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The Mojobreakers talk about the hobby with the latest news on upcoming releases, hot prospects, buy sell hold, and the guys behind the sports cards.


SHOW #113 Flawless NBA, MLB ROY, 2019 Transcendent

Nov 14, 2019 55:51


We pulled 5 logoman's over the last few days. We break down 18-19 Flawless NBA. The good and the bad. 

Pete Alonso Vs Yordan Alvarez . Who is a better investment?

We also talk about the 30K Box Topps Transcendent

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SHOW #112 Luka Prices, PSA vs BGS, NFL QB's

Nov 7, 2019 56:03


Luka has debunked the trend. His prices continue to rise even with the new rookie class. We also talk about the industry heading more towards PSA vs BGS. We end off the show talking about the last 5 years of the top 2 QB's.

Fun show . Thanks for listening 

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Show #111 StockX Thoughts, Trae & Luka, Halloween

Oct 31, 2019 59:21


Bowman Chrome X is being offered exclusively through They have a super unique bidding process. We break down the product and talk about the new market buzz. We also talk about Luka and Trae.

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SHOW #110 - Zion Injury, Guess the Price, Soto, Silver Prizm

Oct 24, 2019 01:00:23


We go over the NBA Silver Prizm Print run over the last 3 years and make predictions. 

Zion's out for 6-8 Weeks. How does this effect his value for the hobby? CRAD and D&D discuss

Its good to be back. Thank you all for continuing to show your support for the show

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Show #109 Baker a Faker? Zion Ultimate Hype

Oct 10, 2019 01:01:15


With 8 Interceptions in 5 Games is it time to jump off Baker Mayfield bandwagon? 
Immaculate Collegiate NBA Could be the greatest product ever made. We share early sales and talk odds.

Who would you want in a fight by your side? We talk NFL defensive players. 


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SHOW #108 Soto, Fun on Ebay, Immaculate Zion

Oct 3, 2019 56:59


Funny Ebay Listings another hot topic! We talk SOTO Cards, Hobby Language and more. Fun episode

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Video Version on YOUTUBE. 

Show #107 - Bowman Chrome, Ebay Negotiating, Immaculate

Sep 26, 2019 51:51


We breakdown some of the early sales of 2019 Bowman Chrome. Freudis Nova, Noelvi Marte, Seth Beer and MORE

We also talk about negotiating on ebay

Its good to be back after a week off! Thank you all for listening to the podcast 

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SHOW #106 2019 NFL Rookies, Kyler Murray, Gardner Minshew

Sep 12, 2019 56:31


NFL has started. We breakdown the Week One Standouts and relate it to there cards. Kyler Murray, Marquise Brown, Josh Jacobs, Gardner Minshew and MORE

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Listen for details about the pastime marketplace giveaway

SHOW #105 Zion $100k Card? Trimmed Raw Cards

Sep 5, 2019 01:04:42


With Contenders Draft the first Zion Autos have hit the market. The initial pricing is unfathomable. Dan and Doug have a debate on his value, future and what his cards should be . 

We also talk about a recent high dollar Mahomes Rookie Auto that was trimmed

Super fun podcast only episode 

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SHOW #104 FOTL Drama, ZION, Andrew Luck

Aug 28, 2019 47:39


We chat about all the crying surrounding 19-20 Contenders Draft NBA First off Line. Things get wacky. The industry is blowing up and we discuss. We also talk about Luck's Early retirement.


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SHOW #103 Acuna Explosion, QB Fantasy vs Card Prices

Aug 22, 2019 49:38


We break down the numbers. Is Ronald Acuna the most hyped of all time? How do his prices compare to the prior NL MVP's? 

It's Fantasy Football Time again! We break down the top 12 Fantasy QB's against there Contender Rookie Autos.

We are also giving away a very sweet prize courtesy of Past Time Marketplace!

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SHOW #102 Zion Hype, Luis Robert $51k Sale, Card Debate

Aug 15, 2019 52:09


Zion's first 1/1's ended at auction this week for insane amounts. Luis Robert's Superfractor just sold for an insane amount as well.

Dan and Doug aggressively debate these two cards.

We also chat about Zion's Panini Signing.

SHOW #101 NSCC Recap, Bieber, Hype 100 Giveaway

Aug 8, 2019 01:02:13


The crew is back from the 2019 National! We chat Panini VIP Packs, Mojo Sessions, Free Breaks, and MORE

We also go over last shows giveaway

Mojo Sessions #7 - 2018 Football Products

Aug 6, 2019 42:12


Check out The Breaker Culture Podcast - Great Show with Great Insight In this show we chat it up about Market Insights 2018 Football Products Lonnie


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Mojo Sessions #6 About The Cards Podcast, Big Shep, Stephan

Aug 6, 2019 37:51


We have a nice chat with our buddies from About The Cards podcast. We chat about Trimmed cards, Kirby Puckett, Vlad JR, 2011 Topps and so much more!


Follow them on Twitter @AboutTheCards @bigshep79 @junkwaxtwins @ourtradingcards Listen to there podcast on all the podcast outlets!

Mojo Sessions #5 Stu Stone from Jack of All Trades Documentary

Aug 2, 2019 28:53


With over 4.1 Million Views Jack of All Trades is on Fire! We talk to Stu about the movie, Bob Saget, Logic, 89 Upper Deck, Logic and more

Stu Opens a Box of 2019 Leather and Lumber

Go and Watch Jack of All Trades on Netflix Now!

@stustone on Twitter

Mojo Sessions #4 - Susan From Topps

Aug 2, 2019 25:23


We chat it up with Sooz about Topps, Star Wars, Card Designs and so much more. 

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Coming soon from Topps 
Tribute Baseball and Bowman Sterling 

Mojo Sessions #3 Layton Sports Cards, Live From National

Aug 2, 2019 20:34


We chat with our Good Friend Rich Layton about his national stuff and the hobby



Mojo Sessions #2 RBI CRU, Indy Card Exchange, Live from National

Aug 1, 2019 29:51


Ryan Bannister and Andy Albert Join us. We talk Lebron Vs Jordan. Hot Cards, Mount Rushmore NBA, Trimmed Cards and MORE! They have some amazing stuff for sale at there booths and at there shop.


Mojo Sessions #1 - Tim Carroll - 2019 NSCC

Jul 31, 2019 14:23


Tim is an artist and makes amazing portraits with cut up baseball cards. We have a great conversation with about his craft and how he does it. His Sandy Koufax is featured in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Go to for the amazing eye candy

EP 100 - Champagne, 2019 NSCC, Top Topics, Guess That Price

Jul 26, 2019 01:42:03


Celebrate Episode 100! We are doing a big giveaway. Listen to find out how to win boxes/hobby boxes! 

We check in with our Hottest Topics of the last 100 episodes. We revisit them and give our thoughts on the current situation. 

The National is next week! We talk about Topps Plans, Our Plans and more!

Lastly we do a round of Guess That Price! 

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We will be doing live Hype Sessions from the NATIONAL - Booth 1215 in breaker pavilion! 

SHOW 99.5 - NSCC, Ginter, Archives, Mexico

Jul 18, 2019 47:49


Special Edition of the HYPE. We talk about our National Plans. Archives Signatures, Allen and Ginter and MORE!

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SHOW #99 - NSCC, Panini Hockey? 19' Ginter

Jul 11, 2019 29:45


Episode 99 we discuss the latest hobby news and preview our plans for 2019 NSCC!


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SHOW #98 Bad Ebay Listings, MLB and NBA Talk

Jul 4, 2019 01:07:05


Despicable stuff going on on ebay and we chat about it. We also discuss DJ Lemahieu and his cards. Fun Show!

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SHOW #97 Stadium Club, 1991, 2019 NFL QB's

Jun 27, 2019 42:55


We talk new 2019 Stadium Club Baseball and reminisce on the 90's. 2019 Football Season can't come quick enough. We talk about the top 3 QB's from this years draft and there cards.

SHOW #96 Zion, Ohtani, $44k in Cards Lost

Jun 20, 2019 53:15


We discuss whether OHTANI's recent run should be the sell high moment of his rookie and bowman cards. We also touch on Zion's initial cards and what kind of craze Zion will cause in next years basketball cards.


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SHOW #95 MLB's Brightest, Series 2, Gary V, NOIR NBA

Jun 13, 2019 01:03:22


This episode we look at Baseball's biggest names and there prices from last year compared to this year. We chat up the positives and negatives of each player from a collecting stand point. 

Bellinger and MORE! 

We also review Leather and Lumber Baseball and Talk new Noir NBA!

SHOW #94 Scams? How to avoid them

Jun 6, 2019 42:09


Lots of weird stuff going on in the hobby. Mojo talks about how to avoid them and what to look for.

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SHOW #93 Alonso Vs Riley, Who to Collect, Guess The Price

May 30, 2019 59:55


Episode 93 Focuses on the market of the cards and how to collect in regards to buying and selling. Peter Alonso, Austin Riley, Derek Dietrich, and more. 

Doug and Dan square off in the FINALS of Guess That Price

Watch video version of the show on Youtube Mojobreak The Hype. 

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Show #92 19' NFL Rookie Premiere, Trimmed, Chrome, Spectra

May 23, 2019 54:31


Dan and Doug just got back from the 2019 NFL Rookie Premiere. We chat about the event and the new 2019 Football products from Panini. We also talk again about TRIMMED Cards and the Epidemic we are facing 

Player Videos 




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SHOW #91 Zion, Gary V, Vlad JR, NFL RPS

May 17, 2019 53:29


STARTS 30 Seconds in. Zion Williamson Hype Starts as the Pelicans land first pick. We talk about his hobby impact and the upper deck exclusive possibility. We also talk VLAD JR and Gary V!

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Show #90 Trimmed Cards, NT NBA RPA's, 2019 Draft

May 2, 2019 01:05:17


Luka Doncic Card numbered to 99 selling for almost 12k? We discuss the early NT NBA Sales. We also touch on the PSA/BGS Trimming Scandals going on within the hobby. We end show with Semi Final Round of Guess That Price

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SHOW #89 Kyler Murray, NT NBA, Guess The Price

Apr 25, 2019 57:58


We discuss 2019 NFL Draft and Cards. We also chat about NBA Rookies and there SOPHOMORE Price drop. Why invest in any rookies longer than there rookie year?

Topic Heavy Episode 

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SHOW# 88 Gary V Comments, 2019 Bowman Thoughts

Apr 18, 2019 01:08:35


Gary V was on the Rich Eisen show talking about our hobby. We discuss the future from investments to Jordan and Lebron. End of the show we cover our initial thoughts of 2019 Bowman. 

SHOW #87 2019 Bowman, Ohtani Party, D-WADE

Apr 11, 2019 58:13


Dan and Doug went to the OHTANI Transcendent Party. We chat about the event. Doug has an epic fail. We also talk prospects and 2019 Bowman. Fun SHOW

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SHOW #86 Ebay Excuses, NT NBA, Guess The Price

Mar 28, 2019 57:51


Tired of getting dumb ebay excuses for your cards? We are too! We rant on some of the funny ebay excuses.

We also talk about 18-19 NT NBA which comes out mid April 

Fun show!

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SHOW #85, Mayfield NT Prices, Trout Contract, Vlad JR, Prospect Talk

Mar 21, 2019 50:53


Vlad Jr was seen throwing some cards at a signing. Mike Trout signed a MEGA Deal is he the Baseball King? Mayfield RPA worth 6k? There's 99 of them. All this and so much more 

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SHOW #83 Guess The Price, 2k League, Football Cards

Mar 7, 2019 42:16


We introduce Guess The PRICE! Play along at HOME! We also chat 2k League and NFL Rising Card Values

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SHOW #82 Topps Trout Party, Industry Conference

Feb 28, 2019 56:55


We just got back from TWO Epic Events! 2019 Transcendent Trout Party and The 2019 Topps Industry Conference. We chat about both and some other juicy news!

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Show #81 PMG? Harper, 2019 Heritage, Impeccable

Feb 21, 2019 47:20


We talk about the Crazy Jordan PMG on Ebay. Bryce Harper and Machado Cards. 2019 Heritage Baseball. 2018-19 Impeccable NBA and 2018 Select. 

We lost a member of our Community. 

Donate if You can to help out his son

SHOW #80 - Vlad JR, Redemptions, Selling Cards

Feb 14, 2019 01:11:43


2019 Baseball is right around the corner! Is VLAD JR worthy of his hype? We discuss and debate! We also chat about Redemptions!

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Show #79 Optic NBA, Trimmed Cards, Super Bowl

Feb 7, 2019 01:09:46


Prizm vs Optic NBA. Dan went to Atlanta for Super Bowl and we discuss that and clown on the Rams and Goff. We also chat about trimmed cards, Anthony Davis and Panini One NFL!

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SHOW #78 Luka Autos? Optic NBA

Feb 1, 2019 34:36


Quick 30 Minute show. We discuss the Conspiracy theory about Luka Doncic and his signature.

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SHOW #77 Luka Mania, Super Bowl, Bonds Rant

Jan 24, 2019 01:08:14


The gang discusses Luka's prices. Contenders autos of Super Bowl Stars. Doug goes on BONDS Rant #155. 

Fun Show!

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Show #76 NFL Talk, Luka Silvers, Overproduction

Jan 17, 2019 01:03:36


We are back with a live show! We talk 2018 AFC and NFC Championship games. We chat about the biggest rookie cards from the stars of these games. 

Is Luka GOD? His prices are so much higher than any other rookie. We break down our thoughts and possible prizm overproduction

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Show #75 - Vince Young Interview, 2018 Contenders

Jan 9, 2019 01:14:23


Dan and Doug are back with a Podcast only Episode! We talk 2018 Contenders Football and preview some of our thoughts on this soon to be released pivotal product! Listen for a special code!

We also had an amazing opportunity to sit down with VINCE YOUNG! He had some great insights! 

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Show #74 Best and Worst of Awards

Jan 3, 2019 01:06:57


Who will win Worst Signature of 2018? Another engaging episode of Mojobreak The Hype Podcast. We conduct a live award show with a lot of input from our community! 

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Watch the Video Version of this on youtube and find out how you can win a Hobby Box of 2018 Optic Football! 

Show #73 You got Questions?

Dec 27, 2018 53:09


Q and A from The Chat! 

SHOW #72 Panini Bot, Slang Words, Draft Prices

Dec 20, 2018 59:01


Panini FOTL products are in High Demand. Is using a Bot to snag boxes similar to pack searching? We go off topic with Slang words of 2018. We finish up with some talk about 2018 Draft Autos and 2018 Transcendent!

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Show #71 Transcendent, Menendez, Bowman Draft

Dec 13, 2018 01:04:39


Menendez Bros Basketball Card? If you had 5k to spend on a single card what would you buy? 

We also break down the 2018 Transcendent Checklist. Most Expensive Hobby Product!

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Show #70 - Scammers, Topps Brooklyn, NFL Draft Classes

Dec 6, 2018 01:01:15


We breakdown and advise on the latest scams going on in this hobby of ours. We debate on how these can be avoided. 

We also chat up Topps Brooklyn and NFL Draft classes

Watch video version of this show on YOUTUBE. 

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Show #69 Doncic Worth His Prices? Immaculate NFL

Nov 29, 2018 56:30


Luka Doncic has surpassed sales of Donovan Mitchell. Who is the better long term investment and or Player? The Mojobreak Crew Discuss. We also chat Top 5 Qb's of all time

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Show #68 18-19 Prizm NBA, Grading Card Tips

Nov 22, 2018 36:18


NBA Prizm Silvers are super collectible in the NBA Hobby. Its a rare occurrence that a non numbered parallel card sells for so much. We talk briefly about why. We also talk about when to grade cards and why.


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Show #67 - Ohtani Vs Andujar, Top 5 NBA in 5 Years

Nov 15, 2018 01:07:31


The gang is back with another fiery episode. We debate Ohtani vs Andujar for ROY. We also pick our Top 5 NBA Players in the next 5 Years. 

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18-19 Prizm NBA Preview, Triple Threads

Nov 8, 2018 48:48


We discuss Ayton, Young, Doncic. We debate on there value, collectability and team market. 

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10/31 Flawless NBA, NBA Products Year in Review

Oct 31, 2018 52:01


Back at again with the white vans! This Halloween episode we cover the entire year of 17-18 Basketball Products. The Good, the bad, and the dumpster fires! 

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10/24 Ebay 1/1, Japan Transcendent, Upper Deck

Oct 26, 2018 52:57


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10/18 Hype - Immaculate NBA, FOTL PRIZM NFL

Oct 18, 2018 33:12


We are back with another fun episode. We talk brand new Immaculate NBA. Why are LOGOMAN's So valuable?

We also chat about Panini's First off Line Prizm Football. 

Fun Convo. 

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10/10 18' Chrome Review, Trolls, Immaculate NBA

Oct 11, 2018 59:02


Another great episode. We discuss the recent release of 2018 Bowman Chrome, Trolls in the hobby, 2017-18 Immaculate Basketball and Lonzo Ball

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10/3 Hype #61 Living Set W/ BigShep, MLB Playoffs

Oct 4, 2018 01:00:40


This episode we are joined by Tim Shepler (AKA BIGSHEP) from About the cards podcast. He schools us to all the in's and outs about Topps Living Set Baseball. Shep also picks 3 Players in the MLB playoffs who have a potential rising stock

We also chat about NBA 2nd Year Players

Follow Tim @aboutthecards on twitter 

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9/25 History of Bowman Chrome, 2018 Chrome

Sep 25, 2018 50:06


On this special tuesday edition of they Hype We talk the history of Bowman Chrome! Lots of big names and the evolution of the product. We also preview Bowman Chrome 2018 which comes out this week!

Thanks for tuning in 


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9/19 Transcendent MLB, Redemptions, Chrome

Sep 20, 2018 59:47


The details of the 2018 Topps Transcendent Collection MLB has been released! We have went to the last 2 Transcendent parties so we offer up our take on the details of this years party. 

We also talk about redemptions and reward points. 

Mahomes rookies 

We lastly talk about 2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball 

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9/12 Hype #58 - NFL w/ Rob Bertand, Ebay SCAM

Sep 13, 2018 52:27


Fun episode with Rob from GO GTS LIVE
We talk NFL Week 1 and Rookie/Sophomore Performance in terms of cards. We look at which player is on the rise and might be a buy now candidate. 

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9/5 Hype #57 Ohtani Super, Market Manipulation

Sep 5, 2018 58:09


Listen now as we recap Allocations and high prices of pre sale wax. We also discuss Ohtani Super and the auction that is listed.

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8/29 Sam Darnold Cards, Set Trivia, Nola

Aug 30, 2018 40:06


Fun episode. The gang talks about Sam Darnold's value as he is now the starter for week one. We also do a new segment called SET Trivia. 

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8/22 "Hype" Gary V, 18' NFL Rookie Investing

Aug 23, 2018 54:48


On this episode we discuss entrepreneur Gary V's interest in buying a sports card company and all the possible scenarios. We also talk about which NFL Rookies are best to invest cheaply in. 

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8/15 The Hype EP 54 (Audio) 2019 Topps, Acuna Vs Ohtani, BBB

Aug 16, 2018 40:54


We are back for another episode of the hype. We talk about some of baseball's top rookies in terms of there card value's. We also review Leaf Greatest Hits and talk inscriptions. 

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8/15 Hype Ep. 54 - 2019 Topps, Ohtani Vs Acuna, BBB

Aug 16, 2018 40:54


We are back for another episode of the hype. We talk about some of baseball's top rookies in terms of there card value's. We also review Leaf Greatest Hits and talk inscriptions. 

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8/8 The Hype #53 18' National Recap, Vip Party, Chrome

Aug 9, 2018 56:49


This weeks show we recap our 2018 National 
- Gold packs and what to look for 
- Panini VIP Party 
- Chrome Ohtani Prices 

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7/25 2018 National Preview, Topps Chrome

Jul 30, 2018 50:08


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7/11 2018 Ginter Checklist, Allocations, Lebron

Jul 12, 2018 01:04:28


The crew is back for Episode 50! We talk and break down the 2018 Ginter Non Baseball Auto checklist. We also talk about the struggle on getting hot products as a new shop and dealer 


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7/4 - Inception, Lonzo Ball Cards, Lamar Jackson

Jul 5, 2018 34:01


On this Episode Doug Talks - 2018 Inception MLB, Lonzo Ball and Lebron James, Lamar Jackson Prices and MORE!

National Website

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6/27 Maradona, Vegas Update, Ramblings

Jun 28, 2018 22:06


Doug and Dan are back for a quick episode. We talke Diego Maradona and Update on Vegas Dave 

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6/20 "Time" The Rapper, Vegas Dave RC, Vanguard NBA

Jun 21, 2018 51:53


We are back! With a guest. Chris Steele AKA "TIME" Joins us. He has a Basketball Card song Titled "Cardboard Gods". We talk to him about his rap career and a time where he had some Autographed Jordan Rookie Shoes. 

Listen to Cardboard Gods HERE

Listen to other Work by Time


6/13 THE HYPE - Ohtani John? Trout Prices, BGS

Jun 14, 2018 52:37


We talk the collector panic of the possible Ohtani Tommy John and how it effects his cards. 

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6/6 The Hype - Selling Recently Deceased, 2018 MLB Draft

Jun 7, 2018 01:10:45


We are back in lieu of the passing of Dwight Clark we talk about Ebay Listings with R.I.P in title 


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5/30 Hobby Health, Simmons Sell?, 2018 Tier One

May 31, 2018 01:09:14


We are back at with another Content filled episode!

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5/23 18' NFL Rookie Premiere, Mega Boxes

May 24, 2018 56:24


Mojobreak is back at it with more content! We got lucky to be at the rookie premiere breaking with top 2018 NFL Rookies. We chat about that. We also talk about Vegas Dave and the Trout SUPER

Follow us at mojobreak_COM on twitter 

Break Videos with Players 

Bradley Chubb 

Sam Darnold

Dante Pettis WR 49ers 

Tre'Quan Smith WR Saints 

Kalen Ballage RB Dolphins 

Royce Freeman RB Broncos 

Sony Michel RB Patriots 

J'Mon Moore WR Packers 

"The Hype" #43 NT NBA Pricing, Funny Inscriptions, NFL

May 11, 2018 54:35


The crew is back. We discuss 17-18 NT NBA and the craziness of the RPA's. 

Ben SIMMONS vs Donovon Mitchell 

2018 NFL Rookies 

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Breaks at

"The Hype" 5/2 Bowman Insanity, Ohtani, NT NBA, NFL Draft

May 3, 2018 57:12


Action packed fun filled episode. We discuss the Ohtani Mania. Why are there no Refractors? How much will super go for? Is he worth it?

We also talk 2018 NFL Draft. Which top guy is the best to collect?

National Treasures NBA is on the horizon. Will this be another craze?

Tune in now! 

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"The Hype" #41 Bad Ebay Listings, 2018 Bowman, Jaylen Brown

Apr 19, 2018 01:03:57


Dan, Doug and CRAD Back at it

We talk about all those funny ebay 1/1 listings.

We also talk 2018 Bowman and Checklist 

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The Hype #40 Ohtani, 18' Bowman, NBA Playoffs

Apr 12, 2018 50:45


We talk the explosion of Ohtani, NBA Playoffs and Rookie Investment and MORE

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"The Hype" #38 Optic NBA Fotl, NT NFL Review, Mosaic Numbers

Mar 29, 2018 01:09:44


We talk Optic NBA First off line and Share in the Frustration!

We also compare Mosaic NBA Prices to Prizm and who to invest in

Review of 2017 National Treasures Football! Fun Hit Filled Product!

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"THE HYPE" #37 NT NFL, Mosaic, Encased NBA and MORE!

Mar 21, 2018 35:18


Doug proclaims his love for Zay Jones

We talk new NT football
Prizm Mosaic NBA 
Encased NBA and MORE! 

The Hype #36 Mosaic, NT NBA, Wrappers and MORE

Mar 15, 2018 43:00


We are back with another great episode!

We talk NBA Mosaic
NT NBA 17-18
Donruss wrapper redemption 
NFL moves and MORE!

Spots at

Mojo "The Hype" #35 -, Topps 4 Sale? Optic

Mar 9, 2018 01:07:59


Another great episode of the Hype!

The team covers : Contenders Optic NFL and its place in the NFL Card Pecking Order, Topps 4 Sale?, Upper Deck Supreme Hard Court, and we chat with Erik Newton from Hall of Fame Baseball Cards in Arcadia California 

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The Hype #34 18' Heritage, NBA Rookies, Summit

Mar 1, 2018 01:03:08


Doug and CRAD back for another episode 
We talk 2018 Industry Summit 
17-18 NBA Rookies
Ohtani Prices on Heritage 
Spots for Breaks at 

"The Hype" Episode #33 Topps Conference, Ohtani, Contender

Feb 22, 2018 01:02:35


Dan, Doug and C-RAD are back at it

This episode we talk the 2018 Topps Industry Conference, Ohtani, 2018 Transcendent, Contenders NBA and MORE

Spots for Breaks at

"THE HYPE" Episode #22 - 2018 Bowman Talk, Ohtani, Foles

Feb 8, 2018 01:05:59


Another episode of Mojo "The Hype"

Why is 2018 Bowman So expensive?

Will Ohtani live up to the hype?

Wentz vs Foles 

Breaks at

Mojo THE HYPE - #31 Trout Vs KB, Super Bowl, 2018 Topps

Feb 1, 2018 01:03:12


Another exciting podcast version of MOJOBREAK "The Hype"

We talk new 2018 Baseball 
Does Foles have a chance?
Kris Bryant Prices vs Mike Trout Prices 

Breaks at 

Mojo "The Hype" #30 Transcendent Party, Bonds Vs AROD, FOLES

Jan 25, 2018 01:14:01


The Mojobreak crew is back home! 

We discuss the 2017 Transcendent Party
Eagles Pats Super Bowl 
Foles Card Values 
Rants and MORE

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OFF The Record - Layton, @sportscardnews, Transcendent Party

Jan 18, 2018 02:16:54


Special show. Roundtable discussion with Rich and Sara Layton from and Ryan Tedards from @sportscardnews on twitter 

We had alot of fun as you will find out. This was at 3 am after the open bar event 



Mojo "The Hype" #29 New Upper Deck NBA? NFL Cards

Jan 11, 2018 50:22


New fun episode of Mojo "The Hype"

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Episode #28 2017 Awards,, NFL Playoffs

Jan 4, 2018 01:36:56


Fun episode with 2017 Hobby Products in Review. We Talk Digital personalized autos with 

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Mojo "The Hype" Episode #26 - Card Market, Stanton, MLB

Dec 15, 2017 01:47:44


Listen to another exciting Mojo "The Hype" Episode

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Transcendent Spot Giveaway

In this show we Talk Stanton's Card Value
Frank Ntilikina, NBA Breaks and Prizm, Topps Transcendent Baseball, Aaron Rodgers and MORE! 

Mojo "The HYPE" #25 Prizm Prices, Bowman Draft, NFL

Dec 7, 2017 01:20:52


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"The Hype" Prizm 17-18 NBA, Lebron, NFL Fights

Nov 30, 2017 01:22:18


Live hobby webshow on youtube! Tune in Live every Wednesday at 2pm Pacific 

Prizm NBA 17-18
Eli < Geno
NFL Fight Matchups 

2/9 Panini News, Fire is Hot, Topps Party

Feb 11, 2017 01:47:17


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2/9 Panini News, Fire is Hot, Topps Party

Feb 11, 2017


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2/9 Panini Review, Fire is hot, Topps Series One

Feb 10, 2017


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10/13 Flawless, Industry Rants, Reviews

Oct 14, 2016 01:35:21


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8/25 Topps is Minty, Epack's and MORE

Aug 26, 2016 01:30:12


Doug and Dan are back with a new show!

We talk about 2016 Topps Mint Baseball, E Pack Products, Joey Bosa, Over Production and MORE!

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8/12 NSCC Review, New Products

Aug 12, 2016 01:56:01


Dan and Doug are back with a review of the 2016 NSCC in Atlantic City!

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7/28 16' NSCC Preview, Breaker Culture, UD NBA

Jul 30, 2016 01:45:14


Doug and Dan bring you another podcast. This episode is chalk full of good times as Doug gets a soundboard and goes a little drop crazy.

We preview the NSCC, review recent releases,, debate UD and Panini in regards to NBA and So much more 

Stick around with us through whole episode. We catch our stride about 30 minutes in. 

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7/14/16 MOJOBREAK.COM Podcast Returns

Jul 15, 2016 01:30:30


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We are back after a few years off! Topic heavy podcast talking all things hobby

2016 Tribute Baseball 
Ben Simmons
Flawless Soccer 
Upper Deck and MORE! 

SCL 3/19 2015 Industry Summit Review and News

Mar 22, 2015


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SCL 3/19 2015 Industry Summit Review and News

Mar 20, 2015


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SCL 2/26 Tracy Hackler from Panini America

Feb 27, 2015 01:19:17


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SCL 2/12 2015 Topps, Star Wars, Points and MORE

Feb 13, 2015 01:09:30


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SCL 11/11 The Return!, Flawless, Dynasty, Hobby News

Nov 12, 2014 02:00:39


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SCL 9/15 Sports Card Album, Hobby News

Sep 17, 2014 01:59:40


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SCL 8/6 2014 National Review, NFL Exclusive, Hobby News

Aug 7, 2014 01:50:13


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SCL 7/22 National Preview, Licenses, Reviews and News

Jul 26, 2014 01:50:16


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SCL 7/8 Allen and Ginter, Topps vs UD vs Panini Football

Jul 11, 2014 01:51:53


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SCL 6/25 2014 Bowman, NBA, Soccer, Catching up

Jun 26, 2014 01:52:48


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SCL 6/3 2014 NFL Rookie Premiere, News and Reviews

Jun 5, 2014 01:58:08


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SCL 5/21 Sbay Cards Scott Allen, Soccer, Topps Dynasty

May 22, 2014 01:54:20


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SCL 4/22 2014 Bowman Preview, Hobby Evolving

Apr 25, 2014 00


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SCL 4/15 Catching up on everything HOBBY!

Apr 17, 2014 01:58:13


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SCL 3/25 2014 Industry Summit Review,

Mar 28, 2014 01:58:53


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SCL 3/4 Layton Sports Cards, Reviews, Autographs

Mar 8, 2014 02:03:31


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SCL 2/18 Brian Gray from Leaf Trading Cards, Reviews

Feb 20, 2014 02:00:15


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SCL 2/4 Cards Infinity, Super Bowl, Product Reviews

Feb 5, 2014 01:52:00


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SCL 1/21 Prospects with , Hobby Talk

Jan 24, 2014 01:59:50


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SCL 1/14, Prizm Jumbo, Reviews

Jan 16, 2014 01:55:22


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SCL 1/7 2013 Product Cheers and Jeers, Hobby News

Jan 9, 2014 01:57:19


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SCL 11/26 Group Break Fails, Layton, Gluten, Immaculate

Nov 28, 2013 01:54:28


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SCL 11/12 Layton Sports, Toronto Expo, Hobby News

Nov 15, 2013 02:00:10


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Layton @rlayton42

SCL 11/5 Truth17 and Irving From Firehand Cards

Nov 9, 2013 01:48:50


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SCL 10/29 Flawless Crack, Triple Threads, Case Breaker

Oct 31, 2013 01:57:43


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SCL 10/8 Chrome Wars, Flawless, Football

Oct 10, 2013 01:56:47


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SCL 9/25 "The Happy Show" Flawless, Panini Reviews, Chrome Twerk

Sep 26, 2013 01:57:30


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SCL 9/17 Reviews, Steroids, Certified Football

Sep 21, 2013 01:58:56


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SCL 8/27 Redemptions, Tier One, Jumbo, Elite Series

Aug 29, 2013 01:26:44


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SCL 8/20 Topps vs Panini FB, UD Casebreaker, Manziel

Aug 21, 2013 02:00:24


The SCL Crew is joined by Rich Layton from All kinds of topics are covered!

SCL 8/13 NSCC Review, NT NBA, Momentum, Ginter

Aug 14, 2013 01:59:54


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SCL 7/23 Tracy Hackler,, The National

Jul 25, 2013 02:00:16


Great episode! We are joined by Donovan from Action packed episode with discussions of Ebay nightmares to reviews on 2013 Elite Football. Later in the show we are joined by Tracy Hackler from Panini America.