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Major's Mess Hall - Episode 112 - When A Mouse Comes Knockin'

Feb 13, 2020 01:19:25


This time we have more 'Get To The Point' our improv comedy show, we are joined by the Lovely Kimmie Moekottea, who tells us all about her amazing talent as a portrait artist, we take questions from the listeners, and Craig is joined by an unwanted house guest!! Follow Kimmie on instagram at @bsb_art_1983 and @kimmie_art_1983

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 111 - Ronny Pascale

Jan 30, 2020 01:29:37


On the show this time is comedian Ronny Pascale! We have another episode of "Get To The Point", and Craig tells us all about his toothache, his criminal brother, and the time he once shit himself in bed.... We keep it classy, as always!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 110 - New Look, Same Great Taste

Jan 16, 2020 01:39:42


We are back, with a refreshing revamp of what we know you all love most! We start off with an explanation that we feel you all deserve, and then kick things off with a bang! We debut our brand new comedy skit "Get To The Point" and Italian stallion Mike B drops by for a chat about loving men and fighting woman.... or was it the other way around?? ;)

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 109 - The House Party III (Christmas Special 2019)

Dec 15, 2019 01:24:54


Merry Christmas! Come and join Gavin, Craig, Todd and Coveboy for more festive fun and fuck ups!!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 108 - Salmon Nipples

Dec 5, 2019 00:46:09


On this episode of the Mess Hall, only Gavin and Todd are here! Craig called in sick, and Scott never showed up..... SMH But we do have an awesome guest by the name of Valentina, a 17 year old artist/animator from Chile! she tells us all about her love for the Trailer Park Boys, and the alternate world she has created over on her instagram page (tpb_bots_au) where the Trailer Park Boys are all robots! go check out her work, she is incredible! Coveboy returns, with his trusty sidekick Mini Cove by his side...... yes, it's fucked! The outro song on this episode is called "You Can Walk Up There" by Darryl Purpose, and is available on all streaming platforms. enjoy!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 107 - Brad Fischetti (LFO)

Nov 29, 2019 01:08:18


our interview with LFO member Brad Fischetti

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 106 - Craig Christ

Nov 15, 2019 01:09:06


Gavin, Todd and Craig discuss some interesting topics, from gallstones to religion to K Trevor Wilson! Craig reads us a Bob Ross inspired classic, and Coveboy stops by to tell Scott off for missing another episode!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 105 - Mark Barry Of BBMAK

Nov 1, 2019 01:06:38


On this addition of the Major's Mess Hall podcast, Gavin and Scott talk with BBMAK's Mark Barry about fitness, food, family, and the band's comeback, with their new album Powerstation! visit for tickets to their latest tour!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 104 - (Halloween Special 2019)

Oct 24, 2019 01:11:45


Another Halloween special from the Mess Hall boys! In this episode, we learn all about the great and powerful Powersini, Dick Johnson returns, Craig is more boring than usual, Gavin and Todd set Scott up for another round of "Where Are The T Shirts", and we have two awesome listeners joining in on the festivities - Josh Hines and Kim Kats! Please consider making any donations possible to our friend Josh. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page set up by the Taggart and Torrens podcast. Every little bit goes towards helping a great man and his wonderful family during this struggling time.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 103 - It Sounds Like Somebody's Pissing

Oct 15, 2019 01:03:53


On this episode we are joined by our friend, and writer, creator and star of the comedy web series Greenmount, Josh Prior. Scott has two Hit or Shit items to discuss, we play a round of top 3, and we delve deep into Todd's new feature "What The Florida?" plus the usual bullshit we produce every episode... enjoy!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 102 - Jack Off Jill

Oct 1, 2019 00:36:45


Scott is missing (shocker!) but we got you covered! joining us on this episode is our good friend Tom Termeer AKA ClusterheadTom!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 101 - The Boys Are Back In Town

Sep 13, 2019 01:00:42


We're back with a brand new episode! We talk about our busy summer off, and play out some new games! plus our Trailer Park Boys hot sauce winner is announced! Basically fresh start, same old shit!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 100 - Thank You

Jul 28, 2019 02:19:15


Finally we have reached episode 100! Join us for our biggest episode to date, where we include many of our most loved features, plus a few new ones! This episode includes - phone in with listeners Where Are The T Shirts? (because Scott is still failing) Pass The Buck (new feature) Story Time With Craig Backtrack Who The Fuck Is That? Todd's Deep Bath (new feature) The return of Dick Johnson Best Bits Its honestly not one to miss! We would also like to thank every single listener for their continued support for our little show. We truly couldn't do this without your love for Major's Mess Hall. We dedicate this episode to Dave "The Major" Leonard

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 99 - Cherie Currie And Brie Darling

Jul 11, 2019 01:06:08


The week we are joined by two female rock legends! Cherie Currie (The Runaways) and Brie Darling (Fanny) who tell us all about their up and coming duo album "The Motivator". we also have our usual chat, with a classic Walters Rant, and possibly the funniest edition of Craig's Story Time so far!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 98 - You Must Know My Burps By Now

Jun 28, 2019 00:53:21


Another episode with very little planned!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 97 - Mike Peters (The Alarm)

Jun 13, 2019 01:16:42


On this episode we sit down and chat with the inspirational Mike Peters, the indefatigable lead singer and sole remaining original member of Welsh rock powerhouse The Alarm! Visit Mike's charity over at And check out the documentary 'Man In The Camo Jacket'

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 96 - Live In Chicago, Illinois, USA 2019

May 30, 2019 01:05:08


Join Gavin and Scott, as they take on the city of Chicago for the second time! Joined by friend of the show Kelly, they head to the House Of Blues to see BBMAK play a sellout show, meet up with some listeners, and go 3 days straight without sleep..... well, Scott does! We promise Craig will be back for the next episode, so stick with us!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 95 - Is Having Sex With A Robot Cheating?

May 17, 2019 00:41:37


A completely unplanned show that went to shit. enjoy!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 94 - Christian Burns Of BBMAK

May 2, 2019 01:08:46


We have an awesome guest this time on the pod! Christian Burns of the band BBMAK talks to us about the bands comeback, new album and upcoming tour! plus Craig gives us the best Story Time segment so far! Visit for all info on BBMAK, including tour dates!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 93 - Little Red Riding Hoe

Apr 18, 2019 01:12:46


Is Gavin back? Did Scott finally order those T shirts? Does Craig manage to get through an entire episode without burping? How many dogs does Todd have? What's Wes' big idea? What's Coveboy's new band called? Does Kelly giggle much during this episode? Why was Mike B arrested? so many questions..... but we have the answers!!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 92 - Hostless

Apr 3, 2019 01:02:06


With Gavin missing, will the show run smoothly? you be the judge...

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 91 - Goodfellas

Mar 21, 2019 01:00:13


This time on the Mess Hall we are joined once again by the awesome Todd Walters, Italian Mike B calls in "Davy Crockett style", and Scott has two voicemail messages waiting for him. We also bring you the latest in weird news, and play a little 90s trivia! also, Scotts internet connection is FUCKED!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 90 - Wes For Sale

Mar 7, 2019 00:49:24


Finally we hit the 90's! We reflect on our previous episode, hear some weird news stories from Scott, Craig gives us another Story Time, and Wes drops by to make a shameless attempt to sell his T shirt!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 89 - Getting Off Scott - Free

Feb 21, 2019 01:24:46


For this episode Scott is out and Todd steps in to host again! our special guest is Leigh Macinnis (Trailer Park Boys, Tripping With Leigh) and Coveboy stops by to tell us all about his debut country/hip hop album Beat Is My Canvas. Plus sit back and relax as Craig tells you a classic children's story...

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 88 - Once You Get One Your Knob Is Gone

Feb 8, 2019 00:45:45


This week a Craig ditches us, and we bring in Todd Walters for you all to get to know!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 87 - Carlos Alazraqui

Jan 24, 2019 01:29:24


Welcome back! A brand new year for Major's Mess Hall, and it all kicks off with this fantastic episode! We have a wonderful guest - the amazing Carlos Alazraqui, who's best known for voicing some huge cartoon characters, such as Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, Mr Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents, and Mr Weed from Family Guy to name but a few! He also starred as Officer Garcia in the hit cop comedy show Reno 911. We also take some of your questions, and tell you exactly what we have all been up to during our 6 week break!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 86 - The House Party Part II (Christmas Special 2018)

Dec 20, 2018 01:14:14


Ho ho ho here we are for our epic Christmas house party! this time we are in an audio mock up of Scotts house in Chicago! and joining us this time is our social media correspondent Kelly Hughes, actor Trish Rainone, good old Newfoundland rapper Coveboy, and the man himself Santa! we play some of our most popular games, including our annual "Gargleoke" so sit back, get drunk, and let us entertain you for one last time in 2018! to all of our listeners, we love you all, and thanks so much for all the support you give us, see you next year!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 85 - I Grew Up With Jackie Chan

Dec 13, 2018 00:43:15


Join us this week for more senseless drivel

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 84 - You Had Sex In A Church?

Nov 29, 2018 00:50:11


Another hilarious episode! we play "who the fuck is that?" talk about the craziest places to get it on, and announce the winner of our Spunk Lube competition!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 83 - Cock And Bulldog Stories

Nov 15, 2018 01:06:29


Bernard Robichaud joins us for another chat, as we catch up with his life down in LA! we also talk #RedDeadRedemption2, pick our top 3 tv shows we'd like to see brought back, test out Scott's new feature Hit Or Shit, and learn what happens when you smother peanut butter on your junk in front of a bulldog!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 82 - Poutines, Lube And House Fires

Nov 1, 2018 00:33:44


On this addition of Major's Mess Hall we discuss our first ever sponsor SPUNK Lube! Gavin does a food review, Craig learns all about product placement, and Scott's house burns down.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 81 - (Halloween Special 2018)

Oct 19, 2018 01:35:05


Our 4th annual Halloween special is here! this time we play a ghostly version of "What Would You Do?", take calls from some more listeners, and our resident ghost hunter Dick Johnson stops by for some spooky fucked up chat... plus Coveboy!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 80 - Jeffrey Weissman

Oct 4, 2018 01:15:03


This week we are honoured to have the wonderful Jeffrey Weissman on with us! he's best known for his role as George Mclfy in Back To The Future parts 2 and 3, and the Clint Eastwood movie Pale Rider! We also test out a new spin on our feature "What Would You Do?" that you will not wanna miss!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 79 - The Big 3

Sep 20, 2018 01:33:53


Celebrate good times, fuck yeah!! Its our 3rd anniversary, and we are celebrating in style! We decided to take some calls from you the listeners, and also welcomed back our regular guests, Dick Johnson, Wes, and Coveboy! Be sure to sit back, crack open a beer, and party with us, as we celebrate 3 years of talking shit!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 78 - Darryl Purpose

Sep 6, 2018 01:11:33


This week Scott and Gavin sit down for a chat with singer/song writer Darryl Purpose! Craig and Coveboy discover the Baby Shark song, and we give our top 3 top song writers of all time! visit Darryl's website at

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 77 - The Artful Doodler

Aug 23, 2018 00:57:26


This week we are joined by the amazingly talented cartoonist Rich Nairn! We talk with him about his career, how to piss off Disney, The Muppets, and Ricky Gervais' cat! Oh, and Craig joins us for the interview this time! to check out Rich's awesome work, visit

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 76 - These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!

Aug 10, 2018 00:52:35


This week the boys receive a box in the mail, play a round of "What Would You Do?" and bring back the awesome "Who The Fuck Is That?". and its the return of Coveboy and Wes!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 75 - 'The Staircase' With David Rudolf

Jul 26, 2018 00:56:59


On this episode we sit down and chat with criminal defense attorney David Rudolf, who's most known for being part of the Netflix documentary The Staircase. he discusses with us some alternate theories, including "The Owl Theory". This is not one to be missed!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 74 - Saggy Boobs

Jul 12, 2018 01:12:11


This week we are joined by the awesome musical standup comedian Charlie Hester! We announce the winner of our TPB whiskey competition, discuss our top 3 favourite comedians, and play a round of "What Would You Do?" check out Charlie's website at

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 73 - What Would Bob Ross Do ?

Jun 28, 2018 01:02:17


Here it is, episode 73! on this episode we interview Nova Scotian cartoonist/animator Josh Rodgers! and we play our new game "What Would You Do?" and talk about our top 3 cartoons of all time.... plus Craig burps again!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 72 - Life Is A Rollercoaster

Jun 15, 2018 00:41:51


This week we reflect on our pub crawl meet up, take questions from the listeners, and debut our latest spoof song "Life Is A Rollercoaster"

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 71 - Live In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

May 31, 2018 01:00:03


here it is! our 3rd annual pub crawl meet up! this time in the beautiful city of halifax, Nova scotia! listen to us talk shit for an hour and have a laugh or two with us!!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 70 - Julie Dawn Cole

May 18, 2018 00:56:24


you are the winner of a golden ticket!! because our guest this week is the awesome Julie Dawn Cole, who's best known for playing Veruca Salt in the original Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory! so put your feet up, chomp on a Wonka bar, and have a listen!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 69 - Erik Stolhanske

May 4, 2018 01:02:46


This week we talk to Erik Stolhanske from Super Troopers fame! he talks touring, making movies, curb your Enthusiasm, WWE, Broken Lizard and favourite pizza topping! Dick Johnson also stops by for a chat, and Craig is fast asleep!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 68 - Jeremy Taggart

Apr 19, 2018 01:19:43


Joining us this week is former drummer of Our Lady Peace, Jeremy Taggart! To talk music, the Taggart and Torrens podcast, and cannibalistic chickens! plus the usual chat between the 3 of us!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 67 - Asperger's Are Us

Apr 6, 2018 00:50:09


This week the boys are joined by the stars of the Netflix documentary "Asperger's Are Us" who are fresh off their current US comedy tour, and are more than willing to explain to Gavin, Scott and Craig what the "Bonobo Way" is.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 66 - Egg Heads

Mar 23, 2018 00:37:34


Join us for episode 66 of The Major's Mess Hall podcast!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 65 - Davey Asprey

Mar 9, 2018 00:49:58


This week we are joined by one of the UK's fasted rising DJ's Davey Asprey!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 64 - Paul Bohill

Feb 23, 2018 01:05:25


This week we're joined by high court enforcement agent Paul Bohill from the popular Netflix show Can't Pay, We'll Take It Away! plus Coveboy pops in for a quick chat, and Wes returns to apologize to Craig.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 63 - Ewen Macintosh

Feb 9, 2018 00:36:31


On this episode of the Major's Mess Hall podcast we have joining us the awesome Ewen Macintosh, who's best known for playing Keith on BBC's The Office! also, Craig has an in-depth discussion on onions.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 62 - John Challis - Only Fools And Boycie

Jan 26, 2018 00:53:20


On this episode we are joined by the wonderful John challis, who's best known for playing Boycie on the number one UK comedy show "Only Fools And Horses"

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 61 - Cheese And Beer Night

Jan 13, 2018 00:38:30


Our first episode of 2018..... and it's the same shite as last year!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 60 - The House Party (Christmas Special 2017)

Dec 23, 2017 01:14:14


Merry Christmas, fuckers! It's that time of year again, when we have our Christmas shit-tacular!! come on in to Gavin's festive house party, and have a drink with the boys, including Dick Johnson and Bertie, plus a very special guest! we play our annual gargle game, plus a Christmas edition of Backtrack! to all our listeners, thanks so much for all the support over the last year, and have a wonderful Christmas! See you in the new year!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 59 - The Special Cup

Dec 16, 2017 00:58:36


On this episode we're joined by Mike MacFarlane AKA Mike The Bahd, plus Craig tells us all about his special cup.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 58 - Lucy Decoutere

Dec 1, 2017 01:33:45


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 58 - Lucy Decoutere by Majors_Mess_Hall

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 57 - Terry Angus

Nov 17, 2017 01:30:23


We have a wonderful guest this week by the name of Terry Angus! a puppeteer thats credited on many Jim Henson productions, including Fraggle Rock! plus the usual banter from your favourite Mess Hall Muppets!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 56 - Remembering John Dunsworth

Nov 3, 2017 01:06:20


An episode in memory of the late great John Dunsworth.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 55 - Trippin' With Leigh (Halloween Special 2017)

Oct 21, 2017 01:12:31


Its our 3rd halloween special, and our second time having Leigh Macinnis on the show! and it wouldn't be halloween without our resident ghost hunter Dick Johnson!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 54 - Cove Boy

Oct 7, 2017 00:56:50


On this episode the boys meet their biggest fan "Cove Boy" and Dick Johnson comes back for a chat!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 53 - Jonathan Torrens

Sep 23, 2017 01:17:55


This episode marks 2 years of the Major's Mess Hall podcast! And what better way to celebrate than with an awesome guest! talking to us this week is Canadian actor Jonathan Torrens (Trailer Park Boys, Jono Vision, Mr D, Street Cents) to chat with us about kids, tv shows, podcasts, and kidney stones. plus the usual drivel from the three of us! we'd like to dedicate this episode to our late friend Mary Boutilier

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 52 - Hardcore Porn

Sep 9, 2017 00:55:33


On this episode Gavin and Scott argue, Craig gets zoo animals mixed up, and the topic of discussion is pornography.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 51 - Shelley Thompson

Aug 26, 2017 01:13:37


Coming a week earlier than scheduled, we bring you a jam packed episode 51, with an exclusive interview with Canadian actor/director Shelley Thompson, a new surprise feature from Wes, plus a hell of a lot more!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 50 - Hashtag Boiler

Aug 19, 2017 01:06:37


IT'S OUR 50TH EPISODE!!! ..... And scott's not even here. Kelly Hughes fills his boots for the first 20 minutes to cover for him, then we play out our pre-recorded in-depth interview with former Trailer Park Boys star Bernie Robichaud, who tells us about his up and coming move back to the States, and gives us the scoop on just why he won't be returning to Sunnyvale anytime soon... don't miss this milestone addition of Major's Mess Hall!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 49 - The Pirate

Aug 5, 2017 01:03:59


On episode 49 we talk to Dave from Maple Syrup Shots, the boys finally debut their cover version of Mary's prayer (skip 4 mins past this point if you don't want your ears to bleed!) plus Scott talks some more about breaking the law with copyright infringement.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 48 - Fast Forward/Rewind

Jul 23, 2017 00:54:41


On this episode we talk with one of the hosts of the movie review podcast Fast Forward/Rewind Carolyn Forward!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 47 - Live In Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jul 8, 2017 00:57:43


Major's Mess Hall live from Chicago!! In this episode the boys travel around Indiana and Illinois, meeting up with Dick Johnson, and meeting some awesome characters along the way! Scotts car is a heap of shit, the AC doesn't work, Gavin can't sleep due to Craig and Scott snoring like "two walruses fucking" and Craig gets confused when he sees no rides outside Michael Jacksons childhood home. All this and more, on this awesome episode of MMH!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 46 - Who Is J Anders?

Jun 24, 2017 01:01:00


The Chicago pub crawl is just around the corner! Who's excited? I think we can rule out Craig. Wes joins us for the first half of the show, then Dick pops up for the other! Also, Scott learns some crucial information about his stalker...

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 45 - LFO

Jun 10, 2017 00:50:36


This week the boys interview multi platinum selling artists LFO! Catch LFO on tour this summer! 7/21 Gainesville, FL 7/22 Jacksonville, NC 7/23 Myrtle Beach, SC 7/25 Vienna, VA 7/26 Philadelphia, PA 7/27 New York, NY 7/28 Halethorpe, MD 7/29 Akron, OH 7/30 Buffalo, NY 8/1 Pittsburgh, PA 8/2 Columbus, OH 8/3 Charlotte, NC 8/4 Atlanta, GA 8/5 Orlando, FL

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 44 - The 3 Of Us Under Water, Arms Around Each Other, Topless!

May 27, 2017 00:43:13


After a three week absence we're back full tilt with a great guest, a superb comedian by the name of Mike Stricker! plus the usual standard bullshit you're guaranteed from MMH.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 43 - My Roommate's An Escort

May 6, 2017 00:54:56


This week we are joined by the lovely Trish Rainone and Katie Ullmann to discuss their awesome new comedy 'My Roommate's An Escort', plus Scott talks chickens, Gavin Talks babies, and Craig fucks up yet another intro. Enjoy!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 42 - Hot Coffee

Apr 22, 2017 00:54:34


The boys reflect on Scotts second trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia! Scott explains how he was burned in a restaurant, Gavin corrects him, Wes is depressed, Dick Johnson is horny, and Craig has no regrets about his fart during the last episode. yeah, you're in for a real treat!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 41 - John Dunsworth

Apr 8, 2017 01:12:31


"birds of a shit feather flock together" On this episode, we were very lucky to have been able to chat with legendary actor John Dunsworth, who's best known for playing drunk trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey on the hit Canadian comedy show Trailer Park Boys! We also managed to cram in some good old fashioned shit talk with Dick Johnson and MMH camera man JR at the end!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 40 - How Craig Does Reality

Mar 25, 2017 01:09:08


Joining us this week is the lovely Cherie Magee, to talk to us about her many projects, including her book 'How millionairs Do reality', plus Gavin does more impressions of Scott, and Craig struggles to count to 5. check out Cherie's website and find her on Twitter @cheriemagee

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 39 - Anyone Can Pull Me Off

Mar 10, 2017 00:57:40


The boys are joined by mutual friend Kelly, who teaches them how to do various accents (its as fucked as you can imagine!) plus she tells some crazy stories about Craig, including when he nearly drowned a woman. also hear of the possible actors who could play the cast of a Major's Mess Hall movie, should the opportunity ever arise!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 38 - F Her Right In The Mess Hall

Feb 25, 2017 00:48:22


Our most controversial episode yet! we interview John Cain, the mastermind behind the "F@#k her right in the P*#@y" viral videos! plus we chat with our good friend Pete from the Smorgasbored podcast!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 37 - I Can't Believe We're Talking About Craig Shitting Himself

Feb 11, 2017 01:07:45


We have Wes joining us again this week, to play his two features "What Would Wes Do?" and "World News With Wes" plus Scotts movie review feature "The Shit Show Review", Craigs "Craggleoke" and a brand new feature for Gavin - the yet to be named food/restaurant review! all that, plus a brief story about Craig defecating himself.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 36 - 6 Dozen Roses

Jan 28, 2017 01:06:51


We are joined this week by the hosts of the extremely funny podcast North And Scouse (look them up on iTunes)and we discuss everything from what prostitutes in Blackpool will do for an ice cream, to the what the going rate is for a bottle of soda water! we also play a crude rude name game, and talk about being knocked back from interviewing celebrity sex therapist Sue Johanson.... and Gavin convinces Craig and Scott to record a song with him!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 35 - Stop Eating Cheese

Jan 15, 2017 00:56:43


Joined by our friend Tom Termeer, who talks about his illness cluster headaches, this is possibly our most insightful episode to date. but it wouldn't be Majors Mess Hall without talking about strippers, bad attitudes, and the constant prodding of Craig to wake up and talk.... so we've threw some of that in for good measure, too!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 34 - Rachelle Renee

Jan 7, 2017 00:51:46


the first episode of 2017! We interview Rachelle Renee, an outstanding stand up comedian from Indianapolis, and Craig talks Boyz II Men.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 33 - The Bob Ross Revelation (Christmas Special 2016)

Dec 20, 2016 00:54:14


Its our second Christmas special! this time the boys have Wes and Dick Johnson join them for some fuckery, and Craig learns a shocking fact about his idol Bob Ross. Merry Christmas, folks!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 32 - The Twix Sense

Dec 4, 2016 01:07:40


On this episode the boys talk to world renowned psychic/medium Mary Boutilier, Craig tells us about being robbed by a cabby, Scott talks about potential future guests - a rock band made up of cats, and Gavin shows us something exclusive he got from the Trailer Park Boys! Find Mary's page on Facebook "Mary's Aisling Psychic Readings"

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 31 - Craig Is Often Mistaken For A Turnip

Nov 20, 2016 00:40:16


Craig and Gavin are pissed that Scott showed up late, We play out our mini interview with Trailer Park Boys star Sam Losco the greasy cave man, and Scott brings on a Swedish teenage rock band, which sparks Gavin off on trivia about Sweden. enjoy!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 30 - Quinn Hedges

Nov 7, 2016 00:54:39


Major's Mess Hall - Episode 30 - Quinn Hedges by Majors_Mess_Hall

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 29 - Leigh Macinnis (Halloween Special 2016)

Oct 23, 2016 01:56:04


Our longest episode yet! this time round we have an exclusive interview with Trailer Park Boys actor Leigh Macinnis, who talks with us about his work with Swearnet, and his new movie he's set to work on called 7 Lox Rok. we also have our resident ghost hunter Dick Johnson who takes questions live from our listeners. and Wes is back!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 28 - Darth Vader Is Gay

Oct 10, 2016 00:40:45


Our guest this week is actor/musician Oz Marshall, who come on to talk about his new movie, plus sex, drugs, and sausage rolls!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 27 - He Once Had A Sex Dream About Blanche From The Golden Girls

Sep 26, 2016 01:09:25


It's here! Our anniversary episode! to mark 1 year of Major's Mess Hall we decided to invite our significant others on to join us..... good or bad idea? listen and find out!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 26 - He Was Like A Parrot On Amphetamines

Sep 10, 2016 00:41:10


On this episode we talk to Scott about an incident on Facebook involving a mans testicles, a brand new segment from Wes, plus Craig explains why he only listened to 15 minutes of Gavin and Scotts interview on the last episode. We would also like to dedicate this episode to our brother Dave Leonard (the Major) forever on our minds, we miss you, mate. Rest in peace.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 25 - Bernard Robichaud

Aug 29, 2016 00:45:41


On this episode of Major's Mess Hall we interview actor Bernard Robichaud, best known for playing Cyrus on the hit Canadian Comedy show Trailer Park Boys.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 24 - So You Want A Threesome With Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt!?

Aug 17, 2016 00:41:35


More Mess Hall madness in episode 24!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 23 - Dick Johnson

Jul 30, 2016 00:55:04


It's prank time at the Mess Hall! Gavin and Scott decide to play a trick on Craig and Wes by bringing in Dick Johnson, the hillbilly ghost hunter! This is possibly the funniest episode yet! Enjoy!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 22 - Niagara Falls, Viagra Rises

Jul 17, 2016 00:50:56


With Scott deciding to work a shift at his cleaning job instead of recording with the boys, a very pissed off Gavin and Craig bring in an awesome guest host from Australia by the name of Sarah (Sarai). Gavin talks about his hot drink combo Chocofftea, Sarah tells us why the movie Marley And Me sucks, and Craig tells us all about his fracking sink hole!.... theres also a last minute guest!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 21 - My Dog Just Threw Up On Me

Jul 3, 2016 01:01:12


We have another quality upgrade this week, as our audio sounds better than ever! Scott behaves himself because his wife Karen is a guest, Gavin talks with Mitch Mood (Mike Wood) about the Mess Hall's brand new website, and Craig cares even less this week. its all here, on the 21st edition of Major's Mess Hall!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 20 - Yanka Mann

Jun 21, 2016 00:57:38


After a hefty wait between episodes, we're back with an hour long episode 20! Wes joins us again for some more World News, and we hear all about Scotts latest shitty movie on the Shit Show Review! plus, more Mess Hall Science!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 19 - Major's Calling The Shots (Mega Podcast)

Jun 2, 2016 00:56:21


Here it is, our MEGAPOD with Maple Syrup Shots podcast, and South Canada Calling podcast!! its a total podcast overload! enjoy episode 19 of Major's Mess Hall!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 18 - Live In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

May 21, 2016 00:41:34


And then there were three... for the first time ever, Gavin and Craig meet Scott in person, and this episode is a documentation of just that! You'll hear some of the highlights, plus the boys first recorded podcast in a room together!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 17 - She Hobbled Over To Me And Asked If I Wanted A BJ

Apr 24, 2016 00:38:53


This time on the Mess Hall we are joined by Neil and Dave from the Maple Syrup Shots podcast, and we play possibly the best addition of What's Not Scott to date! And we also discuss our up and coming mega podcast thats in the works!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 16 - He's Got A Throat Like Gandhi's Sandal

Apr 11, 2016 00:53:54


Our guest this week is the lovely Michelle! we also have Wes back, and Gavin dares Scott to take on the cinnamon challenge! we also announce the winner to our Trailer Park Boys liquor contest!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 15 - Sum Ting Wong

Mar 27, 2016 00:56:59


more crazy shit from the boys on this edition of Major's Mess Hall! our guest this week is the awesome Shelby from the equally awesome podcast South Canada Calling. more Mess Hall Science facts, Shit Show Review, and an interesting anecdote about a Chinese women and a coffee table!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 14 - Jehovah's Wes-ness (Trailer Park Boys special)

Mar 6, 2016 01:08:24


over an hour long in length, our Trailer Park Boy's special is not one to be missed! Gavin talks about his appearance on the Trailer Park Boys podcast, Scott shares an exclusive voice clip for the Mess Hall podcast from actor's John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey) and Pat Roach (Randy), and a very drunk Craig tells us all about his trip to the zoo! we are joined by fellow TPB fan Todd Walters for a chat about our love for the show, and Wes is back with more World News! this episode is dedicated to the late great Dave Leonard.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 13 - This Is Not A Podcast!

Feb 28, 2016 00:35:56


a last minute decision to record a podcast meant that Gavin and Scott had to pretend that they weren't recording in order to get Craig to take part.... now thats dedication! Wes is also with the boys this week, bringing his World News segment to the table! join us for our most unconventional podcast to date!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 12 - Major Wes Hall

Feb 14, 2016 00:42:39


Terrible connection issues on this addition of the Mess Hall as our calls kept dropping in and out, but we didn't let it stop us! our Guest this week was an awesome guy by the name of Wes that just fit in with all the bullshit the Mess Hall throws out!! craig also gives even less fucks then usual on this episode, so just a heads up!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 11 - The Squeaky Jacket

Feb 6, 2016 00:44:14


This time on the Mess Hall we have Art Shimko joining us for a chat, but it becomes a little hard to hear him over the noise of his squeaky jacket! Craig pitches his show idea, and Scott has some sound advice for what not to feed ducks!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 10 - You Don't Sleep Naked When You Got Six Dogs

Jan 24, 2016 00:38:16


As we enter double figures with episode 10, we learn a shocking revelation about Scott and his dress code, Gavin debuts a brand new feature, and Craig still doesn't care.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 9 - I've Never Seen A Swans Scrotum

Jan 13, 2016 00:49:01


After a long few weeks away from recording, we're back with the same shit as before! this week we have a guest by the name of Shanelle, who talks to us about her Trailer Park Boys Facebook group 'The Sunnyvale Fucked Family' and its forever growing following! also Craig managed to sneak his girlfriend Harriet into the background while we recorded.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 8 - Tube Steak Smothered In Underwear (Christmas Special)

Dec 13, 2015 00:51:08


Deck your balls with boughs of holly...... ouch!! heres our Christmas special, and its just as fucked as the previous episodes, and you won't wanna miss it! our guest this week is the lovely Amber, who came to join in with the festivities! we play 'Whats Not Scott' again, gargle christmas songs, and Craig tells us what Christmas means to him.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 7 - Jesus And The Argonauts (Thanksgiving Special)

Nov 29, 2015 00:31:49


Ever wondered how Thanksgiving started? well Craig has the answer! also hear our new game show What's Not Scott! we even have a guest this week by the name of Tommy Winterton, who'll tell you all about working as a chef around Europe, plus find out what "the moose" is. its all here on episode 7!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 6 - Harriet Smethurst

Nov 16, 2015 00:43:35


After a long absence we are back! hear all about Craig in hospital, Scotts idea for a live show for the homeless, and Gav forces Craig to host the show!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 5 - Dirty Kenny (Halloween Special)

Oct 25, 2015 00:43:45


Here's our contribution for Halloween!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 4 - You Can't Bungee Jump Out Of A Plane!

Oct 18, 2015 00:45:27


We have our first guest this week on Mess Hall with Kirk Degaust the guy that keeps the Shit mobile running on the hit Canadian comedy show Trailer Park Boys! Scott tells us about his wrestling match against a large gay man, and Craig breaks wind.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 3 - 70's Tits

Oct 4, 2015 00:44:16


check out what the boys have been up to this week!

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 2 - Fatty Patty

Sep 27, 2015 00:32:35


In this addition of the mess hall - learn to talk Craggle, hear our version of Sesame Street, and get the scoop on Craig's ex girlfriend Fatty Patty.

Major's Mess Hall - Episode 1 - Burkas, Burkas, Burkas!

Sep 21, 2015 00:32:53


joins us in Major's mess hall!