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Scottish football gets a kicking from BBC Radio Scotland’s Off the Ball, presented by Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan.



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09 Nov 19 Sat Supplement: David Clarkson

Nov 12, 2019 4912


Who's posher - Hearts or Hibs? Scottish football films + 5 songs for David Clarkson

09 Nov 19 Annabel Meredith & Judith Ralston

Nov 9, 2019 3180


What a week it’s been, Scotland’s Greatest Comedian, Scottish football and the weather & The Santa XI with Annabel Meredith & Judith Ralston

02 Nov 19 Sat Supplement John Sutton

Nov 5, 2019 5040


Hearts, Guantanamera + 5 songs for John Sutton - it's the Saturday Supplement podcast!

02 Nov 19 David McRae & Tam McManus

Nov 2, 2019 3060


Hearts Hearts Glorious Hearts, Guantanamera, What Have You Done For Your Team & The Rugby XI with David McRae & Tam McManus

26 Oct 19 Tony Roper & Colin McCredie

Oct 26, 2019 3180


Biggest away win, Disappearing Scotland, The away fans that you’ll never forget & The Pasta XI with Tony Roper & Colin McCredie

19 Oct 19 Sat Supplement Allan Preston

Oct 22, 2019 4843


Great interviews, what if Jesus was a footballer now + 5 songs for Allan Preston

19 Oct 19 Scott Walker, James MacKenzie & Leanne Crichton

Oct 19, 2019 2760


Scotland & the worst weather, What does Germany mean to you, Cheers or souvenirs & The National Lottery XI with Scott Walker, James MacKenzie & Leanne Crichton

12 Oct 19 Graeme Clark & Derek Ferguson

Oct 12, 2019 4477


San Marino, the greatest Scottish pop song & the Pizza XI with Wet Wet Wet bassist Graeme Clark and Derek Ferguson

05 Oct 19 Sat Supplement Steve Conroy

Oct 8, 2019 4675


Refeering quirks, the shoogly peg + 5 songs for Steve Conroy

5 Oct 19 Davie Farrell & Andy Bollen

Oct 5, 2019 2880


100 objects of Scottish football, What does London mean to you + The Sobriety XI with Davie Farrell & Andy Bollen

28 Sept 19 Sat Supplement Dave Mackay

Oct 1, 2019 4880


Replacing penalties, feeling old + 5 songs for Dave Mackay

28 Sept 19 Shaughan McGuigan & Hugh MacDonald

Sep 28, 2019 2700


Penalty shoot-outs, what does Kirkcaldy mean to you & the Milk XI with Hugh MacDonald and Shaughan McGuigan

21 Sept 19 Sat Supplement John Rankin

Sep 26, 2019 4753


All work and no play, the Edinburgh derby + 5 songs for John Rankin

21 Sept 19 Stuart Hepburn & James McAnerney

Sep 21, 2019 2670


All Work No Play, What Does Dunfermline Mean To You, Football On Stage & The Crisp XI with Stuart Hepburn & James McAnerney

14 Sept 19 Sat Supplement Murdo Macleod

Sep 19, 2019 4901


Trouble at the capital clubs, the James McFadden JFK moment + 5 songs for Murdo Macleod

14 Sept 19 Amy Macdonald & Kirsty Wark

Sep 14, 2019 2840


Scotland: What makes you smile, Showbiz Spats, Romance & Football & The Tattoo XI with Amy Macdonald & Kirsty Wark

07 Sept 19 Sat Supplement Jonathan Sutherland

Sep 10, 2019 4887


Scotland the aftermath, trial by Sportscene + 5 songs for Jonathan Sutherland

07 Sept 19 Tom Urie and Rob Robertson

Sep 7, 2019 3837


Scotland - the morning after, bucket list, overrated & greatest non-football commentary with Tom Urie and Rob Robertson

31 Aug 19 Sat Supplement Chick Young

Sep 3, 2019 4572


Who's on a shoogly peg, Scottish jokes + 5 songs for Chick Young

31 Aug 19 Pat Stanton, Grant Stott & Neil Grant

Aug 31, 2019 2970


By My Side, The Shoogly Peg Index, Scotland: Another New Squad & The Nut XI with Pat Stanton, Grant Stott & Neil Grant

24 Aug 19 Sat Supplement Gary Harkins

Aug 27, 2019 4782


Banned songs, Heroes & Villians + 5 songs for Gary Harkins

24 Aug 19 Stephen Craigan & Denzil Meyrick

Aug 24, 2019 3120


The Songs That You Would Ban, Tips, Heroes & Villains & The Bald XI with Stephen Craigan & Denzil Meyrick.

17 Aug 19 Sat Supplement Keith Lasley

Aug 20, 2019 4177


Taking the blame, Scottish football & the Bible + 5 songs for Keith Lasley

17 Aug 19 Steven Robb, Mark Corcoran and Stuart Hay

Aug 17, 2019 4505


Great Rants, Scottish football Cluedo, Your Granny & the James Bond XI with comedian Stuart Hay and Steven Robb & Mark Corcoran from Bee Inspired clothing

10 Aug 19: Raymond Sparkes & Darren Jackson

Aug 10, 2019 2940


Your Clubs Biggest Loss, Asked To Leave, Chauffeurs & The Opticians XI with Raymond Sparkes & Darren Jackson.

3 Aug 19: Charlie Richmond & Mikey MacKinnon

Aug 3, 2019 3059


25 Years Of Off The Ball, Ref Rules, Hopes & Fears For The Season & The Massage Parlour XI with Charlie Richmond & Mikey MacKinnon

27 Jul 19: Chris Taylor, Gary Morrison & Chris Ewing

Jul 27, 2019 3000


New Season, Ice Cream Vans, Showbiz In Your Club & The Trainer XI with Chris Taylor & Gary Morrison from Singin' I'm No A Billy He's A Tim 2 & Chris Ewing from Caledonian Braves.

20 Jul 19: Mark Wilson, Chris Forbes & Sandy Armour

Jul 20, 2019 2964


Misbehaving animals, National embarrassments & Kits & sponsors with Mark Wilson, Chris Forbes & Sandy Armour

13 Jul 19: Grado, Stephen Purdon & Hugh MacDonald

Jul 13, 2019 3000


Football's back, Social clubs & Festival flashbacks with Grado, Stephen Purdon & Hugh MacDonald.

6 Jul 19: Callum Davidson, Nathan Dunn & Greg Copeland

Jul 6, 2019 2880


Takeovers & Transfers, Deliveries, All In The Name & Sports Days with ex-Scotland defender Callum Davidson and stars of Hibs play 1902, Nathan Dunn and Greg Copeland

29 Jun 19 Ged O'Brien, Graeme Brown & Zander Diamond

Jun 29, 2019 5182


The stadium you'll never forget, love thy neighbour & the Medical XI with Zander Diamond and Graeme Brown & Ged O’Brien from the Hampden Collection

Off the Ball Podcast: 22 June 19 Andy McLaren & Paul McNamee

Jun 22, 2019 3330


VAR and the WWC, The Fixtures Are Out, U16 Achievements - TOTW Pigs XI

15 June 19 Jimmy Vee & Tam McManus

Jun 15, 2019 3270


Revising your opinion, favourite wee guys and biggest giant killings + the Drugs XI with actor Jimmy Vee and man of many clubs Tam McManus.

08 Jun 19 Paul Clarke and Andy Bargh

Jun 8, 2019 5105


Scotland & Stevie Clarke, the polis, kids TV & rhyming slang + the Chess XI with podcaster Andy Bargh & Killie legend and brother of the national team boss, Paul Clarke

Off the Ball: 1 Jun 19 Andy Thomson & Steven Mill

Jun 1, 2019 2970


Scotland v Jamaica, Bamboozling the bairns and Simply the zest. TOTW - The Desert XI.

Off the Ball Podcast: 25 May Paddy McCourt Stevie Frail and Chris Bungard

May 25, 2019 3060


Scottish Cup Moments, Euro Misery and Rating Your Rival. Flower Show XI

Off the Ball: 18 May 19 Scott Reid and Willie Garner

May 18, 2019 2899


Clarke for Scotland and What Now For Killie, Teeth, Who Should Down and Why? Whisky XI

Off the Ball Podcast: 11 May 19 Martin Hardie and Sean Murdoch

May 11, 2019 2940


Praising English Football, Player of the Year & Dunfermline plus the Doughnut XI with Martin Hardie and Sean Murdoch.

Off the Ball Podcast: 4 May 19

May 4, 2019 2670


Memorable send offs, Most important goal, Greatest football inventions of last 25 years & the Star Wars XI with Davie Robertson, Graham McLennan and Lynnie Carson

27 Apr 19 Archie MacPherson and Leeann Dempster

Apr 27, 2019 4486


Praising centre-halves, your photo you'll never forget, floodlights & the Egg XI with broadcasting legend Archie MacPherson and Hibernian chief executive Leeann Dempster

20 Apr 19 Leona Skimming and Zander Diamond

Apr 20, 2019 2849


Scotland: who next? Tribute acts, the best game watched as a neutral & Slot Machine XI with ABBA A-Rival's Leona Skimming & ex-Aberdeen defender Zander Diamond

13 Apr 19: Martin Canning, Leanne Crichton & Gordon Bonnes

Apr 13, 2019 3180


Coconuts & closed stands, all things Brazil, Great fitba' myths + Underwear XI with ex-Hamilton boss Martin Canning, Scotland cap Leanne Crichton & football vlogger Gordon Bonnes

06 Apr 19 Andy Little and Raymond Mearns

Apr 6, 2019 3119


Up before the Beaks, embarrassing fitba' moments, prizes and the Sickness XI with former Rangers player Andy Little and comedian Raymond Mearns

30 Mar 19 Davie & Amy Irons and Jonathan Northcroft

Mar 30, 2019 4495


Scotland - what now? Fathers & daughters, uniforms and your football first + the Taxi XI, with man of many clubs Davie Irons & presenter Amy Irons & journalist Jonathan Northcroft

23 Mar 19 Craig Brown and Ken McNab

Mar 23, 2019 3034


Kazakhstan - the aftermath, the end of an era & the name you'll never forget with former Scotland boss Craig Brown and Beatles author Ken McNab

16 Mar 19 Alan Archibald and David F Ross

Mar 16, 2019 3090


Non-events, oddities, lucky charms & the best league in the world with former Partick Thistle boss Alan Archibald and author David F Ross

09 Mar 19 James Grady and Chris Sweeney

Mar 9, 2019 3278


Cult heroes, football trivia & what;s put a smile on your face + the Swiss XI with James Grady and Chris Sweeney

Off the Ball: 2 Mar 2019

Mar 2, 2019 2910


The new BBC Scotland Channel, Are Fans Mugs and Musical Items. TOTW Bread XI

23 Feb 19 Stephen Purdon and Simon Weir

Feb 26, 2019 4652


Whataboutery, petrol stations and the kiss you'll never forget & the Boxing XI with actors Stephen Purdon and Simon Weir

16 Feb 19 Craig Fowler, Craig Telfer and Craig McLean

Feb 16, 2019 2940


Life after football, football on TV and the greatest save + the Cheese XI with Craig Fowler and Craig Telfer from The View From The Terrace and actor Craig McLean

09 Feb 19 Phil Differ and Charlie Richmond

Feb 9, 2019 4308


Play to the whistle, what have you postponed for football and old wives tales with comedian and writer Phil Differ and ex-ref Charlie Richmond

02 Feb 19 Graeme Hogg & Cameron Hobbs

Feb 2, 2019 2640


Football one hit wonders, US sports and the Side Orders XI with former Hearts defender Graeme Hogg and American football podcaster Cameron Hobbs

26 Jan 19 David Farrell and Alana Watson

Jan 26, 2019 3200


Capital crisis, fan survey awards, namesakes & the smoking XI with David Farrell and SFSA director Alana Watson

19 Jan 19 Trevor Carson and Paul English

Jan 19, 2019 3060


Up for the Cup, nicknames, comeback kids and the Egg XI with Motherwell keeper Trevor Carson and journalist Paul English

12 Jan 2019 Maurice Ross and Just Jess Food

Jan 12, 2019 2879


Andy Murray the goat? What you hate about eating out, Scotland in song & the Lorries XI with former Scotland full-back Maurice Ross and food blogger Just Jess Food

05 Jan 19 Paul Di Giacomo and Mike Barile

Jan 5, 2019 4195


What does Kilmarnock mean to you? Jim McLean statue and the Record Shop XI with former Killie striker Paul Di Giacomo and Dundee Utd supporter Mike Barile

29 Dec 18 Paul McNamee and Keith Wallace

Dec 29, 2018 3510


First dates, memorable derby moments, a wish for 2019 and the worst music ever & the hairstyles XI with Big Issue editor Paul McNamee and Fitbatweets creator Keith Wallace

26 Dec 18 Lawrence Shankland and Billy Sloan

Dec 26, 2018 3382


Worst presents, festive football and the weirdest thing on your street & the Australia XI with Billy Sloan and Ayr Utd striker Lawrence Shankland

22 Dec 18 Andy Cameron and Cammy Bell

Dec 22, 2018 4051


Christmas - love it or loathe it, £1m demands, the OTBPOTY & the airport XI with Scottish comedy legend Andy Cameron and Partick Thistle keeper Cammy Bell

Off the Ball Podcast: 15 Dec 18

Dec 15, 2018 2700


With Paul Hartley and Brown Ferguson. Pumped, Up Close and Personal and Best Move I Ever Made - TOTW Headwear XI

08 Dec 18: Liam McIlvanney and Steve Conroy

Dec 8, 2018 2940


Refs, applauding Killie, Lost and Found and the Quiz Show XI with former referee Steve Conroy and author Liam McIlvanney

01 Dec 18: Ally Heather and Andy Little

Dec 1, 2018 4383


Scots fitba' words, goalie stories and home houndings + the Wizard of Oz XI with Scots language journalist Ally Heather and former Rangers striker Andy Little

24 Nov 18: Gary Teale, Gordon Drysdale and Derek Carroll

Nov 24, 2018 2940


Scotland, what gives you the cringe, board games and kickabouts in strange places with ex-Scotland winger Gary Teale and the inventors of the Taxi board game.

17 Nov 18 Richard Foster and Stephen Watt

Nov 17, 2018 4053


Scotland, rip-off rounds, dyed hair and Dumbarton limericks + the Elvis XI with St Johnstone full back Richard Foster and Dumbarton poet in residence Stephen Watt

10 Nov 18: Graham Gartland and Stevie Aitken

Nov 10, 2018 4248


Reffing madness, last meals, what you hate about modern football & the Great War XI with ex-Dumbarton boss Stevie Aitken and former Dundee assistant manager Graham Gartland

03 Nov 18: Nick Eardley and Tam McManus

Nov 3, 2018 3967


Lennon - give peace a chance, Bawsgate & your everyday aversions with Tam McManus and BBC Scotland Westminster correspondent Nick Eardley

27 Oct 18 Doddie Weir and Chris Bennett

Oct 27, 2018 4372


Up for a semi? Tartan and hammer throwers + the Crisps XI with Scottish rugby legend Doddie Weir and hammer thrower Chris Bennett

Off the Ball Podcast: 20 Oct 18

Oct 20, 2018 2386


Kris Commons, Lisa Hague and Jean Johansson take part in the show. TOTW is the Jewelry XI - Fitba's Back, WAGS and The Greatest Scottish Sketch

Off the Ball: 13 Oct 18

Oct 13, 2018 2520


Scotland - The Aftermath; What Does Blackpool Mean To You and One Word - Horse. Willo Flood, Kenny Mew & Daniel Gray join Stuart and Tam in the studio - TOTW Landmark XI

06 Oct 18 Eddi Reader, Neal Heard & Paul English

Oct 6, 2018 4042


Neutral or not? Perfect football moment, fairground attractions, football shirts and the Whisky XI with Eddi Reader, Paul English and author Neal Heard

29 Sept 18: Robbie Neilson and Mike Smith

Sep 29, 2018 3536


Super Sunday shambles, bad habits, annoying words and the Board Games XI with author and hypnotherapist Mike Smith and former Hearts boss Robbie Neilson

22 Sept 18 Jim Orr and Charlie Mann

Sep 22, 2018 4334


Hearts & Europe, family quirks, who was your Brattbakk & the Wedding XI with playwright Jim Orr and PR guru Charlie Mann

15 Sept 18: Willie Haughey, Mark Reynolds & Denzil Meyrick

Sep 15, 2018 4262


What changes would you make to Hampden, appeals shambles and the Exercise XI with Hampden saviour Willie Haughey, Aberdeen defender Mark Reynolds and crime author Denzil Meyrick.

08 Sept 18 Craig Brown and Stuart Mitchell

Sep 8, 2018 3985


Scotland - the morning after, great moustaches, synonymous and the Dance XI with comedian Stuart Mitchell and former national team boss Craig Brown

01 Sept 18 Rob Kane and Jim Duffy

Sep 1, 2018 3982


The window, cutting the ribbon, what a waste of money, spotted in unusual places & the Musical Instrument XI with comedian & football agent Rob Kane & Jim Duffy

25 Aug 18 Russell Findlay, Paul Montgomery and Graeme Cameron

Aug 25, 2018 4146


Scarves, your scheme, are fans mugs & the Radio XI with investigative journalist Russell Findlay & Pylon playwrights Paul Montgomery & Graeme Cameron

18 Aug 18: Pete MacLeod and Gary Irvine

Aug 18, 2018 4020


Uncles you'll never forget, grudging respect, the longest pass in Scottish fitba' & the Fruit XI with singer-songwriter Pete MacLeod & full-back of many clubs Gary Irvine

11 Aug 18 Andy McLaren and John Sutton

Aug 11, 2018 3900


Accents, Stinginess, Off the Ball icons for the Hall of Fame and the snakes XI with Andy McLaren and John Sutton.

04 Aug 18: Tam McManus and Keith Warwick

Aug 4, 2018 3895


Easy gigs, queues, musicals, acts of kindness and the Herb & Spice XI with Tam McManus and actor Keith Warwick

28 Jul 18 Stephen Allen & Peter Houston

Jul 28, 2018 3552


Scottish Pop connections, holidays, headless pigeons and the Pharmaceutical XI with Rip It Up curator Stephen Allen & former Dundee Utd and Falkirk boss Peter Houston

21 Jul 18 Billy MacBain and David Scott

Jul 22, 2018 4505


Ridiculous souvenirs, gatecrashing parties and Misheard lyrics + the Beer XI with Pearlfishers singer David Scott and actor Billy MacBain

14 July 18 Darren McGarvey and Lana Clelland

Jul 15, 2018 3128


The World Cup, new season hopes and fears, Americans in Scotland & the Golf XI with Scotland international Lana Clelland and author and rapper Darren McGarvey

07 Jul 18 Paul English, Kevin Kyle & ABBA A-Rival

Jul 8, 2018 3633


Supporting your rivals, Scottish sweet treats of the past, tribute acts and the NHS XI with journalist Paul English, ex-Scotland striker Kevin Kyle & ABBA A-Rival

30 Jun 18 Tam McManus and Stefan Bienkowski

Jul 1, 2018 3691


Maradona, dead heat deciders, shortest gigs and the Heatwave XI with Tam McManus and football writer Stefan Bienkowski

16 Jun 18: Chris Brookmyre, Connie McLaughlin and Matt Ramsay

Jun 16, 2018 3988


Walking football, the World Cup, stitches, behavioural coaching & the Russia XI with Chris Brookmyre, Connie McLaughlin and Matt Ramsay

09 Jun 18 Rachael Small and Chris Millar

Jun 9, 2018 4070


Kenny Dalglish, rules at work, the close season so far & the Maternity XI with Morton's Chris Millar & Hibernian Ladies' Rachael Small

Off the Ball: 2 Jun 18

Jun 2, 2018 2580


Simon Ferry and Div McDonald join Stuart and Tam - Freebies and Memorable Interviews. Team of the Week - Chip Shop XI

Off the Ball: 26 May 18

May 26, 2018 2670


Taylor Ferguson & Paul McNamee - Spats,Close Season and Crew Cuts & Coiffure - James Bond Team of the Week

Off the Ball Podcast: 19 May 18

May 19, 2018 2700


Stuart and Tam talk - The Cup Final, The Wedding You'll Never Forget & Forgotten Football with guests writer Steve Finan & footballer Sean Dillon.

Off the Ball: 12 May 18

May 12, 2018 2910


Jim Duffy & Scott Watson - How Has Your Season Ended? They Did Us A Favour.

05 May 18 Alex Smith and Mickey Weir

May 5, 2018 4082


The Steven Gerrard circus, timewasting, what does Australia mean to you & the Circus XI with Mickey Weir and Alex Smith

28 Apr 18 Lee McCulloch and Lewis MacLeod

Apr 28, 2018 3658


Broken, what does Liverpool mean to you, fitba' impressions & the Nuts XI with Lee McCulloch & impersonator extraordinaire Lewis MacLeod

21 Apr 18 Andy Cameron and Dean Owens

Apr 21, 2018 3560


Player of the year, jokes that only work in Scotland, PR gaffes at your club & the Tea XI with comedy legend Andy Cameron and Hearts-supporting Americana singer Dean Owens

14 Apr 18 Chic Charnley & Ray Bradshaw

Apr 14, 2018 3689


We pay tribute to John Lambie, prizes you've won, splits & the Grand National XI with Partick Thistle legend Chic Charnley & comedian Ray Bradshaw

07 Apr 18 Billy Sloan and Archie MacPherson

Apr 7, 2018 3626


Your greatest goal, Off the bench, London & the Bicycle XI with Archie MacPherson & Billy Sloan

31 Mar 18 Chris McQueer and John Hughes

Mar 31, 2018 3642


Scotland - the verdict, shoe shops, testimonials & the Cheese XI with author Chris McQueer and John 'Yogi' Hughes

24 Mar 18 Colin McCredie & Stewart Dickson

Mar 24, 2018 3503


The morning after Costa Rica, Butchers & the Motorbike XI with actor Colin McCredie and Glasgow Tigers speedway manager Stewart Dickson

17 Mar 18 Ray Montgomerie and Ray Bradshaw

Mar 17, 2018 3543


The suggestion box is open, the funniest thing you've seen in fitba' & the Chinese restaurant XI with Killie legend Ray Montgomerie & Partick Thistle supporting comic Ray Bradshaw

10 Mar 18 Vikki Allan & Douglas MacIntyre

Mar 10, 2018 3416


Derbies, your personal highs, shafted fans & the Toys XI with Love and Money guitarist Douglas MacIntyre & assistant referee Vikki Allan

03 Mar 18 Billy Sloan and Tam McManus

Mar 6, 2018 3802


The Beast from the East, Clydebank, footballers in cars & the Wales XI with Tam McManus and music journalist Billy Sloan

24 Feb 18 Graeme Easton and Derek Ferguson

Feb 25, 2018 3685


Title races, wildlife encounters and stadium luxuries + the Cattle XI with Hampden announcer Graeme Easton and Derek Ferguson

17 Feb 18 Bob Malcolm and David Tanner

Feb 18, 2018 3656


Alex McLeish, ice cream vans, meet the goalie & the Taxi XI with David Tanner and Bob Malcolm

10 Feb 18 Bryan Jackson & Chris Ewing

Feb 11, 2018 3645


Football finance, great Scottish fitba' gestures & the Winter Olympics XI with administrator Bryan Jackson & Edusport Academy's Chris Ewing

03 Feb 18 Paul Goodwin and Raymond Sparkes

Feb 4, 2018 3302


What's in a name? Changes at the SFA & Transfers plus the Cosmetics XI with agent Raymond Sparkes and Paul Goodwin of fans' group the SFSA.

27 Jan 18 Phil Differ & Elephant Sessions

Jan 28, 2018 3703


Sweet FA, the Billy you'll never forget, even more baffling football + the Desert XI with comedy writer Phil Differ + Mark Bruce & Alasdair Taylor from folk band Elephant Sessions