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Welcome to Life, Sunny-Side Up! Each week, join Marianne and her friends with conversations on motherhood, creativity, lifestyle, and design. Take a look at life from a modern perspective with tips around food, health, and kids. The Life, Sunny-Side up! Podcast is available on your favorite podcast app, weekly on Tuesdays.



Season One Finale: See You Next Year with More Inspiring Conversations

Nov 13, 2019 1:04


Hey guys! Well, season one is a wrap! Oh my goodness what a fun season! And I just want to thank you guys so much for all of your support, for all the times that you shared Life Sunny Side Up podcast on your social and shared it with a friend because I would not be able to do this without you guys. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 

And get ready because an amazing season two is in the works right now and is going to be coming your way early 2020! So, you guys, in the meantime, keep sharing, keep blessing people with these conversations and I will be back in January 2020. See you then!

Sarah Turner from Memories on Cloverlane shares her wisdom as a mother to 6, breast cancer survivor, and lover of simplicity.

Oct 30, 2019 37:54


What would you do if you found out that you might not be around your children as they grow up? Would you consider changing anything in your parenting style?

Every mom’s biggest fear is leaving their children, and whenever we’re put in front of a challenge, usually our first thought is, “Why me?” We don’t get to pick our trials in life, but what we can do is transform from them and adapt to the changes.

In today’s episode, Sarah and I talk about motherhood and how to deal with all the trials that are thrown at us, about technology and how that makes parenting even more difficult than it was when we were growing up.

Sarah Turner is the woman behind the blog Memories on Clover Lane. She is a wife and a mother of six children and she had her first baby at 24 and her last at 43. Sarah says that her calling is motherhood and that she’s always felt like it was the greatest gift that she’s ever been given. She started her blog, Memories on Clover Lane as just a scrapbook for her family and it’s evolved into a place where she can write her thoughts on mothering and growing through the vocation. Sarah is also one year out of triple-negative breast cancer and she would be considered a survivor, but she says she just considers herself lucky as heck.

So, listen to Episode 20 of Life Sunny Side Up, to hear a super inspiring conversation about the benefits of pacing yourself and seeing the beauty of what you have in life already.

Questions I ask:

As far as a career, I know you’re doing a new adventure. How do you feel about this new adventure? (10:55)How do you work out the schedule? (13:25)How do you handle social media with your kids? (23:50)How did cancer change you as a mom? (30:07)

In this episode, you will learn:

About Sarah’s background story. (03:10)How being content with what we have, as our parents were, back in the days, could give us some peace of mind in a constantly changing world. (17:26)How social media and technology influence kids to grow up with anxiety and higher expectations. (21:56)Sarah’s message for mothers all around the world. (36:10)

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Divorce, abandonment, loosing it all, and rising from the ashes. An inspiring story with Amanda Didia

Oct 28, 2019 41:04


Is there a recipe to overcome the difficult times?

No two stories are alike, and we all go through turning points in our lives, that define who we become. Amanda believes one of the most important ingredients that everyone needs is faith. It’s having faith in God and in things we can’t see, and faith that our story doesn’t end in the rough times.

In today’s episode, my friend, Amanda, and I are having a chat about divorce, blended families, and coming back from the ashes.

Amanda Didia has experienced abandonment, betrayal, mutual affairs, losing it all, to coming back to where she is today, happily married to her husband, John. They share four beautiful children together, that make up their blended family. She and her husband are also full-time caregivers of his quadriplegic brother. She says that it’s not an easy task, but God’s grace has taught her to become humble and patient, and it has made her family strong, despite all the odds.

She is such an overcomer, and she’s been through a lot!

So, listen to Episode 19 of Life Sunny Side Up, to find out the story of a beautiful, powerful and amazing woman, who never gave up hope that her life is going have a happier ending.

Questions I ask:

You got married at 18. How did that marriage go down? (07:49)You meet your second husband and he has a daughter who is a toddler that you become a step-parent to. Tell us about that. How did that happen? (11:49)How did your relationship to God grow or change or how was it affected? (15:11)How do you handle the pressure of the blended family and of being a caregiver? (24:43)What would your message be, Amanda, to someone that is really struggling and they are feeling like a victim and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? (29:29)

In this episode, you will learn:

Amanda’s background story. (03:12)The story of Amanda’s first miscarriage. (09:24)Why it was hard for Amanda to take the decision of getting divorced again, after her second husband cheated on her. (13:46)The story of how John entered her life and what was it like for her to trust another man. (21:01)Amanda’s advice for successfully blending a family together. (34:44)

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A Mother’s Heart : Dorothy Dersch, mom of 9. Trial, Triumph, and lessons along the way. Part 2

Oct 23, 2019 26:46


How do you react when your children make mistakes? And what are your parenting strategies and your end goal?

I believe every mom has experienced her child crying in a grocery store or refusing to eat their food, and we all have our methods to deal with these situations, but do we always find the best solutions to these problems?

In the previous episode, Dorothy shared with us her story of how she became a mom to all her wonderful children, and in today’s episode, we discuss some of the methods that have proven efficient in raising independent, respectful and self-empowering children.

Dorothy Dersch is a mom of eight that has had more face to face time with intentional parenting than many people. She says that if you count each child as a unique relationship, she has accumulated a total of 196 parenting years. Her eight children have five different fathers, yet, she’s been married to her first and only husband for 34 years. Dorothy worked as a Registered Nurse for a decade before staying at home and managing their crew.

Questions I ask:

Are there some things that you guys have done as a family to really cultivate the relationship that your kids have with each other? (01:58)Has there been a struggle for you to sit back and let your children make mistakes? (11:05)What are some questions that you ask your teenagers when you know they’ve made a bad choice? (17:03)If there is one message that you would like to share with mothers, what would it be? (23:02)

In this episode, you will learn:

What Dorothy did to get her kids to eat their food, and the meaning of a “Thank You” portion. (03:28)How Dorothy found a way to keep her calm, whenever her kids started crying or disagreeing with her. (07:06)Dorothy’s end goal, when she decides how to raise her children. (07:53)Dorothy’s advice on when to give your kid access to a phone or other devices. (19:07)


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A Mother’s Heart : Dorothy Dersch, mom of 9. Trial, Triumph, and lessons along the way. Part 1

Oct 21, 2019 29:52


Being a mom is such a big job, and it’s so overwhelming all the time. The relationship with every kid you have is different, and you have to understand that each one of them has a different personality and different needs.

In today’s episode, Dorothy and I have a journey into her past, and she’s telling us the beautiful story of how she got to where she is now. She is so authentic, wise, and humble, and I believe she is an example of grace to all of us.

Dorothy Dersch is a mom of eight that has had more face to face time with intentional parenting than many people. She says that if you count each child as a unique relationship, she has accumulated a total of 196 parenting years. Her eight children have five different fathers, yet, she’s been married to her first and only husband for 34 years. She worked as a Registered Nurse for a decade before staying at home and managing their crew.

Dorothy believes being a Jesus follower is her calling and part of following Jesus is helping others orient themselves towards him.

So, listen to Episode 17 of Life Sunny Side Up, to find out the story of a powerful woman and how she is an example of dedication, commitment, and love. Also, don’t miss out on the second part of this interview, where she shares some of her methods of raising independent, respectful, and self-empowering children.

Questions I ask:

For our listeners who might not know who Dorothy Dersch is, please tell us a little about yourself. (03:22)Have you done the enneagram? (08:37)When did the babies start coming? (11:32)Did you deal with postpartum depression at all? (14:23)I know your faith plays a big part in your life, and you guys have done so much work in the community. How did that help in those early years? (18:39)

In this episode you will learn:

The amazing story of how Dorothy and her husband met. (05:15)How you can stop having a feeling of guilt, as a fresh mom. (17:06)The story of Dorothy’s miscarriage and how that influenced their future. (19:52)The story of their first adoption. (25:40)

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Fighting for your Family Series part 2, Making family dinner happen when life is crazy

Oct 16, 2019 15:38


How do you fight for your family and maintain a balance in such a crazy, disconnected world?

Strengthening a family relationship and creating powerful and long-lasting bonds require a lot of effort, work, and commitment. It doesn’t just happen and in all the chaos of the day, we have to create routines that will enhance communication between parents and kids.

One of the best routines that I found works for my family, is having dinner together, every night, with no exceptions. Maybe you have found other activities that fit best for your family dynamic, but in today’s episode, I’m going to share with you my tips for spending quality time with your husband and kids, every day, around the table.   

 In this episode, you will learn:

How to prepare for cooking your family dinner. (06:20)What to do if a member of the family has eaten right before dinner. (08:49)Why paper plates made funnier dinners and simplified my life. (09:06)What you can teach your children at family dinners. (09:47)

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Fighting for your Family Series: Teaching your family to do NOTHING

Oct 14, 2019 13:17


Having a family of kids of different ages comes with its challenges. In the beginning, it feels like they’ll always be that small and need you to change their diapers. Then, before you know it, your little ones aren't so little anymore.

As my kids are getting older, my husband and I are focused on building a space of encouragement, power, and support within our family. But, as our kids get older the way this looks changes. As our family changes, our dynamic has to change a little bit too.

We’ve found that making time for our family--just us-- has been a way to, not only build our relationship with our kids, but also their relationships with each other.

So, don’t miss Episode 15 of Life Sunny Side Up, to listen to ways to create time and space for your family to do nothing, but enjoy each other’s company.

In this episode, I talk about:

How my boys play with each other vs my girls (4:43)We started spending family time after dinner outside, we call it Putzing (6:22)We have to be strict about our family time (9:15)

Finding JOY when life is HARD with Nicole Jacobsmeyer

Oct 9, 2019 40:19


As moms, sometimes we have no other option than to power through everything. We have other people besides ourselves to think about and we put ourselves on the back burner because our kids, our spouse, our families, our job and everything else is more important. 

For Nicole, the signs of her disease were hidden under the exhaustion of having to raise three little children, and it wasn’t until her oldest son noticed a lump on her neck, that she went to get herself checked up. The news of having cancer came on top of all the chaos in her life – suffering a miscarriage, having to move to another city with her husband and taking care of her kids. 

Nicole Jacobsmeyer is a proud mother of three boys, all under five years of age. Since becoming a mom, her life mantra has been, “Embrace the Chaos”, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Less than a year ago, she found out she has cancer, but her faith in God and her strength and peace, have helped Nicole survive the rough times. 

So, don’t miss Episode 14 of Life Sunny Side Up, to listen to an inspiring story of a woman that has had her share of bad luck in her life. 

Questions I ask:

Take us back a year ago, and what was life like? (03:34)Where are you right now, as far as your cancer? (22:29)How has your relationship with God changed? Has it changed? (23:54)Do you have any regrets through this whole process? (33:09)Do you have some future plans? (36:41)

In this episode, you will learn:

Who Nicole is and what’s her story. (02:20)How Nicole processed the news of her having cancer. (16:50)Nicole’s message to women that find themselves in hard places in their lives. (27:10)The difference between happiness and joy, according to Nicole. (31:15)How she handled motherhood, in relation to her health problem. (34:14)

Connect with Nicole:


How to create ALIGNMENT in your life with Brooke Hemingway

Oct 7, 2019 55:13


Women, in particular, miss out on incredible opportunities because they are happy with good enough and they feel like they should just be grateful for what they have. And this happens especially with stay-at-home moms.  

But who says you can’t be grateful for what you have and at the same time, want more? Life happens and everyone should have a plan B.

On today’s episode, Brooke and I are talking about the power of being aligned in your life, about raising kids that are going to make the world a better place, and about marriage and ways of not giving up.

Brooke Hemingway is a mom of six. She is a former nurse and she and her husband, who is an ER physician, have been married for 21 years. This girl is in amazing shape at 41 years old because she is a fitness enthusiast. Brooke is a seven-figure earner in her network marketing company. She is a believer in the possibilities, especially yours, and her passions include marriage, motherhood, movement, mindset, and money. She works to encourage all women to keep dreaming, keep working and keep believing.

So, listen to Episode 13 of Life Sunny Side Up, to hear a beautiful and inspiring story of a woman who overcame postpartum depression, and who managed to get herself out of the “I’m not worth it” feeling.

Questions I ask:

By chance, if somebody’s been living under a rock and they don’t know who Brooke Hemingway is, would you just share with us a little bit about yourself? (02:36)Let’s go back to young Brooke. What was it like for you growing up? (07:29)If you had one message to women, what would it be? (37:45)Do you say “No” to your kids? Do you find yourself struggling with that? (44:19)What is the legacy that you want to leave for your kids from all of this? (52:01)

In this episode, you will learn:

How her father’s sad story gave her the fuel to say, “This is not going to happen to me.” (08:00)How her mother is a strong woman that inspired her to overcome adversities. (09:44)How her husband dealt with the news that she’s starting to work in the network marketing business. (18:34)The reasons why the economy thrives when women are successful. (17:11)What alignment means and what is the difference between alignment and balance. (29:08)Brooke’s philosophy on raising kids. (46:34)

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How to find the CUTEST and BEST deals at Walmart with Krista from @Walmartfinds

Oct 2, 2019 26:28


How many of you feel like you see so many people finding cute things at Walmart and you have no idea how they do this?

Since Instagram came to life, there a lot of people that make a living out of posting the things they like and advertising them. They spend many hours hunting for the goodies, to make your life easier by telling you where to find them, without having to spend a lot of time searching.

Krista is one of those beautiful people, and her passion is to photograph Walmart products and post them on her social media pages.  

On today’s episode, Krista is going to share with us her secrets on how she finds all the nice things you see posted on her Instagram and on her website,

Krista Hooper is a mom who has created this wonderful business, Walmart Finds, to help us not only find cute clothes, save money, and also, save time by not having to actually go to Walmart but instead, swiping up on her account to shop.

So, listen to Episode 12 of Life Sunny Side Up, to learn how you can have a full-time job doing what you like.

Questions I ask:

Take us back to the beginning and what did those early days look like, building your brand? (05:13)How often do you go hunting at Walmart? (07:18)On your account on Instagram, do you do the swipe up? (16:06)What is next, Krista, for Walmart Finds? Do you have any future plans? (21:22)Do you ever have burnout? (22:49)Do you post a find every single day? (24:51)

In this episode, you will learn:

Krista’s favorite sections in Walmart. (09:51)Krista’s favorite brands. (11:59)The difference between in-store and online prices, at Walmart. (13:00)The future of advertising – commercials versus social media. (17:26)How Krista manages to balance her work and personal life. (19:24)Krista’s advice for moms that want to share the things they love on Instagram. (23:44)

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Finding balance in motherhood with Crystal Escobar

Sep 30, 2019 33:07


Sometimes, we get excited about starting a new project, beginning a new journey in life, and we imagine being successful overnight. We then realize that overnight turns into a road full of ups and downs, no matter what our end goal is.

When she first became a mother, Crystal found it difficult to create a balance between being there for her kids and being there for herself. In her quest to finding that balance, she started a blog, and there, her journey began.

Crystal Escobar started exploring her own personal quest for purpose and balance in 2010. She learned to embrace her inner mompreneur and used the blogging platform as a way to keep a personal journal of sorts. She found the time spent writing and sharing her thoughts with others to be extremely rewarding and even therapeutic. Crystal’s blog has evolved into more than just an online journal. It has become a mission for her. A mission to create a community of other Wannabe Balanced moms who have the desire to become a better version of themselves in motherhood and business, all while juggling the other demands placed upon them.

Crystal has been featured on several Television News Stations for her unique way of promoting a balanced life incorporating mind, body, and soul.

So, don’t miss Episode 11 of Life Sunny Side Up, and learn how to balance your road of ups and downs.  

Questions I ask:

Why did you decide to start blogging and what did your life look like then? (05:58)What does balance look like to you and what does it look like on a daily basis? (13:24)How did you make that decision to go from homeschool to school? (16:34)Do you time-block, Crystal? (19:05)What is next for you? (28:55)

In this episode, you will learn:

Crystal’s biggest advice for people. (03:59)Two things that she loves when it comes to balance. (22:27)How Crystal and her husband, Sean, invest in their marriage. (20:39)One of the best gifts that you can give to your children. (25:05)The reasons why she loves her podcast. (29:20)

Connect with Crystal:

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Book: Crystal Escobar - My Life As a Wannabe Balanced Mom

Marianne Anderson from @thisloudhouse shares how to create a morning routine that will change your life!

Sep 25, 2019 24:51


As mothers, life can be messy, especially if you’re a work-at-home mom. You have to take care of your children and meet their needs, you have to do your job, take care of the house, and you also have to be a loving wife to your husband and make sure you spend quality time with him.

In the attempt of getting some balance in my life, I found that what helps me best is having a morning routine. Over the past years, I’ve perfected it, I’ve designed it according to my needs and now I dedicate the first hour of my day, every day, to it.

No morning routine is similar to another, and you have to find what best fits your lifestyle, but in today’s episode, I’m going to share with you my own routine, with the hope that it will motivate you to create your own so that your day can run smoothly.

So, don’t miss out, Episode 10 of Life Sunny Side Up, and start changing your habits today!

In this episode, you will learn:

How to cope with the struggles of being a new mom. (05:08)Avoiding social media first thing in the morning is a game-changer. (10:07)Five steps to create your morning routine. (13:12)

Jenny Casper’s from @acleanprismlife how to authentically grow on Instagram.

Sep 23, 2019 33:40


In the world of social media, Instagram is one of the big players and with its help, you get to make real, authentic connections with people that have the same passions as you.

But just being on Instagram doesn’t guarantee you those connections, so you have to bring in your share of the work and make yourself seen. Jenny Caspers is an expert of this platform and one of her purposes, besides sharing inspiring photos of her home, is to teach other people how to thrive on Instagram.

On today’s episode, she is going to share with us valuable information about Instagram, about taking and editing photos and so much more.

Jenny Caspers is the creator of “A Clean Prism Life”. She is an Interior Stylist, a Product Photographer, and Influencer. She loves being a wife and a mom, and creating clean, cozy and well-styled spaces in her home and others. She’s been featured on Better Homes and Gardens, she’s had partnerships with Ashley Homestore, Kirklands, Decor Steals, she was published in Heart in Hand and G&G magazine and she had the cover of Your Handmade Home magazine.

Jenny’s main focus is her Instagram page where she shares bright, high-quality photos of her home and recommends products, brands, and shops to her audience. So, don’t miss Episode 9 of Life Sunny-Side Up, to learn how she got started and tips for people who want to join the world of Instagram.

Questions I ask:

Just for our listeners, we'd love to hear the journey of Jenny becoming A Clean Prism Life. How did you decide to start the account? (02:42)How did you decorate on a budget before you were working with brands and they were giving you things or paying you to take pictures? (07:43)Do you remember the first brand that reached out to you? And how did you feel? (09:53)Do you take your pictures with your iPhone? Do you use a professional camera? What do you recommend? (13:27)What do you think about the future for A Clean Prism Life? (28:27)How do you figure out what your style is and not get distracted by everything else it's out there? (30:00)

In this episode, you will learn:

How Jenny decided to help other people create their Instagram accounts. (10:48)The apps she is using to edit her photos. (15:03)5 Tips that Jenny shares, for people who want to start an Instagram account. (18:11)About the concept of “the follow train” on Instagram. (21:55)Jenny’s advice on hashtags. (23:56)The benefits of working from home and how it influences your children. (26:08)

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Resources mentioned:

PicmonkeySnapseedPresco App

Nichole Roberts: Real Estate Broker boss babe and mom of 2 on building her empire & rocking motherhood.

Sep 18, 2019 34:51


It's difficult to focus as a business owner, to focus as a mom,

And to have all the extra things thrown at you,

But you find what works, and you do it.

You just make it happen because there's a solution for everything.

It may not be the solution that you like, but there is a solution for everything.

On today’s episode, my guest is Nichole Roberts, a woman in a man’s world. She is a mom, but also a super successful career woman and she gives us advice on how to find our work-life balance.

Nichole Roberts is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker and the owner of Nichole Roberts & The All Florida Homes Realty Group. She didn’t always know she wanted to be in the real estate business, and the idea came to her when she was working in a bank doing mortgages. She noticed that working in real estate was profitable so, in her early 20s, she took a semester off from college and went to get her real estate license. She worked for different companies and at one point in her life, she boldly decided that she wanted to have a baby and open her own office, simultaneously.

She said there were times when she wanted to quit because the real estate is hard, but what kept her going were perseverance and a passion for what she does.

Learn Nichole’s entire story on how she became successful, and some useful tips you should be aware of, if you want to sell your house.

Questions I ask:

At the beginning, did you have a moment of “Is this really going to work? Can I do this?” (07:30)Do you struggle, at all, with mom guilt? (16:58)Are you still working with your husband? (18:08)Do realtors usually work together as a team? (29:45)What is next for Nichole Roberts? (30:59)

In this episode, you will learn:

The best way to start a career in real estate. (09:16)The experience of having a baby and starting a career at the same time. (12:42)What you should and should not have inside your house when you’re trying to sell it. (19:34)What colors you should choose for your kitchen and bathroom, to raise your chances of selling your house. (22:17)What you should look for in a realtor. (26:45)

Connect with Nichole:

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Best selling author Cassandra Aarssen from Clutterbug with tips to de-clutter and organize your home.

Sep 16, 2019 36:20


Are you tired of wasting at least half an hour a day, searching for the things you lose inside your house? What if it rains outside and you need an umbrella – do you know where to find it? On the outside, your house may look organized, but what’s in your drawers? 

Cassandra was once a super slob and now she’s one of the most organized people I know. And she even makes a living out of organizing tips and helping people find their own style of decluttering their homes. 

On today’s episode, Cas and I discuss how she started her business, what are the four types of clutter bugs, their characteristics and so much more.

Cassandra Aarssen is the creator of the Clutterbug Philosophy, which helps people get organized by understanding their unique organizational style. She has an engaged community, both in print and online, with two best-selling books and over half a million online followers. Her popular Youtube Channel, blog and Podcast – Clutterbug, teaches families real-life organizing ideas on a small budget.

So, listen to Episode 7 of Life Sunny Side Up, to find out what type of clutter bug are you.

Questions I ask:

Were you going basically for function over necessarily looking pretty in the beginning? (08:17)When did Clutterbug start? (09:27)What are your do or die things that have to happen before you go to sleep? (25:21)What do chores look like for your kids? (29:06)Are you still a dollar-store bin girl? (30:43)

In this episode, you will learn:

About Cassandra’s background and why she started being more organized. (03:22)Why Cassandra regrets having filmed her daughters when they were little girls, when she was doing her videos around the house. (15:28)About the four types of clutter bug. (16:55)What’s the first thing to do if you want to start organizing your life. (20:57)Cassandra’s advice for people that have dreams and don't necessarily dare to follow them. (33:41)

Connect with Cassandra:

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Jamie Kauffman: From Milk Allergy Mom, shares her story of hope and courage over her eight year journey as a severe food allergy mom.

Sep 11, 2019 1:01:48


Food allergies and seasonal allergies are more prevalent in our children than ever before, and milk allergy is the number one allergy in kids.

13 years ago, Jamie experienced with her own son the effects of milk allergies and since then she constantly searched for ways to improve her son’s life.

On today’s episode, I talk with her about Oral Immunotherapy, desensitization, her blog and all her allergy mom journey that led her up to the point where now her kiddo eats his dream food – pizza.

Jamie Kaufmann is the creator of She has created a space and a community where all of us moms can come together and encourage each other, find recipes and really be able to deal with the pressure and the lifestyle that is taking care of an allergy kiddo.

She says that her recipes are allergy-friendly, simple and kid-approved.

So don’t miss Episode 6 of Life Sunny Side Up podcast, to see that keeping allergies under control is not that difficult anymore. It requires a lot of attention and patience but with little steps, 

allergic people will find their freedom.

Questions I ask:

Share with us a little bit about yourself and how came to be? (02:53)How did it start - what did you guys do as far as food and then, what has happened from there? (11:05)Which allergies did the therapy help with? (28:37)Can your son actually eat a crispy cream donut? (35:59)I would love to talk about and all the things that it offers. What are the things that you guys offer? (38:42)

In this episode, you will learn:

The latest statistics with regards to allergies. (08:53)What is Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) and how it helped Jamie and her kid. (22:36)The steps you have to take when you’re starting the desensitizing process. (32:26)How her sister’s death inspired Jamie to start a membership program. (42:29)About the allergy binder and the challenge that goes with it. (46:38)

Connect with Jamie:

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Nicole Johnson: Singer/Songwriter from Elenowen on chasing your dreams and balancing motherhood.

Sep 9, 2019 32:55


Are you following your dreams?

What’s stopping you from diving in headfirst?

Nicole Johnson, singer/songwriter of Elenowen, is someone who truly lives each day intentionally, working toward her dreams and goals. She might not have all the details ironed out each day, but she has direction and the drive to get there. Nicole has found a way to pursue her dreams and fulfill her destiny while balancing the responsibilities that come along with being a wife and mother.

Nicole and I discuss all about chasing your dreams while taking on motherhood and finding ways to thrive all along the way. Nicole shares her personal story: how she met her husband, what it was like to start writing music together, what it was like performing on The Voice and on the road, and so much more. All along her journey, she remained authentic and inspired to continue writing music alongside her husband.

Tune in to this episode to hear all about Nicole’s life as a Rockstar, wife, and mother.

Some Questions I Ask:

What’s the story behind how you and your husband met? (4:09)Have you always felt confident in your own skin? (7:47)What moment did you feel like official musicians? (15:05)How did you decide to start having kids? (16:54)How has motherhood affected your songwriting? (24:24)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

About Nicole’s experience being homeschooled. (7:53)How Elenowen was started. (11:27)How writing music together impacted Nicole and Josh’s first year of marriage. (13:06)How Nicole and Josh found space to write music after becoming parents. (19:39)What is next for Elenowen. (26:09)



Melissa Fleming - Bringing Honor Back to Being a Homemaker

Sep 4, 2019 48:01


“Everything that you do, give it everything you have.”

For Melissa, this meant devoting everything that she had into her children, her family, and their family unit. She is 100% committed to her family, even though it doesn’t look the way she had expected in the very beginning.

Melissa Fleming is a mother of five that has dedicated her life to taking care of her family. She homeschools all of her children, teaching them everything that there is to know, and she is an example for all women that are - or intend to be - mothers.

Melissa and I talk about her shift from never wanting to be married and have children to being a wife and having a house full of kids, about the benefits of homeschooling and what efforts it requires, and she gives amazing advice to new mothers on how to deal with motherhood.

Listen to Episode 04 of Life, Sunny-Side Up, to learn from Melissa that every family is different and that you are the best mother for your child, so don’t compare to anyone else.

Questions I ask:

How did you meet your husband? (06:39)Once you, guys, decided, "Okay, we are going to have children", did you have a number on it? Had you always wanted five from the moment you decided? (08:31)How did you guys decide to home-educate? (12:15)Do you mind sharing the curriculum that you're currently using? (17:21)How have you balanced raising 5 kids and still connecting with your husband and not being strangers in the night? (33:53)

In this episode, you will learn:

How Melissa decided that devoting her entire life to being a homemaker, was what she was supposed to do in life. (02:58)How her oldest daughter, Kate, who is 13 now, developed a passion for baking cakes and cupcakes. (18:31)Melissa’s advice to new moms. (24:37)The importance of being surrounded by like-minded people. (28:15)The age that her kids started to do chores and help her around the house. (38:02)

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From the Middle of Nowhere to Successful Businesswoman

Sep 2, 2019 47:46


From the middle of nowhere to a successful businesswoman.

It's all about authenticity in anything that you do.

For Lacey, a businesswoman in the hair salon industry, the words above mean everything. She truly believes in creating long-lasting relationships with her clientele by being authentic, communicative and skilled.

Lacey owns two hair salons in Florida, Tallahassee and she works as an educator for Living Proof. She is happily married and has one daughter, aged 9 months now. She is one strong, tough-as-nails woman who grew up in Ohio, in the middle of nowhere. Her determination and strong attitude kept her going whenever things got rough.

She says that the only control you have is over yourself and what you do about it.

So, listen to Episode 03 of Life, Sunny-Side Up, to find out how she managed to open a salon without getting into debt, and her view on facing life’s difficulties. She also shares with us important advice on taking care of our hair, so don’t miss it!  

Questions I ask:

I remember you did the first salon debt-free. You paid everything in cash, you worked like a maniac. How did you decide to do that because that was not the easy road? (13:53)Did you ever have burnout? (20:54)How has motherhood changed you? (27:49)What do you think, Lacey, you're most proud of? (30:50)Lacey, what do you think it's next for you? (43:52)

In this episode, you will learn:

Lacey’s story. (02:26)The most important quality she looks for when she hires stylists. (23:02)What you should never ever do with your hair. (32:55)How she became an educator for Living Proof. (35:31)Lacey’s favorite products from Living Proof. (41:52)

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Confessions of a Minimalist Mama of 6

Aug 28, 2019 33:03


Freedom and flexibility.

It’s what so many people say they strive for, but what does it practically look like?

Tricia Regar has created a lifestyle for herself, her husband, and their six children focused on achieving freedom and flexibility. Tricia Regar is the creator of Clean House with Kids, entrepreneur, and author. She’s also a minimalist—which is how she and her family achieve a life of freedom and flexibility, without being bogged down by material items and responsibilities.

Together, Tricia and I talk about how she created this life for her and her family, and what led to the breaking point that pushed Tricia to live in a more intentional way. We also discuss the financial and personal hardships, miscarriages, and so much more that Tricia has overcome throughout her life so far.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about Tricia’s journey as a minimalist mother and entrepreneur.

Some Questions I Ask:

How did you decide to make Instagram your platform? (4:20)Do you feel like the value of hard work was instilled in you from an early age? (6:27)How did you and Matt meet? (7:24)How do you handle grandparents and loving relatives that want to shower your kids with gifts? (16:06)Was there a conscious decision to keep going on the path of minimalism as time went on? (18:24)What would you say to the mom who has gone through similar struggles? (20:15)What steps did you take to make your home look and feel like you wanted it to? (22:32)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Clean House with Kids came to be. (2:25)How Tricia’s childhood experiences set her up for disciplined and productive adult life. (6:50)How Tricia’s dreams and ambitions evolved throughout her life. (7:29)How homeschooling provides Tricia’s family with freedom and flexibility. (10:09)How Tricia implemented minimalism into her family’s life and culture. (12:46)How Tricia keeps peace and happiness at the forefront of her home. (17:12)

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Finding the Right Path for Your Life and Why I Choose to Be a Surrogate Mom

Aug 26, 2019 31:11


We all have a plan for our lives, but they almost never go quite as planned.

Relationships, careers, children—they all are major pieces of “the plan,” but they oftentimes don’t quite come along as we originally planned.

This is especially true for Tiffany Jo Baker. Tiffany is a mom of 2 teenage daughters and a surrogate birth mom of 5 other children. She’s a speaker on surrogacy, a goal-getter, and functions as a major support system for women overall. She says she’s a dream carrier and project manager for entrepreneur, leaders, and couples dealing with infertility.

Tiffany and I connected about two years ago on Instagram, and I immediately was drawn to her light. She is such a cheerleader of women.

Together, Tiffany and I discuss her varied and blessed experiences as a 3-time surrogate mom, including her experiences of navigating the mixed emotions that come with birthing a surrogate baby. We also talk about how Tiffany finds balance in her life, finds places to unplug and connect with her family, and her work as an infertility support coach as well.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about Tiffany’s journey as a surrogate mother.

Some Questions I Ask:

How did you become who you are today? (4:07)How did you tell your kids that you were going to be a surrogate mother? (9:37)Did you ever feel a bond with a surrogate baby? (12:59)How did you become a speaker? (18:08)When did you know that you were finished being a surrogate? (25:53)What’s next for you? (28:50)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Tiffany became a surrogate mother. (5:27)What Tiffany’s mindset is around being a surrogate mother. (13:13)What Tiffany’s pregnancy with twins was like. (16:23)How Tiffany achieves balance in her life. (20:36)How Tiffany finds space to unplug. (24:04)About Tiffany’s work as an infertility support coach. (26:53)

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