantial increases in sales, in parallel with our customers’. 

Special Guest: Anna Garrett - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 773

Feb 28, 2019 00:37:12


Rx Buzz Welcomes Dr. Anna Garrett Meet Dr. Anna Garrett! Dr. Garrett is a certified coach and a Doctor of Pharmacy, who helps busy professional women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired get their hormones in balance so they can live happy, healthy productive lives. Anna helps them reclaim parts of themselves they thought were lost forever.

Anna's mission is to guide you through managing the changes you experience in body, mind, and life during menopause. She will use her health-care expertise and coach training to teach you how to maximize their mojo and escape from hormone hell. 

Jared Johnson's Healthcare Rap: Special Feature - PPN Episode 772

Feb 27, 2019 00:31:42


My friend and fellow Healthcare Podcaster Jared Johnson created the Healthcare Rap, where we are ushering in the future of healthcare and we check yesterday's thinking at the door. The Healthcare Rap is about challenging assumptions about marketing and technology, and the status quo no longer exists. 

Jared writes: One of the greatest success stories of the power of healthcare content is the Pharmacy Podcast Network, whose founder Todd Eury is celebrating 10 years as a podcaster. Todd is all about community, as evidenced by his shout-outs to colleagues and hosts including Erin AlbertTimothy AungstMeghann ChilcottJohn NostaJoe LavelleJanet KennedyDarshan KulkarniChad WorzMatt Paterini, and Troy Trygstad. What’s a concierge pharmacist, and what else is on the horizon in the world of pharmacy? All that, plus honoring efforts in addiction recovery and fighting the opioid crisis.

What an honor to be featured on this podcast, thank you Jared. 

Rx Coffee & the Pharmacy Podcast Network - PPN Episode 771

Feb 26, 2019 00:56:52


Special Podcast interview with Rx Coffee, Founder, Conor Flynn.

Rx Coffee was born out of a love for CrossFit, Adventure and Specialty Coffee.

With a Passion of Forging Specialty Coffee Knowledge and Fitness to Fuel Your Journey in Life.

All of Rx Coffee is single origin specialty coffee, carefully selected from top lots, and sustainably sourced.  Each roast has been perfected by a master roaster and roasted to bring out the most flavors in the beans.  We ensure our customers know they are getting fresh roasted coffee by placing a roasted on date on every single bag.  This is truly one of a kind small batch roasted limited edition coffee. 

Don't confuse "specialty coffee" with "gourmet" or "premium" coffee.  

According to the SCAA-Specialty Coffee Association of America, specialty coffee is used to refer to coffee that is graded 80 points or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or by a licensed Q Grader (CQI).

Specialty Coffee undergoes a rigorous visual inspection of a 350 gram sample searching for primary and secondary defects.  Specialty grade coffee must have zero primary defects.  Premium or Gourmet coffee allows primary and secondary defects. 

Interview 101 w/ Ashlee Klevens Hayes - PPN Episode 770

Feb 20, 2019 00:33:46


Pharmacy Future Leaders host Joanne Pauyo interviews another Pharmacy Podcast Network host of the Rx Buzz Podcast and Founder of Rx Ashlee, Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD, MHA, about your coming interviews, your confidence, and your preparedness.  

Contact Ashlee here:  

Mastering Pharmacy Ownership Workshop - PPN Episode 769

Feb 18, 2019 27:29


Nicolle McClure & Ben Coakley join the Pharmacy Podcast Nation to talk about the Pharmacy Owners workshop event developed for pharmacy owners by pharmacy owners. 

Mastering Pharmacy Ownership Workshop

When & Where:

March 23 2019 - Atlanta, GA

9am - 4pm 

September 21 2019 - Dallas, TX

9am - 4pm


Ben Coakley – Waypoint: Pharmacist Advisors Billy Wease – OptiTeamRx: Health & Weight Loss Program Nicolle McClure – GRX Marketing: Pharmacy Marketing Eric Fromhart – Secure 340B: 340B Contract Arrangements Wade Hinkle – Inventory IQ: Inventory Management Tyler Campbell – Pharmacy401k: 401k Planning & Management Rick Coakley - TransitionsRx - Life After Pharmacy Nicolette Mathey - Orchid - 2019 PBM Changes 

The Millennial Leader - ACMA Podcast - PPN Episode 768

Feb 15, 2019 45:10


In this first episode, Jeff Pike is joined by Collin Watson. Collin recently graduated with a dual MBA/MHA, and is in the middle of a leadership rotational program in the pharmaceutical industry. They cover an awesome variety of topics including Collin’s educational background & work experience, his passion for drug development, some of the work he has done already in strategy and marketing, current healthcare policy trends, and his key words of advice for future pharma professionals. 

Millennial Pharma Leader is an online magazine and podcast focused on careers in the pharmaceutical industry. As we learned about the huge variety of opportunities in this field, we were surprised that there really weren't a lot of resources teaching students and starting professionals how to get involved.

With a team of talented authors, we have worked hard to bring regular content by millennials, for millennials. Our goal is to share the stories of our most successful peers and mentors. Hopefully these stories, interviews, and topic discussions will be informative and help you paint a better picture of the opportunities for ambitious new professionals in the drug development sector.

If you enjoy this episode, be sure to tell your friends about it, and subscribe at

Jeff Pike

President & Cofounder

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High-Yield Med Reviews - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 767

Feb 14, 2019 32:43


Rx Buzz special guest: Anthony J. Busti, MD, PharmD, FNLA, FAHA About High-Yield Med Reviews

High-Yield Med Reviews was founded by Anthony Busti, MD, PharmD out of a recognition for the need of high quality, yet affordable review courses and practice test questions for preparing healthcare professionals for licensure, board exams, advanced certifications, and the advancement of clinical competency.  Dr. Busti has been involved in the medical education and training of physicians, pharmacists, and nurses for over 20 years.  He and his diverse team of faculty, clinicians, editors, and reviewers have strategically put together online and live reviews, online lectures, and Q-Banks that are not only meant to cover "high-yield" concepts, but to also take clinicians to a higher level of critical thinking and application of medical information for the purpose of improving patient care. 

The Valentines Day Trap - Income Outcomes Show - PPN Episode 766

Feb 13, 2019 27:29



Ben Coakley w/ WayPoint and Joe Casselman talk about V-Day: Average spending on Valentine's Day is expected to be a record $161.96 per person this year despite fewer people celebrating the holiday.

That's a total of $20.7 billion as consumers buy more cards and candy for friends, family, co-workers – and pets.

6 Tips To Reduce Valentine’s Day Spending

Here are a couple of ways on how to spend Valentine’s Day without spending too much money.

1 . Create your own version of a fancy meal.

Thought of making reservations in one of those fancy restaurants and pay half of or full paycheck in just one sitting? You may want to re-consider your thought.

2. Customize your gifts.

Want to be on the budget and still give a gift that your partner will appreciate?

Try to customize your gift by creating picture collages, printing your best picture as couples and putting it on a frame, compiling videos of both of you together, and others. You can never go wrong with gifts that showcase your memories as long as they are good memories.

With so many DIY projects and websites like Pinterest, there are ways to be creative and make gifts that your loved one will appreciate. Really, the possibilities of customized gifts are endless.

3. Personalize your Valentine's Day card..

Personalizing your Valentine's Day card is one way to reduce Valentine’s Day spending. Ever given your significant other gifts on Valentine’s Day without including a card? Probably not, right?

Valentine cards have always been part of the gift giving tradition during Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying those fancy Hallmark and American Greeting cards, you can design and print your own card.

You can always customize your card to reflect what you really want to say to your partner. Do not worry if creativity is not your best skill.

You can always cut out pictures, write quotes that come directly from you or something you read. A personalized valentine card means more to a person than the Hallmark card you buy.

Just remember that personalized gifts are a fruit of labor (and budget) and buying cards from the shelves is a fruit of convenience.

4. Bring entertainment.

Entertainment doesn’t mean spending money on concerts or on movie theaters. You can stroll at the park and go to museums or art galleries that don’t charge any fee.

5. Go on a group date.

Going on a group date is one way to reduce Valentine’s Day spending. If you and your loved one don’t mind going on group dates, then, do it. You can invite your friends and share the expenses on meals, gas, among others.

You can also skip the dinner and go to bars. You can also stay in one of your friends’ house, cook together, play games like charade or watch movies together.

The company, the fun, and the talk you and your friends will have won’t break your bank.

6. Bring coupons.

If you happen to really like to take a dip into the world of Valentine’s Day spending, always remember to check for coupons and promotions.

Valentine ’s Day is a big day for many and companies take this opportunity to market their products and/or services. You can check Living Social and Groupons for massive discounts. Coupons will help you reduce your expenditure during that day.

Final thoughts:

Regardless of what you both do or do not do, it is always best to remember that spending time together is the best thing to do during that special day.

Valentine’s Day is about spending your time with the person you dearly love and not about cards, restaurants, and flowers. It’s always the thoughts that count and so, Valentine’s Day will always be a more meaningful day even by just adopting simple yet memorable actions and activities.

Biosimilars: What's Next? - PolitiTalkRx - PPN Episode 765

Feb 12, 2019 32:39


Dr. Scott Kjelson, PharmD, host of the PolitiTalkRx Podcast welcomes Edward Li, PharmD, working within Health Economics and Outcomes Research to better understand the value of drugs and biologics. Today Scott & Edward dive into the topic of Biosimilars. 

A biosimilar (also known as follow-on biologic or subsequent entry biologic) is a biologic medical product that is almost an identical copy of an original product that is manufactured by a different company.

Congress, through the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCI Act) of 2009, created an abbreviated licensure pathway for biological products that are demonstrated to be biosimilar to or interchangeable with an FDA-approved biological product. This pathway was established as a way to provide more treatment options, increase access to lifesaving medications, and potentially lower health care costs through competition.

FDA requires biosimilar and interchangeable biological products meet the Agency’s rigorous approval standards. That means patients and health care professionals will be able to rely upon the safety and effectiveness of the biosimilar or interchangeable product, just as they would the reference product.

Medication Adherence: More than a 'Buzz-Phrase" -PPN Episode 764

Feb 4, 2019 27:19


Medication Adherence

A whopping 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed, meaning we have a long way to go in improving adherence in our communities. Independent pharmacies can be on the fore front of improving this number by adopting an adherence program, and even take it the next step further by adding a medication packaging service.

For the first Pharmacy Marketing Simplified podcast in 2019, listen to Nicolle McClure and her guest Rob Anderson with Synergy Medical, discuss adherence, how to start a program, and ways to easily market it.

GRX Marketing 

2929 Westown Parkway
Suite 100
West Des Moines, IA 50266

T: 515-280-2914
F: 515-222-2658

The Power of PGX in the hands of the Pharmacist: Admera Health - PGX for Pharmacists - PPN Episode 763

Feb 3, 2019 37:19


Dr Sanjeda Chumki, PharmD talks with Ken Sternfeld, host of PGX for Pharmacists about Admera Health and the power of pharmacogenomics in the hands of the clinical pharmacist.

About Admera Health:

Admera Health is an advanced molecular diagnostics company focused on personalized medicine, non-invasive cancer testing and digital health.

Dedicated to developing cutting-edge diagnostics that span the continuum of care, Admera Health fulfills unmet medical needs with cost-effective tests and accurate analysis to guide patient care. Utilizing next generation technology platforms and advanced bioinformatics, Admera Health seeks to redefine disease screening, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and management through its innovative, personalized solutions.

It is our mission to deliver transformative, valuable solutions for patients, physicians, and clinical researchers. We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our global community through the direct delivery of personalized, medically actionable results.

Medipreneurs April 26-28, 2019 - Pharming Your Career - PPN Episode 762

Feb 1, 2019 22:39


Medipreneurs - April 26-28, 2019 -  Discount code for your listeners is ERIN (case sensitive) which is $100 off the regular price of $597   Offer good from 2/1/19 until 2/28/19   Bio of Guest, Sue Paul: Sue Paul is a pharmacist, entrepreneur and small business owner with over 20 years of experience in the industry. After journeying through the traditional pharmacy avenues of retail, nursing home consultant, and hospital, she founded SyneRxgy Consulting, a concierge pharmacy service. SRx assists patients and physicians in managing chronic disease state medications, implementing and analyzing pharmacogenomic testing for complicated patients, and compiling and reviewing current medication lists for patients. She enjoys educating clients on all aspects of medication to empower them to take control of their health. Current worksites include physician offices, employer worksites, and in-home patient visits.   Sue is Co-Founder, along with Michelle Fritsch, PharmD, BCP, BCACP  and Anna Garrett, PharmD of Medipreneurs LLC, an international conference and community for pharmacy entrepreneurs. She gets a kick out of empowering other pharmacists to dream about how they would practice   In 2018, Sue co-founded PGx101 LLC, along with Dan Krinsky, RPh, MS, which offers pharmacists ACPE approved continuing education and a certificate in Pharmacogenomics. She has been using PGx in her clinic and with home patients to implement patient-centered medication modification in conjunction with their providers.   She is active in local, state and national professional organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four adult children, reading, walking with friends, and brainstorming with others about action plans to get from where they are to where they want to be.

International Leader in Pharmacy Hala Jawad - Rx Talk w/ Suzy - PPN Episode 761

Feb 1, 2019 27:59


Hala Jawad is an international pharmacist rock star. 

She has worked in a community pharmacy setting and as a GP practice pharmacist, and has experience in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy (as a student) and management.

Ms Jawad said each role has been different yet “equally vital” to her learning process.

Now, as a self-employed locum pharmacist who works for well-known high street retail pharmacies in the UK and as a GP practice pharmacist, Ms Jawad has truly taken charge of her career in healthcare.

“I have developed a special interest in public health and improving patient outcomes, and have been involved in many other activities outside of a traditional pharmacy career,” she said.

“I have tried my hand at some media-related performances and I am a member of the International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy (IFWIP) advisory board.”

Ms Jawad began her career as a community pharmacist.

In her early days, she recalls joining a Twitter chat run by WePharmacists that led to an opportunity for her to work with Dr Andrew Whittamore, a GP at Crookhorn Surgery in Portsmouth.

“He took me under his wing to help me experience the delivery of respiratory care in the community, including the opportunity to work within the practice providing routine asthma reviews,” Ms Jawad said.

“It was interesting to see where my skills as a community pharmacist could be useful to the practice and, more importantly, to the patients. It was also an experience to understand the demands, constraints and privilege that comes with the patient-professional interaction within a GP surgery.”

Following this experience, other opportunities came knocking and Ms Jawad continued moving forward with her career.

She has also seen many changes and developments take place in the pharmaceutical industry over the years.

“New standards for pharmacy professionals came into effect in May 2017. The new roles appearing in practice pharmacy are exciting and we can play a vital role in freeing up time for GPs, helping to keep people out of our crowded hospitals,” she said.

“I believe the future of pharmacy is promising.”

Another interesting development Ms Jawad is keeping a close eye on is the science of pharmacoeconomics which, Ms Jawad said, translates to the amount of healthcare a person receives per pound that they spend, and it is measured in QALY (Quality-Adjusted Life Years).

She is also fascinated with the increasing number of pharmacists who are undertaking a non-medical prescribing course, offered as a post-graduate degree in the UK.

“This allows pharmacists to undertake the new roles being created in primary care. It is important that the skills of pharmacists are appropriately used in polypharmacy reviews to improve patient outcomes, and in moving towards a personalised centred care model, which demonstrates leadership and the ability to speak up when having concerns or when things go wrong,” she said.

Over the years, Ms Jawad has been an avid Twitter user and boasts almost 23,000 followers on LinkedIn.

What began as joining a Twitter chat lead to being invited to the CPCongress which opened many other doors for Ms Jawad.

She then started doing live videos on Facebook and collaborated with doctors and other healthcare professionals to do interviews, in addition to starting her own YouTube channel, I Pharmacist UK.

For Ms Jawad, being active on social media has opened doors with professional networks, which has been critical to her career advancement.

“I learned a tremendous amount from the experience and expertise of the people in my network. For me, it makes sense to keep up to date with everything,” she said.

A significant project Ms Jawad has founded is, an online platform where people can submit a pharmacy-related question to her and they will receive a professional response free of charge.

“I felt the public needed support and advice from healthcare professionals,” she said.

“I was always receiving messages privately from the public for advice on a certain medication or other queries. So, I thought I could develop a platform to help others, of course within my competencies, and try to guide people to the proper resources or seek further advice with their GP, if needed.”

Ms Jawad does not make an income from this venture but decided to do it to give back.

“As a healthcare professional, giving back is important to me. I get a sense of satisfaction from helping others,” she said.

(from Professor dot com) 

Avadim Health Podcast Series Part One: the Pain Factor - PPN Episode 760

Jan 25, 2019 42:18


Avadim Health Podcast Series Part One: 

the Pain Factor with Special Guest Jeffrey Fudin, B.S., Pharm.D., FCCP, FASHP, FFSMB and Ralph Lombardo SVP of Sales and Marketing of Avadim Health. 

Avadim Health identifies unmet needs and addresses them in a way nobody has, with a portfolio of advanced, safe solutions and a strong pipeline across a broad range of health and wellness areas.

Whether we’re developing products aimed to improve health and enhance quality of life or helping communities through local and global philanthropy efforts, our mission is to serve.

It’s in our name—Avadim meaning “servants”—and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

At Avadim Health, we are committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our products, as well as delivering the best possible health and wellness outcomes.

Our products are non-toxic, safe for daily use, and produced in an FDA regulatory and compliant drug and medical device manufacturing facility in the United States.

About our special guest: 

Jeffrey Fudin, B.S., Pharm.D., FCCP, FASHP, FFSMB
Diplomate, Academy of Integrative Pain Management

Founder and CEO, REMITIGATE, LLC in Delmar NY
Director PGY2 Pain Residency Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany NY
Adjunct Associate Professor, Western New England University College of Pharmacy
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
Section Editor, Pain Medicine
Owner & Managing Editor,

Dr. Fudin graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences with his Bachelors Degree and Pharm.D. He completed an Oncology/Hematology fellowship at SUNY/Upstate Medical Center. He is a Diplomate to the Academy of Integrative Pain Management and a Fellow to the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists, and the Federation of State Medical Board.

2019 The Year of Digital Health - - PPN Episode 759

Jan 24, 2019 18:00


Articles of Interest Links:

AdhereTech -

Pear Therapeutics reSET-O FDA Clearance -

Beddit Apple Launch -

POPS! Diabetes clearance -

Remote Patient Monitoring -

Pillsy subscription service -

Alto raises $50 Million -

FDA Opioid Challenge Winners -

FDA Digital Health Action Plan -

Tabula Rasa acquires DoseMe -

ResMed acquires Propeller for $225 Million -

Pharmacy Gig Economy -

Novo Nordisk Smart Insulin Pens -

Research Articles of Interest:

Interventions to Improve Medication Adherence: A Review -

Machine learning for predicting psychotic relapse at 2 years in schizophrenia in the national FACE-SZ cohort -

What is an appropriate level of evidence for a digital health intervention? -

Continuous Temperature-Monitoring Socks for Home Use in Patients With Diabetes: Observational Study -

Smartphone apps for insomnia: examining existing apps' usability and adherence to evidence-based principles for insomnia management -

Use of a Digital Medication Management System for Effective Assessment and Enhancement of Patient Adherence to Therapy (ReX): Feasibility Study -

Rationale and design of a large-scale, app-based study to identify cardiac arrhythmias using a smartwatch: The Apple Heart Study -

A Digital Language Divide? The Relationship between Internet Medication Refills and Medication Adherence among Limited English Proficient (LEP) Patients -

Community pharmacist perceptions of their role and the use of social media and mobile health applications as tools in public health -

Lyft, Uber, Amazon & Pharmacy Innovation - PPN Episode 758

Jan 21, 2019 19:40


Dr. Leke Agbejule BPharm, MSc, PharmD joins the Pharmacy Podcast Nation to talk about Innovation with a Lyft Uber and Amazon spin.

With increased advances in Telemedicine & BlockChain technologies, the landscape of community pharmacy is rapidly changing. These changes, albeit, subtle now, have the propensity to disturb the status quo as we know it today.

It’s a known secret that more prescribers are adopting telemedicine and this trend is only getting expanded into various specialties. This ability has enabled the opportunity to have prompt wholesome medical care in areas hitherto considered to be remote. It’s estimated that there are 266 million cell phone subscribers in the US alone. Opportunities and solutions going forward will have to leverage this medium to reach the majority of healthcare consumers. What does this mean? Many pharmacy patrons have a new world open to them. Currently, 82% of patients pick up their prescriptions in the pharmacy either in person or via a representative. Digital adoption of patrons is key.

Patients are now able to request a refill, pick up medications from the comforts of their palms using their smartphones, and other wifi enabled devices such as AlexaR

This article will explore the possible incursion scenarios of the players in this space.


With the direct acquisition of PillPackR, Amazon has positioned itself to be a force to be reckoned with in the pharmacy delivery space. It’s no secret that Amazon simply has mastered the art and science of prompt delivery {Amazon Prime} and regular batch delivery! Amazon fosters a lot of relationships within its ecosystem to such an extent that they participate in almost all segments of the supply chain. Amazon is a strong contender in the sense that they can leverage {and perhaps will} Whole Foods foot print to reach out to prospective pharmacy patrons. Almost every household has an Amazon account and almost 65% of those have Amazon Prime. This enormous market share is bound to turn the industry on its head. Alternatively, Amazon May explore leveraging independent pharmacies to fulfil their patients’ prescription needs.

Besides the use of PillPackR to fulfill customers maintenance medication monthly, Amazon will now deal with how to handle acute prescriptions delivery. With the expansion of evisits, we are beginning to see Complete End to End Digital Medicine {CEEDM]. There are more people using medical apps on their phones to consult with a medical healthcare provider and have such prescriptions sent to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. Upon completion, the pharmacy sends the patient a text message and the prescription gets picked up. Today, this may take about 24 to 48 hours to have the medication in the hands of the end consumer. The goal by these operators is to shorten the lag time to approximately 4 hours. It will be ideal for a patient to start their antibiotic treatment within 2 hours of consulting with a healthcare provider.

This will try to capture the pathway for Amazon into this space. Approximately 54% of prescriptions filled in most metropolitan pharmacies are for new acute therapies secondary to recent consultations. These essentially represent the scripts Amazon will be going for. AlexaR will enable such prescriptions to be picked up immediately they are ready at the pharmacy and have them delivered. There are talks Amazon may partner with Lyft or Uber to carry out the delivery. This couldn’t be corroborated. Our consultants believe this is a feasible approach. This approach will definitely leverage the already established logistics infrastructure of Uber/Lyft


It is believed UberEats is simply a precursor to UberScripts or UberRx. The online car ride-sharing model is poised to penetrate the pharmacy delivery space. Almost everyone has a Uber account and most have had to use this service either sparingly or on a regular basis. The need to move into this niche is very attractive to both Uber and Lyft both have the same service models and are equal strong contenders.

The ultimate model may be a hybrid of Amazon and Uber/Lyft. This is extremely attractive because Uber/Lyft have logistics infrastructures for prompt delivery

Retail Chain pharmacy Role

The chain pharmacies can remain relevant within this space by offering on site instant delivery service.

LeanGuistics Consulting Group, Miami, FL believes this incursion will affect mostly acute medications and mainly focus on patients that use telemedicine to access care.

It was determined that patients are able to allow for a 2 hour window from when the pharmacies notify them of their scripts to the start of therapy.


This is a tool {app} to help community pharmacy address the current delivery issues. The tool was developed in response to the percentage of acute medications that are not picked up on time, or delivered to the final recipient, for the much-needed therapy. The solution will be similar to UberEats or GrubHub. This app will help patients pick up and deliver medications from their pharmacy of choice at a nominal fee. Patients will be able to download and register for the service. Upon registration, the patient will have access to all the tools via a widget placed on their smart phone. The patient will request a pick up and a barcode generated will have all the information required to pick up their prescription scrambled in a way to further protect the patient’s personal information. Currently this essentially excludes controlled prescriptions. It is believed patients will be using this for the delivery of antibiotics issued pursuant to Rx sent by a healthcare provider. The driver, a registered Pharmacy Technician, will be able to support all medications regardless of their storage conditions. Insulin and similar medications will be delivers to the patient in a cold pack to maintain the cold chain. The patient will pay for their medication over the phone using a credit card on file with their pharmacy, all these transactions will be invisible to the StatDrop representative. when medications are paid for and ready for delivery the patient will log into our app and request service. The nearest StatDrop representative in the neighborhood will lock the request in -app so as to avoid duplication of efforts, pick up and deliver. This service will be available from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on a daily basis 7 days a week. The last request for the day must arrive in-app by 9:30 pm. We are looking at 20 30 minutes for medications to be delivered. Note, patients can register for a one time delivery service or enroll for a recurring monthly subscription. It is estimated that 57% of all Acute/Stat medications are not picked up {or delivered}, and 72% are not started as prescribed by the healthcare provider. Using some analytics and tools native to Lean Six Sigma, LeanGuistics Consulting Group of Consultants believe we have the solution. For the purposes of this problem statement, any acute medication not delivered within 4 days was considered late and non-adherent. We used 4 days because the average length of antibiotic course is between 5 to 7 days. Based on the prescription issued by the healthcare provider. The patient should be at the tail end of {or the middle of therapy} by the 4th day.

Using the premise of “Vital Few Vs Useful Many, we believe identifying & addressing the main factor will solution for 80% of the problem. In actual fact, a +5% uptick will save the economy a great deal. Let’s put this into proper perspective. It is estimated that prescription abandonment and lack of adherence within the first 48 hours cost the nation in the region of US$ 200 billion and over 100,000 deaths per year, and when the patient is an infant, this makes it worse since either both parents or one will have to miss work to care for the patient and the cost of childcare for that/those days still need to be paid. At LeanGuistics, we believe that if we can better manage this segment of operation we will make a major dent in alleviating the nation of this staggering ailment. There is no doubt the pharmacies today are smarter and more efficient than in the last 2 decades. Several Lean Six Sigma tools have been built into bespoke workflows to ensure these stat medications are ready on time.

At LeanGuistics, we have identified a few important factors, that if improved upon will stem the tide. As alluded to above, most retail pharmacy workflows have effectively removed waste and variation in their processes to ensure a relatively high level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

It is believed by our consultants that the main factor here is the Accessibility to the medication on time. Several factors are responsible here, but the main culprit is getting the medications into the hands of the patients promptly.

 Other Factors

Drug not covered or prior authorization required. Oftentimes when medications require P/A or are not covered the pharmacists are reluctant to reach out to the ER to facilitate a change. Out of pocket Cost of drugs: In some cases, the patients get sticker shocked when they discover the out of pocket cost of the medications. Rather than work with the pharmacy team members to leverage other cost reduction measures, such as leveraging manufacturers coupons to further lower the co-pay, they, the patient, just don’t pick up the medication  Availability of insurance coverage: Whether or not the patient is covered by a plan is a key contributing factor. It’s discovered that subscribers of ObamaCare are always reluctant to pick up medications that are outside the lowest tier of coverage

In the final analysis, improving access to the medication through expanded delivery service will reduce this financial burden on the country.

Dr. Leke Agbejule,

Principal Partner,

LeanGuistics Consulting Group, LLC  

Overcoming Perfection Paralysis - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 757

Jan 18, 2019 20:18


Do you suffer from Perfection Paralysis? Are you your own worst enemy to getting what you want from life? Do you think everything must be "perfect" or your efforts are not worth the time to try something new? 

Perfection paralysis is a trick your mind plays on you in an attempt to keep you safe. Whenever you are about to put a piece of yourself into the world (say by starting a new business or asking someone out on a date) you form an idea of it in your mind first.

The final epiosde of season one of the Rx Buzz is here as Dr. Ashlee Klevens Hayes talks candidly about her own experiences in growing her own company, launching a podcast, managing a mutli-medical person career household, moving, and being a mom. 

Contact Ashlee today: 

Madeline Acquilano, PharmD - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Epiosde 756

Jan 17, 2019 19:55


Today's Pharmacy Future Leaders interview is with the entreprenurial blogger Dr. Madeline Acquilano PharmD The Luxe Pharmacist

Madeline is in her sixth (P4) year of pharmacy school in Boston, Massachusetts.

Madeline states: "I grew up in a small town in beautiful, woodsy New Hampshire. My father had the pleasure (and challenge) of raising three daughters, after growing up in a household with four brothers. Needless to say, as girly as I am now, that was not always the case. I grew up in the woods on our ATV trails; hiking mountains, going on bike rides, and was enrolled in sports my first year of elementary school. I may not have become the star athlete that my father had wanted, but rest assured his efforts did not go to waste. He made me tough; he showed me how to work hard and to never take no for an answer. Ultimately, he showed me how to be a role model to others by being one himself.

Fast forward to now many years later; I can attribute much of my success in pharmacy school to those same principles. It has always been my dream to inspire others, especially women, being that I am the oldest, and have two little sisters that look up to me. I believe all women should feel empowered and inspired, not only to go after their dreams (whatever those may be), but to also be a positive role model for other women and our society. I have grown so much over the past five years of pharmacy school. Through the triumphs and the lows of a rigorous program; I have become a passionate future pharmacist, a better leader, a more compassionate person and above all someone that I am very proud to be." 

Differentiate via Value-based Pharmacy Care - PPN Episode 755

Jan 15, 2019 34:59


Cardinal Health sponosred several podcast episodes featuring several dynamic pharmacy professionals making a difference in our healthcare system delivery models.

Nicolle McClure, president of GRX Marketing interviewed pharmacy owners and a physician to better outline the benefits of Value-based Pharmacy Care.

Value-based Pharmacy care is a healthcare delivery model in which providers, including, pharmacists, hospitals and physicians, are paid based on patient health outcomes. Under value-based care agreements, providers are rewarded for helping patients improve their health, reduce the effects and incidence of chronic disease, and live healthier lives in an evidence-based way.

Value-based care differs from a fee-for-service or capitated approach, in which providers are paid based on the amount of healthcare services they deliver. The “value” in value-based healthcare is derived from measuring health outcomes against the cost of delivering the outcomes.

The benefits of a value-based healthcare system extend to patients, providers, payers, suppliers, and society as a whole.

We thank Cardinal Health for their investment into the Pharmacy Podcast Network and supporting our interviews. 

Learn more: 

The Pharmacy Resident - CVS Careers - PPN Episode 753

Jan 15, 2019 33:20


Tyson Cromeens RPh PharmD Sr. Advisor Pharmacist Recruitment Strategy interviews Alexa Hospodar PharmD PGY-1 Managed Care Pharmacy Resident at CVS Health & Sarah McLarty, PharmD Specialty Innovations Resident at CVS Health. 

CVS wants you to grow. It’s why we offer fellowship and residency programs that give you the support and training you need to thrive professionally and personally. Residency & Fellowship Duration: July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 Application Deadline: January 3, 2019

PGY1 pharmacy residency programs build on Pharm.D. education and outcomes to contribute to the development of a clinical pharmacist responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, eligible for board certification, and eligible for postgraduate year two (PGY2) pharmacy residency training.

More information here: 

Pharming Your Career #HOWIRXOLL Series PART 7 - PPN Epiosde 752

Jan 9, 2019 23:48

The Telemedicine Factor - PPN Episode 751

Jan 9, 2019 11:56


Darshan talks about the Telemedicine effect on modern healthcare.

The term telehealth includes a broad range of technologies and services to provide patient care and improve the healthcare delivery system as a whole. Telehealth is different from telemedicine because it refers to a broader scope of remote healthcare services than telemedicine.

Discussing the Science of CBD - Part Two - PPN Episode 750

Jan 8, 2019 59:01


Part Two of the three part series on CBD

Part Two with CV Sciences Stuart Tomc Vice Presdient of Human Nutrition talking with Dr. Hector L. Lopez Jr., MD, CSCS, FAAPMR. 

Here's part one: 

CV Science: 

Contact CV Sciences: 

(800) 561-8711 

About CV Sciences 

MISSION At CV Sciences, our mission to improve well‐being underscores our values, operations, and products. OVERVIEW CV Sciences operates two distinct divisions: pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

These divisions are supported by our medical and scientific advisory board, and state‐of‐the art production facilities. PHARMACEUTICALS CV Sciences’ Pharmaceutical Division is developing synthetically‐formulated cannabidiol‐based medicine, pursuing the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for drugs with specific indications utilizing cannabidiol as the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

CV Sciences has achieved promising preclinical results in the development of cannabinoid medicines for treatment of a range of medical conditions. CONSUMER PRODUCTS CV Sciences’ Consumer Products Division delivers botanical‐based cannabidiol products that enhance quality of life. Currently distributed nationally in health food stores, health care provider’s offices and online, each consumer products brand is backed by a formal safety review, growing body of case reports, and physician’s recommendations.

Pharming Your Career #HOWIRXOLL Series PART 6 - PPN Epiosde 749

Jan 3, 2019 37:21


#HowIRxoll - Entrepreneurial Pharmacist Academician - Alan Spies

Dr. Alan R. Spies, Clinical Professor and Kennedy Chair, Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center and Senior Consultant, GiANT Worldwide

Alan is a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, a J.D. and a M.B.A. from the University of Oklahoma and a Ph.D. in Pharmacy Administration from the University of Mississippi.

During his nearly 15 years in higher education, Alan was most recently selected as the Kennedy Chair of the Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy. Previously, Alan served as an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Leadership Degree Option Program at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, receiving their Teacher of the Year Award in 2011. Furthermore, Alan has taught courses at both the professional and graduate levels, specializing in the areas of leadership, law, ethics, human resources management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Alan is also a graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program and licensed as an associate certified coach with the International Coach Federation. Prior to becoming a Senior Consultant with GiANT Worldwide, a company dedicated to multiplying and cultivating engaged leaders, Alan served as Chief Operating Officer of SALLT, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving leaders from the public, private and social sectors by helping them leverage their passion, skills and influence for the common good of the city.

Alan has a passion and heart for raising up the next generation of leaders, primarily college students and young adults. Alan especially enjoys working with emerging leaders from East Africa, individuals who have helped change his perspective in an amazing way. Alan serves on the Advisory Board of ELE Rwanda, an organization dedicated to ensuring that the development of Rwanda is based and sustained by the efforts and talents of Rwandans.

Alan and his wife Laurie live in a 90-year old home in Columbia, South Carolina, where they love to hike and eat ice cream (not necessarily in that order) with their 4-year old golden doodle Sully. 

Also - last chat with Alan on Pharmacy Podcast at:

Pharming Your Career #HOWIRXOLL Series PART 5 - PPN Epiosde 748

Dec 29, 2018 34:04


#HowIRxoll: Episode 5 - Dr. Laura Happe - The Academician/Writer/Editor   Show Notes:   Bio:  Dr. Laura E. Happe, PharmD, MPH is a pharmacist, researcher, and writer who uses data to help people make better health decisions. Her career has spanned across the health insurance, pharmaceutical industry, mail order pharmacy, consulting and university settings.   Laura is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP), the official peer-reviewed journal of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. JMCP is published monthly and has a circulation of over 30,000 people. She is also Assistant Professor of Population Health at Wingate University School of Health Sciences in Charlotte, North Carolina where she instructs students in nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physician assistant and physical therapy programs.   Prior to her current roles, Laura was Chief Pharmacy Officer at Humana, where she led the company's response to combating the opioid epidemic. She also developed a research program at Humana, resulting in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and presentations.    Laura earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from Creighton University and is a licensed pharmacist in both Florida and Arizona. She also holds a Master’s of Public Health degree with an emphasis in epidemiology from the University of South Florida and is fellowship trained in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. She lives with her husband in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they teach their kids that happiness is a choice. For more, please visit her website:

California Pharmacists Association - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 747

Dec 29, 2018 31:26


Contact CPhA

California Pharmacists Association
4030 Lennane Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 779-1400
Email CPhA

CPhA Staff CEO’s Office 

Jon Roth – CEO

Rx Owners Podcast - Immunizations & Your Pharmacy Business - PPN Episode 746

Dec 21, 2018 13:54


Introduction for host - Joe Alsobrook   

The host of the Rx Owners Podcast is Joe Alsobrook. He is a business consultant working with Benzer Pharmacy to assist Benzer Pharmacy Franchise team procuring new partnerships, growing their conversion and working with various other programs and departments. We recorded live at the Benzer Pharmacy Corporate Headquarters in Tampa FL with special guest Tony Marakas, Vice President Benzer Pharmacy Franchise team.

Advantages of buying a franchise

Franchises offer the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network.

You don’t necessarily need business experience to run a franchise. Franchisors usually provide the training you need to operate their business model.

Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses.

You may find it easier to secure finance for a franchise. It may cost less to buy a franchise than start your own business of the same type.

Franchises often have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to national advertising and ongoing support.

Benzer Pharmacy is the one and only franchise choice for independent owners. Benzer is run by independent owners for independent owners. With a proven track record, consolidated services, nationally recognized branding and low cost of operation, you’re no longer alone. Join the fastest growing pharmacy franchise in the USA and get the support you need today.

It takes exceptional – consistent- service to keep customers coming back and making positive referrals. That’s the secret of our success. With more than 10 years of experience providing excellent pharmacy service, we’ve developed a streamlined approach to delivering the professionalism and reliability that customers expect, in a comfortable environment.

Please contact Tony Marakas for additional information:

(813) 304-2221 Ext. 811

PBM Reform is coming to Pennsylvania - PPN Episode 745

Dec 19, 2018 22:13


PolitiTalkRx Welcomes Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale to the Pharmacy Podcast Network discussing PBM Reform efforts in 2019. 

A Pennsylvania report examining the role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in the state called for more transparency in how they do business managing Medicaid prescriptions.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said he wanted action to reduce Medicaid prescription costs and called for legislation to:

Allow Pennsylvania to directly manage its prescription drug benefits instead of contracting with healthcare managers to do so Increase transparency into PBM pricing practices Allow state oversight of PBM contracts Require a flat-fee pricing model so that the state pays PBMs only for services rendered

In 2017, Pennsylvania taxpayers paid $2.86 billion to PBMs for Medicaid enrollees, according to the state Department of Human Services, an increase of 100% in 4 years, up from $1.41 billion in 2013.

Pennsylvania Auditor General Calls for Action on PBMs 

Auditor General DePasquale Demands Increased Oversight of Pharmacy Benefit Managers that Impact Drug Prices 

Pharming Your Career #HOWIRXOLL Series PART 4 - PPN Episode 744

Dec 19, 2018 25:31


Pharming Your Career: #HowIRxoll Part 4: A Passion for Clinical Pharmacology - Dr. Grigor Abelien   Grigor Abelian's Bio: Dr. Abelian graduated as University Valedictorian from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences with Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Studies and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees.   During pharmacy school, he augmented his didactic training through internships at multiple institutions including Johns Hopkins Hospital at Critical Care/Surgery Department of Pharmacy, Janssen Research & Development in Clinical Pharmacology and Global Trial Management, and United States Food and Drug Administration at Office of Health Informatics. He supported and led multiple research projects spanning from pharmaceutics development of Tegafur and its parent drug 5-Fluorouracil in the Colon Cancer setting at University of the Sciences, Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome in the Surgical Intensive Care setting at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Trauma Registry Validation in the Venous Thromboembolism Prevention setting at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Upon graduation, he completed a joint Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology at University of Southern California and Allergan, plc where he supported and led clinical pharmacology drug development efforts in the CNS, GI, Ophthalmology, Immunology, and Dermatology therapeutic areas.   Currently, he serves as a Research Investigator in the Global Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics function at Bristol-Myers Squibb where he supports research and development in the Cardiovascular, Immunology, and Oncology therapeutic areas. His core discipline interests include translational and precision medicine, pharmacogenomics, and model-based drug development.   In his spare time, he enjoys several sports including weight training, snowboarding, professional and pick-up football, soccer, basketball, and tennis in addition to traveling, hiking, and stock market investing.  


CVS Careers: Retail Spanish Immersion Internship - PPN Episode 743

Dec 17, 2018 25:50


Highlights of the Retail Spanish Immersion Internship:

Participate in the care of patients with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, focusing on the Hispanic community and utilizing the Spanish language Application of therapeutic principles, communication skills (including Spanish), and drug information skills are emphasized on a daily basis through interaction with patients and other health care professionals Immersion with the Hispanic community and related disease states associated with those patients This is a summer paid internship held fromJune- August 2019 with continued year-round employment with flexible hours

Who is eligible? 

External applicants and currently employed CVS Health Interns who are currently a P1 (Class of 2022) or P2 (Class of 2021) enrolled in a US College of Pharmacy While fluency in Spanish is not mandatory to apply, Spanish courses previously taken in high school and/or college, or prior participation in mission trips to Spanish speaking countries would be a preferred qualification

Key Dates

Application period: December 2018 – March 30, 2019 Pharmacy applicant video screens: December 2018-  - March 30, 2019 Pharmacy applicant interviews: December 2018 - March 30, 2019 Intern selections finalized: April 15, 2019

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please Click Here to receive more details and application instructions.

Cities and States where the 2019 Internship will be held:

*multiple opportunities exist in certain metropolitan markets





Watsonville, Santa Maria, Santa Ana, Pacoima, Van Nuys, Tulare, Porterville, Salinas, Los Banos, East Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Southgate, El Monte, Hemet, San Diego, Chula Vista, San Jose, Redwood City, North Hollywood, Hemet, La Puente, Soledad, Canoga Park


New Britan











Langley Park







Las Vegas

North Las Vegas




West New York


Central Islip





Central Falls


Austin, Brownsville, Dallas, El Paso, Farmers Branch, Harlingen, Houston, Central Houston,  San Antonio, Weslaco, Zapata


Falls Church








The Mission of HoneyBee Health - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 742

Dec 14, 2018 38:21


Rx Buzz Ashlee Klevens Hayes talks with Honey Bee Health Founder and COO Jessica Nouhavandi about her mission to help patients overcome high drug prices. Founder of Honeybeehealth: Jessica Nouhavandi    Contact: 
Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD/MHA Founder & Lead Career Coach Rx Ashlee e:

Process Improvement in Pharmacy - PPN Epiosde 741

Dec 12, 2018 25:08


The Pharmacy Inspection Podcast Team talks about Process Improvement in Pharmacy! Bryan and Seth give specific examples of how to start out improving a few processes within your own pharmacy.

Contact the Pharmacy Inspection Team: 

Digital Therapeutics - FutureDose.Tech - PPN Episode 740

Dec 12, 2018 22:18


FutureDose host Dr. Timothy Aungst talks about Digital therapeutics as the new area in the Digital Health field creating evidence-based software for clinical treatment of diseases.

The Digital Health Alliance has released an industry report on the current state of DTx Feel free to read my blog post on the topic and an introduction to digital therapeutics with more details that this podcast is based upon Timothy Dy Aungst, PharmD Associate Professor | Freelance Writer & Consultant @TDAungst

#HowIRxoll - Pharmacist in Physician Office with Side Hustle in Clinical Research - Dr. Geoff Brown - PPN Episode 739

Dec 10, 2018 28:56


Season 2 - Pharming Your Career Episode 3 - #HowIRxoll - Pharmacist in Physician Office with Side Hustle in Clinical Research - Dr. Geoff Brown
Show Notes:   Linkedin: Twitter: @DrugNerd1  Bio: Dr. Geoff Brown is a recent graduate from the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy. He is a study coordinator at GPI Clinical Research and a Quality Manager & Patient Liaison at Antidote Technologies. Geoff is interested in drug development, behavioral health, and Health IT.

AMA Digital Health Playbook FutureDose.Tech - PPN Episode 738

Dec 5, 2018 20:20


Timothy D. Aungst PharmD, delivers another FutureDose.Tech episode about the AMA Digital Health Playbook. 

The American Medical Association (AMA) has not been silent compared to other medical organizations around its views on digital health. They have had an open discourse in the past year and partnered with many outside organizations to quantify and assess the implications of the digital health space in medical practice. If you were not aware (or a part of), the AMA has had several open networks inciting discussions and joint thoughts on digital health and established a digital health leadership program.

As part of this program, there has been an interest in delivering care using digital health, with a focus on Validation & Evidence, Payment, Liability & Risk, and Adoption & Scale. While these may be ambivalent terms, the AMA has put its word into more action with their recently released "Digital Health Implementation Playbook" (you can download it here but will need to submit some user data). I have read this document a few times and reflected on its implications to practice, which I will detail henceforth.

The Playbook is 95 pages long, and 66 pages actually dedicated towards essential content with the remainder being ancillary supporting documents and tools to integrate into clinical use. Overall, a lot of the material is image and graph-heavy, with not a lot of actual text, and with many quotes and such thrown in. I would say perhaps if they just stuck with actual text like a whitepaper this thing may only be

12 Ways PillPack might Impact Pharma - PPN Episode 737

Dec 4, 2018 22:28


Why Pharma Companies Should Be Scared

Pharmaceutical companies have generally responded with an apathetic irreverence to Amazon’s entry into the pharmacy space. However, there are dramatic changes that may impact pharmaceutical companies.

Number 1: Changing the Players

There have been certain internal hires within Amazon that support the suggestion that Amazon would acquire PillPack, but Amazon is looking to do more than just create a pharmacy. Amazon’s acquisition of PillPacksupports the argument that they’re trying to flatten the playing field for retail pharmacy.

Current Drug Distribution Pathway

Drug companies make drugs, and then typically give the drugs to one of three major distributors: AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal, and Mckesson. These distributors may distribute the drugs, directly or in turn sell to smaller distributors who sell, to groups of purchasers called “group purchasing organizations (GPOs)”. These GPOs will buy medications in bulk (to get better pricing) and will give it to pharmacies that are part of the GPO. Each participant looks to create a profit for themselves, which dramatically increases the price of drugs.

Amazon, however, has been excellent at creating key relationships directly with manufacturers, even sometimes creating products with their own name on them. If Amazon can directly strike a deal with a pharmaceutical company, it can skip that distribution chain and go directly from the pharmaceutical company to the patient. In such a situation, all of “middle-men” companies would disappear as would the profits they charge. With this method, even if Amazon charges a hefty premium for their product, they can still get the drug to the patient at a cheaper cost than the current system.

Number 2: Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) Payor Pathway

Most major health insurers do not directly address or negotiate drug prices. Insurance companies contract with major prescription drug benefit managers (PBMs) to negotiate with pharmacies.

These deals have increasingly come under scrutiny since the President believes that such deals play a major role in the increase of drug prices. Additionally, some payors have used gag clauses to prevent pharmacists from telling patients when buying drugs directly for cash would be cheaper than paying the co-pay. Increasing scrutiny has also revealed that PBMs used “spread pricing” to obtain an obscene amount of profit and this impacted patients.

Amazon’s ability to bypass the distribution pathway may also enable it to avoid the payor pathway. Amazon’s ability to obtain discounts with bulk medication purchases may avoid the use of rebates and coupons if they offer to sell directly for cash at a lower price than co-pays may allow. Alternatively, providing an Amazon Prime Medical could provide a PBM like an alternative to traditional PBMs. They can eliminate discounts and rebates and directly connect the pharmaceutical company through Amazon to the patient. Such a direct relationship with the patient would be a massive benefit for the pharmaceutical company since it could charge a much lower price for the product. On the other hand, Amazon could charge a premium and still come out ahead. Alternatively, Amazon has explored offering its own insurance system, or even its own health offering after learning from existing PBMs.

Number 3: Direct-to-Patient Delivery and Pricing Transparency

Pharmaceutical companies have experimented with direct to patient deliveries. However, this has been with one-off products and has had limited success. Amazon could take the model mainstream and eliminate pharmacies from the middle chain. With President Trump insisting on price transparency in advertisements, a rebate-less/couponless system would allow for maximal price transparency.

Number 4: Supply Chain

Until now, Amazon has mostly been delivering consumer goods. However, Amazon will need to address special drugs like biologics that have specific temperature considerations or controlled substances which may have specific security considerations. Amazon does not have a demonstrated ability to control delivery. That can be hugely problematic for pharmaceutical companies because that may change how they develop drugs. If the primary distributor cannot handle those drugs, having those drugs would be hugely problematic and it would change the calculus on which drug candidates are pursued.

Number 5: Track and Trace

Amazon has routinely sold things from other countries in the US and has not done a good job in policing the source of/authenticity of products. However, drugs are required to have a tighter and closed-loop distribution platform. Pharmaceutical companies may struggle with Amazon buying drugs at a discounted price (for example, from Canada or Mexico) and re-importing those drugs. Alternatively, buying drugs from countries like China may result in flooding the market with counterfeit drugs. If Amazon finds it difficult to control the authenticity of supplies, when applied to drugs, track and trace requirements as proposed by the FDA will gain importance.

Number 6: Over-the-Counter Drugs

Amazon has already announced that it already has over-the-counter drugs branded by Amazon’s personal brand. So they have already entered that market and if they start selling enough volume, they can drop the price. This is something to think about if you are a pharmaceutical company because Amazon could go from being a partner to a competitor.

Number 7: Research and Development (R&D)

Pundits argue that Amazon is going to start discovering drugs by getting into the Clinical Research Organization business. Amazon’s business model does not support discovery and instead focuses on its core strength of distribution. Accordingly, it is unlikely that it will enter the drug discovery business in the short term.

Number 8: Rebate System

PBMs routinely benefit from rebates where they are rewarded for ensuring that enough of a certain drug is used by patients. President Trump has already targeted drug rebates as an unnecessary cause of high drug prices. He plans to deny the safe harbor afforded to drug rebates under the anti-kickback law. This would effectively make such rebates illegal. Amazon could simply charge cash prices and not use rebates. This would step around PBMs and yet provide Amazon a significant margin.

Number 9: Amazon’s Impact

While Amazon may not want to start a CRO, it is a data analytics company and is collecting huge amounts of data regarding its customers, and potentially of its patients. So while they may not enter the clinical research business like other CROs, they could use real-world evidence to help CROs and pharma companies. For example, Amazon could help with a virtual clinical trial by delivering the drugs directly to the patient in a blind format. They could then turn around and use the data of patients that were chosen for their benefit. While Amazon may not become involved in R&D by becoming a CRO, they could become involved in R&D by identifying patients for future clinical trial studies. Amazon becoming a pharmacy would be another step to provide them with unprecedented access across a range of retail outlets.

Number 10: Alexa

With the rise of virtual assistants, Amazon could use Alexa to talk to patients about their drugs and allow for education using this format. This would enable Alexa to provide a medication guide for patients. Going further, Amazon could use its data collection to revolutionize how patients interact with drug information. Through iterative design methods, Amazon could even optimize the medication guide.

Number 11: Telepharmacy

As we know, Amazon came out recently with their video-enabled version of Alexa. Alexa could be used to connect patients, pharmacists, and doctors with pharmaceutical companies and each other. This on-demand education at the point of care would be a highly effective way of using the Amazon ecosystem to educate doctors and patients and to connect patients with caregivers. It could also dramatically change how patients engage at the moment they want to engage with people who could educate them.

Number 12: Alternative Sources of Pharmaceutical Agents

Unlike what many people think, pharmaceutical companies are often just large sized kitchens that mix ingredients together. It is theoretically possible for pharmaceutical companies to order active and inactive pharmaceutical ingredients through Amazon instead of developing their own distribution chains. Amazon’s extensive recording keeping would provide information that could change how products are collected, created and curated. This collected data goes beyond the basics by including information such as records of batches delivered, sources of batches and expiration dates, and crucial information not considered appropriate for public access.


Until Amazon makes a move, it’s difficult to tell what their actual plans in the healthcare industry are. Amazon’s clear motives as a data analytics company, its AWS servers, and its entry as a major marketing resource all position Amazon to win in the pharmacy business. If you have any questions about the ethics of the Amazon discounting medications on a Prime Day discount type sale, reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or

I also host a podcast called Gavel and Pestle, a show dedicated to the fusion of law and pharmacy. You can listen to it here or search for the Pharmacy Podcast Network wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Read more here: 

the Mindset of Grit and Resilience - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 736

Dec 3, 2018 31:11


The Rx Buzz Podcast host Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD, welcomes Melissa J. Durham PharmD discussing grit and resilience and developing a 'growth mindset'. 


Melissa J. Durham, PharmD, MACM, APh, BCACP, DAIPM is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree then completed a residency in Community Pharmacy Practice, both at USC. She also holds a Master’s degree in Academic Medicine from the Keck School of Medicine of USC. 

At the School of Pharmacy, Dr. Durham coordinates courses and teaches in a variety of subject areas, including pharmacy practice and professionalism and pain management. Dr. Durham is very involved in the expansion and development of interdisciplinary educational programs in the health sciences, and has a passion for leadership development among health professional students. She has given numerous presentations and presented papers on the subjects of pain management, travel medicine, leadership, and health professional education.

Pharming Your Career #HOWIRXOLL Series PART 2 - PPN Episode 735

Dec 2, 2018 37:12


Pharming Your Career: Season 2, Episode 2 of #HowIRxoll: A Chat with Kelly Hartman, MA - Founder/President and CEO, Insights Consulting

Show notes:

Kelly Hartman, MA, BSU Alum 89MA91

Founder+President/CEO, Insights Consulting

Founder+Emeritus Board Member, Outside the Box 

Named Indy’s Best & Brightest Professional in Health & Life Sciences, and honored by the YWCA for being a Woman of Achievement, she is the founder, President & CEO of Insights Consulting a company named to the Top Workplaces in Indianapolis for nine years, and Co-Founder and Emeritus Board member of Outside the Box, a not-for-profit.  In her near thirty-year career of supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities -- she has always maintained a focus on empowering all people to be the best version of themselves.  As a mentor to young professionals and a leader in her industry, she is known for her sense of humor and helping all people see things from a different perspective. Hartman is also the busy Mama to twin 14-year-old boys.  In her spare time, she loves to cook, ride her bike and spend time on the water.

Where you can find Kelly:

Pharmacy Administration Opportunities Keep Growing - PPN Episode 734

Nov 30, 2018 25:31


Lynn Paterini, PharmD host of the Nontraditional Pharmacist Podcast interviews Dr. Michael Kosal. Michael takes a data-driven and analytical approach to managing pharmacy operations. Work days are never the same, allowing for continuous learning and keeping it fun. 

Name: Michael Kosal

Position: Pharmacy Operations Manager, Ascension Genesys Hospital


Failure is for All-Stars: Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 733

Nov 29, 2018 19:07


Failure is for All-Stars

What do Oprah, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and recently graduated pharmacy student Carl Heuett all have in common? They never give up. Failure is just an additional step to success.

Carl Heuett is a recently graduated pharmacy student from Nova Southeastern University. During this episode, he opens up about his bumpy journey to earning a pharmacy degree. 

Joanne Pauyo

Nova Southeastern University

College of Pharmacy

Class of 2019

Fort Lauderdale Campus 

the Power of Unity in Pharmacy - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 732

Nov 28, 2018 31:33


Rx Buzz Podcast host Ashlee Kleven Hayes, PharmD, interviews the Executive Director of California Pharmacists Association, Jon Roth.  

Currently, Jon reports to the Board of Trustees of theCalifornia Pharmacists Association. In this role he oversees all aspects of the association’s operations, policy, fund development, publications, and advocacy. The California Pharmacists Association is the largest and most progressive statewide professional society of pharmacists in the country. Key performance successes include:

Recognized by the U.S. Surgeon General for innovation and advocacy to advance healthcare practice for the benefit of public health.

Collaborated with numerous health care associations on a campaign to defeat Proposition 46, successfully protecting Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) from an attack by plaintiff attorneys.  Successfully led the largest legislative scope of practice expansion to be signed into law in California in decades. Successfully provided leadership to a coalition of health care providers to litigate against the State of California over provider rate reductions, including a writ of certiorari and presentation of the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Successfully led $40 million fundraising capital campaign for an association-based foundation.

Jon Roth, MS, CAE

Chief Executive Officer

California Pharmacists Association

Pharming Your Career #HOWIRXOLL Series PART 1 - PPN Episode 731

Nov 27, 2018 33:36


New miniseries - #HowIRxoll: A miniseries on how healthcare professionals & pharmacists work! Episode 1: A Conversation with Non-Traditional Pharmacist, Ashlee Klevens Hayes   Show Notes:

Links:, IG: rx.ashlee, facebook: 

Bio - A third-generation alumnus of the USC School of Pharmacy, Dr. Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD/MHA is the founder of RX Ashlee, a career coaching company that specializes in empowering pharmacists to explore, launch, or create nontraditional roles within the pharmacy profession. After earning her PharmD in 2013, she completed a two-year residency focusing in health system management at the University of Kentucky, as well as a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Kentucky. She rose to the level of Director of Clinical Operations in a pharmacy software company before transitioning to career coaching. Ashlee is also the host of the RX Buzz, a podcast affiliated with the Pharmacy Podcast Network, and she serves as the Career Advisor to students and alumni at the USC School of Pharmacy    P3 Pharmacy Students! Check out the ASCP APPE Rotation info - application for the 2019-2020 academic year is open until 12/31/18:

Patient-Centricity: Improving Our Patient's Experience - PPN Episode 730

Nov 27, 2018 20:22


Major & Darshan with the Gavel & Pestle Podcast talk about 'Patient Centricity' and being aware of the patient's experience and their pharmacy healthcare provider. 

Contact Darshan: 


Transformation of the PBM - PolitiTalkRx - PPN Episode 729

Nov 26, 2018 30:09


PolitiTalkRx host Scott Kjelson, PharmD, interviews Scott Knoer, PharmD, Chief Pharmacy Officer at Cleveland Clinic about his opinions and views on the coming transformation of the Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). 

NOTE: The views and opinions of this podcast are personal only and not a reflection of any corporation or organization associated with the host or the guests. 

Scott Knoer, PharmD 

Chief Pharmacy Officer at Cleveland Clinic

Contact the show: 

Mobile Insulin Management and Tech of the Future - FutureDose.Tech - PPN Episode 728

Nov 23, 2018 31:01


Timothy Dy Aungst, PharmD, is an associate professor of pharmacy practice at MCPHS University. He graduated from Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy and completed a PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at St. Luke's University Hospital, and then a Clinical Geriatric Fellowship at MCPHS University. He is passionate about the rise of technology in health care and its application to pharmacy. He has published primarily on the role of mobile technology and mHealth, and made multiple national and international presentations on those topics. He blogs at, is a Co-Host of FutureDose.Tech a podcast part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, and you can find him on Twitter @TDAungst.

Forbes Technology Council Meghann Chilcott Senior Vice President of OrderInsite, delivering executive leadership in innovative pharmacy technology solutions. An executive leader in Pharmacy Technology, I help companies achieve revenue goals with a passion for process improvements through the successful execution of deliverables, backed by deep industry expertise and comprehensive management experience. A strategic and analytical professional, I develop business initiatives quickly and with precision. 

Personal Email: 
Business Email: 


the ZappRx Impact - PPN Episode 727

Nov 21, 2018 32:00


The ZappRx digital specialty prescribing platform enables providers to send prescription referrals to specialty pharmacies with legible and more complete information, so pharmacy teams spend less time chasing paperwork and more time helping patients who need life-saving medications.   ZOË BARRY FOUNDER AND CEO

Zoë Barry is the Founder and CEO of ZappRx, a digital health company focused on modernizing and streamlining the way specialty medications are accessed. Zoë launched her career on Wall Street working at the broker-dealer firm DeMatteo Monness and later the hedge fund Dawson Capital. While on Wall Street, Zoë felt compelled to transition into healthcare, to make a difference in an area where she knew needed improvement. In 2011, she joined athenahealth where she focused on implementing athenaClinicals at provider practices.

Throughout her work at athenahealth and in healthcare, Zoë became aware of a major issue with today’s prescribing and prior authorization process, particularly related to specialty medications. As such, she decided to leave athenahealth to launch ZappRx in 2012.  Today, ZappRx works nationwide with doctors, hospital systems, pharmacies and other tech partners.

In addition to ZappRx, Zoë currently advises 2 startups; Remy (NYC) and Metiri (Boston). She is also passionate about mentoring and angel investing in women-led companies including Pixi Cycling, ianacare, Future Fuel and RDMD.  Zoë was awarded Inc. Magazine’s 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 list in 2015, Boston Business Journal 40 under 40 in 2015 and Medtech Boston's 40 under 40 Heath care Innovator in 2016.

Karen Tirozzi brings extensive experience in program management and software application development to users in high-pressure healthcare environments. Having worked start-up & small companies for 15 years, her expertise is in product and program innovation and building the infrastructure, both for her employer and customers, to implement & support programs while ensuring the needs of a demanding customer base are met. Karen's unique background in HIT and clinical social work is the basis for her ability to deliver successful programs in small healthcare services and IT companies.

As VP of R&D at Health Leads, Karen leads efforts to make healthcare partner efforts to address patients social needs as tangible, systematic and scalable as possible. Under her leadership, the team developed offerings which include both technology and services, provided by Health Leads or tailored for delivery by clinic staff. 

As VP of Client Services at PatientKeeper, Karen led the team which grew to implement and support applications for hundreds of hospitals, clinics and physician group practices across the country. Products included charge capture, clinical dashboard, eSignature, and mobility applications.

Karen is also a clinical social worker, working for seven years in various clinical settings in Boston area hospitals. Karen holds a master's degree in social work from Simmons College and bachelor's degree from Boston University.

Specialties: Designing & building infrastructure for new/start-up companies; Implementation of software/IT; Executive management of critical client accounts; Operational management- Client Services, Sales, IT, Development/QA; Integration; CRM management; HIE, EMR, Business process (re)engineering, healthcare, account management, client services, project management, relationship management, customer support, cross functional team coordination, liaison between technology and business


the Medical Affairs Certified Pharmacist - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 726

Nov 20, 2018 39:23


RxAshlee, Ashlee Klenven Hayes, PharmD, host of the Rx Buzz Podcast, welcomes ACMA CEO & Founder Will Soliman. 

A recent survey found that over 65% of scientific and medical research is supported and conducted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Moreover, health care providers are required to obtain continuing education to maintain their professional license. The majority of continuing education is supported by pharmaceutical companies!

What that means is that pharmaceutical companies and their medical and sales representatives play a very important role as being the primary conduits of education and information to doctors. Having a professional certification creates a uniform standard of competency and excellence for industry professionals who are responsible for providing critical information to doctors which impacts patient lives. 

Pharmacist & Healthcare Disruptor: Martin VanTrieste of Civica - PPN Episode 725

Nov 18, 2018 31:33


Show Notes: Martin VanTrieste, President & Chief Executive Officer, Civica - Martin VanTrieste brings over 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry – focusing on manufacturing and quality. He was ranked #2 on the 2018 Medicine Maker Power List of Industry Influencers.

Martin VanTrieste was the Chairman of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Board of Directors. The PDA represents over 10,000 members, and is the leading global facilitator of scientifically sound, practical technical information, quality systems and expertise to advance Pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical manufacturing science and regulation so members can better serve patients. He recently retired as the senior vice president of quality at Amgen. He was responsible for quality assurance, quality control, compliance, operational excellence, environment, health and safety along with training at Amgen.

Prior to joining Amgen, VanTrieste was with Bayer Healthcare’s Biological ProductsDivision as vice president of worldwide quality and Abbott Laboratories as the vice president of quality assurance for the Hospital Products Division. While at Abbott, VanTrieste held various positions in Quality, Operations, and Research and Development. He started his career at Abbott in 1983 after obtaining his Pharmacy degree from Temple University School of Pharmacy.

He is the founder of Rx-360 and first Chairman of the Board of Directors. Rx-360 is a nonprofit international supply chain organization that enhances patient safety by increasing the security and quality in the biopharmaceutical supply chain.

VanTrieste has been actively involved with various professional and trade organizations, including, United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Pharmaceutical Quality Research Institute (PQRI), Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactures of America (PhRMA), and AdvaMed.

PharmaVoice in 2012 named VanTrieste as one of the 100 most inspiring people inthe pharmaceutical industry, calling him “a man with a mission”. The MedicineMaker in 2016, 2017 and 2018 named him one of the most influential people in the world of drug development and manufacture saying, “he is known throughoutindustry for his work on advancing quality assurance and helping to ensure a more reliable supply of high-quality medicines.”    Civica Webpage:    ASCP's call for proposals page - share your expertise with our members in 2019! 

Humans, Data, and the Future of Healthcare - PPN Episode 724

Nov 15, 2018 25:16


Gavel & Pestle Podcast host Darshan KulKarni talks with Emmanuel Fombu, MD, MBA (Manny) the author of the best selling book titled, The Future of Healthcare: Humans and Machines Partnering for Better Outcomes

Emmanuel Fombu, MD, MBA, is a physician, author, speaker and healthcare executive turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

As a medical futurist and 2017 winner of the prestigious New York City Health Business Leaders Boldest Digital Health Influencer Award, Dr. Fombu champions the potential for the internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize the healthcare industry. 

What's Your Data Storage Solution? Introducing SNOWFLAKE - PPN Episode 722

Nov 15, 2018 17:26



Meghann Chilcott is the host of FutureDose.Tech and interviews Todd Crosslin, the VP of Healthcare Strategy at Snowflake Computing. 

Snowflake’s unique data warehouse architecture provides complete relational database support for both structured data, such as CSV files and tables, and semi-structured data, including JSON, Avro, Parquet, etc., all within a single, logically integrated solution. Snowflake is a data warehouse-as-a-service, which requires no management and features separate compute, storage, and cloud services that can scale and change independently.

Metadata is also automatic. What’s more, metadata processing within Snowflake does not compete with the compute resources running your queries. This means Snowflake can scale near-linearly as your compute resources scale out. Secure by design and compatible with popular ETL and BI tools, Snowflake enables data warehouse managers to support enterprise-wide data warehouse requirements with virtually unlimited concurrency.

Snowflake is also a powerful query processing back-end platform for developers creating modern data-driven applications. 

The Olympian in You - PPN Episode 723

Nov 14, 2018 32:15


Rx Buzz host, Ashlee Klevens Hayes, interviews "Coach Christen" Christie Shefchunas.    Coach Christen started coaching swimming after her career at the University of Tennessee, where she walked on to the Lady Vol SwimTeam as a freshman and walked out four years later as a 4x All-American and captain her junior and senior seasons. After graduating from Tennessee in 1997 with a BA in Psychology, Christen (Christie) Shefchunas spent 2 years coaching at the club level before starting her college coaching career. She was an assistant coach at Michigan State University for 2 years before going to SMU as the women’s assistant for 4 years, where she worked with Olympians, World Champions and NCAA Champions.

In 2006, Christen became the Head Coach at the University of Miami, where she spent 7 seasons.

In 2013, Coach Christen decided to leave her college coaching career to start speaking full time, as well as Confidence Coach female athletes. Coach Christen has now returned to working with women as a Confidence Coach, and speaks to athletes, leaders, coaches and women in corporate America across the country. She is a speaker at the LEAD Sports Summit, and is the creator of Confidence Nuggets .

CONTACT:  Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD/MHA Founder & Lead Career Coach Rx Ashlee e: f: w:

Diversify Pharmacy Services to Develop New Business - PPN Episode 720

Nov 14, 2018 15:01


First Financial Bank delivers a 5 part series about the importance of financial resources for your Independent Pharmacy Business. 

(VOL 5) 

First Financial Pharmacy Business Veteran Team member Bob Graul, talks with Pharmacy Podcast Network CEO, Todd Eury about creative business development and healthcare services diversification. 

Bob Graul: 

FFB1 Podcast Series Library: 

From First Financial Bank:

Our customers have the entrepreneurial spirit to build something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s starting their first pharmacy or growing a chain, we are instrumental in providing pharmacy loans and bringing dreams to fruition. Because we are a nimble, privately-held organization - we can focus on our customers and not on shareholders.

We take the worry out of financing — so you can focus on your patients. First Financial Bank is one of the nation’s leading small business lenders - originating almost $200M in pharmacy loans over the last few years.

Our lending team has over 75 years of pharmacy experience and includes current and past pharmacy owners. We have the industry-specific expertise and knowledge to help you finance your pharmacy. We are a preferred Small Business Administration (SBA) lender offering financing solutions to help practicing pharmacists meet a wide range of business needs:

Acquisition Equipment financing Expansion & remodeling Business refinancing Start-up loans

We offer a wide range of flexible terms tailored to your unique situation. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, we’ll work with you, one-on-one, every step of the way. Our customer service, financial strength, and expertise in working with independent pharmacies nationwide make choosing First Financial Bank a sound business decision!

Connect w/ the First Financial Banking Team: 

The Rock Rx Strategy: New Business Development - PPN Episode 719

Nov 13, 2018 37:00


Ryan Smith, Pharmacy Buying Group Entrepreneur, is the founder of Rock Rx Pharmacy. The Rock Rx Strategy is about layering different pharmacy business models based on the territories, staff, pharmacy setting, and mixuture of several different business development methods. 

Rock Rx is a fast growing chain of pharmacies focused on providing individualized solutions for 340B covered entities, hospitals, physicians, and long term care facilities throughout the United States. Our goal is to position your company and ours for success through collaboration and listening to your needs and the needs or your patients.

We recognize the importance of execution, containing costs, and maintaining efficiencies while providing the most important duty of pharmacy—patient care. Our understanding of the business side of pharmacy is strong from years of collective management and ownership experience with wholesalers, pharmacies, group purchasing organizations, and third-party payers. We are continually putting our heads together to provide competitive and innovative solutions for our patients and clients. 

Is Real Estate a Good Investment? - PPN Episode 718

Nov 12, 2018 23:49


Joe Casselman, ChFC and Ben Coakley deliver the another epsidoe of the "Income Outcomes Show" -- on Real Estate Investing. 

Waypoint's Unique Process

We believe in the power of capital markets - not speculation, and this allows us the freedom to think differently and innovatively. Our partners have taken a scientific approach to analyzing the financial markets which allows us to create real world investment solutions. These solutions allow our clients to capture what the markets offer dimensionally.

We also believe in collaborative approach to wealth management. Each team member and wealth management tool have been selected to give you the guidance and experiences you need for your ulimate success.

We believe in letting potential clients test drive our program before we ask them to become full Waypoint clients. That is why we offer a complimentary workshop. This workshop will help you gain great clarity on what you want and set clear goals and objectives.

WaypointRx -- CALL: 843-873-4420 

Things I Wish my Preceptor Knew about Pharmacy Students - PPN Episode 717

Nov 8, 2018 31:03


Rx Talk with Suzy Podcast host, Suzanne Soliman PharmD BCMAS Chief Academic Officer of the ACMA and founder of the Pharmacist Moms Group talks with two pharmacy students about their journey as Future Pharmacy Leaders. 

Connect with Suzy: 

Hands-On BCMAS: A Conversation with Dr. Jamie Dettler-Leonard - PPN Episode 716

Nov 7, 2018 19:30

The Concierge Pharmacist is the Future of Pharmacy - PPN Episode 715

Nov 6, 2018 37:10


Geily Ward & Joanne Pauyo interview the nation's first Concierge Pharmacist, Ken Sternfeld, RPh., host of the PGX4RX Podcast.

Concierge pharmacists are working directly in physicians’ offices to personalize chronic care medication management for patients.
In response to the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ call for ongoing chronic care management, concierge pharmacy network RXVIP Concierge is targeting this component in its business model and delivering chronic care medication services at the point of care.
Concierge pharmacists’ services can produce better patient outcomes, lower health care costs, and improve Medicare Star Ratings, according to RXVIP director of new business development Ken Sternfeld, RPh.
In this concierge pharmacy model, pharmacists pay a visit to the physician’s office 1 day a week and meet with patients to discuss their medications. These pharmacists will review and evaluate drug interactions, dosing, adverse effects, and adherence. Patients will also be encouraged to make lifestyle changes if necessary.
The concierge pharmacists will also handle prescription drug refills and look for generic or cost-saving alternatives, including co-pay assistance programs for patients. Additionally, the pharmacists can educate and assist patients with enrolling in Medicare Part D plans.

Patients also have around-the-clock access to the pharmacists.
“The response to having what amounts to a personal pharmacist available 24/7 has been nothing short of spectacular,” Sternfeld states “It is truly a paradigm shift when you consider the challenges at a retail pharmacy of getting any meaningful one-on-one time with a pharmacist.”
More than 90% of patients who were offered the opportunity to see a pharmacist one-on-one at a recent event did so, Sternfeld said.
As interest in concierge medicine and personalized care continues to grow, Sternfeld believes patients will appreciate the time pharmacists make to evaluate their medication regimen and help improve outcomes.
In terms of lowering health care costs, Sternfield pointed to the large portion of patients who are readmitted to the hospital because of poor medication management. He believes RXVIP concierge pharmacists can make an impact on these patients, as better outcomes can lead to reduced prescription medication costs and hospitalizations.

“Cost savings will be measurable in every collaborative practice relationship we develop going forward,” Sternfeld said.


(844) MYRXVIP 


NeedyMeds Mission - PGX4RX - PPN Episode 714

Nov 5, 2018 20:53


Ken Sternfeld, RPh., host of PGX for Pharmacists 

interviews CARLA DELLAPORTA with NeedyMeds. 

Mission Statement: NeedyMeds educates and empowers those seeking affordable healthcare.

Find help with the cost of medicine. 

Vision Statement: Our vision is affordable healthcare for all.

How we do it: NeedyMeds, a national non-profit, achieves its mission by providing information on healthcare programs, offering direct assistance and facilitating programs.

NeedyMeds is funded by small grants, donations, sponsorships, subscriptions to PAPTracker, and syndication of some of our database information. NeedyMeds also works with the patient assistance programs of several pharmaceutical distributors.

Director of Education & Partnerships   NeedyMeds  Email: 

PO Box 219, Gloucester, MA 01931

978-281-6666    Business
800-503-6897    Helpline 

Apple Watch Series 4 and Pharmacy: FutureDose.Tech - PPN Episode 713

Nov 2, 2018 19:44


Notes from Digital Apothecary on Apple Watch Series 4.

The recent Apple event was pretty tame compared to past years, with three new iPhones and Watch announced. Overall, a lot of this news had been floating around for the past few days before the event, but one item that caught my attention was the integration of an EKG sensor into the Series 4 Apple Watch.

Indeed, the event did highlight a bunch of new health features of the Apple Watch, including a bigger size and such, but two health items caught my attention:

ECG - A 30s ECG is being added after FDA approval to the Apple Watch that can detect arrhythmia’s (more specifically A. Fib). This is perhaps the biggest item being discussed in the Apple/Digital health field at the time, which I’ll go into detail further along.

Fall Risk - If you fall, the Apple Watch will allow you call for medical aid, and if no response is logged after 60 seconds. Now, I love this to a certain point. I think it’s going to be a good feature for those that want to enable it - and could be something recommended for patients at a high fall risk. It is a timely feature, given the recent acquisition of GreatCall by BestBuy lately, so Apple is definitely paying attention to how to leverage its device for services.

Expanded App Design - Some of the images released of how the Apple Watch can display data integrated with mobile apps for health-related purposes were really cool I thought, such as Dexcom CGM and Clue period tracker. Really nice interfaces that I think can help remind users to engage in their use, which often seems forgotten and leads to drop off for most of these health apps. 

What Does Success Mean to You? - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 712

Oct 31, 2018 36:22


Rx Buzz host Ashlee Kleven Hayes interviews Sharon Karina, PharmD Director of Educational Development at ProCE about her story of pharmacy industry success one step at a time. 

Why Pharmacy Owners Choose First Financial Bank? (VOL 4) - PPN Episode 711

Oct 31, 2018 20:26


First Financial Bank delivers a 5 part series about the importance of financial resources for your Independent Pharmacy Business. 

(VOL 4) 

Multiple locations Pharmacy Owner, Michael Butler, PharmD, talks with Pharmacy Podcast Network CEO, Todd Eury about growing his pharmacy businesses with First Financial Bank the special differences in supporting pharmacy businesses expansions. 

Michael Butler: 

From First Financial Bank:

Our customers have the entrepreneurial spirit to build something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s starting their first pharmacy or growing a chain, we are instrumental in providing pharmacy loans and bringing dreams to fruition. Because we are a nimble, privately-held organization - we can focus on our customers and not on shareholders.

We take the worry out of financing — so you can focus on your patients. First Financial Bank is one of the nation’s leading small business lenders - originating almost $200M in pharmacy loans over the last few years.

Our lending team has over 75 years of pharmacy experience and includes current and past pharmacy owners. We have the industry-specific expertise and knowledge to help you finance your pharmacy. We are a preferred Small Business Administration (SBA) lender offering financing solutions to help practicing pharmacists meet a wide range of business needs:

Acquisition Equipment financing Expansion & remodeling Business refinancing Start-up loans

We offer a wide range of flexible terms tailored to your unique situation. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, we’ll work with you, one-on-one, every step of the way. Our customer service, financial strength, and expertise in working with independent pharmacies nationwide make choosing First Financial Bank a sound business decision!

Connect w/ the First Financial Banking Team: 

Discussing the Science of CBD Oil - Part One - PPN Episode 710

Oct 30, 2018 29:01


Part One of the Three part series on CBD Oil.

Part One with CV Sciences Stuart Tomc Vice Presdient of Human Nutrition. 

Contact CV Sciences: 

(800) 561-8711 

About CV Sciences 


At CV Sciences, our mission to improve well‐being underscores our values, operations, and products.


CV Sciences operates two distinct divisions: pharmaceuticals and consumer products. These divisions are supported by our medical and scientific advisory board, and state‐of‐the art production facilities.


CV Sciences’ Pharmaceutical Division is developing synthetically‐formulated cannabidiol‐based medicine, pursuing the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for drugs with specific indications utilizing cannabidiol as the active pharmaceutical ingredient. CV Sciences has achieved promising preclinical results in the development of cannabinoid medicines for treatment of a range of medical conditions.


CV Sciences’ Consumer Products Division delivers botanical‐based cannabidiol products that enhance quality of life. Currently distributed nationally in health food stores, health care provider’s offices and online, each consumer products brand is backed by a formal safety review, growing body of case reports, and physician’s recommendations.

FutureDose.Tech - Episode ZERO - PPN Episode 709

Oct 29, 2018 19:59


Today, we live at a unique point in human history where data are becoming the new currencies. Beyond oil, dollars and social status, data are emerging as one of the most powerful and consequential currencies around the globe. Technology, computer processing, cloud storage and artificial intelligence are empowering these data to transform zeroes and ones into insightful and even profound realizations about almost every aspect of our lives. - John Nosta 

This is FutureDose.Tech -- the Pharmacy Podcast Network's leading authority on technology in pharmacy and healthcare. 


Timothy Aungst, PharmD | The Digital Apothecary

Meghann Chilcott | Senior Vice President | OrderInsite™

John Hirschman: Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 708

Oct 26, 2018 23:20


Geily Ward, Pharmacy Future Leaders host, interviews John Hirschman 3rd year student at Nova Southeastern University. John works closely with Dr. Scott Kjelson as a student advocate for Legislative days. 

Contact us for more information on how to help your student debt: --tell Ken Sternfeld you want to know how to become a "Concierge Pharmacist" and lower your student debt. 

Suspension of Competitive Bid: What's this mean to me? - PPN Episode 707

Oct 25, 2018 14:31


The R.J. Hedges Team delivers another "heads up" discussion on the Suspension of Competitive Bid and what this means to your pharmacy business.  Listen to Becky & Jeff on the latest: 

Pharmacy Compliance Guide, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. 


Becky Templeton, CDME, ABI

Director of Business Development

R.J. Hedges & Associates

Office:  724-357-8380    


Believe in Yourself and You will Succeed - RxBuzz - PPN Episode 706

Oct 24, 2018 37:43


RxAshlee's founder Ashlee Kleven Hayes delivers another episode of the Rx Buzz with an inspirtional interview with Sean O'Neill, PharmD Chief Clinical Officer at Bainbridge Health. 

Before you can expect others to believe in your message, your mission, and trust you enough to accept your help, services, or products, you must believe in yourself. Being an Entrepreneur is not easy and leaving a secure job to pursue your dream take courage and determination. 

Sean O'Neill is the Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Bainbridge Health. Prior to his role at Bainbridge Health, Mr. O'Neill served as Medication Safety Officer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He has held roles as a clinical pharmacist at CHOP and Boston Children's Hospital. Previously, Mr. O'Neill served in an advisory capacity at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), where he received the CHEERS award, and as a board member of the Medication Safety Officers Society (MSOS). Sean earned his PharmD at Northeastern University.

About Bainbridge Health: 

Based on more than a decade of research and development within the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and in collaboration with adult and pediatric sites nationwide, Bainbridge Health was founded with a mission to make the hospital a safer place by reducing medication errors. 

NCPA 2018 Annual Conference Review - PPN Episode 705

Oct 22, 2018 24:58


The 2018 NCPA Annual Convention, October in Boston was another successful gathering of Community Pharmacy owners, vendors, and supporters of Independent Pharmacy. Todd Eury, Pharmacy Podcast Network founder & CEO attended the event and interviewed Scott Brunner, Senior VP Communications & External Affairs National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) 

Pharmacists for Healthier Lives: Lucinda L. Maine, Ph.D., R.Ph. - PPN Episode 704

Oct 19, 2018 35:51


Dr. Lucinda Maine's bio: Lucinda L. Maine, Ph.D., R.Ph. Executive Vice President and CEO
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Dr. Lucinda L. Maine serves as executive vice president and CEO of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. As the leading advocate for high quality pharmacy education, AACP works to develop strong academic scholars and leaders, to support excellent professional doctoral and postgraduate degree programs and build relations with key constituency groups both inside and external to the profession of pharmacy.

Prior to assuming her current role in July 2002, Maine served as senior vice president for policy, planning and communications with the American Pharmacists Association (APhA). Analyzing trends in healthcare, assessing the implications for pharmacy practice and advocating appropriate recognition for all pharmacists were her top priorities at APhA.   Maine is a pharmacy graduate of Auburn University and received her doctorate at the University of Minnesota. She served on the faculty at the University of Minnesota where she practiced in the field of geriatrics and was an associate dean at the Samford University School of Pharmacy.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Research America and is an Executive Committee member of the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education.   New media campaign for pharmacy:  AACP:   Hope to see you at ASCP's annual meeting soon too! for details Nov 1-4, 2018 in National Harbor, MD!

Social Media Tips for Independent Pharmacy - PPN Episode 703

Oct 18, 2018 16:51


Pharmacy Marketing Simplified host and president of GRX Marketing Nicolle McClure interviews Jessica Gardner with Smart Solutions.

Jessica & Nicolle discuss why it’s important for independents to be active on social media, and if they’re not, some easy things to do to keep their page active.

Contact GRX Marketing: 

Drugs of the Future are Kickstarted by Regulatory Affairs - PPN Episode 702

Oct 17, 2018 20:01


The Nontraditional Pharmacist Podcast host Matt Paterini, PharmD delivers a spectacular interview with Brendan Doran, PharmD Assistant Director Of Operations Regulatory Affairs & Medical Writing at CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services

Regulatory requirements are stringent across all phases of the drug life cycle. Brendan Doran touches on many of these phases with an emphasis on the process of bringing a drug to regulatory bodies for market approval.

Contact the TNP Team: 

Supporting the Business of Pharmacy -First Financial Bank (VOL 3) - PPN Episode 701

Oct 16, 2018 26:28


First Financial Bank delivers a 5 part series about the importance of financial resources for your Independent Pharmacy Business. 

(VOL 3) 

Drew Hegi, MBA Loan Officer at First Financial Bank talks with Pharmacy Podcast Network CEO, Todd Eury about his role with the bank and the special differences in supporting pharmacy businesses expansions. 

Drew Hegi: 

From First Financial Bank:

Our customers have the entrepreneurial spirit to build something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s starting their first pharmacy or growing a chain, we are instrumental in providing pharmacy loans and bringing dreams to fruition. Because we are a nimble, privately-held organization - we can focus on our customers and not on shareholders.

We take the worry out of financing — so you can focus on your patients. First Financial Bank is one of the nation’s leading small business lenders - originating almost $200M in pharmacy loans over the last few years.

Our lending team has over 75 years of pharmacy experience and includes current and past pharmacy owners. We have the industry-specific expertise and knowledge to help you finance your pharmacy. We are a preferred Small Business Administration (SBA) lender offering financing solutions to help practicing pharmacists meet a wide range of business needs:

Acquisition Equipment financing Expansion & remodeling Business refinancing Start-up loans

We offer a wide range of flexible terms tailored to your unique situation. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, we’ll work with you, one-on-one, every step of the way. Our customer service, financial strength, and expertise in working with independent pharmacies nationwide make choosing First Financial Bank a sound business decision!

Connect w/ the First Financial Banking Team: 

Working Across Generational Lines: A Conversation with Sarah Sladek of XYZ University - PPN Episode 700

Oct 15, 2018 37:26


Pharming Your Career Season 2 Kick-Off 

(700th Episode of the Pharmacy Podcast Network) 

Dr. Erin L. Albert returns to the Pharmacy Podcast Network with Pharming Your Career Season 2 with a strategic conversation and interview with Sarah Sladek.

Since 2002, Sarah Sladek has been dedicated to researching demographic and economic shifts and engagement trends. Her mission is to help organizations thrive in this era of disruption and engage future generations of members and talent. As the founder and CEO of XYZ University, Sarah leads a future-focused company comprised of generational researchers, presenters, and strategists. Renowned as a leading researcher of demographic shifts, she’s authored five books and several research papers, bringing her expertise to 40+ keynotes each year.

Her company's website:   Sarah's books: Talent Generation: How Visionary Organizations Are Redefining Work and Achieving Greater Success - Knowing Y: Engaging the Next Generation Now -   The End of Membership as We Know It - Rock Stars Incorporated - The New Recruit -

Pharmacy Future Leaders - Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacist - PPN 699

Oct 13, 2018 22:22


Pharmacy Future Leader's Geily Ward interviews Kelsey Zapata an Emergency Medicine Clinical resident Pharmacist at Kaweah Delta Medical Center.  

She's a PGY2 critical-care trained emergency medicine clinical specialist at a large community hospitalin Visalia, California. Kelsey's interests include neurocritical care and stroke, trauma and disaster medicine,and pharmacy education. She's a wife, mother of two, dog owner, baseball fan, and avid reader.

Pharmacy Future Leaders: 

Women Pharmacist Day 2018 - Rx Talk with Suzy - PPN Episode 698

Oct 12, 2018 27:38


The first 'Rx Talk with Suzy' launches today in celebration of the inaugural Women Pharmacist Day, October 12th 2018, in conjunction with National Pharmacist Month, to recognize the important contributions women pharmacists make, every day, to delivering quality care to patients, and conference organizers at the National Community Pharmacy Association's (NCPA) Annual Convention reminded pharmacists to celebrate. 

Rx Talk with Suzy, is hosted by Dr. Suzanne Soliman, a pharmacist who is also founder of, a not-for-profit organization that offers support, resources and a professional network for pharmacist moms. 

While women made up only 8% of all US pharmacists as recently as the 1960s, women currently comprise 55% of the pharmacist workforce, and the number of those practicing is on the rise. Approximately 61% of the 14,000 PharmDs earned in the US in 2016 were earned by women, according to a recent press release from Cardinal Health, Women Pharmacist Day sponsor.

NCPA conference organizers explained that Women Pharmacist Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the significant gains women have made in pursuing careers in pharmacy, while honoring the trailblazers who have made such progress possible.  

Women Pharmacist Day was founded by Suzy too founder of, with over 16,000 pharmacist moms and continues to grow daily. Soliman chose October because it marks National Pharmacist Month; she chose the 12th day of the month to honor the legendary first female pharmacist in the U.S., Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf, who had 12 children and is an inspiring role model for thousands of women who dream of becoming a pharmacist.

Build a Brand of Value - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 697

Oct 10, 2018 32:43


Chris Cozzolino, joins Ashlee on the Rx Buzz to share his passion for entreprenurial businesss and talks about the critical importance of building a brand of value.

Chris is a current pharmacy student with a passion for innovation, business, and leadership. E-commerce business owner, Instagram marketing and account growth specialist, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) proficiency, Value Based Pharmacy practitioner, Cystic fibrosis (CF) research experience, Dementia patient mealtime research experience, University of Iowa Founders Club Elite Entrepreneur, and future law student with intentions of entering pharmaceutical patent law/biotechnology innovation. I believe in creating my own world and then going out and living in it.

Chris says, "Life doesn't happen to me, life happens because of me."

Chris is the founder of Uptown Creation. Uptown Creation is a renowned Digital Marketing Agency based in the United States (Chicago). Our team provides brands and businesses around the world with advanced Instagram growth. We provide a way to drive organic traffic and likes to your Instagram content to get more eyes on your posts and ultimately more brand awareness, followers, and conversions.

Contact Ashlee: 

Pharmacy Future Leaders: Chloe Anastasia Givens - PPN Episode 696

Oct 10, 2018 27:38


Pharmacy Future Leaders co-host Joanne Pauyo interviews Chloe Anastasia Givens, founder of Phast Phorward Pharmacy

From Chloe: During my first professional year of pharmacy school, I knew it was the perfect time to venture out and launch this blog. I was eager to hit the ground running and get involved in as many ways as I was able. As I begin my second year, it is motivating to reflect on year one and see how far I’ve come since those initial days, post orientation. I am now sitting on our Student Executive Council, I was elected APhA-ASP chapter president, I am a member of our Student Government, sitting on the Social Committee, and I am now and active member of ASHP-SSHP, TPA and SNPhA. There are so many opportunities to chase in your new adventure through pharmacy school and I hope my journey inspires you to dream big!

Contact Chloe: 

2018 NASP Annual Meeting Review - PPN Episode 695

Oct 8, 2018 37:44


The Pharmacy Podcast Network and the NASP are partners together in the creation of the NASP Podcast. The digital publication is the leading podcast about the business of Specialty Pharmacy.

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) concluded its sixth annual meeting in Washington, DC, on September 24-26, 2018.

The NASP Annual Meeting is the most effective way to stay abreast of rapid developments in specialty pharmacy, including national legislative and regulatory policy, which will be featured at the meeting.

The NASP Annual Meeting & Expo is the only comprehensive national specialty pharmacy conference in which all stakeholders can fully participate.

Who Attends the NASP Annual Meeting?

Senior executives, pharmacy directors, staff pharmacists, consultants, and other management- level personnel from specialty pharmacy providers, infusion pharmacies, pharma/biotech manufacturers, institutional pharmacies, managed care organizations, GPOs, distributors, and suppliers to the industry. 

Converge to Accelerate 2018 - PPN Episode 694

Oct 5, 2018 33:01


Tory Cenaj Publisher, Blockchain in Healthcare Today | Telehealth and Medicine Today ---Joins Todd Eury on the Pharmacy Podcast to talk about the up-coming conference: 

Converge to Accelerate 2018

This year, Partners in Digital Health, publishers of Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Teleheath and Medicine Today, presents a full day of concurrent tracks featuring sessions  that present a worldview for transformative technologies that modernize healthcare.  The foremost  innovators and savants in blockchain technology, telehealth, AI, and other novel technologies will convene  at the Convege2Xcelerate  (#ConV2X),  healthcare modernization event,  to address the most compelling issues, growth opportunities, and financial implications for the industry.

Sector leadership will converge to share and challenge the integration of emerging technologies to accelerate building a new framework for the future of patient care, and modernization of a new health system. As healthcare moves from fee for service to pay for value, enhanced data sharing and delivering care in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost, will be critical for business survival.

Join us to be part of this important dialog. Lessons learned from this event are likely to change your strategic plan for years to come.

Meet and network with the foremost leaders and savants from payer, government, consulting, provider, innovation hubs, and universities. The list of luminary speakers is at

No Bitcoin, and No Fake News - you will hear only ORIGINAL  and Exclusive Discussions, FIRST,  at 

#ConV2X, on October 24, in NYC!

                                                                                                 Register now to secure your seat!

Expect exciting policy debates, the 2nd Annual Innovation Ignition Competition, and a packed agenda with 90+ speakers and 50 sessions to attend!  Create your own agenda based on your specific interests and knowledge level.

JOIN US with your  ALL ACCESS  PASS!  REGISTER TODAY and save your seat!

The audience for this executive level event will include:

Hospital leadership National and regional agencies including government, and not-for-profit organizations HIT and innovation leadership Academic leadership Leading health professionals including physicians, nurses, care givers, and behavioral experts Life science, medical technology, and device companies Health insurers Startups and entrepreneurs Investors, incubators, and consultants Undergraduate and graduate students

For sponsor support, please  contact:
Randy Knotts  |  Email:  |  Phone: 312-933-4700

Keeping in Compliance when Terminating Employees - PPN Episode 693

Oct 4, 2018 12:27


Becky Templeton and Jeff Hedges review the sensitve employer's issue and topic about Terminating Employees. 


Despite all of your efforts, you still may not see the type or quality of improvement needed, and the only option left is to sever the relationship. However, by now, you should have clearly documented what you did to help the under-performing employee improve.

Performance-based terminations should never come as a surprise to your employees.

Prior to terminating your employee, be sure to review all associated documentation. Also, contact your legal counsel or HR representative to ensure your case is supported, justified and sound. Confirm that you’re following all state-specific wage and hour regulations. And if you use employment contracts or non-compete/non-solicitation agreements, you should ask your legal counsel to provide you with validity and enforcement guidance.

Contact the R.J. Hedges Team today: 

Becky Templeton, CDME, ABI

Director of Business Development

R.J. Hedges & Associates

Office:  724-357-8380

Moving Beyond the Doubt - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 692

Oct 3, 2018 42:19


RxBuzz host Ashlee Kleven Hayes, PharmD., interviews Blair Thielemier, PharmD., about pushing past your doubts, your fears, and tapping into your inner strengths. 

Blair Thielemier, PharmD is the author of the book 'How to Build a Pharmacy Consulting Business' which is written as "Your Rx for Finding Freedom and Loving Your Career"

Learn more about Blair's mission and consultancy by visiting 

Understanding CBD Oil: im·bue botanicals -PPN Episode 691

Oct 2, 2018 36:56


Special episode of the Medical PotCast --Todd Eury, founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network interviews co-Founder of Imbue Botanicals on the unique opportunity for pharmacists understanding CBD Oils. 

From the company: 

At im·bue botanicals, we truly believe that centuries-old botanicals can have a profound impact in improving our lives, and those of our pets.

To that end, we grow the finest organic Colorado hemp, process it under the most stringent conditions, and produce an extensive line of premium CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, and topical lotions and salves, all available in multiple strengths… for both people and pets. Our premium Colorado grown hemp products are non GMO, cruelty free, vegan and contain no added flavorings or sugars. Available in select retailers, our own online store, and other online retailers, our products offer exceptional quality, superb packaging and unmatched value.

​With nearly three decades of experience, the founders of im·bue botanicals are passionate about utilizing our expertise and know-how to deliver exclusive, proprietary products, designed and envisioned to provide outstanding results. Our “Earth First” approach to business as well as consumer wellbeing is fundamental to all that we do.​

At im·bue botanicals, we carefully formulate our products for optimal concentrations. Our unique, low pressure and temperature processing ensures that our product is fully-infused. It’s what we call Full Spectrum, and it’s designed to provide outstanding benefits. And at im·bue botanicals, all of our products are batch tested by independent laboratories prior to shipment to ensure quality and consistency.

We currently provide several distinct products, designed for differing requirements. Our proprietary liquid product utilizes all-natural, pleasant tasting organic vegetable glycerin as the base. This ensures a pleasant taste, without any unhealthy additives. And our exclusive capsules provide a convenient alternative when a higher, more sustained dose is preferred.

We also offer our unique topicals, em·body lotions and salves. These soothing, restorative, all-natural products provide exceptional comfort restore and vitality to areas where applied.

So whether you need hemp products for you or your four-legged family members, we have you covered. With safe, quality products, made in the USA and delivered right to your doorstep.


Tom Bauer 844.864.6283  ext. 701

Pharmacy Inspection: Compounding Design Theory - PPN Episode 690

Oct 1, 2018 21:21


On this episode of the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast, Bryan and Seth talk about Compounding Design Theory.

This podcast stemmed from a conversation Bryan and Seth had about a hood that he helped design for Encore Scientific  a hood with a clear view from any angle. Which is extremely helpful from the the perspective of the PIC; who at any moment could be doing any number of things in the lab.

With a hood like this they're able to maintain visibility of any of the technicians operating inside which is important just from quality standpoint but ALSO for the technician working inside the compouding lab too. 

Contact Seth & Bryan here: 

the TelePharmacy Opportunity - PPN Episode 689

Sep 27, 2018 26:14


Telepharmacy is the delivery of pharmaceutical care via telecommunications to patients in locations where they may not have direct contact with a pharmacist. It is an instance of the wider phenomenon of telemedicine, as implemented in the field of pharmacy.

Darshan Kulkarni, host of the Gavel & Pestle Podcast and VP Regulatory Strategy & Policy with Synchrogenix interviews Timothy Youkhana President with Scaled Enterprise Solutions about telepharmacy opportunities for pharmacy business. 

Telepharmacy services include drug therapy monitoring, patient counseling, prior authorization and refill authorization for prescription drugs, and monitoring of formulary compliance with the aid of teleconferencing or videoconferencingRemote dispensing of medications by automated packaging and labeling systems can also be thought of as an instance of telepharmacy. Telepharmacy services can be delivered at retail pharmacy sites or through hospitals, nursing homes, or other medical care facilities.

The term can also refer to the use of videoconferencing in pharmacy for other purposes, such as providing education, training, and management services to pharmacists and pharmacy staff remotely.

ABOUT --Scaled Enterprise Solutions 

The Power of Networking: TNP - PPN Episode 688

Sep 25, 2018 29:43


Networking is a Must for Success in Today’s Job Market In today’s job market it is not enough to submit your resume, CV, or online application for a new position. It is critical that you make personal connections with people in the company or industry. Matt and Lynn discuss the importance of networking and share some personal success stories.

Lynn Paterini, PharmD, with the Nontraditional Pharmacist interviews her husband and business partner Matt Paterini, PharmD.


The Secret Imposter in You - Rx Buzz - PPN Episode 687

Sep 24, 2018 14:56


If You Want Ultimate Career Success, You're Going to Have to Ditch Your Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome: it’s one of the biggest hurdles we can face throughout our career.

It’s that nagging voice that says “you are not qualified for this role” and “someone is going to call you out one of these days” even though you ARE totally qualified and ALREADY do amazing work.

I want to start this blog by fully admitting that I struggled with imposter syndrome for MANY years. For the majority of my schooling, training, and the early part of my career, I felt like I was living a life I did not deserve even though I was fully qualified for every single position I accepted.

Looking back at my early career, I nailed my presentations and interviews, overachieved, went above and beyond, won awards, networked, volunteered, and knew all of the specific steps required to be a successful professional, but even with all of this... I never really felt like I deserved the job. To this day, I don’t fully understand where this belief stemmed from or why those feelings existed – they just did.  

Fast forward a few years and I am happy to announce that the annoying self-doubting life is behind me. I finally learned how to appreciate my strengths, acknowledge my accolades, accept my uniqueness (and quirkiness!), and find the confidence that I deserve.

Now that I am a recovering imposter, let's talk about what all of this actually means and how you can conquer this feeling.

What is Imposter Syndrome and How it can Really Damage You

Imposter syndrome, by definition, “reflects a belief that you’re an inadequate and incompetent failure, despite evidence that indicates you’re skilled and quite successful.”

Though much of imposter syndrome is an internal battle, other people can reinforce your feelings of self-doubt.

When someone says: “wow, you are so lucky you got that job,” it solidifies your feelings of being an imposter. And there are many minimizing tactics people can use to make you feel like you don’t deserve your dream job. Everyone from a difficult boss to a jealous coworker finding fault in everything you do can make your imposter syndrome worse.

So, here’s the REAL truth about all of this imposter business: There are no rules as to who should be doing what job, who is meant to land a specific role, or which specific breed or type of person is cut out for a unique job.

Ultimately, YOU create your own career happiness.

YOU create your own success.

No one else can do this for you, and no one else should be able to take it away from you.

Did you hear me? No one else but YOU can do this.

In fact, chances are that if you are reading this blog and have identified with some of the comments I’ve made, you are highly qualified and deserve to be in the role you are in even if you worry that you’ll be called out for being a “faker.”

How You Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Now, I realize some of the statements I am going to say will be much easier said than done, but recognizing that you are suffering from imposter syndrome is the first step to beat it.

The number one way to overcome imposter syndrome is to actually change the way you think about yourself.

Yes, you heard me: you need to change the way you think about YOURSELF.

Here’s the thing: feeling like an imposter is just a FEELING. That’s all there is to it.

If you are constantly doubting yourself as to whether or not you are living the life you deserve, then take a step back. Remember what specific steps you took to actually land the position you are currently in and how much blood, sweat, and tears you put into your career to get to where you are now.

If you’re feeling like an imposter, here are some life altering questions you can ask yourself to combat the imposter in you:

Think back and ask yourself WHY you went into this career route?

Use this answer to guide you and influence you: How much energy have you put into this career to land you into this role? What are your prior experiences to make you a perfect fit for this position? What sacrifices have you made to get into the role you are in?

Write all of these answers down and logically (not when you are feeling irrational about yourself) reflect on your experiences.  

Pin these answers up on your desk or mirror and look at them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

If you are feeling bold, share them with a trusting friend. Allow yourself to have an appreciation for your hard work. Let it sink in. Relish yourself with your accomplishments.

I am not kidding, this stuff works!!!


Initially, yes. I’ve coached many imposters to “fake it until you make it.”

The truth is that, during the beginning phases of combating the imposter in you, faking it really works. I promise. Repeating steps 1-4 above is another important part of beating the imposter, and leaning into the “fake it until you make it” mantra to help you along the way.

Speaking for myself here, I mentioned “faking it until I was making it” to one of my mentors who I really look up to, Craig and his response to me was: "Ashlee, you're not faking it anymore, you really, really know what you're doing!"

WOW… That was a good feeling and even more so because I realized it was true! For the first time, it hit me… I am actually doing okay. :)

If you take a step back for a second, and think how far you’ve come from, IT WILL hit you: you have grown into that confident professional you initially never imagined yourself being. People will start turning to you for advice because YOU are that expert, and YOU have earned yourself this role.

Fighting that Inner Critic

You see, imposter syndrome is the voice of your inner critic, who is informed by your ego that’s constantly trying to keep you safe.

However, it’s also the voice that will stop you from taking risks in situations where you might fail, even if there’s an almost zero chance of that happening.

As good natured and protective as this voice seems, listening to it can actually set you back.

This negative voice inside your head WILL hold you back and prevent you from living your best self.

One thing that works for me is to remember that the voice is not really me –  and that I actually DO want to take risks and safety is overrated.

You can directly combat this nagging voice by figuring out what makes you feel the best about yourself.

What works best for me is meeting with my business coach weekly (major shout out to Danielle!!!), I attend workshops and business retreats, I read a ton, and I constantly surround myself with colleagues, friends, and family that positively contribute to my personal and professional life.

It also helps when I open my giant box of thank you notes/cards that clients have sent me over the years. I absolutely love my work, and it is clear that whatever I am doing IS working… You see, reflecting on your accomplishments is a major part of the recipe to combat the imposter!

And, if you need to start getting over your imposter syndrome by faking it until you make it – do it! Once you do make it, however, it’s time to let go of that voice and embrace your own professional confidence.

Finding Your Support System and Mantra

Once you can admit to struggling with imposter syndrome, it’s time to find a support system and mantra that will get you through the tough times and help you succeed.

If you don’t have a trustworthy coworker or a friend who you admire professionally, search online for groups of people that have similar interests as you. I am a member of a variety of different women’s entrepreneur groups. These women are an amazing support system and, most importantly, they openly reaffirm my aspirations and successes.

You should also develop a personal mantra. Build a barrier from people in your life who continuously contribute to your imposter. Once you figure out who those people are, it’s time to immediately say BYE FELICIA to those people.

To work on your confidence, overcome imposter syndrome, and really love the job you’re doing, I am always here for you. You can always consider me your business partner, your career strategist, and your #1 fan who wants to see you succeed and beat the heck out of that imposter in you.

Now, let’s get to work kicking that imposter to the curb and giving your true self a chance to shine without any self-doubt.

CONTACT:  Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD/MHA Founder & Lead Career Coach Rx Ashlee e: f: w:

Pharmacy Owner's Perspective - First Financial Bank (Vol 2) PPN Episode 686

Sep 21, 2018 18:33


First Financial Bank delivers a 3 part series about the importance of financial resources for your Independent Pharmacy Business. 

(VOL 2) 

Pharmacy Owner David George with Creative Care Pharmacy talks with Pharmacy Podcast Network CEO, Todd Eury about the pharmacy owner's perspective on a financial partner and why he decided to work with First Financial Bank. 

From First Financial Bank:

Our customers have the entrepreneurial spirit to build something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s starting their first pharmacy or growing a chain, we are instrumental in providing pharmacy loans and bringing dreams to fruition. Because we are a nimble, privately-held organization - we can focus on our customers and not on shareholders.

We take the worry out of financing — so you can focus on your patients. First Financial Bank is one of the nation’s leading small business lenders - originating almost $200M in pharmacy loans over the last few years.

Our lending team has over 75 years of pharmacy experience and includes current and past pharmacy owners. We have the industry-specific expertise and knowledge to help you finance your pharmacy. We are a preferred Small Business Administration (SBA) lender offering financing solutions to help practicing pharmacists meet a wide range of business needs:

Acquisition Equipment financing Expansion & remodeling Business refinancing Start-up loans

We offer a wide range of flexible terms tailored to your unique situation. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, we’ll work with you, one-on-one, every step of the way. Our customer service, financial strength, and expertise in working with independent pharmacies nationwide make choosing First Financial Bank a sound business decision!

Connect w/ the First Financial Banking Team: 

Rx Owners Podcast: Pharmacists helping Pharmacists - PPN Episode 685

Sep 20, 2018 31:16


Rx Owners Podcast host Colin Angle delivers episode 2 of the podcast dedicated to Pharmacy Ownership.    We are going to focus this episode on pharmacists helping independent pharmacists by interviewing Vinesh Darji, Chief Operating Officer for Benzer Pharmacies and Raven Solomon a Clinical Pharmacist with the Benzer Team.     Vinesh Darji   Experience as a pharmacist for a retail pharmacy chain behind the counter, the pros, and cons.   1. How often did you consult a customer/patient? 2. What did your daily schedule consist of? 3. Did you receive business assistance annually? Did you get coached on how to run a successful pharmacy? 4. What type of support did you receive for contracting, compliance, and business strategy? Were you left to fend for yourself?   Raven Solomon   Experience as a pharmacist, history, goals, and why she is working at Benzer.    1. When you were in school, did you ever see yourself working in an office? Why and why not?  2. As a Clinical Pharmacist, what does your day to day consist of?  3. Did you ever think you would be building out sophisticated programs for a large number of pharmacies?    The Challenges a Pharmacy Owner face    1. You both are pharmacists not working in retail pharmacy, but helping the independent pharmacist. Strictly from a pharmacist perspective, do you feel that independent pharmacies are left to fend for themselves too much?  2. What is the most common issue pharmacists face day-to-day? 3. If you had to chose a la carte, what support, resources, and help would you want for your pharmacy? 

The Value of Board Certified in Geriatrics Pharmacy - PPN Episode 684

Sep 18, 2018 35:55


SenioRx Radio's Justin Rash, PharmD, brought to you by the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist sits down with Tom Clark, Senior Director of Special Projects with the Board of Pharmacy Specialists. 

Tom has been at the forefront of the BCGP exam and this episode discusses education as it pertains to career development and obtaining your board certification in geriatrics.  Tom gives a excellent overview of the examination through its inception, current examination status as well as a glimpse into the examinations future. 

As Tom talks about in the episode this examination is broad enough to be applied to many practice settings so please enjoy this episode that is sure to enlighten and hopefully inspire you to move towards your obtaining your certification in geriatrics.

Register today for the ASCP 2018 

Pharmacy Future Leaders: Carrie Reilly St. Louis College of Pharmacy - PPN Episode 683

Sep 17, 2018 25:48


Joanne Pauyo is a host on the Pharmacy Podcast Network's Pharmacy Future Leaders podcast and a 4th year pharmacy student with Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy. Joanne interviews P3 student of pharmacy Carrie Reilly about her overseas experiences, controversial topics of personal ethics & medical care, and their future perspecitve of pharmacy. 



Marketing Specialist

St. Louis College of Pharmacy

4588 Parkview Place, St. Louis, MO 63110-1088 

Generation Rx - Community Impact through Education - PPN Episode 682

Sep 13, 2018 19:34


Nicolle McClure, host of the 'Pharmacy Marketing Simplified' podcast talks with Betsy Walker Director, Community Relations; Co-director of Generation Rx.

The Cardinal Health Community Relations team executes the strategic community investments of the company and the Cardinal Health Foundation, including national efforts to prevent prescription drug misuse.

Walker leads the program development, implementation and evaluation of Generation Rx, the Cardinal Health Foundation’s national prescription drug abuse prevention education program in partnership with The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. Walker has been with Cardinal Health for 12 years where she has served in a variety of roles, including positions in Sales and Operational Excellence. 

The Rxeed Difference: Dynamic Drug Marketplace - PPN Episode 681

Sep 12, 2018 36:41


Nicolle McClure, host of Pharmacy Marketing Simplified Podcast, interviews Omar Hassad with opens up an entirely new world of comparison drug shopping. is leading this change, allowing consumers to receive the lowest possible pricing on the medications they need most through a market system of electronic, transparent competition. Rxeed is a virtual community consisting of consumers, independent pharmacies and drug wholesalers on one platform uniquely designed to benefit all.

For Independent Pharmacies:

Search Pharmacies' inventories of overstock and short dates. Search Wholesalers' inventories. Inquire within fellow independent pharmacy regarding drug availability due to shortage or backorder.

For Drug Wholesalers:

Lowest commission fee of 2.5% on any seller platform. Upload daily special which will be distributed to local licensed independent pharmacies within the state of business.

The Rx Buzz Podcast - PPN Episode 680

Sep 11, 2018 26:08


The Pharmacy Podcast Network would like to introduce to the Healthcare & Pharmacy universe, the Rx Buzz Podcast with our newest host, Ashlee Klevens Hayes. Ashlee is a Pharmacist. A wife, a Mom, a rescue dog lover, and today, for the first time, a Podcast Host. 

In Ashlee's words: 

"As a third generation pharmacist, I set out on a traditional pharmacy path that turned into so much more. What started as a wish to become a leader in pharmacy has allowed me to take on unique experiences and challenges and turn them into what would become Rx Ashlee.

My goal as a motivational coach is simple: I want those working in the healthcare arena to rise above and beyond their already-impactful responsibilities and create a wider purpose in their life. Instead of actually just going through the day to day motions of taking care of others, how about we take a step back and take care yourself first, right? #YOLO

I pride myself on being an initiator. It’s what landed me a position as the associate director of central pharmacy operations right out of my residency program. Stepping into a role like that was huge and, really, it’s when the bigger picture started coming together. Friends, family, students, and colleagues have long turned to me for advice regarding their careers and I was able to serve as a mentor to many of them.

Since then, I’ve worked to follow my own priorities, even if that pushed my comfort zone all the time ­– because it’s absolutely necessary. Why waste even a second of your day at a job you aren’t 100% fulfilled from?

Being able to make decisions and feel undeniably confident in what we’re doing is one of the biggest struggles that young women, in any industry, struggle with. And if you’re trying to build your own unique path while working in the health profession, reaching your goals may seem like a bigger hurdle.

Helping people can mean a lot of different things, and – to me– that comes through helping other professionals make their career something truly spectacular.

And when I’m not hustling, I like to indulge in long, romantic walks through Target, hitting up the local dog parks with my two rescue dogs, squeezing in some quality time with my husband, and chasing around my 1 year old daughter." 

Contact Ashlee Today: 

Integra Group LTC Pharmacy Technology Series (Part 5): PPN Episode 679

Sep 10, 2018 08:11


Chad Worz, CEO ASCP, John Jordan, Associate Vice President at Innovatix, and Todd Eury, Founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network talk about the future of the "strategic" LTC Senior Care Pharmacy. 

Learn more about the leading technology driving LTC Pharmacy:  

Pharmacy Future Leaders: What about Your Student Loans? - PPN Episode 678

Sep 7, 2018 40:37


Geily Ward, host of Pharmacy Future Leaders, interviews Travis Hornsby Founder of Student Loan Planner

Student Loan Planner (SLP) is the country's top experts in figuring out exactly what to do with monster student loan debt. If you owe $50,000 to $1 million in student loans, we can help you in one of two ways.

SLP create a custom student loan plan made just for you that details the path to debt freedom. SLP connects you with private lenders that will refinance your loans at a lower interest rate. You'll also get a cash back bonus.

If you owe more than double your income, might be using the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan, or are unsure if refinancing or forgiveness is the right path for you, book the consult.

If you already know you should pay back your loans rapidly, then feel free to use the refinancing links. Those are free to use.


SLP consulted on hundreds of millions in student debt, and we’ve found tens of millions in projected student loan savings for the professionals we’ve worked with.

Some clients have even taken extreme actions after receiving our advice, such as moving overseas, changing their career trajectory, or switching to full or part time.

The student loan system in America is extremely complicated compared to what it should be. Because of this complexity, we've found over 90% of our clients five or six figures in projected savings over the life of their loans.

SLP charge's a one-time fee for our thorough review. We're not trying to sign you up for a service that's thousands of dollars. For a few hundred bucks, you'll get clarity on your number one financial obstacle.

Some readers try to figure student loans out on their own only to make a huge mistake. Unless you would use WebMD to cure your next medical ailment or watch a Youtube video on plumbing if your house floods, you should hire us.

Even if you are the do it yourself type, all the materials are here on our blog for you to learn. It'll just take you several dozen hours and you still might make a mistake. 



The Consultant Pharmacist: Medipreneurs - PPN Episode 677

Sep 5, 2018 27:00


PGX for Pharmacists host, Ken Sternfeld, RPh., interviews the dynamic crew from Medipreneurs about changing the status-quo of Pharmacy.

If you’re someone who recognizes that healthcare is changing and even have some creative new ideas to introduce to the world of pharmacy, then we welcome you with open arms.

We are three smart, fierce, and pretty quirky pharmacists who chose to get out of the box, become entrepreneurs, and find freedom by starting our own businesses. This allowed us to pursue our passions, and approach health care holistically with the focus where it should be – on the patient.

The three of us joined forces to help each other through the journey from traditional pharmacist to business owner and from this we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly along the way. We spent years working to create business models and systems that work; to understand the marketing strategies necessary for growth; and to grow our highly successful businesses.

We made a choice to forge new paths in healthcare, and take back the power to heal that a pharmacist should have. Although we’re each following our own unique passion, we are united in our purpose: To give other medical professionals the tools to do things differently and join us as leaders in this new movement in pharmacy.

We work and network with many pharmacy entrepreneurs and INTRApreneurs, and we are witnesses to how THESE are the pharmacists who are not only finding true autonomy and are able to provide real patient-centered care, as they should be, but they’re also finding greater financial success doing so.

Sue Paul - LinkedIn: Michelle Fritsch -LinkedIn: Anna Garrett - LinkedIn: The 2nd Medipreneurs Summit will be held in Asheville, NC on April 26-28, 2019. Early-bird registration is now open and limited to 50 tickets. Event details and registration are at Want to hear what last year's participants had to say? Click here to watch this video:   Here is the Medipreneurs Facebook link:       CONTACT: 

Dr. Jason Cavolina BS, PharmD, MS, RPhi

President and CEO

p: 1.844.MYRXVIP  m: 631.871.4400  f: 516.200.3834

a: 1299 Corporate Drive Suite 1504, Westbury, NY 11590



Integra Group LTC Pharmacy Technology Series (Part 4): PPN Episode 676

Sep 4, 2018 17:03


Integra LTC Solutions - Podcast Series Part 4 

Interviews with Chad Worz, CEO ASCP:  


Pharmacy Podcast Network 

Todd Eury - Founder & CEO 


Integra LTC Solutions 

Jim McDonald - Director, National Sales Director



Hazem Nasser - Technlogy Director LTC Pharmacy Solutions

Congressman Earl L. "Buddy" Carter on PolitiTalkRx --PPN Episode 675

Aug 31, 2018 27:15


PolitiTalkRx host Dr. Scott Kjelson interviews pharmacy's favorite Congressman Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (R-Ga.) about the opioid epidemic, PBM Reform, drug prices, and Community Pharmacy's leadership towards provider status.

About Buddy Carter: 

Earl L. “Buddy” Carter is an experienced businessman, health care professional and faithful public servant. As the owner of Carter’s Pharmacy, Inc., South Georgians have trusted Buddy with their most valuable assets: their health, lives and families for more than thirty years. While running his business, he learned how to balance a budget and create jobs. He also saw firsthand the devastating impacts of government overregulation which drives his commitment to ensuring that the federal government creates policies to empower business instead of increasing burdens on America’s job creators.

A committed public servant, Buddy previously served as the Mayor of Pooler, Georgia and in the Georgia General Assembly where he used his business experience to make government more efficient and responsive to the people. Buddy is serving his second term in the United States House of Representatives and is a member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. As the only pharmacist serving in Congress, Buddy is the co-chair of the Community Pharmacy Caucus and is dedicated to working towards a health care system that provides more choices, less costs and better services.

A lifelong resident of the First District, Buddy was born and raised in Port Wentworth, Georgia and is a proud graduate of Young Harris College and the University of Georgia where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Buddy married his college sweetheart, Amy, 39 years ago. Buddy and Amy now reside in Pooler, Georgia and have three sons, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren.

Contact the host: 

Four One Two 585-4001 Studios 

Trusted Pharmacy Insiders - First Financial Bank (Vol 1) PPN Episode 674

Aug 28, 2018 40:33


First Financial Bank delivers a 3 part series about the importance of financial resources for your Independent Pharmacy Business. 

(VOL 1)

Larry Alexander - Managing Director at First Financial Bank

Bob Graul - Business Development at First Financial Bank

Owen BonDurant President at Independent Rx Consulting


From First Financial Bank:

Our customers have the entrepreneurial spirit to build something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s starting their first pharmacy or growing a chain, we are instrumental in providing pharmacy loans and bringing dreams to fruition. Because we are a nimble, privately-held organization - we can focus on our customers and not on shareholders.

We take the worry out of financing — so you can focus on your patients. First Financial Bank is one of the nation’s leading small business lenders - originating almost $200M in pharmacy loans over the last few years.

Our lending team has over 75 years of pharmacy experience and includes current and past pharmacy owners. We have the industry-specific expertise and knowledge to help you finance your pharmacy. We are a preferred Small Business Administration (SBA) lender offering financing solutions to help practicing pharmacists meet a wide range of business needs:

Acquisition Equipment financing Expansion & remodeling Business refinancing Start-up loans

We offer a wide range of flexible terms tailored to your unique situation. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, we’ll work with you, one-on-one, every step of the way. Our customer service, financial strength, and expertise in working with independent pharmacies nationwide make choosing First Financial Bank a sound business decision!

Connect w/ the First Financial Banking Team: 

Integra Group LTC Pharmacy Technology Series (Part 3): PPN Episode 673

Aug 27, 2018 16:35


Integra LTC Solutions - Podcast Series Part 3 

Interviews with Chad Worz, CEO ASCP: 

Absolute Pharmacy Inc

Kevin Fearon Chief Operating Officer 

Smith Drug 

Jeff Schneider, R.Ph., Administrative VP LTC Pharmacy Solutions 


Jay Brandley 

M Chest Pharmacy

Carmen Foster 





Pharmacy Future Leaders: Your Online Reputation - PPN Episode 672

Aug 24, 2018 28:05


Pharmacy Future Leaders co-Hosts Geily Ward & Joanne Pauyo interview Pharmacy Student and avid blogger Hanna Neal about the importance of keeping a stellar online reputation as a pharmacy industry and healthcare provider. 

Managing your pharmacist online reputation is an ongoing process. In order to establish and protect your reputation, there are a few rules you should follow to ensure you are not sabotaging your brand image or letting a tainted reputation go unchecked.

Contact us today to participate in the Pharmacy Future Leaders Podcast. 

Pharmacists as Caregivers: Eboni Green, PhD - PPN Episode 671

Aug 22, 2018 24:28


PGX for Pharmacist host Ken Sternfeld, RPh., interviews (long time anticipated guest) Dr. Eboni I. Green.

Eboni is a Registered Nurse and family caregiver. She holds a Ph.D. in human services, with a specialization in health care administration. She and her husband are cofounders of Caregiver Support Services, a nonprofit organization that offers training and consulting for family caregivers and front-line direct caregivers. In addition, she currently serves as contributing faculty for the College of Health Sciences at more than one university, where she teaches graduate courses in the health care administration program. 

Green has extensive experience focused on caregivers’ health and wellness, with an emphasis on caregiver stress, burnout, and related family conflicts. In 2002, she became the Nebraska State Representative for the Caregiver Acton Network. Most recently, she was appointed as chair elect on the Forum on Spirituality and Aging, the largest constituent group for the American Society on Aging. Green has contributed to a number of publications and given presentations that focus on training, assessing, and supporting caregivers throughout the caregiving journey. Green is a published author and has written two books focusing on family caregiving: At the Heart of the Matter and Caregiving in the New Millennium, and has a third book Reflections from the Soul that will be released in 2016. 

Integra Group LTC Pharmacy Technology Series (Part 2): PPN Episode 670

Aug 20, 2018 26:27

Building Trust through Accreditation: Medical Cannabis Dispensaries - PPN Episode 649

Aug 17, 2018 28:12


Medical PotCast host Joseph Friedman, RPh., talks with Jean Milford, MHA founder of ResourceRxs, LLC 

Healthcare Provider Network Design, Dispensary Auditing and Accreditation Expertise

Jean Milford’s experienced leadership in a variety of settings makes her a perfect choice for your dispensary, health systems and pharmacy benefit management network design, policy, compliance and operational needs.

Jean holds a Master of Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has served on several boards including The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Amtrak Customer Advisory Board. Jean is a member of the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).

Contact Jean: 

The Intersection of Business Administration and Pharmacy - PPN Episode 648

Aug 16, 2018 32:00


Pharmacy Administration is the Intersection of Business and Pharmacy

Business, leadership, and communication are just a few of the other skills needed to be successful in pharmacy administration.

Matt Paterini, PharmD, interviews Anthony Boyd, PharmD, BCPS Manager Inpatient Pharmacy at Cleveland Clinic about the vitial role of Pharmacy Business Administration in the health-system setting. 

Matt Paterini here with The Nontraditional Pharmacist part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network and joined today by Dr. Anthony Boyd inpatient pharmacy manager at the Cleveland Clinic. Right here in Cleveland we’re broadcasting out of Cleveland.

Change the trajectory of your Pharmacy Career. Contact us today: 

Physician Collaboration: Special Interview with Dr. Goodman - PPN Episode 647

Aug 15, 2018 18:51


PGX for Pharmacists host Ken Sternfeld, RPh., talks with one of the original physicians he began working with on Pharmacogenomics testing for patient's better health. 

About Dr. Michael Goodman

Dr. Goodman notes: "As a board-certified internist and your personal physician, helping you achieve your optimal health is my priority.
I will establish a close partnership with you and help guide you toward the most innovative steps in modern healthcare. Beyond the personalized wellness program and customized action plan offered in my MDVIP-affiliated primary care practice, my patients enjoy many conveniences not found in most medical offices today. I am available 24/7 on my cell phone, you will be seen promptly for all visits, as your time is valuable, and I will help coordinate your care with specialists.
As a private internal medicine doctor, I am knowledgeable in all aspects of adult medicine – cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonary medicine - to name a few. And I've been recognized a “Top Doctor” by Castle Connolly.
I have been board certified in internal medicine since 1980 and have practiced in the Merrick and Bellmore areas of New York for 30 years. My office is in Bellemore, south of Southern State Parkway, Sunrise Highway, Merrick Road and near major highways. I have established relationships with many specialists in the community and at the leading hospitals in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City and am affiliated with South Nassau Communities Hospital.
Being healthy is a choice. As a member in my personalized healthcare practice, sometimes referred to as a concierge medical practice, you will be making an investment in your health that is the best prescription now and in the future. Please call my office anytime to discuss your healthcare needs. I participate in most major health insurance plans and am fluent in Italian, Internet, iPad and iPhone." 

For more information about how to build your PGX Business, contact: 

Dr. Jason Cavolina BS, PharmD, MS, RPhi

President and CEO

p: 1.844.MYRXVIP  

a: 1299 Corporate Drive Suite 1504, Westbury, NY 11590



Are You a Debt Slave? -PPN Episode 646

Aug 14, 2018 27:52


Joe & Ben talk about the dreaded word 'debt' today on the Income Outcomes Show. 

Debt is the number one reason people don’t save enough for retirement. While it is always easier said than done, the team behind the Income Outcomes Show can help you set up a debt reduction plan to get you on the right track towards being debt free.

Getting out of debt can be difficult, but don't worry, we can help!

Call us today: 843-873-4420

Email: info@waypointus 

The Executive Leadership Interview: J M Smith Corportation - PPN Episode 645

Aug 13, 2018 21:07


J M Smith Corporation New Leadership Interviews on the Pharmacy Podcast Network 


Saul Factor, RPh named President, Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company; Kevin Welch named President, Integra LTC Solution, LLC and QS/1

J M Smith Corporation has announced that its leading innovative technology solutions will now be under the leadership of Kevin Welch. Saul Factor, RPh, who was the President of QS/1, will lead the wholesale distribution business units Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company.

“The decision to align our technology offerings under one leader was made to further enhance our customer focus. Kevin is a highly respected technology leader with a passion for moving pharmacy forward. Under his guidance, QS/1 and Integra customers can expect a commitment to technology excellence and responsiveness,” said Alan Turfe, CEO and Chairman, J M Smith Corporation. “During his time as President of QS/1, Saul led with transparency and a contagious drive to advance customer centricity and business excellence. I am looking forward to what Kevin and Saul will accomplish for our customers in their new roles.

“I am excited by this tremendous opportunity,” said Welch. “Aligning all our technology offerings benefits the customers in all of the markets we serve. We will continue to have dedicated teams for each of these markets – long term care, community pharmacy and governmental, while sharing best practices across all of them.”

Welch was named Chief Technology Officer for J M Smith Corporation in 2017. In the CTO role, he oversees the development of innovative technology, streamlining the process of bringing pharmacy solutions to market. Welch became part of J M Smith Corporation with the acquisition of Integra, which he founded in 1997. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Operations Research and Engineering Management from Stanford University and has served in senior positions at Genentech, Symantec and Microsoft. During his career he has designed and developed many industry leading software applications and systems.

“There is perhaps no one in the industry better prepared to lead Smith Drug Company than Saul Factor,” said Turfe. “Saul is a pharmacist with experience in every facet of the industry, from patient care to manufacturing and distribution to sales and marketing.”

“The pharmacy industry is very dynamic and we at Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company are committed to being at the forefront with innovative solutions, leading distribution processes and customer-centric service,” said Factor. “It is important to provide customers with what they need now while also working to address their future needs. I am thrilled to be leading Smith Drug and Burlington Drug with our renowned customer service and I am looking forward to partnering with customers to deliver on the promise of the pharmacy of the future.”

Factor spent the first ten years of his career as both a retail and long term care pharmacist before moving into leadership positions with PCS, Eli Lilly and RxAmerica. Prior to joining J M Smith Corporation, he was President, Global Sourcing and Generics at McKesson Corporation. A native of New York, Factor earned a BS in pharmacy from Northeastern University in Boston and an MBA from University of New Haven.


J M Smith Corporation, headquartered in Spartanburg, is South Carolina’s third-largest privately owned company. Today, the corporation is focused in the areas of health care and technology, and operates through multiple business units, including Smith Drug Company, QS/1, Integral Solutions Group, RxMedic Systems, Integra LTC Solutions and Burlington Drug Company. For more information, visit

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast: Vitae Industries - PPN Episode 644

Aug 10, 2018 17:36


This week Pharmacy Inspection Podcast was recorded LIVE at Componders on Capital Hill CCH in June. Bryan was able to sit down with Jeanine Sinanan-Sing, co-founder and CEO of Vitae Industries, maker of the AutoCompounder 3D printer .

They talk about their platform and the exciting possibilities available with its use. Thanks again to our sponsor for  CCH: Encore Scientific.If you like the podcast follow us on twitter @PharmacyInspect and share the podcast with those who might find it helpful. We're just getting warmed up; there's SO many more topics to cover! Stay tuned for what's to come! Thanks for listening. Here's the Vitae Industries AutoCompounder 3D printer in action at CCH

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast: Kim Kieffer - PPN Episode 643

Aug 10, 2018 31:32


This week on the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast -- we welcome Kim Kieffer! Kim is the Director of Corporate Relations at Empower Pharmacy in Houston Texas. She's been a compounding consultant at Spectrum, Letco and Freedom Pharmaceuticals. Most recently she was the Academy Manager at Fagron educating pharmacists and technicians. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to formulations and quality control.

If you like the podcast follow us on twitter @PharmacyInspect and share the podcast with those who might find it helpful. We're just getting warmed up; there's SO many more topics to cover! Stay tuned for what's to come! Thanks for listening. Thanks to our sponsor for this week and at CCH: Encore Scientific

Pharmacy Future Leaders: What Do Pharmacists Do? PPN Episode 642

Aug 9, 2018 21:37


Pharmacy Future Leaders, Geily Ward, Joanne Pauyo, and special guest Bibi Barrios interview the public and ask "What Do Pharmacist's Do?"    Most pharmacists work in a community setting, such as a retail drugstore, or in a healthcare facility, such as a hospital. Pharmacists in community pharmacies dispense medications, counsel patients on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, and advise physicians about medication therapy.    Pharmacists in community pharmacies dispense medications, counsel patients on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, and advise physicians about medication therapy. They also advise patients about general health topics, such as diet, exercise, and stress management, and provide information on products, such as durable medical equipment or home healthcare supplies. In addition, they often complete third-party insurance forms and other paperwork. Those who own or manage community pharmacies may sell non-health-related merchandise, hire and supervise personnel, and oversee the general operation of the pharmacy. Some community pharmacists provide specialized services to help patients with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, or high blood pressure. Some pharmacists are trained to administer vaccinations.

Pharmacists in healthcare facilities dispense medications and advise the medical staff on the selection and effects of drugs. They may make sterile solutions to be administered intravenously. They also plan, monitor, and evaluate drug programs or regimens. They may counsel hospitalized patients on the use of drugs before the patients are discharged.

Some pharmacists specialize in specific drug therapy areas, such as intravenous nutrition support, oncology (cancer), nuclear pharmacy (used for chemotherapy), geriatric pharmacy, and psychiatric pharmacy (the use of drugs to treat mental disorders).

Most pharmacists keep confidential computerized records of patients' drug therapies to prevent harmful drug interactions. Pharmacists are responsible for the accuracy of every prescription that is filled, but they often rely upon pharmacy technicians to assist them in the dispensing medications. Thus, the pharmacist may delegate prescription-filling and administrative tasks and supervise their completion. Pharmacists also frequently oversee pharmacy students serving as interns.

Some pharmacists are involved in research for pharmaceutical manufacturers, developing new drugs and testing their effects. Others work in marketing or sales, providing clients with expertise on the use, effectiveness, and possible side effects of drugs. Some pharmacists work for health insurance companies, developing pharmacy benefit packages and carrying out cost-benefit analyses on certain drugs. Other pharmacists work for the government, managed care organizations, public healthcare services, or the armed services. Finally, some pharmacists are employed full time or part time as college faculty, teaching classes and performing research in a wide range of areas.   Reference article:    Ohio patient, now sober, thanks Kroger pharmacist for talking to him ‘like a human being’  

PGX for Pharmacists: Life Safety Monitoring Technologies - PPN Episode 641

Aug 8, 2018 26:28


Today's PGX for Pharmacist episode discusses the STAAR ALERT ADVANTAGE:

Beyond cutting edge technology, stability and competitive pricing, STAAR Alert offers a level of personalized service far above that of most others in the market.

STAAR Alert offers communication and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration through our Life Safety Monitoring Center’s enhanced software platform. Each form of STAAR Alert’s in-home medical device technologies offer an advanced level of professional monitoring. Signals from each device are automatically sent to the servers and CSAA professional operators at STAARAlert's Life Safety Monitoring Center, ensuring that all notifications are managed in real-time.

STAAR Alert's mission is to provide access to help in the event of an emergency, prevent medication errors and provide technology to monitor and track your health.


Ken Sternfeld - RX VIP Concierge 
Founder, Director New Business Development  
1299 Corporate Drive Suite #1504 Westbury, New York 11590
516 817-7410

Pharmacy and Fraud - PPN Episode 640

Aug 7, 2018 12:27


Fraud & Your Pharmacy: 

Darshan: Hey, Major. It's been a long time. So today we're going to be talking about pharmacists and when we do wrong and, "Is this a big deal?" Is it the equivalent of, "You know what, a pill here and there, do we worry about them?"

Major: What are you talking about, fraud and pharmacists. Now, we defend pharmacists on the show, on the podcast, quite a bit, and for legitimacy. The thing is, we're talking about fraud and pharmacists, so pharmacists can be involved in fraud? How is that? How does that work?

Darshan: So here's the funny thing. Today's news or yesterday's news was a pharmacist in Germany was involved in diluting chemotherapy for patients, for very expensive patients, and the fact was that patients potentially died because of this dilution. And if that same situation had happened in the US, that pharmacist would very much convicted of fraud, fraud by the government, and fraud to patients. So those would be things we're thinking about. Is that the only way? No. The dilution, which obviously would have hurt patients, for what, so that he could have a nicer house? That's not what he went to pharmacy school for. I mean, it's nice if he has a nice house. I have no problem with his nice house. But it shouldn't ever happen at the price of his patients.

Major: Just to clarify, fraud is defined, and this is just strict Google definition, right, "Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain." So in that situation, he wasn't the most quality of an individual, just a personal-

Darshan: There you go, exactly right. And that's the problem. Here's the other thing, most pharmacists think that we are operating effectively under the radar. We also sort of think that we're beyond reproach. I mean, for the longest time, pharmacists were the most trusted profession. In recent times, nurses have taken over. Clergy have come close. But pharmacists tend to be amongst the highest trusted professions, and that's been dropping, and that's a concern. We as pharmacists need to look back and figure out what's happening.
The next thing that we need to look at is, is this a common enough occurrence? So does it happen every day?

Major: Are these guys just outliers that we're hearing about?

Darshan: Yeah, exactly. These people obviously are outliers. It's not like every second pharmacist you see is cheating and lying. But it's happening enough that pharmacists should be aware and pharmacists should be looking out. So what does that really look like? I mean, in the last month, there have been at least three separate cases, if not more, of pharmacists being charged with being involved in fraud, and that's obviously a massive issue. We'll put the links in the article with the podcast, and that will be useful for you as you continue, and you can read and find links. But that's something to consider.
Now, are the fines for fraud such a big deal? In one of the cases, the pharmacist is facing 20 years in prison on 27 counts, and another 10 years for another one of the counts, and fines could be in excess of $1.5 million. So obviously it's going to be a big issue. People are going to be worried. Lives are going to be altered. Lives have probably already been altered.

Major: Right. We've established that it's bad and that there are severe penalties, but are there any commonalities between these cases, between these situations where a pharmacist is fraudulent?

Darshan: So that's a great question. So what I did was I did a quick search, and I'm aware of this list, and essentially the [inaudible 00:04:29] top 10 causes that the Office of Inspector General puts out for healthcare provider, healthcare fraud, and these are the top 10. I don't know if these are- [crosstalk 00:04:37]

Major: They actually have a top 10 list. That's crazy. Okay.

Darshan: Exactly. Number one, billing for services not rendered. Essentially you're saying that someone came in, you gave them services. So let's say you're doing MTM, medication therapy management, and you never actually did it, but you billed the government anyways, billing for non-covered service as a covered service, and what that means is you're going to a patient, and a patient who knows that their medication isn't covered, bill it as something else just so the patient doesn't have to bear the cost, but the government does.
Then there's misrepresenting dates of service. You might think of that as simply putting on the wrong date, but that could also be you showing a consistent practice of changing dates so that something is covered.
Misrepresenting locations of service. So if you own multiple pharmacies, you give it for one location and not at the other. The government is looking.
Misrepresenting provider of service, so if there are multiple people involved. So let's say you're a pharmacy that has, let's say an NP comes through, the NP forgets to bill, so you just bill it through the pharmacy and then you just give the NP some money, that would be fraudulent, as well.
Waiving of deductibles and co-payments. Pharmacists typically think of this as helping the patient. You want the patient to get the medication. You know what? If I don't get an extra 10 bucks or 20 bucks or 30 bucks, that's fine. That actually would be considered to be fraudulent, and pharmacists would face potential jail time with that. Waiving of deductibles on a co-pay, I think we just discussed that.
Incorrect reporting or diagnosis of procedures, so unbundling of services. So it's taking ... again, if you're doing medication therapy management, you're sort of unbundling things and fraudulently billing for one and not the other, et cetera.
Over-utilization of services, so billing excessively when that is not necessary, and that would be problematic.
Corruption. That's kickbacks and bribery, and this is actually a pretty big one, because you keep seeing this happening over and over and over again, where you essentially go to a doctor and you go, "You know what? For every 15 prescriptions you send to me, I'll make sure you get $100 back." You as the doctor are happy. The patient gets their medication. I'm happy. So this is all a good thing.
And then there's the false, unnecessary issuance of prescription drugs. So you tell the doctor, "You know what? Wink, wink, nod, nod, let's make sure all these patients get these medications." You get a nice kickback from the pharmaceutical company, you might get a nice little kickback from the doctor, patients are happy, but that may also be problematic.
So the question then becomes ... go ahead, Major.

Major: So we've established that it's possible that pharmacists can and do commit fraud, penalties are very substantial, and the top 10 causes, which we just went through, but why? What circumstances can push a pharmacist to those extremes? And we're not talking about bad apples, we're not talking about malintent. We're talking specifically about the normal, the common pharmacist that just wants to get by and have the doors open the next day.

Darshan: Right. So I think the two most common mistakes I see in terms of just fraudulent cases that keep coming up-

Major: And by the way, Darshan, you're not talking about this from an outsider's perspective, are you? You're actually a pharmacist?

Darshan: I'm a pharmacist and I'm an attorney, and I deal and help pharmacists all the time. That's what I do. So I'm always glad to talk to people, I'm always glad to help people, and if people need help, I'm happy to provide that for them.

Major: I'm sorry. I totally interrupted you. You were going through the circumstances that push the pharmacist to the extreme of fraud.

Darshan: Oh, good. The two big pieces that are big pharmacists show up in the spotlight, are the following. Number one, opioids. We all know that the government has task forces. We all know that the government is looking closely. We all know that the government is monitoring anyone who's dealing with opioids, and pharmacists are the last point before opioids are given out. If that's true, since that's true, when there's an inappropriate amount of opioid being out by a pharmacist, you know that the government's looking. And if you are giving an inappropriate patient medications that they do not need, that is very much on the top 10 list. It's a false, unnecessary issuance of prescription drug, and pharmacists are being caught up in that.
The second one, and that's almost as equally common, is the fact that pharmacists are using marketers to help them gain business. By itself, that is totally okay. But marketers are trying to build relationships, and sometimes they go overboard, because they don't know what they don't know. All they know is they're trying to build a relationship. And when they go to build that relationship, they sometimes structure it so that it falls within the Anti-Kickback law, it falls within the False Claims Act. It may fall within the Stark law, and you've got to be careful. You've got to make sure that there are no issues, like ownership, kickbacks being given, and if they are, you may very well find yourself being exposed to criminal and civil liabilities.
So keep an eye up. Think about that as you continue.

Major: Sounds like a great idea.
So my name is Major. This is Darshan. We are the hosts of the Gavel and Pestle Podcast on the Pharmacy Podcast Network.
Darshan, do you have anything else that you'd like to add?

Darshan: No, I think this is great. I'm excited. We've got to do another one of these pretty soon. Stay tuned.

Major: Thanks, guys.

Smarter Communication Solutions with Patients - PPN Episode 639

Aug 6, 2018 28:01


Pharmacy Marketing Simplified podcast host Nicolle McClure interviews VP of Pharmacy Automation Travis Smith with Smart Solutions IVR Technology. 

Smart Solutions has provided affordable, innovative IVR services to the pharmacy industry since 1995. SMART has successfully pioneered and developed superior IVR solutions that are "best of breed" within the industry and offer the utmost in flexibility and reliability to the pharmacy community. Most recently, Smart has developed a Speech Recognition Voice Response (IVR) module that is very cost effective and which is the industry's leading state-of-the-art pharmacy voice application. Smart also has the ability to work with Voice over IP (VoIP) applications.

Smart's IVR products are flexible and can be customized and tailored to the pharmacy without specific application engineering (which can add thousands of dollars to the application cost) with such features as Mail Order and Delivery being a standard offering in the feature menu.

Enterprise applications is another area of our expertise. Our experience with thousands of chain store locations, large hospital clinical organizations, Mail Order and Independents in the U.S. and Canada has given us the experience to understand the solutions needed by both large and small pharmacy enterprises.

Smart Solutions has been providing pharmacy workflow applications to the industry since year 2000. Smart's workflow applications can be utilized in whole, or in part, on a modular format, based on individual chain, institutional, mail order or independent pharmacy need. Smart has the ability to fill the gaps in practice management systems, providing any workflow application to augment where needed for pharmacy full workflow functionality.

Smart's Digital Workflow Modules include Prescription Verification, Will Call Bin Management and Electronic Signature Capture. Within these applications Pill Images, Original Prescription Images and Customer Identification Images can be captured and stored for long term archiving. Smart's Bin Management modules can be adapted to existing pharmacy formats, or in its most sophisticated form can provide light activated bins that absolutely do away with storage confusion and lost prescriptions.

NASP Patient Satisfaction Survey - PPN Episode 638

Aug 1, 2018 33:43


SullivanLuallin Group is honored to announce a new partnership with the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), offering a competitively priced patient satisfaction survey tool to its members. In collaboration with NASP, we have developed an industry-accepted standard patient survey to address the unique drivers of patient engagement and satisfaction within the specialty pharmacy field.

In addition to measuring the satisfaction of specialty pharmacy patients, this survey tool will provide consistent satisfaction metrics and reporting to various pharmaceutical manufacturers and payer clients.

Participating in the SLG-NASP survey program will provide:

Results using an industry-accepted standard patient satisfaction survey tool

Statistically viable results for each participating NASP member National benchmarking for all survey questions Member Percentile Ranking against SLG-NASP database Online access to survey results Key-Driver Analysis to determine how best to improve your scores Presentation of Findings to review all survey results Access to SLG-NASP National Annual Report of Industry Findings and Measures

The full press release announcing this collaborative launch can be found here. A copy of the proposed SLG-NASP patient satisfaction survey can be viewed here. NASP members interested in participating in this patient satisfaction survey program can click here.

Click here to learn more.

Protecting Your Patient's Data: HIPAA Off Shore Threat - PPN Episode 637

Jul 31, 2018 14:20


Becky Templeton Director of Business Development at R.J.Hedges & Associates talks with Jeff Hedges about

With the increasing need for businesses to save on costs, many companies are utilizing offshore companies to help with customer service, tech support, billing processes, etc.  Is it possible one of your contracted companies whom you have a Business Associate Agreement, is utilizing an offshore workforce?  Not only should you be concerned with this because of possible breaches which the US government won’t have any legal recourse, but PBM’s and NCPDP will be asking for attestations in the future.  The time to prepare is now.  Our latest episode with the Pharmacy Compliance Guide will discuss the impacts of Offshore businesses accessing PHI, why PBM’s are concerned,  and what pharmacies should do now.


The covered entity is solely responsible for issuing the Business Associate Agreement, so if you sign someone else’s agreement, you are stuck with it.  The Business Associate Agreement is a contract.  Remember that!


Develop a document similar to the one the PBMs are asking you to sign and ask Business Associate to check a box with one of the two options and send it back to you.  Now you can truthfully answer the questions posed to you by the PBMs and NCPDP.


To ensure we are in compliance with these federal mandates, please check the appropriate box below and return this signed attestation to us.  Your failure to provide this attestation, as specified herein, constitutes a material breach of your agreement with us.  An inaccurate response may constitute a violation of federal law for which penalties may apply.


Choose the appropriate statement by checking one of the boxes below:


As your HIPAA Business Associate, our organization and our downstream and related entities DO NOT utilize Off-Shore subcontractors to perform activities that involve receiving, processing, transferring, handling, and storing or accessing PHI at an Off-Shore location(s).


As your HIPAA Business Associate, our organization and our downstream and related entities DO utilize Off-Shore subcontractors to perform activities that involve receiving, processing, transferring, handling, and storing or accessing PHI at an Off-Shore location.



Becky Templeton, CDME, ABI

Director of Business Development

R.J. Hedges & Associates

Office:  724-357-8380    Website:

Follow us on Facebook!  Learn more on our Blog

Rx Owners Podcast - The Power of Unity - PPN Episode 636

Jul 27, 2018 22:54


The Pharmacy Podcast Network is excited to launch the 'Rx Owners Podcast" focusing on becoming a successful pharmacy owner through the advantages of franchising and gaining advantages trhough the power of unity. 

Our host of the Rx Owners Podcast is Colin Angle, Marketing Director of the nation's fastest growing pharmacy franchise Benzer Pharmacy. We recorded live at the Benzer Pharmacy Corporate Headquarters in Tampa FL with special guest Vinesh Darji, Business Development Director for the Benzer Teams. 

Advantages of buying a franchise Franchises offer the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network. You don't necessarily need business experience to run a franchise. Franchisors usually provide the training you need to operate their business model. Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. You may find it easier to secure finance for a franchise. It may cost less to buy a franchise than start your own business of the same type. Franchises often have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to national advertising and ongoing support. Benzer Pharmacy is the one and only franchise choice for independent owners. Benzer is run by independent owners for independent owners. With a proven track record, consolidated services, nationally recognized branding and low cost of operation, you're no longer alone. Join the fastest growing pharmacy franchise in the USA and get the support you need today.   It takes exceptional - consistent- service to keep customers coming back and making positive referrals. That's the secret of our success. With more than 10 years of experience providing excellent pharmacy service, we’ve developed a streamlined approach to delivering the professionalism and reliability that customers expect, in a comfortable environment.   Please contact Colin Angle for additional information:  (813) 304-2221 Ext. 236 

3 Rules of Surviving Amazon - PPN Episode 635

Jul 26, 2018 13:53


How can Independent Community Pharmacy Survive Amazon?

Here's 3 suggestions: 

Major: Hey guys, my name's Major. This is Darshan, and today we're gonna be discussing three things pharmacists need to do to stave off Amazon. We are with the Gavel & Pestle Podcast. Darshan, what are the three things we need to know?

Darshan: First things first, Major, we should probably talk about what the word "stave off" means, because you know what?

Major: I was wondering about that.

Darshan: That's just big words right there.

Major: "Stave." Who uses that in conversation?

Darshan: I know. I'm that guy. I'm just using the words stave off to mean like keeping people out-

Major: Like put off. Keep them away.

Darshan: Put off. Yeah. There you go.

Major: Okay.

Darshan: But, here's the key piece that you and I are talking about, which is can pharmacists survive? We did a podcast for Amazon coming on. We talked a little bit about how Amazon's going to take over the world, but what does this mean for pharmacists? What do we as a profession need to do so that we aren't simply just waiting to be mowed down by the giant machine that is Amazon?

Major: Speaking of, Amazon recently acquired PillPack. That's why we're primarily talking about this. Because there are some concerns that the demand for pharmacists might diminish. Darshan, let me ask you this, when the GPS became big the demand for cartographers dropped significantly just because there wasn't an actual need for physical mapmakers at that time. Is this comparable? Is diminishing demand for the pharmacists a concern?

Darshan: It's such a great question. Major knows this; I'm a huge reader of Reddit, and this is a problem but it continues to be an addiction I try to stave off, but it doesn't work-

Major: Stave off or put off?

Darshan: I know, right? The question is, did the need for cartographers drop off when GPS came on? And there was a recent comment on Reddit where they asked about well, "Are there any cartographers? Do people need to be cartographers?"

Major: Oh now? Yes.

Darshan: Turns out it's a massive need.

Major: Now, yes, but at the time, I actually had a buddy who was going to school for it and he had to drop out and change direction. He had to pivot because there wasn't many placement opportunities for him. Nowadays, there certainly is with map-making opportunities and different boutiques, so to speak, but with those specifics, that's a different story. I was just using that on the surface to kind of compare to the demand for pharmacists.

Darshan: And I actually agree with you; the point I was making is the same one, which is people who are going to stay and do the same thing, if you're going to be a cartographer, if you're going to be a pharmacist who wanted to do the same thing 20 years ago, you're probably gonna die off. But, if you're to be that pharmacist who adapts, who changes, who sees what this new world looks like and knows how to be part of it, you would be very much in demand. When Google Maps was coming on, when Apple Maps was coming on, and to come on and go, "We know what this new world looks like, and here's where the opportunity lies." People can makes millions if you know where the world is going, talk to people, learn about it, and then go, "Here's where I can position myself."
Today we're gonna talk-

Major: Do they have to do that within Amazon? Do they have to be absorbed by the giant? Or can they exist outside of that? Or is that what we're gonna talk about today? I don't mean to jump [crosstalk 00:03:44].

Darshan: Well that's gonna be part of what ... Well I guess we just did right?

Major: I'm so excited about this, like wow.

Darshan: Well and that's always a good thing. So here's how I think about Amazon. Now when we think about Amazon, say I don't know, five, six, seven years ago, we thought about Amazon being that company that made all the things, sold all the things. And the Amazon came up with its Amazon Marketplace. And what was the Amazon Marketplace? Anyone can get onto Amazon and use it as a virtual store and sell their stuff off Amazon. So your goods will literally compete against Amazon and be sold by Amazon. Amazon's happy 'cause they're still making a cut. You're happy 'cause you're still going to one place to get things. So the question to ask is in the future will pharmacies become competitors to PillPack? Can you imagine being a pharmacist sitting in New York City and trying to sell and access a patient in Albany? And you could only do that now because Amazon gives you the ability to access those patients.

Major: Right.

Darshan: Amazon connects you. That would open up opportunities for pharmacists that simply doesn't exist. Is Amazon gonna do that? I don't know. But if you compare to the current business model, it is very much within their current business model. So maybe Amazon is going to offer some opportunities and offer growth opportunities that we simply didn't consider. Then there's a question of what you just mentioned, which is people creating specialties. In cartography, it was creating what are called hyper-local communities. Which is looking at where is the closest Dairy Queen and what is around the Dairy Queen? But in the case of pharmacy, that could be talking about vet prescriptions. That could be talking about schedule two drugs. That could be talking about narcotics, that's schedule twos. Specialty drugs, personalized care, emergency antibiotics, compounding. All of which are opportunities that simply are difficult to achieve using a PillPack.

Major: So at the beginning-

Darshan: And that ... Go ahead.

Major: At the beginning of the podcast we said we were gonna talk about three things pharmacists need to know. So what's thing number one?

Darshan: Thing number one is the Amazon Marketplace. Keep an eye out, keep an ear out. Is that gonna be an opportunity for you? Number two, consider offering things that Amazon is not well positioned to offer. Schedule twos, specialty, personalized care, antibiotics, compounding.

Major: Well you can offer, that's legal to offer.

Darshan: Right. Very much so. Here's a third option. Amazon is really good at delivering goods. What Amazon's not the greatest at, and still struggles with this, is delivering services. And what you can do, and what CVS, for example, is doing, and what Walgreens are doing, is partnering with healthcare practitioners. Maybe partnering with a nurse practitioner and allowing them to come and give ... and sort of have a teaching session at your pharmacy. Maybe they diagnose patients at your pharmacy 'cause your pharmacy's more convenient.
Now you've gotta be careful 'cause there are stark laws, and there are anti-kickback laws that all come into play because you can be given kickbacks and the like. But overall partnering with certain healthcare providers may very well give you opportunities you hadn't thought of. So that's three. Here's the thing Major. We never stop at giving them what we promised. We give them always one more. And here's our one more. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. How do you stave off Amazon? Consider partnering with people you traditionally thought of as your enemy.

Who do pharmacists traditionally think of as their enemy? They think about reimbursement. They think about how they aren't being paid enough. So your PBMs. Your GPOs who may theoretically be helping you, but you feel like you don't have enough of a margin. You, as the pharmacy, are now going to go, "PBM. If you don't support me, I die off. You don't have a base to do to, 'cause my patients are going to Amazon. What you need is to live 'cause Amazon's going to flatten you out." Maybe there's an opportunity in the future to actually start partnering with PBMs and getting better pricing to allow for better opportunities for patients.

Major: So just real quick-

Darshan: And that ... Yeah.

Major: PBM, what is a PBM?

Darshan: Oh. PBM is your pharmacy benefit manager.

Major: Pharmacy benefit manager.

Darshan: So when you go to ... Correct. So what does that actually mean? So when you get insurance, it'll be like your Blue Cross, Blue Shield or it'll be your Aetna. They often will say, "You know, we'll take care of your healthcare, but we are handling your actual drugs." So Optum, Caremark, all those are your PBMs. And what they'll do is they'll negotiate all the bits and pieces associated with your prescription drugs.

Major: Okay.

Darshan: They're called PBMs.

Major: So just to review, the three things a pharmacist needs to stave off or put off Amazon, number one there's still hope for the Amazon Marketplace. You could-

Darshan: Yup.

Major: Thing number two, offer options and services that they cannot offer yet. That you can offer, legally. Number three, enemy of my enemy is my friend? Is that-

Darshan: Yup.

Major: All right.

Darshan: And option four, is partner with other healthcare providers.

Major: So I have a question for you Darshan. So either losing a substantial chunk of business or going out of business altogether can be seen as one of the top concerns pharmacists have when it comes to Amazon steps into the pharmacy market. That's what we're talking about the three things pharmacists need to ... The current podcast. So is there another concern that pharmacists need to have about Amazon's acquisition of PillPack?

Darshan: What are you thinking about Major? Talk to me a little bit more about what you're thinking about.

Major: No, no. I'm not thinking about anything specific. I'm just saying is that all that we need to think about?

Darshan: About whether just pharmacists are ... Well, explain the question to me. I'm sorry. I feel like I didn't quite catch it.

Major: So we're focusing right now specifically on one thing and that's reduced demand of pharmacists. How can we exist after that chapter? How can pharmacists exist after that? That being the primary concern, could there be another concern? Is there something waiting in the wings that we haven't thought about or?

Darshan: Oh. So I think the other thing that you've gotta think about is pharmacists are going to start landing up in a situation where they are ... How should I put this? They're gonna start getting desperate 'cause they're gonna see the patient volume start changing. And the mixture start changing.

Major: Oh wow, yeah.

Darshan: And fewer patients will go. And because of that, you'll see pharmacists taking shortcuts. And those shortcuts could very much result in problems. That can result in pharmacists filling, say opioid prescriptions that are inappropriate because you don't wanna lose that patient 'cause that patient comes consistently. You might land up in a situation where marketers are going and building a relationship. We talked about these relationships being built with other providers, but if not done appropriately, it can be hugely problematic. And the Department of Justice, the Office of Inspector General, they're all looking over your shoulder. I can assure you, they're looking closely. And if they are looking closely ... I mean recently I heard, I think it was like a two billion dollar situation where, I think it was like 700 odd healthcare providers were collected because they were inappropriately billing. So fraud is going to become a huge problem if pharmacists aren't careful. So let's do this Major, why don't we make our next talk about fraud and what pharmacists should be aware of as they continue in a post-Amazon world?

Major: Hey, that sounds like a great idea. Well guys, thanks a lot for listening to Gavel and Pestle. My name's Major, this is Darshan. Stay tuned for fraud and pharmacists.

Darshan: Thanks guys.

The Wolf of Pharmacy WallStreet - PPN Episode 634

Jul 25, 2018 16:35


Special Guest: Danielle Brill

Position: Vice President of Equity Research at Needham & Company

Interview Summary

Matt: Matt Paterini here with The Nontraditional Pharmacist! Welcome to tonight’s episode where we are joined by Danielle Brill of Needham & Company. She is Vice President of Equity Research, so we will get into that here in just a little bit. At The Nontraditional Pharmacist, we’re constantly getting inquiries about how pharmacists can apply their skills to business and industry, so I think Danielle is going to bring a very unique perspective today to some of those roles. She had a very unique role in equity research in conducting evaluation research of biotechnology companies. Danielle, welcome to The Nontraditional Pharmacist, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. We like to start off every episode kind of the same way and that is learning a little bit about your background. If you could, please describe your path through pharmacy school and how you got to your role today.


I first got a bachelor’s in science at Michigan State University, and then I moved to New York City where I worked in a research lab for drug development and lymphoma for a couple of years before I decided that I wanted to go and pursue my PharmD. I was was debating between medical school and a PhD at the time, I didn’t know much about the PharmD, and my mentor actually said that if you’re interested in pharmacology and you like the clinical aspect that a PharmD was the route you go. So I went to Rutger’s pharmacy school and I had thought that I was going to be a clinical pharmacist. I applied for a residency. I had already fully committed to the clinical path. But during my experiential rotations I did an elective rotation here at Needham & Company. My husband actually works in finance on Wall Street and I had always wondered what those people are up to. So I thought I’d just check it out. And I actually found it super fascinating!


At that point I had already committed to my residency and was on my way. But I stayed in touch with my boss here at Needham and a few years later he actually reached out to me to see if I was interested in a role. So I went for it, and I love it, and I think it’s a great opportunity for pharmacists to dive in a little bit more!

PolitiTalkRx w/ host Scott Kjelson Pharm.D. CPh - PPN Episode 633

Jul 24, 2018 23:06


No one has ever made an impact by standing on the sidelines whimpering, complaining, or protesting without taking action.

We make progress by implementing our ideas.

Pharmacists must take action. 

THIS IS POLITITALKRX, the highly charged, sometimes controversial, political internet radio talk show dedicated to the profession of pharmacy.

The policies that shape our healthcare system are complex and pharmacists, pharmacy professionals, and industry stakeholders must have a seat at the table to participate in conversations, discussions, and debates, which lead to actions that drive change supporting the profession of pharmacy.

This podcast is intended to shake up the status quo and promote change to improve the profession of pharmacy while advocating for better patient care delivered by pharmacists.

PolitiTalkRx is part of the U.S. Healthcare System’s largest and most influential network of podcasts dedicated to our profession – the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

About the host: 

Dr. Scott Kjelson is the Director of Student Transitions and Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Pharmacy. Here Dr. Kjelson focuses on personal and professional development and leadership, major public health forums and community outreach, as well as health care policy within the state of Florida and on a national level. He is currently a member of the Florida Society of Health System Pharmacists Legal and Regulatory Affairs Council, a Board Member of the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Community Service Advisory Board, a member of the Broward County’s Community Response Team, and an active community leader and mentor.

Dr. Kjelson started his career in the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman where he worked as a surgical medic. Following his military experience and undergrad completion at Miami Dade College, he received his Doctorate Degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy. Following graduation, he advanced his training and began to work in Long Term Care in Geriatrics as a consultant pharmacist, while also working at the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. His passion for advancing the profession healthcare and being part of the development process lead him to his current role as Director and Assistant Professor at NSU College of Pharmacy.

He has been an active community leader while hosting major educational forums and traveling around the nation to help educate other to better understand health care, healthy living, and brand development. Dr. Scott Kjelson has presented around the nation at venues like Johns Hopkins University and General Electric, and his work has been featured on media networks such as Spike TV, Discovery Life, and NPR. His greatest role has been that with his work in combatting the opioid epidemic alongside the local and national law enforcement and policy makers, the United Way, and national health care experts. Dr. Kjelson continues to take on public health issues both in the State of Florida Capital and in Congress in Washington D.C

APPA PharmaCon 2018 Podcast - PPN Episode 632

Jul 20, 2018 25:30


The Pharmacy Podcast Network attended the 2nd Annual APPA PharmaCon Convention for Independent Pharmacy Owners, Pharmacists and Physicians on June 8-9, 2018 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL.

Joshua Pirestani | CEO & Founder American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance Tel: 877-570-2665 Email: Website: LinkedIn | facebook | twitter 



PillPack Amazon and the Future of Pharmacy - PPN Episode 631

Jul 18, 2018 13:45



Darshan: Hey, Major. This is our next episode of the Gavel & Pestle. Are you ready today?

Major: Yes, sir. My names Major. This is Darshan. And today we're going to be talking about the PillPack acquisition with Amazon, and how that affects pharmacists. Is that anywhere close to our topic?

Darshan: That is very much our topic, hopefully. Otherwise, we're both doing the wrong thing.

Major: Oh, no.

Darshan: I'm really excited. It's sort of exactly what we thought it would be. We have news report in that, as you all know, PillPack was acquired by Amazon. The big question that we get now is, what does this mean for [crosstalk 00:00:48]?

Major: A bit of background. What is PillPack? What were they before? And why was Amazon interested?

Darshan: Great question. PillPack is a pharmacy that was bought by ... Well, basically what they did is they would provide medications. They put multiple pills into a pack and they put it into a blister. And when they put things into a blister, the patient would just get a list of medications that they take on the daily. Let's say they want to take their medication at 9:00, they would get all five medications in the same sort of packet. They wouldn't have to sit and sort it out.

Major: By blister, you mean the plastic packaging. You don't mean an actual blister.

Darshan: Yeah. I did mean the plastic packet. Blister packing usually implies a unit dosing, but same basic concept.

Major: Right. Amazon acquired PillPack-

Darshan: So it's not a blister pack.

Major: Right. They acquired PillPack primarily because of what they're doing. Right? So that Amazon could have the same function.

Darshan: That's the big question. Right? What exactly are Amazon's goals with PillPack? What I think is fascinating about PillPack is, it's just another online pharmacy. They have a decent number of customers. There's nothing crazy about it, but CVS, Walgreens they've all come out and said that in terms of just the number of patients that are affected it's negligible. It's not a huge deal for the pharmacies themselves. What they're not all admitting is the fact of the impact that it has. Amazon was having a hard time showing any kind of entry into the pharmacy world.

Darshan: Since our last conversation, and we had a couple of talks about this last year, probably around October, November. I know we had a very brief conversation a couple months ago, couple weeks ago maybe, and we talked about how Amazon was struggling. They were originally trying to figure out if they were going to just supply medical devices. There was some discussion of them going all-in through sort of starting their own pharmacy. But we were talking about how they were floundering. They lost the license. They gave up their license, I believe it was in Maine. And we thought that there would be a massive delay while Amazon ramps up.

Darshan: Well, Amazon sort of bypassed that whole system and they said, instead of trying to figure this whole thing out, we'll just buy someone who already figured it all out. They went to a 32-year-old who owned PillPack, and they basically said, we want to buy your company. Now, here's the interesting part. Walmart was looking to buy PillPack, and they were looking to buy it for 700 million dollars. That's pretty damn good.

Major: Wow.

Darshan: Now, here's the problem with that. They decided to slow down because they thought there might be some regulatory concerns. And Amazon-

Major: Walmart slowed down?

Darshan: Yeah, Walmart slowed down. They thought that the acquisition of PillPack may cause regulatory concerns.

Major: Okay.

Darshan: Amazon saw it as an opportunity, jumped in, and they basically bought them for, I believe, a little over a billion dollars in my recollection. Or it was around a billion dollars. It may not be over. Around a billion dollars. But the funny thing is-

Major: But they swooped in and snagged it.

Darshan: Exactly. The funny part is that this billion dollar acquisition caused Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid to lose 11 billion dollars in value, after Amazon bought them. So obviously, investors are scared. They're scared about what does Amazon mean? I don't think they're worried about is there poaching of customers? Or does Amazon have a strong foothold? They just need an entry point and a position to sort of see what happens in the real world with their ideas, and that's what PillPack gives them. The opportunity to explore. Amazon has some good lawyers. They have some good regulatory people. Go ahead.

Major: I was thinking Amazon recently started offering the opportunity to own your own delivery franchise. Probably to circumvent UPS and FedEx, and the issues surrounding that, but this could be interpreted, maybe, as another piece to the puzzle of how Amazon would get medications directly to the consumer. Right? But the acquisition of PillPack, that we're talking about right now, it seems to be another puzzle piece to the same puzzle, but how big of a piece is that?

Darshan: I think that what Amazon has done very, very well is they have figured out last mile delivery. Last mile delivery, just so everyone knows, it really comes from the telecommunication industry. And what that means is everyone knows how to take those big wires and run them across the entire US or across the entire world. What people struggle with is how do you get it from that pole, which is outside your house, to inside your house? So that's called the last mile, and that's the most difficult part because it's got to go into everyone's homes. And that's the most difficult part of everything. The shipping things to distribution sites has never been a problem for most distributors. They've all figured that out. How do you get it into a patient's house? And that's what everyone struggled with.

Darshan: So as you just pointed out, Amazon's purchase of PillPack, and then it's ability and it's offer to help people start their own delivery business, is very much a shot across the bow of these large pharmacy chains. CVS tried to battle it by offering to do home deliveries themselves, but it seems so reactionary. It doesn't seem like it's something they wanted to do. It comes across as, almost, we know that they're going to get into this, we better do something quickly.

Major: You mentioned CVS. How does the Amazon puzzle to bring medication directly to consumers, how does that affect sales on the pharmacists? How does it affect pharmacists? Right?

Darshan: That's the big question. It's going to depend on what type of pharmacists you are. Right? So the question is, what is the role of pharmacists as we continue? If pharmacy as a profession is going to be a profession that simply says we distribute pills, Amazon and the companies like Amazon, technology companies, are going to come in and they're going to be able to get medications to patients a lot quicker. So if you're looking at purely from a sales perspective, using that as your differentiation point, you're going to have trouble.

Darshan: However, if you look at pharmacy as a consultative profession, a profession where you talk to patients, pharmacists are the last caregiver that most patients look at as part of the medication delivery service. They're the people that they can talk to and understand more about the medications. If you provide those services in many ways, and adapt and change and modify, then you're going to be in a world where pharmacists are going to see increased sales. And Amazon simply cannot compete.

Darshan: Now, here's what Amazon's going to do. Amazon's going to start collecting patient data. They're going to compute that data. They're going to find out patient's needs and they're going to be able to organize that in light of other patient purchases. When all that comes together, they're going to be able to give patients and upsell patients for a lot of different things. What pharmacies used to do is that they would put like greeting cards and the chewing gum all in the front, and then the pharmacy in the back so you'd have to walk past the greeting cards and the chewing gum to get your prescriptions.

Major: Right. Right. Impulsive buy.

Darshan: Well, that's what Amazon's going to do, except it's going to be virtual.

Major: Okay.

Darshan: Amazon's going to compete with you directly there, so you need to figure out either how are you going to work with Amazon? Or provide a service that's different from Amazon. There are going to be pharmacies that eventually die out because they did not adapt. What you as a pharmacists needs to do is figure out what makes you different? What makes you survive?

Darshan: One of the things that we didn't know last year, that we do now is, is Amazon going to simply give medications to pharmacies and tell them we will avoid the GPOs, and we will avoid the PBMs, and we'll directly give to the pharmacies? No. They're actually going to skip by the pharmacies, as well. They will be a pharmacy themselves and directly send to the patient.

Darshan: What this might also result in is making of strange bedfellows. And what I mean by that is it reminds me of that famous saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." So what's going to happen is they're going to get pharmacies going I hate PBMs, but they're as desperate to survive right now, as I am. So PBMs are going to start to want to play nice with pharmacists. GPOs who had purchasing power will suddenly get more power because they might just talk to Amazon directly and say, you know what? I will directly purchase from you instead of going through these PBMs and going through other distributors. And that will scare other organizations, and they will try to play nice.

Darshan: So it's going to make for newer players to reorganize themselves and figure out what the new role is. So stay tuned. The question about how this affects pharmacists is going to become a very individualized result. Overall, I think that sales from pharmacies, in the next three years or so, will decrease because patients are going to look for ease of use. And unless you're going to make it easy for patients, you're going to have a harder time competing because it's harder to compete against someone who says, "You don't have to leave your house. I will send you what you need in your house."

Darshan: There are still limitations like controlled substances. There are still conversations that you need to have. Those will be harder to eliminate. Things like, I need my antibiotics and I need them right now, those are going to be harder to eliminate, but a pharmacy doesn't sustain itself just on emergency supplies.

Major: Right. And just because Amazon acquired PillPack it doesn't mean that the demand for pharmacists is gone. It doesn't mean that it's diminished. Nothing has changed. There's a lot to consider with this process as we go forward. In fact, if you're concerned about how this is going to affect your pharmacy, next time we're going to actually speak about what pharmacists can do to stave off the threat of Amazon.

Contact Darshan Kulkarni:

Major: Well, hey. Thanks a lot for listening. My name's Major. This is Darshan. And we're with Pharmacy Podcast Gavel & Pestle.

Darshan: Thanks, guys.

Michael A. Jackson, CEO Florida Pharmacy Association: Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 630

Jul 17, 2018 26:34


Pharmacy Future Leaders co-Host Joanne Pauyo interviews Michael A. Jackson, CEO of the Florida Pharmacy Association. 

The Florida Pharmacy Association believes that we must be "United to Advance Healthcare and Pharmacy Practice"

Joanne and Michael discuss the issues facing today's practicing pharmacist within the state of Florida and the associaitons mission to help pharmacy professionals succeed to provide better patient care. 


Florida Pharmacy Association

610 North Adams Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Ph: (850) 222-2400


Medical Cannabis Contrast between Israel vs U.S.A. - PPN Episode 629

Jul 13, 2018 27:17


Medical PotCast host Joseph Friedman interviews Shimona Superstine Professor at Hebrew University, School of Pharmacy Jerusalem Area, Israel. We get to listen to an intriguing discussion about the contrast between Medical Cannabis progression in Israel versus the United States. 


Joseph Friedman RPh MBA

Chief Operations Officer PDI Medical 1623 Barclay Blvd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

7 Habits of Highly Effective Pharmacy Owners - PPN Episode 628

Jul 10, 2018 29:31


Pharmacy Podcast Network co-host Nicolle McClure, president of GRX Marketing talks with Douglas Hoey, RPh., CEO at the National Community Pharmacists Association recorded live at the Cardinal Health RBC 2018 in San Diego CA in June 2018. 

Mr. Hoey share his insights on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Pharmacy Owners. 

Contact Nicolle: 

Nicolle McClure - GRX Marketing 


2929 Westown Pkwy., Suite 100

West Des Moines, IA 50266

515.440.1270 main 

Kevin Hejnas is Hejnasty: Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 627

Jul 6, 2018 27:10


Geily Ward, w/ Pharmacy Future Leaders, interviews Kevin Hejnas Doctor of Pharmacy, Health and Fitness Coach from the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Instagram: @hejnasty

-Virtual nutrition and lifestyle coach

-Rutgers Univeristy

A link to his youtube channel to add to the post.


The Antidote for Delayed Clinical Trials - PPN Episode 626

Jul 4, 2018 28:06


PGX for Pharmacists host Ken Sternfeld, RPh., talks with Matthew Krzywosz, PharmD Partnerships Marketing Manager at Antidote.

Antidote is a digital health company on a mission. Their aim is to accelerate breakthroughs in potentially life-saving treatments by bridging the gap between medical research and the people who need it.   In a world where 80% of clinical trials are delayed or closed due to a lack of patients taking part, Antidote uses cutting-edge technology to match the right patients with the right trials.   Antidote is helping medical researchers make progress – so that new treatment options can make it to patients, faster.  

Contact Ken via Email:

Phone:  1-844-MYRXVIP  (1-844-698-9847)

Matthew Krzywosz, PharmD

Partnerships Marketing Manager

the Amazonification of Healthcare - PPN Episode 625

Jul 3, 2018 18:31


Darshan & Major with the Gavel & Pestle Podcast returns to talk about the Amazonification of Healthcare. 

Dr. Kulkarni is the Principal Attorney at the Kulkarni Law Firm. He provides regulatory and legal advice to pharmacies and other FDA regulated entities and their service providers.

He speaks and regularly advises on current legal and compliance related matters including the physician payment sunshine act,, the False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Law and other developments of laws and regulations that affect the life sciences industry and compounding facilities.



Pharmacy Future Leaders Whitney Ly - PPN Episode 624

Jun 28, 2018 27:57


Whitney Ly Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2020 pharmacy student at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia joins Geily Ward on this episode of the Pharmacy Future Leaders. 

Working to Live OR Living to Work? -PPN Episode 623

Jun 26, 2018 23:17


Intro-Notes, referenced by: Jaime L. Kurtz Ph.D.

Work life has increasingly grown to disrupt and conflict with family time. This conflict can occur in instances when someone prioritizes their work over their personal life. Issues can be created within families and can lead to stressful living situations. Poor work-life balance can also contribute to emotional instability due to the stresses of trying to balance it all. According to Erik Erikson, a famous psychologist, the fullest lives are those that master an inner balance between work, love, and play.

1. Striving for work-life effectiveness.

Achieving work-life effectiveness is making work fit in with other aspects of life. It is hard to have an equal balance between work and life. Adjusting things in your work and life to make them coincide better can lead to gains with emotional and physical energy as well as better focus with work. An example of this could be when your children inspires you with an idea that could be helpful in the workplace.

2. Take time to define successes in life.

This has to do with home life and work life. If you look at your home life and map out all the successes that do not necessarily involve work, it can enable growth in appreciation for life outside of work. This could possibly lead for a desire to strive for a better work-life balance.

3. Keep work at work as best as you can.

This is probably one of the hardest things to do depending on your job and whom you work for. If possible, keep home and work life separate but not letting one spill into the other. This includes trying to be as productive as possible while at work this way when it’s time to go home at the end of the day, there’s not much more for you to do.

Obviously depending on where you live or who you work for, achieving a healthy work-life balance can be hard. But by adjusting a few simple things in your life and shifting priorities slightly, you can get closer to having one. Striving for work-life effectiveness, redefining successes, and keeping work at work are good places to start when achieving a healthier work-life balance.

Call Waypoint 843-873-4420

Benjamin D. Coakley

P: 843-873-4420 ext. 13


Pharmacy Inspection | Advanced Compounding Education - PPN Episode 622

Jun 26, 2018 23:46


On this episode of the Pharmacy Insepction Podcast, we welcome Greg Stowell, Education and Consulting Manager for Accreditation University. We discuss how ACHC is helping to bring continuous quality education to compounders.

If you like the podcast follow us on twitter @PharmacyInspect and share the podcast with those who might find it helpful. We’re just getting warmed up; there’s SO many more topics to cover! 

Pharmacy Inspection | 795 Proposed Revision - PPN Episode 621

Jun 26, 2018 29:35


On April 20th the USP had an online open forum where they discussed the proposed revision of 795. On this episode of the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast, Bryan and Seth discuss some of the proposed changes to 795.

If you like the podcast follow us on twitter @PharmacyInspect and share the podcast with those who might find it helpful. We’re just getting warmed up; there’s SO many more topics to cover! Stay tuned for what’s to come! 

Pharmacy Inspection | Christine Roussel - PPN Episode 620

Jun 26, 2018 22:40


On the next installment of the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast, we welcome Christine Roussel, assistant Director of Pharmacy at Doylestown Hospital in Pennsylvania and Program Facilitator for Medisca’s LP3 Network. This was a great conversation about containment practices and we really hope to have her on again sometime soon! 

If you like the podcast follow us on twitter @PharmacyInspect and share the podcast with those who might find it helpful. We’re just getting warmed up; there’s SO many more topics to cover! Stay tuned for what’s to come! 

Breaking Down the BCMAS Certification - PPN Episode 619

Jun 21, 2018 25:57


Breaking Down the BCMAS Certification: A Conversation with Dr. William Soliman of ACMA
An experienced executive with several years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, Dr. Soliman has held key positions within medical affairs where he was instrumental in launching a variety of innovative platforms expanding the role of medical affairs across the industry. He is currently the President of the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA).

Dr. Soliman is often invited to speak at important pharmaceutical industry conferences focusing on medical affairs, patient navigation and its relationship to field based medical teams, and the ever-changing role of the medical science liaison (MSL). He has also held a variety of critical management roles across the industry at Eisai, Veeva, Retrophin, Gilead Sciences, Abbott Laboratories, Boehringer Ingelheim and Merck.

Dr. Soliman previously also served as Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs at CME LLC, a leading provider of CME to health care providers nationwide. He has published extensively and led a number of initiatives focusing in the areas of ischemic heart disease, dyslipidemia, diastolic heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity where he has collaborated with some of the nation’s top research institutions such as the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, the Washington Center for Weight Management & Research, the Yale School of Medicine Digestive Diseases Program, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Weight & Eating Disorders.

Dr. Soliman was most recently invited to speak at the Center for Medical Technology & Policy’s (CMTP) conference on Comparative Effectiveness Research to help inform payers, healthcare policy makers, physicians and patients on the most effective ways to design clinical trials to better address gaps in medicine. He has also held several academic appointments at Seton Hall University’s School of Health & Medical Sciences, New Jersey City University, Kean University’s College of Natural & Applied Sciences, and Touro College of Physical Therapy & Pharmacy teaching a variety of courses including clinical therapeutics, pharmacology, pathophysiology and epidemiology.

Dr. Soliman earned his Ph.D, MPHil. from Columbia University, his Bachelor’s degree from New York University and a Master’s Degree from St. Peter’s University focused in Biochemistry & Education. He also completed post-doctoral work at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health. 

William Soliman, PhD, MPhil, MA


This podcast was sponsored by the ACMA.

Other Pharmacy Podcast Episodes mentioned in this podcast: Breaking into the pharmaceutical industry as an MSL:   What is a Medical Science Liaison (MSL)?   Certifications for pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals:

Introducing the NASP Student Chapter - PPN Epiosde 618

Jun 20, 2018 17:57


The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) is excited to announce its new student pharmacist chapters! This initiative was developed for aspiring students looking to enhance their awareness and knowledge of the growing field of specialty pharmacy through education, professional development, and networking with pharmacists within NASP.

As the specialty pharmacy industry continues to grow and evolve, the need for specialty pharmacists becomes more prominent. Being an active member of a student chapter will help you keep your finger on the pulse of this dynamic industry as you prepare to enter the workforce. NASP is committed to the support and development of future practicing specialty pharmacists and student membership has many benefits, including:

Specialized workshops, educational sessions, and hands-on leadership opportunities to strengthen skills and expand your network; Participation on NASP committees and task forces to help shape national policy, NASP priorities, education, and the Annual Meeting programming; Exclusive access to the NASP Center for Specialty Pharmacy Education Delivery of a daily e-news summary on the important developments in specialty pharmacy, the pharma/biotech industry, reimbursement, and policy; Discounted registration to the Annual Meeting and Exposition.

With the strong support of NASP leadership and the growing interest of specialty pharmacy, we believe that our student pharmacist chapters will provide a unique opportunity for all students to gain an in-depth knowledge, experience, and exposure to the evolving issues facing specialty pharmacy today.

The speakers are:

Stephanie LaPointe, Pharm.D., CSPO, FMPA, Manager, Education + Training, Diplomat
Song Lee, PharmD, MBA, Resident at Diplomat
Doug Gebhard, PharmD, MBA Vice President, Quality & Education, PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy

If there is a description of the podcast, we'd like to list the following website in the description: 

Contact info email

SenioRx Radio: Interview w/ ASCP CEO Chad Worz - PPN Episode 617

Jun 19, 2018 37:23


SenioRx Radio host Justin Rash, PharmD, interviews Chad Worz, PharmD, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP). 

The ASCP is the only international professional society devoted to optimal medication management and improved health outcomes for all older persons. Founded in 1969, ASCP is a non-profit membership organization currently based in Alexandria, VA. ASCP represents over 9,000 pharmacy professionals, including students, serving the unique medication needs of the senior population.

The members range in the services they provide and serve seniors in a variety of settings. The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation (ASCP Foundation) is dedicated to educating older adults and caregivers about principles and practices associated with safe and appropriate use of medicines.

ASCP's unique focus is the development, integration, and application of knowledge regarding medication use in the senior population and the practice of senior care pharmacy to optimize health outcomes.


Sally Helgesen: How Women Rise - PPN Episode 616

Jun 12, 2018 29:21


How Women Rise - by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith - on Amazon:


Sally's site:



As an author, speaker and consultant, Sally’s mission has always been to help women recognize, articulate and act on their greatest strengths. Her previous books include The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work and the best-selling The Female Advantage: Women’s Ways of Leadership, hailed as “the classic work” on women’s leadership styles and continuously in print since 1990. Her groundbreaking The Web of Inclusion: A New Architecture for Building Great Organizations was cited in The Wall Street Journal as one of the best books on leadership ever and is credited with bringing the language of inclusion into business.

In addition to delivering workshops and keynotes in corporations, partnership firms, universities and associations around the world, Sally has consulted with the UN on building more inclusive country offices in Africa and Asia and led seminars at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Smith College. She is a contributing editor to Strategy + Business magazine, a member of the New York and International Women’s Forums and lives in Chatham, NY.



#leadership #womensleadership #MarshallGoldsmith #SallyHelgesen #HowWomenRise

Rapper SouLeePharmD Lee Amaya - Pharmacy Future Leaders - PPN Episode 615

Jun 11, 2018 23:13


Pharmacy Future Leaders Geily Ward interviews SouLeePharmD

Lee Amaya CU Pharmacy Student, raps about his experience at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy.

How is it going, the last time that we spoke you were preparing for a big move.

How does it feel to uproot your life for a PGY1 residency? Do you have family out there or is this more of an all for the PharmD deal? Before we go in depth about residency, lets talk about the basics… Why pharmacy? What about the profession interested you? Why University of Colorado School of Pharmacy? What inspired you to make this rap? How are you planning on incorporating rapping with your profession? What can you share about residency, any advice on the application process, tips for interviews?  What area of academia interests you?

Pharmacy in Wellness: Entrepreneur Andrea Bloom of ConnectWell - PPN Episode 614

Jun 6, 2018 29:57


How Might Pharmacy Get More Involved in Wellness?  A Chat with Entrepreneur Andrea Bloom of ConnectWell     Episode brought to you by the new book, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later At Amazon as Kindle version: At Author Website in Hardcopy:   Guest: Andrea Bloom, MBA
Founder & CEO
Andrea is Founder & CEO of ConnectWell, a leading provider of digital health and wellness content. ConnectWell’s comprehensive suite of reader-friendly, science-based and expertly vetted content is delivered through a variety of digital health platforms enabling people to integrate wellness into their lives and improve their health and overall well-being. She is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of business experience including 20 years in the healthcare industry in various product development, marketing, international, business development, and consulting roles. She transferred her broad healthcare experience to found, lead, and build the ConnectWell team, offering, and public-private partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. She is a sought-out innovator in wellness and has spoken at the Wellness Rewards Congress, NCHRA Total Rewards Conference, HR West and Data Driven HR, Haas Healthcare and WIL Conferences, and Stanford and UC Berkeley business schools. Andrea received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from University of California, Berkeley with departmental honors, high distinction in general scholarship, and Phi Beta Kappa and a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.   ConnectWell website:
UC Berkeley School of Public Health Website Wellness Page:

Integra Conference Podcast Series: Irving Stackpole - PPN Episode 613

Jun 5, 2018 21:01


Integra Annual Conference 2018 Podcast Series launches with a sneak peek of continuing education speaker, Irving Stackpole, RRT, MEd President - Stackpole & Associates, Inc.

Preview Presentation: "Bridging the Divide: Transitions to New Models & Strategic Re-Alignments"

With over forty years of experience in healthcare, and retirement/senior living, Irving Stackpole is the President of Stackpole & Associates, Inc., marketing, market research, customer service and sales training firm.  Founded in 1991, consulting assignments include: strategic planning & marketing, business and marketing planning, research, customer satisfaction, training, feasibility studies, sales audits & skills training and business development.

Mr. Stackpole has lectured and taught at colleges and universities around the world, including Cambridge College, Northeastern University, INCAE and St. Joseph’s College where he is adjunct faculty in the healthcare administration department.

Irving holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Stonehill College, a Master’s degree from Northeastern University, a Certificate in Advanced Statistical Process Control from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and is a Fellow of the Academy or Marketing Science.

Is Your Pharmacy Business at Risk? Heffernan Insurance (Two) - PPN Episode 612

Jun 4, 2018 16:31


Insurance Coverage for Independent Pharmacy Owners

We interview Southern Pharmacy owner Kyle Lomax. Southern Pharmacy is the new name for six pharmacies owned and operated by Kenny Lomax, and his son and daughter-in-law, Kyle and Kass Lomax. 

Pharmacy Owners invest a lot of time and hard work into becoming a pharmacy owner. Why wait to protect your business with the most complete insurance coverage at the best price?

Heffernan Insurance Broker’s Pharmacy Owners Insurance program is perfect for the independent pharmacist looking for an experienced broker who can offer a single source insurance package for your unique needs.

We know the pharmacy industry is rapidly changing and expanding, and we can help you with these new and challenging areas of your practice. We have extensive experience serving the insurance needs of the independent pharmacist, and as your insurance partner, our professionals will help your business grow and succeed with a healthier bottom-line.

Find out how much you could save with our insurance package designed specifically for pharmacy owners. Contact Heffernan Insurance Brokers today.

Pharmacy Development Services Members

Are you a Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) member? Our pharmacy insurance reviews have discovered most PDS members have business policies that fall short in coverage and charge more than necessary. Simply download and complete our PDS Members Insurance Review form and email it directly to Steve Boone for a complementary pharmacy insurance review.

Steve Boone

D: 636-778-2150

Click here to learn more:

How to Fit in Fitness for the Busy Pharmacy Professional - PPN Episode 611

Jun 1, 2018 35:31


Fit Pharmacist Podcast host Adam Martin, PharmD., interviews Luke Propst with the Diet Doc.    "I'm so busy- I don't have TIME to workout!" ^If this is you, I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!   In this interview, I speak with coach Luke E. Propst, the training director of The Diet Doc, LLC and owner of Predator Strength Training.   My niche is helping people who default to “I just don’t have enough time” realize that yes, yes they do- by using simple health hacks and strategies to MAXIMIZE the time through optimization and helpful tips and tricks!   *We CLARIFY and SIMPLIFY the most common perceived barriers I hear from healthcare professionals who want to fit in fitness, but can't seem to find the time! These questions include:   1. How long should a workout take to be effective?   2. Is stretching really necessary? Why, and WHEN do I do it (before/after)?   3. Warming up and cooling down- WHY? Can I save time w/o adding risk?   4. Which workout protocol/plan is “best”?   5. Lifting: high reps for ‘toning’, low reps for strength, right? Rep ranges etc.   6. DO I have to do cardio AND weights?   7. If I lift weights, will I turn into a man?!?   CONTACT LUKE:

Mid-Career Fellowships with Founder of, Dr. Vicki Johnson - PPN Episode 610

May 31, 2018 26:14


Sponsor of this episode: 57 Cool Jobs for Pharmacists Course - let's talk about YOUR career!    Profellow:   Guest: Dr. Vicki Johnson Founder and Director, ProFellow San Francisco, CA
Dr. Vicki Johnson is Founder and Director of ProFellow, the leading online resource for information on professional and academic fellowships. Vicki has had a varied career in emergency management, public health, public policy and entrepreneurship. Vicki began her career as a New York City Urban Fellow, where she worked for the NYC Office of Emergency Management during the recovery from the 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks. She has also participated in several other competitive fellowship programs, including the German Chancellor Fellowship in Germany (2003-4), the Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship in Washington, DC (2005), and the Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy in New Zealand (2011). While in New Zealand, she co-founded the website with her husband Ryan. The site  includes a free, searchable database of more than 1,000 fellowship opportunities at career levels and in all disciplines. Vickihas a BA in Government from Cornell University, a MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a PhD in Emergency Management from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. 
Early Career Fellowships for Pharmacy and Healthcare:
Previous Pharmacy Podcast Episodes on Fellowships for Pharmacy Majors out of school (early career): Merry Midyear - in 4 parts - of which some focuses on Fellowships: 
Early and Mid-Career Fellowships for Pharmacy, Healthcare, Public Health and Policy:   ProFellow:
More on the VCU Pharmacy Policy Fellowship:
Culture of Health Leaders (RWJF): at Profellow: 
Each leader will have access to up to $20,000 per year for three years (total of up to $60,000). Additional tools and resources will be available for year 3 project-related activities. The Culture of Health Leaders program provides cross-sector leadership development based on evidence, informed by experience, and grounded in principles of equity and social justice. The program is open to individuals from a variety of disciplines—such as technology, the arts, public policy, business, community development, education, transportation, public health, health care, and others—who are committed to working with organizations, communities, health systems, and policymakers to build a Culture of Health in America. 
Commonwealth Fund Australian American Health Policy Fellowship:
This program offers a unique opportunity for outstanding, mid-career U.S. professionals—academics, government officials, clinical leaders, decision makers in managed care and other private health care organizations, and journalists—to spend up to 10 months in Australia conducting research and working with Australian health policy experts on issues relevant to both countries. The Fellowship provides up to $87,000 (AUD) for the maximum term of ten months, with a minimum stay in Australia of six months required. There is also a family supplement available (e.g. approximately $50,000 for a spouse and two children).
Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Development Program:
Some additional examples:   Carol Emmott Fellowship   The Fellowship offers a 14-month self-guided program for women professionals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential in the health field and wish to increase leadership competencies, hands-on experience, and work with exceptional mentors. Each fellow is paired with two hand-selected mentors who are nationally recognized senior health leaders. Each fellow receives an honorarium to help cover desired professional development enrichment experiences. Additionally, fellows attend four sponsored onsite events that provide a framework for the program. Candidates are nominated by their sponsoring organization; qualified nominees are invited to apply.   Foster America   Bringing skills from business, public health, education, marketing, technology, and public policy backgrounds, Foster America fellows provide the spark to create dramatic change and improve the lives of children. Our fellows are embedded at government or nonprofit child welfare agencies for one year, joining reform-minded colleagues and mentors to pursue better results. Prior to the start of the fellowship, fellows receive an intensive two-week training. Fellows work full-time at their placement agency, receiving an annual salary of up to $90,000, plus benefits. Candidates must have authorization to work in the U.S.
Tips on Great Fellowship Applications: 1. You may have to apply more than once, if you're really interested and it is highly competitive. 2. Understand the fellowship's mission - and be sure to advance the mission in your application and your projects. What are they trying to achieve? 3. Speak to at least 3 former fellows of the program - at ProFellow network, or find them on LinkedIn or Google search. 4. Think about your story - what's your career track? Express your story to others through your written application, along with what you'll do AFTER the fellowship.
"Let yourself be lucky." - Dr. Vicki Johnson

Pharmacy Future Leaders: Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) Part 2 - PPN Episode 609

May 29, 2018 19:41


Pharmacy Future Leaders host Geily Ward rejoins forces with Joanne Pauyo as they begin part two of the segment on Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE). 

Instagram Follower Shoutout: 

Louis Schobel (@schobelphotography) • Instagram photos and videos

Hillary Blackburn on PGX for Pharmacist - PPN Episode 608

May 23, 2018 30:40


Hillary Blackburn, PharmD is the Director of Pharmaceutical Services at Dispensary of Hope. In this role, she is responsible for providing clinical pharmacist expertise to support the organization as well as its network of pharmacies and charitable clinics.

As the Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Hillary consults with pharmacy leaders across the country, sharing expertise on affordable medication access for low income patients. Her work with health systems include strategy development for identifying and implementing programs to address gaps in pharmaceutical care including the Dispensary of Hope program.

In addition, Hillary collaborates in the development and use of the formulary and tools for successful program utilization by the pharmacies and charitable clinics in the Dispensary of Hope network.

Hillary is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy and completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. During pharmacy school, she interned at Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Office of Pharmacy Affairs where Hillary gained knowledge about the 340B Drug Program and developed content for HRSA’s Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative.

Hillary is a clinically trained pharmacist with client relationship, formulary management, specialty mail order pharmacy, retail, and health plan experience. She is licensed in 11 states and serves as a preceptor for Belmont and Lipscomb Schools of Pharmacy.

Contact Hillary Blackburn, PharmD 

New Beginnings: Income Outcomes Show - PPN Episode 607

May 22, 2018 21:15


Income Outcomes Show discusses "New Beginnings"

Joe & Ben talk about preparing yourself, financially, for all of the "waypoints", both planned and unplanned, throughout your life.

Contact Waypoint

214 Executive Park Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: 828-254-3244


Expanding Your Compouding Business: Pharmacy Inspection - PPN Episode 606

May 21, 2018 23:49


Pharmacy Inspection: On this episode, Seth & Bryan welcome Lauren Bernick, Director of Advertising for the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. Lauren also runs a website called, where she consults on nutrition using a whole foods, plant based diet. This week we talk about how compounders could expand their business and brand using nutrition/wellness and help people live a healthier lifestyle in the process.

Sign up for updates from

Pharmacy Future Leaders: Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) Part 1 - PPN Episode 605

May 17, 2018 32:58


Participants: Geily Ward, Joanne Pauyo, Jamie Kooiker, Luis Urbina

* Today we begin our two part segment on Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE). Part I will cover community pharmacy while part II will cover hospital pharmacy. 




Ranking sites


Jamie Looked for atypical sites, sites that specialized in something or offered a little more than normal retail I.e. compounding, independent pharmacy

Geily Interrogate upperclassmen Wish there was a site to anonymously rank rotation sites There should be a sheet that outlines what the rotation will entail (projects, work environment, duties etc) Joanne Rank sites based on your interests, but also keep the door open to discover new opportunities. If you are not an animal person, then you probably shouldn’t choose a rotation at veterenary.             You don’t know whether you will like or love something unless you try it. Story about clinical pharmacy Negatives: requirements for the categories during APPE




First impressions


Jamie Be honest with what you know, don’t stretch the truth otherwise you’ll be stuck when it comes time to prove it Geily “If you’re on time, you’re late!” Dress to impress, personal hygiene is a thing! Please Wash & IRON white coat! Joanne Sometimes first impressions are wrong. So, if you make a mistake by  stretching the truth or looking like a hot mess on the first day, own it and try to improve. You are not going to be perfect. The purpose of rotations is to gain professional experience and skills. Give yourself and preceptor a second chance



Jamie Geily (I don’t have a personal experience but have advice a preceptor gave me, “if you don’t know the answer to the question don't guess, let them know you will research and get back to them promptly with a response… and do it!” Joanne I’ve made so many mistakes that I don’t know where to start. Mistakes are inevitable. (picking the wrong medication SALA, Be honest and take responsibility



Costumers/Patients stories (belligerent, fake prescriptions)


Jamie First patient I ever counseled starting crying uncontrollably when I told her we could not fill her oxy script early. Panicked and said “ Geily Rude customers and how to deal 16 year old oxycodone story (record not on E-FORSCE) Learning the breath for 10 rule Joanne Similar story to Jaimie, where customer got upset when his opioid could not be filled He actually went to several different pharmacies who previously told him the same thing Most of the problems come from a lack of understanding about pharmacy


Speaking up


Jamie If you see something going on and you want to be part of it, ask for permission. Make your interests known in order to get that bang for your buck during rotations I.e. I was super interested in compounding but my preceptor had no idea until I expressed my desire to do it one day While it’s important to let your preceptor guide you, don’t be afraid to let them know what you’re hoping to get out of the experience Geily Be professional about it but express your concerns to your preceptor, if nothing changes then speak to the experentials faculty at your school Take a chance! (follow up on jamie’s story of asking for a new position)


Joanne Choose your words carefully and be aware of your nonverbal communication In Jaimie’s case, “I am very interested in compounding. Would it be okay if i gained some more experience here” vs. “I haven’t done any compounding since I’ve gotten here. (may be perceived as you are not happy at the site)


Unpleasant preceptors


Jamie Even if your preceptor is not the best, remember to still be respectful and project a positive attitude. When you start to put that person in a box and label them as “rude” or “demanding,” and that’s how you treat them going forward and it might just become a self-fulfilling prophecy and will hinder any sort of professional relationship going forward Geily Always remember that every interaction is a job interview No matter what the experience (positive or negative) you will learn a lesson Pharmacy is a small world so be the bigger person (unless you’re being mistreated, then speak to experentials faculty at school) Joanne (might have mult preceptors)

  Politically correct answer

Reflect/Correct “Am I doing something wrong or is there some behavior that is causing the preceptor’s attitude” Hour- break , but you take an hour and half break Talk to the preceptor: “if there anything that I can do better?” Constructive critiscism- take it and learn from it If the preceptor says everything is great, then take them at their word and do what the other hosts said be respectful Make the best out of the situation There are really great preceptors who are dedicated to mentoring and teaching students, so don’t let one bad rotation or preceptor ruin your other rotations

Even if you do everything perfect and you are an angel, some ppl are just not going to like you (for their own personal reasons)

You can only control yourself. My first rule is alway: reflect and correct Speak to ppl that you trust to tell u the truth (not yes ppl). Takes two Follow what Geily & Jaimie said But also take care of yourself Don’t let this preceptor’s behavior define you. Just because he or she doesn’t like you does not mean you are going to be a horrible pharmacist. It doesnt mean you are not going to get hired when you graduate Have an outlet to release the negativity through exericising, journaling, or art Geily made a good point that the pharmacy world is small and you don’t want ppl saying bad things about you But I’ve learned recently that some ppl are going to talk about you no matter what you do If its constructive critiscism or true, then it is none of your business One pharmacist told me that “let your work speak for itself.”




First impressions


Jamie Project that “eagerness to learn” right from the start, if you seem disinterested and bored coming in, chances are likely your preceptor will pick up on it Bring something to take notes with, it helped me remember things that I could mention later Geily If you stand out, they will remember you Be early and prepared Do a little digging, find things out about your place of rotation, so when conversations start you can let them know you are prepared Do a lot of listening, and even though your mom thinks you're the smartest person on the planet, everyone you meet will teach you something new… take it in! Joanne


Costumers/Patients stories (nice, counseling)


JAmie From simple to complex, every encounter really motivated and inspired me Geily Forming relationships with patients is what makes retail pharmacy worth it Patients want to feel like more than just a number Practice listening, not hearing, but truly listening to the patients needs Counseling patient experience Joanne


Great preceptors


Jamie Geily Let them know at the end what you enjoyed on the rotation Express gratitude for their time and how you hope to work with them again in the near future Leaving doors open is always a great idea Joanne   Form relationships Maybe the preceptor can be a mentor for u and advise you and share their experiences It is better to save time and  learn from another’s failure

Geily: “Than you Luis for a wonderful part 1 of the IPPE segment, we hope you enjoyed our stories and tips as much as we enjoyed sharing them. Stay tuned as we continue this two part segment on ROTATIONS.”


Follow us on instagram and twitter, we want to hear from you. Send in questions, share comments, and let us know what you want to hear about. This is pharmacy future leaders see you on the next one.

Successful Legislative Efforts of Medical Cannabis: Medical PotCast - PPN 604

May 15, 2018 36:35


We welcome special guest Jim Lucas Indiana State Representative District 69 to discuss the legislative efforts to legalize medical cannabis. State Representative Lucas is a proud Seymour resident where he lives with his wife Lynn and their three children.

Prior to being elected to the General Assembly, Rep. Lucas served on the Seymour City Council. He also owns a local small business, The Awning Guy, Inc. Rep. Lucas is active in the community.

He is a member of the American Legion, the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America.

As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a small business owner, Rep. Lucas brings valuable experience to policy discussions. His biggest priorities at the Statehouse are jobs, fiscal integrity, education and protecting the right to bear arms.

Joseph Friedman RPh MBA

Chief Operations Officer PDI Medical 1623 Barclay Blvd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089  

Legal Disclaimer: The Medical PotCast should not be used in any legal capacity whatsoever, including but not limited to establishing “standard of care” or as a basis for expert witness testimony.

No guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any statements or opinions made on the podcast. Seek all medical advice and or treatment from a certified registered licensed physician and or pharmacist. This is not legal advice, seek out a knowledgeable lawyer about the subject.

The Medical PotCast is for general information purposes to generate meaningful conversations about medical marijuana and is not an authority on the subject from a clinical or legal perspective.

Medicare Applications by the Numbers: Pharmacy Compliance Guide - PPN Episode 603

May 14, 2018 36:41


The NEW Segment part of the 'Pharmacy Compliance Guide' is hosted by Jenny Schell, CDME Sr. Compliance Strategist with R. J. Hedges & Associates. 

Podcast on Medicare Applications by the Numbers


A lot of people ask me about Medicare. There is a lot of confusion on who needs what number.



Really easy process to get a number. The pharmacy would complete the 855 B application. Applications have a fast turnaround-usually a month YOU DO NOT NEED ACCREDIATED


Medicare Number –This division (NSC) takes about 3 months to issue a number. This application requires you to carry a surety bond and have a certificate of liability with NSC as the certificate holder as well as your AO (if you have one).

New applications as well as re-validations will require owners and authorized officials to be fingerprinted.


Two ways to complete

For non-accredited drugs only

o   Benefits

For DMEPOS accredited items

o   Benefits

o   Accreditation

o   Exemption

o   Revalidation

Revalidation happens every 3 – 5 years 

What that means

You  “update” your Medicare application and pay Medicare $$. Every year they change the Medicare application fee. For 2018 it is $569 per application.

Contact Jenny: Website: 

Motivational Interviewing is Powerful - the Fit Pharmacist - PPN Episode 602

May 10, 2018 46:10


"I am my own worst enemy." "I self sabotage my own success." "I know what to do, I just don't do it."   If you have ever thought these things, or had your patients tell them to you- THIS is the podcast for you!   How to Empower Your Patient's Inner Champion! In this interview, I speak with Dr. Kori Propst, Wellness Director and Vice President of The Diet Doc, LLC about HOW we can use motivational interviewing to bring out the very BEST in those we serve! Helping them to get away from self sabotage, feeling "STUCK" in their goal pursuits, and leading them to discover the skills they have to succeed are one of the many topics we hit on and explain in this epic interview!   Dr. Adam Martin, PharmD, ACSM-CPT
The Diet Doc Pittsburgh North   Visit us on our website:

PBM MAFIA - PPN Episode 601

May 9, 2018 34:25


How the nation’s largest legal cartels directly affect the healthcare industry.

PBM Mafia e-book and Paperback copy will be available May 7th, 2018. Receive a free signed copy by Mr. Welch at the APPA PharmaCon 2018 Annual Convention. To sign-up please visit click here. Join us as we will be discussing PBM issues and how independents can thrive in a free and lawful marketplace.  

Brandon K. Welch. President of American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA), today launched an e-book titled PBM Mafia.

The PBM Mafia e-book is aimed at informing Independent pharmacy owners, pharmacist, patients and anybody within the healthcare industry including the public on what really goes on with PBMs and how this directly affects the industry.

“This book will inform people on issues that face independent pharmacy owners and the emphasis we need to place on developing solutions,” says Welch.

“I’ve noticed an increasing amount of legal drug cartels over the past few years that has had a catastrophic effect in the independent pharmacy space. I believe independents should have the right to compete fairly in a free and lawful marketplace. If we look at what independent pharmacies do for the community, it’s almost a no brainer to want to help keep them in business,” he explains.

APPA’s goal is to keep members abreast of the latest developments and news in the pharmaceutical industry as well as offering educational opportunities for professional growth and empowerment.

“You can’t truly be an independent pharmacy by being a dependent pharmacy. APPA members will directly benefit from this book if they join forces to speak collectively with one voice and a big stick,” Welch says.

In this book, Brandon poses these questions:

·       Why do prices of drugs continue to increase despite health care reforms? ·       Are pharmacy benefit managers really helping the pharmaceutical industry and end consumers? ·       Or are they the main reason why drug prices are becoming uncontrollable?

“This book will shock readers how pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are actually the nation’s largest legal cartels,” Welch adds.

In addition, some of the controversial issues tackled in this book include:

·       PBM Clawbacks: The Hidden Scam ·       The Misery of DIR Fees ·       Discounts, Rebates and Kickbacks

“My heart and passion lies with small business owners and It’s my duty to help continue to be a voice for the independent pharmacy realm,” Welch concludes.  

The PBM Mafia book will be available on in May 2018 and will cost .99 cents.

“This e-book is truly an eye-opener for everybody concerned. Certainly, a must read!” states Joshua Pirestani, founder of the APPA.

About Brandon Welch

As the president of APPA, Mr. Welch has several years of experience working in the pharmacy industry with a variety of skills working in retail pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, pharmacy sales, retail banking, commercial banking, group purchasing & negotiating.  His goal is to build long-lasting relationships within the pharmaceutical community.

About American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance 

The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance is a leading pharmacy purchasing association dedicated to serving the needs of its members through education, networking, and the delivery of a unified voice for all participants in the pharmacy purchasing industry. Through ongoing collaboration, our alliance creates an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and information, increases productivity through new technology, and furthers legislation designed to benefit our industry. For more information, visit

In you are looking for effective and efficient pharmaceutical purchasing strategies that will conform to health care reforms and new hospital and health systems, then join APPA at:


Contact: Philip Woods

Media Relations

Phone: 877-570-2665


Advanced Education in Pharmacogenomics: PGX for Pharmacists - PPN Episode 600

May 7, 2018 28:35


PGX for Pharmacist's Co-Host Ken Sternfeld RPh., interviews David Kisor, PharmD., Director of Pharmacogenomics Education at Manchester University

Manchester University Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics:
Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guidelines:
Genetics/Genomics Competency Center - Pharmacists Competencies: Pharmacogenomics Competencies in Pharmacy Practice: A Blueprint for Change   

Dr. Jason Cavolina BS, PharmD, MS, RPhi

President and CEO

p: 1.844.MYRXVIP  m: 631.871.4400  f: 516.200.3834

a: 1299 Corporate Drive Suite 1504, Westbury, NY 11590



Pharming Your Career: Chat with Iowa Pharmacy Association Head Dr. Kate Gainer - PPN Episode 599

May 4, 2018 39:59


This Episode of 'Pharming Your Career' is brought to you by Dr. Albert's new online course, 57 Cool Jobs for Pharmacists. Get it at:, and includes time one on one with Erin:    Kate's bio: 

Kate Gainer, PharmD serves as the Executive Vice President and CEO for Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA), and has been in this role since 2012. The IPA serves as the sole organization representing the profession of pharmacy in Iowa and pharmacists in all practice settings. IPA’s mission is to promote safe and effective medication use, improve the health of patients, and advance the profession of pharmacy. Gainer oversees strategic planning for IPA and its subsidiaries, as well as business development, professional affairs, and government relations. She has worked for the Iowa Pharmacy Association for over ten years, previously as the Vice President of Professional Affairs.  

She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and was named Young Alumnus of the Year in 2016. She completed a pharmacy practice residency with an emphasis in community care through Drake University and Medicap Pharmacy. In addition to serving as the Executive Vice President of the Iowa Pharmacy association, Kate is active in other pharmacy organizations on the national level including the National Alliance for State Pharmacy Associations, APhA, ASHP, NCPA and PACE.

Kate was named to Des Moines’ “40 under 40” in 2014 and has participated in and co-chaired Leadership Iowa. Her husband, Bob, is an attorney in Des Moines. They have 4 children who keep them on their toes and perpetually sleep-deprived. (Ray – 6, Genevieve – 5, Telly and Tessa – 2).

  NASPA - ASAE - CAE Certification for Association Executives - For Students/Residents/Fellows - check out associations for rotations/residencies/fellowships - IA, TN, MI, AR, MO, ASHP, APhA, NCPA, NACDS, PQA


Iowa Pharmacy Association - June Meeting in June - IPA on Facebook - on Instagram -  LinkedIn Group - on Twitter - @IowaPharmacyIPA Dr. Gainer's profile on LinkedIn - @IPA_kate on Twitter

Communicating with Your Patients is Changing - Pharmacy Marketing Simplified - PPN Episode 598

May 2, 2018 31:21


Pharmacy Marketing Simplified co-host Nicolle McClure talks with ZipWhip Jace Treat about the evolving patient's communications dynamic. 

They discuss how communication on a personal and business level has evolved over the last five-ten years, and how pharmacy owners need to embrace this change in order to continue to communicate with their patients on a personal way.

Using texting as a business communication tool allows the pharmacy owner to better connect with patients, can help with adherence issues, and capture a younger demographic. “Textpert” Jace Treat is the Pharmacy Industry Manager at Zipwhip, a company that allows businesses to send and receive text messages from an existing landline number. His team works with Pharmacies to enhance their patient engagement and communication strategy. 


Nicolle McClure


2929 Westown Pkwy., Suite 100

West Des Moines, IA 50266

515.440.1270 main

Making the Most of Your Pharmacy Benefits Program - Income Outcomes Show - PPN Episode 597

Apr 30, 2018 23:38


Making the Most of Your Pharmacy Benefits Program   Pharmacy benefit management. In the United States, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) is a third-party administrator (TPA) of prescription drug programs for commercial health plans, self-insured employer plans, Medicare Part D plans, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and state government employee plans.   1. Employees should learn what is available to them through the pharmacy 2. Employees should try to eliminate duplication 3. Benefits are a part of employee compensation 4. Owners should learn to be open to what employees want instead of projecting what they thing employees want 5. Owners should communicate their benefits effectively 6. An non communicated benefit is not a benefit at all   Contact Ben at or call 843-873-4420 ext. 13.

NSU Futures Summit 2018 - PPN Episode 596

Apr 27, 2018 15:16


NSU College of Pharmacy hosted the 2018 Futures Summit on Thursday, March 29, 2018 in the Rick Case Arena at the Don Taft University Center.

Dr. Scott Kjelson Pharm.D., CPh. is Director of Student Transitions & Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Kjelson organized the student interactive event with 50+ industry organizations. 

The FUTURES Summit provided pharmacist candidates a glimpse of what the pharmacy profession truly has to offer. From new clinical breakthroughs to advancements in technology, pharmacists hold positions that bring great value to health care systems. 

Featured interview with Geily Ward Student at Nova Southeastern University, will be the leading co-host for the 'Pharmacy Future Leaders' podcast, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. 

Pharmacogenomics in LTC Senior Care Pharmacy - PGX for Pharmacists - PPN Episode 595

Apr 26, 2018 27:25


Special guest today:

Robert Rupard

CEO Pro-GeneX, LLC "Assisting Personalized Healthcare" On LinkedIn:   Pro-Genex Website
  The Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech 75 5th Street Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30308 Toll Free: (844) 794.3637 ext.  101 Mobile:(770) 530.4279 Direct: (404) 419-7915 Fax: (678)807-2826 Please "Like" our Facebook Page at:

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast - Endotoxin vs Endospores - PPN Episode 594

Apr 24, 2018 22:12


This week Seth DePasquale and Bryan Prince discuss the differences between endotoxin and endospores; diving a little deeper into the post from last week. Seth & Bryan talk about the basics of these two, why they’re important and how to kill or deactivate them. 



From Pharmacist to Changing the World: the Fit Pharmacist - PPN Episode 593

Apr 23, 2018 31:01


Today on The Fit Pharmacist Podcast of the Pharmacy Podcast Network we have our very own Dr. Erin Albert: an award-winning entrepreneur, writer, health outcomes pharmacist, attorney, coach, podcaster and speaker. She is the founder of two companies (Pharm, LLC and Yuspie, LLC), and a health outcomes pharmacist for an accounting firm. She has penned over a dozen books on a range of topics, including entrepreneurship, career development, and pharmacy practice.

In addition, she also podcasts for the Pharmacy Podcast Network under the channel entitled: Pharming Your Career, which is about healthcare career development.  She was named an Indianapolis Business Journal 2017 Woman of Influence. Her most recent book is Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later, and she just returned from SXSW where she was a speaker and mentor!



Your story- from Pharmacist to Changing the World! What is Your WHY?


-Started as PIC – can have immediate impact on pt care

-Pharmaceutical Industry: working hard to impact patients

-Academia X 10 years at pharmacy school

-Writing and contributing

-Accounting firm & government health outcomes payers

-Blogging X 10 years ago, initially no pharmacy, then shifted to serve followers

-Mission to elevate health and care for healthcare

-How to develop robust content for voice-activated devices

-How do I do the career portfolio thing? 

How to Focus in a Distracted World to Optimize Your Time


-Commit, carry the ball all the way through to the end zone

-You cannot work on multiple books at once: focus on ONE thing

-Lifelong learner = best way to master your craft

-Break down tasks to small chunks so they’re not overwhelming

-Keep focused and in the moment: look at one year, break it down to quarters, then to months

Advice for Where to Start/Not Get Overwhelmed or Caught Up in Details


-Make it

-We all have interruptions

-Priorities, mission, what to focus on, people hijacking your time and inboc

-There is a reason why the letters N and O are next to the others in the alphabet

How to Make An Impact

-Gear to present day, value of the profession, not just one on one

-APPE Rotation

-Think who they are: strengths finder, Take 5; What’s your mission? *payhip- create a CV of your own personality- YOUR

-Lottery Test: if you won, what would you do

-Curate content, not just create it

-What is your exciting therapeutic area? Pick one, then a passion outside of pharmacy, and see if the two mash up

-Sharing the

*Spring clean on yourself! Pull out your list and objectively look at it

How people can reach the guest!


How People Can Reach Dr. Albert:

-Twitter: erinlablert

-Anchor channel:


-IG: @erinalbert


Social for the show notes: 


-IG: @erinalbert


-*Twitter: @ErinLAlbert @PharmingCareers @Pharmllc




-Free download cheat sheet on pharmacy APPE precepting:

-Course I recommend on publishing books (Self-Publishing School):

Matt Paterini, PharmD: Millennial X - PPN Episode 591

Apr 20, 2018 43:08


The Nontraditional Pharmacist Podcast co-host and infrastructure technology business development executive for UCG Technologies Matt Paterini PharmD talks with Pharmacy Podcast Network founder Todd S. Eury about the facinating demographics of Millennials. 

More than one-in-three American labor force participants (35%) are Millennials, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. As of 2017 – the most recent year for which data are available – 56 million Millennials (those ages 21 to 36 in 2017) were working or looking for work.

That was more than the 53 million Generation Xers, who accounted for a third of the labor force. And it was well ahead of the 41 million Baby Boomers, who represented a quarter of the total.

Millennials surpassed Gen Xers in 2016. Meanwhile, the oldest members of the post-Millennial generation (those born after 1996) are now of working age. Last year, 9 million post-Millennials (those who have reached working age, 16 to 20) were employed or looking for work, comprising 5% of the labor force. These labor force estimates are based on the Current Population Survey, which is designed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and serves as the basis for its unemployment and labor force statistics.

Being a Millennial X means working hard, smarter, and being innovative in your work. Being a Millennial X -- means CRUSHING IT!! 


Check out the Nontraditional Pharmacist initiatives here: 

Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later - PPN Episode 592

Apr 20, 2018 43:51


Women Entrepreneurs over the Long Haul: A Discussion with Author Dr. Erin Albert - Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later - new book   The tables are turned on author and podcast host, Erin L. Albert MBA, JD, PharmD., as she's interviewed by Kristin O'Donovan.   About guest interviewer: Kristin O'Donovan:   About Dr. Albert and her new book: Dr. Erin Albert is an award-winning entrepreneur, writer, health outcomes pharmacist, attorney, coach, podcaster and speaker. She is the founder of two companies (Pharm, LLC and Yuspie, LLC), and a health outcomes pharmacist for Myers and Stauffer. She has penned over a dozen books on a range of topics, including entrepreneurship, career development, and pharmacy practice. In addition, she also podcasts for the Pharmacy Podcast Network under the channel entitled: Pharming Your Career, which has over 67,000 subscribers about healthcare career development.  Her most recent book isSingle Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later. Her website is:    Connect with Erin @ErinLAlbert and @PharmingCareers - Twitter Linkedin:
Author site:   Where to get the new book:   Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later    Amazon (Kindle version only):   *Physical Book - EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Pharmacy podcast listeners can get a physical copy of the new book for JUST 1 penny! Here's how: 1. Goto 2. Click on store 3. Click on the first book cover - Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later 4. On the drop down box "Select an option" click the drop down window and select "Pharmacy Podcast Discount Price" 5. Pay the penny plus a S&H feel and the book will be mailed to you! 6. NOTE: This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER! We will be removing it in the very near future and cannot guarantee this offer will be up long as we have a limited print run of books. This offer is good for the 48 contiguous United States ONLY. Not Alaska, Not Hawaii, Not OUS.   Single Women Entrepreneurs Facebook Group:   First Single Women Entrepreneurs Book: (Kindle Version): First Single Women Entrepreneurs Book: (Physical Copy):    

Design Thinking in Pharmacy [PART 2] - PPN Episode 590

Apr 19, 2018 22:25

SenioRx Radio: Shelly Spiro & Pharmacy HIT Collaborative - PPN Episode 589

Apr 17, 2018 31:39


Shelly Spiro is Executive Director of the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative (Collaborative). The Collaborative is an organization of the major national pharmacy associations and associate members focused on advocating and educating key stakeholders regarding the meaningful use of health IT and the inclusion of pharmacists within a technology-enabled integrated health care system.

The goals of the Collaborative are to assure pharmacists’ services through health IT are accessible, can connect, and support national quality initiatives. Spiro is active in national pharmacy associations, standards development organizations (NCPDP, HL7 and X12) and is a leader in Pharmacy HIT including 2014 appointment to Federal Advisory Committees Health IT Policy Committee’s Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Workgroup.

She is an American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Past President and 2014 Archambault Award recipient. She earned her BSPharm degree in 1976 from University of Illinois College of Pharmacy She has authored several articles and is a national speaker on topics relating to various professional pharmacy, HIT systems, terminology and electronic prescribing.

Interview with a Drug Dealer and Woman Leader in Community Pharmacy Practice: DeAnn Mullins (PART 2) - PPN Episode 588

Apr 16, 2018 31:10



Pharmacist, entrepreneur and diabetes educator DeAnn Mullins, BPharm, CDE is devoted to keeping people well — As the owner of Mullins Pharmacy and WeCare Wellness, she inspires, educates and fights for patient rights, by empowering real people to care forthemselves.


DeAnn’s award-winning WeCare Diabetes Education Program has helped thousands of people gain the skills to balance their blood sugar levels — and lead longer, healthier, more joyful lives.

She has published numerous articles on diabetes and was a regular diabetes care columnist for Retail Pharmacy Management. Her column reached every retail pharmacy in the United States and then some—totaling more than 60,000 pharmacies—and had an estimated 120,000 readers.


DeAnn received her formal training from Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy — but her role as a caregiver and wellness crusader began long before that, when her brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, at age 9.


As the Immediate Past-President of the National Community Pharmacists Association and Board of Directors member, she is deeply committed to the continued growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy.

DeAnn is a former member of the Florida Board of Pharmacy and is currently serving on advisory boards and committees for Cardinal Health, Samford University, Prescribe Wellness and the NCPA Innovation Center.

DeAnn has been recognized for her professional and patient care efforts with awards including the Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award; Samford University Professional Service Award; Eli Lilly Award for Ethics, Scholarship and Leadership; ASHP Leadership Award; and the FPA Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award.

Married for 29 years to husband Ken and Mom to Stevie-Marie (21) and Gracie (18), DeAnn considers her girls to be her best contribution thus far towards making the world a better place.

Learn more about her story at



The Know Thyself Kit:


NCPA Digest:

Fast Company article on Adaptability:

All of Us –

Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network –

Community Care of North Carolina –

ZDoggMD pharmacy podcast episode #107 at (and all pharmacy podcast recent episodes at):

Just a Pharmacist Tribute Video:

Health 3.0 movement:

Interview with a Drug Dealer:

Erin Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD, PAHM CEO, Pharm, LLC Podcast Host – Pharming Your Career, Pharmacy Podcast Network Mentor, SXSW 2018 Author, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later – Pre-order and Why I wrote it LinkedIn   Let’s work together in 2018 – here are 8 ways!

DEA Documentation Requirements - PPN Episode 587

Apr 13, 2018 34:42


DEA Documentation Requirements 

Special Guest: Carlos Aquino from PharmaDiversion LLC™

In early 2017, we saw DEA changing their focus on pharmacy compliance. DEA increased their enforcement from the verification of the Combat Methamphetamine Certificate to a more formal on-site inspection. Now with the emphasis on the opioid epidemic, DEA is under increase pressure to look for abusers of the system. Naturally, the first place any inspector will start is the pharmacy. We have been spending more time updating our clients on this trend and providing as much information as we can find. Then I attended a conference last September and one of the presentations was on “Maintaining Your Pharmacy in DEA Compliance”.

Carlos Aquino is the President of PharmaDiversion and he is based out of Philadelphia. Carlos is a retired DEA diversion investigator and a great supporter of independent pharmacies. If you ever have an issue with the DEA, Carlos is the first person you should call. 

CSOS user names and passwords Power of Attorneys for DEA forms 222 and Electronic Orders Receiving C-II orders from the wholesaler and completing the DEA documentation

First, every person who uses the CSOS system must have their own user name and password. No person may share another person’s user name. Having a single user name for a pharmacy only works if the user never takes a day off, ever; and we know that won’t happen occur so you are opening yourself for criticism with the DEA as soon as they start asking questions.

Setting up additional user names is not hard, you work with your wholesaler software system to establish a new user name. Each system has their own variation and perimeters, so if you have questions, go to their IT department.

When the drug order is received: a. CSOS is accessed by an authorized individual with a Power of Attorney for DEA Forms 222 and Electronic Orders with an individual user name and password that is not shared with another person b. The order of Controlled Substances is checked against the packing slip/invoice c. DEA 222 is completed through CSOS d. Print the DEA 222.

Most systems will state on the document, “This is not a DEA issued Form 222. This form is available for convenience.”  If this document does not print, check your Pop-up Blocker  The Pop-up Blocker may also prevent a completed DEA 222 from being printed (Carlos picks up)

• This document acts as the DEA 222 for DEA on-site inspection purposes

• In most cases, this document prints with the fields empty. Manually complete this document by entering the following information:

o Packages Received

o Date Received

o DEA requires the persons initials:  Remember this person must have a Power of Attorney  Recommend a signature over an initial e. Attach the packing slip/invoice to the acting DEA 222 f. Keep on file for two (2) years:

• DEA requires the pharmacy to produce the completed DEA 222 and invoice upon demand o DEA regulations require you to have this record to be “readily retrievable” and separate from other records o Reference: DEA Pharmacist’s Manual, Section VI – Record Keeping o You cannot print and complete the document when a DEA inspector is on-site.

Carlos, I have been working with other organizations on the opioid crisis, this process is straight forward, but as Jeff stated at the beginning, DEA is enforcing the documentation requirements. Can you give us specific examples of pharmacy who have recently received DEA fines or you are aware of the DEA fines.

Example 1: CSOS user names and passwords Example 2: Power of Attorneys for DEA forms 222 and Electronic Orders Example 3: Receiving C-II orders from the wholesaler and completing the DEA documentation If time permits, one more example

Jeffrey Hedges, CDME

President & CEO

P.O. Box H, New Florence, PA 15944

Direct:  724-357-8380    Fax:  814-446-6336    Website:

Strategies on Building a Successful Community Pharmacy Business - PPN Episode 586

Apr 12, 2018 41:32


On this episode of Pharmacy Marketing Simplified

Nicolle McClure interviews Bruce Kneeland. Nicolle & Bruce talk about why it’s important to do more at your pharmacy with regards to purposeful and meaningful marketing. Gone are the days of just filling prescriptions and expecting your business to grow or even survive.

Community pharmacy business development Veteran, Bruce Kneeland, discusses what types of services you should be doing, and ways you can market them to your current and prospective customers. Nicolle McClure and Bruce will also be discussing how the image of your pharmacy matters when trying to market your business. Learn easy things you can do in your pharmacy and with your staff to put your independent pharmacy above the rest.

About Bruce Kneeland: 

Bruce Kneeland is the founder and principal consultant of PharmacyConnections.

Building on his 30 years of success as a senior manager and field representative with small chain, independent, drug wholesale and pharmacy associations, Kneeland can help you more effectively meet the needs of community pharmacies.

Kneeland has authored dozens of articles and been featured in pharmacy publications such as: Drug Topics, Pharmacy Times, Computer Talk, America’s Pharmacist, Super Market News and others.

He delivers live CE programs to wholesaler, pharmacy association and at internal company meetings on the industry and how to best meet its current challenges.

For more marketing tips & strategies, Contact Nicolle: 

Nicolle McClure

President - Pharmacy Marketing 

2929 Westown Pkwy., Suite 100, West Des Moines, IA 50266

515.440.1270 main 

Interview with a Drug Dealer and Woman Leader in Community Pharmacy Practice: DeAnn Mullins (PART 1) - PPN Episode 585

Apr 11, 2018 27:41


Pharmacist, entrepreneur and diabetes educator DeAnn Mullins, BPharm, CDE is devoted to keeping people well — As the owner of Mullins Pharmacy and WeCare Wellness, she inspires, educates and fights for patient rights, by empowering real people to care forthemselves.


DeAnn’s award-winning WeCare Diabetes Education Program has helped thousands of people gain the skills to balance their blood sugar levels — and lead longer, healthier, more joyful lives.

She has published numerous articles on diabetes and was a regular diabetes care columnist for Retail Pharmacy Management. Her column reached every retail pharmacy in the United States and then some—totaling more than 60,000 pharmacies—and had an estimated 120,000 readers.


DeAnn received her formal training from Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy — but her role as a caregiver and wellness crusader began long before that, when her brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, at age 9.


As the Immediate Past-President of the National Community Pharmacists Association and Board of Directors member, she is deeply committed to the continued growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy.

DeAnn is a former member of the Florida Board of Pharmacy and is currently serving on advisory boards and committees for Cardinal Health, Samford University, Prescribe Wellness and the NCPA Innovation Center.

DeAnn has been recognized for her professional and patient care efforts with awards including the Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award; Samford University Professional Service Award; Eli Lilly Award for Ethics, Scholarship and Leadership; ASHP Leadership Award; and the FPA Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award.

Married for 29 years to husband Ken and Mom to Stevie-Marie (21) and Gracie (18), DeAnn considers her girls to be her best contribution thus far towards making the world a better place.

Learn more about her story at



The Know Thyself Kit:


NCPA Digest:

Fast Company article on Adaptability:

All of Us -

Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network –  

Community Care of North Carolina -

ZDoggMD pharmacy podcast episode #107 at (and all pharmacy podcast recent episodes at):

Just a Pharmacist Tribute Video:

Health 3.0 movement:

Interview with a Drug Dealer:

Erin Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD, PAHM CEO, Pharm, LLC Podcast Host - Pharming Your Career, Pharmacy Podcast Network Mentor, SXSW 2018 Author, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later - Pre-order and Why I wrote it LinkedIn   Let's work together in 2018 - here are 8 ways!

412 Food Rescue - Fit Pharmacist - PPN Episode 584

Apr 9, 2018 23:41


412 Food Rescue, helping to end hunger in Pittsburgh and food waste at the same time!


SHOW NOTES: Learn more about being a #FoodRescueHero:   Facebook: 412 Food Rescue724 Food Rescue Instagram: @412FoodRescue @724FoodRescue Twitter: @412FoodRescue @724FoodRescue   Topics covered in this Podcast: -What is 412 Food Rescue? Tell us about the mission- how does it work? -How can people get involved? Any requirements? -How is 412 Food Rescue working to expand its volunteer base?

412 Food Rescue Podcast 

Welcome to the show! Today, we have two wonder women on a mission to help take 2 problems and use each as a solution for the other: food waste, and hunger in our community. These women are:

Terri Hammond is a curious problem solver and system builder. Her experiences in publishing, education, retail marketing, hospitality and now business coaching have carried the theme of continuous improvement. 

At ThistleSea Business Development, Terri works with both for-profit and non-profit organizations to improve their systems and deliver great results.

In May of 2017, Terri was elected to the Board of Directors of 412 Food Rescue, a Pittsburgh-based tech non-profit committed to reducing hunger WHILE ALSO reducing food waste.


Becca Suffrin is committed to pursuing vibrant justice and creating positive, sustainable, and equitable change in Pittsburgh and beyond.


After studying International Relations and Cultural Geography at Ohio Wesleyan University, She came back to the burgh in 2014 to spend 2 years as an education justice fellow and team leader with Repair the World: Pittsburgh. 


Since joining the 412 Food Rescue team in September of 2016, Becca has managed the organization’s digital presence, marketing, and engagement. She encourages you to “like” 412 Food Rescue on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Ray's Drugs | Menard Pharmacy - Preparing for Growth - PPN Episode 583

Apr 6, 2018 18:16


The Pharmacy Podcast Network was honored to cover the 2017 McKesson ideaShare, helping to Shape Independent Pharmacy with the Power to Perform. The McKesson Pharmacy Technology & Services division, MPTS, sponsored the PPN.

Today we interview Pharmacy Owners: 

Ray Zahr of Ray's Drugs  Vilpesh Patel of Menard Pharmacy 


Which Pharmacy Management System fits you business?

McKesson pharmacy systems help you take care of your business so you can focus on your patients. McKesson offer's three pharmacy management systems built to accommodate a wide range of business objectives:

EnterpriseRx—cloud-hosted pharmacy management software that maximizes store operations, centralizes patient and pharmacy information, and supports patient wellness programs. PharmacyRx— affordable, hosted pharmacy management software that processes prescriptions, manages pharmacy operations and enhances patient care. Pharmaserv— proven, on-site pharmacy management system that fully integrates prescription medication dispensing, pharmacy operations and patient clinical services.


Contact MPTS:

Jeff Hunter

Customer Communications Editor

734.523.9526 telephone

McKesson Pharmacy Systems

30881 Schoolcraft Road

Livonia, MI 48150

The Future NOW - HIMSS 2018 Review - PPN Episode 582

Apr 5, 2018 23:20


With over 43,536 people in Las Vegas for HIMSS 2018, the question on everyone's minds was: 

"What was the conference's leading theme?" 

I named it "Future NOW" -- because all the talk of the last 4 -7 years is coming to fruition. It's finally actually happening. 

A. I., Cybersecurity, Predicitive Data, Virtual Reality, and Genomics, were all leading themes. 1,300+ vendors were at the conference and we got to interview two shinning stars. Medisafe and returning Pharmacy Podcast Network sponsor - Omnicell. 

Episode Sponsors 

Jon Michaeli EVP - Medisafe | 

Renelle Kelmar - Omnicell |

Pharmacists and the Opioid Epidemic - PPN Episode 581

Apr 4, 2018 29:31


Gavel & Pestle Podcast host - Darshan and Major discuss the opioid epidemic and the pharmacist's role.     Contact:    Darshan Kulkarni, Pharm.D, MS, Esq.
The Kulkarni Law Firm
2929 Arch Street, Suite 1700  Philadelphia, PA 19104-7327 Twitter: @FDALawyers Subscribe for more news here

Pharmacy Future Leader Connor Laforge - PGX for Pharmacists - PPN Episode 580

Apr 3, 2018 20:28


Ken Sternfeld, RPh., interviews special Student Pharmacist guest, Connor Laforge: 

For more information please contact: 

Dr. Jason Cavolina BS, PharmD, MS, RPhi

President and CEO

p: 1.844.MYRXVIP  m: 631.871.4400  f: 516.200.3834

a: 1299 Corporate Drive Suite 1504, Westbury, NY 11590



Writing & Publishing Your First Book to Enhance Your Career - PPN Episode 579

Mar 30, 2018 23:54


A Conversation with Author Marcy Pusey

Self-Publishing School with Chandler Bolt:   Marcy Pusey's Bio: Marcy Pusey, CRC, is a clinical counselor, best selling author, writing and publishing coach, wife, and mommy. Marcy’s writing has appeared in newspapers, magazines, blog posts, children’s books, and books for adults internationally. She has been a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators for nearly a decade. Marcy has published traditionally with small presses in the US and self published an Adult Non Fiction: Reclaiming Hope: Overcoming the Challenges of Parenting Foster and Adopted Children, two picture books: Tercules and According to Corban, and a journal: Castle Quest. A 3rd picture book, Speranza’s Sweater, is due in February. She uses a decade of picture book writing experience and edits, critiques, and coaches other writers and their work, specializing in children’s literature. She also is a Self Publishing School Coach for Fiction and Non Fiction writers. She lives in the Black Forest of Germany with her husband and children. You can learn more about Marcy at   Marcy's Author Page on Amazon:   A special note from Marcy just for our listeners of the Pharmacy Podcast: For anyone in your audience who would like to know more about my work or children's writing and publishing, follow your special link to I LOVE what you're doing- thank you! It would be my great honor and joy to help any of you publish your book (and change your life)... whether you find me in Self Publishing School (COME!) or as a personal coach to guide you through writing and publishing your high quality children's books (COME!). On my special Pharmacy Podcast page, you'll find free templates that I use to hire my illustrators (my favorite part) and other tips and tricks for publishing today. I can't wait to meet you! 

2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship - PART 3 - PPN Episode 578

Mar 28, 2018 17:31


CVS Health Sponsors a 3-Part Podcast Series on 2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship.

This is part 3 of our 3 part series. 

Here's part 1:

Here's part 2: 

We welcome our guests:

Ron Snow Sr. Advisor, Pharmacist Recruitment Strategist  Cara (Walkup) Healey Sr Advisor, Pharmacist Talent Acquisition at CVS Health 


Highlights of the 2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship:

10 week paid internship within a CVS Health Retail location. Participate in the care of patients with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, focusing on the Hispanic community and utilizing the Spanish language Application of therapeutic principles, communication skills (including Spanish), and drug information skills are emphasized on a daily basis through interaction with patients and other health care professionals Immersion with the Hispanic community and related disease states associated with those patients Complete appropriate Phase training of the CVS intern program, ExperienceRx, to fulfill the Interns’ training, in addition to the Spanish/Hispanic experience Fluency in Spanish is not mandatory to apply. Spanish courses previously taken in high school and/or college, or prior participation in mission trips to Spanish speaking countries may provide a baseline knowledge for program participation Medical Spanish Course offered to assist in the intern’s development of counseling Spanish speaking patients. Internship held from June 4th- through August 10th, 2018- these dates are firm


Key Dates

Application period: Now – February 16, 2018 Pharmacy applicant video screens: Now – March 1, 2018 Pharmacy applicant interviews: February 1- March 15, 2018 Intern selections finalized: April 1, 2018

Who is eligible? Pharmacy Interns who are currently enrolled in a US College of Pharmacy in their first professional year/P1 (Class of 2021) or second professional year/P2 (Class of 2020) year. They can be already employed by CVS or not yet employed for consideration.

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast – Donnie Calhoun - PPN Episode 577

Mar 26, 2018 28:51


The Pharmacy Inspection Podcast delivers another great discussion with Donnie Calhoun, Pharmacist, Pharmacy owner and CEO & Executive Director for the American College of Apothecaries (ACA). Donnie brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the podcast this week as we discuss the topic of education within compounding including the future of pharmacy and the ACA’s role in providing pharmacists with quality education. 


Pharmacy Inspection Podcast – Denise Frank - PPN Episode 576

Mar 26, 2018 22:44


Another terrific episode from Pharmacy Inspection Podcast

This week we welcome Denise Frank, Pharmacist, Consultant, Educator…within compounding Denise has done a LOT!

We met Denise at the ACA meeting in Florida and had to have her on the podcast. Denise has also worked for the National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy and helped developed the program for how they inspect compounding pharmacies.

Denise is available for consulting work through Frank Consulting (click HERE).

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast – Fallon Wellness Pharmacy - PPN Episode 575

Mar 26, 2018 24:21


This episode is delivered by our Pharmacy Compounding mavens, the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast: This episode they welcome Erika Fallon, Supervising Pharmacist at Fallon Wellness Pharmacy to the podcast.

Erika is heavily involved in the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists as she is on their Board of Directors and also sits on the legislative committee as well.

Sign up for updates from

the Medical Cannabis Pharmacist - TNP - PPN Episode 574

Mar 23, 2018 23:58


Matt Paterini, PharmD, interviews Joseph Friedman, RPh., CEO at Professional Dispensaries of Illinois, (PDI) Medical LLC. From the moment Illinois’ Medical Cannabis program was signed into law, he became deeply involved in the complex process of positioning himself to open one or more medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois.

On February 2, 2015, Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner conditionally awarded permits to operate medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois. Friedman’s high scoring application was one of 57 granted a license. Friedman has a pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy, and a MBA from Illinois’ Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Through Friedman’s efforts, PDI Medical will become the first accredited dispensary in the nation through Ohio based NMMAO (National Medical Marijuana Accreditation Organization).

Friedman has also orchestrated the first ever pharmacy student “clinical” rotation at a medical cannabis dispensary. PDI Medical is working with two Chicago-based colleges of pharmacy; Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy, and Chicago State University College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy student rotations began October 3, 2016. This unique clinical rotation has been a tremendous success for the patients of PDI Medical, and the young pharmacy students involved.

He was Director of Pharmacy at Topco Associates LLC, and was Senior Director of Pharmacy Marketing at the Nash Company in Minneapolis. Friedman has become a content expert in the scientific, legal, social, political, and financial challenges facing U.S. entrants to the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.

Friedman has set the record for the most interviewed guest on The Pharmacy Podcast. His 4th interview occurred on a special “420” edition of the podcast show released on April 20, 2017. The Pharmacy Podcast show is accessed by thousands of pharmacists throughout the world. Through the Pharmacy Podcast network, Friedman is now the host of his own monthly podcast show, The Medical Potcast.

$$ Your Side Hustle in Healthcare $$ - PPN Episode 573

Mar 22, 2018 30:11


Episode is brought to you by the new book, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later


Kindle ebook – now available on Amazon:


Pre-order your physical book copy at: 

Thanks for coming to SXSW Interactive Health Mentoring Session and inspiring this podcast!

Stats on Side Hustles:

40% of the workforce in the US will be freelance by 2020:


By 2020:


Jacob Morgan - Future of Work podcast:   

Dorie Clark -  Entrepreneurial You:


Dan Pink’s book:

Robert G. Allen book:

Side Hustle Options:

1.     Writing

a.     Digital social media – Mayo Social Media Residency:

b.     Blogging

c.     Newsletters

d.     Articles

e.     Books & ebooks – Self-Publishing School:

f.      Payhip – sell PDFs -

                                               i.     Example: certifications for pharmacists:

2.     Entrepreneur overall – Adam Grant’s book, Originals:

3.     Speaking

4.     Merchandise – Teespring: or recycling items (see below #16)

a.     #STEMPrincess dolls:

5.     Health, wellness, or career development coaching – International Coaching Federation:

6.     Investing – Pete the Planner: Robinhood: Kiplinger’s magazine:

7.     Teaching – offline or live

8.     Consulting

9.     Courses – online -

a.     My 4 courses as an example from link above:

                                               i.     57 Cool Jobs for pharmacists:

                                             ii.     Certifications for pharmacists:

                                            iii.     The MSL Career Primer:

                                            iv.     Indiana State Pharmacy Law Prep for MPJE:

10.  Real estate – airbnb or home away to traditional flipping and rentals

11.  Other gigs in pharmacy

a.     Ex: Work in industry full time

b.     Can you work in retail/community practice part time?

                                               i.     What is your day job’s policy?

                                             ii.     Professional liability insurance outside of day job?

12.  Surveys/brand naming and consulting/secret shopper

13.  Help a nonprofit part time

a.     Does it help build other capital (like social network)?

b.     Learn new work skills – social media, podcasting, other ways?

14.  Uber/Lyft/Fasten, etc.

15.  Contract pharmacy gigs

16.  Recycling

a.     Letgo:

b.     Decluttr,

c.     bookscouter,

d.     raise,

e.     etsy,

f.      ebay

17.  Part time work - other

18.  Put all these wares on 99 Designs/Fiverr/LinkedIn/Wethos:


*In full disclosure: My affiliations are with Amazon, and Self-Publishing School.

**No financial or legal advice in this episode is given individually. Please consult an attorney or financial professional in your jurisdiction for your individual advice needs. 


A.I. & the Future of Pharmacy - PPN Episode 572

Mar 20, 2018 34:01


The Pharmacy profession and the business of pharmacy continues to face dramatic changes and challenges. We continue to see how pharmacy contributes value to the overall healthcare industry and will determine its ongoing success. A key component of our transformation through pharmacy will the effective use of technology, specifically artificial intelligence. 

This podcast episode is an interesting conversation with "Gavel & Pestle Podcast" host Darshan Kulkarni VP Regulatory Strategy & Policy & Principal Attorney with The Kulkarni Law Firm. 

Kulkarni Law Firm
2929 Arch Street, Suite 1700
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Office Number: 215-948-8183


Mar 19, 2018 30:56



More than just investors… We focus on the outcomes that matter most.

The pharmacy owners we serve hold themselves accountable for achieving outcomes that matter for the people they serve. That’s why we hold ourselves accountable for helping pharmacy owners achieve a clear, well-defined set of outcomes in their personal, ownership and financial success.

Here are just a few:

Personal Success Crystal clear clarity about what you want to accomplish and the best possible path for doing so Living in discretionary abundance and having more time for everything that matters inside and outside of the pharmacy The freedom and means to live the way you want Spending more time with family and loved onesIIP Circles.png Acquiring the means (tools, systems, support) to make every working week ideal

Call Waypoint 843-873-4420

Benjamin D. Coakley

P: 843-873-4420 ext. 13


DEA & Controlled Substance Quotas  - PPN Episode 570

Mar 15, 2018 34:00


DEA and Controlled Substance Quotas      CDC Guidelines on Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain:   TN Chronic Pain Guidelines on Opioids:   Joseph T. Rannazzisi Due Diligence Compliance, LLC PO Box 292 Annandale, VA 22003

Pharmacy Podcast Coverage: SXSW & HIMSS 2018 - PPN Episode 569

Mar 13, 2018 35:01


HIMSS 2018 - Recap by Todd S. Eury 

Over 43,000+ people desended onto the Vegas Strip to attend the HIMSS 2018. HIMSS is a global voice, advisor and thought leader of health transformation through health information and technology with a unique breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health, healthcare and care outcomes. 


Artificial Intelligence BlockChain Technology  Precision Medicine  New Healthcare Players, Amazon, Apple 

Quantitative Data Analysis - where there's a systematic approach to investigations during which numerical data is collected and/or the researcher transforms what is collected or observed into numerical data. It often describes a situation or event, answering the 'what' and 'how many' questions you may have about something.

CONSUMER & PATIENT ENGAGEMENT Explore consumer- and provider-oriented tools, strategies, and technologies that engage patients and caregivers to manage a patient’s healthcare and become active partners with providers and other professionals in managing their care.

HIMSS designs and leverages key data assets, predictive models and tools to advise global leaders, stakeholders and influencers of best practices in health information and technology, so they have the right information at the point of decision.

SXSW 2018 – Recap by Erin L. Albert, MBA, JD, PharmD

New this year for virtual attendees: SXSW live streamed several, if not all their keynotes this year on Facebook. I watched Esther Perel (pronounced A-Stare Pa-rel), who’s talk was entitled, The Future of Love, Lust and Listening. Her new best-selling book is new called The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity. She also runs a podcast with couples therapy, and the 2nd season started during her time at SX. Join the SXSW Facebook page and you can watch keynotes for free.


Also, new for me this year – the trade show. It was broken into several different categories. It had 2 stages (discovery and next stage), and then several exhibitor pavilions – health, international, social impact, and startup village. Really cool companies there – like – a company that’s like Fiverr or 99 Designs that works for nonprofits: Super smart cities were there for economic development. For example, Raleigh NC had a booth there, which featured small business owners who are awesome in Raleigh. Shout out to Videri Chocolate Factory, who was in the Raleigh booth.


Also new this year: the SXSW Wellness Expo at the Palmer Events Center Exhibit hall as part of the trade show. You can check out some videos of it (including marijuana) over at Instagram. Ran the 10-th and 11th. The health and wellness information overall is included in SXSW Interactive – there’s also a SXSW Music, Film and EDU portion of the March festival.


I was a mentor again this year under health and wellness. Had a lot of fascinating mentees, and we discussed a variety of topics – big data and analytics in healthcare, time management, career management/career portfolio management, and major career changes.


First off – SX attracts multipationals and generalists of the creative types in healthcare. It’s really important to state that those who are attracted to SX tend to be renaissance people, and if you want to do multiple things with your career, YOU CAN, even if medicine and health care professionals want to bucket you into one category. The MSL gig came up a lot – I have a teachable course on this now. And a 57 jobs in pharmacy course. Generally, the mentors are all over the place on their careers and interests – so if you do attend SX in the future, sign up in advance for a mentoring session. Read their bios carefully and take advantage of this one on one time with them.


Thank you to Dell for hosting a women funding women session. Although I couldn’t get to it with my compressed schedule, I appreciate that they had a session to help women entrepreneurs get funded with their businesses – as women entrepreneurs are grossly underfunded. Also, shout out to my friend Shwen Gwee – who ran a Health Spark 2018 Session march 11-12th for SXSW. He had topics from blockchain in health, to using chat bots, AI, machine learning, and digital wellness. I saw while I was there an interesting statistic during his “Barracuda Bowl” – where startups in health tech competed to win a cash prize – that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed through conversation WITHOUT a human!


Also on the HIT front, talked to the Founder of CareSet - – which works with Medicare claims data to help companies guide drug launches. We’ll need to get Ashish on the show!


Also had a bookstore and author sessions this year. Would LOVE to see more of this in the future! You can go and meet the authors too for autographs and pictures.


Overall hot topics this year: AI, AR, blockchain, and SEO relative to video and most of all – digital voice technologies – for everything, including health.


I attended a meetup on SEO – and all the talk was about video (and how to get video to show up high on SEO rankings) and digital voice technology SEO. SX live streamed a session in one of their pavilions with interactive AI pet dogs that learn the voice and behavior of those interacting with it.

What's Your Financial Game Plan? Income Outcomes Show @ PDS - PPN Episode 568

Mar 12, 2018 23:10


Recorded LIVE at Pharmacy Ben Coakley with WayPoint Financial talks with Tyler Campbell with Pharmacy 401K and Amanda Gaddy with Secure 340B

Patient Focused Strategy: Heritage Biologics - PPN Episode 567

Mar 9, 2018 26:34


Sheila Arquette, Executive Director of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy interviews Heritage Biologics COO, Christopher Kennedy about being a 'Patient Focused Strategy' oriented Specialty Pharmacy. 

Heritage Biologic's Patient Experience is a refreshing alternative to other customer service models. At Heritage Biologics, patients feel the difference from their first interaction with the Heritage committed specialized team.

The Heritage experts are leading the charge to advance the healthcare experience for patients. They recognize the challenges and difficulties that life can throw your way when managing a rare disease or other health condition. Heritage has a HBcares program which is anchored in a fundamental approach to patient-centered care.

Having a rare disease patient on their leadership team has allowed Heritage to combine best practices and new ideas to create a place we're confident patients will call Heritage Biologics their home pharmacy. 


2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship - PART 2 - PPN Episode 566

Mar 8, 2018 21:01


CVS Health Sponsors Part 2 of the 3 part series on 2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship.

Here's Part One:

We welcome our guests and last year's interns:

Alejandra Sierra Itzel Alfaro-Rivas  Nathaniel Moore 


Highlights of the 2018 Retail Spanish Immersion Internship:

10 week paid internship within a CVS Health Retail location. Participate in the care of patients with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, focusing on the Hispanic community and utilizing the Spanish language Application of therapeutic principles, communication skills (including Spanish), and drug information skills are emphasized on a daily basis through interaction with patients and other health care professionals Immersion with the Hispanic community and related disease states associated with those patients Complete appropriate Phase training of the CVS intern program, ExperienceRx, to fulfill the Interns’ training, in addition to the Spanish/Hispanic experience Fluency in Spanish is not mandatory to apply. Spanish courses previously taken in high school and/or college, or prior participation in mission trips to Spanish speaking countries may provide a baseline knowledge for program participation Medical Spanish Course offered to assist in the intern’s development of counseling Spanish speaking patients. Internship held from June 4th- through August 10th, 2018- these dates are firm

Transitions of Care: SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 565

Mar 7, 2018 42:16


SenioRx Radio host Justin Rash, PharmD., interviews Steven Littlehale with PointRight about Senior Care - transitions of care. 

Steven Littlehale

Steven Littlehale, MS, GCNS-BC is PointRight’s Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. He has more than 25 years' experience as a long-term care professional beginning as a nurse assistant and leading to his work as an advance practice nurse, educator, researcher and consultant. He is a board certified specialist in gerontology and a nationally-known lecturer and consultant with numerous publications. Steven holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Vermont and a Master of Science from Georgetown University.

The Pharmacy Podcast Network, in collaboration with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, has launched SenioRx Radio. 

Learn more here 


The Value of Your Pharmacy Buying Group - PPN Episode 564

Mar 6, 2018 13:03


H. D. Smith Pharmacy Podcast Series interview with Alan Wilson with Espha & Tony Ferrante with H. D. Smith. 

Buying groups have been an important part of the community pharmacy landscape for nearly four decades. Their original purpose was to give independent pharmacies buying clout with wholesalers. Now these groups, estimated to number more than 30, have become full-service organizations with the tools and talent to help single-store independents and regional chains compete successfully in a chain- and PBM-dominated world.

About Alan Wilson with Espha

Alan Wilson brings a diverse and unique experience-based skill set and perspective to the Enhanced Service Pharmacy Alliance team. Prior to joining the healthcare industry, Alan spent 16 years in ever-increasing sales and operations leadership roles in manufacturing, managing global sales andmanufacturing organizations in the industrial, medical and beverage industries. One of Alan’s key accomplishments as a manufacturer was taking a traditionally industrial product and marketing it to the beverage industry… a product that today provides the carbonation for fountain sodas in stadiums, casinos, fast food restaurants and convenience stores worldwide.

Contact H. D. Smith about your Pharmacy Buying Group Strategies today: 

Is Your Pharmacy Business at Risk? Heffernan Insurance (One) - PPN Episode 563

Mar 6, 2018 16:29


Insurance Coverage for Independent Pharmacy Owners

You’ve invested a lot of time and hard work into becoming a pharmacy owner. Why wait to protect your business with the most complete insurance coverage at the best price? Heffernan Insurance Broker’s Pharmacy Owners Insurance program is perfect for the independent pharmacist looking for an experienced broker who can offer a single source insurance package for your unique needs.

We know the pharmacy industry is rapidly changing and expanding, and we can help you with these new and challenging areas of your practice. We have extensive experience serving the insurance needs of the independent pharmacist, and as your insurance partner, our professionals will help your business grow and succeed with a healthier bottom-line.

Find out how much you could save with our insurance package designed specifically for pharmacy owners. Contact Heffernan Insurance Brokers today.

Pharmacy Development Services Members

Are you a Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) member? Our pharmacy insurance reviews have discovered most PDS members have business policies that fall short in coverage and charge more than necessary. Simply download and complete our PDS Members Insurance Review form and email it directly to Steve Boone for a complementary pharmacy insurance review.

Steve Boone

D: 636-778-2150

Dr. Jason Cavolina talks Pharmacogenomics: PGX for Pharmacists - Episode PPN 562

Mar 2, 2018 20:34


On this episode of PGX for Pharmacists, host Ken Sternfled, RPh., interviews Dr. Jason Cavolina PharmD, CEO of RXVIP Enterprises. 

Jason is part of a group of Pharmacists and Students of Pharmacy who took on a personal mission to raise awareness and deliver a 2 minute life saving test. 

This life saving test can help reduce the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs). These tests have been around for over 9 years and are now covered by Medicare so we are raising awareness through a national alliance we formed with MedXPrime

-Offering PGx tests will further differentiate our companies as the leader in the market by delivering 'Tomorrow's Medicine Today'. 

- We can offer valued based services that include consultation, screening and also perform the test to create incremental revenue, even after the initial visit with the patient with no change in workflow or added expense.

-This initiative also positions RXVIP as a leader in reducing adverse drug reactions in patients through pharmacogenetic testing (PGx).

-This will also help create additional engagement to help retain medicare patients that can create ongoing reimbursement for the practice. RXVIP would be happy to sponsor patient events to 'Meet The Pharmacist' to patient education by trained pharmacy staff at no cost to a practice.

RXVIP Concierge Pharmacists meet with patients directly in a doctor’s office to conduct Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx), educate patients on cost-saving solutions and to encourage lifestyle changes, while focusing on patient adherence to medication regimens in order to achieve better outcomes. 

Our single goal is to help patients and their physicians navigate the challenging and evolving health care landscape now in place with insurance entities, including assisting staff with prior authorizations and ePrescribing.

Areas of Expertise:
Concierge Pharmacy, PGx, Business Development, Team Management, Inventory Optimization, Marketing, Process Implementation, Strategic Planning & Analysis, Quality and Process Control, Workflow Optimization, Leadership, Project Management

2018 PDS Super-Conference Podcast - PPN Episode 561

Feb 28, 2018 22:44


The PDS Super Growth Pharmacy Conference: The best pharmacy conference you’ve ever gone to. Guaranteed.

Go Pharmacy Owners!!

We interview several conference participants, solutions providers, vendors, and Pharmacy Development Founder, Dan Benamoz about the 2018 PDS Super-Conference on February 21 -24th. 

The PDS Team is so confident about the PDS Conference that they state if at the end of the first day you’re not 100% convinced that the PDS event will help your business, they will refund your ticket price PLUS give you $300 toward your travel expenses back home. No hassles, no hard feelings, no drama. 

EXCLUSIVE: Shane Reeves, PharmD for TN State Senate - PPN Episode 560

Feb 27, 2018 32:31


Pharmacy Podcast Network EXCLUSIVE Interview: 

Shane Reeves

Chief Executive Officer at TwelveStone Health Partners

Above all else, Shane Reeves is committed to his five core values of FAITH, FAMILY, CAREER, SERVICE & HEALTH.


After attending Middle Tennessee Christian School and graduating from Oakland High School, Shane continued his education to earn an undergraduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University and a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee.


After graduation, Shane moved back to Murfreesboro and bought into the family pharmaceutical business with partner Rick Sain. These two men re-named the business Reeves-Sain and proceeded to grow it across the state of Tennessee over two decades providing a number of products and services with specialties in retail pharmacy, compounding, respiratory, infusion therapy, home medical equipment, immunizations, long term care pharmacy and MediPACK. Reeves and Sain sold their retail and specialty pharmacy, Entrust, in the spring of last year. Reeves launched a new pharmaceutical company in February of 2016 called TwelveStone Health Partners.


Shane is proud to be a fourth-generation independent pharmacist, and a seventh-generation resident of Rutherford County. He and his wife, Amanda, have three children, Will, Jack and Emma-White and live in Murfreesboro, where they are active in North Boulevard Church of Christ, where Shane serves as a deacon.



Campaign Website- Campaign Donations- Contact Shane-


Elite Wealth Management for Pharmacists (Part 1) - PPN Episode 559

Feb 26, 2018 21:17



More than just investors... We focus on the outcomes that matter most.

The pharmacy owners we serve hold themselves accountable for achieving outcomes that matter for the people they serve. That’s why we hold ourselves accountable for helping pharmacy owners achieve a clear, well-defined set of outcomes in their personal, ownership and financial success.

Here are just a few:

Personal Success Crystal clear clarity about what you want to accomplish and the best possible path for doing so Living in discretionary abundance and having more time for everything that matters inside and outside of the pharmacy The freedom and means to live the way you want Spending more time with family and loved onesIIP Circles.png Acquiring the means (tools, systems, support) to make every working week ideal

Call Waypoint 843-873-4420

Benjamin D. Coakley

P: 843-873-4420 ext. 13


A Mobile Technology Advancement in Diabetes Care - PPN Episode 558

Feb 22, 2018 31:15


KeyCentrix Pharmacy Technology Solutions presents an intriguing discussion with mobile tech start up innovator Miguel Johns, CEO of KingFit. A Mobile Technology Advancement in Diabetes Care Strategies, a new diabetes education platform. 


Miguel Johns is the founder and CEO at KingFit. For people with diabetes, KingFit provides a mobile application that delivers industry leading diabetes education to the palm of your hand.


Miguel comes from a long family history of people with diabetes. His father has it, and grandmother as well. Miguel's grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes, she was sent home with a piece of paper and no guidance. She believed drinking fruit juice and chocolate milk were healthier options than drinking soda.


This inspired Miguel to study exercise science in college at Indiana State University where he played football. During his chronic disease management class, they watched a documentary called “Escape Fire”. The documentary was about the struggling healthcare system and featured multiple physicians calling for innovation.


This drove Miguel to begin an online health coaching platform based on the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program. He launched a digital coaching service that leveraged video to guide people to healthy lifestyle change.


After a year of running a coaching service, Miguel began pitching the idea of building a technology to support the coaching to the community. He came across an investor/advisor who challenged him to think bigger and focus on automating the technology.


So two years ago Miguel began building the idea of the KingFit app. Miguel and his team spoke with nearly 100 healthcare professionals to discover where our application would best fit in the current healthcare system and multiple diabetes educators pointed us in the direction of diabetes self-management education.

They discovered that 95% of people newly diagnosed with diabetes go without formal diabetes self-management education. This is a problem because DSME has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of renal failure, neuropathy, and loss of vision by up to 40%. Saving the US Healthcare System thousands of dollars per patient per year.


There are three key reasons why this is happening. The patient’s insurance does not cover the cost so they would have to pay $300-$500 out of pocket. The patient lives in one of the 1500 US counties that does not offer the services. Or the DSME classes are too inconvenient to fit into the patient’s busy schedule.


KingFit is solving this problem with a free for the user app, that brings the educators to the palm of your hand and delivers the programming in consumable bite-size pieces that the patient can go through on their time at their pace.


The KingFit super star team of diabetes educators have combined to publish over 20 books, 300 articles and started 5 diabetes focused businesses. They have sat on regional and national boards for the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. The programs they have developed for the application follow the guidelines for accredited diabetes self-management education.

KingFit is unique because it includes a master of nursing, an exercise physiologist, a psychologist and a dietitian. This gives people access to expertise in a way like never before at scale.


The KingFit application is the only diabetes self-management education that can act as a stand alone program or as a supplement to an existing chronic disease management workflow.


APPE Rotation: Digital Communication, Leadership & Entrepreneurship - PPN Episode 556

Feb 20, 2018 25:01


One of a kind APPE Rotation for Pharmacy Students:    #PharmacyFutureLeaders    Video overview of the new APPE, including how to apply:   LinkedIn Post:   Erin Albert (preceptor) on LinkedIn:   Todd Eury (preceptor and founder, PPN) on LinkedIn: -Students may apply on a rolling basis.

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast w/ Herschell Hitchcock - PPN Episode 555

Feb 19, 2018 27:52


This week The Pharmacy Inspection Podcast welcomes Herschell Hitchcock, President of EOC1 to the podcast.

Herschell is an industrial hygienist by training and has a ton of experience in how exactly cleanrooms work and how to troubleshoot problems when something goes wrong. His company EOC1 also certifies and maintains cleanrooms for a number of clients all over the United States and beyond!

Reach out to us for information or services. We’re available to help on-site, over the phone, or virtually. We strive to help raise the bar for hospitals and compounding pharmacies to increase compliance with sterile compounding guidelines. The ever changing regulatory environment continues to be challenging to keep up with…don’t fall behind; we’re here to help.

Contact Info

Call: (866) 487-0409


About: the Pharmacy Podcast Network

Feb 15, 2018 03:37


About the Pharmacy Podcast Network:

In 2009 Todd S. Eury launched the pharmacy industry’s first podcast about the Business of Pharmacy dedicated to pharmacist professionals called the ‘Pharmacy Podcast Show’.

In 2011, Eury's podcast evolved and in the fall of 2014, several pharmacists joined the podcast publication and the Pharmacy Podcast Show was transformed into the Pharmacy Podcast Network. 

As a podcasting 1st in history, the audio-blog publication is the U.S. Healthcare System’s largest network of podcasts dedicated to the profession of pharmacy with 23 co-hosts developing content for 15 different podcasts segmented on different topics like healthcare law, technology, medical cannabis, senior care, and pharmacogenomics.

The Pharmacy Podcast Network has a collective listener base of about 67,000 and has personalized podcast publications for national associations like the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy.

We embed the podcasts into our sponsors web-environments or they can set up a new page on their site dedicated to the podcasts. 

Be sure to see our series sponsor's landing pages: 

McKesson Technologies:

Cardinal Health:

H. D. Smith:

CVS Health:

Majority of our podcast episodes are between 17-25 minutes (purposely for the average commute) 

With 25 leading co-hosts for 15+ different podcast segments, the PPN develops new content daily for our corporate sponsors including CVS Health, McKesson, Cardinal Health, RxSafe, KeyCentrix, R.J. Hedges & Associates, ASCP, and the NASP. 

The folllowing podcasts are part of the PPN: 

Pharmacy Leaders 

Pharming Your Career 

the Medical PotCast 

the Gavel & Pestle Podcast 

Specialty Pharmacy Podcast in collaboration w/ the NASP 

SenioRx Radio in collaboration w/ the ASCP 

the Fit Pharmacist 

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast 


PGX for Pharmacists 

Pharmacy Compliance Guide 

the Nontraditional Pharmacist 

Income Outcomes Show 

Pharmacy Future Leaders 

Pharmacy Technician Podcast

Please take a look at our co-host intelligence source here, you should be part of this team:

Sincerest thanks to our Listeners & Sponsors, 

Thank you. 

Todd S. Eury - Founder | Publisher 

Nuclear Pharmacy: Scientific, Specialized, And Radioactive! - PPN Episode 554

Feb 14, 2018 27:32


TNP delivers a 'explosive' discussion with radioactive pharmacist Dr. Tim Burke. (LOL)  Nuclear pharmacy is a role often talked about in nontraditional pharmacy but rarely discussed in detail. Dr. Tim Burke gives much needed insight into the field, how it fits his personal life, and how he manages to be a Michigan and Arkansas fan?!


Interview Summary


Matt: Welcome everyone. Matt Paterini here with The Nontraditional Pharmacist, part of The Pharmacy Podcast Network.  I’m joined today by Dr. Tim Burke. Really excited to have Tim on the show today because Tim is a nuclear pharmacist and I think a lot of times in the nontraditional pharmacy world, we see nuclear pharmacy pop up on the list, yet I don’t think a lot of people know what nuclear pharmacy is, what it entails, and what it’s all about (myself included). I’m excited to hear Tim’s story today. Tim we really appreciate you coming on the show today.


Tim: Yeah thank you very much for having me on here. I hope it’s not glistened up too much right now, but I think we’ll be able to walk our way through it. I’m happy to be here and talk a little about nuclear pharmacy and let more people know about some of the opportunities that are out there besides the traditional pharmacy roles that we think of.


Matt: Awesome. That’s exactly what we’re looking for and what I think people listening to the show are looking for. Let’s start with kind of a basic question we like to ask all of our nontraditional guests. Give us a little bit of background on your path through pharmacy, how you started, where you’ve been, and how you’ve gotten to where you are today.


Tim: Well, when I graduated from high school I didn’t really know necessarily when I wanted to do. Like a lot of high school grads, you go off to college and I knew I was into science but didn’t really know what direction I wanted to take from there. Went down to Baylor University thinking that I wanted to be a forensic scientist, and it was right when the CSI craze was all the rage. That sounded pretty interesting to me, saw a couple of autopsies and found out that was wasn’t for me. I realized that I needed to go into something else.


I had a cousin who was at the University of Texas Pharmacy School at the time, and he told me all about pharmacy and the opportunities that were out there and so I was like well, you know, I’ve [already] been taking those kinds of classes. I’ll try and go that route. While I was there, my parents moved from Michigan down to Arkansas, so I went there for pharmacy school and was fortunate enough to go to a school where we had a Nuclear Pharmacy Program.  There is Dr Nicki Hilliard, who if you say her name in the nuclear pharmacy world, everybody knows her. Not to mention I think she’s actually the APhA President Elect. And so she’s obviously made her mark in the pharmacy world. She was the one who got me interested in it. I did an internship with General Electric (GE) healthcare up in Grand Rapids, Michigan between my P2 and P3 year and loved every minute of it. But nuclear pharmacy is kind of a small niche to get into, there’s not a whole lot of turnover. So I had to pay my dues, do a little bit of retail work for a year and a half, and then when GE came calling, I decided that that was a good route for me to go and have been there for about seven years now and loved every minute of it.


Matt: Wow. That’s that’s awesome. So you’ve spanned some geographic space down from Arkansas up to Michigan. Where does that where does that leave you in terms of sports affiliations?


Tim: Well, you know I nearly planted myself in front of my Michigan flag that says “those who stay will be champions”, because I know you guys obviously are all U of M Grads and you’d probably appreciate that, and that’s always been my childhood team. So I’m a big fan of the Wolverines, but I will say I was disappointed when they took Arkansas off the schedule for 2018 and 2019 for the Home and Home, because I was ready to wear my Razorback Red in The Big House.


Matt: Yeah we definitely would have appreciated the Michigan flag. It’s good to see that Maize and Blue kind of spreads throughout the country, we like seeing that.


Why don’t you give us a little bit of an overview of nuclear pharmacy in general? I think just some general background on what is nuclear pharmacy? I think when other pharmacists think of nuclear pharmacy, we think of radioactive substances and things of that nature. But give us some detail around what exactly it is.


Tim: Sure. The nitty gritty and the easiest way to describe it is, we compound radioactive pharmaceuticals, and the majority of those pharmaceuticals are for diagnostic imaging only. There’s not a whole lot of therapeutic application in what we do. But there is some. The main isotope that we use is called Technetium and that is what we use for the majority of our diagnostic imaging, but we also do have some applications like I said that are therapeutic. We can use I-131 and we put that in capsules that a patient can actually swallow, and that can ablate their thyroid, take care of thyroid cancer, things of that nature.

There are a couple other drugs out there as well that we can use for therapeutic applications but mostly you’re going to be hearing about diagnostic. The biggest one and I would say probably 75% of nuclear pharmacy’s compound is some sort of cardiac imaging agents. The particular one that we make at GE is called Myoview, but if you’ve ever had someone in your family, like a grandparent or someone you might know that has had a stress test done on their heart, Myoview in all likelihood could have been the agent that was used to image their heart. So we compound those radio-pharmaceuticals, send them to the hospitals to where they’re going to be administered, and then the nuclear medicine technologist there are actually the ones that inject them into the patient, and perform the scans with the cameras and everything. But we work in a lab, making all of these things and then send them out with a fleet of couriers. It’s all over the state really, to deliver these products to the hospitals so they can use it and make their diagnoses.


Matt: Technetium! That sounds something like it’s from the future, that sounds crazy.


Tim: It’s not that scary. It really isn’t. We obtained this activity from generators, is what they’re called, and the parent isotope of Technetium is called Molybdenum. We call it Molly. And you also hear me refer to Technetium as just Tech. But we allude these generators and pretty much what happens is we take a saline solution that goes through this generator and all of the Technetium binds onto this aluminum column that you can see that runs through the generator. When we have students at our pharmacy, we’ve got a cut out of an old generator that doesn’t have any activity inside of it. And they can actually see this column, which the saline rinses that technetium off of. What occurs is anion exchange. So we’re getting our chemistry back here a little bit. But the chloride ions from the sodium chloride swaps with the Technetium ion. And what you end up with on the other side, in your evacuated vial is pretty much radioactive saline. So there is no color to it, it just looks like a normal, regular old solution. But if you had it unshielded around a Geiger counter, you’d definitely be getting a lot of activity.


Matt: That’s so interesting. It sounds a lot more, you mentioned lab work. You mention a lot of the techniques that you’re talking about sound to me a lot like research focused almost or kind of more industry focused? Is it more so related to that than a practicing pharmacist? Do you see any comparisons with more of the research side of things?


Tim: A little bit. There’s definitely a little bit of crossover there, but this is very patient specific. You’re drawing up a dose for a patient, at a particular time, and it’s intended for that one person. There might be some crossover between research, but this is patient oriented, it’s just that you don’t get that patient-pharmacist interaction. We are on our own site, where we compound all of these things. It’s not a hospital or anything like that. So from that aspect, I guess you could say that we’re in a lab, and it’s kind of for chemistry nerds, we enjoy it, we love it, but it is for a particular patient. A lot of the times there is a patient name actually associated with the dose that you’re dispensing. So it’s kind of a hybrid. It’s a little bit of both worlds there.


Matt: Okay, that makes a lot of sense. Walk us through a little bit of your day-to-day responsibilities. You said it’s kind of a hybrid of lab work but it’s patient focused, so what do your day-to-day responsibilities look like? Take us through a typical day as a nuclear pharmacist.


Tim: Part of that has to do with what shift you’re working. This is one of the big things that turns people off to nuclear pharmacy, is you do have to work some night shifts. So kind of that that third-shift work that a lot of people don’t necessarily want to work. For some people, they find a lot of benefit in it, and other people think that it’s not the greatest. But for us, it works out really well because say there’s a hospital that needs a dose at seven o’clock in the morning. Well, that dose has to be made, compounded, packaged up, shipped out with one of our drivers, and get to the hospital before 7:00 a.m. So obviously we have to make that well before the dose is going to be administered. And that’s usually going to be in the middle of the night. A lot of people ask me you know, why don’t you just make the day before? The problem with that is, we’ve got sterile compounding restrictions, where a lot of these drugs are only good for say 6 to 12 hours. And so if they’re only good for 6 to 12 hours, we can’t make it that far in advance. The other problem is we’re working with radioactive substances that decay over time, and because they decay over time, Technetium has a six hour half-life. If we want to make a dose for a patient that’s going to be 12 hours later, we need four times the activity to prepare that dose at the time and we’re preparing it, versus when it’s actually going to be administered to the patient. And so it’s not very cost effective for us to make something that far in advance because we’re using so much more activity for a dose, because it’s so far into the future.


Matt: So it sounds like some later shifts and the schedule can vary. How does that affect work life balance? Do the shifts change from week to week? And how does that fit in with your personal life?


Tim: Well like I said, some people look at it in a positive way, other people look at it in a negative way. That third shift is actually probably our most active shift. That’s when we’re compounding the most, it’s when we’re making the most doses, you’re staying very involved while you’re there. And so it’s not like a third shift that you might think of where the store is dead and you’re just struggling to stay awake. It’s nothing like that. It’s when we probably do 80% of our compounding and dose drawing. So because of that, you’re staying active, you’re doing other things, and so you don’t even really think about what time it is, short of when you have to drive in. Obviously nobody likes driving in at midnight.


But the other shift that we have is kind of a typical first shift, it’s from about 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Now of course this is going to vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. You have some pharmacies that might be open from 3:00 am until 3:00 pm. Some pharmacies that might be open from midnight until 5:00 p.m. the next day. So it really can vary from site to site. But because of that, there are going to be two shifts that you could be working, depending on if you’ve got lots of pharmacists because you’re busy, there might be two or three different types of shifts that you could work. But for myself, I feel like it works out very well for my work-life balance. I’ve got two kids at home, a wife, and dogs and to know that even if I’m working third shift, I can be home for supper. You can have all that family time. But if you’re working first shift, you’re getting out at 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm and you can do those same things. When kids grow up, I’m not going to have to worry about whether or not I can make a soccer game or a band concert or something like that. So from that perspective, I do think it provides a little bit more family-friendly shift than say you’re 9-7 or 9-9 that you might be working in the retail world.


Matt: Yeah, work-life balance is so important. I think going through pharmacy school and even post-graduate pharmacy practice, it’s not emphasized a lot. So it’s good to hear that you keep that in consideration. And it’s really a big part of how you work in your professional and your personal responsibilities. So on that note, for your personal and professional goals moving forward, how does the role that you’re in right now help you to achieve those? Are you where you want to be? And what’s next or in the future for you?


Tim: Right now, I’m very happy with where I’m at. I work with two other pharmacists that are great. I couldn’t have two better partners out there, one of which is my pharmacy manager. The other one is the pharmacist that I switch shifts with every couple of weeks, working third or working first shift. So I’m very happy where I’m at right now. Works great for my family life like I say. But there are ways that you can kind of climb the ladder in nuclear pharmacy, just like you could in any other area of pharmacy. One of the things that my partner does, is he what’s called our radiation safety officer. He is the one who keeps track of all of our equipment, making sure that things are reading efficiently, are constantly the way they should be. He has all the responsibilities with limits on how much activity we can be releasing into the public, things of that nature. So there’s more responsibilities that I could gain over time. There’s also management possibilities out there, too. You’ve got pharmacy managers just at a particular site like you would at a retail pharmacy. You’ve also got district managers who might be over 5 to 10 to 15 pharmacies, depending on the size of your district and figuring out all sorts of things associated with that. There’s so many factors in nuclear pharmacy that just don’t even show their face in any other type of pharmacy setting, whether it be, do you guys have been big enough generators to have the activity you need to get your runs out? Do you have enough drivers to supply to all the different areas of the state that you’re driving to? There’s quite a bit to think about that you never really would have thought of as being a pharmacy role, it’s almost more of a business-type role than it is pharmacy.


Matt: Interesting. Yeah. I think a lot of a lot of roles are like that, and you know on the surface you can say what nuclear pharmacy is, but there’s so much behind the scenes that people don’t know. And different facets of the business really, the practice side of things, the operations, the business and everything that goes along with it. So it sounds like there’s a lot of different roles within nuclear pharmacy. What’s the landscape look like currently, in terms of the job market? Are there opportunities available? And what does it look like moving forward?


Tim: Right now, I would say there are job opportunities out there. But if you’re someone who might want to stay exactly where you grew up and things of that nature, it’s going to be a little bit tougher to find because this is a pretty specialized niche. There’s also training that has to be done on top of it, too. So you have to make yourself marketable to be able to be a nuclear pharmacist. If someone out there has training versus someone that does not, obviously a pharmacy is going to be more interested in hiring that person who is what they call an “authorized user” with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), which is a regulatory body we have to deal with. But I would say there is plenty of opportunity out there if you’re willing to relocate. That’s a huge factor I would say, just because the state of Michigan, at least with GE, we only have two pharmacies in the whole state. And then if you include all of the other companies, you know independents, etc., there might be six to eight pharmacies. There’s just not nearly as many as you know your CVS or Walgreens that are on most of the street corners that you can find a job at.


So, from that standpoint it is a little bit tougher to get into. But like I say, you can make yourself more marketable. I think there’s a lot of advancements that are going on with nuclear pharmacy and there’s even some other roles besides the pharmacy setting that I’ve told you about, that you can use your nuclear pharmacy education as well. And that would be more of your what they call PET aspects. What we do is SPECT. PET involves using a cyclotron and typically is going to be inside of a hospital. I think U of M might even have one, and so you can use your nuclear pharmacy degree there as well. There is a little extra training involved with that. There’s a lot of opportunity out there, but there’s going to have to be a little bit of give and take with where you’re willing to work and what kind of role you’d like to have.


Matt: Where would people go, pharmacy students and pharmacists, go to do some more research and learn more?


Tim: Well, the three big universities that have nuclear pharmacy programs are Purdue (probably the number one for proximity for us), but also University of Arkansas, and New Mexico is another big pharmacy school. All three of those are probably your top three for finding information about nuclear pharmacy. There’s also a website called Nuclear Education Online ( and that is a collaboration between the University of Arkansas as well as New Mexico, and they’ve got a whole program that you can actually do most of your didactic training to become an authorized user online. So you don’t actually have to go to a class and do all these things, because beyond that, you do have to get more training hours on-site at a nuclear pharmacy. So that’s how you get all of that hands-on training as well. But there is that website and you can do all of it online, do it at your own pace. It was actually a resource that I used while I was at the University of Arkansas. And I did a lot of those classes while I was doing rotations during my last year of pharmacy school. So you kind of knock everything out all at once.


Matt: So a lot of resources available and we’ll be sure to share those with our viewers so that they know where to go to learn more information. But what advice would you give students or pharmacists that are looking to make a career transition? What advice would you give to them if they’re looking to pursue nuclear pharmacy?


Tim: Well for students I feel like it’s a lot easier. You’re out, you’re young, you’ve got a little bit more flexibility, you might not be somebody who’s already got a family and established in a job and everything. But for students, I would definitely recommend checking out Nuclear Education Online, I think that’s a great place to start because there’s just not that many pharmacy schools out there that offer this kind of information. So to go to a resource like that would be really beneficial. They get to see a lot of pictures of what we use, the shielding that we use, how we compound things. It’s very informative there. There’s also links off of the University of Arkansas, that might even go over to Purdue University’s website, of more pharmacists like myself that have been interviewed and talked about what they do, and probably more extensively than what I’ve gotten into. We certainly could get a lot more in-depth if we wanted to. But that would be a great starting point for students, and I would say if you if you’re interested in it, get it done, get yourself marketable, because that way if you realize that retail or the hospital or a clinical pharmacy setting isn’t necessarily for you, you’ve already taken the steps to be able to do this kind of role.


As for pharmacists that are already established in a job, I’ve had a few inquire already about this job and what all is required of you in order to become a nuclear pharmacist and that tends to be the biggest roadblock is that you’ve got to do all this didactic work, and then on top of that you have to have 500 hours of actual work at a nuclear pharmacy before you can even apply to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to become an authorized user. And so when they hear that, and know that they also need to hold down their other job, because obviously a lot of people can’t just stop working, that makes it a little bit tougher. So I will admit there can be some roadblocks, but no more difficult than going back to school to change what you wanted to do to begin with and how many people are doing that these days. So it’s certainly a manageable thing, but I understand it’s a little bit more difficult for them.


Matt: Very true. very true. Well thanks for the insight into nuclear pharmacy Tim. We like to talk a little bit with our nontraditional guests about their take on the pharmacy profession in general, because we think you have a unique perspective on the field of pharmacy, doing something different than a lot of other pharmacists. So what are your thoughts on the field of pharmacy in general and the future of the profession?


Tim: You know, really I feel like the possibilities could be endless. It seems like even since I’m graduated, and I’ve only been out since 2009, I think we were able to do flu shots, but beyond that, I don’t really think there was much going on in the way of immunizations. Now we’re doing Zostavax, DTap, we’re doing all these different things. And then also many states are allowing us to use our clinical judgment. We’re able to make therapeutic substitutions if we get an error from an insurance company, we can substitute with the product that they’d prefer, just like they would at a hospital with their formulary. I think the more that we’re allowed to use our clinical knowledge, the more ways that pharmacists could be used. We’re a great resource to the public. We’re a lot more accessible than doctors are a lot of the time. So I feel like really, we could do anything and then now too, they’ve got residencies that are going up to three years. You’re talking about a lot of higher education right there. And so I think it’s just a matter of State Board of Pharmacies and things of that nature allowing us to use that knowledge, and then really we could go anywhere.


Matt: Well there you have it. Scientific, specialized, and radioactive is Dr. Tim Burke. Tim, we certainly appreciate you joining us on The Nontraditional Pharmacist. We’ll be sure to share the resources that you’ve shared with us with our viewers. Everyone please connect with Tim at The Pharmacy Network on The Nontraditional Pharmacist. Tim thanks again, we appreciate it. And we will talk to everyone next time on The Nontraditional Pharmacist.


Tim: Absolutely. Thank you very much Matt, I appreciate you having me on


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Brahma, Wahlang, Marak, Sangama. "Adverse Drug Reactions in the Elderly”: Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, Apr-Jun 2013.Senior Care Facts: 

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Application period: Now - February 16, 2018 Pharmacy applicant video screens: Now - March 1, 2018 Pharmacy applicant interviews: February 1- March 15, 2018 Intern selections finalized: April 1, 2018

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Guest Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple - Medical PotCast - PPN Episode 544

Feb 1, 2018 28:03


Medical PotCast Host Joseph Friedman welcomes special guest Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple. 

Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple is the Medical doctor in integrative medicine and is a board-certified Family Practitioner who cares for adults, children and infants.

While Dr. Mendoza Temple earned her medical degree at the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in the Philippines, her passion for complementary and alternative medicine evolved. Dr. Mendoza Temple returned to the U.S. to complete her Family Medicine residency training at NorthShore.

Following residency, she completed a 2 year dual fellowship. Her expertise is reflected in her contribution to textbooks, lectures and research articles in the field of Family and Integrative Medicine.

Contact Joseph Friedman and the Medical PotCast Team here: 

Follow us on Twitter: 


Be a guest on the leading podcast dedicated to Medical Cannabis and the clinical pharmacist. Send us a message. Thank you! 

Java Coleman on the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast - PPN Episode 543

Jan 30, 2018 28:59


Phrmacy Podcast Network's - Compounding Pharmacy mavens Dr. Seth DePasquale & Bryan Prince welcome Java Coleman to the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast. 

Java Coleman is a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry through XLN Collaborative Consulting. Java has been working for many year now in the area of process improvement. He’s also worked at large organizations like Fagron, Apex and Nestle in their operations and improvement divisions. Feel free to reach out to Java: 


What's Important to Know When Buying or Selling a Pharmacy? --PPN Episode 542

Jan 29, 2018 13:41


We interview Pharmacy Business veteran, Christian Herrington Corporate Vice President of Pharmacy Strategies with H. D. Smith.

As corporate vice president pharmacy strategies, Christian Herrington is building an area of the company focused on strategic initiatives, designed to support the longevity, stability and continued growth of independent community pharmacy. Decades of national industry leadership experiences are evidence that Christian truly understands, and is dedicated to, the mission of providing extraordinary service to H. D. Smith’s customers.

Whether you’re considering retirement, opening a brand new store, advertising your pharmacy, or expanding to a new location, you need a trusted partner to guide you through these critical moments in your pharmacy career.

VentureRx is a program intended to fully support the start-up, purchase, sale, and related transition strategies of community pharmacies. Dedicated to both the people and process involved in starting, buying and selling, VentureRx empowers pharmacy owners to shape the future of their business.

VentureRx will help you navigate the complex world of buying and selling to ensure the best interest of your pharmacy before, during and after the transition.

In addition to financial services, pharmacists seeking assistance are also offered store branding, marketing, merchandising, managed care and full front-of-store designs and programs to help create a strong foundation to a successful business. Pharmacists interested in this transitional assistance program will be able to select from a variety of solutions based on their individual needs. 

About: VentureRx | Pharmacy Transition Strategies

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast w/ Rad Dillon RPh., PPN - Episode 541

Jan 27, 2018 29:33


This week Seth & Bryan talks with Rad Dillon. He is a pharmacist and certified surveyor and consultant for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care with a lot of experience performing PCAB accreditation audits. Rad also has experience in writing Standard Operating Procedures and pharmacy management. He’s also attained the American Society for Quality’s Quality Auditing (CQA) and Quality Management/Operational Excellence (CMQ OE) certifications.

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Pharmacy Inspection Podcast w/ Rad Dillon RPh., PPN - Episode 541

Jan 27, 2018


This week Seth & Bryan talks with Rad Dillon. He is a pharmacist and certified surveyor and consultant for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care with a lot of experience performing PCAB accreditation audits. Rad also has experience in writing Standard Operating Procedures and pharmacy management. He’s also attained the American Society for Quality’s Quality Auditing (CQA) and Quality Management/Operational Excellence (CMQ OE) certifications.

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Entrepreneurial You: A Chat with Author Dorie Clark - Pharming Your Career - PPN Episode 540

Jan 26, 2018 32:14



  Bio: Dorie Clark is an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a professional speaker. She is the author of Entrepreneurial You (Harvard Business Review Press). Her previous books include Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine, one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year by Forbes, and was aWashington Post bestseller. The New York Times has described her as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.”

A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, she is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and is a consultant and speaker for clients such as Google, Yale University, and the World Bank. She is also a producer of a multiple Grammy-winning jazz album. You can download her free Entrepreneurial You self-assessment workbook and learn more at

  Website: Other podcasts:  Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:   YouTube:   Entrepreneurial You self-assessment:   Her most recent book, Entrepreneurial You

The Pharmacy Technician Podcast w/ Mike Johnston CPhT - PPN Episode 539

Jan 24, 2018 25:25


The newest podcast, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, is the 'Pharmacy Technician Podcast' with host Mike Johnston, CPhT & CEO of the NPTA

The Pharmacy Technician Podcast is a podcast publication partnership between the National Pharmacy Technician Association and the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

This podcast is dedicated to the all of pharmacy technicians who assist our pharmacists, help manage the daily operations in thousands of pharmacies, and deliver vital pharmacy healthcare services to patients.

The National Pharmacy Technician Association, the NPTA, is the world's largest professional organization established specifically for pharmacy technicians.

The association is dedicated to advancing the value of pharmacy technicians and the vital roles they play in pharmaceutical care.

Please share this podcast with all your pharmacy technician associates, friends, and networks. Reach out to the NPTA on FACEBOOK and send a message to Mike and say hello: 

Mike Johnston, CPhT

Office:  832-426-2674

Laughter is the Best Medicine - The Fit Pharmacist - PPN Episode 538

Jan 23, 2018 24:01


Dr. Maurice Shaw, Doctor of Comedy joins Dr. Adam Martin, the Fit Pharmacist to talk about the importance of laughter, being a positive role model, and having a heart to make other's laugh. 

Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

The Fit Pharmacist, LLC 


Generation Rx: Making an Impact on the Opioid Epidemic - PPN Episode 537

Jan 23, 2018 19:31


The mission of Generation Rx is to educate people of all ages about the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications. In doing so, we strive to enhance medication safety among our youth, college students, other adults in our communities, and seniors. Prescription medications can help us live longer and healthier lives, but any medication has the potential to do harm – especially when misused.

Since 2009, the College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University and the Cardinal Health Foundation have partnered to provide open source educational materials that anyone can use to help prevent the misuse of prescription drugs. These ready-to-use resources are designed to provide everything you need to make a presentation or offer a program in your community, school or college.

Our core messages are quite simple:

Only use prescription medications as directed by a health professional. Never share your prescription medications with others or use someone else’s medications. Always store your medications securely to prevent others from taking them, and properly dispose of medications that you no longer need. Be a good example to those around you by modeling these safe medication-taking practices and discussing the dangers of misusing prescription drugs with your family, friends, colleagues, students, or patients.

Role of Community Pharmacy:

The Entrepreneurial Proactive Patient - PPN Episode 536

Jan 18, 2018 30:29


Specialty Pharmacy Podcast co-host Christopher Kennedy, COO with Heritage Biologics interviews the founder of HemoTool, Dakota Rosenfelt.    HemoTool is Unlike Any Other Bleeding Disorder App

Hi! My name is Dakota Rosenfelt and I am a 21-year-old with Severe Hemophilia A. Diagnosed at 13 months of age, I have grown up only knowing life with a bleeding disorder. However, I refuse to let that set me back, define who I am, or limit my goals. From an early age, I learned the importance of maintaining a prophylactic schedule, keeping track of bleeds, and knowing when it was time to order more factor; in other words, there is MUCH more to managing a bleeding disorder beyond just self-infusion.

During my high school years, I quickly began to fill my schedule with various activities and events which made time-management all-that-more important. I began thinking of how I could manage both the activities of my daily life along with the various responsibilities which come hand-in-hand with having Hemophilia in an efficient manner. The “lightbulb” moment came once I was approached by my local HTC in Kansas City to take part in an extended half-life factor trial. While participating in the study, I was given a device to track all my treatments and the thing was cumbersome and just plain awful.

Once I started to think of things which would make the device easier to use, I began researching other current technologies and apps which existed and found one thing in common; none of them had the simplistic functionality and ease-of-use I had been looking for. It was at this time that I began my journey of creating a mobile app that was all-encompassing; a “tool” I could fit in my pocket which allowed me to independently manage my hemophilia when it was convenient for me, but also with minimal hassle.

Thus, HemoTool was born!

My work did not end there, I felt there was much more I could do for my community and for the many others worldwide living with chronic medical conditions. To make my mission possible I started a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was created to assist those living with chronic medical conditions in managing their overall health and improving their clinical outcome. I have made it my personal mission to ensure all affected by chronic conditions have one less thing to worry about in life. Nothing speaks to me more than someone overcoming a condition and living life to its fullest. We shouldn’t have to say “I suffer from a chronic condition;” we should be saying ”A chronic condition suffers from me!

Yours in Health,

Dakota Rosenfelt
Creator of HemoTool
President of the Board – Click & Go App Designs, Inc

Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist - PPN Episode 535

Jan 17, 2018 35:00


Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist

What is a Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist?

A Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist or a CDME is a certification created by the BOC or the Board of Certification / Accreditation Int’l BOC saw a need to highlight the skills and qualifications of the highly skilled yet unknown individuals who are key to the dispensing of DME products. The CDME certification demonstrates the broad knowledge of the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry. What does a Certified DME Specialist do?

The CDME basically does every aspect within the DME realm.  They are the people who meet the patients, do the documentation, fit the patients, determine what product the patient is eligible for and bills Medicare, Medicaid and the insurance companies for DME products.  The also help with basic repairs, troubleshooting, and home inspections for DME products like oxygen, transfer systems, enteral supplies, and wound care.

A trained and certified DME specialists are highly valued in the DME industry as an assurance to patients and referral sources of professionalism and quality care. The BOC CDME Scope of Practice provides greater detail regarding the role of a BOC Certified DME Specialist.

Jeff, I really haven’t heard about this before, so what advantage does a pharmacy or DME supplier gain by having a CDME on staff? This is simple.  We live in a very competitive market.  We need to ensure the pharmacy has unique qualities and products outside the normal pharmacy prescription filling process.  Those days have come and gone.  We have talked about immunizations and diabetic shoes in previous podcasts.  We will talk about other opportunities in future podcasts.  Pharmacists are experts in pharmacy operations.  When it comes to Medicare Part B and DMEPOS products, the rules are completely different.  For example, a physician writes a prescription or eScript and the pharmacist fills the script, the patient picks the medication up and pays their co-pay.  The insurance company and secondary adjudicate the claim and reimburse you for it.  Hopefully there is a low dollar DIR fee so the PBM claw back isn’t too severe next month. However, when it comes to Medicare Part B, everything changes when the physician writes a prescription.  The pharmacy language stops working.  So you look for someone who can do this work.  What do most pharmacies do? You grab a tech and throw them into this world and let them try to figure it out.  The tech starts reading reading Medicare Supplier Manuals, DME MACs and then learns about Detailed Written Orders and Local Coverage Determination and this doesn’t make sense.  Again the language has changed and there really is only limited training out there for dispensing or billing these products.  This is why the CDME certification was created.  It certifies individuals who have the basic skills for dispensing, setup and billing Medicare Part B and DMEPOS products. That makes sense.  I have heard about all the audits from Medicare and all the paperwork that is needed.  Jeff, you and I talked about the Diabetic Shoes April 2017 on an earlier podcast last year about the importance of the documentation and following the process.  So this certification helps the pharmacy? Absolutely.  When you are confused about something or you are losing money and audits, you stop dispensing that item.  This is what has happen with DME products.  Over 40% of DME facilities have gone out of business in the last six years due to competitive bidding.  Pharmacies have dropped DME products because of the bad taste of audits and not understanding the process. Now imagine having staff properly trained and certified who know what they are doing when it comes to Medicare Part B and DMEPOS products.  They can advise the pharmacist not to fill a prescription of albuterol because it needs a “Detailed Written Order Prior to Delivery” signed by the physician.  Who knew?  Your CDME did.  That saves your reimbursement. Whoa, is it that simple? Yes.  Now you are ready to market your pharmacy.  Your pharmacy may be accredited or exempt.  Your pharmacists are licensed.  Are you doing something out of the ordinary to make you stand out?  Your DME department has “board certified” specialists.  Who else in town has this? Here are some other advantages. Differentiation in the market; Management of risk; Criteria for evaluating potential employees; Limiting of fraud, waste, and abuse; Increase in customer satisfaction; Assurance for referral sources; and Medicare human resources management standards require that technical personnel be knowledgeable, competent, and trained in order to deliver products. A CDME will provide additional assurance of compliance. 

How do you get certified?

First here is the criteria for the certification:

The candidate needs 500 hours of experience (3 months) A high school diploma (or equivalent) Registers to take an exam with BOC The exam is at a H&R Block testing facility

Another way is through BOC live trainings and then a paper exam following a day long training

When are these trainings scheduled?

There are always two scheduled at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas and Medtrade Fall in Atlanta.  There are normally two and sometime more classes throughout the year.  BOC’s prep courses are sponsored by MedGroup and are typically $150.00 for the class and $50.00 for the exam.  The paper exam is one to two days after the prep course.

If you have 20 or more people who want to go through the course, a class can always be added to the schedule.

What about the exam?

The exam is a 100 question, 2 hour exam.  To pass the candidate needs to score 70% or higher grade.  It’s not a walk in the park exam.  You need to study for it and taking the prep course or one of the other on-line course before taking the exam.  Currently the passage for the exams following the BOC prep course is 94% with the last class passing 100% and the previous two only having one person falling short by one question.

How do you find out about them?

BOC sends out notices about these courses and so do we through our monthly newsletters.

How are these courses related to you, Jeff?

Well I’m the current BOC Prep course instructor.  When I was on the Board of Directors for BOC, I helped develop a number of projects for BOC and the CDME certification was one of them.  I believe in this certification and I always walk the walk.  Most of my staff also carries this certification.

So you truly believe this will give the pharmacy a competitive edge?

Yes.  Look at your local healthcare providers.  Everyone is boasting about their “board certified” specialists.  Pharmacists are always listed as the most trusted healthcare professionals.  But pharmacy is a lot more than dispensing pills.  Pharmacies have diversified into a multitude of areas.  So here is a way to promote your DME department.  How’s this, come into the Hedges Pharmacy for all of your prescription needs, immunizations and see our board certified DME specialists.  Bet you never heard that one before.  Add this to your Face Book ads.  Show off your staff and let them be part of the revenue stream. 

DME is not very sexy, but if you run a tight ship and are careful on what you dispense, document correctly, it will add profit to your pharmacy.  Add diabetic shoes and the profit margin jumps. 



CDME Prep Courses

CFS Allied Health Education "BOC Certified DME Specialist Exam Prep Course": The objective of this 24-hour, self-paced online course is to provide new and existing DME employees a review of the competencies required to perform tasks in the DME environment. It is an excellent tool to use in preparation for the BOC Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist (CDME) certification exam.

MED Group "CDME Specialist Course": This complete course is a compilation of three CDME Specialist courses. In the courses, you will gain an understanding of: how to create a safe and comfortable environment for your customer, how to conduct yourself as a CDME Specialist, and how to properly fulfill and bill an order. The three courses total approximately 8 self-paced hours of on-line content and instruction and account for 7.25 Business BOC CEUs and 1 Scientific BOC CEU. Please visit this link for pricing information. 

O&P Education "CDME-DME Specialist Course": This course is written to ensure a basic understanding of many aspects of the DMEPOS business and provides guidance for those who wish to endeavor in the proper procedures for a successful business. This course will help to prepare those who anticipate testing for BOC's Certified DME Specialist examination. Completing this course requires the completion of all 13 sub-courses.

Contact RJ Hedges & Associates today for more information: 

Phone: (724) 357-8380  


The Nontraditional Pharmacist joins the Pharmacy Podcast Network - PPN Episode 534

Jan 16, 2018 22:30


The Nontraditional Pharmacist Partners With The Pharmacy Podcast Network to bring a new dynamic to the leading network dedicated to the Pharmacy Profession. 

"We are here to provide a single pharmacy platform that showcases unique roles, connects the world's pharmacists, and helps build your pharmacy professional toolbox." - Nick Kirkpatrick, PharmD

About TNP Co-Hosts:  Lynn Switaj, PharmD

Lynn Switaj was born and raised just outside Cleveland, Ohio and will be moving back after 8 years of school between Chicago and Ann Arbor. Lynn is an incredible athlete and played collegiate hockey for Lake Forest College. She continues to compete today!

During pharmacy school Lynn gained research experience while working with one of the Deans of the College of Pharmacy. They were able to produce a publication for their work and presented their findings at numerous conferences. She also gained retail experience from a local independent pharmacy.

Lynn’s future plans include working as a pharmacist at Walgreen’s pharmacy. She is particularly excited about exploring the world of MTM. She loves the idea of these clinical services redefining the traditional community pharmacy!

Fun Fact: Has the best golden lab in the entire world, named Duke.

Matt Paterini, PharmD 

Matt Paterini is originally from Saline, just outside of Ann Arbor, MI (not including his younger southern upbringing). Some would say he is pretty good at golf, considering he has won numerous local tournaments and holds several records.

Matt was the Chief Intern for the University of Michigan Health System pharmacy internship program. He primarily worked in the Cancer Center outpatient infusion clinic.

Regarding future plans, Matt has never been one to follow the standard path. He completed IBM's Global Sales School as the #1 Top Performer and will begin his career in IBM's healthcare cloud software division. His nontraditional role was a driving force for the creation of our website so others can see the wide range of opportunities available in the pharmacy profession. 

Fun fact: Holds the Course Record at his home golf course.

Nick Kirkpatrick, PharmD

Nick Kirkpatrick, also known as “Nikykirk”, is a native Michigander from St. Joseph. Despite never passing up a good time, he earned his way to the top of the pharmacy class, graduating with high honors and too many cords around his robe to count. 

His past pharmacy experience includes interning in both the hospital and retail settings, along with a managed care internship at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, working on both the commercial and Medicare Part D teams. He has a ton of experience!

Following graduation, Nick began his career with CVS Health - Target Channel as a floating pharmacist, a position he was offered while on P4 APPE due to his strong networking skills. He recently moved into a pharmacy manager role and is very excited about this opportunity as it has great potential to help him learn about the business aspects of pharmacy, while also developing his management skills.

Fun fact: Nick was an All-State pitcher in high school.


Ensuring Gender Equality and Removing Unconscious Bias While Hiring - PPN Episode 533

Jan 15, 2018 25:51


About Kieran Canisius   Kieran Canisius, Zocket’s CEO, is an entrepreneur with experience in life-sciences and recruitment industries. She is dedicated to helping the recruitment industry evolve through the newest HR Tech tool, Zocket.    Kieran is a citizen of two innovative countries; the United States and the Netherlands and she has nearly 15 years of industry experience.  She understands the issues facing companies and professionals today and is passionate to simplify the growth path for both.   A vocal business leader, Kieran believes that  the recruitment industry is missing depth, allowing pushy agency recruiters to lose sight of making hiring decisions that are in the best interest of the professionals, and instead, using keywords and LinkedIn search to fill in their databases and send reams of CVs to companies for every open position. She knows there can be a better way, so she built it. Zocket.   Kieran is a forward thinker and the Zocket adventure is a reflection of that belief. In 2017, she was named in the top 100 of the most influential female entrepreneurs of the Netherlands.     About Zocket

Companies today are trying to hire the next generation workforce using old-fashioned processes and tools. Zocket is changing that with an innovative Talent Attraction Solution evolves the way we attract, retain, and diversify the best-fit talent.

Founded in 2016 & based in Amsterdam, Zocket founders believed that there had to be an easier, more effective and authentic way for companies and the people in companies to find the right match. The problem was that a platform like this didn’t exist. So, when they couldn’t find it, they built it themselves and named it Zocket. 

Zocket Powered is a stand-alone white labeled HR technology that companies can integrate into their career web pages or intranets. Zocket Life-Science is a life-science industry based fully functional online marketplace where companies and professionals can find their best-fit matches. Zocket Consulting provides in-depth assessments and consulting that helps companies understand what job candidates really think about their online experience before they make a big investment.

Moving From Stuck to Success: Interview with Danielle Sciulli - PPN Episode 532

Jan 14, 2018 16:30


Dr. Christina Tarantola interviews Danielle Sciulliis who is a personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist and area manager/independent Arbonne consultant. She is also a mom of 2 and an entrepreneur with a passion to help people get healthy!    According to Forbes Magazine, 50% of Americans make a New Years Resolution but only 8% actually achieve their goal. Today Danielle shares her top tips for helping you stay focused for 2018!    Contact information for Danielle:  Email: Website: 

Dr. Christina Tarantola, PharmD, CHC  Licensed Pharmacist, Certified Health Coach & Author  Co-Owner of The Diet Doc Pittsburgh North    Phone: 412-748-0277 Web:

Pharmacy Technology Enhanced by Customer Experience Assurance - PPN Episode 531

Jan 11, 2018 25:13


Our next installment of the 2017 McKesson Pharmacy Systems Podcast Series is an interview with Pharmacy Owner Paul Fulmer, PharmD and Mary Gregory VP Customer Experience at McKesson Pharmacy Systems. 

We discuss the importance of Customer Care & ensuring the pharmacy owner has accessible resources to maximize the effectiveness of the technology platforms. 

About Paul Fulmer, PharmD:

Paul graduated from UNMC in 2007 and began working at Noble Drug alongside his father, Kim, that same year. Paul is the Pharmacist-In-Charge and has operated Fulmer U-Save Pharmacy since it’s purchase in 2011. Paul enjoys spending time with his family, sports, and hunting.

Mary Gregory is a 20+ year McKesson patient & customer advocate champion. Mary currently serves as the Vice President of Customer Experience at McKesson Pharmacy Systems. 

About the Pharmacy Podcast Series:

McKesson Pharmacy Technology & Services (MPTS) partnered with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to produce a special Podcast Series during the 2017 McKesson ideaShare in New Orleans, La. This series will include 12 podcast episodes featuring interviews from MPTS customers, as well as thought leadership from industry experts. 

Immigration Issues for Foreign-Born Pharmacy Students & Hiring Managers - PPN Episode 531

Jan 10, 2018 24:24


Immigration Issues for Foreign-Born Pharmacy Students & Hiring Managers: A Conversation with Dr. Jeff Papa   Dr. Erin L. Albert talks with Dr. Jeff Papa about immigration issues and the pharmacist professional desiring to work within the United States.    Show Notes: Dr. Jeff Papa:   About Dr. Papa

Jeff Papa is a partner in the Indianapolis office of Barnes & Thornburg LLP and is a member of the Labor and Employment Law Department.

Mr. Papa focuses his practice on immigration matters. He counsels clients on a number of issues, including nonimmigrant status and visa issues, permanent residency and citizenship matters, as well as on higher education and government affairs issues.

Mr. Papa provided immigration law services to Barnes & Thornburg clients for nearly seven years in an earlier role, and served two terms as chair of the Indiana chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association, as well as two terms on the national board of governors of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association.

  bio: Links/social media: Twitter @jeffpapa13 LinkedIn Facebook    

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast - Interview w/ Joe Cabaliero and Bill Mixon - PPN Episode 530

Jan 10, 2018 26:11


Pharmacy Inspection's 9th episode, Bryan Prince, MBA, and Seth DePasquale, RPh., speak with Joe Cabaliero and Bill Mixon. Both of these gentlemen have a history in compounding pharmacy that is interesting and impressive. Recently, they have submitted a proposal to include sterile compounding as one of the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS).

In this episode we discuss how the idea came about and some of the work that went into getting the specialty to be considered.

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The Pharmacy Inspection Podcast is the leading Compouding audio blog part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network

Government Relation Insights with Cardinal Health's Sean Callinicos - PPN Episode 529

Jan 9, 2018 18:10


Sean Callinicos SVP, Global Government Relations & Public Policy at Cardinal Health talks with Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD Co-Host Podcaster with Pharming Your Career Podcast & Todd S. Eury Founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. 

Lead global government relations and public policy function for Cardinal Health, a 51,000-employee healthcare services and products company; Fortune’s 15th largest company ranked by revenue ($122B in 2016). 

Find Mr. Callinicos at LinkedIn: 


Jan 8, 2018 21:06


Ken Sternfeld, RPh, Concierge Pharmacist is the co-host of the new  “PGx for Pharmacists” segment of the Pharmacy Podcast Network focusing on how Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy can incorporate Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing into Care Coordination and Chronic Care Management Medication Services.

Ken is the Founder of RXVIP Concierge, a network of Concierge Care Providers (CSP) who work collaboratively with physicians and other health providers, right in their offices to deliver value-based services at the Point of Care that include Wellness Prescription CheckUps and ongoing Chronic Care Management for patients to keep them on a path to better health.

Ken is a national spokesperson for Caregiver Support Services (CSS) a “grassroot” non-profit organization with a 501 (c )(3) tax exempt status to help raise awareness to the fact that over 125,000 patients died as a result of experiencing an Adverse Drug Reaction to their medications.  The organization was founded by Terrence and Eboni Green, a husband and wife team in the medical profession, to support family & professional caregivers across the lifespan through direct supportive

Ken has been featured in Pharmacy Today as Provider of the Month as well as being interviewed for several Pharmacy Times articles over the years as the RXVIP Concierge Pharmacist model has evolved. Ken is a member of APHA and sits on several committees plus is a member of PSSNY, as an advocate for independent pharmacy owners. Ken also mentors PharmD candidates as preceptor for several Colleges of Pharmacy & Universities  Over the years as a Pharmacist at CVS Health, Ken won prestigious Paragon Award, two years in a row, plus was selected for their management Emerging Leader program.  He earned his B.S. in Pharmacy from St Johns University, graduating in 1979 when he became licensed RPh in New York.

Contact Ken via Email:

Phone:  1-844-MYRXVIP  (1-844-698-9847)

Social Media in Pharmacy: SenioRx Radio - PPN Episode 527

Jan 5, 2018 38:46


Pharmacy Podcast Network Co-Hosts gather to discuss 'Social Media' in Pharmacy on the SenioRx Radio Podcast, sponsored by ASCP

Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD Co-Host on Pharming Your Career, Chad Worz, Pharm.D Co-Host on SenioRx Radio, and Justin Rash, PharmD, BCGP Podcaster with SenioRx Radio talk about the importance of using social media to keep in contact, absorb information, research, and connect with other Pharmacy Professionals. 

Justin takes the helm of the SenioRx Radio podcast and Chad will be joining a new podcast segment in the near future. 

Listen and share this interesting discussion on Social Media in Pharmacy. 

Contact the ASCP: 

Michael Castanon

Digital Media Coordinator

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists | | t: 703.739.1300 ext. 181

Medical Marijuana & Specialty Pharmacy (Part Two) - PPN Episode 526

Jan 5, 2018 30:24


Part Two of the KeyCentrix sponsored Specialty Pharmacy Podcast with Jim Smeeding, MBA president of JestaRx and Elie Khalife, president of KeyCentrix.

Intriguing discussion and interview with Jim Smeeding, MBA president of JestaRx Group and Elie Khalife CEO of KeyCentrix about the impact of Medical Marijuana on therapies for patients and multiple diseases states where Specialty Pharmacy is focused.

This podcast was sponsored by KeyCentrix, leaders in Pharmacy Software Technology Management Systems for Community, LTC Pharmacy, and Specialty Pharmacy operations.


KeyCentrix HQ

2420 N. Woodlawn, Building 500
Wichita, KS 67220

2017 Specialty Pharmacy of the Year: Ardon Health - PPN Episode 525

Jan 3, 2018 28:37


Ardon Health Named Specialty Pharmacy of the Year by NASP

At the fifth annual meeting of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) held last week in Washington, D.C., Ardon Health received the prestigious Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award. Ardon Health’s President, Chandra Wahrgren, and members of the company’s leadership accepted the award on behalf of Ardon’s entire team of caring specialty pharmacy professionals.

Of the 1,200 NASP corporate association members, Ardon Health was selected to receive this award for embodying the practice of pharmacy in the field of specialty, based on community involvement, patient satisfaction, cost management, innovation in the field and quality/performance improvement initiatives, which include patient care and outcomes, disease state and therapy management, and patient engagement. According to NASP, this peer-nominated and reviewed award goes to the organization that has done the most to advance patient care and the practice of specialty pharmacy, as well as uphold the values of NASP over the past year.

NASP is committed to specialty pharmacist education and certification and is strongly invested in the continuing improvement of specialty pharmacy practice as advances in medicine and treatment regimens emerge. When presenting the award, NASP President Rebecca Shanahan stated ”Specialty pharmacy provides a crucial and unique service to the most vulnerable patients in the country, ensuring they have access to the life-changing medications they need, along with the necessary support to succeed with complex treatments.“ She further commented, ”This year’s NASP award honorees are exemplary representatives of the specialty pharmacy industry.“ You can learn more about the association and the Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award by visiting the NASP website.

President Chandra Wahrgren noted, ”One of Ardon’s company values is to exercise the courage to be different and to foster change…we seek to transform rather than simply adapt.“ She added, ”We are truly honored to receive this award, which validates our patient-focused team is making a positive difference.“

Ardon’s innovative oncology program, designed to ensure patient safety, optimize therapies and improve outcomes was referenced in the presentation of the Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award. Ardon’s Vice President of Business Development, Grant Knowles, commented, ”Exceptional clinical programs and patient care are the highest priority at Ardon…. We are happy, grateful and proud to know our work to elevate the practice of specialty pharmacy has been recognized by our industry peers.“

Ardon Health, a specialty pharmacy based in Portland, Oregon, provides a wide range of specialty medications and personalized patient care nationwide. While primarily serving the Pacific Northwest, the company is focused on optimizing patient outcomes through the delivery of high-quality, compassionate specialty pharmacy services to patients in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Ardon’s experienced clinical pharmacists have expertise in the treatment of numerous complex diseases and health conditions. Ardon is accredited for specialty pharmacy by both URAC and ACHC and is one of the first pharmacies to achieve ACHC Distinction in Oncology. For additional information about Ardon Health, please visit