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We are a movie-themed podcast! Each week we host a new episode filled with an array of interviews with interesting actors, filmmakers and other guests as well as lengthy discussions of specific movies. Plus our own brand of ridiculous humor with conversations about trends in Hollywood and changes in the film industry.


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Spider-Man: Far from Home

Jul 14, 2019 01:38:43


Movie Meltdown - Episode 494

This week the Super Series returns from "the blip" to discuss the end of the old phase/kick off of Marvel moving forward, as we cover Spider-Man: Far from Home. And as we come to terms with the fact that we are all just living in Grendel’s world, we also bring up… the second installment in comic book movies, string of illusions, Miles Morales, What if… comics, the green mist, Silver Surfer, the new Ben, Keanu Reeves, undercut the emotional connection, The Wizard of Oz, shared universes, Black Widow, Angelina Jolie, J. Jonah Jameson, Disney Plus shows, Fury’s character, The Elementals, Adam Warlock, Doug Jones, rewatchability, Red Sparrow, PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man, Peggy Carter, the new Osborn, we’re all just livin’ in Green Acres shadow, let’s show this awkward thing, human trapped in a dog’s body, Star Wars, The Eternals, Budapest, even dead you’re the hero, she’ll haunt me for the rest of my life, James Bond, sometimes the wrong movies get the money, Happy Hogan, rich with personality, Ned and Betty, J.K. Simmons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, arguably the greatest comic book film trilogy ever, Spider-Pig, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3, eavesdropping at the mall, the fields of flowers, Galactus, special effects, Jon Favreau and use the force Spidey. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoiler’s for “Spider-Man: Far from Home”, so go watch the movie before you listen. 

“...we kind of kept the first one relatively light and we're definitely gonna do that coming out of this super overwhelmingly emotional journey we just came from… so I feel like it was almost purposeful to be like, let’s make sure we don’t get bogged down with weird emotion versions of everything and just kind of have a fun high school road trip kind of movie… that also we work Spider-Man into.”

Green Room

Jul 9, 2019 05:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 493

This week the Meltdown Horror Club sits down to discuss Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room - a real-world horror movie starring Anton Yelchin, Patrick Stewart, Alia Shawkat and Imogen Poots. And as we start putting together our own punk band to fight evil, we also address... Blue Ruin, isolation, a theater experience, just in shock, desert island band, forgotten life-changing events, arsenal of weapons, slasher movies, cannot catch a break, been in many a band, vacuuming at seven in the morning, Nazis vs. punks, dealing with disappointment, crazy nightmare, small town, the arm scene, that actually happened, control of the situation, not playing bass, a dark version of a song you already know, it was like this feeling like we were in this haunted space, intense situation, two times too many, dogs, sitting down in a room to talk with strangers, the ticking clock, a panic attack, what they were capable of, respect, that hair cut, drug factory, scarier then any monster movie, Macon Blair, through the door, character development, the paintball story, dark comedy, cannibal nazis, money, power, influence, Stacy Keach, pulling by the knife, I really did not know what the movie was gonna do, being broke, throwing the movie conventions out the window and a short film in the style of Bob Newhart comedy. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for “Green Room”, so go watch the movie before you listen. 

“...I don’t know what’s about to happen here… and the unknown on the other side of that door is like equally as... terrifying as like anything else that I’ve seen in what people would consider a little more legitimate ‘horror movie’.” 

Sam Irvin: Living the Dream of Every Monster Kid

Jul 2, 2019 01:59:41


Movie Meltdown - Episode 492

This week we sit down for an epic discussion with Sam Irvin. Sam is a director, producer, screenwriter - amongst many other jobs in the industry. Including being a published author as well as a two-time Rondo Award winner, for articles in both Scream magazine as well as Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine. He’s worked with everyone from Brian De Palma to Cassandra Peterson and has had run-ins with amazing movie stars going all the way back to his childhood. So settle in and listen to the phenomenal tales of his journey to Hollywood and all the terrific projects he’s put together.  

And while we load up on lots of ketchup and plastic fangs, we also mention… programming kiddie matinees, Christopher Lee, Oblivion, William Conrad, a horror film fanzine, Hervé Villechaize, a VIP tour at Warner Brothers Studios, a big chain of movie theaters, Countess Dracula, Roger Moore, House on Haunted Hill, the creature starts to deteriorate, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Carrie, The Pit and the Pendulum, George Takei, Dracula with a beach towel for a cape, at Pinewood Studios, Kay Thompson, Peter Cushing, Cinefantastique, Dressed to Kill, Richard Chamberlain, I’m either killing people or giving them Christmas presents, Shelia E, I literally finished my last exam didn't even go to my graduation ceremony… went direct to the airport and got on a plane, the most famous casting session in the history of cinema, Isaac Hayes, Richard Lester, I’m watching this very strange duo, Diana Rigg, Phantom of the Paradise, Carel Struycken, Stephen Amell, you get invited to do the most bizarre things in this industry, Ingrid Pitt, Maud Adams, and they took me backstage afterwards and we all had champagne, Julie Newmar, Hieronymus Bosch murals on the walls, Pino Donaggio, Blake Edwards’ The Great Race, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Sisters, dropping her in a different genre, The Three and Four Musketeers, the World Series and the Super Bowl, a cross between Dark Shadows and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kirk Douglas come over here I want to tell you a story about this kid, I was naive enough to think... oh I guess this happens to all fans, Blow Out, Lifetime thrillers and Hallmark Christmas movies, ten seconds of Will Smith, the double bill of Plague of the Zombies and Dracula Prince of Darkness, Terry Sweeney, last gasp of stop motion animation, Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, Christopher Lee invited me to lunch with him at Pinewood Studios, Two on a Guillotine, George Lucas, great old-time matte painters, Paul Bartel & Mary Woronov, Dante's Cove, they were all horror movies, Britt Ekland, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, The Man with the Golden Gun and Richard O'Brien. 

“There was a seminal moment in my childhood that determined that I wanted to be a movie director…”

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Who's got the props? Ken Palkow

Jun 23, 2019 01:17:48


Movie Meltdown - Episode 491

This week we continue our coverage from WonderFest as we are joined by our special guest - propmaker Ken Palkow. Now Ken has worked on an amazing list of projects over the years… just to name a few… the last three X-Men films, as well as Dark Phoenix. He has made weapons, gadgets, and props for Skyscraper, Night at the Museum, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Sonic the Hedgehog, Underworld: Awakening, and even the Federation phasers, alien weapons, and medical gadgets for Star Trek into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond. And not only did he work on the first Deadpool movie… Ken also created guns, swords, and most impressively Cable’s rifle for Deadpool 2. And on as far as series, you’ve seen his work on Altered Carbon, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Continuum, Almost Human, Warehouse 13, The Flash, Arrow… and so much more.   

And if that weren’t enough for this episode… we are also joined by our semi-annual, reluctant co-host - designer/illustrator Eric Chu.   

And while we discuss everyone’s love of mac and cheese with apple sauce and ketchup mixed all together, we also cover… Phantom of the Opera, you know what... I'm going to make this thing animatronic... I'm going to put servos in it… I'm going to put lights in it, budget and lead time, adamantine shackles, forming the foundation of creativity, complaining about the spring not working, plastic scissors, Battlestar Galactica, last minute communication, construction paper, James Doohan, stage vs film, fabricating Willem Dafoe, Space: 1999, and keep in mind, I was still doing full-time jobs or part-time jobs… and I did everything, no one is confirming or denying any involvement with the Triads, I mean, whatever it was I could do to make money, Bruce Lee, Legos, concept artist, Star Trek Into Darkness, I render the CAD, destructive non-destructive inspection, is it possible to build this, the lighters essential to building Cable’s rifle, casting resins, I'll take credit for destroying mankind, basically holding a carrot in front of them, Lost in Space, making our Halloween costumes, making connections, crayons, the combination of all the different jobs I'd had over the years, the deadline for that prop be a reality never changes, a poor family, felt, Buck Rogers, eating glue, and an elaborate way to get Ryan Reynolds' autograph.

“...there was that creative side. We didn't have - so we made!”

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Daren Dochterman: New Movies, New Opportunities

Jun 17, 2019 01:13:43


Movie Meltdown: Episode 490

This week we continue our “live” coverage from WonderFest as we talk with artist Daren Dochterman. Early on, Daren worked in the art department on The Abyss - when he was just 20 years old. And since then, he’s worked in the art departments of more than 75 feature film projects including - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Independence Day: Resurgence, Passengers, Star Trek Beyond, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, TRON: Legacy, Iron Man 2, Addams Family Values, Seven, The Grinch, The Chronicles of Riddick, Exorcist III, Freaked and so many others.

And as we dust off our moviolas and steenbeck editing tables, we also bring up… Black Mirror, Sesame Street, Star Trek: The Animated Series, James Cameron, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Lee Unkrich, Screaming Mad George, Winona Ryder or Bella Thorne, why I was scared, redressing of locations, Ron Cobb’s designs, Wizard of Oz, he gave me a pad of tracing paper, various signage, leader of the Necromongers, all done by Letraset, Jay Roach, hanging out with Wednesday Addams, Planet of the Apes, doing storyboards, all the soup cans, I knew them when they were goofballs, Dirk Benedict’s shirt, matching the full-scale to the miniature, gags for Thing, because a lot of the times... I'm showing them - what they don't want, I completely turned away from any sort of school art classes - for that reason, I'd be more surprised if she didn't lick it, USC, every new movie gives you a new opportunity to do something different, Balok, art classes are not intended for artists, Christian Slater, record album covers, Star Wars, Close Encounters, Superman, the fight to stay employed, I don't know if she talks some of her words, The Talosians, HAL was born there, using toxic waste as it’s engine, Mina Harker, Jack Warner's old desk, if Neve Campbell and Hayley Atwell had a baby, a 2000 mile buffer, the Starchild and Oscar the Grouch’s trash can.

“I would be perfectly content to sit in my room and draw and listen to records… and I’m pretty much exactly the same way now.“

For more on Daren’s career, go to:

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Craig Lindberg: The Magic's in the Makeup

Jun 11, 2019 01:30:21


Movie Meltdown: Episode 489

This week we are coming to you “live” from the 30th annual WonderFest! Featuring our special guest - makeup artist Craig Lindberg. For more than 20 years Craig has worked in the industry on a multitude of impressive projects like The Walking Dead, Spider-Man 3, Kong: Skull Island, Boardwalk Empire, Elementary, Gotham, Shutter Island, The Greatest Showman, Power, Limitless, The Founder, The Magnificent Seven, The Deuce, War of the Worlds, The Tick and even on live productions like - Saturday Night Live.

And as we realize we actually want to be physically touching the product, we also address… I bought a mummy, snakeskin jacket, monster kid, F. Murray Abraham, juggling, you like all the things, Bert Roth, you'll see more dead animals than you can shake a stick at, that was my first credit card purchase, student films, Pierce's Frankenstein, old people at a rock concert, driving to another state to buy books, cosplaying Joe Dirt, double features, nothing is wasted… unless you decide to waste it, Smee, he’s sort of a bad seed, Trainwreck, socks and sandals, weird creepy sh*t, Joe jobs, I got in the Union, a lot of it has to do with personality traits, Rob Zombie, We Need to Talk About Kevin, recreating history, Dave Ramsey, so many Affliction shirts, wanted to be an actor, the 4:30 movie, the giant spider in the cave, highlights and shadows, from Troma to Spider-Man, you made something immortal, the more irons you have in the fire, The Sound of Music, near me is where she needed to dance, Robot Monster, The Learning Annex, a lot of it has to do with maturity, Mandalorian skull, Penn and Teller, every week there was something that would feed that appetite, pleather pants, Oddities & Curiosities Expo, stretch and stipple and yay... my dentist is out of jail!

“... and the guy that I was with said, ‘You know… I think I want to make a werewolf. I think I can build one.... be a makeup artist.’ And then the light sort of flicked on.”   

Follow Craig on Instagram at:

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Attack of Sarah Shook and the Disarmers!

Jun 6, 2019 01:15:40


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack 56

This week we hang out with Sarah Shook and the Disarmers to discuss music, movies and along the way build our own awesome soundtrack.

And as we realize we all just wanna lay in the back of the van and go on road trips, we also mention… dancing on the beach, very very strict conservative parents, I’m sure it was lyrical content, the movie star, movies warp you in a different way, Gorman Bechard, these little homemade speaker boxes, Werner Herzog, rolling numbers, way out of time, Interpol, no… the movie is terrible - you just fast forward to that part, I like the cover to this, What it Takes: film en douze tableaux, record collections, Frank Zappa, Sarah Shook and the Devil, hippy parents, having your own documentary, homeschooled, singing with your forehead, listen to cassette tapes, Mary Ann, the precursor to raves, the zither, Grizzly Man, Oscar loser, a different kind of Tom Cruise movie, 6x9 Jensens, it’s like trying to pick out chips in the chip aisle, head buried in the sand, very little guidance, Antics and cross-promoting with Pepsi.

“Oh my gosh… so I saw that when I was a kid - and I became obsessed with it! Like I wanted to recreate that!” 

For more on Sarah Shook and the Disarmers go to: 

Movie Jobs

May 27, 2019 01:45:43


Movie Meltdown - Episode 488

This week we discuss different character’s jobs in movies. Some of them may seem like the ideal job... while others are strange jobs that only seem to exist in the alternate universe of that particular film. Listen as we cover some of our favorites as well as ones that just seem weird.  

And as we realize that we have gravitas out the wazoo, we also cover… de facto video stores, Werner Herzog, on roller skates, a whiteout blizzard, we were a parade route for lunatics, it was like this little nerd as monster, Griffin O'Neal, that's the only pedagogical, Errol Morris, fish in a bucket, mirrors booths and mics in the ceiling, it’s an ugly secret, how physically debilitating the role is with very little payoff, Damien Chazelle, they said he had a lizardy quality, annoyingly bureaucratic, processing photos, Sidney Poitier, documentaries, the nurse technician, he goes to little towns and solves their mysteries, putting a sofa in your video store, so many of my life decisions have been pun-based, Mercer Museum in Doylestown, you are playing the wrong notes, this Grandma's got some really hairy tales, everyone loves nostalgia even if it's false nostalgia, explaining the branches of government, just so I can walk people into a stupid pun, Peter Sarsgaard, Kevin Kline, inventing the table, a crazy futuristic school, Lon Chaney, an expert at execution, Bruno Ganz, Ghoulies III, that little room out in a parking lot, some professions just become a rote thing, portrait of my soul, there’s a hole in their frozen lake, Mickey Rourke, has the Summers off, where the camera is just pointing at crazy people, blurred overexposed photos and Judge Reinhold.

“’s also about how this guy just keeps doing this job that’s killing him.”

Just Do What the TV Tells You

May 20, 2019 04:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 487 (For our Patreon "Horror Club")

This week the horror club meets to discuss Await Further Instructions. This 2018 movie is directed by none other than… Johnny Kevorkian. And it starts off seemingly as an awkward holiday family gathering - but quickly turns into a high-concept horror scenario that crosses over into everything from xenophobia, black goo, national pride, television devotion, religion and biomechanical invaders.

And while we realize we all just want a turkey pizza, we also bring up… The Curse of La Llorona, Detective Pikachu, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Universal Monsters, The Midnight Hour, Legacies, an exercise in the concept, you watched a lot of Cronenberg, empathy, sleeveless shirts, The Twilight Zone, breathing and pulsating, Compliance, the vaccine, politics on Twitter, death machines all around, dated references, Harry Potter, toxic masculinity, the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures, this is a metaphor that 60 years too late, follow the leader, British Christmas, black smoke, letting kids watch horror movies, Black Mirror, The Golem, the racist Grandpa, Ryan Reynolds, toy tie-ins, aliens, TV is our truth, The Stanford Prison Experiment, social media, I hope the scope of what they're trying to do is big enough to make this worthwhile, family fistfights, all a metaphor, Brexit, ‘cause it was too spooky, LeVar Burton, dancing around in a little detective’s hat and Holla or challah.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "Await Further Instructions"... so go watch the movie before you listen. You have been warned.

“...which makes no sense - and is terrifying.”

Monster Isotopes

May 13, 2019 02:13:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 486

This week we kick off a new running series where we focus on sci-fi movies. Listen as discuss the 1960 Italian feature Atom Age Vampire. The poster is awesome, the trailer is amazing... but does the movie itself hold up as a science fiction classic?

And while we realize we’re still just geeks digging through our uncle’s video closet, we also address… FunFlicks, The Orville, Larry Cohen, Veronica Lake, dressed up in a trench coat like she's a spy, Ursula K. Le Guin, she’s clearly wildly in love with this wooden man, I do really like mad scientists, I am always kind of defined by my worst joke, Lethal Weapon, relationship bonding, back when we kept our geekdom in the basement, humor is valuable partly because it allows us to say the things we can't say, suffering against suffering, Rod Serling, there’s a great progressive shot of her face, Star Trek: Discovery, the Los Alamos Isotopes, it's unleashed a primordial malevolence, I’m freaking right the hell out, Hiroshima bottles, your limp body is the only thing that holds these scenes together, Fred Savage, porn addiction, Jigsaw in Punisher, radical therapy that can make you pretty again, I guess culture is ham-handed, a winding road by the sea, Eyes Without a Face, scientific gobbledygook, a cardio encephalograph, just a lot of hugging and rolling, Q: The Winged Serpent, social capital, Looney Tunes dodo dimension, the worst sin that he commits… not as a person but as a movie person, this fabulous high-collared leopard print coat, Godzilla, caught on an alien world humping a statue, Jonathan Frakes, the mute factotum, The Expanse, Hammer Horror, it's long and graven, discussing social issues in art, who the bulk of the suffering is placed upon, there is an escaped gorilla from the zoo that must have done it, Pierre and Jeanette, one makes you pretty again… one turns you into a monster, don't be boring, swanky music, strictly stereotyped, Monique and Sasha, the trenchcoat brigade, we've got all the space... we need to use all this space, Reptilicus, that could become the defining moment of my life, The Stuff, in fact he seems straight-up bored, bursts into flames, film at least until the digital age was not in imperishable medium and glands excretions.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Atom Age Vampire… so go watch the movie before you listen.

“...and he's like ‘Cool... come down to my mysterious lab and let me inject you with things’.”

Endgame: Post-Snap Therapy Session

May 6, 2019 02:18:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 485

This week the Super Series wraps up a huge chapter in the Marvel cinematic universe. Join us as we try to talk through coming down off the Endgame high as well as what all of this has meant to us over the course of these last 22 movies.

And while we realize we’re bringing in our own real-world anxieties, we also cover… satisfying bows, the reluctant hero, you’ve been tricked through movies, doesn’t interact much with people, you took that to the face, like a literature review, otherly anxiety, the ancient one, just how Thanos intended, pitchforks and torches, huge for a long time, it’s not just a story… it becomes more, super serum, Back to the Future 2, science and mystic having this argument, I feel like the whole world’s on the same page now, band-aids all over the universe, real-world emotional reactions and experiences that you might not have had otherwise, staying a stone, you deal with sorrow through anger, they carry so much weight with them now, a paragraph of dollar signs, wrestling philosophy, so now I have to confront… all of this, time travel, too powerful, trying not to just gush, needed more dialogue, he has to be dead, cheering laughing crying I mean just that whole last half hour was so loud… and no one cared, feel like family to us, subversion of expectation, grows so much, built up stamina, Deathly Hallows, they have this legacy, making shawarma and those two-panel moments.

Spoiler Alert: This is a full discussion of Avengers: Endgame with FULL spoilers. So make sure you have watched the movie before you listen. You have been warned.

“...there's just a million things you can think of in this movie they could just be kind of like - what the F***.”

Winona & Vampires

Apr 29, 2019 01:08:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 484

This week we welcome artist Winona Nelson. Winona studied classical realism and art for the entertainment industry at the Safehouse Atelier in San Francisco, then worked as a concept artist at Flagship Studios and Planet Moon Studios. She now works as a freelance in illustration, concept art, comics and fine art. Her work has been seen in gallery exhibitions in Connecticut, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York City.

As usual, the Meltdown perspective looks at how our guest was inspired and influenced by film and other media. And what we learn is Winona didn't begin the way most of our movie geek guests... her path starts a little differently... but of course still leads to crossovers into movie fandom - and eventually her own terrific art. Then Winona sits-in for this week's Sofa Theater discussion of Interview with the Vampire. The book was instrumental in her youth, so what does she think of the often maligned movie?

And as we realize sometimes playing with magnets - can be destructive, we also bring up… Magic: The Gathering, Xenogears, Akira, VHS intro, Lord Byron, RoboCop, Primitivism, Kirsten Dunst, take a piece all the way to finish, Anne Rice, Rutger Hauer, freelance indie comic book coloring, this lust-driven disgusting man, it changed me, abstract art, we are monsters, John Travolta, family drama, it's been to my benefit to have a diverse skill-set, Neil Jordan, drawing before I even have conscious memories, Daniel Day-Lewis, oblivious to the world, John Boorman, having more physical strength, Alexander Godunov, Ghost in the Shell, a crotchety old man, Brad Pitt, the carnal ideas, Jon Voight, it feels like being possessed, Tom Hanks, online resources for getting into doing art for comics, Antonio Banderas, the dreamiest being mortal or immortal that has ever existed, Christian Slater, having a diverse skill-set, the one monster who seems to have control, John Malkovich, Photoshop Elements, Final Fantasy VII, Johnny Depp, art and baristas, YouTube… where all of the horrible secrets come out, going through puberty, his personal physician, bloodlust, Peter Weller, Cubism, Tom Cruise, drowning in hormones, learning everything about how the world works… and all it’s ugliness, the old cathode-ray tube and talking around the fangs.

“So I think like the whole genesis of vampires comes from that kind of… that sort of fight that we all have between how do you respect yourself when you can get taken away by this passion and what is even is sexual drive...and how much it controls our behavior.”

For more on Winona’s art, go to:

The Future is Now!

Apr 22, 2019 01:40:35


Movie Meltdown - Episode 483

This week we discuss sci-fi storytelling from it's early appearances and ideals to it's grander, overarching themes. And as we realize the life we are living is a cautionary tale, we also address… Sputnik, Rod Serling, Black Mirror, blast proof doors, there's always a dystopian element, THX 1138, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Fifth Element, find a way to do this fake version of what I’m so obsessed with, Fellini in outer space, Star Trek, George Clinton, Project Blue Book, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Night Stalker, that's what they were fighting against... the negative elements of space society, raised on movies and television, Metropolis, A Cure for Wellness, Shakespeare, that is the nature of the beast, Logan's Run, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, mini movies or broken up gigantic movies, we're rewriting our genetic code, getting into the mind of a Morlock, Kurt Russell, The Day the Earth Still Still, mocha-flavored people, Metallica Through the Never, Robert Zemeckis, it’s a line between horror and science-fiction, like a space suit with the big wide collars, Stargate, that episode of Booker, with the future comes the potential for great misery... that we create, Ex Machina, Us, Dane DeHaan, V, all dystopian... all the dark side…. all the worst things about humanity, They Live, Annihilation, Arrival, the dark side of humanity, Solaris, steampunk Bigfoot, Forbidden Planet, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, pulp magazine, The X-Files, destroying everything just because you can and Cosmic Slop.

“Maybe science fiction doesn't change - but we do.”  

Dick Starr: Art, Movies and Jerky

Apr 15, 2019 02:03:14


Movie Meltdown - Episode 482 

This week we talk with Dick Starr, an artist whose work has been featured in numerous galleries, horror and tattoo magazines, books, album covers and comics around the world. But if you look at Dick’s work, it’s very obvious that he’s a fan of movies… specifically horror. So listen as we discuss trying to make a name for yourself in the ever-changing art scene, watching gory horror movies from a very young age and - jerky. Which if you don’t know Dick, might seem like an odd tangent. But as it turns out… it ties very nicely into all the other aspects of his life.

And as we reminisce about when going into a video store wasn’t for novelty purposes, we also mention… They Live, waiting to get your pictures back, Mad Magazine, Stan Lee, the frontman of the band, Halloween, the Green Goblin face, and I remember my mom not being too thrilled, that is where it got to be just too much of a risk, horror mashup art, Wes Borland, WolfCop, digital blood, Antonio Pantoja, people just end up giving up on you if you don't switch things up, Bad Taste, zombie portraits, Kung Fury, I love finding the worst movies, it makes me want to break my pencils and go... ehhh I'll try again next life, the novelty version of a video store, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, I would emulate their styles, am I blaming the technology that's changed, he has mastered a whole new style, An American Werewolf in London, Sam Flegal,the movie… it still just… ahhh - it just warms my soul, Cannibal Holocaust, Roddy Piper, Hackers and The Net, developing your film, comic book art, The FP, fighting over movie’s coming back in, the practical effects and the squirting gore, I literally wanted to punch the director in his mouth, Last House on the Left, the beer bottle clip, that memory’s lost forever, Black Mirror, art installation video stores, anything that made fun of… the things I already loved, celebrity “it factor”, Maximum Overdrive, there are so many gems… that are SO awful… but they’re done with 100% conviction, Turbo Kid, The California Raisins, Grandpa did that, Flavor flav and the Frito pie.

“How can you sustain a career without changing?!”

For more on the artwork of Dick Starr, go to:

The Old Wolf Girl Bait and Switch

Apr 8, 2019 04:32


Movie Meltdown - Episode 481 (For our Patreon "Horror Club")

This week the Bastion Chapter of the Horror Club meets to watch a lesser-known werewolf movie. But little do they know that they’ve been duped by the old Wolf Girl bait and switch. Instead they are exposed to Tim Curry, sideshow performers, little people stripping, Grace Jones, a work-at-home scientist, Iceman and some disturbing nether regions.

And as we realize there is no method to this madness, we also cover… Ash vs Evil Dead, Santa Clarita Diet, LEGOS, The Rookie, Gary Daniels, I have half of He-Man, creepy lurking in the woods, appetite for terror, Bruce Dickinson with black hair, Monster Fighters, it looks like a deformed thumb, Bob Fosse, fighting deadites, the dog was knocking on the door, Lucy Lawless, and they all come with one extra hand, they had me at werewolf, Shawn Ashmore, Magic Mike, eating flesh, the sadness of his masculinity, this movie was definitely worth a dollar, growing a dog, geeky Ozzy Osbourne, building a haunted castle, there’s just like buckets of blood, more volume in the shower, when you watch this movie… in the middle of the woods, cat food, not-so-Freudian, deep thoughts on the carousel, this is the deep psychological movie, those are the right ones… just look closer, was she just stealing mice, fun size, crab guy, a surprising character death, 'cause it's easy to overlook, you're putting more thought into it than was put into the script, wolf reaction shots and... it’s our little secret.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2001 movie “Wolf Girl”. You have been warned!

“Yeah there's all kinds of crazy s*** going on in this movie. I can't even... I just can't even - with this movie.”

Shut Up and Go on Adventures

Apr 1, 2019 01:48:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 480

This week some previously absent members of the gang are reunited to go on adventures at The Lexington Comic & Toy Convention! So listen as we discuss seeing celebrities, buying cool stuff and just what is the right criteria for being a supervillain.

And as we obviously prove that we are not infected by a smart amoeba, we also bring up… Val Kilmer, Stan against Evil, the entire Scream movie franchise, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Fightworld, The Umbrella Academy, Adam Copeland, hardcore Doctor Who fans, the surf channel on Pluto, Robert Sheehan, haphazardly slapped together, Bring ‘em Back Alive and Tales of the Gold Monkey, Jon Cryer, Elijah Wood, wants to become some kind of tree spirit, I was training him to be a tough little squirrel, Belle and the burrito, Neve Campbell, there was literally flailing, Jan-Michael Vincent, hoodie Spider-Man, Forged in Fire, Douglas Adams, everything that happens will get me to where I need to go, dude put on your big-boy britches, it’s like the ocean inside your head, there's the body switching in time machines, F-ing Courteney Cox's bangs, fear of the Neti Pot, what about ascots... can you wear an ascot, Doctor Cox, a talking monkey, indestructible nanny, Saved by the Bell, Michael Biehn, the recreational vehicle of the future, Sean Bean playing Sean Bean, he goes to Mexico City to learn how to box, perfectly wrong, Fiona Dourif, everybody needs a good didgeridoo every once in awhile and of course no guns… no gun parts… and no hats.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for Fightworld and major spoilers for the Scream movies… but hopefully, by now you’ve seen those.

“I don't know what was going on in that movie that just brought out these great character performances?!”

For more on "Lexington Comic and Toy Convention", go to:

Waking Doug Divine

Mar 25, 2019 01:26:34


Movie Meltdown - Episode 479

This week we are joined by semi-regular cast member... and at this point, a member of the Meltdown family - DOUG JONES!! And this week Doug joins us for our Sofa Theater discussion of Waking Ned Devine.

And while we realize both the guest and the cast seem to crash through people's boundaries, we also address… Count Orlok, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Better Things, What We Do in the Shadows, the AFI awards, Guillermo del Toro, Star Trek: Discovery, Mira and Paul Sorvino, the Hallmark Channel, The Shape of Water, Christina Ricci, coming up with a caper, The Candy Shop, the tubby blue guys… with weird white wigs, Ann B. Davis, squeezing faces, movies with rubber monsters in them don't often make it to a 13 nomination night at the Oscars, I've never seen a surge like this last year ever before, being a criminal mastermind, Mimic 3, you’re just not watching it right, it should inspire whatever you need that day, thriving in life, snitches get… thrown into the ocean, I’ll be your Joan Rivers, Falling Skies, Skin and Bones, you’re so creepy in that, The Office...meets Big Brother...meets Nosferatu, ten million per episode, the Morlocks and the Eloi, hooking up with fish people, I think there should be way more wendigo movies, false fangs, huggles and face-cups, my IMDb page does scroll down to 165 credits now, watching that telephone booth sail into the air, not one - but two naked septuagenarians on a motorcycle, he’s very intense to talk to, I'll get me own bangers and mash, old crusty couple, shut up and take the payoff, marked for devouring, involuntary manslaughter, we’ll encase you in latex like every job you have, go-go-Doug-arms, creating matte shots off the original silent film, Beneath the Leaves, H. G. Wells and using fruity soaps!

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "Waking Ned Devine", so go watch the movie before you listen.

“For me, creating a piece of art… it’s not up to the artist to tell you how to feel about it…”

Captain Marvel

Mar 18, 2019 02:06:03


Movie Meltdown - Episode 478 

The "Super Series" is back as we come out of our post-snap hiatus to discuss Captain Marvel. And as we begin to wonder if ever we were somehow involved in “the Budapest thing”, we also mention… Grendel's insatiable, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Aquaman, Spider-Man: Far from Home, SHAZAM!, Venom, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Legion, Kingpin, Idris Elba, Street Fighter 2, the Tesseract Cube, Guardians of the Galaxy, Samuel L. Jackson, all those Kirby illustrations done in full scope, it's all absolutes, keep your omega villains omega, James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad', the finger snap is everywhere in culture now, watch out for time vortexes, listening to vinyl, creating his own mythos, Bag of Holding, Brie Larson, I think there is a total difference to comic book movies, The Killing Joke, my head just exploded I’m like… man, I don't know what's going on now, Cushing's disease, Daredevil, I'm too grown to like accept this scene, snarky and dry, maybe that's their way to try to swerve us and Goose.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "Captain Marvel", but I assume by now you’ve already seen it.

“ just highlighted her unique obstacles with making it - all about her unique obstacles.”

The Idiocracy of Muggles

Mar 11, 2019 01:41:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 477

This week we ask the question - can you turn any “property” into a theme park attraction? And as we realize that this is all an interesting psychological experiment - being conducted on us, we also cover... Newt Scamander, Idiocracy, The Wire, The Warriors, James Cameron, hey look it's a wild Gabor, Back to the Future: Part 2, a symbol of corrupt pseudo justice, Bring ‘em Back Alive and Tales of the Gold Monkey, The Journey: Absolution, they are transported to another realm because of solar eclipse occurred, he goes above and beyond filmmaking, the magical British Jack Hanna, I don’t care for his things, but I like him, that was a funny moment when I established myself as an idiot American, Isaac spoke to me, it just looks like Land of the Lost with a little extra money, Benedict Cumberbatch, how many weird pop stars did they create out of 80's soap opera dudes, I love my therapist... he died, so now I've got Marc Maron, it gets my entire mouth envolved, what Nargles look like, I can create a new technology so I can do whatever I want, the swordmasters of Braavos, I like to think about if my parents dog could drive me to the grocery, some sort of swamp multi child scenario, The Love Boat and Fantasy Island, the thing with the gun and the thing… you know - that one, so he had met Bob Dylan, oh my God it's full of muggles, Elvis movies, Lowly Worm, Escape from New York, it was like everybody was a John C Reilly character, animatronic Carcetti, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Johnny Depp, how can I take this robot to the bottom of the ocean, and it's only because the kerning was off, throw a shoe… give a shoe and you can have a bad film and still be a great filmmaker.

“Actually I really like those movies in one capacity… and I'm not sure what that is yet so when I figure it out I'll let you know.”

The Meltdown Awards!

Mar 4, 2019 01:49:45


Movie Meltdown - Episode 476

It's the annual award ceremony of The Meltdown Awards! Listen as we discuss all the nominees and announce the winners from the 2018 films and performances voted on by our listeners!

And as we make use of our dollhouse sensibility, we also bring up… unnecessary creepy smiles, it hits the nail on just so many heads, it's very hermetically sealed, this is one of those times… when everybody meets in the same spot, they're still kind of unpacking whatever kind of weirdness is going on in that guy, it’s mostly electronic, an impressive feat in filmmaking if nothing else, now she's in so many things and I'm never let down, it’s kind of like this master class in editing, that was like the only time in a theater in this last year, where everyone was like ‘Oh f***!!’, this thing could have been a huge mess but they kept it together, it really helped him make his name as a director, I feel like that was a very 90s haircut for that character, devoid of humanity, it's the classiest of all meats, he’s just a weird dude, I don't want to have to look at his pretty face no thank you, hey it worked well six times before, the sheer amount of moving parts in this film seems like a nightmare that you even think about putting together, how do you crank up the tension, Oscar-people don't know how to deal with that kind of movie, so it kind of takes the best of everything and rolls it into what is also… a genuinely good movie, like a perfectly cut out diamond of a movie, that was definitely like a director movie, she is such a solid actress, it's so brisk and to the point, a body in a morgue covered by one of those blankets and The Golden Child oatmeal story.

Spoiler Alert: We try to avoid what we can, but spoiler alert just in case for… Avengers: Infinity War, Hereditary, Deadpool 2, Logan, Annihilation and probably several other movies. But we try to keep them as vague as possible.

“Gather the kids around the internet.”

I’ve Seen the Future and it will Be…

Feb 25, 2019 01:35:21


Movie Meltdown - Episode 475

This week we start off talking about the current convention culture and how artists fit into that situation - or don’t... and eventually, we end up discussing the differences in the generations and how that all affects the future of the world. This conversation runs the gamut!

And as we start to realize that fandom is all relative, we also address… The Commuter, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a convincing Irish accent, Tonks from Harry Potter, Ron Howard, we have so much information coming our way that we're all on autopilot, a short in stature Melkor carrying a red American Heart Association tote, that level of greed and Industry does not go away, your weird physical idea of yourself, who uses a pager where's my flip phone, old men action stars, it's the fault of the way we consume media, what was the song that was playing when that kid saw that lawn mower that was eating that guy, Ready Player One, rebooting Bozo, Liam Neeson, I presume it is IOS friendly, the glorious Wonder Woman who is obviously a crossfitter, it's just a domino effect of what technology is done to civilization, a character from The Wire, training the new baristas, there's being smart and then there's critical thinking, we were cave kids, Satisfaction, Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, miasma, toys were marketed to our generation in the very targeted and specific manner, if you could upload yourself to a computer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Irish person on vacation somewhere in Moscow, we're now post-collector culture, the acceleration of culture is keeping pace with the acceleration of technology, two irish guys and a kiwi, Han Solo, they love an old guy with his cats... that's what kids are into, you were sidling up to Winona Ryder, Love/Hate, it's just a goat and an orange jumper, there’s a land of crab people, Sam Neill, making your own geeky T-shirts, Tomb Raider, pop culture has broadened it’s horizon from say thirty years ago, of course I'm an Eloy, they’re there to kind of... create their own experience, Maximum Overdrive and what are you poking about?

“I think it’s better what they have now, but we were just like… lame, dumb kids - that had nothing!”

Open Up your Heart and Let this Dead Girl In

Feb 18, 2019 04:27


Movie Meltdown - Episode 474 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week the horror club reconvenes to discuss André Øvredal's 2016 film The Autopsy of Jane Doe starring Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch and Olwen Kelly.

And as we realize we are all living in a shared horror universe, we also mention… Blumhouse Productions, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Jimsonweed, The Shining, I get that that's a weird thing to find in somebody's basement, an old-timey narrator telling us about an animal’s adventure, morbid yet squeamish, Happy Death Day, within the confines of horror movies and cop dramas that's kind of how it works, Bewitched, infinite loop, you're shoving your head somewhere you don't need to be put in your head right now, the logistics of how things are going down, drugs ‘n Voodoo s’all you need, slow build, mottled face appears, putting peanut butter on a lion’s lips, I have no mercy... I don't care... just kill people, when the cat growled, interior not matching the exterior, Jabberjaw: the Movie, once you get to a definitive answer, The Curse of Thorn, The Conjuring, death metal, Trollhunter, haunted house level of creepiness and the Flintstones.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "The Autopsy of Jane Doe", so go watch the movie before you listen.

"Geez, that's realistic looking..."

Meltdown's Lament

Feb 11, 2019 01:01:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 473

This week the Meltdown Gang decides to hang out and discusses some of the things they've watched lately. And while we plan our upcoming puppet musical, we also cover… Bad Times at the El Royale, Russian Doll, Green Room, Revenge, Labyrinth, Hail, Caesar!, Another Day, Another Time, John Cusack, picking apart old horror tropes, King Arthur and the knights of the round table, Catherine O'Hara, it’s very seamless the way they Incorporated all together, Patrick Stewart, bought some foam a couple of weeks ago, all these hidden things that you were supposed to have caught but maybe didn't, David Bowie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, painful self-surgical scene, Eugene Levy, you are a genius… and a madman, love of old Hollywood, there’s a lot of speech comedy, Channing Tatum, some of the most gnarly bloody movie deaths I’ve seen in a while, Coralie Fargeat, The Dark Crystal, it's like really fun... despite being like super violent, Natasha Lyonne and just a lot of Schitt's Creek.

“It is a nightmare… but an awesome nightmare!”

Attack of the 2018 Oscar Nominees!

Feb 4, 2019 01:51:10


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack 55

This week we are joined once again by composer Erich Stem as we play and discuss all the 2018 Oscar nominees for Best Original Song and Best Original Score.

 And while we try to decide how many tracks feature stand-alone-ish-ness, we also bring up… Wynton Marsalis, grooves, chord progressions and sound effects, a different artistic purpose, Hans Zimmer is actually the kind of person that he studied, reminiscent of past songwriting styles, the background music to an Ambien commercial, stuttering racists, no style no finesse definitely no subtlety, The Shape of Water, Harvard rap groups, something that is separate from the crowd, Philip Glass, Quincy Jones, that big Hollywood influence coming out, it's hard to say when you talk about original music and you're actually orchestrating the music of a prior composer, The Weeknd, James Bond, a composer with a jazz background versus a composer with a classical background, using traditional instruments, a relic of a bygone musical period, Henry Mancini, too polished, getting into the weeds on the musical aspect of thing, soul-crushing children’s movies, a very interesting collage-style of writing, he used a variation of instruments, alternate history, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and Dr. Dre.

 “Ok, do the most creative thing you can… with your hands tied.”

Straight Talk Dead

Jan 28, 2019 01:47:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 472

This week we return to our annual series The People Who Died… as we pay tribute to just some of the celebrities we lost in 2018. Including some personal stories of our own interactions with a few of the dearly departed.

And while we wonder if we’ll be considered a phenomenon had the lasting effect on generations of people, we also address… the wheelchair in Forrest Gump, Eighth Grade, The Henson Studios, Anjelica Huston, they recreated that corner of the street from police photographs, playing a permutation of the same roll, it’s as much a history lesson and a performance, we'll have these weird little moments of serendipity in life, he's not the kind of guy would let a little thing like a typhoon and stop him from making his movie, everybody’s Grandpa,William Peter Blatty, editing that was unconventional for that era, the next Exorcist, if you’re not here… you’re material, an architect who helps restore old churches, felt pressured into doing the scene, The Prestige, there's so much real-life experience in the face, it's strange the way that it delivers its brand of weirdness, Todd Solondz, the rigmarole of the legal system, Tinky Winky, you could tell he was a prankster by nature, the Coen Brothers, the horror is the atmosphere, John Boorman, kept re-finding herself, the comedy grows with the kids, the eternal father figure, The Simpsons, his transformation from a brooding, mysterious jackass to a gregarious, dancing, gum-chewing jackass, the first true-crime movie, it was a one-legged Mayor… of the city… he had a peg leg, I don’t think there’s ever been a more Fred-statement, I feel like that's just a holdover of old Hollywood, anachronistic jump cuts back and forth, crooked dice from the 1500s and acting right up to the grave.

Spoiler Alert: Along the way we end up ruining the ending of Don’t Look Now, Sleepaway Camp and possibly Hereditary and A Serious Man. So listen carefully… you have been warned.

“Well, I would actually say out of all those that died this past year - if I’d expected any one of them to have been clever enough to stage their own death, it would have been…”

Buster Scruggs and J. Todd Anderson

Jan 21, 2019 01:40:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 471

This week we kick things off with special guest J. Todd Anderson, the man who has been drawing storyboards for EVERY Coen Brothers movie since Raising Arizona! Then the Meltdown Gang sits down to discuss the most recent outing from the Coen Brothers - The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

While we ourselves realize we might be as eloquent and well-spoken as an Elizabethan backwoods guy, we also mention… the Cleveland Browns, wedding cakes, Tom Waits, Superman with George Reeves, an unsung, amazing actor, straight out of Looney Tunes, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Alfred Hitchcock, this is how he led a nation, Liam Neeson, 8mm, George Clooney, the book goes out to all the keys, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Tim Blake Nelson, Gene Autry, 90% heavy breathing and groaning, death in every form is just out to get everybody, James Franco, they're very specific and all I have to do is draw and get it right, Stephen Root, the Evil Dead camera effect, the specter of death is hanging over all of us,  Brendan Gleeson, lighting sketches, Michael Jackson, to draw the movie as you go, nothing goes as planned, Netflix, Zoe Kazan, Marvel or DC, and it was off to the races until it was off the rails, Tyne Daly, best-laid plans, a lot of cartoons, we shoot the movie before we shoot it, day becomes night, Mick Garris, what's considered to be a true cowboy, Inherent Vice, out of the frying pan, Bob Kane, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the third campfire chat and a nihilistic approach.

“Most people don't realize it... I really don't get hired to draw, I get hired to solve visual problems. I’m just lucky enough to know how to draw."

Spoiler Alert: This a full discussion of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs including spoilers, so go watch the movie before you listen.

For more on J. Todd Anderson’s new book, go to:

Geeky Lasagna

Jan 14, 2019 01:12:42


Movie Meltdown - Episode 470

This week the Meltdown Gang gets together to create an audio culinary dish made of stacked layers of movie geekdom. Listen as we add layer after layer of geeky content... like a good lasagna. And eventually, we'll discuss a very specific - "bad lasagna".

And while we fight off nazis and vampires, we also cover… The Predator, Derry Girls, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Leave No Trace, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Clue, Red Eye, The Drive-in Movie Channel, The Howling Man, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, R.L. Stine, hiding in the abbey, sit down giant Pikachu, have another chili dog, six or seven other people tied to chairs with similar cuts on their arms, has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to keep me from doing real things, we have the VHS, a weird fake spider book, Christopher Plummer is... fine, the old traditional scrolling through all the streaming apps, a peoples-worth of remains, Rachel McAdams, during the Depression these two brothers moved to town, it's probably the most devastating movie and scene from last year, genius Tim Curry, red and blue 3D movies, a whimsical tone, most least haunted, the multi-talented Chuck Connors, you've got to drink that deal with all the ghosts, William Sadler, Phantom of the Paradise, weirdly more academic, choose your own adventure, Ben Foster, later-era Wes Craven, a Civil War era man that was supposed to be haunted, it reminded me of when movies didn't have to bum me out all the time, Cillian Murphy and that weird manic cocaine energy.  

“ revels in its own stupidity... but the level of stupidity is brilliant.”

90s Kid Delirium

Jan 8, 2019 06:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 469 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week the Meltketeer Horror Club reconvenes to discuss the 2018 psychological horror film Delirium starring Topher Grace, Patricia Clarkson and Genesis Rodriguez.  

And while we realize all we really want is Fruity Pebbles delivered to our doorstep, we also bring up… Shutter Island, Sunset Boulevard, bringing in outside contractors, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, such an obtuse bad guy, It's a Wonderful Life, a tongue in a jar, the Home Alone sequel, Venom, nobody was there really, how long had those been there… who’s using them, trend filmmaking, never trust an indoor pool, does she have no concern for her own well-being, your dad’s a serial killer… but your brother’s also a serial killer, making mix CDs, build your own torture chamber, split personality, Black Klansman, how many sets of handcuffs are we walking around with, that guy from Dear John, being a super sweet psycho, the asylum had a really nice gym, a dog riding around on an electric scooter, Leonardo DiCaprio and good luck with your dad’s ghost.  

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Delirium, so go watch the movie before you listen.

“Yeah… I’m so tired of this ghost-murder-switch-a-roo.”

A New Vision… of the Future

Dec 31, 2018 01:20:03


Movie Meltdown - Episode 468 

This week we return to our epic sci-fi conversation that started in last week's episode. And as we realize we are immersed in a 70’s cinematic, futuristic nightmare, we also address... Nomi Sunrider, Battlestar Galactica, people vanishing all around the ship, The City & the City, The Avengers movies, Ewan Mcgregor, this creature that lives in a desert, classical understanding of what penance is, an inability of people to communicate with each other, Paul Bettany, I've got a completely different point of view that is coming from a different set of facts that you haven't heard, where a lot of Christian saints went, when they went to evangelize the country, Alec Guinness, Master Thon, it’s about believing in people, freely letting go of the past, Star Trek: Discovery, having loads and loads of corporate cash, a contentious conflicted vision, but they want to tie it in to all the threads that really don’t matter, The Orville, you’re bringing that to the movie, it’s about believing in a bigger future, I think the film thinks that that’s a deep statement about like… light and dark, everything in that movie is overturned 5 minutes later by the next thing that happens, put em’ in my space jam box, doesn’t know how to develop themes, looking out into the future, it is one of the foundational elements of the human person, Michael Fassbender, all the evil that human society mitigates and keeps at bay, pray and engage with their own demons, destroying the past, The Walking Dead, choices are always going to be confined of the two parties and their conflict, every time he is presented with an option of himself who he could be, the confrontation with potential, the sheer wonder of the human experience, I will say this though... I'm being a bit of a nerd in many ways, a lot of flashbang and not a whole lot of substance, multiple kinds of love and it’s like a giant lizard-dog.

“I think we’re at a point now where… a lot of the franchises that inspired up and guided us when we were kids… are gonna die. And I mean that like… or need to die.”

Janitors of the Galaxy

Dec 24, 2018 01:25:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 467

This week we dive headfirst into a sci-fi conversation that geeks from any galaxy will appreciate. And as we realize we’re changing the future... one rivet at a time, we also mention… crawling around the Jefferies tubes, watching the forums, Stone Mountain, Georgia, I’m surprised you got that sentence out before you were killed, Kurtzman Trek, dawn throws back the night, at the core of Hell Lucifer is the one enduring the most suffering, in the end, it had my first role-playing game books, my first CDs and my first tapes… like actual video, VHS tapes - were all in this one location, J.J. Abrams, today wasn't going to be won with strength or with force of arms today was going to be won the way I won it… it was through the force… it was through showing people the light that was already present, Rian Johnson, there’s a faith, hope and love thing going on there, I gotta go beat up this bounty hunter over here, Donald Glover, everyone in that movie is trapped in a nightmare of one kind or another… and that nightmare forces them to do horrible things and endure horrible things, in the now-defunct Star Wars Legends world, throw a bunch of mysteries at the wall, X-Men: First Class, they all need to go home and rethink their lives, random redshirt 473, worlds and universes are colliding, dare I wax the illogical here, everyone in that movie is trapped in a nightmare of one kind or another… and that nightmare forces them to do horrible things and endure horrible things and looking inside the Google Towers.

“The movie like... tied its own shoes together, so to speak, and just tripped over itself.”

The Andre Gower Squadcast

Dec 16, 2018 01:19:36


Movie Meltdown - Episode 466

This week we break away from our regular coverage of Louisville Supercon for a “very special episode” with actor and filmmaker Andre Gower. Listen as Andre talks about growing up in the entertainment industry. How he ended up in Monster Squad... with a role that should have changed his life (eventually- it did). And the amazing fan reaction and support over the years that lead him to direct his film Wolfman’s Got Nards: A Documentary.

And while we get into a heated debate about which is better - The Towering Inferno or The Poseidon Adventure, we also cover… Fred Dekker, Tiger Beat, a shark-octopus, Mr. Holland's Opus, everybody’s toast, get off my interwebs, Alfonso Ribeiro, "reality" "stars", we saw It on opening weekend, Ashley Bank, I would never ask you to be in my movie, how many brands own all those outlets, T.J. Hooker’s son, that’s super unfair for a ten-year-old, I was sitting there eating lunch and he was across the street walking into a Trader Joe's with Stephen King Rules shirt on, Ernest R. Dickerson, Robocop 3, Maddie Corman, driving to go meet a manager and publicity shots, a dubbed VHS off of HBO, The Coogan Law, generational nostalgia, Shane Black, I was the… kid that did eight TV shows that went one season, instead of one show that went eight seasons - that everybody knows, Ryan Lambert, who George C. Scott subsequently banned from the stage, it's just unfair to the human mind, sibling rivalry, I've had some pretty cool TV dads, Ryan Seacrest, E.R., ripping the Japanese LaserDisc, we went to England twice, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, we sold out the Egyptian theater Beyond Fest, Teen Beat and go make something… you fools.

“...but you know, you become such a part of that fabric of this story - with these people!”

For more on the documentary, go to:

And follow the movie: and
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Science Fiction Quadruple Feature

Dec 10, 2018 01:22:57


Movie Meltdown - Episode 465 

This week we are coming to you “live” from Louisville Supercon as we talk with a quartet of sci-fi legends. Join us as we talk with Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), Ricou Browning (The Creature from the Black Lagoon), Patricia Quinn (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and John Wesley Shipp (The Flash). In this Meltdown-verse crossover event, we join forces with George Buehler (The WBKI FANatic), to discuss our other interactions with guests like… Kevin Conroy, Alice Cooper, Loren Lester, Diane Pershing, Charles Martinet, Lloyd Kaufman, Kane, Sergeant Slaughter, Theodore Long and at least one of us inspired Booker T and changed his life. (Or at least his lunch.)

And while we realize that being a hoarder sometimes comes in handy, we also bring up… Mask of the Phantasm, Thunderball, Ming the Merciless, Space Jam, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, the life of Edward Fudge, watching him on the Muppets, The Burien Flyers, Cowboy Bebop, you’ve influenced royalty, 97% of every actor or actress, you were so giddy to be talking to him, Isaac Yankem, DDS, Kurt Russell, He-Man, a shot of brandy, we’ve got David Bowie we’ve got Princess Margaret, Flipper, The Neverending Story 2, The Fire That Consumes, the old-fashioned Hollywood screen test, Max von Sydow, mail ordering out of catalogs, The Day Magenta Went Away, Warner Brothers for CBS, we all wore glitter and you couldn't get it off because it was made of glass, the Vogue theater, Verity Lambert who invented Doctor Who actually, Jack Palance, Separation Anxiety, Mackenzie Astin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was pretty chilly, he got the sack because he was no good at Herod, I went in and sang a 1930’s song, The Flash/Arrow/Supergirl crossover, Vampire Hunter D, Clint Eastwood, a drunk Creature, that's filthy I'm not singing that, we're leading toward Crisis on Infinite Earths, the voice of Mario, Frank Langella, then they said Mick Jagger's queuing up on the last night with Bianca and Elliott Gould, fan theories on the internet, Dino De Laurentiis, he was my Flash, they're introducing the Monitor into the Arrowverse, to me standard thinking is substandard, shaking hands with Alice, who put me in the Cobra clutch and they said the four magic words... Vincent Price Christopher Lee.

“I will say Hollywood... unless you're grounded... you will get a little bit tainted.”

For more on Louisville Supercon, go to:

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Dark Hallways and Giggling: The Malevolent Story

Dec 5, 2018 05:44


Movie Meltdown - Episode 464 (For our Patreon supporters.)

On this week's exclusive episode, we kick off the new Meltketeer Horror Club with Olaf De Fleur's Netflix film Malevolent starring Florence Pugh.  

And as we realize, even if we sew our own mouths shut, we would still address… Buster Keaton, Dogs… the Series, The Birdcage, very clean torture aprons, what are your rules for ghost in this universe, Peter Bogdanovich, sickly and basement weird, hitting certain notes because it had to, if you dress a certain way you're going to see some freaky sh-t, we needed someone to die first, don’t take in random children, she had to mimic her seizures, the creation of his art is above his personal safety, it just feels, or looks - like a Netflix movie, let’s mess with it and see what happens, Mike Nichols, not to lump all Scandinavian thrillers into one basket, I wanted that Scottish Grandpa rage, it seems like a Vice documentary… but then there’s this beautiful Husky-mix, Herb Baumeister territory and little girl ghosts are dicks. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2018 movie "Malevolent"... so go watch it before you listen. You have been warned. 

“ the hell do you decide that your career path is going to be a fake paranormal investigator?” 

Cinematic Meandering with Ann Hall

Nov 26, 2018 01:28:08


Movie Meltdown - Episode 463 

This week we welcome Dr. Ann Hall, Chair Comparative Humanities at University of Louisville, who not only teaches about film, but has also been a movie fan pretty much her whole life. So together we embark on our usual conversational trajectory as we bounce around from topics like… the old Hollywood publicity machine to favorite holiday movies. We also address the role of women in film in general to more specifically - the role of women in horror films. Plus a lot of other random discussions along the way. And before we’re done, someone in the cast tells us how - this one time... they met Bill Murray.

And as we all leisurely lounge in a bathtub full of milk, we also mention… the Hays code, Tex Avery cartoons, Cecil B. DeMille, Turn of the Screw, Florence Lawrence, Rosemary's Baby, associated with the lowbrow medium… like film, Sigourney Weaver, celebrity magazines, she began as a flapper, It's a Wonderful Life, clean up her act, Miracle at St. Anna, babysitters, spectacle vs. story, Joan Crawford, The Others, Die Hard, visual literacy, Babette's Feast, we were hiding from the trick-or-treaters, old soda ads, The Conjuring, CG creating new celebrity performances, idealizing children, Nosferatu, Avalon, Carrie Underwood is Julie Andrews, a teaching conundrum, North by Northwest, manager their image, Claudette Colbert, was called box office poison, Mildred Pierce, In Cold Blood, Laura Mulvey essay, Ira Levin, he looked a little like John Hurt’s Elephant Man, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Shadow of the Vampire, Torch Song Trilogy, attuned to beauty, Chris Evans, Bad Santa, always looking for patterns, what have you done to it’s eyes, right of refusal with scripts, Katharine Hepburn, soda ads, Get Out, people that live in it… don’t seem to live, an American success story, brows, cheekbones, lips and hair, The Innocents, the way that women are treated in different types of media, The Sign of the Cross, soap ads, the biograph girl and clerics on consultancy.

“ wasn’t meant to be... provocative… and I think they got a little carried away!”

Apostle: The Mechanics of Religion?

Nov 19, 2018 01:20:51


Movie Meltdown - Episode 462

This week we discuss the 2018 Netflix release Apostle, a period piece that is arguably a horror film about religion or at least religious cults. The film stars Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton, Michael Sheen and was written and directed by Gareth Evans.

And as we take turns poking each other with sticks, we also cover… Suspiria, Haunting of Hill House, Riverdale, Twig Head, an unexpected cave exposition, be prepared you guys… do some planning, they turned up the creepy and the weirdness factor, there are some things I wish they’d elaborate on more, do you pay extra for a cave creature encounter, the sister, unapologetically diving into almost night time soap level of drama, our female characters, look at each other sometimes with weird cryptic gazes, the people in the bags, wasting blood, I feel like there's a lot about this movie that was... unexpected, the mangler, forcing your religion down another culture’s throat, putting on a headlamp, is this cult any different then what you were doing, the masked man, you need to figure some stuff out in your cult guys… you gotta plan - if you’re a good cult leader, so much effort… for not such a great reward, I hope he doesn’t get a drill in the head, this table that you just vice people down to, the dude with the hooks and who are these jerk kids?!

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2018 Netflix movie Apostle directed by Gareth Evans. So watch it before you listen… you have been warned!

“ again, I’m like… IS that what we are saying? About this whole story… and religion as a whole?!”

Branding and Revisiting Film Properties

Nov 12, 2018 02:00:31


Movie Meltdown - Episode 461 

As theaters are continually flooded with familiar titles and on-going series, we discuss the way that audiences see this process and potentially some alternate perspectives on the subject. And while we set the bar a little higher for ourselves, we also bring up… A Star Is Born, Suspiria, Halloween, A Simple Favor, BoJack Horseman, Our Town, Blumhouse Productions, Pet Sematary, honor the original, Roger Corman, painters, American culture, Mark of the Vampire, and the whole thing could unravel at any second, Cigarette Burns, David Gordon Green, The Blob, super gnarly and ridiculous and awesome, Alien, Alfred Hitchcock, a passive experience, creative impulses, Clueless, with a new approach to material, the attachment to TV, Paul Feig, reinterpriding plays, Gus Van Sant, they had not sanded off the edges on this new CG thing, lifting scenes or beats, Rotten Tomatoes, Drop Dead Fred, John Carpenter, Big Mouth, J.J. Abrams, a cash-in for the studios, that’s kind of not how art works, Independence Day, cover songs, My Fair Lady, respect it enough to keep your distance, The Green Inferno, Wargames, weird and impressive, Brendan Fraser, trying to take that from the original, he’s visual over storytelling, Shakespeare, The Mummy and colorful flamboyance.

“That speaks exactly to, I think, why I’m making myself, like… rethink remakes. Because…”

Michael Myers: Judgment Day

Nov 4, 2018 02:09:32


Movie Meltdown - Episode 460

This week we sit down for an extended discussion of David Gordon Green's Halloween. The latest in the series is sort of an attempt to be both a sequel and a reboot... but does it end up being successful at either?  

And while we try to decide if we ourselves are suffering from PTSD from watching so many horror movies over the years, we also address… Tales from the Hood 2, survivor guilt, Fright, Judy Greer, new Loomis, Rob Zombie, comments from the audience, creepy mental asylum, what was great about the one woman that he killed that had the baby, becoming urban legend, missteps and poor choices, Black Christmas, the post-credits monster we’ve created, Snoop Dogg, amazingly well choreographed, it's like breathing for the rest of us, Donald Pleasence, it's not for the development of the characters it's for the development of the screenplay, John Carpenter, Andi Matichak, little kids watching horror movies, Jamie Lee Curtis, a killing machine, Trick ‘r Treat, well-funded podcasts, the Scream rules, P.J. Soles, this is just become way more interesting movies that could have happened - and didn't, it makes sense that she would be broken, Terminator 2, old ladies with short hair, we need this guy in that mask to go stab at her, VHS, a story based on more of the mythology and the legacy more so than trying to create a direct continuation of the story, the cult and green goo comes out of his eyes.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the new “Halloween” from David Gordon Green and probably a few from Carpenter’s original movie… so just go watch both of them before you listen.

“There's so much potential every twenty minutes in this movie.”

Bad Movie Breakdown

Oct 28, 2018 10:40


Movie Meltdown - Episode 459 (For our Patreon supporters.)

After rounding out our showcase of "bad movies" for a live event at the public library, Tracy and Bryan sit down to not only recap some of their choices but also to discuss what makes a bad movie "bad". And more importantly, the perspective that makes people want to watch movies that certain other people would consider to be terrible.

And while we cover things that are both beautiful and hideous all at the same time, we also address… John Waters, Wild and Woolly Video, Universal horror monsters, Blood Freak, Roger Corman, continually setting people on fire, Sleepwalkers, a bunch of people from Florida, Ed Wood, because it’s bad… it has lasting appeal, Female Trouble, they are a trainwreck of a couple of dudes, Wes Craven, movie geek research, horror goes to space, John Carpenter, Don't Look Now, I only want to deal with what’s on the screen, montage of gore, it's threatening to your worldview in order to feel safe, your geeks are crossing over here, special Thanksgiving episodes, Stephen King, serials, Mama Dracula, Birdemic, Asylum and SyFy movies, Mick Garris, Liquid Sky, we suffered through so… so will you, can horror characters stay scary over time, weird underground currents that he lived in and was part of, stunt death, movies trying to emulate, Kenneth Anger, El Topo, b-movies versus prestige pictures, how fandom and conventions changed being an actor, he's subverting everything when he's doing that, Robert Englund, it's very surface-y and subversive and strange, Tuesday Knight, it's an experience of being immersed in cinema, bad movies are for some people… not all people, he was guy number 3 on an episode of Charlie's Angels, Holy Mountain, and he was just blown away by the idea that the other people in the room where there on purpose… to see this movie… he just didn’t understand that, Douglas Sirk, challenging convention and the strategy of the bank book.

“...but all the movies prior to that are as charming to me, not just because of what they are on screen - which is interesting and hilarious and strange and… unique vision - but not good!”

Our DESCENT into Halloween Madness

Oct 22, 2018 01:48:19


Movie Meltdown - Episode 458 

Our Halloween madness fully sets in as we lower ourselves into the caves of insanity that are Neil Marshall's The Descent. And as we break down all the fun of being a wendigo, we also mention… Carrie, Pet Sematary, like weird but I’m into it, Flannery O'Connor, it all comes back to tuberculosis, The VVitch, The Shining, Mammoth Cave, rods through the face, they show him in his beast-personality, it’s just darkness into darkness, boom… bam… Doug Jones, Game of Thrones, Navajo forklore, Fred Gwynne or John Lithgow, I jumped off of my couch and screamed… and the dogs freaked out… it was a whole thing… because that was the most effective jumpscare, Fear Itself, so weirdly of the 1600’s, Doomsday, it’s the most effective thing you can have, for being like - nothing, jonin’ for Reesie cups, I’m ready for it… come at me skinwalkers, would you like to be buried alive… because that can be arranged, I’m ready for it… come at me skinwalkers, you don’t remember Zelda?, Centurian, having extra children, Skin and Bones, I was just biting my knees, making full use of closed captioning, you want us to go Magellan this cave right now, The Burrowers, you made a fine movie but you need to work on your spelling, whether it be werewolves or cholera, Black Phillip, Edgar Allan Poe and a weird gas station attendant.

Spoiler Alert: Actually double spoiler alert, because not only are we going to go into full spoilers for The Descent but we are also going to discuss the director’s cut ending which was, and is, Neil Marshall's original way to end the movie.

“I mean… there’s no scarier settings than a cave.”

Spooky Nostalgia

Oct 14, 2018 01:25:50


Movie Meltdown - Episode 457

This week we hang out in the spooky outdoors as we reminisce about some of our favorite Halloween costumes, collecting VHS tapes, the first time watching a horror movie and even trying to make our own movies.

And as we weave through enough tangents to de-rail even the Terror Train, we also cover… Drive-in Theater, Siskel and Ebert, Michael Myers mask, tracking lines, the box with the slide, here’s blood and some jingle bells, Spotlight, super 8, mom and pop video stores, Joe Bob Briggs, they made this huge creature out of bubble gum and latex, hiding behind the sofa, Dark Vader, there’s a little Samhain in all of us, milk, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, having your candy X-rayed,The Movie Channel, Ben Cooper, Night of the Living Dead, there’s definitely a werewolf in there, they took a Polaroid picture of me, Elvira, Spencer's Gifts, Hammer Films, plastic hoses spraying blood, Fangoria Magazine, our console television, plastic fangs, Yoda blood on your log, I was talking about the movie Porky’s, watching black and white television, meeting Darth Vader at the mall, Harvest Lake, a convenience store with a video store in the back, Evil Dead 2 and putting on a mask and hiding in the closet.   

“ mother would sit me down and she called them…’Let’s go watch the spookies’.”

It’s the Pumpkin Spice of Horror

Oct 7, 2018 02:00:01


Movie Meltdown - Episode 456 

As the daylight starts to slip away… we gather together for a grand discussion on all things horror… and sort-of horror… and Halloween and of course - pumpkin-spiced. And as we kick off the season by seeing how many Smarties we can eat, we also bring up… the slow retail shuffle, A Quiet Place, Heredity, folk horror, The Mummy, Runaway, monster in the woods, mariachi band of the undead, Brazil, the last great epic Francis Ford Coppola movie, a cornucopia of underwear, a 70s light show in his dungeon, There’s a Ghost in my Bathroom, the dime store version of Johnny Depp, Mindhorn, yellow #5 vs yellow #2, The VVitch, Mother!, Digital Underground, The Rockford Files, you know… I’ve gotta say… it’s just action-packed gore and… stupid, Bad Ronald, Nothing but Trouble, and by good she means it’s so awful it’s funny, the horror of William Shatner’s mustache, squirrel funerals, Gary Oldman, patience is a virtue… when you’re a murderer, Clue, Beyond the Black Rainbow, unleashed from the sarcophagus, Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe, Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Dynasty, 80s martial artist sci-fi crossovers, waist-to-pant ratio, Columbo, our march toward Halloween, Keanu Reeves, The Holy Mountain, people complaining about being old… in space, the Universal monster movies, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, reading the tea leaves of technology, Housebound, a crafty cryptid, the original Friday the 13th vs. Saw, Splitting Up Together, Tom Cruise vs. Brendan Fraser, The Blair Witch Project on crack, the dialogue wasn't stupid - it was just moronic, commerce zombies, The Bashful Bladder, The Love Boat, The Innkeepers, watching Blue Velvet as a child, Jack Ryan, The Quiet Earth, limited edition everything, you just need to stock up on red shirts, polyester pumpkin, Santa Sangre, a failed Fruit of the Loom character, Hardcore Henry, I just wanna watch things blow up, everything revolves around Bourbon and vanilla unicorn chalk.

“ definitely has a mood. But ultimately the movie makes no sense to me whatsoever and is very anticlimactic.”

Hellbent with Nicholas Vince

Oct 1, 2018 59:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 455

This week as we return to our wrap-up of ScareFest, we are also joined by actor/writer Nicholas Vince to discuss the horror movie Hellbent directed by Paul Etheredge. And as we ask the burning question - how old is Nathan Fillion? We also mention...  Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, pumpkin-spiced something or other, what’s up with Cameo, John Schneider, Book of Monsters, Larry Wilcox, reverse-engineering filmmaking, if you’re young and pretty, a three-way with Ava Gardner and Lana Turner, For we are Many, For we are Many, the danger of the witch hunt, such a butterfly, men are predatory creatures, Paintball Massacre, Clive Barker, a days filming in Italy, key lime, people is people, Necessary Evils, outing celebrities, power and youth, the high school crush, The Rookie, doing many of these special projects, the zero Fs is turned to 11, F you Immortality, young men are horny bastards, Dancing with the Stars, Black Gloves, the Me Too movement, the way sexuality works, Keltic Badger, just a killing machine, swamp ass and PG Porn, two short films in three days, Heckle and how to get a Birthday shout-out from your favorite trainwreck.  

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for “Hellbent”, so go watch it beforehand if you are concerned.  

“I think it’s to do with the position of power.... and if you are young and pretty… you have to learn how to deal with that pretty quickly.”

ScareFestin’ with Shawnee Smith

Sep 23, 2018 01:25:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 454

This week we begin our coverage of ScareFest as well as talking with actress Shawnee Smith about a wide array of things like... the Saw franchise, The Blob, Summer School, dancing orphans, Meathead, the Olympics and hanging out with John Candy. Plus we discuss Creepshow 3, not spoiling movies back in the day as well as a rundown of the many different people we've met at conventions over the years.

And as we cover the most jarring moment of your life, we also cover… Felissa Rose, some kind of zombie-robot, cats will suck your breath out, he’s hilarious as a trainwreck, more boils and ooze-iness, there’s a hot dog involved, it ate two of my tapes, Daniel Roebuck, Holliston, don’t be stupid I’m a radio, The Raft, they decide to find all the working bits in the perfect woman, that’s the end of the season arch that didn’t quite get filmed, you have to know the face that accompanied it, at one point he stabs the homeless ghost, Deadbeat, the muscle-calf lady, a tulle dress, students from the local arts college, converting footage into digital the old fashioned way, it looks like a rubber mask, I’m just still dancing, Gil and Kelly from Kids Club, written by 5th graders, A. J. Bowen, I’m having a flashback, Dave Brockie, wet or dry… it depends on what you are looking for, Giorgio Tsoukalos, being pregnant, and the next thing you know she’s a rabbit, Adam Green, Costas Mandylor, skills at taping stuff back together and the magic of Hollywood… and selfies.

Spoiler Alert: We keep from spoiling Sleepaway Camp as well as all of Shawnee’s films… but we have no problem spoiling all of Creepshow 3. So beware as you listen to that segment.

“One night he called at like 11 o’clock, ‘say Shawnee… come downstairs, get in the white limo’. And I came downstairs, and I get in the white limo, and it’s him and Bon Jovi… the whole band. And we went out like, you know, bar-hopping in Canada. The night ended with him on-stage singing the blues. I was pretty epic.”

For more info on ScareFest, go to:

Just a Little Evil

Sep 17, 2018 08:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 453 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we hang out and watch the Netflix original feature Little Evil. And while we pin down just which one of the cast is usually I’m jacked up on Robitussin, we also discuss… Truth or Dare, Clueless, a coked-up unicorn, Party Down, Sally Field, she’s just oddly likable, Ray Wise’s birthday party, Space Truckers, iZombie, stunt programming, Meredith Salenger, Sock and Sam, a bus-load of dead kids… I’m sticking with it, every movie needs more Clancy Brown, being a happy horse, somebody’s got to conduct that Derby, Patton Oswalt, edited Showgirls, Debi Mazar, Parks and Rec, that was before he hit her with the 2x4, Conan the Barbarian, Tyler Labine, Lucy Hale and he’s a bad cop… so he’s a good hit man.

Spoiler Alert: General spoilers for “Little Evil”... so go watch it before listening.

“Who doesn’t enjoy a movie where they talk about killing a kid?! I mean… it’s good fun for the whole family!”

Success through Survival with Jeff Kober

Sep 9, 2018 01:05:25


Movie Meltdown - Episode 452 

This week we sit down with actor Jeff Kober to learn the secrets of not just life... but also to surviving in the entertainment industry. And while we decide which celebrities we plan to pretend to have a relationship with, we also bring up… La La Land, China Beach, Devon Sawa, Taserface, Tank Girl, dark endings, that was my target audience, The First Power, Debra Granik, Beauty Mark, James Remar threw a bottle at my frickin’ face, I followed a woman to California, Sully, everything happened for the reason… the way it was supposed to, Catherine Curtin, Billings, Montana, it’s all perspective, Chris Sullivan, I was the leader of a cult, Corey Haim, my first, last and only office job, Richard Ramirez, coming through the mask, perfectly awkward, Lori Petty, it was entirely based on being a dog and slightly damaged, The Walking Dead, not as therapy but as expression, Bruce Greenwood, the guy who had seen too much, Crazy Stupid Love, Auden Thornton, Hereditary, I really went into the darkness of that... and it took me a while to come back out of it, working with Clint Eastwood, a hot piece of man meat, no chemistry, if I kill enough of them… my fear will go away, he had his mom with him the whole time, really really deep feelings and Chuck either kicks my ass or kills me.

“Where I came from... actors were different than people… so I didn’t think that I could… it never even occur to me.”

For on Jeff, go to:

Attack of Catherine Mary Stewart and Lance Guest!

Sep 3, 2018 01:37:02


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 54

This week we welcome special guest co-hosts Catherine Mary Stewart and Lance Guest as we play and discuss some songs featured in their movies over the years as well as some of their favorite soundtracks.

So join us as we put together one of the weirdest things to ever be committed to the airwaves, we also discuss… African dance, the orgy scene, showing up on her doorstep, shopping and shooting guns, if you're a hippy… and you’re living in a park in Berlin… you get to go to Heaven with God, they wrote the original code, lots of guitars, I don’t want anything to do with my mom, suck on the mic a lot of the time, a computer the size of a room, there’s a lot going on in every scene in that movie, the change in pop culture, developing of texture mats for the computer rendering of the space scenes, what is this movie?, I always say… it’s not 1973, not 1975… it’s 1974. It’s very specific… the filmmakers… might dispute me on that, The Apple, being lovers all these years, it’s a function of time, the last girl on Earth without a date, convention oversaturation, The Disaster Artist of the Star Wars universe, the rest of you BIM mark idiots are going to be left behind, hey… aren't you the guy in The Last Starfighter, I had to simplify my guitar playing, foraging for nuts in studio city in L.A., the bled on the battlefield for people today, and if you are a politician that advocates abstinence please show your children this movie, a 5 month shoot, you are a savant, over-merchandising and marketization of the film business, non-freaky thing to do, Bernie’s dance, and I sit in the saddle, it’s like Dada performance art, the perfect relationship, growing up as a dancer and a tone-deaf mish-mosh of wait wait what are we doing?!

“It’s absolute heaven watching these musicians jam.”

Hanging out at The Bastion is Truly Outrageous

Aug 27, 2018 01:07:19


Movie Meltdown - Episode 451

This week we hang out at The Bastion and talk about movies... and other random things. And while we try our best to not get shived, we also bring up… We are Still Here, visiting abandoned places, Jeremy Irons sleeping in a teepee, golden harvest, hanging out in old prisons, The Bissman Building, The Amulet of Sauron, cell 13, the delightful and ever-so-stalkerish Lisa Marie, The Shawshank Redemption, it's no longer oozing it's no longer yellow, Dead Last, possessed Woody, order your home from Sears, Tango and Cash, the ability to see ghosts, eating lead paint, having a cool girl in your band, the weird coincidences of The Lone Gunmen, Argentinian television, reassembling Jem, killing weeds, Barbara Crampton, Lake Mungo, Tyler Labine is on a plane, here I am in a hole, while in the sub-basement of the floor, eating lead paint, so much Forensic Files, Air Force One, Vampire Steve, The Lady in White, fright film night of the days dead, Mr. Dark, the Devil is infected, the planet of Rick and Morties, Stranger Things, Vincent Schiavelli, he decided to set himself on fire, sad watermelon… it’s crying, ghostly Pam Grier, Watcher in the Woods and continental continuity.

“There’s a lot of things that I see that’s got blood all over the place.”

Movie Pitch Trade-off

Aug 20, 2018 13:09


Movie Meltdown - Episode 450 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we get together to trade pitches from some unusual movies we've watched lately. Who has the more alluring project?? Listen and find out for yourself...

And while we try to decide who has the weirder semi-post-apocalyptic future,  we also discuss… Streets of Fire, Future Cops, Christopher Robin, Immortals, Mozart in the Jungle, The Disaster Artist, Babylon 5, Ray Harryhausen, double tweed-on-tweed green with a bow tie, if you point him to a limb he will go out to the furthest tip of it… every single time, it gets deeper into the teenage years, a karaoke version of some song… and he seduces a high school girl… using electricity that comes out of his eyes, future… on a shoestring, Tommy Wiseau, Monica Bellucci, all of that together...if you’re not sold already I don’t know what the hell you are waiting for, the most brilliantly written self-critique I've ever seen, there's some great images of him as a beach ball, fireballs blazing onto the streets, everybody likes to invoke data-driven, 300, J. Michael Straczynski, the highest quality non-copyright material to draw from, creepy Willem Dafoe, for broom-head… it totally works, David O. Selznick and Cecil B. DeMille, Flatliners, Deep Space Nine, Bill Paxton, John Hurt, shiny special effects and dudes without shirts, Hook, Rick Moranis, Tarsem, the veil is off, Raul Julia, by feeding him a computer chip, it’s better than the real world, how things elicit pathos, Herodotus, these are things that you ought to care about, you should have a cuddle room, moving paintings, Jim Steinman, Amy Madigan, the more benign form of what Nick Cage has and uncanny valley all over the place. 

“...I gotta tell ya, I was like this close to going to sleep when I put that movie on... when it started playing I was like - I'm making coffee! Like, I can not let this movie go!” 

Mental Illness in Movies (or Nora’s Crazy Episode)

Aug 12, 2018 01:34:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 449

This week we welcome our friend Nora to lead an over-all history and general discussion about the way mental illness is portrayed in the movies. So join us as we hit some key films over the decades as well as some unusual personal favorites on how we look at “crazy people” and therapists on the big screen.

So as we work toward finding the most healthy way to deal with what we’re messed up about, we also mention… Isle of Dogs, he got a road trip out of it, he wanted to troll your dad but there was no technology to do it yet, it was actually banned by the Army, mechanized version of a person, dissociative identity disorder, let’s get ourselves a robot and get emotionally attached to it, post-suicide recovery, Wes Anderson, forgotten events in their early childhood, healthy coping mechanisms, she's a very predatory therapist, John Huston, tics and movements and speech, nervous conditions, crazy families, it's almost more of a parlor trick than a mental disorder, Doug Jones, touching on what’s going on in mental health and treatment at that time, something that makes a villain a villain, sometimes you have to go to the special shop and you pick out a friend, sexual psychopathy, if you have a therapist like that get a new one ‘cause that guy would lose his license, a cheap plot device, shell shock, the evil sleepwalker, irrational drives that are rooted in your subconscious, accidently everyone’s gorgeous, gettin’ in there… in the brain, there’s a lot of crazy people… and they end up in every movie.

“, it’s kind of an interesting view on the brain and what goes on in the inner workings… and what is sane and not and all of that spooky, fun stuff.”

Brett Simon: Flyover Filming

Aug 5, 2018 01:11:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 448 

This week we wrap-up Flyover Film Fest as we sit down with director Brett Simon to discuss his latest feature Better Start Running. Brett has devoted many years to studying film, art practice and creative writing as well as teaching film history, film theory and video production at UC Berkeley. As well as building a successful career as a commercial and music video director for bands like The Killers, Hoobastank and Queens of the Stone Age. So listen as we discuss everything from his early days as a movie fan all way up to directing his first feature film, Assassination of a High School President starring Bruce Willis and Mischa Barton. Plus we hear stories about coming to shoot his latest film in our own hometown as well as bringing along his cast including Analeigh Tipton, Alex Sharp and Jeremy Irons.

Plus as we ponder just how the more they drive - the less they travel, we also mention… the Cinematheque guys, Snow Patrol, Michelle Gondry, I’m the log cabin guy, the old model is dead as far as I can tell, time-management skills, Tarantino starting a zine, when the digital video cameras were not inherently pretty, naturalistic Noir, weekend warrior filmmakers, curious about everybody’s story, karmic retribution against filmmakers, the late 50s 60s French New Wave, putting less on the technical and more on voice… and more on perspective… and more on finding your own vision, that is the one part of your job that is uniquely yours, you go in… and you pitch your vision for it, Brick, the one constant in filmmaking is that things will go wrong, the dirty secret that I learned, the video store is your film school approach, the home video market was the sort of backstop that funded these things, Spike Jonze, he really kind of melded into our world, the beauty of filmmaking is like at the end of the day whether you are the most experienced or the least experienced it’s this weird alchemy where like… none of us really know until it plays to an audience, Twin Peaks, I'm constantly at that place where I'm going what is going to be my day job, Kafka, Eugene Meatyard, he’s a real bon vivant, the last people to have a busy signal, a syllabus of films that I needed to see, a budget a time and a place, Alfred Hitchcock, before the invention of the bulb, you don't even need the theory or the language to understand the visceral reaction, DIY, the films of Atom Egoyan, trying to move us more toward TV series, how to structure without structure, very video images and how to do it when no one’s expecting you to do it.

“...resilience and grit, at the end of the day, maybe the most important thing a filmmaker needs.”

For more on “Better Start Running”, go to:

For more on the Louisville Film Society, go to:

Drago Sumonja: Documenting Life

Jul 29, 2018 01:08:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 447

This week we're coming to you "live" from Harry Dean Stanton Fest as we sit down with Drago Sumonja the co-writer of Harry Dean's last film (Lucky) as well as director of the documentary Char·ac·ter. So listen as we discuss his time spent with Harry Dean as well as the artistic collaboration and friendship he has built over the years with actor Dabney Coleman.

And while we realize that the whole world eventually comes together at Dan Tana's, we also bring up… Private Benjamin, he made his own weapon, we’d just kind of play the parts really, Daveigh Chase, Cloak and Dagger, they mounted this giant antenna-looking thing onto your house, it’s own weird special little world, Unwigged and Unplugged, something about him showing up in a dress one day, it turned out to be what I wanted to be, Ron Livingston, docudrama, Facebook and their darn algorithms, David Lynch, by necessity, crossing from PG to PG-13, and I would just start typing, racy movies in conservative households, Sydney Pollack, Showgirls, and so we just try to figure out how to make that kind of interesting in a script, Top Secret, The Missouri Breaks, a dirty martini all over my pants, S. Darko, sequels to movies many years later, a rainy day assembly, Logan Sparks, Muhlenberg County, going off on these magical monologues, it’s like a master class, Mark Rydell, Repo Man and TV edits for R-rated movies.

“...the documentary and your podcast - is only as good as your subject.”

For more on Harry Dean Stanton Fest go to:

Attack of Forecastle 2018!

Jul 23, 2018 01:13:21


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 53

This week we are coming to you "live" from Forecastle Music Festival as we welcome our co-host Bryan Hamilton from the band Tsunami Samurai. Join us as we discuss the goings-on of the event all the while assembling a makeshift soundtrack from the bands playing there that weekend.

And while we shun sunlight and other humans, we also mention… some art on a tree, here’s Johnny,the welcome overcast, they saved the best for the sequel, no one is curating, open invite to Jenny Lewis, the vibe that’s going on, do 13-year old kids care about that, The Slint reunion, this shows you how long they’ve been a band, gives us historical context, so grassroots, The 40 Watt in Athens, an 80’s night dance at school, the undead creature that I am, Justin Long, it’s their reference, YouTube just puts it on mix, a double-headliner with Built to Spill, something popped in it’s mechanical brain, this humid bowl that he was sitting in, at The Fox in Atlanta, I wasn’t sure he was going to make it through his own set, the largest attended show in Forecastle history, she had no problem with personal space, The Spectacular Now, Chris Stapleton stepping on people’s heads, I think it was the heat, Houndmouth and the birthplace of the high-five.

“’s like you just turned on the happy machine - and I just made 40,000 people happy.”

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Rick Sternbach: Drawing Rings around the World

Jul 16, 2018 01:30:25


Movie Meltdown - Episode 446

This week we round out our coverage of this year's WonderFest as we talk with Rick Sternbach about space, art and the movies and projects he's worked on. (Including Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Last Starfighter, The Black Hole, Solaris and Star Trek: The Next Generation.) Plus we are joined by our somewhat annual, reluctant co-host Eric Chu.

And while we work on building our own Cray supercomputer, we also bring up… Deadpool 2, Better Watch Out, the new Lost in Space, doing artwork for science fiction and astronomy magazines, Larry Niven, set design, Alan Tudyk,you create something and then it goes back into it’s raw form, water slide decals, Harold had worked with Hitchcock, Juggernaut, Mars Attacks trading cards, Hal Clement, a different hand/eye skill set, we didn’t have computers in 1978, Theodore Sturgeon, she’d worked on the B-1 bomber, the early days of digital, his pencil drawings of the Gunstar, geometry, I got to see the evolution of the whole process, the Air Force would pay him to play with future concepts, Gordon Dickson, scribbling, I was just nuts about marine mammals, Destination Moon, The Lensman series, Forbidden Planet, Isaac Asimov, Chuck Jones, the Kodan mothership, do the next polygon, Brad Pitt, Arthur C. Clarke, wanted to learn more about cetaceans and pinnipeds, Star Trek 2: the second five year mission of the Enterprise, let them be messy, Joe Haldeman, control panel graphics, organic chem, space conference projects, a well-rounded art experience, planetary models, cell animation, Virginia Madsen, a transistor radio, doggone it... I got to see them take off, Jackson Pollock, twist on a twist, Men into Space, nothing in Earth’s orbit, Gene Roddenberry, there is a lot of structure in there, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Josh Brolin in a catsuit, home invasion, I think my artistic output was a product of the times, one of the Gemini missions, Patrick Warburton, it was important to witness that history, for me… old school was the best school, giddy and wanted to take the risk, X-Men cameos and the golden record on the Voyager spacecraft.

“I will tell you the crazy story…”

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A Culture of Despair

Jul 9, 2018 12:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 445 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we sit down for a simple movie discussion and suddenly we are knee deep in an examination as to whether or not we are in fact - a culture of despair? But after hammering out the finer points of Thanos' plan for the universe vs. Roddenberry's vision of the future... we quickly fix all the world's problems.

And while we try to figure out just what it takes to assemble the lair of a podcasting super-villain, we also mention… Guillermo del Toro, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Hateful Eight, dragons can, in fact, be defeated, a genuinely weird movie, more concentrated death... in a more productive way, the creative and constructive power of the imagination, escapism for poor people, when your real world has crossed over into what you thought was dystopia, non-likable characters, a zero sum game, a loss of faith in ourselves and each other, escapist literature, co-creators for the new world we live in, hanging out at one of Dali’s parties, French new wave, not really a clear narrative of who’s supposed to be heroic, a slave to his own reductivity, AP Bio, it’s because we’ve accepted, in a very internal way, a kind of preexisting low expectation for human beings, justifying literary endeavor, I don’t have guests over to sit and take tea, you really shouldn’t compare arts, a productive calculus, the poetic capacity of persons, HAL 9000, living in a fantasy world, a mis-step from a talented writer, a quote from Chesterton, we’re always reflexing the universe back at itself, we’re getting more fractured, misery can be beaten, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, rose-tinting history, your natural desire for something that is inherent to you, moral un-culpability, The Shape of Water, take a stand on an abstract philosophical issue and try to defend it, the human being as artist, moral injunction and the heat-death of the universe.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for the epic death and destruction of Avengers: Infinity War. You have been warned!

“There must be more that your nature is reflecting about the kind of cosmos that you're supposed to be living in then the sheer misery and despair of the world.”

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Leland, the Devil and Ray Wise

Jul 2, 2018 01:26:52


Movie Meltdown - Episode 444

This week we are coming to you "live" from Days of the Dead: Indy as we talk with Ray Wise. You may know him Leland Palmer or The Devil himself. Or maybe as the Swamp Thing or Leon Nash from RoboCop... or the multitude of other roles from his impressive career. So join us as we hang out with Ray and discuss these roles and so much more!

And as we fight the powers that be at the CW Network with all our might, we also mention… Winchester, The Rock version of Jumanji, Conan the Barbarian, an Orlando dentist, according to playground rules, Windom Earle, buckled and got both, Love of Life, Wes Craven, Patton Oswalt, Karen Gillan, Dead End, Dwight Yoakam’s chicken fries, Beastmaster, I get attachment issues, if it’s from Bill Moseley… it’s ok, the new Marlon Brando, Meredith Salenger, Chucks vs Vans, they’re either ice cold or leaking, Gene Hackman, Wishes, the swamps of Charleston South Carolina, Soldier of Orange, you know it was 95 degrees temp and 90 percent humidity and we had alligators and water moccasins and black flies… and all of our wranglers were carrying pistols, I can make a fool of myself with the best of them, I love it when celebrities make weird food, Joseph Cotten, Dick Durock, Paul Verhoeven, Good Night and Good Luck, wrapped in plastic, on Broadway, David Lynch, Fresh off the Boat, ferrets and black tigers and hawks oh my, It was redemption for me as an actor to experience that scene, a monster of the week story, The Hairy Ape, Rip Torn does a lot of crazy things, dastardly and dashing, an open audition at CBS, Beach House and the besmirching of the women.

Spoiler Alert: A major spoiler for the original Twin Peaks series. You have been warned.

“We were just like kids in a candy shop, you know just having a great time. That’s been one of my most fun experiences…”

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John Amplas on the Waterfront

Jun 25, 2018 01:43:21


Movie Meltdown - Episode 443

This week we return to our coverage of WonderFest as we sit down with actor John Amplas and discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature On the Waterfront. John is not only an actor (and part of many of George Romero’s early productions including Martin, Dawn of the Dead, Knightriders, Creepshow and Day of the Dead) but he has also spent the majority of his life teaching acting. So who better to delve into the acting style of Marlon Brando and the complex director that was Elia Kazan.

And while we try to decide which order to place Eva, Marie and Saint we also mention… Daphne & Velma, a Lake Placid marathon, Rule 34, it’s ok to pretend, that alluring mystique, Betty White, working-class people, faux geeks, where American realism became the path for a lot of actors, Karl Malden, Bill Pullman wins, Stanislavski, completely therapeutic, vintage cereal, a lot of those folks came out of what then became the Actor’s Studio… which I’m not sure I’ve ever bought into… as a process, Lee J. Cobb, Martin works… because it was me, Colin Ferguson, it’s about… how do I approach this… how do I best recreate what needs to be created, street justice, young Paul Newman, an opportunity to live a bit of a simpler life, leap across the table and throat punch her immediately, John Schneider, worked in the steel mills in Pittsburgh, primary emotions, a new era of the Pittsburgh Playhouse, Rod Steiger, extraordinary people… regardless of what their profession is… come with eccentricity, Corin Nemec, there’s still some scars from the blacklisting that took place during that time, Cloris Leachman, boxing in the basement,  the mob union, going to see a psychoanalyst, the dramatic dynamics of the business, that sugary sludge, did you know science fiction was invented in the 1980’s Sylvester Stallone and Godzilla in a business suit.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for On the Waterfront... but I mean, you need to see that movie.

“That’s what good movies are about… they’re about us.”

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It’s a PopCon (Up in Here)

Jun 18, 2018 01:15:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 442 

This week we travel to Indy PopCon and discuss all the crazy goings on, as well as the latest trailers we've seen for upcoming movies, including… Bad Times at the El Royale, Suspiria, Destination Wedding, Upgrade, and the latest Halloween reboot attempt. And while we try to work through our Dakota Johnson issues, we also bring up… the greatest costume duo… that I’ve ever seen, free ice cream, so many accidental high-five deaths, you have to kill someone they love, a costume accessory to the eye, Grunkle Stan, one move away from Robert Sheehan, please don’t interact with me, doing a very specific wiggly dance, yo-yo rock stars, Thor would not smoke, Michael Myers in space, a reading rainbow, lonely Kevin Nash, how can you not love Daria, denim action and the surly attitude, Cate Blanchett, Cabin in the Woods, that kid felt the call… of DMX, the lizardy-dragon-girl-thing-lizard, hi-fiving Lance Henriksen, nobody likes a wooden spoon, wearin’ KangaROOS, I’m going to have to talk to a random stranger, half-ass Loki, Richard Attenborough, Thor: Ragnarok, steeped in it’s own weird pop culture, spending the entire day carrying your tail around, big hair number three from that thing that we don’t know what it is and a big-ass sandwich.

“I mean, this is the place to be if you like girls with horns and antlers and whatnot...”

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Michael Possert Jr. and some Time-traveling Adventures

Jun 11, 2018 01:42:20


Movie Meltdown - Episode 441

This week we kick off our coverage of WonderFest as we sit down with Michael Possert Jr., who has spent many years working as a Special Effects Modelmaker as well as a Stop-Motion Fabricator. Listen as Michael tells stories of his adventures in the semi-recent past as he worked on huge movies like The Rocketeer, Apollo 13, Terminator 2, Alien 3, Serenity, True Lies, RoboCop 3 and many others all before joining up with Laika Studios to work on amazing stop-motion films like ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings.

Plus we travel back in time to several different stops on an epic road trip involving dinosaurs, civil war soldiers, super spies, cryptids, frightening penitentiaries and rock and roll superstars!   

So strap on your rocket pack and zoom back in time as we also hear tales of… the flying door hinge, throwing rocks at battleships, so much nickel-plating, the hall of blacklight posters brought to life, a cat jury, the bobbing Mystic Seer head, interspersed little green monsters, the warden’s wife’s dog, every mystery hill and mystery hole, a pterodactyl stealing the Gettysburg Address from Abraham Lincoln, your time traveling way to communicate with each other, Detroit, I should be able to take pictures, I’d done my chores for a few weeks and had enough money for the two dollars worth of film, Roger Corman, WALL-E, creepy motels, The Dinosaur Kingdom 2, 12 Monkeys, putting a sparkler in, The Mütter Museum, Patrick McClung, splashdown capsules, where the oxygen tanks blew up, Cinefex, the van chase, Solar Crisis, the thinnest of plots just to get spaceships on screen to blow them up, The Mothman Prophecies, sometimes puppets have to hold a prop, hit a couple of penitentiaries, Boss Films, Portland vs L.A., The Spy Museum, we generated over twenty-thousand individual handmade items, Al Capone, cars, girls and college, it might be the last victory that practical effects had over CG, Syd Mead, a golden gun, they can be pretty rough with the models, Pep the dog, the Mothman Museum, a big epic road trip of many mountains, Richard Gere and a Kodak Brownie.

“I was that kid about ten rows back… and the screen was so giant… it was really just an overwhelming experience.”

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In the End... We're All Riding Solo

Jun 5, 2018 02:09:26


Movie Meltdown - Episode 440

This week we sit down to discuss the latest Star Wars standalone (sort of) movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. And all the history and universe-building that the film entails. Plus as we rejoice in the appearance of Clint Howard, we also mention… Mowgli, Skyscraper, Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, all these thousands of people were murdered… for no real reason, making up for the nonsense we did way back here in this universe, it doesn’t count if they’re not going anywhere, Indiana Jones, Ray Park, film noir, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, female characters having a conversation, we’re zany… but there’s a giant shark coming after us, Han shot first, Josh Trank, robot rights, dammit Dwayne Johnson, they have to check so many boxes, the Kessel Run, the Ewok movies, celebrating Life Day, Ron Howard, if you would at least bring a bag of sand and a bus-sized shark.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2018 film Solo as well as the rest of the Star Wars franchise… and life as a whole for that matter. You have been warned.

“This is almost harder than when George had to do it.”

Talking Never Escapes Me

May 28, 2018 11:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 439 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we sit down and talk... about many, many things. Even some movies. And while we pin down exactly what meta-pandering means, we also discuss... The Sonora Pine, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ready Player One, Silence, weird Technicolor psychosis, once the Slint is in your system, hyper science, Superman mentality, the motionless picture, everyone was turning into Larry King, every other one... we know the rule, the American business, Martin Scorsese, adjusting stories, on the edge of town, Mark Hamill, Super 8, serialized storytelling, weird fetishization with our own social circle, we go home after popcorn, the sounds that kind of happen in your soul on those really dark nights, don't worry... I'm wearing a mask and gloves, Rian Johnson, Dickens novels, I don't know what winning looks like for our heroes, Star Trek culture, fanfiction, nothing but pop culture references, smart people from other countries want to come here, undercooked characters, Hitchcock/Truffaut, aww man... do I have to defeat the dark lord, Horatio Hornblower, pop culture looking at pop culture, growing up in the post-George Lucas world, the vault that may not have anything in it, finding Luke Skywalker and getting Capt. Kirk back in charge of the Enterprise, a new sonic territory, the biggest fluff for me, J.J. Abrams, villain-verse, the prequels, Steven Spielberg, colonialist viewpoint, worthy of literary endeavor and being hopped up on Lucozade and Jaffa Cakes.   "Speaking as a man for whom, like half of my friends are imaginary and the other half are on podcasts... yours is one of my favorite."   Go to: and support the show!  

Creed and Justin Golak

May 20, 2018 01:37:32


Movie Meltdown - Episode 438 

This week we welcome the return of comedian Justin Golak to discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: Ryan Coogler's Creed. Plus we go into some of the other movies we've seen recently, if it's worth getting a MoviePass and just what is the state of the modern comedy films these days.   And as we compare and contrast the modern-era Rockys, we also bring up... Blockers, Rampage, Game Night, The Death of Stalin, Super Troopers 2, like a puppy, too far Germany, the last days of me, they can't not do it, the music, Black Panther, born and bred, I think it's the best comedy on television now, convince the viewer, weathered wisdom, I've made a commitment to the future, Chris Rock, bold move as a mom, there's a lot of real tissue connected to that fictional story, Mystery Team, it's such a legacy film, you can't out-train it... you can't outlast it, this many years in, Tessa Thompson, twelve rounds for this man to prove that he is worthy of being alive, it was like... funnier than you maybe would have wanted to think it was, I think it's what was written that drove his performance, a weird real world level, he's frustratingly likeable, Cobra Kai in Russia, Phylicia Rashad, theater combat, they're different versions of a fighter, boxing has just changed so much over the years, the editing, it still works, it's cool to see the city you live in torn apart, Ivan Drago, The Rock, Veep, we're in like... the triple part of the triple axel, you never wanna see the wrestlers that don't plan for their future and somewhere called Vancouver.

" me, this is the hardest move for a franchise to make."   For more info on Justin and his comedy, go to:

Attack of Rachel Grimes!

May 14, 2018 02:26:01


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 52

This week we are joined by composer, pianist and old school rock star - Rachel Grimes. Rachel has recently composed the score for Jeremy Frindel's film The Doctor from India, so we eventually discuss that... but not before we delve into her youthful interests, her formative years in the middle of a world-renowned punk rock scene and just how she got involved with the coolest field hockey team ever formed.   And while we confirm that Rachel's is the best part of Will Smith's Hancock, we also mention... Rodan, The City of Lost Children, Jacob Duncan, Lemonade Hayride, The Vogue Theater, every moment can be different, Vincent Guaraldi, Matmos, scenes were overlapping, concurrent streams, very gothy, oh my god... they just made the movie we wish we had made, Jason Noble, Zeppelin, don't go together with this rubber stamp ensemble, Peter Greenaway, viola, two cellos and bass, Nyman-esque, there wasn't the technical ability to put the show on in that room, 900 degrees, Scott Moore, June of '44, The Muppets, we went in two vehicles... a van and a car, Rachel's Halo, 8-tracks, a very urgent Summertime decision, Christian Fredericksen, 37 pieces of music that don't sound anything like each other, it's all about Scott, monomaniacs, Blade Runner, a mixed bag of painful truths, hardcore and straight edge, Fugazi, the grittiness of the plot, I've nearly lost my mind and soul many times over it, Hula Hoop, it's an all-in experience... and that, to me, is the great potential of film, integral to my growing up, Todd Cook, there was a filtration system, the rise of the cultivator of the soundtrack that is not a score, Gwar, a midi performance, the Wheelers were in Return to Oz not The Wiz, hearing live music, their incredibly snarky focused press, thank you Warner Brothers, My Morning Jacket, I've gotta get my Brahms ready, post-punk, the urgency of the moment was more relevant, it make almost a rite of passage, creative power here, every night we're in a cloud of smoke, Samuel L. Jackson, Chopin, instant cinematic quality, do you have a temp score, Philip Glass, start things at the piano, both the music and film industry have been through pretty cataclysmic change... since the 90's, good inspirational stories, it's very mellow, clarinet clusters, it was baffling and it was a great challenge from a young age... to figure that out, well-rounded interests, Edward Grimes, interacting with and supporting what is happening in the film, it really is sort of a journey, truly experimental art noise, they don't want to pay their money to an outside source, serving a support role, the Slamdek Field Hockey Rockers, we had a lot of different musical influences... that were all just sittin' in the same basket, it was a source of contention in the band, it's kind of more just like you're leaping lily pad to lily pad... through a soundtrack, Star Maps and it's all just become sort of a blur... of movies and music.

"I do have distinct memories, of sitting on the bench and watching my dad play... and just being completely flummoxed. How does that work?!"

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To Infinity War and Beyond

May 8, 2018 02:25:36


Movie Meltdown - Episode 437

This week our Super Series hits a new level with the culmination of a decade of Marvel movies bringing together the entire MCU - and our epic discussion of Avengers: Infinity War. And as we sat in awe at the sheer amount of planning and orchestration it took to get so many major actors in this one movie, we also discuss... Henry Cavill's mustache, Tom Cruise, The Empire Strikes Back, Trevor Goodchild, that disapproving look, the score, Fast and the Furious for your parents, The Crimes of Grindelwald, the incredible trauma, have we learned nothing from zombie movies, Drax, in a state of constant dying, what the hell is Nick's deal, everyone had to hold his head, 14 million visions, the bathroom fight scene, beast-mode axe, Final Fantasy VII, taking mechanical body parts, four years later, Thor, these are brutal f-ing actions, the Wakanda Air Force, that's some real Jack Kirby looking stuff, Danai Gurira, making yourself invisible, God tier, a dozen Jokers, all the side movies, Black Panther's little sister, we can win this through attrition, Ghostbusters, Asgard is a people, the multiverse, how do we deal with so many opinions, Ebony Maw, not everything is going to be like when you were a kid, Peter Dinklage, I'm afraid of my power, the upcoming movies bridge, Spider-Gwen, a lot of ego, Masters of the Universe, too many notes, Alien 3, oh... how convenient, Squidward and Grimace, this movie just read my mind, you can't base your life around the politics of Star Wars, Josh Brolin, burst 'em off of him with his thing, The Transformers, that moment with Loki, his celebrity was overwhelming, sorry to bring up a meme in real life, dense of information and plot, I need five minutes at least to process, nostalgia to the point of being dysfunctional, Spawn or Venom, Planet of the Apes, Adam Warlock, chewing on the scenery, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Children of Thanos.   Spoiler Alert: FULL spoilers for "Avengers: Infinity War"... so make sure you have seen the movie BEFORE you listen. You have been warned!   "This has been real therapeutic though..."

Slip into The Void

Apr 29, 2018 01:47:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 436

This week we head to The Bastion to watch and discuss The Void directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie. And while we realize that we are all under the control of Bill Cipher, we also bring up... Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, Santa Clarita Diet, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the remakes of Dementia 13 and Cabin Fever, Art Hindle, Cthulhu mythos, Scarlet Witch, Bonnie Hunt, Sleepaway Camp, the magical murder powers of the woods, Linda Cardellini, being a realtor, Nick Jonas, playing Mousetrap, Friday the 13th, dressing like The Crow, Bride of Re-Animator, Nathan Fillion's head, a Nazi baseball team, playing Rampage, Uncle Frank Ultron, being a gamer, The Thing, Timothy Olyphant, have a buffalo baby, the people in white, Ethan Embry, CG animals, Nightbreed, do not Google degloving, a trippy music video, the dark arts, Scream Queens, kitten videos, I think that dynamic kind of works no matter what generation it is, the stairwell into Hell, Space Truckers, remakes, tiny girl ghost, Alexandra Daddario, there was a kid that was bitin' people, a woman holding a baby, Rutger Hauer, Hellraiser, Tom Petty line lifting, a meat-packing company, Jumanji, alternate lifestyle squirrels, Debi Mazar, investing in detestable characters, Event Horizon, Rider Strong, there was a cannibal family that lives in a staircase up in the sky, that lady talking in the theater, Grease 2, Cerina Vincent, she gets Newt'd, Girl Meets World, the morgue and the nursery, gratuitous sex, pancakes and... it's Rex Manning Day!!   Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for The Void as well a some minor and or obvious spoilers for the remakes of Dementia 13 and Cabin Fever. You have been warned.
"If Clive Barker and Lovecraft had a little mutant child..."

Attack of the Winona Songs!

Apr 23, 2018 02:18:00


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 51

This week we are joined by Jonathon Mitchell from the band Nellie Pearl as we put together our own soundtrack of songs from a multitude of Winona Ryder-related projects. Including many live versions of songs from the recent Winona Ryd or Die event (coordinated by Heather and FEVA) as well as adding our own assortment of musical prerequisites and deep cuts from Winona’s career.

And as we try to figure out where all the stickiness came from, we also mention..., they had some grit, you’re not fluent in Portuguese, the tequila was not nearly the most intoxicating thing going on with me that night, In Your Face TV, check out the first two albums, somebody described it as an implosion, unhinged-ness, I lumbered through the crowd to the front door… and just right out into the street in the rain… and I just took off running down the middle of the street, rock star attitude, people that fell in love with her I think it also was because she was such an oddball, from Petula Clark to Ratt, peace love and stickiness, she was weird… and she didn’t fit the normal cookie cutter thing that girls that were getting lead roles at that time were kind of falling into, I think a lot of people were very surprised that I could be an adult, helping people in need, The B-52’s, personal issues, a comeback, I jumped too high… too drunk, latching onto whatever your thing is… even if it’s not of your era, self-murder is not cool, who puts up big bulb glass Christmas lights and we all deserve pizza.

“She was sort of like, not just girl next door type… but like, weird girl that lives down the street. She was just kind of a little odd, but yet still adorable and you had to love her.” 

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Alexandre O. Philippe: Documenting Film Itself

Apr 15, 2018 01:10:44


Movie Meltdown: Episode 435

This week we talk with filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe about his early pop culture interests and the influences that led to his specific documentary style. In particular, those that led him to direct his films The People vs. George Lucas, Doc of the Dead and 78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene.

And as we realize we all come from the same international pop culture beginnings, we also discuss... Star Wars, Night of the Living Dead, Blade Runner 2049, Isle of Dogs, respecting the past, Charles Dickens, Rian Johnson, we don’t remember all the bad movies made, actively thinking about your role as a filmmaker, a tremendous amount of fun, the more you start peeling the layers, a completely unique phenomenon in pop culture, World War Z, Denis Villeneuve, he still has so many mysteries, I do what I do because I adore those films, Pontypool, testified before Congress against the colorization of black and white films, Ridley Scott, the idea of rules in any sub-genre, a passion for communication the discoveries I make, Danny Boyle, walking into this dysfunctional relationship, sloppy writing coming out of Hollywood, the great Dune that we deserve, Alfred Hitchcock, endless discovery, those principles don’t apply to him, George Romero, it’s a shell without the ghost, looking at how those great filmmakers work at the top of their game, Fido, 28 Days Later, restoring and releasing the original films, Scanners, the understanding of art and storytelling, Dawn of the Dead and did nerd rage really begin with Star Wars?

“…you know, of course the behind the scenes stuff is really cool, and interesting, and it’s ‘how do movies get made’ you know… but I’m more interested really in the craft and the thinking of the filmmaker behind it.”

 For more on Alexandre’s films go to:

What We Do in the Shadow-cast

Apr 8, 2018 09:36


Movie Meltdown - Episode 434 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This episode is a crossover Patreon event with one of our favorite artists - epyon5! Join us as we discuss the modern cult classic "What We Do in the Shadows"! A small, independent film that not only managed to find it’s niche audience but along the way has also created it’s own horror universe that has lead to many other projects.   

And while we create our own shaming ritual, we also bring up… The Shape of Water, Murder on the Orient Express, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, under the top, huffin’ some spray paint, great misdirection, The Big Lebowski, there’s a roll-out going on, an illegal machine shop, I really wanna be a cowboy, The Beast, Fawlty Towers, we go out in the middle of the night in the streets of Cleveland looking for the right HDMI cable, Neil Breen, I expect him to always wear something on his face, those are good pants man… you just lost those pants, just bells and whistles… and explosions, puffy shirts, Wes Anderson, do you think he hand-sanded this, these all sound like self-help tapes, Daisy Ridley, three little subplots, Pacific Rim, vampire Doc Holliday, Mr. Pointy, ninety minutes of non-stop insanity, robots and monsters, how film distribution works, Guillermo del Toro, he ran a vampire larp, only in New Zealand, Johnny Depp, so dorkily put together, the world does need to make art, reality fatigue, the thing it became… became too much of a thing and a fatal sunlight accident.

Spoiler Alert: This is a full discussion of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's "What We Do in the Shadows"… so go watch the movie before you listen. You have been warned!

“It’s already playing with these conventions of Vampire-dom…they know what rules they are playing with.”

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Jonathan Frakes: Directing and Discovery

Apr 2, 2018 01:11:11


Movie Meltdown - Episode 433

This week we return to our coverage of the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention as we discuss acting and directing with Jonathan Frakes. Plus we cover some of the variety of movies we’ve seen recently.

And while we have a very special interaction with that girl in the stairwell, we also mention... The Octagon, Amityville: The Awakening, Leatherface, The Orville, Pauly Shore, Southbound, Alien: Covenant, Atomic Blonde, The Librarians, I call it speaking at performance volume, The Searchers, I would be killed by my own sleepwear, why is there no mystery anymore, Cameron Monaghan, the huge ninja-craze of the 80’s, Bella Thorne, is that just her gait, Shenandoah, the writers are on the set with you, gummy worms and a sandwich, Vanessa Hudgens, they wanna see in 30 frames, Stephen Dorff, he waits for them to fall into zany traps, 1967 Chevy Sport Van, North and South, Triangle meets Slacker, that one chick lived, a little more money… a little more time, Dean Devlin, this kid… wearing a cow’s head, the worst waiter in the history of New York City, Til Schweiger, fabulous hair guy, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, none of the rules apply, voice-over/whisper, she’s an honorable lady, that stairwell scene, guest villain of the week, is there a time before Beastmaster, nobody likes Xenomorph more than I and making a living as a trombone player.

“When you’re a director of a television show that is already on the air, your job, your responsibility and what your challenge is… to present, direct, deliver… the best version of their show that you can.”

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David Barclay: The Puppet Path

Mar 26, 2018 01:10:05


Movie Meltdown - Episode 432 

This week we talk with master puppeteer David Barclay who not only helped to create Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back and Jabba in Return of the Jedi but also worked on Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Little Shop of Horrors and many other projects over the years.

And while we all want to go hang out at a bar with David Bowie, we also bring up… Tiny Tim, Red Sparrow, Suburbicon, The Florida Project, Stuart Freeborn, Frank Oz, Scooby-Doo kind of sounds, coach and focus the performers, that whole side of the theater and arts was very fascinating to me as a kid, originally they were called Wild Things, Mike Ploog, picking up Academy slack, learning computer animation, it was a huge crew of just puppeteers, Robert Zemeckis, animatronics for theme parks, Cats and Dogs 2, a Darth Vader marionette, this was all practical in-camera effects, Where the Wild Things Are, That sculpture looks like real skin, mechanical plants, Lost in Space, The Muppets Take the Bowl, very detailed storyboards, the Pixar way, Vitamin Doug, Kirk Thatcher, he had forty servers driving his face… seventy-six miniature cables going into his face, he would block it out as an actor, sensory deprived, $50,000 for one computer, developing a whole new style, Lyle Conway, Sir Didymus, I was drafted in to do the eyes, cathode ray tube, silicone doesn’t compress the same way as foam latex, I came in three hours early every morning, they just keep making more weirdos, George Romero, inside the cockpit of Jabba, we were involved in nearly every single shot in the whole film, Sprocket the dog, the Elstree Studios bar, little television monitors and earpieces, if you don’t get the good lighting… you can make the best animatronic look appalling, a snapshot of Americana, the other half of the Skeksis and the octopus bartender.

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“While I was away from lunch… Mark Hamill came in and bought a $1000 worth of the puppets I was demonstrating.”  

Dougie's Cut: A Notting Hill Tale

Mar 19, 2018 01:45:44


Movie Meltdown - Episode 431 

This week we are coming to you "live" from the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention as we sit down with Doug Jones to discuss not just monsters and aliens, but also his Sofa Theater pick - Notting Hill. As well as hearing his stories about just being on-stage at the Oscars the week before with his Academy Award-winning film The Shape of Water!

And while we realize that a guy with a giant moon head, is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen,  we also mention… Chuck Norris, Happy Death Day, both versions of It, Daniel Moder, Nosferatu, Lovecraftian, Tanzanite circled in diamonds, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Before I Fall, being on the Academy Awards, Rhys Ifans, slasher fun, Charles Aznavour, about to go up onto the ship and talk to Steven Spielberg, McDonald's, on the world’s stage, if you’re singing to me… I don’t care how long it is, life imitated art, horses and Henry James, wearing Armani, my funny Julia Roberts story that not many people know, Emily Mortimer, she was just getting over Spinal Meningitis, that’s what you look for in a pirate, drive-thru dollar menu, Emily Perkins, one of the elder gods, Rita Hayworth, giving John Hawkes a pep talk, Downton Abbey, so I put on this grinding music… and I start stripping, inner cleanliness, Golden Globes, a guy with a gun on his side, whether you want the character build or not, how disturbingly things have changed just since 1999, Groundhog Day, I could put my legs behind my head and perpetual befuddlement.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Notting Hill and some basic spoilers for Happy Death Day and possibly for the end of Mahogany as well. You have been warned!

“But I’ve got more press this year then ever in my life… I probably have done more press and more profile pieces in like Indiewire, Buzzfeed, New York Times, LA Times… with my own face showing. So I’ve gotten more face recognition this year than in all my 30 years combined! So that’s making it a bit more crazy to walk through a crowd…”

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Oscar Meltdown X

Mar 15, 2018 02:53:48


Movie Meltdown - Episode 430

We're back with the 10th annual Oscar Meltdown celebration - plus we hand out The Meltdown Awards for 2017 films! So join us for a big mouthful of pork, as we also discuss... hoodies are all the rage this year, Sebastian Stan’s mustache, confessing to library fines, the factual life of P.T. Barnum, I can fly… we already tried, can you be nominated for playing that horse, Zac Efron, the cat scene, drive-thru milkshakes, put a shirt on, well her teeth are so nice, giant monsters knocking over buildings, double Oscar/wedding, they soaked it in beer for a while, he makes me hate him in so many movies, monsters fighting with other monsters, that doorknob will be the death of me, Sufjan Stevens, tall as a giraffe with huge sunglasses, Drew Struzan, Mary and the Witch's Flower, manic pixie dream girl, giant monsters and alcoholism, they leave the damned door open, Taika Waititi and Jeff Goldblum, is this movie set in the 80’s or do they just dress really stupid, if they wanted someone who could sing… she wasn’t the one, Logan meets Mr. Robot, Adam Driver, defending Keanu, Come Hither by Walter De La Mare, it was very disjointed, I’m so weird with people, you go to The Shape of Water for the monster… you stay for the masturbation, I feel like most of your stories… could also be a Liam Neeson movie, she’s got a Scottish working man's voice, my dress has a built-in cape and creature blub.

“I didn’t know we were going to go so into Dee Snider on the Oscar coverage.”

Attack of Bob Schneider!

Mar 4, 2018 01:25:20


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 50

This week we welcome our special guest - Austin-based singer/songwriter Bob Schneider. Bob has been making music since he was a kid and has spent the majority of his adult life writing songs and playing live all across the country. So join us as we discuss the changing Austin scene, working with director Robert Rodriguez, recording his live shows out on the road, what he likes to watch on Netflix and the special trick to getting your songs on a string of movie soundtracks.

And as we’re clued in on the finer points of Leave Her to Heaven, we also bring up…Ypsilanti, South by Southwest, Alfred Newman, worked at a country club, I got some recognition from the ladies, El Paso, I feel like it’s pretty easy to make things complicated, and the music was insane, It was something my dad did, filming and editing video, I think of songs like solvable problems, a great way to capture this unique event, this is where I shine, the Sandra Bullock soundtrack collection, Germany, she’s weird… she doesn’t even look human, The Great British Baking Show, they just handed me a video camera, backed him up on drums, it really leveled the playing field, that was straight up nepotism, if you ever want to just treat yourself to something interesting, I just drew all the time, music especially… is such a huge part of the emotional… compass or whatever… in a film, CalArts, a $1000 cap on the budget, the cool thing about playing music when you’re 4 and 5 years old – you don’t have to be very good, dream of becoming an opera singer, it should be almost invisible, I enjoy making things, a string section on every track, the way they incorporate the soundtrack, the internal sense is that I’m great, studying voice, this is where you should cry and how creative can you get?

“…which kind of gave it this sort of cinematic quality to the music… it made it very dramatic sounding and lush. And I was like, ‘Oh this would be great music… as a soundtrack’.”

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Black Panther Party

Feb 26, 2018 05:02


Movie Meltdown - Episode 429 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week the Super Series continues as we talk about Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. And as we come to terms with awkwardly sitting next to people, we also mention… animation style, Chadwick Boseman, a lot of Minnie Mouse-themed things, technologically superior, Michael B. Jordan, dominate the sack race, Utilized everyone, the wall of wood, Lupita Nyong'o, a two-year-old with a Tesla car, the get out of jail free card, Danai Gurira, sci-fi, no-stick pans, hot dude of the moment, Martin Freeman, the center of the chicken is the calmest part, Rod Serling, snow-capped mountains, Daniel Kaluuya, on the rocks, as British goes, being vegetarian, the city, Letitia Wright, the colors, soul stone, nanobots, those aren’t our people, Angela Bassett, Red Sparrow, Captain America: Civil War, costumes, motion capture, making fish oil, you’re just a jackass alone in a room, Andy Serkis, contractually obligated to not shave, each of the tribes, we’re living in Black Mirror, that’s not the way a princess should behave, The Crow and and that sort of throws that whole fanboy theory out the window. 

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Black Panther… so hopefully by now you have already seen the movie. 

“I think that they go… 'this is a guy who’s doing good stuff. And given the smorgasbord of stuff we have, he can probably do this movie. But we’re not just going to throw him… and a bunch of money… and say go make a movie. We’re going to help him with as much stuff as we can, so that our final product… is good and is unique and different and not the same as every other superhero movie.' And I think that’s where you’ve got this mechanism working behind the scenes that Marvel has…”

In Memoriam 2017

Feb 19, 2018 02:26:26


Movie Meltdown - Episode 428

This episode we pay tribute to just some of the celebrities that we lost in 2017. And while we try to decide what our theme song and montage for our lives would be, we also discuss... a Blue Steel Selfie, he would write everything long-form, the convention bubble, I’m just going to tell another brief story where I’m the bad guy, digging ditches, the greatest story ever told, fiction about real people, Keith Moon, won ten Obie Awards, you’re supposed to read those dates, Cybill Shepherd, industrial films, Walk Hard, it’s quiet… it’s slow… it’s poetic, was an elevator operator and a truck driver, it’s nothing but a series of anecdotes… sectioned by theme, going to film school… in the trenches, deep black negativity, where so much of your performance is non-verbal, it’s funny… all these people they mean something to us… but we don’t really know them, she looks like she should be in an Errol Morris documentary, the sweet old man who showed me around Los Angeles, even Mr. T’s got a mom, a ghost committing suicide, a resume builder, some sort of outlaw who becomes a priest, he was problematic before anybody was problematic, where he studied animal husbandry, I’m calling you out John de Lancie, his emotional service support animal, Are you Anybody?, I just want to bedazzle things all day long, walk around happy… because you have no idea what your job is, a cutting edge woman in the working force, capitalizing on this famous figure, The Circle, the end of the studio system, it’s one of those performances to where… it made me fall in love with that actress… immediately, then twenty years later they invented a world wide web, introduction of artificiality, Dream a Little Dream, the only film geek at school, the one that didn’t sleep with him, Scooby-Doo, M. Emmet Walsh, you’re all dead – there’s no prize, trying to fight the spunk, it was an existential crisis, you have to try to collaborate with people, how do they figure out how to ruin every job, hey… musical television is a great idea, what horse are you riding, why don’t you try journalism, can we just have a little margin of hate… for people that we just haven’t heard the story yet, that weird turning point in film, Joanie loves Chachi destroyed my concept… basically of everything, more like a simile, Turner Classic Movies,  an inner-city pediatrician that believes in hug therapy, David Lynch, Neil Young doo-wop, something evangelical, The Battle of Okinawa, I’m feeling lucky and why do I always have to be the dark one?!

“He literally lived every day of his life exactly the way he wanted to… so it’s hard to be sad about his passing. Because he did it right.”

Attack of the Flobots!

Feb 12, 2018 01:05:53


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 49

This week we welcome our special guest Jamie Laurie aka "Jonny 5" who you may know as the co-lead vocalist and founding member of the band Flobots.  And as we make Transformers out of paper, we also bring up… drawing comic books, the Wikipedians don’t like to change their mind, Black Panther, Time's Up, all the animals in the book of mammals, at the basketball game, what’s the first song on the second side, attention is the currency today… everyone is fighting for it… and that makes it that much more precious, supporting your local bands, observe my own thoughts and emotional reactions to things, we would just press record on a boombox, the changing music scene, it shows that art makes a difference, galvanizing rallying energy, hand cut by me and my scissors, the cumulative effect did something that was transformative, kids recording at home, it was fun to go to Kinko’s and try to make your CD cover, it began as a lie, I heard you when I was eleven, what’s the last song on the first side, creating an emotional experience for people, Madonna’s butt, you look at your phone and just swipe away, transformation has to be visceral to really make an impact, selling tapes at a barbeque, creating a sense of spectacle or wonder or fascination and we did an entire cassette that way.

“Yeah, that’s what fuels our songs. We were trying to speak to the world that we’re living in. And to speak to it in a way that resonates with people.”

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Attack of the 2017 Oscar Nominees!

Feb 3, 2018 02:26:28


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 48

This week we are joined by composer Erich Stem to play and discuss all the 2017 Oscar Nominees for Best Original Song and Best Original Score. And while we try to decide if what they are going for is Oscary or Oscarly, we also mention… Wagner, Gene Autry, shaved the edges off, Tarzan, synthesized sound, Carter Burwell, the same kind of instrumental choices are there, Mudbound, I think I’d like to use a didgeridoo, how far is too far and how close is too close, it’s not as laborious to do that, Phantom Thread, old school Hollywood productions, Jonny Greenwood, Mary J. Blige, Catch Me If You Can, Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinson, Dunkirk, the common practice period, Hans Zimmer, Call Me by Your Name, what is the job of the music, Sufjan Stevens, The Shape of Water, ostinato pattern, Alexandre Desplat, Coco, I’ve heard this piece before, Titanic, what do you do when you are competing against a giant in the industry, it could sound like yesterday, the marketing angle, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, John Williams, Marshall, how do you judge what constitutes the best song for a film, Diane Warren and Lonnie R. Lynn, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Phil Collins, The Greatest Showman, Mozart, reminiscent of older themes, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, that’s a good problem to have, a sense of nostalgia, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, emotionally powerful, not competing with the story, merchandise, melody over harmony, this is who he is, you’ve been through something, large brass and revisionist history.

”…it’s a fine line… how do you take your personal artistic… viewpoints, I guess if you will, and combined that with the idea of well this is a movie about X and so I’m going to put elements of this time… elements of this experience, so that the listener is placed in that world as well.”

Only a Bright

Jan 29, 2018 03:25


Movie Meltdown - Episode 427 (For our Patreon supporters.) 

This week's exclusive episode we discuss David Ayer's Netflix original movie Bright, a modernized fantasy starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and Lucy Fry.

And while we step up our world-building game, we also discuss... The Godfather Part III, American Made, Suicide Squad, Guillermo del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness, make-up effects, a Nagel poster, they tried to make a movie of this and it was hot garbage, the disappearance of bookstores, bleeding Stormtroopers, more people to hate on, Alan Dean Foster, Dungeons & Dragons, making adjustments to the blade, Jesse Eisenberg, the cocaine cowboys, ghetto fairy tales, loitering around in Waldenbooks, Satanism, Thora Birch, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, bias and prejudice, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, El Diablo, oh my god there’s people under that, a big budget action movie, a magic missile, Max Landis, The Conjuring Universe, Shadowrun, Kristen Stewart, fighting with squirrels, the Alamo, trying to hide some of the magic, every football-sized person in L.A., Larry Elmore, nominatable, the nine races, go home to Fiona and I remember it because it showed up in Miami Vice. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2017 film Bright… so go watch the movie before you listen. 

“Sci-Fi and fantasy are always hard sells for the general population. So, what often softens the blow is…you take something that is familiar and then you just add in the flavor of genre.”  

Tom Arnold

Jan 22, 2018 01:01:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 426

This week we have a very special guest… comedian, writer, actor - Tom Arnold. Now, most of you out there are probably more or less familiar with Tom, and if so… you know that if nothing else – he has had one of the more interesting stories of anyone who’s made their way into the entertainment industry. His journey from a humble Midwest childhood to become one of the most notorious people in Hollywood - is that of legend. So we sit down with him to hear how it all began, just where it’s led him over the years… and some of his interesting film roles that happened along the way.

And as we consider going streaking through the nursing home, we also bring up... open mic night, Andy Kaufman, he’s outside playing football with these homeless guys, it makes my dad laugh, Herbert Ross, I peaked then, Dustin Hoffman, I walked twenty miles in my underwear in December, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that’s who I was then, Arthur Hiller, funny horror, Lorenzo Lamas vs. Brian Wimmer, Icarus, On the kill floor, Dunston Checks In, DMX, Everclear punch, John Landis, Dead Ant, Bob Hope Special, he would be speaking Chinese, Anthony Anderson, I just have to settle, he gave him a heart attack in the middle of the movie, Happy Joe’s Pizza, Steve Buscemi, drive-in movies, and then you’ll have these crazy dreams, Robin Williams, working at the meat packing plant, Jenna Ortega, Saving Flora, Kristen Bell and the most replayed movie on cable TV ever,

“It’s a world you can’t even imagine. You know, just the idea of Hollywood… how do you get there from Ottumwa, Iowa? It’s just impossible.”

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We're All Lucky

Jan 15, 2018 02:16:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 425

This is an episode years in the making... we sit down for not only a group discussion of Lindsay Anderson's O Lucky Man!, but we also talk with the star of the movie – MALCOLM McDOWELL! We get his thoughts on this often over-looked film as well as his role in creating the project and his relationship with the director. Plus we feature a bonus segment with one of the co-stars of the film Jeremy Bulloch (aka Boba Fett).

And as we finally come to terms with just how you lose the spirit of life, we also mention... Ladybird, The Florida Project, Easy, Mother!, Judex, The Boxtrolls, If…, Alan Price, Greta Gerwig, Whiplash, the aspect ratio set wrong, If…, movies should be more like American short stories, Patton Oswalt, Holy Mountain, it’s a wonder my wife hasn’t murdered me, Brooklyn, trash on the streets, majestic feel… picaresque quality, trying to interpret a dream, the word spiffy…, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, after we won the grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Robert McKee, it’s creating this unnatural look, Jerry Maguire kicked you right out, so personal and so dense, Putney Swope, Ghost World, fictional brothers, a city of zero waste people, Voltaire's Candide… Heaven is my Destination by Thornton Wilder and Kafka's Amerika, I Heart Huckabees, I feel like he ruined a whole generation of screenwriters, it’s a spectrum of guys, it’s sort of that first short story everybody writes, the It Follows toothpaste, Willem Dafoe, people used to say my name with three syllables, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, taking on different aspects of things he’s shoved into, Peter Greenaway, just a voyeur, The President's Analyst, a blunt-faced British guy… with wry expressions, Terry Gilliam, stylistic for the sake of it, Philip Stone, the role of you, Mike Birbiglia did that one time at a La Quinta hotel, he was teaching ballroom dance to dwarf inner city kids, you’re not lost in the dream of it, Monty Python films, this weird hierarchy of society based on the color hat you wear… and cheese tasting, it’s almost like too much my kind of thing… for me, he’s like the human sloth, Ramsay Bolton, a passive observer, a half-human half-pig… dinosaur, the old American hobo symbol for crazy kids, encoded meaning, our day-to-day lives are just filled with absurdity, Warren Clarke, I had lots of strange things going through my mind, seeing a different perception, Don’t Look Back, it’s a document of the process of making a movie, Ken Russell, what a weird world, you can have tea but you’ve gotta pay me for the biscuits, the gold shiny suit and post-apocalyptic world, after my break-up with the movies, getting performances out of non-actors, his voice always reminds me of wearing a shirt that’s just slightly too small, Never Apologize, a totem for you to react through, are pigs just fleshy dinosaurs, we are very fortunate, detritus, Brechtian artifice and alternate egos.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 1973 film O Lucky Man!, so watch it before you listen.

“…that scene, that and a couple of others, you just stop and you’re like - ‘What the hell am I watching? Like this is… so bizarre.' "

The Babysitter's Here

Jan 8, 2018 01:39:12


Movie Meltdown - Episode 424

This week we gather at The Bastion to watch the Netflix original movie The Babysitter. And before we're through we realize we are the ones that need adult supervision.

And while at least someone is trying to defend McG, we also discuss... Channel Zero: No-End House, Gravity Falls, The Twilight Zone, Tragedy Girls, Wonder Woman, Stranger Things, crazy Nicolas Cage, a trilogy of books, young Robert Redford, Beavis and Butt-Head, shirtless guy, flea market time, Lampires, she plays dumb like nobody’s business, dog memes and cat videos, Ariel better watch her ass, felt hollow, Fastlane, the douche car, all flash and very little substance, she’s fighting the jazz man, terrified of death, pocket knife, Jane Got a Gun, a time traveling locket, John Carroll Lynch, running away to be a Protestant, it’s the highlight of that movie… death, American Horror Story, Waddles, that’s not Ferris Bueller, I just want to punch him right in his hair, laid heavy with references, legit has problems, Kevin Williamson, a multitude of tarantulas, Peter Facinelli, the neighbor girl, Leslie Bibb, Mom and Dad, E.T. fingers, SYFY, I think I’m hot according to my Instagram feed, Ken Marino, keep on rockin’ that nakedness, giving him life lessons, oozing Tarantino all over the place, Charlie’s Angels, flips and twirls and slow-motion kicks, a very nice girl who just can’t keep her clothes on, the redheads of Disney, dorks get stabbed in the head, Tyler MacIntyre, Insurgent, Autumn’s Wish and McG…. Sugar Ray… Mark McGrath… underpants.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2017 movie The Babysitter, so watch it before listening. You have been warned.

“I was trying to figure out what this dynamic is… it’s like, why can sometimes this same essential… formula work – and other times it totally falls short.”

Why are Things so Heavy in the Present?

Jan 1, 2018 02:01:23


Movie Meltdown - Episode 423

This week we continue our massive discussion (started in episode 421) about many heavy topics that we face every day... and of course remakes. It's an odd combination that somehow comes together into a fun, yet poignant conversation.

And while we nail down the worst part about having a sense of integrity, we also bring up... the loss of community, having your dreams continually crushed by the real world, being a kid that doesn’t fit in, the reluctance to care about other people, the triads in Tokyo, the morality police, a shirtless Amish dude, the echo chamber, Benson, do what you want to the McDonald’s worker… but leave me out of it, reptile brain, Leslie Mann, Swamp Thing, a snake oil salesman, driving wedges in other areas, fax machines, Leslie Jones, playing squash at noon, Peter Jackson, the Cleveland shower, well at least you’ve got that not going for you, My Friend Dahmer, one of the few good things that the horrors of Earth have spawned, a cop drama, a man and a woman of a certain age, people still like Goose, it is the antidote to so many… evil, the system shouldn’t work that way, but I think it’s these little baby steps in the artistic realm… that kind of counter-balance it a little bit… a little bit, a horse-drawn cart that can’t slow down, Kerry Washington, taking the sausage ratio down a notch, Over the Top, Doug Jones, sleeping your way to the top, Trading Places, which kid from Stranger Things, Tommy Wiseau did it… why can’t you, it’s got moments of action, lucky saps, the term casting couch, you stay out of the silo, it looks like I’m having fun… but I’m losing weight, a chemical bath for your mouth, Quentin Tarantino, self-respect vs. self-preservation, Sandra Bullock arm wrestling, and Kurt Russell saves the President or the Governor or whatever, art is the only thing that does good things for me, I don’t know what portal to hell you fell into, income disparity, death by corn, stacks and stacks of Tab, why do I seem to feel deeper about things, Zac Efron, let me tell you why I love that movie, they’re deep and dark… and they’re complex, there are the rest of us who are kicking and screaming, Giant-sized Man Thing, pseudo-rich The Dude, Alfred Hitchcock, hoping to win the lottery, Alan Moore, The Hateful Eight, is your truth valuable, still having a fax machine, Bradley Cooper… gigolo, Top Gun, Small Wonder, it’s like a dystopian movie, just being scrappy and the culture of abuse and neglect.

“It’s a messy, disgusting… world that we live in, and are a part of… and the best we can hope for is that we make our small part of it… tidy.”

“Yeah, just keep it tidy.”

The Last Jedi… Ok Not Really

Dec 25, 2017 03:42


Movie Meltdown - Episode 422 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we once again gather for our Life Day celebration, which of course also means an epic discussion about The Last Jedi and the Star Wars universe as a whole. Buckle up your porgs… this is going to be a bumpy ride.

And while we partake in our annual batch of Wookie cookies, we also cover... fan theories, hard science in space, nothing but videos of dogs, destroying the past, the Dark Phoenix movie, Sith-ish, humorous bravado, Alan Dean Foster, new Force powers, an entertainment monopoly, salt, good call on the mouse’s part, I’ve exhausted all my Force juice, chum in the water, what a weird mash-up this is going to be, building a functional Government, Disney purchasing power, unconventional fighting methods, Mace Windu, a weirdo in every franchise, intellectual property, The Clone Wars, chaotic neutral, a new movie every year, Deadpool, the grey side, regurgitating, fantasy vs. sci fi, refusing to communicate, being a monolith, Emperor Palpatine, happy trees and bunnies, old white dudes, surfacing from the cave, Timothy Zahn’s trilogy, salt dogs, going to the chalk board, Rocky Horror Picture Show, neutral force, The Avengers go on vacation and subverting your expectations.

 Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so watch the movie before you listen. You have been warned!

“I’ve been saying for years… that if we start picking at anything Star Wars, you’re eventually just going to start pulling all these threads. And the whole thing’s going to unravel.”

The Evils of Humanity… by Way of Remakes

Dec 18, 2017 01:44:37


Movie Meltdown - Episode 421

This week we sit down for another session of “Remake Roundabout” but along the way we spiral off into many different areas… some of which lead to us addressing the true evils of humanity. Who would have known?  

And as we all buckle up our Nissan pants, we also discuss…The Disaster Artist, they will have to keep making money off of that title, the James Dean death car, horror always goes to space… eventually, Die Hard, I’m the every-mom, skewered them both, Paula Patton, the alien-twist thing, Ray Romano, get a dead wife is my advice to you kid, James Franco, the young teenage couple were going at it, we’re here to steal the secret recipe, I’ll force-hand you a car, Ben Affleck, detracting from the integrity of the actor, I need robot assistance, the it boy of the moment, he’s good at being crazy, he has an accent, serious Rock, Tommy Wiseau, shoulder pads, Lethal Weapon, did I dream this, a female lead, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, another sexual revolution, Sudden Death, typical Hollywood casting, Indiana Jones, Loca-Lola, let’s break-apart Robin Williams, whoa… I’m sensing a liquid here, too hard-headed to stop, the female Harvey Weinstein, Red Dawn, Angelina Jolie, a lot of room in the back to do tantric stuff, he’s an old man… he’s got grey hair, Larry David, hi doggie, we can’t all be Kelly, Robyn Hitchcock, Friday the 13th, a damned dirty hippy, waking up in a nuclear test zone, what ever happened to them, a lot of huge egos, that guy was going to decide if you got a job in that town, I don’t know people or things, people are making ridiculous sums and Mindy’s attic.

 “Does power and money corrupt universally?”

Attack of Composer Erich Stem

Dec 11, 2017 02:06:22


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 47

This week we talk with composer Erich Stem about the music he was influenced by, as well as the challenges you face when trying to break into the field as a working film composer.

And as we discuss all the fun of alcoholism and early death, we also bring up... horrible MIDI, entering the NBA, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, an eleventh hour process, Alcatraz, musical sentences and sound worlds, Japanese internment camps, young composers, you've gotta MacGuyver this thing, I was always very interested in tearing apart the music that I learned, I would write her the hard parts, my dream as a composer is to do my own thing, a makeshift skateboard, the soprano saxophone part, Joel McNeely, write for orchestras in different cities, you are kind of combining a lot of different things - and putting a new stamp on it, the music being the guide to the film, and you could be crazy, I saw the movie and immediately thought… what a really interesting job, I just would spend hours at the piano writing music, a piece is very much like a film. You have that kind of shape, the early days of the internet, Mason Bates, Bainbridge Island, it could be anything that you wanted it to be, a compiled library of music, feeding me new styles or sounds, poverty inspires creativity, pretty amazing and chilling at the same time, changing my language based on my new exposures, violin duets, hope that you can still do more music, you and your stupid talent, you're basically asked to write these wonderful pieces, that move a lot of people, post-minimalism, John Dugan, using sound, making it into one language and train sets.

"I believe that as a composer, and maybe this is true of filmmakers too, you're giving your unique stamp to your art... but you are, in a way, an amalgamation of your experiences. And your reactions to those experiences."

Attack of the Musical Cameos

Dec 4, 2017 02:01:05


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 46

This week we delve into some random picks based on cameos by musicians or bands in movies. It leads to quite an interesting playlist.

And as we plan to time travel back just to hang out on Sunset Strip, we also discuss... the world's greatest guitarist, full-on Liberace, Del James, Edward Burns, I hate your face, take your megaphone and go home, occasionally he got offered weird things and showed up for 'em, preaching protesters, cumbersome and impractical, tacky ponytailed Liam Neeson, he's done so many movies... and so many songs, Wichita Lineman, playing for almost four hours, robots traveling into the future,  I watched that movie so many times, Stephanie Seymour's white dress, I know how she dies, it's not a good time to hang out with 90% of Hollywood, everything they are about is perfectly-suited for a sixteen-year old, four of the five skullheads were sitting in front of us, when Gilbert Gottfried joined the band, Roger Corman, out there on the highway saving lives, Clint Eastwood, scrunchy face, it was supposed to be a trilogy, looks like a troll, at the funeral, I will never understand or know that life of privilege, gunning for disco, there's a fish in the percolator, the strip club scene, fires a harpoon, living in that place where they overlap, Nuclear Danes, raising hell like reverends do, you just like Zack, I was in Row F, Joe Dante, when New Wave kicked in, Jim Carrey, a bloaty period, got in a fight with a roadie was sent to jail overdoased on drugs and then ended up in the hospital, her face just got attached to her bad career choices, it's a pillow cut and as if the world fell apart around him.

"...the whole point of the movie more or less is just to set-up situations where we can bring in actual, huge legends and just have them play a song."

Justice Legion of Doom

Nov 27, 2017 02:41:11


Movie Meltdown - Episode 420

This week we get our own legion together to discuss Justice League directed by Zack Snyder (and arguably Joss Whedon). It's an epic conversation about the things we liked along the way and just what didn't work in this linchpin project that may or may not be holding the whole DC cinematic universe together. Will the presentation and performance of this movie spell doom for our superheroes?

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice, we also go into... The Punisher, Pacific Rim Uprising, biblical movies, Deadpool, Joss Whedon, once the sun went away forever, plot holes, Ben Affleck, is that part of the rewrite, can we get that disk with Ares, Mandy Lane, the organization of this movie... just stopped... caring, Vigilante, you are setting yourself up... for yourself, glue-sniffing induced dreams, Henry Cavill, Ice Pirates, I feel like that character was wated in the context of this movie, Starship Troopers, Amy Adams, flaming dumpster fire vs. smoldering dumper fire, Noah, being a billionaire, hammering the dead family, Lord of the Rings, I can't believe that wasn't edited out, J.K. Simmons, Ghost in the Shell, not even sticking to it's own story anymore, it was entertaining... ish, Jeremy Irons, on the spectrum, Gal Gadot, the X-Men thing all over again, if they are going to take such liberties, corporate mentality, Jesse Eisenberg, very obviously placed Mercedes, feels super-forced, Ray Fisher, talking to your string of lights, Cyborg stripped down, Diane Lane, Marvel's philosophy, Skyrim the villian, being coked out, Ezra Miller, Hollywood nepotistic bullshit, I don't think they are fully listening, The Big Bang Theory, it reminds me of ThunderCats, bookshelves are smell-proof, cliche-forced geek humor, Jason Momoa, bit of a bumbler, interpersonal stuff, the strings would go down into the grateholes, a kids' movie, the dark sinister twerp, Zack Snyder, upskirts and shirtless dudes.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Justice League. So see the movie before listening... if you feel we could actually spoil the movie for you.

"There's just so much weird stuff in this movie where you feel like... something is being pushed on you or insinuated, and you don't understand where that source is coming from... if that makes any sense?"

Lady In White... a Kids' Movie?

Nov 20, 2017 03:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 419 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we discuss Lost After Dark, Rest Stop and Stranger Things all before addressing this week's Sofa Theater feature - the 1988 film Lady in White directed by Frank LaLoggia. Once considered by some to be a "family-friendly" movie, we look at this sometimes surreal film that's filled with many, many inappropriate (and confusing) things. So we try to iron out all the details as we also make a list of items to add to potential childhood trauma. Plus we have the long-awaited "It" novel wrap-up. Was it worth all the time invested in reading it?! Listen and you'll hear for yourself.   

Plus as we dial it up to 11 on most of our topics, we also bring up... warmongering art kid, having Pop Rocks for the first time, it seemed a lot darker... and a lot more dense, somebody's not obviously the monster sometimes, oh it's got kids in it, Katherine Helmond, I painted the figures, maybe she was still on fire, Dusty and Dart, The Bangles playing in the garage, looks like a frickin' ghoul, I felt the drugs that he was on, Judge Doom, Lukas Haas, a bitchin' camaro, a giant spider, Terry Gilliam, scales of Winona Ryder, walking from my house to the school bus, like kids or hate kids, finger painting with blood, Stephen King's greatest fear, kids are jerks, I'm not a Parapsychologist, Slim Pickens is a robot, 80's slashers, a stage play, as scary as Mona, my mind revisits that, Mr. Boogedy, just a little unconcise, take your handbook and go wait over there, Something Wicked This Way Comes, you expected it to be more fantasy and not more real life, a bad, out-of-shape T-1000, this whole thing is disturbing, Uncle Phil, it's portayed almost kind of like a ghost story... but then you realize - the ghost isn't the f-ing problem... it's people, The Black Hole, they got beat... after being choked and set on fire, child-molesting murders... you get extreme racism, you could have thrown her off a different cliff, horror references, that transition from Halloween to Christmas, hammering her face with his fist, we all have a cloakroom right, it was very dark... it was very scary, but yeah, just when you think it couldn't get any creepier... any more disturbing, creepy archery, and he gets this whole little ghost show, time flies by, visably choking, what if it was like that when we were kids... but when your kids - it seemed differt... you see it through different eyes, Tim Curry and Mystery Oreos. 

Spoiler Alert: Random spoilers for Lost After Dark and full spoilers for Lady in White. So go watch at least Lady in White for spoiler-free listening. You have been warned!  

"... it's all of that! It is fantasy. And it is ghosts. And it is real life. And it is traumatizing!"

For Those About to Ragnarok, We Salute You

Nov 13, 2017 02:27:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 418 

This week the Super Series continues as we discuss Thor: Ragnarok. And as we continually undercut the drama with a joke, we also discuss... Planet Hulk, Sandman, Taika Waititi, a wall of meat, Episode 7, Karl Urban, Grey Hulk, I think I was so excited I couldn't hear, the wolf, What We Do in the Shadows, Benedict Cumberbatch, true neutral, Quicksilver, making wisecracks, Jeff Goldblum, the love of the Godess of Death, is it too silly, Korg, gender swapping, Roger Corman, that's a geek cut, The Gifted, Black Panther pride, Hasbro was so big, they didn't know where they were going, you are going to make me cut myself, Agent Coulson, Disney power, Valkyrie, his bone-structure is doing a lot of leg-work, new Doug, Good Omens, visually incredible, Cate Blanchett, the soul gem, explosions work around the world, Chris Hemsworth, The 4400, The Sentinels, Led Zeppelin, we need some... not bigger names, but bigger personalities, Idris Elba, Beta Ray Bill, organic, gluten-free, artisan pea soup, Fantastic Four, this big weird hair-cutting machine, Matt Damon, Yondu, singing The Transformers theme song for three hours, Luke Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Cyborg, Loki, fan theories, Constantine, the red infinity stone, Schindler's List and can you imagine that reveal?!

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok, so see the movie before listening. You have been warned!

"...but I wasn't really sure which way they were going to take it for a while."

Ingvild Deila: Philosophical Princess from the North

Nov 6, 2017 01:35:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 417

This week are coming to you "live" from Derby City Comic Con as we sit down with actress Ingvild Deila. At the moment Ingvild may be best known as the motion capture actress to portray Princess Leia in Rogue One, but we feel that someone this charming and intelligent is poised to become a superstar in her own right. So listen as she tells us stories of growing up in Norway, her approach to acting and just how that led her to end up in huge films like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Rogue One.

And while we uncover the seedy origins of snozberries, we also discuss... A Ghost Story, Green Room, They, Rear Window, Blade Runner 2049, this feeling of dread, that's when it hit me... like a brick wall, working with Robert Downey Jr., It, a little bit of duct tape, Marc Blucas, the dot process, pool reading, stunt pie, Patrick Stewart, warrior zen monk mode, night terrors, Ethan Embry, I'm just mo-capping it today, David Lowery, Norway, you don't get hits with class, an exercise in empathy... and imagination... and world-building, Anton Yelchin, a very creative person, Hippopotamus, Rooney Mara, It Follows, people should not be this attractive, enamel pins, history and philosophy, Grace Kelly, eating a whole pie, that little neighborhood, My Pet Monster, Rear Window, a Viking sci-fi trilogy, waiting with the double, Denis Villeneuve, young birds, hipsters in old-timey clothes, the layers of reality, I hate nightmares for weeks after the shoot, the fact that you are having this conversation with the television, muscle dudes, a simulation of life, Arnold Schwarzenegger, yep... I'm entirely green, playing Mousetrap, Casey Affleck, the "what if" scenario, Escape from Brazil, bros right next to the nerds and old white dudes carrying out boxes full of birds.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for A Ghost Story, Green Room and They. You have been warned.

"So it was just like... one of those serendipitous moments that I got asked... and I got an introduction into being on a film set. And I just realized that... I really liked it."

For more info on Derby City Comic Con, go to:

James Katz : Preserving Film History

Oct 30, 2017 01:20:19


Movie Meltdown - Episode 416

This week we welcome our special guest James Katz. James is the former President and founder of the Universal Pictures Classics Division. He has worked in many different areas over the years including - film distribution, publicity, marketing and working as a producer and as executive producer on several films. But more then anything, James has made a monumental impact on film history through his preservation and re-release of five Alfred Hitchcock’s films in the early 1980s. The success of those films led to other restorations classic films like Spartacus, My Fair Lady, and Lawrence of Arabia. So listen as we hear stories from his humble beginnings working as a photographer and creating press kits, all the way through his journey to eventually change the way studios view and care for their film libraries.

And while we bend birches to and fro, we also bring up... Paul Bartel, color timing, he's really a chemist engineer film nerd, Herbert Coleman, 70mm, the last print that David Selznick approved, Loews in White Plains, Under the Volcano, that was something that played at the 1964 World's Fair, Jimmy Stewart, Technicolor, Singin' in the Rain, Kevin Brownlow, the studio system was a totally different atmosphere, Tab Hunter, no one really wants to know how the sausages are made, David Lean, To Be Alive, put something on the wire, Robert Frost, we found the soundtracks in a trash heap in Glen Glenn Sound in Hollywood, Douglas Sirk, east side or west side, put two or three photographs together... to tell a little story, film festivals, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, now... here we are today, you know, in the digital age - and I'm still talking about photochemical, Divine, some of the interpretations, David Merrick, money's falling out and money's coming in, Preston Sturges, Eating Raoul, sitting on the set of Vertigo, I Am Curious (Yellow), back then they didn't even have vaults, Lust in the Dust, newspapers, Zeffirelli's Traviata, there's trama and drama every day, Parade Magazine and pulling up in front of Scotty's apartment.

"We... made people aware that in 100 years of the moving image... that a lot of it was deteriorating."

For more on the Speed Art Museum, go to:

The Meltdown Tales of Halloween

Oct 23, 2017 04:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 415 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we settle in for our annual Halloween party... and this time it's at a house that has actually been exorcised!! So listen as we tell scary stories about demons and marriage and Tom Cruise. (Those may or may not all be the same story.) Then grab some candy and join us for this creepy holiday edition of Sofa Theater and an in-depth discussion of Tales of Halloween.

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Crowing all Around the Block

Oct 16, 2017 01:41:05


Movie Meltdown - Episode 414

This week we are coming to you "live" from ScareFest as we discuss October fun, seasonal foods and lame childhood memories. Plus we welcome this week's special guest Bill Corbett to join us not only for this week's Sofa Theater segment - but also for coffee and doughnuts. Listen as we discuss Mystery Science Theater 3000, how he became Crow T. Robot, moving into Rifftrax, as well as this week's movie - Attack the Block.

And while we try to figure out how to decode ghetto slang and hardcore regional dialects, we also discuss... Barry Bostwick, a real live wolf, Nick Frost, Billy Jack, DMV vs. BMV, irregular heartbeats, blacker then black, kind of wedged ourselves between the viewer and the movie, trapped in time, Captain Spaulding Land, the lack of girls in my vicinity, The Graduate, fancy bendy straws, budding criminals, the Balrog, south London, me and a Zip-lock bag, Tom Laughlin, Ghost Brothers, framed underwear, John Boyega, cow innards, the Joker bro-code, bad sugar ratio, wearing chainmail, Firestorm, MegaForce, pumpkin flavored things, getting waterboarded, Howard Hesseman, martial arts, caramel apple milkshake, Trainspotting, Jodie Whittaker, The Godfather, native Ameican mysticism and social justice, weird-flavored Oreos, Dr. Who, a retcon of Christmas, chili belly, Twinkies, hauling buckets, a drink aneurysm,a live simulcast, a Harley Quinn makeover, BOO-terscotch, creature design, everybody's got that drawer, otherworldy, Swedish Fish, Joe Cornish and Ghoul-Aid.

"Yeah, it was a real kismet of timing, that show in a bunch of different ways."

For more on Rifftrax, go to: and follow Bill on Twitter at: @BillCorbett
For more info on ScareFest, go to:

Getting LUCKY at The Kentucky

Oct 9, 2017 01:30:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 413

This week we are coming to you "live" from The Kentucky Theater for the kick-off of Harry Dean Stanton Fest and the red carpet premiere of Lucky. And we are glad to welcome this week's special guest John Carroll Lynch, an impressive actor in his own right as well as the director of Lucky. We also discuss Fargo, Zodiac, The Invitation, The Founder, the disenfranchisement of America and the real reason people are joining cults.

And as we get caught in an elaborate Rube Goldberg plot, we also bring up... Frances McDormand, throwing dinner rolls, the American success story, flashing it's beautiful lights, to play the whale to his Ahab, the wife monologue, Grumpy Old Men, an otherworldliness, our sense of drama, Marilyn Manson, a day or so of his regular life, The Sopranos,matching your story to the appropriate format, maintaining their chapterness, he plays with a lot of sentiment in his movies... and yet there's always this fist that hits you right in the face, Saving Mr. Banks, David Lynch, The Wire, it's funny how it gets its hooks in you, the pure dark heart of capitalism, face to face and moment to moment, everytime I say that line I get goosebumps, Norm Gunderson, Partly Fiction, The Biograph and the Bluebird, it's a search not a question, The Path, it never loses its humanity as dark as it gets, it goes off the rails, John Lee Hancock, a really complicated acting problem, David Fincher, Bug, the interior journey, American Horror Story, the rhythm of the words that he's creating, there is no debate, The Man in the High Castle, a response to our echo chambers, there is no rod and staff, playing 50 in your mid-20's, Joel and Ethan Coen, how do you address those things in a way that can change minds, football vs. theater, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Michael Keaton, he does what most people want to do... and can't, that's his guiding principle, Philip Seymour Hoffman, I'd lost my taste for that individual sense of violence, the choice of living... in the valley of the shadow of death, Nick Offerman, nostalgic and creepy all at the same time, Twin Peaks and the Speedee System.

"I think that, over the course of time, if you're fortunate enough to work, you slowly begin to realize, it's not about you - at all."

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The Invitation to a Cult Movie Renaissance

Oct 3, 2017 01:44:21


Movie Meltdown - Episode 412

This week we visit the Cincinnati Comic Expo and discuss some of the goings-on at the event, as well as this week's Sofa Theater feature: Karyn Kusama's The Invitation. Plus we ask... what's up with all the indie movies about cults this Millenium?

And while we marvel at the wonders of the passé fidget spinners, we also discuss... Patchwork, fake Fall, The Gifted, new Blade Runner, Code Red, commandeered someone's cosplay sword, coyote murder, Ragnarok posters, I love movies... I love lists, John Carroll Lynch, riding a land speeder into Jurassic Park, Pom Klementieff, Mr. Bones candy, Kel Mitchell, getting a new vehicle, we're filling in the blanks, Daphne Zuniga, I hate Winter with a furious passion, Logan Marshall-Green, straddling a wheelchair, The Wiz, Stephen King, inflatable tyrannosaurus, if your costume needs an assistant, Wallace Shawn, stitching girls together, getting a wing to the eye, impractical costumes, each loser where they are now, stay spooky, Pom Klementieff , glows in the dark, attempting to read It, a bastard combination of Tom Hardy with a tiny bit of Jason Momoa thrown in, triumphantly riding around the convention, that's inconceivable, Tyler MacIntyre, eight million dollar bottles of wine Kool-Aid and Fox-related Plinko.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "The Invitation"... and you can definitely spoil this one. So see the movie before listening... you have been warned!

"Tone is so much... the drive of this movie."

For more on the Cincinnati Comic Expo, go to:

The Starsky Generation

Sep 25, 2017 01:06:08


Movie Meltdown - Episode 411

This week we return to our coverage "live" from Fandomfest as we sit down with our special guest... Paul Michael Glaser! We discuss everything from Fiddler on the Roof to Starsky & Hutch. We go into his different roles over the years from acting to directing to writing. And we talk about his time working with the likes of Norman Jewison, Milton Katselas and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Plus along the way, we begin to examine the way that the new generation approaches fandom.

And while we try to decide just what is the purpose of fear in our lives, we also discuss... A Cure for Wellness, Band of the Hand, degrees of incompletion, the journey is about discovering how you do it, education and reading, it was a pretty interesting ride, oh it's in the water, the way fandom is changing with the new generations, experience my creativity, old school classic complete insane Saturday matinee horror, the beancounters, a bit of a cartoon, Kazaam, Chrystallia and the Source of Light, you had attachment to things, is he a lizard person?, suffering from the notion that we have the capability to control our destiny, my dream was to be an auteur, double-fistin' cookies, there are choices in life, illustration, fervor, that level of reality, we have the abiding fear that we're helpless, that's not enough time and I walked away from it, who wrote this script?, the greyer areas of life, Tevye, The Running Man, increased my tendencies of being a hermit, the preparing of the movie and the polishing of the movie, drawing, painting, writing, tasted the Kool-Aid, there weren't a lot of creative avenues, Shudder Island, Mia Goth, high fives and hugs for days, television is the producer's medium, Harry Groener, eating lunch with Flash Gordon, a ball of awesome, you are what you do, anger and helplessness, cause you don't have any eels, theater is the actor's medium, racing the clock, life is... something that happens, The Matthew Lillard Show, it's used to sell soap, The Mayor of Townsville, you get to move a camera, Cabin Fever, watching paint dry, the world population explosion and Richard Dawson.

Spoiler Alert: Semi-spoilers for A Cure for Wellness and also for the most obvious of Cabin Fever spoilers. You have been warned.

"I was looking to break into features so I jumped at the chance. And got my feet wet... and the rest of me soaked."

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Days of The Blackcoat's Daughter

Sep 18, 2017 01:48:01


Movie Meltdown - Episode 410

This week we are coming to you "live" from Days of the Dead: Louisville as we discuss some run-ins with the guests plus a few of our recent viewings... all before settling into this week's Sofa Theater feature: The Blackcoat's Daughter. The long-awaited first feature directed by Osgood Perkins and starring our beloved crazy-head Emma Roberts and Lucy Boynton.

And while we seek professional help for our obsession with enamel pins, we also bring up... The Santa Clarita Diet, The Belko Experiment, American Horror Story, tattoo convention, Battle of the Network Stars, using a pay phone, taped to his handler, doing taxidermy, P.J. Soles, Lynchian, in the hotel room, a slow burn, Rose McIver, baby Groot, crazy and a bitch, separating the director's personal lives from their films, her new offering, Rosemary's Baby, let me put on some pants, unhinged, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, why you wearing Linda Blair's shoes, Ernie Hudson, I've seen this window sill for way too long now, Michael Wincott, X-24, Rick and Morty, Anthony Perkins, having a flip phone, no cookies from Bill, he's a manicure guy, James Remar, Timothy Olyphant and his face, I hate Winter so much, Gary Busey, a Crow reunion, they don't really talk about how it happened, Tony Todd, Logan and getting side-tracked on V.C. Andrews books.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for The Blackcoat's Daughter. Random spoilers for The Santa Clarita Diet, Logan and The Belko Experiment. You have been warned!

"...he really put a lot of work in this, that you really maybe don't notice the first time through. It is one of the those... the more you sit with it, the more you're like, 'oh wait... there's a lot more going on..."

For more on Days of the Dead and their upcoming dates, go to:

Baring your Beauty Mark

Sep 11, 2017 56:42


Movie Meltdown - Episode 409

This week we welcome our special guests - director Harris Doran and actress Catherine Curtin (Orange is the New Black) to discuss the making of their film Beauty Mark. Plus we reminisce about a recent visit to Hollywood Forever Cemetary and remember a few films that have been shot in our neighborhood over the years.

And while we address the ups and downs of shooting in a "regular" town, we also discuss... Anastasia, being an astronaut, the Stephen King shuffle, having acted having thought having written, pumpkin shaped Peeps, 28 Days Later, Charlie Chaplin Studios, Elizabethtown, my mom needed a place to put me in the afternoons, heading toward Halloween, so much of the world of... art is this extended family, you can rebuild again, The Shining, when I went into acting it was a job choice, view of the Hollywood sign, Harry Potter, diving into the belly of the beast, Charlie number three, Rose Red, The Goonies, iconic morning shot, the next Baryshnikov, Pennywise, and they left with a camera, taking a bite out of those billions, Stand by Me, by diving into something worse you're maybe resurrected on the other side of it, movies on the mausoleum, I'm just trying to get to my house, The Colonel and Muhammad Ali and William Girdler.

"Any art... is only good art if it's personal."

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Sep 4, 2017 06:17


Movie Meltdown - Episode 408 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we continue with our Super Series exclusively for our Meltdown Club members, as we discuss Logan - the grim finale to the Wolverine story arc. And with such a radically different approach to comic book movies, we look at how this film affects all the previous movies featuring Wolverine? And in general... are we ok with heroes that kill? Plus we examine our thoughts on The Defenders and our first impressions of the new version of The Tick.

And as we all realize we're falling apart, we also we also discuss... stabbing guys in the head, Daredevil, that complexity of morality, Sigourney Weaver, I have to be a grown-up, how many episodes, Dumbledore, Netflix shows, Las Vegas, show up and die in one movie, being a sociopath, she never showed her power, Stranger Things Season 2, Jessica Jones, Shane, there's no hope, Thanos, combat he feels comfortable with - socializing...that's a challenge, Deadpool, normcore, some analytical version, Legion, big-ass cars... desert... no water, Batman, gleefully killing people, gore and gore, why even bother trying to learn how to socialize, the darkest timeline, Luke Cage, Anakin, three Joker movies, Iron Fist, you aren't even in control of how dangerous you are and living in a dystopia.

Spoiler Alert: Lots of spoilers for Logan, so see the movie before you listen!

" seems like I saw a lot of different people with opinions about what this thing was about. I guess... the core story is simple enough that you can apply it to other things."

Doin' The Raccoon with Sean Gunn

Aug 28, 2017 01:23:41


Movie Meltdown - Episode 407

This week we are coming to you "live" from Fandomfest as we sit down with our special guest... Sean Gunn! These days he's playing Kraglin, as well as the on-set Rocket Raccoon, in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but we also discuss growing up in his family full of (what turned out to be) writers and performers. We delve into his early film roles working in the Troma Entertainment world and address possibly his most recognizable role as Kirk from Gilmore Girls. And we pin down the specifics involved in his role as Rocket.

And as we decide whether or not we want to go up in the St. Louis arch, we also bring up... Tromeo and Juliet, Guns 'n' Roses, dangerous ambition, the wax museum, the arborators of what was cool, California Split, Baby Driver, PG Porn, under an overpass, Taxi driver, I don't know why the wet bandits weren't at the crucifixion, The Clash, being afraid has no value to you, The Godfather, doing it on a different scale, sex, drugs and punctuality, a mad scientist of sorts, fifty some odd pennies, Jaws, the youngest of six, the greatest scene in the history of American cinema, Stars Hollow, Elvis Costello, Vertigo, motion reference vs. motion capture, entry to the otter house, The Long Goodbye, Preston Sturges, to share something of myself with the world, the chamber of commerce, Lloyd Kaufman‎, cooler then I gave 'em credit for, knock-off concert T-shirts, Rear Window, and to be a better person in general, the yellow raincoat phase, I always wanted to be an actor, I would see my older brothers do it... and I wanted it so badly, I went underneath the Earth to get there, identifying yourself emphatically, Edgar Wright, the world being sort of finite, translates very nicely to other kinds of fandom, I had to take off my belt, I was like the little mascot, Robert Altman, whatever it is that you want to do in your life... try to do it, we're the biggest seater the actual sound of my nose breaking.

"My desire to be on a stage... and performing in front of people, predates my knowledge of what it meant to, like have a job or a profession. So I wanted to act, before I knew I even wanted that to be my job."

Follow Sean on Twitter at:
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Memoirs of Tyler MacIntyre

Aug 21, 2017 01:11:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 406

This week we welcome special guest - director Tyler MacIntyre to talk to us about his latest feature Tragedy Girls. Plus we discuss his first film Patchwork, the finer points of being an editor in addition to being a director... and just what draws fans to the horror genre. And along the way, we also discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: Memoirs of an Invisible Man the sometimes forgotten film directed by John Carpenter.

And while we reminisce about some of our favorite old mom and pop video stores, we also discuss... tax incentives, CG effects, getting toxic waste spilled on you and getting telekinetic powers, The Howling, Sam Raimi, They Live, in the back of a hot tub place, half a building, the audience is going in with a certain set of expectations, it's a very level playing field, serious and emotional and primal, Stripes, Martin Pensa, Dead Alive, Fletch, sophisticated horror films, a high-concept horror shell, Sam Neill, VHS hits that I watched as a kid, and then when they do something... I think successfully... they still don't let it be a success, people really undervalue writing, Scream, shoddy science, being a noir, From Beyond, that's a very destructive way to think about art... as well as genre, 20% original, they got crazy shots that you weren't seeing in any movie at that time, Robert Rodríguez, the term yuppie, a taboo element, Basket Case, shooting on a VHS camera, gateway horror, Demolition Man, Willow, George Romero, why aren't we shooting in Canada right now, prairie town, all the technical stuff, Tobe Hooper, film studies, Evil Dead 2 and wanting something you're not supposed to have.

"'s an example of people trying to pigeon hole, like audiences, critics, the studio... trying to pigeon hole these people into doing a certain thing."

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A Taste of Most Beautiful Island

Aug 14, 2017 01:04:20


Movie Meltdown - Episode 405

This week we return to the Flyover Film Fest for their Taste of Flyover festivities. Plus we sit down with Ana Asensio the writer, director and star of Most Beautiful Island (winner of Grand Jury Award at South by Southwest this year). We also recap the night where we ate food from Chef Edward Lee's recipes as well as saw Peter Byck's One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts and Fermented directed by Jonathan Cianfrani. Plus our thoughts on recent viewings of War for the Planet of the Apes and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

And while we watch movies while eating chicken and waffles, we also we also discuss... John Cassavetes, Dekalog, Kimchi on a deviled egg, truthful filmmaking, it's anthropological is what it is, meatloaf balls, living the life he wants to live, Krzysztof Kieslowski, telling interesting stories along the way, studying films that I love, Noah Greenberg, edamame, Matt Reeves, cheese and bacteria, there were mistakes being done, Luc Besson, doing kickflips and eatin' pickles, a very ethnographic perspective, shot in a guerrilla style, Cara Delevingne, please quit eating this hot dog, knocking on doors, I believe you used the word barbarians, people and culture, I had some strong visions on how I wanted to shoot this film, handheld and voyeuristic, movie theater nachos, interesting color schemes, John Carter of Mars, feeding my soul, that was kind of like a dream... and a vision... and a struggle at the same time, the kneading of the dough, I don't want to give up... because this is my true passion, I'm relatively sophisticated, Dane DeHaan, an Amazon Prime wormhole straight to your door, embracing improvisation and... I'm fermenting!

"...I knew that the way I was... watching the films were beyond just a regular audience or just an actor looking at the performances... it was affecting me in a greater deeper level."

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Out on the Veranda with Vincent Grashaw

Aug 7, 2017 01:14:49


Movie Meltdown - Episode 404

This week we kick-off our coverage of the Flyover Film Festival as we sit out on the veranda and talk with director Vincent Grashaw. Vincent's latest feature And Then I Go just made its worldwide premiere at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival before coming to Flyover. We discuss the challenges of getting his latest drama made and the way he tries to approach its sensitive subject matter. We also address his early films as well as his previous feature Coldwater and about his crazy experiences working on and producing the indie hit Bellflower.

And while we come to terms with the fact that some of us never grow out of that awkward stage, we also bring up... Film Festivals, Arman Darbo and Sawyer Barth, the power of friendship, Get Out, shooting on-location, nothing to do with the industry, The Beguiled, back to school sales, I like to read other people's stuff and fall in love with it, someone stole my pencil, The Thin Red Line, Sunday night uneasiness, It Comes at Night, a very suburban feel, He Got Game, a form of trickery, The Babadook, unfiltered shame, Evan Glodell, you don't want to glamorous it, It Follows, working with kids, your world is only that big, he was somebody I really believed in, mental health, shooting in Louisville, elevated horror, there are no single answers to these tragedies, The Witch, everything hurts more, is that your wheelhouse, Saving Private Ryan, access to guns, you hit this wall, Trigger Street, probably very illegal?, Seven, a user review on IMDB, actually trying to get a feature made, The Basketball Diaries, we were all crazy at that time, ripping off other movies, Kids, if you only knew the hell we went through, we were just doing it, forensic investigation, true crime books and the most impressionable years.

" was... I'd say the most down and dirty a group of friends... can make a movie."

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Attack of *repeat repeat

Aug 1, 2017 01:23:34


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 45

This week we are coming to you "live" from Forecastle music festival. Where we hang out and build a soundtrack from the great line-up of bands on hand. Plus we sit down with our special guests *repeat repeat. They are an amazing band from Nashville who deliver spooky, surf-tinged pop with undeniable punk rock roots. We discuss not just their musical origins, but also what movies they loved growing up as well as some of their favorite songs featured on a soundtrack.

And while we load up on dirty mac 'n' cheese, we also mention... The Last Unicorn, Return to Oz, Back to the Future 2, Big Fish, Tom Everett Scott, Cage the Elephant, Lana Del Rey, Baby Driver, amazingly... geniusly... different, Dick Dale, scientific weird kind of thing, our Walk the Line moment, Idiocracy, Micheal J. Fox is so cool, every kid alive at that point wanted that, it kind of started the spooky, The Pixies, crazy part where I'm screaming into the mic, Lil' Leslie Mann, hanging off the back of a car riding a skateboard, Run the Jewels, The Beach Boys, it changed the sound, the new Ghostbusters, dressed all in black at this fun times Summer festival, broadening our horizons, The Martinis, a podcast kind of people, artistic screw you attitude, hoverboards, Spoon, feeling like a beach party, an amazing group of musicians, Benjamin Orr, cool movie tattoos and PJ Harvey.

"That's what makes a great children's movie... is if you can watch it as an adult... on drugs."

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How about a Date with Phil Lamarr?

Jul 23, 2017 02:08:44


Movie Meltdown - Episode 403

This week we are coming to you "live" from Indy PopCon... where we experience lots of different aspects of our geek pop culture. But most importantly, we make a date... to sit down and talk with Phil Lamarr. You probably know Phil from his ill-fated appearance in Pulp Fiction, or his years of working on MadTV, or his numerous characters on shows like Futurama, Justice League, Samurai Jack, Static Shock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and so many others. Join us as we talk with Phil about growing up in L.A., about working with Quentin Tarantino, about getting into the voice-over industry, about saving Spider-Man from falling off a train, about crazy movie theories... plus his thoughts on the somewhat recent popularity of super hero movies.

And while we hang out with our new found dragonfly friend, we also discuss... a yo yo festival, The Girl with All the Gifts, Before I Fall, Doctor Strange, Rick and Morty, enamel pins, Sam Raimi, he is dancing like nobody is watching, I was totally assaulted in the face, doing improv, while in utero, showing undercarriage, just another tow-headed guy in a letterman's jacket, it's the best... and worst thing I've ever seen, sleeveless shirt... half mullet, idiots who get in way over their heads, learning guinea pigs, Matt Groening, kids who had agents, they couldn't give notes, if it was any shorter it would be a belt, Julia Sweeney, if Groundhog Day and a horror movie had a baby, three characters for the price of one, in most movies you can't add an act, the 800 pound gorilla... that built your house, my Mr. T Summer job, corporatization of media, killing your Tamagotchi, Michael Cimino in 70mm, free stylin' with no protection, everyone is a glorified temp, pulling the South Park card, Second City, Robert Zemeckis, they are the people who leave, the Kudrow moment, fame has become popularity, let's be gangsters, John Dykstra, wearing a shirt with your own face on it, it's not about the medium... it's about the quality, gangsters in Hollywood, gladiator school, you have a generation now who have grown up watching webcams, the audience is part of the show, it is a moving target, The Jellies and the guy dancing in front of the Burger King.

" a life philosophy the idea of just... moving forward through agreement... is the best thing you can teach somebody. In pretty much any walk of life."

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

Jul 18, 2017 06:01


Movie Meltdown - Episode 402 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week the Meltdown Gang gathers together for another installment in the Super Series as we discuss the latest Marvel movie... Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And we talk smack about the people in the suits, we also bring up... The Founder, the Iron Spider, sad-boy and old, The Gifted, Snowpiercer, M. Night Shyamalan, being a good dad, legit just got trolled, things affect you in different ways, film noir Batman, The Inhumans, stick the landing... fist pump, The Fantastic Four, beautiful artwork, Joss Whedon, have fun with your universe, Legion, Breaking Bad, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, a really modern f'd-up Clockwork Orange, Unbreakable, tone is so different, an Alfred Hitchcock detective movie, he probably did something bananas, Jennifer Connelly, that's just good storytelling, amateur Photoshop jobs on movie posters, turn down the team, Airplane, I hope it has the spider legs in the worst way, doing whatever it takes and a block of web.

Spoiler Alert: Lots of spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming, so go see the movie before you listen! 

"If you respect the mythos, people are more then happy to take different takes and versions and approaches to it... but you HAVE to respect the mythos."

The Artistic Influences of Mark Maddox

Jul 10, 2017 01:26:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 401

This week we continue our coverage from WonderFest as we sit down and talk with artist Mark Maddox. Mark is a multiple "Artist of the Year" Rondo Award winner, and his artwork has been featured on the covers of The Art of Doctor Who Special, Screem Magazine (including the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Universal Monsters, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and American Horror Story covers), HorrorHound Magazine, Moonstone Comics (including Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files), Little Shoppe Of Horrors, Undying Monsters, Mad Scientist Magazine, Airship27 Books, Hemlock Books, Thrilling Tales, Don Glut’s Frankenstein series for Pulp 2.0 Press and many more. We discuss just which movies and pop culture inspired him as a child, and how it came full circle to become the focus of his artistic career. 

And as we are making audio cassette recording from the TV, we also mention... Dark Shadows, The Herculoids, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a pop culture family, a giant gorilla with wings, applied a dab of blue, collecting baseball cards, you've gotta pay attention, Roger Moore, Caltiki, The Immortal Monster, Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green, pulp covers, we cut a zombie in two with a scythe, Star Trek, Abigail Breslin, War of the Worlds, Eric Von Zipper, Rachmaninoff, Curse of the Werewolf, Kelly Freas, beach movies, bad green screen, Seven Samurai, painting with acrylics, Famous Monsters, The Time Machine, trying to move further and further away from digital, Planet of the Apes, hand-letter strips, evil Santa on a demon goat, Godzilla, Sarah Hyland, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Mysterious Island, painting in oils, The Fiend without a Face, David Lean, how to blow a guy's head off with a shotgun, The Bride of Frankenstein, Nicole Scherzinger, King Kong, Teenage Frankenstein, in a house with mom and five kids, a Jim West doll, looking through the TV Guide, watching people getting the bones sucked out of their bodies, Johnny Quest and Jack Kirby.

"I didn't want the film to end... I wanted to keep it going."

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Kim Smith and John Goodson

Jul 1, 2017 01:25:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 400

This week we continue our coverage from WonderFest as we sit down with Kim Smith and John Goodson. Both are technical masters who spent years working at LucasFilm's Industrial Light and Magic, and they have logged in many years building physical models as well as transitioning into digital effects as the industry began to change around them.

And while we try to make sense of this vortex of time and mysterious things, we also discuss... Assassin's Creed, Riverdale, fantastic carpet, sculpting, The Rocketeer, finding the hook, a 33-foot Zeppelin, a stormy night shot, if you wanna eat... you better learn something different to do, making farm equipment, painting, Star Wars: Episode III, Michael Fassbender, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, very spooky sets, organically very technical, successful artist, whoa... no apple for you, sneak him on out of being dead, Scar's pretty awesome, I like his big sharky-grin, they want world peace but at the price of free will, an optical illusion going on in the hallway, drawing the animals, Con-Air, there would be ten bombs, weird creative projects, it was just a pile of burnt rubble, Peter Pan, Boeing pattern-makers, 28 foot-long miniatures, tandem bikes on winding twisty roads are not a good idea, the making of Star Trek book, doing research, it made me think, that sort of exploration was ok, Episode III, a very elaborate prototype, everything was being operated by humans, counting door knobs, pyro is sort of non-scientific, finding a squished penny, like the circus, he was a rubber monster guy, getting left and right out of the same side, problem-solving, a three-dimensional skeleton, the dioramas were amazing, on a grander scale... and a cheaper scale, scientific wild-ass guess, Kerosene bombs, I don't know why we were not electrocuted that night, it was awful and a little bit confusing and very disappointing, he smashed a model airplane, the idea of a picture in a frame is very much like a movie and... my mother and the wax fruit.

"And that really made an impression. It scared me, but at the same time, I was totally intrigued by the model spaceship on TV. And my idea was, if I could get the TV apart, I could get the model out."

For more on WonderFest, go to:

Brian Howe

Jun 24, 2017 01:23:45


Movie Meltdown - Episode 399

This week we are coming to you "live" from WonderFest where we are joined by this week's special guest... actor Brian Howe. One of the hardest working and most impressive actors in the business, Brian's been featured in Westworld, Catch Me If You Can, The Pursuit of Happyness, American Horror Story, Gran Torino, Annabelle, K-PAX, The Majestic, Déjà Vu, Evan Almighty, Lie to Me, Criminal Minds, Masters of Sex, House of Lies, The Newsroom, Nikita, Justified - and of course, he's one of the cast of regulars in the Larry Blamire films (The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Dark and Stormy Night, Trail of the Screaming Forehead, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again).

And in between our bouts of clowning around and being a dork, we also bring up... Spielberg's shooting style, that was paramount to me, one of them practically Xeroxed her rolodex, anything I could do - I did, Tony Scott, laying the groundwork, a cast of small town lunatics, Larry Moss, Summer stock theater in the Poconos, Fay Masterson, striking up the band, David Mamet, Trish Geiger, one big scene with Denzel, working in tandem, Kevin Spacey, Spy Hard, America's most beloved action figure, the quiet scary moments, Jim Carrey, State and Main, the bloom is off the rose, it was tremendous fun... blood all over the place, Frank Darabont, The Conjuring Universe, hours were long... temperatures were torturous, it was like the biggest most lumbering independent film I'd ever been involved with, when a casting director goes the extra mile, Kerry O'Malley, fly wrangler, that's how we got our revenge for his, rather indelicate criticism... of our work, a benevolent madman, K-Pax, snow in Pasadena, straight and kind of silly or full absurd, messing with Gabriele Muccino, a sustained level of dread, had to have a fake car to pick him up, one thing, with persistence, does actually lead to another, Will Smith, a state of trust, houses can have bad mojo, Clint Eastwood, my favorite... boy I'm making a Hollywood movie moment, Jeff Bridges, shooting for a dollar and a bucket of chicken, gettin' the laughs and singin' the songs, self-consuming hybrids and Tom Hanks goes mad.

"I don't expect to be the big star... but I'll be the big star's neighbor."

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William Stout: The Pinball School of Career Planning

Jun 17, 2017 01:32:16


Movie Meltdown - Episode 398

This week we kick-off our coverage of WonderFest with the return of a certain cast member who has tales of an epic road trip. Plus we sit down and talk with our special guest... William Stout. Renowned as a master illustrator & paleo-artist, he has also spent a good portion of his life working in the film industry. As production designer for movies like "Return of the Living Dead" and "Masters of the Universe" to designing movie posters, drawing storyboards and creating character designs for a multitude of films.

And while we try to keep our monster in the closet at bay, we also mention... working with Dan O'Bannon, 28 years of conventions, Doc Hudson, Roger Corman, R.L. Stine, Disney... and drawing... and cartoons, John McTiernan, Colorado Springs, Edith Head, the Nine Old Men, John Milius, neon cowboy dude, the murder capital of the world, Drew Struzan, a tiny frail little alien, let the problem dictate the solution, why would Dorthy want to go back, epic adventures, Evel Pie, Ravi Shankar, Rick Baker, I forbid you to use any of my designs, sucked into a magic box that contains a parallel universe, Ray Harryhausen and Jim Danforth, whore trading cards, Zoltar, The Chouinard Art Institute, tweaked aliens, The Warrior and the Sorceress, monsters and dinosaurs, Conan the Barbarian, delightfully tacky, The Manitou Mile, Elvis' everywhere, annual reports and movie posters, screwing up the end of Predator, Raiders of the Lost Ark, House, old coin-operated machines, Bernie Wrightson, The Winchester Mystery House, Godzilla, talk about being in the right place at the right time, George Lucas, principle zombies, Ron Howard, film is the currency of fame in our time, Men in Black, Penn & Teller, Steven Spielberg, the medium-sized canyon, Stan Winston, going to mortuaries and if you come up with something better... I'll use that and I'll take credit for it.

"Making movies was sort of an accidental occurrence."

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Wonder Woman: Our Moral Compass

Jun 11, 2017 03:15


Movie Meltdown - Episode 397 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week the gang breaks new ground in our Super Series as we discuss Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

And while we restore our faith in humanity, we also address... Zack Snyder, the 36th chamber, full-on into DC multi-verse now, Chris Evans, the old school cut-away, Fast and Furious, being hard and being soft, Joss Whedon, Birds of Prey, fighting things from other worlds, Watchmen with the Justice League, a great three days, going out into no man's land, Tony Stark, going into hiding, Captain America, too slow and relatable, have permeated pop culture, Black Panther, mom lied, you guys think that the audience wants that, created by Zeus, chicks with scars, Svengali, what's right, everyone wants to like stuff, fountain of youth, the Godkiller, oh she is crazy, Ben Affleck, Gotham is the new Smallville, diversity in superheroes, who put you in power, Spawn-ish and kicking someone's ass and then talking about love and understanding.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Wonder Woman. So go see the movie before you listen.

"This movie is a massive mirror on society. This mirror has like six scenes that go, 'Look at yourselves. Like... look at yourselves.' "

For more info on this and ALL the future episodes of Movie Meltdown, go to:

Attack of the Semi-Recent Movie Songs!

Jun 3, 2017 01:53:36


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 44

This week the Meltdown Gang gets together for a listening party of songs from semi-recent movies.

And while we examine anatomical specimens from a long time ago, we also discuss... going to Eastern Europe, The Creeper, the bone church, The Elephant Man, the soundtrack birth of a new sub-genre of music, drift into death with Wonder Woman, crazy eyes, girls in jeans and a T-shirt, it's a very strange thing she's got going on there, cloth hall, Chelsea Woods, Rondo Hatton, super pretty, I'm really good at dying, going to the salt mines, playing Big Bertha, dusting off this weird old obscure song, zip-lining the mega cavern of Romania, the other Franco, missing all her limbs, Polskibus, I think a lot of their movies are too alienating for regular people, creepy tombs, always sick, Vltavou Castle, get lost exploring a town, a stack of skulls, Rosario Dawson, the moose out front should have told you and stop licking the chandelier.

"I can't imagine what hipsters would be like without that movie."

Alien: David Might Be Right

May 28, 2017 01:49:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 396

This week the Meltdown Gang gets together to have a large scale discussion about Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. How it works as an individual movie as well as how it fits into and essentially changes the entire franchise.

And as we break down this lovely parallel for the futility of life, we also mention... Noomi Rapace, the susceptibility of humans and pugs, big wheat, the lost episode of Heavy Metal, an overwhelming sense of mystery, Michael Fassbender, kind of timeless, planet designers, hinges on insanity, you knew that was coming because the movie kept going, less-predictable twists, the bastion of humility, masking frustration, this... means something, Don Knotts in every movie ever, what's the point of all this, faith-based leader, as the years go on... these do become our myths, science fiction my ass, person gets into a situation... then it's non-stop action 'til the end of the movie, replacing cloud with butt, it's mouth has a mouth, that stuff does other stuff, a landing party full of red shirts, shut-ins with no cable, Lawrence of Arabia, eating high school graduates, Fassbender on Fassbender action, CGI aliens, connecting dots that I didn't necessarily need connected, not believe in Darwinism, do we need that level of complexity, subtle yet distinct, tiny John Cena, like Jurassic Park, Mr. robotic by the books guy, the Nazi, shorthand, divorce lawyers in space, hey I'm gonna make... art, concentrated acid for blood, oxygen tanks and guns, dogburster and I want to go over to Giger's house and just touch things.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Alien: Covenant. So go see the movie before you listen. You have been warned!

"You can keep ramming new stories in the middle of your story you already thought you had figured out - I guess? Seems to be the case."

King Arthur:The Legend of a Guy

May 20, 2017 01:32:00


Movie Meltdown - Episode 395

This week the Meltdown Gang decides to go see Guy Ritchie's new movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Was that a good decision? Well... let's talk about it.

And while we search the listings for more German opera at the movies, we also bring up... the problems with network television shows, I'd be happy to get the fruit salad, Fargo, talk about towers, things are now... vehicles for the items that are attached to it, stab the eyes of the editor, A Knight's Tale, it's fantasy... and then grit, Prometheus was Excalibur set in space, out of the people you know... who would you cast as Jaws, you... who are a caricature of a nerd, growing up on the streetz, and it was all Reservoir Dogs, it's like they made a twenty hour movie, if they had bothered to explain that, those aren't turkey legs, watching idiots talk into a microphone, disjointed, Gods of Egypt, face down in the mud, cannibalism is fine as long as it's deep-fried, a demographic hole, I don't even know what I watched, Footloose, I don't think I've brushed my hair in a week, was it political or was it accident, Dirty Dancing, three-day event horse stuff, the story was way bigger then any of the characters, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, somebody get Guy Ritchie on the phone, empty theaters, there's hope... and abandonment, Radio Reader, the complete Moses story... with some Harry Potter thrown in, oh it's like they made Skyrim into a movie, Game of Thrones, a mythical critter and I don't know why he's screaming.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword". So go see it in the theater before you listen. Or if you wait a couple of weeks, it will probably be on Netflix.

"Ladies and gentlemen... you don't realize the service that we're doing for you by not providing video."

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

May 13, 2017 02:10:15


Movie Meltdown - Episode 394

This week we return to our running series for another Marvel Super Special! We kick things off with a little response to Iron Fist on Netflix, then we share some thoughts on the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. All before launching into our full discussion of this week's movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And of course along the way, we find a way for the conversation to spill over into the Star Wars universe.

And as we all concurrently get our Wormtongue on, we happen to mention... the Foot or The Hand, Zoe Saldana, losing your muscle, the essences of things, millennials and their music, Doritos, needs to be the Robin, regurgitated scripts, Dave Bautista, trespassing and breaking into the building, dragging their feet, Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Yondu, Luuuke, James Gunn, relationships, Jessica Jones, please stop having your Splinter moments, swerving Mandarin, this is a geek dreaming, Daredevil, Chris Pratt, ten years in it's so dependent now on it's contextual brother-pieces, Karen Gillan, this band of misfits, how about all the musicians, The Defenders, I mean... the big bad is a bad dad, Tony Stark, force-sensitive droids and Bradley Cooper as the beaver... umm I mean, racoon.

Spoiler Alert: Lots of spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. So go see the movie before listening... you have been warned.

"It was slice of life... this is what happened with the Guardians this week."

Remake Roundabout

May 6, 2017 01:56:27


Movie Meltdown - Episode 393 

This week we bust out a new game or maybe more of just a mechanism designed to trigger amazing ideas. Join us as we discuss properties that should be remade... or maybe shouldn't? As we try to decide what's the best new direction we could take the story... and the worst? And what's the most interesting new casting for classic roles... and what's potentially the most ridiculous casting choices ever?

And while we set up our apple boxes and perspective shots, we also mention... Murder on the Orient Express, Aidan Gillen, a tracheostomy in the middle of the buffet, Brian De Palma, must love kung fu, Roger Moore... not dead, artisanal, small batch, what's a fax machine, we have... a Canon Films Studio... in this kitchen, Ocean's Eight, those must have been good because you saw it thousands of times, Grimm, Shelley Duvall, knock on his dead wood, Timothy Dalton vs. Pierce Brosnan, red Swingline, shoes on a submarine sandwich, we've written so many better movies then what comes out, there's nothing to lose... or gain in remaking this, Face-off on Waterworld... with werewolves, Lea Michele, it's movie magic, it is... its movie madness, a crazy Clint Eastwood movie, Chris Pratt is like the new everyman, any war-torn region, turtles with dreadlocks, the Harry Dean Stanton Cthulhu movie, he doesn't need a face appliance and... but should it be done?!

"All right... so we made that light. Make it happen Hollywood."

Birdemic: We are all James

Apr 30, 2017 02:22:09


Movie Meltdown - Episode 392 

This week we try to tackle the notorious modern "classic" - Birdemic: Shock and Terror. At first we start to crack from the initial "shock", but as we make our way through the so-called "terror", we eventually come around to a pretty amazing resolution.

And while we revel in a land of lawlessness and sweet bird justice, we also bring up... spider monkeys, robotin', more Indiana Jones, time-lapse filmmaking, just as smarmy but with guns, Samurai Cop, the rotary hot dog maker, beloved 8-bit graphics, the first selfie, a sheet with a hole in it, driving around with birds, you're taking a risk... you are taking a chance, you have to be the fool, a lady alien, Jake from State Farm, cut him a check Yoko, you can't make a cult film, Transformers, Nagel artwork, the Al Gore spiel, winter is coming, you're mission is accomplished, did we break our Hammerhead Corvette, it looks like you went to the mall... in 1984, a mountain lion with water wings, the way that it's told is kind of the way that I imagine... like when you're a kid and you're making up a story, and you're playing, The Labeouf, a quick gruesome death... by birds, do what you love, The Attack of the Killer Shrews, the Spear of Destiny, a joyous life-affirming experience, evil underwater vultures, that is the mark of an incredibly bad film, your finger on the pulse of the history, if you owned a 7‑Eleven, whether you made money on it or not and who doesn't love a road trip... with machine guns... and never-ending ammo?

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Rogue One. Oh... and I guess for Birdemic: Shock and Terror as well.

"It takes a lot to make 'Over the Top' look like an Oscar winner... by comparison."

Shake your Movies like a Polaroid Picture

Apr 24, 2017 04:31


Movie Meltdown - Episode 391 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week... we talk about movies. Zombie movies and rage viruses... and high school melodrama... and slasher movies... and the Leatherface family reunion... and Stephen King stories... and one of our favorite, if not one of the most perplexing directors. All that, among many other things.

And while we specifically clarify that we don't eat flesh... we eat brains, we also mention... Chicken Little, Vincent Price, hand-held action scenes, my two least favorite things about weddings and funerals, The Edge of Seventeen, putting dirt on the coffin, a button-down shirt, Dan O'Bannon, it still yips, Turk 182, as happy as you can be in a zombie apocalypse, I'm expected to look like a grown-up, just vast wasteland and dead bodies, a grim presentation, Chicken Run, The Last Man on Earth, wearing super short skirts, Tobe Hooper, even people who love it make fun of the second half, 28 Days Later, you care about those characters, From the Hip, Haley Lu Richardson, Matthew McConaughey, House of 1000 Corpses, robots and Stonehenge, it stuck with me... for a different reason, Leatherface's long lost cousin, Mick Garris, you're left with this feeling of dread and despair, the tone was light-hearted, Return of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, it's usually you bringing him up, Bill Moseley, the giant spider, Kingdom Hospital, Texas Chainsaw 3D, The Devil's Rejects, that what killed the series as it went along, it's a weird balance to those two movies, Baby Geniuses, sex comedies and Christmas movies. 

"...the film was shot in fourteen days on a budget of $50,000. Well done sir."

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Attack of E.G. Daily!

Apr 17, 2017 01:59:23


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 43

This week we welcome our special guest E.G. Daily! You may know her from Pee Wee's Big Adventure or Valley Girl or tons of other movies. Or maybe you know her from all of her music performances over the years. Or maybe her recent appearance on The Voice. Or maybe you just know her voice from Rugrats or The Powerpuff Girls or countless other animated characters. However you know Elizabeth Daily... you know she's talented. This week we sit down with her to discuss her career and along the way we build a soundtrack of not just her work but also songs from other movies she's been involved with over the years.

And as we hit the clubs across the Sunset Strip, we discuss... Martha Coolidge, singing mice and Braveheart, I'm gonna get my daughter an agent, Michelle Pfeiffer, playing the song in my car, Tim Burton, keeping him in the real world, Sean and Chris Penn, working at Radio Shack, once you've planted that many seeds... for that many decades, things just start growing, tips, tools and how-tos, falling asleep on a bus, Diane Lane, if you don't have a waterbed in 1984... what kind of a loser are you, connected to the people and the experiences, it blew up, some weird, creepy-lookin'dude awkwardly straddling on a bed, coffee with Chainsaw, Eric Stoltz, has inflammation of the love, everytime you go to the dentist, I didn't just want to be a body in a scene, dancing with Jennifer Grey, hit that explosion and everything got swept up into that, learn from a master, I always had bands... 15, 16, the clothes, the hair, available on Laserdisc, singing with a hobo, going to high school with Nick Cage, Listen Closely and Hollywood is a very slippery place.

"I picked up a guitar book when I was maybe 9... and started teaching myself to play guitar."

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John Waters: Intrinsically Evil?

Apr 7, 2017 52:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 390

This week we talk with the one, the only - John Waters. Now is he intrinsically evil? Well, we'd say no. But the Censor Board may have a different answer. Or The Baltimore Police Department. Or certain Canadian film distributors. Or... well, there's probably a lot of people.

Listen as we revisit stories of his early days of shooting films in his hometown, specifically, the newly restored and rereleased Multiple Maniacs. And just how this kid from Baltimore got together with his friends and inadvertently came to offend so many people over the years. But along with these crazy stories comes some wisdom. So as John goes out into the world and talks to people today... does he hold the key to living an interesting and fulfilling life? Listen and find out for yourself.

And as we bask in the cultured luster of Janus Films presents, we also discuss... The Cavalcade Of Perversion... on their front lawn, shooting on 16mm, it's like a hostage video, smoking pot and taking acid, lobsters are scary, the Theatre of the Absurd, tawdry, they look like snuff movies, it was my monster movie and Divine was the monster,there was no art direction in there, Edward Albee, in black and white, we were all kids that were in trouble in suburbia, There were no laws really against that, the Theatre of the Absurd, that was a friend of mine that was a junkie, I was just so thrilled you could see it and hear it, oh God no wonder my parents were uptight, she started sobbing and screaming, we weren't really like that... but our humor was really like that, the judge read us a poem, in my LSD'ed mind at the time, with those two big Mickey Mouse ears, we wanted to be hippies and beatniks, magnetic stripe sound, which at that time was fairly radical, the stations of the cross, it was a joke on an exploitation movie, she was kind of goth before there was such a thing, Conspiracy To Commit Indecent Exposure and Lobstora.

Spoiler Alert: While we talk extensively about Multiple Maniacs, I'm pretty sure you can't really 'spoil' that movie. You just need to see it yourself to truly experience it. So go watch Multiple Maniacs!

"We didn't have permits, we didn't ask to shoot. We just hit and run!"

The Sweet Life with Rob Spera

Apr 1, 2017 01:21:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 389

This week we are joined by director Rob Spera. He's not only been directing film and television for the past thirty years, but he's also currently teaching filmmaking at The American Film Institute. We talk about his early days working with Roger Corman and shooting low-budget horror and thriller movies. And then we'll find out just how that led him to direct the genre favorite Leprechaun in the Hood. And we'll cover how he moved into directing high-profile network shows like Supernatural, Army Wives and Criminal Minds. And how all that led him to his latest film, The Sweet Life starring Chris Messina and Abigail Spencer.

And while we figure out the best way to capturing your audience, we also cover... Corman's technique, acting in New York, the Supernatural cast, how to teach filmmaking in an ever-changing medium, Bus Stop, Warwick Davis, shifting the axis, Al Pacino, driving two characters to their death, they point to the symptom, teaching, becomes your editor, this is something I want to put out... this is something I believe in, great good will... in the first fifteen to twenty minutes, putting your stamp on it within their box,expectations in movies, working in someone else's' sandbox, the reward for success there was less money, less time, Jared Rappaport, anytime they would give me the toys, character-driven, it got close to getting made a few times, the audience will find the drama, TV vs. film, over-intellectualizing a script, shy and withdrawn, Ice-T, Monica Lewinsky, these sixty-three pages... are gone, Long Island, rewriting, and then it's your job to know what the disease is, Francis Ford Coppola and this other disembodied thing that's driving the story.

"You don't have the money to make the movie you want, but you can kind of feast on a particular facet, and then make sure you learn as much as you can about it. And take that into future projects."

The Sweet Life will be released on iTunes and OnDemand on April 11th! Check out the Facebook page for more info and the trailer:

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Barrel of Crackers

Mar 26, 2017 03:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 388 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we hang out in a parking lot and reminisce about our time spent at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. Plus we discuss some of the movies and shows we've seen lately.

And as we try to decide just how inappropriately color-coded the Power Rangers were, we also mention... John Wick, The Girl on the Train, loitering Deadpool, Major Lilywhite, 3-gun competition, Mystery Science Theater 3000, are you on Top Model, a T-Rex stumbling down a hallway, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, Riverdale, that's always a plus... nobody got stabbed, scamming free stuff from the CW booth, kids making their own shows, Creepypasta, Solomon Grundy want pants too, Sean Gunn and Sebastian Bach, in a Lifetime movie, Mädchen Amick, you and Tina Fey... you're the only ones who can sell that, slave girl Leia Dorothy, Daredevils, and then there was a teeth monster, now there's a guy who didn't try very hard, Squirm and pancakes.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers mentioned for The Monster and Channel Zero: Candle Cove. If you are concerned, proceed with caution.

"...convention people are different."

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Don't Go in the House with Bryan

Mar 17, 2017 01:33:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 387

This week our host is reunited with Bryan Johnson from the podcast Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! as well as the AMC series Comic Book Men. Join us as we discuss recent and not-so-recent movie viewings, meeting people who used to have very interesting jobs in the business and eventually we round things out with this week's Sofa Theater feature the 1979 horror movie Don't Go in the House. Which just happened to be filmed right around the corner from where Bryan grew up. Memories and body burns ensue.

And as a couple of old guys reminisce about the way the world used to be back in the day, we also bring up... Ralph Macchio, Katrina Law, John Wick, when it came out on video, Jacques Cousteau, my son's on TV, Michael Rooker, a whole ensemble, shoveling stuff into a furnace, if you were on TV... it was a major major deal, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, taking a ferry to Ellis Island, a phone booth, Dan Grimaldi, hanging out at The Web, you are either from a different country or you're crazy, the florist in Atlantic Highlands, I'm a better assassin then  he is, raking his arms back and forth, he builds a room, it wakes my dad up, Aqua Net, Richard Fire, if your mom yelled at you in the 70's... you're going to hear whispering voices, that was it... that was my life man, just pour some bleach in his eyes, after someone does you a favor you're like... I'm going to inconvenience you further, we're a persecuted group, the entire front counter was nothing but handguns and what if Jimmy Fallon and Richard Ramirez had a baby?

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Joseph Ellison's Don't Go in the House. So go watch the movie before you listen... you have been warned!

"...the next best thing was seeing things on TV that... you knew were around you. Because I didn't know anyone on TV - but I knew where that house was!"

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Heavy Metal and Dirty Donny

Mar 11, 2017 01:29:09


Movie Meltdown - Episode 386

This week we hang out with artist Dirty Donny as we discuss, among other things - designing the artwork for pinball machines, working with Metallica and our movie o' the week Heavy Metal.

And as we assure ourselves that we aren't just watching the movie to see naked cartoon girls, we also bring up... laserdiscs, Eddie the Head, Hernandez Brothers, BMX bikes, skateboarding, Sean Penn, guitars and cars, The Hellacopters, I can't believe I'm allowed to buy this, Ivan Reitman, the big kid down the street, Stephen King, Bernie Wrightson, a '73 Dodge van, Superchannel, Beavis and Butt-head, my dork hanging out, Conan the Barbarian, one of my hero directors, Thrasher Magazine, Wizards, springs on the back shocks on the front, the plastic gas tank, The Cannonball Run, the motor painted green, Warren Oates, problems with the soundtrack, Clint Eastwood, coming up with the breadbox, Ralph Bakshi, camping with my parents, a bootleg VHS, Love and Rockets, robot Brigitte Nielsen, midnight movies, John Candy, my third grade mind, anything after it didn't exist yet, the legend that it was done in Ottawa, an animation cell, music was secondary to the artwork, Stripes, EC Comics, Monte Hellman and that Smokey and the Bandit model kit.
Spoiler Alert: You really have to watch Heavy Metal yourself to experience just what was going on back in the day. So go watch it now.

"It's that weird mixture of National Lampoon meets SCTV meets Dungeons and Dragons... it's all of those geeky things of the early 80's."

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The Foilers Sabotage

Mar 6, 2017 02:07:43


Movie Meltdown - Episode 385

It's time for the most prestigious of all award shows - The Meltdown Awards! Yes, join us as we gather together to ignore the Oscars and instead hand out our own awards... The Foilers. Plus we eat a lot of pork, recap our reactions to the films of 2016 and even read some of the comments made by our voters.

And as we are hippin' up the Pepto audience a little bit, we also mention... a social faux pas, Janelle Monáe, skinsuit, I'm kind of like the Michael Jordan of diabetes, I forgot that movie existed, what are you wearing, Powerless, cowboy bad boy charm, John Goodman, taking home leftovers, attack of the man buns, the swirling tornado and a bunch of rock dudes, I'm all about some Brie Larson, that weird little club on the outskirts of nowhere, you'll be dead or napping soon, the arm in the door, a race track in the basement, she might have had TMJ, how much it added to the movie atmospherically and mood-wise, King Kong, he looks so haggard, The IT Crowd, being mean in a Starbucks, Colter Wall, a functioning car garage, rubbery and just wrong, being a drunken creep, a naked corpse on a gurney, slightly older Cranston, you had me at Bilbo, nominated for sheer length, look at those traps, Trevante Rhodes, giant skeleton, shooting from the three-point line, The Rock, a turkey baster, crushin' on Leslie Jones, bloody headshots, Daddy Day Care, highway fall to pavement, the fight any independent filmmaker knows and lives, mouth agape, Godzilla, is that tan real and nothing's more punk rock then the library.

"Hands down, full stop. I've never seen a film that actively disliked its target audience as much as this one did."

Lego Batman

Feb 25, 2017 03:37


Movie Meltdown - Episode 384 (For our Patreon supporters.)

This week we return to our on-going "Super Series" as we discuss the latest super hero entry: The Lego Batman Movie. So join us as The Meltdown Gang settles in to talk about Batman, the DC universe, multiple villains and just how the Lego empire ties them all together.

So as we pick out the new Lego sets we're going to need to buy, we also discuss... Riverdale, being needed in your life, organic things like water and fire, Roger Rabbit, Oscar-nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, a bullet hole in his forehead, Space Ghost, less frames to worry about, bad CG rock guys, the Batman geeks are in heaven, Deadshot, I feel like you've brought a curse on my home, Twin Peaks, kids are like... I like Legos, Killer Croc, Legends of Tomorrow, Grammy-winners, Geoff Johns, Landstriders, Mel Gibson, Sophie Turner spoiled it, the funny tech guy, Deadpool, all of this is by design, BoJack Horseman, darker and more offensive, my love affair with the CW is kind of over, South Park, DC does not have any Disney behind them, modernized just enough, something's gonna happen that is just going to blow your minds, Running Wilde, suits love money, it's not Moose is it?, three scenes where someone cries, Suicide Squad, setting the animation engine for blocks, Up All Night and a wild neon Yakuza albino dude.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for The Lego Batman Movie. Go see the movie... and buy some Legos while you're at it.

"At this point, I think I'd like to see a live-action Batman with Will Arnett."

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Top Villains

Feb 19, 2017 02:07:50


Movie Meltdown - Episode 383 

This week, in response to a recent online list, the gang gets together to come up with their own top ten list of best and/or underrated villains.

And as we contemplate that maybe making a snuff film is the way to go, we also mention... the Dick Tracy museum, gets drunk on blood, stares the boy down, Robocop, in the middle of the bloodbath, AFI, it was incredibly dark for it's time, gross wheezing jokes, David Lynch, smashes a bottle, a cool... calm... snake-like villain, he's always rich with really odd people, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, another villainess with inscrutable motives, The Last House on the Left, the birth of the alt-right, Nil by Mouth, his gumline, well... it won't bring back our kids, pathos, quotable, talk about unhinged, they wanted to show the deterioration, Villain vs. Monster, incredibly manipulative... they almost make the movie hard to watch, I guess I'm going to dive into David Cronenberg, She fights it, and she fights it, and she fights it - and eventually she surrenders to her darker nature, This Boy’s Life, The Cowboy, going back to Nazis, being followed by a boogeyman, they had to shoot the film in sequence, Jaws, Forbidden Planet, a police procedural, just sort of laughs a lot at the foibles of everybody else, playing Nazis, essentially Aleister Crowley with a bit of a conscience, Funny Games, I don't think you could still hold down a job as a cop, Killer Joe, it's a dark Hollywood death, within the opening premise... let's just hurt somebody, which drove the director mad, The Thing, he played off the normal world against the abnormal world, and you weren't really sure... who are the good guys here, they turn into angry spirits, raising the baby, and he put her on the fire, Dirty Harry, Kaneto Shindo, a domestic villain, very often compared to Vincent Price, nobody got along on this film, Saturn 3, it's a very sort of Shakespearean villain, amphetamines prescribed by the studio doc, The Green Mile, are you kidding me?!, they didn't get along, Alien, Psychomania and they really give you so many reasons to sympathize with this character.

Spoiler Alert: Potential spoilers for ALL of the movies we discuss, so proceed into this episode with caution. You have been warned!!

"What's terrifying about him is just how calm and collected he is amidst all of this."

Bert Kreischer and the Fletch Way of Life

Feb 11, 2017 01:12:59


Movie Meltdown - Episode 382

This week we welcome our special guest co-host comedian Bert Kreischer. Join us as we talk about getting into comedy, becoming part of the podcast world, being the inspiration for the movie Van Wilder and the Rolling Stone interview that started it all. Then we change gears to this week's Sofa Theater feature... Fletch. Where we discuss whether this Chevy Chase comedy holds up today... and just how it has influenced Bert's life overall.

And as we repeatedly put on ridiculous disguises throughout the show, we also mention... Snoop's podcast, Dane Cook vs. Ryan Reynolds, doing drugs at fourteen, Milo Yiannopoulos, singing and acting, Laughable, Godfrey, I would definitely say I made my career on podcasting, Bill Burr, I wanna say in a weird way it helped form who I am today, comedy is not about the set you have... it's about the set you're working on, Charlie Murphy, Ethan and Hila Klein, When I got into comedy I felt like... so outside of it, because everyone seemed to know every comic working, Tom Papa, dead or rehab or sober, Hannibal Buress, the movie... in a way defined my life, two of them thought it was me prank calling them, Joe Rogan, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Dave Chappelle, that's the art form is making strangers laugh, Ari Shaffir, we're making comedy for everyone... not just for people with hipster ideals, Jay Mohr, send me in for wacky neighbor number three, Doug Benson, it's a journey not a race, Sam Harris, And they seemed to have influences, I had no influence coming into comedy, I got into comedy because I like laughing, Neal Brennan, very few podcasts are authentic, A League of their Own, being a campaigner, what is this soul-less thing sitting there reading the teleprompter, Marc Maron, outroverted but introspective, Erik Hedegaard, My Favorite Murder and an interesting game of... let's try to guess where Chevy Chase's career went south.

Spoiler Alert: I'm not sure we really spoil Fletch, but just in case you should go watch it anyway. I mean, why wouldn't you want to watch it (again)?

"We only really had that one week together... but it changed my life totally."

For more on Bert, go to:

Attack of the 2016 Oscar Nominees!

Feb 4, 2017 01:37:19


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 42

This week we play and discuss all of the nominees for both original song and original score for the 89th Annual Academy Awards. So join us in knocking out all of your musical Oscar homework in one shot!

And as we embrace the a nice dreamy quality, we also discuss... melancholy, deep-fried pig tails, Eminem, I won't do it, cello and bass, it's like a robot making a sad song, key changes, The Tooth Fairy, weirdness around, Arrival, the thought of it actually winning just made me laugh, never neglects instruments, it's like he used the right instrumentation... he just didn't go the distance, imitating Kevin Hart, Lincoln, radio version, stepping up to meet the level of the project, the Academy Awards is not really a pinpoint of the best of the year... it's just what the Academy decides to nominate. It is it's own weird little game, digital picture vs. Polaroid, Rhodes piano, Bruce Springsteen, no real movements, Be Cool, it melts in and out of tones, they are smart, everything about what went on that day is weird and doesn't make sense... so here's a score that matches, rolling the windows down... blasting the radio, you don't even think about what they are singing in context to the movie, , standing on it's own, I didn't know this was a song from a movie, you can't be as cool as The Rock... that's all there is to it, Under the Skin, your world has just been shaken and taking piano lessons for 14 years.

"I feel like this song was created specifically to be performed on the Oscar telecast."

Death Race: Sickly Dog

Jan 28, 2017 05:05


Movie Meltdown - Episode 381 (For our Patreon supporters.)  

This week we gather at the Bastion to peer into the grim future that is: Death Race 2050.

And as we play a rousing round of guess the celebrity's age, we also mention... Crazyhead, I impressed a small child, Chad Radwell, Sherlock, a nuclear blast, Resident Evil out of order, Eddie Steeples, a Tuesday at Malcolm's house, Nothing in the Dark, The Selection, still no flying cars, quarter-assed, corn ninjas, Black Mirror, Lewis Reeves, Home Alone-ish, having nothing to say, the Bechdel test, molotov cocktails, Emma Roberts, Watson got hot, they might have been State Fair quality, oh my god... I am cool to a nine year old, bonus points for Yancy Butler?, the mask is itchy, I should be buried with it, Malcolm McDowell's Farm of Miniature Ponies, having an existential crisis, non-safety compliant, flashy gun, DIY Photoshop, Billie Lourd, when she's off her meds... she can see the demons, you're just throwing out a hot topic... and then leaving it sit there, did they find a gymnast's outfit and a clown outfit and... sewed the bottom to the top, Twilight Zone, F the Leviathans, J.G. Wentworth, gracing the cover of Men's Fitness, the sucky parts of special ops training, the Linda Hamilton school of pull-ups, afraid of dying, Debi Mazar, alcohol... Robitussin... and prescription drugs, adding to words and it was a chicken... making turkey sounds.

Spoiler Alert: Awww, who are we kidding?! You can't spoil Death Race 2050... they already did that for us.

"This movie was awful... I'm not even gonna sugar-coat it..."

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The Witch is Back

Jan 22, 2017 01:22:41


Movie Meltdown - Episode 380

This week we discuss the 2016 film Blair Witch directed by Adam Wingard. Is it a true sequel? Is it a reboot? And just how does it compare to the original project? And what changes have happened in both the real world and on the horror scene since the first Blair Witch film left it's mark?

And while we hear a stick break in the distance, we also bring up... Trevante Rhodes, Dog Eat Dog, Naomi Watts, Shin Godzilla, Skull Island, voo doo doll, LaLa Land, true POV, high end sci fi, jump scares, Jack Black, Creep, the underground railroad, retelling those stories, The Force Awakens, Rings, you got that many castles to pay off your gonna make a lot of wizard movies along the way, Moonlight, Willem Dafoe selling candy and getting a massage, King Kong, screw it... monsters, hitting all the points, time missing, Ryan is old news, Paul Schrader, Peter forgot how to edit, cowboy Adrien Brody, hell dimension, a bunch of gangsters doing gangster shit, running away from monsters, Book of Shadows, new technology, what was that one where he was a wizard, revolutionizing the system, every fifteen minutes Nicolas Cage makes a new movie, I need the believably of it to be afraid, the young demographic, what just happened, Christopher Matthew Cook, Sunnydale, having GPS, an epic Hollywood movie and still being stuck in a corner.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2016 film Blair Witch. (And possibly for The Blair Witch Project as well.) So go watch at least the most recent movie before listening... you have been warned!

"...found footage is not inherently... limiting. In that, it's not inherently going to be like... a Blair Witch or a Paranormal Activity."

People Die Every Day

Jan 14, 2017 01:57:39


Movie Meltdown - Episode 379

This week we return to our annual segment People Who Died... Died, as we discuss just some of the performers we lost in 2016.

And as we are smacked in the face with our own mortality, we also mention... Alec Guinness in drag, in Warsaw when the blitzkrieg occurred, Mitch Miller, Brazil, Good Burger, Scrooge McDuck, The Phil Silvers Show, South Park, fireside chats, Volgograd, in a Santa Claus suit, using anamorphic, what is this land... why are we paying so much, Dick Tracy, buys a horse and cart, unscrupulous... yes, buckets of blood... in vivid color, spend three years in prison, living for nostalgia, The Time Machine, everyone feels like everything personally affects them now, a pioneer in his own right, Sam Peckinpah, it's like we were in a trench in World War I together, perpetual media cover of every horrendous event, dying for 40 years, every time I go to the flea market... I feel like a Coen Brothers casting agent, Paul Bartel, him dying is just... all part of the show, a society of arrested development, Indiana Jones, Johnny Depp, a musical comedy version of Grapes of Wrath, Julian Glover, he was married continually since he was 21, this movie about the devil's daughter, I feel like our generation lives for nostalgia... more then any other one, has two-time Academy Award winner Shelley Winters, you're playing chicken with yourself, creatives who experience a lot of success, Zero Mostel, I was trying to save her with my meme, Bob Kane, United Artists who ultimately ended up buckling because of the enormity of the failure, Mel Brooks, sleeping next to your camera, line group friends and the ethics of CGI performances. 

"Once I delved into his past a little bit, I was like 'What a fascinating life this guy had!'"

I Saw What You Did... and I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Watching

Jan 7, 2017 01:33:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 378

This week we hang out at the Bastion and watch William Castle's I Saw What You Did. Plus we recap some recent movies, reminisce about ridiculous things we did as kids and enjoy some gifted DIY Fiddle Faddle.

And while we realize how hard it is being mysterious and sexy, we also discuss... Joan Crawford, Scream Queens, Penn and Teller, L.A. Confidential, Warriors of the Rainbow, Gary the dog, evening attire, glass made out of sugar, Tuesday Weld, that Dean Cain show, that's going to lead to mildew and mold, sad and historical, the burying drive, ratted out to Krampus, semi-bee-hivey, she's the craziest little bitch who's ever bitched, Billie Lourd, the house that created fog, the hand of a serial killer, Fear Street, this lady was going commando, mom yelling at the screen, and I think part of that was due to the underwear, the way kids operated back in the day, back when we were ninjas, key parties, old school bootylicious, having a peanut butter sandwich, are you a demon?, it was the most cheerful murdering music, old-timey train-wrecks, American Horror Story, the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, you don't blame Gypsy for this, back when kids used to make bombs, I thought we all decided as a country... we all hate fruit cake, an exhaust system on a hot rod, sneaking around on other people's property, 60's swingers, Warriors of Virtue, that's why I got the Airsoft... so I can't kill anybody, he's a creepy guardian angel, poor Bill... Bill never saw it coming, I will choke you... through this land-line, rock salt, hiding in a culvert and a ghost barn door.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for the 1965 movie "I Saw What You Did". You have been warned!

"I said that repeatedly throughout the entire movie... what the hell am I watching?"

Brian Jay Jones and the Temple of Lucas

Dec 31, 2016 01:16:28


Movie Meltdown - Episode 377

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host - author Brian Jay Jones. Brian is a New York Times bestselling biographer who's written Washington Irving: An American Original, Jim Henson: The Biography and most recently George Lucas: A Life. So join us as we discuss the process of researching his subjects as well as a good, old fashioned geek-out session where we talk about George's early days, creating Star Wars and Lucas' impact on the film world as well as the legacy he leaves behind.

And as we address the finer points of having your heart ripped out, we also mention... Saturday morning cartoons, a brain in a jar, the Special Editions, Red Tails, Kirk Thatcher, Raiders of the Lost Ark, American Graffiti, Michael Eisner, Powaqqatsi, fungible until that last moment, John Milius, Body Heat, being totally dead, used car salesman, advancing the cause of the filmmaker, getting Prince to play at your wedding, the voice of the executive producer, it's really like Camelot for them, Mishima, we still care what Lucas thinks of the new movies now, I'm not a clown puppet guy, Lucas is always at his best when he's berating Coppola, the fans are still... even at that time... more then willing to meet him more then halfway, Crystal Skull, that is Lucas' guts on the screen, senate staffers were like 'oh my God there's a new Star Wars film..., Twice Upon a Time, both the blessing and the curse of Star Wars, for Lucas in particular... is we all feel like we own it, running a comic book store, filming hanging out of a harness on the car, deep drill research projects, Irvin Kershner, the best years of SNL, that really pissed him off... really hurt his feelings, using Star Wars a leverage, and then he still has to go back and keep meddling and meddling and meddling..., the physical part of directing really took it's toll on him, Lapti Nek, Temple of Doom, talking with Frank Oz, let's examine all those clauses, Richard Marquand, Poltergeist, who knew how important Young Indiana Jones and... Radioland Murders were... to the Star Wars trilogy, mostly dead, the sleazy art of the deal, working with Henson, Sandman and bringing down the dream of Zoetrope.

"...that's the moment that Skywalker Ranch is sort of born in his head."

For more on Brian and all of his books, go to:

Rogue One: A Life Day Celebration

Dec 24, 2016 07:47


Movie Meltdown - Episode 376 (For our Patreon supporters.)  

This week is a multitude of things. First off... it's our anniversary. So as we celebrate crossing over into our 9th year of Movie Meltdown... we also return to our semi-annual tradition of getting together to celebrate - Life Day. And coincidentally, it also happens to mark the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. So what better time to kick-off our new, exclusive Patreon episodes then by gathering the gang together to eat Wookie cookies and discuss the latest Star Wars release. It sounds like a pretty great way to spend this holiday season.

And as we realize we all want to live in a Ralph McQuarrie castle, we also mention... Tarkin, stealing the Hammerhead ships, creepy skin, as an insurgency, sliced and diced, General Dodonna, everything has to be displayed in a two-dimensional space, Wookie hairballs, it was baked in, the final act, two-fifths of me is here, a suicide mission, hot Vader action, super secret super weapon, moof-milker, setting the bar too high, hearing a scream in a movie theater, who was the bad guy?, the old butler, Frank's arm, the Alderaan mining explosions, the times they see him... it's run, the horrors committed by the military, It took a lot of people to put Luke into that X-wing, no title card for one very important planet, being mildly evil, it was nice to see Biggs, writing the score, Event Horizon... starring Darth Vader, beholden to 70's technology, the CG question, Doctor Aphra, jumping between scenes, space OSHA, Hogwarts, the U-wing starfighter, telling all the tangential stories, not aging well, Mustafar, it sounds like you're trying not to get a copyright infringement right now, who doesn't have robot arms, Red Leader and Gold Leader, architecture of the base, Orlando Bloom, a Jedi Scientologist, finding Chopper, Peter Cushing, a Force truther, Taken 2 and... I think that might be my favorite new theory.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. So go watch the movie before listening. You have been warned.

...we're just caught in the middle of this. We didn't cause it. We're not here to fix it. We're just going to be caught in it. And I like that idea of, they're just spectators to... the powder keg that just went off."

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Hal the Barbarian

Dec 17, 2016 01:46:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 375

This week we welcome back one of our favorite special guest co-hosts - Hal Sparks. We discuss everything from the basics of coordinating a busy and multifaceted career to spending years working with the Disney company, to one of his favorite movies... this week's Sofa Theater feature: Conan the Barbarian. From the Robert E. Howard pulp beginnings to the black and white Marvel comics to Arnold Schwarzenegger's interpretation in the film world... we discuss a multitude of themes and aspects of Conan.

And as we realize we are effectively just beloved, we also mention... James Earl Jones, The Princess Bride, Talk Soup, First Blood, it takes a couple of whacks, a modern studio system, Braveheart, directing the show, it's always been about the hustle, wolf pelts, manipulation of the gods, such a firewall between the organizations, homogenized network television, going down through the red light district knocking on doors, a great Wayne Newton-style villain, Andy Lau, Bill Burr, the biggest bottlenecks in creativity, making a snake arrow, the three jobs at one involved in stand-up, there's always a wild west aspect whenever industry goes through a transition period, the worst book that's ever happened to film, Cape Fear, Miller's Crossing, I think we're changing how we deal with ageing, the first Disney show to blind someone, cut someone's arm off, crush their leg... and kill someone, the industry is finally catching up to people's actual tastes, let a villain be a villain, doing Deniro, it's like living on a tightrope, I don't do a single job that's one thing, Every Which You Can, The Running Man, he's the Adam Sandler of action movies, Jim Jones and the Manson family... meets Cyrus from The Warriors, I find it a motivational... I find it very invigorating, it's always somebody's fault, viking hair, nano-computers combing your hair, it was a much more visceral reading experience, a masculine romance, Rocky Balboa, Kylo Ren, playing hash, a very Scandinavian way of doing it, the blood was in black ink, The Crow, Kurt Russell, disappearing into music, I felt so manipulated by the network, Chris Evans, muscle men and scantily clad women, The Expendables, we actually sliced a woman in half, shred metal and jazz, Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth, Dudley Moore, why some actors are considered difficult, Excalibur, Mr. T, I now go in with an assumption that whatever it is is doomed, no notes from the network, an 80's stand-up comic in sneakers and a sport coat and an iron age bank heist.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for John Milius' Conan the Barbarian. So go watch the movie before you listen.

"I think the producers said, 'If we didn't have Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Conan... we'd have to build one.' "

To keep up with Hal and all of his projects, follow @HalSparks on Twitter or go to:

Comedy, Movies and Magic... with Yedoye Travis

Dec 10, 2016 01:13:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 374

This week we welcome our special guest co-host comedian Yedoye Travis to discuss stand up, movies and the "magic" involved in our movie choice - The Prestige.

And while we adamantly get on Team Tesla, we also address... relocating to L.A. and New York, Nickelodeon, tone painting, Batman v Wolverine, the power comedy clubs have, Toonami, David Bowie, Mystery Science Theater 3000, writing poetry, it's almost like Hollywood is a very limited workplace, Adult Swim, why am I an accessory to murder, Rachel McAdams, I'm a big fan of... not spoon-feeding things, Pee Wee's Playhouse, hit me up Scarlett, a 3D printer, a bitter battle for supremacy, Memento, 146 time jump cuts, Reggie Watts, doing theatre, Cartoon Network, Terrence Malick, worst stagehands ever, where were you when Chris needed you?, Interstellar, I do a few things, Jonah Ray, choir, boxing robots, Wes Van Horn, not making concessions, every Nigerian has been to London, Scrooge McDuck, sitting out on the back deck, no patronuses in this movie, Donald Glover, Comedy Central, Two-Face, part of me doesn't think comedy is a good thing, finding your own rhythm, part of me doesn't think comedy is a good thing, Prestige vs. Illusionist and a super hero movies tangent.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers (to the best of our ability) for The Prestige. So go watch the movie before you listen... you have been warned!

"I think most of my life was... being afraid to admit to myself I wanted to do something so stupid."

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Attack of the 90s!

Dec 3, 2016 01:47:42


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 41

This week we delve into the by-gone era that was - the 90's. And all the weird bands that came with it.

And while we flip though our stack of Young and Modern magazines, we also discuss... a million spiders, Eating Raoul, Lydia Hearst, a cabin in the woods, Warner Brothers throwing money into the machine, don't like staying in the house all the time, Ben Stiller, Switzerland, in your face Gilmores, fighting neo-Nazis, you don't know the band, was on every soundtrack basically, indie movies were just a bad comedy, Joel Schumacher, Salem, Metropolis, I just remember she was crazy and unstable and I thought that was so cool, bad puns, girl rocks, Imogen Poots, the whole album's pretty good, being obsessed with one movie, Jim Carrey, half the songs on there became singles, dorky Brian Warner, Black Moth Cottage, preaching anarchy, sex comedies, you've gotta go back to high school, fighting Heidi Klum, music/CD/video stores closing, Katie Holmes, they only had the one song, Italy, Cecil B. DeMented, Chris Hardwick, an old man with a pudgy little baby face, it sounded cooler in my head, the female bass player phenomena and getting your music from the library.

"...I remember that's probably like the last soundtrack I was really excited about."

The Rules of the Old School French Game

Nov 26, 2016 01:28:26


Movie Meltdown - Episode 373

This episode we discuss The Rules of the Game the 1939 French film directed by Jean Renoir. According to many, including The Criterion Collection, it's considered one of the greatest films ever made. So The Meltdown Gang decides to watch it and see if it lives up to it's hype and reputation.

And while we admit that the awful thing about life is... everyone has their reasons, we also come to new realizations about... Brian De Palma, is this a parody of the genre or is it just that bad, experimental theater, Hack-O-Lantern, pouty, the 80's porn scene, Hi, Mom!, The Forbidden Room, Tolstoy, it feels like you're apologizing for reading, Chuck E. Cheese, mimicking farce, a lot of it is successfully bleak, that was the eleventh herb and spice, Pre-Columbian art, Akira Kurosawa's Ran, Howard Dean meets Charles Laughton, Friends with Benefits, more movies in the VHS world, well it seemed like the floor was very slippery, Dinner at Eight, Robert De Niro, Wake in Fright, a square married guy, maybe... it wasn't popular because it's kind of about what... popular audience are... and that's just not that flattering, it's the closest thing I've ever seen to watching a dream, not romatizing the working people, John Wayne meets Mister Rogers and Liberace, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, she's not into her marriage, he said he could feel the audience hating it... that's my favorite thing, popular audiences aren't really looking for the mirror held up to nature, even for something to be a comedy there has to be a certain fantastic element to it, Idiocracy, it's like... this is the lives of the rich people, oh by the way they're exactly like the lives of the poor people. Oh by the way, they're also just totally empty, mimicking movies that haven't been made yet, I always like to mention my favorite Inuit action picture, that Gomez grin, growing up on one hour serialized dramas, a snapshot of Los Angeles, petulant, I guess I'm just not ready... to dislike all of humanity, the fact that I haven't been murdered in my sleep is a testament to the human spirit and - oh cool a squirrel!

Spoiler Alert: Lots of spoilers contained for The Rules of the Game, so go watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening.

"I mean I think we're kind of making a mistake if we're trying to connect to any of these characters on an emotional level... because it really is just a bunch of bored people trying to fill their lives with meaningless distractions... like that's sort of all the movie is."

Where Does He Get Those Demonic Toys?

Nov 19, 2016 01:37:14


Movie Meltdown - Episode 372

This week we hang out at the Bastion, eat candy, discuss cereal... and watch the Full Moon feature Demonic Toys.

And while we once again state how much we love crazy-ass Emma Roberts, we also mention... Salem and witches, Rod Serling, rotary phones, spooky clam chowder, dead demon baby, David S. Goyer, Jack-in-the-Box anticipation, you're always being jumped by rogue lettuce, so we just drove by took some stalker pictures and kept going, green in Skittles form, who gets/or wants all your stuff when you dead, for the past couple of years... Boo Berry has gone down in quality and flavor, Lady Gaga, she's either a cheese or a hot chick, the chunky chicken, her Guess britches, it's got a tentacle with a baby rattle on it, watching a huge cat video on a loop, baby Terminator, me and cabbage... that don't happen, hell yeah nachos rule, redneck cannibals who grow drugs out in the woods, wax figures, Late Phases, she was old lady in everything, gas mask tricycle girls, Martika is awesome, I had candy for breakfast the other day, Dollman, grasping at horror straws, Devon Sawa, a squished penny weirdo, too Maria Shriver for me, Freaky Links, Supernatural, if something's gnawing at your face... don't just sit there and let it gnaw at your face, bleeding all over... and not f-ing dying, Susie Exposition, I can't believe I live in a Boo Berry state, making Frak shows boring, Bo Duke profile pic, Roanoke, Bradley Cooper, the carousel's in a building, you're not gonna adult, Beavis and Butthead and the perfect flattened foil.

Spoiler Alert: Lots of spoilers for the 1992 Full Moon feature: "Demonic Toys". So go watch it now for spoiler-free listening... you have been warned.

"It wasn't like... unwatchably bad. It was entertainingly bad. - That's the motto of Full Moon Features."

Doctor Doctor, Give me the News

Nov 12, 2016 01:53:26


Movie Meltdown - Episode 371 

This week we continue our Super Series with the latest Marvel Studios release - Doctor Strange. Plus we discuss how this version of the Doctor's story compares to the original comics as well as how it fits into the Marvel cinematic universe.

And as we add Luke Cage into the ever expanding series of projects, we also mention... Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Guillermo del Toro, The Flash, Paul Reubens, his big pumkinhead looking self, that Joss Whedon feel, smart strong capable female characters, I just want everything on Netflix, Miss Congeniality, self-serving, Legends of Tomorrow, these villains are just as important as the heroes, Nightmare, M.C. Escher and Salvador Dalí, that good X-Men run, Fin Fang Foom, hyper-espionage, Stanley Kubrick, House of M, Misty Knight, Red Skull's daughter, hunting Strange, pivot toward Thanos, Iron Fist, Paul W.S. Anderson directed Event Horizon, Kevin Feige, Coke vs. Pepsi in the comics world, The Crow sequels and reboot, Rosario Dawson, they don't want to cross contaminate, singular stand-alone female heroes, the poor man's Ghost Rider, Benjamin Bratt, you don't really have to know it... you just have to believe that's the way it works, network television cop shows, Supergirl and a rampaging unicorn.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Doctor Strange, so see the movie before you listen.

"...if they would have kept that... whole vibe, the whole movie. People would have just clocked out halfway through... and been like screw this."

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World Champion Geeks

Nov 5, 2016 01:52:44


Movie Meltdown - Episode 370

This week we return to our hangout session during this year's WonderFest. There we recap Ben and Dave's attempt to qualify for The Guinness World Records during the festival two years before. And in honor of that anniversary we do what comes naturally - geek out about Star Wars.

And as we retcon our own childhood, we also mention... your orange snake looks stupid, every time you pulled one out - you were surprised, just bury your feelings, the 20 timers club, send the ambassador to Idaho, we went for the shiny brass ring, help in logs, pro-Emperor/anti-Yoda, living in a shack, the yellow lightsaber, that third rail is right there, but the siren song of fame sung to us, Scotland, ghosts talking to me in the bathroom, Scott Baio, Mad Max, 36 hours and some odd minutes, that is a lot of plates spinning, it was three zombies going "Yea", it was a very polite apocalypse, he's the sad sad broken old man, we weren't on the website anymore, Braveheart, rebooting your R2, little children nerd rage, a pillow case full of action figures, we were in this podcasting game... and we couldn't handle the stress... so we tried for gimmick, some sort of Warwick inside it, I'm a Doctor Who fan... I can retcon like nobody's business, Space Geico, Harry Potter, put on your Nikes and die, that's a load-bearing Falcon wall, bounty hunter brochures, the stranger taken to the extreme, Death Star layout and placement, a debate about what is a webcast, ripping off Diff'rent Strokes, corn planet, from two to four in the morning, they were our pit crew, damn commies, Midi-chlorians, he lived in fear of the lobster boats floating over his head, we were the drifters of the podcast world, down in the comments... nothing but hate, wife pit crew, I learned that the internet is full of very crappy people, rolling around in a stupor of insanity and finding a diagram for life.

"We realized that actually getting the world record was the easy part... all the bureaucracy... all the minutia..."

A huge thank you to WonderFest for letting us be part of the fun! Plan your trip next year, go to:

Rocky with Justin Golak

Oct 29, 2016 01:32:34


Movie Meltdown - Episode 369

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host comedian Justin Golak, as we discuss one of his favorite movies - Rocky. We look at not just the movie itself, but also it's impact on pop culture - and just how much we actually remember based on how much Rocky has seeped into the public consciousness. Plus we also look at how this first installment fits into the long-running series that will continue over the next 40 years.

And as we discuss Stallone-adjacent characters, we also mention... comedy or baseball, cable the way it used to be, arm wrestling is the thing, reading comprehension, Ghostbusters 2, organized crime, garblyness, it's very different going back and rewatching it now... having not seen it in years, how do you fight you, creating a rig for the scene, the sub-genre of boxing movies, Survivor, escaping Cleveland, music video culture, Cobra, drinking raw eggs, on VHS taped from TV, I want to be better, Thunderlips, being weird and awkward, Over the Top, three pages of dialogue in ten seconds of body language, spattered with training, running with your girlfriend up the stairs, at every turn... he makes a different choice, Copland, going heel, it's essentially an origin story... but you didn't know that if you didn't know there's be sequels, novelizations, outsourcing the property, Apollo Creed, being literal, Irwin Winkler, forceps, Ruskies, office sign dialogue, Batman Begins, this is like a thing everyone will do forever now, losing the right way, getting your hands bloody, that's a real person and all art is drug-fueled from the beginning of time.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Rocky... and the entire franchise. You have been warned. 

"I'm a huge fan... it's the only thing I geek out about... it's like my Star Wars."

For Justin's links, tour dates, etc., go to:
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Attack of the Spooky Soundtracks!

Oct 22, 2016 02:43:28


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 40

This October we decided to have a horror-themed listening party as we settle in with our pumpkin lattes and bust out some fun, spooky tunes from movie soundtracks!

And while we decide which bands we know specifically from soundtracks, we also discuss... trying to bottle his own lightning, tied flannels, fan fervor, modern Edgar Allen Poe stuff, does he have any limbs left at this point, a little bit crazy, werewolves, gourde pie, Ready Player One, Dairy Queen, Becky from Full House, Wes Craven, Hanna-Barbera, look at all those dead kids waving at me, I saw that movie three times in the theater, Rodney Dangerfield, scoring the debate, seeing bands live back in the day, angsty-relationshipy, the flavor of Halloween, Jesse Eisenberg, had to have a twist, puffer vest, an R-rated Scooby-Doo, Jiffy-Pop, Back to the Future, they took bimbo to the Nth level, reboot hate, Laff-A-Lympics, are you even acting... or are you just like this all the time?, a 90's sound, more focus on the writing, it just doesn't fit the movie that needs to be made, Coming to America, Lifeforce, a prerequisite in Hollywood, another after-effect of Scream, dude was layered, James Gunn, there's nothing that kids love more then other dead children, access to limited things, playing instruments, spitting the coffee, pop some popcorn in our new microwave, creepy uke, Parker Posey, Dr. Seuss, you don't understand the concept of art, comedy horror and is it about the movie... or is it about selling CDs?

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for all of the Scream movies... deal with it.

"Oh man, I wore that out. That's one of those CDs I played to the point it wouldn't play anymore. Like the disc just skipped so much, that I was like... I had to buy the soundtrack a second time."

Special thanks to Gallery K, for more info go to:

Attack of the Southern Culture on the Skids!

Oct 15, 2016 01:17:16


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 39

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host Rick Miller - singer/songwriter/guitarist for Southern Culture on the Skids. We talk to Rick about his music and movie influences, all while building our own soundtrack from SCOTS movie-related songs.

And while we realize just how much all our pop culture references seep in, we also discuss... surfing, hot rods, dirt track racing, Mexican horror films very badly dubbed, swinging Swedish stewardesses, Smiley Lewis, punk rock, Val Lewton, drive-in movies, dirty magazines, Ken Cinema, Herschell Gordon Lewis, The Mummy's Hand, Aretha Franklin, Atragon, WRAL, double features, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, he's a bit of a hipster, older people doing folk songs, The Brainiac, too cold to be wearing bikinis, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dave Edmunds, Bucket of Blood, El Santo, if you're having fun... people will like it, AM/FM, I couldn't open my locker, Mike Judge, from North Carolina to Southern California, B movies, art, Commander Cody, film noir, coffee shops, Dawn of the Dead, Isle of the Dead, his skin color would change, and the cheese factor... it's just like good, Curse of the Cat People, Fats Domino, do the poster first, Tower Records, Ray Charles, avant-garde, hamburger taped to the end of a mannequin arm, a matinee, Sunshine of Your Love, Universal horror, sliced his head like baloney, The War of the Gargantuas, Eddie Cochran, horror that makes you laugh, The Dave Clark Five, Buck Owens, Roger Corman, a super 8 camera, nachos - you gotta have some cheese, David O. Russell, Booker T., the Moon Glow Drive-in and a transistor radio.

"I think people have lost their sense of humor sometimes... and they just don't get it. And I don't mean just being politically correct, I just mean... how to have some fun."

For more on Southern Culture on the Skids, including links to their new album, The Electric Pinecones, go to:

Scaring up some Cujo Talk

Oct 8, 2016 01:24:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 368

This week we are coming to you "live" from ScareFest as we meet up with our friend Amber to talk about our Sofa Theater feature - Lewis Teague's Cujo. Plus we recap our fun times at the fest as we interract with Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, John Kassir, Kelly Jo Minter and a classic story about Dee Wallace.

And while we work on our sitcom about a wolf and a fox, we also mention... the monster under the bed, infidelity, being excited to kill people, a beverage run, shoulder pads, Scooby Snacks, safety glass, Funco mini mystery pop things, Kevin Nash, SLC Punk, two different shades of gold, knee nubs, wardrobe provided by CW, The NeverEnding Story, suspense, character-building, one surly bitch, animal attack movies, you're gonna get lockjaw kid, sitting on the floor, escaping from Nascar drivers, Cabin Fever, a CG dog, Traci Lords, he just touches her belly with his glowing finger, Critters 2, writing profanity, that head is not made for childbirth, multiple high fives, Wondermutt is fine... he's fine, Mick Garris, waterfall of hair, choose your own Magnum, P.I. and The A-Team, some people need to be punched, picking a direction in filmmaking, the ending of The Mist, Jaguar vs. Pinto, Rose McIver, a box of soundtracks, popping out at you horror, he'll probably lay on my butt, Team Michael Steele, Jaws, mom is still alive, fanned hair, the extremely inappropriate blind box, Sharp Cereal?, favorite Scream lines, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, cleaning out the CW table, Lita Ford, do not try to force your clowness on me, building Castle Rock, coulda' been a contender, punching a clown, screaming kids, Alyssa Milano, a demon-possessed dog, breathing room, the supernatural element, buying more books, parents weren't very strict, Space Buddies, very personable, a tiny Elvira, movies influencing other movies, cutting all your hair off, Sleepwalkers, a Lab in a Saint Bernard suit and Zoinks!

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Cujo... so go watch it before you listen. You have been warned!

"Beethoven gets rabies."

For more info on ScareFest, go to:

Withnail, Dean Cameron and I

Oct 1, 2016 01:02:08


Movie Meltdown - Episode 367

This week we return to our segment The Caffeinated Movie Geek as actor Dean Cameron sits in to discuss life, conventions and the film Withnail and I. Plus we bring up the reunion of Summer School's Chainsaw and Dave!

And while we debunk the romanticized mythology of King Curtis, we also mention... Dickens, this is really Uncle Monty, watching Dan play Minecraft, the chaos, King Lear, Doctor Who, Xander Berkeley, Ric Olié, I'll never play The Dane, Zeffirelli's auditions, Del Preston, the guy I've never heard of is cleaning up, there's some genuine love that gets put out there, the end of the 60's, a tone piece, performances in a vacuum, being Ted Neeley and breaking the rules, because of you guys - I make masks, Hell or High Water, Tweeting with Dustin Hoffman, the career you should have had, a perennial for actors, Rick Baker's assistants, building-up celebrities to tear them down, Jimi Hendrix, grows a head in his shoulder, turn of the century paupers, in it's own time and place, badly lit, liquor in the shotgun, the death rumor, touching people's lives, Spice World, Doubt, classic grim British feel, ABC movie of the week, no discernible jokes, association with drug use, quotes and a question mark, too much like life, How to Get Ahead in Advertising, I wouldn't want a woman who would go out with me and Masters of Sex.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 1987 film Withnail and I, so go watch it before you listen.

"Everybody completely commits to it... it's just a grim tale."

For more on , Dean's life and career, go to:

Christine Elise: Night Hunter

Sep 24, 2016 01:07:48


Movie Meltdown - Episode 366

This week we welcome the return appearance of our special guest co-host Christine Elise as we discuss our Sofa Theater feature... Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter. Beautifully shot with memorable performances, the film is subtle and progressive in some ways... while being straight-forward and almost heavy-handed in others. And along the way we find a commentary on the lives of a certain part of society that maybe we hadn't noticed in past viewings.

And while we discuss small animals and sexual repression, we also mention... being on 90210, Larry David's wife, Robert Mitchum, helicopter shots, totally thinking about canning peaches, being assigned homework, shameful conventions, hanging out at Spoons, running like a wild animal, social media today vs. the internet of old, Olan Mills, back-lit frogs, orphaned kids, masterminds who live in an abandoned slaughterhouse, The Waltons, if you wanted to find out if someone hated you, beating children, what is that 5000 people thing about?, plied and pressured, Moses floating down the river, some rabbits, teflon strength in what seems to be the weakest thing, raw potatoes, reinventing yourself, damned gypsies, Watership Down, breedin' n' cannin', I don't have an enormous filter, steampunk drones, moving from town to town, a rat, your tailor's favorite customer, the switchblade, the overbearing neighbor lady, Shelley Winters, provocative conversation, a big turtle, a cardboard cutout, Lillian Gish, Child's Play 2, just not grateful enough, a weird lisp, Hellevator, being abducted, a fox, slacker kids and fan feedback.

"Obviously It evolves... so I've seen it a couple of times. And I was a lot younger the first... I was probably in high school the first time I saw it. And... I've seen it once or twice in the interim... and I feel like it's different every time."

For more on Christine's book Bathing & the Single Girl, go to:
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Chattering about The Mist... with Nicholas Vince

Sep 17, 2016 01:17:48


Movie Meltdown - Episode 365

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Nicholas Vince (The Chatterer in Hellraiser 1 & 2 as well as Kinski in Nightbreed) to discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: The Mist. Directed by Frank Darabont and based on the novella by Stephen King, this 2007 film was released with seemingly little hype and promotion but still seemed to leave a staggering impact on it's viewers over the years. Listen as we discuss the acting, shooting style, casting choices, practical and CG effects and last but certainly not least - the memorable and controversial ending.

And while we try to decide just what the siren means to us, we also mention... Andre Braugher, the story of Yugoslavia, Greg Nicotero, leaders and experts, Toby Jones, Drew Struzan, people cannot stand uncertainty, The Blob, eases it's way in, Marcia Gay Harden, The Dark Tower, an abrogation of responsibility, let's put every one in a hot box, we do not like uncertainty, prejudice, air raids in the second world war, Buddhism, writing comic books, Jeffrey DeMunn, a contained story, I don't negate, by any sense... the struggles that us little ant-like human beings on this very small blue planet... in the very small, little uninteresting arm of the galaxy..., Laurie Holden, that's not what you really need to be afraid of, The Walking Dead, they are to blame, bullying and taking it to the worst possible conclusion, Thomas Jane, Night of the Living Dead, we live in crazy balance, yes... I wrote that story, who's going to step up, angered by it, beautifully shot, breaking off into little groups, make me an instrument of thy will, Dead Can Dance, Marcia Gay Harden, it is overwhelming, it's an overwhelming movie, finding the scapegoat, Nathan Gamble, we are a broad church, directing theater and Melissa McBride.

" is just a terribly difficult watch... I find it absolutely stunning."

For more on Days of the Dead and their upcoming dates, go to:
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Doug Bradley and the End of The Innocents

Sep 10, 2016 01:00:07


Movie Meltdown - Episode 364

This week we are coming to you "live" from Days of the Dead: Louisville, where we are joined once again by our special guest co-host Doug Bradley, as we discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature - The Innocents. This 1961 Gothic horror film stars Deborah Kerr, Martin Stephens, Megs Jenkins and happens to be one of Doug's favorite films. Join us as we discern just how much influence writer Truman Capote had on the movie as well as trying to decide... are these murderous children or are there actual ghosts in the house or is it all just the visions of a madwoman? Listen and come to your own conclusion.

And as we divvy up the vegan cupcakes, we also mention... rewatching Stranger Things, H. P. Lovecraft, tea adverts, innocence destroys innocence, Megs Jenkins, The Turn of the Screw, sexual repression, deep focus, the great foil throughout, an X certificate, one step away from dying, I just throw some candy towards them, Georges Auric, that creepy song, turning down movie roles, a southern Gothic, Ron Perlman and Sir Christopher Plummer, a very dubious uncertain moral tone, a red herring, Martin Stephens, weird and disconnected, psycho sexual fantasy, Freddie Francis, a synthesized electronic sound, Martin Scorsese, a real tear, everything needs a little more placenta, the roses, I won't be your friend, how Freudian do you want to get?, the Redgrave clan, it's a vicious cycle of beauty and love, Mary-Kate and Ashley and the fate of Rupert.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers (and lots of speculation) for Jack Clayton's The Innocents, so go watch it before you listen. You have been warned!

"I was all about ghosts... when I was a kid."

For more on Days of the Dead and their upcoming dates, go to:
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The Many Facets of Brad Dourif

Sep 3, 2016 01:17:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 363

This week we return to our coverage of Fandomfest. So not only do we continue with some fun conversations from the convention, but more importantly - we are thrilled to get a chance to sit down and talk with Brad Dourif. He's a fascinating and intense actor who's worked with some of the greatest names in the business. Listen as we discuss his experiences working on different projects over the years as well as his response to specific films and his approach toward acting.

And while one of us dodges their crazy, potential stalker, we also discuss... Star Trek Beyond, Marshall Mason, Miloš Forman, spanks are really good, Sorceress and She-Ra, I could see the butterflies, ruining Misfits, Karl Urban, Sandy Meisner, Dominic Cooper, Repertory Theatre, extra terrestrials don't wear flip-flops, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Preacher, Green Room, Jack Nicholson, When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?, Conchata Ferrell, Eraserhead, walk briskly, in the saddle and sirloin section, it was the most dramatic way that I ever understood a movie, Irvin Kershner, the meat handbook, Blue Velvet, Exorcist 3, Werner Herzog, dead creepy meat guys, John Huston, folding space, Child's Play, all men feel that terror... when you look at a woman who looks beautiful to you... that could be your life! And it's terrifying. It's really terrifying, it was like being given a four hour tour of your own living room, Wise Blood, David Lynch, oblivion terrified him, William Peter Blatty, we are utter and complete mysteries to one another, In Cold Blood, George C. Scott, he did a magnificent job of shepherding us into a different medium, I had let him overdirect me, Peter Jackson, horror requires a monster, Jack Nance and judging carcasses.

Spoiler Alert: Basic spoilers for the classic Twilight Zone episode "Night Call". Ehh, you've probably seen it by now anyway, but... you have been warned.

"...we were at a point where cinema was changing. And he kind of got a boost from that, and he went on to make other films..."

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Meanwhile, at Wizard World...

Aug 27, 2016 01:27:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 362

This week we load up the Meltdown Machine and christen it for it's first show road trip - as we head to Chicago! There we visit Wizard World and meet Rose McIver of iZombie, Ben Edlund creator of The Tick and we interview actress Cerina Vincent from Cabin Fever, Not Another Teen Movie, It Waits as well as Disney's Stuck in the Middle. Plus we recap some of our favorite costumes and moments from the trip.

And while we rundown some of our preferred fonts, we also discuss... a busted in bathroom door, Toad the Assassin, riding 4-wheelers, squishy Chucks, Daddy's Lil Monster, the girl in the Sally outfit, killer kids, that wet nerd smell, costume? Or that's their life?, not one - but two pickels, grew up a desert kid, the STD that is consumption, Tatyana Ali, Mrs. Mia Wallace, posing with Jareth, Miss Teen USA, Preacher, Sean Patrick Flanery and his lack of buttons, Goku, Slashers, half-assed costumes, guys dressed as Misty, giant foam cowboy hats, gratuitous sex, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Winter Soldier, Michael J. Fox, that's gotta be Anime, eyebrows on fleek, Fear Street, American accents, the drama Scream, Karl Urban is the poor man's Karl Urban, Penny Dreadful, Fall Into Darkness, Norman Reedus covered in black goo, doesn't everybody in New Zealand have sheep?, Christopher Pike and a hot dog wearing a loincloth.

"...I thought that people that were on TV and in movies lived on a different planet... and I didn't even know how one would create a career in this business. But it happens."

For Wizard World dates in your area, go to:

The Curse of Frankenstein

Aug 20, 2016 01:52:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 361

This week we continue our coverage of Fandomfest as we hang out with artist and friend of the show Epyon5, to  discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: The Curse of Frankenstein. Listen as we settle in and examine the 1957 classic that essentially kicked-off the Hammer Horror empire.

And as we pick out our favorite creepy old dude from the wall of old creepy dudes, we also mention... Stranger Things, piling your costume in the lobby, Penny Dreadful, Don't Hug me I'm Scared, in Technicolor, a chili bowl haircut, the red woman, surfing the crimson wave, Star Wars, the Frankenpuppy, it gets chilly, Hook and The Highlander, killing Leonard Bernstein, with too much salt, kids being genuine, Dream On, cultural impact,Van Helsing, a million theories, Universal horror, in blood red, running and jumping like - The Cat, buying a pair of eyes, selling cereal, sets and props, the most famous scientist on the planet, they might have killed a dude, child programming, little too much sex, Rocky Horror Picture Show and wearing your bedroom slippers in space.
Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the Hammer movie The Curse of Frankenstein. You have been warned!

"'Cause it wasn't really about Frankenstein killing people, and 'oh my god he's loose'. As much as it was... 'would you stop making Frankenstein!!!'"

For more on epyon5, Google "epyon5" or you can follow him on Instagram at:
And for more on Fandomfest, go to:

The Highs and Lows of Suicide Squad

Aug 12, 2016 02:53:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 360 

This week the dynamic duo returns to their long-running series on superhero movies with an EPIC discussion of the new release Suicide Squad. As well as the recent trailers for upcoming superhero films and how all of this works (or doesn't) into the bigger universe being built by these movies.

And while we come to terms with the fact that Gotham just sucks as a city, we also mention... Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Batman: Assault on Arkham, Geoff Johns, Hannibal, clemency?, an origins movie, Léon: The Professional, Captain America, David Ayer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, James Gunn, one big orgy of geekiness, the reasons for the soundtrack, to make magic not look stupid, don't rhyme... stop rhyming, everybody's parents die, Inglourious Basterds, how to cut a trailer, Captain Kirk, time gem, Kingdom Come, Zack Snyder, The Fifth Element, periodic highs, Disney villains, Michael Bay, getting the band back together, a trailer in the movie... for the next movie, DC philosophy, it's all in the script, Luc Besson, artillery hitting her shield, aimed at millennials, you got like a dozen batpeople running around, Guardians of the Galaxy and my run-in with Jared Leto.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Suicide Squad - so go watch the movie before listening. You have been warned!

"It seems like every movie, they just do what works - in that movie. And no one is considering the bigger picture."

Anthony Michael Hall

Aug 5, 2016 01:00:54


Movie Meltdown - Episode 359

This week we are coming to you "live" from Fandomfest where we sit down and talk with Anthony Michael Hall. We find out how he got into the business and what led him to iconic roles in National Lampoon's Vacation, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Edward Scissorhands and so many more! Plus we discuss some other interesting activities from the weekend, like meeting the original Godzilla and Ultraman, eating cheap sushi and trying to fix a broken R2 unit.

And while we get adjusted like a giant action figure, we also mention... Saturday Night Live, War Machine, Musso & Frank's, Harold Ramis, the new Western, Abu Dhabi, Ben Affleck, Jack Nicholson and Harry Dean Stanton, properly approved by Ultra-Man, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, King Lear, the late great Steve Allen, rock n' roll theater, I'm gonna keep doing this... 'til I'm an old man, and I'm gonna show people what I can do, Six Pack, what Netflix has done, Lynn Stalmaster, grocery store sushi, deconstructing stereotypes, they represent 25% of the box office in this last decade, Brad Pitt, a bootlegger, Bruce Dern, Community, before video village, Lorne Michaels feeds off of it, a bitchin' suit, Kate McKinnon, Tim Burton, Diane Lane, a farm system for comics and three brothers on Gunsmoke.

" was a dumb, concise choice of a teenager who felt self-concise and felt thrust upon the world."

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The Interruptions Become Part of the Art

Jul 30, 2016 01:31:19


Movie Meltdown - Episode 358

This week we are coming to you "live" from the Flyover Film Festival where we talk with actor Nick Offerman and director Laura Dunn about the choices that helped guide them through their careers as well as creating and promoting the documentary - The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry.

Not only will we hear about Laura's approach to documentary film-making, but we'll also hear how she came to work with an amazing team including Nick as a co-producer and executive producers Terrance Malick and Robert Redford. As well as collaborating with cinematographer Lee Daniel (Boyhood, Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, Slacker).

And while we discover that film-making (and life) may just be the the art of endurance, we also discuss... raising a family, Chicago, The Unsettling of America, art and wood and trees, Christian Bale, he's spitting at me... staring daggers at me... and I manage to keep my feet, Axe Cop, I like to interview people, a narcissistic culture, hey... you know what - orange and purple come here, Good Clean Fun,Yale, edit it like a piece of music, those perfect little green lawns, my gut would never let me, acrimonious, I'll come dig trenches, the state of Austin, building scenery, the question of truth, you had this plan... it never works out that way, I don't sleep much, a piece of the conversation, nature is a character itself, I'm chasing the ideas, bringing her her slippers and pipe at the end of the day, a more groovy version of the way Mike Leigh makes films, he disregards screens, we talked about fishing... and Pittsburgh, social justice issues, film as a mirror, Tugg, there's no accounting for taste, it's own blue collar attitude, one douche flexing and staring at you, Leo Burmester, Knight of Cups, a labor strike broke out, the Rodney King tapes, I'm trying to make you see what I see, the natural world, I care about something... and I want to make a film that makes you care about something, hammered away,Will and Grace, Jesse Eisenberg, The Unforeseen, they call it the Death Star, making yourself vulnerable as the interviewer, weird in a wonderful way, I was a good sword fighter, a very slowly rolling snowball, I did two back flips and said yes please, Michael Keaton, I feel a lot of things before I think them, more messy expensive and takes longer, and maybe the coolest woman... ever.

"...I'm much messier... I really like getting lost and letting the material get me completely turned around and find my way out. I feel like it's the most honest way to be a documentary filmmaker."

For more on the documentary "The Seer", go to:
For more on the Flyover Film Festival, go to:

Attack of Forecastle 2016!

Jul 23, 2016 01:33:18


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 38

This week we are coming to you "live" from the Forecastle music festival as we welcome Justin (a.k.a. Angryblue) and Rachael to sit-in and help play some music, as well as discussing movies and their experiences at the fest over the weekend.

And while someone seems to think everything is bad-ass, we also discuss... Big Gigantic posters, Richard Moll, Quentin Tarantino, she's a beast, a really great two hour movie in a three hour package, you're trapped, behind a table, behind a fence, going solo from a two-person band, I was excited before I heard them, self-indulgent, I like having an actual physical memento of my creepiness, living in a van, licensing The Rolling Stones, stick it in his machine, you have poor social skills, Reservoir Dogs, too many cats, you cheated the whole system there... they are going to revoke your festival card, getting married, making your atonement with the universe, being in the sun, Jason Edmondson, Martin Scorsese, The Hateful Eight, when the guitar kicks in it's bad-ass, directors who use music to accent the entire film, deadly flowers, collecting Pokemon in the park, get Griz in there and separating the art from the artist.

" kind of changed all of my music taste... and I think it's kind of encouraged everything that I listen to now."

A big thank you to Forecastle for letting us be part of the event. For more on the festival, go to:
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Two Bryans talking about a Henry

Jul 16, 2016 01:29:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 357

This week Bryan is joined by... well Bryan. Bryan Johnson that is. You may know him as a comic book writer, or a podcaster, or a character on Comic Book Men or maybe just as Steve-Dave. But this week we sit down to talk with Bryan about the strange way he got involved in movies, how he ended up writing and directing his own movie Vulgar, his interest in cryptids and the paranormal and eventually we round things out with his pick for this week's Sofa Theater feature - Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Plus we hear Bryan's take on real world serial killers as well as his interactions with Michael Rooker over the years as well.

And as we both realize we're "special" in our own way, we also mention... people would clam, Jeff Anderson, Session 9, John McNaughton, Brown's Requiem, being a contractor, the best reason to take Criminal Justice classes ever, playing silent foosball, Blue Velvet, still having a code, being a PA, Creepypasta, the room of steel, adding video technology to the mix, Guitar Institute of Technology, you kids stay off the train trestle, ritualistic, RST Video and Quick Stop, Waverly Hills, the end of anonymity, you guys are going to get walkie-talkies, the Jersey Devil, suicide... first day, Devil's Tower, Jeffrey Dahmer, In Search of..., Don't Go in the House, killing people back in the good ole days, escaped psychiatric patient, The Blair Witch Project, the 70's were a time of wonderment and then, as you get older, and you realize this is all bullshit, do you wanna be a getaway driver?, this is too much of a culture shock for some clam boy coming out of Highlands, Slenderman, the ankle bracelet program, doomed from the beginning, when crack hit real big, Dennis Rader, fallen into things, Tom Towles, necrophilia, the Zodiac killer and those creepy staged photos.

"This is our modern day version of a monster. Who doesn't really know right or wrong. And like, does horrible things and just...continues on with their day."

Listen to Bryan on Tell 'em Stave-Dave:

Watch Bryan on Comic Book Men:

Kirk Thatcher's Amazing Stories

Jul 9, 2016 01:35:43


Movie Meltdown - Episode 356

This week we return to our coverage of WonderFest for a terrific interview with Kirk Thatcher. He's done so many impressive things in his career that we can't even begin to cover everything. But we certainly address a lot of interesting points in his life - whether it's almost playing the rancor monster in Return of the Jedi, or working on music videos with a very young David Fincher. From being personal assistant to Leonard Nimoy to being the punk rocker who gets shut down by Spock in Star Trek IV. Kirk has lived a fascinating life, and we get to share in some of those amazing stories.

And while we try to determine precisely how many megatons, we also mention... the squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Klingon dog, a Chevy engine and a Sarlacc tentacle, Rick Springfield, The VVitch, dating J. Paul Getty, Dick Smith and Rick Baker, every creature guy knows Methocel, Paradox, Chekov's earbug, Milla Jovovich, movies have become the circus again, itty bitty freakshow goats, reading college level in 3rd and 4th grade, feathering a dolly, ehhh it's watchable, go buy a gallon of latex, strangling Christopher Lloyd with a worm, the first woman screen writer in the writer's guild, a twelve to fifteen pound monitor strapped to your chest, Star Trek and Eddie Murphy?, Goats are pretty creepy. I mean, that's their thing man. That's why they hang out with Satan and whatnot, how are there any demons left, where are the rich girls who like nerds, Rob Bottin is a big lab rat, I kind of felt bad, because I'd get crushes on girls, but I was like - oh well, I've got monsters and movies, Forry Ackerman, but the good thing about all of this is... it's inspired people to be creative, Zoe Bell, you're not supposed to pour half-cured plaster down a sink, no ball on a stick, why do you need the king of hell's mom to show up, Jon Favreau, being interested in your sister... and it's not your fault, it's no #horror, Supernatural and proven creative entities.

"...I spent my weekends... you know, when other people were dating and having fun, going to the beach - I was making models and monsters. But that's what I wanted to do."

To see more of Kirk's work, check out his vimeo page:

Thanks to WonderFest for letting us be part of the show! Plan your trip next year, go to: 

The Night the Comet took out Philadelphia

Jul 2, 2016 01:23:44


Movie Meltdown - Episode 355

This week we welcome two guest co-hosts, as the stars of Night of the Comet reunite to put together this special episode. Join us as we sit down with Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart and discuss not only their classic movie, but also what it's been like to be adopted sisters all these years. Then we settle in for this week's Sofa Theater feature, the 1940 George Cukor film The Philadelphia Story.

So come on all you teenage comet zombies, and listen as we mention... a dog with a fez, a time of great affluence and fun, Howard Hughes, scaled down riches, I still believe in the glamour of the business, a lyrical very beautiful take on a sci fi experience, grabbed her by the face, Rage for Fame: The Ascent of Clare Boothe Luce, so much class in our business, that failure niche, those eyelashes cracked me up, it was devastating that I couldn't - like, nobody cared, nobody cared that my life had changed forever, at least have an expression on your face, the greatest thing in the world is watching privileged people enjoy their privileged lives, Spencer Tracy, we're not even the same species, acting is an outlet, box office poison, Jane Fonda, that's what life's about is making connections, there are just some costumes that are impractical for large crowds, or if your outfit requires a wheel barrel and... that's impossible - give me an uzi.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 1940 movie The Philadelphia Story. So go watch it ahead of time for spoiler-free listening!

"...when you went to a movie... you went to escape. You went... for an hour or two, to escape into the lives of these glamorous - almost unrealistic people."

Thank you to Indy PopCon for letting be part of the show! For more info, go to:

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On Holiday with Jackie Kashian

Jun 25, 2016 01:21:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 354

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Jackie Kashian to talk about comedy, her podcast The Dork Forest as well as this week's movie Holiday. This 1938 film directed by George Cukor may seem like just another classic era, romantic comedy. But as Jackie reveals, if you look a little deeper - you discover a commentary about money, freedom, politics, the family dynamic and accumulating wealth. As well as some great writing and unconventional performances.

And while we touch on all the dorkisms from genre books to larping, we also discuss... start-up magoo, the American dream, The Heat, the flower of British manhood, Chinatown, Dennis Quaid, Shelob, I'm pretty sure this is not going to fill the hole in my heart, Midnight Run, Frank Capra, I was unfamiliar with your vaudeville training, Gail Carriger, Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Ryan Gosling, the jackass cousin couple, Paul Feig, role-playing zombies, You Can't Take It With You, The Devil Wears Prada, enormously radical, Flashman, Fear Street, Pillow Talk, when the British were in Afghanistan in 1848, Melissa McCarthy, Grace Kelly, He Got Game, D.A.R. = Dogs of the American Revolution, Loretta Young, very specific Garbage Pail Kids stickers, bass clarinet, James Garner, Joseph A. Altsheler, Rock Hudson vs. Cary Grant, boys books, what if a comic was President?, Flight... it's called Flight, Blue Crush, she seems like nothing but cool, doing heroin, young adult novel, Tom Brown's School Days, if you're going to start a comedy club... stop it with the names, the kind of dork that I've been and decoding the B-message.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the movie Holiday. So go watch it before listening... you have been warned!

"...and I know all this, because I have a podcast. Where people tell me too much about everything. And so, I have a little bit of information - I don't know enough about anything to be an expert on it. But I'm enthusiastic... which'll do. That'll do!"

For more on Jackie and The Dork Forest, go to:

William Malone

Jun 18, 2016 01:18:28


Movie Meltdown - Episode 353

This week we are coming to you "live" from WonderFest where we sit down with director William Malone to discuss his movies Scared to Death, Parasomnia, House on Haunted Hill as well as the notorious Creature! Plus his work on Tales from the Crypt, Freddy's Nightmares and Masters of Horror. And we hear out about growing up as a monster kid, making masks and finding a way to use all that to get into filmmaking. We also talk about his obsession with Robby the Robot, creating the original Michael Myers mask and working on the H. R. Giger project that never happened.

And as we both decide the world is much better off without Klaus Kinski, we also mention... Hemlock Grove, Famous Monsters, Nautilus, Pickman's Model, the Pee Wee Herman bike, an eight ball going up his shirt coming out the neck hole, the sad life of David Spade, Dominique Swain, rebooting It, Vincent Price, give me clay, making foam rubber mask, Dick Smith, moulage, phone books, Bud Westmore, it was a week of hell, William Castle, getting toxic from all the chemicals, the director is kind of the low man on the totem pole, Warner Brothers' movie... done by Warner Brothers. They told us we couldn't afford to shoot on their lot, he's got a van somewhere with candy in the back, Don Rosa, Marie Laurin, horror hosts, you can't be tazed and be attractive, David Warner, Ron Perlman, Jeffrey Combs, phonin' home with E.T., Necromancer, UCLA, Spielberg's company is after me, new Adam Sandler movies, Pennywise, Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D, Terry Castle, Bill Skarsgård, dude you are sassy wherever you are going, I broke the first rule of filmmaking and being ripped off by James Cameron.

"I had heard that Klaus was - insane... so I wrote this insane... German commander."

Thanks to WonderFest for letting us be part of the show! Plan your trip next year, go to:

Check out the moviemeltdown Instagram account:

Deconstructing Universes

Jun 11, 2016 01:34:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 352

This week we are coming to you "live" from WonderFest as we are joined by our adopted cast member Eric Chu (conceptual designer for SyFy's retooling of Battlestar Galactica), to discuss the different approaches to building a sci fi universe. From Battlestar to Star Trek to Star Wars... just what are the differences in each of the universes? And how do the creators and the fans connect and interact with their own unique world? Plus a bonus segment on how to be a good geek father and we round things out with a wrap-up that involves Star Trek, Gilmore Girls, Beauty and the Beast and Laverne & Shirley. It kind of has to be heard to be believed.

And as we order off the dim sum cart, we also discuss... loving ghosts, robots and monsters, The Manchurian Candidate, metal ribbed vases, the guy in the Daggit suit, Shields and Yarnell, Asteroids, "experienced" women, like Charlie McCarthy or Jim Henson, it engages their imagination, if you make it too perfect for them... they don't need to do anything, shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated, Boxey's stunt double, Sci-Fi Channel vs. Syfy, it's amazing we ever got out of the 20th century alive, you're best friend is the cool sports guy, The Little Mermaid horror story, my younger snot-nosed cousin, it engages their imagination and they can fill in that gap, but if you make it too perfect for them... they don't need to do anything, we don't want it to look like the old show, man's never going to have this utopia, Gerry Anderson, Milwaukee, it's more real and edgy and there's neck ties, that's like an SAT question, he's basically Elmer J. Fudd Millionaire, Sarah Connor hooks up with the guy from Sons of Anarchy, he's chasin' the Shirley dragon, Grover, Universal Monsters, they were really drinking the Gene Roddenberry Kool-Aid, geek parenting 101, that's why I stopped listening to Coldplay, real dolls, Team America 2, it looks like every other CGI show on TV, it's the pre-apocalyptic future and I've gotta draw a whole bunch of dill pickles now.

"...but it worked. 'Cause I think it made it more accessible to people that weren't normally into sci fi."

A huge thank you to WonderFest for letting us be part of the fun! Plan your trip next year, go to:

X-Men: The Promise

Jun 4, 2016 01:57:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 351

This week we sit down to discuss our thoughts about the new movie X-Men: Apocalypse. How it ranks in this current trilogy, how it compares to the old trilogy, and just what this means for future X-Men movies.

And as we're panning for movie gold, we also discuss... Kid Flash and Jesse Quick, Bryan Singer, Tom Hiddleston, the bellhop from Four Rooms, the origin of all religion, posing, Supergirl, Jennifer Lawrence, I had checked out, Spider-Man, let's think long term, the morning light, flat scenes, Olivia Munn, fancy bow and arrow shots, X-Men: Days of Future Past - The Rogue Cut, the first one, Nicholas Hoult, bird wings, comics are being ballsy, The Pell Grant of acting, James McAvoy, even more destructive is the little red head in the dorm upstairs, Michael Fassbender, Dark Phoenix, people might financially care, my favorite 90's clique of X-Men, CG effects, Rose Byrne, instead of one... you had a dozen, they just stand on that mountain for like forty-five minutes, extra dopey, Tye Sheridan, hinting at Black Flash, the adults table and the kids table, Sophie Turner, Age of Ultron, action scene choreography and Oscar Isaac.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for X-Men: Apocalypse, so go see the movie before you listen.

"It's a whole new world compared to that first X-Men movie."

Special thanks to Gallery K, for more info go to:

California Games with Kyle Kinane and Joyelle Johnson

May 28, 2016 55:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 350

This week we are joined by comedians Kyle Kinane and Joyelle Johnson to discuss movies, comedy and growing up with California envy.

And while we realize that we just argue with the internet, we also discuss... freak show television, every idea has been done, Stripes, Big Trouble in Little China, Gone with the Wind, Rad, Lucas, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Signs, George Lucas, his beautiful black wife and his billions of dollars, ghosts and goblins... I love it, knocking snow off the rocker panel, VVitch, not a real fan of anything, True Crime, Easy Rider, California Games, the most lackadaisical slave owner, like a toddler, The Sixth Sense, ... also arms and legs, all the John Hughes movies, 1880's southern dickhead, through the tornado states, nubs on their face, customer service by the beach, all observational comedy has been done, Luke Skywalker... baby, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Summer School, I'm fascinated with the capabilities of human beings... whether positive or negative, Raising Arizona, dumb aliens, burnt out beach trash, you can just eat lunch outside at school, the Back to the Future Burger King, being sardonic, 60 Days In, Annabelle, BMX Bandits, give me one alcoholic doctor, Mother's Day... the biggest mistake of my life, revenge fantasies, Super Mario Bros., too drunk to sit on an airplane, what is Trader Joe's, My Science Project, My 600-lb Life, driving into grey walls in the distance and what's the best booze for gout?

"I want to be able to my job as a comedian... and tell the jokes. I don't just want to be the host of some collection of drunks. Which is, you know... still what happens."

For more on Kyle Kinane, go to:
For more on Joyelle Johnson, go to:

What Would Mary Ann Do? (Dawn Wells Guide to Life)

May 21, 2016 01:11:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 349

This week we sit down with Mary Ann herself - Dawn Wells! That's right, we talk with everyone's favorite castaway as we learn more about not only her years on the island but also her early days getting into the business, being a contestant in the Miss America pageant, being cast in some interesting movie roles along the way as well as her new book "What Would Mary Ann Do?... a Guide to Life".

And as we ask ourselves 'why do I analyze the way I analyze life', we also talk about... Daredevil, American Horror Story, #Horror, the Professor's tennis shoes, smooth as broken glass, his swords don't even match, I bought like 43 comic books today, and cornsteak was invented, Ant-Man, the knockers from Labyrinth, don't even get me started - Clancy Brown, hey whoa guys... there's something going on, carrying swords wearing Khakis and white tennis shoes, I like corn, it's just you're driving a truck or a Studebaker, not just subtle but smooth, it's a lesson... to the world, were bringing their children with pet rats on leashes, a pineapple milkshake, I like you just fine... but you're not getting my Fear Street books, a marketing scheme to get people to buy a new app, whatever his name is... he's gorgeous, we do the same thing I just do it better, The Dude as a Ghostbuster, Winterhawk, he put a little flare on his costume, starring Lady Gaga with her butt, I was a debater, 77 Sunset Strip, Errol Flynn, they've got blood running down my face and I'm supposed to be crawling through the corn fields, The House of Mystery, Taryn Manning and Balthazar Getty, they had aliens they had Nazis they had experiments they had demon possession they had serial killers, I've got an actress who can't carry groceries and talk at the same time, I wanted to punch everyone in this movie - in their faces, every ingenue in the world was auditioning, she reminds me of She-Ra a little bit, they wanted me to run for Miss Nevada, The Town that Dreaded Sundown, you try to find an agent, there was never any angst, the essence of the talent and how you approach the character, Lee Hazlewood, I know a lot of artists are kind of crazy, Sherwood Schwartz, Mercedes McCambridge, you sort of learn what the ropes are, not allowed to talk to a man, jumbo-sized Nikes that were just like Slash's and hoping we don't get escorted out of the carnival by the time we're done.

"...and Jack Warner called him the next day and he said, 'I just wanna say, this is the first time I've ever had an intelligent conversation with an actress.'"

Go to: for more on Dawn Wells and to get her book "What Would Mary Ann Do?... a Guide to Life".

And to add the only official Dawn Wells Facebook page, go to:

For more on Fanboy Expo, go to:

Civil War

May 14, 2016 02:20:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 348

This week we prepare for Civil War! Or at least a lengthy discussion of the movie Captain America: Civil War, as well as how it fits into the Marvel universe, how it compares to "Batman v Superman" and what this means for super hero movies in the future.

And as we try to decide if we are the geeks of yesteryear, we also delve into...
Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vulture, Watson/Bilbo, his make-up looks gorgeous, the battle for New York, The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos, it's so shiny and wet looking, old best friend versus new best friend, Spidey sense, Black Widow, Paul Rudd or Bradley Cooper, hot Aunt May, Jennifer Lawrence, he's got the arm... he's gotta use the arm, figuring out what to get Mary Jane for her birthday, leaving marks on the shield, Agent Hand, The Thunderbolts, a nice big chunky marshmallow, Gwen Stacy v Mary Jane, Forrest Gump, Chadwick Boseman, The Kree, Back to School, The Mandarin, nomad Steve Rogers, War Machine, these are real bonds of friendship, the stairwell scene, fall in love with and marry Velma, Commander Maria Hill, pulling a Saw moment, chess game... he had you a hundred moves ahead of time, I would love to see the gold limbs, Daredevil, when he kisses Agent 13, fan service, Jennifer Lawrence, rando wasteland planet, Uncle Tony, Professor X, so much The Raid, how dopey could that have looked, building a holodeck, retconning the story, Midtown High School, Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones, Vison and Wanda, Baron Zemo and our boy is back in our yard.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, but we assume by now you would have seen. If not... do it.

"I feel like people need a reminder... Captain America and Winter Soldier weren't just buddies. That was a team... they were a duo."

Mick Garris and the Creative Process

May 7, 2016 01:08:22


Movie Meltdown - Episode 347

This week we'll be talking with our very special guest... writer/director Mick Garris. He's had quite an interesting run in Hollywood, and we get his take on how it all came together... and his thoughts on what are some pretty fascinating experiences.

And as we realize there was no light at the end of the tunnel, we also discuss... Son of Kong, Richard Matheson, Steven Spielberg, a 460 page script shows up on your doorstep, identifying with the monster more then the hero, Tower Records, Green Room, Ray Bradbury, a good book can make for a bad movie, Fangoria, it's gotta be good drama first before it's good horror, that's the thing about writing... it costs you nothing but time, The Invitation, a voracious reader, Stephen King, you either have the fire or you don't, Critters 2, Cinémafantastique, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hollywood horror, I knew it wasn't real, but it was like fascinating, it was my introduction to something other then the mundane, fiction as a release, the line between brilliance and madness is a very fine one, it's not normal TV, good horror is good drama first, Disney wanted me to go under contract, it was our finger to the standards and practices, interviews on the Z Channel, you take it one day at a time, working with the changing technology, Universal Horror, Anthony Perkins, the Lincoln Tunnel, James Gunn, 600 extras on the streets of downtown Las Vegas, the making of Goonies, I got my first 8mm camera, envision The Thinker out of that giant boulder, being an outsider, a nightmare in a floating dream, 126 speaking parts, being involved in the dark creative arts, we carried a steadicam with us and a Hollywood desert noir murder mystery.

"...there's a lot to be said for fear in the creative process."

For more on Mick's interviews, go to:
For more on the film fest, go to:

Hush Jessimae

Apr 29, 2016 01:35:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 346

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host comedian Jessimae Peluso, as we crash a wedding, look things up on Google and talk movies. And eventually we round things out by discussing this week's Sofa Theater feature: Hush. The 2016 movie about a deaf author alone in the woods being hunted by a deranged masked killer.

And as we think of six new domains to claim just during this episode, we also mention... a study on working out, Oculus, living on a shoestring budget, horror Kick-Ass, The Innkeepers, a dyslexic moment, John Carpenter's The Thing, being predatory, Brainscan, Gerald's Game, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor movies, Carrie, The Last House on the Left, sucks to be you Room 128, Milla Jovovich, cinematic compositions, nerd gym shoes, did you get frustrated, Marlee Matlin, a jacked-up methhead pony tail with half my face looking like I just got punched, genius dogs, A Clockwork Orange, I do do, Syracuse, #Methamphetamines, the damsels in distress, The Host, Bloodsucking Bastards, bullshit gore, you think about your muscles working out, you gotta diversify, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, zinc in your vag, Danse Macabre, enjoying the challenge of comedy, great trailer... movie sucks, you never know when you're going to need to load a crossbow, Trollhunter, horror/comedy is such a fine line to get right, Gisele Bündchen was sitting on it for 10 years, Jones the cat and we've been riddled with the Maggard/Cain.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2016 film Hush, so go watch the movie before listening to the last half of this episode. You have been warned...

"I went right from the dick to the Lord." - "I hope that's on a T-Shirt for you."

For more on Jessimae's stand-up tour as well as her podcast Sharp Tongue, go to:

The Moonwalkers

Apr 23, 2016 01:34:54


Movie Meltdown - Episode 345

This week we recap some recent viewings, before we discuss the Kubrick-inspired, scheming action comedy - Moonwalkers starring Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint. And while we decide just where we fall on the spectrum of the conspiracy, we also mention... Eye in the Sky, Zootopia, Creed, falling asleep to Forensic Files, Knight of Cups, Scandal, a natural physicality, Jessica Chastain, Robert Plant mixed with Kylo Ren, flying jellyfish, evil memory foam, Cronos, Better Call Saul, drug use applied to PTSD, mismatched libidos, you can't get momentum 'cause there's no springs, Interstellar, I never tire of watching Ron Perlman beat the hell out of people, not becoming romantically involved, Aaron Paul get teary-eyed, the special girls who love Beauty and the Beast, Fargo, a lot of coke, City of Lost Children, blowing people's heads off... but my nachos were great.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2015 film Moonwalkers, so you better watch it before you listen. Oh yeah, and there's a random Moon spoiler at the end of the episode as well... you have been warned!

"Ron Perlman and Ron Weasley in a movie together... I kind of need to see that."

Batman and Superman v Jenna Busch

Apr 16, 2016 02:22:35


Movie Meltdown - Episode 344

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host Jenna Busch to discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You'll know Jenna from her amazing list of geek-oriented accomplishments. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Legion of Leia and has hosted and written for sites like Nerdist,, IGN, AOL, Huffington Post and more. She co-hosted Cocktails With Stan with the legendary Stan Lee and has appeared on Attack of the Show, Fresh Ink, Tabletop with Wil Wheaton, in the documentary She Makes Comics, on NPR and Al Jazeera America, and has covered film/TV/gaming/comics for years. And this episode we talk about her experience in the "geek scene" overall as well as sinking our teeth into Zack Snyder's latest superhero entry.

And while we nostalgically reminisce about our first death threats, we also discuss... Gamergate, collateral damage, Euclidean geometry, having a little fun with Jimmy Olsen, Sucker Punch, Hawkgirl, I love comics, Gal Gadot fighting a Balrog, The Death of Superman, David Goyer, The Crow 2, his weird God obsession, the DC animated universe, she worked her ass off, Superman fights Facebook, Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Dark Knight Returns, manufactured conflict, nuke the city, things hurt more when your in your 40's then when your in your 20's, Xena: Warrior Princess, what is this ice cream?, reverence for characters, you get me Cap, the CW universe, made from clay, the Princess isn't your reward, I'm not sure that they're trying to adequately capture ancient Egyptian civilization, sad Batman, Kumaré, this enormous sea of stars, front-load everything in our franchise, being a feminist, villain monologue time, a series of chase sequences and heists, the bats raised him up, I like war pigs, being a demigod, because money, didn't life insurance pay out?, pee = explosion, Will Arnett, my DM's a woman, I feel bad for the script supervisor on this movie, the gold melts under dragon fire... when it needs to, Joss Whedon, The Flash, Jolly Ranchers, The Justice Society of America's secretary, they filmed studio notes, Christopher Reeve, contradicting your own mythos and riding around on kangaroos.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers revealed for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice... so watch it beforehand. You have been warned.

"Based on the last movie, I honestly don't think any human being on Earth has any reason to believe that Superman is a good person. He's leveled like two major cities - and he hasn't saved one cat."

For more on Jenna, follow @JennaBusch on Twitter and go to

Porn Sharks

Apr 9, 2016 01:23:05


Movie Meltdown - Episode 343

This week we hang out at the bastion, discuss some things we've seen lately and then we take it upon ourselves to sit down to watch Avalanche Sharks. Thankfully we stumble upon an amazing "second screen experience" that almost makes the whole movie worthwhile.

And as we fall down a rabbit hole full of titles of "other" movies, we also discuss... Negasonic Teenage Warhead, American Horror Story, the Mystic Seer devil, He Never Died, Emma Roberts, Clancy Brown, Daredevil, he likes him some Famke Janssen, Attack of the Killer Doughnuts, Deadpool, Leonardo DiCaprio v Lady Gaga, Shakespeare with no tentacles... no rocket ships, I'm a button masher... through and through, in a Robitussin coma, Eric from True Blood's brother, also known as... stupid, I'm pretty sure I could fit one hand around her throat, I'm gonna keep hammering at this until someone makes me a useful superhero, hey... you wanna be in a movie?, having a subscription to Solider of Fortune magazine, dino ice demon ghost sharks, thrust into this stupid adult world, an undeveloped siamese twin, gun safety, Henry Rollins, orange blood, Bait, no amount of Milk Bones is worth this, buying comic books at the drug store, Sand Sharks, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, swoopy-hair girl, IDPA, your brain works in mysterious ways, and we never saw pee girl again, being a mercenary, Gina Holden, Ryan Reynolds and The Squeals of Ticklish Nice Girls.

Spoiler Alert: Ha... like you can spoil this movie.

"I mean... this is way more entertaining then that movie was!"

Attack of Tiffany!

Apr 3, 2016 01:24:45


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 37

It's an 80's movie dance party - co-hosted by TIFFANY!! That's right... The Meltdown Gang hangs out at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention - with none other then 80's international pop sensation Tiffany!! So join us as we discuss some of our favorites costumes from the day as well as build our own 80's soundtrack of songs from movies, and of course Tiffany joins in and picks a few of her favorite songs as well. And we couldn't talk with Tiffany and not ask her about her crossing over into acting - in particular, her lead role in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. More specifically, just how real was that fight with Debbie Gibson?! And listen as we try explaining to Lucy what the Power Rangers were/are... even though we think she was in fact ON the show!

And as we try to decide if there are actually recent MySpace stories, we also mention... denim jackets in Indonesia, the A.D. had to place the extras, who would have know it would have worked out, the titular song, touring the world, in Indonesia, hyping the rivalry, the hair is different but they're still just as cool, a little mini-rock opera, speed dating was free for chicks, I was at the grocery store, being directed by Mary Lambert, Agent Carter, being on an 80's cruise, just sitting on the back porch, it's a big investment, the fight scene was everything every Tif and Deb fan wanted to see, Purple Rain, I wanna be transformed back to that time period, in my own special universe, little kids in glittery costumes, can we watch that again... 'cause I missed that the first time around, you'll have a better shot at survival... if you accessorize properly, opening for Flock of Seagulls, he loves hookers and Julia Roberts, it was bigger then I ever expected, those eyes... are totally useful, the Dynasty fight, she needs a demo, I can see you using them, it was like a 'Tiffany moment' everywhere she went, once you go Crocs you can never go back, the Butler Brothers, giving me cookies to go away, more then a man... let's fight over gators and pythons, this broken down old theme park, the movie was named after the song, this is a very special episode... of the Power Rangers and there's something about glitter!

"...there was times, when I threw my body weight into it - and I was like 'oh... don't crush Deborah!'"

For more on Tiffany and her new album "A Million Miles", go to:

And to plan your trip to the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, go to:

Attack of Emily Wells!

Mar 26, 2016 01:08:12


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 36

This week we sit down with singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, experimental artist and all-around musical prodigy - Emily Wells. In addition to her extensive collection of solo work over the years, you may also know Emily from her contributions to the "Stoker" soundtrack. So we talk with her about working with director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy) as well as collaborating with the film's composer Clint Mansell.

And as we continue to be foolish and daring, we also discuss... Vivaldi, Johnny Carson, 80's pop culture, The Criterion Collection, inhabiting the character, Richard Brautigan, pretty sheltered, a very clear idea of what he wants, a Suzuki program, India Stoker, think in landscape, Bach, a nerdy kid, Jay Z, in a way... it was a gift, a total wonderful kook, he carves the space out for you and you get to fill it for yourself, it struck some sort of a chord in me, Bushwick, Tarantino, all that teenage stuff, Chopin, express an idea that is a song, Mister Rogers, kind of different then my normal process, he brought a clip of the film, there is definitely intention behind my choices, but... to me, it all makes sense, I got a 4-track, playing, performing, learning, creation, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, those were the shifts that gave me a different kind of fire around music, I believe limitations are vitality, the bones of the song, Scorsese, Something Beautiful Etc., Beethoven, I kind of felt like a teenager in my bedroom learning someone else's songs, creative friends, spring reverb unit and he really jarred my brain... out of itself a bit.

"Director Park came to one of my shows... and it was like 'the rest is history' kind of a thing."

For more on Emily's music, go to:

10 Cloverfield Lane

Mar 18, 2016 01:08:21


Movie Meltdown - Episode 342

This week we welcome our special guest co-hosts comedians Laura Sanders and Michael Meyers as we discuss the new movie - 10 Cloverfield Lane.

And as we discuss the time-honored tradition of having lemons thrown at you, we also mention... Gravity, a world of survivalists, JJ Abrams, I don't like ointment, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I've never seen so much hate in someone's eyes... directed at me, Satan in the elevator, you're bein' mean, either way you're dead, the anxiety never ends, oh man... Fred needs us, Justin Long, some dinosaurs no aliens, John McClane, puzzles and teen magazines, defensive positions when watching scary movies, Dan Trachtenberg, bitches love ice cream, I started to use some choice words towards her, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Room, he reaches out his little tentacle, I work better under pressure, murder guy... a pool of acid... a giant explosion, Death Proof, John Goodman, she needs to love the alien for himself, that dead girl's T-Shirt, she's a MacGyver, a kind and forgiving character and Penetration took the stage.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the new movie 10 Cloverfield Lane, so go see the movie before listening. You have been warned.

"Why is it always the guys with the bunkers who are crazy?"

For more on Laura, go to:
Follow Michael at:

Attack of J. Mitchell!

Mar 12, 2016 01:56:46


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 35

This week we welcome our special guest co-host J. Mitchell to discuss some of his favorite songs from different soundtracks over the years as well as the process of putting together the latest album "Lonesome No More" with his band Nellie Pearl.

Plus as we decide just which members of the band are from Planet Zuton, we also mention... Kickstarter, canoeing down the Colorado River, The Huffington Post, an old historic theater, getting into the The B-52s, I'm done... my life's work is complete, Plenty of Fish, Barry Gibb's internet feed, pizza by the slice, a Gibson firebird, The Last Waltz, the gourd-banjo pickin' rooster, we're not really even friends man, that album came with 3-D glasses, they are of the same species, mushroom tea and Alice in Wonderland, she hurt my feelings, a flatscreen, the whole band is a bunch of weirdos, Sean Penn, drank an entire bottle of wine onstage, people that were upset with me, Evan Rachel Wood, walked back up the Pacific coast, a law firm's Christmas party, hitchhiking to Mexico, took that lap steel and plugged it into some distortion pedals, a droning pipe organ, a cassette of their second album, The Pulse of Americana, Plymouth, Michigan, Jelly Swirl and you can't argue with the universe.

"Lonesome No More... it will be your best friend."

For more on Nellie Pearl, go to:

The 8th Annual Oscar Meltdown

Mar 6, 2016 01:48:27


Movie Meltdown - Episode 341

It's time for the 8th annual Oscar Meltdown! This week, we announce the winners of "The Foilers" while in the midst of our usual Oscar shenanigans. And while we eat our weight in bacon, we also discuss... Oscar wardrobe, the ability to have symbolic thought, Disney lawyers, watching Chopped, a Tiger Beat villain, Junkie XL, I'm so sad by how much drugs and sex I have, Netflix and Adam Sandler, very third grade, Adam Driver, he looked like the meat, pinkeye, downloading a series into your brain, Le Matos, Johnny Depp IS a questionable decision, I feel like the fat has solidified in my gastrointestinal tract, Silver Surfer is bad-ass, give her a few years of press junkets, Happy Feet, bargain basement tights, oral sex and murder, druids... cool, The Walk, Terminator Genisys, The Hours, Kingsman, Rose Byrne, suck him into that hole, The Hulk, I sing that song to myself, how is more icing a bad thing?, white dog hair, Katy Perry, Han Solo, ctrl alt Depp, complete CG overkill, finding a smart way to present the dumb, a Redbox abortion, Babe: Pig in the City, it's a 1 to 1 ratio, Jupiter Ascending, Skeet Ulrich, Immortan Joe, two and a half Xanax, Vera Wang, feel free to fillet him, unofficial FBI profiles and #FoilersSoDiverse.

Spoiler Alert: It's REALLY hard to announce some of these categories without spoiling certain aspects of the films. So... potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Hateful Eight, Bone Tomahawk, Mad Max: Fury Road, Sicario, Ex-Machina and probably several other movies along the way. You have been warned.

"Yes Oscar Meltdown. It's that magical night where we, here at Movie Meltdown, get together on Oscar night and then completely disregard the Oscars and hand out our own coveted awards - The Foilers!"

A special thank you to Stone Cross Farms for supplying some of the food for Oscar Meltdown. For more information... 

Dan Cummins is your Huckleberry

Feb 27, 2016 01:35:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 340

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Dan Cummins to discuss comedy, building a career in the entertainment industry and we cover one of Dan's favorite movies in this week's Sofa Theater feature - Tombstone.

And while we reminisce about descrambling the signal, we also mention... infotainment, being legends, push through the noise, chubby Billy Bob Thornton, a wraith that's come back from beyond the grave, Sharon Stone, I don't have a problem with nudity, my little town didn't have anything going on really, Porter Ridge, be a lawyer, all girl-focused, a lot of guns, Kurt Russell, a giant satellite dish, honing your writing muscles, alleviate the tension, death montages, Rambo, working in reality television, Idaho, that moment changed my whole life, Silicon Valley, American Wiseass!, school is a scam, Space Invaders AND Pac-Man, my view of my dad, I identify as comedian, Saturday Night Live, Cobra, you can punch them in the face, Demi Moore, Playboy vs. Redbook, I'm gonna work on my band, virtually lawless, Gillian Anderson, building chandeliers out of deer antlers, Bill Paxton, being a junkie, the wild West version of the grim reaper, pulling the strings, consulting producing, it is kind of impressive and shady at the same time, Tuberculosis aka Consumption, the tech start-up in Silicon Valley, writing, alternate casting and how can you NOT have Sam Elliott in your Western?

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Tombstone... so watch the movie beforehand. You have been warned.

"To this day... my favorite thing... is just to lay on the coach with some popcorn and some drinks - and just watch a good movie."

To keep up with Dan, go to:

Attack of David Bowie!

Feb 21, 2016 02:12:32


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 34

This week we assemble a massive tribute to David Bowie's contributions and crossovers into movie soundtracks. We try to steer away from the huge hits and focus more on lesser-know songs and tracks that he did exclusively for a film soundtrack. There are a lot to choose from... and we have a lot of fun in the process.

So join us as we discuss the perks of being a weird dude, as well as... the Dalai Lama's summer palace, bananas piano, Brian Eno, the fight club in him came out... and he became this weird creature, Flight of the Conchords, so basically they will throw this song in any movie, two old perverts trying to bring a young girl into a threesome, David Lynch, Seven Years in Tibet, Ricky Gervais, making furniture, the 80's was nostalgic for the 50's and wanted nothing to do with the 70's, dude from that movie with the chick with the Christ wounds..., The Great Gatsby, Toys, we're gonna have to scrap this whole project, the song....sounds like David Bowie fell down in a well and they covered it up and decided to record his vocals that way... and it's the only song on that album that's mixed that way, projecting weirdness, you can hear pig eyeballs hitting the floor, Flamingo Kid-era Matt Dillon, some of the best piano work in rock - period... is on that album, Duncan Jones, Saoirse Ronan, they couldn't take 20 minutes to write a song together... so they just cover this classic, some of the best piano work in rock - period... is on that album, he puts piles of meat on lumber and then saws in half with a saw, the gorgeous lustery hair, listening to Scott Walker's new album, I'm sure David Bowie fell out of a trunk onto the set of Easy Rider at some point, that album takes itself so F-ing seriously and that's what happens when David Bowie steals your girlfriend.

"So this is a real Rorschach test of a song..."

Attack of the 2015 Oscar Nominees!

Feb 13, 2016 01:54:14


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 33

In this week's Attack of the Killer Soundtrack we discuss the nominees for Best Original Song and Best Original Score for the 2015 Academy Awards. And while we decide which nominated song sounds like an animal carcass covered in gasoline, we also mention... Higgins from Magnum, P.I., a bunch of faceless women then... amoebas, unicorns vomiting rainbows, the Meryl Streep of music, winning a lifetime achievement award, applauding the make-up people, both lush and cool, Lauryn Hill and David Lee Roth, songs featured in documentaries, Tim Roth is doing a Christoph Waltz impersonation, x's on their butt cheeks, Inglourious Basterds, why are you saying this in this voice... are you f-ing for real or what?, this crazy crane shot that goes on forever, his hair was bitten by a shark, that's all music is is a giant math problem, filmed in Cincinnati, the Posse on Broadway and other Sir Mix-a-Lot hits, social justice warriors causing protests in the street over this video, if it helps - I follow his dog on Facebook, he kicks his head and has a bowl of Fruit Loops, this is just bananas, this looks like the kind of dumb thing I'd be into, Emilio Estevez, any cyborg wrist-makers out there?, CocoRosie, that sounds like so much of high school for me, are you insulting me but also I feel good?, a giant vintage sign, continually panning up the hair, I was about two-thirds of the way into this song when I realized there are actually lyrics to this, he said... just don't be seen there, just watch it at home like all the perverts do, there's no more song and dance films that give you great original songs and nobody should ever hear a human being making these noises.

"I'm not looking at this with a tux on ready to give it an award..."

Pardcast Meltdown... with Jimmy Pardo

Feb 5, 2016 01:25:08


Movie Meltdown - Episode 339

This week we sit down with Jimmy Pardo and talk about the basics of podcasting. From the early days when no one knew what it was (unlike now when just MOST people don't know what it is), to the current era when seemingly everyone has their own show. Plus we discuss some of Jimmy's other endeavors like his big scene in Dreamgirls, going on auditions, working on different sitcoms... and even the forgotten past that he shares with our own Lucy. Will his former life come back to haunt him??

And while we all measure our lives against the amazing life of Yaphet Kotto, we also discuss... Matt Belknap, Chicago, Keke Palmer, The Galt House Hotel has 25 floors, Almost There, architecture talk, Edie McClurg, game show nerds, Ted Danson, advertising, Beta tape, directing Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men, BatKid Begins, faking the moon landing, Scott Aukerman, Bill Condon, a live stream going out torturing a clueless actor, the height of narcissism, The Match Game, the comedy boom, Running Your Trap, an independent lingerie company, Kevin James, F is for Fake, Donald Trump, That 70's Show, you guys work every day... you go to a job interview everyday - and you're told 'no'... every day, Dennis Miller, Bart Braverman, live your dream, I'm in make-up for 18 hours, The Finest Hours, don't understand politics, Race to Escape, Alec Baldwin, Anika Rose, Conan O'Brien, shark podcasting, conspiracy theorists, a recipe to make blank, auditioning for commercials, Ty Burrell, Becker, The Revenant, you don't have the rights to this... stop doing it, April Richardson, the lighting people lit for the dance scene, Marcia Wallace and Pardcast-a-thon.

"Typical Hollywood story... I got there at like four in the morning. And I literally have one line."

For more on Jimmy and Never Not Funny, go to:
Go support Smile Train at:

Horror Talk with Derek Sheen

Jan 30, 2016 01:19:12


Movie Meltdown - Episode 338

This week we talk comedy, road trips and lots and lots of horror with comedian Derek Sheen. And while we figure out just where he took a left turn into a time hole, we also discuss... black and white monster movies, Phantasm, immediate descent into madness, Zacherle, Shock Waves, bag pipes, Scott Mosier, what is the marketability of this movie, Tom Savini, a car is essentially a bathroom without a toilet, Slumber Party Massacre, I just feel like there's something in the film that's going to manifest itself in the room, Zelda Rubinstein, the world was yours, John Carpenter, Maniac, Tales From The Crypt, Don't Look Now, White of the Eye, I've always wanted to be on-stage, you found a bunch of reels of 8mm can and this is what happened, Sleepaway Camp, the biggest horror now is trust, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, From Beyond, self-aware horror, Chris Hardwick, Friday the 13th, The Devil's Rain, I shouldn't be playing this in my house... something malevolent is in the film - and I don't like it, Demons, having faith in the filmmaker, When a Stranger Calls, Asylum, Mondo Cane, having perfect pitch, understanding isolation, Black Christmas, The Witch, Matthew Fox, Powerball winners, Let's Scare Jessica to Death, he's a giant baby man, people are trying too hard to create content, The Accused, you're given the gift of doubt, Basket Case, it's all about the eyes, horror and suspense are very different, Leatherface on his downtime, what scares people is the unknown, Bone Tomahawk, this sad gorgeous cadenza, it's like a long-form Ramones video, Beyond the Door, crippling stage fright, there was no other distraction... other then the darkness, if you walk into it as a horror movie - it's going to break your brain, Martha Splatterhead, The Sentinel, compartmentalization, Forensic Files, what scares people is what's beyond the veil, Kill List, horror is dread, full of self-loathing, well I have to go to bed now, making chili out of people, an STD metaphor, the Serbian porn industry, it was just more claustrophobic to be watching movies like that knowing that the entire world was asleep, reconciling grief, Brewster's Millions, they confuse murder with horror, Anthony Jeselnik, you can't have a zombie apocalypse, at least I'm not filled with demons, B.o.B's theory, there isn't any alone time, weirdly titillated, birthing torsos, whistling past the graveyard, the closet door slowly opening, when you leave the theater it makes you look at every single person on the street, the Eyes Wide Shut syndrome, filled with asbestos, blood and gravity, when you remove reason completely... that's where horror comes in.

Spoiler Alert: Some end of the movie spoilers for Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, Session 9... oh and Derek completely destroys the myth of a zombie apocalypse. You have been warned!

"Give me something that permeates the very fabric of my belief system."

For more of Derek's comedy, records and tour dates, go to:

The Harlem Globetrotters on Meltdown Island

Jan 24, 2016 01:17:26


Movie Meltdown - Episode 337

This week we talk with an actual Harlem Globetrotter! As we ask "Bull" Bullard what it's like to become part of the tradition and legacy of an organization that has been such a huge part of our pop culture. Plus we discuss our own memories of growing up with the Globetrotters, all before we settle in for our Sofa Theater discussion on the 1981 movie The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island.

And as we put the finishing touches on the periodic table of movie elements, we also mention... Scatman Crothers, being in a basketball town, The Munsters, Triangle, Dawn Wells, The Equalizer, the colliding of franchises, Wet Hot American Summer, boiling beakers, Barbara Bain, winks to adults, dryer tube arms, Natalie Schafer as a cheerleader, American Ninja Warrior, Supermarket Sweep, Keiko O'Brien, getting a reunion movie for a TV show, Al Lewis, Jim Backus, calling for fouls, chewing up the scenery, Avatar, an knock-off R2-D2, Tina Louise, angling in their playing style, Marques Haynes, growing up tall, Alan Hale, Jr., Crimes and Misdemeanors, Arrested Development, Cassandra Peterson, that's an incredibly elaborate prop just to trick a dumb man into signing a piece of paper, keep the butter off the popcorn, Russell Johnson, the expanded universe, The Brady Bunch, Martin Landau, Space Jam, Whitney and the Robot, Meadowlark Lemon, The Mertzes thrown on an island, Ripley's Odditoriums, Bob Denver, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and... you probably shouldn't think too deeply about Gilligan's Island.

"I'm pretty sure it is... some special level of hell, where they will just never get off that island."

To find out where The Harlem Globetrotters are playing near you, go to:

The Old Bait and Switch

Jan 16, 2016 01:36:47


Movie Meltdown - Episode 336

This week we welcome most of the cast from the Tower of Technobabble as we discuss a specific movie that one of the guys felt baited and switched him. Then we expand to other questionable bait and switch movies and eventually we have to address which ones also fall into being just generally offensive movies. Plus we mention a few upcoming movies, as we decide just which ones we're excited about and which ones we're still leery about.

And as we all realize we're secretly trying to plug the holes in our geek knowledge, we also bring up... Blazing Saddles, gushin' fangirls, Deadpool, a space floppy disk, Knight Rider, the internet is made for releasing, New York was a cesspool of terrorizing lawlessness, Song of the South, get in my space van... here's some candy, going to the drive-in, The Black Hole, that one angry unicorn out there, This isn't a long haul... this is flash in the pan stuff, flashing lights and shag carpeting and Space Allman Brothers posters, like Spider-Man who kills people, did they think they were being progressive?, movies that scarred you as a child, Planet Africa, pouring the foundation for the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, too caught up in the naked action, Star Trek, coupled with watching Sesame Street, hipster-cred going through the roof, this image of Los Angeles that is gone forever, three copies in The Library of Congress, I mean, it's well-shot... it's in focus and everything, it looks like an old A and P that got remodeled, no green alien game, Captain America: Civil War, I was bored silly, he was just disaffected by everything, imagine G.I. Joe only if they had crazy magic crap, just awkward silence and pensive stares, the Hasbro Universe, why was everything beige in the 70's, retroactive censorship and - for God's sake swipe left!

"Future generations will judge us based on this podcast."

I Hear Dead People

Jan 9, 2016 02:18:22


Movie Meltdown - Episode 335

This week we return to one of our more popular running series - People who Died... Died. The arguably living Meltdown Gang get together to discuss many of the great performers that we lost in 2015. It's our own "special" kind of tribute.

And as we realize that the lousy straight to DVD stuff actually keeps the wheels turning in the industry, we also come to terms with... you're my favorite dentist, a George Pal production, hailed as the next My Big Fat Greek Wedding?, you're the person I hate the least, I almost walked out on that movie, David Lynch, The Big Short, a knock-off Gone with the Wind, now that one freaked me out, I'm so thankful for the existence of YouTube, The Outer Limits, the blind sheriff, Jewel Jules Franklin Guy, nipped at Harvey Levin, the mom who makes you want to kill, that man was not above chewing the scenery to pieces, beets are the bastard child of the vegetable world, he's the kind of guy... if he didn't have parents in the industry - would he have made it?, reverse mortgage, did you like Cats?, the kid from the Sandlot... and My So-Called Life, William Girdler, one of my top ten films - of all time, he's so damned likable, the glut of media that's hitting the shelves, who gets his hands bitten off, That 70's Show, all the big blocky clam-shell Disney VHS tapes in my collection are filled with this man, we can't make this like the ending of The Vanishing, it's like an Agatha Christie with a monster, he's the biggest red herring in most of the movie, Frank Booth, shooting on actual film, Condorman, reinvigorating the horror genre, Sean Connery, local no-budget cinema, what was the dog's name?, 2015 really hurt... so I'm hoping 2016 is gonna blossom, I know him best for making me afraid to live in Los Angeles, a young beautiful Montgomery Clift, The Faculty, he got a little bit of time with Elizabeth Taylor, it was so bad I just purged it from my memory, my uncle was in that movie and you're not leaving this room until you write a script!

"When I saw he passed, I was like... awww no - my childhood."

The Summit Awakens

Jan 1, 2016 02:04:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 334

As our epic Star Wars Summit continues, we settle in with three old-school Star Wars fans - and take this discussion to the next level. Just when you think we've said all that can be said about the Star Wars universe... the summit awakens. 

And as we question the validity of The Church of the Force, we also discuss Temple of Doom, Peter Cushing, Batman guns, Mon Mothma, nebulous powers, the coincidences are more forgiving if the ride is fun, Game of Thrones, adding gravitas, time travel and prophecies, The Black Hole, the Falcon's GPS, physical things, the internet getting their panties in a twist, the light was buggin' him, The Garden Weasel, The Wrath of Khan, the red arm, Ewan McGregor, Harry Potter books, I didn't want to get Phantom Menaced, geographically speaking about the galaxy, Uncle Chewy, Raise the Titanic, terrified of going in the bathtub for years, binge-watching media, breaking into the Naboo castle, we've had years and years to work out theories, did they shoot from the fringe, non-osha standard, they have a play set for everything, Art Carney, octopus monsters, Bill and Ted, the homeless fighting our battles for us, an insane space ship captain that zombie-fies and robo-fies his crew, The Clone Wars, having a religious experience, I Love Lucy, I love capitalism, Gwendoline Christie, Lord of the Rings, the universe expands, Max von Sydow, beefier lightsabers, Snoke, 21 became a bad-ass, Jenny Agutter, Y-Wing engine pod covers, don't go out in public, they didn't have the right screws, impact blast, Space Perry Mason, Godwookie, being conflicted and the cowboy from The Blues Brothers.

Spoiler Alert: Again... there will be major spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens - and all the Star Wars movies for that matter. So just go watch the franchise and you'll be good.

"We all draw these funny little lines that we're not allowed to cross."

The Star Wars Summit

Dec 27, 2015 01:58:37


Movie Meltdown - Episode 333

In the wake of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we felt a summit was necessary. We have brought together the greatest minds of our time, to discuss the most important topic in today's world - obviously... Star Wars. So we gather to mull over not just Episode 7, but also bigger questions that occur in not only the Star Wars universe, but in our world as well.

And as we're bombarded from every possible venue, we also discuss... the legend, Tina Fey, Logan's Run, VHS, character development, living in an AT-AT, droid racism, dialogue, Attack the Block, Daisy Ridley, recreating the action, hating Shia LaBeouf, abducting younglings, it's all J.J. Abrams now, I'm kind of a big deal, the mythology, Dark Empire, a rag tag group of heroes, popcorn was spilled... Coke was spewed, knuckle-draggers online, firearm techniques, mind blown, rabbit guys, it's like an alien's impression of a human, super hero movies, being a good improviser, regimenting badness, a deather star, the curse of gen-xers, Indiana Jones, the cute new puppy, having great sunscreen, The Venture Brothers, being a great gardener, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Palpatine the politician, racial profiling, Transformers, playing fast and loose with the rules, it's like gun control, the force chooses you, woman in this new Star Wars universe, John Boyega, being on a media/internet black out, having a perfect complexion, ice skating in Russia, dehumanizing, screw the internet, Jedi pizza, it was the wild wild west, massacring a village, a lunge with one hand out, the doctoring of four or five people, Malla, a black X-wing, Space 1999, Keira Knightley, a bunch of bumbling idiots that couldn't see the universe falling apart around them, George Lucas has a problem with revising his past, looks like the bottom of my foot after I've been swimming too long, The First Order, Captain America: Civil War, genuinely being good people, that's why we became hoarders, the Kessel Run, religious zealots, American Graffiti, the 70's were a weird time, the old bait n' switch, sending off proof of purchase, the G.I. Bill, childhood memories, Journal of the Whills, Daniel Craig, before Star Wars... there wasn't this sort of multi-pronged attack on your youth, Val Kilmer, Marvel and Disney, inspired to play clarinet, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Sears and JC Penny catalogs, waking up from your conditioning, this is not cool at all... this is school, a caste system, infected by space bugs and... here we go again.

Spoiler Alert: Obviously there will be spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens - and all the Star Wars movies for that matter. So just have seen the franchise before listening.

"It's all about... you getting wrapped up in the magic... and it's easy for me to remember what it was like, because there was nothing before or after Star Wars. It came out of nowhere... and was this huge cultural phenomenon... and as a five year old... this is the most perfect movie for a 5-year old to see."

Talking the Room... with Greg Behrendt

Dec 19, 2015 02:10:09


Movie Meltdown - Episode 332

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Greg Behrendt. Greg is a comedian, author, screenwriter, actor, musician... he's done so many different things... and we touch on quite a few areas of his life and career. So join us as we settle into our undisclosed room... and the talking begins.

And while we realize we are the only ones with rope and a map, we also discuss... San Francisco, movie trailers, rock and roll, Hunger Games, The BFG, Jessica Jones, a Steven Spielberg suburban dream, boredom leads to creativity, Logan's Run, a different kind of man, David Lynch, Cadbury Egg, girl squads, Daredevil, Gotham, where I found refuge, Moontower, legends in the industry, Captain America: Civil War, Rob Lowe, Paul Feig, Tony Alva, diversity, William Shatner, referencing via YouTube, Sex in the City, change the game, The Nutcracker, Edgar Wright, Netflix, The Stray Cats, nullifying the book, you can be so many things now... and people can take you in whatever parcel they like, David O. Russell, still evolving, The Legend of Tarzan, The Grinder, engaged in technology, Bob Forrest, investing in pens, prostitute my personality for money, Mitch Hedberg, being anointed by Oprah, Joy, Mark Rylance, Spy, making a record, Wes Anderson, Broadchurch, it's a secret box and there's words inside, Ben Stiller, a call to duty, Krysten Ritter, Trainwreck, The Weekend, growing up in a different world, Star Wars, a stand-up obligation, Alex Cox, our moment it together, rediscovering it, Patton Oswalt, social changes vs. romanticized Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, Three Kings, Christian Bale, The Flash, anyone from The Wire in anything, when you have a yearning for something and you don't know what it is, rugby, defining feminism, scheduling kids, I can't not grow, Australia, the offensive friend zone, Clooney's Batman, there are no gatekeepers, Wiz Khalifa, multiple development deals, Flirting with Disaster, Atlanta and how to beat the electronic trail.

"Eventually your personality wins, you can't uphold artifice for very long... and if you can your a psychopath. Eventually you stumble into the best stage version of you there is."

For more on what Greg's up to, follow him on Twitter at: or visit his website at:
For more onThe Reigning Monarchs, go to:

Merry Krampus

Dec 13, 2015 01:17:16


Movie Meltdown - Episode 331

This week we're coming to you "live" from our Krampus Night festivities where we talk about Krampus... and then we have a group discussion about the movie Krampus... and then more talk... about Krampus. Let's do this!

And while we swat children with birch branches, we also discuss... The Mummy, he's a scrapper, Phallus in Wonderland, zombie baby, from the old country, bratty cousins, It Came from Outer Space, he puts you in a bag, Fred Savage, Trick 'r Treat, grabbing a small child by their cranium, becoming Krampus, disturbing artwork, snow graboids, cool Grandma, nail guns in movies, Cousin Eddie, the fiery pit of hell, interwoven stories, fresh popcorn, a grocery bag around his head, less would have been better, animation, you're not moving too fast today Bernie... what happened?, the redneck thesis behind the movie, Nordic Santa Claus, weird undertones, kids in the school, no mouth opening face, sitting on Deadpool's lap, ladies of the evening, The Ultimate Warrior, like Thurman Merman... without the charm, getting your head stuck between the wall and the toilet, William Shatner, that reminds me of the first time I cried publicly, How to make a Monster, the overall aesthetic, oh wow look at that girl's forehead, dark and creepy, Alex Pardee, how many rounds did that shotgun fire?, ghosts trying to get slutty chicks pregnant, evil DHL, throws the kid by his head, getting stabbed by hookers, zombie elves, a chain rattling down your chimney, I'm gonna lasso Santa Claus, Forbidden Planet, Find your Fate, a horrible horrible family, quit screaming while I get my camera, A Christmas Horror Story, this magic will never happen again, go read a book you people, all of the switches, a lot of freckles, CG gingerbread men, he drags you off to do Krampus-y things and drunken Santa-types in a vintage-style Winnebago.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2015 movie Krampus, as well as minor spoilers for A Christmas Horror Story. You have been warned!

"Now more then ever... we need Krampus."

For more on the gallery and Ryan's art, go to:

Attack of the Vinyl!

Dec 7, 2015 01:35:07


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 32

This week we delve into some of the soundtracks we've collected on vinyl. Some are from our personal collections and some we've acquired recently - specifically for this episode. And quite a few of them are rare or unusual... or just plain weird. So come along with the Meltdown Gang as we go through our stack of records and share with you some very interesting tracks.

And as we continually address the punctuation and grammar in songwriting, we also bring up... cranking the handle on your Victrola, Marcus Brody, born half human... and half Sputnik, his earlier weirder phase, Bill Murray, he's ordering a drink... hopefully for me, hey look coke!, heart-breakingly honest, besmitten is totally a word, Dirty Dancing, Robert Downey Jr., the country version of Zappa does Zappa, I don't consort with those of the robot race, there's three she's in a row, I love you... not too much, nobody is going to take me seriously... because I'm junior, Sex Bomb Boogie, they both have hair... and eyes, The FAL, young Jeff Goldblum, a Navajo pattern mixed with a Mexican blanket, a very specific sound, giant robot battling action, too busy in his gun safe, like an old Polaroid, George Hamilton, her hair was so long she could step on it, well when you get hit in the head a lot, Dennis Hopper, a 2-record set, Sigue Sigue Sputnik were British not Japanese, I annoy myself, Johnny Depp, his later weirder phase and how long have you been combing your hair with a wrench?

"Vinyl is like listening to a CD, except you're on like... heroin."

This episode, in particular, is brought to you by Crosley Turntables. For more info, go to:

Almost There: Weird Grey Areas

Nov 28, 2015 01:09:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 330

This week we are joined by our special guest co-host Dan Rybicky, a filmmaker and professor in Cinema Art and Science at Columbia College Chicago. Dan is also the co-director of the documentary "Almost There", an unflinching look at the aging years of outsider artist Peter Anton. Dan and his co-director Aaron Wickenden enter Peter's dilapidated house to take a look at his accumulating collection of art. But before they know it they find themselves not only knee deep in an over-whelming 8-year process of shooting footage, but they also inadvertently become part of Peter's life. Which becomes even more troubling when they are forced to deal with the harsh realities of Peter's past and current existence. It's a fascinating film, and we talk with Dan about not just the film itself, but also filmmaking as a whole, and how things have changed as both a director and teacher in the new digital age. Plus we delve into some grand questions about the future and some scary realizations about ourselves.

Plus as we search for the world's largest pierogi, we also mention... Grey Gardens, Martin Scorsese, voyeurism, Henry Darger, Steve James, demanding stardom, very personal stories, Robert Zemeckis, Ordinary People, talking to the camera, Richard Linklater, isolation, the invasion of the selfie-stick, David Lynch, and a lot of cats, getting roped in, blurring the lines, 5 terabytes, are we crossing a line?, Slacker, a cautionary tale, Man on Wire, I'm not a project, three dumpsters full, look around in your neighborhood, in Korea, everyone is famous, great art isn't something jammed down your throat, do you stay impartial?, the ways that people document themselves, the fine line between hoarding and collecting, the age of the selfie, James Benning, can you help other people, every culture has a dumpling, bearing witness to our lives, John Sayles, the rhythm of what his life was like, adhering to the social norms, I was an intense kid, Werner Herzog, stop talking to us and Pringles.

"I'm more interested in the conversations that happen after movies a lot of times, then the movies themselves."

For info on "Almost There" as well as the trailer, go to:

Rocky Horror Changed my Life

Nov 21, 2015 01:29:04


Movie Meltdown - Episode 329

This week we welcome back epyon5 to discuss The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not only do we talk about the film itself, but also personal memories of our experiences as well as the impact the movie had on society and the lives of it's devoted fanbase.

And as we remember that when you're a teenager EVERYTHING is the end of the world, we also mention... The Vogue, Richard O'Brien: time traveler, Hammer horror, hangin' out with people in their underbritches... and yelling obscenities, it had one screen, Sci Fi, being theatrical, being progressive, Tim Curry, Star Wars, a presentation in English class, a virgin spelling bee, The Ziegfeld Theater, subtle nuances, at 3 o'clock in the morning they will not serve you mashed potatoes, schlocky horror, Pi, getting turned into a shoe store, GG Allin, a scathing review, 4711, Jim Steinman, Barry Bostwick, comic book effects, Funko Pop!, The Full Monty, Oakley Court, it makes my heart hurt, Jim Sharman, the amazing Kool-Aid machine, Legend, George Clooney, working your way up the space ladder, George Lucas, Spike and Mike, a totally dorky guy, everyone wants to be Batman, MST3K, the Godfather of transvestite aliens, 50's saxophone playing rock 'n roll, Patricia Quinn, faking an orgasm, the simpler they are the more memorable they are, Dark City, I'm pretty... ok, breaking down barriers, Richard Nixon, dressed as a set piece, Meat Loaf, Starlog, the intricate plot, Bad for Good, Susan Sarandon and are all Tatianas crazy?

Spoiler Alert: Obviously, spoilers for The Rocky Horror Picture Show on this episode. So for any virgins still left out there, go (to a theater and) see it NOW... for spoiler-free listening.

"All these horrible things your parents tell you not to do, this one night a week - it's ok to do it... and you can be, whatever you want to be!"

For more on epyon5, Google "epyon5" or you can follow him on Instagram at:
For more on the documentary of devoted fans, go to:

epyon5... Shout it from the Rooftop

Nov 15, 2015 01:43:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 328

This week we are coming to you "live" from Wizard World: Louisville, where we recap our fun activities, a few celebrity sightings and discuss several movies we've seen lately. Plus we sit down with artist epyon5, who has explored artistic styles from the Renaissance old masters to stencils and pop culture imagery. So we discuss what led him down the twisted path of painting and how movies and pop culture have always crept into his work.

And as we realize that we fall completely outside the Venn Diagram of "normal", we also discuss... Bruce Campbell, John Barrowman, Swamp Thing, rebooting the variety show, it's like an earthquake at a junkyard, Marc Singer, Dean from Supernatural, laying out a good fight scene, Final Girl, blind boxes, goggles, Sugar Gliders, an epic battle scene between barbarians and gargoyles, best Ash contest, squished pennies, Transformers, that's no way to make a living, Loki, Marvel super heroes in bad made-for-TV-movie, I live in the basement, stunt butt, Jeepers Creepers, doing goth wrong, the man is against you, what comics were then versus now, Alien, climbing on the train car, for mature readers only, the other Quicksilver, chicken ring sandwiches, cute chicks in bondage gear, these are our people, The Crossroads Theater, the TV that has the two knobs, iconography and sainthood, iZombie, R.L. Stine, the complete entertainment package, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Caravaggio, Godzilla, that one chick from Archer, Adam West, Highway 151 runs through the states of Iowa and Wisconsin, she was pretty adorable, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Emma Roberts, why Star Wars has such universal kid appeal, Chiaroscuro, Julianna Margulies, taking a third grade poll, Michael Bay, Lost in Space, flamed-out goth, pop art, The Exorcist and where do you buy your shoes?

"...but then upon graduating, and entering the real world... I got slapped in the face with life."

For more on epyon5, Google "epyon5" or you can follow him on Instagram at:
For Wizard World dates in your area, go to:

Attack of the Duke Boys!

Nov 9, 2015 01:18:17


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack! - Episode 31

This week we talk with John Schneider and Tom Wopat, not about their beloved TV series, but about their interest and careers in music. And along the way, we build a soundtrack that is quite different then what you might expect if you were just a fan of their television show.

And as we get our first mail-order guitar, we also discuss... the double feature on Saturday, Broadway musicals, Romeo and Juliet meet Natural Born Killers, Atlanta, Ronnie Milsap, to have a foot in each of those boats, in '77 I drove to New York, Brigadoon, Wisconsin, Welcome Back, Kotter, reuniting with his family, Drift Away, Gordon MacRae, Louisiana, great scotch and popcorn, Bernadette Peters, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, we're equals on stage, Merv Griffin, an alternate universe pair of Dukes, Smokey and the Bandit, Dinah Shore, car shows, Mackinac Island, Brando's no singer, The Great Santini, I invite my friends in and we make movies, Mike Douglas, bottle of red, Steve Earle, ate a lot of popcorn, having a guitar on my back, Chicago, Kirk Douglas, Russ Titelman, Annie get your Gun and City of Angels.

"Yeah, the TV thing I thought was a complete aberration. And I didn't think... was going to do anything. I had no big plan for it."

For more on John, go to:
For more on Tom, go to:

Discussing Sarah Marshall

Oct 31, 2015 01:17:36


Movie Meltdown - Episode 327

This week we hangout with comedian and movie fan Ian Douglas Terry, as we talk about working as a stand-up comic today versus years ago, translating comedy to film, inappropriate kids movies and then we round things out as we discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

And as we contemplate teaching chimps to fly planes, we also mention... Mad Max: Fury Road, acting wrestlers, Captain Ron, escaping from your hometown, The Dark Crystal, Jason Segel, Malcolm X and 311, hawkmen, How I Met your Mother, Russell Brand, Fast and Furious, I'm just all about references, Return of the Jedi, cell phones killing people, Judd Apatow, Xanadu, that always never works, The Muppets, Paul Rudd, dragging your microphone cord out into the audience, George Miller, Cash for Cats, Slap Shot, terrifying vulture people, Kristen Bell, Ready to Rumble, the punk bank approach, Dracula, Mila Kunis, The Rock, Denver, Neil Patrick Harris, that's the way I wish every woman would look at me, drumming to Rush, Babe, No Holds Barred, alligators and juggalos, I feel like most of my 20's I would view relationships as like - that person was crazy. I did nothing wrong. Like I was the hero. I tried my hardest, they obviously messed up, paint-by-numbers romantic comedy, Linda Cardellini, DIY, Flash Gordon, Nicholas Stoller, improv vs. Scientology, Labyrinth, hypnotism, LaserDiscs and the career arc to becoming a weird boat captain.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so watch the movie beforehand - you have been warned!

"You have to find what YOUR Dracula musical is... you have to find someone who appreciates what your Dracula musical is."

Backyard Hallowed Ground

Oct 25, 2015 01:49:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 326

"Live" from the backyard, we light a fire and tell scary ghost stories about this week's Sofa Theater feature: Hollows Grove. So roast some marshmallows and join in on the spooky fun!

And while we glue our mouths shut with peanut butter kisses, we eventually discuss... Crimson Peak, Lance Henriksen, The Babadook, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, the horror of Anchorman 2, Protected by Pinkertons, how Napoleon Dynamite would go up the stairs at school, The Sound and the Fury, pulling a tooth out, the memory or the dead nurses, being a lumberjack, very Tennessee Williams, hey... wanna come to my trunk and see my Slayer shirts, I make the guy from No Country for Old Men look like a pussy, sentient beings, The Host, one of the orphans started getting stabby, evil dead Bob Ross, Guillermo del Toro, The Office, just floating through space in a CVS, evil children, Mannix, defending the honor of Mary Jane, new metal butt rock, I totally would have looked at that dude's Slayer shirt collection, Press X to Not Die, it felt like they knew douchebags, you can't get scratched in this town, Return to The Valley of the Dolls, room 205, skull rings, it's so full of aggressive pretty faces, Henry Higgins, he was terrifying but Majestic at the same time, Jessica Chastain and The Bell Witch.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2014 movie Hollows Grove. So go watch it before you listen. You have been warned!!

"You can barely tell... how douchey they were."

The Macabre Adventures of Pumpkin MacLeod

Oct 17, 2015 01:29:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 325

We are coming to you "live" from this year's Meltdown Macabre Halloween celebration! There the gang settles in to decorate pumpkins, drink fancy seasonal beverages and discuss creepy movies. Plus we sit down and talk with MacLeod Andrews, the star and co-producer of They Look Like People - an independent film about friendship... and nightmares. So come join the party...

And as we cautiously anthropomorphize some inanimate objects, we also discuss... John Carpenter, Perry Blackshear, like an Ikea catalog times a thousand, peculiar melancholy, cannibal movies, we've gotta have a script at that point, The Serpent and the Rainbow, can we just look at those chairs a little while longer, Danny Trejo, Hollows Grove, mom's story checked out, Alex Karpovsky, how can I make this scene better... how can I make this movie better, subjective reality, Kathryn Bigelow, sleazy ghost hunters, rocks with little bits of personality, by accident it became one of the most personal films he's made to date, random teeth that had been on the ground for like six hundred years, Bill and Ted's Terrible Adventure, Halloween, there's never a bad place for throwing knives, playing cool sax, Goodnight Mommy, Margaret Ying, what if demons are real?, I missed that beat, Doug Henning, Tim Cappello, vegan Peeps, The Exorcist, the genius DNA is passed through the babysitter, you're not fully appreciating your t-shirt, The Hole Story, oops, I accidentally came upon... a gigantic mass grave, auteur vision, creepy magicians, those old carbon copy machines, Evan Dumouchel, you are seven jobs, gore porn, Rubberneck, for years I would just sit in my bed being like... what if something takes over my body, held together by surface tension, hey it's The Fonz, Red Flag, psycho bromance, Near Dark, going over the microfiche, little candy families and I think it'll just turn into a gourd.

"A heart-felt indie drama wrapped in a psychological thriller shell... with horrific elements."

Thanks to Gallery K, go support them:

For more on They Look Like People:

For more on the Louisville Film Society:

The Screaming Skull

Oct 11, 2015 01:10:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 324

This week our inaugural Meltdown Night at the Movies series crosses over with our annual Halloween-themed episodes to create a fun gathering of the Meltdown Gang - as we hang out, eat popcorn and watch The Screaming Skull.  
And as we discuss the bonuses of having a lady skull, we also mention... Transylvania, Tusk, Green Inferno, it's just what happens here, Ghost Adventures, going to the drive-in, The Exocist, over-explaining things, Mama Dracula, Meatballs, Poenari Castle, the priest has got my back, Dementia 13, he screaming is horrible... it will haunt your dreams, a really country bucolic sort of place, your limpy scruffy-looking dorm mate,building a haunted house, slipping on a leaf, gullwing = money, Buckets of Blood, memories of Doug Jones, Oculus, plastic fangs, the P.T. Barnum of the movie screen, The Fall of the House of Usher, hey baby skulls are actually super cute, Witch, I've been touching 700 year-old bones for the last six hours... and now it's time to take a break and eat lunch, a ghost story, Dick Miller, Bigfoot, Philip Michael Thomas, a pig tooth, bad relationship moves, Blood Mania and... it was only the peacocks.

"I literally spent a solid month, digging up human remains, in a Transylvanian graveyard..."

Thanks to Gallery K, go support them:

Michael Gross: Vibrations of Tremors that Shook Long Ago

Oct 5, 2015 01:31:57


Movie Meltdown - Episode 323 

This week we talk with Michael Gross about acting, the dynamic of Family Ties and his years working on the Tremors series of movies.

And as we find the best place to make a mistake, we also discuss... anthropology, sleepovers, eight performances a week, the most complex character of the piece, building a bastion, Shakespeare at that moment... that afternoon... came alive to me, holding onto your moral values, Edmund Gwenn, Tim and Eric, white yak hair, True Detective, a very practical man, Mary Gross, a preteen fan base, Our Father, they seemed to play well with others, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, fighting in World War 2, pretending to be a Doctor, a nice pile of money, Hamlet, always being prepared, Paul Rudd, orange goo, Dustin Hoffman, 11 year-olds declaring love, giant ants, try to follow good material wherever it takes you, Carbon Dating, they bleed through on the screen, St. Elsewhere, asexual appeal, Cool as Ice, making fun of Melvin, regional theater, John Belushi, her most successful marriage, conflict in his life, years of study, Second City, Miracle on 34th Street, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett all rolled into one and I'm liking it so much here... I may never leave.

"No one was as surprised as I was... after 13 years - that 'Tremors' was coming back."

Tremors 5: Bloodlines was released, October 6... go watch it!!

For more on Louisville’s International Festival of Film, go to:

The Strange and Amazing Life of Yaphet Kotto

Sep 26, 2015 01:14:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 322

This week we sit down and talk with the one and only...Yaphet Kotto. He has a fascinating place in history and a interesting role in the heyday of the New York acting scene, celebrity culture and the ever-changing Hollywood industry. Not to mention the overwhelming number of projects he's worked on over the years - it's quite a resume. So with all that to draw from, we attempt to get at least a brief synopsis of... The Strange and Amazing Life of Yaphet Kotto.

And as we address the fine art of being "a strange guy", we also discuss... being a horseman, royal family ties, messing with the history, a ghost would appear, Homicide, a series of events... in a church basement, Ossie Davis, I don't have an agent, Kananga, Martin Breast, I read that I'm doing a television show, Panamanian, Harry Dean Stanton, he went to the rabbi, impersonating Marlon Brando, copying these older guys, the belly of the beast, James Earl Jones, having chemistry, Barry Levinson comes driving up, the strength of women, I'm gonna call the cops, Ridley Scott, there are big people who have their eyes on you, NAACP, getting jobs without having to audition, around New York I started getting this name, The Stage Deli, having me removed from the building, James Dean, I didn't know you knew Paul Newman, white royalty, A Raisin in the Sun, Montgomery Clift, I was mysterious for sure, The Liberation of L.B. Jones, Anthony Quinn, beam me up Scotty, even when his back was turned, James Bond, Marilyn Monroe, technological innovations, On the Waterfront, Christopher Plummer, The Actors Studio, being a rebel, the first time a white man is killed on-screen, The Dick Cavett Show, Lee Strasberg, Rebel without a Cause and the artist... is going to say something about it.

"And no one knew... in my neighborhood or anywhere... that during the night, I was with superstars from Hollywood!"

Ramblin' Roadtrip

Sep 20, 2015 54:51


Movie Meltdown - Episode 321

This week we hit the road for a couple of different conventions including our coverage of ScareFest. So join us as we discuss how to fully coordinate your cosplay outfit, random quoting of The Young Ones, recapping of our fun purchases and we may just break into our impromptu performance of The Life and Times of Cobra Commander Jr. Plus we check in with Kelley from Night of the Living Podcast to see what he's been up to lately. 

And as we address the evil conviction of sticking your finger in your eyeball, we also talk about... wearing a hoodie, Turbo Kid, Assassin's Creed, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, jumping fast zombies disco listening, 100% stereotypes, slutty and adorable, Doug Marcaida, Crimson Peak, Mewes Juice, footwear and eye-wear, Burt Reynolds... and a dog, Two Broke Girls, it's easier to stab people then it is to make knives, Scream Queens, Steve Jobs, The Jersey Devil, Big Bang Theory, scrawny white guys, Wormwood, do ants go to discos?, green alien butt, old crusty batteries, Strike Back, Tom Hiddleston, leather short shorts and a tube top, I'm never really sick of talking, how to crash a motorcycle going 120, teen gossip magazines from the 70's and 80's, squished pennies in bulk, artsy Michael Fassbender, not looking like cosplay characters, Doctor Badass, P. T. Barnum, electronic owl, Kat Dennings and Krampus.

Spoiler Alert: Very minor spoilers for the Scream TV series... ehhh, you'll be fine hearing them. 

Producer's Note: In answer to our wondering on this episode... Fire Sale was a 1977 film, and I suspected it was put out by 20th Century Fox - which it was... so I'm assuming the person in the photo got the shirt free from the studio. 

"It's for the best they have a no weapons policy in there."

For more on ScareFest, go to:

Attack of Maddie Driscoll!

Sep 15, 2015 01:31:24


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 30 

This week we return to VinylFest to not only talk with random patrons of the event, but more importantly, we sit down to talk with an amazing singer and songwriter - Maddie Driscoll. We discuss not only Maddie's early interest in music but also how it crossed over into her love of movies. Plus she discusses some of her favorite soundtracks as she gives us her Killer Five. 

And as we work through some of the deep-rooted grade school angst that may or may not manifest itself in homicidal ways, we also discuss... bitchin' radio, American Idol, Taylor Swift, CG Barbie, sexy sax, a terrible memory, men threatening each other, odd sounding... #1 on iTunes, Good Boy, detecting sarcasm, beware of beanie babies bearing bad news, dead wrestlers, infected by our passions, Blues Clues, electro and pop infused, Napoleon Dynamite, the Zither, the audio decibel that only dogs can hear, creating a robot dog, a lint covered sucker, a dying medium, my butterfly skirt, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes phase, sleeveless shirts, "Mean" Gene Okerlund, building up your immunity, my butterfly skirt, Mel Gibson, an angsty second grader, cool dubby stuff, if they stepped on my face... I would be ok with that, Air Bud, dirty glances are being exchanged and the infamous Glitterkiller! 

"I think the goal is to make sounds that are so different, that people want to buy them, just because they haven't heard them before."

For more on Maddie, go to: 

Ninjas and Practical FX

Sep 5, 2015 01:28:28


Movie Meltdown - Episode 320

This week we are coming to you "live" from Fandomfest as we talk with director, producer, screenwriter, and special effects creator Robert Kurtzman. Then we sit down and discuss growing up in the industry with actor and martial artist Ernie Reyes, Jr. Plus of course we'll check in with certain members of the Meltdown gang along the way as well. 

And as we witness a Duck Hunt pro, we also mention... Jurassic World, Let Us Prey, The Funhouse Massacre, Scream TV series, Kevin Nash, It Follows, I DVR'd it, fake Doctor Eugene from The Walking Dead, a ghetto police station, a twelve week make-up course, working for Michael Bay, gladiators in Crocs, Charlie Band, taking advantage of digital effects, epic sets, 80's movies with monster effects, rom com tax write-offs, B.D. Wong, the head gag, Trainwreck, gasoline goes bad, playing the frat guys, Quentin Tarantino, Brigitte Nielsen, it was just the most amazing movie-making experience I ever had, yeah... Indiana Jones is looking for you, Troll, Bad Boys 2, Richard Fleischer, Andy Chang, Fred Dekker, Drew's body, Steven Spielberg, Evil Dead 2, runnin' and gunnin', broken leg appliances, the bodies coming out of the van, going to art school, Pulp Fiction, The Last Dragon, Marvin's head, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Night of the Creeps, he was really the one who was responsible for the starting of my career, The People  Under the Stairs, when your friends are Steve Mcqueen and James Coburn, Berry Gordy, every star has their heyday, uping the body count, Carrie Fisher, choreographing fight scenes, a bouncey castle with spinning blade, From Beyond, Reservoir Dogs, wanting to be like Bruce Lee, it was the time of my life actually, Robert Englund, casting the Ving Rhames body, the guy with the frying pan, living in Italy for six months, Jennifer Aniston in a less then attractive role, is it that hard to put on white make-up, Jim Henson and Golden Harvest, Jeff Goldblum, Misery, a pop-up Kickstarter, having a martial arts school, Amy Schumer, From Dusk til Dawn, that one chick who's name I forgot with the red hair, Cake, Red Sonja and Misty's first interaction with Doug Jones. 

"I definitely... having grown up in Hollywood, have gone down every pathway you can possibly imagine."

For more on Robert's effects work, go to:

To help Ernie cover his medical bills, go to:

And for more on Fandomfest, go to:

Attack of Dolores Erickson and the Tijuana Brass!

Aug 29, 2015 01:35:55


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 29

This week we are coming to you from VinylFest where on this the 50th anniversary of the hugely successful album Whipped Cream & Other Delights, we sit down and talk with Dolores Erickson. Delores is the woman featured on the cover of the album that eventually became a pop culture phenomena - as well as being one of the most recognizable (and often parodied) photographs in the world. And along the way, we also celebrate the amazing career of Herb Alpert as we build a soundtrack from his abundance of songs featured in movies over the years. Plus this week's co-host Yoko also works in some of her favorite soundtrack picks as well.

And as we try to figure out if it's legal in this state to make love to the camera, we also discuss... Eileen Ford, a class at Warner Brothers, cats sitting on your turntable, being introduced to Elvis Presley, lectures on swearing, I was just standing in my brassiere, choosing one girl from every high school, Stella Stevens, I won a contest, the art director for Capitol Records, brighten up your day with this band, a Bull Terrier, sometimes you've gotta squint on a roller coaster, I love his little quiff and his big chin, a lovable curmudgeon, Jerry Moss, predestined, a little bit of a heartbreak, skiing down a mountain, men like cats sometimes, The Everly Brothers, try not to fall in love when you hear this song, constructing the cotton, Steve Katz, being an art teacher, it seemed like in L.A., everyone had their businesses in their garages... they always made-over their garages... including Herb, I definitely learned rejection, It was just a lovely afternoon, a catamaran in a storm, very avant-garde records, being groomed, quit picking on Bill, he's such a sentimental person and for years... no one knew my name. 

"It's unusual. It's like a little ghost... that follows me around. It's extraordinary really."

For more on VinylFest, go to:

Meet Joe Black... and Doug Jones

Aug 22, 2015 01:14:59


Movie Meltdown - Episode 319

This week we're back huddled up on the floor with Doug Jones for a full discussion about the 1998 film, Meet Joe Black. And while we talk about Doug's alter ego of Pencilhead, we also discuss... Death takes a Holiday, Interview with a Vampire, Marcia Gay Harden, the peanut butter scene, real couples playing on-screen couples, foreboding and threatening, Tank Girl, and it was innocent... and gorgeous, Brad Pitt's abs, Hellboy 1 and 2, we're all dressed up and there's fireworks going on, everything was just lavish and luxurious, veined me up, oh now I take my clothes off, an element of the fantastical, the musical score, let's go to the indoor pool, the coffee date I love having, they let us be a smart audience, doubling for Gary Oldman, that's the way that I want to go one day, 12 Monkeys, they just make this eye contact, childlike and painfully awkward, Anthony Hopkins, relinquish fear, Mystery Men, a movie like this does make us question our mortality, Thelma & Louise, made my tendons pop, Jeffrey Tambor, the early phases of the internet meet Faces of Death and Hannibal... I'm yours! 

Spoiler Alert: Full discussion of Martin Brest's movie Meet Joe Black, so go watch now. You have been warned! 

"If I can leave the Earth with that kind of grace, and that kind of dignity..."

On the Carpet... with Doug Jones

Aug 16, 2015 01:05:30


Movie Meltdown - Episode 318

So are we on the RED carpet with Doug Jones? No, that's not how we roll. Here at Movie Meltdown, we'd much rather set up camp on the floor and just share some stories. So that's what we do... this week we settle in for an intimate and relaxed hang out session with Doug Jones as we discuss some of the amazing projects he's worked on over the years as well as what he's been up to lately. 

And as we figure out the logistics for our group photo/cuddling assemblage, we also mention... Crimson Peak, Ant-Man, Pan's Labyrinth, Slender Man, a good Summer flick, listening to your earpiece, Guillermo del Toro, eat some popcorn, Hocus Pocus, Joan Rivers, Mia Wasikowska, The Ultimate Legacy, The Operator, the Fantastic Four is like The Wicker Man of the super hero movies... the Nick Cage Wicker Man, The Shining, The Strain, Missi Pyle, being a hot zombie, Tom Hiddleston, Z Nation, speaking Spanish, creepy Victorian haunted house movie, did you know that before the movie?, Jessica Chastain, Robert Maillet, Cochise, Glenn Close, fed on a poor naked fellow, the Hallmark Channel, Abe Sapien, it's pronounced labyrinth, Guardians of the Galaxy, being the last man on Earth, a crazy alien-hunter, the Fauno bicycle seat, feel-good inspirational, Charlie Hunnam, reshaping my body, Lee Meriwether, Falling Skies, lessons learned, My Name Is Jerry, a skinny hipless boy, Micheal Douglas, one post-apocalyptic job after another, a red lady ghost, The Silver Surfer, watch flashy action, vamp this up, Brian Dennehy, walking out of the house in a Speedo, a massive lusting for Raquel Welch, The Devil's Backbone, prove himself worthy, putting a muscle suit on, Arrow and Flash, being excited about film watching, drinking with a bendy straw, Paul Rudd, being a butler, Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story, a three picture deal, looking through tear ducts, a glorious house, sounding like a whore and... silicone products.

"We all wear masks..."  "mine are just glued on."

Forget Me Not

Aug 7, 2015 01:09:58


Movie Meltdown - Episode 317

This week we return to the bastion to hang out and watch the 2009 film "Forget Me Not" directed by Tyler Oliver. And while we argue the pros and cons of slutty skirts vs. slutty pants, we also bring up... Sinister, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Insidious, The Last Days on Mars, Bella Thorn is eternal, wearing matching underpants, starring on cereal boxes, I do everything wrong, abandoned hospitals, a fish in your car, he looks like a drunk baby, having a half-brother named Pablo, Harper's Island, demons and what-nots getting in your body, stolen from The Twilight Zone, the Scream TV series, are you a ghost?, the physical or metaphysical tangent, by myself... in the dark... at night, the new 007, sci-fi and art house at the same time, the dreaded moleststach, Jacob's Ladder, all shady things happen in attics, The Chronicles of Riddick, I'm gonna punt that kid across the room, Casino Royale, Liev Schreiber, goin' to the mountains, with the Manson video rejects, Forged in Fire, a box of murder films, bad CG mouth, Sean Connery and the service to the world that is alternate timeline erasing of STDs. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2009 film "Forget Me Not". So go watch the movie before listening... you have been warned! 

"As they start getting picked off one by one... you gotta whole horde of flickering, garbage bag, duct tape monsters coming after you." 

Sink or Swim

Jul 31, 2015 01:29:09


Movie Meltdown - Episode 316

"Sink or Swim" - All in. To fail or succeed entirely by one's own efforts. 

This week we go to Sink or Swim Art Gallery to talk with our friend Ryan who has gone all in... with his artistic endeavors , as he opens a new art gallery filled with terrific artwork and movie references. We discuss Ryan's early interests in both art and film, and just how one leads to the other.  

And while we make up our own story, we also discuss... Gremlins, De Chirico, Inside Out, What We Do in the Shadows, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Sponge Bob from Piccaso, sharing other weird ideas, the boys who fell down the toilet, being an art kid, coconuts and cinnamon toast, Joe Bob Briggs, confident filmmakers, a less macho Jimmy Fallon, when it all adds up to being weird, Beauty Is Embarrassing, sitting in front of the advertising box, Captain USA and Handy, the NPR "thing", silly surreal, Grant Wood, a cult of originality, Siskel and Ebert, there's a solidarity to growing up that level of geek, substituting shapes for no apparent reason, filming the impressionists, Green Acres, Red Flag, like a podcast virus, Looney Tunes landscapes, Alfred Hitchcock, documenting the evolution of a thing, Wayne White, Funny Games, being at the brink of giving up, Exit Through the Gift Shop, I really cannot trust that voice, skateboarding, Shakespeare, Jennifer Prediger, The Anniversary Party, bringing JTT out of retirement, Hell Comes to Frogtown, it's like they are trying to push your buttons, Disney animation,  making it a lifestyle, Ren and Stimpy, the urban Muppet world, Botticelli, the Carter family, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, Ninja Turtles meets The Monster Squad, a parody of itself, undulating, Thomas Kinkade, Alex Karpovsky, Night of the Creeps, celebrity vs. artist, Jackson Pollock, it's like realizing a group of people you're talking to... are a cult, Aquaman marrying a woman without gills, transcendental poetry and stupid logic, barricaded from progressing, anything with big monsters, robots, dinosaurs... I just completely turn back into a six-year old, you'll like this ... it's bizarre, Fire and Ice, Dogtown and Z Boys, Chasing  Gabor, we want it to be fun... we want to bring fun back into art, Salvador Dali, two different theories of evil... driving around in the same car, While We're Young, for me... it's a lot of disappointment, no matter how fast the rabbit runs... the hounds are going to catch up to him, putting your head in an oven, trainwreck movies, sleep... it's overrated, High School art classes, artisanal toast and discovering the secret of Blankets and Spaghetti.

"I think film is the perfect collaboration of all forms of art."

For more on the gallery and Ryan's art, go to:

Attack of Forecastle 2015!

Jul 25, 2015 01:56:36


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 28

This week we host a Killer Soundtrack episode from amidst the jubilant grounds of this year's Forecastle Festival. As we wander around the musical celebration, we continually meet up with our semi-regular co-hosts. So together we discuss the event and along the way build an impressive and wide-ranging soundtrack.

And while we recount our evening spent with Sam Smith, we also mention... Unicron, Ben Affleck, being out of control, at the bourbon slushie tent, to this day one of the most tragic character deaths, anyone who sponsors a soccer game, Romania, on-stage having fun, Joel Schumacher, old person face, robot smoke comes out of their mouths and they fall down dead, facing your cell phone the wrong way, striving for crass commercialization, we're waiting to hear the destruction reports out of Switzerland any day now, better in a bar, cthulhu-level horror, south to drop off moron, everyone looks good, because they feel good, Reservoir Dogs, your boss was afraid to hurt your feelings by firing you, split-screen, I don't know if I'm getting older... or music is getting worse, that work of genius, young up and coming actresses, cheezy 80's music, saves the day... and promptly dies, henna for tweens, water is like 85% of existence, a youth-infested music festival, that's how we process music now... soundtracks and video games, acutely plebeian peasants, Diarrhea Planet, a Lovecraftian symphany... about a a Lovecraftian robot... from the most Lovecraftian of giant robot movies, more female-centric films, it was like that scene from Jaws, even more questions about Batman v. Superman, very aware of itself, as I've been told by a guy who has a can of Nitrogen in his back seat for the purpose of bourbon freezing, grunge settling in, body glitter, we could be like a bunch of Nascar drivers... except we're podcasters, they just don't wanna stop, that Christmas where the Germans and the Americans stopped shooting at each other... and played soccer, Wim Wenders, punishment for Amy Winehouse's dad,  Dope, listening as well as watching film, as seen on TV, if you are from their town, unrequited love, polite but not nice, Nightwing, St. Elmo's Fire, bright red horror, smashing me back in a lovely way, snare ticky tack, growing up Springsteen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, action happening in two different spots, taking a lot of weird risks, someone came up from behind him, things being out of his hands, that was in a Tony Hawk game, Lucio Fulci, storming out, the leaker, you're not over it if you're still saying it on the microphone, and remember kids... stay hydrated and use sunscreen.

"If you use a song really, really well in a scene, that song will remind people of your scene for the rest of their lives."

For more info on the fest, go to:

Buzzworthy Communiqué

Jul 18, 2015 01:35:42


Movie Meltdown - Episode 315

This week we welcome two new co-hosts, as well as rediscover a previous co-host who had mysteriously disappeared? So while we try to figure out just what happened to him in the interim, we then talk through a couple of recent releases. Then we return to an installment of What's the Buzz? - as we discuss the super geeky news that has been unleashed upon the world this previous week. 

And as we find out just how that experience become engrained in people's movie souls, we also mention... Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, Deadpool, Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters 2016, Terminator Genisys, Mad Max: Fury Road, Nimbus 3000, Willow, Grandma lady has the plants, Wookie Eyes Wide Shut, he cares about style more then anything else, Thor of the sea, The Lifetime Movie, T.J. Miller, Margot Robbie, The Green Inferno, a timeline that's beat to hell, Game of Thrones, a giant dry erase board, centering the protagonist, Sin City, Andy Serkis, it's not that bad guys, Streets of Rage, 9/11 parallels, George Miller, closing a video store, Warwick Davis, Roger Dean, mythos, Joss Whedon, imagination and sensory overload, Avatar... the spa experience, Ben Affleck, Black Widow, the entire universe should have collasped upon itself, a variety show with Wookies, backseat villains, Michael Shannon IS Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jared Leto, The Sacrament, A Deadly Adoption, Emilia Clarke, Jurassic World, a real car chase, being raised on Star Wars, Zack Snyder, Michael Bay, using CGI, Pretty Women... starring Jesse Eisenberg, Cannibal Holocaust, Oscar Isaac, Kryptonite all over the place, the disappearance into the bathroom, James Cameron's special approval, Superman tax and some jerk with a VCR. 

"I like to know when I'm getting duped."

Attack of the Heavy Metal Horror Movies!

Jul 11, 2015 01:18:38


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 27

This week we welcome our special guest co-host Dr. Gangrene to be our DJ of heavy metal horror movies. We let the Doctor run wild as we assemble our own epic soundtrack built from the metal-themed movies that ruled the 80's!

And as we discuss the "Satanic Panic" that took hold of the country, we also mention... the greatest WTF ending, a three-dimensional VHS cover, you've gotta see the zombie march, swatting a fly, which brings them back... to battle Hitler and his minions, VH1, a rocker that comes back from the dead to get revenge on the people who did him wrong, congress brought rock and rollers in there, wizards, Never Sleep Again, singing lyrics from the book, it was a magical thing, Metal Mania, this movie's nuts, guitar punk, a werewolf, skateboarding, a love story aliens invading zombies... it's got it all, like bumpy, that whole time period and everything that was going on, this movie's got it all, a band of demons... trying to steal the souls of the kids in the town, while this is going on there's a subplot of a slasher going around killing people, I've met Thor, I know Thor... I'm friends with Thor, garagey and trashy, once we were done with heavy metal it's like other cultures picked it up and started doing their own thing with it, in a functioning video store, smart-assed comments, Eva Braun, because the 80's was... the 80's, It's in the songs... it's in the movie, Splatter, that's the way to ring in the new year, playing a cassette tape and then this band comes along... and then demons. 

"I think we've gotta start with... what I call the Citizen Kane of heavy metal horror movies."

For more on Dr. Gangrene, go to:


The Thing Called Love... for Samantha Mathis

Jul 4, 2015 01:21:25


Movie Meltdown - Episode 314

This week, among our other geek activities, we also recap our road trip where we met Jack Noseworthy and sat down for an interview with the lovely and talented Samantha Mathis. Whom our host my or may not have had a huge crush on back in the day. In fact, it might still be going on. 

And while we delve into the most expensive movie ever made in 1991, we also discuss... did Joss Whedon steal his ideas, sitting on an apple box, the most star-studded cast, Project Almanac, Lala Sloatman, Bella Thorne, Wilmington, a masterful grasp of the English language, John Woo, Fear Street, I'm chocked full of literacy, is Dura a name?, The Thing Called Love, Scooby Doo, Brooklyn or Manhattan, John Leguizamo, the press tour to Japan, Peter Bogdanovich, running in a ravine in sand, it's so bloody... and there's an arm, "T Bone" Burnett, playing cat and mouse with me, and you live by the Sorkin word, I'd never seen anyone use so many cameras, a commercial for Lollapalooza, super star-struck and intimidated, a hundred feet of squibs, Nessie, time travel 101, Chef, with him... goes away so much history about cinema, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn, Blue Velvet, I'm sitting on set with Meathead, all right so who's got their underwear on and who doesn't?, playing with the boys and the toys, we are NOT making Achy Breaky Heart!, very precise, animal bits, Ancient Aliens, Bob Hoskins, Corey Haim, The American President, Idle Hands, one of them made a sound, April Fool's Day, cotton balls, this is a public service announcement, Max Headroom, giving Hitler a wedgie, piggy-back rides, Supernatural, Allan Moyle, Dennis Hopper, doing an art project with Craig Sheffer, Dead at 21, a challenging career, Broken Arrow, taking down time and space for a useful relationship, music licensing, disabled water fountains, Princess Daisy's in a castle, jamming on a street corner and Pump up the Volume.

Spoiler Alert: We discuss the book "The Little White Trip: A Night In the Pines" so major spoilers for that book, and sort of for "Cabin in the Woods". Also Bryan reveals the Samantha-related spoiler for season 1 of  "Under the Dome". You have been warned.  

"I build from the outside in." 

Late Night Movie Talk with Adam Burke

Jun 26, 2015 01:50:04


Movie Meltdown - Episode 313

This week we hang out at Gallery K after Adam Burke's comedy set and engage in a hardcore session of... Late Night Movie Talk. We kick things off with a little introduction to Adam, but very quickly we welcome in Carl and Dan from Gallery K, as we roll into an old-fashioned, round table, movie geek discussion. 

It becomes a wide-ranging conversation that covers topics like... stand-up comedy, regional accents, George Lucas, David Letterman, animal cruelty in classic films, Kevin Smith, Michael Parks, Noah Baumbach, too much backstory, Bill Murray, nine college grads writing your material, Stanley Kubrick, saving your money for cockfighting, Tom Hanks, serials, tooth gap, antler rack museum, John Mayer, Justin Long, Lawrence of Arabia, the field Museum, late night monologues, Clerks, Greek archetypes, Steve Buscemi, podcasting movies, Dazed and Confused, The Miracle Worker, the psychedelic scene, verbal ticks, craft services on Apocalypse Now, Secret of the Incas, the war room, The 39 Steps, Inception, stand-up films, Brian De Palma, Paths of Glory, if you wanna fall down this rabbit hole - don't, focusing on objects, Let's build the rails before we go off them, The Old Man and the Sea, King of Comedy, Martin Scorsese, Samuel L. Jackson, David O. Selznick, Kansas City Confidential, The Killing, Irvin Kershner, Room 237, the Coen Brothers, Rebecca, blowing a coral reef, Bob Hope, Tusk, movie crawls, a blushing ghost, Steven Spielberg, Notorious, Mad Max: Fury Road, entranced by YouTube, George Carlin, L.A. Rules, the declassified cockpit, George C. Scott, The Lady Vanishes, using the ratios, She-Ra: Princess of Power, making movie references, harpooning sharks through the face, Richard Linklater, it feels more real then the real thing, Alfred Hitchcock, All-Star Superman, stand-up is rough because it's... kind of easy to trick yourself into thinking you know how to do it, then there'll always be a situation reminding you... that you don't, Red State, Jennifer Tilly's stunt double, Wes Anderson, Jeff Anderson, space stewardess, Tomorrowland, cataloging fish, Johnny Carson, Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes, a dead zoo, Punchline, Madonna, Alan Rickman, dropping the F-stop, the seal of greatness, Johnny Depp, Dogma, Woody Allen, Spencer Tracy, Ken Burns, Chicago, the hot deep cut of Kubrick and debutantes. 

"...the way that movie ends, I feel like you can... feel American movies change."

Monte Hellman and the Key to Harry Dean Stanton

Jun 20, 2015 01:06:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 312

This week, we recap this year's Harry Dean Stanton Fest as well as sit down with director and cinema legend - Monte Hellman.

And while we contemplate Harry Dean's philosophy on nothingness, we also discuss... going to Dan Tana's, John Huston, HarryTown, Roger Corman, when the machine goes to sleep, the universe collapses upon itself, get healthy, Ski Troop Attack, Jack Nicholson, Calvin Coolidge, The Beast from Haunted Cave, a day filming within an hour drive, Michael Blowen, Bearded Collie, first and only Union movie, Jack Hill, Francis Ford Coppola, two days on the leftover set, the key to the city, I stayed at his house, off-off-off-off Broadway, Waiting for Godot, The Terror, take that as a sign, Last Woman on Earth, we are nothing, I'll still do it out of jail, five Texas Rangers, adding extra scenes, Saturday matinee, bedbugs for 92 dollars a night, she just hopped up on his lap, True Romance, the mythos, One-Eyed Jacks, casting, Warren Oates, Dennis Wilson, storyboards, Road to Nowhere, Ponda Baba, someone I literally stalked, the Tarzan yell, gambling, Paul Verhoeven, Summer stock company, Stagecoach, James Taylor, Silent Night, Deadly Night 3, The Virginian, Millie Perkins, the car movie, mononucleosis, Reservoir Dogs, Love or Die, the Star Wars bar, My Darling Clementine, while you're making one, you might as well make two, RoboCop, C.C Brown's Hot Fudge Sundae and sponsor our trip to Monte's house!

"I never... felt that I had any chance of breaking into the movies."

The velvet paintings of Monte and Harry Dean were commissioned by the Velveteria. For more info, go to: 

For more info on Harry Dean Stanton Fest, go to:

Collecting the Stories

Jun 12, 2015 55:20


Movie Meltdown - Episode 311

This week we continue our coverage of WonderFest as we sit down and "collect stories" from Jamie Anderson and Eric Chu, as well as reminisce with Lost in Space's Marta Kristen. 

Jamie is the son of Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Supercar, Fireball XL5, just to name a few of his projects. So we talk with Jamie about what it was like growing up with a father that was so well known in certain circles. And not only how he got into the industry, but equally as interesting... just what his "collecting" job was before he made the move. So we talk with him and (our reluctant adopted cast member) Eric about the new project they have teamed up to work on. 

And of course most people know Marta Kristen from TV's Lost in Space, but we sit down to discuss her early interest in performing as well as the films she made both before and after her famous television role. 

And while we try to bring that respectability back, to something, we also discuss... Mad Max: Fury Road, beach movies, Walking with Dinosaurs, you suck, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Selleck, it all becomes another world, O Brother, Where Art Thou, miniature sets and explosions, proof of concept, The Imitation Game, philosophy of education, Ageless, The Road Warrior, if anybody needs services, Jim Henson, walked off the plane like Charlie Chaplin, always a surfer, wanting to work in the industry, Lolita, loneliness,  real world physics being a constraint... leads to ingenuity, Doctor Who, Team America, Norway, Terminal Island, geek dads, alien sculpting and painting, a different kind of fanbase, putting explosives on you, Gemini Affair, stupid puppet walks, I've always done what I wanted to do, is it true blondes have more fun?, singing and dancing, Space Precinct, the George Lucas of Hong Kong, Miki Dora, The Bad Seed, being a mermaid and special interactions with horses.

"Grown-ups would... turning into a massive child like a gibbering wreck, because they'd met their hero."

Once again a big thanks to everyone at WonderFest! For more info:

For more on Eric and Jamie's project:

And to keep up with Marta:

Talking Nicotero

Jun 6, 2015 01:16:50


Movie Meltdown - Episode 310

This week we kick-off our coverage of WonderFest... and we do it with none other then one of the most sought after men in the industry - Greg Nicotero. We discuss films that fascinated and scarred him as a child and the odd coincidences that led to his amazing career in special effects and horrific make-up. 

And while we yammer on about random movies, we also discuss... bloody fingertips, Harper's Island, Horrors of the Wax Museum, the Swamps of Sadness, Ben Gardner's head, The Crazies, Honeymoon, I'm gonna die next to a ukulele-shaped pool, I Still Know what you did Last Summer, Rome, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, saving kids from a fire with a sharpened machete, Top Gear, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Linda's headless body with a chainsaw, Frank Darabont, genius status, maze-like woods, C.J. Thomason, buttoning your shirt as you are almost getting killed, when they find Chrissie's remains on the beach, I actually have a pick-up line for George Romero, gelatin eyeballs, Quentin Tarantino, any opportunity to get behind the camera is a good opportunity, Crimson Peak, a road trip to a concert festival maybe, jorts have never been so hot, Jack Black, tricking my brain, Joe Alves, Monroeville, we bought hundreds of gallons of ultra-slime, Dick Smith, pee wee head, a tragic marine-time accident thumb, zip-tied into the tanning booth, the Summer of the Shark, fighting with Martin Scorsese, they sent me to Arizona, Evil Dead 2, a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, Housebound, shoe dipping, Dawn of the Dead, crossroads in my career, Bruce Campbell breaking plates over his head for three days straight, Vampire Diaries, the movie just needed to stop, Irwin Allen, one of the first VCRs, Creepshow 2, it just scared the f**king sh*t out of me.. so perfectly, sharpening machetes, Chiller Theater, getting blood poisoning, you're a make-up guy what do you know, In Fear, Richard Hammond, my childhood was timing when we got to a commercial so I could change the tapes while we were recording stuff, Tom Savini, potential aliens involved, this kid's got moxie, needle felting and  honey... that is not where you put a barbecue fork... let me tell you that right now.

"...the in-between is the weirdest Rubic's Cube of Hollywood... that you'll ever imagine."

A big thanks to WonderFest! For more info, go to:

Deader Snow

May 30, 2015 01:24:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 309

This week we return to the bastion to hang out and randomly pick a movie to watch... which turns out to be Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead. And while we find out just what it takes to be hermetically sealed, we also discuss... watching way too much Forensic Files, siphoning gas, tomahawk fighting, Freaks and Geeks, Cribs, sassy underpants, cut to her cervix, Karen Gillan, David Letterman, magically getting your arm ripped off, Lux Interior, another one to the head, tank issues, an unequivocal sex invite, ParanoiaCast, Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing, killing kids, super-zombie-Nazi-strength, Idle Hands, rabbit ears, stop it Lita... I don't want to see that, being Scottish, painfully unfunny, underbite, scrolling through streaming movies, Evil Dead, smacking the newspaper, Dr. Smith, Leif Garrett, Jim Carrey, Galaxy Quest, innards spooling out, bringing people back from the dead, Squidbillies, AC/DC, Shaun Cassidy, a weird-humany person, creating your own show-world, getting traction, Nazi leprechauns, tin cans... leaves... and garbage, Martin Starr, a librarian ponytail, swamp gator crocodiles dino gators, David Tennant, previously on, sidekick zombie, conventions about necrophilia, Top Gear, hanging your teen posters, Mystic Seer, getting the easy pass in horror movies, projectile vomit, something actually caught me off-guard... for once in a movie, fancy TV, Lita Ford, the most amazing hair I've ever seen, I have two kittens, all the powers of the undead, trying to break into tanks, Party Down, wacky zombie doctor, I like a good gratuitous head-bash as much as the next person, Metal Mania, millions and billions, Kickboxer, sex in the outhouse, wearing tight jeans, MeTV, Scorpions, forgetting how to run, Star Wars geek cop-out and ka-f*cking-boom. 

Spoiler Alert: Plenty of spoilers are discussed for "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead", so watch the movie before listening. You have been warned! 

" me that's what makes it satisfying... a movie actually surprised me. And did something I did not see coming." 

Attack of The Dead Deads!

May 22, 2015 01:13:36


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 26

This week we sit down with the genre-defying band - The Dead Deads. We learn a little about the members themselves, mostly based on their love of movies and music. And of course along the way, we build an interesting and well-rounded soundtrack. 

And while one member of band pins down the ultimate, phenomenal pussy soundtrack, we also discuss... Instagram pizza pictures, TARS, continuing to be dicks to the poor, Miley Cyrus, experiencing horror vicariously, Rotoscope, indie boners, Ann Getty, I don't do anything cool really, this is super unpleasant, I had snot everywhere... it was such a good movie, literally animate everything we're singing, hanging out on a cruise ship, Disney movies, a Metal/Rock/Punk/Dance Party, Snowpiercer, dropping off a cup of sugar, trust the sci fi fan, a see-through mesh black thing, a key moment for musicians and film lovers alike, being punctual, it's an add your own curse song, having good teeth, favorite robot, Quentin Tarantino, the biggest nerd, what's happening now?, get in yo bunk, unless an alien pops out or we're in outer space I don't really care, some possession movie, super worried about Walter White, I could party on that soundtrack until I die, the greenest person in the room, a vision quest of horror movies, being assigned a dead name, predestined to be a dick, Slayer Rules, a four hour fight about Disney soundtracks, trust the parameters of social media, Mad Libs song, my hard drive is full, Elvis mouth vs. Billy mouth, post-apocalyptic Schindler's List, leopard pants, quite the entertaining little chimp, the dude in the red thong, I don't do anything cool really, a well-organized genre explosion in Drop D, Interstellar, Taylor Hawkins, BW3 trivia... and a luckdragon. 

"...but that song came on and I was just like 'What the hell is this?! Must obtain track!'" 

For more on The Deads Deads, go to:

Avengers Assemble!

May 15, 2015 01:59:11


Movie Meltdown - Episode 308

This week we assemble at least a portion of The Meltdown Gang to put together our own "Marvel Super Special"! We kick things off with a little discussion of the new Daredevil series, followed by our extended take on this week's Out on the Town feature - Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

Plus as one of us has a run-in with a Mr. Fisk, we also discuss... C2E2, House of M, he's Starscream, Tom Hardy, dramatic pacing, Man of Steel, Loki, please cobble this, Vincent D'Onofrio, Doctor Doom, the elevator comment, Mayberry, doing his thing at the artist's table, Elizabeth Olsen, Rick Grimes, the scale is so big, Steven Seagal, Maker's Mark, old John Woo, being a geek God, nuke the city, Joss Whedon, playing off humanity, Andy Serkis, a biological bullet, all of it matters, dialogue, Black Widow, track your people, the money shot, evil Government realism, kind of like Lannisters, the party, Guardians of the Galaxy, you're blind and you're sewing, Jason Momoa, Latveria, a what if comic, Don Cheadle, you couldn't do the shoes, a Canadian douchebag, Superman 3/2, Will Smith, Rob Thomas, Hell's Kitchen, it's not Easter... they're just eggs, PTSD, so CG, Vision, iZombie, Hawkeye, Xander, lifting Mjölnir, I don't want that in my comic book, Planet Hulk, I have my own idea of what they should do - and they should just do it, Civil War, strong female characters, Civil Wars, being attracted to death, he will die in glory, The Dread Pirate Roberts, teamwork, Secret Wars, a foundation of good-lookin' shit, Groot didn't wear Crocs, making an awkward geek noise, the mad scientist speech, Veronica Mars, isolating yourself from the world, mouth movement and... The City! 

Spoiler Alert: While we control ourselves as best as we can for Daredevil, it's full spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron (but hopefully you will have seen it by the time you are listening to this episode). Plus a random 28 Weeks Later spoiler sneaks in there as well. You have been warned. 

"Good, I'm allowed to be a super nerd for these two hours." 

No Requiem for Michael Rooker

May 8, 2015 01:27:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 307

This week Bryan and Lucy team up once again with Michael from the You Eight It podcast to tackle a relatively forgotten film from Michael Rooker's past. Long before he found a much wider audience with projects like The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy, Mr. Rooker was probably thrilled to get cast as the lead in a modern day film noir called Brown's Requiem. Especially since it was based on a James Ellroy novel and co-starred people like Selma Blair, Will Sasso, Brad Dourif, Harold Gould, Kevin Corrigan, Valerie Perrine, Tobin Bell and Brion James. But despite the well-known author and impressive cast... it seems like this movie was lost to the ages. So the three of us sit down to recap the film and try to figure out just why this movie wasn't a big hit.

And while we learn about the mysterious origins of Higgins Memorial Coliseum, we also bring up... The Age of Adaline, if in fact I had maintained consciousness, Mass Effect Trilogy, having a lollipop, Goldust, While We're Young, being a child fire-bomber, Mississippi Burning, Jennifer Jason Leigh, a young girl theme, JFK, dying unceremoniously, beating the under-aged horse, he's on in an off way, Big Hero 6, owned it on VHS, for huffing purposes, from Michael Rooker to Warren Oates, a drinking-related mishap, 1996 era professional wrestling, feelin' 85, Tango & Cash, emotional resonance, golf ball smuggling, Noah Baumbach personal baggage, it makes the whole thing a lot grosser... in a way I can appreciate, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, his young ingénue, terrible experiences make you go back to the bottle, Mexican wrestlers, bitterness and resentment, hiring a random guy to dig a hole, L.A. Confidential, a movie that time forgot, what's going on with the Fat Dog?, Cliffhanger, Ben Stiller, one of my old nemeses, not relating to different peer groups, Mallrats, wrestling panda bears, and suffering from Simpson's Syndrome.  

Spoiler Alert: We reveal full spoilers for Brown's Requiem. This is a hard to find title these days, so go seek it out and watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening. You have been warned. 

"Parts of the movie feel like dragging sand through molasses." 

For more on Michael's podcast (including several episodes featuring members of the Movie Meltdown cast), go to:

Gren Wells and the Road Within

May 1, 2015 57:04


Movie Meltdown - Episode 306

This week, we welcome special guest actress/writer/director Gren Wells to join us and discuss her years working in the industry as well as the making of The Road Within - an independent film about three teens with mental development problems that go on a road trip. With an impressive cast that features Robert Sheehan, Dev Patel, Zoë Kravitz, Robert Patrick and Kyra Sedgwick. 

And while we realize that we're all weirdos, we also discuss... R-rated language, a bit more accepting of being different, premiering at the L.A. Film Festival, combating the misinformation, wide shots, parenting is the key, I like going and eating popcorn as much as the next person, Runoff, adapting a screenplay, opening a door correctly, Jackson Kramer, three takes per set-up, injecting humor, color helping to tell the story, Alexa vs. Red, winning best film at the Rome Film festival, self distribution, beating Harvey Weinstein to the punch, sell th script to a studio... and you'll make some money, you shouldn't have it in your back pocket, streaming indie films, Tourette's, OCD, anorexia, Terms of Endearment, Sundance, called in every favor, no free shit parties, The Breakfast Club, working on the characters, Mike Nichols, Yosemite, the archaic MPAA, is it ever just so hard to be the smartest person in the room, Sweden, Ireland, Cleveland, Vermont, New York, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, word of mouth is so powerful, changing stuff just to change stuff, fighting the Lifetime movie stigma, Wizard of Oz, wanting to have sex with Robert Sheehan, the financiers would tell me to go fuck myself, The Stanford Prison Experiment, the best medicine tastes like candy, I saw a trailer online for a German film, it will be triggering, for no pay, watching it in a vacuum, 35mm vs. digital, No one said going to the movies should be easy... it should challenge you, bringing a bit more reality, Coprolalia, James L. Brooks, I love my movie and I know that it can change people's lives, anything is possible, seeing something all the way though, already hyper in a resting state, unproduced rom-coms bought my house, laugh and cry... sometimes at the same moment, doing it for a living, you're giving the audience a chance to breathe, by way of New York and Robert Fucking Patrick and the blue cheese.  

"I have joked that we're going to win the award for most use of the word cunt. Ever. On film." 

For more on The Road Within, go to:

Attack of Jon Spencer!

Apr 25, 2015 01:08:03


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack - Episode 25

This week we welcome very special guest co-host Jon Spencer. With a musical career that spans 24 years, Jon has been in bands like Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, The Honeymoon Killers and Heavy Trash - but is still probably best known as the front-man for The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. But in addition to his innovative music and creative videos, Jon also grew up as a big movie fan, and was inspired equally as much by filmmakers. So we discuss his early influences in both music and movies, and along the way we assemble our own impressive collection of songs.

And as we are quietly shaped by the counter-culture filtered through capitalism, we also mention Hanna Barbara cartoons, Devo, Herschell Gordon Lewis, music videos, Russ Meyer, CGI effects, Josie and the Pussycats, punk rock, duck and cover, the ABC movie of the week, John Waters, Heavy Metal magazine, James Bond, what kind of font he would use, just simply said... less notes, Kurt Russell, the shadow of the golden American boom, The Gun Club, The Munsters, he was doing his own thing, Throbbing Gristle, Night Flight, Planet of the Apes, film and television from an early age definitely had a grip on me, new wave,trombone, reading about music... has always been a big thing for me, old safety films, Cabaret Voltaire, Gilligan's Island, the way I way it... just banging things around, Star Trek, yeah we have three... nobody ever rents them, The Residents, I used to make film... before I started playing music I studied filmmaking and that's what I wanted to do, They Live, 60's garage punk, The Banana Splits, Stanley Kubrick, there weren't a lot of people who were into this stuff, Kraftwerk, The Monkees, Escape from New York and hard-fought information. 

"...and that's really at the heart of rock 'n roll. Rock 'n roll is an opportunity... to recreate yourself." 

For more on Jon, go to:

Attack of Wes Anderson 2!

Apr 18, 2015 01:26:53


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #24 - Attack of Wes Anderson 2

This week we are joined by two different guest co-hosts - Jonathon A. Mitchell from Nellie Pearl and Shadwick Wilde from Quiet Hollers. Both bands were featured at this year's Wes Fest celebration, so we address the choices for what songs they would cover from one of Wes Anderson's films. Plus we discuss Wes as a director and the subgenre and fanbase he's created over the years. All the while building a soundtrack recorded live by Nellie Pearl and Quiet Hollers, plus a few other songs along the way. 

And as we question the punk band touring drinking mischief kind of life, we also mention... the male/female dynamic, crowded in the van, Shelton Williams?, gelled into this Wes Anderson thing, my sister was like hip for a year or so in high school or something, The Royal Tenenbaums, cutting your wrists, Bottle Rocket, those guys don't have to practice, growing as an artist, drummer and bass player jokes, hospitals and McDonalds, bad Hank, aesthetically pleasing, Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, I tried to say I'm sorry, The Grand Budapest Hotel, born with a keytarist in your hand, Zoosk, don't go buy anything... make it all yourself, Elliot Smith, the mustache street wars of 2006, having new songs in your arsenal, Agatha, always some obscure midwestern town, Appalatin, dropped out of high school to do that, a, do you wanna play in this weird depressing Americana band with me, Oscar and the Picket Line, duel citischship, stepping out of that rich white people perspective zone, sit here stoney-eyed, the only band with drums, if you need a new one just order a pizza, speaking with an fake Australian accent, have a little diabetes, getting girls to come see your band, the drool comes out of both sides and fast power-chord kind of silly stuff. 

"How come no one's helping that man!" 

Wes Fest is a benefit to support the Fair Event Vendors Alliance. For more info:

For more on Nellie Pearl:

For more on Quiet Hollers:

Catherine Mary Stewart: Midnight Cowgirl

Apr 10, 2015 01:00:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 305

This week we hang out with actress Catherine Mary Stewart as we discuss her impressive career (The Last Starfighter, Night of the Comet, Mischief, Weekend at Bernie's) and her early days getting into the entertainment industry. And Catherine also sits in with us to discuss this week's Sofa Theater feature: Midnight Cowboy. 

And as we address the inner workings of the crazy Hollywood vortex, we also bring up... Cannon Films, a showing at Lincoln Center, kids in a candy store, extended exposition, a convention pup, it is a weird movie and you can interpret it in a multitude of ways, 500 pictures of the characters, just trying to fit into American culture, the kids keep coming back, Menahem Golan, appreciating the artistic side of the business, the experimental creative genre of film, entitlement, being an empty nester, photo animation, Twitter followers, a really bad hustler, a long involuntary cab ride, Facebook problems, the studio system, coming up in the system today, a new genre of movies happened, I'm ready for my close-up, come away from it creeped out in a way, wandering the streets of New York, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films, what's your StarMeter, that was a little sleazy, you never stop learning about the business, they thought it was going to be massive, getting into directing, Canada, in order to make it in this business... you have to sleep with people, action adventure political intrigue with a really really cool futuristic vehicle, it's not so glamourous as it was, a pocket for everything, they loved making movies, the most challenging thing I can imagine doing, it's all about you and the genius of The Apple.

Spoiler Alert: We discuss "Midnight Cowboy" at length, so watch it beforehand.

"I wasn't like, all my life going... 'I have to be a movie star... I'll do whatever it takes.' It wasn't that at all."

Seconds with Pat Healy

Apr 4, 2015 01:14:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 304

This week, after a quick hang out and injury session with Kate, we then sit down with Pat Healy to discuss acting and working in the entertainment industry for the last twenty years. Pat has been building an amazing career over the years, appearing in Magnolia, Ghost World, Rescue Dawn as well as an impressive amount of television appearances. But in the last decade, he's moved into the leading man role in a terrific string of smaller films like The Great World Of Sound, Compliance, The Innkeepers and Cheap Thrills. We examine what's it's like to be a working actor in Hollywood as well as how to delve into some of the super dark subject matter he has in recent films. 

Then, Pat joins us for this week's Sofa Theater feature: John Frankenheimer's film Seconds. A nightmarish science fiction story about changing your identity and starting your life over... if you can? 

And as some of us barely survive the dreaded Pelvis Attack, we also discuss... Bloodsucking Bastards, A Clockwork Orange, getting cadavered, getting pelvised, a movie freak with my three brothers, a Faustian bargain, in the middle of the corn fields, dancing around to records, the hallway of doom, chopping Chris Evan's head off, stomping, wine, building a career, spilling coffee on yourself, making lateral moves, Rock Hudson, leading roles in smaller films,  a flaming ashtray, Sum 41, Captain America, Steppenwolf Theatre, playing the wolfman, I Walk the Line, Julianne Moore, reborns, melted through the toilet, that's the tragedy I think of most people... is they never really get to know each other... and as a result, they are never really in great contact or relationships with other people, being able to sit down and have a conversation with Jason Robards for just a few minutes, Tom Green waving at you, Marian Seldes, Twilight Zone, the John Hughes machine, Shaun of the Dead, winning two Academy Awards, being kept in a glass case, walking around with an oxygen tank, a weird dude snapping in my bathroom, Paul Thomas Anderson, real freedom, Craig Zobel, getting a call from a dead friend, not eating gluten, feels like a nightmare, being special, It feels that it's worked out the way it's supposed to, Simon Pegg, a throbbing hip, just pulling faces, saying words wrong, run through the gamut of what my life experience has been, John Randolph, The Gypsy Moths, there's only so much time... and you could really waste it, the truth about who you are, Mark Duplass, eating applesauce, Paul Newman, learning how to reel yourself back in, my cat kept getting in the way and making dinosaur noises. 

Spoiler Alert: We go in detail on John Frankenheimer's "Seconds". So go watch it beforehand.

"It's one of the great gifts, that I get to do as an actor, is I get to go and peer into the abyss."

Ted Neeley: Superstar

Mar 27, 2015 01:09:22


Movie Meltdown - Episode 303

This week we welcome actor and musician Ted Neeley, to discuss how he first got involved in the music scene, as well as what led him to his iconic role in Jesus Christ Superstar. 

And as we figure out just who gets to audition for the role of weird-looking guys who could be scum bags, we also discuss... annoying people at the mall, The Devil's Carnival, the vivid digital print, a Dolph Lundgren workout video, we were singing before we could actually speak, tanks, Django Unchained, stepping into the sandals, going on the road for the Summer, Hair, pretending to be those people, the fear of presentation, Haight-Ashbury, Israel, parallel lives as children, magnificent dancers, relating visually to the human side,  yin-yang of the same person, Carl Anderson, musician's union, an open call, purple tank tops, bombing the borders, Saw... with music, The Teddy Neeley Five, finding their spirituality, hit the dirt, taken to London, took off for the West, being blasphemous, Jesus in a sweater by the fireplace, Vietnam, the brown album, there were were two-thousand years later, Tommy, he leapt from his seat and ran down the aisle and onto the stage, the President of Capitol Records, Tom O'Horgan, research the background, Quentin Tarantino, an ugly old school bus, being exiled from Italy, picked each member for what they could do, those weird guys from Texas who weren't playing surfer music, if anyone has any questions... talk to Ted, private parties in Beverly Hills backyards, we worked our way from town to town, funky people, Norman Jewison, we didn't have theater in my hometown, I had a vision and an aura of respect. 

"The thing that's great, about what I get to do for a living... is it's based upon what we're doing right now. Communication... just interesting communication."

 For more on the tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, Ted's music and more, go to:

The Foilers will go On

Mar 21, 2015 55:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 302

This episode we round out our snide Oscar coverage as well as finish handing out our own awards - The Foilers! And while we reveal the only person who's been on Monday Night Raw and the Oscars in the same six month period, we also discuss… Scarlett Johansson, Brigitte Nielsen, We Still Kill the Old Way, a geek that's done good and gone to the major leagues, Into the Woods, Patricia Arquette, The Babadook, don't take your mom to the Oscars, The Raid 2, the worst bangs ever, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Cobra, Kate Winslet naked, John Wick, reading comic books will get you nowhere... in comic book movies, James Gunn, X-Men: Days of Futures Past, Not Kerry Washington, Agent Carter, keep coming back to Godzilla, J Lo, mud yard fight, Agents of Shield, Reese Witherspoon, the escape from jail, Karen Gillan, tall hair and shoulder pads, Snowpiercer, did I put my keys in the earthquake, putting gemstones on boobs, wrapping with Patty, Juggernaut, what emotion makes a face look like that, everybody's girl, are aliens monsters, Chewbacca, where does the six train come from, Captain America and that dude with the long curly fingernails. 

"She's got all the qualities that anyone wants... but nothing that stands out."

Note from our Producer: Again I say, THIS episode is NOT a good starter episode. It’s way more chaotic and generally insane then even we USUALLY are. So if you are not already familiar with the Meltdown gang, and the way Oscar Meltdown operates, this might not me the right episode to start with. In fact e-mail me at: and I’ll hand pick a good starter episode for you. BUT for you veteran’s out there… who are ready to delve into the Oscar madness that sets in, I bring you the continuing Foilers…

The Foilers

Mar 14, 2015 01:09:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 301

We’re back!! And this week we return with a vengeance as we award our own amazing film trophies –"The Foilers"!! Plus lots of other random talking of smack about the Oscars.

And as celebrities try to talk about important shit amidst dresses and fanfare, we also ramble on about… Oscar Skrillex, it’s already been jazz, vegan-friendly, we came over here to get away from them, sidecar gap, Adam Levine… no one cares, Edge of Tomorrow, Alan Rickman, Suicide Squad, Jesus in the white suit, the less Lucas the better, I’m trying to get my throat slit while being inside someone, Reality Bites, 473 kills, 12 years of Quija, Mario Party antics, Neil Patrick Harris and George Takei and Betty White, a pile of solder scrapes and aluminum foil and nails and tacks and that messy drawer you have in the kitchen, what are you doing punk, Jurassic World, tonal change, that is a large large cavity, Spam, Steven Spielberg, topping off your fluids, Ass Ball, Khan!!, Ethan Hawke, what is up with all the English people, you’re always going to be the guy that everyone ends up hating, pig utero things, we threw their tea into the harbor and they stole all our acting roles, Chris Pratt, Oculus, I hated it… but it has potential, f… those pixies, hot dogs, the last boss fight in Mega Man, a regular everyday lizard, what’s up with all the English people, Scarlett Johansson, Bacon, The Two Towers, Ham, in my geeky opinion, Lil’ smokies and Keanu Reeves.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for Gone Girl, Under the Skin and probably several other films. You have been warned!

Note from our Producer: Once again, as I’ve said in years past, THIS episode in particular is NOT a good starter episode. It’s way more chaotic and generally insane then even we USUALLY are. So if you are not already familiar with the Meltdown gang, and the way Oscar Meltdown operates, this might not me the right episode to start with. In fact e-mail me at: and I’ll hand pick a good starter episode for you. BUT for you veteran’s out there… who are ready to delve into the Oscar madness that sets in… I bring you THIS Foiler episode…

John Waters Roadtrip

Mar 4, 2015 01:14:04


Movie Meltdown - Episode 300

This episode we hit the road to see John Waters... and talk about random things along the way. And as we tear into our Gruesome Greeting Cards, we also mention... innocuous into subversive, Broad City is a new episode of A Haunting, a mixture of Bono Steven Seagal and MacGyver, luring you into a false sense of security, New Orleans, Flashpoint Paradox, The Internet's Own Boy, fighting a blizzard, the twisty mop, a 1998 Dodge Intrepid, my arm touched his arm, the universe just collapsing on itself, Jordan Catalano buying alfalfa sprouts, in my mind it was like John Waters living through me, subgenre genre fest, a monotonous life, David O. Russell yelling at you, what kind of Adam Ant videos were you watching, with the heating blanket cord around my neck, Sarah Snook, being cooler then Jared Leto, you can’t force being funny, getting tired-excited, it’s not easy bein’ a single mom J Law, academically competitive, the real inventor of the internet, scratch and stink, goofy smarts, cool geeks, the rollie pollie jewlery organizer, in the post-modern era, Predestination and only remembering the good parts of life. 

 “I don’t know, does everybody do this? Sometimes my conscience has John Waters voice.”

For more on what “Days of the Dead” has coming up, go to:

Attack of the Oscar Nominees 2!

Feb 20, 2015 01:22:21


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #23 - Attack of the Oscar Nominees 2

This episode we're back to round out the rest of this year's musical Oscar nominees. And along the way we have some pretty interesting movie/music discussions. And as we learn who the Meryl Streep of the best song category is, we also mention... the biggest can of worms ever, squeezing it for show biz juice, Alicia Keys syndrome, Free Bird, wildly exploitative, my attention span in the age of the internet has shot down dramatically, that category was really full this year, the honor of being nominated, Laura Dern, I'm always looking for the palace shaped like a penis, depressingly professional, this is why you don't watch Oprah, I might be making that up, The Aristocats, Rock Steady, Reese Withersppon vs. Julia Stiles, Man in the Moon, none of the disciples are wearing shirts, The Beatles Anthology treatment, Phillip Glass except for normal people, intellectual hip hop that white people like, Sleeping Bag, late John Lennon, I have to spend 85-minutes here looking at the television, Total Eclipse of the Heart, she looks like Anne Hathaway at the beginning of The Princess Diaries, exploiting something serious just to further people's careers, explaining to your where the depth is... because you might miss it, Oprah hates it when Gayle sings along to it, a show about dental hygienists who are best friends, singing your own muzak, I took a picture of him eating soup once, the back end of Abbey Road and the rest get thrown into a pit full of fire and wolves and gorillas with robot heads. 

Spoiler Alert: Mild "Newsroom" spoiler... you have been warned. 

"Yeah... what are you going to do? Make an imaginary guy change his favorite song, on the day of his non-existent wedding?"

Attack of the Oscar Nominees!

Feb 13, 2015 01:13:19


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #22 - Attack of the Oscar Nominees

This episode, we listen to some of the musical Oscar nominees... and discuss. In the way, only “Movie Meltdown” can do.

And as we learn what roller coaster enthusiasts call SBNO, we also discuss… that Miniature toy quality, eyes with legs and they just walk around, Interstellar, the Keira Knightley/Anne Hathaway debate, I hate it when I do something and I don’t get credit for it, European melancholy, you just really like ukuleles, War Horse, The Imitation Game, everything else is very Oscar-y, Adam Levine, #fuckthoseguys, Fitzcarraldo, I would freak out… but for very different reasons, Turn off the Dark, stop airbrushing me, Shawn Patterson, why don’t they give Oscars to video games, Jaws, Memento meets Pi, are the lyrics the same, is that why they call it casting, Bend It like Beckham, Nabokov says…, The Social Network, that’s what I’m here for, he’s all about that neck, a gorilla with a robot head, Gary Yershon, Al Pacino has the final say, her neck scares me, Anne Hathaway, English rules the world, makes me want to buy a phone, Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois, the ambience of a blanket fort is like no other, a Playskool xylophone, getting high and crazy, The Cardigans, crazy Tony Scott, Alexandre Desplat , it’s so obvious what they’re trying to do and it’s manipulative, Frente!, I’m already uncomfortable with this conversation, is she the one who fights wolves or robots or somethin’…. and they made like nine of them, that’s what I’m here for… I’m here to validate people’s hatred of film and dancers with things that attach to them.

“You go deep… I like it.”

Trailer Trash

Feb 6, 2015 01:02:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 299

This week, we make good on the threat to hang out and watch trailers. So join us as we discuss the trailers for… Fantastic Four, Ted 2, Mad Max: Fury Road, Jupiter Ascending and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

And as we climb on trailer comet: V2s1w4b, we also mention… the English letter-boxed edition of the show in steelbook, Angela Bassett, grumpy Marvel comics, murdering stunt doubles, J.T. Petty, I had to read these huge essays, The Wire, Christopher Pratt, The Cars that Ate Paris, people are walking out, the Matrix trilogy, dragons… space ships… jet shoes, grown-ass Hugh Jackman, bikini-shaped Hulk-buster, 90 pages people that’s all you get, they have to try to ruin it, the controversy at the Cannes Film Festival, the science, art, and impact of digital cinematography, it’d be sick if Godzilla was in this movie, Black Panther, the first season of Family Guy, He just looks creepy to me , the double javelins, the rave scene in the second movie, Mila Kunis, ‘cause she blows vampires, Quicksilver, the problem was plot, Shia LaBeouf, you completely failed to portray your story… if that’s what that was supposed to be saying, Death Race 2000, the inspiration for what so much of sci fi is today, 90% action… 10% story… and that 10% is not gonna matter, going frame by frame through trailers, the overall story… is so smart… and so many people are not gonna get it… I’m shocked we’re making these movies, it definitely leaves you wanting more, second-rate Marvel, those first Ong-Bak movies, the Wachowski siblings, it justifies the power, can you say black, #MaxBabe, I got my flyin’ shoes, Ben Affleck’s Paycheck, the cosplay of the next decade, Tai Chi porn, so stylized, Mel Gibson, X-Men casting, Photoshop in real life, the inflation of the autopilot, John Wick and Elizabeth Olsen.

“I just feel like, someone stole a video game script and made a movie instead.”

Carpe Morte

Jan 30, 2015 01:49:58


Movie Meltdown - Episode 298 

This week we continue our now annual "People Who Died" series, as we discuss the actors and performers who passed away in 2014.

And as we discuss which dearly departed celebrity was “so weirdly sexy”, we also discuss… the argument-ender, the huge expansion of practical effects, a strange perverse pissing match, a choose your own adventure pizza commercial, striving to be diverse, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Goofy had dirty pictures of me, Miss America, are you one of the gals or a lady, John Williams, the British Godfather, flip phones, the British Scarface, Dodge, when you get older… you have to do some things for money, I can see him doing Chinatown, The Great Ziegfeld, The Sound of Muzak, Altered States, The Long Good Friday, I remember that vividly because that’s when I stopped being cool, Baby Doll, Jurassic Park, post-World War 2, brain cancer, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, the impossibility of love… but we keep on trying, being a dancer and choreographer, The Swimmer, Out to Sea, The Lost Boys, The Cat’s Meow, I talked to his agent a while back about a role, The Exorcist, British comedy, 7-up, Mr. Freeze, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gas station concept, Batteries Not Included, strung up on meat hooks, Saturday nights on MTV, sticking needles in me, being involved in film by accident, General Hospital, tales of the colonel, selling aluminum siding door to door, Sam had left her for a younger woman, brain cancer, Roland Joffé, Amadeus, smart comedy, The Wiz, something with iron in it, Dennis Hopper’s grand kids, The Associate, Brighton Rock, I just saw him, those Lorelais are hot and I love a lunatic with a dream!

“I can’t get Gary Coleman out of my head!”

The Raid: Distraction

Jan 23, 2015 01:10:39


Movie Meltdown - Episode 297

This week, the trio is back to attempt to focus long enough to discuss our Sofa Theater movie of the week - The Raid: Redemption. But we’re only halfway counting this as a Sofa Theater feature because the tangents return to take us way off course. Luckily we end up in some pretty interesting and funny conversations along the way.

And as we try to figure out how we kill those damned birds, we also spiral off into... adding zombies, he’s a lawyer that does backflips, hostile planets, The Flashpoint Paradox, John Woo, so many orgies, Aqua-Man, #zoeblack, Annabelle, air vent crawling, tell Chris Pratt, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it’s a 3D world people…it’s a 3D world, the eagles, praying mantis is two fingers, Alfred, Prometheus 2, I love that he’s genociding people, Kung Fu Theater, saving Gandalf’s ass, zombie North Koreans, Jesus, magical future first aid spray, the biggest troll on the planet, Chewy’s alimony, F-y’all… I’m Benedict Cumberbatch, so he’s the Randy Quaid of this story, Interstellar, knife fighting, May, having an alien removed from your stomach, everyone left on Earth is uber-depressed, if Jon Snow dies… we riot, Jennifer Connelly, You can never beat the eagles… and why aren’t they just there from the beginning, the brother of the bad guy… is another bad guy, Salacious Crumb, shaving her head, Tony Jaa, Precinct 13, hamster style, Gotham, Exorcism films, getting it from both perspectives, Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Yen, the Millennium Falcon, found footage, Marco Polo, Bellatrix Lestrange, True Detective, Die Hard in Russia, running away from a demon, if being The Flash for justice doesn’t work out…, knees blown out, caves need cleanin’ too,  so much stabbing, all-terrain feet, Oculus, driving a Cadillac into an engineer and then having some barbeque, Misery-ing George RR Martin, Zoloft and reverse guillotine is where it is.

Spoiler Alert: We kind of ruin one of the reveals in “The Raid: Redemption” so go watch it if you want. But otherwise, we don’t go too far into the plot.

 “It’s like John Woo films without guns!” 

Off on a Tangent

Jan 16, 2015 57:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 296

This week, the trio of terror is reunited!! And as we initially get together to watch and discuss a specific movie, we quickly spiral off on more tangents then you can count.

And as the geek conversations massively overlap, at some point we mention… The Lord of the Rings, The Suicide Squad, It’s when they change something, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Batsuit, a goblin walks by twice, every scene was so independent of the next scene that it was impossible…, lens flares, pizza, it was an ok representation of the books, the batvoice, Toshiro Mifune, Whedon undercut Abrams, The Hobbit movies, George Lucas, the shepherd of humanity, Ghost in the Shell, Star Trek, I wish I had a switch I could turn it off, The Matrix, Scarlett Johansson, only one Joker, Ron Perlman, the source material, Fringe, Stark Industries, the cross guard, the Civil Wars arc, reshooting the ending, you will have to clean the floor of the theater, old Samurai films, the Darth Vader weird twist thing, you get offended by everything, his whole body is seething with immortality, Jedi battles, sick X-Ray vision and the Medici family.

“We were underground before it was cool.”

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Spinning Records with Pinhead

Jan 11, 2015 01:24:56


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #21 - Attack of Doug Bradley 

This week we welcome a very special guest… actor Doug Bradley.  Now most of you out there probably know Doug from his role as Pinhead in the Hellraiser movies. But in addition to being an accomplished actor of both stage and screen, he is also a big music fan. Not just a fan… as it turns out – he’s quite knowledgeable on the subject.

So we thought, how interesting would it be to sit down with this iconic horror actor and forgo the usual talk about slasher movies and hours spent in the make-up chair and just take a 180 degree turn --- and talk about music?! And that’s just what we did. So join us as Doug not only provides us with his Killer Five songs from movies over the years - but he also shares with us his experiences with music growing up as well as his thoughts on currents bands and artists of the moment. So come join us for an interesting and enlightening discussion about movies and music.

 And as we find out what was one of the dullest albums ever made, we also discuss… who was absolutely the vanguard, truck rock, white radio, weird crazy drug-addled guys, they kept moving the goalposts, writing songs on Silly Putty, Gatlinburg in mid-July, that was a dark dark cold cold horrible horrible day, a large area of my bookshelf, we traveled with them, hopeless pointless soulless tuneless... the lyrics have no value, inventing everything as they went along, Motown, Grantchester Meadows, the high peak of progressive psychedelic rock, bad pop bands, blind boy everybody, who seemed to me like a cartoon band, you can’t deny the impact or the significance, , there’s nothing in there, gospel for atheists, radios installed for listening to the rain, abiding passions out of that, the evils of money, they only existed on cassette tape for the longest time, a six-hour church service, I think he’s a genius… and I never quite enjoy listening to him, Mississippi Delta, they don’t exist out of make-up,  I can’t bear the thought that something’s got past me, albums coming into Liverpool, he just appeared in the studio, he ruined so many good… songs by caterwauling through them, broadcasting has died… and everything is narrowcasting, John Peel, when downloading was a risky affair,  I was very fortunate, I think, to grow up in the greatest ever decade, Staxx, one of the crimes against music as far as I’m concerned, a brilliant guitar player… without question, Andy Kershaw, there will never be a band that will be able to achieve what they did, it’s pap… it’s just bad, modern corporate Nashville big hat, just seemed to come rolling off an never ending treadmill, novelty records, finding new bands and getting excited by them, burning a painting, this song suddenly appeared out of nowhere and I couldn’t  put a label on it and I couldn’t… work out what it was or where it came from, creeping around his house to catch a glimpse of him,  what was great about the charts, Atlantic, shaving his head and his eyebrows and what exactly sounds like an explosion in a pet shop?!

“They wrote the soundtrack of my childhood.”

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Pearl Rain - Volume 2

Dec 31, 2014 01:13:15


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #20 - Attack of Purple Rain 2

We’re back to round out this year, the 30th (Pearl) anniversary of the movie Purple Rain, by assembling the second half of our massive retrospective on Prince and the iconic soundtrack for the film. 

And since this has been a year-long on-going process, we check in with several previous guests to get their thoughts on the Purple Rain soundtrack. Special guests include: Lisa Loeb, Zak Appleby and Shane Cody from Houndmouth, Simon, Mark and Thomas from The Wans, Sarah Teeple Swain and Jaxon Swain from The Ladybirds as well as many other performers and Prince fans from ARTFM’s 30th anniversary party. Together we share memories of seeing the movie and experiencing Prince over the years. And as usual, along the way, we also build an amazing, personalized soundtrack. 

And somewhere around when our host declares himself the Viceroy of Rock and Roll, we also mention… the dynamic vortex of energy, 1984, an ethereal Hobbit, Diamonds and Pearls, similar but equally different, something like Star Search, the guitar never came down, more then life itself, maybe that lady will hook up with me, cassette tape, Showcase Cinemas, Zappa, Under the Cherry Moon, slightly out of tune bells, you might end up with a baby… or blueberry pancakes, oddly way too sensual, the secret knock, what would you even say his particular genre is? Sexy, grind-pop with lace cuffs, Raspberry Beret, Little Red Corvette, everyone’s got a single tear in their eye, hissy fits, popping the top, that’s how we gett off, weird erotic, getting into the fort, the king of rock pop and soul, Sweden, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I hope he sees this and he’ll marry me, man panties, writing on the ground, picked up the phone… dropped it on the floor, 1999, He’s got a really good color palette, she always got to the cool stuff a little before me, Hendricks, everything about him feels a little like a cartoon, annals of rock and roll, technologically challenging and a Prince neck tattoo. 

“I recall seeing it in middle school and it really pretty much blew my suburban mind. And I’ve loved Prince ever since.”

J.T.'s Holiday Special

Dec 21, 2014 01:36:08


Movie Meltdown - Episode 295

We're back for our 7th annual holiday special, and as always we earn the title "special" as the Meltdown dysfunctional family gathers together to discuss holiday themes and reminisce about years passed. Plus one of the gang revisits a childhood favorite with our holiday Sofa Theater entry, the 1969 short film/made for TV movie J.T.

And while we crank up our magical transistor radio that only plays really awesome shit, we also discuss… ruining the concept of holiday, crying inconsolably, some sort of sandwich-thing, there was no Grace involved, Don’t Look Under the Bed, opportunities for play, Peanuts, rarely agreeing with your brother, Alice in Wonderland, Norman Lear, Pride, a scene I remember in it… that isn’t in it, being a single parent, Tomorrow, going through or into a thing or something, throwing your beer can into the woods, the hot friend from across the hall, looking for your car keys while you are holding them in your hand, I saw it coming, Robert Duvall, Tweet what Christmas means to you, the angles… the set-ups,  I just thought every sort of shot was just beautifully crafted in a way that you don’t think a television  film would be, having a life of your own,  transistorize your brain, they perpetually make me want to take a photo of everything,  the cast’s wardrobe, her life is saved by rock and roll, news that had no effect on anyone and Rocky Top, ponderous and lumbering, Ralpie’s kids are playing with a bow and arrow, what exactly is a croft, little hands are so effective, glimpses reflected in the choices, sharing a sandwich, a talent for editing things so that they happen naturally, actual mountain guys, trying to push the bullet out of the guy’s head, who’s deader, Opie gets a job at the store, Santa is a jerk, Mad Men, I got me some red curtains on credit, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, friggin’ swank mom, the elf choir, Jack Nicholson and a 5-year old experiencing ennui.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for J.T., so go watch it now!

“There are a lot of weird little things like that… that just made it feel more like life then most things you that you saw on TV.”

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Lisa Loeb

Dec 15, 2014 01:21:00


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #19 - Attack of Lisa Loeb

This week we sit down with an artist who sat at #1 on the Billboard charts, went on to sign a major record deal, followed by a Grammy nomination - all of which stemmed from having her song on a movie soundtrack. That's right Lisa Loeb, seemed like the perfect guest to have on Attack of the Killer Soundtrack. So we talk with Lisa about just how her song ended up on the Reality Bites soundtrack and what it was like to have a #1 hit single before she even had a recording contract. And all the massive changes that kicked in so quickly. Plus putting a full album together after having such a successful single, as well as crossing over into acting in film... plus several other endeavors! She’s a busy woman these days, and we are glad to have her join us on this week’s episode. Plus Lisa gives us her Killer Five music picks from soundtracks over the years.

And as we keep our eyes upon the dream and go for it, someone also mentions… Jan De Bont, Gabe Kaplan, New York City, Katniss Everdeen, Brown University, just getting busy, Ethan Hawke, drinking a lot of champagne and driving in limos, being independent, putting yourself into a different character, focusing more on visual, second guessing is a loser sport, One small step for man…, Ben Stiller, walking around with headshots, Elizabeth Mitchell, 80 messages on my machine, getting it out there “for real”, Danny Elfman, one step for… me, 52nd street, when you get inspiration from outside of yourself, it’s a really fun, interesting puzzle to put together, regular music cycles, illustrated books, Stewart Copeland, live theater and the Purple Tape.

“...having music placed in soundtracks... that’s really one of the best ways to get an income from being a musician - and also one of the best ways to get your music heard.“ 

To keep up with Lisa, check in at:

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Pearl Rain - Volume 1

Dec 8, 2014 01:22:58


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #18 - Attack of Purple Rain

Since this year is the 30th anniversary (traditionally the "pearl anniversary") of Purple Rain, we thought we would do a special episode devoted to the monumental soundtrack. Well, it has become this huge project, and led to this first episode, where we discuss Prince - the man... the myth... the legend. And in the process, build a familiar yet slightly adjusted version of the Purple Rain soundtrack.

And as we drive to the mansion, we also mention… musical archaeology, Animaniacs, having a pool, backmasking, minor key moments, cranking out kids, analogies, lighter app, force-fed you LSD through your ears, stockings falling down legs, we’ve made fifty cents, Radiohead, cover bands, in the hotel lobby, knocking it out in a weekend, The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, dancing to 90’s R & B, hunting down musicians, lizard eyes, Nick Cannon, 1940’s slapstick porn, being litigious, peculiar, Morris Day & The Time, makes great omelets, chemtrais, the boiling kettle is ready, mansions are like tissues, the slave era, The Beatles, like a doll’s eyes, sultry, dig if you will take a left here, If I was your Girlfriend, keep it in the vault, listening to Darling Nikki with your dad, dog notes, dirty horns, a sad apartment, how many people do you know with mansions?, the plunger, making omelettes, getting embalmed, Warner Brothers, she’ll show you no mercy and The Illuminati. 

“…he was hailed as this genius, this little short genius man… who could dance. Yeah, and that appealed to me.” 

Punk Rock Film Fest

Dec 1, 2014 01:09:59


Movie Meltdown - Episode 294

This week we talk with Eric and Charlie, programmers of The Gadabout Film Fest. A touring pop-up cinema that features short films, and this year alone are hitting 75 cities in the US and 15 different countries! Plus we check in with some of our cast on a couple of movies they’ve seen lately.

And while we map out the most logical tour route, we also discuss… Birdman, accessible as possible, I felt like I was completely in the film, a live in-person thing, Amores Perros, the punk scene, it kind of makes sense to mix things up a bit, Cloverfield, Eric Bana, skateboarding,  pre-YouTube, being captivated by film, Rocky, the point is to get it off your cell phone and off the laptop and come see it on the screen, Alejandro Iñárritu, that’s why I love the cinema… is because it can completely transform a film for me, riding a bike in a snowstorm, Edward Norton, honestly goofy, trailers that tell you too much, Emma Stone, The NeverEnding Story, the Clooney story, Biutiful, Ang Lee’s The Hulk, Gone Girl, putting the project on a pedestal, Michael Keaton, DIY, rolling your r’s, and Babble.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for the over-all tone and focus of Birdman… you have been warned.

“…it’s not always about the equipment, and it’s not always about… decades of skill. It’s just like, having some good ideas and executing them in an interesting way.“

For more on The Gadabout Film Fest, go to:

For more on Eric's music, go to:

Pieces of Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2014 01:45:20


Movie Meltdown - Episode 293

Our not-so-annual tradition of getting “the Meltdown dysfunctional family” together for Thanksgiving continues in this episode where we have pizza, play with a puppy and talk about the 2003 film Pieces of April.

And as we decide which of us is the blackest sheep, we also mention… the first pancake, David Lynch, fast food in China, G. Gordon Liddy, M. Merde, Cosmopolis, About a Boy, cyanide in the seeds, Cousin Olivier, the cat jumps out and they all get murdered, the middle child, Sean Hayes, a lumpy backyard, quirky heart-warming, this old man shuffle, Windom Earle, Lurch-like, Singles, dealing with your family, eating lung, washing your underwear in the sink, Lost Highway, Sam Raimi, making a good impression, components of my family just hate one another, eating broken glass, Dan in Real Life, trying to explain gravy, Jesus eating roasted guinea pig, it may leave your stomach… but it never leaves your heart, a black hole of sound, Twin Peaks, it is sort of a forced thing that we do to ourselves, The Blood of the Beast, killing a guy in a bathroom, the Quirky indie thing, eating dog vs. cow, reliving your puppy childhood, Inland Empire, cuteness not withstanding, Holy Motors, this does not fit the tone of the rest of the film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, it’s a noise we’ve never heard he make before, Mulholland Dr. and solving the Bermuda Triangle. 

“Because that’s what the holidays are about is… not killing your family.”

Other Pieces in the Filmmaking Puzzle

Nov 14, 2014 01:06:08


Movie Meltdown - Episode 292

This week we talk with stuntwoman Leslie Hoffman and screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination) about other essential jobs in the world of making movies. Plus we give some of our thoughts on our recent viewing of Oculus.

And while we cover up our head and hope we don’t get trampled by a horse, we also discuss… The Car, Deliver Us from Evil, you don’t have any ownership, Wes Craven, Karen Gillan, being in the entertainment industry, Robert Zemeckis, Robert Englund, I’m one of the people that fall off the car, Two-Minute Warning, Eric Bana, if you rapped or played basketball  I could cast you, Bobby DiCicco, a slime trail down the middle of the floor, Joel McHale, Steven Spielberg, Deadly Friend, Olivia Munn, Deliver Us from Eva, Berea College, the motorcycle sidecar jump, Queen Elizabeth going down the banquet table, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Falcon Crest, Gabrielle Union, fake hair, Good Samaritan, Wendie Jo Sperber, had we hit any lower I probably would have been decapitated, dodging horses, John Ritter, it’s really strong now… it’s not going to break in half, sassy ponytail, falling off The Love Boat, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Karen Gillan, Jane Badler, when people see that scene it just freaks them out, do they look like high school students, you got to roll on the ground and fire guns, feel free to stalk me… I’m very stalk-able, the saddle caught my elbow, directing your own work and the dummy with the exploding head.

Spoiler Alert: A certain spoiler is revealed for Deliver Us from Evil. You have been warned! 

“My illusions of how the movie industry worked were crushed very early.” 

For more on Fright Night Film Fest, go to:

291: Filmmaker Focus

Nov 7, 2014 58:39


Movie Meltdown - Episode 291

This episode we bring you more of our coverage of IF Film Fest, featuring interviews with directors Farzad Sangari (Mudbloods), Collin Schiffli  (Animals) and Tyler Measom (An Honest Liar). Plus bonus segments featuring David Dastmalchian and James “The Amazing” Randi!

And while we discuss the ins and outs of the indie film scene, we also mention… Middlebury, deception, good characters, overcoming addiction, Emma Watson, a love story, being deceived, investigating the paranormal, UCLA, feel as real as possible, fly on the wall filmmaking, three act structures, questioning the viewers, maintaining and making media… for an audience, fighting traffic, tape to tape, when you question what others hold dear, pulling the curtain back, Kings of Pastry, inspired by true events, film school, escaping from a straightjacket over Niagara Falls, , watching the film with a group of people, Kim Shaw, distribution systems, Chicago, identity theft, they did this thing that should be impossible, drawing movies, detractors and it’s all just content.

“…the format and medium of documentaries nowadays, is so fantastic. Because it isn’t beholden to this three act structure, that narratives are… it isn’t boy meets girl. Anything can happen… and anything does happen. So what we are seeing in documentaries is this real revolution of storytelling, that just does, in a way – whatever the hell it wants to do.”

For more on IF Film Fest, go to:

290: The Macabre of the House of Usher

Oct 29, 2014 01:18:28


Movie Meltdown - Episode 290

This episode we're coming to you "live" from the second annual "Meltdown Macabre", our own horror and Halloween celebration. We kick things off with some creepy cartoons and then we head into our Project: Poe feature - the 1928, French, silent version of "The Fall of the House of Usher". Then we sit down for our usual movie discussion, only this time we are joined by Bermudan, the band who provided us with a live performance of an original score to accompany the film. Plus we round out this year's Halloween episodes as we talk about some of our favorite movies to watch this time of year.

And while we go over the shuffling around of some of our favorite silent films, we also mention… Max Fleischer, studio tampering, senses are very overwhelming, Persona, really desolate face, burning alive, discerning the strobe effect, Ed Wood, all of our music is weirdo stuff, extreme areas of the screen, Salvador Dalí, Birth of a Nation, F.W. Murnau, I’m watching a horror story in my childhood, The Adventures of Mark Twain in Hell, I’m not scared ever… but I just feel unsettled for the next six days, Grady from Sanford and Son, is it a mental illness or is it paranormal, this wall of sound, cinematography derived from photography style, Tod Browning, progressive European style, Hour of the Wolf, the fairies are coming to get you, At the Mountains of Madness, Carl Theodor Dreyer, body horror, John Carpenter’s Halloween, homo floresiensis, Usher and Honey Nut Cheerios bee, sister vs. wife, catatonic glances, sounds have certain colors, Ian MacKaye, The Keep, shooting unconventionally, surrealism, the Universal monsters, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Prometheus, The Unholy Three, that’s just France, hazy guitar effects, reappears all ghostly, it’s like you hear something in another room, witchcraft and demons ensue, having a large tool set, the enormous train, D.W. Griffith, From Beyond, Guillermo del Toro, The Exorcist, Blood on Satan’s Claw, it’s the nondescript Edgar Allen Poe, in times past, when people had names like Roderick and lived in castles, vintage clothing, Robert Fripp, Ingmar Bergman, skinny pipe jeans, Jean Epstein and fuzzy eyeballs.

“It’s an experience. I’m going to suspend you upside down in this really unusual world for a while, until you sort of lose your sense of perspective and that gradually makes you a little crazy as you’re watching the movie.”

For more on Bermudan, go to:

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Covering Horror

Oct 22, 2014 01:09:29


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #17 - Attack of the Horror Covers

This week we get under the covers... with horror movies. Sometimes the use and reinvention of a preexisting song mirrors what the film is trying to establish as well. So we discuss some of our favorite cover songs used in horror movies... and build an awesome soundtrack along the way. Join us for more Halloween fun! 

289: An Evening with the Trouble Dolls

Oct 13, 2014 55:49


Movie Meltdown - Episode 289

This episode we are coming to you "Live" from the IF Film Fest, where we sit down with Jess Weixler and Jennifer Prediger to discuss their new movie "Trouble Dolls" as well as their roles as writers and directors. We end up with some really interesting perspectives from two first time directors. Plus we hear about getting people like Megan Mullally, Will Forte and Jeffrey Tambor involved in a smaller, independent film like theirs.

And as we reminisce about the nut cheese, we also discuss… getting arrested, Hannibal Lecter, protecting your cloud persona, a giant baseball bat, a broke-ass actor, the bruises faded around my neck, dramedy, dealing arms and running a white slavery ring, being an astronaut, the narcissus and the cheerleader, shooting a cashew in the face, she couldn’t even find the water, the golden age of television, having to let things go, being a teenaged vampire, The Odd Couple, stop doing it that way… it’s terrible, Withnail and I, whispering each other’s ears, Elmore Leonard, a very strange, circuitous path, I don’t think I have a filthy cloud, we’re all really snowflakes people, constant shock and awe, Alexander the Last, Dumb and Dumber, creating art, breathing on the phone, someday I’m gonna drop dead, so I might as well do whatever the heck I wanna do… while I have time, save the drama for the screen, I stole your line in a fight, the most awesome cat, The Good Wife, having training wheels, can we give you sixty bucks to hang out with us for the next hour and a half, it wound up being more meaningful then I ever imagined, then I pulverize them with my fists and eat them for dinner, SpaceCamp, co-dependant love, dripping popsicles, I think my dead cat made this movie, trying to put the right people together, Life of Crime, dancing on the subway and latex misunderstanding.

“Get a dead cat spirit to speak to rich people… and that’s how you make a movie.”

288: At the Drive-In

Oct 6, 2014 44:15


Movie Meltdown - Episode 288

This episode we kick off the Halloween season with a creepy trip to the drive-in! And while we’re there, we discuss… Green apple Twizzlers, Kingdom of the Spiders, The Quest, Joel McHale, slow burn, hot space chick, videos on the internet, Eight-Legged Freaks, doing a split kick, Chronicle, a satanic robot woman, I assume everything on the internet is fake, Arachnophobia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, mallow creme pumpkins, Karl Urban, THIS, The Sacrament, Metropolis, I wanna strangle this child, stop… drop… and roll, Big Ass Spider,  Jet Li in The Color Purple, don’t play with tigers and - Public Service Announcement: Do not drive on fire.

Spoiler Alert: Several major spoilers for Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

“Basically, it’s a step by step movie – of what not to do.” 

287: Revisiting Sid Haig

Sep 29, 2014 31:01


Movie Meltdown - Episode 287

This episode we talk with Sid Haig and revisit an older interview we'd done with him years ago - that has never been aired on the show! So it's SID HAIG... what more do you need?!! Start listening... 

“I had to restart my career like four times… ‘cause I was just working too much and people got tired of looking at me. Well… studios got tired of looking at me.”

For more on ScareFest, go to: 

286: Ghost of a Chance

Sep 22, 2014 01:12:51


Movie Meltdown - Episode 286

So what are the odds a show like ours, which spends the majority of it's time yammering on about movies or talking smack about celebrities, would ever get a legitimate paranormal investigator to come on the show and talk with us. Well, I'd say... there's a ghost of a chance. Regardless, this week in the middle of our coverage of ScareFest we talk with Kris Williams, former historical researcher/investigator of the Syfy channel show "Ghost Hunters", and former co-lead investigator of "Ghost Hunters International". Among other things we get her thoughts on ghost movies, the problems with paranomal TV and just what “equipment” you really need to look for ghosts.

And while we are trying to find rational reasons for what is going on around us, we also talk about… how to clear an orb, digging the over-alls, Thailand, a rat in wall, being possessed by a demon, the black carpet, cops watching cop movies, as humans we’re not very good at not having answers, he’s bringing back the look, Dr. Badass, you are getting grabbed one way or another, our secret undisclosed recording area, a real slimer, so you don’t suck this time, Proxy, the static box, 4000 illegal torrent downloads, Michael Jackson dance-off, we could take you out… it’s a simple as that, a haunted firehouse, move along loser, too Feldman to even be Feldman, Ectoplasm… is that a real problem, calling bullshit, your dead Aunt so-and-so, a square chin, Catherine Hicks, being thrown about the house, I have no life apparently, I’m here to finish the job – with my battle mace, off in a segregated tent, little ghost tree houses, Sam from Trick ‘r Treat, please make something up for us, being a 14th colony, Straight Time, over-the-top, insane and crazy, John Zaffis, I’ve stalked his Facebook page, you’re gonna lose an appendage, stealing a piece of his soul, Fear Street, sparkl-dy outfits, upkeep on your spirit house, riding around on a golf cart, ghosts vs. AIDS, a different take on the zombie film, The Conjuring, a plethora of stalker pictures were taken, Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh, maybe he managed to avoid all his dad’s creepy, The Amityville Horror, Corey Feldman and his Angel, a documentary about Reese's Pieces, Snake Plissken, Alex Vincent, a gal with a dream, not everything’s a ghost, Robert Mukes, Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates and double-braided pigtails.

“And then uhh… we got kicked out of the haunted house.”

For more on ScareFest, go to:   -   For more on Kris Williams, go to:

285: In the Mood for Kristina Klebe

Sep 15, 2014 01:09:03


Movie Meltdown - Episode 285

This week we do some more loitering around a convention, but along the way we also talk with Kristina Klebe about a couple of her latest movies. Plus we invite Kristina to co-host our Sofa Theater discussion, as we talk about Kai Wai Wong's film "In the Mood for Love".

Plus as we clarify, that noise was just a chair moving, we also mention... frames to die for, William Sadler, a pig wearing lederhosen, cinematography, Chop Top goes to Arby's, shooting on-location, John Candy, sad but beautiful, Michael Berryman, a toughie, cornfields, the thermos, M.Night Shyamalan and AMEX, the sign of couplehood, Bill Moseley, The Wolfman's House of Pancakes, Richard Lynch, being in Indiana, every scene should be moving you forward, Count Floyd, James Remar, David Hess, an f-ed up chick, buying the handbags, Richard Scarry, Joe Flaherty, celebrity elevator stories, a relationship surrogate, running a half-marathon... for fun, the walk to the noodle stand, it makes me feel longing, Depeche Mode and sexy and sensual noodles.

Spoiler Alert: Many spoilers are revealed for "In the Mood for Love", so watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening. You have been warned! 

"The things you take away from a relationship maybe more important then the relationship itself."

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Steve Katz

Sep 9, 2014 01:35:32


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #16 - Attack of Steve Katz

This week features "live" coverage of VinylFest featuring our interview with Steve Katz, founding member of Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Blues Project, American Flyer and The Even Dozen Jug Band. Not only an impressive musician and songwriter, Steve has also worked as a producer (producing three of Lou Reed's albums!) as well as working on the industry side of the business as East Coast Director of A&R and Vice President of Mercury Records. And along the way, we not only build our own eclectic soundtrack... but we also feature Steve's "Killer Five" of some of his favorite movie songs as well! 

And as we decide if we need to share our rock star/family/soap opera debate with the listeners, we also discuss... The Great Folk Scare, lots of similes, the new Zach Braff movie, I’ve seen you dressed as Adam Ant, so many levels of awful, singing in my underwear, Calypso, we hate the weird concessions of this movie, The Boomtown Rats, Hootenanny, Berkeley, cut out his vocal cords and sit them on a stool, writing a book, archiving flyers, owning a record store, Kate Hudson, being a sociopath, cassette tapes, The Tonight Show, The Electric Flag, the underground music archive, musical chairs at the theater, true love works in funny ways, Stefan Grossman, that man was clearly masturbating, casting yourself as a lead in a film, the first album with drums in stereo, technology  and recording, Day-O, I was obviously about to be murdered, who was doing a lot of speed?, little RCA 45 machine, Dogs in Space, the bluegrass contingent, 140 band members, seeing it at the dollar theater, void of actual emotional impact, Ry Cooder, quasi-jazz arrangments, better equalization, Carter Burwell, Louisville is like a pizza, cassingles, The Kingston Trio, Elektra and I’m not a creeper lady! 

"I was supposed to do a paper on Yates and the Byzantium poems... I was having too good a time. It was a question of like, 'Here are the 60's - right in front of me. Do I do this or do Yates and the Byzantium poems?' So I said to Hell with Yates... I'm gonna be a musician."

For more on Steve Katz, go to:

For more on VinylFest, go to:

For more on poster artist Jeff Gaither, go to:

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: The Wans

Aug 29, 2014 01:18:58


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #15 - Attack of The Wans

This we we’re back "live" from Forecastle 2014 as we bring you our continuing coverage including our segment with “The Wans”.

And as we bask in the sun of the grassy knoll, we also discuss… reverberating through the ambionic fluid, who’s that lady, The Kinks, Physical Graffiti, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Richard Pryor, areas to throw Frisbees and take naps, sounding like Jack White, Zombies, Average White Band, The White Album, Antz, Guy Ritchie, a huge Hunter S. Thompson, Jackie Chan's First Strike, having a reward system, What About Bob?, Gene Wilder, scampering up a tree, with a VHS player, Finding Nemo, picking up litter, writing together, Neil Diamond, riding around in an awesome van, gin and tonic, The Specials, Homeward Bound, Dirty Dancing, The Grand Budapest Hotel, having a giant director’s chair, and questions you don’t want to ask about Milo and Otis.

“I really wanted to figure out who that lady was…”

“The Wans” new album comes out Sept. 9th, preorder yours now! -

284: George Wendt and Random Celebrity Body Parts

Aug 22, 2014 01:38:17


Movie Meltdown - Episode 284

This week we are coming to you "live" from Fandomfest 2014 where we talk to actor George Wendt about his movie roles over the years. Plus we let our crew ramble on about the celebrities they saw that weekend... and their favorite specific body parts. Warning: This portion maybe inappropriate for children... or anyone who still has a little decency left in them.

And as we gather around the haunted table, we also mention… Into the Woods, a 17-Carat Diamond Ring, raccoon butler, the tale of the angry watermelon, the aww shucks all-American boy, Mr. Falcon, The Hobbit, James Garner, Keith David David Keith, Chet got legit, there’s like one screw holding this thing up… and it’s bent, fist-bumping LeVar Burton, Michael Ritchie,  out of 2714 shows, Benedict Cumberbatch, A Man Called Sledge, Amber Heard, Karl Urban’s bellybutton, Iron Man armor, chest merkin, Robert De Niro, a crooked mullet, Bryan Adams, Groot, I’d give Beth a piggyback ride, John Stamos, banana clip visors, improv vs. acting, being disemboweled by the big bad wolf, I’d tap that dwarf, fist bumping for Ebola, now I’m not saying I wanna put my mouth on it or anything, sleepy sexy, Christopher Walken, shirtless Reading Rainbow, a little weasely wolf, Sarah Wayne Callies, there’s obviously been hair removal done at some point, I was starting to feel like I was a little hot back then, Stuart Gordon, The Wheeler Dealers, I love me some Loki, celebrity ass update, Golden Palace, multitasking monkeys, did he make it explode, Second City, the John Cleese of drama, I just saw a bi-plane go by, Michael Fassbender, here just run into my fist with your face, a little soapy… a little weepy, Hour of the Gun, The Walking Dead, hoochie mom jeans, very pregnant and seemingly naked Mariah Carey, King of the Ants, taking photos with celebrities, mistral LaForge, unicorn butt plug, Re-Animator: The Musical, My Bodyguard, satirizing the Organic Theater Company, Dushku’s glorious hair, it wouldn’t be the first time you let a woodland creature live in your house, Buzzy's on TBS, he drives like he’s playing a video game, got damn no dog-havin’ heifer, you don’t have to go very far if you’re looking for trouble, CM PUNK,  Somewhere in Time, yeah I been doing this on five continents… for forty-three years, so the guy from Nickel Creek is marrying Advil  Lebean?, Norman Reedus’s bellybutton, Charlie Prince and by the way… there are no koalas in New Zealand. 

“It started to dawn on me… well I guess I’m an actor. You know, maybe I should… start… watching movies and seeing what people do, and how they act.” 

283: Greg Sestero - From The Room to Johnny Suede

Aug 17, 2014 01:19:49


Movie Meltdown - Episode 283

This week we welcome special guest co-host Greg Sestero, better known to many people as Mark from The Room. We discuss his early days getting into acting and how he met Tommy Wiseau and came to be involved in the making of his infamous film. Plus we hear about Greg documenting all these stories in his book - The Disaster Artist, about the making of The Room. Plus we gladly welcome Greg to sit-in for our Sofa Theater discussion on an arguably "bad" movie from a young Brad Pitt entitled - Johnny Suede.

And as we discuss wild dogs running in the streets, we also mention… Ricky Nelson, Home Alone, Solarbabies, Drive, Ed Wood, Double Indemnity, instruments that grant wishes, Power Rangers, John Hughes, Bucharest, Romania, A streetcar Named Desire, Under the Skin, Javier Bardem, Breaking Bad, psychedelic lightning, Jami Gertz, very personal, Uncharted, The American Dream… Tommy’s journey…  and this unlikely friendship,  Spring Breakers, Richard Linklater, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stanley Kubrick, it’s the type of movie that laughs at itself, but then it takes itself seriously, an acting class in San Francisco, Boyhood, two robot women, Only God Forgives, Russian and French, a writer from Entertainment Weekly, Grizzly Adams, Miami Connection, Patton Oswalt, shooting films in the library,it was sort of like a sick fantasy… to have a packed house watch this movie, Sunset Boulevard, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Saga, the worst girlfriend you could ever ask for, 5 Second Films, I’ve learned my lesson… you never know what project you do that an audience is gonna respond to, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, kids begging on the streets, being a musicologist, So I just kind of… got on the roller coaster… and just accepted where it was going to go, Living in Oblivion, Ten degrees below zero, Cool World, a vanity project gone horribly wrong, Howard the Duck, The Killing, depressing and realistic, leave your stupid comments in your pocket, Andrew W.K., Volumes of Blood, James Franco, Billy Wilder, he kind of made the movie work, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Retro Puppet Master, obliterate every scene he was in and a VHS copy of Mazes and Monsters.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Room and Johnny Suede. 

“I always felt like, the story behind it was even more amazing. More baffling.”

For more on Greg and “The Disaster Artist” go to:

282: The Pope Lick Monster goes to the Carnival

Aug 11, 2014 01:13:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 282

More coverage from our own "Cryptid Carnival" including our interview with Ron Schildknecht, the director of "The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster". But before that, we let Sterling loose with a microphone to harass carnival patrons. Along the way he gets involved in some amazing conversations that involve weighty topics like religion, drugs, fairies, aliens, and of course Cryptozoology. Then he and Bryan sit down to get a caricature "action shot" of them podcasting. Plus we hang out with the usual Meltdown Gang as we enjoy some live music and discuss this week's movie "The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster" along with our usual craziness. 

And as we make plans to start The First Church of Moth Man, we also mention...  Soviets during the Cold War, the railroad's attorney, all original groovy tunes, missing lost wilderness, so God is a bigfoot on acid, every frame is money, so every frame is precious, cryptids are God, aliens in the fifties, an experiment gone wrong, podmooch, 16mm film, nipple monster, who doesn't imagine a day where they could just run down their hometown street... with a shovel in hand, and just beat the crap out of every face they run into, Richard Gere, religion is an addiction, what zombies represent in pop culture, three-cornered hats, yo mama sells popcorn on the street corner, I love a man in a frog mask, assumptions about the universe, individualism is a time bomb, when I was doing musicals in the Summer like all the cool kids, rear screen projection, the kitchen table, I've heard lots of stories of the sheepman over the years, darkness being spread by the Government and the media and major corporations, day for night cinematography, scrambling up dark hilltops and a really tall hairy guy to piggyback people. 

"...Cryptids are a problem?! Come on!! There you have it folks. America... uninterested, bored, and tragically uninformed." 

Special thanks to Nancy's Bagel Grounds: as well as caricatures by Kelly: with live music by The Formalities: and belly dancing by Ruric-Amari Dance: and an extra special thanks to Ron Schildknecht director of "The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster":

281: Welcome to the Cryptid Carnival

Aug 5, 2014 50:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 281

This week, we are coming to you "live" from our own weird festival the Cryptid Carnival! Featuring a cryptid-themed, art show, live music, a dancing yeti, a homeless frogman, little furry creatures, artists, movie talk, belly dancers and so much more!! 

And as playful banter leads to amazing stories, we also discuss... devil tomato creatures, ballerinas or witches, a world class Grandma, Slint member run-ins, crack in a tub, Ethan Embry, cryptid architecture?, Razonblade Suitcase, Laura Vandervoort, Fantastic Mr. Fox, green apple ice cream, Incedent On and Off a Mountain Road, old fashioned lemonaid, a potential Adult Swim show, Action Grandma!, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, not getting your nap in, The Raid 2, Lost Girl, eating your wolf skin, Bill Murray doing his thing, being in cahoots together, Don Coscarelli, Werther's Originals, the yeti watching the band, Angus Scrimm, I spilled it all over myself, a Loch Ness monster tattoo, Spiderland, Newbie, the eccentric shut-in, bringing doom to small town bridges, P.J. Harvey, I like apes, strange symbolic attachments, interesting garbage, nonsense subtitles, Hemlock Grove, Yeti vs. Bigfoot, what is Princess Jasmine doing down here?, Woody Allen, dipthong, you can't answer a question about a questionable creature with a question, a devil puppet costume, Witches of East End, Bitten, yeti on the moon, Wes Anderson, How to Train your Dragon 2, extreme puppeteering camp, The Beasts of Bladenboro, Misfits, Livid, having bronchitis, Under the Skin, blue-haired moo moo, Steve Albini, you came on your pogo penis stick, waves a banana in my face, Umberto Eco, Repo Man, vampire ballerinas, Hex, build for inclement weather, 666 Park Avenue, Michael Fassbender, bullshit coma, free ice cream, Moth Man, Steven King and please don't get any lipstick on the mic sir.

"Wow... I need to check out this town that's filled with such crazy and interesting people."

Special thanks to Nancy's Bagel Grounds:  

Sweatermeat:  and Ruric-Amari Dance: 

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Houndmouth

Jul 28, 2014 01:19:52


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #14 - Attack of Houndmouth

This episode we are coming to you "live" from Forecastle fest 2014. And as we build our own group effort soundtrack, we also visit special guest Angryblue who designed this year’s Forecastle poster. Plus an extra special guest appearance by artist - Miss Happy Pink. 

Then we sit down with this week’s special guest co-hosts - Zak Appleby and Shane Cody from Houndmouth. We discuss how the band came together as well as their musical influences and how they spill over into movies. Plus we get some input from their manager Chris on how he helped them break into the music scene. 

And as we assess the aesthetics of our guest’s nipples, we also bring up… The Rolling Stones, The Band, skull dungeon, rude hosting experiences, Louisville vs. New Albany, loving sugar, being addicted to podcasts, luck and practice, leaky sausage patties, Seinfeld, Boomtown, speed skating in Florida, playing poker, doing all the moves, playing in the Ed Sullivan Theater, riding across America, a sad stomach, Parliament, dress warm, The War on Drugs, Sharknado, the sincerity of weird and awkward, stalking Salma Hayek, I’ll put mops on my feet, proverbial balls, dancing with cheesecake, bandana and piano… you can’t go wrong, South by Southwest, The Venture Brothers, Delta Spirits, lumpy nipples, Duets, there’s not enough boogie skating these days… that’s the problem, being on Letterman, The Sugar Hill Gang, where the wolverine attack happened, Lonesome Dove, four wheels and as fast as you can go…, being on Conan, Tara Reid, having multiple kids, being indecisive, the life of a speed skater and I’m castle freak… what’s up?

“It’s funny how songs are related to scenes in movies… It’s like, well that’s the perfect f-ing song right there. There’s nothing else I wanna hear… at this point in time.” 

For more on Forecastle, go to: - For more on Houndmouth, go to:

For more on Angryblue, go to:  - For more on Miss Happy Pink, go to:

280: Hal Sparks and the Tales of La La Wood

Jul 19, 2014 01:22:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 280

This week we’re joined by special guest co-host Hal Sparks. You may know Hal as a stand-up comic, an actor, a musician… he is a man of many talents. But this episode he sits down with us to reminisce about growing up in a small town, and his struggle to make it all the way to Los Angeles. And the personal conviction it takes to work in the entertainment industry. Plus we discuss some of the movies that inspired and entertained him over the years

And along the way, we also discuss... the nearest hospital without chickens in it, George Carlin, Sigourney Weaver in Alien, Joe vs. the Volcano, Heavy Metal, all we tried to do was be a little too free… and the hammer came down, Spiderman 2, in Mandarin, Antichrist, the hardest role for an actor to play…, Peter MacNicol, fixing mandolins, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, I’m trying to help you people… and no one is listening to me, Michael Palin, Brighton Beach Memoirs, dentistry hasn’t changed that much, Blade Runner, MacArthur: hyper puritanical dickhead?, Cabin in the Woods, I’m focusing on being a performer… and my performance comes in several different shapes, Bobcat Goldthwait, Fritz the Cat, Captain America, Flashpoint, Let the Right One In, just you and a microphone, Mindwalk, Scooby Doo, Japanese rules against pornography, Sam Raimi, The Nutty Professor, Jiminy Glick, the greatest bullshit story ever told, Mitch Hedberg, Zapped!, Steve Martin, The LEGO Movie, The Avengers, having a tin center, Bob Dylan, on-stage persona, the first mixed-race couple on a network show, a two-story set, why we come up with jokes, Fletch,old LPs, how far can you skate… on just what you were given, Richard Pryor, The Shining, Running Scared, Groundlings, Bill Cosby, banjo took over his life, Spinal Tap, art is about imparting either emotion or understanding, Billy Crystal, Beverly Hills Cop, Growing up in Peaks Mill, Star Wars, John Lennon, China vs. the US, Doug Stanhope, Second City, failure has a clock… an abstract based on a puritanical work ethic that’s from Philippians… and I have no interest in that… behaviorally or intellectually or philosophically at all.

“It’s just supposed to make you mad at your life, so you f-ing do something!”

For more on all of Hal’s work, go to:

279: What Are You Babbling About?

Jul 14, 2014 01:23:45


Movie Meltdown - Episode 279

This week we’ll be revisiting our most recent trip to WonderFest. But this won’t be just any old episode, no this will be a special crossover session with the guys from "Tower of Technobabble". As we join them for a simultaneous podcast effort – and right in the middle of their "Guinness Book of World Record" attempt to break the record for longest uninterrupted webcast. Join us for our extra ridiculous conversations as they haven’t slept for 20 hours at the point of this episode. All the drama! All the sleep deprivation! Plus a sack full of toys!!

And as we count our points of articulation, we also discuss… dancing droids, karate smock, Grabbers, a molten dwarf, Pirates of the Aleutian Sea, Kitty Pryde, a good monster flick, J.T. Petty, the Death Star droid, a pejorative, Smaug, I gave him toys, longboats, the Death Star droid, Coupling, Madison: Home of the Rocket Boat, It’s a magic sack… get in our van full of candy and let’s go, trigger memories, it’s the Imperial man keeping the walrus man down, Britt Eklund, Why were you rubbing your droid so much?, Everclear, the power droid, Blood Mania, The Burrowers, Fringe, pissing off celebrities, let’s bust out some Greedo, that’s like walking your dog - all at once, clicky sounds, C3PO, a wizard did it who was dead all the time, Don McLean, snowtrooper, reach into the sack, at the very end… where she’s giving out prizes, Chewbecca, Bespin fatigues, The Hobbit, Tiger got a taste for human flesh, Hootie and the Blowfish, The Wicker Man, FX-7 and pissing off Flock of Seagulls. 

Spoiler Alert: Random spoilers for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "Game of Thrones". You have been warned! 

“As I’ve said… this maybe the activity that cures me of all future activities.” 

278: Everyday Horror People

Jul 5, 2014 01:21:49


Movie Meltdown - Episode 278

This week we come to you "live" from the "Days of the Dead" convention in Indianapolis. As usual, we stake our claim right in the middle of the action, and not only reminisce about our celebrity run-ins of the day, but also talk to other passers-by and get the general consensus of horror fans. 

And as we plead with older celebrities - to stop falling down, we also mention… lose the bandana, the Frankennipple incident, P.J. Soles, I don’t sweat… I glisten, Polly Holliday, Assassin's Creed: The Misty Cut, toddler pants, David Naughton, From Paris with Love, the sequins fairy, Streets of Fire, I don’t think he can make human expressions, Hitler’s new kitten plan, Ashley Laurence , Tito Puente's gonna be dead, and you're gonna say – Oh I've been listening to him for years, The Devil Rides Out, curly mustaches or mohawks, Hey… come join in with our talking of smacks, poking Gary Busey with a stick, stupid gravity, Nancy Allen, Romantics Anonymous, coming soon… Stairs, Nightbreed, Sabrina, pulpy horror, baby crips, Grandpa getting a drink, John Heard, Zombies: Deadtime Stories, Doc of the Dead, you can see the trail of sequins from here to his table, Corey Feldman and his angle, House of Frankenstein, 3D naked chicks and Tara Reid. 

Spoiler Alert: Major spoiler for "Eddie and the Cruisers 2". Someone spills the beans on whether Eddie lives or not. You have been warned. 

 “Why would you put your e-mail address on there? I wouldn’t want these people e-mailing me… I’ve seen these people. I AM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!” 

For more on the "Days of the Dead" shows, go to:

277: Joe Alves - Working Man's Hollywood

Jun 28, 2014 01:02:43


Movie Meltdown - Episode 277

This week we sit down with one of the most interesting guests we’ve ever had… Joe Alves. He’s an artist, production designer, art director, second unit director, sculptor, director… you name it, if it’s related to bringing a movie to life – Joe’s probably done it. He’s best know for his work on the “Jaws” series of films, but over the years he’s worked on some of the biggest movies in Hollywood, including Forbidden Planet, Torn Curtain, Mutiny on the Bounty, Sleeping Beauty, My Fair Lady, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Starman, The Sugarland Express, Escape from New York and so many others! Joe is a fascinating man with a phenomenal work history… and work ethic.

And as we discuss shooting scenes of the shark in Joe’s pool, we also mention… working at Disney, Josh Meador, working with Hitchcock, An American in Paris, rotoscoping, John Cassavetes, sculpting the shark, I got nominated for the NAACP Image Award, I’ve got these young people that I want you to meet, John Carpenter, Portugal, the Id, junior set designer, the left to right shark, Harry Dean Stanton, Hayward California, Mad Men, Moby Dick, Lea Thompson… so cute… so charming, Ken Russell, French impressionist paintings, rendering each frame, Mr. Newman has to eat his asparagus with gloves, 300 storyboards, stealing Antonio Gatti’s architecture, you’re late for the training program, I say… the shark worked or you wouldn’t have been scared, Korean veterans, more shark… more shark… more shark, what wasn’t easy was dealing with the producer, the gas station was supposed to collapse,  Louis Gossett Jr., we were at the top of the Twin Towers, edgier Alice in Wonderland,  the shark made all these funny noises, Debra Hill, production design, Steven Spielberg, racing formula one cars, Fire Down Below, that guy got nominated for an Academy Award… and he’s putting posters up, drafting, two thousand pounds of weight to pull the barrel down, shooting in 3D, Steven Seagal showed up late… didn’t have his lines and Eisenhower invading Normandy. 

“The idea that the shark never worked… it was all nonsense!”

276: Judy Tenuta and the Bagel of Love

Jun 20, 2014 01:09:23


Movie Meltdown - Episode 276

This week we are coming to you "live" from The Connection Theater with none other then The Goddess herself… Miss Judy Tenuta. We discuss growing up in her large family, and just what led her down the road of comedy. Plus all the unusual situations that arose as she moved to Los Angeles, and the campy (and sometimes forgotten) movies she ended up making over the years. All that, plus the wonders of “The Bagel of Love”! 

And as we discuss the pressures of being the Aphrodite of the accordion, we also mention… Lindsay Morgan Lohan, air conditioning, Danny Aiello, Churchill Downs, homemade potato chips, it may annoy you but it will not harm you, Desperation Boulevard, Jay Leno, Robby Benson, a delicate flower, the key to civilization, Comedy Central, Colonel Sanders, Godzilla, I plan on going to prison, being a minister of your own religion, Anna Nicole Smith, the Jennifer Lawrence house, Michael Lerner, you gotta get your jockeys ready, there’s an app for that, Forever 21, going to AA meeting to make deals, a seven foot tall hat, Captain America, Weird Al Yankovic, driving Miss Judy, Princess of panty shields,  lots of red bull, who did not keep their promise, three bites seventy times a day, The Three Stooges, pizza and cake, could there be more blockbusters in her pants?, Adam Ant, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, the Maroon Raccoon, Empress of Elvis impersonators, getting out of the limo, embracing the social media, X-Men, tweens, eating a whole chicken, The Pickel Barrel, Saint obnoxious in bondage school and church, ordained minister, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Child labor laws, Doctor Phil, I gotta have my chips, Hilary Duff and what’s up with Oprah?!

“Goddess is the new orange.”

275: Godzilla Meltdown

Jun 15, 2014 01:53:17


Movie Meltdown - Episode 275

Coming to you "live" from the 25th annual WonderFest! This week we welcome special guest co-host, film and TV designer Eric Chu, to sit in with us for our discussion about Gareth Edwards’ version of "Godzilla". Plus we hang around for a bonus segment where we address all the other problems in Hollywood.

And as we enjoy the simple pleasures of a balloon, we also mention… Gerry Anderson, Monsters, The Enterprise, Space 1999, Wrestling match, Peter Sellers, the kiss of death, Samuel L. Jackson, my mom was an X-Men extra, Superman 2, a traveling exhibition, Slither, being a tease, telling an origin story, hoping for the end of the world, the Star Trek reboot, Operation: Larvae, Edgar Wright, Jamie Anderson, the money shot, 120 minute short story, Battlestar Galactica, the action figure robot and the monster in the other, The X-Men: First Class, Kabuki, Mystery Team, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Chu-thulhu, the microwave disc on the back of a car, Batman Begins, Jeff Foxworthy, Top of the Food Chain, legitimizing our geek passions, The Frantics, TOHO, Jaws: The Revenge, Raymond Burr, King Kong, Pacific Rim, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, that’s the only puppet I play with…, Richard Lester, Turn Off the Dark, actors in half make-up smoking cigarettes, Matthew Broderick, destroying the hive, false advertising, the tail slam, Mechagodzilla, James Gunn, Godzilla noir, The Avengers: World Police, ripped continuity, Marvel should double down, and playing ping pong with giant crab monsters.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2014 “Godzilla” and a random spoiler for “X-Men: The Last Stand” as well. You have been warned. 

 “You wanna get into the fight… with Gareth Edwards.” 

274: WonderFest of Future Past

Jun 9, 2014 01:20:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 274

This week features coverage from the 25th annual WonderFest! Featuring not only our usual shenanigans but also our interview with modelmaker and sculptor Carol Bauman! She’s worked for years as a creature creator and modeler with companies like Lucasfilm’s “Industrial Light & Magic” as well as “Kerner Optical” and “Kernerworks”. Plus we visit with horror host Doctor Gangrene and discuss movies both old and new. And we unveil the new Movie Meltdown T-Shirt and announce our new themed live event!

And as we talk about the beauty of old school mechanics, we also mention… the biggest coolest T-Rex ever, The Fly 2, Hugh Jackman is so totally ’98, every Vincent Price film, Nashville, River Boat, the fourth of July party at Skywalker Ranch, crowd sourcing, bleeding military dummies, Burt Reynolds, you can get married any weekend, trapped in weird little British towns, a guy in a monkey suit running around killing people, George Romero, The Pope Lick Monster, Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest, Pirates of the Caribbean, Veronica Mars, editing with two VCRs, Who Framed Roger Rabbit trading cards, the next great paleontologist, Big Bob, working at the canal, Karl Urban… I’m talkin’ to you, being obsessed with Wake Wood, RoboCop 2, produced by committee, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Witchfinder General, six trays of cookies, building The Black Pearl, Darren McGavin, readjusting people’s accents, chupatacos, an eight foot spider, David Cronenberg, The Movie Geek Art Show, Hammer Film reboot, the Indiana Jones of my generation, Michael Fassbender, Arachnophobia, a mosquito from Jurassic Park and not wearing bike helmets.

Spoiler Alert: Random spoilers from “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “X-Men: The Last Stand”… you have been warned.

"I only like you when you pretend you're somebody else."

For more information about WonderFest, go to:

273: Out on the Street

May 30, 2014 01:10:21


Movie Meltdown - Episode 273

Recorded "live" out on the street amongst parking cars, passers-by and the occasional cat or opossum, we ignore all that (for the most part) and just talk movies.

And as the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew team-up rages on, we also discuss… Black Caesar, Emma Stone, The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Ant-Man, being passionate,Scarlett Johansson, Hell up in Harlem, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Gina Carano, a what-if story, Stan Lee cameos, Three Days of the Condor, Lucy, Superman, Tusk, Scuba diving attack, Donald Glover, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Green Arrow, flag-waver of artistic inspiration, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Parallax View, Wonder Woman, the Westminster dog show, The Nutty Professor, Paul Walker, Under the Skin, Marvel vs. DC, The Flash, H.R. Giger, the Colts vs. the Bears, Fred Williamson, tying his hands and Jodorowsky's Dune.

Spoiler Alert: The big spoiler for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is casually revealed. You have been warned!!

“I just love it when people are passionate about stuff. ‘Cause so much of this world is so boring and prefab. And set-up to consume and forget. It’s neat when people are excited… about anything.”

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: John Doe

May 23, 2014 01:02:35


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #13 - Attack of John Doe!

This week we are back to build another interesting and eclectic movie soundtrack. And as we work in referneces to a certain current blockbuster we also feature this week's installment of "The Killer Five" provided by none other then punk rock icon - JOHN DOE! So settle in as we assemble an amazing mixture of music that ranges from the heyday of the L.A. punk scene... to 80's action staples... to breakthrough indie films... to spaghetti westerns and giant monster movies. It's gonna be a hell of a ride. 

"Holy shit! I had no idea that he was capable of kind of orchestration!"

272: Something a Little Odd

May 17, 2014 01:52:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 272

This week we hang out and watch Odd Thomas... and bake cookies... and talk trash about random movies and celebrities.  And have a lot of fun. 

And while we Google bats and girl’s vaginas, we also discuss... laser battle fights, being abandoned in a laundry mat, fake Feldman, the ugliest wallpaper ever, Dreamcatcher, Joe Lynch, Emma Stone, hot-wiring cars, eating clay, old lazer guns, scanning the whole movie, bad wigs, Sahara, won’t make a decision, Shawn of the Dead, Ryan Kwanten, The Mummy movies, young Clint Eastwood, crazy space birds, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, training montage, Van Helsing, Beaches, no springs, Sonic phaser, Do Not Disturb, X-Men, Knights of Badassdom, Brendan Fraser, people I’m gonna end up shooting, Corey, and he got him a chick that used to be hot twenty years ago, Fletch, today only – special sale, that one guy that I like that was in that one movie, PFLAG, The Rise of Cobra, Tom Waits, tighty whiteys that aren’t tight or white, Eric Estrada, Andrew Garfield, Watchers, and sitting in a dishwasher. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Odd Thomas. Plus a semi-main spoiler for X-Men 3: The Last Stand and we allude to the big spoiler in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. You have been warned! 

“What do you do? You fist that m*therf*cker!”

271: The Weird Existential Ninth Configuration

May 9, 2014 01:52:49


Movie Meltdown - Episode 271

This week we discuss upcoming geek activities before launching into this week's Sofa Theater feature: The Ninth Configuration directed by William Peter Blatty. Including interviews with the stars of the movie Scott Wilson and Tom Atkins!

And while we enjoy the aroma of new things and possibilities, we also mention...  Exorcist 3, shock therapy, doing selfless things, becoming a Catholic, Falcon Crest, Legion, a mechanical bird, we're all God's bitch, printed fries, the mystery of goodness, WonderFest, action figure, odd supernatural events, Marines not Army, obsessive hobbies, 3D printers, Pleased to Meet Me, an actor still needs something to hold, monster kids, Roger Corman, a geek from way back, I've never seen a person's real life mirror the fictions he loved...., working with celebrities, the theory with the hammer, no mustache, styrene kits, FX people, sometimes you go crazy to keep yourself from going crazy, Norman Reedus, fringe culture, the convention world, Harry Dean Stanton Fest, building models, it shapes your philosophy and your philosophy shapes your life, Jet Jaguar, standing in line, I'm gonna pass through this wall and trying to stalk Stacy Keech. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "The Ninth Configuration", so go watch it now!! 

"I've definitely got some weird existential shit going down... but who doesn't?"

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Richard Band

May 3, 2014 01:16:52


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #12 - Attack of Richard Band!

This week we return to build another killer soundtrack with none other then special guest co-host - composer Richard Band! Richard has composed more then 70 film scores including... Re-Animator, the Puppet Master series, The Pit & The Pendulum, Ghoulies, The Arrival, Castle Freak, The House on Sorority Row, Shrunken Heads, The Day Time Ended, Laserblast and so many more. He comes from a family of filmmakers and we discuss his upbringing as well as his decision to veer off into the music world - and then make it his career. All the while, assembling our own amazing soundtrack! 

And while explaining that he didn't actually build the puppets in Puppetmaster, we also discuss... living in Paris, air conducting, rock 'n roll, this big rock out in the ocean, a Flamenco show, a visual band, I was on a location shoot, toured around Italy, the London symphony, sitting on the beach in Monte Carlo, it really sort of did something to me, Beethoven's 9th Symphony, guitar, orchestrating, 70's AM rock, the first night in Madrid, what am I going to do with my life?, she made me a tuxedo, bought me a baton and an influential Telefunken record player. 

"It was something I'll never forget in my life... and that's when I knew this is what I'm going to be doing."

270: Fireside Chat

Apr 25, 2014 01:39:52


Movie Meltdown - Episode 270 

After a horrendous winter, the weather finally gets nice, so to celebrate Fred builds a fire in his backyard and we hang out, make s'mores and talk about movies... amongst other things. 

And as we congratulate one of the gang for conquering their Peep problem, we also discuss… the great debates, Hang your Hat on the Wind, a backup plan, Oldboy, J.K. Rowling, Ballad of the Sad Café, Hermione and Ron, I have a funny story about monkeys…, bombarded with pecan pies, you know I’m just a ramblin’ gamblin’ man, Grudge Match, Peep sober, A Day No Pigs Would Die, I would know… my insides would tell me, it’s tone deaf and it’s amusing… but I don’t really hold a grudge, The Day After, Harry Potter, Midnight Run, somebody named Kiki Dee, a good universal humanoid, there will be s’mores , it’s bad when you feel like you can’t live up to your vice commitments, Where the Red Fern Grows, this guy we know died under the house, Bobcat Goldthwait, the viciousness of children, Gwyneth Paltrow, Peanut butter vs. Tahini, you’re just huffin’ leaves at this point, river gangs, …so that’s how I ended up with a 7lb bucket of Nutella, I hope you have hobo stab insurance, Wallace Shawn, magic is homework, her divorce is better then your divorce, Throw Mama From the Train, I hate them with a burning passion, Sandra Bullock, a bizarre laboratory school, relief sculptures, more with the Hot Damn, Killdozer, my hands are really sticky still, comedy is not one of the things the lord blessed him with, winking at the camera, futuristic optimism, Bad Ronald, and being over The Simpsons. 

“If that movie was like a medical procedure, that would cure me of… a terminal cancer. I would not have that procedure” 

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Ookla the Mok

Apr 18, 2014 01:51:54


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #11 - Attack of Ookla the Mok! 

This week we are coming to you “live” from ConGlomeration, where we hang out with Rand and Adam, otherwise known as the band: Ookla the Mok! They are a musical duo with an interesting history in the business as well as mass amounts of geek knowledge that make them fit right in on our show. So we not only discuss pop culture references in music and movies, but along the way… we also build a terrific soundtrack.

And as we all attempt to keep from getting Garfunkel-ized, we also mention… Fillmore!, sci fi and comic book conventions, The Police, Gym Class Heroes, my father imposing his taste on us, Medieval Evil Knievel, James Gunn, Bite Me Fanboy, The Big Bang Theory, two frontmen, an action figure of the guys that wrote the theme song, The Toy Collector, finding your tribe, oh Sting where is thy death, working with Disney, when they cut the song... they cut the whole scene, pretentious progressive bands, Marillion, my fingers don't stretch wide enough to play the gap that he's doing, Captain America: Winter's Soldier, Barenaked Ladies, I definitely don't remember a time when I wasn't a nerd, playing the bar and club scene, The Who, music rights on DVD, WKRP in Cincinnati, ok... we'll hire someone to rip that off, pop music, double-length concept albums, the music is serious even if the concept is funny, the legally distinguishable version, Because You Demanded It!, Full Frontal Nerdity, he doesn’t make movies with villains, The Specials, They say you should write about what you know... and we were college students. What the hell did we know?, playing me Frank Zappa when I was 4 years old, They Might Be Giants, Daria, Scott M. Gimple, who's the next Martin Scorsese?, The Eels, Cupid's Chokehold, not allowed to listen to the radio, fighting over song writing credit, giving up your likeness rights, Lawrence Kasdan, Chinese food and live-action heroes, the filk community and keep your money... just let me punch you in the face every couple of weeks.

"I'm not gonna NOT be the lead singer..."

For more on Ookla the Mok, go to:

For more on ConGlomeration, go to:

269: Hollywood Dynasties

Apr 11, 2014 02:05:25


Movie Meltdown - Episode 269

This week we welcome filmmaker Michael Fitzer into the group as we sit down to tackle The Grind topic ‘o the week: Hollywood Dynasties. We address the families that continue to work in the entertainment industry. And somewhere along the way, we mention… Gattaca, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Pursuit of Happyness, what the hell happened to Chris Makepeace?, Happy Accidents, Hitler’s painting career, rays of light coming from your head, Martin Mull, Noah, Lost in Translation, Gary Oldman, The Shawshank Redemption, 70’s snap zoom techniques, The Notebook, Her, La Femme Nikita, So I guess the moral of the story is… if you want your kid to be successful in Hollywood – just make Steven Speilberg the Godfather, Darren Aronofsky, Alpha Dog, Dracula, Monster-in-Law, Connor Cruise, Luc Besson is a God, I can’t get over his veins, Rhea Perlman, My Bodyguard, the bearded prophet, Uma Thurman, Jack Huston, Wild at Heart, Most other kids were dating… and I was following Roger Deakins around, attitude is everything, Roger Deakins, Never Been Kissed, Hiding Out, Gwyneth Paltrow, star wipes, nepotism in any industry is bad, because the director is the key, The Culkins, getting a special guest star credit, freshman effort, I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard, picking up a hot pot of oil with my forearms, Seduced and Abandoned, Girl in the Café, adding a chapter to the Bible, bypassing the system, she’s been married like 7 times… and she’s talking about love, Paper Moon, Hook, The Oscars, I don’t like the way Laura Dern cries, Point of No Return, Scott Glenn, you could have had your own wrapping paper room, The Creationist Movement in America, Chris Tucker, working with Osteoporosis, How can a Biblical epic… fall apart in the second act?, is there a point to her?, Johnny Handsome, I saw that movie… in the theater… probably 20 times!, DIY Network, Thora Birch, Danny DeVito, Alec Baldwin, the Olsens, writing on SNL before the zombies, Homes on Homes and a book full of heart-shaped objects.  

“Sofia Coppola has NEVER stood in knee-deep mud, holding a reflector while a copperhead ran through her legs! She has NEVER done that… and I have!”

268: Burdened with Glorious Purpose

Apr 4, 2014 01:11:10


Movie Meltdown - Episode 268

This week we are coming to you "Live" from Wizard World: Louisville. Featuring our discussions with Robert Hays and Scott Wilson! Plus our coverage of other convention-related moments. And as we dodge Michael Rooker we also mention... a Pinkie Pie person, the number of Lokis, raising awareness about Parkinson's Disease, bouncing a quarter off that ass, I've never seen a Simon before, the reptilians, free mints, Jason Momoa, super excite, Power of Love 487 times, see a handful of Banes roaming about, Sidney Poitier, They Live, Man of Steel, the insectoids, Divergent, Guillermo del Toro, Jon Bernthal loves My Little Pony, Pam Dawber, The Long Voyage Home, stealing pizza, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Noah, sickly, The LEGO Movie, your imagination gets carried away, the joke is the joke, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Robert Pralgo, Charles Bronson, The Importance of Being Earnest, the bro hand grasp, twisting the mythology, Lew Temple, American Hustle, Darren Aronofsky, Airplane, In Cold Blood, Age of Ultron, the Nordics, PTSD, The Quiet Ones, cleavage, the Sean Astin finger point, Lita Ford, Norman Jewison, the greys, The Strain, a geek festival, in the Marine Corp, Jill Ireland, Sharknado 2: The Second One, I can't tell if they're in costume, she saw a Thor, Jacob's Ladder, shapeshifter illuminati, The Girl the Gold Watch and Everything, In the Heat of the Night, explode-proof, Sacajawea, all the Avengers had assembled, J.J. Abrams, I've been across country 15 times by car, Jerry and David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, hitchhiking from Georgia to California, lightning boobs, old school Adidas, building a Loki helmet, movies from the Lucas/Amblin world, E.T., and developing into a twisted goofball.

"I've seen more fezzes today then I've seen in my entire... life! Ever... ever... ever." 

For more info on Wizard World, go to: 

267: What Does the Lamb Say? And the Fox...

Mar 28, 2014 01:30:03


Movie Meltdown - Episode 267

This week we head back to one of those conventions we always go to, and we loiter around with two of our favorite people - Andy and Ken! Then we hang out with this week's special guest co-hosts - L.C. Holt  and Lane Hughes! They are two actors who have been in quite a few films including Pop Skull, VHS and VHS 2... but these days they are better known as the lamb mask and the fox mask from You're Next! So we take this opportunity to sit down and not only talk about their introduction to the film world, but also their love of horror and more specifically - the state of horror movies today. 

And as we scatter through the air - like bugs, we also discuss... Godzilla, Oldboy, Matthew McConaughey, tearing your hand off, taking an AZT break, Noel Coward, Jack Nicholson, roofing nails everywhere in Alabama, A Nightmare on Elm Street, killing Randy, Dexter, old wrestling, Trigger Man, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, wolves, glitter, a slow burn, watching trailers, the ghost that terrorized, Easy Rider, Elliott Gould and George Segal, Can't Stop the Music, building up expectaions, Christopher Durang, The Killing, Ti West, John Russo, Frozen, the milkshake, Only God Forgives, movie fanboys, Spider-Man 2, early slasher films, picking up a guitar, Amy Seimetz, Mick Foley, The Sacrament, 'cause you guys geeked out real good right there, MST3K, getting caught up in the hate, Spike Lee, Patrick, Marvel movies, The Burning, Bryan Cranston, tetanus of the sphincter, Brad Dourif, the fifteenth superficial wound, Martin, having three concussions, The Dorm that Dripped Blood, A. J. Bowen, it's fun to play the bad guy... when you play the bad guy, you get to do everything you would never get to do in life... you get to live vicariously... and in a way... you get to vent, a lot of the things you could never vent... it's great anger managenment I think, Friday the 13th, Brandon Carroll, 90 DV tapes, Five Easy Pieces, The Guest, stepping on a nail, Doug Bradley, Rooney Mara, the new Universal Monsters, one of the best seasons of television of any show ever, The Innkeepers, California Split, gushing over movies, Pacific Rim, Halloween, being a masked killer, spaghetti and milkshakes. 

"...we're villians, you know... we're anti-heroes... I'd love to play the boy next door - but that will never happen!" 

266: Oscar Madness

Mar 21, 2014 01:02:12


Movie Meltdown - Episode 266

It's the 6th annual "Oscar Meltdown"! And this year, we were caught in an ice storm on Oscar night, and very quickly OSCAR MADNESS sets in! Pure insanity caused by the coverage. Or maybe it was all the pork products? Either way, ridiculousness ensues. So listen... if you dare!

(A note from your host: I've said it before, and I'll say it again this year - This is NOT a good "starter episode". These episodes are for hardcore veterans of "Movie Meltdown", specifically those who are familiar with how "Oscar Meltdown" usually goes. So if you are not prepared for this nonsense, e-mail: and I'll point you toward a much better introduction to the show. You have been warned.)

"...this is just the Karen show at this point."

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Goes to Wes Fest

Mar 14, 2014 01:18:17


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #10 - Attack of Wes Anderson!

This week Movie Meltdown's Attack of the Killer Soundtrack is coming to you "live" from Wes Fest! Which was a large scale Wes Anderson theme party at The New Vintage. And this is a very special Attack episode, because it's the first time we've ever featured musicians actually performing their favorite songs from a soundtrack - LIVE right here on the show! It was an amazing line-up of bands and we captured our own version of the event and put together a terrific collection of songs featured in Wes Anderson's films. With music performed by Quiet Hollers, The Fervor, Billy Petot, Jolly Hammurabi, Dane Waters, Nick Peay and The Pass aka Hinckley Cold Storage. 

All right... enough with the words, just start listing to the songs!

265: A Peter Weller Moment

Mar 8, 2014 59:32


Movie Meltdown - Episode 265

This week we head to "The River City Festival of Films" where we hang out with the organizers of the event, have a "Marlena Moment" update and then round things out with our own Peter Weller moment, so to speak, as we talk to the man himself. 

And as we come to the realization that we are just a magnet for strange and hilarious occurences, we also discuss... RoboCop, Owensboro, Adam Ant... Elia Kazan... and Jacques Cousteau, The Spectacular Now, Sherlock, trailers for sale or rent, basically Facebook is just the refrigerators of the internet, Munchie, accurate accects, House: The Second Story, Marlena is Tyler Durden, Paul Verhoeven, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Hugh Laurie, a Garbage Pail Kid kind of puppet, The Minister, The Grudge, having a cat burglar, Moni Yakim, Naked Lunch, Police, Justified, Gerard Butler does not take his shirt off, a low-rent Ghostbuster, Problem Child, David Cronenberg, a lot of really touchy subjects, nowhere left to go but up, Hausu, Ecto-Coolers, fighting with Meat Loaf in a parking lot, The Child Protection Unit of Paris, Olympus Has Fallen, carrying a laser, Roger Miller, dairy whip, beauty mullet, I'm kind of like the Queen of laughing about things that aren't funny, seeing people getting dismembered, my dog breaks out and buy bottles of Hot Damn, William S. Burroughs and your stories are charming... all of them. 

For more information on "The River City Festival of Films" go to:

264: To Catch a Yeti with Spaghetti

Mar 1, 2014 01:26:42


Movie Meltdown - Episode 264

This week we are coming to you "Live" from "The Old Spaghetti Factory" with the return of "The Yeti Spaghetti Show"!! We had pasta, a live Yeti wandering around, as well as our own signature drink. But the real trouble begins when we let the audience vote on how bad a film they would like to see. They bring about their own doom as they pick - the epic bad option. Yes, it's a little movie known as: "To Catch a Yeti", starring the one and only Meat Loaf. Once everyone has suffered through this week’s feature, the cool kids loiter around afterwards and have a full discussion about the movie, it’s star and other frightening concepts. All that and more in the latest installment of…  "The Yeti Spaghetti Show"!!

And as everyone completely forgets about the Pure Prairie League, we also mention… going back up the roller coaster, shut up Wesley, Fight Club, Gremlins, E.T., Short Circuit, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, Problem Child, Home Alone, Veruca Salt, Troll 2, Critters, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Explorers, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, 8 years behind us, black pudding, Star Wars special effects, one of the greatest all-time Meatloaf based movies you could ever see, growing into your feet, Peter Bogdanovich with a mullet, pinecones as money, the black box comparison, the Ford Tempo, there was a lot of problems with the atmosphere, the space scenes were incredible, faux animal fur, accent bingo, Mullets, it was the most awesomely bad movie I have seen in my entire life, the beholder, Bobby Ewing in the shower, Henry Rollins cameo, dumpster diving at Jim Henson’s workshop, gearing up montage, Canada, going really really really dark, being able to afford recognizable songs, it was pre 9/11 you could do whatever you wanted,  a certified little person, indigenous pineapples, none of the parents… all the way around - had any right having children, an expert in 80’s style and the vacuum death machine. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the movie "To Catch a Yeti" as well as the "Six Million Dollar Man" bigfoot episodes. So you better just go watch those before you listen. 

“There was a ‘To Catch a Yeti'-sized whole in my soul that is now filled. I feel final and complete.“

263: Pleased to Meet John Doe

Feb 21, 2014 01:22:34


Movie Meltdown - Episode 263

This week we talk about movies, music and life in general with punk icon and actor... John Doe! John stars in the new independent film "Pleased to Meet Me", so we discuss his chemistry with co-star Aimee Mann, shooting movies in smaller cities, and playing someone in the music business vs. actually being in the music business. Plus of course we discuss his early days, his love of music, his decision to move to L.A., and the musical scene that formed the legendary band X. Then we round things out with Archie Borders, the director of "Pleased to Meet Me", as we find out about how this film came together and the challenges of directing indie films.

Plus as we ponder the significance of the "O" in the Hollywood sign, we also mention… CBGB's, Wayne Wang, Illinois, doing accents, John Entwistle, Baltimore, The Screamers, Patrick Swayze, Katie O’Brien, California is epic, The Talking Heads, the East coast, Harry Dean Stanton, ex-NAVY SEAL, outlawing lead bullets, Max's Kansas City, Blondie, The Go-Gos, Tom Hulce, Jerry Lee Lewis, falling off the balcony, opera, Velvet Underground, The Weiroes, A.P. Carter, Rowdy Harrington???, Minute Men,  Oasis, Elliott Smith, John Waters, The Who, The Ramones, Hollywood Boulevard, digging to find your inner Jerry Lewis, Paul Westerberg, classical piano, Andy Warhol, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Border Radio, I blew my knee out, Rocket Man, sarcastic, Divine, Joan Baez, Gary Snyder, The Germs, Allison Anders, hanging out with LAPD, Road House, Universal Amphitheater in L.A., Sid and Nancy, Roadside Director???, musicians from the classifieds, librarian, pop art vs. fine art, Green Day, Jewel, Georgia, shooting in your hometown, I can starve on my own... I can starve in music no problem , The Big Red One, self-depricating, David Hockney, Robert Quine, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Breathless, finishing a tour, Don Cheadle, the King Ad Rock, is it a musician or an actor, movie reality, Mink Stole,  Allen Ginsberg, visable holes even from the flatlands, Joe Strummer, bring that blue and white plaid shirt, Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Killer, Roadside Prophets, don't get off the boat... it's an f-ing tiger, Everyone Speaks Elton John, Nathanael West, Jim Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Diane Wakoski, a concrete structure somewhere where they can do very little damage,Ulu Grosbard, Winona Ryder, John Cusack, a big fish in a medium pond, Jon Langford and I wasn't afraid... for the first time - to rely on what I've done.

"That was a total 'pinch me' moment... 'cause we're just hanging out, getting drunk at Sun Studios - playing Jerry Lee songs!"

262: The FP from the 502

Feb 14, 2014 01:43:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 262

The trio of terror returns for a tangent-filled hang out session that culminates in watching what is arguably an epic bad movie. Some will say it's terrible. Some will say it's genius. Maybe it's both? Either way we bust out some specialized beverages and settle in to try to make sense of "The FP".  

And while we contemplate just what are the darkest days of Movie Meltdown, we also mention... massages were six dollars, Lost, Snake Plissken, 100 degrees warmer, an island in the South Pacific, Freeway, Pepakura, a Frank Oz backpack, it's like Whiteboys meets Breakin'... producer by Troma, The Hobbit 2, looking like Matt Damon, finding immortality, just say ninja, Jennifer Beals, 187 mode, The Fifth Element, Post apocalyptic 80's, three layers of socks, The Last Samarai, Felicity, Dance Dance Revolution, looking cool at a geek convention, is it 3rd wall or 4th wall??, this whole movie is based on racism, kick boards, forever 80's thug life, ballet-like movie theaters, J.J. Abrams, breasts like Mona Lisa's eyes, the family owns the liquor store, magic glue, 83 minutes of glory, Channing Tatum IS Jet Li, DDR on broken glass, a magical toilet, Pacific Rim, It not only didn't have a budget... but they gave me money to watch it, Titanic, six mangos a day, sixteen movie theaters in fourteen square miles, Yoda-style, the cage match, Super 8, Inglourious Basterds, white trashville, there's more numbers belted out in this movie... then maybe a phone book, two girls - one usher, Vanilla Sky, Star Trek Into Darkness, Glamor Shots, somewhere around here... I have Saiyan Armor, electric duck-a-loo, digging for a rag, Chris Tucker, Dark City, this movie makes me wanna wear boots, Manila the capital of the Philippines, Sean Whalen, an uncircumcised fish, being duped by trailers and the secret to life is ducks. 

Spoiler Alert: We will possibly spoil "The FP'. But truthfully, you have to watch "The FP" to truly believe it actually exists and got made.  

"You know you wanna watch that movie again. You know you're GONNA watch that movie again!"

261: The Forgotten Famous

Feb 7, 2014 01:32:53


Movie Meltdown - Episode 261

In continuing our "People Who Died.. Died" series that we started last year, we take a look at the actors and performers who passed away in 2013. And along the way we realize not only how much we learn about people after they pass away, but also how quickly extremly famous people tend to be forgotten with the passage of time. 

And as celebrity death completely saturates mainstream media, we also mention... James Dean, Get Shory, Joyride, It Started With Eve, the desert makes you orange, Easy Rider, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, growing a sense of humor, Bottle Rocket, Olivia de Havilland, C.H.U.D., Smokey and the Bandit, My Boyfriend's Back, Giant, David Carradine, Five Easy Pieces, The Man Who Wasn't There, aquamusicals, The Sting, 3:10 to Yuma, David Mamet, Billy Jack, East of Eden, Smoke, The Sound of Music, Lawrence of Arabia, Where the Wild Things Are, Clue, Out of Sight, Synecdoche, New York, The Hunger Games, Enter the Dragon, Intolerable Cruelty, beach movies, Johnny Weissmuller, I think it's kind of a testament to, I guess apparently, how awesome a dude he was, Grey Gardens, that's the way to go out... in the middle of jack-o-lanerns, Last Picture Show, Jack Ryan, The Royal Tenenbaums, Deep Throat, feel free to reference us, for all your wrong information, Blue in the Face, Twister, the adoption laws in Illinois, In the Loop, Varsity Blues, Back to the Beach, Being There, Joe the dog, Nashville, The Mexican, Morrissey, team trivia, being a one-woman genre, Get Crazy, Cisco Pike, riding in cars with celebrities, Running Scared, tanning booths, Three Smart Girls, First Love, and Spring Parade, angily yelling at your adopted parents, Private Benjamin, a robot dog, running for President twice... in two different parites, Batman: The Animated Series, Scent of a Woman, True Romance, Timeline, creating your own sub-genre, Jeepers Creepers, 26 years of sobriety and that's the most amazing extrapolation of that series of events. 

"The forgotten famous is such a fantastic phenomenon." 

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Musical Technobabble

Jan 31, 2014 01:31:51


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #9 - Technobabble Edition

This episode of "Attack of the Killer Soundtrack" features Ben and Dave from “Tower of Technobabble”, and a double barrel blast of "The Killer Five" which takes us on quite a musical journey through cinema!

And as we try to unlock the secret of what makes a band, a good band, we also mention… flowery over the top music, violent jazz, old lady singing, essentially you are watching a very slow model backing up at two miles per hour, being all about love and stuff, playing with toys and puppets, watching their hands, that’s neither R nor B, galactic nebula, typing with purpose and action, analyzing your feelings, recording your TV with your tape recorder, visceral… that’s a good word for it, talking about little puppets drinking beer and goats doin’ it, weird Irish guys, the trench on the Death Star, a simple bass line, you got the touch, you’ve got the power, punctuating the action and that same piece of music gets shoved into two different machines.

“I wanna see her make her deal with the devil… become a pop star known all over the world… that would never happen unless the devil was there.” 

260: Stop Talking about Comic Books (or I'll Kill You)

Jan 24, 2014 01:26:47


Movie Meltdown - Episode 260

This episode we continue our discussion of graphic novels turned into movies that we began in episode 259. But this time we branch out with questions like, ‘Do we always NEED an origin story’? And some of us come clean about just when we decided to stop hiding that comic geek inside of us. Which makes us wonder if it’s easier being geeky in school today vs. years ago? So many dorky topics… and yet we address them all!

Plus along the way we also discuss… killing off villains, The Raid: Redemption, Underoos, Zack Snyder, Battle Royale, Sleepy Hollow, Byronic vampires, North Korea, Guardians of the Galaxy, Loki, 30 Days of Night, Nerdcore music, Persepolis, Cat Sh*t One, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Let the Right One In, Oldboy, 300, The Rocketeer, the mutant/human struggle,The Crow, Tokyopop, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hellboy, Akira, The Craft, horror manga, Grave of the Fireflies, Evangelion, Dredd vs. Judge Dredd, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Vietnam, Gilgamesh... with ninjas, Sylvester Stallone, revisiting origin stories, Pyongyang, From Hell, Y: The Last Man, The Dark Knight, and I feel like… it ruined my childhood - less?

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for seasons 2 and 4 of “The Walking Dead”. You have been warned!

“So here’s what we do… we start every superhero movie now, with an old cranky man coming out: ‘You damned kids should know this by now!’” 

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259: Graphic Novels to Movies

Jan 17, 2014 01:24:35


Movie Meltdown - Episode 259

This week we are coming to you "live" from "The Destination" as we discuss graphic novels that have been turned into movies. 

And as we celebrate the banality of existence, we also discuss... Her, Will Eisner, a pop culture oasis, Titanic, Star Wars, Jill Thompson, Harvey Pekar, Viggo Mortensen, Frank Miller, validating the art form, The Big Bang Theory, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, graphic novels seen as literature, Guy Fawkes day, Ghost World, The Sandman, He-Man, Marvel Zombies, Daria, Robert Crumb, Death Note, David Cronenberg, Belgium comic book fans, Edgar Wright, Thanos, a tour guide to Toronto, Black Science, Y: The Last Man, rebels vs terrorists, my patron saint of anxiety, A History of Violence, The Shadow, ...and then Pokémon happened, The World's End, Michael Cera, The Preacher, Dolph Lundgren, The Walking Dead, straying from the source material, Sin City, independent comics, punching Micheal Bay, Paul Giamatti, Bakamon!, Spider, Ant-Man, Sheltered, Patch Adams: The Comic, The Avengers, Days of Future Past, Road to Perdition, The Spirit, Doctor Who, Marty McFly, fan fiction, Watchmen, The Dark Phoenix Saga, American Splendor, Dick Tracy, Wolverine: Old Man Logan, V for Vendetta, A Contract with God, I would totally give him a piggyback ride and what do I have to worry about today?

"...the style was completely unique... it just didn't look like anything else. It was really rad." 

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258: Crocodiles and Political Guilt

Jan 10, 2014 01:36:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 258

This week we return to the infamous Bastion of Awesomeness to discuss several movies culminating in this week’s Sofa Theater feature - the killer croc movie "Primeval". And somewhere along the way a couple of us also become guinea pigs and taste test our recently acquired wasabi candy canes.

And as we think about the original way of shooting spider webs, we also bring up… The Wolverine, The World's End, Orlando Jones, The Hobbit, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, Amber Heard, Prometheus, bone claws, jugglers, Steve Irwin, point your windshield wipers up in the air, Kenneth Branagh, Shark Night, The Necromancer, 300, awed by that level of dexterity, The Hills Have Eyes, Carmen Electra, sucking out his essence, Martin Freeman, he works for the tastiest bidder, Wallander, a cultured skink, run zig zag, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wolf Creek, nightmares with legs, Sharknado, stripper names, pissing off your girlfriend disorder, I saw my cousin eat a bug, broken Bruce, setting your co-workers on fire, Loki, Inglourious Basterds, chewed up by fire ants, Brooke Hogan, sharks in the grocery store, measuring with the Misty-scale, Starburst candy corn, little pepperonis, Jonah Hex, screaming at people in movies, Centurion, beef jerky chocolate, Blood Creek, spiders the size of my hand, oh my god this dog is singing the song of my death and Sisters of Mercy.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for "Primeval" as well as “The Wolverine”. You have been warned. 

"But I guess if they had a movie full of smart people, it wouldn't last that long... and nothing would happen."

257: Random Review

Jan 3, 2014 01:40:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 257

This week features a random review of some of the movies we've watched in 2013. And somewhere along the way we mention... Europa Report, Trance, Kick-Ass 2, A Band Called Death, Oblivion, Pacific Rim, Elysium, The Way Way Back, Monsters University, Super, Zac Efron, Berberian Sound Studio, Searching for Sugarman, Seth MacFarlane, Jesus of Montreal, drinking your own Kool-Aid, The House on Haunted Hill, Tim Burton, it was a downer moment for the family, Sunshine, Man of Steel, Michael Caine, Geoffrey Rush, Wake in Fright, Repo Men, depressing documentaries, Outland, the demise of Pixar, a highly derivative but entertaining movie, movies that the public just didn't get, Mark Wahlberg, Chloë Grace Moretz, that's not how hypnosis works, Ghost Ship, Transformers 3, Marvel super hero movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas, American Movie, Road Games, Moon, Dark Knight Rises, Ernest goes to Jail, Dressed to Kill, the Johnny Depp show, Mystery Men, long movies, The Hulk, good review line... 'Sweaty', smashing watermelons, Inside, Danny Boyle, Beetlejuice, American Idol during Blade Runner, The Paperboy, The Apple, a lot of coke, I kind of describe it as like a Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas but in the middle of the outback... and not funny, what if Roman Polanski directed Day of the Animals?, Toys, Ted, Donald Pleasence, Pa Kent's moral stance, Margot Kidder and gruesome accidents... I like that.

Spoiler Alert: The Apple, Moon, Oblivion and Man of Steel. Take note if you care. 

"It's all sacrificed on the alter of... didn't that look cool?"

256: A Whale of an Episode

Dec 27, 2013 01:44:05


Movie Meltdown - Episode 256

This week, we'll be talking about the documentary "Blackfish"... and all the questions and controversy that surround it. The 2013 film follows the story of Tilikum, a whale captured and eventually sent to perform at Sea World. The massive creature is responsible for several deaths over the years and we examine just who is to blame... the whale, his trainers or the corporation that runs the whole operation. The film touches on a lot of different issues and leads to some pretty interesting conversations.  

And as we return to the coffee shop for another one of our traumatizing underwater adventures, we also discuss… L. Ron Hubbard, Humphrey Bogart, Man of Steel, how we deal with the homeless, banal and tedious, animals eating junk food, emitting a sound that had never been heard before, corporate corruption, animal incest, panda bears, Stockholm syndrome, Gentleman Broncos, a profound instinct for vengeance, cheesy 70's animal attack films, Jack Hanna, nature's arms race, preserving species, a coffee and pizza place, Superman in Mandarin, animal cruelty in film, grizzled Lucy, the first ever Christmas movie that I've disliked, the Beijing Zoo, Cary Grant, sent off to writer's camp, Sam Rockwell, Terence Stamp, being driven by greed and Dino De Laurentiis.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for real life. Watch this documentary before you listen, or we may just spoil real life for you. You have been warned.

"My mom actually called me after it aired on CNN, practically in tears, and apologized for ever having taken me there as a child."

255: Scrooged It

Dec 20, 2013 01:50:33


Movie Meltdown - Episode 255

As we finish up our 6th annual holiday "special" we discuss, among other things, Richard Donner's Christmas classic "Scrooged" starring Bill Murray.

In this episode so powerful - it could tear a family apart, some of the things we mention are… A New York Doll, impressions take on a life of their own, Bernie Taupin, E.T. porn, glitter, right now… Kelly’s doing it with Patrick Swayze!!, Tina Fey, cartoon moments, a spare best friend, Karen Allen, looking ahead to zombies, Lincoln lip, Mean Girls, Santa’s sensitivity training, I feel like I should be a mean husband, eating salt dough ornaments, GQ Magazine, if you had that hair… you were the bad guy, Chevy Chase, Magnolia, somebody stealing your spot, what makes a man sexy, being a celebrity impersonator, Normal, well-adjusted people don’t just make awesome things usually, Michael J. Pollard, Iron Man 3, having cache, Alfre Woodard, theme songs, Misery, This was some F-ing Looney Tunes, Stockholm Syndrome sh*t… get out of my house!!, a K-Mart David Bowie, manhandling children, Dustin Hoffman gets suspended, an unspoken theme of forgiveness, like early Matisse, The Sound of Music, strippers and kids, yeah… I try to let the Looney Tunes subtly seep out of me, I know life is great, John Malkovich, The Last Picture Show, I’m afraid of bats, and… crushed it!

Spoiler Alert: You will be visited by jerks bearing spoilers. So go watch “Scrooged” before listening to this episode. You have been warned. 

Corrections: 1.) Of course it’s Mickey Rooney in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" 2.) And because the Murray’s are like the Baldwin’s… at some point we mix up John Murray and Joel Murray. Apologies to both Murray brothers.

“God Bless us all… Goddammit.”  

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Holiday Edition

Dec 13, 2013 01:27:58


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #8 - Holiday Edition

This week, Movie Meltdown’s “Attack of the Killer Soundtrack” returns with a festive conglomeration of some of our favorite holiday songs... from movies. 

And as we open old wounds from last year’s holiday special, we also discuss… snowman kits, a guy with a really bad business plan, dashing all your Christmas hopes and dreams, Macaulay Culkin, sounding like old Greg, wearing shorts in the Winter, more frightening without makeup, curry and rice, Jeff Koons, a pocketful of soap, that guy IS a cartoon, beeswax candles, Gary Indiana, a snow goleum, Little Women, people that come with instructions, Blackbeard’s last battle, Tim Curry, Bubbles the monkey, bark the herald angel sings, Ethel Merman and Ricardo Montalban, Michael Jackson and David Bowie and, making up a book, The Mighty Boosh, I just remembered that in college I was in a movie, Barbie’s in a cardboard box, I thought it was a new thing the kids said to describe a rapist on a crime show, the original German Home Alone, I’m really just being a pretentious douchebag right now, Fred in centers reconciled, Holiday Inn, balloon animals and his frosty frosty soul.

“I have a fondness for Christmas songs… that I have no idea what the F-ing words are.”

254: What Kind of Holiday Special is This?!

Dec 6, 2013 01:41:39


Movie Meltdown - Episode 254

As we enter into our 6th annual holiday “special”, we embark on a conversation that at times will stray into the weird and ridiculous. At some point we use the phrase “beautifully awkward conversation”- and that most definitely applies to this episode. In fact, you’ll hear things that you would only ever hear on "Movie Meltdown". God bless us... every one.

And as we partake in the traditional holiday meal of pizza, we also mention… can you even give movies as a gift anymore?, stealing cars at funerals, turkey marauders, a special drill bit, that cancer on the faces of Tasmanian Devils, elephant fangs, Wong Kar-wai, Versailles, Travels in America, sexy people that live forever, Jess Weixler, montages, Wal-Mart movies, adult baby clothes, a bathing woman who'd had some serious reconstructive surgery, the new Oldboy vs. the old Oldboy, Beeswax, Treme, Dolls, Wall-E, Tippi Hedren: 2013, Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint, native American mummies, being a huge erotic fantasy fiction fan, the first judgment passed on American culture, Duck Dynasty merchandising for dogs, DDT vampires, Salinger documentary, be afraid of everything... all the time, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Bag of Hammers, glacially slow, fun size candy bars, My Life as a Turkey, Old Yeller, do monkeys have eyebrows, converting VHS into digital, mermaid propaganda, Josh Brolin, just like genitals... on their face, Dave Matthews movies, this book from 1811, the oldest tree in the world, wanting to be an elephant when you grow up, the all-seeing eye tree, Spike Lee, nutcheese, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny 5 junkie, handmade cash, the pizza wars, Daiya... with love, vicious segway gangs, a mumble-core joint, cancerous sourdough and duck penises.

"Welp... we should probably turn this car around before it goes down scary street... because I'll take it there."

253: Abusing the Movies

Nov 29, 2013 01:11:37


Movie Meltdown - Episode 253

This week we return to our conversation about the technology of fandom. We discuss how new innovations have massively impacted movie theaters – and just how that affects the viewers. And how that differs if you are a casual fan or a hard-core movie geek. Plus how changes in the world of computers influences… everything.  

And as we continue to add to our growing VHS collection, we also mention… the cloud, communal shared experience, dreaming about Transformers, dropping episodes all at once, sports and super heroes and a soap opera all rolled into one, doll-hunting shows, listening on vinyl, Nintendo Power, a steampunk Ipod, the closing of classic palace theaters, Marley and Me, streaming Netflix, doing something simultaneously with everyone else, mechanical romance, files you can’t open, don’t trust space Hitler, The Full Monty, Breaking Bad, stroking your Tardis, the skeleton playing the clarinet returns, manifestos, the death of my holy place, the new MySpace, creating your own communal experience, 3% every year, live Tweeting, Monster High and My Little Pony, Adjust your Tracking, the Facets catalog, New Marvel series, staying up ‘til 2 in the morning, collecting things, Rewind This, The Wizard, this little piece fell into place… in my heart, going to the movies every day, wrestling, an exclusive action figure, original Nintendo 8-Bit, The Beaver Trilogy, going out of print, The Walking Dead, the live experience, Pussycat Swallowtail, taking a picture of the screen, old computers, hipster aliens and an 11-month-old with a cell phone.

“People are probably consuming movies… bigger then ever. But what we’re used to seeing in theaters, it’s changed.”

252: The Technology of Fandom

Nov 22, 2013 01:13:24


Movie Meltdown - Episode 252

This week, we begin our Grind discussion on how technology affects fandom. An all-around conversation of how entertainment-based technology has continually changed in the last century.  With each passing year we develop new technological additions that bring movies and entertainment to the viewers. So we look at how these things have changed… and do those changes affect the viewers themselves. Plus bonus discussions about Gravity, The Counselor and killing Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. 

And as we pin down just how Kinescope works, we also address… auxiliary Dave, how do you become a fan of something before there was a way to own it, Happy Days reruns, showing 16mm prints on television, The Marx Brothers, the thrill of the scavenger hunt, how piracy was born, it's inertia... it's inertia, the early days of Doctor Who, Destroy All Monsters for breakfast, President Taft, gross misinterpretation of fetish culture, missing something on TV, dressing like an astronaut, circulating the recordings, Scholastic book club storybooks, explosions with heart, critical mass of Daves, eating toothpaste for dinner, slutty bored housewife, recording on EP, mourning the old theaters, no one can hear you yawn, former British colonies, MST3K, Return of the Jedi, in a darken room with strangers, slutty daleks, television recording, Gone with the Wind, PBS, Han Solo is missing, slutty "on wei", Star Trek, getting rid of the flicker, The Wizard of Oz, This is the End, throwing Madonna out of the theater, astronomical fees, reel-to-reel recording, Monty Python, repetition, DVD extras, Pacific Rim, the alternate religion, the CBS Late Movie, The Matrix and a slutty bag of peanuts.

"Kids have got it damn easy... Crazy old man here!"

251: Totally Who-Less

Nov 15, 2013 02:01:42


Movie Meltdown - Episode 251 

As we reach the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, we're going to be trying a little experiment with our movie o' the week. So pretty much none of our gang has paid much attention to Doctor Who over the years. So what happens if we watch the one-off movie they did in '96 trying to reboot the series? Will we as new viewers be won over? Will it even make sense to non-fans? That's what we'll find out in this episode as we join forces with the guys from "Tower of Technobabble" and discuss the 1996 movie "Doctor Who" starring Paul McGann, Daphne Ashbrook and Eric Roberts. 

And as we play with our toy Tardis, we also mention...  the wilderness years, The Mysterians, The Eye, trying to please everybody, TV serials, love at second sight, BBC, coming with your own nickname, Tom Baker, British cheese and American cheese, The Avengers, K.I.T.T's seats go all the way back, get your geek on, Star Trek, loud costumes, coming out of the Doctor Who closet, an 8-year old with the biggest gun, Spock, Peter Cushing, Phantom Menace, working at Pottery Barn, Freaks and Geeks, my knees were blue, the most Doctor Who cleavage, because we didn't have cable... there was nothing else to watch, cravats are cool, being half-human, inside space baseball, George Lazenby, Planet of Fire... google image it, Supernatural, giving your brother hell,  panto, Stingray, feelin' Canada, double reboot, Quatermass, Universal monsters, pretty girls wearing mini-skirts, solving problems with fists, Thunderbirds, not entirely displeasurable, British fan culture, having a companion, British humor, Firefly, Space Loews, Star Trek: The Next Generation, chicken clucking, wearing a wig, allergic to the make-up, a ninja turtles vibe, Rose's perspective and my secret pain. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 1996 movie "Doctor Who". Plus Ben also tries to explain the whole Who mythology to a bunch of clueless movie fans. 

"The people that remade the show for 2005, they looked at the '96 movie... and almost step-by-step they did the opposite of what they did. It kind of became a lesson in how to not make a successful TV pilot."

250: As if we were Darwin

Nov 8, 2013 58:14


Movie Meltdown - Episode 250

This episode rounds out our three-part series entitled: The Suncoast Project*. This latest session of Movie Fan Freakshow we revisit three of our favorite characters… Captain Obvious, Ivanhoe and for the ultimate finale we examine the amazing life of McDonald's Man. This individual was epic! (It even involves actual recordings of McDonald's Man himself from back in the day!) He was a crazy man wandering the mall… touching people’s lives. Or at least Patrick’s anyway. Story after story... we try to understand these strange creatures. Or just make fun of them. Whichever. (*Also listen to episodes 241 and 245 for the full Mall/freakshow experience.)  

And as we protect ourselves from evil spirits using our magical mirror, we also mention… having a big sword, being a savant, a special way of picking words, this is the guy who thinks there is actually a stork, having a cape, Mummy Raider, then he started being a little strange, nuking Russia, magazine scams, PRP, It's a great undertaking to try to go through these characters, Scooby Doo and the Adventures with the Mummy, He had trinkets... he had toys, Miss Piggy, Dish Network, Ali, the monster RF cable, talking to your hand, Dragonball Z shirts, Playmate of the Apes, calling the President, plucked from his grip, Sbarro, you really sound like that, and what exactly is… bad business for whoretown.

"I often think of us... as if we were Darwin. You know, just at a different place, a different time. Exploring new species. And documenting the things that they did. The ways that they lived." 

249: Wirgins and Wampires

Oct 31, 2013 02:08:32


Movie Meltdown - Episode 249

This week we wrap-up our month-long tribute to Halloween and horror with "live" coverage from our bloodbath double feature that was... "Meltdown Macabre"! First we talk with writer/producer Lotti Pharriss Knowles and director John Knowles, the creators of our first feature, "Chastity Bites". Then we sit down for a group discussion about our second feature, the horror/comedy/train wreck known as "Mama Dracula". It’s an epic double feature episode - to encapsulate a double feature evening. 

And as Marlena blinds us with science, we also discuss… Allison Scagliotti, a window into your mind, Re-Animator, social media, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Stuck on You, frontier justice, a balls out feminist, fanboy appeal, a working relationship, Louise Griffiths, Lauren Hutton, Star Wars Christmas Special, The Fly, suffused with importance, the little girl with the underwear, Claudia Donovan, having a shorthand, SyFy Channel, really embrace that inner bitch, a level of commitment, Bugs Bunny, Fred Armisen in a canoe, spraying DDT on mosquitoes, Botox, Warehouse 13, finding your people, Army of Lovers, could be drugs... could be France, spooked by Judaism, being a horror nerd, building a sense of dread, marketing your movie, the birthday shark, forensic engineering, I had problems spatially... with this movie, the jump cut case, Annie showing her panties, strong female characters, color saturation, Francia Raisa, 80’s music videos, David Lynch, two ships passing in the night, Eastern European serial killers, doing accents, Once Bitten, Nurse Ratched face, campy horror, the essence of Lotti, green roots support, when Harolds collide, keeping the world at arm's length, being past the point of being able to function, Frankenstein's monster and Lassie, Oh my god... I love PJ Soles, surreal smoke-filled bright light dark shadows swirling cameras, in a giant bird cage, head trauma, Elizabeth Bathory, Stuart Gordon, Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf, accidently writing a better movie, the middle has completely fallen out, a film language made up between twins, wampires are wery fast, 60 bad movies and a box of wine, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, sprinkling fairy dust around the set, creating gold and playing Dungeons and Dragons with porn stars.

Spoiler Alert: I don’t think we can ruin “Mama Dracula”. In fact, our discussion of it kind of improves the movie. But regardless, watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening. 

"There'll never be another movie that's more me then this one."

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248: Satan's Gullible Helper

Oct 24, 2013 01:30:49


Movie Meltdown - Episode 248

This week we continue our month of terror-filled episodes, as we sit down to discuss the Halloween-themed "Satan's Little Helper".  And as we buy our tickets to see Extra Spice, we also mention... spilling people's guts out, shooting in Romania, ultra high-strung, tuning out the gross, Squirm, colon new blood, Goosebumps, computer headset, Kids in the Hall, Godot, he puts his arms around you, a professional crew, seeing your midriff, Wow... that's ineptitude there, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, skinny white dude saves the day, let's go around the table, Todd Solondz, two pairs of black jeans, Amanda Plummer, Fright Night, Bart's dog, killing everyone, entertainingly bad, abandon realism, Kingdom of the Spiders, Paperboy, a super villian, early 90's, dad issues, Draino, Scottish Cockney?, Jesus switcharoo, Blue Sunshine, can we all have adjectives, adult dialog, urban legends, latex belly button action, that helicopter that you don't see, and wearing high heels with your chicken suit. 

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for "Satan's Little Helper" AND "So I Married an Axe Murderer"! 

"There's plenty to be mad at about this film."

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Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Halloween Edition

Oct 18, 2013 01:05:03


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #7 - Halloween Edition 

The Halloween celebration continues, and this time we bust out some awesome music! In this, the first ever horror-themed version of “Attack of the Killer Soundtrack”, we choose some music that we feel is creepy. But of course, when you are dealing with the Meltdown Gang – nothing is ever run-of-the-mill. What results is a wide spectrum of eerie music, some of which we find eerie for our own personal reasons. This is NOT your standard Halloween party mix of music!

And as we adjust our candy corn fangs, we also discuss… communing with the flowers, Schoolhouse Rock, not having cable, Gerrit Graham, Jonathan Harker, as a little kid who was scared of 7-foot monkey-men, the sexual part of it comes out, Sanford and Son from Outer Space, The Muppet Movie, the unity of the community, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, Robin Thicke, paddling out into the wilderness, Kiss, wistful eeriness, The Doors, dodging a yo yo, the next day at school, creepy long fingers, the naked girl next to you, puppets, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the monster is gonna get him, moving shadows and seeing the beavers sprout.

Spoiler Alert: Again we ruin "The Wicker Man" with major spoilers! You really better just see that movie.

“When I was a kid… that f-ing terrified me!”

247: Razor Blade Sold Separately

Oct 11, 2013 01:24:13


Movie Meltdown - Episode 247

So we continue our month-long tribute to Halloween, as we jump back into our discussion on costumes, traditions and just how they all tie back into the classic movie monsters. 

And as we make some "special" treats for the neighborhood kids, we also mention... the Universal "classics", Shakespearean influence, the savage dog man, Béla Lugosi, The Wizard of Oz, the Captive Wild Woman, The Black Cat, pagan rituals, The Wicker Man, the slightly rough plastic, Brats, bad juju, crossing genres, Cat people, Skeletor, I married a Witch, Charles Dickens, a charming hillbilly, Monster High, the soccer mom filter, making creepy cookies, that strange dad laying in the yard in a leaf pile, Frankenstein, the mid-point between horror and noir, Scooby Doo, female scary costumes, Varney the Vampire, Blood on Satan's Claw, our fear of nature or sexuality, raising a scary child, Monster Squad, a hayride, a weird guy with a van, serial killer neighborhoods, zombies, two-strip Technicolor, a horror double feature, The Devil Rides Out, scary evil clowns, toilet papering houses, nursing home, Big Boy Caprice, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Rated X, Bell Book and Candle, Empire Plastics, tween wolf, King Kong, The Hideous Sun Demon, a witch, death shroud, a bunny costume, The Grudge, rubberized playgrounds, kids on their own, the American holiday, Star Wars, Barnabas Collins, horror in other countries, old Halloween decorations, she's gonna ask you sleep with her and you can't say no, the ages of appropriate Trick or Treating, making your first horror movie, The Mummy, The Woman in the Window, the sheet and the ghost, a bi-polar pumpkin, having a bird on your head, more blood, the false face, having glowing eyes, MREs, The Wolfman, darkness and human desire, the folk-horror movement, a ballerina, slutty high school girls, Trunk or Treat, do you want me to go get the mask, you're mom is a Jedi, grunge werewolves, European filmmakers, Burn Witch Burn, The Odyssey, being the only one dressed up at school, trick or treating at the mall, a post-apocalyptic world, The Force Beam, military Halloween, Doctor X, Curse of the Demon, I need a carton of eggs right now and North Korea.

Spoiler Alert: Spoliers for the end of "The Wicker Man" - but don't we all already know what happens by now anyway?

"Part of the fun of Halloween... is the element of fear."

246: Halloween Starts Now

Oct 4, 2013 01:13:32


Movie Meltdown - Episode 246

Since we are all such fans of horror and Halloween in particular, this year we thought we'd do a tribute to Halloween all through the month of October. So this week, we kick things off with a spooky and nostalgic installment of The Grind, where we discuss Halloween costumes... which leads to many other areas like our own childhood memories, increasing commercialism, sexulazation and the origins of the holiday. 

Join us in the velvety basement as we also mention...  Flame Retardant,  having a shirt with your name on it, The Halloween Tree, meth supports my theater habit, teaching chemistry on Molly, Fonzie, Amadeus, I mean this in the nicest possible way, full-on Ghost Dad, ping pong table full of laundry, Him, the star chamber, a skeleton playing a clarinet, the dieing off of nature, Sporty Magdalene, trick or treating as a flash card, the classic monsters, the basement of Westworld, flashing your steampunk ass, Hitchcock, full-on-moto, Ben Cooper, hobo, the American invention, Poe, being dressed like a pedophile, Christmas propaganda, pulp literature, puppet theater, poison candy and razors in the apples, explaining the whole James Whale movie to my teachers, calling off trick or treating, the new 80's monsters, candy corn, Love in Vein and eating churros off the floor. 

"...Halloween used to be a bit more edgy and evil... and when you think about it, Halloween is another commercialized holiday the way Christmas is..."

245: Lore of the Store

Sep 27, 2013 55:37


Movie Meltdown - Episode 245

The Suncoast crew is back in the second installment in this trilogy of terror. Join us as we continue to wander down retail memory lane, and tell more stories of peculiar co-workers, ridiculous customers and poor unwitting mall personnel. Including tales of... the Klingon Sisters, Santa Clause, the cow, Chi Chi, "Cindy", kids stealing stuff, the one-armed man, the mysterious reappearing video tapes, "Mike" and the Jin-Roh rivalry. 

And as we ponder if we could ever be a guy prostitute, we also discuss... gorgeous and barley legal, catwalk phenomenon, peanut butter cluster 2000 calorie death, little white kids throwing money at other white people, Maybe we can find a darker corner to do this in..., fall into the water, chewing on her lip, Numa Numa, cocaine and bread, humping Santa, having your own pharmacy, she would basically roll on the floor and purr, torturing ole' Saint Nick, the Romulan, undercover security guard, put ‘em on the glass, 300 posters, I remember the first time I got busted at the mall, retired walking zombies, RGIS, pulling the cow's tail, customer service trial by fire, putting a black garbage bag on your head, Dragon Ball Z cards, the greatest old person gag ever, hookers and blow, What's a VHS?!, Government-funded entertainment, being annoyingly polite and humble and... The cow is good!! The cow is good!!

"It's our very own days of future past episode..."

244: Scarefesters

Sep 21, 2013 01:42:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 244

This week we bring you a wrap up of our last convention of the year... Scarefest. While there we talk to actor Bruce Davison. We catch up with one of our favorite guests... Miss Danielle Harris. And maybe... just maybe there's a special appearance by none other then cinematic legend - Malcolm McDowell! 

Plus we feature a special bonus interview with genre favorite... Gerrit Graham! And more stories of our run-ins with Dana Ashbrook, Barry Bostwick and Sherilyn Fenn. 

And while we cruise in comfort down those wide aisles, we also discuss... Casa de Lucy, Brian Singer, Used Cars, 99 cent burgers, wearing a safari suit at all times, he put a big rat on my shoulder, Roseanne, gold records, an open clown workshop, Shivers, Ewan McGregor, Judge Dredd, Holliston, the politics of film distribution, it's green o'clock, Chloe Sevigny, Bud T. Chud, The Little Mermaid, Brian De Palma, playing Beef, everything is foleyed, Zach Galligan, vampire Fabio, moving into directing, a clean port-o-potty, he looked at her... like he wanted to murder her, Paul Williams, stealing and doing drugs, can we just discuss Patti and how adorable she is?, If, Winnie the Pooh, I've been hit in the head a lot, Amber Heard, Hallows Eve, Greetings, BSA motorcycles, a virtual convention, easy peasy lemon squeezy - I'm gonna end up punching that guy, Adam Green, poor Hoyt, hanging out with Corey Feldman, sweet dreams with cancer and what-not, The Lucy Lair of Lusciousness, I thought he was gonna make this one girl cry, I was young and dumb, Yakima Canutt, Leland hair, clowns and child abuse, Victor Crowley, grav3yardgirl, a ghost-hunting Care Bear, Suck, a French Lit major, pimping out genre stars, improvised for three days, I used to be beautiful!, Brad Pitt, a big Gremlins geek, port-o-pussy, Mother, Jugs and Speed, lazy criticism, Ghost of Goodnight Lane, Bob Weir, the mom/clown subplot, the gift shop's in the garage, charming with his streak of cruelty, Robert De Niro, All the Real Girls, Hatchet 3 and being adorably attacked.

"...but if your going to be told how wrong you are - who better to tell you then Malcolm McDowell." 

For more on ScareFest go to:

243: Portrait of a Podcast

Sep 13, 2013 01:38:00


Movie Meltdown - Episode 243

We're back... with continuing coverage from Movie Meltdown's presentation of "The Movie Geek Art Show".  "Live" conversations from out on the street bookend the continuation of our group discussion of the film "Beautiful Losers" as well as much larger questions like, 'Do you need to go to school to learn about art?' and 'Just who owns graffiti art once it's out there in the world'? 

And as we figure out just what Jeff Goldblum is doing with that dinosaur, we also address... One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, John Barry, Harmony Korine, David Lynch, Larry Clark, you wouldn't wanna live that life, J. D. Salinger, the Coen brothers, an exercise in banality, don't you call me a rhombus, having all the tools there, Cropsey is doing God's work, on a hot day... so you don't get scurvy, painting still life's of onions in my basement, bring something to do with your hands, the 7-Up series, the great American novel, Sharkelberry Fin, Dogtown and Z-Boys, I'm really really obsessed right now with drawing on the smallest pieces of paper possible, printmaking, makeup effects, William Burroughs, it's not what it's a bout but how it's about it, here's the spreadsheet... in it's natural environment, American Werewolf in London, can you trademark a crime?, I'm gonna need to make a cast of your abs, The Spirit, he has Kool-Aid in his heart, JackAss: The Movie, I've been playing guitar in an empty parking lot at three in the morning, culinary arts, a prosthetic parasitic twin, A Clockwork Orange, making kids with your kids, Camille Claudel, Botticelli, A Simple Man, there's a few shelves in my garage that it's just like... heads, hands, feet, abdomens..., everything in my brain is narrated by an English person, wanting to skateboard, piecing things together in an artistic way, professional wrestlers on post-in notes, it's fun and messy, untraditional theater, battling with my teachers, I was just down there because that's where the cool people were, The Thing, Eric Wareheim, The Witches of Eastwick, Barbie movies, Slacker and it's actually Ladies Love Cool James and he's actually on NCIS. 

"We've talked a lot about...your initial need to create when you're a child...and...I have come to feel like art school did it's best to suck that out of me."

242: The Movie Geek Art Show!

Sep 6, 2013 01:24:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 242

Coming to you "live" from Movie Meltdown's presentation of "The Movie Geek Art Show!", we bring you snippets of opening night action as well as a full group discussion of not only this week's Sofa Theater feature "Beautiful Losers", but also conversations about drawing, painting, filmmaking and art in general. Plus we crossover into the musical arts as we sit down with members of the band "The Moonlight Peddlers" who are entertaining the crowd at the art show. 

And as we travel sideways in time, we also mention... Hilltop Tavern, Henry Darger, James Gunn, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Andrei Rublev, Mark Anthony Mulligan, Powder, watercolor dickgirls, hopes were dashed, missing Yak,  perverting the task that you are given, painting horses, raising the dead, hanging around the Yeti camp, Grandmother taste, back-up beard, inventing a new genre of short film, the best selling book in Great Britian, Awww, it's a cute kitty... and it's horribly burned, John Cale, Harmony Korine, working for a major corporation, Camille Claudel, my mother was so rad... she would save every drawing I did, blood-splattered kitties, Rembrandt, Lanford Wilson, how much of it is just a process?, a red hair-ing, the repainted fresco, buying oriental rugs, If artists were a Mafia... that's what we'd be doing, Who's gonna take a Yak?, PG Porn, selling out, Stephen King... drugs... and the Bible, filmmaking post digital age, taking a baby's face, Shakespeare's first folio, Cinema Paradiso and Gremlins 2: The New Batch, encouraging art for adults, if I stay awake during a movie... it's a good movie, ernest Yeti stories, heir to a condiment fortune and an kitten named Basil going to a cathouse.

"The way movies represent artists... is that they're all just geniuses - and stuff just comes pouring out of them."  

241: A Dark Day at the Mall

Aug 30, 2013 01:14:34


Movie Meltdown - Episode 241

A reunion of former Suncoast employees started out to be just a session meant to discuss some of the strange customers we used to get. But along the way, we also end up also covering the actions that brought down a corporation. And we end up with an overall look at the demise of the retail sales system. Quite an accidental accomplishment for a few guys who were just looking to make fun of some peculiar characters at the Mall. This series of discussions was years in the planning... and as it turns out, it was worth the wait. 

And as we head down to the food court to to get some Sbarro pizza, we also mention... blank tape, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, average units, 65" not-flat-panel-TV, Nightmare Before Christmas swag, Hawaiian-style Tri-Gun button ups, Canadian Rocky Mountain Fur Coins, smelling like a $14 magazine, Angelina Jolie, Misty Mundae, it was the 8-Track of DVD, Hot Topic, working the morning of 9/11, batteries, having antenna, a half hatchet/half pipe, the inventor of Disc Doctor, one of the dozen special editions of Army of Darkness, One Direction, the return of The Mountain Man, being on the cutting edge of DVD, men would line up next to a pool... and ravage him, I think that's the sign of a man, Coffee Guy, a psychic medium, The Argentinian, investing in a camera, The Fifth Element, Napoleon Dynamite products, a shady DM, the Sauder home storage unit,  a baggie full of change, what's a Superbit?, a blossoming pornography career, Adult Swim, beating the girls off with a Wiffle Ball bat, lefty had change righty had the bills, a 100" projection screen, your die-cast bust of Morpheus from Matrix: Reloaded, loosely-based on Charlie Chaplin's autobiography, what's a microfiche?, M.C. Juxtapose, The Cradle of Life, Playmate of the Apes, wet dollar bills, the era before mainstream coffee shops, an anime specialist, the Akira special edition from Japan, Big Mama, selling fishnets to 13-year-old girls and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

"You gotta be careful bringing up memories like that, you'll put him in a depression... he's repressed a lot of this." 

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Goes to the Fair!

Aug 24, 2013 01:10:44


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #6 - Attack of the State Fair!

As usual, Movie Meltdown goes wherever it wants... and takes over. This week we head to the State Fair and we set up shop right in the middle of The Hall of Old Men. There we regale the listeners with our odd tales of the Fair. All the while assembling one of the most eclectic soundtracks you will ever come across. Plus giant corndogs!

And while we don't really contain our excitement about getting a free slap bracelet, we also discuss... juggling, magical melons, animals, Uncle Arthur, a corset, me and a whole bunch of 12-year girls, this one time, Kurt Russell, it lengthens and it strengthens, Cindy Crawford, double-sided tape, yard sticks, remakes back in the day, beating that with a small stick, volume volume turn up the volume, swirly green ice cream, over two hours with several deaths, minty girl scouts, leashed children, it entertains visiting relatives, walking trees, beat to death with their own maracas, I ate your corn tumor, coming back from the future to talk about your movie, everything is just going to be a letdown when I see a regular ruler, the small print taketh away, trying to pick a boyfriend for Marlena, a steampunk stripper pole, twine, Hypercolor pencils, talking to a giant, Lafayette Funk, Bewitched, barbecue on a doughnut, large portraits, sometimes not often but sometimes I like the idea of a girl and a horse, back to school sales, the heartbreak of psoriasis, swinging on a ring, talking to a giant, smoking since he was four... right before he downed a lot of Scotch, Christ you don't know the meaning of heartbreak buddy, if you wanna see how history is being made in Tennessee, bad cover bands, Get away from me kid, you bother me, handstands, cowboy boots and hoochie shorts and the very memorable smells of the Fair. 

"We've seen a multitude of odd things today."

240: RoboRewatchability

Aug 17, 2013 01:51:12


Movie Meltdown - Episode 240

This week, we finally get a chance to get some of the group together and sit down and talk movies... like we do. In addition, we also welcome several new people, including members of the band Ultra Pulverize, who have taken it upon themselves to rescore RoboCop. It's a live performance synched to the film itself, so we discuss the geeky dedication it takes to do that type of thing... and just how many times you have to watch a movie to be able to pull off such a thing. Which leads to this week's edition of The Grind, where we discuss Movies that are Rewatchable.  

And while Greg does and impromptu palm reading, we also discuss... Kurtwood Smith, a five year old wearing a Virginia Slims shirt, Don't Wake Daddy, a talking piece of beef jerky, they're silly, they turned a man into stew, Troilus and Cressida, Tim Burton, comfy pair of pants, building an obsessive shrine in your house, Robocop's lip gloss, dorky attire, Bugs Bunny, song poems, your superhero weakness, So wait a minute... who's the weirdo?, Detroit, Robocop loafs, nerdy villains, Tony Stark dies in the cave, Madeline Kahn, the Robocop teat, strip clubs and ice cream cones, Russ Meyer, hieroglyphics on the wall, 80's remakes, silently eating popcorn, shoot him in the grill yo, bitches leave, ThunderCats Sweat suit, going on vacation with crazy people, All kinds of phresh that shirt is..., You lookin' at my Kuato?!, cereal sandwich, creating an entire world, medicated movie viewings, real people you'd swear are from Guess Who, banking on the twist, kids movies, let me see your hands, can you fly Bobby, gloat about your broken clothes, creepy motion capture, being more clever than the audience you are appealing to, The Dark Knight in a nursing home, Are you Samuel L. Jackson?, my pail is full of Robocop milk, there's no satire when you're in grade school?, Frogs and Autobahn, sitcom dads, becoming an event, Mike Myers, ClueCast and the pee to carpet ratio.  

" fulfills a boyhood dream of dying horribly and returning as a broken robot." 

For more on Ultra Pulvrize, go to:


239: Liquid Dynamite

Aug 10, 2013 01:14:36


Movie Meltdown - Episode 239

This week we sit down with actor Zach Galligan to talk about his latest starring role in Hatchet 3. Then Zach co-hosts this week's Sofa Theater segment as we discuss William Friedkin's 1977 film "Sorcerer". This often over-looked film in Friedkin's arsenal is filled with amazing sequences and wrought with tension. Plus Zach tells us about actually working with Roy Scheider earlier in his career. 

And in between kids asking ridiculous questions, we also mention... Werner Herzog, expecting to see something spooky, Bug, running into a celebrity in the elevator... sort of, Blue Chips, larger and bigger than the other two, multiple storylines, Meryl Streep, opening against Star Wars, the massive tree, Jade, This is the End, BJ McDonnell, I'm just about to retire, James Franco, having an Oscar-nomination, Tracy Letts, a dog is a tool?, awkward elevator rides, Blue Thunder, aging directors in Hollywood, a "special" call time for me, Larry Bird, Brink's Job, Emma Watson, Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number, Still of the Night, Killer Joe, nihilistic, gremlin voices, Nick Nolte, Deal of the Century and a guy in an ALF suit.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "Sorcerer", so watch the movie before listening. You have been warned.

"The dude from 'Jaws' just made out with me on-camera!"

238: This Clutter of Genre Stuff in my Head

Aug 3, 2013 01:20:05


Movie Meltdown - Episode 238

This week features the first of our coverage from Fandom Fest 2013 including an interview with writer/director Fred Dekker. The man who created "Night of the Creeps" and "The Monster Squad" sits down to tell us about becoming interested in filmmaking, how those genre classics came to be and just how much it takes out of you when your labor of love isn't as well received as you had hoped. It's a very real and honest conversation from a man that truly loves movies.  

And as Greg and Bryan take over a conference room, we also discuss... Pacific Rim, The Avengers, The Sugarland Express, Cape Fear by way of Dirty Harry, Cameron Crowe, Power Rangers, people you sort of know listening to the show, being a celebrity, Universal Monsters, the fingerprints of the director, UCLA, Godzilla, Lifebuoy, TriStar Pictures, Dick Smith, crushing disappointment, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, strong female characters, generic aliens, too much information for our brains, Jaws, Lawrence Kasdan, The Twilight Zone, Tom Atkins, trying to not get sued, Robert Zemeckis, remakes, Robin Scherbatsky, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Steven Spielberg, being a writer, William Stout, adjusting Robocop, Brit Marling, people, gonna make a comeback, King Kong, The Marx Brothers, Super 8 movies, USC, Laverne & Shirley, Doug Wildey, Animal House, based on preexisting material, Hal Holbrook, Rick Baker, Ricochet, redefining yourself, changing the paradigm, 3D Phantom Menace, having your picture taken, seeing how it's made, Hitchcock and Orson Welles, House, Bill Paxton and Quaker Oats, Stan Winston, Tales from the Crypt, preparing for long-distance space travel, you control the experience, Francis Ford Coppola, discovering Shane Black, coming full circle, Robert Wise, the giant apes are going to start to die, Warren Oates, Fancy Bane, watching old black and white movies on TV, owning your own digital effects house, a big hit in Germany, using the medium to tell the story, Paul Schrader, W. C. Fields and being universally loathed. 

"It was the first time... I could see the fingerprints of the director. That I felt like there was a vision and a voice here... and that's what I want to do."

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack: Me and KG

Jul 26, 2013 58:12


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #5 - Me and KG

This episode of "Attack of the Killer Soundtrack" comes to you "live" from LebowskiFest as we welcome special guest co-host Kyle Gass. We discuss Kyle's introduction to the film and music business. Plus we get Kyle's "Killer Five"!! What songs will he choose??

And as we find out if Jack Black was always like that, we also mention... classical guitar, Tim Robbins, a force of nature, The Wasp Woman, thinning out the herd, Santa gets stuck in the chimney, it truly is timeless, organic, Adrian Lyne, the sixties, Festival Supreme, a grody Republican, working in an office, The Everly Brothers, Dean of all Horror Demons, George Burns, Tenacious D, magnetic, the public theater in New York, a comedy festival at the Santa Monica pier, Google, plague, first grade, math and science guys, a huge personality, the early seventies, working at Kinko's, a lot of fog, Roger Corman, barbands, Poe, Kid Rock, UCLA, changing the world with political theater and the double album at Grandma's house. 

"Yeah... I'll fail at this. It's a great way to go out!" 

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack 4

Jul 19, 2013 01:17:17


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #4 - "Live" from Forecastle

This week "Attack of the Killer Soundtrack" has it's first on-location, music festival event coverage as we come to you "live" from Forecastle Festival in Louisville. And the girl at the information booth didn't seem to know anything about the festival itself, but Bryan thought she seemed like she might know something about music, so he kidnapped her and allowed her to bust out her own Killer Five! Plus there's lots of other fun music and festival activities along the way.  

And as we find out our host keeps his kidnapping rope in the flowers, we also discuss... being struck by lightning, a ship... not a boat, do what you wanna do, from 5 to 90, hippies to hipsters, a moonstone in a bag, an early session of pitching the show, the tsunami on the Ohio, sleeveless unitard, ground-breaking documenting, doing good sound from over at the side, triggering memories, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, doing the hippy dance, spooky creepy beautiful, white people, a patchwork of shorts, the Blair Witch Project, Ocean Stage, she was not a hippy, musicians doing drugs... who thought we would ever see the day?, The Monterey Jazz Festival, before there was a river, my old bones my old brain, Woody Guthrie, hip hop-sters, Big Boi told me that, be yourself, something on a stick, Old Crow Medicine Show, giant Hunter S. Thompson, holding a black lace parasol, using science to back up your story, her clothes were from the mall, the tent in front of the Mast Stage and Heineken vs PBR. 

"...that allows me to come and get a chance to check out the really diverse crowd and music that they have. And I love that!" 

Check out more about Forecastle at:

237: Riding the Wave

Jul 13, 2013 01:08:00


Movie Meltdown - Episode 237

We're riding the wave... all the way home from the convention. That's right, we're headed back from "Days of the Dead" in Indy, and we all got to meet someone we admire. So join us as we discuss our observations and run-ins with Don Coscarelli, Danny Trejo, Gary Busey, Jake Busey, Lita Ford, Roddy Piper, Adam Green and Dave Brockie aka Oderus from GWAR! Plus we discuss some movies we've watched recently. 

And as we stand atop a wobbling stack of amps, we also discuss... Sons of Anarchy, being a rock pioneer, calculated over-acting, World War Z, Beastmaster, buying ice cream, Holliston, Danny wave, Brad Pitt, Joan vs. Lita, Twisted, a sexual fixation on a bat, range marshalls, From Dusk 'til Dawn, the urban legend of Gwar, Todd's a sick man, torturing your secratary, Kodo and Podo, Desperado, Jason Jessee's boxer briefs, if American Psycho had vampires, social work, Gary Busey's secret second family, clowny daggers y'all, parading around on stage, nice landing, creeplity watching him eat, Warm Bodies, Jennifer Beals, The Wicker Man, Vampire's Kiss, a zombie shoot and Jagercourage. 

"It was awesome... it made my day. I was thrilled."

For more on "Days of the Dead", go to:

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack 3

Jul 8, 2013 01:17:16


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #3 - A Misty-enriched Road Trip

Still on the road, we build an awesome soundtrack featuring Misty's Killer Five. Plus a few bonus tracks along the way. And as one of us is jonesin' for beef jerky, we also discuss... kicking people in the head at the State Fair, rebel goth, jumping the shark, she's a dangerous lady, cross-shaped TVs, bad plastic surgery, rock star sweat, being able to afford your craziness, liking apples or not, I will punch somebody in the face, Misty-laiden, stealing a song, throwing beer a people, Spice Girl shoes, waiting 'til grandpa leaves, wasabi peas, sitting in the handicap seats, touching underpants, bible-tearin', original hip, a running trilogy theme, killing a homeless guy,  waiting for the new album, I wanna dance and drinking naive. 

"I love that song. That song is fun! How can you hear that song and not be happy?"

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack 2

Jul 6, 2013 01:22:55


Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #2 - Jay's Mixtape of 80's Teenage Heartbreak

We're back with another episode of "Attack of the Killer Soundtrack!" And this week we hit the road to record a road trip edition of the show. And what better location to kick-off our new running feature the Killer Five! So with that Jay puts together his own mixtape of 80's Teenage Heartbreak. With flashbacks on each movie song and how they fit into his own emo soundtrack. Plus Bryan mixes things up with a few additions of his own! And Misty provides her own commentary on the trip and the music at hand. So load up the car and come along for the ride! 

And as we reminisce on how awesome Charming Charles is, we also mention... charismatic frontmen, hot Grandma, John Schneider, Australian bands, Cooter's Place, The Cure, Cave City, Catherine Bach, being in the friend zone, Guntown Mountain, wearin' the Daisy Dukes, the beyond weird kid, team Molly, living in the past, Starter for 10, getting stuck midname, all the rejection, all the anger, acid-washed jeans, a one-eyed skeleton, naked Shawn Michaels, Jon Cryer, a huge adult bookstore, Michael Hutchence  and a backpack full of cassette tapes. 

"If there was a soundtrack made of my miserable high school existence in the 80's... what is most fitting of all the things I went through."

236: Me and My Cousins

Jun 29, 2013 01:24:51


Movie Meltdown - Episode 236

This week we feature our coverage/wrapup of the 2013 Harry Dean Stanton Fest. Featuring an cameo by Crispin Glover himself! Plus Lucy tells a few stories of her time spent with Crispin. And there are several discussions of the documentary "Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction" directed by Sophie Huber. Plus interviews with Harry's cousins - Jim Huggins and Jim Huggins Jr.! Yes, they tell their stories of times spent with Harry over the years. Some of which involve some "special guests"! (You have to hear "The Super Bowl Story"!!) 

And as we discuss just why you shouldn't even buy green bananas, we also discuss... Ride in the Whirlwind, Repo Man, young Nick Cage, who exactly is a household name, being born in a cemetery, Pretty in Pink, blowing off Keith Richards, uranium enrichment, takes over the band, being tenacious, Red Dawn, live and learn, Alien, loneliness, going to high school with Harry Dean, having a rider, The Godfather 2, wearing an FBI hat, Wild at Heart, The Mini-Skirt Mob, driving a beer truck, blowing off Eric Clapton, XM Satellite Radio, dressing in wool, Rebecca De Mornay, a cinematic Rorschach test, what's for Thanksgiving dinner?, The Kentucky Theater, turning down Owen Wilson, the David Lynch checklist and being a household face.  

"He 'bonded' with Debbie Harry."

235: Focus on Flyover

Jun 22, 2013 01:39:01


Movie Meltdown - Episode 235

This week, we're back for our annual coverage of Flyover Film Festival. It was a terrific line-up of films this year, and we continue our on-going interview series on directors as we sit down with three amazing independent filmmakers.  

First we talk to David Lowery, director of "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" starring Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Ben Foster and Keith Carradine. Next we talk with Jillian Schlesinger about her film "Maidentrip". Her documentary features years of footage chronicling 14 year-old Laura Dekker's journey as she attempts to become the youngest person to sail around the world. And we round out the episode talking with Calvin Lee Reeder, director of "The Rambler", a surreal odyssey starring Dermot Mulroney and Lindsay Pulsipher.  

And as we address the specifics of loitering around film fests, we also mention... Star Wars, furniture building, Scarecrow Video, a children's guide to film making, acid westerns, Monica Vitti, better home sound systems, America's greatest living surrealist, looking at raw footage, Labyrinth, Wild and Woolly Video, The Shooting, Pioneer, Storytelling... in all forms, digging ditches and playing rock and roll, fighting to shoot on film, the Canary Islands, The Hired Hand,trusting your instincts, evolving as a filmmaker, shredded by rats, Woody Guthrie, editing is my strong suit, the universal growing-up process, psychotronic, Desolation Row, being a schizophrenic director, Cat's Eye, Guy Clark, Repo Man, the American troubadours of the West, Monte Hellman, I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse, I was trying to hatch a new plan, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Videodrone, The Hustler, there's a television show... a movie... and a band within the movie, pretty faces and big explosions, fighting a Government to pursuit her dream, St. Nick, the spirit of the project, being a skater kid, 'Z for Zachariah, Don't Look Now, using a camcorder, collaborating with someone,  1 2 3 4 5 6 hamster, Walker, live your life courageously, Townes Van Zandt, Ride in the Whirlwind, David Gordon Green, an unholy pile of trash in his front room, lighting with practicals, having a very specific time period and subject, being 6'8" tall, artistic integrity, what is the narrative that naturally exists, using older equipment, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Jerry Jeff Walker, being a forklift driver and Jerkbeast.  

"You walk past all the trucks and all the crew members, and it really comes down to you and the cinematographer and the actors."

234: Summer Movie Nerds

Jun 17, 2013 01:05:14


Movie Meltdown - Episode 234

This week we welcome Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini from Comedy Film Nerds! Our shows share a lot of geeky perspectives, so we thought we would sit down together and take a look at this year's "Summer Movies". 

And while we try to think of a name for our new hide-and-seek podcast, we also discuss... World War Z, Apollo 13, R.I.P.D., Red 2, The Heat, Michael Shannon, Transformers meets Battleship, keep the debates friendly, being in a trash compactor, After Earth, sloppy details in science fiction, The Hangover, assuming everyone is an idiot, having great fans, Pain and Gain, borgs with breasts, Man of Steel, swinging for the fences, Prometheus is an egregious crime, The Iceman, Pirates of the Caribbean with a train, The Last Airbender, a movie control group, Gore Verbinski, high-glutton cupcakes, not understanding how time works, expectations and chatter, Darren Aronofsky, Old School, Doctor Who, Brad Pitt and The Lone Ranger. 

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for "Star Trek into Darkness"

"Nothing smokes out a nerd... like Star Trek."

233: All the Genre Ladies

Jun 15, 2013 01:31:13


Movie Meltdown - Episode 233

This week as we wrap up our coverage of WonderFest, our hosts find themselves surrounded by some of the most interesting women involved in genre films. Join us as we talk with Lee Meriwether, Brinke Stevens and Sara Karloff. From sci fi to horror to iconic family members, these three fascinating women come from different backgrounds and varied experiences, to sit down with us and share amazing stories from their lives. 

And as we learn just when it's time to cut lose your agent, we also mention... The Philco Television Playhouse, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, studying with Strasberg, Forrest J Ackerman, creating the screen actors guild, metallic threads, Monica Bellucci, Peter Lorre, smaller swimsuits, Julie Newmar, getting a science job... in L.A., being their first crush, Batman: The Movie, Burgess Meredith, Dave Stevens, A Comedy of Terrors, playing chess, Screaming in High Heels, to be surrounded by other geeks, Psycho 3, Bram Stroker's Dracula, Vincent Price, being Miss America, Star Trek, westerns, Frank Gorshin, the trio of scream queens, Fannie Flagg, a feminist slasher movie, John Wayne and Rock Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Linnea Quigley, Body Double, being President, attending a private girl's school, 4D Man, getting sunburned, Adam West, Ray Liotta, being covered in blood, Basil Rathbone, with a microscope, Roger Corman, Bela Lugosi's relationship with Boris Karloff, Brian De Palma, The Raven, possibly stabbing Sigourney Weaver, days later and you're still pulling gum off your face, smart horror fans, Wasp Woman, it's like joining the circus, last year I was in 10 movies.., Cesar Romero, having children work in the industry, turning into a cat creature, Targets, being a biologist, This is Spinal Tap, Francis Ford Coppola, leeches, Peter Bogdanovich, thinking on your feet, Phantom of the Paradise, 40 dollars a day... and lunch. 

"I think they're afraid of me."

232: Remembering Ray

Jun 7, 2013 01:16:22


Movie Meltdown - Episode 232

This week we remember Ray Harryhausen and discuss using the old-style of visual and special effects. And those topics become even more interesting when we work in our special guests Eric Chu and Lee Stringer. Both of which have spend a lot of time working with the newer technology and effects including CGI. So we reminisce about what initially got them interested in visual effects and what it has been like working in the modern CG-dominated world. Plus we continue hanging out with Ben and Dave from "Tower of Technobabble", and hear their thoughts on stop-motion animation as well.  

And while we all confess that what we really want to do is direct, we also discuss... getting married, a teddy bear that comes to life, Greg Nicotero, LEGO, Tim Burton, Battlestar Galactica, blood and gore effects, Ricardo Montalban, Rebel Without a Crew, Medusa totally had extensions, ParaNorman, Firefly, Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, visual effects shot, being dressed as a sexy space vixen, Dark Shadows, Clash of the Titans, everybody wants to direct, Trojan dewback, limits really focus you into being creative and being clever and keep you from just going overboard, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Team America: World Police, micro micro low budget, James Cameron, suck it up Gandalf, ping pong balls cosplay, he hated the puppets... originally he called them, 'Those damned bastards', Frankenweenie, Iron Sky, Jason and the Argonauts, vinyl vs. digital, The Thing prequel, being the puppet guy, working on a limited budget, The Walking Dead, the corniest thing in L.A., cg-ing IN the strings, one of the first movies I ever recorded on VHS, stop-motion and Transformers, Golden Voyage of Sinbad, distractions, A.I., Poison Ivy and Sam Worthington. 

"It's like watching toys move. And that's the magical part about it."

Attack of the Killer Soundtrack

Jun 3, 2013 01:42:37


Movie Meltdown's Attack of the Killer Soundtrack #1

It's a whole new show! That's right, we're bursting out of the old show like a xenomorph through a chest cavity!! With this new spin-off addition to the Movie Meltdown family, we're going to focus more on music. Specifically music related to film. Each episode we'll construct our own soundtrack from some of the greatest songs to ever push their way through a Dolby sound system. Plus we'll work in recommendations from special guests, as well as interviews... like this week's segment with singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke! 

So come along as Movie Meltdown takes you on a musical journey through the film world in... Attack of the Killer Soundtrack!

Special Thanks to Eric Chu for creating our new "Attack" artwork! We're guessing, it's the scariest damned thing you've ever seen! 

231: Let's Talk About Spaceships

May 29, 2013 01:10:25


Movie Meltdown - Episode 231

This episode "Movie Meltdown" joins forces with "Tower of Technobabble" to form some sort of super geek society! And when you drop that level of dorkiness smack dab in the middle of "WonderFest"... well, you'll just have to hear for yourself what happens. 

So, let's talk about spaceships and dewbacks and Ghostbusters and steam punk and then maybe... Cat Fancy, Star Trek vs. The Renaissance, taking your blaster apart, odd shaped space ships, sounds in space, utilitarian spaceships, space liberals, breast-plate armor, a human head in a bag in an alley, where are the launch tubes?, real-life Army men, aerodynamics in space, professional-level of cosplay, Commander Cody, the Bespin outfit, a pet dragon, it would be embarrassing to drop it up, Alley Oop, cosplay, would you like me to go down the rabbit hole?, clouds in space, space bombers, Countess Carrie, a life-size puppet, modeling T and A, no Gorns allowed, You know what this vampire costume needs?, Goggles, Sunshine, space West, why is the cockpit on the side of the ship, Buck Rogers, a leather mug maker, why no circuit breaker?, being bronze with embarrassment, we are quite festive, Gray t-shirts vs. black t-shirts, nerd stand-off, making left turns in space, where's the table where you purchase talent?, a cat convention, warp theory vs. spark plugs, I prefer that in my dewback, quick - throw more coal into the back of her, the alligator on the skis, cool trumps science, Fire-spray class vehicle and eventually we must address - the trap door question?!

"I've seen more Millenium Falcons today then I've ever seen in my life."

230: Convention into Darkness

May 24, 2013 53:58


Movie Meltdown - Episode 230

After requests  from listeners who have been missing a certain original cast member, this episode we welcome back our "convention correspondent" Misty. And as usual - she brings the darkness. And the bad words. But when has that ever phased us? So we hang out with Misty and discuss the goings on of "WonderFest" as well as her recent viewing of "Star Trek into Darkness". 

And as we discuss unicorn criteria, we also mention... the robot from Lost in Space, tiny Ron Jeremy, werewolf transformation, Benedict Cumberbatch's boney knees, Tom Wopat, Angelina Jolie, in 3D, Famke Janssen, Marlena's cat, Bigfoots, Cotton Weary, British comedy vs. British drama, fake Feldman doing duck calls, a life-size Dewback, Karl Urban, Blu-ray player, John Schneider, the moment I rediscovered the ham... it was one of the greatest moments of my life, Zachary Quinto's face, Hemlock Grove, crazy June is full of cancer and may get shot in the head by a doctor, camouflage pants with a Pegasus shirt, impractical, the martinis went wrong!, being typecast as a wolf boy, The Last Enemy, lens flares and a combination of Jimmy Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne.

Spoiler Alert:  A very minor spoiler for "Star Trek into Darkness" and a traumatic flashback to "The Last Unicorn" that may be a spoiler... if we are remembering it right? 

"If I can string together more then one f***ing sentence without a profanity, you're lucky."

229: Flea Market Quip

May 18, 2013 01:27:11


Movie Meltdown - Episode 229

Always going that extra step to find our audience, this week we set up shop at the Flea Off Market to spread the word about the show. But then as usual, we just hang out and primarily talk amongst ourselves about movies. So as we are seated there between carved statues of bears, various clothing articles and the multitude of record vendors... we proceed to discuss important subjects like Iron Man 3, Pain and Gain, The Call, Kiss of the Damned and - The Notebook? Plus the gloves come off... as we discuss what child of a celebrity is a complete sociopath. But what we didn't expect was the "interesting" people we would meet while we were there, including a guy in a killer whale shirt, a woman who claims she delivered a pizza to Harry Dean Stanton and a vendor who tells us he likes to run marathons dressed in his Captain Jean Luc Picard uniform. You gotta love the flea market! 

Plus as we attempt to suplex a small child, we also mention... sea shells crafted into Ninja Turtles, the death tunnel, justice vs. wasted tax-payer dollars, going to the drive-in, Session 9, self absorbed machismo, Tony Stark, a Hollywood surreal art house film, Jennifer Garner, Marvel vs. DC, The State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers, Rogue vs. Storm, spawned something, Donatello... the survivor, John Cassavete's films, Vincent D'onofrio, Silence of the Lambs Lite, Star Trek, Xan Cassavetes, John Carter, Happy Accidents, Milo Ventimiglia, Faces, Brad Anderson, Gothika, having an underground lair, the M. Night school of script picking, a fake, Michael Bay, going to Cheeks, High Fidelity, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, The Island, Thor in Santa Fe, Next Stop Wonderland, smelling hair, the Iron Man paradox, post-traumatic lock down, The Machinist, Reverend Horton Heat's phone number, being dressed like the Universal Monsters, Halle Berry, Dances with Wolves, the natal pod that birthed you, a collection of wiffle bats and a shark mouth that you could walk through. 

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for "The Call" are contained in this episode.  Also... for those who are wrestling-ignorant as we are, David Otunga aka Officer Jake Devans, is a WWE wrestler. 

"People show minor interest in our wares and then wander off..."

228: R. Lee Ermey Declares War

May 11, 2013 01:51:11


Movie Meltdown - Episode 228

R. Lee Ermey declares war on lame podcasts and so he joins forces with us here at "Movie Meltdown" to deliver a great episode! Most people know R. Lee Ermey from his legendary performance as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in "Full Metal Jacket". But in his time, he's been involved in 75 movies, hosted TV shows, done animated voice-over work, been a product spokesperson and so many other projects. But more important than that, long before his acting days he served his country in the Marine Corps and actually went to war himself. So we discuss his early days, just how he got involved in the military, and what eventually led him to Hollywood. Plus we hear his stories about working with the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola and Peter Jackson! And even though he's been through the horrors of war, we discuss what might just be the scariest thing R. Lee Ermey has ever experienced... kissing Jack Black! 

And since we are talking to the man most synonymous with warfare on the silver screen, we settle into "The Grind" where the group sits down to discuss - War Movies. And along the way we mention... Leo Tolstoy, Inglourious Basterds, Apocalypse Now, The Steel Helmet, The English Patient, learning history from film, Born on the Fourth of July, Anna Karenina, The Patriot, hegemony, Thor, The Big Red One, General Grant, Enemy at the Gates, Albanian genocide, Principal Skinner, Cold Mountain, Tom Stoppard, stock war characters, Henry the V, Sam Fuller, K-19: The Widowmaker, the birth of text messaging, shell shock, military therapy, Fixed Bayonets!, Osama Bin Laden, keeping the Emperor, Terrence Malick, George Takei, D.I. Darren McGavin, Zero Dark Thirty, Casablanca, 300, Erwin Rommel, Black Hawk Down, making a movie in a typhoon, Tribes, internment camps, relationships against the backdrop of world events, I turned down ten films last year, The Return of Martin Guerre, the civil war, Schindler's List, MASH, Braveheart, do war movies have to be historically accurate?, what do you say when there are Nazis about?, The Boys in Company C, going to Vietnam, trying to get away from the law, Patton, War and Peace, George Washington's military career, war hero as super hero, honor or emo?, Vassili Zaitsev, the revolutionary war, joining the Marines, The African Queen, is the individual greater than the war?, The Black Robe, Purple Hearts, The Deer Hunter, Nathanael Greene and changing trench warfare. 

"If you see my name on a movie... better go see it, because it's a kick-ass movie." 

Special thanks to SOG Knives for their help on this episode, check out R. Lee's exclusive "Gunny"  knife at:

227: The Black Cat...Suggested by Satan

May 4, 2013 01:42:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 227

This week the gang sets up shop in our favorite raven-hued church as we discuss great gothic filmmaking... and Satanism. But first we talk about seeing Quentin Dupieux's new film "Wrong". Plus we find out about some of the terrific guests and activities at the upcoming WonderFest (some of which are tied to our movie!).  Then we head into this week's Sofa Theater feature - the 1934 version of "The Black Cat" starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. 

And while we plan our honeymoon in Hungary, we also mention... Space 1999, connoisseur villian, Edgar G. Ulmer, Thriller, the opposite of the American dream, The Ghoul, The Ninth Gate, Peter Bogdanovich, Pushing Daisies, the sickness in our culture, Dragnet, Star Trek Into Darkness, Necrophilia, learning English from cowboys, The Raven, Lee Meriwether,  taken over by Communist, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Gerry Anderson, Lee Stringer, Dead Like Me, changing identities, making movie theaters out of unusual spaces, the Ennis-Brown House, Lost and Found, Roger Corman, unionizing, Karloff and Lugosi: The Story of a Haunting Collaboration, Bela Lugosi Jr., angst riddled teenagers, Ed Gein, McChurch, HuLu addressing you by name, goofy Americans, girls under glass, absurdist, hobby show, Wonderfalls, Satan on spanking?, Sara Karloff, Targets, Satanic bedtime stories, supernatural bologna, David Manners, The Third Man, Hugh Hefner's gothic division, "suggested by" Edgar Allen Poe, male honor, running the Church of Satan, Rubber, you just don't get me Google, going on strike, denying you are hungry, The Return of Crawling Joe, being bullied by NetFlix, Peter Lorre and Thunderbirds Are Go!!!

Spoiler Alert! - Full spoilers for the 1934 version of "The Black Cat". Beware... take care (of spoilers). 

"It's the single most perverse film... of the Universal cycle..."

226: The Found Footage Festival

Apr 27, 2013 01:32:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 226

This week, we come to you "live" from The Found Footage Festival as we discuss some of our favorite clips from the presentation as well as our conversation with the co-creator of the festival Nick Prueher. 

Plus as we reminisce about The Legend of Dwayne's World, we also mention... the woman who lives with Fred, one of the first viral videos, estate sales, David Letterman, topless arm-wrestling, smuggling tapes, an early advanced sense of irony, Finger Tips, public inside jokes, diabetic foot ulcer, John Waters dressed as Riff Raff, umbilical cord guitar, not one but two accordions, John Stuart Mill's Utilitarian Theory, Winnebago Man, the Magical Rainbow Sponge, birth explosion, opossum massage, Flower Power, viewing parties, find McC, Goodwill, finding tapes in the trash, The ButterCream Gang, Small Wonder, Mr. T educational video, physical media, David Lynch's estate sale, when you parents get a camcorder, John & Johnny, sponging patterns, demolition of a house, The Queen of Versailles, the Angela Landerbury exercise tape, Wheel of Wounds, Across the Universe, working at McDonald's, potty training, cursing at a fly, Hand Made Love, first run syndication, The Salvation Army, Inside and Outside - Custodial Duties, Rent-A-Friend, King of Kong, Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em, help have sex, accidental community, part of our show is about commiserating, being able to control a movie in your home, the VHS cover slideshow, the formats change but bad ideas don't, a lot of ambition and questionable talent, American Movie, Babes in Toyland, how to carve a Santa face, irony puberty, Kato Kaelin, vinyl sex appeal, Dirty Country, a love of things that were so bad they were good, the production value of a snuff film, video fireplaces and Marlena's extensive knowledge of sexually perverse terminology. 

"There wasn't much else going on in our hometown. So this was our entertainment." 

225: Black Devil Car

Apr 19, 2013 01:27:42


Movie Meltdown - Episode 225

This week we discuss the 1977 film "The Car", starring James Brolin. And somewhere along the road, we also mention... Peter Weir, Home Alone, No Country for Old Men, Duel, The Village, The Last Wave, the French horn player, Ronny Cox, E.T., the embodiment of evil, Hotel, Lady in the Water, a parade, Escape to Witch Mountain, being semi-evil, Jaws, Sinister, taking care of the annoying characters, Christine, Skyfall, getting chased by a car, Ray Milland's corpse, best dad ever, Paul Giamatti, Michael Myer, Burt Reynolds, John Marley and The Cars that Ate Paris. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "The Car". So go watch the movie before listening. 

"I mean, it's a movie about a car that is Satan incarnate, going around picking off people in a desert town. How can you not have fun with that?!"

224: Return of the Evil Dead

Apr 13, 2013 01:36:15


Movie Meltdown - Episode 224

Before we delve into the "Evil Dead" we take a slightly more serious look at death, as we note the passing of film critic and the Godfather of all movie geeks... Roger Ebert. An interesting man and a great writer, he inspired many people over the years and arguably helped create our own show.

Then we debate the merits of Fede Alvarez's return to the franchise with "Evil Dead". We attempt to look at the film on it's own and occasionally compare it to the previous movies - as well as examine how it fits into the "Evil Dead" universe. 

And while eating spaghetti and watching a movie, we mention... Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, the state of journalism, Diablo Cody, the evil in the woods, 306 movie reviews, deadites, Leonard Maltin, high water, five souls, I'm not awesome at math... but I can count to five, Gene Shalit, drugs, Jennifer's Body, trying to exploit rather then tell a story, a virus, At the Movies, Jane Levy, practical effects, it's not what a film is about... but how it is about it, The Great Movies, a waiting demon, Russ Meyer, audacious, gore-fest and Who Killed Bambi?

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2013 movie "Evil Dead". So watch it now before listening to this episode. 

"If you watch a horror movie, and you get mad a people who make dumb decisions... you're just not watching it for the right [reasons]..."

223: Flying Over the Silent World

Apr 6, 2013 01:18:58


Movie Meltdown - Episode 223

This week we talk to Bob Braunbeck, Jacques Cousteau's helicopter pilot for 16 years! He is, as he describes it - an old-school pilot. And in time he would also earn his title as "Director of Aerial Photography" for Cousteau's films. He's lived an amazing life, filled with adventures that most of us can't even imagine.   

Then we discuss the 1956 film "The Silent World", Jacques Cousteau's legendary and Oscar-winning documentary. As it turns out, this movie is something very different then what we expected. The world was a very different place in 1956, and many things take place that would never be allowed today. If you watch the movie... you'll know what we mean. So beware, there some disturbing images mixed into this visually stunning documentary. 

And as we find out about hotwiring a helicopter, we also talk about...  there's never anybody on the radio, learning a new language, the red beanie, balancing four things at once, communicating with whales, listening with your mouth, a licensed mechanic, Russell Brand's words to live by, working in Germany, Kansas City, rubber bungee, backing up in a helicopter, getting permission to shoot, living in France, burning a tree,  running a helicopter in saltwater conditions, learning French on a pillow, damaging the blade, he always wanted to be somewhere else, putting a butterfly in a coal mine, two colors - blue and green, flying through caves, it's like we were brothers, I had to watch part of it through my hands, the Air Force Academy, believing what the older animals tell you, arguing is a waste of time, hosing down a shirtless dude, I had to get back to the boat... and it was getting a little dark, the pleasures of life, deforestation, power line control, I'm confused by what part of what they did was science, New Albany, taking me to pull my fingernails out, using the wrong word, judging the blades, traveling around the world, getting arrested in a foreign country, ADHD, sun block, the Bureau of Aviation, dead fish, a straight-up beau hunk, the difference between a reason  and an excuse, breaking the helicopter, have you been filming?, floating frat party, staying out of the air traffic,sea turtles and avenging the whale! 

Spoiler Alert: I don't know if you'd call them exactly "spoilers", since they actually happened... over 57 years ago! But this film features tons of beautifully shot footage as well as a few horrifying parts, by today's standards. So watch the movie beforehand, and you will know what we are talking about.  

"...they showed me all the places where you don't land, 'cause that's where all the smugglers come in - and they'll shoot you if you land there."

222: Twisted Horror

Mar 30, 2013 01:17:20


Movie Meltdown - Episode 222

This week we head to Cincinnati HorrorHound as we check in with one of our own favorite podcasts... Night of the Living Podcast. Then we sit down for one of the most awesome interviews in the history of the show... as we talk to Dee Snider and Adam Green! 

Dee you may know from a lifetime of being a kick-ass rock star. But he's also a huge horror fan who has crossed over as an actor, writer and producer. Similarly Adam Green is know best as the director of the popular movies "Hatchet", "Frozen" and "Hatchet 2". But Adam is also a writer, actor and now the creator of the TV series "Holliston" - where he co-stars with the likes of Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, Oderus from GWAR and Dee Snider himself!! An unusual cast of characters that come together to make a TV show, specifically geared for movie geeks!

And as we ask the question, You want Oderus - on a sitcom??, we also talk about...  Love It Down Your Throat, going to the 70th anniversary of Stalingrad - for your birthday, teen heartthrob Eric Stoltz, Robert Patrick's pants, Coffee & Donuts, Scream, watch the director, a lord or a lady or a butler or a footman, Tribeca Film Festival, he's busy dealing with his lady-scarf, The Dinosaur Project, borrowing/stealing video equipment, nursing babies... Area 51.. World War 2, a big fat movie producer, Victor Crowley, a weird ADD-type kid, Pee Wee Herman, What's most stylish in life?, Downton Abbey, heavy metal Yoda, having a live audience, the alien in my closet, Burn in Hell, ask your cable provider, Maniac, Annabeth Gish, all the weird things that happen... and all the cartoon characters that you turn into, copyright infringements, the horror world was just so pathetic, dollars to donuts, walking the red carpet, getting Niedermeyer, Dean Cundey, Chucky and the Leprechaun, a stuffed tiger, Bon-Jovi wants to fly, I'll make you afraid!! Go to sleep... I'll come in your room in the middle of the night!, having final cut, Danielle Harris, Back to the Future, John Doggett, A Chance in Hell, eating babies and placentas, breaking the 4th wall and that's my bruised daughter!

"Do you wanna make cable commercials forever, or do you wanna make movies?" 

A big thanks to Adam and Dee! Check out more about Holliston at:

Special thanks to:

And thanks to Nathan for putting the convention together:

221: Silver Surfer Linings Playbook

Mar 23, 2013 01:22:58


Movie Meltdown - Episode 221

This week we welcome one of our favorite people back to the show. You may know Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer, or as Abe Sapien, or from Pan's Labyrinth, or from his many other numerous roles - but this week, you'll just know him as special guest co-host of "Movie Meltdown". And after catching up with Doug, we delve into this week's movie... David O. Russell's "Silver Linings Playbook". As it turns out, Doug worked with David O. Russell in the past, and we find out if that set was subject to O. Russell's notorious directing style. 

Plus as we learn the truth behind Doug's scandalous internet sex experience, we also discuss... Holy Motors, The Landlord, fancy lads and lasses, Alan Menken, Barry Bostwick, arguing with George Clooney, Harold and Maude, Jennifer Lawrence, The Watch, Dash Mihok, Fallout: Nuka Break, the dance-off, the webernet, Three Kings, getting nominated opposite Daniel Day-Lewis, I don't have a filter, tripping Mark Wahlberg, we all have issues, Hal Ashby, The Neighbors, 3G's!, dead in the sand, Bradley Cooper, Research, Chris Tucker, there's gotta be a weird doctor out there somewhere, Robert De Niro, driving to Pittsburg to see a movie, Falling Skies, healed through dance, Chris Tucker, people building up your expectations for a movie, driveway up... driveway down, Mime Very Own Book, commitment to family, cheaper then the silicone dummy, Dead Man Down, John Dies at the End, For Your Consideration, the Hollywood-issued ending, The Danger Element, a soda and a carrot, Jacki Weaver, a tweed-clad biker gang and a message from Phineas the unicorn. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "Silver Linings Playbook", so see the movie before listening. 

"Yell all you want David O. Russell... if you keep making art."

220: The Sounds of The Silence

Mar 16, 2013 01:20:50


Movie Meltdown - Episode 220

This week we discuss the 2013 German film "The Silence", directed by Baran bo Odar. And while we imagine being in a bed surrounded by cakes, we also mention... Act of Violence, the new Soderbergh film, math is fiction, My Life as a Dog, Lost Highway, I felt so bad for Jessica Chastain, Nabokov, it had a plot, David Lynch, I jumped several times, Jorge Luis Borges, vices could be kept... like a house plant, you've written five better movies, a dinner in Versailles, Jeff Daniels, a drunk bear, househunting in Germany, not good at math, Blood Simple, Gérard Depardieu, a Lon Chaney pedophile, Dreamland Theater, Steve Martin, fastidious, The Shining, Clue, Side Effects, Roger Ebert, cinematography, George W. Bush and the Queen of England, gratuitous full-frontal male nudity, Rooney Mara, The Guillermo Del Toro Theory, a replicated crime scene, in a bathtub with ice cream lined up around the sides, a memoir, it suggests a much better movie then it is, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Mama and going over the country with a lint roller. 

Spoiler Alert: We discuss full spoilers for this new film, so watch "The Silence" before listening. 

"He... on several occasions, captures this perfect look of... despair."

219: You Can't Take Hooper to the Oscars

Mar 9, 2013 02:02:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 219

We're back! And who needs to watch the Oscars when you can watch a touching Oscar-caliber film... like "Hooper". The "Oscar Meltdown" insanity rages on as we discuss this week's movie, as well as have flashbacks from the Oscar coverage earlier in the evening. Plus we continue with the "Meltdown Awards" as we discuss votes that you, the listeners, contributed to our annual presentation of "The Foilers". 

And as we ask: what movie is so bad it makes you cancel the Netflix account? We also meander into the topics of... he was from Latvia, a pioneer of action comedy, furrows in his brow, Myra Breckinridge, Airwolf, Robert Klein, painting yourself into a corner with your script, The Duke and the Dauphin, my right hand... stabbing my left hand, Gore Vidal, Skyfall, peanut allergies, Sally Field, Ricky Jay, an earthquake machine, The Fall Guy, making you work for the nudity, Life of Pi, Superman in a Batman costume, the Lifetime achievement award... for hotness, my Grad school teacher, rooting for him to get his ass kicked, a young Ricky Schroder, he is the master... of the awkward and the painful, you're gonna die!, Bob Dylan, doing impressions, Brian Keith vs. David Keith vs. Keith David??, Bee Gees, losing your momentum, hunting and canoeing, So I swing out over this frozen dry-bed creek..., Treasure Buddies, don't tell Chuck about it..., being bitchy and making sense, Mila Kunis, I'm gonna use that clichéd plot... one last time... before I retire... and it's so crazy... it just might work, the love child of Brian Den and Charles Durning, they pick and age and they stick with it, Seth Rogen, seeming wholesome, the women you watched grown up..., Chronicle, Jim Sturgess and the childhood curse of the quadriplegics. 

Spoiler Alert: I'm not sure you can spoil the movie "Hooper"... but if it's possible, I guess we do. 

"I always like to watch it, because it restores my lack of faith in humanity."

218: The 5th Annual Oscar Meltdown

Mar 2, 2013 01:39:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 218

Welcome to "The 5th Annual Oscar Meltdown"! And this year we crash Beau's house and invite in a couple of new guests... including Paul. Who may now be our favorite special guest... he will probably be your favorite too!  

Plus while Beau searches for the lost pizza rolls, we also discuss.. trailers, Django Unchained, he's a good bad influence, Todd Solondz, you've got the cutest little digital baby face, singing!!, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Steven Spielberg, eastern European cologne, house porn, Jacque who stole, The Dark Knight Rises, not looking like Guy Pearce, this drink... it's like when you're a child, what you imagine grown-ups are drinking that they're not allowing you to have, Samuel L Jackson, The Emancipator, Tyler Perry, Prometheus, back then... Blockbusters dotted the Earth, the black Wes Anderson?, Stakeland, Awake and Sing, bounty hunter God, Swedish Fish Vodka, I'm almost so amused... I can't care, The Dark Horse, they blow up the levy, Candyland, ground up flesh, it also left me thinking... what a corrupt medium film is, Master of the House, My So-Called Life, Tarantino, this must be what angel's taste like, too much literary content,  making a self-conscious movie, six kinds of crazy and does Punxsutawney Phil watch the weather channel? 

Spoiler Alert - Spoilers for "Django Unchained" and "Perks of Being a Wallflower". 

"Are we supposed to be talkin' about movies or somethin'??"

217: The Phenomenon of Celebrity

Feb 23, 2013 01:20:47


Movie Meltdown - Episode 217

We're back... and continuing The Grind discussion from Episode 216, we address... The Phenomenon of Celebrity. Or at one point it's referred to as "The psychological phenomenon of celebrity culture and celebrity worship". That sounds nice, but in actuality we spend a lot of time talking about... Batman, Tom Cruise, Bob's Burgers, vodka and typewriter eraser fluid, Lindsay Lohan, Julia Roberts, Margaret Cho, rubber nipples, In Love and War, what would Troy Duffy do?, Cameron Crowe, Donald Trump, Water for Elephants, Episode 3, being unmemorable, Richard Dawson, on Broadway, George Clooney, The Hobbit, New Radicals, Steven Seagal, Kim Kardashian, Jason Biggs, Joel Schumacher, Sam Raimi, Thomas Kinkade, how to BS yourself, how to confess to a murder, Christoph Waltz, Margaux Hemingway, what does she do???, a young Charles Nelson Reilly, Michael Keaton, it moves with quickness and grace, The Master, Tarantino, Michael Cera, Norm Macdonald, it chooses NOT to be a more successful kind-of movie, Rip Taylor, Chris O'Donnell, Spider-Man, Peter Jackson, I'm a bricklayer now..., sculpted green carpeting, Michael Stipe, South Park, Alicia Silverstone, drunk Ron Swanson, Jake from Sixteen Candles, Pretty Woman, Keira Knightley, that movie is one step above a poke in the eye, Elizabethtown, Gandalf's hat, can you hate George Clooney, Finding Forrester, Jason Lee, and hanging out at the track with a movie star.  

"I think there's this element of fantasy... that makes us want to have stars."

216: Jennifer Lawrence and the Road to Stardom

Feb 15, 2013 01:03:19


Movie Meltdown - Episode 216

Coming to you "live" from The Alley Theater, we settle into our new surroundings and welcome a couple of new people into the mix. Then we head into an what may be our most impressive interview to date. We talk to Hollywood leading lady and two-time Oscar nominee - Jennifer Lawrence!! No... seriously. Here at Movie Meltdown, we are taking things to a whole new level.  

And from there we begin this week's topic for The Grind... as we address The Phenomenon of Stardom. Basically, why are some people just actors, while others seem to be groomed for stardom? We'll delve into that topic and many equally entertaining tangents.  

And as we plan out our road trip to Jupiter, Florida, we also discuss...  the starmakers, Jeremy Renner, David O. Russell as a director, The Tommy Fresh Style, Gary Busey, I tried to be dumb, industry enfranchisement, the pitcrew, cashiers at all-night stores, dancing, the Granny's porch phenomenon, I don't want anything in the house, Bradley Cooper, scrod box, kids with giant bills, Gator, Robert DeNiro, sweating on people, plans for Oscar night, being a "type", with an E at the end... 'cause we're fancy, Jacki Weaver, Loni Anderson, magical garage and shed, carpooling with other celebrities, Britney Spears, The Bourne sequel, David O. Selznick, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Garret Dillahunt and the skylight from Striptease. 

"I think one of the most surprising things about Oscar season... is the friends that you make."

215: The Primer Paradox

Feb 9, 2013 01:29:06


Movie Meltdown - Episode 215

So this week... we frustratedly sit down to cover the complicated film "Primer". We then enter a time loop that ranges from discussion to dissection to disagreement. At one point, the film is even described as sadism. And all over this little indie movie that only cost $7000 to make. 

And after we also feature differing opinions on "Argo", we also mention... Richard Kelly, Castaway on the Moon, The Impossible, Alan Arkin, Charlie Kaufman and Terminator 2, paradox, it's a dumb plan, Gone Baby Gone, Skynet, Physics of the Impossible, The Departed, Looper, Feynman diagram, Love, John Goodman, The Town, a relatively comfy white-collar status, The Box, spending two years editing, trailers that tell you too much, Flight, so I decided to cop out, Casey Affleck, it's so crazy it might actually work, mundane mechanism, Back to the Future, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, a Golden Globes caliber director, Zero Dark Thirty, Triangle, Donnie Darko, handling things like the U.S. Government spends money, Doc Brown, over-edited, your really smart math friend solving problems, the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Office Space, jargon, ruining your life with an iPhone and a full-on Sméagol-like decent into insanity. 

Spoiler Alert - Full spoilers for "Primer" and some minor ones for other time-related films like  "Looper" and "Time Crimes". You have been warned!  

"I think the plot is straight-forward, the science behind it is... overwhelming for people who don't have a degree in astrophysics."

214: People Who Died

Feb 2, 2013 01:42:07


Movie Meltdown - Episode 214

This week we welcome our guest Chris from Surreelfilm, as we all attempt to tackle our topic for The Grind. We ask... 'What performers who passed away in 2012 will you miss the most?' Since the Oscars are bad about overlooking people during the 'In Memoriam' segment, we thought we'd discuss the people we were sad to lose in 2012, and focus on the roles that we remember them from the most.  

 And somewhere along the way we mention... The Pink Panther, All the Marbles, Shaft, Gone with the Wind, Husbands, Major Dundee, Convoy, the 70's guitar riff, Goodfellas, Road House, I'm getting my game shows mixed up, how to properly address Whoopi Goldberg, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Two Moon Junction, SCTV, Quartet, outdated cowboys, The American, playing the same character, Star Wars, Fat City, Dementia, it looked like a fun slide, the power dynamic of how you are supposed to talk to the squares, Two and a Half Men, 12 Angry Men, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Muppet Movie, A Face in the Crowd, The Lord of the Rings, Pink Motel, gravel-voiced actors, Planet of the Apes, you hate these people... you hate the whole city, The Harlem Globetrotters, meeting your wife on a game show, SubZero, Gimme a Break!, it just screams second unit, Coal Miner's Daughter, Ride the High Country, Willard, The Princess Bride, The Forbidden Zone, The Dick Cavett Show, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, The Monster Squad, The Ladykillers, having to kill a guy on Christmas, Scooby Doo, The Running Man, Phantom of the Paradise, The Poseidon Adventure, having your legs amputated, Saint Jack, The Wild Bunch, Mermaid Man, technical illustrator, Batman and Robin, Marty, repeating what other people are saying, Pride and Prejudice and auditioning for Hollywood Squares.

"This year was actually debilitating for me..."

For more on Surreelfilm go to:

213: Looking Out of the Fish Tank

Jan 26, 2013 01:36:34


Movie Meltdown - Episode 213

This week are coming to you "live" from inside the Dreamland Film Center and we welcome special guest Tracy from the Louisville Film Society. Together we sit down and discuss trying to support classic and independent film in today's world. And then we head into this week's Sofa Theater feature Andrea Arnold's "Fish Tank". 

And as we censor the name of the specific strip club to spare the nice girl's feelings, we also mention... Michael Fassbender, Take this Waltz, The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, Buster Keaton, Lars and the Real Girl, Roman, James Franco's body pillow, Creepshow, a 14-piece big band, being in love with a sex doll, voyeurism, May, Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin, House, Wuthering Heights, personality... that's what you want in a stripper, SVU, killing puppies movies, being in love with your love doll, The Kid, Love Object, changes in the culture, we are the most insensitive group of humans, a "seasoned" stripper, Pin, pikey, multi-media projects, Children of the Corn, Red Road, track suits, Precious and jump kicking people with his crotch. 

Spoiler Alert: Go watch "Fish Tank" before listening to this episode. 

"Everything was in disarray so perfectly..."

For more on Louisville Film Society and the Dreamland Film Center go to:

212: Rambling Eccentrics

Jan 19, 2013 01:26:46


Movie Meltdown - Episode 212

This week we make some movie confessions which of course leads to many other discussions and disagreements. Some of which include... being in a failing marriage, being "a brand", The Girl vs. Hitchcock, spoofing American Idol, Errol Morris, Mississippi Burning, Joaquin Phoenix, TinkerHell, the Israeli David O. Russell, Knocked Up, Woody Allen, Sex, Lies and Videotape, The Apple, Non-narrative documentaries, the mating rituals of penguins, Real Steel, Paul Rudd, The Master, Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon, Tabloid, This is 40, Blind Spot, John Cassavetes, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Alan Rickman, Silver Linings Playbook, robots are like animals, movie auteur, Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock, that's as low as you can go as a director, Judd Apatow, Shawshank Redemption, Rae Dawn Chong, Lincoln movies, Phantom of the Paradise, Downfall, animal movies, Freaks and Geeks, I don't trust P.T. Anderson anymore, Werner Herzog, The Day of the Dolphin, Sleepwalk with Me, Bob Hoskins and Dustin Hoffman, The Fog of War, creative cursing replacements, You didn't earn this!!, upcoming Oscar movies, a video game burning, The Hollywood Reporter directors roundtable, Searching for Sugar Man, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Annie Hall, The Blind Side, Toys, psychedelic rock movies, Hugh Jackman, it was the cancer-comedy before 50/50 and being Hitler's secretary.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoiler for The Apple. But really you have to see that movie to believe it regardless. 

Addendum: John Williams has composed the scores to 25 of the 26 feature films Spielberg has directed. Producer Quincy Jones wrote Spielberg's The Color Purple score. 

"I feel like he wants to make important films... and I don't think that he's an important filmmaker."

211: Super Santa Sangre

Jan 12, 2013 01:45:47


Movie Meltdown - Episode 211

Santa Sangre. Is it the story of a young boy working in the circus? Is it a poignant drama about a slightly overbearing mother? Is it a horror story about a crazy killer? Is it a movie about a super hero? Or a super villain?  Or both? Or maybe neither?? Hell, whatever it is... this week we discuss the specifics of Santa Sangre, about Alejandro Jodorowsky as a filmmaker and surrealist cinema as a whole.

And as we try to figure out exactly what we think of Wes Anderson's movies, we also mention... animals and dismembered body parts, Gangs of New York, Circo, elephant funeral, Robert Pattinson, Federico Fellini, Night of the Hunter, Marcel Marceau, red penguins, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Bruce Willis, Blue Velvet, Nicolas Roeg, Moonrise Kingdom, mad scientist kind of stuff, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, S. Darko, Leonardo DiCaprio, Psycho, The Darjeeling Limited, Terrence Malick, The Last Circus, maybe it was the alcohol?, Possession, Lars von Trier, a lot of nightmare, Bottle Rocket, sleeping on top of a truck, Tree of Life, when is surreal in film too surreal, The Alchemist, David Lynch, six straight hours of crying, Rushmore, having a little person friend, David Cronenberg, The Royal Tenenbaums, Beyond the Black Rainbow, the movie that's in your head after you see it... is a masterpiece, never get married, Black Moon, Twin Peaks, Peter Greenaway, I understand less the more I watch it, Donnie Darko, Eraserhead, Cosmopolis, American mythology and Udo Kier: Wedding Planner. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for Santa Sangre and one general spoiler for Holy Mountain. You have been warned.  

"I'm just picturing this great mental image... you in a darkened room - drunk, crying, watching this movie..."

210: Sleepaway Camp Trauma

Jan 5, 2013 01:29:50


Movie Meltdown - Episode 210

Are you ever really ready for "Sleepaway Camp"? NO... the answer is no. Never. You can never truly be prepared for the horror that awaits you. And once you have seen "it"... you can never unsee it!  

And someone in the Meltdown Gang has NEVER seen this movie before, and this week we unleash it on them!! This... is the horrorific result! (Including a LIVE recording of their reaction to the finale!!) 

Plus among our own horrors... we also feature a One from the Vaults session with the stars of "Sleepaway Camp" Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten. Hear their memories from being involved in this "classic" and what they think about the legacy of the movie. 

Listen and you will... 

UNCOVER which member of the gang is rocking the sideways ponytail! LEARN who Googles inappropriate pictures of children! Find out WHO can't dance! WHO slept with WHO in the parking lot! WHO used to tight-roll their jeans and wear mesh half shirts! WHO used to go hide in the woods! WHY the population should have taken a sharp drop after the 1980's! WHAT WORD was so inappropriate that it had to be bleeped!!  And find out WHO has a chamber of horrors in their bedroom!! 

All that plus... a Bariatric Hoveround, Dungeons & Dragons, a walk-in pantry, throwing rocks at each other, he's narcoleptic, the flystrip, getting 86'd from Dog 'n Suds, sleeping while driving, being the stepchildren of the horror genre, men love that stuff... men love surprises, Abe Froman, scrubbing the hell out of your clavicle, Magic: The Gathering cards, sometimes I wish I was a Backstreet Boy, you're brain can pick apart CGI, Steve Perry's younger buffer brother, Sarah Jessica Parker's uglier sister and tighty whities. 

 Super Major Spoiler Alert!!!! - Do NOT listen to this episode if you haven't experienced "Sleepaway Camp" yet!! 

"My weirdest story at any convention is when John Landis walked up to me and said, 'It's an iconic film.'"

209: Back to the Bastion

Dec 29, 2012 01:30:00


Movie Meltdown - Episode 209

It's been a while since we checked in with our beloved Misty and Jay, so this week we return to The Bastion of Awesomeness  to hang out and talk about... well, a little of everything. 

As we bask in the glow of the glittery squirrel, we also discuss... a shark quadruple feature, The Devil's Carnival, Zooey Deschanel, I just love her weird little monkey-face, Amish people are full of holes, The Complication, The Hole, Red Bank, Thora Birch, Warm Bodies, ninja sharks, James Van Der Beek, he probably bathed in Mandom daily, Baltimore, puffy peepers and snaggleteeth, Brooke Hogan IS a scientist, Naked Cowboy, Vera Miles, Dick Casablancas, Sand Sharks, UHF, Hurricane Sandy, Thomas Kinkade, tappin' Steve Buscemi, I wanna tackle her with a sloth... and give her a big hug, Scottish-English-Pirate, Sleepwalk with Me, Scarlett Johansson, a long extended Goosebumps episode, My Boyfriend's Back, Bait, wanna buy a deer head?, Punxsutawney, Hitchcock, Parks and Recreation, a walking tank, The Devil's Playground, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, John Schneider, trying to take off your head, Anthony Hopkins, Zombie Honeymoon, Reefer Madness, The Larry Sanders Show, I'm not a mean person... I'm just really good at acting, a drowning duck, New Girl, Amber Heard, going to Coney Island, impaled with fins, American Horror Story, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, The Cyclone, Invasion U.S.A., Storage Wars, goats going down the waterfall, the circumference of Maryland, zombies in love, P90X, Mike Birbiglia, cute dog battle royale, Katherine Heigl and Mennonites you're face!! 

"Anyway... sharks."

208: Lukewarm Skywalker

Dec 22, 2012 01:32:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 208 

This week our holiday/Lifeday celebration rages on, and one of the gang has faith that: "We can save this special... I sense the good in it." That is arguable, but at least we can look forward to watching the Star Wars cartoon AND the first canonical appearance of Boba Fett! 

And then as we imagine the Holiday Special can't get more tedious, we also mention... hairy Bea Arthur, Triumph the insult comic dog, a Christmas tree-shaped hole, the Scarface-home of the wookies, Pon farr, a group of druids, works every time, we're being rebels, BIM mark, Rob Bottin, blondes are really hot, clapping after TV shows, you are completely out of your mind... friend, robot santas, Moebius, action figure urban legends, pouring into your drinking hole, go home and shave your son's head, walks around in the nude everywhere, Harvey Korman, the giant rat, Rick Baker, people need to be blonde, Doctor Who Christmas Special, Boba Fett's rocket-firing backpack, deleted scenes, wookie snuggies, Heavy Metal, Donny and Marie, space jews, talking about how cute Luke Skywalker is, Jango Fett, not learning anything from Lumpy, a little Luke and Han on your wedding cake, LifeDay sales, I thought we'd stepped into Phantasm, watching an animated version of your dad, losing nerd-points, Wookie pelts, a montage, a house of criminals, a universal beverage, yip yip yip, riding a big lizard, playing in the theater for 68 weeks, the Sears-exclusive Snaggletooth, Food of the Gods and I've always loved Star Wars... I don't like it anymore.

"Ummmm, I'm super-stoked about the movie... but I wet my pants."

207: A Life Day Celebration

Dec 15, 2012 01:37:30


Movie Meltdown - Episode 207

This holiday season, we embark upon the most frightening journey EVER!! We sit down to watch The Star Wars Holiday Special ... or at least attempt to make it through the entire thing. It turns out to be one of the greatest challenges of our lives. But not before we take a moment to acknowledge one of the creepiest of holiday songs. Plus a certain member of the gang, explains how Frosty the Snowman and Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Hamlet are all basically the same story.  

And before the Rohypnoled kicks in, we also mention... Hillary's little helpers, Jefferson Starship, Starlog, unplayable guitars, The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, Lumpy, The Flintstones Christmas, a snow golem, Art Carney-isms, On the Implausibility of the Death Star's Trash Compactor, coked-up studio executives, ingredients for a intersteller cooking show, thumpety thump thump, weird Polish plays, how many TV's does that treehouse have, prepare for sudden stop, I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, Cosmic Battlestation, using the word contraceptive in a children's book, Hidden Fortress, giant Wookie eating utensils, this holiday special is like Nascar, space domestic abuse, Jon Bon Jovi is a jedi, rhyming a word with the same word, heartfelt songs about teenage girls, get a keytar, Ann Margret & Al Hirt, mixed vegetable chum, Joe Dante, VideoDrome, Frankenstein, raunchy 50's TV shows, shag carpet in a wookie house?, Dr. Suess, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, Diahann Carroll, it's like Lonesome Dove, Barry the monster and... at least I can say that i tried? 

All this and more on The Movie Meltdown Holiday “Special”!!! 

"You've not only ruined my favorite Christmas song... but you've actually ruined the concept of the Christmas special. And I feel like I have nothing now. "

206: Bigfoot: Myths and Legends

Dec 8, 2012 01:09:38


Movie Meltdown - Episode 206 

Recently, as we sat down to discuss a ridiculous Bigfoot movie, we veered off into a different area. One of personal stories and weird circumstances. Of strange things happening not on the big screen, but in the real world. The session was so interested, that we decided that it needed to stand on it's own. As a subsection of our "Tales from the Cryptids" series. A reality-based tangent that we call... "Bigfoot: Myths and Legends". Hopefully you'll find it as engaging as we did when recording it. 

And while jumping at the slightest sound, we also mention... a local Bigfoot hunter, shooting a movie, Native American stories, The Ultraterrestrials, a baby crying, a 80-pound barn cat eating cattle, living in the sticks, a group of Boy Scouts, The Grass Man, stolen fish, that irrational fear, The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, it's coming through the field towards the house, mimicry, infrasound, The Pope Lick Monster, The Incident at Loch Ness, the world champion hide and seek player, the '94 UFO sighting, shaky 16mm, there's always that next step, ...and then I would have a great blurry photo of Bigfoot... like everybody else, hitting the wall of no evidence, The Trimble Country Beast, John Keel, Bigfoot on a totem pole, You don't know in the moment... and it brings back that mystery, squeezed a shot off, Loveland Frogman, Monster Quest, he just screams 'Sasquatch!' and runs off into the night, something was killing something, my wife walked away that morning, I dreamed that I died, the legendary gorilla, a sense of other-ness, there was no such thing as Bigfoot in 1953, the Patterson footage, the Chapman family, a .357 snub-nose, cattle mutilations, flooded to make a lake, The Minnesota Iceman, hating Air Supply, some farmer shot me, my Chewy figure looks just like Bigfoot, The Milton Lizard, digging into the ground, The Hillbilly Beast, sheet metal for a roof, the foggiest day in the history of the county, The Fairdale Bigfoot, coyotes fighting, I was in shock and for us to say that we know everything... is crazy.

"If you have a rational, credible person telling you a truly personal story... you've gotta give them a lot of credit..."

205: Fred Dies at the End

Dec 1, 2012 01:17:18


Movie Meltdown - Episode 205

This week starts off a little different, as we attempt to let someone else lead the introduction. Bear with us, as we quickly get past that and move on into some really interesting discussions. Including new movies, the future of retro and what is it that gives each decade it's own look, feel and personality. And just what killed Fred?!? We'll find out in an amazing story, involving old caves, a flour sifter, the mall, pollutants, twigs, dioramas, asbestos and a box full of Barbies. You have to hear this one... it's a classic!

And as we try to decide just what movies represent the 2000's, we also mention...  Jules and Jim, Emma Watson, a Slinky, The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie, fads, The Faculty, Oedipus, (The?) Rope, I Love the 80's/90's, a character actor orgy, The Goonies, Aimee Mann and John Doe, superhero movies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, torture porn, earthquakes, karaoke backgrounds, Nick at Night, Napoleon Dynamite, finding things on YouTube, Blood Simple, Powerpoint presentations, our era is so not cool, twindow, Judd Apatow, Bill Murray or Jim Belushi?, Count Floyd, Patty Duke's twin, MTV has a publishing company?, Ghost Stories of Somewhere, retroleum, John Hughes, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, being mocked at 5 months old, The Slinky doesn't know!!, 1969, we've always had the internet, irony, hipster vs. douchbag, Harry Potter, Beginners, Apartment 3G, resurfacing disco, Kurt Cobain has always been dead, Begotten, what font to use, you should be less gullible, Suzanne Pleshette and making out with Richard Belzer. 

"Before that ever happened, I was already dead."

204: The Birth of Burlesque

Nov 24, 2012 01:07:31


Movie Meltdown - Episode 204

This week the caffeinated movie geeks are back! And they get so hopped up on coffee they start gyrating around and taking their clothes off! Boy, you are really gonna see a lot... oh wait, this is an audio podcast huh?? Oh well, I guess we better just stick to talking in front of the microphones. So instead we spin our vocal tassels with a round of geek activities that at one point reveals "The Birth of Burlesque". Well, sort of.  

And with a peppering of big-breasted women, we also discuss... Samsara, the people who make the trailers, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, The X-Files, Scramble Body Action Man, Frankenweenie, Chicken with Plums, The Beyond, a special set of skills, Transformers, The Grey, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Sweeney Todd, I Melt with You, Lucio Fulci, Tim Burton, The Simpsons, floating in a canoe, Russ Meyer, finishing a TV series with a movie, Birdemic, Don't Torture a Duckling, an Academy Award for trailers, Wal-Mart in China, Behind Enemy Lines, Melancholia, organic diapers and the octogenarian action series. 

"It's like... the whole color pallet is the color pallet off of a waffle house ceiling."

203: The Bride of TurkZilla

Nov 17, 2012 01:42:28


Movie Meltdown - Episode 203

Our own little Movie Meltdown dysfunctional family gets together for Thanksgiving, in this holiday "special". After we eat a conglomeration of semi-traditional foods (including The Bride's maid of honor... Tofurkzilla!), we sit down to discuss the horrific turkey-themed movie "Blood Freak".  

And as we are all creeped out by "The Waddle-thing", we also discuss... macaroni and cheese casserole, vampire turkey, being dressed as crazy clowns, KFC bowls on steroids, Bag-O-Glass, a starfish that sounds a lot like Mae West, Andre the Giant and Joaquin Phoenix put together, the Star Wars Christmas Special, stuffing, flashbacks of the Yeti-nipple, The Adventures of Young Moby Dick, a zoo cemetery, deep-fried Twinkles, Joe Cocker, being saved by a lion, oh... the wood paneling, Reefer Madness, a blue beehive, vegan haggis, Roger Clinton, Jack Chick tracts, a "Blood Freak" action figure, mashed potatoes, not being able to pronounce things, a groovy pad, Carrie Fisher, Pink Floyd, compassionate aunt, Turbo Rimjob, turnip mush, Cracker Jacks, Peg Bundy-Loretta Lynn, leopard print, Lincoln, The Lion King, The Deer Lounge Advantage, deep-fried innards, Roy Clark, a long take, Monster Ridders (Monsters Be Gone), Mary Ellen from "The Waltons", the amputee and vaginal plastic surgery.

Spoiler Alert: I don't think you can really "spoil" Blood Freak... but whatever. 

"It's as rational as giblets."

202: The Yeti Spaghetti Show

Nov 9, 2012 01:30:00


Movie Meltdown - Episode 202 

After years of threats and planning... "Movie Meltdown" has put together their first LIVE event! For one night "Nancy's Bagel Grounds" became "Nancy's Italian Bistro" as Movie Meltdown unleashed upon the world - THE YETI SPAGHETTI SHOW! Listen as we give you a condensed version of all the spectacle and ridiculousness that occured that evening. Including spaghetti (obviously) as well as an amazing Yeti ice sculpture, live music, Yeti-cakes for dessert, a classic cartoon, and an actual YETI running around all night! All that then culminates with a group viewing of the "abominable" Italian movie "Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century". And as usual, we round things out with our crew's in-depth discussion session on the movie itself. We had a lot of fun that night, so come along and join in on the experience!

Spoiler Alert: "Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century" is one of those movies that you kind of have to see to truly appreciate/believe it actually got made. So seek it out and gather some friends together for your own viewing!

"You can see the movie is... either a Yeti monster movie or a really long Lassie episode, that's really weird..."

201: The Interview and The Lie

Nov 2, 2012 01:51:31


Movie Meltdown - Episode 201

So we've featured many interviews with actors and filmmakers over the years, but this week we change things up a little as WE ourselves are interviewed. We welcome Emily from "The Courier Journal" who asks us to try to explain, just what "Movie Meltdown" is exactly. Then we fall right back into our usual discussion mode as we talk about this week's Sofa Theater feature "The Lie". Directed by Joshua Leonard, and starring Joshua and our beloved (adopted cast member) Jess Weixler.

And as we wax philosophic about our own existence, we also mention... the awkwardness is excruciating, a soul-crushing job, so douchey, best drip so far, indie genre cliches, voyeurism, a weekend camping, people going to their futile jobs, the Clair Huxtable look, editing the movie, the waitress at the diner, InstaGram coloration, The Blair Witch Project, Allison Anders, these hash browns are amazing,  I love Portland... I met an owl there once, maybe it's just your head and what do you do when you give yourself a day off?

Spoiler Alert:  "The Lie" has a MAJOR spoiler moment in it, so watch it beforehand for spoiler-free listening. Plus Fred spoils the end of "The Return of Martin Guerre". You have been warned!!

"It's not really about the lie." - "But which lie is it?"

200: A Giant of an Episode

Oct 23, 2012 01:33:43


Movie Meltdown - Episode 200

In this our GIANT 200th episode, we talk to none other then actor Richard Kiel! Yes, most of the world remembers him as Jaws from the James Bond movies. But he's had a rich career filled with television work from "The Twilight Zone" to "Gilligan's Island". From "Gunsmoke" to "The Monkees". Not to mention his massive list of movie credits that include: "The Longest Yard", "Silver Streak", "Pale Rider", "Happy Gilmore", "Cannonball Run 2", "Force 10 from Navarone" and "Eegah"! Oh yeah, and a couple of other movies with that Roger Moore guy.                

So as we hang out in the lobby of the movie theater, we also mention... fighting Bart the Bear, Wild Wild West, D.W. Griffith selling movie tickets, Overlord, promoting your movies, the page 3 girls, suggestions from the department heads, Elvira, Regarding Henry, I play an intellectual bad-ass, a different person to tear your movie ticket, House of the Damned, Cubby Broccoli wants to have lunch with you, Star Trek conventions, The Phantom, Wilford Brimley, Hervé Villechaize, the alternative ending, a barnstorming bare-knuckled fighter, holding the baby in my huge hands, Thriller, making very old actors look very old, Burt Reynolds, Tangled, John Brodie, he took his Bond movies very seriously, The Giant of Thunder Mountain, a king-sized bed, Otto Preminger, my wife's ninth month of pregnancy, The Human Duplicators, the harder I work the luckier I get, parents protecting their children from the giant, scars all over his chest and body, a humongous growth spurt, little guys have a chip on their shoulder,Skidoo, killing steers with a sledgehammer, liking chick flicks, neurotic over-obsessing tweaking, being fed a diet of ripe figs and Hawaiian Punch. 

"You know when you're a pretty boy... it's difficult to be taken seriously. So, I've never had that problem. I'm taken too seriously!" 

For more on Richard, including his upcoming appearances, go to:

199: Spooky Theater Stories

Oct 20, 2012 56:14


Movie Meltdown - Episode 199

Recorded "live" from our favorite local movie theater, we hear spooky stories from the theater's past.  Including creepy ghost kids, slamming doors and the unsettling Legend of Crawling Joe!!  

And as we are charging up our glow-in-the-dark skeleton, we also mention... hearing footsteps, a Frankenstein crazy person, a whore's bath, Beetlejuice, sounded like a car hit the wall, we just walked on a guy, make the room brighter, Liam Neeson, Lanford Wilson, a new place going out of business, Tooms, a swaying light fixture, The Blair Witch Project, different realities, a dodge ball match to the death, a greasy theater floor, Truly Madly Deeply, a cat with a Salvador Dali mustache, inflatable matress, a hellmouth under the mall, crawling under a car to get you, screaming hysterically, a haunted adding machine, Blithe Spirit, Snakes on a Plane, a singing girl, focused crazy, The Pantless Poker, don't put it on me girl, Ouija board, Bardstown Road, goats and building a mausoleum for Maude Flanders.

"...and those were the nights to where if something creepy would happen - I would just leave and go home."

198: Asylum of Girdler

Oct 18, 2012 01:22:01


Movie Meltdown - Episode 198

This week we continue our Halloween festivities, by heading out on a creepy fieldtrip to the cemetery! That's right, we come to you "live" from the grave of horror and exploitation director William Girdler. The infamous filmmaker is buried right here in our backyard (so to speak), and we pay tribute to him this week by not only paying our respects at his grave, but by also by discussing one of his films as this week's Sofa Theater feature. So join as as we talk about his first film, filmed right here in his hometown, the sinister "Asylum of Satan". 

And as we try to decipher the garbled voice of Beelzebub, we also discuss... Charles Kissinger, Abby, the basement of the mall, so homely he has to be local, Toma, a man is being cleaved, getting sued by Warner Brothers, the love scene, Leslie Nielsen, Rosemary's Baby, Zebra Killer, a roughly gouged out hole, they could not process the rock, the Sears catalog version of the 60's, 3 on a Meathook, we probably won't drop you down this elevator shaft, revisiting a movie years later, the one-eyed werewolf, the first use of a jet ski in a movie, a Grizzly puffy sticker, hellish vegetables, cultivating chest hair, there's a hole in the ozone layer, AIP, years of choir practice, Hitchcock, Touch of Evil, somebody dressed as a hamster, the benefits of being a hoarder, blood red flowers, 914 Porsche, all of nature turns against you, misinterpreting, old movie ads, Sheba Baby, being outlived by your agent, fighting a bear on top of a mountain, Tonight I'll Possess Your Corpse, Ed Gein, trying to start a race war, playing an adjective, Nick Cave and the Grinderman tour and your child is possessed by Satan... we've got Ritalin. 

Spoiler Alert:  Spoilers for "Asylum of Satan" as well as "3 on a Meathook". 

"That guy's plaid jacket foreshadows the beast at the end."

197: Stay Away from the Pipe

Oct 13, 2012 01:39:22


Movie Meltdown - Episode 197

This week we kick off our Halloween festivities... and we do it "live" from ScareFest! Where we not only discuss one of our favorite topics - Halloween-themed foods, but we also talk to "Candyman" himself Tony Todd! As well as Nicholas Vince star of "Hellraiser" 1 and 2, "Nightbreed" and author of the book What Monsters Do. Plus we have a One from the Vaults memory from Jonanthan Breck (aka The Creeper) as we delve into this week's Sofa Theater feature: "Jeepers Creepers".  

And as we see Carl and notice he is NOT in the house, we also mention... Misty's look of doom, pointing your flashlight AT the monster, Vegan candy corn, the Nightbreed comic series, August in Florida, giving yourself werewolf fangs, E.T.'s mom, killing the voice of reason, Coney Island, the hottest place in the country... the hottest month of the year... and I'm encased in latex, the kid from Pet Sematary, Sushi Girl, demons with vanity plates, little bites of heaven... if I wasn't an Atheist, green-filled Cadbury creme egg, dead body rolling capacity, chocolate leather, Count Chocula cereal bars, taking down the mirrors, Hellraiser comics, Johnny Depp at the bar, Oreos, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, shooting it as they wrote it, peek-a-boo at the kitchen cabinet, sleeping with Noah Hathaway, nana was eaten by a horde of cats and the educative mission to inform people of the existence and awesomeness of Adam Ant. 

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for "Jeepers Creepers"... you have been warned.  

"You'll do just about anything for candy."

Check out Nicholas Vince's book at:

For more on ScareFest go to:

196: Bigfoot Kong

Oct 6, 2012 01:40:45


Movie Meltdown - Episode 196

This episode marks the triumphant return of Movie Meltdown's Bigfoot series!! We welcome not one but two Bigfoot experts, or "observers", to discuss the phenomenon that is - BIGFOOT! We start off with an overview of the Bigfoot film craze, starting with "The Legend of Boggy Creek" and look at what has become the sometimes crazy community of Bigfoot enthusiasts that has sprung up in the real world.  Then after that intelligent observation of a specific slice of society, we take a 180 degree turn and talk about  the "legend" that is the 2012 SyFy movie "Bigfoot". The intelligence stops there. But we do have Alice Cooper! Plus Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Bruce Davison, Sherilyn Fenn, Howard Hesseman and a handful of other people who showed up for a day and a half to make this thing. But we do... have a lot of fun talking about it!  

And as we ponder the questionable judgment involved in the Million Dollar Baby Bigfoot story, we also mention... Tower of Technobabble, Sasquatch Odyssey, my very first sleepover, samurai chatter, appealing to pro wrestling fans, the big game hunter, Trapper and BJ looking for the Loch Ness monster,  the working man's Ira Glass, Not Another Bigfoot Movie, the animated Hot Wheels show, the ole Suncoast days, Chewbacca, passed the polygraph, Night of the Lepus, mom jeans, squirrels, why they got a record of this movie?, the Bigfoot steak, the Mayor is a dick, The Bigfoot Alliance, The Six-Million Dollar Man, a taxidermy website, beef-foot, skinny-girl coffee, The Pope is a strange creeper, Noah's Ark of Death!, a rubber suit full of roadkill, a shape-shifting alien, the Roger Patterson Bigfoot footage, Jaws, individual hairs, is Bigfoot a carnivore?, and it's John Wilkes Booth all over again! 

Spoiler Alert: I guess, if you think you can spoil a SyFy movie - then you have been warned.  

"As a Bigfoot fan, I guess I could be insulted... if I cared."

195: Jay Mohr Does The Right Thing

Sep 28, 2012 01:28:21


Movie Meltdown - Episode 195 

This week, we are joined by our special guest co-host Jay Mohr. Jay has been acting for years, starring in movies from Cameron Crowe's "Jerry Maguire" to Clint Eastwood's "Hereafter". He was a member of the "Saturday Night Live" cast as well as the creator of NBC's "Last Comic Standing". Not to mention his lengthy stand-up comedy career and hosting his own podcast "Mohr Stories". 

And this week Jay sits in for our "Sofa Theater" feature, as we discuss Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing".  Well... we start off talking about "Do the Right Thing". Eventually we spiral off into "Jungle Fever"... and "Platoon"... and "Reservoir Dogs"... and "Cape Fear"... and "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps"? Yeah, we cover a lot of cinematic ground in this episode. And all of it is made even more enjoyable as Jay occasionally falls into impressions of the characters from the movies. It's an interesting discussion of race relations mixed with entertaining performances from numerous movies.  

And as someone in the group throws down on a Philly Cheese Steak, we then move on to discuss... Burt Wonderstone, Steve Buscemi, a weird fraternity, meeting over the JC Penny, Gregory Peck, Rope, the mounting pressure of an extended take, Get Low, save the rec center, casting yourself in a movie, Boo Radley, Tomorrow, ad libbing with steve carell, Goodfellas, Ozzie Davis, Norman Reedus, Pluto Nash, how to do opening credits, Letterman's monolog, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Bad Lieutenant, fine dining,  Rick the Improbable, The Godfather, The Walking Dead, Ossie Davis, Holly Hunter, running into Rachel Dratch, a magician's union, Clockers, Joe Pesci, Robert Mitchum, Barton Fink, Rosie Perez, Scarface, dancing like a fool, Colin Quinn, Eddie Murphy, Reggie Jackson's hitting stats, and starting a kickstarter campaign.

Spoiler Alert: In the middle of all the goings on of this episode, we reveal many plot points for "Do the Right Thing". Oh yeah, and Jay spoils key moments in "Jungle Fever" and "Platoon" as well.

"A conversation with me, is like when you just move the radio knob real quick."

For all of Jay's tour dates and the link to his podcast, visit his website at:

194: Dealing with Cho Dependency

Sep 21, 2012 41:11


Movie Meltdown - Episode 194

This week we feature special guest - comedian, actor, writer, producer... Margaret Cho. Margaret is one of the most successful stand-up comics working today, starting back when she was just a teenager. So we discuss not only her introduction to the world of stand-up comedy, but also how she was quickly thrust into acting and how she ended up in unconventional projects like the cult film "The Doom Generation", John Woo's big budget action extravaganza "Face-Off" and the horror remake "One Missed Call". All that plus how she hung out with Quentin Tarantino in the 90's and just what movies they used to watch together. 

And while trying to explain to people what "letterbox" means, we also mention... Belle de Jour, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, SCTV, telling stories visually, Magic, Carol Burnett, Mad Men aesthetic, meeting the people you are playing, The Exorcist, 90's-noir, Selene Luna, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, meeting David Bowie, Alex P. Keaton in widescreen, San Francisco, Carrie, This is England, Halloween, It's My Party, The Omen, The Holy City Zoo, Black Devil Doll from Hell, Trilogy of Terror, Rio Bravo, having a weird body-builder version of yourself walking around, moving into the sitcom atmosphere and buying a back-stock of 8000 VHS tapes. 

"I mean, I just want to do everything. I'm really open to whatever I can do... and I want to work. No matter what."

For all of Margaret's tour dates and the rest of what she's up to, visit her website at:

193: Killer Klowns and Pull Up Bars

Sep 15, 2012 01:39:36


Movie Meltdown - Episode 193

This week we hit the road and head up to one of those convention-type things. And while we're there we talk to The Chiodo Brothers! The guys who not only brought us "Killer Klowns from Outer Space", but over the years have also worked on "Vincent", "The Simpsons", "Team America: World Police", "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", "Critters", and many more projects! 

Then we talk to Jenette Goldstein, otherwise known as Vasquez from "Aliens"! With Jenette we discuss assuming the very different look and character of Vasquez as well as continuing to work with James Cameron over the years. 

Plus we stick around for a little of the after party that evening. Then we reminisce about our run-in with The Terminator's Linda Hamilton. You'll not only hear about our interractions with her, but also her experience with a bowl full of gummi bears.   

And as the Chiodo agruement rages on whether the Sea-Monkeys should be wearing shoes or have webbed feet, we also discuss... The French Connection, Lollypop Chainsaw, Tim Burton... this young animator at Disney, Gary Sinise, Megan Fox... who??, Soylent Green, V, Large Marge, home of the big-ass hamburger, Esophageal Cancer, Matt Frewer, Dark Passage, Sebastian Bach, naked John Lithgow, Vincent, working in the S.A.S., 1038 pages, Humphrey Bogart, deep-fried fair food, what was the scariest thing you could see?, Christopher Walken, Nick Park, being a gymnast, don't get the applesauce, Corin Nemec, Forrest Gump, yard stick people, Marc Singer, The Beast from the Egg, god help you if you're lazy or incompetent, The Stand, POV shots, I love the fair, Desmond Harrington, experimenting with stop-motion, Gale Anne Hurd, shhhh... I'm listening to a podcast, changing the channel while recording on the VCR, Jesus air-guitaring, Rankin/Bass, finding your audience on cable, Santa and the elves are the first line of defense against the aliens, Americans living in England, complaining about Metal Mikey, ninja's in trouble with the fire department, The Bronx, The Chiodo Brawlers, the alphabet starts with D, don't order the chicken/fish, the young 40-year-old version of Gene Hackman, having Brian Austin Green's baby, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Dexter, Where Eagles Dare, The Master and Misty is the boom girl. 

"I actually won... high school chin-up champion of Los Angeles." 

192: Zombie Attack

Sep 6, 2012 01:32:50


Movie Meltdown - Episode 192

Sure the zombie apocalypse is upon us... but it's still business as usual here at "Movie Meltdown"! Recorded "live" from the middle of the 8th Annual "Louisville Zombie Attack", we wander the streets with droves of the undead and somehow still manage to deliver our usual movie geek banter.  

This event was one of the first of it's kind and has since become one of the largest gatherings of zombies in the country. Last year alone they unleashed between 8000 - 9000 zombies on the city! And this year the tradition continues as we talk to the creators of the event and find out a little more about the crazy preparation and logistics involved in conducting an event this big (and potentially out of control)! Plus movie geeks that we are, we ask people 'the question of the episode', that is described as not just hard but... just plain mean!!  

 And as we hang out not too far from the SWAT team outside of the Dairy Queen, we also address...  David Cronenberg, continually slamming US Magazine, favorite movies of the year, zombies riding the bus, Jeremy Northup, and also let's not forget... Frank Stallone, Ridley Scott, mixed martial arts, Cube, Tony Scott, Big Fan, Cosmopolis, Ruby Sparks, the warthogs??, explode-nentially, police... traffic... waste management... emergency services, so heavy-handed, children zombies, Jason Yee, Splice, Alan Parker, Zoe Kazan, someone almost ruined one of my favorite silent movies, Prometheus, reuse recycle... your caskets, Sasha Grey, Sean Penn, we're this cool Hollywood couple, Lucy Liu, zombie or drunk?, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, making it safe and fun for everybody, the life of the zombie in the tutu and a cowboy hat, Vincenzo Natali, Rumble Fish, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Girl from the Naked Eye, Man on Fire, Paul Dano, when the zombies tried to turn over the bus, Mickey Rourke, convincing everyone you are the beautiful girl, squeezing tears out of my eyes, millions of dollars in insurance, Dominique Swain, Darren Aronofsky and coffin go karts!  

"There's more and more zombies just crowding around us... and it's getting darker and darker."

191: Show Us on the Doll Where the Movie Touched You

Sep 1, 2012 01:42:55


Movie Meltdown - Episode 191

If you thought we got nostalgic in the past - just wait 'til you hear this episode! Basically, anyone who ever grew up loving movies needs to hear this week's show. As we return to our series The Grind, we cover the topic... movies that touched us in a very special way. Ok wait, not like that! More or less what we discuss is: the first movie that just clicked with us and because of that viewing, we saw movies differently. Or... what made us fall in love with the whole idea of film and inadvertently made us into a movie geek. It's a big question, and it leads to some pretty amazing memories!  

And somewhere during all the sugary nostalgia, we also mention... the 4 o'clock movie, old weird cartoons, archeological movie recreations, snake handling, in our neighborhood... it was legendary, dinosaurs, Friday night movies at school, only paying a quarter for the movie, the projectionist had to get on the mic, the era of the airbrush, the clerk at the video store recommended..., you would plan your whole year around watching that movie, we just had to abandon the house..., the mystery of how it was being done, monkey love scene, traumatizing your child, recording them on VHS and watching them on Saturday mornings, the Panini stickers book, I think my parents thought I was just wasting time, being afraid of something on the TV screen, stop-motion, destroying rednecks, showing the National Anthem, Bantha Tracks, giant spiders, when I first got a VCR, the VW covered in fur, caring about a monster, running serials, The CBS Friday Night Movie, the communal aspect, movies about hair stylists, not everyone finds it funny, the romance of VHS, Roscoe Lee Browne, reading the holy tomes, the perfect desert color, was playing on TNT, playing cartoons, it's a very freakish movie, cell phone jammers, being made fun of for seeing a movie, Super Scary Saturdays, infested with brown recluses, Leo G. Carroll, the "making of" book, Harryhausen, recreating the experience of a Saturday matinee, guys in make... how did they do that?, we were supposed to be watching this together!, Memories of Monsters, the South Park Drive-in, I watched that movie, a hundred times..., childhood tape recorder podcasts, this is scary but it's cool, hitting a kid for not appreciating classic films, hey mom, why don't you get more pantyhose, inventing marketing for movies, De Laurentiis, TV as it used to be, making movies an event for your kids, souvenir programs, you have to be a certain age... to understand this, obsession among the next generation, it's kind of cooler in black and white daddy, and that weird kid that used to come in the video store.  

"These are all stories that we tell each other all the time... just the grip that movie has had on our lives."

190: Captain Starcrash and the Beauty Queen from Mars

Aug 25, 2012 01:22:27


Movie Meltdown - Episode 190

All right kids... put on your space helmets, because we are about to blastoff with Luigi Cozzi's science fiction "classic" - STARCRASH! Epic outer space action ensues as we indulge in all the stellar special effects and fine acting that 1978 Italy had to offer!  Plus we feature a "One from the Vaults" memory from the (Stella) Star of the movie - Caroline Munro herself! Hear what Caroline thinks is a great "word" to describe this film. And what she first though when she saw her very special outer space costume!  All that plus the early acting skills of a young David Hasselhoff, the villainous cape-whipping of Joe Spinell, the over-powering futuristic hair of Marjoe Gortner and a career-making performance from none other then Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer!!  

So venture into the TechniColor stars with us as we also mention... the ubiquitous space wedgie, Ray Harryhausen, watching movies with Roger Corman, a planet of scantily-clad women, Jason and the Argonauts, a 70's bowling trophy, Rock-a-doodle, chewing the scenery, zipping up your spacesuit, Michael Bolton, Ming the Mericiless, the location scout, there's a fish in the percolator, Gizmo Duck, computers in '78, The Neverending Story 2, Piranaha DD, young Lily Tomlin in space, stairs or the fireman's pole?, The Brave Little Toaster, nervous robots, Scorsese in space!, beating Lucas to the punch, the first time I remember noticing product placement, porn without the sex, Willie Aames, that is no way to make a dildo, All Dogs Go to Heaven, robot chauvinism, space popped collar and robots with pirate swords.

Spoiler Alert: You don't want to ruin this fine film... go watch "Starcrash" before listening. 

"If 2001 made you feel like you were in space. This movie made you feel like, you were in someone's basement." 

  "...But it's an awesome basement!"

189: HoboCast

Aug 18, 2012 01:37:15


Movie Meltdown - Episode 189

This week we discuss hobos and what we see out the window... oh yeah, and movies.

Speaking of segways, we also mention... the Sight & Sound Top Ten poll, paper or plastic?, Lizzy Caplan, drugged-up movie reviews, show me the way to go home, Hitchcock, how beautiful the late 70's were, Oddities, talking like Sean Connery, Monster Fighters, Punch Drunk Love, reading reviews, BASEketball, Vertigo, Samurai Night Fever, Lean on Me, Jaws, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Paul Thomas Anderson, Mean Girls, Rocky, Bottle Rocket, hobo names that are now available, Anthony Hopkins, The Sopranos, Black Dynamite, How I Met Your Mother, LEGO, silent films, Saturday Night Fever, Piranha, pickeled pigs, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Ed Sullivan, Breaking Bad, Rebel without a Cause... with disco, comparing scars, Empire Magazine, Deadwood, getting really analytical about Pootie Tang, Riding in Cars with Capotes, American Beauty, hanging out with your boss, having a bindle, Across the Universe, the Red Dawn remake, Bane, a rock climbing "incident", Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, pound for pound worth more then gold, and Movie Meltdown - The podcast you MUST listen from the beginning!!

Spoiler Alert: Random spoilers for Breaking Bad and The Dark Knight Rises. 

"There's a hobo living in my tree!"

188: Bronson Cabaret

Aug 11, 2012 01:21:35


Movie Meltdown - Episode 188

Unlock the cage and let loose the beast that we know as Tom Hardy! Yes, we are back this week with not-so-special guest (according to Scooter) co-hosts director Scooter Downey and actress Rose Sirna!! As they sit in for this week’s Sofa Theater feature: Bronson. Both the star Tom Hardy and director Nicolas Winding Refn have gone on these days to more mainstream success. So we take a look at their work just before they broke through, with this story about Britain's most notorious prisoner - Charles Bronson.

And as we do our best to destroy Rose’s innocence,  we also mention... Eskimo cookies, Thief, Billy Bob Thornton, if two hobbits had a baby, Fellini-vibe, reshoots, real life vs. cinematic interpretation, preparing you to be a drone, so Kevin Kline without being Kevin Kline, a mental picture of Rush Limbaugh, Ashton Kutcher, nihilistic and godless, Clean Shaven, Dominic Monaghan, movie stereotypes, The Fonz, Lost, breaking the fourth wall, Citizen Kane, getting in trouble in high school, Topher Grace, Sling Blade, Juan Mata, James Caan, the guy with the tennis racket, Raging Bull, being educated by movies and existential formaldehyde.

Spoiler Alert: Go watch “Bronson” before listening to this episode.

“It’s like Looney Tunes meets A Clockwork Orange or something?”

For more on Scooter and Rose’s movie go to:

187: The Best Things in Life are Hidden

Aug 4, 2012 01:33:16


Movie Meltdown - Episode 187

After a couple of months of jonesin’ for both coffee and our usual brand of movie geek conversation, we return to the coffee shop for a full-fledged episode of The Caffeinated Movie Geek! WITH special guest co-hosts director Scooter Downey and actress Rose Sirna!!

And while reminiscing over some favorite VHS memories, we eventually discuss... Batman Returns, John Vernon, Friends with Kids, setting a Zoomba world record, The Professional, Step in Time, a mermaid that turned out to be a drug mule, worst Vice-President ever, smutty but heartwarming, Mila Kunis, Pulp Fiction, Jaws, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, Breaking Bad, Junior, Blue Velvet, John Forsythe, Don’t Look in the Basement, Mary Poppins, Happy Together, Bewitched, John Carpenter, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Tim Curry, Nazis at the Center of the Earth, riding a segway, Zach and Miri, Wizard People, Dear Reader, Phantom of the Opera, Topaz, Beverly D'angelo, Doc Hollywood, Adam West, W. Earl Brown, cheap date romance preserve, Friends with Herpes, Saving Private Ryan, Neil Jordan, Pete’s Dragon, Patrick Dempsey, Robin Williams, Laser Cats, Adam Scott, old-school technology upgrades, and Nolan’s Batman vs. Burton’s Batman.

“The best things in life have got to be hidden... like nazis at the center of the Earth.”

For more on Scooter and Rose’s movie go to:

186: Convention Insanity

Jul 28, 2012 01:49:52


Movie Meltdown - Episode 186

This episode is not for the weak or faint-hearted (and also probably not a good starter episode). This week we culminate all of the convention and film fest trips of the last two months with one full episode of crazy convention talk. That's right, "live" insanity from the floor of Fright Night/FandomFest. With returning special guest co-hosts Rose Sirna and Scooter Downey. Plus we feature an interview with Kristina Klebe from “Rob Zombie’s Halloween” and director of the short “As Human as Animal". And a surprise “blast from the past appearance” that old-school Movie Meltdown listeners will appreciate.   

I’ve spent a lot of time at conventions and this was one of the craziest, most entertaining days I’ve ever experienced. Forgive the usual convention noise, and come with us on this weird and erratic ride through a not-so-standard day at a movie geek convention.  

And while trying to figure out “what happened to your teddy bear??”, we also discuss Vernon Wells, Bowling for Boobies, shaving your head, Noah, Nikki Sixx’s brother, horny deers, Lars von Trier babysitting, I wanna see Angelina, hooking up with animals, Ghostbuster Battle Royale, Rice Krispie Treats and Sid Haig, we’re countercultural within the subculture of the counterculture, waiting for 40 minutes to see someone, idealized bunnies, Michael Haneke, Giada de Laurentiis, Proxy, Kane Hodder, The Little Mermaid, Bill Murray, It, The Skin I Live In, a squirrel on a jet-ski, the couch only takes one person at a time, a chastity belt and a fence around me and flowers... and butterflies, I never watched horror movies, just the people watching, I think you could have at least a 12 hour show, Bella Kiss, elephants... the most deadly animal, having a Napoleon complex, you make me feel like more of an awful person then I already am, Danzig in the dryer, no Walburg as a teacher and no genital mutilation, A Nightmare on Elm Street, watching your friends get slaughtered, Virtuosity, open mouth is dangerous, Rose is... Movie Meltdown’s Disney Princess, who’s John Carpenter?!, having a bathroom guard, one of those girls that’s into horses, a stain on the body cinematic, the corset and mom jeans combo, slutty Chuckie, the couch only takes one person at a time, getting asked for your first autograph, super A.D.D.!, smelling organs, Tomb Raider, afterbirth,  being a hand model, for every dollar you get... we shoot an animal, Space Jam, never watched TV, disco witch, and - it’s not crying - it’s juicy!

Spoiler Alerts: Extremely random spoilers for “Bambi”, “Stephen King’s It”, “The Godfather” and “It’s in the Blood”. You have been warned.

“Having a conversation with you is like playing handball against a wacky, rubbery substance. You have no idea where it’s going to go.”

To keep up with actress Kristina Klebe, follow her on Twitter:

For more on Scooter and Rose's movie, go to:

185: Roach Caught In The Spider's Web

Jul 21, 2012 01:14:22


Movie Meltdown - Episode 185

Recorded "live" at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, this week we welcome special guest co-host Sean Whalen! An accomplished actor, Sean has been in many films over the years from Twister to Waterworld to the upcoming Hatchet 3. But horror fans probably know him best at the lovable Roach from Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs. We talk about Sean’s career and he sits in for this week's Sofa Theater feature: Spider-Man. In the wake of the recent Spider-Man hype, we revisit Sam Raimi’s 2002 version of Spider-Man and compare it to the recent release of The Amazing Spider-Man. Plus Misty and Jay join in, as we feature Misty's book segment: "I Can Read!" and the book Bad-Off Boris and the Cupcake Cave-In, written by Scott Mallory with illustrations by Rob E. Brown.  

And while wading through our muddled memory trying to remember when Frankenhooker was released, we also mention... having a trading card addiction, All Saints Eve, Marc Webb, Lisa Kudrow, Selena Gomez, Joss Whedon, Idle Hands, Dorothy... 50 Years Later, Emma Stone, Bill Paxton, Mantooth, James Dean Peter Parker, The Groundlings, working with Tobey Maguire, rooting for the zombie down by the creek, storm chasers, Daniel Roebuck, The Avengers, being stalked by Jessica Alba, hating Macy Gray, eatin’ squirrels and wearing ear necklaces, Renfield, taking his mask off, The Disney Channel, Adam Green, Sally Field, B.J. McDonnell, half a Spider-Man, Dennis Leary and who’s watching Carl?!

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for the 2002 movie, Spider-Man as well as random spoilers for season 2 of The Walking Dead. You have been warned!   

“It is almost weird to go back and look at the Raimi one now, because it does seem innocent. It really is this... wide-eyed comic book movie.”

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184: The Economy of Murder

Jul 14, 2012 01:13:57


Movie Meltdown - Episode 184

This week we are “live” at Fright Night Film Fest / FandomFest (and Christine's bedroom), as we sit down with actress, writer, director Christine Elise McCarthy and talk about her career and her short film Bathing and the Single Girl. She has an amazing list of credits, from Child’s Play 2 to Abel Ferrara’s Body Snatchers. From starring on Beverly Hills 90210 and ER to China Beach and In the Heat of the Night. Christine has worked on some terrific projects over the years, and we talk about her work as well as the craziness of being in the public eye. Plus Director Miles Miller also joins us to tell us about his short film Pillow. And then everyone sticks around as we head into this week's Sofa Theater feature - the infamous Man Bites Dog.

And while ducking the maid doing our room check... we also mention... THE Black Leather hat, Zero Killed, naked French people, Facebook, rival fan club, Modern Family, perspective changes, being a serial killer, Ritalin, narcissism, drunk driving in the 70's, Network, murder fantasies, Behind the Mask, Natural Born Killers, Cops, the remake of Man Bites Dog?, Funny Games, unintentional art, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, A League of their Own, Oliver Stone, Guy Debord, Irreversible, being chased around by teenage girls, Tim Curry, Waterfront Film Festival, Jason Priestley, Hamlet and TV dinners, the sun doesn’t rise in the North, Tom Hanks, mirage of complications, going to film school, boots with spurs, Hard Copy, rabid teenage girls, crying into my Hungry Man dinner, and  the difference between comedy and tragedy.

“How can I get involved in the film industry with no skills and no talent and no training? I guess I’ll be an actor.”

For more on Christine’s film “Bathing and the Single Girl” go to:

For more on Miles film “Pillow” join his Facebook page:

183: We Have Found The Wez

Jul 6, 2012 59:12


Movie Meltdown - Episode 183

Recorded "live" at Fright Night Film Fest/Fandom Fest we hang out and talk with actor Vernon Wells! Star of The Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science and many other films! Plus we celebrate the 166th anniversary of the birth of the blockbuster motion picture - which happened right in our backyard.  

And while categorizing and judging people, we also discuss... the biggest painting in the world, the Thomas Edison House, Facebook issues, wheat and chaff, John Banvard, listening to serials, America... where all those weird people live, see you over by the freezer section, cranking spools, the East bank, Muhammad Ali, Rose Tattoo, being punk’d, the beguiling Willem Dafoe, dead media, population: 12, It was just this big stone around my neck, June 29th 1846, the first millionaire artist, Joel Silver, starting a lot of trends, a moving panorama of the Mississippi River, people have way too much time on their hands and the legendary tale of the stoker’s vest.  

“... they decided that having their asses kicked by Wez wasn’t a real smart idea - so I got the movie.”

182: Greetings from Paris, Texas

Jun 28, 2012 02:06:01


Movie Meltdown - Episode 182

A year in the making... we present you - the Paris, Texas episode! With a “live” intro from the Kentucky Theater during Harry Dean Stanton Fest... we feature our interview with Hunter Carson co-star of this week's movie. We sit down and talk with Hunter about the very first time he met Harry Dean Stanton. Plus playing the original Bud Bundy! All that plus weird Facebook connections and the magic of Harry Dean Stanton, before we roll into our full group discussion of our Sofa Theater feature: "Paris, Texas". Directed by Wim Wenders and written by Sam Shepard (with Kit Carson), this movie is considered a classic by many. But how will it stand up when the Meltdown Gang revisits it??

And as our show represents the diversity of life on Earth, we also discuss... absurdist tick, Alexander Payne, being fascinated with the boom guy, an experienced character actor in a pivotal role, couples trying to set each other on fire, going down in a hail of bullets for The Kentucky, Peter Sellers, road movies, the Voyager gold record, True West, parental selfishness, Edvard Munch’s Home Alone, Mr. North, Lost in Translation, working with Wim, a German Rolling Stone, conversations on acting, Wings of Desire, what a beautiful woman Klaus Kinski would have been, charades is a game, Dean Stockwell is David Bowie, fairy tale theater, working with everybody from Alfred Hitchcock to David Lynch, 180 IMDB credits, the madman on the bridge, selling a lemon and a lime, Wise Blood, pouring water on your head, and introducing...  Radical.

“You are so angry with Sam Shepard.”

181: She's a Firecracker

Jun 23, 2012 01:10:37


Movie Meltdown - Episode 181

This week we come to you “live” from Flyover Film Festival, and we are joined by special guest co-host director Martha Stephens! First we talk to Martha about getting into filmmaking and discuss her recent film “Pilgrim Song”. Then she joins us for this week’s Sofa Theater feature: “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. There we discuss Sissy Spacek’s Academy Award winning performance and the snapshot of Americana that is Michael Apted’s early life story of singer Loretta Lynn. And before we’re done we also end up discussing baseball, Bruce Springsteen, the film fest circuit, unmade biopics, weird roadside attractions and having your own private Wigwam.  

Plus somewhere in the mix, we also mention... a love song to Kentucky, Patsy Cline, the projects of England, The 13th Floor Elevators, Barry Lyndon, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it’s a Jeep thing, the company store, Kirstie Alley, not getting “the talk”, tender but troubled, Mishima, apple pie, wearing some pretty amazing dresses, a fantasy baseball league, Low and Clear, North Carolina, European Appalachia?, better because it’s different, a patchwork of things from life, Levon Helm, being stalked by Loretta Lynn, I’m Not That, early product placement, West Virginia, not singing... for about an hour, Clark Griswold’s wife, Jesco White, Frank Redford, how many different hats can we put Russell Crowe in?, 1970’s zooms, birth control, weirding out Sissy Spacek, Prometheus and Cave City.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and/or the actual life of Loretta Lynn.

“I like creating my own world... in writing.”

For more on Martha’s film, go to:  

For more on Flyover Film Festival:

180: This Movie is our Baby

Jun 16, 2012 01:02:54


Movie Meltdown - Episode 180

This week we talk with director Amy Seimetz and actors Kentucker Audley and Kate Lyn Sheil about not only their movie "Sun Don't Shine" but also about working and producing films in the indie scene.

And in addition to discussing odd upholstery techniques, we also mention... having a recurring nightmare, Silver Bullets, John Waters, the MTV Movie Awards, what is means to be an indie film veteran, being a conduit, a pilgrimage to meet Wes Anderson, it just hits a tone, having dreams about ripping apart cows, cooking baking and sewing, now I’m retired, making as much as Steven Spielberg, actors holding a boom, the scene where Dawn gets fingered, achievement is so embarrassing, dance movies, Empire Builder, Open Five, it’s not cheese Jess, this very focused mathematical thing, Saturday Night Fever, I’m Still Here, The Comedy, Key Lime Pie, accomplishable tasks, Flick for Mathlete President, Gregory's Girl, the work for an actor never ends, Kris Swanberg, ‘cause I think you do have to be delusional to go into it, Tiny Furniture, oh... nut cheese!, that’s probably the only thing in the world that can be that perfect, Urban Cowboy, TMZ, These are people that were doing things that I didn’t know you could do, First Winter, it’s really nice to do something constructive... while you’re being crazy, Lena Dunham, telling other directors what would be better, Bottle Rocket, I didn’t realize I was a producer, Jess Weixler, Robert Redford’s Sundance indecent proposal, the people I’m most excited about working with, just happen to be making movies on their own, The Off Hours, Welcome to the Dollhouse, it looked like a gypsy circus tent on the floor, Tender Mercies, 90’s thrillers and... aside from having a beautiful film we now have a ten-month year old baby

“There’s so many routes to go about making films, and the most frustrating and depressing - is to do the traditional Hollywood route.”

For more on “Sun Don’t Shine”, join the Facebook page:

For more on Kentucker’s independent film website:

179: Lurking in the Dark Shadows

Jun 8, 2012 01:56:29


Movie Meltdown - Episode 179

Again this week we come to you “live” from WonderFest. And things continue to get more awesome as we check in with Beau to hear the real story about what goes on behind the scenes at the show. One of the stories involves - well, we’ll just say these three things: naked woman... dogs blowing up... and Korean tacos. For the rest, you’ll just have to listen to the whole story.

Then we join forces with one of our new favorite geeks... Eric Chu. Eric is the artist and concept designer responsible for the re-imagining of the Battlestar Galactica series. Including working on the concept designs of the Cylons, Raiders, Vipers and Galactica herself! In our running series The Art of Being a Movie Geek, we talk to Eric about his early artistic ventures as well as his work on Battlestar. Plus of course, our host has to ask him about his work on the Beetlejuice animated series!

Then Eric sticks around for this week’s Out on the Town feature: Dark Shadows. We sit down and try to have a level-headed conversation about Tim Burton’s 2012 version of this classic story. We end up not only looking at the movie, but also the changing themes and elements in Burton’s career. Plus we have a special guest appearance (with Dark Shadows thoughts) from friend of the show and a terrific artist in her own right... Belle Dee!!    

And somewhere in the midst of the movie geek conversations, we also mention... convention badge chainmail, being uncomfortable with relationships, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, really bad puns, an underground tunnel, Lorne Greene, playing video games vs. drawing, Big Fish, Vincent Price, when you fell in love with movies as a kid, Chuck Jones, macrame, John Carpenter, soft and glowy like a Glamour Shot, Cover Girl, the model contest, being a professional geek, self-indulgent filmmakers, Chloë Grace Moretz, being taunted for liking comic books, monkey’s inside everything, Vincent, hating animation, Humanoids from the Deep, Heather’s wedding, convention family reunions, super’fx, the word talent is over-used, Frankenweenie, John Eaves... production designer on Star Trek, I’ve got a landfill with my name on it,  being hooked up with a homewrecker and... perhaps a special cameo appearance from Wilford Brimley.

Spoiler Alert: Full spoilers for the 2012 film “Dark Shadows”.

“Remember what we used to have Tim... can’t we just get that back?”

"Dark Shadows" artwork by Belle Dee. For more on her work, go to:

178: Blade Running from the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Jun 4, 2012 01:30:49


Movie Meltdown - Episode 178

This episode we are coming to you “live” from WonderFest! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, this week is also the much anticipated return of Misty and Jay!! And we find out what they’ve been up to lately (oddly enough involving a serial killer and a squirrel)! All that plus we talk to two terrific actresses... Joanna Cassidy (Blade Runner) and Julie Adams (Creature from the Black Lagoon). Both amazingly accomplished women with impressive careers, and we sit down and reminisce about some of their more interesting movie memories.

Plus somewhere along the way we mention... being a mentor, Long Day's Journey Into Night, The 12 Musketeers, being a bit of a loner, working with Elvis, Black Roses, insulting Corey, watching British television, Joss Whedon fan fiction, being a touchstone, getting shot with an arrow, guts on your lawn mower, James Coburn, art and sculpture, nobody wants to pet a Jawa, mommy, Fades, Milla, Jeremy Renner’s face, working with Robert Zemeckis, Body of Proof, my father’s first wife..., Giorgio Tsoukalos, Doorway, changing your name, Francis the Talking Mule, puffy paint don’t really last, Til Schweiger, over-stereotypical characters, a Moon Knight movie, Call Me Fitz, working with John Wayne, Ancient Aliens, the return of Winchester, conjuring up the tears, getting a tattoo to commemorate killing your first victim, working with Bob Hoskins, suspicious rocks, Cabin in the Woods, working with Ridley Scott, Six Feet Under, having a bathing suit shop, postponing a wedding for George Romero, Sherlock, Rambo the Avenger, a fur coat gets you the job, being taken over by CG, Donald O'Connor, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Bullitt, working with Charlton Heston and playing a pathological transvestite.

“If anybody had told me that 50-some years later, we’d even be talking about this movie... I would have said - ARE YOU CRAZY?!”

To order Julie’s book The Lucky Southern Star: Reflections from the Black Lagoon, go to:

177: Halfway an Adult

May 31, 2012 01:19:19


Movie Meltdown - Episode 177

This week we sit down with special guest co-host Orlando Jones! The man was basically an entertainment prodigy. I mean how many other people do you know started their own production company in high school only to then be writing for a top ten network sitcom within a few years?? This is all BEFORE his years of acting on TV and in the movies even began. He is a fascinating guy and this turned out to be a terrific conversation!

Listen as we touch on such nerdy tendencies as... Tony Hawk on a skateboard, Roc, Ivan Reitman,The Avengers, law school, bat-shit crazy in the early days, W.C. Fields, A Different World, creating a character, Monty Python, Hatfields and McCoys, Office Space, Arvell Jones, Battleship, you can’t parody a parody, Lars Von Trier, writing jokes for Jay Leno, Kim Kardashian, Shirley Maclaine, The Time Machine, Homeboy's Productions, Peter Sellers, Liberty Heights, H.G. Wells, Men in Black, paralegal work, MadTV, Henry Miller, Bulgaria, Harold not Kumar, Jon Bogdanove, stand up, 25 million viewers, living with Artie Lang, Barry Levinson, Evolution, Joss Whedon, How to Live with your Parents, Gene Hackman, The Replacements, everybody hated everybody, Paul Thomas Anderson, the roles for teenage black kids, Markie Mark, peeling the onion, Frank Miller, Laurence Fishburne, chemistry major, Katie couric called me out on The Today Show, Tainted Love, Kubrick, I’m a big believer in disruptors, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, Enemies Closer, Othello, how stupid the press is, Seconds Apart, Superman, the stand-ups are trying to do what you are doing, hijacking a bus, Cuncle, movies that take on iconic roles on television and barbarian or geek?

“To be honest with you... I couldn’t believe they let me do it.”

Go to: for everything you need to know about Orlando’s upcoming acting roles and stand up performances.

176: The City Bleeds for Harry Dean Stanton

May 26, 2012 01:02:37


Movie Meltdown - Episode 176

This week, we are coming to you “Live” from Harry Dean Stanton Fest!! Where we find out why, “It is blood red... like the city is bleeding!” Plus we talk to singer, songwriter and actor Donnie Fritts. Who tells us about playing in Kris Kristofferson’s band and making movies with Sam Peckinpah!! Plus he’s friends with Harry Dean Stanton, and THAT is the goal to which we should all aspire.

Plus while we model our awesome new Harry Dean Stanton Fest t-shirts, we also mention... time-loop movies, Bernie, Moon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Pretty in Pink, Dark Shadows, playing music in Japan, Jack Black being Jack Black... and not, prank war, The Cockfighters, changes in the music business, investing way too much time into S. Darko, Straight Time, Willie Nelson, Source Code, Cisco Pike, Repo Man, The Rolling Stones, meta cinematic, It was like my 13-year-old girl dream came true last night!, the Muscle Shoals music scene, and the best way to indulge your internet greed.

“Out of the blue one day, he said - ‘I want you to be in this movie...”

Harry Dean Stanton artwork by Stacey Earley. Harry Dean Stanton Fest T-shirts (with Stacey’s artwork) are available at: and at  Morris Books in Lexington.

175: Movies That Never Had A Chance

May 19, 2012 01:46:19


Movie Meltdown - Episode 175

Inspired by the recent demise of John Carter of Mars, this week’s topic for The Grind is simply... “Movies That Never Had A Chance”. And somewhere during the mix, we bring up... Sumatran Rat Monkey, star power, Gangs of New York, Donnie Darko, Michael Cimino, you know... the guy that plays Pee Wee, Videodrome, Super 8, Phone Booth, Andrew Stanton, the Summer of ‘77,  Eddie Murphy, the need for PG-13, Matinee, Exorcist 3, Roland Emmerich, Master and Commander, 13 Assassins, Pixar, The Machinist, Shakespeare, Attack the Block, Spider-Man, Swept Away, Heaven’s Gate, The Virgin Suicides, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, letting a kid into an R-rated movie, The Iron Giant, Disney Studios, Session 9, Rhys Evans,  David Cronenberg, Collateral Damage, Captain Nemo, The Whole Wide World, Apocalypse Now, Ender's Game, Gremlins 1 and 2, VHS box art, The Loved One, Richard Ross is an idiot, The Player, Blade Runner, Bad Lieutenant, Felicia's Journey, killer cars, Tom Cruise, eXistenZ, Topsy Turvy, Darkman, Gigli, The Car, back in the days of calendar houses, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and a weird mix of Jaws and The Exorcist.

“Probably the movie that got the biggest screw-job of any movie of all time...”

174: I Love You Disappointment

May 12, 2012 02:04:54


Movie Meltdown - Episode 174

This week we have the mandatory discussion every movie geek has to have about... The Avengers. Once we’ve fulfilled the Marvel/Joss conversation quota, we move into this week’s installment of The Grind. There we address the topic "Disappointments", and what happens when you get your hopes up about a movie, and it doesn’t deliver.  

And for one reason or another we get around to... The Hunger Games, Wes Anderson, Congo, Rubber, Twilight, singing for bears, Spun, The Wolfman, Jarhead, Pete Postlethwaite, mission-based movie, Meatloaf on a saxaphone, media and relationships, the Mission: Impossible series, Charles Dance, James Bond, Jim Carrey, Sucker Punch, loved 35mm prints, darker superheroes, Indiana Jones, The Blair Witch Project, War of the Worlds, Melancholia, Super Mario Bros., Revolutionary Road, the Alien series, movie fever-dreams, Men in Black, Werewolf Lawyers, Series 7, Steven Spielberg, Beginners, Superman Returns, ape movies, Spider-man, The Bread My Sweet, Frankenstein, Harry Potter, The Clone Wars, a gaggle of girls in the lobby, Jack Bauer, American Beauty, Paul Thomas Anderson, Dan Hedaya, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The X-Files, shaky camerawork, hang around after the credits, Huck Finn, werewolves with fanny packs, YA Lit., Road to Perdition, Drive, I know I had a Zappa record and... do you wanna see my probe droid?

“Everyone’s logic was... well it wasn’t that bad. I’m like... but it wasn’t that good.”

173: Super CreepFest

May 5, 2012 01:24:50


Movie Meltdown - Episode 173

It's a Super CreepFest including... flying babies, they keep finding interesting ways to keep beating that dead horse, Carnage, putting your head in an oven, Valhalla Rising, evil kids, Ninja Turtles with zombies, not your typical bigfoot movie, Christoph Waltz, The Anniversary Party, Hostel, Tilda Swinton, Thunderstruck!, cartoon blood, Kermit hosting The Tonight Show, children are evil, claustrophobic and tedious, Crab Man, Hard Eight, Norway comedians, Becoming Elmo, rooting for the War Horse, Philip Baker Hall, Orphen, if you like to pretend like you’re in New York, John C. Reilly, Ving Rhames, Picasso's Guernica, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jay Leno, My Boyfriend's Back, Troll Hunter, Portlandia, Roman Polanski, Phoebe Cates, We Need to Talk About Kevin, George W. and Bigfoot, the Forrest Gump of horses, Joshua, zombie Easter bunny, a bigfoot hunter’s convention, more on Bugsy Malone and Roxanne... you don’t have to wear that dress tonight!

“All you have to be is undead... and you’re doing it wrong!”

172: You have been Zardozed

Apr 28, 2012 01:26:16


Movie Meltdown - Episode 172

Well... there's not much else to say... except - ZARDOZ!!! So start listening...

But amongst all of the insanity, we also bring up... Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the tabernacle scene, floating heads, half the audience was high, The Exorcist 2, Mulholland Drive, what will the afterlife be like?, a brilliant Monty Python sketch, Star Trek, Titus, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Planet of the Apes, nude photographs of Burt Reynolds, everything but the kitchen sink, James Bond, green bread, Kenneth Branagh, man diaper, Aladdin, religion, The Man with the Golden Gun, Men in Black, a Zardoz hot air balloon, sci fi themes, The Lady from Shanghai, wrestling grandma, inflatables by..., Darby O'Gill, Deliverance, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Doomsday, George Lucas, The Time Machine, Wild Wild West, killed by The Full Monty, Enter the Dragon, Wizard of Oz, hairy Connery, a movie having legs, an unnecessary wedding dress, Jack Kirby, Electric Zardoz, Princess Leia, riding horses, Krypton, The Avengers, Jonestown, DVD vs. theatrical, Excalibur, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and The Lord of the Rings meets The Beatles.

Spoiler Alert: Just watch "Zardoz" before listening... then you'll understand (well, sort of).

"What the hell did I just watch?! You just watched Zardoz."

171: Gifted and Talented

Apr 21, 2012 01:21:59


Movie Meltdown - Episode 171

This week we welcome special guest co-host comedian Alysia Wood. Listen as we discuss comedy, movies, and lots of other amazing tangents including... a brain is a noodle, genetically Texan, shark infested waters, Louisiana, do we have to be nice to people?, draining all your spinal fluid, on Codine for three weeks, Magnolia, and now there’s mice, Seattle, collecting all the phones, potato soup with rubber chunks, bargain dental work, Louisville, explaining how jokes work, doing meth with a medical background?, Los Angeles, wearing a bulletproof vest, drinking eight glasses of water, Hot for Teacher, making fun of mom, jumping qualities of education, there’s a lot of ellipsis, fat ugly or gay, Lewis and Clark, Jaws, ballet, Verizon suits, love comedy... hate jokes, laughing at the poet, a TSA training video, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, vibrating and punching you in the crotch, dying of lung cancer, spoofing bad 70’s action flicks, Bar-B-Q, a women’s health care provider, Arachnophobia, studying comedy, Botox, Dangerous, ADD, jump scares, riches to rags, racist in the name of Jesus, necessary awkward silence, Draw Something, shady deals, jumping from the balcony, boys picking on girls, a deeper layer of honesty, failing Spanish,do not tell your mother, hitting the Blockbuster, ziplining, Mad Max, come out of the closet or get plastic surgery, planning for debt, a nuclear thunder clap, attempting to move to New York, cocksucker was not on the list, you ruin everything, pity laugh, Cracker Jack modeling, Mitch Hedberg, Netflix, Hopatcong New Jersey, street jokes, you’re just a hooker, Titanic, and I never started it... but I’ll fucking finish it!

“Neurosis is definitely a big piece of the puzzle.”

Plus look for Alysia’s CD “Princess” available on iTunes, Amazon and many other outlets. Just go to for links to her album, upcoming tour dates, and that fancy multi-tiered mailing list.

170: I dont know much about TAXI DRIVER... but Id like to

Apr 14, 2012 02:00:15


Movie Meltdown - Episode 170

This week we tackle a juggernaut of the film world... TAXI DRIVER. A movie that has massively worked it’s way into the pop culture. But in re-watching it, we realize the bad-ass and cool associations it has today, may be misguided. So we try to dig in and see what’s really going on with the film and the character of Travis Bickle.

And while planning our trip to Harry Dean Stanton Fest, we also mention... Emma Stone, the guy from The Strokes selling you guns, ...and we got stuck with Molly Ringwald, Scorsese from above, Lexington Film League, Ally Sheedy, The Last Picture Show, How I Met Your Mother, for every generation there is a redhead, Keitel super powers, morbid self attention, The Madison Dance, sleeping with Elvis, a mix between The Wire and Sesame Street, subconsciously sabotaging yourself, studying the movements of a crab, Super, a man OF the system, Bugsy Malone, A Band Apart, Moonlighting, closer to Britney Spears then Sid Vicious, the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen, the returning Vietnam veteran, and are movies responsible for the way they are perceived??

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Taxi Driver yet, you need to realize how much you are just like the others... cold and distant.  

“This is just the perfect storm of cinema.”

Travis Meltdown artwork by Amy Wiedl. She is available for commissioned work, so e-mail her at:

169: If its Not One THING its Another

Apr 7, 2012 02:06:56


Movie Meltdown - Episode 169

This week, the gloves (and the earrings) come off as we prepare to do battle with The Thing! In this, The Thing Super Special, we address things all Thing-related including our Sofa Theater feature: The Thing (2011) as well as how it relates to The Thing (1982), The Thing from Another World and the novella “Who Goes There?”. Including comments on...the clothes question, selective memory, Tom Woodruff Jr., the darkness of The Thing, Howard Hawks, “Who Can it be Now?”, blowtorches in the Antarctic, the Brad Pitt of Norway, a super-nice military, traffic in the Antarctic, fighting the cycle of remakes... and the REAL reason you can’t trust The Thing. (P.S. - Just a note... let the credits play on The 2011 Thing.)

And while we cover several new and better ways to watch the Star Wars prequels, we also discuss... Inserts, a thinner Bob Hoskins, klaus kinski as a condiment, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the right time to introduce your kids to your favorite movies, Jessica Harper, Berkley needs her medication, NCIS, Malfoy in stage age make-up, a businessman is evil, The X-Files, having Topher Grace re-edit your movie, my discourse on Leadbelly and grits, the two-part breakdown of Richard Dreyfuss’s career, Tarantino, stupid things white people do, Veronica Cartwright, planet of the kittens, Aliens vs. Predator, pulling up in front of the house and honking the horn, bursting into song, Windows, a triple entendre, putting a lot of letters together that don’t go together, piercing your dogs ear, graphic, loving Showgirls, the nicest world ever depicted in film, beetle orgy, watching Batman each week on TV, we need an enemy from the outside, like Newman in Basic Instinct, killing myth, hot pie charts, the ancient conflict between graduate students and scientists, homemade pizza and The Muppets, getting bored with nudity, Thor is a closetfest, Fez as a detective, and talking smack about Firefly... just don’t do it.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for things all Thing-related such as... The Thing (2011), The Thing (1982), The Thing from Another World and the novella “Who Goes There?”. You have been warned.

“There should be more action pictures about grad students.”

168: Win The Hunger Games...with Cookies

Mar 31, 2012 01:16:33


Movie Meltdown - Episode 168

This episode... The Hunger Games, rooms full of giggling Eskimos, Bill Moseley, Jaws, what’s up with rich kung-fu knowing vampires, erotic cartoons, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Police Capt. Hook, David Lynch tells you about dental hygiene, the 30th anniversary of the Summer of ‘82, Salvador Dali, Alice in Wonderland: The Adult Musical, non-mutant Huck Finn, Home Improvment in a wilderness store, Troll Hunter, Creature Comforts, Jennifer Lawrence, Pan, Adrien Brody, Rango, Flesh Gordon, Shut Up Little Man, soccer moms, Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles, laughter canneries, The Big Sleep, maybe too intense for some viewers, my favorite thing Nicolas Cage ever said..., covert anti-feminist propaganda, you don’t mess with Ashley Judd!, making the sports noises, Barbie is like Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, porn talk, caller number four you’re on the air, drunken history videos, my life’s goal... to steal a pizza, The Pillow Book, I’m pro-popcorn!, the Groundhog Day factor, Barbie’s acting resume, Joanna Cassidy, Brett Ratner...didn’t I go to high school with him?, Julie Adams, A Zed and Two Noughts, more on the David Lynch coffee commercial... and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

“They teach kung fu in hell don’t they?”

167: One More for the Kill List

Mar 24, 2012 01:50:12


Movie Meltdown - Episode 167

This week we return to Green Room Coffee and Espresso and we’ll need all the caffeine to help us focus on figuring out this week’s movie. By special request, we were asked to try to decide exactly what was happening in the 2011 film “Kill List”. It is...well-made, disturbing, confusing and will more then likely bring about an initial WTF reaction. But with more thought and discussion, can we in fact decide what the hell we just watched??

And while we try to decide if we are discussing the movie OR helping finish write the movie, we also mention... True Grit, a picture of a world, Kurosawa, The Atheist Channel, Curse of the Demon, The Apartment Trilogy, The Crusades, the Cohen Brothers, Diane Ladd, a demon interior decorator, the stereotypical dark side of a librarian, Spaced, what the fuck was that polar bear about?, The Devil’s Daughter, can we just say the filmmaker is wrong?, House of the Devil, Shelly Winters, Rosemary’s Baby, the actress’s Twitter page, cultural mania, naked extras, Dreams, The Wicker Man, Burn Witch Burn, compartmentalized government, organized religion, The Ladykillers, I think your dead dad is really beautiful, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, ironic laughing, by the time you are Richard Gere - you know you’ve lost it all, and trying to alienate every movie-goer in the world!

Spoiler Alert: Seriously, you HAVE to see “Kill List” BEFORE listening to the episode. So get to it...

“ the ambiguity is kind of amorphous, it could be all kinds of different directions. Where it invites you to like, Mad Lib your own version of the movie.”

166: I Dont Normally Talk About Movies... Let Alone in a Coffee Shop

Mar 17, 2012 01:35:41


Movie Meltdown - Episode 166

This week, we do in fact... talk about movies. And, at a coffee shop. That’s right The Caffeinated Movie Geeks mix things up a little this week, as we convene for our first caffeinated session at Green Room Coffee & Espresso Bar. There we meet our host Allen and continue with our usual level of movie geekery.  

And while we figure out our individual orgin stories, we also mention... a traumatic head injury and a Hillary Duff concert, Alphaville, motorcycle gang movies, John Carter, Dwayne “Not the Rock” Johnson, hipsters laughing at you, Anonymous, Russian Ark, David Lynch public service announcements, Wrath of the Titans, Hugo, narrated by a ghost, meet the man who runs the Nicolas Cage costume, Mr. Popper's Penguins, heroin chic, Tom Hardy, Jules Verne spinning in his grave, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Karenina, Jonathan Rhys Meyers vs. Jonathan Rhys-Davies, Sterotype Estates, the future of Back to the Future 2, hipsters moving in... there goes the neighborhood, Gnomeo and Juliet 2, Christopher Lloyd IS Venom, SyFy Channel presents..., Fat Dylan, Roland Emmerich, missing Halloween and peppermint candies, Hillary Duff IS Hillary Swank, not a fan people, the little funny-looking guy in Deuce Bigalow and the heavy kid from SuperBad, Reanimator, Journey 3, just put a Manson cover in your trailer and... someone needs to finish their cookie.

“It’s got CGI, you don’t need acting.”

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165: The Creature Called Oscar

Mar 10, 2012 02:26:06