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Homeless Church Part 1 - Homeless Church

Apr 29, 2019 2711


Homelessness is a struggle… not a life sentence. Discover how one night can change a life!

God of Miracles Part 7 - Easter at the Empty Tomb

Apr 22, 2019 2193


The resurrection of Jesus is a historical fact that changed the world. Come see the empty tomb where Christ conquered the grave on Easter morning!

God of Miracles Part 6 - Journey to the Cross

Apr 15, 2019 2795


Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem began with a parade on Palm Sunday… and ended with his crucifixion on Good Friday. Discover how the dramatic events of Holy Week changed history forever.

Love, Sex and Dating Part 4 - Resolving Conflict

Feb 25, 2019 2522


Conflict is a part of every relationship. Learn how to handle conflict in healthy ways.

Love, Sex, and Dating Part 1 - Swipe Right

Feb 4, 2019 00:48:42


We live in an age of Tinder, online dating, and casual hook-ups. But what does godly romance look like in the modern world?

Love, Sex, and Dating Part 1 - Swipe Right

Feb 4, 2019 2922


We live in an age of Tinder, online dating, and casual hook-ups. But what does godly romance look like in the modern world?

First Things First Part 4 - First Fruits

Jan 28, 2019 00:32:35


First Things First Part 3 - Work As Worship

Jan 21, 2019 00:44:19


Most adults spend over half their life at work. Yet, many Christians struggle to see the spiritual significance in their 9-5 job. Discover how to put faith first by approaching your work as worship.

First Things First Part 2 - The Fasting Edge

Jan 15, 2019 00:45:32


Do you feel spiritually dull? Fasting is God’s way to regain your spiritual edge!

First Things First Part 2 - The Fasting Edge

Jan 14, 2019 00:45:32


Do you feel spiritually dull? Fasting is God’s way to regain your spiritual edge!

First Things First - First Things First

Jan 6, 2019 00:48:02


To grow strong spiritually, you must learn to prioritize what’s Important what’s Urgent!

Don’t Lose Christ at Christmas

Dec 26, 2018 00:31:46


In the middle of the holiday hoopla, it’s entirely possible to lose Jesus. But it’s never too late to find Him.

Share Christmas Part 2 - Share Reconciliation

Dec 17, 2018 00:34:17


The message of Christmas comes from one of the popular carols that boasts of God and sinner reconciled.

Share Christmas Part 1 - Share Hope

Dec 11, 2018 00:37:07


Sometimes life gives us gifts we don’t want. But Advent is a season of waiting for God’s hope to arrive!

Vision Sunday 2018

Nov 26, 2018 00:40:36


Big News! Be the first to hear where God is leading Liquid Church in 2019!

SWAT Part 6 - The Sword of The Spirit

Nov 19, 2018 00:37:57


The sword of the Spirit is God’s Word. It is a weapon that will give us victory for our enemy. Let’s wield well.

SWAT Part 5 - Helmet of Salvation

Nov 12, 2018 00:38:02


SWAT Part 4 - Shield of Faith

Nov 4, 2018 00:41:58


Faith is when you act like God is telling the truth and deflects the enemy’s flaming arrows.

SWAT Part 3 - Boots of Peace

Oct 31, 2018 00:48:03


The enemy wants to disrupt your peace. He wants to have you frantic, but the peace of God guards your mind, guides your feet and breaks down walls in our world.

SWAT Part 2 - Breastplate of Righteousness

Oct 26, 2018 00:49:53


How do you protect against a heart attack? By putting on the righteousness of Christ!

SWAT Part 1 - Belt of Truth

Oct 14, 2018 00:45:20


The Devil deals in deception. But the belt of God’s truth girds us against temptation & compromise.

SWAT Part 0 - This Means War

Oct 7, 2018 00:37:32


The Christian life is not a playground; it’s a battleground!

Mariano Rivera

Sep 30, 2018 00:52:47


The Yankee legend sits down with Pastor Tim to share about his life, Hall of Fame career, and faith in Christ.

Anxious for Nothing Part 3 - Think About What Your Thinking

Sep 23, 2018 00:40:01


The war on worry is won or lost in your mind. Satan wants to keep you down by attacking your thoughts, but God wants to help you find victory through Christ.

Anxious for Nothing Part 2 - Keep Calm & Pray On!

Sep 16, 2018 00:48:02


The pathway to peace is paved with prayer. In your war on worry, have you asked for Heaven’s help?

Anxious For Nothing Part 1 - Age of Anxiety

Sep 9, 2018 00:51:32


Are you weighed down with worry? In our Age of Anxiety, discover Dr. Paul’s prescription for peace!

At the Movies Part 5 - Avengers: Infinity War

Sep 2, 2018 00:38:06


How do you defeat an unstoppable forces of death? Only through Sacrifice can we find hope.

At The Movies Part 4 - I Can Only Imagine

Aug 26, 2018 00:46:39


Discover the inspiring true story behind MercyMe’s chart-topping song about the power of true forgiveness!

At The Movies Part 3 - English Audio

Aug 19, 2018 00:32:09


The Incredibles It’s time to get back to being Incredible. Discover God’s identity and purpose for your life!

At The Movies Part 2 - Darkest Hour

Aug 12, 2018 00:50:37


Winston Churchill and Hezekiah teach us how to lead with faith & courage in a time of terror!

At the Movies Part 1 - The Greatest Showman

Aug 5, 2018 00:51:30


The story of P.T. Barnum’s circus of beautiful misfits is a reflection of Jesus’ church!

#SquadGoal Part 3 - Be A Barnabas

Jul 29, 2018 00:40:31


We need to be the person to put in courage with those in our squad. Because we’ll need someone to do that for us at one point.

#SquadGoals Part 2 - The Apprentice

Jul 22, 2018 00:44:47


In our squads we need men and women that we can help become who God made them to be. We transfer our knowledge to them so it can last a lifetime.

#SquadGoals Part 1 - Pursue a Mentor

Jul 15, 2018 00:46:03


You need a mentor in your squad. A man or woman who can speak into your life to help you become all you were made to be.

This is Us Part 5 - Adopted By God

Jul 8, 2018 00:46:15


You’re not defined by who threw you out, but by who took you in.

This is Us Part 4 - Overcoming Addiction

Jul 1, 2018 00:49:18


If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, is freedom possible? Discover the hope & healing Christ offers!

This Is Us Part 3 - Fight Club

Jun 24, 2018 00:51:02


Every couple has conflict & quarrels. But to make love last, you must fight fair. Learn how!

This is Us Part 2 - The Perfect Father

Jun 18, 2018 00:51:56


There’s no such thing as a perfect father-- except for your Abba in Heaven!

This Is Us Part 1 - 5 Dysfunctions of a Family

Jun 10, 2018 00:53:12


There’s no such thing as a perfect family. Discover how God can break chains of generational dysfunction & forge a new future for yours!

In God We Trust Part 3 - The Debt Trap

Jun 3, 2018 00:46:49


Debt is deadly... but there’s a way out of the trap. Discover the secret to financial freedom!

In God We Trust Part 2 - Act Your Wage

May 27, 2018 00:41:22


Here are four practical principles that will help you find financial freedom for your family and be more generous.

In God We Trust Part 1 - God’s M&Ms

May 20, 2018 00:50:17


You are God’s M&M-- His Money Manager! When you return the tithe, He promises to bless the rest!

Mother's Day - It's Just A Phase

May 13, 2018 00:48:08


Are you parenting by chance & circumstance? Or on purpose with a plan? Discover the 5 Phases of Influence leaders can leverage to nurture successful kids at every age & stage.

The 11th Hour Part 4 - The Final Judgment

Apr 29, 2018 00:50:21


What happens when we die? Will we stand before God to give an account of our life? What questions will He ask? In Revelation 20, we discover the difference between the Judgment Seat of Christ and the Great White Throne Judgment.

The 11th Hour Pt3-Armageddon & the Antichrist

Apr 22, 2018 00:55:44


What is the Tribulation? Who is the Antichrist? Where is Armageddon? Discover the surprising details of Revelation and the hope we have in Jesus!

The 11th Hour Part 2 - Heaven on Earth

Apr 15, 2018 00:44:11


Heaven is better than anything we could ever imagine! It’s not some disembodied place somewhere out there, but it is earthy and solid. In fact, the new heavens and earth will be a restored version of our planet.

The 11th Hour Part 1-The Return of Christ

Apr 8, 2018 00:52:50


The most exciting, hope-filled prophecy in Scripture is the Return of Jesus Christ to earth! Learn about the Rapture, the Resurrection, and coming Reunion with our Lord!

Easter 2018

Apr 1, 2018 00:43:48


What happens when you hit a major wall in life? Discover the breakthrough power of the Cross!

FAST Part 7 - The Last Supper

Mar 25, 2018 00:42:14


Discover how the Passover meal in the Old Testament points to Jesus the Messiah!

FAST Part 6 - God’s Chosen Fast

Mar 18, 2018 00:49:55


Does God have a favorite fast? Yes! Isaiah 58 say it’s when we feed the hungry & care for the poor.

FAST Part 5 - Power to Heal

Mar 11, 2018 00:41:58


Jesus is the healer and He still heals today! Learn how to release the God’s healing power through prayer and fasting.

FAST Part 4 - Prevailing Prayer

Mar 4, 2018 00:45:39


Discover how prevailing prayer releases Heaven’s power & brings God’s breakthrough!

FAST Part 3 - Hunger Strike Against Hell

Feb 25, 2018 00:45:04


Fasting is Spiritual Warfare-- picking a fight with the enemy of your soul. Learn how to defeat the devil & claim victory in Christ!

FAST Part 2 - Fasting for Breakthrough

Feb 18, 2018 00:50:39


Where do you need a breakthrough? In your finances? At your work? School? In a relationship? Discover how Fasting releases fresh revelation & spiritual breakthrough!

FAST Part 1 - Fast Food

Feb 11, 2018 00:48:19


Join our 40-Day Daniel Fast to detox your body, mind, and soul this Spring!

Tailgate Sunday - 5 Reasons to Fast

Feb 4, 2018 00:35:47


Discover 5 biblical reasons why every Christian should fast!

Divine Direction Part 4 - How To Hear The Holy Spirit

Feb 4, 2018 00:44:56


How can we get better at listening to the Holy Spirit in times of choice when it seems that all the options are good.

Divine Direction Part 3-Praying For A Miracle

Jan 28, 2018 00:46:31


What kind of faith is required to see God do a miracle in your life? Learn how prayer unlocks the favor of God!

Divine Direction Part 2 - Keep Up Your Courage

Jan 21, 2018 00:43:30


What happens when life doesn’t go the way we planned? Learn how to navigate life’s storms with the Holy Spirit. God’s promise is secure even when the path is not!

Divine Direction Part 1 - Step by Step

Jan 14, 2018 00:47:47


How can I know God’s will in key areas of my life?

Lit Part 2 - A Place At The Table

Dec 17, 2017 00:41:53


Our church has a passion for serving children & families with Special Needs. Help us create a place at the table for everyone!

Lit - One Million Meals - Part 1

Dec 10, 2017 00:42:13


The Christmas prophecy of Isaiah claims a light will pierce the deep darkness of our world. Join us as we partner with Jesus to provide one million meals for the hungry & hurting this Christmas.

Water Sunday 2017

Dec 3, 2017 00:35:13


Liquid has drilled over 80 Water Wells bringing clean drinking water to thirsty children & families in 9 different nations! Join our global movement to provide clean water for every person on the planet!

Facing Giants

Nov 26, 2017 00:48:31


Last Sunday, we had the privilege of hosting TIM TEBOW – the former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner…pretty inspiring! Tebow taught us that the God who’s BEHIND us is ALWAYS BIGGER than the Giant in FRONT of us! So, today I want to share a message with you called Facing Giants!

Crossing Jordan

Nov 12, 2017 00:51:42


This Sunday was a HISTORIC DAY in the life of Liquid Church... our Morris County Campus just made the move to our permanent home at our brand-new Broadcast Campus in Parsippany! Before we step into the FUTURE, we're hitting pause during this MILESTONE MOMENT, called Crossing Jordan, to celebrate the PAST!

Love Comes to Town Part 6 - Everlasting Love

Nov 5, 2017 00:39:30


In a constantly shifting world how can we make love last? In our marriages, our friendships, with siblings and other family members. Everlasting love requires intentionality and effort. But is rooted and grounded in knowing Christ.

Love Comes to Town Part 5 - Triggered

Oct 29, 2017 00:49:52


When anger wins, you lose. In this super practical message on anger, you’ll discover the root causes of this powerful emotion & how to find help for an angry heart. Discover how to express your anger in healthy ways to those you love.

LoveComestoTown Pt 4 - To Tell You The Truth

Oct 22, 2017 00:42:55


Speaking a “hard-to-hear” truth to someone we love is scary-- but it’s the only way to move from a shallow, superficial relationship to a deep, intimate, and authentic one!

Love Comes to Town Part 3 - Like A Good Neighbor

Oct 15, 2017 00:40:25


For Liquid’s 10th birthday, we’re not receiving gifts-- we’re giving away 10,000 hours of service to our neighbors in need! Join us for our epic outreach called Love Week!

Love Comes to Town Part 2 - Love Actually

Oct 8, 2017 00:44:29


We all have VDP’s or Very Draining People in our lives. How do we love those people instead of letting them drive us further away.

Love Comes to Town Part 1 - The Gong Show

Oct 1, 2017 00:42:00


Love is supreme. If you don’t live a life of love, nothing you say, do, believe, give, or achieve matters!

I AM - Part 2 - The Good Shepard

Sep 17, 2017 00:43:53


Can sheep really recognize the voice of their shepherd? Learn how to listen & let Jesus lead!

I AM - Part 1 - Bread of Life

Sep 10, 2017 00:28:46


Jesus is the only One who can fulfill the deepest cravings and desires in our life and in our soul.

At the Movies pt 5 - The Shack

Sep 3, 2017 00:53:44


The Shack has sold over 22 million copies & touched lives around the world. What does this story of tragic beauty reveal about the heart of God?

At the Movies pt 4 - Lion

Aug 27, 2017 00:41:54


A terrific indie film that got 6 Oscar nominations this year including Best Picture! The true story of Saroo Brierley, a little boy in India who gets separated from his family… embarks on a 25-year quest to find his family using Google Earth.

At the Movies Pt 3 - Wonder Woman

Aug 20, 2017 00:50:40


Wonder Woman is a stirring depiction of Biblical Womanhood. In God’s eyes, women are Warriors-- not sidekicks! Learn how Jesus overturned gender bias in his world & get ready to shatter stereotypes with God’s truth!

AtTheMovies pt 2 - Guardians of the Galaxy V2

Aug 13, 2017 00:44:30


This is a story of a group of misfits that come together to do battle against EGO the Living Planet. Come and learn how you can battle your own EGO and Pride.

At The Movies Part 1 - Hacksaw Ridge

Aug 6, 2017 00:48:11


Hacksaw Ridge is the true story of Desmond Doss-- a Christian army medic who saved the lives of 75 men in World War 2 without firing a shot. Discover the power of faith under fire!

Grillin - Scattering Seeds - pt2

Jul 30, 2017 00:44:23


Biblical Evangelism is organic-- natural, not forced. Just scatter seeds and trust God to grow them!

Grillin - Something To Drink - pt1

Jul 23, 2017 00:36:35


Forget the high-pressured sales pitch and tracts…learn how Jesus shares the Good News over a cold one!

Comparison Trap - FOMO - pt2

Jul 9, 2017 00:32:33


We can’t help but look left, look right and scroll up and down and look at the lives of those around us. Sometimes we’ll see other people post the best of what we see vs. the worst of what we know about ourselves and it leaves us with a sense of FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. The only way we can combat FOMO is through gratitude.

ComparisonTrap - The Land Of ER - pt1

Jul 2, 2017 00:38:57


Our generation suffers from OCD-- Obsessive Comparison Disorder. With our focus on smarter, thinner, younger, better… we’re constantly comparing our progress with others. But watch out... it’s a trap! Discover the way out.

FixerUpper - Fight to the Finish! - pt5

Jun 25, 2017 00:40:41


The closer you get to doing something great for God, the harder your enemy will fight to stop you. You gotta fight to the finish!

Fixer Upper - Defeating Discouragement - pt4

Jun 18, 2017 00:41:44


When you step out to do something great for God, expect opposition. Here’s how to handle the critics!

FixerUpper - Inspect & Inspire - Pt 3

Jun 11, 2017 00:43:54


Before we can start to rebuild our lives we need to take an honest look at how bad the damage is, and then inspire others to join us in our effort to rebuild.

Fixer Upper - Vision, Planning, Action! - pt2

Jun 4, 2017 00:44:48


What’s God calling you to do? A life-changing vision requires careful planning & courage to act!

Fixer Upper - Fix Your Broken World - pt1

May 28, 2017 00:46:19


What’s broken in your world that needs fixing? A relationship? Your career? A family situation? Your finances? Nehemiah teaches us how to rebuild a life from the ground up!

LabelMaker - Anxious to Peaceful - pt4

May 14, 2017 00:39:29


Anxiety pulls us from the moment and projects fear into our future. But God provides the peace that allows us to move from living an anxious life to living in peace.

LabelMaker - Sick to Healed - pt 3

May 7, 2017 00:37:18


When we’re sick or hurting, God has the power to heal our broken bodies & restore health! Discover the how & why of divine healing.

LabelMaker - Abandoned to Adopted - pt2

Apr 30, 2017 00:45:16


Adoption through Christ gives us a brand new identity as cherished sons and daughters of God. We are no longer defined by who threw us out, but who took us in!

LabelMaker - Weak to Strong - pt1

Apr 23, 2017 00:36:06


The world loves to label us as weak, but in Christ we have strength when we depend on Him day by day.

Label Maker - Dead to Alive - Easter 2017

Apr 16, 2017 00:40:16


The resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us hope for life after death!

DreamTeam - Say Yes To Tension - pt2

Apr 9, 2017 00:48:51


At Liquid, we are raising the next generation with God’s Grace & Truth-- say yes to the tension!

DreamTeam - Join God’s Dream! - part 1

Apr 2, 2017 00:39:21


Liquid has a God-sized vision to saturate our state with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join our team of Dreamers using their gifts to change the world!

Se7en - Laodicea/The Lukewarm Church - Pt7

Mar 26, 2017 00:40:16


What’s worse than growing cold in your faith? Being lukewarm! Jesus has strong words for Laodicea-- their tepid faith made him sick! But it’s never too late to turn back to Christ!

Se7en - Philadelphia/The Enduring Church - P6

Mar 19, 2017 00:38:30


The second church to receive no condemnation or correction. Instead, they received comfort and encouragement because they realized that they could endure anything if Christ was their everything.

Se7en - Pergamum/The Compromising Ch. - Pt 3

Feb 26, 2017 00:41:30


Pergamum was a church that held strong to the name of Jesus, but compromised in almost every way. So much so that Jesus himself would come and make war against them. Stay true, don’t compromise.

Se7en - Smyrna/The Suffering Church - Part 2

Feb 19, 2017 00:44:13


Smyrna is the story of Christians getting crushed. Are you feeling the squeeze right now? Discover how Christ draws close when His people suffer.

Se7en - Ephesus, the Forgetful Church - Part1

Feb 12, 2017 00:50:29


Has your faith grown cold or complacent? It’s never too late to return to your first love!

Simplify - Simplify Your Purpose - Part 4

Feb 5, 2017 00:37:11


Simplify Your Purpose God made you with intention and purpose to make a difference.

Simplify - Simplify Your Money - Part 3

Jan 29, 2017 00:44:25


To Simplify your money means you need a plan for your life and a plan for your money.

Simplify - Simple Community - Part 2

Jan 22, 2017 00:39:48


The best way to understand the debrief and discuss the Scriptures to apply it to your life.

Simplify - Simplify Your Schedule - Part 1

Jan 15, 2017 00:45:14


It’s a new year…you’ve got a CALENDAR FULL OF DAYS set before you. So before you fill them up with busyness… this is an invitation to clear the clutter and SIMPLIFY your SCHEDULE!

Christmas Eve at Liquid Church 2016

Dec 24, 2016 00:36:40


What did the Wise Men know that we don’t? Discover the wonder of Christmas Eve!

Family Tree - David's Heart - Part 3

Dec 24, 2016 00:38:48


Our world is obsessed with surface appearances. But look deeper for the heart of Christmas.

Family Tree - Part 2 - Rahab's Rope

Dec 18, 2016 00:49:21


The red rope of Rahab shows us that no one is beyond the reach of God!

The Family Tree - Jacob's Ladder - Part 1

Dec 11, 2016 00:43:17


Every major religion teaches there are steps you have to climb to reach Heaven. But at Christmas, love came down to us!

Thanksgiving - Spirit of Generosity - Part 2

Dec 4, 2016 00:46:12


True generosity doesn’t come from guilt, pressure, or manipulation. It’s a joyful spirit that sees the need & stops to help!

ThanksLiving - Attitude of Gratitude - Part 1

Nov 27, 2016 00:46:28


Once a year, Americans pause to give thanks. But God wants His children to live thanks everyday!

Freeway - Freedom - Part 6

Nov 13, 2016 00:39:47


The author Mark Twain once said the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. God created you for freedom and to live a life of great purpose.

Freeway - Acceptance - Part 5

Nov 6, 2016 00:47:50


The identity that you embrace determines your freedom position. Stop believing the negative voices and start living as God’s beloved.

Freeway - Forgiveness - Part 4

Oct 30, 2016 00:42:56


When we surrender our hurts and hang-ups to God, we can be freed from the captivity of anger, unfairness, and self-condemnation.

Freeway - Ownership - Part 3

Oct 23, 2016 00:47:35


Living as a victim is easy. Living free means I take personal responsibility for both the good and bad parts of my life. It may not be my fault, but it is my responsibility.

Freeway - Discovery - Part 2

Oct 16, 2016 00:43:51


In order to be free we must face the fear, lies, and unresolved pain by trusting that God is with us and that we are more than conquerors.

Freeway - Awareness - Part 1

Oct 9, 2016 00:44:39


We all have blind spots: spiritual, emotional and relational. Only when we slow down can we see the areas we need to grow in.

Freeway - A Prodigals Party

Oct 2, 2016 00:47:13


God doesn’t love you because you’re good-- but because He’s your perfect Father!

Can't Lose - 1-Year SATUR8TE Anniversary Pt 2

Sep 25, 2016 00:52:17


We’ve made BIG progress on our Satur8te vision in one year! Learn about the progress we’re making, hills we’re taking, and challenges we’re facing.

Can't Lose - WE > ME - Part 1

Sep 18, 2016 00:37:30


Christianity is a team sport. Discover how WE helps ME survive the blind side!

Pokémon GO!

Sep 11, 2016 00:33:13


In Pokemon Go, you the trainer walks around your town and community to find Pokemon. Jesus has called us to be Pokemon Trainer’s of men. Are you intentionally seeking out people that are lost from God? Lost People Matter to God. He wants them found. Join with God in His Mission.

Games People Play - Angry Birds - Part 3

Sep 4, 2016 00:43:21


When anger wins, you lose. In this super practical message on anger, you’ll discover the root causes of this powerful emotion & how to find help for an angry heart. Discover how to express your anger in healthy ways to those you love.

Games People Play - Jenga - Part 2

Aug 28, 2016 00:46:10


Christ is the cornerstone of Christianity. Remove Jesus from our faith & it quickly falls apart!

Connect Four

Aug 21, 2016 00:45:06


Are you winning spiritually? Discover how the Early Church connected 4 core practices to experience spiritual victory!

The Power of Oneness

Aug 14, 2016 00:45:12


In John 17, Jesus prayed for Unity among God’s people-- let’s be the answer to His prayer!

The Sin of Racism

Aug 7, 2016 00:48:13


The Early Church was deeply divided along racial lines. Many modern churches are too. Black vs White. Latino vs Asian. But the Gospel reveals our deepest prejudices & demolishes them with the unifying power of Christ. At Liquid, we believe racism must be revealed & repented of before true reconciliation can happen. With God’s help, our church family will be known for supernatural unity amidst our dazzling diversity!

Healing the Racial Divide

Aug 1, 2016 00:50:41


A candid conversation about race and faith with Tim Lucas, Keon Carpenter, and Jason Luke.

Redeemed Romance

Jul 25, 2016 00:46:48


Whether you are married, single or single again, come explore aspects of redeemed romance.

Redeemed Friendship

Jul 17, 2016 00:35:01


In times of tragedy and loss, we need a little help from our friends

Finding Faith in the Dark - Laurie Short

Jul 10, 2016 00:39:02


Suffering is not God’s punishment on us, but God maturing us.

Sensate & Traditionalist

Jul 3, 2016 00:35:37


The Sensate loves God through music, art, and the five senses. You may have noticed, this is the primary worship style of our church on Sundays. The Traditionalist loves God through ritual, sacraments, and symbol. Guess what? You can actually blend these two Soul Pathways!

Contemplatives & Activists

Jun 20, 2016 00:40:33


Before we change the world for Christ, we need time alone with Him.

What's Your Pathway?

Jun 13, 2016 00:37:36


Every Christ follower has a unique way we're wired to connect with God. Discover your Soul Pathway!

Wise Guidance

Jun 6, 2016 00:46:04


Is the God that I worship like an 8 ball that says yes, maybe or no? Or is He Sovereign over all things, using my planning and His leading for Kingdom Impact?

Wise Money

May 30, 2016 00:49:00


Wealth isn't about an amount of money, but our attitude towards it!

Wise Relationships

May 22, 2016 00:39:28


Use Wise Words to Bless and Not Burn Others

Wise Families

May 16, 2016 00:46:15


Godly wisdom for raising kids through every age & stage.

31 Days of Wisdom

May 9, 2016 00:43:36


Wanna be wicked smaaht? Join our journey through Proverbs!

Judge Not!

Apr 25, 2016 00:41:13


Tired of judging others? Or others judging you? Discover the cure for a critical spirit!

The Performance Pathogen

Apr 17, 2016 00:36:01


Grace can't be earned...only received!


Apr 10, 2016 00:47:29


Take off the mask & trust God with who you really are!

Chuck the Checklist

Apr 4, 2016 00:33:36


Avoid Checklist Christianity, faith is a journey!

Begin Again - Easter 2016

Mar 27, 2016 00:42:32


The resurrection of Jesus gives new hope for spiritual failures & those devastated by death!

Politics of Pilate

Mar 21, 2016 00:40:59


We live in an age of Pilate Politics. Learn to discern godly leadership!

Courtyard of Justice

Mar 13, 2016 00:40:59


How the Greatest Injustice in History can lead to our Greatest Victory.

Cup of Gethsemane

Mar 7, 2016 00:41:18


Because Jesus drank the cup of God's wrath, we get the cup of salvation!

The Spirit of Caleb

Feb 29, 2016 00:48:19


Entering your Promised Land requires a fighting spirit & wholehearted faith!

Bread from Heaven

Feb 21, 2016 00:46:03


You never know God is all you need until God is all you have!

Bitter or Better?

Feb 15, 2016 00:45:28


When we come to a desert detour, we're faced with a choice: Will it make us bitter? Or better?

Contribute Your Time & Talents

Feb 7, 2016 00:30:41


For you to grow in your relationship with Christ, you need to invest your gifts to build up God's house with your gifts and talents.

Connect in Community

Jan 25, 2016 00:42:13


Discover why circles are stronger than rows!

Come to Worship

Jan 17, 2016 00:45:41


Discover 3 ingredients of great worship-- Hallelujah, Hands, and the Holy Spirit!

Fighting the Right Fight - Ron Walborn

Jan 11, 2016 00:35:20


Often we try to the battle to change people's behavior, but then lose the battle for the heart. But if we win the heart, lives will change and so will behavior.

Christmas Eve

Dec 24, 2015 00:33:31


Christmas is the Great Invasion-- a daring raid by God's heavenly forces into the universe's seat of evil!

The Rescue

Dec 20, 2015 00:43:59


The Incarnation is God's rescue plan for our troubled planet!

The Rebellion

Dec 13, 2015 00:36:33


In Revelation 12, we get a glimpse of Christmas from Heaven's perspective.

Invest and Invite

Dec 6, 2015 00:34:44


God wants to expand His family by using You to invest and invite your friends to Church.

Who's coming to Dinner?

Nov 23, 2015 00:41:24


At Jesus' table, we can belong before we behave, believe and blow-it.

Tailgate Sunday

Nov 16, 2015 00:40:51


Former NFL players Keith Davis & Dominic Miller share their faith in Christ!

Satur8te Commitment Sunday

Nov 8, 2015 00:48:49


Liquid celebrates 3 special guests with extreme generosity!

Generous Giving

Nov 1, 2015 00:52:28


To have a heart for God's house, we must stretch to sacrifice!


Oct 25, 2015 00:40:27


We envision a day when every person on the planet has access to clean, safe drinking water. Learn about our plans to make history in Rwanda!

SATUR8TE - 1 Million Meals

Oct 18, 2015 00:42:07


As the homeless population expands across NJ, so should our church's heart! Here's our plan to bless & feed our hungry neighbors.

A Place at the Table

Oct 11, 2015 00:45:15


Liquid Church has a passion for serving children & families with Special Needs. Discover our vision to ensure that everyone has a "place at the table!"

Satur8te - Vision Sunday

Oct 4, 2015 00:59:23


The vision of Liquid Church is to "Saturate the State with the Gospel of Jesus Christ." In this game-changing message, Lead Pastor Tim Lucas shares the exciting details of where the Holy Spirit is leading our church in the years to come!

Grace for Zacchaeus

Sep 27, 2015 00:44:11


Jesus transforms a tax cheat with radical grace that scandalizes the crowd!

Thirsty People

Sep 21, 2015 00:43:01


Somehow Jesus had the ability to love the unlovable…and this power is available to us as well!

Lifelong Faith

Sep 14, 2015 00:42:47


The world has changed. The next generation is being raised not just by their parents and the church but by media, their peers, and technology. This message looks at strategies that families can use to build lifelong faith.

It's Just a Phase

Sep 7, 2015 00:48:42


Are you parenting by chance & circumstance? Or on purpose with a plan? Learn the 5 Phases of Influence leaders can leverage to nurture successful kids at every age & stage.

The Power of Corporate Prayer

Aug 31, 2015 00:42:31


Prayer is something which is done not only privately but also in community.

Pray It Forward

Aug 24, 2015 00:45:50


Is it a challenge for you to share your faith? Build confidence and momentum through powerful prayers!

Praying with Power

Aug 16, 2015 00:53:00


Does your prayer life need a jumpstart? Learn to pray big, bold, specific prayers that draw on God's unlimited power!

The Sabbath

Aug 10, 2015 00:41:23


Our Emotional Health is largely based on our "outer pace." This message will show how the the ancient practice of Sabbath keeping leads us to a more emotionally healthy life.

Inside Out - The Iceberg

Aug 2, 2015 00:40:18


This message will show how most people are stuck in our spiritual lives because we refuse to look within.

Inside Out

Jul 27, 2015 00:43:07


Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness-- which emotions are controlling you from the inside out?

Soul Pathways - Naturalists and Intellectuals

Jul 26, 2015 00:44:23


On the surface, some Soul Pathways may seem like they don't connect, but in reality they complement rather than compete with each other. That includes the Naturalist and the Intellectual. The Naturalist is all about loving God outdoors, while the Intellectual is all about loving God with their mind. Well-rounded Christians look for opportunities to Love God through BOTH nature and their intellect!

Killin' It - HE > me

Jul 19, 2015 00:46:11


For Christ to increase, we must decrease!

Killin' It - 3-P People

Jul 13, 2015 00:40:02


Guest speaker Nithin Thompson discusses how to leverage your power, prestige, and possessions.

Killing' It - The Big P

Jul 5, 2015 00:46:00


Learn how to crucify your Pride... with a Cross!

Shut Up & Dance

Jun 29, 2015 00:39:41


Defiant faith worships God EVEN IF our situation doesn't change!

Wake Me Up

Jun 22, 2015 00:45:28


We hate to wait. Why does God make us wait for His answers?

Bad Blood

Jun 15, 2015 00:43:11


Why does a good God allow so much bad blood in our world?

Bad Blood

Jun 14, 2015 00:43:11


Why does a good God allow so much bad blood in our world?

Defying ISIS

May 25, 2015 00:45:35


Author Johnnie Moore explains how we can help persecuted Christians in the war-torn Middle East.

People of the Cross

May 17, 2015 00:44:41


Is a Christian genocide underway in the Middle East? ISIS is beheading believers, burning churches, and enslaving women & children. Today we begin a special series to learn about the persecuted Church— and how Christians are called to respond!

But God Heals

May 11, 2015 00:48:47


Breakthrough stories of divine healing!

But God Had a Plan

May 3, 2015 00:44:52


Featuring guest speaker Dr. David Ireland.

But God Provides

Apr 26, 2015 00:48:23


Learn how to invite God's blessing on your family & finances!

But God Overcomes Temptation

Apr 19, 2015 00:43:36


Some of us are hooked... but God sets us free!

But God!

Apr 5, 2015 00:46:20


Discover 2 tiny words that change everything!

It is Finished

Apr 5, 2015 00:31:02


Think your deeds can get you into heaven? Or worried they'll keep you out? Find out what Jesus came to finish.

My God, Why?

Mar 29, 2015 00:42:16


Learn from Jesus as He models what it means to trust God in your pain.

Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise

Mar 22, 2015 00:40:24


If today was your last day, do you have 100% confidence in your eternal destiny?

Father, Forgive Them

Mar 15, 2015 00:45:29


Ever been hurt? Wounded by someone you trust? Learn how to forgive as Christ forgave us.

Jackie Kendall

Mar 8, 2015 00:40:04


Do you know how to affair-proof your marriage?

5 Love Languages

Mar 3, 2015 00:44:07


Are you bilingual? Learn to speak your partner's love language!

Lord of the Rings

Feb 23, 2015 00:52:06


Science proves what Scripture preaches: For a relationship to last, put a ring on it first!

You Married the Wrong Person

Feb 15, 2015 00:43:23


Discover the relationship secret every couple needs to know!

Faith at Work

Feb 8, 2015 00:48:51


How can you witness in a winsome way?

Like A Boss

Feb 1, 2015 00:49:12


Is your boss a difficult person? How do you honor God if your boss or workers are less than godly?

Taking Care of Business

Jan 25, 2015 00:46:08


Do you have integrity & ethics on the job?

Called to Work

Jan 18, 2015 00:51:34


Discover God's larger purpose behind your 9-5 job!

Xmas Eve- Angels Among Us

Dec 25, 2014 00:38:38


Xmas Eve- Angels Among Us

Fear of What People Think

Dec 22, 2014 00:40:35


If you're not ready to be criticized by people, you're not ready to be used by God!

Fear of God's Plans for Your Life

Dec 14, 2014 00:45:28


Obedience is our responsibility; the outcome is God's!

2015 Vision

Dec 8, 2014 00:56:31


See where God is leading our church this Christmas & in the coming year!

The Midnight Cry

Nov 30, 2014 00:50:54


Are you ready for revival? Dr. R.T. Kendall issues a wake-up call to the Church!

Hosting the Dove

Nov 17, 2014 00:45:57


The Holy Spirit is very sensitive & easily grieved. Does the Dove rest in your nest?

Speaking in Tongues

Nov 9, 2014 00:48:09


What is Spiritual Language? And how can you receive this powerful gift?

Baptism in the Spirit

Nov 3, 2014 00:51:29


A world on fire needs Christians on fire! Discover baptism in the Spirit.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Oct 26, 2014 00:43:48


The Spirit is the most misunderstood member of the Trinity. Let's set the record straight about who He is & His role in our lives.

Unlocking Lies

Oct 20, 2014 00:37:50


Need to unlock some lies in your life? Here are 3 keys!

How to Talk About Sex & Touchy Subjects

Oct 12, 2014 00:44:38


Parents, here’s the candid conversation you need to have with your kids.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Porn

Oct 6, 2014 00:47:29


Because they're already talking about it with friends, at school, and online.

Path to Purity

Sep 28, 2014 00:44:15


Feel like you can't break free from porn? Here's how to walk with integrity.

What’s Wrong with a Little Porn?

Sep 21, 2014 00:39:18


Porn, sex, masturbation. Yes, we’re talking about it.

Home Run Faith - Strike Zone

Sep 16, 2014 00:38:03


How do you go from throwing a Wild Pitch to the Perfect Strike?

Home Run Faith - Strike Zone

Sep 16, 2014 00:38:03


How do you go from throwing a Wild Pitch to the Perfect Strike?

Home Run Faith - The Sacrifice Bunt

Sep 7, 2014 00:38:51


What are you willing to lay down so that others can advance?

Home Run Faith - Power Hitter

Aug 31, 2014 00:43:55


Learn from the apostle Paul how to have a faith that hits for power!

Home Run Faith - Rookie of the Year

Aug 25, 2014 00:46:09


Before he was a leader for Christ, Timothy was a young, intimidated rookie.

God > Cancer - Anointing with Oil

Aug 19, 2014 00:38:52


Oil represents the Holy Spirit, medicine, and healing!

God > Cancer - Theology of Pain

Aug 11, 2014 00:43:33


Why does God sometimes choose not to heal?

God > Cancer - The Lame Walk

Aug 4, 2014 00:42:20


Hear about the first miraculous healing in the Early Church... and in Liquid Church!

God > Cancer - Healing Prayer

Jul 29, 2014 00:41:08


Does God still heal sickness & disease? Learn how!

God > Cancer - Healing Hezekiah

Jul 21, 2014 00:45:51


Discover how passionate prayer cured the king's cancer & added 15 years to his life!

Water Sunday

Jul 6, 2014 00:41:09


Help us bring clean water to thirsty children around the world!

Pop God - Safe & Sound

Jun 29, 2014 00:41:31


Only in the Father's Heart are we Safe & Sound!

Pop God - Counting Stars

Jun 23, 2014 00:42:30


Take the 90-Day Tithe Challenge!

Pop God - Say Something

Jun 15, 2014 00:42:03


God gives advice to Single adults & Married couples.

Pop God - Happy

Jun 9, 2014 00:40:15


Is your happiness based on happenings? Or is joy something deeper?

Get Involved - Smooth Stones

Jun 2, 2014 00:43:25


David used a smooth stone to slay Goliath. Learn how God still uses them to slay giants today!

Get Involved - Involved!

May 26, 2014 00:39:22


Get a front row seat to life change at Liquid!

Heaven is for Real - Heavenly Bodies

May 12, 2014 00:42:17


What will our resurrected bodies in Heaven be like? Will we eat real food? Meet real people?

Heaven is for Real - The Heavenly City

May 4, 2014 00:42:28


Our heavenly home will be huge, diverse, and beautiful beyond imagination!

Heaven is for Real - Is Heaven for Real?

Apr 20, 2014 00:45:33


70% of adults think so. But how do you separate fact from fiction?

Cold Case - Detectives & Witnesses

Apr 13, 2014 00:39:45


Whether it's investigating a cold-case or examining the Bible, learn what it takes to make a great detective and witness!

Cold Case Christianity - Jim Warner Wallace

Apr 7, 2014 00:46:49


Don't miss homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace, investigate the claims of the Gospels.

Cold Case Christianity - Body Bag

Mar 31, 2014 00:42:16


Do you have the intellectual integrity to examine the evidence for Christianity?

Thrones - Vengeance Is Mine

Mar 23, 2014 00:46:02


Learn how to overcome evil with grace!

Thrones - Cry From A Cave

Mar 16, 2014 00:40:56


When life gets dark, find refuge in God!

Thrones - Toxic Leaders

Mar 10, 2014 00:41:04


How do you deal with toxic people at work, home, or church?

Hard Candy - What the Hell?

Mar 3, 2014 00:38:17


Does a loving God really allow people to suffer in Hell?

Hard Candy - The Christian F-word

Feb 24, 2014 00:41:38


Who do you need forgiveness from & who must you forgive?

Hard Candy - Be Perfect

Feb 16, 2014 00:39:50


What are your options when Jesus raises the bar?

Hard Candy - Eat My Flesh

Feb 10, 2014 00:40:05


Don't settle for the stale bread of religion!

24/6 - Technology Sabbath

Feb 2, 2014 00:40:47


A good Theology of Technology reminds us to UNPLUG in order to RECONNECT with God!

24/6 - The Debt Trap

Jan 26, 2014 00:43:04


Discover the secret to financial freedom!

24/6 - Breaking Bricks

Jan 19, 2014 00:44:00


The Sabbath is God's way of breaking our addiction to overwork!

24/6 - Take It to the Limit

Jan 12, 2014 00:42:05


Discover how the Sabbath is God's solution to our fast-paced 24/7 world.

Christmas Playlist - Sandpaper People

Jan 1, 2014 00:33:11


At Christmas, how do you deal with people who rub you the wrong way?

Christmas Playlist - O Holy Night

Dec 23, 2013 00:41:20


Sometimes Santa gives you what you want but Christ always gives you what you need!

Christmas Playlist - Homeless for a Day

Dec 17, 2013 00:50:37


This Christmas, give hope to those on the streets!

Christmas Playlist - Away in a Manger

Dec 8, 2013 00:44:42


Christ is either Lord of all... or not at all!

Modern Families - The Power of Orange

Dec 3, 2013 00:47:58


When the Church & Parents partner together, you get the power of Orange!

Modern Families - Surviving Parenting

Nov 24, 2013 00:48:41


Discipline, training, coaching, friendship? How do you raise kids in today's world?

Modern Families - 2 Things Every Family Needs

Nov 18, 2013 00:43:46


Love and Discipline are key for families to flourish.

God Box - The Praying Warrior

Nov 5, 2013 00:39:08


Dr. David Ireland teaches how to win your battles through prayer!

God Box - When God Says No

Oct 28, 2013 00:45:02


Why does God sometimes say no to our prayers? What do we do with painful situations for which there seems no answer?

God Box - The Pattern of Prayer

Oct 21, 2013 00:42:13


Learn how to tell God, "Wow, Sorry, Thanks, and Help!"

God Box - Persistence in Prayer

Oct 15, 2013 00:43:58


God isn't bothered by our persistent requests-- He's moved by them!

God Box - Power of Prayer

Oct 8, 2013 00:39:39


Prayer is a pipeline to God's power!

Jesus Love Jersey - The Cost of Compassion

Sep 29, 2013 00:45:04


You can live a life of comfort or compassion. But you can't have both.

Jesus Loves Jersey - Jesus & the Poor

Sep 23, 2013 00:45:22


Join the grassroots movement to serve our state in Jesus' name!

State of the Church

Sep 16, 2013 00:40:07


Is your faith a movement, museum, or mausoleum?

Cross Roads - Discerning God's Will

Sep 8, 2013 00:45:36


Discerning God's will is easy. It's the DOING that can be difficult!

Crossroads - Choosing Trust Over Fear

Sep 2, 2013 00:43:17


Have you ever faced a Crossroads decision so scary that made it hard to go forward? When life throws a curve ball, what do you do? Do you choose to live in your fear, or live in trust?

Crossroads - Making Right Choices

Aug 29, 2013 00:43:44


How can we know we're following God's will? And not our own?

Backyard Gospel_Reject, Receive or ...?

Aug 19, 2013 00:38:52


Is it possible for Christ followers to REDEEM culture to as a tool for evangelism?

Backyard Gospel - Divine Appointment

Aug 12, 2013 00:47:44


Who has God put in your path on their journey to Jesus?

Backyard Gospel - Pop Some Seeds

Aug 5, 2013 00:49:57


Evangelism is an organic process-- keep it natural!

Backyard Gospel - Wanna Drink?

Jul 29, 2013 00:44:41


Forget the high-pressured sales pitch and tracts...learn how Jesus shares the Good News over a cold one!

Signs - Heaven on Earth

Jul 22, 2013 00:47:02


What will heaven be like? Will there be things to do? People we know? You can only imagine your future home.

Signs - Armageddon, Antichrist, and America

Jul 15, 2013 00:50:28


What is Armageddon? Who is the Antichrist? Where is America in Bible prophecy?

Signs - Wake Up Call

Jul 1, 2013 00:43:39


The predicted Return of Christ & Rapture of believers is a source of hope, not hype!

Signs - The Coming War in the Middle East

Jun 24, 2013 00:44:59


Ezekiel 38 predicts a coming war in the Middle East involving Israel, Iran, and Russia.

Signs - History is His Story

Jun 17, 2013 00:40:29


Learn why Israel is the starting point & staging ground for events of Bible prophecy!

Backstage Tour

Jun 11, 2013 00:42:55


We need Everybody to serve Somebody in this Body!

Love Doctor - Friend with Benefits

Jun 3, 2013 00:39:18


To make love last, be friends first!

Love Doctor - Believe the Best

May 27, 2013 00:39:05


When there's a gap between expectations and reality, do you base assume the worst? Or believe the best?

Love Doctor - Rebekah Lyons

May 20, 2013 00:45:28


The author of "Freefall to Fly" talks candidly about motherhood, mental illness, media, and cultivating a life of meaning.

Love Doctor - Fight Club

May 13, 2013 00:47:26


To make love last, couples must fight fair!

Love Doctor - You Married the Wrong Person

May 6, 2013 00:44:58


You Married the Wrong Person

Samson - Rock Bottom

Apr 29, 2013 00:37:03


If you ain't dead...God ain't done!

Samson - He-Motional Wreck

Apr 22, 2013 00:41:02


Spirit Led or Emotion Driven...which are you?

Samson - Attitude Check

Apr 15, 2013 00:39:54


Check yourself before you wreck yourself!


Apr 7, 2013 00:42:08


Got questions about confusing stuff in the Bible? We've got answers!

Die for a Lie?

Apr 1, 2013 00:42:50


If Jesus wasn't resurrected, then Christianity is the Greatest Hoax in the history of the world.

Follower - Here and Now

Mar 11, 2013 00:35:23


Following Jesus means surrendering what's precious to us.

Follower - Church on Fire

Mar 4, 2013 00:43:57


When the Holy Spirit invades the church, there's power!

Follower - Count the Cost

Feb 25, 2013 00:42:54


Rainbow wig and John 3:16 or crown of thorns and Luke 9:23?

Follower - Yada Yada Yada

Feb 18, 2013 00:39:23


With Jesus, you can let your hair down.

Follower - Fan or Follower?

Feb 11, 2013 00:36:11


Is your relationship with Christ casual or committed?

40 - Burning Bush

Feb 5, 2013 00:41:43


Can you see what's burning in the middle of your life?

Ammo Box

Jan 28, 2013 00:38:49


When you're tempted, what's in your Ammo Box?

The Power of 40

Jan 21, 2013 00:39:03


40 years. 40 days. 40 nights. Throughout Scripture, the number 40 has great significance in preparing people for a fresh movement of God.

Happy New Hope!

Jan 14, 2013 00:37:42


New Year's resolutions already broken? Discover the Bible's message of guaranteed hope for all occasions!

ChristMis Eve

Jan 2, 2013 00:38:37


Through story, song, and Scripture, Les Mis shows why Grace is for giving!

Blue Christmas - A True Blue Christmas

Dec 24, 2012 00:50:06


It should be the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" but what happens if I've got the Christmas Blues?

Blue Christmas - Bible Engagement

Dec 17, 2012 00:34:02


700 people give up reading the Bible every day. Here's what we're doing about it.

Blue Christmas - The Royal Treatment

Dec 10, 2012 00:37:58


In God's house, families with Special Needs get the Royal Treatment!

Storm Front - Faith in Action

Nov 26, 2012 00:48:08


See how Jesus says true faith is about putting on work gloves and getting out of your seat and into the streets!

Storm Front - Hope in the Hurricane

Nov 18, 2012 00:48:24


When Sandy hit, some lost everything. Homes. Heat. Their hope. But our comeback begins here.

Gangsta - God's Goads

Nov 18, 2012 00:45:27


Sometimes it takes a blind side for God to open our eyes.

Gangsta - Michael Franzese

Oct 29, 2012 00:55:24


Michael Franzese grew up in New York City to become Mob Captain of the Colombo Crime Family. Hear the real-life story of how this hardened "Goodfella" became a "Godfella" for Christ!

Gangsta - Chief of Sinners

Oct 22, 2012 00:39:03


Before he became a saint, Paul was a stone cold killer.

Poll - Failure of Nerve

Oct 15, 2012 00:46:21


In turbulent times, many leaders go for the quick fix. Or shift the blame. Only leadership with nerve can save a nation.

Poll - Beyond the Culture Wars

Oct 7, 2012 00:48:13


Jonathan Merritt, author of "A Faith of Our Own," discusses following Jesus beyond the culture wars.

Poll - Good Government

Oct 1, 2012 00:46:29


With Washington polarized & paralyzed, people are asking "What good is government?" Here's God's answer.

Poll - Church and State

Sep 25, 2012 00:47:01


Caution! Mixing politics and religion may be hazardous to your health.

Poll - The Politics of Jesus

Sep 17, 2012 00:46:54


Was Jesus conservative or liberal? Or something else entirely?

Big Fish - God of the Vine & Worm

Sep 10, 2012 00:45:55


When the God of the Vine seems different from the God of the Worm, a perspective corrective may be in order.

Big Fish - Second Chances

Sep 3, 2012 00:45:52


God's grace is unlimited… your time is not.

Big Fish - Belly of the Beast

Aug 26, 2012 00:37:06


God answered Jonah in his distress...will He answer you in yours?

Big Fish - Under the Waves

Aug 19, 2012 00:42:14


God doesn't send trouble to pay us back... but to bring us back.

Big Fish - Running from God

Aug 12, 2012 00:42:58


What do you do when God calls you outside your comfort zone?

Secret Sauce - Church is Fun

Jul 30, 2012 00:43:14


Some churches put the "fun" in funeral. But at Liquid, we want everyone to join the party!

Secret Sauce - Truth is Relevant

Jul 24, 2012 00:42:50


The Bible is God's roadmap for life. Discover how truth applies to modern issues like marriage & living together.

Secret Sauce - Grace Wins

Jul 16, 2012 00:49:04


Grace is the key ingredient in our Secret Sauce… and what gives Christianity its unique flavor!

Missing Element - Dirty Jobs

Jul 2, 2012 00:36:23


Humility stinks! It means getting down & dirty to serve those beneath you.

Missing Element - The Boomerang Effect

Jun 25, 2012 00:37:21


When we humble ourselves, God promises to lift us up in due time!

Missing Element - HUMILITY

Jun 18, 2012 00:40:28


Discover how humility can change your life, love, and leadership!

We Love Surprises

Jun 10, 2012 00:36:00


In 33 days, God performed a miracle that blew our minds-- more than we can ask or imagine!

We Love Serving

Jun 4, 2012 00:38:00


Jesus didn't come to be served but to serve...and we're just following His lead.

We Love - We Love TGIF

May 27, 2012 00:44:20


We live in a TGIF world. Discover how Twitter, Google, iPhone, and Facebook can accelerate the Gospel!

We Love - We Love Elijah's Promise

May 21, 2012 00:33:42


When we pour ourselves out to feed the hungry, the oil doesn't run out!

We Love - We Love Untouchables

May 14, 2012 00:37:01


Jesus inspires us to love & serve those living with HIV/AIDS.

RedRooster - No Regrets

May 7, 2012 00:44:47


Regret or Repentance...come see how it's the difference between Life or Death!

Red Rooster - When the Cock Crows

Apr 30, 2012 00:49:46


Epic failure took Peter from Hero to Zero overnight... but Christ didn't leave him there and he won't leave you there either.

Easter - The Bone Collector

Apr 9, 2012 00:43:03


Let God breathe new life into you!

Revive - Show Me Your Glory

Apr 1, 2012 00:41:48


Learn how to pray the riskiest prayer in the Bible!

Revive - A Word With You

Mar 26, 2012 00:44:19


Are you hungry for a word from the Lord about your life?

Revive - 3-Day Liquid Fast

Mar 19, 2012 00:46:09


Join our 3-day Liquid Fast leading up to Easter!

Pop God - Just The Way You Are

Mar 12, 2012 00:42:38


Jesus came to love you just the way you are ... but He loves you too much to let you stay the way you were!

PopGod - Walk

Mar 5, 2012 00:46:27


Sometimes the Door of Hope is reached by learning to walk again...through the Desert.

PopGod - Forget You

Feb 27, 2012 00:39:05


Christ teaches us to use the real F-word!

PopGod - Scars of Love

Feb 19, 2012 00:41:04


Soul, emotion, heartbreak. Hosea is the scandalous story of a relationship gone wrong... and how God made it right!

Baggage - Depression

Feb 13, 2012 00:47:11


Depressed? Feeling blue? Down in the dumps? Great news - you're in amazing company and there's a way out!

Baggage - Addiction

Feb 6, 2012 00:45:24


If you're struggling with a stronghold, here's the path to freedom!

Baggage - Facing Fear

Feb 1, 2012 00:41:21


When waves of worry threaten to sink our ship, Christ can quiet the storm inside.

Baggage - Life Luggage

Jan 23, 2012 00:44:37


What are you carrying around that shouldn't be on your journey this year?

Don't Be A Stranger

Jan 17, 2012 00:37:39


So what 3 words can change anyone's life... Come and see!

So this is Christmas - The Grinch

Dec 25, 2011 00:27:55


Don't be so green. So greedy, so glum. Christmas announces: Jesus has come!

So this is Christmas - Christmas in Haiti

Dec 25, 2011 00:32:52


This Christmas, give a gift that brings life to the world's poorest!

So this is Christmas - Miracle in the Mess

Dec 25, 2011 00:42:35


Teen preggers. Family drama. Threat of divorce. So this is Christmas?

2012 Vision Preview

Dec 5, 2011 00:45:03


God's blessed our church with a Big Vision for 2012-- hear the exciting news!

Touch - Naturally Supernatural

Nov 21, 2011 00:51:06


Praying for healing isn't magic-- it's simply tuning in to what the Father wants to do.

Touch - Earth, Wind & Fire

Nov 13, 2011 00:46:54


Violent winds, tongues of fire and a viral message that changes the face of the earth... but what can the Holy Spirit do for you today?

Touch - Power and Pain

Nov 7, 2011 00:50:12


Why do some people get healed and others don't?

Touch - Best of Both Worlds

Oct 30, 2011 00:47:20


Do miracles, signs, and wonders still happen today?

Taste and See

Oct 24, 2011 00:41:38


Where is God when life dries up and you're caught between a rock and a hard place? Learn how to get something sweet when life gets bitter.

Broke - God's M&Ms

Oct 17, 2011 00:41:20


You are God's M&M-- his Money Manager. Will you serve Him first or eat them all yourself?

Broke - Poor Me

Oct 10, 2011 00:38:30


With increasing poverty, comes increased opportunity for ministry. Learn from our brothers & sisters on the street.

Broke - Who's Rich?

Oct 3, 2011 00:41:54


There's a big difference between getting rich and being rich. Which are you?

Broke - Invitation to God's Recovery Plan

Sep 26, 2011 00:00:38


A special message from Pastor Tom Kang.

Broke - God Trusts You

Sep 26, 2011 00:41:17


Every dollar says "In God We Trust"... But do we really believe that?

Broke - Till Debt Do Us Part

Sep 19, 2011 00:45:30


It's hard to be a servant of Christ when you're a slave to Citibank. Learn why "debt" is a 4-letter word for most Americans & discover the way out!

FAQ 2011 - Hearing God's Voice

Sep 4, 2011 00:41:05


Having trouble hearing God's voice? Here are some lesson from a donkey that won't leave you feeling like one.

FAQ 2011 - The End Times

Aug 22, 2011 00:39:15


Is any of this Rapture talk true? Or just hype? Are earthquakes, wars, and global turmoil signs of the End Times?

FAQ 2011 - Women & the Church

Aug 15, 2011 00:44:15


What's your position on women in the church? Is the Bible biased? Or worse: bigoted?

Exodus Unlocked - Wall of Water

Aug 8, 2011 00:41:39


Do you trust God enough to follow Him into the deep waters of life?

Exodus Unlocked - Plagues & Passover

Aug 1, 2011 00:42:20


The plagues are the warm-up act for the biggest miracle of all-- the Passover!

Exodus Unlocked - The Science behind the Scripture

Jul 25, 2011 00:37:51


Are Science & Scripture more in synch than we think?

Hell & Heaven - Heaven Q&A

Jul 11, 2011 00:46:14


Pastor Tim answers questions about Heaven & life on the New Earth.

Hell & Heaven - Heaven on Earth

Jul 4, 2011 00:46:42


Angels strumming harps on clouds? Is that the most inspired picture of Heaven we have? Discover why a theology of the New Earth charges life on this present planet with hope!

Hell & Heaven - To Hell with Hell?

Jun 27, 2011 00:46:59


Pastor Tim answers your burning questions about the afterlife.

Hell & Heaven - The Good News About Hell

Jun 20, 2011 00:47:08


The debate about Hell is hotter than ever. But is God's plan really to scare us into loving Him?

Mad Man - Welcome to the Palace

Jun 13, 2011 00:40:06


Before the palace, there was a pit. Before the crown, there was a cross. If that was true for Joseph & Jesus...what's that say for the rest of us?

Mad Man - Prison Break

Jun 6, 2011 00:40:09


From the Pits to Prison...just when you thought things couldn't get worse. Good thing you aren't alone AND there's a way out!

Mad Man - In the Pit

May 30, 2011 00:48:10


Family drama and dysfunction got you in the pits? If so, you’re in great company…at least according to the Bible!

Call of Duty - The Dirty Dozen

May 22, 2011 00:45:11


Jesus was the best leader in human history. But how did he recruit "The Dirty Dozen"-- his twelve teammates who led a global movement that changed the world?

Call of Duty - 5 Smooth Stones

May 16, 2011 00:46:14


Each week at Liquid, courageous men & women take on Giants standing against the progress of Jesus' church. They are Giant Killers. 5 Smooth Stones in the hand of God.

Call of Duty - The Helmet of Salvation

May 9, 2011 00:44:28


The greatest casualty in any armed conflict is children. Discover our strategy for keeping faith alive for the next generation.

Call of Duty - This Means War

May 5, 2011 00:46:56


When we decide to follow Christ, we're called into active duty. We're given a Mission to accomplish, an Enemy to battle, and a Commanding Officer to please.

The Wall

Apr 26, 2011 00:50:05


When we hit a wall in life, it can leave us shattered, afraid, or feeling hopeless. But because Jesus made it through the eternal wall, we can have hope in the midst of heartache!

FAST - It Ain't Your Fight

Apr 11, 2011 00:43:32


When the odds are outsized, thank God it's His battle, not yours.

Fast - Ask Anything

Apr 4, 2011 00:51:17


Are your prayers big & bold? What if you knew God was guaranteed to answer?

Fast - Vision Quest

Mar 27, 2011 00:49:31


Do you believe God has a vision for your life? What are you fasting for?

Fast Food

Mar 21, 2011 00:44:47


We eat when we're tired, stressed, tempted, even bored. Are you hungry for more of God in your life? Discover how your stomach is the gateway to your soul.

Jesus WHO?

Mar 14, 2011 00:39:40


A prophet...a moral teacher...or my homeboy? Will the real Jesus Christ please stand up?

Crazy Love - Power of Purple

Mar 7, 2011 00:52:30


Do you have the Power of Purple in your relationship?

Crazy Love - Waffles & Spaghetti

Feb 28, 2011 00:42:31


How come God wired Men & Women so differently?

Crazy Love - Coffee Talk

Feb 21, 2011 00:49:02


Look, listen, and lean in... it's time for a candid coffee talk.

Crazy Love - The Crazy Cycle

Feb 16, 2011 00:52:26


Sometimes men & women drive each other crazy... here's how to break the cycle for good!

The Game Plan

Feb 7, 2011 00:51:02


What do Jesus and Hall of Fame coach, Vince Lombardi, have in common? Join us Super Bowl Sunday morning to find out!

Detour - Sun Stand Still

Jan 31, 2011 00:46:53


The last time you asked God for a miracle - did the Sun Stand Still or Set? Learn how God is at work either way.

Detour - Crossing Jordan

Jan 24, 2011 00:52:18


When we're in over our heads, sometimes God releases His power only after we take a step of faith!

Detour - Minority Report

Jan 17, 2011 00:46:06


Whenever we take a step toward the life God has for us, we hear two voices-- the voice of Fear and the Voice of Truth. Which one you believe makes all the difference.

Detour - Desert Detour

Jan 10, 2011 00:43:45


Life is full of detours & unexpected delays. But when our plans get messed-up, we have a choice: Will the detour make us bitter... or better?

Christmas Presence - Christmas Eve

Dec 27, 2010 00:25:45


This Christmas, ditch Elf-on-the-Shelf religion and try Jesus!

Christmas Presence - Sandpaper People

Dec 20, 2010 00:50:44


At Christmas, how do you deal with people who rub you the wrong way?

Christmas Presence - The Rest of God

Dec 13, 2010 00:36:56


What if the greatest PRESENT you received this season was a Pause Button allowing you to experience God's PRESENCE? Enjoy His gift now!

Christmas Presence - The Speed of Soul

Dec 6, 2010 00:44:54


When the holidays hit, life gets faster, busier, and more manic than ever. But what if this Christmas was different? Here's an invitation to slow down & give your soul room to breathe.

Jesus Loves Jersey- God's Party Principles

Nov 29, 2010 00:32:11


A banquet for beggars? A feast for those on the fringe? Hear about our party plans for those closest to God's heart.

Jesus Loves Jersey - State of the State

Nov 22, 2010 00:45:45


Jesus Loves Jersey... are you kidding?!? It's true - we believe God has a thing for the Garden State! Learn how you can be part of our God-sized Vision in 2011!

Islam - Son of Hamas

Nov 15, 2010 00:43:01


Terror. Torture. By age 21, Mosab Hassan Yousef had seen it all. As the oldest son of one of the founders of the deadly terrorist group Hamas, Mosab was thrown into an Israeli military prison... where he began questioning who his real enemies were: Jews? Christians? His fellow Muslims? Come hear the riveting story of how a man born into a family of terrorists... was born-again into the family of Jesus Christ. Mosab Yousef has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and is the author of "Son of Hamas"-- a NYTimes bestseller on radical Islam.

Islam - Behind the Veil

Nov 8, 2010 00:45:47


Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Spiritual Awakening taking place in the Muslim world. With special guest Lazarus Yeghnazar.

Islam - The Genesis of Jihad

Nov 1, 2010 00:43:23


There are many fears about the threat of radical Islam in the world today. But modern jihad has an ancient origin... and biblical solution!

Islam - The Cross & the Crescent

Oct 25, 2010 00:38:21


What do 1.5 billion Muslims around the world really believe? Get the facts here.

Roots - Miracle Grow

Oct 11, 2010 00:39:21


Want to grow deeper, faster? Then check out Jesus' version of Faith Fertilizer and start now.

Roots - Secrets of the Vine

Oct 4, 2010 00:39:48


If Jesus needed secret time with the Father, is it possible we don't?

Roots - Pain and Pruning

Sep 27, 2010 00:39:22


When things we love are suddenly taken away, we can think God is being cruel. But pruning is one of the Gardener's greatest secrets.

Roots - Radical Roots

Sep 20, 2010 00:40:35


When life dries up & the heat's on, do you wither? Or do your roots run deep in Christ?

The Power of Orange

Sep 13, 2010 00:42:52


What happens when you combine the Light of the Church with the Love of the Family? You get the power of Orange!

FAQ - Encore

Sep 7, 2010 00:23:05


Why does evil exist? Where's God when it hurts? ...we've all got some pretty big questions. But what happens when God has some questions of his own?

FAQ - Gifts or Charismania?

Aug 30, 2010 00:43:37


Prophecy, speaking in tongues, signs and wonders...Spiritual Gifts or Charis-mania?

FAQ - Can a Christian...?

Aug 23, 2010 00:47:47


Drink? Smoke? Get a tattoo or body piercings? Listen to hard core music or watch rated-R movies? Explore the line between Legalism and License... and learn to handle Christian freedom with Love,

FAQ - The Gay Debate Part 2

Aug 16, 2010 00:46:12


The Christian Church & the GLBT Community share a sad history - marked by much pain, rejection, and suspicion on both sides. Here's hope for a new conversation!

FAQ - The Gay Debate

Aug 9, 2010 00:47:39


Is being gay a sin? Can queers follow Christ? How should I respond to GLBT family and friends?

Water Sunday

Aug 2, 2010 00:42:12


Learn about our exciting plans to bring Clean Water to friends across the globe.

ELI - Path to Recovery

Jul 26, 2010 00:44:39


Ever feel like you've climbed a mountain top - only to come crashing down? Eli's been there & back...making his directions for a Path to Recovery a total can't miss!

ELI - Fire From Heaven

Jul 21, 2010 00:46:22


Sometimes the antidote for spiritual dryness has nothing to do with water but fire...Fire from Heaven!

ELI - Surviving the Desert

Jul 12, 2010 00:38:33


Ever have a tremendous blessing (relationship, job, etc.) completely dry up? Then welcome to the club and check out what else you have in common with one of the greatest prophet of all-time, Elijah!

Man Made - Sword and Trowel

Jun 28, 2010 00:47:57


A Man is hard-wired to defend the things God calls him to build. Whether fighting for your marriage, kids, business, or ministry, its time to unsheathe your sword.

Man Made - Tough Guise

Jun 21, 2010 00:46:33


Our culture offers Men two fig leaves to hide behind - the Macho Man and the Mook. Behind the disguise, what's a Real Man look like?

Man Made - Welcome to Guyland

Jun 14, 2010 00:56:25


God hard-wired Men to work hard, to care for women, and use their strength to serve. So what the heck happened? Welcome to Guyland.

Trash Talk - Thank Full

Jun 7, 2010 00:45:19


Is your glass half-empty or half-full? How you view life's challenges requires an attitude of gratitude!

Trash Talk - According to Who?

May 31, 2010 00:46:57


We only believe we're loved & accepted as much as the Most Important Person in our life says we are. Discover the power of spoken blessing!

Trash Talk - Psssst!

May 24, 2010 00:45:37


Gossip. Slander. Spin. For a lot of us, it's time to shut up... or speak up!

Elevate - Wasted

May 17, 2010 00:28:23


Some may consider worship to be a big waste... but Jesus considered as one form of worship to be of great worth.

Trash Talk - Say What?

May 17, 2010 00:43:11


Every day we speak words of life – or death – into our relationships. What does your mouth reveal about your heart?

Revolution - The Politics of Jesus

Apr 26, 2010 00:44:24


Was Jesus conservative or liberal? Or something else entirely?

Revolution - Breaking the Law

Apr 19, 2010 00:40:10


Why do religious rules often bring out the worst in people? To make his point, Jesus broke the law for good.

Revolution - Radical Spirituality

Apr 12, 2010 00:47:52


Jesus' assault on organized religion began with a subversive miracle that scandalized party-goers. Who thinks the world needs less religion & more wine?

Revolution - Jesus the Revolutionary

Apr 5, 2010 00:44:14


Some think Jesus was a meek-and-mild peacemaker. Think again.

Catholic Questions - Once and for All?

Mar 29, 2010 00:45:19


Is the sacrifice of the Mass necessary to be saved? Or is Communion a sign of sins forgiven "once for all"? Part 4 of the series "Catholic Questions"

Catholic Questions - Purgatory or Paradise?

Mar 24, 2010 00:44:32


When it comes to the hereafter, is heaven now or later? What should I expect in the afterlife? Part 3 of the series "Catholic Questions"

Catholic Questions - Faith or Works?

Mar 15, 2010 00:46:07


Am I saved by faith alone? What about sacraments, good deeds, and other stuff I do for God? Part 2 of the series "Catholic Questions"

Catholic Questions - Scripture or Tradition?

Mar 9, 2010 00:41:45


Is your faith based on the Word of God or the traditions of man? Part 1 of the series "Catholic Questions"

Exposed - I Robbed God

Mar 1, 2010 00:42:48


"Thou shall not steal" - it's not just a commandment but the secret sauce towards financial peace...making this one message you can't afford to miss! Part 4 of the series "Exposed"

Exposed - Sometimes I Cheat the Church 2

Feb 22, 2010 00:51:24


It may be scandalous to hear, but our Pastor admits he regularly cheats the church. And he wants to teach you to cheat too. Part 2 of the series "Exposed"

Exposed - Sometimes I Cheat the Church

Feb 15, 2010 00:42:24


It may be scandalous to hear, but our Pastor admits he regularly cheats the church. And he wants to teach you to cheat too. Part 2 of the series "Exposed"

200X - Revelation in a Nutshell

Feb 1, 2010 00:47:38


Terms like Armageddon & Antichrist often make people fear the future. But the book of Revelation reveals a twist - the End of the World is actually the beginning of a brand-new one. Part 4 of the series "200X"

200X - The Rapture

Jan 25, 2010 00:42:23


The future event that predicts the disappearance of millions is surrounded by a lot of hype & confusion. But what does Scripture really say about it? Part 3 of the series "200X"

200X - Oil, Islam, and Israel

Jan 18, 2010 00:46:22


Do you know how to connect the dots of prophecy? Learn how the current rumblings in the Middle East will impact your future. Part 2 of the series "200X"

200X - Forecasting the Future

Jan 11, 2010 00:44:33


Do you know how to interpret the times? Discover why Israel is the ancient Starting Point and future Staging Ground for biblical prophecy. Part 1 of the series "200X"

The Gift of Forgiveness

Dec 21, 2009 00:41:08


Every knows Christmas is for giving. But what if the best present you gave this year was For-giveness of someone on your Naughty list? Part 3 of the series "The Gift"

The Gift of Influence

Dec 15, 2009 00:45:20


What's in your hand?  Only when we let go of what's been given to us, do we start to influence the world for good... and for God! Part 2 of the series "The Gift"

The Gift of Affluence

Dec 15, 2009 00:41:48


At Christmastime, the blessing of Affluence can quickly turn into a bad case of Affluenza. Are you infected? Discover the antidote of Contagious Generosity! Part 1 of the series "The Gift"

Wild Goose Chase - Free to Fly

Nov 18, 2009 00:43:56


If Christians are designed to soar, why are so many of us stuck on the tarmac? Part 4 of the series "Wild Goose Chase"

Wild Goose Chase - Divine Appointment

Nov 9, 2009 00:47:30


What if nothing in life is random or coincidental? What if God puts certain people in our path on purpose? What if human interruptions are really divine appointments in disguise? Part 3 of the series "Wild Goose Chase"

Wild Goose Chase - Fire Fall Down

Nov 2, 2009 00:43:54


When the Holy Spirit filled the Early Church, people's heads caught on fire. Does that describe your typical church service today? Part 2 of the series "Wild Goose Chase"

Wild Goose Chase - God Inside

Oct 26, 2009 00:46:17


Where do you most need God's divine direction in your life? His presence is closer than you think! Part 1 of the series "Wild Goose Chase"

Rock God - If Today Was Your Last Day

Oct 19, 2009 00:46:42


How would your life change if you knew TODAY was your last day? Would you call an old friend...give away all your money...profess your love? Everyone's got a LAST what are you waiting for? Part 5 of the series "Rock God"

Rock God - Don't Stop Believin'

Oct 12, 2009 00:49:18


A lot of people hunger for an Instant Miracle-- the extraordinary experience! When sometimes all that's really needed is ordinary obedience. Part 4 of the series "Rock God"

Rock God - Bad Medicine

Oct 5, 2009 00:39:32


Is God running late in your life? Then listen in on how God’s “Bad Medicine” always proves to be exactly what you need! Part 3 of the series "Rock God"

Rock God - Sweet Emotion

Sep 29, 2009 00:43:05


Some people approach God with a purely intellectual faith-- all up in the head. Discover Jesus' invitation to a relationship where you can let your hair down! Part 2 of the series "Rock God"

Rock God - Faith vs. Fear

Sep 22, 2009 00:41:59


When life hits us with a rogue wave-- an unexpected crisis or loss-- we're giving a choice between Faith and Fear. Both believe "what hasn't happened will come true"... but only one has the power to calm the storm inside. Part 1 of the series "Rock God"

Kaleo - Called to Lead

Sep 1, 2009 00:45:39


The call to lead in God's Kingdom doesn't begin with a big bang-- but faithfulness in the small stuff. Part 3 of the series "Kaleo"

Kaleo - Called to Family

Aug 27, 2009 00:42:34


There is no such thing as the "perfect" family. Yet God longs to weave our dysfunction into a tapestry of grace & goodness. Part 2 of the series "Kaleo"

Kaleo - Called to Care

Aug 20, 2009 00:38:34


Apathy is not an option when Christ followers encounter people in need. Learn how you can cross the street-- and the world!-- to make a difference. Part 3 of the series "Habakkuk"

Habakkuk - Even If Not

Aug 10, 2009 00:46:29


When we're facing a painful situation, we often ask God to change our circumstances. But can you pray "even if not" and trust God to change you? Part 3 of the series "Habakkuk"

Habakkuk - Waiting on God

Aug 3, 2009 00:47:07


We all hate to wait. Especially when it's for something we want badly-- a spouse, a child, a job, healing. So what do we do while we wait? Part 2 of the series "Habakkuk"

Habakkuk - Where's God?

Jul 27, 2009 00:47:48


When bad stuff happens, we often wonder "Where's God in all this?" But sometimes a Crisis of Belief can slingshot us to a new level of Faith. Part 1 of the series "Habakkuk"

At the Movies- The Fringe Benefits of Failure

Jul 19, 2009 00:48:42


Sometimes our greatest failure is the onramp to true Spiritual Success. When life makes you limp, discover how to walk with God in a new way. Part 4 of the series "At the Movies"

At the Movies - Man In the Mirror

Jul 7, 2009 00:47:09


The heart of man is corrupt and fallen. So which is it? Find out with Pastor Tom as we look through the lens of Terminator Salvation and Psalms to find out! Part 3 of the series "At the Movies"

At the Movies: The Next 1,000 Years

Jun 30, 2009 00:40:26


If Jesus doesn't return tomorrow, what will the next 1,000 years of Christianity look like? Part 2 of the series "At the Movies"

At the Movies - Angels & Demons

Jun 23, 2009 00:49:24


Are Faith & Science really at odds? Or are they more compatible than we think? Discover what nature's telling us and how Spirituality & Science both point to the ultimate Truth! Part 1 of the series "At the Movies"

Life Money Hope - #1 Myth About Money

Jun 15, 2009 00:39:14


Everyone knows money doesn't grow on trees...but are there other money myths I'm not aware of that are drastically affecting my life? Probably so. And of all those...what's the nastiest myth of all? Don't miss this series finale Myth-Buster from national radio host, Dave Ramsey, to find out! Part 3 of the series "Life. Money. Hope"

Life Money Hope - #1 Myth About Money

Jun 15, 2009 00:39:14


Everyone knows money doesn't grow on trees...but are there other money myths I'm not aware of that are drastically affecting my life? Probably so. And of all those...what's the nastiest myth of all? Don't miss this series finale Myth-Buster from national radio host, Dave Ramsey, to find out! Part 3 of the series "Life. Money. Hope"

Life Money Hope- Breaking the Bondage of Debt

Jun 10, 2009 00:37:38


Your first step towards financial freedom starts right NOW! Tune in as the Jesus-luvin-financial-guru who hosts his own Fox Business Network show, Dave Ramsey, shares the secrets of how to break free from the chains of debt...for good! Part 2 of the series "Life. Money. Hope"

Life. Money. Hope- Basics of Biblical Finance

Jun 2, 2009 00:36:48


Economic recession. Personal depression. Financial and moral bankruptcy. Everywhere we turn, we witness—or experience—turmoil and trials. But amid the bad news there’s also hope: that is, God’s plan and His people will prevail, as we learn to view tough times through His perspective. Tune in as Dave Ramsey gives us five Biblical principles that are simple to learn, perhaps challenging to apply, yet guaranteed to guide us to financial freedom. Part 1 of the series "Life. Money. Hope"

Lub Dub - Party Time

May 19, 2009 00:46:34


Whenever God’s people throw a party, they give others a foretaste of the Kingdom of God. Watch & discover Liquid’s plans for a citywide Street Party this spring! Part 3 of the series "Lub Dub"

Lub Dub - The Meaning of Gleaning

May 19, 2009 00:54:01


Sometimes the Old Testament can seem full of bizarre rituals from a primitive era. But gleaning is God’s way of teaching His people to give from their abundance to those “on the fringe.” Watch & learn how you can make a difference for people living on the edge. Part 2 of the series "Lub Dub"

Lub Dub - Jubilee

May 19, 2009 00:41:39


Every 50 years, God's people were to celebrate "Jubilee!" and cancel all outstanding debts. For those in debt, it was a new lease on life. Watch & discover God's plan for breaking the cycle of poverty in each generation! Part 4 of the series "Lub Dub"

Lub Bud - A True Fast

Apr 29, 2009 00:30:45


True fasting is about sacrificing ourselves to serve the world's poorest, who are closest to God's heart (Isaiah 58). Join Pastor Tim in a message live from Africa & help us bring Living Water to a Thirsty World! Part 1 of the series "Lub Dub"

PrisonBreak - CAUTION:Contents Under Pressure

Apr 6, 2009 00:43:42


Anxiety is a joy-killer and peace robber…and if we’re honest, it’s no stranger to our lives. Yet even under the most dire of situations, Paul was able to experience and share true joy. Without ever trying to oversimplify things, he offers us 3 steps that are SIMPLE to understand but CHALLENGING to put into practice. These 3 steps have the power to help us overcome anxiety and experience joy in any situation through Christ. Guaranteed! Part 4 of the series "PrisonBreak"

PrisonBreak - Poured Out

Mar 31, 2009 00:45:11


When we invite God to work through our pain, suffering and hardships, He uses every ounce of it to bless others. Tune in and explore what it really means to live a life-- poured out. Part 3 of the series "PrisonBreak"

PrisonBreak - I Am Second

Mar 23, 2009 00:48:09


Self-pity & hubris...two nasty sides of the same coin of PRIDE. Tune in with Pastor Tom as he helps us explore the ways Christ breaks us free from the Prison of Me! Part 2 of the series "PrisonBreak"

PrisonBreak - God is in the Chains

Mar 18, 2009 00:26:46


When we're hurting, our suffering can often seem pointless. But in Christ, our pain has deep purpose. Join Pastor Tim on location at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.

Heat - The Naked Truth

Mar 11, 2009 00:52:39


After all the excitement of the honeymoon, Solomon and his new bride settle into life as a married couple-- and discover that life as "we" instead of "me" isn't always easy! God's desire for us in marriage is more than happiness, it's holiness: becoming more and more like Christ. But there are lots of "little foxes" that threaten to break into the vineyard of marriage and drive a wedge between husband and wife. Tune in as Pastor Tim talks about some of those little foxes and how they can be avoided as you pursue God's design for holiness in your marriage. Part 5 of the series "Heat"

Heat - Sex Talk

Mar 2, 2009 00:50:00


When Solomon and his young bride head off for their honeymoon, it doesn't take long to see that men and women are wired very differently in the bedroom! Solomon wisely sets the stage by taking his time and connecting emotionally with his wife... and she in turn feels completely secure and responds without shame or embarrassment. As these newlyweds consummate their marriage, we see that sex is much more than a physical act-- it's a spiritual act intended to mirror the way God accepts each of us in Jesus, and an awesome celebration of love! Part 4 of the series "Heat"

Heat: Shaking the Raisins

Feb 23, 2009 00:52:34


Take a peek in on Solomon and his Beloved and discover what happens in a relationship when the man moves from the role of pursuer to protector. Things really heat up when a woman feels 100% safe, secure, and protected! And while it's perfectly natural to want to express a growing emotional and spiritual bond in a physical way, tune in to discover why it's very dangerous to "shake the raisins" before God's appointed time. Part 3 of the series "Heat"

Heat - Man With A Plan

Feb 17, 2009 00:45:59


Ladies: What's more attractive the "Nice Guy," the "Bad Boy,".... or something entirely different!? This week's message presents the Biblical concept of men as initiators in relationships. It really speaks to a woman's heart when a man takes the initiative-- but ladies, you're not off the hook! A woman's response holds power of its own. Tune in to find out the different (but complementary) roles men and women play in Biblical relationships. Part 2 of the series "Heat"

Heat - Hot or Not?

Feb 9, 2009 00:48:50


Love, exciting and new... Sparks fly when a relationship catches fire for the first time. But how do you keep the sparks of passion alive & burning? Part 1 of the series "Heat"

Identity Theft - Bound by Bitterness

Feb 2, 2009 00:38:39


A lot of people live with bitterness & resentment towards people who've hurt them. But unforgiveness traps us in a prison all its own. Learn how to set the prisoner free & rip up a root of bitterness for good! Part 4 of the series "Identity Theft"

Identity Theft - Addicted to Approval

Jan 26, 2009 00:48:25


Whether we admit it or not, many of us are world-class People Pleasers-- held hostage by what others think of us. The only escape from what the crowd thinks of you is to discover your true identity in Christ! Part 3 of the series "Identity Theft"

Identity theft - Robbed By Religion

Jan 18, 2009 00:48:21


Most people assume that going to church or Mass, reading their Bible, praying, and doing religious stuff is the "pathway to God." But religion is, in fact, one of the oldest tricks in Hell's handbook. Discover why religion just doesn't work-- and the shocking relief of the true Gospel. Part 2 of the series "Identity Theft"

Identity Theft - Dropping the Mask

Jan 14, 2009 00:49:37


Many people have deep regret for their past & spend their lives hiding behind a mask. But what if your greatest failure wasn't the verdict on you? Discover how the truth of who you are in Christ can free you from the past... to live fully in the present! Part 1 of the series "Identity Theft"

Cosmic Christmas

Dec 23, 2008 00:31:40


Peace on earth? Silent night? Sometimes holiday cliches obscure the true cosmic drama behind the first Christmas. Watch & discover "the other Christmas" account rarely talked about... and that changed everything.

Hurry up and WAIT!

Dec 16, 2008 00:47:19


We live in an Instant Culture with a Vending Machine Mentality: Gimme Gimme Gimme NOW! But sometimes true biblical LEADERSHIP is about practicing that, least-popular but sometimes most-potent, discipline of WAITING. So go ahead and make an exception...don’t wait to hear Pastor Tom share the strategy of waiting – go for it now! Part 2 of the series "Letters to the Next President"

Declaration of Dependence

Dec 9, 2008 00:51:22


Our nation is founded on the Declaration of Independence-- the idea that "we can do it ourselves!" is core to our identity as a people. Yet, biblical leadership is founded on just the opposite-- a Declaration of Dependence. Listen in as Pastor Tim explores how God blessed a young, transformational leader who wasn't afraid to draw his wisdom & strength from a source greater than himself. Part 1 of the series "Letters to the Next President"

Unstoppable - Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch

Nov 24, 2008 00:46:40


A tent in Baghdad? A pub in Ireland? In our hi-tech world, people can "do church" anywhere! But hi-tech Methods don't mean a thing without a hi-touch Message. Tune in & learn why LOVE is the killer app of the 21st century. Part 4 of the series "Unstoppable"

Unstoppable - Miracle on Church Street

Nov 18, 2008 00:46:04


When ordinary people invest their heart & hands in the place of greatest demand, extraordinary things happen! Join the movement underway across our world! Part 3 of the series "Unstoppable"

Unstoppable - Calling All Idiots

Nov 11, 2008 00:52:43


To take His church to "the ends of the earth," Jesus called ordinary "idiotes"-- the Greek word for average, ordinary people (English for "idiots")! Some people think God only calls charismatic leaders with special gifts to lead His church. But it's just the opposite: God specializes in using ordinary, everyday "idiots" to accomplish extraordinary things. Our 2010 vision is fueled by everyday, ordinary biblical idiotes-- Christ followers just foolish enough to believe Jesus is who He says He is... and we can do what He says we can do. Part 2 of the series "Unstoppable"

Unstoppable - 2010 Vision

Nov 4, 2008 00:48:52


Surf's up. The Early Church swelled like a tidal wave because it wasn't about a man, a band, or a building. It wasn't fueled by man-made momentum.. but by the Spirit of God. We believe what's happening at Liquid is "a God-thing" and we're just along for the ride. By God's power-- and in spite of us-- Liquid will become one church in 4 locations by 2010. Tune in as Pastor Tim casts the Vision for our adventure ahead. Part 1 of the series "Unstoppable"

Warrior - Scars

Oct 21, 2008 00:38:03


All of us have scars and wounds. All of us are broken in some area of our lives. Tune in as Pastor Dave shares his wounds, and reveals that your scars can become beauty marks in Christ. Part 5 of the series "Warrior"

Warrior - Test Me

Oct 14, 2008 00:53:24


Some say a financial crisis is a test of our trust in God. But what if financial uncertainty meant the opposite – what if the economy was a test of God's trust in us? Watch & discover the ancient secret of prosperous living during a financial downturn. Part 4 of the series "Warrior"

Warrior - Without Wax

Oct 7, 2008 00:41:08


Sincerity is a lost art in our culture of sarcasm & spin. Would others describe you as authentic? Sincere? Listen & learn what it means to live "without wax" before God & others. Part 3 of the series "Warrior"

Warrior - The Secret Place

Sep 30, 2008 00:47:32


Secrecy is foundational to the spiritual life & the Warrior Way. Tune in as Pastor Tim unveils what cultivating a secret life known only to you and God is all about. Part 2 of the series "Warrior"

Warrior - Character Creep

Sep 23, 2008 00:43:43


Integrity is the foundation of the Way of the Warrior. It's about who we are in the dark-- when we think no one's looking. Tune in as Pastor Tim uncovers the ancient truth about sweating the small stuff. Part 1 of the series "Warrior"

Change & Today

Sep 16, 2008 00:33:45


All of us know people stuck in the past or afraid of the future. Yet, the great hope of the Gospel is that pain & loss are God's pathway to new life. Tune in for a poignant Communion experience that will help you step into today!

Rock God - Sweet Child O' Mine

Sep 10, 2008 00:44:10


Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Ups...even a Sweet Child O' God isn't immune! Don't miss this series finale as Pastor Tom goes out with a bang with a little help from the boys of Guns N' Roses. Prepared to get rocked! Part 5 of the series "Rock God: I Love the 80's"

Rock God - White Wedding

Sep 2, 2008 00:49:16


So what's the difference between a FRESH Start & a False Start? Crank it up as Pastor Tom rocks the answer in a kickin' message about Inside-Out living! Part 4 of the series "Rock God: I Love the 80's"

Rock God - Don't Stop Believin'

Aug 25, 2008 00:48:13


Chapter 2 is hard. Whenever we turn a new page in our lives, pain is promised. But so is God's presence. Listen in as Pastor Tim shares God's hope for people starting over. Part 3 of the series "Rock God: I Love the 80's"

Rock God - Every Breath You Take

Aug 19, 2008 00:48:42


What would you attempt if you were absolutely, positively 100% confident that God was with you? Part 2 of the series "Rock God: I Love the 80's"

Rock God - You Give Love a Bad Name

Aug 13, 2008 00:46:18


Shot through the heart! Who's to blame? In a relationship that's flat-lined, there's plenty of excuses to go around. Turn up the volume as Pastor Tim rocks the book of Haggai & learn how to rebuild life's most important relationship. Part 1 of the series "Rock God: I Love the 80's"

Glocal - What Kind of World Do You Want?

Jul 30, 2008 00:52:13


Some people look at global tragedies, shrug their shoulders, and say "What difference can I make?" But Jesus envisioned a world where even the smallest kindness counts. In his eyes, even a cup of cold water to a thirsty child puts a ding in the Universe. Part 3 of the series "Glocal"

Glocal - Bringing Up There, Down Here

Jul 22, 2008 00:56:15


Our church's vision is NOT to pave a parking lot. It's to build a Kingdom. To bring Up There... down here! Listen in as Pastor Tim shares our Vision for pouring compassion into a continent on fire. Part 2 of the series "Glocal"

Glocal - Water Changes Everything

Jul 15, 2008 00:53:38


Liquid is now drilling freshwater wells for the poorest of the poor in sub-Saharan Africa! Wanna change a refugee camp in Uganda? An entire village in Ethiopia? Join our mission to impact the world with God's love. Part 1 of the series "Glocal"

When Church Goes Viral

Jul 7, 2008 00:55:38


2,000 years ago, a ragtag bunch of God-seekers began following in the footsteps of Jesus. Their message? Grace. The effect? Viral. Tune in and learn how authentic grace can't help but go viral in a love-starved world!

One Prayer - Make Us Free

Jul 1, 2008 00:34:11


A lot of us carry around hurts & wounds that keep us tied-up inside. Are you hostage to bitterness? Unforgiveness? Join us as we pray "Father, Make Us Free!" Part 4 of the series "One Prayer"

One Prayer - Make Us Fearless

Jun 24, 2008 00:34:15


What do you fear most in life? Join us as we address life's deepest worries, struggles, and fears with the bold prayer "Father, Make Us Fearless!" Part 3 of the series "One Prayer"

One Prayer - Make Us One

Jun 19, 2008 00:35:51


U-N-I-T-Y! In John 17, Jesus prayed that His followers would be marked by a spirit of radical unity. Sadly, the Christian Church at large is often known more for its division than our ability to get along. Join us as Pastor Craig leads us in praying, "Father, Make Us One." Part 2 of the series "One Prayer"

One Prayer - What's Your One Prayer?

Jun 9, 2008 00:49:26


If you were absolutely certain that God was listening, what would be your One Prayer? Listen in as Pastor Tim invites everyone to jumpstart their prayer life! Part 1 of the series "One Prayer"

R2B - What If I Have Doubts?

May 19, 2008 00:53:52


True belief does not mean all our doubts & questions for God magically disappear. Tune in and discover how authentic faith in Christ leaves room for hard questions and offers something better than trite answers: eternal Hope! Part 9 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

R2B - How Can I Hear from God?

May 14, 2008 00:47:57


The Holy Spirit is often misunderstood, yet is the source of God's power & prompting in our lives. Tune in and discover how to stay in step with the Spirit and hear God's voice. Part 8 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

R2B - Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

May 8, 2008 00:46:12


Forgiving those who hurt us is one of the hardest things to do in life. Tune in and discover what it costs to forgive an enemy from the heart. Part 7 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

R2B - What's So Amazing About Christianity?

Apr 29, 2008 00:40:50


What's so amazing about Grace? Tune in and discover what sets Christianity apart from every world religion! Part 6 of the "Reasons to Believe" series

R2B - Why All the Rules?

Apr 22, 2008 00:47:49


Some people think Religion is all about restrictive rules and regulations... and guess what? They're right! Tune in and discover why God hates religion too! Part 5 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

R2B - Why's the World So Messed Up?

Apr 14, 2008 00:50:26


War. Disease. Tragedy. If God is so good, then why is the world so messed up? Tune in and discover the surprising answer! Part 4 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

R2B - Where Did We Come From?

Apr 8, 2008 00:51:29


Love. Beauty. Truth. Where do these divine desires come from? Tune in and discover what it means to be made in the image of the Trinity! Part 3 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

R2B - Do Faith & Science Conflict?

Mar 31, 2008 00:45:35


Do Faith & Science really conflict? Tune in to discover what the Universe is telling us! Part 2 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

R2B - Why Trust the Bible?

Mar 25, 2008 00:50:50


Facts are not the enemy of Faith. Christianity doesn't say "Check your brain at the door." Rather, check it out for yourself! Tune in to explore "Reasons to Believe." Part 1 of the series "Reasons to Believe"

Palm Sunday Politics

Mar 18, 2008 00:40:17


Obama, Hillary, McCain... and Jesus? What do Politics have to do with Passion week? More than you think. Tune in now and learn how backroom politics set in motion the events of Palm Sunday!

Love & Respect pt 5 - Passion For Purple

Mar 10, 2008 00:48:50


What keeps a Man and Woman together for the long haul? Blend Pink & Blue together and discover the key ingredient to a lasting relationship! Part 5 of the series "Love & Respect"

Love & Respect pt 4 - Bleed Blue

Mar 3, 2008 00:46:27


The masculine spirit is hard-wired to be a Worker & Warrior! Learn the winning words that strengthen his core identity and make him come alive! Part 4 of the series "Love & Respect"

Love & Respect pt 3 - Think Pink

Feb 28, 2008 00:57:11


Women agree: what the world needs most is REAL men! Men who think pink... and bleed blue. Discover what makes her tick... and how to love her well. Part 3 of the series "Love & Respect"

Love & Respect pt 2 - R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Feb 20, 2008 00:51:05


R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Sung by a woman... but written by a man! Respect is one of the deepest needs of a man’s soul, as important as oxygen, food, and water! Find out why he needs it, and how the power of unconditional respect has the power to change a man’s heart for good. Part 2 of the series "Love & Respect"

Love & Respect pt 1 - Cracking the Code

Feb 12, 2008 00:47:49


When they sang "All you need is Love," the Beatles lied. Love is foundational to any romantic relationship-- but true commitment requires far more than that. It requires both Men & Women to learn a new language. Discover the secret of Ephesians 5:33 and how to crack the Communication Code. Part 1 of the series "Love & Respect"

The GamePlan

Feb 4, 2008 00:47:53


Our gameplan for touching friends & neighbors this February is pretty simple-- it's called Love and Respect. Listen in as Pastors Tim & Tom share Liquid's simple strategy for letting people know they matter to God!

Brand New You pt 4 - Curbing My Appetitie

Jan 30, 2008 00:55:16


What's Your DevilDog? Food & Sex are natural appetites we all have... and God invites us to enjoy them! Then why are they trouble spots for so many of us? Listen in as Pastor Tim unmasks the DevilDog Deception in this week's eye-opening teaching! Part 4 of series "Brand New You"

Brand New You pt 3 - Paying My Debts

Jan 29, 2008 00:52:56


When it comes to money & stuff, there are the HAVES... and the HAVE NOTS. And then there are those who HAVE NOT paid for what they HAVE. Debt is a familiar 4-letter word for most of us-- it's an American way of life. But it's also a crippling way to live. It's hard (if not, impossible!) to be a follower of Jesus, when you're a slave to Citibank. Listen in as Pastor Tim shares God's eye-opening perspective on money & debt... and outlines a biblical roadmap toward financial freedom. Part 3 of the series "Brand New You."

Brand New You pt 2 - Renewing My Mind

Jan 29, 2008 00:50:29


Mind over matter? Maybe. The way we think determines the way we act & that affects... everything. What goes into that brain of yours comes out in your everyday relationships. With God. With others. What’s your plan to “renew your mind” this year? Mind renewal is about more than reading books & mere information exchange; it’s about life transformation! Buckle up as Pastor Tom describes God’s plan for the renewing of your mind. Part 2 of the series "Brand New You."

Brand New You pt 1 - Checking My Baggage

Jan 29, 2008 00:50:48


Got baggage? Would you like to check it for good? God is ready and willing to claim it, but we have to be willing to let it go. And not on a round-trip flight, but a one-way destination. Listen in as Pastor Tim describes how you can pack up the pain & hurt and take steps toward true heart healing. It's time to check your baggage... for good. Part 1 of the series "Brand New You."