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Stories of San Francisco's west side, The Outside Lands.
Outside Lands San Francisco


Woody LaBounty and David Gallagher of Western Neighborhoods Project (outsidelands.org) share San Francisco west side neighborhood history with humor, a real fact or two, and much-better-informed occasional guests.

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355: Francisco Heights

Dec 7, 2019 30:05


Francisco Heights was a 1930s public housing project that never was. Imagine 11 buildings for 2500 residents near present-day USF.

354: Masonic Cemetery

Nov 29, 2019 32:32


Today on WNP cemetery talk, we explore the history of the Masonic Cemetery on Lone Mountain, the disinterment in the 30s, and the encroachment by the University of San Francisco.

353: San Francisco Heritage

Nov 23, 2019 34:27


In a City under pressure for constant change, San Francisco Heritage protects and preserves the cultural and architectural legacy of this great city. Woody LaBounty, a WNP co-founder, recently joined the staff of SF Heritage and talks about his new role and organization.

352: The Nightclubs of 3595 Taraval

Nov 9, 2019 24:28


The building at 46th and Taraval has an unexpectedly colorful, if not checkered, past. What is that two-story silo on the corner?

351: Breon Gate

Nov 1, 2019 22:11


You can appreciate the Breon Gate the next time you're waiting for the light on 19th Avenue and Lincoln. But what is its origin? Who built it and when?

350: The Presidio Theatre

Oct 25, 2019 27:35


The rehabilitated Presidio Theatre recently opened to the public for the first time in 25 years. What began as a WPA project is back in its new, state of the art glory.

349: Cutting Through Golden Gate Park - Part 1

Oct 19, 2019 29:23


Nineteenth Avenue began its transformation from a residential street into six lane highway in the 1930s. Learn about the driving forces behind the expansion.

348: The Anderson Sisters School of Dance

Oct 12, 2019 29:28


Jack Anderson's talented sisters, Lenore and Jean, owned and operated the Anderson Sisters School of Dance on Clement Street. Learn which beloved actor performed there early in their career.

347: Paul´s Hat Works

Oct 5, 2019 29:44


Paul's Hat Works has been adorning heads in the City and the Richmond for almost 100 years. Abbie Dwelle, the Hat Works current owner, joins the pod to share its history.

346 The Lincoln Highway

Sep 28, 2019 24:50


Why does Lincoln Highway end in San Francisco, and why is it named after our 16th President? David, Woody and Nicole discuss the western terminus of America's first transcontinental road.

345 Robert Emmet Statue

Sep 21, 2019 20:41


Who placed a statue of the doomed Irish rebellion leader in Golden Gate Park? Learn the story of the Robert Emmet monument that now stands near the California Academy of Science.

344: Cliff House Portraits

Sep 14, 2019 29:00


In the early 1900s, some professional portrait photos were the selfies of the day. John Freeman drops by to talk about the photographers who made a living taking photos of visitors to west side attractions.

343: Vanished West Side Schools

Sep 7, 2019 30:12


Learn what happened to some of the schools on the West Side that no longer exist. The constant ebb and flow of the City's population, evolving teaching philosophies, and buildings that outlive their usefulness, schools come and go.

342: August 2019 Mailbag

Aug 30, 2019 31:15


The listeners speak! Woody, David, and Nicole answer listener mail, own up to mistakes, and make some quick takes on a variety of topics.

341: Recycling Midwinter Fair

Aug 24, 2019 30:39


Guest John Martini joins Nicole, David, and Woody to discuss how many of the attractions and buildings from the California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894 were repurposed after the fair concluded.

340: The Trocadero

Aug 17, 2019 27:12


The 1890s roadhouse still standing in Stern Grove.

339: The Wreck of the Reporter

Aug 10, 2019 23:59


One Ocean Beach shipwreck the city turned out for in 1902.

338: The Hot House

Aug 3, 2019 29:19


The Spanish-inspired eatery at Ocean Beach that survived the end of Playland.

337: Windsor Terrace

Jul 26, 2019 24:42


The story of the Inner Sunset development with the elegant brick column gateway. And big WNP news.

336: Torlakson House

Jul 20, 2019 22:12


The story of Carvel Torlakson and 806 47th Avenue, possibly the oldest standing building in the Richmond District.

335: Gene's Liquors

Jul 9, 2019 23:02


The Parkside District's pioneer corner grocery.

334: Closing the Midwinter Fair

Jul 6, 2019 21:32


The last official days of the California Midwinter International Exposition.

333: Laguna Honda

Jun 29, 2019 30:28


The story of the San Francisco lake in the hills.

332: Goddess of the Forest

Jun 22, 2019 25:28


Dudley Carter's sculpture and its journey from the Golden Gate International Exposition to Golden Gate Park to City College.

331: San Francisco Ice Arena

Jun 15, 2019 26:03


The mid block skating rink that operated on 48th Avenue between Kirkham and Lawton Streets from the 1920s to the 1990s.

330: Golden Gate Park Bands

Jun 7, 2019 27:58


From 1882 to the 1894 Midwinter Fair to Sundays today, the history of bands in the park.

329: Bicycles on the West Side

Jun 1, 2019 28:45


Two wheels on the west side from the 1890s to today.

328: Memorial to the Missing

May 26, 2019 24:32


Monument in the Presidio dedicated to World War II servicemen lost in the Pacific.

327: Heidelberg Castle

May 18, 2019 24:19


The German village concession at the 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition in Golden Gate Park.

326: Truck Farms

May 11, 2019 24:23


Italian truck farms on the west side of the city, leased by "I Giardinieri" (the gardeners), fed San Francisco for decades.

325: Great White Fleet

May 4, 2019 29:56


In May 1908, the entire city turned out for the US Navy's globe-circling show of might and goodwill.

324: SF Assessor-Recorder

Apr 27, 2019 21:29


Carmen Chu details the photos, and historical records available to the public for research and education, and an exciting new project with the library.

323: Easter on Mount Davidson

Apr 20, 2019 29:26


The tradition of sunrise services on San Francisco's highest peak.

322: Conservatory of Flowers Myths

Apr 13, 2019 34:35


Guest Chelsea Sellin shares some legends about the Golden Gate Park landmark on its 140th birthday.

321: Portal Heights

Apr 6, 2019 26:37


Curvy streets in the Sunset? The mystery of Cecelia Avenue revealed.

320: Ferries & Cliff Railroad

Mar 30, 2019 31:20


Steam locomotives once puffed through the Richmond District.

319: Butter Sculptress of the Midwinter Fair

Mar 23, 2019 34:37


The story of Caroline Brooks, Centennial Butter Sculptress at the 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition.

318: Verdi Monument

Mar 16, 2019 27:25


The impressive tribute in Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse to Italy's famous composer.

317: Quigley Family

Mar 9, 2019 31:28


An historic Inner Sunset family who lived in, and made, Golden Gate Park.

316: San Francisco History Center

Mar 1, 2019 33:02


Guest Christina Moretta, photo curator from the San Francisco History Center at the San Francisco Public Library, gives an overview of the city's official archives.

315: Sunset Reservoir

Feb 23, 2019 28:06


177 million gallons of water is just the start of the story.

314: Women Artists at the Midwinter Fair

Feb 16, 2019 31:40


The Fine Arts Building of the 1894 California Midwinter International Fair in Golden Gate Park and the many female artists featured.

313: Worcester Avenue

Feb 9, 2019 22:33


The history and significance of a one-block San Francisco street.

312: Hotel Cairns

Feb 2, 2019 28:56


The former roadhouse and sanitarium at the corner of 36th Avenue and Fulton Street.

311: Columbia Heights

Jan 26, 2019 30:28


The mini-neighborhood laid out along San Jose Avenue in 1893 with dairies and a one-man water company.

310: Bonet's Electric Tower

Jan 19, 2019 31:39


The centerpiece of the 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition in Golden Gate Park.

309: Carol Schuldt

Jan 12, 2019 29:34


The story of Kelly's Cove's "Queen of the Beach," who passed away on December 1, 2018.

308: California Gliders Club

Jan 5, 2019 28:47


1920s aviators flew over the sand dunes of San Francisco's west side.

307: Snow in San Francisco

Dec 29, 2018 29:20


On rare occasions, white stuff has fallen on the city by the bay.

306: Sutro's Ashes

Dec 22, 2018 32:31


Mysterious object, relocated ashes, shadowy characters... John Martini unearths the stories behind Adolph Sutro's missing remains.

305: Francis Scott Key Monument

Dec 15, 2018 29:05


The story of a peripatetic statue, that looks like a wedding cake top, in Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse.

304: Lakeshore Park

Dec 8, 2018 26:53


Woody, David, & Nicole tell the story of the Gellert Brothers-built neighborhood that sits between two lakes and was the home of the mysterious GET.

303: Alma Keith

Dec 1, 2018 28:49


302: Transpacific Cable

Nov 24, 2018 28:53


In December 1902, a communications connection to Asia was launched from San Francisco's Ocean Beach.

301: Ansel Adams House

Nov 17, 2018 24:01


The famed photographer of Yosemite and the 'Range of Light' grew up in the Richmond District.

300: Western Neighborhoods Project

Nov 10, 2018 29:27


Hey, we are history too now! For the 300th podcast we talk about the venerable organization named the Western Neighborhoods Project.

299: Monterey Heights

Nov 3, 2018 30:20


The houses and stories (bootleggers, raffles, and more) in a residential neighborhood on the slope of Mount Davidson.

298: West Side Equestrianism

Oct 27, 2018 27:06


Horse-riding on the west side, the Golden Gate Park stables, and David's fear of the saddle.

297: The 1868 Earthquake

Oct 20, 2018 27:32


Arnold Woods joins us to mark the 150th anniversary of the October 21, 1868 earthquake on the Hayward Fault, the city's first 'Big One.'

296: Rancho San Miguel

Oct 6, 2018 28:25


A Mexican land grant from 1845 still reverberates on the San Francisco's west side 173 years later.

295: Chet Born Fire Collection

Sep 29, 2018 25:45


Guardians of the City and WNP are partnering to bring dramatic images of SF Fire Department by Chet Born and others to the public.

294: 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

Sep 22, 2018 24:31


After many requests, the history of the 16th Avenue tiled steps on Golden Gate Heights.

293: San Francisco Model Yacht Club

Sep 15, 2018 22:05


Rob Weaver, Vice Commodore of the SFMYC at Spreckels Lake, takes us through 120 years of model boating in Golden Gate Park.

292: San Francisco Model of 1939-40

Sep 8, 2018 36:08


Stella Lochman from SFMOMA describes efforts to salvage a 40-foot model of the whole city and find ways to bring it back to the public.

291: Baird Estate

Sep 1, 2018 30:26


Explosions, mysterious deaths, lawsuits, and one family's outsized influence on lots of land at the edge of the Outside Lands.

290: Bay District Racetrack

Aug 25, 2018 25:48


From the 1870s to the 1890s, horse racing drew crowds to what are today blocks of Inner Richmond homes.

289: Richmond Dairies

Aug 18, 2018 20:43


Cows? In the Richmond District? Plus, milk detective!

288: San Francisco Botanical Garden

Aug 11, 2018 27:44


The 55 acres in Golden Gate Park we used to know as the Strybing Arboretum can take you around the world and even through time.

287: Charlotte Estes

Aug 4, 2018 23:46


A mysterious monument in a city park. Who was Charlotte Estes?

286: Emperor Norton Treasure Hunt

Jul 28, 2018 22:09


From 1953 to the early 1960s, the San Francisco Chronicle sent thousands of treasure-hunting locals around the city to dig in parks, beaches, and front yards.

285: Chris McKeon and Happy Homes

Jul 22, 2018 22:55


The story of one influential Sunset District builder. Plus, an exciting change for Outside Lands San Francisco podcast.

284: Ocean Beach Pavilion

Jul 17, 2018 26:38


88 years at the beach housing dance halls, restaurants, rock concerts, and slot car racing.

283: Anton LaVey

Jul 8, 2018 28:36


Founder of the Church of Satan and Richmond District resident.

282: 1951 San Francisco Dons

Jul 1, 2018 25:15


The story of the greatest college football team in San Francisco history.

281: Sutro’s Coal Mine

Jun 24, 2018 25:18


What hides in the mysterious tunnels on the cliffs just outside the Golden Gate?

280: Balboa Terrace

Jun 16, 2018 28:59


The residence park with Spanish Colonial Revival villas and Storybook cottages.

279: Baldwin Book

Jun 9, 2018 31:04


A 1910 assessment of a vast amount of San Francisco properties with original photos.

278: Balboa Reservoirs

May 27, 2018 30:57


Why are the two reservoirs across from City College used for parking and not water? And what will happen to that land? We have some answers, thanks to researcher Amy O’Hair.

277: Heroes Grove

May 26, 2018 25:25


Memorial Day 99 years ago a grove of redwoods was dedicated to those who died in World War I.

276: Shriners Hospital

May 19, 2018 23:42


Now a senior living center, the impressive brick building on 19th Avenue was created to help children.

275: Cyclers Rest

May 12, 2018 24:33


The two-towered redwood edifice moved from the 1894 Midwinter Fair to Ocean Beach to serve drinks to bicyclists.

274: Ocean Terrace

May 5, 2018 34:16


John Martini tells us of the vanished strip of saloons, taffy stands, and shooting galleries across from Sutro Heights, including the legendary presence of "Baby" Schmidt.

273: May Day

Apr 28, 2018 20:04


The big May Day celebrations that used to be held in Golden Gate Park, the Parkside District, and across the city. How many maypoles there used to be...so many...

272: Broad Street Firehouse

Apr 20, 2018 22:53


The Ocean View neighborhood's most significant landmark building dates from 1896. Stables, hay loft, and a tower that is not for a bell...

271: Dr. Rosen and the 4th Avenue House

Apr 11, 2018 28:43


The story of a specialist for "female trouble" in a Sunset District house.

270: Big Rec

Apr 7, 2018 28:20


The story of the baseball fields on Golden Gate Park, from the Park Bums to 16 games at a time in the 1930s.

269: Merced Manor

Mar 31, 2018 21:19


Marketed as "The White City," the housing development between Stern Grove and Stonestown was built in Spanish style during the Depression.

268: Mechanics' Institute

Mar 24, 2018 28:32


Taryn Edwards joins us to tell the story of the 163-year-old Mechanics' Institute at 57 Post Street, with library, chess room, events, and coolest staircase in the city.

267: The Irish Mile

Mar 17, 2018 23:21


Reviewing the Irish bars of the Inner Richmond along Geary Boulevard, from Ireland 32 to The Blarney Stone. Plus, fond memories of Pat O'Shea's.

266: Kelly's Pond

Mar 9, 2018 25:42


One mysterious body of water and the art of old photo detective work demonstrated by Andrew Milhailovsky.

265: Sutro Women

Mar 4, 2018 27:01


Guest Nicole Meldahl shares the stories of the women in the life of Adolph Sutro.

264: Lakes of Golden Gate Park

Feb 25, 2018 30:10


The bodies of water both natural and human-made. How many can you name?

263: Ishi

Feb 10, 2018 27:12


The story of a remarkable man from the Yahi people and his time at today's University of California, San Francisco. (UCSF)

262: Opening the Twin Peaks Tunnel

Feb 4, 2018 26:02


Recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the streetcar tunnel that opened up the southwest side of San Francisco.

261: Polly Ann Ice Cream

Jan 27, 2018 20:57


The story of the Sunset landmark where you can spin-a-flavor.

260: Childrens Playground

Jan 21, 2018 30:53


The landmark Golden Gate Park playground, plus live recording listener questions and trivia.

259: Koffee Kup

Jan 14, 2018 21:24


David and Woody, in the first live show of the podcast, talk about the Geary restaurant-nightclub that stood beside the Alexandria Theatre.

258: Last Year, This Year

Jan 7, 2018 23:19


Woody and David review the local history highlights from 2017 and talk up big WNP plans for 2018.

257: Chinese in the Outer Sunset

Dec 31, 2017 29:53


Palma You and Steve Haines talk about a project of the Chinese Historical Society of America on Chinese history in the Sunset District.

256: Christmas Tree Point

Dec 23, 2017 15:36


We push east to Christmas Tree Point on Twin Peaks and talk about why it is called that.

255: David Rumsey Map Collection

Dec 17, 2017 18:07


The story of the great online map collection, boon to researchers and a curious public.

254: Sunset District 1900

Dec 10, 2017 17:07


The challenges of the rural Inner Sunset District at the dawn of the 20th Century.

253: St. Francis Riding Academy

Dec 3, 2017 28:21


Guest John Freeman talks of a Richmond District equestrian center that stood from 1904-1958.

252: Olympic Salt Water Pier

Nov 26, 2017 21:29


The pipe and pier that brought salt water from Ocean Beach to the Lurline Baths and clubs downtown.

251: Presidio of San Francisco, Part 2

Nov 19, 2017 30:49


Former National Park Service ranger John Martini returns to tell more Presidio history.

250: Presidio of San Francisco

Nov 12, 2017 44:54


Special double-length 250th episode with former National Park Service ranger John Martini.

249: Listener Mail Extravaganza

Nov 5, 2017 18:59


David and Woody talk cummerbunds and let the listeners speak out.

248: Bridge Theatre

Oct 28, 2017 17:34


From Charles Boyer to Peaches Christ, the Bridge Theater on Geary hosted it all.

247: Renaming the Richmond

Oct 22, 2017 18:38


One hundred years ago, community leaders in the Richmond District decided to change the neighborhood name (again.)

246: Pioneer Log Cabin and Environs

Oct 15, 2017 19:09


Golden Gate Park's meadow of pioneer and colonial related monuments.

245: L-Taraval Streetcar

Oct 8, 2017 16:52


The story of the streetcar that runs through the Parkside, Sunset, and, at one time, open sand dunes.

244: Seal Rocks

Oct 1, 2017 21:20


Off the Cliff House and visited by pinnipeds, daredevils, and stranded surfers.

243: City College of San Francisco

Sep 24, 2017 24:10


From the San Francisco Junior College to free tuition, the history of City College.

242: West Side What Ifs

Sep 17, 2017 25:56


Playland still in business? End of streetcars? World's Fair at Lake Merced? Imagining different west sides.

241: Ida McCain

Sep 10, 2017 31:31


Inge Horton tells about a trailblazing female architect who designed hundreds of west side houses.

240: Green Apple Books

Sep 3, 2017 22:47


Celebrating 50 years of a Richmond District institution.

239: Arden Wood

Aug 27, 2017 21:48


The Christian Science institution built in the trees at the end of West Portal Avenue in 1930.

238: Irish on the West Side

Aug 20, 2017 26:18


Elizabeth Creely visits to talk about Irish-American San Francisco, east and west side.

237: Sea Cliff

Aug 13, 2017 20:44


The showcase neighborhood overlooking the Golden Gate.

236: 49 Mile Scenic Drive

Aug 6, 2017 27:50


Kristine Poggioli and Carolyn Eidson explain what the 49 Mile Scenic Drive is and how to walk it today.

235: Zoo Trains

Jul 30, 2017 26:16


We remember all the trains in the San Francisco Zoo, from the Little Puffer to the playground locomotive to the Elephant train.

234: Golden Gate Heights

Jul 23, 2017 29:53


The story of the neighborhood perched between (and above) the Sunset District and Forest Hill.

233: Anglers Lodge and Casting Pools

Jul 16, 2017 18:57


An alpine cabin and concrete ponds hidden in a Golden Gate Park grove.

232: Sea Lions of Lake Merced

Jul 9, 2017 21:21


An 1890s idea to catch invasive carp backfires.

231: Roosevelt Middle School

Jul 1, 2017 26:29


A Richmond District junior high with unusual architecture and at least one famous alum.

230: Sutro Forest

Jun 25, 2017 24:43


The story of the San Francisco tree plantation that once stretched from the Inner Sunset to the Ingleside District.

229: Christofferson Brothers

Jun 18, 2017 26:54


Tim McIntosh tells of early aircraft building and flying brothers who had a flight school at Ocean Beach.

228: Trad'r Sam

Jun 11, 2017 23:32


The Outer Richmond District's venerable South Seas bar.

227: Grove of Memory

Jun 4, 2017 21:12


Golden Gate Park's redwood grove, with Doughboy statue, commemorating Native Sons who died in 20th Century wars.

226: Golden Gate Bridge at 80

May 28, 2017 23:39


San Francisco’s best known landmark has a birthday.

225: Columbus Alice Fong Yu School

May 21, 2017 22:59


The story of a landmark language immersion school in the Sunset District.

224: Kezar Stadium Re-do

May 14, 2017 24:21


Don't listen to podcast episode #1! This is a better look at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park.

223: Department of Public Works Images

May 7, 2017 22:17


Why did a San Francisco city agency take so many photographs and why are they important?

222: Fires of 1906

Apr 29, 2017 25:45


Fire, not earthquake, destroyed most of San Francisco in 1906.

221: Japanese Tea Garden

Apr 23, 2017 28:29


Gardener and historian Steven Pitsenbarger gives the story of Golden Gate Park's crown jewel.

220: Legion of Honor

Apr 16, 2017 25:44


The history of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor---art, an organ, and a view.

219: Midtown Terrace

Apr 9, 2017 23:05


The mid-century development nestled in San Francisco's Twin Peaks.

218: Parkside Theater

Apr 2, 2017 22:16


The history of a neighborhood theater, home of Tom Mix, Led Zeppelin, and a lot of toddlers.

217: San Francisco History Days

Mar 26, 2017 26:51


The present and future of the city's most popular history event in the Old Mint.

216: Leonard-Poole House

Mar 19, 2017 21:30


The story of San Francisco landmark #213 at 90 Cedro in Ingleside Terraces.

215: Monarch the Grizzly Bear

Mar 12, 2017 21:03


The story of a grizzly captured, and later kept in Golden Gate Park, who was the model for the state flag.

214: Richmond Heights

Mar 3, 2017 23:42


A 1910s micro-neighborhood with residence park aspirations and Craftsman houses.

213: Laguna Honda School

Feb 26, 2017 24:05


The story of a Sunset school, the saloon next door, and "milk punch."

212: Johnnie the Birdman

Feb 19, 2017 20:56


The story of a nineteenth century bird-act busker at Ocean Beach.

211: Richmond and Sunset Branch Libraries

Feb 12, 2017 26:34


Two classic west side branches of the San Francisco Public Library were built with a grant from Andrew Carnegie.

210: Ocean House

Feb 5, 2017 19:01


The roadhouse that catered to sports at Lake Merced from the 1850s to the 1880s.

209: Golden Gate Park Music Stand

Jan 29, 2017 24:06


The history of bandshells, music stands, and the Temple of Music.

208: The Bird Rescue of 1971

Jan 22, 2017 22:15


Susan McCarthy tells how a 1971 oil spill brought hippies and hardhats together for clean-up efforts at Ocean Beach and the creation of International Bird Rescue.

207: The Human Be-In

Jan 15, 2017 19:30


Nicole Meldahl and Arnold Woods come to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Polo Fields' happening.

206: Geary Park and Ocean Railroad

Jan 8, 2017 25:56


When cable cars and steam trains ran on Geary Street to the Richmond District. Plus, a listener mail question!

205: Brotherhood Way

Jan 1, 2017 25:36


The story of a unique drive reserved for religious and fraternal organizations in the late 1950s.

204: Christmas Traditions

Dec 25, 2016 18:13


Local christmas traditions and stories old and new, from roof rides to holiday firehouses.

203: Streetcar to the Stars

Dec 17, 2016 17:59


The story of the 6-line, which started as a streetcar that made a neighborhood party.

202: Golden Gate Park Lifesaving Station

Dec 11, 2016 18:01


The story of the surfmen who did service at Ocean Beach from 1878 to 1951.

201: 100 Years of St. Cecilia Catholic Parish

Dec 2, 2016 22:10


Guest Frank Dunnigan talks about the first century of a Parkside District parish.

200: The 200th Podcast

Nov 27, 2016 23:05


Listener mail and more.

199: Mark Daniels

Nov 18, 2016 20:15


Landscape architect for Forest Hill, part of Sea Cliff, the National Park Service.

198: Charlie Sava

Nov 13, 2016 18:46


Legendary swim coach of olympians and 50,000 city school kids.

197: N-Judah Streetcar

Nov 6, 2016 19:36


On October 21, 1928, MUNI opened the N-Judah line to an extremely jubuliant Sunset District.

196: Growing Up in San Francisco

Oct 31, 2016 22:57


Native west side son Frank Dunnigan drops by to share more memories and preview his new book.

195: San Francisco History Association

Oct 23, 2016 24:13


Collector Ron Ross shares his personal history in the city and the 35 year history of the San Francisco History Association.

194: Sloat Boulevard

Oct 17, 2016 18:06


From the zoo to St. Francis Circle, stories about San Francisco's widest (maybe) street.

193: Love Pageant Rally

Oct 10, 2016 15:02


Nicole Meldahl tells the story of the Love Pageant Rally, which happened 50 years ago this week.

192: Tait's at the Beach

Oct 2, 2016 21:09


Once called Oceanside House and the House of Mystery, a legendary Ocean Beach roadhouse.

191: San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club

Sep 25, 2016 14:44


Since 1901, players in white have trod the bowling greens in Golden Gate Park.

190: Sherwood Forest

Sep 19, 2016 23:06


Guest Jacquie Proctor comes by to tell the story of the city's highest and most secret neighborhood.

189: Model Homes of San Francisco

Sep 11, 2016 30:14


Odd and interesting model homes of the west side when developers had to work to sell city real estate.

188: Holy Virgin Cathedral

Sep 3, 2016 18:54


The five golden domes over the Richmond District and the center of Russian Orthodox life in San Francisco.

187: Emperor Norton

Aug 28, 2016 27:51


Guest Joseph Amster shares the story, proclamations, and continuing legacy of San Francisco's first and only emperor.

186: Lands End Station

Aug 23, 2016 15:13


The rise and slide of a cliffside, trackside refreshment stand that faced the Golden Gate.

185: Abbey Stones of Golden Gate Park

Aug 14, 2016 20:06


The story of a medieval Spanish monastery's journey in pieces to San Francisco.

184: St. Emydius Catholic Church

Aug 7, 2016 21:30


An Ingleside District institution with origins in San Francisco's 1906 Earthquake and Fire. And listener mail!

183: 16th and Irving Street Gas Station

Jul 31, 2016 18:20


Ruins of the gas station run by Jack Goldsworthy, closed but still dream-inspiring.

182: The Boneyard

Jul 24, 2016 15:25


The where, why, and when of a streetcar cemetery and storage block in the Inner Sunset District.

181: Country Club Acres

Jul 17, 2016 24:22


A secret southwestern San Francisco neighborhood, plus listener mail!

180: Coliseum Theatre

Jul 10, 2016 18:13


Remembering one of the Richmond District theaters, now condos and a drug store.

179: Golden Gate Park Panhandle

Jul 3, 2016 18:58


The history of and changes to the groomed strip leading into Golden Gate Park.

178: 50th Anniversary of the Sutro Baths Fire

Jun 27, 2016 21:21


The massive conflagration that ended a part of San Francisco history.

177: Lowell High School

Jun 19, 2016 17:34


We visit the oldest public high school west of the Mississippi River.

176: Aviation in the Outside Lands

Jun 12, 2016 18:44


Airplanes, gliders, and flying machines built and flown in San Francisco's west side in the early 20th Century.

175: Ron Jones and Life in the Sunset

Jun 5, 2016 25:54


Storyteller Ron Jones tells tales of growing up on 46th Avenue, going to Playland, and working at the Rec Center for the Handicapped.

174: West Clay Park

May 29, 2016 20:41


The hidden housing development in the Richmond District with a famous photographer connection.

173: Park Presidio Boulevard

May 21, 2016 22:43


The story of how the Golden Gate Bridge changed a bucolic boulevard in the Richmond.

172: Henry Gutterson

May 8, 2016 21:00


Shining a light on a lesser-known Bay Area architect who designed over 100 west side houses and a couple of registered landmarks.

171: Carzonia Apartments

May 1, 2016 21:29


A quirky row of apartments made of cable cars were created In the Richmond District after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

170: Edgewood Center

Apr 24, 2016 18:34


With origins from the 1850s, the former Protestant Orphanage still serving children in new ways in the Parkside District.

169: 1906 Earthquake Commemoration

Apr 16, 2016 20:48


Every year, San Franciscans old and young gather at Lotta's Fountain to remember the earthquake and fire of 1906

168: de Young Museum

Apr 10, 2016 22:49


With origins from the 1894 Midwinter Fair in Golden Gate Park, the evolution of San Francisco's fine arts museum

167: Mothers Building

Apr 3, 2016 15:36


National landmark in the San Francisco Zoo has WPA murals and mosaics by local women artists. Can it be saved?

166: Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse

Mar 28, 2016 19:34


The past and future of the historic transit complex at Geneva and San Jose Avenues, with guest Alex Mullaney.

165: Ocean Beach Archeology

Mar 20, 2016 19:51


Mysterious concrete structures and stairways recently revealed at San Francisco's Ocean Beach.

164: Listener Mail

Mar 13, 2016 26:05


Compliments and corrections to Woody and David, who take them all with humor and contrition. And bonus tall tales.

163: Outside Lands Act of 1866

Mar 7, 2016 26:57


For the 150th anniversary of the Outside Lands Act, guest Arnold Woods explains how the western neighborhoods were added to San Francisco.

162: San Francisco History Days

Feb 28, 2016 19:09


Preview of the sixth gathering of local history groups at the Old Mint March 5-6, 2016

161: Parkmerced

Feb 21, 2016 29:05


The story of the apartment city-within-a-city on the shore of Lake Merced

160: Sunnyside District

Feb 14, 2016 21:23


Visiting the creme de la creme of San Francisco subdivisions, where it isn't always sunny.

159: Twin Peaks Tunnel

Feb 8, 2016 24:15


The story of the Municipal Railway streetcar tunnel that opened up the West of Twin Peaks neighborhoods.

158: Presidio Terrace

Jan 31, 2016 22:03


Begun in 1905, the residence park that sparked a boom in San Francisco master-planned communities.

157: Fort Funston

Jan 24, 2016 27:59


Guns, dogs, hang gliders, and more about the land at the southwest corner of San Francisco.

156: City Cemetery

Jan 18, 2016 28:17


John Martini tells the story of the cemetery where Lincoln Park is today, and what remains.

155: Golden Gate Park Golf Course

Jan 10, 2016 20:34


The hidden 9-hole pitch and putt, and mail from 13 listeners.

154: The Year 2015 for WNP

Jan 3, 2016 25:16


The good, the awesome, and the super great year for Western Neighborhoods Project.

153: The Park-Presidio Improvement Association

Dec 28, 2015 23:36


A strange Greek revival building in the Inner Richmond was once home to a powerful political organization.

152: Parkway Terrace

Dec 21, 2015 25:28


Fine homes and curving concrete benches in an early housing development in the middle of the Sunset District.

151: OpenSFHistory

Dec 14, 2015 22:46


Making private collections public, the new WNP program offers up thousands historical San Francisco images.

150: Willard Worden

Dec 6, 2015 24:09


Researcher and author Jim Ganz on bringing a great San Francisco photographer back into the spotlight.

149: George Washington High School

Nov 23, 2015 20:49


David and Woody stumble through the story of a landmark west side high school. Help them!

148: Ingleside District

Nov 17, 2015 22:28


Laid out as Lakeview, the valley land along Ocean Avenue became the Ingleside District.

147: Bernal History Project

Nov 9, 2015 23:27


We go east for Bernal Heights history with guest Vicky Walker.

146: Sutro Tower

Nov 2, 2015 19:03


San Francisco icon or eyesore? The history of Sutro Tower.

145: San Francisco State

Oct 26, 2015 25:20


The story of the California State University beside San Francisco's Lake Merced.

144: Jordan Park

Oct 19, 2015 23:38


The story behind the wide streets and stately houses of Jordan Park in the Inner Richmond

143: President Taft Visits San Francisco

Oct 12, 2015 22:20


Touring San Francisco, digging in the Polo Fields, and motoring down Clement Street in 1911.

142: Mile Rock Lighthouse

Oct 5, 2015 21:25


The story of a dramatic sea-surrounded lighthouse just outside the Golden Gate.

141: West Side Water

Sep 28, 2015 27:18


Water expert Joel Pomerantz joins Woody and David to talk about the flow of H2O, where it is, where it was, and where it goes.

140: Sunset District Streetcar Lines

Sep 21, 2015 24:46


A review of streetcar lines serving San Francisco's largest neighborhood, including pre-MUNI routes.

139: Kelly’s Cove

Sep 15, 2015 21:59


San Francisco’s legendary cold water surfing spot. And, yes, we tell you who Kelly was.

138: Tornado House of the Sunset

Sep 7, 2015 18:23


The story of an extreme weather event in 1930, and what can still be seen from it on 46th Avenue.

137: Cornelius Stagg

Aug 31, 2015 18:07


A famous west side host and sporting man, who helped name the Ingleside, came to a tragic end in the 1890s.

136: Playland at the Beach

Aug 24, 2015 23:57


The long-gone, much-missed amusement park where the sand meets the sea in the Richmond District.

135: Lakeside District

Aug 19, 2015 16:44


Thousands of people pass by this insulated enclave every day, the icelandic vision of small town America called Lakeside.

134: Ingleside Presbyterian Church

Aug 10, 2015 18:01


Inside a west side church is one of the most awe-inspiring and unknown landmarks in San Francisco.

133: Ben Butler

Aug 3, 2015 18:03


The story of San Francisco's most famous sea lion that had a life after death at Seal Rocks.

132: St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Jul 26, 2015 25:30


With roots back to the 1850s, St. Ignatius has been a Sunset District institution for over 40 years.

131: Portals of the Past

Jul 19, 2015 21:46


The story of the famous classical columns at Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park, and where they came from.

130: West Portal

Jul 13, 2015 20:17


The story of West Portal, the neighborhood and the avenue.

129: Prelinger Library

Jul 6, 2015 20:45


Megan Prelinger tells us about the one of most open physical libraries in the world, right in San Francisco!

128: Coronet Theatre

Jun 28, 2015 20:54


Home of Star Wars premieres, Oklahoma, and 1,300 stadium seats on Geary Boulevard, the recent-gone Coronet opened in 1949.

127: Henry Doelger

Jun 21, 2015 22:22


Home builder and character who had a great impact on San Francisco's Sunset District.

126: Ingleside Coursing Park

Jun 14, 2015 19:51


In the 1890s, greyhounds competed along Ocean Avenue at the Ingleside Coursing Park. Plus, Connemara the superdog!

125: GGNRA Park Archives

Jun 8, 2015 22:37


Amanda Williford from the Golden Gate Park Archives tells us about 6 million historical items, some stuffed in old stables.

124: Golden Gate Park Carousel

May 31, 2015 18:21


Inside a Roman temple in Golden Gate Park you can still ride a goat, a dragon, or a giraffe in circles.

123: Shipwrecks of Ocean Beach

May 24, 2015 28:43


Maritime craft going aground on San Francisco's Ocean Beach and Lands End

122: Big Alma Spreckels

May 17, 2015 23:29


Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, mother of the Palace of the Legion of Honor, and a real SF character

121: San Francisco Maritime Research Center

May 10, 2015 25:31


Gina Bardi tells us about the city's premier archive of maritime history. Crazy fact: 100,000 watercraft plans!

120: Temple Emanu-El

May 3, 2015 30:25


Judi Leff shares the history of Richmond District landmark Temple Emanu-El. Plus Emperor Norton!

119: Golf Courses

Apr 26, 2015 21:43


San Francisco's earliest golf courses were created on the city's west side, including the Ingleside.

118: The 1906 Earthquake and Fire

Apr 19, 2015 23:09


A seminal day for San Francisco and the western neighborhoods: April 18, 1906

117: Olympic Grounds

Apr 12, 2015 24:20


Guest Angus Macfarlane tells us when San Francisco's Olympic Club cavorted in the heart of the Inner Sunset District.

116: Courtesy of a Private Collector

Apr 6, 2015 22:12


Nicole Meldahl describes the significance and breadth of the "Courtesy of a Private Collector" historical images and how WNP is conserving, cataloging, and sharing them.

115: UC San Francisco and the Affiliated Colleges

Mar 29, 2015 27:27


The history of the University of CA-San Francisco, begun as the Affiliated Colleges, and how it ended up in the Inner Sunset.

114: Shaping San Francisco

Mar 22, 2015 29:25


Chris Carlsson and LisaRuth Elliott talk about their energetic and engaging local history work. Bikes, CD-ROMS, and more.

113: Mount Davidson

Mar 15, 2015 23:06


We go to San Francisco's highest natural peak, which is topped by a 113-foot concrete cross and lots of trees that look like a hairline.

112: SF History Expo and PPIE100

Mar 7, 2015 20:24


February 2015 has been a busy month for San Francisco history. David and Woody have the recap.

111: Beertown

Feb 28, 2015 23:12


John Freeman joins us to talk about days when Fulton Street in the Richmond District had an intoxicating reputation.

110: El Rey Theatre

Feb 21, 2015 19:44


The mighty El Rey Theatre, designed by Timothy Pflueger, opened on Ocean Avenue in 1931.

109: Francis Scott Key School

Feb 14, 2015 20:17


Oh say can you see two distinctive Outer Sunset buildings with roots from one San Francisco school?

108: Golden Gate Park

Feb 6, 2015 24:17


Established in 1870, Golden Gate Park is the jewel of San Francisco.

107: Fernando Nelson

Feb 1, 2015 28:12


John Freeman joins us to talk about Fernando Nelson, a builder and early automobile enthusiast, who built thousands of homes from the 1880s to the 1930s across San Francisco, including the Richmond District, Sunset District, and West Portal.

106: Sutro Heights

Jan 24, 2015 27:00


Sutro Heights, a San Francisco park high above the Pacific Ocean, was the personal estate of Adolph Sutro - a land of fake Greek statues, fake rocks, and maybe the real remains of Sutro himself.

105: The Casino

Jan 18, 2015 20:22


A casino in Golden Gate Park? Of a sort, before the 1880s libations parlor was moved to Fulton Street to become a well-known roadhouse.

104: SF Genealogy

Jan 11, 2015 20:57


Ron Filion, creator of one of the first SF History websites, tells us about the amazing sfgenealogy.com he runs with Pam Storm!

103: 2014 in Review

Jan 3, 2015 23:35


A quick review of all the great stuff the Western Neighborhoods Project did and experienced in 2014 (including some great English Toffee). Plus what's coming in 2015.

102: Naming the Sunset

Dec 20, 2014 22:53


How did the Sunset District gets its name? A simple question that David and Woody wrestle into submission.

101: Conservatory of Flowers

Dec 12, 2014 21:03


City, State, and National Historic landmark, the Conservatory of Flowers has been one of Golden Gate Park's most popular attractions since the 1870s. Plus, Woody makes a confession.

100: The Best and Worst

Dec 6, 2014 22:23


David and Woody review the best, the worst, and the most cringe-inducing highlights from 100 episodes of Outside Lands San Francisco. Plus, listener mail!

99: Great Highway Railroad

Nov 29, 2014 23:25


Railroad tracks on the Great Highway? Emiliano Echeverria tells us when and why trains ran around Lake Merced and up Ocean Beach.

98: Stonestown

Nov 22, 2014 20:41


One the Bay Area's first malls, opening in 1952, Stonestown was created by brother developers and home builders Ellis and Henry Stoneson. The Big E! Rickey's Red Chimney! QFI! Blums! And on and on.

97: Baker's Beach

Nov 15, 2014 30:45


John Martini tells David and Woody about a place with naked people, shark attacks, and Burning Men. But what do you call it: Baker's Beach or Baker Beach?

96: Mount Sutro

Nov 9, 2014 24:11


Stories of Mount Sutro in San Francisco's Inner Sunset District. Once called Mount Parnassus, it is covered with the ghostly Sutro Forest.

95: Homewood Terrace

Nov 2, 2014 24:17


The reincarnation of the Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum, Homewood Terrace on Ocean Avenue was an innovative model for taking care of at-risk children from the 1920s to the 1960s.

94: Soap Box Derbys in the Sunset

Oct 26, 2014 21:24


From the 1930s to the 1960s children in unmotorized vehicles raced on the hills of the Sunset District.

93: Giant Camera

Oct 18, 2014 26:18


Built in the late 1940s, the Giant Camera next to the Cliff House, is perhaps the only camera obscura to be on the National Register of Historic Places. And it costs less than $5 to enjoy!

92: Laurel Hill Cemetery

Oct 12, 2014 22:07


David, Woody, and Nicole Meldahl talk about the Richmond District's Lone Mountain Cemetery, later Laurel Hill Cemetery, 1854-1941, RIP.

91: Bison Paddock

Oct 5, 2014 20:36


San Francisco's bison herd (they are not buffalo) have been a fixture in Golden Gate Park since the 1890s.

90: Park and Ocean Railroad

Sep 28, 2014 22:44


Beginning in 1883, steam trains rumbled down Lincoln Way, cut through Golden Gate Park, and delivered hundreds of Sunday visitors to Ocean Beach.

89: Seventh Generation San Franciscan

Sep 21, 2014 25:32


David and Woody talk to Californio descendant and WNP member Nate Tico. Mixing up Spanish exploring party names, how the Europeans found San Francisco Bay, and how many parklets have been installed around 45th Avenue and Judah Street.

88: Broderick-Terry Duel

Sep 14, 2014 25:32


On September 13, 1859, a California State Supreme Court Judge and a United States Senator fought a duel beside Lake Merced. The story, and its importance to local and national politics, plus podcast mail!

87: Polytechnic High School

Sep 7, 2014 22:53


Polytechnic High School on Frederick Street closed in the 1970s, but some landmarks remain. Guest Angus Macfarlane gives us the history of San Francisco's original high-tech school.

86: Marine Exchange Lookout

Aug 30, 2014 19:25


How did San Francisco's Telegraph Hill get its name? An octagonal building at Point Lobos on the western edge of the city tells the story. Plus, information about David's wedding cake.

85: West Side Boomer Memories

Aug 24, 2014 24:39


Frank Dunnigan, WNP columnist and author of a new book, shares Baby Boomer memories of the west side of San Francisco.

84: Blackie the Wonder Horse

Aug 17, 2014 17:59


A horse that swam the Golden Gate? Like a lot of San Franciscans, Blackie the Wonder Horse, from the Ocean Beach roadhouse Roberts-at-the-Beach, may have retired in Marin County.

83: Dynamite Factories of the Sunset

Aug 11, 2014 23:50


Angus Macfarlane returns to talk about the dynamite factories of San Francisco's Sunset District of the 1870s. Spoiler alert: they tended to blow up.

82: Gellert Brothers and Sunstream Homes

Aug 3, 2014 23:58


Fred and Carl Gellert started the Standard Building Company in 1922, building "Sunstream" homes in San Francisco's Sunset District, Lakeshore Park, Country Club Acres, and Midtown Terrace before moving down the peninsula to Serramonte.

81: Alexandria Theatre

Jul 27, 2014 19:27


San Francisco's Alexandria Theatre opened at 18th Avenue and Geary Boulevard in 1923 with a lush Egyptian theme. Ten years after closing, there is new hope the building will be revitalized. (Alexandria theme song performed by Lisa Sanchez and Doug McKeeh

80: Laguna Honda Hospital

Jul 20, 2014 20:26


Begun as the Almshouse in 1867, Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center is still serving San Franciscans on the west side of Twin Peaks.

79: Parkside District

Jul 13, 2014 24:15


The Parkside, often lumped in with San Francisco's Sunset District, has a history and character of its own. Corruption trials, pioneer groceries, and May Day queens.

78: Top Five Statues of Golden Gate Park

Jul 6, 2014 24:17


David and Woody offer their top five favorite statues of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park: a president, a novelist, a mother, a poet, and a gardener.

77: Great Highway

Jun 28, 2014 21:14


San Francisco's Great Highway, the venerable road along Ocean Beach that always threatens to be buried by sea and sand.

76: Mountain Lake

Jun 21, 2014 16:43


A small lake between the Presidio and the Richmond District played a role in San Francisco's founding. Fireworks and alligators also mentioned.

75: SFMTA Photo Collection

Jun 14, 2014 18:42


Amazing views of San Francisco streets and streetcars over the last 110 years from the old Municipal Railway archives. Listen to hear the background and take a look at the photos at www.sfmta.com/photo

74: Mysterious Lake Merced Earthquake of 1852

Jun 6, 2014 17:05


The night in 1852 when an alleged earthquake caused Lake Merced to break its way into the Pacific Ocean and drop thirty feet overnight. Plus, the 1878 gold rush at the lake.

73: Columbarium

Jun 1, 2014 14:20


San Francisco's Columbarium, built in 1898 in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, still stands and is still in business in the Richmond District. Tens of thousands of cremated remains in a grand domed building with room for more.

72: Saving Neighborhood News

May 25, 2014 18:45


Saving San Francisco's neighborhood newspapers, including the Richmond ReView, Noe Valley Voice, Visitacion Valley Grapevine, and more. Plus 25th anniversary memories of the Loma Prieta earthquake, and new earthquake shack discovered.

71: Westwood Park

May 18, 2014 23:08


San Francisco's Westwood Park, the residence park for the "family of average means." Catch bungalow fever!

70: Wave Motors

May 10, 2014 23:19


Christine Miller shares the history of tidal energy machines and wave motors near the Cliff House, an 1890s movement to harness the power of the sea.

69: Timothy Pflueger

May 4, 2014 24:30


Guest Therese Poletti tells about San Francisco native Timothy Pflueger, who designed some of the Bay Area's most stunning buildings and prominent west side schools and theatres.

68: Haight Street Grounds

Apr 27, 2014 20:42


Angus Macfarlane returns to tell us about when some of the greatest baseball players of the nineteenth century played along Stanyan Street across from San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Also, the first Big Game!

67: Infant Shelter

Apr 19, 2014 21:03


City landmark #242, the former Infant Shelter and Conservatory of Music on 19th Avenue and Ortega Street in the Sunset District.

66: Stow Lake

Apr 12, 2014 19:14


The biggest lake in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and William W. Stow, the guy it's named after. Pass us a brick of pink popcorn!

65: Death's Crossing

Apr 6, 2014 22:05


Steam railroads and electric streetcar lines all once converged in the Ocean View neighborhood.

64: Works Progress Administration

Mar 29, 2014 16:29


Part of the 1930s New Deal, the Works Progress Administration made a great impact on the look of San Francisco's infrastructure and parks, including the zoo's Monkey Island!

63: Talkin like a SanFrunciscun

Mar 23, 2014 17:20


Idiosyncratic pronunications and accents of old-time San Franciscans. We'll teach you newcomers how to talk like a west side local.

62: Fort Miley

Mar 16, 2014 20:57


Chris VerPlanck visits to share the history of Fort Miley and the Veterans Administration Hospital in the northwest corner of San Francisco.

61: Future of San Francisco's Old Mint

Mar 8, 2014 19:10


A brief recap of the 4th San Francisco History Expo at the Old Mint and breaking news about the future of the 1874 landmark.

60: The Chutes

Feb 28, 2014 22:26


The Chutes amusement center and water ride and its early 20th Century westward migration from the Haight, to the Richmond District, and sort of to Ocean Beach. With guest star John Freeman.

59: Doggie Diner Head

Feb 19, 2014 17:09


Seven-foot-tall dachshund wearing chef's hat? Sounds like San Francisco landmark #254 on Sloat Boulevard in the Sunset District.

58: Point Lobos Toll Road

Feb 16, 2014 21:13


Richmond District historian John Freeman talks about a dusty toll road that became one of San Francisco's largest thoroughfares, Geary Boulevard.

57: Forest Hill

Feb 9, 2014 22:31


Richard Brandi talks about Forest Hill, not just a Muni streetcar station, but a historic San Francisco residence park.

56: SF History Expo

Feb 1, 2014 18:05


Nicole Meldahl from the the GGNRA Park Archives and Jamie O'Keefe from Guardians of the City join David and Woody to talk about the San Francisco History Expo on March 1-2, 2014.

55: Larsen Park Jet

Jan 25, 2014 21:09


History and future of jets used as play structures at Larsen Park on 19th Avenue in San Francisco's Sunset District.

54: Outside Lands Hollywood

Jan 12, 2014 18:53


David and Woody talk about movies that had scenes filmed in western San Francisco.

53: Thomas Sweeny and his Observatory

Jan 11, 2014 19:15


Thomas Underhill Sweeny, Sunset District pioneer, "demented hermit," and benefactor of a now-vanished observatory on Strawberry Hill, in Stow Lake, in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco...

52: The 1894 Midwinter Fair

Jan 5, 2014 21:57


The 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition in Golden Gate Park remade not only the park, but the Richmond and Sunset districts. Midway monkeys are discussed.

51: A Review of 2013

Dec 28, 2013 20:45


A quick review of all the great stuff the Western Neighborhoods Project did and experienced in 2013, including this local history podcast!

50: Holiday Firehouses

Dec 21, 2013 17:04


From 1948-1950 San Francisco's firehouses competed in a holiday decorating contest still remembered. Why did this start? Why did it end?

49: San Francisco's First Motel

Dec 14, 2013 19:40


San Francisco's first motel, the Ocean Park Motel, opened in 1937 in western San Francisco and it's still doing great business. Plus, we share fun facts about other west side inns and motels.

48: Golden Gate Park Windmills

Dec 8, 2013 25:36


Giant windmills on the western edge of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park at Ocean Beach. What's up with that? Plus, we finally answer our fan mail.

47: Sutro Baths

Nov 30, 2013 32:18


John Martini returns to talk about San Francisco's legendary Sutro Baths, once the world's largest natatorium and now beloved ruins.

46: SF History Groups

Nov 24, 2013 23:47


The Western Neighborhoods Project isn't the only group dedicated to San Francisco history. David and Woody share the love and give you lots of options to get your SF History fix.

45: Ewing Field

Nov 17, 2013 23:52


Guest star Angus Macfarlane returns to tell the boys stories about the Richmond District's long-gone Ewing Field, home of minor league baseball and other diversions for San Franciscans.

44: Harold Stoner

Nov 10, 2013 30:18


Guest star Jacquie Proctor talks about one of the most prolific residential architects in San Francisco, the man of streamline rocket ship buildings as well as Hansel and Gretel cottages, Harold Stoner.

43: How to Research Your House

Nov 3, 2013 21:58


How does one research San Francisco history, including the history of one's house? David and Woody give you the online resources to get started. Plus, some big news for WNP.

42: The Little Shamrock

Oct 27, 2013 25:26


Guest Angus Macfarlane talks with the boys about the Sunset District's oldest business, the Little Shamrock, established by the extraordinary Julia Herzo.

41: Cemeteries of the Inner Richmond

Oct 20, 2013 22:04


Talking about the Richmond District's Big Four cemeteries around Lone Mountain, the resting place for San Francisco's dead from the 1850s until their removal in the 1930s.

40: Speedway Meadow and Polo Fields

Oct 13, 2013 18:06


The story of Golden Gate Park's Speedway Meadow, the Speed Road, and the Polo Fields.

39: Carville-by-the-Sea

Oct 3, 2013 20:07


San Francisco's 1890s bohemian beachside settlement made of old streetcars.

38: Sunset Boulevard

Sep 28, 2013 17:59


San Francisco's Sunset Boulevard: no Norma Desmond, but from the 1930s to the 1970s, it did have Soap Box Derbys.

37: Brooks Park

Sep 21, 2013 17:56


The up, downs, and ups once more of Brooks Park overlooking Lake Merced in Southwestern San Francisco.

36: Balboa Theatre

Sep 14, 2013 18:56


San Francisco's Balboa Theatre on Balboa Street near 38th Avenue is a Richmond District institution.

35: The Gjoa

Sep 7, 2013 15:10


The story of the Gjoa, a fishing sloop that traversed the Northwest Passage and ended up in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park from 1909 to 1972.

34: 1951 San Francisco Assessor Negatives

Sep 1, 2013 22:19


Hundreds of documentary building photographs from 1951 tell small stories of San Francisco six decades later.

33: Lincoln High School

Aug 24, 2013 20:44


Guest Lorri Ungaretti talks about the history of her San Francisco alma mater, the Sunset District's Lincoln High School.

32: Miraloma Park

Aug 18, 2013 22:28


Guest Christopher VerPlanck joins the boys to talk about Miraloma Park, a San Francisco neigborhood on Mount Davidson, smack in the middle of San Francisco.

31: Daniel Burnham's Plan

Aug 11, 2013 18:54


Daniel Hudson Burnham's 1904 plan to remake San Francisco included some momumental visions for the west side.

30: Stern Grove and Pine Lake Park

Aug 2, 2013 16:13


Stern Grove and Pine Lake Park, with a shared history of squatters, farmers, and free music, is not your run-of-the-mill San Francisco parkland.

29: Ingleside Terraces

Jul 28, 2013 25:28


San Francisco's Ingleside Terraces neighborhood started as a racetrack before turning into a residential park with, weirdly, a giant sundial.

28: Cliff House

Jul 17, 2013 24:51


San Francisco's Cliff House, perched above Seal Rocks at the Pacific Ocean, celebrates its 150th anniversary in July 2013.

27: Fleishhacker Pool

Jul 13, 2013 19:23


Promoted as the world's largest outdoor swimming pool, San Francisco's Fleishhacker Pool opened in 1925 and closed in the early 1970s. It was cold!

26: Oddities of the Avenues

Jul 6, 2013 19:24


The hidden stories of odd buildings in the Avenues of western San Francisco, including a rant about Google map designations.

25: Ocean View

Jun 29, 2013 20:05


Stories of frog ponds, unbalanced street grids, and Death's Crossing in San Francisco's Ocean View neighborhood.

24: Adolph Sutro

Jun 22, 2013 20:51


Did he own one-twelfth of San Francisco or just a twentieth? Either way, Adolph Sutro made his mark on the city, especially the west side.

23: Camp Merritt

Jun 15, 2013 21:52


Guest Nicole Meldahl talks about the Richmond District's 1898 encampment of volunteer soldiers for the Spanish-American War.

22: Carl Larsen

Jun 5, 2013 17:21


Carl Larsen, restaurateur, chicken ranch owner, and Sunset District pioneer has perhaps one of San Francisco's most-viewed parks named after him.

21: Park Bums

May 31, 2013 17:22


Golden Gate Park's pickup baseball legends, the Park Bums, and other pickup ball-playing stories and locales.

20: Beach Chalet

May 25, 2013 20:52


Talking about the old and new Beach Chalet on the western edge of Golden Gate Park at Ocean Beach.

19: Forts and Fortifications

May 19, 2013 27:59


Guest John Martini talks historic forts and fortifications around the Golden Gate and Ocean Beach.

18: George Turner Marsh and the Naming of the Richmond

May 10, 2013 20:52


The interesting life of George Turner Marsh, pioneer of the Richmond District and possible namer of the neighborhood.

17: Hills of San Francisco

May 3, 2013 17:56


David and Woody review a 54-year-old book that inspired both of them.

16: Sunnyside Conservatory

Apr 26, 2013 19:45


The story behind an octagonal San Francisco landmark on Monterey Boulevard.

15: Earthquake Shacks

Apr 19, 2013 24:55


After San Francisco's 1906 Earthquake and Fire over 5,600 relief cottages were constructed for the refugees. Some still survive today.

14: San Francisco Zoo

Apr 13, 2013 24:25


Bricks of pink popcorn, the Little Puffer train, Storyland, lions, tigers, and bears... join Woody and David in remembering the history of the San Francisco Zoo.

13: Sunset Architecture

Apr 5, 2013 21:45


San Francisco's largest neighborhood has its own distinctive architecture thanks to 1930s merchant-builders like Henry Doelger, Oliver Rousseau, and the Gellerts.

12: Richmond District Streetcars?

Mar 30, 2013 19:45


Guest Paul Rosenberg talks about the source of rails recently uncovered on Balboa Street.

11: Ingleside Jail and More

Mar 21, 2013 20:53


The History of the House of Refuge Lot, where City College of San Francisco and Balboa Park stand today.

10: Roadhouses

Mar 15, 2013 19:45


Roadhouses here and gone on San Francisco's west side.

9: West Portal Creek

Mar 9, 2013 19:45


Hidden creek near San Francisco's West Portal neighborhood and other secret water sites.

8: Surf Theatre

Feb 22, 2013 19:46


Remembering a little theatre near Ocean Beach that had a big reputation for showing foreign and avant garde films.

7: Skytram

Feb 15, 2013 16:55


From 1955 to 1966 a futuristic aerial cable car traversed Sutro Baths' cove from the Cliff House to Point Lobos. From all accounts, it wasn't as fun as it sounds.

6: Musee Mecanique

Feb 8, 2013 12:46


What other museum allows you to play with the collection? The coin-operated amusements of the Musee Mecanique, now at Pier 45, had a long history in western San Francisco.

5: West Side Street Naming

Feb 1, 2013 10:18


The names of streets going south through the Richmond and Sunset Districts are alphabetical. How did that happen? The story of San Francisco's Street Naming Commission of 1909.

4: St. Francis Wood

Jan 26, 2013 16:34


Author Richard Brandi joins us to talk about one of the country's finest residence parks, San Francisco's St. Francis Wood.

3: Jesse B Cook Collection

Jan 18, 2013 8:00


We share one terrific online collection of historical San Francisco images: the Jesse Brown Cook Scrapbooks at the Bancroft Library.

2: The Richmond District of 1920

Jan 11, 2013 8:52


David and Woody find some surprises in a neighborhood newspaper from exactly 93 years ago.

1: Kezar Stadium

Jan 5, 2013 5:58


(Listen to Episode #224 instead!) Woody and David discuss the old Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park