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Friday 3 April

Apr 3, 2020 00:60:00


How will President Erdoğan respond to Turkey’s fast-growing coronavirus outbreak. Plus: Portugal gives migrants access to its healthcare, how the print industry is weathering the storm and Andrew Tuck on urbanism.

Thursday 2 April

Apr 2, 2020 00:60:00


The coronavirus pandemic reveals faultlines in the EU, as competing interests drive national responses. Can the bloc survive? Plus: forging peace in Colombia, a grim forecast for aviation and a postcard from Paris.

Wednesday 1 April

Apr 1, 2020 00:60:00


The debate over how the media should cover Donald Trump’s White House press briefings returns. Plus: How Asian nations are fighting coronavirus and the impact of the outbreak on retail and fashion.

Tuesday 31 March

Mar 31, 2020 00:60:00


Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé on the day’s key news stories, Finland’s decision to cut Helsinki off from the rest of the country as part of its coronavirus clampdown and why Switzerland is running out of gold.

Monday 30 March

Mar 30, 2020 00:60:00


A special edition co-hosted by our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé in Zürich and Monocle 24’s Tom Edwards in London, where we unpack the latest from Italy as the nation continues to be the center of the pandemic in Europe. Plus: Australian state premiers show good leadership in times of crisis and an interview with Catherine Tait, the CEO of CBC and Radio Canada.

Friday 27 March

Mar 27, 2020 00:60:00


We hear how Singapore became a success story in dealing with coronavirus, find out about Sweden’s unusual approach to tackling the pandemic and hear about a relief fund for cultural institutions in the UK.

Thursday 26 March

Mar 26, 2020 01:05:14


As China pushes propaganda supporting its fight against coronavirus, will it have difficult questions to answer? Plus: Bolsonaro loses public confidence, cultural tips for self-isolation and we hear from Tyler Brûlé.

Wednesday 25 March

Mar 25, 2020 00:58:35


Tokyo postpones the Olympics, Joe Biden launches shadow coronavirus briefings and we hear about the impact of the outbreak on aviation. Plus: Tyler Brûlé and television shows donate medical supplies to hospitals.

Tuesday 24 March

Mar 24, 2020 00:60:00


We get the latest on the coronavirus situation on the ground from our correspondents across Asia and North America. Plus, why is Cuba sending doctors to Italy and how has the tech world responded to Covid-19?

Monday 23 March

Mar 23, 2020 00:60:00


As more severe lockdown measures are enforced across Europe, what the world can learn from Asia? Plus: Trump’s new “wartime” ambitions, how to swerve a recession and we check in with Tyler Brûlé in Zürich.

Friday 20 March

Mar 20, 2020 00:52:46


As London remains open with other cities in lockdown, we find out how the decision to quarantine an entire population is made. Plus: how the pandemic is changing the US health system and keeping restaurants afloat.

Thursday 19 March

Mar 19, 2020 00:60:00


We discuss China’s move to expel US journalists as a row with Washington over media escalates. Plus: border closures in Australia and New Zealand, and between Canada and the US. And we hear from Tyler Brûlé in Zürich.

Wednesday 18 March

Mar 18, 2020 00:60:00


As the EU seals itself off for at least a month, we ask how Europe can co-ordinate its response to the coronavirus outbreak. Plus: Joe Biden pulls further ahead in the battle to take on Donald Trump in November.

Tuesday 17 March

Mar 17, 2020 00:60:00


We look at the efforts being made to keep economies and businesses afloat in the coming months. Plus: Macron declares war on coronavirus, a potential breakthrough in Israel and Tyler Brûlé joins us from Zürich.

Monday 16 March

Mar 16, 2020 00:60:00


As borders continue to close across Europe we ask what the EU's role should be in mitigating the impact of coronavirus. Plus: the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates, what MbS is up to in Saudi Arabia and we hear from Kristina O'Neill, editor-in-chief of 'WSJ' magazine, on her plans for 2020.

Friday 13 March

Mar 13, 2020 00:60:00


Veteran broadcaster Nik Gowing and former diplomat Lew Lukens assess the international response to the coronavirus outbreak. Plus: the US retaliates following an attack on a military base in Iraq, the latest business headlines and we ask what it's like to work from home.

Thursday 12 March

Mar 12, 2020 00:60:00


What can we expect from France’s municipal elections? Plus: the UK’s new chancellor delivers his first budget, Monocle’s editors on how we should report the coronavirus outbreak and Rebecca Tay has the latest in luxury.

Wednesday 11 March

Mar 11, 2020 00:60:00


With an oil-price war and the mass arrest of rivals, is Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman making a power grab? Plus: US Democratic primaries, Putin hints at two more terms as a president, and a museum of happiness.

Edition 2182

Mar 10, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Monday 9 March

Mar 9, 2020 00:60:00


As Italy takes extraordinary steps to contain coronavirus, we assess the potential political fallout. Plus: the view on peace in Afghanistan, France’s municipal elections and Canada’s bid for a UN Security Council seat.

Friday 6 March

Mar 6, 2020 00:60:00


Are India’s freedoms being eroded by Narendra Modi’s nationalist government? Plus: Turkey and Russia’s peace deal in Syria, Argentina introduces social reforms and why Albert Camus’ ‘La Peste’ is enjoying a resurgence.

Thursday 5 March

Mar 5, 2020 00:60:00


The fragile peace in Afghanistan is over after fresh attacks from both sides, Benjamin Netanyahu wins big in the Israeli polls and we examine the European environment law aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050. Plus: the world of celebrity endorsements.

Wednesday 4 March

Mar 4, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Tuesday 3 March

Mar 3, 2020 00:60:00


As Turkey opens its borders to the EU, we ask why Ankara flies in the face of the norm when it comes to foreign policy. Plus: Super Tuesday in the US, the Pritzker prize and how coronavirus is impacting diplomacy.

Monday 2 March

Mar 2, 2020 00:60:00


Are we heading towards peace in Afghanistan? We look at the next steps on both sides of the deal. Plus, a review of this weekend’s South Carolina primaries, yet another election in Israel and we hear from French-Moroccan author Leïla Slimani about her latest work.

Friday 28 February

Feb 28, 2020 00:60:00


A look at the approach the UK is taking in Brexit negotiations, Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé’s view on the Heathrow runway ruling, plus a look ahead to Saturday’s Democratic primary in South Carolina.

Thursday 27 February

Feb 27, 2020 00:60:00


What’s driving India’s worst religious violence in decades? Plus: the future of European security, the legacy of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and why Hollywood writers are considering industrial action.

Wednesday 26 February

Feb 26, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Tuesday 25 February

Feb 25, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Monday 24 February

Feb 24, 2020 00:60:00


Analysis of Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Nevada Democratic primary. Plus: we discuss what’s next in Irish politics and hear about the political challenges faced by Thailand’s Future Forward party.

Friday 21 February

Feb 21, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Thursday 20 February

Feb 20, 2020 00:60:00


As peace talks in Libya are called off after a rocket attack, we ask where the divided country is headed. Plus: the state of UK public broadcasting as the future of the BBC hangs in the balance, Russia’s tourism drive and a new exhibition in Milan on Chinese porcelain.

Wednesday 19 February

Feb 19, 2020 00:60:00


We look at the Russian artist behind the scandal that has thrown the Paris mayoral race into disarray. Plus: why Australia won’t let the dual-citizenship debate die, Angela Merkel’s potential successors and how big business is shifting the climate mentality.

Edition 2167

Feb 18, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Monday 17 February

Feb 17, 2020 00:60:00


As the Munich Security Conference draws to a close, we ask what 2020 holds for global security and unpack the talks that did (and didn’t) happen. Plus: the likelihood of peace in Libya, the latest in US politics and what’s hitting the headlines in luxury retail.

Friday 14 February

Feb 14, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Thursday 13 February

Feb 13, 2020 00:60:00


We discuss Ankara’s relationship with Moscow, as Recep Tayyip Erdogan warns of consequences should his troops come under fire in Syria. Plus: Donald Trump intervenes in the case of Roger Stone, and civility in Melbourne.

Wednesday 12 February

Feb 12, 2020 00:60:00


As Angela Merkel’s favoured successor resigns, who will take her party – and Germany – forward? Plus: a defeat for Narendra Modi’s party in Delhi’s elections and a victory for Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary.

Tuesday 11 February

Feb 11, 2020 00:60:00


As China faces its worst crisis in a generation, we ask why Xi Jinping has stayed out of the spotlight. Plus: the New Hampshire primary and why politicians should leave building design to architects and the public.

Monday 10 February

Feb 10, 2020 00:60:00


Analysis of the Irish election that has reshaped the nation’s political landscape. Plus: the latest on Turkey’s position on Syria, a turbulent week in German politics and the best of the weekend’s Oscars in Los Angeles.

Friday 7 February

Feb 7, 2020 00:60:00


Ireland heads to the polls this weekend but how will Republican party Sinn Féin’s newfound popularity skew the result? Plus: the diplomacy of coronavirus and a dispatch from Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Thursday 6 February

Feb 6, 2020 00:60:00


Trump’s acquittal might have been no surprise but what does the failure of his impeachment say about US democracy? Plus: Canadian troops are back in Iraq, the Iowa caucus app crisis and an interview with Joshua Wong.

Wednesday 5 February

Feb 5, 2020 00:60:00


Donald Trump’s controversial State of the Union address, how the coronavirus is hitting the world economy and why Benjamin Netanyahu is keen to make new friends in Africa.

Tuesday 4 February

Feb 4, 2020 00:60:00


We get the latest from Iowa, where delays mean there is no clear leader in the race to represent the Democratic party in the US election. Plus: Macron’s visit to Poland, the morning papers and the latest retail news.

Monday 3 February

Feb 3, 2020 00:60:00


We assess the fallout from impeachment proceedings in the US, discuss Turkey’s treatment of refugees and how it affects Syria and hear from Afua Hirsch about her podcast on the British empire.

Friday 31 January

Jan 31, 2020 00:60:00


On the day the UK leaves the EU, we discuss the outlook for a nation turning its back on its neighbours. Plus: the latest from China on the coronavirus and the makers of a new television show on Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean.

Thursday 30 January

Jan 30, 2020 00:60:00


As the deadline to call witnesses to Trump’s impeachment trial looms, we discuss where the proceedings stand. Plus: how the German armed forces are opting for an ‘Ikea approach’ to equipment, why Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis is on a diplomatic offensive and a profile of the US Democratic party candidates before next week’s Iowa caucus.

Wednesday 29 January

Jan 29, 2020 00:60:00


Trump’s “deal of the century” for peace in the Middle East – should we take it seriously? Plus: Jacinda Ardern starts campaigning in New Zealand, Hong Kong’s border situation and the countdown to the Iowa caucuses.

Tuesday 28 January

Jan 28, 2020 00:60:00


The UK government's confused approach to migration post-Brexit, how the coronavirus outbreak is threatening business globally and a new comedy film breaking records in Brazil.

Monday 27 January

Jan 27, 2020 00:60:00


How much do we know about Donald Trump's promised peace plan for the Middle East? Plus: the latest developments in the coronavirus outbreak, and Los Angeles's project to count its homeless population.

Friday 24 January

Jan 24, 2020 00:60:00


We recap the week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Plus, updates on: unrest in Lebanon, Italy’s fragile coalition government, product design in Russia, and how to make tech more humane with ethicist Tristan Harris.

Thursday 23 January

Jan 23, 2020 00:60:00


The latest from Davos as the World Economic Forum continues. Plus: Greece's first female president, the phone-hacking allegations against Saudi Arabia's leader and lessons from neuroscientist and comic Sophie Scott.

Wednesday 22 January

Jan 22, 2020 00:60:00


We head to Davos and Zürich to analyse the World Economic Forum and discuss artificial intelligence with digital anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush, the media outlook with journalist Mark Dittli and the bigger picture with Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé. Plus: the latest rifts in Norway’s government and a look at Paris Fashion Week.

Tuesday 21 January

Jan 21, 2020 00:60:00


The extradition hearing for Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou begins and Xi Jinping returns from Myanmar – will China step up as a diplomatic leader? Plus: a word on Davos with Tyler Brûlé, Emilia-Romagna’s election and art fairs.

Monday 20 January

Jan 20, 2020 00:60:00


On the eve of Trump's impeachment, we look at what might lie ahead. Also: how Hong Kong's protests are affecting its cultural life, a dispatch from Davos and “flight-shaming” in Sweden. Plus, Paris Men's Fashion Week.

Friday 17 January

Jan 17, 2020 00:60:00


With Donald Trump’s impeachment under way, we look into some of the allegations. Plus: peace talks for Libya, protests in Lebanon, the World Economic Forum in Davos and how far off are commercial flights into space?

Thursday 16 January

Jan 16, 2020 00:60:00


We discuss why the Russian government has just resigned and what it means for Vladimir Putin. Plus: we speak with author Chloe Hooper about Australia's wildfire crisis, and learn where embattled airline Flybe is headed.

Wednesday 15 January

Jan 15, 2020 00:60:00


We analyse the proposed new trade deal between the US and China, hear the latest on the UK’s opposition leadership campaign and talk about the past, present and future of streetwear.

Tuesday 14 January

Jan 14, 2020 00:60:00


As protests continue across Iran, we ask why unseating disliked governments is a cornerstone of US foreign policy. Plus: how a dam could start a war, work-life balance, MI5’s private-sector partnerships and the Oscars.

Monday 13 January

Jan 13, 2020 00:60:00


As protests continue in Iran, we ask how Trump will spin the affair – and how it might impact impeachment. Plus: Tsai Ing Wen’s landslide victory in Taiwan, the return to power sharing in Northern Ireland, a lookahead to Davos and a flick through the morning’s papers.

Friday 10 January

Jan 10, 2020 00:60:00


With Tsai Ing-wen poised to win a second term, we ask what’s at stake in Taiwan's elections. Plus: what this week’s crisis teaches us about engaging Iran, how Murdoch’s narrative is feeding into Australian bushfire reports and a look at the 2020 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

Thursday 9 January

Jan 9, 2020 00:60:00


Donald Trump’s response to the attacks on US troops in Iran, the battle for the soul of the UK’s Labour party and director Sam Mendes on new film ‘1917’.

Wednesday 8 January

Jan 8, 2020 00:60:00


As Iran strikes air bases housing US troops in Iraq, we discuss how the conflict might unfold and whether Russia will play a role. Plus: Spain’s new coalition, the Taiwanese elections and what’s next for Boeing.

Tuesday 7 January

Jan 7, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Edition 2136

Jan 6, 2020 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

A lookahead to 2020

Jan 3, 2020 00:60:00


Technological advancements and the growing impact of climate change mean defence strategies worldwide need to adapt – and fast. We unpack how this can be done and who’s leading the charge. Plus: a look at one of luxury fashion’s greatest decades and Monocle editor Andrew Tuck takes us through the latest print edition of The Forecast.

A look ahead to 2020

Jan 2, 2020 00:60:00


As we leave a decade of unprecedented change in the global power balance, we ask whether 2020 will be any different - and just how diplomacy should be done to fit the new mould. Plus, a look at why Greece’s young are flocking back - and the tech we’ll be keeping an eye on in the coming year.

The best of The Foreign Desk: Twitter Diplomacy

Jan 1, 2020 00:60:00


Diplomacy used to be a dignified art. But social media has changed that, as it has everything else, into a faster, more direct and often informal discourse. On The Foreign Desk last September, Andrew Mueller discussed whether this is just a case of governments changing with the times – or is the world walking into something more serious?

The Globalist: The Foreign Desk

Dec 31, 2019 00:60:00


In this special episode of The Globalist from the team behind The Foreign Desk we discuss the climate crisis. Millions have taken to the streets in an attempt to get politicians to take action but for those in power, or trying to get into power, it’s never a simple issue. Back in July, Andrew Mueller asked how politicians could persuade voters that climate reforms – and even sacrifices – are necessary.

The best of The Foreign Desk: Church and state

Dec 30, 2019 00:60:00


In this special episode of The Globalist brought to you by The Foreign Desk we look back to January 2019, just after the Ukrainian Orthodox Church split from its Russian counterpart, in a move seen as more political than theological. Andrew Mueller discusses the changing role of Christianity in society and politics.

The best of The Big Interview: James Ellroy

Dec 27, 2019 00:60:00


In this special edition of The Globalist, we revisit the best of The Big Interview in 2019. James Ellroy is known as the demon dog of US literature. He won numerous awards for his LA Quartet: ‘The Black Dahlia’, ‘The Big Nowhere’, ‘LA Confidential’ and ‘White Jazz’. He’s now returned to the city in ‘This Storm’.

The best of The Big Interview: Dame Patricia Routledge

Dec 26, 2019 00:60:00


In this special edition of The Globalist, we revisit the best of The Big Interview in 2019. Dame Patricia Routledge, who played the role of Hyacinth Bucket in the legendary sitcom ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, talks about her love for both stage and screen.

The best of The Big Interview: Darina Allen

Dec 25, 2019 00:60:00


In this special edition of The Globalist, we revisit the best of The Big Interview in 2019. Darina Allen, who has a renowned cookery school, 19 cookbooks and numerous TV shows to her name, is the face, voice and energy behind a culinary revolution.

The best of The Big Interview: Samantha Power

Dec 24, 2019 00:30:00


In this special edition of The Globalist, we revisit the best of The Big Interview in 2019. Samantha Power served in Barack Obama’s cabinet and as US ambassador to the UN. Her memoir, ‘The Education of an Idealist’, was published in September.

Monday 23 December

Dec 23, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss the results of Uzbekistan’s election, look back at why climate change became the biggest topic of 2019, review Monday’s front pages and visit the Hayward Gallery’s Bridget Riley retrospective.

Friday 20 December

Dec 20, 2019 00:60:00


We look at the UK’s political course following the Queen’s Speech and a fresh call for Scottish independence. Plus: as Iranian president Rouhani heads to Tokyo, could the Japanese play a role in solving the nuclear crisis? We’ll also find out why the ‘Cats’ film has been consigned to the litter tray and get a lesson is festive cocktail making.

Thursday 19 December

Dec 19, 2019 00:60:00


As the US House votes to impeach Donald Trump, why have the Republicans banded behind Donald Trump? Plus: Australia’s prime minister holidays as the country suffers bushfires and the UK’s state opening of parliament.

Wednesday 18 December

Dec 18, 2019 00:60:00


As Russia and China push for the UN to lift sanctions on North Korea, what will Kim Jong-un get up to next? Plus: what Musharraf’s sentencing means for Pakistan, the latest update from Reporters Without Borders and what’s making the headlines in the Middle East. All that, and a look at what makes a great Christmas film.

Tuesday 17 December

Dec 17, 2019 00:60:00


As Nato member Turkey threatens to close a military base housing US nuclear warheads we look at the worsening relations between Washington and Ankara. Also in the programme: UK PM Boris Johnson’s campaign against the BBC, and how the success of Danish drama has led to surprising problems in Copenhagen.

Monday 16 December

Dec 16, 2019 00:54:49


It was a UK election that won’t be forgotten – so what happens now and will it change the path towards Brexit? Plus: unrest in Assam over India’s new citizenship bill, spirituality in the modern age and a look at the latest climate news.

Friday 13 December

Dec 13, 2019 00:60:00


In our UK general election special, we discuss the Conservatives’ landslide victory. Join us for analysis on the results and to hear what a panel of experts thinks the result means for the future of the country.

Thursday 12 December

Dec 12, 2019 00:60:00


As the UK heads to the polls in a general election we bring you the latest analysis and predictions. Also in the programme: why the Faroe Islands find themselves in the middle of the Huawei battle, plus a round-up of the day’s top business news.

Wednesday 11 December

Dec 11, 2019 00:60:00


As Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam reflects on Sunday’s protests, we get an update from our team in the city-state. Plus: the latest news from the Americas, a new study on reliable news sources and all the developments in the world of retail.

Tuesday 10 December

Dec 10, 2019 00:60:00


We bring you the reaction from the Kremlin after Russia gets banned from all global sporting events. Also in the programme: will tactical voting bring surprise results in the UK general election, plus the most surprising nominations at the Golden Globe awards.

Monday 9 December

Dec 9, 2019 00:60:00


We report on the case being brought against Myanmar at the International Criminal Court, as Aung San Suu Kyi travels to The Hague. Plus, we look ahead to the final week of campaigning before the UK’s general election and wrap the latest news from the world of technology.

Friday 6 December

Dec 6, 2019 00:60:00


France is paralysed by pension strikes; is this the straw that breaks Macron’s back? Plus: US-North Korea diplomacy breaks down again, Alitalia is on its last legs, Design Miami and the oldest Christmas card.

Thursday 5 December

Dec 5, 2019 00:60:00


As Nato’s anniversary summit ends, we ask if the diplomatic soap opera had anything positive to offer. Plus: what Netanyahu’s up to in Lisbon, Italy’s latest grassroots political movement and why a new documentary is celebrating the appeal of 1990s movie ‘Showgirls’.

Wednesday 4 December

Dec 4, 2019 00:60:00


As Nato’s anniversary summit continues we discuss Turkey’s participation. Plus: new defence alliances, Algeria’s elections, South Korea's film industry bites back at Disney dominance and Art Basel Miami Beach.

Tuesday 3 December

Dec 3, 2019 00:60:00


Nato’s 70th anniversary summit begins in London but sparring could dampen the party atmosphere. Plus: the Cop25 climate summit, an unfolding crisis in Malta, gentrification in London and the death of the apostrophe.

Monday 2 December

Dec 2, 2019 00:60:00


As Trump takes on the military, we wonder where his meddling will lead this time. Plus: we look ahead to this week’s climate talks in Madrid, reveal what Monocle’s been up to in Zürich and ask whether the EU is starting to take a harder line on China.

Friday 29 November

Nov 29, 2019 00:60:00


Two weeks before the UK’s election, we assess the leaders’ debate on climate change and ask whether Boris Johnson was missed. Plus: why Hungary doesn’t understand Eurovision and why France wants to ban Black Friday.

Thursday 28 November

Nov 28, 2019 00:60:00


As Lebanon enters its seventh week of protests, we ask if the media has exaggerated the violence. Plus: the latest from Hong Kong, how to infiltrate a spy into a foreign government and the enduring popularity of mafia films.

Wednesday 27 November

Nov 27, 2019 00:60:00


Anti-government protesters push for political reform in Georgia. Plus: US Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg fires up his tech-savvy base, Netflix moves into real estate and why beauty isn’t enough to win Miss France.

Tuesday 26 November

Nov 26, 2019 00:60:00


As Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visits Qatar, we look at Turkey’s relationship with the Gulf states. Plus: press freedom in Egypt and why Sweden questioning whether Finland should really be the official home of Santa Claus.

Monday 25 November

Nov 25, 2019 00:60:00


Why the new generation of Russian diplomats are different from their predecessors, the systematic faults behind the Venice floods and why s0 many K-pop fans are particularly upset.

Friday 22 November

Nov 22, 2019 00:60:00


As Iran reconnects the internet, we ask if its actions stopped people from protesting. Plus: we assess the impact on the 2020 US presidential election after Google joins Twitter in banning political adverts and ask whether a former Stasi informer is the right person to own the ‘Berliner Zeitung’.

Thursday 21 November

Nov 21, 2019 00:60:00


The latest from Hong Kong as protesters continue their siege of a university. We also ask whether Turkey’s incursion into Syria has given Isis the chance to make a comeback? Plus: nominations for the Grammy awards.

Wednesday 20 November

Nov 20, 2019 00:60:00


What we learned when the leaders of Britain’s two biggest parties met in the first televised debate of the general election campaign. Plus: leaked documents reveal how Tehran is meddling in Iraqi affairs and Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, on the world’s most powerful and thriving cities.

Tuesday 19 November

Nov 19, 2019 00:60:00


As Nato foreign ministers prepare to convene in Brussels, we ask how the alliance can reinvent itself before December’s 70th-anniversary summit. Plus: the peace process in Eastern Ukraine, the nature of UK TV election debates and innovations in mobility from LA CoMotion.

Monday 18 November

Nov 18, 2019 00:60:00


As Hong Kong slips into recession, how bad is the economic outlook? Plus: how coverage of Lebanon’s protests is being censored and China’s stern warning to Sweden over an award for Chinese-born author Gui Minhai.

Friday 15 November

Nov 15, 2019 00:60:00


As violence in the Gaza strip leaves its future in the balance, we ask what Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu might stand to gain. Plus, winds of change for the US-South Korea military alliance as defence chiefs meet in Seoul, the latest Notre Dame rebuild row and why Nike decided to leave the world’s biggest online retailer.

Thursday 14 November

Nov 14, 2019 00:60:00


A closer look at the Brics alliance as leaders of five emerging economies meet in Brazil. Plus: Sri Lanka’s elections, press freedom in Turkey after the re-arrest of Ahmet Altan and Joel Stein’s ‘In Defense of Elitism’.

Wednesday 13 November

Nov 13, 2019 00:60:00


We look ahead to today’s meeting of Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Washington and examine the changing nature of protest in Hong Kong as the city comes to a standstill. Plus: Why is it so difficult to count the population in Berlin?

Tuesday 12 November

Nov 12, 2019 00:60:00


As catastrophic wildfires continue to burn in Australia we ask why the country’s politicians are so reluctant to concede the impact of climate change. Plus: What now for Bolivia as ousted president Evo Morales gets asylum in Mexico and a diplomatic row between Austria and Russia over spying claims.

Monday 11 November

Nov 11, 2019 00:60:00


We as whether the results of Spain’s election will help a divided country move forward? Plus: another weekend of protests in Hong Kong, the Democrats seeking to take on Trump in 2020, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Friday 8 November

Nov 8, 2019 00:60:00


As Catalonia’s separatist movement grows increasingly fractious, what should we expect from Spain’s election? Plus: Trump and Johnson’s relationship, Muji’s European flagship and Italy takes the environment to school.

Thursday 7 November

Nov 7, 2019 00:60:00


We look into the leading themes in the UK general election as campaigning begins. Plus: Emmanuel Macron tightens immigration laws in France and Apple spends more than €1.8bn on building homes in California.

Wednesday 6 November

Nov 6, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss the newly agreed deal to end factional infighting in Yemen. Plus: Iran’s relationship with its nuclear-deal partners, the Web Summit in Lisbon and why North Macedonia and the EU aren’t seeing eye to eye.

Tuesday 5 November

Nov 5, 2019 00:60:00


What Aramco’s IPO means for global energy and climate change. Plus: Jean-Claude Juncker’s damning comments on Boris Johnson and his Brexit campaign, and the legacy of flamboyant TV astrologer Walter Mercado.

Monday 4 November

Nov 4, 2019 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Friday 1 November

Nov 1, 2019 00:60:00


We look ahead to German chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to India. Plus: the latest strategy from the Democrats in their push to impeach Donald Trump and we speak to DJ Shadow about his return to the limelight.

Thursday 31 October

Oct 31, 2019 00:60:00


As Donald Trump plans to skip the Asean Summit in Thailand, we look at the impact on US relations with its Southeast Asian allies. Plus: Putin and Orbán, Ethiopia’s sabre rattling and California’s latest wildfires.

Wednesday 30 October

Oct 30, 2019 00:60:00


We look at the campaign ahead as UK parliamentarians back its first December election since 1923. Plus: Lebanon’s prime minister resigns after a fortnight of unrest and why people in the US see New Zealand as a refuge.

Tuesday 29 October

Oct 29, 2019 00:60:00


We examine the worsening situation in Iraq as authorities impose a dusk-to-dawn curfew after intensifying protests. Plus: Mario Draghi leaves the European Central Bank, the morning papers and LVMH’s bid to buy Tiffany’s.

Monday 28 October

Oct 28, 2019 00:60:00


After US forces hunt down Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, what will his death mean for the war on terror? Plus: Alberto Fernández dethrones Mauricio Macri in Argentina, press freedom in Australia and today’s papers.

Friday 25 October

Oct 25, 2019 00:60:00


We take a look at this weekend’s general election in Argentina, ask why Russia is eager to create closer ties with African nations and discuss a new disco album that’s all about Brexit.

Thursday 24 October

Oct 24, 2019 00:60:00


As Hong Kong kicks the extradition bill, will Carrie Lam be replaced? And if so, by who? Plus: the latest evidence in the Trump-Ukraine scandal, why a defence-spending typo has hit the headlines in Australia and a special report from Porto’s first design biennale.

Wednesday 23 October

Oct 23, 2019 00:60:00


As Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form a government, we ask what’s next for Israeli politics. Plus: the latest on Brexit, Spain’s plans to exhume the remains of its former dictator and the politics behind pattern design.

Tuesday 22 October

Oct 22, 2019 00:60:00


As Justin Trudeau wins a tight election in Canada, we look at what lies ahead for the nation. Plus: the latest on unrest in Lebanon and Northern Ireland’s legalisation of abortion and same-sex marriage.

Monday 21 October

Oct 21, 2019 00:60:00


Is it almost over? We get to grips with what might be Brexit’s final resolution. Plus: Canada’s elections, a technology round-up and a snippet from our Big Interview with chef Darina Allen.

Friday 18 October

Oct 18, 2019 00:60:00


A showdown looms as the Boris Johnson takes his Brexit deal to Westminster. Plus: Thailand’s opposition parties make their voices heard, why Sweden searched for a Russian submarine that never existed and the films to watch this winter.

Thursday 17 October

Oct 17, 2019 00:60:00


As the EU summit commences, we find out the latest on Brexit. Plus: Carrie Lam’s disastrous day in Hong Kong, what we should and shouldn't read into Kim Jung-un taking a snowy ride on his white horse and a snappy preview of Monocle’s November issue.

Wednesday 16 October

Oct 16, 2019 00:60:00


After the fourth Democratic debate – the first since calls for Trump’s impeachment – we discuss the front-runners and those who got left behind. Plus: more Brexit deadline chaos, the likelihood of an Isis resurgence and the head of the Man Booker jury on this week’s controversial prize.

Tuesday 15 October

Oct 15, 2019 00:60:00


What is Russia’s role in the Middle East – and how is its influence growing? Plus: what the Budapest mayoral elections mean for Viktor Orban, the latest in luxury retail and a quick check-in on Japan’s Rugby World Cup.

Monday 14 October

Oct 14, 2019 00:60:00


As Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens to flood Europe with migrants, we ask whether another refugee crisis is on the EU’s doorstep. Plus: why Irish PM Leo Varadkar makes an unlikely Taoiseach and the latest on the Trump-Ukraine scandal.

Friday 11 October

Oct 11, 2019 00:60:00


Where is US foreign policy headed? Plus: a preview of Tunisia’s upcoming election, why Romania’s government has collapsed and why China is unhappy with the NBA.

Thursday 10 October

Oct 10, 2019 00:60:00


We hear from Turkey as its military begins incursions against neighbouring Kurds in Syria. Plus: why Australia is cracking down on climate-change protestors, a word with political journalist and author Marie Le Conte and a look at the future of rail travel with Monocle’s editor in chief.

Wednesday 9 October

Oct 9, 2019 00:60:00


We analyse the escalating tensions between Boris Johnson’s government and Brussels, look ahead to Poland’s election and hear why LGBT rights are being debated by the US Supreme Court.

Tuesday 8 October

Oct 8, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, find out what's on the agenda for a meeting between the leaders of China and Pakistan, learn about the history of diplomatic immunity and hear from US novelist James Ellroy.

Monday 7 October

Oct 7, 2019 00:60:00


As Carrie Lam invokes emergency powers in Hong Kong, we ask how the protests could change. Plus: Kosovo’s election, Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and a review of the reviewers of ‘Joker’.

Friday 4 October

Oct 4, 2019 00:60:00


Will the impeachment process have any impact on US president Donald Trump’s popularity? Plus: a look at the weekend’s general election in Portugal and how ‘flight shame’ is going to change the aviation market.

Thursday 3 October

Oct 3, 2019 00:60:00


The EU and Northern Ireland’s reaction to Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan, bird-friendly architecture in New York and a round-up of the day’s newspapers and business headlines.

Wednesday 2 October

Oct 2, 2019 00:60:00


We head to Lima to get the latest on Peru’s political crisis. Plus: Sweden revives its vast underground naval base, the latest on protests in Hong Kong and Russia’s relationship with alcohol.

Tuesday 1 October

Oct 1, 2019 00:58:59


China special: 70 years as a communist nation. Monocle’s Hong Kong bureau chief, James Chambers, has the latest on protests in the city-state with expert analysis from Steve Tsang, Isabel Hilton and Jonathan Fenby, while film critic Karen Krizanovich examines China's influence on Hollywood.

Monday 30 September

Sep 30, 2019 00:60:00


We get the latest from the ongoing circus in UK politics, discuss protest movements in Hong Kong, Egypt and Tunisia, and meet designer Pierre Yovanovitch. Plus: after Saudi Arabia, which country imports the most weapons?

Friday 27 September

Sep 27, 2019 00:60:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Thursday 26 September

Sep 26, 2019 00:60:00


With the long-threatened impeachment probe finally launched, what next for President Trump and US foreign policy – and how will Ukraine respond? Plus: US-Iran relations, the unlikely figure galvanising dissent in Egypt and a check-in from Paris Fashion Week.

Wednesday 25 September

Sep 25, 2019 00:60:00


Has UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s position become untenable after yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling? Plus: an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, digging up a dictator and is Michelin moribund?

Tuesday 24 September

Sep 24, 2019 00:60:00


Should the UK’s Supreme Court have the right to intervene in politics? Plus: the latest on the war of words between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Air New Zealand’s CEO prepares to stand down and the day’s quirkier technology stories.

Monday 23 September

Sep 23, 2019 00:60:00


We look ahead to the UN Climate Summit in New York, hear why India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has gone to Texas to drum up support, dissect the design of a Scandinavia Airlines rebrand and recap the Emmy awards from Los Angeles.

Friday 20 September

Sep 20, 2019 00:58:47


How will Saudi Arabia confront Iran? Plus: the history of national-unity governments, Japan keeps an eye on the Olympics as the Rugby World Cup begins, the Emmy awards and we check-in with our man in the Balkans.

Thursday 19 September

Sep 19, 2019 00:60:00


Can former Israeli general Benny Gantz build a government of national unity? Plus: the UK’s Supreme Court deliberates the suspension of parliament, Donald Trump courts wealthy Republicans in California and Virgin Atlantic plans new routes from Heathrow Airport.

Wednesday 18 September

Sep 18, 2019 00:60:00


With Taiwan’s presidential elections down to a two-horse race, what next for its political climate as China looms closer? Plus: the latest on Israel’s inconclusive election, the UK’s Supreme Court hearing on the suspension of parliament and a special report on Greece’s migrant crisis.

Tuesday 17 September

Sep 17, 2019 00:58:28


Could attacks on Saudi oil facilities destabilise the Middle East? Plus: Chinese interference in Australia, the art of the political memoir and the CEO of Rand Corporation, Michael Rich, on the diminishing role of facts and analysis in US public life.

Monday 16 September

Sep 16, 2019 00:60:00


What should we expect from this week’s Israeli election? We also examine public-sector strikes in Paris, find out why global oil prices have hit their highest level in four months and discuss Robert Mugabe’s legacy. Plus: Andrew Holgate from ‘The Sunday Times’ tells us about the paper’s short-story award.

Friday 13 September

Sep 13, 2019 00:60:00


Is the US any closer to impeachment? If not, which Democrats stand a chance in 2020? Plus: we discuss whether Shinjiro Koizumi is a rising star in Japanese politics, find out why there’s been an uptick in xenophobic violence in South Africa and ask if Huawei’s offer to share its knowhow will actually work.

Thursday 12 September

Sep 12, 2019 00:57:33


The latest Brexit twists and turns after a Scottish ruling that the suspension of parliament is unlawful. Plus: rising tensions between Venezuela and Colombia, and a report from the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Wednesday 11 September

Sep 11, 2019 00:60:00


As John Bolton gets the boot, we take a look at the outgoing US national security adviser’s tenure. Plus: the state of foreign intervention in Hong Kong, the birth of a new political party in Turkey and our tech correspondent reports from Apple’s annual media conference.

Tuesday 10 September

Sep 10, 2019 00:60:00


Controversy in Westminster as parliament is prorogued and PM Boris Johnson doesn't get what he wants: an early general election. Plus: how Tunisia’s upcoming presidential election is putting the country’s democracy to the test and why Sydney is going to get rid of its lockout laws.

Monday 9 September

Sep 9, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss the latest fallout from the UK’s Brexit crisis, find out why Rohingya refugees might face a mobile-phone blackout and get the latest business news from the Middle East.

Friday 6 September

Sep 6, 2019 00:60:00


Andrew Mueller looks back on the life of former Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe, who has died aged 95. Plus: Benjamin Netanyahu’s diplomatic talks in London, elections in Moscow and India’s race to space.

Thursday 5 September

Sep 5, 2019 01:00:47


What’s next after a double defeat for Boris Johnson in the House of Commons? Plus: we ask what Shinzo Abe stands to gain from a meeting with Vladimir Putin and dive into a new book about fast fashion.

Wednesday 4 September

Sep 4, 2019 00:60:00


The latest from our Hong Kong bureau as Carrie Lam plans to withdraw the extradition bill that sparked months of protests. Plus: MPs take control of the UK’s House of Commons, and Japan and South Korea’s trade spat.

Tuesday 3 September

Sep 3, 2019 00:60:00


Can the Iran deal be saved and, if so, who can save it? Why are tensions between Israel and Hezbollah on the rise – again? And can Argentina’s economic crisis be stopped? Plus: could your doorbell be used to fight crime?

Monday 2 September

Sep 2, 2019 00:60:00


The clock continues to tick for UK MPs battling to stop a no-deal Brexit. Is Colombia’s peace process in danger? And why is Australia’s refugee policy being questioned? Plus: what is delaying Dubai World Central Airport?

Friday 30 August

Aug 30, 2019 00:60:00


As authorities arrest prominent pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, we ask our bureau chief what’s next. Plus: US-Polish relations, Japan’s Disaster Prevention Day and a visit to Popocatépetl volcano near Mexico City.

Thursday 29 August

Aug 29, 2019 00:60:00


We look at the decision to prorogue parliament in the UK and unpack the fate of the Italian coalition. Plus: resolution edges closer in US-Taliban peace, the business headlines and a quick tour of Stockholm.

Wednesday 28 August

Aug 28, 2019 00:60:00


After another weekend of violent protests in Hong Kong, how long does Carrie Lam have to find a solution? Can remain-supporting UK MPs prevent a hard Brexit? Plus: Erdogan meets Putin and we hear from our LA bureau.

Tuesday 27 August

Aug 27, 2019 00:60:00


We ask whether the G7’s commitments to the Amazon wildfires will be enough and what its impact on the international community will look like. Plus: Venice Film festival and can a new coalition repel Italy’s far-right?

Monday 26 August

Aug 26, 2019 00:60:00


After this weekend’s stretch in Biarritz, we conduct a post-mortem of this year’s G7 summit. Plus, a look at why one Australian state is pulling the plug on a Chinese-funded education programme, the latest in aviation news and a quick flick through the stories hitting the headlines in Cairo.

Friday 23 August

Aug 23, 2019 00:60:00


The G7 are amassing in a corner of southwest France; we take a look at what they will (and perhaps won’t) be discussing. Plus: how China is ramping up pressure on Hong Kong, the Japan-South Korea trade spat that’s threatening national security and what Qantas’s new test of human endurance might entail.

Thursday 22 August

Aug 22, 2019 00:60:00


A view from Berlin after Boris Johnson meets Angela Merkel. Plus: Australia’s participation in the Strait of Hormuz mission and why San Francisco is switching off the world’s oldest continuously operating webcam.

Wednesday 21 August

Aug 21, 2019 00:60:00


We dig into a new report that says China’s military power has surpassed that of the US in the Indo-Pacific region. Plus: Beijing’s role in mediating South Korea and Japan’s trade dispute and a flip through the morning newspapers in Zürich.

Tuesday 20 August

Aug 20, 2019 00:60:00


We head to Turkey for the latest on a crackdown on pro-Kurdish politicians. Plus: renewed political drama in Italy and we discuss the business headlines.

Monday 19 August

Aug 19, 2019 00:60:00


The latest on the row between Tehran and the West as Gibraltar allows an Iranian tanker to sail again. Plus: Hong Kong’s ongoing protests, the day’s papers and why Swiss children are walking themselves back to school.

Friday 16 August

Aug 16, 2019 00:60:00


An update on the political and social unrest in Hong Kong and we ask why Australia is struggling to address climate change at the Pacific Islands Forum. Plus: the latest headlines and global summer-playlist favourites.

Thursday 15 August

Aug 15, 2019 00:60:00


Kashmir, Hong Kong and rising tensions between South Korea and Japan: why is the US taking a back seat? Plus: post-INF, we take a first look at what a new nuclear arms race might look like, get the latest in retail news and ask how Turkmenistan’s president came back from the dead.

Wednesday 14 August

Aug 14, 2019 00:60:00


We look at why Argentina’s surprise primary election results are shaking its economy, ask how China’s relationship with India will affect the crisis in Kashmir and discuss the impact of Hong Kong’s protests on the global aviation business.

Tuesday 13 August

Aug 13, 2019 00:60:00


After separatists seize the port city of Aden, we ask what’s next for the Saudi-led alliance and peace efforts in Yemen. Plus: what another strongman in south Asia could mean for Sri Lanka, we unpack the Russian opposition’s next moves and, with K-pop stars BTS taking a hiatus, we look at how other artists have made a comeback.

Monday 12 August

Aug 12, 2019 00:60:00


As protests in Hong Kong enter their 10th week, we discuss the possible outcomes. Plus: is Italy about to hold a snap election? We also discuss the future of print media and hear the latest news in aviation.

Friday 9 August

Aug 9, 2019 00:60:00


Yesterday Beijing summoned Hong Kong officials to Shenzhen – but as protests continue we ask how much can one city take. Plus, as Salvini soaks up the sun (and all hope the Italian coalition will stay intact) we unpack the week in Italian politics. Plus we look at what’s at stake for Argentina in this weekend’s primaries.

Thursday 8 August

Aug 8, 2019 00:60:00


After a chilly reception for Donald Trump in Ohio and Texas following two mass shootings, we ask if the US president is really concerned about a rise in domestic terrorism? Plus: we ask if Moscow is listening as Ukraine’s president calls for more peace talks with Russia and we look at a new law in California requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns.

Wednesday 7 August

Aug 7, 2019 00:60:00


As Pakistan contests India’s move to strip Jammu and Kashmir of its special status, what’s next for the region? Plus: what went wrong for Barneys and is Russia’s floating nuclear power plant a risk?

Tuesday 6 August

Aug 6, 2019 00:60:00


We analyse Donald Trump’s response to two mass shootings and ask how much of a role the internet has to play in gun violence. Plus: why Kashmir’s special status has been revoked and some solutions for urban issues in US cities.

Monday 5 August

Aug 5, 2019 00:60:00


We get the latest from the US following two mass shootings on the weekend and hear how protestors in Hong Kong are bringing the city to a standstill. Plus: the morning papers and the latest from the world of fashion.

Friday 2 August

Aug 2, 2019 00:60:00


After his first full week in office, we analyse UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s first moves towards a potential no-deal Brexit. Plus: we unpack the INF treaty’s demise, get the latest on the protest movement in Hong Kong and ask what Mashrou’ Leila’s cancelled festival appearance means for censorship in Lebanon.

Thursday 1 August

Aug 1, 2019 00:60:00


After last night’s second Democrats debate in Detroit, we look at which candidates came out on top. Plus: why Syria continues to be the thorn in President Erdogan’s side, the Maori protests that are rattling Jacinda Ardern’s leadership and the battle between Rotterdam and Maastricht to win the right to host Eurovision 2020.

Wednesday 31 July

Jul 31, 2019 00:60:00


With tensions in the South China Sea hotting up, whose interests will be best served at this week’s Asean summit? Plus, why Vladimir Putin is flustered, how the Strait of Hormuz quandary might be solved and last night's first Democrats debate.

Tuesday 30 July

Jul 30, 2019 00:60:00


After the US director of national intelligence Dan Coats resigns and a Trump loyalist is ushered in, we ask: just how bad an idea is it? Plus: what next for Northern Ireland, why Seoul-Tokyo relations have taken another turn for the worse, and why Bear Grylls and Narendra Modi are making an unlikely joint TV debut.

Monday 29 July

Jul 29, 2019 00:60:00


As the situation in Iran continues to cause uncertainty, we unpack yesterday’s Vienna meeting between the remaining signatories of the nuclear deal. Plus, we learn more about Russia’s clampdown on independent election candidates, and get the latest from our bureau in LA.

Friday 26 July

Jul 26, 2019 00:60:00


We unpack the tense situation in Iran with defence expert Robert Fox. Plus, we ask how Europe will react to the UK’s new prime minister, and as climate change makes itself felt, what lessons can we learn from a country where forest fires have long been the norm?

Thursday 25 July

Jul 25, 2019 00:60:00


As China releases its first white paper since 2015, we ask if events in Hong Kong and Taiwan have been leaving the superpower feeling threatened – and how it might react. Plus, we unpack Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress, discuss the tribulations of Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez, and ask if Chinese finance is changing Hollywood cinema.

Wednesday 24 July

Jul 24, 2019 00:60:00


The challenges facing the UK’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, why Italy’s Lega party is fielding questions over Russian money and we pay a visit to the first poster museum in the US.

Tuesday 23 July

Jul 23, 2019 00:60:00


Can diplomacy still ease tensions between Iran and the US and UK? Also in the programme: why protests have returned to Moscow and a round-up of the week’s top news in transport.

Monday 22 July

Jul 22, 2019 00:60:00


We analyse the results of Ukraine’s parliamentary election, look at Pakistan’s relationship with the US, discuss why the Bosnian War is back in the headlines and find out who might be the next leader of the UK’s Liberal Democrat party.

Friday 19 July

Jul 19, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss political tensions in the US, look ahead to Ukraine’s parliamentary election this weekend, learn about revelations emerging about Notre Dame cathedral and analyse the latest on the UK’s leadership race.

Thursday 18 July

Jul 18, 2019 00:60:00


We analyse one of Theresa May’s last major speeches as UK prime minister. We also discuss the latest in German politics and this week’s violence in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. Plus: the life of musician Johnny Clegg.

Wednesday 17 July

Jul 17, 2019 00:58:49


After the US Congress condemns Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, we discuss the UK’s tempered reaction. Plus: we learn more about the Israeli activist group trying to block the return of an Iranian oil tanker seized off Gibraltar and hear about how Boeing is rebranding its 737 Max.

Tuesday 16 July

Jul 16, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss the potential outcomes of today’s vote to decide the next leader of the European Commission. Plus: South Africa’s ongoing investigation into political corruption and why Emmanuel Macron wants to create a new military space force for France.

Monday 15 July

Jul 15, 2019 00:60:00


Why has North Korea unveiled a new constitution? Plus: the Russian submarine leaking radiation, Levi CEO Chip Bergh on the business of denim and why a Broadway revival of ‘West Side Story’ could be more relevant than ever.

Friday 12 July

Jul 12, 2019 00:60:00


The UN warns that Islamist violence is on the rise in west Africa. Plus: McKinsey’s Jonathan Woetzel on the changing nature of Chinese diplomacy and why Lil Nas X might break Billboard chart records.

Thursday 11 July

Jul 11, 2019 00:60:00


Why Qatar has few regional friends but finds a warm welcome at the White House. Plus: how Brexit could yet ensnare the Queen, a parliamentary inquiry finds massive opposition to Sydney’s lockout laws and the crisis facing independent media.

Wednesday 10 July

Jul 10, 2019 00:60:00


Carrie Lam declares Hong Kong’s extradition bill “dead in the ground” and Taiwan eyes up a US arms deal of $2.2bn; which will prove the greater threat to China? Plus: should TV debates be a thing of the past?

Tuesday 9 July

Jul 9, 2019 00:60:00


As Iran threatens to breach the terms of the nuclear deal again, is the agreement dead? Plus: the EU and migrants in the Mediterranean, Ukraine’s president calls for a meeting with Putin and the latest ‘Spider-Man’ film.

Monday 8 July

Jul 8, 2019 00:60:00


Could Nato’s missile-defence upgrade inflame tensions with Russia? Plus: the latest news from the US, more trouble for Ursula von der Leyen, Superman’s Lois Lane takes on Trumpism and Shane Michael Singh, executive editor of ‘Playboy’, discusses the magazine’s redesign.

Friday 5 July

Jul 5, 2019 00:60:00


Why did North Korea detain – then mysteriously release – an Australian student? Plus: the rocky road ahead for European commission presidential hopeful Ursula von der Leyen, tanks and tough talking on Trump’s 4th of July and ‘Mad’ magazine raises its middle finger one last time.

Thursday 4 July

Jul 4, 2019 00:59:46


Iona Craig explains the ramifications of the UAE scaling back its military involvement in Yemen. Plus: a Nike shoe sparks a 4 July flag row, how music for films is changing and Canada’s impressionist art goes on tour.

Wednesday 3 July

Jul 3, 2019 00:60:00


China accuses foreign powers of inflaming protests in Hong Kong as tensions linger in the city-state. Plus: water shortages reach crisis point in Libya and the future of mobility after diesel sales collapse.

Tuesday 2 July

Jul 2, 2019 00:60:00


The leader of Germany’s CDU party defends the Iran nuclear deal as she makes her debut on the world stage. Plus: violence mars a US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Australia's parliament struggles to shake off its recent chaos and Microsoft deletes all its customers’ ebooks.

Monday 1 July

Jul 1, 2019 00:60:00


On the 22nd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong, we ask a panel why this year’s events will be marked by civil disobedience. Plus: the EU commission can’t decide who should fill the top jobs, we ask what’s causing Europe’s heatwave and Albania decides what to do with a despot’s palace.

Friday 28 June

Jun 28, 2019 00:60:00


We analyse the second of two Democrat US presidential-candidate debates taking place this week, check in with the latest from the G20 summit in Osaka and meet the president of Armenia to discuss quantum physics.

Thursday 27 June

Jun 27, 2019 00:60:00


We analyse the first debate between Democrat candidates for the 2020 US presidential race. Plus: the G20 summit in Japan and we speak to astronaut and space-race pioneer Walter Cunningham at Starmus festival in Zürich.

Wednesday 26 June

Jun 26, 2019 00:60:00


We look at where the US and Iran’s turbulent rivalry is headed. Plus: the latest on the UN’s report on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, we discuss Europe’s relationship with Ukraine and find out how climate change will shape the world’s future.

Tuesday 25 June

Jun 25, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss the new peace plan for Israel and Palestine being pitched by Jared Kushner. Plus: an update on the UK’s leadership race and we get the latest on the mayoral election that turned Istanbul politics upside down.

Monday 24 June

Jun 24, 2019 00:60:00


Reactions from Turkey as an opposition candidate wins the Istanbul mayoral election, why New Zealanders get to vote in supermarkets and how Hong Kong’s protesters are keeping up the pressure on the authorities.

Friday 21 June

Jun 21, 2019 00:60:00


Why politicians in Brussels are struggling to decide who gets the EU’s top jobs, how much China’s Xi Jinping and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will achieve in Pyongyang and what we learned from Vladimir Putin’s televised phone-in.

Thursday 20 June

Jun 20, 2019 00:60:00


The UN’s findings on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the latest on the UK’s Brexit headache, the investigation into downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and a Japanese TV drama with a difference.

Wednesday 19 June

Jun 19, 2019 00:60:00


We analyse the increasing tension between the US and Iran, look at why Chinese president Xi Jinping is visiting North Korea this week and get the latest on the UK’s leadership race.

Tuesday 18 June

Jun 18, 2019 00:60:00


We discuss why Italy’s deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, has been in Washington this week. Plus: Ukraine’s relationship with Europe, Istanbul’s mayoral election and a report from the Art Basel fair.

Monday 17 June

Jun 17, 2019 00:60:00


How is the continuing unrest in Hong Kong affecting the wider region? Plus: understanding the plight of refugees and why the role of the awards-show host might have had its day.

Friday 14 June

Jun 14, 2019 00:60:00


Tensions rise in the Persian Gulf as two more oil tankers are attacked; is the US headed for a confrontation with Iran? Plus: Matteo Salvini's new European alliance and author Tom Chivers on how to manage the rise of artificial intelligence.

Thursday 13 June

Jun 13, 2019 00:60:00


Extraordinary scenes of violence and mass protest in Hong Kong as police follow through on threats to use force; we speak to our bureau staff on the scene. Plus: Pakistan arrests its former president, the regional significance of Botswana’s LGBT law change and the latest from Pitti Uomo.

Wednesday 12 June

Jun 12, 2019 00:60:00


Diplomacy on display in Iran as the Japanese prime minister pays a visit. Plus: protests erupt in Hong Kong, the number of people applying for asylum in Europe rises and why John Dean’s testimony over the Mueller report was underreported.

Tuesday 11 June

Jun 11, 2019 00:30:00


As the Conservative party’s leadership race begins, we ask who has a chance and what those in Brussels think of the contenders. Plus: why Russian newspapers are showing unprecedented support for an investigative journalist – and should big tech companies pay more to preserve journalism?

Monday 10 June

Jun 10, 2019 00:30:00


We ask how big Hong Kong's protests really were over the weekend and if Donald Trump has finally managed to win a tariff war. Plus: the big winners at this year’s Tony awards and some business headlines.

Friday 7 June

Jun 7, 2019 00:30:00


As Theresa May stands down as leader of the Conservative party, we ask how the tussle to take her place is likely to unfold – and who'll come out on top. Plus: what does Huawei’s new deal with Russia mean for the west and is Japan’s work culture really about to change?

Thursday 6 June

Jun 6, 2019 00:30:00


After three days on British soil, we look back on Trump’s tumultuous state visit and ask what the D-Day celebrations can tell us about the state of the US-Europe alliance. Plus, we learn why a Pacific island might switch allegiance from Taiwan to China, and we get special report from last night’s Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Wednesday 5 June

Jun 5, 2019 00:30:00


We look at why Sudan’s peaceful revolution turned sour and where the country is headed next, why the Czech Republic has seen protests that rival 1989’s Velvet Revolution, and whether Finland’s pledge to go carbon neutral by 2035 is really feasible.

Tuesday 4 June

Jun 4, 2019 00:30:00


Former diplomat John Everard reviews Donald Trump’s day of diplomacy in the UK. Plus: Tiananmen Square 30 years on, Apple’s new software announcement and a review of the day’s newspapers.

Monday 3 June

Jun 3, 2019 00:30:00


We analyse Donald Trump’s visit to London this week, learn why Western airlines are reopening routes to Pakistan and speak to Sweden’s ambassador to the UK about soft power and spreading Swedish culture.

Friday 31 May

May 31, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss the appointment of Austria’s new chancellor, look at how Turkey is trying to manage being a partner to both Russia and the US, discuss which nations are happiest with author and journalist Helen Russell, and hear from the Hay Festival in the UK.

Thursday 30 May

May 30, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss a testing 24 hours in Israeli politics for Benjamin Netanyahu, learn why China is using rare-earth minerals as a bargaining chip with the US, find out about 5G mobile’s impending introduction to the UK and get a preview of Sundance Film Festival London.

Wednesday 29 May

May 29, 2019 01:00:00


We assess what this week’s summit of European leaders in Brussels means for the future of the union. Plus we look at US and Japanese military powers, discuss the options for resolving Venezuela’s political dilemma and visit the V&A museum’s new food exhibition.

Tuesday 28 May

May 28, 2019 01:00:00


Why were so many Romanians refused the chance to cast their vote in the EU elections? Plus: North Macedonia's plans to join Nato, talks of a merger between Fiat and Renault and the politics of olive crops in Italy.

Monday 27 May

May 27, 2019 01:00:00


The EU election results, what Donald Trump wants from his visit to Japan and a round-up of the week’s top fashion news.

Friday 24 May

May 24, 2019 01:00:00


What’s on the agenda as Japan gears up for Donald Trump’s visit? Plus: we look beyond Brexit to discuss the key issues for EU states as they head to the polls and discuss what Narendra Modi’s re-election mean for Pakistan.

Thursday 23 May

May 23, 2019 01:00:00


Narendra Modi’s BJP party takes a commanding lead in India’s general election and EU citizens head to the polls. Plus: business headlines, Cannes Film Festival and can TV scriptwriters make good political advisers?

Wednesday 22 May

May 22, 2019 01:00:00


Will the European elections prove the biggest test yet for French president Emmanuel Macron? Plus: why Theresa May's new Brexit deal is angering so many MPs and a round-up of the biggest news from Cannes.

Tuesday 21 May

May 21, 2019 01:00:00


We ask if Emmanuel Macron has set himself up for failure in the European elections and get the latest from Tripoli as violence continues in the Libyan capital. Plus: we check in at Ebace to see how the world of aviation plans to move towards sustainable energy.

Monday 20 May

May 20, 2019 01:00:00


We cross to Australia where even prime minister Scott Morrison was surprised by his election victory at the weekend. Plus: culture v economics in US politics, Austria heads for a snap election, a wrap of TV’s Upfronts week, why Cannes is premiering a film shot on an iPhone and our verdict on this year’s Eurovision.

Friday 17 May

May 17, 2019 01:00:00


Angela Merkel warns that long-term peace is in danger unless the EU can justify its future. Plus: a UK exhibition lays bare the scale of Yemen’s conflict and a tribute to Australia’s former prime minister Bob Hawke.

Thursday 16 May

May 16, 2019 01:00:00


The US removes non-essential staff from diplomatic posts in Iraq as tensions with Iran rise. Plus: Sudan’s transition of power, Cannes Film Festival gets political and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy’s exit from Brexit.

Wednesday 15 May

May 15, 2019 01:00:00


Iona Craig discusses tensions in the Gulf following fresh talks between Yemen’s warring sides. Plus: Ukraine’s view on the EU, the entertainment industry takes on women’s rights in Georgia, and Madonna and Eurovision.

Tuesday 14 May

May 14, 2019 01:00:00


Robert Fox assesses the international repercussions of rising tensions between the US and Iran. Plus: New Zealand and France discuss reining in big-tech firms, Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah reveals how real-life politics informs his twisted short stories and Ben Rylan pays tribute to screen legend Doris Day.

Monday 13 May

May 13, 2019 01:00:00


We take a look at US foreign policy as we ask what president Trump risks by cosying up to Hungarian strongman Victor Orban. We also hear the latest on the US-China trade war and find out what Mike Pompeo hopes to accomplish in Russia. Plus: what’s the EU really for and a look at the day’s papers.

Friday 10 May

May 10, 2019 01:00:00


What next for the stand-off between Iran and its old foes? Also in the programme: will tech companies’ attempts to limit online propaganda also make it harder to ensure its creators are brought to justice? Plus: a round-up of the day’s business news.

Thursday 9 May

May 9, 2019 01:00:00


We look at yesterday’s elections in South Africa and ask what’s next for the ANC. Plus: Change UK MEP candidate Gavin Esler joins us to explain how his party hopes to fight Brexit and an update from the Venice Biennale.

Wednesday 8 May

May 8, 2019 01:00:00


As Iran pulls out of commitments to its nuclear deal, can the remaining signatories hold it together? Plus: Europe’s far-right parties and the EU elections, Huawei and the west and Monocle’s culture editor in Venice.

Tuesday 7 May

May 7, 2019 01:00:00


As talks between the UK’s two main political parties resume, we ask if Labour and the Conservatives can hope to find common ground over Brexit. Plus, we unpack a new UN report into the catastrophe facing the planet’s biodiversity, get the latest from Israel and on more missile tests from North Korea.

Monday 6 May

May 6, 2019 01:00:00


Final campaigning took place in South Africa this weekend ahead of this week’s election. Plus: North Macedonia’s election, we start our series on the mood of a nation and Penguin publishes the speeches of Greta Thunberg.

Friday 3 May

May 3, 2019 01:00:00


We get the latest on the unrest in Venezuela, discuss Australia’s election before tonight’s debate and hear why some London councils have banned ice-cream vans. Plus: the Vatican’s women’s magazine’s new editorial team.

Thursday 2 May

May 2, 2019 01:00:00


New Zealand’s media organisations have agreed to limit their coverage of the man who stands accused of carrying out attacks on mosques in Christchurch, a nationalist party enters the government in Estonia and we unpack the extradition trial of Julian Assange in London. Plus: France’s anti-street harassment law, which has already resulted in 447 fines.

Wednesday 1 May

May 1, 2019 01:00:00


We get the latest from Venezuela as opposition leader Juan Guaidó seeks to oust Nicolás Maduro. Plus: we delve into the ANC ahead of the South African elections, look at whether the UK’s Labour party will back a second Brexit referendum and get today’s business news.

Tuesday 30 April

Apr 30, 2019 01:00:00


We start in Japan where, today, 85-year-old Emperor Akihito is abdicating after three decades. Then: who will succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission? Plus: a look at the latest tech stories and front pages of the day.

Monday 29 April

Apr 29, 2019 01:00:00


As Spain’s Socialists win the elections, we examine the repercussions of the far-right Vox party’s gains. Plus: thousands of tribal leaders converge in Afghanistan to establish a framework for negotiations with the Taliban, US-China trade talks resume – and what do Chinese authorities make of the public’s appetite for western media?

Friday 26 April

Apr 26, 2019 01:00:00


With a long national holiday coming up in Japan, it’s all go for Shinzo Abe – we ask about his negotiations with the EU and what he’ll be hoping for as he heads to the US. Plus: smaller economies start to think twice about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, we ask how the French public responded to Macron’s pledges and is a snafu in an Australian newspaper printer a sign of things to come?

Thursday 25 April

Apr 25, 2019 01:00:00


With Kim Jong-un meeting Vladimir Putin at the easternmost point of Russia, we ask what the two leaders will be discussing. Plus: have the UK’s Remain parties shot themselves in the foot by not joining forces, how far should biopic makers embellish a life and a look at the day’s Asian papers.

Edition 1953

Apr 24, 2019 01:00:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Tuesday 23 April

Apr 23, 2019 01:00:00


We get the latest on the deadly attacks in Sri Lanka, assess the ongoing violence in Libya and discuss Greece’s claim for war reparations from Germany. Plus: we talk to a leading expert on colour pigments.

Monday 22 April

Apr 22, 2019 01:00:00


We’re live from Sri Lanka, where explosions on Easter Sunday left more than 290 dead. Plus: actor Vladimir Zelensky wins Ukraine’s election, Putin prepares to meet Kim Jong-un and climate-change protests hit London.

Friday 19 April

Apr 19, 2019 01:00:00


We examine the Ukrainian presidential TV debate ahead of this Sunday’s elections, get the latest from Catalonia and ask why the Crossrail project in the UK has been delayed once again. Plus: Netflix commissions its first African animated series.

Thursday 18 April

Apr 18, 2019 00:58:46


We start in Washington DC, where both sides of the political divide await the publication of Robert Muller’s report into alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia. Then we look in as France announces an international architecture competition to rebuild the Notre-Dame spire and find out how advertising might be heading into space.

Wednesday 17 April

Apr 17, 2019 01:00:00


We’re in Indonesia as the polls open, then we get the latest from Paris following the fire at the cathedral of Notre Dame. We also hear how Egypt’s parliament is extending presidential term limits.

Tuesday 16 April

Apr 16, 2019 01:00:00


Monocle’s Paris correspondent and our regular contributors have the very latest as a huge fire engulfs Notre-Dame cathedral. Plus: the rise of the far-right in Austria, Ivanka Trump’s tour of Africa and a collaborative space programme between the US and Taiwan.

Monday 15 April

Apr 15, 2019 01:00:00


As change sweeps Algeria and Sudan, we ask if the protest movement heralds a new iteration of the Arab Spring. Plus: is Ukraine on course to elect a comedian for president, and a look at the day’s headlines.

Friday 12 April

Apr 12, 2019 01:00:00


Could foreign interference be the biggest threat facing western democracies? We also explore what will happen to Tibetans and their religion when the Dalai Lama dies, discuss the reliability and security of F-35 fighter jets, look ahead to Australia’s federal elections and discover why tourists have fallen in love with Slovenia.

Thursday 11 April

Apr 11, 2019 01:00:00


We have the latest updates as the world's biggest democratic election gets underway in India. Plus: Turkey’s president attempts to annul Istanbul’s local elections results, the politicians who run the risk of being worn out by their workload and the first image of a black hole – does it live up to our expectations?

Wednesday 10 April

Apr 10, 2019 01:00:00


We analyse the incoming results from Israel’s election, discuss the unrest in Sudan, get the latest on Brexit and check in with the Monocle team at Milan’s Salone del Mobile design fair.

Tuesday 9 April

Apr 9, 2019 01:00:00


Will Emmanuel Macron or Angela Merkel decide the UK’s future outside the EU? Plus: how political chaos promotes authoritarianism, a wrap of the aircraft interiors expo, India’s elections and what to expect from Monocle’s special coverage of Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Monday 8 April

Apr 8, 2019 01:00:00


We get an update on the ongoing fighting in Tripoli and look ahead to tomorrow’s elections in Israel. Plus: we look through today’s newspapers, go through the business headlines and discuss Turkey’s new airport.

Friday 5 April

Apr 5, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss the latest on Westminster negotiations between government and the opposition, and get reaction from Brussels, where lawmakers say a hard Brexit is looking more likely. Plus, we look at Matteo Salvini’s plans to create a far-right alliance ahead of European elections and hear from the producers of the new Netflix series “Our Planet”.

Thursday 4 April

Apr 4, 2019 01:00:00


How Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Russia may benefit his election campaign, the UK’s struggle to dispose of its old submarines, plus how Japan is planning to support restaurants that use local ingredients.

Wednesday 3 April

Apr 3, 2019 01:00:00


How prepared are Ireland and France for a no-deal Brexit – and would they offer the UK an extension to allow it figure out what it wants? Also in the programme: the US halts F-35 equipment deliveries to Turkey and we hear from Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro at the Radiodays Europe event in Lausanne.

Tuesday 2 April

Apr 2, 2019 01:00:00


Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has landed in Israel to meet Benjamin Netanyahu; we ask how much support the two controversial leaders can offer each other. Plus: the future of radio and how the weekend’s election result will change the balance of power in Istanbul and Ankara.

Monday 1 April

Apr 1, 2019 01:00:00


We assess the UK’s options as the country gets ever closer to crashing out of the EU. Plus, we hear from incoming Slovakian president Zuzana Caputova and get an update on elections in Ukraine and Turkey.

Friday 29 March

Mar 29, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss Ukraine’s election and ask whether Theresa May can get a modified version of her Brexit plan through parliament. Plus: Helsinki’s newest museum, business news and can France cut down on its wine consumption?

Thursday 28 March

Mar 28, 2019 01:00:00


We get the latest from Thailand as the election continues to prove inconclusive. Plus: as Theresa May announces she will step down, we hear from Brussels about the UK’s future relationship with the EU. Also in the programme: why India is investing in the space race.

Wednesday 27 March

Mar 27, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss Article 50 and Brexit, look at Israel’s relationship with the Golan Heights region, and look ahead to Ukraine’s upcoming election.

Tuesday 26 March

Mar 26, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss Europe’s relationship with China, find out why heightened tensions in Israel have forced Benjamin Netanyahu to cut short his trip to Washington and look ahead to India’s upcoming election.

Monday 25 March

Mar 25, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss the confusion after Thailand’s general election and UK prime minister Theresa May’s struggle to stay in power. Plus, a fresh look at the day’s newspapers.

Friday 22 March

Mar 22, 2019 01:00:00


Is there any escape from a no-deal Brexit as the UK remains as divided as ever? Also in the programme, an interview with Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen, and what to keep an eye on at this year’s Baselworld watch and jewellery show.

Thursday 21 March

Mar 21, 2019 01:00:00


Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy, reactions to UK PM Theresa May’s pledge for an extension to Article 50 and why China is planning to clone its police dogs.

Wednesday 20 March

Mar 20, 2019 01:00:00


Nordic reports suggest that Russia exaggerates its military capabilities, Hong Kong announces its most expensive infrastructure project to date and Finland has been ranked the happiest nation in the world – again.

Tuesday 19 March

Mar 19, 2019 01:00:00


Is Theresa May’s Brexit deal history and, if so, what’s next for the UK? Also in the programme: US and Russian diplomats try to find agreement on what to do with Venezuela, plus a visit to the world’s northernmost design festival in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Monday 18 March

Mar 18, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss the aftermath of last week’s terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. Plus: analysis of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to Washington and we get the latest on the protests in Algeria.

Friday 15 March

Mar 15, 2019 01:00:00


We get the latest reaction from Christchurch, New Zealand, after 49 people were killed in shootings at two mosques. And as Nato publishes its annual report, we look at what’s ahead for the world’s most powerful military alliance. Plus, we check in with the director of the London Book Fair.

Thursday 14 March

Mar 14, 2019 01:00:00


As Emmanuel Macron embarks on a tour of African nations, we ask what kind of relationship he hopes to create with them. Plus: the latest on the UK’s political chaos and the Mipim property fair in Cannes.

Wednesday 13 March

Mar 13, 2019 01:00:00


We assess the dwindling options for the UK following Theresa May’s actions in parliament this week. Plus: what’s in store for Ukraine in its upcoming election and writer Pete Brown on the branding of craft brews.

Tuesday 12 March

Mar 12, 2019 01:00:00


As a new poll suggests uncertain times ahead in Spanish politics, we discuss what's on the horizon for the country. Plus: unrest in Algeria, why cyber security has provoked protests in Russia and tips on national branding.

Monday 11 March

Mar 11, 2019 01:00:00


We assess the achievements (and agonies) of Mexico’s left-wing leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador as he marks 100 days in office. Plus: trouble for Boeing after another 737 Max 8 jet crash and why the electric car may finally be ready for the mainstream.

Friday 8 March

Mar 8, 2019 01:00:00


As Brexit rumbles on, we look at disillusionment with Westminster from Scotland and Ireland. Plus: what’s next in the relationship between Washington and Riyadh, and why Austrian rail firm ÖBB is expanding its statelier travel option.

Thursday 7 March

Mar 7, 2019 01:00:00


We look at Tehran’s hopes for a new trade channel with Europe after president Hassan Rouhani rules out talks with the US. Plus: we ask how badly Brexit could damage commercial airlines and preview Art Fair Tokyo 2019 – Japan’s largest international art fair.

Wednesday 6 March

Mar 6, 2019 01:00:00


With Afghan peace talks taking place in Doha, we discuss the diplomacy involved high-stakes negotiations. Plus, the difficulties faced by new political parties, the latest business news and the Geneva Motor Show.

Tuesday 5 March

Mar 5, 2019 01:00:00


As a US-China trade deal draws closer, how much are the two countries willing to compromise to get it signed? Plus: France’s new tax on technology giants and the Netherlands sees a huge rise in e-bike sales.

Monday 4 March

Mar 4, 2019 01:00:00


After Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s summit in Hanoi raised more questions than answers, we discuss US foreign-policy strategy across Asia. Plus: why are some big names bowing out of Australian politics?

Friday 1 March

Mar 1, 2019 01:00:00


We analyse the continuing military crisis between India and Pakistan, learn which European leaders support extending Article 50 and which don’t, and discuss why Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban could be ejected from a political alliance for his position on EC president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Thursday 28 February

Feb 28, 2019 01:00:00


Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un abruptly call off their summit in Hanoi. Plus: why did Iran’s foreign minister quit? We also learn why Spain’s former prime minister has been in court and meet actress Elena Sofia Ricci.

Wednesday 27 February

Feb 27, 2019 01:00:00


We hear from philosopher AC Grayling about where the UK is headed in light of the latest news on Brexit. Plus: we discuss why India launched airstrikes on Pakistan, hear why Turkey is undertaking naval drills and discuss the results of Bloomberg’s Healthiest Country Index.

Tuesday 26 February

Feb 26, 2019 01:00:00


As Emmanuel Macron enjoys a lift in polling numbers, we look at the outlook ahead for France. Plus: a preview of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s meeting in Hanoi this week and a look at the candidates for the upcoming election in Ukraine.

Monday 25 February

Feb 25, 2019 01:00:00


We get the latest from Venezuela as Juan Guaidó urges the US to “consider all options” to end a blockade on much-needed aid. Plus: Cuba’s new constitution, the morning papers and a Monocle wrap on the Oscars.

Friday 22 February

Feb 22, 2019 01:00:00


As governments consider stripping jihadists of their citizenship, what does it mean to be stateless. Plus: aid blockades in Venezuela and, as Serbia’s gay PM gives birth, we discuss her country’s progress on gay rights.

Thursday 21 February

Feb 21, 2019 01:00:00


We look at the dire state of UK politics after three Tory MPs follow seven ex-Labour colleagues in leaving their party. Plus: the future of joint-European defence forces, a Balkans business update and Milan Fashion Week.

Wednesday 20 February

Feb 20, 2019 01:00:00


As Mohammed Bin Salman heads to China, we look at how Beijing has been trying to raise its profile in the Middle East. Plus: the significance of Jair Bolsonaro firing one of his most senior aides and a look back at the life and legacy of Karl Lagerfeld.

Tuesday 19 February

Feb 19, 2019 01:00:00


We look at Iran’s relations with the rest of the world – and the future of the nuclear accord after the foreign minister suggests Iranians have lost faith in the deal. Plus: we get to the bottom of Polish-Israeli tensions and detail the impact of Brexit on London’s financial sector.

Monday 18 February

Feb 18, 2019 01:00:00


We assess an eventful weekend in US politics and review last week’s Munich Security Conference. Plus: Tyler Brûlé recaps Monocle’s Winter Weekender and we get the latest from Frieze in Los Angeles.

Friday 15 February

Feb 15, 2019 01:00:00


The European Commission angers the US after expanding its “dirty-money” blacklist. Plus: why Russia isn't bothered by sanctions, Spain’s snap elections and yet another backlash rocks the Academy Awards.

Thursday 14 February

Feb 14, 2019 01:00:00


There’s little love in the air in Westminster over Brexit. Plus: Thailand quashes its princess’s political ambitions, oil markets react to tensions in Venezuela and why news outlets are wary about Apple’s new idea.

Wednesday 13 February

Feb 13, 2019 01:00:00


Is Nato properly equipped to handle a large cyberattack? Plus: Australia’s government suffers a humiliating defeat, Spain prepares to remove Franco’s remains, tensions erupt between exhibitors and Netflix at the Berlinale, and the day’s newspapers.

Tuesday 12 February

Feb 12, 2019 01:00:00


Thailand bows to global pressure and releases refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi. Plus: the Mueller inquiry overshadows Mike Pompeo’s Europe trip, the future of photojournalism and Russia considers its own internet.

Monday 11 February

Feb 11, 2019 01:00:00


As the Dutch government says it’s confident that Russia will talk about what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17, what can be achieved four years after the event? Plus: what's happening in Thai politics after a princess drops her bid to run for prime minister and the legacy of photojournalist Don McCullin.

Friday 8 February

Feb 8, 2019 01:00:00


The aftermath of the damning report on Australian banks, why the US will buy Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defence system instead of improving its own and the week’s top culture stories from Los Angeles.

Thursday 7 February

Feb 7, 2019 01:00:00


European Council president Donald Tusk says those who promoted Brexit without a plan deserve a ‘special place in hell’; we analyse his comments. Plus: Egypt’s President Sisi seeks to extend his rule and we spirit away art-theft expert Noah Charney.

Wednesday 6 February

Feb 6, 2019 01:00:00


Tension between China and Taiwan, Donald Trump’s State of the Union address and Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé on the best ways to brand journalism.

Tuesday 5 February

Feb 5, 2019 01:00:00


As Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras travels to Turkey, we discuss the ties between the two countries. Plus, why Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe share many of the same concerns and Hong Kong’s trouble with wild boars.

Monday 4 February

Feb 4, 2019 01:00:00


How will allegations of racism against Virginia’s governor affect the Democrats? Plus, uncertainty in Venezuela, controversy at Melbourne University Press and Tyler Brûlé looks at the year ahead in publishing.

Friday 1 February

Feb 1, 2019 01:00:00


A look at why Europe’s other EU-exit movements have gone conspicuously quiet amid the chaos of Brexit. Plus: Italy finally allows migrants stranded at sea to disembark, the looming merger concerning Germany’s banking sector and highlights from the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Thursday 31 January

Jan 31, 2019 01:00:00


How Ukraine’s election could affect the Eurozone’s future. Plus, crackdowns on gay people in Chechnya, Taipei mulls US ties, sustainable fashion in Paris and Tyler Brûlé on sharing media across the political spectrum.

Wednesday 30 January

Jan 30, 2019 01:00:00


As the US director of national intelligence delivers a scathing critique of Donald Trump's foreign policy, we assess the aftermath. Plus: Australia’s PM intervenes in the wrongful detention of a Bahraini refugee in Bangkok and what happens when stage plays go wrong.

Tuesday 29 January

Jan 29, 2019 01:00:00


From Venezuela to Zimbabwe, we assess why some regimes warrant international intervention while others carry on. Plus: Australia's increasingly controversial national day, why Howard Schultz thinks he can outrun Republicans and Democrats to the presidency and how new film ‘Vice’ walks a fine line between true and possibly true.

Monday 28 January

Jan 28, 2019 01:00:00


We get the latest on the power struggle in Venezuela after the US secretary of state urges countries to get behind the opposition. Plus: as Nato and Russia fail to agree on missile talks, will Washington quit the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty? And we cross to Madrid, where the world’s biggest culinary event kicks off today.

Friday 25 January

Jan 25, 2019 01:00:00


Jacob Parakilas examines the ongoing situation in Venezuela after the country cut ties with the US. Plus: how an extraordinary error by Interpol and the Australian government led to a footballer’s arrest and continuing detention in Thailand, the story of Xi Jinping’s umbrella and the day’s newspapers.

Thursday 24 January

Jan 24, 2019 01:00:00


We assess how Huawei is managing its expansion despite a global backlash. Plus: how walls have come to symbolise today’s political mood, Hong Kong’s new national anthem law, the latest from Davos and why Paramount has snapped up a streaming site.

Wednesday 23 January

Jan 23, 2019 01:00:00


As Recep Tayyip Erdogan heads to Syria, we ask whether the withdrawal of US troops has enabled the Turkish president to take a more aggressive stance. Plus, unrest in Zimbabwe and business news from Davos.

Tuesday 22 January

Jan 22, 2019 01:00:00


We discuss the significance of a new treaty being signed between Germany and France amid the chaos of Brexit. Plus: Shinzo Abe’s trip to Moscow – where he plans to bring up the disputed Kuril Islands – and a look at the impact of a slowing Chinese economy.

Monday 21 January

Jan 21, 2019 01:00:00


Are revelations that Donald Trump may have instructed his former lawyer to lie to Congress the biggest threat to his presidency yet? Plus: why the UK’s political opposition may greatly influence Europe’s future, how Paramount Pictures spiralled into a fight for survival and newspaper publisher Tribune taps a new CEO.

Friday 18 January

Jan 18, 2019 01:00:00


With the US government shutdown dragging on, we ask how long workers can continue reporting for duty. Plus: a sense of crisis sweeps across Europe as France switches on its no-deal Brexit contingency plan, Australia’s row over prosecco labelling and why Facebook is offering financial assistance to local news media.

Thursday 17 January

Jan 17, 2019 01:00:00


With the UN Security Council poised to approve the deployment of observers to monitor a ceasefire in Yemen, we ask why it has been able to reach consensus over this war after disagreeing on Syria. Plus: the UK’s hopes for international trade after Brexit, Vladimir Putin visits Belgrade and the latest from Paris Fashion Week.

Wednesday 16 January

Jan 16, 2019 01:00:00


After the worst defeat for a British government in modern history, we assess how the UK will proceed with its plan to leave the EU. Plus: Chechnya resumes its crackdown on gay people, the ballooning number of streaming platforms vying for business and a tribute to Broadway legend Carol Channing.

Tuesday 15 January

Jan 15, 2019 01:00:00


As the UK parliament votes on whether to accept Theresa May’s Brexit deal, we assess the chaos and uncertainty clouding one of the country’s most consequential days in politics. Plus: Donald Trump moves to conceal discussions with Vladimir Putin and the sale of newspaper publisher Gannett looms.

Monday 14 January

Jan 14, 2019 01:00:00


As the US government shutdown becomes the longest of its kind in the country's history, we ask how much longer the stalemate can continue. Plus: France’s ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters take to the streets once more, a closer look at the shadowy figure known as ‘Putin's chef’ and what the City of Culture title can do for a place.

Friday 11 January

Jan 11, 2019 01:00:00


How is the government shutdown affecting daily life in the US? Plus: how Angela Merkel’s allies are building defences against rising populism, Turkey considers its options in Syria and a wrap of the CES electronics fair.

Thursday 10 January

Jan 10, 2019 01:00:00


The UK’s parliament is due to vote on the Brexit deal within days but few are certain of what will come next. Plus: the future of Japanese investment, the Congo’s troubled election and the latest from Pitti Uomo.

Wednesday 9 January

Jan 9, 2019 01:00:00


We assess the US secretary of state’s tour of the Middle East and how it could impact Iranian diplomacy. Plus: Italy’s flirtation with an anti-EU league, Carlos Ghosn speaks out and more from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Tuesday 8 January

Jan 8, 2019 01:00:00


With US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recovering from surgery, we explain why her health could directly impact a political generation. Plus: why an Australian senator used taxpayer money to attend a far-right gathering and AI enters the bathroom at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas.

Monday 7 January

Jan 7, 2019 01:00:00


Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas predicts who’ll blink first as Donald Trump’s demand for a wall on the US border with Mexico continues to put a freeze on government business.

The best of The Big Interview: Barry Jenkins

Jan 4, 2019 01:00:00


In this special edition we look back at one of the year’s best interviews on ‘The Big Interview’. The director of ‘Moonlight’, which won the Oscar for best picture in 2017, talks about everything from getting into film-making while growing up in a rough neighbourhood, to adapting James Baldwin to the screen in his new drama ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’, and the responsibility that comes with having a voice.

The best of The Big Interview: Dave Eggers

Jan 3, 2019 01:00:00


In this special edition we look back at one of the year’s best interviews on ‘The Big Interview’. Dave Eggers is the author behind bestselling and award-winning books such as ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’, ‘What is the What’ and ‘The Circle’. He met Monocle’s Ed Stocker to talk about his work, influences and more.

The best of The Big Interview: Sally Field

Jan 2, 2019 01:00:00


In this special edition we look back at one of the year’s best interviews on ‘The Big Interview’. Sally Field won an Oscar for best actress in ‘Norma Rae’ in 1980 and another in 1985 for ‘Places in the Heart’. She has now written a memoir, ‘In Pieces’, and talks to Georgina Godwin about childhood trauma and losing herself in acting.

The best of The Big Interview: Esa-Pekka Salonen

Jan 1, 2019 01:00:00


In this special edition we look back at one of the year’s best interviews on ‘The Big Interview’. The Finnish composer and conductor, currently principal conductor for London’s Philharmonia and conductor laureate for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, muses over the idea of danger in classical music, pushing virtuosos’ comfort zones and giving back to the system.

The best of The Big Interview: Jane Mayer

Dec 31, 2018 01:00:00


In this special edition we look back at one of the year’s best interviews on 'The Big Interview'. Investigative journalist Jane Mayer became the first female Washington correspondent for ‘The Wall Street Journal’ in 1984 and has been a staff writer at ‘The New Yorker’ since 1995. She talks about corruption in Washington, increasing hostility towards the press and her determination to expose the truth.

The best of The Big Interview: Robert Harris

Dec 28, 2018 01:00:00


In this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back at some of the year’s best interviews on ‘The Big Interview’. Robert Harris is the author of numerous bestsellers, including ‘Fatherland’, ‘The Fear Index’ and ‘An Officer and a Spy’. He talks about his new novel, ‘Munich’, ancient Rome and why it’s difficult to write political fiction in the modern world.

The best of The Big Interview: Sir Kenneth Grange

Dec 27, 2018 01:00:00


In this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back at some of the year’s best interviews on 'The Big Interview'. Sir Kenneth Grange is known as the godfather of UK product design. He is the man behind quintessentially British everyday products for brands such as Kenwood, Parker, Kodak and Anglepoise – and the InterCity 125 train, the regional Royal Mail postbox and the latest London black cab.

The best of The Big Interview: Dame Jane Goodall

Dec 26, 2018 01:00:00


In this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back at some of the year’s best interviews on 'The Big Interview'. Primatologist Dame Jane Goodall talks to Andrew Mueller about her groundbreaking discoveries, chimpanzees’ sense of humour and the work still ahead.

The best of The Big Interview: David Sedaris

Dec 25, 2018 01:00:00


In this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back at a highlight from ‘The Big Interview’. The American humorist David Sedaris discusses his latest book, ‘Calypso’, and muses over everything from family dynamics and awkward social situations to the boundaries of humour and the role of entertainment in a time of troubling politics.

The best of The Big Interview: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Dec 24, 2018 01:00:00


In a special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back at a highlight from ‘The Big Interview’. Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie discusses blacks in America, feminism, Nigerian fashion and challenges facing the Left.

Friday 21 December

Dec 21, 2018 01:00:00


We unpack Vladimir Putin’s marathon press conference, hear why the long-awaited elections in DRC have been cancelled and talk to Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins. Plus: branding at Christmas.

Thursday 20 December

Dec 20, 2018 01:00:00


Steven Erlanger, chief diplomatic correspondent in Europe for ‘The New York Times’, reveals how confidential discussions were hacked. Plus: why Soviet nostalgia is on the rise in Russia, Renzo Piano’s plans for Genoa’s new bridge, the strange gender politics of game shows and how the romantic comedy ‘You’ve Got Mail’ predicted the future of New York’s retail.

Wednesday 19 December

Dec 19, 2018 01:00:00


How well has the first truce in Yemen for years held? We’re also in Hungary where people have taken to the streets to protest against Prime Minister Viktor Orban and discuss the partnership plans between two major airplane manufacturers – Boeing and Embraer.

Tuesday 18 December

Dec 18, 2018 01:00:00


As protests continue in France, and Brexit’s future unnerves both sides of the political divide, we take a closer look at the art of protesting. Plus: how gossip tabloids have rattled Australian politics, Japan’s revised defence guidelines and Cole Porter’s piano checks in for a makeover.

Monday 17 December

Dec 17, 2018 01:00:00


What should we know about Donald Trump’s new chief of staff? We also discuss claims that Turkey is plotting an assault against Kurdish troops in Syria, and ask whether detente has stalled on the Korean peninsula. Plus: whatever happened to the hit Christmas single?

Friday 14 December

Dec 14, 2018 01:00:00


Could Canada be dragged into the diplomatic tussle between Washington and Beijing? We also find out how the UK’s political circus is being viewed in Brussels, discuss Spain’s plans to raise its minimum wage and hear from a man who is the envy of graphophiles the world over.

Thursday 13 December

Dec 13, 2018 00:58:49


As China retaliates against Canada over the arrest of a senior business person, we ask what this means for relations between the two countries. Plus: we find out how Theresa May’s European counterparts have reacted to her recent trials and tribulations, look at a bold new increase in the minimum wage in Spain and learn about the magic of handwriting.

Wednesday 12 December

Dec 12, 2018 01:00:00


The Thai junta lifts a ban on political campaigning ahead of next year’s elections; how big of a milestone is this for democracy in the country? Also: a controversial Africa museum reopens in Belgium, highlighting the need for the country to address its colonial past. Plus: a round-up of the day’s top business news.

Tuesday 11 December

Dec 11, 2018 01:00:00


The next steps for Theresa May in her fight for Brexit, Russia’s vastly growing arms-trade industry and Australian efforts to try and control Google and Facebook.

Monday 10 December

Dec 10, 2018 01:00:00


We get the latest on another weekend of protests in France and check in on negotiations between the EU and Switzerland for a new integration deal. Plus: who will run Jair Bolsonaro’s cabinet?

Friday 7 December

Dec 7, 2018 01:00:00


We get the latest from peace talks about the conflict in Yemen, assess the future of Germany’s CDU as Angela Merkel prepares to step down and review the top stories in issue two of Monocle’s ‘Winter Weekly’. Plus: Poland is set to name 100 national dishes.

Thursday 6 December

Dec 6, 2018 01:00:00


With arrest warrants issued for two suspected masterminds of the Jamal Khashoggi murder, we ask how Turkey has used the incident to consolidate its power in the region. Plus: the former UN head of mission to Somalia on why the US is re-establishing a diplomatic presence in the country, how Japan might respond to a state visit from President Trump and a look at the day's papers.

Wednesday 5 December

Dec 5, 2018 01:00:00


US senators say there is no doubt that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman should be held accountable for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Central European University is forced to move from Budapest to Vienna due to government pressure and we get the latest on the nationwide shutdown in Zimbabwe.

George H W Bush

Dec 4, 2018 00:06:53


The body of the former US president George H W Bush will lie in state this week ahead of a day of national mourning. He served as the country’s 41st president between 1989 and 1993. Monocle’s Andrew Mueller looks back at his life.

Tuesday 4 December

Dec 4, 2018 01:00:00


Can Nato foreign ministers make progress in the diplomatic stalemate between Ukraine and Russia? Plus: as the UK publishes its legal advice on Brexit, could this pave the way for a constitutional crisis? We also ask why the Israeli police force has recommended charges against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and hear from our reporter in Helsinki covering Slush 2018.

Monday 3 December

Dec 3, 2018 01:00:00


With the G20 summit now finished, we explore the complexities of multilateral negotiation. Plus: Paris cleans up after another weekend of violent protest, what’s on the agenda at Nato’s meeting and we ask if French cuisine has lost its élan.

Friday 30 November

Nov 30, 2018 01:00:00


What should we expect from Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin? We also discuss peace talks intended to end the war in Yemen, the logistics of a second Brexit referendum and the business headlines.

Thursday 29 November

Nov 29, 2018 01:00:00


The world’s leaders are arriving in Buenos Aires ahead of the G20 summit which kicks off tomorrow; we ask who’ll be avoiding who – and if anyone will take a picture with Mohammed Bin Salman. Plus: the latest from the escalating situation in Ukraine, a billionaire philanthropist hoping to reinvigorate Australian journalism and a look inside the first edition of this year’s ‘Monocle Winter Weekly’.

Wednesday 28 November

Nov 28, 2018 01:00:00


With Ukrainian sailors sentenced to 60 days in prison by Russian authorities, we ask how this increasingly tense situation is going to play out. Plus: Japan slides away from its pacifist constitution, Theresa May tries to sell Brexit in Belfast and we hear about a new translation of ‘Aladdin’.

Tuesday 27 November

Nov 27, 2018 01:00:00


Increasing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, French plans to upgrade its public-transport system and a question: what would it take to have a second referendum on the UK’s EU membership?

Monday 26 November

Nov 26, 2018 01:00:00


The UK has been a member of the EU for 45 years but in the end it took the EU27 just 40 minutes to agree to a withdrawal deal. Plus: more domestic woes for Emmanuel Macron as a second week of protests blockade roads and China’s Belt and Road project heads in the direction of scandal.

Friday 23 November

Nov 23, 2018 01:00:00


What should we expect from this weekend’s crunch Brexit summit in Brussels? We also discuss Taiwan’s referendum on whether to legalise same-sex marriage and examine protests in Berlin over rising rents at Karl Marx Allee. Plus: we tell you about Ljubljana Airport’s much-needed extension.

Thursday 22 November

Nov 22, 2018 01:00:00


We diagnose British PM Theresa May's latest Brexit headache as a number of EU countries push for more from the UK. Plus: why Australia refuses to sign up to a UN migration agreement and why Vienna’s government owns more houses than any other landlord in Europe.

Wednesday 21 November

Nov 21, 2018 01:00:00


Spain considers voting against the Brexit deal over Gibraltar, the White House issues a code of conduct for journalists and London’s historic club Annabel’s auctions most of its interior. Plus: newspapers, business headlines and a sneak peek at our guide to Athens.

Tuesday 20 November

Nov 20, 2018 01:00:00


As the UK’s foreign secretary becomes the first foreign minister to visit Iran since the US reimposed sanctions, we ask what he hopes to accomplish in Tehran. Plus: the complicated tangle of accusations behind the Magnitsky Act, Kenya’s new coastguard and the ISS turns 20.

Monday 19 November

Nov 19, 2018 01:00:00


We ask whether politicians in the UK and the Europe can halt the Brexit process, find out why Cuba is pulling doctors out of Brazil and look at the power of the Japanese passport. Plus: would cities benefit from tearing down their carparks?

Friday 16 November

Nov 16, 2018 01:00:00


We ask whether further resignations from Theresa May’s cabinet will force her from her job. Plus: the latest on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, why Japan’s new cyber-security minister has never used a computer and plans to pedestrianise the centre of Paris.

Thursday 15 November

Nov 15, 2018 01:00:00


As UK prime minister Theresa May’s cabinet endorses a draft Brexit agreement, we ask how the news has been received in Europe. We learn what Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe and US vice president Mike Pence hope to achieve on a trip to Australia. And if you’re stuck with what to give a Trump supporter for Christmas, we might just have the answer.

Wednesday 14 November

Nov 14, 2018 01:00:00


Following a violent start to the week, a ceasefire has been declared in Gaza once more. We ask what provoked this latest eruption and how long peace can be expected to hold. Plus, ask if sanctions are having an effect on Russia, what happens once Italy’s budget deadline with the EU elapses, and is some literature too saucy for students?

Edition 1837

Nov 13, 2018 01:00:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Monday 12 November

Nov 12, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the legitimacy of the poll in eastern Ukraine, ask if the UK could be on the verge of a constitutional crisis and examine Mike Pence’s visit to Japan.

Friday 9 November

Nov 9, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the increasingly tense relationship between China and Australia, find out why far-right demonstrators are expected on the streets of Warsaw this weekend and get the latest on Robert Mueller’s inquiry into the presidential election.

Thursday 8 November

Nov 8, 2018 01:00:00


As Greece removes 10,000 priests from the state’s payroll, we ask if it can ever become a secular nation. Plus: we examine how an EU army would operate and find out why it is quite a big deal that Kim Jong-un now has an official portrait.

Wednesday 7 November

Nov 7, 2018 01:00:00


This special edition unpacks an extraordinary night in US politics that has seen a record number of women win seats in Congress. We also discuss press freedom in Hong Kong and the future of the workplace, and find out why Russians are struggling to get hold of Montenegro’s most popular wine.

Tuesday 6 November

Nov 6, 2018 01:00:00


As millions of Americans head to the polls to vote in one of the most decisive midterm elections in modern history, we hear from our teams on the ground in New York and Vermont. Plus, the UK’s new military training base in Oman and a cultural delight in Malmö: the Disgusting Food Museum.

Monday 5 November

Nov 5, 2018 01:00:00


As the US reintroduces sanctions on Iran, we assess the impact they will have on Iran and its neighbours. Plus: why Madrid and Catalonia are in disagreement over the fate of independence leaders for the region and we speak to documentary-maker Adam Curtis and choreographer Rosie Kay.

Friday 2 November

Nov 2, 2018 01:00:00


Will fear-mongering over immigration determine the outcome of the US midterms? We also find out about some of the quickest political U-turns in history, explore Ukraine’s relationship with Russian Orthodoxy and find out why the relationship between Macedonia and Greece is beginning to take off.

Thursday 1 November

Nov 1, 2018 01:00:00


Why has the US decided to intervene in the conflict in Yemen? Plus: the potential outcomes of Jerusalem’s mayoral race, why K-pop is coming between South Korea and Japan and how India built the world’s tallest statue.

Wednesday 31 October

Oct 31, 2018 00:58:48


As Angela Merkel confirms she won’t lead her party past 2021, we discuss what a post-Merkel Germany, and Europe, might look like. Plus: a look at relations between Brazil and China, and we learn why Mexico City has abandoned building its new airport.

Tuesday 30 October

Oct 30, 2018 01:00:00


We analyse why Sweden is heading towards a snap election, learn what was on the table at the meeting between Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe in Tokyo, discuss the increase in antisemitism being seen across the globe, and look at where sport and diplomacy meet.

Monday 29 October

Oct 29, 2018 01:00:00


What should we know about Brazil’s new president? We also assess the threats to Angela Merkel’s fragile coalition, and explore the Swiss art market. Plus: Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé and contributing editor Jessica Bridger review the papers from our Zürich headquarters.

Friday 26 October

Oct 26, 2018 01:00:00


We look ahead to the deciding vote in Brazil’s election this weekend, learn more about the first female president of Ethiopia who took office this week and get the latest on the disturbing spate of terror threats to US Democrat politicians.

Thursday 25 October

Oct 25, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss what’s on the agenda as Shinzo Abe and Xi Jinping meet in China for the first time in seven years. Plus: how is the Jamal Khashoggi killing affecting Saudi Arabia’s relationships with its neighbours? We also have the latest on Asia’s volatile markets and read up ahead of the Helsinki Book Fair.

Wednesday 24 October

Oct 24, 2018 01:00:00


For the first time ever, the European Commission asks a member state to change its national budget; we assess what this will mean for Italy. Then: we talk media and anonymity, as ‘The New York Times’, the ‘Washington Post’ and the ‘Middle East Eye’ re-release articles Jamal Khashoggi had written anonymously for them. Plus: the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge and the legacy of Gilberto Benetton.

Tuesday 23 October

Oct 23, 2018 01:00:00


As the clock marks two weeks to go for the US midterms, are recent events rocking even Donald Trump’s boat? Plus: we look at Russia’s proposed new sanctions on Ukraine, head to New Zealand as the foreign property law takes effect and hear about Euronaval.

Monday 22 October

Oct 22, 2018 00:58:45


As Donald Tump signals that the US could withdraw from a Cold War-era nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, we look at the growing nuclear threat around the globe. Plus: the results of Sydney’s pivotal by-election, Taiwanese independence and Bob Geldof on the People's Vote march.

Friday 19 October

Oct 19, 2018 01:00:00


How much influence does Italy have on the future of Europe? We also discuss how a by-election in Sydney could change the course of Australian politics, get the latest on Brexit and look at how Japan secures its buildings against the dangers of earthquakes.

Thursday 18 October

Oct 18, 2018 01:00:00


We analyse the increasing diplomatic tension between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US following the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. Plus: we assess whether Zimbabwe can reboot its economy and hear from the director of hit film ‘Mandy’.

Wednesday 17 October

Oct 17, 2018 01:00:00


We look at why South and North Korea are opening up more channels and dialogue – and how that affects the North's relationship with the US. Plus: Emmanual Macron’s long-awaited ministerial shake-up and the winner of this year’s Man Booker prize.

Tuesday 16 October

Oct 16, 2018 01:00:00


We look at how Brexit is affecting Irish politics, speak with former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, learn why climate change could influence the price of beer and hear about China’s interests in the Balkans.

Monday 15 October

Oct 15, 2018 00:58:28


We unpack the results of the state election in Bavaria: is this the end of Angela Merkel? Plus: the Pope’s proposed visit to North Korea, how Albania could save its (and Nato’s) military reputation and we're in Cannes as the world’s TV giants get together at Mipcom.

Friday 12 October

Oct 12, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss the growing economic woes seen around the world as a result of Washington’s trade war with Beijing and look at the sustainable design of Bloomberg’s London HQ, winner of this year’s Riba Stirling prize in architecture. Plus: why does Spain have such a troubled relationship with its national symbols?

Thursday 11 October

Oct 11, 2018 01:00:00


As Emmanuel Macron delays a cabinet reshuffle, we ask whether the man blazing a trail abroad is in deep trouble back at home. Plus: how Donald Trump factors into Japan and Australia's vow to keep the pressure up on North Korea.

Wednesday 10 October

Oct 10, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss the disappearance of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, learn why Australia is telling new arrivals to settle away from its major cities and look at the history – and future – of long-haul flying.

Tuesday 9 October

Oct 9, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss an important week for the Council of Europe, look at the continuing trade war between the US and China, and analyse journalists’ safety in the EU.

Monday 8 October

Oct 8, 2018 01:00:00


Will Brazil elect a far-right politician as its president? We also discuss the disappearance of ‘Washington Post' writer Jamal Khashoggi, what impact Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment will have on the US midterms and whether a new font could help students with their exams.

Friday 5 October

Oct 5, 2018 01:00:00


We look ahead to this weekend’s elections in Brazil and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Plus: what does the future hold for Belarus? And we learn why Bavaria could be launching its own space programme.

Thursday 4 October

Oct 4, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss Germany and Israel’s relationship as Angela Merkel pays a visit. Plus: we take a look at whether the Romanian government is on a collision course with the EU and find out why senator Jeff Flake has become so influential in Washington in recent weeks.

Wednesday 3 October

Oct 3, 2018 01:00:00


We look at Saudi Arabia’s long-term prospects regarding the war in Yemen, look at the continuing political stand-off between Catalonia and the Spanish government, and talk architecture and urbanism with specialist Peter Culley.

Tuesday 2 October

Oct 2, 2018 01:00:00


We analyse the European view of the UK’s continuing Brexit debacle, look at whether Russia could benefit from Macedonia's isolation from the EU and Nato, and get a Washington insider's view of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Monday 1 October

Oct 1, 2018 01:00:00


We look at what’s to come in Washington following an extraordinary week revolving around Brett Kavanaugh. Plus: Brazil’s women mobilise to block presidential hopeful Jair Bolsonaro.

Friday 28 September

Sep 28, 2018 01:00:00


We analyse a highly charged day in Washington at the hearing of Brett Kavanaugh and look at Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Germany. Plus: we discuss the concept of human capital and what it means to nations, and speak to choreographer Annie-B Parson about her show ‘17c’ at London’s Dance Umbrella festival.

Thursday 27 September

Sep 27, 2018 01:00:00


We head to Canberra where a public inquiry has opened to examine possible government influence after a journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation was fired. Plus: we sift through Italy’s budget details and hope for a soft landing at a remote airport in India’s eastern Himalayas.

Wednesday 26 September

Sep 26, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the UN’s future as leaders gather for its general assembly in New York. Plus: why the US and Taiwan are trading arms and bypassing China, and we get the latest from Paris Fashion Week.

Tuesday 25 September

Sep 25, 2018 01:00:00


As the world’s leaders land in New York for the UN General Assembly, we dissect the latest talks over North Korea’s disarmament as Trump meets South Korean president Moon Jae-in. Plus: we look into a diplomatic row between Beijing and Stockholm, and learn why word choice matters when reporting terrorism.

Monday 24 September

Sep 24, 2018 00:58:45


We get the latest on the UK’s continuing Brexit crisis, discuss the outcome of the weekend’s election in the Maldives and look at the influence of right-wing political parties in Sweden.

Friday 21 September

Sep 21, 2018 01:00:00


We analyse the perspective of European leaders and the UK’s future options for Brexit after a dismal day for diplomacy in Salzburg. Plus: why has Russia’s drugs ban for international sport been lifted? We also discuss the disappearance of Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and learn why French police have seized 20 tonnes of mini Eiffel Towers.

Thursday 20 September

Sep 20, 2018 01:00:00


We look at why the UK’s foreign secretary is in Myanmar amid allegations its de facto leader has allowed genocide to take place in her country. Plus: the latest on the US and China’s trade war and how it affects US politics, and we look at the branding of food and drink.

Wednesday 19 September

Sep 19, 2018 01:00:00


We get the latest on the talks between North and South Korea in Pyongyang, analyse why Russia is blaming Israel for downing a plane in Syria and discuss the effectiveness of mobile phone-based emergency alerts.

Tuesday 18 September

Sep 18, 2018 01:00:00


As EC president Jean-Claude Juncker prepares to leave his post, we assess what the future of the EU might look like. Plus: we analyse Germany’s renewable-energy train and ask if Russia has been meddling in Macedonia’s politics.

Monday 17 September

Sep 17, 2018 01:00:00


Ukraine’s president hopes to make his country’s plan to join the EU and Nato official; we ask how those organisations might handle Russia's response. Plus: a meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea, the future of department stores and Japanese pop superstar Namie Amuro retires.

Friday 14 September

Sep 14, 2018 01:00:00


Are Europe’s politicians doing enough to counter the threat of right-wing populism? Plus: Zürich’s mayor, Corine Mauch, tells about the challenges facing her city, we discuss universal basic income and speak to the man behind one of Switzerland’s most recognisable brands.

Thursday 13 September

Sep 13, 2018 01:00:00


As the European Parliament votes to trigger Article 7 against Hungary, we assess the state of the union. Plus: an Australian newspaper accused of racism publishes its offending cartoon again, gossip website Gawker aims for a comeback and Boeing lures mechanics out of retirement.

Wednesday 12 September

Sep 12, 2018 01:00:00


As Russia launches its largest military drills since the fall of the Soviet Union, we ask what message the Kremlin wants to send to the world. Plus: the worsening relations between Brussels and Budapest and what makes for a great hotel experience.

Tuesday 11 September

Sep 11, 2018 01:00:00


Live from Zürich with Markus Hippi and Tyler Brûlé, we discuss the day’s top stories, flip through the papers and break down the latest trends in retail, art and life in Switzerland’s largest city.

Monday 10 September

Sep 10, 2018 01:00:00


We cross to Stockholm for the latest on Sweden’s general election, which has seen massive gains by a far-right party with neo-Nazi roots. Plus: Moscow’s local elections, the director of new film ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ and we prepare for a special week of broadcasts from Zürich.

Friday 7 September

Sep 7, 2018 01:00:00


As the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo meet, could a land swap be on the cards? Plus: Kim Jong-un says he wants to denuclearise by the end of Donald Trump’s first term and we ponder whether K-pop stars should be exempt from military service.

Thursday 6 September

Sep 6, 2018 00:58:50


We get the latest on the UK’s accusations against two Russians believed to have poisoned individuals on British soil. Plus: what we learnt from this week’s hearings in the US analysing big technology companies and why Turkey is looking to bring Germany back onside.

Wednesday 5 September

Sep 5, 2018 01:00:00


What impact will the death of a prominent Afghan militant have on tensions in the region? We also have the latest on the most powerful Typhoon to hit Japan in decades, and discuss the controversy surrounding this year’s Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru and Emmanuel Macron’s latest cabinet reshuffle.

Tuesday 4 September

Sep 4, 2018 01:00:00


As the US cancels billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan, we look at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s motives in visiting Islamabad. And, as China announces debt relief and a further $60bn for Africa, we ask what Xi Jinping’s grand plan is for the continent?

Monday 3 September

Sep 3, 2018 01:00:00


As British parliamentarians head back to work, we look at what could be an era-defining few months ahead, with Brexit on the horizon. Plus, as Dakar’s mayor is jailed, we evaluate the situation in a west African nation once seen as a shining beacon of democracy.

Friday 31 August

Aug 31, 2018 01:00:00


Why is Washington meddling in Romania’s domestic affairs? We also find out about the role of women in far-right politics, assess Donald Trump’s threat to leave the World Trade Organisation and cross live to the Berlin Tech Conference.

Thursday 30 August

Aug 30, 2018 01:00:00


We ask why Washington is meddling in Romania’s domestic affairs, find out about the role of women in far-right politics, assess Donald Trump’s threat to leave the World Trade Organisation and cross live to the Berlin Tech Conference.

Wednesday 29 August

Aug 29, 2018 01:00:00


We consider how the US president is using the threat of losing the midterm elections to galvanise support among his base. Plus: sexism in Australian politics, Brazil deploys its military to the Venezuelan border and raising the curtain on the Venice Film Festival.

Tuesday 28 August

Aug 28, 2018 01:00:00


We check in on Emmanuel Macron’s European tour, consider how the rise of military robots could affect combat and roam with the deer of Dublin’s Phoenix Park.

Monday 27 August

Aug 27, 2018 01:00:00


Japan’s Shinzo Abe is launching a bid for re-election but this time his candidacy faces a challenge. Plus: Australia's new PM punishes party rebels as he announces his new ministry, and the 102-year-old Hollywood legend testing the limits of malice at the Supreme Court.

Friday 24 August

Aug 24, 2018 01:00:00


After an explosive few days in Australian politics, we asses the unlikely victor and learn more about what the leadership challenge has meant to the electorate. Plus, John Bolton meets his Russian counterpart, no-deal-Brexit planning papers are released and we learn what to expect from Apple’s new streaming service.

Thursday 23 August

Aug 23, 2018 01:00:00


Two of Donald Trump’s former aides are in deep legal strife – what does that mean for Robert Mueller's Russia probe? Plus: the chaos in Australian politics and why the Venice Film Festival bans critics from tweeting about what they see on screen.

Wednesday 22 August

Aug 22, 2018 01:00:00


We assess an extraordinary day in Australian politics as Malcolm Turnbull fights for his job. Plus: China ramps up its international propaganda, Poland provokes outrage after deporting a government critic and why Sydney’s light-rail project has got locals fuming.

Tuesday 21 August

Aug 21, 2018 00:58:40


French oil giant Total is leaving Iran due to US sanctions – what happens next? Also in the programme: why late-night comedy shows don't seem to work on Netflix and the day’s top business headlines.

Monday 20 August

Aug 20, 2018 01:00:00


We examine the legacy of the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan, discuss Greece’s formal departure from the EU bailout programme and explore counterfactual history in film. Plus: why did Vladimir Putin attend the Austrian foreign minister’s wedding?

Friday 17 August

Aug 17, 2018 01:00:00


We ask why Uyghurs in China face persecution in their homeland. Plus: crunch talks between Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, Australian citizenship tests and the extraordinary life of legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin.

Thursday 16 August

Aug 16, 2018 01:00:00


Amid the trade spat between Washington and Ankara we ask how many friends Turkey has left. Plus: India’s ambitions for a manned space mission and why Emmanuel Macron’s summer holiday irritates the French.

Wednesday 15 August

Aug 15, 2018 01:00:00


We get the latest on the collapse of a motorway bridge in Italy and ask whether Brits who voted to leave the EU have since changed their minds. Plus: the entrepreneur behind one of the world’s best-known fragrance houses and the man who thinks his family are the rightful heirs to the Monaco throne.

Tuesday 14 August

Aug 14, 2018 01:00:00


We learn why peace in Gaza looks ever-more imperative to Israel. Plus: what to expect from Imran Khan’s premiership, just how much trouble is Paul Manafort actually in and why you should never steal sand from a Sardinian beach.

Monday 13 August

Aug 13, 2018 01:00:00


We review another tumultuous weekend in US politics and consider Taiwan’s shrinking list of allies. Plus: why fringe alt-right groups might be gaining traction in Australia, a review of last week’s TCA television industry event and a peek inside the latest issue of Monocle.

Friday 10 August

Aug 10, 2018 01:00:00


We hear worrying news concerning detained journalists from Europe’s so-called last dictatorship. Plus: a scandal at Tokyo Medical University, Australia builds infrastructure in Samoa and political subtexts in children’s classics.

Thursday 9 August

Aug 9, 2018 01:00:00


We consider the repercussions in Argentina after the senate votes against relaxing its abortion laws and discuss the talking points of Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Donald Trump in Helsinki after the details are leaked to the press. Plus: Zambia deports Zimbabwe’s former finance minister in defiance of a court order, Pakistan’s prime minister in waiting Imran Khan and Malaysia’s former prime minister pleads not guilty to three new counts of money laundering.

Wednesday 8 August

Aug 8, 2018 01:00:00


We hear from Iran as Trump’s sanctions take hold and take a look at the worrying surge in hate crime following Italy’s election to power of Salvini. Plus: politicians and responsibility and what – if anything – has changed in Russia since the World Cup.

Tuesday 7 August

Aug 7, 2018 01:00:00


We ask whether nuclear capabilities might be on the cards for Germany and consider the responsibilities of the media when it comes to airing extreme vies. Plus: tense times for China and Taiwan, how sport helped end apartheid in South Africa and the biographer of Austria’s Sebastian Kurtz.

Monday 6 August

Aug 6, 2018 01:00:00


As the US secretary of state admits that North Korea may not be committed to denuclearisation, we ask what happens next. Plus: peace talks in Yemen, how football leads the way for race relations in Australia and the US reconsiders a law that brought about the end of the golden era of Hollywood’s.

Friday 3 August

Aug 3, 2018 01:00:00


As Mike Pompeo starts a tour of Asia, we learn more about how the US might hope to challenge China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Plus: the latest on the situation in Zimbabwe, a look at Burberry’s brand-new branding and the last instalment in this week’s series on the politics of succession.

Thursday 2 August

Aug 2, 2018 01:00:00


We assess an extraordinary request by the US president for his attorney general to end a special counsel investigation into his dealings with Russia. Plus: tensions erupt in Zimbabwe following the election result, how economics steers politics, extradition fears for the former Thai prime minister and what Huawei’s rise to number-two smartphone-maker means for China.

Wednesday 1 August

Aug 1, 2018 01:00:00


Politicians across Europe’s far right are drumming up anxiety over migration but will it resonate with voters? Plus: the next face of the US Democrats and why the 22-year-old 'Mission Impossible' franchise might save Paramount.

Tuesday 31 July

Jul 31, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the curious state of the GOP with just under 100 days until the midterm elections. Plus: why a media merger in Australia has sparked a political row, Russia causes a stir with pension reforms and the delicate process of bringing a star to the screen posthumously.

Monday 30 July

Jul 30, 2018 01:00:00


We check in on the UK prime minister’s diplomatic charm offensive with her Austrian and Czech counterparts. Plus: Zimbabwe’s first post-Mugabe election, how political succession-planning works (and sometimes doesn’t) and Nasa turns 60.

Friday 27 July

Jul 27, 2018 01:00:00


Should military service be mandatory? We also explore Ankara’s growing influence in the Balkans and ask whether more journalists should revive the lost art of fact-checking. Plus: Monocle’s editor, Andrew Tuck, takes us to his favourite spot in London’s Regent's Park.

Thursday 26 July

Jul 26, 2018 01:00:00


Why does Pakistan’s general election matter to the rest of the world? We also look at the censorship of multinational technology firms in China, examine why much of the northern hemisphere is experiencing a heat wave and find out why Kiwis are getting so vexed about vexillography?

Wednesday 25 July

Jul 25, 2018 01:00:00


With a three-decade conflict finally over, Eritrea announces that it will put an end to its oppressive policy of indefinite conscription; we hear about the steps the state must take for this to happen. Plus: a Chinese deadline expires for US airlines and we unpack the longlist of this year’s Man Booker prize.

Tuesday 24 July

Jul 24, 2018 01:00:00


Over the weekend, G20 finance ministers met in Argentina. We learn how hopeful their acknowledgement of the issues facing the global economy really is. Plus: we hear from Sweden, where wildfires have precipitated international co-operation, and we catch up with author Philip Pullman, who explains the challenges faced by today’s writers.

Monday 23 July

Jul 23, 2018 01:00:00


As the White Helmets are evacuated from Syria, we ask if this the endgame for the country’s rebels. Plus: we look ahead to the elections in Pakistan later this week, assess the EU's plans for a no-deal Brexit and head to Copenhagen for the annual World Santa Claus Congress.

Friday 20 July

Jul 20, 2018 01:00:00


As Xi Jinping starts his tour in the Middle East and Africa, we ask if trade will dominate the talks? And another leader goes on a trip: this time Theresa May is headed to Northern Ireland where Brexit will be the hot topic. Plus: our final round-up from the Farnborough Air Show.

Thursday 19 July

Jul 19, 2018 01:00:00


Both Republicans and Democrats have criticised Donald Trump’s remarks at the Helsinki summit but how was Vladimir Putin received at home? Plus: Poland wants to reform its judicial system, Air Force One is up for a redesign and we speak with the Australian minister for trade, tourism and investment about trade after Brexit.

Wednesday 18 July

Jul 18, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban’s meeting with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and try to make sense of the continuing chaos in the UK government. Plus: the legacy of Nelson Mandela and Ethiopian Airlines’ trip to Eritrea.

Tuesday 17 July

Jul 17, 2018 01:00:00


As the EU and Japan sign a landmark trade deal just weeks after Donald Trump announced trade tariffs, we unpack what this means for business around the world. Plus: the fallout of that Trump-Putin meeting, how Cuba’s new constitution shows the Castro era is really gone and we check-in with our contributor at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Monday 16 July

Jul 16, 2018 01:00:00


With Trump and Putin meeting in Helsinki, we learn about the likely outcomes – and the impact on the city. Plus: a final round-up from the World Cup and look at who Sacha Baron Cohen has in the crosshairs for his latest comedy.

Friday 13 July

Jul 13, 2018 01:00:00


With Donald Trump in the UK, we hear what Theresa May might be hoping to accomplish and learn more about the problems caused by her plans for Brexit. Plus: an interview with the editor in chief of ‘Vogue Italia’ and a naked scientist tells us about neutrinos from space.

Thursday 12 July

Jul 12, 2018 01:00:00


With the Nato summit on its second day, we explore why Poland might be making a particular effort to make a good impression on Trump. Plus: we learn more about the far right's position in Germany as a neo-Nazi is sentenced to life imprisonment, and ask whether architectural restoration is always a good thing.

Wednesday 11 July

Jul 11, 2018 01:00:00


In anticipation of what promises to be yet another fractious meeting, we gather three leading commentators to discuss today’s Nato summit. Plus: a special report from the Tartar city of Kazan.

Tuesday 10 July

Jul 10, 2018 01:00:00


Following yesterday’s chaotic events, what’s next for Theresa May’s government and – perhaps more importantly – for Brexit? Plus, Ethiopia and Eritrea declare their “state of war” at an end and we learn why Berlin’s fashion week is becoming an unmissable date on the calendar.

Monday 9 July

Jul 9, 2018 01:00:00


As Japan, the US and South Korea meet to discuss the latter’s northern neighbour, we examine the demands from each side. Plus: Pakistan’s former prime minister vows to clear his name after he’s convicted of corruption, we have a natter about the importance of gossip and get an update from our man at the World Cup.

Friday 6 July

Jul 6, 2018 01:00:00


As Iran’s foreign minister and the five world powers still committed to the Tehran Nuclear Accord meet in Vienna, we ask whether they will be able to protect the agreement. Plus: the Brexit meeting at Chequers, Frieze Sculpture and Berlin Fashion Week.

Thursday 5 July

Jul 5, 2018 01:00:00


After a rocky couple of weeks in German politics, we learn how the migration debate has impacted on neighbouring Austria. Plus: a year after conflict began, we hear from the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross about conditions for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Wednesday 4 July

Jul 4, 2018 01:00:00


Mike Pompeo is set to make another trip to Pyongyang but is total denuclearisation a mere pipe dream? Plus: the nonagenarian challenging Brexit in the European Court of Justice and how the disputed region of Abkhazia hopes to use the World Cup to its advantage.

Tuesday 3 July

Jul 3, 2018 01:00:00


A deal has been made with the EU and interior minister Horst Seehofer has announced that he won't be resigning: is the future assured for Angela Merkel? Plus: MPs call for reform in London’s Home Office in the wake of the Windrush scandal and we find out how a complicated scoring system rewards Wimbledon’s underdogs.

Monday 2 July

Jul 2, 2018 01:00:00


We hear the latest from Mexico, in a special dispatch from the polls. We also debrief on the EU’s proposed solution to the migrant crisis and find out why sumo apprentices are in short supply.

Friday 29 June

Jun 29, 2018 01:00:00


Markus Hippi hosts a special programme from Zürich as our Quality of Life Conference in the city gets underway. We also discuss whether Angela Merkel can survive Europe’s migrant crisis and examine a massive Australian defence contract. Plus: the politics of picking a World Cup team.

Thursday 28 June

Jun 28, 2018 01:00:00


A special broadcast from our new Zürich bureau. Hear about John Bolton’s meeting with Vladimir Putin, the relationship between China and Taiwan and the business of leisure in Zürich. Plus: a lookahead to our imminent Quality of Life Conference with Tyler Brûlé.

Wednesday 27 June

Jun 27, 2018 01:00:00


Can Angela Merkel survive the greatest crisis of her chancellorship? We also examine an historic meeting between leaders from Ethiopia and neighbouring Eritrea and also ask how high-profile figures should tread the diplomatic tightrope.

Tuesday 26 June

Jun 26, 2018 01:00:00


What will a new European military intervention force mean for Nato? We also have the latest from Turkey as President Erdogan seeks to consolidates his power and ask why the US defence secretary is visiting Beijing.

Monday 25 June

Jun 25, 2018 01:00:00


We have the latest from Turkey as longstanding leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan wins a new five-year term. We also ask whether big business could turn the tide against Brexit and find out how China’s universities are promoting Xi Jinping.

Friday 22 June

Jun 22, 2018 01:00:00


We look ahead to this weekend’s election in Turkey, unpack the future of South Korea’s relations with Russia and examine why Venezuela has deployed its military to control vendors in its markets.

Thursday 21 June

Jun 21, 2018 01:00:00


As Hungary passes a bill banning people from helping migrants, we take a closer look at the unfolding crisis. Plus: is Greece about to get some debt relief from the EU? And we hear how Japan has some of the best-behaved sports fans in the world.

Wednesday 20 June

Jun 20, 2018 01:00:00


We unwrap the two-day visit to China by North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, examine the latest wave of protests in Italy after a minister suggested the Roma population should be registered and report from Kazan on why the World Cup is not just about football, but film too. Plus: business headlines and the day’s front pages.

Tuesday 19 June

Jun 19, 2018 01:00:00


We look at China’s influence in Asia and ask if the US is taking the nation’s intentions seriously enough. Plus, why the issue of gender in Australia is being discussed by its prime minister, we learn why France’s aviation sector is causing delays for much of Europe and hear about a new exhibition looking to show the effect of corruption in Ukraine.

Monday 18 June

Jun 18, 2018 01:00:00


As Colombia elects a new president we assess what he will mean for the end for the peace process. Plus: a lookahead to Turkey’s election, migration in Europe and our series on lost-and-found objects.

Friday 15 June

Jun 15, 2018 01:00:00


The UN condemns excessive Israeli force against Palestinians – but will that make a difference? Also: can Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand counteract the growing Chinese influence in the region, and why Spanish pensioners are ready to take it to the streets.

Thursday 14 June

Jun 14, 2018 01:00:00


We look a the deepening war of words between France and Italy regarding the Mediterranean refugee crisis, learn whether the US, Mexico and Canada can get along well enough to stage the 2026 World Cup and discuss Japan’s latest effort to create more social cohesion between its generations.

Wednesday 13 June

Jun 13, 2018 00:55:22


We discuss the UK’s attempt to condense parliamentary debate on the major issues of Brexit into two days. Plus: the future of US-China relations and a look ahead to the World Cup in Russia.

Tuesday 12 June

Jun 12, 2018 01:00:00


We look at today’s historic summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore, ask whether Russia had any influence in the outcome of the UK’s Brexit referendum, discuss Mexican-US relations and get the latest business headlines.

Monday 11 June

Jun 11, 2018 01:00:00


We report from Québec, where the G7 summit has just wrapped with a spat – prompted by none other than US president Donald Trump. We also unpack his upcoming meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. Plus: we look to Afghanistan where the Taliban has announced a three-day truce and cross to our Tokyo bureau to hear how Japan wants to get citizens cycling more.

Friday 8 June

Jun 8, 2018 01:00:00


The view from Québec on the first day of the G7 summit, why China and Russia are getting cosier and a New Zealand radio station for insomniacs.

Thursday 7 June

Jun 7, 2018 01:00:00


Japan’s Shinzo Abe lands in Washington today to meet Donald Trump. In the UK the Labour party is split over Brexit (once again) and we profile the maiden speech of Italy’s new prime minister.

Wednesday 6 June

Jun 6, 2018 01:00:00


As Mariano Rajoy steps down as leader of Spain’s Conservative party, we ask what's next for the country? Plus: a snapshot of Benjamin Netanyahu’s European tour, how Saudi Arabia has issued the first driving licenses to women and our continued coverage of this years Venice Biennale.

Tuesday 5 June

Jun 5, 2018 01:00:00


We look at why North Korea is reshuffling its top military personnel and why Bashar al-Assad is planning a visit there. Plus, we look at the latest big tech stories and ask whether shared bike schemes are really the way forward.

Monday 4 June

Jun 4, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the latest tensions between Russia and Nato as the alliance prepares to launch air patrols over Montenegro. Plus: Taiwan’s quest to find new allies and why Austrians are so keen to keep smoking in bars.

Friday 1 May

Jun 1, 2018 00:59:54


We ask what can be achieved in reported talks between the Taliban and Afghan government and check in on the Asia Security Summit in Singapore, where top-ranking military officials from 50 countries are gathered. Plus: Italy’s coalition government is finally announced.

Thursday 31 May

May 31, 2018 00:55:59


We get the latest on bilateral talks between Washington and Pyongyang with confirmation of a Singapore summit still up in the air. Plus: we look at the likelihood of Japan easing restrictions on unskilled foreign workers to confront an ageing population and we hear of plans for an international metro between Copenhagen and Malmö.

Wednesday 30 May

May 30, 2018 01:00:00


As bilateral-summit talks continue, we dissect the careful stage management between the US and North Korea. Plus: the latest developments in aviation and what’s next for European companies in Iran.

Tuesday 29 May

May 29, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss Beijing’s response to the latest US military display in the South China Sea and ask how Italy can be steered to stability amid the political storm. Plus: a flip through the papers and a quick stop in Tokyo as part of our series on the best cities for a layover.

Monday 28 May

May 28, 2018 01:00:00


We unpack the result of the elections in Colombia and ask what it means for the deal with rebel group Farc. Plus: Emmanuel Macron meets Vladimir Putin, headlines from the Balkans, what GDPR actually means and a report from the Venice Biennale.

Friday 25 May

May 25, 2018 01:00:00


We break down the debate on Ireland’s abortion referendum and ask if Germany’s approach to Beijing is an endorsement of China as the world’s new superpower. Plus, we analyse Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s latest crackdown in Turkey ahead of elections and get the day’s business and newspaper headlines.

Thursday 24 May

May 24, 2018 01:00:00


We examine Emmanuel Macron’s continuing charm offensive as he heads to Moscow and hear highlights of Monocle’s extensive interview with Brazil’s impeached former president Dilma Rouseff, who thinks she was the victim of a coup. Plus: a review of the newspapers and the latest business headlines.

Wednesday 23 May

May 23, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss a Palestinian demand by for a full investigation into Israel at the International Criminal Court and evaluate Bernie Sanders’ next move in Vermont. Plus: the newspapers and the latest business news from Cairo.

Tuesday 22 May

May 22, 2018 01:00:00


What's on the agenda for today’s meeting between Moon Jae-In and Donald Trump in Washington? Plus: how the roles of trusted relationships between the UK and its allies are changing and why China is trying to land on the dark side of the moon.

Monday 21 May

May 21, 2018 01:00:00


We ask what’s next in Venezuela after Maduro claims another victory and discuss Russia’s influence in Syria and Lebanon, after a sit-down between Assad and Putin. Plus: a flip through the papers, business in Tokyo and a look at the expense of marriage in Hong Kong.

Friday 18 May

May 18, 2018 00:58:40


We speak to Theresa May as she visits Macedonia, learn whether this weekend’s Venezuelan election will bring about any change, look at the shifting state of Austrian politics and discuss why whiskey can be so expensive.

Thursday 17 May

May 17, 2018 01:00:00


We look at why Turkey has become involved in a diplomatic spat with Israel regarding the latter’s treatment of Palestinians. Plus: how the female vote will help shape the next US election and a tour of waterside living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Wednesday 16 May

May 16, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss the latest clashes between Israel and Palestinian protestors. Plus: a look at Iran's relationship with Europe and a chat with Umesh Pandey, the former editor of ‘The Bangkok Post’.

Tuesday 15 May

May 15, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss why Donald Trump has made a U-turn on his policy regarding Chinese company ZTE, weigh up the challenges that lie ahead in Malaysian politics and hear from respected architect Jim Olsen on how to build structures that sit well within nature.

Monday 14 May

May 14, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the challenges in, and uncertain future of, Italian politics. Plus: we learn about the result of Iraq’s election at the weekend and recap the best of this year’s Eurovision performances.

Friday 11 May

May 11, 2018 01:00:00


After a week of summits and bridge-building in Asia, we look at the future of the region with a focus on China, Japan, South Korea and North Korea. Plus, we analyse Russia’s role in Armenia, speak to watchmaker George Bamford, meet film-director Michel Hazanavicius to discuss his new film ‘Redoubtable’ / ‘Godard Mon Amour’, and learn why Costa Rica wants to become the world’s first decarbonised society.

Thursday 10 May

May 10, 2018 01:00:00


We examine Italy’s continuing political deadlock, look at US foreign policy following Donald Trump’s reversal on the Iran nuclear deal, check in with the Cannes film festival and visit the V&A’s new event.

Wednesday 9 May

May 9, 2018 00:58:50


We preview Malaysia’s contentious election, look at a major regional summit between China, Japan and South Korea, and discuss the latest in Lebanese politics.

Tuesday 8 May

May 8, 2018 00:58:04


We head to Yerevan to ask if Armenia is about to break its political deadlock and examine free speech, or its absence, in Cambodia, as its last independent newspaper is sold. Plus, we punch our ticket to find out which city has the best tram drivers in Europe.

Monday 7 May

May 7, 2018 00:58:41


We get the early results in Lebanon’s first election in nine years and consider the future for Iran’s relatively moderate president if Donald Trump tears up his nuclear deal. Plus: Mo Salah, the Egyptian football player blazing a trail in the English game and opening fans’ eyes to Islam.

Friday 4 May

May 4, 2018 01:00:00


The US's trade-talk aims in China, female voters in the Lebanese election, the ongoing conflict in Yemen and Swedish meatballs.

Thursday 3 May

May 3, 2018 01:00:00


With the Iran nuclear deal looking to be in peril, we establish what nations both for and against it are seeking to gain. We also get an update on the latest from Armenia, look at the feasibility of Donald Trump’s trade tariffs, learn about the history of Mogadishu and look back on 50 years of the musical ‘Hair’.

Wednesday 2 May

May 2, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss the ramifications of Benjamin Netanyahu’s accusations against Iran regarding its nuclear programme. Plus: Japanese and South Korean relations and why kids’ TV character Peppa Pig is being called subversive in China.

Tuesday 1 May

May 1, 2018 01:00:00


Will the EU punish the eastern member states that have failed to respect the rule of law? We will also look ahead to the Chinese foreign minister’s visit to Pyongyang and ask why Brazilian telenovelas remain as popular as ever despite streaming services stealing traditional broadcasters’ audiences elsewhere in the world.

Monday 30 April

Apr 30, 2018 01:00:00


We ask whether high-profile state visits are style over substance and hear how China is making defaming revolutionary heroes punishable by law. Plus: the UK press reaction to the resignation of home secretary Amber Rudd.

Friday 27 April

Apr 27, 2018 01:00:00


We head to South Korea to break down a historic moment between the leaders of the North and South, and discuss rising tensions between Israel and Iran as hopes of saving the nuclear deal fade. Plus: we flip through the papers and sit down for a coffee with the editor of travel magazine ‘Drift’.

Thursday 26 April

Apr 26, 2018 01:00:00


We look into Chinese reports that North Korea’s missile-testing site has collapsed, putting nearby nations at risk of radiation exposure. Plus, we look ahead to the Asean Summit in Singapore, get the business news from the Balkans and hear about the curious case of the cherry blossom that attracted far too much attention.

Wednesday 25 April

Apr 25, 2018 01:00:00


We break down the military grandstanding between Taiwan and China and dissect the theatre around state dinners, after Trump welcomes Macron. Plus: a flip through the morning newspapers and a tour of Rome’s waterways, to celebrate the latest title in our Travel Guide Series.

Tuesday 24 April

Apr 24, 2018 01:00:00


We get the latest on the van attack in Toronto which left 10 people dead and discuss why Washington singled out just one Russian aluminium-producer for sanctions. Plus: we flip through the morning papers and ask what part of home life Amazon will conquer next.

Monday 23 April

Apr 23, 2018 01:00:00


We assess Emmanuel Macron’s relationship with Donald Trump ahead of a state visit to Washington and get the latest on Italy’s failing attempts to create a government, as the battleground moves to a tiny state in the south. Plus: a flip through the Monday papers.

Friday 20 April

Apr 20, 2018 01:00:00


We assess reports that Spain’s ETA militant group is to dissolve, look at currency changes in Iran and discuss New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern. Plus: the view from Salone del Mobile with American artist Phillip K Smith III, the gender row embroiling Japan’s sumo sector, and why politics and pop music often make for an awkward mix.

Thursday 19 April

Apr 19, 2018 01:00:00


For the first time in 60 years, Cuba will be led by a non-Castro; we profile the country's new president, Miguel Díaz-Canel. Plus: Saudi Arabia lifts its cinema ban with a screening of ‘Black Panther’ and a word from Jasper Morrison at Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

Wednesday 18 April

Apr 18, 2018 01:00:00


The UK’s former ambassador to North Korea reflects on reports that Mike Pompeo has already visited Pyongyang to discuss plans for a summit with the US. Plus: Germany’s bid for Euro-reforms, the view from the Commonwealth People’s Forum and why an expensive armoured vehicle is driving controversy in Finland’s political circles.

Tuesday 17 April

Apr 17, 2018 01:00:00


Is it really a case of “mission accomplished” in Syria? We examine the true scale of the conflict. Plus: why Xi Jinping’s lifetime rule might not be all it seems, Commonwealth leaders arrive in London, the latest from Salone del Mobile in Milan and why the heir to the dairy crown may lie in a glass of milky oats.

Monday 16 April

Apr 16, 2018 01:00:00


Mary Kaldor and Robert Fox join Georgina Godwin for a special extended look at the aftermath of the weekend strikes on Syria. Plus: the EU mulls regulation for big technology companies and we visit Verona and one of the world's biggest wine fairs.

Friday 13 April

Apr 13, 2018 01:00:00


We profile the US’s top diplomat, Mike Pompeo, and discuss the behind-the-scenes negotiations ahead of possible military action in Syria. Plus: Monocle 24’s Ben Rylan speaks to acclaimed French actor Denis Menochet and we examine Finland's attempts to attract the world's brightest students.

Thursday 12 April

Apr 12, 2018 01:00:00


Will Donald Trump drag his European allies into the war in Syria? We also profile the new director of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and examine why Netflix and the Cannes Film Festival have fallen out.

Wednesday 11 April

Apr 11, 2018 01:00:00


How world markets are reacting to Xi Jinping’s promise to open up China’s economy, the new ways in which young leaders are using the media and the latest from the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Tuesday 10 April

Apr 10, 2018 01:00:00


Will all the international outrage following a chemical attack in Syria change the situation? Plus: the story behind the success of horror films in cinemas the world over and why 2017 could be a very good year for Bordeaux wine.

Monday 9 April

Apr 9, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss how China might aid Russia in its row with the US. Plus: France’s En Marche makes its European debut and how new legislation may improve Swedish architecture.

Friday 6 April

Apr 6, 2018 01:00:00


We cover the trial of South Korea’s impeached leader Park Geun-hay, examine Donald Trump’s policy in Syria and ask whether the Commonwealth Games can help the Gold Coast become a major international city. Plus: the restoration of Sarajevo’s cable car.

Thursday 5 April

Apr 5, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss calls for independence in Taiwan and heightening tensions with China. Plus: coalition talks in Italy, Tasmanian gun laws, highlights from the Melbourne Triennial and satire’s effect on our view of real-world politics.

Wednesday 4 April

Apr 4, 2018 01:00:00


We assess diplomatic relations between Iran, Russia and Turkey. Plus: German prosecutors call for the extradition of former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, Hungary’s upcoming elections and politics on TV.

Tuesday 3 April

Apr 3, 2018 01:00:00


We ask whether strikes across France will be enough to thwart Emmanuel Macron’s hopes for reform and discuss the politics of fictional families on television. Plus: Tesla’s fading fortunes, Rome’s plan to cash in on the Trevi Fountain and a tribute to pioneering TV producer Steven Bochco.

Monday 2 April

Apr 2, 2018 01:00:00


We assess Donald Trump’s unusual fondness for supermarket tabloid ‘The National Enquirer’ and the practicalities of clamping down on unexplained Russian wealth. Plus: more Greek concerns over Macedonia’s name and why Australians are in a panic over the disappearance of the Easter Bilby.

Friday 30 March

Mar 30, 2018 01:00:00


We ask whether Germany’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council risks alienating Israel, examine post-revolution Ukraine and cover the worsening crisis in Yemen. Plus: foreign students in Australia feel the wrath of the country’s relations with China.

Thursday 29 March

Mar 29, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss the EU’s new and ambitious plans for a European Defence Union, the latest tensions between the US and Pakistan and a print success story from Hong Kong.

Wednesdy 28 March

Mar 28, 2018 01:00:00


Is the Kremlin attempting to cover up the extent of a shopping centre fire in Siberia? Plus: how Prague’s politicians are trying to prevent the Czech Republic from leaving the EU, business news in Germany and box-office flops.

Tuesday 27 March

Mar 27, 2018 01:00:00


We explore how Moscow could respond to the ejection of its diplomats from western capitals, and ask whether Germany is in danger of wading into the debate on Catalan independence. Plus: Australia’s minister for trade, tourism and investment speaks to us about the Commonwealth Games.

Monday 26 March

Mar 26, 2018 01:00:00


We ask whether the March For Our Lives movement will bring about gun law reform in the US, discuss AT&T’s plans to buy Time Warner and find out why Russia’s leaders fear the country’s history of revolt. Plus: why is the Cannes Film Festival clamping down on prickly critics?

Friday 23 March

Mar 23, 2018 01:00:00


Will the EU be successful in its attempts to isolate Russia? We look ahead to next week’s Egyptian election and examine tax reform in Australia. Plus: how did a partnership between Dr Dre and his record-producing friend help create one of the world’s most lucrative start-ups?

Thursday 22 March

Mar 22, 2018 01:00:00


Will Germany’s new government harden its stance on migration? We also examine why the readership of the alt-right ‘Breitbart’ has plummeted and ask whether French television is at risk from global imports. Plus: do Austria’s imperial trees represent a link to the country’s glorious past?

Wednesday 21 March

Mar 21, 2018 01:00:00


Has Russian meddling forced Poland to amend its relationship with the EU? We also take a closer look at Beijing’s foreign policy and New Caledonia’s plans to hold a referendum on separation from France. Plus: K-Pop and diplomacy on the Korean peninsula.

Tuesday 20 March

Mar 20, 2018 00:58:49


We assess allegations of a cover-up in Japan following a controversial land sale that’s ensnared the president. Plus: the former Catalan president’s suggestion of Swiss-style federal autonomy for Spain and the latest from the Radiodays Europe conference.

Monday 19 March

Mar 19, 2018 01:00:00


Vladimir Putin’s victory in Russia’s election was widely expected but what does it tell us about the state of the nation’s opposition? Plus: moves to prosecute Aung San Suu Kyi in Australia, why Democrats are questioning the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, the latest from the Radiodays industry event in Vienna and how museums keep their priceless artefacts dust-free.

Friday 16 March

Mar 16, 2018 01:00:00


As Russia prepares for its elections we examine the continuing international fallout following the poisoning of a former spy in the UK. Plus: Swedish director Ruben Ostlund discusses his new film ‘The Square’ and why Harper Lee’s estate isn't happy about ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Broadway.

Thursday 15 March

Mar 15, 2018 01:00:00


We ask how tensions with Russia and a new US secretary of state will affect political wrangling over Syria and consider the UK’s response to the poisoning of a former Russian spy. Plus: Australia calls for regional co-operation to tackle extremism and Shakespeare and Company defy the rise of online retail by opening two new bookshops in New York.

Wednesday 14 March

Mar 14, 2018 01:00:00


Reactions to Donald Trump’s sacking of US secretary of state Rex Tillerson, German chancellor Angela Merkel’s new era, plus the film the Japanese have fallen in love with.

Tuesday 13 March

Mar 13, 2018 01:00:00


Why it might be a good idea for Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet in Mongolia. Plus: Australia asks if a bad approval rating should lead to the departure of its PM and a new scandal threatening Japan’s Shinzo Abe.

Monday 12 March

Mar 12, 2018 01:00:00


Emmanuel Macron’s plan to make France India’s new gateway to Europe and Catalonia’s parliament postpones its vote on the new regional president. Plus: a round-up of today’s newspapers.

Friday 9 March

Mar 9, 2018 01:00:00


As Rex Tillerson embarks on a tour of Africa, we ask whether offensive comments by Donald Trump will dominate discussions. Plus: the Australian state that’s considering loosening its gun laws, why a diplomatic row in Serbia has sent clocks backwards and the politics of speaking Portuguese.

Thursday 8 March

Mar 8, 2018 01:00:00


As the international fallout continues following Donald Trump’s tariff plan Brian Klaas explains the president’s underlying political motivations. Plus: Angela Merkel puts women at the forefront of her new cabinet, why the Maldives has become a battleground for tense relations between China and India, and Coca-Cola’s new alcoholic beverage will soon hit Japanese shelves.

Wednesday 7 March

Mar 7, 2018 01:00:00


Chinese president Xi Jinping’s ambitions for indefinite presidency, what the Saudi Crown Prince wants from his state visit to the UK and how Norway will try to clean up its fjords with the help of underwater drones.

Tuesday 6 March

Mar 6, 2018 01:00:00


As Kim Jon-un sits down with representatives of South Korea, we ask how long the warm relations can last. Plus: Greek soldiers on trial in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt agree to build a new mega-city and the latest from Adelaide Writers’ Week.

Monday 5 March

Mar 5, 2018 01:00:00


We ask what the populist surge for Italy’s political parties means for the country, discuss France’s relationship with Iran and explore Turkey’s interest in West Africa. Plus: we hear from an Oscar winner and review the front pages.

Friday 2 March

Mar 2, 2018 01:00:00


We find out what to expect from the Italian election, discuss calls to ban the apartheid-era flag and find out why laughter is one of the best forms of protest. Plus: why have Japan’s toilet pictograms gone global?

Thursday 1 March

Mar 1, 2018 00:58:50


Russia’s presidential election may seem like a foregone conclusion but the incumbent isn’t taking any chances – Vladimir Putin’s annual speech to parliament is likely to offer all sorts of pre-vote giveaways. Plus: Macedonia’s proposals to christen itself anew, women’s roles in Saudi government and Tokyo’s new Olympic mascot.

Wednesday 28 February

Feb 28, 2018 01:00:00


South Africa has carried out a radical cabinet reshuffle, with parliament voting in favour of land expropriation without compensation. Can Ramaphosa’s new ministers and policies really deliver the economic rebirth he has promised? Plus: we look ahead to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman's visit to the UK next week and investigative journalists under threat.

Tuesday 27 February

Feb 27, 2018 01:00:00


Angela Merkel unveils the fresh faces of her new and younger cabinet but will it be enough to reinvigorate confidence in her leadership? And the documentary filmmaker John Battsek tells us about the challenges facing an ever-evolving industry. Plus: what now for The Weinstein Company?

Monday 26 February

Feb 26, 2018 01:00:00


From president to emperor? We analyse President Xi’s ambitions to tear up the Chinese rule book and serve for longer than convention allows. Plus: a review of the Winter Olympics closing ceremony and we assess Brazil’s ‘Prosub’ submarine programme.

Friday 23 February

Feb 23, 2018 01:00:00


After more than 60 years ETA may be disbanding, the Greek government has agreed to investigate senior officials accused of accepting bribes and Barnaby Joyce, the Australian deputy prime minister, has resigned. Plus Sweden’s cashless economy, business with Louise Cooper and the day’s front pages.

Thursday 22 February

Feb 22, 2018 01:00:00


As the UK sets out its position on the post-Brexit transition period, we ask if there’s finally some clarity on the UK’s plans to leave the EU. Plus: Latvia is in disarray as the banking scandal continues, we look ahead to Italy’s election and hear from our bureau chief on the road, James Chambers in Bandung.

Wednesday 21 February

Feb 21, 2018 01:00:00


Spotlight on Syria and Turkey: troops from both sides are fighting in northern Syria on opposing sides of its long-running conflict. Plus: we take a closer look at the German army, which does not have basic equipment such as tents and winter clothes that would be needed for rapid Nato deployment, and we hear the story behind the Pentagon Papers.

Tuesday 20 February

Feb 20, 2018 01:00:00


Could Australia lead a new global alliance for an alternative to China’s Belt and Road initiative? Plus: Justin Trudeau visits India, our series on whistle-blowing continues and the entrepreneurial empowerment of women in Saudi Arabia.

Monday 19 February

Feb 19, 2018 01:00:00


We take the temperature of the Trump White House as the US marks Presidents Day. Plus: we’re at the Munich Security Conference and we hear from prime minister Ramush Haradinaj as Kosovo celebrates a decade since independence.

Friday 16 February

Feb 16, 2018 01:00:00


What Iranian president Hassan Rouhani wants to achieve with his visit to India, how much longer Vladimir Putin will stay in power in Russia, plus a round-up of the day’s newspapers.

Thursday 15 February

Feb 15, 2018 01:00:00


Reactions to the resignation of President Zuma in South Africa, how the EU should elect its leaders, plus a German plan to fight pollution with free public transport.

Wednesday 14 February

Feb 14, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss Nato’s ambitious plans to build two new HQs and the future of South Africa. Plus: what’s next for Germany’s SPD party as its support dissipates.

Tuesday 13 February

Feb 13, 2018 01:00:00


We ask how digital currency can impact the environment and discuss propaganda and North Korean cheerleaders. Plus: a new set of portraits of the Obamas are unveiled and we check in at Stockholm Design Week.

Monday 12 February

Feb 12, 2018 01:00:00


We ask if Israel is at risk of being dragged into Syria’s civil war, examine why Beijing wants Hong Kong’s youth groups to fall into line and look at what Russia might look like without Vladimir Putin. Plus: will Eurostar’s new route spark a price war with European airlines?

Friday 9 February

Feb 9, 2018 01:00:00


We're live in Pyeongchang as South Korea prepares to host the Winter Olympics. Plus: France announces a big increase in defence spending (we assess what it means for Nato) and the latest from the Singapore Airshow.

Thursday 8 February

Feb 8, 2018 01:00:00


What will the new German coalition mean for the country’s economic plans? We also discuss the transition of power in South Africa and ask why art heists weren't really a thing until the 20th-century.

Wednesday 7 February

Feb 7, 2018 01:00:00


Will South Africa's ruling ANC party oust Jacob Zuma later today? We also discuss how France's government intends to legislate against fake news and discuss big changes at Brussels Airlines. Plus: the world-famous painting that has been stolen twice in the past quarter of a century.

Tuesday 6 February

Feb 6, 2018 01:00:00


A look at the increasing tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands. Plus: the biggest news from the Singapore Airshow and the legacy of the Berlin Wall, which has now been down longer than it was up.

Monday 5 February

Feb 5, 2018 01:00:00


With negotiations between Angela Merkel's conservatives and the SPD continuing past a self-imposed weekend deadline, is a new GroKo for Germany a question of when rather than if? Plus: a look at a new V&A exhibition on ocean liners – and is this the end for the Royal Marines?

Friday 2 February

Feb 2, 2018 01:00:00


As Cyprus gets ready for a run-off this weekend, can whoever wins the presidential election reunify the island? Then: we ask if the leader of Catalonia’s independence movement has given up the fight, look at elite military units in conflict zones and hear about Poland’s new Holocaust law.

Thursday 1 February

Feb 1, 2018 01:00:00


As Theresa May visits China, we discuss whether the nation is now the world’s strongest and most stable trade partner. Plus: analysis of the Arab League’s perspective on the US’s new approach to Jerusalem and why TV stations are closing in Kenya.

Wednesday 31 January

Jan 31, 2018 01:00:00


We assess Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, analyse Emmanuel Macron’s aims in Tunisia and learn why Frankfurt’s stock exchange is set for a design refresh.

Tuesday 30 January

Jan 30, 2018 00:54:25


We look at the role the Democrats have to play following Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, discuss how to counteract gender bias in the filmmaking industry and learn about the new challenger in Egypt’s upcoming elections.

Monday 29 January

Jan 29, 2018 01:00:00


With a spate of deadly attacks rocking Kabul in the past week, we analyse the chances of lasting peace in Afghanistan. Plus: results from the Czech election and the UK’s future in Europe.

Friday 26 January

Jan 26, 2018 01:00:00


Davos update, from the arrival of the US president to Theresa May’s speech. Plus: we take a look at a new book that asks whether we’ve misread North Korea and wrap up our series on bilateral relations.

Thursday 25 January

Jan 25, 2018 01:00:00


As Angela Merkel says that the current world order is under threat, we look at Germany’s role on the world stage. Plus: an update on Italy’s Five Star Movement and we learn how Paris gets things done when its main river is threatening to flood the city.

Wednesday 24 March

Jan 24, 2018 01:00:00


US and Turkish diplomacy over Syria, the presidential candidates in Egypt who are being forced out of the race and the curious bilateral relationship between Finland and Namibia. Plus: EU creditors start debt-relief talks for Greece.

Tuesday 23 January

Jan 23, 2018 01:00:00


We’re in Davos as this year’s World Economic Forum kicks off; we also hear about US secretary of state Rex Tillerson’s visit to London and look at the curious bilateral relationship between Israel and India. Plus: a report from Maison et Objet in Paris.

Monday 22 January

Jan 22, 2018 01:00:00


One year since five million women rallied in cities across the US, we assess where the movement stands today as President Donald Trump marks his first year in office. Then: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Malala Yousafzai announced exclusively to our technology correspondent that they will be collaborating on a new initiative to educate girls. Plus: business in Cairo, front pages and more.

Friday 19 January

Jan 19, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the reaction this week to Donald Trump’s perception of the media, learn about Romania’s new prime minister and preview the Maison et Objet fair in Paris.

Thursday 18 January

Jan 18, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss the rights of British people living in the EU post-Brexit, look at whether health plays a part in politicians’ fitness to lead and learn why Berlin’s transport authority is putting its best foot forward.

Wednesday 17 January

Jan 17, 2018 01:00:00


We look at the future of the US’s involvement in Syria and how that affects relations with Turkey. Plus, we discuss the death of prominent Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic, and check in with our business editor at the SIHH watch fair in Geneva.

Tuesday 16 January

Jan 16, 2018 00:57:55


We analyse the continuing deadlock in German politics, ask whether Canada might have a role to play in the US-North Korea nuclear stand-off and discuss the architecture of the new US embassy in London.

Monday 15 January

Jan 15, 2018 01:00:00


After a false nuclear alarm sent Hawaii into panic over the weekend, we ask how dangerous the rivalry between the US and North Korea has become. Plus: Tunisia marks the seventh anniversary of the Arab Spring with fresh protests and we discuss the best way to leave a job.

Friday 12 January

Jan 12, 2018 01:00:00


Is Germany any closer to forming a government? We also find out why a new street name in Washington is causing a stir in Russia and look at the what effect vertical forests could have on architecture.

Thursday 11 January

Jan 11, 2018 01:00:00


Could Catalonia’s Carles Puigdemont be sworn in via a TV screen? Plus: the UK tries to convince companies that Brexit is a good idea and we examine the US’s new foreign policy.

Wednesday 10 January

Jan 10, 2018 01:00:00


We focus on the mounting humanitarian crisis in Idlib in Syria, learn why protests are unfolding in Tunisia, discuss whether Oprah Winfrey could run for the US presidency and hear from designer Déborah Neuberg at the Pitti Uomo clothing fair.

Tuesday 9 January

Jan 9, 2018 00:58:50


We examine the shambolic nature of Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle, look at high-level diplomatic talks on the Korean peninsula and ask whether the end is nigh for Belgium’s government. Plus: the enduring and terrifying appeal of the AK-47.

Monday 8 January

Jan 8, 2018 01:00:00


Are Iran and Saudi Arabia conducting a proxy war in Yemen? We also examine Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China and our series takes a closer look at the global sale and control of arms. Plus: how much should we know about the provenance of our food?

Friday 5 January

Jan 5, 2018 01:00:00


We ask how Russia might react to new revelations about Donald Trump’s presidency, whether Tony Blair can influence the UK’s Brexit debate and what it takes to be a judge at the Cannes Film Festival.

Thursday 4 January

Jan 4, 2018 01:00:00


As Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say anti-government protests in the country have ended, where next for a nation in turmoil? Plus: why Germany’s role in Europe is becoming ever more vital and the health of print publishing.

Wednesday 3 January

Jan 3, 2018 01:00:00


We discuss the complex factors uniting protesting crowds in Iran, learn whether Australia might soon be holding another plebiscite to decide the nation’s future and hear why 2017 was statistically the safest year in aviation history.

The best bits from 2017

Jan 2, 2018 01:00:00


In this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back at some of 2017’s best bits on Monocle 24. Today we hear from Richard Reed, creator of the drinks brand Innocent, take a tour of Helsinki’s food hoods and ask whether we should be working fewer hours.

The best bits from 2017

Jan 1, 2018 01:00:00


In this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back at some of the best bits of 2017 on Monocle 24. Today we hear from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and musician Chilly Gonzales, and take a tour of Cairo’s food neighbourhoods.

Section E review

Dec 29, 2017 00:30:42


This special edition of ‘The Globalist’ looks back at the most interesting developments in food, drink and hospitality in 2017, and looks ahead to 2018 too. Markus Hippi is joined by Bloomberg’s chief food critic Richard Vines, restaurant consultant and founder of Code Bulletin Adam Hyman, and Richard Martin, editorial director of Food Republic.

Section D review

Dec 28, 2017 00:28:39


For this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, we look back on the biggest developments in design, architecture and fashion over the past year.

Section A review

Dec 27, 2017 01:00:00


For this special edition of ‘The Globalist’, Monocle’s Andrew Mueller is joined by Mary Dejevsky, Brian Klaas and Isabel Hilton to review the year in global affairs. From Brexit to Donald Trump, the rise of Xi Jinping and the fall of Robert Mugabe.

Section B review

Dec 26, 2017 00:30:13


This special edition of ‘The Globalist’ looks back on a topsy-turvy year for business with the broadcaster and author Linda Yueh and the financial analyst Louise Cooper. We discuss market volatility, Brexit, sexism in the workplace and aviation… and ask what 2018 might hold.

Section C review

Dec 25, 2017 01:00:00


We kick off a week of special editions of ‘The Globalist’ looking back at 2017 by reviewing the year in film, music and books. Robert Bound is joined by broadcaster and DJ Georgie Rogers, publisher at Unbound, John Mitchinson, and film critic for ‘The Telegraph’, Tim Robey who pick their highlights of the year.

Edition 1605

Dec 22, 2017 01:00:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Edition 1604

Dec 21, 2017 01:00:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Edition 1603

Dec 20, 2017 01:00:00


The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Tuesday 19 December

Dec 19, 2017 01:00:00


We ask what UK-EU relations will look like after Brexit, discuss the influence of the far-right in Austria’s new coalition government and find out how new ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa will influence South Africa’s politics.

Monday 18 December

Dec 18, 2017 01:00:00


We host a very special programme live from Zürich to celebrate the opening of our new bureau in the city. This festive (and snowy) edition of the ‘The Globalist’ hears from movers and shakers in the region, and we get the news and views from Monocle’s staff and contributors.

Friday 15 December

Dec 15, 2017 01:00:00


China expert Rana Mitter explains Beijing’s diplomatic tactics and we ask what Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference tells us about his ambitions. Plus: Andrew Mueller looks at liberalisation of cinema in Saudi Arabia and we find out how Italians celebrate Christmas.

Thursday 14 December

Dec 14, 2017 01:00:00


We speak to leading defence-and-security expert Michael Clarke about the practicalities of a UK visit from Donald Trump and ask whether the UN is doing enough to prevent the refugee crisis. Plus: this week’s vote on net neutrality.

Wednesday 13 December

Dec 13, 2017 01:00:00


The surprise election result in Alabama, a review of Jens Stoltenberg’s performance as the Nato secretary-general, plus the Australian town that missed its 150th anniversary by three years.

Tuesday 12 December

Dec 12, 2017 01:00:00


We ask whether Vladimir Putin’s claims of having finished Russia’s job in Syria might be premature. Plus, why are cinemas reopening in Saudi Arabia? And we discuss how to effectively combat climate change.

Monday 11 December

Dec 11, 2017 01:00:00


What role can the UK play in the Middle East? Also, the latest on the unrest in Jerusalem and the new direction France’s Conservatives are taking.

Friday 8 December

Dec 8, 2017 01:00:00


First reactions to the Brexit deal made between the UK and Brussels, why one fast-food chain has managed to become an essential part of Japanese Christmas, plus the day’s top business news.

Thursday 7 December

Dec 7, 2017 01:00:00


Donald Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Meanwhile, in Russia, Putin announces he will run for president again and in Australia the parliament passes the same-sex marriage law.

Wednesday 6 December

Dec 6, 2017 01:00:00


We discuss Donald Trump’s assertion that Jerusalem is the Israeli capital, Russia’s declaration of US media as foreign agents and 100 years of Finnish independence.

Tuesday 5 December

Dec 5, 2017 01:00:00


After the UK failed to reach a consensus during discussions with the EU we ask whether calls for Brexit back-pedalling are growing louder. Plus: Germany’s role in curbing North Korean tensions, Catalonia’s presidential campaign begins from prison and why hand gestures on Greek roads have caught the ire of authorities.

Monday 4 December

Dec 4, 2017 01:00:00


A look at Michael Flynn’s legal trouble, Russia’s waning soft power as the World Cup gets closer, our festive magazine recommendations and Patch’s Freddie Blackett explains how to pick the perfect Christmas Tree.

Friday 1 December

Dec 1, 2017 01:00:00


Is Donald Trump trying to distract everyone from more serious allegations surrounding his presidency? We discuss the closure of Charlie Hebdo’s German edition and tell you about the sports stadiums that provide the best hospitality. Plus: is Disney still keen on buying 21st Century Fox?

Thursday 30 November

Nov 30, 2017 01:00:00


Angela Merkel’s latest effort to form a government, a new project to detect terror-related content online, plus a round-up of this week’s top business headlines from Italy.

Wednesday 29 November

Nov 29, 2017 01:00:00


Ireland’s political turbulence, why the Pope failed to mention the ethnically cleansed Rohingya minority when visiting Myanmar, plus Norway’s ambitious plans for an electric aviation future.

Tuesday 28 November

Nov 28, 2017 01:00:00


Controversy over Donald Trump’s tax bill, how Silvio Berlusconi keeps stirring Italian politics and Lufthansa’s extra-long business-class beds.

Monday 27 November

Nov 27, 2017 01:00:00


We ask why Angela Merkel is having trouble forming a government and what the Egypt mosque attack reveals about the situation in Sinai. Plus: what should you do with Olympic stadiums after the sports cease?

Friday 24 November

Nov 24, 2017 01:00:00


We assess the situation in Yemen as aid agencies await a decision on whether they may resume work in rebel-held areas. Plus: the leaked document uncovering the chaotic reality behind Brexit negotiations, authorities in Papua New Guinea intervene in a stand-off at an immigration detention centre formerly operated by Australia and writer Julia Hobsbawm shares her thoughts on this year’s Comment Awards.

Thursday 23 November

Nov 23, 2017 01:00:00


What kind of nation will emerge for Emmerson Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s transfer of power gets underway? We cross to Harare for analysis. Plus: Lebanon’s prime minister suspends his resignation, China’s Arctic ambitions and our guide to selling a 747 jet.

Wednesday 22 November

Nov 22, 2017 01:00:00


As Zimbabwe celebrates the resignation of Robert Mugabe, we ask what lies ahead for the nation’s leadership. Plus: a meeting between the leaders of Syria and Russia, uncertainty in Germany, the reality of being a spy and the director of ‘The Florida Project’.

Tuesday 21 November

Nov 21, 2017 01:00:00


With Angela Merkel saying she'd prefer fresh elections to governing with a minority government, we ask whether it's the end of an era in Germany. Plus: Zimbabwe’s political crisis continues and why Melbourne’s lord mayor put his city front and centre in support of marriage equality.

Monday 20 November

Nov 20, 2017 01:00:00


With Robert Mugabe refusing to step down, we ask what’s next for Zimbabwe. Plus: Cambodia’s government defies the US, the limits of spy fiction and why gay marriage in Australia could be bad news for New Zealand.

Friday 17 November

Nov 17, 2017 01:00:00


A leading member of Zimbabwe’s opposition tells us what the country might look like after Robert Mugabe. We also discuss whether Angela Merkel is able to form a German government and find out how Helsinki is expanding its underground train network. Plus: what does Russia have to offer tourists?

Thursday 16 November

Nov 16, 2017 01:00:00


Will the military takeover in Zimbabwe allow journalists to work freely in the country? We ask whether Lebanon’s embattled prime minister, Saad Hariri, will attempt to seek asylum in France. Plus: we have the latest on Australia’s same-sex marriage bill, and raise a glass to Beaujolais nouveau.

Wednesday 15 November

Nov 15, 2017 01:00:00


The latest on Zimbabwe unrest that increasingly looks like a coup, reaction to the result of Australia’s gay marriage poll and why Germany may extend the eight-hour working day.

Tuesday 14 November

Nov 14, 2017 01:00:00


We discuss how the European Union could start fighting fake news, the future of the Polish far-right and take in the biggest announcements from the Dubai Air Show. 

Monday 13 November

Nov 13, 2017 00:58:46


Lebanese PM Saad Hariri says he’ll be back in Beirut to formalise his resignation within days; we analyse the latest developments in the Saudi soap opera. Plus: Trump in the Philippines, what's good about Russia and Mariano Rajoy returns to Catalonia.

Friday 10 October

Nov 10, 2017 01:00:00


As Spain considers holding a referendum on whether to allow referendums, we ask whether they are a good way of determining policy. We also explore the latest on developments in Saudi Arabia, tell you why the Vatican is banning the sale of duty-free cigarettes and examine the world's strangest border crossing.

Thursday 9 November

Nov 9, 2017 01:00:00


What does Donald Trump’s Asia trip tell us about his foreign-policy ambitions? Plus: Tony Blair’s former communications chief explains how government ministers are told to resign and we discuss how the debate on Catalan secession is causing economic problems in the region.

Wednesday 8 November

Nov 8, 2017 01:00:00


Can Theresa May clean up the halls of Westminster? Plus: why Vladimir Putin isn't celebrating the Russian revolution, Australian same-sex marriage and Lisbon’s Web Summit.

Tuesday 7 November

Nov 7, 2017 01:00:00


Zimbabwe’s power struggle, what to expect from Donald Trump’s visit to South Korea and why Finland doesn’t want to join Nato.

Monday 6 November

Nov 6, 2017 01:00:00


Reactions to US president Donald Trump’s Asia tour, the latest twist in the debate over the future of Berlin’s Tegel Airport, plus a round-up of the day’s fresh front pages.