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LINA ABUJAMRA is the author of Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended, Stripped: When God’s Call Turns from Yes to Why Me, and Resolved: 10 Ways to Stand Strong and Live What You Believe. Find her on
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Leadership #12: Leading when no one is following

Apr 2, 2020 18:31


There are seasons in a leader’s life when no one is following when you take a step forward. Today’s podcast will help us recognize that leadership doesn't require having a certain number of followers. Leadership is much more than that.

Leadership #11: Battling burnout

Mar 26, 2020 20:03


Ever feel like you’re burning out as a leader? Truth is, most leaders will get to some level of burnout at some point in their journey. Is there a better way to arrange our life rhythms so that, like Jesus, we don’t burn out, don’t want to quit, or find a way out of our responsibilities? Listen in and find hope for the season you’re in!

Leadership #10: Leadership in a world of COVID-19

Mar 19, 2020 19:58


How do we lead in a time of crisis? How do we take charge, respond, and move forward? In today’s podcast I want to encourage you to remain steady in your leadership by: (1) Maintaining focus when all around is confusion; (2) Choosing to believe when deliverance delays; (3) Leading with innovation when plans are changed.

Leadership #9: Facing rejection

Mar 12, 2020 17:57


If you’ve ever felt rejection by others, you’re in good company. Jesus felt it too, even from his own family and those closest to him.Rejection will inevitable come, but it doesn’t have to destroy us. The more secure we are in our vertical identity, the less affected we will be by criticism, various attacks, and rejection by others. 

Leadership #8: Overcoming failures

Mar 5, 2020 17:36


Nobody likes failure. Yet, none of us can escape it. But did you know that God is not expecting you to never fail, but he’s counting on using your failure for good?

As we’ll look at Peter’s story in John 21 today we’ll find out that: (1) God didn’t choose you because of your potential, but because of His; (2) Your failure is a means to an end; (3) Your failure is not the end of your story. 

Leadership #7: Redefining success

Feb 27, 2020 17:57


Did you know that fruitfulness and success is the very thing God wants for you? But what we consider success and how we measure success in the world is not quite the same as what God considers success.

Today’s Podcast will invite you to reconsider what success God’s way means. It will challenge you to move from a view of success that is outwardly measured in numbers, rankings, or NY Times bestseller lists, to one that is measured in the depth of your character, intimacy with the Lord, and obedience to his will.

Leadership #6: Leaders as disciples

Feb 20, 2020 17:51


A leader is a follower first. When we identify as disciples first and then lead out of that reality we will be less likely to misuse our God-given authority, less fearful of change, and more interested in following the Spirit’s guidance than giving in to doing what everyone else does or says.

Leadership #5: Three mistakes leaders make

Feb 13, 2020 16:16


It’s impossible to be in leadership and not make mistakes. But mistakes can turn into powerful lessons if we take the time to reflect and ask the Lord to show us what he wants to teach us and accomplish in us through them.

In today’s podcast I’ll share about the three biggest mistakes I found myself doing in my leadership journey, and hope to encourage you to grow as a leader in a way that glorifies God and expands his kingdom.

Leadership #4: Leadership as an identity

Feb 6, 2020 21:05


What comes to mind when you think of yourself as a leader? What traits are you known for in your leadership capacity? Who shapes your image of what a leader is? In this podcast we’ll talk about the call to Christian maturity, servanthood, brokenness, uncommon communion, and obedience that ought to shape our identity as leaders.

Leadership #3: Jesus, the greatest leader of all time

Jan 30, 2020 18:06


Often when we think about Jesus we don’t necessarily associate him with leadership. It’s easier to think about him as a teacher, healer, deliverer, friend, and savior of the world, but not so much as a leader. But the impact and influence of his life indicate that he was one. In fact, I believe he was, and is, the greatest leader of all time.

Listen to today’s podcast on Jesus’ leadership style that we’re invited to imitate.

Leadership #2: Who is a true leader?

Jan 23, 2020 17:57


On today's episode of The Hope Podcast we'll talk about who is a true leader. I’ll frame this podcast around three major points that I believe will motivate you to live on mission for God's kingdom and to grow as much in character as you grow in your giftedness.

Leadership #1: Who needs another leadership podcast?

Jan 16, 2020 16:50


Welcome to the Leadership Edition of The Hope Podcast! In today’s episode – Who needs another leadership podcast? I will give three reasons why this discussion is an important one. Listen in!

The Four Most Dangerous Words in the New Testament – The Hope Podcast #51

Dec 12, 2019 43:59


Most of us never expect it, never see it coming, or are too proud to admit that we might begin to drift. But following Jesus at a distance is a dangerous place to be that ultimately reveals what’s really in our heart. On today’s episode of The Hope Podcast listen to a message I recently gave at a church from Luke 22.54-65: The Four Most Dangerous Words in the New Testament. I believe it’s a critical message we all need to hear.

Hope in Spiritual Warfare – The Hope Podcast #50

Dec 5, 2019 49:43


My guest on today’s Hope Podcast is Judy Dunagan, acquiring editor for the women’s line of books and discipleship resources at Moody Publishers. In this conversation you’ll hear about how to walk in the victory that Christ won for us and stand strong amid spiritual warfare. Take time to listen in!

Hope For Prodigals – The Hope Podcast #49

Nov 21, 2019 43:48


“When loving a prodigal in your midst, err on the side of grace.” Today on The Hope Podcast we will hear from Judy Douglass, author, speaker, and the founder and host of Prayer for Prodigals. She shares a tough but redemptive story about loving a prodigal child, which not only helped her grow closer to Jesus, but also inaugurated an international ministry.

Hope In Seeking Justice – The Hope Podcast #48

Nov 14, 2019 47:56


My guest today on The Hope Podcast is a writer, speaker, and justice seeker – Marlena Graves, and our conversation will focus around justice, especially as it pertains to immigrants and asylum seekers. Is there something that the Church as a collective body could do to better reflect Christ’s kind of love when it comes to the stranger? We’ll address some complex issues today for sure, take a listen!

Hope with Susie Larson – The Hope Podcast #47

Nov 7, 2019 44:16


Today’s podcast with Susie Larson will surely inspire you to hang on when life is hard! Susie is a talk show host, national speaker, and the author of fifteen books and tons of articles. A couple of years ago, in the midst of tremendous pain and suffering, Susie understood that God was building a platform with your pain, and that one day she was going to have a story to tell that will help others facing hardships. Today, her story encourages people to become awakened to the value of their soul, the depth of God’s love, and the height of their calling in Christ Jesus.

Hope with Dr. Lainna Callentine – The Hope Podcast #46

Oct 31, 2019 53:18


My guest today is Dr. Lainna Callentine – physician, author, speaker, coach and founder of Sciexperience. She will share the story of her career, the obstacles she’s had to overcome, the journey from working in one of the busiest emergency rooms in Illinois to homeschooling her three kids, as well as about her ministry towards racial reconciliation in the church. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

Hope with Jen Pollock Michel – The Hope Podcast #45

Oct 24, 2019 48:47


On today’s Hope Podcast I’m interviewing award-winning author Jen Pollock Michel who is a brilliant thinker and writer. You might be familiar with her newest release, ‘Surprised by Paradox’, or ‘Teach Us to Want’, Christianity Today’s 2015 Book of the Year. You’ll appreciate the way Jen talks about her journey, calling, family, spiritual life, and paradoxes of our faith. I know this conversation will stir both your intellect and heart.

Hope In Adoption – The Hope Podcast #44

Oct 17, 2019 42:30


Today’s conversation is one that will move your heart and bring real hope and encouragement whether you are on the foster and adoptive journey or not. My guest, Janelle Johnson, will share her story of how God led her and her husband already at a young age to open their hearts and home to children needing a family, and the joys and challenges that came with that. This podcast will broaden your view of foster care and open your eyes to ways you can serve. Listen now!

Hope South Of The Border – The Hope Podcast #43

Oct 10, 2019 49:41


I’ve called today’s podcast Hope South Of The Border and my guest is Matthew Soerens, US Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief. This conversation will shed some light on both the refugee and immigration crisis, will address the situation at the south of our border, and help us understand the realities of immigration and respond in ways guided by biblical values.

The Hope Podcast #42: Hope when facing same-sex attraction

Oct 3, 2019 01:01:15


Today’s interview is the riveting story my friend Brad Klaver. Recently, Brad came face to face with the part of himself he had sworn since he was a boy never to let into the light. Join me as I engage Brad’s journey with his wife, friends, and church, and learn about how God allowed this now-pastor to go through breakdown so he could experience breakthrough.

The Hope Podcast #41: Hope in the face of unexpected tragedy & the legacy of Rachel Held Evans

Sep 26, 2019 44:15


I had the privilege of talking with Amanda Held Opelt about her sister’s Rachel Held Evans life and legacy. I’m so grateful. For those of you who loved Rachel, I hope this podcast fills you with hope and for those who didn’t know her, it’s my privilege to introduce her to you.

The Hope Podcast #40: Hope When You’re Facing Unexpected Illness In Your Family

Sep 19, 2019 50:04


My guest on today’s Hope Podcast is Steven Earp – pastor and social media influencer – and his story will blow you away! In 2007 Steven’s wife, Chrysty, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and for the last few years Steve has had to learn how to love his wife well through this illness while holding on to his hope in Jesus. If you’ve ever wondered where God is in the midst of pain and suffering, this episode is a must listen to!

The Hope Podcast #39: With Kay Arthur

Sep 5, 2019 57:16


The Hope Podcast Season 2 is finally here! My guest today is no other than Kay Arthur, the founder of Precept Ministries and host of Precepts for Life, a daily television, radio, and online program that reaches more than 75 million households each day. Her story of hope and her passion for people to be established in God’s Word will encourage you and challenge you to live a life that has as ambition to know God. Listen in!  

The Hope Podcast #38: Hope on World Refugee Day

Jun 20, 2019 44:48


In today’s World Refugee Day edition of the Hope Podcast you will hear Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, interviewing Lina Abujamra about her work with refugees in Lebanon. You’ll learn about how it all started, how it expanded, how God is at work in refugees’ lives, how the refugee crisis looks like now, why it matters to do something about their plight, and much more.

The Hope Podcast #37: Hope for the marrieds

Jun 13, 2019 45:03


Everyone who is married wants to have a vibrant, joyful marriage, but often couples do not know how to get there. Today, Dorothy Greco – author of Making Marriage Beautiful (David C Cook, 2017) and the forthcoming Marriage in the Middle (IVP, 2020), will give some wise and practical advice on how to get and sustain a healthy marriage. She’ll have plenty of nuggets for singles too, so listen in everyone!

The Hope Podcast #36: Hope for the next generation

Jun 6, 2019 49:04


You can’t miss today’s Hope Podcast with my friend Annika Greco – a millennial missionary to Lebanon and contributor to Relevant Magazine. You’ll hear us talk about: millennials and the church, social justice, missions, what does it mean to be blessed, how to trust God with your future, singleness, priorities in life, and so much more.

The Hope Podcast #35: Hope for the college graduate

May 30, 2019 48:20


Today’s Hope Podcast is for those of you who just graduated from college and for anyone who finds himself in a time of transition. My guest Chris Lash is the Dean of Chapel at Judson University and is passionate about seeing his students flourish after college. This conversation will give them wise practical advice on how to navigate this season of transition and how to handle uncertainty.

The Hope Podcast #34: Hope for our country’s health

May 23, 2019 46:35


I’m so excited for you to meet today’s Podcast guest, Dr. Gregory H. Bledsoe. Together we're going to talk about the state of the health in our country, and touch on topics such as: the legalization of marijuana; what’s getting the American population into trouble health-wise; mental health issues; tips to improve our health; how do we sow hope in your communities, and more. You don’t wanna miss!

The Hope Podcast #33: Hope in weakness

May 16, 2019 46:39


Today’s guest has one WOW story! Her first book just released April 2nd and I read it in one sitting. It ripped my heart out. Glorious Weakness: Discovering God in All We Lack. That’s the title. Alia Joy is the author.

The Hope Podcast #32: Smorgasbord of miscellanea

May 9, 2019 36:55


This conversation with my friend Tina Watschke will not only be lots of fun, but it will also bring things of importance to your attention and point you to the person who is able to restore your hope.

The Hope Podcast #31: Hope for the single, white, heterosexual, conservative male

May 2, 2019 50:12


On today’s podcast we’re gonna talk about hope for the single, white, heterosexual conservative male. My guest is a friend I’ve known for some time—Mario Mancino, and I believe you’re gonna enjoy this conversation and find it helpful. Listen in and share it with a friend!

The Hope Podcast #30: What Stands In The Way Of Revival

Apr 25, 2019 46:30


Today we’re posting a teaching I recently did on the topic of revival that I believe will stir up your hunger for God and challenge you to search your heart for any hindrances that might stand in the way of revival.

The Hope Podcast #29: Hope When A Loved One Struggles With Mental Illness

Apr 18, 2019 55:35


This conversation with Patty Kujawa is a difficult and painful one, but I believe it's gonna help those of you who are close to someone who struggles with depression or mental illness. Patty's 18-year-old son, Jack, took his life six months ago and we're gonna talk about how she is finding hope in Christ in the middle of what is probably one of the darkest valleys that a parent could go through. 

The Hope Podcast #28: With Jan Silvious

Apr 11, 2019 51:38


I sure hope you won’t miss this episode because I can already tell you… you’ll love my guest—Jan Silvious! Jan has been in ministry for over thirty years, speaking, writing books, teaching the Bible, and helping people to get from where they are to where they want to be. You’ll get a lot of wisdom nuggets from this conversation about life and ministry, and I really encourage you to take a listen!

The Hope Podcast #27: With Lisa-Jo Baker

Apr 4, 2019 40:40


My conversation this week is with Lisa-Jo Baker. She is an author and speaker and has published bible studies with Lifeway. Her book Never Unfriended has encouraged women everywhere and her new Bible Study We Saved You A Seat is a must have. I think you’ll like the relatability of Lisa-Jo and find her to be an encouragement and advocate for hope!

The Hope Podcast #26: With Melissa Radke

Mar 28, 2019 45:30


My guest today is Mellissa Radke – public speaker, author, vlogger, podcaster and soon to be television personality. We’re gonna talk about how God might surprise you when life doesn’t turn out as you dreamed it would, infertility, miscarriages, adoption, body image, parenting, confidence, and even about fear. Listen in!

The Hope Podcast #25: With Meredith Andrews

Mar 21, 2019 41:14


If you’ve been in church for a while, you’ve surely worshiped on the tune of beautiful songs written by my guest today – Meredith Andrews. Award-winning Christian artist, Meredith is a worship leader at heart who loves to create music that lifts the body of Christ to a closer relationship with the Lord. Listen to her inspiring journey and story on today’s Hope Podcast!

The Hope Podcast #24: With Annie F. Downs

Mar 14, 2019 44:48


This week’s podcast is just plain fun because if you know anything about Annie F. Downs, it’s that she is fun. So sit back and enjoy this conversation with the bestselling author of several books, including 100 Days to Brave, Looking for Lovely, and Let’s All Be Brave.

The Hope Podcast #23: With Hannah Anderson

Mar 7, 2019 49:10


This week’s podcast is with my friend Hannah Anderson – author, speaker, and Bible teacher. Get ready cause we’re gonna cover quite a few topics today! We’ll talk about how to get out from a legalism mentality, we’ll discuss vocation, Christian ministry, and we’ll name a few challenges that the Church and believers are facing in today’s culture that is rapidly changing.

The Hope Podcast #22: Hope For The Church – With Julie Roys

Feb 28, 2019 55:15


My guest today on the Hope Podcast is Julie Roys, and we’re gonna talk about Hope For The Church. Julie’s exposé about her old work place, Moody Bible Institute, and recently about James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel won her both admirers and critics. Today, I get to talk to her as friend.  

The Hope Podcast #21: Hope Post Abortion

Feb 21, 2019 55:23


In today’s Hope Podcast we’re going to talk about hope post abortion. If you’ve ever had an abortion, know someone who has, or are deeply pro life, you need to listen to Shawna Down’s story. It’s a story of grace and redemption.

The Hope Podcast #20: Hope For The Single Christian On Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2019 43:26


I like to focus on singles on Valentine's Day and I'm so excited to share with you this episode I recorded with Chris Fabry a year ago about how to thrive in your singleness, even on Valentine's Day. Single, married or dating, take a listen!

The Hope Podcast #19: Hope For The Women In The Church

Feb 7, 2019 31:10


In this podcast with Karl Clauson we're going to address a few relevant questions about gifts, ministry, leadership, and relationships between men and women in the church. I believe this episode will share lots of wisdom and encouragement that anyone can benefit from. 

The Hope Podcast #18: With Angie Smith

Jan 31, 2019 41:07


My guest on today’s Hope Podcast is Angie Smith, best-selling author, speaker and blogger. While pregnant with their daughter, Audrey, Angie and her husband, Todd received news that she would not survive and Angie began blogging as a means of communicating with friends and family who wanted to be updated as they walked those difficult days. Since then she continued to write, speak and share her own ups and downs along the way to encourage others in their faith. I’m pretty certain this talk will revive your hope and strengthen your faith.

The Hope Podcast #17: Hope in the face of suicide

Jan 24, 2019 36:38


This week’s story is a sobering reminder that you can look like you have it all but, still be desperate for hope. My friend Heather Palacios had what seemed to be the perfect life but still tried to commit suicide. Listen how she found hope in the midst of darkness.

The Hope Podcast #16: With Carlos Rodríguez

Jan 17, 2019 39:07


Today my guest is one of the most dynamic men I know. Carlos Rodríguez is a pastor, speaker, author, and activist. He recently moved with his entire family to Puerto Rico where he leads diverse mission projects to help families in need.

The Hope Podcast #15: With Christine Caine

Jan 10, 2019 47:22


We’re starting the new year with a new podcast with one of my favorite people on the planet, Christine Caine. No matter what your goals are for 2019 this podcast will encourage you and renew your hope for an awesome year ahead!

The Hope Podcast #14: Hope when you’re still waiting for your miracle

Dec 13, 2018 19:13


Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, and multiplied the loaves and fish. Sometimes… But sometimes He didn’t live up to people’s expectations the way they thought he should. And the same is true today. Why doesn’t Jesus do the thing we so desperately want and earnestly pray for? What does the love of Jesus look like when we don’t get the miracles, the help, the breakthroughs we ask and hope for? (This episode of The Hope Podcast contains a talk I recently gave at a conference).

The Hope Podcast #13: Hope during the Christmas Season

Dec 6, 2018 47:21


Hey. In today's podcast my friend Tina Watschke and I will talk about challenges, stresses and joys that come with the Christmas season. This conversation will be real, practical, fun, and with lots of ideas for awesome and inexpensive gifts!
For a list of gifts/games suggestions for yourself and your loved ones, email 


The Hope Podcast #12: With Dr. Christopher Yuan

Nov 29, 2018 49:21


Hey. In today’s podcast we’re gonna talk about sharing the hope of Christ to our gay relatives during the holiday season. My guest Dr. Christopher Yuan, is a passionate speaker, author and Bible professor. His speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached five continents and his books have been translated in several languages.

The Hope Podcast #11: With Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nov 15, 2018 49:55


My guest today is someone that has impacted millions of women, including myself – Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and her life story is going to inspire you!

The Hope Podcast #10: With Marlon Washington

Nov 8, 2018 42:04


Today we’re going to talk about hope when I’m trying to figure out my messy life. My guest is my friend Marlon Washington, someone you’re going to love. His story is a story of amazing grace. He shines for Jesus and I can’t wait to see how God is going to use Marlon’s story today to build your hope back up!

The Hope Podcast #9: With Nancy Guthrie

Nov 1, 2018 36:44


On today’s Podcast we're talking about hope when you’re hurting like crazy. My guest is someone I look up to and admire. Nancy Guthrie is an internationally known bible teacher and author of a million books. She is one of the best bible teachers around and the host of Help Me Teach the Bible. Her story is going to blow your mind, but more importantly, her strength is going to inspire you.

The Hope Podcast #8: With Sheila Walsh

Oct 18, 2018 33:57


Hey. My guest today is a name that is certainly familiar to many of you – Sheila Walsh. You’ll be encouraged by her story of how God met her when she was at her lowest point and lifted her up again. Her message of hope frankly is this:  GOD IS FOR YOU! Don’t miss!

The Hope Podcast #7: Hope when you're blindsided by a son with disabilities

Oct 11, 2018 44:22


In this conversation with Cory Shumate (Streamwood-Barlett Campus Pastor at Christ Community Church) you'll hear about the story of his familiy's journey with having a son with disabilities. Elan was born in late 2017 with a malformation of the brain, causing epilepsy and functional blindness and deffness. I believe their story of hope will encourage and inspire you! 

The Hope Podcast #6: With Trillia Newbell

Oct 4, 2018 41:00


Today’s conversation will focus on hope for racial reconciliation in the church.
My guest is Trillia Newbell, contributor to The Gospel Coalition and ERLC, and author of Fear and Faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves and United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity.

The Hope Podcast #5: With Dr. Sarah Sumner

Sep 27, 2018 42:32


If life has ever treated you unfairly, make sure to listen to this conversation with my friend Dr. Sarah Sumner, founder and president of Right on Mission. Her story will remind you that hope in God will not disappoint.

The Hope Podcast #4: With Karl Clauson

Sep 20, 2018 35:28


In this interview with Karl Clauson, host of Karl and Crew Mornings on Moody Radio and pastor of 180 Chicago Church, we’re going to talk about hope when you’ve been hurt by the church. How do you get past your hurt, how do you keep trusting and why should you remain connected and committed to the Body in spite of your disappointments?  

The Hope Podcast #3: With Rosaria Butterfield

Sep 13, 2018 00:45:40


In this podcast with Rosaria Butterfield you will feel invited into her home and having an organic conversation around a cup of coffee about things that are close to her heart. You’ll hear about the Bible’s response to loneliness, about the church as the family of God, the power of intentional hospitality, about how to overcome sexual sin, and so much more. 

The Hope Podcast #2: Hope when you’ve been hit by a bus

Sep 6, 2018 00:39:58


In this conversation with Dr. Karen Swallow Prior (English professor at Liberty University) we hear about Karen’s recent accident and miraculous recovery and how she is using her platform to speak up for women discriminated in the church, and to fight against misogynism in the Body of Christ.

The Hope Podcast: Episode 1

Aug 23, 2018 00:14:38


This is the launch episode for The Hope Podcast and you’re gonna particularly like this interview!

The opportunity of a lifetime

Jun 19, 2018 00:49:23


Have you ever faced a situation that required an unthinkable sacrifice? Or a difficulty too great to overcome? Esther did. But her story reveals that behind her greatest obstacle was hidden the opportunity of a lifetime.

God’s relentless pursuit of you

May 16, 2018 01:01:37


Do you need to be reminded of God’s relentless pursuit of you? Listen to this message I recently gave at an event called Pursuit. It will set your heart on fire for the Lord. 

The secret to total and complete satisfaction

Mar 5, 2018 00:32:46


Message given at Judson University on 2/26/18. 

Christians and Donald Trump

Feb 23, 2017 00:20:03


One of the most controversial figures right now is Donald Trump. How should Christians handle Donald Trump and all the baggage that comes with his name? Listen in as we talk Trump, God and faith.

Christians and Refugees

Feb 8, 2017 00:36:17


How does God expect Christians to respond to the refugee crisis? Does the Bible say anything about loving refugees? This week Lina tells you her story and how she, a Lebanese doctor, became engaged in the Syrian refugee crisis. 

Christians and politics

Jan 23, 2017 00:27:09


 How should Christians engage with the culture on politics? How did Jesus model how we should talk about politics with our neighbors? In this difficult conversation on politics, we’ll learn how political God wants His followers to be. 

Christians and the LGBTQ community

Jan 13, 2017 00:29:26


How should Christians reconcile a Biblical worldview with the cultural perspective on homosexuality? Is there a better way to be Jesus to the LGBTQ community in your life? Listen to this week’s podcast to find out. 

A Difficult Conversation: Racism

Nov 29, 2016 01:04:20


Racism. It’s not just a problem in the world. It’s a problem in the Church. Join me in this difficult conversation with my friend Latoya Gray on how to recognize and overcome racism in your world today.

Believe when it looks rediculous

Jul 19, 2016 00:35:08


Mark 15-16 Better forever

Jul 5, 2016 00:20:26


In this conclusion to the study of the gospel of Mark, we’ll focus on joy and how God turns the darkest circumstances into victory and joy.

Mark 14 Better through suffering

Jun 21, 2016 00:26:23


God uses suffering for good. It’s not a cliché. It’s the truth. This week’s podcast will help you unpack why God allows us to suffer.

Mark 13 Now is the time to get better

Jun 7, 2016 00:27:55


Ever wonder when things will finally change in your life? Now is the time to get better. Find out why you don’t have to wait to get better anymore.

Mark 11-12 Better by the power of his word

May 24, 2016 00:21:19


God could change your life and circumstances with one word. Check out this week’s podcast and see how.

Mark 10 The cost of getting better

May 11, 2016 00:25:44


There is a cost to discipleship, to following Jesus, but it is more than worth it. Are you willing to pay the price for getting better? Find out in this week’s podcast.

Mark 9 More reasons Jesus is better

Apr 12, 2016 00:23:09


Still wondering who Jesus is? He’s better than anything you can imagine. Here are more reasons why from Mark 9.

Mark 7-8 Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Mar 30, 2016 00:26:02


Let’s move past the superficial and get to the heart of the matter. It’s how Jesus lived. Find out how in this podcast.

Mark 6 Called to make the world better

Mar 8, 2016 00:26:02


Do you know your calling? Are you living out your God ordained purpose? In this episode, we will consider some principles about your God given calling.

Mark 5 Better by the power of his touch

Feb 23, 2016 00:25:54


What if Christ could heal you by the power of His touch? In this episode you will be reminded of the power of Christ’s touch and how He can change your life.

Mark 3-4 (Part 2) Overcoming the obstacles to getting better

Feb 11, 2016 00:19:55


What stands in the way of you getting better? In this podcast we will discuss 6 obstacles to getting better from Mark 3-4.

Mark 3-4 (Part 1) Overcoming the obstacles to getting better

Feb 11, 2016 00:08:50


What stands in the way of you getting better? In this podcast we will discuss 6 obstacles to getting better from Mark 3-4.

Mark 2 Desperate enough to get better

Jan 27, 2016 00:32:12


Are you desperate enough to get better? Find out how you can tell in this teaching on Mark 2.

Mark 1 Jesus is better

Jan 12, 2016 00:31:16


Why? Have you ever wondered what makes Jesus unique? Follow this 12 week podcast series of the gospel of Mark as we study the life of Jesus and what makes him better than anything.

The ONE THING Series: Holiday

Dec 22, 2015 00:13:49


The ONE THING Series: Culture

Dec 8, 2015 00:20:50


The ONE THING Series: Leadership

Nov 25, 2015 00:21:29


The ONE THING Series: Sexuality

Nov 10, 2015 00:22:56


Listen to this week’s teaching for the one big idea on sexuality you need to hang on to.

The ONE THING Series: Success

Oct 29, 2015 00:20:16


Do you long for success? Find out how to be successful in God’s eyes in this week’s teaching.

The ONE THING Series: Insecurity

Oct 13, 2015 00:16:17


 Do You struggle with insecurity, the feeling that you’re not quite good enough? Find out how to get strong in confidence on this week’s podcast.

The ONE THING Series: Identity

Oct 7, 2015 00:20:19


Are you having trouble getting along with other people? Find out how understanding who you really are might be the reason.

The ONE THING Series: Happiness - Are you happy?

Sep 29, 2015 00:16:52


Do you want to know the secret to happiness in life? Listen to this week’s teaching. 

The ONE THING Series: Purpose - Do you know your purpose in life?

Sep 22, 2015 00:18:03


This week find out what God thinks about your purpose in life. 

The ONE THING Series: Bringing ONE big idea into focus each week

Sep 8, 2015 00:19:44


What’s the one thing you want more than anything? Listen in this week and take the one thing challenge! 

Expectations 3: When should I expect God to correct me?

Jul 7, 2015 00:16:42


If you’re a child of God, discipline is part of your growth process. Find out when you can expect God to correct you.

Expectations 2: Will God ever answer my prayers?

Jun 30, 2015 00:18:58


If you’ve ever wondered whether God really does answer prayers, you need to listen to this podcast and figure out exactly what to expect when it comes to your prayer life.

Expectations 1: Is there a limit to God’s love?

Jun 23, 2015 00:18:46


In this first lesson on what we can expect from God, Lina will talk about God’s love and how you can expect it to blow your mind away.

Thriving together

Jun 17, 2015 00:17:23


This week Lina brings you up to speed with some breaking news for the ministry of Living with Power.

I need comfort when I don’t get what I want

Jun 8, 2015 00:19:15


God wants you to grow when you don’t get what you want. This podcast will help you find joy even when you don’t get what you want.

I need comfort when I’m a complete mess

Jun 1, 2015 00:20:32


Have you ever felt like your life is a mess you can’t navigate through? This podcast will help you think Biblically about the mess in your life.

I need comfort when I lack true peace

May 12, 2015 00:19:08


Too often in life peace escapes me.  When that happens, I need God’s word to remind me where to find true and lasting peace. 

I need comfort when I’m on the outside looking in

May 5, 2015 00:15:48


Few things are worse than feeling like an outsider. No matter why or where you feel like an outsider, this week’s teaching will help you find focus and comfort when you need it.

I need comfort when I feel like “what the heck”?

Apr 28, 2015 00:16:59


If you’ve ever looked at your life and wondered “what the heck is happening here”, this week’s lesson will help you find answer [...]

I need comfort when the pace is killing me

Apr 21, 2015 00:15:47


Most of us live lives that are spinning out of control. If that’s you, listen up to this week’s podcast as we look at how to find rest in the chaos of life. 

I need Comfort when I feel wounded

Apr 14, 2015 00:15:51


If you’ve ever felt betrayed or hurt by someone in your life, this podcast will help you find healing. God uses even our hurts to draw us closer to Him.

I need comfort when life is hard

Apr 7, 2015 00:19:28


Do you ever feel like life is just too hard? Like you’re losing hope? Listen to this week’s podcast and find hope in God’s word.

I need help for more patience

Mar 9, 2015 00:24:10


Do you hate waiting? Are you always in a hurry? Most of us have too much to do and too little time. Yet God’s plan for us usually happens in the waiting. If you’re looking to grow in patience, this podcast should help.

I need help with my temper

Mar 2, 2015 00:26:45


How quickly do you tend to bubble over when things don’t go your way? Or do you habitually bottle up your anger? Either way, it’s time to get some victory over your anger. Listen up to God’s plan for breakthrough over anger.

I need help over fear

Feb 23, 2015 00:23:26


What are you afraid of? Fear affects you more than you can imagine. It’s a cancer in your life and leads to stress in your body. Find out how God wants to deliver you from fear in this podcast.

I need help in my finances

Feb 16, 2015 00:24:22


Money matters and how you treat your finances is a litmus test of where your heart is. Find out what God says about your finances in today’s podcast and get ready to make some changes that will lead to true riches in your life.

I need help to overcome worry

Feb 9, 2015 00:25:40


Do you worry a lot? Worry is not part of God’s plan for your life. God wants you to live in victory over worry. This podcast will help you overcome worry no matter what challenges you’re facing this year.

I need help with my tongue

Feb 2, 2015 00:19:50


Do you say things you often regret? God has a lot to say about our tongues. If you’re looking to get a handle on the power of your words this podcast will help you grow your influence one powerful word at a time.

I need help in my fight to stay pure

Jan 26, 2015 00:25:29


We’re all familiar with New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us make them. Few of us keep them. Our goal is usually to change, to improve, to turn a new page and do things better for a change. But here’s what we forget: change doesn’t just happen. We have to intentionally plan for it. It will demand our focus. It will require God’s help. This year, don’t settle for the same ole half hearted limp resolutions. Let’s fix our minds on God’s word and get motivated to obey Him. If you’re looking for joy, it starts when you resolve to live your life God’s way. In the next 10 weeks I’m going to cover the 10 most common areas we all long to change. You’re going to love this practical series that I’ve called: 10 Areas I Need Help with this Year.

I need help with my Prayer life

Jan 19, 2015 00:23:19


We’re all familiar with New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us make them. Few of us keep them. Our goal is usually to change, to improve, to turn a new page and do things better for a change. But here’s what we forget: change doesn’t just happen. We have to intentionally plan for it. It will demand our focus. It will require God’s help. This year, don’t settle for the same ole half hearted limp resolutions. Let’s fix our minds on God’s word and get motivated to obey Him. If you’re looking for joy, it starts when you resolve to live your life God’s way. In the next 10 weeks I’m going to cover the 10 most common areas we all long to change. You’re going to love this practical series that I’ve called: 10 Areas I Need Help with this Year.

I Need Help with my Quiet Time

Jan 12, 2015 00:18:26


We’re all familiar with New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us make them. Few of us keep them. Our goal is usually to change, to improve, to turn a new page and do things better for a change. But here’s what we forget: change doesn’t just happen. We have to intentionally plan for it. It will demand our focus. It will require God’s help. This year, don’t settle for the same ole half hearted limp resolutions. Let’s fix our minds on God’s word and get motivated to obey Him. If you’re looking for joy, it starts when you resolve to live your life God’s way. In the next 10 weeks I’m going to cover the 10 most common areas we all long to change. You’re going to love this practical series that I’ve called: 10 Areas I Need Help with this Year.

I Need Help with my Eating Habits

Jan 5, 2015 00:22:35


We’re all familiar with New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us make them. Few of us keep them. Our goal is usually to change, to improve, to turn a new page and do things better for a change. But here’s what we forget: change doesn’t just happen. We have to intentionally plan for it. It will demand our focus. It will require God’s help. This year, don’t settle for the same ole half hearted limp resolutions. Let’s fix our minds on God’s word and get motivated to obey Him. If you’re looking for joy, it starts when you resolve to live your life God’s way. In the next 10 weeks I’m going to cover the 10 most common areas we all long to change. You’re going to love this practical series that I’ve called: 10 Areas I Need Help with this Year.

< [...]

Here’s What God has done in 2014

Dec 29, 2014 00:29:58


In this podcast, Lina gets personal as she reviews all God has done in 2014 in her life and ministry. She also challenges you to tell your story as we wrap up the year and start 2015!

Philippians 4:10-23 How to be happy

Dec 23, 2014 00:16:52


In this podcast we will learn the secret to lasting happiness no matter what you’re going through right now. 

Philippians 4:1-9 How to Overcome Worry

Dec 16, 2014 00:15:22


Most Christians spend way too much time worrying. You were meant for more than a life of worry. Find out how to get victory over worry in this podcast.


Philippians 3:12-21 Moving past your past

Dec 9, 2014 00:14:36


It is possible to move past your past, no matter how bad it is. Find out how in this week’s podcast.

Philippians 3:1-11 Jesus changes everything

Dec 3, 2014 00:18:28


Until you understand how Jesus changes everything, you are at risk of wasting your life. This podcast will remind you what you gain when you have Jesus.

Philippians 2:19-30 How to be a hero of the faith

Nov 25, 2014 00:18:17


Ever wonder how to be a hero in the faith? In this podcast we will study 2 examples of heroes and learn their secret.


Philippians 2:12-18 How to maximize your impact

Nov 18, 2014 00:18:01


If you long to make an impact with your life, you need to listen to these 5 principles that will change your world.

Philippians 2:5-11 The secret to the Christian life

Nov 12, 2014 00:17:35


Does the Christian life ever sound impossible to you? This podcast will show you how you can live and become like Jesus.

Philippians 2:1-4 Five reasons we struggle with unity

Nov 4, 2014 00:17:50


Unity among brothers is not an option for the Christian. Listen to the 5 reasons most of us struggle with unity. 

Philippians 1:27-30 God’s Dream for you

Oct 28, 2014 00:16:20


Have you ever wondered what God’s dreams for you are? Listen in today and find out. 

Philippians 1:19-26 How can you find joy in trials?

Oct 22, 2014 00:23:02


Trials are a routine part of life. Is it possible to go through them  and have joy? this podcast will help you find out how.

Philippians 1:12-18 Why is this happening to me?

Oct 15, 2014 00:15:31


Do you ever wonder why God allows you to go through trials? Paul gives us 4 reasons in Philippians 1. 

Philippians 1:1-11 What you can know for sure

Oct 8, 2014 00:17:56


Life is full of uncertainty, but there are some things you can know for sure. find out what in todays podcast.

Unshaken (18): Faith when my prayers aren’t being answered

Sep 30, 2014 00:16:19


2 Corinthians 12. Ever feel like your prayers aren’t being answered? When you don’t get what you want, it’s time to listen up. This week’s podcast will help you find the answers. 

Unshaken (17): Faith when I feel like a failure

Sep 23, 2014 00:15:38


John 21. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve failed. You can stand strong even when you’re tempted to feel like a failure. On this week’s podcast, find out how.     

Unshaken (16): Faith when God’s will sounds kinda crazy

Sep 16, 2014 00:15:10


Luke 1. Do you ever think God’s will for your life sounds kinda crazy? This podcast is for you! You can stand strong no matter how crazy God’s will sounds! 

Unshaken (15): Faith when the outcome is iffy at best

Sep 9, 2014 00:18:02


Daniel 3. It’s not always for sure how life is going to turn out. If you’re facing difficult circumstances, there are some things you can be sure of.  

Unshaken (14): Faith when it’s easier to blend in

Sep 3, 2014 00:15:43


Daniel 1. It might be easier to blend in, but if you’re looking to get stronger, it’s time to learn to take a stand. It all starts with resolve. Listen how in this week’s podcast.

Unshaken (13): Faith when my dreams seem too big

Aug 26, 2014 00:16:09


Nehemiah 1-2. We all have dreams we want to accomplish. When our dreams seem too big, we get discouraged. Learn how God fulfills your dreams in this week’s podcast.

Unshaken (12): Faith when it’s my fault and I know it

Aug 19, 2014 00:17:03


Judges 16. Sin plagues us and threatens to undo us. This week’s lesson from the life of Samson will help you overcome the sinful patterns in your life. 

Unshaken (11): Faith when I’m too disappointed to see it

Aug 12, 2014 00:17:18


Ruth 1. Disappointments hit us when we least expect them and send us into a tailspin. This week’s podcast will show you how to get past the disappointments in your life.

Unshaken (10): Faith when I feel like I’m not enough

Aug 6, 2014 00:18:45


Judges 7. Do you ever feel like you’re in the minority? Like you’re not strong enough or big enough to make it? The story of Gideon will remind you that God is more than enough for your not enough. 

Unshaken (9): Faith when I need a resurrection

Jul 29, 2014 00:15:31


2 Kings 4. When your dreams look dead, and all you want a resurrection, there’s only one thing to do: pray. This week’s podcast will focus on how God uses prayer to resurrect what looks dead in your life.

Unshaken (8): Faith when I’m too depressed to care

Jul 22, 2014 00:17:10


1 Kings 19. Sometimes in life you will get too depressed to care. If you’ve ever felt that way, you will enjoy today’s podcast on Elijah and how he stood strong in the heat of the battle despite feeling the weight of despair. 

Unshaken (7): Faith when I’m at a Crossroad

Jul 16, 2014 00:17:48


Joshua 2. Sooner or later we all come to a crossroad – a place of decision. When you find yourself at the crossroad, you need faith to stand strong no matter how fearful you might be. This podcast will look at the life of Rahab who remained unshaken in the heat of the battle when she found herself at a crossroad.

Unshaken (6): Faith when I’m all alone

Jul 8, 2014 00:15:57


Job 23. Do you ever feel alone? Misunderstood? Maybe even attacked by others leaving you left out and lonely? In this podcast we will look at the life of Job and how he stood unshaken despite feeling all alone in his trials.

Unshaken (5): Faith when I’m up against a Giant

Jun 30, 2014 00:17:45


1 Samuel 17. When you’re up against a giant, it’s hard to stay focused, and easy to fear. This podcast will give you 4 principles to overcoming the biggest giant in your life.

Unshaken (4): Faith when I feel Insecure

Jun 23, 2014 00:14:44


Exodus 3. If you’re facing a task that feels daunting, this podcast is for you. God’s plan for you is to be unshaken and steadfast even when you feel insecure. Look with me to the life of Moses and find out how to have faith when you feel insecure.

Unshaken (3): Faith when I’m stuck and can’t get out

Jun 17, 2014 00:14:21


Genesis 39. Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you’re stuck right now. You’re in a place you never expected and don’t care to stay. Today’s podcast will encourage you to stand unshaken when you’re stuck and can’t get out.

Unshaken (2): Faith when it’s easier to be cynical

Jun 10, 2014 00:12:39


Genesis 18, 21. When the waiting gets long and God’s promises seem far, it’s easy to get cynical about God and faith. In this week’s podcast, learn how God destroys our disbelief and frees us from cynicism.

Unshaken (1): Faith when I don’t see the way

Jun 3, 2014 00:15:04


Genesis 12. Do you ever feel like you can’t see the way?  Like God asked you to step out into the unknown and you have no idea which way to go?  This podcast will help you develop a faith that’s unshaken by learning how to trust God even when you can’t see the way.  

Acts 23 | Upside Down Ending

May 28, 2014 00:40:00


In this conclusion lesson through the book of Acts, Lina will wrap things up and leave you with God’s promise of victory in the end.  Thanks for listening to this series through the book of Acts.

Acts 22 | Upside Down Leadership

May 20, 2014 01:01:29


If you want to be a godly leader you might want to listen to God’s plan for upside down leadership. It might change your life.

Acts 20 -21 | Indestructible Spirit & Hope in the Promise

May 14, 2014 00:40:00


You can live an undaunted and indestructible spirit when you live God’s way. Don’t miss this teaching on how to develop an indestructible spirit.

How’s your hope meter? In this lesson lina will give you 6 reasons why you can hope in God’s promises and how his promises will turn your life upside down.

Acts 18-19 | The Power of Your Testimony & Upside Down Opportunity

May 6, 2014 00:43:00


Your life is a story that is meant to impact your world. Find out the power of your testimony in this teaching.  God intends for you to have unexpected opportunities daily. This teaching will explore how God gives you daily unexpected opportunities to impact others.


Acts 17 | Upside Down Perspective: 10 Principles for Living

Apr 29, 2014 00:42:00


In this teaching Lina will give you 10 principles that you need to live a life that’s thriving.

Acts 16 | Changed by the Word

Apr 22, 2014 00:40:00


The word of God changes lives. Nothing else does. Find out about God’s plan to change you through his word.

Acts 14-15 | Divine Appointments & World Changers

Apr 15, 2014 00:42:00


Ever wonder if God sees you and knows about your days? Not only does he see and know, but He orchestrates divine appointments in your life and use you to change the world.  

Do you want to change the world? In order to turn the world upside down, you’ll need to know these 4 principles.

Acts 13 | Overcoming Opposition

Apr 8, 2014 00:42:00


If you’re facing opposition in your life, listen up as Lina talks about how opposition handled God’s way can make you stronger.

Acts 12 | The Work of the Holy Spirit

Apr 2, 2014 00:40:00


Life is better with the Holy Spirit. Life is miraculous with the Holy Spirit. If you’re tired of average and are ready to live a God sized life, this lesson on the work of the Holy Spirit is for you. 

Genesis 8-9:17 | Noah and God’s covenant

Mar 30, 2014 00:55:06


Genesis 6-7 | Noah - Saved from the Culture

Mar 30, 2014 00:46:48


Acts 11 | Breakthrough Prayer

Mar 25, 2014 00:45:01


Who doesn’t struggle with their prayer life? If you’re sick of struggling with your prayer life, listen in as Lina gives you basic principles to breakthrough prayer.

Acts 10 | The Upside Down Church

Mar 4, 2014 00:44:00


Acts 9 | God’s Mysterious Ways

Feb 25, 2014 00:44:00


Acts 8 | A Whole New Life Plan

Feb 18, 2014 00:44:00


Acts 6 & 7 | Chosen to Serve & God at work in and through his people

Feb 11, 2014 00:45:00


Acts 5 | Lies, Choices and Crossroads

Feb 7, 2014 00:42:00


Act 4 | Bold Beyond Belief

Jan 28, 2014 00:43:00


Acts 3 | The Name that Heals

Jan 23, 2014 00:45:00


 Are you hurting? Jesus is the name that heals. Find out God’s plan for your healing in this teaching.

Acts 2 | When the Holy Spirit Comes

Jan 15, 2014 00:44:00


What do you think about the Holy Spirit? Join Lina as she explains who the Holy Spirit and what He does.

Acts 1 | Jesus Turns the World Upside Down

Jan 8, 2014 00:52:01


Are you looking for meaning in your life? In this teaching, you’ll learn how Jesus turned the world upside down and is still doing it today.

Luke 24: Unconventional conclusions

Dec 26, 2013 00:47:12


Luke 23: Unconventional savior

Dec 19, 2013 00:44:33


Luke 22: Unconventional friends

Dec 12, 2013 00:46:00


Luke 21: Unconventional message

Dec 5, 2013 00:47:10


Luke 20: Undisputed authority

Nov 28, 2013 00:45:10


Luke19: Unexplainable Hunger

Nov 21, 2013 00:45:25


Luke 18: Unconventional Surrender

Nov 14, 2013 00:46:15


Luke 12: Life is short

Oct 9, 2013 00:44:00


We’re halfway through a series on the gospel of Luke that we’ve called the Unconventional Series. This week’s lesson is sobering as it helps us remember how short life is and why we must make the most of each new day.

Luke 13: It’s not too late

Oct 9, 2013 00:51:01


It’s never too late. You’ve heard this expression a million times before, and by God’s mercy, as long as you have breath, it’s true! It’s not too late to live for God. What does that mean? How do you do it? We’re going to learn this and more in this week’s teaching.

Luke 14: Total transformation

Oct 4, 2013 01:01:46


Luke 15: No sheep left behind

Oct 4, 2013 00:44:00


Luke 16: Unconventional finances

Oct 4, 2013 00:43:25


Money. We can’t live without it, but we hate to talk about it. In this chapter, we will study what Jesus thinks about money. We will cover 3 choices for financial godliness. Let’s get on this train and learn to be free.

Luke 17: Unconventional wisdom

Oct 4, 2013 00:45:00


Luke 11: Relentless prayer

Aug 27, 2013 00:44:11


You can be a Christian for a long time and still struggle with prayer. While prayer is not easy, it’s the Christian’s life line to God the Father. This week we will study 7 reasons why we don’t pray from the Lord’s prayer. 

Luke 10: Mission impossible

Aug 21, 2013 00:44:00


Some missions you can accomplish on your own, and some are simply impossible without a miracle! The call of Jesus Christ to follow him is impossible without his help. By the end of this lesson you will be ready to begin Christ’s impossible mission if you choose to accept it.

Luke 9: The cost of discipleship

Aug 14, 2013 00:45:00


Have you ever stopped long enough to consider the cost of following Jesus? While the cost may be very high, it’s worth every penny. In this week’s lesson, we will evaluate Jesus’ warning on the high cost of discipleship and why we have no choice but to embrace him. 

Luke 8: A question of faith

Aug 6, 2013 00:44:00


Luke 7: Unconventional perspective

Aug 6, 2013 00:44:15


Luke 6: The best sermon ever preached

Jul 2, 2013 00:44:00


No one can preach like Jesus can. This week’s lesson will cover the greatest sermon Jesus ever preached. Beware: it may change your life and it will certainly stir your heart. 

Luke 5: Radical discipleship

Jul 2, 2013 00:46:10


This week we’ll discuss the most important call you’ll ever get in your life. We’re about to explore the call to discipleship that Christ has invited us to. Get ready to grow. 

Luke 3-4: When God throws you in the wilderness

Jul 2, 2013 00:48:34


Luke 2: An unconventional start

Jun 25, 2013 00:44:00


Luke 1: Laying down the conventions

Jun 19, 2013 00:44:11


Genesis Lesson #26: Reason Why God Has Rescued Us

May 30, 2013 00:49:26


In this last podcast in the study of genesis we wrap things up by looking at the God who has rescued us and why he has done it. If you’re looking for a refocus in your purpose, listen to this podcast.

Genesis lesson 25: you won’t live forever/genesis 48-49

May 26, 2013 00:55:32


You’re not going to live forever. The fact that eternity awaits should wake us up to live every day with purpose. This week’s teaching will encourage you to focus your life on the things that last eternally. Open your Bibles to Genesis 48-49 and listen.

Genesis Lesson #24: Joy comes in the morning | Genesis 45 - 47

May 9, 2013


This week we will talk about how you can have unrestrained joy no matter what you’re going through right now.

Lesson 23: Overcoming bitterness | Genesis 43 - 45

May 2, 2013


Bitterness is something we all struggle with at times.  When not treated, it can impact our relationship with God.

God is in the business of rescuing us.  In this lesson we will learn about his plan to rescue us from bitterness.

Lesson 22: Rejecting Hopelessness Genesis 41 - 42

Apr 25, 2013


No matter what circumstance or difficulty you are facing, you must choose to reject hopelessness. as Joseph leaves the prison for the palace, Lina will show you 6 reasons why we have hope no matter what we’re going through.

Genesis Lesson #21: Freedom in prison | Genesis 39 - 40

Apr 18, 2013 00:55:00


Whether you’re in a pit or in a prison, you can find freedom in Christ. This week’s teaching on the life of Joseph will encourage you to endure through difficult circumstances and to see freedom even in the delays that come your way.

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Genesis Lesson #20: God’s plan to rescue us | Genesis 37-38

Apr 12, 2013


In this week’s lesson, we continue talking about God’s plan to rescue us. As we begin the life of Joseph we’re going to learn how God has rescued us to dream big for him! If you’re wondering what God’s purpose for your life is, listen to this teaching.

3 lies that will threaten to ruin you if you are unaware of them

Apr 4, 2013 00:28:52


Genesis Lesson #19: Rescued From Compromise | Genesis 34-36

Apr 4, 2013


Genesis Lesson #18: Striving in Prayer

Mar 24, 2013


If you want a big breakthrough in your life, you have to be willing to be completely broken first too.  This lesson is about striving with The Lord in prayer for breakthrough in our life.

Lesson 17 Rejecting Rivalry Genesis 30:25-31:55

Feb 17, 2013


Lesson 16 Sin and its Consequences Genesis 27-30:24

Feb 17, 2013


Lesson 15 Rescued from Conflict Genesis 25:12-26

Feb 17, 2013


Lesson 14 God’s Specific Will Genesis 24-25:11

Feb 17, 2013


Lesson 13 Rescued from Idolatry Genesis 22-23

Feb 17, 2013


Lesson 12 Refuse Unbelief Genesis 20-21

Feb 17, 2013 00:56:54


Lesson 11 Rescued from judgment Genesis 18-19

Feb 17, 2013 00:55:55


Lesson 10 Out of the Wilderness Genesis 16-17

Feb 17, 2013 00:53:02


Lesson 9 Making Right Choices Genesis 14-15

Feb 17, 2013 00:56:54


Lesson 8 Living Life on Purpose Genesis 12-13

Feb 17, 2013


Lesson 7 Fall of the Proud Genesis 9:18-11:32

Feb 17, 2013


Lesson 4 Rescued from Jealousy Genesis 4-5

Feb 17, 2013 00:53:54


Lesson 3 Overcoming Temptation Genesis 3

Feb 17, 2013 00:56:52


Lesson 2 No Longer Alone Genesis 2:4-25

Feb 17, 2013 00:48:29


Genesis Lesson #1: From Darkness to Light Gen 1-2:3

Feb 14, 2013