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Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank: Get Daily Insights from the Top Internet Marketers & Entrepreneurs Around the World


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691: Multiply Yourself by Hiring Smart Virtual Assistants with Anne and Mark Lackey

Mar 26, 2020 30:15


Anne & Mark, owners of several businesses, determined they were working harder and not smarter, so they embarked on their newest business - HireSmart Virtual Assistants which helps business owners scale by providing top-notch virtual employees. Since then they have transformed over 60 businesses from chaos & overwhelm to calm, well run businesses making higher profits; their team dynamic contributes dramatically to their ability to scale and grow multiple businesses. Anne & Mark love to educate others on how to scale and create business processes; sharing their passion through seminars, webinars, podcasts, and live events. Resource Anne & Mark's Site  Anne & Mark's Facebook  Anne & Mark's Youtube  Anne & Mark's Linkedin   

690: Deep Knowledge and Learning: Automate, Delegate and Grow with E-Commerce Agency Owner Darwin Liu

Mar 25, 2020 26:44


Darwin Liu googled "how to get rich online" in 2008 and has never stopped since. After failing for two years, he worked his way up in an agency. Soon after, he started his X Agency, a digital marketing company specializing in ecommerce and hit 7 figures within the first year. He's a published author, owner of multiple businesses and a gym fanatic. Visit

689: Become a Thought Leader by Identifying and Solving a Customer Point of Pain with Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy

Mar 24, 2020 36:49


Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a TEDx speaker and international bestselling author of over 60 books. As The AHA Guy at AHAthat (, he helps to extract the genius from your head in a two hour interview so that his team can ghostwrite your book, publish it, distribute it, and make you an Amazon bestselling author in four months He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. He's provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Mitchell has been happily married for twenty-nine years and regularly spends four weeks in Europe with family and friends. Visit

688: Income, Influence, Innovation and Impact: Reach a Wider Audience Using Active Podcasting with Joe Sanok

Mar 23, 2020 10:31


Joe Sanok from Practice of the Practice Podcasting talking about Podcasting to level up any type of Business. Actual statistics of Podcasting show that this type of medium communication is the best way of letting your message come to a wider audience. Statistics of Blog vs Youtube Channel vs Podcast (without Podcast Launch for the last 90 days) and Podcast (with Podcast Launch for the last 90 days) Blog: minimal audience YouTube: reaches an average amount of audience Active Podcasting: reaches a greater amount of audience compared to the other two mediums 5 things to consider about Podcasting Why you should and Should not Do a podcast Why you shouldn't start a podcast - If you're satisfied with how things are going well in your business and don't want to expand your network, starting a podcast is just a waste of time. - Doing podcast just for fame is not a good idea since it takes a whole lot of work doing a podcast. Who and Why you should start a podcast - any businesses who want to attract or reach a larger audience. - any businesses who want to try new things, areas, or approach - If you aspire for your company, services & products, offer, and practices to grow - any businesses who want to expand their network-opening doors for new industries and influencers to bring business together When you start a podcast consider below factors: -Stay true to the core of your business  -What and why your passionate about your business -Listen to your customers, list all the questions or queries customers come to ask you about- create FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) and do it on podcast Structures of the Podcast - How frequent do you launch a Podcast? Regular Podcast or Seasonal Podcast Regular Podcast- doing it every single day or week. Seasonal Podcast- launching episodes at once or over a period of time and host will take a break after a series of episodes Note: Knowing the type of topics and how they are presented (i.e. conversational, ask the expert, Q & A) is very vital in sorting out the structure of your podcast. Planning the "now what" of your podcast - call to action: is it email, webinar, e-course? Very important to determine before actually starting a podcast show because it will help you determine how will you go about the show, for instance- solo shows, who to interview for expert shows, ideal clients/or guests to invite for live consultation Actual Starting of the Podcast - Deciding what materials and equipments to use: good quality microphone, podcasting software - organized schedule of guests to ensure their availability to guest on the podcast On going marketing of the podcast Questions to ask? - How are you going to market your podcast? - Who should be invited? and where to look for them? Other businesses' approach is: AUTOMATED EMAIL SEQUENCE live webinar which leads into an eCourse, which then leads into being able to make more money. Marketing strategies are vital in realizing the business' full potential and will help you realize how your business will level up in the aspects of: INCOME, INFLUENCE, INNOVATION & IMPACT Practice of the Practice Podcasting will release an e-course on 2020 called Podcast Launch School. Subsequently, they also have an article covering 27 tips, tricks and strategies, to help launch a podcast  which is free at Additional Tips on Podcasting Block out the time and free yourself from other obligations and just focus on working the podcast( interview, editing, deciding who to invite etc).  Be organized and stick through the flow of your podcast Optimize your time- Be resourceful and innovative. For example, a single zoom recording of your podcast can be repurposed and used for different platforms. A zoom recording can be uploaded as a Youtube video, transcript of the video can be posted on a blog with an embedded...

687: How to Build Your Brand Online Using SEO, Podcasting, and Video with eWebResults CEO Matt Bertram

Mar 20, 2020 10:39


Return guest Matt Bertram, from eWebResults, is back to reveal some of the unknown secrets to internet marketing! SEO (search engine optimization) has become more competitive and that means it's up to you as a business owner to tell your story through video: testimonials, explainers, how-to's, commercials Matt also updates us on other breaking trends, such as LinkedIn pushing content creation. You can't do "only one thing" with internet marketing anymore... you need to promote yourself on MULTIPLE channels, providing value and high quality content. What is someone searching for? Are you providing value to that solution? Think about that customer journey, and get your website visitors to take some sort of action: buy, optin, schedule, or download. Resource (previous appearance) Matt Bertram's Site

686: Get Measurable Results from Direct Response Marketing and Combine with Branding with JD Dwyer

Mar 19, 2020 20:29


Return guest JD Dwyer from is back to tell you how to differentiate, target your ideal audience, and avoid the race to the bottom! He's here with several fun stories, including how he helped a lawn company sell out their entire inventory by including a "Happy Meal" offer. Identify your most profitable target audience: demographic profile, avatar, age -- then look for more people who look more like them Create WOW factor to take their eyes off the price -- buy wheelbarrow, we'll add a free shovel -- artificial wow factor, think outside the square -- value-add that takes that customer's eyes off the price Use the problem-solution (before-and-after) formula: solve a real problem Fix your website: create a sales machine and not an information portal. Clean up your home page. You need a problem/solution headline. Explainer video. Have a menu of all the services you offer. List the three big benefits of someone using you. Video testimonials. Collect customer data! Resource (previous appearance) JD Dwyer's site Free book: The Avalanche Leads Formula, JD Dwyer's site

685: Flourish to Seven Figures, Set Bigger Goals, and Take Imperfect Action with Facebook Ads Expert Monica Louie

Feb 14, 2020 35:08


Monica Louie is a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist who loves helping ambitious online entrepreneurs increase their impact -- and profits! -- with high-converting ads. You might have seen her in Forbes,, or heard her on The Smart Passive Income Podcast. Monica started by blogging about her family’s journey out of debt. In two years, she and her husband paid off $120,000 of debt on a single middle-class income! Along the way, Monica discovered her passion for creating and teaching Facebook ads. Along with her ads management agency, Team Flourish, Monica manages ads for 6- and 7-figure online business owners, has managed more than $1 million in ad spend, and has taught hundreds to successfully run their own ads through her online training program, Flourish with Facebook Ads. Resources Previous Episode: Previous Episode: Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast

684: Relieve Entrepreneurial Stress, Live in the Present, Build Rapport, and Communicate Better with Kathy Gruver

Feb 12, 2020 26:37


Kathy Gruver, PhD has graced stages on four continents (including 2 TEDx), three cruise ships and a handful of islands. She hosts the TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet and has earned her PhD in Natural Health. Dr. Gruver is the twelve-time award-winning author of seven books including, Conquer Your Stress, Workplace Wellness, Conquer your Stress at Work, and Journey of Healing. She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard, and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post and Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, and has appeared on over 250 radio & TV shows including Lifetime, NPR, CBS Radio and SkyNews London. She is also the co-host of the new Fire and Earth Podcast. Resources Previous appearance: 211: Conquer Stress, Make Milestones and Get Those Easy Wins Kathy Gruver's Site: Kathy Gruver's Wikipedia Kathy Gruver's Youtube Channel Kathy Gruver's Linkedin

683: Mega Podcasting: Create Content, Get Traffic, and Network to Get Joint Ventures and Affiliates

Feb 10, 2020 46:51


Why bother podcasting? What is the point of creating an online "show" and inviting guests to it? Robert breaks down the reason why you should create a podcast show AND appear on podcasts in order to land better joint ventures and affiliates. Resources  

682: Local Media Assets: Grow a News-and-Events Local Facebook Magazine, Run Contests and Land Recurring Clients with Drew Griffin

Feb 8, 2020 54:12


Drew Griffin is the Co-Founder of, a service that affords anyone the ability to quickly create mobile optimized, quick loaded web pages and 'link in bio' extenders. Delicious Marketing is a marketing agency that leverages emerging technology to deliver results in the form of awareness, engagement and lead generation that convert to customers. Additionally, Drew is a mobile app developer, author, public speaker and consultant with focus on business growth hacking and lead generation. He's here to explain his Local Media Assets concept, a way that you can get business owners approaching YOU to use your services as a digital marketer, instead of prospecting and cold calling.

681: Avoid Outsourcing: Build a Team of Profitable Full-Time Employees with Lance Tamashiro

Jan 17, 2020 40:34


Lance Tamashiro -- who is one of the featured authors in our "Level Up" book ( -- would like to help you hire your next employee so you can level up, and get others to do the work for you. Visit and schedule an appointment so Lance can find the right fit for you. Level Up: The Best Kept Secrets to Overcoming Roadblocks, Achieving Success & Multiplying Results Tamashiro Marketing

680: Content Marketing for Local Search with Ken Tucker

Jan 15, 2020 24:02


Ken Tucker is the founder of Changescape Web (, a Small Business Marketing and Website Design Agency specializing in comprehensive integrated marketing strategies and campaigns for small and mid-sized businesses. They build websites that generate customers. Specialties include search engine optimization, website design, reputation management, social media marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation. Ken tells us how a small business owner can beat a large national chain by having more flexibility and using local apps instead of local SEO. Ken and his team specialize in providing 12 month social media campaigns to drive traffic back to websites. Previous Guest Appearance: Ken Tucker's Site 

679: Scale Your Company, Outsource to Virtual Assistants, Grow Your Brand Recognition, and Master Your Freelance Life with Laura Pennington Briggs

Dec 20, 2019 10:54


By 2027, the majority of professionals will be FREELANCERS! If you are looking to increase your income, grow your business, or further your career, consider freelancing. Dr. Laura Briggs, Ph.D catches us up on her recent speaking gigs, media appearances, and new books. Resources Previous guest appearance:  186: Six Figure Writing and Virtual Assistant Secrets Ted Talks with Laura Briggs The Future is Freelancing Ted Talks with Laura Briggs Flip the Script: Empowering the Freelance generation Laura Briggs' Official Site Laura Briggs' Book 

678: Crushing YouTube: How to Build 100,000 Subscribers and Diversify Your Website Revenue with Joseph Hogue

Dec 16, 2019 18:28


Joseph Hogue is an online influencer through YouTube and four web properties. Through his channel (Let's Talk Money) and four blogs, he reaches over 500,000 people a month through topics like investing, making money and personal finance. He's here to make you aware of the rise of online mobile searches and 5G, plus -- he details how he grew his YouTube channel from 22 subscribers to 100,000 -- with 4,000 to 5,000 views per video. You too can grow your YouTube presence and use it as an asset to launch new products, if you are consistent! Resources Previous appearance: SEO Content Marketing with Joseph Hogue Joseph Hogue's Youtube Channel

677: Writing, Speaking, Networking, and Book Funnels with Suzy Prudden [Prude-den]

Dec 13, 2019 35:56


Author of twelve books including the best selling, Suzy Prudden’s Spot Reducing, Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book, MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape, and Change Your Mind, Change Your Body. • Winner of the Women in Business: 1994-95 Most Inspirational Speaker Award and the International Federation of Hypnotists 2001 Award for Excellence for Integrated Therapies & 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award. • Guest expert on over 1,000 radio and television shows including Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America. Proven Strategies for Achieving Success in Business, Relationships, Weight Loss and Every Area Controlled by Your Mind Suzy Prudden has been featured on Oprah who said, “In order to heal your relationship with your body, you have to go inside. The answers are all in Suzy Prudden’s book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Body.” Resources Previous appearance: Success is An Inside Job: Create and Promote Your Itty Bitty Book with Suzy Prudden Suzy Prudden  (official site) Suzy Prudden's ebook  Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book of Words

676: Journaling, Self Care and Time Management: Marinate, Prioritize, Disrupt the Pattern and Let Go of Control with Petra Monaco

Dec 9, 2019 27:33


Author + Artist + Coach and the CEO of The Rebels Den. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. Her mission is to help people embrace who they are, create a life that feels good and removes the excuses from achieving their goals. She joins us on the podcast to talk about letting go of control so you can experience your ideal week. Resources Previous appearance:  Take Inspired Action and Use Boundaries to Create More Freedom with Petra Monaco Petra Monaco's official site The Rebels' Den

675: Clarity, Empathy, and Abundance with Agency Coach Jason Swenk

Dec 6, 2019 25:56


Jason Swenk is the agency advisor & mentor that guides marketing agencies through a proven framework for growing their agency faster. Jason has literally written the book for growing an agency from nothing to an 8 figure agency.  He is one of the most sought out advisors to agencies in the World, by showing them an 8 system framework that worked for growing his agency, working with brands like AT&T, Hitachi, Lotus Cars, and eventually lead to selling his agency. Jason currently hosts two shows: The Smart Agency Master Class Podcast, the #1 Digital Marketing Agency Owner podcast for sharing the strategies and stories from real agency owners of what is working today in the agency world, and how they got to where they are now; and SwenkToday is a Tuesday & Thursday show that documents how you can grow your digital agency and business, where Jason share the latest growth strategies, mindset, and answers the most burning questions digital agency owners & entrepreneurs have. Resources (official site) Podcast: (podcast) Facebook:

674: Strengthen Your Skills and Disrupt Your Industry with Jeet Banerjee

Dec 2, 2019 24:21


Jeet Banerjee is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert and TEDx speaker. Jeet has launched over 15+ online businesses, sold 2 companies for a profit and generated over 8 figures in revenue with online sales. Resources Jeet Banerjee's Official site  Previous appearance: Take Action Fail Fast with Jeet Banerjee 

673: Remove Trapped Emotions Using The Emotion Code: Take Calculated Risks with Michael Losier

Nov 29, 2019 42:43


Michael Losier is the author of the best-selling book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't, and Law of Connection: The Science of Using NLP to Create Ideal Personal and Professional Relationships. Michael's second book, Law of Connection, was published in 2009 and quickly became another best-seller. This book caught the attention of the business community, who learned new ways of connecting with employees, co-workers and family, both at work and at home. Michael's "how-to" style teaches how to create better connections with the people in our lives. Michael's upcoming third book, Your Life's Purpose - Uncover What Really Fulfills You, helps the reader and student get more clarity about their life's purpose AND most importantly, what they need to be experiencing to live their life's purpose. Michael is so passionate about teaching that he travels the world sharing his insight into Law of Attraction, delivering hundreds of hours of teleclasses, podcasts, workshops and seminars every year. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of the audience. His YouTube videos have millions of views, and his new live weekly Internet show, Hang Out with Michael, allows him to connect with fans of Law of Attraction in an exciting new way. Resources Michael Losier's Official site Michael Losier's e Book Law Attraction Science Attracting More ebook Michael Losier's e Book Law Connection Personal Professional Relationships ebook Michael Losier's e Book Your Lifes Purpose Uncover Fulfills ebook

672: Double Your Close Rate CaseFuel: Google AdWords, Cost-Per-Click, and Intake Consulting for Lawyers with Jan Roos

Nov 25, 2019 21:22


Jan Roose from CaseFuel says that you need to differentiate, know your numbers, and be aware of the work (or time) required to achieve the desired result in your business. He explains how he's niched down and helps lawyers land more business using Google Ads and inbound phone sales. Resources free copy of the audiobook, law firm growth podcast Email him at

671: The 50-75-100 Solution: Relationships, Interdependence, Ownership, and Influence with Bryan Falchuk

Nov 22, 2019 13:01


  Bryan Falchuk is a life and executive coach, public speaker, C-level executive, and the best-selling author of “Do A Day,” in which he teaches how to overcome challenges and achieve goals. He spent most of his life obese and overcome by anxiety until he discovered the approach to change all that, Do A Day. Resources Previous appearance: Do a day perspective purpose bryan falchuk Bryan Falchuk (book) Do A Day: Live a Better Life Every Day Bryan Falchuk's The 50 75 100 Solution

670: Recurring Subscriptions from Course Membership Sites: Design, Copywriting, and Content Creation with Direct Response Marketing Consultant Jeffrey Traister

Nov 18, 2019 11:51


Jeffrey Traister is certified Ontraport, AccessAlly, and Sendible consultant. He's here to tell you that you have CHOICES when it comes to your membership site -- it can be one-time, recurring, or both. You can release content all at once or in stages. You can get members to complete something (i.e. a survey) before continuing. He also unpacks a few case studies, including: a fitness coach (course + library model), a chemist tutor (with mini-courses, PDFs, quizzes, and private notes) and explains why you should you WordPress AND outsource the setup of the entire operation. Resources Previous appearance: Customer Lifetime Value Jeffrey Traister's site Text (FIRSTNAME) (LASTNAME) (EMAIL) to 561-277-3363

669: Develop New Habits, Overcome Mental Roadblocks, and Conquer Fear with Joan Sotkin

Nov 15, 2019 25:23


Joan Sotkin helps entrepreneurs and practitioners experience freedom from struggle personally, professionally, and financially. She is THE expert when it comes to understanding how emotions learned in early childhood can affect a person's business and financial outcomes. Thousands have benefited from her groundbreaking book Build Your Money Muscles, her podcast, The Prosperity Show, and her unique style of coaching. Visit

668: Business Insights: Identify the Right Market, Set Goals, Solve Problems, and Help People with Business Plan Answer Man David Brown

Nov 11, 2019 24:36


David Brown, the Business Man Answer Man, is back with an important message: "everyone" is NOT your customer! Your job in business is to solve your specific ideal client's problem, find them, contact them, and set goals. He walks you through his process of narrowing down that ideal customer, getting a feel for the, finding that viable market... and providing the right product, at the right time, to solve the right problem. Resources Previous appearance (the right strategy to hit goals) Previous appearance (entrepreneurship & focus) Download Your Ultimate Business Checklist David Brown's email

667: Work Smart: Life Purpose, Essentialism, Downtime, and Finding Coaching Clients with David Ralph

Nov 8, 2019 33:48


David Ralph from is back to discuss his latest techniques for landing clients, his idea creation process -- as well as the importance of taking a break, relaxing, and letting the ideas appear. Resources Previous guest appearance: David Ralph in Podcasters Mastery Official Site Join Up Dots David Ralph's Linkedin David Ralph's Twitter

666: Focus, Leverage, and Value: Build Your Customer Base and Champion a Cause with Naresh Vissa

Nov 4, 2019 40:36


Naresh Vissa is the Founder & CEO of Krish Media & Marketing – a full service e-commerce, technology, development, online, and digital media and marketing agency and solutions provider.. He has worked with CNN Radio, Clear Channel Communications, J.P. Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf Association, Agora Financial, Agora Publishing, Stansberry Research, and TradeStops. He is the #1 bestselling author of FIFTY SHADES OF MARKETING: Whip Your Business into Shape & Dominate Your Competition, PODCASTNOMICS: The Book of Podcasting... To Make You Millions, THE NEW PR: 21st Century Public Relations Strategies & Resources... To Reach Millions, TRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced a Nation into Making America Hate Again, and the new book FROM NOBODY TO BESTSELLING AUTHOR! How To Write, Publish & Market Your Book. He has a Master's Degree from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and has been featured on USA Today, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Businessweek, MSN Money, Business Insider, India Today, Hindustan Times, and other domestic and international media outlets. Resources Amazon books Podcastnomics: The Book Of Podcasting. To Make You Millions Amazon books Fifty Shades Of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition Amazon books TRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced A Nation Into Making America Hate Again Official Site Naresh Vissa's Linkedin

665: Slow Down to Speed Up: Discover Your Genius Zones with Darren Virassammy [Veer-ass-im-mee]

Nov 1, 2019 27:00


Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong, a new breed of consultancy that gives a voice to disengaged employees by helping organizations like yours become great places to work. A leading expert in the global Employee Engagement community, Darren leverages the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment to create massive shifts within organizations, both culturally and on the bottom line. Visit 34 Strong  

664: Niche Down: Find Your Superpower, Meaning, and Purpose with Kat McLead

Oct 28, 2019 25:31


Kat Mclead is the creator of the Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur: *the* proven framework for creating a highly profitable business that you love while working 2 hours a day. She coaches other coaches find their ideal client and raise rates by providing a unique, specialized, in-demand service. Resources Kat Mclead's Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneur Kat Mclead's Twitter Kat Mclead's Facebook Groups  

663: System Hub and Systemology: Step Out of Day-to-Day Operations By Creating Processes with David Jenyns

Oct 25, 2019 18:52


David Jenyns, host of the Business Systems Summit, is obsessed (in a good way) with best practices and systems processes, specifically, with sales, marketing, HR, and finance. It's important to let your core processes, key team members do the day-to-day "work" so that you are freed up to focus on strategic planning and aren't weighed down by that mental baggage. He also shares some roadblocks that held him from delegating, and a few useful solutions you'll be able to implement from his experience. Resources Previous guest appearance (Authority Content):

662: Focus, Flow and Control: Marketing P.L.A.N.S., Time-Blocking, Leverage, Planning, Systems, Strategy, and Actions with Diane Conklin

Oct 22, 2019 22:21


Diane Conklin from is an internationally known author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, marketing and business strategist, implementation specialist and speaker. Diane is a direct response marketing expert who specializes in showing business owners how to integrate their online and offline marketing strategies, media and message, to get maximum results from their marketing dollars. She's here to help us get focus, to create a plan, and time block to ACT instead of REACTING or RESPONDING. It's possible with her P.L.A.N.S. system: Plan, Leverage (i.e. money), Action, Next (or Now) and Systems (or Strategy) Resources Previous guest apearance:, promo code: VIP

661: Join the Golden Age of Podcasting, Leveraging Interviews, and Repurpose Content through Conversations with Tom Schwab

Oct 14, 2019 20:28


Does podcasting interest you? What about a fan-base of loyal, educated, and excited people ready to listen, click, and buy from you? Tom Schwab from Interview Valet is here to tell you that it's NOT too late for podcasting. Tom shares real data about what his podcast interview booking company (over 100 people on 10,000 podcasts) are looking for, and how you too can have an authentic conversation (for good quality content) and then repurpose that content in a number of NEW ways (for good QUANTITY content) -- here's what's working now with podcasting Visit Interview Valet

660: Learn to Embrace the Ocean, Manage Expectations, and Break the Cycle with Evan Money

Oct 10, 2019 39:11


Married for over 20 years, is a #1 Bestselling Author & Global Entrepreneur. Evan and his bride remarry in a different state or country every year and are coming off wedding #25. He's here to help you fall in love with the entrepreneurial (and life) process, manage expectations, and most importantly -- stop wasting time, money, and energy! Resources (get your spouse on the same page) three biggest lies in marriage)

659: The Power Of Mindset: Why Most Successful People Feel Unfulfilled (And What To Do About It) with Hayk Tadevosyan

Oct 7, 2019 33:04


Hayk Tadevosyan is a proud father, husband, deacon, athlete, and entrepreneur passionate about serving his community and inspiring others to reach their goals. Hayk owns and operates a thriving insurance and construction business that he built from scratch. With the years of coaching and developing his top producing teams, he has developed great joy in coaching and consulting other business owners, professionals, aspirants and team members on replicable sales systems, processes of entrepreneurship and personal development. His first book, The Power of Mindset follows Hayk Tadevosyan’s amazing journey from growing up in a poor country of Armenia, to becoming a shining example of achieving the American dream. Resources Previous appearance: Episode: 590 american dream focus hayk tadevosyan/ Official site State Farm insurance agent in Bellevue, Washington The Power Of Mindset: The Manual To Why Most Successful People Feel Unfulfilled And What To Do About It

658: Find Your Mission Worth Sharing, Become a Champion By Choice and Build Your Purpose Driven Business with American Idol Contestant and Motivational Speaker William Hung

Sep 30, 2019 31:50


After his American Idol audition, William Hung's rendition of “She Bangs” became famous for all the wrong reasons. Despite a humbling start, William redeemed himself. He has since appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show and even performed live with Rick Martin in Las Vegas. William has spent the last few years studying the world's top performers and public speakers to uncover their secrets to success. Using what he discovered, he skyrocketed his first studio album “Inspiration” to #1 on the independant Billboard charts. His latest TEDx talk has already been viewed by over 35,000 people in less than a month. He has also spoken for Microsoft, REMAX, Qorvo, and other esteemed associations. He now helps purpose-driven business owners go from hidden gem to industry rockstars by leveraging public speaking. He helps them uncover their unique message and leverage it to get booked and sell out their stages, webinars, and livestreams. Resources William Hung Champion By Choice on Amazon How Being on 'American Idol' Made Me Resilient By William Hung on TEDxChulaVista William Hung on Instagram William Hung on Facebook  

657: Make Money Using Your Voice: Find Voiceover Business Success with CEO David Ciccarelli

Sep 23, 2019 39:43


David Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and CEO of, the online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice over talent. The unique blending of his audio engineering background with self-taught business savvy and website development afforded David the creative freedom to pursue his passion for innovation during the first dot com boom, the result of which catapulted him onto the scene as a pioneer in his field in the early 2000s. Resources Voices David Ciccarelli on Voices David Ciccarelli on Linkedin

656: Use Daily Practices and Proven Life Strategies to Quiet Your Inner Bully in 21 Days with Eden Gold

Sep 16, 2019 31:40


From growing up with a dad serving a life sentence in prison and overcoming an eating disorder, to pursuing her calling in helping others build self confidence, and fight their inner demons, I welcome Eden Gold. Eden is a 21 year old Certified Health Coach and Published Author, who is in the midsts of building her speaking career in the education system to promote confidence, self love and independence to the younger generations. Resources The Gold Life Ebooks on The Gold Life Eden Gold on Linkedin

655: WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If: Easily Create a Book, Podcast, or Online Course In Just a Few Easy-to-Follow Steps

Sep 9, 2019 48:47


Do you want the ultimate fix for writer's block? The answer is WWHW: Why, What, How-To, What If! Listen in as Robert Plank explains the genesis and concept behind his new book -- and how you can use this universal formula to create a book, podcast, or online course -- that flows out of you AND is structured in a way that gets the most results for your readers and clients. Resources WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If: Easily Create a Book, Podcast, or Online Course In Just a Few Easy-to-Follow Steps

654: Attention, Connect, Transaction, Invest, Ongoing, Nurture: Take Action and Make Money with Small Business Marketing Specialist Stacey Riska

Sep 2, 2019 28:35


Small Business Stacey Riska knows firsthand what great marketing can accomplish. She has won numerous awards through her career for her marketing efforts. But not all days in her marketing world were bright, sunny and profitable. In her coffee and smoothie business, which she still runs today, at one point she was $500K in debt and about to lose it all – her house, her family, her sanity. She harnessed her marketing prowess to tap into the power of using daily deal sites like Groupon, which was a key strategy that took her business from $500K in debt to a 7-figure profitable business. Resources Stacey Riska on Facebook Stacey Riska on Linkedin

653: The Exponential Networking Strategy: Use Podcast Interviews to Interview Clients, Influencers, and Prospects with Unstoppable CEO Steve Gordon

Aug 26, 2019 30:44


Steve Gordon is a bestselling author, the founder of The Unstoppable CEO, and the host of The Unstoppable CEO Podcast and has written over 400 articles on marketing for service businesses. Through his firm, he helps service business entrepreneurs create leveraged marketing systems so they can spend less time on business development, and more time on what matters most. When he was just 28, Steve became the CEO of an engineering/consulting firm -- but he knew nothing about marketing or selling services. Twelve years later, after growing that firm's revenue by 10-times, Steve started his second business, consulting with businesses across 30 industries—including manufacturing, professional services, construction, and consulting—to design sales, marketing, and referral systems for high-ticket/high-trust products and services. He's here to share what he's learned throughout his journey to help you attract your ideal clients and achieve the business goals you've been dreaming of. Resources Visit Unstoppable Ceo to Get our free guide to landing new clients without selling.

652: Top Line Results: Create an Inbound Organization Through Helpful, Educational, Attractive Marketing with Todd Hockenberry

Aug 23, 2019 24:10


Today's guest is Todd Hockenberry, owner/founder of Top Line Results, a global leader in educating and helping B2B companies adapt to Internet-driven changes in buying behavior. Todd is the co-author of Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company's Future Using Inbound Principles, released in April 2018 by John Wiley & Sons. In his book, Todd shows leaders how to build their company's future around inbound principles and strengthen the structural foundations necessary to deal with the changes in buyer behavior. Todd helps business owners and leaders understand that mission matters, culture is destiny, and the way their prospects and customers want you to market, sell, and service them is changing, and most importantly, what to do about it. Resources HubSpot CRM Top Line Results: B2B Marketing and Sales Consulting Todd Hockenberry on LinkedIn Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company's Future Using Inbound Principles

651: Rise Together to Find Leadership Within Your Organization: Strategic Clarity, Accountability and Systems, Governance, and Rivalty Control with Ron Carucci

Jul 31, 2019 25:01


Ron Carucci is co-founder and managing partner at Navalent, working with CEOs and executives pursuing transformational change for their organizations, leaders, and industries. He has a thirty year track record helping some of the world’s most influential executives tackle challenges of strategy, organization and leadership. From start-ups to Fortune 10’s, turn-arounds to new markets and strategies, overhauling leadership and culture to re-designing for growth, he has worked in more than 25 countries on 4 continents. In addition to being a regular contributor to HBR and Forbes, and has been featured in Fortune, CEO Magazine, BusinessInsider, MSNBC, Inc, Business Week, Smart Business, and thought leaders. Resources Navalent (official site) Leading Transformation: An Owner's Manual (free e-book) Rising Together Cohort (live event) Ron Carucci on LinkedIn  

650: How To Convert Customers Faster and Build Stronger Relationships Through Content Marketing Lyndsay Phillips

Jul 12, 2019 31:51


Lyndsay Phillips is a serial entrepreneur, self-professed organizational freak, client-appointed task master plus project ninja and warrior content marketer for life & business coaches, accountants and other online entrepreneurs across the globe. As the CEO & Founder of Smooth Sailing Business Growth & Smooth Business Growth Podcast– 15 Minutes Of Pure Marketing Strategies Proven To Move The Needle. She leads a rock star team to support entrepreneurs who are seeking fast-paced business growth but finally have come to the realization that they can’t do it alone, do it all, and do it well. She is also loves sharing practical tips, business building & content marketing strategies so that you can be more productive and attract more customers faster. Visit Smooth Business Growth to Master Your Content Marketing

649: Convert More Prospects into Profitable Clients with Phone Sales Doctor Chris Mullins

Jul 10, 2019 30:19


Law Firm Conversions was founded by sales and marketing expert, Chris Mullins. For more than 30 years, through her proprietary and guided training and programs, Chris and her team have helped hundreds of law firms around the country convert more prospects into profitable clients. Law Firm Conversions™ was created because, as the headline points out, “Great Marketing is Not Enough When Your Prospects Don’t Convert.” Whether your firm invests $50,000 or $250,000 on marketing, if your front-line team is not trained properly how to handle each and every inquiry, those marketing dollars are completely and utterly wasted. Law Firm Conversions™ is a total business solution that transforms how law firms and call centers train, coach, hire and retain intake specialists, and how front-line staff handles legal intakes. Using Chris’ proprietary training, clients are able to achieve significant financial breakthroughs in record time with less struggle and less costly, yet more effective intake conversion strategies. Now, instead of your law firm spending MORE money on marketing and advertising to generate inquiries, Law Firm Conversions™ helps you make the most of what you’re already getting. Imagine investing the same marketing dollars you are now, but converting more prospects into profitable clients–that’s what is possible with Law Firm Conversions™ Using online and offline products, services, training and coaching programs, Law Firm Conversions™ shows attorneys and their team how to handle intake calls, how to be MORE effective on the phone, in person or online with prospective clients. Law Firm Conversions™ brings together exclusive groups of like-minded attorneys, partners, intake specialist, receptionists, and managers who want to increase their case load with ideal clients, maximize their marketing dollars and create a better client experience and more rewarding law practice. Law Firm Conversions™ teaches better intake and conversion by concentrating on a proven IN.T.A.K.E.™ system, which focuses on four core areas. Relationships first business second Consistent, integrity-based sales process Empowering and enabling staff with the right skills On-going coaching and reinforcement to ensure intake quality Unfortunately, far too many law firms ignore this straightforward and proven approach. Instead, they rely on a marketing strategy that can best be described as “Spend and Hope”- whereby they SPEND more on marketing each year and HOPE that a prospective client will choose their firm to represent them. Law Firm Conversions™ helps clients understand how and where their law firm is “leaving money on the table” and provides a proven system and strategy to convert more prospects into profitable clients. If you’re tired of the “Spend and Hope” approach to growing your law firm, then contact us today and schedule your Free Mystery Call Debrief with Chris Mullins personally, and let Chris and her team of professionals show you how to convert more prospects into profitable clients. Visit Law Firm Conversions to Schedule Your "Mystery Call Debrief"

647: Live the E-Commerce Dropship Lifestyle and Make Your Shopify Store the Best It Can Be with Anton Kraly

Jun 24, 2019 26:58


Anton Kraly is the founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle & eCommerce Lifestyle. He focuses on empowering people through eCommerce and better marketing. He and his team are constantly researching and testing to discover what works best in digital marketing and eCommerce. Resources Dropship Lifestyle (how to start an online store) eCommerce Lifestyle (grow your e-commerce business) Anton Kraly on YouTube Anton Kraly on LinkedIn

646: Mindset, Market, Message, Medium, Money, Manage, and Measure: Get Your Messaging Right for Your Funnels with Trish Saemann

Jun 17, 2019 27:47


Trish Saemann is a notoriously straight-forward person who is quick to laugh and put others at ease. She is also a no-nonsense results-focused marketing expert who is intent on helping entrepreneurs get more clients they love! Co-founder of two companies, GoBeyond SEO, a digital marketing firm and Creative Clarity, a business coaching and entrepreneurial education company, she is also a graduate of the internationally recognized Goldman Sachs 10KSB program at Babson College. Resources Seven Steps to Get More Clients You Love (free guide) Brian Seamann's Podcast Appearance: Attorney Leads and Marketing Trish Saemann on LinkedIn

645: The Leverage Equation: Entrepreneurial Time Management, Productivity, and Communication with Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder

Jun 10, 2019 31:01


Todd Tresidder graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.A. in economics and a passion for creating successful businesses. A serial entrepreneur since childhood, Todd went on to build his own wealth as a hedge fund investment manager before “retiring” at 35. He grew his net worth from less than zero at 23 to the point of financial independence just 12 years later. Todd has maintained his wealth by remaining an active investor and utilizing statistical and mathematical risk management systems for investing. Through his website at, he teaches advanced investing and advanced retirement planning principles. Take the next step beyond conventional financial advice and discover what works, what doesn’t, and why, based on years of proven experience. Resources Financial Mentor (official site) The Leverage Equation (book) Todd's Ultimate Retirement Calculator Todd Tresidder on LinkedIn

644: Power Up For Profits: Discover Your Passion, Reinvent Yourself, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Find Your Big Why with Kathleen Gage

Jun 7, 2019 30:53


After nearly 25 years in business, Kathleen Gage is doing what most entrepreneurs would never dream of doing; changing her business direction and market in a big way. Creating a level of success many entrepreneurs aspired to achieve, Kathleen discovered a passion that had been percolating under the surface for years; a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Resources Kathleen Gage: Find Your Beyond Ordinary (official site) Power Up for Profits: The Plant Based Way (business consulting & keynote speaking for plant-based, vegan and wellness organizations) Plant Based Eating for Health: Optimize the Health of Your Mind, Body and Soul Through Ethical Food Choices Kathleen Gage on LinkedIn Kathleen Gage's books on Amazon

643: Fueled By Culture: Create Internal Change, Discover Relentless Persistence, and Empower Brands with Influencer Marketing with Keynote Speaker Marcus Damas

Jun 3, 2019 21:34


Marcus Damas is an American Entrepreneur, retired professional basketball player, and devoted husband and father based in New York City. Before playing in Sweden’s professional basketball league for the Solna Vikings, Marcus played Small Forward for the Towson Tigers, Towson University’s NCAA Division 1 team in the state of Maryland, where he is on the top 20 all time scoring list. Following his basketball career, Marcus returned to New York City to pursue a career in creative leadership as the Founder and CEO of Fueled by Culture. Fueled by Culture is a burgeoning creative marketing agency that specializes in connecting and empowering brands with influencers through innovative content and experiential event programming. FBC clients and partners include Avion, Lyft, Hooch, and Postmates to name a few. Marcus Damas is also a keynote speaker at marketing conferences around the world. Resources Fueled by Culture (official site) Marcus Damas on Instagram Marcus Damas on Twitter

642: Lead Generation and Marketing Strategy: Direct Mail, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click Advertising with Ryan Cote

May 29, 2019 25:10


Ryan Cote is the Director of Digital Services and Partner at Ballantine, a third-generation family-owned direct mail and digital marketing company based out of Fairfield, NJ. With Ballantine since 2003, a family-owned business started in 1966 by his great-uncle, Ryan now manages the growing digital marketing division. From lead generation to marketing strategy for small businesses, Ryan and his company rise above the get-featured-quick schemes so often attributed to digital marketing. He loves to geek out on technical marketing talk as well as work with real-world business owners about growing their book of business in today’s online world. Visit Ballantine to Get Ryan's Contact Info and Additional Resources

641: Scientific Advertising: Find Your Target Audience, Split Test, and Improve Conversions with Facebook Ads Expert Mojca Zove

May 24, 2019 25:05


Mojca Zove is the owner of Super Spicy Media and a Facebook Ads Expert that helps +7-figure companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads. She's the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, a book that helped hundreds of people launch their first successful Facebook Advertising campaign. She recently launched her online course - The Science of Facebook Ads. She's an international speaker. She appeared on MicroConf, Double Your Freelancing Conference, Seanwes Conf, BaconBiz and others. Resources Email: Super Spicy Media (official site) The Science of Facebook Ads (online course)

640: Social Media Business Strategy, Branded Content and LinkedIn Trends with Content Coach Marisa Cali

May 21, 2019 26:32


Marisa Cali is a social media strategist and content coach with a background in digital marketing and a keen eye for graphic design. She explains to us how she helps business owners (typically CEOs and startups) see the big picture with their social media content marketing to achieve their traffic goals. Resources 5 Tips To Build A Better LinkedIn Profile By Tomorrow (free PDF) All the Social (official site) Marisa Cali on LinkedIn Marisa Cali on Instagram

639: Enhance Performance and Efficiency In Your Organization Using Assessments, Scoring, and Software with Natasha Davis

May 15, 2019 30:16


Natasha Davis, is a Registered Nurse, Branding Strategist and Corporate Trainer. As a certified expert in email & social media marketing and branding, she thrives on fixing problems and eliminating frustrations for companies and their executives. Over the past 15 years, Natasha has worked with several companies and professionals to assist them in enhancing their business potential, brand equity, brand loyalty, cash flow, customer satisfaction and marketing strategy through the power of impactful branding. Because she uncomplicates the most complicates aspects in business, her clients affectionately refer to her as "The Chief Visionary" Natasha has the ability to quickly identify issues, find solutions, get results and improve outcomes. Resources Impact Branding Consulting (official site) Natasha Davis on LinkedIn Natasha's Previous Appearance

638: Get a Website That Converts: Implement a Martial Arts Mindset into Your Business to Create a Powerful Marketing Message, Manage Stress and Become Your Greatest Self with Dr. Joe Schaefer

May 9, 2019 32:59


Dr. Joe Schaefer is a digital marketing expert with an incredibly diverse background. In addition to owning a digital marketing agency for over 11 years and working personally with hundreds of business clients, he has a PhD in Neurophysiology from the University of Texas. So his clients often call him Doctor Joe, but hundreds other people call him Master Joe as he is also a 7th degree black belt in kung Fu and operates a school of 300+ students in Austin. He has has trained and taught for over 30 years. He brings these various disciplines together into every strategy and tactic he uses to take his business clients to their next level in web marketing. Resources Dr. Joe Schaefer on Amazon Joe Schaefer on Twitter Joe Schaefer on LinkedIn

637: Hire a Full-Time Assistant in the Philippines: Outsource Forum Posting, Programming, Graphic Design, Customer Support and More with John Jonas

May 7, 2019 35:12


John has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in their business by doing outsourcing differently. He created and runs, the largest website for finding Filipino virtual workers, with over half a million Filipino resumes and hundreds of thousands of employers from around the world using it. He works about 17 hours per week, choosing to spend his time with his family rather than working. World's Largest And Safest Marketplace For Finding Rock Star Filipino Workers

636: Move Beyond Ego to Become a Kind Communicator, Have Compassion and Discover Self-Awareness to Achieve Your True Potential with Elizabeth Barry

May 4, 2019 26:30


Elizabeth Barry is an author, marketing executive and a badass leadership coach. She teaches people self-love, exceptional communication skills and how to live a life fulfilled, both in and out of the office. For over a decade, she's taught self-branding workshops and helped leaders discover their business BEST through the art of powerful communication, personal branding, marketing and PR. She's devised a 2018 coaching mastermind program that transforms lives, unblocks energies and helps amazing CEOs, managers and Founders engage in discovering and rediscovering their creative life powers. Resources Beyond Ego (podcast) Elizabeth Barry Consulting (official site) The Kind Communicator: Kindness, Compassion and Wisdom for all Business Leaders (book) Own Your Vulnerability: Become a Self-Loving Powerful Woman: A Woman’s Guide to Renewal Through Life, Self-love, Career and Spirituality (book)

635: Influencer Marketing: Observe Your Competitors, Grow Your Location Based Business, and Think Outside the Box with Brand Evangelist Rev Ciancio

May 2, 2019 30:35


Rev Ciancio is a Senior Marketing, Branding and Digital Strategist with 20 years of experience in digital marketing and business development, specializing in hospitality marketing, content and local SEO. He has led many clients to new levels of local, national and international success in the hospitality, financial service and entertainment sectors. He is also former agency owner as well as a former New York City bar owner. Rev is an “expert burger taster” and pens hospitality and marketing tips on his Instagram @revciancio as well as his LinkedIn Profile. Resources Foodie Tribe: An Influencer Talent Agency That Believes in Honesty Rev Ciancio's Yext Profile Rev Ciancio on Instagram Rev Ciancio on Twitter Rev Ciancio on LinkedIn

634: Fearless Wealth: Money Mindset, Question the Obvious, Find Extreme Stability and Implement Powerfully Simple Investing with CFP and NLP Expert RC Peck

Apr 30, 2019 29:52


RC Peck is a certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Registered Investment Advisor and a Master NLP practitioner. RC Peck is also the author of Fearless Wealth, Simple Steps to Growing and Harvesting Money. RC Peck is the founder of Fearless Wealth, a San Francisco-based investment education company that delivers unique workshops, training and presentations to the public and companies worldwide. His passion is giving people the facts, the tools and the specific steps necessary to become self-sufficient at managing and understanding their money. However, RC's approach is not what one might expect. He starts where people look last - at themselves. He believes that growing one's money has to start with one's behaviors about money. Born in Cincinnati, he started trading his own account when he was 15 years old. Since then he's traded commodities in New York City; designed an investment method that protects and grows money more efficiently than Wall Street; and has interviewed hundreds of traders, investors and millionaires on four continents for one purpose - to find out what works. Based on his ten years of financial research, RC published Fearless Wealth Simple Steps to Grow and Harvest Your Money and founded Fearless Wealth Workshops in 1997. You can find RC's work on his website at Resources (official site) RC Peck on Twitter RC Peck on LinkedIn RC Peck on YouTube

633: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value: Content Marketing, Automation, Mobile, Social Media and E-Commerce with Your Marketing Superhero Jeffrey Traister

Apr 27, 2019 29:52


Jeff Traister, Your Marketing Superhero, provides digital direct response marketing services, strategy, persuasive copywriting, marketing automation consulting, social media marketing management, WordPress web design and content plus video post-production to companies & industries worldwide. Five Trends with Digital Marketing content marketing: nurturing leads and prospects into customers marketing automation: conversion, retention, CRM's, e-commerce mobile marketing: landing pages, texting social media marketing: interacting with leads to start selling e-commerce: B2B & manufacturers Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns lead generation (opt-in, free report) sales conversion (persuade with a sales letter) trust building (whitepaper, success stories) retention campaign (get established clients to buy more) upsells and downsells (cart abandonment, lesser-quantity offers) Jeff Traister develops direct response marketing strategies for start-up ventures, new product launches and market share expansion. These strategies involve digital media, automation and ecommerce. Resources Your Marketing Superhero (free report) Text "firstname lastname email" to phone number: 561-277-3363 Jeff Traister on LinkedIn

632: Diving Deep Within: Stop Being a Coach Resister, Use the Socratic Method, Discover Your Aspirational Self, and Become Coachable with Melinda Kelly

Apr 15, 2019 30:46


Melinda Kelly wants to know: are you a "coach resister?" You're afraid to invest the money? Don't want to give up control to someone else? Think you know better and if you tough it out, it will get better? You've tried and it didn't work, so you won't give it another shot? Until, maybe, the hammer comes down! Your business hits rock bottom, your partner leaves you, your health deserts you, you're so miserable you're loading up on anti-depressants? That's usually when someone gets desperate enough to hire a coach. But Melinda J. Kelly says it's a mistake to wait that long when there are so many ways for you to thrive and succeed NOW with a coach that's right for you. But there's more to it than just hiring a have to be ready, willing and have the right mindset to make the relationship succeed...and she tells you how you can go deeply within to prepare yourself for a coaching relationship that will take you far beyond what you can do on your own. She provides the roadmap in today's podcast episode where we discuss Finding Your Coach and Diving Deep Within. Resources Melinda J. Kelly (official site) Contact Melida to receive a copy of her Aha! quiz Finding Your Coach: Diving Deep Within (book)

631: How to Get More Organized with LastPass, Google Drive, Google Chrome, MindMeister & Upwork

Apr 1, 2019 42:55


Robert Plank, host of this podcast and author of The Checklist Mindset, is back to share with you a few powerful tools that will make a huge difference in your happiness, productivity, and throughput: LastPass (password manager) Google Drive (cloud storage & document sharing) Google Chrome (internet browser with add-ons including Permanent Clipboard) MindMeister (online mindmapping tool) Upwork (delegate)

630: LaunchPad Co-Working Spaces in Newark, Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans: Move Your Business into a Distraction-Free, Productive Environment with Chris Schultz and Anne Driscoll

Mar 27, 2019 25:46


Today, we're talking about co-working spaces with Anne Driscoll (President & COO) and Chris Schultz (CEO) of Launch Pad. Co-working is a great solution for you if you're looking for a more professional appearance, to achieve more focus, productivity, networking, and inspiration. Plus, we cover many aspects of co-working you've probably overlooked. Example: co-working space networks, rentable conference rooms (and podcasting booths), as well as trial periods and multiple packages. Tune in and discover what you need to know about co-working. Resources Launch Pad: co-working workspace & community Launch Pad on Twitter co-working software

629: Consulting Success: Scale Up, Find Freedom From Hourly Fees, Fill the Pipeline, and Solve Problems with Michael Zipursky

Mar 12, 2019 31:47


Michael Zipursky coaches consultants. He wants you to develop a mindset of serving (solving problems) so that you can create powerful systems, attract more clients, and ultimately increase your fees, so you are paid based on results and not hours (or days). Listen in to discover how to set yourself apart, have conversations with your prospects, and fill the pipeline. Resources Consulting Success: Develop Consistent Lead Flow and a Highly Profitable Consulting Business Michael Zipursky on LinkedIn Michael Zipursky on Amazon Michael Zipursky on Twitter

628: Marketer of the Day Book Case Study: How I Monetized My Podcast and Earned $4000 Assembling a Compilation Book I Didn’t Even Write

Mar 7, 2019 25:40


Tune in right now to hear the secrets of creating a compilation book -- plus why, whether you have an existing podcast or are even thinking about creating a new podcast -- you should pursue this avenue to help your podcast interviewees get more exposure! Click to Buy the "Marketer of the Day" Compilation Book

627: How to Make a Passive Income Using Amazon ACX Audible Audiobooks

Feb 26, 2019 1:05:25


Robert Plank is back to explain how his wife (and many up-and-coming entrepreneurs) have used the Amazon Audible ACX marketplace to boot-strap their self-funding online business by narrating entire audiobooks. How is it done? What tools and experience are required? What are the steps? It's all explained in today's training. Resources Audacity (sound recorder) Blue Yeti (microphone) VO Success Formula (voiceover training)

626: Defeat Impostor Syndrome, Enhance Your Leadership Skills, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem with Mooniek Seebregts

Feb 13, 2019 30:42


Mooniek Seebregts has coached since 2002, she also is a speaker and an international bestselling author. In 2013 she became founder and director of The Center for Innovation for Leaders located in Sacramento, California, because she realized that, "People like to go after their full potential, they want to be a great leader, but they often don’t know how to get there." Resources Center of Innovation for Leaders (official site) Mooniek Seebregts on LinkedIn Email:  

625: Recurring Passive Income from Membership Sites: Get Out Of Idea Mode, Let Your Customers Vote Using Their Wallets, and Milestone Your Way to Internet Marketing Success

Jan 17, 2019 48:12


If you've ever thought about making money from a membership site, you'll want to listen in as Robert discusses what you need to do to keep things simple, hit real goals, and get out of idea mode so you can start making money. (Thanks for write-in questions from Howard Hopgood, Julie Robitaille, Vernon Jeter and Joe Donnalley). Burnout -> better goals Follow through -> accountability Progress -> take a focused 20 minutes to knock out the first step Motivation -> people, milestones, results Clarity -> journaling Join Membership Cube to Create Your Passive Income Site Today

624: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize Your Podcast Business (Your Questions Answered)

Jan 10, 2019 1:07:38


Robert is back answering YOUR questions about podcasting: what equipment to buy, what to talk about, how to market it, and additional possibilities you may not have thought of... Resources Podcast Crusher: setup your own podcast MindMeister: mindmapping, Google integration, sharing Bonjoro: create quick thank you videos for your customers This Week's Friends of the Show Carol Drebin: Talk About Your Final Renee Balcom: Dan: Phil Cullum: Nora: John Website: Linda Smith: Catherine Laub: The Celestial Spoon Wendy Gardner:

623: Toastmasters: Improve Your Presentation Skills and Become a Better Stage, Webinar and Podcast Speaker

Jan 4, 2019 24:21


In today's episode, Robert explains one of his "getting out of the house" hobbies that also benefits his marketing business, podcasting, speaking skills and more, and it's called Toastmasters. This is a club you can join with regular meetings you can attend to develop your presentation ideas and enhance your speaking skills. Tune in to hear all about it. Resources Toastmasters: Find a Club Near You Toastmasters on Twitter Toastmasters Facebook Group

622: VO Success Formula: Create a Voiceover Income from Freelancing

Dec 30, 2018 32:55


Tune in to today's episode to discover how to generate a "side hustle" freelancing income using voiceovers and Fiverr. The formula explained is what Lance Tamashiro used to earn $4200 per month from Fiverr, and what Robert's wife used to recently land a $1500 audiobook, $90 earned in 10 minutes, and $250 in 20 minutes, and $300 in 40 minutes. We consider this assembly-line, "hard for others but easy for you" style freelancing an easy way for you to generate side income, especially if you're just getting started online OR are in need of extra money. Visit VO Success Formula to Discover Fiverr Voiceover Secrets (Note: the income claims discussed in today's episode are entirely our own and any income you generate is completely up to your efforts. Nothing is guaranteed.)

621: Succeed By Failing 90 Percent of the Time: Pay Attention to What’s Working and Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Productivity, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads with Perry Marshall

Dec 25, 2018 51:17


Perry Marshall is one of the world's most expensive and sought-after business consultants. Clients seek his ability to integrate engineering, sales, art and psychology. He launched two movements in modern marketing. His Google AdWords books laid the foundations for the $100 billion Pay Per Click industry, and techniques he pioneered are standard best practices. He wrote the world’s best selling book on web advertising, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. More recently, he's turned "80/20" into a verb. 80/20 is not just a fact about your business, it's action you take on your business. 80/20 is the central lever for every great strategy. His book 80/20 Sales & Marketing is mandatory in many growing companies. His books are course material in several business schools. Resources 80/20 Sales and Marketing (book, 1 cent offer) Perry Marshall on Facebook Perry Marshall on LinkedIn

620: Drive Traffic from Facebook and Instagram Ads: Lookalike Audiences, Carousel Ads, Boosted Posts and More with Monica Louie

Dec 22, 2018 34:29


Monica Louie uses her expertise in Facebook & Instagram ads to help entrepreneurs skyrocket their profitability. After discovering the wonders of paid advertising and seeing amazing results herself, Monica has built a thriving agency for major brands and solopreneurs alike. Do you want to create campaigns that convert too? Discover how to flourish with Facebook ads through Monica's step-by-step course at Ready for her team of ads rockstars to handle the ads management for you? Apply to work with Monica and her team at Resources Monica Louie: Facebook & Instagram Ads Management (official site) Flourish with FB Ads (Facebook ads course) Monica Louie on LinkedIn

619: Ace the Game of Viral Content, Attention Getting, and Traffic with Vin Clancy

Dec 5, 2018 23:57


Infamous growth hacker Vin Clancy's went from being on social welfare in the UK to launching 2 online magazines that got over 20 million page views in their first two years with zero adspend. He's since then won best speaker at SXSW V2V for his growth hacking talk, finished a 100-date world tour, made six figures on his debut growth hacking book, created one of the biggest marketing communities on Facebook, and moved to L.A., where he teaches companies how to rapidly grow their audiences and businesses. Resources Vin Clancy (official site) Ace the Game (book) Vin Clancy on LinkedIn Vin Clancy on Twitter Traffic and Copy Facebook Group LinkedHelper (connect with LinkedIn users) ReBump (email followup sales tool)

618: Healing from the Inside Out: Focus, Productivity, and Incremental Changes with Dr. Nauman Naeem

Dec 3, 2018 32:21


Dr. Nauman Naeem is a pulmonary and critical care specialist who has been interested in human behaviour and how to achieve our highest potential since his adolescent years. His intellectual curiosity and drive motivated him to become a pulmonary and critical care physician. During the course of his career, which has spanned two countries and has involved caring for tens of thousands of chronically and critically ill patients, he noticed that the majority of patients do not heal and remain trapped in the paradigm of chronic disease. This motivated him to dive deeper into the roots of true healing through studying ancient healing traditions, the psychology of healing, consciousness and metaphysics which culminated in the writing of his book. He continues his medical practice in Ontario, Canada with the goal of bridging conventional medicine with a more holistic multi-dimensional approach to healing. Dr. Naeem talks to us about four areas of low-hanging fruit where entrepreneurs can improve their health: nutrition, movement (15-20 minutes), sleep (an extra 1 hour), and stillness (meditation, mindfulness, and journaling). Resources Dr. Nauman Naeem (official site) Dr. Naeem's Blog Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life (book) Resources

617: Mindset Shift: Content Recycling, Accountability Masterminds, Networking and Consistency with Aaron Walker

Nov 30, 2018 44:55


Aaron Walker is a veteran entrepreneur. Having started over a dozen businesses during his four decade journey has been pretty awesome. Beginning at 18 years old and selling to a Fortune 500 company just nine years later set Aaron on an adventure of a lifetime. The secret sauce for Aaron can clearly be identified with these four attributes: grit, authenticity, determination and perseverance. The glue that holds it all together is his weekly involvement in Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind groups. Aaron started masterminding 20 years ago with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller and several other notable Nashvillians. Today, he spends time with his wife, two daughters and five grandchildren. Resources View from the Top (official site) View From the Top: Living a Life of Significance (book) Aaron Walker on LinkedIn Aaron Walker Previous Marketer of the Day Appearance

616: Cashflow Connections: How to Build Wealth, Identify Stable Opportunities, and Create Multiple Streams of Income with Hunter Thompson

Nov 28, 2018 30:31


Hunter Thompson is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Cash Flow Connections, a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since starting CFC, Hunter has helped more than 250 investors allocate capital to over 100 properties. He has personally raised more than $20mm in private capital and controls more than $60mm in commercial real estate. Hunter has been featured in Forbes, Globe St., Inside Self-Storage, as well as a variety of other media news outlets, podcasts, and radio shows. Hunter is also the host of the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast, which helps investors learn the intricacies of commercial real estate from the comfort of their home, car, or office. Resources Cash Flow Connections (official site) Hunter Thompson on LinkedIn Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast (Stitcher)

615: ClickUp: Be More Productive, Save Time, and Get More Out of Your Team Using Project Management Software with Zeb Evans

Nov 26, 2018 32:01


Zeb Evans is a serial entrepreneur that's started several software companies with over $50 million in revenue. Currently, he's founder and CEO at ClickUp, a productivity platform where people plan their work. Resources ClickUp (project management software for teams) Zeb Evans on LinkedIn How ClickUp is Successfully Growing a SaaS product in a Crowded Space (Huffington Post)

614: Openless Apps: Educate, Nurture, Follow-Up Your Customers with Peter Lisoskie

Nov 21, 2018 28:27


Peter Lisoskie is the creator of Openless Apps. Every business wants better leads, more conversions, and customer relationships. Every customers wants instant, 24/7, and conversation on their mobile phones. Enter Openless Apps - a new category of software that replaces websites, phone apps, chatbots, and email marketing. No more confusing websites. No phone apps to download. Openless means no downoads - they're instant and engaging. Learn more and then set an appointment with us to see how going 'Openless' can dramatically scale your business. Resources Peter's previous podcast appearance (Chat Bot Nation) Openless Apps Openless Apps: speaking demo

613: Jumpstart Your Retirement Income and Plan For Financial Freedom with Bill Corley

Nov 9, 2018 31:01


Bill Corley is a Certified Financial Planner™ specializing in retirement income issues and holds an RICP designation, having studied Social Security, taxes, investments, insurance and estate issues. He was also named as a FIVESTAR WEALTH MANAGER for the fourth time in his career. Bill offers workshops on Sustainable Retirement Income because most people fear running out of money before they die. He is the author of "Jumpstart Your Retirement Income." Resources Bill Corley: Retirement Planning (official site) Phone Number: 916-223-4023 Bill Corley on LinkedIn

612: Build Your Brand Mania: Increase Your Online Audience Using Content Marketing, Social Media, and Cutting-Edge Traffic Strategies with Matt Bertram

Nov 7, 2018 35:35


Matt Bertram: Entrepreneur, Trainer and Speaker, is the co-host of the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and Ahrefs with over 3.4 million downloads. He's a Google Partner and COO at eWebResults, a leading internet marketing agency since 1999. He's the author of Build Your Brand Mania, How to Transform Yourself into an Authoritative Brand to Attract Your Ideal Customers: An Insider's Guide to the Fastest Way to Grow Your Business Online. Matt holds a strong track record of creating positive ROI through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising. He's an expert in web design usability, social media marketing strategy and email automation, managing over $1.8 million dollars of ad spend per year. Resources Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers (book) eWebResults: Free Website Analysis (agency) Matt Bertram on LinkedIn

611: Clarity, Focus, and Action: Discover Your True Potential and Implement Your Aligned Life Roadmap with River Easter

Nov 5, 2018 35:45


River Easter is a catalyst to help you discover the genius inside YOU. More than your average life coach, her vast toolbox includes more than 25 years of neuroscience, smartcuts, and paradigm busting processes. She has a Masters in Organization Development and is a certified Life Mastery Consultant. HER genius is part alchemy, part science, part consciousness hacking. She has worked in government, private, and nonprofit sectors providing effective tools for collaboration, leadership and innovation. Her experience and passion for growth and transformation is evident through her creativity, laser focus, and analytical mind. As a sought after life coach and speaker, River offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational high-touch coaching programs that help clients go from survive to THRIVE with ease. Resources Your Aligned Life Roadmap (create a vision and achieve your goals) Tamara River Easter on LinkedIn Ripple Effect Consulting

610: Live Your Own Successful Story, Change, Evolve, and Overcome Obstacles By Thinking Beyond the Wisdom of Walt with Dr. Disneyland Jeff Barnes

Oct 31, 2018 30:45


Jeff Barnes is the best-selling author of The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth and Beyond the Wisdom of Walt: Life Lessons from the Most Magical Place on Earth. Known as Dr. Disneyland, he teaches the only accredited college course on the History of Disneyland. He is an international Disney motivational speaker, higher education administrator, university professor, and leadership/success coach. He has more than thirty-five years of professional speaking experience and nearly twenty years’ experience leading teams in higher education and teaching more than twenty different college courses. He attributes his passion for Disney parks to his love of history, story, and success. He believes the parks teach us some of life’s greatest lessons—as long as you know their history, know what to look for, and you are willing to connect it all to your own story. Jeff lives in Riverside, California with his family. When he is not speaking, teaching or writing, Jeff enjoys spending as much time as possible in "The Happiest Place on Earth." Resources The Wisdom of Walt (official site) The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland): Success Strategies for Everyone (book) Beyond the Wisdom of Walt: Life Lessons from the Most Magical Place on Earth (book)

609: Make the Leap into Entrepreneurship, Narrow Focus, and Find the Right Partner with Business Plan Answer Man David Brown

Oct 30, 2018 29:38


Dave Brown is a leader in business planning. His message is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the need of a business plan and remove the fear and pain of writing the plan. An in-demand speaker and consultant who have helped many clients write their business plan to meet the requirements of lenders and operate their business. Sharing his 25+ years’ experience owning and operating a business he saves entrepreneurs time and money. His first book From the Bottom Up: The Ultimate Guide for Business Planning to Profitability is a step-by-step guide for writing a business plan in a no nonsense format. His second book, Journeys to Success: 21 empowering stories inspired by the success principles of Napoleon Hill released in March of 2016 became an international bestseller on its release. Both books have received stunning reviews from a wide range of leaders in the business, marketing and sales. His work has been featured on Blog Talk Radio, Bold Radio, Partners in Success, Journey to Success Radio Network and others. Resources David L. Brown: The Business Plan Answer Man (official site) Narrow Your Focus (previous podcast appearance) From the Bottom Up: The Ultimate Guide for Business Planning to Profitability (book)

608: Conversational Copywriting: Be Authentic, Love Your Customers, and Build Long-Term Relationships for Increased Sales with Nick Usborne

Oct 24, 2018 40:41


Nick Usborne is an expert in copywriting and web writing. He has written copy for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Citibank, Apple, Chrysler,, New York Times, WebEx, the U.S. Navy, and others. He attributes his success to “conversational copywriting,” and he’s here today to share his approach to help you write persuasive and effective copy for clients. Resources Nick's Conversational Copywriting Goodie Bag (including 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Your Writing More Conversational) Nick Usborne (blog) Conversational Copywriting (official site) Popcorn Content: The craft of writing short-form content for social media (book)  

607: Alignment, Divine Purpose, Fear of Missing Out, and Akashic Records with Kay Sanders

Oct 22, 2018 41:00


Kay Sanders, known as the Creator of Possibilities is an Intuitive Business Coach, Certified Akashic Record Consultant, and International Bestselling Author. Kay helps conscious entrepreneurs find that missing piece to create momentum in their Business so they can turn their passion into a successful and thriving business that is in alignment with their divine purpose. Kay incorporates here gifts to help her clients uncover their divine gifts, create a strong mindset and implement effective systems and strategies in order to create the business and lifestyle of their dreams. Her motto is ‘everything is possible’ which she also heavily incorporates into her own business and with her clients to help them see all the amazing possibilities in life. Kay truly believes that everyone, not only deserves, but also has the ability, to live a fulfilling life full of success and possibilities. Resources The Abundantly Successful Show Kay Sanders Coaching (official site) Kay Sanders Previous Episodes: Systems & Mindset Kay Sanders on YouTube Kay Sanders on LinkedIn

606: Become a Powerful Speaker: Structure a Compelling Offer, Craft the Ideal Story, Meet Your Audience Where They’re At and Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Make Sales with Gary McKinsey

Oct 15, 2018 33:42


Gary McKinsey is a past president of the National Speakers Association of Northern California. As a business coach, he works with entrepreneurs, speakers, and trainers in implementing strategies to build their ideal business. For the first 40 years of his career, he owned a business consulting practice. In 2010 he started a coaching business specializing in working with individuals that want to improve their speaking and presentation skills. He frequently speaks and presents workshops on Small Business Marketing Strategies. Resources Gary McKinsey (official site) Phone: 209-345-4230 Gary McKinsey on LinkedIn Gary McKinsey on Meetup

605: Ready, Fire, Aim: Pursue Your Number One Goal, Find Freedom Through Discipline, and Grow Your Business with Motivational Speaker Jake Ballentine

Oct 12, 2018 40:21


Jake Ballentine is the author of Your Number One Goal, a contributing author in Jack Canfield's Living the Success Principles and the host of the Focus on the Good podcast. Jake tells us what we need to know about getting out of our own way, grit & determination, how discipline equals freedom, how to let go of your pride so you can take action, conquering self-doubt & fear, adopting a ready-fire-aim mindset, pursue S.M.A.R.T. goals, find direction, and grow! Resources Your Number One Goal (free book) Focus on the Good (podcast) Speakers, Authors & Coaches Facebook Group Speakers, Authors & Coaches Podcast Jake Ballentine on Twitter

604: The Proven Path to Get Self Published Using Free Plus Shipping Offers: Overcome Blank Page Syndrome, Solve a Real Problem, and Succeed Both On and Off Amazon with Chandler Bolt

Oct 11, 2018 34:32


Chandler Bolt is the host of the Self Publishing School podcast & the author of 6 bestselling books including his most recent book titled "Published." He’s also the founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing your first book. Through his books, podcast, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey to writing their first book. Important Talking Points To avoid blank page syndrome, use a mindmap (Chandler prefers pen and paper for this) and dump all the ideas you have, then group into 4 to 7 chapters To write each chapter, dump all your ideas for that chatper and then repeat the 4-7 "grouping" process Choosing a topic for your book: sell pain pills, not vitamins. Find a specific group with a real pain and solve that problem... Use Google Docs to write your book so you can work on it from anywhere Consider a "free plus shipping" offer for your book Give video and audio away for free after people purchase your book Resources Published: The Proven Path From Blank Page to Published Author (book) Self Publishing School (course) Self Publishing School Podcast Self Publishing School on Twitter Chandler Bolt on Facebook

603: Disruptive Advertising: Run Google and Facebook Pay-Per-Click Ads with Jacob Baadsgaard

Oct 9, 2018 30:32


After growing one of his first PPC clients from 25 to 250 employees, Jacob Baadsgaard realized he had a gift for using pay-per-click marketing to drive dramatic business results. To help more companies succeed online, Jake founded Disruptive Advertising, a PPC, and CRO management agency that has helped hundreds of companies realize unprecedented growth and profitability from the online advertising. In the four years since its founding, Disruptive Advertising has grown from two employees working in Jake's basement to a flourishing agency with more than 90 employees and a run rate of over $12 million- putting it at #145 on the 2017 Inc 500 list! Listen in to hear about Jacob's ad strategies, best practices, real-life case studies, push and pull tactics, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Resources Free Google Ads Audit from Disruptive Advertising Disruptive Advertising (official site) Jake Baadsgaard on LinkedIn Jacob Baadsgaard on Twitter

602: Data Driven Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence: Hyper-Personalization, Predictive Content, Lead Scoring, Automation and More with Magnus Unemyr

Oct 5, 2018 27:09


Magnus Unemyr is a renowned author, global speaker and thought-leader in the field of marketing automation, with a particular focus on advanced integration, marketing with artificial intelligence, and how data and insights from Internet-connected devices can drive marketing automation logic. Magnus has spent the past 20+ years in the global software industry, focusing on marketing the Internet-of-Things technology in the semiconductor chip industry. He co-founded an international software company that built and maintained a distributor network in 50 countries. He now concentrates his efforts on helping companies advance and grow their business by sharing his knowledge as an independent consultant. Magnus has published many popular books on Internet marketing, Marketing Automation, Entrepreneurship, Internet-of-Things and Artificial intelligence. His latest book, released 2018, is entitled ‘Data-Driven Marketing with Artificial Intelligence: Harness the Power of Predictive Marketing and Machine Learning’. Magnus currently resides in Sweden and is a sought-after speaker for seminars and conferences in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, throughout Europe and the USA. He’s is also the founder and author of the blog a leading source for marketing automation and AI. Resources Mastering Online Marketing (free e-book) Magnus Unemyr Blog Magnus Unemyr on LinkedIn Magnus Unemyr on Twitter

601: Mini-Offers, Market Research, Quitting Your Job, and Building Your Funnel with Michelle Evans

Oct 3, 2018 38:32


Michelle L. Evans walked away from her global marketing strategy role at Microsoft in 2012 after a successful 16-year corporate career spanning many industries and now works with a fantastic community of business owners - coaches, consultants, experts, speakers, authors and solopreneurs - helping them go from simply surviving to predictably SOLD OUT. Using her 20+ years of successful marketing experience she helps her clients create income-producing, client-generating, stress-reducing marketing funnels. Michelle has been featured in Mirasee, Huffington Post, Online Marketing Made Easy and 30+ other places over the internet and worked with household names like Microsoft, LinkedIn and others as a well-paid employee and consultant. Michelle talks to us about her strategy of creating mini-offers to find hot selling product ideas, training your list, creating upsells and funnels, and how to emotionally connect with prospects. Take This Short Quiz to Claim Your Michelle's Free Funnel Template

600: The Magical Profit-Producing Power of Following Up, Being Organized, and Persistent: 22 Things I Learned From Grant Cardone About Wealth, Mental Health, Happiness, Knowledge, and Making Money

Sep 28, 2018 55:04


For our 600th episode, we're going to talk about Grant Cardone, who I consider to be one of the top 10 marketers on the planet. Important to note: Grant doesn't know me and he does not appear in this episode. However, I've read (almost) all his books and bought a few other things from him, such as his 10XGrowthCon livestream. He brands himself as a sales trainer and is the best person to learn from if you're looking to up your game, develop a better work ethic, and connect better with your customers & employees. He's definitely the hardest working person I've ever seen. If that makes me a kiss-ass, so be it: 10X rule: it takes 10 times the effort you think it will take, so set your goal, then 10-times that goal, and then 10-times the action you think you'll need to take to hit that goal (avoids "one foot on the brake") Get your money right Have a quiet workspace, rent an office, get employees You don't know if "too much" is too much until you've done it Grocery store rot: feed the beast, keep the traffic, clients, business, and money pouring in constantly You’re always selling (job, career, webinar, class) -- surpass your quota (quick personal videos) Be the most ethical person you know: "ethical" means telling as many people about your product because it’s unethical not to help them by selling it to them Most of us are introverted or shy (the thing you fear is the action you are putting off and should probably take). Be "social" even if you're introverted. Make thank you calls or send postcards to customers. "Someone canceled on me for lunch, let's have lunch." Daily meetings & quotas (measured progress): get into the habit of completion Most people don’t follow-up (36 voicemails, every business in Miami, eat lunch with people) Don't wait to get your ducks in a row before taking action: CRMs or spreadsheets? Just start dialing or contacting. Omnipresence (market yourself in so many places that people can’t ignore you Ramp up as your skill and efficiency improves (Brad Lea videos, morning vlogs, daily LinkedIn posts) Be difficult and ask for what you want Ask questions from prospects (buying a laptop story), mirror and always agree Scheduling & happiness: fill in so much in your schedule that the weeds can’t grow Be so busy that you haven’t even had time to watch your favorite tv show in weeks. Work weekends - don't take them off like everyone else does Write down your goals in the morning and at night If you have multiple jobs / streams of income, be looking for "complementary" skills, i.e. day job to learn coding and create plugins on the side... voiceover artists who get into podcast setup & editing Are you discouraged because someone hasn't called you back? How many times have you failed to call someone back? Call again. Even if they hate you, they’re still talking about you, so just be yourself Resources Grant's articles on LinkedIn 10XGrowthCon (live event) Cardone University (online training, non-affiliate link) The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure (book) Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life (book)

599: Listen, Choose, and Breathe: Parse Your Story to Meet Your Audience, Create a Strong Call-to-Action, and Recap with Communications and Public Relations Expert Jeanne Alford

Sep 27, 2018 40:37


Jeanne Alford -- author, speaker and communications expert -- directed PR and communications programs for such brands as Dolby Laboratories, Philips Electronics, Visa and Sony. She focused on media perception, crisis communications and international issues. As an executive coach, today, she specializes in communications and media training including speaking, presenting and writing to guide business leaders to tell their most compelling stories in their own words. Resources Jeanne Alford on LinkedIn Jeanne Alford on Alignable (business card) Jeanne Alford on Clarity (coaching session) Jeanne Alford on Medium (blog) Jeanne Alford on Twitter

598: Create a Better Product, Narrow Down Your Audience, Find the Ideal Price Point and Grow with Crossword and Word Search Hobbyist Jonah Phillips

Sep 25, 2018 29:08


Jonah Phillips is the founder and CEO of Crossword Hobbyist and My Word Search. He’s here to talk about starting your own business, and explain why you should ignore most business advice you get. He also explains how he was able to grow the audience for his crossword and wordsearch tools, as well as the audiences he's broken into in order to expand his user base.

597: How to Go Viral: Conflict, Narrative Tension, Emotional Messaging, Anger, Anxiety, and Awe with Joe Romm

Sep 24, 2018 36:47


Joe Romm, named one of Rolling Stone’s "100 people who are changing America," has a game-changing new book, "How to Go Viral and Reach Millions." Romm is "the communicator's communicator," blurbs Van Jones, host of CNN’s The Van Jones Show. "How to Go Viral" is the first book to reveal all the latest secrets for consistently generating viral online content—words, images, or videos that are seen and shared by hundreds of thousands and eventually even millions of people, something Romm and his colleagues in three different organizations achieve routinely. Joe is here to talk about how to create viral content that grabs attentions, connects emotionally, and has all the correct "mechanics" in place, i.e. winning headlines. Resources How To Go Viral and Reach Millions: Top Persuasion Secrets from Social Media Superstars, Jesus, Shakespeare, Oprah, and Even Donald Trump Rhetoric (official site) Joseph Romm on Wikipedia

596: Rock Your Lifestyle, Live Life to the Fullest, and Transform Your Life with Jenny Holla

Sep 19, 2018 28:04


Jenny Holla is a life adventurist, world traveler, author of Rock Your Lifestyle and the co-founder of 2jHolla. Jenny is on a mission to awaken deep transformational life change in leaders and executives who are looking for more free time, energy, connection and who crave more out of life. As far back as she can remember, she has been motivated to love what she is doing, no matter what. She's always been drawn to adventure, new experiences, meeting new people and seeing the world. You can get a dose of inspiration from Jenny and her husband, Jai Holla (co-founder of 2jHolla), on their show The Hollastic Life with J&J, LIVE via Facebook every Sunday at 8pm EST. They cover many topics about holistic living including wellness, finances, relationships and travel. Jenny is here to tell us about about her three secrets: confidence, active listening, and followup. She also explains how she was able to transition from a stressful existence into an ideal stress-free, money-making lifestyle on her own terms. Resources Rock Your Lifestyle (book, use coupon code "robertplank" at checkout) 2JHolla on Facebook Healthy Hollasophy's (Facebook group)  

595: Tax Liens and Tax Deeds: Make More Money Easily By Thinking Outside the Box and Ramping Up with Ted Thomas

Sep 17, 2018 34:39


Ted Thomas is an active investor with over 20 years' experience. He specializes in advising, guiding and teaching people the steps to make money with Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Defaulted property. It's something he's taught thousands of men and women all around the world to do – from single moms to professional investors and entrepreneurs. He's here to tell us how to make easy, passive, scalable income using tax liens and tax deeds. Resources Ted Thomas: America's Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Authority (official site) Ted Thomas on Twitter Ted Thomas on LinkedIn

594: Shiny Object Mastery: Discover Sustainable Motivation, Achieve High Productivity Excellence, and Conquer Your Inner Game with Productivity Expert Michael Montague

Sep 10, 2018 27:13


Michael Montague is the Amazon #1 best-selling author of the book Shiny Object Mastery: The Formula for Overcoming Distractions and Increasing Productivity. Michael’s mission is to help people transition from the confusion of the Information Age, into the clarity and aligned intention of the Age of Purpose. Resources Shiny Object Mastery: The Formula for Overcoming Distractions and Increasing Productivity (book) Michael Montague: The King of Productivity Excellence (official site) Michael Montague on Facebook

593: Rockstar Marketing: Make More Money, Think Outside the Box, Get Noticed and Succeed with Keynote Speaker Craig Duswalt

Sep 5, 2018 33:22


Craig Duswalt is a Keynote Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and the creator of RockStar Marketing. His background includes touring with Guns N' Roses, as Axl Rose's personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band's personal assistant. After touring, Craig opened his marketing firm, Green Room Design and Advertising, which was named the 2002 SCV Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. Craig then combined his backgrounds in both music and marketing, and is now a professional speaker, author and podcaster, promoting his RockStar Marketing Program all over the world. He is known in the industry for putting on high energy, 3-Day RockStar Marketing BootCamps every Spring and Fall in Los Angeles. Craig is here today to share with us how to use outside the box marketing techniques to generate leads, attract clients and how to stand out from the competition — Like a RockStar. Resources Craig Duswalt's RockStar Marketing Program (official site) Craig Duswalt on Twitter RockStar Marketing Bootcamp (live event in Los Angeles) RockStar Marketing Backstage (membership site)

592: Stay Focused on Gratitude, Shift Out of Negativity, Get Empowered and Transition to the Next Stage of Your Life with Love and Lifestyle Coach Terri Rose

Sep 5, 2018 38:08


Terri Rose is a Love & Lifestyle Coach and Motivational Speaker committed to serving those in major life transitions such as separation, divorce, single parenting, empty nesting and/or losing a job. Terri encompasses the qualities of Love and Service to others. After leaving her 13 year marriage, she has walked the emotionally challenging path of divorce. With a strong and passionate desire to serve and empower others, she brings unique insight and inspiration from her own life experiences. Terri knows how transformative the aftermath of Divorce, loss, break ups and starting over can be. Emerging free and independent as a single mother of two, she recognized the potential to help hundreds of people transform their heartbreak and grief into clarity, vision, and self-love. Her wisdom, intuition and genuine love for others inspire one to shift out of limiting unconscious beliefs and step into personal strength and empowerment. With her coaching methods, you will move through the sea of emotions and awaken to deep abiding self-love and experience the inner joy that comes from truly loving yourself. Through her own unique experience, Terri approaches everyone she meets with extraordinary compassion and brings deep listening and an open, welcoming heart to each client. Clients experience a deeper understanding of their emotions, compassion and self-love in even just one session, and over a series of sessions, they are able to stand in their own power, asking the universe fearlessly for the love and lives they truly desire, arms and heart open, ready to receive. Resources Roseville, California Meetup: Finding Your Empowered Self through the Divorce Process Blissify Your Life: Terri Rose, Love & Lifestyle Coach (official site) Email: Phone: 916-425-8383

591: Run Your Business Like a Predictable, Repeatable, Dependable Money-Making Machine By Delegating with The Techie Mentor Susan Mershon

Sep 4, 2018 31:24


Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor, teaches the strategies, skills & systems you need to design, build & grow a thriving Virtual Assistant business. She explains what you need to know to get over the hesitation of hiring a freelancer, and the many options available to you, for example, a website audit. Resources The Techie Mentor (official site) The Techie Mentor Freebies Susan Mershon on Twitter

590: Family, Fitness, Finances and Friendships: The American Dream Realized Through Hard Work, Positive Beliefs, Sacrifices and Focus with Hayk Tadevosyan

Aug 31, 2018 30:48


Hayk Tadevosyan has an upcoming book called Mind Control: 14 Principles of Achieving The American Dream - Manual to why most successful people feel unfulfilled and what to do about it. He's here to talk about his mindset, belief system including hard work and modeling, and compounding. He also shared the 4 pillars: Family, Fitness, Finances, and Friendships. He's all about dedication, simplicity, and course correction... and is here to explain what it takes to live a life of success and fulfillment. Resources Hayk Tadevosyan (official site) Hayk Tadevosyan on LinkedIn Hayk on Facebook

589: Reversing Burnout: How to Thrive, Find Courage to Pull the Trigger, Regain Focus, Be All-In and Have a Greater Impact with Peter Atherton

Aug 29, 2018 32:01


Peter Atherton is a consultant, speaker, and author of the book "Reversing Burnout. How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow! A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners." Pete is the President of ActionsProve, LLC and works with high-achieving professionals and business owners to create greater growth and profits through more effective employee attraction, retention, impact, and branding. For more than 20 years prior, Pete was a very successful and accomplished professional civil engineer focusing on designing sophisticated water treatment facilities and major public infrastructure projects. Pete sold his engineering firm ownership to focus on designing systems for professionals and organizations to grow and succeed in more relevant and effective ways. Pete has also served in multiple capacities in the non-profit sector to achieve both local and global impact, and is a co-founder of the 100 Men Who Care chapters for Southern Maine and Knoxville, Tennessee. Resources Reversing Burnout: How to Immediately Engage Top Talent and Grow (book) Peter Atherton on LinkedIn Actions Prove: Strategic Planning & Executive Coaching (official site)

588: Your Big Idea: Take Massive Action, Launch a Podcast, Become the Thought Leader in Your Industry, and Stay Focused with Entrepreneur on Fire John Lee Dumas

Aug 22, 2018 29:42


John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award winning podcast where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs every Monday and drops value bombs every Thursday. With over 2000 episodes, 1.3 million listens every month, and seven-figures of annual revenue, JLD is just getting started. Visit to set YOUR Entrepreneurial journey ON FIRE! JLD tells us about his journey of publishing 2000 podcast interviews in 2000 days, the importance of focus and time management, PLUS why you need to build a following (influence) so that you can network (and collaborate) with others who have a huge following, and network your way to success. VIsit Your Big Idea to Flesh Out Your Big Idea in Just 3 Hours

587: Make Time for What’s Important: How to Get Motivated, Stay Organized, Time Block, Prioritize, Amplify Your Productivity and Hit All Your Goals with Robert Plank

Aug 20, 2018 44:35


Robert Plank from The Checklist Mindset is back with a solo episode to revisit your productivty, mindset, and goal setting! If you'd like to schedule a call with Robert to get a better handle on your time management, delegation, and technology, then reach out at: Must Have Tools Second monitor LogMeIn (set a conversion job, check on upload) LastPass (plus iPhone app) Google Drive (share files) Learn a few keyboard shortcut Tool of the Day: Permanent Clipboard for Chrome Making the Time Rewrite goals, write them over and over iPhone notepad, set to lock screen wallpaper Wake up one hour earlier or stay up one hour later, dedicate the time Time block (chunk), automate and schedule Google Calendar (take it seriously, keep the connection strong) The X Factor: 50 days of consistent (small) progress Four Daily Tasks: plan tomorrow, today. Motivation Record a podcast episode or Facebook Live as a sort of talk therapy Four Daily Tasks: don't lose momentum & adjust Accountability partner: YouTube video, Skype call, text, follow-up at the end of the day Countdown timer Camtasia Babysitter Google Calendar Set work hours Time blocking: batching/chunking

586: Dare to Be Seen Using Podcast Guesting Campaigns: Win-Win Joint Ventures, Reputation Management, and Content Marketing with Kansas City Web Designer Phil Singleton

Aug 17, 2018 44:37


Phil Singleton is a web designer, an SEO expert and an award-winning author. Since 2005, Phil has owned and operated a digital agency based in Kansas City. In 2016, Phil and John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing, co-wrote, SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs. SEO for Growth is an Amazon bestseller and has been listed as a top marketing book by Mashable, Oracle and The Huffington Post. It's also been featured on MSNBC and was named by Forbes as the #1 SEO book on its list of “Essential SEO Books for Every Startup to Read”. Phil is also the author of a popular WordPress SEO plugin that has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the last year. Phil's latest startup venture, Podcast Bookers, is a service that helps marketers and executives get booked on established podcasts as way to develop authority and personal branding, improve SEO, and most importantly, generate new leads and sales. Resources Podcast Bookers (podcast booking service) SEO for Growth (book) Kansas City Web Design & SEO (service)

585: Write Your Book in a Flash to Create the Paint By Numbers Big Business Card of Your Dreams, Apply Structured Creativity, Grow Your Confidence, and Land Your Ideal Clients with Dan Janal

Aug 15, 2018 33:04


Dan Janal helps leaders build their brands with books. He has written more than a dozen books. His latest book is called "Write Your Book in a Flash: The Paint-by-Numbers Systems for Writing the Book of Your Dreams - Fast!" When Dan helps thought leaders and business executives write their books, he helps them take their businesses to the next level and exert greater influence. Dan has spoken everywhere from Beijing to Budapest, from Brazil to Boston. He taught classes at Berkeley and Stanford. He was president of his National Speakers Association chapter in Minnesota. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism from Northwestern University. Dan was an award-winning daily newspaper reporter and business newspaper editor who interviewed President Gerald Ford and First Lady Barbara Bush. For Information About His Book Coaching, Developmental Editing Or Ghostwriting, Go To: WriteYourBookInAFlash.Com

584: The CLICK Technique, 5-Day Launch Challenges and Local Podcasts: Create a Five-Figure Funnel Through Curiosity, Landing Pages, Irresistible Offers, Then Cultivate and Keep Going with One-Click Lindsey Anderson

Aug 13, 2018 47:23


One-Click Lindsey is a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads. Lindsey is the founder and CEO that specializes in driving traffic, getting leads and the art of nurturing leads to become lifelong clients. One-Click Lindsey is an expert in landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay-per-click ads, websites, blogging … the list goes on. She knows how to utilize the myriad of online marketing options to generate more traffic and leads which produces more paying clients. One Click Lindsey is here to unpack the C.L.I.C.K. technique, which stands for: Curiosity (content) Landing Page (professional, mobile, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel) Irresistible Offer Cultivate (follow-up) Keep Going She also explains the 5-day launch challenge and her strategy of creating a "local" city-based podcast to talk to potential clients. Resources The CLICK Technique (book) Traffic and Leads Podcast PDX Small Business Network (podcast) One Click Lindsey (official site)

583: Beyond the Book: Embark on the Quest for Greatness, Never Stop Marketing, Fight Obscurity, Become Memorable Using an Audio Logo, and Get High Paying Clients with Trevor Crane

Aug 10, 2018 57:45


Trevor Crane is an 11 time #1 international bestselling author and the founder of Epic Author Publishing. He is the also host of the podcast and co-founder of Trevor's mission is to help publish 1000 new authors and help people take their LIFE and their BUSINESS to the next level – no matter how successful they already are. Since 2003, Trevor has been a trusted business adviser, coach and mentor. He is president of Step Up Strategies, Inc. and together with his team, they help companies outperform, outsell, and outlast the competition through systemic and strategic consulting, coaching, training, marketing and support. He helps his clients generate MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in bottom line profits. Trevor leads mentoring and mastermind programs for service based professionals and entrepreneurs with his wife, Robyn Crane. Trevor is also a sought after speaker, trainer and coach. His unique commonsense approach, along with his humor, wit, and infectious energy, allows him to connect with any audience. Resources High Paying Clients (free book) Big Money With Your Book without Selling a Single Copy (free book) Trevor Crane (official site)

582: Niche Down and Play Bigger: Evangelize and Redesign the Problem, Market Differently, and Master Category Design with Christopher Lochhead

Aug 9, 2018 37:12


Christopher Lochhead, author of Play Bigger (and now, Niche Down) is THE person to listen to if you're looking for the courage to stand out (in your life and business) using what's called "category design." If you'd like to become LEGENDARY by carving out your own category -- in the same way Apple, 5 Hour Energy, CarMax, Goldiblocks, and The World's First Arcade Bar (Barcade) did -- then you'll need to market AND redesign the problem you're solving so you can't be compared to anyone else. Teach the world to think in a different (NOT better) way! Resources Legends and Losers Podcast Niche Down: How To Become Legendary By Being Different (book) Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets (book) Christopher Lochhead on LinkedIn

581: Passion Plus Commitment Equals Success: Love What You Do, Practice Gratitude, Challenge Yourself and Win with Elysia Stobbe

Aug 8, 2018 33:12


Certified Military Relocation Pro, Wonder Woman Adventurer, Speaker and Author of the #1 Best Seller How To Get Approved for the Best Mortgage Without Sticking A Fork in Your Eye. Elysia Stobbe has closed more than $250 million in residential mortgage loans during her career. Through diligence and great service to her clients, Elysia not only survived, but actually thrived during the mortgage crisis that began in 2006. Through a relentless and never-ending commitment to customer service and integrity as a core value, Elysia has built a successful mortgage business in the midst of the industry's tightening regulations. Elysia has moved 10 times and has a unique perspective that she brings to her real estate business. In addition, Elysia has bought and sold over 30 properties as a real estate investor. She tells us how to maximize your potential, prevent stagnation, and challenge yourself to break through limits and reach new heights. Elysia shares her daily routine, tips on staying organized, and five secrets to money and business success: pay yourself build cash reserves get access to lines of credit BEFORE you need the credit create a SEP IRA know your exit strategy Resources How to Get Approved for the Best Mortgage Without Sticking a Fork in Your Eye (book) Elysia Stobbe on LinkedIn Elysia Stobbe on Twitter

580: Convey Your Message Using Membership Sites, Gamify Learning for Your Customers, and Live Your Best Moments of Truth with Issac Tolpin

Aug 6, 2018 29:29


Isaac Tolpin is one of the Founders of, the #1 Micro-Learning platform for influencers and companies. He's a tech entrepreneur and futurist at heart, on a mission, enabling brands to authentically connect and inform at scale with over 105 million in combined revenues from the companies he's helped build. His success comes from understanding the relationships between human behavior, business and technology. This expertise has helped celebrity influencers and companies to transform their knowledge into humanized digital training. He refuses to waste his life achieving the world's definition of success that leave so many empty, but instead does what matters through the projects he's involved with, those he serves, and the family he leads. Resources ConveYour (gamified membership sites) Isaac Tolpin: Build More Than a Business (official site) Isaac Tolpin on LinkedIn Isaac Tolpin on Twitter

579: Build Your Championship Company, Overcome the Seven Deadliest Employee Communication Sins, and Manage High Performance Teams with Workplace Communication Expert Skip Weisman

Aug 6, 2018 29:42


Skip Weisman, The Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert, spent the first 20-years of his career leading professional baseball organizations, 16 as CEO. That experience in professional sports allows him to connect championship performance in sports to championship performance small business, Bringing the Right People Into the Right Environment to Deliver the Right Results! Skip’s powerful leadership communication strategies, combined with his Championship Game Plan and Playbooks, bring championship performance to work environments in every industry. Despite his sports background, Skip connects with every type of audience because his experiences, stories and lessons come from your typical office environment anyone can relate to. Resources The 7 Deadliest Communications Sins (book) Skip Weisman Speaks (official site) Skip Weisman on LinkedIn

578: Holistic Tax Planning: Save Money As an Entrepreneur Using Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Income Strategy with Money Geek Michael Dinich

Jul 30, 2018 29:05


Michael Dinich is the founder of Your Money Geek and he helps people retire early by reducing taxes, fees and costs. He blogs about personal finance and he’s here to share the latest tactics, tips and strategies entrepreneurs need to know about regarding personal finance, tax planning, life insurance and health insurance. Resources Your Money Geek (financial planning) Michael Dinich (blog) Michael Dinich on LinkedIn

577: Work Hero: Stratch Your Own Itch, Innovate When There Is No Other Option, Be Persistent and Create Freedom with Kevin Koskella

Jul 27, 2018 32:25


Kevin Koskella from Work Hero is an online entrepreneur and digital nomad. He decided he wanted to be free of the corporate world when he lost his job after the dot com bubble burst. With a history of competitive swimming, he returned to the water and started doing part time work as a swim instructor and personal trainer. In 2005, he turned Tri Swim Coach, his business teaching swimmers to become triathletes, into a full time, location independent, online business. Today he works with entrepreneurs around what he teaches triathletes: you need experts so you can be the most successful. That’s why in 2017, Kevin founded Work Hero, a service that helps online entrepreneurs by accomplishing their design and technical tasks so they have the freedom to focus on the work they do best. For a flat monthly rate, teams of experts focus on the annoying and technical tasks that business owners should not have to deal with. Resources Work Hero (flat monthly fee for unlimited technical tasks and graphic design) Freedom Lovin' (podcast) Tri Swim Coach (triathlon training for beginners) Kevin Koskella on LinkedIn

576: Locate Your Ideal Client Through Relationships, Pillars, and Mentor Moments with Lee Richter

Jul 26, 2018 28:38


Lee Richter is an award winning, dynamic business innovator and a visionary recognized again by the San Francisco Business Times as one of their Top 100 Women Business Leaders in 2017. For more than 25 years, she has launched a dozen successful businesses in the financial, education and lifestyle sectors. Her unique vision and drive revolutionizes business as her companies produce hundreds of jobs, educate tens of thousands of people and make millions in revenue. Resources Holistic Veterinary Care and Rehabilitation Center in Oakland, California Go Ask Lee: Turn Your Business into a Multi-Million Dollar Business (official site) Richter Design Group: We Inspire Entrepreneurs Lee Richter on Facebook Lee Richter on LinkedIn Lee Richter on YouTube Beyond Entrepreneurship: Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company by James Collins (book)

575: Turn Clicks into Customers: Voice Search, Position Zero Search Engine Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence with Duane Forrester

Jul 25, 2018 31:17


Duane Forrester is the Vice President of Industry Insights for Yext, leading industry outreach, evangelism and authorship for the company. He's here to talk to us about voice search, structured data, artificial intelligence, position zero, integrating your app (or website) into Alexa, and so much more. Duane is is the author of two books: How To Make Money With Your Blog & Turn Clicks Into Customers. He's written for publications ranging from SearchEngineLand and DuctTape Marketing, to Entrepreneur Magazine, the New York Times and Inc. He actively advises startups and large corporations, and even spent time advising the staff who maintain the White House's websites. Resources Yext: Control Your Brand Across the Digital Universe (official site) Duane Forrester (blog) Duane Forrester on LinkedIn Duane Forrester on Twitter Turn Clicks Into Customers: Proven Marketing Techniques for Converting Online Traffic into Revenue (book) How to Make Money with Your Blog: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing Your Blog (book)

574: Live Long and Stay Productive At Any Age: Self-Care, Visualization, and Moderation with Serial Entrepreneur and Health Advocate Renee Balcom

Jul 24, 2018 37:49


Renee Balcom is the CEO of Renee & Company and has proven to be a serial entrepreneur. During her time in Oregon Renee found that her true passion and mission is to change the cultural point of view about aging. Often you will hear her exclaim that ageism is the last acceptable form of discrimination in our society. After working with hundreds of Elders, Renee came to realize that most of the information being provided to us about aging is wrong - most of our beliefs about getting older is wrong. She's here to explain how to find a new calling, take care of your health, and stay motivated/productive at any age. Resources Phone number: 541-661-2369 Email address: Renee & Company (official site) Renee Balcom on LinkedIn Renee Balcom on Facebook

573: How and When to Sell Your Business: Due Diligence, Deal Structure, and Diversification with Business Acquisition Consultant Ace Chapman

Jul 23, 2018 32:42


Ace Chapman is the ultimate authority when it comes to buying and selling businesses. He's back on the show to discuss creative deal-making and the latest developments in acquiring online businesses. Ace Chapman: Business Acquisition Consultants (official site)

572: Real Estate, Communication and Work Ethic: What Home Buyers and Sellers Need to Know with Dallas Realtor Chris Bentley

Jul 20, 2018 29:50


Chris D. Bentley is a Dallas Realtor with over 15 years of experience in selling real estate in multiple states. He is a member of the Rogers Healy team, widely recognized as one of the premier real estate companies in the Dallas and Fort Work areas, and the author of 2 books: 7 Home Buying Misconceptions: What Every Home Buyer Needs to Know, and 7 Tips to get the Highest Value for Your House: What Every Home Seller Needs to Know. Since Chris began his real estate career in 2003, he has been committed to providing outstanding service and value to buyers and sellers. In that time he has closed over 40 transactions, all an enjoyable experience! He is highly passionate about client satisfaction and his goal is to educate his clients so that they make the best possible decisions and get a great deal. Chris survived the Real Estate Market Collapse in 2008 as well as a bankruptcy and being broke on multiple occasions. He has since transformed his hardship into success and is now sought after for his expertise on the current real estate market, fix and flip investment properties, and assisting first-time home buyers by providing them with honesty and service that is unmatched. Chris’s experience and knowledge offers your listeners valuable information that will benefit them in their future home buying, selling, and investing endeavors. Resources Chris D. Bentley (official site) Chris Bentley on Facebook Chris Bentley on YouTube

571: Sound Through Music: Create a Product People Already Love, Proof of Concept, and Disclipined Persistence with Alicia Regyn Patterson

Jul 19, 2018 36:50


Alicia Reygn Patterson is the owner of Sound Through Music, a children's educational entertainment (edu-tainment) company that teaches science with the aid of musical theatre. She's a singer songwriter, play-write, local tv producer, and a mom of 5 as well as a NYC school bus driver. She's here to share her story about creating a YouTube series and public access show to teach science to kids in a fun way: how she developed the idea, marketed it, persisted and turned it into a reality. At the Wave: Official Site

570: Increase Cashflow Using Bitcoin with Cryptocurrency Expert Casey Stubbs

Jul 18, 2018 35:06


Casey Stubbs is an expert on digital cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. He's here to talk about how to educate yourself, continually invest, and have the correct money mindset. Resources Cashflow Hacking Podcast Finance and Markets (official site) Casey Stubbs on LinkedIn The Richest Man in Babylon (book)

569: Build Wealth Through Franchise Opportunities and Replace Your Income with Mariel Miller

Jul 17, 2018 39:22


Mariel Miller has 27 years experience in the franchise sector. She uses her rich background to provide franchise-related advice and coaching to potential entrepreneurs and educates them on thoroughly vetting franchise opportunities through her firm The Franchise Advisor. Her in-depth coaching is free of charge for the curious to the serious candidate. Popular with those seeking semi-passive, scalable and quality of life opportunities, she expertly guides clients through a personal yet efficient discovery process, education and franchise search. Resources Contact Mariel directly: Phone number: 732-298-0900 The Franchise Advisor (official site)

568: The Income Incubator: Commit to Taking Action, Fill the Convenience Gap, and Fail Fast with Jeet Banerjee

Jul 16, 2018 35:18


Serial entrepreneur Jeet Bannerjee from The Income Incubator knows what it takes to commit and take action. He unpacks how to have fearlessness and foolishness, fail fast, find the disconnect gap that your business fills, discover your strengths and weaknesses, build a team that excels, stay uncomfortable, chunk out your day, and achieve massive online business success. Resources Jeet Bannerjee (official site) The Income Incubator (business building academy) Jeet Bannerjee TEDx Talk: If Not Now, When? Limitless Thinking: How One Young Entrepreneur Found Success With No Degree, Experience or Money (book) Jeet Bannerjee on LinkedIn

567: Translate Your Message into Money: Automated Webinar Funnels, Strategy Sessions, and Serving Your Audience with Jeremy Slate

Jul 14, 2018 33:34


Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which helps entrepreneurs live the lives they know they were meant to. He studied literature at Oxford University, Specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrity and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy and #26 in the business category. After his success in podcasting, Jeremy Slate and his wife, Brielle Slate, found Command Your Brand to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts. Claim Your Free Worksheet: Crack the Code and Translate Your Message into Money

566: Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Break the Hustling Habit, Pay Off Debt, and Get to a Place of Abundance with Cash Flow Expert Chris Miles

Jul 13, 2018 48:38


Chris Miles the Cash Flow Expert is BACK to tell us how to get our money right, as entrepreneurs. In order to achieve abundance, you must live below your means, model what works, pay off debt, and make your money work for you. Chris explains his insights about relaxing, being confident, playing the numbers game, and gratitude. Resources The Science of Getting Rich (book) The Chris Miles Money Show (podcast) Money Ripples (official site)

565: Embrace the Messy: Increase Your Funnel Traffic Through Retargeting with Facebook and Twitter Ad Expert Gavin Bell

Jul 12, 2018 31:13


Gavin Bell is a Facebook ad expert who's here to share his story about how he was able to build a huge following through content creation (weekly vlogs), retargeting, and creating shareable content. He also explains his ad strategy and thought process when it comes to setting ad goals, creating content, and targeting your audience. Resources The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Blueprint (free report) Gavin Bell: International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Vlogger (official site) Gavin Bell on LinkedIn

564: Task and Project Management Using Asana, PipeDrive and Slack with Business Productivity Consultant Paul Minors

Jul 11, 2018 27:06


Paul Minors has a lot to say about productivity, business, self-improvement, automation, optimising your time and income to live life on your own terms. He’s a “virtual consultant” and helps businesses setup and use tools like Asana, MailChimp, Pipedrive and Zapier. He's here to explain how to transition from an unorganized "slap-dash" email-based system into a tool like Asana, how to train your team to use it AND roll it out. Resources Paul Minors (official site, Asana/PipeDrive/Zapier/MailChimp consultant) Asana (task tracker) PipeDrive (customer relationship management system for sales) MailChimp (email marketing platform) Zapier (workflow automation)

563: Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition By Being Uncopyable: Innovate, Disrupt and “Steal” Genius with Steve Miller

Jul 11, 2018 43:59


Steve Miller is the author of the Amazon #1 best seller, UNCOPYABLE: How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition. He's the guy who teaches small to mid-size businesses how to get people to give them money, and he's here to tell us how to innovate and disrupt our industry by doing what others can't (and won't) do. Resources Uncopyable: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition (Kindle book) Uncopyable (official site) Steve Miller: Small Business Marketing & Branding

562: Be Consistent: Branding, Work Ethic, Organization, and Management with WordPress Website Designer Colleen Keith

Jun 29, 2018 41:25


Colleen Keith is a Graphic Designer and Wordpress Stylist that offers reliable and versatile creative design services to entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies. Truly believing that you must be the change you want to see, she only works with and supports clients that are making a positive change in society and the world. While now based in Germany, she's originally from Vancouver and started her business in Sydney, Australia. Colleen tells us what we need to know about WordPress, especially how to make a website look great by starting with the "demo" in any theme. She also explains how to hire the right person to create your website, how to manage expectations, stay productive, focused, and on-track with our goals. Resources Book a Free Consultation with Colleen Colleen Keith Design (official site) Best Self Journal (bullet journal) Toggl (time tracking software) Salesflare (Customer Relationship Management tool)

561: SEO Affiliate Domination and Content Stretching: Learn By Testing, Scale Up, Take Massive Action, Expand to High-Traffic Marketplaces and Earn Recurring Commissions with Serial Entrepreneur Greg Jeffries

Jun 27, 2018 39:47


Greg Jeffries from SEO Affiliate Domination describes himself as just a regular guy, who never made more than 20k a year before taxes. He spent years working nights and weekends, spending tens of thousands of dollars learning about online marketing. At first, he failed a lot but he didn't give up! He kept learning and trying and tweaking his methods until last year, when he had a major breakthrough! Last year, Greg pulled in 6 figures purely through affiliate commissions from his knowhow on SEO marketing. Visit SEO Affiliate Domination to Discover the Latest Passive Income Affiliate Marketing Strategies

560: The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell: Rank, Convert and Tweak Your Traffic Through Smart Content Marketing Strategies with Brian Greenberg

Jun 25, 2018 29:23


Brian J. Greenberg has founded businesses in e-commerce, marketing, and financial services. He has generated over 50 million in revenue from his businesses, collected over 10,000 reviews and testimonials from customers, been named one of the most creative people in financial services, and has been called The Salesman Who Doesn't Sell. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Brian believes in building integrity into everything he does, operating a business for the long term with a strong reputation, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Brian is the founder and president of True Blue Life Insurance, whose mission is to be transparent, honest and helpful to their customers without ever bugging or pushing them. Brian also runs e-commerce websites at Touchfree Concepts and Wholesale Janitorial Supply. Resources Brian J. Greenberg (official site) The Salesman Who Doesn't Sell: A Marketing Guide for Making Money While You Sleep (book) User Testing (test user experiences) iWriter (hire a writer) Google Surveys (create surveys and get results)

559: Interviews That Convert: Attract and Convince Your Ideal Target Buyer, Master Joint Ventures, and Up Your Networking Game with Nicole Holland

Jun 22, 2018 27:30


Nicole Holland from Interviews That Convert is a "Podcast Guesting" authority who has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Huffington Post, as well as countless podcasts and virtual productions. She is often called upon to share her expertise from the live stage with business owners across North America interested in leveraging modern marketing strategies in order to increase their visibility, likability, and credibility. Resources Interviews That Convert (official site) Nicole Holland on Twitter Business Building Rockstars Show (podcast)

558: Content Creation Strategy: Become an Authority Marketer, Create a Local Podcast, and Become a Blogging Master with Michael Greenberg

Jun 20, 2018 27:45


Michael Greenberg is the founder of Gentleman Of Technology LLC, a B2B venture creation and strategy consulting firm. Patrick Gusman, entrepreneur and former CIO for the National Urban League, has called him “A positioning guru extraordinaire and is one of those rare young geniuses,” and Alex Nichols referred to him as “A horse whisperer for marketers, business thinkers, business owners, and is a bit of a renaissance man; a jack-of-all-trades, master of many. Whether its emerging tech, community building, short and long-term strategy, or content building, I know that I can trust Michael's research and experience.” Michael recently launched a new content marketing venture, and has just written a book entitled Authority Marketing Playbook. This recent publication focuses on helping small business owners, consultants, and executive coaches to position themselves with content. The Authority Marketing Playbook helps them find their voice and grow their businesses using a variety of tactics and strategies Michael has developed over his distinguished career. Michael launched his newest venture under the GOT banner, Call For Content, in January of 2017 after almost two years of market research and process development and currently serves as Chief Strategist and Interviewer. Understanding that his knowledge and content development processes are unparalleled, he provides unique insight into growing businesses of all types. His expert proficiency has propelled both he and his clients by setting a new value standard in content marketing. Resources Call for Content (content marketing) St. Louis Business Podcast Michael Greenberg on LinkedIn Michael Greenberg on Twitter

557: Break Outside Your Comfort Zone, Move Faster, and Be Your Best: Run a Goal-Oriented, Self-Aware, Optimized Online Business with Philip Williams

Jun 18, 2018 30:56


Philip Williams has been learning about small businesses since the age of 8 at the family dinner table . Raised by a Barber Shop and Auto Salvage Yard owner, Philip climbed the corporate ladder outside the family business. He’s worked in several different industries helping companies solve the right problems first. He's a 3-time Inc5000 honoree after becoming the CEO of a 17 year old cash strapped company and growing it at 50% per year for 5 straight years. That resulted in two nearly simultaneous acquisition offers from two publicly traded multi-national corporations. He accomplished it all by bootstrapping the business - no outside money. He's bought and sold a couple companies and been through the highs and lows you can only experience through small business ownership. Today, he helps small business owners build profitable and well respected companies through his consulting firm. Resources Philip Williams: Build a Successful Business (official site) Philip Williams on LinkedIn Philip's Business Coaching and Mentoring Products

556: No More Mister Nice Guy: Overcome Fear of Success, Head Trash, Anxiety, and Be an Amazing Entrepreneur with Dr. Robert Glover

Jun 15, 2018 39:40


Dr. Robert Glover is the author of the bestselling book, No More Mr. Nice Guy. His website features numerous online self-help courses, workshops, podcasts, groups, and trained coaches and therapists. Dr. Glover lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Today, Dr. Robert tells us how to overcome fear of success, what to do if we backslide, and how to be integrated/authentic in our business. He also explains how he was able to better leverage his time to create workshops and information products (courses) in order to increase his income and live the ideal lifestyle. Resources Dr. Robert Glover: Where Intention Becomes Action (official site) Dr. Robert Glover on Facebook No More Mr Nice Guy: A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want in Love, Sex, and Life (book)

555: Goal For It and Bring Your A-Game: Imagine More Success By Following Your Intuition and Getting Out Of Your Own Way with Syndee Hendricks

Jun 13, 2018 38:54


Syndee Hendricks and her co-host Thomas Hydes run the Imagine More Success Podcast where they provide golden business and life nuggets to enhance your skills, fix current issues and manage new faces of your business. In this episode, Syndee talks about how to set yourself up for massive success, change your way of thinking, always do the right thing, and act without fear. Resources Imagine More Success (podcast) Syndee Hendricks on LinkedIn Syndee Hendricks on Amazon (books)

554: Master Your Customer Avatar, Scale Internal Processes, Scale an Agency, and Make Sales on Amazon Merch with Penji Founder Johnathan Grzybowski

Jun 11, 2018 33:48


Johnathan Grzybowski is the founder of Penji, an on-demand design service that gives marketing teams quality design at an affordable monthly cost. Penji uses the "service as a service" or "all you can eat" model -- which means you can get an UNLIMITED number of graphic designs for everything from social graphics to Amazon Merch designs for one monthly fee. Resources Penji: Unlimited Graphic Design, Unlimited Revisions, One Flat Monthly Rate (official site) Johnathan Grzybowski on LinkedIn Johnathan Grzybowski on YouTube

553: Chat Bot Nation: Have More Effective Customer Conversations, Increase Engagement and Build a Cutting Edge Sales Funnel with Peter Lisoskie

Jun 8, 2018 39:36


Peter Lisoskie is an accomplished Senior Executive and Innovator with more than 30 years of success across high-tech and product development. He holds 12 patents. Mr. Lisoskie has held leadership positions at companies as Division Manager for Hewlett Packard, VeriFone, and Nike he helped develop over 100 new products. While at Nike, he led the division in the development of one of the first Virtual Reality glasses in the world. Peter's industry experience includes bioscience, biomedical, consumer products, computer hardware, and test and measurement industries. Peter currently runs inViral Business Incubator and is CEO of BOT//NATION, innovating a new technology called Active Attention Design (A2D™). His software and data science teams are developing AutoIntelligent Bots™ utilizing artificial intelligence, neuroscience, Webview technology, databases, progressive web applications, predictive modeling, blockchain, and microservices. Visit Chat Bot Nation: Captivate Your Audience Using Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experiences

552: Personalized SMS Text Messaging for Small Gyms Personal Fitness Trainers with Off Day Trainer David Pitts

Jun 6, 2018 29:05


David Pitts is the co-founder of Off Day Trainer, a text messaging platform built specifically to help fitness professionals better connect with their network and ultimately, grow their business. As a former gym owner, a Fitness Sales Manager, and personal trainer, David knows fitness. More importantly, he knows how to make fit pros successful using technology to make their sales cycle faster and client retention last longer. David's expertise with text messaging has evolved beyond the health and fitness space as he has helped hundreds of merchants across the country learn how to better connect with their network. Resources Off Day Trainer: The Smartest Way for Fit Pros to Generate New Clients and Deliver Results Off Day Trainer on Facebook David Pitts on LinkedIn

551: Take Tactical Action, Become Personally Fulfilled, and Achieve Binary Stretch Goals with Legacy Coach Damon D’Amore

Jun 5, 2018 26:43


Damon D'Amore specializes in legacy coaching. By developing custom productivity systems for each individual client relating to their professional and personal development he enables C-Suite and senior executives to accomplish current tactical business goals that ultimately will facilitate their legacy. He has more than fourteen years' experience working one-on-one with hundreds of the top CEOs, founders and executives in North America including high-profile entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 firms such as Walmart, PepsiCo, DirecTV, NASCAR, Subway and DreamWorks. Mr. D'Amore is a serial entrepreneur, founder, board member and advisor to multiple international companies. He also serves as a mentor and guest-lecturer to Top 25 MBA programs such as USC, NYU and Colombia, and acted as spokesperson and host for an American Express and Discovery Channel show promoting entrepreneurship. Mr. D'Amore founded multiple startups after long careers deep in the media and entertainment sectors coaching C-Suite executives for programs such as Undercover Boss. He began his career in global finance building internal businesses for the market leading firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Resources Legacy Mentor: Accomplish the Business Goals That Will Manifest Your Legacy Damon D'Amore (official site) Damon D'Amore on LinkedIn

550: Succeed Faster, Make Money Work For You, Manage Your Time Wisely and Stay Consistent on Your Goals with House Hacker Diego Corzo

Jun 1, 2018 28:54


Diego Corzo is a Millennial entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Diego was born in Lima, Peru and moved to the United States with his family when he was 9 years old. Diego's parents told him that America was the land of opportunity and that with hard work and determination all of his dreams would be possible. Diego graduated in the top 1% from Florida State University with 2 bachelor degrees in less than 4 years and no student debt. He started working in corporate America as a software developer for General Motors and soon discovered that he wanted a career shift. After realizing that corporate America wasn't for him, Diego pursued his passion in real estate. Now, Diego is a Realtor® for Keller Williams alongside an incredible team, and currently owns 8 rentals properties, both in Texas and in Florida. Diego is on a path to financial freedom and aspires to help others, especially millennials, become financially free and reach their full potential. Diego's system of House Hacking helps Millennials realize their dream of financial independence. House Hacking has allowed Diego to build a portfolio of 8 properties in just 4 years since he bought his first house. Resources House Hacking Club Diego Corzo on Facebook Diego Corzo on LinkedIn

549: Respectology: Separate Your Business From Your Competition and Beef Up Your Customer Support Interactions with Brian Baker

May 30, 2018 30:07


Brian Baker from Respectology is a motivational speaker -- more accurately, a social & emotional intelligence training coach. He's based in the Sacramento area and provides corporate training to help business run with civility, manners, courtesy, and respect. He helps to "debug the system" in your business. Resources Brian's phone number: 916-834-0292 Respectology (official site) TedX AT&T Talk from Brian Baker: Manners and Civility

548: Get More Momentum, Increase Your Revenue, and Grow Your Business Through Delegating with Audrey Isbell

May 29, 2018 45:57


Audrey Isbell from AVA Virtual Assistance is an International Speaker, and Author of "100 Simple Truths all Virtual Assistants Should Know". She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified in Social Marketing and valued for her business consulting and project management contributions made to business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. In today's episode, Audrey talks about why your business needs to scale (and speed up) using a virtual assistant. She also goes into detail about the types of virtual assistants you should look into (generalists vs. specialists) as well as how you can make money becoming a virtual assistant if that business path suits you. Resources AVA Virtual Assistance (official site) International Virtual Assistants Association Audrey Isbell on Twitter

547: Amplifr: Automatic, Track and Scale Your Social Media Content, Traffic and Conversions with Nate Gadzhibalaev

May 25, 2018 30:27


Nate Gadzhibalaev is the founder of Amplifr, which is a social media automation service for marketers, agencies, and brands. Listen in to hear about Nate's unique challenges in the marketplace, starting in Europe and expanding his social tracking platform worldwide, growing as a non-English speaking company, as well as differentiating his company and its solutions. Visit Amplifr: Automate & Track Your Social Media

546: Marketing the Invisible: Be Authentic and Strategic, Create an Amazing Client Experience and An Irresistible Offer with Tom Poland

May 23, 2018 37:07


Tom Poland from Leadsology started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international. In that time he’s managed teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million. He’s the best selling author of Leadsology: The Science of Being In Demand. He’s also shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame, Richard Koch from the 80-20 Principle, Brian Tracy and many others. Resources Book a Chat with Tom Leadsology (agency) Leadsology: The Science of Being In Demand (book) Tom Poland on LinkedIn

545: Become the Best Podcast Host You Can Be: Get Out of Your Rut, Deliver Ah-Ha Moments, and Create Better Story-Driven Content with Podcast Talent Coach David Farough

May 21, 2018 29:45


David Farough is a talent coach for podcasters and radio personalities across the U.S. and Canada. He helps hosts create more appealing content to grow larger audiences and make money. He tells us how to be a better podcast host (and guest) by having a roadmap and making entertaining use of origin stories. Listen right now if you'd like to "up your game" when it comes to podcasting. Resources Be a Better Podcaster (official site) David Farough on LinkedIn David Farough on Twitter Visit: Be a Better Podcaster

544: AWeber Email Marketing Automation: Create Your Mix-Tape Autoresponder Sequence, Maximize Deliverability, Build Relationships and 10X Your Results with Tom Tate

May 18, 2018 40:08


Tom Tate is the Product Marketing Manager at AWeber. With almost a decade of professional experience in marketing and technology, he educates and engages small businesses owners and entrepreneurs on the incredible value and opportunity that email marketing and automation provides. At AWeber, Tom manages product education, produces multiple webinars, presents at conferences and writes blog and website content. Outside of AWeber, he is an active member of the marketing community, teaching and guest lecturing at local colleges and universities. Sign with Aweber to Automate Your Business with Email Marketing

543: Stackify: Hard Work, Daily Persistence, Continuous Improvement, Constant Focus, and Brand Innovation with Matt Watson

May 16, 2018 29:18


Matt Watson is the Founder & CEO of Stackify. He has been a developer/hacker for over 15 years and loves solving hard problems with code. He sold his first startup, VinSolutions, for $150 million and started Stackify to solve the biggest challenge he had as the CTO of VinSolutions. Matt is skilled at SEO, blogging and content marketing. Stackify receives hundreds of thousands of monthly visits as a result of Matt’s successful content marketing. Visit Stackify: Application Performance Monitoring for Developers

542: Attract, Convert, Nurture: Free Plus Shipping Offers, Value Ladders and Online Sales Funnels with Kev Charlie

May 14, 2018 35:36


Kev Charlie is the founder of the Addicted to Marketing Podcast and Create Rockstar Blogs. He helps online entrepreneurs and bloggers create and market their business to make an impact and an income doing the things they love! Kev left a successful elevator business to travel the world and try everything he could. He was part of the hustle game but overcame the 24/7 hardcore hustle mindset and realized that life is about family; he learned that his time was worth more than money. Kev believes that once you hit 7 figures, you begin to figure out how to automate everything and install autopilots that will help you achieve the dream of exceptional passive income. He wants to share his message that you don’t need to hustle to make 6 figures or even get to 7 figures. Life is about more than just working and Kev wants to mold entrepreneurs that make more and work less so they can leave a family first legacy. Resources Kev Charlie (official site) Start a Profitable Blog (free e-book) Addicted to Marketing (podcast) Marketing Addicts: 6 Figures and Beyond (Facebook group) Kev Charlie on Facebook

541: Snappa: Template-Based Graphical Content Marketing for Social Media with Christopher Gimmer

May 11, 2018 26:42


Christopher Gimmer is here to talk to us about his amazing online tool called Snappa, which allows you to create social media graphics in a snap. If you've ever had issues hiring for graphics, trying to figure out complex software or feeling disappointed with feature-lacking template-based tools, then tune in to hear about the Snappa platform and give it a try. Snappa: Quick & Easy Social Media Graphic Design Software

540: Customer Relationship Management Tools, Artificial Intelligence, Work-Purpose Alignment, and Workflow Automation with Scott Gellatly

May 9, 2018 24:46


Scott Gellatly is a former slave to his own business. Since systemising his company using Podio, he’s created both freedom and a lifestyle for himself and his family. Along the way, Bollo Empire, his former company, became a top Podio education and development agency. He's here to talk about how to digital transform our businesses using workflow automation, customer relationship management systems, and artificial intelligence. Resources Scale My Empire (official site) Scott Gellatly on LinkedIn Scott Gellatly on Twitter

539: Applied Creativity: Tap Into Unlimited Great Ideas on Demand, Change Perspective, Generate Leads and Joint Ventures with Professional Brainstormer Don The Idea Guy

May 7, 2018 39:54


Possessing creative powers beyond those of mere mortals, DON THE IDEA GUY rescues those in need of innovative and engaging ideas through his brainstorm sessions, books, business articles, and website at The Idea Guy and has sold, shared, and traded ideas with companies like Sears-Kenmore, Ford Motor Company, American Airlines, CocaCola, and Kellogg’s. Don is the author of "100-Whats of Creativity", one-hundred what-if questions designed to spark your creativity and solve your toughest challenges -- and has been described as "the perfect example of a strong and successful brand" by The Tom Peters Company (one of the original business gurus). The Idea Guy has been interviewed by the New York Times and National Public Radio; featured in Fast Company Magazine and Smart Business News; and has contributed content or been profiled in multiple books on business and marketing. Resources Don the Idea Guy (official site) 100 Whats of Creativity (book) Big Yellow Sticky (newsletter)

538: Seller Labs: Adapt, Transition, Scale, and Become Your Own Next Customer with Brandon Checketts

May 4, 2018 27:09


Brandon Checketts has a knack for entrepreneurship. Having created several multi-million dollar companies, including his current project Seller Labs, he has become a leader in the e-commerce SaaS industry. Starting as a weekend project in 2007, he created, which has become an indispensable resource for college students and small book businesses alike, as well as being a highly profitable company. His most recent venture, Seller Labs, provides SaaS tools for thousands of Amazon merchants, especially the popular Feedback Genius messaging tool. The company has shown extraordinary growth in 2015, with its clients completing more than 1 billion dollars in Amazon transactions last year, and is recruiting talent from across the United States. With some of Athens, Georgia’s most talented developers, Seller Labs offers customers a unique product that can’t be matched. Resources Seller Labs (Amazon selling tools) Feedback Genius (Amazon feedback tool) Quantify (inventory management tool)

537: Paid Advertising Mindset, Troubleshooting, Strategy, and Success with Joe Kashurba

May 3, 2018 28:06


Joe Kashurba is back to talk to us about his advertising mindset. He sets specific goals, gets on a specific timeline and looks for specific results when it comes to the impressions, opt-ins and videos. If you're looking for consistent clients and traffic, be sure to listen in right now. Resources Joe Kashurba: Grow Your Web Design Business or Digital Agency (official site) Kashurba Web Design: Online Marketing That Works (agency) Joe Kashurba on LinkedIn Previous interview with Joe Kashurba

536: Social Media Strategy and Foundational Marketing: Connect the PR Dots, Define Your Recurring Themes, and Succeed with Ariel Hyatt

Apr 30, 2018 24:15


Ariel Hyatt has been a fierce entrepreneur for more than 20 years and runs Cyber PR, a dynamic social media & content strategy firm based in New York City. Her agency places clients on blogs & podcasts, establishes their brands, and advises on how to create online influence. She has spoken in 12 countries to over 100,000 creative entrepreneurs and is the author of four bestselling books on social media, marketing, and crowdfunding including Cyber PR for Musicians and Music Success in 9 Weeks. Her latest book Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign went to #1 on Amazon on both the investing and entrepreneurship categories. Resources Social Media Tune Up (e-book) Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign (book) Ariel Hyatt (official site) Cyber PR for Musicians and Music Success in 9 Weeks Cyber PR (social media strategy firm)

535: Invest and Test Your Facebook Ads with Monica Louie

Apr 27, 2018 27:07


Monica Louie is a Facebook ads strategist who helps ambitious online entrepreneurs grow their impact and profits by harnessing the power of Facebook ads. She's also the creator of Flourish with Facebook Ads, a step-by-step Facebook ad system to help bloggers, coaches, and online experts create campaigns that convert! Resources Free Guide: 5 Questions You Must Answer Before Spending Any Money On Facebook Ads (exclusive bonus for Marketer of the Day listeners) Monica Louie, Facebook Ads Coach (official site) Flourish with Facebook Ads (course)

534: Discover Your Superpower, Use Madness to Your Advantage, and Fail Frequently with Direct Response Copywriter Doberman Dan

Apr 25, 2018 31:16


Doberman Dan is a 33-year serial entrepreneur, A-list copywriter and three-time international best selling author. In his spare time he’s also a professional musician and composer. He has started numerous info product businesses and four different nutritional supplement businesses. He is regularly hired to write sales copy for some of the most successful direct response marketers and publishers in the country. Dan has been publishing The Doberman Dan Letter since 2011 and has many of the most successful online marketers in the world as subscribers. Resources The Doberman Dan Letter (newsletter) Doberman Dan's Advanced Marketing Tips (official site) Just Sell The Damn Thing: The Proven, Contrarian Formula to GROW Your Business FASTER Than Ever (book)

533: Rework and Clarify Your Marketing Message, Refine Converting Language, Reputation Management and More with Ken Tucker

Apr 23, 2018 27:14


Ken Tucker is the founder of Changescape Web. Most businesses struggle to be found online. Changescape Web builds websites that generate customers so businesses can grow and thrive. Specialties include search engine optimization, website design, reputation management, social media marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation. Ken is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, a Master Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant, an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional (since 2010), and an SEO for Growth Consultant. Ken is the author of Social Media Marketing for Restaurants and co-author of Reputation Management (Marketing Guides for Small Businesses). Ken created and taught one of the first college credit Social Media Marketing classes in the US at St. Charles Community College. He has taught a course on Content Management Systems. He serves as Co-Chair of the St. Charles County Chambers of Commerce Technology Committee. Resources Changescape Web (agency) SEO for Growth Consultant Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Reputation Management (Marketing Guides for Small Businesses)

532: Get Clients Today As a High-Ticket Coach: Get Speaking Gigs, Position a Free Discovery Call, and Close Sales with Christian Mickelsen

Apr 20, 2018 32:54


Christian Mickelsen is a leading authority on personal development and personal coaching, and is the author of 4 number one best-selling books, including ABUNDANCE UNLEASHED and GET CLIENTS TODAY. He’s the owner of a multi-million dollar coaching business that has made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies 3 years in a row. He’s been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and MSN, among others. A true visionary, and pioneering personal coach for over 18 years, he’s helped hundreds of thousands around the world experience the life-changing power of coaching. He's on a mission to get the whole world coached. Resources Christian Mickelsen (official site) Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Coaching Clients Today & Every Day (book) Abundance Unleashed: Open Yourself to More Money, Love, Health, and Happiness Now (book)

531: Energy, Productivity, Ideas, Self-Awareness, and Finding Your Strengths with Darren Virassammy

Apr 18, 2018 27:07


Darren Virassammy says: "I am a leader who keeps an eye on our destination and initiate the practical steps to take us there, through awareness of details and their ripple impact. I align talent toward long term scalability and step aside to allow others to take ownership in their respective zones of genius. You can count on me to identify and take the present practical steps needed to bring the first version of the future vision to reality. I will work to understand what makes each person tick, seeking to hone and develop the people I am around. I push for excellence and will hold people accountable for their own capacity for human excellence. While I vigorously work toward systems, efficiency sustainability and scalability, I always advocate for setting new higher standards." He talks to us today as we find out how to create an organization that builds strengths into culture, communication, productivity and financial performance and 34 Strong's StrengthFinder tool. Visit 34 Strong Coaching and Consulting

530: Hiring the Right Tech Talent and Finding the Right Team with 10X Management Founder Michael Solomon

Apr 16, 2018 29:11


Michael Solomon is an established entrepreneur and the founder of 10x Management ( the premier tech talent agency), Brick Wall Management, Musicians On Call and The Kristen Ann Carr Fund. He remains a sought-after voice in the business technology world and makes frequent appearances on Bloomberg Television, MSNBC, and BBC. He's here to talk about hiring the right team and how his musician skills also apply to building and selling software. Visit 10X Management to Hire the Right Tech Talent

529: The Iron Man Mindset, Simplified Success Habits, and Next Level Thinking with Sales Coach Dr. Richard Greene

Apr 13, 2018 27:53


Dr. Richard B. Greene, DBA, SSBB, CMPE observed that having talent and skills did not guarantee success. He discovered that the missing ingredient is a mindset that is creative, powerful, and unstoppable. After years of research working with Ironman triathletes to understand how they achieve success against great odds; he has been able to capture this unique mind ability and incorporate it into an elite executive training program called The IronMan Mind. Applied properly, IronMan Mind techniques can transform your mind into a powerful tool that combined with the right skills, can make your success unstoppable. Richard is the founder of Amplifier, a business coaching and consulting company located in Sacramento, California. He works with executives in the U.S. and internationally and is also a 5-time Ironman triathlete and marathon swimmer. Resources The Iron Man Business Coach (official site) Dr. Richard Greene on Amazon The IronMan Mind Book of Quotes: Inspirational Quotes for Winners (book) Dr. Richard B. Greene on LinkedIn

528: Turn Your Passion Into Profit, Launch, and Repeat with Course Creator Jacques Hopkins

Apr 11, 2018 30:20


Jacques Hopkins is the creator of where he sells an online piano course that helps people learn piano in a fast and fun way. Piano In 21 Days is now a fully automated business so He's also The Online Course Guy where he helps others turn their hobby into an online course like he did. He tells us about how he got started with online courses and now consults others who want to create and launch an online course. Resources Piano in 21 Days The Online Course Guy (official site) Jacque Hopkins on LinkedIn

527: Innovate, Strategize, Believe, and Implement: Provide a New Solution to Tired Customers with Fitness Business Coach Ryan Ketchum

Apr 9, 2018 25:05


Ryan Ketchum is passionate about helping people change their bodies and change their lives. He has coached hundreds of fitness professionals and trained with thousands of clients. In addition to serving as the Executive Director of Fitness Revolution, he is also a recognized thought-leader and speaker in the fitness business. Ryan experimented his fitness & nutrition regime on himself after graduating college and became a finalist in the Precision Nutrition challenge by dropping from 330 to 220 lbs in 18 months. Resources Fitness Revolution (official site) Elite Fitness and Performance Summit Ryan Ketchum on LinkedIn

526: The World Needs Your Book: Build a Funnel, Run a Book Launch, and Tap into New Amazon Publishing Resources with Monica Leonelle

Apr 6, 2018 27:42


Monica Leonelle started the Get Your Book Selling course to help authors develop their evergreen marketing plans. Evergreen marketing = evergreen sales. It works! After spending years as a marketing director at various start-ups, Monica helps people and companies tell their stories, establish themselves as thought leaders, and fill out the content on their websites. In the past, she’s worked with Inc. 100 companies like Hansen’s Natural, Trading Technologies, and Braintree. She specializes in copywriting, editing, and digital marketing. Resources Prose on Fire (official site) The World Needs Your Book (free 4 day course) Get Your Book Selling (course) Amazon Marketing Services Draft2Digital (self publishing) Smashwords iBooks (Apple's book publishing platform) Kobo

525: Become Number One: Proof of Concept, Objection-Driven Offers, and Premium Services with Growth Advisor Carl Gould

Apr 4, 2018 29:00


Carl Gould is a business growth expert, mentor and entrepreneur. He built three multi-million dollar businesses by age 40, has mentored the launch of over 5,000 businesses, and has trained and certified over 7,000 business coaches in 35 countries. Carl has written 3 best-selling books on business strategy and growth (Blueprint for Success, The 7 Stages of Small Business Success, and most recently Biz Dev Done Right). Gould regularly appeared on the home improvement reality TV show “ThisHouseToo”, and each week he co-hosts “Quit and Get Rich” on iHeart® radio. He is the MC for EO Nerve, and Facilitator of Breakthrough the Barriers and the Firewalk Experience. Carl is married with three children and is a member of EO New Jersey. Resources Carl Gould (official site) 7 Stage Advisors Biz Dev Done Right (book) The 7 Stages of Small-Business Success: From Startup to Seven Figures in Three Years or Less (book)

524: Find a Cause, Make a Difference, and Change the World: Fundraising, Charity, and Volunteering with Kelsey Bradley

Apr 2, 2018 29:36


Kelsey Bradley founded her nonprofit Design Cause Inc. 9 months after graduating from university. Within a year she raised $35,000, enough to build a series of classrooms she had designed while in school. With the money secured she moved to rural Cameroon for a few months to oversee construction, manage the finances, and document the successful completion of the project. With this first project completed Kelsey is working to grow her organization that recently took on a new project in Malawi. Kelsey is passionate about business and helping others, which she feels are intrinsically connected. Resources Design Cause (official site) Design Cause on Facebook Kelsey Bradley on LinkedIn

523: Increase Authority and Influence At the Same Time: Be Controversial, Create a Compelling Message, Operate in Your Sphere of Genius, and Scale Massively with Josh Elledge

Mar 30, 2018 37:02


Josh Elledge is a serial entrepreneur who builds the companies he needs most in the world. In 2014, He launched UpMyInfluence (previously upendPR) to help entrepreneurs like himself attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without the crazy costs and contracts associated with traditional PR companies. Since then, UpMyInfluence (UMI) has evolved into a purpose-driven platform bent on totally DEMOCRATIZING access to influence. Josh wholeheartedly believes UMI has a moral imperative to help entrepreneurs own their expertise, share their wisdom, and serve the world with their collective messages. And help our members grow revenue too! Resources Up My Influence (official site) Savings Angel Josh Elledge on LinkedIn Josh Elledge on Twitter

522: Create, Qualify and Close Phone Leads: Outbound, Inbound, and Appointment Setter Call Center Secrets with Lead Hero Glen Shelton

Mar 29, 2018 31:03


Glen Shelton is the founder of Lead Heroes. Lead Heroes began in early 2015 when Glen realized there had to be a better way to get a telemarketed lead. He's tried all types of lead sources: live telemarketer, avatar, voicemail, direct mail, internet, just to name a few. The leads with highest return on investment, as well as staying consistently high in quality were live telemarketer leads. He's here to tell us about the possibilities open to you and your business with telephone marketing, from appointment setting, inbound calls, follow-ups, real estate, and insurance. Visit Lead Heroes to Find Out About Call Centers and Telemarketing

521: Build, Then Hire: Get Messy Early, Delegate, Invest Ahead of Your Business, and Find Future Clients with Leslie Hassler

Mar 28, 2018 33:23


After creating, losing and rebuilding her own businesses, Leslie Hassler of Your Biz Rules now guides women business owners to bounce back from burn out, reignite growth in their businesses, and rekindle their passion for their business. With Leslie’s ability to simplify the complex process of building a business, you’ll make more progress working with Leslie than you ever did on your own. The strategies and techniques that her clients implement creates 30% to 200% growth – not just this year, but year after year. Leslie is the host of Coaching From The Carpool and appears on the Top 100 Business Coaching Blogs on the Web debuting at #41. She recently launched her first book First This, Then That: The Rules To Getting Growth Right In Your Service Based Business and is here to talk about delegating on Upwork, Fiverr, and locally -- so that you can get messy early, avoid reactive decision making, and think ahead in your business. Resources Your Biz Rules (official site) Leslie Hassler on LinkedIn First This, Then That (book) Coaching from the Carpool

520: Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy: Embrace Minimalism, Become Goal-Obsessed, Understand Your Customers, and Stand Out from the Crowd with Adam Hommey

Mar 27, 2018 49:20


Adam Hommey, Founder and Creator of The Business Creators' Institute™, helps you Emancipate the POWER of INFORMATION™ and WIN at the Game of Business and Marketing™ so you spend less time editing and maintaining - and more time educating your audience and monetizing your business. He is the host of the wildly popular Business Creators' Radio Show and have spoken around the country at events including the Dream Business Academy and Advanced Marketing Minds. For years, Adam has been the "secret weapon" in the arsenal of dozens of internet marketers, executive marketing solution providers, and professional service providers such as attorneys, accountants, medical professionals, and the like. In November 2016, Adam was a featured contributor in the international Amazon best-seller, Journeys to Success, The Millennial Edition. His much-anticipated new book, Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy, unearths the issues burrowed beneath the surface of your business in six areas - success mindset, converting prospects, team building, customer acquisition, persuasive language, and streamlining your operations, so you, as an entrepreneur and business creator, can grow your business and thrive at the intersection of your brilliance and passion! Claim Your Copy of: Groundhog Day is An Event, Not a Business Strategy

519: LinkedIn on Crack: Develop Authority, Network Powerfully, Find Your Voice, and Land Speaking Gigs with JD Gershbein

Mar 26, 2018 33:21


As a social business psychologist, keynote speaker, and broadcast media personality, JD Gershbein has gained widespread recognition as a thought leader in the areas of personal branding, social networking, and social entrepreneurship. Since 2006, he has inspired opportunity-oriented individuals and companies to harness the power of the online media to elevate their profiles, build enlightened communities, and win new business. JD is considered one of the world's top LinkedIn strategists and a pioneer in the design and delivery of LinkedIn educational programs. He has been featured on FOX TV News, WGN TV News, CBS News, and WGN Radio, and is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Forbes. He is also the architect of his own new media platform, The Big Banter with JD Gershbein, which encompasses a web-based TV show, a podcast, and the staging of exclusive live learning events. Resources JD Gershbein (official site) Owlish Communications: Command Your Brand JD Gershbein on LinkedIn JD Gershbein on Twitter

518: Life is Growth-Centric: Discover Fulfillment Through Achievement, Destroy Negative Thinking, and Use Feedback as a Lesson with Peter Sage

Mar 23, 2018 27:21


Peter Sage is a serial entrepreneur, author, master trainer, international educator, philosopher and public speaker in the field of human behavior, personal development and psychology of success. Peter has started, founded & built over 20 companies over the last quarter of a century across a diverse variety of industries, including The Energie Fitness Group and World Wide Health Corporation. He is very humbled to have shared the stage with various high profile people such as Kofi Anan, Sir Richard Branson, former US President Bill Clinton and many others. His client list includes several governments, members of Royalty, Google and NASA. Resources Peter Sage (official site) Peter's TEDx Talk: Stop Waiting for Life to Happen Peter Sage on YouTube Inside Track (podcast)

517: Live the Ideal Work Week, Take Personal Inventory, Accomplish More, Set Yourself Up for Success, and Use the Best Tools with Cailen Ascher

Mar 22, 2018 25:30


Cailen Ascher helps women entrepreneurs design a life they love and begin living it now. Cailen has built her 6-figure business working just 3 days a week, and her signature program, 3-Day Workweek, teaches entrepreneurial women how to create their ideal schedule where they can successfully work less, make more and live better. During her 4-day weekends Cailen enjoys time with her two little daughters and husband. Claim Cailen's FREE 3-Day Workweek Schedule

516: Simple Creative Marketing: Build a Foundation, Experiment, Repurpose, and Go Big in Your Content Marketing with Anfernee Chansamooth

Mar 21, 2018 39:58


Anfernee Chansamooth is a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Authentic Influence podcast host and Founder of Simple Creative Marketing. He helps emerging leaders to clarify and build their authentic brand, income and influence online. Simple Creative Marketing focuses on simplifying marketing for growth startups. Five Key Challenges prioritization: getting activities in order for maximum ROI marketing expertise misalignment in marketing: sales vs. objections systems/process: team insufficient data to make smart decisions Visit Simple Creative Marketing (book a free 15 minute strategy call)

515: Digital Marketing Support: Get Traffic from YouTube, Make Sales by Educating, and Land Clients with Ryan Perry

Mar 20, 2018 28:54


Ryan Perry is the CEO of Simple Biz Support located in the heart of wine country California. He first started video marketing in 2009 because he wasn't much of writer, but could talk. His YouTube channel focus is helping small business owners harness the power of video marketing to generate leads and sales. Since 2012, viewers have consumed 295,926 minutes of content. That's over 205 days of non-stop binge watching. Visit Simple Biz Support: Video Marketing & Digital Marketing Agency

514: Faith, Family, Fitness, Friendships, Finances, and Fun: Get Unstuck, Create Systems That Scale, and Grow Your Business with Clay Clark

Mar 19, 2018 32:13


Clay Clark is the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Oklahoma and the founder of 5 multi-million dollar companies (including:,,, and Party Perfect (now He is the founder of the Thrive Time Show Business Coach Program (, and the co-host of the daily 2-hour Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show and Podcast.

513: Social Media Strategy: Focus on Customers, Build Relationships, Research and Engage with Charlotte Chipperfield

Mar 7, 2018 23:54


Charlotte Chipperfield is the Founder and CEO of Chipperfield Media. A social media marketing agency that offers end-to-end management and consulting for CPG, retail, food, and beverage companies. In her work with Chipperfield Media, Charlotte marries her food and wine background with social strategy to help brands create powerful, brand-building, customer experiences online. Charlotte is a regular contributor to online marketing publications and has built a reputation as an expert, thought leader and speaker in the digital marketing space. She's here to explain her social media strategy when it comes to a new client, and it's not "just" about posting content! Tune in to discover more. Resources Email: Chipperfield Media: Empowered Social Media (official site) Charlotte Chipperfield on LinkedIn The Social Lounge: Charlotte Chipperfield on YouTube

512: Play a Bigger Game on LinkedIn: Private Messages, Multimedia, Pulse, and Social Engagement with Jennifer Darling

Mar 6, 2018 30:41


Jennifer Darling has been in sales and sales management her entire professional career. After receiving a graduate degree in business management she went on to increase sales, profits and productivity at media giants FOX NBC CBS and Comcast. She is a board member of the National Speakers Association, distinguished Toastmaster and a Jeffery Gitomer Certified Advisor. (Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible and many other NYT Best Sellers). Jennifer's area of expertise is LinkedIn, and she's here to help us get more engagement (views, likes, comments and shares) as well as help us get the most use out of LinkedIn. For example, endorsements, connections, private messages, video posts, a rock-star personal profile, publishing content to get picked up by LinkedIn Pulse, and more. Resources Help! My Manager Is Holding Me Back! (LinkedIn post) Darling Coaching: Build a Rockstar LinkedIn Profile (claim free e-book) Jennifer Darling on LinkedIn

511: Good Enough vs. Perfectionism: Productivity, Delegation, Milestones, Book Publishing, Content Marketing and More with Joanna Penn

Mar 5, 2018 28:44


Joanna Penn is an award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers under J.F. Penn. She also writes inspirational non-fiction for authors and is an award-winning creative entrepreneur and international professional speaker. Her site is regularly voted one of the top 10 sites for writers and self-publishers. Joanna is here to get that "finishing" energy, be more authentic, and finish what we start. Joanna is a self-published author who's always cranking out content, and she's discovered quite a bit when it comes to research, self-motivation, running a team, and so much more. Resources The Creative Penn: Write, Publish, and Market Your Book (official site) The Creative Penn Podcast Joanna Penn on Twitter

510: Copyright Basics and Mistakes: Think Ahead, Protect Your Intellectual Property, and Be Proactive with Barbara Ingrassia

Mar 2, 2018 30:08


Barbara Ingrassia from Manage Copyright is a Certified Copyright Manager, Speaker and Trainer. She has a passion for raising awareness of the role of copyright in our daily lives. We are all Consumers and Creators of copyright-protected works, and understanding some copyright basics can help us achieve our goals and avoid unpleasant surprises. Resources 10 Biggest Copyright Mistakes e-book (free) Manage Copyright (official site) Barbara Ingrassia on LinkedIn Barbara Ingrassia on Facebook Visit Manage Copyright to Discover the 10 Biggest Copyright Mistakes

509: Remove Malware from Your WordPress Website: Backups, Firewalls, Cloning, Updating and Maintenance with Michael Jones

Mar 1, 2018 24:47


Michael Jones knows how to clean up broken or hacked WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal websites. He worked for the first company to use an affiliate marketing program, the first company that was hacked, was at Yahoo! the day of their "Denial of Service" attack. He found a niche for website repair and security. It comes down to 2 things: COMMUNICATION, good or bad, if you can articulate and be honest, you can win over both happy and unhappy customers. And number 2, don't over promise and under deliver. Tell it like it really is. Resources Sites Assure (hack repair) 911 Website Repair (fixes broken sites and failed upgrades)

508: The Perfect Client Funnel: Generate New Leads Predictably, Solve Problems, and Make Money From Group Coaching with Healthpreneur Fitness Coach Yuri Elkaim

Feb 28, 2018 29:21


Yuri Elkaim is a nutrition, fitness, and fat loss expert and the NYT bestselling author of The All-Day Energy Diet and The All-Day Fat Burning Diet. A former professional soccer player turned health crusader, he's most famous for helping people who've tried everything to lose weight and get in great shape, with little success, finally achieve breakthrough results. Yuri is on a mission to empower 10 million people to greater health by 2018 by making fit and healthy simple again. Resources Yuri Elkaim (official site) Yuri Elkaim on YouTube Energy Greens The All-Day Fat-Burning Cookbook: Turbocharge Your Metabolism with More Than 125 Fast and Delicious Fat-Burning Meals (book) Yuri Elkaim on Twitter

507: Build a Business on Purpose and Develop a Systems Mindset: Vision, Mission, Values, Goal Setting and Meetings with Scott Beebe

Feb 27, 2018 32:45


Scott Beebe is the Founder and Head Coach of, and the host of the Business On Purpose podcast. Scott and the BOP team liberate Small Business owners from the chaos of working IN their business and help them get their lives back by articulating and implementing intentional Vision/Mission/Values, Systems and Processes. Topics of Passion Business Vision, Mission, and Values Family Vision Business Systems & Processes...working ON your business, and not IN your business Finding your "Narrow Brilliance" Daily Huddle Format 12 week plan Three goals Biggest task on plate "What barriers can I remove to help?" "Do you need anything from me?" Friday 9AM Weekly Meeting A success story related to mission and values Five core values Big Wins Accountability from last week 12 week plan Action items Training of new processes (5-8 minutes) Cap meeting at the deadline Resources My Business on Purpose: Discover Your Vision Story (free course) Business on Purpose Podcast Loom (screen recorder)

506: The One Thing and the Domino Effect: Think Big, Act Small, Get Clarity on Priorities, Time-Block, and Simplify with Geoff Woods

Feb 26, 2018 33:06


Geoff Woods is the Vice President of The ONE Thing and the hosts The ONE Thing podcast which is in the top 5% of all podcasts in the world. After hearing the Jim Rohn quote that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. Fast forward just 10 months, Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur, launching a company with the co-authors of the best selling book The ONE Thing. Geoff has been featured in and is on a mission to teach people how to take back control of their time and get clarity on how they want to invest it. The problem Geoff is solving for us today is how to achieve that "domino effect" in life through aggressive simplicity, getting clarity on priorities, time-blocking, a one page business plan, and, surprisingly, cancelling 50% of his upcoming appointments! Listen in to discover the secrets. Visit The 1 Thing to Use the 4-1-1 Tool

505: Differentiate Yourself in the Marketplace, Provide a Superior Solution and Dial-in Your Ideal Group of Clients with Biohacker and X Gym Founder PJ Glassey

Feb 23, 2018 26:50


PJ Glassey is the founder of X Gyms in the Seattle area, where he invented his own methodology to save time, decrease injury rate and tone muscle instead of bulking it up. PJ spends hours each week studying the current research to further improve the X Gym methods. He has been a guest expert on TV and has hosted his own call-in talk show on KKOL and KVI radio. PJ has authored many works including local and national media articles and two books on health and fitness. He has also created a workout DVD, "X Gym Workout Protocol #1" designed to introduce non-X Gym clients to the unique concepts he has developed. PJ has been selected as one of the top fitness bloggers by several different rating sites. He continues to create free content for people through this blog, his partner blog and his various X Gym blogs. He's here to explain how he goes about solving problems AND finds new business "territory" by getting inside the mind of the prospect and discovering the gap in the marketplace. Resources X Gym (West Seattle & Kirkland personal fitness training) Beege and Peege X Gym YouTube X Gym on Facebook

504: Become Debt Free, Retire Early, Snowball Your Way Out of Debt Using Smart Financial Strategies, and Build a Blog Following with Deacon Hayes

Feb 22, 2018 25:35


Deacon Hayes is the founder of, a personal finance site dedicated to helping people make money, save money and pay off debt. He has been a contributor for the US News & World Report, Investopedia, Clark Howard and more. Resources You Can Retire Early (book) Well Kept Wallet: Financial Wisdom for Life (official site) Well Kept Wallet Podcast Debt Free in 18 Months (course)

503: Amazon Author Secrets: Get Published, Work Backwards, Stay Motivated, and Sell At Least 26,000 Copies with Writing Coach Frank McKinley

Feb 21, 2018 26:59


Frank McKinley is a published author, writing coach, and entrepreneur. He's has sold over 26,000 books and is the Founder of the Tribe Builder's Network. He is passionate about helping writers get published and get their books into the hands of those they're called to help. Don't wait until things are "at one hundred percent!" Start with a template, discover your process, and let it evolve over time. Get it done through any means possible. Don't let things like a "website" hold you back. Resources Thriving Writers (official site) Frank McKinley on Twitter Frank McKinley on Facebook

502: Get the Magic Back: Take Action, Make It Simple, Develop Success Habits, Set Clear Goals, and Find Your Motivation with Evan Money

Feb 20, 2018 42:33


Evan Money has been happily Married for over 20 years, is a #1 Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur and Film Producer. Evan and his bride remarry in a different state or country ever year. Our focus with Evan is how to bring your dreams to life. Don't let the "dimmer switch of life" get the best of you, and instead, live intentionally. Don't wait for favorite conditions. Instead, implement simple tweaks to make yourself more successful through less phone time, less TV, more reading, and becoming the person you need to be. Resources Grow Thrive Revive (3 day retreat: February 27 through March 1st) Email ask for $1000 off the live event and bring a free guest Evan Money (official site) Evan Loves Susan

501: Earn More Money from Fewer Clients: Big Goals, Mindset Shifts, and Marketing Experiments with Joe Sanok

Feb 19, 2018 28:25


Joe Sanok is a speaker, mental health counselor, business consultant, and podcaster. Joe has the #1 podcast for counselors, The Practice of the Practice Podcast. With interviews with Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Chris Ducker, Rob Bell, Glennon Doyle Melton, and Lewis Howes, Joe is a rising star in the speaking world! Joe is a writer for PsychCentral, has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, GOOD Magazine, Reader's Digest, Bustle, and Yahoo News. He is a keynote speaker, author of five books, and is a top-consultant. He visits us to discuss how to shift our thinking into the CEO mindset, treat everything as an experiment, and eliminate negative self talk. Visit "Practice of the Practice" to Claim Your 28-Step Checklist: Start a Practice the Easy Way

500: Productivity Tools to Get Your Head in the Game: 16X Multiplier, The One Thing Scorecard, and 80/20 Gamification with Copywriter Kevin Donlin

Feb 16, 2018 31:16


Kevin Donlin returns to the Marketer of the Day for the 500th episode! He's been involved in marketing since 1994, when he sold one of the first ebooks online, payable by check and you had to mail it to a post office box. That was e-commerce in 1994! From 1995 to 1998, he was Webmaster for, where he worked with the pioneers of online marketing. Since 1998, he’s been a copywriter and marketing advisor for clients big and small, delivering sales gains of more than $1 million on multiple occasions with web pages, email promotions, sales letters, and print ads. He's been interviewed by ABC-TV in Detroit, Fox and NBC News in Minneapolis, CBS Radio in Los Angeles and New York, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, and too many others to list here. He’s the author or co-author of 5 books, including his latest book, Marketing Multipliers. For this return appearance, Kevin shares a few simple but powerful techniques that are working very well for him lately. One is "The One Thing 3x5 Scorecard" where he lists the 3 to 5 go-to activities he can perform in his business, from calling a prospect on the phone to mailing a letter or book. There's the Pocket Seinfeld calendar, and the 16X Pathfinder method to replace the bulk with the select few that makes a difference -- 80/20 -- and strategically abandon what isn't working. Resources Marketing Multipliers (membership site, reply to initial email with "Robert Plank 500th episode") Kevin's previous Marketer of the Day interview Marketing Multipliers: 11 Simple Tools to Grow Your Business (book) Client Cloning Systems: Get More Clients Like Your Best Clients Kevin Donlin on LinkedIn

499: Goal Setting, Finances, Budgeting and Growing with Ruby Tan

Feb 15, 2018 21:30


Ruby Tan is here to share an amazing story about her financial up's and down's. She shares her personal story about how through budgeting and planning, she was able to get out of debt and build wealth. She's a bookkeeper and teaches the Profit First Methodology to her clients. Resources CELA Bookkeeping (official site) Ruby Tan on LinkedIn Podcast interview: Navigating Debt with Ruby Tan

498: Fundamentals, Freedom, Hiring, and Scaling with Nicole Wipp

Feb 14, 2018 32:46


Nicole Wipp is the founder and CEO of Wipp Enterprises LLC, a consulting and training firm that provides a range of leadership, team creation, team building and retention services to large companies, and to the small business/entrepreneur market as She also leads a highly successful boutique elder law firm. In these capacities, Nicole is a sought after expert on numerous topics related to building successful businesses through powerful teams, has spoken on numerous stages nationwide, is a frequent guest on top podcasts, and has authored a number one bestselling book. Wipp Enterprises is a Kolbe Certified solutions provider and is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Resources Nicole Wipp: The Results Catalyst (official site) Dear Mom & Dad: Help Me Help You: An Elder Law Attorney's Guide to Smart Strategies & Difficult Conversations About Health and Money (book) Wipp Enterprises: Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Your Team Nicole Wipp on LinkedIn Smart Planning 101 Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (book) Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (book)

497: Create a Simple Strategy to Hit Goals and Make Important Decisions with Business Plan Answer Man David Brown

Feb 13, 2018 26:19


  Dave Brown, The Business Plan Answer Man, is a leader in business planning. His message is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the need of a business plan and remove the fear and pain of writing the plan. An in-demand speaker and consultant who have helped many clients write their business plan to meet the requirements of lenders and operate their business. Sharing his 25+ years’ experience owning and operating a business he saves entrepreneurs time and money. His first book, From the Bottom Up: The Ultimate Guide for Business Planning to Profitability is a step-by-step guide for writing a business plan in a no nonsense format. His second book, Journeys to Success: 21 empowering stories inspired by the success principles of Napoleon Hill released in March of 2016 became an international bestseller on its release. Both books have received stunning reviews from a wide range of leaders in the business, marketing and sales. Resources Business Plan Answer Man (free questionnaire) From the Bottom Up (book) (subject line: "template" to get the template)

496: Move the Needle, Celebrate Wins, and Money Mindset Conversations with Jen Hemphill

Feb 12, 2018 25:49


Jen Hemphill, a military spouse & proud bilingual Latina, helps women who are tired of the traditional money advice gain a renewed sense of control, confidence and freedom in their financial life. She is a Money Confidence Coach, an AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) and host of the Her Money Matters Podcast. She talks about what we need to know to "move the needle" with our money, celebrate wins and have money conversations to get the right mindset and build confidence. Resources Her Money Matters (podcast) Jen Hemphill (official site) Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths from Traditional Money Advice (book) Her Money Matters Facebook Group

495: Market Yourself in Voiceover By Thinking Outside the Box with Susan Berkley

Feb 11, 2018 26:09


Susan Berkley is a top voice-over artist and telephone voice for AT&T, Citibank and many others. An internationally known communications expert, she’s the author of Speak To Influence: How To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Your Voice and her latest book, The Persuasion Code. She is president and founder of The Great Voice Company in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. She provides leadership training in persuasive speaking techniques for business and sales professionals worldwide, and works with top marketers to help them optimize the voices on their VSLs, achieving conversion lifts of as high as 20%. A frequent media guest, she has been featured on ABC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and in The NY Times, The LA Times and Business Week. Susan spent 15 years in broadcasting as a radio personality, including a stint as traffic reporter on The Howard Stern Show. Resources Speak to Influence (official site) Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice (book) Voice Over Secrets Exposed: How To Make Big Money With Your Speaking Voice (Without Leaving Your Home) (book)

494: The Bravest You: Show Up on a Daily Basis, Find Your Calling and Persist Through Hard Times with Adam Smith

Feb 10, 2018 31:01


Adam Smith is an entrepreneur, life coach, consultant, public speaker, and the author of the new book, The Bravest You. Named one of the most influential people of 2014 by American Genius, Smith has written for Entrepreneur and Success Magazine, among other publications. Adam talks to us about persistence, blogging, how to have ideas what outweigh the fears, show up on a daily basis, finding your calling/obsession, motivation, accountability, perspective, escaping "trapped" thinking, and so much more. Listen in! Resources Email: Adam Kirk Smith (official site) The Bravest You: Five Steps to Fight Your Biggest Fears, Find Your Passion, and Unlock Your Extraordinary Life (book) Adam Smith on Twitter

493: Build an Online Business Through Content, Marketplaces, Feedback and Customer Education with Bernie Thompson

Feb 9, 2018 28:52


Bernie Thompson has founded 5 companies, including the global electronics brand Plugable. He's also the founder of Efficient Era, a company that helps other companies sell on Amazon. He's an engineer and inventor with 4 patents. And he considers marketing his greatest weakness. He explains to us that his business has thrived without traditional marketing, but instead through content marketing (YouTube) and high traffic marketplaces. His company's 1-2 published videos per week solve common problems, market specific features, and educate. Resources Plugable (USB and bluetooth devices) Efficient Era (tools for Amazon sellers)

492: Podcast Power Guesting, Facebook Chatbots, Networking, Time Management, Free Traffic and More with Heather Havenwood

Feb 6, 2018 44:30


Heather Havenwood returns to the show to discuss power guesting and chatbots. She's a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on digital marketing, sales coaching, and online publishing business strategies. She tells us how to take a stand, step outside our comfort zone, manage our time more effectively, live the rock star lifestyle of productivity, and "feed the beast" of the business. Finally, she explains why it's important to go on a media tour and use Facebook chatbots to further your business, build a strong list, and make sales. Resources Ask Heather Ann (ask her chatbot anything) Call with Heather (schedule an appointment) Power Guesting: Insider Secrets To Profit From Being A Great Podcasting Guest (book) Heather Havenwood (official site)

491: Back of the Room Sales and Speaking: Leads, Exposure and Branding with Alicia White

Feb 5, 2018 32:03


International Best Selling Author and Speaker, Alicia White from Back of the Room Productions is a brilliant strategist giving clarity and direction on the next steps in branding, business and speaking. Working with business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs, Alicia helps them to elevate their expertise through consistent branding that conveys trust and effective strategies and tools to grow their business through speaking. Alicia explains how to grow your business through speaking, following up, landing speaking gigs, and negotiating with event organizers. Resources The Successful Speaker's Handbook: Tools, Strategies, & Ideas to Elevate Your Expertise as a Speaker (book) Back of the Room Productions Alicia White on Facebook

490: Productivity and Lifestyle Secrets of Top Performers: Reduce Overwhelm, Outsource Weaknesses, and Achieve Ultimate Freedom with Carey Bentley

Feb 2, 2018 31:20


Carey Bentley is the CEO of Lifehack Bootcamp, the top ranked online productivity company. She shows overachievers how to bring sanity back into their lives. Her team has shown hundreds of people the techniques they need to be maximally effective at work and in their personal lives. Carey discusses the three gratitudes, how to avoid victim thinking, scheduled downtime, self care, and the "Do By Tuesday" concept which allows you to go on the offense with your business. Resources Lifehack Bootcamp Carey Bentley on LinkedIn

489: Construct Your Ideal Life, Enjoy the Fun Game of Entrepreneurship, House Hack and Master Real Estate to Build Long-Term Wealth with Coach Chad Carson

Feb 1, 2018 30:00


Chad Carson began real estate investing from scratch right out of college in 2003 at the age of 23. Since then, Chad and his business partner have bought, flipped, rented hundreds of properties in and around Clemson, SC. They currently focus on buy-and-hold rentals and private lending that produce regular monthly income. Chad focuses on using real estate income to retire early and do what matters. For example, in 2017 he traveled with his wife and two young daughters to live in Ecuador in South America for a year. He also enjoys working on local community projects like pedestrian/bike paths. He talks with us today about house hacking and practice buying -- and has a very doable strategy that involves you investigating 100 properties in your area within a short period of time to learn by doing. Resources The Real Estate Investing Newsletter Coach Chad Carson: Invest in Real Estate, Retire Early, Do What Matters (official site) Chad Carson on YouTube

488: The Art of Selling: Become a Sales Detective, Build Rapport, Trust, and Value By Asking Questions with Sales Wizard Hugh Liddle

Jan 31, 2018 30:04


Hugh Liddle is THE Sales Wizard at Red Cap Sales Coaching and Elite Sales Academy, where you can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable. He specializes in helping chiropractors dramatically increase their conversion ratios, sales and revenues. Hugh's sales training and coaching comes from over 47 years of in-the-field sales and sales management experience, so you get real life experience from his teaching, not just something out of a textbook. Hugh is the author of Take the Icky and Scary Out of Sales. He's also a radio talk show host. His show, Sales Chalk Talk, is produced every week and is available on iTunes. Resources Red Cap Sales Coaching Sales Talk Chalk (weekly podcast) Elite Sales Academy Take the Icky and Scary Out of Sales (book) Hugh Liddle on LinkedIn

487: Internet Legal Issues, Mistakes and Strategies with SoCal Internet Attorney Richard Chapo

Jan 30, 2018 31:18


Richard Chapo, the SoCal Internet Lawyer, is a San Diego attorney specializing in advising small and large online businesses on legal requirements when operating in or selling to the U.S. market. Richard's goal is to help clients avoid legal issues before they happen by being proactive when addressing legal threats. He's been practicing for 25 plus years. Richard tells us that we should meet with our local attorney once per year to discuss possible legal "holes" in our business including FTC disclosures, DMCA, GDPR, cold calling, affiliate programs, direct mailing, affiliate compensations, social media accounts, insurance, and more. Resources Law Offices of Richard A. Chapo (official site) Richard Chapo on LinkedIn Richard Chapo on Yelp

486: Build Connections, Start the Conversation, Tap into Pain Points, Simplify the Process, and Attract High-Ticket Clients with Benjamin Tyler

Jan 29, 2018 31:09


Benjamin Tyler is the founder of Client Enrollment Academy. Where he helps online entrepreneurs attract high quality leads and enroll clients into their premium services. Struggling to build momentum in his business, Benjamin began leveraging his personal story and Facebook to land high paying clients. He now helps others implement these strategies into their business to they can create the income, impact and lifestyle that they desire. Resources 2018 Facebook Marketing Playbook (free gift) Client Enrollment Academy Benjamin Tyler on YouTube

485: Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Indoctrination, Engagement, Awareness, Traffic and Conversions with Dustin Lien

Jan 26, 2018 32:10


Dustin Lien is the founder of Jump Influence where he teaches courses on email marketing to entrepreneurs, and he's also the host of The Unleashed Life Podcast. He has massive ambition to empower and equip new leaders to make disruptive, positive impacts on the world, one person at a time. Free Online Class: Grow Your Email List Like a Boss

484: Re-Assess, Re-Engage, and Re-Affirm to Re-Succeed: Gratitude, Baby Steps, and Building Success Habits with James Colburn

Jan 25, 2018 33:04


James Colburn is a father, husband, acclaimed author and serial entrepreneur with vast experience in real estate, consulting and sales. He is a Franchise Consultant and Sales Trainer for one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in the nation, John L. Scott. At the height of his real estate career he sold 10's of millions of dollars in real estate each year. On the outside, it looked like James was living the ultimate dream, but along the way, he had lost his sense of purpose. James realized that conventional measures of achievement can keep even the best performers from finding fulfillment. He mistakenly defined himself by his accomplishments rather than by who he was, which in turn, made him miserable! To help others find purpose and redefine what matters most, James created his Personal Resucceed Coaching program where he helps high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs get more from life. He recently published his first book, RESUCCEED: Create an Extraordinary Future While You Sleep by Using the 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual. In this book, James shares insight into the "purposeless epidemic" and breaks down the transformational evening ritual that's helping people reclaim their lives and find true happiness. Resources James Colburn (official site) Resucceed (book) James Colburn on LinkedIn

483: Connect the Dots, Master Podcasting, and Make Bold Creative Decisions with David Ralph

Jan 24, 2018 26:18


David Ralph hosts the online show Join Up Dots, where in each episode he takes his guests on a journey of discovery following the words of the late Steve Jobs. From birth to today and back again David Ralph, joins up the dots of his guests lives, highlighting their failures and successes as he leads them to the time travel section "The Sermon On The Mic" where they have the chance to speak to their younger selves and share the advice they have gained. David stops by to talk about his podcast, how to get off the treadmill, the three metrics that matter in your online business, how to avoid the comparison trap, and how to overcome burnout. Resources Join Up Dots (podcast) Podcasters Mastery (course) Interview Masterclass Join Up Dots Episode 82 with Eric James

482: Discover Your AHA Moment and Market Your Book to Generate Consistent Leads with Mitchell Levy

Jan 23, 2018 39:15


Mitchell Levy is The AHA Guy at AHAthat who is a people publisher that empowers thought leaders to share their genius He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created 20 businesses in Silicon Valley including 4 publishing companies that have published over 800 books. Mitchell is an international bestselling author with fifty eight business books, has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies, has advised over 500 CEOs on critical business issues, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. He talks to us about how to create a book quickly and how to make money with joint clients. Resources AHAThat (content sharing platform) ThinkAHA (thought leader services) Mitchell Levy (official site) Mitchell Levy on LinkedIn Mitchell Levy on Amazon

481: Six Practices In One Hour A Day, That Transform Your Life Day By Day with Gayle Guest-Brown

Jan 22, 2018 27:47


Gayle Guest-Brown is CEO and Executive Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker of Guest Brown Impact. Guest Brown impact provides leadership training and keynote speeches on leadership topics to aid women's empowerment, teamwork, synergy and the effectiveness of organizations. She also provides one on one leadership coaching to women in leadership roles who are going through transitions or who feel lonely and isolated in their positions. As a confidential ally for work issues she unearths the wisdom of their lived experiences and their forgotten values so they can stand in their power and create their best solutions. Gayle talks to us today about the six easy practices where she applies ten minutes a day in each of the following areas: silence/prayer reading affirmations (daily devotion) visualizations (vision board) journaling light exercise (5-10 minutes) Resources Guest Brown Impact (official site) GGB Coaching (Facebook) Gayle Guest-Brown on LinkedIn

480: Build a Sustainable Business: Operate Strategically, Correct Your Mistakes, and Create Consistent Systems with Josh Patrick

Jan 18, 2018 30:31


Josh Patrick is a serial entrepreneur. He's the founder of The Sustainable Business and The Stage 2 Planning Group. His new book is Sustainable: A Fable About Creating a Personal and Economically Sustainable Business. Josh talks to us about why it's okay for your employees to make mistakes, how to correct those mistakes, and what sort of disaster scenario planning you need to have in place to have a business that runs smoothly and makes money, but is also as hands-free for you, so you can focus on strategy. He also explains the five step process we need to implement in order to create a sustainable lifestyle business: get clear on your values and mission (direction) make yourself operationally irrelevant (delegate) increase recurring revenue (a smooth sales process) systematize become economically viable Resources Email: The Sustainable Business (official site) Josh Patrick on LinkedIn The Business Sustainability Radio Show (podcast)

479: The Hustle: How to Stay Current, Stand Out from the Crowd, and Achieve Massive Business Success with Sam Parr

Jan 17, 2018 33:35


Sam Parr is the co-founder and CEO of The Hustle, a daily email newsletter that gives 500,000+ people the business news and information they need to start their day. Sam explains how The Hustle was started, what it does, his strategy and how he differentiates himself and his company in the marketplace. Visit & Subscribe to "The Hustle" Newsletter

478: Live a Fulfilled Life, Be At Your Best, Know Your Worth and Rebrand Yourself with TEDx Curator and Business Consultant Elizabeth Barry

Jan 16, 2018 33:04


Elizabeth Barry is an author, marketing executive and a badass leadership coach. She teaches people self-love, exceptional communication skills and how to live a life fulfilled, both in and out of the office. For over a decade, she's taught self-branding workshops and helped leaders discover their business BEST through the art of powerful communication, personal branding, marketing and PR. She's devised a 2018 coaching mastermind program that transforms lives, unblocks energies and helps amazing CEOs, managers and Founders engage in discovering and rediscovering their creative life powers. Resources Elizabeth Barry (official site) Elizabeth Barry on SpeakerHub Elizabeth Barry on LinkedIn Elizabeth Barry on YouTube

477: Alternative Investor Insights, Energy Managment, Staying Organized, and Goal Setting with Susan Lassiter-Lyons

Jan 15, 2018 32:55


Susan Lassiter-Lyons from Investor Insights is an American investor, entrepreneur, author, and coach. She's the president of the American Association of Alternative Investors and founder and CEO of Lassiter Marketing Group, a privately held financial publishing company. Susan has closed 612 real estate investment transactions, raised $30.3 million in private capital and her insights are consumed by more than 52,000 subscribers in the US and Canada. She's a prolific real estate and angel investor managing a portfolio that includes 740 real estate units, 14 tech start-ups, and 15 cannabis companies. Listen in to discover how she deals with adversity, as well as how she remains consistent and motivated to build a successful business. Resources Susan Lassiter-Lyons (official site) Investor Insights (community of alternative investors) Susan Lassiter-Lyons on LinkedIn  

476: Simplify Your Life and Grow Your Business: Get Found, Optimize Your Website for Maximum Results, and Repeat Your Successes with Jared Warner

Jan 11, 2018 35:00


Jared Warner from 123GetFound started his first online business out of his Parents garage in 1998 with his twin brother, Jeff. Since that day he's started many entrepreneurial ventures but hasn't always tasted success. He's gone 100% broke three times chasing his dreams but wouldn't change a thing. Today he runs the business of his dreams that gives him the freedom to live life on his terms. Visit 123GetFound: Attract More Customers to Your Business

475: The 5AM Miracle and the Free Time Formula: Focus on What Matters Most, Amplify Your Productivity, and Remain Flexible to Avoid Burnout with Jeff Sanders

Jan 10, 2018 39:27


Jeff Sanders is a keynote speaker, author of The 5 AM Miracle, and host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast. Jeff's latest book, The Free-Time Formula, launches in February 2018 and you can learn more at

474: Moments of Adversity: Take Risks, Be Relatable, and Adopt a Growth Mindset with Dr. James Kelley

Jan 9, 2018 31:38


Dr. James Kelley is of the book: The Crucible's Gift: 5 lessons from authentic leaders who thrive in adversity. The book unpacks the journey a leader takes to become more authentic, starting with their crucible. James teaches, writes, and produces is bi-weekly podcast Executives After Hours. The podcast is predicated on interviewing executives about their personal journey. The show's motto: "I care about who you are, not what you do, because what you do defines who you are." If you want to learn more Dr. Kelley's talk on authentic leadership, inspirational or corporate wellness strategies, please email at for your next event. Resources Executives After Hours (podcast) The Crucible's Gift (book) Dr. James Kelley on Twitter

473: Work Less and Make More: Track Your Time, Delegate, and Tidy-Up Your Super Fast Business with James Schramko

Jan 8, 2018 38:48


James Schramko is an internet marketer and business coach who has helped over 2,000 students create and maintain six, seven and eight-figure businesses. He's grown his coaching communities into multi-million dollar businesses that fund a lifestyle he loves. Running his businesses with an input of just hours a week, he finds ample time to surf, spend time with family and friends, watch movies and travel. The keys to such idyllic living are what he shares inside his two paid communities, SilverCircle and SuperFastBusiness. James talks with us about his best productivity (and simplicity) secrets, easy ways to make money and find the low hanging fruit in your business. 80/20 isn't enough, you must go for 64/4! Resources Super Fast Business Silver Circle Business Mentoring Work Less, Make More (book)

472: Book Launch Genesis: Move the Needle, Build an Online Army to Run a Bestseller Campaign, and Discover the Secrets to Daily Podcast Content with Erica Glessing

Jan 4, 2018 45:52


Erica Glessing is the CEO of Happy Publishing, she is a master of happiness and creative expression. She's has published 325+ authors to #1 bestseller status (and counting) and runs the company Happy Publishing to give light-bringers a bigger voice on the planet. Resources Happy Publishing The Erica Glessing Show (8 minute daily podcast) Erica Glessing on Amazon

471: Optimize Conversions, Get the Word Out, and Talk to Your Customers to Find Objections, Ideas, and Clients with Merchant Account Wizard Dr. Glenn Livingston

Jan 3, 2018 27:28


Dr. Glenn Livingston, a clinical psychologist was the long time CEO of two major dollar consulting firms which have sold more than $30,000,000 in services to Fortune 500 companies like Kraft, Nabisco, Novartis, American Express, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Lipton, Bausch & Lomb, and many more. You may have seen or hear his work, research, and/or theories in major periodicals such as The New York Times, Crain's NY Business, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, ABC/CBS/Bloomberg radio... and more! In recent years Dr. Livingston built and sold a 21 person online advertising agency and turned to teaching small businesses to leverage the tools and techniques used by big industry. Resources Merchant Account Wizard (reduce merchant fees) Glenn Livingston (official site) Never Binge Again

470: You Become What You Focus On: Words, Thoughts, Vibrations, The Law of Attraction and Neurolinguistic Programming with Michael Losier

Jan 2, 2018 31:13


Michael Losier is the author of the best-selling books Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't, and Law of Connection: The Science of Using NLP to Create Ideal Personal and Professional Relationships. Michael caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who interviewed him four times on her Soul Series™ radio show on Sirius/XM satellite radio. Michael went on to enjoy a year-long run hosting his own radio show on Oprah & Friends radio. Michael's third book, Your Life's Purpose: Uncover What Really Fulfills You, helps the reader and student get more clarity about their life's purpose AND most importantly, what they need to be experiencing to live their life's purpose. His YouTube videos have millions of views, and his new live weekly Internet show, Hang Out With Michael, allows him to connect with fans of Law of Attraction in an exciting way. Resources Michael Losier (official site) Michael J. Losier on Facebook Hang Out with Michael (weekly show) Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't (book) Law of Connection: The Science of Using NLP to Create Ideal Personal and Professional Relationships (book) Your Life's Purpose: Uncover What Really Fulfills You (book)

469: Build a Complete Marketing System, Think Differently, Plan Your Business, Focus, and Implement with Diane Conklin

Jan 1, 2018 33:37


Diane Conklin is an internationally known author, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, marketing and business strategist, implementation specialist and speaker. Diane is a direct response marketing expert who specializes in showing business owners how to integrate their online and offline marketing strategies, media and message, to get maximum results from their marketing dollars. Diane also shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to outperform their competition by measuring their marketing, and strategically use multi-media campaigns to stand alone in their marketplace, as the go-to provider for their products and services. She's the founder of Complete Marketing Systems, Diane and has been involved in numerous campaigns grossing over $1,000,000.00 several times in her career and routinely helps people grow businesses to 6 figures, and beyond, in short periods of time, several times in as little as 90 days.

468: Reverse-Engineer Success: Meetups, Cold Calling, and Deal Flow with Alex Berman

Dec 29, 2017 33:08


Alex Berman is the Founder and President of Experiment 27. Alex is responsible for generating over $6.5 million in B2B sales and over $35+ million in leads for his clients. He also creates weekly videos to help agency owners grow their business and bring in more revenue teaching them how to optimize B2B sales cycles and put inbound marketing strategies in place. He's also a former director of marketing at the 60-person, three time INC 5000 agency in NYC. Resources Experiment27: Drive Leads to Your Digital Agency (website) B2B Sales Training (YouTube video) How to Talk to Anyone (book)

467: Master the Art of Closing the Sale to Get More Clients and Referrals with Benjamin Brown

Dec 28, 2017 46:30


Benjamin Brown is a father of two young children and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. He has over 23 years of experience in the sales field from multiple positions from sale reps to sales management. A Best Selling Author, Ben's book, Master the Art of Closing the Sale: The Game-Changing 10-Step Sales Process for Getting More Clients and Referrals. His popular sales blog, now at, focuses on giving great tips and advice for sales people world wide.

466: Better Relationships, Better Business: Reinvent Yourself in 30 Days (By Being a Nice Guy) and Strengthen Your Personal Connections with Doug Sandler

Dec 27, 2017 39:42


Doug Sandler is an entrepreneur and industry leader. His book, Nice Guys Finish First is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller. As a podcast host of The Nice Guys, Doug has interviewed Gary V, Arianna Huffington, Dan Harris from Good Morning America, Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff and dozens of celebs. Doug is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and founder of TurnKey Podcast Company, providing podcast production, editing and launch services. Doug has a lot of great advice about how to have a better business by having better relationships. He believes in the "simple stuff" such as showing up, returning phone calls, and texts. Doug is a fan of "catching people doing something right." He has a "24 seconds" concept where you can change your life by sending two text messages a day. Visit: Turnkey Podcasting

465: Launch a Successful Coaching Business, Increase Your Monthly Income and Streamline Your Productivity with Coach Marc Mawhinney

Dec 26, 2017 36:48


Marc Mawhinney from is a lifelong entrepreneur who's on a mission to help coaches build successful businesses! He achieves this with his coaching programs; his podcasts, Natural Born Coaches, Best Life Ever, and the Marc Mawhinney Show; his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter, Secret Coach Club. Marc stops by to talk to us about how to take daily consistent action, stay consistent, batch your tasks, always be offering, get a clear idea of who you're serving, and sell coaching via discovery calls. Visit Marc Mawhinney's

464: Procrastinators Are People Too: How to Be Productive, Calm, Congruent, Anxiety-Free and Happy with Dr. Mary Lamia

Dec 22, 2017 28:36


Mary Lamia is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who practices in Marin County, California. Additionally, she is a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley. Her career-long passion to convey an understanding of emotions to the public is exemplified by her writing and media work. She is the author of five books, including a recent publication, "What Motivates Getting Things Done: Procrastination, Emotions, and Success" and blogs for Psychology Today, Therapy Today, and Thrive Global websites. Resources What Motivates Getting Things Done (book) Dr. Mary Lamia (official site) Mary Lamia on LinkedIn Mary Lamia on Twitter  

463: Plan with Purpose: Build An Amazing Lifestyle For You and Your Family Without Sacrificing Time, Money, or Fulfillment with Tom Sylvester

Dec 21, 2017 29:17


Tom Sylvester is a business strategist and firm believer in Lean Startup. He enjoys helping new entrepreneurs validate their ideas and follow proven principles when it comes to starting and scaling a successful business. Additionally, Tom helps entrepreneurs navigate the personal journey that comes with being an entrepreneur, from overcoming mindset blocks, ramping up their productivity, growing as a person and becoming a great leader in their life and business. Plan With Purpose (free course on goal setting)

462: The Art of Persistence: Grow Your Business By Leaps and Bounds, Find the Bottleneck, and Course Correct Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success with Sarah Shaw

Dec 20, 2017 31:15


Sarah Shaw is an entrepreneur, innovator and designer. From her two decades worth of experience in both Hollywood and fashion, Sarah has built a treasure trove of secrets for connecting with influencers and getting publicity in order to grow her companies quickly. She's appeared in the pages of InStyle, Oprah, People, Lucky, ELLE, WWD, and Marie Claire magazines, appeared on Extra and E! Entertainment, and has be interviewed for, and American Express' OPEN Forum. Sarah is now the Founder & CEO of Sarah Shaw Consulting, where she teaches online entrepreneurs of all stripes how launch, market and sell their products and services. Sarah's newest program will show you how to connect with influencers, get the publicity you've always dreamed of and use it to get massive exposure grow quickly grow your business. Celebrity Confidential: Get Celebrities to Promote Your Business (use coupon code ROBERTP to claim your 50% discount)

461: Your Retirement Game Plan and the American Dream Revisited: How to Plan for the Future and Pursue Your Ultimate Passion with Gary Sirak

Dec 18, 2017 28:30


Gary Sirak has been helping other people achieve their American Dream for the last 35 years. He is President of Sirak Financial Services in Canton, OH, a company founded by his father, Stan Sirak in 1957. The company will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. Gary has written two books, the first, If Your Money Talked ... What Secrets Would It Tell? This book is about personal finance and the most common mistakes people make with their money. So many people make the same mistakes again and again with their money that Gary decided to do something about it. The second, The American Dream Revisited: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results, is a deeply personal topic for Gary. While it’s true it was a serendipitous conversation at a coffee shop that spurred him on to write it, the ideas and beliefs of the book have been with him for his entire life. Resources Gary Sirak: The American Dream Revisited (official site) Sirak Financial Services The American Dream Revisited (book) If Your Money Talked (book)

460: Get Into the Coaching, Growth and Learning Mindset and Become Emotionally Intelligent with Caroline Stokes

Dec 15, 2017 25:49


Caroline Stokes is founder of FORWARD - an executive headhunting + coaching firm for innovation leaders AND The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter, designed to help evolve recruiters in the AI age. Caroline started her career in consumer entertainment and technology marketing, brand and PR and decided it was the brain behind human decision making on company evolution that was more inspiring. She explains what we need to know about being emotionally intelligent, be productive in an optimal environment, and tap into your emotional responses in a timely manner. Resources The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter (free download, 70 tips for recruiters) FORWARD (executive headhunting and coaching firm) Caroline Stokes on Twitter Caroline Stokes on LinkedIn

459: Grow a Huge Following on Social Media Through Consistent Customer-First Edutainment with Jasmine Star

Dec 14, 2017 29:19


Jasmine Star is a photographer and business strategist from Newport Beach, California. She dropped out of law school to pursue her dreams. Jasmine tells us how to get noticed on social media and how to sell with edutainment without being "salesy" ... content creation ideas (i.e. books you're reading), how to find time for social every day, and how Jasmine used social media to sell a $25/month monthly subscription "template" service. After she built an internationally recognized and award-winning business, she began consulting with entrepreneurs how they could use social media to grow their businesses. She's amassed over 600,000 followers on all of her social platforms and believes others can do the same to grow their business and pursue their passion. Resources Social Curator: Captions and Images Curated For Your Feed (monthly membership) Insta180: Grow Your Business on Instagram Jasmine Star (official site) Jasmine Star on Instagram Jasmine Star on Facebook Jasmine Star on YouTube Jasmine Star on Twitter

458: Productivity, Influence, and Leadership: Become a Better Communicator and Storyteller By Showing Vulnerability, Imagery and Authenticity with Colin Boyd

Dec 13, 2017 35:22


Colin Boyd from helps business owners become more influential. He loves to help them discover new levels of confidence and skill in how they communicate their ideas on any stage or platform. Colin talks to us today about what caused him to recently move his business from Australia to California, how to develop your signature story including these three components: vulnerability (challenge, difficult situation) tension (growing challenge, drama) victory Whether you need to get in front of a client and pitch your product, speak at a conference or engage your followers on social media his strategies will help you do this. Colin is a Certified speaking professional with the National speakers Association, qualified Performance Coach with the International Coaching Federation, Certified Trainer, NLP practitioner and also holds a Commerce Degree, Executive Coaching diploma and EDISC Behavioral certification. The real reason he is qualified to help you is because he has done the journey with himself and thousands of clients around the world to go from fear and confusion to confidence and clarity when it come to presenting ideas persuasively. Resources Colin Boyd (official site) Signature Story Template (free PDF template, how to craft your presentation) Daily Output Booster (free download, cheatsheet to make your day more productive)

457: Become Known, Build and Unlease Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age By Being Persistent, Original, and Strategic with Mark Schaefer

Dec 11, 2017 29:02


Mark Schaefer from Businesses Grow is a college educator, globally-recognized speaker and consultant and the author of six best-selling marketing books including KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age. Resources Businesses Grow (official site) KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age (book) Mark Schaefer on LinkedIn

457: Why Most Membership Sites Fail, and How to Create the Passive Income Money Site of Your Dreams

Dec 11, 2017 44:39


456: How to Become a TEDx Stage Speaker and Get Over 1 Million Views with Elena Herdieckerhoff

Dec 8, 2017 39:39


Elena Herdieckerhoff is an ambassador for highly sensitive people (HSPs), Business Mentor for sensitive entrepreneurs and Motivational Speaker. She's on a mission to help spread positive awareness and inspiration for highly sensitive people around the world. Elena's delivered a powerful speech on the TEDx Paris stage and generated over 1 million views on YouTube. We talk with Elena today about how she was able to land that TEDx gig, what TEDx is and what they want, how she planned and rehearsed, delivered and built up the snowball to make her presentation go viral. Resources Elena's TEDx Talk (YouTube, 1.3 million views) Journey To TEDx Speaker Coaching Entreprincess (official site) Elena on LinkedIn Elena on Twitter TedX Event Page and Elena's bio

455: Speak Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language, Rise Above the Noise, and Make Your Business Irresistible with Jeffrey Shaw

Dec 6, 2017 39:32


Jeffrey Shaw the host of the popular business podcast Creative Warriors, a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker, a business coach for entrepreneurs. He's the author of the forthcoming book, LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible. Having a keen eye isn’t just for what one sees, but also for what one senses. Having been one of the most sought after portrait photographers in the U.S. for more than three decades, Jeffrey Shaw, a.k.a. the Lingo Guy, uses this honed intuition to attract and maintain specific markets by speaking their Secret Language. Resources LINGO (book) Jeffrey Shaw (official site) Creative Warriors (podcast) Jeffrey Shaw on Twitter

454: Whoa, Wow, Hmmm, Yes: Get Out of Your Own Way and Just Listen to Become a Mesmerizing, Purposeful, Agendaless Influencer with Dr. Mark Goulston

Dec 5, 2017 42:37


Dr. Mark Goulston stops by to help us all get out of our own way. We need to live to be of service and have conversations with neither a memory NOR an agenda. Mark is one of the world's foremost experts on empathic listening and how you can use that to increase your influence, marketing and get through to anyone. He's the author of seven books with his book, "Just Listen," becoming the top book on listening in the world. He provides workshops, one on one coaching and consulting and keynotes around the world. Dr. Mark joins us to tell us the secret formula that Elon Musk and Steve Jobs followed to create fanatical customers, clients and investors. It comes down to the four step unconscious formula: Whoa: "I can't believe what I'm seeing" Wow: "That's amazing" Hmmm: "This is too good not to use" Yes: "I can see where we can use it" If you'd like to be a mesmerizing influencer, be remembered (by being different), get into the mind of your prospects, and stay ultra-relevant, then you'll want to tune-in to today's show. Resources Just Listen (book) Dr. Mark Goulston's books on Amazon The Goulston Group (discover how to be more compelling) Prison Letters with Dr. Mark Goulston (podcast) Mark Goulston on Twitter Mark Goulston on LinkedIn Steve Jobs as Told By Mark Goulston (video)

453: Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, Analytics, User Testing, A/B Testing and Troubleshooting: Increase Your E-Commerce Website Profits with Conversion Consultant Nick Disabato

Dec 4, 2017 30:43


Nick Disabato is a designer & writer. He runs Draft, a small consultancy that focuses on research-driven A/B testing for online stores. We talk with Nick about his strategy when it comes to improving the conversions of e-commerce storefronts, from Google Analytics, heatmaps, scrollmaps, behavior, user testing and vocalization. Your website's conversion rate might be low due to a factor you've never considered, such a slow load time, lack of mobile-first design, or the terms on your site (e.g. "shipping" or "trial"). Resources Draft Revise (analytics tear-down and service) Drafts Letters (newsletter) Cadence & Slang (book about interaction design) Nick Disabato (official site)

452: Find Your Passion, Grow a Podcast, and Monetize It Using the Spreaker Platform with Podcaster Rob Greenlee

Dec 1, 2017 42:29


Rob Greenlee has been podcasting for over 13 years and is the head of Partnerships at and He's a 2017 Inductee into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame, Is former EVP/CTO at in Beverly Hills, CA and former Content and Business Manager, Podcasts/TV at Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Zune. He currently hosts the podcast, Weds at 3pm PST and co-hosts Live Sat at 9am PST/Noon EST. We talk today about why you should use the Speaker platform for podcasting, its unique features (Skype recording, mobile app, live shows, easy migration and more), the essentials of podcasting (name, format, how it fits into your life, where you'll podcast physically, format and topic ideas), how to grow your podcast traffic (social media, tell-a-friend, organic search optimization, podcast guesting, TV, and guest blog posts) as well as how to monetize your podcast (affiliate links and monetization tools). Resources Spreaker Blog Talk Radio Speaker Live Show

451: Visually Promote Your Business Using Photos, Videos and Live Streaming with Smartphone Marketing Guru Tabitha Carro

Nov 30, 2017 41:13


Tabitha Carro is the Smartphone Marketing Guru! She taught for 13 years as an elementary teacher while running her own curriculum design business. Her present passion is exploring how to visually promote businesses through an iPhone. In May of 2016, she created the Smartphone Marketing School, a blog and membership site, to share her iPhone design techniques with fellow business owners. Through her course content, members are learning how to create professional videos, product photos, and social media designs without the need for camera equipment, desktop software, or outsourcing design work. Resources Tabitha Carro (official site) Tabitha's Courses Google Photos (store images into your library) Gleam (run social media competitions) A Color Story (basic image editing) SnapSeed on iTunes and Google Play DesignLab Studio (graphics editor) Adobe SparkPost (social media image editor) Quik (video editing app) VideoShop (use in conjunction with GIFShare) InShot on iTunes and Google Play iMovie

450: Amazon Analytics and Amazon Optimization: Do E-Commerce Right, Run Your Business on Systems, and Make Data-Driven Decisions with Reed Menssa

Nov 29, 2017 27:41


Reed Menssa from Advanced Amazon Consulting is a successful Amazon and online physical products seller who has developed many software tools and systems to help other Amazon sellers succeed. Reed's AZoptimizer and AZanalyzer software has produced profitable results for every type of seller and can be used for any skill level. He is an expert in his field and loves to share his knowledge and experience with others to help them succeed. Reed's software and consulting businesses help increase profits substantially for thousands of online sellers, every year. Visit AZAnalyzer to Claim Your Free Trial, Differentiation Worksheet & 30-Minute Skype Call

449: Create Passive Income Membership Sites for Your Online Business

Nov 28, 2017 21:13


Listen in to our episode to discover what you need to know about creating your membership site, keeping it simple and profitable. While you're listing, please check out this post on LinkedIn to leave a quick comment. Leave a Like and Comment on LinkedIn

448: Stop Being the Bottleneck, Change Your Habits, Escape Scarcity Thinking and Amplify Your Success with Melanie Benson

Nov 27, 2017 31:24


Melanie Benson from Rapid Cash Strategies is a Profit Amplifier, and has a gift for guiding fast­-paced, mission­-driven entrepreneurs to thrive in their small business. Melanie can quickly identify what derails you from productivity and progress – ultimately freeing you to scale your influence and income without overwhelm. Melanie hosts the weekly podcast, Amplify Your Success, is author of Rewired for Wealth, co­author of's Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business and has her success tips featured in magazines such as American Express OPEN Forum, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Woman's Day, Parenting Magazine, and University of Phoenix Alumni Magazine. She is on the Executive Team for the Women Speaker's Association as well as is Council Chair for the Association of Transformational Leaders. Claim Your Checklist: 10 Rapid Cash Strategies to Create a Quick Cash Infusion for Your Small Business

447: Level Up By Being a Direct Sales Troubleshooter, Amplify Your Strengths, and Scale Your Business Using the Five Sales Steps with Nathan Walker

Nov 24, 2017 32:06


Nathan Walker is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, direct sales expert, and business owner. With over 15 years of direct sales experience and business building he's changed the lives of many with his ability to 'Level Up' your life; regardless the industry! Nathan is professionally affiliated with Brad Lea, Grant Cardone, Henry Kaminski, Akbar Sheik, and Arne Giske. He currently trains and educates sales teams within is businesses on a regular basis via calls, webinars, zoom, and live events. If Nathan is all about one thing, it’s this – Direct Sales! At the young age of 33, he’s built a few multi-million dollar companies all based around one thing, selling; more specifically selling in the home! Along with that, he has several success stories under his belt. Success stories like Corey who was making $8.00 an hour at a Weber grill factory, and will now make over $200k this year alone. This is all due to Nathan’s sales process, and training. Stories like that is Nathan’s real passion in life. Resources Nathan Walker (official site) Nathan Walker on Facebook Level Up Podcast

446: Attend the Right Networking Events, Lay the Groundwork for Better Joint Ventures, Land Clients, Become a Connector, and Follow Up with Lori Saitz

Nov 24, 2017 37:36


Lori Saitz from ZenRabbit started life as an extremely shy child. Her report cards regularly included, “Lori is very bright but she needs to learn how to speak up in class.” - Lori Saitz (pronounced Sites) has become a nationally recognized marketing expert, master networker and relationship-builder. In 2003, she launched Zen Rabbit Baking Company and introduced the world to The Gratitude Cookie. In order to build that company, she had to overcome her hesitancy to talk to strangers, and learn how to network effectively to find clients and referral sources.  Today, as a networking strategy coach and speaker, she works with quiet people on getting past the fear of networking, managing their energy, and feeling more comfortable connecting, so they can find success. Her services are in demand by consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners, and business professionals who need to figure out which networking events are worth going to so they’re not wasting hundreds of dollars; what to say once they’re there so they don’t look foolish; and how to follow up afterward so their efforts aren’t wasted. Resources Zen Rabbit: Networking Strategies for Quiet People Lori Saitz on LinkedIn Lori Saitz on Twitter Highrise HQ (Client Relationship Management tool) Insightly

445: Online Entrepreneurs: Re-Frame Your Struggles, Stress & Failures of the Past to Create Everything You Want in the Present

Nov 23, 2017 6:57


Let's talk for a second about past failures, stress, and how to use the mistake of the past to get the future you want, as you listen in today's episode. Leave Us a Quick Like & Comment on LinkedIn

444: Just Do One Push-Up: Get Yourself Out There and Stream Live on Facebook

Nov 20, 2017 6:00


Have you heard that you "need to take massive action" but you don't quite know how to get started? Do you find yourself overwhelmed, sometimes backsliding or struggling to stay consistent? If so, this is the most important podcast you'll listen to today. Listen below and when you're done, leave us a quick like and a comment over on LinkedIn. Visit the "One Push Up" Article on LinkedIn & Leave a Quick Comment

443: Take More (Fast) Action, Follow-Through and Be Consistent Daily: How I Wrote a Book in a Day and Got Married in a Day

Nov 17, 2017 16:15


I got married today, Friday, November 17th, 2017. We hadn't planned it, just woke up and decided to knock it out today. I've also done the same thing with my business in several cases, most notably having an idea for a book in the morning and getting it published that afternoon. Listen to the story and if you'd like to leave a comment or "like", check out this post on LinkedIn. Visit This Article on LinkedIn to Leave a Quick Comment

442: Masterminds: The Secret Shortcut to Success, Focus, Clarity, Speed, and Action with Charlene Burke

Nov 15, 2017 35:05


Charlene Burke says that you shouldn't go it alone when it comes to your online business, so she founded Search by Burke. Charlene believes that a mastermind group is "the secret shortcut to success" and is an information professional and mastermind group expert, with a background in marketing and engineering. She provides small and medium sized businesses with research that answers their questions about market opportunities, industry trends, and what's working for their competitors. We discuss the importance of you joining a mastermind, types of masterminds to join, what to avoid when you join one, and how to get the most from them. Resources Search By Burke Charlene Burke on LinkedIn No More Sabotage: Developing Your Success Mindset (book)

441: Website Optimization, A/B Split Testing and Heatmaps: How to Double Your Customers, Sales and Profits with Conversion Fanatic Justin Christianson

Nov 14, 2017 28:15


Justin Christianson is the #1 bestselling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to Double Your Customers, Sales and Profits with A/B Testing. The book is based on years of experience running thousands of split tests on hundreds of campaigns and is the definitive guide to getting more out of your marketing efforts. It's designed to help you find and test breakthrough marketing ideas faster and more adeptly than your competition can keep up with, so you convert more website visitors into paying customers faster and at a lower cost than they can. He's the co-founder and President of Conversion Fanatics, a full service Conversion rate optimization company, member of the Forbes Agency council as well as the host of the weekly marketing podcast, CMO Roundtable. We talk today about Justin and his team's strategy, process, and mindset when it comes to increasing conversions, improving the website visitor experience, decreasing ad costs, and skyrocketing clicks & sales. Resources Conversion Fanatics (agency) Conversion Fanatic (book) CMO Roundtable (podcast)

440: Meditation, Journaling, and Gratitude: Tap Into the Three Habits for High Performance State of Flow with Enthusiastic Clay Green

Nov 13, 2017 42:08


Clay Green, speaker, trainer, and expert. What do you want to do better, in both your business and your life? What ever that "thing" is, Clay can help you apply high performance principles to achieve, excel, and get more out of life. To break the usual destructive patterns blocking your way, have self-awareness and move forward, you need to apply the three fundamental principles: meditation (2-5 minutes a day), journaling, and gratitude. We also talk about getting into the flow state and its four stages: struggle: where you're focused on a problem release: get away from the problem and take a break flow: get inspired recovery: coming back to reality Resources Clay Green (official site) Clay Green on LinkedIn Custom Mastermind Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler (book) The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler (book) High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard (book) Relaxation One (app) Insight Timer (app) Headspace (app)

439: Grow Your Business Using Project Management Software, Syetems, Flow, Documentation and Troubleshooting with Bryan Weinert

Nov 10, 2017 22:34


As the Founding Partner of Incipient, Bryan Weinert oversees product strategy, implementation, and client relations while spearheading an adept team that is determined to push the envelope in custom software technology. From funded startups to large-scale enterprise solutions in finance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and supply chain management industries, his foolproof solutions have benefited a wide range of clientele. Resources Incipient (product growth company) Incipient on Twitter Bryan Weinert on LinkedIn

438: Be of Service and Value to Others: How to Network, Build Loyalty, Develop Relationships, and Express Gratitude with Meredith Bell

Nov 9, 2017 34:23


Meredith Bell has been an entrepreneur since 1982, and she's an expert in helping companies develop the people side of their business. Meredith is co-founder and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company based in Virginia. Their products are used by leadership coaches and consultants as well as internal learning and development professionals to help managers become more effective leaders. One of Meredith strengths is building strong relationships. She and her business partners have worked together for 25 years, and many of their clients and resellers have done business with them for 20 years. She understands what’s required to build the loyalty and commitment that lead to repeat business and referrals, and we talk today about how to help others, follow up, and actively listen to make sales easy again. Resources Surveys for Small Business Strong for Performance Meredith Bell on LinkedIn

437: Fulcrum Investing and the State of Logic: How to Stand Out, Get Noticed, Build the Right Team, and Make Great Decisions with Kevin Van Eekeren

Nov 8, 2017 20:47


Kevin Van Eekeren started his career as a logistic officer for a SWAT team, which gave him insight into the criminal justice world, and he soon found that through training SWAT teams better he could reduce the use of force while bettering the national security of our country. Fulcrum Tactical was born out of that idea, and within 18 months he expanded it from a charity to a for-profit company. He started investing in startups on the side but focused on Fulcrum Tactical and his new venture, Fulcrum Farms a sustainable farm producing high-quality meat and eggs for families and restaurants in the Chicagoland area. After six years Kevin sold Fulcrum Tactical and moved on to investing in startups full-time by starting Fulcrum Investing. Kevin spends his free time co-hosting The State of Logic Podcast and has also continued his passion for farming. Resources The State of Logic (podcast) Fulcrum Investing Kevin Van Eekeren on LinkedIn

436: Speaker Fulfillment Services: Avoid the Usual Mistakes Authors Make and Discover the ABCs of Selling Physical Products at Live Events with Bret Ridgway

Nov 7, 2017 25:16


Bret Ridgway is co-founder of Speaker Fulfillment Services, a company that works for speakers, authors and information marketers. His unique, behind-the-scenes perspective allows him to see what is working and not working in the industry. He is the author of 5 books in the niche, including the Amazon bestseller "Mistakes Authors Make" and most recently "The ABCs of Speaking." He stops by to tell us what we need to know about selling products from stage at events, what's working now, and what physical products we should be creating and selling in our businesses. Resources Speaker Fulfillment Services (official site) Mistakes Authors Make (book) The ABCs of Speaking (book) View from the Back (book)

435: The Art of Kickstarter Crowdsourcing: Build Brand Awareness and Launch a Campaign to Get Funding for Your Business Idea with Roy Morejon

Nov 6, 2017 26:56


Roy Morejon is the president of Enventys Partners and host of the Art of the Kickstart podcast. He has over 20 years experience in delivering integrated marketing services for B2B and B2C clients, helping transform companies by increasing online visibility and brand awareness through targeted digital marketing, corporate communications and data-driven search marketing campaigns. He is an expert at digital strategy, analytics, search engine marketing and crowdfunding.

434: Virtual Assistant Secrets: Focus on Growing Your Business and Build a Team That Runs on Autopilot with Andrea Rozman

Nov 3, 2017 32:40


Andrea Rozman from Your Gal Friday stepped out of the corporate IT and project management world ten years ago, and into small business where she works with people from all backgrounds – lawyers, digital marketers, business coaches, investment bankers and more. Andrea and her team of virtual assistants help relieve the stress of business ownership by doing all the odds and ends tasks needed so entrepreneurs and small business owners can focus on growing their businesses. Visit Your Gal Friday

433: Improve Your Productivity and Enhance Your Sales Goals with Business Rehabilitator Maya Harrison

Nov 2, 2017 27:45


Maya Harrison from Wedding Consultant Services is a well known consultant for corporate executives who need to improve productivity and enhance sales goals. She has been featured on tv shows like "Get Your Face On The Air" and on major podcasts for small biz owners. Maya Harrison has years of experience in the consulting industry and because of her proven results her clients refer to her as the "Biz Rehabilitator. Resources Maya Harrison on LinkedIn Email Maya:

432: Close More Deals and 10X Your Revenue with Sales Coach Jim Brown

Nov 1, 2017 30:27


Jim Brown has led two companies from $1 million to more than $10 million, and one from $1 million to $0. He now Hosts the SalesTuners podcast, and trains entrepreneurs who don't realize they're the VP of Sales how to 10x their revenue using a step-by-step sales formula. We talk today about Jim's monkey's paw evaluation concept, and how he turns cold call prospecting into discovery calls, then proposals. Resources Sales Roadmap (free gift) Sales Tuners (weekly podcast) Jim Brown on Twitter Email Jim:

431: Bridge the Gap Between Success and Relationships: Harness Your Inner Hero and Shift Your Thinking with Optimal Life Coach Laura Long

Oct 31, 2017 27:44


Laura Long is passionate about her business as a Life Coach, Energy Worker, and Teacher, however it does not define her, complete her or even drive her. That's been the download message from the universe that's been deleted a few times until it went into her hard drive so to speak. Now the power of "being" drives her more than the power of "doing", and doing and doing. From her own experiences - Laura works with open-minded driven professionals who’ve had success yet still feel there's something missing, and who are ready to bridge that gap between their outer success and their inner peace and relationship success. Visit Laura's Site and Schedule a Call

430: Live the Focused Driven Lifestyle: Remove Distractions, Set Profitable Priorities, Get More Organized and Be Intentional with Lyman Montgomery

Oct 30, 2017 27:14


Lyman Montgomery from Focused Driven Lifestyle missed out on some great business opportunities due to a lack of focus. He faced many setbacks until he decided to do something different. He learned to clear his mind and focus his energies on eliminating his debilitating beliefs and within a few weeks, he saw dramatic results; that was over twelve years ago. The key to his success was having a life coach and learning how to build a long-term relationship that balanced work and family. He also helps others to recognize the difference between life counseling (uncovering emotional issues) and personal coaching. Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Wellness Coaching, and Career Coaching are designed to help you develop a plan to achieve focused-driven results. Resources Focused-Driven Lifestyle (book) Focused-Driven Lifestyle (official site) Lyman Montgomery on Twitter

429: Lead the Way to Better Perspective, Success and Authenticity to Overcome Any Obstacle with Keynote Speaker Robb Holman

Oct 27, 2017 27:03


  Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, and author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success. With passion and exuberance, Robb’s dynamic teaching style has successfully led countless business owners, executives, and leaders through his exclusive and proprietary method of Inside Out Leadership Coaching. In helping his clients learn how to connect with their unique life’s purpose, they are finding success in a way they never expected - from the inside out! As a lifelong serial entrepreneur, Robb has founded numerous, highly influential organizations, both for-profit, as well as non-profit. His current endeavor is as founder and CEO of Holman International, a global leadership consultancy revolutionizing the way business leaders operate. Resources Robb Holman (official site) Lead the Way (book) Robb Holman on LinkedIn

428: Practice Being Happy and Choose to Be Happy to Discover the Opportunities, Possibilities and Solutions You Deserve with Happiness and Success Coach Vernon Brown

Oct 26, 2017 24:51


Vernon Brown, happiness coach and speaker,  has successfully coached over 10,000 people in the last 4 years and is not slowing down. He is focused on solutions and not problems, finding your happi gets you more clear, conscious and intentional. He's direct, fun and engaging as he coaches his clients to greater heights and happiness face to face or virtually, there is never any excuse why you can not be happier in any phase of your life. What's your happi? Visit "What's Your Happi" to Claim Your Free Discovery Session with Vernon

427: Think About Money Differently, Build Cashflow, and Optimize Like a Millionaire with Chris Miles

Oct 25, 2017 30:56


Chris Miles, the Cash Flow Expert and financial advocate for the entrepreneur, is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to quickly free up and create cash flow TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He's an author and podcast host of the Chris Miles Money Show, and been featured in US News, CNN Money, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples, getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results. In fact, his clients have increased their cash flow by over $100 Million in the last 7 years. Resources Money Ripples (official site) The Chris Miles Money Show (podcast) Money Ripples (Facebook page)

426: Get Stuff Done, Develop Your Team, Get Out More, and Scale with Advertising Professional Mike Arce

Oct 24, 2017 29:44


Mike Arce is the host of the top fitness business video podcast, The GSD Show. He is also the founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, a 7-figure advertising agency for small businesses in the fitness and wellness space. Mike has helped over 25 major brands like Orangetheory Fitness and his agency has worked with over 457 fitness and wellness companies throughout the world. As a husband and father of 4, he's created the time to do all of this while traveling to speak at many events across the country over the last 2 years. Resources Mike Arce (official site) The GSD Show (podcast) Loud Rumor (agency) Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss Scaling Up by Verne Harnish The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

425: Appify Your Book to Get the Perfect Branding and Attention on Your Business with Emergent Technology Specialist Seth Weinstein

Oct 23, 2017 33:34


  Seth Weinstein from Appify Your Book is a young, innovative thinker with a passion for creating digital solutions that demand success. A natural born tech geek, Seth uses his exstensive skills to build, design and maintain apps. Growing up with a professional stand-up comedian father and a teacher mother, Seth's thirst for joy and knowledge allow him to offer signature services to business owners. His rare abilities enable his clients to discover the best version of their company through strategy, design, and development. He revitalizes presence and positioning in any field and industry through the implementation of an unwavering brand strategy and superior online presence. An adventurer at heart, Seth will unearth and leverage your opportunities into profitability. Visit "Appify Your Book" and Schedule a Call Now  

424: Social Media Success: Build Your Presence, Engagement and Traffic on Facebook Using Reciprocity, Followup, and Marketing with Nikki Yeager

Oct 20, 2017 34:57


Nikki Yeager is an entrepreneur and startup coach based in NYC. Her first company, EHR Tutor, was profitable from day one and quickly reached a million dollars a year while she was leading the sales and marketing effort. She now runs a holistic products company, The Relievery, designs for a non-gendered children's clothing line, Every Bean Boutique, and spends her free time doing consulting for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Resources Nikki Yeager (official site) Nikki Yeager on Facebook Nikki Yeager on LinkedIn Nikki Yeager on Twitter

423: Escaping Darkness: End Self-Sabotage, Negative Self-Talk, and Hit Restart to Make Progress with Life Coach Marti Forrest

Oct 19, 2017 42:50


Marti Forrest Hicks is a life coach and here is her story in her own words: "I mentor/coach people on their journey into loving themselves from the inside out. After a series of monogamous abusive relationships, I learned how to reprogram the messages that sabotaged me in every relationship I entered, because I had no idea how to LOVE me first. How I love me dictates how I am in every single relationship outside of me. How I am with me is how I am with you." Resources Hello Extraordinary Life (official site) Hello Extraordinary Life Coach (Facebook page) Loving Yourself from the Inside Out (Facebook group)

422: The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage with Innovation Expert Daniel Burrus

Oct 19, 2017 29:35


Daniel Burrus is considered one of the world's leading technology forecasters and innovation experts. He is the CEO of Burrus Research, a research and consulting firm that monitors global advances in technology driven trends to help clients profit from technological, social and business forces that are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities. He is a strategic advisor to executives helping them to develop game-changing strategies based on his proven methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovations. He is the author of seven books, including The New York Times bestseller Flash Foresight, and his latest book, The Anticipatory Organization. Daniel has a ton of interesting stories to share with us, as well as the three categories of hard trends that you should be looking for: demographics (i.e. baby boomers -> a smartwatch for seniors) government regulation technology Resources The Anticipatory Organization (get a free copy of the book) Daniel Burrus TedX Talk Daniel's books (Amazon author page)  

421: Profit First: Be Efficient Instead of Productive, Find Your Passion and Purpose with Mike Michalowicz

Oct 17, 2017 36:58


By his 35th birthday, Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor…and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Among other innovative strategies, Mike created the “Profit First Formula”, a way for businesses to ensure profitability from their very next deposit forward. Mike is now running his third million dollar venture, is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is the former MSNBC business make-over expert; is a popular keynote speaker on innovative entrepreneurial topics; and is the author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, which BusinessWeek deemed "the entrepreneur's cult classic." Resources Profit First (book) Mike Michalowicz (official site) The Profit First Podcast

420: Online Advertising: Master Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing on Pinterest and YouTube with Kellen Kautzman

Oct 16, 2017 33:37


Kellen owns Send It Rising Internet Marketing and manages a team of over 20 internet marketing professionals. He was the keynote speaker at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip and has spoken at Roseman University and the Lance Tamashiro podcast. His book "Everybody's Doing It" was the #1 New Release on in the SEO category. Resources Everybody's Doing It: Advertising Redefined by an SEO Expert (book) Kellen Kautzman (official site) Kellen Kautzman on LinkedIn Kellen Kautzman on Twitter

419: From Stuck to Unstoppable: Get the Right Thoughts, Beliefs, Habits and Conditioning with Energy Expert Linda Binns

Oct 13, 2017 35:14


Linda Binns is an accomplished energy coach and author of seven self-help books, and numerous published articles. She has appeared on television, including her multiple encore guest appearances on Portland, Oregon's AM Northwest News Show, as well as, on the radio, podcasts, and on-line summits. Being raised not to succeed, Linda discovered early on "you are rarely ready for what life brings." Where most people let life's obstacles stop them, Linda seized this recurring "lesson" and transformed it into her life's work and passion including playing competitive tennis. Resources Linda Binns (official site) Linda Binns on YouTube Linda Binns on LinkedIn

418: Grow Your Business and Help Others Using Referral Marketing with Mickey Griffith

Oct 12, 2017 35:26


Mickey Griffith from Asentiv Sacramento is an expert in referral marketing and he can help you discover what you want your business to do, what you want out of your business, and who you need to talk to in order to get there. He can help you attract the exact clients you want and get others to send business your way by helping others get what they want. As an owner of the leading Asentiv franchise in the United States, Mickey has delivered thousands of hours of programs and presentations on the art of creating an amazing business and having a spectacular life. His clients report results such as increasing sales closing ratios by more than 40%, closing more business in one month than they did in an entire year, and having time to start a non-profit organization they've always wanted to do. Resources Asentiv Sacramento (formerly Referral Institute) Mickey Griffith YouTube channel Mickey Griffith on LinkedIn

417: Influencer Marketing: Promote Your Brand on SnapChat, YouTube, and Amazon with Yogin Patel

Oct 12, 2017 33:36


Yogin Patel is the founder of an influencer marketing agency called YPSocial and works with large mobile games, some with over 100M MAUs. YPSocial has created campaigns with some of the largest female YouTube influencers in the Beauty/DIY, including Alisha Marie and Niki and Gabi. One particular campaign his agency ran did over 80,000 downloads for a mobile game in less than 6 days, having the game jump up 100 spots to #56 in the Top Charts across all apps on iOs. Listen in as Yogin discusses influencer marketing (in a way, it's product placement using social media apps) -- connecting brands and businesses with "influencers" (celebrities, blogger moms, veterans, etc.) using SnapChat, geofilters, YouTube ads, and more. He also discusses the new Amazon Influencer program and how his 21 year old millennial built his business before the influencer trend was well known. Resources YPSocial Yogin Patel on Twitter Email with subject line "Robert Plank sent me"

416: Train Your Brain for Better Habits, Decisions and Results with Holistic Prosperity and Mindset Mentor Joan Sotkin

Oct 11, 2017 25:06


Joan Sotkin helps entrepreneurs and practitioners experience freedom from struggle personally, professionally, and financially. She is THE expert when it comes to understanding how emotions learned in early childhood can affect a person's business and financial outcomes. Thousands have benefited from her groundbreaking book Build Your Money Muscles and her online programs. Joan's latest program is Rewire Your Brain for Prosperity & Financial Freedom. Resources Prosperity Place Rewire Your Brain for Prosperity & Financial Freedom (course)

415: Conviction, Customization, and Clarity: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone with Andy Molinsky

Oct 9, 2017 30:32


Andy Molinsky is a Professor at Brandeis University's International Business School, with a joint appointment in the Department of Psychology. His new book Reach discusses ways to know yourself better and break outside your comfort zone. A simple exercise you can implement today is to confront that thing you're fearing, imagine the worst case scenario, then the ideal/perfect version, then the realistic version, and decide on the probability for each of the three. Andy says that some or all of the five pain points holding you back are authenticity, likability, competence, resentment, and morality. Listen in as you can realize that thing you were procrastination doing wasn't so bad at all, and making progress will get you to break that cycle of avoidance. Resources Andy Molinsky (official site) Andy's books ("Global Dexterity" and "Reach") Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge, and Build Confidence (book)

414: The Land Geek: How to Make Money Using Raw Land, Refine Your Process and Teach Others to Repeat Your Proven System with Mark Podolsky

Oct 6, 2017 28:41


Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek, is considered to be the country's most trusted and foremost authority on buying and selling raw, undeveloped land within the United States. He's been actively investing in Real Estate and Raw Land since 2001 and has completed over 5,000 unique transactions. Mark's company, Frontier Equity Properties, LLC, is an A+ rated BBB real estate company. Mark is the host of one of the top rated podcasts in the Investing Category on iTunes titled The Best Passive Income Model and The Art of Passive Income. He's also the host of the Land Geek Podcast. We discuss Mark's highly refined process to find raw land and profit from it. Resources The Land Geek (official site) Email with subject like "Robert Plank sent me" for free $97 freebie on buying and selling land The Best Passive Income Model (podcast) The Art of Passive Income (podcast) The Land Geek Podcast

413: Consistency, Persistence, Discipline, and Creativity: Overcome Frustration, Build a Brand and a Following with Jim Sweeney

Oct 5, 2017 34:12


Jim Sweeney, creator of the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character,  has crafted his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand in sports. Jim's property has enjoyed an incredible start in digital media. In addition to penning 800+ blogs, Jim has also published 40 MIKE Sports Comic Books. Jim's goal is to license MIKE as an alter-ego animated character to a major sports network. Listen in as we discuss Jim's secrets to being creative and pumping out content, as well as his long-term goal to license his brand. Visit Mike on Sports

412: Gain Clarity, Self-Love, Confidence, and Unshakeable Belief in Your Future with Adele Brimage

Oct 5, 2017 32:40


Adele Brimâge is a Transformational Life Coach, Writer & Speaker, whose mission is to help as many women and visionary men gain clarity on what their current mind-set is producing and how they can easily change it. To have self-love, confidence and unshakable self-belief so they no longer feel stuck or play small in their life or business. Adele challenges her clients thinking, helps them to acquire a mind-set that sets them up for sustainable results and propels them forward to achieve their goals in their life. Through her speaking she inspires her audience to take back the CONTROL of their life, to get CLEAR about who they are and give themselves PERMISSION to be visible and dare to dream. Resources Adele Brimage (official site) How To Love Yourself For The Amazing Person You Are (free e-book) Adele Brimage on Facebook

411: Get Your Health Right: Set a Morning Routine in Place for Optimal Sleep, Eating, Movement, Productivity, and Happiness with Dr. Michele Summers

Oct 4, 2017 28:26


Dr. Michele Summers Colon is the author of Body Wisdom: 10 Weeks to Transformation So You Can Get and Feel Healthy Again and the creator of the podcast Body Wisdom with Dr. Michele. She is also a physician, Ayurvedic health coach, yin yoga and anatomy instructor, and a motivational speaker offering workshops and online courses based on her book. She hopes to inspire women to live happier, healthier lives that honor their own bodies, wants, and desires.  

410: The Secrets to Money, Power, and Love Prosperity with Lucas Lehman

Oct 3, 2017 40:53


Lucas Roy Lehman speaks and leads seminars on personal power and intimacy all over the US, Sweden and Canada. He is a certified neurotransformational coach, a certified sacred sexuality educator. Over the past ten years, Lucas has worked with hundreds of men and women to overcome the obstacles to their financial success and emotional fulfillment, helping them transform old patterns and limiting beliefs, and courageously create the lives of their dreams. Lucas talks to us about his forthcoming book, Mastering the 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power for an Extraordinary Life: presenence (what is) purpose passion prosperity proactivity playfulness plasticity If you're ready to shift from "fear & survival" into "desire & fullness" then listen in. Resources Lucas Lehman (official site) The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (book) Lucas Roy Lehman on Yelp

409: Feed the Beast, Find Your Passions, and Thrive in Your Zone of Genius with Corey Poirier

Sep 30, 2017 39:46


Corey Poirier, author of The Book of Why, is a multiple-time TEDx speaker, host of the top rated Conversations with PASSION Radio Show, founder of The Speaking Program, and he has been featured in multiple television specials. He's interviewed over 4,000 of the world’s top leaders and has some amazing advice today about finding meaning, leaving your comfort zone, and becoming enlightened. Resources The Book of Why Corey Poirier (official site) Conversations with Passion (Facebook)

408: Traffic Fountains: Get an Unlimited Number of Clicks, Views, and Sales to Your Website

Sep 28, 2017 59:24


Do you sometimes feel like you're slaving away at your website? Maybe you built it and they DIDN'T come? When you're looking for "traffic" advice, do you feel like you're told a bunch of shady OR outdated marketing techniques? Even worse, do you feel flooded with lots of "tiny" traffic techniques? If so, today's episode is the relief you've been searching for. We discuss the six traffic fountains you should focus on today: Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing: Fiverr, Rev, WordPress blog, evergreen podcast, LinkedIn, Medium Guest Posting: podcast guest interviews (RadioGuestList), Interview Connections Video Marketing: YouTube, Facebook Live Pay Per Click: Google AdWords, Facebook ads, AdRoll (model, create campaigns daily, break even, scale) Upkeep: email marketing & followup campaigns, postcards/thank you's, PushCrew/ManyChat Nice to have's: affiliate program (swipe file & contest), Kindle books (your best material), outreach (find customers that use competing or complimentary products), under the table payment (podcast sponsorship, signature ad, Facebook page ad) Resources Video Sales Tactics (Facebook live streaming) Podcast Crusher (create a podcast) Make a Product (publish a book)

407: Generate Leads, Drive Sales, and Grow Your Social Outreach Using Interactive Quizzes with Josh Haynam

Sep 27, 2017 30:10


Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses including The American Red Cross, Home Depot, and Forbes. He's probably seen more quizzes than any other human on earth right now. We speak today about why you need quizzes to get traffic to your site, best practices, as well as do's and dont's for your own interactive quizzes. Josh's tool has 175 pre-existing templates to choose from, sorted by conversion rate, so you can begin engaging with your visitors in this new way, starting today. Sign Up for Interact Quiz Builder

406: Facebook Groups, Facebook Live Streams, and Word of Mouth Advertising for Real Estate Brokers with Whitney Nicely

Sep 26, 2017 31:36


Whitney Nicely went from no investments (or strategies) to 19 houses, 19 apartment units and 7 chunks of land in less than three years all bringing monthly money to her bank account on auto pilot. She has traveled the United States speaking on stages, teaching her simple strategies, and meeting with other successful real estate investors- and still buying houses the way she teaches others. We talk today about how Whitney gets leads into her real estate business through Facebook pages, Facebook Live streaming and word-of-mouth advertising. Claim Your Checklist: Create Passive Income & Build Wealth with Real Estate

405: Evergreen Focus & Motivation: 12 Mind Hacks to Become a Better Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Your Best Self

Sep 25, 2017 42:20


Listen in as we reveal the twelve secrets all entrepreneurs (including you reading this right now) need to know in order to take massive action and enjoy rapid success. Quiet the Noise: Don't check email or texting in the morning Minimum Viable Product: what's important? Body Health: Exercise, wake up early, drink water, and get a good night's sleep Better Relationships: contempt, criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling (expert John Gottman) Be Present: avoid multitasking, distractions, waiting for X to do Y, or "sticking it out" Write Things Down: journal to document and "crack the nut" plus gratitude list Negative Self Talk: ask better questions about your situation, such as: What's good about this? What action will you take moving forward? Is the thing you're worried about always true in all circumstances? Be Independent: You are in control. Even if luck or people get you down, Be Positive: Why did you get started with your business in the first place? What used to get you excited? Triggers, states, habits, responses Entrepreneurial Skill: distill the information down quick enough to take action. Don't be arrogant. Pay attention. Take the steps and see if you did it correctly. Don't give up. Chunking: Adjust the size of your "laundry basket" to work your productivity muscle (focus muscle)

404: Copywriting, Creating Websites, Providing Value, and Overcoming Sales Obstacles with Chi Odogwu

Sep 22, 2017 29:49


Chi is a business growth consultant, digital marketer & direct response copywriter. He helps clients grow their businesses and achieve success on their terms through his digital marketing training, personal development coaching & entrepreneurship mentoring services. We talk today about how Chi differentiates himself as a copywriter, how he landed his first few gigs and how doing business online in Africa, the Middle East and Europe differs from North America. Resources Chi Odogwu (official site) The Bulletproof Entrepreneur (podcast) Chi on LinkedIn Chi on Twitter Chi on Facebook

403: Interview Valet: Reach Your Ideal Audience Using Podcast Interview Marketing

Sep 21, 2017 29:15


We're talking today about getting traffic by being a guest on interview podcasts, and our guest was Tom Schwab from Interview Valet, but the recording didn't come out, so Tom does not appear in today's episode. When you appear on other peoples' podcasts as a thought leader expert, you can become the person people sit up and listen to, and you get that "know, like, and trust" factor. Topics covered: How to get on "the right stage" with podcast guest marketing, and why it's a way better payoff than guest blogging to get a continual flow of leads Why it makes more sense to use a podcast booking agency instead of doing the research, leg-work, outreach, scheduling, and follow-up yourself How Tom's team prepares you and tracks your podcast traffic Resources Interview Valet (podcast booking agency) Podcast Guest Profits (book) Tom Schwab (official site) Tom Schwab on Twitter

402: Become a Powerful Speaker and Storyteller with Chuck Hooper

Sep 20, 2017 38:43


Chuck Hooper is a business intelligence consultant, specializing in data visualization analytics, and, brings over 5 decades of business experience with him.  In addition to the current consulting offerings, Chuck is an author, a speaker, does workshops on being a better speaker/presenter, and, conducts training sessions on the use of Tableau Software products. Resources Better Insights Through Analytics Speaker Presenter 59 Minutes to Great Storytelling (book) Chuck Hooper on Twitter

401: Jungle Scout: Search for Profitable Amazon FBA Selling Opportunities and Spy on Your Competition with Greg Mercer

Sep 19, 2017 27:41


Greg is the founder and CEO of Jungle Scout as well as a suite of other tools to empower Amazon sellers. When he's not working on the software side of things, he continues to manage and grow his physical product brands. Listen in as he explains what you need to do on Amazon in order to create the proper products, stay competitive and follow the trends in the fast-paced world of Fulfilled By Amazon e-commerce. Resources JungleScout: Amazon Product Research Tool Million Dollar Case Study: Watch Greg Launch a Product in Europe Greg Mercer on Twitter  

400: Profitology: Accelerate Your Path to Profit, Identify Your Natural Working Style, and Implement Your Ideal Business Strategy with Kelly O’Neil

Sep 18, 2017 26:00


Kelly O'Neil is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, profit strategist and affluent brand-marketing expert for the next generation of innovative companies and thought leaders. Her mission is to help her clients strategically design and build businesses that make their competition irrelevant and their solutions irresistible to affluent clients, using her innovative business process called Profit-ology. Resources What Type of Profit-Preneur Are You? (quiz) Kelly O'Neil (official site) Kelly O'Neil on LinkedIn

399: How to Become a Content Creation Machine

Sep 15, 2017 36:47


Are you ready to discover how you can generate so many videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, guest podcasts, live streams, and more, so that your business will have as much leads and income as you'll ever need? If so, listen in to today's episode. Content doesn't always mean written posts or PDF's. Ask real questions from real people to discover pain points. Solve real problems. Use lists/steps (for the TLDR factor). Experiment with different structures (i.e. Seth Godin lists). Think about your initial struggles (relate) and your insights (how you solved that problem). More importantly, share the interactions you had with others to find those breakthroughs so that it isn't all about you. Seriously, write questions, answer them, then delete the question. Use templates whenever possible. For example, answer three questions. Article or video = 3 talking points. Podcast or blog post = 3x3. I've used walking + EverNote to crank out a ton of material. Change your surroundings and focus on that single writing task. Publish often. Realizing that blogging, vlogging, and podcasting is simply getting ideas out to test your material. You'll reuse & refine your best ideas/stories for a book later. Right now, you're seeing what material is popular so you can create more. Write often so that you can build that muscle. Wake up a little earlier and set aside time every day for some writing. Keep a content piggy bank of COMPLETED articles so you're not always scrambling for content. Get ahead of that calendar and fill it up. Resources Time Management on Crack (course) 100 Time Savers (book) Checklist Mindset (book)

398: Five Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Develop or Sharpen as a Work at Home Internet Marketer

Sep 14, 2017 31:52


Listen in today as we talk about the five entrepreneurial skills you need for a successful business: Selling (email marketing, sales letters, webinar pitches, podcast soft sells, swipe file, hot material) Content creation (writing, speaking, video, structure, step-by-step, reading a lot to distill down information) Basic website creation (WordPress, funnels, membership sites) Productivity (workflow, mindset, focus, motivation, chunking, systems thinking, delegating, troubleshooting equipment/traffic/software) Planning & Architecture (scaling, editing the raw materials, software design, course layout, dashboard) Resources WP Crusher (WordPress) Profit Dashboard (Fiverr) Webinar Crusher Membership Cube

397: Quiet Light Brokerage: Buy and Hold (or Flip) E-Commerce, Amazon FBA, SaaS and Content Websites with Mark Daoust

Sep 13, 2017 28:22


Mark Daoust leveraged his knowledge of SEO, marketing, and technology and started Quiet Light Brokerage as a conduit for entrepreneurs seeking to market, buy, and sell internet businesses. Mark’s firm has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs maximize the value of their e-commerce, saas, and content-based businesses and successfully exit. Marks speaks with us about how your personality dictates whether you "buy and hold" or flip your web properties, how to avoid a website with a single point of failure, and what you can do to make your online journey as profitable as possible. Resources Quiet Light Brokerage Mark Daoust on LinkedIn Mark Daoust on Twitter

396: Wellness, Energy, and Mindset: Reboot Your Success, Revitalize Your Business and Yourself with Holistic Health Coach Rhonda Liebig

Sep 12, 2017 29:27


Rhonda Liebig is here to get you back on the path towards being healthy, waking up early, drinking water, exercising, thinking positive and having healthy relationships. Listen in to hear about how you can escape the fear, get your bodily health right, and get out of panic mode. Resources Rhonda Liebig (official site) Rhonda Liebig Health Coach (Facebook page) Rhonda Liebig on LinkedIn The FITT Solution (book)

395: Attorney Leads and Marketing: Specialize, Build Landing Pages and Send Traffic to Enjoy Consistent Business Leads with Brian Saemann

Sep 11, 2017 29:19


Digital Marketing Consultant Brian Saemann wants to help law firms get noticed. He started his agency with no experience, no marketing education and no connections in the industry. Now he wants to help other marketers launch their own agencies so they can build their ideal career & lifestyle. Listen in as Brian talks about how he specialized his agency, what types of clients he works with and what he does to get the phone ringing for local attorneys. Resources GoBeyondSEO (market your law firm) Digital Agency School (build a 6-figure digital marketing agency) CallRail (call tracking) Brian Saemann on LinkedIn Brian Saemann on Twitter

394: Postcard Marketing, Direct Mail, and Building Customer Relationships

Sep 8, 2017 23:46


Many people are looking to give away copies of a free book or even purchase a list, when they haven't properly contacted their customers. Or, they look into fancy (expensive) direct mail solutions that don't get results when they haven't yet taken the time to send some quick postcards or make some quick phone calls to buyers. Discover today how you can use our WP Kunaki plugin to collect addresses of the buyers of your membership site (as well as free members!) and how I send hand-written thank you cards to customers for 75 cents each and 90 seconds each. You'll also hear about Double Agent Cards which we used to send brownies to our customers as well as personalized items. Join our "Membership Cube" Course Today

393: Facebook Live Streaming: Build Your Audience, Land Sales, and Become a Thought Leader with Zero Effort

Sep 7, 2017 25:31


Tune in today as we talk about Facebook Live Streaming. You can live stream anything from your web camera or desktop to any wall, fan page, or group. You can also record live streams, play back videos as live streams, mix and match (i.e. show your face, then desktop, then play a video, then switch back) and do it using 100% free tools. Join our Video Sales Tactics Course to Discover Everything About Streaming Video on Facebook Live

392: Create, Launch, Market and Maintain a Daily Podcast

Sep 6, 2017 34:06


We're talking today about how you too can create a podcast that cranks out content every single day, 5 episodes per week. How do you find the time? What tools do you use? How do you keep yourself from running out of content? We tackle all that and more in today's episode. Resources Podcast Crusher (podcasting course) Calendly (online scheduler) Skype (used for making calls for interviews) Camtasia Studio (used to record interviews and solo-casts)

391: Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Blog Websites: Posts, Pages, Plugins and Themes

Sep 5, 2017 29:28


Today we're talking about WordPress and our brand new course WP Crusher which shows you everything you need to know about creating a point-and-click website, adding content, making it look the way you want (themes) doing what you want (plugins) all on a site that's fast, secure, easy to backup, and is a site that you control. Join our WP Crusher Online Course

390: Day Job Freedom: Get Unstuck, Fill the Creative Void, and Overlap Your Way to Entrepreneurial Growth with Sean McCabe

Sep 4, 2017 37:08


Sean McCabe writes over a million words a year. He is the author of Overlap: The ultimate guide to turning your side passion into a successful business. He's helped tens of thousands of students with his courses on copywriting, client work, pricing, and marketing. On a daily basis, he runs seanwes: a learning community for entrepreneurs looking to do fulfilling work. Sean believes in generating income from the trifecta: client work, products, and training. He's also a huge fan of the 3 P's of accountability: public accountability, partner accountability, and personal accountability. Tune in to hear about his writing secrets, how to commit, and how to quit your 9-5 day job, step by step. Click Here to Claim the "Overlap" Book Resources Sean McCabe (official site) Overlap: Start a Business While Working a Full-Time Job (book, how to quit your day job) Sean McCabe on Twitter

389: Persistence, Dedication, and Speed: Play the Numbers Game with Serial Entrepreneur Jim Beach

Sep 1, 2017 32:29


Jim Beach is here to talk about failures, scaling, success, opportunities, and adding your unique twist. He believes that to have repeatable success, you should copy someone else's idea, execute it better, and start with little money. Listen in to hear about what he's built and what he's learned from his up's and down's. Resources Jim Beach (official site) Jim Beach on LinkedIn School for Startups (book) Jim Beach on Twitter Entrepreneurial DNA by Joe Abraham (book, four types of entrepreneurial personalities)

388: Your Business is a Live Expression of Your Strategy: Specialize, Differentiate, and Organize to Fill the Leadership Gaps and Get Transformational Change with Ron Carucci

Aug 31, 2017 26:36


Ron Carucci is co-founder and managing partner at Navalent, working with CEOs and executives pursuing transformational change for their organizations, leaders, and industries. He has a thirty year track record helping some of the world’s most influential executives tackle challenges of strategy, organization and leadership. He's here today to discuss how you and your business can re-focus, avoid analysis paralysis, adapt, fill the leadership gaps, and do what you do best. Resources Navalent (agency) Leading Transformation: An Owner's Manual Ron A. Carucci on Amazon

387: Meet Edgar: Up Your Social Media Content Marketing Game, Build a Library of Content and Enjoy Automated Evergreen Traffic with Laura Roeder

Aug 30, 2017 30:46


Laura Roeder is the founder of Edgar, which automates your social media posting on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With Edgar, load up your favorite RSS feeds AND use the tool for content research. Browse your favorite links and articles to create libraries (categories) that you queue up into your favorite social media channels for consistent, automated posting. Use Edgar to Automate Your Social Media Content Marketing

386: Strengthen the Discipline Muscle: From Overworked, Overscheduled and Overwhelmed to Focused, Confident and Accomplished with Rita Emmett

Aug 29, 2017 38:40


Rita Emmett is here to help you amp up your productivity, de-clutter, remove stress and dread. If you'd like to overcome procrastination, fear (of making mistakes, of failure, of success, of perfectionism), and you'd like to form new successful habits, then listen up. Rita can help you strengthen your discipline muscle, become present, enjoy your activities and find fulfillment in what you do. Her system is called S.T.I.N.G. and is as follows: Select one task you've been putting off Time yourself doing it (for one full hour) Ignore everything else No breaks allows Give yourself a reward after completion Resources Rita Emmett (official site) Rita Emmett on Amazon Rita Emmett on YouTube

385: Sell on Amazon in Europe for More Traffic, More Sales, More Exposure and More Money with Marketplace Superhero Stephen Somers

Aug 28, 2017 45:22


Stephen Somers says that, when it comes to selling on Amazon FBA, you're leaving money on the table unless you're selling in Europe. You can mail inventory to the UK and enjoy listings in Amazon marketplaces like the UK, France, Italy, Spain. Stephen explains what you need to know about setting up your European business identity and VAT tax compliance. Just imagine if you applied the "Rule of Five" and sold 5 products, in 5 countries, 5 units per day, at 5 dollars each. That totals $18,750 in 30 days or $225k in a year, so why wouldn't you list your products in multiple Amazon marketplaces? He also believes that your products should be B.E.S.T.: Boring, Established, Sustainable, and Tangible. Resources Marketplace Superheroes: Build a Global Amazon Business Muloot (get help setting up in Europe)

384: Splitly and Profit Peak: Split Test Your Amazon FBA Pricing, Images, and Product Listings with Andrew Browne

Aug 25, 2017 28:23


Andrew Browne is the co-founder of Splitly, which is a tool that allows you to split-test your Amazon Seller product listings. Listen in to hear as Andrew explains what Amazon selling is, what split testing is, how to use their tool to split test on Amazon, and what low hanging fruit to split test for amazing results. Split testing on Amazon is essential for you and your business, since unlike Google, Amazon rewards increased sales with higher rankings. That means if you improve the conversion rate on your product's page, Amazon will reward you with a higher ranking and increased traffic to your FBA products.

383: 10X Travel Hacks: Travel at a Discount (or For Free) Using Manufactured Spending, Churning, Credit Card Rewards, and Travel Points with Bryce Conway

Aug 24, 2017 24:55


Bryce Conway is the founding editor of 10xTravel and the Author of Takeoff: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing. He writes about travel, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. If you'd like to hear about travel hacks (how to travel at a massive discount) then listen in to today's stories and strategies. Resources Step-by-Step Process to Travel in Luxury for Next to Nothing (free report) Takeoff: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing (book) Churning Subreddit FlyerTalk Credit Karma (credit reports) 10X Travel (Bryce Conway's official site) How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing (TedX Talk)

382: Native Advertising and The Penny Hoarder: How to Create a Movement, Scale It, Deliver Massive Value and Make the Most Money from Your Website with Vishal Mahtani

Aug 23, 2017 24:05


  Vishal Mahtani is VP of Business Operations at The Penny Hoarder, one of the world's largest personal finance websites with 16+ million monthly readers. In addition to the day-to-day execution, he is integral to developing long-term business strategy, establishing partnerships with key brands and distribution partners, and creating a proprietary ad tech platform. Listen in to discover some of the amazing things they've been doing recently with performance marketing and native advertising. Resources The Penny Hoarder (website) The Penny Hoarder on Facebook Vishal Mahtani on LinkedIn

381: Reprogram Your Habits, Defeat Overwhelm, Remove Excuses, Find Inspiration and Discover Your Own Path with Derek Doepker

Aug 22, 2017 29:35


Derek Doepker is a former rock guitar player turned 7x bestselling author, speaker, and coach on mind, body, and business success. His goal is to help people break through their BS and amplify their productivity, profit, and performance by sharing clever mind games, life hacks, and the secrets of success found in music. Information does not equal transformation, and Derek says that you need to follow this three step process: open the floodgates to an idea: lower your standards about what a bad idea is, think about what's possible, and realize the "slingshot effect" (i.e. the gym makes you weaker and then you grow stronger) transition: sift, sort, preocess, narrow, filter, mix ideas completion: eliminate, edit, deadlines Resources Derek Doepker (official site) Free book: Why You're Stuck Derek Doepker on Facebook Derek Doepker on uDemy Derek Doepker on Amazon

380: Next Level Mindset: End Self-Sabotage, Money Blocks, and Other Limits to Become Self-Aware, Discover a Bigger Purpose and Take Consistent Profitable Actions with Christy Primmer

Aug 21, 2017 26:28


Christy Primmer from Primetime Consulting is an expert at changing lives. If you want to live up to your true potential and stop self-sabotage, you'll want to listen to her advice today and apply a few of her exercises. For example, ask yourself, "What's the payoff of staying stuck?" And then, "What will change if you get un-stuck?" Finally, "What if you had it now?" Resources Christy Primmer: Primetime Consulting (official site) Primetime Consulting on Facebook Christy Primmer on LinkedIn Christy Primmer on Instagram

379: Expert Engines: Use AdWords Pay-Per-Click to Get More Leads into Your Local Business with Jan Roos

Aug 18, 2017 27:12


Jan Roos is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and founder of Expert Engines. Using techniques developed while building national brands in the hyper-competitive consumer products space, his company has helped small and solo law firms in the most crowded markets in the US generate hundreds of thousands in case billings every year. Listen in today if you'd like to discover how to grow your business (any business) using Google AdWords. Resources Expert Engines Jan Roos on LinkedIn

378: Mobile App Marketing: Get More Downloads from App Store Optimization, Cold Emails to App Store Managers, and the Pay-to-Free Method with Steve Young

Aug 17, 2017 27:51


Steve Young from AppMasters is an indie app creator and knows how difficult it is to "make it" in the app business. He has a podcast, blog and YouTube channel called AppMasters where he wants to bring you the most action-packed advice about product design, app marketing, business and app design. Anyone can get anything built, but how do you know an idea is worth building? How do you design and launch it correctly? Steve covers all of this and more in this must-listen episode. Resources App Masters (app marketing agency) App Marketing Podcast Steve Young on YouTube Steve Young on LinkedIn Fortafy Games (game publisher) App Advice: reviews of the latest apps Sensor Tower: get app keywords and analytics Mobile Action: app store optimization

377: Ditch the Blueprint, Follow Your Intuition, Do What You Love, Test Things Out, Put Yourself First, Live with Love and Find Personal Fulfillment As An Entrepreneur with Heather Criswell

Aug 16, 2017 32:47


Heather Criswell is the founder of WiseInside, speaker, author, and host of WiseTalk Radio, a podcast sharing a revolutionary approach to heart-centered communication. She’s worked with over 30,000 children and their families, helping them see their power, own their greatness, and communicate from love. Heather stops by today to ask: what's the one thing you WANT to do today? Far too many people are living lives they don't want to live, faking it till they make it, and are out of alignment. You know what you love to do, so you should rock the boat, test things out, and create enough "chances" so that your business begins to snowball into greater and greater successes.

376: Mindset Success Secrets: Overcome Fear, Doubt and Procrastination By Simplifying and Taking Action with Bedros Keuilian

Aug 15, 2017 23:46


Bedros Keuilian is a best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of the world’s fastest growing fitness franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp. He's also famous for helping 24 of his clients go from being in debt to growing 7 figure generating empires, and helping thousands more turn their passions into multiple six figure businesses. In our episode, Bedros explains his early successes and failures. If you feel like you have more potential to live up to, if you're spinning your wheels, and if you need to get out of your own way, Bedros says that you need to keep things simple, go for the low hanging fruit, take one step at a time, and take ownership of your decisions. Resources Bedros Keuilian (official site) Empire Podcast Show Fit Body Boot Camp Bedros on Twitter Bedros on YouTube

375: Send Daily Emails to Your Fan Base for More Money, Better Exposure, and Greater Trust By Helping Your Prospects Achieve and Relieve with Adam Houge

Aug 14, 2017 32:56


Adam Houge returns to the show to explain how he sends daily emails in order to build passive income, run mini product launches and maintain top-of-mind status with his prospects and customers. It's all about combining information with entertainment, relieving their pain and helping them achieve their passion. Your goal Resources Adam Houge (official site) The Fan Base Formula (how to launch a bestseller) The Author Success Summit

374: Use Analogies in Your Storytelling and Marketing to Make a Lasting Impression, Become Well-Known and Get Raving Fans with Former Presidential Speechwriter John D. Pollack

Aug 11, 2017 32:02


John Pollack, a former Presidential Speechwriter for Bill Clinton, helps people tap the full potential of language to articulate ideas, reveal truths, and persuade others to action. His books include The Pun Also Rises; Cork Boat; The World on a String; and most recently, Shortcut: How Analogies Reveal Connections, Spark Innovation and Sell Our Greatest Ideas. John stops by the show today to discuss the comparisons or parallels you should use in your marketing. For example, your business might explain itself as the Cadillac of Toasters, the Uber for X, or the Facebook of X. Steve Jobs has a story where he explains the "bicycle of the mind" and Ronald Reagan used great imagery in his "Morning in America" TV campaign. John also discusses the five elements of a great analogy: 1. familiarity, 2. highlight similarities and obscure differences, 3. a useful abstraction, such as cut-and-paste, 4. tell a coherent story, 5. deliver emotional resonance. Resources John D. Pollack (official site) Shortcut: How Analogies Reveal Connections, Spark Innovation, and Sell Our Greatest Ideas (book)

373: Wall Monkeys: How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality, Beat the Competition, and Pivot with Jason Weisenthal

Aug 10, 2017 22:29


Jason Weisenthal is the Founder of, and like so many entrepreneurs before him, Jason Weisenthal, 44, conceived of his latest business after searching high and low for a product that wasn't out there: custom wall decals made from photos of his kids playing sports - a personalized alternative to the cookie-cutter images of professional athletes that were already available. Fast forward a few years, and here we are today. While still printing plenty of kids playing sports, Wallmonkeys also offers millions of images in their online catalog, giving them the World’s Largest Collection of Print on Demand Wall Graphics. From Picasso to Van Gogh, Alligators to Zebras, has it all. WallMonkeys has a dedicated print facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland, complete with a small army of printers to get your images printed and shipped within 48 hours. Made in the USA, printed with pride, one at a time, just for YOU. Wallmonkeys are available on Amazon,,, and a variety other online sales channels.

372: People Shock: Increase Customer Satisfaction By Blending Automation and the Human Factor with Tema Frank

Aug 9, 2017 28:13


Tema Frank is the author of PeopleShock: The Path To Profits When Customers Rule and hosts the Frank Reactions Podcast on Customer Experience. Her clients have included Fortune 500 companies, such as Bank of America and Expedia, as well as governments, small businesses and non-profits. A highly rated speaker and educator, Tema's talks have delighted audiences and event organizers in the US, Canada, France, South Africa and Mexico. In our discussion, we talk with Tema about the improtance of talking to and listening to your customers, how Facebook, automation, and artificial intelligence have changed the game, and how you can succeed MORE as a small business compared to larger businesses. Resources Tema Frank (official site) Email Tema: Frank Reactions Podcast PeopleShock (book)

371: High Performance Habits: How to Be at Your Best, Always Be Creative, Deliberately Focus on Energy, and Level Up with Nina Amir

Aug 8, 2017 29:48


Nina Amir is known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach. She helps a variety of people including, writers, dancers, conscious entrepreneurs, combine their passion and purpose so they move from idea to inspired action and positively and meaningfully impact their lives, teams, and the world. Nina offers High Performance Coaching services to help her clients learn how to find more clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in their personal and professional lives. This allows them to live and work fully and to achieve their potential. She has provided coaching and training services to authors and bloggers for more than two decades, minored in psychology, and is a certified rebirther. She is a seasoned international speaker, award-winning blogger and journalist, and Author Coach and Trainer. Additionally, she is a nine-time Amazon bestselling author of such books as How to Blog a Book, The Author Training Manual, Creative Visualization for Writers, and Navigating the Narrow Bridge. Resources Nina Amir (official site) Books By Nina Amir Author Training Manual (book) How to Blog a Book (book) Creative Visualization for Writers (book) Nonfiction Writer's University

370: Become an Expert Thought Leader: Sell Books in Bulk, Speak on Stage Consistently, and Effortlessly Fill Up Your High-End Coaching Program with Fran Harris

Aug 7, 2017 28:14


Fran Harris is a business optimization and explosion expert who wants you to get to the low hanging fruit and make more money in less time in your solopreneur (or larger) business. That means getting in front of a larger crowd by seeing where you fit in. Instead of writing a book about any random subject, watch the media to find a repeat problem, and create a book that solves that problem. Then, call organizations, appear on news outlets, and run Facebook ads to a specific audience who needs to solve that problem. For example, football coaches who are in need of team building experts. Get them on the phone for five minutes to arrange coaching or a speaking engagement where you sell books to their crowd. Listen in to discover the media shortcuts and more from Fran in today's episode. Resources Fran Harris (official site) call Fran: 888-273-0151 Fran Harris on Twitter Fran Harris on LinkedIn

369: Mindset, Vision, Tools, Strategies, Personal Growth, High Achievement, Focus, Clarity, and Purpose with Chris Burns

Aug 4, 2017 29:11


Chris Burns is the host of a weekly, 12-hour personal development livestream marathon show, and in the last 5 months, he has interviewed more than 85 inspirational role models and leaders from around the world who are spreading great ideas and making a difference. He's the Founder and Head Coach at Burn It Up Coaching and Chris LOVES to inspire and awaken the power within people to create their reality, by developing and implementing the right mindset, vision, tools and strategies, so every day can be their best day ever. Chris has worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to CEOs and has spoken at more than 90 live events on many stages across the United States, to rooms with 250 people at a time. He’s here today to energize, ignite and light a fire within your heart, mind and soul. Resources I.M. Having Fun Personal Development 12-Hour Marathon Show Burn It Up Coaching Unleash Your GPS: Greatest Possible Self (4 week group coaching program) Chris Burns on Facebook

368: The Synthesis Effect: Use Self-Hypnosis, Meditation, and Visualization to Find Your Path to Success with Dr. John McGrail

Aug 3, 2017 28:18


John McGrail, PhD, is a renowned hypnotherapist, personal success coach, spirituality teacher and a leading media expert on the topic of personal improvement. He has combined more than 30 years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience with his work in clinical hypnotherapy to create what he calls Synthesis, a powerful process for generating personal change and transformation quickly and profoundly. Synthesis works through an exclusive mixture of models, techniques, traditions and wisdom that truly integrate science and spirituality, making the process of changing your life both easy and enjoyable, and ensuring that the results are powerful, effective and permanent. Dr. John has helped thousands of clients and workshop students bring lasting change, growth and transformation into every aspect of their lives. Resources The Synthesis Effect (book) Dr. John McGrail (official site) Hypnotherapy Los Angeles Dr. John McGrail on LinkedIn

367: ACX Audiobook Narration: Create Your Audiobook, Outsource It, or Partner with a Narrator and Market the Dang Thing with Audiobook Consultant Richard Rieman

Aug 2, 2017 29:17


Audiobook Narrator Richard Rieman is the author of The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation and drops by to tell us what we need to know about audiobook narration: where to do it, how to do it ourselves or hire someone else to record all or part of it (it's cheaper than you think) as well as how to avoid the usual pitfalls of hiring the wrong person or using the wrong equipment. Resources The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation (book) Audiobook Consulting Richard Rieman (blog and official site) Audiobook Revolution Productions Author's Republic (audiobook publisher) AudioBook Reviewer Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ condenser microphone

366: Love is the Absense of Resistance: How to Be in the Present Moment, Let Go of Things That Don’t Matter, Be Open to New Ideas, and Tap Into the Magic of Life with Dating Site Owner and Relationship Expert Mike Krosky

Aug 1, 2017 29:59


Mike Krosky from Cherry Blossoms has a wealth of knowledge to share from years of experience helping thousands of dating site members find love and happiness. He discusses the secrets to being happy, productive AND fulfilled all at the same time. The solution is in listening, being present in the moment, becoming aware, being prepared to act on good ideas, meditating, and letting go.

365: Get Your Messaging Right, Ditch the Content Creation Treadmill, Re-Purpose and Market Intentionally with Content Strategy Coach Lain Ehmann

Jul 31, 2017 29:59


Lain Ehmann, bestselling author and communications strategist, specializes in helping six and seven figure entrepreneurs uncover hidden profits and potential. Her superpower is saying what your customers and clients really need to hear, to get the results you want as quickly as possible. Lain shares ways to repurpose your content (not just in media such as YouTube or podcasting) but also in terms of content types such as relationship building, storytelling, or expert articles. If you'd like to get more eyeballs on your websites, amp up your content marketing, or do more in less time, listen to today's episode. Resources Easy Steps to Defining Your Unique Value and Communicating Your Clear Message (free worksheet) Life in the Fast Lain (official site) Lain's blog

364: Educate, Entertain, and Engage: Market Your Business Using YouTube and Facebook Live Videos with Lou Bortone

Jul 28, 2017 26:16


Video Godfather Lou Bortone has been a pioneer and thought leader since YouTube launched in 2005. Lou is a popular speaker, author, and ghostwriter of six business books. He’s also the author of the forthcoming book "Video Marketing Rules: How to Win in a World Gone Video." Listen in as Lou tells us the easiest ways to get started and get good at video, as well as video marketing opportunities such as YouTube and Facebook Live. Resources Lou Bortone (official site) Lou's Blog Lou's Courses

363: Run with the Right Ideas, Setup the Correct Goals, Be Unique, and Resonate with Your Marketplace Using the Seven Steps to Business Success with Peter Mehit

Jul 27, 2017 39:41


Peter Mehit, the expert on how to start, fix, and sell any business, returns to the show to share his seven steps to business success. By applying these seven steps, you'll find you no longer waste time or resources on "dead-end" ideas, and you'll have an easier time getting customers, partners, and investors to buy into your idea. Here is the "7 Steps Methodology"... idea: what we find is important visualize: spend 15 minutes every day doing nothing and focusing about what this future business looks, sounds, smells, and feels like thoughts: ask questions such as, "Who's my customer?" And, "What equipment do I need?" action: describe your idea to others methods: hire employees, etc. friends (feedback and investors) circumstances Resources Custom BPS (Peter Mehit official site) Killer Business Plan by Peter & Lydia Mehit (book) The Master Key System by Charles Haanel (book) phone number: 800-741-8444

362: Acuity Scheduling: Automate and Manage Your Online Appointments, Sell Coaching Without a Website, and Streamline Your Productivity with Gavin Zuchlinski

Jul 26, 2017 31:08


Gavin Zuchlinski is the founder of Acuity Scheduling, the slickest way for businesses to automate and manage their appointments online, allowing clients to schedule themselves. Listen in as we discuss why your business (online OR offline) needs to use both a unified calendar and a scheduling tool so that clients and customers can schedule themselves. (35-40% of customers call to schedule appointments OUTSIDE of business hours.) The best part about our conversation today about Acuity Scheduling is that this tool isn't limited to online businesses, podcasters, and coaches. Gavin unpacks many interesting case studies from massage therapists, bakeries, and delivery services that have not only amplified their productivity but also dominated their competition by using this one simple tool.

361: Tell a Story, Look for Inspiration Outside Your Bubble, Mass-Produce, Course-Correct, Connect with Others, and Grow Your Business in Any Niche with Joe Pardo

Jul 25, 2017 46:42


Business consultant Joe Pardo is a business consultant to entrepreneurs and multi-million dollar businesses all over the world. He helps them grow by focusing on the "T.O.P." (Team, Offer, and Process). He's always believed that society starts with you, and that to change society you must first change how you think. Joe left his family's $100 million business and pursue his dreams of starting his own business, and founded the "Dreamers Podcast: Business Lessons From Those Who Live Their Dreams" to build his platform of helping business owners pursue the business and lifestyle of their dreams. Listen in as he discusses creativity, finding your voice, ramping up, being productive, and course-correcting to ensure you're focusing on what's making you money. Resources Super Joe Pardo (official site) Dreamers Podcast Joe Pardo on Facebook Joe Pardo on Twitter

360: Don’t Buy a Duck: Plan, Execute, Track, Measure, Adjust and Grow with Strategic Marketer Derek Champagne

Jul 24, 2017 28:11


Derek Champagne, author of Don't Buy a Duck: Stop Wasting Money and Only Do Marketing That Works, stops by to tell us that we need to connect with people and market our online businesses. You need to strategically snoop on your competition to uncover real solvable problems and discover those gaps in the marketplace. It comes down to five crisis points all business owners face: identify self: audit, business, find value proposition (that competitors can't duplicate) find target customer: gender, income, age, hobbies, geography, politics messaging: based on your customers, what message is most important to them? plan: lifecycle, step-by-step actyion execution: If you tried it once and it didn't work, why didn't it work? Perhaps it was because you only tried it one time? Listen in as Derek also explains goal setting, productivity, and follow-through using PETMAG: Plan, Execute, Track, Measure, Adjust, and Grow. Resources Don't Buy a Duck (book on Amazon) Champagne Marketing Courses Derek Champagne on LinkedIn Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

359: Awaken Your True Inner Power, Live with Purpose, and Make Positive Personal Changes with The Purposeful Millionaire James Nowlin

Jul 21, 2017 39:35


A near-death boating accident forced 31-year-old James Nowlin to take a long hard look in the mirror. As a result of what he calls his awakening, this already self-made millionaire and respected CEO reshaped his perspective and reprioritized his life. In his book, The Purposeful Millionaire, James shares the four-part formula he used to transform his life into one of abundance and purposefulness. He believes that if he can survive the literal waters from which he was pulled, you too can survive—and thrive—in life’s roughest waters.

358: Sales Training for Modern Salespeople: Increase Your Prices, Conversions and Profits with Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman

Jul 20, 2017 27:07


Ryan Stewman, CEO and Founder of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy, is a 4x best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach, Podcast Host, Blogger and all around Entrepreneur. He’s also a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, Good Men Project, Lighter Side of Real Estate, Huffington Post, and more. It doesn't matter if you are selling cars, homes, financial services or consulting, Ryan’s sales mastery can help you generate higher quality leads, increase your closing ratios, and show you how to charge premium fees for the items you sell. Claim Ryan's Book: Elevator to the Top

357: Buy and Grow Online Properties with the Website Investor with Jeff Hunt

Jul 19, 2017 29:27


Jeff Hunt, The Website Investor, makes his living online buying and growing online businesses. He has purchased over 300 income producing websites since his first buy 10 years ago. Jeff is the author of "The Website Investor", a guide to building passive income buying revenue generating websites. In our episode today, Jeff details his early failures with buying and holding websites, what went right and what went wrong, as well as the system he's developed since then to hit the ground running by buying money-making websites. Resources Jeff Hunt: The Website Investor (official site) Own Optimize (training resources for entrepreneurs) Jeff's courses on uDemy The Website Investor (book) Jeff Hunt on LinkedIn

356: Think and Grow Rich: Harness the Power of the Mastermind, Goal Setting, Visualization and So Much More with Brandon T. Adams

Jul 18, 2017 37:44


Brandon T. Adams from Live to Grind is a serial entrepreneur, owning a stake in a number of businesses, including the Accelerant Media Group, Live to Grind, Young Entrepreneur Convention, Arctic Stick (sold on Amazon), and an ice distributorship that serves three states. He's the V.P. of Business Development for Think Rich Films on the film Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy and the youngest person to be featured in the film. Resources Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy Live to Grind (Brandon T. Adams official site & podcast) Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success (book by Napoleon Hill) Think and Grow Rich (book)

355: Fail, Succeed, Repeat: Make a Choice and Have a Plan for Your Entrepreneurial Path with Cashflow King Matt Motil

Jul 17, 2017 26:49


Matt is a professional at helping people “fire their boss” and “punch their day-job in the mouth”, which is something that MANY Americans are dying to do. Listen in to hear about his entrepreneurial ups and downs and what he's learned about gratitude as well as "the journey" from his struggles. Resources Dr. Matt Motil (official site) Cashflow King Podcast Matt Motil on LinkedIn

354: The Checklist Mindset for Productivity, Focus, Momentum, and Consistency

Jul 14, 2017 56:22


In today's episode, Robert talks about his book The Checklist Mindset (which you should grab on Kindle, paperback, and Audible audio format) to talk about how you can compress/collapse time (and later delegate) using checklists, spreadsheets, and templates.

353: Beliefs, Practices, Struggles, Challenges: Push Through Your Limiting Beliefs, Internal Resistance, Fear, and Worry To Feel Incredible, Achieve Your Goals, and Experience Massive Self-Confidence with Alicia Cramer

Jul 14, 2017 35:56


Alicia Cramer wants to know... as an entrepreneur, do you sometimes struggle getting motivated? What about failure, psyching yourself out, and worrying? Welcome to being human. Having worked with hundreds of private clients from startups to owners of multi-million dollar companies, Alicia understands the mindset pitfalls that affect entrepreneurs. Her own struggles with depression and self-esteem issues, as well as a traumatic event triggering P.T.S.D. was the catalyst for her profound transformational experience utilizing mindset reconditioning techniques. Listen in to the secret weapons that will get you to overcome your obstacles and achieve 100% of your personal/professional goals and dreams. Resources Alicia Cramer (official site) Business Mindset Strategies (blog) The Outside the Box Entrepeneur (book)

352: Do a Day: Let Go of Your Past Mistakes, Accept Responsibility, Find Perspective, Compassion, and Purpose with Bryan Falchuk

Jul 12, 2017 28:10


Bryan Falchuk went from being obese and depressed to running marathons. He's faced nearly losing his wife to illness while their young son watched. He became vegan in just one day. He got his masters from a top school and rose to a senior executive position in a successful business. He’s transformed his life and developed an approach to help others do the same that he teaches in his best-selling book "Do a Day." We talk with Bryan about his "do a day" concept as well as how to let yourself off the hook, overcome jealousy, and no longer live life from a place of fear. Resources Do a Day (book) Do a Day on Twitter Bryan Falchuk on Twitter Bryan's Inc Magazine column

351: Focus on What You Can Do: Eliminate Excuses, Overcome Obstacles, Adversity, and Self-Doubt with Maxwell Ivey

Jul 11, 2017 35:44


What's your excuse? Maxwell Ivey is the totally blind former carnival owner turned amusement equipment broker after the death of his father lead to the closure of his small traveling show. He had to learn so many things about business in general and being online in particular. He learned how to hand code HTML, write copy, recruits clients, set fees, write a blog, record videos, build an email list, and so much more. He is always up for anew challenge, adventure, or opportunity. He is now also a life goals coach, inspirational speaker, and an award winning author of self help books and he loves helping others accomplish their own dreams. Resources The Blind Blogger (introduction) Maxwell Ivey's Amazon Author Page Max's Online Publicity Service (get booked on podcasts & radio) Max Ivey on LinkedIn Max Ivey on Twitter  

350: Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords Management: Testing, Tracking, and Tweaking Landing Pages with Joel Neustaedter

Jul 10, 2017 22:40


Joel Neustaedter from KlientBoost is an expert at Google AdWords pay-per-click traffic and webpage optimization. His agency focuses more on just metrics and lead generation, they also ask you and your team about their goals and dreams. Today, Joel shares about what makes his mindset and process unique and shares some surprising testing and tracking results with us.

349: Build a Messy Beast of an Online Business That Focuses on Traffic, Lead Capture, and Offers

Jul 7, 2017 52:01


Let's talk about creating your online funnel (opt-in page, follow-up sequence, sales letter, download page, membership site, blog, traffic, and more) by dumbing things down and keeping them simple... Ugly websites sell better: what matters most is that visitors do what you want them to do on your web page Absorb your competitors (they absorb you back, arms race) Strengthen Your Content Muscle: get ahead of this month in the calendar We also cover one of my best secrets: daily marketing emails... and: Is it possible to email too much? (how to send those emails every day) Why the "exclusion list" balances things out so your buyers aren't "bombarded" How to provide value and use the restaurant mentality Why it's okay to be overloaded (and it's okay to stay in constant contact with your list) If you'd like to see how to setup that funnel, join our course: Join the Income Machine Online Course

348: Self-Install the Correct Mindset to Make Money: Traffic, Lead Capture, and Offers with Lance Tamashiro

Jul 6, 2017 37:55


Lance Tamashiro from Income Machine returns to the show to talk about the missing pieces in your online business. There are two major categories: first, have the right mindset (the goal is LESS time to make MORE money) and second, avoid email and other distractions. Lance also unpacks how your business should solve a problem, narrow down into a niche. Focus on Traffic, Lead Capture, and Offers. Don't be afraid to ask for help and break out of the mediocrity cycle. Resources Income Machine Lance Tamashiro Show (podcast)

347: Real Estate Wholesaling: Build Wealth, Be Creative, and Make the Right Deal with Abhi Golhar

Jul 5, 2017 26:41


Abhi Golhar is a managing partner with the Atlanta real estate investment firm Summit & Crowne. He's also the host of the Real Estate Deal Talk podcast. Whether you're looking to up your game with real estate, or you have disposable income and are looking to grow your money, Abhi is here to tell you that you can get more creative with real estate. You aren't stuck choosing between flipping or renting. There are many options available to you based on your personality. For example, Abhi recommends real estate wholesaling, where you gather leads (from knocking on doors and stand-up signs) and perform research on viable properties and their sellers (homeowners), then create a contract and sell that information to a buyer (investor). That's just one of the many creative real estate cashflow ideas Abhi has to share with us today. Resources Real Estate Deal Talk podcast Summit and Crowne real estate firm Abhi Golhar (official site) Abhi Golhar on LinkedIn

346: Get Stuff Done: Create Balance, Develop Productive Habits, and Make the Best Use of Your Time with Yvonne Heimann

Jul 4, 2017 38:51


Yvonne Heimann from Ask Yvi wants to know: do you want to get more done in a day? Do you want to enjoy your (limited) time more? Do you want to have fun now and balance work and life at the same time? If you'd like to get more organized and stop wasting time, these are the steps Yvonne says you need to follow: Start using her Protopreneur Planner to get your business goals and daily activities clear Use a scheduling program to manage your meetings Use templates for email responses Use questionnaires for client intake Use apps/programs to connect services and automate Resources Ask Yvi (official site) Protopreneur Planner ActiveCampaign (send emails and tag clients) Zapier (combine apps, such as Shopify to a newsletter) Shopify (simple shopping cart) SmarterQueue (find evergreen social media content) Acuity Scheduling (calendars and payments)

345: Easy Small Business Systems: Organize, Systematize, Architect the Business You Want, and E-Myth Your Way to a Sellable Business with David Barnett

Jul 3, 2017 29:37


David C. Barnett from Easy Small Biz Systems returns to the show, and his most recent passion is getting your business into a "sellable" state to make it easier to offload or easier to hold and continue. It's possible using David's "12 plus 1" step program. No matter what your business is or does, it still requires capital, people, and a place. Instead of "winging it" you should describe your ideal life 10 years from now (step one), then sketch what your business looks like to support that lifestyle (step two). Create an org chart and break down tasks, including their roles for the future. Think about those roles that don't exist, ask what's causing the stagnation, assign tasks to a workflow, and explain what negative things might happen if tasks are NOT fulfilled. David's brand new book is Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy. Resources Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy (new book) David Barnett (official site)

344: Explore Your Entrepreneurial Creativity, Mental Blocks and Destiny with Leslie Nolan

Jun 30, 2017 27:35


  Leslie Nolan is an entrepreneur, visionary artist, motivational speaker and founder of Leslie Nolan Design. She works with creative entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo and inspirational vision and helps them reclaim their power so they can find the courage to create their Great Work. Resources Leslie Nolan Design Schedule a Mojo Session with Leslie Leslie Nolan on Facebook Leslie Nolan on LinkedIn

343: High Converting Sales Copy Formula: Find Your Sales Hook Through Empathy and Make Money By Following a Simple Copywriting Formula with Alyson Lex

Jun 29, 2017 37:46


Alyson Lex is a copywriter who specializes in high converting sales letters and in empathizing with prospects to create more effective sales letters. She believes in four levels of research: socially (how prospects relate to friends) relationally (how prospects relate to you, i.e. have they bought or tweeted you) psychologically (what keeps them up at night) demographics (gender, age, location) Research for Alyson consists of checking out industry news articles, social media (especially the comments section) and sites like RipOffReport to get a handle on peoples' problems, frustrations, fears, and beliefs. Then, her five step copywriting process is as follows: get attention (headline, pre-head, sub-head) identify the problem introduce a solution explain how to get it don't let them walk away without it Alyson also talks about common copywriting mistakes, such as using the word "I" within the first three paragraphs of a sales letter. Resources Alyson Lex (official site) Headline Generator Alyson on Twitter Alyson on LinkedIn

342: Instant Productivity: Four Daily Tasks, Get Your Groove Back, Reduce Anxiety, Find Motivation, and Make Money with Lance Tamashiro

Jun 28, 2017 46:44


Lance Tamashiro returns to the show (he was one of our earliest interviews) to talk about finding the sweet spot for your productivity, your day, your emotional state-of-mind and your online business. We talk about how to get excited, how to deal with any personal issue you have (step 1: vocalize it, step 2: get perspective, step 3: listen to advice). Don't keep a to-do list, use an online calendar, get a coach, complete some daily actions, move closer to the goal, and remember: somehow you've made it through your difficulties up till now. Resources The Lance Tamashiro Show (podcast) Website Remote (WordPress management tool) Four Daily Tasks group (daily accountability on Facebook) Income Machine (book, setup your funnel)

341: Innovation and Growth Hacking: Tailor Your Marketing Message to Your Audience Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots with Nick Kullin

Jun 27, 2017 32:17


Tune in right now to hear from early-stage growth hacker Nick Kullin, from Second Flight Consultancy. Nick believes that most people are too close to their product (or service), and that you need to identify what makes your audience tick. Instead of being one of those marketers 2-3 years behind who merely jumps on the bandwagon, be an innovator and see how communications are evolving. That means instead of boring email marketing, focus on Facebook ads, social media content, and Facebook Messenger chatbots. Resources Second Flight Consultancy (agency) Schedule a Meeting with Nick Nick Kullin on LinkedIn Nick Kullin on Twitter

340: Strategies, Systems, Struggles and Challenges: Grow Your Business and Find Personal Transformation By Tapping into a Winning Mindset with Kay Sanders

Jun 26, 2017 26:50


Kay Sanders from is a business coach who can transform your business and life to get more clients and more sales. It's all about you having the right strategies and systems, and you must be willing to invest in your future business. Kay helps her clients setup that foundation: niche down, find your target market, and establish that online presence. She also helps people become more productive and overcome obstacles through mindset techniques such as EFT.

339: Create and Scale a Podcast for More Relationships, Free Publicity and Increased Sales

Jun 23, 2017 41:32


I want you to have a podcast (an online radio show on iTunes) and I want to help you create it by getting you into our Podcast Crusher course. Listen in as I talk about the things you need to know when it comes to podcasting. What is a Podcast? "I'm an author and I make money... how can I use podcasting" Don't let numbers hold you up, but look back on your numbers for motivation and course-correction (show interview spreadsheet) What equipment do I need for podcasting? Gotchas & Advice ContactMonkey (a networker's secret weapon) Looking professional is not that important (it shows off to your peers, production quality) What is the content muscle and how do you ramp up? How do you remain consistently marketing every day? Big Picture Omnipresence. Create too much content so that people can browse it like a menu. Don't "wait" for the time to be just right. Consistent daily actions: slow to lose weight but also slow to gain weight Be a great host (mirroring, move it forward, ask about their mindset / thought process, low hanging fruit, resources, lessons, mistakes) Join "Podcast Crusher" Now

338: One Million Dollar Payday: Buy, Grow, Combine, and Sell E-Commerce Businesses with Murray Priestley

Jun 22, 2017 26:46


Murray Priestley from 1MPayDay is an expert you need to listen to if you want to build online wealth fast. Murray buys and sells Amazon FBA e-commerce businesses. Instead of doing it the hard way (waiting years for a business to build up) he buys one with existing momentum, soups it up, combines similar businesses together and then sells that bundle of a business for a huge payday. Listen in as he explains his business model as well as how you can model his success.

337: Flipped Lifestyle: Build an Online Passive Income Without Sacrificing Marriage or Family with Shane & Jocelyn Sams

Jun 21, 2017 30:17


Shane and Jocelyn Sams used to wonder if they had to compromise (settle) for a mediocre life until they finally had enough and decided to live the Flipped Lifestyle. Now, they earn passive income online from just 10-15 hours a week. For them, "life" comes before "work" and they now have time to enjoy their marriage, family, and everything else that matters most. Tune in to discover how they're done and how you can do it too. Resources The Flipped Lifestyle Flipped Lifestyle podcast Flipped Lifestyle on Twitter  

335: Use Proof to Add the Social Proof Conversion Cheat Code to Your Sales Pages, Shopping Carts, and Signup Pages to Increase Your Income with Dave Rogenmoser

Jun 19, 2017 21:54


Dave Rogenmoser is the co-founder of Proof, a simple pixel you can place on your website that displays social proof to your visitors. This notification appears in the bottom corner to show the first names and cities (with photos) of people who have recently purchased. Use it for social proof of any kind, such as email opt-ins or webinar signups. You can also display your "proof" directly on your checkout page or on the front page of your site. Dave hopes that adding that proof pixel to your site will become part of your checklist when setting up a new web property. Signup for Proof at

334: Entertain, Educate, Elevate: Build Customer Relationships, Keep Your Business Simple, and Send Daily Emails with Ben Settle

Jun 16, 2017 36:05


  Ben Settle is the world's leading email copywriter and he wants to show you how to double your sales with email. Ben's goal is to build a relationship with an email subscriber by talking about problems (the product comes later). Vision drives decision. He speaks to his readers as if he's speaking 1-on-1 to entertain, educate, and elevate. Listen in to discover how you too can up your game with email marketing. Resources Ben Settle (official site) Ben Settle's blog The Podcast Ben Settle on LinkedIn The Email Player's Book

333: Buy Existing Money-Producing Businesses to Shortcut Your Path to Passive Income with Portfolio Shark Ace Chapman

Jun 15, 2017 34:09


Ace Chapman from Portfolio Sharks is an expert when it comes to buying existing businesses, and he wants you to build that portfolio of income-producing websites. Listen in as he reveals his criteria for purchasing a business and how he creates monthly income with very little hassle. Resources Portfolio Sharks Email Ashley, Ace's Assistant BizBuySell

332: Self Publishing, Book Marketing, Ghostwriting and LinkedIn Marketing with The Writing King Richard Lowe

Jun 14, 2017 35:41


Richard Lowe, Jr. is the writing king. He's created a number of guest blog posts, books of his own, ghostwritten books for others and written countless LinkedIn profiles for clients. If you're curious about the secrets of super-productive and ultra-popular writers, then you'll want to hear about Richard's writing methods as well as his techniques for marketing books once they're published. Resources Richard Lowe: The Writing King (official site) Richard's Amazon Author Page ( Richard Lowe, Jr. on LinkedIn Make a Living as a Professional Self-Published Author (book)

331: High Status: Unlock Your Ultimate Destiny, Charisma, Rapport, Success and More with Jason Capital

Jun 13, 2017 48:01


Jason Capital is the author of Higher Status. Being "High Status" means that you live life on your own terms and attract what you want, in your business and personal life. Jason has a number of quick and easy exercises you can use to improve your mindset, carefreeness, and body language so that you can improve your own status and the status of those around you. Resources High Status book Jason Capital official site Jason Capital on YouTube

330: Smooth Business Growth: Build Your E-List Using Blogs, Videos and Podcasts with Content Marketing Expert Lyndsay Phillips

Jun 12, 2017 32:46


Lyndsay Phillips knows all about content marketing and wants you to use whatever tool fits your personality, whether that's blogging, videos, or podcasting. Ideally, you should blog weekly, use social media three times per day, publish one weekly video, and podcast every two weeks or so. She shares many content strategies and hacks to get the most of your day and your business. For example, an easy method for most people is to simply carve out that time in the calendar for content creation. Resources Lyndsay Phillips official site Smooth Business Growth Google Analytics TubeBuddy

329: E-Commerce Traffic and Conversion Using Heatmaps and User Testing with Jon MacDonald

Jun 9, 2017 32:29


Jon MacDonald is President and Founder of The Good, a conversion agency that believes in removing bad online experiences so that only "the good" remains. Jon and his agency prefers to work with e-commerce websites with at least 15,000 visitors per month. Their job is to remove barriers that web browsers experience. They come to a website with a specific paid or need, and they need to find the solution they're looking for in order to convert. He installs simple tools (on any platform) to track cursor movements, clicks and scrolls to see where users navigate and uncover sales leaks. He combines that information with real live user testing to back it up, and then runs multivariate tests to improve conversions. Resources The Good (score your site) Diane James (faux floral client) CrazyEgg HotJar (heat mapping) Google Analytics Peek User Testing

328: Power in Connections: Get Out More, Make Massive Progress and Use Publicity to Skyrocket Your Business with Maxx Anderson

Jun 8, 2017 34:23


Maxx Anderson from is a lifelong entrepreneur. She began at age 11 selling grit newspapers, which later led to a snow shoveling business, owning a gym at age 23, and then real estate and publicity. She has several interesting stories and lessons about how she's differentiated herself in real estate, how she used guerilla marketing to get free radio advertising, and tons more. She also explains the power of modeling and connecting with like-minded people, so you'll want to listen in right now.

327: Vending Machine Franchising: Find Entrepreneurial Success from Small Goals and Consistent Action with Matt Miller

Jun 8, 2017 33:12


Matt Miller is the creator of School Spirit Vending, a franchise opportunity that installs sticker vending machines in schools. Listen in as he details his journey from day job to freedom where he built a vending machine franchise business. Matt describes how he built his business as well as his thought process for staying productive with 90 day goals, a spreadsheet to track milestones, and 1-2 hours per day to check off steps.

326: Thinkific: Create an Online Course to Build Your List and Generate Income with Sid Bharath

Jun 6, 2017 27:16


Sid Bharath is the creator of Thinkific, a platform that allows you to host your own online courses. It's used by over 6,000 companies including people like Grant Cardone and John Lee Dumas. It hosts courses of all kinds, everything from hoola hopping to flying drones. Thinkific is a great solution because you don't have to setup your own hosting and shopping cart. You can use this platform and be up and running in minutes. You can start on the free plan of Thinkific and work your way up. You can start with your own free courses to build your list, then work your way up to paid courses. Thinkific hosts your videos, and you can add drip content, quizzes and surveys, as well as grading and discussion. Sid also talks about ways you can drive traffic to your course once you've created it on Thinkific, such as paid ads (Google and Facebook), organic traffic (guest posting, Quota, Facebook & LinkedIn groups), and live broadcasting (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live). Get An Account with Thinkific Now

325: The Perfect Day Formula: Structure Equals Freedom! Have a Clear Vision and Laser-Focused Goals By Implementing The Five Pillars of Success with The World’s Most Disciplined Man Craig Ballantyne

Jun 5, 2017 30:35


Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula which shows you how to get the most out of every day and be as productive as possible, as opposed to putting out fires or just going through the motions. Craig has a number of proven strategies and easy hacks to win the day. For example: know what you can control, limit your decision making (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same hoodie and grey shirt every day), have a vision (clear picture) of where you want to be in the next 3-5 years, have laser-focused process goals instead of huge unattainable ones. Know yourself and use "self rules" (but not laws) to stay on track, i.e. if you're looking to lose weight, keep junk food out of the house. These are just a few of the tried and true methods Craig recommends. Craig's Five Pillars of Success Have the same bedtime and wake time every day Have 15 minutes of uninterrupted productive time (Stephen King writes 2,000 words a day) Perform an activity daily for your health (i.e. meditation) Focus on your #1 wealth building activity every day (such as recording a podcast or writing a book) Have a not-to-do rule to limit backsliding Resources The Perfect Day Formula (free book) Craig on Instagram Craig Ballantyne (official site) Early to Rise Turbulence Training (weight loss product)

324: Evergreen Organic Rankings and Traffic: Build Backlinks Using HARO and Guest Blog Posts with Adam White

Jun 2, 2017 31:00


Adam White from SEOjet is an SEO professional who has optimized over 350 websites. He says that to get noticed, stay relevant, and bring massive traffic to your website, you should be using Help a Reporter Out and guest posting. Search engines (like Google) trust big brands (like Apple and Amazon) and to get them to trust your brand, you must create power pages (2000+ words) and stay on top of your backlinking and outreach. Resources SEOjet (link management software) Guest Post Tracker (find blogs in need of your content) Help a Reporter Out / HARO (connect with journalists who need content) Adam's guest post on FastCompany (includes the story of how he was able to land Marcus Lemonis from The Profit as a client)

323: Website Planning for Small Businesses: Get a Clear Roadmap for What You Want, Manage Expectations and Avoid the SEO Geek-Speak with Veteran Web Professional Ben Seigel

Jun 1, 2017 36:16


Ben Seigel is the Principal of Versa Studio, which is a web design team that specializes in diving deep into your business where you can engage deeply in the process. In our discussion today, Ben explains what people need to know going in when hiring a web design team, how to manage expectations, as well as his thought process when managing complex web projects. He and his team can provide you anything from a multi-page website to a custom solution such as a podcast site. Resources Versa Studio Website Planning for Small Businesses (use discount code "robertplank")

322: Ardor SEO: Build Links, Boost Your Search Ranking and Think Outside the Box with Reputation Engineer and Authority Marketer Kris Reid

May 31, 2017 29:07


Kris Reid is the founder of Ardor SEO. He's developed several tools to build backlinks and increase website ranking. Listen in to discover his advice about search engine optimization, including quick wins and low hanging fruit (for example, buy an aged domain, or increase your ranking on links on place #11 or #12 to bump yourself up to the first page). Resources Ardor SEO (Kris' SEO agency) Kris Reid (personal site) Mob Warrior (online game, one of Kris' first sites) Ahrefs (improve search traffic and spy on competitors Moz (inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing)

321: Coaching Certification: Create a Coaching Program, Bootcamp, or Course and Make Small Adjustments for Massive Business Success with Jessica Nazarali

May 30, 2017 33:17


Jessica Nazarali teaches people how to coach through her coaching certification training. If you like the idea of charging money to help others reach their goals in health, relationships, mindset or business, then you'll want to listen in to discover how you too can create a coaching program of your very own. Resources Jessica Nazarali official site Coaching Mastery certification (how to keep clients) Business Mastery certification (get new clients)

320: Credo: How to Hire an SEO Consultant or Agency with John Doherty

May 29, 2017 35:24


John Doherty is a Denver Colorado based entrepreneur and marketing consultant. He's the founder of Credo, which helps you find the best SEO or digital marketing agency for Facebook ads, SEO audits, content marketing, and more. Listen in as he explains what information you need in order to hire an agency, why Credo exists and what he's learned about search engine optimization and hiring a team for your website. Resources How to Hire an SEO John F. Doherty's Blog Credo Calendly John on Twitter

319: Live Events, Non-Profit Fundraisers, Sponsorships, Partnerships, Referrals and More with Small Business Consultant and Event Manager Melissa Forziat

May 26, 2017 32:39


Melissa Forziat is the founder and principal of Melissa Forziat Events. She's run live events of all shapes and sizes, from Rugby World Cups to fundraisers for non-profits. She works with clients to develop possible opportunities for growth, for example, partnership marketing (a photographer could send business to a videographer and vice versa.) She also discusses how to make those calculated risks (look at the upside, pain of not doing it, and reward for doing it), developing confidence, and knowing your value. Resources Melissa Forziat Events Melissa on Facebook Free E-Book: Small Business Marketing on a Budget

318: Add Storytelling to Your Marketing for Amazing Results in Any Startup Pitch Meeting, Stage Presentation, or Job Interview with The Pitch Whisperer John Livesay

May 25, 2017 27:22


John Livesay is The Pitch Whisperer which means you should use micro-stories in your presentations, at job interviews, or perhaps at a pitch meeting where you're seeking funding. Every good story contains exposition (who, what, where, why), a problem, solution, and resolution. You can discover your own stories by thinking about your family or vacations you've traveled to. Then fit that interesting material into a narrative. For example, Johnny Walker uses a rags to riches story in its marketing and Prudential uses a rebirth story. Think about your origin story of tenacity and perseverance, what inspired you, and then test that material on others to get feedback. When you're speaking and pitching, people are asking themselves: do I trust you and do you make eye contact? (gut), do I like you and do you display empathy towards me? (heart), and will this work for me? (head) You can also build your confidence by being prepared: know your opening, closing, and takeaways to bring to that presentation. Resources The Pitch Whisperer official site The Successful Pitch podcast John Livesay on Twitter John Liveway on LinkedIn Text "PITCH" to 66566 to overcome the three mistakes with preparation, confidence, and correction

317: Business Building for Musicians and Rockstars: Use Your Website, Email Marketing and Social Media to Build a Following with Female Entrepreneur Musician Bree Noble

May 24, 2017 38:51


Bree Noble is a female entrepeneur musician who noticed that musicians share quite a few similarities with entrepreneurs in other niches: they all tend to be plotting/crafting/tweaking but are stuck on a path of creating new projects without finishing them. As a result, they've spent most of their time recording an album but very little time marketing, and as a result, their business somewhat half-baked. Bree explains that musicians need to setup a real web presence, especially a homebase. That doesn't only mean posting on Facebook... it also means creating a modern looking blog with a .com domain name and landing pages. It means building an email list with a squeeze page, running Facebook ads, recording behind the scenes videos, posting on Twitter and Instagram, possibly using crowdfunding, and using Facebook Live to build that following. Resources Female Entrepreneur Musician (official site) 19 sources of income for musicians NoiseTrade

316: Run Your Business and Your Life with P.I.E.K. Efficiency: Organize, Experiment, and Course-Correct Your Path to Freedom and Success with the 5 Dollar Dinner Mom Erin Chase

May 23, 2017 30:44


Erin Chase from is a busy mother who realized she could help others live their lives by becoming more organized through PIEK efficiency: Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Kill. Listen in as she explains how she grew from affiliate ads into paid classes and membership sites. She explains how she made her course and membership site different compared to "recipe" or "meal planning" sites as well as how she developed the software to make it truly stand out. Resources 5 Dollar Dinners Grocery Budget Makeover PIEK Efficiency

315: Delete, Delegate, Do: Defeat Overwhelm, Maximize Your Revenue, and Create Time with Business Productivity Expert Nancy Gaines

May 22, 2017 28:38


Nancy Gaines is a business productivity expert who wants to remove your stress, give you more time in the day, and help you live up to your full potential by becoming your best self.  Done is better than none, so you need to throw out that to-do list and find a better way of getting things done. Nancy can help you to free up one hour in the day, overcome fear/overwhelm, chunk light tasks together, and so much more. Make money, save, then systematize. Resources Nancy Gaines official website Full Contact: get additional information about your leads InfusionSoft: Small business CRM software

314: Day Job to Dream Job: Have a Plan B, Become Your Own Boss, and Enjoy What You Do While Making Money with Kathy Brunner

May 19, 2017 29:13


Kathy Brunner says that you must have a Plan B where you hope for the best but plan for the worst. She's an expert in helping people either change career paths or retire and become full-time entrepreneutrs. 70% of her clients end up starting a business and 30% simply need a career change. Many times, her clients initially come to her feeling burned out, a disconnect, or no way to control her work day. Her solution is to ask a series of thought-provoking questions, such as: What decisions in the past have you regretted? (very few, so take the risk that improves your life) What decisions have you made based on the opinions or suggestions of others? (most likely ones that you're unhappy with today) What decisions are you glad you made? (usually, those that involved taking a leap of faith) If you're ready to break the cycle of being too comfortable, then listen in to what Kathy has to say.

313: CPA on Fire: Market Yourself, Setup the Proper Legal Business Structure, and Save More of the Money You Earn with Josh Bauerle

May 18, 2017 31:01


Josh Bauerle is the CPA on Fire. He provides accounting advice and services for many successful entrepreneurs such as John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. Listen in as he explains what entrepeneurs need to know (choose the right business entity, don't want until tax time, separate your business and personal bank accounts and credit card) as well as how he's marketed himself online and discovered his unique hook. Resources CPA on Fire Four Finance Lessons Entrepreneurs Can't Afford to Miss (free report) Contact Josh:  

312: Create a Magical Solution, Entertain Your Prospects to Make Sales, and Build a Huge Online Influence with the Ultimate Weight Loss Coach Nagina Abdullah

May 17, 2017 37:11


Nagina Abdullah from Masala Body is a weight loss coach who lost 40 pounds through an interesting weight loss method (replacing sugar and other unhealthy substances with spices such as cinnamon and turmeric). Listen in as she explains her journey to monetize that passion with an online bootcamp and coaching program. Resources Three Recipes to Banish Late Night Cravings (gift for listeners of the Robert Plank Show) Masala Body (Nagina's official site) Spice Yourself Skinny (8 week program) Food 2B Fit (10 week jumpstart)

311: Disruptive Advertising: Boost Organic Search Engine Rankings, Master Pay-Per-Click Ads and Optimize Your Site with Chris Dayley

May 16, 2017 32:21


Chris Dayley from Disruptive Advertising is an expert when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and conversion optimization. Many SEO agencies are short sighted and simply look for a "trick" to provide their clients, such as ranking them in Google. However, Chris and his agency like to make data-driven decisions. A "great" looking website is an essential ingredient, but they also run A/B tests, think about what the customer is expecting to see on the page, improve load time, and use the data from heatmapping software (HotJar) to change navigation. Additionally, Chris says that every website needs to have: a value proposition (identified by the audience), a call-to-action (that they can identify in 2-3 steps), content (watch how much they're consuming), clarity/conciseness/readability, removal of all diversions/distractions (such as banner ads), and handling any anxiety people have when visiting that website. Resources A/B Testing Starter Guide Disruptive Advertising HotJar Visual Website Optimizer Google Optimize Diesel Power Gear

310: Become an Online Superhero by Creating a Socially-Focused Business with Leon Jay

May 15, 2017 34:37


Leon Jay is the author of How To Become A Superhero: Build A Better Business And Help Save The World" and his website is He quickly realized the money isn't everything, and that it's all about the 4 R's: reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore. In our discussion today, Leon shares how you can not only find that higher purpose that's greater than money, it can actually make you more money and give your business that "differentiator" to stand out in the marketplace. Your Purpose leads to your Passion, which leads to the right People, and you discover the Place you need to be, which leads to Profit. Resources How to Become a Superhero (book) EcoStore cleaning products Zen Bags (reusable shopping bags)

309: Fail Less and Grow More: Focus on Your Marketing, Discover Your Buyer’s Journey, and Use Both Tactics and Strategies with Growth Partner Chris Deardorff

May 12, 2017 25:49


Chris Deadorff from The Market Compass (contact him at is a marketing professional from Boulder, Colorado. His business model is to become a "growth partner" with startups who need a more strategic approach. Chris noticed that many startups are focused too much on tactics (i.e. a case study or video) and are missing the strategy side. Startups need to know their objectives, find their target audience, and understand the buyer's journey. They can start that process with a simple 2-page marketing plan.

308: How to Quit Your 9-5, Motivate Yourself, Experience the Entrepreneur Lifestyle, and Take Action with Ryan Grant

May 11, 2017 28:02


Ryan Grant from the Online Selling Experiment decided that working for someone else (as an accountant) simply wasn't for him. In order to make "the jump" from a corpoate 9-5 to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Ryan decided he needed to have the following in place: $500-$1000 per month income from 10 hours per week (which he could 4X if he had to in an emergency) A cushion of money (savings) A stream of real estate income (Ryan occupied one end of a duplex, rented out the other end, and found a roommate to share his unit as well) Since going full time, Ryan has built and scaled a business (with employees) with Amazon FBA. He started with retail arbitrage, then expanded to wholesaling and private labeling. Listen to what he has to say about system thinking, self motivation and avoiding bright shiny objects.

307: Elevate Your Brand, Create Evergreen Podcasts, and Build an Audience with Podfest Founder and Tampa Event Planner Chris Krimitsos

May 10, 2017 32:46


Chris Krimitsos has run over 1700 live events in the Tampa, Florida area, created the Florida Podcaster's Association, and most importantly, runs the PodFest conference for podcasters in Orlando every year. He explains to us how he built a following for his live events and how to get your branding right (start with problems and people instead of keywords). He also has a very concept called evergreen podcasts: look at the 5-10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your sites and create a podcast episode answering each of those questions in order to have a podcast that promotes your offers forever. Resources Email Chris: Podfest Conference The Messengers documentary The Messengers podcast Shake Creative Chris on Twitter

306: Success, Positioning, Aspiration, Inspiration, and Perspiration: Start a Movement with Giving Back Podcast Host Rob Lowe

May 9, 2017 30:36


Rob Lowe has interviewed over 100 social entrepreneurs in the Giving Back Podcast to bring attention to the charity-based movements created around the world. He shares how he built his podcast, as well as the common threads he's discovered while interviewing these experts who are giving back. You can contact Rob by emailing him at and enter "Heard of you on the Robert Plank podcast" in the subject line.

305: Boost Your Confidence, Get More Opportunities, and Discover Deals with Negotiation Consultant Kwame Christian

May 8, 2017 26:39


Negotiation consultant Kwame Christian from the American Negotiation Institute wants to give you the confidence (competence breeds competence) to get what you want in your business relationships with others. Go into negotiations with information beforehand, ask open-ended questions, then adjust (be flexible). Use curiosity to find the right deal, and discover if a deal exists. Spend 70% of your time listening and 30% of your time speaking. Resources American Negotiation Institute Negotiate Anything podcast Kwame Christian on LinkedIn

304: Don’t Be Forgotten or Passed Over Online, Create a Membership Site Instead

May 5, 2017 10:35


Do you fear being "forgotten" online? What if you put in all this time, money, and energy, and it doesn't lead to making money? What if, 1.5 years from now, you look back and realize that all the work you've done building an internet presence, putting in the work day-in and day-out, pursuing your dream, all amounted to nothing? (scary) I'll be completely honest. You SHOULD be afraid of time running out, and going out of business, but (possibly) not for the reason you think... Worried About Online Competition? You SHOULD Be! YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video content per day, and according to the Wall Street Journal, that's set to eclipse TV viewership in 2017. Over 6,000 books are published PER DAY according to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), (1200 in China and 800 from the U.S. alone -- every single day) As of late 2016, 60 million business are actively marketing on Facebook (4 million of them using paid ads) Are You Worried About Giving Up, Burning Out, or Quitting? According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States, and only one-third survive ten years. 82% of businesses fail because of cashflow problems, either not being cashflow-positive or from mis-management. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that: 400,000 new businesses appear every year, but in that same year, 470,000 close up shop! The good news is: being a lean startup or "one person business" is easier that ever. According to a study performed just a few years ago, 8.6% of the U.S. workforce consists of solopreneurs and is expected to grow to 24 million people by 2018. Compare that to a McDonald's franchise that costs $750,000 in LIQUID assets to start-up, in addition to about $1 million in startup costs and now you're forced to pay up to 12% in gross sales back to that corporate office... no thank you. And, I'm sure you've experienced those moments of doubt, uncertainty, and panic about what you're doing with this "Internet" stuff. Are You Worried That Your Internet Business Will Eventually Fail, Leaving You With Nothing To Show But A Lot Of Wasted Effort? I'm sure that you have way more ideas in your head than you have time to implement in just 24 hours every day Chances are, you've started more projects, websites, and membership sites, than you've finished I imagine that, like me, you've seen one or two sites out there and been JEALOUS that they beat you to the market -- and -- probably set something up better than you had imagined It is my hope that you've skipped right past the low-baller stuff like affiliate marketing, CPA, solo ads and banner ads and instead looked to the low-hanging fruit of making money online: membership sites Now, have you thought about this? What If, Without A Guide, You Sort Of "Fudge It" And Crank Away From Membership Content? Again, without anyone to guide you, what if you created a "sales letter" and added some stuff to get people to buy? What if you only "guessed" about price points, where to get traffic, how to setup drip content, weren't sure about membership software or where to host your site, your design (website theme)? Doesn't that seem like only 1 possible way to go right and about 200 ways to go wrong? (In the same way you might embark on a cross-country road trip with GPS vs. no map and no direction... how likely is it, with random trial-and-error, that you'll arrive at your destination?) Can I Make It Simple For You? First, decide who you are and what you do. What solutions you have to offer. How can you help "me" to get what I want? (With stock trading, real estate, WordPress, etc.)? Seriously, don't skip this. What will I HAVE at the end of your course and your training? For example, if you teach me how to sell on eBay, I shouldn't end your course with "some ideas" on how to sell on eBay. I should end with actual SOLD ITEMS on eBay!

303: Ten Closely Guarded Membership Site Insights (Breakthroughs) to 10X Your Online Income

May 4, 2017 21:42


Here's what Lance Tamashiro and I have to say about membership sites: This is perfect for you if you've been CONFUSED with all the overwhelm/choices when it comes to creating a COMPLETE and PROFITABLE membership site... Ever heard anyone say: "just use one of these 10 plugins, one of these 10 themes?" And been left more confused when you started? Yeah, me too... Membership Site Solution What helps instead: is, first, have a clear plan of action. Use WordPress to host it on YOUR OWN website. We'll give you the theme (design) and plugins to take payments and do everything else. We include a special tool inside our Membership Cube course that sets it all up in 1-click: Your theme, plugins, and "framework" for content so you can edit to make it your own... Worry about the "fancy" stuff later. It's easier to edit crap than air. Don't let yourself get bogged down with unnecessary choices. Second, keep things simple. Don't get in your own way creating 2 months or 6 months of content out of the gate. What's the point if no one will see it? Focus on completing that membership site and creating the BARE MINIMUM so that someone could join TODAY. If that means you only have time for a single web page (sales letter) with a one-time payment button for $50, that's something you'll put in place TODAY (a must-have) and improve on a rainy day if and when you feel like it (a nice-to-have). Create a way for people to buy access first, because you don't want to wait until the last minute to do that AND you don't know if you'll feel like it later... Do It Before Your Time Runs Out Third (and in keeping with having a clear plan and keeping things simple), do it FAST. Chances are you're the most excited about your membership site NOW and, six months from now, if a "membership site" is a burden that you never setup, you'll never finish. Do it NOW while it's still fresh on your mind... Fourth, only focus on the things that matter (this is called "80/20"). Drip content, how "pretty" your site looks, are NOT things that could double or triple your income, so focus on the low-hanging fruit instead... Fifth, sell something that solves a real problem, as opposed to what seems "interesting" to you. This alone is HUGE and most of your competition (most) doesn't get this... what if you sold access to a membership site about how to knit your own cable knit sweaters? Is that an actually a DESPERATE problem people are willing to pay money for? (I doubt it) how about a course on how to flip real estate or lose weight (Yes! People are asking for that, looking for that, and buying that, so you just have to add your own unique spin on it) a course about how to get better grades, how to learn to play the tuba, how to save money couponing, how to quit your day job in 9 years... are people really asking for that AND looking to pay money for it?(Probably not) on the other hand... drone racing, dating, weight loss (some very specific solution or method), stock market trading... people want those things Have a Purpose (Don't Just Run Out the Clock) What's great about having a real purpose, keeping it simple, doing it fast, focusing on what matters, and solving a problem: you can get to the money FASTER because you're not letting a bunch of things get in your way... you have course-correction. It's good to make mistakes in this case, because every mistake leads to more money... Listen, I started with info-products and membership sites by teaching something super nerdy... computer programming... and was it a super sexy topic? Heck no, it wasn't... I quickly realized that my buyers were made of up two groups: other nerdy programmers like me who wanted to pick up some new skills (who refunded often and didn't pay all that much)... and... Actual business owners who had websites and wanted to use my plug-ins and templates to make more money with their online business. People who wanted some simple instructions on how t...

302: Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, and Working from Home with Joseph Hogue

May 3, 2017 31:52


Joseph Hogue from My Work From Home Money is an online entrepreneur, and on the podcast, he explains how he built his business by spending 30 hours per week blogging plus 20 hours per week with freelance writing. Resources My Work from Home Money blog Peer Finance 101 Crowd 101 (crowd funding blog) Screaming Frog (SEO spider tool) Ahrefs (backlink research) BuzzStream (track conversations with influencers) Joseph's Schedule 7:30-10:30AM: Just write 10:30-11:00AM: Check traffic & emails 11:00-11:30AM: Blog commenting & sharing Afternoon: Writing & products 1-2 hours: Reading, research, monetization, affiliates, ideas

301: Market Yourself as An Authority Figure, Clean Up Your Social Presence, and Build a Service People Use with Anthony Couch

May 2, 2017 31:16


Anthony Couch from GetSuitable has created a tool called Cachet that cleans up social media. Listen in as he explains what people need to do to keep themselves "hireable" and likable on social media, as well as the struggles and breakthroughs he's had gaining popularity from social media, as well as his trials and tribulations getting his apps to catch on.

300: Systems, Coaching, Peer Support, Massive Action, and Focus with Jason Treu

May 1, 2017 29:14


Motivational speaker Jason Treu wants you to enjoy better relationships in your entrepreneurial journey, career changes, and business transitions. He says that there are three pillars to success: have the right systems, processes, strategies, and best practices find coaching and mentors to shrink the path to where you want to go get peer support, others who know your pain, and develop relationship building skills Jason provides a great deal of actionable advice in our discussion today to make those three items the best they can be. For example: To improve your networking opportunities at events, research some of the speakers and perhaps high-profile attendees. Aim for 25 or so people. Pitch meetings beforehand, offer value, and interview them for podcast episodes To locate a great mastermind, join one that costs money, dig into who's leading that group, and try it out for a meeting or two To find an amazing mentor who's on their way up but is still approachable, read blogs and find successful people who look like rockstars but aren't quite to the "Pat Flynn" level yet Resources Social Wealth (book) Jason Treu (official site) Jason Treu's blog

299: Organize a Virtual Summit for Instant Traffic, Credibility, Subscribers and Sales with Tom Morkes

Apr 28, 2017 33:15


Tom Morkes and his company Insurgent Media specialize in virtual summits, affiliate marketing, and book launches. A virtual summit is a virtual online event where 10 to 30 subject matter experts each present in their sub-area of expertise with you as the organizer. This is a fantastic way to build a list, get credibility, and network with your peers. He walks us through his entire 4-6 month process in 5-6 phases that he plans with clients: strategy/planning: 1 month (two half-hour calls) research/recruitment: celebrities, leaders, popular/interesting topics (14 days for research, 2 months for recruitment) trust building: start conversations pre open-cart / pre-promotion: 2 weeks summit: 1-2 weeks Tom also discusses upsell opportunities. For example, summits are not very evergreen and tend to contain specific, cutting-edge information, while a membership site (which you can have as an upsell) contains evergreen information. You can also have a lot of fun with your summit and offer it for free, but later charge for replays and shownotes.

298: The Leadership Gap: Unleash Your Greatness (and Potential) By Rethinking the System with Lolly Daskal

Apr 27, 2017 23:50


Executive Leadership Coach Lolly Daskal, author of The Leadership Gap, says that entrepreneurs fall into one of seven archetypes: the Rebel, Explorer, Truth Teller, Hero, Inventor, Navigator, and Knight. Knowing your type allows you to identify your gap and achieve greatness. For example, if you're a "rebel" then you lack confidence and suffer from impostor syndrome. In this case, identifying your uniqueness can be the key to improving your competence and confidence. Lolly also opens up about her morning ritual where she reads a book every morning and lists what she's grateful for. Every evening, she also asks herself, "What did you do well today" And, "What can I do better tomorrow than I did today?" Resources Lolly Daskal (official site) The Leadership Gap (book) Lolly Daskal on Twitter

297: LinkedIn Ads: Target Professionals and Get Your Message to Specific Targets with AJ Wilcox

Apr 26, 2017 25:35


AJ Wilcox, an advertising specialist from B2Linked, wants to tell you about LinkedIn ads. They're not for every type of business, but they're great for specific B2B targets, for example, enterprise-level medical companies and high-dollar software as a service companies (where deals are worth $15,000 or more). Resources B2Linked: LinkedIn Ads Performance Agency How to Target Your Ideal Prospect on LinkedIn (article) AJ Wilcox on LinkedIn

296: Create a Great Customer Experience, Build an Environment Where People Love to Work, and Solve a Real Problem for Lasting Change with Kenneth Bator

Apr 25, 2017 25:49


Kenneth Bator from says that you should align your brand, culture, and strategy for maximum results. Pay attention to the little details that your customers love, that keep you consistent and removes your decisions. Write and implement service standards. For example, you may always show up 15 minutes to meetings, greet customers in a certain way, or respond to calls and emails within 3 hours. Also, ask yourself: 1. Who do I want to serve, and 2. What problem do I want to solve?

295: Discover Your Content Personality: Thought Leadership, Branding, and Content Strategy with Shannon Hernandez

Apr 25, 2017 26:43


Shannon Hernandez from and Content Strategy Academy wants you to take a content personality quiz for a very important reason: the content you're creating (audios, videos, books, live streaming) is most likely clashing with your personality. Listen in as Shannon shares content ideas with us (benefits, drawbacks, why vs. alternatives), how to pace yourself, stay in alignment, and attract the right people into your business.

294: Sell Both High and Low Ticket, Put Out Tons of Touches (Content Marketing), and Choose Course-Correction Over Perfectionism

Apr 21, 2017 26:41


Sell Both High and Low Ticket Membership Cube: full price or payment plan Video Sales Tactics: just get them buying again Funnel, levels, conversions Content Marketing Touches Go the extra mile It's ok to look homemade and authentic Don't slow down (put out tons of podcasts and blog posts to see where you're at, restaurant menu mentality) Course Correction The Mirror: if someone criticizes you about something, they're secure about that themselves. Don't ignore $1000 because you're looking for $100,000 Repetitions, checklists and templates (move the raw materials around) -- same podcast interview questions, 3x3 for podcasting Be aware but still optimistic

293: Kindle Machine: Build a Loyal Fanbase, Drive Traffic and Become a Self-Published Author with Adam Houge

Apr 20, 2017 32:22


Adam Houge is a preacher, teacher, novelist, and #1 international best-selling author of over 100 books on the Christian faith. A health crisis forced him to become a full-time Kindle author, and he's learned all the secrets about Amazon's ranking algorithm, how to produce lots of books quickly (and consistently), how to research books, get lots of buyers and reviews, and send traffic. Resources Adam Houge official site Adam Houge's books The Fanbase Formula (free video series)

292: Get a Copywriter Today, Discover Aggressive Content Marketing, and Scale a Service-As-A-Service with Gabe Arnold

Apr 19, 2017 28:41


Gabe Arnold from wants to write your emails, blog posts, and press releases, so that you don't have to. Listen in as he tells you how content marketing can help your business, and how he discovered (and grew) this "service-as-a-service" model that provides unlimited content to monthly buyers. Resources Copywriter Today (in the referral field, answer "Robert Plank") Design Pickle The Foundation Podcast: Interview with Dan Norris of WP Curve WP Curve's hiring process (blog post)    

291: Amazon Done-For-You: The Secret Sauce Behind Profitable FBA Brands with Brad DeGraw

Apr 18, 2017 24:27


Brad DeGraw from knows quite a bit about narrowing down the perfect product to sell on Amazon, how to negotiate with suppliers, market products and get reviews and sales. Listen in as he walks us through the process of getting samples, involving an inspection company, getting insurance, researching competitors, and creating images, titles, bullets, a description, and testing pricing. When selling on Amazon, be sure to notice customers' problems, fantasies, and desires to avoid becoming another "me-too" product. Resources AZ Done For You Amazon Sherpa Freeeup (outsourcing for graphics) JungleScout

290: Webinar Ninja: Present Live, Automated, Summit, and Hybrid Webinars By Keeping it Simple with Omar Zenhom

Apr 17, 2017 36:20


Omar Zenhom from Webinar Ninja wants you to use webinars to make your business stand out. You can present a live webinar (on or off camera), automated webinars, summits, and hybrids. Your first webinar could simply be a Q&A session where you answer common questions. Webinars can also serve as a nice bridge for you to become a better public speaker and sell from the stage. Resources Ultimate Webinar Course Webinar Ninja 100 Dollar MBA

289: Marketing Multipliers: Masterminds, Direct Mail, Membership Sites, Copywriting, Freelancing, Newsletters and Networking with Kevin Donlin

Apr 14, 2017 45:42


Kevin Donlin from has been an online copywriter and direct response master for over 23 years. Copywriting is salesmanship multiplied, and Kevin has tons of amazing advice about how to write copy (and web pages), that get attention and sell. Sell with a credible deadline, don't devalue your offers, and use clear (simple) wording. Resources Marketing Multipliers Membership Site (tell Kevin that "Robert Plank sent me" when joining the site to get his Marketing Multipliers book for free) Marketing Multipliers book Marketing Optimizer (split testing platform)

288: Humanistic Business Management: Find Perspective, Compassion, and Reason in Your Customers and Team Members with Jennifer Hancock

Apr 13, 2017 44:02


Jennifer Hancock from wants to teach you humanistic business management, which means you integrate ethics and critical thinking when dealing with team members, contractors, or even cranky customers. Stop rewarding bad behavior, and instead, examine how you respond (and what you reinforce), use confident body language, and finally, be calm, measured, and direct. Jennifer says that angry customers respond in one of three stats: a child state (where you respond that you want to help but need to wait until they calm down), an adult state (where they are calm and professional), or a depressed state (where they "ghost" you).

287: Empire Flippers: Buy, Sell, and Flip Web Properties (Including Shopify E-Commerce Stores, Amazon FBA and Kindle Businesses) with Justin Cooke

Apr 12, 2017 37:49


Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers and the Web Equity Show has a marketplace to help you buy or sell a web business. His service has not only sold standalone websites, but also Amazon Associates, Kindle, and FBA businesses. Listen in as he tells you what pitfalls to avoid as both a buyer and seller.

286: How to Build Huge Product Lines on Amazon and Flip FBA Businesses with Sophie Howard

Apr 11, 2017 37:44


Sophie Howard from Aspiring Entrepreneurs sold one US Amazon account in mid 2016 for over 7-figures USD. She developed the Minimum Viable Brand for physical products to be sold online at premium prices and scale fast. She loves sourcing products from around the world, usually in places where no one else is looking.

285: The Wholesale Formula: The Superior Alternative to Retail Arbitrage and Private Labeling on Amazon with Dan Meadors

Apr 10, 2017 35:10


Dan Meadors from The Wholesale Formula sells products on Amazon. But he wasn't satisfied with retail arbitrage (buying products at discount stores and selling them on Amazon) or private labeling (creating a branded physical product). Instead, Dan works with existing brands to get them more reach on Amazon. He discusses his thought process (find products that Amazon doesn't sell themselves, sells 50-60 per month, and he'll start with a monthly volume of $500-$600 per month). Many times, Dan find some easy low hanging fruit and improves the product description, adds images and bullet points. He also looks for add-ons that complement that Amazon product. Resources Free Report: "The Little Known Business Model We Used To Build a Multi-Million Dollar Company With Only $600" The Wholesale Formula JungleScout SkratchLabs (nutrition drink for bike riders)

284: Build a Side Income Using Uber and Lyft with the Rideshare Guy Harry Campbell

Apr 7, 2017 38:19


Harry Campbell is The Rideshare Guy who is an expert on ridesharing, which is basically peer-to-peer transportation. Anyone (including you) can register to become an Uber (or Lyft) driver using the app, and earn a side income driving your car around. There are also options for things like UberEats (food delivery), Turo (rent your car or rent cars from individuals), and Postmates (peer to peer package delivery). Harry also discusses the Mystro app that combines Uber and Lyft into one app for you. You're in for a real treat with this episode, so be sure to tune in if you haven't already.

283: Generate Income Out of Thin Air By Creating a Business Accelerator with Kickstarter and Indiegogo Crowdfunding Strategist Khierstyn Ross

Apr 6, 2017 30:54


Khierstyn Ross from is a crowfunding specialist who can make your Kickstarter or Indiegogo online fundraising campaign a huge success. She visits us today to talk about beta launch validation. Get on the phone with the customers on your list, not to sell, just to get feedback. Find out what they're struggling with, and have them give you a reason why they "wouldn't" buy from you to gauge those objections. She also talks to us about the success of her private webinars and 6-week courses.    

282: Get Attention, Traffic, Leads and Sales from Podcasting

Apr 5, 2017 13:27


Are you familiar with Mr. Jackass? I think you are... Haven't you ever scrolled past a Facebook video, or maybe a YouTube video, or even listened to a podcast, and thought to yourself... "THAT jackass (Mr. Jackass) is getting all kinds of popularity and I could do way better than that" Then this is the most important course you'll ever join today -- price increases at 11:59pm Eastern time TONIGHT: Join Podcast Crusher: $127 Now, Soon to Be $147 (Seriously, the price increases in just a few hours from $127 to $147, so you are about to lose 20 bucks just because you waited when we both know you should have jumped on this.) And here's why it's important that you create a podcast (iTunes radio show) even if that means a couple short (5 minute) audio only episodes this year: First, the Popularity of "Mr. Jackass" Is On the Rise And you're probably wondering... what can I do to get that sort of attention on my marketing and my websites, if not more? What can I do to avoid being passed over, lost in the crowd? Second, You May Have Been Told to "Get Out More" They tell you to network more, or maybe even land yourself some affiliates or joint venture partners... This is just my opinion, but in the last few years, offline marketing events have been either too small (just a handful of people so you don't get to meet the people you need to meet) or THOUSANDS of people, and it's such a huge event that you and "that next partner (or client) of yours" never get a chance to meet just because there are so many dang people in attendance! Also, many of those social groups (cliques) have already been established, so those people who would be a perfect match for your business might not give you the time of day. Heck, even if you find that special someone (business-wise)... what the heck do you say to them? "Here's my URL, mail to my stuff?" Here's what's always worked for me: I tell the person, "When you get home, email me and we'll record a 20-minute podcast episode talking about you and what you do." (They usually have a business card to give me, so I can follow up if they forget.) You don't even have to attend offline events if you don't want to. Email marketers you know, and even people who are guests on other podcasts. Good luck sending a "cold email" to get someone to buy from you. But a cold email to land a podcast guest to help THEM promote their business? Easy... This is what's great about this strategy: if they flake and the interview (over Skype) never happens, that "candidate" just weeded themselves out. If the interview goes great, you have an "in" with them and they now owe you a favor, because you promoted them first. And, if you decide that person was a dud or you're just too busy to partner with them, you have an "out" (to not do business with them) because you already did your part to get your word out about them... Just imagine, just for fun, if you had landed a young Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, Jeff Bezos or Grant Cardone on your show for a quick 20 minute chat? Before they were famous and while they were still on their way up? Doesn't it make sense to interview someone now (in 2017) who grows up to be the Ryan Deiss of 2019 or the Armand Morin of 2021? Here's the best part: are you nervous and awkward on the phone? Great! Me too. With podcasting, YOU are interviewing THEM so THEY are doing all the talking. That guest is 10 times, if not 100 times more nervous than you because THEY are trying to impress YOU (and your listeners with their thoughts, ideas, insights, takeaways, and websites). We show and tell you what kinds of questions to ask in the Podcast Crusher course, but for the most part, ask about what they do, what makes them different, what valuable lessons would have saved them years of mistakes, and maybe even what mistakes they see happening in the marketplace... Third, Even If You Don't Want Guests to Create Content For You (For Free)...

281: Use Zapier to Connect Web Apps (WordPress, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Aweber and More) for Increased Productivity, Traffic, and Marketing with Danny Schreiber

Apr 4, 2017 31:02


You are in for a treat in today's episode. Danny Schreiber is the marketing director at Zapier, an app automation tool that helps professionals get more done. Zapier is a service that connects your web apps together to automate the tedious parts of your job or business. For example: when someone registers for a GoToWebinar session of yours, trigger a new lead in Aweber or your CRM monitor tweets about you in a Google Sheet get email notifications, push notifications, or SMS messages if someone mentions you on Reddit or fills in a WuFoo form replicate your blog posts across WordPress blogs or social media auto-blog (aggregate) your favorite YouTube videos and WordPress posts on one site And so much more. Zapier integrates almost any website together, including Twilio, Slack, Evernote, Facebook Lead Ads, Dropbox, MailChimp, Trello, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, and Instagram, just to name a handful. Resources Zapier AirTable Big List of Zapier hacks for marketers  

280: Growth By Referrals: Land Speaking Gigs and Avoid Business Failure with Stacey Randall

Apr 3, 2017 30:14


Stacey Brown Randall from Growth by Referrals had learned three secrets from previous business failures: you need to "touch" your business every day, protect your mindset, and have conversations about how to scale. Listen in as she discusses how to identify who refers you (1-on-1 and face-to-face), find those experiences and touch points where you connect with them (hosting/attending events), automate that relationship (gifts, cards, emails), and track your results. Don't cold call. Instead, reach out to those connectors who refer clients to you.

279: Plan to Profit: Daily Rewards, the 90-Day Launch Sequence and 5-Day Challenge with Stacy Tuschl

Mar 31, 2017 29:21


Stacy Tuschl from has advice for you today about making money AND having freedom, scheduling vacations, daily rewards, batching, and having that freedom to change. She's had huge success selling do-it-yourself online courses, group coaching, and masterminds. She explains her launch strategy with a 90-day launch plan and 5-day challenge, as well as how she uses Facebook ads for traffic to those launches.

278: Make More Money PLUS Get Your Life Back… Using WordPress & WP Import?

Mar 31, 2017 16:23


Everyone is guilty of this at one time or another, even me sometimes... Getting too carried away and biting off more than you can chew... Filling up the "to-do list" (yuck) with way too much "stuff" Then, it's a huge distraction and that big long list becomes a thing you're scared to look at, or maybe even you feel bad when you do... I can also relate to my mindset ten years ago when even five minutes of money-making activities per day seemed like "too much work" for me... Send a quick email in the morning? I can't do that every day... People tell me to blog or post a daily video? How will I have time for anything else? "Forget about a daily podcast..." I expected myself to post once a day for maybe 4-5 days and then quit! Sound familiar? Of course it does... don't pretend it doesn't! So what changed? This... Insight #1: Exterminate "Not-Invented-Here" Syndrome and Used the Right Tools Don't invent from scratch if you can help it. In this day and age, you don't need to know HTML, CSS, how to edit graphics and upload files. Just use WordPress, grab whatever beautiful theme you want to use for your design (most look like you paid thousands of dollars), and you can grab whatever plugins you want to add pop-ups, social share links, and so on. Just grab what gets it done now instead of delaying yourself months or even years for no reason... Insight #2: Stop Switching Gears and "Chunk" Instead Speaking of WordPress, use its scheduling feature. Scheduling is one of the few hidden "Easter eggs" hidden in WordPress and I'm constantly amazed at how few people know that this is a thing... Here's how it works: let's say you create a WordPress blog and you decide that once per day, you want to post a new video reviewing the latest iPhone or Android app... That's a huge time commitment. Literally every day, you're going to have to login and research that latest app. There's no guarantee that you'll find something good. Maybe you won't be motivated that day. Maybe you'll have something better to do or a huge emergency will come up and stop you... And then... you might miss a day, two days, a week, and then think to yourself... it's been three months since I posted a video about the latest app. It wasn't a priority then, so why should it be a priority now? Posting one or two videos didn't seem to get me much traction, and maybe if I'd posted 50 to 100 videos I'd see real results, but who has that sort of patience? Solution: Schedule several posts every time. With WordPress, you can add a new "post" (journal entry) and Publish it, or set it to go live instantly. Or, you can change the date to go live tomorrow, in a week, or two weeks. WordPress has built-in drip content (just set the date and time of your posts into the future) without any special plugins. Just imagine, on a Monday, grabbing five YouTube videos from various sources reviewing the latest apps (with your link at the bottom) and you'll set those posts to go live on Tuesday morning, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Or, how about this: on April 1st, schedule two weekly posts in advance. That means that on April 1st, you just scheduled posts on your blog for April 1st and April 8th... Then, on April 8th, you already had that day scheduled. You schedule your two videos to go live on April 15th and April 22nd... Keep this up for 10 weeks (three to five minutes per day) and by June 3rd, you're already scheduled ahead to mid-August. And by August, you're scheduled ahead until the following year. Just by posting more than what you need, the website (WordPress) will work on autopilot for you, even after you've put it out of your mind. Constantly switching gears and putting out fires is a MASSIVE time waster. Avoid it by chunking up your tasks and scheduling things out on autopilot for many weeks to come. Insight #3: Imagine a Clear CONCRETE Vision of What the Future LOOKS Like It sounds super hokey,

277: Try New Things, Get Clients, and Build a Business That Thrives with Holistic Health Expert Nick Zyrowski

Mar 30, 2017 31:56


Nick Zyrowski from created one of the earliest online stores providing health advice, supplements, and lab testing to allow people to put themselves in the driver's seat of their own health. Listen in as he discusses his struggles of coming in "too early" (before online health became mainstream), his strategy of getting clients one at a time, his progress of getting his offers to "catch on" and his entrepreneurial attitude of trying new things. Resources NuVisionExcel blog NuVisionExcel podcast Cellular detoxification program NuVision Health Center (store)

276: Embrace Change, Break out of Your Shell (and Comfort Zone), and Find Freedom from Self-Doubt with Resilience Champion Zaheen Nanji

Mar 29, 2017 25:07


Are you ever afraid of the unknown? Do you sometimes doubt your capabilitity, are you worried about sounding stupid, and are you struggling to break out of your shell? Zaheen Nanji from wants to help you face your fear, be okay with falling down, course correct, have self-awareness, get help from a coach, make progress with baby steps, get your mindset right, and so much more.

275: Instagram Ads: Use the Right Social Media Branding and Advertising to Get Instant Scroll Recognition and a Maximum Return-on-Investment with Christina Baldassarre

Mar 27, 2017 29:33


Christina Baldassarre creates successful brands. In her last year of college, she started Zebra Advertisement, a digital marketing agency, and the company grew to manage over $1 billion in advertising budget in just five years. During her journey, she became a leading brand strategist, successful entrepreneur and sought-after speaker. Zebra Advertisement has been named as one of the most entrepreneurial companies in America today by Entrepreneur Magazine. Their clients include Microsoft, Bing, Facebook, Google, Yellow Pages, Thomson Reuters, StateFarm, and over 21,000 other businesses from over 20 countries. Resources Zebra Advertisement Christina Baldassarre's blog Christina on Twitter Christina Baldassarre on Facebook

274: Discover Your Ideal Market, Focus on Creativity, Create the Right Team and Systems with the King of Podcasting Jonathan Rivera

Mar 24, 2017 29:40


Jonathan Rivera comes from a blue collar background. He left the rat race to pursue real estate. He runs a successful rental business in only 4 hours per week. Today, his main focus is running The Podcast Factory (podcast network and production company) where he is surrounded by some of the world's most respected direct response marketers. Resources The Podcast Factory BaseCamp team management tool Doberman Dan Kyle Newell

273: The Work Anywhere Life: Enjoy New Experiences, Get More Freedom, and Achieve Location Independence with Ben Pyle

Mar 23, 2017 28:25


After scaling a 7-figure online business, Ben Pyle and his wife Caitlyn Pyle founded The Work Anywhere Life where they help people start their first online business using an online course model. They also help people upgrade their mindsets to achieve their goals with Mindset University. In our call today, Ben talks to us about his and Caitlyn's failures and successes in business. Mistakes are part of entrepreneurship! Ben also shares some of his ah-ha moments when it came to finding new customers for his business. Resources The Work Anywhere Life: Free Strategy Guide The Work Anywhere Life Proofread Anywhere

272: Grow Your Web Design Business (or Digital Agency) and Get That Consistent Stream of New Leads with Joe Kashurba

Mar 22, 2017 26:00


Joe Kashurba from grew the freelance web design business that he started in high school into a digital agency with a virtual team and clients around the world. He went from building $300 websites to building $30,000 websites and managing 6-figure digital advertising budgets for some of the largest manufacturing and construction companies. Joe now advises and mentors other freelance web designers and digital agency owners on how to develop and scale their businesses. He talks to us about his favorite traffic methods (cold emails, direct mail, and AdWords), as well as how he lands new clients by asking them about their needs and wants (for example, a member's area or employee training site). Resources done-for-you service freelancer advice blog

271: From Near-Fatal Car Accident to App Empire: The Evergreen Formula to Achieving Personal Wealth, Creating the Day You Want and Escaping the 9-5 Rat Race with Chad Mureta

Mar 21, 2017 27:16


Chad Mureta from App Empire was making money but was working too hard at his real estate business when his car hit a deer and he was hospitalized. During that time, he cracked the code to app creating and built a thriving business (his Emoji app has had 150 million downloads). Listen in to hear about his advice on life, entrepreneurship, and becoming your best self. Resources App Empire (book) Chad's top resources App Empire blog

270: Boost Your Marketing: Use Outgrow to Create Calculators and Viral Quizzes with Randy Rayess

Mar 20, 2017 29:11


Randy Rayess is the cofounder of, a growth marketing platform where any marketer can build highly converting calculators & viral quizzes to increase customer engagement and boost demand generation. He is passionate about growth hacking, content marketing and personalized marketing. He talks to us today about how we need to create interactive content to stay ahead of the game. That can be something as simple as a quiz (that requires an opt-in to get the results, or that redirects someone to a location based on their score -- or even alerts your sales team). You can use quizzes to complement long pieces of content, or even run a sweepstakes.

269: Be Resourceful: Find the Hidden Profits in Your Business, Get More Clients and Cash, and Sell with Confidence with Business Optimizer Coach Stacey Hylen

Mar 17, 2017 27:36


Stacey Hylen is an internationally recognized business growth strategist and coach and was named International Coach of the Year in 2016. Stacey helps 6-7 figure entrepreneurs with powerful marketing and sales strategies to get more clients. Resources Stacey Hylen on Facebook Stacey Hylen on Twitter

268: Stand Out from the Crowd for Better Visibility, Credibility, and Results with Peter Mehit

Mar 16, 2017 24:33


Peter Mehit is a veteran of both the Fortune 500 and tech startups. He worked worldwide as a business process troubleshooter and outsourcing deal leader for Computer Sciences Corporation. He has also participated in internet and consumer product start-ups and has started four of his own companies. Today, Peter talks to us about why it's important to have a clear business plan. He also explains how important it is to know who you're selling to (demographically, psychographically, and physically). You also need to know what you're selling (and What's In It For Me). People want quick end results and they buy based on emotion, so know what problem you're solving and visualize what that is. Resources Killer Business Plan: Why You Need It, How To Write It Peter Mehit on YouTube phone number: 800-741-8444 Napoleon Hill's Master Key to Riches

267: Find a Strategic Virtual Assistant and Hire the Right Team with The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon Tracey Osborne

Mar 15, 2017 28:41


Tracey Osborne says that you should know what you want, be open to learning, and find that perfect virtual assistant to leverage your time and scale your business. She tells us how to hire slow and fire fast, and makes us aware of the possibilities that come from hiring a "VA"... for example, her team of virtual assistants can organize entire telesummits for you, run podcasts, publish newsletters, create your funnels, and more. Resources Schedule a consultatation with Tracey TeamWork Management App for teams

266: Affiliate Mastery: How to Generate High, Targeted, and Fast Commissions with Myke Metzger

Mar 14, 2017 33:03


Myke Metzger from (email him directly at has had a lot of online success in a short amount of time, and not only has an amazing lifestyle, he also generates income getting traffic for top performers. Myke explains his affiliate marketing strategy. Instead of the outdated MLM model of recruiting friends and family, Myke says that it makes more sense to position yourself in front of people who are already looking for a particular solution. (For example, software, luxury automobiles, and high-end water filters). He also believes in focusing on higher conversions and testing your results. Don't be like most people who simply "get ready to get ready"... take small actions today that pay off in the near future. Resources Travel Hacks

265: Visibility, Credibility, and Leadership: Repurpose and Curate Your Evergreen Content with Dawn Jensen

Mar 13, 2017 29:44


Dawn Jensen from is all about reusing your content. If you're ready to live the laptop lifestyle and enjoy a huge social media reach with your content marketing, without working too hard, then you're in for a treat. Dawn discusses: how to repurpose videos and audios (for example, turn a 90 second video into an audio and a podcast episode) how to curate your own evergreen content into shareable facts, figuers, statistics, quotables, and checklists curate from other sources including Hewes, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc Magazine why you should look back at your last few years of blog posts to find new ideas to update that speak to what your audience is doing now the feedback loop prep, presence, plan, and pivot Resources KnowEm NameChk

264: Accelerate Your Online Branding with Brand Strategist Jena Rodriguez

Mar 10, 2017 36:28


Jena Rodriguez from wants you to understand the difference between a brand (the inner game of what you stand for) vs. branding (the outer game of how you express those core values). She has a 12 component system called branderity that involves communicating with those brand fans to understand their problems, their language, and combine that with your unique story. That leads to your website colors, positioning, price, marketing message, and so on. She also tells us how to prevent getting bogged down with your branding and why you should be clear instead of clever. Resources Brand with Jena Brave Entrepreneur podcast Case study: Digital Maestro

263: End Destination Thinking, Enjoy the Process, and Complete Daily Goals with Motivational Speaker Todd Lemense

Mar 9, 2017 21:13


Todd Lemense ( becomes the first ever return guest on our program! A motivational speaker, he says that most people fall into the trap of "destination thinking" ... the idea that a single event, such as a product launch, wedding, or birth of a baby will be the "single moment that changes everything" when in reality, it's all about those consistent daily actions. Instead of being disappointed when "that one event" didn't change much, learn to enjoy the process. Manage your fear, hope, and expectations with daily goals. Don't cop-out by thinking "I don't have that problem." Educate yourself about your own emotional maturity, and spiritual/health/financial status to reach that higher standard. Everyone, including celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Tom Brady, have multiple coaches just to become 1% better (or maintain the same skill level), so you need a similar resource as well.

262: Self Publishing without Writing: The Lightning Speed Book Creation Method

Mar 8, 2017 35:33


Quotes from Thought Leaders "The secret joy in work is contained in one word: excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it." -- Pearl Buck "You get good (and fast) at what you do a lot of." -- Robert Hunt "If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter." -- Winston Churchill Productivity tip: set high resolution pictures of nature as your desktop background (and set it to change once per hour if possible) Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Get out more: stop showing off to your peers so much and solve real problems that people are looking for. The danger in copying what's right in front of you is that you only copy "the top layer." Most people have a tendency to make simple things complicated (including your future buyers, your fellow competitors) and blindly copying someone else just leads to something that's hard to follow. You need to be a content machine (hint: content can be videos, podcast interviews, not necessarily articles and blog posts) 80% of life is just showing up. You should have at the very least, a short book with your best blog posts. Dish some helpful advice anyone can pick up. Be the person that stuck around and kept selling books after everyone else gave up because it was "too hard." Giving up and procrastinating aren't "real" things. It's just a matter of incorrect priorities. Amazon books last forever, even if you die and your websites are gone (although you can edit or unpublish at any time) -- use it to silence the haters in your life and show them you have a real business. It's a must-have credibility tool that ALL successful people have (celebrities, politicians, thought leaders) It's free. Amazon only takes a cut. You can publish unlimited books, with unlimited pen names, so why not do it? It's easier to edit crap than air. Get that first draft completed so you have something to edit. Your message is more important than one or two typos in a book. Don't quit. Take action now. The time will never be just right. A year ago, you'll wish you had started today. Write a Book with Lightning Speed Speak out the book YOURSELF and get it transcribed. That way you don't take forever on it, and you're saying it in your voice the way you "would have said it." It's done while you're still within the three day window of excitement. You need a guide from someone who has done it before. And a proven system so that you can easily follow in their footsteps, and then repeat the process yourself over and over again. Have a real deadline, know why you're doing what you're doing and know exactly how much progress you've made. There's no such thing as being 80% or 90% done with a book. Are you in the outline stage, speaking stage, editing stage, cover stage? Use 10-7-4 to pile in "too many ideas" and reduce down to just the important ones, and then WWHW to ensure those short chapters are packed with value. Use the step by step process to overcome uncertainty, scope creep, and negative associations to "that damn book I can't seem to finish." Resource: Make a Product (book publishing course)

261: The Entprepreneurial Mindset: Find Your Passion, Narrow Down Your Niche, and Diversify Your Income with Jason Hartman

Mar 7, 2017 27:26


Jason Hartman ( is all about having that healthy entrepreneurial mindset and wants to talk to you not only about his own up's and down's, but the common mistakes and solutions that we all face. First, Jason realized early on that he loves to work and that his business actions represent his own creative expression. He also discovered that to narrow down that perfect niche, find your passion (that also results in income) and diversify so that it remains evergreen. To tackle frustrations and roadblocks, he treated himself as his own first client when it came to solving a problem and "building a better mousetrap." Finally, Jason explains what drew him into the world of podcasting, as well as his number one secret about podcasting: that it's all about the listener, and not the guest. Resources Jason Hartman hotseat

260: Multi-Channel Marketing: Website Retargeting, Email Analytics, Social Media Traffic, and Postcard Marketing with Neil Berman

Mar 6, 2017 22:02


Neil Berman has a lot to say about multi-channel marketing (site, blog, social, SMS, postcard) and his service can help you stand out from the blizzard of emails with some smart marketing. He dives into many different scenarios and case studies showing how you can use analytics to draw conclusions about your visitors, send alerts to your staff to directly contact your visitors, and segment your list into three groups (those that don't respond, those that are always active, and your true fans). Neil also shares the best advice he ever received about starting a business: creating a solution that is faster, better, AND cheaper than what's out there.

259: Reinvent Your Life, Culitvate Your Inner Circle, Absorb Values, and Model the Right People with Damion Lupo

Mar 3, 2017 27:17


Damion Lupo says that when it comes to choosing the people you want around you, "The way they do SOMETHING is the way they do EVERYTHING." For Damion, money is a side effect of what he does, and he's more focused on circulation and contribution, helping others succeed financially. Listen in to our conversation as Damion talks about owning our own life, absorbing values, and modeling the right people (paying close attention to what's under the hood as opposed to that external visible lifestyle). He's got lots of life advice about everything from disconnecting digitally, to noticing/observing nature and spending time thinking about those bigger issues. Resources Reinvented Life Hal Elrod's The Miracle Morning The One Thing (time blocking)

258: End Destructive Money Habits and Regain Financial Control with Hilary Hendershott

Mar 2, 2017 22:17


Do you sometimes feel that money is in control of you, or otherwise has you backed into a corner? Hilary Hendershott is a financial advisor who believes your money operating system (that limits your beliefs) is based on your first money experience. If there's never enough money, you need to allow different results. Replace your beliefs with new ones, stop saying the same tired phrsaes, create a spending plan, and then follow actions that support that plan to completely change your life and outlook on money. Resources Hilary's TEDx talk Money Blueprint for Business Owners Profit Boss Radio (podcast)

257: Market Your Killer Website with Exposure Ninja Tim Kitchen

Mar 1, 2017 22:13


Tim Kitchen from Exposure Ninja (claim your free website review at is an expert at creating five-page sites. If your business needs a website, or just a website makeover, Tim's process involves discovering your businesses core services. Each of those sub-services requires a separate page on your website. Also, every business needs a blog to answer the 20 most important questions your customers have, in the form of in-depth blog posts. Resources Exposure Ninja Free Website Review (to find common questions)

256: Break the Cycle, Get Motivated and Do What Matters to Make Money

Feb 28, 2017 14:46


Do you know how time seems to speed up as you get older? The solution for that is to change up your experiences and do new things to slow time back down. Get out of the usual routine. Go on a trip, spend weekends off the computer, walk, run or drive. Go to the movies. (Not TV.) Productivity. Shut off email, phone and Facebook, and complete four money making tasks per day. Wake up early. Drink water. Anchoring. If you're not making money at the computer, you associate computer time with "all that frustrating stuff." Know when you're "stuck" and leave the computer when that happens. Stop resting on your laurels. You'll never get today back, ever again. Fish before you're hungry and don't try to play "catch up" so often. Small wins. What can make you $10 or $100 today? Know what questions you're answering in your mind. Know why you're doing what you're doing. For example, maybe the current problem you're trying to solve is to complete a website. Don't worry yet about making sales or dealing with refunds. Get the website COMPLETE first. Sell what you sell. Membership site. Single payment. Deliver some videos that get them from point A to point B in four milestones of 60 minutes or so. Most people want beginner training. Resource: Membership Cube (create your membership site using Wishlist Member)

255: The Voice of Your Dreams: Get Noticed, Serve Others, Overcome Setbacks, and Build Up Passive Income with Aaron Anastasi

Feb 27, 2017 24:41


Aaron Anastasi from has been on a journey from being an up-and-coming singer to a online teacher. He shares many of his success principles, including finding the joy in service, having a big "why", skylining it, talking to a singular customer avatar, and making use of deadlines and structures. Resources The Voice of Your Dreams on Amazon The Voice of Your Dreams on Audible Aaron Anastasi on Instagram Aaron Anastasi on Twitter

254: Red Zone Marketing: Make Your Marketing Exciting, Engaging, Unique, Focused, and Helpful from the Right Messaging and Branding with Maribeth Kuzmeski

Feb 24, 2017 23:15


Maribeth Kuzmeski from has some breaking news: most companies' messaging sucks! They don't have a value proposition, story, elevator speech, or anything of the sort. Instead, specialize in something specific, focus on what's in it for your customers, model your competitors, and think about the outcomes/emotions you can provide for people.

253: Self-Publishing: Step into Greatness by Transforming Your Personal Story, Experience, and Passion into a Published Book with Michelle Prince

Feb 23, 2017 21:46


Michelle Prince from says that everyone has a story. She's an expert at taking anyone who wants a non-fiction book and fleshing out not only what they want to accomplish with that book, but also developing the first draft and editing it into something publishable. She also talks about the different types of books you can create, from a business card book, a small "7 things" book, a huge story/message book, or a multi-author book where you only write one chapter.

252: From Lead to Gold: Develop a Life Plan and Business Plan That Results in Happiness and Joy with Alchemy Advisor Stephen Rodgers

Feb 22, 2017 27:29


Stephen Rodgers from wants to help you discover your higher purpose and develop a life/business plan around that. Steve shares his best resources with us and talks about his daily ritual involving exercise, affirmations, yelling/screaming to music, and his daily scoreboard point system. Resources The Alchemy Advisors Focal Point Coaching from Brian Tracy Mind Valley Code of the Extraordinary Mind Think and Grow Rich

251: Launch Copywriting: Be Personable, Develop a Buzz Around Your Product, and Succeed with Sarah Grear

Feb 21, 2017 31:02


Sarah Grear from is a copywriter who enjoys creating the "launch stack"... creating a website with landing pages, marketing emails, funnel, opt-in pages, Facebook ads, and more. She explains her copywriting process to us, common mistakes people make when launching their products, and the things you need to know to make your upcoming product launch a huge success.

250: Strictly Marketing: Debug the System, Follow-Up, and Outsource with Kerry Heaps

Feb 20, 2017 29:34


Kerry Heaps from has had to wear a lot of hats in her offline and online business career. She has some very helpful and interesting thoughts about outsourcing, fine-tuning your business, making more sales, and having stronger marketing.

249: Your Uniqueness, Your Authenticity, Your Superpower and Your Messaging with MaryJo Cranmore

Feb 17, 2017 23:07


MaryJo Cranmore from and says that you have a unique ability (a superpower) and that can be the basis for the branding that you cultivate. Take those raw materials, hobbies, your skillset (what you've learned), your accomplishments (your experiences), and that unique piece of you to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

248: Intuitive Art Academy: Certification Programs, Relaxation, Knowledge and Intuition with Rachel Archelaus

Feb 16, 2017 26:26


Rachel Archelaus from and has some entrepreneurial advice to share with you when it comes to tapping into your creativity, getting outside of your own head, and turning on your brain flow. Her method involves asking the right questions of yourself, drawing on crayons (or colored pencils) and paper, scribbling with your eyes closed, and then decoding the drawings and colors used in that drawing to achieve huge insights. She also talks about the up's and down's of her business journey and shares ways to be more productive and give yourself more credit for your accomplishments.

247: Tame the High Cost of College: Pursue Side Hustles and Entrepreneurial Adventures with Brad Baldridge

Feb 15, 2017 29:09


Brad Baldridge from is an expert in both late-stage and early-stage college planning, and he gives you several options when it comes to raising money to pay for your child's college education, including side hustles and building businesses your future college student can run.

246: Authority Content: Document Your Magic, Delegate Your Business, and Get Off the Hamster Wheel with David Jenyns

Feb 14, 2017 36:51


David Jenyns from heard of a marketer who sold pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge and modeled this success to sell the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). He's discovered that you can model (not copy) an idea to make it your own and then own that success or failure. Drill down to a speciality, find a specific need, and sell it to the immediate crowd in front of you. David has a number of insights about direct mail, online marketing and SEO, getting attention, systems/processes, and delegation. He talks with us today about recurring revenue and the 3 P's of content marketing: Present: organize a (one-take) live event to teach your best content to a real crowd (take photos) Product: repurpose that content in a 4-day cash machine Promote: repurpose into hundreds of pieces of audio and video Resources Authority Content System Hub Mebourne SEO Service on YouTube David on Twitter

245: Wow Factor Marketing: Stop Spraying Bullets and Use Direct Response Techniques to Adapt and Thrive with John Dwyer

Feb 13, 2017 35:12


John Dwyer from has noticed that many businesses simply "spray bullets" -- they don't use direct response techniques to measure their marketing. They should use the Wheel of Wow: Identify your most profitable customer: not your target audience, an actual person... then market more people like that Add Wow Factor: get prospects to take their eyes off the price (the Happy Meal effect) Position problem/solution scenario: the same way weight loss companies market (before and after) Fix your website: make sure it has those sticky ingredients (welcome video, headline, testimonials, data capture) Repetitive trade: get customers to use a loyalty/reward system (think "sandwich punch card")

244: The Business of Life: Achieve Financial Freedom, Personal Freedom, and Create the Type of Business You Want with Keith Callahan

Feb 10, 2017 31:07


Keith Callahan is a husband and father of four who can show you how to get not only financial freedom, but freedom of time as well. He's made money with real estate, financial consulting, network marketing, and life coaching. He has a number of insights about the difference between inspiration vs. perspiration, along with self-obsession, perspective, and gratitude. Resources The Business of Life Podcast

243: Run Live Events and Workshops with Direct Response Event Planner Sherrie Sokolowski

Feb 9, 2017 35:33


Sherrie Sokolowski (email address from is an event planner who can structure, strategize, and fill seats in your live events. She has tons of unique insights about "modern" soft-sell events and workshops with bonus days. She wants to tell you about common mistakes made with events, venues, overflow rooms, webinars, live streams, cancellations, and more.

242: The Four D’s of Reputation Marketing: Discover, Define, Develop and Defend with Pamela Gockley

Feb 8, 2017 27:08


Pamela Gockley from wants you to work on your reputation. Branding is who you are, but reputation is how you're perceived (which may be egotistical, narissistic, or aggressive). It's important to take the DISC profile test (every year if you can) so yoy find out who you really are, and then apply the four D's... Discover: discover your past and personal awareness, how do people perceive you? Define: set goals Develop: website, target marketing, and messaging Defend: how to react or apologize if the "shit hits the fan" Resources Email: The Art of Running Red Lights book The Reputation Factor book

241: Stop Overpaying Your Taxes and Avoid Entrepreneurial Mistakes That Cost You Thousands with Diane Gardner

Feb 7, 2017 23:06


Diane Gardner from is a tax superhero and wants you to avoid mistakes you're making on your taxes, such as using the wrong entity type or not deducting meals and entertainment. You can make use of your home office deduction, hire your kids, make use if health insurance and retirement if you know what to do.

240: Web Design and SEO: Optimize Your Website Using Cutting Edge (and Common Sense) Tweaks and Factors with Jeremy Knauff

Feb 6, 2017 25:11


Jeremy Knauff from Spartan Media can help you with your goal setting, and to get more traffic to your website. The low-hanging fruit is to use the Google PageSpeed tool to measure your site's speed (remove slow plugins), as well as the mobile friendly test (refine your tap targets and adjust images that are too big). Next, optimize your site for what your users want, as well as their intent (for those customers who come to your site for a specific purpose, for example, to find a phone number or address). Resources Spartan Media Spartan Media on Facebook Spartan Media on Twitter Blog post: Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales Jeremy Knauff on Search Engine Journal Podcast: Mistakes Smart Web Designers Make That Can Kill SEO Google PageSpeed tool Mobile Friendly Test

239: Escape the Rat Race: Learn, Take Action, Achieve Success, and Scale Up with Mark Walker

Feb 3, 2017 23:13


Mark Walker from Luxmana Investments wants you to escape the rat race. He wanted to leave the corporate world and read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" which led him to generating enough passive income from real estate flipping and investing to eventually quit his job. In our discussion today, Mark talks about discipline, lifestyle, decision-making, priorities, procrastination, and inspiration.

238: Repurpose Your Career: Find a Career or Business That Fulfills You At Any Age or Skill Level with Marc Miller

Feb 2, 2017 46:29


Marc Miller from is a professional career changer for his clients. He's here to help you discover not only who you are, who you work best with (environment). For example, some people are "structured anarchists" and "stealth competitors." Listen in and discover the difference between talents (things you do innately) and skills (things you learned). Speak authentically, develop your brand, find out how people see you, what's different about you, and where you fit best. Resources Career Pivot Repurpose Your Career book 100 Year Life Will It Fly by Pat Flynn Who Moved My Cheese by Kenneth Blanchard

237: Money Answers: Setup Your Business Structure, Get Financing, Put Your Money to Work for You, Refinance Student Loans and Optimize Your Mortgage with Jordan Goodman

Feb 1, 2017 34:02


Jordan Goodman from has a number of financial solutions to not only setup your business structure correctly, but obtain business financing, optimize your mortgage, and more. Resources Jordan's main website (877-627-5555): setup your business structure (sole prop, S-corp, C-corp, LLC, or LLP) (877-290-2510): get business funding (888-444-2102): invest in small commerciail property renovation equity crowdfunding (866-540-6005): refinance student loans to 2-3% optimize your mortgage with a home equity line of credit

236: Get More Clients with Less Marketing, Overcome Burnout, and Develop Profitable Habits with with Mary Cravets

Jan 31, 2017 26:17


Mary Cravets from says that instead of drowning people in content, you should build your own path and breeze through the "what the hell" period. Develop better habits, delegate sooner, narrow ideas, land your favorite clients, and become more productive.

235: Make Facebook Your ATM: Profit from Social Media Ads and Marketing with Sally Hendrick

Jan 30, 2017 25:30


STOP posting randomly on social media without a real strategy! Sally Hendrick from and wants you to capture the right cross-section, split test your landing pages, market affiliate products, and make those sorts of small tweaks that get you results on Facebook.

234: Innovate, Systematize, Repurpose and Scale: Overcome Criticism, Find Simplicity and Be an Imperfect Superhero with O-Shot Creator Dr. Charles Runels

Jan 27, 2017 49:06


Dr. Charles Runels (phone number: 888-920-5311) is the inventor of the O-Shot, Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, and the Priapus Shot. He's developed and trademarked a widely respected and medically documented procedure that uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to improve sex, treat injuries, heal Peyronie's disease, fix post-pregnancy incontinence, and more. Dr. Charles has gone from living in his car to running a 2 million dollar per year business by becoming excellent, modeling mentors, packaging, and repurposing. He's also learned many lessons about simplicity, authenticity, and hiring the right people. He also shares Stan Lee's secret about making superheroes real, that you can use in your marketing starting today. Resources Dr. Charles' office: 888-920-5311 O-Shot Membership Cube and Webinar Crusher

233: Personality, Philsophy, and Passion: Differentiate in the Marketplace, Create Noise, and Take Meaningful Risks with Frank Gibson

Jan 26, 2017 35:15


Dr. Frank Gibson from wants to talk to you about personality, philosophy, and passion. He invented a solution to treat alcoholism called Sobrexa and started a huge movement on social media. Listen in as he discusses how he's changed the conversation and updated an industry for the first time in decades.

232: Mantra Leadership and Mantra Design: Innovate, Buy, or Die with Dana Oliver

Jan 25, 2017 26:48


Who wants to work for a jerk? No one, that's who! Dana Oliver from has a lot of "best practices" for start-up communities and entrepreneurs to get along with others and manage others effectively. Pay attention to peoples' needs, identify what they want, and trust them. He also has a concept called Mantra Design, where simple beats better. You should get onto the peer level with your customers to discover their unmet needs and long-term pain. Run your product by 12 to 20 people to tease out the 75% to 90% of features (and hot buttons) to focus on. Resources Mantra Leadership website Mantra Leadership book Mantra Design book

231: Create a Freelance Income from Scratch and Live Life on Your Own Terms from Fiverr Voiceover Artist, Fiverr Ambassador, and Host of the Fiverrcast Redd Horrocks

Jan 24, 2017 30:35


Redd Horrocks from was a voice actor for 13-14 years and discovered Fiverr as a way to do what she loves while living anywhere and setting her own hours. She has over 13,000 reviews from satisfied customers, has completed 27,000 jobs on Fiverr, plus 3,000 on other sites -- generating a six figure freelancing income from just 4 hours a day on weekdays and 1 hour per day on weekends. Listen in as Redd explains how she's streamlined her process with a personal assistant, how she markets her Fiverr business with buyer requests (as well as over-delivering since you never know if "your next client will become your best client"), and how she's simplified her pricing structure to generate tons of extra sales. Resources Redd Horrocks female voiceover on Fiverr Redd Horrocks official website Instant Voicemails: immediately download outgoing voicemail greetings in a variety of styles and accents

230: You Have No Competition: Get Paid to Create an Information Product and Turn Your Knowledge into a New Stream of Passive Income with Fred Gleeck

Jan 23, 2017 30:43


Fred Gleeck (email address: is a business coach. If you have a skill or passion, Fred can Joint Venture partner with you and package those insights into an information product for passive income. Listen in as he describes a few case studies about his clients (voiceover expert Bill DeWees, or Fred's latest opera singer client) where he made use of that "unsold inventory" of information that many business owners seem to have. You'll also hear about how Fred establishes boundaries with his JV partners, deals with competition (competence plus personality), and systematizes everything so that he can deliver consistent quality. Fred's Contact Information Email address: Subject line: "ROBERT PLANK SENT ME" Message body: tell Fred what your "field" is, as well as any info-products you have or would like to create

229: Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires, the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Social Policing

Jan 20, 2017 31:11


Today's Sponsor: Website Remote (manage all your WordPress sites) Important Quotes from Famous People "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." -- Henry Ford "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence." -- Charles Bukowski "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." -- John D. Rockefeller "Don't compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else's highlight reel." -- Pastor Steven Furtick "Are you losing belief or do you just wish it was happening faster? Balance ambition with patience." -- Gary Vaynerchuk "Every successful person has a rule to never spend more than 10% of time on a problem, but at least 90% on a solution" -- Anthony Robbins Reminders from Robert Plank People have less of what you have and are happy. Others have exactly what you want (if not more) and are unhappy. Being upset or stressed about your business is a good thing if you channel it into something positive (growth) You're exactly where you're supposed to be right now in your journey. The present probably came very close to not happening as it was supposed to, and the future is probably very close to not happening as it should If things are tough, is it possible you're being setup for something better? Haven't there been times when you enjoyed taking some action? If things are difficult, it's because you're being tested. It's an opportunity for personal growth (feast and famine) Your life isn't a straight line or a curve of up's and down's... it's a series of 3-5 year containers Have an abundance mindset instead of a scarcity mindset (don't let the little stuff like grudges use up 100% of your CPU) Talking Points Be careful of social policing: it's not up to you to save the world, all you can do is look out for yourself first (but that includes feeling good about helping others) Many people aren't calibrated to where they need to be -- Four Daily Tasks, thinking too far (or not enough) in the future or past Have the right metric: make money, reduce hours... not just to "show off for them" Excuses: "I'm tired" or "I don't have time" or "People aren't buying now" or "I need to wait until..." Dont's Don't be a downer, a victim, a person who puts themselves down Don't be a predictable, one-note, cardboard character Don't give up, don't use any old excuse to stop unless you seriously believe it Don't stop doing something unless you replace it with something else Do's Make it work even if it "seems" the universe is conspiring against you (even though it's not) Decide to: let go, have boundaries, get the right priorities, and find the time Switch gears, recharge your batteries and take time to calm down instead of just going through the motions Wish you were better -- your best is enough but make sure it's your best Use failure and frustration as fuel to do better in the future

228: Are You Afraid?

Jan 19, 2017 6:53


"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." -- Ken Robinson Here's why I ask if you're afraid... A bunch of years ago, it was around the holidays and I was hanging out with some friends... we were playing Monopoly and you might know that it's the sort of game that leaves a lot of players super angry by the end... Well, I didn't mind it too much that one of the guys in our group kept making us start over... as in... if HE was the one who was down on his money, even if the rest of us were doing well, he would suddenly act super sad and push and prod us until we gave in and restarted the game... If he was raking in the money in Monopoly, he had no problem continuing the game... even if others were having trouble. It's just a game, we were having fun, and I don't think we actually saw a complete gamethrough to completion that night... BUT... it got me thinking... Imagine if that friend of mine (I didn't know him that well, he was just someone's brother who happened to be there) had saw one of our games through? Maybe he'd still lose or maybe he would have come out of those "tough times" on the other end, and really enjoyed that rollercoaster ride? As opposed to starting it over and playing it safe... What does all this have to do with internet marketing, being an entrepreneur, and growing your online business? Many People Are Afraid To Actually See Their Business Become A Business... It might get tough and scary They might have to change course They might get confused and not know what to do next They might have to admit they were wrong or that something isn't working Is this "fear" problem something that you can solve in the next 10 seconds? Is it something that won't rear its ugly head sometime later? Heck no... BUT... If you've felt that you've "restarted the game" too many times and you haven't finished that sales letter, product, or have neglected that blog or podcast... it's possible that you needed to ride the wave of failure down only to ride an even bigger wave of success back up... But YOU are the only one who can say that statement is true... I honestly believe that you should focus on whatever you think your best chance of making money is for the next 30 days... commit yourself to that singular goal and take four actions per day in service of that goal... I also think that a long term goal of yours is to have 300 pieces of content (whatever that means to you -- quick YouTube videos, short podcasts) that lead back to you and your websites, your opt-in forms, your sales letters. Not 300 pieces of content overnight, but that should be your long-term goal in order to bring in enough traffic to sustain you and your business. WP Import and Podcast Crusher I think that our WP Import plugin is a great tool to fill up a blog with content (whether you did or didn't write it yourself) and our Podcast Crusher podcasting course is a wonderful complement to that tool, because podcasting allows you to quickly speak out whatever's on your mind... AND even have other experts create the content for you, which they will gladly do. I've interviewed 125 people for my podcast in the past 143 days -- it's only been an extra time commitment of about 4 hours per week on my part (it would be a lot less if I chose not to publish 5 days a week which I can always change) --- It's increased the blog traffic big-ly, opened up a ton of doors (joint ventures) I didn't have previously, and I'm already on the schedule with a few other marketers to appear on THEIR shows, provide value to THEM and introduce ME to THEIR audience. I hope that in the coming year you aren't afraid to set yourself on the path that has the best chance of success for you, repeat for 30 days with 4 daily tasks with the ultimate goal of 300 pieces of content, repeat / follow-through, and then look back at those 30 days of successes and failures with self-awareness so ...

227: Positive Psychology Coaching: Become Your Best Self, Communicate Better, Locate and Use Your Authentic Strengths with Fatima Doman

Jan 18, 2017 36:56


Fatima Doman from says that 24 character strengths exist (for example: curiosity, perseverance, energy, engagement), and if you're under-utilizing these or not playing up to your strengths, then you're in trouble. You may need to bring some of your strengths to the forefront, combine specific strengths or even temporarily use "situational strengths" when needed.

226: Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Private Labeling and E-Commerce with The Amazing Seller Scott Voelker

Jan 17, 2017 37:52


Scott Voelker's ( journey is an amazing Amazon and e-commerce success story. Beginning with retail arbitrage (buying local items and selling them on Amazon), then online arbitrage (buying physical items online and re-selling them on Amazon), private labeling (get a product sourced), and finally, e-commerce (setup a storefront outside of Amazon), Scott has not only generated a huge income scaling his business, he also teaches others how to do it. Topics covered: how Scott narrows down the perfect product to sell, every time Scott's "open brand" strategy that allows him to experiment with new physical products how to deal with copycats and the price wars how to build a list and get lots of reviews quickly (and remain compliant) using contests Resources The Amazing Seller podcast The Private Label Workshop The Amazing Seller Facebook group

225: Get Publicity and PR Leads with Dan Janal

Jan 16, 2017 28:01


Dan Janal from has a number of easy tweaks you should make in your marketing for huge results. He wants you to create an authority piece (lead magnet) such as "10 Tips to Save Your Marriage." Create a Facebook ad sending people to a (LeadPages) landing page, research your target audience, create a compelling headline and call to action. Create a Facebook post (use to generate graphics), boost that post, and re-post it anywhere you can. Test different headlines with A/B testing and improve from there. Resources PR Leads on Facebook PRLeads Plus (matchmaking) Reporters Are Looking for You (Kindle book) (create graphics for social media)

224: Cover Your Assets Online: Avoid Common Legal Traps and Pitfalls with Lin Eleoff

Jan 13, 2017 30:25


Lin Eleoff from and wants to help you take care of your "baby" (your online business). Many business owners do not properly protect their intellectual property. Many are missing proper website legal documents and use images in such a way that could open them up to lawsuits. Lin keeps things simple for us and explains what we need to do and what to avoid (legally) with our websites.

223: Design a Life That Results in Wealth with Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder

Jan 12, 2017 23:02


Todd Tresidder ( has three ways of building wealth: real estate, business, and paper assets. Todd has some unique insights when it comes to building wealth since he believes in simplicity and uses math (research) as well as basic principles to create a sound investment strategy.

222: The Book Doctor Is In: Self-Publish a Book, Build Your Platform, and Get Noticed with Stacey Aaronson

Jan 11, 2017 35:44


Stacy Aaronson from and says that many authors make huge mistakes when they independently publish their books. Her approach is very step-by-step and detail oriented: Consult, proposal, contracts Editing process, developmental, structure, cohesive chapters, the right points are in the right chapters Copy-editing: bio, picture, grammar, remove cliches, correct syntax Illustration and graphics Presentation: interior, cover, interior/cover congruency, what's right for the audience, fine tune Upload files to CreateSpace and Ingram Proof the proof and send to proofreader (edit all the edits together from multiple people Re-upload, get printed proofs, catch the small things

221: Escape from Anxiety, De-Stress and Supercharge Your Life with Peggy Sealfon

Jan 10, 2017 29:56


Peggy Sealfon from wants you to supercharge your life, help you break your patterns, hang onto your available energy, and live a mindful, integrated life. Many of us are caught in cycles where our health or relationships may have suffered due to over-focusing on our business, for example. Peggy have tons of insights, tools, and habits to share with you today. Resources Escape From Anxiety book and website 3 Minutes To Destress Peggy Sealfon blog (free personal coaching: 10 minute call) "Escape from Anxiety" on Amazon

220: Use High Ticket Coaching and Consulting to Scale Your Business with Eric Louviere

Jan 9, 2017 33:36


Eric Louviere from and provides coaching and consulting services to authors, speakers, and business owners of all kinds (for example, one of Eric's clients is a local gym.) In years past, he grew tired of the "cash crunches" that resulted from membership site and e-book income and decided to scale up. Listen in to tons of takeaways about: how to avoid spreading yourself too thin how to simplify your marketing with "one problem, one solution" thinking some huge breakthroughs about Facebook and LinkedIn advertising

219: Turn Your Hobby into a Business and Achieve Massive Blogging Success with Katie Hornor

Jan 6, 2017 28:27


Katie Hornor coaches hobby bloggers to turn their website into a real business. She focuses on your traffic, people, plan, schedule, and hiring. Hire based on your own weaknesses. For example, hire people to create pinnacle images, Facebook ads, or technical website actions, and give them a 2 to 3 month trial period to test them out. When improving a blog, Katie looks at the following areas: Is the website clean and inviting? Is there an offer, a freebie that people can get in exchange for subscribing? Is it an offer that your audience wants, based on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat research? Is Google Analytics installed and what demographic reads the blog? Based on this, when are people online so we know what time to post? Are there any low-hanging product ideas or affiliate programs for this blog? Does this website get in front of one audience per week? (Blog, Facebook, email.) Resources Blogging Successfully The Blog Connection Membership Free Gift Breakthrough Coaching with Katie Paradise Bloggers Facebook group

218: Passion, Power, Preparation, and Practice: Become a Powerful, Authentic and Captivating Public Speaker with Pam Terry

Jan 5, 2017 34:43


Pam Terry from will help you to become a better speaker who prepares, practices, and gives. She has four pillars for you to build confidence with your speaking engagements: 1. Passion: fuel, make a difference 2. Power: knowledge, topic, audience, speaking skills 3. Preparation: outline, intro, close, objectives 4. Practice: does it fit in the allotted time and do people pay attention

217: Facebook Ads: The Secrets to Image Ads, Retargeting, Video Engagement, and Live Streaming with Emily Hirsh

Jan 4, 2017 31:27


Emily Hirsh (click to book a free consultation) is a master when it comes to cutting edge Facebook ad techniques. Here's what's working very well for her lately: 1. provide free training on Facebook: post a stock photo with no text on the graphic 2. retarget people on your Facebook page 3. run ads audience engagements on ads or posts (your warm audience) Emily has also had great success with Facebook live streaming for 15-20 minutes, usually 10 minutes of teaching and 5-10 minutes of a pitch or Q&A. She recommends that you be consistent with your live streaming and stream at the same time of day for five days in a row. Encourage people to share the stream while live, post an announcement about the live stream one hour prior, post to your personal page and even run ads to a lookalike audience based on people who watched your videos.

216: Interview Connections: Leverage the Power of Interviews (as a Host and Guest) for Increased Traffic to Build Your Business with Jessica Rhodes

Jan 3, 2017 30:40


Jessica Rhodes from Interview Connections provides a service that will book you on podcasts (to promote your sites) and get you guests (to fill your podcast with interview content). Jessica appears on four interviews a month, publishes a weekly blog post, podcast episode, and video. She says that in order to be a great podcast guest, you must do the following: be an expert in something be a unique guest about that topic use your own online presence to create content and get book on your end as much as possible Resources Interview Connections Book guests for your podcast Jessica Rhodes' blog

215: Stop Leadership Malpractice: Discover the New Business Model, Refine Your Process and Get Optimal Employee Performance with Wally Hauck

Jan 2, 2017 28:44


Wally Hauck, author of Stop the Leadership Malpractice: How to Replace the Typical Performance Appraisal, realized that many employers and managers can actually kill their own business by not communicating properly with their employees. If you'd like to provide a better customer experience have self-managing employees, then you need to ask these three questions: 1. What process in the business isn't working? 2. What is the first 15% of that process? 3. What should be done to improve that process? He shares not only great business advice, but a few case studies and examples along the way.

214: HootSuite, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Demystified: Share Content, Engage Others, and Network with Social Media Manager Debbie Peck

Dec 30, 2016 35:32


Social Media Manager Debbie Peck from Crush Marketing Group has a two-pronged strategy for getting traffic from social media: share content from scheduled posts, and engage other users actively on a daily consistent basis. She logs into HootSuite once a week to schedule posts to drip out weeks in advance. She also comments, shares, likes, retweets, finds new influencers, and checks her insights regularly. We're talking about 3-5 posts per day on Facebook and 8-10 posts per day on Twitter. You can also contact her directly at

213: Focused Decisions, Learn As You Go, and Help Others with Angel Investor Jason Criddle

Dec 29, 2016 35:13


Jason Criddle from The Smartr App Company (you can contact him directly at says that you should learn as you go, make mistakes, and have failures -- pivot, fail, and snag. Everyone has ideas, but people only succeed through the failures from implementing their ideas. Instead of being simply self-employed (and recreating the job you were trying to escape), be an entrepreneur. Make focused decisions to reach your goals, have a faith or belief in something, have perseverance, the drive to help others, and role models. Jason can also show you how to become a virtual CEO and get an app in the app store for just $100/month.

212: Cross-Channel Advertising: Combine Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Remarketing with Rocco Baldassarre

Dec 28, 2016 24:38


Rocco Baldassare from Zebra Advertisement has had massive success by creating a landing page with key sellling points, advertising that landing page, remarketing on a different platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and guest blogging for third parties such as Entprepreneur Magazine, Search Engine Journal and LinkedIn. He provides account reviews and strategy calls if you're looking to get more from your paid social media traffic.

211: Conquer Stress, Make Milestones and Get Those Easy Wins with Kathy Gruver

Dec 27, 2016 23:32


Dr. Kathy Gruver from The Alternative Medicine Cabinet wants you to focus, be healthy, reduce stress, delegate, and make decisions early.

210: What Is Your What? Get It Done, Express, Immerse and Revinent Yourself with Steve Olsher

Dec 26, 2016 28:37


Steve Olsher, author of What Is Your WHAT?, wants you to impact the maximum number of lives possible by discovering, sharing, and monetizing your WHAT: the thing you were made to do. It's done in these three steps: clarity on your core gift (i.e. healing, entertaining, communicating) create a vehicle to share that gift people compelled to share Get it done, surround yourself with the right people and immerse yourself in that world. Tune up your Attributes, Beliefs and Perspectives. Resources: Reinvention Radio (podcast) What is Your WHAT book) Steve Olsher (official site)

People Don’t Buy During The Holidays?

Dec 26, 2016 5:00


I don't lose any sleep over this, but I roll my eyes when someone says... November and December are slower months! No one is online during holiday time... Don't even bother marketing or sending emails until January... Don't you want to take some time off? And my answers are: Of course I take time off -- that's what scheduled blog posts and scheduled autoresponder emails put in the queue in advance are all about (bonus if people can't really tell if they're live or pre-scheduled)... Many people (not you personally, but others) are working too hard and not working smart enough. They could get a lot more done in less time AND possibly use these few days off to plan their next move or squeeze in an hour here and there... What about eBay? Amazon? Retail stores? There are tons of people buying. And if you say that's apples and oranges because I run an online business... well... aren't there some people out there who are using this end of the year time to look into running their own online business? Sure, grandma won't buy an e-book or course but grandma might give those grandkids gift cards or money that they'll use to build their business This is the last chance for many business owners to lock-in their purchases (business write-offs) for tax time -- for example, I bought myself Google Glass (now discontinued) during the holidays one year... And most importantly, what's the difference if you setup a web page in late December 2016 that gets sales in January 2017? February or March 2017? You have to set it up in the first place... "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." -- Zig Ziglar What's the easy answer? You need to setup, at the very least, an opt-in page and a sales letter using Paper Template. Of course take a bunch of time off to get that perspective, recharge your batteries and figure out your next move... but what counts is not so much thinking or planning, but ACTION... Setting up a web page that sells something is the best ACTION you can take this holiday season, and using WordPress plus Paper Template is the best way to do it quickly while also having all the little features you need.

Why Are You Emailing Me On Christmas?

Dec 25, 2016 13:45


"Why are you emailing me on a weekend / holiday?" That's the response I get every now and then and I hope that's a response you get in your business -- why is that I hope you get it? Because if people are unsubscribing from your list, if you have (a small percentage) of refunds, if (a few) people have some nasty things to say about you and your values... Then it means you've actually done some things in your business and you've built a big list of buyers... Very few people treat their online business like the machine that it can be and should be and it's some wasted potential. For example: what if you spent about 20 minutes and grabbed 12 interesting YouTube videos? Maybe yours or maybe you found them... either way... schedule one in your blog for the first Friday in January 2017, another for February 2017, etc. Those are 12 touches you've just made with you and your subscribers... And how about this: go into your email autoresponder (you do have one and you are building a list, right?) and schedule a message for that Saturday sending people to your blog post, and maybe even a quick Sunday one reminding them to check it out if they missed it. If you have a product or membership site for sale, or heck, even a 2.99 Kindle book... I'm guessing that you haven't promoted it for a solid 5 days in a row lately! Look at the second week in January. Think of four pretty good reasons or interesting things about your Kindle book. Schedule a quick email for Monday with a subject line and about 5 sentences saying... you probably have this problem... here's the solution and it's in my book... Tuesday... you might have problem #2 and here's solution #2 and the details of that solution are also in my book... repeat for Wednesday and Thursday... On Friday, don't worry about piling on even more information... just say... I've been giving you these solutions all week, it's shit or get off the pot time, here's my book. That right there is a whole week you can take off your business in 2017 and no one will ever have to know. Come back and see how many sales you brought in... Very few people take advantage of scheduled emails and they're available in every email autoresponder service. Schedule some emails to help fill out the calendar and keep "touching" those customers (but not in a weird way)... You can get content cranked out easily (I have a system for writing blog posts called R.A.T.G.U.M. and one for email marketing called P.A.I.N.T.) if you follow some sort of a template or system... and then let the machine (that autoresponder sending emails on a schedule) do the rest... And there's even better news: every autoresponder also has a "sent" folder... so... you can take the greatest hits of your email marketing and pile them into a follow-up sequence so that any new subscriber to your list gets your best stuff... I happen to think that MY best stuff is contained inside this course: Time Management on Crack More than a few people have told me that this is the guide they re-visit every year when they want to refresh and renew the important marketing stuff. I hope that's not too braggy and I also want you to check it out as soon as you see this, even though it's hoilday time. (The holidays are great time for me to go through a course, read some stuff, or watch some videos so that I get a little bit of a break from all the "usual" stuff.)

Online Business Success: Why Some People “Make It” With Internet Marketing (And Others Don’t)

Dec 25, 2016 8:58


This scares the heck out of me and maybe you can relate... I'm not sure how long you've been building your online business, buying courses and plugins, how long you've been on different marketers list and seen the affiliate contests and big launches... I ask myself these sorts of super scary questions all the time: "If such and such had a million dollar launch back in 2014, why haven't I heard anything from them since?" "If this other marketer made 2 million dollars in a day back in 2012, why are all their websites dead and gone just 5 years later?" The short answer is that they didn't systematize and checklist-ify their business using a something like this: Time Management on Crack Tons of internet marketing names have completely disappeared from the face of the planet and I don't think they were abducted by aliens... so why do some people seem to: Have made money back in the day but seem to be struggling now (not really mailing or promoting)... OR: Been super successful back then but now I can't find any websites or even what I bought from them... What's the difference? Here's what I think it is... 1. they actually have a way to make consistent money over time (as opposed to the huge launch where 30% goes to refunds and 60% to affiliates)... ... A launch of any kind with affiliates is a great way to build a list, but if you don't monetize that list into some recurring passive income within a few months, you'll find that the list goes cold/stale and you'll have to rebuild it every year... 2. they have fun with this internet marketing thing (hint: seeing money come in every day from your efforts is a huge way to have fun with your business) There are going to be up's and down's in your business and what's frustrating sometimes is that you DON'T get paid while you're building something (sales letter, product, membership site) but then you DO get paid after it's done -- so you have to "have faith" and enjoy the adventure, be an entrepreneur and rise to the challenge to overcome whatever obstacle is in front of you 3. they reinvent themselves every few years: I see some people trying to teach article marketing and "how to make an e-book" using the same stuff they taught 10 years ago... It's perfectly ok to sell your best and classic stuff, and if it's still selling, keep promoting it! It would be a waste to just throw away old products and websites if they still deliver great value... BUT... I believe that you and your business are screwed if you aren't looking to reinvent yourself every 3-5 years or so. I used to be known as just a PHP programmer Then a WordPress person I sold low priced plugins for a while Then transitioned into high ticket courses Then built software into our courses And now we're building some software-as-a-service tools such as Website Remote 4. and finally, successful people use systems, templates, and checklists so they can get those daily repetitive tasks (writing content, creating videos, running webinars) completed (those add up to a lot over time) AND have fun doing what pays the bills and get to the creative and weird stuff... I take tons of time off in my business and you don't even know it because everything still runs... emails still go out, membership sites take orders and the help desk tickets are still answered. All those recurring payments come in every morning, and I want that for you too. If you feel like in 2016 you could have done more, you were burned out every once in a while and didn't know why or how to avoid it (or shorten the burnout length of time) next time, if you weren't having fun, if you felt like you started more things than you finished... and you want to CHANGE THAT in 2017, then I believe this is the guide for you: Time Management on Crack

209: The New Brand You: Work with Your Ideal Clients and Discover What You Were Made to Do with Julie Broad

Dec 23, 2016 34:26


Julie Broad from Have More Influence asks, "If money wasn't a factor, what would you do?" She wants to help you serve instead of sell and think about how you can help others. As a result, you can become the name people know about a given subject. She also tell us about her adventures in real estate, book publishing, online training, and more. Resources Have More Influence (blog) The New Brand You (book)

208: Authority Selling: Win the “Zero Moment of Truth” Game and Use Your Authority Positioning Assets to Get More Business with Mike Saunders

Dec 22, 2016 31:04


Mike Saunders from (author of the book Authority Selling) tells us about the Zero Moment of Truth. Every business has a "Moment of Truth" where a customer discovers if that business delivers on their promises or not. These days, the "Zero" Moment of Truth exists -- where your future customers check the online breadcrumbs of your business before they even interact with you. Mike tells us how to educate those customers and provide a consultation as opposed to an outdated presentation or sales pitch.

207: Publish a Book and Discover Your Ideal Audience with Jan Bear

Dec 21, 2016 30:10


Jan Bear from Author Impact Publishing has three simple questions for you: Who's your audience What do you want to accomplish with your book? What does this book have to do with your career over a lifetime? By having a clear plan for your book, and knowing your goals, you can avoid many of the usual author mistakes such as trying to "writing for everybody" AND you can publish something with consistency that matches the mood of your reader.

206: Overcome Adversity: Find Centeredness, Calm and Focus with Heather Choate

Dec 20, 2016 25:11


Heather Choate was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29 while ten weeks pregnant. By overcoming this unexpected adversity (as well as other up's and down's) Heather was tested to the max. During this time, she mastered using deep meditation (and visualization) for focus (and strength), anchoring (for confidence), and quiet focused times during the day (for calmness and clarity). Tune in to discover how to listen to your own voice, do what you love, and follow your passion.

205: Branding: Strategically Focus Your Pricing, Content, Client Acquisition, Company Culture, Business Model, Customer Experience, and Identity with Natasha Davis

Dec 20, 2016 30:11


Natasha Davis from Impact Branding Consulting says that many business owners confuse marketing (psychological minutiae that let people know your business is present, i.e. t-shirts) with actual branding (pricing, content, client acquisition, culture, business model, expertise you have, identity). Don't do so many things that you can't differentiate yourself in a unique way! Branding is the difference between being seen as a "Target" business or a "Dollar Store" business. Decide what type of client you want, and then develop a profile of what that ideal client looks like. Identify that ideal client's commonalities and observable behaviors (business size, industry, where they hang out, social networks, how to get in touch, follow-up) and characteristics (what you can only identify by talking to them -- if they're ready to get started and how accountable and coachable they are). Resources Mentioned Impact Branding Consulting Be Unleased (book) The Difference Between Marketing and Branding (blog post)

204: Solve a Problem with Non-Fiction or Entertain with Fiction: Sell More Amazon Books, Attract Reviews and Increase Book Sales with Jim Kukral

Dec 17, 2016 25:39


Publisher Jim Kukral from Author Marketing Club wants you to create a non-fiction book to solve a problem, or a fiction book to entertain. Jim lays out a scenario where he targeted a big group to solve a problem with a clear title, as in, "Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents." In the book, he explained what business owners should do, and provided a free 15-minute phone consultation in the back of the book to close clients.

203: Write a Book, Become a Bestseller, and Iterate Your Way to Kindle Publishing Success with Tom Corson-Knowles

Dec 16, 2016 32:03


Tom Corson-Knowles from TCK Publishing and Ebook Publishing School has great news: it's easy to publish lots of content and scale your business by approaching Amazon publishing in a scientific, step-by-step mindset: Write down a list of 20-40 book ideas in a tool such as EverNote Research: find the marketplace gaps and see how similar books are selling Hook: narrow down one unique idea and craft a clear message Brainstorm: develop your promise and decide what readers want to know (these are more than just chapters, they include additional videos and checklists) Speak out the book (you can even use your smartphone) Editing/revision Additional Resource:

202: Use Free Social Media to Generate 11 Daily Leads in 15 Minutes with Terry Gremaux

Dec 15, 2016 32:27


Terry Gremaux, the Hashtag Hunter, only needs to spend about 15 minutes a day to get 10 new leads a day into his business as part of his daily routine. Here's his process: regularly check thought leaders' Facebook pages such as Gary Vee or Tony Robbins leave a thoughtful comment on their latest post (4-5 minutes) like all the comments left by others respond to friend requests and get to know them keep in touch with those prospects to find their problem/desire run Facebook live streams every day Mindset tweak: Business is promoting a solution to a problem at a profit. Be interested in people and have a conversation.

201: Podcast Guesting: Grow Your Audience, Get More Traffic, and Increase Your Digital Reach with Heather Havenwood

Dec 14, 2016 45:07


Heather Havenwood has made a killing guesting on podcasts. She has tons of tips for you today on how to be a great podcast guest and an even better podcast host. Resources The Win: Podcast with Heather Ann Havenwood 30 Podcasts in 30 Days Course

200: Side Hustles: Part-Time Entrepreneurial Ideas, The Sharing Economy, and Just-in-Time Learning with Nick Loper

Dec 13, 2016 47:21


Nick Loper from the Side Hustle Nation podcast is the king of side hustles: low-risk entrepreurship, for-profit hobbies. Thanks to marketplaces like iTunes, Fiverr, eBay, Craigslist, and other sharing economy sites, the universe has shrunk, and now is the time for you to jump in: Find a marketplace that uses the sharing economy (such as Uber, Airbnb, DogVacay, Turo for P2P car rental, Prosper for P2P loans) Use your unique skills (freelancing) Buy low and sell high Create your own products Side Hustles Mentioned Turo (rent out your car) CuddleUp (charge money for cuddling -- yes, really) Fiverr (provide any service you want) Resources Mentioned Buy Button book Side Hustle Nation podcast The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Steve Scott

199: Financial Gravity: Lower Taxes and Higher Profits with John Pollock

Dec 10, 2016 30:20


John Pollock from Financial Gravity wants to help you save on your taxes, since accountants and bookkeepers aren't trained for that. He has some unique insights on how you can get a tax blueprint to proactively plan your finances. Be sure to text "TAXBOOK" to phone number 33-4444 for a free bonus.

198: Practice Happy Now: Tap into Your Subconscious Mind, Crack the Ego Code, and Discover Emotional Laws with Rene Brent

Dec 9, 2016 26:27


Hypnotist Rene Brent, from Practice Happy Now, is a professional garage door opener. She believes that your brain is running an old program and can help you to get rid of false beliefs. She wants you to allow your subconscious mind to move you away from pain and towards pleasure. Resources: How Big Is Your BUT Kindle book Practice Happy Now: 2 free meditations

197: Million Dollar Platform: Create a Dream Business, Find Your Specialty, and Scale Your Business with Newsletter Guru Jim Palmer

Dec 8, 2016 32:03


Jim Palmer is the Newsletter Guru and Dream Business Coach. He believes marketers should setup a Million Dollar Platform that includes email marketing, ezines, newsletters, and more. Many people lack focus and aren't finding their best customers. You should also mail a 4-page physical newsletter once a month to your best customers to retain those customers and get yourself some repeat, high-ticket sales.

196: Generate Targeted Leads and Put Sales in the Pipeline: Outbound Email Marketing, Phone Closing and Objection Handling with Dan Englander

Dec 7, 2016 33:21


Dan Englander from has some great information for you about marketing funnels and automation. Dan lands many new clients using outbound email marketing, virtual assistants, and phone closing. He also has used some unique strategies to land new business. For example, he's contacted up-and-coming tech companies mentioned on CrunchBase or checking job posting on sites like Indeed and AngelList, who needed services such as animation videos. He also walks us through his process of qualifying his process, getting those leads to the proposal stage, feeling them out with test closes, handling objects and feedback, and more.

195: Rock, Paper, Simple: Create a Marketing-Focused Website in Seven Easy Steps with Joshua Adams

Dec 5, 2016 38:48


Joshua Adams from Rock Paper Simple wants his agency to help you create a marketing-focused website that's them-centric, with clear navigation, that speaks directly to visitors and makes conversions. Be sure to claim his free self audit worksheet to find out how your website measures up. Resources Self Audit Worksheet Web design agency: Rock Paper Simple Case study: Sorensen Moving & Storage Seven steps to creating a marketing-focused website: 1. Shut up and listen (know thyself, benefits, goals) 2. Plan for results (design, words, pages) 3. Direct traffic (differentiate value of pages, decide on three most important services, call-to-action on homepage/sidebar) 4. Them-centric copy (wording that's beneficial to them) 5. Convert (phone number, working form, less fields) 6. Simplify navigation 7. Rock the visuals  

194: The Voice Formula: Captivate the Room and Become a More Interesting Speaker with Tracy Goodwin

Dec 2, 2016 40:30


Tracy Goodwin from Captivate the Room can help you become a better speaker by improving your voice. Tracy says that your voice's muscle memory can be trained. You can retrain those good speaking habits that you might have previously lost over time and rediscover your real voice. Many people have incorrectly tempered their voice, leading to that "stuck in the back of your throat" speaking style with dropped endings on sentences. Others forget to have tempering variety and still others forget to breathe when speaking. Tracy wants you to speak with a pattern of unpredictability, to show vulnerability and be authentic. Break down your speaking strengths and weaknesses into the five elements of variety: 1. pausing 2. elongation 3. pitch 4. volume 5. speed

193: Madly Chasing Peace: Use 3×3 Focused Meditation to Find Inner Peace and Wisdom with Dina Proctor

Dec 1, 2016 29:59


Dina Proctor, author of Madly Chasing Peace, wants you to meditate in short bursts: just three minutes, three times a day. Dina was battling clinical depression, planning her suicide and dealing with alcohol addiction when she began to sit still and focus on her breathing for just a few minutes a day. After eight weeks, that nagging inner voice in her head was gone and she was able to focus on every activity at hand. She found that inner peace and wisdom, and wants to show you how to do the same.

192: Create Fearlessly: Get a High Converting Website for Your Business with Stephen Christopher

Nov 30, 2016 34:55


Stephen Christopher from wants to help you with your organic search results, pay per click advertising, and web design. Choose the top one to three objectives for your website: that's usually for your hot, warm, and cold leads. For example, your hottest prospects who want to buy right now could be looking for a phone number, the warm leads might fill out a contact form to request service, and the cold leads might only want to signup for a video or short report. Don't take anything for granted, be super persistent (failure leads to perspective). Change the "bad" things about your business. Resources: Seequs SEO agency, Business Revolution Podcast, Business Revolution Facebook Group Case studies: Petri Plumbing and Hal Elrod

191: Power and Bliss: Find Clarity and Focus Through Self-Care, Meditation and Consistency with Avalaura Beharry

Nov 29, 2016 31:51


Avalaura Beharry has a background in psychology and social work. She found herself trapped in her career and became an entrepreneur by becoming a guide for others in the areas of daily self-care, meditation, and stress relief. Resources: Avalaura's Healing Center Bliss: A Practical Guide to Living a Life of Purpose & Pleasure Power: Escaping the Fear from Within

190: Love Yourself Successful: Network Using Offline Events, Profit from Social Media and Jumpstart Your Business with Katrina Sawa

Nov 28, 2016 28:41


Katrina Sawa has a lot to say about networking, social media, landing speaking gigs, and making money doing what you love. She gets 60-65 speaking gigs per year. She says you should become a member of multiple speaker associations and private message prospects on Facebook and LinkedIn using her templates, and later move them off social media to help them and their businesses. Resources: Three Business Building Gifts Love Yourself Successful: Free Gifts Jumpstart Your Marketing: Katrina Sawa's Products

189: Live With Purpose, Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Focus on One Thing with Author, Entrepreneur, and Speaker Joe Apfelbaum

Nov 25, 2016 36:15


Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, has had quite an entrepreneurial journey and wants you to live a life of purpose, on purpose. Topics covered: how to get past the rough years, discover your reason, develop an abundance mindset the difference between being "satisfied" (a temporary solution to hunger which is a slow painful death) and being fulfilled (self aware and successful with perspective) how to focus on one thing: how Joe went from being spread too thin with seven side businesses, to making a lot of income in a short amount of time (less is more) Resources: Ajax Union on Facebook Joe Apfelbaum's Blog CEO Mojo Ajax Union

188: Take Inspired Action and Use Boundaries to Create More Freedom with Petra Monaco

Nov 24, 2016 24:59


Petra Monaco from wants to give you more confidence and a bigger vision, so you can push yourself further. She also provides coaching for authors to deal with mindset, accountability, and excuses. She sells a course about how to start an Etsy e-commerce store selling handmade goods.

187: Blog Monetization and Inbound Marketing: Build a Library of Content to Gain Trust and Authority with Douglas Karr

Nov 23, 2016 32:24


Douglas Karr from The Marketing Tech Blog stops by to talk about monetizing a blog. The game has changed, and search engines now reward quality over quantity. This means that to build trust and authority, you should spend more time on your content, republishing and update content as needed. Educate your customers early, and inform them about helpful tools or how something in your business was created. Create an editorial calendar with 12 subjects and 4 subtopics to keep your content marketing consistent.

186: Six Figure Writing and Virtual Assistant Secrets: How to Start and Scale Your Freelancing Income to Create the Lifestyle You Want with Laura Pennington

Nov 22, 2016 35:07


Laura Pennington left her job as a 7th grade teacher to become a freelance writer and virtual assistant. She has advice about getting initial clients, scaling your business, and filling your schedule with nothing but your ideal clients. 1. evaluate your own experiences: you don't need to have been good in the past (office skills, data entry, phone calls) 2. work samples (logos, write a white paper, write blog posts) 3. marketing plan (job boards, contracts) 4. long-term marketing (cold calls, chamber of commerce meetings, trade shows conferences) Resources: Your Way to VA Six Figure Writing Secrets Laura Pennington's Courses on Teachable

185: The Book Activation Method: Overcome the Fear of Publishing and Create the Perfect Book to Boost Your Business with Deborah Ager

Nov 21, 2016 25:46


Deborah Ager from Radiant Media Labs and creator of The Book Activation Method wants you to embrace your fear and use it to move forward. She also wants to get a book out of you in the following steps: 1. master market and idea 2. align with mission: book sales, speaking, which publisher, authority 3. mining your material: blog posts, existing presentations, themes and ideas 4. mark out the tools: find the time/space to write, calendars, Evernote 5. map your mind: get messy with a mindmap 6. brain to book: break to-do list into do-able chunks, word count or time goal, schedule, write or speak 7. marketing

184: Time Really is Money: Scale Your Business to $5,000 Per Hour with Rob Slee

Nov 18, 2016 24:10


Rob Slee, author of Time Really is Money, wants to help you scale to a: $50/hour business (where you are the value proposition) $500/hour (where you manage employees) $5000/hour (where you only deal with the culture, niches, and business model) $50k/hour (changing industries) $5m/hour (changing the world)

183: Scale, Build Your Team, and Outsource Remote Workers with Nathan Hirsch

Nov 17, 2016 27:13


  Nathan Hirsch from has several insights about outsourcing your team in the departments of biz-opp, e-commerce, marketing, and web development. Nathan began his entrepeneurial journey wiht a business that re-sold textbooks, and has since branched out to supplying workers for e-commerce businesses.

182: Strategic Social Media Marketing and Paid Traffic with Corinna Essa

Nov 16, 2016 23:55


Corinna Essa from Social Media Worldwide wants to help you and your social media marketing efforts. She has a unique strategy when it comes to social media, which involves spending $1000 on an initial ad campaign to a free offer with no call-to-action, to then retarget (cookie) your best prospects and run ads to that already-engaged-audience. Website: Social Media Worldwide Social Media Worldwide Blog Social Media Worldwide on YouTube

181: Seven Principles for Building a Company Culture That Works: Culture is the Bass with Gerald Leonard

Nov 15, 2016 32:10


Gerald Leonard, author of The Culture is the Bass, has advice for you on developing a company culture that works. If you're tired of miscommunications and employee turnover, and you want a team that works together, then you'll want to tune in to discover the seven principles you could be missing; vision: interest in a goal or dream values: actionable items that govern behavior buy-in stories best practices environment execution

180: ClickFunnels: Done-For-You Product Launches, Lead Capture, and Conversion with Larry Becht

Nov 14, 2016 27:11


Larry Becht from The Expert Media Group has a lot to say about ClickFunnels, his preferred tool of choice for setting up landing pages and funnels, especially since it now includes "Backpack" for running an affiliate program and "Actionetics" for tracking your visitors. Larry specializes done-for-you website setup and you'll want to hear his thoughts about hiring a professional to setup your pages quickly.

179: Strategic Content and Advertising: Increase Social Media Presence with Marty McDonald

Nov 11, 2016 30:28


Marty McDonald from Bad Rhino Inc. stops by to share some interesting social media marketing strategies that can apply to any business, online or offline. Marty shares some case studies with Victory Beer and Blind Squirrel Apparel and how he's been able to track improvement with his clients while being entertaining with his content and marketing specific calls-to-action.

Too Many Ideas? Drain the Website Swamp and Don’t Make Your Site Fancy Until Tomorrow

Nov 11, 2016 13:17


Can you relate to having "too many ideas" and you're not sure if any are any good? Maybe you've done the legwork for this website or that website... registered some domain names, setup an empty WordPress blog that will "one day" hold your membership site... maybe you've bought some resale rights content... Maybe you've recorded some interviews, videos, audios, or written some sort of report down that you one day want to put into a membership site... a site where someone pays you to get access. And then what happened? Life got in the way, right? Something came across that was more urgent and you had to switch gears to make money now... Or you came across something more exciting and you said... I'll put my current hopes and dreams on the "back burner" to try something else... I'm not sure about your current situation, but many people that are currently struggling with making money and creating a profitable membership site have this problem: -- not enough time, too distracted, too overwhelmed, too stressed out -- confusion about what to do next or what to "click" and generally getting FRUSTRATED with websites in general And even worse, the "sting" every time you check your internet marketing business on your phone or your computer. I'm sure you know what the sting is: there's a little of bit of that sting or that anxiety when you check your email, stats and sales and the number is either at zero or you wish it was way higher another bill for that web host, a quick charge for those handful of domain names you didn't use... should I continue renewing those domain names every year or cut some of them loose? And then what was I paying that yearly domain fee for? thinking about or browsing through the massive clutter of half finished projects, ideas, websites, and files... just a huge mess... sting wondering if this will all be worth it and feeling the "lifetime cost" of all the little e-books and things continues to pile up and sting... Can I tell you what my personal opinion is (which you can say is either right or wrong) about you, your upcoming membership site, and the future of you and your online business? You may have heard that you should narrow your focus down to just one website at a time, dedicate X days or X hours to getting it done... Maybe you've also heard that you should make the simplest, ugliest, most no-frills site as possible that DOES have a buy button, so you can get just one member and go from there... And... what is/was very reassuring to me is that after you FINISH that first money making site (FINISH meaning you get one single paying member) then not only does it become a lot easier to make your next site (because you've done it before), it's actually more fun because you now know this money making thing "works" and isn't just a hobby... So can I tell you what I "think" you should do today? Unsolicited Piece of Advice #1: Drain the Website Swamp Your previous websites, business expenses, half finished sites, etc. don't matter. If you have a mess of a folder, a mess of 10 half finished sites and you aren't making progress on any of them, isn't it time to clean up the mess and drain that huge "swamp" of stuff? Get some simplicity, clarity, focus? I'm no neat-freak, but if I sit down on the couch to relax and there's papers or "stuff" on the counter, I get huge amounts of anxiety... enough where I can't calm down and I can't think... not a good mental place to be. I'm the same way with any clutter on my desk OR if I have a ton of files on my desktop OR a ton of dangling unfinished projects... Put it all away. You can bring "the mess" back to the forefront after completing just one membership site... so how do you do that? Unsolicited Piece of Advice #2: Make it Pretty and Perfect "Tomorrow" Priorities. What do you need in order to take payments online? a domain name (.com name such as membershipcube.

178: Financial Alchemy: Overcome Money Limitations and Increase Your Happiness with Morgana Rae

Nov 10, 2016 37:45


Morgana Rae, author of Financial Alchemy, gives us a healthier, and more productive, approach to handling our relationship with money in the following steps: Uncover the Root Cause of your financial situation (hint-it’s never really about money) Personify the root cause into your "Money Money" Get rid of your Money Monster by any means necessary Meet your new relationship with money—your "Money Honey" Dialogue with your Money Honey Take concrete, measurable action Resources Financial Alchemy: The Book Morgana Rae's Website and Blog Does Money Love You? Money Honey App

177: Life Embodied Therapy: Break Out of the Cycle and Get Motivated Using Art and Music with Tashayla Williams

Nov 9, 2016 20:13


Tashayla Williams from Life Embodied Therapy, a substance abuse counselor, has created a revolutionary new movement for eliminating blocks and achieving fulfillment through artistic and musical forms of expression.

176: Leverage Skills to Run Virtual Summits, Create Products, and Cause Massive Transformation with Entrepreneurial Business Coach Bailey Richert

Nov 8, 2016 25:34


Bailey Richert from Virtual Summit School has made a living by creating online training courses based on website creation and product creation skills. She shares not only how she comes up with product ideas, but how she develops sales letters by re-using the "language" prospects give her. She also explains her 90-day process for running a virtual summit, including: Month 1: planning, speakers, branding Month 2: creating and recording interviews Month 3: launching, speaker followup, execution

175: View from the Top: Perspective, Mastermind, Abundance Mindset, and Decision Making with Aaron Walker

Nov 7, 2016 31:06


Have you ever wanted to be more in control, be more determined, make better decisions, miss less opportunities and overcome fear of failure? Aaron Walker of View from the Top stops by to not only share his story with you, but how explain how you can find significance and authenticity through the power of the mastermind and an abundance mindset. Free Personal Assessment View from the Top Website View from the Top Community Interview Valet Service

174: Success Secrets to Boost Your Self-Esteem, Be Present, Remove Negativity and Think Big with Todd Lemense

Nov 4, 2016 26:47


Motivational speaker Todd Lemense gives you the baby steps to lose your ego and eliminate distraction so you can live up to your full potential. Eliminate toxic people, become a better communicator, and practice better habits daily to improve your self-esteem.

173: The Bacon System: Get Boatloads of Traffic Using Content Marketing and Google Analytics with Brian Basilico

Nov 3, 2016 28:39


Brian Basilico from B2B Interactive Marketing and the author of The Bacon System has a lot to tell you about content marketing. He records monocast or single-person podcast episodes, transforms them into written transcripts, and records expert interviews.

172: Tandem Leadership: Communicate with Partners and Employees to Grow Your Business with Gina Catalano

Nov 2, 2016 29:53


Gina Catalano, the author of Tandem Leadership, an important guide that tells you how to work with others, whether that's an equal business partner or a "number two." She'll help you identify your value system and find that complementary person who is neither your opposite nor your clone, so that you can stop holding yourself back and continue to scale your business to new levels. Claim a Free Copy of the Tandem Leadership Book

171: Traffic and Leads: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Landing Pages, Email Autoresponder Followup Sequences and Sales Letters with Lindsey Anderson

Nov 1, 2016 30:21


Lindsey Anderson aka One Click Lindsey has the answers for you about how to build SEO and social media traffic, and run pay-per-click ads. She'll share the important components of a landing page and what to split test, for example, long or short copy. She also tells us about her 12-part autoresponder sequece to convert cold traffic into warm leads, and make sales.

170: Focus, Learning, and Passion: The Commonalities of Enlightened Super-Achievers with Corey Poirier

Oct 31, 2016 44:09


Corey Porier from The Speaking Program and The Passion Cure has interviewed thousands of high-earners and high-achievers and discovered their commonalities. The top three qualities that he's seen over and over again are: 1. focus or the ability to go all-in: take that single pass and say "no" to most ideas 2. life-long learners and leaders: successful people can sift through the ocean of information to find that small amount of wisdom 3. live with passion: successful people have found their purpose

169: The Missing Piece of Amazon Selling: Avoid Account Suspension, Increase Reviews and Scale Your E-Commerce Business Cynthia Stine

Oct 28, 2016 42:39


Cythnia Stine from EGrowthPartners is an expert Amazon seller and she wants to help you avoid the loss of your Amazon seller account. Cynthia explains how to build buyer trust, get reviews, keep your account in good standing, and even re-instate your account if necessary.

168: Increase Your Traffic: On-Page and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Metrics and Analytics with Scott Gombar

Oct 27, 2016 28:55


If you're not measuring the metrics in your business, then you don't know where you're at! Scott Gombar explains how he uses tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and the Google Search Console to increase search engine rankings, organic traffic, conversions, and therefore sales.

167: Social Entrepreneurship: Business with a Purpose that Creates Social Change with Adam Force

Oct 26, 2016 32:54


Adam Force from Change Creator Magazine tells us how to be a social entrepreneur, which means we don't only make a profit, but make an impact and cause social change.

166: Clean Up Your Credit Score with Damon Damarr

Oct 25, 2016 29:06


Damon Damarr from My Lucid Credit tells us how to obtain your credit report (and therefore check your credit score), and clean your credit yourself, which can mean lower interest rates and more opportunities (and options) for you.

165: All-in-One E-Commerce Solution: Setup a Shopify Store to Create a Money-Making Website Today with Kurt Elster

Oct 24, 2016 32:42


Kurt Elster from EtherCycle and E-Commerce Bootcamp (coupon code ROBERTPLANK) tells us about Shopify, an easy platform to setup an e-commerce store and take payments. He walks us through a case studies of one of his clients, Everest Bands and the steps they took to setup their e-commerce presence: 1. Create Shopify account (14-day trial) 2. Setup payment options 3. Configure shipping 4. Products 5. Categories 6. Theme 7. Copywriting & Unique Selling Proposition

164: Get Off the Treadmill: Redefine Success, Question Your Priorities and Become a Better Role Model with Dr. Joe Martin

Oct 21, 2016 36:55


Dr. Joe Martin from Real Men Connect talks about being a positive role model for success. You must question the order or priority of your values with your Creator, with your spouse of partner, with your children, with others, and your calling. Many people see success as a black-and-white proposition and how it relates to their occupation (job), compensation (money), education, and reputation. Instead, redefine them by asking these four questions: 1. Am I leading my family? 2. Am I loving others sacrificially? 3. Am I leaving a legacy? 4. Am I teaching other men?

163: Business is People and People Are Of Value: Fight Fear, Doubt, and Worry Using Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion with Michael Ross

Oct 20, 2016 28:59


Michael Ross from Mainstream Life Solutions and author of A Clear View: Unleashing the Power of a Positive Self-Image wants people to live full, impactful lives. He says that if we can find optimism, it will overcome negativity, give us a better perspective, and lead to better self-esteem. You must improve your values, choices, and your destiny. We are not our thoughts or our history. Business is just people, people are just business, and people are of value.

162: Clarity, Simplicity, and Focus: Find the Right Coach to Achieve Maximum Greatness with Unstoppable Entrepreneur Kelly Roach

Oct 20, 2016 26:00


Kelly Roach, the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, understands that you might be lacking knowledge, lacking sales expertise, and that you're probably overwhelmed. She wants you to package yourself to get clients, fill in your gaps by finding the right resources, and limit consumpting by identifying your "why." Even Olympic athletes have coaches to get feedback, discover blind spots, and assess readiness.

161: Affiliate Marketing, Domain Investing and E-Commerce: Think, Act, and Adapt As An Entprepreneur with Michael Jackness

Oct 18, 2016 41:11


Get ready to hear Michael Jackness from Ecommerce Crew tell the story about how he went from one success to another: from affiliate marketing online poker, to buying and selling domains, to running an e-commerce business.

160: Create Systems and Outsource: Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back with Ric Thompson

Oct 18, 2016 37:08


Ric Thompson from Done For You Solutions wants to know... do you want more time in your life? How about more money and freedom? Outsourcing, outtasking, and creating systems will get you to where you need to go. Dream it, think it out, task and break it down, and then do it -- hire someone faster, cheaper, or better so you can leverage those 24 hours in your day over and over again.

159: Use Dreams to Achieve Breakthroughs: Find Guidance, Understanding, Confidence and Business Success with Amy Coello

Oct 15, 2016 32:09


Wouldn't it be great if you could tap into a supercomputer and make any decision or solve any problem quicky and easily? You can, and it's called your subconscious mind! Amy Coello stops by the program to tell us how to dream better, remember our dreams, and even set ourselves up for lucid dream, so we can make money while we sleep.

158: Promote Affiliate Offers, Build Your List, and Create Your Own Products with Top 100 Clickbank Affiliate John Lagoudakis

Oct 14, 2016 33:44


John Lagoudakis quickly rose in the ranks as a top 100 Clickbank affiliate and has since transitioned into authority sites, list building, and automated webinars. Listen in as he tells us how to break into niches and attain absolute focus while making money online.

157: Become a “Cool” Business, Provide a Superior Customer Experience and Compete in the Internet Age with D. Anthony Miles

Oct 13, 2016 35:42


Dr. D Anthony Miles from has 20 years of industry experience in branding, followup marketing and customer service and can tell you how to get that blind customer loyalty despite the growing competition.

156: Listen, Focus, Balance, Pivot: Get It All Done and Pursue Your Entrepreneurial Dreams with Audrey Bell-Kearney

Oct 12, 2016 37:56


Focus now and expand your brain later. Audrey Bell-Kearney from shares her unique story with us and tells us how she created a marketed a line of plus sized dolls and created her own content distribution network. Dasia Doll "What's Your Big Idea?" Book Talk Business With Audrey

155: Crowdfunding: Get Funded Today on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with Zach Smith

Oct 11, 2016 32:45


Could you use some extra money to scale your online business? Do you want to test the marketplace demand for your physical product? If so, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are your tools and Zach Smith from Funded Today is your guide to raising capital for your business using crowdfunding. Funded Today Crowdfunding Success Matrix Funded Today Blog Crowdfunding Cashback Network

154: Crush It On Instagram: Build an Audience, Generate Leads, and Increase Sales with Luke Bender

Oct 8, 2016 27:08


Luke Bender from shares his Instagram expertise. Instagram is a super popular social network (500 million users, second only to Facebook), where users can only post pictures as content. He shares his 30 minute per day strategy to get the most out of this high traffic social network: post between "every other day" and "once a day" research hashtags: find huge Instagram pages similar to yours and copy those tags follow people to get followers (you're limited to 60 per hour but shoot for 100 per day) Resources Typorama (generate quote pictures) Later app (for posting) Iconosquare (analytics)

153: Be Persistent, Consistent, Relevant and Visible with Bestselling Author and Radical Influence Expert Jill Lublin

Oct 7, 2016 21:09


Jill Lublin from Publicity Crash Course (phone number: 415-883-5455) tells us how to use publicity to heighten our profile and increase our own visibility. It's done with press releases, local business journals, and fitting into the news.

152: Convert with Webinars and Get Clients with Magnetic Messenger Alysa Rushton

Oct 6, 2016 33:34


Do you want to make more sales and money? Do you want a larger following, and most importantly, do you want an easier time growing your business? If so, Alysha Rushton from shares the seven steps to landing clients and sales from webinars: 1. Connect with your audience: intend to give quality information 2. Engage with your audience: open with a question or a quote 3. Tell your story: but avoid a lack of overstanding and avoid over-telling that story 4. Share content: teach people something, help solve a top-of-mind problem or little piece -- pull out one part of the offer and explain it, get them hungry but don't overfill, go deep but not wide 5. Amazing free gift: solve another problem or go deeper -- because you're here, it's free 6. Give offer: "another tip" 7. Wrap-up: the rest, Q&A, call to action -- information alone is not transformation, link to checkout page at the beginning and end

151: Offer, Promise, Platform, Big Idea: Create Proven Funnels that Convert with Marketing Medic Mike Caldwell

Oct 5, 2016 29:47


If you want to grow your business, the easiest way to do that (the low hanging fruit) is to increase your conversions. Mike Caldwell, the Marketing Medic, tell us how you're leaving money on the table with your business and what you should do to make more sales with your websites.

150: Launch High-Ticket Offers, Attract Recurring Clients, Scale Your Revenue to Six-Figures And Beyond with Johnson Emmanuel

Oct 4, 2016 32:45


Stop listening to everyone and just choose three mentors! That's what Johnson Emmanuel from Clients Attraction has to say about internet marketing and success. Johnson changes businesses in three ways: optimize for revenue, optimize for freedom/lifestyle, and increase impact. Johnson shares his initial successes online, his role models, and the various ways he increases conversions in funnels such as decreasing cart abandonment or increasing follow-ups. High Ticket Client Attraction Blueprint Emmanuel Johnson coaching: Skyrocket Your Revenue Nick Unsworth: Life on Fire

149: Make a Business Out of Podcasting with Steve Lubetkin

Sep 30, 2016 24:40


Steve Lubetkin is a baby boomer who's reinvented himself through blogs, Twitter, podcasting, audio/video recording, and documentary videos. You too can succeed in podcasting if you avoid talking too much "inside baseball", if you use checklists AND if you become a podcast producer instead of focusing solely on your own podcast. The Business of Podcasting: Steve and Donna's book Being the Media Trafalgar Communcations (Donna Papacosta's website)

148: You Deserve the Best In Life: Get More Pleasure, Joy, and Creative Flow with Self-Improvement Guide and Multi-Orgasmic Living Expert Antonia Hall

Sep 29, 2016 24:25


Thoughts are information-carrying energy and Antonia Hall gives us the tools to use those thoughts to achieve balance, inner peace, find the joy zone, and even enjoy creative juiciness in every area of our businesses and everyday lives. You deserve the best in life! Antonia tells us how to use visualization to understand what you want and where your goals are, breath work for daily consistency and inner peace, and to treat yourself right to have enough downtime to reset. Antonia Hall: Official Website The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life by Antonia Hall Antonia on Twitter

147: You Are Not Your Past: Use the Debox Method to Remove Self-Doubt, Anxiety, Shame and More with Mindset Expert Jay Roberts

Sep 28, 2016 28:54


If you want to change your results, then you'll need to either change your actions, or the way you THINK about those results, if not both! Jay Roberts, creator of the DeBox Method, has a new way to deal with struggles, knee-jerk reactions and those daily emotional reactions such as doubt, fear, anger, etc. Each of those potential problems are "boxes" that can be dealt with by leaning into that discomfort, staying with it, and stay with it until the box is empty. Feel the fear, use the fear, then move on with comfort. Debox Revolution Website Debox Revolution on Facebook Debox Revolution: THe Book Debox Revolution on Kickstarter

146: My Testimonial Engine: Get More Reviews and Get Better Reviews for Any Online (or Offline) Business with Doren Aldana

Sep 27, 2016 27:52


Doren Aldana from My Testimonial Engine tells us about an easy to use tool that will help any business (online or offline) get more reviews from customers on strategic review sites such as Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and more. This tool also cleans up negative reviews and even prevents bad reviews from happening as much as possible. Doren unpacks the ways he transforms 20% of any businesses' database into rave reviews and referrals using what he calls the "magic wand letter."

145: Establish Your Brand, Build the Right Team and Live the Lifestyle You Deserve with Paul Potratz

Sep 26, 2016 23:04


What does success mean for you and your team? Paul Potratz from shares the unique way he runs his business and sets up his company culture where he encourages his employees to make their own decisions and mistakes (including the interview process for that). He tells us how to build a quality brand, get back to basics, and provide a "Nordstrom" customer service instead of a "Macy's" one. Compete based on your brand, not on price! Potratz Agency Paul Potratz: Free Strategy Tips Potratz Floral Shop & Greenhouses

144: Mental Illness is An Asset: Create Predictable Income Using Checklists, Life Mission Statements, and Tribal Connections with Mike Veny

Sep 23, 2016 22:13


Mental health speaker and drummer Mike Veny from and Unleash Your Groove, who was hospitalized three times, expelled from three schools, and attempted suicide by age 10, gives us simple exercises we can use to become more focused, free up aggression, and become the person we really are. Mike has battled depression, anxiety, and OCD -- and talks to us today about how he's using drum circles to empower people connect authentically with each other and form a mission statement in life. He also tells us how he uses operations manuals and checklists to keep his businesses running smoothly.

143: Success is An Inside Job: Create and Promote Your Itty Bitty Book with Suzy Prudden

Sep 22, 2016 33:15


Suzy Prudden from has been on Oprah and is responsible for many books becoming bestsellers. She tells us that your book is a business BUILDER, not a business card, and that you can create an "itty bitty" book in just 15 pages to market yourself.

142: Creativity is Your Biggest Resource: Get Published, Find Your Flow State, and Prevent Burnout with Spiritual Business Life Coach Tracee Sioux

Sep 21, 2016 33:06


We all tell ourselves three lies: that we don't have time, that we're low on money or priorities, and that we're not good enough. Luckily, nothing could be further from the truth and Tracee Sioux from stops by to set us straight. She tells us how her strategy of content creation (books, CDs, and workbooks) and an online platform (site, social media, and newsletter) has helped her and others build a list and land public speaking gigs. She has some great advice for aspiring and successful writers including: write at the same time every day structure, deadline, and smaller pieces (you can't force your creativity) take time off to recharge And more!

141: Hacking Success: Small Wins, Goal Setting and Business Tweaking with Scott Hansen

Sep 20, 2016 33:10


What does success look like to you? What if you had three wishes, how would your business change? What small wins could you experience in your business within the next 90 days or less? Scott Hansen from and tells us why he started his online presence, and how he's built up his podcast devoted to cracking the entrepreneurial code.

140: Find Fulfillment: From Invisible to Influence with Conscious Warrior and Freedompreneur Nick Pereira

Sep 19, 2016 31:35


How do you prevent burnout and enjoy everything you do? That's what Coach Nick Pereira (from and the Freedompreneur Club on Facebook) stops by to answer for us. He tells us how to get into that flow state, start small and grow, PLUS go from invisible to influence with his five step model: 1. invisible (an idea in your head) 2. emergencence (cashflow and clients) 3. chaos (where you have more business than infrastructure) 4. systems (save yourself time and energy) 5. stability/influence (normal operations, scale)

139: The Wisdom of Walt Disney: Live a Great Story and Control What You Can Control with Jeff Barnes

Sep 16, 2016 27:34


The expert on everything Disney, Jeff Barnes from and author of "The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth" tells us how to live a great story. He shares how Walt Disney succeeded despite all odds, previous failures and existing competitors to create a superior product and experience.

138: Bring Your Marriage Back to Life with Entrepreneurs Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

Sep 15, 2016 26:58


  Get back to basics and shorten those challenging times in your marriage! Meet Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, from -- the podcast they've been running for 6 1/2 years. The three of us discuss a lot of subjects -- not only how they repaired their marriage and others can do the same, but also how they developed this advice into a podcast, a series of books, and a coaching program.

137: Intuitive Business Insights with Life Strategy and Business Coach Sasha Laghonh

Sep 14, 2016 20:13


Do you feel that sometimes you plan too much and don't take enough action? Sasha Laghonh from has the solution for you. She shares her secrets to internet traffic, keeping your emotions in check so they help you, and how you can get that tough love alternate perspective.

136: You Are in the Money Getting Business: Selling Domination with Rodney Hughes

Sep 13, 2016 25:55


Rodney Hughes, author of the book "Selling Domination: Your Blueprint to Selling More and Generating an Extraordinary Income" tells us how he helps companies all over the world, especially those who don't even know what business they're in! (The money getting business.) He also details the four steps you can take when looking to improve any business' profits in 90 days or less: 1. How you business handles obscurity 2. Missed opportunities 3. What's already working that you can enhance? 4. Where are you wasting time and effort?

135: Overcome Illness and Adversity At Any Age with Marc Hoberman

Sep 12, 2016 24:27


Marc Hoberman from, author of the book Search and Seizure: Overcoming Illness and Adversity, tells us how to reconcile both our positive and negative life experiences. He didn't let his eppilepsy diagnosis define him, and instead used this experience to keep him grounded. Marc shares his breakthroughs he experienced with his struggle, as well as how he makes money online with SAT prep and online tutoring.

134: Get Out of the Dumpster and Banish Your Limitations with Dr. Reggie Padin

Sep 9, 2016 23:23


Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a "dumpster moment" that prevented you from getting to the next level? Dr. Reggie Padin has. He's the author of, "Get Out Of The Dumpster: A True Story on Overcoming Limitations" and tell us how he went from being a high school dropout living in a dumpster to someone who's found his purpose through soul searching and has become a dean professor, instructor, and coach. He tells us how to the make the right choices and find your next steps.

133: Social Media Marketing Power, Customer Service and Rebranding with Kyra Reed

Sep 8, 2016 24:05


Kyra Reed from Made to Order Agency tells us about the power of social media including the story of how she was able to save the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles using internet marketing. Her social system consists of five points: Who are you? (brainding) Who are you talking to? (understand how your customers "feel") What are you saying? (content strategy) How are you selling? What is your growth & maintenance plan? (what platforms)

132: Influence with a Heart: Find Your Secret Sauce and Purpose with Ben Gioia

Sep 7, 2016 21:52


Ben Gioia, author of Influence with a Heart and Marketing with a Heart, tells us how to use trust marketing for greater income, influence, and impact.

131: Inner Game, Journaling and Coaching with Kim Ades

Sep 6, 2016 24:01


Kim Ades from Frame of Mind Coaching shares her secrets to identifying internal problems, overcoming limiting beliefs and challenging our thinking through journaling and getting a coach. She also tells us how to make huge changes in our own lives and shares how she setup her coaching business.

130: Fix Your Process and Goals to Undo the Past and Create the Future with Personal Growth Innovator Matt Powell

Sep 5, 2016 25:40


Entrepreneur and martial arts teacher Matt Powell from the Pramek organization tells us why we fail, how to stop being "right" all the time, gain focus, break the cycle, set goals, and so much more. He's also the author of the book UNDO: Get Past The Past and Manage Your Future, which tells us how to cut ties to the past.

129: Book Launch Strategies and Self-Publishing with Angela Ford

Sep 2, 2016 29:12


Angela Ford tells us about online marketing and social media, and how she was able to use those skills to self-publishing market her fiction novels using Instagram, Facebook groups, contests, book tours, and more.

128: Differentiate, Entertain and Educate with Authority Marketer Jeff Beale

Sep 1, 2016 35:00


Mr. Marketology Jeff Beale can teach you to become an authority using the four C's: Content, Contacts, Communication, and Consistency. He tells us how to identify and understand our audience, optimize for social media, sell based on emotional triggers, and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

127: Go From Idea to Finished Physical Product with Filip Valica

Aug 31, 2016 25:34


Filip Valica from The Product Startup is a mechanical engineer who runs a podcast where he interviews small business owners and Shark Tank winners about Do It Yourself product development. He discusses the path you need to take to go from an idea for a physical product, to selling it in a marketplace. (Test your idea quickly, make a prototype, validate the market, iterate, etc.) He also touches on different ways to make money with physical products, from Amazon FBA, to selling on your own website, tweaking existing products from suppliers, and even licensing.

126: Courses, Webinars and Funnels: Attract Customers and Clients with Brian Lofrumento

Aug 30, 2016 19:35


Brian Lofrumento, creator of The Ultimate Profit Model, tells us about his online system to not only develop an idea into an information product (or coaching program) that serves a hungry and specific crowd, he also explains his webinar model (shatter existing beliefs and rebuild them) as well as how he fills up his webinars with attendees using Facebook ads.

125: Get Free TV and Radio Publicity For Your Business Today with Sharon Bolt

Aug 29, 2016 24:49


  Sharon Bolt from Get Free Publicity Today, and author of the free report, "How To Write An Attention Grabbing Press Release" tells us how she was able to land a spot on BBC radio as well as a recurring segment where she appears on the radio regularly. She also tells us about press releases and what you may be missing from them.

124: Discover Your Own Passion, Knowledge and Advantage with Agency Consultant Jason Swenk

Aug 26, 2016 29:55


Jason Swenk talks to us about creating the resource you "wish you had" that satisfies the criteria of: 1. something you're passionate about, 2. something you're knowledgeable in, 3. an area where you have a unique advantage, and 4. something that is helpful and educates people. He tells us how he started, grew, and sold an agency, and shares some cutting edge techniques including the early bird list and progressive profiling with thank you pages.

123: Setup Websites, Get Clients, and Create Funnels That Convert for Any Business with Damir Butkovic

Aug 25, 2016 39:59


Damir Butkovic tells us the amazing story of how he brought in 4 new recurring clients in 14 days just by sending a simple four sentence email to 20 prospects. He is an implementer for small business, quickly creating websites with WordPress, email marketing campaigns with Aweber and ActiveCampaign, payment solutions with PayPal and Stripe, as well as landing pages using ClickFunnels.

122: Use the Internet to Get More Customers, Leads, and Sales, No Matter What Your Business Is! with Charles Manuel

Aug 24, 2016 27:43


Charles Manuel from Berkshire SEO tells us the story of how we went from selling a speed reading course, to helping online businesses make money. Charles uses SEO, PPC, influencer marketing, and social media tactics to generate lots of new leads (and keep existing customers) for local businesses. He shares not only lots of common sense advice, but tells us about some creative ways he's used the internet to boost sales.

121: Twenty-First Century Publishing: Hook Into Social Media, Get Targeted Traffic, and Monetize a Podcast with Naresh Vissa

Aug 23, 2016 23:16


Naresh Vissa from Krish Media Marketing, a 21st century publisher who's fluent in web design, web development, and marketing -- author of "Fifty Shades of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape & Dominate Your Competition" and "Podcastnomics: The Book of Podcasting... To Make You Millions" -- shares his best and craziest marketing techniques with us. He tells us about three ways to monetize a podcast (ads, existing products, and premium content), how to make money with porn sites, LinkedIn, Yelp, and more.

120: Stress is Just Adaptation: The Impact of the Human Stress Response with Mary Wingo

Aug 22, 2016 27:35


Dr. Mary Wingo is here to talk about stress and her new book, The Impact of the Human Stress Response: The Biological Origins and Solutions to Human Stress. She answers the tough questions, and explains how to understand stress (adaptation to people or an environment). Dr. Mary discusses the major causes of stress, as well as how we can all live happier and more fulfilled lives with purpose.

119: Get What You Want, Become a High Achiever and Overcome Procrastination with Dr. Chris Friesen

Aug 19, 2016 34:37


Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D from Friesen Performance, and author of the book, ACHIEVE: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, And How To Make It Happen, tells us how to find our life's purpose with small changes and a number of easy techniques. He talks about the 5 minute rule to instantly overcome procrastination, the 10 minute rule to stop bad habits, the structure of your environment (great for finishing that "big" task you've been avoiding) and why it's so important to have your "why" (values, purpose, and mission).

118: Focus Until You Succeed: Perseverance, Forward Motion, Relationships, and The Invisible Organization with Mitch Russo

Aug 18, 2016 38:24


Mitch Russo, former President of Chet Holmes, co-creator of Business Breakthroughs with Tony Robbins, and author of the book The Invisible Organization: How Ingenious CEOs Are Creating Thriving, Virtual Companies, talks with us about what mindsets, skills, and actions you must take to become an entrepreneur who perseveres and succeeds.

117: Find Your Balance, Motivation, Mission, and Get a Greater Taste of Success with Damon Nailer

Aug 17, 2016 21:31


Damon "DaRil" Nailer, New Orleans native and author of "A Greater Taste of Success" talks mindset, passion, consistency, balance, and consistency. His message will help anyone who's looking for that combination of finding something you're good at, something you're passionate about, an activity or service where others receive satisfaction, and something you can do for free. Check it out right now!

116: Profitable Popularity: Be Interesting, Build Popularity and Use Social Media to Make Money with Rachna Jain

Aug 16, 2016 21:17


Dr. Rachna Jain from Profitable Popularity talks to us about social media marketing, traffic, and results. She's noticed that many online business owners simply use social media to "chase a number" instead of making their efforts profitable. She talks about her M6 model, how to get noticed, and shares with us lots of helpful mini-breakthroughs and tips on how to overcome common issues you might be facing with your marketing.

115: Unlock the Gates to Unlimited Success By Finding the Right Business Coach with Kory Livingstone

Aug 15, 2016 38:01


Accomplished pianist, composer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Kory Livingstone, author of the book Quiet Determination drops by and tells us what separates good business coaches from bad coaches, as well as what you should look for in a good coach.

114: The Business of Great Ideas, Real Estate, Charity, and an Eco-Friendly Cause with Mayer Dahan

Aug 12, 2016 27:14


Everyone has great ideas, but what matters is taking action! Mayer Dahan from Prime Five Homes and The Dream Builder's Project tells us how he's innovated in the real estate space to create luxury, eco-friendly homes while also championing a great cause in the Los Angeles County area.

113: Powerful Communication, Influence and Presence with Laurie Burton

Aug 11, 2016 27:05


Laurie Burton talks to us today about becoming a better speaker and having a better presence so that you overcome the fear of failure and aversion to risk, and instead, be captivating and charismatic in your delivery.

112: Build an Online Presence and Connect with Your Ideal Customer with Ajay Prasad

Aug 10, 2016 27:58


Ajay Prasad from GMR Web Team and creator of RepuGen software tells us how business owners need to focus on their repeat customers AND how to differentiate to reach their ideal customer. He works with urgent care providers, dentists, local business and more to increase (and in some cases, save) their business with Yelp ratings, SEO, PPC, website updates, reputation, followup, and more.

111: Make the Right Business Decisions for Maximum Success with Donald Mazzella

Aug 9, 2016 23:55


Donald Mazzella, author of the upcoming book, "Recalculating: 97 Experts on Driving Small Business Growth" tells us how to make great decisions in business, whether it has to do with leadership, marketing, operations, human capital, or finance.

110: Take Your Money Back By Removing the Fear and Greed with Joshua Belanger

Aug 8, 2016 39:14


Joshua Belanger from OptionSizzle tells us how to remove the fear and greed, overcome common financial obstacles and take control of your own money.

109: Flip Websites Using Amazon Associates and Amazon FBA with Jon Haver

Aug 5, 2016 21:09


Jon Haver from Authority Website Income and BrandBuilders and tell us how he flips website properties in his online portfolio, including the amazing story of how he bought a business for $50k and sold it for $350k just a few months later.

108: How to Sell a Business the Smart Way with David Barnett

Aug 4, 2016 21:29


David Barnett, author of "How To Sell My Own Business" talks to us about the process and specific things he does to sell a business, so you can avoid the pitfalls of dealing with an inexperienced broker and also save yourself the typical 10-12 percent commission brokers usually take when you sell your business.

107: Stop Dreaming and Take Action with Anmol Singh

Aug 3, 2016 24:34


Anmol Singh from shares his journey from stock trading, to becoming an independent trader, then diversifying with rental properties, online training courses, software, and tons of other areas. He shares with us: his amazingly simple time management system that involves a simple notepad his distinction between a "gig" and a business (and only doing those things that you're good at, that you also have a passion about) that you should not only do what you say you'll do, but stop dreaming and take action

106: Strengthen Your Faith While Building a Profitable Business with Tasha Scott

Aug 2, 2016 20:33


Tasha Scott, a "recovering victim" and author of "Don't Limit Me" shares her insights to get the most out of your day and become your best self. Tasha shares with us: how a coach gave her that safe place to resolve out one problem after another how journaling gave her a no-judgement zone how she discovered the best way to communicate without getting emotional (and avoid the extremes of being "too quiet" or a "complainer") and more!

105: Leverage LinkedIn and Network Your Way to New Connections with Mike Shelah

Aug 1, 2016 28:00


LinkedIn master Mike Shelah talks to us about the ABC's of LinkedIn: Always Be Connecting, Always Be Cultivating, and Always Be Customizing. Use the LinkedIn social network to find your dream job or get an "in" with whatever joint venture you want to achieve.

104: Be a Baller, Be Bold, and Transform Into Your Best Self with Melissa Krivachek

Jul 30, 2016 21:27


Melissa Krivachek talks to us today and shares how to get anything we want in life (better relationships, money, clarity, focus, less stress, and more abundance) by focusing on just one area at a time. Attain peak performance whether you're an introvert or extrovert, even if you "think" you can't do it or you "think" you aren't creative enough.

103: Money Mindset: Locate Money Leaks, Create Prosperity and Freedom with Chris Miles

Jul 28, 2016 40:47


Chris Miles from tells us how to get our financial situation in order. We cover everything from an easy tool (and app) you can use to track your in and out (plus business AND personal) expenses called He also tells us what to do whether you're a spender, saver, or steward of your money. And a whole lot more!

102: Generate Prolific Passive Income on uDemy with Alex Genadinik

Jul 27, 2016 37:12


Alex Genadinik, whose Android app is ranked #1 in the Google Play store for the term "business" has 87 courses on uDemy and has sold to over 66,000 students. He's going to tell us how he sells on a high traffic platform called uDemy (which is as "hot" as the iTunes app store was years ago), how he comes up with ideas and gets traffic to his video courses. Recommended Resources uDemy Marketplace Email Alex Get a Discount on All Alex's uDemy Courses

101: Fine Tune Your Greatness and Optimize Your Branding with Business Advisor, Speaker and Author Loren Weisman

Jul 27, 2016 40:25


Loren Weisman from, Leveraging Smart, and the "Wait What Really Ok Podcast" tells how to dial in your message with the hot, warm and cold members of your tribe...

100: Crack the Traffic Code with Lance Tamashiro

Jul 26, 2016 41:17


My business partner for the past 7 1/2 years, Lance Tamashiro, is going to share with us how he "cracks the free traffic" code on Twitter, Fiverr, iTunes, Amazon... using just a few simple rules: Model what already exists so you can reverse engineer for an easy starting point Know where you're at -- check out your existing rankings, clicks, etc. Login to that "platform" or marketplace once a day so they see you're active and checking Send external traffic whenever possible -- for example, send Twitter traffic to Fiverr or Amazon Know which variable you want to improve and watch that number improving with small tweaks and tests (once per week) Use relevant keywords to give users of that platform a better experience and to "please" the owners of that platform Recommended Resources: Profit Dashboard (Fiverr course) and Lance Tamashiro's Blog

099: Content Creation: 15 Quick Writing Hacks for Blog Posts and More

Jul 17, 2016 50:48


Today's Sponsors: Income Machine, Podcast Crusher and Make a Product "You are rewarded in public for the things you practice in private." -- Tony Robbins Catchphrase of the Week: Content Piggy Bank: What Would It Take For You to Record Just One Quick Video Per Day? Resource of Week: X-Mirage to mirror iphone/ipad and record it on your computer Quote of the Week: "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." -- Napoleon Hill Quote of the Week #2: "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out." -- Robert Collier Quote of the Week #3: "Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better." -- Jim Rohn Become Better: 30 minutes to say something that could be said in 1 minute? System & Routine 1. Small goals: 10-minute spurts or 500-word days. Create a sense of urgency to avoid Parkinson's Law (and possibly run a countdown timer) 2. Update an editorial calendar so you know what you're writing each day (Seinfeld productivity where you want to "avoid the broken chain of events") 3. Use writer's block to perform more research 4. Wake up an hour earlier (Elmore Leonard) Tools & Mechanics 5. Delegate transcription and speak it out instead ( 6. Use Google image search to find relevant images (don't forget to source them) 7. Grab a YouTube video and explain your reaction to it (before or against) 8. Break down pages into paragraphs, into talking points + time Mind Hacks 9. Read a lot 10. Unplug distractions 11. Write your chapter/article titles as questions and paragraphs as questions, then delete the questions later (record yourself and send questions and answers to yourself via instant messenger) 12. Use a daily prompt 13. Break up your monotonous routine: go for a drive, walk, swim, run 14. Combine a task you don't like to do with one you do like to do, i.e. Write a quick blog post by the pool 15. Set a fake meeting schedule on your calendar and use the time for yourself Bonus: Toughen Up That Writing Avoid "ing"... say "set" instead of "setting" Repetitions: remove "click here" every 2 sentences. "Please" every 2 sentences. Words to stop using: Try, start -- Trick, loophole, hacked -> secret -- Work, learn -> discover, uncover Tone down these words: Money-back/refund Words to use: System, formula, roadmap, blueprint, Machine, Push button, Secret weapon, Magic bullet

098: Content Ideas: How to Never Run Out of Ideas for WordPress Blog Posts and iTunes Podcast Episodes Ever Again

Jul 9, 2016 54:01


Today's Sponsor: Make a Product Quote of the Day: "You cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it. Because cynics don’t learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness, a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying “yes” begins things. Saying “yes” is how things grow. Saying “yes” leads to knowledge. “Yes” is for young people. So for as long as you have the strength to, say “yes'." -- Stephen Colbert Thought of the Day: Is internet marketing a scam? Yes, if you believe that going in. Classic fear of success, self sabotage, self-fulfulling prophecy Nine Rules of Content Creation Questions Must Be Answered: so if you're stuck, answer a series of questions (asked TO you by one single imaginary person) that lead to the end Solution: Fix a real problem that the marketplace is asking about, and lead to a call-to-action if possible WWHW: Why, What, How-To, What-If (the basis for any start-to-finish piece of content) One-Take Content: write (or talk in video) the way you would in everyday conversation (no "fancy talk") Mindmap: rearrange to figure out the categories, hierarchy, and sequence of what you're explaining Notes: Have bullet points in front of you to keep yourself on track, don't leave things out, and unpack in the correct order, but don't script anything Content Muscle: the more you put out blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and videos... the easier they become Content Piggy Bank: instead of living paycheck-to-paycheck, record more than you need and schedule it out Demo or Magic Trick: show what you're building towards, explain what you're about to show, show that thing, and show it again Be sure to grab our Make a Product course to up your game with content creation and self-publish your own book (on Kindle and CreateSpace) in just 56 minutes.

097: Buy Now Buttons & Low Hanging Fruit: Increase Online Sales Using Launch Scarcity in Your Digital Offers, Landing Pages, and Sales Letters (with Real Case Studies)

Jul 3, 2016 45:05


Question of the Day: Why is offering a 50% discount a really bad idea with your online business? Today's Sponsors: Income Machine (setup your website today) and Podcast Crusher (setup your podcast today) Quote of the Day: "The fears we don't face become our limits." -- Robin Sharma Thought of the Day: Don't have "just" a traffic or AdSense or guitar course. add a buy button even if you don't have time for anything else offer: create a package or solution, not just a "product" (4 modules + 3 bonuses, what else can you throw in to make it complete?) hook: what's the one thing that tells people, I need it now? (that takes 10 seconds to explain) basic copywriting: benefits (what you can do with it) instead of "just" features (what it is), Attention-Interest-Desire-Action ordering deadline: close the offer (take a risk) countdown clock explain reasons not to wait followup: send multiple emails or make multiple posts explaining why they should buy now waiting list: don't "just" close an offer, add an optin form so they can sign up for updates when you re-open multiple levels of urgency: bump the price, remove a bonus, remove the payment plan price training: stick to your guns with the deadline. Train your customers to take your deadlines seriously. evergreen content: re-market your pitch webinars, podcast episodes, PDF reports and blog posts for re-launching later

096: The Perfect Morning Routine and Morning Habits: Get the Most of Out of Every Day, Reclaim Your Energy, and Multiply Your Creativity

Jun 28, 2016 29:03


Quote of the Week: "It doesn't matter if the thing you're creating is stupid or has been done before. What matters is that people use it." -- Jack Ma Quote #2: "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today." -- Karen Lamb Today's Sponsor: Profit Dashboard Resources Mentioned: Four Daily Tasks Group, Make a Product, Podcast Crusher, Time Management on Crack Wake up early, preferably at least 30 minutes before you normally would (your brain runs out of "good" decision making power as the day goes on) Sleep a solid 8 hours: eat a spoonful of raw honey just before bed, don't use the phone right before bed, breath 4 seconds in and hold for 7 seconds then exhale for 8 seconds, and count from the number 300 backwards from 3 if that doesn't work, use the Sleep Cycle app to wake you up Make your bed first thing in the morning (it gives you one thing you accomplished today) Meditate: Take 1-2 hours of "quiet" time in the morning: don't listen to music, stay off the computer, and walk (or drive or run) to think about making your next move and conquering the day Take lots of breaks throughout the day to recharge (AWAY from the computer) and take at least 1-2 days away from the computer per week Drink Bulletproof Coffee: Wake up at 5AM and blend together 2 cups of low-acid unsalted coffee + 2 tbsp MCT oil + 2 tbsp ghee butter or unsalted irish Kerrygold butter. Abstain from eating anything else until 2PM in the afternoon. Drink tons of water instead of soda Read a book instead of watching TV (this is what Bill Gates does) and get a hobby outside of internet marketing or parenting Journal: spend 5 minutes getting the clutter, thoughts and problems out of your head (you don't need to solve them, just get clarity) Write down your Four Daily Tasks instead of just winging it (

095: Tim Jensen Explains Amazon Retail Arbitrage

Jun 22, 2016 49:29


Today's Sponsor: Dropship CEO Amazon Selling Course (Feedback Patrol tool included) Tim Jensen is one of our favorite Dropship CEO students. He and his wife in Onalaska, Wisconsin sell $1,000 of inventory through Amazon from retail arbitrage (scanning in items at discount stores and mailing them in) with no employees, from their living room and one-stall garage: "Amazon Retail Arbitrage" FREE Report Part 1: Big Picture (long term with Amazon) invest in inventory scale: invest the profits that come back in inventory turnover: sell frequently (30-90 days after purchase, or dump what's not selling) outsource some tasks: receipts, taxes, payroll Part 2: Flexibility sell evergreen items Use to see if Amazon is selling the item you want to sell (so you can avoid it) Part 3: Pay Attention to Detail make sure your UPC code matches the listing follow the rules, there is no flying under the radar supply and demand: people pay higher prices for convenience Terms Tim Uses inventory: the items you're selling supplies: tape, boxes, etc. sourcing: where your items are coming from UPC: barcode SKU: stock keeping unit FBA: Fulfilled By Amazon MF: Merchant Fulfilled prep: bubble wrap, packing, labeling, etc. RA: retail arbitrage OA: online arbitrage wholesale: purchase items in bulk PL: private label (your own brand name)

094: Six and Seven Figure Business Secrets: Website Backups, Morning Routines, and Your Process and Flow State

Jun 17, 2016 31:26


Today's Sponsor: Backup Creator (starts at just $7) Today's Quote: "The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake. You can't learn anything from being perfect." -- Adam Osborne Morning Routine Wake up early, make the bed, break up the day, drink water, exercise Four Daily Tasks spaced throughout the day (and don't "cheat" or be an idiot about your schedule) When you're "blocked" -- stop, don't force it Website Backups WordPress, Backup Creator Set automatic offsite backups (set it and forget it) Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google Drive Flow State Get to ANY money making level as fast as possible (Profit Dashboard for Fiverr, Income Machine for WordPress) Figure out your click-by-click process: support desk, installing WordPress, recording podcasts, creating YouTube videos... that way it doesn't matter how many you have to create Get rid of the clutter: more ideas, more possibilities, split focus is NOT good -- knock out what needs doing and be done with it. Click to Claim the Backup Creator Plugin Right Now

093: Simplify, Become Desperate to Reduce Clutter, Get Your Life Back, Eliminate Procrastination (And Burnout and Overload) and Increase Motivation

Jun 12, 2016 38:41


Today's Sponsor: Website Remote (99 cent trial) "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Leonardo da Vinci Only think three "content ideas" ahead (i.e. podcast episodes) Have your own system or weekly structure. Promote ONE thing this week, email every day, and have a webinar in the middle if possible Don't check email, Facebook, or Skype for a few days. The world will still be there when you come back. Four Daily Tasks: all money making tasks, and one of them is some form of content creation Don't Force It: if you can't seem to get anything done, get away from the computer, but also get away from TV and your phone (possibly, read to collect your thoughts). Get back "in state." Stop Multitasking: Turn off all pop-ups and keep your phone out of your office (or in a drawer) so you can focus on those money-making tasks It's Just One Hour: Time yourself and put even one focused hour (all other windows closed) on a timer for your business Clear files off your desktop every week (into a monthly "overflow" folder) Don't have a notebook filled with ideas. I have one single piece of paper and one pen on my desk to take notes, then I delete them. File everything away and have it on auto-backup. I have a G-SAFE external drive and Cloudberry Backup running every night to Amazon S3.

092: Master Free Google Traffic and Search Engine Optimization (Ten Quick WordPress SEO Ranking Factors)

Jun 4, 2016 48:12


Today's Sponsor: WP Import "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely." -- Henry Ford Loopholes, superstition (H1 tags, meta tags, duplicate content), shortcuts/hacks, or a "good" user experience? Dwell time and human reviewers. Consistently put out content (at least once a week), promote it using Facebook, Twitter, eClincher, Zapier -- save "temporary" content like webinars, Periscopes, Snapchats, FB live into YouTube, iTunes, etc. 1. Use WordPress and a mobile theme (built-in or WP Touch) 2. Install All in One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps plugins 3. Install W3 Total Cache and set it to minify JavaScript and CSS -- this will shave a few seconds off load time and give you a boost (and use Google PageSpeed Insights and 4. Add 10 years on the domain (only gives a slight boost but is easy to do) 5. Verify the site with Google Webmaster Tools (and Add Google Analytics code if you know how to do that) 6. Buy an SSL certificate and redirect the site to 100% forced SSL (a little bit of work) 7. Link to your legal pages at the bottom of every page. Terms and conditions, earnings disclaimer, and especially a privacy policy ( is great for this) 8. Add a physical mailing address and a phone number at the bottom of every page, even if it's just a PO box and a Google Voice number. 9. Load up your WordPress ping list 10. The next step for my blog: Signup for Facebook Instant Articles and install the plugin (this is new and I haven't done it yet)

091: How to Choose a Niche for Your Internet Marketing Business and Decode the Science to Making Money Online

May 29, 2016 44:41


"Fail in private, succeed in public." -- David Ogilvy Stage 1: Quick Research Find the intersection of: what people want, what people need, what you're good at, and what's fun for you -- forum search, Amazon table of contents, ask your list if you have one Build a better mousetrap than your competitors, find their holes, absorb the changes, combine things from two competitors, give away one piece that your competitors normally charge for Important: teach something you've already known for several years, that way you're saying "something" (as opposed to bizopp stuff), and you don't have to do any new learning Stage 2: Find Competitors Making Money Are there high ticket items, seminars, and membership sites about this? Paid ads? Do the high profile guys keep promoting it and keep their websites around for a long time? Stage 3: Is There a Future In It? Why is weight loss a good idea but back pain isn't? Weight loss is an ongoing problem you can continuously help them with, back pain isn't. Huge offer: what can you sell for $100 that's worth $1000 to $10,000? What can you checklist and systematize to "dumb it down" and make it super easy Recommended Resources Dropship CEO: build an Amazon business Profit Dashboard: build a Fiverr business Income Machine: build an information product business

090: The Path to Internet Freedom: Start with That Day Job and Transition From Freelancing to Products and Membership Sites

May 25, 2016 42:02


Today's Sponsor: Profit Dashboard (Make Money on Fiverr course) "You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks." -- Winston Churchill The Steps Phase 1: day job (get some income rolling in, overlap skills with your internet business if possible, find the win-win scenario) Phase 2: freelancing (small jobs, don't become a monthly employee, get good at just one hour per day, avoid scope creep) Phase 3: information products (solutions to real problems, find the sweet spot between power, simplicity, and speed) Phase 4: membership sites & passive income (use the untapped potential of your list, 2 week mini-launch & pitch webinar, keep piling in a batch of members) List, Traffic, and Offers list: prospects and buyers (email autoresponder, opt-in page, follow-up sequence) traffic: bigger community than yours, joint ventures, SEO (blog posts, guest posts, YouTube videos, podcasts), PPC (retargeting, AdWords, Facebook, Bing) offers: affiliate products, resale rights, $7 solutions, $197-$497 four-part membership course, $2000/month coaching program time management: four daily tasks, wake up one hour earlier, leave the computer when you're done Fiverr Income ( goal: one hour, 1 dollar per minute, 10 repeat clients ranking: deliver fast (easy if you enjoy what you're doing), leave feedback, tweak gig description, get ratings process: wake up to orders (knock out audios, videos, written material, software reports), tweak those numbers to grow and avoid a slump, upsell and scale (i.e. charge higher rates for the same time/effort)

089: How to Handle the Ups and Downs Of Being a Self-Employed Entrepreneur

May 22, 2016 43:33


Today's Sponsor: "Learning is a gift, even when pain is your teacher." -- Maya Watson You should be excited to get out of bed in the morning. You should be itching to knock out 40 minutes of money-making tasks on the computer, then leave the computer. If you're feeling unmotivated, get off the computer until you do. THE LONG GAME 1. Treat your business like a real business: boundaries for "focused" time (Four Daily Tasks) -- no split focus 2. Anytime you're making a decision or deciding to commit time to a task, ask yourself: will doing this really earn me more money? If you're not sure, then is it worth risking an hour or 5 minutes to find out? (Usually: yes.) 3. Look to put yourself out of business, because if you won't, someone else will. (Which means: move your business to the next logical step.) Complete what you start, but after completing and getting the low hanging fruit, don't rely on that income stream to keep paying you for 10 years. SETBACKS 4. Support System & Mastermind: have someone to talk to who understands you 5. Light at the end of the tunnel: don't plan more than your next product, next book, next three podcast episodes, etc. Go back and connect the dots later. 6. Make Money: you'll be more excited (and have an easier time justifying what you're doing to others) if you're making some initial money MINDSET 7. Take Time Off the Computer to Think: Either weekends, or specific days of the week. Don't just "zone out" all day and all week staring at the screen. Take quiet walks or drives to think, too. Exercise to clear your head and reduce stress. 8. Be an Above-Average Person: Actually listen to what people say in your everyday life. Avoid being the zombie who drifts through things. Don't watch so much of the news, and avoid live TV if possible. Quit gossip and complaining. You take actions, things don't happen to you. 9. Have an Abundance Mindset: Provide lots of help for free to others, not to feel superior or to get credit, just because it makes you feel good. ACTIONS 10. Traffic: most people setup their site hoping everyone will find it. WSO's, seminars, viral affiliate program, retargeted traffic -- get lots of people to your site 11. Strengthen Your Content Muscle: this doesn't necessary mean writing. It can be webinars, podcasts, YouTube videos, product creation. Get used to producing "something" helpful to others at least every few days -- paid or free. Note: build content on sites you control, not forums and Facebook. 12. Minimum viable product: What's most important is that you take action, that it leads you to making more money, and that you complete and follow-through. Getting it "done" and 80% right is better than getting it perfect and 100% right, which is impossible.

088: Create More Free Time, Become Super Productive, and Enjoy the Money Making Process Again

May 16, 2016 32:22


"Be big enough to admit your mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them." -- John C Maxwell Traps you fall into: perfectionist, self doubt, self defeatist, the stars have to align. I need to "force" myself into getting motivated. Yeah, right. "Usual" advice I'll skip over: Four Daily Tasks + Camtasia babysitter + accountability partner + computer hotseat + one take content Usually, the "thing" you have to do is just 5 minutes, or just 1 hour: speak out book, run webinar, send email Stop multitasking with the phone, email, Facebook, TV. Leave it out of the room. Stop watching TV: biggest time waster (or at least put it off for a couple weeks) Schedule time on the calendar to get it done Throw away the old notes and papers, you don't need that clogging up your mind Don't walk into the office after a specific hour: this forces you to get more done Anchoring: associate your office, sitting at the computer with fun, creativity, productivity, flow state (leave windows open so you can sit down and go) Take short breaks without the phone: it'll be easier to multitask when you get back (take up walking during your breaks if you can) Spend just 5 minutes doing something you love like playing the piano Read a lot more: just one page per night Leisure goals: running a certain distance, scoring high at a certain sport (create something). Enjoy the "fun" of building your business. The meaning is what you make it. Get to the making-money phase and get to stoppable/resumable milestones. Bonus: Wake up one hour early for an "easy" boost to the day.

087: Break Out of Your Money Zone (and Uninstall Negative Money Beliefs) Using 80/20 and 10X

May 7, 2016 37:16


Important Quotes & Terms Jeff Bezos: "Entrepreneurs must be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time." Lao Tzu: "The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step" T. Harv Eker: one foot on the brake Grant Cardone: you must put 10X the amount of effort you think you had to put in to create that goal Resource: positive affirmations about money Resource: Socratic questions to change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs Reasons We Became Entrepreneurs Result: travel, retire, better house/car More time for what matters Break out of the daily grind Freedom Control Less stress, work Build something undeniably great with your name on it Crack the code (or nut) using your intelligence Help others to build their business, write a book, lose weight, etc. Change lives. Get the high score Reasons You're Trapped in That Money Zone self-esteem (you think you're not smart enough or don't deserve it), too old or too young, fear of change, fear of losing friends, comparisons to your parents and friends scarcity mindset insetad of an abundance mindset it's hard to speed towards a brick wall: you tend to slow down when those bills get paid, instead you need 10 problem: what we resist persists Quick & Easy Solutions Meanings don't exist: any meanings or conclusions you come up with are in your own head. There is no absolute truth. Only many truths you have created. Locate the source: Write down the specific issues that are holding you back from making more money -- people, attitude, obligations Counter example: Find the exception that proves the rule: when were you productive? When did you have more money than you needed at the time? Provide real value for others Cut out the negative people (and customers) in your life Write down a daily metric for how you're doing (as in, money, sales, content created) Write down issues to correct them Socratic Questions Clarification: why do you say that? Assumption: what could we assume instead? Evidence: what's an example? Perspective: what would be an alternative? Consequences: how does it affect other things? Meaning: what does it mean and where does it come from? Questions to Correct Mistaken Beliefs What's the evidence for this? Does this ALWAYS hold true or has it ever been wrong? Does this take the big picture into account, both positive and negative? Are you being fully objective? Where did this idea come from? Or is it only emotional? Negative Self Talk Worrier: anxiety. Worst case scenario, overestimate the bad, exaggerated images of that. What if? Change to: so what? Critic: self esteem. Judging. Ignores positive qualities and emphasizes the bad. I'm ok with the way I am. Victim: depression. Helpless, powerless, regret. Belief that nothing will change or is too difficult. One step at a time. Perfectionist: burnout. Says you should be working harder. Intolerant of mistakes and setbacks. It's ok to make mistakes.

086: Destroy Overwhelm Today, Achieve Maximum Clarity and Get Back on Track to Making Money

Apr 29, 2016 59:27


If you do the things you've always done, you'll get the results you've always gotten. Questions must be answered. Ask your "computer" brain for more negative answers and it will provide this to you. Ask for positive things and it also can't stop. "Destroy Overwhelm" FREE Report Important Quotes "You either create or allow everything that happens to you." -- Jack Canfield "Today may not seem like much, but you're trading a day of your life for it." -- Anonymous Questions As We Get Started Take stock of what matters and what doesn't. What can you let go? What is your usual reaction to: your bank account, your significant other, bad news, good news. What can you change? Do you work better under pressure (just enough chaos) or do you like getting further and further ahead? Do you have some skin in the game or are you just a spectator? Psychological Triggers to Become Instantly Productive Even in Overwhelm countdown timer (creates artificial urgency) Seinfeld technique (mark each day on the calendar when you complete something and don't break the chain) accountability partner (someone who can be proud of you when you finish) Resources Four Basic Emotions: happy, sad, afraid/surprised, angry/disgusted Plutchik Wheel of Emotion: joy, (love), trust, (submission), fear, (alarm), surprise, (disapproval / disappointment), sadness, (remorse), disgust, (contempt), anger, (aggression), anticipation (optimism) The "Feel Wheel" (Plutchik Wheel on Crack to identify an exact emotion) Combinations of the Plutchik Wheel Abraham-Hicks Model: joy, passion, enthusiasm, belief, optimism, hopefulness, contentment -- boredom, pessimism, frustration, overwhelm, disappointment, doubt, worry, blame, discouragement, anger, revenge, hatred, jealousy, insecurity, fear Tony Robbins' Six Human Needs: certainty, uncertainty, significance, love, growth, contribution Robbins' Classes of Experiences: feels good, good for you, good for others, serves the greater good. Transform Class 2 experiences into Class 1 experiences. Throw away Class 3 and Class 4 100 ways to say "great" 7 responses for common negative thoughts from Wayne Dyer Solutions to Overwhelm Helpless: Get some control back by making your bed. It's at least one thing you can control and one accomplishment you made today Disorganized: Four Daily Tasks: write down those quick goals. Break your problem down into component parts. Alarmed: Play it out to the logical conclusion. As in, if you're worried about money, take it to the most extreme conclusion. Will you be homeless? No, then it's not super terrible. Anxious: Exercise (even walking), eat better, move around, have better posture Indifferent/Unmotivated: Journal what you're feeling: sounds cheesy and is time consuming but works as a makeshift therapist. Combine something you don't like to do with what you do like to do, like play music while writing. Lonely: Be more social, find a mastermind or mentor Annoyed & Negative: Redirect Automatic Negative Thoughts and Absolutes ("this always happens"). Ask yourself, what's good about this or what could be good about this? Depressed: smile, laugh, change your usual "predictable" reaction. Confuse your mind and break out of that pattern. Be careful with the "negative" words you use. Bored: Move to a new location. Get your writing done in a coffee shop today, with a laptop and no charger Distracted: shut out noise and create boundaries. Develop better habits, i.e. not checking FB, stats, email when you get bored. Separate the forest from the trees to get that clarity. Conclusion: which is the reason you feel overwhelmed? a. you perform best under pressure (you need a way to relax and unplug but this mode works for you): tweak those deadlines so it's interesting but you deliver on time b. you're worried of what others think: do your best, you do you. You need more confidence which you get as feedback from your vict...

085: Upgrade Your Thoughts & Beliefs: What Rich People Know vs. What Poor People Don’t

Apr 24, 2016 52:35


"The worst people to serve are the poor people. Give them free, they think it's a trap. Tell them it's a small investment, they'll say can't earn much. Tell them to come in big, they'll say no money. Tell them try new things, they'll say no experience. Tell them it's traditional business, they'll say hard to do. Tell them it's a new business model, they'll say it's MLM. Tell them to run a shop, they'll say no freedom. Tell them run new business, they'll say no expertise. Just ask them, what can they do? They won’t be able to answer you. Poor people fail because of one common behavior: Their Whole Life is About Waiting." -- Jack Ma "The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." -- John Maxwell Thought #1: Wealth is a choice: make up your mind. If money was distributed equally, it would be back in the "old" hands within 90 days Thought #2: Stop fooling yourself about what you're after. Peace of mind, being able to do good in the world, is easier with money Thought #3: Realize that you're the one holding yourself back, but don't be "happily miserable" about it Factor #1: Relationships Mastermind: associate with successful people (who challenge you) and not miserable people Gossip, jealousy, nastiness. It's easy to be a critic. Why not do something if it's so easy? Do a nice thing because it makes you feel good, before you need help, not just to use people Be 100% there: don't try to "balance" business, family, day job, and fun Factor #2: Abundance Mindset (skeptical vs. trusting) Avoid the transactional trap where you either do something and expect a favor, or you play chicken to see who can do the least "work" "Don't buy any courses... why would they give away their secret sauce?" Zero sum: I'll have to steal money or sucker someone into working for me to make money Factor #3: Take Control of Your Own Destiny (enjoy problems instead of placing the blame or making excuses) Self-sabotage: one foot on the brake, the wrong kind of control, leads to "misery loves company" and trying to "save" others Be coachable: Make some mistakes, or go into coaching with "what I've already built and here's where I'm stuck" as opposed to "I don't know where to start." Instead of a long-winded sob story, get to the point and tell me the one area where you need help. Limiting beliefs, confirmation bias, self fulfilling prophecy, shooting yourself in the foot vs. The Four Minute Mile & The Mastermind Find a way to enjoy building websites and making money Minimum viable product and proof of concept: complete something so that you can contribute value Let go of what doesn't matter Factor #4: Time Management Appointment Based Business: I have enough questions answered that I can now act (the calendar is immovable) Anchoring: you become what you focus on, and your daily "time system" is only effective if you take it seriously Train your brain. For example, set a timer for 10 minutes, start writing, and don't stop writing. The instant the timer stops, leave the computer. Don't act like you're smarter than the system. Don't just shrug it off and say "I got it." Journaling, meditations, affirmations, daily actions & habits Factor #5: Learning, Curiosity & Simplicity (lottery vs. action) Crack the code: get to the goal in the least number of steps and make it repeatable Specialized knowledge vs. "hard work" Intake of information to solve a real problem instead of watching reality TV Repetitions to improve your skill and repeat the positive result Failure is a learning experience and the chance to begin again or change course, but don't give up too soon or set yourself up for disappointment Don't ignore the simple or familiar stuff. Don't get caught up in buzzwords that make it more difficult. Avoid professor or student mode Factor #6: Money Management Emotional vs. logical Gambling vs. saving

084: How to Take Action: Create a New Information Product or Promote an Old One?

Apr 17, 2016 43:47


"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future." -- Steve Jobs "A real decision is meausred by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided." -- Tony Robbins Criteria for updating a course you're selling: Has it be at least 1 year since I launched this? Is it still selling, or have sales dropped off slightly? (as I'm promoting it heavily?) Is there something new I'd change in each module of this course? Is there a new sexy hook I can add to justify this new course? (examples: transcripts for videos, tools/templates, coaching calls using TimeTrade) Tune in to today's Robert Plank Show where we talk about taking action and how to decide between the "product launch frenzy" versus income streams that make you money for years to come...

083: Laws of Success and the Problem Solver’s Mindset: Become An Above-Average Entrepreneur, Get Results Out of Every Course You Consume, and Succeed in Every Journey You Take

Apr 10, 2016 58:25


"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. -- Bill Gates Remember Four Daily Tasks? No matter how crazy or "complicated" you try to make your productivity and time management, this is what always keeps me productive: 10 minute early morning, 40 minute morning, 40 minute early afternoon, 40 minute afternoon three day window: forget about the 100 item to-do list or 4-week plan. What's this week? degrees of doneness: no chipping away, starting, continuing. What did you finish? accountability & encryption: list out the acronyms of what you're going to do distractions: don't check your phone, email, Twitter, or the news (it will find you) Principle #1: Complete For Now / Minimum Viable Product Keep it simple. Don't fool yourself into thinking complicated is better, or 100x half finished things are better than 1 finished thing (don't replicate the mistakes) -- get the bugs out Abundance mindset: there's enough room for everybody. A rising tide lifts all boats. Continuous learning, childlike curiosity The Kid Test / The Mom Test: Can you describe what you're doing (list building, FB fan pages, Amazon FBA, etc.) to a five-year old? It's okay to spend way more time taking action than spending time thinking Principle #2: Publish 100 Actions 100 blog posts, 100 YouTube videos, 100 Kindle books, 100 podcast episodes (but COMPLETE one at a time) 100 Days: Give it at least 3 months (100 days) of consistent daily action (and make some progress every day) Make some money as fast as possible as encouragement for you to keep going Appointment based business If you don't have your own system & schedule, everyone will pull you in all directions. Don't plan it out ahead of time, but "put out" 100 things Completion (day 1 isn't when you start learning, it's when your first "thing" is published) Repetitions. Fail forward fast. Do what most people won't do. You can't learn to drive by reading the owner's manual 1000 times. Have a morning routine to get a jump on the day and do what matters before things distract you Principle #3: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Know exactly what you're building towards (i.e. 20 sales a day, 5k/month Fiverr income) Implement and experiment. Don't learn just to learn, re-teach or criticize. Focus on just one thing at a time. Improve just one variable. Principle #4: Data Scientist Track your efforts and results in a spreadsheet Marketplace Need: Create blog posts, videos, podcasts, products, courses that deliver on what people are asking for Crack the code: make all the mistakes, correct them, streamline that checklist (remove instead of add), stop doing what isn't working Track it: You're fooling yourself into think you're doing so much Principle #5: Computer Programmer Mentality break the problem down into manageable sub-problems or milestones. It's ok to admit you don't know. Find out what you need to know! Some questions have no answer, or just aren't important. Don't look for so many questions. Find "a" path to get where you need to go. Principle #6: Rough Numbers Know your rough numbers (this is how 4DT came out, number of help desk tickets answered, clicks from emails, webinar attendees) Embrace the Chaos: you need some degree of "messiness" in your business. JVZoo, RAP, multiple membership sites instead of one Separate the forest from the trees Principle #7: Get a Coach Admit when you don't know something: don't "juggle" it all in your head See what someone more successful than you is doing. Know what the "next" problem is that you're solving. Know how to ask a real question. Role Modeling & Anti Role Modeling: what would X do in this situation? and what would this unsuccessful person say about this? Pitfalls to Stay Away From Don't go down the rabbit hole: learning to program when you just wanted to create an e-book

082: Don’t Compare Your Insides to Their Outsides: Seven Strategies to Use Positive Pressure to Achieve “Critical Mass” Motivation

Apr 1, 2016 39:53


Quote of the Week: "Even the sharpest of knives cannot cut if held the wrong way." -- Rachel Wolchin Catchphrase of the Week: "Don't hit the baseball, hit through the baseball." Some people on my Little League team even tried "throwing" the bat at the baseball to "save time getting on base." Guess how well that worked out? Thought of the Week: You need to have enough judgement to know when to be the "drone employee" (follow the steps exactly) and when to be the creative CEO (remove steps or experiment) Seven Motivational Strategies Strategy #1: Four Daily Tasks & Accountability Group: four business related measurable tasks you COMPLETE, and not CONTINUE. Strategy #2: Deadline & Three-Day Window Strategy #3: Minimum Viable Product: what if you had to stop today? (absolute focus on one goal, milestones, and use early profits as motivation to keep going) -- avoid "fake it till you make it" Strategy #4: Do It Better Than "That Idiot Who Doesn't Deserve It" (common enemy) Strategy #5: What's In It For Me (help others with real solutions instead of talking about yourself) Strategy #6: Teach Your Notes, Criteria, Checklists, and Templates (product, membership site, book, blog, podcast) Strategy #7: Don't Compare Your Insides to Their Outsides (keep your own side of the street clean when it comes to: haters, competitors, customers) -- mind your own business, you don't know what happens behind closed doors, what and what "they" are going through. People don't care about your mistakes as much as you think. How do I know? Write down today's date, but 5 years ago. Then try to remember someone you know who embarrassed themselves 5 years ago today. You can't think of one. People won't remember your mistakes or embarrassments either. Bonus: Think about the benefits instead of the difficulties. (i.e. that new car you'll buy instead of your hourly rate)

081: Kindle Publishing with Dave Koziel

Mar 25, 2016 45:51


Dave Koziel from is going to tell us how he makes $10,000 to $30,000 per month from Amazon Kindle. He's created 60 to 80 Kindle books (6,000 to 12,000 words in length) for $80-$150. Right Click to Save: "Publish with Kindle" FREE Report (Robert Plank & Dave Koziel) Some books produce hundreds per month while even the "duds" generate $20-$25 per month. He's going to share not only his numbers and "ah-ha" moments, but his secret strategies for making money with Amazon Kindle publishing. (As well as CreateSpace physical books and ACX Audible audiobooks.) Topics covered: How to make money with Amazon Kindle without writing any of your own books (Dave only wrote two of his own books, for fun) How even an underforming book (6,000 to 12,000 words in length) makes Dave about $25 per month and can make as many as hundreds of dollars per month (so how many books like these would you outsource?) The secret to getting Amazon buyers off Amazon and onto your list How to get started with that first Kindle book Get more reviews from your Amazon books using review swaps The next level of Amazon publishing

080: A Day in the Life of Successful Internet Marketer Robert Plank

Mar 19, 2016 1:11:51


Ever wonder what those successful internet marketers do all day? Probably less than you, and that's why they make more money. Let's talk about how to "work" smarter (and not harder) to do more in less time, just like the "big guys" do... Catchphrase of the Week: make your own luck Quote of the Week: "Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction." -- Harry S Truman Marketer of the Week: Mark Hess (give your buyers exactly what they want, understand what leads them to buy from you, race to the inbox) How to Be Happier, More Organized, and More Productive Thought #1: What's Good About This? Thought #2: Be Desperate to Reduce Clutter Thought #3: Because I Can (silence the haters) Try things out of curiosity to see what response I get. If I repeat those things, then they worked! Watch that too. A Day in the Life of Robert Plank morning routine? send a quick email every day meditation? reading? time management: don't check email in the morning, don't multitask, get everything done before the afternoon appointment based business Four Daily Tasks Income Machine help desk, checklist, system send an email every day or build up your list to the point where sending an email is worthwhile.

079: The Seven (Kindle and CreateSpace) Books That Should Be Building Your Internet Marketing Business

Mar 11, 2016 56:15


Let's talk today about "business card" books to build your business. You should get your best ideas down, and re-use (even sometimes repeating yourself) your best content, especially in the form of digital and physical books. Amazon lets you publish an unlimited number books, so you might as well make the most of it. Marketer of the Week: Jeff Mills (be the salesman -- best salesman for an app creator but he didn't even make the product) Quote of the Week: "When you focus on problems, you'll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you'll have more opportunities." -- Unknown Catchphrase of the week: "Don't live life with one foot on the brake." Comfort zone, money zone. Nobody likes a backseat driver. Thought of the week: What if you just put 10 minutes a day into that goal? Put aside $10 a day to build your business? Read just 1 page from a book per day? Is There a Book in You? Check out Robert's Amazon AuthorCentral page. Book of your best blog posts (rate them to narrow down the best ones) Interview book (get yourself out there and get a handle on scheduling) Big idea book: things that don't fit into a paid course but are also too valuable to just give away Get the catchphrase or sound byte out there so you can say you said it first Here Are My Seven Books That I Use as a Business Card List book: 100 Time Savers Interview book: Secret Conversations with Internet Millionaires Strategy book: Double Agent Marketing Concept book: Membership Cube Webinar book: Sell with Amazon FBA Tutorial book: Setup a Point & Click Website Year-end book: Internet Marketing on Crack You can (and should) join our Make a Product book publishing course to discover how to publish your own book in 58 minutes.

078: Plug and Play Passive Income Business Models to Build Up That Nest Egg

Mar 6, 2016 49:14


Catchphrase of the Week: See a movie or go to the park. Quote of the Week: "The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten." - Unknown Marketer of the Week: Gary Ambrose (show someone how to "make a million dollars in five minutes" -- his membership hosting platform includes pre-made membership content, sales letters, emails, just click and it's in) Seven Passive Income Business Models 1. Fiverr services (Profit Dashboard) 2. Tiny little $7 reports: it's all about the upsell (Income Machine) 3. Low-ticket webinar: fake out and drop the price down to $7. Anything to get them buying. (Webinar Crusher) 4. Platinum coaching program: seminar, application, recurring GoToWebinar. (Membership Cube) 5. Yearly software: license table, updates, developer license, lifetime access. (This is how we sell and market Backup Creator). 6. Webinar membership sites: 4 or 8 week class, fixed term site, deactivatable software, checklist, pain of disconnect like a directory. (You can use the WP Notepad and WP Kunaki plugins for this, included for free in Membership Cube.) 7. $2400/mo Websites for Offline Businesses (we don't have a training for this but we use Backup Creator to re-use our template.) 8. Kindle books: (Make a Product is our Amazon publishing course.)

077: How and Why I Create My Podcast, and How You Too Can Get Your Own Online Radio Show Listed on iTunes

Feb 25, 2016 49:48


Question of the Week: what's your hook? Catchphrase of the week: Teach long division, sell the calculator Quote of the Week: "Don't make the mistake of doing nothing, just because you can't do everything." -- Unknown Marketer of the Week: Jordan Hall (do you have an all-in-one solution?) Let me share my podcasting formula with you: 5-10 minutes of a problem, 5-10 minutes of a solution, and 5-10 minutes of a case study implementing that solution to the previously stated problem... Segment 1: Problem Content marketing traffic (also transcript and book) Fleshing out ideas Stay in the mind of the prospect Segment 2: Solution Soft sell (URL dropping) Content muscle Presentation muscle Segment 3: Case Study Equipment: Logitech ClearChat, GoldWave, tagging, LibSyn, PowerPress The (your name) Show: 5 minute episode, then artwork/music, then longer form content, interviews, more free-form iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, podcast directories, seed traffic from list This episode's sponsor: Podcast Crusher. Get a podcast up and running today.

076: Gamification: Make Your Membership Sites Sticky Using WP Notepad and WP Kunaki

Feb 21, 2016 55:18


Let's talk about "The Grid" you'll have in your membership site: What if you taught weight loss? Give me a 5x5 table (or dashboard) where I can choose the meal plan I want to lose weight. Hypnosis membership site? Let me jump to the exact recording I want to listen to in order to feel good, fall asleep, get focused, etc. Let me choose the exact real estate form in your real estate membership site. Catchphrase of the Week: When you copy the airplane for the first time, duplicate the dents, too. Question of the Week: What's the One Word That You Own? Drip, clone. Template. Quote of the Week: "No focus = overwhelm." -- Dan Blank Marketer of the Week: Joe Lavery (put the pressure on your website visitors using scarcity) Our Membership Cube course shows you how to setup WordPress, a domain name, sales letter, and use Wishlist Member as the "gatekeeper" to manage all your members: let them in once they pay, or kick them out if they cancel/refund. WP Notepad to provide note-taking areas allow members to take private notes under each of your videos each of your modules add "completed" checkboxes in every page/post so they can mark off their progress add "fill in the blank" forms so they can grab your templates and customize them right in